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Q: Calender

Is there a way to permanently remove or hide the CALENDER on the RIGHT side of the of the message in WINDOWS MAIL?

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Preferred Solution: Calender

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Calender

Hello paul43

If you Refer to windows live mail click view in the top ribbon then un-click calender pane

If its windows mail I'm not sure but someone else will chip in.

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I have an iPhone 3g and have just changed computers to windows 7 64bit.
My mail client is Windows Live Mail 2011
I do not have Outlook.
I would like to somehow sync my iPhoe and desktop calender so changes to either show on both. But I am reluctant to pay Apple for MobileMe.
I can sync the desktop calender with an online Hotmail calender BUT how can I add the iPhone to this mix?
Searching online I find folk suggesting ActiveSync but it is apparently not compatible with win 7 64bit (or so says Microsoft)

Any suggestions?

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I used to have quite a useful little calender application which sat in my task bar, near the clock - this has mysteriously disappeared. Does anybody know of a similar application that I could download (or even how to get my original one back!)


A:My calender has gone!

Browse through the free offerings here, but there are rather a lot of them. You might even recognise your old one!

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Don't know if i'm in the right section but hope that some one can help!
I have windows 7 and i'm running microsoft office 2003. i'm trying to set the calender in ms outlook to alert reminders to me to pop up on the the desktop on the date and time of the alert. tried a test reminder but only alerts if i have outlook open. i used to have Vista Home premium and Calander was included in the OS programs, but this application is not available in 7. hope someone might have an idea. much appreciated in advance.

A:Calender in 7

Windows Calendar is a download from:
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All the notes on my windows7 calender have suddenly gone missing. Please make suggestions simple for this 81 yr old computer moron.

A:Windows seven calender

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I'm unaware of any windows 7 calendar :/
Usually a calendar is associated with a email service so what email service do you use
Yahoo/ gmail/ at&t/ Comcast/.... ?
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I need a calender for my computer that will give me reminders of plans that i made and i am not sure of what i should be looking for, so can anyone recommend anything. Possibly some freeware.

A:Calender Software.

Try Rainlendar Lite (freeware).
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Hey All,

Currently i have an excel worksheet, with a basic month layout for my sales reps to view current available dates to send a email message to our magazine subscribers. What i would essentially like to have is a nice looking calender for each month available, and the ability to let the user click on a date and request that date to be reserved for an email.

Does excel allow much for user input? I would love to have the reserved date sent to my via emails as well?

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How do I e-mail a calendar in microsoft Outlook?

A:Calender e-mailing

If you want the entire calendar you could export just the calendar folder to a PST file and then mail that. At the other end just import it.
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why doesn't my yahoo calendar show the events in my calender, on my homepage.Under the heading today's events?
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I have Windows XP Home Edition, Outlook 2000.
Accidentally I must have hit something that sent everything but
recurring events to the "deleted items". I cannot restore all these
events back on my calender. Now my monthly calenders show only
Will a appreciate any help you might give me to get all of the events
restored to my monthly calelnders.
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I'm after a peice of freeware to make bookings for three rooms in the centre where I work. Has anyone come across a decent customisable calendar that might be suitable?

A simple, three colomn against time would do. Searching for freeware always becomes a difficult task with all those dodgy, smiley central fuelled lists.

A:multiple calender

I've been playing with Sunbird this morning trying to get it to do the job. It shifts the calendars around a little bit more than I would like but it does seem to work quite well.
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hello,do any of you folks know of a calender program,that will alert me when an appointment,or an event is near?

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I download free easy calender 3.6 (said can be used in vista) but the program cannot be opened in my new computer that running win 7. It displayed problems such as address problem or no defaulted eprinter..... something like that. Does it mean that I will lost all my valuable old information in past few years.

A:easy calender 3.6 cannot be used in win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by cilaifans

I download free easy calender 3.6 (said can be used in vista) but the program cannot be opened in my new computer that running win 7. It displayed problems such as address problem or no defaulted eprinter..... something like that. Does it mean that I will lost all my valuable old information in past few years.

Did you install it in "compatibility mode"????

If you didnt you do it this way. right click the installer, go to properties, then compatiblity. Click vista and install.

If that doesnt help you probably wont be able to run it. Are you having any other machine problems?
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I'm running Win98 on a Dell Dimension 550.
While setting up a reminder calender in MSworks, I got an illegal operations error message and Works shut down. now I can't get back into the MS Works calender program.
The message reads as follows:
"This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
If the problem persists contact the program vender.'
This message appears in a window with the heading Wkscal.

A:msworks calender

Try re-installing Works without un-installing.
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Hiya. Can someone help me please. I have a blu windows phone and my Calender has either deleted appointments or moved them to the day before? I've noticed my photos on contacts have disappeared too. I'm more peed about my Calender though!!
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Recently there has been lots of article, on what?s new for Windows 10 for it?s anniversary update. Is there anything new for the mail, and calendar apps? They could also do with some development. And more bug fixes. I often get fake notifications. Saying there?s an unread email in a folder. Also it could do with, the sweep function. And the block/phishing option for junk mail.
Ms seem to push you to use the app. But then upgrade the web version, with better features. So I find myself drawn back, to using or Gmail(2nd account) back through the browser.

A:Mail & Calender

Originally Posted by Darren Deighton Recently there has been lots of article, on what’s new for Windows 10 for it’s anniversary update. Is there anything new for the mail, and calendar apps? They could also do with some development. And more bug fixes. I often get fake notifications. Saying there’s an unread email in a folder. Also it could do with, the sweep function. And the block/phishing option for junk mail.
Ms seem to push you to use the app. But then upgrade the web version, with better features. So I find myself drawn back, to using or Gmail(2nd account) back through the browser. I got these but they are for mobile which I'm sure are also reflected for pc:
Outlook Mail and Calendar Added ability to turn off message preview textAdded "Move to Junk" option in context menuAdded "I'll be late" button in meeting notifications
Check full list here: What are the changes / new features in the Redstone builds?
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I am still busy setting up a database in MS Access 2000 to manage the letting of my holiday home. The one thing I still require is to have one form showing a calender which indicates provisional and confirmed reservations in different fonts, colors, etc.

Any help/support would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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I recently got a lovely worm. I wound up reinstalling windows. But i saved the old in a secured place. I had a calender set up of my monthly bills and would like to retrieve it. The problem is I'm not sure where or in which file outlook kept it. Office XP.
Anyone out there know?

A:outlook calender

outlook.pst under user settings.
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A:Outlook Calender

If you're using Outlook 2000, you can make your Calendar a "net folder." Any changes/additions made will be sent to the others you put on the list when you set it up (File>Share>Calendar).

Unfortunately, Microsoft removed this feature from Outlook 2002.
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I wanna use an iranian calender in windows calender and also in office outlook 2007 . If any one knows how plz tell me . or if u know anyone who may know it plz introduce him/her to me . thanks .
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Is it possible to get these two applications to interact? I want to move email appointments I receive to the specific date on the calender. There is a calender icon on the mail tool bar but nothing happens when I click. I have checked the settings in both but see no reference. Tried drag & drop with both programs dice.
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I'm in need of a dependable calender program for my XP PC, i'd like a free one but might buy it.

I don't want to have to buy Outlook --- just to get a XP calendar.
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Hiya. Can someone help me please. I have a blu windows phone and my Calender has either deleted appointments or moved them to the day before? I've noticed my photos on contacts have disappeared too. I'm more peed about my Calender though!!
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Ok, I have a girl upstairs who has an old calender creater she installed on her "new" PC. It's running "vista", now it won't uninstall? Tried everything I know to uninstall it, but it just keeps saying it won't uninstall while the program is running. She's got a new version and wants to install the new one, now this one doesn't work either? I guess it wasn't meant for vista. Any idea's on how to fix the problem?

Many thanks in advance!


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We are running exchange server with outlook 2000 over a network. We use the calender in Outlook to book rooms via the appoinments options. A large percentage of previous and future bookings have gone missing. This happened about 3 weeks ago as well. There does not seem to be a pattern in what was deleted and what was retained. The error log tells us that:

"the start time is missing, and the calendering agent cannot publish the busy/free signal. To correct this, delete and recreate the appointment."

To book an appointment you must have a start time, so when the entries were first installed, they had to have a start time. The entry now no longer exists.
The error codes are 8241/8239. The knowledge base has no info to help. This modification to the entries was done in the early hours of Sunday morning by the system.
Any help please

A:Calender Appointments Deleting

Look in the properties for the calendar in the Exchange admin and make sure everyone that is updating it has the correct rights to do so. Also make sure only the people yo want updating this calendar can do so and keep everyone else out. What version of Exchange are you using?
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I'm wondering if the is a free netoworkable calaned/daily planer out there and if so what is the name of it.Or i am using sunbird right now as a calender and really like it, i can sync it with google mails online calender and do it to each pc but i would be relaying on the internet....which i dont want to do cause my isp sux hard. but if anyone knows a way to network sunbird i would like that more.thanx in advance guys.Mike(Moderator edit: added Topic Description. jgweed)

A:A Free Network Calender

This document may give you the information you need.How can I serve my shared calendars?
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Right now I have 3 calendars on a blank form. I want to show previous month. current date and month and next month.
I renamed the calendars CALPREV, CALCUR and CALNEXT.

How do I make all three calendars work to show the correct date by using the my systems calendar and not showing dates in the previous and next months?

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Hello everyone,

We are doing our year end closing in Dynamics, and Frx is not running some of the reports. We keep getting an error that reads: "Cannot load company calender. If anyone can help me out on fixing this error it would be greatly appreciated..

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Does anybody know a realy good calendar program for Windows? Other than Outlook. One that will let you set it so pop-up messages come up on events. Just a really good one. Thanks.

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I used to have every day directly to my email each task I introduced in my Calender.
Calender was links with Outlook and forwarded automatically the tasks.
Now it has stopped working. I can still go see the task on Calender but no mor
automatic forward.
How can I fix that ? thanks.
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Hi Folks,

Hope you can help - as you can see from the attached pic`s, with the mouse arrow on the `Calender`, if I click to open it the following pic` appears with an old Microsoft Account details which has previously been deleted. I now have a new Microsoft Account but cannot get past this problem.

I have messaged on the Microsoft Account Forum and they are telling me it is a Windows 8 problem so I hope you can advise me as this is becoming very frustrating.

Thank you in advance,

Chauffeur Steve.
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I have a new computer with Vista 64bit installed. My old computer is XP. The problem I have is with my Outlook Calendar and Contacts. I exported my calender and contacts has a pst to my external HD. I tried to import the files to my Outlook to the new computer, excess denied, you do not have permission. How do I give permission to excess these files. The old Office is 2003 and the new is Office 2007. Thank you in advance. John

A:Transfer of Outlook Calender

Hi Langsey,
Welcome to the Vista Forums,
Did you use the Outlook 2007 Import & export wizard whilst running as Administrator?
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Hi guys

Faily new to all this, and I suppose the question has been answered somewhere a long time ago, but here goes.

I am using windows mail. I see that in Outlook you can add your windows calender to the pane so you can see all of your appointments while you windows mail is opened. I have tried to add the 2 but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong or are the 2 not compatable.

Will this problem still be the same if I use Windows Live

Thanks guys
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My calender keeps opening in day view. I have office 2010 pro plus and i have to keep on clicking on month view is there a way to keep it in month view with high detail my os is windows 7 pro.
Thank you in advance

A:My calender keeps opening in day view

This Microsoft forum might have the answer:

Making 'Month' the Default View In Calendar 2010 - Microsoft Answers
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I use the lie calender from micosoft and want to share it.

Is there a way to share it with a user that does not have a live account,
so that the user can see when I am busy and free.

A simple WebCal would do it I think, but didn't find anything.

A:Share Live Calender

i use memotoo to sync my foxreminder with my android phone, i dont know if it will work for you but you could try syncing you live calendar with it then have memotoo send updates to the other pc, or if they have a smartphone even better.

Memotoo: sync all you want and store your data in secure Cloud
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I have started using Calender (within the MS Outlook) alot these days. Is there any way I can arrive straight into calender after login without click icons???? This way I will see my diary for the day immediately.



A:..arrive straight into MS Calender

Drop and drag the Calender icon into the startup folder.
1)Grab the icon by left clicking it and holding the left mouse button down.
2)Now move the icon to the Start button,the Start menu will open.
3)Now while still holding the left mouse button down,move to the All Programs button.
4)Now follow the menu to Startup.
5)Let go of the left mouse button
6)The Calender should start the next time you restart your computer.
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I am looking for a good program to remind me of:

1. Annual Site Visits
2. Contracts Due Dates
3. Licence Reminders
4. ETc Etc Etc

MAinly items up to a year away.... Is there anything out there that can run on WIn XP for me. OR is the OUTLOOK Calender the best there is???

MAny thanks

A:Needed: A Calender Program

If you already have Outlook, and sharing the calendar is not a concern, what else would you like to see that Outlook isn't offering. From your requirements Outlook should handle all those.
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My entire schedule is on Google Calendar. I've recently purchased a new laptop, and I'm now using Windows 8.

So far, I'm loving Windows 8! Can't believe how fast it boots up from completely off, from sleep, how fast apps launch...

One issue I'm having is, I'd love a Metro app to view my schedule, which is on Google Calendar. Not interested in moving all of my appointments... if there isn't a Metro app, any other suggestions or do I need to simply continue to go to Google from my browser?

Thanks! I've learned a lot from this forum, and I'd like to thank all of you for the valuable info I've managed to get from reading through the forums!

A:App to view Google Calender?

If you import your Google calendar into your / Windows Live / Hotmail calendar (if you have one, that is) you can then see it in the Windows 8 Calendar App
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when entering appointment into my calendar everything is ok however when i invite attendees they receive the email but it is in the form of code not an outlook accept decline email.

I am using outlook 2002.

any ideas would be gratefully received.

Nick Bell
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Does anyone know how a small office can share an Outlook Calender without using exchange server????

A:Sharing Outlook Calender

Not sure if it will help, but I had to chuckle that when I pulled up your thread to read, the first ad on the ad bar read: Share Outlook Folders -- Share Outlook calanders & contacts without needing Exchange Server." I went to check it out first, but found that there is a charge for the thing. Stopped there since I didn't know if that was an option for you or not. But since no one else seems to have answered so thought I'd put my two cents in.

Good luck.
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Welps I'm starting school Monday and I need a good calender program to use on my laptop that's easy to learn and simple to use...Any ideas? Thanks in advance

A:Calender Program/application

You can find a couple of suggestions or members made here, in the second post, under the Office Applications heading:Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial AppsRainlendar & Sunbird
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Im using the latest version of Microsoft Works and have a problem with the calender. It loads fine but when you try to switch month, the computer freezes and you have no option but to power off and back on. This seems to have started happening after SP2 was installed.

Has this affected anyone else? Is there a fix? Thanks.

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Okay we just upgraded from office 200 pro and I just found out that net folders does not work in Office XP. what is the best way for three or four of us to share a calender and add and remove items from it, etc. i want soem thing that checks itself for conflicts and double entries.

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I have a problem on a number of PCs that I look after:

Some recurring meetings in the users calendars are setting themselves to an hour later. This is happening to multiple users on multiple meetings. There appears to be no link to the users or the calendars (the users are on different exchange servers).

I have checked the timezones on the PCs and they are correct.

I'm sure I have left out loads of vital information. Any advice would be appreciated.

A:Outlook Calender issue

Might be a daylight savings issue.
right-click in the clock, click adjust date/time, make sure the daylight savings box is checked on both the send and the receive PC's.

Good luck.
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I need to cancel a recurring meeting that an ex-employee set up in their Outlook calendar and move that meeting to my own calendar set up. Is there a way to do this? This was setup on Outlook 2007.

Thank you
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I have no idea where this kind of a thread would go so I guess that since I'm running on XP it'd be logical to post it in here so the program is capable of running on XP Anyways here's the idea that I have in my mind and I was curious if there was anything like it I want a program that's pretty much a calender or a scheduler but gives you the option of putting events in on that day that you have to get done For instance on my current paper scheduler I put in that I have to drink cups of water a day just figuratively Drink for: Program Calender/Event Looking Water So every time I drain a glass of water I cross the one off or x it out or something to show that I've Looking for: Calender/Event Program had one glass The problem is I have to do this on every single day of the year and sometimes writing it is just a big old hassle Of course a general checklist of quot to dos quot on a specific day would be nice to have too So you could go around checking things off as you complete them Is there any program that's awesome for this Thanks a lot appreciate the help D

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Every time I schedule something in Outlook Calender, it automatically get's cancelled right after I create it. Can anyone help me with this?
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I have a lot of dates I need to remember and don't have a phone (unfortunately) or anything related that would have such applications. So basically I'm looking for some sort of "thing" that can remember all the dates, notes and reminders I want to keep track of. It would be great if there was a Rainmeter skin that does this. Also any sort of applications would be great as well because alerts and popup reminders are always helpful.

A:Looking for a calender/reminder skin or program

you may want to look at rainlender...
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I have been using the Windows Calendar app on the Metro screen (Windows 8.1)
I have been using my calendar to write down which days I have been working, to keep a record of it. I went to fill in some previous entries and it asked me to sign in to the calendar.
I signed in, then it started syncing with something (Not sure what) and the last months worth of previous entries have disappeared.
Does anyone know what has happened and can I get them back as I need it for invoicing.
Many thanks
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The version of Exchange is 2003 and Sharepoint is 2010.

A:Can we show Exchange calender in Sharepoint?

Best I can tell you can 'overlay' the exchange calender of whoever is logged in to the computer on a sharepoint calender. Probably not what your looking for...
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When I try to go to a link I will sometimes get a picture of a red X over a red and yellow box shown on a monthly calender page. I am not able to get to the link. This just happened on my Mcfee virus update page.

What is it and how do I get rid of it?



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Hello I am a placement student and am looking at ways to make things easier at my company I am wondering if there is a way to sync excel with outlook calender by entering info into an excel spreadsheet and it automaticly enter into outlook Tasks are all Outlook Calender with Excel Sync stored in an excel file there is a different tab for every month the jobs are listed in column A and the dates are listed across the top of the spreadsheet The name of the person who will be doing the job is in the appropriate cell linking the job with the date so installers know where they are supposed to be All installers have recently been provided with iPhones we are hoping to link these phones to a shared outlook calender but currently awaiting an upgrade to the latest exchange server as the current one won t allow for multiple calenders so the shared one does not currently show I hope this will work when we are updated Anyway I am wondering if there is a way to link our spreadsheets with this shared calender when it is set up as it would be extremely helpful for the installers to have access to this info when on the go without us having to manually enter into the shared calender We are currently running Office and Exchange soon to update to the latest I think If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated and sorry to say that I don t understand codes Sync Excel with Outlook Calender etc so if someone could talk me through it Sync Excel with Outlook Calender if that s the case it would be much appreciated Thanks for reading nbsp

A:Sync Excel with Outlook Calender

Why not just send appointments directly to the installers calendar?
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Hi everyone, i have added a calender to a form in my database. Would it be possible to click on a date in the calender and fill in what i need to.

Then i will be able to book appointments and check what i done on previous dates.

Thanks in advance.

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Is there a way to stop Outlook 2010 pro plus calender reminders giving your reminders all day events by default? I seen this on google calendar - Outlook and all day event reminders - Super User
But I am very wary of Macros. Is there another way or can you do it in office 2007 if you can i think i will go back to that as you can't even set up out of office assistant in office 2010 professional plus

A:Is there a way to stop Outlook 2010 pro plus calender

You might see if this gives you any relief. Start Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook 2010, go to the "File" tab and click "Options." Select the "Advanced" tab in the left pane and find the "Reminders" section. Make sure the "Show Reminders" check box is unselected. Click "OK."
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In my lumia 830, the mail and calender app won't update after the windows 10 update. But the version which I had works fine. So I waited hoping that this problem will be solved with the anniversary update. Yesterday I update my phone to w10m anniversary update and then hard reset twice. But still I can't update the mail and calendar app, and the worse thing is the app shows it won't open until the update. The app downloading just stops after reaching 12mb. An error code 0x80200056 is showing. Please help me.
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Hope someone has some help for me.. cheers all. its for an holiday rental and rather than doing a big table with individual boxes for days.. which is what I can do.. got to be a more professional answer out there to drop in...
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When I print the Outlook Calender with the month view the additional information that doesnt show becuase of space (I guess) do not print how can I print the entire day with all items for that day in the box in month view
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Does anyone know how I could transfer a calender from a BB9700 to an iphone 4s without having to manually input each bit of information again?

A:Calender transfer from BB 9700 to iphone 4s

If you're on an exchange server then all you need to do is plug in your credentials and go.

Otherwise, aside from Google Calendar you may have to plug it all in again.
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I am buying a totally new computer Windows 8. My old computer is also a Windows 8 that has the apps calender. How do I transfer my calender from my old computer to the new one ? Thanks a lot.

A:How transfer apps calender to a new computer

If both pc's have Windows 8/8.1 and it's the default Microsoft Calendar on both, it should automatically transfer over to the new pc.
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I do not receive any new notifications from my mail app, I do receive notifications from the calender though it is not up to date with my latest calender entries. I try to sync but only get this error: 0x8000000b and I can get more info at I haven't had any success there. When I go to settings/accounts , "your accounts" does not load. How can I get my mail to sync again?
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Super annoying bug (or user error?) where whenever I create an event in Windows calendar, after hitting save it moves it one day forward.

So for example, if I create an event for 01/12/2015, it will isntead show up on the 31/11/2015. If I edit the event, it will show the 31/11/2015 instead. If I change it back to 01/12/2015 and hit save, it goes back to 31/11/2015.

It does this with any date, these dates are just an example.

A:Windows Calender's puts events one day before I set them

Did you ever figure out what was happening here? I have the same problem... also in NZ.
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Can some kind soul out there tell me what I need to do to get the notifications working on my windows mail calender working please?

It was fine when I bought the machine but stopped giving me notifications when the machine was about a year old and no matter what I look at, I can't find a way to get it kickstarted.

If I open the calender, I get a notification if it's overdue but that's all I get.

Thanks in advance.
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My wife is a Calender Windows Corrupted File hairstylist and a few months ago I convinced her to do all her scheduling on her laptop using Windows Calender Everything was going great until a couple days ago She had her laptop turned on the calendar was open and the machine went into sleep mode as she was inactive for a bit This is the norm and she has never had a problem before When she pressed a key to get it out of sleep mode her Calendar was blank and showing Calendar instead of Calender which she has her appointments on I located her Calendar file which contains her appointments but when attempting to load import it says the file is corrupted Is there anyway to recover a corrupted ics file Or even a way to open it in a text editor so we can view the names of clients on each day There is about months of appointments that we need to recover Thank you for your time

A:Windows Calender File Corrupted


heres a link #8 on the list is free. (its worth a try) theres many others (not free) including one for the calender. Free recover .ics files Download - recover .ics files Files

good luck
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Hi All
I want to change the view of my Calender so that when i look at the Calender it just shows the Subject.

At the moment and i presume by default it shows Subject and Location when you go into your Calender and are in the Monthly view.

Its not impirtant just bugging me how to change
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I just installed MSOffice XP including Outlook-XP....Well I cannot find where it will allow calender-sharing.
I use to just go to "File" and then there was a "Sharing" option....Where did it go?????

Can anyone help me?
What did they change??

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I am using Outlook in my small office. I have it setup for sharing so that when my receptionist update an appointment it updates my calender as well. Everytime I try to synch the two Calenders it say it's 'encountered an error, is writing an error to the log and windows2000 is shuting down Outlook'.......I can't find the error log.and can't find the problem...........Any help out there?
I have used the 'Detect and Repair' as well as re-installed it...Still everytime I tell synch it crashes

A:MS Outlook gets error when syncing Calender

What version?
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Whenever I open MS Outlook, it keeps brining up my calender associated with my palm pilot. Is there anyway to stop this, so that i can just view the standard calender and enter in information?
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On my Yahoo Calendar, for no apparent reason, all of my entries, etc. past and present, are gone.
I updated to the most current calendar about 1 week ago and everything ran perfectly until today.
I have lost all of my appointments, etc. (past, present, and future).
Any HELP in restoring my information would be appreciated.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6134 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 596475 MB, Free - 375412 MB; D: Total - 14001 MB, Free - 2246 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, Benicia
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

A:Yahoo Calender Lost All Entries

Yahoo! Mail Support "Troubleshooting"This may be of some help.
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Hello I have a and calender works IE6 2001 Microsoft pentium MHZ computer with megs of ram and Windows SE I also have installed Internet Explorer using the updates page and Also have Microsoft works 2001 calender and IE6 Microsoft Works Suite When I am attempting to print out a calender using works I can not print it It acts like all systems are go to print out a calender then just Microsoft works 2001 calender and IE6 never goes any further This never happened until I installed Microsoft Internet explorer on this coumputer I have tried to contact Microsoft about this and have no luck in contacting them Also I have went to Microsoft s Knowledge base and looked for a possible solution for this but have not been able to find the answer My father has the same Microsoft works 2001 calender and IE6 operating sytem and almost the same computer as I and is also using IE and has had the same results Is there any way to get a patch so that the calender will print while having IE or do I have to do something else If so what and where do I get the needed information to fix this problem Thanks in advance pawnclaw nbsp
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I recently converted to Thunderbird for my e-mail, but, I'm in love with the Outlook calender. Is there some opition I can change so that when I open Outlook, it goes right to the Calender tab instead of looking at that useless Inbox tab?

A:Solved: Outlook 2003, I want just the calender

There isn't any command line switches to do it and I am not sure about settings within Outlook itself. Been a while since I have used Outlook.
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I bought this in December of 06 and have never even looked at the calender portion before until now. No matter which view I use, the calendear always looks the same showing months at a glance into 2025 and beyond. Does not even show current month. It's showing 2 rows of calenders. I have added a screen shot for anyone to see. Sage wants $200 to fix this problem which I believe is theirs for some reason as I have run out of ways to figure out how to fix this. thank you in advance.

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I am using Office 2000 and have notinced that not all reminders are popping up. Some do some don't. All the appointments are set to use reminders by default.

Any ideas?
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I am currently using Microsoft office Pro 2000. I was wondering if it was possible to share my outlook calender with another user through the network.

If I was to update my calender will it automatically update the users calender I am sharing my calender with and vice versa.

Is publishing a net folder what I need to setup?

Can anyone please tell if I am on the right track.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


A:Sharing Microsoft Outlook Calender

Hi Andrea,

I had a nice post ready for you a few hours ago, but then I lost access to this site, with my reply to you on the window, and the information there.


If you are running Exchange Server then you can take a look at OL2000: (CW) How to Open Someone Else's Calendar or Other Folder (Q195781)

or if you do not have Exchange, then you will need to use netfolders per OL2000: How to Share an Outlook 2000 Calendar by Using Net Folders (Q258619)
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I am trying to find a basic, no frills calender that sits in system tray. Previously I had a micro calender but have been unable to find it again.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am running Vista so would have to be compatible.


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I am busy setting up a database in MS Access 2000 to manage the letting of my holiday home. The one thing I would really like is to have one form showing a calender which indicates provisional and confirmed reservations in different fonts, colors, etc.

Any help/support would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


A:Calender functions in Access 2000

>> I am busy setting up a database in MS Access 2000 ...

How far have you got? I expect this would be easy for an Access wiz. I've not looked myself, maybe you could check at

Course, if it was in Excel, you could do great things with conditional formatting.

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I have a SanDisk U3 Dmailer Cruzer Sync USB which I was using as a backup tool.
I no longer have the original computer and have managed to successfully restore all my document files but it won't restore my Outlook Calendar or Contacts. Whilst trying different things nearly all my data disappeared from the USB. I've since used the Dmailer recovery tool and can recover all the document files but still can't get any calendar details back. Can anyone help. Dmailer no longer offer support for their Sync software. Thanks
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Hi all,

I'm looking to create an Excel document and I need to put cells with dates in that are linked to outlook calendar reminders.

I.e I need a macro that when I click the link it sets the reminder on outlook for the date allocated in the cell.

could anyone please help me with this as i have never created a macro and would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.

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My mail and calendar apps have just suddenly disappeared. I've tried the uninstall trick using powershell and reinstall but still missing the apps. I've also tried a sfc /scannow but no luck. The Microsoft Store reports the apps as installed.

Anyone have any ideas. I'm running Windows 10 Pro v1511.


A:Mail and Calender apps suddenly disappeared

Hi, have you tried clearing the store cache?
Store Cache - Clear and Reset in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

And there is also this:
Run the troubleshooter for Windows apps - Windows Help -

When you do get this fixed, it would be interesting to know if you've lost any settings or data, and if you've any idea what might have led to the problem.

Note: always best to use disk imaging so you can restore to a working state easily.
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Good evening folks,
Can someone recommend a safe link for a calender gadget download? Ms calender gadget shows the wrong date and time periodically even through the date, time ,and time zone are set correctly on the computer.

A:Solved: Desktop calender gadget links

Go to and install their desktop and homepage. Use their calendar gadget.
You can access your calendar from any browser, add or change appts and it will automatically show up on the calendar gadget on your desktop. Alternatively you can add of change an appt on your desktop gadget and it will automatically sync with your online calendar. Of all the ones I tried I like this one the best because it simply works
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Hi guys,

Is there a way or an add-in that allows my to automatically create calender events from dates that appear in an email, similar to how the mail app on the iphone automatically scans for dates, times and places and creates an event when we click on the dates.

A:Automatically create calender event from email

Is this what you are looking for?
How to Create Calendar Entries from E-mails Using Outlook

I have not used this personally, so perhaps you could post back and tell us what you think.
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I've got office 2010 and for my calender I'm using outlook 2010's
but if I don't start outlook I miss a reminder that I have setup.

Is there anyway to have a calender always running in my task bar
to set appointments & keep an eye on my schedule during the day
instead of always having to start outlook or keep it running.
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Hello, I have Microsoft Works Suite 2001 installed on my computer. I am using windows 98Se and also have Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express 6 installed. My problem is that After installing IE6 and outlook express 6 I cannot print out a calender using Works . I was wondering if there was anyway that I can fix this and if so how. Please help I really need to use the printing feature for the calender. Thanks in advance pawnclaw
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Earlier this week W8 email/calendar were updated. My email is a gmail IMAP account - since the update every time I send an email it is appearing in my W8 inbox? How do I stop this??
I had my calendar linked to a separate google account and ran as a family calendar - ie each member had a sub calendar. I had managed to get all the calenders displayed on the W8 calendar - now they seem to have stopped supporting additional google accounts?? Are there any other calendar apps (I am trying WinPim but not with much success). I use Calengoo on my iphone and wifes android which is fantastic but yet to be released for W8.
All suggestions gratefully received.
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I have a home network with 3 computers on it. What I need is software or something to have an appointment book/calendar on each computer so I can keep my schedule on it. But the trick is I want to be able to let each appointment book/calendar open and still update when a change is made to it on any of the computers.

I have my main desktop set up to store all the documents and files on it so the other 2 computers can access it so it could kind of act as a server if need to be.

I tried using Microsoft Outlook but it does not work since I don't have an exchange server.

All 3 of the computers are using XP Home.

A:Appointment book/calender for a home network

very easy answer. Go to and download the sunbird program. It's free.
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Hi guys,

Win8 newbie here, and a bit of a techno-moron, so please be gentle!

I have always used the Calendar in MS Outlook as my master agenda, from which I populate my smartphone, tablet pc, etc.

On the Win8 Start screen there is a Calendar app.

How do I display the content of my Outlook calendar in the Win8 Start screen app?

Remember; I need very simple description as I am not in any way techie!

A:How to display MS Outlook calender content in Win8 app?

Pushing this back up to the top as no one appears to have viewed it and it's disappearing into old pages!

Anyone got any answers?

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How do I import Contacts and Calender from my Microsoft Outloook that I used in Windows 7 (and 8)?
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I have a google calender account, I use everyday. I have it synced to my phone (android) just fine, but my boss gave us iPads for Christmas. iOS is 5.1, worried about upgrading to 6 as my coworkers all hate it.So I tried to sync my Google calender to the calender to my iPad, and it says it successfully synced but nothing appears on the calender :/ If I add a new event to the calender from the iPad it DOES update on my computer/phone, but none of the events made on my phone/computer calender appear on my iPad calender.I tried sending the calender to another google account and syncing that new google account to the iPad's calender, it says it was successful again but still nothing appears on the calender. I probably have some sort of setting messed up somewhere, but I can not get it to work. Please help! Thank you so much!,135110.0.html
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The glance screen in my L550 is not displaying my appointments from Outlook Calendar though the lock screen is. I had selected Outlook calendar as the app to show detailed status. I initially logged in through my gmail account but subsequently logged in with my account.
Can anyone suggest a remedy?

A:Glance Screen not Displaying Calender Entries

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question The glance screen in my L550 is not displaying my appointments from Outlook Calendar though the lock screen is. I had selected Outlook calendar as the app to show detailed status. I initially logged in through my gmail account but subsequently logged in with my account.
Can anyone suggest a remedy? There was a recent alendar update which messed all up (Live tile too), standin by a new app update soon.
For now try a
soft reset
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HI THERE i have been trying to install windows live mail software for windows before I tried to install on my pc with windows and now i am trying to install on my laptop with windows home premium but i get an error when opening windows live mail quot calender contains corrupted data quot Error message x As i installed it first time n i checked for many solutions online but none of them worked some are - change the time and uncheck the daylight but forcing Your contains calender to WLM close. data corrupt that is nooo - Delete the calender folder in app data inside local n microsoft in windows live mail there is Your calender contains corrupt data that is forcing WLM to close. no calender folder as i never signed in or enter any details for my account - THirdly repair the program - uninstall the program even delete the registries and everything n install it again but nothing worked n i am Your calender contains corrupt data that is forcing WLM to close. in a urgent need to install it n dont want any other program plz plzz help Thnk u in advance

A:Your calender contains corrupt data that is forcing WLM to close.

Hi mohammadnafai, welcome to Seven Forums

Do you have a Microsoft ID so you can sign-in to WLM.
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Hello all,
I have been following the lists on the Google redirect viruses, but my issue is a little different. I have full access to google, gmail, and other add-ons except for my calendar - I get the following error: 414. That?s an error.

The requested URL /calendar/hosted/ is too large to process. That?s all we know.

Since we use google partner page, I can go on another computer and log into the calender with no problem. It's just something affecting my desktop. Any suggestions? I ran rkill and Malwarebytes, which found three Trojans (which I deleted).

I only use Firefox, but I tried IE and the same thing occurred. Running Windows xp Pro 2002 w/ service pack 3

A:Google partner page calender 414 error

Please post the malwarebytes log which shows what was removed.

Orange Blossom
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outlook 2003 on exchange 2003 svr.

Outlook 2003
This happens to only one of my users

hes recieves appointments and they appear in hes calender but not his Inbox,
checked all the filters, all the settings all set as standard, his is a lap
top user so he is in cached mode, logged on with his profile on different ma
chines but still the same.

This has been a head scratcher

gonna delete and recreate his mailbox as a last resort.

any ideas,

This is a daddies mailbox so don't whanna chew it over