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hyperlinks in emails

Q: hyperlinks in emails

When we receive emails from our server email addresses are in plain text and are not clickable. It is ok from other sources.

Any advice please.

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Preferred Solution: hyperlinks in emails

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: hyperlinks in emails

Quote: Originally Posted by alan lloyd

When we receive emails from our server email addresses are in plain text and are not clickable. It is ok from other sources.

Any advice please.

Welcome Alan LLoyd to the windows 7 forums.

Questions questions.
What kind of email program are you using?
and, when you say you receive email from your server, is this a local exchange
Knowing what kind of email program and where your retrieving your email would
help in giving you advice.

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I think that I recovered some of my emails and documents after accidently reformatting my computer. However I can't seem to open the documents.
Some say its a shortcut, others are like a pst folder. Plus there were things.
Hope this makes sense. How do I actually open these folders now? It looks like there is something there given the size of it.
Maybe its the blonde in me. I did the recovery with ISO mechanics if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much for any help. These are work documents and spent hours on them and I also had very important emails saved in folder with outlook.

A:How do you open recovered documents and emails?

outlook saves everything in a *.pst file which is located
C:\Documents and Settings\_your_login_\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

IF outlook runs at all, then find the specific PST that has a meaningful size and is post dated -- dbl click on it and it should open with all the old content
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I went and reformatted my computer, (major issues with it)
Long story short I don't have any of my saved outlook emails etc.
Is there anyway of recovering them? I thought that I did find some but they are
only like shortcuts or it says that I can't open it due to the path etc.

Its for work and I really need my stuff. I would appreciate any help at all.
It was running on Windows XP and had outlook 2007

A:How do I recover lost emails and docs after computer formatted?

You will probably need to use a data recovery program. Most of these are rather expensive however, there are a few free ones around. I've used Pandora Recovery for a lot of clients and had rather positive results.

It is a free download and pretty straight forward to run
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I was wondering....can you keep Emails during a format. I have a 80Gig HDD partitioned into 3 drives.

I would like to keep the emails I have on the C:/, although I cant finds the actuall files. All I have to do is copy them onto 1 of the other drives. Would it work if I just copied the outlook folder onto another drive?


A:Keeping Emails during Format

If I remember correctly, Outlook stores e-mails somewhere deep into Application Data directory. It might vary from version to version, too.
Or was it just Outlook Express? hmm..
Fortunately Mozilla doesn't try to hide files
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I would think some smart computer geek (and I use that term as an accolade) could
come up with a Firefox Add-On that could automatically, or selectively as desired,
be embedded in or attached to emails irregardless of browser that would be activated
upon opening and send notification to the sender that it has been opened.

If legal constraints require, it could maybe ask for permission to send notification,
but that kind of nullifies lots of the reasons for something like that in the first place.
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This issue has been happening for over 2 years, Godaddy can't help so I thought asking other members for help.

It seems every few days I lose emails, I also spent $80 last-year for Unlimited emails but nothing changes.

The first Month it happened I connected Thunderbird and Godaddy reset the servers and all my emails appeared again. Its a endless battle and the topper was my Unlimited service expired so they closed my email address.

I currently have 5000 emails in my Thunderbird program but 38 emails when logged into the Godaddy client? The funny thing my sent emails don't get deleted have everything from 2011.

Thunderbird downloads everything automatically and doesn't delete a thing.

Hoping a few members can help me.
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Good day I am using microsoft outlook on windows bit My email account is setup correct according to my service provider in coming and outgoing settings POP account When I do a quot test account settings quot it shows as successful When I send an email it shows quot send receive complete quot with no error message The email goes out and does not get stuck in the outbox PROBLEM - emails do not get delivered to the recipient I do receive emails When I use Roundcube my e mails get delivered so this is definitely not a server problem but a problem on Microsoft Outlook WEIRD - when I send an email from another account to the problem account and I ask for a read receipt and reply from the emails do delivered not get Outlook problem account the read receipt sends and get delivered from the test account I have accounts on my laptop and I have this problem on all accounts Everything was working fine till this morning Nothing new installed nothing changed on laptop Also re-installed Office No success ANY HELP PLEASE Thank you for your time H nbsp

A:Outlook emails do not get delivered

What antivirus do you have installed AND is it scanning outging email.
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All of a sudden I'm having problems with Yahoo mail. Has been working good for years.

It has problems displaying the original email when I want to make a reply,
and when I can make a reply it won't send it and the reply disappears.
Doesn't even put it in Drafts.

Using Firefox and Win 7 (Starter on my little borrowed lap while I finish repairing my desktop) and IE and Win 7 at work - is it anything to do with that?

Is this a Yahoo mail system wide problem or is there something I can do about it?
Very frustrating to type a 15 minute reply only to have it disappear!

Can I do anything on my end?

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In the past 2 weeks, I've noticed that all my emails are being sent twice, even though I'm only pressing "Send" once. Why is this and what can I do to stop it happening?

I have Windows Vista and use Office Outlook from Office Standard 2007.

Thank you.


A:All my outgoing emails are being sent twice!

Try and disable your AV integration with Outlook and test.

Disable the incoming and outgoing email scanning from your AV and also if Anti Spam filtering is set disable that also.

You will still be protected with your resident AV program.
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Help! I have windows 8.1
All my emails (in,sent, drafts, etc) are in my recycle bin. When I restore them they disappear from the recycle bin...but when I go into my email ..everything that I restored pops back into the recycle bin.

I have located the message storage in my c drive and copy'd it all to a new folder but the shows nothing in it.
I have opened "hidden folders"..nada.

I use windows live mail. I have Verizon, which is POP3 which has worked fine until now.


A:My emails are in the trash

Which recycle bin? The system or that within Live Mail?
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Hi support,

Am still unable to retrieve my old emails after I rebuild it.

What could be the problem to this? How do I solve this?

A:Unable to find old emails after index/rebuild in Outlook 2010

Was it web based Yahoo, gmail,hotmail) or ???
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Hi and thanks in advance - I have Microsoft Outlook 2007, Vista, Windows 7. And a new Dell. Outlook is not sending ALL of my emails. This just started. It sends some, not all. I reinstalled Outlook, deleted then added again my email server info (Comcast). If I test my settings, the test email goes through. But if I email someone directly, chances are it doesn't go through - but it might. It is inconsistent which is the most frustrating part of this. I email myself on Comcast and Hotmail - it's hit or miss. Anyone?

A:Outlook not sending all of my emails

Also, also...when reinstalled Outlook, or deleted then reentered my email server info, all of my emails went through fine...for about 20 seconds. Then, same thing.
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Hello all,

I hope this is the right place to post my current issue.

Last Friday (6-21-13), our email servers on outlook as well as website were transferred over to a go-daddy server. All seemed to go well when I came in on Monday. I had all my old emails still there but then the tech walked me through the process of getting new emails. I was able to receive new emails but in the process it seems she had me overwrite my old email file. So now I can't seem to recover any of the old emails. My pst. file still seems to be enormous so I would think the info is somehow there. We had our IT guys work on this for over 12 hours and they were unable to help.

Has anyone ever been able to recover outlook emails?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Retrieving Old Emails on Microsoft Outlook 2010

Your email server should have a copy. Or, the copy is somewhere on your PC, in the form of PST. Perhaps it's in the archived area?
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Hello everybody and thanks in advance for your help.

I'm not sure why my 1st post didn't work, sorry if this is a duplicate.

I have outlook configured with 4 different emails, through 4 different SMTP servers and they have been working fine for months.

Last night, after a 20 minute power outage, Outlook has been giving me the error below, regardless of which email account I use.

Task '[email protected] - Sending' reported error (0x80042109) : 'Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'​
Any ideas on what got messed up and how to fix it would be much appreciated.

Bruce "You Don't got Mail from Me" Fisher

A:Outlook receiving but not sending from any of my emails


have you tried pinging the server to make sure it is still working.?
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When I get an email and there is a link like etc etc I click on it and I am given a load of garbage about contacting the Administrator, I am the administrator I built the machine.

I have been onto various sites and Forums so I am new here so I thought that I would start the thread.

specification are
Windows 7
Office 2010
2tb HDD

A:Can not get Outook 2010 to work with hyperlinks

Save this page to your HD using SAVE AS and create a file name with the extension HTML.

Now go to the folder where you placed it and double click on the file name.

Does it open in your browser?
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IT is not my speciality area so plse bear inbox emails Lost some with me use xp sp and outlook express have lost part of my inbox emails for Lost some inbox emails period dated until this Lost some inbox emails has occurred only in the last week new emails since are being received ok other prior emails recvd which were moved out to other folders within that time period are unaffected in Lost some inbox emails OE view current view all messages is set the block of emails have not been deleted ie not in quot deleted items quot run panda some spyware - all updated and all regularly scanned have i lost these emails months of general inbox received or are they around somewhere if around how do i get them back ie just the inbox as was i can i presume move all current into a new sub inbox get the origianl back and then move recents back into the ne home inbox presumes i an get the inbox back have one pst file apparently related but it is circa oct there is a dbx around but it seems to have current date of interest the emails now as at cannot be opened properly message being Outlook Express encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again but the very earliest emails remaining in the inbox do open as normal memory mentioned is new do not seem to have had any issues recently and the fact that the older emails and the most recent all open space though do have a lot of stuff in many sub folders of in outbox at a loss as to how to recover advice Greatly appreciated thanks for any assistance nbsp

A:Lost some inbox emails

OE stores mail files here
C:\Documents and Settings\yourLogin\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{4049BA6C-A559-4750-9335-49BF0F9EC9FA}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\*

your {4049BA6C-A559-4750-9335-49BF0F9EC9FA} may be different but only one will be under IDENTITIES\
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Windows live mail 2011 will show that I have new emails and when I go to click on them it would normally show the message in the preview window. Instead, it shows nothing, just blank. I noticed by cursor has an hourglass next to it too. I actually tried double clicking the message to open it in a new window and it still displays a blank email. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Im running win 7 64-bit

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 not displaying emails

Try updating to the 2013 version:
I tried Mail when it was released in 2011 and hated it, I never got it to retrieve messages. Use thunderbird if the 2013 version still doesnt work, it is much simpler and is open source .
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Someone I know still uses Outlook Express 6 and recently maxed out the inbox size at 2GB and was not able to receive any more messages (0x800c0133 error). That is when I got the call. I followed these instructions on how to correct the issue. Which did the trick.

However before I began the work the inbox did not show to have any emails in it (hidden or not) even though the inbox.dbx file was full 2GB. Now after the work, the old_inbox folder (as I called it) is still 2GB in size but shows no messages. How to I get the messages back or extract them somehow?


A:Outlook Express 6 shows the file to have data but I cannot see any emails in it

Cauko, Slovak!

This link doesn't specifically apply to Outlook Express, but you can try running the Inbox Repair Tool amongst other things on this page.

Otherwise, I found some other useful links:
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Hi I noticed recently that I was missing some important emails as people would call me and ask what I thought of their response and I d say quot I never got your response quot So I looked in the norton spam folder and I didn t have them there I checked webmail and there were emails there that didn t show up in my outlook express Express emails computers- 2 Outlook missing on Then I powered on another older computer that I keep for guests when they visit I usually keep this PC off The missing emails were in my CA antispam folder So I uninstalled CA antispam on that computer And I turned the PC off again Last night I missed more emails that were not in my Outlook Express but were in my webmail So I powered on that computer in the guest room and the missing emails were in the inbox Why would this happen I then removed my account from Outlook Express on the guest computer Will this fix the problem If not what should I do- I feel like uninstalling Outlook Express from that computer altogether but it is not an option on Add Remove Programs I don t want to keep missing important emails so please help nbsp

A:Outlook Express on 2 computers- missing emails

Go into OEs Message Rules and check there are no filters set.

Make sure OE is actually checking for emails (Tools/Options),

and that you don`t have any other anti spam software running.

Try the Firefox/Thunderbird email solution or Eudora,or one of

a number of other email progrmams, for trouble shooting or as

a permanent solution.
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I've actually been looking for a solution to this for quite a while, but with no success, so hoping some of you knowledgeable people can advise.

I have a new computer arriving today, and need to backup all my emails from MS Outlook. It's a work computer, and I have 5 years worth (and roughly 5,000 emails) that I need to backup so I can import them back to Outlook once installed on the new computer.

The emails are spread across about 8 different POP3 email accounts, and some are stored in folders I've created (as sub-folders) of 'inbox'.

I really cannot risk losing these emails.

Does anyone know how to back them all up safely?


A:New computer/ backing up emails from MS Outlook

Which version of Office / Outlook are you using?

CluelessBloke said:

need to backup all my emails from MS Outlook.Click to expand...

Outlook keeps EVERYTHING (eg; contacts, email, calendar) in one gigantic file; the *.PST

This file is in your %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\*.pst
The Local Settings\ is a hidden directory and you will need Admin rights to make it visible and accessible to your user-login.

To capture that file, 1) quit Outlook, 2) copy the PST to some external media (aka USB Thumbdrive)

need to backup so I can import them back to Outlook once installed on the new computer.Click to expand...

hmm; import - - not sure on that, but usually you can
a) delete the PST on the new system
b) copy the external USB copy back into the proper location.
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XP sp Firefox cable Finally gave in and updated to the new FF In spite of losing an add-on that wasn t compatible and was reluctant becuz I ve had email problems in rec'd Firefox on new won't with forward Attachments emails the past when updating browsers Anyway did the update seemed to actually work OK this time When I went into my Yahoo email the quot New quot email not Classic or the Beta I found that when attempting to forward an email with an attachment the attachment didn t forward with the email And it s not a Attachments on rec'd emails won't forward with new Firefox large attachment I had this problem a long time ago but not again until I updated to the new Firefox I looked to see if there was something that needed to be checked or unchecked or something like quot forward with attachments quot but couldn t find any incl in the email help Others had asked the question in Yahoo email Help but not gotten any reply that fixed the problem In the Help FAQ s all it says is to have the rec d email open click Forward and any attachments rec d with the email will go along with the Forward Nope Thanks nbsp
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Hi, we just got a new computer built and are now using Vista which seems to be going pretty well. The only problem we have so far is my dad cannot recieve emails in Outlook 2007. We have all the correct settings in the email account itself (including the POP3 and ICMP) and when we test the account, it passes the sending tests. I'm not much of an Outlook user, so I am not quite sure how to fix this problem or whats going on. Any suggestions on what could be causing the problem?

I also just found that I get this message in send/recieve: "Recieving reported error 0x80040154: Unkown error"

A:Outlook 2007 not recieving emails in Vista

try reinstalling outlook
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Just discovered this website, so hello.

I'm temporarily on "steam-driven" dial-up for three months. Everything fine until Friday, 10th Jul. Now I can't send emails, getting:

"The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was '[email protected]'. Subject '', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 Administrative prohibition - relaying not allowed', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79."

I use Outlook Express, I have been having problems with Internet Explorer so I am using Firefox for the internet, and I connect through UK Telecom. I hope all that makes sense, as I haven't really grasped the whole process of connections and accounts, etc.

Anyone there who can help me?
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We have a user who's emails suddenly "disappear" from view when she is using Outlook 2007. Our Exchange server is running Exchange2010. The user has multiple Mailboxes that she has permission to view. Also, she has a PST file for archiving emails off of Exchange server.

When her emails "disappear" she is usually clicking on different folders that have been created under her in-box. She has to click around folders before the emails return to view in her in-box.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what have you found as a resolution?

A:Outlook 2007 emails disappear

Are you sure she isn't dragging and dropping?

if all folders are on the exchange server, make sure she is allowing enough time for them to appear again after going to another folder. It probably isn't as fast as viewing files on your computer or network shares.

And no I have never experienced that phenonomon, but then we don't create a lot of folders on the exchange. Normally only PST folders on our computers.
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Have had previous experience with trying to recover emails that client s have deleted out of their Deleted Items folder sometimes even dating back a few months Thought I would share a simple trick that can be used I actually managed to find an article about this on a forensic site but then adjusted it after attempting little in A recovering Outlook emails trick about deleted the procedure and found A little trick about recovering deleted emails in Outlook out things that can be tweaked This can be used for and the pst scanner is just in a different folder Cannot guarantee that it will bring back every deleted email as they may have been overwritten But however I have had rather good results with this guide This guide is on Outlook So we ll first need to corrupt our PST file to have ScanPST reclaim our deleted emails Take a backup of the PST file seriously Open the PST in the Hex editor of your choice I used HxD by Ma l H rz Delete positions through with the spacebar or if that fails to work then just replace each number with You actually delete characters that make up a b c d e f I actually found that I just deleted the characters through to and it worked fine Tried deleting all the way to and it corrupted the file beyond repair oops Save the PST it is now corrupted Run the Inbox Repair Tool SCANPST exe to recover the file Found in C Program Files Microsoft Office Office for Outlook Found in C Program Files Common Files System MSMapi for Outlook The Inbox Repair Tool creates a backup and repairs the damage and recreates the PST Then import the new PST into outlook and you should see all the emails in Deleted Items NOTE This does not work if the PST file has been compacted removes the space occupied by the flagged emails Outlook with automatically compact the outlook folder if it reaches GBs nbsp

A:A little trick about recovering deleted emails in Outlook

if you want an e-mail why would you delete it??
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Getting this message when I click on a hyperlink in any excel file
"This Operation has been canceled due to restrictions on this computer, please contact your system administrator".
Tried MSWord and it was fine.


A:Restrictions on hyperlinks in excel

Try this: Just downloaded update KB959988 for Excel.

MS09-009: Description of the security update for Excel 2002: April 14, 2009> Details:
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Hi guys, my wife is having probs with her hotmail. Sometimes she can read an email that is sent to her in hebrew as hebrew, and other times she can't, it just appears as gibberish. Also, an email that she could read has now become gibberish again!
Anyone any ideas?
Does hotmail resolve hebrew by default, or does it have to be configured...and if so, how?
Thanks guys

A:receiving hebrew text hotmail

Do you have the language packs installed? Does the sender (s)
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I'm using Adobe Flash CS4 for the first time, trying to make a menu with rollover effects. I've managed to make the buttons work, however all the links open i a new window. I'm using this script:

function goInicio(event:MouseEvent):void {
var targetURL:URLRequest=new
inicio.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goInicio);
How can i get the link to open in the same window?
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I'm using Adobe Flash CS4 for the first time, trying to make a menu with rollover effects. I've managed to make the buttons work, however all the links open i a new window. I'm using this script:

function goInicio(event:MouseEvent):void {
var targetURL:URLRequest=new
inicio.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goInicio);
How can i get the link to open in the same window?
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I've just installed Iolo System Mechanic 5 Professional on my pc (running XP Home). I went through all the features including getting rid of junk and fixing short cut problems. To my dismay, all my hyperlinks don't work now. This is the error message I am receiving when I double click on a links.

"This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your system administrator"

Problem 1 - I AM the administrator
Problem 2 - I trusted system mechanic completely and didn't take too much notice of the changes it made.

Can anyone please help me to identify what went wrong and how I can fix it?

Jack D :bounce:

A:System Mechanic 5 Pro messed up my IE links and hyperlinks

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Have you tried doing a system restore?

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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i've been having trouble being able to set up my thunderbird and entourage email clients...i can recieve emails perfectly fine but i cannot reply. my boyfriend said it's something to do with my ISP, which is sbc...and they don't allow you to send emails through clients like these.

any suggestions or ideas on how i can get this working?

A:trouble sending emails through thunderbird/entourage...

You need to use the SMTP settings from your ISP.
In Tbird click on Tools/Account Settings, then the last entry on the left that says Outgoing Server (SMTP).
Under Server Name, put in the SBC-server entry on port 25.
You MAY also need to put your userID/Password in there.
SBC has nothing to say WHICH email client you use!

If you have started or migrated to Yahoo then your email settings will be:
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

If your email is then:
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:
For details see:
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I'm having difficulty recovering someone's Outlook Express emails and was hoping someone might have a solution to this (w/o the use of 3rd party apps):

The main OE mail folder and backup folders were accidently deleted. When they were deleted, a message said the Recycle Bin was full and "would you still like to continue deleting them"-or something like that. And they were deleted. Now I'm trying to recover those dbx's. I ran ActiveUndelete 5.1 and it found some dbx's-probably all the folders but they were empty when I brought them back into OE.

There are too many recovery email programs out there to run and test, so if someone can provide better help to get these emails back in OE, I would appreciate it!!! Thanks

A:Trying to recover OE emails accidently deleted

There are several good ones, usually free, at I can recommend, in their Data Recovery section, Restoration, Recuva, Recovery 4 All Pro but it costs $69, File Undelete (which is good if you are needing documentation for a client, and PC Inspector.
My favorite is one I cannot find at the moment called ABC Recovery. It is free for the first 30 days. Works great on internet files.
At, look for Recover My Files, Restorer2000 Data Recovery, and a few others listed there... all good.
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I have a problem with outlook express 6 and hope somebody can help me.

I was checking my emails and was about to switch to another identity in my Outlook express then this message came: "To clear up disk space, Outlook express can compact your messages" or something like that. I chose YES and then outlook express started compacting my messages.

However in the middle of operation, my computer froze (we call it hanged here).. so nothing was working and I decided to restart my laptop.

When I opened by laptop again, ALL MY INBOX EMAILS WERE GONE.

Will I still be able to recover them? I havent clicked anything (except restarting the computer) when my computer froze.

Somebody help
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In outlook 2007 whenever I create a new message, copy text in or insert a signature, when I save the message or send it the font changes from what I chose (i.e., arial 10pt) to Times New Roman 12pt.

If I save the email, edit all the text to the font i want, and then send it, the font changes again.

Additionally, if I use outlook format to change the style the font still changes when I save or send the email.

Further with this, when editing all text looks fine. If I click save, leave message open and look at the copy in draft in the reading pane, the font shows as changed but in the email I am editing, the font is as I chose. I have clicked save again and multiple times but the font in the draft is a different font then how I edited the email.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Font change in emails when saved or sent

change the font settings for sending/receiving in the options.

have you given thunderbird as try? it's free and better.
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Hello, i have a big problem here. I try to send emails from my Outlook and they seem to send correctly, outlook puts them on Sent Items, no errors. I have the correct POP and SMTP addresses from my email provider, but they do are not being sent. What can be happening? i`m stuck here!!!

I disable email scanning at Norton, i disable windows Firewalls but still i have the problem.

Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

A:Outlook not sending emails

What is your ISP?
Have you contacted them?
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I use outlook express for email and want to have a company logo in the message itself so that when i create a new one, it gives the details of contact info as well as a logo. I also wanted it to appear as if the email was typed on proper company headed paper so i scanned my company headed paper and saved as jpg then imported into OE but as well as it not looking great, on sending it to people...rather than displaying they got the jpg as an attachment.

does anyone know how i may achieve the above.

A:creating a company logo with outgoing emails in Outlook express

It's easier to make a Word template, type in your text, then select File/Send to/Mail Recipient (as attachment).
This automatically invokes your email-program, get the email-address and Subject, then hit 'Send'.
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Hi there,

My name is Per Hogseth and I am living in Trondheim, Norway.

I have my own website here:

and last Friday I suddenly couldn`t send emails with Outlook Express.

No trouble receiving emails. Nobody seems to be able to help me.

All setting in Outlook are correct. I must emphazise that.

Here is the error message I receive when trying to send:

Account: 'pehogset', Server: '', Protocoll: SMTP, Port: 25, Sikker (SSL): No, contakt error: 10060, Error code: 0x800CCC0E

I am so frustrated about this, and hope that somebody can be of help.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Per Hogseth
mail to: [email protected]

A:I can receive but not send emails with Outlook Express

it is most likely a configuration problem. look to see if the ingoing and outgoing server is the same, eg, and server means the name of your internet provider. aol, ntlworl, tiscali etc. incoming port 110, out port 25.
make sure that you have not inserted a space or a comma in error within the names of server
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Emails sent by the same person some time ago and whom I marked as safe ...are showing up just as grey boxes....fortunately emails i now receive from this same person the pictures are coming through...hoping u can help.

A:Pictures wont show up in emails


In your own statement it now works ok
You can turn off or on these pictures from viewing, in the security options (tools->options) in your email program

Just to avoid the reply.
Your email program may have had an automatic update (setting defaults?)
Or the "same person" may have not attached the pictures properly originally

Who knows. It's now fixed anyway!
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Some how I have turned off hyperlinks in my email browser and do not know how to turn it back on. I hope this is the correct area to post such a question. Thanks in advance for your assistance. "The nob"
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Hi all,

I have a question about Outlook Express 6: I'm sharing my computer and I would like that incoming emails go to the "right" identity only. My ISP provided us two different emails address, and I created two different identity.

But because the servor incoming mail POP is the same, the first person to log-in will get all new emails sent to whatever address/identity... And when the other person log-in he will never gets his email... We can send emails from our identities with no problems, the right sender information is sent.

So is it possible to configure OE so that e-mails will go to the right identity, using the same incoming POP?

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Hi all guys,

1. How can I send an email to a huge list of email addresses? but for sure I don't want anyone to see the list in his/her own message.

2. How can I send an email to all Email account Provider (like hotmail)?

and thanks alot.

A:Huge list of emails

1: you put the recipients in the "Bcc:" field of your mail program. Or use a program that sends the letter to everyone one at a time.
2: You don't.

BTW spamming is bad and if you are so inexperienced and naive then you will get caught and punished very soon.
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Pegasus understands standard Unix-style mail folders which is Thunderbird s native format One method I have successfully used is Add a temporary Pegasus mailbox something like pegasus tmp or pmail tmp In that mailbox create as many mail folders as you want and use Unix Mailbox Format for each of them Do not use Pegasus format Copy your archived Pegasus mail messages into those new mail folders After Pegasus Emails Convert from to: format to How Thunderbird closing How to: Convert Emails from Pegasus to Thunderbird format Pegasus move each of those Unix Mailbox Format mailboxes not the indices only the mail files UNX MBX to Thunderbird s Local Folders directory When you start Thunderbird your newly transferred mail can then be accessed They will show up as UNX as well You will have to rename the folders to something useful Onother easy way is to install Mercury from www pmail com as an IMAP server run it on port so the antivirus email scanners don t cause it grief Set up an IMAP account in Thunderbird specifying port open it up and drag and drop from the IMAP server to your Thunderbird inbox Easy grinthumb Yet another method http www dragon-it co uk pegasus htm mailconv heading Found some more info on the web Next you need to use the windows ADDRESS BOOK found under programs accessories Open address book and then choose OTHER ADDRESS IMPORT from the file menu and chose TEXT FILE comma seperated values and open the txt text file you created using the browse button you have to change the dropdown in the file types to txt to see it Hit next and then click change mapping and then choose first name then click finish this should of imported the text list to the windows address book Now finally choose EXPORT as address book WAB and give it a name OK all done now you have a WAB file that you can now IMPORT to THUNDERBIRD Open THUNDERBIRD and choose ADDRESSES then choose tools import WAB file and import you newly converted ADDRESSES wab file and there you have it your PEGASUS mail is now imported to THUNDERBIRD long way to do it yeah i know but it worksClick to expand nbsp
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How can I save webmail emails to a disk?

A:How can I save webmail emails to a disk?

I thing gmail has functions for your problem but ? don't know how, you should drag up gmail little.
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as the title suggests, can i?

Basically, like gazillions of people when we create a new mail in outlook 2003 it opens up a mail message window with our personal stationery already set up.

I've been asked if its possible that if we 'reply' to a mail in our inbox, for it to then populates the reply part of the message with our set stationery?
I can't see anything in the preferences, so would appreciate any input offered.

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This has been copied from an incoming email amp is similar to many that I ve been receiving for the last three weeks or so I suppose they are marginally better than the sex-aid ads is this one a common example of these nuisance emails most of the others are from Kenya amp are about bank balances that they can t touch themselves amp they want to deposit in my bank account NO I don t believe ANY of them of course I just wonder why I m getting them now I know they re not viruses but they ara damn nuisance just keep deleting I suppose hoping they will tail off I m only getting one or two of the sex-aid quot ads quot now Sorry to clog up space on the forum with these lengthy items ATTN-SIR MADAM SUNSWEETWIN PROMO LOTTERY THE NETHERLANDS ALFONSTRAAT B BS AMSTERDAM THE NETHERLANDS TO THE MANAGER FROM THE DESK OF THE PROMOTIONS MANAGER INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS PRIZE AWARD DEPARTMENT REF silly More emails OYL BATCH IPD ATTENTION RE AWARD NOTIFICATION FINAL NOTICE We are pleased to inform you of the announcement today MAY of winners of the SUNSWEETWIN PROMO LOTTERY THE NETHERLANDS INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS held on APRIL Your name company is attached to ticket number - - - with serial number - drew the lucky numbers - - - - - and consequently won the lottery in the rd category You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of US in cash credited to file REF NO OYL More silly emails This is from total prize money of US shared among the seventeen international winners in this category All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn form names from Australia New Zealand America Europe North America and Asia as part of International Promotions Program which More silly emails is conducted annually CONGRATULATIONS Your fund is now deposited with a Security company insured in your name Due to the mix up of some numbers and names we ask that you keep this award strictly from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted to your account This is partof our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous act by participants of this program We hope with a part of you prize you will participate in our end of year high stakes US billion International Lottery To begin your claim please respond to this mail as soon as you receive it For due processing and remittance of your prize money to a designated account of yourchoice Remember all prize money must be claimed not later than rd may After this date all funds will be returned as unclaimed NOTE In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in every one of your correspondences with your agent Furthermore should there be any change of your address do inform your claims agent as soon as possible Congratulations again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotions program Sincerely Mr Micheal Fox THE PROMOTIONS MANAGER SUNSWEETWIN PROMO LOTTERY THE NETHERLANDS N B Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winners will result to disqualification SORRY FOR THE LATE INFORMATION THANKS Watch LIVE baseball games on your computer with MLB TV included with MSN Premium http join msn com page features mlb amp pgmarket en-us go onm ave direct nbsp

A:More silly emails

There are plenty of spam filters you can use on common e-mail programs, so unless this is some free e-mail thing from some website you could run one of them (spam filters). They aren't perfect, but they will help out a lot.
I don't knwo what I'm going to do here when my school cuts my e-mail off and I use another address as my main one, because UMR has some server side filter that will flag spam and then I just set up a rule in outlook 2k3 to send it to spam, and most of the time it doesn't even do that new mail notification, so I check the spam folder about once a day and delete whats inside.
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** Outlook 2003 Sorry wrong title **

Hi just having a problem with the sent items with one of our customers...

They can send emails no problem, they appear in the sent items folder after, but then every so often the emails just disappear, i thought she was just deleting them by accident or something but i sat in front had a look, and about 5 emails just cleared in front of me, cant figure out what it is at all.. Ive checked all the settings there's no setting to say delete after so long, and the save sent messages is ticked, Ive tried to mirror another accounts settings but no change. just wondered if anyone has had the same problem or knows how to fix it ?

Our next thought was re-install office and add the email account again

thanks in advance


A:Outlook 2007 (sent emails)


I think what you should try is to reinstall Outlook.

That seems to be the only solution.


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Daily, I am getting half-a-dozen or so email ads all offering male organ enlargement cream....I know it IS a good laugh, but the novelty wears off after the second day, so far I have received around 20 in 4 days.
I tried replying, but it it came back, "address unknown, probably false"
They are addressed to six people, I sent to all six, asking them if they had received the same, so far thy're coming back as false addresses, another odd thing all addressees are of the same IP as mine, "whsmith" etc.
I always value your support, has anyone else experienced this? of course I delete them straight away, there are no attachments, they seem genuine ads. but it boring,boring,boring.
I shall expect you to ask if any mates have sent them, I could understand this if I was young, but....................!

A:Offensive emails


I get them too. I have installed mailwasher ( One of the features is that it bounces back any emails you tell it to. Since installing it, I notice that the amount of spam I receive has been reduced. You can download it for free if you only need it for one address.

Good luck.

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I cannot delete some of my mails from my archive folder.
Although if I put a new mail into the archive it can be deleted.
The mails that cant be deleted can be viewed aswell, just not deleted.
The mail is coming from an exchange server.
How can I delete them

Any help would be great
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Hello One of our workers received a new laptop they were running XP with netscape mail and now have a new Vista Business laptop I ultimately want to convert the user from using to help emails Converting from netscape thunderbird netscape to more common supported email so I suggested outlook or thunderbird x with Lightning calendar and address book thing until thunderbird comes out with all that built in I ve tried importing via the import tools tried copying directly then just running the program everything I tried doesn t seem to want to import his emails into either program I noticed there is no easy quot export quot settings emails address books from netscape to import it later not even if it was the same version So I backed up the entire profiles folder and tried dumping that in the same place and still no luck Is there anything I can do to either get all the emails settings into either thunderbird Converting emails from netscape to thunderbird help or outlook I ve gotta tackle this again first thing tomorrow morning so I appreciate the quick replies solutions thanks everyone nbsp

A:Converting emails from netscape to thunderbird help

Well you have the right idea... Export to an archive file. Import from the archive file.
There are plenty of instructions at unless that has changed recently.

Or use Eudora to import, then export to a file that Thunderbird will import.
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I open Outlook Express and try to read my mail but there is nothing in the body of the message, I have sent myself various e-mails that have text in the body of the message and can't get any of the bodies of the messages to display. It will display the subject headings but not the body.

OE 6

please help!

A:Outlook express not downloading the test body of emails

See "Symptom 6" HERE

It involves downloading the KB887797 update from HERE

Another idea HERE and HERE
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Is this possible? I.e I have my personal email account, then an Ebay one, and then a Yahoo one, all coming into Outlook XP. What I'd like to do is highlight them depending on what account they're coming from, just for organizational sake. Possible?

A:Highlighting emails in Outlook?

Don't you setup different inboxes? This is how I would think it would be setup. have a regular inbox, then a yahoo one setup as pop3 and an ebay one, etc.

I think this is what you are talking about, but not sure.

Try and elaborate a little more and I'm sure we can get you a more clear answer.
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Used to be able to, now they just don't go thru
so others can read them.

Using XP Home, Netscape, Excite home page & email.

Have tried sending "As Attachment" and "As Inline Text" -
only 2 options
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I need to move some emails from a Outlook 6 machine to one with Office 2003. I've been reading on how to do it and there was something about a pst file, only outlook 6 doesnt seem to have that file. Can someone please help me, thanks.

A:Moving emails one machine to another

You`ll have to setup Outlook Express on the "Outlook machine",then transfer files from Express machine - HERE or HERE

Then,import into Express on the Outlook machine,then import into Outlook. - HERE
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Hey guys I have a Dell XPS running Windows Vista -bit while Random business emails sending BSOD Home Premium Edition and as the description says I got a random BSOD while sending emails from Gmail about two months ago I copied down the error numbers My System Specs are Dell XPS Windows Vista -Bit Home Premium Edition ATI Radeon HD Pro Graphics card Intel Core Quad-Core CPU Q GHz GHz GB DDR RAM but it only uses MB of it Western Digital GB HDD Random BSOD while sending business emails they are x F x x EB C x E B x A AB The Strange thing is is that it only gives me the BSOD when I try to boot up normally I have tried to run my PC in Debugging mode but that didn t work safe mode works though But when I had to Re-Install my OS last year I accidentally put it on the recovery partition which is what I ve been booting off of I have tried to repair the OS with the CD that came with the PC but it didn t work for some reason I m still able to Random BSOD while sending business emails send Emails and recently I tried to Reformat Random BSOD while sending business emails the Hard Drive and every time I try it I get a blank Error Message with just a red circle with an X in it Think you can help me out Thanks nbsp

A:Random BSOD while sending business emails

How old is this system? Due to the fact you can run in Safe Mode you are most likely looking at a driver issue. Please do the following:

How to find and post your Minidump Files:

My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don?t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don?t Zip each one individually.
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There s a lot of crazy things happening to my xp pc In outlook express I can t see my email messages I can download emails I can see all my folders the menu button Can't messages, system emails not see working restore and all But the window where the messages are shown is blank It did give me two error messages Actually I just tried to open it and it beeps and doesn t do anything So I can t tell you the errors System restore window comes up but it s all white Can t click anything Doesn t show anything I can t search or use help n support Nothing happens when I click each one IE has disappeared The window comes up but it s all white It has back n forward buttons address bar amp search bar I try to go to dell solution center and it beeps and shows this error --windows cannot find c dell delbutn htm and a message about typing in the name correctly and try again-- I got the new Can't see emails messages, system restore not working version of yahoo messenger But now I can t see what I m typing Can t see what other person is typing either It s just a blank window I m not sure when I installed it Could this be the cause of these problems I think the only solution I have is to reinstall everything And hope everything goes back the way it should Or would this just be a bandaid and might not fix these type of problems Any ideas Please help nbsp

A:Can't see emails messages, system restore not working


Have you run a virus, spyware and malware scan yet? It sounds to me like your pc is infected with a virus, i recently repaired a pc with the same sort of symptoms and the cause was a virus.... Make sure your virus database is fully updated before trying.

The reinstall, will rectify your current problems aslong as your system is free from viruses and that your HDD isn't corrupted.

I highly doubt it is a conflict with yahoo messenger...
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running outlook2000 on WinXP. about 20% of emails i send out are not arriving and disappear even though marked as sent my end. anyone got any useful ideas?
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I am having a problem with Microsoft Outlook 2003. It is very slow opening emails, sometimes taking 5-8 seconds to open. I recently had some problems with my PC downloading and installing microsoft updates but this seems to be sorted now. I have tried to repair Outlook but to no avail.
Please help!!

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 very slow opening emails

Do you have some AV scanning them before opening?
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need help to recover deleted emails from outlook express


need help on recovering deleted emails from oe pls help asap i know there are some reg changes that need to be made....... os is win xp
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Hello all,

I have been asked by the boss to have a look at his home pc as it will only boot in safe mode (Windows 98). I thought the easiest way to sort it (he wants a new system in the next 2 months anyway) without losing everything through re-formatting would be to reinstall the os over the top of the existing install (this has worked ok for me in the past) - but the one area of concern is he wants to keep all his emails (on Outlook Express, although he does have Outlook installed!). If I re-install the OS will all the emails remain intact, or will they be overwritten?
Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I can't find a direct answer on the MS Knowledge Base.


A:Will emails remain if I reinstall Win98?

Go here for instructions on how to back up your OE emails.

Then instill W98 over the old one, should be no problem. The install SHOULD leave OE intact, but it never hurts to be on the safe side.
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I obviously have some problem certain words in my emails that contain "CAT" like loCATion, eBay, google, computer, pictures, etc.

Any advice on how to remove this possible virus? If it has a name I can do it through the hijack this fixing process right?

A:Hilighted words in emails and at websites???

This is NOT a virus, but a (less intrusive) form of advertising. On this forum it helps pay the bills. If you don't like it, just don't hover your mouse over the underlined words, in other words, ignore them.
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Here's what happened... While reading emails, got an error msg about "directDB.dll" not being present or something. Rebooted, but then all my Inboxs emails were GONE. When going to the folder, c:\\windows\Application Data\Microsoft~ etc, I found all files, including the INBOX. But it would not let me open it up again with Outlook.

Suggestions? Fix?


Willie in NY/CT

A:WinME: Outlook Express - lost INBOX emails

See answer here:
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Can someone enlighten me on how to backup my emails from outlook express? I remembered they are stored as files somewhere. I wanted to transfer the email messages from my main PC to my laptop. I've seen the tutorial somewhere but I forgot where to find it again.

Thanks for the help.

A:Outlook Express: Backup emails?

Originally posted by Rick:
The folders you should have backed up are contained within [DRIVE]:\Documents and Settings\[PROFILE NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\[SOME WEIRD NUMBER]\Microsoft\Outlook Express

1.) Setup a mail account in Outlook Express FIRST.

2.) Follow the directory structure of the path above from wherever you have the backup your old partition and copy those files.

3.) Follow the same directory hierarchy given above, only for your current installation of Windows. Paste those files into the folder and you should be set.Click to expand...

That what you were looking for?
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Hi everybody, can anyone help?

Having recently re-connected my pc to the internet after a few months of no connection, when I recieve emails in Outlook express, the message does not appear, nor attachments. The title, sender and recievers appear and if you check the email properties of the message and click Message Source, you can read the mail there, but this is very long winded.

Anyone have any idea how I can solve this annoying problem? I'd appreciate any help?


A:Blank Emails

Personally I really would not recommend Outlook Express.. try webmail if you have access to it. If not I would recommend downloading a different client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Eudora.

If you really want to keep using Outlook Express make sure you have all the latest updates, and scan for registry problems, spyware/adware and a virus scan. Other than that not sure what you can do, but maybe someone else can help if noone of that works
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Hello, I have my old Mail file on one computer and no longer have access to the same notes db. I need to move my files to another computer and access them. Also read me, that file doesn't work correct

A:How can I read my old emails from another laptop?

It is challenging, but doable. Both the new and the old systems must use the same email client program. You then find the location of the files and drop the old email into the proper location on the new pc.

I can document only Thunderbird (TB) but it will serve to give you a starting point.
The TB data is stored at:

c:\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxx.default\Mail\xxxemailServerDomain\ -here-
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Recently we have been unable to send emails to addresses ending with,, and from Windows Live Mail. Comcast is our isp, and we can send emails from the Comcast email, but not WLM. This is definitely a WLM problem, not a Comcast issue. Have others had this problem, have you solved it?

A:Can't send emails thru Windows Live Mail to embarq, centurylink, aol

What you need to do is is manually add the account you need to find out there server ports and everything i have added them below.

Century Link/embarqmail

Incoming POP or IMAP
POP: Port 995 SSL

IMAP: Port 993 SSL
Port 587 TLS if available
Email Address

IMAP Setup Information

IMAP Username: [email protected] (or,, etc.)
Incoming Mail Server: (Use port 143 for standard or 993 for SSL connections)
SMTP Outgoing Server Address: Set the port to 587
SMTP Username: [email protected] (or,, etc.)
SMTP Password: password you use to login to Mail

POP Setup Information

POP Username:[email protected] (or,, etc.)
Incoming Mail Server: (Use port 110 for standard or 995 for SSL connections)
Remember to check the option to Leave messages on the server
SMTP Outgoing Server Address: Set the port to 587
SMTP Username: [email protected] (or,, etc.)
SMTP Password: password you use to login to Mail
For a secure connection, check the SSL option for IMAP/POP and TLS for SMTP in your mail program.
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Using windows live mail 2011 many of my ?sent? emails failto be delivered, even though they appear in the ?sent? box. I can receive,forward and reply; the problem seems to be with emails which I originate. Thereis no error message.

A test email sent to myself doesn?t arrive, but if I thenforward the same email to myself it does arrive.

My ISP is TalkTalk and I can use the TT webmail service toaccess and use the same email account without problem.

I much prefer the format of WLM so rarely use TT webmail,but used it recently over several days to access my WLM on an Ipad.Perhaps this disrupted some settings.

I do hope someone can help me. I regret that technically I?mnot very proficient.

A:WLM 2011 - 'sent' emails not delivered

Hello and welcome kingsland mate sound slike your machine needs some decluttering - I don't know what you use for cleaning up either but CCleaner is good the free version is good.

But before we embark on that I have to say 2011 is an old verison of WLM whicj I use myself and find 2012 much better but the choice is yours.

First up though run these in safe mode< if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2

if no go then run these if you haven't already

ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
(Anyone running Kaspersky internet security will find it rants about ADW - ignore it or disable Kaspersky while running ADW)

Do these and post back

PS Meant to mention my brother in Wiltshire uses Talk Talk and is always grumbling about it.
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Hi Folk,
I'm running an HP desktop computer with Windows 7 64bit. One day the the computer simply wouldn't boot. I took another hard drive that already had windows on it and put it in the computer. I used the crashed hard drive as a slave and found that a lot of the data files were still intact. I'm using Windows Live 2012 Email and I can't find any of the emails. The Windows Live folder is there but not the folders with the emails. ( I have transferred these emails to other computers in the past, so I think I'm looking in the right place)
So my question is... if I try to reinstall Windows on this corrupted drive will it wipe out the data files that are still there.

Thanks for the help

A:Lost emails on crashed hard drive

Where are you looking?
It depends on how you do the install.
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i have office 2007 using outlook and when i delete emails one by one because i need to read them and confirm i can delete them. it seems after deleting like 10 or so the Focus higlhight of the email moves back up to the top of the inbox and i have to take the mouse and move it back to the one i was looking at or i push the down arrow key to get me back to were i was. WHY does outlook do this. the view i have is Window view on the bottom and emails above this window in category just emails no preview pane.

A:outlook 2007, deleting emails one by one focus moves to top

Outlook does a re-indexing of the Folder just like Windows Explorer/File Explorer sometimes will, just refreshing its 'mind'. There's not been much change in that process over the past versions. A couple of my Webmail accounts do the same and that's with messages on their Server.
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I was reading this old closed thread http forums techguy org web-email -how-recover-lost-outlook-express html as I have had the same problem as the original poster I m still using Outlook Express on Windows PRO On Saturday I had trouble getting OE to finish loading one incoming email so I closed the program using Task Manager After that several attempts to open the program failed despite a reboot or two Eventually it did open but I discovered in 6 Inbox Express lost emails Outlook all the emails in Outlook Express 6 lost emails in Inbox my Inbox since January of were gone The other folders seem to be intact I have a backup of the Mail folder with all the dbx files in it from That s the most recent one I have and I can probably recover all but the last years of my Inbox from that but the thread I reference at the top offers some other potential options I just don t know how realistic it may be to try and if DBXpress is a good option worth the for the download if it s still available even with a reasonable chance that I will recover most if not all of the emails Chances are there is some corruption of the Inbox dbx file probably because it was huge and may have been automatically compressed though I have no actual knowledge of that I have not downloaded any new emails in OE since the problem occurred as I was not sure if that would further decrease my chances of recovering the lost emails And yes I know my system is ancient but for now any upgrading is not on the table I do plan to create numerous sub-folders once I have decided what to do about possible data recovery Thanks nbsp
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Is there any way I can arrange for responses to my posts to go to my email account? In other words, if I start a thread can I arrange for any responses to appear in my email inbox so that I can check them regularly. Or do I have to keep going to the actual thread in TSG to see if anyone has sent a response?

A:Solved: Automatically receive emails responses to posts

Yes you can click at top right the Tread Tools and click Subscribe to this Thread.
Then pick your option from the drop down.

If you pick no email then you can go here to look for it.
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I'm doing a PC upgrade.

Regarding Outlook Express, can the accounts and emails be exported from XP then imported back in when Win 7 is installed ?
I'm not really a Windows user, mainly Linux, so I need to know before I start.

A:XP to Win 7 emails/accounts

If you are going to use a free email client in Windows 7 I recommend making the transition from Outlook Express while still running XP. It should then be relatively easy to copy the needed data to the new(er) PC.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4010 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1813 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 596476 MB, Free - 532368 MB; D: Total - 14000 MB, Free - 7222 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

When I Send an outgoing email I find that one, sometimes 2 or 3, copies of the same email also shows up in my Drafts. This just started about 3 days ago and I have not added or changed any programs.
I'm NOT a Techie so please be explicite with any instructions you may want to offer that may solve this problem. Thanks, John

A:Solved: Outgoing Emails Duplicated in Drafts

It would probably be helpful if you start by telling us how exactly you manage your email.
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I have outlook 2013 and for some reason my emails are not sending. I am receiving email but when I reply it remains stuck in the outbox folder. When I click send receive I get an error code 0x800ccc13

I recently updated to windows 10 but the problem existed on windows 8 as well. I use a gmail account.

Thank you for your help

A:Outlook 2013 Emails stuck in outbox

It looks as if you may have some configuration issues you need to check for Outlook with respect to Gmail. If you're using the POP3 protocol, check the SMTP server (which is used for outgoing mail) to ensure the server name and your credentials are correct.
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I am about to give up. Windows XP computer. Been using Outlook 2002 for more than 10 years. My laptop was compromised so I bought an identical machine and created an almost identical hard drive. I imported my outlook pst file and everything works except that it will not send emails. I get errors that it cannot connect to the comcast server. I have changed the passwords and ports about 50 times with no success. I now have two identical laptops with identical email account set ups. The old one still works but the new one does not. I think it may have to do with the registry but I dont know how to fix it. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you in advance.

A:Outlook 2002 will not send emails but will receive

For the correct settings see
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This seems to be a common problem but I cannot find a solution that works for me. I have an email account and I use Outlook 2010 on Windows 10 (just upgraded). All seemed okay for a few days, but now I cannot send emails. My incoming server has been on port 110 for ages (works okay). Outgoing has been on port 587 for ages but suddenly has stopped working (send/receive error ox800CCC13). I also use icloud to synchronise calendar contacts and tasks with my iPhone5.

Any help would be welcome please.

A:fsnet not receiving emails

Inability to send e-mails generally stems from issues with the SMTP server. First port of call should be Orange tech support, to see if anything has changed on their side or to determine if they're having any technical issues.
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I had a couple clients forward an email to me that just had something simple like "have you seen this?" with a link & my email at the bottom. I get these also every month or two usually from email address's that I recognize.

What are my options to remedy this?
I changed my email passwords, scanned the email server, checked with my web host and they don't think the messages originated from my email account but weren't certain.

Scanned my computer & didn't find anything malware.

I have a message that was forwarded to me, can any info be retrieved from the header of that message?


A:Spoofed emails to my clients

That is very unlikely to be anything on your computer and they are either spoofing your email address or your email provider is compromised

forward the emails to [email protected] & I will see what I can see if the headers show anything
The problem is that some email services strip old headers when a message is forwarded so the original ones are not there to see
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Is it safe to click on links in emails from known entities like Amazon or other retailers with whom you do business regularly?  I never open attachments unless I know the person/business.  But I always click on the links in emails from retailers or other sources I know. 
Thanks for your help.

A:Links in eMails

It is best not to do so as scam mails looking similar to legit businesses can contain malware links in it.
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Hi, cause my size of Inbox is 1.99GB, am unable to receive any mails and and when I open, I cannot see anything, but dbx files shows 1.99GB, how can I recover these missing mails from my Inbox folder.[/size]

A:Missing emails from Outlook Express inbox

I would try going to Web mail, almost all ISP providers offer the ability to go to their home page and access your mail from there.
I would do something very quickly before you crash your computer and loose everything.  There are storage limits to how many emails you can keep , this includes the deleted folder and the sent folder.
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I have my own domain - I access "[email protected]" through my central gmail account (I have quite a few different addresses all forwarded to one account) using POP3 andsend emails via I have been getting replies bounce back to me from, as far as I can tell, just one domain. I haven't made any changes and used to email them with no problems.I'm trying to figure out if the problem is on my end or theirs.

A:Emails sent through Gmail bouncing back from certain domain

After talking with my host it seems my email was hijacked by a spambot, causing these issues.  Resolved, for now.
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Greetings folks One of our clients has a PC that will emails. after sending 2013 crashes Outlook 3 only allow the user to send emails before it locks up Outlook exe is still running in task manager and cannot be killed The PC Outlook 2013 crashes after sending 3 emails. has to be shut down hard holding the power button in as it hangs during a soft restart The PC is a Lenovo E running Windows Pro -bit Office is Office Home and Business with Outlook attached to an Office account All software up to date If we start Outlook in Safe mode just Outlook not Windows then everything works fine I can send dozens of test emails with no problems at all So here's what I've done Disabled Hardware Acceleration including adding an entry in the Registry HKCU Software Microsoft Office Graphics DisableHardwareAcceleration Effect no change Disabled all add-ins Effect no change Uninstalled the antivirus client Trend Micro Effect no change Desktop Session Manager service disabled Effect this caused a number of problems--I couldn't even get into Outlook--so I re-enabled it I removed some components from a previous version of Office but since that is only Visio I didn't remove everything Effect no change Office repair both quick and web-based from Control Panel Pro tip the web-based one is basically a re-install so have your code ready Effect no change The user's mailbox file is located on a network drive but since everyone's is I don't think this is the source of the problem It's also not a large file If I create a new profile things will work fine for a few weeks but the problem will reappear I am open and grateful for any and all suggestions but do note the steps I've already taken I'd prefer not to rebuild the entire system from the ground up since that doesn't tell me what was wrong to start with From searching on the web this is a common problem and no one seems to have a solid solution at least none of the things I've tried have worked Thank you

A:Outlook 2013 crashes after sending 3 emails.

I hate to say this, but these types of jobs are my favorites, the tough ones.
How large the OST file? Did you try keeping it local and not on the server? Can you check for graphics card updates? Can you turn off the cache for testing?
I would go to the disabled items and see what is going on there. I have found enabling some items fixes issues (like appledev! fixes icloud)
Finally, check his "large attachments" and make sure one big fattie didn't sneak in. Sometimes I have seen large ones cause the issues.
Is that his only email account in that profile?
I have had some struggles with Outlook and graphics cards, even with the disabled hardware accelerator. I think the Nvidia update was one my tech had to do to make one clients work ok.
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If you're here at Bleeping Computer reading this you probably don't need me to warn you of this scam. Please pass the word on to friends and family.Don't get fooled into clicking phony Windows 10 upgrade emails
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I have been trying to use Live Mail and Thunderbird but can't receive emails. I can however send emails.
I have tried this with POP and IMAP settings and checked all the settings are correct. I have been on to my web host company to check I was doing it correct. 
I have set these up many times before with Win 7 and never had a problem.
 I called the help line from the company I bought the PC off and they suggested to use the Mail App but this program is terrible and this seems to have stopped receiving now.
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I can't find ant reference to anyone having this problem anywhere Computer Windows Office Pro Windows Defender Sometimes but not always when Outlook performs a Send operation it reports mutiple messages when it shoudn't be Manual Send Recieve only far as i know For instance if i create one email More It 8.1 Than Should Outlook Emails Windows Reporting 2013 and hit send the progress bar at the bottom says sending message of It does Windows 8.1 Outlook 2013 Reporting More Emails Than It Should not do this every time that i know Windows 8.1 Outlook 2013 Reporting More Emails Than It Should I haven't found Windows 8.1 Outlook 2013 Reporting More Emails Than It Should a trigger or rhyme or reason i can't force it to happen And the extra number isnt always an extra or a factor of of the messages to be sent it seems to vary but i haven't been able to see catch it enough times to guanatee that statement My Outlook checks different email addresses I do know it's not times as through it was one for each address Seems to happen only on Send Recieve always recives the same number it should it is not the messages getting stuck in the outbox problem resulting in mutiple Sends The messages pass directly out AdwCleaner Malwarebytes both regular and anti-rootkit find nothing Computer approx months old no Known infections or ones that have been removed

A:Windows 8.1 Outlook 2013 Reporting More Emails Than It Should

What e-mail client are you using.
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I have thousands of emails saved in the Mac Postbox mail client. 
Con anyone guide me where Postbox saves its emails or where is the email database of Postbox and how to Import that database to Outlook 2010??

A:How can I Import Mac Postbox Emails into Windows Outlook ?

there's a mob of different solutions here....
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A site search found nothing about this, sorry if it's a dead horse already, but;
google shows plenty of people experiencing their yahoo emails not showing up but without addressing the basic issue I'm having, I've gotten 0 emails for a week now after my account was hacked. I can access my main mail page but at my account page all yahoo does is provide a password change and I've done that. Contacting yahoo seems to be the typical impossible BS, so... What are my options to regaining stability of my yahoo account? Thanx!

A:?yahoo/vista = missing emails

Once an email acct. is hacked and used as a spambot, the provider will 'shut down/deactivate/make dormant' said acct. You will need to change the password at the least,,, but you may also have to contact them in some manner. Have you tried the many hints offered by a Google search with this phrase... "how do you reactivate a yahoo account" (minus quotes)?
Possible phone help ... .
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Hi there I am at my wits end with this malware that has infected my Acer notebook Please can you help me The problem is getting worse by the hour I have followed advice from various sites all to no avail - I keep getting the Safesaver ads on Google RightCoupon popups hyperlinks on certain words with green triangle in top right corner random page hijacking becoming more and more frequent and every time I delete the extension Netoo Cooupuoni in Google Chrome it reappears when I open hyperlinks Rightcoupon Google & ads, Chrome Netoo Cooupuoni Safesaver, extension the Safesaver, Rightcoupon ads, hyperlinks & Google Chrome extension Netoo Cooupuoni browser again - it does not show up in the list of active extensions anywhere but in TOOLS So far I have tried ADW Cleaner Junkware Removal Tool Malwarebytes' Anti Malware Then I bought and set up Kaspersky Internet Security but all the problems still came back after that too so I went through the processes and manually deleted or disabled unnecessary ones and then tried RogueKiller and then Hitman Pro Each programme identified cookies and malware and quarantined and or deleted it but it's STILL happening I will paste the reports for Safesaver, Rightcoupon ads, hyperlinks & Google Chrome extension Netoo Cooupuoni the scans etc conducted so far below I can't figure out how to copy and paste the log for Kaspersky at the moment I can only seem to see it in the dialogue box and don't know how to get a txt version Safesaver, Rightcoupon ads, hyperlinks & Google Chrome extension Netoo Cooupuoni Thank you in advance for your help PL AdwCleaner v - Report created at Updated by Xplode Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bits Username Elizabeth Penny - ELIZABETHPEN-PC Running from C Users Elizabeth Penny Downloads adwcleaner exe Option Clean Services Files Folders Folder Deleted C ProgramData QuickSet Folder Deleted C ProgramData YoutubeAdblocker Folder Deleted C ProgramData CoouuPons Folder Deleted C ProgramData NetooCooupuoni Folder Deleted C ProgramData SearchNewTab Folder Deleted C ProgramData suorff and okeep Folder Deleted C Program Files BetterSurf Folder Deleted C Program Files GreenTree Applications Folder Deleted C Program Files Sk-Enhancer Folder Deleted C Program Files WebSearch Folder Deleted C Program Files YoutubeAdblocker Folder Deleted C Program Files CoouuPons Folder Deleted C Program Files NetooCooupuoni Folder Deleted C Program Files SearchNewTab Folder Deleted C Program Files suorff and okeep Folder Deleted C Users Elizabeth Penny AppData Local SwvUpdater Shortcuts Registry Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes AppID C AD A-C F- B-B DB- E D B Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes AppID CA CAA -B C- - BEC-CB A D F Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes CLSID - FEF- D -B FA-E B F Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes CLSID - - - - AA B Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes CLSID D C - A - C F-BE -C F D B Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes Interface E BC - A - CFF- C - D ED D DC F Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes Interface C F B A-BD - -AF -C CA E F F Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes Interface EAF DC-CD - B -B A-D AC FBCB BC Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes TypeLib C AD A-C F- B-B DB- E D B Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Classes TypeLib E -CC - AC-B -BFC ACF E Key Deleted HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Ext Settings B EA -A - -B BB- DE CCA Key Deleted HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchScopes BB DE -BC C- - AC - F CFFE Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchScopes BB DE -BC C- - AC - F CFFE Key Deleted HKCU Software Softonic Key Deleted HKCU Software AppDataLow SProtector Key Deleted HKLM Software A D E - B - E E-BD - DA C EF Key Deleted HKLM Software SP Global Key Deleted HKLM Software SProtector Key Deleted HKLM Software Uniblue Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Uninstall D-AB D- D -C - A A E D Key Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Uninstall A CA FF-CB D- - CB - CD C Key ... Read more

A:Safesaver, Rightcoupon ads, hyperlinks & Google Chrome extension Netoo Cooupuoni

I'm so sorry, I have just realised I have posted this problem to the wrong forum. I'll copy and paste it into the virus, trojan, malware forum instead.
Thank you.
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I am new to the forum and I joined because my wife's yahoo account started sending spam to her contacts with a "Hello" subject and a website link in the body.
What can I do to fix that?

A:Yahoo email worm sending emails to contacts

Has she changed her password?
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I have emails that appear when I do a search.. When I try to open I get a message that it cannot be opened because it does not exist or is being used in another application.
When I check properties file size show 0.. How can I remove these. When I go into explorer they do not appear in any directory... It's almost like its just a header.
How do I get rid of these


A:Cannot remove deleted emails with

Search for what files? What search phrase/string are you using when you do these searches?

What email program are you using?

Emails are not normally viewable using the Search function, since they tend to be encrpted in special formats, IME.

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Ok so I have a friend of the family that works from home She is running Vista x gasp vista and does most of her work through Outlook I believe its Her printer is a Dell photo I believe In the last weeks she is having problems of emails printing randomly I sat down with her and asked if printing random !? Printer emails she is hitting ctrl-p and Printer printing random emails !? she feel adamant that she isnt hitting that combo She hasn t narrowed it down to any certain time but sometime during the Printer printing random emails !? day random emails print I checked her computer form malware adware browser hijacks viruses using a multitude of programs like Avira Avast Spybot S amp D I ve made sure she has all the updates available from microsoft I ve checked task manager for any other weird processes running I ve ran a defrag for giggles since it does it on schedule The things I haven t done but plan on doing is I might have you use a different keyboard I should uninstall the printer drivers and install them from scratch with any new updated ones that are out I could run her recovery discs but I m hoping that doesnt mess up any of her business software that she has installed Lastly I could just tell her to go buy Windows Would Windows Home Premium allow me to upgrade her machine from its Vista x I ve used process explorer to see if I can see any weird dll s etc attached to a process like explorer exe This has really confusing I ve checked the spooler and I never see any documents waiting when i m over there The email s that random print during the day almost look like a print screen but only contains the window of an open email and at the bottom of the printed page it has a url footer i believe Any ideas

A:Printer printing random emails !?

As far as I know the problem is not with windows. The problem probably lies with the keyboard. There might be some problem with the keys. Sometimes if the printer driver is not installed properly or if your friend has done something with the preferences then such kind of thing can happen. This is not a very usual problem, so you need to first check these things or else take the computer to the service center.
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Hi I am encountering popups, ads, "RespectSale" hyperlinks what "RespectSale" ads, popups, hyperlinks seems to be a virus calling itself RespectSale It disrupts searches with unwanted ads popups and by adding random hyperlinks to words on the pages I visit It adds itself as an extension in Chrome the browser I use but remains a problem even after I remove the extension which I have done numerous times I have tried Malwarebytes repeatedly gets rid of things most times I run it but the virus remains and "RespectSale" ads, popups, hyperlinks have also tried ComboFix followed by AdwCleaner I am posting the logs I recieved after running each of these below If anyone can give me any ideas as to what to try next advice would be greatly appreciated I use Windows ComboFix Log ComboFix - - - Katelynne - x Microsoft Windows Ultimate GMT - Running from c users Katelynne Downloads ComboFix exe SP Windows Defender Enabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF Other Deletions C install exe c programdata c programdata da a a bd d b da c ini c programdata ac e bad b da c ini c programdata deaacf d b da c ini c programdata a cd a cd b da c ini c programdata a f d aa d b da c ini c programdata fe d b ad b da c ini c programdata a cbef e d b da c ini c programdata eab a ed ed aafd b da c ini c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged I iqmG edu c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged I iqmG edu bootstrap js c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged I iqmG edu chrome manifest c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged I iqmG edu content bg js c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged I iqmG edu install rdf c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged qzWyVh K org c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged qzWyVh K org bootstrap js c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged qzWyVh K org chrome manifest c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged qzWyVh K org content bg js c users Gretchen AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles yrwto c default extensions staged qzWyVh K org install rdf c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged I iqmG edu c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged I iqmG edu bootstrap js c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged I iqmG edu chrome manifest c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged I iqmG edu content bg js c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged I iqmG edu install rdf c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged qzWyVh K org c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged qzWyVh K org bootstrap js c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged qzWyVh K org chrome manifest c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged qzWyVh K org content bg js c users Katelynne AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles zjylsgaa default extensions staged qzWyVh K org install rdf c windows msdownld tmp Files Created from - - to - - - - - - -------- d-----w- c users Default AppData Local temp - - - - -------- d-----w- c users Gretchen AppData Local temp - - - - ----a-w- c programdata Microsoft Windows Defender Definition Updates AF - F - B-A A-CD AF A mpengine dll - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files TaakeThheCoupon - - - - ----a-w- ... Read more

A:"RespectSale" ads, popups, hyperlinks

Hi & to Bleeping Computer Forums!My name is Jürgen and I will be assisting you with your Malware related problems. Before we move on, please read the following points carefully: My native language isn't English. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.Please read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding.Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one.If you have any problems while you are follow my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem.If you have illegal/cracked software, cracks, keygens, etc. on the system, please remove or uninstall them now!Do not run any other scans without instruction or Add/ Remove Software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me.Post all Logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts.If I don't hear from you within 5 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed.If I don't reply within 24 hours please PM me!Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean.Step 1Please run a FRST scan. This will help us diagnose your problem.Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.(If you are not sure which version (32-/64-bit) applies to your system, download and try to start both of them as just the right one will run.)Start FRST with administator privileges.Make sure the option Addition.txt is checked and press the Scan button.When finished, FRST will produce two logs (FRST.txt and Addition.txt) in the same directory the tool was run from.Please copy and paste these logs in your next reply.