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Vid Card with high enough refresh rate for 64-inch screen?

Q: Vid Card with high enough refresh rate for 64-inch screen?

I can disply my Apple MacBook Pro on my 64-inch TV screen. But the MB Pro has refresh only to 60 Hz. On the big screen this causes very noticeable flicker. What computer box or video card would I need to produce a disply on 64-inch at high enough refresh rate? (not sure what will be high enough). (Am using HDMI of course).

Thanks very much for any help!

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Preferred Solution: Vid Card with high enough refresh rate for 64-inch screen?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Vid Card with high enough refresh rate for 64-inch screen?

Something is wrong with your connections. 60Hz is plenty.
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Ever since I retired my huge CRT monitor, I have been very unsatisfied with the performance of my 75Hz maximum LED monitor. Don't get me wrong, it's great for movies and everyday use, but for gaming it has done nothing but leave me yearning for something with a higher refresh rate.

I see that there are 120Hz 3D 'gaming' LEDs and have been poking around these waters. I have heard from sources that Benq used to make one of the best 120Hz monitors, but has since been discontinued. So have others, as I see them as 'unavailable' on NewEgg or insanely high priced elsewhere. Are these 120hz 3D monitors a bad idea to purchase? Are there any other options? I can't stand 75Hz in-game any longer!

A:High Refresh Rate LCD/LED Monitors For Gaming

One thing I know for certain is that you'll need a graphics card capable of pushing 120FPS as well or you'll suffer tearing @ 120hz. Then there's Vsync too. Personally I think the whole 3d stuff is gimmicky but the 120HZ is good for day to day use ... just that you'll need good dual GPU setup or very high end cards ... waste IMO.
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Does the monitor refresh rate increase strain on the graphics card and/or the computer's power supply?

A:Monitor refresh rate and graphics card

no, i dont believe it does. graphics cards are designed to have refresh rates as high as the manufacturer intended them to have.
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What is the optimal screen refresh rate for your monitor? I have a 17'' LCD and its been sitting at 60hz and im trying to determine if the source of my headache was from the screen or somewhere else.

A:Screen Refresh Rate

Check this website for info regarding aspects /comparisons of performance values between CRT's and LCD's. Some CRT values no longer have the same meaning with LCD's.
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What is Screen Refresh Rate and what is the recommended Hertz I should set it at? Mine right now is at 60 Hertz.

A:Screen Refresh Rate?

Refresh rate is the number of times that the image on the display is drawn each second.
Say your CRT monitor has a refresh rate of 72 Hertz (Hz), then it cycles through all the pixels from top to bottom 72 times a second.
Refresh rates are very important because they control flicker, and you want the refresh rate as high as possible. Too few cycles per second and you will notice a flickering, which can lead to headaches and eye strain.

What do you keep your screen resolution at?
See here:
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CPE Info The host machine screen refresh rate RDP changes? is running Win XP Pro Service Pack all current hotfixes patches and updates The hardware is an emachine T all hardware specs can be found http www emachines com support pro es amp model T The client machine is my PC at work which is more powerful than my host by far Pentium dualcore with GB of ram and some cheap HP peripherals for the video etc Also running WinXP Service Pack all current hotfixes and patches End CPE Info Scenario The RDP works great I have no problems with the RDP session itself I can establish the session do my RDP screen refresh rate changes? work etc without a problem I use the RDP client from work to login to my PC at home so I can do stuff that I can't do from work So RDP screen refresh rate changes? I RDP to my home PC at the start of my shift and leave the session logged in the whole time until I leave for home hrs My power scheme for the host is everything on all the time unless the UPS kicks in SO I do not believe the issue is being caused by a standby or power saving mode The problem is when I get home and I turn on my monitor CPU is obviously already on I get a message that the screen refresh rate is out of range Hz And I can't get the monitor to display anything unless I login to the PC from RDP again then the monitor will display the windows message that this computer is in use and has been locked I log out of RDP and the monitor goes back to Refresh rate is too high I'm watching all this happen in front of my eyes because I'm logging in from my laptop and I can watch the screen change from too high of a refresh rate to quot This computer is in use and has been locked quot I believe the login screen is what is giving the refresh rate out of range issue Anyway reboot clears the issue When I check my display properties the refresh rate is set at Hz just like I left it And I don't believe the issue is related to my video card settings or hardware as RDP will load a virtual driver for use by the RDP session I can't figure it out WHY does RDP cause my PC to output a signal with a refresh rate of Hz If I leave the computer on for the same amount of time and do not use my RDP the monitor is fine no display issues and when I power it on I see my login screen Oh yeah I m running the video thru a KVM also but I don t believe the KVM is faulty as it ONLY happens after I ve used RDP Oh yeah and I ve tried a different monitor also same issue the refresh rate jumps to Hz Any ideas - VoIP Tech Support Guy
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Hi, I recently installed XP on my dell inspiron 8200, and I want to download the XP drivers for the video card,

but when i go to START, RUN, and look at DXDIAG (direct x diagnostic tool) to see what my video card is, everything is blank, except "current display mode", which says 1600 x 1200 (16 bit) (1Hz)

The refresh rate is very low also for some reason (1Hz), how do I change it back to a normal 60Hz???

There are 3 video cards for xp drivers on the dell website for inspiron 8200, and i dont know which one is on my machine.



A:video card info / change refresh rate,39023985,10001978,00.htm
This says you have an ati graphics card. Read the info and the try the drivers for that card.
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Hey I am using a iiyama HM DT monitor CRT which supports Hz at x and x resolutions However I am having trouble finding out whether or not a particular graphics card supports this refresh rate I have checked Newegg the ATI and nVidia manufacturer 200 card refresh graphics Hz rate with Trouble finding websites and done a few Google searches and searched these forums Usually I only find the refresh rate for the maximum resolution even when I check the technical specs at the manufacturer s websites I m not sure how to proceed I would preferably like a card under and Trouble finding graphics card with 200 Hz refresh rate dual-monitor support would be a plus Also stability is important as the application is commercial Trouble finding graphics card with 200 Hz refresh rate and not gaming Either some graphics card recommendations or some help in Trouble finding graphics card with 200 Hz refresh rate finding detailed tech specs would be helpful Here is a link for the specific monitor just in case http www iiyama com us default asp SID amp LNG US amp NAV amp PCAT amp PROD amp CE F amp PARAMS DATASHEET Thanks in advance for any help nbsp
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The refresh rate for my monitor (Acer v223) is 60Hz.

In the display ... Monitor window, 59Hz was selected by Windows 7 when detecting the hardware. 60Hz is available as an option (with the modes that this monitor cannot display hidden).

-- is there any problem running at 59Hz (no gaming needed)?
-- should I change it to 60Hz?

[PS Should this be the Hardware & Devices forum?]

A:Q; Screen Refresh Rate: 59 or 60Hz

Hi DarkStar

Screen Refresh Rate - Custom for NVIDIA Brand

Microsoft answer:

Certain monitors report a TV-compatibility timing of 59.94Hz. Therefore, Windows 7 exposes two frequencies, 59Hz and 60Hz, for every resolution that is supported at that timing. The 59Hz setting makes sure that a TV-compatible timing is always available for an application such as Windows Media Center. The 60Hz setting maintains compatibility for applications that expect 60Hz.

In Windows 7, when a user selects 60Hz, the OS stores a value of 59.94Hz. However, 59Hz is shown in the Screen refresh rate in Control Panel, even though the user selected 60Hz.
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I just got my X1800XT and there is a problem with the refresh rate, my monitor is capable of 85 hertz in 1280x960, but it stays at 60, even tough it says its running at 85, also, it doesn't detect the limit as it used to, now i can go all the way to 200 hertz, even tough whatever I do it still stays at 60. I installed the drivers of my monitor but it doesn't seem to change anything, as it still read it as a "default monitor". I don't know what to do please help, I dont want to return that awesome card.

A:Screen refresh rate problem

oh and I have the lastest catalyst drivers of course.
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Hi. I have a CTX Ultra monitor and a Trident 3D card. Problem is that the screen seems to have a constant, faint flicker. Especially when bright.

I have tried to find the refresh rate but can't seem to fond where it lives. I have looked in Device Manager, Display Adapters resource tab - and Monitor, no resource tab.

I am using W-95 950b with proper updates and the CPU is a local build with a 333P2. It doesn't matter what software I'm using or if I'm on the web. Could it be that I can't adjust the refresh rate?

Well, penny for your thoughts. Thanks, Steve-x8086

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I set the refresh rate too high on a computer at work and now the screen is garbled. The os is win 95 and I'm not sure if its [a] or . I'm not too familiar with 95 and how to fix things like this in win95. I downloaded a couple of bootdisks, one for a and one for b. How will I go about using them to lower the refresh rate? Nobody knows I've goofed yet so I don't want to swap moniters. Help!

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Hey everyone I was reading that increasing your screen refresh rate from Hz to - Hz will make things look nicer and be a lot easier on the screen Increasing rate... safe?? refresh eyes I know where to go to change the refresh rate but I m not sure if there are restrictions as to what I can set my rate too I have a Sony SDM-M and I ve got the manual right in front of but I m not sure what to be look for The only places I see anything with Hz is the following Input signal format RGB operating frequency Horizontal - kHz Vertical - kHz Power requirements - V - Hz Max A Can anyone help me to determine my options here I know my max resolution is x and it s set to True Increasing screen refresh rate... safe?? Color -bit right now I d like to up the refresh rate but I don t want to break anything and this isn t my area of expertise Thanks for the help let me know if more information is needed nbsp

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I built up a PC a couple of months ago It has an ok spec Phenom II x NVidia GTX b ram gig HD w PSU Windows Eval From the first couple of days I noticed an issue that looked like incorrectly setup refresh rates - there are wavy lines accross the entire screen and is particularly noticeable on highlighted text and the side edges of windows I made sure the frame rate was correct both in Windows and according to the GFX Card I have tried lines 'wavy' screen across (like rate, not) refresh but all the settings but have settled at hz This is the best setting but does not get rid of the problem I have the most up to date drivers for my GFX Card and Windows is up to date too The intensity of the problem can fluctuate Right now its fairly minimal and only visable if you are looking It can however get to the point where its becoming hard to read text or at least tiring because you have to strain some more This can happen at any time The only link I have found is to games as 'wavy' lines across screen (like refresh rate, but not) both World of Warcraft and Borderlands will intensify the isse both ingame and in Windows I am fairly sure they are set at the correct resolution and refresh rate where possible What could this be Further info three weeks ago I turned the PC on in the morning to find the 'power' button unresponsive After some waiting and several attempts it eventually turned on but I got a 'no signal' display on screen Later I resorted to jump starting the PC without the power button using a screwdriver to connect the prongs - after doing this the power button has been fine although it took another day 'wavy' lines across screen (like refresh rate, but not) for the no signal message to go away and normal viewing return This problem has not repeated since During this the fans were fluctuating a lot audibly so This dissapeared mostly along with the above problems but I still think it sounds like the fans are fluctuating infrequently particularly on initial bootup 'wavy' lines across screen (like refresh rate, but not) I have no software for changing fan speeds as far as they know they run at the speed I set physically A lot of this seems to point at the GFX Card although I am a little more inclined to think it is the power supply or the availability of power for each unit But I really don't know Either I can find the solution online or I take it to the shop and pay for a repair not that its easy to even tell them what they need to repair The PC runs fast and with relatively few crashes besides that one weekend and this persistant display problem

A:'wavy' lines across screen (like refresh rate, but not)

Is the monitor digital? If not, sounds like some kind of interference or induction. Like 50 Hz power line too close or something.
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i know theres millions of threads about this but they dont seem to help anything (this may be wrong spot to post but i didnt find any other)

So the problem is when i installed ATI Catalyst Center i went to my monitors Hz aka Refresh Rate, i didnt accutaly know what it does so i went to change it (Not Good idea) and my monitor just went black and the message came up: 'Out of range!'....

and yes ive tried to start in safemode but same message comes :/

so yes i need help!

A:Black screen after changing refresh rate

Hi Pot
Welcome to Techspot.

Is there an auto button on your monito? Try turning the monitor off then back on and also try hitting the auto button. Sometimes this resets the monitor.

Do you have integrated graphics on your mobo? If you do unplug the graphics card plug your monitor onto you mobo and try rebooting.

You should be able to uninstall the graphics drivers and ATI Catalyst Center.

This should re-set the monitor for you and correct the refresh rate. Once uninstalled plug the graphics card back in re-install the software and see if that corrects the problems.

Hope this helps
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I have a 17-inch Toshiba laptop with a resolution of 1600x900 and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. However, on some backgrounds, I can clearly see my screen flickering. With the preservation of my eyes in mind, it would be greatly beneficial to know if I can increase this or not. I go here:

Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution

and click "Advanced Settings". Under "Monitor Settings", the pull-down bar only gives me the option of 60Hz (the "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" is whited out). Is it possible to increase the refresh rate?

EDIT: I have a generic PnP monitor on Intel HD graphics
EDIT#2: I just noticed the similar threads section at the bottom, and found that LCD monitors are supposed to be 60 Hz. But then how do I reduce the flicker?

A:How to increase screen refresh rate (won't go past 60Hz)

To my knowledge LCD screens shouldn't flicker at all regardless of the refresh rate? They don't refresh, the pixel is either on or off. How old is this laptop? Maybe your back light is failing? Other than that, without being able to see what you see, its hard to comment?
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After moving my computer related. Glitch, rate Screen Visible refresh last week and setting it back up I have been getting a visual glitch that I've been unable to really identify using my standard ask google techniques etc What happens is this The screen will visibly twitch almost something like what you see when you do the degauss reset option Visible Screen Glitch, refresh rate related. on your monitor but not quite so much The refresh bar will become Visible Screen Glitch, refresh rate related. briefly visible wherever it is on the screen much like it does when you video tape a computer monitor This issue is not just a display problem however While on Ventrilo and teamspeak when I get a glitch like this it also interupts the flow of the conversation audibly so I'd assume that it interupts other aspects as well The glitch sometimes happens every few seconds and sometimes only every few minutes Annoyingly enough it is not happening at all while I'm typing this The computer is running microsoft windows xp service pack ati radeon x gt graphics card with the driver update as of updated today An intel pentium gightz processor Asus Motherboard What I've done so far The Monitor is fairly old but it hasn't caused any problems I do not have a seperate monitor and CPU to hook them up independently at the moment though I'd like to try that The processor temperatures are fairly low I did a memtest and found no errors I took the computer apart and put it back together again while cleaning each component with compressed air to remove all dust etc When I went to update the graphics driver I got a series of errors the first of which was a x A the second was a x F I believe these were caused by the fact that I got a screen glitch in the middle of updating the driver and had to hard reboot because of it and ended up without a video driver for a while Please feel free to request clairification or more specs on the computer This driver issue was solved I just included it incase it could be of help to someone Thanks -Madhattr

A:Visible Screen Glitch, refresh rate related.

Update: Going through all the standard fixes I found the hard drive was fairly severly fragmented so I defraged that which took quite a while. Still occuring though, any ideas?
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With the Nvidia Forceware, I accidently changed the screen refresh rate of my desktop to 75. As soon as I did it, my LCD monitor just went black, and said "No Signal". I can see that the computer is still working, because I managed to get it to restart by guesswork and the help of the windows key, but theres no input going to the monitor!
I'm running Windows XP Media Centre

Please help!

A:Solved: I changed my screen refresh rate by accident!

Boot to Safe Mode or Enable VGA mode and see if that will let you set the refresh rate back to what your LCD will handle.

Tap F8 during startup to get the Startup options menu

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After moving my computer last week and setting it back up I have been getting a visual glitch that I ve been unable to really identify using my standard ask google techniques etc What happens is this The screen will visibly twitch almost something like what you see when you do the degauss reset option on your monitor but not quite so much The refresh bar will become briefly visible wherever it is on the screen much like it does when you video tape a computer monitor This issue is not just a display problem however While on Ventrilo and teamspeak when I get a glitch like this it also interupts the flow of the conversation audibly so I d assume that it interupts other aspects as well The glitch sometimes happens every few seconds and sometimes only every few minutes Annoyingly Rate Glitch Visible related. Screen Refresh enough it is not happening at all while I m typing this The computer is running microsoft windows xp service pack ati radeon x gt graphics card with the driver update as of Visible Screen Glitch Refresh Rate related. updated today An intel pentium gightz processor Asus Motherboard What I ve done so far The Monitor is fairly old but it hasn t caused any problems I do not have a seperate monitor and CPU to hook them up independently at the moment though I d like to try that The processor temperatures are fairly low I did a memtest and found no errors I took the computer apart and put it back together again while cleaning each component with compressed air to remove all dust etc When I went to update the graphics driver I got a series of errors the first of which was a x A the second was a x F I believe these were caused by the fact that I got a screen glitch in the middle of updating the driver and had to hard reboot because of it and ended up without a video driver for a while Please feel free to request clairification or more specs on the computer Thanks -Madhattr nbsp

A:Visible Screen Glitch Refresh Rate related.

Update: Going through all the standard fixes I found the hard drive was fairly severly fragmented so I defraged that which took quite a while. Still occuring though, any ideas?
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I don't know if I posted this at the good place but I've changed my refresh rate by accident causing my screen to turn black and saying : Not compatible with this signal. I've tried to change it back using the safe mode but with no success.If you have any idea on how to fix this problem I will be very grateful.

Thank you in advance,


A:Black screen after accidental change of refresh rate

Don't know what OS you are working with but in general, if you can get into safe mode, a system restore to just before you changed the refresh rate should return it to the previous setting.
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My computer changed the screen resolution by itself for some reason, this is the second time that it does that. I managed to fix it the first time by changing monitor settings/drivers (followed this tutorial: Generic Non pnp Monitor Fix) but I am unable to fix it now.

The screen resolution was 1920x1080 earlier and I got it back to that but the screen is blurry and shaking which is extremely annoying and I already have headache.

I noticed that I miss 60Hz refresh rate and suspect that it could be the issue:

When using 1600x1200 or anything below that, the screen isn't blurry and doesnt shake.

Does someone know how to fix this as I have no idea how to and I can't really have it this way
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Hi, To have maximum performance of the monitor, i tried to change the refresh rate of monitor from 60 to 75 hertz. But on going to the advance menu and monitor, there is no hertz to select, it is set to use hardware default settings. thereis no drop down menu showing the hertz. How to have thoses hertz.
I remember seeing those hertz sometimes back. My OS is window 7 ultimate

A:I could not change the refresh rate of monitor as no rate is there

Could i expect the reply. Why refresh rate is absent
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I formatted the HDD on this computer and re-installed XP on it. It seems fine, except for one problem.

When viewing webpages (with any browser, such as IE or Firefox) it has what seems to be a terrible refresh rate. If I scroll down, it takes about 3 entire seconds to redrew the window. It's so bad, I can see the "refresh" scroll up replacing the page with the new content. As far as I can tell, this isn't a problem with Windows Explorer windows. It's really slow in this case.

Any idea why?

A:Bad refresh rate?

Since windows was re-installed the thing that has to be done is to install all of the special drivers like chipset, buss, network, audio, video and others, they can be installed in any order you wish and can be found on the system recovery disk set for the computer if it is an OEM like Compaq, Dell etc. or if you do not have a recovery disk set the drivers can be found on the manufacturers web site for either the motherboard or the manufacturer of the computers web site. You can download these drivers and burn to a CD-R and then install those following instructions to reboot when asked.
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i cant change my monitor refresh rate!it keeps giving the only option of default hardware settings help

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I get a pronounced flicker on my monitor if I set my refresh rate at anything higher than 60 Hz.The recommended refresh rate at 1024X76 resolution is 85 Hz.When I boot up I get a warning that the resolution is set too low.What is my problem?

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Which impacts the windows refresh rate system resources or ram? I have 768MB ram and periodically get really slow window refresh rates. Running win 98 SE on Dell PIII. Thoughts?

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What does the refresh rate do? My current setting is 59 Hertz. What would happen if I change it to 60 Hertz? Would there be a slight boost in games or whatsoever?

A:Refresh Rate?

The higher the refresh rate, the better games and general viewing will be.

But. Your monitor must support the higher refresh rates
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Just bought myself a new monitor. Bit of an upgrade from the 15" to 19".

One thing I have noticed, is the brightness. I have changed the screen size to 1024x768.

I'm currently running Win2000 as the main PC, and the refresh rate is currently 60Hertz. I have a choice of:

60, 70, 75, 80

Which is the expected refresh rate?

Thanks in advance


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I get a warning on booting up stating that my monitor is running at a lower refresh fate than recommended. I checked the refresh rate and there are only three listed, 60, 75, and 80 hertz. I have it set at 80. What do I do next?

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Hi there,
I noticed that there was an option to create a new custom resolution on which had 60 Refresh rate , and i could make it higher.
What is it?

and also, what is Allocation size?
When i format , the default is 4096.


A:What is refresh rate?

The refresh rate is how fast your screen refreshes. So the higher the better, which means that it will update the screen at 60 hz. I don't know exactly how fast that is, but its roughly the standard.

Allocation size is the HDD RAM I believe. Its what the system uses when it runs out of RAM. It is much slower, but keeps the system going.

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I want to buy an AREA-51 m15x notebook, and was wondering what the max refresh rate was? are they all 60? Or can I > the RR by < the Resolution?

A:Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is dictated by the monitor and it is genrally not a good idea to fiddle with the settings of laptop screens - if it locks up you cannot unplug it and reset it. It will already be optimised for the machine anyway.
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I am working on 17 inch samsung monitor (Samsung 753s )on 1024 x 768 resolution anyone tell me what is the best refresh rate for working and not damage my hardware.

A:Refresh Rate

Recommended: 1024 x 768 @ 85Hz Click to expand...
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I currently have my refresh rate on my monitor set at 84hz, but windows will let me put it up too 100hz after i check the option to only display modes my monitor can handle. However in my monitors manual it says only 85hz. Is it dangerous to put my hz up to 100.

A:refresh rate

Yes. This message was too short - dumb rule when the answer is simple.

However - YES!
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I ve heard about monitor's refresh rate.
In winNT, could u plz tell me how to set the refresh rate?
(Also, which is the right number).

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I just replaced the CRT to a 19" LCD monitor and now adjusting the settings to best suit my eyes.

Staring at the monitor more than 8 hours a day sometimes strain my eyes, so I want to ask how I should set the screen resolution and the screen refresh rate.
The manufactures' recommended resolution is 1440 x 900 but the refresh rate is maxed at 60. If I select 1280 x 800, refresh rate goes up to 75 Hertz.

Are LCD the same as CRT when it comes to screen refresh rate Hertz? My main concern is my eyes.

Thanks for your time.

A:CRT Refresh Rate same as LCD Refresh Rate?

At least the blinking and hor. lines and stuff like that, which were a problem on CRTs, do not apply on LCDs. I hear. So, you could propably just set it at 1280x800 @ 60 Hz.
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i just got a new video card

Asylum Geforce FX 5200 256 MB AGP Insane 3D Graphic Card

but on 3D Benchmark i scored around 5000, i was expecting higher score...

in CS my fps always bounce from 60 to 30 never really steady, and so I was wondering on my monitor setting, there are "hertz" which one should i set it to for the best FPS results? its currenlty to 60 rite now, I have viewsonic 19" CRT monitor, set to 1024x768.

Does higher hertz get better fps?

how do i fix this problem so i can get the best fps in game?

A:refresh rate...

Your card is my card, almost to a T. My card sucked also, until I got omega drivers and cool bits. I let cool bits overclock the card after I installed the omega drivers. If you do it, let cool bits auto detect the settings. The driver number is 14523a for whatever OS you are running.
Mine still isn't the greatest, but she is clocking and playing games MUCH better.
Might want to give it a whirl. Also, if you don't want to reset it on every start up, check the box that says apply on start up.
Refresh rate, 100 worked for me.
P.S. You can't overclock with nvidia drivers unless you reset it everytime you reboot.
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when i play lots of games it asks what to make the refresh rate lstuff like 85htz or 55htz or othere numbers what it mean the higher you put it the better or the lower you put is better

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please read below:

the clueless person that i am, changed the refresh rate of my monitor to about 75Hz (or so) and now i'm having a problem booting. this might not be the problem but i thought id mention it. not sure if my monitor supports it (ive got a Mag Innovision Model no. the back it mentions 60Hz so...)

everything is normal up until the windows xp loading screen after which the screen goes blank. the monitor is not however on standby and i tried logging in (knowing how to without the screen) to no avail

ive tried booting in safe mode, with networking and with command prompt, ive used the lot!!

i have no on-board graphics card so hell that doesnt help at all!

using an Nvidia 6600GT 256Mb it that could help....

thanks in advance!

A:Monitor refresh rate

hi llama91

Your screen is only capable of a 60Hz refresh rate and therefore when it loads Windows it wont be able to load at 75Hz (the amount you've changed it to). You'll have to connect a monitor that IS capable of allowing that refresh rate and then revert it back to 60Hz once started up. I'm pretty sure you'd be able to disable the drivers (and then enable them again once you've set the refresh rate back) through Command Prompt as well but I must admit I'm not sure of how that's done.

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The SOA refresh rate interval is 600 seconds. A recommended rate
is a value 1200 to 43200 seconds (20min. to 20 hrs), how do I
reset this value ?


A:XP Home -SOA Refresh rate

How Does a Stub Zone Stay Up To Date?
An SOA record includes a Refresh Interval setting that tells secondary servers how often to pull a zone transfer. By default, Windows DNS assigns a 15-minute refresh interval to SOA records.

For more details see:
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I was wondering can i override refresh rate when playing games. I have LCD 19 inch monitor, and my refresh rate is 60Hz when playing games. Its really anoying, and my eyes are falling apart. Before i could override refresh rate in ATi control panel, but now i have nvidia and i can't find that option.

A:Refresh Rate Override

if the refresh rate on the monitor is 60Hz then on you cant make it go above 60Hz. in the game your playing you might be able the turn V- sync off in the game opinions
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Is there a way to change the refresh rate on my online Gmail account? It refreshes every 2 minutes, slowing down my already slow connection, I usually just end up closing it and checking it later. I have checked the settings on my account but haven't seen any of of changing it. I'm using FireFox, and I don't thing FF is doing the refreshing because gmail is the only site that refreshes.


A:Gmail refresh rate

good question awg1011...sorry for butting in here but i also would like info on this. the problem i have is when i'm playing a flash game in a seperate tab gmail will interfere with the game causing it to stop. i had to close the gmail tab to play the game. thanks
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How can i change the resolution and refresh rate?

A:Resolution and refresh rate

Microsoft has a step by step instructional with screenshots that will be helpful for you.

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just wondered what the reccomended refresh rate is for LCD widescreen monitors, as i have just bought a 20". On my old 17" CRT screen i always had the refresh rate at 75 hertz as my eyes could not stand 60 hertz. I now have the refresh rate set to 75 hertz on my new monitor, but was wondering if that was correct for a LCD widescreen monitor???

thanks in advance

A:Recommended refresh rate?

You don't get that option with LCD. Only CRT.

Leave it alone.
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Is higher better? What does it do? Can it damage your display? Will a higher or lower refresh rate hurt your eyes more?

A:Monitor Refresh Rate?

yep. higher is better until it becomes shaky/blurry ....adjust to your liking .
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Is there a way for me to get a higher refresh rate on my monitor other than the 60 hz I now have? I've attached a screenshot, showing that there's no other option (in the pulldown menu) other than 60 hz. But, is there somehow a way for me to CONFIGURE a higher refresh rate other than 60? (Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit OS)

A:Higher refresh rate?

From the manual:

VGA input
D-Sub 15-pin terminal
E-EDID compliant
Suggested scan rates:640?480 /60 Hz, 800?600 /60 Hz, 1024?768 /60 Hz, 1360?768 /60 Hz

There is no mention of whether or not higher frame refresh rates are supported, and forcing a higher rate may result in damage.
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Does setting your video driver application, like in ATI tool, to override 60hz default to a higher rate while playing 3d games make any difference? Either in speed or looks? I have been trying it different ways and then benchmarking and if anything it seems that forcing a higher refresh rate might help the speed a little.

does anyone know if all this matters much? thanks

A:refresh rate override

Setting the refresh rate to higher than 60 Hz allows for a higher frame rate (especially with Vsync enabled); when benchmarking vsync should be disabled - that way refresh rate won't have any effect on performance.

Higher refresh rates are also better for your eyes (Well, some people - like myself) are sensitive to anything below 85Hz).
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whats the difference between frames per second in games and refresh rate on monitors?

A:frames per second and refresh rate

Frames per second fps is the actual amount of frames the video card will redraw

Refresh rate is the actual frames per second the monitor will redraw.

A problem arises when the refresh rate is lower the the fps thus limiting the video card to perform slower as it has to wait for the monitor to draw the frames.
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How do i force a higher refresh rate?
I tried with NVIDIA Control Panel but it said it wasn't supported.

I want to force it, because the image quality seemed to be a hell of a lot better from 30 Hz to 60 Hz, and i want to try 72 Hz or even 120 Hz for 3D

A:Force Refresh Rate

What kind of monitor is it? Is it even rated to go that high at all or a 3D monitor? Would you like to fry it?
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How do you get rid of the ugly 60Hz limit when using 27.xx drivers? Nvidia Refresh Rate Fix doesn't recognise the drivers and RivaTuner's 60Hz Fix doesn't work either

I'm using Windows XP Pro with Detonator 27.42 (GeForce 3 Ti200).


A:Refresh Rate fix for Detonator 27.xx?

I tryed fixing it once by using DxDiag & entering a default refresh rate of 85 but it would still go down to 60. I know my monitor can do 85hz at 1024*768
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I have a laptop, not a desktop, and it has a 60hz refresh rate and I believe a 120hz refresh rate is better for most games. So I'm thinking to buy a monitor that has a 120hz refresh rate or more and just plug in using the VGA cable.

So let's say I have a 120hz monitor, will my laptop now has a 120hz refresh rate or does it still remain original, i.e 60hz ?

A:Monitor refresh rate

Hi. I suspect the laptop will still run at a max of 60 Hz but it is possible to get a monitor to run at 120 Hz (the LCD screen in the monitor has a native resolution of 120Hz) no matter what it is set to when the signal is fed to it it would be upscaled and that can cause some weird issues. Frankly you really need a super high end video card costing somewhere near the whole laptop and a fast PC to run games at the rate a 120Hz monitor would be really useful without seeing artefacts and stuff that makes your head spin.

HDTV Refresh Rates Explained: 60Hz, 120Hz, and Beyond |

60hz 120hz gaming computer noticeable difference
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Hi, can anyone explain if there is any relation between fps and refresh rate of a monitor?

A:Relation between fps and refresh rate

Refresh rate is the number of times your monitor can refresh the screen per second, and FPS is how many frames per second your PC is outputting.

It means that if your monitor is 60hz, it can display up to 60 FPS, and not above. But will not affect the systems performance directly, and just means that if your system is outputting 67 fps, then your monitor will not be able to show all those frames, and you will need to turn Vsync on in your games.
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I would need program which would change my monitor refresh rate. My GPU is ATI 4850 and monitor NEC221W. Please help me ;/
Edit: Please ofter programs that is trusted and without malware.

A:Refresh rate fix program

Why do you need to change your refresh rate and what do you want to change it to? If a different rate is supported, Windows allows you to change it.
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Hi I think this is quite a common problem but I can't seem to find the solution for it

Anyway what happens is, several games I have cause my monitor to blank out when I load them up fullscreen. On my old CRT monitor, I get a "signal out of range". On my new LCD monitor, it blanks out and shows me the refresh rate. For some games, I can alt tab out and I can go back to Windows normally - the screen will come back to life again. For most games, alt tabbing doesnt work. I'm stuck with the refresh rate thing on my screen

Any ideas how to fix this?

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Hi everyone,

I would like to know know what the Refresh rate my Monitor is giving. In Display Settings>Settings>Advaced>Monitor, I have it set to 85 Hz, but I don't know if my monitor is actuaclly giving that much. In my old monitor, there were buttons on the monitor to check the status, but on this one, there is no such thing.

So how can I accurately check how much the refresh rate is.
Is there some kind of tool that can show me exactly how much my monitor is giving.

Thank you

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my New Benq E2200HD monitor is connected to my VGA card with a D-sub cable. i cant get it to get more than 60Hz of refresh rate when i change the rate in the personalization options in vista(it says it's out of range)

will i be able to get better refresh rates with a DVI cable?

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Hi I have a Radeon 9600 pro running 4.8 Omega Catalyst drivers on Windows 2000 SP4.
My problem is that I want to have 1024*768 resolution run at 85hz (as that is what I use to play games in, always with v-sync on) but have 1280*960 run at 60hz (which is what my desktop is).
I have tried changing options in the monitor attributes section of the monitor properties page in the display control panels however this causes problems when I play windowed games such as Starscape (locks up my display & I have to hard reset). I have tried a program called Refresh Force but it does absolutely nothing.
Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Refresh Rate Problems

Does your monitor have the ability to run that refresh at that setting? You could be limited there. Try taking your desktop down to that setting first.
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How to fix the xp refresh-rate problem?

A:xp refresh-rate problem

More system info would be nice....namely your video card.

If you have an nVidia card, here's a link to the page, download it from a link on the right.
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Please help i just bought a samsung quot LED tv i use for a monitor and its a hz tv but when with Please refresh help rate.. Monitor i Please help with Monitor refresh rate.. try to change the refresh rate of my computer the last option to Please help with Monitor refresh rate.. choose is only hz the text on my screen is kind of blurry not as sharp as it was through VGA can anyone tell me how come i cant get my computer to output in hz running Win ultimate bit HD Radeon AMD phenom II quad core processor black edition not sure why i would be having trouble using DVI to HDMI cable for connection any help would be greatly appreciated waiting by patiently for your inputs also there is a inch border along the entire screen in black i cant get rid of display shows x OK so i updated my cards drivers and restarted now the border is inch over the display but settings still show x ok i found it for whoever needs to know ln-t GTX Even though you can force a hz refresh through the Nvidia control panel I think the TV only takes hz refresh rates listed in the manual pretty sure no TVs accept hz inputs but that would be nice Check the manual for PC compatible timings As far as the overscan make sure the PC is plugged into HDMI- on the TV With the remote re-name HDMI- to quot PC quot and set picture size to quot just scan quot If you already did all that downloading the latest Nvida driver should fix it as it did for me These sets are very PC freindly so you should not have any overscan

A:Please help with Monitor refresh rate..

I've experienced exactly the same thing (on a Samsung 52" lcd). It isn't the refresh rate, it's the overscan/underscan settings.

Open Catalyst Control Center and find DTV in the list on the left. Click on this and you should get a list of options and settings. The one you want is "Scaling Options." Click on it and you should now see a slider labeled Underscan at one end and Overscan on the other end. Slide the pointer all the to Overscan (0%).

The desktop should now fill your screen (no borders) and the text should be sharp.

Hope this helps.

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Hey guys, I'm in desperate need of help. I just bought a new customized computer and when I finished installing the driver for my new ATI X800 video card, I decided to change the resolution and the refresh rate of my monitor. I changed the refresh rate of my monitor to 100hz and a black screen with a box came up and says "Out of Range", the thing is, when I pressed escape and any key, it wouldn't go back to the rate that work. I tried rebooting and everytime I should see my desktop, I see a black screen with "Out of Range" on it and I can't see anything...Is there anything that I can do so I go back to the previous refresh rate so I can see what I'm doing?

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Ok, I have read a lot of different places that people have this problem but then I don't see an answer. The monitor refresh rate is only going to 60 herts, I have to have it go higher! I have epilipsy and this is killing my head. I have a Sony Vaio CR series wuth Vista home prem. installed.

A:Refresh rate 60 hertz

Hi hookem,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You will just need to adjust your screen resolution to a different size until you find one that supports a higher refresh rate. It may take a few tries to find one. This is limited to what your video card and monitor combined can support.

Hope this helps,
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I put in a new motherboard and cpu recently and it seems to be running fine but with a slow refresh rate with the onboard video but when i use the HIS AGP Radeon 9550 it will work for about a minute and when i start up any type of internet browser it will crash and restart.

can this be a power supply problem bc i have a 300w?

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Im using a old samsung crt monitor(14'). Since the display was flickering a lot i tried to increase the refresh rate from 60hz to 70hz using the xpertvision software(i have geforce 8600GT 1gb graphics card) .I did not know that my monitor supports 70hz but applied the settings. Then the display went blank with the monitor led blinking furiously. I tried restarting the system but after the windows splash screen, it goes blank again with the led blinking.
I have ubuntu installed on my computer as well. I tried to place the xpertvision folder(the one in C\program files\) in a different drive and checked windows again but it still didnt work.
I really am in deep trouble guys, please help me

PS: I can connect a new monitor which supports 70Hz refresh rate and change it back but its tedious and not practical for me

A:refresh rate disaster

Have you tried going into safe mode?
If you can, try deleting your display adapter and monitor from device manager and then restarting. Note you will then have to reinstall your nVidia GeForce drivers again from the CD.
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For example, Is there any disadvantage running a refresh rate of 120 Hertz versus 60 Herts?

I'm not sure if it's me but, the graphics seem to differ slightly, (deeper and clearer at 60Hz) yes/no?? I did notice the mouse moved quicker across the screen from 60 to 120hz. No biggy, if I change the mouse settings, though I can't come to realize the which I prefer? I'm running a 19"" Sony Trinitron CRT.


A:Refresh Rate question..........

As far as I know, not, only if your monitor and graphics card can do them natively, there's no real risk whatsoever.
if they can't display them, the screen will appear garbled and difficult to work with.
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I do not have driver my microvision monitor, Widows Xp load it as plug & Play monitor and assigned 85Khz at 32 bit color..

For my microvision 17" monitor 70Khz, the other refresh rate available are 60, 72. 75 & 85... etc. So I adjusted to 72KHZ and hear hissing noise from moitor. however with 60Khz refresher rate there is no noise..

I need to know, is it advisable to run the monitor at lower screen refresh rate.?

How to get the refresh rate to the monitor default value of 70Khz.?

Do anybody know where could I get the driver for the monitor?


A:Monitor Refresh Rate

Contacting their tech support would answer all of these questions
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Hey guys!

I am brand new and this is my first post on the site. I am also not extremely knowlwdgable about computers. I have a OS of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with 3GB of memory. I hope this is sufficent.

When I am on a web page reading an article, after a certain amount of time the page will automatically refresh/renew to the top of the page & I need to scroll down and find where I was. I did try for an hour to repair the problem on my own by going on the windows help site. It said right click on desk top- click screen resolution- and then I tried two options with display & monitor& one which goes into "advanced setttings". The bottom line is 60 Hertz is the only option in the "drop down menus" that I seen.

The problem is major annoying. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Changing My Refresh Rate. Can anyone help please!

The problem has nothing to do with Windows itself. Its actually a problem with the web page. I really cannot tell you whats going on without seeing it for myself. But the issue you mention isn't something that can be fixed via Windows settings.
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I have a Megavision MV220 22" Widescreen Monitor, and an EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS Superclocked video card and i'm running Windows Vista. The problem is that I can't get the monitor refresh rate to go above 60 Hz and I cannot seem to find device drivers for this particular monitor. I would like to get the refresh rate to at least 75 Hz, and I'm sure this monitor can do it. It has a 5ms response time and I'm using a DVI cable.

Is there anything I can edit in the registry that will force 75Hz? Or does anyone know of drivers I should use for this monitor.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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RDP connects fine from home XP to office XP but screen refresh rate draws from left to right and down very slow especially when viewing PDF docs with pictures. Connection at home is DSL and connection on office is T1.

A:RDP slow refresh rate

Problems with viewing PDFs and graphics is a very common issue when using RDP. I recommend you look at Ericom Blaze, a software product that accelerates AND compresses standard Microsoft RDP, so it speeds RDP while conserving bandwidth. Blaze accelerates RDP performance by as much as 10-25 times, and helps deliver higher frame rates and reduce screen freezes and choppiness.

You can read more about Blaze and download a free evaluation at:

Or view a video demo at:

Hope this helps.

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I am currently using a gf4 ti4600 graphics card, and my problem is that in counterstrike my monitor's refresh rate as of yesterday is being forced down to 60 hz. I was using the 'Override Refresh Rates' option in my gf4 video settings, and for the resolution i am running in cs i have it set to where it should force it to 85 hz. It is now being forced down to 60 hz. can anybody help me?

A:Refresh Rate Problem

Perhaps thats the maximum the monitor can take for the partcular resolution you have it set to.
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Hi there, I'm using a Samsung Syncmaster 550v, with a resolution of 1024x768 60hz, fact is, that refresh rate is killing my eyes, I have read several times that this monitor supports 75hz at that resolution (even this is undocumented).
problems is, i can't force refresh rate to 75hz, as that option does not appear even when i unchecked the "hide modes your monitor can't support".

is there a way to enable it ? maybe on the registry or a third party software ?

thanks a lot.

A:How can I force my refresh rate ?

Hello Lord35ar, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Have you already installed your monitor (not graphics card) driver, if one is availble for it? This may allow you to be able to select it afterwards.

Hope this helps,
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Bought a 512MB stick of PC133 SDRAM recently but found out that its refresh rate is different from my existing PC133 SDRAM. I think it's causing problems but I'm not sure; I put it in DIMM slot #3 and it worked (maybe caused the problem I had burning CD's shortly after installing) with my existing RAM, but then I moved it to DIMM slot #1 and my computer crapped out a while after boot up.

Is having different refresh rates a problem?

AIDA32 reports 15.625 us (normal) refresh rate on my existing RAM, and 7.8 us (reduced) refresh rate on the new - that's the only difference I could see.

If it is a problem, is there any way I can adjust the refresh rate?

I thought all the information you needed was PC133 SDRAM; I had no idea there were other identifying categories to RAM. None of my RAM stick labels indicate anything about refresh rate??

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Windows XP, eMachine, and a Sylvania LCD monitor.

The monitor refresh rate is currently set to 75. I want to reduce it to 60 but every time I make the change it reverts back to 75. Any ideas on how to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated.



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AMD2200+ chip
ECS M-Board
512 Meg RAM
nVidia gForce 440 64 Meg Vid card (PCI)
Standard monitor

Having a hard time getting rid of wavy lines on-screen.
Happens with all video modes. I heard there was a
prob in XP in this regard. Is there a patch or fix
for this ?



A:Refresh rate prob in XP

have you tried manually raising the refreash rate ? if so, what prevents you from doing so? any errors, field not available, etc..

what's a standard monitor, can you tell who manufactured it and is there a discernable model number ?
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Unless the contrast and brightness on my monitor is set to maximum, my display freaks out and starts flickering like crazy. Looks like waves, with no breaks, but sometimes the waves will increase in speed. It's a ViewSonic 19" The refresh rate is set to 60, and that's the only option, unless I force. Running Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3.

Adapter: ALL-IN-WONDER X600 Series
Chip Type: RADEON X600 PRO (0X5B62)
DAC Type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Memory Size: 256MB
Adapter String: ALL-IN-WONDER X600 Series
BIOS Info: 113-A46404-102

I don't know if this is even the right information to give... >_<

Any help would be extremely righteous.

A:Refresh Rate Issues

Tried running in Safe Mode to see if there was any difference, but alas, my quandary continues.
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I have a PCI-E nVidia dual-monitor card w/256 mb memory, running a GEM 19" LCD and a Samsung 19" CRT in Win XP Pro. At 1280x1024 resolution the video card says the highest refresh rate for the LCD is 60, which isn't right. I'm almost positive it should be 75 refresh rate and I can customize the display settings to get that, but I want to be sure it's ok first. But I can't find anything in the manual or on the web that tells the max refresh at that resolution for this monitor.

Do the "scan frequencies" tell me this information? They are Horz:31.47K to 80KHz and Vert: 60Hz to 75Hz.

Does that mean it's ok to jump it up to 75 refresh at that resolution?


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Does anyone know a way to change the monitor's refresh rate during boot up? When the Win2k 'start up' screen loads it flickers quite a bit. The refresh rate is down around 30 mhz. I normally run my monitor around 100 mhz. I know this is minor... but it is really annoying. Would there be someplace in the registry I could change this? Any help is appreciated. TIA


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Hey Everyone,

I'm having problems with my monitor having scanlines across the top of it and I was going to try something out with the adapter refresh rate settings. I'm hoping it'll make the scanlines go away. However, when I tried changing the rate to 60Hz I get a warning that says something along the lines of if I change the rate it might cause my monitor to not work properly or to cause something to go very wrong. It also said to only change it if you knew what Hz my adapter/monitor was compatible with. How do I find out which settings I can adjust it to? Right now it's set to Optimal. Thank you in advance.

A:Adapter Refresh Rate

If your monitor is a standard CRT monitor it should run on 60 hz without a problem.

When you say it has "scanlines" across the top? does your monitor have a slightly bright look to it. are these lines say small red or green lines that apear to be about the same distance apart from each other, probably about 1/4 inch.

if so your "backlight" brightness for a lack of better terms is set way to high and thats your problem, I dont recommend doing this but you can adjust your brightness by removing the case on it and you will have a POT, variable resistor, actually you will have up to possibly 10 depending on what type/model the monitor is, you will be able to adjust these with a screwdriver. You can play around with them to find which one is the correct one, but for a non technical person, and for most that are avid pc modders I still do not recommend doing this... if you touch the flyback,(produces above 150k voltes depending on make/model can lay an ***** whipping you.
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Hi ive had my Fujitsu C lifebook laptop for about a year now and about months ago i decided to reinstall windows XP the problem is it wasnt a real copy since i dont think i ever got the copy that was suposed to come with my laptop when i installed the XP there have been a few problems Firstly i just recently purchased THE SIMS and installed it fine but when i go to play it it comes up with the error quot failed to find any NOVICE RATE HELP REFRESH << WITH NEED DirectX c compatible graphics adapters in this system quot since im a novice at computers i dont know what i can do NEED HELP WITH REFRESH RATE << NOVICE but ive tried downloading all the video drivers n stuff for my exact laptop of the fujitsu website but they just wont install no matter what i do and i think the games problem may be due to this also when i scroll on any web browser or in any folder ect the scrolling goes reaaaaaaaaaaaaly slowly and jercky and takes ages to move to the destination also some flash games and other games go really jerkcky aswell this isnt due to the 'smooth scrolling' thing ive tried that but i think its also to do with the driver for the video card if it helps it says Ati Radeon and pentium on the laptop please help


Try using the Catalyst 4.12 driver (available from ATI's website). You may also have to download and install DirectX 9.0c
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i'm using win XP professional and am unable to change the refresh rate on my monitor to correct an annoying flicker. when i go to Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor there are no options for the refresh rate. i'm in the process of tracking down a driver for my monitor (a dell trinitron) to see if that helps, but after reading a few posts about dell trinitron monitors not needing a specific driver to run correctly i don't know that it will help.
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On my desktop, the refresh rate for the monitor is 85 Hz

but when I enter a game like UT2003, the refresh rate drops to 60Hz.

I have a Dell monitor M990, and Geforce4 Ti 4200

How do i change the refresh rate for the game back to 85Hz?


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Im having problem setting my refresh rate to 60hz,it lets me change to that option but doen't fix my problem.
my problem is with a game pro evolution soccer 2010 demo, if the refresh rate is not set to 60hz it blacks out the vsync option for some reason in the game settings, anyway ,so vsync is disabled and i get terrible graphic tearing (i think it's called that) ..but ive found a solution by using the program "Powerstrip" which lets me set the refresh rate of my tv to 60hz properly,and the game runs fine when powerstrip is running. Now surely there must be a way to fix this without having to open up this program every time i want to play pes demo

help much appreciated......:conf used:

A:refresh rate problem on 7 : (

There is a whole thread on the subject for 59hz. But to summarize it. Your screen is really 59.94hz, Windows 7 is displaying the correct value without doing any rounding, the display box however doesn't display decimal points.
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What is the best refresh rate to use when playing games and can it affect my fps if i Change it.

A:Solved: Refresh rate

Are you using 70 MHZ?
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I have a 8800 GTS running with an HP LP2275w monitor. I just installed win7 and for some reason it won't let the refresh rate go above 59hz. My monitor is capable of running 60hz. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but I actually find it quite disorienting. When I change the video settings with in the nvidia control panel or the windows resolution settings, it always reverts it back to 59hz. I don't get any error messages, it acts like it changed the setting, but then it gets reverted immediately. Anyone know what might be causing this or how to fix it?

I've tried uninstalling the nvidia drivers and letting windows handle it, but that didn't work. I have all of the up to date drivers currently available. Lil help?

A:Refresh rate won't go above 59hz

See post 224. It may help.

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When playing a game in win2k or xp are you limited to 60 FPS? I found this little program that addresses the problem.
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I bought my son an old compaq pc , its a p2 350 . I put a gf 2 ti 64meg graphics card in it . It works on most games but I cannot change my refrsh rate or resolution. I get a mess too check my display driver and hardware settings. I am using the current g force drivers. Any one have any thoughts ?

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Hello! I would like to know how to find my monitors refresh rates. I do NOT have an manuel, so I cannot use one to find out. Any help is appreciated. Oh yeah, I use Windows 98. Hope that bit helps.



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I have a brand new computer with a nvidia 64 ddr video card. I am using an old Gateway EV700 monitor. I am running win xp and the refresh rate is currently only 60 hertz. Can I increase it to 75 or will that hurt the monitor? Thanks.

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Yeah I reformatted my computer. And Im trying to edit my refresh rates... but the new Drivers in my Advanced Video Card Settings dont display the old ... options. Because before there was a list of differant resolutions and next to that was default.. but now thats not there it.

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when i start my computer, pentium 200, win 98, 64 meg ram, nec fe700 monitor, i get the message that the refresh rate is to low and to consult my manual for the correct settings. the problem is i do not have any manual. this problem just started recently, i've had the monitor for 3 years. any ideas?

A:refresh rate on monitor

More than likely the refresh rates are to high not to low.. To fix it, press F8 while booting and choose to boot into safe mode.. When in safe mode enter the display properties and set the display to 640 X 480 and the color depth as high as it'll go. Reboot and the adaptor should default back to the default 60hz refresh rate, you can then further adjust your adaptor settings through the display property settings.

(Right click on the desktop and select properties to enter the display settings, click the settings tab to alter the color depth or resolution and click the advanced button under settings tab, then the monitor tab to change the refresh rate.. If you set the refresh rate to high it can damage your monitor or make it not work correctly)
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hey ,
i was setting the refresh rate on my monitor and i set it too high . monitor went black , i have hit all the reset buttons on the monitor itself but no change . restarted the computer still no affect .
anyone have any suggestions to how to get the pic back .. it was an ATI graphics card setting i was changing = refresh rate , hit 200 instead of 100
thanks '

thanks m8 .. i already got it ..
for anyone else , go into safe mode . f8 and login as administrator ..and select your refresh rates as needed--as mentioned in the above
, cheers

A:Solved: HELP refresh rate ,?

Boot to safe mode by tapping the F8 key when you power up the machine. Just tap it at one second intervals until you get the option of safe mode. If you hit the windows logo screen you waited too long to hit the F8 key.

Log in as administrator and change the refresh rate the way you normally would. Restart the computer and things should be fine.
Pre-XP OS's sometimes dump the video driver and it may need to be reloaded.
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Hi gang,
Im having a problem with the 1280 x 1024 resolution on my monitor. any other resolution works fine. when i change it to 1280 x 1024 I get wavy flickering semi round lines on either side of the screen (kind of looks like a faint contour map). my first instinct was that the refresh rate was wrong so i set it high and low and no luck. its currently at the supported speed of 75Mhz. again it works fine at any other resolution, and is a supported res.

Any ideas?

Samsung SyncMaster 955DF
ATI HD 3650 1gb

A:Wrong refresh rate?

Did you install the monitor driver or are you using Native drivers?

If you need the manual, try here;
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Bought a acer AL 1714 lcd monitor for a budget system.Set refresh rate to 60 and adjusted screen asnd looks good.Noticed this morning that it has the capability of setting refresh rate as high as 75.Set it at that and it didnt look near as good.Maybe have to readjust.Should i just leave it alone or would it be better to set refresh rate higher.have to deliver it today and not sure if any major advantages to setting it higher.All other flat screens i have bought had 60 capabitity only.By the way it is a 17".Since budget system ,doesn't have DVI.

A:Refresh rate for LCD monitor

Actually, LCD monitors sync themselves to the incoming AC line frequency. In the US, that is 60Hz. Changing the refresh rate to any other setting will actually degrade the performance of the monitor, so I suggest you return it to the 60Hz setting and call it a job well done.