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1 key on keyboard doesn't work

Q: 1 key on keyboard doesn't work

The n key had been not working properly and now it stopped all together. I took the key off and tried pressing the white piece of soft plastic but nothing shows up. Is it time to get a new keyboard or is there something else to try? It seems like such a waist to throw out a keyboard when 1/100+ keys stopped working.

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Preferred Solution: 1 key on keyboard doesn't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 1 key on keyboard doesn't work

Try it on another PC and see.
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For the last month or so, every time I log off my account, the keyboard does not register at the Windows Log In screen. This makes it so I have to restart the computer and then it works fine.
There are three accounts on the computer, the casing has been half removed for the last 3 months, a DVD burner and driver recently installed 3 months ago and I am using a wireless off brand USB keyboard and mouse.
OS: Windows Xp Home Edition 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
As for the second part, the computer requires several restarts to boot up, sometimes up to twenty minutes of turning on and off to boot up. Only started doing this a week ago.

A:My Keyboard doesn't work, and the computer turns on but doesn't start.

It sounds like something is wrong with your Windows XP drivers. Something like that happened to me while building my computer, and when I boot up the keyboard did not work because my copy of windows XP was bad. You could try reinstalling windows XP, and It might work better, but I dont have a definite answer to your problem.
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My keyboard doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10 . I have to press down the key for 3-5 seconds to get it working. Looking for solution. Thanks.

A:Keyboard doesn't work

Hi, Check the following. Open windows Control Panel and in the top right, next to View by: select 'Large Icons'.  From the new layout, select the 'Ease of Access Centre'. Select the option 'Make the keyboard easier to use'. If there is a tick next to 'Turn on Filter Keys' or 'Turn on Sticky Keys', click the box to remove it, then click Apply and Ok to save this change. Regards, DP-K
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Hi! I have a laptop Acer ES1-P9QU and all of a sudden, the keyboard doesn't work anymore! It was all ok yesterday and not today! I tried to restart my laptop and put an update and it still doesn't working. I type with the "virtual keyboard", but it's really long! I have my laptop since less then 5 months, so I don't understand anything that is happening  Thanks for help!
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As the description states I think that the keyboard driver was corrupted by one or more viruses back when I got infected with AV Security and ZeroAccess among others However my computer has since been declared clean after a great save by SweetTech I may be please doesn't work, help Keyboard wrong about the virus being the cause of the problem but I do know it s a software problem as the keyboard will work while the computer is booting up long enough that I can still put it in safe mode but as soon as Windows boots the physical keyboard becomes totally unresponsive even in safe mode The On-screen keyboard still works I don t know whether a USB keyboard would work or not as I don t have one I hve already tried different keyboards uninstalling and reinstallng the keyboard Keyboard doesn't work, please help driver normally in safemode and also reinstalling Keyboard doesn't work, please help after rebooting the computer but it didn t work The device status for the keyboard is This device cannot start code

A:Keyboard doesn't work, please help

The device status for the keyboard is:This device cannot start (code 10)Hi -This is one of the most common error messages that you will ever get, as it means so many things Please post a snapshot with Speccy - This way we can see a few devices that are connected -How to Publish a snapshot with Speccy <<-- DirectionsThank You -
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The Keyboard doesn't work, but the mouse does,
And i can't log in to windows at all because i need a password
and I can't use the EBCD (If you know what that is) because it is
Windows MCE which doesn't load like XP Pro although it is so it doesn't show a good load of it >.>

Also the keyboard works in Knoppix and in EBCD
but it doesn't work in Windows and i have tried 4 2 P/s2 and 2 USB keyboards

the computer is HP Media Center PC M7640n
AMD 64 Dual Core 5000+
2 Gigs of RAM

A:Keyboard Doesn't Work

thats a right pain in the ****, does it work in post and bios?
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So I'm not sure when this started happening but sometimes when I leave my computer unattended for a few hours and it goes to the login screen or when it goes to sleep/hibernate and reawakes on the login screen my keyboard won't work so I have to pop open my onscreen keyboard to type my password in then reboot my computer so that my computer will work

A:Keyboard doesn't work sometimes

What sort of keyboard?? PS2, USB, Wireless ??
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The keyboard doesn't work. I have two keyboards (ps/2 and usb) and after uninstalling my antivirus (avast), none of them work in windows (they work in bios section). All other usb devices like mouse and gamepad work.
Here is the screenahot of device manager:

A:Keyboard doesn't work

Try one at a time- right click each keyboard device listed. Then in new small window that appears left click update driver.

Let us know if this works.
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A close relative has the following problem: Keyboard doesn't work. Error message "no driver" with yellow exclamation point. Tried substituting another keyboard, into a different port. Still didn't work. WinXPpro environment (upgraded from ME around Christmas time). Not one button on the keyboard works. Is there a solution?


A:keyboard doesn't work

Try right clicking on the keyboard and clicking Uninstall

Reboot the computer

Hopefully, Windows will find it on reboot,

make sure it is in the correct PS/2 socket
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Hey Guys!! This is my first post, so we'll see how it goes.
So, here's the problem: I used the registry backup program on my computer to reverse some changes I had made to my system. Now, the keyboard doesn't work. It works when Windows boots (when Windows says "Press F8 for advanced startup options) but it doesn't work after that. Because of this, I can't login to Windows. Does anybody know what the problem is? By the way, my computer is a Compaq Armada E500 running Windows 2000 Professional.

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Using Windows I have discovered that the shift key doesn t work I have to use cap s lock Every time I click the cap s lock an appears I have to delete that before typing my capital word Without shift I can t make many important Keyboard work doesn't right punctuation marks like the exclamation point and the question mark Using an on screen keyboard Keyboard doesn't work right works but it s so hard to move your mouse to click each letter Also the control key doesn t work Earlier whenever I typed the space a space and a zero appeared And now space works but zero doesn t Whenever I type zero it become an Not to mention that when I type one comes up and when I type three Keyboard doesn't work right comes up too Also when I search something online or save a PowerPoint or anything else it will bring something else up For example I want to search Mario online before I can type ma https mail go comes up and I have to delete everything but the m and the a and start typing again This started today though I didn t download anything in the past week besides using http www youtube which is used by many others I tried describing every problem to the best I could and painfully typed with all the problems so I hope someone answers Please feel free to ask me questions Please elaborate with both questions and answers I will re-post this tomorrow if nobody answers or solves the problem And then continue posting this every hour nbsp

A:Keyboard doesn't work right

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After a power outage my brothers keyboard quit working. He has a desk top computer only one year old. He uses XP. We have rebooted several times. When booting up before Windows opens DOS says it can not find the keyboard.

We made sure the keyboard is plugged in properly (It is not USB connected). We tried another working keyboard, which also didn't work. In Windows we tried adding new hardware. The keyboard is not showing up in the hardware list.

Everything worked fine until the power outage. The computer was in the sleep mode at the time. The mouse continues to work fine and everything else works like it should.

Thank you!

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HP Pavilion dv4-2160us is the model of my laptop. The keyboard of my laptop doesn't work i can't even type the password of my laptop because of that. I already tried things like removing the battery for 5 minutes and when i always try to click the 'ease of access' at the below left of the screen. Your suggestions will be a big help. Thanks
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Hello everyone Yesterday I was working on my desktop and Windows Update decided to pop up and install some automatic updates I put it off by a few hours so I could finish up my work and go to sleep When I next tried to use the computer I realized that somehow Windows Vista could not start Once it got past the initial screen where I could access BIOS and everything the computer would just automatically restart So I pulled out my installation disk popped it into the drive and did a repair on my computer It supposedly worked and I tried to access Vista again Now here s the problem that I m currently having The keyboard works fine while the computer is booting up In other words I can access BIOS and all that However once the computer reaches the Vista logon screen the keyboard and mouse don t receive any power from the computer at all I can t turn on Work and Keyboard Doesn't Mouse NumLock or anything like that Therefore I can t access my computer at all to try and repair it I tried a System Restore to right before it updated Keyboard and Mouse Doesn't Work or at least that s what I think the date stamp pointed to but the problem persists I use a USB Keyboard and Mouse and my computer does not have PS keyboard or mouse ports Keyboard and Mouse Doesn't Work I m running Windows Vista bit and my computer and hardware inside is maybe a year old at most so I doubt any hardware has failed So basically I m asking Is there any way to fix my computer Or will I have to get a Linux Live CD back up my files and do a clean install of Windows If you need anymore information please ask and thank you for helping Edit Any New Information -Safe mode does not work as the keyboard and mouse don t respond so I can t get past the log in screen -It is likely not a problem with my mouse and keyboard as they work with a Linux Live CD and in BIOS -Newest observation While loading up the drivers for Windows Safe Mode I noticed that crcdisk sys takes longer to load up than any other driver COuld this be contributing to the problem or is this normal nbsp

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Hi all
I have just noticed that my keyboard doesn't work on certain screens. Specifically the system restore screen where I have to label the restore point. I cant type anything in. I don't get the blinking cursor in the input box. I get the italic I cursor when I put the arrow cursor in the box but when I left click to anchor the cursor and start typing nothing happens. So maybe a mouse problem too. I noticed it in a software registration window too. Running windows xp sp3. microsoft usb keyboard and a wireless logitech mouse
Thanks for any help

A:Keyboard doesn't work on certain screens

Change batteries?
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Sometimes when I start up my computer nothing happens when I at doesn't work startup Keyboard try to type Then when I reboot it works It seems to happen if I move the mouse during startup If I don t move the mouse it starts up normally It also seems to have started doing this when I made some changes in my Kaspersky Anti Virus I updated to version from and also I changed the automatic update schedule from once a day to every hours The man at the Kaspersky forum suggested I disable the quot Protection from network attacks quot feature They said I should because I also run ZoneAlarm Pro and there could be conflicts This didn t help This is all I ve done so far Any help would be greatly appreciated You guys have been a big help Keyboard doesn't work at startup in the past Before I started frequenting this forum I had lots of trouble Keyboard doesn't work at startup with spyware and viruses and now my internet experience is almost trouble free Keyboard doesn't work at startup Thanks guys Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe C Program Files Winamp winampa exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files ATI Multimedia main ATIDtct EXE C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasDtServ exe C Program Files Softros Systems Softros Messenger Messenger exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Logitech SetPoint KEM exe C WINDOWS system ZoneLabs vsmon exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared wkcalrem exe C Program Files Logitech SetPoint KHALMNPR EXE C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files HijackThis HijackThis exe O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - HKLM Run HP Component Manager quot C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe quot O - HKLM Run WinampAgent C Program Files Winamp winampa exe O - HKLM Run WorksFUD C Program Files Microsoft Works wkfud exe O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Portfolio C Program Files Microsoft Works WksSb exe AllUsers O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe O - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXE O - HKLM Run KAVPersonal quot C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal kav exe quot minimize O - HKLM Run ATIPTA C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe O - HKLM Run gcasServ quot C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe quot O - HKLM Run RoxioEngineUtility quot C Program Files Common Files Roxio Shared System EngUtil exe quot O - HKLM Run Zone Labs Client C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exe O - HKLM Run HP Software Update C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe O - HKLM Run KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k O - HKCU Run ATI DeviceDetect C Program Files ATI Multimedia main ATIDtct EXE O - HKCU Run SpybotSD TeaTimer C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe O - Global Startup Launch Softros Messenger lnk C Program Files Softros Systems Softros Messenger Messenger exe O - Global Star... Read more

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Hello i have a problem with my keyboard, some keys doesn't work, keys like the letter <i> and some numbers. Could you please help me??  i called the line support but they said to me that the warranty expired but i bougth my laptop on february 2016 using your websde and also when i check that on your websde also said i have 3 more months remainng. Thank you ps. i dont speak englsh well so i am sorry for my bad englsh
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Hello. I recently cleaned my keyboard, and now it is completely unresponsive. I bought a new wired keyboard, but I hate the feel. of it.

A:Cleaned my Keyboard, and Now it Doesn't Work?

How exactly did you clean it?
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Hi y all I have an unsolved problem re burning so I ve resorted to formatting a partition of my hdd UNFORTUNATELY when try it starts to go pear shaped I throw the xp cd in and restart my comp with boot priority given to the cd drive It then comes up press any key to boot from cd It is THEN that my logitech elite corded the Keyboard work needs at time one doesn't it to keyboard decides not to respond to Keyboard doesn't work at the one time it needs to keystrokes So inevitably it boots up windows from my hdd and I cannot format I m trying to format my OS drive Keyboard doesn't work at the one time it needs to It s really odd that it responds to del when i want enter BIOS but a few seconds later it won t respond even to smashing my face against every key possible well okay I exaggerate but it s almost getting to that stage Is it something where the logitech itouch drivers go for a cigarette break for a second or two or am i just plain screwed Any help would be greatly appreciated and met with unlimited praise almost nbsp

A:Keyboard doesn't work at the one time it needs to

G'day timmyboy, get a PS/2 type keyboard from somewhere and you should have no problem.
Cheers, qldit.
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Hey all,

I just bought a Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard today. I plugged it into a USB port and installed the drivers, and the keyboard doesn't work. The LED lights don't light up, nor do any of the keys work. I tried plugging it into a different USB port and reinstalling the drivers, and it still doesn't work. I've also tried connecting the keyboard to another computer and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

- Blackjack

A:G15 gaming keyboard doesn't work

Have you previously had a USB (as opposed to PS2) keyboard connected to the system ?
If not, then you may have to enable the function in the motherboards BIOS.
If you have then it sounds like a fault with the keyboard. The G15 does not require the drivers and utilities (Key profiler and LCD manager) for basic functionality. If you have USB keyboard support enabled then the keyboard backlighting and LCD screen ( "Logitech" for rev.1 blue backlit, "G15" for rev.2 orange backlit) will initialize as soon as the OS loads.
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Hi I have a problem with the numeric keypad on the right of my HP Pavilion 15-P258NL, my operating system is Windows 10 with all updates, but the problem is that some keys do not work as "1 2 3 7 8 9 and wrapped + and enter ". To make them work I have to repeatedly press on them, like a dozen times and then work for a while, do you how you can help me thanks in advance ...
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The old keyboard is from an old Dell XPS from 15 years ago.
It worked fine on my last computer a Dell GX620 with XP.
My new computer a locally made one in an HP case has windows 7.
Old keyboard isn't even recognized.
Is it now obsolete or something.

Microsoft seems devoted to making hardware as well as operating systems routinely obsolete. IMHO.

A:old keyboard doesn't work with windows 7

Yeah, I hear ya. I have a Filco I really like these days.
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hello all , my hp envy m6 laptop has the backlight icon on the f5 button but pressing it does nothing. the backlight does not come on. This is a new unit with windows 8 installed.Do i need drivers or what?...i havnt made any software changes on the computer since i got it.
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Hi there,
I have an acer aspire V11 touch laptop and about 2 weeks ago the keyboard stopped working properly. Whenever I try typing anything there is no output apart from when I try stroking multiple keys really quickly. However this results in a keyboard spasm and will continuously type out the same letter over and over again. The only way I can stop that is by holding down the esc key or the spacebar, and as soon as I let that go it continues!

I have tried pretty much everything in the control panel and settings, including trying to uninstall and reinstall it, as well as checking it wasn't anything to do with filter or sticky keys

Any help would be much appreciated, as using the touch screen keyboard takes so long to type everything!

A:Keyboard - either doesn't work or spasms

I don't think this is a Windows 10 problem; sound like hardware.
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I have searched for and updated the driver, but my keyboard (HP Pavilion X2, Win 8.1) still doesn't work. Any ideas?

A:Hardware keyboard doesn't work

Is this a followup to a different thread? If so provide a link to it please.

You have a laptop, has it been disassembled at any time? If yes, do it again and check that the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard is plugged in and the retainer is fully seated.

Does an external USB keyboard work?
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I bought a HP Compaq D530 SFF PC fro Ebay..There was no operating system on it..
so i want to install windows on my new pc. When I boot the XP disc, I get a blue screen, with some things loading at the bottom.

When it comes time to "Press enter to insall windows, Press R to repair or Press F3 to skip installation" my keyboard doesn't work, and I can't press enter.

What's going on here, what can I do? it seems like my keyboard doesnt work anymore (by the way, the keyboard and monitor was not part of the pc that i bought and it is not a USB keyboard)

thanks for your time and help

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CTRL + V works.
C key itself works
CTRL key itself works

But CTRL + C to copy to clipboard doesn't work. (Copying using mouse works though).


A:keyboard CTRL+C doesn't work

Quote: Originally Posted by gpost3

CTRL + V works.
C key itself works
CTRL key itself works

But CTRL + C to copy to clipboard doesn't work. (Copying using mouse works though).


DO both left and right CTRL + C not work? Maybe a keyboard issue, or a keyboard driver.
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It was working ,but after installing Windows 8 Pro in my desktop the keyboard doesn't work at all !!
note : the keyboard doesn't have usb port
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I have a Compaq Presario 5000 series with Win. ME and just recently I cleaned my keyboard and I let it dry for a good 3 hours and now it doesn't work the device Manager says it's there and working but infact it's not!

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Hello. I've recently bought a PS/2 to USB adapter.
But it doesn't work.
I've been searching on internet and i found that i need something else.
The questions that i want to ask:

Why this cheap piece of garbage doesn't work? - Solved.
How do i manage to get it to work (Windows 8.1/Windows 7/ Windows XP) (1 PC, 1 laptop and another PC) - Solved.
That piece of garbage ..... what it used for? (You insert the PS/2 to the converter and then the USB end port to the computer)

Please help me!

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About 2 months ago, my keyboard quit working in WORD. I have no problems typing this post, for example, or cutting and pasting text I am forced to enter into WordPad in order to get it into WORD. I deleted the keyboard file in settings/system/hardware/device manager/keyboards and rebooted. No help at all. My wife's friend installed a Chinese character set that is always there, but I used tb be able to just change to a western font and work on. That doen't even work anymore. In WORD, nothing goes onto the screen when I type. Do I need to run combofix to get rid of a virus? Pleae help.

A:Keyboard Doesn't Work in Word

Do I need to run combofix to get rid of a virus?Absolutely not. There is no indication of an infection at this point, and even if there were one doesn't perform major surgery and chemo if something much less drastic will work.Have you tried repairing the Word installation? This article discusses how you can do that. Scroll down to this heading: "How to Repair or Reinstall Office Programs" about halfway down the page.Orange Blossom
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I spilled drink on it, busted. Weird. numbers and. symbol2s appear when I type.

Not paying £29 for new k1eyboard...

How d.o I fix?

btw.. Need Mac Keyboard... thus pricy

A:My keyboard doesn't work properly

Try this:
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The right half of my keyboard (L, O, 9, f9, and all other keys to the right) don't work. The only exceptions to this problem are the ']' key. Also, the only keys that don't work on the num-pad are 0456 and delete. The problem surfaced after I took my laptop apart to clean the fan, but once i reassembled the laptop, those keys didn't work. I know I must have put something back wrong, but I don't know how to fix the problem. I use a HP Pavilion 17-e017dx and am currently typing with an external keyboard.any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Right half of keyboard doesn't work

You probably didn't fit the keyboard's cable into it's connector properly. Watch this video up to around 2mins30secs and reseat it :-
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I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 5558 laptop two days ago. I turned on this laptop and the keyboard doesn't work. I have used the screen keyboard to finish the configuration (date, time, name and more), thinking that the problem was in the configuration, but not.
What's the problem? How Can I solved it?
Thanks. ;)

A:My laptop keyboard doesn't work

1. Right click Start's button( or press windows key and X key at the same time)
2. Click Control Panel
3. System And Security
4. System and Maintenance, a) Stroll down a little, b) Troubleshoot common computer problem
5. Look to the left side of the page - click " view all "
6. Click on Hardware And Devices
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Hi there guys, uhm I am having a problem with my keyboard model:xkb-03rf the hot-keys doesn't want to work on win 7 but it does on XP, but on the box it says "win 7 Compatible" I tried to reset the keyboard to default but that did not clear up my problem.... can anyone help me because I would really like it to work.

7 Cores

A:NEW XGR keyboard hotkeys doesn't want to work, HELP?

Can anyone help me with this one?
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Hello all , my number keys on the right side of my keyboard do not work . I have windows vista & desktop .I tried another keyboard with usb plug in and same result . When pressing the "num lock" once there is a low tone ,then pressing again to illuminate as if on and a higher tone rings . This has never happened before and I only use a few websites like ebay,you tube , & amazon, plus the programs are all safe by norton antivirus . Sounds like a bug/virus or perhaps a setting that was mistakenly changed. I have tried a couple of free microsoft downloads that were recommended and also tried a couple of recommended setting changes but haven't been able to solve . Thanks for your help . Jonny Bultaco .

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Hi all Ok so I am a video game geek and I love to play games So then my keyboard and Joysticks worked and everything until yesterday I use ePSXe Playstation emulator to play games from PS and stuff So yesterday I opened it and I went with Keyboard doesn't games. work to Controll Configuration to configure my controlls It gives me and Error Error Initializing DirectInput So then my emulator shuts down Even when I run my ISO Playstation games it gives me that error and the game starts but my controlls don t work So then I thaught to play my PC Games So Boot one up and the black screen opens than the screen turns of and goes back to the desktop Then I tried another game the same thing happened I tried all my games and that s what happens So then I put my Donald Duck s Goi n email protected Game and it boots up then it goes to the place where I have to choose the language but my keyboard doesn t work I pressed anything but it doesn t work Not even the ALT F or Control ALT DELETE Nothing So I just turn my computer of via the button on the CPU So my keyboard doesn t work with any games I have played all those games but now they stopped Keyboard doesn't work with games. working So I went to Controll Panel to check on the Game Controllers but it doesn t open I keeped on opening it but doesn t open When I double click it the mouse shows te busy sign for or secs and nothing happens So now I am really worried I NEED HELP I am so frustrated with this problem HELP By the way I am using Windows XP Home Edition Any more Specs needed I will try to give Keyboard doesn't work with games. you So please help nbsp

A:Keyboard doesn't work with games.

Forum rules do not allow any q's on Emus, as they are generally a pirate device (see forum rules). It sounds like this has made a mess of settings, but as we cant discuss emus, cant help with the prob, sorry.
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I have a USB keyboard that used to work fine, now it has problems.

Plugged in, normal keys don't work. So like letter keys etc don't work. The only keys that do work are the special keys for the keyboard (like F-lock, My Home, etc).

Any idea how to fix this? Using Windows XP SP2. I've tried restarting.

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Hi all,

The apostrophe key on my keyboard stops working when I set input method to UK English. However I know this isn't a fault with my keyboard since I also type Chinese and the apostrophe key works fine when I'm using the Chinese input method.

I have read some posts regarding keyboard issues which suggested that I can check keyboard mappings and whether the key has been set as a soft key using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, however the key has not been set as soft and keys usually light up in Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator when I press them on the keyboard but I get no response for the apostrophe key.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Hi all

I have just reinstalled my girlfriends Dell. I am having a problem where every time i install any program eg itunes or drivers. The computer keyboard stops working until i enter safemode.

Any ideas how i might be able to fix the problem.

the computer is a Inspiron 1545


A:keyboard doesn't work after program installs

Update motherboard drivers, and try sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt.

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I have Windows 8.1 Pro and a Logitech K800 Keyboard (wireless/illuminated) and I'm continuing to be frustrated by the fact that the Mute button does not work. Oddly enough, I had the same problem with a previous Windows 8.0 Pro install -- it went away when I upgraded to Windows 8.1. But the problem started again shortly afterward (maybe a week or two). I have the latest drivers and apps installed from Logitech.

After a reboot, the first time I hit the Mute key momentarily mutes the sound but then the sound returns (maybe after 1 second). After that, hitting the Mute key has no effect at all.

I have searched Google for a solution but nothing matches my problem. Oddly there are reports of all volume-related keys not working, but the Volume up and Volume down keys still work for me.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having these problems, and/or if anyone has suggestions.

A:Keyboard Mute Button Doesn't Work

There should be software for that keyboard. Some Keyboards that have extra keys work without added software, if they are a PS/2 KB. I don't have any USB KB's that have extra keys like that, the one I got is an old HP keyboard.

Check the Logitech site, see if there are drivers for that particular KB.

Try this:

Support + Downloads: Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 - Logitech
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my computer's keyboard port doesn't work for some reason. i have bought 2 keyboards so far and none of them had worked. any guides and tips to how i could fix it or do i have to replace it?

A:Keyboard port in back of pc doesn't work

External keyboard (USB?) or the laptop keyboard

Has bios got Keyboard enabled (if that setting exists)
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Today I booted up my computer like always but my keyboard and mouse didn't work so i switched it off ( 5 sec on power button) and booted it again. But then it asked me if i want to boot in save mode but i couldn't move the cursor because my keyboard still wasn't working. So i searched on the Internet about a solution and found one that i should remove the mainboard battery, so i did that. And then I rebooted my pc again but when it asked me to set date and time with f1 or f2 keyboard still didn't work. Please respond fast because I need to do work on my computer.

Computer specs: 8 core 4ghz amd fx prossecor, asrock 990fx extreme3 mainboard, gtx 570 graphics card, 8gb ram. (I built my computer myself)

Video of my problem: YouTube

A:Keyboard doesn't work. Please respond fast!

Hi Craftkit,

Is it a USB or Wirelss Keyboard/Mouse?
If wireless, have you tried new batteries? Have you tried plugging the receiver into another USB socket? If wired, have you tred different USB sockets?

I know it sounds basic, but best to check.
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Frequently when I want to copy or paste something I end up typing a 'v' or a 'c' instead. Most of the time this means that whatever was marked it has disappeared and replaced by a single 'c'. Also quite frequently the keyboard enters two keystrokes where only one was made. I touch type and this doesn't happen on other keyboards. Anyone else is observing this?Will Lenovo improve the quality of the keyboard? Or is this specific to my keyboard and can I get a replacement?
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a friend has asked me to have a look at a laptop that hes had lying around for a while, the only problem with this machine (its a 'digital' HiNote VP) is that the far right side of the keyboard doesn't work correctly e.g when enter is pressed it do anything (most of the time minimise windows) sometimes however it does actually function properly.

I'm assume that because of the keyboard doing this its probably had something spilt on it at one stage, but I've opened the keyboard up and its all clean. Just wondering what people think could cause this and if its possible to try and fix the keyboard or should I just try to locate a replacement keyboard?

I've already ruled out a software problem because the keyboard also plays up in the BIOS in DOS etc (its running Windows 98)

A:Far-Right side of notebook keyboard doesn't work

Well, there are a lot of possibilities here. I would do the following:

Boot to a command prompt. If the keys don’t work there, you have eliminated a problem with the operating system. If they work there, it is most likely an operating system problem.

If the laptop has been disassembled, check the keyboard to motherboard ribbon cable (if one exist) and make sure it is not damaged.

Just because you don’t see anything that looks like a spill, does not necessarily mean something wasn’t spilt in it.

You could take a shot at replacing the keyboard to see if that is the problem. If that is not the problem, then it is most likely a controller problem on the motherboard – this does not happen very often.

Does the laptop have an external keyboard/mouse (PS/2) connector? If it does, you could try an external keyboard to see if it will work. If that does not work either, then you most likely have a problem with the motherboard.

All in all, with the keyboard working part of the time, I would say that it needs to be replaced.

I hope that helps a little.

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I'm trying to reinstall my operating system but my keyboard doesn't work in the boot menu, so I can't enter the BIOS. I've tried both a USB keyboard and a PS/2. I think it might be my mobo but I'm not sure enough to replace it. I've had problems with it in the past (I bought it out of box about a year ago, so it would make sense I guess) like the microphone jack and keyboard and mouse PS/2 ports not working, but the weird thing is that they used to work in Ubuntu when I was dual booting Vista/Ubuntu. I tried updating the chipset drivers but that didn't work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I really don't want to replace my motherboard but I guess I might have to.


P.S. My system specs are in my profile
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I use the On-Screen Keyboard. The reason is my brother threw a wooden portrait frame at my laptop, breaking my 1, 3, Q, T, U, and J keys. Those keys are part of my password, and I use them to type documents, and now a fan fiction, nearly every day. Usually I have no problem bringing the OSK up, but now, for the first time I do. I am at the login screen, clicking on Ease of Access, and the On-Screen Keyboard does not turn on. I tried checking all the boxes, and only High Contrast, Filter Keys and Sticky Keys turn on. My system is a Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit. I suspect two possible causes: one is I shut down my computer instead of restarting it just before installing updates (I was gone to a party), and two is some random guy who harassed me on a chat website could have hacked my computer. Please help. 

A:On-Screen Keyboard Doesn't Work, Can't Login

do you have a usb keyboard to another computer in your house? if so id try using that
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Hi. My laptop has 2 USB slots, 1 working perfectly fine, but another one has a problem. When I plugged a USB mouse or keyboard, nothing on screen happen. For the mouse, it light up but the cursor can't move. For the key board it doesn't light up and nothing happen. I tired flash drive, nothing happen too. BUT when I plugged an external hard drive, it work perfectly fine.

This problem just happen today, before both USB slots are working just fine. So now I can't use both mouse and keyboard at the same time

I've tried restart my computer, uninstall and reinstall all USB list in USB Controllers in Device Manager, nothing work so far

Please help
Thanks in advance
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Hello everybody I recently have gotten computer parts and put together a PC after a delay in the mail I have received the graphics card and installed it into the tower before I got the card I was using the computer perfectly fine with the CPU graphics that are integrated so I know that all of my hardware works or did When I put in the graphics card there was an issue with it showing up on the monitor so I took out the Bios outside work of doesn't Keyboard/Mouse motherboard battery with guidance Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work outside of Bios from a friend and reset the CMOS and I have it displaying now with a HDMI to DVI-D When I turn the computer on it turns on and then turns off instantly after the fans and such start to go it does this once then fully turns on and I press the delete key to load the bios after that I load windows and when I get out of the bios all usb ports stop working mouse and keyboard stop and im stuck looking at the windows screen showing date and time and internet connection I ve been looking online and still am yet to find a solution because everybody else that has this issue can somehow access their desktop I can t When I load from the windows CD i get into the starting menu for loading the operating system but again no mouse or keyboard so I can t keep going from there I removed the graphics card which initially caused the problem upon start up it restarted times and then turned on in the windows loading screen where i was stuck before the keyboard LED s are lit up but the mouse is not the keyboard also does not work just the LED s Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and here is a list of my parts CPU - i Ghz MOBO - Asus Gryphon z RAM - GSkill ripjaw x - clocked at in the bios GPU - Asus gtx Direct CU II PSU - Corsair HX HD - WD TB black Keyboard - Razer black widow ultimate Mouse - Razer Taipan nbsp

A:Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work outside of Bios

Have you tried both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports for the keyboard and mouse? Maybe the USB 3.0 isn't working correctly due to drivers or compatibility with the Razer gear or drivers. Or can you borrow a basic USB keyboard and mouse?

I also see a BIOS update on the Asus website that addresses "USB Compatibility" and "System Stability" in another. If you do not already have the 1603 BIOS update you may wish to update it that one. You can update the BIOS through the BIOS itself, go into the Advanced section and use EZ Flash and load it from a USB stick; it must be extracted first though.
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When i start my computer in safe mode to run smitfraud fix the keyboard doesn't work.

A:Keyboard doesn't work in safe mode

My ps2 keyboard doesn't work either! in safe mode.
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Hello so yesterday morning i woke up and i got on my laptop and realized my keyboard stopped functioning so i restarted it mouse was working but the keyboard only worked for a second after the windows startup so i formatted the computer again to windows after installing few software's and drivers my computer went for a restart when the system started up the keyboard had stopped functioning again at first i thought it was because there was some sort of virus in my files that i had transferred back on my computer later i downloaded latest version of windows 10 off 8.1 and its on and system shuts win doesn't keyboard work by self installed keyboard doesn't work and system shuts off by its self on win 8.1 and 10 it on computers my brothers and mine it seems to work perfectly fine with my brothers computer after installing it on my computer the keyboard was working and running smoothly until i installed the windows update which gave problem with my graphics card driver and i thought it was because of my wireless card disconnected from internet so i restarted the computer and again i'm stuck with a non working keyboard and yes i have also checked ease of access so i don't know anymore what to do please help me is there is problem with Nvdia gtx m graphics driver or is there a windows update causing this i'm sorry for the long paragraph thank you for your time

A:keyboard doesn't work and system shuts off by its self on win 8.1 and 10

Have you tried another keyboard?  You can plug a USB keyboard into the ports on the sides of the laptop.
As the problem occurs in both 8.1 and 10 - I'd have to wonder if there's a physical problem with the keyboard.
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after resetting my computer, i encounter a problem. When i turn on the computer, I can access the bios with the keyboard and i can check all the options. If i don't access the bios, my keyboard stops working when i'm asked to digit my account's password. what can i do? thank you
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Its been like this for 3 days, my enter, ctrl, up, left, right keys doesn't work. I tried them with on screen keyboard and there it worked. I am having a hard time without these keys and i replaced this keyboard like 7 months ago. Can someone help me with this
Sometimes they do work but they only work one time and than they act weird (like my mouse clicking when i hover on something) backspace working by itself when i try to write something

A:Some keys in my laptop keyboard doesn't work

Ninetails mate try running these for starters.< if necessary include the /f switch in the command line as per Option2

ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop and while recently doing some computer maintenance to get rid of some malware, I most likely screwed up my computer. At the Windows 7 user login screen, my mouse and keyboard are non-responsive. I don't think this is a problem with the actual hardware because I can access the boot menu with F12 when I boot it up. Appreciate any help.

A:Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work on my laptop

Do you have access to your windows installation cd?
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My USB keyboard works during the Dell startup screen, and works in Windows, but doesn't work in between, so during the 'press any key to load from CD' screen, the keyboard doesn't work. I could use any help or suggestions, because I'm anxiously awaiting reinstalling Windows. Thanks.

A:Solved: Keyboard Doesn't Work During Startup


If you just want to reinstall windows, I would suggest using a PS/2 keyboard. Then switch to your USB keyboard when you're done.
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Hey all
I cannot get my keyboard to work, unless my pc is in safe mode ? I checked for drivers there are none missing. I did a system restore,
I bought a new keyboard, I checked every setting I could find and all seems good,I did a scan with AVG found Nothing.
So I am out of ideas other than to re-format and partions. So any other ideas and or options would be appriciated.

A:keyboard doesn't work but in safe mode

In safe mode, try deleting the keyboard drivers from device manager then rebooting to get them to reinstall.
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So I was alt-tabbing around through my programs when all of a sudden my system speaker beeped. My keyboard completely locked up and did nothing. I restarted my computer manually and when I booted it up, the keyboard still didnt work. I repeated that for a while and I eventually gave up. A friend of mine told me to update the bios and clear CMOS. I flashed the bios using my mobo's integrated software(in windows) and cleared CMOS. Now my keyboard still doesn't work. I've tried clearing CMOS again and still no luck, but now the problem is my computer is stuck at the screen before Windows that says, "PRESS F1 TO CONTINUE PRESS DEL TO EDIT SETTINGS" and I cant use my keyboard. I've tried inserting my windows cd and it doesn't boot from it (probably because I cleared CMOS).

Any ideas?

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Here's the deal. Last time I used my laptop (Asus Aspire) it didn't respond so I just closed it and didn't turn it off correctly.

When I turn it on now it logs on but neither my keyboard or mousepad works. Doesn't work with an external keyboard or mouse either.

Anyone knows what to do?

A:Keyboard and mousepad doesn't work on my laptop

Off course I mean ACER Aspire.
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Ok To up work Keyboard waking after doesn't machine. my be quite honest I never really use the sleep feature on my computer possibly the only time I ever did was to test it was working But anyway the problem is that whenever I'd have My machine asleep whether it be pressing the button by accident or doing it intentionally when I tell it to wake it up It does everything normally Brings back Desktop etc but the keyboard And sometimes the mouse are practically dead No lights on and stuff and doesn't come back unless I restart and on some occasions completely unplug the power cables for about half an hour I Keyboard doesn't work after waking up my machine. did some research around and I couldn't find anything helpful Some suggested upgrading the Bios Done and some said turning off the respective settings in quot Power options quot and Keyboard doesn't work after waking up my machine. the quot Device manager quot Did that too and still no result I'm using windows SP and all the latest drivers and updates My motherboard is an Intel DH CLB with latest bios The real problem for me is that I don't know how long it has been going on for and whether or not I had anything to do with it because like I said I rarely use the sleep button But whenever I do It always does this on wakeup Can Anyone help

A:Keyboard doesn't work after waking up my machine.

Method 1
Verify if the keyboard is enabled to wake the computer out of sleep mode.

a) Open the Keyboard control panel item, as described in Method 1.
b) Click the Hardware tab, and then click Properties.
c) Click the Change Settings button

Note This step requires Administrator access
d) Click the Power Management tab, and then verify that Allow this device to wake the computer is enabled.
e) Click OK, and then click OK again.

Method 2
If the above step fails then make sure that you have updated the drivers for the keyboard from the manufacturer website.
Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
Update a driver for hardware that isn&#39;t working properly
Sleep and hibernation: frequently asked questions
Sleep and hibernation&#58; frequently asked questions

Hope that helps, got it from microsoft answers
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I am trying to remove a virus w/ SDFix and when I restart my computer into safe mode, the keyboard doesn't work. I have a HP 6510b laptop running XP Pro SP2.
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Hi all,
I have dell inspiron 1525 with window 7 64-bit
I was chatting and using the labtop normally and then two buttons ( L & . ) stopped working.
I found on dell support forums the way how to remove the keyboard but it didn't work to solve the problem.
Can some one help me with this thing ??

Thanks in advance

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My Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 keyboard suddenly not function while i was playing Assassin's Creed director's cut version. First, I thought the game was crush so I hard reboot my comp. Then I found out my USB keyboard not working. I have tried to reconnected the device, uninstall and reinstall both window and logitech driver. still no luck. The keyboard's receiver lights is up and I also tried to press the connect button on the back of the keyboard and the receiver. still no luck =(

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Vista Ultimate 32bits

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So I plugged a mac keyboard into my pc laptop and now ....

Some of the keys in my laptop keyboard work and some end up typing something completely different than what they are.

Anyone know how to fix this? I googled for a solution and couldn't find any results

A:Solved: Plugged a keyboard into my laptop. Now my laptop keyboard doesn't work
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Have an old asus laptop that i use very little. I noticed that when i type something ... nothing shows up.

I open up google. I type keyboard letters into google... nothing shows up. However when i click the letter F... it would seem to click on the top right corner where the 3 horizontal lines are located right under the X. The google chrome settings.

I then use my touchpad or regular mouse. When i try to click on anything like picture i have or video etc or icons on my desktop.. it would open up the properties. Does anyone know how do i fix this issue? Basically i cannot type any letter anywhere.

A:Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work Very Strange Issue

Basically anything i click on does this... unless i click on start menu and then click on the program. Thus if i click on say avast or a program on desktop, it shows the properties of it. If i click on program using start menu... it does show up.

I scanned using malwarebytes. It did mention something trojan.something but i removed it. But this is using malwarebytes free. I have avast as well but doesnt detect anything.

Its definitely not number lock. I tried this.

The other thing that was strange was after a while... suddenly the mouse and touchpad it did click. But then when i shut the lid of my computer down then opened it up... have same issue. So same problem.

The thing though is i did recently go to certain sites where they have passwords for adult sites... and used it to log in etc. Could this be the cause of it? Thus i used a login and password from someone who posted free username/pass for an adult site.

heres another strange thing. When i click on tab... it would display all the windows i have opened in like a ruler... then each time i press tab... it would go to each window.
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Sager np2740 laptop bought from xoticpc.

I used the laptop without any issues with the keyboard. I then connected it to an external monitor and using my own wired keyboard. Thus using a usb port and connect my wired keyboard to it. I then disconnected my keyboard and monitor so i could use laptop by itself.

Right now most of the keys on the right side of keyboard doesn't work. J, k, l, u, i , o, p, n, m doesn't work. Enter button works however.

Does anyone know what this is happening?

A:Sager NP2740 Right Side of Keyboard Doesn't Work

You need to try another keyboard and see what happens. And does the notebook keyboard work okay?
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My microsoft usb mouse and keyboard suddenly do not work properly anymore Whenever I plug them into the rear ports they disconnect and freeze computer remains running It sometimes requires a reboot for it to work again This is really weird and frustrating as I can run my Keyboard ports. in some for doesn't work reason rear other devices out of the back perfectly like my mic and usb drive Changes since problems started developing -Large Amount of Windows Update -Cleaned computer with Keyboard for some reason doesn't work in rear ports. compressed air Allowed it to dry just in case of condensation -Installed new secondary hard drive -Installed new Nvidia graphics card -Updated Utorrent and installed conduit by accident Deleted it -Removed files with malwarebytes Most likely false positives with safe torrents I downloaded Things I tried -Different usb ports in the back -Updating Drivers -Disabling and enabling keyboard and mouse settings -Disabling usb sleep thing in power control -sfc scannow in command prompt came back without Keyboard for some reason doesn't work in rear ports. errors -Disabling HID drivers in device manager Errors Event The performance strings in the Performance registry value is corrupted when process Performance extension counter provider The BaseIndex value from the Performance registry is the first DWORD in the Data section LastCounter value is the second DWORD in the Data section and LastHelp value is the third DWORD in the Data section Event Unloading the performance counter strings for service WmiApRpl WmiApRpl failed The first DWORD in the Data section contains the error code

A:Keyboard for some reason doesn't work in rear ports.

try and do a system restore to before any of these problems occurred. Start, programs, accessories, system tools, system restore; then pick a date and time at which you know the system was working fine with the rear ports. IF that doesnt work; then you might try and see if there are any updated drivers for your usb hub controller(s).
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Hello, when i use the keyboard I can't click the left side of the mouse. It doesn't work at touchpad or any usb mouse. I can make the move mouse but it doesn't work left click while press keyboard. Left click work just 'Ctrl', 'Alt', and 'Shift' keys when i use keyboard.  I removed synaptic clickpad driver, but it still continue and this solution doesn't works for me :
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Pressing ?Ctrl+A? on the keyboard to ?select all? doesn?t work,

I?m wondering why the ?Ctrl+A? doesn?t work and all the files are not selected.

What might be the issue?

Which settings should I change to let it work back as regular?

Thank you



A:Pressing “Ctrl+A” on the keyboard to “select all” doesn’t work,

Welcome to Seven Forums Jamal. What kind of PC is it, a Desktop or a laptop, or?

System Info - See Your System Specs

It may be important to know. Does Ctrl+A not work only in cartain programs, etc. or not at all? If a laptop, try pressing alt+ctrl+fn

A Guy
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My boss bought a new HP tower after our old one ran out of space. I plugged it in and everything worked until I realised the scanner didn't work. I downloaded a driver but it still didnt activate the scanner. So I looked at the driver repair discs that came with the tower. I installed that thinking it would repair the scanner driver and when I logged back in, the keyboard or mouse USB didnt work. I hope I didn't screw up anything. The keyboard works in BIOS. My boss doesn't know and I would like to get this repaired without bringing anyone in. HELP! Im on Windows 7.
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Hi I have a very frustrating problem I m trying to do a clean install of XP on a machine as Windows has got corrupted and won t start up I got the machine with XP pre-installed about four years ago so I ve never come across the problem I m about to describe before Basically despite being able to use the set-up boot-up and later keyboard doesn't during Solved: of parts work keyboard to enter boot menus and make changes etc during initial boot-up when I get to the point where Solved: keyboard doesn't work during later parts of boot-up and set-up it says windows hasn t started properly do you want to start normally or start in safe Solved: keyboard doesn't work during later parts of boot-up and set-up mode etc my keyboard suddenly does not work at all so I can t make any selections other than waiting for the full thirty seconds with the default start normally option selected Of course Windows then won t boot up completely Similarly if I use a start up diskette or ultimate boot CD or with a view to reformatting when I get the A prompt or told to hit enter to run my boot CD I can t do anything with the keyboard and therefore can t reformat I can t see any options in the boot menus to do anything about this keyboard problem Anyone any ideas what on earth is going on and how I can solve it Because otherwise I can t see how on earth I can reformat the machine thanks Jonathan nbsp

A:Solved: keyboard doesn't work during later parts of boot-up and set-up

I then did find a setting in the BIOS talking about USB emulating legacy devices which was disabled. I enabled that and it worked, presumably emulating a PS2 keyboard which I understand works fine throughout all of the boot process.
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Hello, I have a Windows Vista SP2 system that has two separate accounts; one is an administrator and one is the standard client. When the system starts up, the keyboard works fine but when the standard client logs in the keyboard stops working. The keyboard works for the administrative user, however. Any ideas? Thanks.Regards,
Christopher K.

A:Keyboard doesn't work after specific user logs in ...

Had what sounds like a very similar problem on a Windows XP computer. User could enter their logon details, but when their profile loaded the keyboard did not work.
In this instance it was the Filter Keys.
The user had an icon that looked like an alarm clock down in the System Tray. Double clicking on that brought up the Accessibility Options and I unticked the Use Filter Keys check box, then OK'd out.
Another way to get to the Accessibility Options is go to Start>Control Panel>Accessibility Options.
Hope that this helps someone.
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I have an Asus R510D laptop, which originally came w/ Windows 8 installed. I downgraded to Windows 7, and the very first time I booted, everything was fine. Ever since then, after boot, at the login screen, the keyboard does not allow me to type my password. However, I am able to use the function keys, which is the workaround I've found for this issue.

After booting and reaching the login screen, I must put the keyboard to sleep, then awaken it, for the keyboard to function properly. I've tried updating the driver, but it doesn't solve the issue. I was wondering if anyone had come across an issue like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


A:Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work Properly After Boot

You did mean R510DP right? That laptop does not support Win 7. Have you tried installing the Win 8 drivers in Compatibility Mode

Asus R510DP Driver & Tools Just a thought.
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My laptop's keyboard doesn't not work, Tomorrow at night work properly

View Solution.

A:My Compaq presario laptop's keyboard doesn't work

What we can do to solve this problem?
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I have a fairly new laptop (Lenovo) and for some reason, sometimes when I turn on my computer after it was hibernating or sleeping, the mouse (touchpad) doesn't work until I put it to sleep and turn it on again. This sometimes happens with the keyboard too, but not as often. I'm not quite sure even how to start checking what the problem is.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Mouse and/or Keyboard Doesn't Work After Sleeping/Hibernating (Sometimes)

Hey, does anyone have any solutions to this?
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this is copied and pasted right from windows help and support You can also open Windows Sidebar by clicking the Start button typing to sidebar keyboard work shortcut doesn't open sidebar in the search box and then pressing ENTER It also says To bring gadgets to the front using a keyboard shortcut Press the Windows Logo key SPACEBAR I have also read the same thing throughout the web which comfirms that this is the right keyboard shortcut So I have all the information that tells me how to open windows sidebar using a keyboard shortcut the problem is nothing happens when I do it I went to my other computer running vista and as soon as I did the shortcut windows sidebar keyboard shortcut to open sidebar doesn't work popped right keyboard shortcut to open sidebar doesn't work up The computer I am using is about week old the first thing keyboard shortcut to open sidebar doesn't work I did was update it so it should be fully updated and I can confirm right now it has SP and windows update says there are no updates available which is surprising since vista seems to have hourly updates There is nothing wrong with the windows key or space bar key as they both work independently and for other shortcut combinations If anyone knows of a fix I would be grateful to know it as the sidebar is useless to me if I don't have a keyboard shortcut to access it

A:keyboard shortcut to open sidebar doesn't work

Would creating a short cut be of any help?

Create keyboard shortcuts to open programs
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Hey guys It's been a while since I've posted here so sorry if I posted in the wrong section When Windows was released I upgraded my current Windows installation work doesn't Keyboard on weird startup and prompt UAC Overall it has been a great experience However I've run into a couple Keyboard doesn't work on startup and weird UAC prompt of strange problems that I have never had before The first problem is whenever I boot into Windows my USB devices don't work right away keyboard and wireless mouse It doesn't matter if I restart my computer or have just turned it on In order to get the keyboard to respond I have to unplug and plug back in the cord It's very annoying to have to do this every time I boot Windows The second problem is while Windows is logging in I get a UAC prompt The UAC prompt says quot Service Control Manager Configuration Tool quot This prompt also happens every single time I log on which is Keyboard doesn't work on startup and weird UAC prompt also very annoying I have checked my startup programs and have found nothing obvious that could solve these problems but maybe I'm missing something Does anyone have any ideas Have these problems happened before I really would prefer not to do a clean install since everything else is working perfectly and it's not slow at all Thanks guys for the help -McDougal

A:Keyboard doesn't work on startup and weird UAC prompt

Maybe running sfc & dism might help ?

DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8
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Hi I have enabled BitLocker in Win x and entered a PIN for system unlock at startup Of course it works great with the physical keyboard attached but not so as a tablet If no physical keyboard is present a virtual keyboard should show up to enter the PIN It does show up when I touch the text box as seen in the photo below but it doesn't respond to any key press It just sits there static and oblivious to any input nbsp nbsp It must be a bug in the UEFI as this is not a keyboard provided by Windows ths OS hasn't even started at this point Is there any chance of HP fixing this The keyboard is there so the functionality was thought into this device but it's broken I guess very few people actually care to encrypt their devices and even less to set up a PIN it was probably an overlooked bug nbsp Anyone had this issue on this or any other touch enabled device If you use PIN: keyboard doesn't Entering up shows BitLocker but work BitLocker do you have a working virtual keyboard

A:Entering BitLocker PIN: keyboard shows up but doesn't work

Hello, Welcome and thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. I work in a security team and I deal with encryption software and others. What you see if very common problem - I have seen similar issues on various tablet devices from various vendors with lots of encryption programs. Yes, you are correct, it usually is some incompatibility with the BIOS/UEFI. What I (and most my colleagues configure) and what I generally recommend is people NOT to use active preboot authentication screen for their encryption software - when the device is tablet with not physical keyboard.  So, workaround 1:- Disable PBA screen for Bitlocker = stop PIN authentication and leave it boot authmatically to Windows relying on TPM only.On theory, this is less secure option but practically, it does requires resources and time on a tablet to be broken. Workaround 2:- Disable PBA screen for Bitlocker = stop PIN authentication . Not applicable for all tablets and not available in any device - Enter the BIOS/UEFI and if possible activate the BIOS power on password - everytime the device boots from the internal "SSD" device, it will ask you for a password. This is not the encryption password but is also ~secure and acts like a PBA. Not sure for your device but you may try.  Potential solution :Try to upgrade the BIOS - may be you use an old version ?  You can download it from the HP support site or better use HP Support Assistant to check for BIOS/UEFI updates >>
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I'm using windows 8 pro which I upgraded from windows 7 home premium in january. After the upgrade, my e key stopped working. After another few months, more keys stopped working and now, no keys are working. What do I do?

A:Laptop keyboard doesn't work after upgrade to windows 8

does an external keyboard work
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Dell Dimension Pentium GHz GB RAM XP SP I have not used this computer for about a week and now when I turn it on my keyboard doesn t work It is a Keyboard (Dell doesn't Dimension work 2350) generic keyboard that came with my Dell Mouse works fine until I try to type then freezes I went into Device Manager and there was a yellow sign indicating a problem with my keyboard I tried to update driver but there was no newer version than the one installed Device properties indicate that quot this device can not start code quot I don t know what code is Tried to uninstall and reinstall nothing So naturally I tried a different keyboard the one I know is good and this one is USB wired Natural Ergonomic by Microsoft and it installed fine According to device manager it works properly However Keyboard doesn't work (Dell Dimension 2350) still can not type Tried to connect it to a different USB port that didn t help either Any suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:Keyboard doesn't work (Dell Dimension 2350)

Try plugging both keyboards into a different computer and see if they work.
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I have an Asus R510D laptop, which originally came w/ Windows 8 installed. I downgraded to Windows 7, and the very first time I booted, everything was fine. Ever since then, after boot, at the login screen, the keyboard does not allow me to type my password. However, I am able to use the function keys, which is the workaround I've found for this issue.

After booting and reaching the login screen, I must put the keyboard to sleep, then awaken it, for the keyboard to function properly. I've tried updating the driver, but it doesn't solve the issue. I was wondering if anyone had come across an issue like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


A:Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work Properly After Boot

You did mean R510DP right? That laptop does not support Win 7. Have you tried installing the Win 8 drivers in Compatibility Mode

Asus R510DP Driver & Tools Just a thought.
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I have a simple USB keyboard that has a Sleep, wakeup and poweron button on it.
The sleep button works fine but the others do not.
How do I enable that?

In the BIOS there's the wakeup setting, I chose the key (power button) and it still doesn't work.
I had to disable EUP (an European rule) which, if enabled, makes sure the power consumption of the powered off PC stays under 1 W, but it also eliminates most of the wakeup options to achive that low power level.

Now with that option disabled, it is now possible to enable wake up events but the power button still doesn't work.

Legacy USB keyboard setting is on. Could it be the cause?

A:Dedicated Power On button on keyboard doesn't work

What brand of keyboard is it? If it's a Logitech, it could be a driver issue. I have a similar problem with my media buttons on a Logitech keyboard, but it seems that a recent driver update has made them fail. Rolling back the driver made them work again.

Try reinstalling the driver, or rolling back to a previous driver and see if that helps the issue.
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what can i do abou that?
tried to reinstall the games.
already scanned with adawre

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On my laptop when it is turned on XP boots up to the login screen.
But the touchpad and keyboard don't respond to any commands.
I can't get into the Bios because the keyboard doesn't work. Even a mouse
connected via the usb won't work.
Caps lock doesn't eluminate once pressed either?
Does it sound terminal?


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Problem Details: In the middle of a game of league (Doom Bots) and I try try to reply to a friend on steam message and notice my delete button randomly not working then go into League to reply to somebody and can't delete on there either. I don't know what caused it since it was so random and I've completely cleaned my keyboard out so yeah... I want this fixed, this was a $100 dollar mechanical keyboard and it's my baby :'( . I've tried rebooting, unplugging then plugging back in, and I really wouldn't like to system restore but if I must then I suppose so..

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Hello I'm having a rather incredible problem with Windows Pro Sometimes after booting my notebook's keyboard doesn't work at all Some facts about all this to inform the diagnosis The keyboard doesn't work in Windows it does in the UEFI bios Ie randomly Windows 8: after work laptop doesn't keyboard booting I boot to windows and it doesn't work I then reboot test it in the bios and see that it works I go back to windows and it still doesn't work there It happens randomly maybe once every boot ups Definitly not always I think but aren't sure that it only happens when booting not when coming back from hibernation or sleep Unplugging the battery or the power cord doesn't help I'm fairly careful about malware and I don't think it's related I don't have any malware protection other than Windows' The System section of the Event Viewer only has one apparently relevant event quot The driver Driver WudfRd failed to load for the device ROOT WPD quot Notice this is related to a Logitec input driver and I'm having trouble with the notebook's built-in keyboard I never plugged a Logitec keyboard but I did use a Logitec mouse in the past Nevertheless I acted upon that event log Some pages elsewhere The driver Driver WUDFRd Windows 8: keyboard laptop randomly doesn't work after booting failed to load for the device error - Windows Help Forums suggested changing the Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework from Manual triggered to automatic It didn't help It has always solved itself after a random amount of time from a few minutes to an hour but today I won't go back to working There's no warning sign in the device manager The ps keyboard driver has a date though The notebook is an Asus U e https www asus com Notebooks Ultrabooks U E Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide Event details Code - System - Provider Name Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP Guid C A - - D-ABD -E C EventID Version Level Task Opcode Keywords x - TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z EventRecordID Correlation - Execution ProcessID ThreadID Channel System Computer santiago-asus - Security UserID S- - - - EventData DriverNameLength DriverName ROOT WPD Status FailureNameLength FailureName Driver WudfRd Version

A:Windows 8: keyboard laptop randomly doesn't work after booting

Some additional info:
It was suggested somewhere else that turning off Windows 8's fast boot option would help; it didn't.
I just completed a run of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and found nothing except for 4 autohotkey .bin files that seem ok for the rest of the AVs at virustotal.
Nothing relevant seems to be logged in the System log when the keyboard comes back up.

Thanks again!

(ps where's the edit link?)
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So I managed to spill a cup of tea earlier today, spilling tea over my desk, hitting a few keys of my keyboard - a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2012 edition.
Most of the keys on the keyboard didn't work, or needed to be hit several times before anything happened.
I have restarted the PC, changed USB port and even changed keyboard to some old Logitech one, but most keys still doesn't work.

Since the keys aren't working on either one of the keyboards I tried I have no clue what could have happened, and need some help figuring this one out.

All help appreciated!

A:Keyboard keys doesn't work on multiple keyboards after spilling tea!

Could be the damage to the first keyboard damaged the PS/2 port or the USB port it was plugged into which in turn causes a replacement keyboard to not be full functional. Best thing I've done with spills is to immediately unplug the keyboard and turn it over to drain as much liquid out as I could then I've rinsed it out with clear water, shook and tapped it to get any water out then put in the sun to dry for several hours.
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Hi I'm not sure where to put this request thought since the Dell Inspiron is running Windows including latest update that there might be a conflict between the desktop and the keyboard down in the nuts and bolts somewhere I can turn the machine on the capslock light comes on SOMETIMES the keyboard works well enough to input the pin to get the desktop booted up Sometimes I have to go through steps to get the touch screen keyboard up in order to input the pin However as soon as the desktop is active the keyboard no longer works I've updated the drivers don't know what else to do When I try a search online for a solution I get differing ideas on how to solve the problem I've tried resetting the BIOS to default settings that didn't work Any and all help will be much appreciated I really need keyboard 15 Dell work when boots doesn't desktop up Inspiron the keyboard to be working my kids do their homework on my laptop Thanks in advance for any help
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1) I did run "Kaspersky AV 2010", which found several malware and 'Virus.Win32.ZAccess.c'

2) After that I got "The TCP/IP transport is not installed." and can't go online.

3) Then I did run "TDSS Killer", which found this 'ZAccess' virus again, I did cure it, but it restores.

4) I did run "Dr.Web CureIt!" (cureit-201201181622), which found 'Backdoor.Maxplus.24' (alias 'ZAccess'). I tried to cure it again.

5) After that my notebook keyboard does not work, when I need to write my Administrator password. USB mouse works. And arrow keys work, when I choose the Safe Mode menu, before Windows XP starts to load.

I have Windows XP Pro SP3.

What can I do? I appreciate your help!


A:Keyboard doesn't work, TCP/IP not installed after unsuccessful ZAccess.c removing

Can you use an external keyboard?
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I've got a Windows 7 upgrade disc, so I first installed Windows XP and now need to boot from this new disc. Because I'm going from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Windows 7, I have to boot from the disc.

I can press F12 to get into the boot order selection screen; but pressing the arrow keys, escape, or enter has no effect. Once I'm on that screen, I just have to turn off the PC because I can't do anything else.

Both keyboards I've tried have been USB. I actually bought a new keyboard in case my keyboard was the issue, but the stores only had USB keyboards--if USB is the issue, I'll have to wait a few days before I can borrow an old keyboard that uses PS2.

Is there any way to workaround this using the USB keyboard I have?

A:Keyboard doesn't work in BIOS, any other way to change boot order?

Try plugging the usb keyboard into the usb port next to the ethernet port.

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Okay when I first noticed the problem I tried to use ctrl alt del to stop IE but the device manager crashed So I turned off the computer and when I tried restarting the virus started immediately After restarting in safe mode I tried to run My antivirus program avira but gave up when the scan was only complete after hours after that I used System Restore to roll the computer back a week Upon restarting the virus was still present but partially inactive after managing to bypass the virus redirects I found and downloaded Malwarebytes AMW Successfully ran full scan in safe mode MWB found and removed a few infected files including AV Securiy s desktop shortcut When my computer restarted this time the keyboard would not respond at all but I m still able to use the onscreen keyboard Ran MWB again and this time the second it found a file Avira s Now AV keyboard Security work... (partially) doesn't Removed 2012 activeguard blocked and removed a malware file followed instantly by more However The keyboard still didn t work and AV Security s Icon was STILL in the start menu Found bleepingcomputer s uninstall guide downloaded and ran TDSS killer and found Nothing And that s my story So Can anyone help me please

A:Removed AV Security 2012 (partially) Now keyboard doesn't work...

Oh yeah, sorry about forgetting to mention this earlier, but I've tried different keyboards and also uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver both normally and in safe mode, with no luck.
The device status for the keyboard (from the Control Panel) is:
"This device cannot start (code 10)"
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Hi,I have a new HP Spectre X360 notebook (7 months old) and cannot get the backslash key when i press the key using the laptop keyboard.When i use  press backslash keyon the physical keyboard, I can see it highlights the Ctrl key on the touchscreen keyboard!!I have tried various key combinations, changing language settings, all with no effect.My laptop was recently sent back to HP due to a power failure & returned repaired & I am sure this was working fine before it was repaired as i would use the backslash key frequently.My lanugaue setttings are English (Ireland) and keyboard language is English/UK. Windows 10 64 bit with all the latest updates. I have posted this before under hardware but the suggestions haven't helped so far, i'm hoping an HP expert can advise. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Terry