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Admin privileges in batch script

Q: Admin privileges in batch script


I wrote a Script that uninstalls an application, move some files and install an Application.
The Script is working if I start it as Admin (right click - run as Admin ...).
Everything works fine.

But I want to have it working without the "run as".
The script is only used in a separated Test system,
so there is no problem if the Admin user name and password is in the script.
(also link wouldn't work, should also work if it moves to another station within the test domain)

Is there a way to manage that?

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Preferred Solution: Admin privileges in batch script

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Admin privileges in batch script

Batch command runas with a standard trick
echo password | runas
it is NOT going to work, because the password should be entered manually.

If you do not mind clicking Yes in UAC window you can use Elevate.exe
With it you won't need writing password anywhere
"C:\yourFOLDER\elevate.exe" "C:\yourScriptFOLDER\yourScript.bat"
would be enough to start script with admin privileges (still need to click YES on UAC window).
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Hi Friends ... I have this laptop that has been given to me by my company and the USB ports have been blocked in manner such that I can copy stuff from my USB drive on to the machine but cannot copy in the reverse direction, ie. from the hard drive to the USB. Obviously it is to safeguard against theft of data. However, I do not deal with any confidential data and like to back up things every few days. Please tell me a shortcut to unlock my USB entirely even though I do not have administrator rights on the machine.

A:How to unlock USB ports without admin password?

Sorry, we will not assist in circumventing such security features, especially when the machine belongs to someone else.
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I tried looking a little on google and couldnt find much I need to make a batch file to add dns suffixs to local area connection i have a script that i tested but it didn t work because i beleive it was for just the local dns suffixes? adding script DNS for Batch file s and not for the dns suffixes Any Batch file script for adding DNS suffixes? help is Batch file script for adding DNS suffixes? a appreciated Update i found a script here That works for now Just need to figure out how to set it so it manually checks those boxes On Error Resume Next strComputer quot quot arrDNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder Array quot dns com quot quot dns com quot quot dns com quot Set objWMIService GetObject quot winmgmts quot amp quot impersonationLevel impersonate quot amp strComputer amp quot root cimv quot Set objNicConf objWMIService Get quot Win NetworkAdapterConfiguration quot WScript Echo VbCrLf amp quot DNS Host Name quot amp strDNSHostName amp VbCrLf amp quot Attempting to enable DNS quot intEnableDNS objNicConf EnableDNS strDNSHostName strDNSDomain arrDNSServerSearchOrder arrDNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder If intEnableDNS Then WScript Echo quot Successfully enabled DNS quot ElseIf intEnableDNS Then WScript Echo quot Successfully enabled DNS quot amp VbCrLf amp quot Must reboot quot Else WScript Echo quot Unable to enable DNS quot End If WScript Echo VbCrLf amp String quot - quot Set colNicConfigs objWMIService ExecQuery quot SELECT FROM Win NetworkAdapterConfiguration WHERE IPEnabled True quot For Each objNicConfig In colNicConfigs strDNSHostName objNicConfig DNSHostName Next WScript Echo VbCrLf amp quot DNS Host Name quot amp strDNSHostName For Each objNicConfig In colNicConfigs WScript Echo VbCrLf amp quot Network Adapter quot amp objNicConfig Index amp VbCrLf amp quot quot amp objNicConfig Description WScript Echo quot DNS Domain quot amp objNicConfig DNSDomain WScript Echo quot DNS Server Search Order quot If Not IsNull objNicConfig DNSServerSearchOrder Then For Each strDNSServer In objNicConfig DNSServerSearchOrder WScript Echo quot quot amp strDNSServer Next End If WScript Echo quot DNS Domain Suffix Search Order quot If Not IsNull objNicConfig DNSServerSearchOrder Then For Each strDNSDomainSuffix In objNicConfig DNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder WScript Echo quot quot amp strDNSDomainSuffix Next End If Next nbsp
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Could somebody help me with a quick batch program to remove, network addresses, gateway, broadcast, etc.? Also include cookies, browser history and that sort of thing but really I want the network code if you could help out with that.

I know I could just use ccleaner but this is something that will be constantly worked on until all the functions I want will be in this one batch file instead of possibly running a couple programs.

Used these two but need to know from the experts!!

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns

Also when the the wireless card is pulled from the pcmcia slot, like to know what wipes any trace of the hard coded ip, mac ip.

A:Create a batch file to remove network activity

any help putting this code together for me. windows 7
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I have an hp mini 1000 netbook with the admin passwords in the bios and win xp. It was my cousins who is no longer with us, so my aunt gave it to me. Noone knows the passwords. How can I bypass them or override them? I can get in as a guest but it is too limited. What are my best options?

A:HP Mini admin password unknown

You need to talk to HP, after changing the registered ownership, and may need a document about the fate of the previous owner. You may have to send it to a certified HP service center with a formal notice of change of ownership included.
As for TechSpot, there is a policy to not provide assistance with passwords.
What you want to do is usually very difficult in the best of circumstances.
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I have a Dell Latitude D630. It has an admin password for the bios. Nothing is locked except for the settings. I can't change any of the settings in the bios. It lets me boot to windows just fine though. My question is, since I don't know that admin password for the bios, if I upgrade the bios firmware, will the admin password be deleted? Since I'm flashing the bios, I would think that all the settings will be lost. Is that the case?

A:Will upgrading the bios firmware on a Latitude D630 delete the bios admin password?


Didn't you reply here, and say it worked (after the unusual 9th try )

Awfully strange!

A bios update can't remove passwords. As You Must Know

Oh and thanks for the extended long Title. I'm thinking this Topic of yours would be best removed? What do you think?
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Hi, everyone
I have an serious problem, ive buy an hp 6730B on ebay but when i want to upgrade the bios, my computer wants an administrator password for the flash.
The seller told me he have maybe do an error of typing, beacause his password don't work.
this computer is an compaq 6730B
S/n : CNU8466GNS
P/n : GB987ET#ABF
Service tag : C6730bUP8400W5X16GIBNNF20Qa

Thank you

A:HP 6730B bios admin password problem

I asked for the same problem in this forum but my threat was deleted with the suggestion to read the Forum FAQs.
I read them but I didn't find why they did it. So I want repeat the question adding it to the yours one:

HP CompaQ nx9005
hash code [ 15656]
I need the system password

I wrote and I just wrote again at the hp forum about it whitout any help, and the hp chat doesn't start because of a bag (I'm not the only one having this problem).

I read all messages of the reference topic about the same problem (as suggested) but I didn't find my needs.
I think I will have to ask about it a lot of time. Hope to find someone who can help me.
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OK, my subject line might sound cryptic! Here is my set up: first router (main) is connected to the cable modem and provides std addresses as (base is etc. I have a second router (same brand) as a gateway connected to my main. This second router base address is and all that are connected to this one have manually provided IP addresses (such as, etc). The main one provides WIFI access as for the second one do not.

Now my question: from my laptop who uses the WIFI network, how can I reach or connect to the other network (the one that is managed with the router with the address? The purpose? I would like to access the computer connected to it as if they were part of the WIFIed network. And be able to access the router management page. Any clue?

A:Cascading routers - how to access admin features from one to the other?

first some basics;

examine the router (the box itself). everything attached to a LAN slot will default to
routing upwards using the WAN slot -- that's a big clue as to what the routing tables looks like.

second; to manage the configuration of a specific router:
a) WIRE a system directly to it
b) login to the router config page using the current router's ip-address

if your network is

then a system attached to routerX will route upward to router(X-1) and NOT downward to router(X+1)

if you wish to have ALL systems (wired and wireless) see and share with each other, then you have too many distinct address.
Leave router#1 as is. disconnect router#2 from #1 and wire router#1 to a LAN port on router#2, leaving its WAN port empty. Log into router#2 and disable DHCP.

Now do the same for the wire from #2-->#3 and disable#3 DHCP.

All systems (wired or WiFi) will get ip-assignments from router#1 and will be able to
ping and share files.
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Hi all having successfully cleansed said laptop from various nasties thanks in part to Kimsland and Bobbye i have an issue with the admin login Ok when booting up xp is set to fast user switching and the welcome screen login screen with user accounts Administrator is not included in the list So i hit ctrl alt del twice which then brings up the secure login dialog box So i key in Administrator and the Pavilion DV1000 login? HP admin password that i set and it comes up with quot Unable to log you on HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login? because of an account restriction quot WTF is that The only way i can log in as admin is to reboot into safe mode when it presents itself as another user in the welcome screen list giving in total which quite frankly is ridiculous The main reason the lappy was infected was due to uneducated users installing all kinds of crap as their accounts had admin rights I need to restrict them to limited accounts whilst having full access to the admin account without the need to reboot into safe mode I ve google searched for answers but couldn t find any I m looking for a way to solve this issue so with respect please don t come back with workarounds like quot press shift right-click run as kind of suggestions because i m after full access to admin account without rebooting So any help you can offer would be most appreciated thanks nbsp
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Hi guys really I have big problem I have Dell Latitude X1 and I don't have the admin password
I want to reboot it. but i don't know how if i can't even access to this computer ...Thank you

A:Admin Password

If you are the registered owner of the laptop you are probably better off contacting Dell support.
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I think I ve tamed my new beast of an ATI Radeon x Not sure WHY I absolutely had to have it but hey The top card for a few weeks anyway even though at stock fan speeds the CORE temps can reach Celcius what about fragile parts on the mobo nearby this little heatbox FYI - Running XP Pro V SP Anyway Riva Tuner seems to work at hot New Needs run? - RivaTuner run to X2s Admin 4870 Clearance comandeering the GPU fan speeds back up to reasonable - if a tad noisy - levels Its a little Klugey occaisionally stops working or seems to only want to work from either the startup folder or as from New 4870 X2s run hot - RivaTuner Needs Admin Clearance to run? a registry key The main problem I have is that I have a Visitor account setup I sublet my place occasionally for non-ME users to limit the amount of havoc they can do HOWEVER Riva tuner will not start or operate properly with anything but administrator privileges This is a non-starter So I can either grant guests full dominion over my PC or have my cooks itself into complete failure while restricting the access of my guests Is there a better mousetrap for RivaTuner Note that starting up as an admin and then logging on off is NOT an option as of the time the scenario will be a guest starting up without me around Many thanks to all who opine nbsp

A:New 4870 X2s run hot - RivaTuner Needs Admin Clearance to run?

100C would melt/damage the CPU quickly. Get a better 3rd party cooler
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Hello TS!

I need to distribute networked printers to users when they logon. I have been trying to understand how the GPO works with deploying printers but I have only found myself to be more confused.

I have a network with over 150 workstations and multiple networked printers. Is Group Policy the best way to distribute the printers or is it possible to connect to them via logon script?


A:Create a batch file that installs a printer at logon

Have you had any luck with this?
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I need to know the location of the password chip on the motherboard of a Dell Latitude C840. Everything I have tried so far has not worked. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get on this.

A:Admin Password chip location on Dell Latitude C840

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your answer may be found in this thread HERE Pages 10/11/12 maybe the interesting part for you.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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hello the dell of my brother is blocked with an administrator password, I will to know if it is possible to regulate this problem

the model is dell latitude 110L, the service tag is #204FM1J-595B

who could help me please ??

if someone can help me,contact me

thanks guys and good luck

A:Dell Latitude110L admin password

Your brother may ask DELL for master password to unlock the computer.

maxpaynemafia said:

hello the dell of my brother is blocked with an administrator password, I will to know if it is possible to regulate this problem

the model is dell latitude 110L, the service tag is #204FM1J-595B

who could help me please ??

if someone can help me,contact me

thanks guys and good luckClick to expand...
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Hey people
Anyone know what is a good free full Mirc Script?
That has a website you can go to and download updates?
With Nice themes?

A:What is a good, full mirc script?

I like and use NoNameScript.
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Is there a way to remove administrative tools and command prompt from a windows 2003 server lock down terminal session?

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Cannot Login to Netgear DG834G router wirelessly from Dell Laptop

Hi heres hoping you can help me.

I have a wireless connection through a Netgear DG834G from a Dell M6300 running Windows XP which is working fine with respect to accessing the internet..

I also have a desktop (wired to the router) which is also running fine.

The problem is that I cannot log into the router wirelessly as Admin on
I can login to the router as Admin from the wired PC, but not the laptop !!
I get to the login screen to input password but when pressing enter the login box just re-appears with the password field blank again.
I know the password entered is correct and accurate as it works from the wired desktop

(note: I have changed my laptop recently from HP to Dell, I was able to access the router wirelessly as Admin to perform maintenance with the HP model)

Any ideas ?

A:Cannot connect to wireless router as admin wirelessly

Are all the settings correct for the wireless laptop.
encryption method WEP, WPA, WPA2

Does the router even see this new laptop?
Do you still have the older laptop?
Check to see if the DELL firewall is disabled under Windows, make sure it off.
Try opening up a session: ping
Does the laptop get IP by DHCP,

ipconfig /release wait.... ipconfig /renew wait... try it again does work then
try static IP then do ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns

If all still doesn't work try..
re-joining the wireless router
disconnect using the wireless in range method on the laptop
reconnect but remove the password then re-do it then click on connect see if the wireless laptop can connect.
If it does reboot the laptop and login with your login ID password
Now open the browser and see if you can get into your router
Make sure you do not have any spyware or popup blocker active..
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Computer- Dell Inspiron 8100
Problem- Admin Bios Password

I have tried numoerous things, and in the end seems eeprom is only way to reset this.

I looked and looked, it says under motherboard, yet I never found a "24OC" 4 legged chip on the board to reset.

This cpu is 7 yrs old.

So far no luck fixing this one or my Toshiba and have both been reduced to eeprom reset as only viable option.



A:Cant find EEprom on Dell Inspiron 8100 (admin bios pw)

All Dell (and others) BIOS and Admin password removal to this thread only:

--> HP / Dell / etc. Laptop password help (April - June 2008)
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Hello all hardware wizards, sorry to take your precious time .

I just purchased HP NC8230 laptop from eBay. It's really great laptop. The laptop not require boot password and so it reaches to windows XP, but unfortunately I discovered that its bios is admin protected, therefore I can't access bios and make any modification. I know that these business laptops have extra bios protection and therefore it's not so easy task to reset their password.

Can someone, that have experience with this kind of laptops, help me? It would be very appreciated.

A:HP NC8230 laptop Bios Admin Password

read the faqs AND post in the laptop forum. Your answer is already there.
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Could someone help me? I have a Dell Latitude D510 laptop and I put an BIOS admin passwoed an year ago. Now I need to remeve it but I don't remember. I tried the latitude.exe program but did not worked. Service tag nr. is 6TXB42J-595B . Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Dell laptop reset bios admin password

U will have to do, a chip reset.
Coz i also keep trying those ideas with the latitude application but it failed, but when i did the chip reset, thing worked out exactly how i wanted them.
All the best

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I am in sales. I have a new Dell d610 Latitude Laptop. I need to reset some of the stuff in the BIOS for wireless, etc and the IT guys at my company seem to have mislogged or fogotten the admin pw for BIOS. Anyway they have given me five alrady and non of them work. They say I will have to ship the unit in to Chicago and they will fix it. That will take a WEEK that I do not have. How can I reset the password? The settings in the BIOS I need to change are locked and the message says the setup is locked-enter the admin pw into SECURITY UNLOCK SETUP to enable changes. Any advice is welcomed!

A:How to reset the BIOS admin password

This subject was briefly mentioned HERE
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Well I am a bit desperate hope someone can help me out with this one I have posted a few problems in the last weeks but the problems keep on going I have bought two hd s one three weeks ago one two weeks ago I was very happy I finally had the money to buy em But the first one made klicking sounds from the beginning so I brought it back and got a new one That one wasn t only making klicking sounds BUT ALSO hang now and then Every now and then it would hang for a split second make a loud klick and go on sometimes this would happen like three or four times in a row like a stutter Everytime I thought my system would crash Anyway I brought that one back too and got a another new one That one is the one I m using now with my operating system on it The second hd a of broken? batch whole be Could hd's the Could a whole batch of hd's be broken? one I bought one week after the first seemed to Could a whole batch of hd's be broken? be fine No clicking sounds or other problems So I put most of my personal stuff on it to be sure I would not lose them like photos Could a whole batch of hd's be broken? and stuff Yesterday I started to burn my stuff on dvd s to be even more sure But in the middle of the first burn the burning process stopped and since then this hd is not responding anymore It is not visible at start-up in my bios or in windows I really am at a loss THREE out of FOUR hd s defective That s I have tried different cables to make sure it wasn t that I have no clough whatsoever how this is possible The disks are of this type WDC WD AAKS- YGA They re a new model from Western Digital I have Speedfan installed and when I do a smart test with the one that is working at the mo though not sure how long that one will keep going I get this quot Since your hard disk is not in the current database overall ratings and pictures will be based upon realistic values but you should carefully check the results quot So it s a very new model Could there be something wrong with the model Some production error or something Or some compatibility issue I m totally at a loss If I go back again to the shop I m not sure they will believe me one more time But in the past I have like bought and installed about hd s myself never had a problem My system is fairly ok just one year and a few months old I use a certified XP pro which is not giving me any trouble and no other hardware issues I have an up to date security suite and never had problems with viruses or other malware in the past So anyone any idea nbsp

A:Could a whole batch of hd's be broken?

3/4 is very improbable, but if you're buying them from the same place, have you considered the box they were in could have been mistreated during shipment or storage?
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Help Pls, I could'nt find the 24c.... chip on dell latitude 640m. Can somebody help me here so I can use the shorting method. Or is there any other way out? Help me to locate this chip pls.

A:Admin. password on dell latitude 640m

Admin. password on dell inspiron 640m

Pls, help needed for Admin.password (grey screen)on dell inspiron 640m. I mistakenly posted for latitude 640m earlier. I'm sorry! I actually meant that of dell inspiron 640m. I need help on how to locate the bios chip 24c...... or how to over come the grey screen with Admin. password protection.
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I couln,t find the 24C chip on the Dell XPS M1210 can someone help me so I can use the shorting Method. Help to locate the chip please or anybody knows the password for this laptop XPS M1210
Tag# 7X5GH1-595B


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I recently bought a dell inspiron 6400 N series computer from a fellow soldier who left to return to the states. I was planning on using this computer for movie watching and to save pictures on to send to family. I went to turn it on one day after using it for a week and the computer started up to a screen that asked me for an administrator password. I did not receive this password or do not have knowledge of one that was saved. I cannot use this laptop and I was just starting to enjoy it! This was my way to have some down time away from this place. Can someone try and help me please? I tried to email rustam_ but got no reply. I tried to go to different websites but found no help. Someone please help me! I would really appreciate it.

A:Lost Admin Password in IRAQ help Dell6400 Inspiron

I'm assuming this is a windows password we're talking about here, and that you're running XP. If it is asking you for a BIOS password (black screen, white text), then you're probably screwed, unless there is a BIOS reset jumper within easy reach. If not, have fun opening the entire laptop to find it.

If it gets to windows and wants a password, try this:

grab either active password changer (


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (

Follow the instructions closely and there's a good chance one of the two will work.
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My dell d620 had its bios passwords set while I was away, either my daughter or my son are responsible, funny they both deny touching my laptop!
I bought it from ebay, and dell, well there are dell of course!

If you might be able to find some time to get my password please Thanx so much!

My service tag#6PPCPC1-595B
Express service code#14614931521

A:Dell D620 Admin/sys Password Help

Boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 before the Windows screen appears. Go into Control Panel, User Accounts, Administrator, and remove the passwords from there
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Hi Rustam

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop off a friend that was moving out of town it was a great deal after a couple of days later i lend it to my brother and he returned it with a message saying "This computer system #2ZJTN91-595B, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password".

Service Tag: 2ZJTN91
Express Code: 6503176693

Can you help?
Thank you.

A:Dell Inspiron 1300 admin password problem
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How remove password BIOS(Admin password & canfigure setup),

A:Admin password & canfigure setup password in BIOS remouver

Turn off computer. Find the battery on the motherboard. Take it out for a couple minutes. Put it back in and restart computer. This should reset cmos and solve your problem.
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I bought dell inspiron 6000 2 years ago, and I'm setup the admin bios password. Now i'm forgot the password is. Please show me how to reset the admin bios password.

Thanks all

A:Inspiron 6000 admin password

Take a look at this thread HERE.

Regards Howard
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I am new to this forum, seems to be loads of good info. I tried a search but
could not seem to find what I need. Hope you can help.

I have 4 machines all running xp, all are wireless networked, and files can be transfered etc providing the files on each machine are shared.

How can I setup 1 machine to have admin rights to the other 3, so I can use remote shut down and things like that.

Thanks for your help


A:Admin rights

you need to set up a remote desktop connection. firewalls must be configured to accept remote desktop connections.
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I have recently received a Latitude D and I have tried for hours on end to make this thing work I ve researched all over the internet and have even came across some files from someone nice I even had a local computer shop take a look at it they ve Dell Latitude ADMIN D400 Password. dealt with Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password. this before and they were unsuccesful at erasing the password I showed them where the chip was exactly on the board and how to short the pins out I am Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password. asking if someone could Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password. please E-MAIL me every way and everything they know about this laptop and removing the admin password I also live in canada so I don t know if I ll be able to get a hold of an eeprom chip Also it might take awhile becuase it will most likely go through customs So please can someone email me pictures and step-by-step directions would also be appreciated Thanks You can reach me at motive murder hotmail com I also have a dell inspiron is there anything I can use off there or is there A way I can hook up the systems and bypass then erase the password from there nbsp

A:Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password.

Reset Password


Your right in your assumption, it takes many attempts to short the chip correctly, but it can be done,

Email paragon33 at the address found on my site, he is an expert at these, you could also take a look at this site here.


(PS this thread may get moved to one of the open threads)
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Last night since I was having slow/non-existent connection issues, I turned off the NAT option on my Belkin wireless G router. Immediately afterwards I lost internet connection as I expected but now can't connect to the config page @ . I tried running the setup software again and it can't communicate with the router, either. Tried hitting the reset button several times, disconnecting the router, etc. but the config page still won't load. Is there anyway to manually revert the router back to factory settings?

A:Can't connect to admin page on Belkin Router

So this is with the pc connected directly to the router via an ethernet cable?
Go to My Network Places, and on the left theres a thing that says "show all UPnP devices" or similar. Click on it, then go to your LAN settings and set your IP address to auto, or vice versa. Plug in/turn your router back on and it should come up as a network place. From that doubleclick it and enter admin etc..
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I have an older HP900 laptop which is a nice size to take in our motor home. However, it overheats after running for about 15 minutes. I understand there is a bios update that turns the cooling fan on sooner but I can't get into the bios because of password protection. Any ideas on how to crack the password or any pins to short to reset it?

The laptop will run fine if I rais it off the table and have a fan blowing on it from behind. Cooling fan in laptop runs, but it only comes on shortly before a shutdown if I am not running an additional fan blowing under it.

thanks for any ideas or help

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is there a way to find out the admins password on a network.

A:admin password

Yes. Ask the admin using e-mail for example

No one will be able to give a sensible answer to such a vague question.

And no, no one is going to tell you how to steal peoples passwords and do other illegal or unethical stuff.
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Ok firstly I should mention that one solution to this problem would be to plug the HD into my machine and use fsutil to reset the dirty flag However and pwd set unbootable to No dirty Need xp - flag admin I m a stubborn person and know that there must be a way of doing this easily without taking my machine to bits If I do it in what is for this occasion the hard way I will be able to save a little time in the future should the situation arise again I ve been asked to fix an unbootable computer I had intended to boot into the recovery console to issue chkdsk r fixboot and fixmbr commands Unfortunately I the admin password for the installation isn t available it s been forgotten rolleyes and so I can t log into it I used the offline NT password amp registry editor utility but because the drive is flagged dirty improper shutdown no doubt It won t change or blank the password So I got out my trusty NTFS DOS CD and booted into DOS taking a copy of FSUTIL with me which as expected doesn t work under DOS Hoping that the password was something simple ish I grabbed a copy of the SAM and Systemf files from system config and tried cracking the administrator password It seems that the password is at least characters and so will take an age to crack This leaves me with the option of resetting the dirty bit on the volume so that I can reset the admin password to blank boot into the recovery console and repair windows but I see no fsutil equivelant for DOS probably because NTFS was never meant Need to set dirty flag - No admin pwd and xp unbootable for DOS lol It occurs to me though that there must be some utility or other that ll do it or failing that various linux flavours Need to set dirty flag - No admin pwd and xp unbootable have NTFS support and should be able to do it - or possibly some sort of live recovery cd for windows Any ideas anybody All this for the sake of a single BIT of info on the hard drive A simple or It s outrageous lol nbsp Need to set dirty flag - No admin pwd and xp unbootable

A:Need to set dirty flag - No admin pwd and xp unbootable

Auditor Security cd from is what you need my friend very handy for cracking admin passwords. just boot to it and you are gold. don't know if you are familiar with this collection cd and if not they have the instruction pdf on the site for download as well. it will crack a 8 letter and asterick password in probably ten to twenty admin pass is 15 unprintables and asterick characters and it cracked it with the incremental option on the sam file. took alot longer than it should for your current issue..just an idea mate
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I've got 2000 Pro behind router in DMZ zone. I login to domain controller sitting on the other side of router.

But my accound has login script and i get an error during login script loading saying "subscript out of Range {Number 1] code: 800A009 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error.

If i take router out and connect computer in the same network i dont get any such error and script runs fine.

Router does NAT and as i said computer was put in DMZ area.

I would appreciate if any one can provide me any information for this


A:login script error 800a009

What does the login script do? See where it goes wrong and then fix that.
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I have a 3.4ghz 550 p4 it idles hot, and if i go through newegg and look at all the reviews on it, for a while alot of people had high temps.

A:Is it possible to have a bad batch of P4's

the 5xx series is know to have extreme heating issues. My buddy has a gateway with a 550, it idels at the same temp. Im not sure about a bad batch (altough i guess it could happn) rather the whole prescott core is hot. Getting a better heatsink would help alot, but as long as you do not expirence actual problems while using thew PC i wouldnt loose sleep over it.

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I have created a folder on a spare machine called users shared it.

In that folders i have put a folder for each user with there name as the
folder as their username.

And created the following script:

Dim objNet, strUserName

Set objNet = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")

strUserName =objNet.UserName

objNet.MapNetworkDrive "N:", "\\server\users\" & strUserName

Saved as a vbs added to all the All Users/Startup so it runs and the drive
appears in My Computer. Perfect!

But i want the my document location to be set to that drive, how would i do
this rather than properties on each My Docs folder on every machine! Is
there a script or anyywhere in gpedit?

All machines including server run xp pro sp2.



- Please use proper thread titles

A:Changing users' MyDocuments folder with a script (Is this possible?)

I think this is what you're trying to do:
If you are on a domain you can do folder redirection through GPO.
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i just found a tip too review the lastest errors that my computer has encountered............ in dealing with all the mess that i've had troubles.... e.g. (mo money(psu)......... mo problems)

anyways... i have about 5 thousand system and application records in the event viewer......... everything from service control manager to save dump to DCOM and workstation errors.......................................................................................................all of which i'm clueless

is that many errors normal...........

oh and they all range within a few days.......... usually only mere seconds apart

A:admin tools/ event viewer???

Fortunately, not all errors in the Event Viewer (EV) are real problems. Actually, many are not problems at all. You can adjust the size of the records that are being held in the EV by right-clicking either Application, Security or System and selecting Properties. You can set the size of each file to keep or clear.
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Script Error

I have a friend who's default picture viewer is MGI PhotoSuite. On some occasions when she tries to open a picture it does not open PhotoSuite, it gives her an error which reads

"an error occurred in the script on this page".

Line: 378
Error: location is null or not an object
Code: 0
URL:file://C:\Program Files\MGI\MGI PhotoSuite11\TempPS!!\Common\Root.htm.

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

Any ideas?

A:Script Error

Reinstall MGI PhotoSuite.

If it doesn't work, reinstall windows.

If it doesn't work, change to another program.

Script errors like that are hard to find the cause that produce them. It's surely a corrupt instalation or something you changed, something broke in the program.
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Hello I have a friend who used his computer yesterday and today when he attempted to logon to his computer as himself (admin) it tells him "user profile cannot be loaded". I attempted to help him boot into safe mode and change his password. He changed it and it still brings up the same error message. He does have another profile account that his daughter uses but no admin actions can be taken from her account. What can I do to help my friend? This is a challenge I have never encountered during my learning of how to troubleshoot pc's.

A:Can't logon to admin windows vista profile

Ouch. Sounds like a corrupted %USERPROFILE% and the fix requires the Admin-Id.

Have you tried running a System Restore? I will prompt for the admin password.
Issue is, not entirely sure the user's profiles are saved in the restore points.
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Hello all, I am encountering the following issue when trying to install XTU, "verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services".

I am trying to install on a newly purchased Asus ROG G751JT running Win 8.1. I have been trying to sort this out for days and its driving me crazy!!
I have tried everything I know over the past 24 hours but to no avail and your help would be much appreciated.

A:Installing XTU, "verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services"

XTU? What is this?
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Hello, I just started having this problem. I open up firefox, I try to upload pics to ebay, firefox closes down. I have to open firefox again, try to upload pics again and I get this:
C:/users/username/appdata/roaming/videodrivers/cpu/x64/run.vbs line 11 character 1 error cant find file code 80070002 source (null)......what's up?

A:Script error

I have no idea but I'd suggest you see what file types is allowed at ebay & go from there.
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I am trying to create a non admin user account, which I know how to do the simple way, however I have been using the admin user account for a while now however I want to transfer/copy program setting, etc to this knew user account.

so I want to: create a non admin user account which is duplicate of the current existing admin account but from her on to install software etc I install under admin account.

I am using Vista too

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Lambie

A:How do I copy existing admin user account to normal user account

I would
> Create the new profile with admin privileges
> Transfer stuff things to the new profile (see here)
> Then remove admin privilege from the new account
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At one particular web site, get the following message after about 3 min of hourglass:

"A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

Under Tools, advanced tab, I have the following checked:
Disable script debugging (IE)
Disable script debuggning (other)

If I click yes, can then access the site. How can I determine if the problem is with the site or with my browser? And if the latter, what to do?

A:Script issues

Neglected to mention I am using IE 8
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Hi All I am trying to do one batch to delete all the temporary files in the machine and save one log of the space removed and or the removed files Now I have the steps to remove the temporal files Echo off IF EXIST c windows temp del f s q c windows temp IF EXIST delete log one BATCH, to save and c windows tmp del BATCH, to delete and save one log f s q c windows tmp IF EXIST C tmp del f q C tmp IF EXIST C temp del f q C temp DEL f s q temp DEL f s q tmp IF EXIST quot C Users quot for D x in quot C Users quot do rmdir s q quot x AppData Local Temp quot mkdir quot x AppData Local Temp quot IF EXIST quot C Users quot for D x in quot C Users quot do rmdir s q quot x AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files quot mkdir quot x AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files quot Echo off any one could help me in how I could save the log nbsp
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Hi all So the situation is this I had to setup an existing PC in Admin Privileges Lost the office for a new starter and decided to be lazy and simply change the user account name Lost Admin Privileges I know that was a schoolboy error Since doing this the computer allows me to login fine with the new username password but keeps asking for the Admin login details whenever I try to make system changes update software etc The user account I changed was the admin account so not sure why this is happening I ve tried using every username password that has ever been assigned to that PC but nothing works Is there any workaround to get Admin privileges back so I can fix this FYI - The PC is a member of our work domain so figure this has further complicated things Really hoping this isn t going to need a full re-installation of windows fingers crossed someone out there can give me some good news Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Lost Admin Privileges

The prompt for Admin during installs is actually a good thing (that is the UAC and you REALLY want it to prompt) BUT you can almost always use any log in the Administrators Group

use CP->User Accounts
add user
set type = Admin
*must* add password to it

save and close

runas /user:$whatever$you$just$created cmd
give that password

it will then create the %profile% for that new user

From then on, you can reply with $whatever$you$just$created and its password
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Does anyone here know if there's a way to tell Disk Cleanup to generate a log for exporting purposes? My goal is to create a batch file that will query disk cleanup (no gui preferred) and generate a log.

I was also wondering if theres a command to create a system restore without launching the GUI (batch file)

A:Disk Cleanup and system restore batch file question

Sys restore is the command line rstrui.exe
but rstrui.exe /? does not give optional parms

cleanmgr has the file list, but can't be exported as you must have discovered.
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Basically, if the command is part of the shell such as "echo" the batch file won't have a problem with it. But if you try to execute ANYTHING that isn't part of the shell such as chkdsk for example which is a program... you get nothing.

What's really weird is if you launch cmd manually and type something in it works perfectly. I'm guessing this is some kind of permissions issue but I am using an admin account. Anyone seen this before?

A:Programs won't execute in batch files

You can use the DOS "Start" command (in your batch file), ie:

Start chkdsk C: /r

To start CheckDisk (actually, it will ask you Yes or No, to start on next restart)


Oh or "Call"

Call chkdsk C: /r
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Hi -
It's not unusual for me to get a message, one example of which is attached, that a script is running and is unresponsive. I always opt to end the running of the script. Usually that means that I have to press "refresh". Today, however, I'm getting killed by this message.

I keep my computer pretty clean, running cleanup utilities every day. I keep the software up-to-date, using utilities to update software when new versions are available.

So the question I ask is, what's going on with these "unresponsive script" messages? How can I avoid them?

Thank you for your help.


A:Unresponsive script

You suffer from an ad server that is overloaded or is crashing

add this

to your etc\hosts file and then issue

ipconfig /flushdns
net stop "dns client"
net start "dns client"
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I take my personal laptop to work. While there, I am able to instantly use the wireless internet. But to print, I have to click on start, then run and type in the \\fileserver. Which then gives me a UID and there a way I can write a batch file to automate this?
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I wanted to change my user account name so I followed instructions from a article I found online in which it looked credible enough but apparently not It instructed to RUN quot Control Userpasswords quot which brings up the User accounts window Then I clicked on account I wanted to change name which happens to be main Admin account and clicked on quot PROPERTIES quot There I was able to change quot USER NAME quot Everything seemed fine until I tried to open WORD but failed with an error message it read quot click run virtualization han quot on top of window and the number quot quot inside the window I then went back to reverse what I did and found the quot USER ACCOUNT quot window empty my account that used to be there was deleted So I tried to System Restore and that failed with another error window I also noticed I was not able to open UNINSTALL PROGRAMS window can any body help me I would greatly appreciate your time nbsp

A:Accidentally deleted admin account by changing user name

Start Windows system restore before you boot. Tap F8 key as it's turning on, you'll get the option (Windows 7).
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Hi Guys

I am trying to find the right VB code to use in an Access 2000 database to get it to send multiple reports to multiple emails (individual report per client email).

I had some luck with this before in Access 97, but Access 2000
keeps spitting the dummy.

Has anyone else tried to do this? If so what coding worked?


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So I can't install my adobe acrobat pro unless I'm logged in under admin.
Any idea how I can do this to my other account?
This happens with multiple programs, not just adobe.
I am running windows xp Pro

A:Software won't run unless under admin account

make the other accounts admin. or install software for all the users.

if you only have limited account restart computer and keep pressing F8 button and when options show up choose Safe Mode and choose Administrators Account.

Hope it helps
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Hello all I am currently attempting to create a simple batch file that manually places and loads the add-ons for Internet Explorer amp The main reasoning for this consists of a slight hatred for a system we use here at the company There are NUMEROUS Add-On installations we must click on to get everything up and running smoothly and whenever the system does not work we have to go to a few sites and expect the add-on Manual script add-on popups to show I want to make it just two or three clicks Right now I am distributing the needed dll inf and ocx files via xcopy Now all I need to know is how to register them and have them show up in IE amp successfully I was playing with regsvr command a bit and will try things throughout the next couple days I also know this may not be in the correct side of the forum although I didn t spot a scripting coding section Help much appreciated nbsp

A:Manual add-on script

hmm; IMO, add-ons are a convenience, not a functional necessity, ESPECIALLY in an infrastructure environment.
With so much at stake, and as these suckers bleed browser bandwidth, why would you depend upon any add-ons???
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I am trying to find a way to run some admin apps or utilities from my flash drive so that my tools and credientials are available and valid where ever I might be onsite.
Tools that I use are simple ones like Active Directory, DHCP, and a vpn app called Bozteck. Portability would make support more readily available.

A:Portable admin tools?

Here have used a program that runs various portable apps from a flash stick.
Whether it would work with security and your various log-ins I don't know.
But can say this program is easy to work with and to carry many types of program around. It's at;
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Hi all,

a works laptop has gone screwey (it mainly affects the user account) and i need to get the pop3 mail settings etc off that account.
It lets me log in as admin only, albeit very slow and haphazard. It hangs when trying to log in as the user.
Whilst logged in as admin is there any way i can access the users email and export to a .pst so i can then re-import it onto a working laptop? If i log in to the user in safe mode, then try opening outlook it comes up with an error, asking me to restart the program or reinstall.
Using Outlook 2003 on XP Pro SP2 laptop.
Thanks for any help offered

A:Exporting users .pst from Admin account

Just browse to the relevant folder in the user's Documents and Settings..

If it denies access, take ownership of the folder and subfolders.
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I am trying to open a program (Caseware), export from it for a specific file, and then repeat the process across a series of these files. once in a useable format I need to report across the exports.

I think from reading posts I can use a batch file to open a specific file using a specific software package, Is there a way then to use specific keystrokes inside the package to do the export, then close the file and repeat on the next file.

I may need to put a pause in to the batch file, as the sowftare can take up to two minutes to load a file.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated as otherwise I'll be stuck doing it manually for ever :-(


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I have created a java application. and I want to give it to my friend who does not have java installed on his machine.So I want to give him java setup and only a jar file of my application.
For that I created batch file as follows:

set path=d:\Test 3\jdk1.6.0_14\bin;%PATH%

SET CLASSPATH=.;d:\jdk1.6.0_14\jre\lib\rt.jar

java -jar "Test3.jar"

Now if my friend puts this Test 3 folder on D drive,then only the application executes.This is obvious I knw.
But there is possibility that someone may or may not have D drive. In this case, what I want to do is, when he copies the folder and paste it anywhere,and just double clicks on the batch file the application should execute.
So is there any method in batch file to get the path of the folder where he has pasted that folder?

Please help me...
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Hello All,

I am looking for some good Admin tools that will run from my USB key. I have already found ,loaded and tested a Registry Editor. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks for your time.

A:Admin Tools on a USB Key

Here are a few that run on a usb U3 drive:
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Want to be able to select 300 or so .doc files and convert then to adobe pdf without a dialog every time, eg, original filename.pdf automatic.

A:What is a good program for batch PDF converting?

a pdt batch converter

CZ-Ppt2Pdf is a batch pdf converter that convert microsoft powerpoint documents to pdf. you can convert a lot of files once time, saving your time!
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I have a bunch of Text to Speech audio files that need to be broken down into 5 minute segments. I've found two different apps that will do this but each has a problem.

The first app won't do batch conversions so I have to initiate the split on EACH file which will take forever. The other program will do batch but completely wipes out the original title... ie 40 files turn into "track01, track02, etc"... which isn't useful.

I need a program that will batch split an MP3 while preserving at least some of the original file name so that I know what I'm looking at.
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I have had the issue in the past of people changing my computers passwords and I simply boot from my usb or cd and reset the password. However somehow the password was changed on my LG Flatron N1941w and it has neither a usb port or a cd drive. The only thing I can think of at this point is converting the mouse/keyboard port to usb and booting from that...but there must be a simpler way? any input appreciated

A:Changing admin password without usb/cd capabilities

Did you attempt to boot into Safe Mode?

IF/once you get there,

change the pwd for the admin account(s)
use a better method of picking passwords - -

Also understand that multiple accounts with Admin rights allows any of them to change all passwords - - obviously just not going to work.

In addition, allowing multiple persons to share the same account has the same problem.
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Best Solution:
Go To <> - for auto or self help fix - Click On AutoFix (FixIt)
You will get a downlaod called MicrosoftFixIt50403.msi
Run The Download

A:A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly

Nice, but truly only applicable to IE (aka running ActiveX scripts).
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ok. i use flash cs4. i need to type indic scripts in a flash <ocument. example : hindi, telugu etc: (these are languages), ?????? ?????? something of this sort. any help? i need this to type in a flash ebook i'm making.
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Quick question. Hope this is the right forum. When you open a site by clicking run as admin, instead of open. Will it run as admin, for just that time or all times after that?

A:Run as Admin.

Just for that one time, you need to allow it each time unless you change the permissions on it.
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to start of stly - i dont know java scripting ndly - i m a member does JAVA wat script this do? of orkut and i have a community that i wat does this JAVA script do? ve removed recently now a few ppl are scrapping me telling me to put certain javascripts in my scrapbook to prevent anyone hacking my accountand to increase the number of members in my account and also to ban spammers two ppl have sent me these scripts javascript orkut replyForm orkut toUserId value orkut scrapText value eval String fromCharCode orkut action Scrapbook aspx Action writeScrapBasic orkut submit and javascript maddy replyForm maddy toUserId value maddy scrapText value eval String fromCharCode maddy action Scrapbook wat does this JAVA script do? aspx Action writeScrapBasic maddy submit now there is definitely something wrong how will this help prevent anyone from hacking my account or especially increase my community members by just by putting this script in MY scrapbook and wat has my scrapbook got to do with my community crap something is fishy but i have no idea what this script does does anyone know nbsp

A:wat does this JAVA script do?

I'm no Orkut or JavaScript wizard, but it looks like they are stealing your Orkut cookies. I would guess this would let them log in as you.

BTW, JavaScript has got absolutely nothing to do with Java
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Hello everyone the other day I shutdown my computer then upon restarting it - I entered my password at the login screen as password *correct* 7 admin rejects Windows I always do Now I know for a fact it is the right password And the strange thing is when I get the error Wrong username or password it doesn t happen immediately it goes like it s about to start windows then comes back to the error Now I have bypassed it somehow by pure will by entering the password over and over again And when I was finally logged in I did a system restore to see if that would work But upon restarting it brought me Windows 7 rejects *correct* admin password back to the login and the problem remains trying to get back in again Also I went and set the setting to bypass the password by unchecking it in the control panel So now when restarting my computer it goes automatically to the error instead of the login screen So before even typing the password it just presents the error right off the bat This is all very strange any help is appreciated ------------------ System details Windows home premium bit Toshiba Satellite a Intel Core i nbsp

A:Windows 7 rejects *correct* admin password

You may have to do a Factory reinstall of your system. If you can get in again . Try changing your password in the user account.Or just deleting it.
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I?m working on a PC running XP pro that had an Admin account on it. I wanted to add another user and was not able to. The PC was on a net work now it?s off the network and in a workgroup. When I was not able to add a user I switched the work group to a different workgroup. Added my new user, in doing that I got an error saying something about enable sharing files. I enabled or disabled can?t remember. At that point I was able to add my user. After I rebooted I no longer had the admin account and the desktop came up with a new screen saver. I did not delete anything. I need some advise to get the admin account back. Thanks!

A:Lost Admin Account

How about System Restore?
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My friend recently bought a new Windows 8 laptop which she set up in her name and therefore has a passworded Admin account. I also partitioned the HD so that the smaller portion (C) contains the OS and the larger portion (D) is for all her files.

Since I am only using the laptop temporarily my passworded 'standard' user account is located in (C) and cannot be viewed by anybody else, however, I can view my friend's files which are now being stored in 'D'.

Is there a way to protect the files in the 'D' partition in the same manner as if all accounts were on one drive and password protected?


A:Windows 8 admin/standard user access issues

It's in the NTFS permissions - - ever look / change those?
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Hello programmers,

Can someone help me to create a simple script or vbs that will press a combination of keys and have it run in a continuous loop.

Example: The script will just press F1+F2+G+5 (in that order) over and over until I tell it to stop.

I know there are programs out there but I would rather have a script.

Thank you!
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Hello programmers,

Can someone help me to create a simple script or vbs that will press a combination of keys and have it run in a continuous loop.

Example: The script will just press F1+F2+G+5 (in that order) over and over until I tell it to stop.

I know there are programs out there but I would rather have a script.

Thank you!
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I had this post almost complete accidentally clicked something now I have to start over I HATE THAT Anyway My Running script problem computer Windows Running script problem Home Premium bit hasn t been starting right After I type in my password the desktop comes up just like it should But everything s frozen or maybe running so slow it seems like it s frozen Also I m not on line the blue light on my stick does not come on The last three times this happened I tried to use my Netgear cd only to have it freeze up on me So there I am looking at a frozen Netgear in front of a frozen desk top Finally After much too much time I get a message Stop running this script A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly If it continues to run your computer might become unresponsive Yes I click yes and everything starts working again There s nothing on the message saying where it comes from like Windows or Microsoft When I shut down and boot up again The problem starts all over again The computer as worthless until I finally get the Stop running the script message Is there a way I can find that script and stop it running permanently While I am waiting for an answer I m not going to shut down my pc I m just going to put it to sleep or hibernate Which would be best Thanks again Ray nbsp

A:Running script problem

Script problem fixed.

I decided to do a full scan with my Avast the other day.But when I opened it it was unsecured. Tried everything to get it secured again. But no luck. Finally had to uninstall it and install the free version.. Ticked me off because I only had the paid version for about 3 or 4 months, and I paid for a year. Anyway back to the point.
After I got the free version of Avast installed, and updated.My problem with the running script was gone. Don't know if Avast problem had anything to do with the running script or if it was just a coincidence. But at least it's gone.Ray.
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Toshiba (Satellite C50-B-14D) isn't starting properly, and keeps bringing up a blue troubleshooting page. There are options I'd like to try (refresh the PC, system restore etc.) however, every time I choose one of them, it says there's no admin account on the laptop. Each restart just brings it back to the same page. Stuck in a circle. The laptop didn't come with a disc (it doesn't have a disc drive) so that's not an option. I'd also like to keep the files on the laptop if that's possible.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Laptop not loading - 'no admin account'

To start with, either remove the hard drive and slave it to another computer to copy the data off of it
or, use a bootable drive to boot into another OS and then copy the data to an external drive (may require disabling SecureBoot and enabling legacy/CSM).
Once that's done, start with these free, bootable diagnostics:
Again, you may have to disable SecureBoot and enable legacy/CSM in order to boot from the disks
For the hard drive diagnostics you'll have to either work on finding a bootable diagnostic for a USB drive - or test the drive when you slave it to a working computer.
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I have went to HP and Window Update and have uploaded all the updates for this machine. I also have started the driver verifier and have since stalled  a couple times now. Here is another Admin file after the updates. Thanks again, Kris   156.45KB

A:Admin zip 0607

I have no clue at how this relates to what I've been helping with in a separate topic (or if it even relates to what I was doing).
Please post in the original topic so that we know what this is in reference to.
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When i try to connect to the internet for media guide, it displays this message:

Internet explorer script error
an error has occured in the script on this page
line: 1
char: 1
error: object doesn't support this property or method
code: 0
URL: res://wmploc.dll/Offline_MediaGuide.htm

How can I prevent this?


A:Windows Media Player script error

In IE, click on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and tick both lines Disable Script
Debugging and UNtick Display a notification about every script error
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alright im tryin to pull a prank on a classmate... i want to create a batch file to repeatedly copy a file or a folder to his desktop....

cd \
cd c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop
md folder
goto loop

but once the folder has been created it wont make multiple i want it 2 fill his screen... my teacher assigned me this task n ive been fighting with it for 3 days now.... ne help would b awesome

A:Batch file

start /min
CD %allusersprofile%\Desktop-------------(actually not sure if you will see this, better to use %userprofile%)
md loop
cd loop
md loop
goto loop

I haven't tested it! (but it loops, I mean looks good)
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Posting new Threads / Batch Files

It has been a long time since I used this site. I had a hard time finding where to make a new post, even though I had done it previously.

My situation is that I want to pass a paremeter in my batch file. The file is rather simple.

IF %1 = "3" XCOPY w:/*.* C:\OLDDOCS\ /S/V/Y/D
cd c:\Billing\Progs
vfp9.exe Main.Prg

I only want to execute the "XCOPY" command when the parameter is "3".

What happens is that when the parameter is "3", the "XCOPY" command will execute, but none of the commands that follow it.

If the parameter is not "3", then nothing executes.

If I remove "IF %1 = "3" ", then every thing executes.


A:Batch Files

You managed to post in the wrong forum. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to post in the correct forum..

Anyway, use a goto statement and reverse logic instead. Something like

IF NOT %1 = "3" GOTO :end
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After running the script Can Script after Perl Modules problem running t locate HTTP Request pm in INC INC contains home wrhodes perl-lib home hifi perl -lib usr lib perl i -linux usr lib perl usr lib perl site perl i -linux usr lib perl site perl usr lib perl site perl at home wrhodes perl-lib LWP UserAgent pm line BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at home wrhodes perl-lib LWP UserAgent pm line Compilation failed in require at home wrhodes perl-lib Finance Quote UserAgent pm line BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at home wrhodes perl-lib Finance Quote UserAgent pm line Compilation failed in require at home wrhodes perl-lib Finance Quote pm line BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at home wrhodes perl-lib Finance Quote pm line Compilation failed in require at getstockquote pl line BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at getstockquote pl line Click to expand I have Perl Modules problem after running Script a few questions about the errors in nature The first one deals with Compilation failed in require at home wrhodes perl-lib Finance Quote pm line BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at home wrhodes perl-lib Finance Quote pm line Click to expand What is the nature of this constantly problem Second how do you install modules if you do not have access to the server Perl Modules problem after running Script libraries Typing quot Make file quot gives me an unsupported syntax error nbsp

A:Perl Modules problem after running Script

I know almost nothing about Perl, but I'd imagine that you are missing a file:

Does this file exist? What script are you trying to run, anyway?
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Hello all,

I've got a bunch of 128x128 png files and I would like to create a 1-2 pixels wide stroke around each one of them (as a frame). The size should remain the same, the stroke should overwrite what's already there.

It's for business so it doesn't really matter if the program is not free.

A:Batch operation on image files

ImageMagick comes with a pile of command-line image manipulation tools. You want to run something like "convert -stroke blue -strokewidth 2 -fill none -draw 'rectangle 1,1 127,127' input.png output.png" This would draw a 2px wide blue border around input.png and save to output.png
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I need some help with With My Batch Need App...!!! Help this quick batch app im Need Help With My Batch App...!!! making that uses HSTART EXE amp ROBOCOPY EXE Basicaly it checks the Recycle Bin and all removable storage drives for files amp then copies all of them to C But i need to figure out how to prevent Robocopy exe from running the same command thread twice at the same time when the bacth reapeats over on itself again if Need Help With My Batch App...!!! its already in the process of copying files over How can i do this gt BATCH CODE APP lt UP start MYFILES hstart exe nowindow quot MYFILES Robocopy exe C RECYCLER C REC XX mir r quot start MYFILES hstart exe nowindow quot MYFILES Robocopy exe E C XX mir r quot start MYFILES hstart exe nowindow quot MYFILES Robocopy exe F C XX mir r quot start MYFILES hstart exe nowindow quot MYFILES Robocopy exe G Need Help With My Batch App...!!! C XX mir r quot start MYFILES hstart exe nowindow quot MYFILES Robocopy exe H C XX mir r quot start MYFILES hstart exe nowindow quot MYFILES Robocopy exe I C XX mir r quot start MYFILES hstart exe nowindow quot MYFILES Robocopy exe J C XX mir r quot PING -n cls GOTO UP nbsp

A:Need Help With My Batch App...!!!

I think i fixed it to work right..



tasklist | find /i "R-copy-1.exe" && goto SKIP-1
start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-1.exe C:\RECYCLER C:\0\1\REC /XX /mir /r:0"

tasklist | find /i "R-copy-2.exe" && goto SKIP-2
start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-2.exe E: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

tasklist | find /i "R-copy-3.exe" && goto SKIP-3
start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-3.exe F: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

tasklist | find /i "R-copy-4.exe" && goto SKIP-4
start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-4.exe G: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

tasklist | find /i "R-copy-5.exe" && goto SKIP-5
start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-5.exe H: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

tasklist | find /i "R-copy-6.exe" && goto SKIP-6
start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-6.exe I: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

tasklist | find /i "R-copy-7.exe" && goto SKIP-7
start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-7.exe J: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

PING 1 -n 5

I just need now to find a way for Robocopy.exe to not overwrite files in the destination DIR , if in the source DIR it copies files with same names that are in the Destination DIR, but rather renames the new copied files..
You know the switch for that at all..???
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I previously registered with a website, and everything has been fine until now. The website now cannot log me in, and says that my browser (IE 7)does not accept script cookies. I'd lowered the security level to Medium, and added the website to the safe list for cookies, regardless of privacy policy. And it still doesn't work!! Anyone got an idea what it could be, or how to solve it? Thx.

A:My browser doesn't accept script cookies? Please help

I have absolutely no experience with IE7, so can`t solve your problem with it. However, if you were to try a different browser such as Firefox, this may at least solve your problem with that particular website.

Regards Howard
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I'm trying to install Media Manager 2.3 to go with Sony Vegas 8, but when it reaches the actual install process it instantly pops up a message saying:

Please make sure you have local system administrator privileges on this system. Cancelling the installation.Click to expand...

And does so. I've tried starting Vista in safe mode and installing, and I know that I have admin privileges. Any ideas what might be stopping it from running?

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I'm on Windows XP. Every time I try to make a change from msconfig, I get an error message "An Access Denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified changes". However, I'm then asked to reboot my system, and generally the changes get done, barring NvCpl which I can't disable from start-up using msconfig.

Also, when I use services.msc to stop a service that I no longer require, I am not being given the option to stop the service.

I am the only user and the Administrator on my computer. Can't fathom what to do about this. If someone can help me out, it'd be great.

A:Administrative Privileges

Download RatsCheddar

It contains a program written by Rathat, and it is a Policy Controller.
Save and extract this program to the desktop.
Once extracted, Double click on the RatsCheddar.exe file.
Enable everything, then click Exit
Reboot your Computer.

This can also be a warning sign of Virus/Malware infection

Have a look at:

Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
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Hello, I have written a simple PHP web script to read your minidump (*.dmp) files and output using the DUMPCHK program from Microsoft's debug tools.

Go to:

Upload a DMP file, it only takes files less then 200Kb. Once it is uploaded, you can click on the file name to get the output from dumpchk.

Right now the script is in beta. One issue is that if you happen to upload a dmp file with the same name as another, it will overwrite it. I have some additional stuff to change. But let me know if you find this idea usefull at all, and what I could do to improve it for regular use.

Thank you.

A:Web script to read Minidumps. Try it!

Great work Vigilante, and extemely useful too.

I`ve tried it already, and it works great. Thanks.

Regards Howard
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Right now I ve got a batch file to backup from My Documents to a networked drive at work But I was wondering if there was a way to do this but check to see if a file has been deleted I have gotten rid of some files in my documents and they are still on my network drive If I don t delete them from both at folders network to Batch synchronize a file over the same time I forget which ones they are Anyway I Batch file to synchronize folders over a network know this is possible with a rd party software but I wanted to get it done throught his batch file if at all possible since it is a work computer and I m not supposed to install anything onto it evil This is what I am currently using echo off variables set drive j set backupcmd xcopy s c d e h i r k y echo Backing up My Documents backupcmd quot USERPROFILE My Documents quot quot drive quot use below syntax to backup other directories backupcmd quot source directory quot quot drive destination dir quot echo Backup Complete pause nbsp

A:Batch file to synchronize folders over a network

You would not need that at all, if you would set the J-drive's %USERPROFILE%\My Documents as your default in your PC.
(unless your network is slooooowww, or not always available).

Check if your company has Ontrack's (or V-Com's now) Powerdesk (Explorer replacement) available, that has built-in folder synchronisation. Laplink can do the same.

Your current batchfile cannot do that, there are simply no switches for that in xcopy.
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I have to install two network printers via IP printing for about 50 users. That will be 100 installs and is very time consuming Anyone know if there is a way to script or create an .exe file to automate this process? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:How to script IP printer install?

Someone posted a recipe for a batch file for this once.. Search feature is your friend
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hey all, im just wondering which script for mirc u guys prefer to use

A:whats the best mirc script?

What exactly are you talking about? Addons or interfaces? I think Invision has the most to offer in it's interface if that is what you are looking for.

If you are just talking script, I have a pretty nice one that will record anytime someone says your name in a channel. It's pretty nifty for when you are away, you can go back and check what people have been saying about you :evil:
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hey all, im just wondering which script for mirc u guys prefer to use

A:whats the best mirc script?

What exactly are you talking about? Addons or interfaces? I think Invision has the most to offer in it's interface if that is what you are looking for.

If you are just talking script, I have a pretty nice one that will record anytime someone says your name in a channel. It's pretty nifty for when you are away, you can go back and check what people have been saying about you :evil:
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thanks for reading

so i'm just trying to install something, 4OD to be precise, and i get this message:

Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Deliveries. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator

now i'm presuming here that it wants to create a folder named 'My Deliveries', but heres the problems:

1. I am the administrator on my computer
2. I don't have a folder named 'Documents' where it should be, although there is one named 'Shared Documents'

can anyone help?


A:Insufficient privileges to my documents?

The path for the installation is wrong. (if this is Vista)

You need to change the installation path to:
C:\Users\username\Documents\My Deliveries (where "username" is your account name you are currently logged on with)
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What is a good php5 mysql database manager script except phpMyAdmin. Cause phpMyAdmin messed up my privileges. I have Apache2x Php5 Mysql5 know how to use a console cmd - command prompt

A:What is a good php5 mysql database manager script except phpMyAdmin

sounds like an install problem. Don't you think everyone would be complaining with this symptom?

Try the PHP site forum for the permission error