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Opera 12.00 pre-alpha Build 1033 released

Q: Opera 12.00 pre-alpha Build 1033 released

It actually was released last Wednesday Quote One small extra point with regards to the Core network latency fixes just to avoid confusion You will not see any real difference testing against popular benchmarks which focus on rendering and JavaScript performance this kind of work is more likely to have an impact on regular released 1033 Build 12.00 Opera pre-alpha quot day to day quot browsing However it can result in pages loading in half the time You are most likely to see a difference if you have a poor network connection and others may notice improved performance when connecting to a webserver hosted on another continent It is noticeably faster than previous builds loading pages on my PC with MB broadband comparing with the latest Chromium Developer Build Windows Opera 12.00 pre-alpha Build 1033 released opening the same pages I honestly cannot tell which is faster The build may still be a pre alpha but seems very stable the built in mail client is very good there has been a lot of work on it recently for more info amp to download Opera Opera 12.00 pre-alpha Build 1033 released Desktop Team - Network latency improvements Microdata and QRESYNC

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Preferred Solution: Opera 12.00 pre-alpha Build 1033 released

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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download link

A:opera alpha 9.5 released

Thanks for the link! It is the synchronization facility. And of course, speed dial always rocks!
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Opera just recently released the new Opera 10.10 browser with support for an entirely new technology (Opera Unite), and they are already on their way for 10.50 which bring almost an entirely new Opera experience.

Right after 10.10 release Opera has also made available alpha versions of 10.20 which includes support for running Opera Widgets as standalone applications, without requiring the browse to run.


A:Opera 10.50 pre-alpha released

It looks pretty freakin sweet! Not convinced though to switch from my Chrome. I love how fast Chrome starts up.
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Came across this while scrolling through neowin.

Opera Desktop Team - Christmas comes early for Opera users

Figured some may be interested.

A:Opera 10.5 pre-alpha to be released Tuesday

Tab design very ala Google Chrome IMO.
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Opera Software has delivered a new Opera 10.50 snapshot (build 3199) to Windows users willing to test out the latest work done by the browser company. This new version comes with engine tweaks, better video support, performance updates, improved Windows 7 integration, support for IMAP COMPRESS, as well as multiple fixes.


A:New Opera 10.50 alpha build available for testing

man I can't wait for final build the pre-aplha has been very fast
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Opera Software is now working to synchronize the releases of all flavors of its browser, irrespective of the platforms they are designed to support. The latest development snapshot of the next minor update to Opera 10.50 is an illustrative example of the Norwegian browser maker?s efforts in this regard. Opera 10.52 Build 3337 is currently available for download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, after a long period in which the Windows flavor of the browser was favored over the other two variants.

Source -
Opera 10.52 Build 3337 Released - And available for download - Softpedia

A:Opera 10.52 Build 3337 Released.

This was already posted. Isn't it a bit of an overkill to create a new topic for every build?

Build 3338:
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Mouse gestures seem to be fixed for everyone having problems.

By Haavard. Friday, 7. January, 14:00
This is a snapshot of Opera 11.01, a possible future minor/bugfix release for Opera 11.

In addition to mouse gesture fixes and various other things, we have also looked at the top crashers in Opera 11, and several of them have been fixed in this snapshot.

Although this is a minor/bugfix release, you may notice that there are more Core fixes in this build than you might expect. This is due to our development model at Opera, where we often receive batches of fixes from the Core team that have been tested, and are ready for public consumption. Since the batch of fixes contains important bug fixes, we receive other fixes as well as a "bonus". We also get to test these fixes in public.

Opera Desktop Team - Desktop Team

A:Opera 11.01 Build 1160 released.

stve- I just installed this latest Opera snapshot and while doing so I deleted some of the snapshots that I've used over the last few months.

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Extension improvements, updates to Core and some other nice fixes

By Ruar? ?degaard. Monday, 6. December, 09:25

Big change log.
Ran Peacekeeper & scored 15300.
One change I like is stacked tabs opening a link in a new tab it now stays in the stack.

Opera Desktop Team - Extension improvements, updates to Core and some other nice fixes

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Hi, Opera released Beta 2! Try it out. I downloaded it and working great. Improved CPU Issue but still testing...

Link: Download!

Have any comments you'd like to make? Feel free and I'll get back to answering.

Note: As all members know, These are Opinions! There's no reason to say that another member should go to this or... that. It's your choice to go towards which Browser. I perfer Opera for my own reasons....

1. Loads Text, Images before viewing page
2. Nice pop-blocker but not the best...
3. Clear and smooth look
4. May have a CPU Issue but the're working on it
5. To me (#1 download manager)
6. Skins and nothing more...
7. Wand! to save passwords and account name quickly and safely.

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There are lots of new interesting projects emerging at Opera behind the release of Opera 11. We?re not letting you guys see any of that just yet, but we will be serving more bug fixes and increasing stability.

Fresh batch of mail improvements
Experimental changes to the crash logger on Mac (more)
Changed how Opera is detected during widget start-up on Mac (more)
Slow DNS responses due to IPv6 fixed on Linux/FreeBSD (more)

CORE-32574 (typekit webfont test page needs reload to show webfonts)
CORE-33751 (Iframe with document.domain is not allowed to open parent's document)
CORE-35257 (Cannot submit forms with input[type="search"] pressing enter)
CORE-35316 (Deeply nested (5+ levels) iframe doesn't load in Analytix)
CORE-35651 (Crash when clicking in a dropdown on a wap page)

DSK-313056 (Opera crashes when downloading to a non accessible target)

Have fun

A:Opera 11.01 build 1164 snapshot released.

Opera 11.01 build 1175 Released

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Opera snapshot Core UNIX and Extensions fixes By Flojdek Saturday November The number of extensions are now amp a lot of fixes amp help for Extension developers are in this build Opera is starting to look very polished build Snapshot 11 New released Opera 1055 Opera will be releasing Opera Mobile for the Android phones on Tuesday th November with hardware acceleration amp pinch to zoom Opera now has a portable option built into the installer everything is contained inside the install folder no entries are written to the registry so just delete the folder to uninstal plus it makes it very easy to backup or take with you on a USB stick Get it at Opera Desktop Team - Desktop Team only MB When you run the installer click on New Opera 11 Snapshot build 1055 released Options Change the Install path to another folder amp change All users to External drive If you install the snapshot you will probably find that the default search engine is not set to Google to change default search engine open the drop down list in the Speedial search bar amp choose manage search engines Select your choice amp then edit and details amp you will find options for setting it as default amp speedial search engines When you see the list of search engines you will notice a letter next to each one g is Google b is Bing etc Typing b in the Address field followed by a space amp then the search term will search in Bing

A:New Opera 11 Snapshot build 1055 released

Thanks, updated.
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The Alpha version of Opera 11.5 aka Swordfish which installs as Opera Next is now available from The Opera Desktop Team.


A:Opera 11.5 Alpha aka Swordfish aka Opera Next

Nice! Opera's alphas are always very usable.

One thing I noticed is that they finally reduced the lag of flash player inside their browser.
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has been released and is very stable so far
list of changes and d/load here
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Opera web browser | Opera 11
Opera Extensions

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If any of you want to try out what may or may not be the build we say on the 22nd, here you go.
Interface updates seem to include aero integration (and other windows 7 integration things), shadows, animations, and transparency. There are private tabs also with bright green tab text.


A:Opera 10.5 (pre-alpha) is here!

I'll wait till the 22nd release from Opera themselves thanks.
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Has anyone ran this yet I haven t ran it on Windows yet but 10 Alpha Opera I did run it on my Powerbook G Opera 10 Alpha I m very impressed with it Really the only differences between and a is the rendering engine but it seems to be significantly faster I used to use Opera as my primary browser for any OS and have since about but a few months ago I dropped Opera for Safari on my mac because Opera was just too slow and giving me a pinwheel at times I didn t think it should I did delete every bit of Opera before installing Opera so some of my speed increase maybe attributed to a fresh set of settings preferences Was just wondering if anyone else has given Opera a shot yet and what they think You can get it here http www opera com browser next They are of course clamining its much faster ect And it does pass the Acid test which is somewhat cool nbsp
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been running it for a few days with t/boost set to auto

A:opera 10 alpha with turbo boost

It is indeed faster than FireFox or IE.

It logs me off TSF each time I submit a post/reply (with Turbo ON/OFF).
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Firefox 2.0 Alpha To Be Released Next Week

The Mozilla team has set February 10th as the release date of the next major Firefox version. Some of the more notable features to be included in Firefox 2 are in-line spell checking, some sort of anti-phishing functionality, and improvements to tabbed browsing.
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Remix OS for PC What s Remix OS for PC - Jide Technology About OS 2.0 OS PC for released Alpha Remix - Remix OS Video -https www youtube com watch v WLWJcnE ywc Android is everywhere and there Remix OS 2.0 for PC - Alpha released s no surprise why It s powerful flexible and downright fun to use Remix OS is pioneering the next chapter of the Android journey Designed to bring simplicity to productivity Remix OS s features are unlike anything you ve ever seen on Android Multitasking Taskbar Notifications Keyboard Right-click File Manager Google Play Updates Minimum System Requirements A USB flash drive that supports FAT format with a minimum capacity of GB and a recommended writing speed of MB s A PC with USB legacy boot option When is it expected Remix OS is expected on th January Download for Alpha developer version Remix OS for PC Download Now quot This is an alpha version intended for developers and early adopters who don t mind a bug or two Android was designed for touchscreens and as there isn t a touchscreen on most PCs we want you to be aware that apps may perform differently We re asking for developers and testers to help us optimize Remix OS for Android PCs quot In the News TheVerge- Remix OS is Android for the desktop and it works with nearly any PC Softpedia- Remix OS Is a New Android-Based OS for the PC Desktop Updated Softpedia Remix OS Brings Android as a Linux Desktop Now Ready for Download - Screenshot Tour nbsp

A:Remix OS 2.0 for PC - Alpha released

Gotta wait for it!
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The first taste of the next iteration of the Opera browser is just around the corner. Opera Software is currently cooking a preview version of Opera 10.5 and is gearing up to make available for download a pre-alpha build of the browser next week, a few days ahead of Christmas. Details are scarce at this point in time, but from the little information that was shared with the public it appears that the next generation of Opera will apparently be designed to offer as much horsepower to end users as possible.
?While everyone is off for Christmas vacation, the desktop team is working hard on preparing a nice holiday gift for Opera users. On December 22nd we will release a 10.5 pre-alpha. We'll keep it a surprise for now, but the keyword is: speed,? revealed Opera?s Huib Kleinhout.

Read more -
Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha Drops on December 22, 2010 - With additional horsepower - Softpedia

A:Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha Drops on December 22, 2010.

Opera's a decent browser, but they've only recently gone from 10.01 to 10.1 and there's no way a pre-alpha build will be remotely stable... so I'll be stuck right where I am, with a final version...
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***** NOTE PRE ALPHA *****

A new release of Opera 10.50 is currently available for download for early adopters comfortable with running software in the very early stages of the development process. At the end of last week, Opera software released a second update to the next iteration of the Opera browser, coming one step closer to fully-fledged Alpha. However, at this point in time Opera 10.50 remains in pre-Alpha phase, with the Norway-based browser maker offering no specific deadline as to when the product graduates into Alpha, or any dates from the version?s timetable. Opera 10.50 is developed under the codename Evenes.

Source -
Download New Opera 10.50 Pre-Alpha with Windows 7 Fixes - Build 3199 - Softpedia

A:Download New Opera 10.50 Pre-Alpha with Windows 7 Fixes

notice when running software this early in development you will likely face stability issues and may leave yourself vulrneable to virus or other attack
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What?s new?
Better integration with the Windows operating system
Opera ?O? tab and menu
Opera Carakan JavaScript engine
Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine
Opera Vega graphics library
Opera Widgets for Desktop
Private browsing
? and more


A:Opera 10.50 released

That was a very quick RC stage
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Opera available Changelog from below- nbsp nbsp Information User Interface Added A tooltip to the Opera O menu Fixed After removing an option from a SELECT the wrong option appears selected Windowless QuickTime not working Context menu search opening in a new tab and not reusing current tab Copy Link Address context menu item following redirects Problem with MDI window size after maximizing an Opera window Not being able to drag a bookmark into a tab with a page already loaded Scrollbars not showing on transformed elements Old tab content showing briefly when opening link in a new tab Middleclick scrolling also scrolls fixed positioned content Opening and closing an Opera Panel changes the position of a child window Slow scrolling when using page search when page is dimmed UI dropdowns should be closing when their parent button is clicked a second time Crash dialog not defaulting to a restart of Opera Warning dialog for configuration file download not disappearing Problem occurring after customizing the Transfers Panel quot Copy Video Address quot 10.52 Opera Released not working quot Exit quot button in sync dialog not working Flash videos flickering disappearing or being corrupted after scrolling First Opera Link synchronization not properly syncing modified bookmarks Not being able to copy an audio address in a context menu quot Rewind quot and quot Fast Forward quot always being disabled grayed out in a right-click context menu quot New Tab quot from Dock or Jumplist creating a new window with two tabs Printing dialog on maps google com blocks keyboard Opera 10.52 Released input Check boxes not having a focus indication Client being put in an endless synchronization loop Problem closing a tab with customized search field or appearance dialog open Problem occurring with the Westpac bank Web site Gray out disable quot remove from toolbar quot for the Opera O menu button Edited Notes not being updated when using Opera Link Filename missing from the image context menu Freeze when importing Opera 10.52 Released a large bookmark file Problem occurring after synchronization quot Reload Image quot being ignored after an unfinished image load Mouse gesture quot Back Close page quot not working for the quot Close page quot action Several problems related to accessibility Problem causing immediate exit on a page with Silverlight Clearing of clipboard data from private browsing on tab window close Open window in the background opens a link in a foreground window A problem when typing any character in the Open dialog and pressing the Enter key Mail News Chat Fixed Mail lost when upgrading from Opera to Opera Display and scripting Opera 10.52 Released Improved Various aspects of the Carakan JavaScript engine Fixed Several cache issues An issue with the image onerror event Enabling designmode removes event listeners XMLHttpRequest response referrer being wrong when request initiated in call from another frame Incorrect precision on negative numbers setTimeout and setInterval Wrong accelerator key being used for CJK fonts Incorrect font being used for UTF- pages without a language specified Painting issues affecting page scrolling when part of the page is covered Opera Dragonfly not selecting an active tab when opened Problem when enumerating an object Flash video continuing to download after the tab is closed Arguments for quot execute program quot not being sent to the external program Problem when changing the skin and color scheme Links from external applications not opening in Opera Problem when opening international fonts dialog Painting issues scrolling page when part of the page is covered by dialog Problem with SVG DOM Problem with the Facebook website Security Improved Security information dialog entries Network Fixed Waiting for DNS confirmation of cookie domain s Network problem when using a proxy Supporting any HTTP verb in XHR with exceptions Multiple connection attempts failing over a proxy Incorrect location setting of an ... Read more

A:Opera 10.52 Released

Nice long list of updates!
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I've just installed it, so I haven't had time to familiarize myself with all of the new features, but this release includes Unite, which is basically using Opera as a server. My upload speed is so slow, that I doubt that I will ever use it, but I imagine that others will. More importantly for me is that they finally got the voice working again.

A:Opera 10.10 Released!

It's been out a few days and seems excellent...
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Opera has released version 11.50. Try it out. I did and I really like it.

Opera browser | Faster & safer internet | Free download

A:Opera 11.50 Released

The only thing that I'm particularly interested in with this version is Voice. However, while the plugin installs, I'm not getting any response through the speakers. Since Voice only worked with particular versions that have been released, before I start digging for any solutions, I would like to know if it is working properly for anyone else?
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Opera 11.60 has been released

Changelog is here :

Opera 11.60 for Windows changelog

Loads of improvements and security fixes. The Opera Mail Client has been completely reworked .

get it here.
Browser for Windows, Mac & Linux | Download the latest Opera internet browser for free

A:Opera 11.60 released.

Did they finally allow Tab Stacking to be an optional feature?
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We just released 11.51 (b1087) with one security issue fixed and with several stability fixes.
This security update comes right after the Diginotar certificate breach, but Opera does not require a fix for this issue. Opera always verifies that certificates are not revoked, and unlike other browsers Opera does not display sites as secure if access to revocation servers has been blocked by an attacker. Read more about this issue on the The Opera Security group - When Certificate Authorities are Hacked
See changelog here: Opera 11.51 for Windows changelog

Download here Opera web browser | Faster & safer | Download the latest Internet browser free

A:Opera 11.51 released

got it

but I'm curious - what's the hype about speed dial?

I don't see any difference - do you?
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This is a release candidate for 10.60 final on Windows, Mac and Linux/FreeBSD.

Opera Desktop Team - Unix fixes, stabillity, and more: Approaching 10.60 Final

A:Opera 10.60 RC1 released

Running it, very fast and stable!
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Hi folks,

Well Latest Opera has just released second beta of its upcoming Opera 10 browser. I'm using it and working excellent for me. Check changes and other information:

Opera 10 Beta 2 Released

A:New Opera Released

I guess my browser will be updateing on its own here soon :)
Thanks man, I love it when they update Opera
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Opera has been released today You can download it here Here are the change logs for this version http www opera com docs changelogs windows User interfaceChanged quot Fraud Protection quot renamed to quot Fraud 10.61 Released Opera and Opera 10.61 Released Malware Protection quot FixedRelative paths not working in the Filename setting for Speed Dial backgroundPremature shutdown when using vBulletin's WYSIWYG editorLoading an animated png causes high CPU usage with no response from the browser yahoo cn mailproviders SMTP entry not using a submission portChanging the default cookie preference to quot Accept all cookies quot Installing Opera windows overwrites saved search preferencesDisplay and ScriptingFixedGoogle Calendar compatibilityUnite listening on UDP even if UPnP service discovery is offSeveral cases where widgets will not runPremature shutdown when loading qq comSetting the onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collectedOpera treating binary files as plain text opening it in the browser instead of showing a download dialog Premature shutdown when loading the Canvas demoPrinting from print preview results in either a freeze or corrupted pageWidgets not having access to a network after restart quot Accept cookies quot and quot only from the site I visit quot settings being incorrect in Preferences dialogPremature shutdown occurring on startup of Opera under Windows Disk cache not working correctly in turbo modeSecurityFixesFixed an issue where heap buffer overflow in HTML canvas could be used to execute arbitrary code as reported by Kuzzcc see our advisory Fixed an issue where unexpected changes in tab focus could be used to run programs from the Internet as reported by Jakob Balle and Sven Krewitt of Secunia see our advisory Fixed an issue where news feed preview could subscribe to feeds without interaction as reported by Alexios Fakos see our advisory

A:Opera 10.61 Released

One day I downloaded Opera and thought it was pretty good until I went to login to my college's portal. It won't even let you login, it instantly throws up a "Browser may contain a security risk. We recommend you download the latest versions of IE, FF, Safari, etc."
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Release notes

Release date: August 12, 2010

Opera 10.61 is a recommended security and stability upgrade. Opera highly recommends all users to upgrade to this version to take advantage of these improvements.

Opera browser | Faster & safer internet | Free download

Or just Update it if already installed.

A:Opera 10.61 released

Cool, getting it.......thanks for the update, since it didn't "tell me" that an update was available. That's a first.
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Not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but it has.

Opera Web Browser | Faster & safer | Download the new Internet browsers free

Opera 10.54 for Windows is a recommended security upgrade. Opera highly recommends all users to upgrade to this version to take advantage of these improvements.

A:Opera 10.54 released

Still no Linux 10.5x though. 10.60 snapshots are stable enough for daily use on Windows and Linux.
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Opera 11 build 1156 is now final , same as the RC3 release.

Opera web browser | Faster & safer | Download the latest Internet browser free

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I just found this screenshots of Windows 8 Pre-Alpha build 7312. SO what do you think Is it real.

A:Windows 8 Pre-Alpha build 7312-FAKE

Being that 7 isn't even released yet fully, its highly likely that its fake
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Hi folks,

Well Latest Opera has just released second beta of its upcoming Opera 10 browser. I'm using it and working excellent for me. Check changes and other information:

Opera 10 Beta 2 Released

Please say somthing about new opera 10 .


A:New Opera 10 Beta 2 Released

Because I only have one computer (no test or virtual computer), I have an aversion to beta software, however good/safe it is likely to be.

However, as an Opera user for many years, I will be installing the final version 10 as soon as it is available.
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April 12. 2011

Opera 11.10 stable is available.

Opera Web Browser
Opera: Opera 11.10 for Windows changelog

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New version of Opera released, version 11.01. Fixes security holes announced last friday

A:Opera 11.01 released - security fix

Well currently I'm using Opera 10...
And I think its a pretty good Internet browser to use...
However I'd like to try Its new version..
and just hope its performance will be more better than Opera 10..

"It will happen, when you take action."
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Download here: RC2


A:Opera 11RC released

Its looking good, very polished & faster than ever scored over 15700 on Peacekeeper benchmark
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A couple of new things Speed dial extensions Quote Speed Dial extensions transform your Speed Dial from a picture into live action What does that mean Instead of a static link to a weather web site a Speed Dial extension can display the forecast for your specific location In fact we built that extension Speed Dial extensions are easy to make All you need is a little tiny bit of web development skills Password synchronization Quote Opera beta has synchronization of passwords - made securely through Opera Link so you can log on to your password protected sites from anywhere Opera Link also synchronizes bookmarks your Speed Dial custom search engine preferences notes yes you can take beta released Opera 11.50 notes in the Opera browser typed browser history and more The Windows panel now lets you stack tabs the same Opera 11.50 beta released as the tab bar for the change-log Opera Opera beta for Windows changelog grab it at http my opera com desktopteam blog -beta comments

A:Opera 11.50 beta released

I am using this new beta and I really like it. It seems very quick but I have one question. They have a Web GL version that enables GPU acceleration but it rates much slower than this beta on Peacekeeper and seems slower in real life. I thought 11.50 was supposed to have GPU acceleration. Is this now being delayed?
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Finally, after some time now, Opera 10.5 beta has been released.

You can download it from Opera Web Site.

From I?ve been testing, this browser is not crashing as 10.5 pre alpha did.

It?s super fast and very stable.

Plus a very nice looking UI

A:Opera 10.5 Beta Released.

I think this has been covered already.

Opera-The fastest browser!

Still not as fast as the latest dev builds of Chrome.
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Soure Surprise Opera has been released - gHacks Tech News Opera Software has released version of the classic Opera browser two years after the latest update has been made available When Opera Software switched from the company s own Presto rendering engine to Chromium Blink it was clear that this was the end of the classic Opera browser Users who still run the classic version of Opera may receive an update notification that version of the browser is available They can then use it to upgrade their version of the browser to the new version The notification may come as a surprise as Opera Software uses it to promote the Chromium version of the browser regularly instead Opera The new classic Opera version installs or upgrades fine and you can check that you are still running Opera been with 12.18 Surprise: released has Presto classic Opera Surprise: Opera 12.18 with Presto has been released by selecting Opera gt Help gt About Opera There you find listed the version of the browser and build number It is interesting to note that Windows is not recognized by the browser but listed as Windows instead Opera Software has not made available a changelog for the version A user posted what he thinks has been updated on the Vivaldi forum I hate to repeat myself but is a security update They removed a few protocols that are considered unsafe added some which were not in and enabled TLS and by default And yes there s an update for Mail too No no Linux or Mac versions yet According to him Opera Software removed protocols that are not considered safe anymore and enabled TLS and by default Mail was updated as well but he does not mention what exactly Another thing worth mentioning is that the Windows version of Opera is currently the only one that is offered but that was the case for Opera as well It is unlikely that a Linux or Mac version will be released by Opera Software considering that Opera is the last version for both systems Windows users can download Opera from the official download page on the Opera website The update is a maintenance update and not a sign that Opera Software has restarted development of Opera Classic The company concentrates its efforts on the new Opera browser currently at version Opera fans who like classic Opera but not the new one may want to keep an eye on Vivaldi a browser developed by former Opera employees Beta of Vivaldi was released recently A stable version will be released this year but it is unclear when exactly nbsp

A:Surprise: Opera 12.18 with Presto has been released

Official blogpost by Opera: Opera 12 and Opera Mail security update ? Opera Security - Opera Software
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Since I installed windows 7 professional, if my computer sits idle for longer than a few minutes it goes to the Blue Screen of Death...only it's not the typical blue. Its actually changing "test patterns" of pink & purple colors. There's no way out except to shut down my computer and restart. Then I get a message that "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown." The description of the problems means very little to me but reads as follows:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: 845B7510
BCP2: 910428FE
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:

A:BSOD Build 7601 Locale 1033

Seems to relate to your video card and blame the driver.To start, please download a fresh set of WHQL certified drivers from uninstall the current drivers using Control Panel...Programs...Uninstall a programThen install the freshly downloaded drivers and see if that fixes thingsDownload (Temp File Cleaner) TFC Cleaner from click the black garbage can and press Run - It will show OK when finished.Please reboot after you have finishedGood luck -
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My earlier Opera 9 was crashing constantly, and therefore, to overcome this problem I removed the program and installed new Opera 9.

Everytime I open a page I get the error console and the remark CSS error. This happens everytime and in a series, annoying me badly.

Googled to find CSS errors including Opera help, but can't find anything which can help me. Just gave up and seeking help here now. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
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Second Opera 10.50 pre-apha build available

A:Second Opera 10.50 pre-apha build available

Thanks for the heads up. Less crashy then the first one.

Still a bit annoying that I can't scroll the way I like (clicking the scroll wheel then dragging it the direction I like).
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Something some of you guys might find useful Latest Changes - Quote Now requires and uses NET (Alpha) Alpha 3.50.3424.34110 Paint.NET Framework SP - Significant improvements to the installer Prerequisites are now handled in a much more user-friendly fashion it's no longer quot go to the Microsoft website and decipher geek talk and download stuff quot - The auto-updater can now download in the background and then install the update after you've exited Paint NET Compare this to v and earlier that jump in your face and require the download and installation to happen right now and block you from us - New effect Blurs Paint.NET (Alpha) 3.50.3424.34110 Alpha - gt Surface Blur by Ed Harvey - New effect Distort - gt Dents by Ed Harvey - New effect Distort - gt Crystalize by Ed Harvey - The responsiveness of effect dialogs has been greatly improved - When zoomed-in the rendering quality has been substantially improved Paint NET Blog Archive Paint NET v Improved rendering quality when zoomed in zoomed-in - When zoomed in it is now much easier to correctly resize or move a selection - Improved performance when opening multiple images especially for systems with only processor Paint NET Blog Archive Paint NET and Performance Thumbnails humbnails - Memory usage has been greatly reduces when Paint.NET (Alpha) 3.50.3424.34110 Alpha more Paint.NET (Alpha) 3.50.3424.34110 Alpha than one image is open - The selection outline is no longer animated which substantially reduces CPU usage It also uses XOR blending - The middle mouse button can now be used to close an image tab - Improved the Unfocus effect - Fixed an issue with Gaussian Blur and its treatment of alpha values - Fixed a crash with the quot Units quot selector in the toolbar area - Added a quot Utilities quot menu and moved the following menu items there Check for Updates Language chooser and View Plugin Load Errors For the alpha release there are also menu items for quot Force Crash quot and quot Perform Full GC quot you'll know what that means i - Installer now has a quot Start Paint NET quot checkbox at the end On Vista and Win with UAC enabled it will correctly start Paint NET at non-elevated privilege - Renamed quot Grid quot to quot Pixel Grid quot to more accurately describe its functionality - The DirectDraw Surface DDS file type now allows you to select the resampling algorithm for auto-generated mip-maps - Effect plugins now have access to a quot Services quot property which allows them to properly access certain internal Paint NET functionality - Fixed some very small memory leaks when opening many images - Russian translation - A processor that supports SSE is now required almost all CPU's purchased this decade satisfy this source Fileforum

A:Paint.NET (Alpha) 3.50.3424.34110 Alpha

Ya beat me to it lol....

I get the FileForum RSS feed as a live BM in Fx.....

I'd spend way too much time if I listed even half the software I DL from them on a daily basis....
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Build 3353 is the latest development snapshot of Opera 10.52 made available for download for early adopters. As it is usually the case with pre-release software, Opera 10.52 Build 3353 is intended for testing purposes only and not for deployment into production environments. Opera Software is currently hard at work on the development of the second minor update to Opera 10.50, released earlier this year. According to the Norwegian browser maker, the build is focused on delivering bug fixes for PowerPC and on KDE 4 integration.

Source -
Opera 10.52 Build 3353 Available for Download - Opera is now at over 100 million users worldwide - Softpedia

A:Opera 10.52 Build 3353 Available for Download.

There's a small compatibility problem in this build. YouTube doesn't work and it keeps saying 'Old Flash? Go upgrade!' So I suggest sticking to the previous build and skip this one.
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New Opera Snapshot build released quot Search suggestions By Huib Kleinhout Monday November Today's snapshot 1085 build Opera 11 New Snapshot implements support for a frequently requested feature Google search predictions When you search using the search field or from the address field with the 'g' search keyword the predicted search queries will appear in the drop down below quot Very small changelog Maybe some changes not listed when i ran the Peacekeeper benchmark I got a new high score Opera now has a Portable option built into the installer New Opera 11 Snapshot build 1085 everything is contained inside the install folder no entries are written to the registry so just delete the folder to uninstal plus it makes it very easy to backup or take with you on a USB stick Opera Desktop Team - Search suggestions When you run the installer click on Options Change the Install path to another folder amp change All users to External drive If you install the snapshot you will probably find that the default search engine is not set to Google to change default search engine open the drop down list in the Speedial search bar amp choose manage search New Opera 11 Snapshot build 1085 engines Select your choice amp then New Opera 11 Snapshot build 1085 edit and details amp you will find options for setting it as default amp speedial search engines When you see the list of search engines you will notice a letter next to each one g is Google b is Bing etc Typing b in the Address field followed by a space amp then the search term will search in Bing

Relevancy 55.9%

We are proud to announce that the first snapshot of Opera codename Barracuda has finally arrived Everyone here has worked hard to snapshot out 2005 11.10 Opera build get this new shiny build out to you In this build Core has been upgraded from version to which is a pretty big step forward Opera 11.10 build 2005 snapshot out With this Core upgrade comes the implementation of the Web Opera 11.10 build 2005 snapshot out Open Font Format WOFF In addition a batch of changes to network compatibility has been implemented The purpose of these changes is to modify our Opera 11.10 build 2005 snapshot out network behaviour so that we are more compatible with other web browsers These changes include Disable Cookie by default with an option to enable it again Send more compatible Accept headers Disable TLS and by default Make sure redirects from http to https are labelled secure Remove the use of master password for client certificates Added a preference to disable cross-network protection Apart from that frequent crashes for Mac users on Facebook Live Mail Hotmail and Google Docs are finally resolved This build is the first step towards the release but there's more stuff to come so stay tuned Happy testing Download link Opera Build http my opera com desktopteam blog e-at-barracuda

A:Opera 11.10 build 2005 snapshot out

Thanks for the post its been 3 weeks without a snapshot but they have been busy its a huge Changelog .
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Build 238 (2015-02-17)
IMPROVED: Malware removal on Windows 8.
UPDATED: Embedded white lists.

Download: (x64)
Download: (x86)

A:HitmanPro Build 238 Released

Thanks, Great!
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Build 234 (2015-01-10)

FIXED: Problem introduced in build 233 causing HitmanPro to stop working.

Relevancy 55.47%

Release History

Build 85 (2010-01-15)

Added removal of TDL3 rootkit version 3.2 (aka TDL3+).
This rootkit infects the hard disk driver (usually atapi.sys or iaStor.sys) and redirects Google search results.
Improved detection and removal of fake/rogue anti-malwares (scareware).
Fixed a occasional crash while scanning on Windows 7.
Fixed a crash related to DEP/NX.
Fixed a rare crash when user closes the window.
Added a reminder panel when the removal license has expired.
Remembers Do Not Repair actions.
Added Destop Wallpaper policy repair.
Added Portuguese-Brazilian language.
Updated several language strings.
Several minor bug fixes.

If anyone looking to buy Hitman Pro, I have a discount code which gives you 25% off.

A:Hitman Pro 3.5 | Build 85 Released !

Never even heard of this program until right now
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Nicolas Stark Computing AB 181 6 Released! Build Ad-aware Lavasoft is announcing the release of a new build or our popular and industry leading anti-trackware utility Ad-aware Ad-aware 6 Build 181 Released! Combining optimization and newly developed scanning technology we have been able to increase the overall speed and efficiency of Ad-aware by up to over previous releases of our x generation Using newly developed conditional and Smart Scan technology Ad-aware can actually decide based on previous detections during the scanning process whether additional scanning is required This innovation alone gives Ad-aware a clear advantage over other applications in our industry by using a dynamic rather than reactive approach for the detection of potential privacy and security threats With SmartScan comes an important note about future updates to the reference file which you can read more about later in this announcement As part of our continuing commitment to providing the most advanced safest and efficient privacy software available we have included a feature that allows Ad-aware to counter exploits that incorporate HOSTS file editing to facilitate browser hijacking Users can now scan log backup remove and restore known references in the HOSTS file efficiently and safely with a few simple clicks Registry protection and cleaning has also been enhanced to include detection of dynamically created registry keys while improving the overall efficacy of the deep scan mode and overall improvements in the scanning engine have made the In-Depth disk scanning mode more effective while lowering CPU resource usage New in Ad-aware Build Speed More comprehensive and up to faster than any previous x release Smart scan mode Improves speed even further and has been optimized to detect content at the root level enabling fast and efficient maintenance scanning Improved In-depth scan More effective while reducing CPU resources Improved deep registry scan Faster with additional registry coverage that can detect dynamically created registry keys Conditional scanning Improving speed by allowing Ad-aware to decide when and where additional scanning is needed based on a previous detection during the scanning process HOSTS file scanning Newly discovered exploit that uses HOSTS file editing to facilitate browser hijacking has been countered with this addition Now Ad-aware has the ability to scan backup remove and restore known references from your HOSTS file More efficient reference file usage Ad-aware can now read and use more detailed information stored in the reference file Improved Browser Hijacker detection Better detection for known and newly discovered Browser Hijackers Improved log file output More comprehensive reporting for better record keeping You have two options to update your copy of Ad-aware A zip-archive for this update has been made available to you which includes the core file and the latest reference file To install the update follow one of these two methods Zip file Click the appropriate link in either your announcement letter registered customers or for the users of our free Personal edition the link on the mirror site of your choice to download the file choose quot save target as quot Save the file on your desktop It is essential that you close Ad-aware Unzip the archive and copy all included files into your Ad-aware folder Restart Ad-aware Full install Uninstall your current copy of Ad-aware before installing the new build Please close Ad-aware AND Ad-watch prior to uninstalling your current version and then install the new build For Personal free users the list of mirrors is available at http lavasoft element com support download Registered users If you still have your download information for Ad-aware you can use the download link password and user name as provided to download the new build If you have not received your notice by mail please contact email protected for download information Important Note About Future Updates to the Ref... Read more

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Build 224 (2014-08-28)

ADDED: Detection for new variant of user32.dll ransomware infection
IMPROVED: Multiple improvements to scanning autorun entries on 64-bit systems
UPDATED: Embedded white lists

A:HitmanPro 3.7.9 Build 224 Released

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Don?t prepend scheme on copying an incomplete hostname. (Issue 43585)

Much better display/eliding of RTL and mixed-direction strings in the omnibox dropdown. (Issue 41716)

Make sure scheme is prepended to addresses that are cut (as opposed to copied) from the omnibox. (Issue 43569)
Fixed rendering of monospaced fonts on Linux (Issue 43252)

Known Issues
Hitting enter in some form fields does not submit the form. This will be fixed in the next Dev release.

Get it here.

A:First Chrome 6 build released (6.0.401.1)

Quote: Originally Posted by blackroseMD1


Don?t prepend scheme on copying an incomplete hostname. (Issue 43585)

Much better display/eliding of RTL and mixed-direction strings in the omnibox dropdown. (Issue 41716)

Make sure scheme is prepended to addresses that are cut (as opposed to copied) from the omnibox. (Issue 43569)
Fixed rendering of monospaced fonts on Linux (Issue 43252)

Known Issues
Hitting enter in some form fields does not submit the form. This will be fixed in the next Dev release.

Get it here.

Am surprised no one realized it the other day.

Wasn't many changes from the last build.
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I'm sorta confused about the latest x64 build, mine is:
Build 7232.0.amd64fre.winmain.090610-1900

And someone said the latest was 7229? I have the x86 7227 but that's x86, I'm really confused...

A:Latest x64 ISO released build?

as of today 7232 is the lastest leaked build that you can still publicly (within theory ) download
although it shouldnt take long before another x64 build should be leaked
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What's new in Hitman Pro 3.5.6 Build 110:Removes new variant of Bamital/Drooptroop trojan that is infecting explorer.exe and winlogon.exe or wininit.exe.
Improved detection of infected system files protected by Windows File Protection.
Improved replacement of infected system files with clean original versions.
Improved handling of 16-bit MS-DOS files.
Complete Changelog (Softpedia)

Hitman Pro 3.5.6 Build 110

A:Hitman Pro 3.5.6 Build 110 Released

Thanks for the update.
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HitmanPro 3.6 Build 153


ADDED: Behavioral scan now detects spoofed memory mapped file names.
IMPROVED: Several minor user interface issues.
FIXED: Solved a time zone issue when validating the license.
UPDATED: Internal white lists.Click to expand...





A:HitmanPro 3.6 Build 153 Released

Back to using HMP, they got rid of the Ads I see, and one of the license files is now a registry file.
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PerfectDisk Build is available Changelog below- nbsp nbsp Information What's new 170 Released Build 11 PerfectDisk in PerfectDisk Build Release of PerfectDisk Virtual editions Changed the behavior of how solid state drives are defragmented Usability enhancements added Built in defrag schedule has been disabled to PerfectDisk 11 Build 170 Released prevent thrashing the drive with two different defrag programs running at once Fixed a bug which blocked boot-time logging on bit Windows Added ability to enter Proxy information when using AutoUpdate feature Fixed some column sizing issues and typos Added a feature to allow shutting down after a manually initiated defragmentation pass Previously this feature existed for schedules only Progress removed from the tray icon as the percent complete was wildly inaccurate Fixed display issues where San Serif font was specifically called for It the computer did not have this font PerfectDisk could display schedule information Corrected some refresh issues in the user interface where settings were being changed but the display was not updated until the user interface was closed and reopened Fixed an issue where the duplicate file finder could delete files from the Programs File folder on bit computers By default this directory should have been excluded nbsp nbsp Note This is a paid program Just an update for those that use it PerfectDisk

A:PerfectDisk 11 Build 170 Released

Thanks airbot, already upgraded
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Build 231 (2014-10-29)

ADDED: Detection and removal of file-less registry-based Poweliks trojan. Both Run and CLSID variants.
ADDED: Integration of Department Of Justice ransomware user32.dll decrypter
IMPROVED: Detection of local proxy servers
IMPROVED: Removal engine to handle malformed file/folder names
IMPROVED: Detection of malformed registry values
IMPROVED: Removal of specific ZeroAccess variants
FIXED: False positive on user32.dll on Windows 10 Technical Preview
FIXED: Rare crash when user clicked on Activate Free License on machines with specific NVIDIA GeForce driver


Those who have installed HMP previously,just run the application to get the update

A:HitmanPro 3.7.9 Build 231 Released

Welldone said:

Note: At the time of creating this post,Download link hasn't updated yet for the latest build version.So please be patient if you are installing HitmanPro for the first time Click to expand...

Mirror Link (Provided by Mafias?)
32-bit download :

64-bit download :

Edit: Official Links have now been updated
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Build 193 (2013-04-03)
?IMPROVED: Detection of zero-day Urausy ransomware through forensic file clustering.
?FIXED: HitmanPro stopped working when it encountered a particular forensic cluster.
?UPDATED: Embedded white lists.Click to expand...


Unfortunately no new engines added for this version
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First of all, let me say that I have no inside info on this topic.

Now that Microsoft seems to be on a fast release cycle for Insider builds, I would expect that we should see a new build soon. Maybe this week?!

I base this hope on the fact that build 11102 was released on 1/22/16. Four days later build 14251 was released on 1/27/16, The most recent build, 14257, was released on 2/3/16. Based on this timetable, it's possible that another build may be released to the fast ring this week.

A:When will the next Insider Build be released?

Hello there sassafras Welcome to the Ten Forums!

On that question you seem to have already answered the question on another thread Post #30 I believe. Microsoft lays more foundations for Redstone Windows 10 Build 14257 - Page 4 - Windows 10 Forums

Those actively involved in the Windows Insider Preview program will now be seeing an app available for a fast preview option for an advanced first look at the next build that would follow the present one available. Other then that the Blog.Windows 10 page would be what to watch to catch the next build's announcement which also ends up being quoted in the news section here at Ten Forums by the way!
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Build 233 (2015-01-09)

IMPROVED: Detection and removal of new variant of Reveton ransomware.
FIXED: Issue with the Internet Explorer cookie enumerator causing the scan to never finish.
FIXED: Issue causing HitmanPro to stop working.

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Fixed: User32.dll false positive related to reading from specific encrypted filesystems
Fixed: Support for Windows 2003 64-bit and XP 64-bit
Improved: Closing of Chrome when removing cookies
Changed: Restore point is no longer created when removing cookies only

A:HitmanPro 3.7.9 Build 221 RELEASED

when are they going to add an another av engine
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Build 225 (2014-09-05)

IMPROVED: Detection for new variant of user32.dll ransomware infection

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ADDED: XPAJ bootkit (MBR) detection and removal.
ADDED: Yurn bootkit (MBR) detection and removal.
ADDED: Detection and removal of Volume Boot Record (VBR) bootkits.
ADDED: Detection and removal Cidox, Mayachok, Rovnix bootkit.
ADDED: Master Boot Record details (under More Information).
ADDED: Portuguese language.
IMPROVED: Removal of Necurs rootkit.
IMPROVED: Pre-boot malware removal engine.
IMPROVED: Various minor improvements.
UPDATED: Internal white lists

All users are automatically updated.Click to expand...

Source Link
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I've tried to install the latest Java, build jre-6u11 to enable me to view certain websites that use java. However, I get the following error message:-

"opera-exe - System Error.

This program can't start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Is this an Opera issue, or Java, any ideas of a fix anybody? Please!

A:Opera - Java problem on X86 build 7000


I've just found the fix, the file needs to be copied from the jre\bin folder to windows\system
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I`am having problem with displaying some web sites with opera.All the content on the site is on the left side of the browser.Other sites are ok,but some are not(see the image).Any solution?
P.S.Don`t tell to use Firefox I know it`s a good browser.

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Download (direct download):

Changelog: Opera Desktop Team - Fixing bugs

I'm back to Opera, now the plugin bug and the bookmarks bug are fixed!


A:Opera 10.52 build 3363 with a bunch of fixes.

The website and download checker are still only showing 10.51.
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Yesterday I got the latest Microsoft Windows updates in all I selected the custom installation and watched It took a long not boot can 1033 BSOD BCCode:1033 time especially the Malware update It restarted a couple of times and BSOD 1033 BCCode:1033 can not boot during the last restart I got the BSOD BSOD 1033 BCCode:1033 can not boot below When I turn the computer on it goes immediately to a blinking cursor Tried PF nothing I was able to get to the HP Recovery Manager and ran all the HP tests Every is OK I ran the sfc scannow and received a message that said a recovery action is pending and do a restart When I restart I still immediately get the blinking cursor Since I can't reboot I can't send you the info you would like I looked for a similar post but couldn't find one that matched my problem Thanks for the help Tilly Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode c BCP BCP B BCP BCP FFFFFA OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Ron AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt

A:BSOD 1033 BCCode:1033 can not boot

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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HitmanPro 3.6 BETA Build 154


ADDED: Detection and removal of Volume Boot Record / VBR bootkits.
ADDED: Detection and removal Cidox, Mayachok, Rovnix bootkit.Click to expand...





A:HitmanPro 3.6 BETA Build 154 Released

HitMan Pro is good stuff.
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Hitman Pro 3 - SurfRight

A:Hitman Pro Build 97 (2010-04-24) released

Thanks for the update mate.
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NEW! WinZip 15.0

Now it’s even quicker and easier to zip/unzip files for fast, efficient, and secure uploading/downloading, emailing, and storage! WinZip 15 delivers fundamental architectural improvements, a simplified design, and significant new file sharing functionality. Highlights include:

* Brand new performance architecture for high-speed zipping
* Streamlined menus and tools for an even better user experience
* Groundbreaking Desktop Gadget for instant access to key WinZip functions
* Innovative Zip and E-mail features that make file sharing effortless
Seems everyone is using Ribbon UI now

A:WinZip 15.0 Build 9327 released

Thanks for your info!
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Norton Build - released - Direct links Norton Security formerly Norton Internet Security v download page http www downloadcrew com article -norton internet security Norton Security with Backup formerly Norton v download page http www downloadcrew com article -norton Norton AntiVirus v download page http www downloadcrew com article -norton antivirus New in version Norton Toolbar update to support the upcoming Google Chrome policy 2014 - released Norton Build change that discontinues the use of NPAPI Netscape Plugin API technology Norton Product update to support Windows UNP User Not Protected feature bit Chrome support for Norton Identity Norton 2014 Build - released Safe About quot Norton Internet Security is the very latest edition of Symantec s powerful and feature-packed security suite Effective antivirus Norton 2014 Build - released technologies monitor the files you run download and access as well as monitoring program behaviour aiming to detect and remove malware before it can do any damage An intelligent firewall watches your internet connections and blocks network attacks And all on its own too - you won t be hassled by complex alerts Browsing protection checks the links you click preventing access to phishing and other malicious sites You also get a capable spam filter a password manager form filler network monitor startup program manager bootable repair disc performance-related tools and more as well as integration with various other Norton products parental controls mobile security Norton Zone a free cloud-based file sharing service and others The most obvious change in the edition is the enhanced Norton Identity Safe the suite s password manager An improved form filler now supports drag and drop you can search for logins directly from the toolbar and the interface has been revamped in general We re less sure about the new look - it seems more obtrusive than the old one more complex - but there s also some useful new functionality here Elsewhere there s improved behavioural detection and if something gets through anyway more reliable cleanup tools to help repair the damage Symantec is also claiming simpler installation and setup although previous installs have been so easy already that we re not really sure how much they can be improved One area which has seen some worthwhile tweaks is performance though with Norton Internet Security recording a faster boot time while scan time RAM usage has fallen by MB quot Source http www downloadcrew com article -norton internet security nbsp

A:Norton 2014 Build - released

It's good but the old keys are not compatible with new norton
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HitmanPro BETA Build Major change in this release is added Bitdefender engine Changelog NEW Bitdefender logo IMPROVED Bootkit detection heuristic IMPROVED Direct Disk Access handling IMPROVED Handling of GPT disks IMPROVED Scheduler starts a scan when it has missed its time window thanks Adric IMPROVED Scheduler performs Default scan when the last Default scan was at least days ago FIXED Solved a problem where HitmanPro would keep scanning indefinitely FIXED Solved a problem where HitmanPro could not overwrite an existing activation license due to changed file attributes FIXED Solved a problem handling the license files FIXED Solved a problem handing the no 3.6 152 HitmanPro BETA Released Build proxy setting Updated internal white lists Click to expand And some more important informations Rollback RX HitmanPro 3.6 Build 152 BETA Released users should no longer see the Win Bootkit heuristic detection Also these users should set HitmanPro to Compatible Disk Mode to prevent excessive report of Suspicious items due to the virtualization of the file system by Rollback RX If you want to run this beta as a final release then overwrite C Program Files HitmanPro HitmanPro exe with one of the below downloads and add the following registry key HKLM Software HitmanPro AutoUpdate REG DWORD - The key should prevent the beta executable to revert to the current version Click to expand -bit Code http dl surfright nl HitmanPro beta exe -bit Code http dl surfright nl HitmanPro beta x exe nbsp

A:HitmanPro 3.6 Build 152 BETA Released

Ikarus is included in Emsisoft?
BitDefender is included in G-Data?
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I saw this on Majorgeeks today, and then checked TechBench for the same file name as a download. I'm assuming this is legitimate. Did I miss news of an updated .iso?

Download Windows 10 - MajorGeeks

A:Build 10586.103 released to TechBench?

That definitely is not released by Microsoft to the general public.
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After a too long private beta period we now release HitmanPro HitmanPro.Alert 3.5 546 Released Build Alert version I want to take to opportunity to thank everybody who participated in the private beta Thank you If you are still running a beta you are encouraged to upgrade to this release HitmanPro.Alert 3.5 Build 546 Released CryptoGuard th generation Major new feature is the addition of the th generation of CryptoGuard est It is now capable of detecting quot HitmanPro.Alert 3.5 Build 546 Released imperfect quot crypto-ransomware families These types of crypto-ransomware simply create encrypted copies of your files and then delete the originals If you use an undelete tool like Recuva you can get much of your data back Hence why we call these families imperfect Getting hit by these types is still highly annoying so we added support for protecting against these families CryptoGuard v also improves the rollback mechanism that restores encrypted files to their original state And we have vastly improved the cleanup of the temp files in the CryptoGuard rollback folder Since CryptoGuard not only protects against locally running crypto-ransomware but also provides protection against infected endpoints trying to encrypt your locally shared data from remote WipeGuard With the advent of Master Boot Record based ransomware Petya and Mischa we have added a new mitigation called WipeGuard currently part of CryptoGuard This mitigation protects your critical disk sectors from being overwritten This is the first release of WipeGuard future releases will enhance this mitigation Stay tuned Improvements Next to new features we have also improved performance HitmanPro.Alert 3.5 Build 546 Released across the board Mitigations are now faster and alerts provide more information You can read the full changelog below Changelog compared to build Added CryptoGuard th generation Added WipeGuard mitigation Added DLL hijack mitigation on browser downloaded binaries Added Hardware-Assisted IAT filtering Added Import and Export of settings Improved Hardware-Assisted Control-Flow Integrity CFI mitigation Improved ROP mitigation Improved CallerCheck mitigation Improved Heap Spray mitigation Improved Hollow Process mitigation Improved Application Lockdown Improved Colored Window Border Improved overall mitigation performance Improved reporting details Improved compatibility hooks Improved rd party trampoline handling Improved support for binaries with Intel MPX instructions Fixed Software Radar incorrectly detecting -bit applications Various minor improvements Download Code http dl surfright nl hmpalert exe NOTE The automatic update will go online next week nbsp
Relevancy 54.61%

Released only for Windows XP, Vista & 7.
Builds for Mac & Linux are being worked on.
Needs a graphics card that supports Open GL with the latest drivers.
A future version will have support for Direct 3D graphic cards.

It can be installed as a standalone USB that makes no registry entries by selecting options & changing the install path to point to a folder outside of program files.

Try it out at Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive

On the fish tank demo I had 1,000 fish at 58 fps full screen desktop resolution 1900x1200

A:Opera release a Labs build with Hardware Acceleration

Comparison of Hardware accelerated browsers video by YouTube - downloadsquad's Channel

YouTube - Hardware accelerated HTML5 Web browser comparison (Opera, IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome)
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Since the four Community Technical Previews of HitmanPro Alert last year our customers and Final HitmanPro.Alert 180 released 3 build the security community showed strong interest Enhanced with the valuable HitmanPro.Alert 3 build 180 Final released feedback that we received we are excited to announce the general availability GA of HitmanPro Alert build HitmanPro Alert version introduces Exploit Mitigations of which its hardware-assisted Control-Flow Integrity CFI technology is perhaps its most striking feature CFI is a technique to prevent flow of control not intended HitmanPro.Alert 3 build 180 Final released by the original application without requiring the source code or debug symbols of the protected application With CFI HitmanPro Alert effectively stops attackers that hijack control-flow to combine short pieces of benign code already present in a system for a malicious purpose a so-called return-oriented programming ROP attack This capability is achieved by programming and leveraging a hardware feature in modern Intel processors to track code execution and assist in the detection of attacks in HitmanPro.Alert 3 build 180 Final released real-time an industry-first method not found in any other security product Besides a performance advantage employing hardware traced records has a security benefit over software stack-based approaches Stack-based solutions like Microsoft EMET rely on stack data which is especially in case of a ROP attack in control of the attacker who in turn can affect or control the defender as well Cybercriminals and hackers are becoming increasingly more proficient in finding and attacking previously unknown vulnerabilities to bypass antivirus software as well as memory protections DEP ASLR to silently infiltrate computers Well known cases that led to the discovery of zero-day attacks like Operation SnowMan GreedyWonk and Clandestine Fox uncovered by security firm FireEye as well as the recent Adobe Flash Player exploits show that attackers are adept in creating malware shellcode by borrowing instructions from legitimate applications running on the victim computer a ROP attack Antivirus software is not designed to block this as a ROP attack does not require malicious files or processes HitmanPro Alert version is built to stop existing and future attacks whether they are conducted by exploit kits or foreign nation-state hackers without requiring prior knowledge of attacks or abused vulnerabilities Besides Exploit Mitigations HitmanPro Alert also offers Man-in-the-Browser Intruder Detection Safe Browsing Cryptolocker Protection CryptoGuard System Vaccination Webcam Notifier Keystroke Encryption BadUSB Protection and our Forensics-based Anti-Malware Screenshot Review We asked Malware Research Group MRG Effitas to test and write an independent review on HitmanPro Alert In addition we sponsored their Real World Exploit Prevention Test comparison wherein they threw a very diverse set of in-the-wild exploits different exploit kits and attacks on different vulnerabilities against different products Second part of the comparison revolved around an artificial zero-day exploit attack The purpose of this attack is to provide a more realistic picture of the capabilities of security software against real zero-day attacks Just like real-world exploit attacks this attack has not yet been discovered by security researchers and is unknown to blacklist-based technologies that rely on prior discovery like URL filtering and virus signatures which is a good indication why all security solutions other than Microsoft EMET and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit failed te detect this attack We also provided MRG with an advanced ROP chain and shellcode for their artificial zero-day attack which is able to bypass every popular anti-exploit solution The techniques that we used to defeat these solutions are not new and available in the public domain for a long time The purpose of our attack is to show readers that any motivated attacker is ... Read more

A:HitmanPro.Alert 3 build 180 Final released

i not see any prices on the site downloaded it and its 29 Days trial. Hmm,bad i cant afford to buy it at the moment. Realy nice extra layer of protection along our existing antivirus. Anyway,needed to uninstall cant buy a license atm but thanks for the post.
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A:When will the official build of Anniversary Update be released?

Originally Posted by JKOgden Is there a certain time today? Should be scheduled at 9:00 a.m. local Redmond (WA) time, it will be released by waves across the world for not blocking the web
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AVG Internet Security v8.5.406 Build 1617 is a very good anti virus. I think it is d best anti virus 4 windows 7 or any other os. But u may hav to change its compatibility mode before installing it in windows 7. Ur PC will be secured, just update it online or offline whenever necessary.

please reply me

A:AVG Internet Security v8.5.406 Build 1617 released

the last AVG i tryed was sloooow as hell. have they speeded this 1 up a bit then?
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Don't bother with the changelog as it just states "Enhanced: Product stability".

The Update function within Qihoo still doesn't pick up this build for auto-updating, so one can go here to get it:

A:Qihii TS Version 6 Build 1154 Released

It's Qihoo, not Qihii .
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Looks like they screwed something up with yesterday's release- Changelog says just Enhanced Product stability.

A:Qihoo TS version 6 Build 1152 released

They did , it was the installer yesterday's release refused to install on my win 8. error message said. not compatible with OS.
everything installed fine with this new release.
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Not counting the Mac OS X and Linux flavors, Opera Software made available no less than five testing releases of the next version of its browser for Windows the past week. The latest development snapshot was released Sunday, February 21, 2010, and brings to the table fixes for HTML5 <video> and Windows 7 related crashes. Despite having produced a plethora of development snapshots, Opera 10.50 has advanced only a little since February 11th, when the browser graduated from Alpha to Beta. In this regard, Opera 10.50 continues to be in Beta 1 stage, with the Norway-based browser maker producing testing snapshots at a high rate, without indicating when the next major development milestone is scheduled for release.

Source -
Opera 10.50 Beta Build 3266 Fixes Windows 7 Crashes - And HTML5 <video> issues - Softpedia

A:Opera 10.50 Beta Build 3266 Fixes Windows 7 Crashes.

A newer build is available:
Build 3271
Opera 10.50 Beta Build 3271 Brings Cache Improvements - And fixes GDI issues on Windows - Softpedia
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Hello Everyone We are happy to announce that COMODO Internet released is Comodo Security build Internet Security Antivirus Firewall new Hotfix version is released The main purpose of this hotfix release is to provide the compatibility on Windows and fix any related problem such as kernel drivers signature issue We are planning to Comodo Internet Security build is released release CIS by Q which we believe that will surprise you with its new user interface increased usability and improved new features Please stay tuned and wait for the release and continue to send us your feedbacks for wishes and bug reports on beta built Existing CIS x CIS x and CIS x users will receive an automatic update offer CIS Release update Click to expand What s new in Improved Windows support Fixed UI and service crashes Windows kernel drivers signature issue Download Location Comodo Internet Security http download comodo com cis download installs standalone cispremium installer exe Size M MD de da f f ba df SHA c f caa e da eaaf c b cf ea df Comodo Antivirus http download comodo com cis download installs standalone cav installer exe Size M Comodo Internet Security build is released MD d c ee c bea a c be SHA b c e fb d e bd fc b d Comodo Firewall http download comodo com cis download installs standalone cmd fw installer exe Size M MD ff aa da e d f ee ab c SHA b b a bb d a e d ec dc nbsp
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whats new in this release :

Remote management of protection devices in ZEN.
* Online Shield inspects also SSL/TLS encrypted traffic (https).
* New graphic design of selected user interface dialogs.
* Improved distribution of updates due to unified HTTP communication protocol between application and update server.
* BlackBerry BBLink devices now supported using Firewall settings/Advanced settings/Allow VPN traffic. No user created rules needed.
* Descriptive texts added to some unlabeled icon-only buttons.
* Fixed security vulnerability issue in TDI driver (credit to Parvez Anwar).
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Quote Download Opera Beta Build with HTML CSS and SVG Enhancements While with Internet Explorer Microsoft is for the first time placing strong emphasis on modern web SVG Opera Download 11 and with CSS3 HTML5, 1128 Build Enhancement Beta standards support there are players on the browser market that have always made this a priority Case in point Opera A new Beta development snapshot of Opera Download Opera 11 Beta Build 1128 with HTML5, CSS3 and SVG Enhancement is now available for download and early adopters will be able to test a range of enhancements related to technologies such as HTML CSS and SVG Opera Beta Build was offered to testers today and in addition to improved web standards support the release features a range of bug fixes as well as improvements to extensions On the Core rendering side we Download Opera 11 Beta Build 1128 with HTML5, CSS3 and SVG Enhancement have made some nice improvements to HTML forms and have also been working on SVG Performance With regards to HTML forms support we cleaned up our old Webforms implementation from to align with the current HTML spec revealed Ruar degaard from the Opera Desktop team Developers will be able to test a range of new HTML elements with the new Build of Opera Beta Download Opera Beta Build with HTML CSS and SVG Enhancements - Softpedia

A:Download Opera 11 Beta Build 1128 with HTML5, CSS3 and SVG Enhancement

I've been running Opera 11 Beta Build 1128 and its great! As fast as ever with even more features and capabilities!

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What s new in version Added privacy AVG version not only helps keep your personal information safe when you re online and on your PC but we have further improved privacy protection with the new integrated File Shredder New File Shredder Normal 2014 Build released Final 14.0 Antivirus Free AVG 4117 deletion isn t always secure enough In some cases your data may still be recoverable File Shredder deletes data securely to help ensure your most sensitive information remains private Files are deleted permanently and can t be accessed or recovered by someone else Easy access to AVG mobile apps User-friendly interface offers easy access to our free mobile apps They range from mobile protection AVG AntiVirus Free for Android to privacy protection AVG Safe Browser for iPhone amp iPad to mobile performance apps AVG Cleaner AVG Antivirus Free 2014 14.0 Build 4117 Final released for Android Better Detection AVG detection rates are always being improved to ensure we are keeping up with Internet criminals File Reputation The new AVG client AVG Antivirus Free 2014 14.0 Build 4117 Final released will check with our cloud service and report the prevalence of certain files on users computers We ll then use this information to improve our product s detection capabilities heuristics behavioural detection No personal information is ever collected and customers must opt into our product improvement program in order for us to access their data Source Source Download nbsp

A:AVG Antivirus Free 2014 14.0 Build 4117 Final released

RE: AVG Antivirus Free 2014 14.0 Build 4116 Final released

Never did like that interface.... it always felt.... "glitchy"
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After rolling out Windows Insider Preview build to the Fast and Slow Rings nearly two weeks ago Microsoft has now released ISOs for Slow Ring users The Insider ISOs for released 14366 has build Microsoft 10 Windows Preview build includes a number of fixes and improvements comprised of updates to the size of the Windows Ink Workspace icon Mobile Hotspot settings page and Cortana search results among others As with Insider Preview build Microsoft has made the ISOs available just two weeks afterrolling out Microsoft has released ISOs for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14366 the build to Fast Ring users Five versions of the ISOs are available Windows Insider Preview - Build Windows Insider Preview Enterprise - Build Windows Insider Preview Education - Build Windows Insider Preview Home Single Language - Build Windows Insider Preview Home China - Build The ISOs are available in various languages depending on the version you choose It is also interesting to note that ISOs for build are still available for users As always Microsoft s release notes also point out that quot you will need to install the Windows Insider Preview build on a device that has been previously activated with Windows or with a Windows product key quot You can find further details about that here For those willing to try out newer builds Microsoft has already released build to Fast Ring Insiders on both PC and Mobile Download Insider Preview build Microsoft com nbsp