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I.E. not responding

Q: I.E. not responding

I am running Windows 7 on two machines. Win 7 Pro on my laptop, Win 7 Home premium on my PC.

When browsing on my PC it is forever Locking up with the message "Internet Explorer is not responding" and I have to close the program to continue.

While this has happened on my laptop it is very rare.

I have scanned the PC with both Malware bytes and Eset Home Security with nothing malicious found.

Can anyone suggest what to do to cure it?


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Preferred Solution: I.E. not responding

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I.E. not responding

Try this
Internet Explorer - Reset
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I and Driver responding stopped recovered has purchased an HP-f wm with an Intel N processor about a month ago It s running Windows I also bought a mouse for it since it s not a touch screen that allows me to scroll side to side and makes not having the touch screen easier to Driver stopped responding and has recovered operate The what I thought was Driver stopped responding and has recovered mouse started freezing in the middle of using it to surf the net or working in documents it Driver stopped responding and has recovered just freezes for a bit then starts working again Last night I got an error message after it did this saying the driver had stopped working and recovered I didn t notice that it said which driver I found a fix for this on the Microsoft website but it was for Windows I have tried to do all the updates that it needed when I first got it but I have to do them a few at a time as they fail if I try to do them all at once I have gone through and done several of these one at a time Recent updates have successfully installed it s just the ones needed when I first started using it that are a problem I have about left from Sept-Dec Any advice would be appreciated I got this from Amazon so I have no support nor can I return it nbsp

A:Driver stopped responding and has recovered

Two suggestions:

Try installing the software under "Windows 7" preferances. When you go to install the software (I do not have windows 8.1 myself, just going off Windows 7 features) Right click the installer and go to properties. Under "Compatibility" select "Compatibility Mode" as "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows 7.

Also select the "Priviledge Level" to make sure there is a checkmark in "Run this program as an administrator"
The other option is to find any driver software that is installed with the mouse and ensure that it is changed to these settings as well. If you want me to go into depth about how to do that I can explain further. But the general idea is to find the .EXE for the software that starts with windows and change the properties to the same as you did with the installer.
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hello techspot, I keep getting this error when I play games in my computre. what should I do to fix this error?

A:Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

I get this error every once and a while. Updating your GPU drivers usually solves the issue. Do you know what GPU you are running? Post your full system specs below and then we can go from there.
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Every time I shut down my Inspiron 15 using windows 8.1 when I boot back up I get an error message proxy server not responding when I try to go online. I then have to go to the connections tab of internet options and click lan settings and uncheck use proxy server for your lan. Is there something I can do to get around having to do this every time I boot up?

A:Proxy server not responding

Never mind, I researched microsoft's website and reset ie settings to solve the problem,
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My Buffalo HD which is actually a WD 500GB Hard drive. I opend it up and connected via SATA adapter but still the problem persists. I checked the drivers. Looked for clicking noise as in dead hard drive but none of those problems seems to be there. Also I tried formatting it but was unable to do so. Can anyone tell me whats the cause? It still may be the head problem but its not clicking as a dead hard drive does. It also seems to be spinning just fine but can't get to the root of the problem. Does anyone knows whats the problem?

A:Hard Drive Not Responding

Could be some issue on the PCB. Suppose if you were really dedicated to getting your data back you could buy the same drive off eBay or wherever and swap the boards. That may be more difficult to do since Buffalo may not have stuck to WD the whole time OR WD supplied a special series of drives to Buffalo. Check the model numbers to be sure before going that route.
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Hi mouse and responding after Keyboard not bootup Its been a while since I last posted here boy has this site changed I generally know how to fix my pc problems when they arise and if I dont google has been my friend but I have ran into something that has me banging my head on the desk My pc that I built just over a year ago or so has been running smoothly until today I woke up from a nap and booted up my pc and neither my mouse or my keyboard would respond My microphone is also plugged in via USB the light on that is on as with my caps lock key on my keyboard but my mouse light will not turn on after I tried unplugging and replugging it Please note Keyboard and mouse not responding after bootup I am unable to enter bios since I cannot get my keyboard working I also am not able to run in safe mode because that also requires keystrokes Keyboard and mouse are in good working order as I am using them now on my Keyboard and mouse not responding after bootup secondary PC one that got replaced to type out this thread I took these steps unplugging the USB connections and re-plugging them back in - no results - restarted pc - no results unplugging the USB connections and re-plugging them back in in different locations - no results Keyboard and mouse not responding after bootup - restarted pc - no results unplugging USB mouse and used the USB to PS adapter to plug it back in via PS - no results - restarted pc - no results So now that I am unable to get into bios or safe mode what are my options I was thinking of just trying to re-install windows but only as a last resort Thanks in advance I dont think my current system specs are needed to help fix this issue but I will include them just in case to save you guys time Processor Intel core i Motherboard ASRock Extreme X Cooling NZXT Kraken X Memory Geil Enhance Corsa DDR GB Video Card s EVGA SuperClocked GTX Titan Hard Disk s OCZ Vertex GB SSD Toshiba TB HDD Optical Drive ASUS External BR Burner Power Supply CoolerMaster Silent Pro Hybrid w Software Win Keyboard CoolerMaster Storm Mechanical Mouse ROCCAT Kone Pure nbsp

A:Keyboard and mouse not responding after bootup

Nvm for now, it seems to be working now, but not with my mechanical keyboard, I reverted back to an older usb 2.0 keyboard and now it and my mouse both work fine.

though, my mechanical keyboard does work fine on my old pc.

so still a lil confused on that.
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I suspected I had malware, but went through many steps on the other forum topic to have the same problem of internet explorer not responding. It will not load any webpages. I've done a repair install of Windows 7 SP1 and all the critical/important updates have been installed. I am using IE9. Any ideas what could be causing this problem? It seems to have started about a week ago. Google Chrome doesn't seem to be affected, but sometimes it seems resources are being used by something else. That is why I suspected a virus or malware. Any suggestions? Could this be a hardware problem?

A:Internet Explorer not responding

First issue is to resolve the question

is tcp configured so I can access the Internet
if it is, then what's stopping the browser(s)
Solving (1).

Get a command prompt (start->run->cmd) and enter

If you get timeouts, then tcp is a mess.

if you get timing data, then try

If you get timing data, the TCP is just fine, otherwise the first ping worked by the second doesn't means
the TCP settings for your DNS are missing or wrong
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I've recently started having problems with my DVD in my laptop. For some unknown reason It doesn't autoplay when prompted and it doesn't show that a disk is present in the drive. I have uninstalled the driver and rebooted and tried command prompt "new start shellhwdetection", but to no avail. Can anyone give me assistance with this *&%$# issue that I'm having with my laptop?



A:DVD-ROM not responding

Try to boot from it if you have a bootable cd/dvd. That will narrow it down to a hardware or software (windows) issue.
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When Windows 7 finishes starting at I'm at the login screen the keyboard sometimes doesn't respond. I try unplugging and replugging the USB connector with no success. The light above the num lock key doesn't even come on.

A:Keyboard sometimes not responding at startup

Do you have a another keyboard you can try? This way you will know if it a keyboard that is bad or a problem computer.
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I am experiencing the problem described below responding not DNS server Primary is I got an internet from provider which is LAN cable sticking from the wall - and it works fine when I connect via LAN cable - when I write the IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway and DNS servers on the LAN adapter and create a PPPoE connection with username and Primary DNS server is not responding password I want to do the same but wirelessly I have an ASUS RT-N LX wi-fi router - and connected the cable from the provider to the WAN slot on the router Then I have accessed the router from my laptop http - and configured everything as it was on my laptop IP Adddress Submask Default Gateway DNS DNS Wireless network works fine Primary DNS server is not responding the default gateway is pinging - but DNS Primary DNS server is not responding servers are not accessible As a result no internet connection available Moreover - when I want to ping the DNS ping - I tries to get a response from other location but no response from there Any feedback hints comments will be greatly appreciated I have spent days for it but in vain THanks in advance nbsp

A:Primary DNS server is not responding & have been configured at one point in time to be the dns servers set in the router. Obviously they do not work now... I would recommend changing them to maybe an open dns ip: &, or even google's dns of:

Hope this helps, take care!
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I have Windows seven alien ware on my pc and my g3 hauwei modem continues to give me the message error 31: a device attached to the system is not functioning. when i try to connect

A:Huawei 3G modem error 31: A device attached to the system is not responding

Error 31 means that Windows can't load the 3g modem driver. Are you running Windows 7 64-bit? What is the model number of the hauwei modem? Please be aware that there might not be a hauwei modem driver available for Windows 7...
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VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator or it was no longer responding to graphics driver commandsClick to expand This phrase always pop out in my computer whenever I turned on my computer After the phrase poped out the computer will start lagging The lagging I mean is like whenever you use safe mode without graphic card and you try to move some tab around with mouse it will like lagging I don t bother it but recently the problem turns worsen Black screen poped out whenever I turn on then sometime monitor won t show any desktop sometime recover with the phrase above sometime just lagged and VPU recover HD responding to no Radeon has driver 5600 longer reset... graphics auto restart I tried to reformat but it still won t work One day I can t Radeon HD 5600 VPU recover has reset... no longer responding to graphics driver stand it any longer Radeon HD 5600 VPU recover has reset... no longer responding to graphics driver so I search the website for solution one of the solution was quot disable auto recover quot if i remember correctly and I did it It don t work and furthermore when I lagged it auto restart and i can t open my computer anymore I restarted - times and it never work But safe mode network or without network works properly without any black box or whatever thing though it is still lag but it s understandable since safe mode is work without graphic card So what is the main problem is going right here There is no flickering on the Window Startup or anything black thing when I am using safe mode I hope there is a quick and simple solution so I won t go and buy a new graphic card It cost a lot for me Anyway sorry for my bad english english is not my native language Edit I has no problem for a half year before this problem pop out from nowhere I am using ATI Radeon HD gb Ram Athlon ghz nbsp

A:Radeon HD 5600 VPU recover has reset... no longer responding to graphics driver

When in safe mode, Windows is not using the graphics card driver. While it is in safe mode the graphics card is still being used. If it wasn't, you wouldn't get any display at all.

Download the current AMD/ATI graphics driver that is compatible with your operating system. Then uninstall the old graphics driver from Add and Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista and Windows 7). Install the new driver and see if that fixes your problem.

Go here for your driver:
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My system is Asus M2N-MX SE with Atholon x2 6000. My board have only two sata ports of which one is not responding. Installed ide to sata converter (Enter) to run DVD/CD drive (Samsung Sata). It is not detecting dvd/cd drive.

Is it possible to run both sata and converted sata ports together?. Or should i install any drivers to detect my dvd/cd drive
Please help me to find a solution

A:IDE to SATA converter not responding

Did you try changing the jumper on the optical drive?

I wouldn't think you need drivers... What brand/model is your converter?
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Hey guys, I need some help. My cd-rom drive is not reading any cds or dvds. When I go to the device manager it says the following.

"A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)"

I am running Windows 7
Cd-rom model : HL-DT-ST DvdRam GH60N SCSI.

Thanks guys.

A:CD-ROM drive not responding

Did you recently install some virtual drive software?

You could try uninstalling the drive through device manager and then rebooting, its certainly not going to hurt and it could be a simple fix. If you installed something like Daemon Tools or VCD then that still shouldn't have happened, but the fix may be a little more complicated.
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Hello, I am new on Techspot and this is my first post.
Recently, about 3-4 days ago I would put my laptop to sleep and when time to resume the display is blank. However the hdd is running, fan is running fine and hardware light is blink. The screen is blank as if the computer is off and the LCD screen is not lit black. Please help me as I am heavy on the sleep function.
Thank you in advance!

A:Display not responding after resume from sleep

What operating system are you using?
Manufacturer and model number of laptop would be helpful too.
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Hey there!

So here's the thing, yesterday i sat and played som LoL with a friend, and my computer stands under the table so i put my feet on it. I started to wiggle the comp a bit when suddenly the screen started to go yellow-back 2normal-yellow-back again, and then just go black and my screen says something similar like "function unavailable". The card works just fine during the bootup, but as soon as windows is done loading, the screen turns black and i get that goddamned message.

The card in question is a nvidia geforce 9600 GSO
And the motherboard is a ASUS M2N68-CM

At the moment i have to run on the motherboards integrated geforce 7050pv, and that aint fun..

A:Graphics card stops responding when entering OS

"I started to wiggle the comp a bit when suddenly the screen started to go yellow-back 2normal-yellow-back again"...

This is a sign that the monitor connector to the computer is loose. It's never a good idea to use a computer for a footrest especially when the computer is running. It is possible that the loose monitor connector damaged the nvidia geforce 9600 GSO video card
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hi everyone first time posting in this forum So heres my problem my wireless connection is good most of the time really good that is when I m simply just surfing the web but even then sometimes my internet speed gets really slow My biggest problem though it when im streamin videos or playing an MMO game I could be playing a game for a good mins no problems then suddenly everything freezes and i get disconnected When it comes to streaming i could have the video loading quickly and then all of a sudden it will slow down to a snails paste and occasionally it will stop all together On a few occasions i completely lose my internet connection and says its local only the page says my dns is not responding or something along those lines i know i should of took a screen shot normally i can fix these problems by flipping my wireless Lan switch on and off and my connection will come back but its only a momentarily quick fix and sometimes it will act up again a couple mins after there are two other laptops in this house and the internet connection is never bad its always stable unlike mine On the command prompt ive ipconfig release ipconfig renew and ipconfig flushdns and its the same as flipping my lan switch on and off as its only a quick fix and ill receive problems shortly after again heres my ipconfig all pic with my wireless connection My dad says its failed hardware but he knows nothing about computers and i dont want to start thinking that as ive only had this comp for months im good with computers but still inexperience in this department as most of my comps never had an ip address dns problem so its unknown territory for me and sorry if this is long dont post in forums often nbsp
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Just finished up my new pc build and just as i go to connect the monitor. It does not respond to my computer. I tried many things, swapping out the ram, using the onboard graphics instead of my MSI 460gtx. Also, when i turn on my computer the leds and fans do turn on cpu and mobo seem fine disc drive opens. What could be my problem? This is my first build so keep in mind i may not know how to do everything so please try to keep your suggestions easy to understand.

Thanks in advanced, Jeff

Amd phenom x6 1090t
MSI 460gtx cyclone
2x4gb G.Skill ram
1 tb seagate
asus disc drive
750 watt psu
Antec 1200 v3

A:Monitor not responding to new custom rig

Did you check whether or not the monitor was on the right input source? If you're using, say, a DVI cable, make sure you choose DVI as the source; some monitors don't do this automatically. Also, obligatory comment about making sure all power pins are connected to the motherboard; that got me once when I was building a machine.
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Hi I m having an issue connecting to the internet My computer is a Compal NBLB running Windows and responding not DNS I am trying to connect to VIVA mobile broadband using a HUAWEI E USB modem The device is working properly and the drivers are up to date When I run the Windows troubleshooter it gives me this error Windows can t communicate with the device or resource primary DNS server Here are the troubleshooting steps I have already tried - uninstalled reinstalled modem application and drivers - disabled Firewall and Symantec Network Threat Protection - set preferred DNS to alternate to vice versa - uninstalled Bonjour - disabled Microsoft WiFi Miniport Adapter - selected quot Obtain IP address automatically quot and quot Obtain DNS address automatically quot The modem I am using works great on three other friends computers also running Windows I am the only one having a problem DNS not responding Here is my ipconfig Mobile Broadband adapter Mobile Broadband Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description HUAWEI Mobile Connect - G Network Card Physical Address - E- - F- F- DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled The only addresses I can ping are my loopback and IP I cannot ping my Default Gateway DNS servers or websites quot Request timed out quot When I use nslookup ping the DNS request times out Have no idea what to do at this point Any suggestions nbsp

A:DNS not responding

interesting IP::=IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :​the 42..... is a public IP, which is rare.

please describe your ISP, the connection, {dsl, cable, satteilite} and make/model of the modem (and router if any).

did you configure this manually?
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Thank you in advance server not responding DNS Just so you know I ve already tried the following Changing your DNS servers to Google s DNS servers or to OpenDNS org DNS servers This is the error i m getting in my troubleshooter Issues found Detection details Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource DNS server is not responding Windows can t communicate with the device or resource DNS server The computer or service you are trying to reach might be temporarily unavailable Detection details Diagnostics Information Network Adapter Details about network adapter diagnosis Network adapter Local DNS server not responding Area Connection driver information Description DNS server not responding NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Manufacturer NVIDIA Provider Microsoft Version Inf File Name C Windows INF netnvm inf Inf File Date July- - PM Section Name NVENET NDI Hardware ID pci ven de amp dev ef Instance Status Flags x a Device Manager Status Code IfType Physical Media Type Collection information Computer Name OWNER-PC Windows Version Architecture x Time Thursday January PM Publisher details Windows Network Diagnostics DNS server not responding Detects problems with network connectivity Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows Network Adapter Troubleshoot Ethernet wireless or other network adapters Package Version Publisher Microsoft Corporation nbsp

A:DNS server not responding


isp name

connection type dial, dsl, cable, satellite

make/model modem

make/model router if any
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This seems to be a common problem for the company I work for. On some workstations the mouse or keyboard or both randomly stop working (as if they were disconnected). I tried updating the drivers with no success. Any suggestions?

EDIT: when I suspect the keyboard and mouse is not working, how can I be certain the computer is not froze?

A:Keyboard and mouse stop responding

Are the Keyboard and mouse plugged in by PS2 or USB? If it is PS2, try and plug in a USB keyboard and/or mouse, see if there are any responses.. Other things you can try to do to look for a computer response and see if it is frozen is plug in ANY USB device, it should start checking for hardware or at least have something show.

Also the time in the bottom right corner will count up as time passes, this will also tell you the system is not completely frozen, or you could run some type of counting/visual program that loops and continues, see if it runs after the mouse/keyboard stop.
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Hey, I have been experiencing this problem for a while now, after sometime my usb keyboard would stop responding and then at times I would hear a "found new hardware sound (tun tun?) and it would start working again and when it won't, unplugging it and plugging it back would make it work. It has started to annoy me now, also sometimes it doesn't work on boot up and I have to restart my computer. I've tried installing different operating system too, first xp and then 7 and the problem is still there. My usb ports work fine for other components, e.g my cam, usb soundcard, i even tried changing the port for the keyboard but it would do the same thing and it's only the keyboard that does that, i've tried a different usb keyboard too. same problem.
Any ideas/help would be appreciated!

A:Keyboard stops responding

Your keyboard is probably faulty, did you spill something in it? If so turn it upside down for a few days. I read you can actually run your keyboard through the dish washer to clean it in one of my college computer repair books, though I have never tried it. If I was you I would take out all the keys and clean it or run it through the dish washer and leave it face down for a day. Perhaps you need to update your keyboard driver, but thats highly unlikely.

your keyboard is likely dirty or dying
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Ok so, I was playing an online game on my HP Pavillion 6500 when suddenly a purple screen with pixilated squares appears. I reboot the laptop and now when it's starting up all I see is strange pixilated screens (usually black, with squares) similar to TV static. It does not respond to any input and doesn't get to the windows logon screen. I have tried connecting the laptop to a external monitor, but it seems that the laptop doesn't recognise it.

I'm just wondering what hardware part has died and what the problem might be?

A:Laptop suddenly has strange pixilated patterns & not responding at all

It sounds very much like your onboard graphics chip has died to me. Unfortunatly with laptops it usualy is a matter of replacing the whole motherboard.

You could try a cmos reset, which i think is done by removing the battery and holding down the power button for 5 or so seconds. Also make sure there is no dust or crap blocking any of your vents, and a good blast of compressed air cant hurt.

Hope this helps
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Hey everyone I have a custom built pc that I had built years ago A few months ago I upgraded my OS from XP to Windows Everything seemed normal A few days ago I Slow computer responding was using my computer when I started to notice some serious lag Every program I had running was quot Not Responding quot I tried to open Task Manager but at this point my computer crashed Upon restart my computer took about minutes to start Slow responding computer which was very slow compared to normal When my desktop finally loaded it was the same story all over again When I started a program it would soon be quot Not Responding quot So finally I decided to format the harddrive wipe the slate clean and install Windows from scratch The installation process went smoothly and quickly However when I began using Windows again after the Slow responding computer install the same problems keep coming back My computer is extremely slow and unresponsive Any suggestions nbsp

A:Slow responding computer

I suppose I should also add that sometimes my computer runs beautifully, and then all of a sudden everything freezes.. as if the processor isn't doing anything...
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I received this error see subject line or below this evening while using Adobe Photoshop CS on my Windows -bit system Error occurred while attempting to use the slice tool in Photoshop The screen froze momentarily - seconds the went black - seconds and then came back to quot normal quot but with the error message in the bottom right corner of screen If occurred - times within minutes I rebooted Photoshop and it has not occurred since Display stopped Mode Windows Nvidia Kernal driver 185.93 Version responding Driver, but I m extremely worried since my computer is my livelihood and I cannot afford to be without it should it go down on me unexpectedly I had a local guy install this video card on my system - weeks ago http www staples com PNY-GeForce- -GT- GB-PCIe-Verto-Graphics-Card product cmArea SEARCH Not sure if it is the culprit or not Here s the error again quot Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernal Mode Driver Version stopped responding and has successfully recovered quot Thanks in advance Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernal Mode Driver, Version 185.93 stopped responding for any assistance that is provided nbsp Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernal Mode Driver, Version 185.93 stopped responding

A:Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernal Mode Driver, Version 185.93 stopped responding

Try downloading the latest drivers from nVidia click on support then download drivers, without knowing your exact Display adapter model i cant give you the exact page to download from
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im not a computer wizard so please help, i have a acer aspire 7540 which i hook up to my 1080 lcd tv with a hdmi, ive always used fn/f5 to put it on there, just recently fn/f5 as well as fn and volume/brightness controls stopped working as well.if anyone could help that would be great, also i am just realizing that the multi-gestures are not working ie.scroll, back, forward, zoom and rotate. please help me thanks. Dan

A:Acer Aspire 7540 fn/f5 not responding

Perhaps the HDMI cable is loose or defective. Maybe the laptop HDMI port is bad. Maybe reinstalling the graphics driver is needed but be sure to uninstall the old one first.
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after my computer was not connecting to websites even though it was saying it Mouse keyboard responding after not and restart was connected to the internet i decided to run Mouse and keyboard not responding after restart a virus scan it found nothing and then restart my system but after booting up my mouse and keyboard just suddenly stopped responding My mouse is a USB and my keyboard is a PS whenever i unplugged the mouse and plugged it back in i would get a message saying that it was installing drivers for a new device but even with an internet connection it will fail every time i can t unplug my keyboard because it has always required to be plugged in at start up in order to work after several restarts later i still got the same results but what a did notice is right before windows boots up the red light from the laser on the bottom of the mouse will be on and then turn off once windows starts loading the keyboards number lock will remain Mouse and keyboard not responding after restart on the whole Mouse and keyboard not responding after restart time and i cant turn it off I then used different USB mice and a USB keyboard that i could found around the house and get the same unresponsive results i have tried booting in safe mode while confirming that the keyboard works while in BIOS once in safe mode i get the same results no responding at all from either of them I am running on Windows ghz AMD processor with gigs of RAM and an almost full gb HDD please help thanks nbsp
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Hey... So I'm running Windows 7 on my laptop. A few times each day, if i go to play something new or play after it has been paused, I'll hear a click from the speakers and I'll have no sound. I close WMP and try to play it again and it says that the "execution failed" after a couple minutes of trying. After that notice pops up I can play anything like normal. Along with this Windows Explorer (as in the bottom toolbar) becomes non-responsive. I close it and start it again. I replaced my harddrive and I thought that would fix it. But it seems as if the same problem has carried over. If you have any ideas I'd sure appreciate it. Thanx

A:Click from speakers, then "not responding"

Are there any yellow exclamation marks in the device manager?
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I have been unable to access my email account @ Gmail for several hours. Has anyone else experienced this today?

I am already logged in and have no control of the account. I cannot open a new login page through the web. All other internet functions are working normally.

A:Gmail is Not Responding

captaincranky said:

I have been unable to access my email account @ Gmail for several hours. Has anyone else experienced this today?Click to expand...

I can login with no issues?
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Hi there sorry if this isn t the right place to post something like this My monitor to not Monitor computer responding stopped responding to my computer a few days ago now I know it is not any of my components that are the problem or that it is the monitor that is the problem as I have tested them all on different systems Monitor not responding to computer I ve Monitor not responding to computer tried booting with just the CPU heatsink graphics card and PSU and stick of RAM in a slot I have tried each of my memory sticks Monitor not responding to computer in all of my RAM slots but to no avail I have also tried to reset the CMOS but that did not work either and also tried to disperse the internal voltage a few times and still nothing I m really stumped as to what the problem could be and would love it if someone helped me I do not have a case speaker or a speaker on the motherboard so I am unable to identify beeps system specs ASUS m n-e sli mobo AMD athlon x GB DDR - memory nvidia GT W PSU GB hard drive Once again any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Monitor not responding to computer

Try temporarily disconnecting the CPU Fan: (as a test only)

You may also need to re-seat the CPU, info howto here:
I think it may just be a faulty Power Supply, that needs replacing though
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Hi there, i have recently started getting a problem where my computer freezes up, i can still move the mouse but the machine doesn't respond. The only way i can get it out of this state is by taking out the network cable. Would this be due to spyware? Thanks in advance

A:Computer stops responding

Without the network cable plugged in, see if you can get into the control panel, system, device manager. Tell us if you see any yellow exclamation marks in the device list
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Hi I'm on XP and have had wireless broadband for ages until yesterday morning it suddenly wouldn't connect.
It can detect the network and other networks in the area but cannot connect to the internet. I've done the following things:
Turned the router on and off.
Pinged my IP, which came back with this: Request timed out four times, Packets sent=4, Received=0, Lost=4 (100% loss)

Is something blocking it? Could it be a trojan or virus? I've got both Kaspersky and Adaware, currently scanning, but I'm not an *****, I never download or click on anything dodgy, I only checked my email on friday night before turning it off. I don't know what could have changed overnight.

What can I do?

A:Internet suddenly not responding/connecting

Call your ISP and explain your issue and what you have done to try to resolve it. Make sure you tell them you pinged your your IP and what information you received.

Also go to Tools > Internet Options > General Tabs Is your internet homepage address listed?
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Hi recently I bought a new keyboard with multimedia keys Model Microsoft Wireless keyboard All the keys are working fine I also installed the latest drivers and Intellitype Pro to the correct OS i m using However when I press the mute unmute button the volume bar shows up but does not actually mute It seems like it flashed the mute symbol for half a second but it still just stay unmute I tried using the default Microsoft sound driver and the latest Realtek sound driver but still no luck I also tried turning HID services on and off but still the same BUT I remember the mute button WORKING until a few days ago I don t know if it is due to the Windows Update or something to do with my motherboard driver or something else The roll back driver option is greyed out in Device Manager so I don t assume that is the problem I m currently using Windows Ultimate bit Microsoft Wireless Keyboard YAMAHA speakers YST-M really old model button, but does Mute not Keyboard mute? Responding to Realtek High Definition Audio Driver ASUS M A -EM Motherboard I m really confused because if all the multimedia keys are working then it should not be a driver problem If the volume up down is working then it should not be speaker problem It is ONLY the mute button that is not working Thanks in advance for any replies nbsp

A:Responding to Keyboard Mute button, but does not mute?

nvm problem solved
since im using old speakers i installed AC'97 drivers and it works now
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I am working on a pc running XP pro that has a bad PS. I took one out of another working pc with same voltage values and installed it. When I plug it in and turn it on, I get not response whatever. I put a multimeter on some of the molex connectors, and no power. The mother board looks ok(no bulges on Capacitors), but the system may have other problems since it has been down several months and I don't know any history. What should I look at next? Thanks in advance.

A:Power supply not responding after install

I would think that you might at least have 12 volts at the fan plugs. No?

Does the PSU still show the correct voltages with it disconnected from the board. If no, then the board ruined the supply.
Relevancy 25.8%

I just reinstalled windows vista cause i think i had a virus or something so i formatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows Vista 64bit. i installed the drivers i needed but for some reason get these weird red or green lines on my computer. I also get "nvlddmkm stopped responding" and then the computer gets the blue screen of death. it works only in safe mode but it still has the red line and any help would be greatly appreciated i have 8800 GTX as my video card. i .have some pictures for you to see it to

A:Nvlddmkm stopped responding

looks like a driver issue to me, just installing the newest nvidia drivers here
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I have a 1g Kensington Memory stick I use to transfer music files from my boyfriend's mac laptop to my desktop pc which every other day has worked fine but today I tried to transfer about 4 folders all about 60mb each and at first it would say it only had room for 1 folder at a time but after about two times of transfering the files one at a time now says there is no room for any of these files....

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

A:Memory Stick not responding

when you go to "my computer" and view the memory stick, does it show that the memory is full?
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My internet sometimes, randomly stops respondong. The internet icon shows a cross means the wireless adaptor is not working, it doesnt show any connections.
device manager shows its working fine, and if i go into cmd and ipconfig, it shows that the wireless adoaptr is connected. But i cant ping.

I have to restrart my wireless adaptor to make it work again..

any solutions?

using vista
Relevancy 26.23%

I inserted a USB memory stick into my Powerbook G4, and it was fine, as always. Here's the problem: someone yanked it out while a (Word) file was still up and running. I don't think it got damaged, it wasn't a particularly forceful yank. Now I stuck it back in, and the computer's not reading the stick. The icon isn't showing up, and I can't get to my files.
Is the file lost? How do I get the stick to work?

A:USB stick not responding on Mac

bummer! most likely you lost the partition on the stick and everything on it

can you access a PC? use the Disk Mgr to verify the health of the partition.

hard lesson: on a Mac you must EJECT the device via the ^ arrow on the name OR
drag the device name into the trash

on a PC, dbl-click the little green arrow in the system tray and Safely Remove the device
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Well my hp business notebook with vista home premuim isnt responding correctly. The buttons that let me control sound, Internet connectivity, slideshows and information is not responding, it lights up when i press it but it wont do anything. The blue light is constantly on and ihave tried reinstalling the drivers nothing seems to work.

A:HP Compaq 6515b buttons aren't responding

Have you tried a system restore?
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I m having a problem while opening any high memory using process such as a game and what s happening is my monitor is it s blacking out and any sound that s playing or anything that s happening on my computer stops responding the entire system freezes For Display cuts responding stops out, everything example I ll start playing a song on iTunes then I ll open wow and my monitor will go black the song will stop playing and nothing will respond The blue power button on my monitor also flashes at a steady pace when the monitor goes black My current set up is CPU Intel core E VGA Nvidia Memory Gigs OCZ DDR Power Supply Enerrmax ATX V W Monitor Samsung Syncmaster BW I think that s all that matters that could be a problem please help or feel free to suggest anything I Display cuts out, everything stops responding ve tried a few things to Display cuts out, everything stops responding try and solve the problem and it s been happening for about a month now randomly nbsp

A:Display cuts out, everything stops responding

Does the computer turn off?

It could be the graphics card since the 8 series of nVidia cards had a manufacturing issue, it could be a faulty power supply or it could be a loose processor heatsink causing the PC to overheat and turn off.

Check the heatsink first, then power supply, then graphics card.
Relevancy 25.8%

Hello I recently encountered this problem that I can only assume is caused by my graphics card (ATI Powercolor X1950 Pro). Sometimes when I'm playing a graphically intensive game, all the sudden the monitor will turn black and the light will start blinking. I can only assume that this happens because the monitor thinks it isn't receiving a signal anymore.

I thought that this might be heat related so I ran rivatuner along with 3dmark06 and the problem happened at 89 degrees Celsius. I don't think that temperature is too hot but I'm not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:ATI X1950 Stops Responding

89C is hot... Stop using rivatuner and get some more cooling to that video card. Try playing video games with the case open, and see if the problem continues
Relevancy 25.37%

I have a Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi1. This morning i turned it on and it took an abnormal amount of time to boot up. I am unable to access any of the "system maintanance" progams (Control Panel, Task Manager etc). Other software programs will open, but then instantly start "Not Responding". The laptop gets stuck on "Logging Off" when attempt to shutdown or restart. I am unable to run my virus software. I tried to run Defrag and Disk Cleanup, neither will run. I am not the smartest person when it comes to computers, so any help anyone can offer will be geatly appreciated.

I am unable to connect to the internet for some reason too. Right Clicking on computer icon on bottom bar and clicking "Connect to a Network" freezes my computer.

A:Programs Not Responding, Task Manager won't open

You probably have a hard drive failing
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What does it mean when the mouse does not respond? It will open certain things and others it will do nothing , then just pauses .And it freezes?

A:Mouse not responding

What type of mouse do you have? Is it a roller ball lazer read wireless? Depend a lot on what type of mouse you are using.
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Ok, after a power supply failure I had recently, something stupid has been happening. In CS:S, certain maps (De_dust, cs_italy, de_inferno, etc.) have been, as soon as they load, my computer changes resolutions to a very low one, and shows the error saying that nv4_disp has stopped responding.

I then went and played NFS: MW for a little while, and as soon as I start a specific race near the start of the game, that happens.

It did this on the old hard drive, and I just formatted a new one and put XP on it, and it does the same darn thing. Any ideas? I have tried updating GPU drivers, and installing DX9.0c.

A:Nv4_disp has stopped responding

Heres some links you may find useful.

nv4_disp info.

It's says that it is caused by not completely uninstalling your old drivers before updating to the new ones. I also learned that you should probably reinstall DirectX 9.0c. So completely uninstall your Video drivers and DirectX and then reinstall them.

Direct3D Error Info
I also just got done reading some other things about the Direct3D error and nearly everyone was able to fix it buy completely cleaning their PC of old Graphics drivers and DirectX and then reinstalling them. They did it by using software like Driver Cleaner Pro.
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I was playing a game and my computer froze. Absolutely nothing was responding, so I shut off the computer by holding down the power button. When I turned it back on, everything was perfectly fine except that the monitor appeared as though it wasn't plugged into the computer. The fan on the graphics card is still spinning. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Monitor not responding to computer

Try this: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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Hi Whenever I connect to the internet via my own WiFi router at home the connection will terminate after - minutes and the wireless network will turn off automatic If I place the cursor on the wireless icon in the lower right hand tray the following happens I get no response If I right click on the icon nothing happens If I go to Start Connect to and wireless connections nothing happens The only way I can restore a functioning connection is to shut down the machine However when I try to shut down the machine a windows box opens indicating an attempt to end the connections tray If I click end program the box shuts and shut down proceeds I bought this laptop last week during my trip to China So I can t return it for warrenty and I m sure it s software related It s a HP Pavilion DV Compaq V with built in Intel Pro Wireless ABG Responding" and PC Tray No "Not = Connections Internet Slow Network Connection I have Windows XP Service Pack installed with the latest new updates I already have done a virus and spyware scan totally clean I have already updated my Connections Tray "Not Responding" = No Internet and Slow PC drivers Connections Tray "Not Responding" = No Internet and Slow PC to the latest version with DriverMax I have already tried running WinSock to repair damaged sock files I have seen the problem mentioned in other forums I already googled and tried all given solutions on google without luck I m desperate for help please help me Thanks in advance I really need help fixing my brand new laptop nbsp

A:Connections Tray "Not Responding" = No Internet and Slow PC

' I already googled and tried all given solutions on google'

So I guess you uninstalled the Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG and removed the drivers from Add/Remove Programs (if they were there)?
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I ve tried different mice on this laptop as I prefer them greatly over the eraser head and touch pad and none of them will connect is a Targus wired mouse that worked last week and suddenly does not anymore and the other are Microsoft wireless laser and optical mice All of them use a USB to plug in as my laptio doesn t have any of the circular mouse ports I ve tried changing the batteries finding software from Microsoft Control Panel Hardware-Adding Troubleshooting Rebooting Disconnecting and Re-Connecting and now I m all out of ideas The wireless mice has receivers that keep a steady green light ThinkPad Mouse to Responding Not USB but the mouse itself won t budge http tinyurl com mouse is the st wireless mouse where the receiver will keep a constant green light and the mouse won t respond http tinyurl com mouse is the nd wireless where the receiver will blink green when i hold down the butotn but will stop USB Mouse Not Responding to ThinkPad once i let go and I have tried to oress the connect button but that won t do it The red laser on the bottom stays lit but it simply won t go anywhere http tinyurl com mouse is the new fresh out of the box wired mouse that worked for several days but now will not work I plug it in the laser comes up underneath the mouse and stays on but the cursor will not move I tested it on another laptop where it worked just fine I m not sure where on the computer I should be looking to find how to fix this I ve looked at the BIOs but have had no such luck Running on Windows XP Pro Any and all help s appreciated P S soryr if this is the wrong area for my thread wasn t sure if this should be in quot Other Hardware quot or not nbsp

A:USB Mouse Not Responding to ThinkPad

First info we need is which model of thinkpad. USB 1.1 or USB 2.0
Do other USB devices work?
Does a full size logitech usb mouse or Microsoft USB mouse work. The Targus has always been a trouble-prone mouse with many reported failures, as have some other "miniature mouse" products sold for laptops.
Have you tried cleaning the USB ports with called air, a Q-Tip and 90% alcohol?

Some Thinkpads had a problem with solder failure on some models, requiring a replacement by IBM Lenovo.
Be sure all your USB devices are enabled in the Device Manager of System in the Control Panel... and that none of them have yellow or red flags.
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Hello, my HP laptop stops responding, while playing a game or just general browsing, it would freeze. This has been going on since I got it from a friend. Its about as irritating as the COM surrogate error. I've tried many times trying to find the problem. One day while looking at mail, it froze again, so I got a little annoyed and tapped it, and it decided to respond. Now everytime it freezes I have to hit it like a 30 year old tube tv to get it to respond. I would like to know if there is a permanent fix for this masochist laptop.

-thank you for putting up with my bichin-

A:HP dv4000 not responding correctly

Please run Memtest to confirm your Ram is ok
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Hi, ALL,
Here is my problem.
I have a thumb drive. Everything worked fine until yesterday.
Yesterday I came home, put the drive in the USB slot of my DELL laptop, and... nothing happened.
The drive has a light on top. Usually it is blinking when it goes through mounting process, but not yesterday.
I tried one of my desktops computers, but with the same result...

Is my drive dead?

Thank you.

A:Thumb drive problem: device not responding

One other thing I want to mention is:
The drive is not recognized even in Linux. I tried to put it in the USB device of Linux box, and nothing happened. The light on it is still dead.

The drive itself has an 'ext3' partition from Linux's fdisk (type 87). I used Gentoo fdisk and then formatted it using:

mke2fs -j /dev/sdb1

Now is there any software in Linux that can be used to check this stick?

On Windows I was using the ext2fs driver to write on the stick. (ext2 IFS driver).

Thank you.
Relevancy 26.66%

alright, i have a only pci slots in my comp, so i bought a pci vid card....
(pci radeon 9200 128 mb) and once i put it in and turned on my comp, it turns black, with a blue box in the middle of the screen that says not responding or something like if any of u know how to make it show up, i would appreciate it if u told me =D

A:Not responding?

k, wats an onboard-VPU, and i dont know how to get to the BIOS thing, cuz once i turn my comp on, the screen is confusing, haha
Relevancy 25.8%

Ok so I've had some issues with my desktop for awhile now and pretty much put it in storage until now; giving the repairs another go. So the first issue is that when I turn my computer on it goes to the screen saying there was a bad recovery of the operating system, so I need to select safe mode etc etc normal mode, but my problem is that my keyboard won't respond so I can't select safe mode and it just tries normal and starts over and over. So for now can anyone tell me how to make the keyboard respond when I press the arrow keys.

(I tried plugging the keyboard into different USB ports and same issue. I wish I had an old school keyboard connector but I dont have that converter for my USB keyboard.)
Relevancy 25.37%

I just got a new video card (Biostar GeForce 6800 XT ) and when I put it in the monitor doesn't respond. It works with the original card when I put it back in.

I'm not sure what my motherboard specs are. How do I find out?

A:New Biostar GeForce 6800 XT - monitor not responding

Is it an AGP or PCI Express board and card?
AGP cards come in 2X, 4X, 8X, etc... each being faster. Some motherboards can handle different video graphics speeds. Other cannot.
Please tell us more about your computer... operating system, brand, model
Relevancy 25.8%

Hello I recently purchased a Radeon X Pro AGP because my old Pro had literally fried out and died trying to play Crysis It did play it but Not My On X1600 AGP Pro Monitor Responding it basically put the nail in the coffin for it Anyway so I purchased the card it s an HIS I even bought a new power supply since it demanded at least W I bought a W PS After hooking everything up I turn it on awaiting success my monitor wasn t turning on The card itself had turned on the fan and all I could tell my computer was loading up too like it should have I take the card to my buddies house who also has an AGP slot and what do you know AGP X1600 Pro Not Responding On My Monitor it loads up I thought it was my monitor so I hooked my PC up to his monitor and well still had the same results Is the AGP slot in my board too weak I mean it s x like it demands I have the power supply and all I really don t know what s wrong I tried asking a few friends they said try to change the AGP Apriture and I did is there anything else that I possibly need to do in BIOS I recently bought this motherboard last year I know they aren t mass producing AGP based motherboards nowadays so I know it can t be out of date Here is a link to the card itself http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and a link to my motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I hope someone can help me out here Thank you for your time nbsp

A:AGP X1600 Pro Not Responding On My Monitor

When your card went out it may have been as a result of the agp slot going out. Try some other agp card in your slot to check it out.
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I ned to find out whether it is my CPU, another component, or HDD ???

When I bring up a browser, IE6, Firefox, Flock, my system becomes quite unresponsive, with CPU Uage History staying at 100% for quite a while, while I do nothing. If I type something within a browser, it stops for a while after 8-10 characters, then brings out the rest in spurts.
This started a few weeks ago with Firefox2. Then I downloaded Flock and it worked fine for a while, as did IE6. Since last week, all browsers have the same problem

My system is a Dell 4100, PentiumIII, 1 GHz, 512 memory, lots of HDD space.

I have no problems with Eudora (E-mail) or any other appllcations. E-mail still works., as does typing and send/receive.

Any diagnostics would be welcome. E-mail me to [email protected], since I have problems using my browsers.

Thanks for any help.

A:System not responding while using a browser

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I`d like to run a quick check for malware.

Go and read this thread HERE and post a HJT log as an attachment into this thread.
Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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My Toshiba Laptop won't shut off. Whenever I press the off button it just puts it into Sleep/Hibernation/Power-save. Whenever I fold down the laptop it puts it into Power-save mode as well. There's no way of shutting it off! I leave it on so the battery will run out and it goes into power-save!

The keyboard and mouse-pad won't respond and it's stuck in the login screen! There's no way to turn it off or to fix this problem!

Someone please help!

A:Toshiba Laptop; Keyboard and mouse not responding at Log-in screen

the model of laptop?
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Hi, i just got some new speakers and when i plugged it in the power outlet and the computer the light goes on, but when i try something with sound it doesn't work! I went to the control panel and looked at the sound and audio devices, it said there was no device plugged in! I even tried my microphone but it still didn't find it!


A:Brand New (bought Today) Speakers Are Not Responding!

to me it sounds like the drivers for you're sound device (sound card or on board) is lot loaded try to reinstall it.
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HEY does any1 no how 2 fix the intel graphic divice? when i try 2 play game it tells me that my graphic divice is not responing! i just downloaded the updates 4 it. can any1 help me PLZ

A:intel graphic divice not responding

this with all games
and have you just instaleld it
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This has been a bad hour for me techwise. I think I just broke my cell phone, and now my Cd drive doesn't work!

It first started after I burned a file to a cd. I tried to eject, but all that happened is the little green light flashed like it normally does when ejecting, but nothing else. I rebooted, tried again, no dice. (I also used the eject button on Windows btw) Finally, I inserted a paperclip into the little hole to manually get the cd out, and that worked, but now the light wont come on or anything!

I REALLY don't want to have to replace the drive. I've gone through a corrupted hard drive and three corrupted OS's last week, and I just now got everything back to normal....

A:CD Drive Not Responding

Optical drives last about a year... a little longer if seldom used, but less if used a lot. There is no way around it.
A new CD-RW will cost between $18 and $29 online, and a new DVD-RW will cost between $39 and $59.
It is the cost of doing business with a computer.
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Hi I am running an eMachine T computer with WinXP Everything on it performance responding CD PC slow drive / not very is just the standard equipment that eMachines provided About a year ago I got a virus and ended up having to format reload the pc My friend also installed some new RAM to replace the old that had died Since then I CD drive not responding / PC very slow performance have been having two problems One is that the CD drive does not read CDs nor will it write them The device manager says it is working properly and that no new drivers are available When I put a CD in the drive never shows anything being present I don t recall this being the case though when I first got my pc back from him could this mean the drive just died The second problem I am having is that my computer is VERY slow excruciatingly slow I realize its not a powerhourse pc but it was always good for what I need it for It takes several minutes to open Windows Explorer just opening control panel I get the flashlight Any suggestions could the RAM he installed not be compatible w the pc Any suggestions are greatly appreciated Thanks Nickie nbsp

A:CD drive not responding / PC very slow performance

First off go into display manager, and open IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Click on secondary IDE Channel and go to the advanced settings tab. Make sure it's set for the CD to run at UDMA2 not PIO. Try reinstalling the chipset drivers. Try swapping your cables.

The slowness could be due to virus, trojan, or some kind of malware program. Since the installation is a year old, it might just be too many registry orphans, or too many running processes. Hit ctrl+alt+delete and look at the bottom edge. How many processes are running. Are your temp internet files getting deleted ocassionally? You can go to internet options/advanced tab in control panel. Scroll down and check the box that empties the temp internet files each time the browser is closed. You still will have to delete cookies manually. Also try defragmenting your hard drive and paging files. Get a program like CrapCleaner and clean up all your old log files histories etc.

It could be your memory is having a problem. I don't have enough info to make a guess as to whether it is the right or wrong memory, or whether he reset the memory cas latencies, interleave settings etc. in the BIOS correctly when he changed the memory.

If the CD needs to be replaced, just get a cheap one from the store. You don't need to buy it from eMachines. The curved face plate that raps around (if it's a typical emachines case) snaps off and should fit on the new one.
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Hello! I have a similar problem setting up my belkin router. Just lately, the ip address has changed from the usual 192.... to 210.... address.. I have been looking through the forum and some people mentioned this could be the WAN ip address and not the ip address but I did go into ipconfig /all and it shows the following:

ip address: 210......

(sorry for the incomplete details as i couldn't remember the details)

Anyway, the internet is working but not the router or its default page. As a result, I can't access the belkin's gateway...

I have windows xp pro. Please help be to regain my belkin's gateway back.....


p.s. I am fed up with this DHCP, which keeps on changing my ip address, which is fine if it works but most of the times, there seem to be conflicts. I am thinking of using static ip address...

A:belkin router not responding.....

piano0011 said:

p.s. I am fed up with this DHCP, which keeps on changing my ip address, which is fine if it works but most of the times, there seem to be conflicts. I am thinking of using static ip address...Click to expand...

While I am not exactly sure what is causing your issue. I do know from experience with a wireless cable router that setting it to a static IP caused me more problems than DHCP. Matter of fact I could not even get it working when set to static.
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My dads keyboard has started typing 4 characters at a time instead of the 1 he has actually pressed. He said it was working fine last night. I can't get into anything to have a look though as the accounts are password protected and obviously he cant get his password right as a result...?

A:Keyboard not responding properly

Obvious suggestion, try another keyboard and see if it helps.

Regards Howard
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My microsoft mouse stopped responding few days ago (usb connection). I opened the device managed and it shows error 24 on the device. I downloaded the latest drivers and reinstalled device but mouse pointer froze in the middle of the screen. I tried plugging in to a different usb post but no results. I used a different mouse but no results either. I tried plugging in my ipod to one of the usb ports and computer is not seeing it. Device manager is not reporting any conflicts with any of the usb ports. Using only the keyboard to move around is really stressful. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:Mouse is not responding

Have you tried reinstalling all the USB ports ?

Go to Device Manager. Find Universal Serial Bus controllers and expand.
Right click and uninstall any single entry in there.
Reboot the computer and Windows should reinstall.

If that doesn`t do it,then check connections in case.

Worst case,a mobo problem.

Do you have any PS/2 ports ? Or is that silly question.
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Have a PC used to control one of our production machine. the keyboard on this PC is not responding, I have tried swapping it and still doesn't respond. How do I fix this problem. I rtied restarting the PC a few times nor responces. I can't even access the BIOS setting


A:MS DOS, keyboard not responding

Is it a PS/2 keyboard? It is pretty common for the PS/2 ports to die. Try a USB keyboard (and hope that USB support is enabled in BIOS).

If you have a USB keyboard, try a PS/2 instead.
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I just bought a new video card for my computer and prepared my computer for it. I uninstalled previous drivers and shut down the computer. I put in the new video card (NVIDIA GeForce 6800XT) and I don't get a picture on my monitor.

I take out the new card and put in my old one and everything works again. I have asked about this on the NVIDIA forums and didn't get a response on it Hopefully you guys can help me out.

Asus K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard (No on board video)
550W PSU
1 Gig of Ram

Thank you for your time and any response will help

A:New Video Card - Monitor Not Responding

Couple of possibilities (welcome to the forum by the way)

Did you give the new graphics card it's own power cord connection from the PSU?
Relevancy 25.8%

I installed a new Radeon 9800 256mb card and have 1gb memory. I'm trying to play Ghost Recon Advanced war fighter. The game starts just fine then before the options menu the screen goes black. My error message is: Diaplay driver stopped responding. The ati 2dvag display driver stopped working properly. My question is, do I need to set up my video card differently or is there another problem?

A:Display driver stopped responding?

Try downloading the latest display driver from ATI for your graphics card.
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I upgraded the Hard drive on my computer because the CPU not Errors. responding old one failed The old one was a gb Now i bought an I keep Formatting it It formats to dos So i can put windows se on it Then When it gets to the loading screen Errors. CPU not responding after all the time Errors. CPU not responding and wait Windows doesnt even load at all and when i press ctrl alt dlt it brings up this HUGE error i havent been able to record the Error I might be doing something wrong But here is the list in order of what i do Connect The Hard drive to the Computer Switch the Breaker to MA master On back of hardrive Connect it to MASTER on the CPU Turn on Computer Put in System Recovery CD Load Recovery then it tells me i need to run FDISK I run FDISK and Then LOad the Installer Am i doing something wrong is there a solution for this Here are the System SPECS HP Pavilion D mhz OF RAM GB HDD Intel Pentium Processor I do not have any other Specifications Thank you very much for your help Its very appreciated nbsp
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Hey Guys! I have a copmputer with an Antec p160W case. I was wondering, is it possible for the two front USB ports to go out? Is there a way to replace them if they do? Just to let you know, all of the cords and plugs needed are attached.

A:Case Front USB Ports not Responding

Not possible unless the motherboard is faulty, which is highly unlikely that only the USB headers would die.

What is more likely is the wires aren't properly seated on the USB headers, they are put on incorrectly, or the drivers in the OS are corrupted and need reinstalled.
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The keyboard in the laptop is not responding since this morning please help me get it rectified.....!

A:key board not responding

kalyani said:

The keyboard in the laptop is not responding since this morning please help me get it rectified.....!Click to expand...

Hi kalyani and welcome to the TS forum.

There are a couple of reasons why the keyboard wont work.

But ask yourself the following questions

Can you enter the BIOS, look for a message when you turn the laptop on asking you to "press DEL or F12 or similar) to enter Setup/BIOS, if not then
then keyboard is faulty.

If you can enter the BIOS but the keyboard stops responding when Windows starts up then the drivers are faulty, this can happen.

Post back and let us know.

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my Dell wireless keyboard with Dell Touch will not move line by line with the down arrow; the movement is by half page; have tried to install and reinstall- no luck.

would appreciate some feedback.


A:keyboard not responding

Install and reinstall which? The device in Device Manager or the driver as perhaps shown in the Add/Remove Programs.
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i was playing Knight Online with my nVidia geforce mx mx 400, when suddenly i started noticing some bad graphics, so i exited the game. when it showed my desktop, it was at 800x600 ( i usually have it a 1152x864) and when i tried to change the resolution back to where it used to be, i got a messege saying that the card was made for an older version of windows. thing is, i havent done any updates lately, and i had run the game perfectly after the service pack2 came out. now i cant see anything when i plug my monitor to that video card.
thnx in advance

ps. i tried the video card on another pc running on windows xp but without the latest updates and the card works perfectly fine.

A:video card not responding

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

elpibebz said:

ps. i tried the video card on another pc running on windows xp but without the latest updates and the card works perfectly fine.Click to expand...

More system info is needed..
What motherboard was this Vc installed on? You may need to update the chipset drivers.

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Hey, I just helped my friend install his new video card. However, now his monitor is not getting a signal. It is just a blank, black screen. When I installed the video card, I am almost positive I was grounded. I tried connecting the monitor back to the motherboard's video card (integrated) but the monitor did the same thing. It is a fairly new monitor and only about a year old PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Monitor not responding after new video card

What video card and motherboard? It could be a dead card or compatibility issue.
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ok i know this thing is to be expected from time to time, but almost every time i try to do two things at once i get that message from one of the programs im running or both of them. i have an hp media center PC m7360n and i bought the thing b/c i figured it had more than enuff juice to run 2 or 3 programs at once and it should i think,so can anyone tell me how to get the most out of my system.
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While setting up motorola phonetools on my computer, my keyboard suddenly just stopped working. It's a microsoft multimedia keyboard with ps/2 connector. Device manager said something like (device annot start: code 10). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, and nothing. I know the ps/2 port and the connection to the motherboard aren't fried, since the keyboard still works fine in bios, and the lights are still on. I went out and bought a USB keyboard, and the same thing happened, only device manager showed no roblems with it. I tried restoring the registry, looking for rootkits, and scanning my computer for other luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:(most of) keyboard not responding

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You`ve tried uninstalling the mobile phone tools haven`t you?

Does your keyboard work, if you boot into safe mode?

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Just put together a new system.
Mobo is Mach Speed PM800BMS

Got everything hooked up.
Screen comes up & says press DEL to enter setup.

Press DEL and nothing is happening.

Keyboard is fine, nothing wrong with it.

This is driving me crazy.

Any input would be appreciated.

A:Mach Speed PM800BMS Keyboard not responding

Have you tried another keyboard? Is it ps2 or USB?
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Please if any one can help me out.My keaboard and mouse (Both PS2) stop responding few minutes after booting my PC.This is a very new problem for me.
The details of my PC are P4,Windows 2003 Server

A:Keyboard(PS2) and Mouse(PS2) stop responding after few minutes(15-20)of booting my PC

Have you made any changes to your system lately?

Does win2003 server have the system rollback function like XP? If so, set it back to the last date you know the keyboard and mouse were working.
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I have a Dell Latitude CPt.

The integral keyboard will not respond at all.
Touch pad is fine.

An external keyboard fitted to ps2 port works fine.

The laptop has had a new hard drive fitted with a clean install of xp pro.
No conflicts or evident software issues.
There does not appear to be any bios settings which would affect integral keyboard.

Thanks for any help
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Laptop is plugged into a port replicator, usb keyboard plugged into that. if the computer is locked, you have to press ctr-alt-del on the LAPTOPs keyboard. the usb one doesn't respond to anything. once you get the login prompt you can use it as normal. any thoughts?
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the mouse starts to move really fast and files and folders that i haven't clicked open... and when i move the mouse more stuff keeps on opening . the only way it seems to stop is wheni restart it.... this has happened several times.

A:mouse not responding properly

Have you run an av or spyware scan recently?
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Hi there,

Here's the story so far. I recently reinstalled Windows XP Pro, VGA and Multimedia Audio drivers were missing. Downloaded drivers and installed them. Rebooted PC, but after the Windows XP page begins to load, I was faced with a blank screen. I figured this may have something to do with the drivers. Then attempted to Start Windows from the Last Known Successful Configuration, but keyboard non responsive. Tried rebooting from USB etc. but could not change boot up option as I had no access to the BIOS. I then removed the CMOS battery, then attempted to select F1 key to restart PC but of course keyboard non responsive.

Please help this is beginning to make me go

A:Keyboard Not Responding

Well, have you tried a different keyboard? Get a hold of one from a friend, or neighbor. Your current keyboard could just be dead, it happens.

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hope I have the right forum......
When I boot up I get a keyboard failure notice. I reboot and windows starts normally but the keyboard doesn't work. I turned off system restore and booted in safe mode and ran Panda antivirus and didin't find anything.Also when I go the control panel keyboard and select keyboard there is nothing there is nothing listed in the device properties. Also, I swapped out keyboards with my other computer and that one does not work on my computer either. Is it possible that Panda is missing something? My operating system is xp professional.

A:keyboard not responding

It could very well be that your motherboard's keyboard PS/2 slot has gone bad. Have you tried using a USB keyboard? I'm assuming when you swapped out with another computer's keyboard that the other one was working, but it won't hurt to test your 'bad' keyboard in your good computer just to check.
Other than that it's not a virus that is giving your keyboard problems, especially if it isn't detected on boot.

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I had this mother board for about 6 months now, it was working fine till about an hour ago when I was playing a gmae it just shut off. At first i thought it might of been the C.O.P. When i plug it back in the light on my mobo(in between the bottom 2 PCI slots there is a little light) comes on but when i hit power nothing happends. Not even the power LED comes on.

Any info you may have would be great.

A:A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo not responding.

Try another PSU.
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OK id just like to say ANY suggestions are welcome cos i want and responding....Please Mouse not Help!! Keyboard to get my computer running again Ok so the story I was working on my computer and decided to put a different sound board into it I turned it off and realised that my other sound board wouldnt fit so i put the side back on and turned it on evrything seemed to be going well the green caps scroll and num lock buttons flashed and when i got to the desktop i tried to move the mouse and it didnt respond I took the Mouse and Keyboard not responding....Please Help!! mouse out and plugged in another one and rebooted same problem so i figured i would just go commando with the keyboard pressed tab to get off all the startup pop-ups and there was no response from the keyboard either I tried pressing the various lock buttons CAPS etc to see if i could turn them on this didnt work but when it boots up they flash like normal Weird huh Any suggestions welcome thanks Ben Oh and when i turn it off it still puts power to the USB Ports cos ive got a flashy LED Mouse plugged in and it still flashing even though the comp is off And also on my router it says that the computer is connected to the network when its off nbsp

A:Mouse and Keyboard not responding....Please Help!!

Fill in the User Profile and tell us if PS/2 or USB mouse and keyboard, what OS, confirm having plugged the mouse->mouse-port, KB->KB-port etc.
If USB, are the batteries still OK?
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I am having trouble Modem stops help responding Please with a modem that stops responding for no apparent reason Sometimes it will stop right away and then others it can go Modem stops responding Please help for hours The little icon on the task bar shows that it is still logged onto the internet and the send light on Modem stops responding Please help the Icon flashes from time to time but the recieve doesn t But sometimes when it does this if I go to a completely different site it will start working again this is only occasionally I have a US Robotics modem with all the latest drivers and updates I contacted my ISP thinking it might be a settings issue and they walked me through everything and it is still doing the same thing Then I contacted US Robotics Tech support and we went through the same thing and could find no problems I finally thought it was the Modem hardware itself so I returned it and purchased another modem of the same make and model and it too is acting the same way Is there anything else that I am forgetting It is becoming a chore to disconnect and redial everytime this thing acts up I am running a Pentium Ghz with megs of ram my modem is a US robotics model b Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Modem stops responding Please help

This is an internal modem. Put it in another slot, away from your graphics card.
See also this article about updating firmware
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i have a microsoft optical usb mouse and up until about 2 days ago it had been working perfectly. Now it stops responding for some unknown reason.

ive tried unplugging it and then plugging it back in but this doesnt always work and more often than not after plugging the mouse back into the usb plug the base of the mouse doesnt light up.

Has anyone else struck this problem? or know how to fix it?


edit: btw im using windows xp pro if that helps.

A:mouse stops responding

First of all, are you plugging directly to the machine or to a hub? I've seen some issues with hubs and some devices not always recognizing properly.....intermittent life yours. Also, have you tried a different USB port on the machine? As well, have you tried another USB mouse to see if it reacts in similiar fashion?
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Hi another first post Had the responding not Floppy problem of a floppy not being recognised by my PC click on floppy icon and the PC just waited till it timed out on the request Tried to access under MSDOS I am running win SE still no joy Tried Floppy not responding new floppy and cable still no joy Was about to upgrade whole PC now have new mobo case graphics card etc Only original bits are the CD drives xCDRW and the hard disks Still no floppy response Tried removing floppy drivers using system properties and rebooting still no response Tried everything obvious in the bios nowt doing Have reinstalled WIN SE guess what nothing Have i managed to cause a fault on my new floppy from the old mobo which has blown something on the new mobo Do I need to reformat my HDD difficult without floppy drive Do I need to spend the rest of my life Floppy not responding transferring stuff via CDR - a right pain Any help MUCH appreciated nbsp

A:Floppy not responding

Go into your Device Manager (right-click My Computer and Select Properties, then look for Device Manager).
In Device Manager click on "Floppy Disk Drives" and look at Properties. At the bottom look for "Device Usage". Now, look to see if the value in the box is enabled or disabled.

Now, since you have been inside the case, check on these. Make certain that your cable is oriented properly. On floppies, the red strip on the cable doesn't always go toward power like on hard drives or CD's since the industry never standardized that for floppies. Make certain any power or signal cables are attached properly. Is your IDE slot on the Motherboard defective. Of course, recheck the drivers you have already been working with. Last, if you can find a "known good" floppy, try that, which will tell you if your own floppy or IDE slot is defective.

That's about all I can think of at this point. Maybe others can add to this.
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Hi All,

I presume I have contracted something whilst using Vuze, but I don't know what or how to deal with it.
My computer takes ages to do anything, there are 60-70 processes running at any one time, Internet Exploreris Not Responding, then it IS responding, then Not etc. CPU usage usually very high, often 100%.
I am operating McAfee which finds nothing. Downloaded Ad-Aware and Spybot but both found nothing either. Hope someone can help.

Yours hopefully

A:IE8 not responding, CPU usage 100%

If you suspect a virus then the correct forum is the Virus/malware forum where they can help you. Please run their 8 steps first and then post.
I don't believe Adaware and Spybot are on that list.
Was McAfee current with it's definitions?
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Late last night I did the usual clicked the itunes icon on my start menu amp it launched noticed it was still playing sequentially so I tried to change it to random Nothing happened I X d out waited a few minutes amp launched responding quit has iTunes it again Clicked play iTunes has quit responding amp nothing Right clicked the tab in the task bar amp clicked exit when the box popped up telling me iTunes has quit responding Let the laptop sit a bit to let my anger subside amp retried it again Ditto After repeatedly trying to get it to play I tried a repaid that didn t work so I used revo to UNinstall it Once successfully iTunes has quit responding uninstalled I deleted the contents of the recycling bin rebooted downloaded a new copy from techspot amp reinstalled it Still no luck after trying it two more times so I gave up I did manage to back up my iPhone with it but no music Its NOT mandatory I get it working but I d like to any ideas Yes this is on my Vista Home Premium laptop At one time in the above headache I did use Task manager to shut it down Any ideas nbsp

A:iTunes has quit responding

It may have been Itunes server. Not the software. Other then that . Not sure.
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Adobe Reader works inside of Browsers but will not open a PDF file, it 'Stops Responding'.

After uninstalling, cleaning up adobes crap with a tool they provide then installing Adobe Reader again it worked for three days then stopped responding again.
There are several posts about changing the Protected mode but that can only be done if the Reader is working, its not responding so you can't access the setting.
Edit the registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Adobe/Acrobat Reader/11.0/Privileged/bProtectedMode and set the Data to 0

Adobe had me re-install twice then clean by install with a tool they gave me then install again but they never fixed the issue!

Windows 7 x64

A:Adobe Reader Stops Responding

I have similar issues with Adobe Reader, but for me, all it does is just lag a lot while scrolling, but it doesnt stop responding. I have heard of that protected mode fix, but I do not know if it works.

Try this:
1) Download the Adobe Cleaner tool >>here<<.
2) Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which is 11.0.06, >>here<<. This may help since it seems to me that you are running Adobe Reader 11, not 11.0.06. This release could solve your issues. If it doesnt, I am afraid I am out of options since I am not too familiar with Adobe Reader.
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please help! my windows live messenger stops responding every 15 minutes or so! I've attached the windows event viewer log. if it helps mine is a acer aspire 5920g laptop. Thanks!


- Provider

[ Name] Application Hang

- EventID 1002

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 101

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2010-10-02T21:50:32.000Z

EventRecordID 69911

Channel Application

Computer Weizhao-Laptop


- EventData


A:Windows Live Messenger not responding Vista

please help! anyone?
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Please help.. this is the first time i have ever had to ask. Dont really know what im doing. Usually i find the answer to my problems from other forums. So if anyone is interested in a brainteaser please let me know. Everytime i try to play a video on the internet. The computer says its tranferring data but never does. Just seems to not respond. I cant even end the process. I have tried updating drivers, re-installing add-ons, and re-installed firefox. IE works but not Firefox. I give up. I have tried everything that i can think of. Please give me some idea. I can give you my specs if need be.....THANX.

A:Firefox 3.6 keeps not responding when playing videos

The computer hangs or freezes and i have to shutdown with out ending the programs which is not good at all. Its not firefox because my desktop in the house has is the same version and it runs fine. I just want to be able to watch youtube and other vids without the internet freezing on me. THanks Guys........and Girls.LOL
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Ever so recently I have been experiencing this annoying error with my GPU. This error more so often occurs when playing games, however, occasionally when watching videos. Whenever I receive this error, my computer freezes for 5 secs and then I am forced to restart the whole game, several times as this error continues to persist numerous times. I've looked all over google trying to resolve this error, trying numerous solutions such as: Refreshing my Windows 8.1 (removing all files), increasing fan speed (even though gpu isn't overheating), closing background applications, installing old gpu drivers in case there was a bug, and many more. Please help me try and resolve this error once and for all as I have been forced to endure this irritating error for months on end.
Thanks in advance!