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Gmail as default mailto

Q: Gmail as default mailto

Hiya....I am trying to set this up but it's not working.

Every time I click on a link to send mail my Windows Live mail program opens.... obviously is the default.

I have installed the gmail desktop notifier which is great...following instructins it says to right click icon on taskbar>options then check use gmail internet mailto links box but it still does not work. Any ideas anybody?


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Preferred Solution: Gmail as default mailto

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Gmail as default mailto

If you are using Chrome as the browser there is an extension to do it for you
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I was wondering if there is a way to change Gmail to be the default mail program. So that when a mailto link is clicked a Gmail window will open.

Is there a registry hack for this?

A:Using Gmail for mailto

Sure thing, as long as you have a local eMail client set up to use GMail...
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i want to set the mailto in the sent to context menu as gmail how do i do that?
thanks in advance
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When I click on a mailto: URL, instead of Thunderbird opening up a blank email to type, I get forwarded to Gmail to compose my email. I have checked my default program settings in Vista and it is supposed to be Thunderbird that handles the mailto: URL. I just looked through my Gmail settings and can find no way to disable this annoying "feature".

I do not have the Gmail extension installed and can find no settings which pertain to this in the Gmail site or the Google Toolbar.

Help appreciated.

A:mailto: URL opens with Gmail site instead of T. Bird

Did you install any third party gmail program ?
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I use Chrome for my browser. If I click on a mailto: link on a page, this calls Outlook. Now, I have Outlook as part of Office 2010, but I don't want to use it. Can I change this behavior so that a mailto: link will call Gmail?

A:[SOLVED] a mailto: link calls Outlook; how to change this to Gmail?

Hi koukishin ,

Try having a look at what I found here: Set Gmail as Your Browser's Default Email Client with a Simple Hack.

If that's not exactly what you're looking for, then you can find a whole bunch of other options by going to Google and typing 'how to make a mailto button default to gmail' into the Google search bar. Hopefully this will help you out.
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I'm running Windows Internet Email (mailto:) Default XP SP I use MS Outlook as my email application I use IE with IE pro installed Default Internet Email (mailto:) I rarely use a mailto link on a website but when I have it would automatically take me to Outlook's quot new mail message quot with the To already filled in from the Web page However today when I clicked on a mailto link it took me to Google's gmail sign-in page where I didn't want to be Doing some experimenting I found that this is where it takes me when I click on a mailto link if I'm not signed in to Google If I'm already signed in it tries to load a new tab that says quot loading quot but it just sits there and nothing ever gets displayed Using the cursor to hover over the tab it says loading quot mail google com mail quot But whether it would load or not I do not want Gmail as my default web mail I would prefer Outlook Ive gone into IE tools Internet options programs and confirmed Microsoft Outlook is the email default I went into file types in windows explorer's folder options and Microsoft is listed under quot URL mailto protocol quot And I verified that the path associated with it is the legitimate path to where quot outlook exe quot is located on my PC Also I've gone to mailto links on different websites to be sure it wasn't a problem with one particular web page but the results were always the same I've never downloaded Gmail notifier and there's nothing in Task Manger that alerts me to anything untoward I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about why this is happening and what I could do to correct it Thanks in advance Mod Edit Topic moved to more appropriate forum TMacK

A:Default Internet Email (mailto:)

it looks like you're using google toolbar. if so, go to the google toolbar Options, open More tab and check if Send with Gmail option is unchecked.
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I thought I would provide an update to this post as recent changes the 4+ mailto Firefox in Making Hotmail default in Firefox have resulted in the method changing Making Hotmail the default mailto in Firefox 4+ slightly In recent versions of Firefox you must Type about config into your location bar and hit enter If you've never edited or used about config before you'll see a warning Click quot I'll be careful I promise quot This will bring you to the about config window In the filter field type quot gecko quot Without quotes In the list below it should say something like Making Hotmail the default mailto in Firefox 4+ quot gecko handlerService allowRegisterFromDifferentHost quot at the top and Making Hotmail the default mailto in Firefox 4+ you want to change its value from False to True to do this simply double click it Create a bookmark pointing to any website you like Edit the properties of the bookmark and change the Location field to say For Hotmail http Code javascript navigator registerProtocolHandler 'mailto' 'http hotmail msn com secure start action compose amp to s' 'Hotmail' For Secure Hotmail https Code javascript navigator registerProtocolHandler 'mailto' 'https hotmail msn com secure start action compose amp to s' 'Hotmail' For Windows Live Mail Code javascript navigator registerProtocolHandler 'mailto' 'http mail live com secure start action compose amp to s' 'Hotmail' Save the Bookmark then select execute the Bookmark by left clicking it in your Bookmark menu toolbar You will see an information bar drop down at the top of the window Click quot Add Application quot You've now finished installing the Hotmail protocol but must now make it your current selection Go to Firefox gt Preferences gt Applications if you are using a Mac or Tools gt Options gt Applications if you are using Windows Now scroll down the list by content type and find mailto In the drop-down menu to the right select quot Use Hotmail quot Next return to about config If the warning comes up again click quot I'll be careful I promise quot In the filter field type quot gecko quot and double click the first entry quot gecko handlerService allowRegisterFromDifferentHost quot to change the value back to false Done Enjoy using Hotmail for emailto links Okay so you want to know the reason behind the changes seen in points and Mozilla changed it so you can't execute javascript from the Address Bar so the next simplest way to do it is via a bookmark Also I include information about how to set it up for users who have set there email account to use HTTPS instead of HTTP as well as information for Windows Live Mail users I wouldn't have made this new thread if it wasn't for that fact that the other thread was closed preventing anyone from posting new information

A:Making Hotmail the default mailto in Firefox 4+

Hi, welcome to TSF

Thanks for your detailed instructions.

The other thread was closed because it's from 2008, the original poster no longer needs help with their problem, and the version of Firefox being discussed is now out of date.
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I don't yet know how widespread this is nor what causes it but if there is a quick and easy one click method to reset I would appreciate the info What is happening is that the MailTo default is getting changed to the browser default Or at least that was the case in the two I have seen so far If the browser default is Edge Mailto is set to Edge If default is Chrome MailTo is Chrome At least in all of our systems mailto need to be Outlook and if this can be set and locked in the registry i need to be able to do that Oddly not everyone has the problem No one knows when it started as most people never pay attention It was just reported to me today and fix Windows other mailto set command to or for Registry 10 default i found that my own Windows was the same setup defaulting to Chrome Meaning any hyperlinks on websites that referred to mailto Registry fix or other command to set default for mailto Windows 10 never open Outlook Thanks

A:Registry fix or other command to set default for mailto Windows 10

Hello questorfla,

You might see if downloading and merging the .reg file for the listed mailto option in the table of OPTION TWO below may be able to help. It'll restore the default association for mailto.

Default File Type Associations - Restore in Windows 10
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Hey everyone,

I have been trying to make Hotmail the default mailto in Firefox 3 with no chance. I tried some strings and values in about:config with no chance too. By default, and under Tools -> Options -> Applications, mailto has Gmail and Yahoo Mail. I want to add Hotmail to that list.

Can anyone help with this please?


A:[SOLVED] Making Hotmail the default mailto in Firefox 3

Hello xsever and Welcome to TSF.

Have you seen this article?
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I am using Windows 10 and the newest versions of IE 11 and Firefox.  I have looked around a web a bunch and haven't found anything useful.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!
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New computer blues...
I installed my Outlook7 through Windows Office. I ran it on my old computer. I eventually got my email files moved, but for whatever reason had to manually redo all the email address' that I check with it.

I now have Explorer10. When I click on a "mailto:", it tries to set up a new account app. When I go to the file "Set your default programs", click on "Mail", all I have showing on the right is "Mail", no "Outlook"! How do I get "mailto:" to associate with my Outlook?


These are reasons I hate buying a new Main computer and put it of for extra years!

A:Setting Outlook7 to Default "mailto" in Windows8

Hello Rcull, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You should be able to go to Associate a File Type or Protocol with a Program in Default Programs to set the MAILTO protocol (towards bottom) to set Outlook as the default program.

Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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Good morning
I have never set GMail up as my default mail, and would like to know how to
do this. Everytime I click a link, my default is MSN. Need to change.
My browser is Google Chrome, and in Windows 7. Thanks Go-Team

A:GMail as Default

default mail refers to the default program. Since GMail is not a program, you would have to use an email client to access your GMail account (instead of, or in addition to, using the web interface).
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I just read the above topic about not finding Yahoo mail as a default mailer. I have gmail, and also can not set it as the default. Is that because gmail is not installed but rather a site I go to?

I would llike to make gmail my default mailer, and have tried to add it in internet options, no luck. Is this even possible?

PS did I do that link correctly? I could not find the topic ID anywhere on the page.

A:Making Gmail default, is it possible?

See here >>Making Gmail your default mail application.You won't actually see it show up in Internet Options but should still work. Firefox users can use the Email This! Bookmarklet Extension . Once installed, open the Customize Toolbar & drag the Gmail This! icon (or whichever they wish to use) up to the Navigation Toolbar.
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Friend's laptop with 8.1.

I don't know much about 8.1, she knows even less.

She's trying to use Gmail but everything she sends ends up
in Outlook and she has problems composing and sending
from Outlook. I have found that Outlook isn't the default
email for 8.1, either - ??

Ive researched and, not knowing much about 8.1, haven't
been able to figure out how to make her Gmail the default
for her 8.1 and maybe even get rid of Outlook altogether
for her to hopefully stop all her problems.

Thanks for any help.

A:How to make gMail default on 8.1?

What is she using as an email client if you use Thunderbird you can have all accounts including gmail and choose which to send from
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When I attempt to respond via email to some sites, they say "send an email" and then offer a link, and that link opens Windows Live email.

I do not use Windows Live and wish to have my gmail account opened to allow me to send emails. What I wind up doing is time consuming:

I do allow Windows live to open and the copy the email address of the recipient and copy and paste to my gmail "compose".

Is there a setting I can adjust to make this so, that the default link automatically goes to gmail?

I use Chrome as my browser also, and rarely use IE 9, or 10 or whatever version IE is nowadays.

Please be very specific in your response.

Thanks in advance,

A:Using Gmail as default email account

If you use Chrome, then you can try this extension for Chrome.

Edit: I need to explain how this works on my machine.

I use Win 7 Pro. Control Panel>Programs>Default Programs. My default mail program is the Windows Live Mail 2011 email client.

So, when I use IE8, and I click on an email to: link, it opens into my Windows Live email client, which is configured to my Gmail account. Since I use the email client frequently, this is ok with me.

But I also use Chrome - quite a lot actually. So, I installed the above-linked extension, which opens directly into my Gmail account (of course, in the process, and in the first instance, I have to go through the gmail login page).

Eventually, the email client and the Gmail account sync up as and when I use the former in online mode.

This is how it seems to work for me.
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I have outlook (windows live mail) set as default, but I can't use it because when I try, I get a message saying that there is an error, and I can't send whatever it was I was trying to send. I would prefer using gmail if I can.

Windows 7
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I have not problem using Gmail for over years except when I try to send a message from a with Outlook Gmail as Exp default Replace link within a web site then it defaults and opens and starts a message form for Outlook Express which is not activated to send or receive So the computer apparently has Replace Outlook Exp with Gmail as default Outlook Express set as my default Mail service I ve never used OE and don t want to start now so to work around I have to copy the address in the OE address line and paste in into a Gmail blank compose mail form I ve looked and searched but cannot find a place to change except in the Control Panel in Internet Options- Programs Tab and then I can t change it from Outlook express BUT in the Control Panel in the Mail option line I have Gmail set there as default so apparently there is another place that is overriding this setting in the Mail tab of the Control Panel Any detailed help will be greatly appreciated Alton Owens my email is email protected and that first character is the NUMERAL ZERO not the letter O or you can call me during business hours on my toll free line - nbsp

A:Replace Outlook Exp with Gmail as default

Control panel Mail option is for the MS-Outlook. If you are an Gmail user then you can easily configure the Gmail account in your Outlook Express. You can find out the Outlook Express settings in the Gmail settings option.
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I have experimented off and on with various SSBs (Single Site Browsers) in conjunction with web apps such as Gmail and G calendar, usually on my Mac. I have found SisterB SSB, and am using it with Gmail and it works pretty well but I can find no way to make Windows 7 accept it as an email client in its own right.

The address in shortcut to it reads "C:\Program Files (x86)\MobileApps1\SisterB\SisterB.exe" SSB2
The SSB2 part refers to the Gmail link when seen in the Registry. Alas, the Default Programs options show no way to add this address as a candidate for Default Email client, just pre-selected options and their radio-buttons or a closed list of apps.

Others must have cracked this seemingly trivial problem! Can anybody hint the way for me to do so too, please?

A:How do I set an SSB running Gmail as my default email client?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I'm not familiar with the type of settings your referring to so forgive me if this seems completely off base
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Is it possible to set gmail running in prism as the default mail program in windows 7?
I would like it to open mailto while browsing and also open when I click view inbox while using gmail notifier.
Thanks for the help!
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When I want to send an e-mail directly from a website, and I click on the "respond to" link, in this case craigslist, the mail application that opens is Outlook. Is there a way that I can configure my PC to open Gmail instead?

Appreciate any help you can give me!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 239359 MB, Free - 222225 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D915GRO
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Setting Gmail as default mail application on my XP

P.S. Google Chrome is the browser I use.
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I have a POS system that uses windows XP as the OS (this is how it came when new). I use a wireless mouse and keyboard with this system. 
I like to use Google Chrome as my browser however I rarely have a need for a browser. Just gmail.
My question:
I have a keyboard that has convienence buttons on it: "computer"; "home"; "email"; "volume" etc Now when I push the button that takes me to email it takes me to outlook express which I don't want to do. I would like to push that button on the keyboard and have it take me to gmail on Chrome.
Anyone know how to do this? Would I have to open Chrome first before accessing gmail? <- If so, this would be inconvenient but I am hopeful that I can make my keyboard take me to gmail without any hassles.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:making my keyboard recognize gmail as default

Who is the manufacturer of the keyboard and the model? You probably have a setup menu for the keyboard for the keys. But since gmail is browser based I don't think the email function can be mapped that way. It appears that your 'convenience buttons' are linked to executable programs/applications. Hence email opens a mail client. Not a browser and specific URL.What you can do is set gmail to be read in outlook express, instead of a webpage. That would be the easiest workaround for the convenience buttons.
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I cannot remove my Windows Live email account so whenever I want to send email, I had to click on the "Gmail" tab first then compose email and I don't want this because it's somehow not efficient.

I use the default Windows 8.1 Mail client but I never used my Windows Live account.

Is there any ways to remove Windows Live email or at least make Gmail as the default email address on Windows Mail?

Thank you.

A:Change default email to Gmail on Windows Mail.

What email client are you using or are you using the email app?
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Hello Out There --

Can someone please help me with this problem? I need to change the default email client in Windows 8 to Gmail in Chrome.

I thought that this would be an easy fix, but I have searched the Web, searched the forums, and cannot find anywhere that it tells me how to do this.

Besides the fact that I want all of my MAILTO links to use my Web based Gmail account, I need it to do so to make it work with OneNote.

In OneNote, when I try to send someone a page, it gives me an error message about Microsoft Outlook not being started or set up, and says to change it in Default Programs. I tried doing this, but my MAILTO links are all set to Google Chrome, which seems like it would work.

If anyone can help me, I would be truly grateful. Thank you for your kind consideration of my issue.


A:How to change default email client to Gmail in Chrome

I use this extension:

Gmail notifier also does the job:

Gmail Notifier
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I have a fairly new bought in March Fujitsu FMV Esprimo desktop computer with English OS yes Windows here in Japan It has worked ok until about a week ago A couple of weeks earlier my home computer view settings change default gmail for standard NEC LaVie C laptop with XP Japanese OS would open gmail with html view not standard view and I d always have to manually change it to standard Now this is sporadically gmail default settings for standard view change happening on my Fujitsu I cannot gmail default settings for standard view change find anywhere on gmail or Google that describes how to make gmail default settings for standard view change standard view my default setting and I ve scoured the Google forums to no avail I don t even see a customer service contact link to Google or gmail I just ran a Malwarebytes full system scan and found nothing I run Avast and update it every day automatically Have found no viruses so far I exchange email between the Fujitsu at work on a different email system not gmail and the NEC at home where I only use gmail and on occasion I plug in a USB flash drive at home with info from the Fujitsu and vice versa so it is possible there might be an exchange of malware My NEC has crashed see another thread so I cannot access it anymore Probably a hard drive problem not malware-related

A:gmail default settings for standard view change

Check your cookie settings via Tools > Options in Firefox, and via Internet Options in Control Panel for IE.
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Silly question. I had to reset my Google Chrome due to a malware check.

When I click on a "send email" link in Chrome, a new email pops up in my Gmail browser. However, I would like it to open a new email in MS Outlook 2010.

There must be a "set MS Outlook 2010" as default when clicking on email links in Chrome, but I can't seem to find it. I have already made Outlook the default program for email, but that didn't take care of the issue.

Thank you so much.

A:Default email program - change from Gmail in Chrome to MS Outlook 2010

Found it: chrome://settings/handlers and uncheck gmail.
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This post may be an exercise in futility however I will try anyway Before preparing this post I conducted Make Solved: default GMail "send the to" a search on this forum about making Gmail the default quot send to quot email I saw numerous posts about installing a Gmail notifier which I tried with no successful results plus an add on Solved: Make GMail the default "send to" was installed that changed my home page etc I had to perform a system restore because I could not delete it For several years I used Windows Live Mail supplied by my ISP and then they changed to a different email web bases email program Solved: Make GMail the default "send to" When I used Windows Live Mail and clicked the quot send to quot link Windows Live Mail would open Solved: Make GMail the default "send to" but when my ISP changed email programs of course that no longer worked Eventually I closed my Hotmail account because it was hacked and opened a Gmail account Somewhere in my system I was able to designate Gmail as the program to open when I clicked on the mail icon or the quot send to quot link Now for some reason when I click on the mail tab in IE or on the quot send to quot link Outlook wants to open however my computer is not configured to use Outlook and I don t want to use it All of the responses I viewed while conducting a search on this subject indicated that it was impossible or I could configure Outlook to open in GMail if I phrased that properly Many other individuals have the same problem as I but there has to be a way other than installing another program or configuring Outlook Maybe an answer has surfaced since those many questions were posted I originally was able to use Gmail by clicking on quot send to quot and didn t install anything to do it so there has to be an option Any replies are appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Make GMail the default "send to"

Windows has not been designed to allow any "internet" type of email to be the default. It must be a program that is installed on the local machine.

Windows Live Mail can be installed on the local machine and then the Gmail account can be set up within WLM.
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What on earth do I do Monday Midday a spam email was sent from my account to all my contacts I could still log on see my emails and send new emails but no incoming mails were reaching my mail box Asked a quesiton on Gmail Answers forum but got a useless response Tuesday by pm my account was suspended completely I can t log in I can't reset my password there is on line form to fill out to contact customer care I filled it out but no one has responded Wednesday still can't log in to my account filled out the form again but again no response Thursday still can't log in to my account - years of emails lost Lots of security and privacy concerns Tried GMAIL TECHNICAL IS 08000 UK? NUMBER 86 SUPPORT 8676 PHONE :' UK HELPLINE GMAIL FOR :( phoning Gmail but the london number Removed is for billing enquiries and you need a credit card I don't pay for any services from Gmail and this is not a billing enquiry HOW DO YOU CONTACT GMAIL and I don t mean an online form I have done all that I mean telephone and speak to a person or LIVE CHAT with a human not a quot Bot quot So I want to ask what is Genuine Gmail Phone Number For United Kingdom is Gmail Contact Phone Number UK IS UK GMAIL PHONE NUMBER 08000 86 8676 GMAIL HELPLINE TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR UK? :( :' Thanks


Hi, welcome to TSF

Google don't offer phone support for these kind of problems, only online forms, so be very careful if you decide to use that 0800 number. ie. don't give any personal details over the phone.

It's better to use their official support lines:
Problems signing in to your account
Having trouble signing in?

Do you have a link to the customer care page you used? There are lots of scammers out there pretending to be google support.
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I am having some problems with the Gmail application and Notifier as of late Basically the Gmail Desktop Notifier I have is unable to connect to my Gmail account A quick run down of what I know Open In To IE7 Connect Gmail Server, Notifier Webpage Unable To Gmail Can't No matter what web browser you tell Gmail to use as the default it always goes through IE to access your Gmail account The notifier doesn't actually use POP or IMAP to the best of my knowledge meaning if something is messed up with IE Gmail the application won't work correctly I can access my Gmail account from any non-IE browser but can't use the notifier I can technically access my Gmail account Gmail Notifier Unable To Connect To Server, Can't Open Gmail Webpage In IE7 from IE but I have to clear my cache cookies to do this and every time I reboot the Gmail Notifier Unable To Connect To Server, Can't Open Gmail Webpage In IE7 problem returns and I can no longer access Gmail from IE I have both Gmail and IE set up to use SSL encryption makes no difference enabled or not I have tried uninstalling the notifier removing all traces of it from my system clearing IE's cache cookies and reinstalling with no luck I have reset IE to defaults and this made no difference I have tried without a firewall AV active Using a fully updated XP Pro SP This is a new problem that has plagued only my last few reformats even though I am using the same disk as I have for a while and have never had this problem previously I am using an nLite disk but it has worked fine for at least reformats before I started having problems Thanks for the help If I have left out any information please let me I will reply with it as quickly as I can I will reformart if I need to

A:Gmail Notifier Unable To Connect To Server, Can't Open Gmail Webpage In IE7

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Hi I ve just had a couple of rejections when trying to share files on onedrive.
The recipient has a gmail account and I have been able to share with them previously
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I've tried searching everywhere, & I cannot find a solution to this problem.  I have a contact who shows up in my Chat list on the left of my Gmail, who I would like to remove.  He has two e-mail addresses, one gmail, the other is (his college address).  I've tried deleting him entirely, but the latter address still shows up in my Gmail Chat list, to my frustration.  He never uses that address anymore, so I desperately want to unclutter the list by taking it off.  There is no option to block, remove, or set it to "never show", so I'm coming here for help.  Hope you all can help me out!

A:Removing a Contact on Gmail Chat (No gmail e-mail address)

From the Web: How to remove a contact from chat list? - Google Product Forums
1. From your inbox, click the bold link on the left:
A list pops up with all your groups:
"Friends, Family, Coworkers, Gremlin Trainers, Most Contacted, All Contacts... etc",
2. Select All Contacts.
A list pops up with all your Contacts. You can even search, if thats how deep you roll, but that probably means you have too many contacts and why not just leave that one?
3. Select that person you don't really hate per se, but just don't want to see in your chat status list...
A window pops up with various options for where to move/what to do with that contact, including: "Show in chat list"4. Set that contact to: Auto, Always, Never, or Block.
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I got curious about the gmail drive shell extension application, so I installed it and it worked just fine while at university (ethernet wired connection, very fast). Today I was home and saw I couldn't open gmail. It said 502 Server Error.

SO I uninstalled gmail drive extension, and deleted all cookies, temp files, ran registry cleaning. Then restarted.

Upon restart, I STILL got that 502 server error.

What could be the problem? I would rather not do system restore because I have installed a lot of programs since then, and really don't feel like redoing it. But I don't know how I could fix the problem manually.

If anybody has any suggestions, please. Thanks!

A:Gmail Drive Shell Extension Uninstalled, Still Cannot Access

Has it only been today that you have experienced this issues?I know that Gmail had an outage today due to technical issues.Source
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Gmail Customer Service for Gmail Is Not Working on an iPad, Gmail account cannot get or send email , GMail configuration not working, log messages useless, Why is my (Google) mail account not work after Forgot Gmail Password? Gmail password recovery Contact Gmail Customer Service
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Gmail customer Service Tech support for Windows 8 Apps Don't Connect to Your Google/, Forwarding to Gmail Not Working, Email-button not working with Gmail App, Gmail's 'Undo Send' Option Officially Rolls Out.
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Q: Mailto:


I need to change the default mail client within IE to hotmail or webmail I have found reg files on the net to do this but they dont seem to work. The end result I need is when a user clicks on a email link with a IE window it opens a url or other program.

I have had some fruity results from this one where 70 odd IE windows open all at once.

Here is the reg hack I used.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Webmail\s hell]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Webmail\s hell\open]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Webmail\s hell\open\command]

Open internet explorer and go to options, programs, mail and select webmail



Hi, and welcome to TechSupportForum

It seems to me you are trying to registry hacks but this is the hard way. You can just do this by changing IE Options.

Go to:

1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Network and Internet Options -> Internet Options
4. or Internet Options
5. Programs Tab
6. Change the e-mail to whatever you want it to be in that list

Hope this solves your problem
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I am trying to install Internet Exploere 7 on my windows xp pro with sp2 computer. But I have been having problems so I looked on the microsoft web site and they told me to download a program to moniter what regerstery keys are been accessed and created. It found a key that denied access. Its located \HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto I can not change, delete or modify it or change the permisions onit at all. I am the computer administrator so whats up???

A:Mailto key

there have been alot of problems with IE 7...I would leave the beta alone..unless you dont mind trying to fix it regularly
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Gmail Customer Service Support for solving Gmail account not working , Internal Microphone not working in GMail Voice-Solved, Gmail Notifier not working? Email forwarding to Gmail not working, Fixing Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Gmail Bug, Use Gmail? Not working with Outlook?
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I need to build an IF statement with a mailto: command. The goal would be to have it send emails if certain conditions are meet in the IF statement. Is this a doable goal?

A:can you mailto: in Exce.

You could add some VB code to do it, see:
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Hey I followed instructions on how to set up mailto hotmail from a post elsewhere on this board which works fine apart from one little thing When I open an email address it opens Mailto Hotmail up in Hotmail gt compose but will enter the email address as something like the following info info co ukFirefoxHTML Shell Open Command Mailto Hotmail any ideas how I can solve this This is how I set up the mailto for hotmail -opened about config -filtered 'gecko' and double clicked the first option that comes up to set it to true -pasted the following into the URL bar and clicked enter then add application javascript navigator registerProtocolHandler 'mailto' 'http hotmail msn com secure start action compose amp to s' 'Hotmail' -Firefox gt Options gt Applications gt mailto gt hotmail then clicked ok -Went back to about config which was still open and double clicked the first thing again to change it to false and closed about config Thanks Jon

A:Mailto Hotmail

Eek no ideas with all your brains?
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Hi - When I click on a link in internet explorer to send an email, I get about 45 IE pages pop up and an error message that says "Default mail client not installed."

I went to, and found a fix that I am supposed to go in and fix my URL:MailTo Protocol in the file types, but the problem is that I don't even have a URL:MailTo Protocl in my file types.

I need help!!


A:URL:MailTo Protocol

I don't know where you are looking, but you will not find it in the File Types listed in the Explorer>Tools>Folder Options, File Types

The Mailto protocol is one of about ten different hypertext links recognized by mail programs, such as Outlook and Outlook Express.
If you look in the Help of your email program look for Hyperlink Protocols.
My Outlook mentions:
http:// https:// file:// ftp:// mailto: gopher:// news: nntp:// telnet:// Outlook: Outlook://

(Notice that all do NOT have the // following, I did not mistype it.)

Try the fix and you have found and see if it helps.
Or, just set some other mail client as your default mail client, and see if that now works. If using a different client does make it work, then pursue finding out what is wrong with the original mail client. Perhaps there is a "Repair" function (as Outlook has) or perhaps just removing and re-installing it will correct the problem. Good luck.
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I have been using the mailto method routinely (when building websites in html) but am finding that now that I have installed windows XP it does not work. All I get is a blank message sent to the address specified.

Is it in fact NOT XP compatible or could it be something esle?


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Helping a friend move to Windows 8. We cannot figure out how to move contacts from Gmail on XP to Gmail on Windows 8. We have Exported to a thumb drive (.wab) and plugged into the Windows 8 computer. Dialog box asked if we wanted to import and we said yes. Going to gmail there is NO contacts list.

What do we need to do to get the contacts transferred to Gmail?

A:Move contacts from gmail on XP to gmail on windows 8

Gmail supports importing contacts from CSV format so you need to export the contacts to a CSV file from XP then from the brower, log into gmail, click on Contacts then click on More->Import then click again on Import and select the CSV file.

Once you have setup the Gmail from Windows 8, the contacts should be there.
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Dear Friend;
I have a Problem with mail system
In the past (dont know how i did )
when i click an mail link
wheter in internet or word
it was opening my hotmail compose..
but now its opening the windows mail (not windows live mail)
i started using firefox
under the
i find a solution. But the soution work only in internet (firefox) when i do it in
word its still open windows mail.
can any body help with it?

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OK so far both of my access inquiries have been successfully answered so I'm going for my third. I'm using a form that brings up and email that puts a person's address in the TO part and someone in the CC part. The subject I have and I have text in the body. My problem is I can't figure out how to break a line so that my body has 3 lines. mailto[email protected];[email protected]&Subject=This is the subject&body=This is the body

this works to my liking. All i want is to have to additional lines below This is the body. For example
This is the body
If someone can help I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Mailto command in Access

Use the VB charachter for a carriage return.

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I am experiencing a very annoying problem with my mail links. Up until just recently, when I clicked on a mail client link via the start menu or desktop, my default mail program (Yahoo! Mail) would open up just fine in a normal Firefox window, no problem. Now, the stupid thing (for no apparent reason) started opening up not just in a Firefox window, but a IE window too at the same time. This is getting to be very irritating. I think it may have something to do with how the default programs or protocols are set up because I can make it open in IE only if I try, but since I HATE IE and use Firefox, I want it to open like it used to again, in FIREFOX ONLY! Please HELP!
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I am trying to Install Internet Exploer 7 beta 2 but It was having probelms. So I looked on the microsft web site and I download this tool and followed the instructions is looks for a Regisrrty Key that has deinied you acces it found one so I tryed to change the permision on it and it would not let me????? I am the computer administrator the mailto key is lockated in the root registry folder.

A:Mailto Registery Key damaged?

Do you mean that you've followed through the whole process described here:
All of the 3 methods referred there failed?
At which point the Registry Editor didn't allow you to change permissions?
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Whenever I click on an email address on a website Firefox opens a succession of new tabs called mailto: If I don't stop Firefox these can run into the thousands. Any idea what is causing this and how can I stop it? It doesn't happen in Internet Explorer.

A:[SOLVED] Mailto problem in Win 7

Hi John,

I recall getting something similar; the mailto setting in Tools > Options > Applications needs changing in Firefox to point to your mail program (or Gmail, ...).
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I browse using Firefox. When I click on a mailto: link, instead of anything normal happening I'll get about a hundred and fifty IE windows popping up, lagging my computer and grinding it to a halt. I recently found a workaround, which was to get a gmail account and install the firefox extensions for it, but does anyone know what could cause the problem?

A:Firefox-IE mailto: hijacker?
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By default, windows gave Mail recipient in Send To context menu, but unless you have mail program installed (that can open it using MAPI protocol/link) it's useless.
I am using default Microsoft Mail app. Which works on MAILTO protocol/links.

I'd like to add MAILTO in my Send To context menu, so that I can send any file from my desktop as attachment in email using Microsoft Mail app in Win 8. So how can I do that ??

Also I did something with my context menu (trying to add MAILTO option) and I can't see Mail recipient option in there anymore. So please also mention how to restore that one.

Thank You!

A:Add MAILTO in context menu

Hello McNeil, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You should already have a Send to -> Mail recipient option that you could use.

Send To Context Menu - Remove or Restore Default Items - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,
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Hi All I cannot create a quot mailto quot shortcut that works It appears that the mailto protocol is missing Windows Live Mail is set as my default mail client in WLM settings but it doe's not appear in the default program list The only thing that shows up with any connection with WLM is quot Windows Contacts quot I have been reading articles about this problem and one suggested that a registry tweak protocol Mailto missing in the quot mailto quot entry may repair the problem However there is no quot mailto quot entry at the suggested location in the reg Mailto protocol missing In default programs Set program access and computer defaults custom I can choose WLM as my default email program but when I return to that setting again it has reverted to quot use current quot When I create a mailto shortcut it defaults Mailto protocol missing it's association with Chrome my default browser and carries a Chrome icon I have re-installed WLM but that did nothing to resolve the problem Am running W Ultimate If anyone can help it will be most appreciated Thankyou for your help Abe

A:Mailto protocol missing

Hello Abe,

You can go into Default Programs (Set Associations option), and scroll down towards the very bottom until you see the MAILTO protocol if listed here instead (should be). From here, you can select MAILTO, click on the Change program button, and select to have MAILTO use Windows Live Mail again.

Hope this helps,
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I had Outlook installed (as part of Office 2007 Enterprise) but use Windows Mail. So I used the Programs Control Panel to remove Outlook. Before, if I cicked on a web mailto: link it tried to start Outlook. (Windows Mail is set as my default/preferred mail application.) Now, if I hit a mailto: link, Vista opens 49(!!) Internet Explorer windows before it croaks. And suggestions for a fix?

Relevancy 41.28%

When I try to delete a folder, I receive the following error message:

"Cannot delete MAILTO~1. The file name you specified is not valid or too long."

How can I delete these files?



A:How To Delete File MAILTO~

I did some more research and through a search for:


found that the culprits are a bunch of folders with names like:

[email protected]

I'm hoping this additional information will help someone tell me how to successfully delete these folders.


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Hiya - please help!

I've got Windows Mail working almost perfectly on Win7. Only problem is, when I try to set the mailto: protocol, Windows Mail isn't there to choose from just Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird (which I don't want to use via mailto: as they are only my throw away web mail accounts). Can anyone point me in the direction to add it?

I thought it might be in control panel, but I don't have the "show all control panel" icon in the folder.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, upgraded from Vista.

If there is no work around, I might just have to set Thunderbird up to send mail from my account and leave Windows Mail to handle the incoming and outgoing mail without using mailto:



A:Windows Mail and Win 7 Mailto:

Which guide did you follow for installing Windows Mail on 7?
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does anyone here use yahoo mail with the firefox browser? i'm unable to solve this problem. thks in advance for any advice.

A:mailto feature in firefox

If you open Options in the firefox menu, and then click on Applications.....does mailto appear in the 'content type' list there ?.......and if it does, what is showing in the 'action' list ??
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Good Day,
I have recently upgrade to windows 10 and the mailto: links dont work anymore. Running outlook 2013. When I go to a webpage with a clickable email it no longer opens outlook new message. I tried to check the default programs, made sure that outlook is the default for mailto:. This feature worked fine with my windows 8.1
Can anyone advice?
Thank you

A:Mailto: in Browsers not working

Hi Alex,
has this been solved yet? I have the same problem.
Kind regards
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Does anyone know if there is some kind of code preferably javascript that will hide mailto links from the bots spammers use to get email addresses. i thought i saw a javascript for it awhile back but i can't find one now. thanks in advance

A:Mailto links and Bots

First, I would put it in a external javascript file as opposed to inline javascript.

Then I would just document.write something like this.

part1 = "email";
part2 = "@";
part3 = "site";
part4 = ".com";

document.write('<a href="mailto:'+part1+part2+part3+part4+'">email me</a>');

Make it as complicated as you need.

You could always use a function to popup a div with the address in it if you prefer that instead.
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I have a form set up in Access that takes a group of email addresses and creates a string of addresses and inserts them into the To: field in Outlook. It works fine except if there are too many people on the list it will truncate the number of recipients and put some gibberish at the end. Does Outlook have a limitation on the number of charachters or email addresses that can be placed in the To: field? Never use it that much, but it is kind of an aggrevation.

A:Using Access 97 and a mailto function

Actually, MS suggests when this happens to create a distribution list because it (sort of) sees the distribution list as one entry.

Also, please don't put a bunch of people's email addies into the TO box. I hate when I receive emails with all kinds of people's names and even some people's email addies. It's none of anyone else's business. Put YOUR name in the TO box and everyone else in the BCC. Thanks. LOL.
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Hi, I have an issue with mailto, in IE11, it opens up an extra tab. I was able to close the tab in one version of IE11 but not for all. Any suggestions? I would like to close the tab that mailto open.

JavaScript Function
function MailTo(email) {'mailto:' + email, '_self');;
} works on IE v 11.0.9600.1805 but not on v 11.0.9600.18036 (IE on Windows 8.1)
I've also tried window.location.href...still open the unwanted tab.
Thank you.
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Has anyone else been having this problem? I'm using Chrome stable version. For the last month or so, I've been getting this popup almost every time I load Gmail. It happens multiple times per session. It happens if I navigate to Gmail from another page or from a fresh start of the browser. I've tried clearing the cache and disabling all extensions and running Chrome as administrator. It happens in both desktop and Windows 8 mode. It's getting to be really annoying.

A:Chrome and mailto link problem

Hello Rob,

You should be able to go into Default Programs and set "Google Chrome" to be the default program with all of it's associations to also make the MAILTO protocol it's default as well.

Default Programs - Set Your Default Programs in Windows 8
The only issue is, that with Google Chrome set as the default web browser instead of Internet Explorer, you will no longer have the IE10 Metro tile on the Start screen.

Hope this helps,
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I am not familiar with HTML but need to find a way to have an html mailto link on a page set with a read only or hidden preset subject. I currently use the following mailto link with a set subject:
Email: <a href = "mailto:[email protected]?subject=Ombudsman">[email protected]</a>
The problem I'm running into is this e-mail goes into a ticketing system with rules based on the subject line. I have found that sometimes the sender is retyping their own subject which prevents this preset rule from running as needed. Can this be changed so the subject is still preset but either read only or hidden?
I thought I had seen this done before but I'm not sure if that was the specific system. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
Thank You

A:html mailto subject options

I don't think you can do what you want with a "mailto" link since it will ultimately end up using an external email client that you will have zero control over...but I could be wrong.The only way you can likely do it is to setup some sort of "contact us" form page where then YOUR SERVER handles the sending the email. In other words, the typing and sending of the email is all done by and through your website and does not use the individual's local email client and their email account/service to send the email.
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Sigh, forgive me if I've gone down this road before.

I want to use the new Yahoo Mail Beta.

So under Firefox applications, under the Mailto dropdown, I have Gmail, and two Yahoo mail choices. One gives me the 'classic' old mode (the one that is shown highlighted)..the other there newer version. (the link that has the purple Y.)

So if I want the NEW beta version to come up, I select 'classic mode' and then change it to beta by going to this website.
Yahoo! Mail


But when I click a mailto link, I get a MAILTO showing up in the field. And you can't send an email with that there, you have to manually remove. How stupid is this? How does this get removed?

I have read this is a LONG KNOWN ISSUE. Considering how Yahoo is sinking, Yahoo Just Killed? Consumer Confidence In Them
....maybe their mail will become history.
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Help me puhleeeze, I'm going crazy with this.

I am running Windows 2000 Professional, using IE6 and Outlook 2000 to manage my mail.

In short: When I click on a text link on a web page (with a mailto address on it) a new mail used to appear and everything was fine and dandy. NOW IT DOESN'T.

All it does, is tell me that "My default mail client is not installed properly"

I have recently re-installed the entire office suite, and have run the repair facility to try and fix the problem. It connects to web pages OK, which indicates to me that there's no problem on the IE6 side.

I phoned the helpful people at microsoft today, to be told that I would be charged about $200 for them to answer one support question. Great eh!

Please help

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Hello I use Windows XP and I have MSN installed I use MSN Explorer although I also have IE When I click on a mailto link on a website Outlook opens Although Outlook is installed on my computer I dislike it and don t use it ever MSN is set as my default e-mail editor under IE--Tools--Internet Options but that doesn t seem to control mailto links I encounter on web sites I thought I could change the URL MailTo Protocol under Control Panel--Folder Options--File Types--and then edit URL Mailto But when I highlight Open and click to to URL:MailTo MSN Solved: Change Protocol edit it no options show There s just the long address to open Outlook I browsed to find MSN in Solved: Change URL:MailTo Protocol to MSN my program files but can t seem to Solved: Change URL:MailTo Protocol to MSN find it In the MSN folder there is no exe I d like to ask please if anyone knows the path I should enter to get MSN to open when I click on mailto links on web sites By the way whether I m in MSN Explorer or Internet Explorer I have the same issue with Outlook opening as the default Although I pay for MSN and have that installed on my computer I would settle for having Hotmail open up when I click on mailto links But I don t know how to enter that under File Types Thank you nbsp

A:Solved: Change URL:MailTo Protocol to MSN

Welcome to TSG!

Try changing the Email program choice in Internet Options | Programs tab
Set it to Hotmail for example, click Apply, set it back to MSN, click Apply, then see if it now works.

The MSN.exe file is in C:\Program Files\MSN\MSNCoreFiles. You'll have to have your system set to show hidden files and to also show system files.

The correct Application string for MSN is this:

rundll32.exe "C:\Program Files\MSN\MSNSharedFiles\MAILMAPI.DLL",MailToProtocolHandler %1
Use DDE should be checked
Application: is MAILMAPI
Topic: is System
The other two boxes should be blank
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The size of my website is such now that I am constantly having to track down bad links as the users rarely bother to tell me about them. The log isn't much good as it only tells me the bad page url and not where it was linked from!

I was considering adding a javascript mailto to each of the different error pages - anyone know of a way of embedding in a javascript generated email message the url of the previous page ie the one with the bad link on?

A:Javascropt mailto with a few bells needed

The log should have a "referer" field that tells where the reference came from. If you don't see it in the log, you might need to change the log settings to include this information.
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Afternoon everyone I m crossing over from the Business Applications area to ask for help about the Using MailTo use to Solved: function VisualBasics a database I m currently working on I m using Microsoft Access to make a database for a company that wants to Solved: Using VisualBasics to use the MailTo function keep all their clients contact details within I have almost built everything that I need within my database but now I m stuck I intend on Solved: Using VisualBasics to use the MailTo function providing a command that send an email to multiple recipients The idea is that the recipients for the email are selected using a check box associated with the client I checked MSDN for the specific code I need and I came across the MailMessage To object According to the description I Solved: Using VisualBasics to use the MailTo function believe that this is what i would need to use But the problem is I have no idea on how to use VBA I installed Visual Basics Express Edition so that if anyone could talk me through the code or even possibly send the code then I suppose I could try to understand how it works so that I can replicate it to my database I appreciate any help given Thanks Eugenio nbsp

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I'm trying to write a bat file that will generate an email from any (Windows) OS Win98 and up. This works great in XP/2000 with MS Outlook but when I test on a Win98 box running MS Exchange the whole line of code (including the hex %% stuff) ends up in the "TO:" field.

It seems not to recognize the ? before the 'subject' parm. I've tried using an & and a ^& instead but same results.

START mailto:[email protected]?subject=ADEM%%20ePOP%%20Alert%%20Installation^&body=At%%20%DATE%,%%20%TIME%,%%20user%%20%USERNAME%

Is this a limitation of Exchange or is there something I can do to fix this problem??

Thanks for reading my post!!

A:Mailto win98/exchange issue

How are you using a batch file to send an email? Are you using telnet or some other utility in conjunction with DOS because the mailto command is not part of the DOS command line. Is this the Exchange mail client you are referring to that does not work?
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I have a webpage with a link like:
MailTo:[email protected]

In windows XP clicking this link activates mail client new message window (Outlook in my case), allowing user to fill in the email message and send it (address automatically filled in convieniently). The webpage containing the MailTo link remains displayed in browser (Firefox).

In Vista, clicking this link also activates mail client (Windows Mail) but just the mail client no new message window to actually type message into. However, it also loads MailTo:[email protected] into an IE7 browser address window, then generates message in browser window "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Of course it shouldn't even be trying to display a MailTo: as a webpage.

This is seriously messing with my mind and i need to resolve it so i can happily click away on MailTo links to my hearts content without having to find then copy and paste the MailTo address every time

A:Arrrgh HELP!!!!!! MailTo link problems

Have you tried to do the same thing using a different web browser? Try using IE 7 or IE 8 RC 1, see it that makes a difference.
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A long-standing problem I have is that email links with mailto cause the Outlook email to hang, and I have to kill the process. In other words, if I click on a person's email which has the form mailto:[email protected] I get the Outlook email form but the cursor turns into an hour-glass which does not go away until I kill the process.

My Outlook email uses the POP/SMTP of my ISP but I use my Yahoo email predominantly and would like the mailto to bring up my Yahoo email form so that I could write into it, not the Outlook form with the hour-glass!

Must my default email be the Outlook? How can I change this, or can I? But most of all, why do I always get this "hang" that I have to kill?

I have Windows XP SP2 Home Edition.

Thanks for any insight into this.

Thanks, Mardy

A:Mailto Hangs Outlook Mail

The mail to: function always brings up an email client such as Outlook on your desktop. You can change which one it brings up by opening Internet Explorer & at the top choose Tools > Internet Options > Programs, clicking the down arrow next to Email: as shown in the pic below, & selecting something other than Outlook. Click Apply > Ok & your done.You should then configure the newly selected program to check/send your email from your ISP & your Yahoo account. If you don"t have this already installed on your computer, Thunderbird is a recommended email program to use. You can find it here: Thunderbird
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Thanks in advance for your help! Previously, when I clicked on a "mailto" link in my web-based Gmail (, the new email composition box would pop up in MS Outlook 2010. That is my preference.

However, I downloaded the Opera browser today and I undated Chrome to Version 51.0.2704.106 m, and somewhere along the line, doing these updates changed some of my defaults. I have used Control Panel to change my defaults back to MS Outlook, but it didn't work. When I click on a "mailto" link in Chrome Gmail, a composition box pops up instead of MS Outlook.

When I go to chrome://settings/handlers, I see "Active protocol handlers," "mailto," "(none)." My only two choices are "(none)" and ""

Any help appreciated to restore MS Outlook as my "mailto" default. Thanks again.

A:Downloaded Opera, now cannot set mailto to MS Outlook

Change windows default programs
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Installation of IE will not complete already followed directions from MS but to no avail Its genuine XP sp and validation completes Here is the log ie log in problem mailto the but it's Unwriteable key not IE7 install, local c d c f b Unwriteable key in IE7 install, but it's not the mailto problem ecb update update exe version Failed To Enable SE SHUTDOWN PRIVILEGE Hotfix started with following Unwriteable key in IE7 install, but it's not the mailto problem command line quiet norestart er nobackup log C WINDOWS IECUSTOM Scanning for proper registry permissions IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR application bootstrap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR xaml bootstrap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR xbap bootstrap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR xps bootstrap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application DocObject IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application CurVer IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml DocObject IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml CurVer IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xaml IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap DocObject IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap CurVer IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xbap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps DocObject IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps CurVer IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR bootstrap xps IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR Microsoft FeedsManager IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR Microsoft FeedsManager CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR Microsoft FeedsManager IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR Microsoft InformationCard ElementBehaviorFactory CLSID IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR Microsoft InformationCard ElementBehaviorFactory IECUSTOM Scanning for proper registry permissions IECUSTOM Scanning for proper registry permissions IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR application bootstrap IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR application IECUSTOM Unwriteable key HKCR xaml bootstrap... Read more

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Whenever I click a mailto: link in a web page, I get the following error msg:

"Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"

I used to use Outlook 2007. Now I use Windows Mail (which is part of Vista). ALL DEFAULTS ARE SET PROPERLY in the OS and in the mail client. I even went as far as trying different email clients and editing my registry mailto: entries. Nothing helps. This scenario is identical on my notebook.

1. mailto: works from Start/Run command line
2. mailto: links work in Firefox.
3. mailto: links work fine in VM XP setup (under my Vista host)

Any (non-lame) help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: mailto: error in Vista SP1

apparently, i failed to find ALL of the windows default settings necessary to resolve this...until TODAY. i've used vista for over a year and yet no mastery.
: )
so i'm all good (except for my private network losing discovery and sharing upon EVERY reboot.
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I am trying to configure IE8 and Windows 7 so that when I click on Mailto links it opens up our Google Apps web interface, but can't get it figured out. When I go to Default Programs and Set Associations, I have Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps as options (Google Apps requires Chrome which I don't want). On one machine that I got running, I have a third option of Internet Shortcut Shell Extension DLL and it is working, but I don't have a clue how I got it there. Getting Firefox to link to the Google Apps Gmail is easy, but IE8 not so much. We have a registry fix for Windows XP and it worked great, but it doesn't work with IE8 and Windows 7. I have wasted nearly a day playing with this setting and haven't gotten anywhere. Ideas?

A:Mailto links in IE to go to Google Apps

I ended up cloning the desktop image onto the laptop so that the working links now work on the laptop. I would still be interested to see if anyone knows of a way to get it to work easily. For now, my problem has been least until I need to figure out how to do it again.
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I have a very simple form which I want site visitors to be able to fill out and email to me. When I hit my submit button, I do get the email and the form data, but it is not at all formatted. Can someone point me to where I can find out how to format so that the resulting email is easily readable?

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Two days ago the mailto weblinks on ordinary webpages no longer open in Outlook I get a small pop-up that says quot The operation failed quot Previously those links opened from all the browsers I haven't made any changes to Outlook either and otherwise it's working just fine no Outlook Mailto open in weblinks longer After an extensive web search I followed the recommended fixes but they didn't work either uninstall outlook connector uninstall adobe reader run outlook detect amp repair run scanpst created a new profile reinstalled outlook This is the main computer for a small business and it's the only one having this Mailto weblinks no longer open in Outlook problem and it is using Win- pro and Outlook I know it's an old program but it was working fine until a couple of days ago I tried system restore but those restore points only went back a few days and none of them fixed the problem I do have a disk image from June that might pull from but I'm not sure what part of it I would need to restore Since this is a small business with workers our resources are not able to start replacing full computer systems I've seen this problem mentioned several times in other forums but no one seems to either understand the problem or they don't know what to Mailto weblinks no longer open in Outlook do Any help is sincerely appreciated
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i want the mailto: links to open with my gmail and not with outlook.

althou i use gmail notifier which has the folowing option,.. but it doesn't seams to work

or should i change in the regitry what aplication the mailto: links hadle to the gmail notifer,.. and that will open firefox for me?

A:Change how FF2 handles mailto: links? [RESOLVED]

What I would try to do is, go into the start menu and select "Set Program Access and Defaults"

From there, make Gmail your default mail-viewing program.
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When clicking on MAILTO (either in OUTLOOK EXPRESS or in INTERNET EXPLORER), 60+ Internet

Explorer windows open up.

First thought:
It was due to Outlook Express not being the preferred email client.
Made the change – but it would never stick.

But when I found the registry key

I was NOT able to change the permissions…

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !

[email protected]

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I've found the Windows Mail App uses the wrong 'From' address when clicking on 'mailto ' links With Outlook com you can set in Changing 'From' 'mailto:' Links Email Address it up to send Changing 'From' Email Address in 'mailto:' Links and receive email from an external mailbox account instead of from the Outlook com account Basically Outlook com acts as an email client and sends and receives from external email accounts via POP SMTP If I create a new email from scratch or reply to emails everything works properly and it sends all emails from my external email address as it should However if I click a mailto link it ignores all the settings and uses my Microsoft Account live email address as the 'from' address The settings in the Outlook com account are set to send email from my external email address and also the settings in the Windows Mail App are set to use my 'Preferred Email Address' which is one from my external email account Other than that I can't see how to change it so I'm thinking maybe it was overlooked when they made the Mail app Realistically I think maybe mailto links should use whatever the 'Preferred Email Address' is set to in the Mail App Unless anyone has any ideas on a work around
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Windows XP Home with SP2. Outlook Express works fine but whenever I click a web page link that uses Mailto: I get multiple (approx 60) IE windows saying page cannot be displayed. Have run Spybot and Ad Aware. Any Suggestions?
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In my registry I'm missing the mailto portion of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\mailto and I'm wondering if I can create this by way of using edit/new when running regedit?

A:Missing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\mailto

Hello Russell, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Did you scroll down past all of the file extensions listed at that registry location? mailto will be under all of the file extenstions in the protocol list like below.
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Somehow my ability to use mailto links from IE has broken I am not sure when how this happened A new mail window does open however not without an annoying error message saying quot Could not perform this operation because the dafault mail client is not installed properly quot I have Vista Home Premium Outlook It is possible that the problem began when I switched from PC Tools Internet Security to Webroot Spysweeper with Antivirus from IE errors however Mailto works only; Safari from link BTW I uninstalled both and now use Norton Internet Security I have done extensive troubleshooting but nothing has worked Here is a summary - I have tried all of the Default Program tools - I have performed a quot Repair quot on MS Office - I have switched defaults to other programs Safari Windows Mail then back - I installed Thunderbird and tried using Mailto link errors from IE only; works from Safari however it as the default mail client - I have checked Registry entries although I am not entirely sure what to look for None of these work The only interesting observation is that mailto links work from Safari no matter which programs are set as default But they do not work from IE Here are my registry entries HKEY CLASSES ROOT mailto Mailto link errors from IE only; works from Safari however quot URL Protocol quot quot quot quot EditFlags quot hex quot URL MailTo Protocol quot HKEY CLASSES ROOT mailto DefaultIcon quot quot C PROGRA MICROS Office Mailto link errors from IE only; works from Safari however OUTLOOK EXE quot quot HKEY CLASSES ROOT mailto shell HKEY CLASSES ROOT mailto shell open HKEY CLASSES ROOT mailto shell open command quot quot C PROGRA MICROS Office OUTLOOK EXE quot -c IPM Note m quot quot quot HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes mailto quot URL Protocol quot quot quot quot EditFlags quot hex quot URL MailTo Protocol quot HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes mailto DefaultIcon quot quot C PROGRA MICROS Office OUTLOOK EXE quot quot HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes mailto shell HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes mailto shell open HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes mailto shell open command quot quot C PROGRA MICROS Office OUTLOOK EXE quot -c IPM Note m quot quot quot Any ideas I know I should probably move to another browser but I want to fix this anyway Elch

A:Mailto link errors from IE only; works from Safari however

Update - I installed the IE8 beta and it makes no difference.
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When I click on a "mailto:"; link, the default mail client opened together with an extra browser window. The browser address bar contains mailto:<email address> . so, I end up with 3 windows (mail client, new window with mailto in address bar and the main window where I clicked the mailto link).

I'm a web developer and use mailto links in my applications. What can I do to fix the issue mentioned above?

Thanks in advance! =)

A:IE7 opens new browser window for Outlook (mailto) link

Hello and welcome to TSF

I think you will get a better answer, in the web design forum.

I will move your thread.
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Hi I really hope someone can help IE7 & new & with error window links mailto browser opens me with this annoying problem On a webpage I have a link coded like this lt a href quot mailto abc def com quot gt abc def com lt a gt Just your normal standard link to open up your mail client in my case it is Windows Mail In windows XP amp IE clicking on a link like this would work properly However now that I am on Vista amp IE when I click on this kind of quot mailto quot link although it does open up my default mail client it also opens up another browser window which displays an error quot Internet Explorer cannot display the IE7 & mailto links & new browser window opens with error webpage quot with a URL of quot mailto abc def com quot If I try clicking on the same link in a Firefox browser there is no problem It appears that IE and mailto don't want to play nicely together While I was researching this problem I read somewhere that IE7 & mailto links & new browser window opens with error it might have to do with quot trusted IE7 & mailto links & new browser window opens with error sites quot but not sure Can someone give me a solution to stop the additional IE browser window being created Most of the time it sits on top of the eMail window so you are unsure of where the eMail went which can be very confusing in addition to not being able to find the original window you were viewing Any help will be greatly appreciated SunnyOz

A:IE7 & mailto links & new browser window opens with error

Hello SunnyOz, and welcome to Vista Forums.

That is strange. I'm not sure why IE7 would try to open it as well when Windows Mail had opened with it as it should.

Double check to make sure that Internet Explorer and Windows Mail are set as the default program with all of their associations set to them as well to see if there may be something not set with them.

Do you have problems with any other mailto links opening like this? If not, then it may be a problem with that link from that website.

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I am trying to disable the action where when you click on an email address or link it brings up Windows Mail. I am trying to create a very secure computer with many restrictions. I was able to do this with XP through File Types but Vista will not allow Windows Mail to be disabled and it doesn't seem to allow URL:Mailto to be disabled. Is there any way you can think of to make this work?

A:disable URL:MailTo Protocol or Windows Mail in Vista SP1

Hello janleo54106

Welcome to TSF

I believe that you can change the associations for the mail client through the registry

Navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Windows Live Mail

Here you can adjust the URLAssociations by going into Capabilities and URLAssociations

This should allow you to disable the options


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A:How to add secondary gmail account to my gmail?

You missed an email address on the top if you'd like to remove and edit the image
How To Combine All Your Email Addresses into One Gmail Inbox
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When I click a mailto link, instead of Outlook 2003 opening up an email w/the address already on it I get a 2nd instance of outlook and I'm the default mail client is not installed properly then IE 11 opens up new windows until I manage to shut them down.

Default mail program is Outlook 2003 in control panel?


I rarely use IE. WAterfox is the default.

A:Waterfox / Outlook 2003 - clicking a mailto link opens up many IE

Is water... you default browser ?
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I have WinXP Prof., and Outlook 2002. IE 6 if that matters.

My outlook works fine under normal situations but when I clink on any kind of mailto link in excel, word, or on a web page outlook opens and keeps opening. After 30 seconds I might have 100 instances of it open and it's not stopping. I have to hit CTRL ALT DEL to stop it and reboot. I have never seen this before. Any ideas? I'm wondering if it's a registry problem or some screw up in an .ini file or whatever. I'm not sure where to look or what to look for. I tried reinstalling everything. Repairing too.

A:Outlook 2002 won't stop opening when I click on a mailto link

have you checked for viruses? that happened with my IE before
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When I click on an embedded e-mail link I get the error message "could not preform this opperation because default e-mail client is nor properly installed" when I close the error message box, It opens at least 40 browsers, sometimes crashing my computer. My defaut e-mail is Outlook Express, and it had been and still seems to be fine. I tried changing it to Outlook, but the same thing happened. I read at another forum that this seems to be an IE glitch. They sugessted a download from OErepair, which I tried to no avail. Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] MailTo Link error, opens dozens of windows

Try this (for Win XP):

Click Start, Run and type control inetcpl.cpl
Select the Programs tab
From the E-mail dropdown list, choose another mail client and click Apply
Redo the procedure and set your preferred email client again

Click Start, Run and type Regedit.exe
Navigate to the following branch:
(if not exist URL Protocol string) From the Edit menu, select New, and then click String Value.
Type URL Protocol as the name of the new String Value
Exit the Registry Editor

Start Regedit.exe and navigate to the following branch:

On the Edit menu, click Permissions
Click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab
Under Change owner to, click the new owner (your user account)
Place a checkmark near Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
Click OK

Start Regedit.exe and navigate to the following branch:
On the Edit menu, click Permissions
Configure the permissions as mentioned in the table below:
Object Permissions
Creator Owner Full Control
Administrators Full Control
Users Read
System Full Control

If an object name is missing, click the Add button to add an user or group.
Click the Advanced button
Select the Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects checkbox.
Deselect the Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here checkbox.
Click Apply, and then click Yes when you are prompted to continue.
Click OK, and then click OK again.
Exit the Registry editor.
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I've got a funny that I just can't get a handle on:
The user's PC has Firefox as default browser and Thunderbird is the default mail client. When she clicks on a 'mailto' link on a webpage, instead of Thunderbird opening a new mail window, the browser opens the google mail webpage. In IE it all works as it should. I've checked in Firefox's settings and Thunderbird is the corresponding application for mailto. I tried setting this explicitly to thunderbird.exe (using the 'browse' button) with no effect. Curious thing is that the user claims she hasn't even heard of google mail, let alone used it. I thought maybe google toolbar was hijacking the link, but it isn't even installed.
None of the other users has this problem.
All are using Firfox 3.0.7 with Windows XP SP3
Any ideas?

A:Solved: mailto link in Firefox doesn't open Thunderbird

Please try to uninstall and reintsall the mozilla filrefox.
and then try tol click on a "mailto" and even if you are getting the same issue then please let me know.
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Hello everyone,

When ever I click a mailto link in either Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera it opens up a new chrome browser window. Before I installed windows 8 I had it opening up Outlook 2010 new email, now it opens up a new Chrome browser window.

How do I change it in windows 8 to when I click a link in any browser to open up Outlook 2010 new email as it did before?

Thank you for your help.

A:mailto links in browsers don't open up outlook 2010 email

Hello MrJe, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check to make sure that Outlook is set as the default program for all of it's associations. Specifically the mailto protocol.

Default Programs - Set Your Default Programs in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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Recently developed problem (perhaps since a new clean install of everything on SSD):

- Opera 11.62/12b or Waterfox 12 browsers, email client (Sylpheed) set as Windows default, set as Opera and Waterfox mailto default with the following command/parameter
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sylpheed\sylpheed.exe --compose mailto:%t

- If email client is closed, mailto link opens client and compose window with address (good)
- If email client is open and command used without parameter, focus shifts to email client (no compose window) - that's as it should
- If email client is open, mailto link --> nothing happens

The latter is the problem.

In addition, right now mailto is not showing in "Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol." Can't figure out why. However, when it did, setting Sylpheed as default mailto had no effect on the main problem.

Any ideas? thanks,

A:Mailto missing from registry (& Associate File Type or Protocol List)

Since my OP, I've got the registry settings such that the external email client, Sylpheed, is seen as the default email client and mailto program by Windows, as well by Opera, FF and IE9 browsers. What's really odd now is that it take numerous repeated quick mouse clicks with any of those browsers to get a compose window to open in the condition where Sylpheed is already running. I've got Windows set to single-click open, but that doesn't make any difference with mailto links - and only mailto links. Not sure what to make of it, since it didn't use to act this way. Any ideas? Sylpheed is text-based if that is at all relevant.

(example mailto links:
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I created a fillable PDF using Adobe Acrobat 8.1.0. On this form I added a button for users to click on to email the completed PDF (not just the data) to 3 specific mailto: addresses.

I need to update these addresses, but our office has taken away the use of Adobe Acrobat and I am now trying to figure out how to do this using Nuance PDF. Despite searching help and the web, I can not figure out how to do so.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!
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Our end goal is that when someone selects an email link inside of Internet Explorer it goes to either the O365 Outlook login page or presents a composed email from We have been able to accomplish these settings using the following command line:
ftype mailto="C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" ""
This works 100% of the time when Protection mode is disabled for the Internet zone

When protection mode is enabled we get the prompt
"A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer"
Name: Internet Explorer 11
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
when I select "Allow" nothing happens and I'm not seeing any corresponding event logs to why this is happening
Looking for how to get past this while still having protection mode enabled