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WinLiveMail Duplicated Mail Accounts

Q: WinLiveMail Duplicated Mail Accounts

I opened up two mail accounts and have ended up somehow with three identical default accounts and four identical 2nd accounts? If I edit one it changes all those same accounts and if I delete one it deletes all those same accounts? I am stuck and it is affecting sending mail as it tries to send the same e-mail from all the same accounts and halts mid way. First send goes through okay but I can only send more mail by restarting!
I must have done something wrong but I need to know it there is a way out especially as I can't find anyone else on the web who has experience the same problem - Be grateful for any advice?

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Preferred Solution: WinLiveMail Duplicated Mail Accounts

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WinLiveMail Duplicated Mail Accounts

Quote: Originally Posted by hammundo

I opened up two mail accounts and have ended up somehow with three identical default accounts and four identical 2nd accounts? If I edit one it changes all those same accounts and if I delete one it deletes all those same accounts? I am stuck and it is affecting sending mail as it tries to send the same e-mail from all the same accounts and halts mid way. First send goes through okay but I can only send more mail by restarting!
I must have done something wrong but I need to know it there is a way out especially as I can't find anyone else on the web who has experience the same problem - Be grateful for any advice?

If you are using Windows Live Mail 2011...
Open WLM > click at the blue button at top left > Options > Email Accounts > one at a time, click one of the duplicates > click Remove > repeat until all duplicates are removed > click Close when done.

If you are using 2009 WLM version....
Open WLM > Tools > Accounts > the rest same as above.
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Since reinstalling Windows 7 Live Mail on new laptop email messages are getting duplicated. The one with the correct 'from' and 'to' names has 'Message cannot be found' and 'The contents of this message cannot be found' in the message box. The one with the correct message has the senders name and email address in both the 'from' and 'to' boxes. Any ideas?
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I am having problems with Windows mail in Vista. I file mail in folders, and when I move mail to some folders the mail is lost - and in it's place is an older email. The folder option still shows the correct subject, but the text is replaced by the text of an older email.

As a result I have lost hundreds of emails - all replaced by the same email text.

...and yes, my Anti-Virus is McAfee supplied free by BT (British telecom) NetProtect Plus. I have uninstalled McAfee and re-installed to see whether this causes the porblem and it does not appear to.
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I have been receiving duplicated e-mails over 50,000. As it never stops the incomings, I can not send e-mails out. Please help me to solve this issuewWithout deleting my original e-mail address. Thank you.

A:How can I stop duplicated incoming e-mails on Windows Live Mail?


Are you accessing this account on multiple devices? Are you POPing or going in through the web interface? Do you have any sort of rules enabled? Are you using a third party mail client? Did anything change or did you manipulate any settings around the time the problem started?
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After a clean install of Windows 7, I installed Office 2007. I also installed Windows Live Mail not to use it as an e-mail client, but only as an intermediate to import mail accounts. Therefore, I imported all my many e-mail accounts to Windows Live Mail from previously saved IAF files. Until here all worked as expected. The problem is that now, when I try to "Import internet mail account settings" from Windows Live Mail to Outlook it just answers "No internet accounts were found to import". How come?

Can someone please instruct me on how to overcome this problem, please?

A:Importing mail accounts from Live Mail to Outlook 2007

Please, don't rush to answer, it only passed three months since the question .
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After installing SP on my Vista Business OS laptop I could no longer send and receive all my mail in Windows Mail I had my BT Yahoo mail account set up to deliver all my mail to my POP inbox This included mail from other servers which could then be accessed through my Mail Inbox Several of the email addresses are used for a web page that I maintain on an Apache server and cannot be accessed in any other manner The other server that had mail forwarded to my Inbox can be accessed with HTTP and is not so important yet still irritating Microsoft's answer to problems Windows Live will forwarded accounts mail any access not Mail with the now unsupported apparently Windows Mail that all Vista users have paid for Windows Live Mail will not access any forwarded mail accounts seems to be exclusively to tell everyone to move to using Windows Live Mail So I downloaded it most reluctantly And it also does not work with these forwarded mail addresses Just keep getting asked for a password over and over I can go to the BT Yahoo server and send mail there out of these external addresses but it is Windows Live Mail will not access any forwarded mail accounts not possible to receive mail So is that it Microsoft Can I no longer access these accounts at all I would change to using Mozilla Thunderbird but it has no facility for importing my huge store of Windows Mail Messages Any suggestions anybody I have spent many hours on this and it is driving me demented All real help would be most appreciated
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After installing all the latest updates on Win8Pro OEM loaded from retail installation disk, WinLiveMail stopped working on desktop.

Finally narrowed it down to three security updates for Net Framework 3 & 4.

KB 2729462 Security update Netframework 3.5
KB 2737084 Security update Netframework 4.5
KB 2769166 Update for Netframework 3.5

Problem is I need the updates for security but also haven't found an email client as good as WinLiveMail.

A:Updates stopped WinLiveMail

it works fine on mine,, (on two pcs I have it on running Windows 8 Pro) have you tried uninstalling it and re installing it? and what version WLM do you have? do you have the latest one 2012?
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In the Safety options for WinLiveMail, under Blocked Senders list, there is an option to tick which says:

"When I click delete and block" ... "Bounce the blocked messages back to the sender."

I have a heap of blocked senders in the list, but how do you click "Delete and block". There is no such command in the options. Am I missing something?

I put one of my own email addresses in the blocked senders list with the above option ticked. However when I sent an email from this account to my normal working email address it was not blocked nor bounced, or even sent to junk email.

A:How to bounce emails in WinLiveMail

Hi poppa bear,
If you read mail in HTML instead of Plain Text, messages from unknown senders can appear in the preview pane without being sent to the Junk Mail folder. It should then give 2 options, Delete and Block or Show Images. I always read in Plain Text.

Read in Plain Text temp. disabled to show you.
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In "Contacts" I see "All contacts" and "Favorites." What is the use of this? When I start a new email message, and click to enter the address, the only list I see come up is ALL the contacts. I cannot go to the Favorites list ONLY, can I?

A:WinLiveMail: contact groups

Hello StickMaker,

By default, all new contacts are place in the "All contacts" location. "Favorites" is a group in your contacts. If you want a contact to be copied into the Favorites group, then you will need to right click on the contact and click on "Copy Contact to" and "Favorites" or any other group listed.

Afterwards, you should see the contact listed under the Favorites group from your New Message window when you click on the To button to add one.

Hope this helps,
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I am running a W7 upgrade from Vista Home Premium. This is a large jump since on the computer I just retired I was running Outlook Express 6. I liked the fact that in OE I had one list of folders, and one inbox, deleted and sent folders on the left column. In Live Mail each e-mail account (5) I maintain has a separate set of folders. I see I can set the Quick View to see all the incoming mail in the center window but I find after deleting e-mails I have to go through each account separately to empty the deletes. Is there a way to empty all e-mail accounts with one command?

I have other Live Mail problems I will send as separate threads.


A:Live Mail - e-mail accounts

Welcome to the joys of Windows Live Mail.
Pretty sure that the good people that designed Windows Live Mail did not use Outlook Express.
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I know I saw that button and used it; now it is gone. Please tell me how to bring it back. Thank you.

A:WinLiveMail: where did my SPELL-check button go?


Is that you are looking for?

Go to...Tools\Options\Spelling.....
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I use an HTML signature for Windows Live Mail It is basically multicolor text all in Arial font in various sizes The fonts work on new emails but often when I reply to emails the fonts change to a mix of Arial and Times New Roman What the signature looks like is below ---------------------------------------------- lt FONT face Arial color ff gt lt P dir ltr gt MYNAME lt P gt lt FONT gt lt U gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt P dir ltr gt MYEMAIL lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff Signature Changing WinLiveMail Fonts size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt COMPANY lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt COMPANYNAME COM lt P gt lt U gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT color f d size face Arial gt WinLiveMail Changing Signature Fonts lt FONT color f d size face Arial gt lt FONT color f d size face Arial gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt B gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt P dir ltr gt COMPANYNAME lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt lt FONT color ff size face Arial gt COMPANYNAME COM lt P gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt I gt lt FONT size face Arial gt lt FONT size face Arial gt lt P dir ltr gt quot COMPANY TAG LINE quot lt P gt lt B gt lt I gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT color f d gt lt P dir ltr gt lt P gt lt FONT gt lt I gt lt FONT color f f f size face Arial gt lt FONT color f f f size face Arial gt lt FONT color f f f size face Arial gt lt P dir ltr gt The information contained in this e-mail is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure Dissemination distribution or copying of this e-mail or the information herein by anyone other than the intended recipient or an employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient is prohibited If you have received this communication in error please notify us by e-mail Thank you lt P gt lt I gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT gt lt FONT size gt lt FONT gt -------------------------------------------------- Any Idea why it keeps changing the fonts nbsp
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(using 2011 version) When I execute FIND > MESSAGE, the 'Find Message' window opens, as shown in the tab on the Task Bar. But it is invisible. I can see the animation at opening, as it rushes off screen at the upper right corner. But I cannot find the window. No other windows from any other programs have this problem! Shrinking the screen doesn't work.
I'm baffled. Any ideas?

A:WinLiveMail 'find message' windows disappear off screen

You could try a repair install of Windows Live Essentials via Programs and Features.
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Two of the Icons in the sign on window to the web have been changed but not by me and I am unable to access to of the sub accounts that take me to the web. I am useing windows 2000 pro My main account dose get me on the web.Dose any one know what mite have happened
handy man

A:Mail sub accounts

Who else has access to that pc . . some one changed the settings
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i wasn't sure where to put this question but since all the comments on g-mail were here i figured this would be a good place for it when i got my puter and decided to go with accounts e-mail cable 'net i had some great help setting everything up dl'ing e-mail accounts the programs i needed wanted putting me online etc unfortunately he has since moved back home he told me to use the comcast mail account because then i would be using quot internet quot space and not taking up any memory space on my puter which i understand totally my question is THIS since my e-mail stays quot out there quot and is never dl'ed to my puter unless i am sent pictures i REALLY want in which case i dl them to my spare hard drive if i get one of those e-mails carrying a virus e-mail accounts will it be ABLE to get into my puter i realize e-mail accounts it will have access to my address book and therefore forewarded to anyone listed there but will it actually be able to infect MY puter and if so how thanx for humoring me guys damgud

A:e-mail accounts

if you get one of them email with a virus and dont open it then no you would not have to worry wbout that. Not if the email did have amd you opend it then yes it will get into your pc! Thats what av programs are for. But they dont always pick up stuff!
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Are there any tricks to allow each yahoo mail to remain logged-in?

I can accomplish that by having one logged-in on Firefox and another on IE but I have five accounts. Do I need to find more browsers or is there an easier way?

A:I have several yahoo mail accounts

Seems like it can't be done. How do I switch between Yahoo! Mail accounts? With Yahoo free, you can add 1 more account to each account & access them from the same inbox. Yahoo Plus (paid ) offers you to create up to 500 disposable addresses. Using Multiple Yahoo! Email Addresses
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Hi I wasn t too sure whether to put this in the office applications forum or the email forum but then I noticed that Dreamboat was moderator and I m sure she ll come up with the goods I have been using Outlook to read my email with the account set up to work through the LAN When I get home in the evenings I dial into the network and collect my email automatically by opening outlook The computer seems to automatically recognise that the ethernet is not connected and collect the mail from the dialup connection that is already established However dialling into my work network is quite expensive and I recently joined an ISP that I can access cheaply from home The only problem is that when connected to this ISP mail Outlook MS accounts Outlook can collect mail from my popin inbox but can t send to my smtp popout server Sending only works when I change the popout setting to the ISP s popout server My question is how can I set up outlook mail settings to automatically send mail via one smtp server MS Outlook mail accounts when connected to the ethernet and send via another when connected by the dialup I have tried creating seperate mail accounts dialup and LAN but I have to switch between them I would like it to sense this automatically like it used to and I notice that there is a quot set order quot button on the tools gt gt accounts window but this button is always greyed out Any ideas Thanks Steven nbsp

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I have several e-mail accounts set up in Outlook on my desktop that I want to port over to a new laptop. It will save me the trouble of having to re-create them all over again on the laptop, plus I'm not sure I can remember all the passwords. On the MS website I've searched for "export email accounts" and several variations on that but have come up with nothing. The only thing I can find is how to import the accounts from Outlook Express into Outlook, which is not what I'm looking for.

Anyone know how to export the accounts? Can it be done?

A:Exporting E-Mail Accounts

fharvey said:

I have several e-mail accounts set up in Outlook on my desktop that I want to port over to a new laptop. It will save me the trouble of having to re-create them all over again on the laptop, plus I'm not sure I can remember all the passwords. On the MS website I've searched for "export email accounts" and several variations on that but have come up with nothing. The only thing I can find is how to import the accounts from Outlook Express into Outlook, which is not what I'm looking for.
Anyone know how to export the accounts? Can it be done?Click to expand...

Hi fharvey,

Are you talking about exporting your email (to another account) or replicating your email account elsewhere?

At any rate, you will have to setup a new email account somewhere else, presumably on another laptop. Then export the email to the new laptop. Use the same accountname for the email account on the new laptop.

-- Tom
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I have Vista home premiun. Does anyone know if I can have an administrator and user account with the the same e-mail address?(using windows mail)

A:Windows mail accounts

Hi WWARD34 and welcome to Vista Forums

Yes, you can create multiple user accounts and then go on to configure Windows Mail in each account to use the same e-mail address.
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When i go to the mail section to add account, so i won't keep having to go to Windstreams web page.  I keep getting a error message of "Something went wrong" error code#0x800706d9, and when i called tech support the person told me it was a problem with my internet provider, and that there would be a charge for tech support. This is a new computer, and i haven't had time to set this up till now.  I didn't have an issue with my last HP Desktop Windows 7. Thanks
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When I signed up for Hallmark Smilebox to send out Thanksgiving cards I was asked to import my accounts(). thinking Hallmark would be a secure site........Wrong!
It has been compromised. My friends are getting all kinds of trash.
Also noticed a MyWebSearch file(now deleted and removed) that after running Revo it showed numerous MyWebSearch adware trash.

I have the options to:
1. close my account and go somewhere else
2. just go somewhere else like gmail or wherever and set up a new account and just let the sleeping dog lie and remove my contact list.

What are your thoughts besides restoring to a previous date. Time for a change anyway.
Any and all help appreciated.

A:E-mail accounts compromised....

Make another account ... Use different ID, but let your friends know you have changed accounts.
How to Close an MSN Account |
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Initially having set Hotmail as main account, attempted to add another. I made a mistake, restarted mail and now no longer can find option to add account !?! Can anybody help ?

Solution found:

Whilst in Mail, go to charm bar on right and one can find options for mail displayed.
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I have 2 XP users, each with their own account (because each wants different screen resolutions due to different eyesight requirements).

However, they have a single email account that they share and want to continue sharing from their own accounts. Is this possible.

Many thanks

A:XP shared mail accounts

Yes, it is very possible.

However, we need a few more details in order to give specific help. First, I don't believe you're talking about web-based email, right--that's an easy solution. Also, what email software are you using? Outlook Express, Outlook, etc.

As a generic solution, set up the email software while logged in as each Windows user--SMTP & POP servers, login name, password, etc. In your email software--under the email account--look for an option similar to "Leave a copy of the messages on the server" and enable it. This will allow each Windows user to download all messages from the email account, regardless if the other Windows user has already done so or not. Confused yet? ;-)
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With Windows Mail that comes with Windows 10, can I have more than one account each with their own in-box?


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I am often asked to help friends with their computer problems. Lately I have had a couple of requests for help from people whose computers have been (apparently) originating spam e-mails. In every case, they have been AOL e-mail users. I have not been able to identify any sort of virus on the owners' machines, using several competent scan tools.

I realize that his isn't particularly surprising, but I wondered if there is something currently loose in the wild that is specifically targeting AOL mail accounts?

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I have two Windows Live Mail Accounts hence I have both shown separately on left hand folder pane with Inbox, draft, sent, junk and deleted below each.
How do I arrange to keep both accounts but integrate them and so have only one inbox, drafts, sent items etc showing in folder pane.

A:Live Mail Accounts - how to integrate?

Hello PJ, welcome to the Seven Forums.

It's only possible if the accounts are POP accounts. IMAP accounts, like Hotmail etc. always create their own folders.


EDIT, 3 days later: Above mentioned is wrong. There's no know way to fix OP's issue, WLM creates separate folders for every account, POP or IMAP.
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Is there a way to check all my mail inbox-es at once .. !?

A:Multiple mail accounts solution. plz

What mail program?

Windows live mail at least will do that. It has each account listed seperately on the left and an "All inboxes" or something at the top so you can see everything at once.
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I am having issues getting my Windows Mail accounts to sync.

This occurs when I turn on my computer or wake it from Sleep.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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Hola everyone,

My name is Marcos and I'm writing from Argentina.

I'm using Outlook 2000 and I'm trying to configure two new e-mail accounts.

I could add the two accounts but all new messages come into one Inbox folder.

Does anybody know how to make each account have its own folders and its own identity?

Thanks a lot for your help!


A:Outlook 2000 - new e-mail accounts

Outlook doesn't support seperate identities but you can set up seperate folders for each account and then use Mail Rules to tell Outlook how to sort the messages as they come in.

To set up a new folder, right click on either "Personal Folders" or "Inbox," depending on where you want the new folders to be, choose "New Folder" and type a name of the folder created.

Then create the new accounts.

Once you have the folders set up, go to Tools>Rules Wizard. Set up a new rule for each account:
1. First window, select "Check messages when they arrive"
2. Second window, top pane, check "when received through the specified account"; bottom pane, click on the word "specified" and enter the name of the account
3. Third window, top pane, check "move it to the specified folder"; bottom pane click on the word "specified" and point it at the new folder you made for that account.
4. Fourth window, if none apply, don't check any of them
5. Fifth window, be sure that "turn on this rule" is checked and "run this rule now" is checked if you want Outlook to sort the messages you already have.
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I am running XP, outlook express IE7, SP2.

I am trying to set up multiple e-mail accounts, one for my husband on his computer and one for myself. The two computers are networked. It is a pop 3, SMTP and I have the two accounts set up but the account #1 mail is going to account #1 and #2. The same thing is happening to account #2.

Is what I am attempting to do even possible, or will I have to set up a g-mail or hot mail account for one of us and the other of us use OE?


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hi all
just upgraded to vista from xp and backed up everything I needed.
Reinstalled everything other than my e mail account data and settings.
Previously i was using incredimail, but cant get this to run on vista, so I have reverted back to microsoft outlook, but am unable to transfer my incredimail data. This data is saved in the form of a CAB file and would of gone like a dream back into incredimail.
My question is, how do I introduce a cab file into outlook and get back all my contacts/mail etc.
any help please ?
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Using IE7 on 2 computers.

Laptop works correctly in Windows Live - displays the 4 E-mail accounts I have & I can choose any one to go to (some have P/W saved).

On my desktop pc, Windows Live shows only one e-mail account.

I must sign-in each time as a different user (account). Big waste of time.

I cannot find anywhere to add multilpe accounts.


A:Display Multiple E-Mail Accounts

Have you got cookies enabled?

Another way of possibly identifying the problem is to look at the settings of IE on both computers and make sure that all the settings on the computer that doesn't remember settings are the same as the computer that does remember.

let us know how it goes.

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So my problem is that I can t seem to login to any accounts on the internet any (mail and such) accounts on Can't login to internet e g mail accounts and such Other than that I don t have any real problems except that my internet connection is considerably slower as well But I can browse the web as usual The problem is that whenever I try to log into any place the screen just freezes Can't login to any accounts (mail and such) on internet and gets Can't login to any accounts (mail and such) on internet non responding and so I have to close it down It doesn t matter which browser I use I have the same problem anyhow The error message that I keep getting is that there s some error involving these files C DOCUME root LOKALA Temp WER f dir firefox exe mdmp C DOCUME root LOKALA Temp WER f dir appcompat txt However I only seem to have this problem when I m using the wireless connection When I connect via wire I can log in as usual and even after I have once logged in with the wire if I disconnect it I can still log in log out using the wireless as long as I don t restart the computer Also if I click the box saying I want to stay logged in into my mail account that works So I can stay logged in even after restarting the computer but not log out log in again I have tried reinstalling my wireless card and even tried using another wireless card but that didn t help I ve also reinstalled my internet browser I don t have any firewalls or antivirus programs installed When I did install an antivirus program to see if maybe a virus was causing the problem it found a Trojan which was deleted Nothing else The problem came overnight I hadn t installed any programs or done anything out of the ordinary the day before Also is seems I m not able to run a system restore as it says nothing has changed between when my computer quot broke quot and now So any suggestions what may be causing the problem or how to fix it nbsp

A:Can't login to any accounts (mail and such) on internet

Don't you have any earlier restore points?

Do you not usually run an antivirus? Installing one after you are infected is often not effective since the virus blocks the AV or hides itself so it can't be detected.
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We have recently gotten a new computer running vista and the new windows mail I have a sharing browser 2 mail & accounts? number of questions as I am used to XP and vista runs a bit differently I suppose Could anyone direct me to a tutorial they may help me answer some of my questions I will enter two here though First we started off just using the administrator log in full time then discovered this was sharing browser & mail 2 accounts? not a good idea So we set up a second account to use as our daily account and are reserving the administrator account when we need to do something with the OS My question is window mail and the browsers are not shared between the two accounts and we would like to do that Most of our bookmarks and links are on the administrator account Also windows mail wants us to set up a new account in the new user login and we want to share the mail account with the administrator account Can that be done Sorry not to savvy a user here Thanks in advance Bill nbsp

A:sharing browser & mail 2 accounts?

Is there some reason you would want to keep the admin account current once you transferred the mail, bookmarks and such to the other account? You can share but you need to move either to Windows Live! Mail or Gmail and its free imap service. I mention those two because they are free and they will sync accounts because the email remains web-based and only copies are downloaded to the desktop client so you could have a dozen accounts on different devices and only use one email account that will stay current with them all.

I don't think there's any automated way of keeping two seperate desktop clients from different accounts in sync. The whole idea of seperate accounts is contrary to that notion as it enables many users on the same system without everything getting all mixed together.
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I have just gotten a new computer and it's running Windows 7 O/S. I decided to try the Windows Live Mail and like it for the most part. Many similarities to Outlook. My question; I have two accounts set up for my email, one personal and one for business. However all of my emails show up in both accounts. How can I separate them so that the emails only go to the correct addressee????

Thanks for the help.....


A:How To Separate Two Live Mail Accounts

If you added both email accounts to Live Mail, select the appropriate email account instead of the "all in box" selection.
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When attempting to get into yahoo e-mail or comcast e-mail a message appears saying "if you are seeing this page your browser settings prevent you from automatically redirecting to a new URL" for a few seconds and then a blank screen takes it's place. I also cannot log in to a blank screen appears instead. I spoke to Mcafee and comcast they informed me that i may have a virus. Macafee was unable to report any virus threats on my computer, recently a "windows personal protection" appeared on my computer stating that I had over 1200 possible threats out of 10000 files read, it indicated that trojan viruses were found on my computer. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Unable to access e-mail accounts

Welcome to BCThe process of cleaning your computer may require you to temporarily disable some security programs. If you are using SpyBot Search and Destroy, please refer to Note 2 at the bottom of this page.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself.Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen:Click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note:-- If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you may be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. Regardless if prompted to restart the computer or not, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware. Note 2:-- MBAM may make changes to your registry as part of its disinfection routine. If you're using other security programs that detect registry changes (like Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere with the fix or alert you after scanning with MBAM. Please disable such programs until disinfection is complete or permit them to allow the changes. To disable these programs, please view this topic: How To Temporarily Disable Your Anti-virus, Firewall And Anti-malware Programs
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I will try this again. My wife and I do not use different user names in Vista. We want to use several e-mail accounts and keep the in, out and saved boxes and contacts separate like identities in Outlook Express. Is this possible? If not, how do I copy my Outlook Express program from my XP to my new computer with Vista? Was Outlook Express part of XP or Works?

A:Multiple e-mail accounts in Vista?

you can have multiple identities in windows mail just like you had in outlook express. You can migrate your address books identites and settings from outlook express to windows mail with no problem. This way you donthave to reenter all your information from scratch. Here is a link that might help you.
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Normally I would say my account was suspened or closed for some reason.
However they still receive and send mail and still sync.  My primary is hotmail but outlook took that over and my secondary is thunderbird it also works as normal. Just the little padlock [closed].
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I have several Pop3 accounts and what I'd like is to have my personal/default email address with one set of folders and another set of folders for my remaining email accounts (I don't get many emails so they're fine to go together.

Is this possible? I've heard something about rules but no idea what that's about. If it's not possible, can someone direct me to a free program I can download that will allow it.


A:Seperate accounts in windows mail

Hello Louise, and welcome to Vista Forums.

For what you described, you might consider giving Windows Live Mail a try. It allows you to setup multiple accounts like you wanted to.

Windows Live Mail - Import Windows 7 and Vista Contacts - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,
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Maybe this doesnt query? business mail accounts fall under networking im not sure Im having a problem figuring out this I have two computers i plan to use for a business business mail accounts query? venture im embarking on they are connected to each other i e i can see folders on P C from P C and visa versa what i want to do is have my outlook express mail account which is existant on P C able to be managable from both pcs so if one person deletes a mail from the inbox or moves it to a quot dealt with folder quot after dealing with it on P C the altercation takes affect on P C someone elses sitting in front off Therefore preventing the same mail being answered or dealt with twice they would need to be hooked up together live Is this posssible i wonder If anybody could share any help and guidance or knows where i might ascertain help you would be doing me a big favour as its quite important in order for our system to work most efficiently spreading the work amongst two people me being a bit of a Technophobe im not sure how it all works Cheers nbsp
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I have two accounts now setup in Outlook. version included in Office XP Pro.

I would like to easily switch between e-mail accounts to check messages. Help in Outlook hasn't helped. I changed the default account and did a reboot, but original stayed the default.

Anyway there must be a simpler way to switch between multiple addresses.

A:Switch between e-mail accounts in Outlook

In looking over my Outlook 2003, and also looking at another 2002 setup, I see that while you can add additional email accounts for one user, there is no simple way of having totally different identities that allow you to switch between person1 OR person2, etc.

However, you could use Outlook Express (which is only a mail tool, not the more fully featured calendar, task list, journal, etc. that Outlook is). With Outlook Express you can set up different identities, and each identity can have its own email logon and servers.
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Hi, I'm running Windows 7 with IE8 on a new machine. I logged onto my hotmail account and now everytime I open the page it logs me straight in. I do not have any autocomplete ticked or 'remember me' on the hotmail page. To ensure it wasn't a problem with hotmail I tried it on Yahoo Mail and the same thing. I changed my hotmail password and now when I open up the hotmail page it keeps trying with the old password constantly. The PC is shared in the house which is causing us problems.

A:Getting automatically logged onto mail accounts

An IE reset should erase the password memory: Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Reset. (You may have to include "personal settings" to delete everything.) After that it should not remember unless you tell it to.
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Hi all,

One of the workstations I have has 2000 OUTLOOK CORP OR WORKGROUP version.

When I look for the Accounts option on the Tools tab, I can't find the option. On my Outlook, my version is 2000 Outlook Internet mail only and I can see the accounts option and thus change the mail servers.

How do I change the workstation's mail account?

A:How to Change Outlook Mail Accounts?

Can you change it through the Control Panel / Mail icon?
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I used to have two Outlook account open on my mail app, one is used a Windows Account Login. I accidentally deleted the other one, and when I want to sign in it refuses, although everything is correct and I even tried opening it on Chrome Browser and worked!
thanks in advance.

A:can't open two outlook accounts on mail app any more

I do believe that once you delete an account with the mail app as with other email clinets, you have to re add it back and not just sign in with it.
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Hi folks. I have just started a new job and am using my laptop from home, which has Vista Home. I use Windows Mail. (ok, you guessed there's a budget problem in here). Anyway, I needed to set up a new User to do certain things related only to work. I now want to run Windows Mail from both user accounts on the same computer. Is there anyway I can access the same folders/inbox etc? Obviously the smtp and pop3 details are the same. Just need to work out how to tell Vista its okay to use the same folders.
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Hi I thought i used to have windows mail to control my email accounts but recently after restoring my laptop back to factory, i downloaded windows mail, added my accounts but they all come into one inbox as pic 1 (attatched) but they used to and i would like them to look at pic 2

could anyone let us know how to get back to pic 2 ?



A:Seperate accounts in windows mail

Hi welcome to the forum.
The link I have included may answer some of your questions, but not necessarily in favour of no.2
Windows Mail problems
You could of course choose others suitable for windows:-
Top 11 Free Email Programs for Windows - About Email
Thank you.
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I would like to restore my mail accounts from saved data on my old HDD. I did restore my message folders but don't know how (or if) I can restore the 4 mail accounts I had setup in OE7. Any suggestions?

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Can someone please tell me how to set up multiple POP3 email accounts in Windows 8 mail?
I actually need 2 accounts.

I used to use Outlook Express but as this is no longer available I am stuck.
All I seem to be able to set up us Google and Hotmail Accounts.

All help much appreciated

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Yahoo! mail accounts of some journalists and activists whose work relates to China were compromised in an attack discovered this week, days after Google announced it would move its Chinese-language search services out of China due to censorship concerns. Several journalists in China and Taiwan found they were unable to access their accounts beginning March 25, among them Kathleen McLaughlin, a freelance journalist in Beijing. Her access was restored Wednesday, she told Reuters. "I suspect a lot of information in my Yahoo account was downloaded," the group's spokesman, Dilxat Raxit, told Reuters Wednesday. He said the email account, which was set up in Sweden, has been inaccessible for a month.,2817,2362083,00.asp
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Using Thunderbird 38.2.0 on Windows 8.1

I have about 10 e-mail addresses in a single TBird program. The various e-mail accounts in the left column are listed in the order the accounts were entered into TBird.

Is there a way to change that order?

A:TBird: Rearranging order of mail accounts

yes, there is an add-in that allows you to order any way you like

Manually sort folders - goto
tools > add-ins
and search for
Manually sort folders

when installed
its under
tools>Manually sort folders
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Hello All I am looking for some help in removing two email accounts that appear in my all mail folders list in Outlook They do not appear in the quot Tools-Email Accounts quot listing that normally allows you add change or remove accounts However they do appear in the deliver new email to the following location drop down menu If I right or left click on the name of the mail accounts mail Can't from remove folders email account in the folders list I can not delete them and get an error Can't remove email accounts from mail folders message that says This error usually appears if the OST or PST file you are using is Unavailable Protected with file permissions On a share on a server and the network is down Corrupt To correct this problem store the OST or PST file on the local computer You may also want to run the scanost exe and scanpst exe tools to verify file integrity More information about this error message online I have looked for every opportunity I am aware of to delete these accounts from the folder listing and I can not get rid of them Any solutions would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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This might be a really stupid question but i CANNOT find the setting to combine all my email accounts on the Windows 10 email app and it's really frustrating me, i searched all over google and can't find anything I just dont see the option anywhere.

A:Windows 10 mail app combine email accounts?

Click on the Setting cog wheel at the bottom left
From the panel that slides out select Manage Accounts

Under your email accounts on the next page that appears should be an option that says Link Accounts
Select the ones you want to combine and hit Save
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So my gmail account was hacked again This time the e-mail says quot Hello how are you quot It did NOT get the email addresses from my gmail address book Apparently it for Accounts Best Advice E-mail Changing Re:Security came from addresses linked to my Microsoft One Drive formerly Skydrive account because this morning they sent me a Security Alert telling me to change that password I had changed my password on that gmail account and Best Advice Re:Security for Changing E-mail Accounts my LastPass account but forgot to change the password on that cloud After running a security check on my LastPass sites they also advised deleting a BUNCH of old addresses especially ones from gmail that they had on file for me They also advised letting them generate their own passwords on the sites that I have with them Here's one of my dreaded questions that I dread the answer to Should I delete my current gmail account to limit anymore damage and annoyance to the people that keep getting these hack emails And if I do that I obviously have to migrate all of my important e-mails I have in folders Best Advice Re:Security for Changing E-mail Accounts in that account What's the best way to do that Finally are there any free private ONLINE e-mail accounts that are secure Any suggestions are welcome Thanks GPL

A:Best Advice Re:Security for Changing E-mail Accounts

Hmm well gplea I am not sure but it does sound like your security is not up to much if you are being hacked like that. So just what have you got for security.
The Gmail account again I am not sure but it might be able to add that account to WLM if you are interested in something I find really quite good for an email service. There again I have some hefty security set up on my machines and don't have to worry too much. Plus I tried Gmail once and it was frankly crap in my mind.

This shows you how How do I add an account to Windows Live Mail? - Windows Help


How to Access a Gmail Account in Windows Live Mail

WLM is free after all
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Hi, I just began using Live Mail. I have two email accounts in which I would like to combine together. In other words, when I open Live Mail I would like all of my incoming mail from both accounts to come up/intermixed together in one pane. I "don't" want to open each account seperately in order to read my emails. Is there a setting somewhere to combine them? Thanks in advance, Ray

A:Live Mail: Can I Combine Two Email Accounts?

Do you mean you have mail from 2 accounts and going forward will just use 1 and want to combine itno one? Or you want to keep using both ongoing and want it all to show in single inbox?
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I have just upgraded from Vista to Windows This necessitated a transition from Windows Mail which I was using in Vista to Windows Live Mail for Windows I maintain multiple email accounts from different sources personal business business etc and in Windows Live Mail each account gets listed separately with its own Inbox Sentbox Deleted Items folders etc The result of this is that when I want to find my incoming emails I have to check separate inboxes To confirm if I sent an email to someone I have to check separate sentboxes etc Since Windows Mail did NOT separate out my email accounts this obviously represents a lot of extra effort involved and a lot of searching for the right email So I'd like to have all these accounts combined into one so that all incoming mail shows up in ONE inbox all sent mail appears in ONE sentbox etc just like how Windows Mail worked with respect to email accounts anyway I've already been on Windows Live help combine live accounts how in windows to mail? searching for answers I've tried to tweak what appears in the Folder Pane but that didn't work either I'm sure it's just a simple tweak or configuration setting but I haven't been able to find it yet Can anyone help m

A:how to combine accounts in windows live mail?

RIGHT-click on "Quick Views", select those views that you wish to see
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I see that in WLM one can export messages and accounts. But only messages are allowed to be imported. So how do you import accounts in WLM? Thanks.

A:Windows Live Mail Import Accounts

Click on accounts under tools in the menu bar and then it will open and has a command to import.
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Can anyone recommend an email client for Windows 8 which will support multiple email accounts but with the following features:
- A single inbox for mail sent to all accounts
- The ability to easily select a sender id/reply email address when a new email is being created, or when responding to an existing email?

I've tried using a separate Gmail account to bring the emails into a single inbox, but the Windows 8 mail app will only allow selection of an alternative sender id if I also add my other email accounts to it, and even then the process of changing the sender id is quite laborious - i.e. 2 additional clicks just to get to the option of selecting the "sender" account.
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Having got all of my standard stuff, including having MS Outlook handle my email accounts, sorted out; I decided to give the new Windows 10 Mail Application a try.
Unfortunately I cannot get it to do a darned thing:-
1. With my Hotmail account I get error code 0x80070032. I've tried a couple of suggested "solutions" without success.
2. With my Gmail account I get "We didn't find anything to show here" or "Still working on it". Either way nothing shows up.

Maybe I should just stick with MS Outlook.

However, if anyone could help I'd be very grateful.

A:Cannot get Mail App to work with Gmail or Hotmail accounts

For your Hotmail account, change the setting for getting the emails to 'last 3 days' and see if it works. If it does, change it back to whatever interval selection you want.

Usually when Google or other account say those, it's also a syncing issue. Might want to try playing with those settings as well.

I have both (same as Hotmail) and Google working in the new Windows 10 mail app and even on my Windows 10 phone preview build. So they can work if you find the problems with your settings.
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Could anybody please explain in finite alternative accounts Creating mail - Yahoo detail how to create an alternative email account in Yahoo and how to verify it Ex My primary account fred yahoo com username Fred I created an alternative account - john yahoo com username John All seemed to go OK and I received an email from yahoo to my primary account saying that john yahoo com was available for use But this alt account is marked Verify in blue Clicking Verify gets nowhere and everything I try fails John does not exist until verified and as I cannot verify John it is useless Yahoo say they have sent an email to john yahoo com giving the codes etc needed to verify the account but as the account is not available until it is verified the Yahoo email if it exists cannot be read Every attempt I make to access john yahoo com is not accepted and after attempts Yahoo locks it up for - hours It is just stuck there doing nothing and is useless For Yahoo to send a verification email to an account that does not exist until verified is about as crazy as one can get Unbelievable All verifying emails should be sent to the primary account which DOES EXIST so that I can verify an alternative account with no trouble at all I have searched the web thoroughly until I am sick of the matter spent many hours on the issue and got nowhere I have done everything I can find on the issue from Yahoo Support and dozens of users but all I achieve is for Yahoo to lock the account up after tries It is simply a waste of time My primary account remains unaffected by all this nonsense for which I am eternally grateful Can somebody please help on this PS - The Yahoo mail - Creating alternative accounts email accounts given are fictitious and Yahoo mail - Creating alternative accounts are for example only The space added is to prevent the system from highlighting them in blue

A:Yahoo mail - Creating alternative accounts

Here is the answer that Yahoo could not define explicitly and users like myself get into one hell of a mess :-
1. You have an existing Yahoo account Fred, username = Fred. This is the primary account.
2. Log onto
3. Create a second completely new account by REGISTERING.
4. New account is john, username = John.
5. Yahoo confirmation is received by John.
6. Verify account by clicking confirmation data.
7. New account is now active for send and receive.
8. You can now ADD the new secondary account to the primary account as an alternative account and vice versa.
9. It all now works, messages can be sent and received between each of your primary and secondary accounts.
THANKS Yahoo, I sorted all this out myself with not a scrap of help from you.
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Outlook has stopped sending or receiving mail The account buttons do nothing when I try to amend or add an account Mail to be sent goes into the outbox and stays there Nothing comes in Old mail is still accessible Or was mail don't Outlook respond 2010 accounts The calandar now tells me that it can't save But that may be because of the other stuff I've done to try to solve the Outlook 2010 mail accounts don't respond mail problem as I got more and more desperate Or it may already having been in that state I hadn't checked it Steps so far Repair of pst files It said it had repaired problems but it Outlook 2010 mail accounts don't respond still didn't work Copied pst files from backup - no different Uninstalled and reinstalled - no different when I reinstall In fact the account folder trees and stored messages are exactly the same even the ones in the outbox Revo-uninstalled then reinstalled - as above The reinstalls actually look the same as the uninstalls Deleted appdata Outlook folders then uninstalled and reinstalled Deleted pst files and reinstalled - got messages asking for them The quot File quot menu looks very strange- see below The add account and account settings buttons don't respond I don't use Hotmail so don't see what the Upgrade connector is about And anyway it's been like that for days I did even try a manual download and install of that but it made no difference

A:Outlook 2010 mail accounts don't respond


Was this a recent upgrade from Outlook 2007 or previous, or a standard clean install of the product? I had similar "strange" things happen after I upgraded from Office 2007 to 2010. Outlook kept forgetting my passwords to my 8 different email accounts! There were many changes in Outlook 2010, specifically in how it treats multiple email accounts. You might try this: How to import .nk2 files into Outlook 2010

I am also assuming that this is a legit retail copy of MS Office 2010... am I correct?
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Just upgraded to Vista on my way to windows 7. Had outlook before. With the new Windows Mail I have configured 5 different email accounts all of which send and recieve the way they should. With my old email settings if I received on one email account and went to reply, it would send the reply from that email account. With the new Windows mail settings it automatically sets it up to reply from the default unless I change it to reply from the same email account it received it with. I would like it to reply using the same account automatically. Can't figure out how to set it up that way again. Can anyone help?
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I've configured multiple accounts in the Windows 8.1 Mail App.

I haven't found a way to rearrange the order that the accounts are listed in the bottom left corner of the mail app window.

Any suggestions?


A:Mail App - How to rearrange order of multiple accounts?

Try this solution Order of Accounts
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I had Outlook set up with two different mail accounts One was a work account that I - Server Accounts Exchange Solved: Mail MS set up as an Exchange Server account so I could share calendar contacts and all email folders When I purchased a new laptop and migrated programs data from and XP machine to the new Windows machine I noticed that my work account had been converted to a pop account Solved: Mail Accounts - MS Exchange Server and no long enabled calendar sharing sent folders etc and I could no longer send emails I d like to be able to have another Email Account so I can set it up in Exchange format but I can not figure out how to do that in Windows When I try to start Windows Mail from Programs menu it is missing I assume this is due to an answer I gave during set up which leads me to believe Outlook is not wholly compatible with Windows Mail If I want to continue to use OL with Windows should I just bite the bullet and set up my work account as a pop account or is there a way to create a new mail account that I can set up in MS Exchange Server Thx nbsp

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Hello. I have been using Windows 10 (home) for a while and I know my way around generally. Today, I'm having a weird issue with Mail and Calendar apps as both started to crash without any apparent reason. I tried to remove them (using powershell) and reinstalled from Store then I was not able to add any accounts to either. Both apps freeze on the window where I should start creating the accounts with the respective button inactive and then the app crash after a couple of minutes. Here are some screen-shots to show the problem:

Both apps are the latest versions and I have no pending updates in either the Store or Windows Update. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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I followed the tutorial and in account settings there is no option to delete the mail account. There is sync settings then account settings but below that no delete options. Please explain how to add the delete option or provide support with regard to deleting the account

A:No delete option in settings for mail accounts

What email program are we talking about ?

If you are asking how to delete an account from the built-in Mail app, here is how................

Open mail > left side, at the bottom, click the Gear icon ( that is the Settings icon ) > right side, click Manage Accounts > click the account you want to delete > see screenshot below..........
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When I go to WLM, 2 accounts are shown, both with the same e-mail address. One is the default. I always use the default account. I would like to remove the 2nd one because I see no need for it. The problem is, if I compose an e-mail & put it in draft before sending, when I do send the message it is sent from the 2nd account. and not the default account where I typed the original message. This does not make sense to me and I don't know why I have 2 accounts with the same address. If I remove the 2nd account will my drafts be sent from the default account?

Hope I make myself clear.

A:Windows Live Mail - 2 accounts same address

Very clear. But difficult to understand why it is happening!
You don't have any message rules which could be redirecting?
Frankly, I would move the extra account to a safe place, and see what happens.
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When I try to add an account to the Mail, Calendar or People apps I get a "Something went wrong" error, code 0x80070422.

I have run sfc /scannow, DISM /cleanup-image etc, tried stopping and starting the credential manager and setting it to start automatically, but no luck.

I came across a fix for the TP that involved using powershell to remove the package and then reinstall it from the store, but when I run this it appears to complete correctly but the apps remain installed. I also tried removing them as per this and then reinstalling them, but the problem remains.

Has anyone got any idea what's going on here? I really, really don't want to refresh as I've spent several days getting this set up!

A:Cannot add any accounts to Mail, Calendar or People apps

It might be worth running this is you haven't tried it
Apps - Re-register in Windows 8 and 10 - Windows 10 Forums
it can fix odd things with the apps
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Is it possible to have multiple outlook accounts come through your mail application on Windows 8.1? I can't seem to make it happen. It will only display the messages from the Microsoft account I am signed into. For example: On my iPhone I have 3 different outlook accounts linked in my mail app to come to my phone. If this is possible, someone please explain.

A:Windows 8.1 mail application (multiple accounts)

Sure you can Mail App - Add an Account in Windows 8.1
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I did the SP1 update on the weekend. I don't know if this is why this has happened but Windows live Mail, when opened, is now empty. All of my emails, settings, contacts and accounts are gone. I can see all the folders when I look under C:\Users\... but I don't know how to restore all of it. I'm hoping someone here could assist?

I did read the backup solution before doing the Win update but it's a little late for that since I just read it here now. :-(

Thank you.

Kokabella Creations
Saint Augustine, FL

A:All Accounts & Email Gone in Windows Live Mail

if all the folders and mail data is on your C drive maybe you can try to import them to windows live mail to be able to see them again.
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I would like to use other mail accounts (other than Hotmail) with the W8- email app but cannot find a way to add more e-mail accounts.
Is this not possible or am i overlooking something?

A:Use other mail accounts via E-mail app

You can only use mail accounts which have IMAP servers (such as Gmail or Yahoo).
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I think this is ODD I have been using Outlook Express for YEARS I also have the New Live Mail as backup However I use OE- as my default mail program for all my POP and SMTP accounts of them I have noticed that no new mail was coming in Then I looked and I saw that my quot accounts quot box and the accounts link on the tools tool bar is also gone My Outlook Express has worked perfectly until hours ago I noticed that my last email was the th so I looked Accounts Express Tool Disappeared Oe Bar Mail Link at my Tools Drop Down menu and went to find my email quot Accounts quot link and nothing was there I rebooted and tried creating a new profile and other things but nothing brings them back The actual accounts on the drop down menu in Tools is gone and the accounts are not getting my eMails in As such I cannot add or Oe Express Mail Accounts Tool Bar Link Disappeared delete or even see my email accounts I click on send and receive and it looks like it's checking each of my email accounts but it is not gathering any of the in mail or putting them into my inbox folder or anywhere else I went directly to the mail servers on the main accounts EarthLink as an example and the mail is still on the server for the th and th but they wont get in to my Outlook Express nor can I re-do the accounts until I get to Oe Express Mail Accounts Tool Bar Link Disappeared my accounts very odd Please help - I am waiting on crucial emails and I have too many accounts to have to check each server Thanks so much George Malvar

A:Oe Express Mail Accounts Tool Bar Link Disappeared

Hi George, Welcome to Bleeping Computer. Follow the instructions in the guide An Outlook Express Basic Repair Kit, and hopefully this odd behavior will be corrected. If no joy, please also refer to The Other E-Mail Threat: File Corruption in Outlook Express.
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Hi when i try to reply or forward emails i get the curent system admin error email returned.

None of your e-mail accounts could send to this recipient.

can anyone help. Its driving me insane.....

A:Outlook 2003 None of your e-mail accounts could send to this recipient.

It happens to me of late too. I think it is Microsoft's contribution to stopping spam, ham, email, and communications in general. I hope they don't get it into their head to go into the cellphone business.
Seriously though. If anyone should have any idea why this suddenly happens I would love to know

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I use OE6 as my email client, IE7, Win XP, have 2 identities set up with one mail account in one identity and several in the other. The identity with many accounts has hotmail, gmail, verizon, etc - a variety of protocols.

Until recently I've had NO problems. All emails came thru OE at our commands. Recently, however, I lost my hotmail account, and when I re -add it into my identity, the account also shows up in my wife's identity, and I can't figure out how to re-set my hotmail only in my identity, as it was previously. When I delete it, it deletes in my wife's, where it shouldn't be in the first place and I cannot set it up only in my identity. This happens only with my hotmail and Aol accounts; Yahoo, Verizon, Gmail are setup properly and work fine.


THX - Sam
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I use Outlook Express (and Windows XP) and I used to be able to edit mail accounts from the Tools drop down menu (Tools/Accounts/Mail) but recently I noticed that the Tools menu no longer shows the Accounts option. Any clues on how to edit Accounts would be welcome. E-mail works OK and I don't need to change anything just now but I might in future!

A:[SOLVED] Outlook Express. How do I edit mail accounts?

Close Outlook Express.

Download the attached file.
Unzip it.
Run oe.reg
When it asks if you want to add say "yes"

Open Outlook Express and test

And hopefully it works
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I was going through topics of how to prevent from being hacked and came to know that a technique called Brute force attack can be used to search for all possible codes even if it is not a dictionary word. I just wanted to know that can anyone's including my e-mail account be hacked by brute force attacks. Is it has to do anything with SSL encryption as Gmail and most of them provides SSL.

Thanks, Please reply with your suggestions to protect against this technique.

A:Can e-mail accounts be hacked using Brute Force Attacks ?

If your user name is known, a brute force attack can get into pretty much anything, it's just a matter of time. Though, most sites have things to prevent that, such as a lockout after X attempts that are wrong.

This is why special characters are good in passwords.
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Will Windows Live Mail 2012 still work with accounts after June 30, 2016? I received a warning e-mail about this from Microsoft, but it didn't mention Hotmail.CA accounts specifically - only Hotmail.COM.  Thanks.
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I've got about 7 e-mail accounts, and logging in and out of them constantly is a pain sometimes...

I was curious what good programs you guys would recommend for Windows 7 Home Premium users to make it so that all 7 of the e-mails can be accessed at once through a program or something.

Preferably one that I can manage easily.

Bonus: A "lock" on certain features of the e-mail accounts would be nice.

IE: I have a business e-mail and then I have a personal e-mail.
I'd prefer people don't read my personal e-mails, but I'd like it on the program so it's easier for me to access... So if there's a way to make it so they can't read it at the time would be nice.

Thanks for any and all help guys.

Love TechSupportForum <3

A:Decent Software for Managing Multiple E-mail Accounts???

Hi there are many programs you would need to vet them yourself for what suits E-mail Software Downloads for Windows - CNET
there is also this one Zimbra Desktop : Manage Multiple Email Accounts
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Is there a way to export the mail accounts that are setup in an installation of Office 2003 so that they can be imported into another installation of Office 2003 on another computer?

I can export and import the emails using the *.pst file option but this does not seem to export/import the email account settings.


A:Is There A Way To Export/Import Mail Accounts From Outlook 2003 ?

You can try using the Office 2003 Save My Settings wizard. If that doesn't save the account info (I'm not sure it does), then you'll have to look for a paid solution. It should be here: Start \ All Programs \ Microsoft Office \ Microsoft Office Tools \ Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard
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Hi I recently performed a Hotmail from other accounts accessing mail to How people's stop clean install of Windows On the metro start page today was a flag asking me if I wanted to learn more about the OS so I clicked on it There might be something new there I thought I was quickly taken to How to stop Hotmail accessing mail from other people's accounts my Microsoft account which contained a link to my Hotmail app page I'd forgotten I had a Hotmail account and I've never used it since signing up for the trial version of Windows in October Anyway I clicked on the Hotmail app link and found to my horror mail from third parties to my grandson mail between him and his mother my daughter and between him a bloke he sold a computer to Now I do not want to read other people's mail even if they are family members I don't want them on the computer or in a cloud somewhere It seems amazing the Hotmail or Outlook com or whoever can 'sync' across mail accounts Does anybody have any experience of this and how can I stop Hotmail from stealing other people's mail Cheers

A:How to stop Hotmail accessing mail from other people's accounts

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You just need to unlink the Hotmail account from your Windows 8 PC:

How to detach Windows 8 account from my account? - Super User
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I noticed google no longer supports active sync, as of Jan this year?
So is there no way for me to sync my mail/contacts and calendar with the builtin windows 8 apps on my pc?

A:Google accounts syncing with Mail/Calendar in windows 8?

Gmail still works fine in the latest Mail app. I can even create new folders now and they show up in Gmail at the Gmail website.

For Google calendar I added my Google calendar to my (Windows Live/Hotmail) calendar and the Google calendar appointments still show up in my Windows 8 calendar app. Can't sync them from there anymore though. I thought my Google contacts imported ok, but just checked now and they seem broken?
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Microsoft Mail will not save name & password on one of my email accounts.

Had to change password on one of my accounts with gmail.

MS mail won't save address and password to send and receive email on that account.

Have Vista.

Any ideas?

Thank you. Shetawk

A:Microsoft Mail will not save name & password on one of my email accounts.

Try the Email Account settings and tick "Save Password"
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For years I've generated multiple (10-15) e-mail accounts on my personal domain and to manage these always configure Outlook with separate accounts mirroring each of these. Is this the generally accepted way of setting this up or would it be more wise and less work to have a default account on my domain with all the others simply set as forwarding accounts? Then in Outlook I'd only need to configure one account and all the rest would be handled through rules (which I already have a plethora of).

Unfortunately I can't at the moment wrap my head around the pros, cons, worthyness or even feasibility of this idea.

A:Best practices for managing multiple POP3 e-mail accounts ?

I have only 2 accounts on my Domain and prefer using Webmail [called SmarterMail provided by my Hosting service], have a Favorite/Bookmark for each. I could set an E-Mail Client for IMAP for each but if I did I would use a different Client for each one, e.g. SeaMonkey Mail for one and Windows Live Mail for the other, could also use Outlook for one but trying to stay away from Outlook.
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Hey guys Just got a quick question regarding Windows Live Mail I know it's probably not and Accounts Windows IMAP about Live Mail Question supported anymore the version I installed is from even but my mom uses it for her email and has been using it since it came out in and we just now switched over from POP to IMAP I had her recreate all her storage folders in the IMAP server so that she can access them from the new Windows tablet we got her as well The messages being stored on my ISP's server and not locally makes that super convenient and easy Well the Question about Windows Live Mail and IMAP Accounts problem is that with POP when my mom would click the quot Sync quot button it would only do two tasks - check for new mail on the POP server and send anything in the Outbox Now with IMAP it checks every single folder for new mail and since she has about folders the entire process takes several minutes We only want it to check quot Inbox quot as that's the only Question about Windows Live Mail and IMAP Accounts place new messages would be anyway the other folders are strictly storage folders that messages get moved to once she's read them There was a setting under Account that looks like this I tried unchecking quot Check for new messages in all folders quot but that did nothing Not even restarting the program changed anything it still tries to check all folders and takes a very long time Any suggestions or ideas

A:Question about Windows Live Mail and IMAP Accounts

You need to Enter Inbox for the "Root folder path" .... Check the box marked "Check for new messages in all folders"

Apply and OK ....
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I have always used windows live mail in the past with several email accounts on one screen which now keep being lost and do not sync properly since Microsoft started changing things My OS is Windows Now that Microsoft has changed my outlook account to Outlook EMail I want to use it with a few emails as I used to do with live mail but cant seem to do it to existing accounts hotmail add outlook mail to unable I can open all my hotmail unable to add existing hotmail accounts to outlook mail accounts individually using Outlook Email but want to have them all available on one screen I can log into any one of my hotmail account with unable to add existing hotmail accounts to outlook mail no problems but cant add any more accounts to the one I have logged into Have tried lots of combinations of pop imap etc but always get messages like quot we couldn't connect to the server for your other account quot which is that the one I opened or the one I want to add quot make sure POP or IMAP have access quot How do I do that quot we are unable to reach your email provider quot surely they are my provider I am also confused with the instructions to add an account as to which email address aleady done or the one to be added is being requested in which box unable to add existing hotmail accounts to outlook mail Totally confused HELP SOMEONE PLEASE
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When I receive an e-mail addressed to a specific e-mail address, it shows up in all my other subaccounts. How do I prevent that from happening?

A:Why does one e-mail show up in all my subuser accounts on Outlook 2003?

It sounds like there is some sort of rule setup that is moving it. Have a look in Tools >> Rules Wizard. There might be something in there.

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Thanks for any help.
The main account is set up and seems to be working.
When I set up the 2nd account. It seems to be ok.
Then I go to another computer and send a message to the
2nd account. I never get the message in the Window 7 puter.
The account is a valid account with my ISP. It does not show
as not accepted by the 2nd computer.

I am sure I have done something wrong....

A:setting up multiple accounts in Window Live Mail

If the first account is working fine, when I see new accounts not working. I.e. not sending and or not receiving I go through the account set up carefully. Depending whether it is not sending or receiving some setting for incoming or outgoing is not right.
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A problem that keeps coming back I have had this problem about times now and on different PC's I install WLMail and use it for a while with on average to one in accounts my Live of unable email mail... open or accounts in it of which hotmail and one live mail account and some other one s Once again and this time on a laptop with Vista Home Premium running on it I have Windows Live installed and loaded it with this time accounts For about months it has worked like a charm and I was always able to open Live Mail and get all my mail come in unable to open one of my email accounts in Live mail... without any issues However after about months it lost the ability to load my emails from one of my Hotmail accounts and it comes up with an errors indicating the following Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail XXXXX account To send and receive messages in your Hotmail account go to Sign In on the Web or try again later To get help from Windows Live Customer Support go to http support live com and click Windows Live Mail in the list of services Server Error x Server 'http mail services live com DeltaSync v Sync aspx' Windows Live Mail Error ID x The advice given to me in the past with this same issue and pretty much the same error message was to uninstall and reinstall WLMail on my PC This has not solved the problem for it happens again after a few weeks or months Untill it happens again I usually can use Live Mail without any problems but than it starts to fail again My Question is Is there something that causes this to happen and is there a way to fix it I am not happy with the fact this happens and I am especially not happy with the fact that I have to go through reinstalling and entering all my email accounts again everytime I reinstall WLMail I have WLMail installed on both my Laptop and my PC both run Vista one Home Premium and the other is running Vista Ultimate since recently Vista Ultimate bit Thank you for your time hope you have something that could help me solve this problem once and for all
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So I remember noticing something like this in the previews but now that I'm running RTM it's still there and bugging me SOME of my Gmail accounts seems to Windows Mail in of accounts Limit to Gmail app? proper number connect via an appropriate protocol that supports Push adding quot as items arrive quot to the list of download frequency and removing the outgoing and incoming server fields from the bottom of the settings Others meanwhile appear to be auto-configured as basic IMAP Limit to number of proper Gmail accounts in Windows Mail app? accounts and Limit to number of proper Gmail accounts in Windows Mail app? therefore are limited to minutes as the lowest frequency of checking There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it beyond POSSIBLY the fact that the first two accounts I set up both got proper push configuration while the later ones didn't One's a straight gmail com the other is a Google Apps account Meanwhile I deleted the Google Apps account from it along with another gmail com and then added back the gmail com and it still configured it using standard IMAP and yet included quot as items arrive quot in the dropdown And now it's giving me timeouts when I try to add back the Google Apps account I removed Anyone else having similar experiences and can anyone else confirm what the limit seems to be or a possible workaround EDIT After a system restart the Google Apps account I was trying to add back finally appeared It's no longer available for quot as items arrive quot though and the second account I re-added after deleting it still has quot as items arrive quot as an option Meanwhile it appears that the server settings fields appear only if you check the box to sync contacts and calendar as well as email When I deleted and re-added the only account still showing them and checked that box those fields didn't come back So so far it appears that it's limited to push from only two Google accounts Anyone else seeing similar

A:Limit to number of proper Gmail accounts in Windows Mail app?

An update, FYI: I've since found that I can change, willy-nilly, which two accounts have access to "As items arrive" by taking one of the ones that currently has it OFF of it and down to a longer option. It'll then make the option available to all other accounts until I set it, at which point the rest get limited.

Strange and disappointing. I'd like to know the technical limitations behind this.
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  I have tried everywhere to get a solution to this problem but to NO Avail.....  my emails go to OUTLOOK.COM but that is not suitable for me...I prefer my Microsoft Mail box....
I have Hotmail/Gmail  on my iPhone and that is no problem......grateful for your help....
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I have Windows Live Mail configured with email accounts - i e my Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts However whenever I send an email from my Yahoo account it does not appear in the Sent folder of my Yahoo webmail account - instead it shows in the Sent Mail folder of my Gmail webmail account The outgoing mail settings for each are different - the accounts) sent with items Mail Windows Live (multiple anomaly Gmail account uses smtp gmail com and the Yahoo account uses smtp mail yahoo co uk so I would expect emails sent via the Yahoo mail server to be visible when I view my Yahoo account on the web I have verified that outgoing Yahoo mails are connecting to the Yahoo SMTP server by deliberately misspelling my username in Windows Live Mail anomaly with sent items (multiple accounts) the outgoing server settings - I got an error message as expected confirming that it was trying to connect to smtp mail yahoo co uk I do have Gmail configured to collect mail from my Yahoo account - does this feature extend to collecting all Sent mail Windows Live Mail anomaly with sent items (multiple accounts) as well as incoming mail and could this explain why my outgoing Yahoo mail never appears in my Yahoo webmail account even though it was sent via smtp mail yahoo co uk
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Windows Live Mail (Web based hotmail) will not let me connect to the section (options) that would allow me to send/receive other accounts (add an email account) (pop). I keep getting the same error message whether using Firefox or IE:

The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

This option used to work, but now I can't access the option at all. Any ideas?