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[Win7]- BSOD upon game launch

Q: [Win7]- BSOD upon game launch

Dell laptop with Microsoft Windows 7 (x86) Home Premium 64-bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M @ 2.40GHz
5.90 GB available
Dell Inc. 07GP33
Hard Drives
Graphics Card(s)
(1) Mobile Intel(R) HD Graphics (2) AMD Radeon HD 6470M

I recently installed a game and upon launch through Steam I received the BSOD (see attached) which has only ever happened that one time. Upon the restart my hard drive responded with a beep and click. I later installed some windows updates.

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Preferred Solution: [Win7]- BSOD upon game launch

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [Win7]- BSOD upon game launch

Welcome to Seven Forums.

The ATI drivers are outdated. Please install latest drivers for the gfx card.

atikmdag.sys Sun Jan 9 09:47:50 2011 (4D292FE6)
atikmpag.sys Sun Jan 9 09:18:16 2011 (4D2928F8)
------------------------AMD Catalyst Drivers 13.9 Windows 7 64
AMD Inc - 197.87MB (Freeware)
To perform a clean install of a driver, follow this tutorial: How to Clean Left Over Driver Files with Driver Sweeper
Reduce the start-up items, Antivirus software is basically whats required. Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7
Clean Startup in Windows 7
Run the System File Checker that scans the of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible: Click on the
Type CMD on Search
Left click and Run as Administrator
Type SFC /scannow - read here
Run Disk Check on your Hard Drive for file system errors and bad sectors on it - read here
Monitor hardware temperature with system monitoring software like Speccy or HWMonitor. Upload a screen shot of the Summary tab as well:Piriform - Speccy
CPUID - HWMonitor
Update these drivers:nusb3hub.sys Tue Sep 13 13:14:40 2011 (4E6F02E0)
NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver (previous BSOD issues with 2010 and earlier versions)
Driver Reference Table - nusb3hub.sys

nusb3xhc.sys Tue Sep 13 13:14:43 2011 (4E6F02E3)
NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver (previous BSOD issues with 2010 and earlier versions)
Driver Reference Table - nusb3xhc.sys Let us know the results.


Debug session time: Tue Oct 1 21:40:05.475 2013 (UTC + 6:00)
Built by: 7601.18229.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.130801-1533
System Uptime: 2 days 18:58:30.068
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmpag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.sys
Probably caused by : atikmpag.sys ( atikmpag+7244 )
BugCheck 116, {fffffa800ca9d4e0, fffff88002f6c244, 0, 2}
BugCheck Info: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (116)
Bugcheck code 00000116
Arg1: fffffa800ca9d4e0, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff88002f6c244, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: 0000000000000000, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000002, Optional internal context dependent data.
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x116_IMAGE_atikmpag.sys
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My pc is rebooting either the moment I start a game or a GPU Benchmarking test, it max holds for 30minutes. I do have sometimes where I can play for a day without problems.
The Video card fans are pretty loud when it restarts but its not hot at all. 20C-60C

I got Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 x64
I had Winodws 8.1 Pro installed but I took my pc to a repair shop and they installed windows 7 and nothing else...
I bought my pc back in 2012 Juli (I think)
The os just got reinstalled 1-2 weeks ago

I got a I7 3770K CPU
Nvidia 660Ti Twin Fozr Video Card
MSI Z77A-G43 Motherboard
Coolermaster GX550W Bronze

And it is a desktop.

The BSOD_Windows7_Vista_v2.64_jcgriff2_.exe got stuck on Waiting for systeminfo so I decided just to close it and zip the folder anywhere.
The perfmon report is also in there

A:BSOD When I launch a Game

I just saw that I got my PC on Danish, so please write to me if you need to get something translated in one of the files. Or Google translate it or something :)
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Hello I've posted a similar message on Nvidia forums as I'm not sure what the problem is Anyway I've been experiencing a weird problem with my GTX since yesterday as soon as I launch a game my screen turn black and I'm often forced to reboot my PC Sometimes I get an error message from the game any launch I BSoD as game soon as itself but most times my PC simply freezes One important note BSoD as soon as I launch any game the same thing happens if I launch FurMark I can watch clips and movies I can use my PC but I can't launch any game and FurMark I've already removed with DDU my drivers at least four times and tried different versions same results I've also repaired my OS Win with an ISO image and I've checked my HD I have still to check my RAM but to be honest I think it's unlikely the RAM itself could be the problem Ah I've also tested it with two different monitors one with the Display and the other one with the HDMI same problem MY GPU's temperature is around C when I start the game and I get the BSoD in less than one second so I don't think overheating can be blamed I've never done any overcloking I'm afraid my GPU is broken but I really don't know I can be sure or I can solve the problem does anybody around here have any clue Do you think it could be a Windows issue Thank you so much
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Heya So I have a MSI GT with two graphic cards an intel HD Graphics used for the desktop and anything that doesn't involve too much GPU usage and an Nvidia Geforce GTX M used for gaming I made sure the Nvidia GPU was used when gaming game I BSoD launch a each time so the problem can't be swapping But each time I launch a game or anything that uses the Nvidia graphic card my computer shows a Blue BSoD each time I launch a game Screen of Death I have tried reinstalling drivers even by cleaning the older one Still the BSoD I have tried the factory reset and installing the latest driver still the BSoD I'm really worried as changing a GPU in a laptop is not a piece of cake for a noob like me So I hope it's a problem that can be solved with software SF Diagnostic Tool analyse attached and here is a screenshot of quot bluescreenview quot by nirsoft Let me know if you need any other kind of info and ty for your time

A:BSoD each time I launch a game

Quick update on my post : I have reinstalled all the windows 7 updates (which where installed before my factory reset so anyway I kinda knew they had nothing to do with the BSoD) and I updated my bios .. Still got the BSoD.
Could the Nvidia graphic card be broken ? It still launches the game for about 10-30 min before crashing.
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Hi Everyone,

I just finished building a new, fully custom, high-end gaming rig and have come across only one problem. Whenever I attempt to run any of my games (some old, some brand new) or even ones on the internet, such as from I get a BSOD for IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL. Unsure why this is happening and given the circumstances, appears to have something to do with the graphics cards possibly? Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated!


A:BSOD when attempting to launch a game.
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I have a computer that will sometimes give me the Blue Screen of Death when I try launching a game. Before, it would only happen sometimes, but now it seems to happen almost every time. It happens when I launch any of the games on Steam (Half-Life 2, Garry's Mod, etc.), BioShock, Crysis, and Call of Duty 2. The computer quickly restarts, so I can never have time to write down any of the details on the screen.

My computer is:
AMD X2 4400+
Radeon X1900XT 512MB Card
ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe
Windows XP SP2

All of my drivers are up to date, and I am just confused on what to do. I don't know if this will help too much, but I included a HiJackThis log in case it can help. So what could I do to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance
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Hello This is the first time I've posted here really 0x0000007E on game BSOD in launch Battlefield One: 0x00000101 and in glad to see there is such a big community focused on troubleshooting these issues Anyway I just bought Battlefield and installed it on my C drive Everything seemed to work just fine until I played the game for about minutes The first singleplayer game resulted in a bsod with error x Because of this I restarted and ran the game again this time unable to even get to the main menu encountering a x E error After trying many different things like reinstalling the game origin and reformatting my ssd I eventually gave in and reinstalled windows cleanly on my C drive After a very long day of BSOD in Battlefield One: 0x00000101 in game and 0x0000007E on launch reconfiguring my PC and getting it setup for battlefield one launching the game again resulted in the exact same bsod errors I said above I'm going to call it a day and try to get it going tomorrow morning If anyone can help me pin point what might be happening I'd really appreciate it Thanks in advance for the help
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Hey guys,

I've tried driver sweeper. sfc scannow. Hell I even reformatted. Twice. Every time I try launching Dirty Bomb it BSOD's with a "System Service Exception".

Now I must note that I recently upgraded to windows 10. After a big update mid March is when the BSOD's started. Prior to that I could play it fine.

Every other game on my computer works fine. Only Dirty Bomb causes this BSOD.

I am pretty sure it has something to do with the anti-cheat called "xigncode3" by wellbia. I have emailed them but they have not answered me.

Thank you so much for your time! Much appreciated!


A:BSOD trying to launch Dirty Bomb game on steam

Hi Petudy ^_^,

I am really sorry for the delayed response . There are not many analysts around and hence the delay. Do you still require help with this problem? If yes, then kindly respond to this thread and I would be notified via email about your reply. I will also try my best to reply within 48 hours.
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Hello - related BSOD x64 irql_not_less_or_equal game - win7 I just started noticing this error now but I believe it has happened well in the past as well the more I think about it I can repeat the exact same BSOD over and over by doing the exact same thing with no problem Essentially what happens is that I will launch Arma through steam until the game loads Once the game has loaded I click the multiplayer button and immediately BSOD with a reference to irql_not_less_or_equal - win7 x64 - game related BSOD irql not less or equal Once the computer restarts I am prompted with the quot windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown quot with the following information attached Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode d BCP FFFFF E BCP BCP BCP FFFFF AFA OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Josh AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml From here I tried looking up a few potential causes without changing much For example i followed the steps to stop verifier exe but it said nothing was changed after I had finished - assuming this means it was already disabled I have ensured that my GPU drivers and Network drivers are up to date as well That is about all the information I can give at the moment however I will attach the minidumps from the last or attempts at making it work On another note I cannot seem to find the local temp wer- - sysdata xml file either Thank you I could not directly upload dmp files as an attachment this is the only thing I could think of to get the minidumps to anyone that can help minidump http www filedropper com - - minidump http www filedropper com - - minidump http www filedropper com - - minidump http www filedropper com - - EDIT My computer specs ACPI x based windows x Samsung SSD amp Toshiba DT ACA ATA devices Nvidia Geforce GTX Killer e PCI-E gigabit ethernet controller Intel i k CPU ghz Nivida and Realtek high definition audio EDIT Added requested information EDIT After viewing the mindmps in bluescreenview it looks like of the issues point towards my ethernet adapter while there are two issues relating to one of the files associated with my GPU drivers Any Ideas Example - - dmp PM DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL x d fffff e fffff afa e w x sys e w x sys fa Killer e PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Killer e PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Qualcomm Atheros Inc built by WinDDK x ntoskrnl exe bc C Windows Minidump - - dmp PM

A:irql_not_less_or_equal - win7 x64 - game related BSOD

I am going to try to disable qualcomm's killer network manager and see if that helps. I could really use some more expert advice though when someone gets the time.

EDIT: It seems to have worked for now, as I have been able to click multiplayer without crashing for the first time since this problem started. I still would like some more insight, opinions, and understanding if at all possible. Thanks again.
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My PC keeps suffering a BSOD during game play. After it happens, the screen won't come back unless I turn my PC off for a little while. I have tried updating NVIDIA drivers and have run a memory test that came up with nothing.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

I have attached mini dumps from Blue Screen View. Some info on my PC:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8183 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470, 1280 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 1111267 MB; D: Total - 143087 MB, Free - 132723 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P6X58D PREMIUM
Antivirus: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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i just got a new vista computer and what not, i then downloaded 9dragons and i pulled it up, but as i was pulling it up a message said that "XLauncher has stopped working". what do i do now? thanks

A:Can't Launch Game

Here's a google search with a long list of problems between 9Dragons and Vista ( )
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I tried to install WarCraft; it was successful, but when it brought me to the Blizzard Updater, it gave me tons of errors saying that it could not install certain components of the patch. Now when I try to run the game, it will give me an error message saying "Unable to open Game.dll". Anyone know why?

A:Can't launch game

Read and do everything in this thread, then look at the Blizzard support page, and if nothing works, post back with your system specs using the dxdiag method mentioned in the first link.
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ok, so, on my x64 edition windows that i just recieved.. there are two different program files directories. One is just regular program files, and one says x86... i assumed that the regular one is for 64 bit programs and x86 is for 32 bit. Anyways, i am a counter-strike finatic. First thing i try to do after i install all of my drivers, play a little CS:S. I try to play... some pop up says this application has to terminate due to unexpected problem. I thought it would be that it was in the 64 bit program files, but it wasnt. Should i move it to the 64 bit program files? what should i do to play my game!!! Someone help... i need counter-strike.

soda :o

A:cant launch this game!!! why?!?!

You have already posted a thread reguarding this issue here

I also went through your other threads and you are having a heck of a time with your new x64 edition and you will. The vendors are still putting out drivers for the X64 version of windows, so your going to run into issues.

This thread will be closed please keep your replies in the thread above reguarding this issue
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Hi there.
Im using Windows 10 by the way
I have a problem launching a game on steam and i keep getting the error: ¨CyberLink Power2Go does not support the current screen resolution and DPI setting.¨
I have tried turning the screen resolution down from the recommended one but that doesnt work.

Thanks in advance

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Hi there

I have just bought the Family Collection of games from Hasbro, because I love Monopoly. However, after installing Monopoly successfully, I cannot get the game to run When I click the shortcut, I get a message something like this......

Put CD in the CD ROM drive and wait for the drive light to turn off. I get this same message in a few lanuages then the message dissapears, but the game does not start. I have tried everything I can think of, even starting the game manually, but I just get the same message over and over again, but no game launch.

Any idea why this happens, and how can I get the game to launch, I really want to play again. Or is there anywhere online I can play with computer opponents as opposed to human ones. I don't like playing multi-player online games.


Meg, Scotland UK.

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I recently installed the game Starsiege: Tribes on my Windows XP system.

When I double-click the .exe file, or run it through "Run" in the startup menu, nothing happens. All that happens is that the hour glass appears for half a second, then everything is back to normal. No error message, nothing.

I hit ctrl+alt+del to see if tribes.exe was in the list of processes--and indeed it was. So why isn't the program running?

I installed the latest patch, to see if it would do any good. No success.

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Hi everyone, hope you can help me, I just bought a new graphic card, the NVidia GeForce 8600 gt for my Inspiron 530, it works fine, I had the Intel chipste family graphic controller, but I decided to go for the nvidia graphic card for better gaming results, now all of my games run great, except two from rockstar games, Grand theft auto Vice City and Grand theft auto San Andreas, both of them were running great before the new card, but when I installed the new card and updated their drivers this two games does not start, no message, nothing, simply it does not happen anything, I double click the shorcut icon and nothing happens, the same with the main exe files, mmmm, please help! thanks

A:Game does not launch, no message, nothing, help me!

hi I have the same problem didn't bother to fix it but it might help to reinstall them
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I have just installed Saints row 2 and game will not launch. It gives me a Steam error code 83. I am running Windows XP and have above the system requirements ofr the game. Can someone help??????

A:Saints Row 2 game will not launch

Welcome to TSG!

I can't find any information about error code 83. Does the error message say anything else besides that?

Is the latest patch for the game installed?
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Hi everyone I m having a (0xc0000005) won't Game launch big problem in getting my new game to work The game is FIFA Manager I have successfully installed and played it on other laptops while staying with my fianc but when i tried to play it on my own laptop it just doesnt open The installation is always successful i then Game won't launch (0xc0000005) double the desktop icon and after about seconds the windows error box appears saying send report dont send report etc The error code is xc Game won't launch (0xc0000005) I wanted to play the game so i researched myself to try and fix the problem by searching the error code on google and finding people experiencing similar problems i tried all of the suggested solutions posted on various forums i came across but still the same problem The things ive tried include searching for viruses and spyware none found editing the registry no affect updating windows uninstalling reinstalling video card changing to run this program Game won't launch (0xc0000005) in compatibility mode for windows and thats just off the top of my head I will take you through what i did on very first install on this laptop Uninstalled FIFA - i had to do this to make room to install FIFA Manager Installed FIFA Manager Installed successfully From then on my problems started I ve tried uninstalling FIFA Manager then reinstalling three times I even uninstalled then installed FIFA instead to see if the laptop would play that the install couldnt continue as it said i needed DirectX c or higher to play I checked in DirectX diagnostic tool and i had that very version I eventually found a solution by running AutoRun exe in compatibility mode windows It then installed successfully then i changed it back to play I have asked on the FIFA Manager support yeah what a joke forum but no admin moderator has responded in days Infact the only people to respond are people with the same or similar problem I even messaged the site admin days ago but havent had a reply I have really tried everything i can think of and having limited knowledge of these things i cant think of anything else to try and have literally got to page on google for at least different searches I doubt EA Sports will ever respond there are problems posted in the FIFA Manager forum still unanswered This is why i have asked here Please can you help me Thanks nbsp

A:Game won't launch (0xc0000005)

The minimun requirements of game and specs of my laptop are okay but ill post anyway:

Minimum requirements - my laptop specs

OS: windows 2000, xp, vista - xp
Processor: 1.3 Ghz -2.2 Ghz
Memory: 512MB - 1.00GB
HardDrive: 3.5GB - 6GB before installation. Installed successfully.
DVD: 8 speed - dont know how to check but ive played FIFA 06, 07 before. WWTBAM also.
Video card: 64MB* - ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200 series (dont know how to check MB)
DirectX: v 9.0c [included] - DirectX 9.0c
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible - Conexant AC-link audio
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Hope someone here's got some ideas on this one.

Recently purchased "Singularity" via Downloaded the game files using GameSpy Comrade (as is basically mandated by D2D). Files downloaded fine and game installed fine, but when I go to launch the game all that happens is the blue circle spins next to the mouse cursor for a few seconds followed by a whole lot of nothing. The game does appear in the Task Manager for a short time before finally disappearing. I've tried re-downloading and re-installing, and tried a clean wipe/re-install of my video drivers. Game will not launch. On the most recent re-install, I tried launching before applying the patch (Singualrity 1.1 Digital) and after with no difference. Any help anyone might be able to offer would be appreciated.

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
AMD Phenom II x4 965 ~3.4GHz
MSI 890FXA-GD70 mobo
ATI Radeon HD 5770

A:PC game Singularity will not launch

try this

otherwise call 1-800-225-6588 between the hours of 7am-7pm PST 7 days a week. Please note that this number is for North American support only.
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I bought the game Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter GRAW It played it fine and at the time I had a HELP: launch. restarts on PC my Game GeForce MX which was way below the requiremtns I installed the patch for the game graw mp pack HELP: Game restarts my PC on launch. that is a patch and map pack When I started the game it quickly just restarted my PC I was advized I might need new video card I HELP: Game restarts my PC on launch. went and got the Radeon x Pro According to system requirements I am above the standards http www systemrequirementslab com I uninstalled everything Patch GRAW Old video card and drivers Restarted the computer Installed the new video card Updated to latest drivers V Restart Installed GRAW Now at this point the day before GRAW ran it was only until I ran the patch it didn t work the first time around It would not even work at this point It still restarted my PC on game launch I installed the patch just to see what would happen and restart happened when I launched that too Here is an error code I get when my computer finishes loading after the sudden restart ---- BCCode f BCP D BCP BCP BCP OSVer SP Product C DOCUME user LOCALS Temp WERa fc dir Mini - dmp C DOCUME user LOCALS Temp WERa fc dir sysdata xml ---- I also turned off quot Restart on Error quot in my windows settings to get this stop error code via blue screen x E xc x d d d xa b c x The video card has a little toggle switch on it NTSC or PAL It was default set on NTSC and I haven t changed it Not sure what this means but thought I d mention it anyway nbsp

A:HELP: Game restarts my PC on launch.

Power supply adequate?

Have you checked the RAM?

I can run a debugging utility on the dump files if you do this:

1 > create a new folder on the desktop and call it "dumpcheck" or whatever you like
2 > navigate to c:\windows\minidump and copy the last 2 or 3 minidump files to that folder. They are numbered by date.
3 > close the folder and right click on it and select "Send to (folder name).zip"
4 > use the "manage attachments" in the "advanced" reply window to upload that zip file here as an attachment.

This might point us to a 3rd party driver causing the error, if one exists for it.

Since almost all bugchecks can be caused by faulty ram, I would recommend you perform memory tests.

I prefer the Memtest86 utility myself -- but you can run both if you want. If you use the CD-ROM (ISO) version, you will need burning software that specifically supports ISO burning. You just don't drag and drop them on a writable disk.

Beginners Guides: Diagnosing Bad Memory

Windows Memory Diagnostic
Memtest86 - A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic
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Hello This is my first post ever so i ll try to keep this pretty basic I just received a year old laptop Its not great but it was originally Windows and i have now upgraded it to it has gigahertz dual core processor and gigs or ram Its decently fast I have already wiped all malicious programs from the laptop I E virus ect But no games will launch I have multiple copies of games that i know work fine but still everything fails to launch or produce a form of error code Some games simply do not respond when i right click the application and attempt to open And other games will just pop up an unrelatable error code I have spent hours trying to fix this myself I even game no will Absolutely launch. went to the length of going into command prompy and running the sfc send Command line Not that i know what that is or does but it wasnt detrimental but also didnt work Please respond nbsp

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I recently installed Sims 3, but whenever I try to launch it, I get this error message: 'The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.' I have no idea what to do, all help is greatly appreciated.

A:Error message when trying to launch game

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Is the machine you are trying to run Sims 3 on, the one in your profile? If yes, the first thing I would suggest is updating Windows if you really are working with SP1 still. There have been a significant amount of updates and improvements through SP2 and SP3 and this could be a significant contributing factor. You are also missing a large number of fixes for security vulnerabilities.

I would also suggest downloadning and installing an antivirus program if you ever use the machine online, try something like Microsoft Security Essentials. It is totally free for home use, I use it myself and haven't had any problems so far.
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My computer freezes entirely when I launch a game called CS:GO. I can't even do ctrl+alt+del and alt+f4. The buttons that emit light won't respond like when I press the caps lock button, it wont indicate a light on the right side of the keyboard. Why is this happening? I have a GTX 970 ZOTAC Extreme Edition, and normal temps on cpu and gpu. Help?
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Hey guys,
Basically, any time I launch a game that uses my graphics card at all, my computer hangs up, and my GPU usage skyrockets. I then get a message that my Nvidia driver crashed and successfully restarted.
At first, I thought it was a Bitminer trojan, but I have run Malwarebytes, HitmanPro, and a few other programs, and none of them have found anything. I am at my wit's end. Please, someone help me.
Thank you,
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I've had this problem for a couple of days. Every time I start a game like portal or team fortress 2 svchost.exe starts eating cpu. This goes on for a couple of minutes and suddenly svchost goes back to normal cpu usage.
I have 7 different svchost.exe processes in my task manager, 3 system, 2 local service and 2 network service.
I've downloaded process explorer and the svchost that takes all the cpu has the PID 1412, dunno if that info makes any difference but sounds important.
I've searched for svchost.exe to see if there are any more that could be possible viruses but i only found the one in /windows/system32/
I have no idea what could be causing this problem... Also, I apologize if there already is a solution for this in another topic. Didn't find any when I searched.
I'm running windows media center 2005.

Any help is appreciated!

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hi, so i uninstalled my mcafee A/V a while ago and instead i installed kaspersky antivirus. i use my laptop for gaming and never had a problem with that until i used kaspersky.
it now takes 2-3 minutes to start a game, during this time the laptop slows down a lot, and when i check my task manager it says that kaspersky is taking almost 100% of disk space. when the game finally starts everything goes back to normal.
is there a way to fix this without uninstalling kaspersky? i payed good money for it.


A:kaspersky uses 100% of disk when i launch a game

Are you talking about all games or one game in particular. If only one game, temporarily disable Kaspersky to run and see if any improvement.

Personally, I would uninstall Kaspersky using their removal tool, it is a resource hog anyway. Chalk it up to a learning experience. Try some of the free AV programs, such as Avast or AVG, to find which works best for you.
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When I launch certain games from Steam not sure if it game on computer launch crashes s steam only games or what games like Counterstrike GO Daksiders II Saints Row The Third my computer gets a blue screen and then reboots The blue screen says something about BIOS I guess this information would be of use to you Processor AMD FX tm - Six-Core Processor Manufacturer AMD Speed GHz Number of Cores Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Manufacturer NVIDIA Chipset GeForce GTX Dedicated Memory GB Total Memory GB Memory GB Operating System Microsoft Windows Home Premium Edition Service Pack build -bit Service Pack Size Bit Edition Home Premium Just note that I can play games I can play games like Arma Dota Team Fortress Red Orchestra funny how all of these games computer crashes on game launch end in maybe i can only play games with in them lol even games not purchased from Steam like World of Warcraft I do not know if I need to fix the Motherboard the videocard some people say it s the DirectX i honestly don t know too much about computers and all the technical stuff Thanks for reading I could use all the help I can get nbsp

A:computer crashes on game launch

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Is this a prebuild, branded PC like a HP, Dell, Acer etc? If so, what is the exact make and model number?

What is the exact make, model and wattage of the PSU?

Have you ever changed or upgraded any hardware since you got the machine?

Is Windows and all your drivers fully patched and up to date?

Could be drivers, PSU, graphics card, RAM or something else at this stage
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Hi there guys, I was looking in the Assassins Creed folder and there was a "AssassinsCreed_Launcher-MCE".
What is that?
is it possible for me to launche a game from inside the Media Center?
Choose a game the same way I choose a movie!?


A:Launch a Game From Media Center.

Please tell me about this!

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Okay so I downloaded and installed the newest game client from Nexon for Mabinogi Every time I try to play the game I get this error message quot Failed to collect patch information Try again after a while quot I uninstalled it and reinstalled it three times but I still got the error I Went into the file folder and I got this log i made the font color of the important part I can't I need help the T^T game Mabinogi launch and please! Nexon red so you I can't launch the Nexon game Mabinogi and I need help please! T^T can scroll I can't launch the Nexon game Mabinogi and I need help please! T^T down until you find it quot Mabinogi Launcher for Mabinogi ver Date Time Game directory is quot C Nexon Mabinogi quot panel text Collect file information C Nexon Mabinogi binkw dll bytes C Nexon Mabinogi Client exe bytes C Nexon Mabinogi dbghelp dll bytes C Nexon Mabinogi default reg bytes C Nexon Mabinogi desktop ini bytes C Nexon Mabinogi ESL dll bytes C Nexon Mabinogi EXL dll bytes C Nexon Mabinogi GameGuard des bytes C Nexon Mabinogi ijl dll bytes C Nexon Mabinogi Mabinogi exe bytes C Nexon Mabinogi MabinogiUS ini bytes C Nexon Mabinogi Microsoft VC CRT manifest bytes C Nexon Mabinogi Mint dll bytes C Nexon Mabinogi movie enter dungeon guide wmv bytes C Nexon Mabinogi movie opening g wmv bytes C Nexon Mabinogi movie opening g us bik bytes C Nexon Mabinogi movie opening g us wmv bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient bird mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient bird mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient bird mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient jungle mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient river mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient shore mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient swamp mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient waterfall mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient wind mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient ambient wind mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient camp mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient Dungeon Ambient mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp ambient Silence mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp arena field mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp arena lobby mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp A Safety Zone mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Bangor mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Boss mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Boss mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Boss mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Boss candysheep mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Boss FDG mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Char Making mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Char Select mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp cutscene mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dugald aisle mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dugald aisle camp mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dugald Keep mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dugald Town mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Dungeon mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Event mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Field Milestone mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Field Morva Aisle mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Field Osna Sail mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Field SenMag mp bytes C Nexon Mabinogi mp Field SidheGrove mp byte... Read more
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Hi guys I want to ask why any game can t launch on my laptop When I launching game its pop-up No suitable graphics card found Could not find a Direct D device that supports the XNA Framework Reach profile Verify that a suitable graphics device is installed Make sure the desktop is not locked and that no other aplication is running in full screen mode Avoid running under Can't Direct3D game, any error launch Remote Desktop or as a Windows service Check the display properties Can't launch any game, error Direct3D to make sure hardware acceleration is set to Full Click to expand And my dxdiag showing ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp sp qfe - Language English Regional Setting Lithuanian System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Inspiron BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU T GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINXP DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab The system is using the generic video driver Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer Direct D functionality not available You should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer Sound Tab No problems found Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Manufacturer Chip type DAC type Device Key Enum Display Memory n a Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name vga dll Driver Version Lithuanian DDI Version unknown Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD vga sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B EE - - CF-B - AAEC C Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Not Available D D Status Not Available AGP Status Not Available DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not runClick to expand nbsp

A:Can't launch any game, error Direct3D

It seems that the laptop did not detect your graphic card. Check if the drivers are well installed and if you can try reinstalling them. As in the display devices it shows like nothing connected or driver missing.
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Hello All I have been through and read the post on people having server execution failed messages but they all seem to be for Windows Media Player Server a Failed when game Execution launch to trying etc I have yet to find a post for someone having a hard time launching a game The game is The Sims and I HAVE played it on my laptop Server Execution Failed when trying to launch a game before In fact I was playing it less than a week ago and it Server Execution Failed when trying to launch a game launched just fine I have made no changes to the game's settings nor have I installed any new programs on my laptop I am horribly confused as to why I am getting this error message when I have done nothing to my knowledge to change anything that would effect my game launching The only change that has been made since the last time I successfully played the game is a Mozilla Firefox update I highly doubt that this would change a setting somewhere and make my game non-playable If anyone has any idea of how to help please let me know In the meantime I am going to uninstall the game and reinstall it Thanks Horses Healing

A:Server Execution Failed when trying to launch a game

How did the re-installation go? Did it resolve the problem?

If not, try to Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup to see if you have a service of startup program that is causing conflicts with the game.
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I've had this problem for quite some time now and it is leaving me unable to play any games on my computer The game will attempt to launch but will immediately crash without starting up - without any on screen error message nbsp nbsp If I look inside the event viewer I've found the particular error to be faulting from KERNELBASE DLL nbsp nbsp Here is the event log when trying to start up Hero Siege Although the same problem will happen to almost any game I have in steam nbsp Faulting application name Hero Siege exe version time stamp x cdc dFaulting module name KERNELBASE dll version time stamp x afb aException code xc fdFault offset x ad Faulting process id x Faulting on for every error game KERNELBASE.DLL steam launch application start time x d acd a Faulting application path C Program Files x Steam steamapps common HeroSiege bin Hero Siege exeFaulting module path C WINDOWS SYSTEM KERNELBASE.DLL error for every game launch on steam KERNELBASE dllReport Id f eebf -e d - e -a - a dfc fFaulting package full name Faulting package-relative application ID nbsp nbsp I run on an HP laptop x bit with AMD A - APU processor and AMD Radeon R GHz graphics nbsp I'm not quite technically savvy enough to solve this and I've tried many things such as the obvious run as an administrator as well as played with compatibility settings This problem has plagued me for more KERNELBASE.DLL error for every game launch on steam than half a year and I'm getting pretty sick of it nbsp nbsp KERNELBASE.DLL error for every game launch on steam
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Just installed game upon mb,cpu.ram,OS launch reset Computer install new after i - k maximus viii ranger and gb gskillz ddr instealled fresh win on a gb ssd I have an evga gtx When I play a certain game the computer will restart it sometimes does it right when i load in sometimes after playing for a bit Cannot figure it out and it worked fine on my other system ran sfc scannow and it said it fixed Computer reset upon game launch after new mb,cpu.ram,OS install some files still had the issue after that Event viewer will tell me there was an unexpected shutdown at Computer reset upon game launch after new mb,cpu.ram,OS install a specific time but then there is nothing in the viewer at that time I do see these errors in the viewer during boot The Intel R Content Protection HDCP Service service terminated with the following error - Driver ACPI returned invalid ID for a child device My gfx drivers are up to date Just had another reset found this in the event log The previous system shutdown at PM on was unexpected There is no event at that time and the one prior to it is pm The Program Compatibility Assistant service successfully performed phase two initialization

A:Computer reset upon game launch after new mb,cpu.ram,OS install

Download Free Speccy and check your temps while you play this game. It could be a heat issue.
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Just installed i - k maximus viii ranger and gb gskillz ddr instealled fresh win on a gb ssd I have an evga gtx When game upon new mb,cpu.ram,OS install Computer reset after launch I play a certain game the computer will restart it sometimes does it right when i load in sometimes after playing for a bit Cannot figure it out and it worked fine on my other system ran sfc scannow and Computer reset upon game launch after new mb,cpu.ram,OS install it said it fixed some files still had the issue after that Event viewer will tell me there was an unexpected shutdown at a specific time but then there is nothing in the viewer at that time I do see these errors in the viewer during boot The Intel R Content Protection HDCP Service service terminated with the following error - Driver ACPI returned invalid ID for a child device My gfx drivers are up to date Just had another reset Computer reset upon game launch after new mb,cpu.ram,OS install found this in the event log The previous system shutdown at PM on was unexpected There is no event at that time and the one prior to it is pm The Program Compatibility Assistant service successfully performed phase two initialization

A:Computer reset upon game launch after new mb,cpu.ram,OS install

Download Free Speccy and check your temps while you play this game. It could be a heat issue.
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So I downloaded a program called key manager specifically to make the controls for this game I play called "Dragon Nest," more comfortable, the program works fine and all EXCEPT for when I launch Dragon Nest, then every button starts to function normally again. Key manager isnt the 1st program ive downloaded btw, ive tried autohotkey, key remapper, and a few others and they all have the same problem. The only things I need to change are: making my middle mouse button "M" my tab button "L" and my caps lock button "TAB," even if this becomes permanent and unfixable I wuldnt really care
Thanks in advance

A:Key remapping stops working when I launch a game

Welcome to TSG!

Does the game it self have a key map option?
Perhaps an ini file or config file that could be modified.

Reading this;
it seems the game has blocking software for external changes.
So, given that, if you can't change it in game you may not be able to out of game.
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Hi everyone Now I suppose you are not fond of people posting questions without posting the necessary specifications for you launch. Computer crashing upon [SOLVED] game to make an informative answer The computer [SOLVED] Computer crashing upon game launch. I am having issues with will not show a picture on the screen so until i dig up the reciept for the comp from somewhere the information will be very vague I am posting just in case there are some quot general quot fixes known problems The computer is a stationary Acer Aspire computer which was bought pre-build years ago Nvidia GPU Intel quad Q CPU Windows delivered with Vista This computer has been with me through hell and high water but yesterday decided to say nightnight The problem first occured when i downloaded and lauched Half Life The game started up fine I changed the resolution - everything was still working fine I clicked quot new game quot and the screen went black I am using a Phillips quot flatscreen for monitor so the message on the screen is quot no video-input detected quot The sound also bugged up and was giving me the sort of dubsted-like sound Nothing to do but hold the power button down to reset The computer boots back up but my desktop wallpaper is gone I try again with HL - same thing again Reboot once again I got the game working by changing the resolution back Next problem happened with Far Cry The game started up fine I went to Options - gt turned the volume down - gt computer crash Once again reboot The next thing i tried was Tribal Ascend With this game i didn t even get to the game menu before my computer crashed But i was still able to reboot the computer So I figured this had something to do with my GPU driver I updated it and tried Tribal Ascend again And the computer crashed once again But now then I try rebooting I get no image on the screen at all The computer boots up fine from what I can hear with bips and crackling but no image on the screen What am I supposed to to now TL DR -years old computer crashed when playing games Tried to update the grapichs-driver - gt computer still crashed but now wont give me any image on the screen PS As I said I will dig out the reciept later on to give more accurate spesifications on the computer

A:[SOLVED] Computer crashing upon game launch.

Hello Kexmonster and welcome to TSF!

When you say you get no display, Do you get the boot screen with F2/F10 for BIOS options or is it always black from the moment you turn it on,

If its not try holding F8 when windows starts to boot, This will launch windows in safe mode using generic VGA drivers and then you can diagnose if its the driver or hardware problem

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Help this happens every time i try to launch a steam game on my new laptop!!
My computer (a toshiba satalite C875d-S7225) has:
an A6 processer which tops out at around 2.7-2.8 GHz
an AMD Radeon HD 7520G it? (does it need an update or anything because this is literally a brand new computer)

A:Help this happens every time i try to launch a steam game on my new laptop!!

bumping because i need help
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hi there i installes win 7 ultimate on ma pc but i am facin some problems overheer nti dvd maker7 gold does not work it shows memory dump whenever i run this programme and quick launch is missin in windows7 plz help or guide me properly

A:win7 quick launch

No, Quick Launch is NOT missing off your install, as it is NOT needed in Windows 7. If you look there are icons in the Task bar, and these are the replacement for the Quick Launch.
Yes, one can have the "Hidden Quick Launch" shown. See
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Alright I was playing through the walking dead game fine no problems then I had to go eat dinner so I paused the game hit the esc key and my monitor shut off and said no signal whenever I turned it back on My a computer whenever I off and Game Launch Screen Shuts locks up mouse and keyboard also started shutting off and on and nothing I pressed alt F ctrl Screen Shuts off and computer locks up whenever I Launch a Game alt delete etc nothing got any response So I shut off my computer booted it back up tried to play the same game again got the same issue Then I tried to play something else and I got the same problem so whenever I launch any game my screen shuts off and computer essentially crashes When Windows boots back up it says that it has recovered from a serious error similar to when you encounter a BSOD but doesn't ask you to send a report to MS Also whenever I come back from the error windows for some reason attempts and fails to re-install the wireless receiver for my controller However it works fine again once I unplug and plug it back in again So far here is what I've tried Uninstalling the game that started this Re-installing my video drivers Wiping my video drivers with driver cleaner in safe mode then re-installing my drivers Re-installing direct x using a setup file from a random steam game Doing a system restore from as far back as I had April th

A:Screen Shuts off and computer locks up whenever I Launch a Game

Run a virus scan and malware scan, and then do some hardware checks.If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

Download and install Malwarebytes, update it, do not start the free trial, and then run a full scan, and see the Good and Free system security combination. for better security steps and scanning tools. Make sure to update the security software before running the full scan.

Monitor temperatures during the following tests. Use the following programs to monitor the temperatures. Real Temp is a good CPU temperature monitor.
Speccy - System Information - Free Download will monitor all hardware temperatures.
HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 - Hardware Information and Analysis Tools can be inaccurate for CPU temperatures, but is a good program for GPU temperature monitoring.
Use FurMark: VGA Stress Test, Graphics Card and GPU Stability Test, Burn-in Test, OpenGL Benchmark and GPU Temperature | oZone3D.Net to test the graphics card GPU. Let it run until the GPU temperatures even out or until the GPU temperatures reach a dangerous level (you can find the max temperature for your card on either the nVidia or AMD sites; if you are not sure, ask us). The goal is to get a steady temperature, find out if the GPU is overheating, or to see if there are any artifacts present in the test itself: look for strange pixelated patterns on the screen or colors that do not look like they belong. Then use the |MG| Video Memory Stress Test 1.7.116 Download to test your graphics card memory. Let the memory test run for at least seven passes; the more the better.

Run Hardware - Stress Test With Prime95 to determine any hardware problems. Run all three tests for a few hours each. If you get errors, stop the test and post back here.

Follow the steps for doing a CPU stress test using IntelBurnTest

Run the boot version of Memtest86+ paying close attention to Parts 2 and 3 of the tutorial. Also, in case Memtest86+ misses anything and comes up with no errors, run the extended version of the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool for at least five passes. These you may want to run overnight since they take a long time to complete (run them an hour before bed each of the next two nights and check before going to sleep that they are still running).

For Part 3: If You Have Errors: If you swap any memory components, follow these steps for ESD safety:Shut down and turn off your computer.
Unplug all power supplies to the computer (AC Power then battery for laptops, AC power for desktops)
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and ensure all power drains from components.
Make sure you are grounded by using proper grounding techniques, i.e. work on an anti-static workbench, anti-static desk, or an anti-static pad. Hold something metallic while touching it to the anti-static surface, or use an anti-static wristband to attach to the anti-static material while working.
Once these steps have been followed, it is safe to remove and replace components within your computer.
Also, please follow the to provide us with your application and system logs. Even if you are not getting a blue screen, those logs can provide information regarding crashes like you are having, as well.
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Whenever I launch the game I get this error See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time JIT debugging instead of this dialog box Exception Text System Runtime InteropServices SEHException External component has thrown an exception at BmLauncherLib I the Arkham GOTY: Launch When Game get error Batman I .net PhysXSDK ctor PhysXSDK at BmLauncherUtils PhysXSDK ctor at BmLauncher Settings DetermineDefaultPhysXLevel at BmLauncher Settings StaticInitialise IniFile iniFile IniFile iniEng IniFile iniInst SystemInfo sysInfo String localePath String localeConfigFile Batman Arkham GOTY: When I Launch the Game I get .net error at BmLauncher Form Initialise at BmLauncher Form OnLoad Object sender EventArgs e at System Windows Forms Form OnLoad EventArgs e at System Windows Forms Form OnCreateControl at System Windows Forms Control CreateControl Boolean fIgnoreVisible at Batman Arkham GOTY: When I Launch the Game I get .net error System Windows Forms Control Batman Arkham GOTY: When I Launch the Game I get .net error CreateControl at System Windows Forms Control WmShowWindow Message amp m at System Windows Forms Control WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms ScrollableControl WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms ContainerControl WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms Form WmShowWindow Message amp m at System Windows Forms Form WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms Control ControlNativeWindow OnMessage Message amp m at System Windows Forms Control ControlNativeWindow WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms NativeWindow Callback IntPtr hWnd Int msg IntPtr wparam IntPtr lparam Loaded Assemblies mscorlib Assembly Version Win Version NetFXspW - CodeBase file C Windows Microsoft NET Framework v mscorlib dll ---------------------------------------- BmLauncher Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file c program files x steam steamapps common batman arkham asylum goty Binaries BmLauncher exe ---------------------------------------- System Windows Forms Assembly Version Win Version NetFXspW - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Windows Forms b a c e System Windows Forms dll ---------------------------------------- System Assembly Version Win Version NetFXspW - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System b a c e System dll ---------------------------------------- System Drawing Assembly Version Win Version NetFXspW - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Drawing b f f f d a a System Drawing dll ---------------------------------------- System Management Assembly Version Win Version NetFXspW - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Management b f f f d a a System Management dll ---------------------------------------- BmLauncherUtils Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file c program files x steam steamapps common batman arkham asylum goty Binaries BmLauncherUtils DLL ---------------------------------------- msvcm Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Windows WinSxS x microsoft vc crt fc b b a e e b none d e b a msvcm dll ---------------------------------------- Microsoft DirectX Direct D Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC Microsoft DirectX Direct D bf ad e Microsoft DirectX Direct D dll ---------------------------------------- System Xml Assembly Version Win Version NetFXspW - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Xml b a c e System Xml dll ---------------------------------------- JIT Debugging To enable just-in-time JIT debugging the config file for this application or computer machine config must have the jitDebugging value set in the system windows forms section The application must also be compiled with debugging enabled For example lt configuration gt lt system windows forms jitDebugging quot true quot gt lt configuration gt When JIT debugging is enabled any unhandled exception will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer rather than be handled by this dialog box It calls it a microsoft ... Read more
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Hi everyone Having a bit of trouble and it's become quite frustrating Trying everything before doing the ole' Win reinstall I started replaying Arkham City again in February and it worked fine A few days ago I decided to try out Assassins Creed Unity but the game Error except 0xc000007b every launch Unity video on game AC was poorly optimized and kept giving me a xc b error at launch After following the Error 0xc000007b on every video game launch except AC Unity online instructions I uninstalled and reinstalled every Visual C package and NET Framework and finally it worked The problem is now every game I have on Steam is giving the same error EXCEPT Assassin Creed Unity Tried to do the same steps again but it still isn't working My graphics driver is up-to-date I have attached my DxDiag I'm running Windows Ultimate -bit Latest Windows update found is kb but when I choose to install it it gives an error code B PS The issue occurs rather awkward If I select to play the game on Steam nothing happens As in the game does not open but shows no error If I select to configure PC options for the game first it launches the game launcher and when hitting PLAY it displays the error in question

A:Error 0xc000007b on every video game launch except AC Unity

I eventually just reinstalled Windows. Thanks
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Trying to launch "SAS SECURE TOMORROW" but game will not launch and shows this error, " Game has to close, game.exe etc,etc..
My systems are functioning normally and all drivers are up to date and I can launch all other games

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2045 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238409 MB, Free - 102935 MB; G: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 41266 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0DN075, , ..CN708216CP70P2.
Antivirus: avast! Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
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Here are some brief system specs or if you want a dxdiag report let me know OS XP- bitVideo launch programs, to Unable issue? DirectX game possible nVidia GeForce GX CPU Core Duo CPU GHz RAM MBI am unable to launch game apps I can launch Ventrilo Internet MSN Messenger etc as they either crash to desktop immediately or get hung up A good example for a game that crashes would be Heroes of Newerth When I start the program it will crash back to desktop often times giving me an error saying quot D D Create CreateDevice quot meaning Direct D is not functioning Also another error I receive when trying to launch this game is the quot Visual C Runtime Library R Pure virtual function call quot error This only happens sometimes I am running a registry cleaner as I type this I ve done quite a few tests and procedures now that I think it is a DirectX Unable to launch game programs, possible DirectX issue? related issue in trying to re-update DirectX c After updating my nVidia drivers to reupdating my DirectX c which was always current I still have the same error Maybe it isn t DirectX Unable to launch game programs, possible DirectX issue? So far I have run SUPERAntiSpyWare MalwareByte s Anti-Malware in Safe Mode completing full scans I ve tried rolling drivers back and reupdating covering my nVidia drivers BIOS DirectX NET framework reinstalled the C redistributable but the problem stays the same As far as D D error I run a Direct D test test to see rotating X cube in DxDiag and often times it produces this error Direct D test results Failure at step SetCooperativeLevel to Fullscreen HRESULT x error code Direct D test results Failure at step Creating D Device HRESULT x error code Direct D test results Failure Unable to launch game programs, possible DirectX issue? at step Creating D Device HRESULT x error code Which would mean its failing to function properly most likely inhibiting any games from working Another example would be Counter-Strike Source I launch the game only to be eternally stuck with the background picture and without a menu I then have to ctrl alt del and end program which is Not Responding However sometimes I do not have a problem successfully completing the D D test and yet still all games crash or get hung up This is the one parameter I do not know how to repeat - if the D D test works or not I just don t know why how it works some of the time and others not I had one person viewing my situation tell me that it could ultimately be that my video card encountered some thermal damage possibly overheating from lack of circulation etc Using Lavalys EVEREST I can see my temperature for one card is at Celsius normal and the other is Celsius probably not normal when idle Upon inspection of the card and another profressional opinion I do not believe this to be the case Both GPU fans function and the card looks fine just as well I have done an enormous amount of tests and updates and procedures to see if anything has worked and I m just not sure what else to do at this point Quite honestly I m a bit winded from trying lots of things and seeing no results I am however optimistic to find out what has happened If there s any type of scan diagnostic report you would want me to run please don t hesitate I hope the additional info is helpful to you and that maybe there is a way to solve this issue Thank you sincerely Brett
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Well I tried avg antispyware virus Game Folder Launch Help From Trojans When Any I Temp From Steam! s amp d microsoft defender Norton antivirus and pretty much tried everything in the Help Trojans From Temp Folder When I Launch Any Game From Steam! Preparation Guide for use before posting a HijackThis Log This happens everytime I launch a game and it doesnt start and then norton auto protect says that two everytime there are two trojans Help Trojans From Temp Folder When I Launch Any Game From Steam! that Help Trojans From Temp Folder When I Launch Any Game From Steam! start with and ends with temp hope someone helps soon So here is my Activescan resultsIncident Status Location Spyware Cookie Atwola Not disinfected C Documents and Settings admin Cookies admin atwola txt Potentially unwanted tool Application Processor Not disinfected C Documents and Settings admin Local Settings Temp nsa tmp Potentially unwanted tool Application Processor Not disinfected C Documents and Settings admin Local Settings Temp nsm tmp Spyware Cookie Go Not disinfected C Documents and Settings kevin Cookies kevin go txt Spyware Cookie Adserver Not disinfected C Documents and Settings kevin SANJOSE Cookies kevin adserver filefront txt Spyware Cookie Apmebf Not disinfected C Documents and Settings kevin SANJOSE Cookies kevin apmebf txt Spyware Cookie Atwola and my Hijack this log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exeC WINDOWS system acs exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exeC PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exeC Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware guard exeC Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exeC Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exeC Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exeC Program Files Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exeC WINDOWS system PnkBstrA exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exeC Program Files Viewpoint Common ViewpointService exeC Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware avgas exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM EXEC Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeC Program Files NETGEAR WPN wlancfg exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static ccc exeC Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exeC Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Documents and Settings admin Desktop stinger exeC WINDOWS system NOTEPAD EXEC Program Files Hijackthis HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http us rd yahoo com customize ycomp def www yahoo comR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www yahoo comR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www yahoo comR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo R - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dllO - Hosts HP D D BO - BHO amp Ya... Read more

A:Help Trojans From Temp Folder When I Launch Any Game From Steam!

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis Logs and Analysis forum Rock_it_man My name is Richie and i'll be helping you to fix your problems.Viewpoint Manager is considered as foistware instead of malware since it is installed without users approval but doesn't spy or do anything "bad". This will change from what we know in 2006 read this article: are well advised to remove the program now. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove the following programs if present:ViewpointViewpoint ManagerViewpoint Media PlayerThen restart your pc.-------------------------------------------Your version of Sun Java is out of date.Older versions have vulnerabilities that malware can use to infect your system.Please follow these steps to remove older versions of Sun Java,and then update.1. Download the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE)2. Scroll down to where it says 'Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6u2'.3. Click the "Download" button to the right.4. Check the box that says: "Accept License Agreement".5. The page will refresh.6. Click on the link to download 'Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language' and save to your desktop.7. Close any programs you may have running - especially your web browser.8. Go to Start > Control Panel double-click on Add/Remove programs and remove all older versions of Java.9. Check any item with Java Runtime Environment (JRE or J2SE) in the name.10. Click the Change/Remove button.11. Repeat as many times as necessary to remove each Java versions.12. Reboot your computer once all Java components are removed.13. Then from your desktop double-click on jre-6u2-windows-i586-p.exe to install the newest version.-------------------------------------------Please download Combofix and save to your desktop:Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop Close any open browsers. Double click on combofix.exe and follow the prompts. When it's finished it will produce a log. Post the entire contents of C:\ComboFix.txt into your next reply. Note: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it's running. That may cause the program to freeze/hang. Also post a new Hijackthis log please.
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Hello TechGuy forums I have had a problem with my PC for some time now Some games simply refuse to launch even after hours of troubleshooting I have gone though multiple forums and help chats directly linked to the games publishers developers and also Windows microsoft help AMD help and ASUS help None of which have found a solution to my problem I have tried every solution I could find and I have become quite frustrated I have a custom PC with a decent video card motherboard CPU and all that jazz I can run BIoshock Infinite full settings along with other recent games However a handful of games just refuse to launch Age of empires farcry blood dragon battlefield recent total war games There is no splash screen or spectacular crash just a courser loading for a second or two and then nothing I am by no means to game portion of unable Small launch library a techie or extremely knowledgeable about Small portion of game library unable to launch the inner workings of computers But I can update my drivers and keep my PC clean nbsp

A:Small portion of game library unable to launch

Oh and any other info you may need just ask!!
THank you!
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I'm having all kinds of issues with my Acer Laptop running Win7 Pro SP1.
I have not been able to launch the "windows update" feature for weeks.
I get a notice when I boot that new updates are available. I click on the
window that says the updates is ready & nothing happens. I click on the
little flag at the bottom right corner of the screen. I select updates &
nothing happens. Then I try to go to Start-All programs-Windows Update.
I click on it. The process circle appears for a split second then nothing
happens. Basically everything I try I can not launch Windows Update. I even
tried Microsoft Fixit.exe. It found the problem but couldn't do anything about it,
Can anyone tell me what is going on & how do I fix it.

A:Windows Update on Win7 x64 won't launch

If you have a full backup of your files elsewhere (and you should have), perform a factory recovery. I've never seen a fix for your problem (not one that worked anyway) short of re-installing Windows or performing a factory recovery.

It happened to me a couple of years ago. I tried everything, but since I always keep backups of my files I decided to start over.
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I'm having all kinds of issues with my Acer Laptop running Win7 Pro x64 SP1.
I have not been able to launch the "windows update" feature for weeks.
I get a notice when I boot that new updates are available. I click on the
window that says the updates is ready & nothing happens. I click on the
little flag at the bottom right corner of the screen. I select updates &
nothing happens. Then I try to go to Start-All programs-Windows Update.
I click on it. The process circle appears for a split second then nothing
happens. Basically everything I try I can not launch Windows Update. I even
tried Microsoft Fixit.exe. It found the problem but couldn't do anything about it,
Can anyone tell me what is going on & how do I fix it.

A:Windows Update on Win7 x64 won't launch

To Reset and Reregister Windows Update Components NOTE: This option is the Windows 7 version of: How do I reset Windows Update components?. It will reset Windows Update Components and reregister the BITS files and the Windows Update files to help fix Windows Update errors. This option will not clear the view update history details list as in OPTION ONE above.1. Click on the Download button below to download this file below.Reset_Reregister_Windows_Update_Components.bat2. Click on Save, and save the .bat file to your Desktop.3. Right click on the downloaded .bat file, and click on Run as administrator.4. If prompted by UAC click on Run, then Yes (if administrator) or type in administrator's password (if standard user).5. You will now see a elevated command prompt open and run. When it's finished, it will close automatically.6. Restart the computer afterwards to apply.That's it,ShawnThis is taken from here.As always, if you are performing such an invasive action as this, it is always a good bet to create a full image backup of your HDD in case of failure.
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I suspect this is a symptom of a missing file. Quake4 (same company, same engine) will not run after loading.
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Just purchased two Dell U H quot monitors the other day and a Computer showing launch game screen with dual setup monitor on black Dell XPS tower intel Core i GB Ram NVidia GTX I am having an issue where when I launch two steam games I run into a crash The games i'm trying to run are quot Pure Pool quot and quot Pool Nation FX quot Both games sometimes run without any issues but Computer with dual monitor setup showing black screen on game launch occasionally when the game has ended the screen which I was gaming on will turn completely black not even backlit just black Also when I launch the games sometimes the monitor in which the game is running will be completely black not even backlit but i'll still be able to hear the sound What is really odd is that when I close the program such as the pool game the black screen will still remain please note I can still use task manager on my other monitor Also sometimes when I finish playing either game I won't get any black screen but when I come to restart my computer one of my monitors will be black not even backlit as before I can run DOTA without any issues at all This PC and monitors are both new purchased this week
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My sons PC crashed and I had to reload Windows 7 and all the updates. When I reinstalled Flight Simulator 2004 and tried to run it stated I needed to run it in Administrator Mode and try again. I ran it in Administrator Mode and it failed to open. I have
installed the Flight Simulator update and all drivers including video card are current for his PC. I figure a windows security update for Win7 has caused the problem since I tried the program in another PC running Win 7 with the same result.
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Ive had my Aspire 6930 for about a year, i just upgraded to win7, everythings going well, except for the occasional annoyance thats easily fixed....but has anyone else upgrade to 7 from vista ...if so with the drivers/ can i get my launch manager to work ...its really annoying me the problem is when i change volume or something it hangs...and then doesnt work and the volume just sits there on screen not moving....and sometimes (most of the time the other touch buttons dont even work)

A:Acer Aspire 6930 win7; launch manager problems

Pretty sure you'll find an updated LaunchManager application for Win 7 at the Acer Support site. I had exactly the same problem when going from Vista to 7 with Acer 6530 and recall fixing it this way. Good Luck.
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I've been haveing some trouble with either game crashes or full bluescreen error I WAS useing twin GeForce GTs in SLI I recently upgraded to a HD The problem did not change suggesting that video drivers are not the high any end crashes game 101 BSOD or game durring source Although altering the drivers with the GTs did seem to effect if the game crashed or full bluescreen crash So basicly the PC works fine untill I play a game BSOD 101 or game crashes durring any high end game high end and or minecraft simple games do not trigger it at that point you are on borrowed time Around - min into gameplay either the game will crash fatal error bug or no bug report OR the PC will freeze briefly followed by a blue screen BCCode Windows I did a simple RAM check but I did not leave it running for long I have sticks of GB in there and haveing removed one at a time did not effect the problem IE I BSOD 101 or game crashes durring any high end game took out each stick leaveing in for a quick and easy method BSOD 101 or game crashes durring any high end game to find a possable faulty RAM chip Thus far it would seem that the CPU in at haveing timeing issues with a core Processor AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor GHz Could it be overheating Everything seems to work fine untill I start a game then it crashes out roughly min into playing I'm consitering removeing the heat sink reapplying the thermal paste and checking if that has any effect This much I am qualified to do but is there a way to monitor processor heat levels durring gameplay I'm sure standard bios heat checks would not show problems If I can conferm a heat issue I can consiter purchaseing a new heat sink system Perhapse a liquid cooling kit would do the job I have heard of shutting down a core via BIOS but I've not found that in the pheonix bios menu I consiter this a final option but anyone with experience in this process provideing alittle insight would be helpfull If it is a faulty core setting affinity for a single program is unlikely to be sufficient Well I ramble on like I have a clue but I'm clearly over my head on this one Here are the diagnostic tool info files

A:BSOD 101 or game crashes durring any high end game

Can you please post this before we begin?: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions
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It seems something is going wrong with my GPU or one of the when game. game, BSOD any No games. just playing specific drivers I feel like it's most likely hardware failure due to extreme treatment of my laptop What happens is the whole screen kind of just gets chopped up into squares sometimes the patterns vary Sometimes it's not even a ing pattern just a ed up BSOD when playing games. No specific game, just any game. screen with different colors It then crashes and attempts to restart but you can't even read the BSOD when playing games. No specific game, just any game. BSOD because the screen is so messed up Then it will reboot itself but the screen is screwed and if you attempt to run 'windows normally' it will crash and reboot in an endless cycle I have to start in safe mode in which there are a bunch of nasty lines that start from left to right on the screen I can still use the laptop but over time the screens disappear and the screen finally goes back to normal After this I can reboot into normal mode Help I can also send pics showing what happens I just have to play a game and have it crash for me again haha Thanks EDIT DM Log is up for viewing Somebody hellpppp I want to play Fallout T T

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I have a computer game called "Racing simulation 3",by Ubisoft.Its meant for windows xp.Is it possible to install that game on windows 7 home premium? Are there any problems I'm likely to encounter if I try to install on win7?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


A:PC game for win XP,is it suitable for win7?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

I would suggest trying to install it and see what happens, I think the worst thing that happened is that it won't work.
First I would create a System Restore Point - Create

You also may want to look at this tutorial Compatibility Mode

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i am trying to play "Gunman Chronicles "on windows 7. The game plays on 95-98-2000.
Can anyone please help?
Thank you...................

A:Game compatability with Win7

I know this may seem redundant but have you tied running the program in compatibility mode for the versions you mentioned?

You can do this by navigating to the exe file which launches the game, right click it, go to properties, and then compatibility, tick the box "Run in compatibility mode for" and try a few of the older versions of windows to see if it works?
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Hi Is here a program I can find that will completely strip my Windows XP or Win down to bare minimal function for maximum Game performance with FPS I know tons of things I can reHastle with But Id rather not Ive tried Gamebooster It does quot quot Decently quot quot But is there anything else that would strip my fresh copy of windows down to bare basics For maximum Frames per second on Games I have an Amd ghz cpu dual Win7 amd winXp - Game - FPS x2 2.7ghz core gig ram For years ive run through performance tweaks to try and maximize windows performance I want every Frame per second I can get on games like GTA and Bad company Win7 - 2.7ghz x2 amd - winXp Game FPS I seem to get - - FPS with WinXP and - lower with Win even with all the options I could lower with Win Two questions Should I just stick with Win XP because my of my hardware Or should I be able to get the same FPS with win Ive tried both multiple times I seem to be able to hit - fps easier with WinXP I Wish Windows came with a quot Bare bones Game Frames per second quot Mode That stripped every kn non-game related feature and every other feature that isnt needed for online gameplay I would rather reinstall Win7 - 2.7ghz x2 amd - winXp Game FPS windows every months and keep no secure data on my PC than to sacrifice FPS Ive tried gamebooster It seems to do a half grass job at stripping down unnessisary programs But not what I call perfect

A:Win7 - 2.7ghz x2 amd - winXp Game FPS

I know it may sound bit offtopic and not exactly answer. But I would like to suggest you solution.
Buy a gaming console.. if you need only for games.
oh and I hope you use 32bit windows wth only 2GB ram.

and most important there is no perfect things
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I just got this animaniacs game pack disc and it is not working on my windows 7 computer. I have already tried to run and install using compatibility mode but neither work. When I try to install it gives me an error saying its not compatible woth my version of windows. When I try to run it it starts up like its going to work then after it changes the resolution on my computer, I get a message saying to escape or hit any key to start. When I hit a key it give me a message saying a "script error:handler not defined".

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I just want to block facebook game zynga poker (only this game) on my pc. i have win 7 so what should i do and if anybody knows any software so plz give me name?

thnx in advance.

A:block facebook game in win7?

Jaif, Welcome to sevenforums!

That may be hard to do. You can try going into your router settings and adding the specific web address for the game, but I'm not sure if it will block all of facebook or not. Could at least try it. Otherwise, there are parental controls (Windows family live essentials) that you can set up to block it, but that may be a bit extreme.

Other than that, I just don't know
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Hope I am posting in the correct forum I bought a cheap Toshiba laptop Win7 Laptop Game issues and with for my daughter A Satellite L with a ATI Radeon in it Her games will not display in a full screen They just display in a tiny window in the center of the screen These games displayed fine on a Laptop and Game issues with Win7 Vista desktop we have I have tried the following - Used compatibility mode - this had no effect - Updated ATI drivers - again no effect - Hooked it up to an external monitor This worked sometimes other time it didn't Also when she closes the lid sometimes that made the output to the monitor quit - The OS is up to date with patches - Checked Toshiba's web site - nothing - Checked the game's web site - nothing - Checked the game settings - nothing for video output there These are silly kid's games nothing resource intensive I am thinking of downgrading to XP but that would be a PITA and I am not sure that would even work What else can I try Thanks

A:Laptop and Game issues with Win7

One of our best threads on game problems
Tips on Troubleshooting Game Issues
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Okay this is something that has been problematic with Windows since Vista. Say I'm playing Borderlands 2 and I'm using a headset for the sound. I decide then that I want to unplug my headset and have the sound come from the speakers. I unplug it, but no sound comes out of the speakers for the game. They make sounds still, but the game doesn't come from it. And, if I plug the headset back in, I don't even get sound from that. This happens with other games too. How do I get a program to switch to a different audio output on the fly?

A:Switching audio outputs in Win7 while in game.

I suspect the issue is caused by the lack of proper audio driver in the system. Please check my answer to your first post which covers the audio issue.
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Hi I'm new here and i need your help I had until last week win rc -bit ultimate installed and it worked great and then i installed Need for speed Most wanted and suddenly bsod appeared I was playing for about minutes when it happened I didn't have any problems with any other during crashes boot game, anymore win7 then won't game before even newer games When computer win7 crashes during game, then won't boot anymore rebooted after bsod i couldn't get into windows anymore It just rebooted in the middle of loading screen sometimes it even came to desktop screen and then again rebooted I couldn't do nothing until i turned off the computer and turned it back on after a couple of minutes I thought it was overheating problems strange though Ok so i installed a fresh win7 crashes during game, then won't boot anymore copy of win professional got everything up and running it worked ok until again i played NFS MW and same thing happened again So i decided to try testing RAM with memtest which i couldnt get to work I burned iso file of memtest to cd so i would run from dos before booting to win I changed boot device priority in bios to first boot cd-rom saved and rebooted and then the monitor just went blank out of range or something So everytime i turned the computer off an on again changed in bios to first boot cd-rom and monitor went blank so much for testing RAM I also tried testing the computer with default testing tool which windows offers you in f mode before booting to windows and it said there is some kind of hardware error I attached the minidump file of the bsod i got and hope you guys could help me with the problem because i'm lost

A:win7 crashes during game, then won't boot anymore

Two possible likely causes are the antivirus you're running and/or drivers in use.

Completely uninstall antivirus from the system. Update all drivers you can find for the machine, especially chipset from Asus and video from ATI/AMD.

Let us know after you've done this. If there are further problems, we can really start to look at the hardware.

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [E:\Temp\Rar$DI00.312\110509-14632-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\SymCache*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (2 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02a09000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02c46e50
Debug session time: Thu Nov 5 15:18:12.353 2009 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 1:06:43.883
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffffc000001d, fffff80002a7e40f, fffff8800362e628, fffff8800362de80}

Probably caused by : dxgmms1.sys ( dxgmms1!VidSchWaitForEvents+f5 )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

This is a very common bugcheck. Usually the exception address pinpoints
the driver/function that caused the problem. Always note this address
as well as the link date of the driver/image that contains this address.
Some common problems are exception code 0x80000003. This means a hard
coded breakpoint or assertion was hit, but this system was booted
/NODEBUG. This is not supposed to happen as developers should never have
hardcoded breakpoints in retail code, but ...
If this happens, make sure a debugger gets connected, and the
system is booted /DEBUG. This will let us see why this breakpoint is
Arg1: ffffffffc000001d, The exception code that was not handled
Arg2: fffff80002a7e40f, The address that the exception occurred at
Arg3: fffff8800362e628, Exception Record Address
Arg4: fffff8800362de80, Context Record Address

Debugging Details:
EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000001d - {EXCEPTION} Illegal Instruction An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction.

fffff800`02a7e40f 0f859c080000 jne nt!KeWaitForMultipleObjects+0x9f1 (fffff800`02a7ecb1)

EXCEPTION_RECORD: fffff8800362e628 -- (.exr 0xfffff8800362e628)
ExceptionAddress: fffff80002a7e40f (nt!KeWaitForMultipleObjects+0x000000000000012f)
ExceptionCode: c000001d (Illegal instruction)
ExceptionFlags: 00000000
NumberParameters: 0

CONTEXT: fffff8800362de80 -- (.cxr 0xfffff8800362de80)
rax=0000000000000001 rbx=fffffa800614a9c8 rcx=0000000000000000
rdx=0000000000000000 rsi=fffffa800614a8c0 rd... Read more
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Here is Join Crash 2 x64 Game on Battlefield Win7 another crash problem about Battlefield wheras I have owned my computer for about year and it has played Battlefield perfectly Then my Windows got Battlefield 2 Crash Win7 x64 on Join Game buggered and I had to re-install Knowing how very much Battlefield always needs to be re-installed whenever Windows requires re-installment I re-installed Battlefield as well and thought no more of it as I was into something else at the time Then I decided to start Battlefield Much to my annoyance the bloody thing crashed when I clicked Start Game I went through the agonizing half hour re-install-and-patch-to- -then-patch-to- process and tried again Same thing I tried fiddling with the graphics settings as mentioned in a post elsewhere Same thing I tried running as administrator Same damned thing Frustrated I tried browsing through the Internet for the solution I found similar problems but no solutions of course so I finally decided to try my luck with you guys who are computer whizes who have helped me before Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gateway H M U K Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Is there a way to run the 32 bit game on Win 7 Pro running in XP mode? I thought the XP mode could run the old games that ran on Win XP.

A:Win 32 bit Child's Game-Reader Rabbit on Win7 Pro

Right click on the icon > properties > compatibility mode tab.
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While i playing games, the computer will randomly BSOD or when switching out of the game, don't know why this happen, please help

? OS - Windows 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista? Win10
? x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? x64
? What was the original installed OS on sthe ystem? win10
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? full retail
? Approximate age of system (hardware) ~2 years
? Approximate age of OS installation (if you know) ~2 years
? Have you re-installed the OS? Yes

? CPU i5-3450
? Video Card ASUS GTX770 2GB
? MotherBoard (if NOT a laptop) Asus P8B75-V
? Power Supply - brand & wattage (if NOT a laptop) AYWUN MEGAPOWER 650w

Laptop or Desktop? Desktop
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When I'm playing a game windows asks me if I want to change visual settings and unless I answer I can't keep playing my game. is there a regestery key or somethign I can remove to make it never ask this question again?

A:Dureing Game win7 asks to change settings

What game are you talking about?
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Hi Guys

How run WinXP Spider solitrate game on Win7?


How we can close the animation going in win 7 while playing the game ?

A:Solved: How run WinXP Spider solitrae game on Win7?

Windows 7 comes with Spider Solitaire. Go to 'Control panel' and 'programs and features' and select 'turn windows features on or off' and the left hand side.

It's under games.

This is on Windows 7 professional, but imagine the games are on all versions.


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Hi, I have been getting the BSOD 0x00000050. I run a windows 7 64 bit operating system. I'm not the greatest with computer bugs and would love to get some help. It has be doing this for awhile now every time i restart but this time I can't start even after trying repeatedly. I looked into it as much as i could but was unable to find anything that would help. I have included my Minidump file and was hoping someone could figure out what i should do!

A:BSOD. Unable to launch normally.

Welcome to SevenForums.

Probably caused by: BHDrvx64.sys = Symantec Heuristics Driver

Please upload your msinfo32.nfo file. To get this: Start Menu -> Type msinfo32 into the Search programs and files box -> When it opens, go to File, Save -> Save as msinfo32.nfo and save in a place you will remember -> Let it finish the process of gathering and saving the system info -> Right click the .nfo file, click send to compressed (zipped) folder -> Upload the .zip file here.

Norton is a cause of BSOD-s alone, uninstall it and replace it with Microsoft Security Essentials (TO TEST)Norton Removal Tool
Recommended antivirus program for Windows 7 based on stability compared to others:-
Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows
Microsoft Security Essentials Download | Free Spyware Protection
Malwarebytes - The Free version
Good and Free system security combination.
Do not start the free trial of Malware Bytes; remember to deselect that option when prompted.

Run a full scan with both (separately) once downloaded, installed and updated.
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I have a computer that will sometimes give me the Blue Screen of Death when I try launching a game. Before, it would only happen sometimes, but now it seems to happen almost every time. It happens when I launch any of the games on Steam (Half-Life 2, Garry's Mod, etc.), BioShock, Crysis, and Call of Duty 2. The computer quickly restarts, so I can never have time to write down any of the details on the screen.

My computer is:
AMD X2 4400+
Radeon X1900XT 512MB Card
ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe
Windows XP SP2

All of my drivers are up to date, and I am just confused on what to do. Would anyone happen to know how to resolve this problem?
Thanks a bunch :)

A:I Sometimes Get BSOD When Trying to Launch Games


do this

start / select (my computer) by right clicking it/ then in the drop down menu select(properties) then (advanced) then select in (start up and recovery) then select (settings)then deselect ( automatically restart) in the (system failure section)

the next time it happens write down the code that it gives you ( THE WHOLE CODE)
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It seem I have BSOD problem when I launch MapleSEA game application, well the game is running , but it will soon go to BSOD when I go to login screen~!

Additional Note : I never meet this problem before even playing this game as I played this game for 4 years+........

OS : Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

Any solution for this?And I very appreciate if someone can explain the solutions and the causes of the problem in an easier way as I not expert of computer things......But I willing to learn it!

Edit : I use BlueScreenViewer to see the dump file and I found this is something related to :KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

A:BSOD after launch MapleStory.exe

Please upload a full jcgriff2 report. Not just the dump file

I've been seeing a lot of people having problems with Maple Story lately. Don't have any rhyme or reason as to what is going on. Was there an update recently with the software?

Rt86win7.sys Thu Feb 26 04:04:22 2009 (49A65B16)
Update your Realtek driver -

Update to SP1 - Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Enable driver verifier - Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable



Built by: 7600.16385.x86fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Debug session time: Fri May 27 12:29:20.733 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:06:43.419
Probably caused by : ntkrpamp.exe ( nt!KiTrap07+cf )
PROCESS_NAME: MapleStory.exe
BiosReleaseDate = 06/24/2010
SystemManufacturer = System manufacturer
SystemProductName = System Product Name
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BSOD on launch for 2 days now, pc only starts in safe mode or with graphics card disabled (NVidia GeForce GTX 460). Tried reinstalling drivers, cleaned all the dust from inside case, run antivirus, uninstalled pretty much all non-core programs, nothing helps so far.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA800AB46010
BCP2: FFFFF8800F27B0C0
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
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My CPU fan in my computer(Dell XPS 15) died recently and I had a service tech come to my house and do a full MOBO replacement. After he was done I began to have booting problems, every other time I start my computer, it freezes on a black screen right before where it would display my logon screen. Also, everytime I try to run any sort of game I get the BSOD that says;

"Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed"

Naturally I reinstall all my video drivers. Didn't work, I call dell and the serviceman reinstalls ALL my drivers, still no luck. They say my OS has deteriorated and I need a complete restoration, you guys have any input before I do a complete wipe?

EDIT: Would like to add that I ran a Memtest and it passed

A:[SOLVED] BSoD on launch

Welcome to TSF!

Without the data from running the collection app from the BSOD Sticky, it's difficult to rule anything in or out

The error type you describe sounds like a 0x116, that's usually a bad graphics driver, overheating or bad hardware - usually the graphics card.

Your scenario makes me think that overheating is the problem, perhaps the replacement motherboard was not fitted correctly, maybe the thermal compound was not cleaned/replaced.

I've added some background info below:

Significant posts:
BSOD - Windows 7 Forums
"It's not a true crash, in the sense that the bluescreen was initiated only because the combination of video driver and video hardware was being unresponsive, and not because of any synchronous processing exception.

Since Vista, the "Timeout Detection and Recovery" (TDR) components of the OS video subsystem have been capable of doing some truly impressive things to try to recover from issues which would have caused earlier OSs like XP to crash. As a last resort, the TDR subsystem sends the video driver a "please restart yourself now!" command and waits a few seconds. If there's no response, the OS concludes that the video driver/hardware combo has truly collapsed in a heap, and it fires off that stop 0x116 BSOD.

If playing with video driver versions hasn't helped, make sure the box is not overheating. Try removing a side panel and aiming a big mains fan straight at the motherboard and GPU. Run it like that for a few hours or days - long enough to ascertain whether cooler temperatures make a difference. If so, it might be as simple as dust buildup and subsequently inadequate cooling." - H2SO4

From an AMD forum HowTo:

Change your TDR to 8 (default is 2)....just follow these directions.

Exit all Windows based programs.

Click Start, type regedit in the Search box, and then double-click regedit.exe from the results above. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
Browse to and then click the following registry subkey:
On the Edit menu, click New, and then select the following registry value from the drop-down menu specific to your version of Windows (32 bit, or 64 bit):

For 32 bit Windows
Select DWORD (32-bit) value.
Type TdrDelay as the Name and click Enter.
Double-click TdrDelay and add 8 for the Value data and click OK.

For 64 bit Windows

Select QWORD (64-bit) value.
Type TdrDelay as the Name and click Enter.
Double-click TdrDelay and add 8 for the Value data and clickOK.
Close the registry editor and then restart your computer for the changes to take affect.

Or, follow the directions in this Microsoft article and see if that helps.. "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Another help is to disable Aero during gaming. Simply go to the game .exe file..right click on it...choose properties > compatibility > put a checkmark in disable desktop composition. Apply. Now aero will be disabled and a notice will appear each time you start the game that it is set at 'basic'. When you exit the game it will revert back to normal.
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I have been trying without success to get my Belkin n Speedpad to work on my Vista desktop I had gotten it back in XP days and had hoped to continue using it on the Vista machine The controller still works on an XP laptop and surprisingly well on a Windows desktop as well more on that The n shows up as a game device in control panel but doesn t really work on games because in Vista it does not connect with Belkin s software programs one to choose a loadout Belkin enabling regedit game idea not Win7 Vista64; on controller Need help working which matches buttons on the controller to keyboard punches allowing different load-outs for different games the other being the load-out editor One solution that worked on my son s Windows machine was to edit the registry entry for that controller When plugged in the n is assigned Need help enabling Belkin game controller on Vista64; Win7 regedit idea not working a generic name Joystick which is not recognized by Belkin s software When I changed the entry s value name using Regedit to 'Nostromo n Speedpad' the Belkin software on the Windows computer recognized it just as it had on the XP Need help enabling Belkin game controller on Vista64; Win7 regedit idea not working computer Naturally I wanted to try the same thing on the Vista machine but this didn t work I could rename the value name but this had no effect on Belkin s software Re-opening registry I found that there were now two entries with the same data one having the generic joystick name the other having the nostromo name Deleting the Joystick entry did nothing it keeps popping up after I exit the registry I don t understand why that first registry entry keeps popping up that way or why a solution for old hardware would work better on a newer OS Wasn t very close to Vista when it came to devices Any suggestions warmly appreciated
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Hello SevenForums Longtime lurker here I figure its time to register an account and share my problem I've been having issues for some time now I have recently reinstalled of various on launch 0x0000003b BSOD games windows It looked like my problems were solved but I guess BSOD on launch of various games 0x0000003b not Before my reinstall of windows my symptoms were as follows Frequent freezes in Payday occasional freezes in CS GO never a problem in Arma these are my main games Sometimes the game would freeze the whole computer and I would have to manually reset the machine If the whole computer DIDN'T crash my video drivers would let me know they have recovered from a crash If I tried to launch any game after my video drivers crash WITHOUT restarting my machine first I would get a BSOD I turned on crashdumps intending on posting here but as soon as I enabled that the BSOD's stopped and it went back to just the freeze so I could not obtain a dump So I reformatted ALL my drives installed windows and ravaged the internet in my community to get all my data back Everything was running fine until I decided to give Planetside a try with a friend First launch i was faced with a BSOD so I made sure my drivers were all in check they were so I uninstalled reinstalled my video drivers to be sure BSOD I rolled my drivers back a version BSOD I rolled back a further version BSOD So I went back to the current drivers Catalyst I knew something was obviously wrong so I figured I'd come here and make a post when I get around to it since it's only one game I'll play some CounterStrike in the meantime BSOD So it appears that by trying to fix my problem it have only made it considerably worse I have used the DM log collector and attached the output file to my post Some interesting points CPU is overclocked to GHz from stock GHz I left the voltage on quot Auto quot because I'm not very experienced with overclocking far enough to have to play with voltages My Corsair Force SSD is refurbished I swapped my old AMD FX and mobo for my i and MSI Z -GD GAMING around the same time I started having problems System is only year old cpu mobo and SSD are months old I use bbLean rather than explorer for my system shell I use multiple displays at different resolutions and hz D-DVI p hz HDMI p hz I took the computer apart today and reseated everything also blew out all sockets with compressed air and made sure all the contacts were clean and clear on all cards and ram sticks I know how helpful everyone here is so thank you in advance for the assistance I shall receive

A:BSOD on launch of various games 0x0000003b

Little update: Payday2 (BSOD on close) has decided to work now, CounterStrike and Planetside2 both still cause BSOD.
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windows 7
bought OEM and installed myself
?week +
?week + , no reinstall
intel i5
? ati radeon 6870
?Msi H55-GD65
Cosair 750 watt
so my problem is that i recently built my first computer and after getting it up and working after
installing the drivers for everything and this that and the other now on launch i get a BSOD with the code memory_management
now when i restart and launch the launch repair thing it works again and i can use it normally so right now it is just
a nuisance and not a system killer but really would appreciate the help to get my nice new computer
to full status.

A:BSOD on launch, Memory Management

Hi -

Various bugchecks on the 14 BSODs is indicative of unknown hardware failure. Many of the files from BSOD collection app = -0- bytes.

Many of these in the Event Viewer logs -

Registry hive (file): '\SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE' was corrupted

Run chkdsk /r
Run HDD diags -

Several system services, Steam, other apps are crashing, mostly with 0xc0000005 exceptions = memory access violation.

Run memtest86+ -

Remove old AVG installation - AVG Removal - - MVP

Update Razer driver -


salmosa.sys Thu Mar 20 04:58:58 2008 (47E22752)
Video, BIOS also listed as probable causes in dumps.

The crashes started right after OS installation. Did you encounter any problems during install?

It would be wise to wipe HDD, reinstall Windows 7, install ALL Windows Updates, but no other apps and see if system is stable.

KillDisk - Format HDD - - MVP

Windbg Logs

Regards. . .





Built by: 7600.16695.amd64fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Debug session time: Sat Mar 12 21:13:39.336 2011 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:05.756
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for avgldx64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for avgldx64.sys
Probably caused by : avgldx64.sys ( avgldx64+215fd )
BUGCHECK_STR: 0x1a_41790
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1a_41790_avgldx64+215fd
Bugcheck code 0000001A
Arguments 00000000`00041790 fffffa80`0382c260 00000000`0000ffff 00000000`00000000

[CPU Information]
~MHz = REG_DWORD 2807
Component Information = REG_BINARY 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Configuration Data = REG_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Identifier = REG_SZ Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
ProcessorNameString = REG_SZ Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz
Update Signature = REG_BINARY 0,0,0,0,3,0,0,0
Update Status = REG_DWORD 2
VendorIdentifier = REG_SZ GenuineIntel
MSR8B = REG_QWORD 300000000

Machine ID Information [From Smbios 2.6, DMIVersion 0, Size=2346]
BiosMajorRelease = 8
BiosMinorRelease = 15
BiosVendor = American Megatrends Inc.
BiosVersion = V1.2
BiosReleaseDate = 02/05/2010
SystemManufacturer = MSI
SystemProductName = MS-7637
SystemFamily = To Be Filled By O.E.M.
SystemVersion = 1.0
SystemSKU = To Be Filled By O.E.M.
BaseBoardManufacturer = MSI
BaseBoardProduct = H55-GD65 (MS-7637)
BaseBoardVersion = 1.0
CPUID: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz"
MaxSpeed: 2800
CurrentSpeed: 2807
Built by: 7600.16695.amd64fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Debug session time: Sat Mar 12 12:01:24.562 2011 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:10.982
Probably caused by : dxgkrnl.sys ( dxgkrnl!DXGDEVICE::Initialize+1ee )
PROCESS_NAME: csrss.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x7E_dxgkrnl!DXGDEVICE::Initialize+1ee
Bugcheck code 1000007E
Arguments ffffffff`c0000005 fffff800`02a390c0 fffff880`02175578 fffff880`02174de0
BiosVersion = V1.2
BiosReleaseDate = 02/05/2010
SystemManufacturer = MSI
SystemProductName = MS-7637
MaxSpeed: 2800
CurrentSpeed: 2806
Built by: 7600.16695.amd64fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Debug session time: Fri Mar 11 22:48:08.958 2011 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:07.394
Probably caused by : mssmbios.sys ( mssmbios!SMBiosSMbiosProcessSMBiosData+ab )
PROCESS_... Read more
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Hey guys and girls Hoping you can help me out with my BSOD problem It has occurred every time I've tried (Steam) Launch 2 Borderlands BSOD on to launch Borderlands BSOD on Borderlands 2 Launch (Steam) since being released in my area on Steam a couple days ago I have uninstalled wiped and reinstalled my nVIDIA graphics driver as well as verified the game cache through Steam to no avail OS - Vista Windows - Windows SP x -bit or x - x What was original installed OS on system - Windows Is the OS an OEM version came pre-installed on system or full retail version YOU purchased it from retailer - OEM version Age of system hardware - Roughly six months old Age BSOD on Borderlands 2 Launch (Steam) of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS - Roughly six months old CPU - AMD FX- Video Card - MB GeForce GTX Ti ASUStek Computer Inc MotherBoard - Gigabyte BSOD on Borderlands 2 Launch (Steam) GA- FXA-D Socket M Power Supply - Thermaltake TR W PSU System Manufacturer - Custom built PC Exact model number if laptop check label on bottom - Model number of case If not N A as custom-built PC Temperature or overheating have never been an issue rig has easily run many graphics-intensive games in the past and CPU is not overclocked I appreciate the help will continue working through Posting Instructions while awaiting a reply Cheers Zeke

A:BSOD on Borderlands 2 Launch (Steam)

There are no .dmp files in the upload to look at, did you run the collection script as a administrator?
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When i try to launch Battlefiled, i get a series of BSOD each time like security service exception and so on. It used to work fine. But the problem started after my laptop performed automatic updates for windows. Any help would be appreciated.

A:BSOD trying to play/launch Battefield 4

Disable all startup items. Please uninstall your AV with its removal tool. Update wifi driver and your Intel Graphics driver. Enable Driver Verifier: Driver Verifier - BSOD related - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista - Sysnative Forums

Please start Hardware Diagnostics because I think this might be a HW issue as well.
When running Memtest86+ please test one stick at a time for at least eight passes.

LhdX64.sys Mon Jan 11 16:06:58 2010 (4B4B3E92)
Lenovo HD Disk Driver

AcpiVpc.sys Tue May 15 03:18:53 2012 (4FB1AEFD)
Lenovo ACPI Virtual Power Controller

iBtFltCoex.sys Tue Jul 24 12:03:05 2012 (500E72D9)
Intel Centrino Wireless (Bluetooth Adapter driver

X5XSEx_Pr148.Sys Thu Aug 2 14:51:27 2012 (501A77CF)
Exent Technologies EXETender X5XSEx Kernel Mode Driver. Appears related to FreeRide Games

L1C63x64.sys Fri Sep 21 08:34:46 2012 (505C0A86)
Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30)

btmaux.sys Sun Sep 30 09:45:43 2012 (5067F8A7)
Intel Bluetooth Auxiliary Service

btmhsf.sys Sun Sep 30 09:46:55 2012 (5067F8EF)
Intel Proset Bluetooth HighSpeed Filter Driver

intelppm.sys Tue Nov 6 04:55:02 2012 (50988A16)
Intel Processor driver

HECIx64.sys Mon Dec 17 20:32:21 2012 (50CF7345)
Intel Management Engine Interface

iaStorA.sys Mon Jan 14 19:00:27 2013 (50F447BB)
Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) driver

RTKVHD64.sys Tue Jan 29 15:23:08 2013 (5107DB4C)
Realtek High Definition Audio Function Driver

AMPPAL.sys Wed Feb 13 12:49:57 2013 (511B7DE5)
Intel? Centrino? Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed Virtual Adapter driver

SynTP.sys Sat Mar 9 00:29:46 2013 (513A746A)
Synaptic Touch Pad Driver

Smb_driver_Intel.sys Sat Mar 9 00:31:48 2013 (513A74E4)

Smb_driver_Intel.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

rtsuvc.sys Fri Mar 15 05:23:10 2013 (5142A22E)
Realtek UVC webcam Driver

igdkmd64.sys Wed Mar 20 05:25:41 2013 (51493A45)
Intel Graphics driver

NETwew00.sys Thu Aug 22 23:20:34 2013 (521680A2)
Intel? Wireless WiFi Link Driver - Intel? Wireless WiFi Link Adapter (Windows 8 only AFAIK).

mfencbdc.sys Fri Sep 19 12:38:20 2014 (541C079C)
McAfee Event driver

mfehidk.sys Thu Sep 25 00:26:25 2014 (54234511)
McAfee Host Intrusion Detection Link Driver

mfewfpk.sys Thu Sep 25 00:26:43 2014 (54234523)

mfeapfk.sys Thu Sep 25 00:27:27 2014 (5423454F)

mfeavfk.sys Thu Sep 25 00:27:42 2014 (5423455E)
McAfee Anti-Virus File System Filter Driver

mfefirek.sys Thu Sep 25 00:29:05 2014 (542345B1)

cfwids.sys Thu Sep 25 00:29:30 2014 (542345CA)
http://ww... Read more
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Hi I ran malwarebytes but posted no malware found not sure if it is a malware issue or something else I tried to launch task manager but the icon appears in the taskbar but the box never came out Tried multiples times but it just show multiple icons and that s it Unable to shutdown properly and it will be stuck at the logging off screen Wireless connection cannot be connected the shutdown programs possible launch, manager, launch Firefox to cannot and Unable not task some dialog box will get Unable to launch task manager, Firefox and some programs cannot launch, shutdown not possible stuck at the Connect to and show a blank white screenpls help DDS Ver Unable to launch task manager, Firefox and some programs cannot launch, shutdown not possible - - - NTFSx Run by Ann Unable to launch task manager, Firefox and some programs cannot launch, shutdown not possible Goh at on Sun Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium GMT SP Windows Defender enabled Updated D DDC A- F- FAE- E -DA C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgchsvx exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgrsx exeC Windows system lsm exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exeC Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunchC Windows system svchost exe -k rpcssC Windows system Ati evxx exeC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestrictedC Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcsC Windows System DriverStore FileRepository stwrt inf e d STacSV exeC Windows system SLsvc exeC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceC Windows system Hpservice exeC Windows system Ati evxx exeC Windows system vfsFPService exeC Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceC Windows System spoolsv exeC Program Files DigitalPersona Bin DpHostW exeC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetworkC Windows System DriverStore FileRepository stwrt inf e d aestsrv exeC Windows system agrsmsvc exeC Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgwdsvc exeC Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exeC Windows system svchost exe -k bthsvcsC Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exeC Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestrictedC Program Files SMINST BLService exeC Program Files CyberLink Shared files RichVideo exec Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Shared sqlwriter exeC Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvcC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Media TV Kernel TV TVCapSvc exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Media TV Kernel TV TVSched exeC Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroupC Windows system SearchIndexer exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgnsx exeC Windows system Dwm exeC Windows Explorer EXEC Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Media DVD DVDAgent exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart Media TSMAgent exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart Media Kernel CLML CLMLSvc exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP MediaSmart SmartMenu exeC Program Files DigitalPersona Bin DpAgent exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons QLBCTRL exeC Program Files HP HP Software Update hpwuSchd exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Wireless Assistant HPWAMain exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Media TV TVAgent exeC Program Files IDT WDM sttray exeC Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exeC Windows WindowsMobile wmdc exeC Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgtray exeC Program Files Common Files LightScribe LightScribeControlPanel exeC Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exeC Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BTTray exeC Program Files Microsoft Office Office ONENOTEM EXEC Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BtStackServer exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CCC exeC Windows system svchost exe -k WindowsMobileC Windows System mobsync ex... Read more

A:Unable to launch task manager, Firefox and some programs cannot launch, shutdown not possible

Just to note.issue is similar to this thread in vista forum
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I was playing nba 2k16 for almost 2 weeks with no problem. However, just last night, i experienced BSOD right after double-clicking the exe file of nba 2k16

no BSOD when running other games, GTA V, Call of Duty, and outlast

tried the following but to no avail:
1. I have already uninstalled any possible new software (before bsod) from my laptop (gaming mouse driver, new game-Call of duty) but still getting the error

2. CLEAN installation of the UPDATED nvidia driver (used DriverSweeper and display Driver Uninstaller)

3. installed hotfix from microsoft

Please help. Thanks in advance!
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A couple days ago I was playing a video game and out of nowhere I got a BSOD I rebooted my computer and the problem only escalated What now is happening is essentially every time I boot up my computer in regular mode after the Windows logo i'm constantly met BSOD Windows NVLDDMKM.sys launch-up 7 Repeated on with a BSOD I believe it has to do with my Nvidia drivers due to the message in the Repeated BSOD on Windows 7 launch-up NVLDDMKM.sys BSOD relating to NVLDDMKM sys My computer has never had problems in the past with any Nvidia drivers so unfortunately i'm not too aware on how to fix my issue or what is truly causing it Here are my logs TIMEPLS-PC-Fri zip I've looked at countless other posts about Nvidia drivers and BSOD problems and their fixes none have worked for me I've uninstalled Nvidia components in-conjunction with DDU A driver complete uninstaller for more comprehensive un-installations After the countless times of uninstalling my Nvidia drivers I've then reinstalled Nvidia drivers of multiple times with different versions to see if it was a version issue all still leading to a BSOD when I restart my computer I've also tried many other solutions people have used in the past like a clean installation of Windows and I still get BSOD after Windows logo at startup One thing that allows me to bypass the BSOD and sucessfully get into regular mode is when I disable my graphics card and driver in device manager But when I try to enable it again it BSOD I'm not very computer savvy so if I haven't provided enough information for this please ask if you need more Any help would be appreciated
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I update my PC on Windows 8.1 six month before, I works without any problems. And from two week ago I got a BSOD at each launch of my computer, I just need to shutdown him and it start normally but it took almost ten time longer.

Can someone help me ? It's really boring.

A:BSOD at each launch (Error in non page area)

Hi K4mik4z & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

I have analyzed your dump files and below has been provided an analysis of the same for informative purposes :-

0: kd> kbRetAddr : Args to Child : Call Site
fffff803`0a5903b8 : 00000000`00000050 fffff6fb`40000000 00000000`00000000 fffff6fb`7da00000 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff803`0a47d523 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 ffffd000`3e6dcc82 : nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x15f08
fffff803`0a57422f : 00000000`00000000 ffffe001`ade09780 ffffe001`a928d500 ffffd000`3e6dcd60 : nt!MmAccessFault+0x303
fffff803`0a4a90e8 : 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiPageFault+0x12f
fffff803`0a6ab9cd : 00000000`00000000 ffffd000`3e6dd078 00000000`00000000 ffffd000`00000000 : nt!ExFreeLargePool+0x78
fffff800`3a2dc96a : fffff800`3a2b74a0 ffffe001`00000000 fffff800`3a2b7c00 00000000`00000000 : nt!ExFreePoolWithTag+0x6ed
fffff800`3a2d4595 : fffff800`3a2b7400 ffffe001`ade09780 00000000`00000010 fffff800`3a2a9101 : tcpip!RssDeleteBinding+0x8a
fffff800`3a16c925 : 00000000`0000000d ffffd000`3e6dd1b0 fffff800`3a2a9100 ffffe001`aab858a0 : tcpip!RssControlDeleteInterface+0x1dcd
fffff800`3a180742 : ffffe001`aab673e0 fffff800`3a2a9100 ffffe001`aab6a5b0 ffffe001`aab64000 : tcpip!OlmNotifyDeleteInterface+0x25
fffff800`3a16a684 : ffffe001`aabb0010 ffffe001`00000002 ffffe001`ade925b0 fffff800`3a2a9180 : tcpip!IppNotifyInterfaceChangeToNlClients+0x1ae
fffff800`3a16a4b8 : ffffe001`add31ab0 ffffd000`3e6dd330 ffffe001`ade05ec0 ffffd000`3e6dd330 : tcpip!IpFlcDeleteInterface+0x1b0
fffff800`3a16a77d : ffffe001`add31ab0 fffff800`3a2b3870 00000000`00000000 fffff803`0a474186 : tcpip!FlpDeleteInterface+0xa0
fffff800`39f5d29f : ffffd000`3e6dd3f0 ffffe001`aabaa010 ffffe001`adec8c10 ffffe001`aabaa010 : tcpip!FlUnbindAdapter+0xa5
fffff800`39f90414 : ffffe001`adec8c10 ffffe001`add361a0 ffffe001`add36100 ffffe001`00000000 : ndis!ndisInvokeUnbindAdapter+0x2f
fffff800`39f5dad0 : ffffe001`00000000 ffffe001`add375e8 ffffe001`adec8c10 ffffc000`930f2cc0 : ndis!ndisUnbindProtocolOpen+0x168
fffff800`39f51252 : ffffc000`930f2cc8 ffffd000`3e6dd5f0 ffffe001`add375e8 fffff803`0a47e066 : ndis!ndisUnbindEachProtocolOpenOnMiniport+0x70
fffff800`39f5147c : ffffe001`add361a0 ffffe001`add361a0 ffffd000`3e6dd700 ffffe001`add375e8 : ndis!Ndis::BindEngine::Iterate+0x802
fffff800`39f4f708 : ffffe001`add375e8 ffffd000`3e6dd900 ffffd000`3e6dd780 ffffd000`3e6dd900 : ndis!Ndis::BindEngine::UpdateBindings+0x64
fffff800`39f515b7 : ffffe001`add375e8 ffffe001`add375e8 00000000`00001001 fffff800`39f51514 : ndis!Ndis::BindEngine::DispatchPendingWork+0x50
fffff800`39f4fbdc : ffffe001`add361a0 ffffe001`add375e8 ffffc000`98f75f30 ffffd000`3e6dd800 : ndis!Ndis::BindEngine::ApplyBindChanges+0x37
fffff800`39f907ae : ffffe001`add361a0 ffffd000`3e6dd990 ffffe001`add375e8 ffffe001`ac02bb90 : ndis!ndisMSetMiniportReadyForBinding+0x64
fffff800`39f5d6d9 : ffffe001`add361a0 ffffd000`3e6ddbd0 ffffe001`add361a0 ffffe001`add361a0 : ndis!ndisPnPRemoveDevice+0x1ae
fffff800`39f5d65d : ffffe001`add361a0 ffffe001`add361a0 fffff803`0a6b9300 ffffe001`00000000 : ndis!ndisPnPRemoveDeviceEx+0x59
fffff803`0a469adb : fffff803`0a8ac9bc 00000000`00000000 fffff803`0a6e97a0 ffffe001`ae902880 : ndis!ndisPnPIrpSurpriseRemovalInner+0x79
fffff803`0a4e5794 : ffffe001`a81eb040 ffffe001`ae902880 ffffe001`ae902880 ffffe001`a81ac440 : nt!ExpWorkerThread+0x293
fffff803`0a5705c6 : fffff803`0a6fc180 ffffe001`ae902880 ffffe001`a81eb040 00000000`00000200 : nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x58
00000000`00000000 : ffffd000`3e6de000 ffffd000`3e6d8000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiStartSystemThread+0x16

As we can see from the Callstack that there were numerous calls to "tcpip.sys" and "ndis.sys" both of which are Networking Related drivers from Windows and since they are part of Windows, chance of them being corrupt is extremely less. Which means... Read more
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Hi As of a couple of hours ago I am getting can't BSOD Mode in boot Every even Safe - launch a blue screen every single time I boot my system I BSOD Every launch - can't even boot in Safe Mode have tried a system BSOD Every launch - can't even boot in Safe Mode restore windows startup repair from the Windows DVD and runnning BSOD Every launch - can't even boot in Safe Mode Mem Test Memtest finds no errors startup repair finds no errors and the system restore completed without issue but did not fix the problem When I try and boot into safe mode I get to the login window but as soon as I log in I get a blue screen with IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL generally with no other file referenced If I try and boot in normal mode the same thing happens and on one ocassion I also saw storport sys mentioned on the blue screen Because I am unable to boot into Windows I am unable to reinstall any drivers or remove any drivers or do anything else to the OS I have been into the system BIOS and have disabled all my poeripherals onboard audio serial port etc I have physically also unplugged all USB devces apart from my keyboard and mouse and have disconnected removed all hard drives and DVD drives floppy drive audio card second graphics card etc In other words I've stripped the system down to the bare bones I am still getting the same BSOD's every time I start the system Please can anyone help me diagnose the issue or advise on what I should do next The issue started whilst I was browsing the web and the system crashed Prior to that it has run perfectly for the last few weeks No new hardware has been installed OS is Windows Ultimate bit System is about months old and my Win install is about months old Aside from a few Nvidia graphics driver issues which I resolved a few weeks ago the system has generally been rock solid CPU is Intel QX GB Ram Many many thanks in advance for any help or advice Jules

A:BSOD Every launch - can't even boot in Safe Mode

Normally IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL errors are due to an overheating CPU or bad memory. Or sometimes some other hardware and or driver failure. Try reseating your CPU cooler (replace the thermal paste if you can)
Also if you have 2 sticks of memory try them 1 at a time, or if your really fortunate to have some other memory spare try that. This is where I would start pal
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Hello failing Programs to by launch followed after boot, BSOD Posted this on Windows support community but with no response so far found these forums Programs failing to launch after boot, followed by BSOD that seem to be very active so was hoping to get a little help Have been having trouble with my PC lately I've searched for answers a few times already and although others have had similar problems I haven't been able to find anything particularly helpful as of yet About a week ago I started having a problem after booting into Windows Programs wouldn't load for Programs failing to launch after boot, followed by BSOD the first minute or so I could click the icon in the taskbar e g Chrome and it would flash momentarily then disappear and not load up though Task Manager would show the process was running After a little while the problem would stop and eventually everything would load fine though once this caused my computer to become unresponsive though the mouse would still move and I could open the start menu after the programs crashed and I couldn't kill the processes in task manager On the next boot I was prompted to run CHKDSK and did so with no errors found Generally though after minutes or so my computer operated without issue though I did notice that it didn't seem to enter into Sleep Mode properly as normally the fans on my computer would turn off but had stopped doing so This was followed by a BSOD I just got with the message DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL Which I understand is normally due to a driver or hardware issue This is a fairly fresh install of Windows I think no more than months old This was because one of the hard drives I bought with the computer failed so I installed a fresh copy on a new drive I haven't added and new hardware lately nor changed any of the drivers to my knowledge since I'm not adverse to a clean install though if necessary I am running a full virus scan with the Microsoft Safety Scanner right now I normally run AVG Free Not sure what might be useful to post - there's a whole bunch of errors in Event Viewer and a MEMORY DMP file in my Windows folder I'm downloading memtest right now and will run it tomorrow since I'm running the virus scan right now Should mention I'm booted into Safe Mode and the above problem with slow booting of programs didn't occur Thanks for any advice in advance An update Have almost finished running the th iteration of memtest and no errors found and Microsoft Safety Scanner found no viruses on a full scan in safe mode Having browsed a few similar threads on this forum it seems a system restore might help which I haven't tried yet - will give that a go once memtest has finished its th pass Any thoughts Would be much appreciated

A:Programs failing to launch after boot, followed by BSOD

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Run a full scan with this...
What is Windows Defender Offline?
...and let us know the results.

If there are infections, even if WDO claims to cure them. Please take note of the infection names and make a new thread here: System Security - Windows 7 Help Forums

For the BSOD issue, it is best to make a new thread here...
BSOD Help and Support - Windows 7 Help Forums
...that is where those experts hang out.
Be sure to follow the posting instructions:
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Your could do a fresh install using this info...
Clean Install Windows 7
...but if there is a hardware problem, then you would just be wasting your time.
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My pc specs win7 dual boot +BSOD managemen win7/win10 wont "memory boot to anymore asus z -p motherboard intel i cpu bequiet w psu gig corsair vengeance ram samsung evo gig ssd win pro bit drive sandisk ultra II ssd gig ssd win drive dual boot win7/win10 wont boot to win7 anymore +BSOD "memory managemen x crucial gig bx ssd data drives i recently dual boot win7/win10 wont boot to win7 anymore +BSOD "memory managemen rebuilt this into a new case and it had been working fine Mainly using the win os but more recently using the win os more and more The way it has been working is that win is the default boot and I have to hit the delete key on startup to select win to boot from today I was on win but needed to reboot to Upon doing so I hit this message Secure Boot Violation The system found unauthorized changes on the firmware operating system or UEFI drivers It then gave me the option to boot to win as it is the next boot option on the list Win is now giving me the blue screen quot memory management error quot although I have been able to get into win after some more rebooting I ran SFC scanner and it told me that there were some problems that it cannot fix Everything is unplugged apart from mouse keyboard hdmi to screen and ethernet cable Unplugging the win drive from the mobo and switching the win drive to another port has not helped Has my ssd failed has win done an update that has caused this problem It did update today in fact the first error message I got was after win shut down and when I booted into it again it installed some updates before launching thanks for any help
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i am using xp pro and i only display 3 icons in the quick launch area of the taskbar. they are a/v, speaker vol, and firewall. these used to show up within seconds of the desktop being displayed. however, the a/v icon pops up right away, on startup, but the speaker and firewall icons wont show up for 2-3 minutes. during this time, the machine s usable (slightly slow). now i use Codestuff Starter v5.6.1.19 to control my startup items and only the 3 previously mentioned are included there. when this first started, i did a restore from when it was good and that didnt help. i am not adverse to a format if necessary. i need your help/advice and tkz in advance, aloha

A:quick launch icons/progs real slow to launch

Download and run the programs in my signature and run the trend micro house call. Let us know what it finds. This sound like it could be a spyware issue.
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I have had this software installed on my computer for over 1.5 years now and never had this issue. All of the sudden whenever I launch Acrobat Reader 8 Professional. I get the error message saying I must launch at least one other suite program before it will run. It comes up with this error... even though I'm already running Photoshop and Illustrator.

The only thing I can think of is that I just recently downloaded and installed Adobe AIR for TweetDeck. Does anyone know if this could cause the problem or how to fix it?

I can't run TweetDeck without the Adobe AIR????
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HI My laptop now BSOD s after boot i click my name to log in then after about seconds it BSOD s with the error IRQL IS NOT LESS OR EQUAL I m sure i ve got a virus causing this AVAST blocked an attempted connection to an ip i think it was xx xx cant remember After Boot [WIN7] Need BSOD Help [WIN7] , from the process svchost exe as soon as I tried googling the ip got as [WIN7] BSOD After Boot , Need Help [WIN7] far as windows BSOD d and now after every restart the error occurs I ve just run a [WIN7] BSOD After Boot , Need Help [WIN7] full scan of comp from safe mode no luck it picked of a couple of trojans but didn t fix my [WIN7] BSOD After Boot , Need Help [WIN7] problem I cant install HJT either as the installer doesn t work from safe mode what can i do All help welcome and appreciated Also have noticed my Physical memory seems to be in very high useage all the time about sometimes up to EDIT Posts merged BPEDIT THIS HAS TAKEN A TURN FOR THE WORSE I installed Hitman which someone suggested to me and it found a Bootkit said windows was referencing a hidden driver which was a bootkit and it also found tdss rootkit IT removed the rootkit fine and wanted to restart to remove the Bootkit I let it restart and now the comp is f cked When I turn it on the Windows loading bar comes up then cuts to a BSOD here s the Error Codes x B x D B xC D x x

A:[WIN7] BSOD After Boot , Need Help [WIN7]

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about the Windows version you are using: What we in particular need to know is version, edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system. If you are unsure about any of these caracteristics, just let us know and we'll help you figuring it out. Please also tell us if you have your Windows CD/DVD handy.Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:

/md5stopPush the button.Two reports will open, copy and paste them in a reply here:OTL.txt <-- Will be openedExtra.txt<--Will be minimizedIn the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Watch Topic.I suggest you click it and select Immediate E-Mail notification and click on Proceed. This way you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.After 5 days if a topic is not replied to we assume it has been abandoned and it is closed.regards myrti
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Hi I have recently bought a game using Games for Windows Liave As soon as I launch the game it crashes causing a computer restart I just get a black screen a blue screen of death containing the message quot DRIVER IRQL application [SOLVED] 7 BSOD crash Windows on launch NOT LESS OR EQUAL quot and then the computer restarts Previously when I tried to run the game it complained about a lack of virtual memory I set Windows to automatically manage page file sizes under [SOLVED] Windows 7 BSOD crash on application launch virtual memory options and it seems to have solved this problem I no longer get 'not enough virtual memory' errors This crash only happens with this application I have updated my graphics card drivers to the latest version but [SOLVED] Windows 7 BSOD crash on application launch this did not solve the problem I have attached my Dxdiag txt file giving information on my system and a zip archive of recent Minidump files produced by the BSOD crash I greatly appreciate any [SOLVED] Windows 7 BSOD crash on application launch help you can give me in solving this problem If you require any more information post a reply and I'll get it for you as soon as possible Tommy

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 BSOD crash on application launch

Hi -

Run --

Full system info, please -

Regards. . .


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Good evening to all I'm Random Launch Windows and -_- Ads, to Internet Failure BSOD, currently facing a dilemma regarding my Toshiba Satellite A -S running with an Intel Core Duo CPU T GHz which initially came preinstalled with Windows Vista -bit and was upgraded to Windows Professional -bit almost a year since the upgrade the laptop was given as a graduation gift back in Just yesterday it was fully functioning However I downloaded an xvid codec or something similar which also downloaded ClickPotato in order to watch a movie online First my speakers started going haywire and upon removal of the just downloaded files BSOD appeared It restarted Random Internet Ads, BSOD, and Failure to Launch Windows -_- and I continued to receive the black screen with quot Windows failed to start quot and an error code of x a I learned that that particular code dealt with internal power but even after taking several suggestions no solution was obtained I have a Windows recovery disc that I burned from a website and which has saved me in the past however not this time The most it was able to do was allow Windows to start and give me access to my laptop which I guess is a save in a way When using the internet Mozilla Firefox or whichever the latest is it literally just updated a few hours ago random internet tabs would open not often and continuously but enough to be a pain with websites that were completely unrelated to anything I was searching In Google the quot auto finish quot would be far off from what I planned to type I've gotten several broken links as well Upon shutdown or an attempt to shutdown BSOD appears and does the whole quot crash dump quot thus restarting the laptop even though I'm trying to shut it off Sometimes not all the time I'll get the quot Windows failed to start quot black screen and be forced to boot from my Recovery Disc which times wouldn't work and I would have to repeat the process I do not have the Windows installation disc in my possession nor am I able to obtain it since my laptop was upgraded by a close relative of mine who unfortunately no longer lives near me I've run Malwarebyte's Antimalware Spybot and CCleaner A few trojans were found unfortunately I cannot recall the names for they were quarantined and then deleted and now when I run it nothing is ever found However I know that there must be something on my laptop otherwise this would not be happening I'm posting the DDS text below as well as attaching the GMER text and attach text as was instructed in the quot Read this Before Posting in the Malware Removal Help quot section It should be stated that while running GMER a WARNING box popped up that says that it detected a system modification Any help is greatly appreciated I'm willing to go through whatever treacherous steps are required to fix my laptop I understand that a clean re-installation of Windows would be easiest however seeing as how I do not have the CD in my possession that is not an option Also a factory restore at least to my knowledge would restore it to Windows Vista--an undesirable state Also in case you are wondering what Juniper is listed in my DDS file it's for my university to have access to my laptop in order for me to connect to their wireless internet I know it is not the cause of my problems on account of I've had it continuously installed on my laptop and never have had any issues with it I just thought I would clarify what it was to save time from asking On another note my laptop just crashed minutes ago with another BSOD prompting the same error code of x a oh and another random tab for Weddings just popped up on my internet browser I'm also attaching the requirements listed under quot Blue Screen of Death BSOD Posting Instructions quot in the hopes that one of you may be able to aid me I felt that double-posting under two separate forums for issues that are quite obviously related would be probably a violation of terms Thank you in advance DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by thompson at... Read more

A:Random Internet Ads, BSOD, and Failure to Launch Windows -_-


Welcome to TSF.

Sorry for the delay in getting to you. Please post a fresh set of DDS logs if you are still in need of assistance.

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This is my dump file^

I try to install the program and it gives me PAGED_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA, (somedriver.stx?)
I'm not totally sure what driver or file extension it is though. If anyone wants me to repeat it I can check.

Thanks for the help

A:BSOD trying to install/launch Musescore (music program)


I am extremely sorry that this thread was not attended to. There are not many people in this field.

In case you still require help, kindly respond to this thread and I will be notified via email and you should expect a response from me in 48 hours.

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Very recently and suddenly I ve begun having issues with extreme slowdowns on launching applications and an occasional BSOD stop x This is a networked work computer using windows xp pro sp and the only major change to software prior to the issue was installation of logitech software for my g application Long delay and on launch BSOD occasional mouse I have Long delay on application launch and occasional BSOD already taken the following steps to no effect Defragmented hard drive Error-checked disk Ran rKill and fully scanned system with malwarebytes Checked IDE settings were on DMA via tutorial this exceeded my understanding of what exactly I was doing Disabled unneccessary startup apps Attempted system restore with no noticable effect Memory test was ok This computer is somewhat old and I suspect there may be a hardware issue but I d like to confirm my findings with someone more knowledgable I tried to take a Speccy snapshot but I encounter BSOD everytime I try to run it If anyone can provide a method of fixing the Speccy BSOD or a comparable program for snapshots I ll post it I m an intermediate user at best so I apologize for any misunderstandings or incomplete information Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions -Edit- Just to clarify the BSOD seems to happen at random I didnt mean to imply it was related to launching applications

A:Long delay on application launch and occasional BSOD

Let's try this.Download/install BlueScreenView, .Double-click BlueScreenView.exe file.When autoscan is done (screen comes up), click Edit/Select All...then File/Save Selected Items.Save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt, copy all content and paste it into your next reply.Louis