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windows 7 with IE9 auto complete not working?

Q: windows 7 with IE9 auto complete not working?

Basically as it says in the title.......turned on autocomplete to remember email addresses etc and its various threads on other sites before i started this thread but not clued up enough and quite wary to use their methods.....any help much appreciated...cheers

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Preferred Solution: windows 7 with IE9 auto complete not working?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: windows 7 with IE9 auto complete not working?

Quote: Originally Posted by leroyj

Basically as it says in the title.......turned on autocomplete to remember email addresses etc and its various threads on other sites before i started this thread but not clued up enough and quite wary to use their methods.....any help much appreciated...cheers

Hello leroyj & welcome.
*Has Auto Complete ever worked?
*Has it indeed been turned off?

Internet Explorer 9 Privacy Statement



The AutoComplete feature in Internet Explorer lets you more quickly fill out web forms and navigate to websites you have visited in the past. AutoComplete collects and stores in the registry on your computer the data you type in web form text boxes and the Address bar. If you choose to use AutoComplete for passwords, they will be stored in encrypted form on your computer. AutoComplete information is not shared with other user accounts on your computer.
The first time you submit a web form, you will see a message box that asks if you'd like to turn the AutoComplete functionality on.

To turn AutoComplete off

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
On the Content tab, in the AutoComplete section, click Settings. In the AutoComplete Settings dialog box, clear the appropriate check boxes for the AutoComplete options you do not wish to use, and then click OK.

To clear AutoComplete history

To clear AutoComplete or web address history, click the General tab, and then, under Browsing History, click Delete.
In the Delete Browsing History dialog box, select the Form data and Passwords check boxes, and then click Delete.
Note:To clear web address entries, you must select History, which also deletes your browsing history.
Click OK.

Troubleshooting steps -
You might care to do the following to see if your problem can be corrected.

* Run the ?fixit? from the provided article.
Improve performance, safety and security in Internet Explorer

* Perform Internet Explorer Optimization on your computer from the provided article.
How to optimize Internet Explorer (applicable to IE9 as well)

* Reset internet explorer settings.
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I'd like IE to remember my past searches. I've gone to internet options/auto-complete and everything is checked. It still doesn't work! Any suggestions?

A:Auto-Complete not working in XP

The AutoComplete feature does not work after you enable it in Internet Explorer on a computer that is running Windows XP Home Edition:
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I use Microsoft Office and Word 2007 and I.E. 9 in Vista Home Premium. After doing some ?fixes? for other issues, I lost the feature of Auto Complete for dates. I tried to restore to an earlier time and that did not fix it. I also checked the Auto Complete in Internet Options and ran Malware. How can I restore the Auto Complete for dates?


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Running Visa Home 32 bit on a laptop, using Windows Mail/Outlook. The email address auto complete was working then all of the sudden it stopped. Now it will auto complete only email addresses that a message was sent to in the last 24 hours. I checked the settings and they are correct, it should be auto completing. I tried going in and deleting the reg key for that, no help. I restored it. I personally don't use Vista, this is for the bosses wife, so I don't know a lot about what else to do. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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Sometimes email addresses will auto-complete, and other times they will not when I am composing messages. It's quite irritating. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can fix this? Obviously, I do have the "auto-complete" option turned "on."

Thanks in advance!

A:Auto complete in Outlook 2010 not working consistently

I haven't noticed this problem so all I can do is guess. Maybe something's running in the background hogging cpu cycles. Have you noticed if it's only on certain addresses or is it just random?
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For some reason when I am typing something in the Address Bar of Windows Expolorer it doesn't show a drop down of everything that I have typed before that begins with that. For example, if I type My N...It won't show me My Network Places so I do not have to type it all in. Any clue how to get this back for Windows XP Pro? Thanks

A:Auto-Complete for Windows Explorer

Open Internet Exlporer. Go to Tools, Internet Options, go to the Content Tab. Click on AutoComplete; there are check boxes for what you want the computer to remember for you.
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Ok so here is the story.... If you want to change a windows icon on the desktop....

-you right click on the icon
-go to properties
-go to the shortcut tab
-click on the change icon
then if toy browse to the system32 folder and type the letter P all the folder with P and more appear... if you type pi then the count drops only to the pi files.... eventuall trping the letters prins you to pifmanager.dll

The process that got me there once insidethe system32 folder is a form of auto complete... so how does one turn this on for all file in the explorer folder.... say saving a document and then once my documents opens you hit the s and all files with the s turn on se filters it down to only thoes files.... hence this is the question? How to turn it on for everything


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Could someone please help me in figuring out what I need to do to have Windows Mail auto complete the address of the recipient. Sometimes it works and most of the time it does not. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

A:Windows Mail (auto complete address)

Hello Therapist,

Welcome to the forums.

WM will auto complete the last 29 addresses you have sent emails to. If you have the addresses in your contacts folder, it should auto complete from there. It may however wait until you hit the send button to do so if you haven't installed SP1. You can use just a first or last name and if there is only one possibility it will send(go to outbox). If more than one possibility it will give a list to choose from. It will not look these up until you click (or tab to) somewhere besides the line you are entering the addresses in.

Hope this helps.
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I know this is symple as hell, but how do I clear my windows auto-complete history, as far as windows search and such--in MS antispyware I use their "clear search history in windows" option, but it does not clean the auto-complete as far as starting new words and the HUGE list pops up

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When creating a "new message" you place the curser in the "to" box and as soon as you start typing a letter of an email address you have used - it "automatically gives you options of all email addresses that start with that letter (that you have used) and you click on the one you want.

I want to disable that feature and delete those addresses that I can click on. How do I do that?

A:windows mail auto address complete

Hi Dalton,

Welcome to the forums.

In WM, click Tools/options. Click on the send tab and uncheck 'automatically complete...' That should do it.

Hope that's what your looking for.
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I don't know what is going on with auto complete? It only functions sparingly especially when I am browsing websites like Amazon and Ebay. If I type a subject in on Google, I get a drop down list of subjects that are similarly spelled. It bypasses all my previous searches. Is this a bug from Google?
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I have a nice little database that I set up to track donations of items to our organization The primary table tracks the donor information name address etc main form and I have created a related table that tracks the date of donation and items donated utilizing a sub-form Thanks to the fine help I received here I was able to relate these tables using a Link ID field and it has or in Access? Auto field complete Auto Fill worked nicely One donor could have multiple donations Now I d like to enhance things a little bit When I enter donor information into the main form and then go to the sub-form for the donation information I d like the business name field to autofill as I start to type Now I know this can be done because most commercial databases have this function Quicken is one that comes to mind I know it has to pull this information from somewhere I just need to know how to get it to work I have been unsuccessful finding any pertinent information on an autofill field in some sources I Auto complete or Auto Fill field in Access? really don t want a drop-down list box because this could potentially get too large TIA nbsp

A:Auto complete or Auto Fill field in Access?

Yes, well, unfortunately, in Access, the drop-down list is the only type of control that uses auto-fill, unless you want to use a text box and code (there's an example of that in the developer's handbook, but it's complicated).

No matter how big your list is, if you sort the underlying query alphabetically on company name, it will still autofill, and you can even build a not-in-list response to add new customers...

Make sure the auto-expand property of the drop-down (or combo) control is set to Yes, and you'll see that you never even have to drop down the list...
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New to vista,just bought my daughter new laptop for school.How do you turn off auto complete?

A:auto complete

digger747 said:

New to vista,just bought my daughter new laptop for school.How do you turn off auto complete?Click to expand...

In what?
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how do i get rid of things that are on auto complete.. my frends going to be staying at my house when im away.. but i've got things like bank passwords.. names etc.. that have been saved to by autocomplete i'm on windows xp

any help appreciated

A:auto complete

You need to go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer and click on Internet options. Click on the content tab and then on the autocomplete button and uncheck the options for autocomplete.
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Thanks in advance for your help!

I'm running windows 2000 pro & when filling in forms it never auto completes for me.

A lame question I'm sure, but where do I find the setting to turn on auto complete?

Thanks again!
Gary aka The "G" Man

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Trying to remove my aoto complete entries have never had problems before.
Now when i try and have tried many times my computer frezzes have to reboot.
Also when xp sees this they ask if I want to send a report I have tried that and it never gets sent. Anybody have this problem?

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I know that Auto Complete works in a column vertically but is there a way to make it work horizontally in a row, going across the sheet?

A:auto complete

Hi there,

Not in the traditional sense, no. But if you select a cell and click and hold the bottom right corner (cursor should turn into a bold + sign), you can drage right. Alternatively, if you select the cell in question and the cell(s) to the right you want to fill, you can hit the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R to rill right. You do not have the luxury of double clicking the bottom right corner as it will only fill down as far as the adjacent left column has contiguous data in it. Set your autofill options in Tools | Options.

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How do you clean up autocomplete? I have it set and I like using it, it just seems to be getting junked up.

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In XP, is there a difference between Auto Complete and Auto Fill? In all the help features there is no mention of Autofill but I have it on my toolbar.
It was working fine until I inadvertantly typed 2506 instead of 25303 for my zip code. Someone suggested Autowhat from PC Magazine but that has not cured the problem. Is there a way to start over or find the pesky 25606 and kill it for good? Thanks.

A:Auto complete

One thing you might try, type the zip code so that the auto-complete fills in, Move your mouse cursor over the word that you want to delete but do not click on it. It will be highlighted.
# Click your delete key on your keyboard.
You can right click the IE on your desktop, properties> content tab> AutoComplete button> check the items you want auto-complete to fill in. You can also clear all the enteries from this tab.
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my mother just got a new gateway computer and the auto complete doesn't work. they sent her a new modem and this one wont do it either. it has windows xp instaleed. auto complete is enabled and it is set to accept all cookies. what do i do?

A:auto complete

Someone may come along with the exact answer you are looking for. In the meantime I will try to contact one of our very capable and very fine members who is a Tech-Support for Gateway. I haven't noticed him on the board in the last day or so, but I will PM him with this thread id. I am sure, when he is available, he will be glad to help you out.
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I am not that familiar with auto complete. But when I would go to my web mail site, I had clicked "remember me" and when I would go there, I could just type the first letter of my address and it would automatically fill in the address bar, then click on it again and it would post my password. Now my user I.D. is already filled in but I have to type in my password. How can I get that back, the password filled in automatically?




What web browser are you using?


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Hello First post here running Windows XP Intel Pent Proc Gig with Gig RAM Strange problem I run a limo business and the auto complete feature has stopped working for the browser based limo software program It works disabled complete Auto fine on Auto complete disabled Outlook - just not for IE this program requires IE to Auto complete disabled be the browser Obviously the Auto Complete is checked under content and under advanced options the box under browser for Use Inline Auto Complete is also checked This feature is virtually needed to run this business as every new reservation has to be emailed and this alone adds extraordinary time as each email has to be fully typed not to mention all the typing of various places points of interest etc A lot of info goes into limousine reservations I have had this problem once about months ago and a tech ran Hijack This and found some malware that causes the auto Complete feature to be disabled It seems that this may be the problem again I have pasted a Hijack this log below Thanks in advance for any help suggestions Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgamsvr exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Files LogMeIn x RaMaint exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LogMeIn exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LMIGuardian exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL Binn sqlservr exe C WINDOWS system HPZipm exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system dllhost exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgcc exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LogMeInSystray exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C PROGRA Novosoft HANDYB hbagent exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LMIGuardian exe C PROGRA MI OFFICE OUTLOOK EXE C Program Files Microsoft Office OFFICE WINWORD EXE C Documents and Settings John Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Documents and Settings John Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ytbb exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe C Documents and Settings John Desktop HiJackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www yahoo com fr fp-yie R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www mylimobiz com etsintl R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search Default Page URL www google com ig dell hl en amp client dell-usuk amp channel us amp ibd R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo R - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprO... Read more
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How can I stop the auto-complete option from giving me past entries as options when I enter something in Google,, and
other Internet sites. The "Use Inline Autocomplete" is not checked in
Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. Is there someplace else I can check to stop this from happening? Thanks.

A:I got the Auto-Complete Blues

Look in Internet Explorer.. Tools > Internet Options > Content, Then click on AutoComplete and uncheck those options.
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Is it possible to format for autocomplete in Tables and FOrms in Access.

I can in EXCELL but its not there in Access.. I think

A:Access Auto Complete

You can use a combo box that looks up values in a table and autocompletes as you type. Use a summary query that creates a new table to populate the lookup list table.
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I am using a different Pc than my own. It has XP. Auto complete is checked but it won't fill in anything. Can any one tell me what is wrong?


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Mine used to work, when filling in user names and passwords, but doesn't anymore. Just wondering what could have happened. Thanks in advance. Hope you're having a good start to the weekend.

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I'm running Windows XP. In Windows 2000, when you type something in the run box or in the address bar in IE, the rest of what you type is automatically filled in based on previous entries. How do I enable this in XP? I receive a drop down list with previous entries, but I either have to completely finish typing what I want to run, or I have to use the arrow keys or mouse to select an entry. It's not automatically completed. I do not want forms or usernames or passwords on internet sites filled in.

A:Auto-Complete for Address Bar and Run

On the tools tab in IE, go to Internet options and click the advanced tab. Enable inline auto complete.
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Have an excel written sheert. Two columns are for names. There is some sort of auto complete being used and some names fill when typing them in. I can not find the file. I would like to edit it and add some and remove some names. I looked in options and it is not listed there. Help please!! TY

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Does anyone know how to set up Microsoft Outlook so that when you start typing in an email address it will auto complete it? I know that Outlook Express can do this, but can Outlook do it too?


A:How to get Outlook to Auto complete

What version of Outlook do you have. Not all do this.
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I cannot figure out how to turn on auto complete in XP. I have turned it on under "tools", "options", "content", "autocomplete" as well as turned on "use Inline autocomplete" under the advanced tab and neither turns on this feature.

I have unchecked all boxes, rebooted, re-checked all boxes, rebooted, and nothing works.



A:How to turn on Auto-Complete

Make sure it's turned on in "Services". Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type Services.msc, and then click OK. Make sure "Protected Storage" service is started.
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I have a interesting problem that is probably something I am overlooking.When I finally installed IE7 with the updates, it finally worked great except for one issue.When I use the Auto complete feature for certain forms and passwords, it will ask if I want to store them and on certain ones that I do not worry about security issues ,I say yes. It saves the info but the issue is that when I return to the site later, it does not auto complete or offer a few suggestions the way it used to in IE6.The proper boxes are checked in options to use auto complete and save passwords and it does work but just does not auto complete when it should. Example: This site as I would log in would show my logon and complete the password, now it stays blank...Any Ideas??Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Auto Complete Issue

Just double check to make sure your settings are as follows;
Tools/ Internet Options/ Content Tab/ Settings under AutoComplete .
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I use Auto-complete to fill in dates on a forum. However I now have 3 years worth of dates.

I don't want to remove the feature but I need to clear out some of the older history, how do I remove the history without removing all of the past data.

Any advice will help.

A:Auto complete removing

Save Time with AutoComplete

This site should be of some help

Happy 4th. BANG!!!!!!!!
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I just upgraded my computer to WinXp home and now I have auto-complete on. :evil: I like it when it remembers my passwords but I hate the auto complete on everything else. (such as, email addresses, searches, and other random stuff) How can I turn it off?!?!?!

Please Help,

A:Turn off auto-complete

Open IE and click on Tools/InternetOptions, then go to the Content tab. You'll find a button for the AutoComplete function where you can make the changes you want.
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can someone tell me how to turn off the auto complete. i hate that and cant find where to turn it off, also is there a way to password protect folders such as my music and my pictures? if so how is this done....thanks for any help that may be provided

A:how to disable auto complete

You can disable autocomplete from Control Panel > Internet Options > Content tab
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I am unable to clear my autocomplete. I don't want to shut it off, I just want to clear it. I do it everyday and it works fine. I usually use Clearcache. Yesterday it kept stopping at the last step, which is IE,tools,content,clear autocomplete. When I go to manually do it now, it has an hourglass and I have to close because it is not responding. I do not have this problem when I log into administrator, but it won't let me clear it when I log in the regular mode.
I ran an ewido and spyware, and came up with nothing.

Any suggestions

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My problem is that auto complete does not work. I have checked the appropriate boxes in Internet options...Content...AutoComplete. Still every time I go to one of my sites or address bar nothing shows up. I have to type in the address every time, even though I click yes remember this for next time. I have tried everything I can think of to rectify the problem but it still does not work. any ideas??

A:auto complete does work

A repair of IE should fix the problem, for instructions how see:
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Hi All,

I am new to this site and this is my first post. I was hoping somebody could answer a question regarding the auto-complete function on MS Outlook. If a user loses their auto-complete list, how can they get it back? Also, what causes this to happen? It seems the list was there one minute and gone the next. Hope somebody can help.


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I inadvertently saved a wrong password into IE and instead of prompting me when I put the correct password in, it's not. So every day, I start to type in my user name and it auto completes and puts in the incorrect password, and I type in the correct one. I don't know if it's Vista or IE 7 but in IE 6, if I made a mistake, it would ask me next time around because it was a different password. I know I can "clear" the settings in tools but I don't really want to do that since I've already saved some other passwords. I've only had this Vista system for three days. So is this a glitch in IE 7, maybe?

A:Question about auto complete in IE7

Hi,I've done that myself before too, and this is what I did to fix it...there may be a more technical way, but this fixed it for the box where you type your user name - click inside the box and a 'subbox' for want of a better description shows up with your user name in it - mouse over that user name till it is highlighted then press your delete button on your keyboard while the name is highlighteda box will pop up that says "Windows has a password that's stored for this username. Do you want to delete the username and password"say yes. Then type in the correct user name and password and your correct one will then be saved.Hope this helpsCB
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Hi Every one I want auto complete for textbox i have a file upload button for getting text file to come auto complete for text box but i dont want to use file upload button for uploading a file i want static path to get particular text auto complete javascript file i want to take static path file ex quot C temp users txt quot can anyone help me please i am using below code lt -- Scripts by hscripts com-- javascript auto complete gt C Users Ramesh Desktop lt -- More scripts www hscripts com-- gt lt input type quot file quot id quot fileinput quot gt lt script type quot text javascript quot gt nbsp function readSingleFile evt nbsp nbsp Retrieve the first and javascript auto complete only File from the FileList object nbsp nbsp var f evt target files nbsp nbsp nbsp if f nbsp nbsp nbsp var r new FileReader nbsp nbsp nbsp r onload function e nbsp javascript auto complete nbsp nbsp nbsp var contents e target result nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp var mailString contents substr f size- var mailArray mailString split n alert mailArray suggestions mailArray nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp r readAsText f nbsp nbsp else nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp alert quot Failed to load file quot nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp document getElementById 'fileinput' addEventListener 'change' readSingleFile false lt -- Declare the array and store the values according to ur usage -- gt var suggestions new Array var outp var oldins var posi - var words new Array var input var key function setVisible visi var x document getElementById quot shadow quot var t document getElementsByName quot text quot x style position 'absolute' x style top findPosY t quot px quot x style left findPosX t quot px quot x style visibility visi function init outp document getElementById quot output quot window setInterval quot lookAt quot setVisible quot hidden quot document onkeydown keygetter needed for Opera document onkeyup keyHandler function findPosX obj var curleft if obj offsetParent while obj offsetParent curleft obj offsetLeft obj obj offsetParent else if obj x curleft obj x return curleft function findPosY obj var curtop if obj offsetParent curtop obj offsetHeight while obj offsetParent curtop obj offsetTop obj obj offsetParent else if obj y curtop obj y curtop obj height return curtop function lookAt var ins document getElementsByName quot text quot value if oldins ins return else if posi gt - else if ins length gt words getWord ins if words length gt clearOutput for var i i lt words length i addWord words i setVisible quot visible quot input document getElementsByName quot text quot value else setVisible quot hidden quot posi - else setVisible quot hidden quot posi - oldins ins function addWord word var sp document createElement quot div quot sp appendChild document createTextNode word sp onmouseover mouseHandler sp onmouseout mouseHandlerOut sp onclick mouseClick outp appendChild sp function clearOutput while outp hasChildNodes noten outp firstChild outp removeChild noten posi - function getWord beginning var words new Array for var i i lt suggestions length i var j - var correct while correct amp amp j lt beginning length if suggestions i charAt j beginning charAt j correct if correct words words length suggestions i return words function setColor posi color forg outp childNodes posi style background color outp childNodes posi style color forg function keygetter event if event amp amp window event event window event if event key event keyCode else key event which function keyHandler event if document getElementById quot shadow quot style visibility quot visible quot var textfield document getElementsByName quot text quot if key key down if words length gt amp amp posi lt words length- if posi gt setColor posi quot fff quot quot black quot else input textfield value setColor posi quot blue quot quot white quot textfield value outp childNodes posi firstChild nodeValue else if key Key up if words length gt amp amp posi gt if posi gt setColor posi quot fff quot quot black quot setColor --posi q... Read more
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With my Windows XP, how do I get Auto Complete to complete the password on certain accounts when I don't get the dialog box asking "Do you want Windows to remember your password?" Windows will complete the password in most situations but ignores some. I've been back to the "Tools/Internet Options/Content" box and confirmed that auto complete has been requested and is still "O.K.", but still cannot get Windows to complete/remember the passwords on a couple of accounts. This is getting kinda frustrating when I visit these sites and have to totally log in manually. Thanks for any help.

"Ham" Williams

A:Password - Auto Complete

Look this over Ham
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I have Office XP with Outlook 2000. When I type an address of an email recipient, I get the auto-complete feature. However, there are loads of obsolete addresses in there, many of which I haven't used in ages. I might get a menu of 6 names, only one of which is still valid. How do I edit the addresses that appear under auto-complete? They have to be connected to Contacts, but how do I edit them out? It's not simply a matter of deleting them from Contacts...I don't see a lot of the names I want to edit in Contacts at all...

A:How do I edit names in auto-complete? and where do they come from?

Instead of looking in Contacts, in Outlook, go to Tools>Address Book and poke around in there...which is where all those old addresses are probably lurking.
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I have recently upgraded to Office 2007 and am learning to like it. One thing I am missing though is the auto complete in Word and Outlook. When typing in Word or composing an email in Outlook 2003 my name and company name would automatically fill in as I started typing it, it does not do that anymore. I have looked for a setting to enable this but cannot find it. Does anyone know how I can enable this??


A:Auto Complete in Office 2007?

AutoText in Word 2007
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The time has come when I need to do a clean re-install of XP on my computer. While saving my IE "favorites" and cookies to an external drive to be re-installed when I'm finished is no problem, I have been unable to figure out any way to save the auto-complete (for logins) information. The prospect of re-entering hundreds (literally) of passwords is not something I'm looking forward to. Any suggestions?

A:Saving auto-complete info from IE

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master

This program provides a simple solution for transferring this information from one computer to another.
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Hello all,

I need a bit of help, I am trying to figure out a way of cleaning/removing/stopping the auto-complete or auto-fill on my search box. Everytime I use yahoo, msn, google or any other search engine I have that suggestive box pop up with other stuff that pertain to a letter or my search adds to the millions that I have already done. Can one of you please help me!? How do I stop it or at least be able to clear it from time to time. Thanks for any advice and help.

Me again!

A:removing auto-complete from search box??

Go to "Control Panel" then "Internet Options". From the multi-tabbed dialog box that follows, select the "Content" tab. Click the "AutoComplete" button. An "AutoComplete Settings" dialog box appears. Now, check or uncheck the options you would like. For example, to stop IE6 from automatically entering in web addresses, uncheck the "Web addresses" checkbox.

Press "OK" to close this dialog box, then "OK" to close the "Internet Options" dialog box.
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Would anyone happen to know how to disable the auto complete feature in the windows 8.1 "start screen"(or whatever its called now) search bar preferable the inline auto complete as it is messing up my search results and it does not seem to be tied to the settings in the control panel that i can find. it seems to be creating a history and trying to intelligently fill results which is causing more of a problem then it is solving as many things have similar names. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:How do i disable the auto complete feature win 8.1.

PC Settings►Search and apps►Search►Search history►Clear.

Search History in "Search Charm" - Delete in Windows 8

Attachment 43645
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Has anyone got any suggestions to solve the following:

I am using IE7 on Vista Ultimate with SP1.

When I log onto my providers e-mail site or into Windows Mail I cannot get "Auto Complete" to retain my log on and Pin/Password info. in either mode.

I have tried all of the obvious things in: Tools/Internet options/content/auto complete etc. and Tools/Internet options/general/browsing history etc. Nothing works.

If I switch users and go on line to my IP e-mail everything works fine and IE7 auto complete saves my log on info. I do not want to change my Windows Mail to a different user so I would like to try to solve this problem. It started AFTER I downloaded SP1?

I hope someone can help.



A:Auto Complete Password problems

Hi Lodor,
Try to add manually the auto logging infos in Control Panel/User Accounts/Network Passwords Management.
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You know, we begin typing something into the search box but google steps in and adds words we don't want, so we have to delete the unwanted bits.

A:Can we turn off Google auto-complete?

Go to Settings (lower right) and tick the last option if you meant google search engine.
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Quick question, how do I turn off the auto compete on Fire Fox?

A:Fire Fox Auto Complete Problem

First off, wrong forum 40sondacrub

Second, try looking here:

Have a fun computing day,
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I box? list XP auto Explorer complete / have Explorer / XP auto complete list box? to do some data entry at work part of my entry is entering in numbers in a range of - the problem is that I have to enter them in a list box not a text box so the numbers are already entered I just have to quot choose quot them Back a week ago before I had to have my work PC reloaded when I would type the numbers quot quot the list box would display quot quot then quot quot then quot quot as I typed the numbers After the OS reload when I type the numbers quot quot in the list box I get quot quot then quot quot then quot quot This makes it very time consuming because I Explorer / XP auto complete list box? either have to search down the list box to find quot quot or hit the number quot quot times I have checked auto complete settings in IE and I couldn t find anything that seems to help The only thing I found that seemed to be of any help was this website here http showcase netins net web fourcats index php id That guys list box does exactly what I want mine to do When you type quot Montana quot you get montana not Alaska However he doesn t say what settings he changed in order to get it to do that I know it has to be possible as my old PC did it Thanks for any help nbsp
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How do I stop my comp.from remembering names or #`s I type?

A:Auto Complete/form Filler

Tools, Internet Options, Content, Auto Complete.
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How do you set outlook to auto complete the "TO" field in outlook 98?

A:auto populate/complete in outlook

Tools, options, email options, advanced, this is 2002 but they are probably the same. IT will be in tools, options.
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In my web pages, I have autocomplete turned on so it completes something I am typing to increase my speed of surfing. Is there any way to clear that out and wipe the slate clean? I like that feature but there are a lot of phrases that I don't need anymore. Thanks!

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When I signed up for Gmail I had the option to choose AutoComplete for the sigin but did not choose it.

How can I now choose AutoComplete for signin from my computer?


A:Auto Complete for Gmail signin

Originally Posted by moosescooter

When I signed up for Gmail I had the option to choose AutoComplete for the sigin but did not choose it.

How can I now choose AutoComplete for signin from my computer?


how are you accessing gmail, via browser or e-mail client?
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I want to clear the list that drops downs with suggestions in Word 2007. For instance, when you want to change the properties of a document like the author (you get add an author phrase) you get a list of everyone you ever used in a document. How on earth do you clear the list and stop collecting all these names.

My husband and I share a computer and this drives both of us nuts.

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I am requesting help on behalf of a friend. I apologize if this is an inappropriate thread but I could not find an e-mail service section. She has tried to find answers but they have not been forthcoming on the Microsoft Answers Forum. Her thread is here:

My name in the auto-complete bar shows an inappropriate - Microsoft Answers

And a person experiencing the same problem has posted a thread here:

I think my email account may have been hacked ... help! - Microsoft Answers


There is a man who has offered a solution to this problem on this page but my friend does not have any group invitations, so the solution does not apply:

How do I get rid of these questionable entries in my Hotmail auto-complete?

A:Auto-complete bar - Hotmail hack

So... is there anyone on the entire internet who is willing or even capable of solving this?
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Hello I have a workstation on our small P P network that upon the user shutting down last night auto installed one update i e user did not ask for anything to be installed I have our computers set to notify of updates but we install them after reviewing them because we don't always want the updates that are available The screen was the typical blue with the standard message quot Please unusable Win computer is update won't complete auto - do not power off or unplug your machine Installing update of quot The problem is the update never finished installing It ran Win auto update won't complete - computer is unusable for hours last night before the user turned it off When she turned it on this morning the update continued to install It's now been about minutes and the screen is still displaying the above message I've never seen a single update take this long Is there a problem How long should we allow it to continue Is it ever safe to shut down when it says not to Is there anything I can do to get this process to complete as it is now interfering with productivity Any help appreciated

A:Win auto update won't complete - computer is unusable

The update FINALLY finished, and the computer shut down normally, and the user rebooted with no problem.

I see a lot of people have looked at this thread, and some no doubt are looking for answers to the questions I posed. I would still like the questions answered, because they're still things I want to know - especially the question about shutting down when the screen says not to. I would expect that could seriously damage the machine.
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Is there anyway to clear the memory from Google? When you type in the letters in the search box, searches from months and months ago auto-complete. I have cleared the cache but this auto-complete doesn't seem to disappear. Can it? I don't want this auto-complete to continue to come up all the time.

A:google-clear auto-complete [RESOLVED]

It may be search 'Suggestions' that you are seeing. Right-click on the Search Box and untick 'Search Suggestions'. See how it goes then.
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I can't get Outlook 2010 auto complete e-mail addresses to remain from session to session. Auto complete is removed every time I start Outlook again. I can put them in every session by dragging all my contacts to the inbox and pressing control + K to initiate auto complete for all my addresses, but once I close down Outlook and restart again they are not there and I have to physically type the address in which is becoming a bit of a drag. As you can see from the following image I have auto complete selected.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Outlook 2010 auto complete problems

For the benefit of anybody else who has this problem I was having trouble getting the auto complete e-mail list to remain after the current session. I had used a program called PC tuneup and it obviously emptied my auto complete list and my usual method of dragging all my contacts to the inbox and pressing control K would only work for the current session. In other words when I closed outlook and reopened it the auto complete list was empty. I ended up downloading a little app called nk2view and it works really well, not to mention that it made adding e-mail addresses to the auto complete list very easy.
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Hi all I think this remember auto an email to Can't address get complete is an auto complete thing I have been logging into my email accounts via webmail for years Can't get auto complete to remember an email address via the same url I have four different email accts and when I load the page Can't get auto complete to remember an email address I simply dbl-click in the email field and I see all four addresses If I click on one the pwrd auto-fills and I am good to go My host recently swapped me to another server and I now have to access my webmail via a different url I go to that url and there are no email address there when I dbl-click in the email field Ok no biggie I enter the first address and pwrd and log in Windows does not ask me if I want to save the username and pwrd Weird I log out and log into the other three one Can't get auto complete to remember an email address by one and with each I am prompted to save the username and pwrd which I do I log out of the fourth one and then attempt to log back into the first - which I can do but Windows again does not prompt me to save the username and pwrd I have rebooted twice and each time I log in to that specific email I just log in - no prompt And that email is not in the email field when I arrive at the log in page Anyone have any idea what the heck is going on Thanks in advance

A:Can't get auto complete to remember an email address

That's a nice explanation, but, what the heck webmail and browsers are you using??

If you're using IE, see: Internet Explorer AutoComplete - Turn On or Off for settings.
Since your Host changed servers that first addy may have to be placed in a trusted zone.
There's the possibility with the transfer of servers, the new server still thinks that, that first addy is already saved.
It could be the new server doesn't recognize a security certificate for that addy.
If browser settings are okay, I'd check with your Host.

And please; It would be very helpful if you would fill out your System Specs, you can use the tool included in the Tutorial here: System Info - See Your System Specs just read through the tutorial, use one of the downloads, and it will automagically fill them in for you.

Your welcome.
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In one spreadsheet I can start typing a word or phrase in a cell and if that is in any cell above it (in the row) it will finish the word or phrase. (even with blank cells above it)

In another spreadsheet, I canít, even though I went into the Options and made sure that it is an exact mirror of the one that will auto complete.
Is there any where else to look at?

A:Solved: Auto complete a word or phrase

Hi mrl,
In the spreadsheet that does autocomplete with blank cells above it, is there data in the column next to the column you want to autocomplete? That may be the difference. For example, if you're entering text in A4 and A3 is blank but B3 has text, it will autocomplete. If both A3 and B3 are blank, it will not.
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My MS Outlook in MS Office 2000 SR Premium doesn't seem to have an option to enable auto complete of email addressee. I followed this path: In Tools | Options | Email Options | Advanced E-Mail Options. This option doesn't exist. Help!

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ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 both incorporate a check digit in the final position. Some applications are able to validate an entry on this basis. The Tellico book collection application can perform auto-complete on the last digit.

I need this kind of validation and/or auto-complete functionality in MS Excel.
Ideally this would be delivered via a "Special" Cell Format that I can select on the "Format Cells" sub-menu. My second choice would be a macro that validates or completes the final ISBN digit.

Question: does anyone know where to get such a helper for MS Excel?

A:ISBN Auto-complete and Validation in MS Excel

Hi there, welcome to the board!

I'm not familiar with the validation process of ISBN numbers. Can you give a little more information about what you need and the requirements here? Some examples would help.

Also, when you say "auto complete", that means something fairly specific in Excel. Please give some clarification as to what you want done exactly. We need to know what you're starting with, how the data is laid out and structured, and what you want for the final output. Examples work best.
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hi, does anyone know if there is a way of saving auto complete adresses into the adress book.
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So after an annoying issue with my AMD Radeon HD M Reverting to installer Intel VGA, auto not complete Standard will card and PSU causing a huge issue where my laptop wouldn't boot past Reverting to Standard VGA, Intel auto installer will not complete quot Starting Windows quot except in safe mode I finally got it working by reformatting with a clean Windows x install and not installing the AMD drivers using the I'm assuming on board Intel HD After running all Reverting to Standard VGA, Intel auto installer will not complete of the updates for Windows and updating all drivers specifically the Intel one the laptop was working in top shape with basically all functionality playing games included Several days ago my Reverting to Standard VGA, Intel auto installer will not complete boss installed Office on my laptop and in doing so screwed up the graphics again possibly after installing a service pack for office x bit version while I run x Now where it should say quot Intel quot in device manager for my display adapter it has reverted to Standard VGA adapter and graphics look like safe mode In the driver details it says Intel Corporation Date and Version Windows update tells me this is the most recent driver version most recent available from Samsung my laptop's manufacturer maybe and I've tried running the Intel auto install but it fails and closes Samsung also does not offer an Intel graphics driver for my laptop on Windows only on XP I've tried restoring to a point before the Office install and no change to the graphics In the many fixes I've attempted it was at one point showing Standard VGA with the and reporting that the computer could not verify the digital signature giving quot Code quot I've also now got two quot unknown quot devices both from Intel wifi and bluetooth which have also begun giving me issues Seems like everything is falling apart Poking around I found this tutorial but I'm not sure if A that's the correct info for my set up if I use the Intel drivers and B it will help solve my issue at all Any help What on earth is going on here On a side note how feasible is it to upgrade replace a PSU on a laptop

A:Reverting to Standard VGA, Intel auto installer will not complete

Hi Could you Please Post your System Specs ... The Link below will help you achieve this ...

System Info - See Your System Specs
Also what is the Model Number of your Laptop ? ....
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I need to remake the auto complete cache on a computer, and I'm using the method of sending a blank email to all of my contacts while disconnected from the internet. I tried this and it's worked with a list of a few contacts (about 5), but I'm wondering if Outlook might crash when I attempt this with the full sized contact list, which is about 100 or so total entries.

Could anybody shed some light on this issue? I'd just like to avoid any problems with this theory before I implement it on a larger scale.

A:Outlook 2010 Auto-Complete cache reset

Take a look at my post here:
Autocomplete not working correct

It should make things clear for you.
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Is there anyone out there that can help me?

I've recently got a new laptop - it has windows 7.

I need to transfer my email contacts from my old computer to the new laptop - I use it for business and I have hundreds of email addresses that have always auto-completed (if you get what I mean).

Outlook on the new laptop doesn't auto complete the email addresses.

I've done a google search for help and I've found this link (VERY USEFUL!)
How to transfer Outlook auto-complete addresses to a new computer – Simple Help

BUT it doesn't work - the files on windows 7 are different to I can't complete the last stage.

Anyone out there that can help?



A:Outlook - auto complete email addresses to new computer

Are you sure your doing it correct ? I've just tried it from my Vista lappy and copied it on to my Win7 rig (different user accounts) and it worked fine.

Make sure you copy it from

C:\Documents and Settings\oldname\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook


C:\Documents and Settings\newname\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

substitute red text with the correct names
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Auto-complete: browsers disclose private data.

In the run-up to his presentation at the Black Hat conference, Jeremiah Grossman of White Hat Security told The Register that users who allow their browsers to auto-complete frequently used form fields, such as names or email addresses, may become an easy target for data thieves. For instance, auto-complete data can reportedly be retrieved automatically via JavaScript in Safari 4 and 5.

-- Tom
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Just installed XP and "Auto Complete" doesn't work as long as I'm logged-in as Administrator. As soon as I switch to "Guest" user, it's works fine. I've heard of this issue before and I've seen it appear on a number of search engines- just no appropriate fixes for it! Anyone have any ideas? I think the problem lies somewhere in registry, but I don't know location nor speocific steps to take-
many thanks in advace-

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Can the "To:" name auto-complete/lookup from the Contacts folder be restricted to only those entries that have an email address? NB: I am *not* running on an Exchange server; the only repository of addresses is in the Outlook Contacts folder; I would not want to create a separate folder of only those contacts that have an email address.
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Hello all,

Question, I have been researching the problem Outlook 2010 has had with NOT remembering email addresses for the Auto complete after the program is shut down and restarted.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem?

Thank you,

A:Outlook 2010 Auto address complete after restart

This appears to be a fairly common problem.
Browse through the links below to see if they provide a solution in your particular case.

The Auto-Complete list doesn

Outlook 2010 Autocomplete not working - Microsoft Answers
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I just noticed something as I am working on my new vista machine (always used XP up till now)...

when i have Google AutoFill setup in my google toolbar for IE7, my IE7 auto-complete and saved passwords no longer work! When i turn off google autofill, everything works fine!

are you kidding me? does anyone know a way around this? worked fine in XP...

A:Google Autofill overrides IE7 auto complete & saved pwds?

I just found the answer (I was having the same problem). Get rid of Google Auto fill (disable it) and use MSN's toolbar form fill. It works better as it fills in the form for you without pushing the form fill button. And yes, you can still use Auto Complete.
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I'm having a font issue and after much reading I haven't text data or small read to Auto too complete Input found a solution yet I'm using IE on Vista The text I see on a webpage looks fine The text I see on menu bars address bars Input text or Auto complete data too small to read search bars also looks fine What I'm having trouble with is anything that I have to quot input quot on a webpage It's too small to read and it appears to be a strange font For example when I log into an account my username and password appears too small to read while I'm typing it It's very bothersome as you can't tell if you've typed something correctly or not They're are a couple of instances where it shows up that way on a page somewhere but it quot always quot does it in any field in which I have to quot input quot data My view text size is set to quot Medium quot and changing this has no affect on these fields It only changes to text that appears on webpages I did make one discovery though When I change the quot encoding quot from Unicode UTF- to Western European it seems to fix the problem my input text shows up normally but it's only temporary As soon as I reload visit another page or open another window it reverts back to Unicode UTF- and the problem returns I've tried using the quot Auto Select quot after switching but I get the same result I am running IE on my other machine with WinXP and I don't have this problem View text size is set to medium and the encoding is Unicode UTF- yet input data on that machine appears normal I have just noticed that My Norton bar at the top of this windown has a drop down menu in which the text appears normal but quot buttons quot beside that which have this same small and strange looking font Is there an option to change the font that is used for quot input quot fields I just opened my Windows Mail and I noticed that some of the messages in my inbox have this same small font in the headers The quot From quot quot To quot and quot Subject quot look normal but the text that follows them is the same small font that I get in the quot input quot fields of IE It only appears on a few of the emails though The headers in the rest of the emails look normal
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Hi In Windows Windows auto Update not working settings correct and running auto update puts you to first Update Windows Updater itself or similar then the update falls over with error code On a previous now solved thread on here by Avonic he advised that his solution to the problem was not auto 7 working windows 80073712 updater error to visit Reg Edit and delete all values within the key HKLM Software Policies Microsoft Windows Windows Update Then he had downloaded and ran Microsoft Fix It trying windows 7 auto updater not working error 80073712 deault settings first then the alternative of the aggressive setting if default did not cure I have tried all of that including the aggressive setting but still I get the same error code so I have no solution as yet I have not been able to find out any info about this error code what it means or suggests and therefore how to fix my problem I do now wish that I had not moved to Windows I was happy with XP but was rather frightened off my the withdrawal of future support for XP by Microsoft Another snag is my long time friend scanner HP c will just not work with Win there are no drivers for it it seems and HP list the scanner as one of the many bits of kit that are not at all supported in Windows i e buy something newer from us which I now won t do on principle seems to be the aim Can anyone offer me any assistance please Many thanks Den nbsp

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Hello. I was wondering how I would go about clearing the auto complete field in the windows update "Installed Updates" window. It seems completely independent from the windows explorer search field.

I was checking to make sure no windows 10 or telemetry updates accidentally got installed and now it's FULL of different KBnumbers.

I tried using the "find" option in the registry, but got freaked out when it brought up a bunch of stuff i didn't recognize and i didnt wanna mess anything up.

Thanks in advance,
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Hello. I was wondering how I would go about clearing the auto complete field in the windows update "Installed Updates" window. It seems completely independent from the windows explorer search field.

I was checking to make sure no windows 10 or telemetry updates accidentally got installed and now it's FULL of different KBnumbers.

I tried using the "find" option in the registry, but got freaked out when it brought up a bunch of stuff i didn't recognize and i didnt wanna mess anything up.

Thanks in advance,
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hi there,,when i go to enter my email address in firefox the pop up address is spelled wrong,,,how can i change it,without losing all my auto complete forms.
i am using windows xp home edition..

A:Solved: wrong email spelling in auto complete email address

Delete Firefox auto-complete entries

There is also an add on for firefox that allows you to manage autocomplete

Available features include:

* matching against bookmark addresses
* matching against page titles and bookmark names
* matching anywhere in the address, not just the beginning
* changing the sorting criterion to alphabetical by address or title, most frequently visited, most recently visited, or top-level pages first
* completing the best match inline
* temporarily or permanently disabling the suggestion popup
* excluding local pages and pages containing search results
* swapping the address and title columns on the suggestion popup
* highlighting the column where a match was found
* fine-tuning the popup appearance by hiding page titles, changing the number of visible suggestions, and setting the truncation method for long addresses and page titlesClick to expand...

Autocomplete Manager 2.3
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When I search for a file in "Search" it will store the title of the file and pop it up next time i try to search for another file "with the same first few letters or so" I'd like to know how to turn this off or clear its stored information, I already have auto-complete disabled in IE.

I have win XP Pro Service pack 3, blah blah blah
Thanks in advance!

A:How do I disable auto complete in "search"

if you go into control panel / internet options and select advanced, you can untick the box use inline autocomplete.
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I would like to completely disable auto run / auto play in Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7, and I cannot find a way to do so. I've searched the web endlessly, and there are lots of suggestions, but nothing works. I have disabled every type of auto run / auto play I can find, but if Windows Media Player is open and I insert a flash drive, CD, or DVD, whatever I'm playing is interrupted by what was inserted even if it's not media. Just a plain, blank flash drive does this.

Has anyone else been able to figure this out?

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Background Enabled Windows updates it caused my mouse and keyboard to stop working except in the BIOS so I did a restore The problem then was after logging into Windows using my keyboard to type the password and login Windows searches for updates for my USB keyboard and after they are installed takes about minutes the keyboard just stops working The LEDs stay on quot extra quot buttons on the keyboard such as the music button to open Windows Media Player still work but that s it I tried a second USB keyboard it has the same problem LEDs are on extra buttons work nothing else So I restore again unplug my keyboard so it doesn t auto-update and disable auto-updates for drivers for all peripherals on my PC Then I plug in working. to keyboard causes "auto-install" stop drivers Windows the keyboard it doesn t try to update anything and my keyboard is working again The Windows "auto-install" drivers causes keyboard to stop working. problem This is not a long term solution because eventually I will want Windows to auto-install drivers for any new hardware I get Clearly the latest Windows keyboard drivers are faulty so what can I do about this nbsp

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Does anyone know how to retrieve a password from autocomplete. I am being asked to change a password but I have to put the old password in first and I don't know what it is. It is in auto complete but I don't know how to get the actual password to reveal thanks

A:Password Auto Complete Forgot Password

Hello Richadrao, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You might see if you may be able to use an option in the tutorial below to reset your password. It's against the forum rules to help reveal what your current password is.

Password of User Account - Reset in Windows 10
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Does anyone know how to retrieve a password from autocomplete. I am being asked to change a password but I have to put the old password in first and I don't know what it is. It is in auto complete but I don't know how to get the actual password to reveal thanks

A:Password Auto Complete Forgot Password

Hello Richadrao, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You might see if you may be able to use an option in the tutorial below to reset your password. It's against the forum rules to help reveal what your current password is.

Password of User Account - Reset in Windows 10
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Dear Team, i had purchased HP Pav M4-1012TX 35cm during 2013 and recently upgraded to windows 10.However it was not working fine and hence i have downgraded to 8.1 version itself. But there was some error durig this process and ultimately i have decided to use my recovery cd. my bad luck my 3rd recovery cd is not working and could you please help me on how to order for recovery cd. All the possible suggestions are welcomed please.TIA
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don't know the difference I'm not don't features 100% on off "working complete turn computer" great with computers The tag on the computer says but the information on "working on features 100% complete don't turn off computer" the literature that came with computer says it's Windows "working on features 100% complete don't turn off computer" I just got this computer a week ago It's the ASUS Transformer T T Laptop Tablet The computer asked me to uprade yesterday at pm It ran for hours with this message working on features complete don't turn off computer It has the dots making a consistent circle next to the word Working and it's "working on features 100% complete don't turn off computer" over a black screen I let the computers battery run out Turned it on this morning and the working on features was up again and has been for hours now I have tried everything Microsoft wasn't much help I'm not sure if the keyboard is communicating with the tablet part but should that even matter since it's running on the tablet The tablet will fall asleep but won't let me turn it off How do I control this computer or am I out of luck

A:"working on features 100% complete don't turn off computer"

 I'd try two things.  First I'd boot from a repair drive.  If you don't have one you can make one on another Windows 8.1 computer.  If that doesn't work, I'd boot from a live disc (like Ubuntu or Mint Linux) and save my data, then restore to factory settings.
Good luck.
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So I have a fairly new computer and long story short I failed to get an anti-virus software in time Eventually I got a pretty malicious virus that corrupted my entire hard drive I mean I was on the ie and then it disappeared along with all the other files on my desktop Pretty soon like a few seconds later the start menu and everything it contains along with all the start up icons vanished Some how I got a critical alert that has something OS all Hard not drive working at corruption, Complete along the lines of my cpu had reached critically high temps My fan started buzzing like a nest Complete Hard drive corruption, OS not working at all of wasps I turned off my computer because I always act impulsivley I restarted it and I go into what seems the screen where you can choose to start windows normally or safe mode it but it wasn't The screen told my the OS was basically done with I dealt with some pretty malicious viruses before but this one took the quot lets see which code can destroy more stuff quot award I've formatted a hard drive before but it was on a toshiba I have an HP dv t win bit I just ordered a recovery disk My question was can I format my hard drive through the recovery disk or must I do it from the Bios screen I need to know so I can stop worrying about this upcoming semester And when I format my hard drive must I redo the partitions in terms of their sizes or is it an automatic thing Im assuming that all of my questions will be answered once I boot from the recovery disk or at least thats what i'm hoping for Also does anyone think that this virus could have permanently damaged anything I've never encountered one that worked so hard so fast

A:Complete Hard drive corruption, OS not working at all

hi there

do you have the windows installation discs so you can do a fresh instillation of windows 7? not just the repair disc?
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Ok, so i sent my computer to Circuit city for a system cleaning but they messed it up. So i want to do a complete system restore but (Control, F11) won't work. I tried to do a CD restore thing but i have two Window Xp things i want to remove everything but when i put the Control F11 thing it it just makes a beep sound and doesn't do anything plus F12 wont work for boot menu either anyone wanna help me?

A:Dell Complete System Restore Not Working

You need to set the bios (tap F2 after pressing power button until you enter setup)so that cd drive boots first before the hard drive so you can boot to the cd to restore. Ctrl F11 has nothing to do with running the restore disks.
Are you pressing Ctrl F11 immediately after pressing power button and continuously until you enter restore partition?
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I have Word SP for Windows Office XP Pro My problem is I want to permanently turn OFF the autocorrect options all of them correct initial capitals correct first letters of days etc etc autoformat as well as auto text and auto type Yes I have unchecked all the boxes in Tools gt Autocorrect Options the problem is I have to painstakingly go though all the boxes every time I open Word and text, auto type off Solved: to autocorrect, format, kill auto want auto I uncheck them My setups are not remembered I can t figure out Solved: I want to kill off autocorrect, auto format, auto text, auto type how to make these options stay set this way I ve tried installing the Office Resource Kit and setting a system policy though I am the only user on this PC but no success I had to rebuild my system a month ago -- before that I never had any problems Word seemed to remember exactly my preferred set up and saved autocorrect options etc to the normal template I checked the normal template and it is in Doc Settings folder where it should be I searched the forums and Word help but can t seem to find any advice mainly because most people usually run these options and they only wish to modify the instances where they apply rather than permanently disable them Please help Much appreciated Thanks Andrew Sydney Australia nbsp

A:Solved: I want to kill off autocorrect, auto format, auto text, auto type
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Aero Glass On Windows 8

Are you sick of using Windows 8's cr*poli UI?
Are you not happy with your transition to a new OS?
Well, here's your solution...


What's inside this pack?

* Aero Glass dwmlib (credit to Bigmuscle)
* AGT Tweaker (credit to some guy on MSFN)
* I just put these together and added a theme in my other post and here u go!
* Windows 7 Glass Theme

What's the catch?

There's no catch! Everything has been thoroughly tested.


* Download File Provided (here)
* Windows 8
* A brain

Open the downloaded file...
Leave to default destination and press Extract...
Two windows will open...
Install the UxTheme Patcher...
And Extract the Other Window
Open Program Files on ur desktop and find the shorcut.
Tweak to ur liking!

A:AERO GLASS The Real Deal Working Complete and Easy!

HOW is this different from the MAIN Aero Glass thread ??

Aero Glass for Windows 8 - BETA 1
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i tried going in control panel and setting up auto run feature.. and directed it to open what i want to open whenever inserting a dvd or game ,,,etc etc.. but whenever i insert a dvd nothing happens and i have to manually go to my computer and open the dvd with my player of choice there a solution to this problem..has this happened to anyone else ? thanks lot

A:AUTO run not working...

Originally Posted by EmulatorX

i tried going in control panel and setting up auto run feature.. and directed it to open what i want to open whenever inserting a dvd or game ,,,etc etc.. but whenever i insert a dvd nothing happens and i have to manually go to my computer and open the dvd with my player of choice there a solution to this problem..has this happened to anyone else ? thanks lot

You could take a look here for some help

AutoPlay Settings

AutoPlay/AutoRun Not Working or Missing Not Open in Windows Vista ? My Digital Life
Post back if you haven't resolved the problem

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Before upgrading to Window$ XP whenever I placed a program CD in the CD-ROM drive windows would run the setup file on the CD for me. Now that I have upgraded to XP this has stopped working.
Any ideas?


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Hi, Working with a new motherboard & other new components. Using win.XP pro, with SP2 installed yesterday. The autorun feature will not work and the cd-dvd player is not recognized. Trouble installing softwarea also. I think I had this problem cple. months ago after reinstalling XP pro on a new HD installed on my previous system without a clean install. Any help greatly appreciated.

AMD 3000 athalon, 1.5 gigs Ram, 3 Hd's 240 gigs.

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Hey guys ive got a wee problem with xp at the moment. For some reason the auot play just doesnt want to work at all. its all checked as being on (ie when i right click on the drives it says that auto play is on) but yet it doesnt work. This has only started happening over the last two days prior to that it worked fine. Can you help me with this at all???
Thanks very much.

A:Auto start not working

Did you try "system restore"? Try it, if you haven't already and back up about a week or so.