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Outlook 2010: created new imap account, how to disable old pop3?

Q: Outlook 2010: created new imap account, how to disable old pop3?

Hi guys as I am using both a laptop and tablet to check email I have set up both devices with imap accounts The issue is that I don't want to lose all my old folders and email from the old pop account and I imap how 2010: Outlook new disable to account, pop3? old created can't Outlook 2010: created new imap account, how to disable old pop3? find a way to move or copy them to the newly created account on my laptop so I'd like to leave the old account inactive in Outlook Also I don't want to get messages into two different folders Is there a way to disable the old pop account without removing it I have tried deleting the password so it won't send receive from that account but all I get is the constant quot enter password quot box which is naturally not an ideal state of affairs I'd appreciate any advice users can offer Thanks in advance Jo PS it probably isn't relevant but FYI the tablet is a Motorola Xoom Android and the laptop is an Asus running Win Home Premium and Outlook as in the subject line

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2010: created new imap account, how to disable old pop3?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2010: created new imap account, how to disable old pop3?

Quote: Originally Posted by boppy2010

Hi guys, as I am using both a laptop and tablet to check email I have set up both devices with imap accounts.

The issue is that I don't want to lose all my old folders and email from the old pop3 account and I can't find a way to move or copy them to the newly created account on my laptop so I'd like to leave the old account, inactive, in Outlook.

Also, I don't want to get messages into two different folders.

Is there a way to disable the old pop3 account without removing it?

I have tried deleting the password so it won't send/receive from that account but all I get is the constant "enter password" box which is naturally not an ideal state of affairs.

I'd appreciate any advice users can offer.

Thanks in advance,

PS it probably isn't relevant but FYI the tablet is a Motorola Xoom Android and the laptop is an Asus running Win 7 Home Premium and Outlook 2010 as in the subject line.

you can simply move the emails of your pop account by going to "edit" on the top left corner and "select all" you'll see that all your emails are selected, then right click and select "move to folder" and move it to your IMAP mails location. and doing this may allow you to remove the pop3 account.

either way, let us know what you get.
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Hi all

I haven't discovered a way yet of switching a POP3 account to IMAP without deleting and re-defining the email account in Outlook 2010.

IMAP is a better way if you access the same email account from multiple machines. If the account was originally defined with POP3 there doesn't seem any mechanism to change it to IMAP without deleting and re-creating the entire account.

This means backing up and restoring all the messages, address books etc before doing this -- a bit of a pain if you have to do this for 50 - 100 users and their email accounts.

Any quick fix or have I missed something.


A:Outlook 2010 cannot change POP3 account to IMAP

You haven't missed anything, as far as I know there is no way to change pop to imap.

A bit of a warning though, in the past when I have switched users from pop to imap and I added the additional IMAP account then moved the stuff from the pop account folders to the IMAP, sometimes email etc just disappears completely despite saying it had copied.
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I am migrating my data to another Windows 7 computer running Office 2010. I have a large gmail account, containing over 50,000 emails. I want to keep my old emails for research/tracking purposes. I am wondering what you recommend I use, POP3 or IMAP? I currently use POP3 on my older desktop but see that Outlook will automatically set up your account using IMAP. What are the advantages to this?

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Hi all I'm now configuring Outlook Things like email I've never really paid much attention to since on my machines they always seem to quot just work quot from OE gt OUTLOOK and EVOLUTION on Linux However setting up an between 2010 Outlook POP3 Difference and IMAP ?? account on Outlook I've got a choice between IMAP or POP The ISP I'm using supplies both so what should I Outlook 2010 Difference between IMAP and POP3 ?? choose here I rang the ISP but got fed up with the endless dreary quot Press X for options a b c d quot then another load of automated messages with another set of options again before probably being connected to some call centre in India Bangladesh or wherever If I was ever dictator of the planet my first act on day one would be to OUTLAW all these automated telephone systems and have HUMANS answering them --it would create loads of jobs too So what should I choose In the past I think POP was always the default and never given it a thought but I've seen IMAP mentioned a lot recently Anyone Cheers jimbo Outlook 2010 Difference between IMAP and POP3 ??

A:Outlook 2010 Difference between IMAP and POP3 ??

I have used IMAP for years and have grown so used to it that I cant imagine going back to POP3...
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I tried to set up Microsoft Outlook to read my Yahoo POP 3 and IMAP and this is what i typed in for the required slots:
As account type I put in POP 3 (the 1st time and then did the below again this time with IMAP) then.
incoming mail server:
outgoing mail server:
The above found on the yahoo page regarding this subject.
Followed by my correct username (the full email address and correct password but in testing the account settings in outlook
The message was: "Log onto incoming mail server (POP 3) failed" and the same thing for the testing of email sent/received.
I followed instructions made here:
Set up email in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 - Office Online
What was done wrong?

A:Setting up Outlook 2010 with pop3/imap SMTP

Check out this link and don't forgot to set the correct ports
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Hi POP3 and 2010 IMAP Outlook with iPad Issue from I Outlook 2010 and POP3 with IMAP from iPad Issue have used POP for all my mail Outlook 2010 and POP3 with IMAP from iPad Issue on my outlook client since I first had email With this method my multiple email Outlook 2010 and POP3 with IMAP from iPad Issue accounts can be seen in a combined inbox on my windows pc I use IMAP to access the same accounts on my iPhone and iPad so that I can get mail whilst travelling etc Up until very recently if I read an email on my IMAP accounts via my iPhone or my iPad the message would still download to my pop accounts on my windows client I use my pc as the oracle and the apple products as tools Now it appears that as soon as I read the message in IMAP the POP download no longer downloads the message I've tried marking quot read quot messages in the IMAP inbox quot unread quot in the hope that the POP access will download the message this did not work I'm now wondering what has changed with GMAIL they altered their mail system recently such that POP does not download all inbox messages that have not been downloaded to POP before If I try and search for this on the web all I get is info about comparisons of IMAP and POP which I understand If any one has any ideas that would be a great help cheers Ant

A:Outlook 2010 and POP3 with IMAP from iPad Issue

Is it possible that when you read your emails on one of your programs that it is not leaving a copy on the GMail server. In other words once the email has been downloaded it is deleted from the server.
I use Outlook in Office 2013 & copies of emails are left on the server for 14 days, but this can be set to a period that suits you.
I do not use Gmail so I can't speak for it. Perhaps checking your Gmail server to see if you can reset the period of time copies of emails are left on their server.
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My dell laptop, doesn't allow me to select POP3 at the time of initial set up of email accounts in outlook. I am using office 365 license version.
Please guide how to change email account settings from IMAP to POP3 as one of my email id is need to change since otherwise it park all my email on server and the same gets full.
Nilesh Gupta

A:How to change email account settings in outlook from IMAP to POP3?

Use Office Outlook on your desktop as your email app instead of windows 10 (formerly Hotmail) and select Office's Outlook as your default. The win 10 Mail app is for webmail and home user use. You might need it for your Microsoft webmail Account but use Office Outlook as your mail email program for POP mail. Office Outlook and are unrelated in spite of the recycled name.
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Okay, I have had this problem several times and now I want to know what is causing the problem. In outlook you can add certain folder to your favorites so that they appear like short cuts at the top of the navigation window. But from time to time different imap short cuts don't appear and then I have to close and restart to get the short cuts to reappear.

Any ideas as to why?

A:Outlook 2010 and IMAP account

Also if you go to the inbox, if that is one in your favorites, and right click it gives you the option to remove from favorites even though it is not displayed. After removing and adding will also show them back at the top. But this is a pain in the back side.
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I have been using WLM 2011 for a couple of years now. Everything was good until last Thursday. I opened WLM and got an error about login failed. After checking my account settings, I noticed everything was now set up as IMAP. I called my ISP and they confirmed it was supposed to be POP3.

So... can I reset the account back to POP3 without losing my mail?

I did do a system restore back to a point a couple of days before this happened. No change.

Thanks for your help.

A:Windows Live Mail changed account settings from POP3 to IMAP

Use this link Windows Essentials: Worldwide Downloads - Free Email, Instant Messaging, and Photo Editing Software from Microsoft to upgrade to the newest version.
You wont lose anything. Then we'll address your other problem.
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Hi there
Has anybody managed to get round the problem of bypassing the TEST SEND / RECEIVE e when setting up new EMAIL accounts on OUTLOOK 2013.

If you are AWAY from your home ISP you can't always SEND --a lot of ISP's block SEND mail unless you are actually logged on to their service or use their webmail facility.

With OUTLOOK 2010 you can disable the TEST SEND / RECEIVE email so you can still SET UP the account.

OUTLOOK 2013 fails because the TEST SEND fails and you can't skip the test.

screenshot of outlook 2010 enc

in 2013 this option doesn't exist -- so I've been unable to set up my Home email account until I get home.

Seems to me a STUPID new feature -- often one wants to set up stuff when away from home -- and test it later.


A:OUTLOOK 2013 -- cannot configure IMAP / POP3 wen away from home ISP

Jimbo, most SMTP servers won't allow you to use port 25 unless they are your ISP. I use port 587 or 2525
to setup my outlook so that I can send and receive while away.

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Now the email is setup as imap. This relates to a single machine running Outlook 2013 & there are no others.

Assuming imap downloads by default to the inbox:

- when I backup the .pst, do I really need to backup the .ost if no other apps such as calendar are being connected?

What is benefitted from saving the .ost in this case?
Also, when I convert to strickly .pst and do away with imap altogether - what mails could be missed in the transfer and will I need to go back and manually delete everything unwanted from the mail provider's server?

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Hi all
Having totally WIPED office 2010 from my system and re-installed again the problem I had with the "Purge" folder not appearing now is SOLVED.

However you still don't get a line through the deleted items -- but they are in Trash folder now.

This is BETTER but still NOT WHAT IS NEEDED -- as another computer with Outlook 2007 doesn't get the "Non purged" items in the inbox which it should do.

IMAP should effectively leave items in the Inbox until purged -- otherwise I might as well go back to POP3 - more fiddly to manage whern you leave stuff on the server but it works.

What I'm resigned to doing now is to use the REST of the office 2010 suite (EXCEL etc) which is really good but stick with Outlook 2007 for email.


A:Outlook 2010 Saga with IMAP, Can I use Office 2010 and

I do like the way 2010 deletes the emails without purge, but I have found that rules randomly fail and some mail goes awol for a while when switching between folders (it reappears after a while)

IMO outlook 2003 is still the best (I hated 2007) but I will reserve full judgement until 2010 is out of beta.
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hello i have an imap account and a hotmail account in outlook. everytime i open outlook the msn tree is always expanded and my imap (personal email) is always closed.

woult there be a way to have outlook rememeber how i leave them when i close outlook so when i open it they are in the same state?


win7 x64

A:outlook 2010 imap

There is no way that I'm aware that you can get it to remember the state it was when last closed, but I find having it open the imap inbox by default is the next best thing.

Options -> Advanced -> Outlook start and exit
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Hi all
Is there anyway to make the Delete function in Outlook 2010 work the same as in Outlook 2007 (and earlier) with IMAP.

In Outlook 2007 delete doesn't actually DELETE the email but just puts a line through the items. Mail is actually deleted when you go to ==>edit===>PURGE.

In Outlook 2010 it deletes the mail straight away (like POP3 defaults).

I prefer the old method as I often use more than one computer for email and need to ensure that I've copied all relevant emails to local folders on the relevant machines before physically deleting email from the server.

Having a line through the items makes it easy to quickly check whether I've "deleted" something I need on another machine.

I can see lots of people usuing corporate email sytems with remote laptops / "roaming machines" coming to grief with this issue.


A:Outlook 2010 with IMAP

Is that what you are after....
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Hi guys this is my first post here I hope I'm posting in the right section and not breaking any rules So here's the deal at to - 2010 Outlook POP IMAP the place I'm working al the emails accounts have been configured as POP back in They're paying for a domain etc now they want to access the mail from their homes so I have to change the Outlook 2010 - POP to IMAP configuration to IMAP I'll have to go one by one Outlook 2010 - POP to IMAP and edit all the accounts My question is about the importing the old pop emails they've been saving over the years few GB for each but it doesn't matter How do I do it Make en export of all their folders emails configuration etc delete the POP account and re-add it as an IMAP one And after that just import the pst file I previously saved That will import all the emails and folders Or I'll have to just import the pst file and move - with my hands - the emails to the IMAP account Also in the future if needed I'll be able to make back-ups of the IMAP emails I'll be able to download them all and store them locally Thanks in advance for any input or help edit please a kind mod move this to Browsers amp Mail Thanks

A:Outlook 2010 - POP to IMAP

Hope this is what you are looking for. I would try it on a test account first...

Convert from a POP3 account to IMAP |
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I installed Win 8 CP, and since have been unable to send or receive in outlook 2010, I get the following error
Attachment 3702

Was working fine before installation, I have tried repairing from the disc, webmail works OK, all the settings in accounts are correct as far as I can tell, I have tried turning off the firewall etc.

Any Ideas?


A:Outlook 2010 POP3 error

What is your e-mail provider? Have you tried to enter the settings manually? or just try IMAP protocol?
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I have set Gmail in Outlook 2010 and the set up went flawlessly. I have noticed that it takes way too long to check mail. Someone said to configure pop instead of imap and it would be faster. I found a tutorial on this and it did not work. Any one know how to help me with this? Thanks,

A:Outlook 2010 imap too slow

I just tested changing an IMAP Gmail account to use POP instead, following the instructions found on this site. Just choose your Outlook version from the list. Works flawlessly.

You have to enable POP, of course, from the Gmail settings: Open Gmail web interface, click Settings, and check POP is enabled.

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I am having a few issues with my IMAP work email setup on my home pc I 2010 issues IMAP Outlook have my personal POP gmail setup and my work IMAP email setup on Outlook The gmail account works perfectly but my work email has issues I can t send emails I try to quot test account settings quot and I get completed on both the IMAP login and the send test email and I get the test email in my inbox but when I actually try to send an email it doesnt go through I don t automatically get emails I have to click on each folder to update emails Each time I click a folder to update outlook has to update cache messages I also get a send receive error at the bottom often and when I click this it says outlook cant access the data file I tried to create a new data file by renaming the old one Outlook 2010 IMAP issues and letting outlook make a new one but that didnt help This slows me down a great deal when I work from home so any guidance would be much appreciated Please help nbsp

A:Outlook 2010 IMAP issues

You need to work with your company's IT support so they can review your account and your settings, there is no way for us to tell if they are correct and autodiscover (if it is even set up) only works for outlook everywhere usually through a proxy.
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First of all I don t understand PST very well And I hope Outlook IMAP with Account PST I am posting in the correct forum We use Outlook with Exchange in Windows Server environment In addition to regular user email accounts we have a couple IMAP accounts that several employees access and respond to the emails The primary user for one of these accounts is now not able to receive any new email for the IMAP account nor move an existing email from that Inbox to a subfolder When we try to move an email we get a message quot Can t move the items The file pst has Outlook PST with IMAP Account reached its maximum size To reduce the amount of data in this file select some items that you no longer Outlook PST with IMAP Account need and then permanently delete them by pressing SHIFT DELETE You could also consider using the new Outlook Personal Folders file pst introduced with Outlook that provides greater capacity for storing items and folders quot I found an MS KB article that advised because this is an IMAP account it has the GB limit even thought it s Outlook My question Can I create a secondary PST file for this IMAP account in order to keep the current full PST file For business reasons it is important for us to keep the GB of history that is in the current PST file as well as to continue archiving email for this IMAP account I really appreciate any advice suggestions comments Thank you nbsp

A:Outlook PST with IMAP Account

Im not sure about the not receiving IMAP emails in the inbox, there might be some mailbox size limit setup in exchange, and they are over it.

But for the moving emails from inbox to the personal folders:

You can have as many personal folders as you want, but has to be way below the 2gb mark. Honestly I would make sure the personal folders are less than 500mb.

Here is a link to create .pst folders:
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Techs I have a user on a W Pro pc that unsuccessfully tried to install LogMeIn multiple times and that is all they have admitted to Now Outlook will not connect to the POP both POP SMTP mail box Below are the error messages Outlook send receive errorsTask 'kelly domain com - issue 2010 POP3 connectivity Outlook - Receiving' reported error x FC 'The server name you entered cannot be found on the network it might be down temporarily Verify that you are online and that the server name is correct 'Task 'kelly domain com - Sending' reported error x CCC D 'Cannot find the e-mail server Verify the server information in your account properties 'Resolutions attempted I can ping the mail server by name and IP from the command line on W box hardcode the IP address of the Mail server in Outlook -no go same error Outlook Repair install -no go same error SCANPST ran Outlook 2010 - POP3 connectivity issue once - no go same error System restore ran times restoring to a point prior to problem - no go same error Installed Thunderbird with same mail setting and userid psw and it works but user prefers OutlookAny suggestions Thx bg
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System specs.
POP3 Mail
Outlook 2010
Windows 7 & Windows 10

Randomly we have issues at work were mail messages will get cut off mid sentence and the remaining part of the message will not be displayed. If we go to the Webmail interface for the mail account the whole message will be displayed there. So somewhere while it is being pulled down the whole message is not getting to Outlook. This problem will happen maybe once a week or once a month which makes it hard to track down.

We recently upgraded to Bit-Defender but we did not see the problem until about 2 weeks after installing the software. Looking for ideas on where to track this one down.


A:POP3 mail messages getting cut off in outlook 2010

The two things that come to me are to do a Repair of Outlook at Control Panel / Programs, and to do a clean reinstall of BD or turn off its email protection to see if there's a difference. But if this is happening to multiple units I would contact BD.
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Hi all
Not sure I've posted this before but if you use IMAP please note that DELETE in Outlook 2010 now DOES delete mail from the server.

Outlook 2007 and earlier just had a horizontal line through the items you want to delete. You then had to use edit===>Purge to actually delete the mail from the server folder.

So if you don't actually want to DELETE the mail from the folder then be careful.

I like having the line through the items - as I often use another machine such as a laptop and can also select what items I want copied to the "personal" inbox on the laptop before finally purging the mail.

BTW for the most part I'm extremely impressed with Office 2010 beta.


A:Outlook 2010 Beta and IMAP -- BEWARE

Good tip Jimbo, thanks.
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I have a IMAP account on Outlook 2010. When a message is sent from this account and only when the recipient gives a read receipt, this message automatically has a strike-through in my sent items folder, when the read receipt is read by me in my inbox.
Further when the read receipt is deleted by me from my inbox, the original sent item gets deleted from the sent items folder and also gets deleted from the IMAP server.
All other sent items remain intact.
Please help with a solution.

A:IMAP sent items deleted in Outlook 2010

outlook puts a struck through when a message is marked for delete

under file> options> mail>
have a look to see how you are handling read receipts
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Hope I'm in the right forum. Have two Gmail IMAP email accounts and 4 pop email accounts in one pst file. Has been working fine.

Now pop account emails show up in sent folder as properly sent with time and date sent...they aren't going anywhere. Have sent tests to myself to no avail.

Also emails sent thru Gmail IMAP never make it to any sent folder in Outlook and I get an error message stating that the server will not allow sent emails to be placed in the Outlook sent folder.

If I go on Google and open Gmail, sent emails are in the sent folder.


A:Windows 7 - OUTLOOK 2010 - Gmail IMAP

You'll need to provide exact configuration for each account, just the server stuff, not login or password.

As I understand it, you have two Gmail accounts set up to receive using the IMAP protocol. And you have four accounts using the POP3 protocol. Unfortunately you didn't specify the mail server (Yahoo, AOL, Gmail....) for those accounts.

IMAP does that - you should see the sent mail on Google. I'll check to see if there's and option to also store the sent mail locally (in Outlook). You could help by providing the exact msg that you get and any error codes.

Please also fill in your System Specs (there are lots of HP machines) - see the Easy System Specs in my sig?
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Hi all Note to you guys with IMAP and Outlook When IMAP is different 2010 Delete - Outlook to 2007 you DELETE now it works similar to POP -- the delete mail now Outlook 2010 IMAP - Delete is different to 2007 gets moved to the DELETED folder in the IMAP folder which you then delete via the DELETE option in the menu or right mouse click on the item in the folder view On Outlook the item had a LINE through it which you then deleted via PURGE I think I prefer the newer method -- but beware if you run more than one computer as DELETE now really does mean DELETE and the item will appear in the deleted items folder If you have one computer with Outlook and another with Outlook you won't be able to see or DELETE the items in Outlook if you deleted them in Outlook I don't think it's a real problem -- but just be aware of the differences in how the two releases work IMAP only -- POP works just like it did before Cheers Outlook 2010 IMAP - Delete is different to 2007 jimbo

A:Outlook 2010 IMAP - Delete is different to 2007

I have just the opposite issue. Outlook 2010 eliminates messages from my list as soon as I delete them (and sends them to the appropriate folder, where I can still find them before purging). Is there any way I can get 2010 to act like 2007 and strikeout the deleted messages until I elect to purge them? None of my attempted manipulations under Account Settings has accomplished this end.
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Have a similar problem as described in this closed thread at
Have IMAP email accounts with Gmail and have set up a Pop account to re-enable mailmerge but after running a successful merge preview, the emails don't get sent out. Any other ideas ?
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I have an Exchange account and an IMAP account, both of which I access using Outlook. However, when I connect remotely to the network using my RDC connection and open Outlook I have problems.

First, I get a message like "file C:\Docs and Setts\blah\Local Setts\App Data\MS\Outlook\[email protected] could not be found" where [email protected] is the name I have given the IMAP account.

Secondly, I can not send emails at all. They remain stuck in the outbox.

If I remove the IMAP account I can send the emails again.

I have no such problems on my own PC running win2000 Pro and Outlook 2003, connecting to the same Exchange server on the same network.

The remote server is using Windows Server 2000 and Outlook 2003.

Does anyone know of a bug which might cause this problem?

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Hi there.
I'm using outlook2010 on two computers. Both have the same IMAP Gmail account set up.
When I'm accessing outlook 2010 on my laptop, I receive new headers but these same headers won't show up in my desktop outlook 2010. Since the same account is set up as IMAP no both computers, shouldn't I see the same inbox?



A:IMAP folders doesn't sync outlook 2010

Yes, you should. I had some trouble with Outlook changing my Port numbers when I would select SSL and TLS Authentication, which is likely your issue. Be sure to check the second computers settings so they are the following:

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server - requires
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 993 Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - requires (use authentication)
Use Authentication: Yes
Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients call this SSL)
Port: 465 or 587 Account Name: your full email address (including Google Apps users, please enter [email protected]_domain.comEmail Address: your full Gmail email address ([email protected]) Google Apps users, please enter [email protected]_domain.comPassword: your Gmail password


I think MS is still working some kinks out with the IMAP intergration so if all else fails you can switch to SMTP in the interim depending on your OS.

If you found this helpful please provide me with Reputation
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I have a client with outlook 2010 and connected to the BTInternet email service using IMAP

the problem is , that 2010 does not work offline for this account
And when I looked in appdata/Microsoft/outlook
I could find NO OST files

i dont have access to BTinternet - But on my Gmail,, AOL, YAHOO emails
i have OST files and all my emails are visible offline

Not sure if this is BTInternet issue or a setting that needs changing

Any suggestions ?

I dont have immediate access to the PC at the moment
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I am a newbie here so forgive me if i posted this in the wrong section..

The issue that i am having is that

I have a user that is using outlook 2010 and as a IMAP account. As of recent her mails(some of them ) the words when from plain readible english to this Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€s .....?

Can any one tell why it did this or what i could do to resolve the issue, as mentioned before these are old mails that she was ble to read....

Office:Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ +27 (0) 21Aƒa€sA‚ 401 0604
Email: Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚ Aƒa€sA‚

and it is not the whole mail that is in these special characters just parts of it....

The Newbie.
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I am trying to set up my Gmail account in Outlook 2010 using IMAP. In previous versions of Outlook, when I hit "delete" in Outlook, the message left the ?Inbox,? but was still in the ?All Mail? folder (I believe it removed the label "Inbox" from the message). However, in Outlook 2010, the message is moved to ?Deleted Items? and is no longer in ?Inbox? or ?All Mail.? So there is no longer a copy archived to "All Mail." I have read the other posts concerning this issue, none of which work. If there is a solution, please help.


Operating system (e.g. WinXP): Win 7 Ultimate
Program and version you use to access Gmail (e.g. Internet Explorer 9 or Outlook 2003): Outlook 2010
Your antivirus software (e.g. Norton 2007): Kaspersky Interney Security 2012

A:Gmail IMAP and Outlook 2010 delete issue

No suggestions?
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Hy guys, my first post here,
I was wondering, is there any way to optimize start-up performance of Outlook on Windows 7? Ok, I've tested quite bit with it.
I'm dual booting Win7 and XP, on my notebook, HP6830s.
On first configuration, XP SP3, Outlook 2010, Kaspersky KAV 6.0, start-up time of my e-mail account is 10sec. I use IMAP protocol, and have e-mail server locally. Thats quite good.
On other hand, I have win7, Outlook 2010, Kaspersky KAV 6.0. Same account, same protocol, it takes about 50sec. Why is that?

I've downgraded it to 2007, on both hands, but the start-up times were same.The POP protocol seems fine. But I have to use IMAP protocol.

Why is this? Why Windows 7 is slowing down my Outlook start-up? Indexing? Add-ins? I've turned it off already, both of them, every add-in and indexing e-mails...

A:Windows 7/Outlook 2010/IMAP/slow start-up

I noticed that on my outlook 2010 also, IMAP took forever, I guess its broadband dependent. So I went back to POP, works quick. Never figured it out though!
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Hi, I'm using OL 2010 with Windows 7 Pro x64. I have this problem of OL not syncing all my imap accounts. I have various imap account for different purpose. One for reading tech journal, one for ebay and so forth. Right now, I will only see there is incoming mail when I click on it. Once I look on the folder once then I will see new mail w/o having to click the account to see new mail. I though imap suppose to automatically get email for me or am I wrong?

A:Outlook 2010 will not sync imap folder automatically

Hi slam5

I am Sampad from Dell Social Media.

Try the following steps :

Open Outlook > Click on Send/Receive Tab > Send/Receive groups >Settings for group "All Accounts "> Enable all the options and schedule the interval for automatic send/receive
Let me know if this worked or not.
Thanks and regards,
Dell Social Media Responder
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I have 3 computers setup to send and receive IMAP/SMTP mail from my domain server using Outlook 2010, 2 with Win 7 and one with XP.
Everything was working up to 10 days ago, 19th Jan was the last email I received normally. Since then I cannot get the 2 Win 7 machines to receive my mail. The XP machine still works fine. The emails are on the server obviously or XP would not fetch them and I can see them in the web mail client. Sending test emails from the Win 7 machines is not a problem.
I have checked the account settings between XP and Win 7 and as expected they are identical. Last Windows Updates were installed on 13/Jan/2012 and the Win 7 machines were working after then.
Appears something else in Win 7 is at fault.
Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Outlook 2010 IMAP mail stopped recieving

Fixed. My domain host made some changes in cPanel for me that fixed it.
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Hi everyone,
I'm having a strange problem with my IMAP account in outlook 2013. My account does not download my mails after I open the program. I need to go to the send/receive tab and click the  'update folders' button.
I've tried deleting and re-installing the imap account. It also does not fetch the mails when I use the F9 button.
I'm using Win7 (64bit) and Office 2013 Professional Plus (32bit), both office and Windows are up to date according to windows update.
Help would be very much appreciated.
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Hello all I run most of my daily operations off of Delete folder account IMAP for Outlook my iMac and I run Entourage on my Mac for email I have two IMAP accounts that I access on a regular basis In Entourage I have an option in the advanced tab for each account that allows me to handle how I Outlook Delete folder for IMAP account want to handle deleting messages from the IMAP server It's called quot Delete Options quot and I have selected quot Move messages to the Deleted Items folder quot selected This is great because I always have Outlook Delete folder for IMAP account my deleted messages stored in this file for future reference Note I also have the quot Purge Deleted Items quot option selected to purge this folder every days My problem is I use a PC when on the run and I would like it to handle deleting items the same way as my Mac Right now when ever I delete an item in Outlook it does not Outlook Delete folder for IMAP account go to the Deleted Items folder It just magically disappears forever Can someone help me out to get Outlook to act like my Entourage Thanks
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Hi I have downloaded Office Pro Plus from MSDN got my key after the st of May In Outlook SP receiving via IMAP from GMAIL worked okay Using exactly the same settings in IMAP Office Outlook - 2010 (gmail) doesn't work Outlook I am not able to make a connection to imap gmail com Port using SSL IMAP is enabled in GMAIL-Control panel the Account Password information is correct sending the test mail via smtp gmail com Port via TLS works fine In the Outlook Beta that connection works as it does in Outlook SP In Outlook Final from MSDN there is no chance to connect to the IMAP IMAP (gmail) doesn't work - Office Outlook 2010 server - I just got a timeout all the time and had to IMAP (gmail) doesn't work - Office Outlook 2010 use POP instead This disappoints me I anticipate more quality coming from Redmont Did you have any suggestions what I can do to receive my mail via IMAP any additional settings registry hacks etc Event the final Hotmail-Connector does not work as the beta or version in Outlook All time when synchronizing my mailboxes in Hotmail I receive an error message Error when synchronizing your Mailbox xxx hotmail com Check whether your account is configured correctly by checking your mail in the browser I did that several time - But without any changes to those warnings I think I receive all my mail After all I am disappointed Thanks for your comments different experiences Sincerly yours Oblomow P S I had to change to the german Office Pro Plus Package since the is no German spell checker included in the US version

A:IMAP (gmail) doesn't work - Office Outlook 2010

If I were you I'd delete all mail accounts and try again. My Gmail IMAP (SSL 993) works perfectly as does Hotmail.
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Hi there
I'm trying to play around with SKYPE's IM (Instant messaging) on the desktop.

On the SKYPE panel at Import contacts from Outlook it only shows the "Stinking Facebook junk" - however in all the software blurb in the documentation Outlook 2010 support Instant messaging -- just sign in to your IM program when you pop up the contact.

Anybody got SKYPE IM to work with Outlook 2010 (Private users -- at work I'd use LYNC which works flawlessly).

(Any other FREE messaging program that will work with outlook)


A:Outlook 2010 imap address book cannot import to SKYPE

Please check this step by step guide to import Outlook contacts to SKYPE: Outlook Contacts in Skype |
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After three hours or so of frustration and annoyance, it dawned on me that I have Google 2 tier verification turned on and then used the unique password to configure my Outlook POP3 account successfully.

When I attempted to add an IMAP account, however, I wasn't so lucky. It won't configure automatically (like Pop3 did) so I've gone to recommended manual settings, used the unique password, inserted the recommended port designations for incoming and smtp servers, but as soon as I attempt to initiate the account I get a popup window: The Requested Operation Failed.

I do want to use an IMAP account, but I'm not sure where to go from here. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

A:Setting IMAP Gmail Account in Outlook 2007

have you set imap up in the online google account settings ?
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Is there a way to make outlook delete mail in the sent folder with a imap account? I delete them and they stay, albeit with a strikethrough showing they are marked for deletion. But the only way to delete them so they are gone is go to my webmail page of the account and delete them there.

A:delete sent outlook mail imap account w/o doing it in webmail?

IMAP protocol's biggest advantage is also its biggest problem: the folders are and remain synchronized. You can move the sent messages to another folder to keep Sent folder empty, but in doing so both the Sent folders (local and server) will become and show empty.

Simple answer to your question: no, it's not possible. Check your provider if it is possible for you to use POP3 protocol, it would allow you deleting locally and keeping files on server and vice versa.

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Hi guys

We're migrating a user from IMAP to POP. She's using Outlook 2013 and has lots of autocomplete entries. There's no suggested contacts folder and no .nk2 files. Any idea where they're stored?


A:Outlook 2013 autocomplete entries for IMAP account

You need to check with the source (email ISP) to find how there service does it.
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If I try to change the settings of an existing IMAP email account, or to click on "More settings", I get the error message: "The requested operation failed"

That's the case with all my IMAP accounts, but not with POP accounts. The problem is still there after a reboot.

This is with Vista. I never had this problem with XP. Have you experienced that?
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Main email account iin Outlook 2010 is POP3 with 50+ rules for distributing email into folders. Attempted to set up a secondary account which is an Exchange account. No rules needed for this account; volume will b v low.

Rules set up for the POP3 account are being applied to both the POP3 and Exchange accounts. Exchange account is rejecting rules and declaring them invalid. From main email menu in Outlook, going to Rules and then Manage Rules and Alerts, I can see that the rules are being applied to both accounts. I cannot see how to get rid of the Exchange account in Manage Rules and Alert.

I have dropped the Exchange account till I can get advice on this, and will have to restart set up of Exchange account but hopefully with some guidance on how to avoid over zealous application of rules beyond the POP3 account for which they are intended. My Hotmail account is unaffected.

Thanks in advance

A:Clash of Outlook 2010 folder Rules when using POP3 & Exchange accounts

Have you tried using the "Sent to people or public group" option?
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Outlook Win email account outlook com of accounts Error code x CCCDD Protocol IMAP Server imap-mail outlook com Port Outlook had functioning email accounts prior to the MS required remove add of an Outlook com account due to MS' server change I used the recommended automatic add after the remove for the Outlook com account Outlook com is now an Exchange account During the add there was a message indicating the Exchange account would 'take over' and so it did Unilaterally it took over the default position--oddly this despite mail accounts indicating the second a MAPI account email account was the closed 0x800CCCDD--IMAP Outlook connection 2010 server error: default This was unacceptable So I proceeded with MS' second option--a manual add with Outlook com being an IMAP account not Exchange This sort of worked The second account is back again as the default however Outlook com is persistently and erratically not connecting or losing connection per the above error The only fix I've found googling was to uncheck Outlook's mail options to do any kind of automatic send or receive That seemed to work for a while but the errors are back--just not as frequent This error is not present when doing the required Outlook com remove add with Outlook with the same second account that's the default Any suggestions

A:Outlook 2010 error: 0x800CCCDD--IMAP server closed connection

You should be able to set which email account you want as the default one. In Outlook 2013 you can do this by selecting File then Account Settings & on the window that opens you can see which one is the default email account.

On the same line as where there are options for New, Repair, Change there is one to Set as Default. This will be greyed out for the Default Account, but if you click on the other account you will be able to set that as the default account.
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Hi there,

like the subject says. Since I've been using my iPhone 4 with unified inbox for quite a while now, it is a bit annoying to keep switching between IMAP inboxes in outlook 2010. POP3 accounts are fine, all mails can go to one favorite inbox, but IMAP accounts work differently, by the look of it. The same was in outlook 2007, but I was wondering if there was a plug-in or extension of some kind that enables to use just one inbox?

You help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Unified inbox for multiple IMAP/exchange accounts? [Outlook 2010]

Is this what you are looking for:
Set Up Single Inbox Folder For All Accounts In Outlook 2010

Launch Outlook 2010 and from left sidebar, select an account, right-click it and hit New Folder. From Create New Folder dialog, enter an appropriate name and click OK.

Now head over to Home tab and click Manage Rules & Alerts from Rules drop-down button.

From Rules and Alerts dialog, select an account and click New Rule.

In Rules Wizard, we will start off with creating a blank rule, click Apply rule on messages I receive and hit Next.

In this step of the wizard enable through the specified account option. From bottom of the dialog window click specified account and select the desired account from Account dialog window, and click OK.

You will see the specified account in the bottom of dialog window. Now click Next to continue

In this step, enable move it to the specified folder option, now click specified in the bottom of the window and select the Generic Inbox folder recently created, from new Rules and Alerts dialog.

You will see the folder name in the bottom of the window. Click Finish to end the wizard.

It will bring you back to Rules and Alerts dialog, showing newly created rule. Click OK to apply this newly created rule.

For associating this folder with other accounts, repeat the whole procedure to direct all mails from multiple accounts to Generic Inbox folder. On receiving emails, you will see all the emails in the specified mail folder.

Please post back with results.
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I just downloaded Outlook hotmail connector from the official download website and installed it to try and explored it it was working fine After that I deleted the account and reconstructed it using pop conf but didn't like the idea of no status update reflect to the webmail Finally decided to use the IMAP Configuration to have the features of the connector which I tried First I deleted the pop account to return back to the connector configuration the , x8004102A Can't Mails outlook x80041050 Recieve 2010 IMAP errors , config done successfully but when outlook start it fail to pass the receive process and produce the following errors x A x after restarting the outlook and trying again send receive the receive process comes to no end until errors appear or cancelling it I just noticed that it restored the contacts drafts and the folder structure on of my account from the first ever imap account which I created and deleted at the beginning By the way I deleted the first imap account from outlook and from the C Users Xuser AppData Local Microsoft Outlook what to do else

A:Can't Recieve IMAP outlook 2010 Mails , errors x8004102A , x80041050

Hello and welcome to SevenForums.

Take a look at this thread:

Outlook Hotmail Connector users see error (0x8004102A) :

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Dear all,
I configured my Outlook 2013 as below:
I created a profile with 2 accounts: one is Exchange mode account, the other is IMAP mode account.
Now I set the Exchange mode account data to E:\email. But the data of IMAP account if in C drive, I want to change it to E:\email too.
How do I change it?
Thank you in advance.

A:How to Change Data Path for IMAP Account in Outlook 2013

Every post I see says they don't recommend doing this, so make suer you have everything backed up should you try. I have no personal experience in this and don't use Outlook myself.

Outlook 2013 change .ost path - Microsoft Community

How to move the IMAP personal folder (*.pst) - Slipstick Systems

A Guy
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I have a google-hosted account connected via IMAP to a fully patched Outlook installation running on a fully patched XP machine all -bit I have a bunch of labels folders with some of them configured to quot download headers only quot and the others configured to quot with not Outlook as emails configured account, complete downloading IMAP download complete item with attachments quot The main Inbox is in the latter group Yet when new emails arrive they don t always fully download After clicking on those emails the rest of it downloads but the computer this is Outlook with IMAP account, not downloading complete emails as configured on is not Outlook with IMAP account, not downloading complete emails as configured connected via a very quick Internet connection and it can and does take - seconds to finally display some emails and it feels a lot longer than that Anyway this is a new IMAP connection configured with a brand-new created on Saturday Outlook profile I was using the quot Google Apps Sync quot utility along with the google account but I kept getting tons and tons of sync errors so I had to switch to an IMAP account for email and I m trying out a few different options to sync the calendars and contacts So if someone has a solution for the Google Apps Sync sync errors unfortunately the errors were all quot Generic quot errors so I never could figure out what the problem was - I opened a support ticket with Google support but thus far I haven t heard back from them after sending them the trace and log files they asked for nbsp
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Hi Folks I have been using these settings in Pop3 imap + Win Live Mail for my Gmail account I have WLM on both my pc's using the same settings As shown in my Pop3 + imap image if I get a message on my Laptop Gmail archives it Now when I use my Desktop pc I don't get the same message again This is exactly how I like it Unfortunately Gmail now classes POP as not secure and suggests changing to IMAP Your views on the above would be appreciated ------ Thanks to Mozilla classing my addons for checking Pop3 + imap my mail accounts as unsuitable I had to add my AOL mail to WLM which I find to be a PITA I first tried it using POP but so I changed to IMAP Now I get all mail appearing on both pc's making it hard to remember what I have replied to If I delete one message from AOL on my Laptop it also gets deleted from my AOL account but not from my Desktop pc No comments re AOL please unless its some setting I've missed
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Hello everybody,

I have a quite interesting question:
There is 1 POP email account
There are 3 users, and they all use that same account
First user monitor email all day and replies to all
2-nd and 3-rd users opens outlook 5-10 times a day
No matter if the 1-st user replied email or not then 2-nd user opens outlook he gets unread mail in inbox
Is it possible to do that if 1-st users replies to mail, everybody else would see same thing in their inbox ?
I mean if 1-st user replied, 2-nd and 3-rd would get mail with tiny red arrow (symbol of replied email)
if 1-st user reads but don't reply an email, everybody else would get mails marked as read in their inbox

Mail server isn't configure like IMAP, so I can't figure out what to do in this situation...

A:POP3 like IMAP

Not with POP3 servers. You can only leave the message on the server marked as read, but it won't have a reply status because the message has to be downloaded to Outlook first, and the reply is done from the message in Outlook. POP3 is a one-way protocol, from the server to the client. IMAP actually stores the messages on the server, which is why you can see the reply status.
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How do i determine what servers i use, i would like to set up Outlook Express, but how do i find out what the
pop3, imap, and smot servers are
i have a yahoo account i liked t ouse, and an aol one, if anyone knows where i can find out the servers, i would really like to know.

thxs in advance for any help

A:Pop3, Imap

You can usually find the correct addresses, as well as how to correctly set up an OExpress account, on the provider's Help pages (look under the FAQ section, or search for POP Email). Not all providers (especially with free accounts---Google mail is an exception) provide POP E-mail access, so read the instructions carefully to make sure they apply to the service you are getting.Regards,John
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Two or three of my applications say IMAP is required. My other applications work good under POP3. I want to use Thunderbird as my default email and I have a chose between POP3 or IMAP. I've been trying to get an email default that I could use all my applications to send mail on. Please help

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This issue just has started. It worked for the 3 years I have owned 20007. I have all the correct boxes checked, I think. The only thing I changed, which coincided with the alerts not working, was added an IMAP account.

Could the adding an IMAP account disable the desktop alert feature?


A:Outlook 2007: No Desktop Alert on new emails after adding IMAP account

First let me clarify. I don't have Outlook 2007. But I do have 2003 on one of my machines.That said, I don't believe that just adding an IMAP account would have an adverse effect on your alert settings unless you somehow inadvertantly disabled the feature during the setup of the account. Again, I'm working with 2003, but in my main navigation menu, under Tools, I have a category for Rules and Alerts. This includes an interface for setting up the various rules for your email alerts. I'd start there and make sure all of your preferences are still set up correctly.Hope this helps,Bill
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Ok I dont really understand the differences between the two.

I do have an unlimited IMAP account with 10 emails for my websites through godaddy.

I also have the emails set up on my home computer, iphone & also their online website/server for their email system.

The way it is set up now, IMAP, I have to delete the same email 3 times... that seems cumbersome.

I really prefer to only delete it once.

Is this possible with POP3?

Are there any disadvantages of POP3 compared to IMAP?

A:POP3 or IMAP through godaddy?

This is the most comprehensive list I know of features and differences between IMAP and POP3.

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When using Outlook mail client why is IMAP so much slower than POP3 when moving between folders, deleting email etc?

Can I make it faster?

A:Solved: Imap vs pop3

IMAP is across the internet and POP3 is local.
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I have had some success in further troubleshooting of Outlook The culprit with Outlook running very slow and swamping the system at CPU usage is with one of the three email accounts I Account CPU - Stopped Usage POP3 Outlook - Email 2003 Climbs Working had set up with it Outlook 2003 - POP3 Email Account Stopped Working - CPU Usage Climbs I deleted the email account entirely and now Outlook runs smooth as a whistle with very low CPU usage But does anybody know why all of a sudden that email account started messing up Outlook I tried adding it back as a new email account but it keeps telling me the following error when I TEST THE SETTINGS Log onto incoming mail server POP Outlook could not connect to the incoming mail server POP The problem could be your SSL or port settings for the incoming server Verify your port and SSL settings under More Settings on the Advanced Tab I have done this and called the folks who handle that email server to verify I have the correct settings but still get the above error Also when I attempt to re-add the email account CPU usage climbs to above - and Outlook no longer runs as smoothly nbsp

A:Outlook 2003 - POP3 Email Account Stopped Working - CPU Usage Climbs

First, outlook is a good tool, but a poor choice for email. Consider using other software
such as Thunderbird.

All the data in Outlook (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Email) is held in the single .PST file for each user;
the bigger it gets, the more time and cpu it takes to get into it.

As for the errors, it would appear that the settings are wrong.
The pop3 stuff is for reading your email from the ISP and the smtp is for sending;
each can be correct / incorrect.
You need the pop3 domain name (something like or
the correct port number (usually 110), AND
the proper login (secured or unsecured).

The sending side almost always requires a secured login on port 25.
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I am using Outlook recently I got an SSD gig drive and reinstalled my Windows Ultimate on it all is fine Then I installed Outlook from my disk and I could not get it to recognize my POP at all I have been installing configuring Outlook for years I was in systems until I retired MCP blah blah and tried every trick in the book but nada Oddly my old version of W was still active on my old HDD and my POP Outlook was running perfectly My wife also runs Outlook on POP3 back How from to IMAP roll to her old XP machine with POP and it is fine I called my ISP Comcast and the tech level told me I might not be able to configure for POP on a new install because everything was going to IMAP He suggested calling Microsoft but I would rather have a root canal done without anesthetic that go through that Ok so we configured for IMAP and I hate it I really really hate it I really don't like the fact that I can't delete the emails off the server That sucks eggs Does anyone How to roll back from IMAP to POP3 have any information on rolling back to POP from IMAP in Outlook Thanks guys EDIT Ok I finally found this http www msoutlook info question I don't know if this will work but I will try it tomorrow I hope I don't totally screw things to the wall

A:How to roll back from IMAP to POP3

You most certainly can set up Comcast email as POP. Did you get any error messages when you set it up as POP?
Here are the settings for setting up Outlook 2007 for Comcast POP mail.
See if you can change your IMAP account to these settings.
choose Tools
choose Account Settings
choose the Email tab
click on your Comcast account to highlight it
choose Change
enter Your Name (whatever you want to appear on your messages)
enter E-mail Address (your full Comcast email address)
choose POP3 as the Account Type
Incoming mail server is
Outgoing mail server is
enter User Name (your Comcast user ID, the part before "" in your email address)
enter Password
check "Remember password"
make sure “Logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” is NOT checked
choose More Settings
go to the Outgoing Server tab
check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”
choose “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”
go to the Advanced tab
choose SSL encryption for both incoming and outgoing servers
change port number to 995 for incoming, 587 or 465 for outgoing
bump up the Server Timeouts slider to the high end
Click OK, Next, Finish
Turn off whatever email scanning your anti-virus package is doing. Comcast already scans incoming email for viruses, and your outgoing email isn’t going to be infected unless your machine is already infected, so there’s no point checking it all the time.
Report back with the results. If it does not work, I have another idea you can try.
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When I create a calendar event in outlook 2010 it does not show up in day/week/work week/month view, however it sometimes syncs with my hd2 and shows up as an appointment on the pocket pc screen.

If I try to create another event over the same time period while using my desktop, it shows ''conflicts with another appointment''.

If I create the event on the pocket pc it will not sync back to the desktop

A:appointments not showing up after created outlook 2010.

I cant find any information anywhere on the internet about this problem.
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Can someone please tell me how to set up multiple POP3 email accounts in Windows 8 mail?
I actually need 2 accounts.

I used to use Outlook Express but as this is no longer available I am stuck.
All I seem to be able to set up us Google and Hotmail Accounts.

All help much appreciated

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I have the POP3 account from my Webhost and IMAP set up with my AOL account in my Outlook 2000 program.

I configured the POP3 account with mail.(domain).com for both incoming and outgoing, with port # 25 for outgoing.

For the IMAP, I have set up for incoming, and mail.(domain).com for outgoing with port #25 for outgoing.

I want to send emails using the mail.(domain).com account and not the aol account, as I'm trying to eventually quit using the AOL account.

I can receive emails fine, but for some reason, when send a test email to my yahoo account, I can't see the email. The Outlook program doesn't register any errors, and the email goes in the Sent Folder.

What am I doing wrong?

A:Cannot Send Email With IMAP and POP3 Accounts?

Check with your ISP to see if they have any restrictions on sending mail through mail servers outside of their system. We has AT&T DSL at home and when I want to send e-mails through my work server, AT&T requires that I to use a secure connection (SSL) to mail port # 465 on the company server. AT&T does this to make it more difficult for a spammers within their network to relay through third party servers.
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does anyone know what the server names to place in the windows mail input fields are for,, and I've got so many e-mail addresses to keep up with that it's ridiculous.
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I'm looking for help with the following error message in Windows quot Authentication Failed 7 Disabling POP3/IMAP Error Windows in Error Authentication failed Please check your user name and password for the accountEmail Disabling POP3/IMAP Authentication Failed Error in Windows 7 removed for privacy quot Background I had set up IMAP through Outlook to retrieve mail from a former business e-mail account I recently shut down the business so I discontinued my domain registration and removed the e-mail address account from Outlook Despite this I still get this error message about every - min on my PC Where do I go in Win to remove this constant checking of this no longer working e-mail address Also for another e-mail address I have set up for POP that is still active I get the same error message when I'm not connected to the Internet I'm thinking and hoping that where ever I need to update to remove the inactive email account I can also set it so my active e-mail account has e-mail retrieved only when connected to the Internet Though I set this up in Outlook the error messages seem to Disabling POP3/IMAP Authentication Failed Error in Windows 7 be Win messages occur whether Outlook is open or not Here are my PC Specs OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB K Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Wistron CE M G Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled Thanks in advance for your assistance Zman

A:Disabling POP3/IMAP Authentication Failed Error in Windows 7

I am using Windows Live Mail, which is basically the same as Outlook Express, and live mail; will assume the same as Outlook 07l
Go to tools, accounts and delete the problem account.
In LIve Mail its at the top with File, Edit, and View.
Look around you will find it.
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Yesterday my Outlook stopped retrieving e-mail from the file won't account Outlook 2010 e-mail to Outlook.pst sync Comcast server When I tried to fix it today it still wouldn't work All the settings were correct but it wouldn't retrieve Outlook 2010 e-mail account won't sync to Outlook.pst file my e-mail I deleted the account and recreated it Now Outlook points to a Outlook 2010 e-mail account won't sync to Outlook.pst file new pst file instead of my old Outlook pst file named myemail comcast net pst To make matters worse it doesn't delete the mail off the server Before when I would open Outlook it would download new message to my Inbox and delete them off the server The new messages would stay permanently in my Outlook inbox No more Now if I manually delete one through my Internet browser it also deletes it out of my Outlook Inbox It s as though the new account is just a window to the Comcast e-mail server I tried changing the Root Folder Path on the Advanced tab of the e-mail account settings to point to the location of my Outlook pst folder but that made no difference I also tried deleting a recent Microsoft update KB but this did not help either This is a complete disaster for me as I can't even send e-mail now except through the server Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:Outlook 2010 e-mail account won't sync to Outlook.pst file

I figured this out.  When I reconfigured my e-mail account in Outlook, I used IMAP settings instead of POP3.  This was not how I did it before.  IMAP works great if one wants to keep all e-mail out on the server and access it from various devices.  That isn't what I do.  I changed the profile to POP3 and the poblem was solved.  Still don't know why it initially failed two nights ago, though.
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Hi there
Be careful with IMAP and Outlook 2010 as the DELETE really does DELETE stuff off the server.

In Outlook 2007 you got a line through the items and had to do EDIT==>PURGE to delete stuff off the server so be careful if you really DON'T want to physically delete mail from the server when using OUTLOOK 2010 - especially if you still need the email and are just testing OUTLOOK 2010 on one machine and need the email on other machine(s).

There might be settings to change this but I've basically used the defaults -- there is quite a bit of change from Outlook 2007 to 2010 (it's actually much nicer - more in keeping with the rest of Office 2010).


A:Outlook 2010 and IMAP - DELETE Does DELETE

Thank you jimbo45 for this warning.

I hope you did not remove an important message.

Best regards,

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I have a total of 4 different email accounts, 3 I have had for some time now. The fourth one is new, and I can not for the life of me get it to work. When I add it as a new email account, it get to the part where it want's to log on to server and send a test message, I get a pop up asking me to enter my user name and password for the following server, over and over again. I have not had these issues with my other accounts, and I know the password is correct because I use the same password for all of my accounts. I have tried to add this new account numerous times to no avail. I have double checked everything in both my outlook account as well as my online account.

Help please,

A:Can't add new email account to outlook 2010

Try changing your user name to something else. It's possible the user name you are using is already being used by someone else on that email server.
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When I install my hotmail account into my Outlook 2010 I cannot have that account in my regular pst.

How can I solve that so that I have all my accounts just in one pst?
God bless

A:hotmail account and Outlook 2010

I don't think you can because hotmail is web based and outlook is pop3, so they have to be seperate
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I have a total of 4 different email accounts, 3 I have had for some time now. The fourth one is new, and I can not for the life of me get it to work. When I add it as a new email account, it get to the part where it want's to log on to server and send a test message, I get a pop up asking me to enter my user name and password for the following server, over and over again. I have not had these issues with my other accounts, and I know the password is correct because I use the same password for all of my accounts. I have tried to add this new account numerous times to no avail. I have double checked everything in both my outlook account as well as my online account.

Help please,
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I am starting a new thread Last Outlook 2010 Account Default week I Outlook 2010 Default Account posted a complexsituation with captures attached of a serious issue with Outlook Before I started work Outlook 2010 Default Account I created Outlook 2010 Default Account a Acronis TIBimage and as I worked and degradation developed tweaking Outlook Ihad to repeatedly resort to that original image to get back to the originalstarting point I have managed to get Outlook working except for thisone issue Please look over the captures attached It deals with Brent s emailaccount listed in duplicate In my experiments I keep ending up with two accounts InControl Panel Mail Email tab is listed the working Brent email account Thataccount is not marked as Default Because in Mail Email Brent account is notmarked as default I have issues That working Brent account that not marked asDefault I can send and receive There are two Brent email accounts Two exact accounts -with a slight variable I have in Mail Emailthis account Brentetcetc etcetc com In Mail Data File I have this Brentetcetc etcetc com Brentetcetc etcetc com-brent If Brentetcetc etcetc comwere marked as Default I would have no issues with the Brent account Because the Brentetcetc etcetc com-brentis marked as default that creates the problem And I cannot delete the Brentetcetc etcetc com-brentaccount in Mail Data File If I could delete the Default Brentetcetc etcetc com-brent Iwould then be able to mark Brentetcetc etcetc comas Default I have spent days on this this Creating restore points creating new TIB files and so forth How I ended up with struggling with the two accounts isthis if I run NK edit to populate Outlook s contacts with a massive list ofdata I get the message that NK edit cannot find the Default email account Becausein Mail Email the account listed there is not marked as Default I have learned that if I delete the working email account from Data Files I fully and completelycompromise and corrupt the normal functionality of Outlook That I learnedby my previous experiments Brent canobviously work with Outlook I have instructed him to ignore Brentetcetc etcetc com-brent andto work only with Brentetcetc etcetc com Also I took a look at Regedit Outlook and thought I couldpossibly delete files that were unused I will attach this capture also One last comment in my journey I did a Outlook repair Thatdid not help I then did a uninstall of Office and reinstalled Office and Outlookended up with the two accounts Thanks for your attentions

A:Outlook 2010 Default Account

I rarely use the Control Panel > Mail and profiles when setting up Outlook as POP3 or IMAP. I just leave the profile as the default (Outlook I think.)

For POP3
Install and open Outlook. Continue without email support. It will create a default Outlook.pst in Documents > Outlook Files.
File > Open > Open Outlook Data File and open any and all my transferred .pst
File > Account settings > Data Files and assign the default to whichever I want
Close outlook and reopen with new data file as default.
Right-click the default Outlook file it created and close. Then I delete it.

Now I setup my POP accounts in Account settings email accounts making sure to point to my default pst as I like all mail coming into 1 inbox.

Have not had any issues doing it this way.

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I have several business email addresses. I have just created a new one, but I can't change the 'email from' address. I set a new contact up for it so I could select it via 'other email address" but the next dropdown box down, the 'send email using' still doesn't contain this new email address.
It has its own folder into which email is delivered, but starting from there still doesn't help fix the problem.
I hope this makes sense.
Thanks for any help...

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Hello. can anyone help.
I am trying to add a POP email account to Outlook 2010. I've established network connection but cannot retrieve the Outlook Test message. An error box comes & says unable to connect to the server. 550.5.7.1 message content. I have had this POP account on previous versions of Outlook 2010, & it was ok I am puzzled.
Many Thanks

A:Cannot add new email account in Outlook 2010

Without knowing more about your mail server name and such.
Have you tried to Ping your mail server? like from the run cmd prompt ping
I ping to verify that the server is on-line and responding.

You could double check all the options in outlook setup email accounts to make sure that
you have spelled everything correctly, that sometimes is the problem where mispelling will
mess you up.

also the more settings options will have to be looked at to make sure that the boxes are checked correctly.

These things can get tricky if you misspell, many mail servers want your complete email address for the logon userid..

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I was curious if anybody knew this. I could not find it anywhere and had never heard of it. Is there a way to temporarily disable an email account? Like a pause button. So if I 'pause' a specific account (I have approx. 6 email accounts in my Outlook, mostly POP3 & Exchange), when I hit Send/Receive it will not be included, but if I 'unpause' it shall be included. Is there a feature like this?

If this is possible I'd like to implement this in a family members of mine computer. So it must be 'stupid proof' if it is.


A:Solved: Outlook: temporarily disable an email account?

Using Office XP.

I have know sorted all my accounts into 1 but If I remember right...

Send/Receive Settings
Define Send/Receive Groups
Make Sure "All Accounts" is selected and click "Edit"
Select the account in the left hand column.
Untick "Include account in this send/receive group"

Hope this helps.
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Hi all. I just installed Outlook 2010 and created 3 email accounts, 2 from Hotmail and the other from my ISP (cablevision). It seems that my folders from Hotmail came over but not those from my ISP. Should they have? Also, how do I import my contact into Outlook? I certainly don't want to re-enter them again. Thanks. Alan

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I can't get my outlook account settings to open. I click on file/account settings and nothing happens. The add account button works, the mailbox cleanup and rules and alerts buttons work. I've tried the following:

1. Open Outlook in safe mode - no result
2. Open Outlook as administrator - no result
3. Open send/receive and folder tab - right click on account and select account properties - no result
4. Open File/Options/addins/go disable all addins - no result

I'm stuck. Any ideas

Windows 7 64bit/ Office 2010 / Firefox

A:Outlook 2010 Account Settings won't open

Hi Cquinn, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Did you realize you need to click both Account Settings buttons, first one opens the second one:
(Click to enlarge.)

The sequence is File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings. The second Account Settings button that opens beneath the first one when it is clicked is easily taken as just a tooltip, but it really is a button you need to click.

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Under Win 7, I have Outlook 2010 installed with 3 email accounts. When I open Outlook it searches each account for new messages. I would like it to search only one of them.

Is there anyway I can do this?

Thank you.

A:Outlook 2010 search for email in just one account

I believe you can achieve this by using 'Send/Receive' Groups:
Why use Send/Receive groups? - Outlook -
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I've had Outlook 2010 installed for over two years on my laptop and everything has worked great.

The other day, I tried to set up a new email account and when the wizard appeared, it didn't give me the choice for MANUAL setup. I then realized that the window for the wizard was not showing all the words... the sentences ran past the viewing window and outside where I could not see, which is where the manual set up button was "below". There are no scroll bars or a way to adjust the wizard and I even tried playing with my display settings which did not work either.

I did find a work around that got my email set up but I couldn't go into advanced settings to adjust ports because of the same issue. I've looked everywhere for a fix and haven't been able to find anything... please help!
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I have an unusual problem.

I need to change my email account within Outlook but when I go to 'Account Settings' there are no accounts there, and so nothing to change.

What could be causing this, how do I access my account and how do I rectify it??

Many thanks!

A:Outlook 2010 - invisible email account

Are you sure that your email is coming in through Outlook?

Post a screen shot of the Account Settings pane!
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I have multiple accounts in outlook 2010 and recently changed them from POP to IMAP so they synch. automatically with other devices. But I can't delete the original account (the primary account). What I would like to do is delete the original POP email primary account and its data files, designate another account as the primary and re-load the old primary as a new IMAP account with a new set of data files. Any ideas?
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I am trying to make an secure POP port ActionTec & FIOS & Verizon MI424WR POP3 IMAP Secure Secure and secure IMAP port connection thru Verizon FIOS via the ActionTec MI WR modem router G box that Verizon supplied I am running Vista and I am using Outlook which is set to these ports I wanted to do this with the firewall set to the quot Maximum Security High quot setting These ports were not available in the ActionTec s pick list so I added these ports using the quot Advanced quot ActionTec MI424WR Verizon FIOS & Secure IMAP & Secure POP3 tab and then under quot Protocols quot so they read quot TCP any - gt quot and quot TCP any - gt quot I tried adding these ports to the quot Access Control quot table and the quot Port Forwarding quot table and the quot Advanced Filtering quot table but none worked The Verizon Tech Support line worker told me the only solution was to enable the DMZ host and set it to be the IP address of the computer I happened to be on To my astonisment with DMZ enabled the quot Access Control quot rules seemed to kick in for the DMZ host and my secure POP would only work if I had this port allowed in the quot Access Control quot table Questions Is it safe to run with DMZ pointing to my computer I thought this effectively brought the quot DMZ host quot i e my computer outsied the firewall and exposed all the ports on my computer directly to the internet But if that were the case then why does the Access Control table work only to the DMZ host How do I make the quot Access Control quot or any of the other tables work for my other computers in my home network I want all my other computers to be able to use secure IMAP and secure POP Not just the one computer that is the DMZ-host Is Verizon blocking Secure IMAP from working What must be done to get secure IMAP working Secure IMAP does not work under any settings -- even to DMZ host with the firewall set to the Minimum Security Low setting How do I get secure SSL SMTP to my secured office email system Is this blocked by Verizon FIOS nbsp

A:ActionTec MI424WR Verizon FIOS & Secure IMAP & Secure POP3

DMZ does indeed expose the computer directly to the outside world, that's why it's called the DMZ!

Do you have residential or commercial FiOS? There are blocked ports for the residential service.
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Hi all,
I can't configure my outlook2010 account. I installed office2010 professional plus. However, I try to add internet e-mail account on outlook2010. it's not available to select internet e-mail. Do someone know how to fix?
Thank you for your reply in advance.

A:Urgent!!!Outlook 2010 email account problem

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

During the Office 2010 installation you have the option to choose whether to have everything installed to your computer, whether to install just some of the options, whether to install on first use or not install a particular option such as Outlook.

Can you remember which options you chose?

You can always reinsert your Office DVD and choose the repair option or uninstall it, and then re-install choosing all the options.
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I'm running windows 8 on an intel i7 machine with 16gb ram.
I just installed outlook 2010 64bit and every time I add an email account Outlook crashes.
No error message - just says "Micrsoft Outlook has stopped working"
Any suggestions?

A:Outlook 2010 crashes when setting up new email account

try this site it will show you how to repair outlook 2010

Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Outlook -
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Dear Friends I have problems setting up Outlook to use the appropriate email account and signature automatically when replying to messages I use email accounts and for each account I have created a distinct signature both for new and reply emails The problem is that when someone sends me an email to any of the accounts and I reply no matter what Outlook always uses the reply signature of the default email account It should use the reply signature corresponding to the account the email was sent to So far when replying to messages I always have to remember to manually switch the from account to match the account the sender used to send me the email Outlook is supposed to use the appropriate account when replying to messages So if someone sends an email to my business email account and even if that is not the default account Outlook should use the account and signature I have assigned to reply to messages for that specific account and not always use by default the reply account and signature appropriate account Outlook setting Problems use up 2010 the email to assigned to the default account Please help me resolve this issue so that I do not mistakenly reply Problems setting up Outlook 2010 to use the appropriate email account to someone using the wrong account For example I do not want to reply to family and friends with the account used for business If family and friends send emails to my personal email account Outlook should automatically use that account when replying and thus inserting the reply signature for my personal account Look forward to any guidance Sincerely Mario Crespi

A:Problems setting up Outlook 2010 to use the appropriate email account

Hello Mario,

Welcome to SevenForums.

Lets start with a few questions to eliminate the obvious. I assume you setup the signatures seperately for each account using this panel?

I found some additional information about signatures here: (browse down towards the bootom of the page)

One suggestion I read, was that the signature it picks to use is related to the folder that you currently have highlighted. I'm not entirely sure how that works, perhaps you could experiment with that?

Let us know how you get on.

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I could really use some help please. I had an Outlook 2010 account as a contracted person with the UN and they killed the account and decided to use a gmail account (I have no idea why!). I would like to get all my emails (folders too if possible) on, say, a USB stick and then put it on my new work computer.

I tried the Export function but you need to sign in and the account doesn't work. So, can I copy the outlook.pst file or even all of the .pst files and then open them somehow in another computer with Outlook?

I don't want to use these anymore to contact or respond, I just want to have the messages and the addresses of the people who sent them to me and my outgoing messages and conversations too.

So what can I do here?

Thanks a lot!

A:retrieve emails from a dead Outlook 2010 account....please

Yes you can point your Outlook data file to the pst you have. As long as your Outlook version is the same or higher.
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Hi - I am running Outlook on a Win Professional bit system I sending one account Outlook from 2010 email Problem have been running basically the same configuration successfully for over a year now with multiple email accounts Everything worked fine up until this morning when I was sending a series of emails with attachments Each email's attachments totalled up to mb and the grand total of all of the attachments was about mb Everything went smoothly up until my last email and it just sat in my outbox and wouldn't go anywhere I eventually sent it with a different account with a different ISP I have tried sending other emails on the same account some without attachments some with small attachments but it appears that the account is quot broken quot for sending email I can Outlook 2010 Problem sending email from one account still receive email on all accounts and send email from every other account I have double-checked the settings for the troublesome account and when I use the Outlook 2010 Problem sending email from one account Test Account Settings button everything appears to work fine as it successfully sends the test message I found a reference to a built-in limit for Outlook attachments of mb and ran the Microsoft fixit which removes that limit but it had no effect One curious thing is that when I hit the send button which places the email in my Outbox the email does not have the italicized font which indicates an unsent message as was always the case up until now Any hints would be most appreciated - Many thanks

A:Outlook 2010 Problem sending email from one account

I had a look at the Outlook add-ins that were active and disabled the iCloud and iTunes add-ins. Everything seems to be working at this point.

There was an iTunes update a day or so ago. During the installation Apple does not even mention that they will be messing with your Outlook installation.

Once again Apple screws up Windows applications.
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I have Outlook 2010 on two PCs and use the Hotmail Connector to synchronise my contacts with my Microsoft Account (

I can create/delete contacts on any PC and at the web page at and these will synchronise across all accounts. However, if I change details of an existing contact on the PC e.g. change the phone number) then this is not synchronised. If I change the details on the web page at then the PCs do get updated. Has anyone any advise how to troubleshoot this problem to ensure that changes to contact details in Outlook 2010 are synchronised correctly across all accounts?

A:Outlook 2010 Not Synchronising New Details with MS People Live Account

I think it is a matter of how quickly, or how slowly in this case, the system recognizes the change.

Suggestion only.
After making the change as you described, give it a few hours then check if the change has been synchronised.
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How can I re-index Outlook 2010?

Dear Experts

I have got windows 7-64 bit with outlook 2010 retrieving my work email ( exchange)

Recently I realized when I search outlook sent folder nothing get displayed.

Initially problem was with " Search Tools --> Indexing status ".

I followed the instruction in the ink below :

How to Fix Outlook 2007 and 2010 Search problems | MS Outlook for Business

But still I am having same issue


A:Outlook 2010 exchange account ,,,,search not working proparly

Hi there ... Your Indexing must not be complete .. Read the Link below ...
Outlook search returns No matches found
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I keep contact details in my Microsoft account (at Sign in to your Microsoft account). I've been using Outlook 2010 with the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector and this used to synchronise my contacts fine.

However, for a while now, I've noticed mail synchronisation errors and I've had to configure my Microsoft mail account to use the standard IMAP settings (not via the Hotmail connector).

However, this method no longer synchronises my contacts. How do you configure the mail and contact settings in Outlook 2010 to synchronise both mail and contacts in Outlook 2010 with my Microsoft account?

A:How to Synch. Outlook 2010 Mail & Contacts with Microsoft Account?

I solved it! One complication was that my Microsoft email address is personalised and doesn't end in The procedure is:

Uninstall the Outlook Hotmail Connector since this no longer works.If your MS Outlook email address doesn't end in then you need to create an email alias online in your MS account which does end in .outlook.comAdd a new account using the account wizard using your MS Outlook email address ending in (which can be an alias)The account should configure quite quickly. You then have to restart Outlook 2010 and it will download and synchronise all emails, contacts etc.
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Hi I was having a problem where outlook was not syncing my sent mail past last week.

so I deleted my email address account and wanted to start again and change settings from pop3 to imap

When I deleted the account I found I could not fully remove it from the side pane as it was set as the default email address.

I then decided to re add the same email address in the hopes that I could use the new one as default and delete the old one

Now I am still stuck with the same email address that I could not remove from before and I am having a new problem where the sent mail will not sync from today

I have uninstalled office and re installed it but the address is still saved somehow?

any help would be greatly appreciated

A:How to delete all account information from outlook 2010 an start fresh

Try this. Open Control Panel, select the Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2010), when that opens select Email Accounts, that will then open your email accounts & you will see that you can remove accounts, reset the default account & set up a new email account, as you can than follow through from here to set up all the details for a new account.

All Outlook account details are stored in your Documents Library under Outlook Files & are stored in .pst format & can only be accessed from within Outlook & any changes can be done as I mentioned above.
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Dear Experts

I have got windows 7-64 bit with an outlook 2010 that has an exchange account

Recently I realized when I search outlook sent folder nothing get displayed.

Initially problem was with " Search Tools --> Indexing status ".

What should I do to overcome this issue

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Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been answered before, I did have a search.

I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and have installed Office 2010 which I also had on Vista, in Vista however my email ***** was part of personal folders, but now they are separate, I'd like not to see a separate menu for ***** but instead have all my emails under the Personal Folders menu, any ideas?

A:Outlook 2010 - How do you merge personal folders to an email account?

Hello MzTearyuz

See if this link is of help.
Combine POP3 accounts in Outlook 2010 |

Where do I find?? | HowTo-Outlook
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I have recently changed my ISP to BT from Eclipse. Previously Outlook 2010 was configured to allow emails to be downloaded from the Eclipse servers and to enable me to send emails using Outlook 2010 using my Eclipse email address. I also have Outlook configured using IMAP to enable me to download emails from Gmail. I can no longer send emails using my eclipse email account.

Can someone help me to reconfigure Outlook so that I can send and receive emails using the Gmail servers from Outlook 2010 as my primary email source.

I wish to carry on using Outlook 2010 as I have many saved email folders in the account.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.



A:How do I change my email account to Gmail from Eclipse in Outlook 2010

In "accounts" you simply need to change the default account for sending to the gmail account. Sorry if that's a bit vague but I haven't used outlook for ages (and don't have it).
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I am using Outlook on W in my home office All my email accounts are POP My part-time - Outlook up set I Exchange disappeard email account 2010 when Rules work wanted me to use an email account on their Exchange server I used the email account setup in my Outlook to set it up successfully Outlook searched out the Exchange server and set up the account I closed Outlook and when I reopened it my Favorites were gone all POP accounts were shuffled in the left pane all my previous accounts now funneled all emails into one Inbox and all my Rules were gone When I tried to redo the Rules Outlook had changed so that the Rules now applied to ALL the Inboxes for all accounts and did not have the same rules dialog as I had been used to There was no way to recreate my rules or separate Outlook 2010 - Rules disappeard when I set up Exchange email account out my POP accounts Now all my email is dumped into one Inbox and I have to manually sort out the messages Thinking that the Exchange account was to blame I deleted the Exchange account but to no avail I had to reconstruct my Favorites no big deal but there is still no way to redo the Rules and all my Outlook 2010 - Rules disappeard when I set up Exchange email account mail still goes to the main Inbox Is there any way to get back to the way it was Thanks rebadurchee

A:Outlook 2010 - Rules disappeard when I set up Exchange email account

Bump. Anyone relate at all? Thanks