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Dropped my Laptop may have faulty Hard Drive

Q: Dropped my Laptop may have faulty Hard Drive

My sister dropped my laptop and I am worried I may have a faulty hard drive.

Is there any good tool out there which can thoroughly check my Hard Drive for ANY error at all?


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Preferred Solution: Dropped my Laptop may have faulty Hard Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dropped my Laptop may have faulty Hard Drive

Use something like SeaTools to check condition of HDD, link to download here
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I unfortunately dropped my dell inspiron n laptop yesterday on carpet and when I booted it lead me to windows recovery stating xc ce either external usb problem or cd dvd hard drive failure etc I was able to go on safe mode but I wasn't able to retrive my files and my laptop was runnign really slow After that I restarted many times and finally I was able to boot normally but again it would take - minutes and it would lag all the time I was able to transfer my files to an external flash drive most of drive damaged laptop hard HELP dropped them but I lost patience dropped laptop damaged hard drive HELP because it would lag etc And after min or so it would shut off without notice No files were missing and everything seems ok expect for the speed part I also did a check disk upon reboot and it said it found no bad sectors so I am puzzled why the result is lik that I n my case what is the best solution buy another hdd reinstall hdd or reinstall windows Also I still have som videos that I wasn't able to transfer so what is the best way to retrieve them Also the RAM at the back when I unscrewed the cover the first time to see if it was just a loose memory problem were popped out so I put them back in again by slightly pushing them down until the metal things on the side clicked them dropped laptop damaged hard drive HELP into place Now when I tried to take the RAM again by pushing those metal things on the side apart the RAM didn't pop out I had to slide them out carefully is that normal thank you oh and I am running windows

A:dropped laptop damaged hard drive HELP

Hi bstvrhd,

The unit most likely at fault is the HDD. What I would recommend you to do is install Windows on an external Harddrive OR run an Ubuntu Live CD on an USB drive, and see if the problem persists. If all the above options run well, it's most likely the HDD. Thats where I would start atleast :)
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I dropped my 1 TB Seagate Freeagent (external power) HD when it was powered on, about 3 feet onto a hard floor.

It started working again as soon as I reconnected, to my relief .. !

I ran SMART tests on the HD (in ubuntu) and the self-tests and SMART attributes report that the disk is perfectly healthy (no attribute is failing)

Does this mean that my HDD is fine or can it go anytime now ? (I've backed up all my data)
What should I expect ?

A:Dropped Hard drive

As long as it didn't land in a position that caused
the heads to crash into the platter,you are probably ok.
Probably want to keep an eye on it for a while anyway.
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I have a friend who was reinstalling a hard drive on one of his other computers and he dropped it between the transfer. He has data on it and he wants to set this as the boot drive because it has more gigs that his old HDD. He did this and it is bootable, however it stalls the computer at random times (boot, 10mins after full startup. etc.), and sometimes even shutsdown on its own. I believe that it may have scratched the internal disks or something else. I tried running scan disk from normal, safe mode and DOS and it stalled. Any sugestions... I'm at a loss for him.

A:Dropped Hard Drive

Yes, well dropping a hard drive is not good but that may not be the entire problem here.

If you take a hard drive with an operating system and put it in another computer with different hardware Windows will not be happy. If you formated the drive and reinstalled Windows then this is not a problem.

To test the drive, you can got to the manufacturer's website and download a diagnostics that when you run will install itself to a floppy disk. Then boot off that disk and run all the tests.

Since its a Maxtor: Downloads/ATA Hard Drives&downloadID=22

Also, does your computer support an 80GB drive? Older systems do not without a BIOS update. When the computer turns on and displays the hardware info does it show the drive capacity as 80GB? You can also enter the BIOS setup and use teh IDE Autodetection to setup the drive and check the capacity.

Lastly you willl want to make sure the drive is jumpered correctly - The primary drive needs to be set to Master using the jumpers on the back and any secondary drive on the SAME IDE cable must be set as SLAVE.
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Yesterday i was cleaning dust out of my computer. when i went to turn it sideways, the hard drive fell out and hit the concrete. when i went to turn it back on, it would only go as far as the initial windows xp loadup screen and then restart. upon restart, it said that windows did not shut down properly and to choose an option to start normally, last known config, safe mode, and safe mode with networking. i choose start normally, and the cycle repeats itself. Is my hard drive gone? and if so how can i recover data from it.?

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My dogs pulled the cords of my Maxtor external hard drive and pulled it off the table. When I plug it in now in the USB port, the ding goes off saying its plugged in, but nothing shows at all in explorer. I have tried to plug into 2 different computers.

1) Is there anything I can try?
2) If this means my drive is dead, how can I recover the data in the cheapest way possible?

Thanks for your help,


A:External Hard Drive dropped

If the drive itself has died, (through heads hitting platters) then data recovery will be by laboratory means only and will cost thousands, if even possible.

The "ding" suggests the USB interface is OK, so have you actually checked the see if the drive is still plugged in OK inside the case, before we jump to conclusions?
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I have a external maxtor hard drive and I dropped it from my desk to a thin carpet floor.. I plug it in and it just makes a clicking noise and then after 4 mintues or so.. it stops clicking and no noise comes out.. When i click on my comptuer it is not there The green light is still on the external hard drive though..

I can't believe a little drop to the floor can ruin it? It has a hard casing around it.. what can i do? Can it still be saved? Help!!!

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Hey guys lol I just bought 2 HD's for my 2bay enclosure.. as i was walkin out of the store i opened the door for some guys that were carrying a huge load, anyway i was still in his way and the hard drives i was carrying on top of my enclosures fell on cement....
i haven't tried to see if they are still working...but even if they did work should i go replace them? im afraid of long term affects? i tried googling this but no straight answer...
i know dropping a HD can corrupt data but since they're brand new..they have nothing on it..
any suggestions? i bought it from ncix i could just tell them they weren't working right and they'll replace it...?

hope you guys can shed some light
i'm kind of worried



A:Dropped hard drive should I replace it?

They should be fine, the heads aren't above the platters like they are if you drop/bump it while its running. If they were in the box when they fell then I'm sure you will be fine, they are packaged to take a beating during shipping.

Even if they aren't you could either return them to the store, or RMA them.
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hi, i have an external portable hard drive (250gb) and i recently dropped it, and ever since i cant move anything onto it. i get up to 2gb of files then it just stops and you can hear it clicking away... could i have possibly scratched it maybe? if so, is there any way of fixing this??



A:External Hard Drive dropped

Dropping it probably has severely damaged it and is doubtful that it can be repaired. Someone else may be able to come along and give you another opinion but harddrives are fragile. You may be able to run a harddrive diagnostics on it via your system, but I would get anything you have loaded onto it that you can access and transfer it it to another harddrive, flash drive, etc.
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I purchased 1 tb external WD hard drive 4 months back.

Today, I dropped it accidentally from my table. Now it is not working. Produces clicking noise. Is it dead? The data was not important but I need a functional hard disk.

I have 3 years warranty. The manufacturers are asking to ship the hard drive and then they will mail me the replacement. Is the warranty on my hard drive void?
There are no visible damage signs from outside. Further, clicking of hard drive are now common and occur for many reason apart from physical damage.
Do I have any chance that I would get a replacement?
Please help.

A:dropped external hard drive


Please do not hijack the threads of others with your particular question. Please also do not post in multiple manner.

I've moved your above into your own thread and deleted your other identical posts.
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External hard drive was accidentally dropped and unsafely unplugged by accident. Computer now states the device is working properly but it is not listed under device manager or in "my computer". I run Windows xp pro on a desk top dell.

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I have a very similar problem as Gallagwar (That Thread Has Now Expired). I Dropped My External Hard Drive while it will still plugged up, now the USB part connected to the external hard drive is loose and now when I plug it up, the blue light comes on, but it will not show up on any my desktops! Both my desktops have Windows Vista on them. I have tried plugging it up several times in both my pc's and still they will not recognize it? I have Hitachi SimpleDrive 2TB USB 3.5" External Hard Drive and it is still under warranty. I would like to save my files and then see if I can send it out for repair. The most important thing is saving my files!

Can someone help me?

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hey guys, I've had a 2 terrabyte hard drive since november 2011, and the other day it was hooked up to my laptop when I pulled it away.
it fell 2 feet and 2 inches onto my desk, when I plugged it in, it needed formatting so I unplugged it an tried again and it worked for about 3 minutes before it stopped working all together.
now the hard drives light flashes like always but it doesn't appear on my laptop, any suggestions?

thanks in advance

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Ok, so the other day, my external hard drive fell to the ground and I could not get it to turn back on. I tried again yesterday with no success. I ordered a SATA hard drive enclosure thinking it was just the hardware in my external hard drive that was bad. Well I went and plugged it into a SATA enclosure and all I get is 5 beeps as if its trying but nothing ends up it possible that the hard drive itself is done??? I have tons and tons of stuff on there that I cannot lose...Any help would be great guys. Thanks!

A:HELP Faulty Hard drive??

It is possible that the fall damaged the hard drive read/write heads, the hardware that positions the heads, and/or possibly the disc surfaces as well. This is particularly true if the drive was powered up at the time of the fall.

If this is true, it will cost you big bucks to have a data recovery company take the drive apart and attempt to recover all or some of data from the the disc platters.
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Hello I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm running Drive Hard Faulty out of options I'm very lost as to how to contact hp support about my issue I went through the support page and searched my product Faulty Hard Drive and got to the 'Contact Options' Faulty Hard Drive page However there was no contact options available to me just a confirmation that my product is still under warranty until it's expiration date I opened a support case in a commercial product section I thought it was a personal product section for some reason and got an email back saying to ring customer support I rang the customer support number and followed through to the correct line which said that I need to open a customer support ticket before calling I'm not sure where to go from here I was using my laptop with a few programs open Disk was at when windows crashed No error message opened but windows Explorer start menu and taskbar were all unresponsive I restarted and the laptop was unable to boot windows I could reach the login lockscreen but once I entered my password it was stuck at a login loop I booted into safe mode to attempt to uninstall recently installed programs to see if that would fix the issue It would boot into the desktop however Windows Explorer was again unresponsive I tried window r to reach msconfig to configure a clean startup but that failed to load Task manager failed to open as well as the start menu I tried restarting a few times as well as removing the battery to drain the capacitors of electricity before booting up Same issues I then ran component tests all of which passed except for the Hard Drive short long DST check which failed Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Faulty Hard Drive

I will ask a Moderator to escalate your issue. A failed hard disk is covered under warranty. You may be asked to provide the hardawre fail code that the test gave you. I hope you have your recovery media available. You will need the recovery media  to recover the notebook to its factory delivered state.
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Hi I hope someone can help me out here I built my own pc a few weeks ago everything is fine UNTIL NOW - My main hard drive is a western digital caviar GB special edition MB cache and the computer boots from this problem is a couple of days ago when i press the buttons to start the computer everything fires up fine apart from the hard drive It seems to go really slow scratching louder than normal and seems to only scratch twice a second funny thing is it still boots but really really slowly Is this a faulty hard drive or a power start up Faulty????? hard drive my Is problem All i Is my hard drive Faulty????? do is switch on Is my hard drive Faulty????? at the mains then switch the pc on Last time it happened i let it startup then shut it down and started up again and it was fine This time i just pulled the plug and started again and it was fine Whats up with my poor hard drive I have it in a caddy fixed into one of the inch drive bays this caddy has two built in fans and one of them makes a noise when i first start it could this fan have something to do with it such as vibration or something Help Thanks Ade nbsp

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For the last few weeks I have had some issues with my PC I built myself a couple of years ago. The main thing is that if I let my PC sit for 10-15 minutes, when I come back to log back in, my display gets huuuge to the lowest resolution, and I usually get a "parser error message saying "value creation failed at line 422 or line 903". What is all this? Also, the computer has been running a lot slower that it used to, Photoshop will freeze, defragging will leave half the drive still fragmented, so just a bunch of annoying problems that only a restart seems to fix. Please advise, thank you all.

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If someone can help me that would be great. Yesterday a work computer only had two applications running and it completely froze up. When we restarted the computer the following message appeared:

"windows could not start because of an error in hte software, please report this problem as: load needed DLL's for Kernel"

We tried repairing Windows XP and then reformatting the system. Nothing seemed to be working. Dell is telling us that we need a new hard drive. The computer is only a year old. Does this make sense or does anyone have a suggestion on how to try and repair?


A:Faulty Hard Drive??

From the hard drive's manufacturer's web site, download and run the diagnostic tool.
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Hi, i've recently bought a seagate momentus 7200.3 from ebay and when i try to copy my hard drive to it using norton ghost, i'm getting the error EC8F17B3.

"Cannot complete copying of (C:\) drive. Error EC8F0409: Cannot copy source drive to destination location. Warning A7C30019: The type of errors encountered indicate that this hard disk drive is about to fail. It is recommended that this drive be replaced soon. To ignore this error and backup this drive, select "Ignore bad sectors during copy" from the advanced options in the Drive Backup Wizard. Error E7C3000F: Device \\?\SymantecSnapshot0 cannot read 12288 sectors starting at LBA 174724072. Error EBAB03F1: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
Details: 0xA7C30019"

Just wondering what this means and if theres anyway around it? Problem with the drive maybe? Also i've been running the copy and selecting "Ignore bad sectors during copy".

Regards, Dave.

A:Faulty hard drive?

Sounds like a bad drive.

Free Hard Drive Testing Applications:

Manufacturer's Tests
Victoria for DOS
Victoria for Windows (Both versions of Victoria are among the best and most thorough tests available.)
HD Tune
CheckDisk 1.03 (Marks bad sectors as unusable.)
HDAT2 (Diagnostics and bad sector recovery)
MHDD Low-level Diagnostics
Bootable Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Floppy or CD Image (works on most drives)

Hard Drive Manufacturers' Diagnostic Utilities Links:

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hi there, right basicaly i have a 40gb hdd which i store all my music on, one minute this drive was fine, the next i rebooted and the drive woudlnt work during post the comp picks up an ide drive on master, and even loads the drives name etc but the system just seems 2 hang then. any ideas what courses this? ive tried the drive in 3 other systems with exactly the same symptoms so i dont think its a hardware conflict. ive got a new hdd now but what i am keen to do is to access the drive and copy the files from it as there is approx 35gb of music on there

if you require anymore info ill try to provide it

thanks in advance, russ

A:Faulty Hard-Drive?

Put the drive in a freezer bag and chill it right down for an hour , then try again.

Sometimes works, and if it does then extract everything you can. It may be your only access chance.

If nothing else, you perhaps realise now that a HDD is only temporary storage, and must be backed up. They are cheaper these days but the quality and longevity has not improved.
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Hi I ve a Fujitsu MHR AT hard drive in a Samsung P laptop it s re-badged as an RM Professional P but I don t think that should be relevant here The drive is very noisy but only intermittently This can happen when the laptop is being used or when it s just doing nothing On checking Task Manager I can t find anything running that would cause the drive to be accessed Ordinarily I d assume the drive was failing but I ve a couple of these drives I recently bought a replacement an used one off Ebay and that was no better The seller was very apologetic and immediately sent me a replacement which guess what was pretty much the same This was cheap so not even worth sending back Now I find it hard to believe though it s still possible that all four are duff drives So I went looking for some disc diagnostic software on the net I tried a couple including SeaTools for Windows but the only one that ran properly was DiscCheckup from PassMark I ve been using that running short and extended self tests but it doesn t highlight any problems I m intrigued that the disc apparently runs when I wouldn t be expecting it to be doing anything Device Manager tells me its using a Microsoft driver dated Would a Fujitsu driver help I ve tried to update but couldn t find anything newer Anyone any ideas apart from throw all the drives away nbsp hard drive(s) Faulty

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I have recently bought a brand new Western Digital Caviar Green TB hard drive and have had no end of trouble Faulty Is My New Drive Hard with it since the moment I installed it The initial problems were the hard drive which is being used as a slave not being detected by XP every time necessitating repeated re-boots until it showed up After that it started prompting a check disk on boot-up Is My New Hard Drive Faulty which on one occasion found problems with some file record segments and had to recover files The next check disk after that showed no bad sectors After that event my PC became unable to boot windows at all stopping on a black screen just before the desktop should have appeared necessitating more repeated re-boots until the PC started sometimes showing the new Is My New Hard Drive Faulty drive successfully and sometimes not I ran the Western Digital Lifeguard Diagnostic program and my hard drive passed After working fine for two days the hard drive started playing up again going through the previous antics but this time appearing in My Computer as a hard drive but no reported size Upon re-boot it would prompt a check disk then find a corrupt Master File table and then abort At this point my new hard drive is completely useless and inaccessible I tried using TestDisk to repair the problem but the back-up mirror file was also corrupt I have managed to salvage some files from it using the Zero Assumption Recovery program which took nearly hours to complete its scan and verification but the question still remains Is my new hard drive faulty I have no idea if this behaviour is indicative of a faulty hard drive or if it could be something else I ve never had any problems such as this in all the years I have owned computers My PC is running XP with SP and the motherboard is an Asus P P SE The new hard drive is being used as a slave drive for storing files and has no operating system on it Thanks in advance for any advice nbsp

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Guys i need help,,i accidentally dropped my hard drive its a 1tb buffalo hd-pntu3,,now when i go to disk management in my computer its showing up as disk 1 unknown allocated,,and when i try to initialize disk its greyed out!,,please i need help,, i have a lot of files on this drive,,please help!!

A:Accidentally Dropped External Hard Drive

It is probably corrupted, does it have a warranty? This happen to one of mine a couple months ago, it's pretty annoying. You have to keep these things in a safe spot lol.
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I accidently dropped my iomega 1tb external hard drive and now when i turn it on it says i have to reformat it, does that mean all my files have been deleted, if so is there any way i can retrieve them? please help me!

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Not long ago I bought a Seagate FreeAgent GB external hard drive It was working just fine until I accidently knocked it over Drive, Hard Won't External My Work Dropped When it fell it bumped the leg of a table pretty hard Immediately after that I started getting popup balloons on the taskbar saying write error or something similar Then I tried to doubleclick on the drive in My Computer and it froze up So then Dropped My External Hard Drive, Won't Work I unplugged and replugged and it said USB Dropped My External Hard Drive, Won't Work Device Not Recognized Those error messagesn were the last I heard Dropped My External Hard Drive, Won't Work from it Then I restarted and after that the drive would not display in My Computer at all would not even react to the computer at all I tried it on two computers Still nothing I noticed a strange sound coming from the hard drive It s a sort of melodic buzzing with a beeping sound every few seconds Sometimes it goes completely silent So what I need to know is - What can I do can I fix it myself - If not how much can I expect to pay to get my data recovered At the very least I need a listing of the files that were on the hard drive just so I know exactly what I m missing I might be able to replace them myself if I know exactly everything that s on it - Is the hard drive fixable If not will the warranty cover replacement - Also I called around a few places and the most reasonable one said it would cost around to fix it Is this worth it Thanks in advance nbsp

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I accidently dropped my external Maxtor hard drive. now windows wont see it when i plug it in my usb port. i still sounds like its working ok it spins make sounds just that when i plug it in it want get recognized. i tried different cpus and usb cords with no luck.

the enclosure powers on.

im going to plug it in to the inside of my tower test it to see if it will read it. before i take the enclosure apart, is there anything else i should try? i hope its just the enclosure that is not working anymore.

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Hello, Ive just put a second hard-drive in my pc for storage. It works fine apart from it keeps dissapearing from My Computer & I have to reboot to get it to appear in the drive list.
Also Ive tried to find it in disc management & disc management wont load & just gives me this error 'Unable to connect to logical disc manager service' and 'the dependancy service or group faled to start'

Also compmanagement keeps freezing up when I ask to look at removeable storage.

Ive looked in the event log & about an hour ago I had this log ' An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation.'

Do you think the hard drive may be faulty?

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Hello guys,

When I plug in my 80GB External HD USB drive it turns all other devices off etc and doesn't work. Is it faultly?

A:Is my External hard-drive faulty?

What other devices are turned off?
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Windows boots and works fine except for a few occasional blue screens and freezes. But I went to go check out my hard drive today and I noticed a few scorch marks on the chip on the underside. It was on the middle and on the grey metal piece. It was brown a bit. I'm wondering if this may cause problems. I have tried running seatools and it came up with 0 errors.

A:Is my hard drive faulty/broken?

Do you have any idea how long the scorch marks have been there?

In particular, have they been there longer than you have had blue screens?

If the drive passes all Seatools tests and behaves OK in operation, it's difficult to make a case for it being defective.

Have you run a benchmark on the drive?

Barring more info, I'd assume the blue screens and freezes are unrelated.
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Hey everyone So I recently picked up this external hard drive from a friend who Hard Drive, no access. Ext. Faulty was having some issues with it From his first description I thought Faulty Ext. Hard Drive, no access. I would be able to solve it myself but it turns out the problem is way more complex and unknown to me than I had thought Here's what's up -The Hard drive is a standard external one connected to the PC via a standard USB cable One regular USB connector on the PC side and a small one I believe they are refered to as 'mini-USB Type B' on the drive's side -When connected to the PC it shows up like an internal hard drive strangely not with the external devices -It cannot be browsed or accessed in any other way the windows explorer will either load -extremely- slowly without success OR freeze OR simply say it cannot be accessed -The furthest I got in terms of interacting with it was to uninstall and reinstall it via disk manager -All other attempts fail formatting is impossible as a right click leads to the problems described in point I tried to format after uninstalling installing the drive since a message came up telling me to do so eventhough I was planning to do it anyway -The drive brand is completely unknown to me it was purchased in Hong Kong and bears the label 'Buffalo' Any feedback or ideas on this topic are more than welcome Thanks in advance amp looking forward to some help Pluffi

A:Faulty Ext. Hard Drive, no access.


Are you able to access this drive from the command prompt? If so, try a chkdsk /R on it and lets see if that improves access.

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Hello I built my PC about two years ago and it runs pretty well I turn it suck drive? Hard does just Faulty really Or XP off a few times a Faulty Hard drive? Or does XP just really suck week and use it every day But recently I have been having problems I turned off my computer before I went to work Came home and turned the computer on When I entered my login password I got some quot Domain could not be found quot error and it took me back to the login page I tried to find a fix for this but was unable to so I gave up I installed a new copy of XP on a different partion of my hard drive I split my hard drive up into two different partions when I built it for an installation of linux which I never got round to installing I ve been using this new copy of windows for about a week but a few days ago I Faulty Hard drive? Or does XP just really suck have been having troubles again I turn on my computer and it comes to the quot select an operating system quot screen If I choose the OS that I was using previously I get to the log in screen and it just tells me that it could not conect to the remote host which is expected since I haven t tried to fix it again since If I choose the NEW OS that I recently installed and press enter then the screen goes dark and then nothing happens I have on several ocassions left it on this screen for a long time without any kind of change But the strange thing is the computer is still on and its being all noisy and computery in terms of how it sounds So my question is Do I have a faulty hard drive By the way I forgot to mention that my computer ever since a few days before the first installation of windows became useless I had been getting the occasional message when I started the computer saying that quot one of my disks needs to be checked for consistency quot After which it would goe through all of this quot checking files quot quot recovering orphaned files quot and quot checking security descriptors quot crap Must I replace the Hard drive nbsp

A:Faulty Hard drive? Or does XP just really suck

You can run diagnostics on the drive to rule out failure:

Depending on the brand:

Western Digital
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Damn! I dropped my hard drive
Only 2ft
I was running acronis and backing up my hard drive
The program stalled and wouldn't do anything else saying it couldn't access the disc

I restarted and am running again. All seems ok
But, I wanted to know are there any programs I can run to do a health check?

The hard drive is a 2.5 Seagate in an enclosure


A:Ooops I dropped my hard drive - how do I check for errors?

NOT the pro........... the 2nd d/l
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For some reason, after upgrading my Windows XP computer to Windows 7, my C: hard drive maximum capacity has reduced 50%. I do not know what has happened because a computer professional had done it for me. I need more space on this computer badly.

A:Hard drive capacity dropped after Windows reinstallation

hi, check C:\ for a windows.old folder,if it is there delete it if there is nothing in it that you need from xp
How do I remove the Windows.old folder?
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Ill be honest , I accidently dropped my laptop it landed on carpet.I tripped over a cord and the DVD rom was open at the time and the whole thing came out, I just slipped it back in.

My dilemma lol it will only read my important files burnt cd, but not my music I have burnt in folders.. isnt that the weirdest??

All the drivers are updated.

So Im asking is it doing this because it was dropped?

Someone else mentioned to me this and he has a point

well with computers anything can happen.
but I can't think of anything that could be damaged that would only knock out one type of files.
I have seen damaged drives that would only read disks that they had written, and would not read anything written by another drive.Click to expand...

A:Dropped my Laptop now My DVD RW Drive has a mind of it's own?

Well that is strange it will read some files but not others; I think it would be all or nothing.

The laptop manufacturere may replace it if you bought it with accidental damage coverage. Otherwise, you can buy a replacement for around $50-60.
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Last year i built a computer with an intel DG tl motherboard quad core q processor and seagate barracuda hard drive From the Solved: Motherboard Hard or Drive Faulty beginning Vista seemed to be having alot of problems but didnt think anything of it cause well its vista The problems were windows explorer stopped working this happened alot alot So recently ive been having problems with booting up it freezes before windows can reach the log in stage Sometimes if i let it sit a few days and replug Solved: Faulty Motherboard or Hard Drive in the SATA it will load up but eventually crashes It does alot of memory dumping too And i have changed the SATA cable ive tried that already So my question is do you think Solved: Faulty Motherboard or Hard Drive it is the motherboard or the Hard drive Ive already ruled out vista i really doubt its that My assumtion is that it is the motherboard i did some research and found out other people had problems with the board too If there is any questions that will help narrow down the possibility of whats wrong feel free to ask Thank you nbsp

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Hey A few months back I built myself a new PC and everything was working great for a month or so no problems at all However for the past few weeks I have been having trouble with I assume my hard drive hard faulty drive? failures, Boot and getting it to boot my OS Boot failures, faulty hard drive? Win x Heres what happens I power up my PC and it goes through the quot Asus Express Gate quot and other quot BIOS stuff quot - I notice that my HDD doesnt appear in the Sata device list on the next screen it says quot Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key quot So I restart and hit Delete to check my Boot Devices in the BIOS My Samsung HDD does not appear anywhere as if it was disconnected I open up the case to check the SATA and Power connectors which are all seated firmly in their sockets The first time this happened I quot solved quot the problem by plugging the Boot failures, faulty hard drive? HDD into a different SATA port on my MB It booted up Windows fine for a couple of days but then the same thing happened again and again I tried a different SATA port with the same results I have been having this problem for around months now and recently when I have tried reseating the SATA connector Boot failures, faulty hard drive? in a different port and rebooting it is not working right away and I have to try multiple ports with much rebooting in order to get it to work I have tried using the hard drives from my old PC which work fine and I was able to boot up Win XP I checked all my drivers were up to date - which they were So I was wondering whether any of you wonderful peoples had any ideas about what may be causing this problem and any suggestions on how to fix it I suspect that I have a faulty hard drive but I d like to try whatever I can before returning it Thank you for reading any suggestions will be much appreciated Jimmy nbsp
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A:Dell Warranty - Faulty Hard Drive

Good question!

First, what brand is the hard drive? Just about every manufacturer has their own diagnostic software. Go to their site and download it, and test the hard drive yourself.

Then, if you feel you should still send it in, wipe it clean first, using tools such as Eraser.

Hope this helps,
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Hi I ve just updated my Win XP PC to Vista All was going well with the installation full clean install until I came to choose which drive to load Vista onto My C drive had a yellow warning triangle next to it and I was informed my hard drive was about to fail Thinking this could be a glitch I chose to install Vista anyway All was going well until a few hours later Vista informed me that the HD was failing and Drive as Vista Hard Faulty!!! Reports I should backup my data This message repeated several times over the next couple of hours Vista Reports Hard Drive as Faulty!!! and eventually I got an option to disable it which I did Now the HD was brand new in Dec and I had no problems what so ever in XP apart from maybe a slow transfer rate a few times when I backed up large quantities of data to my Gb external drive So is this just a software glitch Or should I RMA the drive My System consists of CPU Intel Core Duo E MB Gigabyte GA P-S i P RAM x Gb PC PSU Akasa W GPU GTO Mb HD Gb Samsung SP C SpinPoint P Thanks nbsp

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Hi all,

I have exactly the same problem with my sons Sony Vaio laptop as the member in thread:

The Hard drive is a Seagate ST9160821AS but having looked on the net it would appear this model is not made anymore.

Does anyone know of a different model HDD that I could purchase that would be compatible with this laptop.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I had purchased a Seagate SATA GB some months back It died within months It was in warranty so i got a replacement The replacement HD looked brand Hard Solved: New Drive: Faulty? Sata new and packed in an antistatic bag Today i took out the hard drive and connected it to my PC On starting the PC it started to give a strange spinning noise and i could hear faint clicks I checked in the BIOS It took sometime before i could Solved: New Sata Hard Drive: Faulty? get into the BIOS the red HD led was on constantly like it happens with a bad HD After a delay i got into BIOS but the HD was not detected in the BIOS I checked the connections and tried again Again not detected in Solved: New Sata Hard Drive: Faulty? BIOS I had two SATA power connectors and SATA cables I tried all of them Same result I could hear faint clicking and BIOS didnt detect the HD I have SATA ports I started to change ports Two ports didnt work Then on rd port I was able to get into BIOS without any delay and without the constant HD led glowing And there was no clicking sound and the HD was detected in the BIOS I shut down checked again It was detected again Then i did diagnostic check on the HD with the seagate tools CD It passed both the short and long tests When i did the acoustic test two times both the time drive spins and it makes a faint click at the last Now am confused should i keep this HD or should i take it for replacement again I could hear faint clicking first and no detection of the drive when i tried earlier few times But after that the HD was detected and ran fine without any clicks and it even passed the tests Is the HD faulty nbsp

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I saw the following post relating to a batch of faulty hard drives and was wondering whether anyone nbsp is able to confirm nbsp the Drive Validity of Posting Faulty Hard validity of this issue nbsp https m reddit com r sysadmin comments x h f hgst Validity of Faulty Hard Drive Posting gb drive failures ref search posts nbsp Validity of Faulty Hard Drive Posting I purchased a Lenovo L a few years ago and have had endless problems with the machine Every - weeks it just wont boot up and I have to reinstall the OS I had taken it in for repairs indicating that I suspected the hard drive as the root cause of my problem but the drive was never replaced Needless to say the problems have never been resolved so I was very nbsp interested when I came across the aforementioned posting indicating that the nbsp problem was due to faulty hard disks installed in a large batch of machines manufactured around th April the same time as my L was manufactured nbsp nbsp If there is any truth to this posting I really feel I've been taken for a ride as the HDD should have been replaced whilst still under warranty when I initially took the machine in for repairs
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My PC s hard drive recently failed and had to be replaced Thankfully I had a bit of warning as the drive Drive Accessing On Faulty Data Hard had been acting strangely for a while so I d backed up pretty-much everything that s important to me before the failure However there is one email that I received just Accessing Data On Faulty Hard Drive before the crash and which is very important to me Unfortunately I didn t have time Accessing Data On Faulty Hard Drive to back this up I would like to Accessing Data On Faulty Hard Drive try to retrieve this email from off of the faulty drive and have read quite widely on the internet that one way of possibly gaining temporary access to a faulty drive is to place the faulty drive in some ziplock bags to exclude moisture and then to deep freeze it afterwhich and once reconnected it just may work for long enough to back up important docs Some say to freeze the drive for hours and some say for at least a week but my question is no matter how long the drive is frozen for does it actually help it to work or is it just a joke with me being so stupid as to believe it I mean surely after re-connection and once the frozen drive begins to warm back up water droplets may form on its suface and circuitry which certainly wouldn t bode well for continued operation when connected to a volt supply When all is said and done I would like to retrieve my lost data but not at the expense of turning my entire PC into toast Let s suppose I keep the freshly frozen drive out of the PC case let s say on an antistatic bag and connect it to its own volt supply and not the same one as used to power the rest of the PC so that the only connection it has to the main board is by means of its SATA cable Would I be likely to do any damage this way Perhaps just worth a mention that when the drive failed it just sat there either making a clicking noise or doing nothing with the PC continually displaying the blue screen of death Ultimately can anyone suggest any better ways of gaining access to data on a faulty drive Any suggestions gratefully received nbsp

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Hi all my title says it all-I think I m totally screwed I have Western Digital GB Essential edition external hard drive-says data? lose to I it-will need external hard my I all Dropped reformat drive runnining on Vista I have access to an old PC that has XP on it if that would make a difference It has years of Dropped my external hard drive-says I need to reformat it-will I lose all data? my pictures that haven t been printed or backed up-that s what this was for on it I dropped it this morning and when I reconnect it says that I must reformat the drive in order for it to work be recognised I know if I do this that I ll lose everything Is there a way to view the folders files and export them before reformatting I m starting to panic over years of memories via photo will be down the drain if I can t find a way to sort this out am in a cold sweat and starting to freak Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give Bootsy nbsp

A:Dropped my external hard drive-says I need to reformat it-will I lose all data?
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Hi Everyone So my no DVD vista Repair - Dropped drive hard Startup Hangs- here s what happened I dropped my laptop running Windows Vista on a Thinkpad R That is about years old while it was streaming audio from the net nonetheless I had to reseat it but since then it won t boot - it goes into quot startup repair Dropped my hard drive - Startup Repair Hangs- no vista DVD quot saying its fixing errors and hangs there indefinitely for days at a time What I ve tried -I was able to use the system rescue cd to mount my drive and copy the needed data to an external drive although I know it encountered some errors -I ve run lenovo s hd diagnostics and it says there are errors in the drive but I just need a way to fix it -I do not have a vista dvd so I cannot run chkdsk -I downloaded a Vista startup repair disk image but when I boot from that cd and choose repair your computer it never gives me the option to go to command line or system restore it goes straight to startup repair and its does not recognize the drive MS website says this is because lenovo has its own restoration libraries which DO NOT contain anything to fix a hard drive I am apparently supposed to order a dvd from support if I need one So I m looking for a reliable Hard drive repair tool essentially a free equivalent of chkdsk that I can run through my cd drive to try to find and fix the errors Or if there is a chkdsk redistributable out there even better Linux based is fine I think fixing the physical errors might be worth it Although generally are these sorts of things physical damage worth repairing without major problems in the future or is it pretty much inevitable that the drive is busted and I might as well buy a new one now and stop wasting my time nbsp

A:Dropped my hard drive - Startup Repair Hangs- no vista DVD

Chkdsk cannot fix a dropped drive. Or partitions. It only fixes the file system. You better just buy a new one. That one is about to quit completely in all likelihood.
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A couple months ago I got a laptop, it play all DVDs fine. Then, I dropped my laptop from a short distance, and the DVD in it was suddenly scratched! the DVD in question was about one month old. It was not scratched and it was running fine before I dropped my computer. It won't show up in my drives menu at all! please help!

A:DVD drive somehow scratched DVD disc after dropped laptop

Is it just that one DVD or any DVD you put in the drive? If it's that one DVD only, you've damaged it and most likely will need to be replaced.If the drive won't read any DVD's you may have jarred the connection loose or damaged the lens transport. Most DVD drives are removable so try removing the drive and re-inserting it using the manufactures instructions on how do to so. If that doesn't work then most likely the drive will need to be replaced.message edited by THX 1138
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Hi About a month ago I posted a problem I was hard drive...or Dead enclosure? faulty external having with my very old Dell Dimension giving me an FDC failure error instead of booting up I tried every recommended solution multiple times before finally giving up and deciding to just get a new computer rather than throw good money after bad Dead hard drive...or faulty external enclosure? I bought a new Dell Inspiron s from Dell Outlet thanks for the rec Compaq which I received earlier this week My plan was to take out the Dead hard drive...or faulty external enclosure? old hard drive and use it as a secondary drive on the new one until I discovered that wouldn t be possible because the Inspiron isn t compatible with PATA Eh no problem I ll just turn it into an external drive instead So I bought an Acomdata external enclosure followed the installation instructions carefully and connected the external hard drive to the new desktop through the USB port The computer won t recognize the drive I tried it on my laptop and had the same problem not recognized and not listed in the device manager The LED on the enclosure lights up but the drive isn t spinning or powering up at all Could it be that my hard drive is actually dead when all along I thought my motherboard was fried Is there any way I can recover the data on the drive nbsp

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Have viewed the prior fixes for this error however unable to shrink or move files due to a faulty hard drive. Any suggestions??? Outlook is not responding and I need HELP as I am trying to back up prior to installing the new hard drive!!! It is noted the restore points (both auto and manual) do not appear so I'm also unable to restore to a prior point when everything was working. Also need clarification (more simple instructions) on how to query for the defective cluster(s) to see if I may be able to fix or somehow get around my hard drive problem.
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Ok here's my situation. I have a computer that will not boot up. So I want to check the hard drive on it to see if it is the hard drive that is kaput. I have another computer. However the working computer is using an SATA cable with it's hard drive. There is however an open place to put in a 40 pin ribbon cable. Can I just take the ribbon cable out of the faulty computer and plug it into the motherboard on the working computer. Or will this cause problems? All I want to do is see if the faulty computer's have drive is junk or not.Thanks.

A:Testing out a HARD DRIVE from a faulty computer to see if it works or not.

Make sure the old cable is an 80 wire 40 pin. The empty controller in the newer computer may also need to be turned on in the bios.
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Hello Everyone help advice needed please I have a HP laptop that had TB c drive i from Drive Hard Data been thats Recover Faulty partitioned partitioned it into two further drives Drive E and Drive F both had been assigned a drive letter weeks ago my laptops hard drive became faulty and i sent it off to repair with Knowhow I asked my data to be recovered before they put in a new one So what they did was only save what was on my C drive which was hardly anything and NOTHING of my other two important drives Recover Data from Faulty Hard Drive thats been partitioned E F was saved at all I phoned them up and spoke to the IT section and they said they will send the faulty hard drive back and for me to return it back to them via the store with an external hard drive so it can be recovered so what i want to know is can the data be recovrerd as EVERYTHING was saved on those two drives I have been told various things One said it cant be recovered because the main C drive was partitioned and someone else said it can be i do regular backups but since begining of this year i have not been able to as i was hospitalised in ICU and everything i did before that i didnt manage to backup and now i fear all that has been lost can anyone reassure me that it will be recovwred

A:Recover Data from Faulty Hard Drive thats been partitioned

As long as the 3 partitions where not over-written by "Knowhow" the data should all be intact and readable to the extent that the drive is readable..

when you get your old HDD back - purchase a HDD to USB external adapter - and you should be able to access the data..
to copy it over to another HDD > that is what they are going to do..
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I have a TB HD external cause enclosure Could drive hard Solved: to click? faulty Seagate SATA HD that s about a yr old I bought an iMicro external enclosure for it and I use it for backup storage So it s turned off most of the time Over the last couple weeks I ve been having problems getting the drive to connect to the computer when I turn it on it s connected via USB The drive clicks whirs and speeds up and slows down as it tries to connect Sometimes I have to turn it off and on again to get it to go So is Solved: Could faulty external hard drive enclosure cause HD to click? the drive really bad I thought I d be in good shape w a Seagate drive when I bought it last yr but recently I heard that they were bought out and their drives aren t that good anymore Or could it be the external enclosure Like if it wasn t supplying good power to the drive would that make the drive act like that I recently got a new MSI mobo that has SATA ports but my boot drive is IDE If I tried to hook up the Seagate drive to a SATA port for testing purposes ie that would eliminate the external enclosure from the scenario would that interfere w the IDE drive nbsp

A:Solved: Could faulty external hard drive enclosure cause HD to click?
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I have a failing 1TB HD that I want to replace with a SSD 250-500GB HD. Do I need a 1TB HD replacement to use recovery disk? The only programs/apps are MS Office and printer software, so I know there is enough space. Thanks, Paul.
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Hey all The Issue I Have recently purchased a laptop with windows XP preinstalled high-grade drive Faulty DVD on laptop on it has COA key and eveything seemed to be working until i updated the Webcam drivers Suddenly the laptop stopped working and kept getting a BSOD so i re-installed XP and re-instlled the drivers for the laptop but now the DVD drive doesn t work properly When i insert a DVD film into the drive the film will play using Power Cyberlink DVD player but if i try to open the DVD from quot My Computer quot the disc appears to be blank This also happend with DVD Faulty DVD drive on high-grade laptop s where i have backed up data etc Also eveytime i start the laptop up it keeps trying to install two quot Base System Device quot I have tried allowing the laptop to install these devices but each time it tells me the device quot was not installed correctly quot I am confused as to why this is and was just wondering if i had installed the correct drivers for the laptop or not or if perhaps my DVD drive is on t its way out Laptop Specs Hi-Grade Notebook Pentium INtel T Dual Core Gb RAM Gb HDD Windows XP PRO Faulty DVD drive on high-grade laptop SP Model No W S I do have a genuine copy of Windows Home Premium with a COA but im reluctant to install this without a fully working DVD Drive thanks in advance James nbsp

A:Faulty DVD drive on high-grade laptop

I can't find W76S on Hi-Grade's site, so I don't know what extras the laptop has. And their FTP server for driver download appears to be offline. Do you still have the CD/DVD w/ device drivers that came with the laptop? Perhaps try reinstalling the drivers for the webcam, card-reader, etc. from that disc.

The other option is take a look at Device Manager. Look at the properties for those w/ exclamation marks. There should be a Details tab. Select Hardware Ids under Property, and you should get couple things in the Value box. Hopefully, the 1st one will help you identify the make and from there, the right driver. If not, try using the 2nd value.
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Hello all I made a post regarding the performance failing of one of my supply power affect hard performance? drive/computer Faulty hard drives The conclusion we came to has unfortunately not resolved my problem and I am beginning to think my Power Supply may be the culprit Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before I go into details here is my current Hardware Q GHZ GIGABYTE EP -DS R GB PC mhz x gb x gb Nvidia GTX mb requires x pin power adapters Asus Xonar soundcard requires floppy power adapters Windows x Jeantech W PSU modular PSU PCI-E nodes and nodes for other devices gb HDD operating system tb HDD data tb HDD data tb HDD data - added recently ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My original problem in brief Upon accessing certain files in one of my TB drives I hear a distictive quot click lockup halt quot sound and then the entire system crashes first the drive will become inaccessible then windows explorer will crash followed by the mouse and eventually a BSOD after a minute ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I bought a new TB a month ago to replace what then I thought was a failing TB drive Since the problems have become quot random quot and happen across all four drives tb tb gb tb I am now considering my PSU the culprit Jeantech Absolute w It seems logical to me Sometimes while performing tasks which put stress on several HDD s at the same time my computer is quot choking quot running as fast smooth as it should but with sudden freezes with those HDD quot click - stop - restart quot sounds Booting into windows is failing from time to time freezes on the quot starting windows quot screen or DISK BOOT FAILURE Insert system disk The PSU is modular - could certain quot plugs quot in my PSU are faulty I haven t tested this extensively but in some cases when the computer is not starting up at all using different power ribbon cable combinations seems to help Also I had to remove my DVD drive completely when I first installed the new TB I bought and I don t think my computer will start at all with it plugged in anymore so my PSU MUST be having a hard time coping with all the components If it is of any relevance I use an Nvidia GTX which requires x PCI-E pin power connections hard drives power is supplied via THREE modular ribbon power cables - two HDD s share power from the same ribbon cable lastly worth noting I use an asus Xonar sound card requires floppy power connector several symptoms suggest the PSU any thoughts nbsp

A:Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance?

a 1000Watt shouldn't have any problem coping with the components that you have, i would recommend that u borrow a power supply from a friend and try it out on your computer, maybe the power supply is old and is not supplying proper voltages on all the rails....
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Hello Everyone Thank you for taking time to read my post hard-drive) faulty sure (pretty A a Occurred it's Disk Error not Read Here is my issue in as concise of terms as A Disk Read Error Occurred (pretty sure it's not a faulty hard-drive) possible Computer is a Sony Vaio VGC-RC G not sure about motherboard About weeks ago computer starts refusing to boot giving errors that make me think the hard drive is bad Computer will still occasionally boot after - tries I bought a new hard drive and tried to create an image of the old drive onto the new using Clonezilla the process gave a few errors The computer flatly refused to boot from the new drive gave disk read errors However when I could boot using the old drive I could get in and explore the image of the new drive and the image copy process seemed to have worked okay As part of the disk image copy process my new drive had partitions and about megs of free space The two partitions were the main windows partition from the old drive and the recovery partition I combined all partitions and formatted the new drive using Gparted because I thought that the disk image copy probably just recreated errors in the old drive onto the new After the format my computer then consistently refused to boot from either drive in the past I could boot to the old drive after a couple of tries The error was usually quot a disk read error occurred' or quot BOOTMGR is missing quot Attempts to install windows using windows install DVD failed because computer couldn't write to the new hard drive Both hard drives would usually appear in bios when I entered into it I know at least one time where neither appeared in the bios although sometimes computer would fail allow me to edit bios altogether I attached the new hard drive to a DIFFERENT COMPUTER and installed a clean version of windows Ultimate x to the new drive The DIFFERENT COMPUTER boots just fine from the new hard drive But when I move the new hard drive to back to the old computer I consistently now get quot a disk read error occurred quot error I don't believe it is a SATA cable issue because power to drive seems to be fine and I had to use the SATA cable from the old computer when hooking the drive up to the DIFFERENT COMPUTER and it worked fine Also Gparted recognizes the drive just fine and has no problems formatting partitions etc so there is communication happening through the SATA cable and the power cable is powering adequately TL DR summary New hard drive works fine with new computer but old computer when connected to same new hard drive gives me a quot disk read error occurred quot Based on the evidence I don't think it's a faulty drive issue I'm also skeptical that it's a cable issue but haven't ruled out this possibility What should I do next in terms of identifying the problem I've currently exhausted my admittedly limited hardware troubleshooting expertise Thanks again for helping me work on this I appreciate it Love wackydavo P S Edited for clarity typos punctuation etc

A:A Disk Read Error Occurred (pretty sure it's not a faulty hard-drive)

It is a Sony laptop, not really serviceable except by them, I did find this on Sony's site. You could try resetting the bios.
Sony eSupport - VGC-RC110G - Support
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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive
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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?
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So this is just a random question but, do laptop hard drives consume less power than desktop hard drives? I'm only asking because I'm thinking of just buying brackets and swapping out all my desktop's hard drives with laptop hard drives. I would imagine that a laptop hard drive saves a lot of power, but hey I could be wrong, so I thought I'd ask for an outside opinion. Thanks!

A:Laptop Hard Drive Vs Desktop Hard Drive

I don't believe that they use less power. Many laptop hard drives run at 5400 RPM, as opposed to 7200 RPM, which saves power but reduces performance, but you can also buy 5400 RPM desktop hard drives and 7200 RPM laptop hard drives. Your best bet to reduce power consumption and improve performance is to get a SSD. SSDs are much faster and use less power because they have no moving parts. It is recommended to still have a hard drive for storage, because larger SSDs are still expensive.
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Hi I'm always a little nervous about jumping into a forum--hope everyone drive XP on Problem new installing hard hard laptop here's patient with dumb newbies 'cause I are one Anyhow here's the problem Toshiba laptop got infected with Vundo virus tried many anti-virus amp vundo specific tools amp the virus would always reappear it seemed to actually keep some like spybot search amp destroy from Problem installing XP on new hard laptop hard drive running at all Got disgusted tried to reinstall OS from recovery discs install would never complete Reformatted and repartitioned then got error message saying hard disc was about to fail whenever I booted Ran some disc recovery utilities no go So I bought a new hard disc installed it just now and tried to boot from recovery disc to as to install XP on it The computer starts I get the COMPAQ screen where it tells me to press ESC to change boot order I tell it to boot from the CD drive it goes through the bios check and the CD drive runs then everything just stops amp I have a blank screen When I put the old HD back in I can boot from the recovery disc just fine though it still says the hard drive is about to fail and I can't get to windows but I can get to setup just fine Is there something about the new HD that could keep the machine from booting from the recovery disc Or am I just missing some obvious step I should have taken I really have googled the heck out of this so I don't think so JB Thanks JB

A:Problem installing XP on new hard laptop hard drive

and welcome to the Forum

The recovery partition is on the original drive, which means you have to install XP the old fashioned way:

This assumes you have an XP Installation cd . . if not, you can request a replacement from Toshiba or borrow an OEM version from someone.

Was this a typo?

I get the COMPAQ screen where it tells me to press ESC to change boot order
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A week ago, a strange clicking noise befalled us whenever we attempted to boot the system. The BIOS welcome screen would run for much longer than usual, and then a message "No internal hard drive found." would display. We thought it would be a hard drive error and replaced it.

Now, however, placing in a bootable OS installation CD does not work! Whenever we try, the computer acts like there is no CD (although sometimes the CD does begin to spin), and says there is no boot device available.

I have tried a Ubuntu CD, a Windows Vista CD, a Windows XP CD, and none of them work. It does not matter what CD you put in; it does not work.

So what is the problem? Is it fixable? Was it the hard drive that broke?

The system is a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop.

A:Solved: After upgrading hard drive for Inspiron 5150 laptop, CD drive does not work

Never mind, everyone! It turns out, after I took it out and put it back in, it worked again. Maybe a connection problem... who knows.
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Hello I have a Dell Inspiron laptop I have an image of the entire hard drive that I created when I first got the computer using Acronis TrueImage and I d like to restore that image returning the laptop back to that fresh clean original state I ve done this two or three times before and it worked great each time But now there s a problem Normally I would in boots as when drive external but laptop hard Primary recognized isn't drive used connect to the laptop a USB storage backup drive that has the disk image boot the laptop from a Rescue Media CD created by Acronis then restore that disk image from the back-up drive onto the laptop s HDD When I tried it this time round the laptop s HDD was not listed in TrueImage at all I created a new rescue media disk tried it again and got the same result I then took the HDD out of the laptop connected it to Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive an adapter kit that let s you power up and plug in the drive via a USB port and external power supply and tried the same procedure using my desktop to run the operation Same result The drive was not detected by Acronis The drive does not seem to spin up at all Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive when it is connected Keep in mind the drive still works when installed in the laptop -- it boots into Windows XP etc When I plug the drive into my desktop the drive does not show up in Disk Management Start Right-click My Computer Manage Disk Management It doesn t show up in either of the two right-side windows so there s no way I know of to format it or do any work on it in Windows When I go to Device Manager Disk Drives I see quot USB Device quot for that drive and under Properties it is listed as quot Disk Drives quot for quot Device Type quot and its status says it is working properly So what I don t get is it works fine when it is in the laptop boots into XP etc but when connected as an external drive or when the laptop is being run off of CD the drive can t be detected and not on just one computer but multiple Is it junk Any ideas nbsp

A:Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

It's a power issue. Had the same issue taking a 2.5" laptop hdd and attempting to hook up w/ a passive usb sata hdd cable. my recommendation is to use a powered usb sata cable. like this one: having proper power will allow the USB bus to detect and power the hdd correctly. Hope this helps, take care!
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I told my sister I'd help her replace the broken hard drive in her year old HP laptop G - US We plan to restore the Vista OS that's on the restore disk which came with the machine I was concerned about finding a hard drive with the same Replacing Drive. Potential Problem? a a Geometry Hard Laptop Is Drive geometry as the existing drive because I know that was a potential problem some time ago But then I became convinced that it doesn't matter because There's no geometry info on the hard drive currently installed in the laptop which is a GB WD Sellers of laptop replacement hard drives don't say anything about the geometry of the Replacing a Laptop Hard Drive. Is Drive Geometry a Potential Problem? drives they sell and I found this below on an HP site but nothing about geometry considerations other then the new AF sector size quot Customers using original HP supplied recovery discs on systems that have had the -byte sector drives replaced with a new Advanced Format HDD may experience issues and may not be able to re-image their system The most common issue customers will see is that they will not be able to use their current recovery media if they try to install Windows Vista or Windows on AF Drives quot I found other HP info which said only that you need to replace a laptop HD with one of equal or larger capacity But then I was looking at hard drives from Discount an Amazon seller and their web site said that once you've replaced a HD with one of their drives you have to do a full OS install you cannot use the restore disk I asked about that and got this response quot Recovery disk is design to restore exact HD size and brand Does not work with different size and brand quot So does any know do I have to worry about HD geometry or not Thanks very much Bob

A:Replacing a Laptop Hard Drive. Is Drive Geometry a Potential Problem?

Sorry for tAking so long, a laptop drive is any 2.5" drive, either regular or ssd will be fine.

You will need to reinstall your OS, if you have the disks, just load from there. I believe your quote is referring to using the HP recovery disks, but your disk may be different.

Honestly, your best solution is to get a copy of vista and use your serial to install a clean copy, though you will need to get your drivers from HP.
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Just built a new machine and booted it for first time the other day Had a problem first of all with the machine losing power and dying Sorted that by buying a new PSU The PSU was the only part that was definatley not brand new so sods law really Got the new power supply installed and booted up to run the Vista install from disc There is a weird clunking sound coming from the hard disk though help.... Possible hard faulty, disk please and occasionally a kind of bouncing sound can just be heard When I Possible hard disk faulty, please help.... got to the hard disk Partition formatting part before the actual install it showed up the hard disk with the correct capacity so I partitioned with the maximum amount and then clicked on format It just hung for ages and then told me no hard disk could be found I checked the BIOS and it was seeing a hard disk and showing the correct capacity I dont know what to think Is my hard disk faulty what is that weird sound Does anyone know Damien nbsp

A:Possible hard disk faulty, please help....

Did you tighten the screws on the HDD?
Why didn't let Vista Format the HDD to new NFS.
If you a clunking noise the HDD is gone..

Did you say you just built a new PC but used old parts?
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i dropped my laptop from a coffee table. now everytime i pick up the laptop or move it, it freezes up. did i damage the hard drive or something else?

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Toshiba Satellite-

Oh man- dropped my wife's older laptop off of coach. It landed on a wood floor-bottom first- at first I thought it was a clean/lucky fall, but no dice...

I took hard drive in/out, but it is still asking me for system disk to boot. Question- I of course need the data that is on there...I have a screwdriver...Should I attempt to open it and look for loose connections. If so, what am I looking for? Outside of that I guess I'm heading to computer store and will be sold the data recovery package....I'd rather not do that. Thanks in advance.


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As the heading says I dropped my Toshiba (about 6") and all I get now is the error message"disc/read error" followed by "press cont/alt/delete to reboot" which takes me back to the eror message.
Any help or ideas are most welcome.

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Okay fellas, I dropped my Dell laptop.
No visible dents or scratches but when I plugged it in and tried to use it I got no picture /screen.
It sounded like it always did when it was starting up but I get no Windows welcome sound and just a dark screen.
Can some one tell me if I am in VERY VERY bad trouble or only bad trouble?
before I take it into get fixed I would like to know what to expect!
Thank you.

A:Dropped laptop

One of the connectors for the display could well have come loose when dropped. Its hard to say without stripping it and doing a proper investigation.

Try connecting an external monitor to it, and then using the blue function key and the monitor button to shift it to the external display. If it works on external display but not using its own display you know the issue is related purely to either the cable, or a damaged inverter/LCD.
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I dropped my laptop off the arm of the couche it completely went off i turned it back on i had to run through error programs after doing all that it still never worked now when i switch it on it tells me a disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart when i do this it brings me straight back to the same message help

A:dropped my laptop

Hi, Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Bios option ( usually f10 ) and under the Advanced or Diagnostic tab you should find the facility to run a test on the Hard Drive.  Post back with the details of any error messages. Can you also post back with the following details. 1.  The full Model No. and Product No. of the notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. 2.  The full version of the operating system you are using ( ie Windows 7 64bit ).  Regards, DP-K
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Dropped my Dell Inspiron M5010 a few days ago. Immediately after dropping, computer still worked (except that the lights that display charging, etc. were no longer lit). The next day the computer would boot with Dell logo, then stay on a dark gray screen. Tried a different power adapter and figured maybe something was wrong with the dc jack. Best Buy told me that my hard drive was messed up. Can that be so if it was working the night before? Thanks for the help.

A:Laptop Dropped...HELP!

Welcome to Tech Support Guy

It certainly could be the hard drive, if it is only that you are very lucky
It could be the motherboard
The first suspect is the hard drive, as presuming it is a spinning hard drive and not a solid state drive, the space between the read/write head and the disc is basically a hair`s breadth

Re the power and the dc jack - if the battery is still charged, you may eliminate that by booting battery only

Re the hard drive - if you can on the dell logo use F12 boot menu and boot to a bootable CD try that

If it is ONLY the hard drive and you take it out, it will or should still boot and then report the lack of BOOT DISC

Also by taking it out and connecting it in an enclosure to another computer, if it is accessible you will know if it is good or not

Depending on your ability and knowledge, although I can guide you, this is either a situation we can attempt to find the cause of here OR you are, if you cannot carry out such tests going to have to resort to the paying type of service - from such as Best Buy.

Do you have the user manual
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please help! just dropped my compaq laptop onto carpet. nothing broken but screen is blank. green light comes on but cannot turn on machine with on button. nothing happens with any button-any ideas??? please help.

A:Dropped Laptop!!!!

Try changing bios to boot from xp disk first (if available). Maybe hard drive is toast, and if the computer boots off of cd you could replace hard drive if bad.
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Fixed a laptop problem and then ran into another one Put the laptop in a laptop bag unzipped and someone picked it up and launched it like feet in the air landing on to laptop my Dropped the Dropped my laptop nice rock hard kitchen floor It did a nice point landing on its corner side where the HD is Aside from the horrific dent on the corner and crack on the screen it boots up fine but where it landed is where the HD and crack begins When it boots up it doesn t detect the hard drive Whatever I do nothing will work I can get into bios and all that good stuff but no desktop I m gonna buy a new HD and get reimbursed for it so no big deal but is it most certainly a HD problem or could it be something else thats not working instead of the HD I wanna be sure before I buy it I m also a virgin when it comes to laptops so yea -Thanks nbsp

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I m not on a big budget either Before I continue let me tell my problem in detail My laptop is Acer Aspire G Specs are core i nvidia geforce M and GB RAM Dropped What's best bet? my laptop. my It is still under a year warranty and this is my second month Unfortunately it fell from about a foot high table It happened when Dropped my laptop. What's my best bet? I put my bag filled with other things including my laptop on the table and went for a drink Heard the thud sound and became gloomy the whole day My laptop till now has worked fine for all other normal stuffs but not for games My games stuttered badly FIFA and Homefront after the fall eventhough I have set it to the lowest setting However when I switched to Integrated Graphics HD to play the games it stuttered much less Problem is laptop shuts down automatically after minutes or so when I play FIFA with integrated graphics So what s the best option for me Should I use the warranty Is it true that it will expire after my first repair Should I go to the store and have it fixed without the warranty If so how much will they normally charge Is this a sign that my laptop will die after a few weeks Speedfan shows a temperature of C for my GPU Is this bad Is it because of the heat that it s stuttering I know I was careless but I ve had enough regrets and a broken mouse for the day thank you I m still kicking myself for it Would you mind helping Thank you in advance nbsp

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My son dropped his Dell Inspiron n5110 at college.

His screen is black.
I had him hook it up and display on an alternate screen, and alternate through the monitor display functions.
He was able to see the Windows 7 start up screen on the alternate screen...but it went black after the Windows start up, except for his cursor.
So, he has the Windows start up screen and use of his cursor on the alternate, and nothing on the laptop screen.

I hoped his display had just switched luck.
Then I hoped it was just a lose connection between the motherboard and the monitor...but now it seems more than that.

Any ideas what would explain his symptoms?

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I have a compaq cq62 and it was dropped it turned on after that and was working the next time i tired to turn in it on it turned on and a message saying it wanted to reboot software then it turned off after i got my login information in and i was looking threw my programs. Then it let me turn it on and keep it on 3 more times only staying on for 5 mins. Now it won't turn on at all. when i plug my power cord in the charger hole the light comes on saying its charging. I had the harddrive tested and it is working correctly. I was told it is the motherboard or the power supply how can i tell which one it is.

A:Dropped laptop

Have you tried using the laptop with the battery taken out?

Also, other stuff to try would be to boot it without some of the hard ware attached such as Hard Drive, wireless card, RAM if you have more then 1 stick, test each 1 separately. Dial Up Modem card if the laptop has it... Note: Only remove these items for testing if you are comfortable doing so/have before. Touching the hardware of a computer if you are not properly ground can damage the hardware.
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Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series
I have this laptop. My question is why would you sell a computer with 32GB hard drive when you know the OS will take up 20GB? How am I supposed to use this computer? I can't upgrade the HD and why should I buy an external drive for a laptop?
I am so utterly confused.

A:Can't use laptop because Windows 10 is using 90% of the hard drive, what can I do besides using an external drive?

This isn't a true notebook - it's a glorified tablet/internet appliance.  It's fine as a Windows substitute for a chromebook, but forget running anything demanding on it -- it's designed for a single purpose:  to be inexpensive.
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how do i take the hard disk self test to make sure is fully functioning? because i dropped my laptop accidently and i did ask forums on toshiba but toshiba forums won't help me!

i did checked on BIOS settings but it's not there


i am using Toshiba laptop
Model: Satellite C55-A
Part number: PSCF6U-0EF09J
Operating system: Windows 8.1 basic update 1

A:Solved: Hard disk is working even it dropped accidently

If your hard drive was defective some of the problems you might encounter are: Ticking sound in hard drive, No OS displayed on the monitor (black screen), error message on your screen...and the list continues.
If you think that you may have a defective hard drive, you can just replace it with a new one and program your computer again.

I believe your computer should have a self diagnostics test installed. Turn computer off and turn it back on. Press the F12 key before the logo appears in your screen. Select diagnostic test and click enter and wait for test to finish. If you don't have it then there is a free program called crystal disk info which will give you the health condition of your hard drive.
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I recently dropped my laptop and there after it shutsdown  after some minutes
And when I turn it on it says "Your system automatically powered itself off because it became warmer
than expected. This may have been caused by:
o) operating or storing the system in an enviroment where the ambient
temp is too high or,
o) obstructing the air flow from the system fan vents.
If this problem recurs please call Dell Support wi
The fun works fine and the temperature is normal
What can the problem be

A:I dropped the laptop, now shutsdown?

We?re listening. We?ll surely check and assist you. As you informed that the computer was dropped recently, the computer can turn off due to various reasons. It may be a software or a hardware issue. In order to isolate issues between hardware and software, we request you to complete the hardware diagnostics. You can refer to this link which is a video which shows the steps to complete the hardware diagnostics. Please share your findings, so that we can take this forward.
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Hi folks Big troubles here as one Laptop!! Solved: Dropped of my laptops just got launched from the kitchen table and its a mess Its a Sony Vaio VGN-N E that originally came with Vista then upgraded to XP and then WIN The dialogue box is quot Re-image your computer quot but I cannot seem to figure out what the computer wants Inside the same box its blank for current location of most recent system image But it also says if the system image is on a DVD insert Solved: Dropped Laptop!! the last DVD from the system image backup Whats that I do have a recovery disc and I tried everything on it but I get the same error message under quot Add Driver quot it tells me to quot Insert the installation media for the device and click OK to select the driver quot After trying everything on the recovery DVD I receive quot The specified location does not contain information about your hardware quot Solved: Dropped Laptop!! Thanks in advance for any and all help in advance Barry nbsp

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I have a HP 430 laptop. I dropped it last night from 2 feet and it is not working now, it turns on but there is no startup only a blank screen but I can charge my phone and all. If there is a quick fix please tell me otherwise give me some excuses to tell to HP as it is still under warranty but not under accidental drop.

A:[SOLVED] Laptop dropped. How to fix ?

Do you or a friend have a standard monitor you can plug into the back of the laptop, just to see if it gets signal (possibly works)?

I only ask because you say it boots and you can even charge a phone, so it "may" just be the screen.

As far as bypassing HP's warranty, you could tell them anything, but when they get it, they'll look at it, say you dropped it and charge you anyway.
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Signs of dropping appears to be internet disconnection sometimes, and sometimes the first letter that I type will be a number.

Is this something I should be concerned with? Something that will be a big problem in the future?

I dropped it right on the power line on the side of my laptop so when I plug in the power line it's kind of slanted in a way, if that makes sense but it still works great. I'm just kind of scared.

A:Dropped my laptop recently....


sounds like you might have a loose cable to keyboard and possibly the antenna came loose. and for the dc socket i would have that replaced as it will probably fail on you sometime. i would bring it in to be serviced unless its not under warranty and your comfortable with taking it apart to check things out.
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hey guys ive never needed to use a help site before but yesterday i dropped my laptop, the screen went black for a short moment before getting the blue screen. Now everyime i start up my laptop it gets the BSOD, i tryed running the startup repair but it detects no problems. I booted into safemode and got the following message

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA80063B1010
BCP2: FFFFF88004926D20
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1
im using an acer aspire laptop with windows 7 64 bit, which was installed by a computer tech last time i had troubles with it.

I dont really know anything about computers.

A:Dropped laptop - BSOD


for some reason i cannot boot in safemode anymore, gets stuck on 'CLASSPNP.SYS'
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Turned on my laptop today to find out it was not shut down properly It was on and my boyfriend dropped it off the chair but he said it was still working at that point Started windows normally started loading and then turned off Turned it back on and it came to a blue screen asking what I wanted to boot from I chose HDD and it started loading as usual but turned off again Third time I turned it on I went to safe mode which started up fine I went to check disk errors but - won't on laptop, Dropped turn help it said it would do it at the next start-up so I restarted it and it started the diskcheck and then turned off again After this it has not been able to turn on at all It is plugged in yet the light does not indicate that it is receiving any power I have taken the battery out and put it back in and pressed the reset button yet nothing has happened I am not that Dropped laptop, won't turn on - help worried about the laptop as it is over two Dropped laptop, won't turn on - help years old now but I was planning on Dropped laptop, won't turn on - help waiting until Windows came out to buy a new one so it is really annoying that it couldn t last another few months However it also has years worth of documents from uni photos and downloads that I do not want to lose Do you know what part of my laptop is broken would it be worth fixing it and will it still be possible to recover the files Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Dropped laptop, won't turn on - help

Your hard drive was likely damage beyond repair when the computer was dropped while still on. Hard drives cannot take that sort of damage.
It may be possible to put your hard drive into a hard drive enclosure such as Nextar 3, then export the files you need to another hard drive... because often a hard drive that will not boot, but will still spin, can be accessed.
When you do this do it quickly, as you cannot rely upon the hard drive to last very long if it works at all.
You can find the Enclosures at your friendly neighborhood computer supply store, or online at,,,,, and others.
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My V3-571G fell about 15inches and now the speakers don't work.  The earphone speaker works but when i take earphones out I have not sound at all.  I took it to a tech person and he did the usual checks to make sure all the settings were okay and tested the speakers and the laptop said everthing should be working but there was no sound.  He then took the back of the laptop off and looked at the speakers.  No apparent damage to the speakers at all.  Speakers in place, no damage, connections in place as well.  No visual reason for them to be not working.  Anyone have any ideas.  He said it would be quite costly to replace them.  The Soud driver is completely up to date.
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Not certain if this is the most appropriate forum but please advise if not. I dropped my laptop! Hummmph! My HP Pavilion g6 (Win7) still runs but on pressing power button to start, it only gives a continuous series of short beeps and a blank screen - nothing else. My get-around at present is to tap F8 repeatedly. Then, if starting from hibernation, it will start normally. From a complete shutdown it will give me a variety of options and I can select "start normally" and it appears ok. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be and if it's correctable?

A:I dropped my laptop. Hummmmph!

Beep codes vary depending on what BIOS you have but I see at least one reference to a continuous beeping as an indicator of an overheating CPU. You probably should check to see if you have knocked the CPU/Chipset heatsink loose.

Computer Does Not Start and Emits an LED or Beep Code | HP? Support

HP and/or YouTube should have disassembly instructions for your system. Also, check to see if the RAM is fully seated and all other connectors securely plugged in.
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Hello all!! I am a computer technician and recently my father just dropped the family laptop who then tried to turn it on which was a failure. A couple hours later I took a look at it and it turned back on for me and let me sign in, however 30 min. after the boot up it just froze and had to be manually rebooted. I already ran a check disk and everything seems to be fine with the hdd I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to fix the issue? The laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-NW240F running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

A:Dropped laptop, now it freezes

Try removing the hard drive and memory and re-seating them... Is the LCD damaged?
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Putting this in general because I don't know where else to put it.

So my friend dropped her laptop. This video shows what happens when you push the power button.

All I can say as of now is that the screen does not appear to be cracked or broken.

I'll update this thread as I investigate it more, but if anyone has any ideas, please chime in.

A:Dropped laptop -- Can't figure it out

Not much information to go on, (You didn't state what kind of Dell it is, or anything about it for that matter.)

This information is all from google.

8 Beeps on a dell typically means the LCD on system has failed, a 6 Beep code would mean you GPU.
That may suggest the lcd display panel or the signal going to the display. Could be the cable came loose when dropped as well. You could try dismantling the laptop and look for any loose cables. For that, you could put in youtube the name of the computer model followed by teardown.

Does the laptop have a vga out port? Or hdmi? Try connecting it to another display. (This most likely won't work, but you could try.)

There's a tag located on your laptop, probably the bottom, that lists the machine's Service Tag value. Go to another machine, of course--select 'Support for Home Users' and then 'Troubleshooting.' Enter the Service Tag in the appropriate field. The next page will give you the machine's warranty status. If you got it new, it should still be under warranty.

Contact Dell tech support about your problem. There are two ways: (1) telephone or (2) chat. By far, online chat is the best, but you'll need a working computer and the broken one.

At the top of the web page that you got the machine's warranty information from should be a 'Contact Us' entry. Select it, then select 'Contact Technical Support.' From there, open an online chat session. A Dell technician will debug your problem and either help you fix it, or have you bring it to a store or ship it to them for repair.

And your files should be fine. The problem is most likely not with the machine's hard drive.
But it is defiantly one of the many reasons you should have your files backed up.
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Hey all,
So my laptop got dropped yesterday while powered on. It had no adverse effects straightaway, but a couple hours later, turning it back on - it wouldn't start. It would come to the Windows logo OS loading splash screen, then freeze up.

Now it comes up with "Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer . . . I have no removable storage attached (ie SDHC card, flash drive, etc.) to it, so I'm concluding that the internal HD is messed up.

The I/O error code is: 0xc00000e9

Thoughts on this? My idea is to remove the HD and use an HD enclosure to mount it to my PC and test it out - I had just reloaded it due to a wi-fi connectivity problem, so I have no important data to save.

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I dropped a glass of water on my laptop last night.. its working ok.. but there is two keyboard keys playing up..
the "b" doing another function and when pressing "r" its writing "er"

any idea what i can do?


A:Dropped water on my laptop

I researched, and I agree with Scorpian. Let it rest and dry out as soon as possible, it should be ok.

Water on Laptop Keyboard - Tech Support Guy Forums
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I have dropped my laptop from off the couch on to the floor when I turn on my computer is says "Boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard disk"Hard Disk (3F0)Followed by a clicking sound which sounds like it is coming from the hard drive.Any solutions ?Thank you Shay

A:I have dropped my HP Pavilion laptop

Hi, From your description, I'd say you'll probably need to replace the HDD. See if you can run a test on it as follows. Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Diagnostic Menu option ( f2 ) and see if you can run the tests on the Hard Drive. Post back with the results, including any error codes that may be generated. Regards, DP-K
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I recently dropped my laptop, and it froze, then told me to restart it the first it if this was the first time (witch it was). Now it makes an weird noise after turning off. When turning on it also makes a noise, a beep that lowers in loudness, then repeats itself..and when the bios loads it shows:
for Realtek rtl8139(x)/8130/810x pic fast enthhernet controller v2.16 (041224)
Pxe-e1: media test failure, check cable
Pxe-mof:existing pie rom.
Operating system not found

Sorry, it's kinda hard to type on this I pad.

A:Dropped and broken laptop

Some times it also says this:
Hdl10 bios version 61et37ww (v2.06)

CPU = 1 processor dected, cores per processor = 2
Intell(r) core(tm)2 CPU T5500 *weird symble here* 1.66GHz
512m system ram passed
2048k cache SRAM passed
System bios shadowed
Video bios shadowed
Fixed disk 0:
Atari cd-Rome: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4082N
Mouse initialized
0200: failure fixed disk 0
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it's an inspiron 6000, it's starts off booting up as normal, takes ages then the blue error screen appears, is there anything i can do?

A:dropped laptop now bluescreen

Take it to a repair shop and have them check it out.
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I have a Western Digital 1 TB My Book external hard drive with a 2.0 USB interface. On Tuesday morning as I was leaving my room my foot got tangle in my USB cord and I jerked my My Book onto the floor really hard. It did not break and the light still came on but it was unable to retrieve my information because it won't show up on my computer. All my music, videos, pictures and documents are on this hard drive. I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get my information off the drive. I hope someone out there can help me retrieve my information, thank you.

A:I Dropped My Drive

Ladylisa525 said:

I have a Western Digital 1 TB My Book external hard drive with a 2.0 USB interface. On Tuesday morning as I was leaving my room my foot got tangle in my USB cord and I jerked my My Book onto the floor really hard. It did not break and the light still came on but it was unable to retrieve my information because it won't show up on my computer. All my music, videos, pictures and documents are on this hard drive. I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get my information off the drive. I hope someone out there can help me retrieve my information, thank you.Click to expand...

If it was plugged in at the time, it is probably toast - sorry.