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Q: Sort alphabetically

WLM 2011 won't sort the "to" column alphabetically. Sort works OK with my other columns--subject, size and sent. Any ideas why the "to" column won't sort alphabetically? I've tried a repair. Windows reports that was successful, but it did not fix the problem. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Sort alphabetically

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sort alphabetically

Quote: Originally Posted by gogreen

WLM 2011 won't sort the "to" column alphabetically. Sort works OK with my other columns--subject, size and sent. Any ideas why the "to" column won't sort alphabetically? I've tried a repair. Windows reports that was successful, but it did not fix the problem. Thanks.

What "to" column?
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Hey TechSpot,

I know it may sound stupid, but is there some sort of handle or attachment for cases to make them portable.
If yes please let me know.


A:Is there some sort of handle for cases to make them "portable"?

I am not aware of any - that is what laptops are for. However Cooler Master makes the Storm Scout case with a built in handle on top - but it kind of looks like an old 5 gallon gas can:

Maybe you could invent something a get rich. Might be a demand for something like that - maybe a could of straps that would wrap around the computer and connect to a handle on top where the straps could be synched up. You could leave it on one computer or use it for any computer you wanted to move or lug around.
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Hi by the way (first post )

Basically I didnt know where to put this.

My computer has been running very slowly with consistent 50% CPU usage...

Dont know whats wrong with it, wondering on the steps I can take to sort it out.

I guess starting with some kind of process log for you guys to look at?

Any help would be appreciated..


A:Please help me sort this out..

Generally is it good to provide more details about your computer and your OS. One quick place to start is always the Task Manager (check out this link on wiki Windows Task Manager ). To see what process is using the most CPU. If you find that out, report back with more details on your system so that someone can help you figure out your issue.
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If anyone can help that would be awesome I have a Toshiba Equium A - laptop about a year and a half old Over the past week it has stopped connecting to the of is sort dying, My A200-196 Toshiba internet and the fan has stopped working I m trying My Toshiba A200-196 is dying, sort of to take the back off to fix the fan but it My Toshiba A200-196 is dying, sort of s harder than I thought one of the screws won t come out so is there any way to fix the fan without taking the back off As for connecting to the internet - it will recognise wireless signal and say it s connected but if I open Internet Explorer or any other program that uses the internet it says Cannot connect or something similar I have been informed that this is probably due to needing to reinstall some drivers but I can t find anywhere to download the drivers from so if anyone has a link or other suggestions that would be much appreciated This is also kind of urgent - I m going to be flying halfway across the world in one week and the laptop is fairly vital Thank you anyone who can help nbsp

A:My Toshiba A200-196 is dying, sort of

You need to take it in for repair...
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So ever since we got our computer back from being wiped (ugly virus, I think the guy said it was a Win32?) about 1/3 of the time we go to a page on the internet we get an error message that says:
"This application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
But we can surpass this problem just by x-ing out of the window and going there again.
So my question is what is that 'application' and where do I find it?
Oh, and this seemed like the right place to post this (not too sure though). But if it's not the right place, sorry!

A:Internet Trouble, sort of

No way to easily know. Just start reinstalling. Consider firewalls as a common cause, or security software.
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I have a dual boot XP Pro and Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. Mostly I use the Linux OS for everyday use and web access. I tried to connect to the web in XP and it tells me there is no connection. The icon on the taskbar shows that I am connected at 1 GB to the network. Microsoft downloaded updates in the background so I am connected yet Firefox and Ie7 tell me I'm not connected. I ran the connection wizard(s) with no luck. I ran the Dx and it reported a problem with the winsock catalog and I asked it to reset it to the default but that didn't work either, I have had a connection in the past. How to proceed?

A:No internet connection - sort of

Can you open 'command prompt' and ping ?
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I formatted computer the other day, since then i have not been able to connect to the internet. I have a belkin router, my computer has a usb stick type thing connecting me, but i can not connect. I can find the belkin when i search for it but when i click connect and go onto the internet it says something about DNS. I have tryed reinstallations etc but nothing. Any help? Thanks!

A:Can't sort out internet

So, hopefully you reformatted, reinstalled the OS, and then reinstalled the chipset drivers.

You will need to reinstall your Network Adapter drivers from your accessory cd that came with the mobo (if the adapter is onboard) or with the card (if a PCI slot adapter card).

With a wireless connection, I believe you then need to go into the Control Panel and click on 'Wireless Network Setup Wizard'.
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If you can help me I'd appreciate it. I just rebuilt a pc that I was having some issues with. I got the MOBO replaced from ECS under warranty so I rebuilt it.

I seem to have everything hooked up right. It fires up and just beeps (long repetitive beeps).

Any ideas?



A:Hello Having a problem and sort of looking for help

Probably RAM (possible CPU issue).

Remove the RAM sticks,reseat them,try one stick,make sure it`s the correct type.

All possible Beep codes and solutions,HERE

Earth yourself to some metal before fiddling.
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Hi all,

I'm building a new PC but im going to buy a mid range gfx card to last me until the dx10 line up improves.

Any ideas?

1950 Pro was my fave so far...

P.S: my new build is:

Intel Q6600 @ 2.40
4 GB Crucial Ballistix (4 x 1gb)
Asus PV5B-Dluxe



A:decent temporary gfx card until manufactures sort dx10 out?

That X1950PRO is the best choice ATM if you want a non-DX10 card. Among the current crop of video cards though (including non-DX10 ones), the 8800 series rules the roost, so opt for one of those if you can afford it.
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Hi I reasently tried to get my sort any windows No of Atlon to ghz and something went wrong Any it load Windows when it was at Ghz and then crashed after I got the CPU-Z reading like mins after login so I thought not stable No windows of any sort lets drop it back a bit so I do then its POST normaly then comes to the bit where windows should load and nothing just a screen saying digitial iput and it stays on just black s so I put it back to normal speed and still samething so I take the Cmos battery out and leave it out while I was at school but no help so I put the Windows XP disc in and and let it boot from disc to see if I could repair windows anyway It check Hardware setup but then does the samething just has a black screen and nothing else happens so I thought maybe Graphic card and change it for its twin had em in SLI till my GTS came the cards are XFX GTs XXX no change Anyway Im abit confused as I have got the CPU to Ghz off a different motherboard and had it at v but on this one I had it at ghz at v probly not enough but I cant change the CPU voltage also that itll POST find and everthing and pick up the HDD but not load windows or its install disc s So I wonder before I take both my PCs apart and swap componets to see what damaged if anything wondered if anyone has had simliar and know what could be up nbsp

A:No windows of any sort

You have probably damaged the hard drive or the embedded hard drive controller on the motherboard. The CPU, video and memory are a little more forgiving at times
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Hey guys ive been putting together a couple of old computers recently but not having money stops me from getting anything close to decent parts I figured that in October or even a bit before ill guys you of about sort do think this What build? be able to get a job I just got the bike i was saving for for like so now i can afford to spend some on other stuff COMPUTERS I was getting all the parts together on Newegg of What do you guys think about this sort of build? what I want and will get but not exactly these parts these are more of a guide and i didnt want anything over AUD I ended up with this Qty Product Description Savings Total Price GIGABYTE GA-M SLI-S Socket AM NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail Item N E Return Policy What do you guys think about this sort of build? Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart - Instant COOLER MASTER Centurion CAC-T -UW Black Aluminum Bezel SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail Item N E Return Policy Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart SAMSUNG X DVD R DVD Burner With X DVD-RAM Write What do you guys think about this sort of build? Black E-IDE ATAPI Model SH-S D BEBE - OEM Item N E Return Policy Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart ARCTIC COOLING ALPINE mm CPU Cooler - Retail Item N E Return Policy Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart Arctic Silver Thermal Compound - OEM Item N E Return Policy Consumable Items Return Policy Add this item to your cart CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN X - - Retail Item N E Return Policy Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart Mail-in Rebate Western Digital Caviar SE WD JS GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM Item N E Return Policy Limited -Day Return Policy Add this item to your cart Rosewill RV - -FRB-S ATX V Ver W Power Supply - Retail Item N E Return Policy Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart - Instant AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz Socket AM Processor Model ADA CUBOX - Retail Item N E Return Policy Processors CPUs Return Policy Add this item to your cart Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Channels PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail Item N E Return Policy Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart - Instant EVGA -P -N -T GeForce GT MB GDDR PCI Express x Video Card - Retail Item N E Return Policy Standard Return Policy Add this item to your cart Mail-in Rebate Grand Total That adds up to about AUD so im good Ive got keyboard mouse and screen already aswell What do you guys think about this sort of build I would be getting a shop to do the actuall build because I dont want to go wrecking anything I was also thinking of say buying a bit then waiting for next pay and buying another bit yarda yarda yarda Is this a good idea cus im sick of crappy windows s and s that dont even start up nbsp

A:What do you guys think about this sort of build?

Your power supply does not come close to matching the rest of your selections. That is the weak link in your proposed system.
You will need an operating system, too, such as Windows VISTA Ultimate at $199.
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Hey everyone My PC froze up the otherday and then when I tried to restart it it would start loading and then just freeze when the Windows XP screen with the blue bar was up Then it wouldn t start at all sometimes so id wait and then the same thing would happen with the freezing and now I can t get anything at of or coma. CPU? some sort Computer Motherboard in all on the monitor Ok so when I turn on the computer the my case fan CPU fan and Power supply fan all work My HDD light comes on at the front of the PC but I don t hear any beeps at all from the POST It sounds as if everything Computer in some sort of coma. Motherboard or CPU? is running but nothing comes up on screen Checked monitor and it is fine I checked my Computer in some sort of coma. Motherboard or CPU? HDD s on a differant system and they both work fine so it cant be them From the research I ve done i believe it is either the motherboard or powersupply but im not sure either way I was running a P or on a Foxconn motherboard with socket I have a w powersupply I ve also tried unplugging everything HDD s DVD Burner Computer in some sort of coma. Motherboard or CPU? video card RAM and then putting them back in in differant combinations or not at all but still nothing works If anyone could give me some ideas or advice or anything It would really be appreciated Thanks alot -Fb nbsp

A:Computer in some sort of coma. Motherboard or CPU?

I had the same problem when I had some memory go bad. Run memtest86 overnight and see if that is the issue.
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hi i need your help my problem is when i boot my computer it hangs-up it does problem of video sort Some not even show the bios start-up thing there is Some sort of video problem some sort of sound coming from the power supply and when i keep on rebooting it then finally gets through and i see Some sort of video problem the BIOS showing something about incorrect frequency i reboot and then it is okay when i boot my computer my Some sort of video problem monitor does not show anything and my computer hangs-up when i turn it off then boot my computer it loads to windows then when i turn on the monitor my computer hangs-up again so what i did was take the cable off connecting the CPU and Monitor turn on my computer wait till there is no some sort of loading happening so it means that my computer finally gets in windows XP plug the cable back in at the back of the CPU then my computer is fine can anyone tell me what is the problem with this OS Windows XP Video Card On-board VGA Motherboard ASUS nbsp

A:Some sort of video problem

Have you tried with an other monitor to see if thats the conflict?
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I got DSL through PRT (Puerto Rico Telepone) about 6 months ago and it is a 512/256 rate. When i connect however i onyl get a rate of around 60 kbps. I have reset my hub and nothing has changed. I am using Widnows XP and i was wondering if anyone knew any ways that i can improve the connection rate.

As a last resort i am gonna call the phone company, but i wanted to see if there was any way i can improve my connection myself without having the hassle of dealing with the company.

Any help and advice is appreciated.

A:How Can I Sort Out My DSL Problems

Just so we're on the same page; by DSL you mean hispeed over the phone line.

TCP over the phone is always a hit/miss proposition. The line is susceptible to
all kinds of noise and that creates transmission errors. One day it works great;
the next it stinks.

Regardless, you can improve performance with this TCP parameter: selective ack
which will reduce the 'overhead' controls and allow more data at whatever rate
is successful.
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I'm trying to update my ME to XP, but my RAM (acording to Everest 255mb) just meets the requirments, so I was looking up the memory types in the documentation and acording to it, I have 384 MB. So I look at the individual chips using Everest, when added up my RAM SHOULD be 384, but for some reason it's only recognising 255(I'd also like to know where that extra 1MB is going). I opened my case and there are 4 chips, 2 of one type, 2 of another (I also took this oppertunity to make sure that all four chips where secure in their slots, they where.)
So what is the problem?

Thanks in advance

A:PC not recognising memory...sort of.

Well, the extra MB moved into the other two sticks, because 256+128 = 384.
That Everest tells you 255 MB probably is due to the fact that 1 MB = 1024 KB.
If I had to take a guess I'd say that either Everest doesn't recognize the two 64MB sticks or they don't work together with the other two. But that should have caused problems before so I'd take the former reasoning.

I have never heard of Everest, by the way. Uninformed opinion if you want to say that...
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Hi there,
I have been looking at graphics cards for a while now and im a bit confused:
i want to spend around 150pounds. I am based in the uk. I have been looking at the 9800 pro and the new 6600. I know the 9800 pro is an old card now but i would like to know how it compares to the 6600. For example when playing games such as HL2 and CS Source what are the difference in fps e.t.c.

PS. IF there are any other cards for the same sort of price or are better please state.
Many thanks for all replies :slurp:

A:In need of Help Choosing: 6600 vs 9800 pro or any others for same sort of price

search the review you like:

(internet's most overlooked feature) google <6600 gt 9800 review>

6600 GT AGP beats all last gen cards.

mind cooling though, some brands of the 6600gt's have overheating problem because of inadequate coling setups, but nevertheless, it almost challenges the 6800NU and has all the new good features (especially WM10's HDTV media acceleration a must for home theater pc's)
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I am setting up a series of Excel sheets for my boss, in which one tab gets data from a previous tab. What I am trying to do is find a way for this new column (in the second tab) to be automatically sorted (it is a list of email, so alphabetically). This would than feed into another Excel sheet. I don't want my boss to have to go into that intermediary sheet and click sort himself or have to run a macro. Basically, is there any way to sort an entire column by utilizing formulas. I don't care if I have to create one or many extra columns. Thank you very much. Dan

A:Excel Help - Can you sort a column by using formula (not macro)

I may not be on the right track here, but for me, and my technically challenged bosses, the easiest thing to do is to setup autofilter. if you are using MSOffice 2003 or later it allows you to sort ascending or descending order by clicking the drop-down arrow and scrolling up on the options and selecting the sort order, this also allows for custom sorts, ie you are looking for only the contact details of all the members of a certain company. when i first started with this it seemed awkward but over time even my bosses have come to enjoy this particular feature of MSOffice 2003 and later. the older versions don't allow you to do the sort function on the auto-filter button. otherwise write a macro that runs when you open the spreadsheet.
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Does such a pgm exist (that doesn't cost the earth) that converts a book with pics, I have written to a disc that can be read like an ebook but on a DVD/Cd player, not a computer? I don't know where to look!!

A:Ebook..sort of

do you need it to be in midi or wave?
convert from the existing txt to voice?
then run slide show
diff ways to approch
convert txt first then use a progm like nero or sony to make a slide show
this can be done in flash (better)

Autoplay was developed as a training aid
use this to package the data
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Hello everyone again,
Does anyone know a quick way/method of sorting hundreds of thousands of files by month? The files I am trying to sort are very small (1-100KB) though there are so many of them. What I've tried so far is used windows search tool and selecting the date range in which I want. Due to the immense quantity of files, it takes about 3 hours to complete. Even when it completes, it takes even longer to move the files to a directory b/c I think windows has to search for the location again before it does the actual move. Is there a command prompt or script that I can use/create that says:
Select the files in these date range (ie: 6/01/2007-6/31/2007) and move them to a folder called 'June 2007'?

Thanks for your help

A:Quick Way to Sort Files?

Good databases can easily do it... Even Access... as will statistical databases such as Stata/MP: The fastest version of Stata (for dual-core and multicore/ multiprocessor computers), Stata/SE: Stata for large datasets, Stata/IC: The standard version of Stata, and Small Stata: A smaller, student version of Stata (for educational purchases only)
Take a look at researcher software, or academic software.
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Hello Dears After installing Windows XP the computer runs fine for a day atmost the i get the blue screen which says at the base quot beginning dumping of physical memory quot when i re-install windows i get this problem again and again I wrote the message it gave me last time it said STOP X F X X EB DO X EB X D there is a possibility of error in this code cuz i have low eye-sight but hopefully u ll find the problem I have been having this problem since i introduced SATA hard-disks first i had it with the an GB WD hard-disk then i switched to a non-SATA which worked fine then i bought a gb sata WD hard-disk and again im being devastated My computer specifications are Intel D gccr core duo GHz Ram- Kingston GB Please Please Please Help me God give you and your family everything u wish for if you solve my problem thnx nbsp

A:Blue screen of death, repeated 0X000000F4 error, need some sort of solution to this

How to find and post your Minidump Files:

My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don?t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don?t Zip each one individually.
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Hi My Hitachi Touro TB disk partition got corrupted Originally it was one TB partition with about TB of files One minute it was fine then it came up with quot Need to format hard disk before use quot then it wouldn't even start up The disk is currently mounted in a disk dock The disk wouldn't start up in its original enclosure so there might have been a hardware problem with the electronics of the enclosure which corrupted the drive Now it has partitions GB RAW - Healthy Primary Partition GB Unallocated GB Unallocated I have tried TestDisk but for some reason after about an hour of scanning or so the drive seems to switch off But it seems fine when I'm using Windows software I've tried writing MBR but TestDisk says it can't Should I use something like easus partition manager and set the primary partition back to one TB partition and then use recovery software to recover the files or is table? partition sort Best a to out way corrupted there a better way Thanks

A:Best way to sort out a corrupted partition table?

Sorry to say this, but in every instance where any of my partitions were reported as "raw", that mean that the drive had suffered physical damage. And, in NONE of those cases was I able to recover anything of any of the drives.

I had two fairly new Seagate drives do this to me last year, and in both cases, they were sudden head crashes.
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Just how the start menu sorts things, is this possible for pinned programs on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate? Or is there an application available that will let me do so?

A:Is it possible to sort pinned programs on the taskbar by most opened?

I think you need to do it manually.
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I used to get my "main" folder with the sub folder (sent, delete, etc) in alphabetical order. Now They have reversed, they are sorted Z-A, not A-Z. Again, the main folder, I.E. by E-mail address. How can I get this back to sort A-Z?

There should be an "office" forum for just Office suite questions, then a Sub directory within that for different versions of Office, just a thought. Many people have questions on MS Office like Access, Excel, Word, etc.

A:Solved: Office 2010 Outlook Sort Order

silverado4 said:

I used to get my "main" folder with the sub folder (sent, delete, etc) in alphabetical order. Now They have reversed, they are sorted Z-A, not A-Z. Again, the main folder, I.E. by E-mail address. How can I get this back to sort A-Z?

There should be an "office" forum for just Office suite questions, then a Sub directory within that for different versions of Office, just a thought. Many people have questions on MS Office like Access, Excel, Word, etc.Click to expand...

There is a forum for Office applications , it's the Business Applications forum so I'll move this there.
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Am still using Access 2000. Have a form that (among many other fields) contains fields for Lastname, Firstname, Middle and Sufx. I want it to sort that way when opened. In the Properties, I have the "Order by" set exactly that way (with commas separating each of the fields). It ignores the sort order, and instead, orders the records by ID, which is the primary key. I have tried sorting the table that is the data source (not a query) by those fields, but it does not good; form still orders by the primary key.

Have designed many databases, and none of the others ignore the "Order by". What am I missing?

A:Solved: Form refuses to sort as instructed

Don, I can't help you much with this one as I never use the Form's "sort by", but I would break down the problem.
Check the Record Source.
If it is OK try sorting on one field, if that works add another one and so on.
I have always used a Query for the Record Source and do the sorting in the Query.
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hi there i made this computer my self i made it to play World Of Warcraft when i go onto "can you run it" i am over the recommended but when i play the game i lag a lot and i am playing on the lowest settings with about 11MB of addons running still even with this spec
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 770
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Motherboard: MSI Z87-G43 GAMING (MS-7816)
PSU: Corsair CX750 ATX
i have enabled OC Genie in the bios settings that is ment to overlock the comp to its safest possible and i use MSI gaming app and Razor Cortex

i have attached Speccy and CPU-Z i dont know what else to add

A:Solved: Can you run it says yes but computer says no (sort of :P)

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Your rig should run WoW on better setting than that, I played it about 6-8 months ago on a similar system (older i5 CPU, GTX570 and 8GB RAM) and could run it on high - ultra most of the time.

FYI - I have flagged your post to the moderators to remove the Speccy file. It was good to list it for information about your system, however it also contains your Windows produce key which you really don't want to be advertising online If you want to edit the file to remove the key and re-upload it fine, however a better option is to publish the report online through Speccy, this will remove that sort of info.

1.In Speccy, click File, and then click Publish Snapshot.
2.In the Publish Snapshot dialog box, click Yes to enable Speccy to proceed.
3.Speccy publishes the profile and displays a second Publish Snapshot. You can open the URL in your default browser, copy it to the clipboard, or close the dialog box.

The main potential limitation could be your PSU. The CX series are not good quality and only really any use for basic build using integrated graphics cards, even Corsair say this about them on their websites. You really do need a good quality unit to power a gaming rig. Having said that, the voltages look OK currently in Speccy but could do with a look at them under load.

Do you play any other games?
If yes, do you have similar problems?

Your temperatures look ok for idle temps, but again would be useful to see what its doing under load.
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Hi folks
First of all - thanks for taking the time to read this:-)
I have been directed here from the malware removal section after my lad got his pc infected. We think it is now clean and all ok but he is still getting the odd corrupt image when using the web.
The main one seems to be the logo at the top of this page - see below

Looking at this image and the screen now, the corruption is the same every time too - pixel for pixel.
The full details of what we have done can be found on THIS thread where I was advised to post here.
The graphics card is built in to the mobo on this pc but just about every other image seems to load ok and games play fine so I don't think its that (but willing to be proven wrong)
Any help appreciated - thanks

A:Please can anybody help sort this out?

The colors etc etc are probably a theme.
See HERE  (allow the video to play for a few seconds...)
and then go HERE for instructions to Remove the Theme....or maybe add another will be his choice.   
ps. Give the FireFox browser a run.......HERE
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Hello the other day Avast blocked several attempts to connect to a malicious URL Using Process Explorer I traced the problem to svchost exe exact spelling On the TCP IP tab under properties for this instance of svchose exe I found that it was trying to connect to some site in the Netherlands This instance of svchost exe was spawned by explorer exe which I Some of Trojan...svchost.exe sort thought was odd Information under the Image tab Path C WINDOWS system svchost exe Command Line C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k netsvcs Current Directory C WINDOWS Documents and Settings ACCOUNT NAME I tried several tools like Avast boot time virus scan found nothing Spybot found nothing TDSSKiller found nothing Rougekiller Some sort of Trojan...svchost.exe just Some sort of Trojan...svchost.exe scans while using CPU hours later never finished and OTL some info comes up under ZERO ACCESS but I do not know how to use program to clean I finally switched to the administrator account browsed to C WINDOWS Documents and Settings ACCOUNT NAME Local Settings and deleted everything One folder was protected C WINDOWS Documents and Settings ACCOUNT NAME Local Settings Temp Sufnnee this folder contained a folder named SXUSPIK which contained a file wow dll I gained the proper permissions and deleted the Sufnnee folder and its Some sort of Trojan...svchost.exe contents The instance of svchost exe that was giving me problems was gone Its back Avast blocked more malicious URLs winlogin exe has spawned svchost exe which in turn has spawned another svchost exe that is trying to connect to malicious URLs Under image tab Path C WINDOWS system svchost exe Command Line C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k netsvcs Current Directory C WINDOWS system Please help I would post the OTL log but I will follow your troubleshooting steps once you give them so everything is current Thank You in advance

A:Some sort of Trojan...svchost.exe

Sorry...I reposted under proper forum topic
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Ok, so this virus has been going on for 3 months already and when I play some games like, Saints Row The Third, Fallout 3, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
when ever I launch those games they completely freeze my computer I cannot use CTRL + ALT + DEL  nor  ALT + TAB. Any help would be appreciated.
I do not think it is the drivers because I have already uninstalled all my GPU drivers and reinstalled the new ones.
FRST: Files

 FRST.txt   78.93KB

 Addition.txt   50.12KB

A:I think I have a virus of some sort (Description on what it does in here)

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Open notepad (Start =>All Programs => Accessories => Notepad). Please copy the entire contents of the code box below.



FF Plugin: -> disabled No File
FF Plugin-x32: -> disabled No File
FF Plugin-x32:,version=1.0 -> c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Silverlight\5.1.40416.0\npctrl.dll No File
CHR HKU\S-1-5-21-4002090083-1696684404-3651351176-1000\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\Extensions\...\Chrome\Extension: [fkkcgfbgohboipdhliafmacjnhjbhmim] -
S3 EasyAntiCheatSys; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\EasyAntiCheat.sys [X]
S3 MBAMSwissArmy; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys [X]
S3 MSICDSetup; \??\D:\CDriver64.sys [X]
S3 NTIOLib_1_0_C; \??\D:\NTIOLib_X64.sys [X]
U0 SR; No ImagePath
U2 srservice; No ImagePath
HKU\.DEFAULT\Software\Classes\.exe: exefile => "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!
HKU\.DEFAULT\Software\Classes\exefile: "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!
HKU\S-1-5-19\Software\Classes\.exe: exefile => "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!
HKU\S-1-5-19\Software\Classes\exefile: "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!
HKU\S-1-5-20\Software\Classes\.exe: exefile => "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!
HKU\S-1-5-20\Software\Classes\exefile: "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!
HKU\S-1-5-21-4002090083-1696684404-3651351176-1000\Software\Classes\.exe: exefile => "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!
HKU\S-1-5-21-4002090083-1696684404-3651351176-1000\Software\Classes\exefile: "%1" %* <===== ATTENTION!

Save the files as fixlist.txt in the same folder where the Farbar tool is running from.The location is listed in the 3rd line of the Farbar log you have submitted.Run FRST and click Fix only once and wait.Restart the computer normally to reset the registry.The tool will create a log (Fixlog.txt) please post it to your reply.===Test your Ram and Hardware.Diagnosing memory problems on your computer and Devices troubleshooter me posted.
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This is a problem that began the evening of my I to I to some a loss Malware computer - how as save at am of have sort December It I am at a loss as to how to save my computer - I have some sort of Malware began while I was on line with Internet Explorer As it happens I was on the Yahoo website Two things are happening First I am getting multiple repetitive warnings that Avast Free has blocked malware The details are different malwares each time but each appears to end in iexplore exe in the description I attach some examples Second the screen goes blank several times I get warnings about the display driver and then I get a blue screen and which says something about a memory dump and then the machine reboots The blue screens usually happen when I am web browsing but not always Also web sites are slow to open Avast Free is up to date Malwarebytes and Spybot find nothing wrong I do get CCleaner alerts that I have over GB of data to clean When I switched to Firefox I still get multiple virus warnings the bluescreens occur as well I also got several blue screens when I was not on any browser I also attach screen shots of the recent Avast history I cannot seem to copy the I am at a loss as to how to save my computer - I have some sort of Malware data as a document I am at a loss as to how to save my computer Dell XPS Windows I was able to attach of the images i have prepared

A:I am at a loss as to how to save my computer - I have some sort of Malware

Here are the logfiles that you asked for.
Thank you !
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17496
Run by anonymous at 8:56:44 on 2014-12-28
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.12249.8234 [GMT -5:00]
AV: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {17AD7D40-BA12-9C46-7131-94903A54AD8B}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {ACCC9CA4-9C28-93C8-4B81-AFE241D3E736}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArcSoft\Connection Service\Bin\ACService.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedul2.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\armsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\AERTSr64.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\CDP\afcdpsrv.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Wireless\Bluetooth Suite\adminservice.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\BingBar\SeaPort.EXE
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation
C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Core Update Service\Garmin.Cartography.MapUpdate.CoreService.exe
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\svchost.exe -k hpdevmgmt
c:\Program Files\Intel\iCLS Client\HeciServer.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Management Engine Components\FWService\IntelMeFWService.exe
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k HPZ12
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Dell Datasafe Online\NOBuAgent.exe
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k HPZ12
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup\sftservice.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSVC.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Wireless\Bluetooth Suite\Ath_CoexAgent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Wireless\Ath_WlanAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSvcM.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k bthsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k swprv
C:\Audiovisual & Graphics\Photoshop Elements 10\Adobe Photoshop Elements 10\PSE 10\INSTALLED\Elements 10 Organizer\PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Management Engine Components\LMS\LMS.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Update\NASvc.exe
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Management Engine Components\UNS\UNS.exe
C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkNGUI64.exe
C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVBg64.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup\Components\DSUpdate\DSUpd.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup\TOASTER.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Wireless\Bluetooth Suite\AthBtTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup\COMPONENTS\SCHEDULER\STSERVICE.E... Read more
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I would be much obliged if someone could take a look at my previous post, submitted yesterday. It took me a couple of weeks to respond with the reports, so perhaps it was overlooked.

A:My previous post regarding some sort of infection

I will look here.. don't know how we got lost/ will close this one.
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unresolved Hi I'm having a really weird problem for some reason videos will not work at all on of sort play Cannot any video/media my computer right now this includes Youtube videos WMP VLC Spotify or even gifs Youtube videos will appear to load up but will never start playing VLC will open but will stay on and interestingly whenever I try to play something in any browser it will completely crash that tab I have no idea what could be causing this so I tried Cannot play any sort of video/media updating my gfx card drivers and updating java but that didn't work I also had the same problem last night but it disappeared when I turned my PC back on today but after a few hours it has re-appeared any suggestions Also I should mention that I was having problems with my PC suddenly turning off yesterday which I thought was probably my PSU I feel like they are probably not related but I'll mention anyway Specs G Skill GB x GB DDR Mhz RipjawsX Memory Kit CL - - - V Coolermaster Silent Pro W Modular PSU - Single V Rail with A LG E S-BN LED LCD quot VGA Monitor WD GB quot SATA-III Gb s Caviar Blue Hard Drive - RPM MB Cache Fractal Design Define R Pearl Computer Case Cannot play any sort of video/media Cooler Master Hyper EVO mm TP-LINK TL-WN ND Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter Logitech G Wireless Gaming Headset Asus M A L-M USB Motherboard Socket AM Up to GB DDR USB uATX Razer Deathadder Ergonomic Gaming Mouse AMD FX Black Edition Core Processor GHz MB Cannot play any sort of video/media Level Cache MB Level Cache Socket AM W Retail Boxed Asus GeForce GTX DirectCU II OC Nvidia Graphics Card GB GDDR PCI Express HDMI DVI-I DVI-D DisplayPort Nvidia D Vision Surround Ready Seagate Barracuda inch TB RPM MB GB S Internal SATA Drive
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I have never been able to solve this, and it is really annoying. Anytime I open a folder with many file types, I'd like it to be grouped by "Type." However, "Type" is never displayed as an option in explorer, and I then have to select the "More" scroll down and choose "Type" then go through the "group by" process again. It's a lot of extra clicks, especially when I have to do this with lots of folders. How do I get "Type" to display in the "Group by" right click in explorer? Or better yet, how can I get folders to automatically display files grouped by type?
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We have a list of ladies and the dates their babies are due. There's another column in the list with a date that they left our care - maybe moved away or transferred to another office. I'd like to sort the list by due date, unless they have left our care - and then have those ladies at the end of the list. So if the transfer date is blank, sort by due date, with all those transferred at the end.

Advice please? Thanks!
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This issue has been irritating me for a while, and I just can't seem to find a solution. What I'd like to do is; sort files AND folders within a folder (My documents for example) by 'name'. But currently it is sorting folders and then files alphabetically individually. This is not sorting by name, this is sorting by type, and then name.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, here is what I mean.

How it is being sorted:


How I'd like it to be sorted:

Thank you.

A:How can I arrange files and folders alphabetically (Windows Explorer)

Can't mix folders and files. Folders first, then files.
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Sometimes Windows Explorer seems to fail to correctly Windows Explorer sort doesn't sort files into the correct order In the attached image which is the list of files in the folder Receipts which you can see from the little arrow I have requested to be sorted Windows Explorer doesn't sort correctly in ascending order of file name why are the files ADCreceipt xx pdf ADCreceipt xy pdf ADCreceipt xx pdf and ADCreceipt xxSWREG pdf listed before the file ADCreceipt pdf Windows Explorer doesn't sort correctly By any sort algorithm that I can imagine ought to come before oughtn't it Is this possibly something to do with the strange phenomenon in recent versions of Windows that Explorer seems incapable of showing recently changed files i e files recently created deleted or renamed This gives some really strange effects such as when you delete a file and then rename a different file to the same name as the deleted file If you don't believe me try it Any suggestions on how to get around these problems Thanks - Rowan
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When I sort my folders using "date modified," instead of ordering everything, I instead get all of the subfolders sorted, and then below that everything else, so it looks like this:

FOLDER A: 10th Jan
FOLDER B: 7th Jan
FOLDER C: 5th Jan
Randomfile.png: 12th Jan
Randomfile.mp3: 11th Jan
Randomfile.exe: 8th Jan 6th Jan

However, I'd like the files and folders to be mixed together and organised chronologically, like so:

Randomfile.png: 12th Jan
Randomfile.mp3: 11th Jan
FOLDER A: 10th Jan
Randomfile.exe: 8th Jan
FOLDER B: 7th Jan 6th Jan
FOLDER C: 5th Jan

Is there any way to do this?

A:How to get folders to sort both subfolders and files?

I don't think so with Windows Explorer. Maybe an alternative can do it?

Replace Windows Explorer with a free, feature-rich file manager
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WLM 2011 with Vista OS looks for duplicate names. I would like to search for duplicate name plus email address because some contacts have more than one address. This seems more logical than duplicate names. Do not see this option in the filters. Is this possible?
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Weirdest thing this morning and I thought I was doomed to squint at my tablet for the rest Refused Sort Different A Start....For Of PC A To - Crash Minutes 15 of my life because I certainly can't afford a new machine Went to power up and nothing happened at all When I toggled the main power switch at the rear the speakers A Crash Of A Different Sort - PC Refused To Start....For 15 Minutes clunked their usual protest so there was power and I double checked with a voltage detector Took the side off the case and the usual power lights on the motherboard were glowing but still no movement re booting fans etc So started setting up my iPAD if only to A Crash Of A Different Sort - PC Refused To Start....For 15 Minutes email everyone that I would be incommunicado for evermore there's no way I am killing what's left of my eyesight squinting at that damn thing Then minutes later the tower just powered up by itself I've noticed occasionally startup will take a few seconds to kick off in the past when the area the machine is in is really cold but minutes What's that a sign of Dicky power supply I'm leaving the machine on permanently from now on just in case
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On my external hard drive, I have a ton of photos from different cameras that retain the weird file-naming scheme that the camera implements so the order is weird and out of whack. I've been wanting to organize these photos and thought the best way to do it would be to sort it by date; however, when I click the sort-by date tab, it takes FOREVER to sort it.

It's weird because this seems to only happen with certain folders and not others within the same drive so I'm pretty baffled as to why this happens and how to fix it.

I tried to do a search on the forum to see if anyone else encountered a similar problem by searching the word "sort" but I came up empty. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Problems with Sort by Date in Windows Explorer

Well that was quick... of course I find the solution after I make a post.

I don't know if this solution is permanent but I hope it is. Basically, what I did was I optimized the folder for "General Files" after going to the folder's Properties and clicking the "Customize" tab.
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Hi all Please help me choose tools - service provider s and or application s - for my goals I'd like to start sharing privately videos and photos in some private cloud drive with a group of close people It would be sort of electronic photo video album Most computers are quot Tablet PCs OS is Windows There is a question how can I view these photos videos when one or more of these people is offline The best thing would be an application which automatically caches the photos videos which are viewed most often or quot starred quot or quot liked quot most or quot rated quot as best The application would cache for offline viewing too when there is no internet connection those mostly viewed starred liked rated photos videos on each computer depending on which photos videos were watched on that particular computer What I plan is just keep putting all the photos videos probably from all the same computers to some cloud drive and - the best thing would be - just let the mostly watched photos videos to sort naturally in each cache Or maybe there is some feature to rate photos videos somewhat like in windows media player Is there a way to auto-cache some amount let's say up to GB or GB of the most often viewed files for offline viewing instead of having all of them on those devices I'm asking this because those tablet PCs have a auto-sort, How view? to videos/photos cache offline share, rather limited storage capacity and are also limited on internet connection quite How to share, auto-sort, cache videos/photos offline view? often How to share, auto-sort, cache videos/photos offline view? too Here are some tags I've been searching with but I still couldn't find anything particular yet quot cache videos quot from quot cloud drive quot Cache videos offline not android not ipad but windows store videos onedrive videos cache offline One of the links I've found that might be relevant Online-only files and files available offline - Windows Help Any ideas to my questions Which service provider s and or application s would you suggest Or maybe you know some other relevant place forum I could ask this question at Many thanks

A:How to share, auto-sort, cache videos/photos offline view?

Any news regarding these questions, please?.. *bump*
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I selected categories of Sort By and Group By context menu in one folder, like Vertical Resolution, Horizontal resolution etc.
It was applied only to one folder...
Is possible to apply these categories to all folders without selecting each folder?

Thank you for every help!

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Is there any option available to arrange all files and folder in  alphabetically group.

For Example I have multilple folders name a ,aa ,b,c,d,e,f ,k,l,m,n and multiple files name  a ,b, c,d ,dd,e,g,z,k.
If we will arrange all these files and folders sort and group by name than first it arrange all  folder by name than it arrange all files by name. but I want to arrange  like all files and folder started with A latter should be in A group 
than  same for B  and so and so.

In simple can be arrange files and folders like windows XP

Rakesh Kumar
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They are included in FreeFileSync's list of files to be updated. I have never seen them listed before for a backup. X: is my internal HD which contains only documents, Pictures etc. No programs or system files.

What do they do and why would they be included in a backup of a drive that has only docs, pictures etc?

The first image is representative of several similar files with different numbers.


A:What sort of files are these?

WER, is Windows Error Reporting, these are probably just log files.
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In Vista Windows Mail is it possible to sort mail using different parameters in different folders? Some email clients allow you to do that, e.g. Saved Folder: sort by Received/Descending, Inbox: sort by Received/Ascending.... and so on.
I find that currently if you set one, it sets them all.
The reason I'm asking this "so late in the day" is that I've just switched to (a hacked) VWM in my Windows 7 and 10 OS's from Incredimail, which was driving me batty.
This is not that important but thought I would ask.

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In Vista Windows Mail is it possible to sort mail using different parameters in different folders?
Some email clients allow you to do that, e.g:
Saved Folder: sort by Received/Descending,
Inbox: sort by Received/Ascending.... and so on.
I find that currently if you set one, it sets them all.
The reason I'm asking this so late in the day so to speak is that I've just switched to (a hacked) VWM in my Windows 7 and 10 OS's from Incredimail, which was driving me batty but did have that one redeeming feature. Folders all could be sorted differently.
This is not that important but thought I would ask.
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Years ago, I created a table for 2x4 labels to use on my holiday cards. Fifty people are on there now, and the original was in alphabetical order, which gave me an easy way eyeball it for necessary changes. But, as people died or disappeared for one reason or another, I filled in the empty cells with addresses of new friends.
So, I want to alphabetize the whole table by last names.
I'm running Yosemite on a Mac computer.
I have tried to sort, ascending, but, I can't seem to find a way to alphabetize by last names. Is there a way to do this? Oh, and I did select the whole table for the sort, also tried selecting only one side (column).
Thanks for your help.
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Hey guys I'm battling with a help issue Please I sort with out can't Internet crappy internet connection issue and Please help with Internet issue I can't sort out I just cannot get to the cause I run hubs at home one is fully connected and the other serves as a wifi access point my main machine is connected to this secondary hub The system has been fine for years but a few weeks back I had all manner of problems after the other half did a factory default restart in the second hub Ever since setting the system up again my desktop pc randomly drops the Internet contection only for a few seconds at a time but it can be frustrating as all h l when chrome can't even load a page no matter how many times I refresh So for I have tried the following Changed the main Ethernet cable connecting the two hubs Replaced the Ethernet cable from secondary hub to the pc Reset all the hubs to factory Switched out both hubs to new ones Installed a new network card in the desktop pc Tried using system restore although this fails to complete with and unexpected error The wifi side of things works with no issues at all The hubs currently in use are a by home hub as the main and a by home hub as the secondary Both are brand new spares I've had that were never used All the cables are new and yet this problem persists I'm getting rather cheesed off with it to say the least Also need to add I've connected the laptop to the same Ethernet cable and it's working just fine so I'm pretty sure the problem is with my rig HELP Please Thanks in advance Jeff

A:Please help with Internet issue I can't sort out

Hi Jeff,
Sounds silly i know but
Are you picking up the Wifi from the secondary hub, dont forget that the SSID's will be nearly Identical BTFONXXXX, and remember the security code as well.

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Is there any way or any software that will help me sort through all the corrupted/damaged video files and photos and delete them in one go?
Or anyway or software to help me repair them?- this will be better for me as i dont want to lose any photos or videos

Ive tried chkdsk but it comes up with no problems detected.
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Having an issue with my Start menu in Windows 10 that nobody else on the internet seems to have. Basically, pressing certain buttons makes that menu crash. So does searches. Extremely annoying. Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Start menu Crashing (sort of)

Suggestion :
Do a repair install, otherwise known as in-place upgrade install.
Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade
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I previously started a thread about this at Determine what happens on start up But that's days ago I apologize if I should NOT start a new thread instead of adding to the old one The issue is that from time to time say at least once an hour or more certain functions on the computer stop I cannot access the Internet I cannot ping I cannot launch a new application If I am already in say Word I can continue to edit Time From Stops Sort Windows Working of Time to that file But of course I cannot print Originally when this started it seemed to last as much as minutes Now it lasts about minute I've tried to write a batch file which will ping Google endlessly and note the times Windows Sort of Stops Working From Time to Time but that didn't work it echoed the time then pinged then echoed the time but the time didn't change echo off set i FOR L i IN DO echo time ping Google echo time Anyway a friend of mine who is in Windows Sort of Stops Working From Time to Time IT Support thinks this is an SMM virus That would be very bad news I think I've run MalwareBytes and Kaspersky and also Combofix and they all report no problems Does anyone have an idea where to go from here As for the ping failure the cable modem appears to continue to work in that my WiFi is not affected by this I am running an app called AirAndroid just started about days ago so well after this problem started And even though just now my session seemed to freeze this app correctly popped up a message it does when I get a text message on my phone So the Internet connection is working and apps can work Just not when they are initiated by user action AM And this morning seems much worse It's happened times at least already The last one at least minutes RON
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Every disk and/ or folder when I tick sort by name-ascending the damn thing reverts to date modified-descending if I leave said disk or folder and return. I tried "Enable_Auto_Arrange_in_File_Explorer.bat" and "Reset_Folder_View_Settings_of_All_Folders_to_Default.bat" courtesy of Brink to no avail.

Is there a way to get file explorer back to default sort (by name-ascending) for all disks, folders and sub-folders at once?

It was all fine last week and I've no recollection of playing with any settings. Very frustrating.
Thank You.

A:File explorer sort reverts to "date modified"

Solved by reinstalling. Pity but also got rid of a lot of rubbish.
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Looking for software which i can add subs (srts) to a movie and then save it to a folder so I can put it on a flash drive and watch it on my tv?

Can someone recommend some and exact steps how to use it plz?

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Two questions:-

1. Does anyone know of a simple method to add titles, comments, or tags, to folders in Windows 10?
There was something called HobComment that worked on XP but there does not appear to be a Win10 X64 version.

2. Is it possible to have File Manager ignore definite and indefinite articles (the, a, an) when sorting by name?

A:Adding Title/Comments/Tags to Folders + Sort in File Manager

Hi, search syntax is fairly comprehensive- you may find sthg here:
Advanced Query Syntax (Windows)

(not certain if that's the latest spec)

Ok, folder tips. This works for me.. not ideal, but there..
Download and install this:
StyleFolder Download

You also need to do this:
You'll see your detailed pop-up description the next time you mouse over that folder.

Note: If you don't see a pop-up when you mouse over a folder, you need to enable a couple of settings. In explorer, click Change Folder & Search Options, and then select the View tab. Then, in the Advanced Settings list, select the check boxes for
Display File Size Information In Folder Tips
Show Pop-Up Description For Folder And Desktop Items.
Click OK.

Now to add a comment, rt click the folder, click
Customise with StyleFolder.
The comment appears in the tooltip when you mouseover the folder.
The option to change the text colour doesn't seem to work
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You can no longer sort the contents of a file listing in Windows Explorer keeping a selection of files made in the previous sort Explorer? Why when changed Windows Windows order selection - is in selection kept in reset sort Explorer is Sorting with order If this Sorting with selection kept in Windows Explorer - Why is selection reset when sort order is changed in Windows Explorer? is a bug I would like Sorting with selection kept in Windows Explorer - Why is selection reset when sort order is changed in Windows Explorer? to know than I will report it appropriately otherwise - if it is quot by design quot - I would like an explanation why this function was removed As I see it sorting has to be possible with the selection of files kept intact Searching the net I find many people being upset that this is not possible in Windows I used it all the time at work on my XP machine I used to select all dll-files in a certain folder and then sort by quot Date modified quot which resulted in a list of files sorted by date and with the appropriate files selected This was an easy way to find out which dll files had changed last in our development environment - just sorting by date makes a lot of other files such as log files and debug files appear in between the dll files Below is another call for this This user's request was made in another part of MS forum and the nbsp so called answer was just a link referring to this place indicating that the user should put his question here instead so I take the liberty of putting his text here as well One of my most common ways of working when copying moving or deleting multiple files using Windows Explorer is using details view to sort by one method for example by time select some file then change sort to another method for example by type and select a few more perhaps changing sort again and repeating before finally performing my desired action e g Ctrl-X Ctrl-C or Shift-Del However in the Windows RC version of Windows Explorer as soon as another sort is selected the selection is reset nbsp This seriously raises the complexity of doing the tasks that I commonly do requiring me to do many multiples of the number of steps previously required to do exactly the same thing I would use this operation a minimum of times every day so this is a major issue for me Me again Until the sorting is working properly with selected files kept I will have to use third party components such as the search tool Agent Ransack File Locator to make a search in the folder I need to do my work in and use its built-in result pane for sorting the files

A:Sorting with selection kept in Windows Explorer - Why is selection reset when sort order is changed in Windows Explorer?

This is by design.
If you have any suggestion or concerns, please contact Feedback Team via the following link:

You can also post your feedback or comments on
Feedback Forum.
Thanks for your suggestion again.
JPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?
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Some month ago, I started noticing spontaneously activating issue where a new YouTube video would not start playing even though buffering and otherwise being just fine. Same would happen with Soptify (web and client), Windows Media Player, just name any software that would want to make sound. Even with restart, I'd have to force it due to a running process "Playing Windows logoff sound".

One way I've found to fix this on the fly is to unmute my headset's microphone (Logitech G35). Everything would immediately start playing the media, like it were a magic button.
Today though, even this does not help me any more.

No error messages what so ever, no other symptoms. Only major change in my PC's setup this year is my new G700s mouse and switching from Panda antivirus to AVG.

I'm completely dumbfounded by this increasingly annoying issue. Any level of help is appreciated!
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Hi, I recently updated my computer to windows 10 and now everytime i run a game on steam the command prompt will pop up about every 30 seconds and then it will disappear in less than a second. I have so far gone into event viewer and it shows that it has been coming up with:

The server {2335E186-D62F-4797-9333-D2AEA2E57608} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

i have no idea what this means, but it only comes up when playing steam games and games in windows itself, not on browser games.

A:Some sort of incompatability with steam?

Depending on how many games you have installed......but I would uninstall steam and reinstall steam then reinstall a few games and see what happens.
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Hi all

I wanted to sort out video files taken over the past several years on Nokia phones and Iphones.

I had saved them on my laptop, but when I go to sort them either with Date, Date Modified or Date Created, it just sorts the videos from when I first moved the videos from my hard drive to my laptop.

Is there any way/software to get the metadata? for the videos?, I wanted to sort them in order of they were taken on the phones

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Good day!

Is there anyway to get this? I was so sure this was how sort by name really worked but it's not even the case in windows 7. I need to name certain files in the same folder in order 0001, 0002, 0003 and so on and then 001, 002, 003, 004 and so on where 0001-000X is listed first. Now sort by name makes it go 0001, 001, 0002, 002 and so on. I found a way to disable numerical numbering through GPE (Pro tip: Alter File Explorer's default sort - TechRepublic) but it will not work the way I want, e.g. it will make 111 < 22 which will make an ever worse mess.

The only workaround I can think of is using _001 instead of 0001 but this asymmetry hurts my soul.

Thankful for any help, I'm no stranger to using the GPE, I just don't know what to look for.
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I literally don't have any good ways to explain this or how it even happened.
This issue happened right after some of my keyboard keys stopped working (b, n, caps lock, delete, =, 7 and /(numpad), f1, f8, f12)
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Hi I set up a lot of pc's and I've had this problem before with windows I set up a single user account with Microsoft account email and password Then I want the pc to never ask for password so I run userpasswords and uncheck so password is second windows 10 added sort of a account user never asked for and we go right to desktop windows 10 added a second user account sort of on startup I'm setting up laptops right now and works fine On the second laptop windows created a quasi-user in addition to the user account quasi has same name same email and it doesn't exist in control panels user It has a shorter version of the user name when I sign in i e name is Rancho and it auto displays ranch as the user name on log in screen so I know Windows did this somehow When I turn on laptop or restart instead of going straight to desktop it shows log in screen it says it cannot connect connection is wi-fi no other pc's have connect problem it says there is a problem and I have to sign in it has accounts in lower left corner both have the same account name and email if I click on the top it is the ms account it supplies the email and logs in with just a password If I click on the ranch account it puts ranch in the user name logs in with same password I'm guessing I have to add administrator account delete the messed up account and recreate it then delete trying to avoid that fun if possible and it didn't work on windows when this happened any ideas on how this silliness happens Is there a fix thanks tom
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Greetings All nbsp My machine is a win desktop Pro Series AMD A - K APU with Radeon HD graphics nbsp GB RAM For the past three or four of) PC locked (sort nights it has enaged in odd behavior I will leave it to its business for a while and when I return it's gone to sleep Except it hasn't The monitor is in sleep mode but the PC seems locked PC (sort of) not to be Mouse is lit keyboard is lit and the light on the tower locked PC (sort of) itself indicates that the PC is in fact awake However nothing works Neither mouse nor keyboard wakes it up The sleep button on the keyboard has no effect and neither does the power button on the tower If I shut off the monitor and nbsp turn it back on it immediately goes back to sleep The only way to rectify it is to shut the machine off old-school hold down the power button until she dies Upon rebooting everything is fine I've installed no new hardware or software that could be causing this Any ideas nbsp Thanks
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Okay so issues sort All of was having a lot of BSOD's All sort of issues for a while but All sort of issues I eventually narrowed down the issue as to corrupted Windows install files Did a reformat checked the SFC and CHKDSK and everything is peachy BUT One issue that -didn't- get All sort of issues ironed out is the occasional random reset Everytime I get the reset I get an event ID error I figured this was from overclocking a few weeks ago and decided to turn it down a notch but apparently that didn't help much as it's still happening Event IDs are as follows Critical Warning and All of those happened at the same time or just before my computer resets itself I know Kernal-Power Event ID has something to do with power but there's really no way for me to separate all the hardware to figure out what it is Further more replacing hardware is a last priority as I -just- put this rig together Any help would be appreciated EDIT My rig is as follows AMD FX GB R x gb of Corsair Dominator memory ASUS M A FX Pro R MOBO Rosewill CAPSTONE W Gold WD EZEX TB HDD Microsoft Windows -bit

A:All sort of issues

Code 41 simply means Windows was shut down without waring like the power plug was pulled.

Lets get a look at the temps and voltages, a unstable power supply could be the root cause.

D/L and run Hardware Monitor do something intense like a virus scan or gaming for a bit, Alt+Tab back to HWM expand all the trees and use the Win7 snipping tool to grab a screen shot of the HWM window, post the screen shot using the paperclip button in the advanced message box(Go Advanced button).
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It probably is the result of some incorrect house cleaning but I have a number of irksome issues with Win XP My PC has many older programs that I have used and now - off Win many two are: sort hickups. [SOLVED] first The XP bt - working is refer to them on my retirement consulting So a clean re-install is quite an iffy proposition A quick list of the issues - Any video is now [SOLVED] Win XP is working - sort off - bt many hickups. The first two are: a start stop affair with the audio being less disrupted than the video which is a series of still frames each about half a second long - The quick launch tool bar does not load except manually I have tried several suggested solutions but it doesn't load at start up When loaded [SOLVED] Win XP is working - sort off - bt many hickups. The first two are: manually it displays only six icons and that cannot be changed with or without a check next to the Quick Launch menu item - When selecting an item from a list say Windows explorer or an e mail list many times the first item selected with a right click cannot be deselected so all following selections select a block Could not find a fix for this - When browsing with Firefox sometimes the web page resets without any user input - as if the tab was closed - Sometimes when trying to delete a file from a folder it doesn't and it can be done only after a restart -etc I apologize for the lenght of this post but I have tired for weeks to find the source of all these problems to no avail Help with the first two or any other would be greatly appreciated Thank you

A:[SOLVED] Win XP is working - sort off - bt many hickups. The first two are:

When you delete a file from a folder, if it looks like it is still there, right click a blank space inside the folder and choose Refresh. This should show the file as being deleted now.
As for your other problems, go to Start/Run and type SFC /scannow and press enter. Put the XP CD in and it will replace any missing system files.
Also, go to Start/Run and type chkdsk C: /F and press enter. In the Command Prompt type a Y for Yes and restart the computer. Check Disk will run at next bootup and fix any file errors.
If that doesn't solve all of the problems then go to Start/Run and type control userpasswords and press enter. Create a new user with admin rights, log out of the user profile you are in and log in as the new user. If that solves the problem then move your files to the new profile and use that from now on. How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows XP
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I had Windows XP Professional fail last Friday. It would not work even after a repair, so I reinstalled it on the C drive. There are two other drives, a 250 GB and a 1.5 TB Western Digital drive. The C: drive and the 250 GB drive show up in My Computer. The 1.5 TB drive does not. It shows up in Disk Management in the top window, but in the bottom window it appears disguised as a 128 GB hard drive.

It DOES appear in Device Manager.

What is wrong? How can I make this drive visible to all parts of Windows?



A:[SOLVED] Invisible SATA drive, sort of

What Service pack is installed on the system?
Right click My Computer, click Properties, what Service Pack is listed?
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I don't know what the hell this girl did to this computer before I got it I mean besides infesting it with a million viruses spyware adware and a couple trojans including one that didn't allow me to use task manager got it fixed here but web pages are really big now Like everything's bigger on them youtube videos don't fit in the whole screen even when not in full and sometimes text in webpages just keeps going to the right or left off screen and I can't see it My screen's perfectly centered too so it's not that I'd really like this fixed but I don't even know where to begin I've tried making smaller icons in XP but that doesn't help I'd really like going of size some sort [SOLVED] I've issue got on here to be able to see webpages normally again The browser I use is Firefox Win XP OS I've got an Nvidia sound card I think Intel Pentium processor You guys will have to tell me how to get to anymore relevant specs You guys helped me fix my Task Manager problem so I hope you can help me with this too D

A:[SOLVED] I've got some sort of size issue going on here

Right click a blank space on the Desktop choose Properties/Settings Tab. move the Screen Resolution bar to the right to increase the resolution. (Making everything smaller) Also check in Device Manager to see if there are any yellow marks next to the Display Adapter, if so, you will need to download an updated driver from the computer manufacturers web site.
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English edition.

The language version of the non-Unicode programs is set to an East Asian language.

There is no option to sort by pronunciation. Is there anything I need to set or install?

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Okay I hope this makes sense I have an emachines T runing Intel Pentium Windows XP SP I have a Linksys WRT G XP (Sort Not of) Responding Windows V Router on Windows XP Not Responding (Sort of) my cable internet and a Linksys WMP G v wireless adapter on the computer The computer started acting strange How Windows XP Not Responding (Sort of) I boot up it boots up but won't run iexplorer wont run control panel won't run any quot windows quot type program And when I shut down it hangs up at the screen that says quot Saving your settings quot I then have to push the button on the tower to Windows XP Not Responding (Sort of) get it to turn off Will work okay in safe mode -- i e control panel will come up etc Now it gets stranger I plugged into the WRT router with the ethernet cable rather than try to use the wireless Lo and behold with that cable connected it boots fine runs fine all is good So I think maybe it's the wireless adapter I try to uninstall the software that comes with the wireless adapter It won't uninstall WLservice exe I reboot in safe mode It then allows me to delete that program Remove the wireless adapter Still the same problem Uninstall the Linksys Advisor software that came with the WRT router Now explorer doesn't even show icons But if I go into task manager quit Explorer and restart explorer the icons come up but still won't run i-explorer although it shows up as a process in Task manager So I try to reinstall Linksys Advisor Gets initialized when I run the setup program and locks Reboot in safe mode allows me to install Linksys Advisor Reconnect the ethernet cable reboot it reboots fine and will run i-explorer control panel etc I've run ABAM nothing found I am completely and utterly at a loss how being connected to the router could be the controlling factor in whether the computer works I hope this is at least somewhat clear ANY ideas would be apprecaited

A:Windows XP Not Responding (Sort of)

Remove/disconnect the wireless adapter, then try booting up and removing/uninstalling all of it's software. You can then also remove it from Device Manager, and delete the wireless profile in Network Connections.

You can also try booting without any network connection and see how the computer works. I would suspect it works just fine...minus network connectivity of course.

Once everything is back to normal, if you need wireless, you can try reinstalling the hardware (you shouldn't need any additional software, just drivers).
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Was speaking to Tetonbob who suggested to see if u can help in sorting out a problem with my issue Keep getting Internet Explorer needs to close and file? no corrupt cd so do xp sort out I Have how Dr Have no xp cd so how do I sort out corrupt file? Watson Debugger error messages and when Have no xp cd so how do I sort out corrupt file? I press ok it freezes the whole computer and I have to restart again and again I ran the check that tetonbob told me on windows to see if any file corrupt etc It did come up with asking me for a windows xp professional sp cd for copying etc of which i do not have as I did xp online and I dont remember installing xp on my computer as I am sure it was already on when I bought it so cannot locate a cd to put in and so I am stuck as to how to sort out the files that need to be sorted Obviously when I updated from windows it has not updated it properly for some reason and this is proberly why I am getting these error messages I assume Can you please help me

A:Have no xp cd so how do I sort out corrupt file?

Can you borrow someones disk? If not, try uninstalling SP3 and see if the error goes away.
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the computer frooze - I thought it was the wireless mouse and keyboard changed the batteries no luck Tried to restart and it got to the windows screen will windows sort not - load of with scrolling bar then went black like it does when loading log in windows will not load - sort of screen but it just hung on the black screen Tried all the options last known good config safe mode etc but all were the same result Went to my back-up norton ghost on second drive and tried to recovery got and it said there was a bad sector on windows will not load - sort of drive C and the process failed I used the mfg original discs to repair my windows not a repair but rather a reload and when it detected a previous version I asked it to repair It seemed to be doing things loading files etc but when it restarted the computer it just hung in the same spot just after the windows screen Now I was desparate I loaded a fresh copy of windows on quot E quot with the mfg original discs but it took hours literally I would estimate - hours Just when I thought it had hung it would prompt or move a step When that version had finished it seemed fine to navigate in the windows environment but when I tried to restart - same issue - would not windows will not load - sort of load I changed the bios back so that it would load my original windows from C and let it try to start overnight but it did not work and comments or insight

A:windows will not load - sort of

Try booting into the recovery console from the XP disc and run chkdsk /r.
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Hi all just joined the forum and hoping to find a solution to my constantly desperate problem Problem I keep getting BSOD with a different Stop Message of Constant All Messages Stop BSOD with sort everytime the BSOD just happens while am using the PC whether am simply browsing the net or using a program Or the PC simply turns to a black screen and reboots after - seconds What I've done I began having the problem around a month ago very randomly Finally I reformatted my system last week And since the problem just got worse I get like a dozen or more BSOD's Constant BSOD with All sort of Stop Messages in a day Last BSOD Msg Stop X A Memory Management but this just keeps changing with every BSOD My System Windows XP Sp Fully updated AM Processor GB Ram Patriot Heat Sinked DDR Mhz Asus MotherBoard M N-E Sli Gb Maxtor Sata Hdd - I've disconnected my other Hdd's since the reformat Mb Sapphire X Pro Ati Radeon Graphics Card Dual quot Viewsonic LCD's W PSU Unit Do you guys need any more info I'd be grateful to anyone of you if you could H E L P me am going nuts with using my PC everyday Btw I built the system last year in June July and it has been working beautifully till I started having the BSOD's

A:Constant BSOD with All sort of Stop Messages

Check your event viewer to see what errors you are getting or you could even google the bsod error code and you should find something. Or you could post the bsod error code here.

To check your event viewer >>start>>run>>eventvwr >> hit enter and look under the system tab and see what errors you are receiving
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I had a security breach recently and contracted a virus. I used Spybot and Ad-Aware and thought I had everything cleaned up but a small problem remains. I am not able to use search engines. When I search for something the results come up but when I click on them it simply sends me to ad sites. It's very annoying as you can imagine. Can anyone offer any help? Attached is my HJT log file.

A:Some sort of virus plagues me

Hello wlawson86

We have a special forum to deal with malware problems.

Please read this article; "Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? - First Steps"; follow the instructions very carefully; then, post all the requested logs and information; as instructed, in the HiJackThis Log Help Forum
Please ensure that you create a new thread in the HiJackThis Log Help Forum; not back here in this one.

When carrying out The 5 Steps, if you cannot complete any of them for whatever reason, just continue on with the next one until they are all completed.
However,it is extremely important to make mention of the fact that you could not complete any of the steps in your post to The HJT Help Forum; where an Analyst will assist you with other workarounds.

Once done, please be patient, as the Security Team Analysts are usually very busy; one of them will answer your request as soon as they can.

Good Luck
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I am just wondering if someone knows what kind of virus is wandering in my computer and how to get rid of it. Anytime I open my browser a Zone Alarm Security Alert pops up saying that the Services and Controller app has violated outbound email rules.
Application: services.exe
Violation: more than 5 messages in 2 seconds
Destination: various
It doesn't matter whether I press allow or deny, another one pops up with a different destination.
So if anyone can help me out on this one then please give me a shout.


A:Some sort of virus

If you are seeking help for spyware/antivirus issues, or wish to have your Hijack This log checked, please do not post here!

The Security Center has several sections specifically set up for antivirus and antispyware issues. Please read this post before you submit your question.

The Security Center is staffed with TSF's best analysts - they're the ones who can help you the most with malware related issues.
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Hello. my name is Marc Goldstein, and I've run into a problem with my Windows Live Messenger.

Firstly, I'd like to mention that I can duplicate the error message at any time, so if you need in depth information on the problem, I can provide it.

I recently became a victim of XP Antivirus, but was able to remove it from my computer. Sometime after that came, a problem with my windows Live Messenger arose. Normally, I will sign in, and everything will appear normal until a few seconds later. After a short amount of time, I get a sudden error message that forces me to close Live Messenger. This never happened before I got the trojan, so I suspect it may have left some malicious stuff on my computer, however, every time I scan my computer with AVG AntiVirus, it never catches anything.

Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

A:A Problem with Windows Live Messenger (Possibly some sort of virus)

Hello Marc, Welcome to TSF!

There is a possibility that there are 'leftovers' of that Trojan that you had on your machine that is undetectable with your Anti Virus program.

With that said, please read this article? "Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? - First Steps"; follow the instructions very carefully; then, post all the requested logs and information; as instructed, in the HiJackThis Log Help Forum.
(Simply, click on the coloured links to be re-directed.)

Please ensure that you create a new thread in the HiJackThis Log Help Forum; not back here in this one.
(Please change the new Thread Subscription to ?Instant Email Notification? so that you receive an email as soon as a reply is posted,)

When carrying out The 5 Steps, if you cannot complete any of them for whatever reason, just continue on with the next one until they are all completed.
However,it is extremely important to make mention of the fact that you could not complete any of the steps in your post to The HJT Help Forum; where an Analyst will assist you with other workarounds.

Once done, please be patient, as the Security Team Analysts are usually very busy; one of them will answer your request as soon as they can.

Good Luck with it.

Kind Regards,
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Hi I brought home my global studies teacher's laptop today to try and fix it for him It is a Dell Inspiron Anyways when you turn it on it says that it can't find the operating system so I figured I would just put in an XP disc and reinstall I'm more of a OS File... rescue? of and Missing sort Mac person so I'm really not sure how the reinstall process goes with XP With Mac you can do an Missing OS and File... rescue? sort of install that will leave all your files but reinstall repair the actual OS files It seems like that would do the trick here Is there a similar option Missing OS and File... rescue? sort of with XP Or do I have to do a complete reinstall and wipe out everything If this is the case I need to get the files off the hard drive and I was wondering if there was any way for me to do that short of making a bootable Linux CD and using it to find the files and transfer them to an external drive I don't have a USB hard drive case so I can't just take the drive out of the laptop and do it that way Any other suggestions Will the Linux thing work Thanks
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I'm sure I'm missing something simple.
I have plugged in two different SATA drives (not at the same time) in my system.
Just extra HDDs.
They show in the Bios, the F12 boot list, & Device Manager.
I can not get them to show up & display a drive letter in My Computer so I can actually access?
Thoughts, advice?


A:[SOLVED] Can't see drive, well sort of

Start menu>Run>compmgmt.msc

Under Storage>Disk Management

Find and format the hard drive.
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How do I sort "All " the entries in the "all Programs" It seams to by install date but I want it to all be alphabetcly.


A:XP Start menu "All Programs" sort ?

click on start/programs and right cick and choose sort alphabetically
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Well, I seem to be having a problem with my optical drives in Windows XP. For some odd reason, a few days back, my optical drives started going funky. They work totally fine, but its what is happening in My Computer. At the time, I had Battlefront 2 inside the CD Drive, but whenever I take it out, the drive still says its in there. Even if I put another CD in, it won't autoplay and still shows BF2. But, I can still access the drive and open it to reveal my contents. Its the autoplay and CD recognition thats gone haywire.

Thanks :)

A:[SOLVED] CD Drives sort of not recognized :S

hello ,

what you need to do is follow this link

this is a repair that does noy install to your computer but repairs the autoply function / you can save it for fucture use

download it to your desktop then have a cd reay to use when you run this tool

that it / try your cd roms

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Hey guys, got a virus problem I hope you can help me with. It changed my desktop, always brings up popups (with no IE/firefox opened) and will keep changing my window that is active (like alt-tabbing or something). I remember from last time I was here I need logs or something, so let me know the programs and i'll get right on it! Oh also when I try do a virus scan, it COMPLETELY skips the first 10% or something, which is the c:\documents and settings\admin folder, and won't give me access to that. Any help would be great, thanks!

A:Some sort of virus or something.

Hi Cyniper !

Follow the "HJT - 5 steps against malware" link in my sig. Read the instructions carefully and go through the 5 steps process. Post your final logs in a new thread in the HijackThis section where our security analysts will review them. Please be patient as that section is very busy and it may take several days before you get an answer.
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i have WMP 11,

does anybody know how i can turn off the auto sort for the song files in the WMP library ?

it drives me crazy, everytime i edit something like the album, artist or song, as soon as i'm finished i get shot to a completely different part of the media library, and then i have to find my way back to where i was,

should i go back to WMP 10 ?
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Hi Everybody I would like to ask your help in two parts about problems I am facing with my Windows Media Player WMP PART Add-Remove programs of Control Panel indicate WMP version and Windows Media Format runtime installed When click to remove for Windows Media Format runtime a message . All My Sort Of Player Problems Part1 Windows On Media says I have to remove WMP version first When click All Sort Of Problems On My Windows Media Player . Part1 to remove for WMP version pup up window of Windows Media Player Series appears and says Setup can not continue More recent player already installed Windows Media Player Series setup will now exit When I click on WMP logo on my task bar WMP video screen appears all right A little later a pup up window of Windows Media Configuration Manager appears and says A Windows Media update is currently available Would you like to update now I click on Yes then Setup can not continue message of Windows Media Player Series appears and says the same thing as above Setup can not continue More recent player already installed Windows Media Player Series setup will now exit I couldn t figure out where from and why this Windows Media Player Series setup is appearing instead of Windows Media Player Series setup What is Windows Media Player Series any way Can Windows Media Player do every thing Windows Media Player Series does Do I need to keep both Windows Media Player Series and Windows Media Player in my computer I will very much appreciate if one of you fox can advice me what s going on my computer for WMP and possible ways how to resolve it I will present Part under separate heading if Part solution can not automatically resolves the questions of Part Thanks Hobbyist Aug
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To start I downloaded and installed Azureus awhile ago with no trouble at all The program ran like a & working, of download buggy, slow some aren't troubles, programs Processes sort dream and I was very very happy with it The only problem I had before this was with Graal Online a game that I had toyed around with some time before I wanted to play with it again so I downloaded and installed it The shortcut appeared on my desktop and I double clicked it to get it to run Nothing happened I waited Processes & some programs aren't working, download troubles, buggy, sort of slow for a few seconds expecting something to appear on my screen I waited for around a minute and still nothing By now I was getting annoyed so I reinstalled it and tried again Same thing After that I uninstalled Graal figuring that the program might have been buggy It was the last thing on my mind for awhile that is Processes & some programs aren't working, download troubles, buggy, sort of slow until I installed Azureus As I Processes & some programs aren't working, download troubles, buggy, sort of slow said the program ran like a dream for a long while but then after a few weeks of using it it stopped working Simple as that I double clicked the shortcut on my desktop to no avail I even went as far as going into its program folder and running the exe file That didn't work either I even tried making a new shortcut but nothing would work I uninstalled Azureus and reinstalled it again Same thing happened To this day Azureus still does not work and I'm getting sick of it Now my computer is being very buggy and a bit slow at times In fact when running Mozilla Firefox I went to Nexon's website and tried installing Maplestory for the one fact that it like Graal and Azureus refused to work after awhile This time I was greeted by the download simply stopping I tried again and again perhaps or more times before I gave up Then Internet Explorer went buggy Sometimes when I try to install things the download simply refuses to launch I have already posted a HiJackThis Log and it didn't prove helpful at all I'm running MS Windows XP SP an Intel Pentium D CPU GHz I have MBs of RAM and have a RADEON X X video card Someone please help me I'm at wit's end

A:Processes & some programs aren't working, download troubles, buggy, sort of slow


Sorry but TSF does not allow or support the use of P2P programs
Below are the rules about P2P.


We believe that the main purpose of P2P programs is to illegally download and use copyrighted material of whatever description. We further understand that there may be legal uses for P2P, but as we are not able to assess a user's intent when he/ she asks for help, we do not support P2P software and we will not assist any user in this regard. This includes but is not limited to Bearshare, Kazaa and many others.

I would suggest to read the rules before posting again, to make sure that you dont make the mistake again! Click here for rules and also look at the FAQ Click here to view
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My question is about IE 6.0. Recently, every time I reboot my computer, the links on the explorer toolbar come up sorted alphabetically. I've tried locking the toolbars but it still happens at the next reboot.

Is there a way to preserve the positions of the links on the toolbar and keep this resorting from taking place? It's a pain to have to redo the toolbar after each reboot.

Thanks for the help.
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Hello This is my first post here amp I would like to apologize up front cuz I'm not sure where this issue would should quot fall quot I have XP but is it a problem with XP ATI Creative Hard Drive or RAM This has been happening for a while now amp it's driving me batty I love adventure games amp some of them Crashes....SORT System OF!!? these days can be pretty 'graphic intense' and sadly this is where my problem starts System Crashes....SORT OF!!? When I try to play a D game I think that's what you'd call it my PC crashes The games the most recent one is 'DreamFall' all start fine but a couple minutes into it the system shuts down but it's still running Okay that System Crashes....SORT OF!!? made no sense let me try again The PC is still on with a solid red light but all that's left running would be the fans amp I guess the power supply Just B this happens I hear a click then poof I have formatted twice now the first time I only formatted C then when it continued I formatted not a quick format the entire drive I installed games 'Runaway ' 'Tunguska' amp 'Dreamfall' amp I was playing 'Tunguska' for a few days without any problems then one day last week it started again I switched to 'Runaway ' amp can play that without a problem but both the others crash I haven't installed anything or changed any settings so I'm at a loss I went into dxdiag amp ran the tests both sound amp display without a problem I have no clue what info you would need so this is probably gonna be over kill Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build System Model VIA Technologies Inc KT - Processor gigahertz AMD Athlon XP kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Main Circuit Board Board KT - Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD PG Drives HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA- B CD-ROM drive WDC WD JB- FUA Hard drive GB -- drive Status Healthy Memory Modules Megabytes Installed Memory Slot 'A ' has MB Slot 'A ' has MB Slot 'A ' is Empty Display RADEON X Series Display adapter RADEON X Series - Secondary Display adapter Samsung SyncMaster Monitor Multimedia ATI WDM Rage Theater Video ATI WDM Specialized MVD Codec CMI C DX PCI Audio Device Sound Blaster Live -bit Standard Game Port Other Devices Saitek P Pad Saitek P Pad HID HID Keyboard Device Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard HID-compliant mouse Logitech USB Wheel Mouse Root Enumerator Saitek Magic Keyboard Saitek Magic Mouse USB Root Hub x Any help you could offer would be most appreciated Heather

A:System Crashes....SORT OF!!?

Sorry I forgot to mention that when I did the final format I went from XP Pro SP2, to Home SP1. Don't know if it makes a difference to you but it was one of the things I tried to see if I could fix the problem!

Thanks again.
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Hello there I just have a small problem but I'm really hoping someone will be able to help me because even though it's small it can be very annoying I hope I have [Resolved] file in Changes mode? default sort posted in the correct place If not feel free to shout yell at me gt lt Basically when I want to save a file e g an image off [Resolved] Changes in default file sort mode? the Internet or open a file e g a video file in Realplayer the prompt box comes up but all my files are automatically sorted in descending order by 'name of file' Screenshot of what I mean The problem is that until recently the files use to be shown sorted in ascending order by 'name of file' like this I haven't made any changes it seems the default view has changed from ascending to descending and it's just really annoying When viewing the files normally from 'My Computer' it shows them in ascending order by 'name of file' I want to change the default view back to ascending order by 'name of file' whenever I want to save an image file or the like but I don't know how to can anyone help me fix this problem I hope I've explained clearly enough Best regards and Merry Christmas JingYee

A:[Resolved] Changes in default file sort mode?

Please, can anyone help?
Your help is muchly appreciated~
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first of all, i only just fixed 'media centre' on my pc, i used to get an error everytime i opened it, now when i go into it, my tv wont work, and neither will the tuner, saying that the files used to play tv are corrupt or damaged. I've tried windows file protection, but my computer didnt come with an xp disk, I do have the option to make one, but i dont have access to any disks at the moment. second of all, after being on my computer for a while, my speakers just go off all by themselves, and only until i restart the computer they come on again. Also at the same time as the speakers go off, my computer goes extremely laggy and even when i type the letters go dddddddddddddddddkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk all by themselves. Thankyou in advance for your help.

A:i have a lot of problems on my computer to sort out


I do have the option to make one,

yes i would do that as soon as possibile

please give the specs of your system including your power supply
while the side is open, make sure your lint free inside

post back
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I want some bars, such as Links, Google or Yahoo!Toobar, show in an order I want on Toolbars of Internet Explorer, so I dragged and sorted those bars following my order.

The problem is each time when I open new IE windows, my expecting order disappears. In the new IE windows, those bars did not show following the order I had sorted.

So my question is how to keep those bar showing in the order that I want.

English is my 2nd language, so if you don?t understand any my expression. Let me know.


A:Sort ToolBar


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On my pc Ive a folder where I store lots of things I get by mail from my frineds or websites or sharing apps.

This includes mp3s, videos, notepad and Word stuff etc...

Since there's really A LOT of stuff, I used the "sort by time" options, whch put the most recent files on top....

Now, "sort by time" is disappeared, and istead there are "music based" sorting options, like "lenght" , "artist" etc...

How can I revert it back like all the other normal folders??
I tried to go in the "customize folder" options, and changed from "music" to "documents" but it didnt solved....any ideas??

Thanks for the support

A:[resolved] "Sort by" issue

Try right-clicking on the category bar and selecting the categories you want from the dropdown menu.
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Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C windows System smss exe C windows system winlogon exe C windows system services exe C windows system lsass exe C windows system svchost exe C windows System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccProxy exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security ISSVC exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C windows system spoolsv exe C windows system drivers CDAC BA EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG through help Hijack sort Run and to need MDM EXE C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C windows System nvsvc exe C windows System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe C windows Run Hijack and need help to sort through Explorer EXE C Program Files Adaptec Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe C Program Files Thomson SpeedTouch USB Dragdiag exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C windows system ctfmon exe C Program Files BBC News alerts skinkers exe C Program Files ArcSoft PhotoImpression PI Monitor exe C Program Files BT Yahoo BT Yahoo Help bin mpbtn exe C PROGRA NORTON NORTON navw exe C PROGRA Yahoo browser ycommon exe C Program Files Yahoo browser ybrwicon exe C PROGRA NORTON NORTON navw exe C PROGRA NORTON NORTON navw exe C PROGRA Yahoo browser YBrowser exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe Run Hijack and need help to sort through C Documents and Settings Stuart Local Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE KPQFOXQN HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http red clientapps yahoo com cust search ie html R - HKCU Run Hijack and need help to sort through Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http red clientapps yahoo com cust www yahoo com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http bt yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http uk red clientapps yahoo com c rch yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http uk red clientapps yahoo com c o bt side html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http uk red clientapps yahoo com c rch yahoo com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http www couldnotfind com search p unt id R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http red clientapps yahoo com cust www yahoo com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo UK and Ireland R - URLSearchHook no name - CFBFAE - A - D - CB- C FD - no file F - REG system ini UserInit C WINDOWS System Userinit exe O - BHO Yahoo Companion BHO - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - D E B - CE- B-BE B-A B E - C PROGRA SEARCH SEARCH DLL O - BHO Norton Internet Security - ECB - F - bbc- D- DDF E - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NISShExt dll O - BHO no name - A FDD -A - - - ED E DBBB - no file O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - BHO ADP UrlCatcher Class - F E - E- -BE D-ED A FD DA - C windows system msbe dll O - Toolbar BT Yahoo Companion - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - Toolbar YourSiteBar - D C- EFE- f a-AA - A F - C PROGRA YOURSI ysb dll file missing O - Toolbar Norton Internet Security - B EAC - D - b e- B -A C A A - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NISShExt dll O - Toolbar Nort... Read more

A:Run Hijack and need help to sort through

I think that this is in the wrong section...
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When I go to add an attachment to an email the drop down menu lists all of the files by date. Even the folders themselves are not in alphabetical order.
Everything is listed by date, from oldest to the newest.
It's very difficult and time consuming to find files.

What do I do to get it that drop down list back in alphabetical order??



A:Drop Down menu doesn't list items alphabetically

I am assuming you are using the Outlook client, anyway when you get to the Insert File window right-click on any white space and choose arrange by...

The should let you arrange by alpha or whatever...
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I purchased a new HDD (750GB 7200 rpm) for my HP Pavilion DV6704nr. At every damn turn, I'm having issues with installing and/or updating Microsoft software. I've been fooling with this since Sunday, I've thrown up my hands.

Microsoft Security Essential, Microsoft Vista SP1, & IE 9.

Vista SP1 has been upload successfully but it still appears in updates. It appears to be stopping other updates from appearing /loading up now... such as Vista SP2

Microsoft Security Essentials uploaded but I received an error code: 0x0218014, virus and spyware definitions connection failed.

IE 9 for Vista, Service Pack is not supported.

My other alternative is to clone the other Vista HDD but I was wanted a clean reinstall. I hate Vista... Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

A:[SOLVED] Reinstall Vista: All Sort Of Problems, Help.

Did you activate Vista? If Vista is not Genuine (activated) then you will not be able to install any Microsoft software or updates. How to Check and Verify Vista Activation Status My Digital Life
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Hello guys, i recently installed windows 7 on my computer, thus making it a triboot system anyways the problem i have is this imgur: the simple image sharer , now what i want to do is bring the Local Disk(F) to the top place on the left hand side(like this imgur: the simple image sharer) and the only way i can do this is going to sort by percent full or amount of free space but whenever my disk space changes its position also changes so i can't do that, so any help would be appreciated.

A:How to sort windows partitions in windows explorer

Windows arranges HDD by usage and Drive Letter and percentage. There is no way to arrange them.

I also see you have three partition that are low on disk space I would recommend doing a Disk Clean up on them. Windows requires at least 15% disk space to defrag the HDD.

Go to start type in then hit enter
post a screen shot in your next post.