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Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ?

Q: Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ?

Well basically I bought a netbook last week and naturally it came with Windows Starter Edition I find it to be a pretty basic and fast version without any clutter and unnecessary programs ie I don't use MC I do like netbook Pro Starter my Should to ? 7 upgrade on I Win my it but unfortunately I'm someone who sometimes wants quot more quot just for the heck of it P I checked the Windows Anytime Upgrade and it's giving me the option Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ? to upgrade to Win Professional for I realize that I don't need all the features offered in it but I would like to be able to change my background without having to use Oceanis and I wouldn't mind Aero The thing is I'm over my Credit Limit on my credit card and I dunno If I should try to see If I could purchase it anyway I'm not going to download a pirated version of Windows because Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ? I don't do that Anyway should I try and go ahead and see what will happen lol Now that I have a job I feel a little more confident when I spend LOL Knowing that money will be easily available down the road

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Preferred Solution: Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ?

Have looked at cost of Windows 7 HP?
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Hi This problem started a week ago when the Acer Aspire One h would not boot Eventually even restoring it using the partition failed I have ordered the Acer recovery discs which will restore it to Win starter But yesterday just on a whim I turned on the netbook and was able to restore it successfully I then installed Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials and have run numerous scans that found no threat - so this does not appear to be malware The unit had avast netbook; Starter 7?? crashing should on upgrade Acer to Win Win 7 I free AV before this trouble started I then spent hours installing Win updates using the Windows Update utility on the Acer However near the end of the Win updates Windows crashed and the screen went black again When this happens the unit's power stays on this is not a fan overheating problem I don't think This a m the Acer booted successfully and Win 7 Starter crashing on Acer netbook; should I upgrade to Win 7?? I then uninstalled Office Win 7 Starter crashing on Acer netbook; should I upgrade to Win 7?? and installed Open Office The unit then quot blacked out quot again During this time I also tried to install Java since I had been getting a pop-up that it needed to be updated Java would not install successfully and the Acer then started quot blacking out quot several more times I was finally able to boot it in Safe Mode to turn it off But it took several attempts Rather than running the recovery discs from Acer for Windows Starter I am considering upgrading to Win Can anyone tell me if this might solve this problem Or should I just proceed to order an external drive to run the recovery discs I would appreciate your advice THANKS

A:Win 7 Starter crashing on Acer netbook; should I upgrade to Win 7??

I would Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

Manual how to use Acer eRecovery Management here:'s%20guide/Acer%20eRecovery%20Management%20English.pdf

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Hi guys, I can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere...

Am I able to use the windows 7 family upgrade pack to upgrade Windows 7 starter on my netbook?

I know it will work for my XP desktop and Vista laptop, just unsure about my Windows 7 Netbook.

Any help appreciated

Ayupmiduck ^^

A:Windows 7 family pack upgrade on Windows starter netbook.

The family pack allows for three installations, so if this Netbook meets the system requirements, and you have only installed it on two other machines, then you should be fine.
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Hi everyone!

this is my first post here, its so good to have peers i can ask questions to about windows 7, i dont feel alone

i got a new netbook from HP (hence no dvd rom drive), it came with windows 7 starter, i want to get ultimate or home premium the digital version, my questions are:

1. once i install either upgrade, how do i restore to out-of-the-box state incase it screws up in the future?
2. many "installing windows 7 to a netbook" videos show disk part on usb drives and putting it on a usb and booting into it, can i go with "Custom" installation from windows and reach a successful finish without booting into setup from bios?

heres my favorite video to show what Im referring to:

A:HP netbook with win 7 starter


USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Above is a link on how to install from a USB drive. I had to format my USB drive for it to work.
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I might get a netbook but most only have W7 Starter. What can you do with this animal??????????????????


A:Netbook & W7 Starter

Here is what Paul Thurrott has to say:
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Sorry if this is discussed somewhere on this forum - so far I haven't found it....  I am struggling to get some basic reliability in a netbook - not the ideal portable device but all I could afford at the time.  I worry that it is bogged down with malware, but I have scanned it multiple times and come up with nothing.  What tools are out there that I can use to attempt to get an improvement to the performance?  I have removed most of the unnecessary software but it's still sluggish.  Other than getting a new computer any suggestions?
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I am looking at a new netbook and most have the W7 Starter OS. I have not read much about this " Starter " so basically what can be processed with this OS.

My thoughts about this is you could basically do browsing, email and things of this nature and nothing more.


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Hii.... Just got a new Netbook with Windows 7 "starter" as the operating system. I am just getting used to Windows 7 as I have used 98se for years.

Can someone point me to a way to see which programs are running in the background, how much resources they are using etc....? I do know that several programs will prompt me about updates and I definitly don't liike programs checking for updates automatically.

Where can I go to see what's going on on my Netbook and possibly get rid of some of the "crapware" etc... and other unneeded stuff that may be slowing me up?

Thanks in advance


A:Very sloooow Netbook w/ Win 7 starter....???

Task Manager will show you the running processes.

The Running Processes display of System Information for Windows is more verbose (and better).

Some people use The PC Decrapifier to help with banishing unwanted bloatware.
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My mini netbook that has starter 7 on it will not allow me to log on. There is no password set, there was and I removed it. Now when I get to sign on window it comes back with an error that says Log on failed.
How do I get past this, I cant even get it into safe mode. Please help I am trying to give this mini netbook to a friend who doesnt have a computer and is trying to start a business and could really use it, but it is all I can offer her right now, but it needs to be help

A:mini netbook starter 7

Since you are planning to gift the netbook why not just solve this problem and do your friend a favor at the same time by "Recover to factory defaults"?
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Hey everyone so I have some possibly awesome news I just got a netbook Well a HP Mini And here is the best part For FREE I have a friend that has a month Starter Others... vs Performance, Win 7 Netbook old HP Mini and he says its small and pointless SO I said quot well give it to me then quot ill use it daily he text me back and said okay i'll bring it tomorrow So yesterday he gave it to me and said put this in ur car And now i have it totally awesome if I get to keep it It is a black with swirly design HP Mini - is the model Windows Starter Intel Ion N I think GHz CPU with GB RAM AND GB Netbook Performance, Win 7 Starter vs Others... hard drive quot screen cell battery Its pretty nice I'm pretty sure its mine now Its got webcam Brand new mini basically So question Does anyone have one I read GB Mazzini I think that's cuz only slot Ill open her up tonight and check I am wondering if I change her to GB of ram that should be enough for Home Edition or pro or will the Intel onboard Graphics struggle with Aero I read a few newegg and Amazon reviews that said it ran small games n stuff ok What does everyone think Starter is ok but missing lots of features Like bridge connections and other things Thanks

A:Netbook Performance, Win 7 Starter vs Others...

The price was certainly right. Congratulations.
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Hi This is my first post as I joined today I need help with a couple of things I am confident on most things on my current Windows Home Premium laptop - but I have just changed to a new Netbook Help Please!! Starter on Netbook - Windows new 7 Urgent which only has Windows Starter I have been told Windows 7 Starter on new Netbook - Urgent Help Please!! to use a usb transfer cable to move most of my items like docs favs and photos across but need to ask a few questions before I start please Will all my docs emails etc transfer ok as I presume Windows Starter works Windows 7 Starter on new Netbook - Urgent Help Please!! same as Windows Home Premium Also will all my programs like McAfee and Word automatically transfer My current laptop says it is bit and the new Acer Netbook bit - any problems there I currently have the choice of using Greek as my second language on my current laptop and by clicking EN EL it allows me to change an type in Greek Don't know how I installed this function initially but must have it on my new Acer Netbook Reading online some people say there is not an option for this on Windows Starter - help Finally for the moment is it worth upgrading to Home Premium which I have now on my laptop I will not use my new netbook for games or downloading films or music or any major photo work like photoshop Would appreciate your advice before my new netbook arrives this week Thank you all so much

A:Windows 7 Starter on new Netbook - Urgent Help Please!!

Since you need to have your files backed up externally at all times anyway, I'd sort it all into your User folders then back them up to external USB drive. Then from the new PC, open each folder, select Organize tab, Select All, drag the group to the User folder on the left-hand Explorer bar. Don't release the left click until it stops expanding and confirms copying to the correct place. Copying files to an external drive - YouTube

If you're less confident you can open the two windows side by side and drag the group of folders to the target location.

You'll always need to reinstall your Programs, but especially changing bit-versions since this requires new installers for most programs. Let us know if you need help finding any.

Starter just forfeits desktop backgrounds and Aero frame transparency, otherwise it's the same exact OS as all other versions without the expensive extra features of the higher versions. You should make an informed decision about those features you actually need before upgrading: Compare Windows 7 Editions - Windows 7 Forums

Since it sounds like you'll be using the Factory install which came with the PC, be aware that this is usually an inferior install which may throttle even more the low power of most netbooks. You can reclaim some of the performance using Clean Up Factory Bloatware which also gives you smart optimizations and tools to use which work best with Win7.

But to have the best install of all you can also consider doing a Clean Reinstall Windows 7 following the steps compiled based on what's worked best in tens of thousands of installs we've directly helped with here since Win7 beta, and has been used by over a million consumers without a single complaint or return with problems.

Ask back any questions and keep us posted how it goes.
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At my first installation of Windows to my netbook there were language options Turkish amp English Today I decided to reinstall Win from umm what you call the partition where is located Windows setup files the hidden part of the HDD I pressed F it didn't worked Googled it and I'm right it is F for Casper's netbooks Then I tried F then reinstall Windows which does not exists on my desktop PC interestingly and I 7 Reinstalling Windows to Netbook Starter installed it Reinstalling Windows 7 Starter to Netbook without problem Even it backuped the old files And didn't touched some folders under C But it is not clean installation as you can see it backuped the old files didn't touched some folders under C and the most inportant part is that now it is Turkish Where is my English Windows I want Reinstalling Windows 7 Starter to Netbook to ask how can I start this Windows setup which is hidden at the HDD Is there something like Linux distro and app to start it I have USB sockets but not CD DVD etc hardware

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 Starter to Netbook

Did you briskly and firmly tap the F11 key as the netbook is starting up? Are you sure the correct key combination is F11 alone? Check your manual at the Support Downloads webpage for your netbook model to be sure you are running it correctly.

Can you enter Windows 7 and navigate to Control Panel>Folder Options>View to unhide Hidden and System Files, then attempt to locate in hidden Recovery Partition the English image file used by F11 Recovery to reimage the HD? If so it can sometimes be mounted or written to USB stick to boot and run.

You can also locate a Win7 installer of any version to unlock all versions to clean reinstall Starter version with the Product Key on your netbook's COA sticker. However, as Product Keys are language-specific you need to know for sure if your license is for Turkish, English or both.
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I'm trying to reinstall Win on my Samsung N Plus netbook which came with Win Starter I deleted all the partitions except the quot System quot partition and the Samsung recovery partition I used ei cfg on the Win Home x I downloaded as suggested in other threads and used the Windows USB DVD Download Tool to create a bootable USB installer for Win It all installs fine but and I have tried this reinstalling on Starter Win Problems netbook 7 twice it doesn't give me an option to select Win Starter It just installs Home Premium I have checked the boot order in BIOS and it is booting from the USB Any suggestions what I should do For background Some time ago I decided to experiment with Ubuntu to see if my netbook would work better with that than the Win Starter it came with To do so I created a partition on which to install Ubuntu Didn't make much difference and the computer got slower and slower so decided to try to restore it to factory settings Ran the Samsung Recovery Solutions programme and it did what i assumed was Problems reinstalling Win 7 Starter on netbook a full restore but then just got a black screen with flashing cursor I now understand that Problems reinstalling Win 7 Starter on netbook the Ubuntu install would have overwritten the original MBR Hence the need to reinstall Windows from USB I do have a licensed copy of Win Pro but that is for my desktop PC I have the product key for the netbook's copy of Win starter on a label on the back of the case

A:Problems reinstalling Win 7 Starter on netbook

I don't think you can install Starter using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool as Windows 7 Starter only comes packaged with netbooks and I suspect, it can't be a Windows 7 version that can be packed inside a bootable Windows 7 USB but I might be wrong. I'm also using Starter right now on my netbook.

If you are able to install the Windows 7 Home Premium why bother with Starter when Home Premium is better? Plus a clean install with Home Premium would not offer bloatware like OEM's have preinstalled on Starter netbooks.

There is a chance that the recovery partitions got corrupted so Starter can't be reverted into and now you only get a black screen when doing restore to factory settings. Look into this article though:

Booklet: clean install Windows 7 Starter on Kingst... - Nokia Support Discussions
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Bought my partner the Asus 1005HA for Xmas, and it runs pretty well. May upgrade ram, but it works.

The only minor issue I have experienced is that the small magnifying glass that should come up on the second entry when searching in start menu (the one that says 'see more results' after the initial search in the 'search programs' box) is a blank box with no icon. Small change... but rather than rebuild all icons for this small issue is there another way around it? She can live with it... but I would like the magnifying glass there

A:Windows 7 Starter on Asus Netbook

Hi shindig!

Rebuilding your icon cache is actually really quick and easy. Here's a quick guide: Rebuild The Icon Cache In Windows 7 or Vista


Windows Outreach Team
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i just purchased the Asus EE PC 1001p model a few weeks ago and worked fine. But atleast once every 2 days i keep getting a BSOD that appears and restarts my netbook in a few seconds.

i only use it for basic internet browsing and ms word and ms excel, i didnt install any complex applications either. Plus i upgraded my ram to 2GB so thats not the problem either because i was getting BSOD before i upgraded the ram.

anyone know the cause of these problems? heres what it says after the netbook restarts itself:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 44
BCP1: 848E2A30
BCP2: 00000EAE
BCP3: 0
BCP4: 0
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

A:I Keep getting BSOD on my Windows 7 Starter netbook

Have you tried system restore?
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I got my HP Mini 110 for christmas, which came with the Windows 7 Starter Edition. I recently tried uninstalling Ubuntu, and accidentally formatted the drive with my Windows 7 on it. Is there any way I can contact Microsoft, give them my computer information, i.e. Model#, etc., and get Windows 7 Starter again? Even if it was my own d.a. fault! lol
Really hoping I can get it back. Is there a way to restore the partition that I deleted with Ubuntu? I didn't back it up manually, but maybe there's an automatic backup of some sort??? And when I got my netbook, I didn't get a recovery disc or a key or anything of use. Please help.

A:Is there a way to get Windows 7 Starter back on to my netbook?

Most computer mfg give you an option to restore to factory specs

With a DVD that came with the computer


Tapping an f key during boot.

A little time with Google says that it might be f10
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After repartitioning the hard drive of a Packard Bell Dot S and installing Ubuntu on it, Windows 7 Starter won't start anymore, but instead Startup Repair gets started. This cannot repair the problem.

I didn't mess up the partitions of Windows, but I can now select two Windows installs in GRUB. One is in Dutch and the other in English when Startup Repair starts.

How can I repair Windows 7 Starter without losing data/Ubuntu install?


A:Repair Windows 7 Starter on netbook

The easiest way is probably to use EasyBCD
It must be installed in Windows, as although Ubuntu is supported, it cannot work from Ubuntu
I presume you can still boot into windows
If you are having a problem doing that try F12 - probably boot options
On the guide you want this section
Adding Ubuntu to the Windows Bootloader
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My netbook crashed luckly I have an external cd rom drive, and the recovery discs. How do I get the netbook working again though. What are the steps I need to take.

A:My netbook with windows 7 starter crashed!

1.) What's the make and model# of your netbook?

2.) When you say it "crashed," what exactly are the issues that it's having?
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Hello, i have recently purchased a Dell netbook with windows 7 starter installed.

I have tried to change to a wallpaper of my choice, but am informed it cannot be done on 7 starter edition, maybe needs a programme adding to do this, any help or ideas please, need to get rid of boring standard wallpaper ?

A:Dell inspiron 10v netbook (windows 7 starter)

Yes, there is a way around this. Windows 7 Starter : Easy way to change wallpaper
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Hi all,

I'm experiencing frequent BSODs on my Acer Aspire One 533 with Windows 7 Starter. I've actually had to rewrite this twice because of it.

Event Viewer says it's an event 41, Kernel-Power error.

Here is my BSOD dump.

A:Help: Frequent Netbook BSOD - Windows 7 Starter

Hello and welcome to 7 Forums,

NO .dmp files in jcgriff folder - try this method.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kb) in the drop down box (the 256kb varies).
Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
OK your way out.
Reboot if changes have been made.
Until a .dmp file is generated, the Minidump folder may not exist.

If you are using CCleaner - make sure it is configured to not delete minidumps.
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Hello I have a Toshiba NB Netbook I had decided to install another operating system Linux and now have come to the conclusion that I no longer want both windows and linux on my system I want to go back to just using windows Its windows starter edition I have literally tried other methods to starter on with 7 netbook Problem windows reinstalling a do this for countless and pointless hours coming to the conclusion I would rather format my hard drive Problem with reinstalling windows 7 starter on a netbook and reinstall windows Now here is the problem I have a netbook which does not come with a cd drive nor do I have an external I have actually figured out how to make a boot module from a usb flash drive The problem is I do not know how to or where to obtain an ISO for windows starter edition I do have the serial key for windows starter located on the bottom of my netbook Finally which really ticks me off is when I bought my netbook I have now come to realize that it did or DOES NOT HAVE A RECOVERY PARTITION Any advice on how I can reinstall windows starter with hard drive formatting Thank You P S my product key is OEM

A:Problem with reinstalling windows 7 starter on a netbook

Hello pkrplyr, welcome to Seven Forums!

You can use any version of Windows 7 and the info in this tutorial at the link below to create an 'all versions' installer that can be used to install "Windows 7 starter" to the netbook and use your key to activate.

Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

The first best thing to do would be a wipe (secure erase) of the Hard Disk Drive, after you have made backups of anything you want to save, this will give you the best possible space to install Windows 7 to while removing all the old Linux code.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
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Hi, all!!

Its been a week since I purchased the MSI U 270 netbook,and im kinda in a mess,..plzz assist,

Yesterday upon shutting down, the process took longer than usual, windows got jammed , so I closed the netbook, thinking that it would auto power off.

Upon gettin back after a minute or two, I see a blue screen error, panicked and removed the battery pack , reinserted and started in safe mode,

Do I have need to worry, the event Viewer (system) gives me a bugcheck of 0x0000009f,

P.S one minute prior to the blue screen error the event viewer shows a critical error in relation to Kernel -Power, are these related issues,

What steps should I take to see that this does not reccur.

A:Blue Screen on new MSI U 270 netbook, with windows 7 starter,(HELP)!!!

Hi nihal welcome to SF

The first steps you should take are these,
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My ASUS netbook won't shut down properly. Start/Shut down usually results in rebooting. In the lower-right corner of the sign in screen is another Shut down icon, which occasionally will shut down the netbook. Most of the time (70-80 per cent), though. it shuts down, but the power light remains on. The only reliable method is to hold the Power button until it goes dark.

Has anyone else had this problem?


A:Windows Starter on ASUS 1005P netbook

It shuts down but the power light remains on? And the shutdown results in booting? This might very well point to a hardware issue. Is this under warranty? I would give ASUS a call.
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Hi guys, had to have my toshiba netbook NB555D harddrive replaced with a new one. Got no warranty, no recovery media etc. Dont have windows 7 starter iso. What can I do?


A:Netbook: Recovery Partition removed, need Windows 7 starter iso

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to use Toshiba Recovery.
How to use the Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility

You can order Toshiba Recovery disks from here:
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I am a novice when it comes to errors and sytem repair so I decided to seek help here for my specific situation I have a Gateway netbook bought last year that is running Window Starter as was default when purchused Here's my problem Last night while coming out of hibernation my netbook flashed a blue screen and a countdown too fast to read has happened before to no issue which led to the netbook restarting into System Repair mode I clicked the system repair and it ran and said everything was fine and restarted It continued restart back to System Repair mode I tried restoring from a restore point and at first it said it was successful and then restarted back to System Repair I shut my netbook down for the night as it was getting late and started it back up this morning trying all the same things Too scared to try anything else I have never made a back up I Starter Netbook, loop, 7 Systems Repair Windows kept waiting for back-up drives to go on sale or for the price to fall I guess that was a mistake Anyway after consulting with forums here and other places online I have tried the following F into safe mode restarts into System Repair mode Now when I try system repair or restore points is says it's unsuccessful The last system repair attempt yeilded the following message in the diagnosis section everything else was successful except the following Root cause found ------------------ Boot critical file d windows system kdcom dll is corupt Repair action file repair Result failed Error code x Systems Repair loop, Netbook, Windows 7 Starter Time taken ms Root cause found ------------------ A reent Systems Repair loop, Netbook, Windows 7 Starter driver installation or upgrade may be preventing the system from Systems Repair loop, Netbook, Windows 7 Starter starting Repair action System Restore Result failed Error code x F Time taken ms I am very cautious about trying anything as I stated my files are not backed up What I'd like to do first before anything else is to back up or copy my files from my netbook either onto a external HD or to my laptop as they are very important After that I will be much more comfortable perfoming any fix on my computer Thank you I hope someone can help -Sarah

A:Systems Repair loop, Netbook, Windows 7 Starter

Hi Sarah and welcome,

Please use this tutorial to help you gain access to your files for backup-up before attempting any repairs:

Post back here if you need more help or clarification.

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Hi there.
Ok so i have a Acer Aspire netbook, it comes with Windows 7 starter and has android on a partition !! ( well, i think its a partition, on my computer it says i have my acer c: drive and android d: drive.

I never use the android OS on my netbook, and was wondering if its safe to format it, get rid of it on the d: drive. and use that drive for other storage ? or would that interfere with the operation of the computer?

Would it mess up the built in factory settings restore option on it ?

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Hi, hope you can help out once again.

I've been handed a friend's Samsung netbook (No cd/dvd drive) running Windows 7 Starter on which the system font has changed to unreadable square boxes instead of text.

Desktop icons are okay, though the start button is shifted to the left and I'm not sure but it looks like the start button logo is now to the right of the clock on the bottom right!

It crashes to various blue screens of death at the slightest opportunity. I've tried to run the f8 recovery console which whilst successful in running, did not fix anything.

The BSOD's cycle so fast I cannot even tell what error is reported, never mind any detail.

Any thoughts please or suggestions to help my author friend out?

A:Windows 7 Starter netbook unreadable square text

I'm getting there!

It seems to be tied in to a recent Critical Update, getting System Restore to finally, and reluctantly to work, I've got the normal text back but have had to go back around a fortnight.
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Hello, i was wondering if there are any programs out there or anyways to change the wallpaper on a windows starter. I don't see why they couldn't just add the option in seeing its just to change the wallpaper. Anyways, Thanks in advance.


A:Asus Netbook: Windows Starter: Change Wallpaper

Quote: Originally Posted by Renzadic

Hello, i was wondering if there are any programs out there or anyways to change the wallpaper on a windows starter. I don't see why they couldn't just add the option in seeing its just to change the wallpaper. Anyways, Thanks in advance.


I prefer the second option in this tutorial myself,

They both work though.
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I am trying to implement a network among a few computers:

1. Windows 7 64 bit desktop
2. Windows 7 Starter netbook
3. Windows Vista laptop

I can see and get access between the 7 and Vista machines without being asked for a password. The two Win 7 machines each ask for network passwords when I try to go to the other. Why do the Win 7 machines need passwords? Is there some compatibility issue between Win 7 Home Premium and Starter? All are in the same workgroup. As far as I can tell I have password requirements turned off.

A:Networking Win 7 64 desktop, Win 7 Starter netbook, Win Vista laptop

Are the Windows 7 machines in homegroups? Put them in a common homegroup & try that
What firewall are you running? Have you any settings in firewall or other security software that would prevent access?
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I have looked through the forum about this problem but anything I tried does seem to have work. I reinstalled my windows 7 Starter via the recovery options menu, but the installation is stuck on the screen "Setup is starting Services" it been like this for the past 4 hours I can't seem to get rid of it. I have turned the computer off and on loads of time and even pressed SHIFT plus F10 followed the steps but nothing worked. I can't even get into the boot menu or anything.

Am doing something wrong?mi would appericate any help or advice that you may have. Thank you

A:reinstalling windows 7 starter on Aspire one Happy 2DQQ Netbook

Hello and welcome Steff now have you saved all your data? see this Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Anotherway is to install again with the factory default option - that will takeit back to out of the box condition, if what you are trying is not working .

See this but it will erase any data you have - hopefully you have backed stuff up already.
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I have a netbook (Samsung N130) running Win 7 Starter. I am thinking of loading Ubuntu 14.04 on it exclusively. Which means Win 7 will be erased when I partition the disk. Tried loading Ubuntu alongside and for some reason it is not happening, even resulting in a crash. I then get the Win7 reloaded by Samsung.
Just in case my Ubuntu load is unsuccessful, I want to reload Win7.
My machine DOES NOT have an optical drive.
I would like to create a Win7 restoration pen drive, ideally. If that is not possible, I shall have to acquire a USB CD/DVD drive. I would like to avoid the added expense.
I can use a computer but am a novice otherwise. I can follow clear instructions, but not jargon-filled ones with steps missing.
Please help

A:How to create a bootable restore drive for my Win7 Starter on netbook?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
See if this helps,
Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu
Should be some follow up tutorials listed on the bottom,
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I have a Acer Netbook which has a hidden partition for Windows 7 system recovery. A month ago, I install Linux Ubuntu on the netbook and accidentally deleted the recovery partition during installation.

the netbook is out of warranty, anyone know how to get the win7 starter back?

A:reinstall Win7 Starter on a netbook after recovery partition deleted

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:
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We purchased Sony Netbook (for my daughter) with windows 7 starter edition more than 1 year old (not under warranty now). Laptop was shipped with no media but with a win7 license key on bottom of Laptop. Now we need to do a clean install due to several problems with it.

1. I do NOT have MSDN account - where can i download win7 starter edition? (i do have license serial key)

2. Since it doesn't have DVD, i have only option of installing through USB stick. Please advise best tool to prepare win7 ISO to USB.


A:Clean installation of windows 7 starter edition on Sony Netbook

Best to find any Win7 retail installer, unlock all versions to write to an all-versions flash stick installer, then install your licensed version using COA sticker Product Key.

All the steps are here: Reinstalling Windows 7

If you need to download the ISO file get a safe one by googling Official WIn7 ISO download at My Digital Life.
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Im trying to reinstall Windows 7 starter on my friends samsung netbook. The computer wont boot up at all. Ive tried using the system recovery feature but that doesnt work, it syas files are missing. I tried running in Safe Mode but the it crashes before the operating system loads. A few other processes display the message 'operating system not found'.

My only choice is to delete everything thats ont he hard drive and format it, then reinstall the operating system. Thing is, she hasnt got any copy of Windows 7 Starter, neither on a disk or optical drive. If I were able to get a copy of the OS, how wouold i go about deleting everything on the hard drive and reinstalling it?

Ive been goin round in circles for a looong time and am getting nowhere so any help from any geniuses on here would be infinitly appreciated thanks guys.

A:Completely reinstalling Windows 7 Starter on Samung N150 Netbook

Tap the F4 Key at the Samsung logo when you first power on the computer.

How to use Samsung Recovery, make Recovery disks:
What Is Samsung Recovery Solution III?
What Is Samsung Recovery Solution 4?
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Hello I received a Acer Aspire one D - Net book for Christmas year ago This was the first computer that was really mine and I learn a lot about computers while trying to find work arounds for this computer's pathetic hardware stats Anyway I find my computer still bogged down with starter software stuff I installed but don't know is there and possibly a virus or At this point I would rather just wipe everything off this netbook I have all my beloved files saved virus free on a flash drive There are issues with this though My Windows Cd key was destroyed by the heat this thing gives off and I removed it months ago because it was completely unreadable I still have the box but from every tutorial I have read you need that key Could it possibly be on the box Also Acer Recovery requires you make a CD factory default copy which seems totally Ridiculous as this thing doesn't have a CD drive I have Power ISO to mount a image on a flash drive but is any other software better for this purpose Lastly I don't want Factory Default software bogging it down again on boot-up Will that spam-ware show up on the default software If it does is there a way to specifically not let install on it again Let me know if there is anything you might need to know about it Thank you for reading and thanks for any answers in advance -Nomworthy

A:Windows 7 starter 32 bit Acer netbook Hard drive wipe specific issues

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

Acer Empowering Technology > Acer eRecovery Management.
Acer Support - Answers, E-Mail, Chat - How can I restore my computer with the backup discs I created?

Manual how to use Acer eRecovery Management here:'s%20guide/Acer%20eRecovery%20Management%20English.pdf

Have you tried pressing <Alt+F10> at boot up, to goto the Acer eRecovery Management.
Acer Support: Frequently Asked Questions list for How to use Acer eRecovery

You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:

You may/may not have the option to make a USB Recovery Disk.
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I have got myself into a bit of a mess.

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista. To see if it improved the performance or if the laptop itself was rubbish. It did so I purchased an upgrade to windows home premium. When I enter the upgrade key it says I need the current key is invalid for upgrade and that I need to phone a number. Does this mean the software I brought is useless. I didn't want to buy a disc as I had read that using a upgrade key meant everything was kept. Is there anyway I can use the software I've brought. The computer recognises the key as an upgrade one.

A:Windows upgrade starter to premium current key not valid for upgrade

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista.

You can not use the Windows Starter from your Notebook on your mother PC.
Doing so would be a invalid upgrade.
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Hi there, i have the upgrade for windows 7 home premium, a member of the household has recently brought a netbook which has windows 7 starter. I am wondering if i connect an external dvd drive to the netbook, if i can do an easy upgrade to home premium on this netbook?


A:Upgrade from Starter to Home Premium with Upgrade DVD?

You can do any Anytime Upgrade for which you just need a key, you dont need any disk or external dvd drive.

How to Upgrade Your Netbook to Windows 7 Home Premium - How-To Geek

Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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I want to upgrade my wifes netbook to Home Edition Its running Windows Starter I know how edition Home a using from upgrade starter Upgrade to use the Anytime Upgrade but I have a Family Pack Windows Home Edition Upgrade Retail box disc I have only used one of the upgrades of the family pack Can I use another to upgrade the Starter netbook or do i have to by an Anytime upgrade Seems like i should be able to but it also seems like the upgrade is meant to be from just xp or vista not a lower end window version Also how would i do it if i can Can i simply change the product key or do i have to insert a disk and run the whole upgrade If i do Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade have to insert disk and run the upgrade will i have to do a clean install Plus while typing this i just realized her netbook doesnt have an optical drive so what about that too Just want to get these questions answered Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade before i even bother attempting it I Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade would hate to think i could just change the product key and go about my business cause thats never the case and everything always turns into a few hours of work thanks for the help and i just registered here because im getting back into windows im mainly a mac but i think im both now so hello

A:Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade

Welcome to the forum,

You can just use one of the upgrade keys you have in Anytime Upgrade, no need for the disk.

It will just unlock all the features, reboot once or twice and you're there.

Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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The problem I report here I have found with every computer I have owned I have set my computer to quot check for starter 7 updates dot..Windows netbook..Packard "critical" slow Bell updates but let me choose whether to install them quot and do not download "critical" updates slow netbook..Packard Bell dot..Windows 7 starter them Regardless of this setting I notice often within days that my computer is much slower than usual and when I check via the quot restore my computer to an earlier time quot facility I can see that there are downloads of quot critical quot updates I usually pick a point before the update and restore - this sets my computer back to running at a decent speed - these quot critical quot updates are not shown on the quot installed updates quot page which is why I check via the restore facility What is the problem here and WHY does my computer download these quot critical quot updates What is the point of having various setting regarding downloading updates if they are downloaded anyway I have noticed this problem of quot critical quot updates and speed on every computer I have ever used all with differing amounts of memory cpu etc etc Why is this

A:"critical" updates slow netbook..Packard Bell dot..Windows 7 starter

There are some updates which are regarded as of overriding importance, and which ignore the settings - however, they are very few, and generally do not lead to any slowing of the system except at the first boot after install.
Exactly which updates are you talking about?
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Hi, Everyone this is my 1st post, I had been reading Sevenforums before i actually join it. Eversince then i got most of my doubt solve.

I just bought a Sony Vaio Y series come with Windows 7 Starter.

I got a bad deal form Malaysia giving windows 7 stater and 320gb hd, whereas S'pore giving Windows 7 home premiun and 500hd. Anyway i like the design and portability of this model.

I got a Year Warranty, But i'm wanted to upgrade it to Win7 Ent. and also wanted to upgrade my ram to 4GB max. my existing one is 2GB. but i afraid this would void the warranty.

Let get my question i wanted to update to Win7 Ent with out and not keeping my starter. but i afraid of driver issue, i plan to boot by USB setup.

Any advice?

A:Install Windows 7 Enterprise on Netbook Replacing Windows 7 Starter

Yeah -- warranty advice can only properly come from the warranty holder (despite what others here may tell you). So, you need to check with Sony support to see if performing such a Win7 upgrade will compromise your warranty in any way. My guess would be that it would not -- but (like everyone else posting here) -- that is only a guess.
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I have been planning on getting a NETBOOK for awhile now and am somewhat confused by all the different options available and that's why it's taken quite a while for me to "pull the trigger" and purchase it.

Amongst other things, I am wondering which operating system would work better for me. Right now... I am using Win98se... and that's all I've ever used. I have used friends PCs and had no problems with WinXP.

Now... some of the new NETBOOKS come with Vista, some with XP and some more with Windows 7 "starter".

Which of those options do you reccomend? Things that are important to me are ease of using as well as which one uses more resources and RAM on a little NETBOOK.

Thanks in advance

~ david ~

A:Windows XP or 7 "starter" for a new netbook....???

W98SE looks more like XP than Vista or W7.

The Vista / W7 appearance is the wave of the future.

XP won't be supported for as long as Vista & W7 will be supported.

W7 probably needs less ram than XP; W7 needs less ram than Vista.

There are fewer new bugs w / XP than w / Vista & W7.

The "starter" version is provides minimal functions.

Glad to help.
I have no complaints regarding Vista & have encountered only 2 Vista PCs with problems. The bulk of computers I have encountered run XP.

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I was thinking about upgrading my daughter's laptop from Vista to Windows 7.

Newegg has a price of 75.99.

This is what they call the upgrade:

"Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Anytime Upgrade from W7 Starter - Retail"

Is this the version that I need. Wasn't sure what a W7 Starter was referring to Vista, etc.

A:Win 7 Upgrade from Starter?

It is the bottom of then line and a lot is stripped out of it.

I would not waste my money on it.
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I recently bought a HP Notebook with Windows 7 starter installed. What will be the best cost effective way to upgrade to either Windows 7 Home or Premium. I have heard so many stories about problems experience during upgrades especially on HP, with pre-installed software.

Your advice will be appreciated.


A:Upgrade Windows 7 Starter

Take a look at this:
Windows Anytime Upgrade - Upgrade your Windows 7 edition - Microsoft Windows

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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Let's assume that I have upgraded my netbook from Win7 Starter to Home Premium using the Anytime Upgrade license (i.e. no CD). Later, say a year from now, my netbook has a serious virus infection and the remedy is to completely reformat the hard drive. How do I now recover my netbook to Win7 Home Premium?

A:Win7 Starter Upgrade - What If...?

Do you have the Recovery DVD for starter? If yes
Reinstall starter, than use anytime upgrade.
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can vista starter sp1 upgrade to starter sp2?

A:Vista Starter SP1 upgrade?

There is no service pack (SP) 2 yet out for Vista. But if you're asking can it be upgraded when it is released then the answer is yes.
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I'm buying an acer netbook with windows 7 starter,and an upgrade copy of windows 7 premium,can I do a clean install and avoid all the crapware?

A:upgrade starter to premium

Yes you should be able to do a clean install from upgrade.

More info: Clean Install Windows 7
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Hi, first post so please be nice!

I have a desktop pc running Vista & a netbook running Windows 7 Starter. Is there an upgrade option that will allow me to upgrade both machines to Windows 7 Home Premium in a single purchse, or will I need to purchase separate licenses for each required upgrade?

Thanks in advance,


A:Upgrade Vista AND Win 7 Starter?

Hello Dave,

If you could find one, you could get a Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack Upgrade that will allow you to install and activate on up to 3 computers at the same time. This can save you a litte bit.

Here's a Google search of some retailers showing that they still have it:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack - 3 PC in one household

If not, then yes you will need to have a separate license for each computer that you install it on.

Hope this helps,
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How much will it cost and where do I upgrade to Windows Home Edition? Also, will I be able to run programs like Skype on Starter? What about other popular programs?

A:How do I upgrade from Windows Starter 7?

See this tutorial:
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
Make sure that the hardware can handle more than the Starter edition.

I don't know for sure about running Skype on the Starter edition... but I don't see why you would not be able to do so.
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HI all,
I have an EEE pc 1015b 5 months old and have already upgraded the RAM to 2 gigs because it ran soooo slowly when I got it. It came with wondows 7 starter - can I upgrade to the proper windows 7 (would like the media player options) without losing even more performance. It's still pretty slow and freezes if it has to do too much - like use our 32" tv as a monitor to show pictures or videos.
Any advice about the upgrade - or about why it freezes and what I can do about that would be great.

A:Can I upgrade Windows 7 Starter on EEE PC1015b?

Here's a how-to article:
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i keep getting a prompt to upgrade my microsoft ten starter. because of hacking concerns i want to know if this is from microsoft. i thought updates were automatic

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Can we use a retail windows 7 premium upgrade key or are we restricted to the WAU (windows anytime upgrade) key to unlock the windows 7 Premium features of the 7 Starter edition?

A:windows 7 starter upgrade options

You will need the WAU key to do what you are describing......
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I'm quite sure this is not illegal since the upgrade is automatic and happens without a choice.

I had starter on my netbook and tried upgrading it by using the app on the OS itself but failed.

One day I was searching for TV tuners and came across Media Portal. During the course of the installation it tells you it is better to have windows aero enabled for "tear" effects. I dismissed the dialog and installed it.

I check the OS later and voila it's upgraded, apps such as windows media center and all games like chess titans etc came out of nowhere. Also all the themes etc. I checked SYSTEM and found the OS name changed to home premium from starter.
Try it !
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I have a Samsung Netbook which came with Windows 7 Starter and I am finding that I miss the extras of Home Premium Retail which installed on my Desktop PC. I have the Home Premium installation disk which I used, but as far as I am aware it is a single use licence.

The Anytime Upgrade is available on the Samsung, but at a cost of ?70 from M$.
Is anyone aware of a more cost effective (legitimate) method?

Having Googled for it, I come up with this:
Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Premium (Licence only): Software.
Anyone know of anywhere better?

A:Upgrade Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium

Yes, buy the home premium family family pack- you'll spend more initially but you'll get 3 retail licenses @ about $50 each.

If you do decide to do that, save an image of your starter install first.
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I bought an Acer Aspire One netbook with Windows 7 Starter on it, and I have a Windows 7 Ultimate installation DVD that I want to use to upgrade my netbook's OS. I put the DVD into an external DVD drive connected to my netbook with a USB cable and started the installation wizard. I chose the "Upgrade" option and the installer said that I need to use Windows Anytime Upgrade for that. The problem with that is that I don't want to buy a new license, since I already have this DVD. How can I upgrade my netbook's OS from Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate with the DVD I already have?
Thanks in advance.

A:Upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate with regular DVD

Use Anytime Upgrade: Type "Anytime" in Start Search box to start the Process, insert your Ultimate Product Key, the extra features will be unlocked in just a few minutes.

Be sure to make your Acer Recovery Disks first, or save a Win7 backup image so you have a path back to the licensed OS on that machine. You may decide you want to move your retail Win7 Ultimate to another machine. You may also find a cheaper Ultimate Anytime Upgrade key.
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My laptop has windows7 starter installed. i have purchased anytime upgrade to home premium but it won't install. The product key is recognised. Microsoft doesn't seem to offer any support without payment. can anyone help ?

A:windows 7 anytime upgrade from starter to home

Do you get any type of error messages?
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So I am trying to do the upgrade as I 10 upgrade - to Win 2010 HELP!!!! Microsoft won't due Office Starter have had some issues with my desktop for a while Simply will not open Malwarebytes except in safe mode Other programs wouldn't open either So I began mainly using my laptop Needless to say I now HAVE to use my desktop for a few days and decided to upgrade to WIN I have it on laptop and its fine I have tried dozens of times to upgrade only to keep encountering an error Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! that Microsoft Office Starter needs to be uninstalled but it is NO WHERE on my computer that I can find I have tried uninstalling everything that has to do with Office including version No clcik-to-run items listed in program files Did a search of C drive and came across two items marked Microsoft office starter Deleted them no option to uninstall Restarted Searched the same way nothing Try upgrade Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! Failed again Same error message About to toss this old Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! beast out the window suggestions

A:Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!!

Hi Dolar,
You could follow these instructions for a clean install of W10.
Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

note Office starter is an APP in W10.

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I upgraded this lunchtime from Windows 7 Starter to home premium via the Windows Upgrade Advisor which said my netbook was compatible, I carried out the upgrade via the windows upgrade advisor. It worked fine for a while but I was having trouble trying to set up my LAN and wireless connection to work together in order to get onto xbox live via BT Openzone. After a while the advice from the microsoft website was to carry out a system restore, so I did and used the recommended date, however on trying to restore the ugrade failed and reverted back to windows 7 starter. Tried again and had the same issue. Please help.

A:Upgrade from starter to home premium failed.

Quote: Originally Posted by Chris1982

After a while the advice from the microsoft website was to carry out a system restore,

A System Restore or a System Reinstall?
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Hello forum.

On my way to downgrade Win10 back to 7, on my Satellite Toshiba U840, found out that my serial number for windows 7 was for Starter Retail version.
That is odd because i remember that my windows 7 was 64bit and supported all of the windows features,
in comparison to what Starter Retail provides. I ran alot of graphic programs on 3 years ago...

Is it possible to upgrade the retail version to any Win 7 64 bit version?

Thank you for your time!

A:How to upgrade Win Next Starter Retail 32bit To any Win 7 64bit ver

Windows 7 Starter was only available in 32bit.

Most people will be happy with Windows 7/64 Home Premium.
To go from a 32 bit Windows 7 to a 64 bit Windows 7 you will need to do a Clean Install.

We need your system spec to get a idea whether a 32 or 64 bit would be best.

Please use this tutorial by Brink to help you fill in your specs.

System Info - See Your System Specs
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Can anybody figure out what you get here:
Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Premium GBP 61.-
Is it fully functioning OS. why such a weird product title?
Is it crippleware you have to pay extra to upgrade to the cheapest Home Premium?

A:Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Pr

I think the link is messed up (if it was a link)...
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I just got an Acer Aspire netbook with w7 starter. Although I plan on using it for just the basics, Im told that 7 Starter doesn't different backgrounds, DVD playback (via an external DVD drive, which I'd have to buy), and Windows media layer.

My question: What do I need to run Windows 7 home? OR can I achieve what I mentioned above without upgrading?

what I got:
OS:32bit win 7 starter
intel atom N270
1gb memory
storage: 160GB HDD

-I don't know much about this little computer, but I got a day or two to take it back of it wont do the job. Any advice would be great.

A:windows 7 starter upgrade?? missing features question

Going to give this a bump. No one is willing to give me even a little help? that's cold :P

-I got more feedback in the Auto thread over what I drove, than actual computer related tech advice lol

I'll admit to being computer dumb, but show me some love. Who knows, your car might break and you'll need tech advice..?? (and it just so happens Im a tech). Help me and I'll return the favor
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Hi this my first post!

I have a HP Mini 110 3101SA and I am looking to upgrade the CPU. I know how to disassemble the actual net book, but I am not sure whether or not I am able to upgrade the processor. I've heard some Intel atom cpu's are soldered to the socket. The CPU my net book currently has is an Intel Atom N455 1.66GHz. The CPU I had in mind to upgrade to is an Intel Atom processor D525, its a dual core 1.8GHz processor.

Intel® Atom™ processor D525 (1M Cache, 1.80 GHz)
Cache 1M
Clock Speed 1.80GHz
Number of Cores 2
Series/Family Atom
Socket Type FCBGA559
Stepping B0

Any feedback would be great and thanks for looking!

A:CPU Upgrade in Netbook

Laptops in general aren't good candidates for processor upgrades. Netbooks even less so. Heat and power risks are magnified. Given the low price point, basic compatibility is a concern.

Netbooks aren't designed to be tweaked and modded.
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HI I m Cukiedome and I ve been looking for a good quick laptop for pure schooling I don t plan on buy Or a Netbook? Upgrade RAM? playing games on it but I don t like hiccups or slow start-ups on anything programs or bootup Right now I have Upgrade RAM? Or buy a Netbook? an old HP Pavilion N with a dead charger Processor AMD Duron MHz MHz FSB RAM mb HD GB RPM Size Inches Screen size OS Windows XP Professional Video Card Integrated mb Battery Life Hours I have the money to upgrade it to RAM and to get a working charger This will be about to Or I can buy an ASUS Eee PC in about a week because I m getting my paycheck of about or and I ll have enough to get it I only work part time The ASUS Eee PC Consists of Processor Intel Atom N GHz MHz Power Saving MHz Performance Default - MHz Hyper Performance RAM mb HD GB Solid State Drive Size Inches Screen size OS Windows XP Professional Video Card Intel GMA Maximum Video Memory is mb Or so I ve read Battery Life Hours Price will be around I want to save money too but then I don t like having a slow laptop either nbsp

A:Upgrade RAM? Or buy a Netbook?

I wouldn't recommend netbooks, if you use it for school, you'll be using it quite a bit, and you may not like the small screen, your resources are also limited. I would upgrade the RAM, get a new adapter, and use it (your current laptop) until you allocate funds to buy a new one. With a fresh Windows install (if possible) your laptaop will runsmoothly with more ram.
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I have 2 netbooks with windows7 starter edition on them, I reently purchased an upgrade family pack from Ebay and mistakenly didn't releaze it was software to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows7 Home Premium edition. Before I break the seal, I was wondering if this would work, can I use this upgrade software(Vista to Windows7 Home Premium), to upgrade my windows7 starter edition to full Home Premium or will it not work correctly.
I appreciate any help offered.

A:Upgrade Win7 starter using win7 upgrade software for Vista?

Hello there, wil.

There's no problem at all. follow this tutorial and you'll be able to install them without problems.

Clean Install Windows 7

EDIT: sorry, is this one:

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Although you may need an external USB DVD-Drive or installing your Windows 7 from a USB

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

And that'll be it
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So I recently bought a product key for Windows Anytime Upgrade, so I can get rid of Win7 Starter on my netbook and get Windows 7 Home Premium. I start the Anytime Upgrade software and it works great, but fails as the upgrade gets around 90%, at which the upgrade process "fails" and restores the OS to Windows 7 Starter. I've looked at a few guides that gave solutions, but I've had no luck. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this working?

The only thing I can find in the upgrade log that looks suspicious is:

Error: WAU | Failed to create WAU event due to error 0x5

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work? Thanks.

(I will give more infos if needed)

A:Windows Anytime Upgrade Failure; Starter to Home Premium (32 bit)

Try rebooting to run it again to see if it corrects itself.

Next try a clean boot: In msconfig>Startup uncheck everything (add AV back later), then do the same in msconfig>Services after Hiding all MS services. Reboot several times to make sure nothing sneaks back in, or turn it off in its Program Preferences or Uninstall it. One more reboot, try AU.
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I am wondering if i can somehow improve my netbook bcos i want to atleast play some decent games on it like fallout new vegas smoothly. The intel HD graphics mobile that's here is slowing me down so can i ask if i have any means of upgrading my netbook?
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I want to upgrade my Acer Aspire one from xp home to xp pro but I think I need to get an unlock code for the computer. Can anyone help me with this?


A:Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro on netbook

I am not exactly sure what you are referring to. I have also moved this to the Windows OS forum.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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Hi all! I have an "old" Asus Eee PC 1201PN netbook with Windows 7 and a crappy 5400rpm HD that's making it very slow to unusable with MS Office heavy usage. I plan to replace the internal HD with an SSD (standard 2.5" size). I want to buy a really cheap one as this Netbook is old and I only use it occasionally. Which one do you recommend? Thanks.

A:Need advice on netbook SSD upgrade

128GB Samsung 840 EVO would be good.
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I've been wanting to upgrade to windows 8 but after running the windows 8 advisor it says office 2010 starter is not compatible. I updated the required files for office according to windows but after updating them i ran the advisor again & yet the same problem proceeds. I won't update to windows 8 unless starter works. Need help & or options to resolve this problem.

A:Office 2010 starter not compatible for windows 8 upgrade even after updating files

Google Data On SituationLouis
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A:Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate.Upgrade/Clean Install Error or stocked.

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You can only upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate by the Windows Anytime Upgrade method.

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

If your computer is running Win 7 Starter it shouldn't have any problem with Win 7 Ultimate.
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Hello Everybody I'm new to this forum and hope I posted my question at the right place I just bought a month ago in Switzerland Windows without to 7 on Netbook player? a DVD Upgrade a Packard-Bell Dot m u Very nice little machine equipped with Windows Vista Home Premium in French I benefit from the quot free quot EUR handling fees upgrade to Windows I followed all the instructions and expect to receive the DVD French version some time soon Now comes the tricky part my nice and neat Netbook does not have a DVD player And Upgrade to Windows 7 on a Netbook without DVD player? I have not seen it available as an accessory How should I do then once I receive the DVD I do have another notebook with Vista Home Premium English version and a DVD player so I see possibilities - Install Windows on that other notebok if language versions are not an issue and keep the netbook with Vista - Find some trick to save that DVD as a file ISO or something like that transfer it to the netbook with an external hard-drive and manage to start that file in some way on the netbook isn't there some kind of programs that simulates a DVD player - Cry because i've been fooled What are your thoughts Thanks Ben

A:Upgrade to Windows 7 on a Netbook without DVD player?

Do you have a 4 GB or bigger thumb drive?
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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I called Dell support to find out if their aggressively priced ($120) Family Pack home premium upgrade could be used on an XP netbook.
The agent went away and came back and said that it cannot - an XP machine requires a full-price W7 license.
Then, someone on Aardvark told me they had upgraded their XP machine using a family pack product.

Can anyone clear this up for me with certainty?

A:can a family pack upgrade be used on an XP netbook?

An upgrade disk (family pack or whatever else it may be called) can be used to install win7 on a computer as long as you possess a valid qualifying, underlying OS. So if you legally own that win xp, you can do a clean install of win7 completely legally. Only technical issue is theres no upgrade path from xp to win7, you'll need to do a clean install i.e. format the hdd and wipe all data, then install win7. So make sure you back up all important data beforehand.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

In case you are wondering, no, you cant do an upgrade even if you have the full version.
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Has anyone upgraded their netbook from Win 7 starter to Home Premium? I am considering to purchase the anytime upgrade to enable the higher features.

-Can you revert back if you are unhappy?
-Have you noticed performance issues?


A:Netbook upgrade to Home Premium??

you may want to read this thread Upgrade win7starter>home premium on new netbook w/msdn? it should answer your question
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hi guys i recently ordered the lenovo ideaPad netbook s10 and should be getting it soon, it comes with xp, so i purchased a windows 7 upgrade from win741. for $32.00. they link you to a download .iso and .exe. i downloaded both files and have a product key.

so the question is how should i go about upgrading? do i just copy the .exe file on my desktop? i take it that the .iso needs to be burned to disk and installed by disk drive, but not available with my netbook.

thank you for any help in this matter.

A:lenovo netbook s10 and windows 7 upgrade!

Check out these tutorials, should tell you all you need to know

You have the option of doing an upgrade but a clean install is always best, since your machine is new you have nothing to lose

Clean Install Windows 7
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

I take it from your post you have no disk drive on the machine so usb install guide is here
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Any probs or if your not sure post back & someone will help
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I bought a new netbook (aspire one 756-887Xkk) just a week ago with windows 8 x64 preinstalled. Now I want to upgrade my netbook with an SSD doing a clean install as I think there's way too much acer bloat on this device. How do I go about this? This netbook uses UEFI bios v2.01 and secure boot and has 4 partitions on disk 0. I tried just downloading an MSDN iso to USBdrive and install it regularly in hopes of windows activation picking up the OEM license hardcoded in my bios. I also tried cloning the disk with no luck. Oh, I have no problem upgrading to a full/Retail version, especially if that will grant me a CD-key then that I can use in the future.

THanks in advance for any help, it's much appreciated!
Geek out :/

A:Preinstalled windows 8 netbook SSD upgrade

Welcome to EightForums.


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:
How to install on a uEFI BIOS:

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with
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Hi Fellas

A little while ago I asked for recommendations for upgrading my laptop. I acted on these up and now I am asking for recommendations for upgrading and/or tweaking my net book. Details below.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1013 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 68580 MB, Free - 47489 MB; D: Total - 68583 MB, Free - 68320 MB;
Motherboard: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., N150/N210/N220 , Not Applicable, 123490EN400015
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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I am about to purchase a HP netbook.

I understand that people who buy a computer presently will receive a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Will that apply to netbook as well? Would I receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 strater edition?

A:Free upgrade to Windows 7 for netbook?

You would need to check with HP to see if they will be offering the upgrade for the model you are planning on purchasing.
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I regisitered with mirco soft to get my free windows 10 upgrade. When I checked yesterday I received I message that my computer wasn't compatible with windows 10. I feel that the whole think was nothing but a PR stund by micro soft they really wanted this work they would have the patchs avilable for all window 7 and 8.1 computers to be updated. They just want you to force you to have to buy a new computer.

A:Unable to upgrade my aspire one windows 7 netbook ...

I was able to upgrade both of my laptops but usually a netbook does not have enough installed memory for the windows 10 upgrade.  My netbook will not upgrade either but it doesn't have the memory.   It has to have at least 16gb of free memory installed.   Because of the size of netbook most do not have that much memory.   It was not a problem stunt by Microsoft as I and all of my family and friends have upgraded their laptops and desktops but not netbooks.  Just for the record I am speaking honestly because I am not a Microsoft fan at all.
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I want to try upgrading my Samsung Netbook N220 to Windows 10, if I can. It seems to meet the requirements, except for the graphics driver which is an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150. I saw this post about upgrading the graphics card and the Microsoft download page here. Hopefully that still works.

Question 1: Will the OS run faster than Windows 7 Starter which is very slow on this machine?

Question 2: If I do a clean install will I lose the function key commands (which I need), such as volume control. What happens to CyberLink YouCam - not that I use it, but if I ever wanted to use the camera is there a Win 10 alternative?

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I regisitered with mirco soft to get my free windows 10 upgrade. When I checked yesterday I received I message that my computer wasn't compatible with windows 10. I feel that the whole think was nothing but a PR stund by micro soft they really wanted this work they would have the patchs avilable for all window 7 and 8.1 computers to be updated. They just want you to force you to have to buy a new computer.

A:Unable to upgrade my aspire one windows 7 netbook ...

I was able to upgrade both of my laptops but usually a netbook does not have enough installed memory for the windows 10 upgrade.  My netbook will not upgrade either but it doesn't have the memory.   It has to have at least 16gb of free memory installed.   Because of the size of netbook most do not have that much memory.   It was not a problem stunt by Microsoft as I and all of my family and friends have upgraded their laptops and desktops but not netbooks.  Just for the record I am speaking honestly because I am not a Microsoft fan at all.
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I have an acer aspire one 532h, and I want to hit it up with some performance upgrades. Now for $50 bucks, i can get a 2gb 800mhz ram,or upgrade the hard drive to a 7200 rpm one. What do you guys think would help most, the ram or the hard drive? Also, does this netbook even support 800mhz ram? And is the hard drive 2.5" or 1.8"?..Thx

A:Acer Aspire netbook upgrade, hard drive or RAM?

See this linkf or memory:
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Im giving a new netbook as a gift but it comes with windows 7 starter. Is there a reason for not upgrading to Home Premium due to ram, etc? Ive heard starter is recommended for net-books but its pretty much stripped isn't it?

Also, Is there a way of doing the upgrade through the Windows anytime upgrade but using a MSDN retail home premium key? I ask this because it sounds easier to do that way since it doesn't have a DVD drive.

A:Upgrade win7starter>home premium on new netbook w/msdn?

Compare Windows 7 Editions
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I bought a netbook a while back with Windows 7 Starter.

I had an extra upgrade key of 7 Home Premium from one of those 3 pack family upgrades so I upgraded the netbook and put the key in.

I want to reformat the netbook back to Windows 7 Starter and just use it's original Starter key it came with. Home Premium bogged it down too much.

My question is...

Is there a way I can reuse the upgrade key of 7 Home Premium on another computer or did I waste the license by putting it on the netbook?

Thank you in advance for your help,
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configure acer aspire one (d250) to boot directly into windows.

Hi guys, I've recently upgraded from windows 7 starter to ULTIMATE!!!
I appear to have lost the control panel option to configure my netbook to boot directly into windows (loads android first). I can hit F9 when I get the BIOS screen to achieve this, but I would like to boot windows as the default OS.
Previously, I think this was achieved using an acer control panel option. I no longer appear to have any. I've installed the "launch manager", but this doesn't have any options...

Any ideas how I can acquire this configuration feature again?

I've tried setting the other IDE as first boot via BIOS, but this appears to have no effect.




A:acer netbook upgrade to w7 ultimate, no dual boot config option

Do you use the Windows 7 DVD to upgrade or anytime upgrade?
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Hi All,

Last week I bought a Toshiba NB300-108 netbook which came with Windows 7 starter pre-installed but I have since installed Windows 7 Home Premium Edition only to find problems with the screen resolution and the mouse pad functions.

I managed to find the driver for the screen resolution but I am completely stumped when it comes to fixing the mouse pad. The mouse pad will work but I can't scroll down web pages by sliding my finger down the right hand side of the pad like I could in Windows starter edition.

I have tried the Toshiba website and tried a number of "googles" without success so can anyone please tell me how to get my mouse touchpad back to how it should be?

Many thanks in anticipation of your usual help and expertise.


A:[SOLVED] Toshiba netbook mouse pad won't work after upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium

have you updated the driver for your touch pad? here is a ink for it
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is it possible? will my license key be the same? or my future OS will be fake or pirated?

i bought a new netbook with windows 7 starter OS. but im not satisfied with this OS.

thanks for the help!

A:upgrade my windows 7 starter to windows 7 ultimate/professional/home

Stop making double threads, you already asked and got answered in the other subforum.
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I have dell mini inspiron 9
and its os is on external hard drive I want to delete the os from the drive to make it as a storage and install new os for netbook..
windows xp sp3. , the os I want to install..

A:Netbook's os from external hard drive how to remove to replace new os directly to netbook

When you're booting from the new disk, just delete every hard drive partition.
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I have a small notebook. It does have a malware that I can't get did of.
Therefore I want to do a clean upgrade. I saw it somewhere on the net
but I can't find it now.
There were 3 methods one with a change in the registry and
another where you do a double upgrade
I do have the win 7 home premium CD

A:upgrade win7 starter to win7 home premium

Hello Mogens, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Here you go.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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Hello all and thanks in advance I ve burned up over hrs trying to solve this puzzle and scanning through the forums I haven t found a similar situation w a solution which is why I m posting ISP Verizon DSL Westell modem Netgear RangeMax router Setup works perfectly bridged modem Router assigns IP addresses no worries st machine IMac GHz Intel Core OS updated Connects perfectly via ethernet and wirelessly WPA Personal authenticat Also works using WPA- WEP NOT good asks for passphrase key I enter it as it is set up in the router control panel it attempts to authenticate then error reads quot Connection Timeout quot nd machine Old IMac PPC G GHz OS Connects via ethernet through both modem directly and via the router WEP NOT good error reads something like quot failed to connect Try Again quot I don t plan on using WEP so I haven t looked at that setup in a CAN'T Ethernet netbook 2 Macs, or PC old wirelessly connects Mac! netbook; connect while I ve been Ethernet connects 2 Macs, PC netbook; CAN'T connect wirelessly netbook or old Mac! trying to set up the network as WPA I understand there s some sort of incompatibility issue with the older Ethernet connects 2 Macs, PC netbook; CAN'T connect wirelessly netbook or old Mac! Macs and WEP But WPA NOT good similar error to above not a timeout My router s broadcast is detected but this machine cannot connect to it regardless of the authentication Does NOT work via any WPA or nor WEP Basically it doesn t connect wirelessly It will only connect if there is NO router authentication rd machine Netbook Samsung NC - GB Wireless b g Win XP Connects via ethernet same as others NOT good wirelessly It detects network router broadcast but does not connect to network When I try connecting the small window pops up saying it is attempting to connect Eventually the window disappears there is no connection there is no error notice nothing For the PC I ve attempted everything I ve found online re resetting WinSock IP etc via command line prompt I ve reset the router which works fine with the st Mac I ve reset the modem the software is updated the router firmware is updated everything is updated Ideally I d like to get all machines accessing the network wirelessly I don t understand why the old IMac cannot access via WPA and I especially don t understand why the new netbook can t connect Any advice is truly appreciated See command line info below From Intel IMac lo flags lt UP LOOPBACK RUNNING MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe lo prefixlen scopeid x inet netmask xff inet prefixlen gif flags lt POINTOPOINT MULTICAST gt mtu stf flags lt gt mtu en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu ether c b c media autoselect lt unknown type gt status inactive supported media autoselect en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART RUNNING SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe b ff fe d fabc en prefixlen scopeid x inet netmask xffffff broadcast ether b d fa bc media autoselect baseT lt full-duplex flow-control gt status active supported media autoselect baseT UTP lt half-duplex gt baseT UTP lt full-duplex gt baseT UTP lt full-duplex hw-loopback gt baseT UTP lt full-duplex flow-control gt baseTX lt half-duplex gt baseTX lt full-duplex gt baseTX lt full-duplex hw-loopback gt baseTX lt full-duplex flow-control gt baseT lt full-duplex gt baseT lt full-duplex hw-loopback gt baseT lt full-duplex flow-control gt none fw flags lt BROADCAST SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu lladdr c b ff fe d e media autoselect lt full-duplex gt status inactive supported media autoselect lt full-duplex gt en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART RUNNING PROMISC SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe c ff fe en prefixlen scopeid x ether c media autoselect status active supported media autoselect en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART RUNNING PROMISC SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe c ff fe en prefixlen scopeid x ether c media autoselect status active supported media autoselect nbsp

A:Ethernet connects 2 Macs, PC netbook; CAN'T connect wirelessly netbook or old Mac!
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Is there a type of in surance that I can buy?

A:Whahe netbook has Squaretrade t if my netbook gets stolen on vacation?

You might wanna asked the people you brought it from.

It would be best to not let people know you have it.
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I have a regular Medion laptop where the HD (40 GB) is in 3 partitions, C,D,and E the D and E for backup and recovery and see that the Medion Netbook (160GB HD) has 2 partions C and D for the same purposes. With these laptops come discs -Operating System Installation CD and Application & Support Disc.

Now the Acer Netbook (120GB HD) has just the C drive with no support CDs of any kind so what is the difference in design of the two? Why should Medion computers have all this itty bitty extra stuff and the Acer ( and probably many others) apparently needing none of it? Do the different systems point to weaknesses or strengths in their designs?

I'm rather perplexed - can anyone enlighten me please?

A:Acer Netbook and Medion 97160 Netbook differences

Recovery/restore disks/partitions...are not uniform in the way that they operate. Different manufacturers have different preferences.

Some computer system manufacturers use a recovery/restore mechanism that involves small, additional partitions...some don't.

The respective owner's manual and manufacturer's website should contain exact details of how these mechanisms work.

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Hi, everyone. I am abt to get either a laptop or a netbook as a grad gift. The netbook seems the best - this young lady will be doing net surfing, playing music, some word processing, but no gaming, not much more: no protein folding or anything.

We totally have our home computer for any video editing, powerpoint, etc. she might need to do. If she needs a lot of computer for college, I can slap together a desktop for a few hundred.

So, if I go netbook versus laptop, what will I lose? 1. A cd/dvd plater. I figured that out - can I use the netbook USB port to run and external DVD player, or is there not even drivers and such for this?

Besides no DVD player, what else would we not-have, versus laptop?

A:What does a netbook lack? Graduation gift: netbook or laptop

It will have smaller screen to start with, lot less computing power, poorer graphics, less storage to name few. Although, keeping in view the usage I think a netbook seems very reasonable, as there is no gaming or any intensive computing tasks are involved.

You can run a DVD drive via USB of a netbook.

You may have a look at Asus 1005E, i think its a decent solution.