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Hi I don't usually post a thread but spend most of time searching the others' posts for Outlook Connector Hotmail which suit my situation But for this I couldn't find anywhere else so I decided to ask for help My OS is win bit and I'm using office outlook I've been using yahoo and google accounts through outlook without any problems But for hotmail account I found out that I had no choice but to use outlook connector so I downloaded and installed it latest version and added my hotmail account But when I click inbox nothing happens Here's my error log Outlook Hotmail Connector Version Account hotmail com Signed in successfully at pm Mail Error at pm Calendar Contacts Last successfully refreshed at pm Errors Time pm Error in Mail There is an error synchronizing your mail account Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web Error Server User puid mismatch Time pm Error in Mail Error with Send Receive There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy Error Time pm Error in Mail There is an error synchronizing your mail account Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web Error Server User puid mismatch Plz any Outlook Connector for Hotmail help would be appreciated Thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Outlook Connector for Hotmail

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook Connector for Hotmail

Does you mail account settings on the web allow for you to choose what type of email server you want ie: IMAP or POP and do the setting correspond to what is in the connector program and outlook? There should also be some type of instructions I would think on the hotmail account on how to set it up or on the connector program.

Hmm I'm looking at hotmail right now and it doesn't seem to have any of the above and it's only POP.
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I have the outlook Hotmail connector installed on my work machine (On outlook 2010), and I also have outlook 2016 (which connects to natively) on my home machine.

Both have stopped playing nice with in different ways::

outlook 2010 simply wont connect with at all -
Outlook 2016 shows my email and calendar from but will no longer show my wife's shared calendar.

Both of these installations were working perfectly with no issues prior to the recent upgrade.
Has anyone else experiences issues like this?

A:Outlook Hotmail Connector 2010 not working after upgrade

Hotmail Connector is no longer supported and will only work with the old After your account has been migrated to the new Office 365 backend, you'll need to re-configure your account and not use Hotmail Connector anymore.

Details here: migration changes; What do I need to know and do? - HowTo-Outlook
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I removed Outlook Hotmail Connector because I considered it bloatware. I don't use Hotmail. I use a hybrid system involving Outlook for my computer and Gmail for my Andriod phone and that is working fine.

After removing Connector, I kept getting a message from Outlook about installing the "upgrade" Hotmail Connector. As I was having the red x problem with graphic images not appearing in my Outlook emails, in despair I allowed it to load. The real fix came through as SP2 after I repaired Windows Update and got it working again.

So, is it bloatware? Is there a downside to removing it? Is it benign enough to just leave it alone? What would you do?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

A:Do I really need Outlook Hotmail Connector when I don't use Hotmail?

Hi there ... I think you have answered your own question .. I would tend to leave it alone it is not doing any harm
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I have Microsoft Outlook 2010 and it asks me to upgrade Outlook Connector.
I installed it but when I go to Outlook again, it asks me to install it again.
I installed it in a folder named Microsoft Office 2010 instead of the default.
Could this be the problem.
If it is, how can I install the connector in a different folder?

A:Outlook Hotmail Connector

I have Office 2003 is in the default, but Outlook 2003 is uninstalled if that can help find the connector if it is in the default folder.
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Hi guys, long time since I've been on here... anyhoo I have outlook office 2007 and during the set up it wouldnt take my hotmail account. SO I downloaded the hotmail connector and now when I try and star outlook it just wont go into the program. It gets stuck with the hotmail connector asking me or the password then it fails to load and shuts down.
Any idea how I can sort of resekt the whole outlook configuration and start again?

A:Cannot log into Outlook 2007 using hotmail connector


First of all check your login details (Password etc.) work on line: -

Then delete all the accounts in Outlook.

Now use the connector add-in to load the hotmail account back into Outlook. OK?
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This is the error message I got after I downloaded, installed the upgrade to: Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit update and then tried to start Outlook 2010:

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. An unexpected error has occurred. MAPI was unable to load the information service msncon.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.
I can get outlook to start again only if I do sys restore but can not get my Hotmail until I do the update and when I do the update same problem again. I tried downloading then installing. I tried to uninstall old connector and reinstall new.

Can someone please help

A:Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit Update

i ahve merged one two of your duplicate threads and also closing this one

continue here
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hotmail outlook connector 32-bit for office 2007 suddenly stopped working a few days ago with the following error message:

Outlook Hotmail Connector Version 14.0.6123.5001

Session timed out. Automatically re-signed in at 2/4/2015 10:13:51 PM

Mail: Error at 10:13 PM.

Errors :

Time: 2/4/2015 10:13:52 PM
Error in Mail
Error with Send/Receive.
There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 80041004.
Time: 2/4/2015 10:13:52 PM
Error in Mail
Error with Send/Receive.
There was an error synchronizing a contacts folder. Error : 80041004.
Time: 2/4/2015 10:13:54 PM
Error in Mail
Network operation failed

i have uninstalled/reinstalled Connector several times, does not work, please help!

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A:hotmail outlook connector not working

i have removed your email address as you will get a load of spam
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I have Windows 7 installed

I have several hotmail accounts and have been succesfully downloading emails from these accounts in Outlook 2007.
Recently I installed Office 2010.

Installed outlook connector 32 bits and verified that is installed.

When I go to outlook 2010

- I do not see "outlook connector" displayed on tool bar or anywhere else. Where can I see in outlook 2010

- send/receive tries to download hotmail files but I ger error message..

Task '[email protected]' reported error (0x80004005) : 'There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web. Error: 4350.

I did access emails directly from hotmail without any problem. Also I did the same with outlook 2007.

Any suggestions?


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I have had lots of outlook issues lately
I have finally got it working again but cant get the hotmail connector going
I have installed and it appears in the menu
but when I select "add a new account" nothing happens
on first startup i got the message do you want to add a hotmail account.
when i selected yes then nothing happened as well
any ideas?

A:outlook hotmail connector not working

has this worked in the past, hotmail do not allow connection to outlook, unless you pay for the account to use pop or imap...
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Well I got the message to upgrade to the new outlook connector for Outlook So I clicked install Outlook never re-started and when I tried to open the program it crashed and gave me a messaged that some mso dll was not installed and outlook would not load I re-started and the same problem I did sys restore and now outlook works again but is asking me to do the upgrade to get my Hot mail I checked my e-mail on the web and also got a message there to Outlook connector Hotmail upgrade choose weather or Hotmail Outlook connector upgrade not to let my PC program ie Outlook to control Hot mail account Also my cloud does not look the same in my system tray looks like to white clouds instead of the blue I down loaded the bit new outlook connector but have not installed it yet I am thinking I may have to un-install the old hot mail outlook connector before I install the new one Not sure though Any thoughts tech guy nbsp

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How do MS Office Outlook Hotmail Connector updates and notifications work When i opened Outlook on my primary PC a day or two ago a message popped up saying i needed a new version I accepted and updated Office Connector updates MS Hotmail Outlook the version - no problems From what i found a new version was recently released Today I started Outlook on my Test Backup PC to update this and I don't get the quot New MS Office Outlook Hotmail Connector updates Version popup quot It seems the Hotmail connector does not get updated with quot normal quot Windows updates I do have MS updates set to notify me of updates but i choose when to download and install All options are checked for recommended optional etc It looks like Outlook may or may not notify about an update needed Secunia PSI v doesn't list the Hotmail connector so no help there I'm guessing i can download the latest version and install it I'd really like a reliable way to know when a new version is available and get a notification Here's the info for my latest version Thanks David

A:MS Office Outlook Hotmail Connector updates

I found an MS post and the new version available popup in Outlook is the way this update is handled.

On my Test box i don't have an automatic send/receive.
A send/receive is needed to get the New Version message.
I did a manual send/receive and got the New Version message.
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Quote After several months of beta testing Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector has officially been released as a replacement for Outlook Connector Outlook Hotmail Connector is compatible with Outlook and Why use the Outlook Hotmail Connector If you have been using Outlook Connector you already know that it enables you to manage your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail messages Outlook New Connector today Hotmail released calendar and contacts from within Outlook Outlook Hotmail Connector introduces several improvements For example you might notice after upgrading that the connection to Hotmail is more reliable than before and issues such as blank messages being synchronized to Outlook have been fixed Even better with Outlook With Outlook Hotmail Connector and Outlook you New Outlook Hotmail Connector released today see these additional benefits Junk filter settings Your safe sender blocked sender and safe recipient lists are synchronized between Outlook and Hotmail Integrated Send Receive Send receive works just as it does for your other Outlook accounts Integrated connection status The Hotmail account New Outlook Hotmail Connector released today status appears in the Outlook status bar Rule support for secondary accounts Rules can be applied to the Hotmail account in Outlook even if that is not your Outlook primary account Synchronize your drafts The Outlook Drafts folder synchronizes with the Hotmail Drafts folder Source - Microsoft Outlook New Outlook Hotmail Connector released today

A:New Outlook Hotmail Connector released today

thnx for the share..trying it now..Beta wasnt workin for me..
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September 8, 2010


Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector 14.0.5118.5000 update is available.
Uninstall old version in Programs and Features, then install new one.
32 bit Outlook Hotmail Connector
64 bit Outlook Hotmail Connector

A:Outlook Hotmail Connector 14.0.5118.5000 Released

nice find, thank you! Do you have to download and install, or is there a feature for it to update itself?
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I am using Vista Ultimate - All Updates Outlook - All Updates and Outlook Connector - Outlook - Errors Connector x64 - 2007 - Vista - Hotmail Current Download and a Hotmail Plus email account In the past I had no problems accessing my multiple hotmail email account in Outlook with the help of Outlook Connector Now I Outlook 2007 - Connector - Vista x64 - Hotmail - Errors am having lots os Issues the biggest one is that there are Constant Errors trying to Sync my Hotmail Outlook 2007 - Connector - Vista x64 - Hotmail - Errors account with Outlook When I use Outlook Connector the Calender willnot sync Also once I have made changes to the inbox ie deleted emails sometimes they reapear next time I open Outlook I called Microsoft last night and they told me I don't need to use Outlook Connector to get my emails just set up email as http and enter all the settings This seems to work ok but when I send messages they don't stay in my hotmail sent folder but go right to my personal folder sent folder I can live with this Also the Live Calender is not visible also not a problem I don't use it I use the Outlook Calender Problem is that Outlook tries to install Outlook Connector the next time I open Outlook Also without Outlook Connector it will not download all the emails in the inbox automatically unless I click on each Outlook 2007 - Connector - Vista x64 - Hotmail - Errors one
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Hi Guys, I am having a problem with Hotmail connector. First the data: Windows 7 64bit - Office 2010 32bit, both are up to date, including last social connector update. Linkedin connector works flawlessly but when in the people pane I try to connect to my main hotmail account (the one I use for chat) I get the following error:
"Invalid user name or password"
I guess user name is my hotmail e-mail address and password must be the same as the hotmail password. @least for the linkedin connector it is that way.
I have 12 mail accounts in my outook setup, incluiding 2 hotmail accounts. I am using pop to download all accounts, including the hotmails.

Please any Ideas ????????

A:Outlook 2010 Hotmail Social Connector: Invalid user name or password

If you have two hotmail accounts it would seem that the outlook hotmail connector is linked to just one of the hotmail accounts you have set up on outlook. Might be wrong about this but seems logical. I use the connector to get my hotmail to outlook with pop3. However I only have "one" hotmail account associated with outlook. Maybe you could delete one of the hotmail accounts from your outlook and see what happens.
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i was curious, i inputted the mail servers by hand, it works... does it do the mai sync etc faster if it,s done thru outlook or its the same result??

using with 993 port thru SSL and with 587 thry TLS

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I've just started using Outlook 2010 instead of WLM 2010, because it is getting too slow and really bugging me.

I'm able to send/receive mail from a web account (from a website I administrate), my Gmail and ONE windows live account, but my main email (the second windows live account) just wont process.

Attached a screenshot of what happens.

Like I said, it's weird this is happening to just one of my Hotmail accounts, but it's so annoying to have to use two email clients, or one client and one browser.

This seems to be a very unreliable thing Outlook Connector does, but is there any way to fix it? I've tried repairing/re-installing Connector, repaired Office, re-added the account, and deleting the OST files. still no luck.

I'm on Win 7 Home Premium SP1 Running Office 2010 Pro.


A:Outlook Connector (Outlook 2010) Won't send/receive

Are you using the 32-bit version of of Office or the 64-bit version?

Assuming you are using the 32-bit version of Office you also need to use the 32-bit version of Outlook Connector and vice versa.

This link is posted in the hope it may help you:
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I installed Outlook Connector (V12.1) on Outlook 2003 on my home computer (Windows 7 Home Premium). After the installation, I opened the Outlook, Outlook starts, my Windows Live Hotmail account appeared in addition to my main e-mail account ( However, my mail account failed to work and the hotmail account does not work at all. When I clicked on Tools/ email accounts, I got the following error message.

"The operation failed due to an installation or registry problem. Restart outlook and try again. If the problem persists, please reinstall. Could not complete the operation, one or more parameter values are not valid."

So, I un-installed the Outlook Connector first then un-installed Outlook 2003, and reinstalled Outlook 2003 alone. Outlook starts, the connector folders for my hotmail accounts together with my main account are still there, no mail downloads and I still get the same error message. My outlook 2003 can't even sent any e-mail.

A:Outlook 2003 Crashed by Outlook Connector (V12.1) on Wi

Why did you install Outlook connector?
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Hi sorry if this has been done before
I have come to realise that outlook connector does not seem to be working the last mails it got are from june this year is there any reason i have proly missed as to why and can i fix this ]

Thanks Micky

A:Outlook COnnector

MS has been making changes to Email servers.
If you're using MAPI you probably need to change it to IMAP or POP3.

Office Outlook connector works for me, i have:
MS Office Outlook 2010 and email addresses
Accounts are setup using IMAP
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I am having trouble with my hotmail calendar in Outlook. I was using Outlook Connector and it was working properly until asked to upgrade. After upgrading, it would prompt me to login three times. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it prompts me three times to login upon opening outlook yet will not install the calendar. The hotmail accounts show up as "Unknown" and the Add Account button in OC is inactive. I'm using 32 bit Outlook 2007.

A:Outlook Connector HELP!

Welcome to TSF,

Let's try something simple for now and see this helps if not we'll move on to the next task. System Restore sometimes do wonders, go back to a previous date before you upgrade the Outlook Connector and things were fine.
System Restore - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
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I am using Vista and Outlook 2007

I have installed MS office outlook connector.

I do not find instructions on how to set up. There afre instructions for setting Outlook 2002.

I tried these but it does not work.

Any suggestions?


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Hello everyone,

I have question.
Can I or can I not upload all E-mails that I have back on my Web mail account.
Every user on my site has access to their E-mails either via Web or Outlook.
It works fine with connector. Both sides.
But I have one user who hasn't got any mails in his Inbox on the web mail. On the other hand all mails are perfectly fine in outlook.
To be honest I still didn't have chance to investigate whole case but I susspect that this user hasn't got connector installed.
Any idea?

A:Outlook,E-mails, connector...

Problem solved.
User didn't have connector.
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I have installed outlook connector already and everything was fine untill today. Now for some reason, I can't receive emails, all my calendar events have been deleted and I don't know how to get it back.I NEED IT BACK!!!!!! My contacts have beeen messed up. I don't know how to fix the problem, by not making it worse. I don't know much about computers, so basic talk please. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Outlook Connector Problems

I have the same problem. After all kinds of trials (uninstall connector, re-install connector, delete hotmail accout within outlook, reopen hotmail account), I failed to register at the server of hotmail. The hotmail account can'be connected to outlook.

What shall I do?

Many thanks!!!!
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I have been using outlook connector with my windows live account and have noticed I am not able to receive mail from certain contacts.

Some contacts work fine, others dont work at all?

I have tried adding these contacts to the 'safe group' but this doesn't work.

Does anyone know what I can do as prefer this interface.

Many thanks


A:Outlook connector problems

Welcome chopper. Which version of outlook do u use?
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Hi I does Connector Outlook not work have been given an additional email address to use as part of my work which is based at the domain www outlook com altivemedia com I can use the associated email address I have been given via Outlook web mail easily But when I have tried to add it to my desktop Outlook it won t work The procedure I have done several times is install Outlook Connector and then on the Outlook Connector button at the top of Outlook have added the Outlook Connector does not work email account via Add a new account I Outlook Connector does not work put my email address and password in and then tried to send receive an email this after it hung for a long while after I added the account and I had to restart Unfortunately it won t work and get an error message via Send receive which reads Task email address Sending and receiving reported error x The operation cannot be performed because the connection to the server is offline And yes I have edited the registry in order to supposedly fix this problem which is outlined at http support microsoft com kb I have tried to find other solutions but can t Can someone please tell me what to do And yes I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook Connector so please don t ask me to do this again I have also of course followed the instructions at http office microsoft com en-us outlook-help use-an-outlook-com-account-in-outlook-HA aspx since I am using Outlook FURTHER NOTES Any suggestions gratefully received I saw in one forum that someone found a solution to a related problem by quot SETTING THE HOTMAIL ACCOUNT AS THE DEFAULT EMAIL ACCOUNT solves the accessing problem I hope this can help some other poor souls out there quot Well this does t work either I can see that a new account has been added in the LH menu but when I click on it a pop up says quot The set of folders cannot be opened The file C Richard Users AppData Local Microsoft Outlook myname altivemedia ost is not an offline folder quot Thanks in anticipation Tricky nbsp
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Hey all,

I recently posted about a problem I was having with Outlook Connector, thinking I'd broken it after initially installing it successfully. So, after removing and reinstalling it, I was delighted when it worked fine all over again. Both my Hotmail and Outlook Pop3 accounts were syncronising in both places and in turn on my Windows phone.

Now 2 days later and having altered nothing, my hotmail emails are only being delivered to Hotmail and my Pop3 account emails only to my Outlook! And subsequently my phone is only syncing to Hotmail!

What's going on?! I've not touched anything but something's changed and not working how I need it!! Is this a common bug? I seem to recall reading something somewhere about Connector only working for a day?!

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

A:Outlook Connector only works for a day?!

Hi, welcome to the forums

There is an update for the Outlook Social Connector which is KB2441641. Problem is there's no help or support for that KB no on the microsoft web pages.

My guess is that after you've installed the OSC, Windows is installing the update and that could be causing the issue. You may want to try the following...

1, Uninstall the OSC
2, Re-install OSC
3, Run Windows Update and choose to hide the update for OSC

Now it's a waiting game to see if the OSC continues to work.

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I have Outlook 2007 and Vista. Yesterday the Outlook connector stopped importing my emails from Hotmail. Today I have downloaded the latest version of Outlook connector and reinstalled it. It did not download all my folders and existing messages, as it used to do. The inbox is just empty, though there are messages on it if I go to Hotmail. Also, send/receive does not report problems but it does not download the messages on the hotmail server.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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I am having problems with email where senders are reporting that they are getting rejection notices on their email and I am being told it might be related to the fact that the company who hosts my website email are causing the problem as the Outlook Connector they installed so my laptop and PC were synchronised goes through WorldClient and this means I have a separate IP address for my website and my email which causes the email to be relayed and this makes it look like spam so I am being advised that I need to ditch Outlook Connector and have just one IP address PlugIn MDaemon Connector for Outlook which will solve the problem I have Windows and use MS office So my question is can Outlook Connector be easily uninstalled so I just have the emails on my laptop and is there anything I need to be careful of when uninstalling Does anyone have any experience of the email rejection problem and did they have to remove Outlook Connector to solve it Thanks AndyC

A:Outlook Connector for MDaemon PlugIn

Before I start:

Please do not post the same question in multiple categories. This may be looked at as spam and bad things can happen.

Now that that's out of the way...

I am a bit confused as to what you would need the Outlook Connector for. It's designed for Hotmail integration into Outlook and that's really it.

If this is your own email server, I suggest setting up Outlook to download your emails via IMAP. You may have to contact tech support if you can't do it yourself (or do not have access to the IMAP settings).

If you can't use IMAP, use POP3 and when setting it up, tell outlook to keep a copy of the email on the server for a few days (so any other devices that check your emails can download the message, too).

To be honest, I'm not sure why any email host would suggest you use Outlook Connector. I'm quite baffled, really.

And uninstalling the Outlook Connector is like uninstalling any other program. There shouldn't be any odd integration issues that you have to deal with.
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I recently purchased Outlook 10 and have attempted to use the social connector for Facebook. I have installed the download for Facebook but am unable to connect. I continue to receive an unknown user name or password. I am carefully entering the correct information to no avail. Can anyone advise. thanks.

A:Outlook 10 social connector for Facebook

Quote: Originally Posted by budpierceva

I recently purchased Outlook 10 and have attempted to use the social connector for Facebook. I have installed the download for Facebook but am unable to connect. I continue to receive an unknown user name or password. I am carefully entering the correct information to no avail. Can anyone advise. thanks.

Hi budpierceva & welcome,

I would suggest you uninstall Social Connector, reboot & install a new / fresh copy.
See how that goes.

Link provided for your benefit. Note how to uninstall at the bottom.

Let us know how you go.
Good luck.


Download details: Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook
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Hey there As you can see I m a new user to this site but pretty tech savvy I can normally figure a lot 2007 Connector Synchronisation Outlook out myself but I m baffled by this I have just started using Outlook to keep in close contact with friends and family as we have friends from all over the world I have a hotmail account so I downloaded the connector as instructed I then started Outlook 2007 Connector Synchronisation Office up and I got a yellow warning symbol similar to the one on the title of this thread in the bottom right hand corner I clicked it and this appeared Outlook Connector Version Account my email address Signed in successfully at Mail Outlook 2007 Connector Synchronisation Last successfully refreshed at Calendar Error at Contacts Last successfully refreshed at Errors Time Error in Calendar Synchronization error Time Error in Calendar Synchronization error Time Error in Mail Error with Send Receive Look for a log in the Sync Issues folder Time Error in Calendar Synchronization error Click to expand Even though it says mail and contacts were quot successfully refreshed quot I have absolutely nothing in my inbox Now I ve been onto this for hours and I just give up If it is any use I am using Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition and I m running Windows Vista on my Acer Aspire laptop Any help would be fantastic thanks a lot for reading this and I look forward to figuring this thing out nbsp

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Have just installed Win 7 HP 32 bit as an u/g to a HP dv6000 series laptop with Vista HP 32 bit and Office 2007. Firstly Outlook Connector no longer connects (either wired or unwired) saying that I have no network connection although I am simultaneously connected to a Google web page. I've uninstalled/reinstalled/repaired Outlook Connector but to no avail.

I have a similar problem with HP Update which also stalls and advises "No internet connection" when I'm again simultaneously live with another webpage. I have tried with and without other web pages being open but it makes no difference.

As for HP I understand that although the dv6000 series specs are acceptable for Win 7, HP is not providing Win 7 support, so that cud be an explanation for the HP Update problem. However, I have seen threads on other forums about network/internet connectivity issues with Win 7.

Any thoughts will be appreciated


A:Win 7 & Outlook Connector & HP Update issues

i think your probably right about why hp update isn't working but it isn't needed anyway,are you using the latest outlook connector?
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How can I change the amount of time it takes for the outlook connector to check the mail? It takes forever to check it on it's own. I found a registry tweak, but it says to enter a value of 10 to 60 minutes. I would like it to be around 2 to 5 minutes though.

I'm guessing it's simple and I'm missing it, but that's why I come to the experts!

A:Outlook 2007 Connector settings?


This is for Outlook 2010, but it should be very similar, if not the same, in Outlook 2007.

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Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector enables you to use Microsoft Outlook 2002 to access your e-mail messages, calendar, address book, and To Do (task) items on an IBM Lotus Domino Release 5 server.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows .NET Server, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP
To install this update, you must have the following:

Microsoft Outlook 2002, Outlook 2002 Service Pack 1 (SP1), or Outlook 2002 Service Pack 2 (SP2).
Lotus Notes release 5.0.1, 5.0.6, 5.0.8, 5.0.9, 5.0.10 or 5.0.11.
Microsoft Windows Installer version 2.0 or later. Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Windows XP include this version of the Windows Installer. Otherwise, the latest version of Windows Installer is available as a separate download at the following links:
Windows Installer for Windows 95, 98, and ME

Windows Installer for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000


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PROBLEM FIXED: Don't know why but Outlook Connector just started working again. Delete this post.
Using XP SP3, Firefox and occasionally IE8.

I have been using Outlook Connector to bring 3 hotmail accounts into Microsoft Outlook 2007 for years. I noticed today that for the last 4-5 hours, Outlook Connector is not connecting with the server.

I completely deleted and re-installed the lastest version of Outlook Connector (which is what I already had) but that still did not work.

I have deleted the 3 hotmail accounts using Outlook with the idea that I would add them again, however, nothing is connecting to the server. Even if it connects to the server, it will NOT accept my password which is the same one I have used for many years (I know . . . bad practice).

I am able to see new messages using Windows Live Mail and Hotmail.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Outlook Connector not connecting

I am getting the exact thing.
I have one laptop that is working fine, but the other prompts me for a password, one I have been using for years.
I have to enter the password a couple times.
And then I get a message that Outlook Connector is not open.
I have to go to MSN and Hotmail to see my emails.
Did you get any response on this?
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I have Outlook 2007. I got a msg I needed to download the latest version of Outlook connector. Originally after doing that, I got a msg that it wasn't installed properly. I wasn't able to expand the hotmail folders. I was able to repair that with a download and can expand my folders. I can send & receive with no errors, but my Inbox isn't populated.

I saw a very old post where others were having similiar problems, but I couldn't find the fix on the link supplied. I'm not even sure if that would solve my problem.

Can someone help?


A:Solved: Outlook connector not working

It started working again.
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The rules that I had setup before upgrading the Outlook Connector stop working. If I open Tools/Rules Alerts and tell it to run rules now they work fine. I have deleted all the rules the set them up again. It still will not run the rules. I even did a repair-reinstall from the disk and it still will not work. I have Outlook 2003.
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Hey all I've used Outlook for a few years and have set up a bunch of personal folders for things such as online receipts for the past few years I now use Outlook Connector so I can sync my HTC phone and have just tried moving each of those folders into my quot hotmail com quot folder which is now the default My logic being that by doing so each of these folders will now be backed up online in my Hotmail just Outlook Connector all lost my folders?! Has account too However a pop up message appeared stating that there was some kind of sync issue and would I like to try to repair this I clicked ok and long story short the Has Outlook Connector just lost all my folders?! folders are now no longer in their original folder locations or in the locations that I had moved them to My inbox is also now filled with old emails that I've already replied to and subsequently deleted and some of my draft emails have returned to states that are not my most recent edits I think Outlook Connector had stopped working correctly a while back as my Outlook inbox and Hotmail inbox were not syncronised and it's now returned to some earlier state or something Is there a chance I'm going to get my folders back or is Outlook connector essentially a pile of crap

A:Has Outlook Connector just lost all my folders?!

I'm in no position to comment on Outlook Connector as I don't use it, but would a system restore to the point before you were prompted to "rectify" the sync issue be of any help?

It's worth a try, I feel.
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I'm using Windows XP on my Acer Aspire One netbook, Microsoft Outlook 2007, and Outlook Connector so that I can access my Hotmail account. I can access and refresh my mail and my contacts but not my calendar. I receive a 80004002 error indicating that my calendar synchronization failed. What I can't understand is that Outlook connector works flawlessly on my other pc notebook, which is a Sony VAIO. The email setup on both computers is identical, and of course they're both trying to access the same Windows Live Hotmail account. Could there be a setting or a missing file on my netbook that is preventing calendar synchronization?

A:Outlook Connector Calendar Issues

Finally! I found someone with almost the exact same issue as me!!!

I am also using Windows XP on my Acer Aspire One netbook (D250). But I have Microsoft Outlook 2003, not 2007, with Outlook Hotmail Connector 14 to access my account. I too can access and refresh my mail and my contacts on my netbook, but not my calendar where I receive the following Detailed Report under Server Status:

Outlook Hotmail Connector Version 14.0.5117.5000
Account: [email protected]
Signed in successfully at 10/7/2010 6:31:11 PM.
Mail: Last successfully refreshed at 6:31 PM.
Calendar: Error at 6:31 PM.
Contacts: Last successfully refreshed at 6:31 PM.
Errors :
Time: 10/7/2010 6:31:12 PM
Error in Calendar
Synchronization error.
Time: 10/7/2010 6:31:12 PM
Error in Mail
Error with Send/Receive.
Look for a log in the Sync Issues folder.

The log in the Sync Issues folder basically says the error is the following lines in red:

19:12:42 Synchronization error.
19:12:42 Folder Collection Sync Key: 0{2ea38726-8bbb-4a84-9473-3eb208c58616}194
19:12:42 Message Collection Sync Key: 0{61df8ee1-9a1a-4e03-a7de-6ccba8554443}193
19:12:42 Error with Send/Receive.
19:12:42 There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 80004002.

I have searched the internet for solutions to the above problem but have not found a thing about it. I have the following similarities as lacon&#8217;s post above however but am still unable to find any similar situations on the internet: In addition to my netbook where my calendar is not being synchronized, I also have an Acer Aspire 5535 notebook as well as 2 Dell desktops all running the exact same software configuration as on my netbook. However, these other PCs are all able to flawlessly synchronize my calendar and everything else, only my netbook is unable to synchronize my calendar.

The one thing I noticed that is different and might be important to note: My Acer Aspire One netbook running on Windows XP HOME, whereas all my other PCs are running Windows XP PRO.

Any comments regarding this interesting dilemma would be appreciated...
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Since the HTTP method of accessing my Live Hotmail account in Outlook is no longer supported, I found that I have the option to either use the Outlook Connector or configure it via POP3.
What is the difference and Which one should I choose?

The method that you should choose basically depends on the following;
your mail client/version of Outlookneed for 2-way-syncsupport for other folderssupport for other features

More -
Outlook Connector or POP3? |
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Hi After finally managing to get my cisco vpn working I am ready to use my laptop for work with the new Vista Business release nbsp Unfortunately we use lotus notes and i hate it to put it mildly I was able to install Notes client just as I had in XP and it works perfectly nbsp I installed Outlook without any patches and it also works perfectly nbsp I installed the Outlook Connector for Domino version and it worked perfectly also nbsp It picked up my domino server and ID file prompted me for password and started downloading my profile nbsp But when I close out of Outlook and try to reopen Outlook 6.5.2 Domino/Notes 2003 for Connector it i get errors and outlook shuts down nbsp I have tried reboots restarting notes changing permissions on the notes directory and I can't get it to work properly Outlook 2003 Connector for Domino/Notes 6.5.2 nbsp Fortunately I can get it to work by uninstalling the connector then reinstalling it again no reboots nbsp nbsp I then open outlook and it picks up my notes id file and prompts me for the password and works fine again Outlook 2003 Connector for Domino/Notes 6.5.2 nbsp It nbsp retains my mail tasks and calendar so i have the a small tradeoff of having to deal with the uninstall reinstall to escape lotus notes I did a lot of searching around the web and have not seen anyone with this issue or even anything similar nbsp It seems like it should be something easy to make a hack type fix for given the current workaround but thats just a guess nbsp I really have no idea nbsp Here are the errrors Error Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino Your ID file can't be opened Start the Lotus Notes client configure your account and then start Outlook Connector for Domino OK Error Microsoft Office Outlook Cannot start Microsoft Outlook nbsp Unable to open the Outlook window nbsp The set of folders could not be opened nbsp The server is not available nbsp Contact your administrator if this condition persists OK nbsp nbsp this is for the official vista release which was available on MSDN yesterday also so its not technically a beta though it certainly seems like it nbsp It just says 'Windows Vista Business' under the system overview tab Any suggestions nbsp I guess i should be thankful it runs at all and the install takes less than a minute but its obviously not ideal nbsp THanks nbsp
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When I opened Outlook today I got the following message:
"To continue accessing your mail using Microsoft Office Outlook, you must upgrade to the latest version of Outlook Connector"
When I choose to Upgrade now, I go through the wizard as directed. Once finished Outlook restarts but I get the same message about upgrading as above. This happens every time.

I then removed Outlook Connector via the control panel then went to the Microsoft update page and downloaded the latest version from there, I then run the update file, go through the wizard to set up and guess what, the same thing happens as before.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated

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Thanks for reading.

I opened up Outlook today to find that I no longer have any social networks to choose from in the "people pane" at the bottom of emails.

I used to just click on the "plus" sign right underneath the persons picture and I would hav the ability to connect with this person on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

When I click on the sign now it takes me to the setup screen which is supposed to give me a list of Social Networks to choose from to add to my People Pan but there is nothing there to choose from.
Ive also gone into the People Pane directly up top in the "View" tab and looked under account settings as explained on Miscrosofts website, but again, there are no networks with which to choose from.

Any ideas?

A:Lost all of my optionality in my Outlook Social Connector?

Any one?
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I ve searched and posted everywhere I can think of and cannot find a solution to this problem I have just purchased a Trophy WP from Verizon and am trying to sync my Outlook contacts and calendar to it I originally had Outlook Connector installed and This Connector application Outlook install. - to failed working on my Outlook Pro version I got the quot New version available update now quot message I tried and it would not update kept giving me the same update message when I opened Outlook In searching for a solution it suggested that I uninstall the old connector and download the newest version Did this and now it will not install no matter what I do It trys to open but immediatedly gives the Outlook Connector - This application failed to install. following message This application could not be installed I am totally frustrated and lost MS wants to give the same email suggestion that is available via a normal search and none of these works in this instance I m runing Windows Ultimate Office Prof bit version Can anyone suggest a solution short of reformatiing my HD and starting over again nbsp
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I am unable to pop open any emails from the Outlook 2010 SOCIAL CONNECTOR pane (see attachment).
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Does anyone know a portable mail client,
that supports something like a hotmail/ connector to support also subfolders?

A:Portable Mail Client with connector?

There is a portable version of Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives

I'm not sure if it'll do what you want but you could try it and see.

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Hi all New to this forum so hoping that I am posting in the right place Am running new Win ux with office professional plus -bit version all legal and activated I also have adobe professional Started having issues with using my mouse in outlook and word and then deactivated one add on after another I figured it was adobe given that it does not support office --but after a while the mouse would stop working again though the keyboard works just fine Went through all the addons exchange server business connectivity etc until only the social connector Connector Outlook Mouse 2010 Issue Social left Interestingly when I restart the Outlook 2010 Social Connector Mouse Issue programs the mouse always works at first--but then will stop working after a few minuted whether I am or am not doing anything Finally I have turned off social connector and voila--no issues I thought of all the add-ons this would be least likely to cause issues as it was written specficially for office However it was this add on and it seems as though it would stop working when it finally updated somebody's status The annoying part was that I liked this application So--here is my question Is there anything to do or just wait for an update for social connector Am I the only one having this issue Thanks stefan

A:Outlook 2010 Social Connector Mouse Issue

I found the social connector to be buggy and caused Outlook to be very slow and often unresponsive. Once I removed it, I had no issues. I like the concept, but once I installed it, it wasn't very useful at all.
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I mainly use Outlook however in order to get a number of Hotmail messages onto my computer s HD i synchronised Outlook Express to Outlook Express Outlook 2000 from messages Hotmail Exporting with Hotmail I now have messages from a folder I have on Hotmail on my hard drive too A search revealed that this folder and presumably all messages in it is stored under Exporting Hotmail messages from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000 C Windows Application Data Identities B - - D -A -C D E Microsoft Outlook Express I copied the dbx file named hotmail - folder name dbx to my desktop I went in to Outlook file gt import blah blah blah but it wont let me import dbx files soooooo is there anyway to get my messages from hotmail from this specific folder into outlook i no longer need the folder in hotmail and will just delete it as soon as i have a permanent copy on my hard drive in outlook im assuming that since the dbx file is on my hard disk with all the messages which i can read offline in outlook express that i wont need to set up outlook for hotmail synchronisation nbsp

A:Exporting Hotmail messages from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000

Somehow, I don't think you'll be able to do it:

Oh, but take a look at too, if you want to check their input.
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I m a Hotmail Plus is that the right term user so I m paying for expanded service It s been fine for nearly a year now but recently my connection Bus. NOT (Small Edition) 2003 - Hotmail Outlook Outlook and Express has been shaky - sometimes Hotmail and Outlook 2003 (Small Bus. Edition) - NOT Outlook Express connecting sometimes not Now I can t connect at all and I get the following errors Task Hotmail Folder Inbox Synchronizing headers reported error x CCC D The server could not be found Task Hotmail Folder Inbox Synchronizing headers reported error x CCC A timeout occurred while communicating with the server I did some trial and error work and realized that the problem is with the URL I m using http services msn com svcs hotmail httpmail asp This address must be incorrect because when I put in quot http www hotmail com quot instead it allowed me to get through but only once That means that the issue is not with my Outlook Is there another address and is anyone else having issues with the above address What else could be wrong nbsp

A:Hotmail and Outlook 2003 (Small Bus. Edition) - NOT Outlook Express

This thread looks pretty old but nobody responded so....Hotmail to Outlook 2003 or above now has a "connector" that you need to download in order for Hotmail and Outlook to sync correctly. Here's the download location for Office Outlook Connector:
Good luck.
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I know that isues like this have been covered before but I have not seen a working solution yet I get the following report when I try to sync my hotmail account in Outlook Outlook Connector Version Signed in successfully at Mail Last successfully refreshed at Calendar Last successfully refreshed at Contacts Last successfully Issue - Error Send/Receive. Outlook Connector with 2007 refreshed at Errors Time Error in Mail Error with Send Receive Look for a log in the Sync Issues folder In the Sync Issues Folder I Outlook 2007 Connector Issue - Error with Send/Receive. get message like this The following issues occurred while synchronizing with the server Error Synchronizing Message Error with Send Receive Folder Collection Sync Key f f - - e -bf e- aa a f d Message Collection Sync Outlook 2007 Connector Issue - Error with Send/Receive. Key b dc a - f - f - a - c a df Request POST http contacts msn com ABService ABService asmx lt ABFindAll xmlns quot http www msn com webservices AddressBook quot gt lt abId gt - - - - lt abId gt lt abView gt Full lt abView gt lt lastChange gt - - T Outlook 2007 Connector Issue - Error with Send/Receive. - lt lastChange gt lt deltasOnly gt true lt deltasOnly gt lt ABFindAll gt Response HTTP OK Date Thu Nov GMT Server Microsoft-IIS P P CP quot BUS CUR CONo FIN IVDo ONL OUR PHY SAMo TELo quot X-Powered-By ASP NET X-MSNSERVER BY ABCHWB X-AspNet-Version Content-Encoding gzip Cache-Control private max-age Content-Type text xml charset utf- Content-Length lt xml version quot quot encoding quot utf- quot gt lt soap Envelope xmlns soap quot http schemas xmlsoap org soap envelope quot xmlns xsi quot http www w org XMLSchema-instance quot xmlns xsd quot http www w org XMLSchema quot gt lt soap Header gt lt ServiceHeader xmlns quot http www msn com webservices AddressBook quot gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt CacheKey gt r JFfviu iajRjIvcSARqfR zb aDckpQ xRumCGmcxjYUkW BmmrxeiOR znH RuN NHavHVYrwQOb iWWOAtONdRuhzTzG iYvbdQ rgW PbVapp dfO k c KrTXD CE ydPvUC RvX iGy GtHmC sDE pAMBKloses lt CacheKey gt lt CacheKeyChanged gt true lt CacheKeyChanged gt lt PreferredHostName gt proxy-bay contacts msn com lt PreferredHostName gt lt SessionId gt ab- a - b - af- b e f lt SessionId gt lt ServiceHeader gt lt soap Header gt lt soap Body gt lt ABFindAllResponse xmlns quot http www msn com webservices AddressBook quot gt lt soap Body gt lt soap Envelope gt Any help with trying to sort this would be great nbsp
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Using email via Outlook 2007 was working fine until recently when I began receiving error Code 0x8DE00006 followed by the inane verbiage "the operation failed" when attempting to send an Email with an Attachment using Outlook 2007 via Outlook Connector to an MSN.COM email account (MS 'Live'). I've done multiple reinstals of Outlook Connector and MS Live, as well as reset Passwords and disconnected then reconnected accounts (1 to Email software.
Trying to research this issue via Microsoft websites and Googled websites has proven fruitless ~ usually linking me to someone trying to sell Registry cleaning software. Any ideas??

A:Error Code: 0x8de00006 ~ Outlook 2007/Connector/ ('Live' email)

I too am receiving this error code when attempting to forward E mails with multiple addressees. They go into an Outlook outbox and when I attempt to send and receive, it fails with this error code.
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During the course of my own research for this question I have encounter mixed answers so I now turn to you for some help I am trying to configure my hotmail account to work with - question? Express Hotmail Outlook/Outlook Outlook Express and it is not working I have come across MANY answers on the web Some say that MSN Hotmail doesn t support hotmail Outlook/Outlook Express - Hotmail question? being used with outlook anymore while others say that theirs is configured and works fine via outlook Some have tried to use POP settings with some success even though hotmail Outlook/Outlook Express - Hotmail question? clearly runs on an HTTP server Some say that it stoped working around only on new accounts while others say they think they are still able to use OE because they were grandfathered in Whatever the case may be I cannot get my hotmail account to configure properly with Outlook or OE Does anyone here know a way around that Or are you aware of any programs that I could use to set it up for example I found a program that is supposed to do exactly that for Yahoo e-mail accounts called YPOP or YPOP Anyone know anything about that Or can anyone suggest another e-mail client like pegasus eudora mozilla thunderbird or any other one that I can use with my hotmail account Or does anyone know if any of them or OE work with Yahoo GMail or can you suggest another free one that I can use I don t want to quot upgrade quot to a pay e-mail service just to use Outlook nbsp

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Hi there. Please view this item

I am confused whether or not the antenna or cable will screw onto my wireless adapter card.

My wireless Adapter card has a SMA connector on it with the screw wedges on the outside rather than inside with a pin in the middle.

Heres a photo of a similar SMA connector -

The brand of the network adapter is the same as the brand of the antenna they are both D Link so youd think they would fit.
will the antenna or cable screw onto that?

thanks, jordan
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Hi. I am new to building computers and have a question on fans. My case has three fans. Two of my fans have both pin connectors and molex connector attached together. How do I power the fans ?- do I need both connections?

A:Fans with molex connector and pin connector

The 3pin connectors are to plug directly in to the motherboard......if your motherboard does not have the 3pin connectors then plug the molex into the power supply
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i know that pretty much anyone who replies to this thread will say that u cannot get hotmail with outlook anymore. i know. but there has to be an alternative. how do cell phones do it...

A:Hotmail w/Outlook
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If I get Hotmail messages online, what is the advantage to routing them into WLM program, or Outlook?

Is there any difference between Outlook and WLM? They appear to me to be the same.

A:WLM--vs Outlook--vs Hotmail Web

Windows Live Mail can allow you to save your messages and contacts on your PC. It supports POP3, IMAP, and Hotmail access. Unlike Outlook Express for XP, or Windows Mail for Vista, WLM includes Hotmail access.

There are many email client programs in use on PCs. Windows 7 can support a couple provided by Microsoft: the paid software known as "Microsoft Outlook" and the free software known as "Windows Live Mail". Outlook requires an extra free tool in order to work with Hotmail: Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector overview - Outlook -
Relevancy 46.01%

Hi All

I have read that Outlook Express can be used to send/receive Hotmail messages but can this also be done with MS Outlook? If so, how do I set this up? Is it the same way as I would if I were using OE?

Thanks ...


A:Hotmail with MS Outlook

Yeah, it works with Outlook- I'm using it with Outlook 11 Beta 1. I haven't used it with OE for a while, so I'm not sure if it works exactly the same...

Here's what MS says about configuring it with Outlook 2002:
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I have tried to set up my outlook account so I can access my Hotmail through it. No matter how i try it just will not work, any pearls of wisdom out there.

A:Hotmail to outlook

Hi. . .

You may want to try Microsoft Live Mail as an alternative as it is thought to be the most likely replacement for Outlook in the near future. ..

I have Hotmail, Live Mail, Google among others all wrapped up in it.

Unless you use Live Messenger, don't install it.

Regards. . .


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I have Outlook 2010 and wish to set up my hotmail. I tried to download Microsoft Outlookconnector for 64 bit, but keep getting the error message

"The 32bit version of Microsoft Outlook is installed. Download and install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector."

When I press OK - it says "Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector 64bit setup wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run setup wizard again. click the finish button to exit the setup wizard"

What have I done wrong? I got the download from this site

A:Trying to get hotmail on to Outlook

I noticed I have Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger 32-bit installed.

Once I get all the emails transferred from WLM I will uninstall, but not before. I definitely have 64 bit. Should I uninstall the above?
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hi, I was useing hotmail on my laptop and getting my outlook mail (from my desktop) from my providers web site (comcast). I then switched to oulook and can't use my hot mail account. How can I make hotmail my default mail service again, or better yet can I use both? Thanks Rick

A:Outlook / Hotmail

I never understood why, but Outlook does not do Hotmail. Outlook express does. You can setup OE with hotmail then go to tools,intenet options, programs and set OE as the mail email program. It will then be the default.
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I always had Hotmail and now I have Outlook.
#1- How can I tell what version of Outlook I have?
#2- And, how can I change a signature in Outlook? Every time I go to Options/Email Signature, and try to change the signature, I keep getting a message that "The signature is too big. Try again." I shorten the signature and still get the same message.
Very confusing.
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Hi guys!

I'm having trouble setting up Microsoft Outlook 97 to check my Hotmail account. I already check my local ISP e-mail with Outlook and I understand that to check Hotmail I have to add an Internet Mail account. What about POP3 and SMTP addresses for Hotmail??? Can someone pleeeease give me some instructions on exactly how to configure Outlook 97 to check Hotmail?!

My OS is Windows 98 SE.

Thanks in advance!


A:Outlook 97 & Hotmail

Hi Fergus76

Unfortunately, Outlook 97 does not support Hotmail accounts, Outlook 2000 can be set up to receive but not send Hotmail.

Hotmail does not use Pop3, SMTP as it is web based mail.

You will need to use Outlook Express for your Hotmail account.
Tools>New Account Signup>Hotmail.

Take a look at this thread for more information on how Hotmail is accessed by Outlook 2000.

Outlook 2002 will support Hotmail
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I am sure this is an old topic on here, I am sorry. How do i get hotmail live mail to work with any outlook?

Thanks in advance

A:hotmail with outlook

you need the outlook connector.
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I have Hotmail linked to my MS Outlook on this machine. The computer will be traded in and I would like to reestablish the Outlook on the next computer I get.
? How can I save my address book?
? How can I clean out all the messages from, or eliminate Outlook from my old computer without loosing all the messages in the on-line Hotmail system?
? How do I reestablish Outlook on the new Windows PC?

This will happen next week. Please assist ASAP. Thanks.

A:Hotmail on Outlook

WARNING. IF YOU CHANGE YOU REGISTRY YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR SYSTEM!The following articles involve modifing your registry. BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY BEFORE YOU START.Read these MS KB acticles..Backup and recover OEBackup and recover OE
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Is there any way to get free hotmail accounts on outlook again ?

A:Hotmail on Outlook

I didn't know you couldn't. I have a free hotmail account on Outlook Express. Does it apply to only new membership??
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I have had a hotmail address for a very long time, does it make a difference if I use @Hotmail or @Outlook?
Relevancy 46.01%

When I try to access my email though Outlook I get a screen that says A runtime Outlook Hotmail error has occured Do you wish to debug Line Error Permission denied I have no idea what any of this means If I hit debug I get this lt --TOOLBAR EXEMPT-- gt lt html gt lt head Outlook Hotmail gt lt title gt lt title gt lt meta name Robots content NOINDEX gt lt head gt lt body gt lt -- Redirects for OutlookHotmailPane-- gt lt -- Created Sun Dec -- gt lt span id quot ControlBox quot width quot quot height quot quot gt lt --Begin View Control Outlook Hotmail Section-- gt lt OBJECT ID quot ViewCtl quot width quot quot height quot quot CLASSID quot CLSID F - - -C - quot gt lt PARAM NAME quot EnableRowPersistance quot VALUE quot True quot gt lt object gt lt --End View Control Section-- gt lt span gt lt script language vbscript gt Dim f f ViewCtl OutlookApplication ActiveExplorer CurrentFolder FolderPath Dim fsplit fsplit Split f quot quot - Dim folder folder folder fsplit folder fsplit Dim codes Dim codes ReDim codes Len folder ReDim codes Len folder Dim i i While i lt Len folder codes i Asc Mid folder i i i Wend i While i lt Len folder codes i Asc Mid folder i i i Wend Dim f encoded f encoded i While i lt Len folder f encoded f encoded CStr codes i If i lt Len folder - Then f encoded f encoded quot l quot End If i i Wend i While i lt Len folder f encoded f encoded CStr codes i If i lt Len folder - Then f encoded f encoded quot l quot End If i i Wend parent navigate quot http officeupdate microsoft com office redirect OutlookHotmailNav asp viewonly amp f quot f encoded quot amp f quot f encoded I was able in the past able to access my mail Any help will be appreciated nbsp
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Is anyone familiar with Microsoft's new cloud email at

While I have a hotmail a/c I would like to have a second but don't want to risk the primary hotmail a/c being removed (it's too well known and I'd need time to advise of change of address).
However, if I could start a new a/c: [email protected] then I could gradually work on switching my contacts to the new address.

Does MS intent to retain hotmail or will it become obsolete as the new system takes over?

appreciate yr input

A:hotmail to

Hi nithig,
here's one way of doing it. WLM Tips.pdf
I know you never mentioned Windows Live Mail, but it gives better features.
If you want, you can use instead of Gmail although I don't recommend it.
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I've not been taking much note of emails regarding hotmail because mine was fine yes was Now I am not so sure I have been using hotmail via outlook as my main email for about a year now I am still on awaiting so was wondering if it will working properly in Anyway via Hotmail Outlook Almost everytime I open outlook to check my main email address I get a quot Hotmail via Outlook Sorry Outlook did not open properly and will close please click on refresh to try again quot and then something about it being their Hotmail via Outlook fault or similar words I ignore it and my emails are still working But quite a few times the programme has frozen for a few seconds then continues as if nothing has happened I am considering going Hotmail via Outlook back to gmail as my main email so will be checking out the 'how to divert hotmail to gmail' thread a lot closer than before as I deemed it unnecessary at the time As I am weeks away from win should I wait until then will hotmail outlook be any better in than as it seems to be a bit of a disaster in

A:Hotmail via Outlook

I have Outlook 2003, which is old/obsolete, but it still works OK in Win 8.1. I haven't installed it in my Win 10 installation as I need to replace it with something else. I did try the Hotmail add on for Outlook 2003 one time but wanted to keep my Hotmail account separate from my ISP's e-mail account so I uninstalled it.
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Presario I desktop gb HD mb RAM Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP hi bc and merry xmas small thorn in my side my wife uses hotmail so control pannel gt IO gt programs gt and in the quot Internet Programs To Outlook Hotmail quot pane gt E-mail click on the arrow and highlite quot hotmail quot gt Hotmail To Outlook apply gt ok open IE rt click the tool bar and tick quot lock tool bar quot now when shes using IE she can go to the tool bar and click on the mail icon and hotmail not outlook appears that should be the end of it right but about once a month outlook starts up not hot mail i gotta do it over again how can i stop this it keeps reverting back to outlook ING MS oh yea there s only one account on the pc no other user accounts no home network and not even a hint of mallware from scans save negligable cookies Spybot S amp D Ad-Aware SE Personel Spyware Blaster NIS Microsoft Anti Spyware Spyware Guard CCleaner ty for any help igo

A:Hotmail To Outlook

Sounds like to me you are doing everything right. HmmmmPerhaps trying the program "Default Mail" would help. It can be found HERE.Might be worth a try. Honestly, I don't know why this is happening to your machine.
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I got an e-mail today from Microsoft that said to upgrade my Hotmail account to It will be automatically changed soon. Does that mean that my e-mail address will be changed? Will it be forwarded? All of my logins with e-mail address will not work? I will have to send every one in my address book an e-mail with change of address? All of that sucks.

Clint ver

Just found part of it.

A seamless upgrade - no worries necessary

When you upgrade to, your email address, password, emails, and contacts will remain the same. If you like, you can get a new address by following the instructions here. If you have questions about the upgrade, please visit our FAQ page.
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I cannot connect to any of my social networks using the Outlook Social connector.

Error: "Invalid user name or password".

Steps to reproduce the problem:open email and see the social connect pane at the bottom of the window
click on the green + Add sign
Select a new or existing social network provider (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
Enter user name and password and click the CONNECT button
See the red "Invalid User name or password" message
FYI, I am not using MySite.

I can demonstrate the username and password work for each account via the browser, but the social connector in Outlook reports the above error.

A:Outlook Social Connector "invalid user name or password" on all accts

I'm curious...
* Have you ever been able to connect to any of your social networks using the Outlook Social connector?
* Are all relevant programs up to date?
* Google is your friend. Have you done a search?
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Hello I am trying to get my Outlook Notes Connector to work with Lotus Notes but I keep getting the following error when I open Outlook quot The local message file can t be accessed The file is already in use by another user quot Things I ve tried to fix this re-install Notes client re-install Outlook Connector re-install Outlook deleted all but first lines in notes ini changed the name of my nst file deleted and recreated Outlook profile numerous times Any help would be appreciated Here is the output of my MSOCLog lt lt gt - be message Connector "local for file Outlook can't Notes accessed" Lotus gt MSOCLog Header Size Log Date - Microsoft Windows NT Version C Program Files Common Files SYSTEM MSMAPI MSOC DLL OtoN Version C Program Files Microsoft Office OFFICE Outlook Connector for Lotus Notes - "local message file can't be accessed" OUTLOOK EXE Module Version Auto Download Mode Download Body Slow Connection Mode ont get Body On RAS OtoN Languages Office Languages Current MUILanguage OutLMime dll Version Mso dll Version InetComm dll Version NST type UNICODE lt lt Outlook Connector for Lotus Notes - "local message file can't be accessed" b gt gt lt lt b gt gt Log Date - lt lt b gt gt C Program Files Common Files SYSTEM MSMAPI MSOC DLL lt lt b gt gt lt lt b gt gt ABProviderInit function called lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CABProvider lt lt b gt gt Error in CABProvider QueryInterface failed E NOINTERFACE x lt lt b gt gt Error in CABProvider QueryInterface failed E NOINTERFACE x lt lt b gt gt Error in CABProvider QueryInterface failed E NOINTERFACE x lt lt b gt gt CABProvider Logon lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CGeneric lt lt b gt gt WINAPI OpenServiceProfileSection lt lt b gt gt WINAPI OpenServiceProfileSection lt lt b gt gt CreateSession Unicode called lt lt b gt gt OpenRegKey lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CNotesSession lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CSpamFilter lt lt b gt gt CDownloadModes LoadAllDownloadRegKeys lt lt b gt gt ReadRegDword lt lt b gt gt ReadRegDword lt lt b gt gt ReadRegDword lt lt ff gt gt Sender thread started lt lt ff gt gt InitNotesDLL lt lt ff gt gt AddNotesPath lt lt ff gt gt AddPathForthisProcess lt lt ff gt gt LoadNotesDLL lt lt ff gt gt LoadAllNotesFunc lt lt ff gt gt GetApiFuncPtr lt lt ff gt gt Error in GetApiFuncPtr failed E FAIL x lt lt ff gt gt NotesInitExtended called lt lt ff gt gt We are going to call notesinitextended time lt lt ff gt gt DateTime is year month day hour minute lt lt ff gt gt NotesInitExtended returned time lt lt ff gt gt DateTime is year month day hour minute lt lt b gt gt CheckToNotifyABHier lt lt b gt gt CheckVaildConfigUserByName lt lt b gt gt CSECKFMGetUserName SetInputParam lt lt ff gt gt CSECKFMGetUserName IssueNotesCall lt lt b gt gt CheckToNotifyABHier lt lt b gt gt CNotesSession SetNoConnection lt lt b gt gt setShowOAB lt lt b gt gt setShowOAB called with lt lt b gt gt SetABHierDirty lt lt b gt gt WriteStatusMessage lt lt b gt gt WINAPI OpenRemoteDataBase lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CABServerBackEnd lt lt b gt gt CreateEntryID lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CGeneric lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CABLogon lt lt b gt gt CopyEntryID lt lt b gt gt CABLogon InitializeStatusRow called lt lt b gt gt In Destructor of CGeneric lt lt b gt gt Error in CABLogon QueryInterface failed E NOINTERFACE x lt lt b gt gt Error in CABLogon QueryInterface failed E NOINTERFACE x lt lt b gt gt Error in CABLogon QueryInterface failed E NOINTERFACE x lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CNotesExchExt lt lt b gt gt CNotesExchExt Install lt lt b gt gt In Destructor of CNotesExchExt lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CNotesExchExt lt lt b gt gt CNotesExchExt Install lt lt b gt gt In Destructor of CNotesExchExt lt lt b gt gt MSProviderInit function called lt lt b gt gt FLoadProvider lt lt b gt gt FLoadProvider lt lt b gt gt In Constructor of CMSProvider lt lt b gt gt CMSProvider Logon with entry id lt lt b gt gt E F EB lt lt b gt gt B D E AA lt lt b gt gt A C lt... Read more

A:Outlook Connector for Lotus Notes - "local message file can't be accessed"

Does anybody know anything about the IBM Notes connector (or a URL for it)? Does it use the Outlook interface?

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I have a question about Outlook 2007 & hotmail. I am running Vista 32 bit Ultimate on my desktop & XP on my laptop. On the desktop when I set up a new account in Oulook 2007 from hotmail, all my folders in the hotmail account come into Outlook but they are empty. My inbox, sent and delete folders do work but all the ones I created in hotmail are empty. When I log into hotmail via the internet they are there and have archived emails in them. On my XP laptop all of the folders are there & have emails but I use Outlook 2003. One more piece of input I also have a account & all the folders created in that one come over to Outlook 2007 and have emails in them.

Don't know if this Vista,@hotmail, or Outlook 2007 related but any help/advice with this would be greatly appericated?

A:outlook 2007 with hotmail ?

Run this:

Download details: Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta 2

It allows Live Hotmail access from Outlook 2007 and 2003. Both Free and Paid accounts.
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Is it possible to read hotmail/msn emails in microsoft outlook?

Thanks in advance

A:hotmail and microsoft outlook

hi, yes you can BUT it costs, hotmail wont allow outlook to retrieve and send messages via their servers unless your are currently signed up to 'Non-Free' $20 per year service
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I received this e-mail from MSN Hotmail this evening nbsp nbsp Dear MSN Member Recently Hotmail announced that in order to improve customer experience and reduce spam and junk e-mail abuse on MSN services Hotmail will no longer allow new e-mail accounts to be accessed via Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Express We are pleased to inform you that because you are an existing and valued customer at this time your current Hotmail and MSN account s are exempt from this restriction and you will be able to continue enjoying access to those accounts from Outlook or Outlook Express However any new Hotmail or MSN accounts you create will not be accessible via Outlook or Outlook Express Because you actively use Outlook or Outlook Express Outlook Access - MSN with Hotmail No now? to access one or more of your MSN Hotmail or MSN e-mail accounts this could be the ideal time to consider MSN Hotmail - No Access with Outlook now? subscribing to our powerful newe-mail service - Microsoft Office Outlook Live As an Outlook Live subscriber not only can you get uninterrupted access to your MSN e-mail accounts from Outlook but you will also enjoy many other benefits Special introductory offer for Microsoft Office Outlook LiveAs a thank-you for your loyalty to MSN we'd like to offer you a discount off the regular price of a year's subscription to Outlook Live Sign up by April and you can enjoy all your first year's benefits for just instead of HUH Say What Has anyone else received this notice MSN products have become so dangerous to use now that even MSN is going to cease using them

A:MSN Hotmail - No Access with Outlook now?

But I bet, for a "slight extra fee" new users will be able to use an Email client to retrieve their MSN Hotmail; I remember some discussion about this step last year.
Yahoo did the same thing some time ago.
Google, which has a larger mailbox limit, allows its users to download mail.
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I would like to set up a Hotmail Account in Outlook 2003. I need the settings to create the account.

A:Outlook 2003 and Hotmail

If I remember right it can not be done.

Why the double post?
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I am having some issues setting up outlook with hotmail and 2007.
I set up the email account in outlook manually using HTTP. But when I do a send/receive it causes an error. Any advice?

A:hotmail plus outlook 2007

Lets start out with assurance that it has been set up correctly.
Did you follow these guidlines?
Set Up and Add Hotmail Account in Microsoft Outlook 2007 ? My Digital Life
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I opened my e-mail this am and it was Outlook. I tried right clicking on the gear and there is no option to revert back to Hotmail from Outlook. I have 2 computers (a laptop and a desktop). My laptop does not have Outlook loaded on it, so I can deal with the new Outlook e-mail. However, my desktop has Outlook on it and my husband uses it for his e-mail. I do not want to use Outlook on the desktop so my e-mails do not get mixed up with his. Is they anyway to avoid this?

A:Forced Outlook from Hotmail

Your first, second and fourth use of "Outlook" seems to refer to the recently introduced web mail GUI for, and Correct?

Your third and fifth use of "Outlook" seems to refer to the long-standing email client. Correct?

To what does the sixth "Outlook" refer?
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I have Outlook 2007 installed on windows 7 ultimate on a 64 bit machine

I also have outlook connector installed but I cannot get outlook to connect to hotmail on post 110 on port 25

I get the following errors when either sending or receiving emails
Task '[email protected] - Sending' reported error (0x80042109) : 'Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

Task '[email protected] - Receiving' reported error (0x80042108) : 'Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

Help please

A:Outlook 2007 & Hotmail

Read this Configuring Hotmail, Live and MSN accounts
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I have recently formatted my hard drive and am now having problems with outlook express. Before, I could download and send emails from my hotmail account via Outlook and I have never paid for a yearly subscription to hotmail. Now, I am using the same settings but it is failing to log in to my account and constantly asking to verify my user name and password. All the FAQ's in hotmail suggest that I need to shed out ?14.99 a year for this privilege. Is there any other way around this as it was working perfectly fine last week?

A:Hotmail In Outlook Express

Hi jimmie1978,Follow the instructions in This Micro$oft article and Hotmail will be working fine again.
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Odd problem, hopen someones been here already

With the sad demise of WLM and messanger I now need to setup my Outlook '03 to get my Hotmail email.

I go add a new account, select Hotmail, and try me email... Outlook can't find the server.

Looking around, MS has made a dandy helper program fo0r the switch over, so i d/l it and install..., It doesn't do what their site says it should so I'm, now stuck.

I'm a hotmail address but need the new server info.

Please help me...

A:Setup Hotmail in Outlook

Try this:
Make sure POP3 is selected under Incoming e-mail server type:.
Type "" under Incoming mail server:.
Enter "" under Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name:.
Make sure Outgoing server requires authentication is checked.
Click Next.
Type your full Windows Live Hotmail email address under E-mail username:.
Enter your emails password under Password:.
Click Next.
Make sure “Do not download my e-mail at this time” is checked.
Click Finish.
Highlight the new account in the list.
Click Properties.
Go to the Advanced tab.
Make sure “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” is checked under both Outgoing mail (SMTP): and Incoming mail (POP3):.
Type "587" under Outgoing server (SMTP):.
If the number under Incoming server (POP3): is not "995", enter "995" there.
Click OK.
Click Close.

This works for configuring to Windows Mail so the settings should work for Outlook. No guarantee as i haven't tried it but worth a try!
Let me know how it goes!
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MY computer crashed and I have had it mended but now when I open my Hotmail account, I can receive emails but not open them or send them? I have opened a second account in an attempt to overcome the issue but that doesn't work either?

I have a lot of unread in my original account but presume they are lost for ever! Can anyone help me please??

A:Outlook Hotmail emails

What you could try if using IE is click tools/internet options/advanced/reset. If asked to reset personal setting click no.
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OK My first, and probably dim, question. Here goes:
Have just started using Hotmail with Outlook 2003, but in folders (other than Inbox) it only shows emails filed prior to Dec 2007? How can I get it to show the recent emails? Any polite advice gratefully received!
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Hi guys
Please inform me why is not possible anymore use hotmail account in outlook express , I did format my computer and i try to do it , it was very easy before but lately when he wants download the folders and mail box it come errors , please if there is some way to solve this let me know .



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Hi, I need to send emails with MS Outlook Today (2002). I've tried linking it to Hotmail and to Gmail. It won't log into Hotmail when I press 'Send' from Outlook. With Gmail I get: Sending/Receiving Receiving reported error 0x8004210B. Timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server.
I followed the instructions from Gmail when setting up this email account.
Please help. I need this desparately for work!

A:Outlook with Hotmail/Gmail

I have the same problem. I searched Microsoft's support site and it said to download and install Office XP service pack 3. I am doing that now--you might want to try it.

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when i buy new laptop when it is start asked for user id for the laptop if msn or hotmail id so i put my id and password,
so whenever i start my laptop it start with that id and my hotmail account which is now change to outlook account so i do not want that because my laptop is used by my family members and friends so I want that my email account not open in that laptop, i want to get rid of this but unable to do this i dont know how to do this. Is anybody help me how to change this

A:outlook/ login id

Hello thelastknight, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Option One in the tutorial below can help show you how to change the name of your Microsoft account to no longer have it's email address displayed as the name.

User Account Name - Change in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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I have been trying to configure Outlook 2002 to be able to access my 2 hotmail accounts. I can get one to work, but then when i try to add the second, outlook says it cannot find the hotmail server. I know this is not the case because it can still send and recieve my other hotmail account, so there's not a problem with it connecting to the server. What's going on? Can i have multiple hotmail accounts in outlook? If not, what's another good free e-mail service that i could sign up for that would enable me to use outlook 2002 (some type of POP mail?). Please help. Thank you much.

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I've gotten mixed results Express Outlook and Hotmail? in trying to determine if Hotmail is still compatible with Outlook Express I configured Outlook express to communicate with a Hotmail account and it worked well for several of weeks Then after that it began erroring out It just quit working all of a sudden and in fact did so right after two forwarded emails went to the 'outbox' and never left With one last attempt yesterday OE downloaded emails from Hotmail then errored out again It still did not send out the emails in the outbox Then I decided to remove the Hotmail account from OE I hit the remove button and all of a sudden it downloaded all the emails in the Hotmail Inbox After Outlook Express and Hotmail? that the link was severed What is the reality of the matter I don't want to spin anymore wheels on this but I would like to be able to use OE It is the only client I know of that will link Windows Fax and Picture Viewer to attached photos This on a Laptop running a fresh reload of Win xp w service pack

A:Outlook Express and Hotmail?

Thunderbird with Irfanview is a great combo: IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide
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We all know that Microsoft has introduced with the hope of having all users to switch to
Based on many articles I have read in last 4 weeks, Microsoft has no intention to stop supporting Hotmail.
At present time, a hotmail user can use the hotmail ID and password to sign in to By doing that, the user can switch back to hotmail anytime.
Those are facts and I am perfectly well versed with hotmail and
My question is :
I keep reading hints ( from 2 MVPs) that in a very near future ( I do mean near future, like this year ), hotmail users will not have the luxury of switching back and forth between and

Does anyone have an insight to this matter ?

Thank you.


Adding .................... I am not referring to the latest Microsoft Services Agreement update. I had read that thing 4 times.

A:rumour or not ? Hotmail and

I can only say that I have seen nothing definitive about when hotmail will go away. It is all rumor and supposition at this point. If you go to Hotmail, there is not even a suggestion to "update" to as of yet, so the casual user is probably not even aware exists. It is interesting (to say the least) that "looking" at automatically switches your Hotmail to the new user interface (although you can switch back). In my travels, I have seen zero info that would even imply a timetable. A Guy
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I used Hotmail for years then battled to keep "Live Hotmail" when their "improved" service came on line. Yesterday even Live Hotmail went on the fritz. Today when I checked my email Microsoft informed me that my Hotmail/Live had been converted (unilaterally) to OUTLOOK.

I despise Outlook! But since I refused their offer of Skydrive (talk about insecure sites!), I guess they decided to dump me.I tried to contact customer service, but they seem to have that system out of order today.

Anyone have a similar experience?

A:Hotmail converted to Outlook

This has been widely reported as happening. As an example:

My live mail converted to outlook. You won't be able to switch it back. If you don't like it, you'll need to find an alternative or accept the outlook layout.
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I have had this laptop a month today and I have issues opening the website hotmail/outlook up. My internet works fine, every other website opens totally fine but not hotmail. The loading icon just pops up and nothing happens. An odd few occasions it works straight away but very rear. It is very frustrating!!! Any ideas?? I did try and download firefox and google chrome, however to no avail as they both crashed so I had to uninstall both of them and just stick to internet explorer.

A:Hotmail/Outlook Issues

1paulc1 wrote:I have had this laptop a month today and I have issues opening the website hotmail/outlook up. My internet works fine, every other website opens totally fine but not hotmail. The loading icon just pops up and nothing happens. An odd few occasions it works straight away but very rear. It is very frustrating!!! Any ideas?? I did try and download firefox and google chrome, however to no avail as they both crashed so I had to uninstall both of them and just stick to internet explorer.I had no problem with Firefox going to hotmail or IE going to hotmail. I think you have a security issue problem that is causing the crash. Did you contact Hotmail/Outlook about the problem using different Browser? As this is a Microsoft problem and HP doesn't have anything to do with MS software.