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Any recommended Email Clients ( Win 7 )

Q: Any recommended Email Clients ( Win 7 )

I have tried both ThunderBird and Postbox Express..

But both of them cannot import my folders in hotmail.. .

Tried many methods but it didnt wotk out too well.

So, if anyone of you people here have a clue on how to import hotmail folders into the email client, plz comment .It will be greatly appreciated.

Any better email client recommendation too ~

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Preferred Solution: Any recommended Email Clients ( Win 7 )

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Any recommended Email Clients ( Win 7 )

Hello Raynian,

Windows Live Mail is a free one that will allow you to create and use a hotmail account in it.

Mail: Add accounts

Hope this helps,
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Hi Everyone,

I have to backup the emails and contacts (email addresses primarily) from several computers. The challenge I am facing is that a mixture of email clients are on the computers that I need to backup. The clients that I am backing up are as follows;

Outlook Express
Outlook XP
Outlook 2007
Windows Mail
Windows Live Mail

I am confident that I have all of the emails backed up, however I am uncertain of where contacts (email addresses) are stored in the above.

Any help with locating the contacts files for the above email clients will be greatly appreciated.


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New here folks - hope someone can help with this?

When in the my document folder - there is an option to highlight a file and click the "Email" link which is present on the light blue bar at the top of the screen.

On another Windows 7 machine I have seen - a dialogue box pops up when you click this link and you can choose which email client to send this the file to.

Does anybody know how I can make this happen - and get such a dialogue box to show options for AOL 9.6 software and or Outlook 2007 / Windows Mail. I have all 3 running on my system and different email accounts setup in all (happy to leave it that way).

It would be good to have the option to send an attachment to any of the 3 programmes.

Thanks in advance

A:How do I add different email clients to the Email tab in My Documents

I wonder if the button works for you at all, like to use one of the email programs (the one designated as default).
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Just looking to see if there are other email clients that people recommend besides Outlook. I have been using Outlook, not Outlook Express, for about a year now and just wanting to try something different. There's really nothing that I don't like about Outlook, except maybe for the fact that you can't look at the raw message.

I'm specifically interested Eudora and Thunderbird. How does each compare with Outlook? Is security an issue for any of these clients? Basically just looking for pros and cons of each and whatever else anybody has to say about them.

Also what exactly is this SeaMonkey thing that I keep hearing about?

A:Email Clients

I've been using Thunderbird for the last year and will not be going back to OE. I also use Firefox, the chief advantage for both of these is the they are stand alone, and being able to separate from the OS adds that much more of a buffer.
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Other Email Clients I have XP with Outlook Express and on my wife s Vista laptop she uses Windows Mail not Windows Live Mail and I Email Other Clients have installed Windows Mail on my sister Other Email Clients in law s Windows laptop in preference to it s own Windows Live Mail A lot of us do not want to use Windows Live Mail I like Windows Mail Mr Gates Eventually I will get a Windows laptop but it s a bit of a pain installing Widows Mail and keeping it up to date This forum provided great help for those of us wanting to install Windows Mail in Windows But I had to find another email client for Windows I started researching other email clients the criteria being it must be clean and simple it must have it s own spam control and most of all good import facility I studied at a lot of Email Clients and short listed a few which I installed for testing I eventually ending up choosing eM Client from www emclient com It s clean and simple for old timers like myself but best of all it can import Outlook Outlook Express Bat Windows Mail Windows Live mail and more The only down side is the free Home version only supports accounts you ll have to pay for for the Corporate version to get unlimited accounts Pete

A:Other Email Clients

Hi Pete, is there a question?
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Can one use Thunderbird and WLM together on one laptop and both with the same email address?
Running windows 7


A:Using two email clients

Yes, of course you can. With IMAP mail protocol both are always synced for the messages are stored on server and only copied locally; deleting a message on server deletes it on both clients next time they are connected.

Be careful with POP3 mail protocol, remember to select "Leave messages on server when read" when setting up the POP3 email on clients as most clients do delete the read messages on server by default. In your case this would mean that when you have read the messages with client 1 and later would like to read messages with client 2, they are no longer there.

I really do not see the point in using more than one client but it is possible.

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At the risk of sounding totally ignorant can you explain to me what the purpose is of an email client. What benefit is it, to an email user, over just using their email account in the conventional manner? Thanks.

A:Email clients

This should help explain it Email client - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I am not asking about the standard risk of downloading a malware file and running it, which will most likely be stopped by all default/deny security setups, and hopefully by the AV as well.
I am asking about the sneaky, fileless exploits.
How vulnerable are email clients to this?

A:how exploitable are email clients?

Yes i would like to know too,i am using Fossamail 64 bit
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Hello, I have a gmail account and would like to access etc. it through microsoft office outlook 2003. I was able to get all the messages on my email client but for some reason if I delete something in outlook it doesn't delete it on my gmail account. Anything that I should do or know about how to change this. Thank you

A:email accounts, clients etc.

Hi and welcome to the TSF.
You need to log in to your Gmail account on the web and go to settings/ forwarding & pop/ POP Download:
Select this option.
2. When messages are accessed with POP delete Gmail's copy

Be aware though that Gmail will no longer keep a copy of mail from your inbox.
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Do you use email clients or work with your email in the web browser?

I personally stopped using email clients after switching to gmail

A:Email clients vs browsers

I personally stopped using email clients after switching to gmailMe too. But I've returned to Mozilla Thunderbird after some time. The first reason is that I use not only gmail account, the second - Thunderbird is faster than browser. What I like about Gmail are lots of options, themes etc., but when I need to look through my mail quickly and without anything to distract me, I just open Thunderbird and get what I want P.S. My vote was for "Both"
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Recently, I had installed Win XP Professional SP2. I have set up four user accounts. I wish to use Outlook Express as default email program for three users and another email client for the fourth user. How can I do that? When I am changing the default email client while logged in as one user, all other three users' default email program gets changed. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


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A few sessions of trying to learn to use email clients forced changes to how some files were arranged in folders and in which folders were in the email account tested.  The two email clients I have tried up to now are Opera Mail (portable form) and Windows Mail.  The one that seemed to have disturbed the folders and email messages was Windows Mail.  Can anyone tell me how to make sure that this does not happen when setting up an email client for a new account?
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Hello I recently had my Dell reconfigured so that it went back to it s factory standards that it came to me in Basically All my hdd information was wiped with the exception of any already installed factory programs like Windows XP etc Anyways after I had done this and got my computer back up and running I couldn t get both of my email clients to work They are Outlook Express and Thunderbird Thunderbird worked before I reset the computer back to it s factory Not Email Clients Working! defaults Now however it won Email Clients Not Working! t work I get an error from both clients basically telling me that the password was refused by the servers that I tried to connect to I used two separate email addresses to try and connect to two separate POP servers Note I only added two separate email addresses on the Thunderbird client I thought that it may have been the host file but I removed the host file from the WINDOWS folder and still continued to get the same errors I then tried turning off my Windows firewall and that didn t work either I allowed both clients on the exception list on the firewall and I even turned on the email client settings in the start - control panel - security center - Windows Firewall - and clicked the advanced tab and hit the settings button next to Local Area Connections Basically I m stumped as to what the problem is I thought it might of been my router but I don t think so as I don t believe it s been changed recently I believe it s my computer too and not just some closed port Like I said it worked yesterday just now it s not cooperating Any help in this manner would be much appreciated Thanks again Tyler P S I don t believe there s any malware or anything else that would be preventing the email clients from working as I have just already reset my computer back to it s factory defaults This is the first time that I can remember this happening like this nbsp

A:Email Clients Not Working!

Did Thunderbird come with the laptop out of the factory?

Obviously the machine is not at factory defaults anymore and even 30 seconds online without a firewall is enogh to get yourself infected..

Anyway.. Are you sure you are putting in the right username and password? Some servers lock your user account if you try with a wrong pass too many times or try to connect too often. Try your accounts from another computer and make sure that they are working.

Did you configure your e-mail clients to do secure connections? Your servers may require or refuse SSL.
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Hi I m unable to send email messages using Thunderbird Outlook and my Gmail account I m getting an send using email clients Can't emails SMTP error My SMTP port is using TLS autnentication I ve also tried port with SSL authentication I ve followed Gmail s guide when Can't send emails using email clients I configured my Gmail account on Thunderbird Note that I can receive emails via POP The other computer in our house is unable to send emails using email clients too I ve also followed a Gmail guide on SMTP errors I ve tried all of the suggestions until I ve come one Can't send emails using email clients that suggests trying a TELNET Can't send emails using email clients command The command is unable to execute too Here s the Gmail guide I was following http mail google com support bin answer py hl en amp answer And here are the TELNET test s results http i tinypic com x fkj png I was trying to fix this SMTP problem for nearly years but I ve never managed to send even one email using an email client I ve also tried on Windows XP Vista and Hell I even tried Ubuntu s Evolution email client My ISP say they can t help me since I m not using their email service but Gmail And ideas on how to fix this problem once and for all Thanks in advance nbsp

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I have been trying to use Live Mail and Thunderbird but can't receive emails. I can however send emails.
I have tried this with POP and IMAP settings and checked all the settings are correct. I have been on to my web host company to check I was doing it correct. 
I have set these up many times before with Win 7 and never had a problem.
 I called the help line from the company I bought the PC off and they suggested to use the Mail App but this program is terrible and this seems to have stopped receiving now.
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Hi there Start of rant Is it only me -- but I've tried load and loads of email clients -- and am currently using OUTLOOK from office - but I have to say to me the best was simply OUTLOOK EXPRESS -- simple clean interface -- I don't need all the calendars and reminder stuff -- email is a horrible them EXPRESS Email like all - OUTLOOK tried clients still business tool these days anyway -- don't need all the filers etc -- and apart from using Email clients - tried them all still like OUTLOOK EXPRESS IMAP I haven't yet seen an email client that is as SIMPLE doesn't clutter up your screen with all sorts of extra panels etc and is easy to configure It always was a shame why MS abandoned it for much more complicated systems Email might have been a great tool a few years ago but it's long become too unwieldly for sensible business use -- especially when people spend HOURS a day going through totally pointless 's of business emails The email client on Android Samsung S S seems OK too - a bit like Outlook express So why does everybody seem to make email clients on PC's that include quot features quot that include things every man and his dog DON'T want or need Anyway end of rant -- and are there any OUTLOOK EXPRESS clones out there Cheers jimbo

A:Email clients - tried them all still like OUTLOOK EXPRESS

Ha ha, it's true. I use Outlook 2010 (because I do use the Calendar, rules, etc), but Outlook Express was brilliant. Much better than all this 'Modern App' nonsense with it's dictator like ways and lack of flexibility. Outlook Express made a good NNTP reader as well. Windows Mail that shipped with Vista was OK too.

You can make Outlook 2010 quite simple if you want though (or if you click the 'Reading View' icon in the status bar at the bottom, it won't even show the folder list on the left hand). My biggest dislike is that I find text menus are much more efficient than stupid pictures/icons:
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Hey, can anyone recommend a good reliable free email client for Win2000?

I currently have Outlook Express which is having severe issues at the moment. I can't send or recieve. Already checked with ISP and all settings are correct, but still no luck. The ISP helpdesk suggested reinstalling which I did, but no luck. He suggested that it may have to do with my Linksys router. Went on Linksys's site and found articles related to my problem, but none of the suggestions fixed my problem. Anyone have any ideas about my Express isssues?

A:Alternate free email clients

if there's issues with your router/ISP set up, a different email client won't solve anything

le'ts not reinvent the wheel, a litle more info always helps

ISP - cable, dsl?

OS - XP, 2000, etc?
edit: oops, ok it's win2000, sorry

does it work when you connect directly (ie bypass the router)?
which linksys router (model, etc)?
what type of problems were the linksys help articles talking about?
was it working before?
what changed (software, hardware etc) when it stopped working?
what error messages come up when you try to send or receive?
internet browsing work ok?
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We are using a bat file to startup the default email client for a few machines - nasty I know but currently necessary. Obviously it's easy to replace icons on the Desktop and with the (All) Programs list within the Start Menu, however what I'm struggling with is when using the Win XP Start menu it displays the default email client along with the default web browser at the top.

Is there simply a registry key that Windows uses for this? Originally I had simply removed the 'Email' shortcut and put a new standard shortcut underneath but some of our users keep persistantly putting it back on and then complaining to us that it doesn't work...

Many thanks in advance...
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This thread is to list some decent email clients for those who do not wish to use either the Windows mail client/Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook:

Mailbird: Mailbird 2.0 - The Best Email Client for Windows 7, 8 & 10
eM Client: eM Client
Claws Mail: Claws Mail - The user-friendly, lightweight, and fast e-mail client

I have used Claws on both Lindows and Linux.

eM Client and Mailbird are good alternatives.

In the end however I use Web based mails as it is easier for me but above are some decent choices.

A:Windows compatible Email Clients

I have been using Thunderbird ever since I first got my hands on e-mail; It has never let me down since.
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Mauri (Greetings) All,

I've used 2 email clients for the past several months without errors in sending/receiving, but ever since, after installing MS Office Update via Windows Update yesterday morning, both my email clients just can't send/receive mails till now.

I use: MS Outlook 2007 for 2 gmail addresses; and DreamMail for my official email address.

Any tips and/or comment will be greatly appreciated.

Tekeraoi (Good Luck) and God Bless,

A:can't send/receive email from 2 different clients

Hi Mauri,
Generally, when there is some problem in Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) then in MS Outlook sending and receiving emails not function properly.To overcome from such condition, as tips, I would suggest you to check your Internet email setting with the help of the following link:How to troubleshoot Outlook when you cannot send or receive e-mail
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Looking for a good IMAP capable client. Am struggling with Mulberry now. Can't figure out the setup and I usually can.

Any other suggestions or any Mulberry users out there, especially Fastmail.FM users??

A:is this the forum to discuss email clients?

Check the free Pegasus at which I use.
Also Eudora (free or paid), which looks a lot like Outlook (which is why I don't like it)
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The owner of my company(86years old) has a Gmail account and in our office I have it setup through Outlook 2003. Everything was working fine. He then wanted to be able to get his emails at home and with his new computer having Windows 7, I set his Gmail account up through Mozilla Thunderbird. Both are POP setups. The issue now is that the office location that uses Outlook 2003 no longer is receiving emails and only his home office location with Thunderbird is receiving new emails. Not sure what I can do or if there is a better way to do this. He does not want to access email through the Gmail website. He wants to use a mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook. I?d appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Trying to access Gmail with 2 different email clients

Since he wants his mail in two places and using a client. I would set him up using the IMAP protocol instead of POP3.More information: Email: What?s the Difference Between POP3, IMAP, and Exchange?
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I had a couple of Sony Vaio's that were 9-11 years old lying around and I built one that works as the other one's HDD was corrupt. For a bit of fun I destroyed the other one. :D

The one that works has a 12GB HDD and only about 6GB is free. I'm planning to use a Cloud setup for documents, pictures etc and want to do the same with email.

The email account is a gmail account yet it uses a different email address. This means you can't use gmail online because it won't have the reply-to, and sent-from addresses correctly. Most email clients download the emails. I need to setup the email account in a client that leaves the emails in the cloud.

If this is just some settings then Mozilla Thunderbird is the preferred app.


EDIT: I had a look around and the settings are actually in gmail itself.

Thread can be closed. :)
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I was trying to set my default email client in IE so when i click on a mailto link on the web it would launch Groupwise. Groupwise wasn't listed under the email drop down but it was listed on the Newsgroups drop down. .. any clues why i would not be under the email drop down?

Win XP SP2, IE 6

A:Email Clients in IE Internet Options, Programs

Groupwise needs to be added to the Internet service applications available to Internet Explorer. Here's a link on how:
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Greetings. My problem is with both Outlook Express 6 and Windows Live Email in my Dell Dimension 4600i with Win. XP SP3. Anytime I try to open up an attachment, such as a foto or a word doc., I get an error msg. that a problem has occurred and the client(s) will now shutdown. If I go to the actual web mail site for my various profiles (Hotmail; AOL; and my ISP) the attachments will open up. I have troubleshooted and ran scans but can't find the cause. Possibly, a software program might be causing the conflict but I can't find out which one. Can someone point me in the right direction so I can fix this aggravation? Thanks in advance.

Never mind. I found the incompatible software that was causing the problems.
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Outlook Search Outlook Search Folder The client Information? And Track Can Contacts Clients Ms Use I Emails Clients How Outlook contact email is from another email address nd email com that can be pop and smtp access but it is so large I will not download all emails from that email address cause me G space I have a gmail email address I want to forward this client email to my gmail email account Gmail POP pop gmail com SMTP smtp gmail com So nd email com I click the How Can I Use Ms Outlook Contacts Track Clients Emails And Clients Information? email in nd email com then forward to myemail gmail com If I have a new client email I should see all emails from and to this client how to create a quot search folder quot to search email that apply for this client in Outlook folder Outlook provide How Can I Use Ms Outlook Contacts Track Clients Emails And Clients Information? a library with quot search folders quot I can quot create user define search folder quot Outlook File New search folder In quot search folder quot roll down to quot user define quot click quot create user define search file folder quot Input name of the quot search folder quot because the position title is quot Client quot so input quot Client quot in this textbox Click quot conditions quot In quot search folder quot click quot mail quot option input quot Client Mail quot in quot search text quot textbox So I ask the Client to send all his email to myemail gmail com So I also can forward all this client's email to myemail gmail com and input Client Mail in any emails about this position In quot location quot drop down list choose quot only subject words quot Click quot Enter quot several times I am doing well Every client can create a quot search folder quot But if I have clients what can I do Can I also search subject line and content of email about the clients I put some keywords in the forward email so when they reply and include the email the quot search box quot can sort these emails And also search for other related key words My god Can I create some rules direct all emails from certain email address to a search folder and I can manage different clients emails every clients emails organized even they send from email address belong to only one client How to do that Can I add clients business data to Outlook contact business data as wholesale hardware household etc Access Identify Users Identify User Requirement Office Manager client details Identify data that need save and search data in resume before processing seperate repeat group and add key resume data exclude items and add outside key multi link relations Data field in Outlook fields But clients company has their company business data as wholesale hardware household etc How can I record these business data in Access sheet field title Identify useful data Identify relations between sheets for report query and others Complete window report and query design How can I use Outlook Contacts track clients emails and clients information Outlook Search Outlook Search Folder The client contact email is from another email address nd email com that can be pop and smtp access but it is so large I will not download all emails from that email address cause me G space I have a gmail email address I want to forward this client email to my gmail email account Gmail POP pop gmail com SMTP smtp gmail com So nd email com I click the email in nd email com then forward to myemail gmail com If I have a new client email I should see all emails from and to this client how to create a quot search folder quot to search email that apply for this client in Outlook folder Outlook provide a library with quot search folders quot I can quot create user define search folder quot Outlook File New search folder In quot search folder quot roll down to quot user define quot click quot create user define search file folder quot Input name of the quot search folder quot because the position title is quot Client quot so input quot Client quot ... Read more

A:How Can I Use Ms Outlook Contacts Track Clients Emails And Clients Information?

So, I ask the Client to send all his email to [email protected]
So, I also can forward (but waste time) all this client's email to [email protected] and
input Client Mail.56 in any emails about this position.

I will create a folder in Outlook email, business and personal
Then seperate the emails to these 2 email folders.
Then I add each contact to Outlook, group them to same company first, then make folders, business and personal contact folders.

For each client activity, use Project Software to manage the activity.
I also can create links in Outlook, link emails, appointments, tasks, documents and others to Contact.
So I must Forward email to Gmail address or other Pop email address, then use Pop to download to Outlook, but when I open the email, I can not find "Action/Link" button in the "Action" Tab, I need to save this email to a folder, and from Contact Tab, link this file?
In Contact Tab, every documents can link to Contact, click "Action/Link", choose file.
But I need to better organize my documents, I search Google Directory, for the file content, use google directory as my file directory, save them in the correct folder.
Then link to Outlook Contact, then in Contact Tab/Activities/, there have a field title (folder name), folder location: diary

If I group many messges in folders, 100 clients have 100 folders, too confuse!

Is this right?

I must use project to manage all activities about the client?
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I saw an ATA demo where clients were used instead of a gateway. I can't seem to find any documentation on where to get the DC client or the deployment guide. Anyone have info or a link?
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I have a problem that my VPN Clients connecting to Microsoft TMG are able to connect to network but than when they try to connect to a computer by its name it is not connecting, but are able to connect with the IP address. When I am seeing the logs it is saying that they are being denied from using port 137 (Netbios Name Service) and Port 5355.

This could be done by a change in the system policy rules of TMG.

Any help which can be the rules affected?

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I have been using ICQ for some time now but I do not like the new google ad features etc - i just dont want nor need such bloat. I tried to load an older version of the client but it just loaded up the new one instead !

Is there a messenger out there (not Trillian or Odigo as ive tried these and they dont work too good) that can incorporate my ICQ contacts. Id use yahoo messenger but i dont think it allows messages from ICQ.

thanks in advance

A:IM clients

i dont chat much but this is what i use GAIM

it is compatable with icq,yahoo,and aim. it was compatible with msn but not sure any more. and you always need to update because the chat services do not like the use of programs like these. and try to block them. but the writers of these programs find ways to counter this.
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Anyone have any success trying to get VPN working successfuly? The only client I am aware of is this one by NCP Software I would rather get a free version than pay what they are asking for.

A:VPN clients fow W7

I am also looking for a 64 bit VPN client. The prior cisco one I was using does not work with 64 bit OS.
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Is there an AIM client that takes up very little CPU out there?

I would look myself, but i have no clue what I could search for.

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Can someone recommend a good ssh client?

A:ssh clients

I've only used putty with no probs.
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1st question is what is a FTP Server and a FTP Client.

What I'm doing is DL files from another FTP site(Server).A Guy has files that a bunch of guys share.

Do I use a FTP Server or FTP Client Program?

Next Question

What is a good FREE with no ad-ware FTP Server program or FTP Client program if that is what I need to use.

I'm using AceFTP3 Freeware(I Think It's It's A Server Program)...I really like how it works--But I think it has Ad-Ware with it.


A:Help W/ FTP Servers & Clients

an ftp server stores the files, a ftp clients can be used to download and upload to the ftp server. So if you want to download something, you need an ftp client.

I used to use WS-FTP was pretty easy to use.
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im looking for some advice in which is the best bit torrent client to use, have tried azureus and abc was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, cheers

A:bit torrent clients

This has been discussed briefly here:
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Recently I was shown a presentation about nComputing by some IBM people. I noted that it can have 6 screens and keyboards operating at the same time. Drawback is that we teach Turbo Pascal for Windows and it has problems operating. Yes, PAscal in this age, pretty lame but its our national curriculum.

We have a lotta Dell's. Does Dell give such technology?

Do other company's have such technology?
Which one's are the best?
Which one do you thnk we should invest in?

PS Ignore the Turbo PAscal part, we've got 40 PC's to handle that problem.


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Hello All I recently got a very Servers and Clients VPN good job as a software developer As part of the job they had me install this awful VPN solution from FortiNet Below is a bit of background information for why I am asking what VPN Clients and Servers I am asking In the interest of brevity the next section can be skipped lt gt Now the version that everyone at work uses is called FortiClient and it s a very simple client that I open and just hit connect and all is well in the world However now they have a newer version called quot FortiClient EndPoint Security quot that comes packaged with VPN Clients and Servers antivirus and firewall software I noticed that since I installed this software my computer has been unable to go to sleep or hibernate Looking at the FortiClient logs they report that they have successfully stopped quot Microsoft Security Essentials quot from modifying files which I also thought was completely unnecessary So after much headache I finally managed to uninstall this software Now I ve looked everywhere on FortiNet s website and it appears that you can no longer download FortiClient separately from the malicious bloatware dubbed quot EndPoint Security quot lt gt My question is plainly this Is it possible for my company to have one type of VPN server and for me to have another type of VPN client For instance can I use an OpenVPN SSL client even if my company has a FortiNet SSL server nbsp
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I have a question,
We have one windows 2003 server with Configured Routing and Remote Access as VPN Server.
we have around 20-30 online user .Some of they have downloadint BitTorrent file and or sending SMTP Spam mail.
I want know how can i restrict they to bittorrent and smtp for dont allow to do that?
for example we need onething for dont allow bitttorent connections and will dropping the connection.
or restrict smtp to delivery or sending and receiving around 50 mail per hour or similar it.
What is the way?
We are suspending from many datacenter due to illegal activities.

Help us Please.
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I bought a box of parts at an auction this weekend and inside, amoung other things, were three small 'network/thin' (?) clients.
Two IBM 8362-A52's and one NCD Explora 402

What could they be used for other than as clients in a business network?
Do they have any practical value as stand alone units or some how used in a home network?

Sorry, my imagination seems lacking for their use around the house, so help me out if you know of some interesting uses or projects...

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A simple one here that I used to know the answer two.

If I have two computers on a remote network (192.168.22.X) dialling into a VPN server (a Windows 2003 server), should that cause a problem?

I'm having trouble getting the second computer to connect, and I'm wondering if it's because they're behind the same external IP.

A:Two VPN clients from one location

When you say dialing in, you don't mean dialing in on a POTS/PSTN line?
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Hey Everyone I work for a small business and we would like to implement thin clients for our employees We work in a windows environment and we would like to add Thin clients thin clients both to our intranet as well as allowing them to Thin clients connect from a thin client from home We currently have a system set up which allows them to connect through remote desktop from home we have DNS setup and we believe Thin clients to be working on our server when pinging the host from a RDP connection we receive a reply however when we connect a TC Thin clients to the same router as the server we are unable to connect it to the domain that we have created which would make sense because we are unable to ping the host name from the TC either I know the basic principals behind this system but I can not seem to get it working Is there something that I am not thinking about Any help you can give me would be great Thank You nbsp

Relevancy 36.98%

How or what is the best method to connect to clients computers so i can repair them. I have server2k and a 2k workstation. Most of my clients are XP. If i setup VPN will i be able to connect to my clients or is that for them to connect to me to access my server.

What are the easiest solutions so that i can tell my users over the phone what they need to do to allow me to connect?

I tried downloading ultraVNC but i don't think i want my clients to have to install the server and and run it as a service.

Relevancy 36.98%

Why do most people here choose WinMX over Morpheus or Audio Galaxy? I find far less files there. Are there other advantages I haven't seen?

Relevancy 36.98%

We have XP Clients that think they are off the network and therefore trigger offline files. They're not off the network at all. We have spanning tree enabled.

Many thanks,
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Hey guis :P

ive seen a lot of posts (I wont link to them for anon) about how people listing torrent clients in their post cant be helped on this site.

obviously this is because of piracy but i have bittorrent installed and id like to say my 2 dollars worth.

Torrent clients are used for more than just piracy, many game developers have a link to download their games (like Black Mesa) instead of direct downloads.

and there are many more legal ways to use a torrent client. So i dont see why they are frowned upon here.

I myself use bittorrent for downloading community made mods for games, games themselves yeah if people cant be helped cuz they have a client installed and listed in their post.

if you want to put in your thoughts you are welcome

A:Torrent clients

I will put in my 2 dollars worth ( Now you got 4 dollars )
Ubuntu has an official torrent download and so does Debian and so does my favorite Linux mint, The good thing about torrent is if you have a slow or unreliable connection it will resume where you left off
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I am fairly new to Netwotking amp I have tried to search within this forum for thee on firewall? LAN all Clients need Do answer to my question but I cant seem to find it I know I should get a router amp plug it into the cable modem but wont let me at this point Do all Clients on LAN need firewall? so I will have to wait a lil while longer So if you can please look past thee obvious amp back to the days of ICS After all it is part of NT I am on a older Etower is with the Anaheim a mobo WinXPpro SP I have succsfully setup a LAN here at my house it consist s of PC s We all share a cable connection thru ICS Internet Connection Sharing Thee other PC s are a Livingroom PC Dell and of course there is the Kid sroom PC Acer Aspire VIII m All PC s have WinXP except the Kidsroom it has se but it came with ICS as well so no big Here is my question I read somewhere that when on a LAN with a host client setup then the only PC that needs a Firewall is the PC facing the Cable modem or Internet Is that true Thanx for any Consideration Direction Xproject nbsp

A:Do all Clients on LAN need firewall?

You need a firewall on each computer. It is always adivable to have a firewall any computer that is not getting its connection filtered by a hardware device.
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Hi, need some advice.

client win 7 64-bit

server SBS 2003 R2

i've added a fax account and can see all the sent items but none of the received ones. yet a vista client attached to the same server doesnt exhibit this problem.

can someone please give me some pointers?



A:fax inbox different to other clients

anybody else have any ideas?
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I need to wipe the thin client of any information storage from my image. Is there volatile and non valatile componets on the thin client..
Relevancy 36.98%

From the log.

Name resolution for the name timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

or this

Your computer was not assigned an address from the network (by the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address 0x902B3461508E. The following error occurred: 0x79. Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.

This is happening on many websites
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I have a clients PC here that theyve asked me to work on They said something about a trojan but dont know anything else about it they dont know much about computers He told me that ever since all computer! at with clients Help he downloaded McAfee virus software its been doing this Im THINKING its possible that the firewall is locking everything up because I plugged it in w o internet and it works just fine when i went to take a look at it the computer would boot up and everything but when I would go to open any file Help at all with clients computer! on the desktop it wouldnt open it would just sit there if I click the start button it freezes I can still click on things but the start menu stays open etc I managed to get into networked safe-mode and download a few spyware cleaners ad-aware which just froze up and spy-bot and cleaned off what I could There were still a few hi-jacks stuck on there but i could get those off later im almost positive thats not the reason why this computer wont open anything I CANNOT format Help at all with clients computer! this computer Help at all with clients computer! it has my clients company on it and they do not back anything up that will soon change and so they cant lose whats on here or they WILL go under any suggestions The Specs Compaq presario SR CL ghz mb ram gb hdd windows xp anything else please let me know x-posted sorry nbsp

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We have 50 computer in organization all systems running windows 10 if Microsoft released the new updates all system start automatic updates and my ISP speed go down.

How to install updates to all clients from single system using option Local network.
Please help me

Thanks Ravi
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OS Win Tech MSI gaming laptop Intel i CPU Intel HD GPU nVidia GeForce m dGPU GB RAM TB HDD partitions I've been struggling with this problem for a whole month now Every program that has somekind of connection to the internet with the exception of web browser like Firefox and Chrome or VOIP clients like Skype or Discord net in Porn clients ads gets overlayed with mostly pornographic advertisements Here you can see Steam Arc Game Launcher and Vuze having these problems WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT https drive google com file d B yFFazFTCtS Y dHlZNkRwTzg view usp sharing https drive google com open id B yFFazFTCtc JaY NPU preE https drive google com open id B yFFazFTCtSlhNN VUR JldGM https drive google com open id B yFFazFTCtOTlzTnZ d d LW Windows Defender ADWCleaner rKill Malwarebytes McAfee Rootkit remover Avaz and AVG are all programs I've used to try to solve this problem not all at the same time mind you I know how antivirus programs love to make war on eachother Whether I do a full scan in safeboot mode or not none of them can find anything wrong There obviously is something very wrong I've been manually looking all of my system processes and services at least times and all checks out fine to my inspection Whenever I did find something I thought was suspicious a simple check on the internet would confirm its an essential process of the OS I also manually looked in every appdata folder and also spent hours grovelling over my win and WOW folders Porn ads in net clients though I may have missed something amongst all the files This first occurred when I was on Reddit little over a month ago I clicked on a link there that redirected me through adfly I had to leave the room to do something quickly and when I came back adfly had opened a dozen windows to very suspicious looking websites and my entire computer was covered in garbage I instantly rebooted my computer into safeboot mode let the programs I had at the time ADWCleaner Windows Defender Malwarebytes do their job They removed everything except for the virus that is still currently bothering me FRST txt Spoiler Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by Tattorack administrator on MSI - - Running from C Users Tattorack Desktop Tools Maintanance Loaded Profiles Tattorack Available Profiles Tattorack Platform Windows Home Version X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser FF Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved Intel Corporation C Windows System igfxCUIService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Windows System nvvsvc exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Display nvxdsync exe Wacom Technology Corp C Program Files Tablet Wacom WTabletServicePro exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System wlanext exe Intel Corporation C Windows System ibtsiva exe SUPERAntiSpyware com C Program Files SUPERAntiSpyware SASCore exe Hi-Rez Studios C Program Files x Hi-Rez Studios HiPatchService exe IObit C Program Files x IObit LiveUpdate LiveUpdate exe Intel reg Corporation C Program Files Intel WiFi bin EvtEng exe MSI C Program Files x MSI SUPER CHARGER ChargeService exe Micro-Star International Co Ltd C Program Files x SCM MSIService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation GeForce Experience Service GfExperienceService exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation NetService NvNetworkService exe C Program Files x Intel Driver Update Utility SUR SurSvc exe Adobe Systems Incorporated C Program Files x Common Files Adobe Adobe Desktop Common ElevationManager AdobeUpdateService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation NvStreamSrv NvStreamService exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnhSer... Read more
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I help fix up computers for locals occasionally, but lately they have been coming back to me complaining about the latest Windows update v1607!!

Some of these people are pensioners and have little resources, so that when their internet dongles suddenly chew up mounds of data, that cost them, they wonder why? "Why cannot we defer updates like before"?

I can't even do this myself, as the new version has removed the setting, or at least hidden it somewhere?

Any help here is appreciated.

A:Distressed clients

Follow this here:

How, When, and Why to Set a Connection as Metered on Windows 10
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Hi,I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this,so if it's not,maybe a mod can move it.

For some reason when I try to DL torrent files,it's really slow.I have ADSL and the net runs great.I tried using different clients,Azureus,Bittornado and now ABC,but their all the same.I'm getting speeds like 25kb/s.
I have a router,but I get this even when I bypass it.I do realize that my speed depends on the speed of the seeds,but when there's 9-10 seeds,it should still be higher than that.And it's like this with all the torrents I try to DL.I should also point out that I have windows firewall disabled,but running norton.
Any ideas?Thanks.

A:BitTorrent clients

closing thread...

read the rules here...
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so many people with the same terrible problem IN A VERY EXPENSIVE NEW LAPTOP that not wirth anything because of its problems... how over a year with the same issues u cant fix it???
i fell like I threw 2500$ to the trash.


Hi karinaStudio,
We are listening. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please share the service tag along with the registered owner's name, brief description of the issue and your email address on a private message. To send a private message, click on my name and send 'private message', so that we will check and assist you with best resolution possible within Dell support boundaries.
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Im running bit comet and bitlord at the moment depending on what runs the fastest. These are both free programs.

I was thinking about buying Bit Commet but didnt no whether it would be worth it. Can any body give me some facts about the programs or am i better off just sticking with what i got??

A:Torrent Clients

hi John,

i still use the ABC 3.01 version.
For me it works perfect, with the right broadband connection.
4mb in my case, and get dl speeds of about 435kb/s.
Sometimes a movie dros in, in two and halfhour. Pretty fast i think.
Also it depends on the amount of seeders
and the uploader's connection.
ABC is also free, just google.
Tried bitlord, azureus, but i prefer this. :giddy:

Do you buy all of software?
Bit comet is also freeware
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We are having trouble with these units kicking us out randomly. If we swap the units from one connection to a different connection it seems to work for days at a time all 20 units are doing this.
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I have been searching suitable torrent clients for vista, however none of them are working as well as before(xp). does anyone know a good vista torrent client? It seems like the tcpip thinging is making all this trouble.


A:Any Torrent Clients For Vista?

you tried azureus far the best torrent client out there imho.
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I have got a computer X (win XP) joined to network domain A.
I have also got another network domain B. The network domain are connected to each other with an ISA in between (having no rules that interfere with traffic between the two). Each have their own AD and various user accounts are set up on both domains.

If I connect computer X to the B network instead of A, the computer is still set as having joined domain A (as it is previously set up that way in the OS), but it is physically connected to network domain B.

With which credentials am I supposed to be able to log on? As it is now, I can log on using an account on domain A (e.g. 'A\username'), but when I try the account on domain B (e.g. 'B\username') it doesn't work.

If anyone explain this in theory it would be much appreciated.

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Hello I am using a windows k server as a domain The problem I am having is users connecting to this domain have a habit of shutting down their clients instead of logging off This causes other users wanting to use the machine having to wait till the computer reloads So I want to make a change where I take away the shutdown button and leave the logoff button at the clients end How would I go about doing this I would Stopping clients shutting down have thought that you would locate the policies setting and change the user policies from there Where you would activate permissions for shutting down I swear I have tried the global policies but it seems nothing is affecting the other users profile This Stopping clients shutting down is where they would continue to shut down the machine I have even thought of tweaking the registry on the clients machine but its no good because roaming profiles load their own registry settings overiding the defaults So what is it cant i make the change global or are they any applications that help in avoiding clients shutting down Thanks nbsp

A:Stopping clients shutting down

Have you tried creating a Group Policy object and applying it to the OU that the users are located in? This should alow you to remove the shutdown command?

Check out this site:
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Thought this would be easy but noooo, Big Brother obviously wants full, unrestricted access to your network even if it compromises your security.

Main router is a TP-Link Archer C-7.

Second router is an Asus RT-N65 configured as an access point.

No matter what the settings are in the Asus, all wireless clients connected to the Guest wireless connect have full access to the LAN.

What I want is for all wireless clients to have access to the Internet but not to the LAN. The Asus is necessary to extend the coverage to where it's needed.

Can this be done?


A:How to isolate wireless clients from the LAN ?

How are the two routers cabled up?
Relevancy 36.55%

I have a Wireless-G VPN Router with RangeBooster.
I want to be able to see the clients that are currently connected to the wireless and also disconnect if i can or terminate there downloads.

I looked in the GUI for the router and didnt see anything of this nature.

Is there a 3rd party program that can do this or a 3rd party firmware (linux, etc)?

Relevancy 36.55%

I am setting up a computer lab at school. There are 20 workstations and a 24 port switch along with 2 laser printers.

Question is what is best, run a cat5 cable to each work station or run a cat5 cable to a 4 port switch then a cat5 cable to 4 work stations?

Right now the problem is when this was set up they left about 10 extra foot of cable on each station and I believe that is causing a slow connection and want to eliminate the extra cable, but while I am doing it I want to set it up so it works the best it can. I am not sure if running a cable to each station is better than running a cable to a 4 port switch and then to the stations?

Which is best?

Thank you and have a great day,

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My game clients keep crashing...

Okay for example, I start up lets say Oblivion I continue my campaign okay it loads and then right as it finishes it crashes. This is the same thing for everything... I start up Starcraft 2 and I join the match but as soon as it finishes downloading it crashes. I use Comodo Virus Protector, I just downloaded Trojan Remover. I have no idea what to do I'm about to reformat but I wanted to check over here first if I could get anything useful. I ran multiple scans, reinstalled games. I just don't know what to do.

I'm using windows vista 32bit


A:Game Clients keep crashing.

Try THIS . It has to be saved to your desktop in order to use it.Hope this is what your looking for.1.Download TFC to your desktop, or other location.2.Save any unsaved work. TFC will close all open application windows.3.Double-click TFC.exe to run the program.4.If prompted, click "Yes" to reboot.Save your work. TFC will automatically close any open programs, let it run uninterrupted. It shouldn't take longer take a couple of minutes, and may only take a few seconds. Only if needed will you be prompted to rebootNEXT:Try THIS Game Booster is an easy-to-use program that shuts down unnecessary system processes in order to improve the performance of resource-thirsty games. With an intuitive interface that makes it easy to switch between gaming mode and normal mode, Game Booster is a simple but powerful program.Game Booster's interface is basic, with a list of 24 noncritical processes that can be shut down during gaming. Check boxes allow users to select specific processes. It is true that you have to take a leap of faith with some of these; if you're not extremely computer savvy, you may have no idea what it is that you're shutting down. We can say that our system suffered no ill effects from temporarily disabling all of the listed processes, and the program quickly started them again when we switched back to normal mode. We do wish that the program came with a Help file that went into detail about this issue, though. In addition to disabling unnecessary system processes, Game Booster offers a game defragmenter that specifically defragments the game directories, allowing a given game to start and run more quickly. Overall, we found Game Booster to be both easy to use and effective. We noticed a significant difference in game performance when using gaming mode, and we think this is a great choice for users who need to optimize their systems for gameplay.
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Hello nbsp Currently we are running about T Thin Clients using the Win Embedded Image nbsp I have made a simple configuration image by setting it up to automatically RDP to one of our servers in Kiosk Mode and copying the image using the HP tool to a flash drive nbsp I then booted each thin client from that USB drive to roll out the image nbsp After a Clients Thin T610 long and repetitive procedure of rolling out the configuration we have started experencing some issues nbsp Many of the T s have started either bluescreening on startup - not allowing the unit to be used at all T610 Thin Clients Also many of the thin clients experience a trust relationship issue nbsp Both issues I fix by reimaging them completely nbsp The issue is recurring and doesn't show signs of slowing down at all nbsp nbsp We run Sophos Antivirus on all machines and to prevent them from having to update too often we run the clients with the write filter disabled nbsp Can anyone advise as to what we need to do to prevent these systems from failing at the rate they currently are nbsp Thanks nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:T610 Thin Clients

Hi Coretex, A few things that may help us help you...-Are there any errors immediately after you image from USB? -When you get the blue screen, what message are you receiving along with it?-On a blue screened unit, are you able to boot into safe mode and access event viewer?  -Please elaborate on the trust relationship issue.  What are you accessing, and do you receive an error message? Potential Work Around:  For a fleet of 40, it may be helpful to set up HP Device Manager and start from scratch.  This will enable you to image all 40 units at once within about a half hour.  Start from a factory image, reconfigure it your kiosk image, and then deploy it to all your units.  The software is free and fairly easy to set up.-Chad
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Running Windows XP Media Center Edition on a brand new Pavilion DV It s connecting to the Internet just fine using my wireless LAN I can use Firefox and MSIE with no trouble at all RealPlayer works But I and messing e-mail my clients? up What's IRC can t get any mail client to work What's messing up my e-mail and IRC clients? Eudora nor Outlook And my chat client mIRC can t find a server These applications work for me on other computers in the house Something weird is going on Microsoft Outlook Establishes network connection Finds outgoing mail server SMTP Finds incoming mail server POP Fails to log onto incoming mail server POP Fails to send e-mail message Errors Log onto incoming mail service POP Unable to connect to the incoming mail server POP Please verify the port and SSL What's messing up my e-mail and IRC clients? settings for the incoming server To access these settings close this dialog then click More Setings and click on the Advanced tab Send test e-mail message Unable to connect to the outgoing mail server SMTP Please verify the port and SSL settings for the outgoing serveer To access these settings close this dialog then click More Settings and click on the Advanced tab Error message quot Could not find the item Try again quot mIRC version For every server in the world my status window reports quot Unable to connect to server Connection refused quot nbsp

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Does anybody have any experience with Sunray II thin clients? More specifically, Windows Connector 2.1 for port redirection.

I am running Sunray Software 4 (considering 5, which is suppose to better for this) and a virtual Sunray server with VSphere on a Linux Redhat OS. The Sunray server redirects the Sunray II client to a Windows Terminal Server (Server 2003) session. What I am trying to do is to redirect the USB port from the Sunray II client to directly to the Terminal Server through the active session. The reason being, is that I have software that identifies a scanner through IP assignment of the device (yes, each Sunray II is assigned a static IP).

Any ideas?
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Ok Hello everyone my I have some problems with Torrent clients and Hardware Interrupts

So when I start Utorrent or any other client i get this:

This happens when utorrent is downloading torrent files

Don't know why but it isn't that high now but 5 mins ago i got a 15 % usage

Any fixes is this normal somebody else has this problem ??

PS: Antivirus: Avast Internet Security

A:Problem with Torrent Clients

Quote: Originally Posted by GianniDPC

Ok Hello everyone my I have some problems with Torrent clients and Hardware Interrupts

So when I start Utorrent or any other client i get this:

This happens when utorrent is downloading torrent files

Don't know why but it isn't that high now but 5 mins ago i got a 15 % usage

Any fixes is this normal somebody else has this problem ??

I have the same problem

I don't even have an AV
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i have connected a server 2003 and 14 win xp clients. the server acts as the DNS and active directory as well as it is the one that assigns IP addresses. once i join the computers to the domain i get a limted connectivity on all clients computers. they are all connected to a hub. what could be the main problem???

Relevancy 36.55%

We have a couple of Cisco 1242AG wireless access points. They have worked good most of the time but now they are kicking off clients. It appears to affect Mac users more often than Windows or mobile users. The Macs work fine on other WAPs and wireless routers so it's not strictly a Mac issue.

Anyone else experienced this? Any fix suggestions?
Relevancy 36.55%

Please help! My Boss is waiting for an answer!
How does one run an NT4 server as the print server in an NT4 domain with mixed NT WKST and WIN XP PROF clients?

Which drivers are needed, and where does each have to be? Do you need XP drivers or NT drivers? Or both? Or is this even possible?

A:NT4 Printserver/XP Prof Clients?

Install the printer on the NT server using NT drivers and share it on the network. Connect to the share from the workstations, NT will require NT drivers, XP will need XP drivers.
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We are having trouble with these units kicking us out randomly. If we swap the units from one connection to a different connection it seems to work for days at a time all 20 units are doing this.
Relevancy 36.55%

I need to allow 3 client systems to connect to an XP
Professional system - I have setup 3 different users plus
the original user on the XP system and have given them
admin status - I have setup the remote client on the
remote systems (Windows 98 machines) - they connect with
no problem however when 1 is connected and the next user
tries to connect it requires that the user already
connected disconnect before allowing the new user to
continue - therefore limiting me to only 1 simultainious
connection - I thought I had read the XP home allowed 5
connects and XP Prof allowed 10 connections - any help
would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks again! Glenn
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I had a couple clients forward an email to me that just had something simple like "have you seen this?" with a link & my email at the bottom. I get these also every month or two usually from email address's that I recognize.

What are my options to remedy this?
I changed my email passwords, scanned the email server, checked with my web host and they don't think the messages originated from my email account but weren't certain.

Scanned my computer & didn't find anything malware.

I have a message that was forwarded to me, can any info be retrieved from the header of that message?


A:Spoofed emails to my clients

That is very unlikely to be anything on your computer and they are either spoofing your email address or your email provider is compromised

forward the emails to [email protected] & I will see what I can see if the headers show anything
The problem is that some email services strip old headers when a message is forwarded so the original ones are not there to see
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Whenever I start any download in my bittorrent clients (Vuze), after around 5-10mins my PC shows this BSOD Screen.
I'am using Windows 8 pro 32-bit OS. And I've also attached the debug file.
So please have a look into it and try to resolve it ASAP.
Thanking in Advance

A:BSOD while using bittorrent clients

Hi Akakzz & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

I have analyzed your dump files and below has been provided an analysis of the same for informative purposes :-

**************************Sun Aug 17 15:49:21.961 2014 (UTC + 5:30)**************************
Probably caused by : tcpip.sys ( tcpip! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+201ab )

BugCheck D1, {130, 2, 1, 82524146}



PROCESS_NAME: Azureus.exe

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: AV_tcpip!_??_::FNODOBFM::_string_

BIOS Version 6.00 PG

BIOS Release Date 06/20/2011

Manufacturer OEM

Product Name OEM

**************************Sun Aug 17 15:17:09.850 2014 (UTC + 5:30)**************************
Probably caused by : tcpip.sys ( tcpip! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+201ab )

BugCheck D1, {130, 2, 1, 82540146}



PROCESS_NAME: Azureus.exe

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: AV_tcpip!_??_::FNODOBFM::_string_

BIOS Version 6.00 PG

BIOS Release Date 06/20/2011

Manufacturer OEM

Product Name OEM

**************************Sun Aug 17 10:25:37.659 2014 (UTC + 5:30)**************************
Probably caused by : tcpip.sys ( tcpip! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+201ab )

BugCheck D1, {130, 2, 1, 8253a146}



PROCESS_NAME: Azureus.exe

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: AV_tcpip!_??_::FNODOBFM::_string_

BIOS Version 6.00 PG

BIOS Release Date 06/20/2011

Manufacturer OEM

Product Name OEM


Below is a list of 3rd party drivers present on the system :-

**************************Sun Aug 17 15:49:21.961 2014 (UTC + 5:30)**************************
anodlwf.sys Fri Mar 6 15:39:51 2009 (49B0F66F)
VBoxDrv.sys Fri Jul 15 21:20:44 2011 (4E2061D4)
Rt630x86.sys Wed Oct 19 17:43:13 2011 (4E9EBED9)
rtwlanu.sys Fri Apr 20 07:25:42 2012 (4F90C21E)
intelppm.sys Thu Jul 26 08:04:02 2012 (5010AC9A)
intelide.sys Thu Jul 26 08:08:06 2012 (5010AD8E)
cnnctfy3.sys Fri Aug 16 22:42:54 2013 (520E5D96)
mbam.sys Wed Oct 30 21:41:40 2013 (52712FBC)
mwac.sys Wed Mar 5 03:17:27 2014 (531649EF)
MBAMSwissArmy.sys Fri Mar 21 03:42:17 2014 (532B67C1)
nvvad32v.sys Fri Mar 28 19:01:55 2014 (533579CB)
NvStreamKms.sys Wed Apr 30 06:29:43 2014 (53604AFF)
RTKVHDA.sys Wed May 14 15:57:27 2014 (5373450F)
nvlddmkm.sys Tue May 20 04:41:01 2014 (537A8F85)
idmwfp.sys Mon Jun 9 04:10:46 2014 (5394E66E)
SCDEmu.SYS Fri Jun 27 10:42:27 2014 (53ACFD3B) Read more
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Code Samples and Powerpoint Slide for MSDN TechTalk "Smart Clients in .NET".
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit

Powerpoint 97
.NET Framework

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Hello I have a small office network with about clients the server clients and Disappearing server is running Win K XP clients It has been running great for about a year Tonight I tried to add a VPN server role I keep asking myself why I wanted to do that So I shut down the Windows Firewall ICS service and started up the VPN role Never even tried to use it Then I found that my network was running slowly but still works including running applications from the clients that are located on the Disappearing server and clients server But when I try to browse to the server from any of the clients the server does not show up when I browse through Microsoft Windows Network to the domain But all the other clients are there When I go to the server and try to browse the same way none of the clients show up Well that s weird so I removed the VPN server role and restarted Firewall ICS service rebooted the server I can ping using IP addresses both ways I can even use the server to control the clients with remote desktop connection But still they don t show up in explorer Clients are still using the server as DHCP server and domain controller But things are noticeably slower and I can t browse to it Any ideas Thanks to all in advance for any help nbsp
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Does anybody have any experience with Sunray II thin clients? More specifically, Windows Connector 2.1 for port redirection.

I am running Sunray Software 4 (considering 5, which is suppose to better for this) and a virtual Sunray server with VSphere on a Linux Redhat OS. The Sunray server redirects the Sunray II client to a Windows Terminal Server (Server 2003) session. What I am trying to do is to redirect the USB port from the Sunray II client to directly to the Terminal Server through the active session. The reason being, is that I have software that identifies a scanner through IP assignment of the device (yes, each Sunray II is assigned a static IP).

Any ideas?

A:Sunray thin clients

Hi there.
We are a Sun Microsystems reseller and Sun Ray specialists in Canada. Our team has worked with many different markets including Healthcare where the Sun Ray system is widely deployed. Sun Ray 5 or SRSS 4.2 is available and passes USB devices from the Sun Ray DTU to the Windows 2003 Terminal Server. You might want to look at Sun Ray VDI 3.1 which allows you the flexibility of virtual desktops and full USB redirection in Windows XP and supports Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Services (formerly TS) with Session Directory. If you would like to engage us please visit
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I installed the server version and mede a ReFS volme...

but WCP cent access it, but I expected that

A:ReFS not acessible by clients

Hi. Actually it is possible to add support for ReFS in client versions with little effort; ReFS (formerly Protogon) in Windows 8 - The new filesystem - Windows 8 -
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i have a problem with Win 2003 server. Using Bellsouth DSL and ICS to share the web. Have an Acess Point for the clients to connect. Sites not accessible or msn, hotmail, and msn messager. There are a few other no spy where that i can find and no virus either. Otherwise they can access any other site. Go figure.

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Can a multi-threaded FTP client download a file using more than one connection like HTTP downloaders? When I looked at the web sites for some multi-threaded clients they only mention downloading multiple files at once.

A:FTP Clients - what does multi-threaded do?

no, the short version of the answer. most of ftp servers by default will not allow multiple connections using the same account. but you can use different accounts to do that, though i wold not recommend it at all.
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A friend has NT4.0 server loaded and wanted to replace his desktops with thin clients but i believe it requires TS edition. He doesnt want to upgrafe t0 2000/2003 server as yet and wonders if there is any kind of patch / software that can be used to enable thin clients be used with NT 4.0 ( not TS edition) only ?


A:NT 4.0 Server- can it be used for thin clients ?

I would say no, not without TS.
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We have a Domain with domain controller I can not get GPO s to work at all Within active directory I made a quot test quot ou and moved a computer account and user account into that ou Then I made a new GPO and linked it to applying to Not - Server2008 clients? from GPO the OU The only change I made in the test was to change workstation background It doesnt work The test client is XP Pro I also added domain users to the local machines administrator group Still no go I was originally trying to use GPO to do Drive Mapping and Printer Install The cool new features of Server Since those didnt work I tried doing a logon script and used a UNC path to point to the script Both share and NTFS permissions are wide open Anyways when that stuff didnt work I then decided to start over and go with something GPO from Server2008 - Not applying to clients? small change the background When I do a gpresult I get INFO The user AD username does not have RSOP data It does this with every user I log in with Any suggestions nbsp

A:GPO from Server2008 - Not applying to clients?

ok, I got the GPResults to function correctly... I had a dns misconfiguration on the server side and also realized i didnt set up reverse lookup, whoops. GPO's are still not applying though.
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Hi guys,
My boss wants me to set up a network printer to have separate passwords for each GROUP of staff members who will be printing from it. I.E one password for the team leaders, one password for the office staff, one password for the seniors etc.
The main problem is that the computer is shared and always logged in (public computer for all staff). Also, the printer is a network printer (as in stand alone network printer - NOT connected to a computer)

When he told me this I must admit I didn't think it could be done. So I am checking with techguy buddies


A:Printing Passwords and clients

Well, I have a photo copier that can be setup like that but that is in the copier itself. Other then that, I dont think you can setup a printer like that. You will need to check the documention on the printer to see if its possible. Are you trying to limit the access to the printer? If you are can you try setting up so security threw AD and on the printer share
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I Of Track Clients Keeping have a relatively large number of clients all of whom I need to keep a relatively extensive listing of details for What program is best suited for looking after this Ideally I am after a program that will let me add a new client input any information I may want inclusive of any Keeping Track Of Clients custom fields that I may need to add to hold any particular entries view these records at any time and perhaps even have a way for me to attach files or folder directories for particular documents images etcetera that might relate to the client The facility to have a quot notes quot type facility where I could add details of the latest correspondence between myself and the client would be good too Also a program that looks good would be a bonus I was thinkin that Microsoft Access would do all of that but I am not familiar with the program and thought I would see whether there was something already out there that did all of this nbsp

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Hello guys I hope someone can help me with this I have a network configuration as follows ISP router IP mask dhcp to I I I I Main router Ethernet from ISP router goes to Wan port wan ip IP mask dhcp to Some clients connected to it via wireless and wire I I I I nd router as media bridge Connects and gets Wan IP via wireless wan ip IP mask dhcp to Some clients connected to it via wireless and wire Clients connected to nd router can access computers under nd router in subnet Accesing clients other Main router and ISP router Clients connected to Main router can access computers under IsP and Main router but not under nd router I need clientes conencted to Main router to be able to acces clients under nd router I understand that both routers and their clients are on different subnets I have read about static routing which could be the only way to do what I need but Accesing clients in other subnet honestly I don t quite understand how to do it Please let me know Accesing clients in other subnet if you know to do this thanks in advance Regards Carlos nbsp
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Hello, I am in the IT dept in my company, and I am having trouble figuring out how to fix a printer issue. One of our locations recently had their Ricoh printer swapped out for a newer Ricoh, and now nobody can print to it. If they try to print from an application, it will crash the application, and a test print will fail as well. I am however able to print a test page from the server that the printer is shared from.
I have tried the following so far:
- Removing the printer from a client PC and adding it again
- Manually removing the print driver and reinstalling it
- Reinstalling the drivers on the server using an updated Universal Print driver from Ricoh's website

Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone has.
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Ok, I have my specs in my sig of my computer. I am running XP 64 bit Pro upgraded to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. The OS is on the solid state, and I am installing all other programs on the Tb. My solid state is only 60 gigs, and having 2 versions of Windows on it is naturally filling it up quick. I want to put all my games and game clients (Steam, EADM, Impulse) on the terrabyte, but I am running into an issue. The games install fine, but upon trying to run them, they simply will not load/time out. The game clients install fine and run fine the first few times. After what seems like 5 loads with Steam, it shuts out. When I put them on the solid state (with Windows) they run fine! Is there something I am missing, or some kind of program I can download to fix the issue? Thanks for the help!

A:Games/Clients Not Working

Sorry, the site won't let me edit my signature, so here is my Computer specs:
Asus "Supercomputer" P6T7 WS
Intel i7 945 3.33ghz Quad Core
Evga Nvidia GTX295 x2
Corsair XMS 12 Gb Ram
PC Power&Cooling T12W
OTZ Vertex SSD 60Gb/WD Caviar Black 1Tb
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Please kindly help me in solving this problem, I can access internet on the server but not on clients. Clients are showing little or no connectivity error message. My O.S is XP. The server uses LAN 1, it receives and sends signals properly but the clients use LAN 2 and could only send but not receive signal.


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Ive been playing Eve online for a long time now. I have two accounts, one of which has been inactive for some time but I have recently started using it again. Yesterday, while running both clients on my PC (which it can handle no problem) I was getting random disconnect problems on Ventrilo.

This has never happened when running 1 client + vent so can only assume its something related to running both clients and vent together. Both clients ran fine with no apparent lag problems it just kept disconnecting me from Vent. If I left it it would automatically reconnect after a short while.

Nobody else on the vent server was having any problems.

Does anyone have any ideas what may have caused this? I don't believe Eve is particularly bandwidth hungry and I am on an 8Mb ADSL connection.

PC specs are at the top of the post.

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I am currently using Windows Server with IIS Currently we only have ASP NET services and web sites but I'm not certain its specific to asp net When we get requests in from Windows clients everything works fine However whenever we get requests from Mac clients it causes a spike in network utilization and the server stops processing any network traffic for a moment example remote desktop Incomplete to Mac Clients only responses sessions will end we can't ping the server etc After maybe seconds network comes back and everything appears normal When I run network monitor on this machine and view the network request responses to and from Incomplete responses to Mac Clients only the MAC machine I see the Http Response given is incomplete about bytes but this is not consistent and sometimes it will return more or less This is then followed by several up to retransmits of the response each one incomplete We have other servers with similar setups that do not have this issue I can't think of any IIS or network setting that might cause this behaviour Any information on what might cause this or something to look out for would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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what i mean is each time i use a program that requires me to use a username and password to login on a server. IE mirc, Online games like wow, CS or maplestory. I need help on fixing this. It happend about 96 hours ago. But when i use wireless connection and connect to the neighbors router it works good but the lag is not worth it. As you see IE and mozzila works just fine.
-I have reset the router compltly but that did not help
-i have pulled out the plug to both modem and router that didnt help either.
- i tried to shut of the the firewall but that didnt help either
- i tried to open the port ports the online games asked for but no help
- i tried to look for new updates to my router but there wernt any

A:clients cant connect to anyservers

ok, called the isp company and worked the problem out with them.. It turned out that they where blocking from playing online for some reason... Thanks for the help everyone