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Chrome prob?

Q: Chrome prob?

Hi all

Not sure where to post this but... I use Chrome V13 as default browser (I also have IE9 installed). I am running Win 7 Pro 64 bit. AV is G Data and I use Comodo Firewall / HIPS.

When I try logging in to my online banking account under Chrome, I invariably get an error returned the first time saying that I keyed in the wrong password / credentials. Try again immediately & it works perfectly every time.

I suspect that some SW (something in Chrome??) is interfering with the entry of the password ??? I don't get the problem with IE9 at all.

My wife uses Firefox 6 on her PC. She doesn't see this problem at all.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Chrome prob?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Chrome prob?

cookie settings?

Any additional security extensions that you are using?

Since installing ghostery I get "hiccups"

I'm not a major Chrome user - but I have SR IRon installed because I like checking out different browsers.
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Gateway AJ2, one year old, battery hasn't charged for months. Can't get battery off. Someone said battery is sealed on tis model. Is that true?
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Hi there My laptop screen keeps going blank recently At first it seemed to be randomly going blank but Mobo - Screen VGA / Blank Prob? it s now going blank less than a minute after loading Windows When the screen goes blank Screen Blank - Mobo / VGA Prob? the laptop would not respond to any input at all both from the keyboard and Screen Blank - Mobo / VGA Prob? mouse Even an attempt to eject the DVD ROM tray Screen Blank - Mobo / VGA Prob? gives no response I don t think this is due to a problem with my Windows as sometimes the laptop couldn t even do a POST test due to the screen blank problem The power LED is on and hence I don t think there s any problem with my power supply I ve tried booting into Ubuntu Live CD but still encounter the same problem One of my colleague says it s the VGA graphic chipset problem perhaps Anyone can help me with this What s the actual problem with my laptop Specs - Processor Intel C D T - Graphic nVidia GeForce Go dedicated MB - Memory GB Kingston - OS Windows XP SP - Make Compal - Model GL nbsp

A:Screen Blank - Mobo / VGA Prob?

Specs for a laptop should also include Make and Model info
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I took parts I had from a previous build and put them in a different case. Everything worked fine from it, but now it doesn't seem to want to work. When powered on, the cpu fan runs, the motherboard lights up, I can access the bios but it shows no hd or cdrom. The pc fan and cdrom show no signs of life. I have checked all the cables several times making sure they are connected correctly and not damaged, but they still don't seem to work. The cdrom worked the first couple boots, but after that nothing. All these parts worked together fine before so I'm not sure what the problem could be. Is it a power issue, the motherboard or just a dead drive?

A:PC Prob..

It may be a power issue. What are all the parts that are attached to your machine? If you have stuff that's relatively power hungry, a.k.a. a graphics card, high end processor...that sort of thing...then it's likely that the power supply that came with the tower you put it in isn't powerful enough to run everything.
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I got a Kingston Data Traveller and i waz working fine till yesterday..
and today when i try to plug it into ma PC....
da following message appear!!

One of the USB devices Attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message!Click to expand...

Please if anyone can help me?

A:Prob with Kingston Data Traveler

Try plugging it into another computer, if that doesn't work the drive is shot. If you care about the data you can send it to a data recovery company.

Make sure the place your send it to works on the NAND flash and/or PCB level, many DR shops only recover deleted files from flash drives. ~$175 (shameless plug for my data recovery company) ~$450
OnTrack ~$3000
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here are my specs Card name NVIDIA GeForce MX Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce MX DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV C Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Default Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name nv disp dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer American Megatrends Inc System Model K S GX BIOS Version Processor AMD Sempron tm MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello well heres the thing everytime i try to run a game after starting, freezes Game video after prob? patching the screen just freezes the mouse won t move the keyboard isn t responding to resolve this i simply force the comp off i mean any game freezes may it be GBA thats D ppl ragnarok rohan mu everything won t work even Game freezes after starting, video prob? if the game is offline diablo won t work sacred too about sacred when we bought this pc sacred has already been istalled and it worked fine but then i got stuck with the mule bug and uninstalled the game a year later i install it again and Game freezes after starting, video prob? it won t work but it was working fine allitle while back we didn t change any of our hardware and i doubt sacred updates like online games help and sometimes the comp will make funny sounds and then a blue screen pops up sayin i have a prob with a file called quot nv disp dll quot whats the problem thanks it would really be great if someone could help me w this so annoying prob nbsp

A:Game freezes after starting, video prob?

Hi QueenB,

I've seen the nv4_disp.dll problem before, I think the display driver gets stuck in an infinite loop.

Try using the Omega nVidia drivers (the latest 'real' nVidia drivers are unlikely to support your 'old' graphics card).

I'd run the dxdiags tests after installation, too - sometimes games don't work until its' been run <puzzles me>

I also think your page file setting is way too low (but it is the default installation size), I would try a fixed size of 1024Mb min and max.

Good luck,

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Hi every morning when i turn on my system(Last 5 days or so) the bios posts(Revision 1701)fine, however before windows begins to run i am prompted with USB Over Current Detected and the system restarts. I removed all USB devices and the system posts/boots fine. Finally tracked the problem down by process of elimanation to it being my Microsoft Wireless optical Recever for my Keyboard/Mouse. Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

A:USB Prob

probably a defective capacitor in the mouse system. replace it.
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k i dont know if this is the right place to post this but i just need this fixed:
I just installed nvidia quad fx and when i am playing games like spore or starwars empire at war little bit after it scrambles all the graphics and starts to look like a fan and really gets bad. i exit everythings back to normal. please help oh and when i star my computer it says its not getting sufficiant power so its running on not its best. I felt the chip and its really hot. please help you guys fixed my last prob.

A:Nvidia quad fx prob

my specs are:
Microsoft xp home version 2002 service pack 3
Compaq Presairo
AMD Sempron Proccesser 3200+
1.8 Ghz
768 MB of Ram ddr1
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Mod Admin plz move if this is the wrng thread i just dont know where to post this prob cause i dont know what it is also i saw a post about this yet the solutions did not fix my problem Hey guys well i need some tech help I just built my comp and i have ran across some HDD or MOBO or connection problems Here is what is in my box CASE ROSEWILL TU- BLACK W RT HD Help, Tech prob, - Comp Need HDD/MOBO maybe? New G ST K M SATA ST AS MEM Gx G SK F - CL D- GBNQ R DVD BURN ASUS DRW- L T LS SATA Intel Mobo Media Series Need Tech Help, New Comp - HDD/MOBO prob, maybe? DG TL So i conected all my hardware made sure all connections and power was good then turned the comp on and inserted Windows XP disk The screen fired up saw my INtel logo Need Tech Help, New Comp - HDD/MOBO prob, maybe? went into bios all good and then the DVD drive started to spin and read my disk The blue Xp screen cam up were is loads all the drivers and says press F to load rd party driver raid driver and then started to load all the other drivers as it was ABOUT to install the blue screen pops up with this error code quot x B OxF xC X x quot see picture Restarted my comp and same thing happened restarted again and went into my bios and looked under my SATA detection and both my HDD and DVD driver were detected I also tried changing the power cords and the SATA cords to different spots on the mobo and same error message I am lost plz help thanks nbsp

A:Need Tech Help, New Comp - HDD/MOBO prob, maybe?

Try going in to the bios, find Sata mode entry and change the mode to IDE.
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Let me be honest i duno the difference between wi-fi and wireless. I hope its the same thing. Anyway my prob is i

downgraded from Vista to XP and now i cannot get the icon for wireless connections at the bottom-right of the


i was wondering if i will be able to connect to a wifi hotspot or any existing internet connection close to me.

any help will be appreciated....thx

I believe during the dowgrading process i have lost the driver for wifi or something like that..

anyway my system specs are : Toshiba s4747... Windows XP..

A:WiFi prob

go into the properties of the network connection for wireless and check the little box that says display icon on task bar.
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Hi my ststem is running games really slow, 5FPS even at the lowest settings(800x600). My specs E8500, 2Gb Geil DDR2 533Mhz, P5N32-E SLI, EN9600GT, think my performance issues might be something to do with my memory(2 1Gb
Geil DDR2 PC4300 533Mhz) and the way it is set up in the bios(1405). Can u tell me if
this memory is 100% compatible with my board(Asus P5N32-E SLI). And how i set the
correct timings in the bios. CPU-Z reports that the DRAM frequency is 266.7Mhz.
Should this not read 533Mhz because thats what the memory is rated at?
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This might be kinda stupid, but i have a new emachine's w6409 with integrated video card. Didn't think i would upgrade it but I got a deal on an 8800 GTS 640mb nvidia card. I tried to disable the integrated video card from the bios but i don't see an option to do that. The mobo only has 2 pci slots and pci-e slot. The vid card is pci-e and i thought it would automatically do it but i get a high pitched squill from the mobo like there is a conflict until i shut it down. The o/s doesn't recognize that there is a new card installed. I'm stumped, is there something i'm missing in the bios?

A:8800 GTS install prob..

Make sure that you have any extra power connecters going into the card pluged in. Another thing for thought you might want to check your computers PSU and make sure that it's powerful enough for the card.
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Hi Whenever i try to play anything on the source Engine i get a BSOD as soon as the game starts up used to happen with the witcher but doesnt anymore for some reason I dont even get to the loading screen or anything just a straight up BSOD and comp reboots The same thing happened when i tried to play the dark knight trailer in fullscreen mode and now whenever i try to play something in windows media player I copy pasted the BCCodes into a txt file you can download here hxxp rapidshare com files sss txt html and the dumps here hxxp rapidshare com files Minidump rar html Sry bout the XX but your boards dont allow me to post links unless i have three videos prob games playing and BSOD when certain posts CPU Specs ASUS P K deluxe wifi Intel Core Duo E GHz MB FSB Corsair GB DDR PC - C mhz X GBKIT ASUS EN GTX HTDP M GF GTX PCI-E MB What I ve done Memtest for a solid hours Reinstalled Nvidia Forceware Searched the net endlessly - BSOD prob when playing certain games and videos - I m going to run Dmark later to see what happens my VC temp is around Celcius If i forgot anything BSOD prob when playing certain games and videos or if you need more info feel free to ask thanks in advance update still happens lol nbsp

A:BSOD prob when playing certain games and videos

Uninstall the ASUS enhanced video drivers that came with your video card. You don't need them and they're known to cause problems. You may have to reinstall the Nvidia supplied drivers.
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Hey there guys I need help resolving a sound issue I ve posted on some creative forums amp other places but no one even replys i know you guys are better so please just help me i can t live w out my games work music Sound ZS prob 2 - No - ? w/Audigy music Hey I ve been having this issue for a week now tried as many solutions as I can think and asked a few people nothing seems to help Basically I am not getting any sounds out of my Soundblaster Audigy ZS except in my games When i try to play some music in WMP it says that the device is not found I go to tools gt devices gt speakers and set it to my audigy but no workie almost Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ? as if i need audio codecs but i ve tried a few packs and it still doesn t work sad This happened right after I installed new audio drivers but i rolled back literally DOZENS of times and it still doesn t work I even removed all the sofware etc and then physically removed the card rebooted the comp turned it off replaced the card and Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ? then used the original install cd etc etc All i need to know is how Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ? to make the audigy my main sound device it appears in my system thingy but its like it doesn t utilize it I ve made sure no onboard thingys are conflicting with it and there are no other conflicts i m thinkin maybe some audio codecs i dunno please HELP checkout the pic may make things clearer Also I got Windows XP XFX GT GB Crucial Soundblaster Audigy ZS etc nbsp

A:Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ?

Google for Driver Cleaner Pro and make sure all instances of the Audigy drivers are removed. Go to Creative's Support site and download the Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS latest drivers. Install them and see if your sound returns to normal
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I have got a HP deskjet 845c printer, my printer was out of ink and i was in a hurry so it went to this shop and refilled the colour cartridge. I came home installed it and it only prints in colour pink what ever i print be it photos or text it all comes out in pink. Pliz help! Thanks....

A:Printer Prob (HP Deskjet 845c)

Buy the actual catridge and remove the refilled one, then replace the it with the new catridge.
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My laptop has given up the ghost (Motherboard).

I decided to recover the data from the HD with an external USB drive box.

My main computer recognises there is new hardware added. It then recognises the type of drive etc.

Unfortunately it then reboots the main computer. This cycle continues until the external drive is disconnected.

The external drive case is fitted with two USB connectors at the computer end of the cable but it makes no difference if one or both are fitted.

Am I missing something?

A:Prob's recovering data from laptop drive

try this as a means to extract the data
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I recently purchased an GT EVGA nvidia and already had an ECS Mobo PT T-A with a PCI-e slot After installing the card I have to boot twice to see any picture If I don t reboot the monitor appears to not be recieving a signal I know it isn t a monitor problem because I have tried several kinds 8500 Prob? Mobo ECS and GT Compatability including CRT So after I reboot the card is fine and works flawlessly I have tried two cards both of the same type GT They were both brand new and I dont think the problem is with them 8500 GT and ECS Mobo Compatability Prob? I have installed all of the drivers needed and the card is seated firmly I am thinking that it is 8500 GT and ECS Mobo Compatability Prob? a compatability issue between the mobo and the card So if the problem was with my PCI-e card why would it work upon reboot So far I have installed the drivers seated the card several times changed the BIOS primary graphics card to quot PCI-e quot and tried several cards Thank you for any help anyone can offer Oh and if I cant figure this out is it safe for the system if I simply press the restart button when the computer first starts to boot BIOS loads etc before windows loads Thanks nbsp
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i bought a new case, here is a link to it,

it has three temp probs and i need help on putting them on the cpu, video card, and hard drive

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Well, im trying to play 1 game trough gamespy arcade, but when i create room and launch game, the players cant join there. allso when i try join a game it wont go. I dont know much about computers but everybody keeps saying i need open ports for that game from router conficuration. The problem is i cant acces the conficuration because i dont know the router's adress. i have tried and else but it wont open login screen. Any help how to find my router ip adress etc welcome.
EDIT: the router is Zyxel prestige 660h-61.

A:Router prob

check this for the answer about IP address

and also you can try to turn off windows firewall when play games
start->control panel->windows security center->windows firewall->off
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So I have a computer from the Stone Age a gateway computer from that runs Windows ME I was working today on trying to speed it up by doing a number of different things I was about to run my Computer Prob- "Hard found" Major not Drive HELP- computer in safe mode but HELP- Major Computer Prob- "Hard Drive not found" when I restarted my computer to try to get it into safe mode I didn t remember how I pressed the wrong thing and ended up in the quot BIOS Setup Utility quot I am smart enough to know not to mess with anything in the BIOS but when I existed from it all I got was a blank black screen with a blinking cursor I restarted the computer and I got the following message quot The Hard drive was not found Consult the Trouble Shooting section of your user manual etc quot Now I don t know if I accidentally did something when in the Bios Setup Utility or if my computer coincidently decided to die on me The computer freezes all the time and gives me all sorts of problems Should I go the Bios Setup Utility and hit quot Load Setup Defaults quot and see what happens Would doing that at least allow me to figure out if the problem really lies in the BIOS Would doing that erase my hard drive or will everything be okay Please help me I have some files I want to get off of my computer nbsp

A:HELP- Major Computer Prob- "Hard Drive not found"

a computer that old probably needs a CMOS battery replacement. Without it you will not be able to get into BIOS.
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Hey all first post here - I ve scoured the net looking for a solution to my problem but haven t found anything mobo Asus k v Se Deluxe Seagate gb Sata Seagate gb Sata I m running Winxp off of the which is on a separate controller from the Seagate s I m trying to put in to a Raid w/ 378 0 Promise Raid Fasttrak prob. Sata array on the Promise Fasttrack Controller Here s the problem I can get the bios to recognize that there s drives on the Promise controller I set them Promise Fasttrak 378 w/ Raid 0 Sata prob. to a Raid array I go in to Windows Promise Fasttrak 378 w/ Raid 0 Sata prob. but in the drive list it only lists ONE massive ish gb drive I don t think that s right There appears to be no hardware malfunctions or driver errors in the hardware list I m totally stumped Windows simply doesn t show the drive until I format it using the disk manager and then it only shows one massive drive should show one gb drive Any help would be really appreciated I m totally confused nbsp

A:Promise Fasttrak 378 w/ Raid 0 Sata prob.

2 x 160 Gb drives in Raid 0 = 1 x 320 Gb drive to the computer.

That is Raid 0.

If you want Raid 1, check your manual again. Seems you didn't input right.
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I recently have this application error popping up, ipconfig.exe application error, the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142), click ok to terminate application.

Can anyone help me on this?

A:ipconfig.exe prob

were you seeking your IP address?

you may find the answer HERE
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A:AbitIP-95 W/1.8g CoreDUO Limited connectivity prob.

Fixed, right click My Computer> Manage> Network adapter> Advanced tab> set LAN speed to 10MBS/ Full Duplex.... (I know its slow, but it works.)

How to get 100 MBS? please add...

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Im realy looking forward to find a solution to a network setup in my home.I know just basics of network so please help me out....

k heres the thing :
I got 2 computers COM1 n COM2 and 1 internet ADSL connection connected directly to COM1 using 1 port router.
I want to connect my both computers i.e. COM1 n COM2 together so that they can access data of each other as well as share the internet independently(i.e. dont have to open COM1 in order to acess internet on COM2)
Presently i have made my COM1 server and COM2 client so in order to access internet on COM2 i have to open COM1.

So any1 can please guide me, as to how can i work it out???

A:Errr.. netwrok setup prob!

by open you mean on (com1)??
you need a switch to add to the single port router
or a multi-port router
check with your isp on the modem may already be a router too
don't want 2 routers or you'll have net issue's
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Hey PSU prob Dell with Dimension E310 all I be new to the boards so Sup I m hoping someone can shed some light on the problem for me The power supply on my wife PSU prob with Dell Dimension E310 s Dell E went out after a thunder storm it had an amber blinking light according to dell user manual PSU prob As I ve read from others Dell told me also that buying any other power supply would burn up the mother board I read that they didn t know what they were talking about and that another PSU would work So I matched up specs to the original as best I could except that the original was a w and I went to replace it with this one Ultra X Connect VS w ATX PSU Meets ATX Version and ATX V Version specifications Short Circuit Protection In-rush Current Protection Thermal over-load cutoff protection pin motherboard connector pin V motherboard connector pin Molex connectors pin floppy connector PCI Express Connector SATA connectors AC Input voltage v v AC Input frequency - hz AC Input Current RMS for vac input RMS for vac input Max Output Current w v a v a w v a w - v a w - v a w vbs a Max Combined Wattage w The system only needed the pin the pin v Molex connector amp SATA connector It fit into the case perfectly I turned it on and it displayed on the screen during initial boot up that it couldn t find the drive SATA I turned it off unplugged from the wall waited for the mobo light to go out and saw that I had plugged the main drive SATA connector into SATA plug rather than SATA plug I switched it plugging the main drive SATA connection into the SATA plug I plugged it back into the wall outlet and pushed the power button This time everything started to sound fine i e heard the hard drive startup ect and then a high pitch click that sounded like it came from behind me and a sharp flash of light from around the PSU area of the inside of the computer Now there is absolutely nothing happening No blinking amber light nothing it s totally dead Obviously I m thinking I did something wrong or that maybe Dell was right I m hoping that it was just the PSU that just fried before my eyes but as my initial question Can anyone tell me what the heck just happened and why I would immensely appreciate it nbsp

A:PSU prob with Dell Dimension E310

I think the PSU was defective. That Ultra was not a good choice it has verry low amperage on the 12v rail and so so reliability. However your system is a non-propriatary standard ATX system that is compatible with any standard ATX powersupply. Older dells (mainly those of the pentium 3 era) did have propriatary PSUs but the newer systems like yours are satandard. I would recomend a PSU from oneof the following manufactures: Antec(avoid smartpower 2.0 series), FSP, Enermax, PC Power & Cooling , Seasonic.
I personally recomend this for your system:
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I just received a computer today that was complained about for having numerous blue screens After i had plugged it in i noticed no power lights at all so i tried replacing the cord etc I ended up trying a different PSU it turned on the cpu fan spun up and a red light came on on the mobo however no video I tried putting in an agp video card but still no video no mobo t2200 prob Emachine post beeps no nothing After reading similar posts within your forum all I can reason is that the PSU went up and took the mobo with it If you think this is the case I also heard that the motherboard in the t was discontinued so im wondering what would be a good replacement I have a legitimate copy of Windows XP home not OEM and a key so it doesn t need to be Emachine t2200 mobo prob the exact same board Any ideas approve Thanks h r nbsp

A:Emachine t2200 mobo prob

Did you ever get this resolved? If so what did you do? I tried a new MOBO but that one doesnt even power up at all? Thanks.
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Sorry if this has already been posted but i couldnt find it...

I have had a ATI Radeon 9250 for a couple eyars and it has worked smoothly all this time. But when i download and try 2 install ATI Catalyst (Any version) it come up and says "Setup did not find a driver compatable with your current hardware or operating system. Setup will now exit." Then i click OK and it comes up with another message saying "Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup."...
Now this is confusing 2 me because i can install whats on the original disk that came with the video card but none other. Is what it is saying true? and what the heck is a VGA driver?
If so what can i do or need 2 do?

Im using Windows XP Pro SP2!

Thanx in advance.

A:ATI Catalyst Instalation Prob

Hmm this sounds ridiculous but,
Do you try to install ATI MOBILITY CATALYST?
Usually the problems arise when the catalyst version is not compatible with VGA card, such as u install ati catalyst 7.1 in your machine now...

btw the catalyst for your system should be 6.4-6.6 (i forgot exactly)

ATI RADEON itself is a VGA card, and hence, VGA driver is the DRIVER controlling your card...
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I Purchased a PC from Arbico computers last week, I putted an addiontional ram in my system but as well as i turned on the system after this integration, it went on beeping.
Anyone has any suggestion to solve my Problem? Thanks

A:PC beeping prob....

Is the RAM properly seated in the socket and are you sure it is compatible with your motherboard? Try removing all but one stick of ram and try to boot the computer, also note what sockets you are putting the RAM in.
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Hello Everyone To start off my ?? Have prob Hey PSU my Guys. with pc. a computer Hey Guys. Have a prob with my pc. PSU ?? will not turn on I ve read some threads on your Hey Guys. Have a prob with my pc. PSU ?? forums and mosly the problem was the PSU I think i have the same problem but i dont know which one to put in Im using a stock PSU that i got about years ago but since ive upgraded my system a little by little If you can please suggest a good quality PSU that will not blow i hope my comp s problem is the PSU weeks ago ive been getting really high temps on my computer mainly in the CPU are of about I got myself a Corsair Nautilus Liquid Cooling Kit It brought the temperature of the CPU down to full load But the ram is pretty hot and reads times But for the past month while under full load while gaming i think my HD stopped spinning It would do that times before shutting the system down alltogether This time i looked into the comp to see if it were the HD acting up i touched it to see if it were maybe over heating and the motor was dying and my comp went POOF It did not make a sound not any smoke came out I thought the HD blew so i D C it but the system will not turn on still There are lights on the Mother Board and the CD drive lights but doesnt not open I think it was the PSU because it was the same day i installed the new Cooling system Also the Volt Meter intel software showed my Volts fluctuating down to V from V My specs are from the top of my head CPU P Ghz or can t remmember MB Intel D PERL RAM Gb x Kingston Video ATI All-In-Wonder X HD Maxtor Rapter RPM gb HD GB Corsair Nautilus Liquid Cooling dont know the power consumption Current PSU - Watts v - A - vorsichti all i could make out Thank You All in Advance Cheers Nick nbsp

A:Hey Guys. Have a prob with my pc. PSU ??

Of course it's all a guessing game at this point, but I think you are on the right track with the PSU as well.

250w powerering an X800, two hard drives, and likely your liquid cooling system probably stressed it out and it had a nervous breakdown
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has anyone ever had songs on their playlist just disappear when you go to find them on your ipod? for instance, i have an artist that shows 4 different songs on itunes and they are there because i can playback those songs. but when i go to use my ipod, that same artist is only showing 1 song. Any ideas?

A:IPOD prob

Are all 4 files properly tagged ?
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Hello, i have MSI 845E mobo, works fine but theres one problem. When i try to intall windows xp, it lets load up the cd setup, formats the disk, copies all neccesary files, but when it restarts to continue the setup, it does not boot. It stays on a black screen with a blinking underscore on the upper left screen. So it does not even try to boot i guess. Everything is completely correct connection wise, i have done a basic device boot, with only the hd, cd,ram, and keyboard. But still the same problem. I have spent 5 hours on this problem, and i have come to the conclusion that it has to be the mobo. But you guys might know if im doing something wrong or if the mobo requires something to be done to it before i can install a OS on the harddrives.

Thank you,

OH, and the Hard drive does work.

A:prob intalling xp on HD

if u have another pc u can try the HD in that other pc to c if the HD loads xp. also did u load the mobo drivers N update the bios for ur mobo.
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I am having problems playing games over lan..........i have connected 2 computers with each other via lan card and a network cable.i have set up ip addresses properly and i am having proper network sharing.......but i dont know then why i cant play games like need 4 speed 2se, Commando2 and chess over lan:hotbounce this serial connection which i am using or its network?plz explain breifly how to play these games over lan.I am using winxp 2sp.

Yours Truely,

A:Prob plying games over lan

Do you have any software firewalls active on the computers? Disable these, including the WIndows Firewall.
Some (very) old games require the IPX protocol to be installed.

For instructions of how to play the game over the network, the game manual would be a good place to start
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got a radeon x800xl and i think it may to blame as been having probs playing just cause. after bout 5mins the screen looks like a chess board with lots of squares and break up of graphics and colours. and even when i quit the game the desktop has these squares all over it,shown in pic below. and whateva i do surf or browse pc,these squares stay there until reboot
thought it may be a heat issue as it happens as soon as card put under strain.
thx inadvance

3500 xp64
1gb geil pc3200
160gd samsung HD
radeon x800xl
asrock 939dual mobo

A:video card prob i think

Download Speed fan an see if it picks up your graphics card temp up.
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first off the weird noise..
every now and then when i hit the power button on the PC, it makes a very loud humming nose...much higher than the normal hum of it....
once i hit the power button and turn it back on the noise stops

any idea what it is?

Next, im on dial up....and usually dialed up to the internet 24/7......
this used to never happen....but im getting busy signals and error messages...and getting ddisconnected it seems for no reason....

woudl this be my software(AOL), or the modem is just to old?
(and would a newer modem, speed up a dial up connection...i know it oculdnt be much, but you know)


A:a weird noise..and a modem prob..

so wait...the computer is in a off state, and pushing the button only results in this hum? then, pushing the button a second time finally does the trick? from what you said, it is hard for me to understand exactly what is happening. if this happens, you have yourself a power supply problem, or a bad fan somewhere. try isolating the sound to a particular area or component.

but im getting busy signals and error messages...and getting disconnected it seems for no reason....Click to expand...

AOL does this all the time to its customers (usually on purpose), and that's just the tip of the iceberg. i reccomend you get a real ISP, such as earthlink or consider broadband or even DSL.

if you do decide to cancel your account, remembe that AOL employees are instructed to not comply with the customer's request until they have said 'cancel the account' for the third time. the employees are rewarded on a per-customer basis for 'persuading' you to keep your account. although i have never given my real first name to an AOL employee, on many occasions customers have paid me to get thier account cancelled after thier unsuccessful attempts to do so. and dealing with AOL reps is a terrible, terrible thing to go through.
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Alright I m new here and I m curious if anyone has ever experienced this problem before I ll start out by saying I m not computer illeterate and have several certifications hardware and software With that out of the way My system specs are Asus P P -E motherboard Intel Pentium GHZ processor ghz RAM ATI Radeon XT HDD s Prob. and Weird PC DirectX SATA IDE DVD R W CD Weird PC and DirectX Prob. R W Soundblaster Audigy ZS Okay This weekend is when the trouble first started I run a webserver off my computer and this Weird PC and DirectX Prob. weenend the harddrive got hacked or died that I m not sure of But Weird PC and DirectX Prob. my partition table is completely gone I cannot recover any of the data with any of the programs I ve used and that s several Ranging from freeware to dollars Wont pick up any partitions or anything I started getting desprate trying to find a program and ended up picking up a trojan and some god awful spyware that I didn t feel like messing with seeing how I just lost a lot of really important data and was too stupid to back it up prior I know this part has nothing to do with Direct D but I m getting to that So I end up formatting before any of this virus spreads I manage to get half way though the windows installation and it keeps crapping out on me then all the sudden my computer wont even POST So I tear the thing apart and end up having to take my BIOS out and reflash it on a serial flashing chip So I put it back in and it fires up just fine I managed to get Windows installed ect So I run through my normal stuff installing programs drivers updating windows ect I go to play a game I ve been playing for a really long time Final Fantasy XI it works alright but I forgot to configure the settings so the graphics aren t all nasty and what not so I log out of the game and config the settings go to play the game it wont load So I install Oblivion and it wont work either At this point I wasn t a very happy camper and decided to wipe out my computer again I reinstall windows don t worry about the windows updates install the drivers video driver I used the newest ATI version Catalyst Reinstall Final Fantasy update for hours again and try to play Nothing Install oblivion nothing Install Unreal Tournament Nothing No games work at all So I am really irritated and read up on what could be wrong I update windows read on playonline that FFXI is tested and working great with Catalyst So I downloaded that version and install it Still not working I reinstall DirectX c and nothing Reinstall the drivers hoping it will work nothing I went on a live chat with PlayOnline Tech Support they told me it was the network when I can play no problem on my Laptop no problem So they send me to someone else they say they have no idea so no go there After that I decide to format and reinstall again only installing the video drivers no Catalyst control center and see if that worked Oblivin gave me a DirectX Error and now it isn t doing anything except what it s been doing Same with Final Fantasy What it does exactly is the game boots up like normal but the screen goes blank Oblivion doesn t even go to full screen Just a little black box that turns white after about seconds They don t use any processor and it just stays like that constantly I don t think it s my video card but it could be I don t know if the virus is keeping it s self on my computer somehow or what all I know is I can t use DirectX at all If anyone knows anything about this problem or has any suggestions please share nbsp

A:Weird PC and DirectX Prob.

Hi Nanahara,
I'd first say grab/burn something a bit simpler in the Direct3D department to make diagnostics and tests a bit easier. Something like 3dmark03 or similar will do as this will be smaller/easier to mess with and might even yield better errors messages than most games with how/where Direct3d initialization is failing.

I have several of the same boards (except P4P800E - "Deluxe" which I'm guessing your's probably is as well). The most important thing is to get the intel chipset garb solid as well as BIOS (which has it's share of quirks) corrent to begin with else AGP acceleration wont work properly and you'll get similar issues to what you're describing here.

If you have a current version of the Catalyst drivers installed (say 6.1 or higher) with the CCC, please visit the SmartGART tab and have a look what it's reporting. The ATI drivers will install all fine and dandy... and appear to be correct, but be all hosed. Only the SMARTGART section of the CCC will alert what problems may actually be afoot.

Also, if you do indeed have an P4P800E-Deluxe, what BIOS do you currently have installed? I'd highly recommend either the 1022 or 1019. Newer 1023 or 1024 Beta have their share of strangeness in my experience.

Lastly, do not give up if you get a system that *appears* to be basically dead from cold power-up. These P4P800 series can get locked in that mode for several (to several dozen!) power on/offs and eventually come-up okay with a "CPU Overclocking Failed" eventually due to, yet again, some BIOS quirks.. consider it par for the course with these and is trivial once you're expecting it.

I'd also say grab CPU-Z and if you can host shots of all it's tabs or zip/attach it's html report on the last tab, this might also yield insight to what's going on.
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First post and i've already got a problem. so sorry.
I have an old desktop where my motherboard surrendered. I have a lot of important docs on my work on the hard drive and i wish to extract it out. so i got a ide usb cable thing and connect my old desktop hard drive to my laptop.
The thing is the "usb mass storage device" installed smoothly, but I can't see my old hard drive displayed.

After some searching, at the device properties, it said "Disk Drive is at Location 0". I checked windows help and googled. but cant really find my answers. Hope somebody can help me with it. I really need to retrive my docs.
If its any help, my laptop is running WinXP, while my old hard drive is running Win 98 and its FAT32.

Thanks very much in advance for any replies.:wave:


A:Another HD prob - Hard Drive is at Location 0?

What type of HDD is it? SATA or IDE? Have you set jumpers correctly when you put it in? does the HDD spin up or show in my computer? try right clicking my computer>manage>disk management and see if its there, and then try assigning a letter to it.. Also try rebooting with the HDD>USB attached..

Welcome to Techspot :wave:
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Hi folks, I havn't posted an enquiry for a long time now but that's good 'cos it means I've had no problems, BUT!
I re-installed XP Pro SP2 on my mums comp and now I am having probs with C-Media AC97 Audio Device not installed properly, can't start error(10).
I have run 'Everest' and saved report but it is rather large. What section of the report would be relevant to my problem and where do I send it.
Every confidence in you guys out there, never failed me before, many thanx JOCK

A:Never been on for ages - C-Media AC97 prob!

OK folks forget it I downloaded 'Realtek' AC97 pack from 'majorgeeks' that did the trick!! (If you were trying to help thnx anyway)
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Hi Guys n Girls I Have a Seagate Barracuda GB HDD in an External IcyBox which i mainly use for file storage the other night my Pc crashed on me BSOD Believed to be some sort of RAM Prob not been able to solve issue yet even though RAM has been replaced times ANYWAY When i went to boot up my PC i loaded everything up and went to turn on my IcyBox with my GB Hdd in Plug and Play Flicked the switch at the back and after about Sec s i heard this quot Beep quot and saw the lights on my HDD go OFF I PC External Crash! Prob's After HDD - was curious so i waited and it seemed to be trying to load up then failing so i looked on quot My Computer quot to see if it was showing and it wasn t there a couple of seconds later it appeared after - retries and quot Beeps quot i tried to access it and i was having difficoulty getting into it to see my files and it seemed to really put a lag on the speed of my PC Normally it is pritty instant I thought i was going to loose ALL my files on it near enough full GB So i right clicked on the property s and ran the quot Check Disk External HDD Prob's - After PC Crash! quot facility seemed to either have No errors or freeze of the way through but whilst it was checking it would keep quot Beeping quot and kept trying to Re-load I m in a bit of a muddle on what to do as i dont want to loose all my files a lot of hard work and time went in to organising it Can anyone shed any light on how i can solve it or any idears on what to do i believe my HDD has a yr Warranty so that can be a last resort but i would prefer not to send it off if it can be solved without loosing or transfering files Thank You MobiTec Ps in the meantime i have ordered a GB Seagate Beasty to backup onto if all else fails oh and i ve attached a recording of the sound and the quot Beeps quot if anyone finds it usefull nbsp

A:External HDD Prob's - After PC Crash!

Try the external drive on another computer if it runs fine then you know your system is the problem. Also check the voltages on the rails on our PSU. erratic or out of spec voltages can casue the problems you are describing.
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I have a Time (traveller) laptop 15" and the power connector on the back is broken. The laptop will only get power after hours of fidling with the wire at the back!! It looks like the prong at the back that the power lead slots into is loose. Does anyone have any advice about how to take a Time laptop apart and fix the problem?

A:Time laptop power prob

laptop dc power connector protector

A tip for laptop owners. After trashing two Toshiba laptops due to continual problems with the DC power plug connection, I discovered a quick, cheap ($6) fix that is being offered on ebay. It won't repair existing problems but it will prevent future problems by simply removing the stress put on the DC cord that eventually cracks the solder on the mother board or prevents good contact within the connector itself. Suggest that laptop owners consider this to prevent an expensive repair later. It is adaptable to any laptop/notebook and can be viewed at ebay by querying "DC power jack protector".
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Hey all,

I'm using L7VMM3 with an on board CPU. (yer i was tricked 2 years ago

as topic states, my PC simply won't turn on.

I push the buttons, I see fans spinning... and nothing... I looked into forums and tried these things:
- checked if the ram is located correctly
- switched ram
- cleaned dust
- unscrewed the mobo and isolated it from the box
- cleared the CMOS
- took the battery out, and back in (maybe back in upside down? )
- took all slots out including the GF4 and now trying to work on the onboard vga
- called 911 ( ok no...)
- changed the PSU - (oh i forgot to say that my PSU died and then I tried 2 different PSU's! that didnt work)

how can I check psu details maybe that's the reason (tho i doubt it, the other psu's work on other PCs at my home)

A:known prob -> Mobo won't post - (monitor won't turn in) -PSU prob?

You have been very thorough, time to buy a new mobo i'd say!!!
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I recently just timing Ram prob's bought some Corsair ram -- gt TWINX - C PT which is Mhz and rated at XMS Ram timing prob's - - - I installed it and set the correct voltage Ram timing prob's and timings - - - as stated in the Ram s Spec Ram timing prob's Sheet and loaded to windows and the ram seems perfectly stable but i checked the rams timings in cpu-z and it said the timings are - - - What s going on Is the bios correct or is cpu-z I went back into the bios just to check the timings were still - - - and yes they were I saved the bios settings again then checked cpu-z again but cpu-z still says the timings are - - - Anyone know what i should do I don t want the ram to be - - - because i payed extra for the quot C quot in other words the ability to run the ram at cas Besides corsair say it should run at - - - anyway nbsp
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i bought the nvidia 6600gt (pixelview) graphics card about 3 weeks back.i have installed it correctly but the prob i am having is if i play games like farcry,age of empires3,nfs most wanted...the graphics just gets totally crazy ,..missing textures and then freezes.
for nfs mostwanted it froze and it said that the display driver got disabled.then a blue screen came saying the device got into an infiinte loop.

i have installed new drivers for both the graphics card as well as the motherboard but the prob still persists

cpu:intel pentium 4 2.67ghz
my power supply is 200W with 2 hdd attached.

i wud really appreaciate the help.

A:prob with nvidia 6600gt graphics card..need help!!!!!

Hello there, and welcome to techspot.

The good news is, your problem is likely easily fixed, with a new power supply. 200W just isn't enough power for your new graphics card. You should be up in the 300-350W range.

The other good news is, this kind of power supply is cheap, and easy to install.

Here is a very good quality 350W psu for $30.00. It has over 30amps on the 12v rails which will keep you system very happy.

(I am assuming you have a motherboard/case that will accept a standard ATX PSU)
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Next week end i bought a Gigabytes K8NF-9 with an Antec Sonata 2 ::: 450 watts SmartPower Power supplie !..
Im installing all my computer and when i press the On button , I heard a small

.... Tiuuuu ... and nothing coming !!! Someone know why ?.. Plz help me !

A:PSU or Mobo ? Prob !

Can you help us to understand a little better? I don't understand what you mean by "Tiuuuu" noise. Is it it a "beep" noise coming from your system's speaker? Is it just one long beep? Or a short beep?

Please tell us EXACTLY what happens when you press the power button. Do you see any lights? Any fans spinning? Anything on your monitor?
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My Dell latitude D600 was plugged in and cord was snagged with foot thus yanking the laptop. My question this a common problem for MB to short out? I pulled individual components to try and find out if anyone was at fault. Well I'm down to the MB frame and still my power light goes out on my power pack as soon as it's plugged into the board. Is this a common problem or an easy fix or should I goahead and buy a new/used MB W/O ram and CPU off e-bay for $150 ?

A:Common prob/w Dell laptops?

yeah man it is a common issue on the d600 series i work for dell as a gold tech rep so i know.. when that light on the ac adapter goes out when you plug it into the system board she is bad.. if you have a good service warranty like Gold they should have no problem replacing it. just tell them that the light on the power supply goes out when you plug it in and they won't even ask you any more questions than that..i would get another mobo
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Hello I just built my first AMD system and it has been one big headache due to constant system hang-ups and crashes First off I bought an ECS Nforce -A motherboard with current specs I had several stability problems and system hangs after playing games like Doom Half-Life BattleField Star Wars Galaxies After a month on the ECS board I had gotten a blue screen with an error that stability system AMD prob New noted my PC has overheated or had driver problems So I ignored it turned PC off turned back on and it worked all night The next day My PC had crashed about every min New AMD system stability prob so I decided its time for a new Mobo because it was a cheap dollar board anyway Anyway I ordered a new ATI Crossfire Asus A R-MVP board got it installed and worked great for a couple of weeks then I got my first sytem hang playing Starwars Galaxies since that really is the only game I have tested on it for more than hours every couple days Well I decided New AMD system stability prob I would take of my case panel completely so my video card would cool down because it had gotten up to c playing Half-Life on other Mobo I figured it was just Video card so I got a Antec fan and hooked it up so it would blow cold air on to my blower on ATI Card I also cranked fan on card up to with ATI tool so its loud as hell lol That worked on keeping it cool it was staying c - c average on Galaxies game Anyway to get to the problem with the new mobo and pc again not sure its mobo even but after hours of play on Galaxies the system will hang sometimes Most of the time its random i ve even gone to days without a system hang Now I checked everything on temps all heatsinks are now cool-warm not that hot I even put the Silver Arctic thermal paste stuff on everything I had told a few people and they had said the Antec watt could be the problem they had told me it may be a lack of power to system or even a voltage drop due to PSU being hot After that advice I seeked further and went to get an opinon from A guy I know at Circuit City he mentioned the same thing I had people tell me it wouldn t be a PSU problem and say it was Main questions I am asking here are Could this be due to heat problems that I had before that may have damaged Video Card memory or CPU Could it be my Antec TruePower Watt that I paid bucks for is not enough for my system Note My Board pin and takes square pin and another regular pin from PSU Could it be my PSU my be faulty due to heat damage and is causing voltage drops Is there anything from my Specs you see that would not be very compatible in my system and cause Unstability Please Help me Here are my Specs Asus A R-MVP Crossfire Edition www dealtime com xPF-ASUS Asus A R MVP ATI CrossFire AMD Athlon X Dual Core Skt PCI E x DDR SATA Firewire Giga AMD Athlon X Dual Core-Processor Socket ATI Sapphire X XT PCI-E Mhz Core Memory X mhz Kingston HyperX GB Mhz Maxtor L R GB RPM Creative Audigy Sound Blaster platnium With Seprate sound Deck ANTEC TruePower Watt Blower Fan V Fans For those who need all the Information Operating System Windows XP Professional Service Pack build Processor gigahertz AMD Athlon kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Main Circuit Board Board ASUSTeK Computer INC A R-MVP Rev xx Bus Clock megahertz BIOS American Megatrends Inc Drives Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space SONY CD-RW CRX EE CD-ROM drive SONY DVD RW DRU- A USB Device CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive Maxtor L R Hard drive GB -- drive s n L X JG rev BAH G SMART Status Healthy Memory Modules This is Wrong only have Dimm amp filled Megabytes Installed Memory Slot DIMM is Empty Slot DIMM has MB Slot DIMM has MB Slot DIMM has MB Printers hp psc series on USB Display RADEON X XT Display adapter RADEON X XT Secondary Display adapter DELL E FP Monitor quot vis s n M AV NNL October Controllers Standard floppy disk controller ALi M PCI Bus Master IDE Controller Primary IDE Channel Controll... Read more

A:New AMD system stability prob

All I can say, is you get what you pay for. Buying a quality motherboard is essential - perhaps even more important than the CPU. When I bullt my last computer I had nothing but trouble with the ASUS motherboard I purchased. I switched to MSI with no problems. It's the second MSI based computer I have had and it runs fine.
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ok thinking i could reset the lost bios password of a friends laptop,( Toshiba satelite m35x-s149,xp,P4,phoenix bios,hannStar mobo) i simply disassembled and began looking around for the cmos battery. nope. rtc battery.nope or cant find.
my next attempt will be reassembling the whole thing ad trying to hack the bios with a software called "keydisk"?
on top of all that no floppy just a cd-rom!

if anyone out there has any experience in this or suggestions before i start to reassemble this heep ....the help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey whats everybody. I Just installed a new RX9550 and cant play Hlao. I recieve a "HALO- FATEL ERROR" message saying "A problem occured initilizing Direct 3D. Hardware Acceleration maybe disabled. Please run DXDIAG." I did and it says all my 3D stuff is good. Also on the same error screen it has Machine info and for my video card its says "512M ATI (0x4153)"-normal or what. I used to play with my old GForce4, but it went bad. Any sugg. I have an MSI K7N2Delta motherboard w/ nvidean chipset. could that be conflicting with the v/c ati chipset??

thanx for any help

A:Msi Rx9550 256mb Prob.

try this

dowload the latest driver from your video cards website also dowload the latest direct x drivers :giddy:

then reinstall the game and enjoy let me know if this fixes your trubles :angel:
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My computer keeps rebooting during multiplayer Call of Duty 2. I can only play one map and then the computer reboots. I recently bought a stick of kingston 512mb 2700 ram. Could this be the problem? Also when the computer boots back up, the Temp is about 137 F. Anyone give me hand to get the d$%m thing fixed.

My computers specs are:
AMD 2600
768 Mb Ram 2700
Geforce 6800 128mb

A:Computer Reboots During Call of Duty 2. Hardware Prob. Possible. Plz Help!

Alright a couple things:

1. That temp is pretty high. That's the first thing you should worry about, before you fry anything. I am assuming this is your CPU temp?

Let's get a second opinion on your temps: download and install this:

And give us your temps when your system is idle, as well as your temps after say 2 mins of COD2 (before it crashes).

The other thing about your setup that may be worth looking into is your ram. Do you have 2 sticks or 3 in there? If you have 3, you should be forewarned that your motherboard is automatically underclocking your ram when you pop that third stick in there. Mix matching ram usually causes systems to become unstable, you should always pair your ram as close as possible, with the same speeds, and the same size.

Can you give us some more details on your ram setup? How many sticks of what speed etc.
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I ve got a cold start problem with a new Asus A n X-E board and Corsair Twin X LL running dual I ve been having to clear CMOS or BIOS to get the thing to post and boot from cold since day one or pull a stick of memory and put it back or not as the case may be - Switching off or unplugging power and back on doesn t help I have flashed Bios from supplied ver to ver to see if it would help It didn t If computer s warm it posts and boots from A7N8X-E DL start prob cold Asus fully off or re-starts ok but if stupid voice post is enabled it tells me system failed due to overclocking and then continues to boot even though I m not overclocking but I will when I get this sorted Turn it off overnight or for two or three hours and it won t post and boot At all Fans turn Led s work HDD turns but no post and boot Clear CMOS if clearing BIOS with jumper doesn t work and away we go again So I ve disabled Voice Post Asus A7N8X-E DL cold start prob Ha Ha Looking at other threads last night on other forum I ve adjusted frequency to match at set DDR voltage to v and set mem timings to T and increased AGP voltage to v Ram Guy two days ago the sytem started at the third push of the on button Although I didn t expect it start at all I must admit Today it was back to normal not posting or booting Is there anything else I can do to give me confidence and stop clearing the CMOS or BIOS or pulling memory I might add the sytem is stable fine temps good in fact all absolutely great when it is working It s purely this post and boot problem Ran M emtest -faultless ran SiSoft Sandra tests all fine It s a new case but only mid range with PSU included watt but I m not sure of it s quality So I think that s my next change Anybody think the mobo might be at fault I m suspicious of Corsair compatability too Regards AMD XP Barton Thermaltake Extreme Volcano very noisy fan Asus A N X-E Deluxe bios Asus Radeon XT Corsair TwinX LL Seagate gb Liteon CDRW Liteon DVD Rom nbsp

A:Asus A7N8X-E DL cold start prob

Seems very simular to the problems I have been having. PC runs fine once started, but is a pig to post and boot i=f the power is switched off at the socket. Have found that leaving power connected to PSU when PC is shut down seems to work. Now asuming that this relatively new 400W dual fan PSU of mine is not providing the start power when cold and needs a little warming to get it going??
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I have done a reformat to my harddrive in doing so I lost office xp and I dont have the speech recognition software that XP seems to require to use a mic. There is no speech tab in the audio devices window in control panel. Do I have to have this or or can I use another program for XP to recognize my mic? I also have a comp with and onboard sound card and have no idea where to maybe get info for a program for it :/ . Thanks

A:Mic and sound card prob :(

You do not need any software apart from the sound card drivers to use a microphone..
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every time that i try to load a game on my computer it starts to load but then my screen goes white and i can hear the sound of the game running over my speakers but i can see anything...just a white screen

A:videocard prob

Hook us up with all of your system specs to make it easier for an answer. :slurp:
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hi all i have a prob with my ram, well i have a 512mb instaled, but only 382mb is shown to be instaled, why is this, how can i fix it soo all 512mb are used, right now i have about 10o-150mb of ram free, heres my computers specs:

OS: Windows XP Home Edtion, version 2002, service pack 2
Manufacture: eMachine, W3400
Processor: AMD athlon(tm) 64processor, 3000+, 1.99GHz
RAM: 384MB (512MB instaled thou)
Harddrive: 80GB

if theres anyother info needed just ask, i was not sure what all to put, hope someone has an idea about what to do to fix this, thanks agian all

A:ram prob

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The reason you ram is showing up as 382mb and not 512mb is because of your 128mb shared graphics.

The only way to get the full 512mb, is to get a separate graphics card.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hey guys hows it goin ...I just have a slight problem...

I bought a New Radeon X800 XL, after installing it says my core clock speed is about 400 Mhz which is correct but memory speed shows 490 Mhz. isnt it suppose to be more than 900 mhz?

A:Radeon X 800XL prob

Was the card sold to you at a surprisingly low price?

Many, actually most makers will sell the cards at full spec for the regular prices, then make bastardized versions with lower specs and sell them at lower prices. If the price is too good to be true..... it usually is.

What make is it, and what is it's model number?
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Got my local experienced Audio Video guru to copy wedding pics jpeg onto DVD as a presentation with Title added and with some appropriate DVD player!) Prob on (varies Play depending romantic music Worked beautifully when we sat down to view before taking away to give to my niece DVD Play Prob (varies depending on player!) the new bride Tried that evening on my home DVD player months old low cost Plustron and No Disc appears on its display then tried on my home PC and it s DVD Play Prob (varies depending on player!) not recognised there either Windows However it works fine on other video players incl the bride s - phew and my office PC XP My bewildered guru burned again to various DVD formats from both the PC and a separate DVD burner but no joy I even gave him my DVD player for a few days to experiment with Amazingly other DVDs of similar format e g -R and RW will play on this same device without trouble My conclusion is that there s a jinx on my equipment but my perplexed guru reckons it has to be some incompatibility between his Pinnacle Studio Plus authoring rendering software and the DVD Help guys - the man can t sleep until he solves this rolleyes nbsp

A:DVD Play Prob (varies depending on player!)

No Response - surprised!

Hi I'm back again checking on my posting on12th Aug. It was viewed 33 times but ...... alas no suggestions!! This is one heck of a good forum with solutions and advice on almost anything so I'm quite surprised really. I know others have encountered this or a similar problem e.g post by Foycur in May ... but not my situation I think? If no suggestions then no harm done but I thought I'd try once more.

Yours expectantly - Cyril
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Hey man,i have a big prob sound card is working fine...but when i put my speakers had the back audio port.....the sound comes very slowly.even on full volume....but when i put on front audio is ok...but not very fine since front ports r mono...can u plz help....reinstalling sound drivers has not worked.....can u plz help

A:Sound Prob

please explain slowly, are you meaning very low volume??? and is this a prebuilt box with onboard sound?

has your sound ever worked?

sounds to me like your front sound jack is powered where your back jack is non powered hence why it would have very low sound.
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This is totally bizarre I ve been working on this problem for weeks now Hopefully someone can help I have an authentic AMD XP processor and ATI Radeon Pro vid card using DVI output on an LCD Sometimes after about an hour or so of use the computer will crash Originally I was experiencing three different types of crashes but I traced one of them back to CPU overheating Adding a case other. Unstable with prob CPU Stable card. or one max at with video? fan CPU prob or video? Stable at max with one card. Unstable with other. and larger fan on the all copper heatsink quot appears quot to have solved that one However Sometimes the video will just futz up black screen with garbage on one side for no reason The problem got so bad after a while I removed the and re-inserted my old nVidia MX a card Still at the crashes went away but the quality on my LCD was so bad I couldn t stand it anymore and put the ATI back in The crashing resumed I then discovered that by setting my to quot quot in the BIOS the crashing stopped Weird Why would changing the CPU speed make the video more stable And what can I do about this Please help I didn t spend the extra money on a just to run it at puke nbsp

A:CPU prob or video? Stable at max with one card. Unstable with other.

run cpu-z to verify your cpu's actual clock speeds. btw, what motherboard?
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ok so heregoes i got a watt psu and after placing a new dvd writer in side it started to freeeeeeze what a pain in the nether regions this was so i but prob fandabbydozzy be got i psu help would a think went to think i got a psu prob but help would be fandabbydozzy see if it required a bit of tlc so i cleaned the drive after it did this guess what yes it froze so i rebooted it and then i defragged it and you guessed it froze after completion so i rebooted it now the sodding thing only boots cd and second hdd i changed them over and it wouldnt boot at all so getting annoyed by this point so iput it all back and it rebooted and froze so ihave left the thing to cool which in this heat is think i got a psu prob but help would be fandabbydozzy almost impossible changing power points helped is it possible that one connector strip can go faulty this could be a start any info is a plus as if it wasnt bad enough going bald but by the end of this with th e wife witteringi almost surely will be thank god its her machine and while i am writing this she cant see what im writing nowafter this im sure i will pay dearly for this matt nbsp
Relevancy 29.67%

I, i have a 512mb flash drive from pny, a few days ago i was copying some files from the drive when the ligths in my house went out, now every time i try to acess the drive it says the drive needs to be formated but when i try to format it it says that the drive is write protected. The drive has a switch on the side to change write protection on or off but i already to format with the switch in both positions and no luck. If i check the properties of the drive it says the filesystem is raw. Any ideas on how to fix it? i already tried pny tech support with no luck

A:USB flash drive prob

Welcome to TS Morpher...

Have you tried the SEARCH feature here yet? There have been numerous threads started about this same issue lately that may be of help to you.
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Hi all,
This is strange when I push my on/off button I get no power at all, there is a light on the motherboard.
So I then turn off the off the switch on the PSU and leave it for about 20 secs and then turn back on and push the power on/off button and it boots up fine and runs ok.
But when I then log off and power down if I try to go straight back or wait a while nothing happens and I have to go through the same procedure again (as above).
This is a new motherboard (ASUS A8V Deluxe) and CPU (AMD 3500 939 64bit).
PSU is an 450.

Any help would be great


A:Strange PSU prob

Check the small wires from the frontpanel of the case to the motherboard. They are probably not connected properly. Did you connect the square P4-powercable from the PSU to the mobo?
Relevancy 30.1%

I have this really strange USB device problem I have an Antec Performance Plus AMG case which has two USB ports on the front My keyboard mouse and printer function fine if I connect them to those USB ports However if I connect my Kingmax USB key drive into one of the ports on the front of the case the little red LED on it lights up but no drive is detected in Windows XP When I plug in the key drive into a port on the back of my PC it works I ve checked all the cabling and connections within the USB Weird Prob case installed the latest mobo chipset drivers and windows drivers and the damn thing still wont get detected on the front USB Weird USB Prob ports wtf I don t know whether this is a problem with Weird USB Prob the front USB ports or the key drive itself Has anyone had a similar problem and no it ain t a power problem I have an Antec TruePower Watt PSU nbsp

A:Weird USB Prob

Maybe your front USB-ports are 1.1 and some of the ports at the back that work are USB 2.0
Your device might not like USB1.1 (but should really)
Relevancy 29.24%

I have no idea what to do here I was hoping to get some help from someone here I had to RMA a mobo L7VMM3 Mobo prob, help cable/connect plz I got but before I shipped it I dissconnected all the cable Now that I have gotten it back I have a major problem L7VMM3 Mobo cable/connect prob, plz help I cant figure out which cable goes where I have these pin wires that I need to connect I think it s the usb connectors anyways I sent an email to the manufactuer but didnt get a response so I ll post the email I sent to them here in hope that some of you computer whizzes can help Thanks Please help I L7VMM3 Mobo cable/connect prob, plz help m am totally lost I have these tiny pin connectors and I dont know which pin goes where I ll list the names below quot GND quot quot POWER quot quot D quot quot D quot quot D - quot They are supposed to be connected to a pin set like the one I have below can you please tell me which pin goes where I m really lost nbsp

A:L7VMM3 Mobo cable/connect prob, plz help

Download the Manual here:
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Hello Im new to the forums but have been on the site quite awhile recently i just got broadband yippeee stuck with k for a long time anyways i just started playing Counter-Strike and i noticed that my FPS suck AMD Athlon Geforce FX mb x motherboard supports x DDR I get FPS at the menu screen when i click quot Find Servers quot my fps drops to In game when no players are in my field of veiw i get about fps FX FPS Prob 5500 When im in a firefight i get about - depending on the amount of players in the fight I have tweaked the game using commands like fps max i have turned of all the settings AA antiscroptic filtering Vertical Sync etc but all this did not seem to help at all i have tried Riva tuner but i cant overclock a FX series with this program i also tried Coolbit FPS FX 5500 Prob but this did nothing please i need your HELP nbsp

A:FPS FX 5500 Prob

the fps of the menu screen,etc, dont matter at all, because thats not the game. Thats the menu screen!

But in gun fights ya your fps is getting real low, Im sure its pretty nasty.

You say you've tweaked it all out, but what res have you got it running on.

A big factor of your FPS would be ram, if you dont have very much, otherwise your cpu is pretty old & slow.

Give your full system specifications, including what model motherboard you have (including manufactorer), as you will probably have to upgrade both motherboard and cpu to get a faster cpu. But if you only have 128MB of ram, or 256MB even, getting a 512MB stick would help greatly, also in windows and performance all around.
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my card which i bought from a friend 2 yrs ago is giving me problems when i am playing a game and suddenly it hangs and specks are on the screen. Does anyone know how to correct the prob?
also who knows how to find the AGP size without opening your com?

A:Prob with gx5600

Make sure the cards cooling fan is working and the heatsink isnt clgged with dust. Visual artifacts could also be caused by faulty memory on the card. Have you tried the latest drivers? What do you mean by AGP size?
Relevancy 29.24%

System Specs:

Athlon xp 3200
512mb RAM
nForce2 MB
Radeon 9800 pro 128mb
Windows XP

Problem is I can't get any antialiasing in OpenGL mode and my FPS drops to about 35-40 (I get 100 easy in Direct3d). I have tried all the catalyst drivers from 3.9 to 4.6(crap.6) and have tried tweaking everything i know how. From HLtoolz to calling ATI. They said the card was defective so I traded it for another, same farkin problem. Direct3d works fine without all of the sprites I like to see. Could the Nvidia MB be conflicting with the ATI card? OpenGL outdated? Call me a noob but I am frustrated to hell with this.

Endo |FYSU| CS 1.5 Public USA |FYSU| CS 1.5 Public - NY, NY

A:Counterstrike OpenGL and radeon 9800 pro prob

Did you install your motherboard drivers?

Some people have bad fps because they did not install their motherboard drivers (properly).

Did you have an older video card installed before the 9800 Pro?

Make sure you uninstalled the older video card drivers first before installing the new card. You can optionally use a program like Driver Cleaner to get rid of older ATi or Nvidia drivers still left after driver uninstallation.

What games are you having problem with?

It sound like CS to me (the fps drop part), so make sure to run it in 32-bit color in the game options. I believe there was an issue of AA or AF not working with 16-bit color. Steam is buggy like that.

I assume you already know about the game's console commands (fps_max 100, ati_npatch 0, ati_subdiv 0, etc.).

In the ATi Control Panel, for OpenGL disable VSync. If you must have VSync on, enable Triple Buffering under Compatibility for OpenGL.

Also disable any unnecessary background processes. Stuff like IM's and such could be problematic.
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I was wonderin if any1 can help me ,
I`m running a p 3 700 mecer with a geforce 4 mx graphics card, when trying to play games my fps is something around 3 which is unplayable,
Wat is th problem????
i got 300 mb of ram

Thanks sean

A:Graphics card prob

Need alittle more info dude......... What games, you shouldn't have any problem for older games like quake, but your system sounds alittle weak for any of the newer type of games that require direct x9. Is that a 440 mx card? What version of window are you using? Xp, 98, Me? The people here like stormbinger, diduo, julio, rick, young&wild, phantasm66, to many to list all, know thier stuff and can help ya, but will need more specific information on your system.
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I had my PCI Geforce MX mb replace my onboard vid card that Direct Prob! Needed! Urgent Help X came with Urgent Help Needed! Direct X Prob! my emachine PC which was a D Intel Extreme Graphics card I have all my drivers updated and chipsets plus latest direct x b Now i get Direct X problems and i can t play games I opened up Dxdiag and got these errors were i get out of memory or error code DirectDraw works perfecty and i passed all tests except for Direct D fails and games don t work cuz of that I went to start control panel system hardware Device manager and i saw that it had a question mark with an exclamation over the Video controller VGA adapter and it s on enabled mode not disabled and i know this is bad The drivers were deleted from the old vid card and the new Nvidia ones were installed This device is not configured correctly Code To reinstall the drivers for this device click Reinstall Driver Should i reinstall the old ones by clicking on the reinstall driver button or am i doing something bad Thank you so much i hope this forum can help me out cuz other Tech ones didn t at all nbsp

A:Urgent Help Needed! Direct X Prob!

I don't think i have the old card no more, the Nvidia one is the one i got in my machine.
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I recentely installed Battlefield N'am and after the intro has loaded, the screen goes flickery and the main menu can not be seen. I have re-installed the game but the same problem happens. The graphics card i am using is a Radeon 9600 pro EZ. Can anyone help me? Thankyou.

A:Battlefield Vietnam Prob

it may help if you download following

Newest driver from

download latest Catalyst Driver, should at v4.1

Download Directx 9.0B SDK or REDIST

Uninstall game and install again

Dont blame me if these dont work, i am rookie here for while

Relevancy 30.1%

I apologise if this has already been covered but I have searched honest OK I have recently built my first pc Mobo is an MSI N Pro Processor is Athlon XP Barton On boot the PC POST s fine but the processor shows up as Duron well at least it DID it now shows W UK for test only v B After this IDE devices check happens it recognises IDE as being primary and CDRom as primary but then flashes up quot Primary IDE Channel no conductor cable installed quot I have checked all IDE connections and cables swapped them over etc but this makes no difference It then boots Windows splash screen and then comes prob xp2500 up with BSOD giving the quot check for viruses remove newly installed hdd etc quot scenario I have transferred over my original HDD which was newly loaded with Win K and I have read somewhere that it might be necessary to do a clean install Sorry if this is my usual s type question but does anyone have any ideas Thanks guys nbsp

A:xp2500 prob

When installing a new mobo, you also need a fresh installation of your OS, unless you replace an existing mobo with an exact duplicate.
So get your CD's out, make a big pot of coffee and settle in for a set-up session.
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Now i uninstalled my old SBlive drivers and removed the card.
Then stuck in my new digifire card. When i go to turn on my computer everything boots up fine as far as i can tell but for one thing. My screen does not work? When i remove the card everything works fine. (but no sound)

The only thing i can guess is that its cus i have a HP Pavilion pice of yiker that sucks.

If any one can think of how to fix this pls post. really anything im lost.

My pc stats are.

Cel 733 (overclocked to 906)
386mb SDR
i810e monther
and get this a power supply with a maximum continuous output power of a 100w (i think this is my prob :unch: )

oh and if u are are thinking a SBlive is better then a Digifire. your right. but i need the fire wire:hotbounce

A:Prob Installing Digifire 7.1

seems like the powersupply to me.on hercules site it says it needs a pci 2.1 slot. i dont know if your motherboard has that. but all the rest of the specs check out. not to flame or anything but the digifire is a better card than a sblive.
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i was in the mtb forum section for ASUS a7n8x deluxe and noticed a quib previous forum link

TIP donated by Tarkus : Enable the 3Com from the BIOS before installing Windows as enabling it later seems to bring more problems than anything.Click to expand...

unfortunately, i did not enable 3com b4 installing xpp...
i am having troubles setting up a home network with shared internet
is there a way for me to fix the 3com problem, or might the problem be elsewhere? realtek on the laptop? d-link switch?

A:A7n8x network prob...

How is your network setup & what are you trying to do ?

The machine with the a7n8x is the one you want to use as gateway I presume.

Do you have a cable modem plugged to the LAN port or an aDSL modem/router ?
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Edited for content

A:nother A7N8X Deluxe Prob =*(

Make sure all the power connectors are connected properly.

What about your CPU? How's the fan? Is it operating? Is it fast enough? Did you use a Thermal Compound?

After doing so, and still no luck, I would try taking out a stick of RAM and try booting a few times. Then try it with the other stick. Still no luck... put em both back in.

Refer to the motherboard manual and reset the CMOS. It's basically a little jumper pin that you move (when the computer is off) a pin over for 10 seconds and return it to the original position and then wallah, your BIOS is reset and you should be able to boot, from there on, configure your BIOS for your needs.

We also have a new thread especially for the A7N8X [Deluxe], here.

Good luck. :grinthumb
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well, you all know its christmas. I went and bought Sound BLASTER Live! a sound card that supports 5.1 speakers. then i went and bought the logitech Z-640 speakers. I went home, installed the sound card no prob. Set up the speakers, connected all the cords in the right places, the middle speaker cords into the sound card. But when i turn on some music, nothing came out of the speakers. i checked everything, in the instruction booklet, it said to hook the middle speaker cords to the sound card, thats what i did. But nothing happened. So i tried hooking up the same cords to the former spot that my other speakers were plugged into. Yes sound did come out. But only from the sub woofer, and the 2 front speakers. I re-installed the drivers and everything. Still nothing. Can someone help?

A:prob with 5.1 speakers, pls help

Try checking that 5.1 surround sound is selected in the Windows control panel, under Sounds and Multimedia (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Sound and Multimedia). Choose the Audio tab, press the Advanced button under Sound Playback, and choose 5.1 surround sound from the pulldown box. Restart and see if that works.

Also, check to ensure that all the cables from your speakers are plugged into where they should be. Sometimes mixed up cables can be the most overlooked problem.
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I believe my on board sound card is fried. Its a via on board. Recently I heard crackling in my right speaker. Now, I have no sound in it. I switched speakers and it still does. Also, I have a headphone hook up in the front, when headphones are hooked up, the sound is distant and has no this a sound card dying on me?

Also, if it is, I am wiling to buy a new one. Yet, I could probably spend no more than 50 dollars, any recommendation for a good sound card?

A:sound card prob and recommendation..

Hercules Fortissimo III
Relevancy 28.81%

My lappie has a 9200 Radeon mobility. The problem is Video cannot be shown on the secondary display.

In order to play video on an external display (via sVideo or vga) you have to set that display as the primary display. And lcd as 2ndary.

Compaq (yes, part of the problem) has said this is because there is only one Graphcs processor. ? Seems like BS to me, though I know squat about video cards. Is something dedicated solely to codec decoding?

Since the solution (switching Primary/Secondary display) is a software one, their answer seems wrong to me.

Any suggestions, articles to read, etc. would be appreciated.


A:Radeon Mobility 9200 Dual Display Prob

I also have a laptop with a Radeon IGP, and it says in the manual and online references that it works that way... only video can be seen on the primary. I tested this as well, and I guess that's just the way it works...
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i have a nvidia ti4600 and everytime i play certain games, my comp locks up for like five secs and then recovers and randomly starts all over again. now this did not happen before, and i don't know what went wrong. i tried updating to the latest drivers, but that made it worse, so i did a rollback to the previous version, but still the same prob. only slightly better. what in the world is wrong?? any help would be appreciated and thank you for reading this.

2.4 ghz p4
1 gig of rambus ram
128 mb ti4600 w/ dx 9b w/ latest drivers
win xp pro w/ sp1
Relevancy 30.1%

Whenever i put my pc on standby mode and after i on back my pc, windows can't detect my 80GB Maxtor ATA hdd, my other 120GB Seagate SATA hdd windows detect it.....

I hav to perform hardware change scanning process and after that windows detect back my 80GB Maxtor ATA hdd.

Wat is the prob here....???

Relevancy 30.53%


just added a philips cd-rw to an old (oooold) pc and kinda run into a problem. installation went fine, but now everytime i insert a cd the pc crashes, have to reset. Maybe its the mobo drivers, win update or a bios setting, not sure.


amd k6-2 500mhz
3gig HD
pc chips m577 mobo

anyone got any clues?



(the pc works fine with a old cd-rom (4x))

A:cd-rw prob.......


took of DMA in properties and everything works fine.

fair enough
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Well, I've got a D-Link router (DI-604), I infact have had it for a very long time. The two computers that use it get the internet fine. It's just that, on some games, we can't really host games and get people to join them, there's always errors.

I have firewalls for both of the computers, both firewalls have been configured and disabled to try to get it goin, no luck.

My router has a firewall thing and I'm wondering if there is some sorta way to "DMZ every computer" or at least disable it. There's no disable feature, so I presume I need to add some rules. I'm really confused the router doesn't obey me.........


A:D-Link... networking prob...

I think this impossible, as the DMZ kind of places the DMZ computer outside of the router and accepts all incoming traffic, so it would be impossible to have more than one DMZ, unless you have more than one IP by your ISP.

At least this is what I get out of it.
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Hi. I just upgraded my secondary machine from Win98 to XP. All seemed to go smoothly, but now I am having problems with my internet connection. I can view the LAN and router and can ping and browse the internet using IP addys, but not with domain names. It appears that the Domain Name Server has decided to stop honoring requests from the box. The primary machine (also XP) has no problems. I can successfully ping the DNS addresses (ave. 7ms.). The DSL vendor wants me to disconnect from router before they will help me troubleshoot but I would like to avoid that for now. (Connecting direct I will have to change all the settings and possibly load up their software).

Any ideas?


A:DNS Server prob after upgrade to XP

Do you use your router as a DHCP or do you have the IP addresses for each computer staticly configured? If its static then you should check on your secondary comp to make sure your DNS ip's are correct in NIC's TCP/IP settings.
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i've just got the bt wireless dsl and it works. but my room is a bit far from the base unit and somtimes i lose the signal it comes back after a while. what do i do about it

A:wireless lan prob

There's not much you can do about it. You may just be in a bad location or something. If you have an antennae for that, replace it with a larger one, or if you use a dish, change it to a larger one but that's not ideal.
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Im trying to play Days of Defeat or Counter strike. Everytime i load the game, i can only stay in for like 2-5 min then my compu crash for no reason , screen go black and i need to reboot. If i check in my settings it say
irq conflict with vid card + soundcard.

I have a amd athlon xp +1600 and a gf3 ti200 as videocard.
Soundblaster live 5.1 as soundcard.

Do you guys have any idea how i can fix that problem?
Help would be appreciated.

I did try to change my soundcard of slot and it didnt work , it keep saying COMP LOCK UP error.

A:Comp Lock up prob

Does it do this during any other games, or just Half-life? Obviously Half-life being the modded game for these ones

if it's only doing it in Half life, check your video mode in Half life to make sure you're using OpenGL, it defaults to software or hardware acceleration, and that's no fun for anyone.

DOD is bad ***, look for me - Strakian-K98, ,I'll get ya good
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hi there if u saw my thread video section then i solved the prob the prob is that the IDE CDR RW NEC NR has a conflict or prob Prob CDR with the motherboard and or video card it s not both cds and when i disable it the pc works fine k this is the prob - after i shutdown my pc CDR Prob and power it on the bios loads i have a dell motheroard intel based the light on both cds starts to blink but instead of disappearing in a normal situation or after a reboot reset the light stays on not blinking on the CDR RW as if it s not responding power is getting to it i can see the light but when i even try to eject the cd tray it doesn t respond if i do the same thing on the CD-Rom Samsung SC- the tray ejects and also there s no blinking light i d like to know if there s anything i can do about it do i need to change firmware change cables jumpers i already did - jumper is set on both as CS - cable select change the cdr rw i contacted dell about my original prob and they didn t tell me anything new that i didn t know so i m turning to the experts on this board help me nbsp

A:CDR Prob

Check all your connections - the IDE cables and such.

Set the top drive to master and the bottom drive to slave.

Also, enter your BIOS and see if it detects the drives.
Relevancy 30.1%

hi there i m desperate i couldn t fix the prob myself so i m turning to u i got a Geforce MX installing it was not hard and i didn t have any probs with it after i installed the card i noticed that Prob Hardware when i open my pc for the first time not reboot reset etc my bios fails to detect my cdroms i also noticed that the cds have power the light blinks Hardware Prob but instead of disappearing it continues to light as if the cd is not responding i tried various things to fix it i disabled one of the cds switched cables and some other stuff - gt none helped after i removed my gfx card to test if it was the cause my pc worked with the onboard card and had no probs so plz help me fix this proggie is there any switch i need to set is there a jumper i need to install these are my pc specs ---------------------------- P Ghz Mb Mhz DDR Gb CDROM - Samsung SC- IDE CDRW - NEC NR IDE Geforce MX X AGP Intel motherboard G GL - that s why i use only X agp with my card plz help thanks nbsp

A:Hardware Prob

your problem is probably caused by a conflict between your AGP card and your onboard video you need to disable the onboard video in the bios or in device manager if your going to use the AGP card.
Relevancy 29.67%

why the hell does all my games keep stopping or should i say pausing for a milisecond, every 4 seconds when I use my dsl connection, even tho i'm playing in single player ? it freezes every thing for about a tad second, every 4 seconds, then the cycle goes on! and its annoying me. How can I run a smooth game? WHat is going on here? How can I fix this problem? Plz help me i'm desperate!
I have a decent comp with a P4 1.6 ghz, 256 mg ddr ram, geforce 2 mx 400, winXP.

A:DSL/Geforce 2 MX400 prob

Does the problem go away if you disable your DSL connection?

What game are you playing, specifically?

What resolution/graphic settings are you running?

Is anything running in the background?

I don't know if a Geforce2 MX400 can qualify as decent :rolleyes:

Do you have the latest NVIDIA, DirectX, OpenGL, etc. drivers installed?

Is there an IRQ conflict within your Device Manager?
Relevancy 29.67%

I have A Geoforce 4 TI4400. My computer crashed last week , ever since I downloaded new drivers for my Video Card I cannot adjust my contrast while loading into games. I am able to go into Nview an change my contrast & gamma up ,but when I launch a game & it revertsd back to default settings. Why would it keep lossing settings when I load a game?
I downloaded the Detonator drivers which are the same drivers I've been using for past year.
If I leave my desktop alone settings will stay just like I set them up ,but when loading my game it goes back to default settings.
I even created a saved default but when loading any game it goes to regular default.

Relevancy 30.1%

I installed a geforce 2 mx400 on my PC running XP. Everything works well except that the Windows taskbar will not load. I have even tried opening the taskbar properties in the control panel, but it won't even open. If I revert back to my onboard video, I have no problems. Any suggestions?
Relevancy 30.1%

hey i was just wondering if maybe u all could help me with my voice on c.s. i have went to voice tweak and voice setup on cs. i have also picked the f button for my talk button and the lil icon comes up and everything but it does not work. my mic works everywhere else but cs. is there some place i have to go turn it on? any sug.s i would appre.

thank you,

A:Voice Prob.

Relevancy 29.24%

Hello again....
Ive stumbled onto a little problem. I've built 3 PC's l8ly with the jetway 867as mobo VIA Apollo KT266(VT8366) chipset. All running XP. Audiocat doesnt work using aspi on jetway 867as mobo's. U can only use 1speed......... Any ideas. The same version of audiocat is fine on my ali chipset mobo... Any1 useing any other mp3 ripping software on the jetway mobo and XP that works or if you know how to make audiocat work then please tell..........

Thanks in advance

All pc's using athlons 1.4 - 1.6.... radeon agp 64ddr's. sb live and 5.1 soundcards.

A:jetway 867as aspi prob with audiocat

Dunno why but.........
downloaded cd ripper... which is *crubby from,10615,108155,00.html
During installation it gives u the option of updating the aspi driver. Then rebooting. Ran the cd ripper..........Didn't work (worked on my pc though, but lame program) uninstalled it, rebooted and ran audiocat and it works fine now........

(*edited by mod)
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Mozilla's decision to drop Google as the default search provider in Firefox last December appears to have had more of an impact than either company could have imagined. As a result, the search giant's share of the US search market...

Read more

A:Google fires back at Mozilla, urges Firefox users to switch to Chrome

Great Google! Keep it up this way I'm pretty sure a lot of users will simple switch engines.
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Bought a new hard drive for my laptop 2 months ago. Rather than clone the old drive to the new as I have done before I opted to do a fresh install of windows and reinstall everything.

Since then I have been getting repeated BSoDs showing a driver has overrun a stack buffer. Every time the blue screen has displayed I have been switching between open tabs in Google Chrome. I have already reinstalled Chrome but the problem continues.
I have attached the latest dump file. Any help would be appreciated.

A:BSOD Driver Has Overrun Stack Buffer Google Chrome Related?

The minidump file is empty...