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Q: Windows dead mail

I am really tired of inadvertently deleting my junk mail by accidently hitting the X, how do I get rid of this? I like to look at my junk mail before I selectively delete. I would also like to be able to customize this crappy mail program, like outlook express.

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Preferred Solution: Windows dead mail

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows dead mail

Quote: Originally Posted by swsande

1)...accidently hitting the X....
2) outlook express.

1) Put cursor over the words instead of the "x"
2) WLM has both "options" and "safety options" as well as "layout" and "column" options. So I don't know what option you are looking for.
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I have been using windows live mail for a long time.Will I be forced to learn another?Mine won't work all of a sudden. Help!Copas,158060.0.html
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My XP Desktop died I have a disk image of C and the old hard drive is accessible I was using Windows Live Mail but had never signed in so the contacts are not on live com Since the from dead 7 do mail contacts I copy How live drive Windows XP to a XP is dead I can't export the contacts from it I have loaded Windows Live Mail on my new Dell running Windows I was able to copy the storage folders from the old disc but cannot copy the contacts I think I have found the contacts folder on the XP in C documents and settings owner local settings application data microsoft windows live contacts f- DBStore contacts edb I also think I have found the correct path on the Dell at C users lt How do I copy live mail contacts from a dead XP drive to Windows 7 username gt AppData local microsoft windows live contacts lt email name gt DBStore contacts edb I had to unhide DBStore as it is a hidden operating system file When I copy the DBStore folder or the contacts edb file from XP to it still doesn't appear in Contacts when I access Windows Live Mail So It appears I have lost access to my contacts What do How do I copy live mail contacts from a dead XP drive to Windows 7 I do now

A:How do I copy live mail contacts from a dead XP drive to Windows 7

Use this: woanware by woanware
export as csv and import in windows live mail
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Here's a tough one I dead contact drive Live hard Reclaiming from Mail laptop recently killed my windows laptop I don't want to Reclaiming Live Mail contact from dead laptop hard drive talk about it I pulled the hard drive and set it up as an external drive so I can see all the files through my new windows laptop I downloaded and installed windows live mail on the new laptop tracked down all my email files and manually transferred them over -- that worked like a charm Transferring the contacts is not so easy though The contact file appears to be quot contacts edb quot but it's a hidden file Even when I check the appropriate box to show hidden files it still won't show And if I search for the file it doesn't show BUT if I search for the folder quot DBStore quot then the file quot dbstore ini quot shows up and when I select quot open file location quot the hidden files are visible in that folder including quot contacts edb quot Still with me I can't open the old live mail program to export this file -- if anyone can tell me how to do that it would solve the problem I think I CAN drag it into the appropriate folder on the new laptop but windows live pretends like it's not there I've downloaded different format conversion programs to convert an edb file to pst or csv or whatever but none of them have worked So the only other thing I can think of is trying to get live email to look directly at the old file in it's old spot on the old hard drive but I don't know if that's possible If it's possible I can't figure it out So whaddya think of that Clear as mud Any suggestions Thanks

A:Reclaiming Live Mail contact from dead laptop hard drive

The Contacts should be at
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts\Default\15.5\DBStore
Copy the folder "Contacts", and its contents, to the exact same location in you new installation (to Windows Live). Should do the trick.
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Looking for anyone out there in the virtual world that knows how to put my old e-mail folders and messages into the windows live mail. My old laptop AC port stop took info off of old hard drive to external hard drive to new computer but can't seem to put all e-mail folders and messages into new computer. They are both windows 7 operating systems. Also have a vista laptop and can't seem to put it in there either.
All help appreciation and thanks in advance!

A:transferring e-mail messages and folders from windows mail to windows live mail

Create a folder on your Desktop. Drag the Windows Mail messages into the folder. Now drag the messages in the folder to Windows Live Mail.
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MS and their mail systems are giving me grief I have a Vista PC using quot Windows Mail quot and want to transfer email folders lots and messages to Windows using Windows Live Mail Note Windows Mail Troubles Vista Live Win7 Solved: transferring to Mail 2011 Windows Windows Mail was a replacement for Outlook express on Vista Windows Live Solved: Troubles transferring Windows Mail Vista to Win7 Windows Live Mail 2011 Mail is a replacement for Windows Mail on Windows I tried a couple of things Basic Export and ImportI exported relavent files Account info Contacts and all the messages to a folder in Windows Mail format on old computer and used the old quot Addias quot transfer - copied folder to stick and RAN it over to the new computer - Imported using the Windows Mail format the Account info successfully - imported the Contact info successfully - Import Messages - appeared at first to be successful Issue Message folders appear to be renamed and some folder names have been truncated not all folders appear to be there Looks like quot long Name folders greater that characters get truncated So Tried the quot Easy transfer mechanism Vista and Win transfer utility - but couldn t get the new computer to Solved: Troubles transferring Windows Mail Vista to Win7 Windows Live Mail 2011 see the Vista even though I could see them on the network I thought that this would transfer the folder names correctly I m about to try a time consuming effort of coping folder by folder export Import What I am more concerned about is that the individaul messages may have the same issue Ie not all coming accross and subject names being lost Looking for alternative or third party transfer solutions Any help direction appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Troubles transferring Windows Mail Vista to Win7 Windows Live Mail 2011

I get a little nauseous just thinking about Windows Live Mail 2011, much less expending effort to use it, but I would try installing it on the Vista and see if it has the option right up front of importing stuff from Windows Mail. If it does, and happens to work correctly, then all you would have to do is find its files and copy them over.

By the way, are you putting on airs with "Addias" transfer? We plebeians just used "sneaker net."
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My sister-in-law?s Window Mail is now inoperative and now wants to use Windows Live Mail instead. I have installed a Windows Live Mail POP account for her on my computer which is working satisfactory but she wants her old Windows Mail messages.

I managed to have save her Windows Mail message store file for her and I am attempting to make it work in Windows Live Mail.
I have replaced the Windows Live Mail message store file with the Windows Mail message store file
but it does not recognise it and when the recover option is used nothing happens.

Any ideas please how I can make the old Windows Mail message store open in Windows Live Mail.

A:How can I make Windows Mail message store work in Windows Live Mail

Read here.
Windows Live Mail - Import Windows Mail Messages
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I currently have three Email Accounts. 1 x Windows Mail, and 2 x Windows Live Mail.

I would like to clean out all the File Folders in both locations, but still preserve my existing Folder setups, at the same time.

If I try to Export the Message contents of a Folder to DVD [E:/ Folder], I get this Error message;
Is there any way that I can get around this, so that I can create a DVD Archive of all of my Emails.

Basically, I just wish to clear out all the old Emails from each Account, but still retain a record of them, at the same time.

A:I want to save Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Folder Contents, to a DVD Archive.

Hello Tony,

You will need to export to a empty folder on your desktop first, then copy that folder to the DVD, or place that folder in a ZIP and copy the ZIP to the DVD.

Windows Mail - Messages

Hope this helps,
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Hey everyone I have been on a mission to solve this problem I've been seeking out and posting on several MS tech computer support forums looking for an answer I've also spent quite a bit of time googling for a solution on my own So far I have come up empty handed Live Mail Mail contact into Import groups Windows Windows My situtaiton and problem is as follows I'm working in a small office where we have some computers running Windows Vista and using Windows Mail version We have hundreds of contacts and a couple of contact groups on these computer A few months ago we got two new computers which are using Windows XP and Windows Live mail version build Other computers in the office still have Vista and the other version of Windows Mail I have been able to export our hundreds of contacts and import them into Windows Live Mail so Import Windows Mail contact groups into Windows Live Mail the new computers have all of the contacts however I was unable to find a way to import the groups These groups are all very large and consist mostly entirely out of contacts which don't have individual contact entries I have been googling to find a solution to this problem The closest page I could find was this one http www sevenforums com tutorials ct-groups html I was very discouraged when I saw the big red warning near the top of the page --------------- In Contact Groups from Vista only the contacts that are also included as normal Contacts will be imported into Windows Live Mail Contacts that were created for the Contact Group only will not be imported into Windows Live Mail You will need to write these down and manually add them back into Windows Live Mail --------------- This pretty much described my situtation exactly but manually going through all the groups writing down all the contacts then manually importing into two separate machines would take forever and is simply not an option Is there really no other way I can get these groups into Windows Live Mail I find it extremely hard to believe that this basic or at least it should be basic task is simply IMPOSSIBLE to do but that seems to be the only response I've been getting so far Another thing is that I have several years computer programming experience so if there really is no way to do this with existing tools I don't mind writing my own tool but in order to do so I'd need file format details of both the old Windows Mail group files and the Windows Live Mail monolithic contact file I have been unable to dig up any information on either of them Can anybody point me in the right direction here Thanks so much
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One of my computers has 3 or 4 emails that dropped into the junk mail folder in my Windows Live Mail for Windows 7 and I cannot seem to get rid of them.  I have tried to repair it in the control panel, and have tried a couple suggestions and steps from the internet, but I still cannot get rid of them. 
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get rid of it?  Should I just delete the Junk folder all together, and then create a new one? 
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Need assistance to delete junk mail from Windows Live Mail for Windows 7

I just figured it out by accident.
there was a little 'x' to the right of the junk mail box on the left hand side of windows live, I hovered my mouse over it, and the words, "empty this folder" came up.  I clicked on it, and like magic, the junk emails disappeared.  Woot!
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I have read many of the Issues Mail Live Send/Receive and Windows Mail Windows other Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Send/Receive Issues forum Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Send/Receive Issues threads hoping to solve this issue to no avail I have been running Windows Mail on my laptop for seven months now with no issue After changing my password Windows Mail no longer wants to send or receive email I have tried many things from other people's successes to solve this problem - Changed my password again note both password changes have been successful in my webmail and in downloading to my Blackberry - Removed the email account and readded it - Disabled the auto scan components of McAfee - Uninstalled McAfee - Repeated earlier deletions and additions of my email account - Downloaded Windows Live Mail to the same errors and repeat of the above - Reset my password account through the email host server Here is the error message from Windows Live Mail Unable to send or receive messages for the christine account An incorrect password was entered The next time you send or receive messages you'll be asked to enter your user name and password for this account Server Error x CCC Server Response -ERR Login failed Server 'mail unionevents com' Windows Live Mail Error ID x CCC Protocol POP Port Secure SSL No Any suggestions Both my tech-savvy friend and I are at a loss

A:Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Send/Receive Issues

Just a guess, you changed your password at the website of your email provider, did you also change it on Windows Mail?

Sure that they are identical?
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I m In a dilemma to need Dead 2 T2792 Supplies Ressurect Power Emachine Dead Help with An Emachines T I received the pc from a friend whom knows I work on PC s on the side when I plugged it in I found it to be stuck turned on The green indicator light was lit like 2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help it was turned on but no signal was stated on the monitor then after 2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help trying unsuccessfully to press and Depress many times did nothing so I unplugged and replugged in the same so I unplugged again and messed with button some more then replugged in nothing no green indicator light then i noticed a soft whistling and clicking sounds from power supply so I got another brand new power supply correct power supply when I plugged tower in it lit the green indicator light on tower then softly went out I tried pressing in power button nothing no response Now my question is I am pretty sure I need to buy another power supply now But I need some ideas on what to replace to get the pc up and running again would it be the switch or the motherboard nbsp

A:2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I had a similar problem with an emachines T2825. When I plugged it in, it automatically came on, and wouldn't turn off unless I unplugged it. It wouldn't POST or anything. After testing everything, I found out that the motherboard was bad. So that would be my guess, is that it could possibly have a bad motherboard.
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Please could I have some help on Windows Live Mail?

I have just upgraded to a new PC running 8.1. I have installed Windows Live Mail which seems to be regarded as the best email client.

I have about 11 GB of messages from my previous Vista installation (seven years of my life) which I would like to be able to manage in WLM.

I have imported them using the File/Import Messages/Windows Mail command but I can't see any of them in WLM. They appear to been imported in WM format and so aren't readable.

In that case, I'm not quite sure what is the point of the import function. Can anyone suggest a solution please?

A:Windows Live Mail - importing Windows Mail messages

have a read here
Copy and move email from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail on Windows 7



How to upgrade from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail - Microsoft Community
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I copied my "Windows Mail Contacts folder" from my previous Windows Vista pc to my new Windows 7 pc. I have close to 4,000 contacts and they are all organized in subfolders. How can I import them to Windows Live Mail while keeping them all organized as they were in Windows Mail on Vista? If I have to manually organize them again it will be an endless task. I have built this organized list of contacts over several years of work. For people like myself who rely on this type of organized list of contacts for work purposes, switching from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail could possibly be a nightmare. I really hope there's a positive quick solution.
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Hard drive died so decided to installl windows 7 on new hard drive.

OOPS, no email.

Was using outlook on vista. Can I upgrade to new outlook 2010. Or what is windows mail or windows live mail like.

Any advice appreciated/

A:Help - Windows Mail or Windows Mail Live or Outlook 2010
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Hi there I have - quite stupidly as I now think - installed Windows Seven on my old Vista on my Laptop without thinking about the Mail program at all That is neither did I make a backup nor did I export contact lists from Windows Mail etc I was however able to import most of the stuff from Windows Mail into Windows Live Mail anyway I took ownership of both Windows Mail folders in C Program Files and C Program Files x including subs 'n files and tried the import function in Windows Live Mail - three times I think I can't really tell whether or not all my messages are there yet I can say for sure that what I find in the Storage Folders section in Windows Live Mail reproduces only a part of the filing system I had established in Windows Mail That is to say A lot of the folders I used to have in Windows Mail are simply missing Are the messages that used to be in there missing too No idea so far they might be in the Inbox or somewhere else To be sure I have everything that is all my messages on my webmail-account Yet it took me forever to work out my huge filing system including all the message rules etc in Windows Live Mail Windows Mail to - Incomplete Import Windows Mail which allows me to have more folders than my webmail account Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail - Import Incomplete that is for some reason limited to folders So even although I know that in the end I do have all the messages on my webmail I would just Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail - Import Incomplete hate to have to do all that work again Thus I'd just love to quot simply quot get my Webmail stuff imported as it was Any ideas what I might have done wrong what I could do to retrieve the missing folders Alternatively Is there any way to quot simply quot I know what you're thinking reactivate Windows Mail in Windows so that I can start over by properly exporting everything from there I have found some related topics but did not see anyone having this particular problem If I simply overlooked it sorry At any rate I'd appreciate any help you can offer Thanks Raja

A:Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail - Import Incomplete

If you did a custom install and did not format, look for a windows.old folder, it contains everything.
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I had to reinstall my hard drive due to a nasty virus. I had Vista 32 business. I backed up all of my windows mail files using an online service. Presently I installed a windows 7 professional upgrade. I have restored my windows mail files to the desktop, but can not get them into windows live mail.


A:converting my windows mail files to windows live mail

Hello aquatech, welcome to the forum.

I think your question has been answered in this thread:
Converting windows mail files to windows live mail without using - Microsoft Answers

In Windows Live Mail do File-Import-Messages.
AFAIK, if the Windows Mail Message store is intact, it will import

Please let us know if it works for you.
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Nothing happens if I hit WinX, and if I right click START cursor moves up and right a bit but nothing happens. Right click an icon, very poor response, yet shellexview shows nothing odd. Had separate issue - couldn't log into to other IDs, fixed that by copying clean DEFAULT from other Win 10 PC. I've done everything I can find, the DISM stuff, the reinstallation of 'window' apps. This appears to be a common problem. It used to work fine some weeks ago, don't know exactly when this started.

System is a laptop with 16gb ram, I7, HP with hybrid graphics, build 10586 / 1511 up to date HOME.
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Microsoft is quot upgrading quot people s nbsp outlook com hotmail com live com nbsp and msn com accounts to a new Outlook com built upon nbsp the latest Office infrastructure which is INcompatible nbsp with Live Mail and presumably older versions e-mail 2012 Windows stop Mail Live of Microsoft-based to support as well nbsp Effective late June Windows Live Mail will no longer synchronize emails contacts and calendar events from these email accounts Windows Live Mail 2012 to stop support of Microsoft-based e-mail People who use Windows Live Mail to connect to other email services including Gmail Yahoo Mail or other services that use POP or IMAP protocols do not need to take action nbsp Is this another veiled attempt to force users to quot upgrade quot from Windows Users can still access their e-mail via their web browser s nbsp nbsp Or they can use the new Outlook com nbsp and or a Mail nbsp app on Windows nbsp https blogs office com using-windows-live-mail- -with-outlook-com-time-to-update-your-email-application https support office Windows Live Mail 2012 to stop support of Microsoft-based e-mail com en-us article Windows-Live-Mail- -will-not-connect-to-Outlook-com- b - b- bbb- ca-f ec f e fd
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Every time I try to install the above update it returns this error code

WindowsUpdate_800F080D - Unknown Error

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Ben

A:Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter [January 2009] (KB905866)

No one?
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I have an Windows (Vista) notebook with outlook 2007, and now I have an new notebook with Windows 8.1. Where I want to export my mail & contact to Windows live mail, how can I import this in WLM on my other notebook?

I already have configure my mail on WLM where I can receive and send messages. I tried something with the program Mailstore 8 but my mail is now on another computer.

I also find this link: how to export mail,calendar contact in outlook to windows live mail clientWith the "Outlook Conversion Application" solution but is this possible on different computers and has WLM an import function?

A:Export mail and contacts from Outlook 2007 to Windows live mail 2012?

Don I might be way off track here mate but was the Outlook account the same email address as you have set up in WLM?

Just a thought you might try adding an account to WLM using the old address and password. I did this with my old account from my service provider then went to a Hotmail account.
Now admittedly it was still within WLM but worth a try.

What I will do is try and add my work account (Outlook) to my WLM and see if it works.

PS It added the account but I have to get the POP and STMP settings right first.
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Completely baffled. I've sync'd Windows mail with my Gmail account, everything back and forth is fine. Trying to send email w/attachments from Word 2003 results in nothing-no error, no nothing. I have the 'mail' icon on Word 2003 set, I can access the 'send to mail recipient' on 'file' so that I can enter email addresses to send the attached file to whomever-but when I click Send...nothing. I am absolutely at my wits end, and I can't self diagnose this to fix it. Again, my Gmail and Windows Mail are sync'd fine-can send msgs back and forth. About to blow a gasket on this, have depositions to send and can't! thanks so much
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I have several accounts in Windows Mail to use in different locations. When I am at home I set the appropriate account as Default. Windows Mail uses this reliably when creating mail. However, when replying to incoming mail the programme always tries to use another account (not default but one I use in Portugal) and of course it fails to Send because the settings are not correct. I have to manually change the account in the outgoing address box. Any solution?
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I can receive mail and send mail but the target does not receive it, I get no error message but my sent box says it was sent, this has been going on now for about at least three weeks, I have sent mail out of roadrunner direct with no problem, I have been using this program for about three years with no problem, tec.service at roadrunner say's no problem at there end all boxes are set correctly, I have been running 2 e-mail accounts for about 2 years no problem both accounts having same problem with sending, windows tec. was no help on their 800 # other to tell me that they did not up grade windows live mail.

any one else having this particular problem? I am here to listen, bill j

A:windows 7 32bit live mail with time warner wi rr/ sending e-mail

try to send one to yourself and see if it goes and comes back.
Also you can try a repair of WLM
to do this go to program and features in control panel
Double click Windows Live Essentials
It will give you an option to repair besides uninstall
pick the repair one
once it is done send the email again to yourself first to see if it goes
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Hi I have several mail accounts I have now created HTML mail signatures incl a logo and attached them to different mail accounts Problem If I create a new email then no matter what mail accounts is set it will always put in the default mail signature So I looked in forums and removed the auto insert signature in all emails as someone suggested BUT Problem If I create a new email I have to insert it manually myself work Mail Live doesnt in client signatures Windows Mail When I do it here the insert menu has the choice of signatures Problem If I insert the one with the image the image is not shown only the object frame And there is no image in the final email in the receivers inbox When I do it here the insert menu has the choice of signatures ONLY if I REPLY on Mail signatures doesnt work in Windows Live Mail client an already received email and then click insert mail signature THEN the mail signature comes correct with the image Here the insert Mail signatures doesnt work in Windows Live Mail client menu only has signature the one attached to the mail account Has anyone found the reason and solution for this MICROSOFT PS its on Windows
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Our Windows Live Mail accounts receive blank messages when someone sends a calendar appointment request from an Outlook account. The same message arrives correctly in a gmail account or in my Outlook account at work. Is this a Live Mail Configuration issue?

A:Windows Live Mail not receiving calendar info from Outlook mail

Hi adfrench, welcome to Seven Forums.

You must sign-in to WLM with the same account your using for the calendar.
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Please need to solve at this time the following and believe I need the server settings and other info I am a dunce with Windows and it never did play well with Comcast just that with XP I could fumble it into place myself Now the Comcast techs are lost or just do not want to help me reconfigure Live settings Windows needed server Mail/Comcast/mail it into Windows Live Mail as the whole problem was created by their instructions on how to set up pay on line Incredible hmm Windows Live Mail/Comcast/mail server settings needed The connection to the server has failed Subject Re Find your true friend Server smtp comcast net Windows Live Mail Error ID x CCC E Protocol SMTP Port Secure SSL No Socket Error Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail Napolina account The host comcast net could not be found Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly Server comcast net Windows Live Mail Windows Live Mail/Comcast/mail server settings needed Error ID x CCC D Protocol POP Port Secure SSL Yes Socket Error Unable to send or receive messages for the Comcast TanToes account Windows Live Mail/Comcast/mail server settings needed The host could not be found Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly Server Windows Live Mail Error ID x CCC D Protocol POP Port Secure SSL No Socket Error nbsp

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I can send e-mail, but recipient never receives it. I get no error message, its like the e-mail goes through fine on my end.

Then I talk to the recipient and find out no matter who I send to, they don't get my E-mail. I can't even send mail to myself. I have multiple accounts in my house, its the same for all. I just noticed this a few days ago.

It seems to be a different problem from the other issued on this board because there is no error message, and the fixes (new port) didn't work.

Any suggestions? I can go on comcasts web mail and it sends fine and I can send from my iphone and laptop.


A:I can send e-mail, but recipiant never receives it. No Errors. Windows Vista Mail.
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In recent days I was asked by Yahoo to change my password and did. Windows Live Mail will not allow a password (anything..?) change... and simply reverts to what was. I need to correct the password each time it opens and am able to receive receive mail, but.. WLM will not change...???

A:Windows Live Mail password request to recieve my ATT/Yahoo mail

See if this link will help

Windows Live Mail 2011 - Changing Your Saved Email Password
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Hi I have been using WLM for some years Yesterday it stopped sending emails and now just leaves them in the Outbox Here is most of what appears in the error box The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's email address The sender's email address was 'xxxx yyyy com' Subject 'Newsflash' Server Error Server Response Sorry send error no Can e-mail 0x800ccc78 Windows Mail, with longer Live over your daily relay limit Server 'smtpout secureserver net' Windows Live Mail Error ID x CCC Protocol SMTP Port Secure SSL No I don't send many emails and don't send emails with large attachments so I don't know why the quot over your daily relay limit quot message appears Port has worked for a long time and works sends emails from the other computers on the network so it doesn't seem like I should need to select a different port number The quot My server requires authentication quot box is selected ticked None of the settings have been changed for a long time Our ISP is GoDaddy Thanks for any advice

A:Can no longer send e-mail with Windows Live Mail, error 0x800ccc78

have you changed your isp ?
what firewall and AV are you using ?

have you tried running through all your settings from the godaddy setup page .........
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I want to set Windows Live Mail as a default mail client. I know this can be done manually. But how can I do this in automated way, or is there any registry setting by which i can do that.

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I would like to use Word 2007 Mail Merge to compose and send email messages. My email client is Windows Live Mail. I do not have Outlook. I do not need to access my WLM Contacts list. The email addresses I want to send messages to are in a column of the Word table that I am using as the Mail Merge data source. I have gone through all of the steps of a Mail Merge, including writing the email message, inserting data fields into it, and selecting recipients. The last step is to finish, merge, and send messages. I click on that step and nothing happens - no error message appears but no messages are sent. Any advice? It's possible this can't be done, but I am hoping it can.

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Our old XP machine harddrive has just died! This has OE6 on it... I'm now on a Win7 PC with Windows Live Mail... I am trying to find an import option to bring in all my old backed-up folders in the dbx format without any luck.

Any suggestions? I did try Thunderbird then gave up!!

A:Importing Outlook Express mail into Windows Live Mail

I did it a long time ago and cannot recall my method.

If you pound google, you will find numerous methods. If one doesn't work, move on to the next. I do recall that it is a hit and miss affair, so be prepared to experiment.

Primary advice: be sure you have multiple copies of your DBX folders and keep one copy of each folder safe and unaltered. Try the various methods you discover on a copy of the DBX folders.
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I am trying to get all my yahoo and gmail messgaes to come to me through windows Live Mail, Gmail it is working fine, but for yahoo it is not it says Server Error 0x800CCC90, is there a possible fix for this

A:Windows Live Mail saying my password for Yahoo Mail is incorrect

Techtitan100, try logging on to yahoo mail directly, your password might have changed. Also check the settings to make sure that the pop connections are ok.

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Okay so a few years back I quot upgraded quot to Live Lost? the Are Windows Client Mail E-mail Files - Windows Live Mail because support for Outlook Express was gone by Windows Live Mail E-mail Client - Are the Files Lost? the wayside This was using Windows XP and I still have the original hard drive amp access to all of its files In making the transition at the time I backed up my active Outlook Express files to import into WLM should something go wrong with the native importing or should the process erase the original files or some other ridiculousness What I didn t do was make copies of my old archived email When the application turned out to be a huge mistake I learned that the files from Outlook Express had been taken over by WLM and were no longer accessible from OE I attempted to transition the archived E-mail from WLM to another client No luck Also attempting to find out from someone where the files from Windows Live Mail resided or what format they were in at the time resulted in absolutely no luck either It s years later and I still find use a couple times a month for the information I d had archived there Is there anyone here who can help me Or is this an absolutely lost cause Sincerely frustrated BGPhilbin nbsp

A:Windows Live Mail E-mail Client - Are the Files Lost?

So you've now lost access to all files, as you don't know where WLM stores them?
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Dear Team I am Gyan And i am using windows live mail 2012 and in this application i have face some technical issue like --- Suppose i received a mail from [email protected] like below content
subject:- test mail
compose message:-  happy new year
if i forward this message to [email protected] then compose message not show in live mail receiver can not see my message in received mail. only signature he can see but they do not see my message that was i forward to him. And if i check same message on web
server like gmail then receiver can see the message so please suggest that where is block my message when i download the message.

Thanks Gyan Singh
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I'm trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail. I've converted them all to a csv file (5.65kb). When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred.....not the e-mail addresses. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Windows Live Mail is Hotmail, with a new look. So I am confused as to what you are trying to do.
It sounds like you created a whole new name for Windows Live Mail... you didn't need to do that.

If you just open Windows Live Mail and logon as the HotMail name you will see all of the contacts.
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Hi All I've searched wide and far online for an answer but have had little luck - looking to one of you for some guidance here if possible Issue Sent mail folder in not 30days mail Folder - Mail old Sent > showing Windows (Hotmail) Mail application on Windows doesn't sync more than days of send messages for Hotmail account Only Hotmail account affected on Mail application other sub folders sync as far back as possibleGmail account is fine Windows Mail - Sent Folder (Hotmail) not showing mail > 30days old - can see years of sent email Context I have accounts added to my Mail client on Windows - hotmail gmailI have Outlook mail installed on this machine alsoWindows ProDell Precision M Upgraded from Windows - gt Windows Tried Removing and readding the hotmail accountTried removing and adding the account as POP account as well Windows Mail - Sent Folder (Hotmail) not showing mail > 30days old as the built in Hotmail Windows Mail - Sent Folder (Hotmail) not showing mail > 30days old autosetup linkRemoved all email accounts and readded themEnsured that the application has permission to access calendar have seen this online in a few places as a possible problem maker Checked that I have my sent messages I can see them in Outlook but not in Mail - gt Sent folder All help would be much appreciated thanks in advance

A:Windows Mail - Sent Folder (Hotmail) not showing mail > 30days old

I don't use Microsoft email client or outlook program but It look like you're using the outlook Mail application program . What happens if you use their webpage instead . Can you log into the site below and see if you are able to view

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Hi, I just set up Windows Live Mail and am receiving this error when I attmept to send mail via GMail's IMAP service. All settings are correct according to GMail's instructions for IMAP use with Windows Mail. Here is a copy of Windows Live Mail's error message with the recipient changed to hide the personal ID of the original sender/designated recipient:

An unknown error has occurred.
Subject 'Re: An email from {blank}
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0B
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 465
Secure(SSL): Yes

A:Windows Live Mail Outgoing / Send Mail Error

Go to the website of your ISP, they will show you how to set um WLM. Use their setting for sending. You can use the name of your Gmail account to show as the "send to" for replies.
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i have windows 7 and recently began using the upgraded windows live mail 2011 - after a hard drive crash i had to reinstall everything - however i haven't been able to transfer all of my e-mails over from my backup computer or external hard drive - after waiting a few hours it comes back and asks me if i want to copy all files without their properties which effectively means i cannot transfer those e-mails with the contents - can anyone please tell me how to fix this?

A:windows live mail 2011 - e-mail properties won't transfer

What email program is on your old machine?

If you're going to be trying stuff to get your old mail on your new Win7, be sure to make a backup of all your old mail folders before you do, and put the backup file where you'll know where it is. Probably on your old machine desktop, wouldn't hurt to put another copy on your Win7 desktop as well. Loss hurts!

Questions... are you able to do an "Import" from X, (X being the location of your old (or previous) emails?

Are you able to do an "Export" of the same emails to a file?

Does Windows Live Mail 2011 have the option to "Import emails From" or "Export" to?

One thing you can do is: make a COPY of your old "Inbox" folder and place it, (the "COPY"), on your current Win 7 desktop. Have Windows Live Mail copy it from there. If when you do, it does not then contain items such as "attachments, etc., you could simply delete all the emails in it and try something else. Your original (old emails) are still where they always were, on your other machine or external drive.

My machine is a dual/boot Windows Vista & Windows7. For email I use Windows Mail on both. I know it is oft said that Windows Mail won't work on Win7, trust me it works just fine. The transfer of all my email folders from Vista to Win7 was a painless, simple, walk in the park. Everything transferred, folders and all, nothing was lost.

I'm not into Windows Live essential anything, mail included, and that's why I installed Windows Mail on Win7.
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My computer has two Windows Vista login profiles for myself and my wife We each have an email address let's call them me surname freeserve co uk and wife surname freeserve co uk We set up these multiple email addresses according to the advice given by our ISP on how to set up multiple email addresses with Orange part help amp support Orange UK Part and how to set up multiple email addresses part help amp support Orange UK Part at least as far as we could understand it The resulting email setup is this I have email accounts My Account address me surname freeserve co uk There are no message rules affecting this account Orange Admin multiple Windows behaviour Change addresses? with Mail in e-mail Account address me surname freeserve co uk There is a message rule don't download from Orange Admin Change in Windows Mail behaviour with multiple e-mail addresses? Account if Change in Windows Mail behaviour with multiple e-mail addresses? To or CC field contains me or wife I also have a mail account me surname orangehome co uk My wife has email account Wife's account address wife surname freeserve co uk There are no message rules affecting this account This setup worked perfectly for years we use Windows Mail logged into my Vista profile I got only email sent to my address and my wife logged into her profile only got email sent to her address Then a few weeks ago email sent to my wife's address suddenly started coming to whichever of us read our email first that is my email account started to malfunction by downloading email sent to my wife's address My wife's email account continues to work OK ie it doesn't read email sent to my address I have a bootable copy of my hard disk from the time when things worked OK and when I boot from that it is fine we each get only email sent to our own address But not when I boot from my main disk The copy is too old however to restore from it I tried a system restore but the oldest one available already exhibited the problem I have compared between the machine as booted from the main and backup disks the Windows Mail settings for the email accounts and for message rules and I can see no differences yet the behaviour is different I have reset the registry subtree HKCU Software Microsoft Windows Mail on my main disk to what it is on my backup but no improvement To repeat my wife's email account continues to work correctly it downloads only email sent to her address and not email sent to my address My own email account however has begun to malfunction if I read the email before my wife does it downloads email sent to her address as well as email sent to mine However if I boot from an old copy of my boot disk both of us get only mail sent to our own address This is what I want to get back to It may be noted that all of these behaviours are obtained without the use of message rules other than the message rule under my profile affecting Orange Admin Account as advised by Orange So I do not think that the introduction of further message rules is needed to fix the problem or can do so As an additional query can anyone explain the function of Orange Admin Account is and what would happen if it were removed Thanks for any ideas PS Edited to make one correction and for greater clarity hopefully

A:Change in Windows Mail behaviour with multiple e-mail addresses?

I think I finally found the difference between my mail settings and those on my backup boot system, when I compared the contents of C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders where details of each email account is stored in a separate text file with extension .oeaccount The difference is simple, but baffling as to why it should have such an effect.

I found that the field "POP3_User_name" was different for "My Account". I almost certainly retyped this on my main system during the recent (and continuing) intermittent unavailability of these Orange servers, and I typed it in the form: However on my backup, it was of the form: [email protected] (which would be considered an error in most circumstances), and on changing it to match on my main system, things are back in working order, ie. in my Vista login profile, I receive only email to [email protected] and not email to [email protected]

On checking the Orange webpages on setting up multiple email accounts, I find that this is indeed what they recommend, but matters are not helped by the Orange pages referring to this field as the "Account name", while Windows Mail (on Accounts/Properties/Servers) calls it the (incoming) "E-mail username". The Orange pages could also be criticised for not drawing explicit attention to the difference between how this field is filled out for the Orange Admin Account, on the one hand ? ? and for individual accounts on the other hand ? [email protected] , [email protected], etc.

Baffling, as I say, but it's a possible cause should anyone else find email to separate accounts getting mixed together.
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HI I have a problem with quot Windows Mail quot The problem is simply this I use two web-based emails Yahoo and Earthlink In both cases I must keep my emails on-line for a long Downloading Multiple Old Problems times Mail: with Mail Windows time -several years I need to have portable access to them even when I am away from my computer I can't be alone in this Yet I also want to use the Windows Mail successor to Outlook I can't figure out Problems with Windows Mail: Downloading Old Mail Multiple times an intelligent way to use this program with my needs Because I keep email on the servers each time I download the new emails I copy the older ones first I now have three sets of copies of the older emails which I then Problems with Windows Mail: Downloading Old Mail Multiple times have to manually delete from Windows Mail There must be a better way First is it possible to download messages from most recent to Problems with Windows Mail: Downloading Old Mail Multiple times older so that I can stop the downloading when it gets to mail I already have downloaded Second is it possible to put a 'range' of time that I want to download mail i e backwards say until but not further Third is it possible to delete the multiple copies of emails on Web Mail that I have so that I do not have the duplicates but do not have to remove them -very laboriously- by going through my entire folder on Web Mail Is there some automatic way to do this or is there a program or function I can use Thank You

A:Problems with Windows Mail: Downloading Old Mail Multiple times

Hi Mike,
you would be better using Windows Live Mail it has better backup features.
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i send all my emails from the folder by right clicking and send to, mail recipient, but since installing windows 7 and windows live mail, when i do so the new message does not come to the front of the screen instead i have to go click on it in the start bar.... any ideas
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I upgraded to Windows Live Mail and now am unable to view my previous e-mails in my hot mail account that i have had for years. How do i retrieve these e-mails that i believe are still on the server?
Thanks all,

A:Downloaded Windows Mail Live - Lost All E-Mails In Hot Mail

Open live mail,click tools and click syncronize all.
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Windows Live Mail 2011 - recipients not receiving mail
About 10% of my e-mail recipients are not receiving my e-mail and I do not receive non-delivery notices. Makes no difference if I select their address from my e-mail list or select respond to one of their incoming messages. This problem has plagued me for many months. I changed from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail 2011 with no results.

Computer is HP Model m9517c, AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core processor, Vista 64 bit operating system with Service Pack 2, 8 GB RAM. Am using Windows Live Mail 2011 with Comcast Internet Service.

The people not receiving my e-mail are using Verizon, Earthlink and probably others. Two of my Verizon accounts changed over to gmail and email went through.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 - recipients not receiving mail

Of course, I cannot offer a definitive answer, but merely give the most like first.
Lets say you are sending from and you send to Yahoo may have been receiving a lot of spam from Verizon and do not allow their email. Tell your friends to put you on the safe list and see if that helps.
Another possibility, is that you may have someone else's address. It may be very close to a correct address with only a small difference. YOu would not get an non delivered notice.
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It has always been my belief that those who use Windows Mail or Windows Live mail and have it set to show the preview pane, will allow a potential virus to spread .Once you download and have it in the preview pane, it is the same as opening the email. Until I find out that this is not true, I have eliminated the preview pane, which can be done from the View Tab.

A:Window Live Mail Windows Mail and Similar Clients

Quote: Originally Posted by richc46

It has always been my belief that those who use Windows Mail or Windows Live mail and have it set to show the preview pane, will allow a potential virus to spread .Once you download and have it in the preview pane, it is the same as opening the email. Until I find out that this is not true, I have eliminated the preview pane, which can be done from the View Tab.

I have done the same thing in Windows Live Mail, although mainly just because I find it annoying. If I need to read the email, I'll open it, I don't need it on display while I'm sorting old messages.

I'm pretty sure that you're right about viruses being able to spread through the preview pane. But doesn't Outlook also have this "feature"?
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When I start windows e-mails, I am receiving all e-mails automatically, but after that with it does not receive the e-mails automatically. It sends automatically , but I have to select "Receive All" to see new e-mails. I am using windows mail
with POP settings.

Also each time I select "Synchronize All" or "Send/Receiving All" an
error message comes up saying "Sorry errors occured while processing
the requested tasks. Please review the list of errors below for more
details". The issue is that the list of errors is empty. But I receive and send emails normally, a part from issue mention in the first paragraph.

Does Anybody has experienced the same thing and hopefuuly help me resolve it?

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While using XP, I used Pegasus mail as my e-mail client. Pegasus's mail filtering options included the ability to set a duration on a mail folder such that any message in that folder, older than the specified duration, was automatically moved to the deleted mail folder.

Is there any way to achieve the same thing using Windows Mail under Vista?


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clearlyclueless said I to contacts Mail from Live Hotmail Export E-mail Windows m trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail I ve converted them all to a csv file kb When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred not the e-mail addresses Any ideas Thanks Click to expand This thread was previously closed due to lack of answers however I found a solution When importing a csv file into Hotmail the email address field is expected as quot E-mail Address quot however in the csv file created by Windows Live Mail the email address field is quot Email Address quot Note the missing hyphen This means that the email address is not transferred over to Hotmail The solution is to edit the csv file using Notepad - simply add the hyphen to the top line of the csv file save the file and import it into Hotmail If you have the Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail same problem with other fields a useful test to see what field names Hotmail expects is to export a contact from Hotmail and then inspect the csv file which is created using Notepad nbsp

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Thanks for that, but tips and fixes not in reponse to any specific member should be posted here:
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Hi I am desperate to resolve this issue as I have been getting this x ccc e error from Outlook on my laptop regarding failure to connect to my virtual server apache tomcat running windows server I tried to connect to my email via Webmail on Plesk and Mail Server (MAIL 2008) (WINDOWS ENABLE) Issue received a failed login The same for all accounts The problem arose when just minutes after sending through an email okay I tried a follow up email to the same person and received this x ccc e error message I check on the server and noted that Mailenable Professional was not running IMAP properly as I Server (WINDOWS 2008) Mail Issue (MAIL ENABLE) have exceed my trial period so I spoke to them and installed Mailenable Enterprise on over the top to keep the trial running It kept the same settings and IMAP and all the other services on the same accounts worked Having gone back to Outlook on my laptop Server (WINDOWS 2008) Mail Issue (MAIL ENABLE) and tried to send I got the same error Since then I have disabled all anti-virus KASPERSKY PURE SPY WARE DOCTOR MALWARE on my laptop and server SYMANTEC END POINT disabling the firewalls to no avail I tried setting up an account with POP as opposed to IMAP and test fails in Outlook I have also verified the account details to be the same as had worked previously for a long time I've tinkered with some port changes via other forums and its not worked either Plus did a run of registry cleaners on both systems as well as resetting machines etc My colleague has just informed me that when he went into his email via the Webmail external client on his machine which is not on a network he got a failed login The issue therefore must be Server Side Tel net command prompts actions do not work or bring up anything Having run NETSTAT -AN command see attached screenshot it does not bring up the imap or ports which should be used I really cannot see what more I can do and cannot afford to pay for a technician at my hosts to look at this privately Can anyone help I am pulling my hair out and have sore eyes Your assistance is appreciated Best regards A

A:Server (WINDOWS 2008) Mail Issue (MAIL ENABLE)

This has now been resolved, by the kind folk at mailenable.

Here are details of the fix, from the email they sent me:-
Ok we have logged into the server and performed a telnet test locally on the
server to see if we were able to connect to the MailEnable POP, IMAP and
SMTP services which were unsuccessful. We could see that you are running
Symantec Endpoint protection which is includes a firewall option. We added
the MailEnable IMAP service to the firewall rules which allowed us to
successfully connect the IMAP service. You can now use the Horde webmail
interface and log in using the IMAP protocol.

We then tried adding the SMTP service to the Symantec Endpoint Protection
firewall rules, however this did not make any difference. So we then
accessed the MailEnable SMTP properties and enabled the alternate port for
the SMTP service to listen on (587). We were then able to telnet to the SMTP
service on port 587 which indicates that there is some other
application/firewall that is blocking access on port 25. I noticed that the
Windows firewall was also running so we added a rule to the firewall for the
SMTP service and can now successfully connect to the service and send using
the Horde webmail interface. I'm quite certain that your Outlook errors
should be addressed so give it go and see if you can send/receive from the
Outlook client.

Cheers, and I hope this helps anyone who has a similar situation.

Best regards
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I have used the same email programme on this computer for 2 years with no problems. For the last week or so my emails have taken forever to download, half and hour or more.

There is plenty of capacity on my webmail account which is where messages are downloaded from, and according to the little information box WLW is 'aware' of the messages to be downloaded, and list 'downloading 17 messages' or whatever number; no error message appears, it just takes a-g-e-s. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Please no suggestions to download some other better mail programme - I'm happy with this one when it is working!

Many thanks

A:Windows Live Mail suddenly downloading mail very slowly

I would first try the simple thing of resetting(power cycle) your network equipment. Unplug the power cord(s) to both the modem and router or just the one cord if its a combo modem/router and wait about a minute or so; then plug the modem back in first and let that boot; then plug the router back in and let that boot. Try this out and see what happens. If it doesnt resolve the issue post back and we can take it from there.
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After installing SP on my Vista Business OS laptop I could no longer send and receive all my mail in Windows Mail I had my BT Yahoo mail account set up to deliver all my mail to my POP inbox This included mail from other servers which could then be accessed through my Mail Inbox Several of the email addresses are used for a web page that I maintain on an Apache server and cannot be accessed in any other manner The other server that had mail forwarded to my Inbox can be accessed with HTTP and is not so important yet still irritating Microsoft's answer to problems Windows Live will forwarded accounts mail any access not Mail with the now unsupported apparently Windows Mail that all Vista users have paid for Windows Live Mail will not access any forwarded mail accounts seems to be exclusively to tell everyone to move to using Windows Live Mail So I downloaded it most reluctantly And it also does not work with these forwarded mail addresses Just keep getting asked for a password over and over I can go to the BT Yahoo server and send mail there out of these external addresses but it is Windows Live Mail will not access any forwarded mail accounts not possible to receive mail So is that it Microsoft Can I no longer access these accounts at all I would change to using Mozilla Thunderbird but it has no facility for importing my huge store of Windows Mail Messages Any suggestions anybody I have spent many hours on this and it is driving me demented All real help would be most appreciated
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I been using Outlook for - years and have about Outlook e-mails saved including a folder which contains all my purchased software serial numbers I carefully exported all my Outlook e-mails before switching to Windows mail messages Windows into 2003 Can't mail Outlook import mail I have discovered to my dismay that Windows mail can not import Outlook mail and somehow in the process of installing Windows Can't import Outlook 2003 mail messages into Windows mail mail my Outlook program disappeared My old Student and Teacher Office disk which contained the Outlook software is too scratched to reinstall I have looked for some kind of Outlook to Windows Mail converter from Microsoft but no luck so far I am absolutely amazed that Microsoft would publish a new mail program and not include import routines for its own legacy mail programs Outlook apparently has the same problem with Windows Mail Even if I purchase a replaacement disk from Microsoft I have the orginal box and serial number for my Student and Teacher Office package so I thick I could still get a replacement disk I would still have to use two e-mail programs and eventually Outlook would stop working with some future OS upgrade Any suggestions
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Hi when receiving or sending attachments with photos in it a message comes up saying. Windows Mail Removed access to the following unsafe attachment in you mail. I am now unable to receive my attachments which have photos in it or sent attachments with photos in it.

I know that the attachments are not unsafe.
Can someone please help me with this problem

A:Windows Mail Removed access to the following unsafe attachment in you mail

Try this in Windows mail go to the tools tab>safety>security>uncheck do not allow attachments that can be harmful.

If you try this option and it indeed works, think about what you have just done. You get a virus attachment, you will probably open it.

Take care.
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Can anyone help please? All addresses are in btyahoo webmail and I am now using Windows Mail for emails. How can I transfer the emails addresses from web mail to Windows MAil (the old Outlook Express)?

I have selected the addresses and clicked on Export/Import at top right of screen but nothing happened. I understand it should be in the CSV format not WAB as I used to export/import using XP. And ideas?

In the Windows Mail there is the import facility giving the options CSV etc but I can't get the export/import to do anything in the web mail.


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I have used Windows Mail for years with very few problems. I prefer to download all mail and then respond, file, delete, etc. About a month ago it seemed to "timeout" on me when trying to download Emails with large attachments (pictures, PDF files, etc). I can access thos Emails through Webmail and file them so they don't continue to try and download, but now I've go a good number of these "stuck" in my webmail.

What could have changed that has now prevented me from downloading these Emails through Windows Mail and how can I fix it? Thnaks for any and all info/advice.

A:Windows Mail (Vista 32 bit) not downloading mail with large attachments

If you increase the timeout, you should be able to correct the problem
1. Open Windows Live Mail, go to Tools > Accounts...
2. Choose your email account and then click on "Properties"
3. Click on the "Advance" tab
4. Under 'Server Timeouts', drag the slider to change it to a more longer or maximum period of timeouts.

Probably caused by extremely large attachments, or internet slowing down. There are various sites to check the speed. by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Be sure you are getting the speed that you were promised.
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my toshiba laptop was dead, the powerlight came on, the hard-disk was spinning but the screen remained blank.
I tried everthing , stripping it completely, trying a new ram and narrowed the problem to the motherboard or the cpu. i.e I can conclude that the problem is with the the mobo or the cpu.
This was a month ago.

Today I switched on again and voila! it worked, the bios loaded! I had removed the hard-disk, so switched it off, attached the HD and started it up again.. this time it didn't work. And hasn't since. I have again stripped it down , but it still doesn't work.
CAn anyone plzzzzz exlplain what is going here?? I mean it started , that means nothings fried, right??


btw the fan spins for exactly 5 seconds before turning off.

A:Dead laptop came back to life, now dead again

there is something like a "hardware reset" available on many laptops.
- try to plug out everything except cpu and memory
- remove the battery and do not attach the power supply
- open the lid and hold the power on button for like 20 seconds
- plug everything back in and try to boot
that worked for me for some compaq and dell laptops which did act like yours

my two cents...
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I'm working on a 10-yr old HP pavillion pc. The pc would not turn on at all, monitor displays 'no signal'. the pc lights flicker. I had an older atx power supply and tried that- it worked. so I know that the old power supply was bad. the case was VERY dirty. almost all the vent holes were clogged. even after I tried my 'new' power supply, the cpu fan does not come on and I still get 'no signal' on monitor (the hard drive/cdrom drive DO come on). I'm thinking the power supply blew, taking the mobo with it. I don't want to spend alot of time on this, but can anyone offer any thoughts on this? thanks.

A:power supply dead;cpu fan dead,mobo?

A 10 year old system that you don't want to spend a lot of time on. What can I say?
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Computer was given to me because the cdrom was dead.
The tick of death started, so the harddrive is dead too(it is dead now sure)
XP licence is stuck under laptop.

Pity to throw this laptop away, I would liket to get XPback on, but failling that anything is accepted.

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hi sony vaio xp sp lots of peripheral usage we have front and rear usb ports digital cameras printers mp players one morning when switching the usb printer dead Solved: all dying...DEAD. usb ports....not cable from the laptop back to the front usb port on the desktop the computer froze and NONE of the usb s front or back have worked Solved: all dead usb ports....not dying...DEAD. ever since important to note is that we do lots Solved: all dead usb ports....not dying...DEAD. of plugging unplugging usbs for the above devices what we have tried to awaken our usb s keep in mind we are in the early learning stages of computer knowledge static discharge boot reboot safe mode reinstallation of usb root etc system restore didn t work no matter how far back we went last ditch chance is a system recovery so we bought an external hard drive and are backing up as with everything Solved: all dead usb ports....not dying...DEAD. we do not without problems but that is another post here in preparation for the recovery any other clear step by step advice for us thanks in advance nbsp

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My wife's computer sends duplicate email to everyone. They have told her this plus we have a home network and all her emails to me are duplicate. She only has one email account listed. I have not found anyone who can help me with this problem so I set her up a Yahoo email account to see if only one would be sent throught it and that is what happens. So we are changing her from Windows Mail to Yahoo mail.
Is there away to get Yahoo mail set up as Windows Mail? By this I mean can we just eliminate Windows mail and put Yahoo mail in it's place? Also, is there a way to copy her address book to Yahoo? Is there away to print it?

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In Win XP, the contacts selection called up the contact name and e-mail in separate columns, so that you could sort the list by name or by e-mail address.
Is there any way of doing that in Win 7?
Occasionally I get an e-mail with just the e-mail address, but not a contact name, and I'd like to be able to find out who it is.
All suggestions appreciated.

A:How can I sort e-mail contacts in Windows Live Mail?

Under the Home tab in Contacts Click on View there is a Sort By with an arrow. Click there and you have a choice of how to sort, last or first name.
Also if you click on Mail- the same thing- Under the Home Tab-View- there is also a way to sort the emails
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Every time I try to send or reply to mail Windows Live mail crashes. If the mail has a picture and I open the picture with Windows Photo Gallery - photo gallery crashes then Live mail crashes as well.

Faulting application wlmail.exe, version 15.4.3555.308, time stamp 0x4f59707e, faulting module MSMAIL.DLL, version 15.4.3555.308, time stamp 0x4f59709e, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000ae425, process id 0x%9, application start time 0x%10.

I searched Microsoft and there is not answer for this.
Please help.

A:Windows Live Mail crashes when sending mail

The only answer I ever found for this type of error was to uninstall Live Mail and reinstall it - which is why I paid for Forte Agent (which is basically text-only send, although it can read HTML email)
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I have a strange problems since a few days I hope I can explain it well.

When I look at my received e-mails in the upper right screen and click on one, the message body in the lower screen shows a different e-mail message. And the e-mail message I was looking for seems to be gone .

So I guess my Windows mail is a bit messed up. Is there a way to fix this?

A:Windows mail, subject does not match e-mail body

I have a similar issue. When I move an email to new or existing folder, all the emails in that folder look the same.
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I have an EAS account added at my Lumia 650.
Before updating Outlook Mail my account work perfectly fine.
However after update (I am not sure if app update or AU update - both were done at the same time) Outlook Mail is trying to cipher every e-mail I want to send.
Each new e-mail has icon of "lock" at subject line.
Of course in settings S/MIME is deactivated for both signing and ciphering.
From that reason I am not able to send e-mail because client is complaining that there are no public keys for receipients.
Any hint if this is some problem of new version or anything else?

A:Why Outlook Mail on Windows 10 Mobile is trying to cipher every e-mail?

I can suggest the usual method of removing the account and adding it back
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I'm trying to get Outlook Express mail into a Vista's Windows Mail and I can't find a straight-forward document on this anywhere.

Now what?

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Is there a way to delete your mail in the delete folder with one click instead of doing each one separate? I can't seem to find it if there is.

A:Deleting mail in Windows Live Mail 2011

Right click the deleted items folder. Second choice is to Empty the whole folder
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Recently i switched from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail.
I managed to import/export my TB mails to Windows Live Mail, but i can't seem to get my contacts into the Windows Live Mail.
I'm Thunderbird i exported my adresbook into a .csv file.
When i import that file into my WLM contacts i only see 2 contacts.
When i open de csv file, i see alot more contacts.
Anyone got a solution or tip for me?

A:Mail Contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

You could try a repair of WLM. Go to Programs and Features, highlight "Windows Live Essentials", click on change/uninstall at the top, and choose repair in the next window. All installed parts of WLE will be repaired, including Mail.
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I'm new to this forum but I have had Windows Vista and Windows mail for almost a year now Two days ago when trying to send email I got a message that said quot spell checker halted do you want to send anyway quot and I clicked yes but the emails will not send When I shutdown windows mail I get a message that there are emails in my outbox do I want to send now and I clicked yes and none of the emails are sending No problems that I'm aware of receiving mail I've tried going to tools and updating the English spell checker and I've also done a manual spell checker - mail will still not send Thank you for any help out there I also tried microsoft support line but unfortunately I am outside their regular business hours and was asked if I wanted to pay extra for the emergency help line in addition to mail spell Windows mail checker sent halted, not will the for help with this question
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hi, i have a samsung N150 plus computer with windows 7 starter. Windows Live Mail can not send mail because of too big, but I can not find where to delete these mails. What should I do? my e-mail is blocked!

A:I have to delete outgoing mail in Windows Live Mail: How to do?

Quote: Originally Posted by siusso967

hi, i have a samsung N150 plus computer with windows 7 starter. Windows Live Mail can not send mail because of too big, but I can not find where to delete these mails. What should I do? my e-mail is blocked!

Should be in the "Sent items" or if failing then it should be in the "Outbox"
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In Vista Windows Mail is it possible to sort mail using different parameters in different folders?
Some email clients allow you to do that, e.g:
Saved Folder: sort by Received/Descending,
Inbox: sort by Received/Ascending.... and so on.
I find that currently if you set one, it sets them all.
The reason I'm asking this so late in the day so to speak is that I've just switched to (a hacked) VWM in my Windows 7 and 10 OS's from Incredimail, which was driving me batty but did have that one redeeming feature. Folders all could be sorted differently.
This is not that important but thought I would ask.
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I have legitimate mail that comes in and windows mail marks it as phishing, in red! I have added the domain and specific address to the safe senders list, but it continues to happen. Does anyone know how I fix this? Thanks!

A:How do I prevent Windows mail from marking mail in red as Phishing?

Did you try to put the address in your contact book at the website and not one Windows Live?
Put is on the safe list, at the website, too.
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Im trying to figure out a customers vista laptop issue. In vista when we go to pictures folder and right click a picture and go to send to menu and choose mail, it asks if you want to attach it which is fine we choose yes then it opens up the compose mail windows ready to type a subject and body message which is also fine, but the issue is it opens up with outlook 2003 mail rather than windows mail.

I already went to default program area in control panel and selected windows mail for everything defaults. But this doesnt fix the issue, anyone know how? Thanks

A:Mail Recipient opens Outlook instead of windows mail...

In Default Programs/Set Program Access and Computer Details/Custom take the drop down arrow and Choose a Default Email Program.
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Ever since purchasing a new Dell PC with Windows and Live-Mail Hotmail Mail! ISP my / hijacking Windows Windows Live Mail I am being driven around the bend with mail problems Previously with XP and Vista my mail through my ISP worked almost flawlessly Now it seems that not only is my email is being wrecked by Windows Live Mail but Microsoft is monitoring my private mail Why am Windows Live-Mail / Hotmail hijacking my ISP Mail! I receiving messages below from Microsoft re Live Mail and Hotmail In effect it seems that Windows Live Mail is duplicating AND storing incoming mail on my ISP's server I certainly never wanted this ----- Original Message ----- From Windows Live Hotmail Member Services Sent Sunday May PM Subject Your Hotmail account is growing too fast IMG file C Users Rory AppData Local Temp msohtml clip image jpg IMG IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED Dear Customer Your Windows Live Hotmail account has been growing really fast If it continues to grow at this rate you will not be able to receive messages in the future Here are a few suggestions to help you manage your account Create an archive - Set up a folder on your PC s hard drive where you can save large attachments Then just delete them from your inbox You ll still have them and your inbox will be that much smaller Make your filters work for you- Did you know you can set up your Hotmail account to immediately delete junk e-mail Go to Options and click Filters and reporting Under the Delete junk e-mail section select Immediately to delete junk e-mail right away Once you re finished click Save and you re done Delete a bunch of mail at once- Go to your Junk and Deleted folders and clear them out by clicking the Empty button in the action bar If you have more questions please read our help topic on Hotmail storage Sincerely The Windows Live Hotmail Team I do not and have never used Hotmail nor am I a quot member quot There is no set capacity limit on my ISP's mail service and I have a TB hard drive with a huge amount of free space Why is Microsoft Live Mail nagging me and invading my privacy At I'm not really quot into quot this Windows technolgy XP was superb and Vista livable Not so Win and associated changes PLEASE ANYBODY - HELP

A:Windows Live-Mail / Hotmail hijacking my ISP Mail!

The mail message you got seems to be spam or phishing, delete it.
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Hi all This is quite a complex operation and MS doesn't actually explain how to do it so here goes The trick is to get your email messages into Outlook Express OE on XP or Windows Mail on Vista before you can import into Windows Live mail Then the import can be done directly There isn't any way currently to import mail directly from Outlook to Windows Live Mail so you have to do it indirectly BEFORE installing Importing to Mail Live from Windows Outlook mail Windows even if you don't use Outlook Express XP or Windows Mail VISTA you need to have them running on the same machine as your copy of OUTLOOK create if you haven't already email accounts in OE or Windows mail identical to those you have in Outlook Now import your messages from Outlook into OE or Windows Mail Change the Store Identity in OE or Windows mail to a disk that your W can read do this under Maintenance - data storage locations in OE or Windows Mail Doing this saves you having to install Live Mail on Vista or XP Logon to your W system and install Windows Live mail Set up your email accounts File gt import gt messages Chose Outlook express or Windows mail depending on step Browse to the directory where you stored the messages in step Job done A bit fiddly but obviously MS don't want to make it easy for people to switch from Outlook Note also the quot Send and Receive quot function is calles quot SYNC quot in Windows Live mail -- confusing but there it is If you also installed Windows Messenger you can prevent it from starting automatically at startup by going to the Orb gt acessories gt run type msconfig and unclick windows messenger in the Importing mail from Outlook to Windows Live Mail start up box There doesn't appear to be ANY method of importing mail directly from Outlook Cheers jimbo

A:Importing mail from Outlook to Windows Live Mail

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Hi all
This is quite a complex operation and MS doesn't actually explain how to do it so here goes.

The trick is to get your email messages into Outlook Express (OE on XP) or Windows Mail (on Vista) before you can import into Windows Live mail. Then the import can be done directly.

There isn't any way currently to import mail directly from Outlook to Windows Live Mail so you have to do it indirectly BEFORE installing Windows 7.

1) even if you don't use Outlook Express (XP) or Windows Mail (VISTA) you need to have them running on the same machine as your copy of OUTLOOK.

2) create (if you haven't already) email accounts in OE or Windows mail identical to those you have in Outlook.

3) Now import your messages from Outlook into OE or Windows Mail.

4) Change the Store Identity in OE or Windows mail to a disk that your W7 can read (do this under Maintenance - data storage locations in OE or Windows Mail).
Doing this saves you having to install Live Mail on Vista or XP

5) Logon to your W7 system and install Windows Live mail.

6) Set up your email accounts

7) File ==> import==>messages

8) Chose Outlook express or Windows mail depending on step 3)

9) Browse to the directory where you stored the messages in step 4)

10) Job done.

A bit fiddly but obviously MS don't want to make it easy for people to switch from Outlook

Note also the "Send and Receive" function is calles "SYNC" in Windows Live mail -- confusing but there it is.

If you also installed Windows Messenger you can prevent it from starting automatically at startup by going to the Orb ==>acessories==>run. type msconfig and unclick windows messenger in the start up box.

There doesn't appear to be ANY method of importing mail directly from Outlook 2003/2007


Hi Jimbo,
I am purchasing a new pc with Windows7. I read your thread above, and have one problem and one question:
Problem: When trying to save the messages from OE into a CD-RW or pen drive, following the procedure of your step Nr. 4 above, Outlook does not allow it. The OK button is not activated.
Question: Is there a procedure available to import the Address book (Contacts) from Outlook into Windows7 mail?
Thank you
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I have a laptop with Windows Vista. I used to use Windows Mail as my e-mail client, but I recently installed Office 2007 and am now using Outlook. I have gone to Default Programs, and Outlook is set as the default mail handler for all mail functions. But when I click on a mailto link from my browser, Windows Mail still launches. How can I change this?

A:How do I stop Windows Mail from being the default mail handler?

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, select Internet Options, goto the Programs tab and make sure that Outlook is set as the default mail program.

That should fix it, try it and let us know.
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hi - recently purchased W10 laptop......when i send a mail (even inside a new window) it closes the entire WMail open window n requires a couple of painful clicks to return to normal window.....ugh! any know why n how 2 fix?
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Hello, I have a question... actually 2 questions... 1) is Mozilla Thundebird compatible with Windows 10. Yes or No?? If Yes - 2) HOW to import e-mail from Yahoo mail into Thunderbird on W/10?. My husband's computer has W/10 and I am unable to import his mail into Thunderbird .

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Can't import mail to Thunderbird from Yhaoo mail on Windows

Yes, it's compatible, just make sure you are using the latest version:

Not sure what you mean by import from Yahoo. If you are using Yahoo mail on the web and you want to use it with an email client like Thunderbird then you need to setup the email account in Thunderbird and it can download the emails. Here's a good guide on setting it up using IMAP which will give you all the folders you see on the web:


If you want the Yahoo Contacts and Calendar then there are two extra steps:
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When I send an e TO myself with BCC to a list of recipients my copy of the Sent Mail doesn't show the BCC list?
Until recently I used to receive two copies of Sent Mail, the one not showing the BCC list the other showing the BCC list.
Any advice please?

A:Can't view bcc recipients in Windows Live Mail sent mail

In case any of the 52 readers of the original question are wondering...

....the answer is:-

The copy in the sent folder will show all the BCC recipients.

The copy arriving in the inbox will not show the BCC recipients as they

BCC'd. Each BCC recipient will only see that the message was sent to the sender

and that recipient.
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hi - recently purchased W10 laptop......when i send a mail (even inside a new window) it closes the entire WMail open window n requires a couple of painful clicks to return to normal window.....ugh! any know why n how 2 fix?
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I'm running Windows Seven Ultimate on a AMD Athlon 2700 machine at 32 bit. I now have had two junk emails that I cannot delete. I get an error message saying an unknown error has occurred. I tried moving the email to the inbox, but it would not do it. I also went on my server, which is Comcast and these two emails are not there. I'm perplexed.

Can anyone help?


A:Windows Live Mail can't delet junk mail

Hiya, welcome

Try turning off your anti-virus email scanner an see if it works then, Unknown Errors are usually cause by interference from your anti-virus email scanner.
before doing so though, wait for confirmation from someone more experienced than me.
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How do I transfer stored email messages from an external drive with messages originally stored using from Windows mail Transfer to Live drive Mail Windows Mail WM under Vista to a machine using Windows Live Mail WLM under Windows My notebook crashed literally having crashed to the floor after being bumped off a desk It could no be rebooted as far as I can tell The monitor was Transfer mail from drive to Windows Live Mail dead an external monitor did Transfer mail from drive to Windows Live Mail not work and the drives did not respond Fortunately the drives work in an external case so I can see all the files including the mail files Apparently WM stores email messages differently from WLM While WM has a single folder with all messages for the inbox in the subfolder quot Local folders quot WLM has a separate folder for each mail account under the quot Windows Live Mail quot folder There is also a storage folder but that appears to be used for deleted or outgoing messages So how do I get the messages from the WM inbox sorted into the right account folders in WLM What do I need to know to get the whole thing including other folders I set up transferred properly I have more than email accounts all with POP servers I have made accounts for three of these on the WLM on the new machine and they downloaded the several months messages that were stored on the server However I have many older messages stored on the WM on the now external drive Any help would be appreciated but keep it simple Thanks WWCody

A:Transfer mail from drive to Windows Live Mail

Quote: Originally Posted by WWCody

...Any help would be appreciated, but keep it simple...

Since you know where your emails are it should be simple. WLM has an "Import" feature for emails and for contacts. First make the menu bar visible in WLM. Then use File/Import Messages to start the import messages wizard. You will have to browse to the location of your Windows Mail folder on the other drive. Make sure you browse to the other drive since there is a similar folder of the same name on Windows 7 which is not relevant.
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I have hotmail on the mail tile but I would also like to have windows live mail there too. Does anyone know how to do this ?

A:Move windows live mail to the mail tile.

Do you mean a account? I would assume that you could just add it the same way as the account, but I don't have one so do not know for sure.
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Hi Folks,

Windows Mail Vista 32/ 3 user IDs/ The admin user id works fine can send and receive/ the other 2 user IDs can receive ok but can't send................this happened all of a sudden/never a problem before.

I have Comcast/Xfinity....I go to internet accts-properties-advanced and the port numbers are correct for Comcast....outgoing mail (SMTP) 465.......incoming mail (POP3) 995......both checks next to "this server requires a secure connection (SSL)

Comcast said the ports are correct it has to be a Windows problem.........could a Windows update have caused this?

If not any ideas what is causing this?

Any Help greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Mail can't send e-mail... could an auto update cause this?

If you have system restore points, you could try a system restore to when the last set of updates were installed (Windows creates a system restore point before installing the updates) or earlier.
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I have never seen this before,

If i send an e-mail using windows live mail, it appears to display in my unread messages section, i mean if i sent the mail originally obviously i read it as i typed it.....!

anyone else had this strange phenomenon?

i`m sure it never used to do this
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when I click on a email link to send a email my gmail account comes up I want it to be my reg windows mail account. how do I change that . I have tried making it default but wont work . thansk
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i would like to move my existing evolution email client content (mail, folders, contacts) over to windows live mail... as far as i know, evolution only exports content to .mbx files, which i'm guessing windows live mail can't read.

is there a way to transfer this content over to windows live mail?

A:import evolution mail into windows live mail

This application

Download EML to PST Converter and Free Mbox to EML Extractor | EML to PST Converter

is a free download and is supposed to be able to convert MBX files to other formats that Windows Live Mail may be able to handle.
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Short Question Is there any possible way to use Mail Merge in Microsoft Office with Windows Live Mail Notes Using Windows computer Windows Live Mail is being used as a program to send the emails out Microsoft Excell is used to supply the email addresses It is not an address book problem If it is possible to use Mail Merge through WLM then my next question is Long Question How do I fix my problem I am using Microsoft Word to open a short document doc I am using a Microsoft Excell spreadsheet xlsx as a database for names and email addresses I have tried both docx and xls and all combinations of the to try to fix this None seemed to using problems Merge Live Mail Mail Windows work so I reverted to the files' original extensions I go through the Mail Merge steps without any issues I can see the document I can see where the merged names will be inserted I can preview individual letters to see the names inserted correctly I can Mail Merge using Windows Live Mail problems also manage the contacts - and select which emails the Mail Merge Mail Merge using Windows Live Mail problems should be sent to As a test I select only my name I send out the Mail Merge to the emails as all format options with the subject of quot test quot Attachment and returned the following error message nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by Error Message Login Failed You must log onto Microsoft Exchange to access your address book Error Code Unspecified Error Microsoft Exchange is not installed on this computer nor was it used in any way Similarly the address book should be the Excell Document HTTP Nothing happens but that also means no emails are sent out nor recieved HTTP is the preferred way of sending out this message of the format options cause this error when closing Word nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by Error Message No Email Program associated to perform this task Install email program or create an association in default programs in the Control Panel WLM is installed and has been associated with eml vcf MAILTO protocoll and Send Mail command for MAPI basically anything it says it can be associated with it is I have looked up Mail Merge using Windows Live Mail problems as much as I could on the error messages The fixes all relate to Installing Outlook last ditch option - I would much prefer to get this functioning through Windows Live Mail or Saving the address book Not relevant here as the addresses are already saved in the spreadsheet I merely want to be able to send them out Thanks in advance for any help

A:Mail Merge using Windows Live Mail problems

Hello Luddite, welcome to the forum.

Although I think that MS Office prefers Outlook, there is possibly some useful information here:
Microsoft Word: Using MS Word 2007 & WLM 2011 for Mail Merging, csv file, microsoft mvp
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When I send an e TO myself with BCC to a list of recipients my copy of the Sent Mail doesn't show the BCC list?
Until recently I used to receive two copies of Sent Mail, the one not showing the BCC list the other showing the BCC list.
Any advice please?

A:Can't view bcc recipients in Windows Live Mail sent mail

In case any of the 61 readers of the original question are wondering...

....the answer is:-
The copy in the sent folder will show all the BCC recipients.
The copy arriving in the inbox will not show the BCC recipients as they
BCC'd. Each BCC recipient will only see that the message was sent to the sender
and that recipient.
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Hi Folks,

All of a sudden I cannot print out an e-mail in Windows Mail (Vista 32) ....this happened after an auto windows update.

I click print from the file menu and the screen freezes and I have to log off, it also at that time says the screen e-mail that is frozen is saved to the drafts folder.

Anyone know what is happening?


A:Cannot print out an e-mail in Mail after a windows auto update

With system restore go back before the upadate, test your printer. If it works report back to us and give us the kb number of the upadate.
System Restore - How to
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I'm using Vista Windows Mail and everything has been fine since I got this computer new years ago or so When sending any email text only or with an attachment the sending screen pops up and the little green bar slides across showing the progress as normal every time When done Attachments Only Windows OK Mail But Arrive Certain With Sends Mail the email appears in the sent box showing a successful send According Windows Mail Sends OK But Only Mail With Certain Attachments Arrive to Windows Mail all messages send OK However the only emails that arrive at the address destinations are messages with attachments or inserts of kbs and over I've tried numerous test messages to myself and friends with text only and with attachment insert files in size of kbs to over kbs and the result is always the same The mail containing files over kbs are the only ones that come through to any email address I'm receiving all email text only amp attachments from outside addresses as normal at least I hope I am There are no email error messages whatsoever There are no secondary email scans of outgoing mail by antivirus software I've made no recent computer software hardware changes I've done system scans and there are no viruses or malware apparent I've run a computer scan for errors with auto-fix and the system has been defragmented I don't want to put an attachment on every email I send especially the business related ones Has anybody else encountered this problem Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Windows Mail Sends OK But Only Mail With Certain Attachments Arrive

Hello, windows mail can have any email provider as default email service , who is the email service you use as default windows mail ?