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BSOD when downloading big files

Q: BSOD when downloading big files


I always get BSOD when i'm downloading a huge file like a game or movie (steam, origin, itunes, etc.) Cant figure out the reason why.

I have attached the diagnostic tool report.

Computer was built September 5th this year, fairly new. BSOD started happening 2 weeks into its life. And the pattern seems to be when I'm downloading, 30-45 mins into DL it'll give me the BSOD.

If anyone can please help me.


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Preferred Solution: BSOD when downloading big files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: BSOD when downloading big files

BugCheck A, {fffffc0004599e8a, 2, 0, fffff80002ab908b}
Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiMapPageInHyperSpaceWorker+1b )
BugCheck A, {fffffc0003b20c9a, 2, 0, fffff80002ae0d67}
Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiPfnShareCountIsZero+77 )
Test and Diagnose RAM Issues with Memtest86+: RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Pay close attention to Part 3 of the tutorial "If you have errors"
Test the RAM with Memtest86+ for at least 7-10 passes. It may take up to 22 passes to find problems. Make sure to run it once after the system has been on for a few hours and is warm, and then also run it again when the system has been off for a few hours and is cold.
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Essentially - every time I download a file (Steam, Internet, etc.) there's a chance after an arbitrary amount of time passes that the PC suffers from a BSOD.

This has occurred since I initially purchased the pre-made PC from, & I've just about had enough of it now.

My PC doesn't seem to be generating .dmp files either (though it did before), as I'm looking in %SystemRoot%\Minidump with nothing there.

Some PC details I've added to my profile, just re-iterating that I'm on Win 7 64-bit, 32gb RAM, i7, with a pair of GTX 970s system.

Any help would be appreciated - I assume a way to generate / locate .dmp files would be a good start..
Thanks in advance!

A:BSOD Downloading Files / Can't Locate .dmp files

With the included DM Log.
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Experience BSOD when I plug in my W(LAN) to test out my new connection speed. I'm on wireless most of the time but today decided to plug into the LAN instead of wireless.

I was downloading some videos over the net and whenever the download speed exceed 6mbps, BSOD appear. Machine wasn't overheating.

Please help.

A:BSOD when downloading files with IDM

Welcome to SevenForums.

Software concerns

Start Menu\Programs\ESET Public:Start Menu\Programs\ESET Public
Start Menu\Programs\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus Public:Start Menu\Programs\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus Public
Start Menu\Programs\McAfee Public:Start Menu\Programs\McAfee Public

The antivirus you are currently using is known and contributing to your BSOD crashes, consider uninstalling it with the McAfee Removal Tool + ESET antivirus(with its removal tool because it contributes in crashes on some systems), replace with Microsoft Security Essentials at least to test and just FYI, keeping two antiviruses will be causing conflicts anyway.

You can however install ESET back if we know that it wasn't contributing in the BSODs, but I dare install Mcafee if it was my PC.
McAfee Removal Tool - McAfee Uninstaller
Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase

Reboot upon the system upon each removal or whenever asked to.

Recommended antivirus program for Windows 7 based on stability compared to others:- Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows
Malwarebytes - The Free version
Good and Free system security combination.
Do not start the free trial of Malware Bytes; remember to deselect that option when prompted.

Run a full scan with both (separately) once downloaded, installed and updated.

System Optimisers
Please remove the following software

Easy Driver Pro c:\program files (x86)\probit software\easy driver pro\dplauncher.exe KS-PC\KS HKU\S-1-5-21-2820397875-4077802676-1707515397-1001\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
Easy Speed PC c:\program files (x86)\probit software\easy speed pc\espclauncher.exe KS-PC\KS HKU\S-1-5-21-2820397875-4077802676-1707515397-1001\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

These software can contribute in BSOD's. For drivers, prefer visiting the manufacturers website for latest drivers. The windows 7 operating system does not require these registry cleaning software. They often tune-down rather than tune-up and can wreck the OS beyond repair. Microsoft have improved Windows 7 significantly and it is much better at organising and optimising itself than its predecessors. Check this, this and this thread for evidence.

If you feel the need to use a registry cleaning or optimisation software, most of us recommend the use of CCleaner but make sure you back up the registry before making letting ccleaner delete anything.

Free up your start-up, keep nothing except the antivirus:Startup Programs - Change
Run the System File Checker that scans the of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible:SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Run Disk Check on your hard disk for file system errors and bad sectors on it:Disk Check
Get the latest drivers for your Video card:

Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\nvlddmkm.sys (, 11.00 MB (11,533,984 bytes), 26/8/2009 2:33 PM)
Click on the Start ► Control Panel ► Programs ► Uninstall a program ► Uninstall everything related to NVIDIA; then delete remnants of its drivers/older drivers using Driver Fusion/Sweeper

Reboot the system whenever asked to.

Download and install the drivers from the link below:Download NVIDIA Forceware 306.97 WHQL Vista 64 -
Check for an update on your BIOS version:

BIOS Version/Date Acer V2.04, 19/10/2009
For monitoring the heat/celsius of the system, use Speccy or HWinfo:Speccy - System Information - Free Download
CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
Keep us posted of the results and further .dmps
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Hi All BSOD Downloading From Internet When Files I have a Windows laptop months old and have had no trouble until last week when i tried to download the BSOD When Downloading Files From Internet new IOS for my Ipad I left the PC running and BSOD When Downloading Files From Internet downloading the file fine but when i returned the BSOD When Downloading Files From Internet screen was black with a message saying disk cable loose no bootable options I rebooted the PC and now every time i try to dopnload a file from the internet that is bigger than a couple of MB it crashes to a BSOD and i get the following failure in Event Viewer Log Name System Source Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Date Event ID Task Category Level Critical Keywords User SYSTEM Computer Billy-PC Description The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first This error could be caused if the system stopped responding crashed or lost power unexpectedly Event Xml lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power quot Guid quot C B A- - C -AC E- C D B quot gt lt EventID gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Billy-PC lt Computer gt lt Security UserID quot S- - - quot gt lt System gt lt EventData gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckCode quot gt lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot SleepInProgress quot gt false lt Data gt lt Data Name quot PowerButtonTimestamp quot gt lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt I've ran chkdsk and it came back fine and also checked the harddrive is plugged in properly which it is Any ideas Billy

A:BSOD When Downloading Files From Internet
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Hell0 all.
have been getting BSOD very frequently of late and the trigger is starting a download from one of two hosting sites i use.

Even thou i have been reading many of the threads on this subject im still lost on this one.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Many Thanks

A:Downloading files triggers BSOD

Update this: Driver Reference Table - k57nd60a.sys and remove IDM: Driver Reference Table - idmwfp.sys
Update or uninstall Logitech software present on your PC.

LGPBTDD.sys Wed Jul 1 20:47:52 2009 (4A4BAF58)
Logitech GamePanel Software

LGBusEnum.sys Tue Nov 24 02:36:48 2009 (4B0B38B0)
Logitech Keyboard

LGVirHid.sys Tue Nov 24 02:36:48 2009 (4B0B38B0)
Logitech Gamepanel Virtual HID Device Driver

IntcDAud.sys Tue Jun 19 16:40:51 2012 (4FE08F73)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Driver

HECIx64.sys Tue Jul 3 00:14:58 2012 (4FF21D62)
Intel Management Engine Interface

ISCTD64.sys Tue Nov 27 20:52:34 2012 (50B51A02)
Intel Smart Connect Technology Driver

k57nd60a.sys Wed Jan 30 01:48:55 2013 (51086DF7)
Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet NDIS6.x Unified Driver

intelppm.sys Thu Aug 22 10:46:35 2013 (5215CFEB)
Intel Processor driver

dump_storahci.sys Thu Aug 22 13:40:39 2013 (5215F8B7)
driver created to provide disk access during crash dump file generation

avgfwd6a.sys Thu Sep 26 09:44:43 2013 (5243E5EB)

igdkmd64.sys Thu Mar 20 16:40:31 2014 (532B0BEF)
Intel Graphics driver

mwac.sys Wed Jun 18 04:07:00 2014 (53A0F444)
Malwarebytes Web Access Control

avgrkx64.sys Wed Jun 18 21:03:17 2014 (53A1E275)
AVG Anti-Rootkit Driver

avgdiska.sys Wed Jun 18 21:03:29 2014 (53A1E281)
AVG Disk Driver

avgidsha.sys Wed Jun 18 21:03:31 2014 (53A1E283)
AVG IDS Application Activity Monitor Helper Driver

avgloga.sys Fri Jul 18 15:53:20 2014 (53C926D0)
AVG Logging Driver

avgldx64.sys Thu Aug 28 21:47:21 2014 (53FF8749)
AVG AVI Loader Driver

mbam.sys Wed Sep 3 19:50:25 2014 (540754E1)

mbae64.sys Mon Sep 8 20:27:15 2014 (540DF503)
MalwareBytes Driver

MBAMSwissArmy.sys Sat Sep 20 00:14:07 2014 (541CAAAF)
Malwarebytes Anti-malware

avgwfpa.sys Wed Sep 24 21:03:37 2014 (54231589)
AVG Firewall driver

avgmfx64.sys Sun Oct 5 21:41:36 2014 (54319EF0)
AVG Mini-Filter Resident Anti-Virus Shield

avgidsdrivera.sys Wed Oct 29 21:35:10 2014 (54514F7E)
AVG IDS Application Activity Monitor Driver

idmwfp.sys Fri Nov 28 16:36:54 2014 (54789696)
Internet Download Manager

Debug session time: Mon Jan 5 20:00:11.216 2015 (UTC + 1:00)
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Mihael\SysnativeBSODApps\010615-13421-01.dmp]
Built by: 9600.17476.amd64fre.winblue_r5.141029-1500
System Uptime: 0 days 0:19:31.891
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for idmwfp.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for idmwfp.sys
Probably caused by : NETIO.SYS (... Read more
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For a while now, I've been having a recurring BSOD giving the message "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". I believe it may be related to something to do with my network settings/drivers, as more recently, I noticed that it occured when I attempted to download game updates that were around 1.5GB in size. I have tried reinstalling networks drivers, but it does not appear to have worked. Any help would be appreciated
Thank you.

A:BSOD during downloading of large files, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

You are right, it is some network issue. But apparently no reason behind such a network crash is not visible in any dumps, which is a sound ground.

If you have any network bandwith monitoring/controlling program, uninstall it as a test. Uninstall peerblock too. Letus see if it causes any difference.
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For some time I have been having a problem with BSOD's whilst downloading torrents It started with uTorrent For ages I could not work out what was happening No matter how large or small the file was BSOD downloading when files x64 Windows 7 torrent in it would crash on me In the end I uninstalled uTorrent and decided to try a different program Vuze Now this one IS a little more successful In the sense that if I am downloading a smaller file it may complete and a BSOD does not occur It seems to me on larger files above what size of file I BSOD in Windows 7 x64 when downloading torrent files am not sure after BSOD in Windows 7 x64 when downloading torrent files a random BSOD in Windows 7 x64 when downloading torrent files amount of time the crash occurs I am assuming that there is some kind of conflict occuring which causes this to happen Now there is one slight possibility that I suspect MAY be the culprit but am unsure and may need confirmation I only first noticed this happening a little while after I bought new memory for my computer I upgraded from Gb of Mhz DDR memory to Gb of Mhz DDR Now my motherboard doesnt operate at Mhz memory speed but have underclocked it to Mhz instead Unfortunately I cannot confirm if this is the case by re-using the previous memory as I seem to have mislayed it somewhere Any help sorting this problem out would be grateful and Ive attached necessary files that your SF Diagnostic tool has grabbed for me

A:BSOD in Windows 7 x64 when downloading torrent files

Hello leegreaves.

Scan the system for possible virus infection.
Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
Windows Defender Offline
Let us know the results.
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Here's what I found via BlueScreenView The AM minidump shows the following filenames in Files Browser Large From Downloading When BSOD red athrx sys ndis sys ntoskrnl exe tcpip sys I've done some searching and it seems this is related to LAN Wifi drivers The AM show the following filename in red ntoskrnl exe This could be related to a myriad of different things Mind you when I did a clean install of Windows bit a few months back I never bothered to install any third party drivers as Windows took care of most of BSOD When Downloading Large Files From Browser that Any BSOD When Downloading Large Files From Browser help on pin-pointing the problem would be greatly appreciated I've gone ahead and attached the minidump files SF Diagnostic Tool zip file as well as the BlueScreenView screenshots Note my laptop is not overclocked and is not overheating System Info OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Premium OS Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation OS Configuration Standalone Workstation OS Build Type Multiprocessor Free System Manufacturer Acer System Model Aspire System Type x -based PC Processor s Processor s Installed AMD Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz BIOS Version Acer V Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Virtual Memory Max Size MB Virtual Memory Available MB Virtual Memory In Use MB

A:BSOD When Downloading Large Files From Browser

An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an
interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high. This is
caused by drivers that have corrupted the system pool. Run the driver
verifier against any new (or suspect) drivers, and if that doesn't turn up
the culprit, then use gflags to enable special pool.
Arg1: 00000004, memory referenced
Arg2: 00000002, IRQL
Arg3: 00000001, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
Arg4: 82b3b943, address which referenced memory
Bug Check 0xC5: DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL (Windows Debuggers)

The kernel attempted to access pageable memory (or perhaps completely invalid memory) when the IRQL was too high. The ultimate cause of this problem is almost certainly a driver that has corrupted the system pool.

If you get no help from that try enabling Driver Verifier,

Run Driver Verifier for 24 hours or the occurrence of the next crash, whichever is earlier.
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable

Driver Verifier will cause your computer to run very sluggishly - this is normal. What it is trying to do is force your system to BSOD and isolate the offending driver/s. When it does, reboot, disable driver verifier, reboot as normal and upload the new dmp file/s here.

I recommend creating a system restore point before turning on driver verifier:
System Restore Point - Create

If your system fails to boot to desktop once driver verifier is enabled, turn it off by booting into Safe Mode:
Safe Mode
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hi my laptop bsod's alot when downloading and i m scared of loosing my data...because it happened to me last time. can some one help me?

A:BSOD's while laptop is idle/downloading files.

Quote: Originally Posted by xxwikkixx

hi my laptop bsod's alot when downloading and i m scared of loosing my data...because it happened to me last time. can some one help me?

Easy, your Norton/Symantec. Remove and replace with Microsoft security essentials

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product | Norton Support
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I have an odd problem I have never encountered before I have a brand new custom built system with the following specs CPU AMD Athlon Socket AM VideoCard MB EVGA GeForce GTX MoBo ASUS Crosshair SLI Motherboard Error when Stop files BSoD downloading - NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP Memory GB Corsair XMS DDR SDRAM OS XP Professional Hard Drive GB Western Digital SATA II GB s NOT set up for RAID Sound Creative Soundblaster X-FI Elite Pro Gaming capabilities are problem free Surfing the internet is problem free Applications seem to run well Problem Whenever I try to download a file from the internet especially large files it will consistently give me a BSoD with the following error message STOP x F x x x BC x D Parameter and are always different but the F and are consistent I d like not to take it back to the builder because everything else is working so well This seems so isolated and may have an easy fix I just don t know what that fix is I ve donated to your site in the past and would be happy to again Thank you for your help VanGoghGuy nbsp

A:BSoD Stop Error when downloading files

I have built a custom computer with an nForce 590 SLI motherboard as well and it sounds like I have the same problem.

My computer specs are:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ AM2
Video Cards: (2) EVGA GeForce 7950GT KO in SLI
Motherboard: EVGA nForce 590 SLI
Memory: OCZ Platinum DDR2 800MHz
OS: Windows XP Home Edition
Hard Drive: 250GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 RPM SATA II
Sound: Integrated Realtec AC97

I do not have an internet connection on the computer described above, but I do have 1Gb ethernet between several of my computers.

I only have a problem when transferring files between my nForce 590 computer and my other computers. When I am sitting at my nForce 590 computer and I try to copy a large file or several small files to it, it will display the BSoD and crash.

I have found that using the other network card on the motherboard will avoid the problem, but I would like to fix the problem.

I have tried using three different nForce 590 motherboards but they all had the same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello there,

recently I start getting BSOD when download any files larger like 3-5mb from internet, I am not sure why is it happening. I will attach minidump files, would be great if somebody could suggest me something.

Many thanks

A:BSOD when I am downloading larger files from the internet. See attach

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1e
BCP2: FFFFFA800931F0F0
BCP3: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:
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Hello ! I need help !!! im getting bsod when i download games via steam or torrent... not happening when i play games or use browser.

I put the crash files... if anyone can read them and get some clue... it's really annoying .,..i need ages to download games like gta 5 because it get bsod after 1 min of starting the download

A:BSOD when downloading large files(eg via steam or torrent)

Quote: Originally Posted by lboomheadshot

im getting bsod when i download games via steam or torrent

Don't download games through torrents then. We don't support piracy on this site.
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The computer run into BSOD for several times, blaming for L1C63x64.sys, which I found is related to NDIS Miniport Driver f , C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\L1C63x64.sys.
My Qualcomm driver is the newest version. I really appreciate you if you could help me.
The attached file shows more details.
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Fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 64 on this machine and it seems to BSOD when downloading large-ish files including Windows Update.

During the Windows Update, it either freezes or BSOD when trying to download too many, and when downloading a larger file I get BSOD.

File attached as per instructions. Hope someone can shed some light on this issue.

Ta muchly in advance

A:BSOD when downloading larger files (including Windows Update)

Start Menu\Programs\GIGABYTE Public:Start Menu\Programs\GIGABYTE Public
Start Menu\Programs\GIGABYTE\AutoGreen Public:Start Menu\Programs\GIGABYTE\AutoGreen Public
Start Menu\Programs\GIGABYTE\ET6 Public:Start Menu\Programs\GIGABYTE\ET6 Public
Gigabyte EasySaver (and EasyTune6 if installed) will cause BSOD's on some Windows 7 systems. Please uninstall it.

Start Menu\Programs\Avira Public:Start Menu\Programs\Avira Public
Start Menu\Programs\Avira\Avira Desktop Public:Start Menu\Programs\Avira\Avira Desktop Public
Start Menu\Programs\Comodo Public:Start Menu\Programs\Comodo Public
Start Menu\Programs\Comodo\COMODO Firewall Public:Start Menu\Programs\Comodo\COMODO Firewall Public
Start Menu\Programs\Comodo\GeekBuddy Public:Start Menu\Programs\Comodo\GeekBuddy Public
Security App
Avira and Comodo are known to cause BSOD's. Please remove and replace with Microsoft Security Essentials to see if it provides more stability. Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software

Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes are recommended from a strict BSOD perspective. They do not cause blue screens on the system as other AV products do.

Microsoft Security Essentials, Free antivirus for windows

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

DO NOT start the free trial of MalwareBytes, unselect that option when prompted.

Make full scans with both separately.

Basic checks:
Please run these tests and report back the results

1. SFC /scannow to check windows for corruption - SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
2. Disk check for errors on the hard drive - How to Run Disk Check in Windows 7
3. Troubleshoot applications by a clean boot - Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
4. Memtest86+ paying close attention to part 3 - RAM - Test with Memtest86+
5. Hard drive test from HDD mfg website - Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
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I'll try to download a file or a flash plugin and they download a little bit and then freeze. I dunno what to do >.<

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I've read at least or different posts about this BSOD however every single stress "stressing" Hard Drive files error / BSOD 0x101 heavy STOP downloading test did not point out anything good Have tried each of them memtest BSOD downloading heavy files / "stressing" Hard Drive error STOP 0x101 prime drive verifier for at least hours each however I have thought pretty interesting things First I used to have those kind of problems with pirated windows I hope it's not a problem to mention past problems of this nature here then after updating to windows BETA BSOD downloading heavy files / "stressing" Hard Drive error STOP 0x101 my BSOD drastically reduced in numbers When again returning to windows BSOD downloading heavy files / "stressing" Hard Drive error STOP 0x101 my BSODs' returned I've read that a clean install might solve the problem I've been trying to install Ubuntu in order to scape windows and it ALWAYS freezes Can this be related Whenever I tried to install either windows or ubuntu using a Pendrive or DVD it always ended up freezing at some point even when my system had no OS and no data recently formatted If the problem is the HD is there some sort of way to prove it I thank your attention in advance Cheers Cyfer P S According to the rules I've attached my dump files and system info in this post

A:BSOD downloading heavy files / "stressing" Hard Drive error STOP 0x101

just got another 4 or 5 BSOD just trying to post this.. I believe this is somewhat internet or driver related.. please help.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
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Funny thing is that i have router and bsod happens parallel(not always) on both computers
please help

A:BSOD while browsing/downloading torrents hal.dll+12a3b bsod/ntoskrnl

Unfortunately the installation is counterfeit.
The Key is that of a Dell OEM computer - and the motherboard is a retail one by Asus.

The best course of action is to:Purchase a legitimate Windows 7 licence.
Format the HDD.
Reinstall Windows and activate.
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I where don't files I the after downloading are going am having a big problem with my computer this started about a week ago When I prompt a file to I don't where the files are going after downloading be downloaded save or just open the window that normally comes when a file is being retrieve comes up and I heard the chime after the file is quot succesfully quot downloaded but it actually never opens I tried to created a file on the desktop and save the I don't where the files are going after downloading files in there and when went back to the file it was empty I tried to restore the computer to the last good working I don't where the files are going after downloading date and I only have the current date on the restore point and that won't solve the problem when I tried to download the Redcure program to solve the restore problem I couldn't go beyond the Run step because after I selected quot Run quot the window showed me the bar that goes across and it desapear and the program is not installed either One thing I've been notice on the computer is that the disk capability increases drastically after I clean temp files yesterday I had g of free space and today I only have mb free What I need to do beside of getting a new laptop Thanks a lot Learpilot

A:I don't where the files are going after downloading

Hello Learpilot,

Please try to scan your computer with Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safety for possible viruses. Get full system scan, it should improve your PC's performance and get rid of junk on your hard disk. Hope it helps.

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I do not know what is wrong.Whenever I double click a file to download it(especially zip files),it started to download and suddenly stop half-way.Therefore powerarchiever cannot open the file as it is not fully downloaded.What setting should I make in order for the file to download fully?Previously I just have to double click on the download link and it will be opened immediately after download and extract to a named location using powerarchiever.Thank you for your advice.

A:Downloading of Files

erichan said:

I do not know what is wrong.Whenever I double click a file to download it(especially zip files),it started to download and suddenly stop half-way.Therefore powerarchiever cannot open the file as it is not fully downloaded.What setting should I make in order for the file to download fully?Previously I just have to double click on the download link and it will be opened immediately after download and extract to a named location using powerarchiever.Thank you for your advice.Click to expand...
Try right clicking on the download file and then click "save target as" then a window will popup with the file name already listed so you just select what location you want to save the file to.

That will let you open it AFTER it downloads.

You really don't need software for downloading run of the mill files or opening them, only propriterary ones. Windows opens all the other files.
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when i try to download a file from internet explorer, i can only open it sometimes. Sometimes it shows an internet explorer symbol at the bottom of the screen where my downloads are shown. the other times it works and shows the "w" for a word document.

any ideas?

A:Downloading files

Hi and Welcome,
It might help if you explain the types of files and which sites - are there some that work and others that don't?

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When downloading files i want it to go to Zip but it keeps going to Internet Explorer and when I hit the Url my computer starts flashing on and off. Please help,

A:Downloading Files

When downloading files i want it to go to Zip but it keeps going to Internet ExplorerClick to expand...

when clicking to download files from the internet, the download opens the default browser. in your case this is Internet Explorer. to change the default browser to another browser of your choice.
either go to default programs on the machine or make the change within your browser.
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Recently when i download a music file, when the download box comes up it gives me the option of run, save or cancel. When I click save the the dialog box says application not file. Even though it is a rar file it says application. When I try to open it after download it wont open. Any help out there? Thanks

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I cannot download anything on my computer I assume it has to do with not having java which for some reason was lost when I went from files Downloading vista to So here is Downloading files what happens The thin bar on the top comes up asking if I trust this download and should let it happen Most the time I will click on it an press the download file option The window pops up with the option of run save or cancel Then whatever one that I choose the progress bar will run and complete the initial setup of the file and then close when it is done When I use the save to something like my desktop it never ends up there is is no where to be found on my computer The next window to actuallly download the file never comes up The real problem is that this happens with java as well as other programs so I do not know for sure if this problem is caused by only not having java Extra information running windows almost always use internet explorer on start up screen for computer when programs are loading it also says dell dock cannot load is not working Any help is appreciated nbsp

A:Downloading files

Do you have another computer you could use? If you think your problem has something to do with Java, you could download the installer on another computer and install it on this computer.
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Hello, this is a question about my wife's computer.

She has a Compaq Presario (256mb ram, Sempron 3100+, 80gb hd)

She recently discovered that she cannot download any programs, it downloads complete but the files are not there even though she chooses it to save to 'My Documents'

Any ideas?

A:Files not downloading.

Hi gamecubefan77

It's likely that the "My Documents" that it is saving to isn't in her currently logged in user "Documents and Settings". If she makes a note of the name of the file downloaded, she can find it using the "search" function available from the Start Menu, or from Windows Explorer. It's likely under a different user account's "My Documents".

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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Ok, Ive Asked Tons Of People For Help, Even The IT Department At My Job -idiots

So If You Can Help Your Totally Rock!

When I Click Download File From A Webpage A Box Normally Would Pop Up Asking Me Were In My Computer I Would Like To Save The File, Then It Will Download.

But Here's My Problem I Accidently Unchecked The Box That Says something like "Prompt Me Were To Save File"

But Now When I Click Download Now Link From A Site The Files Automatically Saves To A Folder That I Dont Want It To.

Just Wondering If Anyone Can Help Me, By Telling Me How I Would Make This Box Pops Back Up So I Can Select The Destination Of My Files. Please Email Me - Joe\

[email protected]

A:Downloading Files With The Web

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab. Scroll down to and put a check mark in the box for "Notify when downloads complete." Click OK. That should restore the download options message window. (You may have to close all instances of IE and then reopen it to convince it to accept the change)
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Recently had some work done on Dell DE051, Windows XP Home, now I cannot download
JPG files, when I attempt the only options "SAVE AS TYPE" is .art and .bmp, even though the picture is a .jpg, this is storing in MY PICTURES file.

A:Downloading JPG Files

Check your temporary internet cache and see if it has been turned off (down to 0) or if it is very small. If so, make it larger. If its already over 100mb or something like that, try empyting that cache and maybe all the caches (cookies, browsing history, etc.) and see if that causes any chage to the better.
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Hi Guys
I was wondering why all of a sudden when downloading files (ie: zip files) i am not given the option as to where I want them placed. I used to get a dialogue box asking me where the destination is to be but now it just starts downloading to a temp file. I cant locate if or where it is putting the
So the question is how do i get the dialogue box back so I can nominate where I can save the file to disk?

Many thx

A:Downloading Files

Hi lozza

Click "my computer"
view -
folder options -
file types -
scroll down to "zip" (this may be Winzip or Winrar) whichever has the .zip extension
highlight the file type
click "edit"
put a tick in "confirm open after download"
click ok twice and your done

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When I try to download a Zip file, IE 6 opens a new page with nothing but a square with a red X. I can download other types of files with no problems. For example an EXE file.I have gone into Options/Security and enabled file downloading. I have windows XP Pro SP2. I did not have this problem before SP2.

A:Downloading Zip Files

Have you tried downloading a unzip utility?
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Whenever I attempt to download a file to the desktop it always comes up as an error. Such as the folder I'm downloading to is write-protected.
Any ideas why this could be happening?

A:Downloading Files

Do you get the same condition if you download the file to another folder?
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I am attempting to download a zip file sent to me by email. Always worked before so I am puzzled. What is happening is that the download gets to the point where it shows that the file" has a few seconds to go." It stays there and finally after a very long time shows "failed". Thanks for any help. I am using firefox browser.

A:Downloading Zip Files

Maybe your antivirus is not happy about it and quarantines it but you don't list which one you use which could be helpful
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Hi there Thank you for the opportunity to state my problem and the files downloading hope that someone can downloading files help me Bless you for the time you take to help others I'm a newbie and hope I have learned what I needed to post to this thread My question is when I download files from the net they open garbled they open with quot type file corel photo-paint quot even the text files The last one I tried to open was a pdf file I have been seeking the answer for weeks Iv'e tried folder options - changing the type file changing the program it opens in internet options asking questions on the net and many other things which I cannot remember my system is Microsoft XP professional Media Center sp intel physical memory mb but appears to be using mb available physical memory mb windows system explorer microsoft word I hope I have given enough information Please help if you can Thank you

A:downloading files

You say the last file you tried to open was a pdf file. Do you have a program such as acrobate reader to view a pdf? If you don't it will open garbled as you have discribed.
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Ok, here is the deal. When I try to download an MP3 file, my save as option is gone. Instead it starts to download the file thru my browser....bottom left computer icon with a red arrow - almost as though I were downloading a Quicktime Movie. When it is finished, it always comes back with an error message saying the plug-in did not do something correctly. Regardless of that, I just want my save as feature to come back. I have looked thru my file types in folder options to check what is the default program for is winamp, which is my preference. Any ideas?

A:Downloading MP3 files

hi jaycjayz,Are you sure that the file link that you are trying to download when you right-click, is a direct link to the MP3. I know it sounds simple but it could be a link to another file or control.Also depends where you are downloading from, the best place I've found is Limewire ... it's great, you can get most general mp3 files - and interestingly for you, they have a file integrity check on you mp3 downloads - it'll tell you if the file you are trying to download is corrupt.Another place for MP3...Limewire...
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When I download a pdf from the Internet, I get the message:
"There was an error opening this document. The file does not exist."
This happens when I try to open the file from its current location rather than saving it first.
Any suggestions?

A:Downloading pdf files

Open Acrobat and set your preferences to:

Display PDF in browser
Allow Fast Web view
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I'm new here and can't seem to follow this thread. I'm having trouble with my Norton 2005. I want to download the Norton uninstall but like some others here I cannot download it "page cannot be displayed" I've tried about 12 times over 3 or 4 days. Soundy or MHhelp or anyone else did you resolve how to downlaod the 3 files from Norton?
MHhelp said:

Since I had Norton 2005, it says to use symnrt.exe to remove, but I can't get the download. Should I use the old one anyway?

btw, can't download that one either.

Both say "cannot find server".Click to expand...

A:Downloading NAV files

Hi and welcome. I've split you off into your own thread for better assistance.
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Every day a csv file is downloaded to our desktop which is used by another program. How do I make firefox overwrite the file each time it is downloaded as opposed to adding the (1) after the name of the file?

A:How to get rid of (1) when downloading files...

Hi joshfrogs,

One way is to set Firefox to ask where to download a file to - Tools, Options, Main, check 'Always ask me where to save files' in the Downloads section, OK. If the file exists in that location then you have the option of overwriting it.

I guess the reason FF adds the number is because, for example, many program installers are called simply 'Setup.exe' and so everything but the last downloaded file of this name would be lost otherwise.
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When i turn Self downloading files my computer on mainly when i click on my internet i m using opera a pop up comes up saying well an internet explorer download file comes up asking me Self downloading files if i want to open save cancel it all it is its a Html file and its called thnallac html and even if i turn my browser off and i m just on my desktop it comes up saying the same thing do you wish to download this file It happens about - times a day then it gives up ive ran ad-aware my norton and Hi-jack this has picked nothing up I ve even downloaded this file to see what it is all it does is take you to a webpage with lots of funny symbols on it then i ran ad-awre and everything again and there are no problems All this thing does is come up with an I E explorer download pop up and it keeps coming and i want rid of it any ideas Cheers nbsp

A:Self downloading files

Download and install HijackThis using the "self extractor". Run it and select "do a system scan and save the log file". Then copy/paste the contents of the log to a reply

We will probably move this thread to the Security forum if it appears you are heavily infected or need advanced help.
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I recently bought a new laptop with Windows 8 installed. I had no trouble downloading an .exe program file previously, but now nothing happens when I try to run the program. I've run another fix mentioned on this forum, and after rebooting, I get the same results. Any suggestions?

A:.exe files not downloading

Hello Carlivia, and welcome to Eight Forums.

After you download the file, see if unblocking it first may help.

If not, then do you have a 3rd party AV or firewall program installed? If so, you might check to see if they are blocking them. Be sure that the .exe is safe before adding it to the safe list though.

Hope this helps,
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Hi All I'm having real problems I'm running Vista Ultimate and have never had any problems until a few days ago Now I can't download any exe programs Basically it brings up the box saying quot Run quot or quot save quot if I click on either it says downloading exe file files please with downloading .exe Help and starts the download once it gets to the box closes and nothing else happens Even if i select quot save target as quot etc i get the same thing I've tried saving to desktop in order to be able to see the downloaded Help with downloading .exe files please file but nothing Basically as soon as it says verifying the box closes and nothing else happens Not only that but my AVG anti virus has stopped working When I try turning it back on it says quot unable to run quot If I try running AVG manually I get - quot Your application has failed to stert because it's side-by-side configuration is incorrect Please see the application event log for more details quot I have no idea what this means it didn't do this a couple of days ago and I haven't changed anything on my system myself I am unable to just download AVG again as I can't download any exe file as mentioned above Are the two problems linked I have been searching for hours on the net but haven't found anything that can help me I hope some of you have some ideas Many thanks Paul

A:Help with downloading .exe files please

Just a shot in the dark, but have you checked in your browser preferences to see where the downloads go, usually makes a "Downloads" folder. Even though your download box closes right away doesn't necessarily mean that it's not saving your downloads.
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When trying to download a file the popup comes up save run etc when i click Downloading Files save norton says Downloading Files it couldn t download file but shows the file as safe I see the download to but get the couldn t download message No matter what file i try the only way i can download something sometimes is to save to a flash drive Download is enabled under internet options I have disable my norton protection still nothing I downloaded your tsg file by saving to my flash drive to get my sys info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Genuine Intel R CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R GM Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Sony Corporation VAIO Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled Hope you can help me Thanks in advance GiGi nbsp

A:Downloading Files

You usually download to the Downloads folder ? If so, go check the folder's Properties > Security tab, See if you have the right to 'write' to the folder.

Other than that, the other thing I would try is to uninstall Norton, and also run their own removal tool, from here:

Then see if you can download.
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Hi. My name is John, and I am having problems downloading files. I don't know what happened to my computer. It was working fine until my stepson installed a wireless-G Broadband Router. He ran the disc for installation then my computer changed. I cannot download McAffee Stinger or other files. I received the message, "Internet explorer cannot download stinger.exe from Internet explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later."

I hope you can help with this.

A:Downloading Files

Try downloading Stinger from the link below.
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I love downloading files, doesn't matter what, freeware, shareware, mp3s (legal naturally) - mostly just to see how things work, etc. On my old computer I downloaded a lot of card games and never had a problem. Just bought a Dell 8100 Pent. 4. Can't download very much anymore and not sure why. Zip, exe, or mp3 files are saved as compressed files or htm files. Instructions say to right click and save target as and then change the file type to the appropriate extension. The selection of file types is nonexistent - only shows html. How do I get the file extensions to show. I'm using Dellnet if that makes a difference. I can't play anymore. Help - I'm a learner so need simple help.
Thanks. By the way, does anyone have any sites about computers, the internet, etc. that are easy to understand.

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When scanning and downloading a file that I receive by email I’m giving the option of;

“Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer”.

If I select to open the file the system downloads the file and launches the program to see the file (Adobe, Word, etc.) Then after the program opens I get the message:

“There was an error opening this document. This file can not be found”

I use to be able to open files that I downloaded from my email without saving to my computer. I have not knowingly changed anything in my system that would make it not work.
Could I have accidentally erased the temporary file location where the new file is stored? If so where would that be and how would I fix it?

I’m currently run XP Home Edition and my browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.

A:downloading files

well there has been an email being sent around that has a virus on it. Is the email from a crediable source?
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Hi im using my laptop to download a file of the internet its connected for acer signal up to my router (belkin54g) but when i download stuff its stop and then i have to restart it is there away or a download maanger that will letme download the 1st time
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I'm guessing I'm alone on this as I've never seen it with my mem causes Downloading leak! files many searches Everytime I DL with either my browser or steam my memory goes up and stays up even after the download My Hijack this log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v FIREFOX x en-US Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe C Program Files x IObit Smart Defrag SmartDefrag exe C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Ink TabTip exe C Program Files x Downloading files causes mem leak! AceLogix StartupGuard SG EXE C Program Files x RocketDock RocketDock exe C Program Files x ClipboardHistory ClipboardHistory exe C Program Files x NEC Electronics USB Host Controller Driver Application nusb mon exe C Program Files x Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exe C Program Files x Avira My Avira Avira OE Systray exe D TZO GAMES Steam Steam exe D TZO GAMES Steam bin steamwebhelper exe D TZO GAMES Steam bin steamwebhelper exe D TZO GAMES Steam bin steamwebhelper exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Downloading files causes mem leak! x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome Downloading files causes mem leak! exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Adobe Adobe Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements PhotoshopElementsEditor exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x AniFX AniFX exe C Program Files x AniFX AniFX exe C Program Files x AniFX AniFX exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x FastStone Image Viewer FSViewer exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files HIJACK THIS HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink p LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink p LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook SearchHook Class - BC E AB-EDA - - F-CE B C F A - C Program Files x DeviceVM Browser Configuration Utility AddressBarSearch dll F - REG system ini UserInit userinit exe O - BHO IE x- x BHO for Internet Download Accelerator - A - C A- C - A A- FB F F B - C PROGRA IDA idaiehlp dll O - BHO flashget urlcatch - F -AA - B - F D- A B E EF - C Program Files x FlashGet jccatch dll O - BHO Increase performance and video formats for your HTML lt video gt - E D- - FD- C - A F - C Program Files x DivX DivX Plus Web Player ie DivXHTML DivXHTML dll O - BHO Search Helper - EBF - F- bff-A F-B E AAC B - C Program Files x Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack Search Helper SearchHelper dll O - BHO Java Plug-I... Read more

A:Downloading files causes mem leak!

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My computer wont allow me to download software or updates.
My virus program isn't picking it up.
What can I do.Thanks

A:Having problems downloading files

Will it download any type of file?
Can you surf the internet properly?
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my question is that i have to download this long mpg for my business (43000K) and (10000K) but when they are downloading...they just download till like a quarter way thru...and then they play juz the 25% how do i make the whole thing download and also another question is that how do i make these mpg and avi files download FASTER...i mean they are SO SLOW to there anything I can do? thanks

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i have windows xp and im trying to download stuff like an adobe reader file and when i click it to down load this box drops down and ask me to click it to ok the file for down load so i do and it starts i click save then the files go over to the little folder and it stops and wont keep going. i am having this problem with everything i try to download. any help?

A:Trouble Downloading Files

Try using 'Download Accelerator Plus' Its free to try. You obviously have a problem in windows but please try DAP 1st just to check if that can download anything. This should eliminate any doubt that your internet connection may be causing the problem. Then we can take it from there
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I am using Lenovo Notebook G50-70 with Windows 8.1 OS. I am facing the problem of downloading corrupted files through internet. They are unable to open or non of them r installing in my pc..
Please can u tell me what is the reason for this issue, and what could be the solution for it ?

A:About downloading corrupted files

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Hi...
I am using Lenovo Notebook G50-70 with Windows 8.1 OS. I am facing the problem of downloading corrupted files through internet. They are unable to open or non of them r installing in my pc..
Please can u tell me what is the reason for this issue, and what could be the solution for it ? this is through different browsers? And different file types such as images, documents, videos?
Is your internet connection stable?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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I have a problem downloading PDF files I have an SSD C drive gb gb free which I use to run all my programs and a second drive D that I use mainly as storage Every time to files I downloading PDF second problem a have a I try to download a PDF file even as small as k to the D drive I get a message window pop up headed Acrobat Reader saying The disk you were saving to or the disk used for temporary files is full Free some space on this disk and then try again or save I have a problem downloading PDF files to a second to a different disk Even though there is gb free I have no problem saving it to the C drive and then if I drag it over to the D drive I also have no problem Can anyone give me any suggestions as how to fix this as it is very annoying PS- I have the latest version of Acrobat and the problem was the same on earlier versions Cheers Bob
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Hello, Everyone, with my dell dimension 5000 now I have the following problem:

So If I download a file at a speed of 3mb/s or less the hardware interrupts go up to 27% (depends ons mb/s I have for the file) cpu usage (same with utorrent) Can someone help me fix this please ?? everytime I download a file it just eats my cpu
I have attached some screenshots:

A:Help with interrupts while downloading files

Some help please if you want more info ask me. any suggestions are welcome
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Where do they download to? The selected download spot for my usual downloads which is the "Downloads" Folder, doesn't have any RAR files in it. But when they're done downloading they open WinRAR. I'd like to know so I can delete them off my PC since most of the time their CDs that I Drag and Drop to my Music Folder

A:Downloading .RAR Files in Firefox

If they open Winrar then you have set them to open instead of save
They'll be in one of the temp folders or even in FF's cache.
In Firefox, click Tools, Options, applications tab, under the content column, check for RAR and set it to what you'd like best

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Hi all i have a problem downloading program files off sites like znet or the microsoft Programs Or Downloading Files site and others the download gets to around - then stops it just sits there and stays on what it stopped at like its frozen or timed out I did not have this problem Downloading Files Or Programs a couple of weeks ago every thing was ok I switched the firewall off and tryed but no joy there it still stops I use a netgear adsl firewall router to connect but this seems ok as i have another pc connected to the router amp all is ok plus i can still go online amp browse and read my emails so i dont think its a connection problem i also scan my comp regulary with avast amp Super Anti Spyeware Pro amp found nothing There is not much clutter on the hard drive as i also use ccleaner and the hard drive is about month old as i had to install a new one and reinstall the os every thing works fine appart from this new download problem Thanks all amp here are some pc specs Ian os win xp home sp security avast SAS pro firewall built in to router fijitsu seamans scalio p pentium HT GHz GIG SDRAM GIG sata hard drive Netgear DG ADSL Firewall Router

A:Downloading Files Or Programs

By way of testing I would do the following.1 > test using another browser. If you are currently just using IE -- test with Firefox or Opera. Make sure you are downloading to a specific location -- such as the desktop. The file should appear even if not fully downloaded. Determine whether the problem is related to the size of the download.2 > test using another User Account. You can temporarily enable the "Guest" account in Control Panel > User Accounts for this.3 > test doing a "clean boot":Run msconfig and select the "Services" tab. Check "Hide Microsoft Services" and then disable the rest. Also uncheck "load startup group" on the general page.See this link for detailed information:;EN-US;310353 restart and test the issue at handIf no problems, run msconfig and recheck half the disabled items on the Services tab. Test again. If the problem recurs, UNcheck half the items you just checked to narrow down the culprit.If the problem didn't occur, check the other half, so all the Services are enabled -- proceed to do this on the startup tab as well.Get the idea? You want to isolate the problem to a specific startup if possible.Note: if you already have items unchecked under msconfig > startups and are in "selective" startup mode ??????? you should note what these are before beginning. They will need to be de-selected again.4 > Finally, you could try doing a system restore to a date prior to the problem -- this tends to resolve most issues that are not hardware or User Profile related. They can be undone if not helpful.
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I can't download zip files from a website where I am a member of a group I can download htm and txt files with no problem The files are Trouble zip downloading files there I can get them from the office but not from home At home I can download zip files from BC for instance hijackthis zip comes in with no problems Any clues Where do I begin looking Please point Trouble downloading zip files me in the right direction Without too much understanding I've looked at IE settings ZoneAlarmSuite settings privacy settings mobile code few others and can't find anything resembling 'block zip files' This is the exact IE message I just removed a bunch of blank lines from it You are not authorized to view this page You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the f grp yahoofs com home page You can click Search to look for information on the Internet HTTP Error - Forbidden Internet Explorer Edited - system description I forgot to includeWindows XP home sp IE Hope you don't need any more I can't copy and paste itZoneAlarm Suite Pest Patrol keeps pests out all the time also
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Hello friends,
the only reason for asking this questions on this forum is because the FDM forum couldn't help me with this. So back to basics 7forum. Here is my problem: I'm using FDM Build 931(free download manager) to download any files/applications etc from internet. It also downloads torrent files but it doesn't seems to be working for me as it seems that i may not be doing this correctly...I'm able to download any other files except torrent files.
Here is the screenshot of the options for BitTorrent:
Attachment 109470
So guys please help as i need this going as in our world (country) 2Mbps is Dream never come true situation while in US or many other nations thats 60-70% customer's avg speed. Without FDM my network will take atleast 25-35 days to download a 750MB file.

A:Help with downloading torrent files through FDM

I was FDM user and could use it just fine, no need to modify any setting. Perhaps you changed something? Have you tried reinstall the FDM?
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After upgrading IE 9 to IE 11, we have been encountering this prompt
This webpage displays in 'Microsoft Word'. Do you want to disable Enhanced Protected Mode to run the control? You should only do this if you trust the site.
upon downloading doc files. The issue does not occur for docx, xls and xlsx.

The prompt would kill the file download process of doc file for an application we are using but we could not turn off EPM due to our company's security policies. Does anyone know what is the root cause of this issue and/or have a permanent
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Hello All,

I have a network of more than 200 users and I want to Block Downloading in ISA server I`m already blocking FTP, Can anyone tell me how can I don that Coz I think there`s a way of blocking some files types like exe,mpeg,mp3 but I don`t know how!

Waiting for Your Reply
Best regards

A:How to block Downloading files on ISA

Please still didn`t get any help
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Hi there,All of a sudden I can't download any exe or zip files to my computer. Tried to install an update of a raw converter, when problem was there all of a sudden. Many websites don't open up or just with a blank page including the website! Tried several things to solve problem including restoring Windows 10 to an earlier point (last update is from Oct 4, major update from Oct 6, I restored back Oct 4, hoping to solve my problem), let run a clean and restore, with no success, did run troubleshooting, with no success. Never had this before, don't know what to do with this. Have Windows Firewall on , also run Trend Micro Maximum Security, which, in case it is a virus, didn't recognize it. I have Windows 10 on a laptop - no problems there. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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I have a web page with links pointing to movies on
a Windows share: file:////SERVER/movies/movie.mkv
Clicking on such a link starts playing the movie in vlc.
Starting with IE10 it works only if the movie is smaller
than 4 GB. If the filesize exceeds 4 GB, IE10 tells me
"This page cannot be displayed". How can I fix this ?

A:IE10 not downloading files > 4 GB

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Are you viewing this move via a home server?
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I recently downloaded some jpeg files from a "hidden source" thru a software package called Amipic Sharemaster.
It seems as though I have been totally sucked in, because the files I received appeared as small coloured rectangles which I can't access.

I'm certainly not tech. minded; hence the tag Techdummy48. So what ever help you can give will need to be spelt out for a beginner.
The files may have some sort of encryption I'm not aware of and that's why they look like they do. They all have around 23 digits plus the words jpeg image next to the picture icon.

At this stage that's all the info I can give you.

Look forward to some suggestions.

Thanks, Techdummy48

A:Downloading Jpeg files

What is the extension of the files? Right click on the file(s) select properties and look at the .extension

Other than that we do not give advice about any file sharing programs.
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I am trying to connect my new Win XP m/c to my old Win 98 m/c via the parallel cable to upload my existing files to my new XP m/c. Can anyone advise how to get the two PC's to talk to each other please. . Alternatively if you could advise how I can connect via the LAN cable this woud help as well.

I appreciate the help

A:Downloading files from Win98 PC to XP PC

Well I have not worked with 98 SE in along time, but I will try to help. First off does the 98 m/c have an Ethernet jack? Second, Windows XP has a wizard to transfer files from one computer to another, first go to START, then go to ALL PROGRAMS, then go to ACCESSORIES, then go to SYSTEM TOOLS, then go to FILES AND SETTINGS TRANSFER WIZARD. When you do that then it will ask you if this is your old computer or new computer, (DO THIS ON YOUR NEW ONE WITH XP) click on new one and it will configure your computer. Other then that I'm not sure what else you can do, except for getting Norton Ghost Program and do it that way also. Good luck
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Hi It often occurs to me problems with downloading executable files from the net I start the download select a directory often Desktop and after a while sometimes it halts saying that the file cannot be saved in that directory even though it have already started downloading for several seconds The harddrive has plenty of space I have an admin account running I have write rights as far downloading .exe-files with Problem as I know not exactly sure how to check it for sure When the problem occurs I try to put it Problem with downloading .exe-files in a different directory most times it works but sometimes it wont accept that directory either I never had this problem in Windows XP Another question about executables when trying to remove a folder with an executable file in it cant be done until I have removed the executable file Any other files in it is okay but the executable makes it think it is in use and folder cant be removed Any solution for these problems Thanks in advance

A:Problem with downloading .exe-files

What antivirus are you running on the system? Does it display any alarms after running a scan?

Please follow this guide here to perform a System File Check of Windows:

How to run SFC /scannow from Command Prompt - Tech Support Forum
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I just bought my new HP yesterday and today I used it in school in order to download the teachers power point and to view them. It all worked fine until after about 1 hour later when my computer randomly started converting the files into unreadable material for any program and refused them their .ppt file which they still were in as my friend had no problem downloading them to her computer. I dont know if it can have anything to do with the McAfee security program and that it started to block these files for some reason? I tried to view the settings but it all seemed right. I do not know how to do, it is impossible trying to opening the files with power point as they do not exist in that format once I click on them. Please help.

A:Converting files when downloading them

Hello @SofiaMaria, Thanks for joining HP Support Forums! I see that you are experiencing issues while trying to open powerpoint files on your new laptop. I will do my best to assist you with this issue. Let?s try to download a power point file first. Now I understand it will change to a different format as soon as you click it. Still I would like you to give a right-click on the file and then choose ?Open with?. You will get a list of programs, choose power point if you have an option. If you cannot see the power point program, then click on ?Choose Default Programs?. In the new pop-up window, select ?Other Programs? and select ?Microsoft PowerPoint? and select ok. I hope that should work. But if you still have issues, please reply with some images of the document format and the error so that I should be able to get a better handle on the issue. Cheers  Please click "Accepted Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution. To show appreciation for my help, please click the "Thumbs Up Icon" below!
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Hi I use Windows XP I ve downloaded hundreds of jpeg files to my computer burned them to a cd then deleted them from my computer I can see the pictures when I insert my cd into my computer and the jpeg files will open Just days ago when I try to download a jpeg file one of two things will happen files jpeg downloading Either the file will dowload as jpeg or the file cannot be downloaded as jpeg Instead when I right click and get quot save as quot my only choices are to save the jpeg file as ART or Bitmap For the few files that downloaded as jpeg when I try to open them I get a blank screen with quot no preview available downloading jpeg files quot in the center The Bitmap files can downloading jpeg files be opened I ve read a lot of the forum where a number of jpeg questions are posted and I followed some instructions but nothing seems to work I read that bitmap is a better quality pic than jpeg but bitmap will not play on a dvd player but jpeg will so if I want to use the files in a presention maybe I can convert them to jpeg How would I do that Thanks so much for your help Tom nbsp

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Running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

I have an issue, if I download zipped music files from my ISP.
The download stops and looks like finished. But it's not finished.
There are errors about the same, when I want to open the zipped file.

On my windows xp computer there is no problems. The download get finished ok, and the total content is there.

What can be wrong ?. It seems to be on the W7U computer the culprit resides.

This is what I get when downloading zipped files:

[Window Title]
Compressed (zipped) Folders Error
Windows cannot open the folder.
The Compressed (zipped) Folder 'C:\Users\PSDR\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\30PGD5XM\' is invalid.

A:Issue when downloading ZIP files.

instead of choosing to open the file, choose to save it (select location if required) then try and open it. If compression methods unknown to widows have been used you may require a 3rd party compression app e.g. 7-Zip
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i just installed SBC DSL and i cant download any files from the internet. a box appears and it says that some file may be harmful to my computer then it gives me options like open it from current location save it and cancel. both open and save it dont work. i click on them and nothing happens the box is still there. can anyone help me with this problem. Cancel works fine. i have windows me.

A:Problem downloading files!

What, this started to happen right after u installed dsl?

Shouldn't happen. Try downloading with a different browser, like firefox (the best, safest & fastest browser in the world)

Oh wait, if you can't dl stuff, you cant dl that....damn.

Got any other browsers installed?
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Hey everyone, I'm having trouble downloading PDF files. I downloaded Adobe Flash Player but before I did this, I opened the specific file using Word Notepad and it turned out encripted. Now, even though I've downloaded Adobe Acrobat it still only opens the PDF file in notepad. Can anyone help?

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If I need to download something (whether it be through Ctrl+S or it prompting me to download it from a file sharing site like Mega), the dialogue box deosn't pop up for like 30-40 minutes, and it only pops up occasionally. This happens on all sites I've tried.

Also, my page just freezes constantly. Anyone have any fixes?

Here's what I've tried so far:

- Turning off developer builds
- Clearing cache
- Rebooting
- Uninstalling and reinstalling
- Disabling all extensions
- Changed tle location of the downloads folder
- Unticking the "Ask me where to save each file before downloading option"
- Changing browser to see if it works in FF (it does)
- Resetting Chrome

I'm running W10 on a PC, 44.0.2403.130 m.
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I use Windows interconnect sharing on two pc's. On the slave I can access internet sites and down load PDF files but on the main PC I get the message "Cannot connect to site......".

What could be causing this problem?
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Hi Tech Support Guys My PC running XP Pro began hanging up a couple of weeks back After attempting to shut down using Turn Off Computer downloading when Hangs XP Pro files at the Start button and attempting to shut down the process in Task Manager I did a hard Reset Iusing the PC s reset switch of my machine Since then it has been hanging XP Pro Hangs when downloading files again and again It will not let me download files including HijackThis I can save files if they are zipped or in RAR format I ve reinstalled and or repaired XP several times since then I repaired it this morning and thought I XP Pro Hangs when downloading files had it The repair worked better than the reinstall However my version of XP Pro is just XP I had XP SP originally when these problems began and have downloaded SP on one but not all of my reinstallations and repairs Sometimes I can t even display the My Computer screen If I continue to reset the PC long enough I eventually get to the XP Pro Hangs when downloading files point where XP fails to boot It gives me a missing lt Windows root gt system hal dll message When this happens I reinstall XP My guess is that I m losing my Windows profile or settings because I m not waiting for Windows to shut down completely by itself This is after waiting a minimum of minutes each time after shutting down if it indeed gets to the shut down screen I do have the dreaded Welcome screen which I ve been reading a bit about on this and other forums I ve still not figured out a way to get rid of it I m running the Seamonkey browser with download manager I ve tried not using the download manager but this didn t help I m about ready to go purchase a new Vista machine at Circuit City because I ve got to get some InDesign documents printed by July Any ideas why this is all happening Is there a place I can get HijackThis in a zip or RAR format Thanks for your help Happy Trails Bill B Pittsboro NC nbsp
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I am having problems when downloading then playing mpg files or playing cds/dvds to get them to play on anything other than VLC player. My main PC and old laptop are fine but never had this problem. I keep getting error messages including might be a codec problem but don't understand this and if it is what do I need to do?
Hope you can help.


A:Downloading and playing mpg files

Hello Steve

If you have this problem with Windows Media Player you probably need to install codec package.
I recommend you to install K-lite codec package or even K-lite mega codec package.

It is simply to find it. Use Google and you will find it after few clicks only.
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I hope someone can help me,I have a problem downloading files /programmes.
My download seems to start off well then gradually slow down and stop then lie dormant for 10 mins or so then load .
this happens with youtube as well as file downloads.
I have Kaspersky running.
My broadband says i am running fine
appreciate any help i can get on this matter
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When downloading episode clips from TV shows in order to compile videos or whatever,
I accidentally clicked to not ask where to send the files when done.
It has the setting of Downloading to: Temporary Files
And once I download a file, I can't find it anymore.
How do I reset my choice and send the file somewhere else?
Thanks in advance.
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Hey, i'm having trouble downloading any files from my computer on the internet because everytime i click on the download link a message comes up and it reads with the box labeled Security Alert "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded." This happens when i try to click on any type of file on the internet. That means i cant downlaod any files from the internet. I dont know if i clicked on something or did something that i wasnt suppose to because i never ahd this problem before until today. Can anyoen help me out on this problem so i can download files from the internet again. Thanks you in advance.

A:Downloading files question

you could try reseting the security settings in IE back to the default level. you'll find it in tools>options.
if you have a 3rd party firewall running, you could try shuting it down to see if it is stopping you downloading images/files.
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A Funny thing is happening to my Laptop since yesterday.... Everytime I go to download a file from any web site.....the sysytem shuts down and restarts????? It happens in EXPLORER as well as FIREFOX.... Any clues ?? Or is my laptop on a ¨ DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA ¨ trip

Thanks in advance: eek:

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For Christmas, my son got an mp3 player for his Juice Box (made by Mattel). We are both completely inexperienced with mp3s, and I have spent literally hours trying to find a website where we can (legally, of course) download songs for his player. The main problem we are encountering is that most of the sites require Windows 2000 or XP. We only have Windows 98. Does anyone know of (or can help me find) a music download site that is compatible with Windows 98? Is there any other way we can get songs for his player besides putting our own CDs onto our computer? He doesn't want THOSE songs...

I know, we need to join the 21st Century, but a new computer and an iPod just aren't in the budget...

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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hello everybody...i was hoping someone here could help me with my problem....

my problem is that i cant download .exe files from many sites...the only site i can download from is download . comm.......but other sites like themexp . comm i have no success in downloading the files....

whenever i try and download it would get to 99% then it would try to send to my computer and then give me an error saying ....

cannot copy ********.exe. Cannot read from source file or disk.

and this has happened many times on many different sites....and its not that the website is i am wondering if any1 can help me with this problem...thankyou very much

i am running windows xp home edition sp2 2002

A:problem with downloading exe files

It sounds that the problem is not yours but these sites. Maybe they are so busy that you can't download exe file completely. Did you try it again when the problem happened? Here, I used to search and download any software. I never met that problem you said. Download any exe file quickly and safely.
Try it!
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When I click on this link for example, I get an icon of HDD with a red arrow pointing to in the bottom LH corner of the screen, then the message "Installing components", then another HDD icon with the message "Done".

But all I get is a little white box icon with a red cross in it in the top LH corner of the screen.

A:Trouble when Downloading PDF files

IS this for a PC or Mac
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When i try to download a game or something, My computer downloads it as a .ZIP.How can i make it download just files? no .ZIP?

A:My Copmuter Downloading ZIP files

You would have to find a site that offers the same product in an unzipped package. Usually they are zipped to make the download take less time. Are you downloading from a specific website?::mike
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Why can't I access certain documents? I turned the Accounts Control off, but that didn't do the job.

A:trouble downloading certain files.

Originally Posted by mjlop30

Why can't I access certain documents? I turned the Accounts Control off, but that didn't do the job.

Do you have the software on your PC to access the documents?
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If I need to download something (whether it be through Ctrl+S or it prompting me to download it from a file sharing site like Mega), the dialogue box deosn't pop up for like 30-40 minutes, and it only pops up occasionally. This happens on all sites I've tried.

Also, my page just freezes constantly. Anyone have any fixes?

Here's what I've tried so far:

- Turning off developer builds
- Clearing cache
- Rebooting
- Uninstalling and reinstalling
- Disabling all extensions
- Changed tle location of the downloads folder
- Unticking the "Ask me where to save each file before downloading option"
- Changing browser to see if it works in FF (it does)
- Resetting Chrome
- Trying various Conpatibility settings (none, W8, W7)

I'm running W10 on a PC, 44.0.2403.130 m.

A:Chrome Not Downloading Files

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

How does Edge/IE perform for you? Are there any issues there?
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So I have the latest version of Windows XP Pro Sp2 with all the updates downloaded.

Whenever I want to download a file off of internet explorer, when I hit the Save button, it requires I hit it anywhere between 2-4 times then it goes?

I suspect registry problems with internet explorer.

Any ideas?

A:Problem with downloading files!

try using firefox instead internet explorer. it's a far superior product. and use the download there. same result?
you can down load and install firefox from http:// here/
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sir , i have windows 8 pc and whatever files i am downloading are downloaded in .exe extention,is that a virus activity , and if it is tel me the solution. please help??

A:why all my files are downloading in .exe extention.

They should only be exe files if they are programs.Malware activity is possible, run these three small freebies in the order given:AdwCleaner: "Download Now" button on right).Download and "Save" the file somewhere. Go to the saved file then double click it to run the program. Use the "Scan" button, followed by the "Clean" button.Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) Download button).Download and "Save" the file somewhere. Go to the saved file then double click it to run JRT. It might appear to have stopped at times or flash the screen but sit tight until it has finished.MalwareBytes: the "download" button rather than the "buy" button).Install and Run the program but before running the Scan go to "Settings > Detection and Protection" and put a checkmark in "Scan for rootkits". Quarantine anything it finds. Please copy/paste the logs on here - further steps might be required.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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I can't even download yahoo messenger. I thought it was an administrator issue but now I'm not so sure. I have full access. Error message states:Window cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Problems downloading ANY net files

If you have a Firewall "Turn it Off", sometimes they block all downloads.
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Hello I am a first time poster I have run into a majorly bizarre problem Everything installed perfectly especially windows XP with service pack HOWEVER when I attempt to download files corrupted mostly Downloading something off the internet most of the files are corrupt At first I thought it was nothing But then I realized that most zip rar and unpacking files were all corrupt I file saved a google image and that was fine I am also able to browse the web just fine I have downloaded several programs and they seemed to install Downloading mostly corrupted files and work just fine It seems to occur most often in the unpacking or unzipping files Why are quot most quot of these files becoming corrupt Any ideas Thank you so much to whoever reads this and has any idea here are my specs AMD X Geforce GT sticks of ram ABIT - KN SLI motherboard Maxtor hard drives respectively Also note when I did the windows install it was on the previously used hard drive I did a quick format on it and layed windows xp with SP I use SBCGLOBAL YAHOO for the DSL connection

A:Downloading mostly corrupted files

Sometimes this happens when you are losing packets or information. Your DSL Line may be far from the DSL station causing your PC to sometimes drop the connection. Try this:

Start>Run>type "cmd" w/o quotes. Then type in the window


where is the name of the website where you have corrupt files comping from. See if you get any "lost" packets.

If the files are all from the same website they could have also gotten errors when they were uploaded to the website server such as it did not fully upload.

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i am new to this! i need help.
when i download files everything seems to work until it is "completed" downloading. if i select "run" nothing happens, if i download to a location the file does not appear in that location. weird and annoying. can anyone help?

A:problem downloading files

Hello and welcome to TSF:

Do you have a firewall? This actually sounds like what happens when you have two firewalls running; say a hardware (Router with NAT) and a software one.
The final "closing" bit is blocked. Thus the download shows as complete, but the file is never saved from temp storage to the designated location and if you attempt to run it it will not open.

Are you using any download accellerators or a download manager?
Do these files you are downloading have an MD5 checksum posted so that you can verify the integrity of the files?

I am presuming you are using internet explorer and you mean legitimate downloads of programs from sites like or

Can you tell us any more information which may be useful. Has this always been a problem? Do you have dialup , DSL, or cable internet?
Do you have all your windows updates.
Are these downloads associated with a specific site?
Do you use a popup blocker?
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I seem to have lost the ability to download any files from links on the internet or email attachments. I'm specifically trying to work with an attachment (PDF file).

I click the link and it automatically tries to open it in a browser window. It does not give me the option of saving it. I'm not able to right-click and get it to save either. The browser page opens and I get an error message that says the file cannot be saved because the source file cannot be read.

I get the same message when trying to download files from the internet as well.

What do you think????


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UPDATE I figured out what was causing the issue Someone had set IE s internet security settings to maximum I searched for a while and came upon an article on Computerworld that explained it Hello this issue recently came up a few days I m using WinXP Service After Found Files Downloading Not Pack Basically what happens is when I try to open an exe file I get an error stating quot Windows cannot access the specified device path or file Files Not Found After Downloading You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item quot The first instance that I recall this happening was when I downloaded the Google Earth plugin and tried to install it I have not changed any permission settings Also when I download an exe file Firefox will cancel the download I can restart it and it ll download only to disappear-- perhaps deleting itself I can t locate the file in the specified directly I know it s quite vague but I hope it s enough information

A:Files Not Found After Downloading

Thanks for sharing that with us.
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everytime i download anything an error pops up stating contained a virus and was deleted and thats on everything even docs from myself
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Hi All,

I have noticed that if I were downloading a file on IE named Sample-2.0-beta.doc on the server ... IE renames it to Sample-2[1].0-beta.doc .. it adds [1] to the filename. This does not occur with firefox. Why is this the case ..

Any inputs would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

A:IE Renames files that you are downloading.

Hello and welcome to TSF

Do you already ahve a copy of Sample-2.0-beta.doc in your downlaod folder
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DAP 8.5 does not download any files, either from IE 7.x or Firefox

System specs are WinXP, 2GB, 120 GB, T1 LAN, proxy server, Windows firewall off, running McAfee VirusScan and Windows Defender.

When I click on a zip file link, DAP opens up, shows me the file, and the status shows "Ready to Download". When I click on the Download button, the status changes changes to "Downloading...", but nothing happens. The speed shows 00.0 KBps.

I've waited for 2 hours to see if it starts downloading, but nothing.

However, both IE and FF are able to download the same file with no problems.

I'm behind a proxy, and I've configured DAP to use it. The DAP proxy settings are identical to IE's and FF's.

Please help!

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I am trying to download a group of PDF files that are listed via links on my companies website, However I can only open one at a time, then save, and then repeat the whole process for each an every link.
Is there a "Trick" I can tall my PC to do somehow and download ALL the PDF file documents listed in ONE GO, The issue being there are 40 links in the list, and to open and save them one by one would take ages. Basically ideally id like to "Select" all the links and download all the documents (PDF files) in one go.