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how do I get my outlook express into windows 7

Q: how do I get my outlook express into windows 7

First question: Is there a difference between Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail?

Second question: Is one of the two already in Windows 7?

Third question: I was going to do a Windows Easy Transfer from my computer running XP with Outlook Express to my new computer with Windows 7. If Windows 7 already has Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail will all my messages etc. in Outlook be transferred into the new mail program?

Fourth question: If Windows 7 does not have one of the mail programs mentioned should I download one of them into the old computer and move my messages etc. from Outlook into the new program and THEN do an Easy Transfer into the new computer (after I also download the same mail program into that computer if it doesn't already have it)?

If this has already been addressed in another post please direct me there.


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Preferred Solution: how do I get my outlook express into windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: how do I get my outlook express into windows 7

I don't know what you stand to gain from "easy transfer". When you move from XP to 7 you have to do a clean install. Win 7 has no email program at all. (It was Vista that came with Windows Mail which was very similar to OE.) The Win 7 replacement for OE is Windows Live Mail which is one of the downloadable apps available via the Suite of programs called "Windows Live Essentials". The 2011 version takes some getting used to, what with the ribbon interface and the "sign-in" option for using some "Live" features like tying emailed photos to Sky Drive and keeping a copy of all your contacts and their organization into groups on the web. But underneath the unfamiliar stuff lies the familiar (although sometimes buggy) OE funtionality. Windows Live Mail can easily import your OE Messages and Contacts. You just need to save your old Outlook Express Messsage store for the emails and your .wab file for the contacts. Also you may notice that Windows 7 has a "User" folder called "Contacts" so be ready to completely ignore it since the WLM you download will have its own method and location for handling contacts. I suspect the Contacts folder you see was put their in anticipation of carrying over Vista's email program which was never implmented in Windows 7.
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Dear Forum ;-)

One of our artists is going to be moving from a Mac to a PC (Windows XP), and we need to be able to move his existing Outlook Express messages from the Mac to the PC version of Outlook Express. I did catch this thread:

but the link to the "OE Exporter" is broken. It looks like it worked, too. Does anyone have any suggestions, or a new link to OE Exporter?

Thanks in advance.

Marc Hoffman
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I am trying to Copy Outlook Express data from a XP computer to Outlook 2007 on windows 7
contacts and emails years of them in folders

the microsoft help says run outlook express on the outlook computer

its windows 7 and not available as far as i can see

help appreciated please

A:Help! Copy Outlook Express data to Outlook 2007 on windows 7

Hello rogerk, welcome to Seven forums.

Sorry no one has replied before, but I hope this might help:
How to upgrade from Outlook Express to Outlook

more information and guidance here:
How to import addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook
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I am an old guy. I tend to like Outlook Express. Some years ago I finally got it customized in terms of text size and layout the way I like. I am used to it. But, it seems to have some kind of fatal flaw - that every year or so MS OUtlook Express's InBox gets corrupted and makes either or both sending or receiving email no longer possible. It is as if after working properly for a year or two the InBox file gets to a certain size and goes haywire. Is there any remedy for this? Is there a more stable version of Outlook Express or another mail program that is very similar but more stable than OE that I can import my settings into?

A:Alternative to Outlook Express?I tend to like Outlook Express. Some years ago I fina
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I've searched the forum and it seems my need is a little different than the posts which have already been made I have XP Express Outlook Outlook Export into 2007 Windows 7? an old XP laptop Export Outlook Express XP into Outlook 2007 Windows 7? which I was using Outlook Express for one of my mail accounts a work account I also ran regular Outlook for another personal I want to have both of these accounts on my new PC My new PC is running Windows wiht Office I used the Windows transfer cable and things worked failry well My regular Outlook files all came over well but nothing for Outlook Express I really would like to take this time to somehow export my OE files into my Outlook I would really like to keep the account which imported in on Outlook seperate Question Is there a way to import my OE files into Outlook Question Is there a way to have two seperate email accounts in Outlook without combining them Basically I want to have a work email and a personal and keep them seperate If I can't have two seperate emails with Outlook can anyone suggest something which would allow me to export my old Outlook the old personal emails into another program so that I can at least use my work email on Outlook Hopefully this isn't too confusing

A:Export Outlook Express XP into Outlook 2007 Windows 7?

If it's possible then I suspect it's far more likely you'd do it using an import feature in Outlook 2007 as opposed to an export feature in OE6, and I doubt the change of operating system really has much influence on this.

I'm not running Office 2007 on the machine in front of me, otherwise I'd check some of the options myself for you - but if you look at the import menu in Outlook 2007 (or if you're really stuck, the help files!) then I feel certain they'll be an answer already waiting for you
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I just received my new laptop running windows 7 and I installed Outlook Mail 2003. I'm trying to import old outlook express mail (version 6) from my old laptop. Can someone tell me how to do this?

On a related topic. Should I install Outlook 2007 on my computer instead of 2003? I chose the 2003 version as I have read reviews that Office 2007 is no good. I'm asking because I can see Microsoft releasing a new version of Office which would be more compatible 2007 than 2003.

Thank you,

A:Importing Outlook Express into Outlook '03 in Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by Pinarello911

I just received my new laptop running windows 7 and I installed Outlook Mail 2003. I'm trying to import old outlook express mail (version 6) from my old laptop. Can someone tell me how to do this?

On a related topic. Should I install Outlook 2007 on my computer instead of 2003? I chose the 2003 version as I have read reviews that Office 2007 is no good. I'm asking because I can see Microsoft releasing a new version of Office which would be more compatible 2007 than 2003.

Thank you,

Hi Pinarello911,

Your first question.
You need to localize the outlookexpress folder on the old system.
It contains files named .dxf, .iaf and some others I can't remember.

Copy the folder to your new system.

In outlook 2003 first import the accounts.

To import addresses you need to open address book and choose import.
Then chose outlook express again.

I hope I remembered this right, because I haven't used 2003 for quite some time.

Your second question.
Not much has changed in outlook 2007, so changing only for outlook isn't worth your while.

Office 2007 for me personally is the best office to date, but lots of people hate it because they don't like spending a bit of time getting to know the new layout.

If you are planning to use 2007, make sure you first do the imports from outlook express to outlook 2003, and then from 2003 to 2007, because 2007 can't import from outlook express directly.

Hope this helps.

Let us know if you need more detailed help.
Then I will install 2003 and post screenshots.


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Hey Folks

I am trying to import OE5 .dbx files from a Win2k machine to a completely different machine (Win2003) with OE6. Everytime I try to import the DBX files I get an error message stating:

"No messges can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open..."

The thing is I have even tried copying the DBX files from the old machine to the new machine and importing them from a directory on the new machine. I stil get the same message!

Another strange thing is the impor facility on OE6 does not provic an option import OE5 files, only OE4 & OE6.

I've already imported my mail accounts and address book, just not my messages.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thx in advance.

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Is there a free fix for error 0x800ccc0d in Outlook Express? I can receive but not send email.
Thank you

A:Windows xp/ outlook express

Hi afrank

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

What is the complete error message you are receiving when you attempt to send mail?
Right click on the error message and copy it then paste it in your next reply.
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Is there anyway to use Outlook Express 7 in Windows 7? I'll stand on my head if that'll help!

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Can Outlook Express be used in Windows 7, preferably as my default email? Can OE be downloaded for free? TIA,Grover Hughes

A:Use of Outlook Express in Windows 7

Windows Mail (Vista) and Windows Live Mail (part of the Windows Live Essentials suite) are renamed versions of Outlook Express. They're even built from the same codebase and use the same version numbers.
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Actually this is not a question for myself but a friend who has finally updated to Windows 7 Home Premium and wants to know how to put Outlook Express as her e-mail programme instead of Windows Live Mail as we have in Windows 7.She never had Vista like me so she is completely in the dark and although l have lent her a few books on Win 7 it will take her awhile to get used to this OS as you can imagine.
If anyone is kind enough to answer please explain fully as l cannot help her as never had that e-mail programme.Personally l think she would be happier with what we have in Win 7 but she is adamant she wants the above so l offered to ask the Site.
Thanks in anticipation and l will download the answer and send it to her so she can work it out.

A:Outlook Express on Windows 7.How to?

To put it simply, Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Live mail with the introduction of Internet Explorer 7 and was decomissioned.

Trying to download Outlook Express in Windows Vista or Windows 7?
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After installing SP2, I cannot connect to my POP3 server through Outlook Express. I never had the issue until I installed SP2 and now I get a time-out error. I tried to reinstall OE and I uninstalled SP2 and nothing worked. I have check the account setups and they are the same as before? Any thoughts?

A:Windows XP SP2 and Outlook Express

theraly said:

After installing SP2, I cannot connect to my POP3 server through Outlook Express. I never had the issue until I installed SP2 and now I get a time-out error. I tried to reinstall OE and I uninstalled SP2 and nothing worked. I have check the account setups and they are the same as before? Any thoughts?Click to expand...
welcome to the forums
have you checked here:

these are two good starting points. SP2 has a firewall. Did you try turning off the firewall to see if it was preventing your email server from getting thru - that is one of the reported problems with SP2...doc
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I recently installed xp on computer and have tried to check my e-mail on outlook express but it won't open, meanwhile I tried to check it on and it says that the message box is full and I need extra storage space. I have tried to delete messages to make room and then it won't let me do it, the message box says trash is emptied on a periodic basis so I cannot check new e-mail on it.

Can someone tell me why I cannot open Outlook express or if there is another site that I can check my e-mail from my pop server so I can delete old messages. The ones that are coming in on yahoo are a lot of duplicates so no wonder the box is full.


I will have to read the post on this site since I cannot receive my e-mail anywhere else

A:outlook express in windows xp


When you go and try and clear the Inbox, have you doublechecked all Deleted and Sent folders? They may have loads in there.

Also, for OE and Yahoo, have a look at this:


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I had been running outlook express on a Windows xp computer. It's ready to die so I got a new computer with windows 8.1. The new office edition that came with the new computer will not run outlook express.

Is it possible to take my old discs and load outlook express on the new computer? The new windows is 64 bit and I think the xp is not.

I'm looking for email suggestions or a way to get outlook express on the new computer. I don't have outlook so that's not an option.

A:outlook express and windows 8.1

Outlook Express hasn't been around for some time. Windows 8.x has a simple mail client but you would have to purchase a full version of Outlook to get back something like you have been used to. Fortunately, there are less expensive, even free, alternatives. This article covers the issue.

Windows 8 Outlook Express: What Has Happened?
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I'm hoping someone out there can help me

For the last couple of weeks everytime I open my outlook express then read my emails and then close it I get an icon on my desktop appear that is just a white icon that has this symbol on it for it's name ~ . When I click on the icon and go to properties it says the type of file is "file" and that it was created today (or whatever day it happens to be) and modified and accessed today.

I was thinking I must have some sort of virus or something and have run housecall several times. Nothing comes up...Any suggestions on what this is? It's making me nervous and I have no idea what it could be. Please keep in mind that I consider myself somewhat computer literate, but no expert by any means!


A:Need help. RE: Outlook express and Windows XP

Hi There!

the "~" character normally references a Temp file.

Try running a Disk Cleanup and see if the problem goes away. If the problem persists, then your temp directory may need to be cleared re-created.
Good Luck!

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I just bought a new computer with Windows XP. My problem is with Outlook Express. On my previous computer, when I opened Outlook Express, my online contacts on MSN Messenger were shown. This was great to see who was online and who wasn't. With XP, I can only view my online contacts if I open MSN Messenger. Does any one know how I can get this to work in Outlook Express? Thanks for the help.
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I am operating Windows XP and use Outlook Express 6 for my e-mails. I keep getting the following error message:

An Outlook Express store file may be damaged. Please use a utility such as ScanDisk to verify and repair any damaged files. Protocol: SMTP, Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0155

When I reboot (which takes forever) OE6 may or may not work.

Any suggestions? Appreciate your help.

A:Outlook Express in Windows XP

I would back up all your important data first, then follow the instructions in the link below.

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I am trying to move the email files (inbox, sent mail, etc) from Outlook Express on Windows 98 on my old computer to Outlook Express on Windows XP on my new computer. I was successful in importing my old Address Book but cannot transfer the email folders. On my old computer, they are .dbx files. When I send them to my new computer via an ethernet cable they show up on my new computer, but the new Outlook Express can't read them and doesn't recognize them. Can someone help me?

A:Outlook Express from Windows 98 to XP

Inside OE tells you all about the different files, settings, and where they're located

try using OE Backup to save address book, account settings, email .dbx files etc, on the original PC

then install it on the new one, copy the saved files over, and it will plop them (the technical description for restore ) into the new OE for you

note: watch out for overwriting any email messages etc you already have in the 'new' OE
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I just installed the XP upgrade to convert from 98 and cannot use Outlook Express. I have used OE for the past few years on this computor but after conversion I get a message to "insert Office 2000 for Small Business Disc" which I can't find (or never had). In any case why shouldn't OE work if it worked prior to the conversion???????? :

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Is it possible to run Outlook Express under Windows 7?

I much prefer Outlook Express and I am not very happy with Windows Live Mail 2011.


A:Can Outlook Express be used under Windows 7?

Not natively, no.. the best you can do is to run XP in a VM...
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Is there an Outlook Express here or is it just windows Mail?? and if so why can't I create an email program using my @shaw account?? It say on my seach of this question to create a new acountis to use tools/ but there is no bar called Tools...
I don't want to use Hotmail.. It is full of spam and is so archaic...
I need to use Outlook Express for Windows 7.. any ideas??

A:outlook express in windows 7??

It's not there, and its replacement, Windows Live Mail isn't exactly well defined as such. At least that was my experience when I went looking.

I'm not sure what Windows Live supports so I don't even know if it would let you use it on something besides hotmail.

I'd look at alternatives like Mozilla Thunderbird or the built in mail client that comes with the Opera browser.

I've used both and liked them both, though it's been a while since I used either. I don't even use the email provided by my ISP any more.

Ther are others. Just do a search for "email clients" and you'll find a whole list I'm sure.
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Whenever I send an email, especially with an attachment, it sends anywhere from 25 to 50 times.
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My computers C Drive only has like around megabits left on it for storage I am wanting to free up space on the drive I can retrieve emails OK but can when clicking on there Express XP Windows Outlook in nothing to read I am believing that has Outlook Express Windows XP something to do with hard drive space I have a new external hard drive that has some gigabytes left for storage Can I move Outlook Express to the external drive and operate that from there I am not changing the email storage folder to that drive Outlook Express Windows XP to see if that might help My other question is what can I remove from the C drive to free up space on it I know that computers need space on a hard drive to operate correctly I had another computer that when the hard drive space became real low the computer seemed to have problems One is the main desktop was a bit weird looking Also is not there a file with the EXTENTION swp which is a fairly big file Can hat be moved to the external hard drive Thank you for the help Oh also my iPad can not be backed up to this computer because of that small amount of disk space

A:Outlook Express Windows XP

Go to My Computer right click on it then select Properties. Click on the Disk Cleanup button under the pie chart. Check all then click ok. Also try installing CCleaner this is an advanced cleaner which will do a better job that Windows built in Disk Cleanup utility. Do not use the registry cleaner tool in CCleaner we do not recommend it.

Also try deleting any old emails that are no longer needed.
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Hey everybody...My Outlook express will not delete e-mails some of the time. I have deleted it and re-installed it and then it will work for awhile then kaput back to the same old thing.I have been over my pc for Malware and nothing found. Ran CCleaner, AdAware, ZoneAlarm and probably a few more so I doubt if I have a problem there. I am guessing a corrupt file? Seems like that would be odd to seeing I have re-installed it a couple of times...Any suggestions?Thanks.(Moderator edit: thread moved to more appropriate forum. jgweed)

A:Outlook Express In Windows Me

HI Barnsworth.
The deleted items folder, which is where your deleted emails go, has a size limitation.
Do you empty your deleted items folder on a regular basis?
If you do, the next time it happens, close OE and just delete the "Deleted Items.dbx" file via explorer instead of going through the uninstall-reinstall proccess. OE will automatically build a new one the next time you launch it. If the problem goes away, an item in the deleted items folder itself is most likely damaged or corrupted.
If you do not empty your deleted items folder regularly, on OE "Maintenance" tab in options, you can set it to do it automatically on exit if you like. Once your deleted items folder reaches it's capacity, it will no longer allow you to delete any more messages until you make room.
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Before everyone starts to rip me apart, let me explain what I am trying to do.

I use 2 different email accounts (with to separate my normal home emails and those serviceing sites like Freecycle. For my home stuff, I use Outlook 2010 which installed fine on Windows 7. Previously in XP I used outlook express for non-home related stuff. This works fine in keeping the two streams of data separated.

Now that I am migrating over to Windows 7, is there a version of outlook express I can use?

A:Can I run outlook express on windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by mikeeva

Before everyone starts to rip me apart, let me explain what I am trying to do.

I use 2 different email accounts (with to separate my normal home emails and those serviceing sites like Freecycle. For my home stuff, I use Outlook 2010 which installed fine on Windows 7. Previously in XP I used outlook express for non-home related stuff. This works fine in keeping the two streams of data separated.

Now that I am migrating over to Windows 7, is there a version of outlook express I can use?

According to MS
Outlook Express isn't available in Windows Vista or Windows 7?you can't download it or run it on either version of Windows. However, you can install an e‑mail program from another company or use Windows Live Mail?a free program that is part of Windows Live Essentials.
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Good Afternoon.

I have installed the virtual pc software and XP mode software onto my windows 7 computer so I can run outlook Express within the "XP mode" environment. Problem is that Outlook Express wants to install at the location c:\program files\outlook
express directory and I want to install it on my K'\drive. The GUI windows does not allow me to change it's path.

Any ideas please?

Thank you

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I have a privately built computer,which had issues and after being reloaded,I cannot install outlook express. How do I do this??

A:windows 7/outlook express

Sadly, you don't. Microsoft discontinued support for O.E., yrs ago.

Now, you need to use Windows Live Mail.

If you have OE data [ address book ], msgs on disks or flash drives, you can import it to Windows Live Mail.

Here are 3 links, to get you started.

Please run this forum's system info utility & post the results.

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Hi, I'm new here and hope you can help. I have recently tried to move all the contents of Outlook Express from my laptop to my desktop. Although I can see these files on the desktop, they refuse to show themselves in Outlook Express. However, that isn't the problem for the moment. At some point I tried to open the OE files in the Store Folder but was presented with an 'Open With' screen. At this point, I lost my nerve and decided to cancel. Unfortunately, the next thing I knew was that all my OE files had turned to Acrobat Reader files. How do I convert them back to .dbx files. If anybody can help, please can you explain as if talking to a child as I'm a complete numbskull when it comes to all things computerised.Thanks in anticipationMoved from the XP Forum. ~acklan~
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I have tried to fathom out livemail, and don't like it. Outlook Express ws simple and the best to use imo.

Can I install outlook express while using Windows 7 as OS, and how?

A:Outlook Express on Windows 7?

I agree, Live Mail isn't to my liking either. Windows Mail ala Vista would be a fantastic optional downoad via update I reckon. Same goes for Windows Calendar. :-)
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Ive recently had to reset my computer because I had a virus. Now my Outlook Express isnt working. Ive added all my contacts and im connected to the internet. But when i go to send an email it comes up with: "this message could not be sent. No sender was specified, Please check your News Account configuration."

Ive check the News Account configuration many times and nothing's wrong there. Im doing exactly what I use to do before the computer was reset. I dont know why it says "no sender was specified" as ive put my sender in.

Can someone please help.

A:Outlook Express In Windows Xp

How did you set up your mail and news accounts? You have to have the right pop/imap, smpt, and/or news servers. Some require authentication to post. And AFAIK I don't think you send e-mails using your news account (you post to newsgroups).
Mail setup:
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I've been having problems with Windows Live that came installed with Windows 7 (64 bit) on my HP G71 machine?
I would really like to have XP back but think that would be too drastic.
I'd like to go back to Outlook Express if I can. Can this be done easily as I'm a beginner. If so, which OE should I use. Do I have to delete my Windows Live?
Thanks in advance

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hi i finally have a new computer and am trying to find a way to get Outlook Express for email on the new system OE has been my long term email and has all my contacts and saved emails on so on I've been using it for so long my email address end with Prodigy net Yep ancient just like me But I can't find a and 7? Outlook Express Windows 6 download for it other than one from something called RUN AsPX And you to have donate to them before you download it Is there an alternative It would be going into Windows Pro bit OS I don't mind donating but I have no idea if AsPX is legit or not and what else may be coming with the OE download So my questions are Is there somewhere I can find a way to get Outlook Express 6 and Windows 7? the OE download other than AsPX If not is AsPX legitimate and Outlook Express 6 and Windows 7? would it be safe to use their download Thank Outlook Express 6 and Windows 7? you Thank you

A:Outlook Express 6 and Windows 7?

You were previously using XP?
Outlook Express is the email client built into Internet Explorer, so OE6 comes as part of IE6, which is not Vista/Windows 7 compatible. (There are ways to do it, but not the simplest.)
I have no idea about the download you refer to, but I'd think you should be able to export the emails and contacts and import them into a current email client:
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We just purchased a new computer. It came with Windows 8 installed. The first thing I did was upgrade it to Windows 10 to get it out of the way and done. Now I'm trying to transfer all of the Comcast e-mail from the old box that was running XP. Since there is no Outlook Express in this new OS. I need to figure out a way to get all of my old settings into this new box. I have tried using the built in mail program to get it to use my comcast e-mail. But it keeps telling me that my password is incorrect, or that that e-mail is already in use. I know it's in use. because I own it. Any suggestions on how to do this?
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I notice when I receive an email w/ an attachment of pictures and I open the attachment to view the picture there are additional pictures that come up that look like they came from my hard drive in maybe a temporary folder (just guessing). Pictures of logos, advertisements, photos, etc. Anyway, can this be corrected? Your help is most appreciated.
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just wondering how we can send a large number of emails to different email addresses without pressing ok to send it individually
i have so many to send of it takes to long to wait to send each one off
any ideas?

A:microsoft outlook express (windows xp)

Is this the same message to a number of addressees?
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looking for free version of outlook express to use on windows 7.
is there such a thing ??

A:Outlook Express email for Windows 7

No.  Outlook Express died with previous versions of Windows.
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I cannot find outlook express on my new HP laptop with windows it called something else? do I need to download windows essentials as an alternative?

the reason I ask is that I could not link my ISP webmail to outlook express on my computer because it was not there.

when I did try to connect to my ISP webmail it said could not find web address ( it is there and working ) and said the connection would not have encryption ( bad! ) so I cancelled the create profile sequence and am looking for alternatives....

A:cannot find outlook express - windows 7

Outlook Express died with XP (not quite, but nearly).
Windows 7 doesn't include a email program.
Most users will download and use Windows Live Mail
Mail - Windows Live

Another favorite option is Mozilla Thunderbird
Thunderbird - It?s All Yours
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I posted an earlier thread about installing Outlook 2003 onto a Win 7 64bit but have since found something that maybe a better fit for my situation.

That is installing Outlook Express 6 onto my new Windows7 64bit machine. I found this site who appear to have a download for a version that runs on Win 7, 8... machines - runasxp.

This old email client is very familiar to me and does exactly what I need. Plus it will be easy to import my large address book and email store folder over and be up and running in no time flat.

My question is, has anyone installed and tested this....? Is this a safe download...?

A:Install Outlook Express 6 onto Windows 7

I've frankly never heard of it at all on this forum or elsewhere.

I'd love to know that it works and is fantastic as I certainly liked OE.

If I downloaded it, I'd certainly upload the file to Total Virus to see if they get it a pass.

Let us know if you learn more or try it out.
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I know most people will not be moving from Outlook Express and XP to Windows 10 and will already have gone down the Outlook trail but am wondering if anyone could suggest a good alternative to OE for someone who would prefer to have the emails saved as files on pc and also any possible way of getting my old emails on to a new mail app - and address book too if possible!

A:Replacement for Outlook Express in Windows 10

I use windows live mail from the windows essentials download
OE mail address book etc can all be imported in from yor old pc
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I'm sure there have been other people wondering how/if they can keep old OE files when moving to Outlook/Windows 10. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Windows 10 and Outlook Express files

If you make a new folder in your My Documents and make sub-folders with the same names as your folders that you have in Outlook Express (this makes it easier to find the emails afterward) then emails can be saved to each folder as .eml files. eml files can be opened individually and read by any email program (not required to import)
Method: Open My Documents Folder also Open Outlook Express and display them side by side on your desktop > In OE open a Folder so the emails are displayed in the righthand pane > leftclick in the pane (to put the focus on the righthand pane) > Hold down Ctrl and press 'A' (that will select all the emails in the righthand pane)> Drag and Drop the complete block of emails to the matching Folder in your My Documents. They will be copied and convert themselves to .eml files. Repeat for the rest of the OE sub-folders.
They are now part of your ordinary Data files in your My Documents and can be copied to your Documents folder in Windows 10, same as the rest of your Data files. A doubleclick on an .eml file will cause it open in your default email client.
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Hello can someone please help me Since running SFC windows utility windows xp has been acting very strange in particular with Outlook Express The External Message Information Bar that was installed with the Service pack upgrade before I ran SFC has disappeared In addition the option in Outlook Express Options under security to quot Block Images etc quot is no longer there it has gone All these were there and functioning properly before What I also done subsequently is try and repair my windows installation with a recovery cd supplied by my pc manufacturers Evesham However it seems to XP problems SP2 Express with Windows Outlook have installed a dual installation of windows xp so I have a dual boot up choice at windows startup both identical quot Windows XP Home quot one of which was my original installation with all my files but with the Outlook Express problem highlighted here The other choice at boot up gives me a very bare windows installation with none of my files or settings What I have done is use system restore to return to a previous working state Windows XP SP2 problems with Outlook Express that boots straight into Windows XP with all my settings and files but with Outlook Express problems listed here What is happening now is that many emails that contain graphics I cannot view at all or turn on the option to do so Also I am unable to highlight and copy any parts of received emails to paste elsewhere The information bar in Internet Explorer however still seems to be working fine I have scanned for spyware viruses defragged etc I am at a loss please help Many thanks in advance Jonoss nbsp
Relevancy 50.74%

Good Day! With a failing HP and a rush to meet a warranty deadline I quickly COPIED my information to my Maxtor external drive (all my files including my Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express...yes I use both). With that said, I did not export these files or back them up on their own I just copied them (not realizing that Vista has Windows Mail). My Outlook transferred and runs Outlook Express on the other hand can't be imported. I even tried transferring it back to my husband's older laptop to reset the Outlook Express and back it up properly but strangely enough even his laptop says that it's not a PST file...even though the extension says it is. HMMMMM??? Any thoughts? MANY THANKS!

Relevancy 50.74%

I have had Outlook Express for a couple of years. I wanted to delete all
the items in my SENT box and a few hundred were. It then stopped and
would not delete any more. The worst problem is that I cannot delete
ANY of the mail in my INBOX. I keep trying and finally get a message that
the program is not responding. I went to the Microsoft page and installed
the latest update. I also ran a complete register scan on my program and
also a scan of my computer for viruses. Problem still exists. Microsoft states that I could possibly have a BUG but no corrective procedures.
I have a sub account that is not having any problems! In addition, all my
new incoming e-mails are repeated 5 times and I cannot get rid of anything
Any suggestions? Thanks
Relevancy 50.74%

Why will prompt out this error message when open outlook express error in windows XP??
Anyone can help me to solve to error??

A:Why can't open Outlook Express in windows XP


Check out this article. Point # 7.
Or, try this

1) Start your computer and log on as an administrator.
2) Click the Start button then select All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click System Restore.
3) In the new window, select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" option and then click Next.
4) Select the most recent system restore point from the "On this list, click a restore point" list, and then click Next.
5) Click Next on the confirmation window.
6) Restarts the computer when the restoration is finished.
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I am using windows XP Outlook Express. Everytime I select to delete an message I get a message that an error has occured. I cannot even move the message to the delete box.

How do I correct this?

Relevancy 50.74%

A friend of mine installed Service Pack 3 recently and her Outlook Express has gone completely. She can only use Outlook. Any ideas please?

Relevancy 50.74%

Hi. I just got a new Dell Dimension 3000 with Windows XP. Everything runs fine and fast except Outlook Express 6.0. Not connected to internet and disabled instant messenger loading - no effect. I would have just installed Win 98 or 2000, but I believe the video drivers only work in XP.

If the email folder contains less than 30MB of mail, then everything is fine. However, I have one identity with about 450MB of mail. I imported 50 MB of it and it is very slow when switching between folders. If I import the whole thing, then it just freezes up. Unfortunately, I cannot delete any more emails - it is for business.

I had two other computers - one with Win 98 and the other with Win 2000 and Outlook Express 5.0. I had 1.6 Gig of email in that one identity and no slowness at all. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem, help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Outlook Express 6 SLOW in Windows XP SP2

Also, I noticed that when I am in Win Explorer and access a directory with large files, it lags for a few seconds. I am thinking the whole problem is related to XP being slow at accessing directories with large files. Any ideas on how to improve this situation are appreciated. Thanks!
Relevancy 50.74%

I am stumped In the event viewer I Outlook Windows Express XP Solved: and constantly get this error message Unable to start a DCOM Server FB AB- BF- D - D - F C The error quot The system cannot find the file specified quot Happened while starting this command blank -Embedding I am thinking that it has to do with Outlook Express and the fact that I removed or disabled Windows Messenger from starting I read online to enter regedit and look for FB AB- BF- D - D - F C and modify the keys InProc and Local Server default key to an empty string Then reboot I really do not understand this Where is FB AB- BF- D - D - F C located and what in the world is an empty string and how do I modify those two keys I m not even sure that this would Solved: Windows XP and Outlook Express be the answer to my my error problem It does seem that this error takes place every time I open Outlook Express Can anyone help me nbsp

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I have just bought a computer with Windows 10 on it and would like to install Microsoft Outlook Express, which is an e-mail set up I am very familiar with. I am looking for a free, safe download, can you recommend a site please?
Many thanks

A:Outlook Express for Windows 10 download

Outlook Express is not supported in Windows 10 and has not been supported for quite a long time (i.e. since Windows XP).
So you should really find an alternative (e.g. Thunderbird).
However if you are adamant that you want Outlook Express, see here
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hi guys

how would one go about exporting outlook express 6 inbox outbox etc
to windows vista it easy?

any clue
Relevancy 49.88%

I want to set up a second identity in Outlook Express and have gone through all the motions that it asks for. When I try to send mail it pops up a box that asks me to logon with my user name and password. The information is already filled in but when I click OK, it keeps reopening the same box. I have an AT&T account and am using the same password as my main identity. What am I overlooking?

Relevancy 49.88%

Here is my details
1. outlook express files are in a backup hard drive, I know the file location
2. want to transfer the files into windows live mail
How can I do this ?

A:moving outlook express files to windows 7

See if any of these help,
import outlook express files - Microsoft Community
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What is it with M$ - and why do their improvements turn out to be worse than the originals?
Live mail email handler is a case in point - beware that if you ever create and setup a account on the thing it will wipe any previously installed accounts or logins whether you have a account or not. The contacts listing is vanished for you too.
Getting it back would have been tedious if I had not had a account to install and log into instead - at least I got all my messages and contact lists back.
Relevancy 49.88%

I know just enough to mess things up so please be patient Old computer Win XP and Outlook Express quit working Purchased a new computer with Windows and Windows Live Mail Micro Center suggested try to remove old HD and use an USB to IDE adapter to recover letters photos etc Worked like a charm Express Live Windows Outlook to Mail ??????? Tried to recover OE mail and import into WLM Followed directions I found on the web to find the OE dbx files on Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail ??????? the old drive After much searching and drilling down I found the dbx files in local settings application data Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail ??????? etc copied them to a scandisc cruzer I opened WLM and went to the import mail it asked where to find files and Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail ??????? I went to browse and the drive that scandisc was in now the problems begin The browse window in WLM finds the drive but shows nothing on it Check the computer for that drive and inbox sent and all the rest are there but it will not show up in the WLM browse window I created a new file on the scandisk and placed all the dbx files in it now back to WLM import the browse window finds the new file I created great next I get an error message quot No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open quot I could use some advice on what I'm doing wrong thanks

A:Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail ???????

Problem solved from post by RichC and StevenD on 6-17-2010 Thank you
Relevancy 49.88%

I searched the forum and read that others are having problems importing from OE6 to Windows Mail in Vista. I have imported OE6 messages many times with XP, but have never been successful with Vista (Windows Mail). I followed the import instructions but get the message that there are no messages in the folders to import. Any suggestions?

Relevancy 49.88%

My mom just bought a new desktop computer (Windows 7, 64 Bit) so I plan to use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer her files from her old XP computer.

Since she always used Outlook Express on her old computer will all her email files transfer over to Windows 7 "Windows Mail" or "Windows Live Mail" without any issues?

A:Windows Easy Transfer & Outlook Express

mccoady welcome,

Some reading for you -

Download details: Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP

Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

Import your e-mail, contacts, and calendar into Windows Live Mail

How do I move my Outlook Express email from Windows XP to Windows 7?
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A while ago I got one of those nice new trojans that Nortan and AVG can't detect I managed to get rid of it but it took windows update and outlook express down express update and died... outlook windows with it How ever something wierd is going on with outlook express that leads me to belive the trojan left a little parting gift When ever I try to run outlook i get an error saying MSOE DLL could not be loaded but the file is there and in perfect shape However all the other files say they were created on Jan the date my machine was infected The real odd thing though is it says they were last modified August which is impossible for two reasons how can it be modified before it is created and I reformated my computer last summer And the real kicker is if I delete any of these files it is replaced windows update and outlook express died... within seconds by another copy I've run Nortan AVG Spybot-S amp D and Ad-Aware and none of them can find any problems I also just recently ran highjack this and posted the log
Relevancy 49.88%


1. How do I send an email REPLY, and NOT generate down the left side of the the original message, a BLACK VERTICAL line, or GREATER-THAN characters (>>>)?

2. How do I get rid of the same black line from an email, that was forwarded to me, with a pretty "foremat, background, picture" (background with picture), and a "format, background, music" song. I have stripped naked everything from the forwarded email, except the black line, which could not be extracted. If I could convert the "background picture" and the "background music" back to simple files, then I could use them in future emails to others.

[I have spent hours going thru "options" "OE help" and even "Tech Support Guy." I even registered. And, I will donate!]

With deepest appreciation for solutions.


A:Outlook Express 6, Reply to Email, (Windows XP)

See if this program will solve your problem. Strip Mail
Relevancy 49.88%

How do I embed Windows Media Player in Outlook Express 6 mail to view videos? I get mail with it embedded and read about how to do it before on the Internet but can't seem to find it now.
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Yeah I know the workaround Virtual XP with Outlook Express move the shortcut to the all users start menu in XP and I can use it quot standalone quot in The problem is that when you click any links via this method they open in the virtual mode's browser which is really laggy for videos and scrolling through text Also because I'm on a system with only gb of ram I'd like to keep the resources reserved for other applications I've copied the Outlook Express folder from virtual XP to the same path in Windows When I run msimn exe I get this error Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE DLL could not be loaded I do not know if its even possible to make this work but if it is just a question of registering missing DLLs hope is given Windows Live mail is an awful awful mail client I tried for a week to get used to it and it's just a complete pile of crap Anyone tired this with or without success This particular machine is bit Windows Pro Thanks Express anyone successfully Outlook 7? Windows Has got working in

A:Has anyone successfully got Outlook Express working in Windows 7?

I dont have the answer to your question, but why bother with a none supported old email client. There are many great ones to chose from

Top 12 Free Email Programs for Windows - About Email
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I am using Windows live Mail on a Windows Laptop I have email accounts that I use regularly In Windows Live Mail each account has it s own entry complete with Inbox Drafts Sent Items Windows Mail Live Outlook v Express Junk and Deleted items folders There is also a Windows Live Mail Outbox Drafts Sent items Deleted items plus Storage folders including Drafts Sent items and Deleted items These storage folders appear Windows Live Mail v Outlook Express to be redundant as nothing is ever sent to them Windows Live Mail v Outlook Express or saved in them Below the storage folder there is the Imported folder which includes Local folders Drafts Mail etc which were imported from my old Email Client Outlook Express When I use any of my email accounts messages are dropped into there own individual Inbox and Sent items folder relevant to the email account being used This means I have to check each of the separate email accounts to get my mail Prior to using Windows I used Outlook Express which had just one Inbox Sent items folder etc which was used by all of my email accounts Is there any way to set up Windows Live Mail like Outlook Express with just one Inbox Outbox etc for all my email accounts Thanks Jan

A:Windows Live Mail v Outlook Express

Not that I know of. Windows Live Mail is the "new and improved" replacement for Outlook Express.
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Hi i am havin a strange problem whit a computer, yhe user hase outlook express and when she is reading an e-mail the sreen flicker a little and the e-mail windows closes, but the program is up and runing, even if there is no messege open o writing a new messege the sreen flikers, it only happens whit that program, i have ran 3 anti virus, kaspersky boot cd, avira rescue system and trend micro, also have run spybot, and the problem contiunues. any suggestion??


A:e-mail windows closes on outlook express

See An Outlook Express Repair Kit
Relevancy 49.88%

Could some kind person tell me how I can change my E-Mail Programme (currently windows mail in Vista Home Premium) to Outlook Express ?

Thank you in anticipation


A:Changing from Windows Mail to Outlook Express

Hello Znord, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Did you mean MS Office Outlook instead, or to convert your messages for Outlook Express in XP? Windows Mail is the new Outlook Express in Vista.
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I am a moron ..I am new to computer world...I dont know why but when I click an email link on a site and the outlook express box opens I fill the email and click send .within seconds a box opens and says o of 1 message trying to be sent.and then every minute another box opens and say's wait or stop...60 more seconds what do I need to do to get it working again..

Relevancy 49.88%

I have always used Windows mail and never configured Outlook express on my laptop But for other applications on the Mail, applications?? comes other but express Using outlook up Windows in computer when I click email Outlook express comes up as the email service and then cant send the email as is not configured For example Using Windows Mail, but outlook express comes up in other applications?? I am trying to send a email newsletter in MS publisher I have created the newsletter Using Windows Mail, but outlook express comes up in other applications?? but when I send email as page it brings up the Outlook express email box which then tells me to configure a new user I tried to go all through that process but ended up nowhere If I am reading an email in my inbox in windows MAil program and click on an email address within the body to reply outlook express comes up and tries to get me to activate it I went into Default programs and set windows mail as the default application for all its applications but has made no difference Do I have to change everything to Outlook express to be able to use everything correctly Help appreciated

A:Using Windows Mail, but outlook express comes up in other applications??

Outlook must have come preinstalled. Go to control panel, progarms and look for outlook. If there uninstall.
If not there
Go to search,
type outlook
Then right click properties and find the location.
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I express warning outlook for windows users 7 had to move up should I say down to Windows from XP a few weeks back If I had the time I would have a bought another XP computer but I had to have one that day and a problem forced me to get Windows Unfortunately it's worse than XP in many ways and I can't believe MS did it again They should have just built on XP I could go on with all the things that are worse but the biggest problem is Outlook Express is long gone So here is a warning to all those who love OE I came from DOS and started with computers in and watched every system improve up through XP then VISTA was a disaster and I see the same in Windows This is why people are moving to Macs But the biggest problem is having to use windows 7 warning for outlook express users Outlook which is far inferior to Outlook Express Hard to believe but many actions take many extra moves Almost every action requires a few extra moves Want to Copy messages to a folder - can't do it in the supposedly superior Outlook Want to delete a file or even just move it to folder and then move it again Sometimes you can't undelete them or move them I haven't figured out why but some message comes up that the message was already moved and you can't move it again I could name a few dozen more operations but the main thing is DON'T GET WINDOWS if you can because you will hate Outlook It has many options but can't do many things OE can Outlook is like driving down the road in a motorhome with every option in the world available and all you want is a good car with simple basic controls to get you around Microsoft did it again I would pay a couple hundred dollars right now to have Outlook Express Yes I would buy it MS just doesn't get it Does anyone know a great email program so I can trash Outlook

A:windows 7 warning for outlook express users

Since Outlook doesn't come with any version of Windows, I miss your point.
Relevancy 49.88%

Is it possible to import my messages from O/E to Vista? When I try, O/E tell me it can only export to Outlook or Entourage.


Relevancy 49.88%

I have just given my quot older quot Dell laptop running XP to my wife since sans Outlook 7, Express Windows Solved: her old desktop has died Accordingly I have ordered a new Dell laptop running Windows Home Premium bit Awaiting receipt My problem I am an old dude -- -- years old All I have ever used my machine for was surfing and emailing And I loved Outlook Express Enjoyed sending Solved: Windows 7, sans Outlook Express and amusing my buddies with animated characters and music in my Outlook Express emails With Windows as you guys know Outlook Express is no more I feel like I have lost an Solved: Windows 7, sans Outlook Express old friend that I was comfortable with I know Solved: Windows 7, sans Outlook Express I will have to get a new email program now And I would like to get one that mirrors Outlook Express as closely as possible I would still like to enjoy myself by sending my animations and music For what it is worth my internet service provider is Cox Cable I would therefore appreciate it if you gentlemen have any suggestions keeping in mind the foregoing Thanks Red Boy nbsp

Relevancy 49.88%

I have many folders and messages in my outlook express account that I would like to import into my windows live mail account. the outlook express is on an xp machine and the windows live mail is on a 64 bit windows 7 OS. I have been attempting to solve this all day and was able to zip the outlook express folder and email it to myself but the windows 7 will not allow me to access the file ( potential harmful file) any ideas?


A:Outlook express to windows live mail

Are you sure Windows mail can deal with a zip file when importing?

Can you export from Outlook Express to your hard drive?

General advice: the export/import capabilities of mail programs are clunky and very shaky. If possible, export as few folders as you can stand to do.

If you open Windows Mail and go to its import function, is there a direct choice for OE?

I went through what you are trying last spring and don't recall how I resolved it.
I can tell you I did not like Windows Mail. I chose to go with Thunderbird and have no regrets. It can be configured to be very very similar to OE.
Relevancy 49.88%

undefined I need help in Outlook Express 6.0 my e-mail messages do not show a.m. or p.m. in the messages. If anyone can help me I would be most thankful. I am using Windows Home Edition Internet explorer version service pack 1. Thank You

A:Outlook Express 6 In Windows XP Home Edition

Open OE, click on VIEW then under SORT BY click SENT. This might do the trick.

Relevancy 49.88%

I have an HP Compaq dc7600 running XP Pro with SP3. The problem that has just started about 3 weeks ago is that when I use Outlook Express and access newsgroups I can download new messages, but when I try to reply it won't post the messages but sends them to the outbox. The after a day or two when I log on again it will post them. Also, when trying to read new messages when I click on the new message it takes a long time to open the new message. Anyone have any idea why this is happening. I have IE 8 running OE 6. Again this only started happening in the last 3 weeks, and before it works fine.

A:Windows Outlook Express posting problem

It seems to be an issue with your newgroup provider.
Relevancy 49.88%

I keep getting this error when I open up my outlook express:
Internet Explorer Script Error
! An error has occured in the script on this page
Line: 229
Char: 1
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Code: 0
URL: res://C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msoeres.dll/frntpage.htm
Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?
yes no

I think that I started having this problem after I started using adaware to combat spyware and maybe I accidently deleted something. I am not sure. Is there any easy fix to this problem instead of reformatting my hard drive? I tried uninstalling outlook express and reinstalling, but I still get the same error. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!!

Relevancy 49.88%

I have too many problems with my system and am planning on re-installing windows off of my system operating Disk. I was wondering how I can back up my Email from Microsoft Outlook Express?

A:Reinstalling Windows- Backing up Outlook Express


Originally Posted by Radiojoe3152

I have too many problems with my system and am planning on re-installing windows off of my system operating Disk. I was wondering how I can back up my Email from Microsoft Outlook Express?

This should help
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I wasn't sure if this was the right forum to put this in, because I don't know if XP or Outlook Express is causing the problem, but here it goes. One of the doctor's for the company I work for has an IBM Thinkpad laptop with Windows XP Professional. She was writing an e-mail today, and all of a sudden, the cursor on the e-mail started to type itself. It wasn't quite typing gibberish, but it was typing sentences that didn't quite make sense (as if a scitzophrenic were talking) all by itself. It is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen before. Can anyone give me any advise? I'll be happy to answer all questions, because I don't have a clue.

A:Windows XP/Outlook Express Ghost Writing

First thing I would check is to see if the computer has voice recognition enabled and if there is a mic on the machine that is picking up backround noise (t.v., office conversation, etc.). Many people have experianced this "ghost". I red a story where a couple had a new computer and it started typing their e-mails. Some of it was giberish and misspelled words and then they started seing things like CIA and got worried. This was around 9/11 and they had CNN on 24/7 and it was picking up reports from the t.v. Hence the CIA words.
Relevancy 49.88%

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium Svce.pack 1 with Windows Live hard disk is being replaced and I will be without this computer for 1 week.
My spare computer runs on windows XP Home Edition v.2002 service pack 3 - with Outlook Express.v.6.00.2900.5512(xpsp.080413-2105)
I am saving all Windows Live emails for importing back into my new HDD - but do not know how to save Outlook Express emails for import into Windows live when the new HDD is back
Is Outlook Express email data readily compatible with Windows 7 ?
Info and advice would be much appreciated

A:EMAIL -Windows Live and Outlook Express

No it's not, but you can install Windows Live Email on your XP Computer and it will backup your OE Emails to Windows Live then you can export them from Live to a Flash drive and then transfer them over to the Windows 7 Computer.
Relevancy 49.88%

Hello I files Windows XP outlook 7 to express Transfering from am going to be transferring files from a computer with XP to computer with windows pre-installed If there are user names and different outlook express accounts would I still use the windows easy transfer and just restore the two profiles user names to the windows respective folders Then it would just create two different user names at the login screen to login to windows with I figured out that you can use windows mail to convert dbx files to pst by using windows Transfering files from XP to Windows 7 outlook express mail and so would I just install windows mail through microsoft then do the process of importing the dbx files into windows mail and exporting to a pst file in both user accounts For example if there was two logins Joe and Phil and Transfering files from XP to Windows 7 outlook express I did the easy transfer and restored all files to windows then would I just have to log into the two accounts one at a time and do then use windows mail in each login account to import the dbx files and then export them to pst Thanks

A:Transfering files from XP to Windows 7 outlook express

Copy email from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail
Relevancy 49.88%

Can someone help me? I need to import my address book and emails from Outlook Express Ver. 6 on an XP computer to Windows live mail on a Windows 8 computer. Nothing I try seems to work. Microsquish's Help is worse than useless. I go to the "People" APP and it wants me to type in all my contacts one at a time. How sucky is that when I have hundreds of contacts?

A:Outlook Express to Windows 8 live mail

Hello MontagueMarty,Found while Googling.Disclaimer: I have not personally tried this, so I'm not sure it will work. Import Mail and Account Settings from Outlook Express in Windows Live Mail .How to Import Your Outlook Express Address Book into Windows Live Mail .I'd be interested in hearing if you are successful.
Relevancy 49.88%

Does anyone have a good writeup on moving Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail under Windows 8.1?

I've tried to follow half a dozen different writeups I found for this but none of them work right.

WLM is a PITA. Once installed I can't get it to have only the account I want. It always has the Inbox at the top then the account I set up down a few icons.

Maybe I should switch to Thunderbird or some other mail program?

First I want to completely remove WLM from Windows 8.1, including all account info, how is that done.
Next I want to do a new install of WLM and migrate the account, messages, favorites from OE to WLM.

Should be simple but it's not. WLM did not like the exported OE .pst file created when you export messages in OE.
Imported Accounts don't show up in WLM.
Relevancy 49.45%

I have purchased a new Vista based PC and have now successfully Express Outlook Mail Live From Windows to Moving moved all Moving From Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail my files to the new machine from my old XP machine almost I have many email messages in OE on the old machine that I want to put in Windows Live Mail WLM on the new machine I was able to move the contacts w o any issues but the SENT and INBOX are presenting a problem I copied the dbx files from the XP - OE machine onto a transfer drive I then attached it to the Vista machine and in WLM selected FILE IMPORT MESSAGES etc Unfortunately WLM cannot see the dbx files If fact it cannot see WLM only windows Mail I next manually got into USERS HOME APPDATA LOCAL MICROSOFT WLM and found the SENT and INBOX directories and copied in the OE SENT and INBOX dbx files I went though the import process again in WLM to no avail I did notice that the WLM emails received on the new Vista PC are eml files So I am at a loss as to what to do as I really need the old emails and want to clear the drive on the old machine and donate Moving From Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail old machine to a local preschool that can really use it I have thought of two other possible solutions to my problem but wanted to hear from you st One solution would be to download WLM on the WXP computer and try to import on that OC with the hope that this would crate WLM - eml files that could then be copied over The other is to can the WLM and try Thunderbird as this may be a more seemless process than using WLM Thanks in advance for your assistance

A:Moving From Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

Quick Temp Fix

Just create Folders (on old desktop) and put the sent or any other Outlook Express folders in your Docs...until you are able to get them into Windows Live Mail

Then donate the old machine or just keep your old drive and use a USB Hard Drive Enclosure or slave the old HDD to the new puter
Relevancy 49.45%

good afternoon. I'm looking for idiot-proof step by step instructions to get my old outlook express emails from the old xp computer over to windows mail, or gmail for that matter, and then be able to read them in the same format (email address, date, subject). I've looked at some of the earlier threads, but the responses are either over my head, partial, or not applicable. does anyone have detailed step by step instructions for the whole process. i've seen drag and drop (which i'm obviously not doing correctly). i have an old backup version (thru jan 2009) on cd, but can't get windows mail to read them from there. I also have an external hitachi lifestudio harddrive.

A:importing outlook express files to windows mail

Try the following and see if it assists you: Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express.

I hope this helps. If it doesn't work, please explain where and how it failed and post any error messages exactly word-for-word. Also verify that none of the exceptions listed near the bottom apply (exceptions that prevent the process from working).

Good luck.
Relevancy 49.45%

Hello everyone I hope this is an easy answer and I suspect it will be so I was tasked with buying and setting up a new computer for a family friend who is considerably older and only needed the new on to Express XP from Outlook Transferring email Windows comp? new a 7 computer for Solitaire email Transferring email from Outlook Express on XP to a new Windows 7 comp? usage and internet usage The person in question's current computer which is at least years old is running Windows XP and he uses Outlook Express for his email Now I know that Outlook Express ended at XP So - my questions Do I just need to download Windows Live Mail and that's the current replacement for Outlook How would I add his Outlook Express email account to Windows Live Mail If I could get a brief idea of what I'll be in for when I set up the email I'd really appreciate it I got the computer today and already got started with program installation and whatnot I'll be seeing him on Friday to physically set up the computer I'm trying to get everything completely done software-wise before I need to go over there Thank you in advance

A:Transferring email from Outlook Express on XP to a new Windows 7 comp?

I'm not sure Live Mail (if it is still around at all) would be the best choice for someone accustomed to Outlook Express.

You might want to look at Thunderbird from Mozilla. It can be configured to pretty much resemble OE.

Does this person want to import old saved emails from OE into the new email app that you choose? That can be quite a chore and will likely be confusing and frustrating. I got it done eventually, but it wasn't pleasant.

Going from memory, you should be prepared to MANUALLY enter address book info for people he likes to email with---rather than try to import it using some type of transfer or import function. For reasons i don't understand, switching email clients is still a major pain--stuck in the dark ages--no improvements since the 1990s the last I checked.

But if there is nothing to be carried forward other than the old email address, it's pretty easy. You'd just have to enter configuration info into the email app configuration just as he did at some time in the past with Outlook Express---account settings, server settings per his ISP, folder setup, etc.
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I have an XP computer which I want to upgrade to W7, so I have run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. Outlook Express is then no longer available but if I open Outlook Express then I get Windows Live Mail. So can I upgrade to W7 without problems and use Windows Live mail? And does anyone know a way to import that mail and the rest like contactperson to anther e-mail?

A:Outlook Express/Windows Live Mail W7 Upgrade?

A Google search turns up many items on that and how to do it.
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Know any software that does this automatically?

I know the manual approach by editing the registry in Notepad, but prefer not to do it like that.

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My previous Dell computer, of which I used Outlook Express for my email had many saved emails, some as old as a few yrs old. My computer crashed unexpectedly & I wasn't ablel to get it fixed.

I got a new computer that has Windows Vista, so it now uses Windows Mail to replace Outlook Express.

Is there any way to retrieve those old, saved emails I had before? I still have my same email address, which I set up in the new system.
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I have read the previous threads on this subject but when I am on the Windows Live Mail page there is no File to click on, apart from the one which belongs to the Browser. What am I doing wrong?
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I have just transferred from a Windows XP PC to Vista PC and am trying to transfer all my past messages from Outlook Express into Windows Mail.

I have followed the option for File, import messages from OE6 Directory but the folders are not detected though they are present. Any ideas of how I can transfer the folders with previous messages?
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Over the last few months I ve been sorting through my inbox on my old Windows computer there are thousands of messages in the inbox many of which I never read and I figured I should go through them to see if any are important before selling or disposing of the old computer However when I opened up Outlook Express on there today my inbox was empty Outbox and Trash were also empty The quot Sent quot folder had about of my old sent e-mails though So what do you think happened to all the have in from my disappeared 98) Outlook inbox e-mails Express All (Windows messages in my inbox and how can I get them All e-mails from my inbox in Outlook Express have disappeared (Windows 98) back Some more information I hadn t used or turned on the computer in about a month before today and the last time I used it a All e-mails from my inbox in Outlook Express have disappeared (Windows 98) month ago my inbox was definitely still full I didn t do anything else to my computer the last time I used it and no one All e-mails from my inbox in Outlook Express have disappeared (Windows 98) else has had access to it since then However I think there may be a possibility that I tried to quot Export quot all my messages the last time I used it I have some vague recollection of getting annoyed with how slow the computer was going so I decided to try and Export the e-mails to burn the exported mail file onto a CD and then sort through them with Outlook on my new computer to save time and hassle I think I may have attempted this but it didn t work or something I m not really sure what happened I just remember thinking that I d try it another time but I know my inbox was never empty before today Other than my possible attempt to use the quot Export quot feature I didn t do or change anything else on the computer nbsp

A:All e-mails from my inbox in Outlook Express have disappeared (Windows 98)

This should provide all the information you need to backup OE6.
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When I try to link by email outlook express will not come up. There are no contacts also when I
link by email. Anything you can think of I might try?
Thanks Grippette

A:outlook express and link by email with windows XP internet 8

grippette said:

When I try to link by email outlook express will not come up. There are no contacts also when I
link by email. Anything you can think of I might try?
Thanks GrippetteClick to expand...

Sorry but I for one don't understand the question. Perhaps word it a little different .
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Each time I start up Outlook Express, it opens the Windows Messenger program, which I never use. I have gone to tools/options and deselected the "AUTOMATICALLY LOG ON TO WINDOWS MESSENGER" but it still does this. Is there any other way to prevent this from happening?


A:Outlook Express automatically opening Windows Messenger
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Can anyone help me with this? I'm at wits end. My old pc finally died. Thankfully i had everything backed up on line. I bought a new computer with windows 7(which i hate already!) and now i have Windows live mail. I'm trying to import Outllook express in and i keep getting this access denyed message! I don't know what to do. Is there anything i can do that wouldn't be greek to understand. I'm ready to chuck this thing out the window!


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I am almost years old amp not very computer Transfer windows 6 express 7 outlook home to premium of literate A few years ago I bought a Windows home computer but Transfer of outlook express 6 to windows 7 home premium have primarily used it just to listen to music as I couldn't get it to send or receive Outlook Express I therefore bought a used computer that ran Windows XP I have a seperate Seagate external hard drive for each computer but it appears that my XP computer has not downloaded any of my my email or extensive email files which I wish to save Why can't Microsoft provide a Windows system that uses Outlook Express or a system compatable with it I HATE Windows amp WILL NOT have anything to do with Windows or whatever they are going to call it I wish i could get Bill Gates to read this When I bought my used XP computer it did not come with a XP CD which the Seagate external hard drive is calling for How can I get my good Windows home premium to copy the extensive email messages I have filled amp saved Some have said I should upgrade to Windows Premium or Ultimate Should I

A:Transfer of outlook express 6 to windows 7 home premium

Hello WmToensing,
Welcome to the 7 forum.
I say keep windows 7. XP will no longer be supported after April 8.
Now, to get your E-Mail going again, Google "Windows live mail" it will take you to a MS site where you can download Windows live mail. it is very similar to outlook express. you will have to set it up just like outlook and then you can send and receive mail again.
Feel free to post any questions. there are plenty of people who will be able to help you.