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Locked out of livemail

Q: Locked out of livemail

So I am helping a friend with her Live mail Hotmail Locked out of livemail I dont use Locked out of livemail it so you will have to forgive me She forgot her password and it locked her out of the account She has tried the passwords that she has written down and none of them work We tried the forgot your password link and had it sent to an email of hers that no longer exists Then tried Locked out of livemail to send it to her trusted PC but there is constantly an error code for some reason Then I tried having it sent to another email address mine but I have to verify her Identity the questions it asks are such as the last subjects sent last addresses sent to CC info Xbox tag she doesnt have Xbox CC info on there nor remembers last addresses sent to other than mine and one other one nor one last subject entry When I tried sending it off the first time Microsoft pushed it back saying quot there is not enough information to verify identification quot then I tried it a second time and it went through but it failed to send me her temporary password or anything Is there a way I can get into her mail for her or a password cracker or something that I can help her get back into her email She has been locked out for about weeks now Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Locked out of livemail

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Locked out of livemail

I guess nobody has any ideas how to fix this?
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Hello Sir!
PLease help me.. I have sandisk microSHDC card (16 GB) on my Nokia E-5.It was working nicely until tomorrow whence I transfered the pic from my system to the phone through "blue-tooth" it asked to save the pic and when I chose to save in memory card it shows memory card "locked". I tried to open the file manager but there I found memory card itself is not detectable I tried in Nokia PC suite and sandisk media trasfer but no use it is unable to detect the card. I tried separately using card reader but again it can not detect the card.
I really dont know what to do now. please help me. I know the password but dont know what to do.

please help me to make it detect..and unlock..

A:Sandisk 16 GB Micro SHDC Card locked and Un-Dettactable

On the memory card there is a notch on the side make sure that is push up unlock or down to lock the card.
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Can any body help, I'm locked out of my surface tablet. I accidently turn of the power when resetting the surface and now asks me to sign in when there is no account to sign in with. I came across this error code 0xc0000001. I've tried opening the initial bios menu but it won't open (with backspace, delete button and settings key on the touch cover keyboard).

Need help fast.


A:Locked out of Windows RT

If you just bought this . You should have a warrenty on it. Call the support number and they will be able to help you out.
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So I purchased a new CPU a couple months ago and didn t bother to mess with the Bios after installing it Anyway the CPU I purchased was an AMD Phenom II X BE which as I understand is supposed to have all four cores unlocked from start with no need to do anything yourself Anyway some time had passed and about a month ago I was in my Bios messing around with some settings and noticed that under CPU Settings it showed something like this Core - Unlocked Core - Unlocked Core - Unlocked Core - Locked I started up my computer without making changes to check what my computer said and sure enough in task manager it only showed three cores I m almost positive that I d remembered seeing four cores in the task manage on multiple occasions before but of course couldn t be sure So I m not sure if it was always like this from when I installed the CPU or if something changed it for the first month or two I had it installed Anyway went back into Bios and changed it to Unlocked and now all four cores show as unlocked and my computer seems to be running fine but now I am unable to see the temperature readouts for each of my cores--which I understand is a side effect from unlocking cores though I shouldn t be having that problem considering the BE is supposed to come with all four cores unlocked AFAIK I m not too concerned about the temperature thing really but I m just wondering if this would have any effect on my computer or if it could mean that the CPU is faulty or something along those lines I appreciate mean CPU 965 locked core, had BE AMD a faulty? this Phenom X4 is could my II any help thanks nbsp

A:AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE had a locked core, could this mean my CPU is faulty?

I think the the X4 BE is supposed to have 6 cores, with 2 of them locked out. It almost sounds like you have an X3, with 1 of 4 cores locked out. My 970 BE showed 6 cores, with 2 locked out, when I first got it. But I think I may have over-cooked it, or something, when I enabled all 6 cores, and overclocked it, because now it only shows 4 cores. None are locked, though. It runs fine at 4GHz, with 1.5V to it, and 17V to the cooling fan.
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any-1 have any info or links on how to set mobo jumpers or some thing for a bios that has no clocking options ?

I have like 3 mobo that have no clocking options in the bios
all realy old. 5-10 years old
Gateway - 2510250 Intel (Fedora) motherboard,
Compaq presario 5000,
Dell dimension 2400

thanks for reading

A:How to OC with unfriendly BIOS or locked CPU

In a single word "NO"
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Hey with X4 at AMD Black locked Edition multiplier 4x guys I just built a AMD X4 Black Edition with multiplier locked at 4x computer for a friend and everything works AMD X4 Black Edition with multiplier locked at 4x except that the multiplier as stated in the title is locked at x making GHz with the FSB at MHz Here are AMD X4 Black Edition with multiplier locked at 4x the specs Gigabyte GA- GM-USB AMD G motherboard http www gigabyte com products product-page aspx pid ov X GB DDR Kingston RAM AMD Phenom II X Black Edition SUPPOSED TO RUN AT GHz CPU Coolermaster HAF ATX Case all three fans spin fine Gigabyte HD GB I doubt this has much to do with it graphics card Seagate SATA TB rpm HDD again probably not the problem I have read from online forums that this was a common problem with Gigabyte motherboards I wish I read that before the parts were ordered but this is a new AM motherboard and there is only one BIOS available By the way we tried manually changing the multiplier down to instead of the standard in the BIOS and this did not change things However the FSB did stay changed when we tweaked it to Has anyone got any ideas on how to fix this Please help me I convinced my friend to not buy an OEM computer and now I m feeling a bit sheepish nbsp

A:AMD X4 Black Edition with multiplier locked at 4x

i hear you bud

first off i have built 80 computers in 5 years and sold them all ,i feel you bro,all asus boards only one time with Gigabyte,abit ,msi never again, its all crap unless it says asus on it, i just had my asus rampage extreme 2 with the same problem,flashed bios ,now i am good to go, anything thats from the store is crap, you should have built him like i built my buds rig asus pro 1156 socket i5 3.2 overclocked to 3.99 lololol 4 gigs ram ,no problems he is happy as hell

when u buy parts you must buy them in order and put the money into the mobo chip and ram then video card then psu then case, people want hdd space lolol who cares about a 1tb hdd lolol it seems to me that everyone just cares about hdd space and not looking to build a great rig no offense, i love it when people buy rigs because of color or hdd space lolol
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ive got a netgear wireless cable voice gateway EMTA CVG824G v3, my friends father gave me this cause he wasn't using it, but i am not sure if i am able to use it cause i am on a AAPT plan and he is on a OPTUS plan, would it be locked to his ISP or not?

Please reply ASAP
Thanks you

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Here is a problem i can t find a aswere to anywhere i tried hdd unlocker no support for this model A-ff repair station said it was locked and no support for that drive either waisted money the drive is from a Hell i mean Dell laptop i bypassed the admin pass and the Seagate hdd st9120823as Locked secondary pass on laptop for my friend but i get a grey screen of death i have the hdd in my computer now trying to see if i can unlock it i know the password is on the memory of the hdd and there Locked Seagate hdd st9120823as is no rd party enkryption was looking to see if i can some how flash the drive back to the oem spect if that would work but no firmware could be found at seagate website if anyone here has any ideas let me know i did see a cool tool black box for pds on a europien website that claims can unlock any drive if i could format the drive and re install xp on it it will be good also tried paragon and a few others even tried EnCase on this with no luck i m running out of software in my collection all my forensics software Locked Seagate hdd st9120823as doen t work some has no updates from nbsp

A:Locked Seagate hdd st9120823as

No fix is possible except by replacing the hardware of the drive... your data is gone unless you can afford a professional recovery. If you have access to a clean room, you can remove parts from a known good drive, and replace the ones on that drive... but they must be identical. This job is not for the weak of heart.
What would be the value of a password, if we could get a fix here at TechSpot?
There are hardware services that do an excellent job, but the good ones start at $400 and rapidly go up from there.
Luckily, hard drives are now cheap... and someday the lost data will be unimportant.
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My friend just got quot The Dark DVD Locked Knight quot on DVD and asked me to rip it for him so that he could have it on his computer Figuring it not be a problem to rip a DVD cause I ve done so a lot I agreed Big mistake When I looked at in in the computer it had this weird double-layer locking on it It is locked in both permission and it has this other weird folder instead of the Audio TS folder it has something called a quot JACKET P quot DVD Locked folder The quot JACKET P quot folder has mp files in it Anyway I tried to handbreak it like I usually do with DVD Locked s that I want to rip but it just says quot scanning new source quot for as long as I let it sit Does anyone know how to a Take the access priveledges off of the DVD so that I can copy out of it and b Rip this DVD Thanks a lot nbsp

A:DVD Locked

No it's against the law
Unless creating a disc for backup purposes only
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Hi i have a 3100c with the usual problem bios password locked i have been trawling these treads looking for i backdoor passy , does anyone have any idea or link to where i might be able to find one plz?

thank you Tez

A:Bios password locked

i have been trawling these treads looking for i backdoor passyClick to expand...

And you missed this huge thread, whilst "trawling these treads"


Well replying on an old thread was not the way!
I've moved your post appropriately to here, please read this entire thread
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ok anyone that can help me- i would appreciate it!! My toshiba satellite A215 is locked. I logged on to it, everything was fine, checked email, no problems went back to the computer after about an hour (it lockes automatically after so many minutes idle) and guess what, the password I have been using doesnt WORK!! if you click reset password it says to insert floppy or disk to reset. I do not have a disk with information stored for this. I have been researching possible issues, does this sound like a bio password problem or something else. thanks for your time.
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Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Asus A8N-E
AMD 4800 x2 @ 219Mhz X 12 (1.5v)
4x1 Gb Corsair XMS 3500LL Pro @ 219Mhz (1.8v)
1.5Tb Spinpoint (500GB x 3)
HIS ATI Radeon X1959XTX locked at 100Mhz
PCI locked at 33Mhz

I used to run 2Gb of the same ram @ 249Mhz with no problems at all and the CPU @ x12 (3Ghz). Since installing the other two sticks I cant get it over the rated 219Mhz. It seems locked at this speed. I get memory errors galore if I go 1Mhz more.

does any one know if this is the mobo (presumably) limiting at the maximum bus speed? Any suggestions? I would like my 3Ghz CPU back.

vista rates everything at about 5.8-5.9 except for the CPU letting the side down @ 5.4.....

A:Ram locked @ 219Mhz

It's probably the limit of your limited motherboard
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Hi, my name is Jordan. I recently purchased 2 Dell Latitude laptops on eBay. They're D610 and D620. I've been able to bypass the BIOS passwords on each, but not the HDD passwords.

D610: T26T5A2S17K-595B
D620: XJ10P629234-595B

Can anyone help? I'm not too eager to shell out more cash on HDDs.

Thanks in advance,

A:Locked HDDs on D610 & D620

At what point from when you power on the machines do you get promted for this password?
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Well being the genius i am i accidently locked me and my gf out of our bedroom which uses a key we never had (apartment) this sux because im tired and I want to go to bed we have a 1bedroom and the restroom is in there to.


A:Locked myself out :( of our bedroom

this my be a first for techspot lol.
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I'm new to this website and I am hoping someone can help me with my dell inspiron notebook. It's been sitting in my closet for the past 2 years because it suddenly became password protected. I didn't add a password (although my daughter is not sure if she did accidentally). We've tried ever password we could think of and none worked. I called Dell and they pretty much said they can't help me. Can anyone help me get past this problem? I do not care about the contents on the computer any more. I just want to be able to use it. (or give it to my kid.)
thanks for any help you can offer.

A:Dell Notebook password locked
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Also if you can prove it's yours (not saying it's not) then Dell should help
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Hi everyone,

I was trying to delete my HP Omnibook XE3 BIOS password by changing it to blank (using<ENTER>), and I was locked. I tried the old password, <ENTER> and all the keys around <ENTER> key, but no success.

I am not expert with jumper and BIOS battery manipulation. The laptop is old and it does not worth spending money to fix it.

Would any one kindly help me with this problem? I found in this forum that some guys can help with a password that can unlock it. I got the hash code and it is 13053.

Please help me if you can.

Thanks in advance!
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I am running into a problem with a system I just built last year Today my computer runs W k locked up while typing an email on AOL I rebooted and the computer locked now computer System and doesn't run up would always get stuck at the screen showing Norton s GO BACK Even hitting the space bar to solve problems doesn t work So frustrated I d Power it down and then restart and then hit the start button rapid like three times after about unsuccessful bootups Now a power light of red is on but the green one that blinks at boot up is not working All that I hear running is the processor s Fan Did I short out my power button I am having a similar problem to the thread by mikeyworm I connected my HD to another system so HD is okay I had to reorder the same MBD in case System locked up and now computer doesn't run the MBD is toast I hope the processor is still okay This is frustrating Thanks Steven nbsp

A:System locked up and now computer doesn't run

Just in case:

Pull out all power source (power cable basically)

Hold down power button releasing all internal voltage (about 20 secs)

Put power cord back in

Turn on - I hope
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Hello So i was browsing for days i m currently using my home made computer due to the problem with my Dell well at first everything Locked Dell 370 Workstation Precision BIOS Factory was working like a charm i installed the DVD-Writer and put it in Slave mode that day when i wanted to install Vista on it i tried to make the DVD-Writer as a primary drive when i entered the BIOS everything was alright but when i tried to change anything it tell me that the SETUP is locked there is no password at all its just this Factory password so i tried to remove the Battery like has been Dell Precision 370 Workstation BIOS Factory Locked suggested everywhere but unfortunately XP isn t working at all neither from the safe mode all i get is that windows cannot start probably tried to enter the BIOS the date is back to and the factory password was still on and the setup is locked now i think my problem is in the BIOS i need to put my dvd-writer as primary but i need the Master Password I tried to contact Dell but they needed some details that i don t have its just they are asking too much and i just have few info and above all i don t have a fax machine so any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Dell Precision 370 Workstation BIOS Factory Locked

What happens when you change the jumpers on the drives from cable select to jumper them as master and slaves?
These are normal settings for networked machines and servers. Who setup your system?
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I'm Upagainstthewal (one L). Huge problem. I'm locked out of my HP Omnibook 6000 by a BIOS Password that I didn't even set. I have no clue on what it is or how to retrieve it? Is there a bypass or master password for this. I know that the provider is Phoenix. Can anyone lend a hand in assisting me with this issue?

A:HP Omnibook locked out

Hi there,

Google 'CMOS password reset' take your pick. Have used one of these in the past, can't remember which, find one that suits. Often resets to no password...

hi from SA

PS failing that I have heard that taking the bios battery out for a few hours can reset to no password. either way double check whilst googling... plenty of similar events... good luck
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Hi A friend honest has the above notebook which he bought second-hand He used the machine without problems for one year He upgraded to Ms Windows XP sr but about a month later when booting the machine it displayed - Hard-disk - B the system Primary HDD is protected by password authentication system You cannot access data on this hard drive without the correct password He tells me that he did not even know that the computer HDD locked Latitude Dell d600 had a hard disk password system and he has never set any passwords on it at all He has many pictures on the disk which he hopes not to lose I cannot find a solution on either the Dell or Hitachi websites and haven t been able to reach Dell by telephone since mid December but a Google search led me here I have seen replies from Dell Latitude d600 HDD locked Rustam providing generated Dell Latitude d600 HDD locked passwords but his her private mailbox is full Is anybody able to provide me with the HDD password please the machine details are - BIOS rev A system number P H J- B service tag P H J disk s n MPAA QBGRSHYB If the disk can be unlocked is it better to create a master password and a new HDD password or disable all passwords in case this happens again best wishes and a happy new year Richard nbsp

A:Dell Latitude d600 HDD locked


Its unlikely adding XP would set a password, your friend or someone must have set it.

Rustam isnt here anymore, your only choice is to go to my site and find the link for repair station, a website that offers remote unlocking of drives, they charge and dont cover all models.

Good luck

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Dear saviour,

I believe you can help me with the master password for A03 BIOS.
Service Tag: DCYZQ1J-595B.

Even I have no chance to boot from USB or CD when HDD is taken out.

A:Dell D410 BIOS Password locked

Tried speaking to dell? They will help if you legally own your dell.
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Hey missi again, I got so lucky with my dell that I thought I would take a shot at this Panasonic Touchbook. Older laptop, cant find any info on it. Dont have a clue about bios or anything. A friend brought it to me and said see what you can do with it. First time I have ever seen a cd eject out of the keyboard. I do have a model no.CF-61KXF4BAM. Its locked out with a cmos password or something. Any help would be greatful. Im sure its a long shot. Thanks a million missi

A:I have a Panasonic toughbook cf-61 locked out

This is fixable. You may need to open up the Laptop
and reset a jumper temporarily.

Sometimes manufacturers post bios default password on there site.

BTW Welcome to Techspot

I hope you have a very pleasurable stay at Techspot.

Regards Jase
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Hi all, I just successfully unlocked the bios on a dell latitude d800 using the shorting method. But now I have another problem. The hard drive has a password too, can someone please help with this issue.


A:Locked Hard Drive

be specific

What OS is on this computer? I am not familiar with any software/mechanism to lock out the hard drive. If Win98, create new user and password. If XP, safe mode may not be protected by password. Create admin login in safe mode. Programs exist to crack passwords. Good luck.
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I have an Inspiron 500m and I keep getting the message " This Computer system #76M291X-595B is protected by password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password"


The Express Service Code is 15637330005

How can I optain my lost password. I called Dell but not resaults. Please help ASAP.
Thanks in advance
Mike 12

A:Laptop is locked!

I have moved this to the Mobile Computing forum. Hopefully you will get a little better exposure here.

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athlon 2600+, Gigabyte NNXP Mobo, Windows 2000, adding a new 250Gig slave HDD (Seagate ATA).
Plugged it in and booted up, bios sees it, boot windows, starts hdd install, instead of success message, a message comes up that there was an error with the install and data services were locked, click finish.

Once windows had fully finished booting, no second drive visible, did "find new hardware", and selected exclamation marked hdd, and installed drivers from win update. The hard drive still does not appear in the My Computer drive tree.

Please, does anyone know what's happening here? Can this be fixed?

A:Hard drive instal error "data services locked"

Check your Disk Management. You can find this in:

Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Computer management
Disk Management

It should tell you if it is properly formatted, healthy, or degraded. Post results.
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I have a Dell monitor that is locked. When i press the menu button the alert says: " Attention: Control is locked". How can I unlock the monitor?

A:locked monitor

Try holding down the menu button for more than 15 seconds to unlock it.
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Here locked - unlock key the out is keyboard I have my problem This threads title message appears during boot up There is also quot cmos checksum error - defaults loaded quot because I cleared bios If I don t plug in the keyboard quot keyboard error or no keyboard present quot message appers too I predict this is not keyboard issued problem neither cmos Once has computer booted properly so I was able to configure bios settings but I did not connect hd preventing multiple starting and stopping I did reset to computer twice or three time checking if everything is ok there obviously quot disk boot failure quot message showed up keyboard is locked out - unlock the key at the end of bios keyboard is locked out - unlock the key bootup proces Then I turned off computer connected hd ide cable and power and started keyboard is locked out - unlock the key it again Titled message was written out again I am confused because I m sure I don t have keylock switch There is a keylock conector but it is disconnected Problem had already appeared few years ago Please help solving this problem Any suggestion would be good Thank You nbsp

A:keyboard is locked out - unlock the key

Checksum error is generally an indication that the CMOS battery is flat. It's the thumbnail sized watch-type battery on the motherboard. As far as your keyboard is concerned, what your problem is likely to be is a key is stuck on your keyboard and it's simply the fact that startup has got further that it's telling you this. Please try another keyboard before worrying about more expensive devices. I know it seems simple and mundane, but it's always a good idea to start troubleshooting from the bottom up.

Good luck.
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my dell inspiron is locked.I bought it from a x-friend and she failed to tell me what the pass word is.could you please help me get into my laptop????

A:my dell laptop is locked

It's in the FAQs.
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I am in need of assistance I have a GB Seagate IDE HDD with a Windows XP x Edition PC Anyhow I used an application known as quot Lock My Folder quot Apparently I tried to Locked Drive Problem! lock that drive When I did so I was doing something to try and lock it saying something like quot Unable to lock drive quot or some nonsense Anyhow when I did this I unlocked the drive supposedly and removed the drive from the list Now when I try to open the drive under My Computer it says something about quot Access Restricted quot Now the problem is that Lock My Folder says the same thing about the Locked Drive Problem! drive and doesn t recognize it as a locked drive What I know is that I CAN access the data inside Locked Drive Problem! the drive but I must know the folder in the drive in order to open it I want to fix this drive w o clearing the drive of the data so that I can re-access it from My Computer again and etc I NEED HELP nbsp

A:Locked Drive Problem!

uhhh....any help?
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Service Tag: XXXXXX-595B

A:Please Help Someone, My Latitude D600 Bios Locked

Have you seen THIS thread?

I hope it can help you!
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Hello to one and all I have an issue that I am in need of help with A few unlocking with hard drive a a passord a from help i Inspirion Dell 8100 locked need months i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100 ago I posted a plea for help with a Dell Inspirion laptop that I have A so called former friend locked up the laptop with administrator password and disabled the ability to boot the laptop via boot disk CD USB or anything else etc I sent a request of help to a gentleman by the call of Rustam and a i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100 few weeks ago he provided a master password to clear the dell grey screen asking for the password I was very grateful for i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100 the gesture of help I managed to bypass the screen only to get another gray screen telling me that the hard drive has been encrypted with another password I have tried to send an S O S to Rustam but he has not answered for one reason or another My question is as follow does anyone know of a way without having to shell out any money be able to unlock the hard drive so I can retrieve the data that I need as I don t have a backup of it Any ideas on how or where to look for futher info would be really appreciated nbsp

A:i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100

the only way i could think of would be to use the drive as a slave in another system with it's own operating system. this may allow you to simply view and access all of your data as a second drive.

if you can't simply access it through windows, then you may need to use a recovery program to access it.
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anyone I cant find the answer anywhere

A:How do I unlock my Locked cpu multiplier?

Is computer made by an oem like Dell, Gateway, HP, etc. Or one you made?

If it an oem then you will not be able to.

Post back and tell us.
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PC will not automatically boot up. Message on monitor "Monitor locked in safe mode". Tried an alternative monitor but with same result.

A:Locked Monitor

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Can you boot into safe mode?

If so try lowering your resolution and refresh rates.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I downloaded a movie tried to convert it to disc to play on tv, found the movie to long for one dvd, so tried to split it, that failed after a couple of attempts, I ended up with aload of vob files in my music folder. When I tried to delete these I found that I couldn't open the folder. I have tried two uninstall programs, they failed to open the folder then froze, I finally tried the search option, found the files, there were over one thousand files, I resigned myself to deleting them one by one, but after deleting half a doz. twice, that froze also. Can anyone please help?

A:locked folder

Open a command window and type: del folder\*.*

When prompted press y to confirm.
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Help! I have a Microtek flat-screen monitor and I tried to change my resolution. I believe I set it beyond the range of the monitor on accident and now the monitor is locked on a black screen displaying Out of Range. How can I fix this? Do I need to reboot in safe mode?

A:Out of Range message locked on my monitor!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Booting into safe mode may well solve your problem.

Then you can uninstall your video card drivers, reboot, and then reinstall your video card drivers. Then just reset your resolution to whatever your monitor can use.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I succefully locked apg pci to using the ratio s in the bios ddr GPU OC d Seems very stable so far no bench test yet PC pitstop results I installed a zalman vga cooler vf -cu dropped my gpu temp f idle Temperatures Motherboard C F CPU C F GPU C F GPU Ambient C F CPU Type Intel Pentium MHz x CPU Alias Prescott CPU Stepping E Instruction Set x MMX SSE SSE SSE Original Clock MHz Min Max CPU Multiplier x x L Trace Cache K Instructions L Data Cache KB L Cache MB On-Die ECC ATC Full-Speed CPU Properties CPU Type Intel Pentium CPU Alias Prescott C agp/pci @ 66/33 to vt7 prescott C 2.4 3ghz abit P4 locked CPU Stepping E Engineering Sample No CPUID CPU Name Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz CPUID Revision F h CPU Clock MHz original MHz overclock CPU Multiplier x CPU FSB MHz original MHz overclock Memory Bus MHz CPU Cache L Trace Cache K Instructions L Data Cache KB L Cache MB On-Die ECC ATC Full-Speed Motherboard Properties Motherboard ID -PT - - A L A C- Motherboard Name Abit VT PCI P4 prescott C 2.4 @ 3ghz abit vt7 agp/pci locked to 66/33 AGP DDR DIMM Audio LAN Chipset Properties Motherboard Chipset VIA Apollo PT Memory Timings - - - CL-RCD-RP-RAS Command Rate CR T Any suggestions on ram timmings SPD Memory Modules DIMM Infineon AED UD - C X MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz Graphics Processor Properties Video Adapter BFG nVIDIA GeForce GT OC GPU Code Name NV GT AGP x DE Rev A nbsp

A:P4 prescott C 2.4 @ 3ghz abit vt7 agp/pci locked to 66/33

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Hello, I have a Dell Latitude CPx 500Megahertz pc. I got it second hand and it has worked fine but recently the hard drive locked up and requires a password. I am trying to bypass the password and boot it back up. I do not have any internal floppy or cd rom drives, only a PCMAI card. I am currently running XP Pro on my system. If any one can help either with the password or to jump the motherboard and show me how to do so with a diagram of any sort. I would appreciate it. Thank you

A:Hard Drive locked, need hard drive password

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OK I have a Celron ghz m ram P running xp pro with sp My problem is my burner Pioneer reason : no locked region 107d for problems Pioneer d was copying a movie all Pioneer 107d problems : region locked for no reason is good suddenly errors hmmm tried everyting couldnt read original dvd rebooted comp checked all settings found in device manager it has locked to region im region which was set on purchase try to change and i get admin error and says please insert correct region media so I have tried a dvd and drive sits and spins without loading OK so I reformat hard drive Pioneer 107d problems : region locked for no reason and it the dvd then registers as no region with changes to go woohoo i say i change region back to all is good till next reboot when again its locked to region ok other than the hammer i have basically failed to solve the reason so I will just buy another BUT my question is if I install another dvd burner will the comp lock it as well cause i have read that i cant remove the dvd drive and put in another comp as it will still be locked tried and it was but if i install new drive will the comp automatically set it region are there hidden settings for this and if so what do i do The real bugger is comp is only months old and i dont want to have to replace hard drive burner or mother board to eliminate the problem I Thank in advance any who can help as this is so depressing thankyou nbsp

A:Pioneer 107d problems : region locked for no reason

look here for a firmware update:
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Hello it s the oldest forums member or am I When I leave my PC on unattended for an extended time say for a lengthy download I come back to a black screen When I move the mouse or hit a key a notice is there saying something like - quot This computer is active amp locked only an administrator or support group can access this computer quot I don t mind telling you I went straight into panic mode amp sat there fuming thinking what NOW After having a good chew at my nails amp breaking a couple of pencils not really I thought what the hell "Computer locked" Notice amp clicked on quot OK quot amp voila I was back on what was all that about I keep thinking that one day it will REALLY lock me out Another query how do I increase the time I stay on-line I "Computer locked" Notice know it can be done because I had it done for me I am now on minutes how can I increase this amp is it advisable to do so nbsp

A:"Computer locked" Notice

Re;- my last message

Thanks Per, you finish your first answer with "that's it" I presume I then choose between two alternatives? I'm a bit nervous of cocking it up, & why do you think it lets me back on-line so easily? another Microsoft glitch?....plenty of those!
As to your second answer, re time on-line, that's fine, but what about staying on TOO long? my 20/hour help said it might tie-up the Internet too much, does this matter, or is it a matter of protocol/principle?
Thanks for being patient, Per, I am "getting on", bright for my age, but not so confident as you young 'uns, I need your assurance.
Thanks [great place, Sweden]
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why is my fps locked at 60 in sof2? i was getting over 100?
I set my maxfps to 200

what did i do??

A:fps locked

It's most likely the limits on your video card. 60 fps on a new hardware intensice game like SoF2 is pretty good.

Unless you have a brand new video card. Then there may be a problem.
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Own HP Envy with TB HDD with GB SSD Recently have experienced interrupted boot up with computer going in to loop as it moves through the initial process which is truncated and the system restarts Have found that the system reports that the HDD SSD is HDD/SSD stopping up Locked boot locked and I am told to unlock to continue normal boot up Two questions what could have caused this problem and what Locked HDD/SSD stopping boot up procedure can I use to correct unlock hard drive and ensure that it does not happen again Of note even Locked HDD/SSD stopping boot up though Locked HDD/SSD stopping boot up this computer only has a couple hundred hours running time it has been a constant problem Initially upon starting out the box I had to replace the DVD optical drive then I had to conduct a recovery with the help of Microsoft and HP had to open and re-seat the video card and now this problem I forgot I was also having a problem with MS OS conducting an upgrade request search on a continual basis every seconds which caused a mini browser reset and interfered with typing passwords nbsp

A:Locked HDD/SSD stopping boot up

This could be caused by an impending failure of the 1 TB hard drive. The 18GB SSD is only used for data caching...
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I tried to change my administrator password- the only account on the computer- and while doing so- something went wrong It took a very long time and then finally an quot unable out of Vista computer Password-Locked Administrator to change password quot message popped up My computer then went dead After turning it back both the new and old passwords will not work I cannot get into my computer at all I tried the previous password as well as the new which I absolutely know that I typed in correctly as I had to re-enter the password to match I ve tried Vista Administrator Password-Locked out of computer safemode I ve tried burning ophcrack onto a cd- I went in and changed the boot options in my Vista Administrator Password-Locked out of computer system settings to make it so the CD drive was first I put the CD in and nothing happened I have some papers due that are on my computer and desperately need in Please please please- someone explain this to me I am not computer savvy thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Vista Administrator Password-Locked out of computer
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I have been using office 2003 pro for 2 years. only recently I reformated C drive (Sony laptop) using restore disks. I reinstalled office 2003.
All was going well till I started to use Word 2003. I can read but not able to edit my own documents I get the message "This modification is not allowed because the document is locked"Even a new documents cannot be done. I get same message
whatever I do is not working. I removed office completly then reinstalled it and still the same proble.
I even looked at the files properties in (my documents) and made sure that the properties is set to read/write.
I'd appreciate your advice.
Thank you in anticipation

A:Locked documents office 2003

boot into Safe Mode; login as Admin
find the directory containing the files
(may be more than one; if you only store docs in your My Documents dir, then use it)
right click->properties
click the Security Tab->Advanced->Owner
take ownership of the directory (As Admin)
[select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects]

go to Permissions
Now ADD user and give FULL CONTROL
[select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects]
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Hi,I tried opening Word after I reformatted my laptop and I got this message: This modification is now allowed because this document is locked.

All the menu icons are gray and won't let me do anything, this is for the entire Microsoft Office 2003. When I try to activate, nothing happens. I already uninstalled/installed many times. Does anyone know what to do?


A:This modification is now allowed because this document is locked.

If this happens with all documents, then either you have not activated the
software, or you have a trial version that is expired. What happens if you
click on Help | Activate Product?

If this happens with only one document, then click on Tools | Unprotect

Nobody seems to have another solution AFAIK
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i got this error message "This modification is not allowed because the document is locked"

I cant click on most of the oenu option like on the fire, inser, ect

if u giys have any sugestinos let me know thanks

it also dosnet wo k wit exell and outlook basicly my whole microsoft office?

I am relly mad i dony know please if u guys have any segetions plese help thaks ;(

A:This modification is not allowed because the document is locked

Have you tried to copy the contents of the document to another instance of the office product you are using? You should also check to see if your temlates are read only. You may also have a virus. Are your virus defs updated?

If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall office.
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i USE SOFTWARE "Lock My PC"' BY FSPro Labs.



A:Help Please; Need Password, I'm Locked Out

To start with, stop shouting (all text in CAPITALS), it's much frowned upon!
Next, how do we know it's YOUR PC that you want to get into?
Contact the software maker, they may give you a master-password if you can prove that it's yours.
Other than that, good luck.
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This is the only place I could find that might actually have people that know whats going on. I'm not sure what the deal is, but it is a few problems. I have to re-install XP on my system quite a bit because my sister is an ***** that downloads anything you can click.

Now, after this last time, I finished re-downloading all our past utilities like media players and such, but now certain autorun features won't kick in, and memory scanners like Artmoney and Tsearch only return results from the 00000000 to 01000000 range. Now, THAT'S the part that bothers me. Even if I am using memory scanners for something else and deliberately isolate the 20000000 and up range, it returns no results.

Memory block from malware or something? Or am I just stupid, and doing something wrong?

A:Might get locked, but I need help.

scan (normal, safemode, online..), update (windows, drivers, programs).. the usual first, then see what happens.. tried reinstalling them right? also might want to give your active processes a quick look through (use process explorer or something) and registry cleaner of sorts...

why dont you set up user accounts with limited/restricted for your sis (like i do ) and lock the main admin/power user accounts with some passwords...

although be prepared to bear the nags of "this such and such is not working!!!!" in which you explain again for the x-amount of times not to download and run such etc...
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I am looking for cdma or any evaluation drivers where users can change PID & VID but not strings.

Can anybody suggest me where I can find one?

Thank you.


A:Evaluation drivers where PID & VID not locked

Perhaps you can elaborate a bit further as to what hardware you're trying to find drivers for.
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System Dell WinXP Keyboard & USB Mouse up can't fix locked WinXP Media SP No PS ports Problem System won t recognize USB keyboard and mouse so I can do repairs on WinXP problem Yesterday I got an error message telling me that the driver for my tablet was invalid I wasn t using my tablet at the time and plugged it in It worked fine I unplugged it and figured I d update the driver later that day Went away from the computer for a couple of hours When I returned everything was operating in slow motion took minutes to open Start All Programs Tried to start the computer in Safe Mode and got bue screen with the following error message quot Stop c Registry Failure etc USB Keyboard & Mouse locked up can't fix WinXP quot Went online and found a MicroSoft fix which involved copying USB Keyboard & Mouse locked up can't fix WinXP system software sam security and default file to a tmp folder deleting them then copying them from a repair folder I got through that and restarted the computer as instructed and then my USB keyboard and mouse stoppped working I have tried rebooting from the Dell Win disk I get to the point where it asks me to accept the license by pressing F That key does not work Strangely the ESC and the PgIp PgDn work just fine I got the bright idea to copy all the USB driver files c windows system drivers from another computer with a clean recent install of WinXP Media but still no luck I am guessing at this point that I have to go in and edit the registry but I have no idea where to start The only really good news is that I can read the drive I took it to another computer and installed it as a secondary drive and backed up all the data files to an external USB drive that I use for backups So at least all my critical data is safe help nbsp

A:USB Keyboard & Mouse locked up can't fix WinXP

Other than USB keyboard and mouse connection, does your computer have the round purple and green (PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse) connection ?

If so, on many systems with this fault, you may require, at least, a PS/2 keyboard (and have all other USB out) until Windows is up and running.
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Just for FAT32 out of problem windows!!HELP locked Windows/Linux the record I m a Mac user and for these kinds of reasons SO if anyone DOES decide to help me could you make your explanation VERY vivid seeing as I am VERY bad with windows Thanks So a friend gave us Windows/Linux FAT32 problem locked out of windows!!HELP an IBM Thinkpad with windows installed This gave me the opportunity to use the Suse Linux we had lying around I partitioned the drive so both windows and linux could work on the same computer using the quot easy installation quot process All was well until one day out of the clear blue I was rstarting Windows and an error message popped up Checking system C the file is FAT Windows is Windows/Linux FAT32 problem locked out of windows!!HELP checking for consistency quot some random numbers such as serial number quot bootex log not a valid allocation windows will try truncating it quot the checking finishes and i proceed with starting up windows but then as soon as I get into the desktop I get the blue screen it only pops up for a few seconds so i dont have the chance to copy it all down but it says Windows/Linux FAT32 problem locked out of windows!!HELP something about quot ntoskrnl exe quot and Dumping Physical Memory then it reboots and either does the same thing or goes into my suse linux So what can I do to stop this I ll do anything even if it means deleting Linux which i cant figure out either Oh and by the way the WINDOWS start-up cd never starts up when i retsrt my computer even when i choose to boot from CD-ROM in BIOS setup it still ignores the CD PLEASE help me thank you jon nbsp
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I cannot get into my desktop. When I rebooted my computer last week it said that the domain (my name) was not available. I used the password reset disk and changed my password. I used this password and it still won't let me in. I pressed F8 and went under Adminstrator into safe mode with networking. Unfortunately, I cannot access the internet with this mode. Someone told me my desktop was most likely "compromised" (hijacked) How do I get into my desktop?

I have run Adaware, SPybot, Norton Spyware, firewall, PC Doctor and McAffee. I have run all of them and they all seem to be clean except Spybot caught the Huntbar. What can I do? I have many files that I can't access and I need them.

Thanks for your help.


A:Locked out of computer - possible hijack?

Strange, you should be able to access internet in safe mode with network support. As for your logon problem, in windows safe mode as administrator, try going to control panel, then go to users, click your regular user then click remove password.

Also check the system is set not to log onto some domain. In control panel, click the system icon, then click the computer name tab, click the change button, where it says member of... make sure the workgroup is selected and not domain.

Good luck.
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Same own my locked of I'm Help! out network! stuff different day The quot Administrator quot on Help! I'm locked out of my own network! a Dell with XP Home has changed some settings can t remember which and the quot Guest quot can t access quot Hotmail com quot The two computers are attached to a Cisco router on a T- line Another computer on the router works Help! I'm locked out of my own network! fine So it s not a router problem The main computer problem happened when I disconected the other computer s quot file sharing quot access and some security features I can t remember which on the main computer to keep the quot Guests quot needing permission Now the quot Guest quot has no access to quot hotmail com quot on the main computer I don t know how to change the settings back on the main computer It s been days since I checked e-mail I quot goofed quot things up real good this time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here s the message I ve been seeing for almost a month now Sign In to Hotmail Help The Microsoft Passport Network is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons This site may be experiencing a problem The site may not be a member of the Passport Network You can You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the Passport Network or try again later at this site Microsoft Passport Network Account Services Privacy Statement Terms of Use Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am using MyWay com as email on this computer still no access This is my first year on the Internet I m a quot newbie quot The whole thing with quot Okidude quot got resolved by the way another of my pests I mean posts but this one has still got me stumped Control Panel in XP home version doen t even show me an quot administrative tools quot selection but when I got there accidentally the other day it said quot You do not have permission to access this site blah blah blah I really screwed up when I tried to get to the Hotmail account when I signed up for another account I guess Somehow it doesn t recognize my login or something huh The quot host quot to this computer has no clue how to get back his quot authorization quot Basically the quot short story quot help nbsp

A:Help! I'm locked out of my own network!

Error message at Sign-in to Hotmail

If you see this...
The Microsoft Passport Network is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:
This site may be experiencing a problem.
The site may not be a member of the Passport Network.
You can:
You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the Passport Network, or try again later at this site.

How about more than a month later...


Sometimes, things are so simple to solve, but it only takes one, misdirected and un-educated question to complicate the issue - it ultimately sends us back to re-invent the wheel... or an old computer.

My Issue was never a "network" one. It's just the way that Explorer and Hotmail and Outlook interact together... or don't.

I have enough sense not to lock my keys in my car for over thirty years, but when it comes to computers, I always think that I know what I'm doing. ha.

There was a reason for the error message that kept me from using the Hotmail GUI. I accessed Outlook, one time, and it allowed me to use the "bare-bones" access to my hotmail account. huh? Maybe these two don't "get along", I thought. I uninstalled Outlook to test my hunch. nada.

What do you do when you've spent days trying to figure out a problem and even asked a few "tech sites" what they thought? That's an easy answer... the manual and call the company. ugh.

The friendly, automated voice directed me to clear the cookie over-ride list that is stored in the "Privacy" tab under the "Edit" button in "Managed Sites". I thought this was a way to block or allow access to my e-mail by "spamers". Don't laugh! I bet you thought that at one time too!

I used Hotmail to organize a "safe-list" at one time, until it became too full. Now I just us a couple of freeware products to manage junk mail.

No broken Windows, just a "cracked-up" do-it-yourself-er!
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Can someone lend me a brick I m a windows user - GB Corsair ram - Samsung Evo GB SSD - Asus Sabertooth FX R motherboard - Seasonic X-series PSU Backstory last night I was gaming over my living out locked am 8 physically Windows of I room TV I played through a USB Hub connect to a usb extension lead to extend the reach of my peripherals I game this way most the time I was using a G Logitech gaming mouse amp Razer Tartarus keypad when I noticed my main keyboard wireless Logitech K had stopped working Since I couldn t escape out of the game I opted to I am physically locked out of Windows 8 rest the computer The Problem On reboot I found that only my G gaming mouse amp Razer keypad worked Absolutely none of my other peripherals work at all except to access the Bios Fortunately my G mouse still worked in Windows but I had to log in using the on screen keyboard to punch in my password In Windows I checked my Device Manager to find that all peripherals were recognized but unidentified all except the G mouse amp Razer keypad All other peripherals were recognized as inputs by my computer but unidentified within Windows I have tried to access the peripherals properties to update amp establish the drivers on each of the unidentified peripherals but Windows still won t identify amp establish their functions Numerous resets amp shutdowns have been made Numerous shifting of dongles around USBs both amp have been made For the record I have already tried - Restarting the computer amp switching power on and off as well as unplugging the power supply - Checking numerous peripherals on separate computers Mouse and Keyboard Peripherals are all working perfectly fine on two other computers - Using both wireless and wired peripherals of different brands However I have not yet tried PS Plug as I don t have that kind of keyboard amp mouse - Moving dongles around USB ports to test both USB amp - Accessing Bios Asus Sabretooth to ensure all USBs are enabled Clearly the USBs a reading the keyboards as I can hit F to access Bios I have also used F in Bios to optimize defaults on reboot still Didn t work - Entering Windows to re-establish hardware - I ve tried entering safe mode but between windows the SSD amp the UEFI bios - I couldn t be more up the creek regarding that course of action - Finally Installing Teamviewer for assistance from a friend - a qualified IT guy Bad to worse Despite his experience my friend was as perplexed as I was He recommended I take out the SSD and access my information on a different computer I m not experienced enough to do this so I finally decided to cut my losses - I would backup my HDD and reinstall Windows Damn you Microsoft However windows then denied my G mouse too As well my Tartarus So no peripherals work now I am physically locked out of Windows admittedly it could be that with all the tooling around we did we forgot to re-enable the G mouse in the device manager before rebooting Be as it may - I m locked out So what now Also Am I able to upgrade to Windows for free or can I exchange it for a Windows Anything but Windows Some further Observations Clearly the issue lies not with the hardware but with the Microsoft Windows software Interestingly while the keyboards don t work the sleep key on my Dell keyboard does work causing the computer to enter sleep mode in Windows when pressed So again the hardware must at least be recognized by the USB nbsp
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Was tired of having to hit enter at the windows log on screen, decided to run the user passwords2 and uncheck the box so I can save time logging in, after reboot system now has locked me out completely asking for a admin password which does not exist, the only way I could get back into my laptop was thru safemode and then do a system restore. Not sure why this happened. Now I am back to the same issue of having to hit enter to log on. Any ideas as to why?

A:[SOLVED] Locked out...

Is the password that is being asked by Windows or before Windows loads?
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Have tried to log into windows and only screen that appears is the log on window. Have tried starting and repeatedly pushing f8, but nothing changes.Using windows xp professional.

A:locked out

The login screen refuses your authentication attempts?

Can you get into the BIOS, before Windows starts loading up?
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Hi all. I've got a computer in an enterprise environment running XP Pro, off network, offline.

The software manufacturer (Metso) has locked down the computer to log into a user account that has no admin. I can't access any properties, cmd, control panel, etc - nothing but the software designed to run on start up (Metso) and shut down/restart.

I cannot log out at the ctrl,alt,del - the option is there but it just takes me back to the user desktop.

Getting in on safe mode with command prompt is possible but commands there seem locked down as well (ie. I tried to run desktop.cpl - no luck). I thought maybe there is a command I can run that will switch users but then I realized even in safe mode I am still logged in as the non-admin user.

Is there a linux distro that gives me some control over XP user accounts maybe? Ugh.


A:XP Pro locked down to non-admin user

In Safe Mode, log in as Administrator and leave the password blank, unless you know the local administrator password set by the company.Make sure you change the Domain to (This Computer) If it asks for a password that you don't know, there is not much you can do.
If that works, you will be logged in as the Local Administrator and not the Domain Administrator. Here you can Right click My Computer/Properties/Computer Name/Change. Here, if you are part of a Domain, click the Radio button for Workgroup to leave the domain. You will have to log out and log in as the Local Administrator again. Once that is done, you can create a new user with admin rights for yourself and add your own password if you like.
If this all fails, your only recourse is to reinstall Windows from a Windows disc.
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We have a 232 page word document that includes many form fields (created with Developer > Legacy Tools > Text & Check Box Form Fields. We also have several pages that include a mail merge for Name, Mailing Address, From & To dates, etc.

The Mail Merge Fields come from an Excel file. Both Word & Excel are Office Standard 2010.

My problem is that in order to modify the Form Fields the document must be restricted for editing, but allowing adjustment to "Form Fields", however, once the file is linked with the Excel file, I am no longer able to restrict editing on the document. I do not have Design Mode turned on, The file is not Read Only, nor is the file saved as "Final".

How am I supposed to lock the document to allow our users to edit the form fields, while still maintaining the documents ability to pick up the merge fields?

Thank you!

A:Form Fields / Mail Merging & Locked Document issues

By design, mailmerge has never worked with formfields. Even if you leave the document unprotected for the merge, you will find all except any checkbox formfields get deleted during the merge.

Since you're using Word 2010, though, you could replace all the formfields with content controls. Those don't require forms protection and they'll survive a mailmerge. If you want to restrict post-merge editing to the use of the content controls, you can apply the 'filling in forms' protection at that stage.
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Hi there my computer has been infected amd what my jpgs are now postfixed with the block extension In each of the folder where the pictures are locked there is a warning txt file that asks me to make a payment to a certain address I am desperately hoping to recover these locked warning.txt file with .block jpeg pictures Any help feedback would be much appreciated I have attached both the warning txt and dds txt below Warning txt content Your identification number Your IP address WARNING INFORMATION MESSAGE YOUR COMPUTER IS BLOCKED If you see this text its means that you try to deactivate our programm If you want unblock your files please contact us via email payandbeunblocked yahoo com All your documents text files and databases are ecurely encrypted with AES You can unlock PC and files by paying a fine of USD USA and Canada USD via Western Union to other Countries You can select different payment methods With MoneyGram express prepaid code in amount of USD With Moneypak prepaid code in amount of USD With Ukash prepaid code in amount of EUR With Western Union Transfer in amount of USD if you want to pay with Western union you may do request payment information by email payandbeunblocked yahoo .block locked jpeg file with warning.txt com STEP If files are important to you and you are ready to pay then buy prepaid code for the amount of at the nearest store STEP Choose payment method then enter your code and your valid email address in the fields below Then click PAY and you will be prompted to enter the unlock code OR Send an e-mail at PAYANDBEUNBLOCKED YAHOO COM Indicate your ID in the message title and provide prepaid code STEP Check your e-mail In hours we will send your Unlock code once payment is verified Then enter your unlock code that you received by email from us and click UNLOCK Your computer will roll back to the ordinary state WARNING You have hours for pay As soon as hours elapse the possibility to pay the fine expires and your files will be securely erased with U S DoD -M ECE wipe algorithm Q How can I make sure that you can really decipher my files A You can send one ciphered file on email PAYANDBEUNBLOCKED YAHOO COM Indicate your ID and IP address in the message title in the response message you receive the deciphered file Q What if I don have possibility to purchase prepaid code A You can send money in amount of USD by WesternUnion as alternative option Q Where can I purchase a MoneyGram A MoneyGram can be purchased at thousands of stores nationwide including major retailers such as Cumberland farms CVS pharmacy Speedway Q Where can I purchase a Ukash A Getting Ukash in Europe is easy and convenient Ukash is available at over outlets worldwide in over countries You can get Ukash from shops petrol stations kiosks ATMs and online Q Where can I purchase a MoneyPak A MoneyPak can be purchased at thousands of stores nationwide including major retailers such as Wal-Mart Walgreens CVS pharmacy Rite Aid Kmart Kroger and Meijer Q How do I buy a MoneyPak at the store A Pick up a MoneyPak from the Prepaid Product Section or Green Dot display and take it to the register The cashier will collect your cash and load it onto the MoneyPak DDS txt content DDS Ver - - - NTFS x Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by Milton at on - - Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM armsvc exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe C Program Files Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware mbamscheduler exe C Program Files Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware mbamservice exe C Program Files Common Files Motive McciCMService exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Roxio Shared SharedCOM RoxW... Read more
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My name is Bill Cox and im new to the forum and new to windows seven, I have a problem with my old HDD which I have slaved to a new hard drive. new hdd runs W7 old one ran on WXP. which section of the forum do I write for advice ?

A:problem with permissions locked on old hdd

Here is perfect. Could you elaborate on your issue?
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My Dell XPS 15z wouldn't boot this weekend. After a few failed attempts I got the screen to start in safe mode. A screen with options popped up with the first option being to do a System Repair so I decided to try that. It went through a few steps and seemed to be progressing. However, it now appears to be frozen on a screen that says it is attempting to perform system repairs and that the process could take over an hour. This was basically 48 hours ago. If I hit the cancel button a screen pops up telling me the process cannot be stopped. My husband even turned the computer off but when it starts up again it automatically returns to the frozen screen.


A:System Repair has locked up on Dell laptop

F8 at power on should give you some recovery options. Have you tried that?
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I have a emachine desktop pc with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system in my home that I purchased new in 2010. There a two accounts setup on it as well as the admin account for a total of 3 accounts. I am locked out of the admin account. When I try to access it from the logon screen this is the message I get: the user profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded (the an OK box is displayed). Question: How can I get into the admin account?

A:locked out of admin account

I have a emachine desktop pc with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system in my home that I purchased new in 2010. There a two accounts setup on it as well as the admin account for a total of 3 accounts. I am locked out of the admin account. Click to expand...

Who originally set up that computer?

Has it been in use since 2010?

How are you trying to access the administrator account?

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I have been locked out of a Word program that requires a password. I created the doc and set the password. I never had problems. Today when I try to open it I get a ghosted screen with no box to enter my password into. Has anybody had a similar problem? I'm using Word 2007 and am running Windows 7.

I thought that I had a backup of the doc somewhere but, as Murphy's Law dictates, I can't seem to find it anywhere. How can I unlock my document? Can anybody please help me with this?
Thank you

A:Locked out - help!

You can try this...Open up a blank document. Go to Insert -> the dropdown arrow next to Object(in 2013 its in the Text section) -> Text from File. Then simply select your password-protected document and hit Insert. The only downside to this is that its formatting will most likely be a little messed up
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I cannot log into my pc. Log in box appears and administrator is not the answer being typed in. Have tried startups using the F8 key,also have tried the F5 key and alt/cntrl/delete. Will not offer the safe mode start up. Is there a FREE password cracker that I can download onto another comp. and then insert into the locked out pc? Suggestions??

A:locked out of windows XP Pro

unfortunately, we cannot assist with these cases, as there is no way to ascertain the intentions. You may want to re-read the rules page at


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Moderator, I am so sorry I had not read the ruling on password retrieval, please forgive the mistake. I am not trying to be ill-legal we do have the receipt for it ;-) Dedee

A:Pandigital Locked me out...

It's alright, but please do not create another thread for it.......again, as the rules state, we simply cannot assist.

Thanks again for understanding. Your best bet would be to take it back and see if they can reset it to the factory standards.


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My grandson got a Pandigital Super Nova tablet/notebook for Christmas. It was doing fine until he set a password on it and now he has forgotten what the password was! :-( Is there any way to by-pass the password or to unlock it without the password, please? ( the password was a series of dots and you had to remember the sequence in which you touched them) Thanks for any advice, Dedee

A:Pandigital Super Nova locked me out...

Hello, dedee44.

unfortunately, we cannot assist with forgotten passwords, as we cannot verify the authenticity. From the rules page:

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed. Click to expand...

As such, I'm going to have to close this. Thanks for understanding,

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My Ipod Touch had a passcode lock on it and my younger brother managed to disabled to where the red disabled screen says "connect to Itunes." I tried doing that but Itunes didn't recongnize the ipod. I no longer have access to the orginal home computer it was synced to, which had all my data stored within it. I have read that I have to restore it. Is there any other soultion to unlocking my ipod other than erasing all my data? Or is there a way to back up the data on my ipod before restoring it?
Please help me if you can! Thank you!

A:Ipod Touch Locked

The whole point of a passcode is to protect the data. If there were a way to "backup" the data without knowing the passcode, that would defeat the purpose.

This site can't help with bypassing passwords and security.
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Can someone lend me a brick I m a windows user - GB Corsair ram - Samsung Evo GB SSD - Asus Sabertooth FX R motherboard - Seasonic of my I am physically out locked windows. Solved: X-series PSU Backstory last night I was gaming over my living room TV I played through a USB Hub connect to a usb extension lead to extend the reach of my peripherals I game this way most the time I was using a G Logitech gaming mouse amp Razer Tartarus keypad when I noticed my main keyboard wireless Logitech K had stopped working Since I couldn t escape out of the game I opted to rest the computer The Problem On reboot Solved: I am physically locked out of my windows. I found that only my G gaming mouse amp Razer keypad Solved: I am physically locked out of my windows. worked Absolutely none of my other peripherals work at all except to access the Bios Fortunately my G mouse still worked in Windows but I had to log in using the on screen keyboard to punch in my password In Windows I checked my Device Manager to find that all peripherals were recognized but unidentified all except the G mouse amp Razer keypad All other peripherals were recognized as inputs by my computer but unidentified within Windows I have tried to access the peripherals properties to update amp establish the drivers on each of the unidentified peripherals but Windows still won t identify amp establish their functions Numerous resets amp shutdowns have been made Numerous shifting of dongles around USBs both amp have been made For the record I have already tried - Restarting the computer amp switching power on and off as well as unplugging the power supply - Checking numerous peripherals on separate computers Mouse and Keyboard Peripherals are all Working perfectly fine on two other computers -Using both wireless and wired peripherals of different brands However I have not yet tried PS Plug as I don t have that kind of keyboard amp mouse - Moving dongles around USB ports to test both USB amp - Accessing Bios Asus Sabretooth to ensure all USBs are enabled Clearly the USBs a reading the keyboards as I can hit F to access Bios I have also used F in Bios to optimize defaults on reboot still Didn t work - Entering Windows to re-establish hardware I ve tried entering safe mode but between windows the SSD amp the UEFI bios - I couldn t be more up the creek regarding that course of action - Finally Installing Teamviewer for assistance from a friend - a qualified IT guy Bad to worse Despite his experience my friend was as perplexed as I was He recommended I take out the SSD and access my information on a different computer I m not experienced enough to do this so I finally decided on the ultimatum - I would backup my HDD and reinstall Windows Damn you Microsoft However windows then denied my G mouse too As well my Tartarus So no peripherals work now I am physically locked out of Windows admittedly it could be that with all the tooling around we did we forgot to re-enable the G mouse in the device manager before rebooting Be as it may - I m locked out So what now Also Am I able to upgrade to Windows for free or can I exchange it for a Windows Anything but Windows Some further Observations Clearly the issue lies not with the hardware but with the Microsoft Windows software Interestingly while the keyboards don t work the sleep key on my Dell keyboard does work causing the computer to enter sleep mode in Windows when pressed So again the hardware must at least be recognized by the USB nbsp
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Suspicious activity detected. Your account is locked.
This will not allow me to access my Hotmail or live accounts.
It ask me to change my password, then ask for credit card information.
I did not do that. I can access these accounts on any other device with no problems.
I have having the same problem in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.
I am running windows7 64bit on an HP Pavilion desktop.
I cannot run McAfee, Rkill, or Malwarebytes, even in safemode.
I ran FRST but it will not allow me to copy and paste into my browser so I attached the FRST and Addition files.
My internet explorer only seems to work in safemode.
Thnak you.

A:Suspicious activity is detected. Your Account is locked

Hi there,my name is Marius and I will assist you with your malware related problems.Before we move on, please read the following points carefully. First, read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding. Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one. If you have any problems while following my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem. Do not run any other scans without instruction or add/remove software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me. Post all logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts. If I don't hear from you within 3 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed. Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean. My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.   Scan with aswMBRPlease download aswMBR ( 4.5MB ) to your desktop.Double click the aswMBR.exe icon, and click Run.There will be a short delay before the next dialog box comes up. Please just wait a minute or two.When asked if you'd like to "download the latest Avast! virus definitions", click Yes.Typically this is about a 100MB download so depending on your connection speed it can take a short while to download and become ready.Click the Scan button to start the scan once the update has finished downloadingOn completion of the scan, click the save log button, save it to your desktop, then copy and paste it in your next reply.Note: There will also be a file on your desktop named MBR.dat do not delete this for now. It is an actual backup of the MBR (master boot record).
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Hi, a few of my games and flight sims look bad on my monitor and it's a chore having to tweak the monitor and video card settings to improve the picture every time I load them, then adjust the settings again when I exit and go back to general PC use. 
I've got an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 and I'm wondering if there's an option or something that would allow me to lock a certain set of brightness/contrast/gamma/colour settings to a particular game, so that the settings automatically kick in whenever I load that game without me having to tweak them in?

A:Can different graphic settings be locked to different games?

I don't know of any actual settings that would do what you want, but there is an app from Nvidia themselves that I think will get the job done. Here's a link to a quick story about it
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Have been building my own computers since I used to build a new one every year and give 10074 Locked into away my replaced one to either my kids or my parents However in I built one with top of the line hardware and haven't had to build a new one until this year The only reason I built a new one was because my son's computer which was years old could not run a certain game This time around I went Locked into 10074 with SSD When I first started up my new computer it was turn on in a matter of seconds I then upgraded via a download from Microsoft to Windows It was update The start menu did not work I chalked it up to a bad version and figured the next one would fix it Soon after when I restarted my computer it took longer than a few seconds Sometimes up to or mins So I downloaded and installed Windows Again the start menu did not Locked into 10074 work and I could not upgrade using Windows Update I could right-click on start and select run and then would type wuapp It would not come up until a minute later and then close out It does that still Now at times when I click on any program on my task bar it takes time before it starts Using the Windows Key E will take several minutes to work Right-clicking on my recycle bin takes minutes or more I sometimes pull up the Task Manager to restart explorer because I get tired of waiting Sometimes Task Manager does not want to open and I eventually have to close it out If I want to open explorer the best way for me to do it is to click on a folder on my desktop I decided I wanted to download the version of windows as an iso and burn the image and make a new install instead of an update It errors out after the image is burned The files are on the disc but when I click on the disc it will not do anything I inserted my windows disc I made last year so I could install that and then upgrade through Windows Update and it would go through the whole setup but when it was time to restart it never restarted After minutes I had to manually restart and when the computer finally came back on it said Windows failed to install and my computer was returned to how it was before the setup I have watched movies today as I waited restarts and such So I cannot go back to to try to re-install and I cannot upgrade to version I have never in my life had problems like this on any of my computers Have always prided myself on getting things worked out on my own or through research This isn't a business computer or one that has highly sensitive stuff on it All my valuable stuff is always backed up Because it is mainly a computer for hobby I am willing to test Windows I always been the first of those I know who try the new operating system I usually can work around the initial bugs and then let friends know when it is a good time to upgrade Only operating system was ever removed and never returned to that was Windows ME So I am willing to try whatever I need to get my computer back I will even try to install my Windows Ultimate but I fear the restarting problem I have will result in nothing Here are my specs if it helps Windows Pro Insider - Samsung EVO TB -Inch SATA III Internal SSD ASRock Z Extreme LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core i - K Processor G SKILL Trident X Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - C D- GTX EVGA G-P - -KR GeForce GTX SSC ACX GB -Bit GDDR PCI Express Creative Sound Blaster Z SBX PCIE Gaming Sound Card System Builder Version SB SB LG Internal UH NS BD-ROM Blu-ray Optical Drive EVGA SuperNOVA G -G - -VR W ATX V SLI Ready PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Power Supply What else do you need from me
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Hi, I've tried everything (I think)  I put Linix on a flash and it will run, so I could access the files on the HD and got them off.. I got a win 8.1 Recovery disk on a flash drive and was able to access a command promp and ran all the tests but still the drive is locked. No log files will write, so I can't look at them.   It won't reset, it starts to and then more errors...   Thoughts???

A:Gateway Laptop w/win8 Drive locked? Can't access windows

Do you know if you have a recovery partition?  If you do you bring it back to factory fresh (important) all data and additional programs will be gone but it will run like new.
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Windows will not let  me refresh my pc .It says this drive is locked, I was wondering how to unlock drive in command prompt

A:drive locked

Hi JimmySpace There's a couple of ways to go about this issue, which are listed in the article below: can start with a CHKDSK /R, and then we'll go from there, alright?Check Disk (chkdsk)Follow the instructions below to run a CHKDSK scan on your Windows partition;On Windows Vista & 7, click on the Windows Start Menu, then enter cmd in the search box, right-click on the cmd icon and select Run as AdministratorOn Windows 8, drag your cursor in the bottom-left corner, and right-click on the metro menu preview, then select Command Prompt (Admin);On Windows 8.1, right click on the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner and select Command Prompt (Admin);Enter the command chkdsk /r (there's a space between "chkdsk" and "/r") and press on Enter;A message will be returned, stating that the drive cannot be locked because it's already in use, and you'll be asked if you want to schedule the scan for the next restart. Enter y and press on Enter;Restart your computer, and the chkdsk scan will be launched automatically;WARNING: Depending on your hard drive (specs, free space, fragmentation, etc.) this scan can be relatively long to complete. Give it all the time it needs to finish. Do not interrupt it for any reason there is, or you might be damaging your drive in the process and make your Windows unbootable. It's suggested to let this scan run overnight or when you leave the house for a few hours (when you go to work for example). If you are running this scan on a laptop, don't forget to leave it plugged in;
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Like a lot of others I fell for the ammyy scam but when it came to money time I did not pay an now I am locked otoh my hp notebook 2000 I didn't shut down in time now on start up I get "This computer is configured to require a password in order to start up!
I have read an read about all this on heartburn solutions for me I can not start up in safe mode, a hard restart doesn't work,taking out both batteries don't work! I didn't make a back up disk so am I SOL or is there a fix?

A:HELP ammy scam now im locked out

Hi barbied_26101,
Does it look like this?:
Please confirm you can get to the Advanced Startup Options (see methods 4-6 here or try SHIFT+F8 if you can, if you do not know how to get to Advanced Startup Options).
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My problem started with windows 8 and I thought it might go away with the 8.1 upgrade, but it didn't.
Wenever I put my computer into sleep mode and later wake it up, the screen is locked. I can click all I want, but nothing happens. I have to reboot it in order to login.
Any suggestions?

A:Locked computer on wake up

G'day zepe, and Welcome to BC.
Read these two articles, and see if either is applicable to your situation
Note: If you are not using Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise you will not have access to the group policy editor. Instead you should follow the instructions here.  )
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I have a customer's Lenovo Desktop that has a corrupted Microsoft Account Password thus preventing access to the PC Changing the password does not work as it appears this must be done on the affected pc Also Lenovo has an Administrative Lock on the BIOS Password Resetting CMOS did not work took out CMOS battery for minutes changed Cmos reset jumpers with power completely turned off - neither worked Thus cannot change from secure boot to Legacy Boot When customer comes back from vacation we will go to store where he purchased the PC and hopefully in conjunction with Lenovo obtain the password Also made a mistake and re-initialized the HHD as GPT I with Locked PC Non-bootable Recover that Password How to Windows 8.1 is BIOS think the HHD is GPT and not How to Recover Windows 8.1 PC that is Non-bootable with Locked BIOS Password MBR but the re-initialization now prevents the computer from booting at all Trying to get How to Recover Windows 8.1 PC that is Non-bootable with Locked BIOS Password Administrative Bios password from manufacture so can change to Legacy Boot so can boot in Hiren's so I can use MiniTool Partition Wizzard to hopefully recover the HHD Partition so How to Recover Windows 8.1 PC that is Non-bootable with Locked BIOS Password I will be able to boot normally and also with Net User command in Command Prompt create an Administrative ID which will enable me to completely get into the computer MY QUESTION IS If for some reason Lenovo does not relinquish the administrative password how can I either rebuild or reinstall the Windows operating system What would the actual procudures be I have a test machine HP Pavilion Notebook that is also bit and Windows I am looking at creating a rescue recovery re-install disc on this machine to use in the Lenovo However as I have never done this before I do not know how to use this without having legacy boot turned on Any input would be greatly appreciated Hopefully I obtain the password if so and MiniTool Partition Wizzard works should be good to go Right now just trying to develop a VALID backup plan if the above does not happen Again any help would be greatly appreciated Chuck Devlin
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I have tried restoring but I get a message that the HDD is locked. booted from windows 8 disk tried using bootrec to repair but I screwed up and skipped the last step now it can not find an os.

A:repairing laptop wont boot says drive locked

Using the Install Disk, go to a command prompt and type:

bcdboot c:\Windows /s
Then Reboot.
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So, I have been having trouble with a program called Razer Synapse 2.0 which is the program I use to operate my mouse. I went into the razer synpase 2.0 properties and into a security tab and denied access to an option called EVERYONE. Being how smart I am, I did not realize that would block me out of the program also. Is there any way to revert the changes? I cant delete or uninstall or do anything to the program

A:Locked myself out of a program

See this.
Type CMD in the search bar. Right Click > Run as Administrator
Type the takedown command as shown in the link.
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Heard about adwcleaner on the radio program Internet Adviser. Downloaded from bleepingcomputer. It ran and found, 2 items to fix. Selected fix. Now screen is black, spinning dots, message: Configuring windows updates 100% complete Do not turn off computer.
After hour and half, forced complete shutdown and waited a few minutes to turn it on. It is back to the same message, with the spinning dots.
Toshiba laptop, with windows 8. What can I do?

A:Adwcleaner locked my laptop

Are you sure you aren't setup to download automatic updates? Adwcleaner restarts your PC after you go through the dialogue boxes after it finishes. Its possible you just downloaded/installed updates and it was just taking a long time to finish the updates. It's best to leave it be as long as possible. Always try to wait for updating to finish unless you've left it overnight already.
If that doesn't work, you can try to boot into your System Recovery Options and see if you can do a System Restore from before you ran Adw.
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Dear all,
I recently installed the windows 8.1 update to windows 8 on my ASUS laptop (UX32-A). On installation it asked for lots of personal details (not usual with a windows update), which I saw no reason to give and of course really stupidly entered a lot of rubbish. Only to find of course that my usual login name had disappeared on restart to be replaced with the rubbish I had entered for a microsoft account that I did not want (why should I need a MS account to log into my laptop??). Anyway, suffice to say, due to my stupidity I cant log into my laptop (cant get passed the login screen) as I know not the password or any of the other details I entered. I really hope there is a solution without having to reset and lose my files....
Any help would be much appreciated!

A:locked out of computer - windows 8.1 update

Discussion here:
I get the impression that by setting up Windows 8.1 with a Microsoft account your user files become encrypted.
If they are, that's an insurmountable problem and without the password they are lost.
*It's possible to recover your Microsoft account if you set up a valid email for password recovery (when you set up your Microsoft account)
Nevertheless, I'd be inclined to boot to a Linux live CD such as Ubuntu to check if the files are readable.
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I have a windows 8 computer that after install classic shell and rebooting comes up to the login screen but I cannot log in
I have tried the following
I reset my password with Microsoft for the account listed
I went into command prompt from advanced system options enabled the administrator account but it does not show
It does accept my password in advanced system options when I select to use the command prompt - This password does not work and the reset password I use does not work only my original password
Anyone have any ideas ? I have no access to another PC, this Laptop does not have a CD/DVD Drive and I have no way to copy utilities onto a USB
Why does it accept my password and tell me that creating and admin account was successful under advanced system options but I cannot login to my windows desktop ?

A:Windows 8 locked out

106 views and no comments ??? has no one seen this before or no one has an answer or idea ?
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I bought a new computer (Windows8) a while ago - basically I just set up my account using my email address and created a password.  I put off using it, as it seemed so foreign to my XP.
I tried to sign on today, but could not remember my password.  I deleted my email account a few months ago because someone compromised our credit information and email.  I was going to input the old email account just to see if it would bring up my account, but I was worried they would send a new password to that address - which I'm not sure if anyone is still trying to use, even though I deleted it.
Without an email address, I can't access any type of online help.  Or even find a way to contact someone either by phone or email?  Any suggestions would be so much appreciated.

A:Locked out of my computer

Reactivate your old account, get your pc online and it should sync to your account and let you in with your newly created password. 
If you need to reset it after you get your account back up and running go to:
Just be sure to use the exact same old email account name you had before. 
once your done, change your login to a local one only if your not going to use a Microsoft account, , ,
You can see how to do this on youtube
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I'm not able to access my "System Volume Information" & "Documents and Settings" folders, and sub folders.
I get a message..."Access Denied".
Both show a small padlock next to the main folder in Windows Explorer.
I've tried to gain access with "Properties/ Sharing" & "Advanced Sharing" but it always says "can't be unlocked".
There was a process in Windows XP that included using a file.."cacls.exe" and editing the registry, but that doesn't work with Win-7.
I do have "Show hidden files" enabled.

A:Unlocking a locked folder

That is normal. Documents and Settings is now Users. The Documents and Settings folder is there for backward compatibility with XP. It is a Junction Point. You can still access though. See this page.  Is there some reason  you need to access System Volume Information?  That folder is different than XP as Windows 7 uses Shadow Copies.
If you want to access it then follow these steps.
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I can't password:( Locked forgotten of 7, out Windows logon to my pc as I forgot my password I just today got a USB Flash drive and I hope someone can tell me if i'm going to install and use it correctly I was told I need to get into CMOS BIOS To do this I was told to restart my sisters pc and plug in the Locked out of Windows 7, forgotten password:( USB Flash I was told it will prompt me to setup reboot by promptsaying press x to enter setup but x could be F F Del or another key When I see message press key to enter CMOS setup This is where I need someone with knowledge of PC's advice How can I just save my password on my USB Flash instead of it loading everything on my pc Then I need to know if I have info saved on the USB Flash then do I plug it into my pc and it will give me the info I saved If anyone can help me please send me a message Because I am very unskilled when it comes to pc's Thank you Lynyrd

A:Locked out of Windows 7, forgotten password:(

Try guessing your password a few times,just to see if it jogs your might be lucky :-)
If not,you need to boot the computer from the flash drive.
When you turn on the computer you will see "entering setup" message in the first few seconds after turning the computer on it will say something like this -
Press [key] to enter setup
Setup: [key]
Enter BIOS by pressing [key]
Press [key] to enter BIOS setup
Press [key] to access BIOS
Press [key] to access system configuration
Quickly press the key or keys instructed by the previous message to get into the Bios.(You press the key several times,repeatedly)
. Then follow the instructions here
Then you need to reset the password,
instructions here
Take your time and follow the instructions carefully one by one,its not as complicated as it looks at first if you do them step by step.
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HELP I got in over my head My place of business installed new computers I have a username and password to log on to any of them However there is one I use most and I needed to install a program I had an administrative user and password to install the program However when I installed it it would not show up under my profile's desktop only under the administrator accounts Multiple locked out desktop I tried to find a way Multiple accounts locked out to make it so the program was usable when I was signed in So I searched some help forums and found one that said to log in with admin privaleges Then login to gpedit msc Then make some user changes and specify the program you want to be available to all users After I did this I'm now BLOCKED from using any program I try Can't use Microsoft Office Internet Explorer Chrome nothing I can't even log back in using the admin password to change back what I did Can someone help This is a work computer I did this on and I want to figure it out so I don't get in trouble All I wanted was to be able to run a work related program Thanks

A:Multiple accounts locked out

Any help we give would just compound, and make us complicit with, the attempt to circumvent an employer's security measures. It is against our rules, found here .
I recommend you seek mercy from your IT dept.
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My father has a HP Desktop roughly years old all original components running Win Vista Home Premium He went to of me Possible has out locked control administrator attempt Hack get on one day and was completly locked out of his Administrative account with a message appearing saying The user profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded But if he boots up in Safe Mode he can log on but there is a message that appears at the bottom saying You are logged on under a tempoary profile default because the user profile cannot load Now it's gone from not being able to just log on under the admin profile to his Anti-virus saying it doesn't recognize his liscense code I cannot turn on Windows Fire Wall cannot uninstall any programs cannot install any programs I have no administrative control even after putting in the password authorizing such actions I've attempted to edit and repair registry but it will not allow me to do so I cannot even create a new profile to try to back door it either I ran a boot disk anti virus to see if it would pick up a virus but it came up clean I have scoured microsoft fourms looking for answers and everything I have found has failed so far Possible Hack attempt has locked me out of administrator control A friend of ours who works around computers himself a bit turned me towards this forum Any help would be appreciated He also recommended a clean install of another windows program because to him it sounds like a really deep hack If need be thats what we will do we are just lloking for something that can help us avoid that if we can Any help or advice again is appreciated Thankyou

A:Possible Hack attempt has locked me out of administrator control

Hello, and Welcome
Tap F8 and login to Safe Mode. Type CMD in the Search box. Right click > Run as Administrator
At the command prompt type

net user administrator /active:yes
This will enable the hidden adminstrator account. Using that you will be able to create a new profile.
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hey.  why should there be 'locked registry keys' on my computer?  i will not post the log file as per pinned request, but i did a combofix and the log shows some locked keys that (i am presuming) an attempted deletion failed to delete.  can someone please explain why this should be--and what i should be doing about it?  thanks so much in advance.

A:locked registry keys??

Well...can you tell us just what led you to run ComboFix?
ComboFix is a powerful tool used for malware situations, not system you have or suspect that you have malware issues?
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Somehow I'm unable to edit photos that are stored on D drive as they are locked. Tried to uncheck read only boxes but even though it appears that I unlocked it when I go to edit the images it shows that file is locked. Running Vista 32 with Service Pack 2.

A:Locked files on D drive. Unable to edit

Take ownership of those files:
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Can anyone help me. I don't know how to back up my files on the hard drive since I can't get into Windows. I really need these files. I know how to reboot from CD but it will erase my hard drive w/o letting me back up first. Vista is a major pain in my side.

A:Locked out of windows. Using Vista O/S

How are you locked out of your computer?
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My brothers Window XP restarted in safe mode and won't let us click what account we want to log into. If we try to boot it any other way it just reboots the same safe mode

A:Locked and Freezing

Could be a damaged profile.
Have you tried booting into safe mode normally?
System manufacturer and model?
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Good afternoon everyone weeks ago as I was running my weekly virus updates on PCs every Thursday AM Vista w XP SR amp Ubuntu dual ago. weeks XP 2 PC locked SR3 Win boot I had a notification to install the latest MS virus scan update and Adobe Flash on the HP Since I Win XP SR3 PC locked 2 weeks ago. have done this many times in the past waited for current app to finish scanning and enabled the updates About half way into the install this HP P locked up It has been locking up periodically for months only in XP not Ubuntu I rebooted and now get a Win XP SR3 PC locked 2 weeks ago. flash of a blue screen of death so fast it can't be read nor am I fast enough to stop it to read it yr old The PC just keeps recycling Have tried Safe mode and all of the other selections with hitting F before load XP msg appears Always the same thing endlessly Have tried a boot log many times but that fails also Downloaded Hirem's Boot CD Win XP SR3 PC locked 2 weeks ago. and burned to a CD which does boot Have run about - apps with no result but no errors Have run chkdsk r on c Tried to run SFC to update obviously trashed files but always get Windows File Protection could not initiate a scan of protected system files from the c windows system directory Chkdsk did not list any repairs but did take several hours to finish Is a HP pavilion a c w a P processor GB mem MB boot drive TB storage drive CD DVD reader CD DVD Lightscribe writer and a floppy Also added a w power supply and a nice Nvidia PCI video card late last year along w a new monitor Our entire network is ethernet gigabit MB MB The problem is this PC runs all of the miriad ot hardware we've purchased over the last years because drivers were avail for XP but not Vista or And has been the most stable of all PCs And is heavily relied upon by myself Am not an alpha geek but am comfy with older MS products and learning Not comfy w Ubuntu yet but can navigate w o getting lost and getting better Will welcome all suggestions and assistance And Thank You ahead of time have tried several posters replies already with no success Questing

A:Win XP SR3 PC locked 2 weeks ago.

How about running a hard diagnostic?  The long test. and follow the insrructions provided, this diagnostic can be run on any hard drive, regardless of manufacturer.
Guide, SeaTools For DOS -
SeaTools for DOS Download -
Tell us whether drive passes or fails per the diagnostic.
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Hello in There All What is about to be described is a grotesque irony please bear with me The system Grotesque Out WinXP Password Boot Locked Irony is WinXP Pro SP build -install disc is WinXP Pro SP version Was simply setting up network connection thru network WinXP Locked Out Boot Password Grotesque Irony connections wizard prompted to reboot for changes to take effect rebooted and unholy Beelzebub the system arbitrarily and independently created a boot password screen with my username and a password from another world unbeknownst to and not initiated by me Good Grief Well attempted rd party utilities PHCrack OFFLINE NT WinXP Locked Out Boot Password Grotesque Irony Password Registry to no avail At password screen it will not recognize CTRL ALT DEL There is no hidden administrator selection Can access DOS thru install disc repair feature but it does not support CMD not in 'help' list Cannot even enter Safe Mode because the password screen is there first Was suggested I try Ubuntu Mint not familiar with and have not yet tried them Grotesque WinXP Locked Out Boot Password Grotesque Irony insult to ironic injury nobody will help me because TSL rules expressly forbid password breach assistance and I do understand the malevolent potential but this IS my distressed conundrum The system did NOT ask advise nor inform me of what it did until it was done Now Bill's boondoggle is my nightmare locked out of my own machine clueless What in the universe is one to do If there is a Mighty Tech somewhere with the solution there is nothing I would not do to express my supreme gratitude to the Tech World Please assist Huge Thank you

A:WinXP Locked Out Boot Password Grotesque Irony

Hi,does the password prompt look like this:If so it is a password for encryption of your registry hive.regardsmyrti