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IE9 Menu Arrangement

Q: IE9 Menu Arrangement

Does anyone have a trick to have IE9 display as in this (manipulated) snip?

The menu and tab bars are switched.

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Preferred Solution: IE9 Menu Arrangement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: IE9 Menu Arrangement

Not sure if this what you're after, but when I right-click the Menu bar and select Show tabs on a separate row I get this arrangement:
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I want to export my Start Menu layout to another local account However when using Powershell's Import-StartLayout I receive an 'access denied' error it seems that the command tries to access the hidden C Users Default folder as I set C as -MountPath perhaps this is Export PS Start Help... without ? (Tile Layout Menu Arrangement) just a minor issue perhaps not If you're familiar Export Start Menu Layout (Tile Arrangement) without PS ? Help... with this issue please reply as well can't figure this out either I also tried copying and changing perms of the C Users username AppData Local TileDataLayer Database folder to export my start menu and to lock it but changing any perms admin or user to that folder resulted in corrupted boots rendering windows slowly and with half its accessibility I had to do a full system repair twice and copying that folder isn't even possible whilst windows is active But I found out that to lock it the Registry DWORD ''NoChangeStartMenu quot sufficed But my problem to transfer the settings the tiles arrangement persists I figured to leave that TileDataLayer Database folder with its Export Start Menu Layout (Tile Arrangement) without PS ? Help... data Export Start Menu Layout (Tile Arrangement) without PS ? Help... alone and to move on to another solution being thus the PS command as described above I got the info about that folder from somewhere on the Internet someone claimed that the windows Start Menu configuration is stored in it my advice though don't touch it I'm quite familiar with using the Registry Users never LM to alter perms either with DWORD's or Key Perms as well as exporting and executing registry files I've been searching for some key or value in the Registry that relates to the arrangement of the Start Menu Tiles I know where the shortcuts are in explorer but no luck there like Explorer Taskband relates to the Taskbar pins Thus given that the StartLayout commands don't work out for me and well I don't really like using them either I'm placing this desperate request for some knowledge on where I can find the Start Menu Tile arrangement or how I could export and import it without the StartLayout commands Thanks for your concern fellow Windows users and admins Kind Regards PS The appsFolder itemdata-ms file as well as its relatives as they were used in the Appdata to transfer the Start Menu Layout in some versions of windows no longer exist in at least not where they used to be also I don't have GPO and prefer Regedit over it Related thread not by me Solved Start menu tiles layout savefile - Windows Forums Not at all solved for me

A:Export Start Menu Layout (Tile Arrangement) without PS ? Help...

Hi Audax, welcome to the Ten Forums.

Import-StartLayout does not work the way you are trying to use it. You cannot copy (export) the Start layout from a user profile to be imported to another profile with it.

The Import-StartLayout only works with Windows image files. You first export the preferred Start layout to a .bin file with Export-StartLayout cmdlet, then mount a Windows image (original or customized install.wim file), and finally insert the exported .bin file with Import-StartLayout cmdlet to the image file.

PowerShell Export-StartLayout cmdlet syntax:

Export-StartLayout -Path "D:\AnyName.bin"

PowerShell Import-StartLayout cmdlet syntax:

Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath "D:\AnyName.bin" -MountPath X:\YourWindowsImage

The MountPath is and can only be the path to your mounted install.wim Windows image file.

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Are there any opinions on what the best or most efficient case fan is? Brand/type?

I'm a new to this and am trying to make the most of a limited fan arrangment. Thanks in advance.

A:Best fan? Best arrangement?

Coolermaster have worked out really well for me. I used to use Antec but they seem to fail early.
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Motherboard: ASUS M3A78-EM.
RAM: 2x2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 @ 800MHz.

Just thinking at loud here.

I've been wondering...

What would be the ideal arrangement for my 2 sticks of RAM?

Ideal meaning, getting the most out of them (what would be the fastest setup).

Right now I have them as it follows:

Slot 1 (first yellow DIMM): Empty.

Slot 2 (second yellow DIMM): Stick #1 (2GB)

Slot 3 (first black DIMM): Empty.

Slot 4 (second black DIMM): Stick #2 (2GB).


A:RAM arrangement.

put both sticks on the same channel
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Hi all Not sure if this is the type of question Fan/cooling arrangement for these particular forums as it's more of a general hardware query but the community here has been very helpful in the past I've got a fairly old W Ultimate Q PC with a w GX Lite PSU and recently ordered an cheap VTX graphics card I've been thinking about doing it for some time but thought now is the perfect time to add more cooling to my PC to mitigate the extra noise from the card I've attached some photos of my case - I've got a standard mm fan at the back of the case and there is a vent which looks like it Fan/cooling arrangement would fit a fan at the front which has screw holes mm and mm apart but the vent itself is mm across see photo 'front vent' However since I got the PC about years ago the HDD bays have been attached to the bottom which would obscure a front case fan see photo 'bays' This photo also shows two spare bays below my two optical drives Fan/cooling arrangement so I think I should simply be able to move the HDD bay up to the two empty bays and create space for the air to be sucked into Fan/cooling arrangement the case I've also got a vent on the removable panel on the side of the case see photo - this funnel extends to over the stock CPU cooler I assume I can't fit a fan to this as the panel needs to be removed So what would you guys recommend as the best solution Moving the HDDs and adding the front vent fan would this be a mm or mm fan because I can't see mm fans on scan etc Getting a VGA cooler for the GPU fan never done this before though and not sure that will help cooling for the increased load on the PSU etc Something else I could do with the a new mobo cpu ram and the case is old and huge but I'm really not in the position to do this at the moment and hopefully anything I buy now will come in handy when I eventually do upgrade the rest Thanks in advance for any help or advice gratefully appreciated as ever Tim

A:Fan/cooling arrangement

You have a couple of options.

1. You could buy a new case with better air flow. Antec makes some nice cases that aren't too expensive.

2. You can install a 90mm fan in the front (90mm fans have 85mm mounting holes, I believe). If you do that, moving the drives would be a good idea. If those are 3.5" bays above, you won't need adapters to do it. If they're 5.25" bays, you'll need adapters to mount the drives.

3. An extra GPU fan isn't practical in your case. There's nowhere to put it.

4. You could consider an aftermarket heatsink for your CPU for better cooling. This is a good one:

Cooler Master: Hyper 212 EVO

There are always options, though it can be difficult to cool an older case. My best suggestion would be to see if a newer case with better ventilation is in your budget, and if your components would fit in it.
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This is my first post, please bear with me

I've done quite a few searches on Google in addition to these forums on the topic of desktop icon arrangement.

Basically, I want Windows to auto arrange my icons on the right side of my screen by default rather than the left. I want to avoid using a 3rd party program, because those usually are just "trial" versions and keep annoying me to buy the whole program.


A:Icon arrangement

It is not the answer but have you used fences?
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Alright, here is the problem, I use Internet explorer, and if I open like more than three window at a time, the things at the bottom, what ever they are called, go into a column that I have to sort through to move to the different window. I find that very annoying as opposed to windows 98 that would line them side by side. Is there anyway to stop that column stacking?
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I have 18 items on my desktop and would like to separate certain ones from the left side of the page to the right side of the page. When I drag the icons to the right they revert back to the left after I leave the page. I used to be able to do this but it no longer works. Is there a way to accomplish this. Thanks, Micromos


Right-click on the Desktop > View and make sure 'Auto arrange icons' is not ticked.
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I always keep my taskbar along the left side of my screen. With Vista, I kept it wide enough to arrange my program icons in rows of 3, so I could fit all that I commonly use and see them all at once. With W7, I can't get them other than one single row; then you have to use the bar at the bottom to see the rest that don't fit. Can I do it my old way with W7?

A:Taskbar arrangement

Hello TVZ, welcome to Seven Forums.

I just did this but I think it's because I have the "Computer" icon added to the taskbar, just experiment with it.

Recycle Bin - Pin to Taskbar
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Hey guys...I am currently trying to organize my music. I have however encountered a slight (yet to myself major) issue. It appears as though each folder has their own settings for what information will be displayed (album artist/ contributing artists/title/name/track#/etc...). Is there any way to make it so that all my folders containing music only display "Name - Track # - Artist - Contributing Artist - Album"??? Organizing my music is tedious enough, I really don't need this slowing me down (such a hassle to fix each artist/album folder to have that information :S)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Folder arrangement

Hello Opi8,

You can set the folder view to how you want it, then use the Apply to all folders option to apply it to all folders with the same folder template (ex: Music).

Hope this helps,
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Hi. I'm not really sure if this is the right forum for this. :$ If it isn't, I apologize.

Anyway, I've been having a problem that started quite a while ago. It isn't a major one and the truth is that I can deal with it if I have to, but I find it somewhat irritating and I was hoping someone might actually have a solution for it.

When I click on the Open tab for any media player or image viewer, the files/folders appear arranged alphabetically from Z to A. I remember that it didn't use to be like that, and I found the correct A to Z arrangement much easier to deal with. Might anyone have any idea how to tweak things to fix it?

Thanks so much.

A:File arrangement

Is this within a Windows Explorer window or an application window? Sometimes if you click on the 'Name' bar it will resort your files.
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I"m pretty new to Windows XP having come from an IMac and I need advice on my computers folders setup.When I open up my Windows Explorer the icons I see are Desktop,My computer, my network places, the recycle bin and unused desktop shortcuts.My documents icon when I open it shows folders of all the files I have created. When I open up "My computer" icon it show my drives etc and it also shows a folder I created that I named "budlous documents" which when opened shows exactly the same folders in it that I have in the "My documents" folder. Have I somehow duplicated all my folders ? If so which one would be the correct folder to keep ?

A:Folder arrangement

No, they point to the same place on your hard drive.
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Hopefully help can be found here. I'll try to make this brief. Bought 9 disk German audio set. Ripped to PC. Each disk has 10 to 12 lesions numbered 1 through 10. Problem. When added to WMP library, They are ordered by track number on each disk. By that I mean the first track on WMP is track 1 disc 1, but then it goes to Track 1 disk 2, track 1 disk 3. So the first track is number 1 on 1, but then the next lesion (track) is 14.. which is track 1 on disk 2. Can I have it arranged so it goes disk 1 tracks 1-14 , then disc 2.. 1-14, disc 3 .. 1-14 etc.. etc. HELP!!! The other problem is that they are arranging the same way on my Zune.


A:Track arrangement

Put them in a playlist in the order you want them to play.
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I have a folder with over 100 pictures in it. I want to add an ending slide to it, but it keeps putting it in the middle of the folder, I want it on the end. How do I get it to stay at the end of the files?

A:Folder arrangement

Have you disabled Auto Arrange?

Open the folder right click on a blank space and uncheck Auto Arrange.
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I have Win7 Pro running on a dell PC, operating in administrator mode.

My monitor looks best if I set to 1024 x 768 (4 by 3 ratio LCD old). After setting that resolution and re-arranging some icons, I log off and shut down. on restart and login, the previous 1280 x 768 comes up with the old arrangement of icons. Why doesn't the PC remember the settings?

Dimension 4600C 2 GB RAM.

A:Won't keep resolution & desktop arrangement.

Hi -

Make sure your video drivers are updated. Check both video device & system manufacturer's support sites.

Try these fixes as well -

Regards. . .


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Hello everyone I am in the middle of an assembly right now Should have thought things over but I m using the Antec case with a Corsair TX W PSU The case comes with two front intake fans a top exhaust fan and a rear exhaust fan The PSU is situated at the bottom back of the case The two intake fans take up of the case each from the front My problem is that the TX comes with so many frigging cables that I don t know where to put them By default the case places its two front-facing fans on the bottom s of the case I m wondering if it would work out okay if I moved the fans to take up the top s of the case and have the Build, 900 Arrangement Antec Fan TX wires shoved into the bottom compartment where they won t impede airflow Is that a good idea Was there a purpose that one of the forward fans is placed at the bottom of the case Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Antec 900 Build, Fan Arrangement

No point putting intake fans in front so close to the exhaust on top.

I'd vote leave it.
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Here's something a bit baffling.

I've a ******** of images in a folder and they're arranged in order of modification, from oldest to newest. Right, when clicking on an image and opening it in the Windows picture viewer, when I go to scroll through the images they seem to have been placed in alphabetical order despite the folder not being set for this. I'd like to get them back to being viewed in order of 'last modified' and simply setting the files to be shown in this way isn't doing the trick.

Any ideas?

A:File Arrangement Problem

If you are in detailed view, you can click where it says "Date Modified" and it will sort the images by the date modified.

Is this what you have done? I have never seen it not work before.
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I was wondering why some program XP Shortcut Desktop Arrangement shortcuts appear before folders and other items on the desktop and other shortcuts appear XP Desktop Shortcut Arrangement after the folders This is the case no matter how I arrange desktop items I did not know some programs even had desktop shortcuts until I looked at the XP Desktop Shortcut Arrangement desktop folder I have a lot of folders on my desktop so some stuff is offscreen Even in the windows explorer view of the desktop changing the sorting option to type still arranges certain desktop shortcuts above the folders and others after the folders and a few different file types The type of both say quot shortcut quot and I right clicked the properties of shortcuts from both sets and I did not see any different settings or ticked off boxes that suggest why they are treated differently I ve been meaning to prune down the folders and files on the desktop but I would still like all of my program shortcuts including ones I create like quot Safely Remove Hardware quot when that icon sometimes does not show up at all on my toolbar to all appear before the folders
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I have divided my Physical disk in to two logical NTFS volumes,

C: for system (15 GB)
D: for Data (30 GB)

Now my C: has become critical and I would like to shrink D to allocate more space to C. Is it possible?

A:re arrangement of disk volumes

Yes it is. Check out the tutorial.

That will have you delete your D: drive, and extend it to C:

In the future, I would get a bigger drive than 50 gigs. Vista requires about 20 minimum.

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I love the windows auto arrangement function when moved to the edge of the screen, however there is one that is very annoying, that is bottom edge.

I have one of my monitor in portrait mode, and sometimes I want to view two windows, one on the top and the other on the bottom. But I can not cover the all the area down the bottom because once I go near the bottom edge, Windows maximizes it.

Now I know in the "Make the mouse easier to use" page, I can "prevent" it all, but I just want to disable the bottom edge and leave the top, left and right edge as the way they are. How can I do that?


A:how to disable only one of the automatic arrangement function?

WINDOWS 7 edge experts do reply.
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Hi. I was wondering if there was a way to customize icon arrangement for individual folders. As it stands right now, when I choose my viewing options for folder icons, they are arranged according to how I want them, but for all folders. For my photo folder, I wish for them to be ordered according to the date of the photo taken, but for the folders themselves, I wish to have them according to name or date of folder created. For another folder, I may wish to have icons arranged by type or by name. But the settings for one folder appear to be the settings for all folders. Is there a way to individualize the settings for a specific folder? Thanks for the help.

A:Customizing folder icon arrangement

You should be able to get some help from these tutorials:

File and Folder Arrangement - Group By - Sort By - Stack By
Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable
File and Folder Arrangement - Change in Windows Explorer Window
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I have a Compaq board, just the board, not the computer, and I need pin arrangement/mapping information on this board. The Compaq part number is 283983-001 and there is a small picture of the board here. Google has a lot of references to this board; but, nothing even close to a service manual, which would be more like what I would need.

NOTE: The USER MANUAL does NOT have that information, neither does the User Guide!

The board came from a Compaq Evo D510, if that helps.

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I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this tile arrangement problem I've been having in Metro. Basically, when I try to position a tile below another tile, or beside, above, etc., it auto snaps back to a position I don't want, or one that takes up more screen real estate for no friggin' reason I can fathom. Here's a screenshot showing what I'm talking about:

If I try to move the Malware Bytes icon below Speccy, it will put the Speccy icon where Malware Bytes used to be. It will not allow me to put it below Speccy or arrange the icons in a more concise grid. This is really annoying when working with multiple tiles and tile groups. Does anyone know how to fix this behaviour? Would greatly appreciate any advice!

A:Annoyance with Metro tile arrangement

Yeah that is annoying. I wish we could turn off snap to grid or whatever it's called. It seems to work better if there is an even amount of tiles per section.
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I am on windows 7 and recently started up my laptop to find the icons arranged in a different place on the desktop. I rearranged them and restarted, but they went back to being out of place.

Now when I start up my laptop sometimes it shows the icons in the first arrangement and sometimes in second arrangement (the second arrangement of the icons is how I want it) I also get a message saying I am logged in as a default user, even though I use a password and user name.

I am using the same password and user name each time but get different arrangements on my desktop.

Also the desktop image reverts to black not blue, as I set it.

Anyone can help?

A:Different icon arrangement desktop on start up

To start run a through anti virus scan
Download and run malwarebytes, after updating. Make sure it is a full scan. If nothing is revealed repost.
The profile may be corrupt
Try a system restore from before the problem if nothing else is successful
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I don't use desktop icons much except for temporary files but even so it would be very Sorting Icon Desktop Arrangement useful for me to be able to set the default arrangement in a different fashion than seems to be available in the Desktop View Menu I would like to have all icons arrange horizontally starting at the top of the screen rather than vertically as seems to be the design I know that I can turn off the auto arrange function and place the icons in that fashion manually but when I reboot some will remain horizontal while others go back to vertical I also know that I could turn off aligning to grids and they probably would stay horizontal but I would like to let that remain active for ease of arrangement To accomplish that it would be necessary to tweak the default arrangement from vertical to horizontal in the OS I went through the tutorials where I think this would be if possible but found nothing is it possible

A:Desktop Icon Sorting Arrangement

This utility claims to save and restore positions in Windows 32 and 64 bit flavors:

Download IconRestorer Free - Backup and restore icons position on desktop separately for every screen resolution - Softpedia

I wrote one myself, but it's an Explorer 32 bit DLL. Therefore it only works with 32 bit Explorer:
IconSet Desktop Icon Save Restore

For mine to work AutoArrange has to be disabled. I imagine the first one is the same but I haven't tried it.
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How would I add an image to the background of the details pane? The ones highlighted in the screenshot I attached.
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Stupid problem thats annoying the hell out of me....

Running Vista Prem Home...

I arrange my desktop icons, some to the far right of the screen. I restart my PC, and Vista arranges all icons to the left.
I have Auto Arrange and Align to Grid disabled, is there a setting somewhere i'm missing.

A:Vista Desktop Icon Arrangement

While this gets sorted out, try Icon Restore 1.0. Works on Vista too.
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I have Windows 7 Ultimate.
Sometimes, when I open my pc or when the screen goes black (because I left the pc untouched for some time), the arrangement of the icons at the desktop is lost.
As a result, all the icons are gathered at the left side of the screen.

What can I do, except for using a program that saves the arrange of the icons( and restores it when I do it)?
Thank you for your time!

Happy Holidays!

A:Icons Arrangement is lost at Desktop

rt click on desktop; assure arrange to grid and auto-arrange is unchecked.

sometimes if Windows7 has to unexpectedly shut down, it thinks something is corrupt and on restart might not set the desktop items to the same layout you had them arranged in--not sure the solution for that.
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This problem just recently started when I go to save or open or move anything the popup box will always have the folder names in a differant arrangement and I have to keep rt clicking to arrange icons by name or type

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My desktop icons arrangement are always messing up after i restart , shutdown , i opened exe's like DOTA , nba2k12 etc etc. i dont know what to do . ive done checking the setting but there's no problem with it . i didnt change anything .. PLEASE HELP .

here's my SCREENIES ..

A:how to save the arrangement of my DESKTOP ICONS ?

After you postiion the icons, rightclick a blank area of the desktop and click Refresh.
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I was adding a new account on my computer. For basic purposes, I made a new account called "User B". Now, when I switch users/log off, I see that it goes like this
"User B User A". I would like "User A" to be the first option, THEN "User B". Any help?

(I have hidden the names of the "Users" for privacy reasons)

A:Change arrangement of users on log-on screen.

Hi Metamence,

As far as I know, the order of username presentation on the Welcome Screen cannot be configured. There's no standard option available to adjust this (and I'm aware of no 3rd party software that changes this particular aspect of the Welcome Screen - many other, but not this one). I haven't been able to determine how it even establishes the order it does use. I went through the entire registry looking and searched 30 pages in Bing and Google and found no solutions.

Sorry, but it does not appear that what you want to do is possible in Vista (or in Windows 7 or XP either to my knowledge). I wish I had better news, but that seems to be the way it is.

Good luck!
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Hi I have noticed today that something has changed I am using Photoshop CS on Windows XP Pro messed when Arrangement saving up.. all order When saving images for web for my proofing system i do which is saving photos of cars i e CAR- and so on then CAR- and so on when i get to the part of selecting where to save i notice each time i save photos they are now appearing in the Arrangement order when saving all messed up.. order they are Arrangement order when saving all messed up.. saved as apposed to the order of name of the photo like they used to I have tried going to the folder and arranging by name it works in the folder fine I have tried doing that on the small window when saving through PS it shows the files in order by name then but when i go to save the next photo it goes straight back to arranging them by modification which is a pain as certain files in this case care numbers are appearing all jumbled up as apposed to in car number order I have tried everything i can think of but it keeps reverting back to showing me them in order of time i have saved the files Last week it was not doing this and i was seeing them in order of file name I hope this makes sense and someone can help me please Regards Jon nbsp

A:Arrangement order when saving all messed up..

what folder are you using
Most windows folders Documents, Pictures, Videos , music etc have a standard default
Goto your Pictures folder (note - NOT the library).
apply all the settings you want to
then use the Organize button,
select >folder and search
Select >view tab,
>apply to folder button
> then Ok
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Hello, Forum,

I really need your help.

I am using windows 8. And I have rather strange issue.

The files in my folders are not in proper alphabetical order. I am using Bulk Rename Tool to rename my files with a prefix: AAAA, AAAB, AAAC etc.
But when I apply the new names to the files, the order changes in the windows folder. The letter Y goes up in the list:
I have tried renaming A, B, C etc. but the issue remains.
Is it possible to change this arrangement in the folder? I really cant wrap my head around this one. And I cant use numerical names for this list as well, because I have to apply batch editing in Photoshop and photoshop will not save the edited files in the same sequance (long story).
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I have added an output-to-TV to the dual monitor setup I used to have. But if the TV is not on and connected, I seem unable to keep the TV to the left of the Primary Monitor in the diagramatic arrangement in Settings of Display in Control Panel. Can that be remedied ?
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I originally had this problem on a Win machine and it was solved by someone called Brix???
I need to be able to move a thumbnail of a file (usually of a photo) ini the usual panel in Explorer. But if I drag and drop, the file merely goes back to its original place. Brix supplied me with a batch file that I understand editied the Registry so that the thumbnail stayed in the place at which it was dropped and this persisted after closing and re-opening Explorer. I dearly need a version of this process for my wife's new Win 10 machine. Please can you help?

A:File arrangement on-screen with Explorer

I think the Alien that you need is one of our Admins @Brink - He's located in the states so should be around later

in the meantime there may be something that may help in one of his many tutorials Windows 10 Tutorials

I personally use Adobe Lightroom for image management but Adobe Bridge is similar and free to use and should be a lot more flexible than Explorer

Its True: Adobe Bridge CC Is Completely Free for Everyone, for Life! | ProDesignTools
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Hello. My problem in Windows 7 Explorer. How to disable this is arrangement of icons? Look at screenshot.
I need normal arrangement icons like in screenshot 2(like Windows XP).
PS. I need size of icons 32x32 and normal arrangement like Windows XP.


A:Windows 7 Explorer View Arrangement

Hello Lexus, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It looks like you have it set to Tiles view instead of Medium icons view.

Icon Size - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Hope this helps,
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After a reformat of Win XP my Quick Launch icons won t stay how I arrange them after a reboot I have six icons on view and another eight accessed by clicking the little arrow that displays them vertically if you know what I mean It makes no difference whether the taskbar is locked or unlocked they do not arrange arrangement icons Quick Launch themselves alphabetically at all but they do revert to the same order each time after a reboot no matter Quick Launch icons arrangement how I arrange them I have tried deleting and recreating the Quick Launch folder with no change in results Prior to the reformat I had no problem with them at all No spyware adware is involved - the problem began straight after the format anyway Win XP SP is completely up to date with security patches etc I have reformatted my computer several times in the past without this problem occurring and the only difference this time is that I used the Microsoft update CD to install most of the patches then the remaining patches were updated online Would anybody have any brilliant ideas on how to keep my icons in the place I order them please nbsp

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I originally had this problem on a Win machine and it was solved by someone called Brix???
I need to be able to move a thumbnail of a file (usually of a photo) ini the usual panel in Explorer. But if I drag and drop, the file merely goes back to its original place. Brix supplied me with a batch file that I understand editied the Registry so that the thumbnail stayed in the place at which it was dropped and this persisted after closing and re-opening Explorer. I dearly need a version of this process for my wife's new Win 10 machine. Please can you help?

A:File arrangement on-screen with Explorer

I think the Alien that you need is one of our Admins @Brink - He's located in the states so should be around later

in the meantime there may be something that may help in one of his many tutorials Windows 10 Tutorials

I personally use Adobe Lightroom for image management but Adobe Bridge is similar and free to use and should be a lot more flexible than Explorer

Its True: Adobe Bridge CC Is Completely Free for Everyone, for Life! | ProDesignTools
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Partitions correctly set-up? 831.12 GB unallocated. Can this be moved to allocate to the C: Win7 partition without re-doing a clean install ? Fix or leave alone?

A:Partition arrangement for 1 Terabyte Harddrive Win7 Pro x64

install easybcd and move bootmanger to C Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

Reboot and post diskmanagement screenshot again

After succesful bootmgr move and reboot, you can delete volume "system reserved".

Now extend C volume.

You want to have the 201MB unallocated space as well? if so, download partition wizard home Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online and do How to Move/Resize Partition with partition manager? Partition Wizard Move/Resize Partition Video Help. (move left slider of C volume). Don't forget to press apply afterwards.

Best done using bootable cd Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.
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I never noticed before but my pc desktop is crap, especially the cables and wiring, can this interfere with my computer or am i just being paranoid?

A:Bad cable and wire arrangement interfer with pc performance?

Definitely paranoid

If the computer is working then the cabling is not causing a problem. Just check to make sure everything is firmly seated.
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On my Taskbar I have currently approx. 20 icons pinned.

When I want to re-arrange them (=change the sequence) then this is sometimes but not always possible.

Furthermore the sequence is NOT remembered. When I logoff and re-login the order is changed again.

How can I really re-arrange icons in my favorite order?

How can I tell Wint to rememeber this order beyond the next reboot?


A:How to let TaskBar remember icon sequence? No re-arrangement possible

err - are you using xp?
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I need to publish a staple-bound booklet of about pages that will be wide helpbreak booklet, need arrangement Publishing a help. page by high when Publishing a booklet, need page arrangement helpbreak help. closed If I set the word processor to arrange the sheet in landscape and place two columns on the page with a one-inch gutter down the middle this works out fine if I have only one sheet of paper to deal with but I m going to have multiple sheets and when I stack fold then staple them well I think you can see the page numbers become misarranged I hope I m making enough sense so that someone can tell me if there is an automated method of doing this I have WordPerfect Microsoft Office Pro and Microsoft Office Pro all available to me I may be able to dig up a copy of Microsoft Publisher here somewhere but I don t at present know what version it would be probably an old one Can anyone tell me how to do this or where I can find instructions for the same I m not beyond buying a book I would do a search on the net but I don t even know what words one would search for nbsp

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how can I get my search results to list the address as it exists, rather than with favoritism for the subfolder an item was found in,


I want
"c:\folder\sub folder\sub sub"

rather than being shown
"sub sub (c:\folder\sub folder)"

it makes things much easier to navigate.

A:search results folder details arrangement...

Windows 7 now calls the useful style "Folder path". Right-click in the header row, choose "More", and choose "Folder path".

I would like to find one person who thinks the current "Folder" style used in Win7 is useful. It's totally stupid. Or to put it in a way a Win 7 programmer apparently likes: stupid (It's totally).

I can't believe no one provided an answer to your question in nine months. This problem was killing me, so after an hour of searches without finding the answer, and then finding the answer by myself, I thought I'd add this for others who find this through a google search.

I have found every change in Win7 to be a hindrance to my work.
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Hello guys, I was wondering if you could give me some assistance on the matter..
For full detail, please refer to this thread:

Dual Monitor Causing Crashes.

As you can see I'm experiencing a rather funky issue only when I have dual monitors, and after gaming only.

I have attached the screenshot of the analysis from bluescreen viewer.
Thank you very much for your help, and please ask as many questions as needed.

A:BSOD caused only with dual screen arrangement.

This is a Graphics/Display related BSOD, caused by any display related elements.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 116, {fffffa800772c4e0, fffff88006e1d8b4, 0, d}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmpag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.sys
Probably caused by : atikmpag.sys ( atikmpag+98b4 )

Followup: MachineOwner
Follow this guide: STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting
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See image

all 3 monitors are the same physical size (24''), but the middle one is a 4k monitor with DPI scaling on.

So far everything is working MOSTLY correct (ok like 60% correct), except when moving the mouse between monitors, windows 8 still assumes the middle one is twice as large, so I can only move the mouse between screens if I move it to the bottom half of the middle monitor

Is there any way to fix?
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Hi It s quite hard for me to explain what is happening but i ll make a print screen and try to go on from there Now Look at how the files are arranged From Z to A I want them to be from A to Z So far the problem looks easy When I change the Arrange Icons files folders Problem and with Solved: arrangement By to Name everything is ok A to Z order in the folder that i m looking at But if i go back to the previous folder or Solved: Problem with files and folders arrangement go to some subfolder the files there again are at the starting position Z to A No matter how many times I change the arrange icons by - gt name the computer still arranges the icons from Z to A instead of A to Z But hold on there is more This happens only when i browse for files or folders in Browse to window i mean like when you try to Solved: Problem with files and folders arrangement open a file and use quot Open In quot in the file menu of the program u r using Like that one on the picture that kind of window When I use Windows explorer Solved: Problem with files and folders arrangement or My computer to look through my files everything is ok and the arrangement is from A to Z I really hope someone can understand me PS I scan every - days with ad-aware spybot and mcafee so i guess virus or some other bugs are out of the question nbsp

A:Solved: Problem with files and folders arrangement

Found a solution you can try:

With an OPEN or SAVE file dialog box open, click on the "View Menu"
icon at top right just under title bar and select "Details"

Click on "Name" header to put files in proper alpha order.

Hold down CTRL and click on the X (close button) at top right of the
dialog box.

good luck
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I currently would like to know what is the best way to generate a new excel sheet to change a sheets organization from something like:

A 1 2 3 4
B 6 7 8 10
C 11 12 13


A 1
A 2
A 3
A 4
A 5
B 6
B 7
B 8
B 10
C 11
C 12
C 13

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Ok I'm using a Dell inspiron 15 series 7000 laptop w/ Win 8.1 Intel I5 and a 23" Hannspree external touch monitor. I use this system to run a single application that uses 5 open windows. I have arranged the open windows with four of them open on the external monitor and one on the laptop display. I want to "freeze" this window if the system goes to sleep I want it to awaken to this arrangement not stack all the windows on the laptop monitor, also when I close the laptop, I want to keep the same four windows open on the external and not have the window #5 jump over to the external monitor, and then when I open the laptop I want it to look like it did when I closed it, not having all the open windows jump back to the laptop monitor. Can I do this?
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Windows 7 uses its own intelligence to arrange your windows.
For an example, when you drag a window to the top of the screen it automatically maximizes. But if your wanna master Windows 7 at your best, you need to disable this arrangement. Let's see how to go about it
Step 1: In the Start Search type regedit to edit the registry
Step 2: Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Step 3: Set WindowArrangementActive value to 0, and reboot
Now your windows will behave as in the earlier versions.

A:Most Useful - Disable smart window arrangement trick

Quote: Originally Posted by Venths

Windows 7 uses its own intelligence to arrange your windows.
For an example, when you drag a window to the top of the screen it automatically maximizes. But if your wanna master Windows 7 at your best, you need to disable this arrangement. Let's see how to go about it
Step 1: In the Start Search type regedit to edit the registry
Step 2: Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Step 3: Set WindowArrangementActive value to 0, and reboot
Now your windows will behave as in the earlier versions.

Will this change the ability to use Win + Rt Arrow or Win + Lf Arrow?
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hp m w with added gb hdd win home prem bit is installed on factory gb hdd did a clean install and lost the ablity of dynamic disk features st what do i need to do as far as partitioning these two hdd so that i can run linux cinnamon bit with in a raid config nd part of st Is the raid hardware hp factory installed enough to allow st 7 prem home does win support not arrangement. dynamic disk part of this if not do you know where i could get drivers from xp pro os that supports dynamics disk config my optical drive would not read my recovery disks so i trashed them in fit of frustration My intent is to gain a little better performance from the gh Intel pent D multi-core and expose myself to a different os in hopes of win home prem 7 does not support dynamic disk arrangement. being freed from the chains of microsoft Ex Lack of live support in an arrogant way an inability to reconize that this win home prem 7 does not support dynamic disk arrangement. is america and I bought this computer and its mine I will represent and make my own choices Internet explorer norton and so on thank you for any help that can be provided respectfully in need

A:win home prem 7 does not support dynamic disk arrangement.

You have only listed two hdds, you will need a minimum of three for RAID 5.
How-To Geek has a good article on setting up a RAID array in Windows 7 which probably will answer most of your questions.
How to Create a Software RAID Array in Windows 7
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Up until recently My Documents folders were arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z. Then one day they were in reverse order and I don't see how to change back to the A to Z order. Any help would be welcome.


A:Windows 7 OS --my documents folder switched alphbetical arrangement!!!
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I have a Dell power supply here that I am reasonably sure is standard ATX except for one wire that is missing on the Dell. My standard ATX supply has all twenty pin slots occupied by a wire. The Dell has one wire missing, white.

I have learned that in Japanese wiring, their system seems to be that black, white and all shades of grey in between tend to be either negative or ground in a DC system.

What's the significance of the missing white wire on the Dell power supply?

A:Dell power supply, pin and wire color arrangement


This link shows the pinout for both standard ATX power supplies and the pinout for DELL's proprietary power supply.
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If I sound whiny I apologize Solved: Verizon ruined arrangement??? home my work from but I am fresh out of ideas and patience I use a Dell Wyse terminal Citrix to connect via VPN to my employer s network The terminal is supposed to be connected via an ethernet cable I used a TL-WR N in client mode to connect the Wyse terminal to my home network wirelessly This was working great with my Verizon FIOS Service Then we switched to Time Warner cable I now have an Arris TG I again connected the Wyse to the Arris with the TL-WR N I can access the internet and the VPN connects but the dhcp lease expires every hour and says that the terminal must restart Sometimes it brings me back to the login screen and I am able to go back to whatever I was doing other times the machine actually restarts My employer s IT department has Solved: Verizon ruined my work from home arrangement??? been of no use It has been two weeks and I haven t gotten a single call back Time Warner indicated that this is a networking or VPN issue and that they don t help with such things Solved: Verizon ruined my work from home arrangement??? They also suggested that Solved: Verizon ruined my work from home arrangement??? I might need to open some ports but said that I would have to call Arris for this after my employer specified which ports I tried turning off the Arris firewall I tried opening ports - on both channels for the IP assigned to the Wyse in the virtual server section as well as the IP address assigned to the TP Link The Wyse gets its own address as so does the TP Link but both have the same MAC address according to the client list on the Arris I also tried using a static IP address from the router but that wasn t very helpful because there are two IP addresses involved Nothing has helped I tried turning on the dhcp client on the TP link I also tried turning off the dhcp client on the Arris I cannot change to network settings on my work terminal I am a complete novice What s wrong It worked without any issues before Is the TP Link not compatible with the Arris The Arris is on the second floor and the Wyse is on the first floor so I really don t have the option of running an ethernet cable direct to the Arris Do I need to go back to FIOS nbsp

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Hi All Using x Ultimate SP here Just tidying up my desktop and taskbar to the way I like them Nothing too tricky here just minimizing clutter and placing shortcuts to Adobe CS apps on the task bar after upgrading from CS to CS My prior desktop was a bit more cluttered icons revert arrangement previous to mysteriously and Desktop taskbar with shortcuts and the taskbar held only CS shortcuts pinned to the bar Ok after Desktop icons and taskbar revert mysteriously to previous arrangement setting everything to the way I want it saving my desktop theme and even rebooting a few times the desktop configuration seems static I also created a restore point with the new desktop and taskbar arrangement included BUT come back the next day and it's all back to the old cluttered desktop and CS icons pinned to the taskbar It doesn't seem to affect my desktop walpaper settings though --only the dtop Desktop icons and taskbar revert mysteriously to previous arrangement icons and pinned taskbar icons Not using any rd party desktop managers or the like Very stable system and environment until this plagueing little issue cropped up about days ago I've been researching this around the net and in the forums but really haven't found anyone complaining about this paricular situation It always seems to happen sometime during the night When I check to see whether a Windows update has taken place most times there hasn't been one This has been going on now for over a week Trying to understand what's happening but so far I'm spinning in the wind Sure getting tired of the system restore routine just to get back to my current desktop config Anyone out there with some insight Thanks in advance Tom

A:Desktop icons and taskbar revert mysteriously to previous arrangement

Rightclick>delete the icons you don't want, place everything where you want then rightclick the Desktop, click Refresh.

Empty Recycle Bin.
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Been using Vista Ultimate bit SP for about arrangement "problem" Folder three months now only because I wanted to get acclimated to Windows' new look and feel for the eventual switch to Win and one of the first things I noticed was that a it kept forgetting my folder views and b it kept sticking my new files at the top of folders instead of the bottom I just figured it was a quot feature quot and I looked around the net for a way to work around it but never found one I just tried to live with it until the other day a friend directed me to the tutorial Brink posted to make Vista remember I don't even know how I missed it I'm usually pretty proud of my Google Fu and it made me incredibly happy So I thought quot Hey there might be a fix of some sort for my other problem quot The problem is I can't remember the search query I used to get info for problem b the first Folder arrangement "problem" time around and I couldn't get any decent results with the ones I was trying So I decided for the direct approach and ask here So here's exactly what my problem is Whenever I drop a file into a folder or save a new file Vista is always sticking it at the top of the Folder arrangement "problem" folder And not even as the first file usually as the second Now if I happen to have Folder arrangement "problem" that folder open when I save the file sometimes it will put it at the bottom sometimes not I never had this problem with XP and its pretty annoying since that's how I process and sort my files Is there something I can do about this Thanks

A:Folder arrangement "problem"

The sort order for files and folders whose names contain numerals is different in Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 than it is in Windows 2000
maybe this could be of help to you
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Hi I d like to add a context menu entry to the default set Open Open all users Explore Not menu- menu a file-folder) context on adding click (right start easy- Explore All users Sort by Name Not easy- adding a context menu- (right click on start menu file-folder) Rename etc which appear when you right click on a folder in an expanded Start menu Not easy- adding a context menu- (right click on start menu file-folder) after Programs Technically the folder is a file folder But the normal set of file folder context menu entries is suppressed by Windows in this instance Thus normal additions to the context menu set associated with anything or file folders or directories never affects this set so far I can add context menu entries which appear when I right click on a shortcut but NOT folders I ve tried Fast Explorer and a couple of other utilities Sort By Name Explore All Users are not in the registry Normally context menu entries appear in one of about locations Ideas welcome Background I want to do this cos I want to keep a bad context menu entry that stops explorer running from this context menu some programs do that alas thus you can t right click explore the start menu once you install them and their context menu Normally I have disabled such entries using Shellex View So I want to add one which uses a different file manager Thanks nbsp
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Hi I wondered issues Windows / Antivirus 10 menu Menu, Apps, Context Metro / Start if anyone out there has had a similar experience to me For some weeks now I have had problems where the START MENU wouldn't launch metro apps OneDrive Tweetium Money News etc would fail to Antivirus / Windows 10 / Start Menu, Metro Apps, Context menu issues launch just a blank window up right mouse clicks wouldn't work internet browsing slowed up Signing out of my windows account then back in again solved it FOR A WHILE After an hour or two gradually one app after another etc the same problems would occur Researching this I came to the conclusion that Windows was corrupt or at least my user profile was and a re-install was necessary OR I also read of compatibility problems with Windows in my AV software Kaspersky Internet Security and wondered if the problem lay there Yesterday I uninstalled Kaspersky and relied on Win Defender For days now unprecedented recently my laptop has behaved impeccably no problems as above So am I to blame Kaspersky Am I safe with Just Win Def Any other AV suites throwing up problems Any Kaspersky users with any experiences to share Thanks
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A couple of weeks ago well maybe days ago I turned on my computer to see that the desktop was nothing but the photograph background I usually see My icons were gone Taskbar Start Menu too I tried CTRL-ESC Didn t work I tried to run explorer exe Didn t work I can t even access Control Panel control exe I don t have malware or a virus though I did just do a big clean but only the speed of my computer improved I still have to run . :( . Major Problem! Menu, Start Icons, Bar, Task Menu Windows Right-click . No all my programs through Task Manager but I think the damage was probably done by a virus or trojan I ve tried the Fix on Kelly s Korner I ve tried looking at Microcoft s page for help but I can t find anything I even tried copying the explorer exe file from Major Windows Problem! No Start Menu, Task Bar, Icons, Right-click Menu . . . :( my machine at work and putting it in place of the other explorer file I kept the original though renamed it Nothing has worked I m fed up and don t want to have to do a clean install Can someone help me MissBigBlue

A:Major Windows Problem! No Start Menu, Task Bar, Icons, Right-click Menu . . . :(

Welcome to Bleeping Computer MissBigBlue,Which fix at kellys-korner did you try?Line #195 "Restore Desktop Icons and Taskbar" Or, Line #117 - Restore Taskbar and Start Menu, Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm Can you get into Safe Mode?Then you could try a System Restore.
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Laptop: Dell XPS L702X

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M

WIN7 64 bit

All drivers up-to-date.

I have RA2 installed but have to alt tab out and back in again to see any buttons. If I want to go to the internet on RA2 I have to click where I know the button is, alt tab out, go back into RA2 and it will appear. Almost like I need to refresh the screen by alt tab'ing out.

Tried both CD and MP install from the official RA2 XWIS servers. Compatibility tried, and running as admin.

No results, a bit stumped.

Help Appreciated

A:Red Alert 2: Menu Buttons/Main Menu animation bugs - NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M
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Almost all computer users need to restart shut down or hibernate their systems at some time and doing all these things were easy enough in previous Windows versions such as Windows XP Vista and But suddenly Microsoft introduced Metro UI in Windows and removed the Start button and Start menu from Windows Although you can get start and Cascading Context 7 of Shut in Power Other Menu Restart, 8 Shortcuts Down, for and Menu Windows Add Hibernate Desktop button Add Cascading Menu for Restart, Shut Down, Hibernate and Other Power Shortcuts in Desktop Context Menu of Windows 7 and 8 and start menu back using this tutorial but that s a different thing Many Windows users are facing problems in getting used to this new Metro UI and Start Screen and the most difficult part of this new interface is the missing power options There is no direct option given to restart shut down hibernate sleep your PC In this tutorial we ll tell you how to add a new cascading menu in Desktop context menu right-click menu which will provide easy and direct access to all following power options Lock Log Off Switch User Sleep Hibernate Restart Shut Down Shut Down Hybrid More info at the link http www askvg com add-cascading-menu-for-restart-shut-down-hibernate-and-other-power-shortcuts-in-desktop-context-menu-of-windows- -and-

A:Add Cascading Menu for Restart, Shut Down, Hibernate and Other Power Shortcuts in Desktop Context Menu of Windows 7 and 8

you can get some of the commands in the list by simply hitting alt+f4 when at the desktop ,if they didn't want to play with registry changeing file .
i ran it and it worked great thanks
switch user
sign out
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Hello world I am Kiran As you can see in title i have a problem i am finding solution for days by now Found many suggestion on what to do on youtube yahoo answers and many other alternate sites but unfortunately there was no solution for me i mean i am beginner as compared to many people on this forum and i think there are many thing i haven't menu Keyboard(PS2) not Bios and working menu. Boot in selection tried yet as i know this forum can suggest it Problem is i am not able to navigate or perform any operation in bios once i am there its weird since if my keyboard wasn't supposed to work in bios i shouln't even able to get there by pressing Del key in the first place or f for boot selection menu from the menu it like froze up there it works fine in Keyboard(PS2) not working in Bios menu and Boot selection menu. windows ones i m in or within that f key operations that brings up several options and safe mode during startup so its only not working in cmos bios munu snd boot selection here's the Detail of hard ware gigabyte motherboard model g m-es l logitech ps keyboard not necessary i think core duo ddr gb Keyboard(PS2) not working in Bios menu and Boot selection menu. X RAMs gb Nvidea grafics Things i've already tried clear cmos Keyboard(PS2) not working in Bios menu and Boot selection menu. by jumper changed cmos battery since it was depleted after yr of no use tested with another ps keyboard updated bios from gigabyte online services times removed viruses lol and still cleaning countless time pc restart by pressing buttons that was supposed to cure problem but nothing worked for me so far i need to solve this problem for i am about to install windows newer version anything you say i will try it again if i have to thanks for your time

A:Keyboard(PS2) not working in Bios menu and Boot selection menu.

If your system currently has a malware problem/situation...this is not the correct forum for such.
Any issues that the system has developed...may be related to malware.  Rather than start a million topics for emerging symptoms...let's see if we can neutralize the malware aspect and then go on to whatever issues may appear.
Moved topic to Am I Infected forum.
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I guess this is best explained with images, so here's what I want. (If possible of course).

So in this screenshot you can see my Start Menu, notice that some of this icons (Steam, Curse Client and Origin) have an arrow next to them? When you hover, or click, with the mouse the Task menu opens up.
What I want is to add an icon of Microsoft Office and make it so that the arrow is there too (just like Steam, Origin and Curse Client) and make it so that when I click or hover the Task menu will appear, and on the list will be MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc
I would like to know if it's at all possible and if so how can I do it?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:How do I pin a folder to Start Menu and have it show Task side menu?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Nice wall care to share the original with us

I don't know how one would go about that with the start menu and all of the office programs,
I believe it would be possible using a toolbar on the taskbar though,
Customize toolbar,

Windows 7 annoyances - Microsoft Community
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Hi I am just this evening having a problem When I choose an option in some menus e g right-click Desktop - gt Properties the Properties option stays there on the screen in front all of the windows - which is really annoying To show you what I mean see the first attachment Menu Problem bmp I can get rid of it by screen menu - Menu staying option on Problem Selected changing the display resolution or colour depth I then just change Menu Problem - Selected menu option staying on screen it back again But as soon as I click on an option from the right-click menu or some programs like IrfanView some programs for example Firefox don't have the same problem it happens again It does however only happen one at a time once there is a menu option being constantly displayed it doesn't happen to another menu option until I get rid of the first one The menus also seem greyed out until you put Menu Problem - Selected menu option staying on screen the cursor over it see attachment two - menu problem screenshot bmp So if anyone can help in any way I would really appreciate it Thanks in advance DoubleDave

A:Menu Problem - Selected menu option staying on screen

when is the last time you updated your video driver?

This also could be some menu effects gone wrong. Windows has some effects it can do by default, but other programs can add their own.

as an experiment - try the following:
- right click on your desktop and pick properties
- click the appearance tab
- click the 'Effects' button
make a note if which options are selected.

- UN check everything.
- hit 'ok' on both windows and they will close.

then test your menus and see if that solves it. If so - then I would reccomend updating your video drivers.
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I have lost some items from my start menu or the one that pops up when you hit 'start' at bottom left of screen.
I have lost the menu item 'recent documents, and have lost the drop-down menus from both the items, 'My Documents' and 'Control panel'. The 'recent documents' also had a drop down menu.
The drop down menu used to appear where the arrow is, in the picture I have included with this post and also to the right of the menu item 'control panel'
Here's a picture

Many thanks

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I am trying to share my mobile broadband connection with my Xbox via an Ethernet cable this has worked before just not on this laptop YET heh not LAN menu in dropdown Connection available Internet Solved: Sharing menu Here s some pictures of my issue http imgur com a U OM I think I need to change the Wireless Network Connection in the second picture Solved: LAN dropdown menu not available in Internet Connection Sharing menu to Local Area Connection but as you can see there is no dropdown menu Here is my ipconfig all Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Eddie gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Eddie-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Solved: LAN dropdown menu not available in Internet Connection Sharing menu PPP adapter G Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description G Physical Address DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Physical Address B - -E - E- - DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe d f cfcf Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - -B - -CD-E - - A-C - -B DNS Servers fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Qualcomm Atheros AR WB-EG Wireless Net work Adapter Physical Address E - - A-C - -B DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Physical Address E - - A-C - -B DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap D C-E - - C B-FB D Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap CBE BA-E - -A D- DDB AA Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter TO Adapter Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft to Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address fc f fc f Preferred Default Gateway DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e ca e c Pref erred Link-local IPv Address fe ca e c Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter isatap B BE E - B- E - - EAEC C Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap C FBCA -D B - EA - - E F F A Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes C Users Eddie gt Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: LAN dropdown menu not available in Internet Connection Sharing menu
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I upgraded from Windows XP to 7. I have "menu command" and "menu pop-up" sound effects set but they are not working for the Windows 7 start menu. They used to work for XP. It was helpful to hear a sound effect whenever a menu expanded or item was pressed in the start menu. I know this may be a minor problem, but can this be fixed in a future patch or service pack?

A:Menu sound effects not working for Windows 7 start menu

You should be able to go into your windows sound menu and set the sounds...

Right Click Desktop > Appearance > Windows Sounds
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this is what it looks like! please help me I am in trouble. I tried looking at other people's questions about this but none of the answers seem to help me and it always redirects me back to this same screen.please tell me what to do!

A:Lenovo g580 opens at boot menu/app menu screen help!!

and it won't let me exit either!
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So when I turn on my lenovo u410 laptop I get this menu box up as seen below in a black background. I've played around with the menu and I get nothing. This has been happening for the past few days and usually it manages to get past this and start up normally. However today is the day it's decided to stay put and I have no idea what to do. This is very frustrating as I only bought the laptop less then 2 months ago. Please help!     It's windows 8 btw   

A:lenovo u410 won't work. Boot menu/App menu pops up

Hi N_A,
Thanks for posting and welcome to the Lenovo Community,
I?d like to guide you in a way to try to set the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) inside the BIOS to be the first priority booting order so we will try to return the BIOS to factory default settings:
Step1: Please turn off the machine and then at the left side you can see the NOVO button which is the button with the curve arrow
Step2: Press on the NOVO button and then you will get option press on BIOS Setup
Step3: Please press on FN+F9 together and then press Enter on Yes option and then FN+F10 to save and exit and then press Enter
Hope the information helps. Let us know.

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I've noticed that Windows 7 doesn't seem to like the Menu bar and it hides it from users unless they hit *alt* which briefly brings it back. How do I lock this in place? I got to view and toolbars, but manu bar is not an option and there is no way to lock it there. please advise. (File Edit View Tools) menu

A:How Do I lock my Menu Bar? File Edit View Tools menu

See if this helps,

Menu Bar - Turn On or Off
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Hey it's been a while since I've last been here I really enjoy this Win community hope everyone is doing well Anyway let me cut to the chase basically I want to be able to remove the MagicISO context menu from the right click context menu in Windows menu MagicISO right remove click from Win Unable 7 menu in context to See pics to understand what I'm talking about Even after unchecking the Unable to remove MagicISO context menu from right click menu in Win 7 quot Enable Shell Integration quot see picture option in MagicISO Maker Unable to remove MagicISO context menu from right click menu in Win 7 it still shows up Unable to remove MagicISO context menu from right click menu in Win 7 and when I open the program again the check box is still ticked for that particular option I know I never had any issue in Vista or XP but in this version of Windows it seems unable to work I looked on the http www magiciso com website for an update to the program but there doesn't seem to be any at the moment I've got the latest Build Call me a quot control neat OCD freak quot who wants and needs everything in his life to be almost perfect LOL but really I just like my right click context menu to be nice and tidy I don't use MagicISO that often and when I do I do all my work within the program Therefore I don't need the MagicISO option to be present Anyway I hope my issue is clear perhaps I would have to modify the registry or something Thanks for all your help I appreciate it Jordan

A:Unable to remove MagicISO context menu from right click menu in Win 7

Hello Jordan,

You can use either ShellExView or ShellMenuView to make disabling that context menu item easy.

Hope this helps,
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I have created and pinned some personal folders to the start menu. They now appear on the left hand side of the start menu, along with the other applications.

Here are my questions:

1) How can I set up those folders so that they would appear with the little arrow on the right that will allow me to see the content of those folders as a menu, instead of having to open them as Explorer windows?
I would like to do that instead of using the "pull up" option in the taskbar.

1a)How can I change the name of a folder pinned to the start menu without changing the name of the real folder?

2) Is it possible to create personal folders to insert on the right hand side pane of the start menu? (to appear under the system default folders called "pictures", "music" etc)

Thank you for any advice on this.

A:menu view of personal folders pinned to start menu

1.) You should be able to right click the folder and select "view as link" or "view as menu"

1a) Not sure if you can do that.

2) It is not possible to include personal folders on the right side of the start menu.
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I know that the full version can be achieved while holding the shift key, but is there way to bypass that and have the regular full sized menu by default?

A:Why is the context menu in Start Menu and Taskbar so small?

not as far as i know ; unless one resorts to magnifying windows entirely .
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Two Win computers -bit -bit On Win bit - to add a short converts Win7 Start menu to Shortcuts to 64-bit, on EXE menu cut to Notepad EXE file Start gt RClick gt New Shortcut Browse to quot C Windows Notepad EXE quot file etc shortcut runs the EXE file I run primary shortcuts with WinKey gt number to On Win bit Shortcuts to EXE on Start menu Win7 64-bit, converts to menu - add a short cut to Notepad EXE file Start gt RClick gt New Shortcut Browse to quot C Windows Notepad EXE quot file etc - shortcut on Start is created as a menu I am not clicking on the Shortcuts to EXE on Start menu Win7 64-bit, converts to menu quot New Folder quot on context menu - the menu contains Recent Items - to run the EXE file I have to quot Click quot the menu name WinKey gt number only opens the menus side list In -bit I can also add folders shortcuts to Start menu at C Users lt Computer name eg Owner gt AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs But where would that be in -bit Or am I missing something Would appreciate any help ------------------ Both PC have Classic Start Menu - maybe my question should be directed to quot Classic Start Menu quot

A:Shortcuts to EXE on Start menu Win7 64-bit, converts to menu


I should have looked before burdening this forum ...

Is a setting in "Classic Start Menu" that I had wrong

Classic Start Menu > Start > RClick > Settings > General Behavior
[ ] Enable jump lists .... DISABLED

Problem solved
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I don't know if this is a widespread problem, but I just noticed that I have duplicate context menu entries for "Files" and "Programs" that are reached by typing into the search box at the Start menu. See attached screenshot. This doesn't apply to Control Panel items, Videos, Documents, Music, etc.

Any solutions?

A:Duplicate Context menu entries in Start menu

A long standing issue (XP also) with the context menu when accessed from certain locations.

One menu is appearing for the target, one for the link.

If you right click the offending item - check properties - you will see that your viewing the link, not the actual file.

Wierd, huh?

If I recall, I could avoid the problem if there were no "customizations" in the context menu.

I also remember a connection to the shortcut arrow. With the arrow shown, no doubling.

I really don't remember why it does that. One of the two.
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Today I found a good solution to the start menu problem in windows 8.
Aston menu worked fine and very good and returned the familiar customized XP look and feel

I Changed the program Icon and pinned it to task-bar and moved it to the extreme left

you can try it for 30 days
Aston Menu is Windows Start Menu Replacement with the Enhanced Functionality. Tweak Windows Vista, 7, XP Start Menu with Beauty and Style. Boost Productivity with Amazing Fuctions and Widgets.

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Ok so i have months lenovo ideapad z laptop i am unable to access UEFI BIOS menu and boot menu anymore these were the can't UEFI on menu and le... access my BIOS BOOT menu steps i tried with my laptop i have windows tried going to pc settings and selected uefi settings on restart But the problem still persist the laptop is just doing normal windows boot tried pressing hitting F F F DEL keys i have also used lenovo one key recovery button there it showed can't access UEFI BIOS menu and BOOT menu on my le... bios setup when i selected it and hit enter it is just doing normal windows boot still i can't access uefi bios tried ipdate BIOS for the laptop but unfortunately there was no bios update for this model tried resetting Laptop by removing battery and ac adapter can't access UEFI BIOS menu and BOOT menu on my le... and pressing and holding power button for seconds but still no use i can't access BIOS yet i tried removing the internal hard drive Out of the laptop and this time one starnage thing happened before nbsp with internal hard drive i used to get lenovo splash screen when turning ON but after removing hard drive and when i try to access bios i can't see the lenovo splash screen at all still i can't access BIOS please anybody help me with this particular issue i have already complanied about this problem to lenovo but they were saying it's keyboard it is soo silly they don't know what they were talking my keyboard is working perfectly i can able to use ENter key and all other keys in windows operating system even i tried with external keybord still i can't access BIOS nbsp nbsp Service Order SO number - nbsp Service Request number is nbsp nbsp please have a look and tell me the resilution thanks Solved Go to Solution

A:can't access UEFI BIOS menu and BOOT menu on my le...

hi sivasandeep99,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
If you have tried FN+F2 when boot?
Or holding down Shift and clicking restart?
If those steps did not work either,  You might need to contact Lenovo Technical Support and have the system shipped to Repair Facility for BIOS Reflash.
Found this article but it is for the same model that has same issue like yours.
Solid Cruver

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So I have the Classic Shell start menu replacement program (fantastic by the way), and it just occurred to me. Is it possible to have a menu on the right pane, instead of adding a scroll arrow on the bottom when there's too many items to fit on a screen, behave like the All Programs menu and automatically throw the other items into a second column? (If there's nothing you can tell me, that's fine, just thought I'd ask)
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A:how to edit windows seven os selection menu description menu ?

See if this helps.
Dual Boot - Change OS Name in Windows Boot Manager
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Hello all!!

I need to know if is possible to add a custom entry to shutdown menu, that's in the Start Menu.


A:How add custom entry to Start Menu shutdown menu

This might be of help.

Remove Options from the Windows 7 Shutdown Menu [How To] | Windows 7 Customization | Windows Tools, Help & Guides
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My Start button's context menu has double entries. It either happened when updating from Win8 to Win8.1 preview, or from Win8.1 preview to Win8.1 official release, though I'm pretty sure it was the former. Where does Windows contain the entries for this context menu so that I may prune duplicates and possibly reorder them to my liking?

Picture shows duplicated entries in top left corner.

A:Start Menu Context Menu Double Entries

Hello Havvy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you should be able to use the program in the tutorial below to edit your WIN+X menu to edit out the duplicate entries.

Power User Tasks Menu (Win + X) - Edit in Windows 8
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Hi there
Please can someone help me fix the above issue.. I'm stuck in a Lenovo Flex Zone (!) - aka the screen is stuck on the below menu:
 image1.JPG   89.78KB
 The harddrive was replaced a few months ago after a similar issue occurred - hoping someone can save this one's soul....  many thanks in advance...

A:Lenovo flex 14 stuck on Boot Menu / App Menu

HiWhat do you mean by stuck? What happens when you press Enter key on that menu?
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I actually have no beef with the Win 8.1 Start menu, but the colors of the regular desktop environment are killing me. Namely, the weird, off-off white of the menus. The High-Contrast White option under Personalization gives me the right color for the menu backgrounds but everything else about the theme screams windows 3.1
Is there maybe a registry tweak that I can use to change this one little color? I've tried a few things but nothing so far has worked.

See attached pic to see what I'm talking about.
Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!!

A:Change menu background color in win 8.1? NOT Start menu...

Haven't had any success either.
Even creating 'Classic' theme in Windows 7 and copying it over doesn't work!

Attachment 45614
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We have a custom application which users are used to launching by right clicking on the start menu and selecting it from there.

We have made this customisation in both XP and Vista by adding an entry in:

However when I try to do this in Windows 7 nothing appears.

The only item that appears are the default windows items:
"Properties" and "Open Windows Explorer"

Any ideas if we can actually do this in windows 7 or is there another location in the registry this kind of thing is read from?

A:Custom Items on Start Menu Context Menu

Quote: Originally Posted by sirikan

We have a custom application which users are used to launching by right clicking on the start menu and selecting it from there.

We have made this customisation in both XP and Vista by adding an entry in:

However when I try to do this in Windows 7 nothing appears.

The only item that appears are the default windows items:
"Properties" and "Open Windows Explorer"

Any ideas if we can actually do this in windows 7 or is there another location in the registry this kind of thing is read from?

I've never tried this, so I don't have back-up on this.

I doubt this could have been changed in Windows 7, since it is used for other options. I've added my own options, but when right-clicking files only. It is only an assumption, though.

I'll check on this.

Tell me if any of these here help. I can't find exactly what you're looking for.
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The win 7 start menu download folder item on the right sorts by name. This is very annoying. I cannot find a download unless I know its name. If by date I just look up a recent download at top of list.

How do I change behavior so downloads in start menu (right column) sorts by date?

NB. I changed the folder properties in explorer so the download folder sorts by date. It does there no problem. But not in the start menu.


A:sort start menu download menu by date not name

What a worthless feature to sort by name when it is downloads. I am checking for a registry work around, but it is a slow bushiness for me.
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I think the only thing that will work here is a registry hack.

By default if you set the start menu properties to display "favorites" it does so by a menu. It does not give you a choice to display this as a link or a menu like it does for other folders.

Is there a way to fix this?

A:Display Favorites as a link not a menu in Start Menu

Drag it on to the start menu ( left hand pane) and pin it and it will open up in a new window when clicked.

Sorry i know its not what you want but its the only option i know.
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I'm new here, I search for a solution of this problem but no luck hopefully somebody can lead me to a solution.

I have a weird problem when u right click over the cdrom icon in "My Computer" , Autoplay, Search, Open, Explore are missing from the menu,
but visible if you select file from the main menu.

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Hello All,

When I click on the search button in the start menu of WinXp,
or when I use the search item in the context menu, it doesn't work.

Nothing happens and I have to wait about 30 seconds
before regaining control over the computer
(the start button remains in the dark state, and nothing reacts,
except the task manager)

Searching does work if I use the Search button in Windows Explorer.
It also works in safe mode.

Reinstalling the search assistant does not help.

I also checked my computer with adaware, spybot and some AV-programs,
but that doesn't help either.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks and Have a Great Day,

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Hey everyone Does custom menu with Replacing start screen? menu anyone know if it is possible to get a full screen menu screen instead of the standard windows start menu I want something similar to the linux gnome menu screen whenever I press my windows key I've already posted this question on the rainmeters forum but I think I should be looking for some sort of shell extension or possibly Replacing start menu with custom menu screen? program it myself in NET any pointers on Replacing start menu with custom menu screen? where to start I have limited knowledge of NET I suppose I should be looking at the windows API code pack or if it already exists some sort of third party application that does something similar so I can customize it to look like gnome My idea is to have something like this when I press my windows key It should have the standard start menu search function implemented I've already tried the omnimo rainmeter skin but this doesn't allow for setting the hotkey to the windows key nor does it have the standard start menu search functions implemented I should also disable the standard start menu when I press the windows hotkey Replacing start menu with custom menu screen? Any ideas
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I frequently do repetitive tasks (editing videos at the moment). I open videos\myvideos\editvideos, then do my editing. When I'm done with editing that video clip and want to do the next one, I have to go back and go through this menu drill again because Windows takes me back to the root menu every time.
Is there any way to keep it at my editvideos location so I can do the next operation without wasting time?
Operating Win7 on HP Elite.

A:Menu goes back to root menu after finishing task.

Can you Save then open the next one without exiting the editing?
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Hi All,

I have seen screenshots where people have network connections when they right click on the start menu. I am trying to figure out how to add it.

Any ideas?

My Context Menu:

Others' Menu:

A:Start Menu Context Menu Customization

Hello Deimos, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to customize the WIN+X Power Users Tasks menu.
Power User Tasks Menu (Win + X) - Edit in Windows 8
If you like, you could use the "Network Connections" for the shortcut in the tutorial below to for the context menu.
Network Connections - Create Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,
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I've been searching around, and failed to find a post with an answer.

I'm currently trying to figure out wether I can create a custom map, and make it a menu which is able to expand like the "Getting Started" menu.

I have my folder "Microsoft Office" with shortcuts with all the programs, however I fail to find a way to make it expand like a menu.

Tried to make a win32bit DWORD key in regedit, following a earlier post I found, but with no luck.

Hope ya know how to do.


A:Start Menu: Custom Folder Menu

Hello Scout, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to allow you to.

Jumplist Launcher - Create Custom Jump Lists

Hope this helps,