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Weird boot problem in Windows 7

Q: Weird boot problem in Windows 7

Hello I have a Windows bits ultimate version which doesn't boot like it should It gives the error of not shutting down normally If I click it to Start windows normally it shows Starting Windows and after - seconds it says quot Windows is loading files quot just like it starts windows repair or install The problem is it shouldn't because it was a working OS If I choose 7 problem Windows Weird boot in quot Launch startup repair quot it shows the same screen but restarts the computer after - seconds Disable AROSF doesn't help because there is no BSOD - just a restart always Safe mode also says quot Windows is loading files quot and restarts without BSOD Windows was working normally so it must be an updating issue I tried all the common possible commands chkdsk r didn't report problems and especially bootrec exe fixmbr fixboot rebuildbcd Weird boot problem in Windows 7 says found windows installations and it didn't helped I tried sfc scannow but of course it doesn't allow me because it thinks there is a repair pending I even tried ERD commander for Windows but it didn't allow me to uninstall hotfixes cannot find any and couldn't start the recovery environment for some reason The automatic repair in Windows recovery console from the dvd gives those two errors quot Root cause found Boot manager failed to find OS loader quot and quot Repair action File Repair Result Failed Error code x Time Taken ms quot Memory and HDD are tested and okay

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Preferred Solution: Weird boot problem in Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Weird boot problem in Windows 7

I think it is BSODing, but because of a failure to dump the memory to a file (or it happens so fast) that the system is automatically restarting from the BSOD faster than you can see the blue screen.

Try this: tap F8 prior to Windows logo to get the boot menu like you would when going to Safe Mode, but select "Disable automatic restart", then attempt to load Windows normally. It should have the same issue except this time show a blue screen. If it does, record the details on it such as name of driver/module (if present) and the bugcheck code, followed by the 4 hex parameters in parentheses.
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I just have formatted my compaq 3818 today and i realised the boot up timing is extremely slow. There is also an addition screen (refer to picture 1) before the windows boot screen (refer to picture 2).

As its a fresh format I dont understand how come there is this extra screen which i have not come across before. I am using the same copy of windows xp pro which i used to format my laptop about few months back and I have not seen this screen before. Formatted and reinstall everything twice I still encountered the same problem.

Picture 1 (White Bar will cover from left to right Takes around 3-4mins)

Picture 2 (Windows Boot Screen)

The whole boot squence took me around 5mins which is extremely long and never been that long before on my laptop. I have not made any changes in hardware or bios from the last working installations months back.

Experts please advise.

A:Weird & Laggy Windows XP Pro Boot Problem

I would still want to go into BIOS and verify that all the settings are correct.
Also check Device Manager for conflicts and make sure that your drivers are up to date.
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So I have Windows on an SSD that is Disk I decided to make a dual boot with Windows Dual Windows 8 Weird Boot problem 7/Windows for Hyper V because I have a class where I need to setup VM's with it but thats not the point Anyway I wiped my secondary hard drive Western Digital gb HDD and created a partition to load Windows on After that I installed it with no problems and was up and running in a few minutes So Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem I never switched back to Windows in the Bios because I was busy setting up some servers on HyperV but this morning I go to switch the boot order in Bios from my HDD to the SSD with Win No errors came up it just went straight back to Windows So I restarted the computer again to check bios again same problem So I checked fdisk and found that my Windows partition on the SSD was no longer the active partition so I made it active then tried again This Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem time I get Bootmgr not found So I go back into Windows and google around bit and end up getting Visual BCD now when I boot into the HDD windows I get a screen that allows me to choose between Windows and Windows Now worst case scenario I'm ok with booting into the HDD from now on and choosing between the two OS but I'd rather be able to switch the boot priority and it be correct Right now if make the SSD Windows the first boot priority Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem I get the Bootmgr error and it won't boot into Windows from the SSD I can only boot into Windows after I change the bios so that the HDD Windows boots first and I can choose between After that windows boots perfectly fine but I like things to happen the way they should happen so I wanted to know if anyone knows a fix I can use for this problem Thanks in advance

A:Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem

Do you have two System Reserved Partitions?
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Hello Just like the title says I installed linux and grub which kinda screwed up my windows boot Long story short i used rescue CD to do the fixboot gt fixmbr gt rebuild bcd After that i wanted to install linux again but none of my flash drives are recongnized as being bootable I tried a dozen times for real with different distros and different writing utilities but none of them worked Windows bootable usb gets recognized in boot selection menu the others don't This happened only after using rescue CD i just don't realise how that could have influenced things I tested the flashdrives on my nd PC and they work so we can be sure the drives are good boot Weird boot problem after fix CD rescue I don't know what settings to change in bios anymore i tried usb legacy enabled disabled I tried boot selection as USB hdd Cd zip fdd Usually the usb drives should be recognized under the hdd section they are not there either What to do P S I posted in this section but i don't know if i am right Feel free to move the post Also i posted in forums i use win because i think it's a rescueCD generateb problem i just don't understand it

A:Weird boot problem after rescue CD boot fix

Well just a suggestion mate is do it from an optical disk I don't like booting from sticks personally.

Plus I prefer a bootable Ubuntu disk and just use the try version as I have had many problems in the past with dual boots

If you are trying to just reinstall the 7 clean see this again I use the disk variety

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

if you have to have data then of course this will not be of much use to you but it is worth keeping the DVD for future use
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hey guys My problem is kinda weird it involves my msi wind u i have come to the habit of charging my battery when the meter is lt I usually just turn off my wind and just plug in the charger and leave it overnight to charge So i charge it up Weird problem boot around hours pretty much when i go to bed till i wake up So when i wake up i take off the charger plug and proceed to turn on my wind The thing is it doesn t go to my bootloader i use grub boot loader which triple boots XP archlinux gentoo It just locks up i don t see the msi image when it normally boots up and holding down the power button won t restart it So I m forced to detach the battery and re-attach it back to its slot And after that it reaches the bootloader screen normally Everything runs fine after this i press the power button till it restarts and try again and it works But the thing is it does this whenever i charge my wind more than hours It just gets annoying now I haven t flashed my bios or done any OC ing on my wind its still in stock mode I ve searched and Weird boot up problem i think its static build up on my laptop Is there a way to permanently solve this minor problem I just don t want to detach my battery every time this happens nbsp

A:Weird boot up problem

It could be an overvoltage in the battery. What is the recommended charge time? Can you put a timer on it so it turns on, say, 4 hours before you wake up? It may also help if you could let the laptop sit unused for some period after removing the charger and before trying to boot.
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Hi folks Thanks for reading this post Any help is very much appreciated When I first switched on my PC new self-build less than a week old the first few days have been fine until now boot Weird problem. for the first time today I discovered that it failed to boot It got as far as the boot logo flashed up a BSOD for a split second then attempted to re-boot It was stuck in this loop I then reset the CMOS to default settings unplugged PC cleared CMOS for minute then plugged back in again Went into quot Safe Mode quot re-installed mobo drivers onboard ethernet SATA storage and something else I cant remember atm GFX drivers This did not clear the problem I can boot into quot Safe Mode quot Weird boot problem. and quot Safe Mode with Networking quot Would I be right in saying that if I can boot into safe mode that my problem is software driver based and not hardware based At this stage I wanted to be able to read the BSOD so I invoked the safe mode menu and selected quot disable automatic restart on system failure quot Here s the weird part it then booted normally without problems It did not present a BSOD it just booted as if nothing was wrong When I then shutdown and restart the system it powers up and hangs before it wakes up the monitor I don t think it is booting at all when like this The only way I can get it to boot quot normally quot at the moment is to clear the CMOS and select quot disable automatic restart on system failure quot from the safe mode menu One other thing I tried I have memory sticks in the machine is using each memory stick on its own this made no difference to the problem also Here s my PC spec in case its useful OS Windows XP Pro x CPU Intel QX Quad-Core x GHZ Mobo Abit IN - X MAX Wi-Fi GFX Card BFG Geforce GTX RAM GB DDR Mhz HD GB SATA Many thanks for any time and help you can spare for my predicament nbsp

A:Weird boot problem.

If the CMOS is reset to default

What mode are the hard drives running in now?
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I just got a new hard drive and proceeded to install Windows XP on it When it was done it restarted to do the final installlation as it always does When it got to the Windows XP screen I recieved bad image errors on two files I tried to let it install for an hour but the progress never continued I then tried Weird Problem Boot a restart but now I can t get anything it crashes and restarts each time Weird Boot Problem I decided to try and reformat using the Windows Recovery Console Unfortunately now it says I need an Administrator password I have tried SPACE admin password ands windows and had no luck I don t have a current password on the system since it is a brand new drive My questions are Does the hard drive need a new installation to finish What is the default password for Recovery Console or is there a way to reset it Weird Boot Problem with the limited access I have now

A:Weird Boot Problem

You don't format from the Recovery Console, if that's what you are trying to do. You format by electing the Install option on the XP CD.The Recovery Console is primarily for repair purposes.When asked for a password to run RC commands, just hit Enter (there is no password).Clean Install Procedure with Illustrative Screen Captures - Since you don't have anything to lose, just do a clean install following guidance above and don't worry about what you have already done.You will need to delete any partition which shows up as existing...when you do your clean install. Then you will create a new partition, format it. XP will install itself on that.Louis
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hi, I have a strange problem on bootup - maybe the BIOS? I have an M3A 770 w/AMI BIOS. when I boot up I get the splash screen, and at the bottom I get 'press DEL to enter setup, or TAB to show post messages'. Sometimes, out of the blue, when I try one of these I get 'No video input... please check signal'. I let it sit there and it won't do anything, no hard drive movement, nothing. I have to restart. I don't have a clue what this is and why it is doing it... any help appreciated - thanks

p.s I don't want to risk flashing the BIOS...specs are in drop-down thing.

A:Weird problem at boot up

Spleenharvester said:

p.s I don't want to risk flashing the BIOS...specs are in drop-down thing.Click to expand...

Here is your latest Bios revision available:
This has come from your specific support site:

You are advised to update your Bios
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this is my very first Post.
I'm running Windows XP Home Edition.
Any CD that is inserted, (when the Windows XP is already running) the system restarts and tries to boot form it.
e.g. I insert a CD to install a printer- the system restarts and tries to boot form it.
I finally do get to install the printer by 'clicking' off the CD, and running 'setup.exe' via Windows explorer.
Thanks for any Help

A:Weird Cd Boot Problem

Hi Bob, welcome to bc.
Right click my computer, select properties.
Click the advanced tab then click the "settings" button under "startup and recovery".
Under "system failure", deselect "automatically restart" and select "write an event to system log" then click ok. Stick in a cd. Got an error message now? If so, please post it. Your system bios is probably set to boot from cd first. When you insert a cd, your system is crashing without leaving an error message. When it restarts, it's trying to boot from your cd first.
Let us know.
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Two days ago installed a new mobo Abit IS a new CPU C and a gig of ddr Oh and a radeon pro I connected all my old drives to this and ran it Everything went ok I went through bios and when it was time to boot Weird problem. boot - it didn t I got a message that there was a boot error and that I need to pop in a boot CD So I did put in a winxp cd and then it booted to my regular desktop and everything seemed to be fine again I thought this was a one time thing I was wrong Fast forward to now I got winxp installs on the HD one old and another new one I made I tried repairing both and Weird boot problem. to no avail Sometimes when I boot it with the winxp cd it just boots and sometimes it gives me the blue setup page I looked in the bios a couple of times and everything looks fine boot order is floppy- gt hd- gt cd and all the drives are recognized Just won t boot from them I am at a loss I have a lot of stuff on that hd and to format it would be tiresome but to format it and have it not help at all would be infuriating So I ask you good people - wtf plz hlp kthx nbsp

A:Weird boot problem.

back up what you can and format it and then reinstall xp
xp is very picky about changing chipset drivers, it is hit or miss
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Hi first let me note that my computer other than this problem runs absolutely perfectly with no problems at all my spec is Windows XP Pro SP Athlon XP fsb Barton Core Gigabyte VAXP Ultra D Prophet Pro mb Corsair XMS-PC CC x DIMM Antec TruePower w PSU gb Western Digital Caviar RPM Weird Boot Problem mb Cache Sometimes not all the time but about of the time when i turn my computer on from a cold boot it posts gets passed the windows loading screen and then the Weird Boot Problem screen goes black all my devices come to life and the hard drive does some work as if its Weird Boot Problem about to launch into windows but sometimes it just doesnt manage to get into windows the screen remains black my monitor gets no signal and i have to restart The problem can be fixed either by turning the computer off through the PSU then booting up again or restarting manually and booting up with quot last known settings that worked quot but sometimes even that doesnt work When my computer does get into windows it works fine no problems at all its just this weird problem which i cant understand Any help would be appreciate greatly Cheers nbsp

A:Weird Boot Problem

Have a look in the log viewer. Anything suspicious in there ?
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Here s a good one I had and extra hard drive so I thought I d install my trial copy of Windows Advanced Server to play around with it a bit My C drive is Windows XP Pro I put Advanced Server on D When I rebooted I was able to access Advanced Server but I could no longer boot into XP To make a long story short I fought with it and fought with it Finally I disconnected my D drive reformatted my C drive and installed Windows XP Pro At first it still thought it had Advanced Server on it but I was able to fix that by editting the boot ini file Now my computer will not start unless I have the Windows XP CD in my CD-ROM drive It does not boot from the CD it just wants the CD in the drive If I take out the CD it gives me the error message of Missing NTLDR I put the CD in reboot and all is fine Please any help would be greatly appreciated I have been fighting with this computer for days and have searched endlessly on the internet for this problem Thank you nbsp

A:Weird Boot Problem

Hi kmurchek,

Boot to the recovery console with your XP disk and try the FIXBOOT Driveletter:\ command, it should rebuild your boot files.
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Last night my power went out. So this morning i turned my computer back on and ran into a problem. It showed my Asus boot logo like normal, then it went to the screen where it shows all the devices and stuff, like normal. but after that, it started scrolling the number 40 all of the screen. I let it go for a bit but thats all it does. I dunno whether its just a coincidence but could the power going out cause that? either way, what's wrong and how do i fix it?

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Hi today I received new Weird new boot ram problem with won't now sticks of corsair Weird problem with new ram now won't boot ram x gb I had slots and free so I installed them there and the system failed to boot I removed the memory stick from slot and then the system booted fine into windows bit Ran the WEI and it detected the new stick fine I am going to name the stick working A and the one I removed B So I decided to increse the voltage with the MIB tweaker to manual volt Everything is still working fine now I then took the stick B back into slot again no boot So to make sure it was the slot that was not working I put stick B into slot no boot I then tried stick A in slot no boot I then reverted to the setup the had been working with stick A in slot and suddenly that wouldn t boot either I removed stick A and B boots normal I then went to the MIB tweaker and set it back to default saved it boots fine I then put stick A into slot this had been working previously but now no boot Hope that all makes sense basically I tried all combinations of slots and the new ram and for a short time it was working with one stick but now even that combination won t boot It will only boot with neither stick of new ram in place Any ideas guys System Q GA-P -S gb mhz ram KFA GTX gb hiper psu not the modular but the one with amps on v rails gb seagate HDD TB WD HDD in rma having the luck Thank you Tony nbsp

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ok well i went into my HDD and scheduled an error checking..well windows loaded as normal, but no error checking occurred i after the green bar is done, the screen hangs on a black screen.. any idea?

A:weird boot problem..

Hi matthews2010
Is this still a problem for you or is it resolved?

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hey guys, i'm in need of some serious help, i hear that you guys have the best online tech support forum, so here i am . . . .and here is my problem

i get this error when trying to boot, (i was running windows xp pro)


so i go into my bios and notice that my hard drive or slave drive are not being recognized. I tried changing them to master and slave, becasue they were previously on cable select but thats no help, i also made sure they are all on Auto.

formating is not a solution, i have years of work on those hard drives and am looking for another way out.

i would greatly appreciate some help, thank you in advance.


A:Weird Boot Problem, Help, :(

Have you tried using the XP Recovery Console?
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I tried to fit a DVI cable to my pc / monitor but after fitting the pc would not boot properly so I removed the cable and re fitted the original svga cable, the problem I have is now is that when I boot the pc the first boot screen will appear but the boot then fails and gives me options to start in safe mode, logged or normal start, if I choose normal start the pc will then boot fine, if I restart the pc without fully shutting the system down it will boot OK, but if I switch off completely and restart I will get the boot fail every time, and I will then have to choose boot normally from the option then given. I have formatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows and all drivers are up to date and device manager says no conflicts or problems.
Any help will be very much appreciated.
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Hey So I removed PalladiumPro from my computer yesterday and I followed the removal instructions from this website and they worked well The program boot-up problem weird is gone but my computer started running really slowly so I shut it off I go to weird boot-up problem start it today and there are no desktop icons weird boot-up problem but the Start bar is there I can t open any programs because the computer freezes if I try and I can only occasionaly get the task manager to start Explorer exe is running but some program called aawservice exe is using half my memory and most of the CPU power I can t end the task and when I start in safe mode it is still there Luckily in safe mode I can open programs and have desktop icons however I thought it might have something to do with the shell edit in the Palladium removal guide but I merged it a second time and my problem is persisting Any Ideas

A:weird boot-up problem

I need to amend this slightly, in safemode it is ok on the admin account, on my account it is just a black screen.
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Nearly every time when i start my laptop, the logon screen is a blank but you can move the mouse pointer although you can see nothing. This blank screen issue also happens when the logon screen randomly loads up and i am able to type my password but after typing my password in, it shows a blank screen with a mouse pointer. Sometimes i would just wait a few minutes later and everything works smoothly without a issue. Also i have upgraded to a SSD with a fresh installation of windows but it still happens. Edit 1: I have tried SFC scan but nothing was wrong.

A:Weird Boot Problem

Windows Black, Vista Extreme, etc are pirated Versions of Microsoft's Software.. They are NOT supported by Microsoft. Download and use them at your own risk.source
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Hello, hopefully I can find some help here.

Here's the lowdown: I turn on the PC, Windows loads and it gets to user selection fine. Then I enter MY user, and it loads for a while. Then, it will abruptly flicker once and this will happen:
I can't do anything by then: my system is completely frozen and I'm forced to restart. Strangely, the problem doesn't happen on the other account on the PC.

I'm thinking it's a video driver problem, but if that's the case, it should be happening for both accounts. Either that or I have a strange application messing up my system.

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Spec - Asus z -ar intel i k GB GTX Crucial mx gb SSD It takes very slow for my PC to get boot Slow/Weird problem to the desktop about seconds and i have no clue what the problem is Two things usually happen which ill explain below of the time my pc will start up and the screen will say DisplayPort SIGNAL NOT FOUND and go into the windows logo screen which is quick - seconds then it the monitor will say Displayport SIGNAL NOT FOUND the Slow/Weird boot problem screen goes black for about seconds and then go the password screen and i type my pw in and it goes to desktop Now every once in a while i will boot up my pc and i will not get the DisplayPort SIGNAL NOT FOUND message it will just go right into the password login screen quickly but my USB mouse and keyboard freeze They dont work I have to wait the seconds and then it works normal and i log into windows I dont know what it could be ive tried to reinstall gfx drivers and that did nothing If anything can help i appreciate it

A:Slow/Weird boot problem

Could be in the power options: Windows 7 will not output signal to DisplayPort - Microsoft Community

In addition compare the install you have to the perfect install compiled here to Clean Reinstall Windows 7
based on what's worked best in tens of thousands of installs we've directly helped with here since beta. Over a million consumers have used that tutorial without a single complaint or return here with problems if they stick with the tools and methods given.
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Hi All First time poster Hope you are doing boot Can't weird problem computer, up well I m hoping to get some advice opinion I m currently running a gaming computer and it has been fine for the last months However just the other day I was playing a game and it suddenly switched off I tried booting it up Can't boot up computer, weird problem again but to no avail Basically the symptoms as follows Computer will not power on at all no fans hdd lights etc at all no matter what combination of pressing front buttons PIN combinations etc I try The weird part is this whenever I switch my PSU on however any device connected to a USB port automatically has power Even though the computer won t boot up So my optical mouse has a nice light shining from it when the PSU is on but the computer won t turn on I m hoping it is the PSU somehow but would like an opinion if possible Look forward to your replies Many thanks nbsp

A:Can't boot up computer, weird problem

The quickest way to determine if the PSU is faulty is to borrow one from another PC and try it out. In your case this does sound like the cause of your problem.
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Hi I have a very odd problem My son bought a secondhand laptop a Dell Inspiron m running XP Home SP He asked me to check it out At my house everything is fine it boots up can be logged on can be set to connect wirelessly to my router and run for hours with no problems I installed and ran a security suite - it needed one - and discovered no problems But at his house it will not complete booting instead presenting a BSOD a few moments after displaying the logon screen Try again the same thing happens And again and again With or without mains power connected Even in the garden or sitting in a car on the road outside It's not always the same laptop Weird problem boot BSOD sometimes it claims a file is corrupt sometimes not enough resources and so on Bring it back to my house or a friends house or drive away from his house into the open countryside and there is no problem at all despite repeated attempts to reproduce the problem What can possibly be going on He has a desktop which works fine at his house a friend of his has a laptop that works fine and connects wirelessly to his router I've also tried my laptop an HP Compaq nx dual-booting XP Home SP and Weird laptop boot problem Ubuntu both 'sides' work fine and connect wirelessly with no problems There are no power distribution pylons within a mile He does not have any radio-based security system and nor it seems do his neighbors The failure seems to occur at any time of day Short of changing a perfectly good laptop and possibly jumping out of the fireplace into the fire we're at a loss Has anyone any suggestions
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I have a very unusual problem Sometimes when booting the monitor only shows a blinking cursor in the top-left corner No POST nothing on video weird problem boot-up else The weird thing is that the system appears to be booting quite normally as sometimes if I wait long enough - minutes tops I can hear the startup sound Meanwhile the cursor is steadily blinking uncaring of the frustration it is causing My system weird video problem on boot-up is the following Win PRO bit gb ddr x mb single channel ASrock K NF -VSTA soket AGP x AMD GHz ATI Radeon HD mb AGP x W weird video problem on boot-up power source IDE DVDRW master SATA HDD rpm usable GB PCI wifi n card PS keyboard USB wireless mouse I use on-board sound card pc connected to monitor via VGA I admit that my system is old but it can still handle windows and it feels more responsive than XP Recently the only change to the specs was the upgraded the video card I previously had the terrible FX which could barely handle non-transparent aero I upgraded to the radeon hd about - years old bought it at a fair price and everything started smoothly The PC felt like new everything was faster and smoother no more jerkiness and I could finally use transparency and as a bonus p HD works like a charm and smooth like butter on this aging computer years old at least The ATI card needed aditional power the -pin connector and the specs say minimum requirement is W which is what my power source also says on the label so this is covered I think or rather hope I got rating after this upgrade CPU- RAM- Graphics- Gaming- HDD- which is rather well for an aging PC I think The problem appeared shortly after I installed the new GPU A few days later I mean Randomly on boot-up the PC doesn't show POST only a blinking cursor in the top-left corner The HDD DVD everything sounds like normal boot I even manage to hear the start-up sound of windows I didn't actually test it but I think that every time windows boots succesfully only I can't get the image as all I see is the constantly blinking cursor To be absolutely clear on the issue sometimes from the moment I push the power button and the system is booting all I see on screen is the blinking cursor Nothing else No POST info no nothing it just stays like that blinking If I power off then back on it usually gets fixed and I get the usual POST and windows boot-up animation But sometimes I reset the thing times in a row and I still got the blinking cursor It's just random And it's hard to tell if it gets fixed because it can work ok - days in a row then suddenly start blinking at me again What I can tell is that this didn't happen with the older card the FX So something happened when I installed the new GPU Could it be faulty GPU Could the power source not be powerful enough for this GPU could it be some kind of incompatibility between the motherboard and the GPU or between the GPU and something else Can I do anything to find out what the problem is I don't want tu buy anything more for this pc If it costs me too much to fix this I would rather buy parts for a new PC mb cpu ram the usual Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:weird video problem on boot-up

i remember having similar problem after fresh installing windows 7,then after several hours frustation i realised i still had my laptop set to boot from the cd,Doh!
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I upgraded my old P to Intel core duo yesterday Specs Intel Core CPU GHz GB DDR RAM Motherboard Intel GCL essential OS Windows XP PRO with SP Drive C Samsung GB IDE HDD Primary Master Sony X DVD-RW drive Primary Slave I have a strange problem The motherboard has one IDE slot and one SATA slot It detects the HDD and DVD-RW but won t boot from the HDD if the DVD-RW is also connected If I put the windows XP installation Duo: Core 2 Problem Boot Weird CD into the DVD-RW it prompts for a key-press to install windows After that it boots normally into windows If I completely disconnect the DVD-RW completely it boots successfully I am at my wit s end I have tried just about everything editing the Boot ini windows SFC system file checker fixboot and fixmbr from recovery console all permutations of boot order flashing the BIOS with update from Intel So here s the summary only HDD Boots HDD DVDRW XP install disc Boots HDD DVDRW no disc Does not Boot Same problem with my old LG DVD-R CD-RW drive Could there be a problem in the cabling I assembled it myself Any input would be appreciated thanks in advance nbsp

A:Core 2 Duo: Weird Boot Problem

Did it work ok with the old cpu?

What bios did you use? From what I could tell on intel's site you need at least bios #27 or later to support the c2d cpu.
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I've got a weird situation on my hands and I'll try to keep it brief and relevant Trying to help a friend format his computer and it is not boot being Weird problem filename with found a Emachine t which doesn't come with the full version of xp it only allows you to quot recover the computer back to its factory condition quot I had never formatted a computer like this and ended up screwing it up So i had to find another copy of windows xp The corrupted recovery partition was on the C partition and the new partition I created for the fresh Windows XP install was E Weird problem with boot filename not being found I got Windows XP up and running Weird problem with boot filename not being found on E and decided I would try to format the corrupted recovery partition Now when I try to start the computer it gives me a PXE-E boot filename not found error I have tried the bootcfg rebuild suggestion mentioned in a previous post and that failed Also the computer does not have a floppy drive in the event that i wanted to use a boot floppy disk What can I do to fix this mess

A:Weird problem with boot filename not being found

Boot off of the XP CD. Delete both partitions and create one large partition. Format the partition NTFS, Install Windows on the newly created partition. Or after formatting the partition boot off of the Recovery CD and install on the newly formatted partition which will have all the drivers you need for that machine.
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I installed Vista Ultimate 64 a month ago and it was Really slow to load 5minutes plus. So i uninstalled it and installed Vista32. I have 4mb of ram.

Today i decided to try vista 64 as a dual boot and installed it into a seperate partition.

For some reason Vista 32 shows as having 4mb of ram now and vista 64 shows 3.32

Any Idea why that would be??

Vista 64 is working well this time so is it possible or advisable just use it to upgrade the vista 32 install.

A:Weird problem after dual boot setup

Ok I've fixed this myself...

x86 had sp1 installed so showed 4gb X64 had not had sp1 installed so showed 3.3gb because the mobo was only showing 3.3 gb as memory remapping was off (asus p5bse) switched that on and ACPI to S3 and everything is as it should be.
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Hi The basic problem is the computer fires up at cold start and all components start CD Fan HDs Video etc if I am lucky the initial XP load screen will appear Ican also enter system setup if I am at EMachines up 5220 Boot Problem Weird lucky The first sign of trouble is when the internal CPU fan stops the VDU then fails BUT the rest of the system seems to be ok eg the power supply fan is on and HDs etc On closer internal inspection I thought I had found a faulty connection from the power supply as i only had to touch the main motherboard bundle of wires to recreate the problem I replaced the power supply unit and the power cables could now be wriggled without causing the computer fan cpu to fail I thought the problem was now fixed however it was not and I was back to point I have swapped HD and replaced the Video card disconnected any other additional bits and bobs to try and eliminate the EMachines 5220 Weird Problem at Boot up symptoms with no joy I have even replaced EMachines 5220 Weird Problem at Boot up the heatsink paste from the CPU to the Heatsink hoping that it may have dried out and the CPU wa not being cooled efficiently enough no joy I have reset the BIOS settings to factory default incase someone had tried to be ckever overclocking etc no joy I refuse to believe the CPU or motherboard is shot as surely the box would be dead and I would not get into any screen let alone windows xp loading I have tried using the restore CDs but cannot get anywhere had thought about a BIOS patch but cannot keep the machine on long enough to do this Any ideas as I have come to the end of the road I know having seen emachine threads that these boxes are pretty much throw away when things go wrong but it does have some life left in it so don t want to trash it yet Fazzer nbsp

A:EMachines 5220 Weird Problem at Boot up

You need to follow the instructions in the "sticky" at the top of the page to diagnose the problem component.
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Hello everyone problem Weird/Slow VERY Boot Screen I have been having a few problems lately so I decided to register After this question is resolved would it be alright if I decided to ask even more VERY Weird/Slow Boot Screen problem questions and possibly get some help finding drivers This first problem is concerning to me more than it is annoying since this laptop is just a year old almost exactly to the date I have tried two completely different versions of Windows XP and I still get the error Basically my boot screen on startup keeps loading slowly By this I mean not only is it taking an irregular time to FINISH loading and goto the log on screen it is also loading up in very slow flickers It s like the animation for it is broken or that I m viewing a video on the Internet that keeps glitching It doesn t look right at all and sometimes you ll even wonder if it s going to completely freeze Once the screen has finished coming up it loads normally but takes up to a minute to exit What is even more odd is that this has happened on multiple installations of XP And it all started when I downloaded recent Windows Updates I really think the recent Windows Updates are the key here If I reinstall Windows my boot screen will load normally UNTIL I install those updates I m not talking about Service Pack I m just talking about the regular updates all of which I ve installed I am not on a Custom Boot Screen nor has this installation ever been If you need me to I can give you a list from DriverAgent com of which drivers I am missing although I believe that my Video Driver is up to date Someone mentioned to me that this might be a problem with hardware something broken but we have to remember that the boot screen IS loading normally until I install those updates Please help if you can Thanks nbsp

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Hi everyone I have been having a strange problem lately It started off minor but seems to be getting worse When I boot up the top of boot on up Solved: breaks - Display Weird problem the display seems to break up kinda ghosting and now everytime I boot it Solved: Weird problem on boot - Display breaks up seems to break up more moving down towards the center It s really hard to explain Once booted into Vista the display is solid and seems to be fine I recently bought a new graphics card a Solved: Weird problem on boot - Display breaks up NVIDIA GeForce GT I m starting to wonder if it s not Solved: Weird problem on boot - Display breaks up faulty If that is the case I will be really relieved becaue then I can just swop it Let me know what you guys think My PC specs are below Thanks in advance for your help The detected result of Vista Manager - System Information Hardware Motherboard GeForce PM-M Basic I O System BIOS Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v PG Central Processing Unit CPU AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor Physical Memory GB Hard Disk X ST AS SCSI Disk Device GB ST AS SCSI Disk Device GB Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Monitor Generic PnP Monitor Audio Device X Realtek High Definition Audio Network Adapter Local Area Connection - NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Media disconnected Modem HUAWEI Mobile Connect - G Modem Keyboard Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Mouse Microsoft PS Port Mouse IntelliPoint nbsp

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I know that this may sound like a common problem boot problem!!! proper and device' Weird select 'reboot but after searching the forums and on google I can't find anyone with this particular problem My PC is a custom build that I built a couple of Weird 'reboot and select proper boot device' problem!!! months ago and has been running without problems until now Here is the spec of the PC Windows Ultimate -Bit Intel i x Corsair GB DDR RAM Asus P X D Premium GB Weird 'reboot and select proper boot device' problem!!! ATI Radoen GB Crucial SATA Gb s SSD this is where windows is installed x TB Western Digital SATA Gb s Samsung Blu Ray Drive If anyone needs a more detailed spec than this let me know The Problem When I originally built the PC the motherboard only came with Gb s SATA cable which I used for the SSD this is where I installed windows I then had one of the TB drives plugged into the other Gb s SATA port using a standard SATA cable and one TB drive plugged into a standard Gb s SATA port Today I got a hold of a Gb s cable so decided to swap out the standard cable on the TB drive to improve it's performance However after swapping this cable out I now get the 'reboot and select proper boot device' error and windows wont boot All drives appear in the BIOS correctly and I've double and triple checked that the boot sequence is correct I've even swapped back to the original cable and it still wont work I've tried inserting the windows disk and running system repair but windows cannot detect that windows is installed on any of the drives When I click on 'load driver' I am able to browse through all the connected drives and they are all intact and I can see all of the files stored on all of them My main drive is listed as C but windows just wont boot to it which makes me think that it's a software problem When I've run through to Windows installation it lists all the drives as options to install to so I don't think it's a driver issue Besides I was able to install to that drive originally without the need for a driver Any ideas on how I can get my drive recognised as the boot drive again Thanks in advance for any responses

A:Weird 'reboot and select proper boot device' problem!!!

This is starting to turn into quite a major problem for me since I use my PC to work on and currently I am unable to do anything! Any advice would be most appreciated!
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I have some strange issues when booting Windows 8.

1) Sometimes, the computer boots seemingly without remembering my personal settings, so it starts on the "Preparing Windows" screen. If I let it run, it continues to set up Windows giving me a 'fresh desktop' without my configurations on it. After a reboot, it's either back to normal, or 2) happens.

2) Other times, it doesn't correctly execute my msconfig, only booting very few programs.

Restarting always solves the issue, but it's rather annoying having to restart about half the times I boot the computer. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Weird Windows 8 Boot Issues

If it was me, I would run sfc /scannow in administrator command prompt.

Then run Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth in administrator command prompt & reboot & run sfc again.
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Hi all Having some issues with my machine which I suspect may relate to with issue Weird Up? 7 Windows Boot & a motherboard issue At first I thought that my graphics card had failed as its getting on a bit now although its been a total workhorse nVidia GeForce GTX My computer would start but no signal to monitor So I tried the classics removing RAM battery and then holding Weird issue with Windows 7 & Boot Up? power button for minute with power removed Now my system booted up but blue screened initially when it reached the usual point of Windows quot Welcome quot It then rebooted and I put it into safe mode where all appeared fine Chose to do a check disk on next boot for C But what appears to be happening is that the display is distorted prior to boot but once its in Windows its ok All the motherboard flash screen appears quot digitally scratched quot and even during CheckDisk slashed lines appeared all over the screen Is this the motherboard graphics card or some other weird issue Will post a screenshot of weird scratches in a moment Cheers Chris

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This video below tells all. What do you all think? Hardware? Possibly pre-boot software error? I can press enter and it skips to loading Windows.

Wierd characters pre boot - YouTube

A:Can't tell if it's Windows or Hardware (pre-boot weird characters)

I heard the single, short beep from the BIOS so it seems there's no hardware problems.
Malware is a possibility - I've seen several references to that when weird characters appear during the boot process.

However, that's as much help as I'm allowed to give you where malware may be present since I'm not a trained malware helper. You must post on the dedicated malware forum and see what directions/instructions they give you to check for the presence of, and eradicate, malware: Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help - Tech Support Forum
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I have this problem which might or might not be affecting system performance as I have no idea what might be its root cause My Windows Boot Screen looks like in this picture I remember it happened immediately after I completed the final step of a procedure which supposedly had to convert my hard drive partition structure to take advantage of UEFI without formatting and it worked except that it might have left this behind I could dig Boot Windows Weird Symbols at 7 Screen up the guide I followed at the time Weird Symbols at Windows 7 Boot Screen if it s absolutely necessary and until Weird Symbols at Windows 7 Boot Screen I try to remember the URL s here is basically what it consisted of Download a Linux Live CD Use a tool there to create a UEFI boot sector in a cylinder on the drive in the unpartitioned space Copy Windows Boot Info there Use Startup Repair from Windows x CD to make Windows boot again Everything worked OK since my HDD was a TB Barracuda so its cylinders were big enough for this to work Other problems I have with my Windows which I am going to stick into this thread as they all might be connected to each other are General boot slowness Disabling some startup items helped but not by much This was a problem before I converted to UEFI and is still a problem now When I drag items out of the Recycle Bin their names change to ASDA When I use the quot Restore This Item quot command it s fine I have TeraCopy installed but I am not sure if this is the cause as I have it installed also everywhere at my workplace and no issues there MS FixIT said something about file and folder corruption and Recycle Bin corruption and claimed to have fixed it but it doesn t seem fixed to me Subsequent runs said quot Nothing to fix quot Some quite visible ghosting in most D movies Might be crappy cable HDMA cable though waiting on replacement now Icons on my Taskbar become white then they appear again one by one every time I reboot Here is some info about my Setup Windows x SP Notable events in the PC s life - migration to ATI HD serious driver issues had to move to Gainward GTX Phantom Migration from BIOS boot to UEFI boot with no HDD format Ghosting everything from my old Barracuda TB to a new one TB since the old one broke New monitor LG D P-PN for D not mentioned in my profile on file here I will update the info All other info in my PC Profile is accurate Everything works so far stable but I was wondering if it wasn t possible to fix these issues anyway nbsp
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I have a quick question... I just received a decent computer from a friend since he upgraded. I just threw the computer back together into a new case and since the hard drive was reformatted prior to being given to me, I installed Windows XP SP2 on it. Now that it's full installed, when the computer goes to boot up, on the loading XP screen, the video starts to distort changing colors and forms two different loading bars and eventually goes black and doesn't move from there.

I'm curious on if this is an XP problem w/ drivers or maybe the video card is dead? All through the install of XP, the video was perfectly fine and as crisp as can be.

Where abouts should I start in diagnosing this problem?

A:Weird Video Distortion & Windows wont boot

hello & welcome to TSF

if you can get any information on the system that would be great

what brand name is it : dell / hp / acer / systamax / ibm / ect..

what model is it : presario / dimension / pavillion/ect...

plus we will need a model number : sr1703wm / dv4000/ ect...


we can usally find out the items below if you can supply us the info from above


how much memory/ram does it have installed

motherboard name & model

processor name : intel or amd & the speed

harddrive name & size

power supply wattage & name

name of video graphics & is it a card or integrated/onboard

all this would be very helpful

get back to us

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I have two operating systems - Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Now the problem is in windows 7 the computer runs faster. Though I updated all the driver on windows 8 . Windows 8 also takes more time to boot up than my brother's comp who also has windows 8 but had windows 7 originally. When I open the task manager this is the picture. 
Now my question is that the System interrupts is taking so much space . How to reduce it.
My computer specs are- 
Lenovo B300 
Processor - Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU   E7600 @ 3.06 GHz 3.06 GHz
Installed Memory (RAM) - 4.00GB (3.00 GB usable)
System Type - 32-bit Operating System x64 based processor
Operating System - Windows 8 Pro And Windows 7 Ultimate

A:Weird Problem in Windows 8

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When  FileHippo opens, click on Download latest version in the upper right pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.
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I tried looking for help but there's no way to search for the problem I'm having, I tried. I've had 7 before and everything was fine but this time, something's weird.

I just recently installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition and the problem's are that when I play a video file (doesn't matter what player) and try to install a game, my sound for my whole system gets screwy (it starts making severely distorted sounds) and I lose access to all my files until reboot. If I try to access a file it says "not found" and if I try to install something it says "drive not found".

If I play a video file and nothing else, it's fine.

When I reboot everything is fine. I did an update earlier today with everything and it still happens.

Any clues?

A:Weird problem with Windows 7

Hello Kenjutsu, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at the tutorial at the link below to see what that does for you.

Startup Repair

Be sure to post back with the results.
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Yesterday my computer crashed meaning I couldn t get into Windows--I Windows Weird ME with Problem got the blinking cursor amp then the black screen I was able to finally get into Safe Mode where I went into msconfig amp selective startup Turns out that the computer would not start normally if I had any of my static vxd s loaded Also under File System in My Computer properties all my drives had converted to MS-DOS compatibilty mode file system the details message said this was because there was something wrong with my Config sys file or Weird Problem with Windows ME my Autoexec bat file Well I had tried reinstalling Windows ME prior to this but was told that my C drive didn t have enough space it only had mb left But after fiddling with the selective startup stuff all of a sudden my C drive had mb of space so I was able to reinstall Windows ME--I figured this would fix my screwed up Config sys amp Autoexec bat files amp my drives would revert to Fat Oh also another problem was that in my Device Manager my Primary IDE Controller dual fifo had a yellow exclamation point amp the details file said my driver wasn t working but when I went to Update Driver it said I had the correct one I though reinstalling Windows ME might fix this also Well it fixed NOTHING I mean the only difference is that I can now load my static vxd s without encountering the black screen or the blue screen My computer is still in MS-DOS compatibility mode file system amp I still have some unknown problem with my Primary IDE Controller--oh I tried to remove it by hitting Remove then re-starting my computer The first time I did this the exclamation point just stayed there The nd time I did it Windows detected new hardware on restart amp installed duplicate Intel SB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller Primary IDE Controller amp Secondary IDE Controller Other than that my computer seems to work perfectly well no slower than it used to be I did an up-to-date check for viruses amp I am virus-free Is my computer about to explode momentarily or can it go on like this forever without a problem I am completely stymied I have an ancient HP Pavilion with Intel Pentium mhz processor amp mb of ram I can t upgrade anymore because my motherboard is too old so my next step is a new computer which I don t want to pay for now if I can avoid it Any suggestions as to what is going on Thanks nbsp

A:Weird Problem with Windows ME

Plz dont start two threads with the same problem. Any further replies to this thread only -
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Less than half of the time - about 30% of the time - when I start up the computer it lags. Not like startup lag, where for a minute it lags and then it's gone, it stays laggy.
So there's a 10-20second delay between all my actions after starting up, and it stays, the only way to have it go away is restarting my computer.

It's pretty random and i'm not sure how it happens, i just installed spyware doctor, prevx, and did full scans, nothing showed up.

Tell me if you need anything..

Windows 7 premium home 64bit, 4GB ram, Intel core I3 CPU - M33 @ 2.13ghz ( 4 CPUs ), intel graphics medie accelerator HD.

It started up about a month after i bought this laptop(january this year), and i don't think it's a virus, which is why im checking up here.

A:Weird lag problem, not sure what - windows 7 x64

First check to see if your processor usage there is tool in windows7 where you can monitor it. If the usage is high. Then i would recommend that you boot into the safe mode and run your antivirus and anti spyware software couple of times see if it turns up. Running them in normal mode won't turn up many results. Also have you changed anything since this problem started to occur like installed a new software or hardware changes.
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Hi everyone, hope somebody can help me here...

I booted up my laptop as normal and all of my programs and documents are missing. Desktop background and all settings are ok, my internet connected is still saved and my deleted items are still in the recycle bin. Really odd.

Got about 6 months work not backed up (I know).

Anybody got any ideas what has happened?

Just for info, nothing new installed, just shut down and booted up as normal.

A:Weird Windows 8 problem?!

Welcome to Windows 8 Forums! You may have a virus that hid everything. First you have to run "Unhide"

Unhide Download

Run that first, then run any AV you have, then download TDSSkiller and Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit and check for rootkits.
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Ok so whenever I turn off my computer it doesn't actually turn off Its like it goes into sleep mode without telling me This happens every time I turn it off whenever I turn it back quot on quot it proceeds as usual until an underscore is just blinking in the top left corner it goes no further after that So I have - Problem... Windows Weird 7 to turn it off and then turn it on again where it proceeds as normal but goes to a screen where it says quot Resume Windows quot or quot Windows 7 - Weird Problem... Delete system restore data and go to boot screen quot Deleting system restore data is the only thing I can do and I have to do it EVERY TIME Any help would be appreciated Edit I'm not sure if I remember this correctly but I believe it also goes into quot sleep mode quot if I don't touch my computer for a while I just Windows 7 - Weird Problem... set my screensaver to start up when I'm not here for hours I plan to come back in Windows 7 - Weird Problem... an hour and if it happens I'll let you know

A:Windows 7 - Weird Problem...

Hi! Daniel1414, welcome to W7F

Try Brink's suggestion in post #2
Can't put my computer to sleep, only hibernate
Run any commands as an admin.
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Hi all
It is a bit strange but for some reason when i started my computer up this morning alot of my application icons say that they are deleted note the screenshot bellow.
Could anyone help me? please

A:Weird windows 7 problem


Are they available in the "Add remove programs" page in Control Panel > Programs?
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I do not know if this is the right form or not but i though that my hard drive crashed but it didn't at the same time it did um i do not know how to explane this so
I switch my main hard drive into a slave drive to access the data after the crash it reads but i can not get into the folder called user to get some of the data i need but it will not let me when i try to get into the folder it goes into an infinite loading loop then closes down i have a lot of thing i need to get for work by monday

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I am fairly computer savvy but this is one problem I have never before seen. When I try to open my properties of My Computer (by right clicking, or by alt+dbl click) I get this message:

rundll32.exe - unable to locate component

This application has failed to start because framedyn.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
It still opens my properties after I hit OK. Let me know if anyone knows anything, thanks!

A:Weird windows problem...

"Application Has Failed to Start Because Framedyn.dll Was Not Found" Error Message When You Open the System Properties Dialog Box
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Ok so since yesterday my laptop a Dell Inspiron 14R has been acting really weird. So first of all the laptop when I sign in it takes longer then before for it load up. Then when it shows up after a while it freezes and it changes the aero theme to windows basic theme and it starts working normally but then it changes back to aero back and forth at random times, when it changes theme there is no pop up messages or anything. So I do a defragment on the disk but it didn't work, then I start up safe mode and scan it with Microsoft Essentials and Malwarebytes but it didn't find anything.I also reinstalled the video drives but zero changes.

So I decided to do a System Restore but when I open them there is none....WTF? Recently I haven't installed or download anything and I don't know wtf to do. Suggestions? Help?

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I am having a weird problem in windows. Most programs can't seem to open folders. For example when you click start then your profile picture normally a window pops up showing you the options to change it too right? It isn't doing anything for me. Also when I tell Dropbox to open its folder by right clicking on its icon in the task bar nothing happens. Iam having the same problem through different programs including control panel. How do I fix this?



I got a registry fix and it got worse. I can't use control panel anymore. PLEASE HELP!

A:Weird Windows problem

Try doing a system restore, failing that then backup your data and recreate a new user profile.
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Problem: Windows explorer does not seem to update changes I've made to a file.

eg. image 1 show the folder viewed through a program and image 2 is viewed though windows explorer.

Make sense? view images attached.

My pc spec: If it matters

Window 7 ultimate 64-bit
Celeron(R)dual core CPU T3000 @1.80Ghz 1.79Ghz
RAM 2.00GB

Please Help!

A:Weird Windows 7 Problem please help!


Have you tried viewing your hidden files?

You can do this by pressing alt, tools, folder options, view tab look for view hidden folders and files...
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I am fairly computer savvy but this is one problem I have never before seen. When I try to open my properties of My Computer (by right clicking, or by alt+dbl click) I get this message:

rundll32.exe - unable to locate component

This application has failed to start because framedyn.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
It still opens my properties after I hit OK. Let me know if anyone knows anything, thanks!

A:Weird windows problem...

"Application Has Failed to Start Because Framedyn.dll Was Not Found" Error Message When You Open the System Properties Dialog Box
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After all these years i ve never ask my computer problem in any forums since mostly i could just search but i really don t know how to troubleshoot this particular error i m having Problem Windows Weird So please Weird Windows Problem help i m so frustrated Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Weird Windows Problem Windows Release Preview bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - M CPU GHz Intel Family Weird Windows Problem Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Family Microsoft Corporation - WDDM - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer Inc U SV Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled The problem i was having is this weird error it s like a bluescreen in windows It occurs at random times that s what makes it really hard for me to recreate the problem See this youtube videos http www youtube com watch v F SQlVCg s I ve tried to reinstall the drivers from graphics card to audio and it still keep reoccuring at random times Windows amp Windows -bit Oddly it never happened in ubuntu which i dual-boot and i ve never encountered an error like this from my experience troubleshooting somebody s device Any idea what should i do nbsp

A:Weird Windows Problem

Is it hardware faulty, or the the software ? Since it works fine with linux distro.
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I am completely perplexed with this Ok so I have the Solved: Weird 120% weird Alcohol ACCESS - problem DENIED with installation file for Alcohol v Solved: Weird weird problem with Alcohol 120% - ACCESS DENIED on a DVD so when I try copy pasting it to my E drive I get an Access Denied - Make sure the file is not in use or write protected error However I can copy it with no problem to my C drive Once I do that if I try to run the installation I get the quot Windows cannot find the specified path device or file Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to access the item quot error Trying to copy it from C to E gives me the access denied error again and I ve already removed all atributes like read-only What the hell is going on here I m system administrator and in the years I ve been using WinXP I have never seen this problem The file isn t corrupt it works on other computers Right clicking on it the context menu takes a good seconds to show up nbsp

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Hello everyone,

i'm having a weird problem in my setup, it's not a real problem but it's very annoying.

i can't post a screenshot right now, but the situation is pretty simple:

i have a "login button" (see attached example) floating on the left of my third screen. It's the same exact button from the login screen.

The button can't be moved, it doesn't react to right-click but it does react to left click, showing the account control panel

If i try to change resolution (forcing a redraw of the screens) the button goes away, then it comes back in the same position after some time (minutes)

how can i get rid of it?
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This one has me very puzzled:

I have a computer that is connected to 4 network drives. Three of them work just fine. However, when you go to the other one, it hangs for about 20-30 seconds and then appears to be fine. However, everytime it does this it also copies the mapped drive; usually two times. So, the original map is M: If you go to it, it will hang and then you will have the exact same map at Z: and Y:. Then if you go to it again it will hang and you will have X: and W:...and so forth.

I have no idea how to fix this and some quick googling didn't really get me anywhere. This is brand new machine that was just configured this week. I cant rule out virus/spyware completely, but would imagine that it would be unlikely. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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I m having a weird issue with Windows Spotlight on several systems and granted this is hardly a major issue that s preventing me from using a computer Anyway I have five different Windows systems Some are Pro some are Home however they are all legit and activated One two of them I use a domain account Spotlight Spotlight Weird Windows Problem works perfectly showing me new random wallpaper at the lock screen The Weird Windows Spotlight Problem other three I use my Microsoft account and no Weird Windows Spotlight Problem matter what I try Spotlight isn t working I Weird Windows Spotlight Problem am able to verify that the wallpaper files are downloading and that it is set properly in Settings but it fails to run on all three Even if I wipe out the system and clean install Windows I cannot get Spotlight to work I ve cleared the directory changed Settings to disable then enable it and still no luck I ve used a local account and all was well until I add my Microsoft account So is there a setting in my Microsoft account sync that is preventing Spotlight to function nbsp
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I m not sure how long Problem Weird Windows Media this has been going on as i recently moved computers around and accquired this one but windows media becomes corrupted a few hours after install The first time i got the computer i noticed all media player files has the dont-know-what-to-do icon and in the start menu it Weird Windows Media Problem was shown as a dead shortcut but when you click on the shortcut some adware thing pops up about browser enhancement After i Weird Windows Media Problem saw this i tried reinstalling with media player but got some quot hasn t been tested by windows quot errors then it just locked up and sent me to a blue screen telling me windows was shut down to prevent more damage so i started up in safe mode scanned for adware with adaware up to date deleted everythign and restarted i tried reinstalling windows media after this and it was successful for a few hours then the shortcut turned into a link to the browser enhancer and all the icons reverted i tried installing in safe mode deleting the directory and reinstalling and tried installing none worked for long and after every install it didnt show up in the add remove programs list on the control panel i scanned for viruses on trendmicro com and found none and my firewall is always on any ideas on how to fix this nbsp

A:Weird Windows Media Problem

It's not a virus, it sounds like adware or spyware that has infested your system. Virus checkers will not remove these.

Download Hijackthis and post a log back here.

Look in the "security" forum for instructions and a download location.
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Hello all.

Lately my OS seems to have some kind of problem.As i'm surfing with my browser (Chrome), sometimes out of nowhere (or usually when i try to save a picture with right click>save as) the frames of another window that i have open pop-up on the screen.Like it's kinda bringing it forth but not quite.From what i've experienced this happens with my utorrent window or windows of the Windows 7 explorer.I mean not the ie browser.The one you use to explore your system files etc.

Here's how it looks like.I have a dark windows background open on my Chrome, so that it's clearly visible:
Any help on what's happening and how it could be solved would be appreciated.I don't even know what terms to use in order to google it!Even a help in that would be nice.

Thank you in advance.

A:Weird problem with open windows

No ideas?I've come to conclude that it might be a Google Chrome fault after all.Any ideas?
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hello i just got a new computer the thing is for some reason when ever i minimize or maximize or close or open a window it opens from like top to bottom im not sure how to explain it but it makes the webpages slower when i open a web page it will say done while the window is still like quot scroll opening quot i guess would be the best way to help. transition Weird windows problem please describe it it just opens from the top then kind of unscrolls till it gets to the bottom it is VERY annoying and ive tried changing visual effects and everything in the virtual memory menu and nothing works i have a PCI nividia geforce fx dunno if that helps but please help me fix it oh and i have mb ram and no other processes running in the back round like FREE so i know its not lagging im just hoping Weird windows transition problem please help. its some Weird windows transition problem please help. stupid setting thats checked some where i cant find

A:Weird windows transition problem please help.

I have seen this happen on systems that are infected with some type of malware.

Lets rule out malware first. Post back the results after an analyst looks over your HJT log.

Look over the First Steps at Removing Malware , then post a HJT log in the HiJackThisLog Help Forum
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Whenever I try to shut down Windows XP, windows does NOT shut down and it gives me this message:

End Program - c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\smss.exe

Windows cannot end this program. It may need more time to complete an operation.

To return to Windows and check the status of the program, click Cancel.

If you choose to end the program immediately, you will lose any unsaved data. To end the program now, click End now.


I understand smss.exe is a core system process started by Windows every time I boot up, but for some reason will not end the process when I shut down. I have scanned my computer for viruses (with the latest updates) and it has found nothing. Anyone know what causes this and how I can fix it?

Thanks a lot!

A:Weird Windows XP shutting down problem

I really don't know what to tell you but my Home XP version has smss.exe in c:\windows\system32 and not in the location specified in your error message.

Try testing in Safe Mode by tapping the f8 key immediately on startup to get the boot menu. Or use msconfig to load Safe Mode. If it doesn't occur there use msconfig to disable all startup tab entries to see if one of them is causing it.
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Ok on my computer, I have another hard drive with the sole purpose of sharing.

I tried changing the name of a file on the drive, and it wouldn't let me! I am logged in as an administrator, however I cannot set the permissions on the drive. When I look at the permissions set, the only one with full control is SYSTEM and "S-1-5-21-1957994488-688789844-854245398-1003" (whatever that means). Not even my administrator account has full control!

I believe this may be the result of hacking maybe and that problem might be taken care of. But how do I set full control permissions again and delete S-1-5-21-1957994488-688789844-854245398-1003?

Btw, I have Windows XP.

Thanks to any responses!

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Hey i just updated my computer with windows update and after i restarted the computer i now get a new link in the start menu that says quot Reboot computer into safe mode quot but it is an invalid link wen i click on it it says that windows cannot find the file Also in internet explorer i windows after problem update Weird cannot have the option of right clicking and opening a web page up in a new tab and when i try to access the windows update page or my msn mail all i get is a blank page and Weird problem after windows update the browser is displaying that it is done after refreshign heaps it still does not load I thought that i might use system restore but when i click on system restore nothing happens and then when i clicked on it again it opens with a blank white screen and a icon at the top left indicating as if it is not responding but in task Weird problem after windows update manager it says it is runnign fine flash does not work anymore Weird problem after windows update and for some reason i cannot attach files anymore using this website so sorry but i have to paste all the logs in please help i followed the instruction on the log so hopefully there might be a fault or something that is causign this problem Deckard's System Scanner v Run by milzayy on - - Computer is in Normal Mode -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- System Restore -------------------------------------------------------------- Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point -- Last Restore Point s -- - - UTC - RP - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service -- First Restore Point -- - - UTC - RP - System Checkpoint Backed up registry hives Performed disk cleanup Total Physical Memory MiB MiB recommended -- HijackThis run as milzayy exe --------------------------------------------- Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast aswUpdSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashServ exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files InterVideo DeviceService DevSvc exe C WINDOWS Microsoft NET Framework v mscorsvw exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMAgent exe C Program Files Common Files Ulead Systems DVD ULCDRSvr exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashMaiSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashWebSv exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX Smtray exe C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLLoginProxy exe C Documents and Settings milzayy Desktop dss exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C PROGRA TRENDM HIJACK milzayy exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO no name - E D - A- EC-A -BA D E E - no file O - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - HKLM Run Smapp C Program Files Analog Dev... Read more
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Lately, I was having issues with installing the Catalyst Control Centre v12.10 on my Win8 PC(It kept saying " Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center.") I searched several forums and figured out that there might be leftover drivers which might be causing troubles. So I ran "Driver Sweeper" and reinstalled the v12.8 of CCC and the AMD drivers (Driver Sweeper tried to mess with the registry). CCC was up and working until recently I noticed a glitch in the fonts of the windows 8 apps. They went really weird. I've attached a pic for you to consider. Anyway, now I can restore my PC to an earlier time and see if it clears the issue. But I'm afraid the CCC issue would come up again. Please help me.

A:Windows 8 weird fonts problem. Please help!

Hello vharidev1993 and welcome to TSF,

First thing I recommend is reverting to the older drivers... The ones that worked properly.

Also, you can install drivers from AMD without installing the CCC suite.

Run the installation .exe and exit after files were extracted, then use Device Manager to install the updated drivers by pointing it to the extracted files location.

Alternatively you can use a program like 7zip or Universal Extractor to unpack the installer and install the drivers as outlined above.
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I have an Acer Aspire D laptop Originally came with Windows Starter I didn t like W so I decided to install Ubuntu Tired of Ubuntu not being compatible with software Problem Windows XP Weird Installation I need I m switching back to XP But I ran into a problem Here s what the screen exactly says Setup has recognized the following mass storage devices in your computer lt none gt To specify additional SCSI adapters CD-ROM drives or special disk controllers for use with Windows XP including those for which you have a device support disk from a mass storage device manufacturer Press S If you do not have any device support disks from a mass storage device manufacturer or do not want to specify additional mass storage devices for use with Windows XP press ENTER I pressed ENTER and it Weird Windows XP Installation Problem shows existing partitions on my computer The only partition I see was my flash drive with Windows XP on it Not the hard drive I m really confused at this point Could somebody please help me with this issue I ll be on until this problem is resolved Thanks

A:Weird Windows XP Installation Problem

You will need to identify the chipset used for your SATA Controller, and download the drivers to a floppy diskette then press F6 to install them. You must also use Windows XP SP1 or later.

If you cannot find Windows XP Drivers, then you will have to reinstall Windows 7.
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When i check my hard drive to see how much space i have left it was i only have 4 gb left out of the 109gb but the problem is when i go and look at all my files and add them up it only adds up to about 70-80gb. I dont know what the deal is? please help

A:Weird problem on Windows Vista

I believe that the available drive space is based on free clusters, whereas the file sizes are actual sizes. However since you can't use the reminder of a partially occupied cluster, the disc used size is always greater than the sum of the file sizes. That is one of the problems of these new programs that use "trillions" of files for their programs.

Just an opinion
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My sister's computer started with this problem a while ago. I searched alot and didn't found any solution or something even close to it.
When you're clicking for example right-click with your mouse on the taskbar, it opens a a little menu. In my sister's computer for some reason it opens a huge "menu" on the middle of the screen and you can't see anything, not even what supposed to be on the menu. It happens in a few other places like MSPaint and Skype and etc...
I took a picture with my phone because you cant open anything to post the print-screen on... I hope the image is clear enough:

This is the screen when right-clicking with the mouse on the taskbar:

I'm new at this forum so I hope I didn't do anything wrong in this post.

Thanks in advance! Sorry for my bad english!

A:Weird problem with most of Windows 7 menus

Desktop or Laptop?
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I didn't know what category to put this thread so I just went here.

For a couple of weeks now I've noticed that every once in a while I will just log out of windows live messenger and I lose connection when I try to log back in. I get an error message 8007efd I think. But it gets weirder. My internet is working just fine when I get logged out so I get on the internet to look up the problem and my homepage is That wont even load up! I also tried going to to check out the problem but that wouldn't load up either! My internet works just fine when this happens cause I type in the url of any other website and it pops up just like that. I have no idea whats going on and I can't seem to find this problem anywhere else online. Suggestions?
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Hi I am new to this forum and I am having a rather strange problem with my really old laptop computer which is running Windows XP At seeming random occasions the computer will experience a period of consistent freezing-and-recovering moment -- it would freeze and un-freeze very consistently every - seconds or so and will do this indefinitely It is very hard to work with the computer in this state so usually when it happens problem Windows freezing weird XP I just shut down and restart the computer Sometimes I leave the computer running to see if would ever recover -- sometimes it does other times it eventually freeze over completely and does not recover Another problem is that works I save when the computer is in this state seem to always turn out corrupted Any suggestions or idea why this could be happening Oh and one more piece of info although I m not completely certain about the validity of this observation It seems that this phenomenon is less likely to happen when I supply power to the computer from Windows XP weird freezing problem a socket -- in other words running the laptop from battery seems to increase the likelihood of this happening I have very limited knowledge about computers Windows XP weird freezing problem and hardwares but I suspect that the age of my hard drive might have something to do with this I don t think temperature has much to do with it as the casing of the laptop seems pretty cool but I m not too sure Anyways thanks in advance to anyone who s willing to help me nbsp

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This isn't at all like the other one I recently uninstalled my Earthlink software because I don't use it but then Windows Installer kept on trying to configure an Earthlink Mailbox So I had to System Restore the files back when I did that Mailbox still kept harassing me so I fully uninstalled it After that I thought it would be better but now random programs are all asking for Window Installer It installs then it stops saying it needs a CD but I don't want to restore my computer to the state I got it Because the CD is located on the Dell recovery disk Now random programs are asking for permission Sonic Updater for Roxio I found a fix uninstall it it doesn't pop up Next Wordperfect I used Windows Install Clean Up worked but a new one is coming up This time it's a Sonic program again It's annoying and makes me think that some how Earthlink is nagware

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So I'm new here but I'm pretty decent with computers so if someone tells me to go to the registry or system you don't have to make a tutorial just to get that out of the way so the problem I'm having is whenever I make a new folder or put files in a folder or anything like that it wont show until I refresh the folder that it's in but that's not the biggest problem I'm having my computer will NOT restart on it's own I Windows [SOLVED] 7 problem Weird will have it restart and it sit there forever and just says quot Logging off quot or sometimes quot Shutting Down quot and I've had it sit there for some times half-hour to an hour and it will not restart I have to manually hold the power button and shut it down witch would not be a big problem but it says quot windows did not shut down properly blah blah blah quot and I still have the other problem I'm pretty sure these are related because they both started at the same time so any help is appreciated thanks EDIT I have a Dell Inspiron laptop gigs RAM ghz intel Pentium dual-core CPU

A:[SOLVED] Weird Windows 7 problem

First the all the folder not showing new content until it is refreshed that is totally normal "Windows Behavior."

For the shutdown issue I would try disabling services that are not needed along with startup items.
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Hi all I have a weird problem that you might be able to help me with Our software Windows Explorer 2003 problem Windows on in XP Weird and is distributed using MSI s We do regular builds and releases about twice Weird problem in Windows Explorer on XP and Windows 2003 a month Now suddenly reports are coming in that by deinstalling our software Windows Explorer is acting weird Usings cannot select files folders with a mouse anymore When our software is installed all is well This only happens on XP machines and I ve seen it on our own Windows server Does this give anybody a clue about where to look How should I go about to find Weird problem in Windows Explorer on XP and Windows 2003 out what s wrong here Some background information Nothing spectacular has changed Weird problem in Windows Explorer on XP and Windows 2003 in our MSI projects The effects show up only after rebooting after de deinstallation of the software When installing the software no reboot is needed to have Windows Explorer act normally again We create the MSIs using Wise version using AutomatedBuildStudio to build and package the software Nothing hs changed in those procedures The effects aren t present on WIndows Vista or Windows machines I have used VeriTest-Rational Install Analyzer to compare before and after snapshots but no clear signs of anything wrong there There is one entry in the VeriTest-Rational Install Analyzer log about an entry at HKCU Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Shell Extensions Cached A F - D - D -BDAF- C F B F E - - -C - x being changed There is another entry in the VeriTest-Rational Install Analyzer log about an entry at HKCU Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Shell Extensions Cached A F - D - D -BDAF- C F B F E - - -C - x being changed This already happened before April No relation to Conficker suspected ANYTHING that you can come up with is much appreciated Thanks for now Bart nbsp

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We re a small company running Windows Small Business Server SBS and MS Exchange on a Compaq server with two GB drives one is a mirror no RAID We ve had a recurring problem with the server hanging on startup What it will do is display the Windows startup screen The progress bar will get exactly of the way through what I call the quot line of death quot and will stop It looks like it s still loading as the quot progress shading quot at the very bottom is still changing but nothing is happening Repeated reboots after about minutes don t help The only fix is to shut down and pop the mirror drive out 2000 problem Weird Server Windows of the bay then restart Weird Windows 2000 Server problem the server will then start This has happened several times already We replaced the mirror drive after the first time and everything seemed ok for awhile but then it happened again Popping out the mirror drive once again fixed the problem The mirror drive is healthy according the the disk management screen Has anybody ever heard of anything like this Is my server Weird Windows 2000 Server problem just a POS Any ideas at all would be Weird Windows 2000 Server problem appreciated thanks nbsp

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I consider myself a decently computer savvy guy for my age however this has me completely stumped so if any of you can tell me re-install windows? Weird problem; should computer I weather or not re-installing windows or any other solution you could think of would be likely to help because as much as It would be a pain to go into safemode and copy all my files onto something i simply cannot wait until the guy who usually fixes my computer gets back from vacation in a couple weeks I have an old laptop ish years the history of witch includes a bunch of viruses before i owned it fixed years ago a fried hard drive over a year ago imediatly replaced and recently the screen started falling off on one side heavily ducktaped i was running a cracked version of windows instaled over a year ago and is a toshiba satalite pro M the other day my cat attacked me while i was using my laptop and in my startled spasms i droped my laptop it didnt fall far about feet and it landed rightside up in a way that didnt realy worry me its been through far worse but when i turned it on the screen wouldnt work i was rather panicked until i realized that the screen did infact work but the backlight was gone i could just barely make out what was on the screen if i held it up to the light just a certain Weird computer problem; should I re-install windows? way Weird computer problem; should I re-install windows? When i did i noticed some odd looking messages and warnings and all around a very buggy and non responsive feel about my precious laptop So i removed all the tape that is keeping my screen in one piece and keeping that one piece attached to the base and quickly noticed that there was a wire that got unpluged After finding some tweasers the rest was easy work and i just pluged it right back in and imediatly the screen was working properly but after having re-taped it i noticed that since then whenever i use my computer half my programs wont launch and the ones that do almost always stop responding imediatly also my antivirus goes beserk and warns me about retarded things like thatoneprogram exe is trying to access windows programfiles thatoneprogram but its not responsive enough for me to run a scan Then after a little while it blue screens with a message that goes by to fast to read One time i tried launching startup repair but after a long wait all I got back was an error The weirdest part is that since this all started when i droped it you would expect it to be hardware related but since everything works fine in safemode and the antivirus goes nuts and etc it makes it look alot like a software problem specificaly a virus or something of the like Please tell me if you think you ve figured out whats wrong or if you have any questions or feel like ive forgoten to mention something im kinda desperate either way thanks for reading to the end EDIT just ran startup repair again and at the end of a freiking massive startup repair report it sais Root cause found ------------------------------- unspecified changes to configuration might have caused the problem Repair action System files integrity check and repair Result failed Error code x d time taken ms what does it mean nbsp

A:Weird computer problem; should I re-install windows?

Since you have admitted to using a cracked version of Win 7, you'll likely get no help here.
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Has anyone noticed that in Windows 7, the command prompt doesn't allow you to scroll up??

You can't scroll up to see the top content once it's scrolled down.

Try pinging until the screen fills and the stop it. You can't go up and see previews content...
In all other versions the mouse scroller worked fine for that!


A:Windows 7 weird command prompt problem

Mine's working on my computer and laptop, you mean scrolling in any direction? I can scroll all the way to the top,bottom, and again. Scroll wheel and touch pad work... are you still running build 6801? -I'm on 7000.
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I have this very weird issue on windows xp - weird cant xp windows very in problem anything! click/load Even after I formatted and reinstalled everything it eventually comes back Now this doesnt always happen My current guess is when i use around GB GB very weird problem in windows xp - cant click/load anything! of my memory and have alot of apps running it starts The problem is sometimes for a period of time could be up to a few hours the following happen in any combination sometimes all - I cant open a folder if i double click it just doesnt load - If any folders including My computer does open all the contents inside are not displayed - Applications dont load When I tried to load media player classic it said something like not enough memory when there is clearly GB free - The right click button doesnt do anything whether u click it on desktop mozila or taskbar - When I attempt to open folders something else opens like VLC media player short cut creator - file menu etc does no open this is a very weird and annoying problem has anyone had it before It often also happens as im going through directories cuttin pasting renaming stuff sometimes the folder wont open or just opens but doesnt show any contents in it Has anyone faced a similar problem nbsp

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I consider myself reasonably advanced in windows problem solving, but this has totally bamboozled me. Picture explains all really:

As you can see, in the custom colours box, used in stuff like Paint, and Messenger, for some reason, it's decided that 2 characters should be enough, and won't accept any more unless it's been set by the colours box...

Had this problem for a little while and it's beginning to quite annoy me, I've checked it wasn't my windows theme, but that was all I could think of...

Help much appreciated on this minor, but highly irritating problem!

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I am having a strange problem while trying to logon to Windows problem Windows Weird logon Solved: There are two accounts on the Windows Administrator and a user account Both have got passwords But when I try to enter password the quot A quot key of keyboard does not work I have Solved: Weird Windows logon problem the letter quot A quot in the passwords of both accounts I then checked other keys and quot S quot quot D quot quot F quot quot J quot quot K quot and quot L quot keys do not work too All other keys are working The keyboard is not faulty Solved: Weird Windows logon problem because I have put a password for BIOS and there all the keys work Also the above was for first hard disk I have another hard disk with Windows on the same computer but without password I changed the boot HDD via BIOS and booted into second hard disk and here the keyboard is working fine and this is how I am writing this post But for some reason the keyboard does not work as indicated when I try to logon to Windows on first hard disk By the way if it is any relevant its after a month or so that I tried to logon to the first hard disk Had been using Windows on the second one since all this time What can be the reason for such strange behavior Can I suspect a virus nbsp

A:Solved: Weird Windows logon problem

You can always suspect a virus or other malware infection whenever your PC begins acting weird. However, we aren't allowed to help with malware issues here as that demands trained staff who won't give out bad advice. The malware section is here:

I'm not saying it's definitlely a malware-infection, but it could be, and you need to get that confirmed one way or the other before looking elsewhere.
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A person I know Home Windows Weird Problem XP Activation had PC problems which were sorted by Weird Windows XP Home Activation Problem replaceing the motherboard The PC worked for a short while after the motherboard had Weird Windows XP Home Activation Problem been replaced until a system restore was ran Now when the PC is turned on Windows XP Home Edition asks to be activated it has not been re-installed It does not even allow you to click on quot Remind me later quot Activating online doesnt work so we have tried activating by phone When inputting the Installation key on the phone we are asked to quot Change the product key quot When this key also doesnt work we get put through to a person This person asks the same but the installation keys it is giving us never work The person on the phone told us to contact Packard Bell because windows came pre-installed on the PC but when we do they just bump us back to Microsoft This is a genuine copy of XP Home Edition with a genuine serial key Normally I'd just go for the complete wipe of the PC route but we don't have the original CD that came with the PC and as it's the same key we'd be using I dont know if it would be any different when it came to activating There is also some important info on the hard drive I know we could retreive this info then do a complete wipe after obtaining an XP Home cd from somewhere but that is a last resort as we can't do that for at least another week Has anyone else had this activation problem before There must be a way to get Microsoft to activate it as it's a genuine copy and code from Windows

A:Weird Windows XP Home Activation Problem

Welcome to TSF....

Try doing a repair-installation of windows and at the appropriate time insert the PID and you should be all set.

If you still have access to the computer thru normal operation you can use this procedure:

Emergency Backup Procedure from TSF

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or external hard drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable. and do the following:

REGISTRY WARNING: The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible.

I hope you have the Windows software for this machine. Please give this a try and print it out for reference

Please read the whole page on this web site especially all of the Warnings

How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install with IE6 Installed

Here is a link to a registry backup program that is absolutely fantastic it is called ERUNT

Remember to always keep a backup of two things:
Your registry, and your data. You will never be sorry.
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Okay, so I have a problem with opening windows in Excel from the taskbar

Whenever I highlight over Excel, and say I have two excel files open, Little pop-up windows show up for both when hovered over the Excel Icon.

I am unable to Left-Click on the windows to open any document, but I am able to Right-Click. It doesn't do this with any other programs, word, firefox, etc...

Reboot did nothing.
Closing the program did nothing.

Any help would be great, I have tried to look up this problem and found nothing.

A:Weird problem with Taskbar windows in Excel

Hi mike,

Could you explain the issue a little better. I understand the Aero preview (little pop-up windows when you hover).

Do the real Excel document windows toggle focus ( come into focus / go out of focus) when you hover over the preview windows?

What happens when you right click?
What do you mean "unable to open any document" - do you mean one of the Excel documents you have opened or a new Excel document.

Thanks and welcome to seven forums.
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I have on odd problem with 2 WinXPSP2 machines. I can manage them and see their shares from any other machine machine in the domain. But when I try to browse machine B for its shares or manage it from machine A, It is impossible! and what makes it more weird is that I can ping machine B from machine A. OK, the problem is that I need to use a shared printer on machine B from machine A and simply I can't. Can anybody help me to fix this issue?


A:Weird Problem with Shared Resources in Windows XP

Be sure each computer has a unique and simple name (ex) Office, or Home. On each computer, go to Start/Run and type CMD and press enter. In the command prompt type ipconfig and press enter. This will tell you the IP address of this computer. Do it to each computer and write it down. Be sure each XP machine is part of the same Workgroup Name not just the blank Workgroup. Make sure each computer has a User Name and Password associated with it to log in. Be sure you have Simple File Sharing turned on for both computers. To connect to the remote computer B on machine A, go to Start/Run and type the computer name of the computer (ex) \\[computername] or it's ip address (ex) \\ . This should show you the remote computer B's shares. Find the shared printer and Right click it and choose Connect. This will put the shared printer under computer A's Printers and Faxes. If it needs drivers, then download them from the printers support/download drivers site, and type in the make and model# of the printer and install just the driver for the printer on computer B.
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Good night gentlemen I'd love it if I could get some help from you Recently power went out so when I tried to boot windows again it told me it needed to check some files etc So I let it do it Once it restarted it showed the Initializing screen and when it started I could 7 black screen windows problem Weird see my mouse but everything else is black I can move the mouse around and Weird black screen problem windows 7 if I hit ctr alt spr it takes me to the management screen I thought it might be Fences or rainmeter it up so I started Safe mode up from which I'm posting right now and whenever I try to un-install Fences it tells me it failed because it can't access the Windows Installer service which may happen if it's installed incorrectly I went on linux and deleted the files but it still shows on the program management screen Already tried booting up with last good configuration but to no avail Any Weird black screen problem windows 7 thoughts

A:Weird black screen problem windows 7

Use SysInternals AutoRuns while in SAFEMODE to disable the apps. Un-check the box.

From Microsoft TechNet -

Download & save. RIGHT-click on AutoRuns.exe, "Run as Adminisrator"

Regards. . .


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We re a small company running Windows Small Business Server SBS and MS Exchange on a Compaq server with two GB drives one is a mirror no RAID We ve had a recurring problem with the server hanging on startup What it will do is display the Windows startup screen The progress bar will get exactly of the way through what I call the quot line of death quot and will stop It looks like it s still loading as the quot progress shading quot at the very bottom is still changing but nothing is happening Repeated reboots Server Windows 2000 Weird problem after about minutes don Weird Windows 2000 Server problem t help The only fix is to shut down and pop the mirror drive out of the bay then restart the server will then start This has happened several times already We replaced the mirror drive after the first time and everything seemed ok for awhile but then it happened again Popping out the mirror drive once again fixed the problem The mirror drive is healthy according the the disk management screen Has anybody ever heard of anything like this Is my server just a POS Any ideas at all would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Weird Windows 2000 Server problem

Let me add an additional question: Is there any way, using a diagnostic utility or software tool, to see what's happening to the server during the bootup process? For example, on a Windows 9x workstation you can simply press ESC to dismiss the Windows logo screen and see what's going on "behind the scenes". I'm looking for something similar for Windows Server. I've tried replacing drives, etc., and this problem keeps occurring, at the EXACT SAME POINT in the bootup process. I feel certain that if I could just identify what point that is...whether it's a bad driver or service or whatever...I could identifiy the problem's root cause and then get the appropriate help from Compaq to solve. I would rather do this than start replacing individual components, as this may never reveal what the problem was in the first place. There must be some way to see what's going on behind the curtain...thanks!

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I recently upgraded From Vista Home Basic to problem with Weird Windows Explorer Solved: Vista Ultimate and have started having a little problem with Explorer When I open a folder select a file and right click to view the properties or any other option I get a message that says quot Windows has stopped working Looking for a solution etc quot Then I get a message that says quot Windows is restarting quot Then the folder closes all the icons on my desktop disappear After a few seconds the icons reappear and any open programs in the taskbar reappear but the folder I was looking at does not re-open I haven t installed any new programs since Solved: Weird problem with Windows Explorer upgrading but I have made sure I have installed all recommended updates In fact I think I ve installed one in particular quite a few times because it keeps showing up as a new update Today I looked at my update history and realized I ve installed it at least times or more Wonder why it keeps showing this as a new update If you need more info please let me know Thanks for any help Compaq Presario Intel Celeron D CPU MHZ GB RAM Intel G Express Chipset Family nbsp

A:Solved: Weird problem with Windows Explorer

Hello elisnanna

A possible cause of this problem might be a third party (non-Microsoft) shell extension that is not compatible with Vista. Here's a fix that worked for me.

Download ShellExView here. This will show all of the shell extensions on your system. Disable all of the non Microsoft shell extensions, then re-enable one at a time. As you enable one try doing the task that was causing the problem, ie right clicking a file etc. Keep enabling each shell extension until you find the one causing WE to crash. Once you find the problem extension you may need to contact the software maker to see if there is an update.

As I said this is a possible cause to this problem. There could be others. Worth giving it a try.
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Sorry for posting a question here on my first visit but someone pointed me this way saying that I may get an answer for this problem I have a problem with one of my clients Here is the setup SBS controlling logins running exchange and database Client machines in office Laptop that goes out and about and connects via VPN connection controlled by SBS Very simple BUT When of the client machines is switched off always the same one it stops the rest of the office from connecting to server resources although they can logon but this windows Solved: problem weird networking could be a cached logon It also prevents access to the network from outside via VPN stops logon This Solved: weird windows networking problem denial of access wont Solved: weird windows networking problem happen straight away but will if you log out then login again I have never heard of this and I am assuming no one else will have but I am posting in the vain hope that someone else may have seen this before and know why access is being prevented Any help I have googled and googled and got nowhere nbsp

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Ok whenever I boot up or restart my computer, I always get the message, "Setup is updating files...this may take a few minutes."

And then...

"Setup finished updating files. Continuing to load Windows..."

This happens EVERY time whether I install something or not. I wouldn't mind except for the fact that it slows down my boot time by a lot. Also, I'd like to know what could be causing this to happen. Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

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Well after two days of intensive search of similar problems in internet I ended up deciding to post since I couldnt fin a solution to this problem here is the problem and what I ve done so far attemping to solve it - All was working greatly and suddenly two days ago flashget stopped dowloading - it was dowloading in fastest speed and now it wont get faster than kb I tested with other torrent files and problem persisted tried with other torrent client as well but nothing I unistalled and reinstalled it nothing Fixed registry run antivirus exhaustive scan run spyware scan nothing all torrents problem and 7 windows Weird with router, perfect Deactivated all Weird problem with router, windows 7 and torrents firewalls windows router antivirus and nothing Anyway this wasnt supposed to be needed since the configuration of these didnt changed and I used to be able to download perfectly Checked if some configuration about ports changed but it was all as before Checked ports with some internet pages http canyouseeme org and all the ports are supposed to be closed but I still can use internet browsers perfectly and dunno why the ports got closed since nothing in the config has changed Some more data about my pc its a notebook windows home basic my router is a Encore ENDSL-A WIGX V Well I hope you can help me Thanks nbsp

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Okay i finished building my new Really Problem Installation Weird BIOS/Windows PC last night and turned it Really Weird BIOS/Windows Installation Problem on My Really Weird BIOS/Windows Installation Problem POST failed due to a CMOS checksum error but i continued to boot anyway which it did and asked for my OS so i inserted the XP disc but some stuff is missing its hard to explain like normally when the EULA comes up it doesn t it just asks me to accept decline or exit setup But i continued to install just without knowing what it was asking me and when it started to install the loading bar came up but nothing else no text nothing just the bar then after about an hour errors started to show about missing files or something like modem sys but i thought it doesn t matter anyway since i wont be using a modem then other sys files were not being copied so i kept skipping the files but then some important files started not being copied so i exited the installation and deleted the partition i made for Windows So i had a look through my BIOS to check stuff out but when i go to change stuff the box pops up to give me the options but no options are listed like Enable or Disable but if i press the down arrow key and press enter it would change an Enabled setting to Disabled so the menu is working its just not displaying the options Basicly some things are not getting displayed but others are and i m really confused Any ideas nbsp

A:Really Weird BIOS/Windows Installation Problem

The most common cause of failure to find files when installing Windows is faulty RAM.
That could be the case for all your issues, first try removing and reseating the RAM, if it still happens try one stick at a time (assuming your RAM is two sticks)
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I consider myself a decently computer savvy guy for my age however this has me completely stumped so if any of you can tell me weather or not re-installing windows or computer problem; Weird I should windows? re-install any other solution you could think of would be likely to help because as much as It would be a pain to go into safemode and copy Weird computer problem; should I re-install windows? all my files onto something i simply cannot wait until the guy who usually fixes my computer gets back from vacation in a couple weeks I have an old laptop ish years the history of witch includes a bunch of viruses before i owned it fixed years ago a fried hard drive over a year ago imediatly replaced and recently the screen started falling off on one side heavily ducktaped i was running a cracked version of windows instaled over a year ago and is a toshiba satalite pro M the other day my cat attacked me while i was using my laptop and in my startled spasms i droped my laptop it didnt fall far about feet and it landed rightside up in a way that didnt realy worry me its been through far worse but when i turned it on the screen wouldnt work i was rather panicked until i realized that the screen did infact work but the backlight was gone i could just barely make out what was on the screen if i held it up to the light just a certain way When i did i noticed some odd looking messages and warnings and all around a very buggy and non responsive feel about my precious laptop So i removed all the tape that is keeping my screen in one piece and keeping that one piece attached to the base and quickly noticed that there was a wire that got unpluged After finding some tweasers the rest was easy work and i just pluged it right back in and imediatly the screen was working properly but after having re-taped it i noticed that since then whenever i use my computer half my programs wont launch and the ones that do almost always stop responding imediatly also my antivirus goes beserk and warns me about retarded things like thatoneprogram exe is trying to access windows programfiles thatoneprogram but its not responsive enough for me to run a scan Then after a little while it blue screens with a message that goes by to fast to read One time i tried launching startup repair but after a long wait all I got back was an error The weirdest part is that since this all started when i droped it you would expect it to be hardware related but since everything works fine in safemode and the antivirus goes nuts and etc it makes it look alot like a software problem specificaly a virus or something of the like Please tell me if you think you ve figured out whats wrong or if you have any questions or feel like ive forgoten to mention something im kinda desperate either way thanks for reading to the end nbsp

A:Weird computer problem; should I re-install windows?

In all honesty I'd think that your machine has just had it. Reinstalling Windows is fine for software problems or malware infections but can't do anything to resolve damaged hardware which that computer apparently has in abundance. Moreover for the price or hassle of repairing such a machine (especially considering that the parts probably won't even be produced any more) you could get a newer and faster computer. You'd also get a legal (and incidentally therefore more secure) copy of Windows.
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Compaq Presario V Processor Type AMD Turion tm Mobile ML Processor Speed MHz System Memory Mup, Can't reformat, problem - windows, Weird etc. Can't load mb That s all I can snag from the bios So now with the problem One day I shut off the computer and turning it Weird problem - Mup, Can't load windows, Can't reformat, etc. back on couldn t boot up windows It gave the windows wasn t shut down properly and I tried the normal restart option and it would just give a black screen with a blinking and then nothing happens Tried loading in safe mode but it gets to mup sys then quot Press Esc to cancel SPTD sys quot flashes below and whether I press Esc or let it be nothing happens after that I tried popping in the windows xp disc that came with the laptop boot from disc it starts up but then after loading everything it then says quot Windows is starting up quot the disc stops spinning then nothing happens I tried popping in Weird problem - Mup, Can't load windows, Can't reformat, etc. a windows vista disc and it says quot Windows is Weird problem - Mup, Can't load windows, Can't reformat, etc. loading files quot with a progress bar when it fills up I get stuck with a blank black screen the disc stops spinning and then nothing happens So Any ideas I d appreciate any help nbsp

A:Weird problem - Mup, Can't load windows, Can't reformat, etc.
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For some reason, my screen doesn't refresh anymore after I delete some files, pressing F5 doesn't help either, I have to go back, then go back into the folder to refresh it. It also loads slowly, doesn't refresh after I downloaded something, folders freeze while I'm doing anything or nothing. It's just weird.

Also, some icons at the system tray area just disappears, like "TYPsoft FTP" any "Zoom Player,ffdshow"."FTP" is the name of a folder, not a program, and it just so happens that the problem occur while I was deleting some files in the FTP folder so I took some screenshots. Any idea what the cause is?


EDIT: I can still delete files, it doesn't happen everytime, but it happens often enough to be annoying.
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I hope this Reinstalled Windows, - access other accounts Weird Can't Problem is the right forum to ask this question but here we go The other day there was a lightning storm jsut a small one and my computer was on and I have a pretty good surge protection bar that I plug all my computer cables into Anyways the power went on and off so I go to start my computer and it takes you to that screen with options saying quot Start in safe mode start with last known good configuration start normally quot and etc I tried all of them and when the Windows XP blue bar Weird Problem - Reinstalled Windows, Can't access other accounts thing was done loading it would jsut restart the computer and repeat Not being able to access the internet for help I reinstalled windows over the old windows folder I made a new account named Mike and my last account was named Rinaldi I noticed I still had everything before the power went out but I can't reach anything that was on the Rinaldi side of the computer says access is denied and I have many files that I need to access Anyways I was wondering how I would be able to do this I can do C Documents and Settings Rinaldi But any folder i click on in there is denied Please help Thanks you - Rinaldi

A:Weird Problem - Reinstalled Windows, Can't access other accounts

Hello and welcome to TSF,

See this to Take Ownership of the files
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Recently, I started noticing that whenever I start up my computer and open up Windows Live Mail, it'll start accessing my hard drive for a good while and, as a result of this, it will cause other things on my computer to load up longer than usual (like Dead Island, for example, will take ages to load when Windows Live Mail is reading my hard drive). Only way I can fix this is by sitting there and waiting for Windows Live Mail to finish reading my hard drive or by exiting out of Windows Live Mail via the task manager (after this my comp will load up things just fine). I did a virus scan and I am virus free.

Something is up with my Windows Live Mail and I don't know what it is. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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Recently, I started noticing that whenever I start up my computer and open up Windows Live Mail, it'll start accessing my hard drive for a good while and, as a result of this, it will cause other things on my computer to load up longer than usual (like Dead Island, for example, will take ages to load when Windows Live Mail is reading my hard drive). Only way I can fix this is by sitting there and waiting for Windows Live Mail to finish reading my hard drive or by exiting out of Windows Live Mail via the task manager (after this my comp will load up things just fine). I did a virus scan and I am virus free.

Something is up with my Windows Live Mail and I don't know what it is. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

A:Windows Live Mail giving me a weird problem. Please help.

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

At first I was thinking it might be your HDD that is about to die.. But just wondering, whenever you close the windows live mail with task manager. Does that realy fix your problem? If you startup any other program. Doesn't that slow you computer down?