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All important updates fail!!

Q: All important updates fail!!

Hello guys,

nice to meet this wonderful forum.
My problem is that ALL my important updates fail to install for some unknown reason.
I've not been able to install SP1, IE9 etc.....

Is there anything I can do besides formatting, or is there a way I can repair windows update only?

I tried the system update readiness tool, but no results.

Best regards,


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Preferred Solution: All important updates fail!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: All important updates fail!!

Hello Peter, and welcome to the Seven Forums!

What error message are you receiving from Windows?

Also, please copy the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS folder to your Desktop, right click on it > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder, and upload the new file which is created on your Desktop here.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi guys,

I have been trying to access a website for the last few days, and each time I do, I recieve this error message.


The server at [...] can't be found because the DNS look-up failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chromefrom accessing the network.

I tried changing my browser, but the website still didn't open.
Then I switched devices to my mobile, and the browser wouldn't open.
I turned the wifi off my mobile, and the page DID load with mobile internet, so it has to be a problem with my home internet.
My friend has the same provider as us, but the page works perfectly for her.
I'm not the most technologically advanced, so I was wondering what the next step would be to fix this problem?

A:DNS lookup fail - specific site.

Three test techniques other than a lousy browser:

get a command prompt and enter PING
follow that with PING
this tests your tcp routing and name resolution

then try
get a command prompt and enter NSLOOKUP whatever_domain_name
download and enter the whatever_domain_name there
and this tests if your ISP dns is worth $0.02.
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This laptop will not save documents or files to the hard drive. They are there when initially saved, but disappear when the system is next switched on.

Anyone help me pls...

A:Laptop Fail to save any data to harddisk

You need to say whether you are new to computers or not and which Windows operating system you have. I remember when we first got a computer many years ago the wife thought that I'd deleted her work. In fact we didn't know whereabouts it was saved and couldn't find our way around. If you are a beginner using Windows 7 try clicking on the Start button and then Documents in the menu that opens to the right. By default that's where things are saved but you can use the Save As option and choose a different location.
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Hello I am new but methods laptop to all it No known and sound fix fail on I find this community to be very informative and friendly so I decided to give it a go I tried several other forums they all fail to find a solution No sound on laptop and all known methods fail to fix it to my problem First off let me fill you in on what the situation is I bought a new HDD for my laptop because the last one got corrupted and I had to change it So I got the new one It was completely fresh out of the shop so I went and installed windows ultimate x and everything was great until my sound mysteriously dissappeared I didn t panic and I went and installed some proper drivers like I always do when this happens I got them from my laptop s brand site and it was the exact match for my sound device so I am sure my drivers are correct And it fixed it for like minutes and then it went off again I restarted the laptop - sound got back - minutes later boom no sound again A restart fixed and so on and so on Basicly a restart fixes it but it is unbearable to have to restart your laptop every minutes I tried restarting the audio service from the quot services msc quot that worked too for like minutes and with every next restart it worked less and less efficient when it got to the point that when I restart the service the audio dissappears again in a few seconds So far I tried basicly anything and nothing worked The thing that bothers me is that a restart service restart fixes it Why is that That makes me think it is not a hardware problem and it is something to do with the software Oh yeah and I considered the OS to be a corrupted install But it s not I tried putting on a new one and it s the same thing And the audio ports are fine too The default sound device is correct too and I even see the green bar going up and down when playing music but I just don t hear any sound That s it I think but I may be leaving some other method I tried out so please tell me your opinions Thank you in advance and have a nice day P S System restore does not work since this started from the very first log in the OS There is nothing I can restore back to And even if I did it would stop minutes after that so nbsp

A:No sound on laptop and all known methods fail to fix it

Go into the properties for the audio service.

Make sure it's set to automatic startup.
Go to 'Recovery' tab. Set the drop-downs to 'Restart the Service'.
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Hi All,

I'm really struggling here. I've just purchased some Corsair DDR3 Vengeance Pro Series Red DDR3 Memory with the Specs CAS 12-13-13-35, 1.65V at 2666MHz. I got 2 sets (2x4GB per set, 16GB overall, all 4 slots are occupied). When I choose the XMP profile, the computer fails to post, it resets and then tells me "overclock failed". To get it to boot I set the speed to 2133MHz and it is now stable.

MoBo is an Asus Maximus Vi Hero (Z87) and a Haswell Core i7 4770K with a H60 closed loop on it.
Power supply is a Corsair AX750.

My question is, why can I not hit the advertised speed of 2666MHz? Do I need to send more voltage through them?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Hi all I have custom built pc and in last month now and then it switches off I believed it to be a faulty psu but now ive notice blue screen couple of times I looked it up and it points to faulty hard drive .also on restart I get few chkdsk .so I thought ok I got spare harddrive ill clone main one on to that and use that but when I plug it in it shows up but making a weird noise, also secured by bit lock,, I put password in and then it dissapears with error something like cannot be specified ...does this mean both hard drives have failed or could it still be psu maybe not giving enough power..thanks in advance.. any more info please ask

A:Hard drive fail

A noise coming from the hard drive you replace is faulty,,, it's indicates mechanical better buy new one...
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We have a new Dell Precision laptop but cannot get two of our USB flash drives (both Lexar Jumpdrive SecureII Plus) to work. They work on our other computers. We can connect other USB devices to the new laptop, including an older flash drive. Strangely, if the problem drives are plugged in before the computer starts they will open properly - but I cannot remove them and plug them in again later.

They do beep every so often. USB Mass Storage shows up in Device Manager, with the warning exclamation. Disk Management will briefly show a disk (1 or 2) with "no media"; sometimes it will disappear then reappear for a second or so.

I have checked for USB driver updates, uninstalled and reinstalled USB hubs shown in Device Manager (though I'm plugging directly into the side of the laptop). I do not understand what would cause these drives only to not work with this computer only.

A:Some usbs drive fail to open on newest computer only

I forgot to mention: the laptop is running Windows 7 Pro.
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I have a 128gb samsung SSD. I was wondering what updates I can remove to get more space on the SSD because windows7+all updates are currently using half of the SSD space and somehow only 119gb of the SSD space is displayed so I'm guessing that 8gb is reserved or something.
I'm currently removing the extra languages and those are giving me and extra 5,5gb space

A:Windows 7 Ultimate updates and SSD question

Somehow I think you have more installed than Windows and updates. Internet Explorer, Bing Bar, and Bing Desktop are the only updates I have hidden. All other Windows Updates have been installed. I wouldn't put all the blame on WIndows, if you have an install using 60GB.

​Anyone with more than 8GB memory and still has Pagefile and Hibernation, by default has more than 16GB used by these two files alone. I recommend using them only if needed. I personally don't need them and have removed them both.

Check and see if you have a Hibernation file. If you don't use hibernation features, the file can be removed.

Windows 7 ? Delete Hibernation File (hiberfil.sys)
To turn off or disable hibernation, type the following command at the prompt:
powercfg ?h off
This will disable hibernation and will remove the hiberfil.sys file from your system.Click to expand...

Monitor your memory usage and if you have more memory than you ever use. The Pagefile can be minimized. I currently have mine turned off, with 8GB installed. But caution though if you turn the Pagefile off, Windows will not be able to compensate for a shortage of memory and the Windows session will crash. While I am comfortable not using a Pagefile, I do not recommend others do the same until they are comfortable doing so. I recommend lowering the Pagefile size to 1GB, and if Windows needs more, the size will be automatically adjusted.
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This is not intended to be a sob story but I just want you to know what it is all about. I have a niece that is slowly deteriorating from MS. She does not have much that she can do anymore but one of her enjoyments is playing a game called WSOP Challenge (world series of poker challenge). Right during Christmas the game stopped working and Sprint can't seem to help her get it back on her phone. She called me asking if I knew what to do and I tried but could not find any info on what she needed to do to get it working. Sprint told her to delete it from her phone which was not a good idea because I have found no where that she can download it from and put it back on her phone. Would anyone be so kind to give me some advice on how to fix her problem. Time is not on her side but what she does have left I want it to be very enjoyable. Thanks so much for your help.
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Hi I What to fail my workgroup causes network have four pc s connected through a GX-D ASUS switch which is now a few years old Two of the pc s have just been upgraded to windows the other two are on windows Also into the switch goes my BT broadband router and my network hp printer n Suddenly I am losing the complete network during normal use Instead of having green lights on my switch one of them goes amber and another has no light on at all If I unplug the switch from the power and then power back up all the What causes my network workgroup to fail lights go orange What causes my network workgroup to fail and then turn to green and the network comes back on This has never happened before until today and it has happened twice really frustrating I am not very techy and think the switch has became faulty Should I go buy a new switch or might it be something else Need it explaining in layman terms please as I don t have a clue Thanks for your help nbsp

A:What causes my network workgroup to fail

Hi Shelley123. If your router has at least 4 Ethernet ports at the rear, there is no need for a switch as you have 4 pc's. If your "router" only has 1 Ethernet port, what you have is a modem. Normally, your Internet signal comes in and goes to a modem first, and if you have more than 1 pc or devices that need wireless connectivity,you would connect a wireless router to that single modem port and connect your 4 pc's to the 4 ports found on most routers.If you had at least 5 devices that need to be connected by Ethernet cable, you would use a switch which you would connect to one of your router's ports, then connect the fourth pc and any other Ethernet device to one of the 4 or more ports on the switch. Are you sure you are using a switch and not a hub? Could you tell us what other hardware you have in your network besides your 4 pc's which you connect by Ethernet cable?
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Hello all, I wanted to get some opinions one what parts are most important to upgrade for improved workflow and video preview for video editing applications like sony vegas. Basically I edit bluray video for amv's (animated music video's) and my preview window and basic workflow speed can be choppy and not quite as smooth as I want it to be. Does CPU have biggest effect with this kind of stuff (and if it does, would you suggest a hexa core CPU or would something like an i7 4770k quad core CPU be enough for editing bluray footage)? or is computer RAM important? I also heard that Doing something with your hard drive can have a greater effect in improving these things. Any thoughts appreciated! Also, assume money isn't a factor, just want what performs better.

A:Important parts for improving workflow in video editing?

RAM + a fast CPU are large parts of a video editing build. RAM and a good CPU help speed up the rendering process, but they dont necessarily affect the video render quality. I think the GPU is the issue.

What are you current specifications? What is your price range for the new machine?
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This is my first post and hope I am doing it right, if this is the wrong place to post...I apologize.
quite often when opening a web site I get the error "Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server's DNS address."
If I refresh the page usually I am able to open it. I am using chrome.

Thank You

A:DNS Look up fail error

Try this:
Go to the start menu and type in CMD-->Right click on CMD, and press "Run as Administrator"-->type this in exactly: ipconfig /flushdns

Tell me if this works out.
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Hello guys I have a acer aspire one d250 (kav60) , and I think I downloaded the wrong flash bios file and since then my laptop won't turn on ((( if anyone have an idea what to do please REPLY

A:BIOS fail, laptop won't turn on :(

Why were you changing your BIOS on a laptop in the first place?
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New system just built a week ago:

Asus P8Z77-V Pro
i7 3770K
F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 DDR3-1600 8GB(4GB*2)KIT CL9 1.25V
OCZ Vector 2.5" 128GB SSD Indilinx Barefoot3 HD1237 VTR1-25SAT3-128G
Windows 8
The problem is, every 2nd or 3rd time I boot up I get a message by that white flag on the bottom right with a red X on it saying 'restart your PC to repair drive error (Important).

I have attached two screenshots at the bottom showing the messages I get within windows, then a short video of what happens when it reboots.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


A:Restart your PC to repair drive error (important)

I'm not familiar with SSDs. It is safe to run a check on it, and what software would you recommend?
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I was going to go for this Seagate 500GB ext. hd but then saw this one for $10 more it has 1TB of space and (according to the customer reviews) has a standard USB 3 cable. I found the same model on bestdirect for less. I have ordered from Memory Express who do price beats but they told me the product is discontinued, probably because of the new Go Flux line. Is this true and does it matter? The person at Memory Express directed me towards another Seagate hd of a different model. I checked out the reviews on newegg and it has 3 stars and says they have discontinued it.

How important is it to get a non-discontinued product (and why is there a discrepancy between retailers as to what's discontinued?) and how important are the customer reviews?
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So for many weeks, I had the blue screen startup loop problem. I finally managed to log in Somehow and reformatted my computer. Now I am receiving a hard drive failing message, and the internet says I should download crystal disk. I did so, and this is what it says

Would be grateful is someone could tell me how to solve this, or if I have to replace it =/

A:Windows 7 hard drive fail message

You'll have to replace it.
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Hello, my ex built me this computer about 7 years ago and have not had issues with it since. Currently when I start up the computer it goes the black screen that shows the PCI device listings along with First SATA> Master DISK LBA, SATA 1, 300GB. It has a underscore bar at the bottom left of the screen that blinks then after a few seconds disappears and the PC appears to freeze. Does it sound like my hard drive may have failed?

I have hit the del button at the start that puts me into the Phoenix -Award BIOS CMOS setup Utility and shows First SATA Master WDC WD300JD-00K. I do not hear any beeps at all when I start it up either.
I hope this is enough information, as I am not tech savey at the least

Thank you!

A:HDD fail?

No I don't think that your HDD failed or else it wouldn't even list in the BIOS CMOS setup utility. You also mentioned that it doesn't beep when you boot it up at all either that is a sure sign that your HDD didn't fail because it would make some sort of beeping noise. Just to be sure however I would pull the side off of the computer and listen to the HDD to see if it makes in peculiar sounds or beeps. I also need to know does the computer still boot up after the black screen and the pci device list?
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I'm taking a class right now and the teacher keeps alluding to the fact that it doesn't matter how fast the CPU is. For example the CPU could be sitting there ideally. Could someone elaborate, is there no point in getting a faster CPU if the bus is too slow?

A:Why is CPU not as important as people think it is?

I don't really understand what he is suggesting. There are too many variables. What CPU? What is the bus speed? What applications are in question? What do you mean by

"For example the CPU could be sitting there ideally"
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I've spent hours trying to get my DVD burner to write. I've done all the things suggested by Roxio and by HP, but it still will not burn video. Burns audio fine. Is it possible for a burner to fail this way??

A:Can DVD burner fail although CDs still write?

Of course it is possible... replace the optical drive
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Hi I had defragment running on my laptop then while it was running i uninstalled malware anubyte from my laptop and it asked me to restart the laptop so i cancelled the defragment and restarted my laptop Then after restarting it said computer had some peoblems so disk Hard fail detection run the repair or start normally but start normally when Hard disk detection fail was clicked it just kept on showing starting windows logo but the Hard disk detection fail laptop didnt start so restarted it again and tried again but still didnt start even with repair and i repeated the process Then at one point it stopped detecting my hard disk and then i ran via bootdisk i kept it the whole day it reached the postion where it showed me my folders but i couldnt copy or do anything with it then i restarted again AFter certain point without bootdisk it didnt detect hard disk and asked for boot disk and the bios also didnt detect i even tried placing my hard disk in another lapto p and it too didnt detect So could the problem be with software or hardware Help qould be really appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Hard disk detection fail

This sounds like a dead or dying hard disk. What brand is your disk? Most hard disk manufacturers have diagnostic software that can be downloaded and burned on a CD to be booted from. They can run all kind of tests to see if you hard disk is in good shape.

But if two different computers are unable to even detect the hard disk, I'm quite sure it's faulty.
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My father recently bought some more RAM (4 gb for a total of 6gb). Since he put it in his PC has been acting funny. Now he is getting hard drive fail messages during the boot up. His HD then started making clicking noises which in my past experience means the HD is done. Now he can't boot up at all. I didn't think RAM could do that. The RAM is identical to the other RAM, they're both DDR2 and both PC5200. His HP is upgradeable to 8gb of RAM.

Thanks for any help.

A:Can RAM cause a hard drive to fail?

AFAIK, not likely.
It might just be coincidence.
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i have a pc that i was trying to update when i updated the drivers everything was fine until it rebooted when it rebooted the screen went to sleep mode i have tried another monitor but still the same thing is there anyway i can put the hd in to another pc for it to work so i can maybe change what i can to get it to read or atleast see on the other pc?

A:No monitor after updates?

You could hook your drive up to another PC and try to boot from it but I doubt it will be any different. Sounds like you have downloaded a bad driver.

Can you get it to boot in safe mode and then use system restore to take it back to before you installed the driver.

What driver was it?

What OS are you using?

Do you have the OS disc?
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my usb is a usb of fail firmware and i don't know fix this error,
can someone help me fix this problem ?
thank you very much.

A:Firmware for USB fail

Hi, I personally don't understand you problems exacty..
What is the that device? is a flash or something else.
Does it say "FIRMWARE FAIL" or you just came up with you own error?
Reply that then we will see how to help you...
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Hey everyone So I ve currently moved houses but before I did I used to live with mates and my computer running windows was constantly on acting as the houses media server using TVersity to WD external 1TB fail? access and share all my movies and music via my external WD TB USB hard drive This had been the case for the last year and during this time I have not had any problems with it At times the movies lagged but seeing as they were going from the external HDD through my computer over the network and played on WD 1TB external fail? other PC s laptops ps s I put it down to the network load slowing them down and making them choppy as well as the dual core processor that I had in my computer not being able to keep up with the data requests As I said I have moved in to a new house and still obtain all my gear PC netgear router WD TB external HDD but after the initial set up of all my stuff I can no longer find my external harddrive on my computer It doesnt come up in My Computer It doesnt come up in Device manager It doesnt come up in Disc manager Here s where it get s a bit weird though After I plugged it into my PC and connected to the internet which I had at my old place too it downloaded quot Initio combo device class quot driver software for the HDD which I never needed before After downloading the drivers there was no difference to my problem it still does not appear in My Comp Device manager Disc Manager Under the USB Controllers tab in Device manager it does recognise a Mass Storage Device though When plugging unplugging the external HDD to the PC laptop laptop also runs Win through the USB connections i did try multiple USB ports on both the PC Laptop too make sure that wasnt the problem it makes the windows sounds that are used for detecting the addition or removal of a external device so both PC and laptop are detecting that it is there it s just not showing up anywhere I m very careful with my equiptmaent to so its not as if I ve dropped it or anything like that but when I moved it just stopped working for some reason I ve been looking all over for answers to this and just can t find anything relevant to my search I a m also using all the original cabeling that I had set up at my old house too I ll be interested to see if anyone can help me with this because the only thing I can come up with is that it s died along the way from my old house to the new one but seeing as I cant access anything on it Im not sure if its because theres no data being accessed which is the reason it is so quiet Blue power light is on and solid at the back aswell Thoughts nbsp

A:WD 1TB external fail?

Does the external drive have an external power source, or is it powered via USB?
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well, i've just reinstalled windows xp on my computer, and i have no sound what so ever, i have tried updating my drivers and that hasnt worked, ive also tried things like going to the device manager and disabling, re-enabling them and that hasnt worked, ive tried looking into the bios, and the hd audio is set to automatic can anyone help please?

and before anyone asks, yes the speakers are plugged in and yes they do work, they were fine before re-installing windows.

my sound is onboard and i own a biostar mcp6pb m2+ motherboard


A:No sound after trying many fixes inc. driver updates

No yellow marks in the Device Manager ?

Speaker icon showing in the Quick Launch ?
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I have tried updating several times my ATI drivers with no success. The catylist software installs fine but the driver fails. I have tried uninstalling first, rebooting, then installing with no luck, even tried an older driver with no luck. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:ATI Radeon 3650 driver fail

What are you updating; a PC or a laptop?
Who is the computer manufacturer?
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I am thinking of getting an AMD athlon 3800+ dual core with 2.0 GHz instead of my current CPU which is the 3400+ 1.99 GHz.

The only benefit seems to be the fact that it is a dual core and it is a 3800+, but it has 0.01 more GHZ, so if I am playing a game like supreme commander is this processor worth getting?

A:Which quality of a CPU is most important?

What is the model of your mother-board? A new CPU would really help you, but your current integrated graphics chip is pretty bad. So a video card would noticeably improve your gaming performance. Although, I'm not quite sure which type of card is best suited for your mo-bo.

If your computer has a PSU of at least 300 watts, then here's a decent card:
Radeon HD 4350 Video Card 512MB ... $29.99.
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Hey every one I have a Video card problem I hope you can help with.....
I have a Pentium (R) Dual-Core
[email protected]
2.50 Ghz,3.00Gb Ram
On Win XP with SP3

Everytime I try to download a driver for my Geforce 9800 GTX plus I get the same error message from many sites......(The NVIDIA set up program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware.Set up will now exit) I do have the yellow question marks in the device manager..It say's (The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver..............Drivers will not install.........

I know this Video card works because I just took it out of my old AMD system.....Any input would be great.Thank's

I thought I should add the MB is a ASUS P5GC-MX/1333
Socket 775
I think the problem lies with the Boards Realtech drivers

A:GeForce 9800 GTX plus/driver fail

I got it working...It was a bad Mother board driver...It just couldn't see the Video card installed.
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help plz i'm having a trouble about my pc its my hdd i can't partition it or format and when i restart it fail to detect my drives what should i do done everything still wont work help plz asap thnx.

A:Primary master fail & primary slave fail

What happen prior to this issue? Other than that sounds like the onboard HDD controller gone poof (bad) it can happen without warning. But in your case again what changes did you make to your system prior?
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Since I appear to be ignorant and incapable of locating the proper bios settings and/or drivers to update, I was hoping someone here could help me do so, and hopefully I am providing all the accurate information below:

OS Name - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version - 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer - Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer - Compaq Presario 06
System Model - DA236A-ABA 6420NX NA910
System Type - X86-based PC
Processor - x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1798 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date - Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.01, 12/10/2002
SMBIOS Version - 2.2

Edit: If I am not in the proper forum and need to be moved to one such as Device Drivers, then I apologize and hope this thread will be moved.

A:Bios and system updates

whats the problem your having. if it ant broke dont fix it
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Ok well here it goes a year or two ago my friends built me a custom gaming pc At first it was fine and then a whole bunch of things went wrong So far I have replaced a CPU fan the entire case graphics card hard drive and motherboard important help, Please So now I m having this problem The smaller problem of the two is that I will press my power button and the fans will turn on and my power supply will light up but nothing happens In order for it to work I need to go to the Please help, important back of the computer where the power supply is and I switch the power supply off and on reallllly quick it then turns on But then I discovered last night that it randomly shuts off It was so wierd i was playing a game for about an hour and then all of a sudden it just totally turned off So I started it back up the ghetto way and tried playing again It turned off again So i went to sleep and tried again this morning I played a game for a little while and it just turned off on me again Here s my concern This case has fans the CPU fan There is no way this is overheating When i was switching cases i looked in my power supply and i realized that there is this white stuff in it it kinda looks like gum So what could this be Could it be my OS I have a trial version of Windows Or could it be my power supply Any help would be great I hope this is the correct forum to be posting in Thanks Chris nbsp

A:Please help, important

When you replaced the CPU fan, did you mess with the CPU heatsink, or remove it from the processor with out cleaning off the old thermal compound and applying new fresh thermal compound? The white stuff in the power supply is normal, don't worry about it.
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hi guys Fist of all ty for anyone who can help me I got a hp intel core quads mb memory go fail page not able F11 start - PC boot, Discs to not working on Recovery hard drive NVIDIA gs window xp service pack I am having a big problem here I was downloading a codec when this first happen the blue screen stay like sec then pc reboot choice to start fail since they all lead to he blue screen who stay sec and then restart My Recovery disk are been read since i can press see them with my hard disk but when i try to start with it nothing happen but the blue PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page screen for the last hours if try many things if been able with patience and time and focus too see a little bit my error code who looks like i dont know x witch after reading on the internet seem to be x f For now i cannot press f and Reboot when i plug in the pc its unplug if not it only do the same fail by itself for eternity i did deactivated PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page auto-restart but it restart and fail anyway please help me thanks nbsp

A:PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page

when you hit F8 and disable system automatic restart, it still restarts without displaying the blue screen?
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I have an nvidia 8600 GT. its not giving any display at all.

When i start using onboard graphics card, it is showing a new VGA unit for which drivers need to be re-installed.

When I try re-intalling drivers for the card, both the cd that came with the card and the downloaded latest drivers are saying that they are unable to detect any compatible card.

Have tried disabling/enabling and uninstalling/waiting for fresh detect atc. from the device manager.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Nvidia 8600 GT fail

What shows up in your Device Manager. How old is this nVidia 8600GT ?
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MyRealtek High Definition Audio driver is version dated 10.13.08. Is there an update for this and can anyone tell me where I can download it free i.e. without driver robot or driver detective.
I dont have any particular problem with my current driver and Im aware of the phrase 'if it aint broke dont fix it'. I just want to know if there is something better out there.
Additionally, if there is an update should I uninstall the old driver before installation or just install over the old one ?
I have looked at the page for driver updates on this site but I cant work out which is the correct one for my audio card.
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Not my problem, but one I have noticed many, many times lately on these pages. So many people report 'unable to boot from install CD' or DVD, despite having the boot order correct. Can some experienced repair technician throw light on what is going on - are CD/DVD devices becoming quite quickly unable to support booting?

And what may be the cause? Is there some change in recent motherboards, is XP/Vista/Win7 sending out updates which interfere with motherboard drivers? Do devices simply fail quite quicky these days? .... or what?

A:Do many CD/DVD drives fail to support boot these days?


Here's what the issues have been:

Written disc (copied) that is not being picked up by the standard laptop CD/DVD Drive (normal I find)
Faulty CD/DVD Drive, that can read in Windows, but cannot boot BootCDs (common I find)
Users not selecting either "press any key to boot from CD" or not selecting the Fn key that changes to CD boot (not exactly Bios config)
Scratched or dirty discs (and CD/DVD Drives)
Incorrect jumper setting (or cabling) on older ATA (IDE Connected) CD/DVD Drives
There may be a whole range of others (and a comprehensive list) listed on other sites of possible issues

BUT: When the computer was bought (brand new) it booted from the CD/DVD Drive (even new and old computers)
Therefore something (as above) has changed since, ie its not MS updates or firmware drivers, or anything like that. Although I agree that parts don't last as long as they did in the past, ie most 486 computers still work, ironically
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Hi everybody I m new here but am a semi-experienced windows mac user I have searched the internet long and hard for a solution to my problem but I still either haven t been helped or people just don t know how to help me Once again this is a driver problem I think None of my network drivers are working and I can t connect to the internet Under quot Network Adapters quot in device manager there is a yellow exclamation on Network Fail Drivers HP Laptop mark next to each driver To give Network Drivers on HP Laptop Fail you an idea here is the list Intel R Wireless WiFi Link AGN working surprisingly Realtek RTL Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface WAN Miniport IP IPv L TP PPPOE PPTP SSTP Note that the WAN Miniports listed are each seperate I just couldn t be bothered typing them all out on seperate lines I have no idea where to get these drivers from or how to transfer them over to Network Drivers on HP Laptop Fail my laptop I have tryed installing vista SP or not sure but it doesn t install fully it will come up with an error like quot Sorry windows could not install this etc quot Network Drivers on HP Laptop Fail even after it has sat there for half an hour doing apparently nothing at all I have checked in the drivers folder and they are all there where they should be but no matter what I try I can t get them to work and I am afraid of deleting them just in case there is something you beautiful TechSpot people could help with Specs Hp Pavilion DV Core Duo T ghz gb ddr ram with Vista Home Premium I would really really appreciate it if any of you guys could point me in the right direction as far as fixing this damn thing Much internets to you Thanks Jack nbsp

A:Network Drivers on HP Laptop Fail

First go and download the Ethernet drivers.
You need to go back into the device manager and uninstall each device that has an exclamation point next to it. Double click the Ethernet driver .exe you downloaded and let the computer reinstall the drivers. You might need to restart the computer to complete the installation.
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I have an external harddrive on the drive I had unpacked a backup of windows. ever since the drive has extraordanary trouble loading. Specificly it has trouble loading during the autoload with i386. In addition on any computer I plug it into it says there is a delay write fail I am having trouble removing or opening any files on the external any one have any sugesstions

A:External drive delay write fail

You need give specifics about your computer make/model, version windows, service pack level, etc

And what specifics about your drive? and what type of external connection??

(altho delay write fail is often indicative of hardware failures looming i.e. get what you need off of it NOW) but specifics still needed
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Hey Tech Spot! Well im making up my cart on newegg and i've come across a problem. Im getting ASUS P5Q SE PLUS LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard Mobo and im looking at the Thermaltake CL-P0257 Blue orb II CPU Cooler for LGA775 & K8 as my heat sink. The Only problem i see is that ill be using the CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB. Will all that fit, if not what Heat Sink with Blue LED lights could i use. BTW ill be using the Antec 902 Case.

Thanks in advance.

A:Will This Heatsink Fit! Important

The Orb will fit
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Acer Aspire 2920Z /MS2229 series can't boot up windows

Is this model prone to overheating, that can cause hardware problems?

What are the components of the laptop that i should check?

Any user-friendly recovery tools/software that you guys can recommend?

Need to retrieve the data inside.

A:Acer Laptop fail to reboot

Remove the battery, AC adapter and hold the power on button down for 30 seconds. Plug in the AC adapter and try to boot. If this fails, reseat the memory and the hard drive... Last, remove the hard drive and see if the laptop will post with out the drive. If all this fails, the motherboard might be bad. You can remove the hard drive and install it into a USB external enclosure to retrieve the important data using a desktop computer
Relevancy 28.38%

I have a note book hard of 160GB and using it as an external storage and data transfer, i have started to get an error "windows delayed write fail" and the hard seems to be unusable. At first i thought my PC's power supply does not generate enough for the external harddisk to work, however 2 days ago i bought an acer M460 and i still face the problem. can anyone let me know a solution.

Also i apologize if the topic is already addressed as i do not have the time to go through all the posts and replies.
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I was browsing the internets earlier and my computer decided to freeze on me The sound cut out followed by the video not long after I heard the fan on the video card spin up to and the screen went to NO SIGNAL Kinds of 750i Chipset nVidia Fail All - Now I had just opened CCC approx min before this happened and the core All Kinds of Fail - nVidia 750i Chipset was running at c what gives After the computer booted up again after a hard reset I took a All Kinds of Fail - nVidia 750i Chipset look in the Event Viewer gt System window and was greeted with All Kinds of Fail - nVidia 750i Chipset a slew of errors caused by nvgts sys and of course ati mtag sys was in there as well Most of the nvgts sys errors were exactly the same something about parity errors and pending interrupts I do have the latest nVidia storage drivers installed which are about as stable as a house of cards in a wind tunnel but I don t have RAID or anything enabled so I don t know why they are causing these errors I have two SATA drives in my system an HDD and an optical which both work fine Is there any way to install more generic storage drivers for my machine I have the latest nVidia ones installed MediaShield for my board all the drivers for the series chipsets are the same What should I do nbsp

A:All Kinds of Fail - nVidia 750i Chipset

"What should I do?"...
Format the hard drive and reload the operating system
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I've seen a number of great deals on monitors in the 19"-24" widescreen categories, but invariably they have contrast ratios of around 1000:1. How important is contrast ratio? What would you consider to be the sweet spot for price and performance?

A:How important is contrast ratio for LCD displays?

It really depends on how crazy you are about stuff like that.

It literally is the ratio of the brightest pixel to the darkest pixel. I expect that the increasing ratio is sort of a logarithmic function on how much you notice (ie - you'll notice the difference between 500:1 and 1000:1 a lot more than 2000:1 and 3000:1).

I think that probably every monitor out there will look fine for regular computer use and most gaming. I think where it really becomes important is if you watch a lot of movies with the lights off.
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So My computer is a rather motley assortment of bits and pieces as I have few funds to support my needs Here are a few specs AOpen NCK u LFS motherboard epic POST fail AMD POST epic fail Athlon -bit w HT GHz GB RAM x x x Seagate Barracuda SATA -GB HD x Seagate Barracuda ATA -GB HD WD Caviar ATA -GB HD nVidia something-or-other GPU not so great AOpen -watt generic PSU So I bought a new -mb RAM stick and decided to put it in my computer I then pulled out the PSU cable in my customary impatient fashion This genrally does no harm other than sometimes refusing to turn on which is easily fixable via a CMOS checksum jumper reset This I performed duly only when I turned the computer on again the machinery started whirring but my screen remained disconsolately blank From what I ve already read on the site this is a POST problem Therefore I went about rearranging my RAM sticks among other things because I ve suspected for awhile I ve had a bad one in there Okay I have an admission to make I didn t actually buy the ram stick It came out of my brother s computer I swapped it for a of my own hoping he won t notice This is a rather unwise statement seeing as I m using his computer to compose this If he walks in on me but I digress I suppose the logical course of action would be to get my stick back and fool around with my original set and try to get a hit However I might as well write out as much as I can now before I crack open his computer and retrieve my karma Um so I switched around some of my memory sticks As mentioned above I m the impatient lazy type so I have to admit that during some of my tests I didn t unplug the power cord while rearranging the RAM chips This could I suppose have been my mistake seeing as my brother s trusty Upgrading and Repairing PCs for Dummies Windows Edition forbids this in the most forbidding of forbidding ways To sum up though I tried all of the above plus unplugging all my hard drives and CD drive not listed above LG generic supermulti taking out the video card switching the CMOS battery and then doing a CMOS jumper reset reseating my meeb power plugs the lot No dice though So if anyone cares to confirm what I fear which is that somewhere along the line I fried my entire collection of silicon and semiconducting matter please do so laughingly and rightly so But I ll sign off for now to try and salvage what I can I have quite the collection of old motherboards and such so if it gets so far as that I ll have to try and reconstitute one of those old relics into my setup Anyway nbsp

A:POST epic fail

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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I have lost one of my important file in my PC,how can i get back it?

A:Important file in my PC lost

how can i resize my partition without damage my files?

how can i resize my partition without damage my files?
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Bear with me, I'm new to posting these things. I just installed a new motherboard and I get the CPU ratio change fail error every time. I have tried everything I have read on all the forums and nothing seems to work. I have swapped the battery, selected and saved the optimized CMOS settings, reset the CMOS, swapped the ram. Everything I've tried fails. All I can get is the Windows start screen for a split second. I hope someone has some insight for me.
Here are my relevant system specs: (as far as I know)
Biostar P4M80-M4 motherboard
SL6VV Celeron processor 2.6Ghz (Northwood)
512MB-DDR PC333 ram
ATX 250W power supply


A:CPU has been changed or CPU ratio change fail error

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your hard drive will have all the drivers on it for your old mobo and won`t work with the new mobo.

You can try doing a windows repair as per this thread HERE.

If that doesn`t work, you may have to consider a format and reinstall.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hi all my pc face a big problem lately my pc of the Most pc to fail boot time is a legacy system it is a P VIA motherboard with ram with a mb tnt riva m my computer just catch spyware but i remove it with AVG internet sucurity already The Most of the time pc fail to boot problem is when i switch on my pc the processor fan work but with no display and no bip sound so i switch off and try again and same problem occur After i try for min switch on and switch off it has Most of the time pc fail to boot display back this cause me quite upset when the time i switch on my computer the nd is my computer will hang up when i leave it doing nothing when i play game it work just fine Action taken i suspect my power supply cause this problem so i replace it with another working power supply but same problem occur i try to replug my display card also did not fix it i just hope that the problem is not my mother board cause i din have money to replace it Zzz i need my pc to finish my course Someone pls help me nbsp

A:Most of the time pc fail to boot

Oh you want me to fill in the words.

Well I'd suggest that you benchtest it.
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I got a thermaltake 420w true power.

Athlon 5000+ overclocked to 3ghz, 2gb ram, 3 hard disks, dvdrw, floppy and 8800GT graphics card.

the PSU is almost 2 years old (I had it in an older, weaker system).

I've been running this config for about 2 months.

today as I was playing Jericho after an hour so the pc turned off instantly (no blue screen or anything, just off, like electricity was lost, but it wasnt, as the mouse still had light and the room still had electricity).

I'm guessing this is a sign that the PSU is going to fail?
I rebooted 2 hours ago and it's ok , but havent played any games yet to stress it.

the thing is , I did log the voltages using speedfan and they were normal at the time the pc went off.

A:PSU is about to fail?

probably loose connection within the system components or in the power cable. try another one.
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ok where to start... bought this mobo (crosshair) on newegg read reviews havn't installed it. plan on learning more about over clocking before i really get deep into this project. there was a frequent review comment about the upgrade to bios of 0904 making it usable to the new quads but taking away 1066 recognition for memory. i plan on running an amd athlon x2 6400+ with Corsair(8) X2(4g:2X2gb ddr2) 800mhz 5-5-5-18 1.8v. the mobo says it has a standard of 800mgz and has a setable frequency in bios of ddr2:400, ddr2:533, ddr2:677,and ddr2,800. so i was just wondering why this is. memory standard of 800 can u over clock to 1066? can u go higher? is standard memory a minimal? just looking for a little q and a please and thanks everyone!

A:Crosshair mobo updates bad?

You may benefit from a quick read on memory as it applies to that motherboard. Look at what is listed as acceptable by the motherboard manufacturer, then get Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, or whatever. Any should be fine, but if you are going to use the board as a gamer, you do not want Value Ram because of the timings.
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What is the best way for checking for driver updates, or are they all done automatically?

A:Checking for driver updates

use the Device Mgr to find the specific device, go to properties and then Update Driver

no, it's not done automatically
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I have an antec nine Hundred case and the Gigabyte P35-DS3P mobo.
The frontpanel wires from the case (PWR SW, HDD LED and RESET SW) don't have the polarities on them. Is it OK to just plug them into the mobo without keeping the polarities in mind? If not how can I tell the polarities apart?

A:Is it important to have the polarities right when connecting the front panel to your

From top to bottom:
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witch of these specs are most important when it comes time to choose video cards pixel pipelines video memory size memory type ddr ddr ddr ect important are cards? What specs in video memory clock in MHz memory bus interface in bits memory bandwidth per second shader clock in MHz gpu core clock in MHz ok i may have missed a few let me know if i did here is what i think memory type and memory clock are very important memory bus and bandwidth are also very important from my experience the gpu core clock isnt as big as the What specs are important in video cards? manufactures are making it to be from MHz to MHz there is only a few frames per second difference for me on my machine and only points or so added in the DMark score aswell shader clock i would imagine should be atleast k or higher but im not sure no clue about pixel pipelines or stream proccesors fill me in on this part and memory size i think seems to be the standard starting point to be honest from my mb card to my mb card i dont see a differnce worth What specs are important in video cards? noting fill me in on what specs are worth looking in to since im kinda clueless here thanks for any support nbsp

A:What specs are important in video cards?

Everything you need to know:
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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite M55-S329. As I tried to boot it up in the morning, the screen lighted up in a blank whitish mode and stayed this way.
Took out the battery, booted back, same blank screen.
Keyboard is responsive, I tried CTRL-ALT-DEL and it rebooted but right away back in the same blank screen.
I tried to cold boot pressing the power key 30 seconds, with no effect, gets back into the blank screen.
I put in the Recovery DVD, it begun reading it upon boot, but was stuck into the same blank screen.

My first guess and hope was this is some sort of stand-by Win-XP problem.
Now my guess is that this is a hardware problem, either a disconnected video card, or perhaps system board failure. Do you have any suggestions? ...

A:Blank screen boot fail Toshiba Satellite M55-S329

Try attaching an external monitor. If you see the same blank screen, your motherboard has probably gone belly up. I hope not though
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Whenever I try to use the S-video out on my 7600GT card it cuases the Nvidia dashboard (1.2.11) to crash. I have tried updating the Nvidia drivers but that just messes up my video to get really messed up.

I have a 7600GT 256MB EVGA and a 7600GT 512MB Sparkle card in SLI mode(had to tweak the ger file to get it to work) Running off of the Sparkle driver(the only one to ever work) with the EVGA in the #1 slot which I am trying to get the S-video out to work on.

Any ideas?

A:7600GT S-video out = Crash/fail

Neither SLI video card lets you connect S-video successfully?
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Hi Guys,

Let me start by warning you that I am not a whiz when it comes to computers!

My Dell Dimension 4600 has been getting a little cantankerous of late, to the point where it failed to boot up today (I'm on the laptop!).

I've looked for solutions, and the end result after getting a "blue screen" with an "Unmountable Boot Volume" message is the following:

IDE Hard Drive Diagnostics
Primary SATA
Drive 0: No device
Secondary SATA
Drive 0: No device

Primary IDE
Drive 0: WDC WD600BB-75CAAO - Fail. Return Code: 7
Drive 1: Maxtor 6E040l0 - Pass


Is this the dreaded hard drive crash?

Any advice gratefully received!


A:Dell IDE Hard Drive Diagnostic: Fail!

It is either a dead hard drive or the motherboard has stopped talking to it. My bet would be the drive, given the symptoms.
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Hi - I have a G81915P Duo Pro mobo, XP and Vista on separate drives. I was (happily!) changing the boot order to select the OS. Then I increased (exchanged) my ram from 1GB to 2GB. The bios saw the new ram but XP sys info did not. It was recommended that I update my bios. So I went from F1 thru F3, F5 to F6. After each change I booted in bios fail-safe to XP. I did not notice that my Vista drive (IDE under a sata controller) was not shown in the boot up sequence selection.
So then I changed bios settings back to my original ones, saw my other IDE drives and booted into Vista.
Now I can only boot to XP by resetting my bios to 'failsafe' and to Vista by changing any bios setting. All very irritating!!
I have changed my bios back to F1 but it makes no difference.
Any ideas? TKIA

A:bios 'load fail-safe' needed to boot to HDD

Put back the latest BIOS version.

Start applying your own BIOS settings and see exactly which setting makes XP unbootable.
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I recently purchased the

Wintergreen PM800-M2 Socket 478 Barebone Kit / 52x32x52x CD-RW / Modem / 350 Watt Power Supply / Keyboard / Mouse / Speakers

I put in the Prescot 3.0E 1M L2 Catch CPU and 512MB Kingston 3200 DDR ram also it has a Maxtor 60GB 7200RPM hard drive

When I start the pc it gives the message above, also it does not let me save the cmos settings for cpu i.e. it just hangs but it does let me change the settings for date time etc so I think it rules out a bad cmos battery.

I have also double checked the heat sink and fan connection + the memory.

The CPU is running at 58 degrees according to the cmos/bios

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:Warning! CPU has been changed or CPU ratio changed fail.

I had the same problem (but on an Abit board) - it turned out to be defective memory so I siggest you run memtest for an hour (, which is a bootable CD or Floppy.
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So the story.

I was Formating a Dell Latitude D600 for a client. I install the OS. Then proceded to the dell website for the driver, I then went through the process of downloading and installing them.

I tested the machine and Lone behold i forgot about the bluetooth driver. Which i then went and download. I went throught the install instructions. It asked me to in Restart (Like a good boy i did)


When i say nothing, the bluetooth light will flick for less and a second and the power light will stay on for about 10.

There is nothing from the CPU, HD or Fan.

Any help would be great. I was thinking about doing a Hard Bios reset.


A:Power Fail When up dating Driver-Latitude D600

You don't have much choice if it won't boot from the install CD. Can you disable the b/2th before the boot begins?
It's a bugger when it's someone else's machine.
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I have this cpu on my old mobo:

Field Value
CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 630, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)

Will it be compatible with this mobo that i just bought?

I'm worried about this since i already bought the mobo and if it won't fit there's no way i can afford a new CPU.

A:Important question about CPU mobo compatibulity

Ok nevermind i was freaking out about the wrong numbers (i hope) because i read this spec under my cpu type

Field Value
Package Type 775 Contact LGA

which is a LGA775 CPU so it shuld totally fit right?
Relevancy 33.11%

core clock, or or memory clock?

A:Which is most important on a video card

They both go hand in hand.
Core clock determines how fast the card can actually process data, ie. compose the 3d image, and memory clock determines how fast data such as textures moves from memory to the GPU.
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Ok, I just re-installed my operating system in hope of a faster computer. I was not surprised that it worked. The only problem is that when I browse internet pages, they skip. As I read in another thread, I need to update my video driver. When I went to install the ati driver that I downloaded from their web site, my computer told me that I need to have a standard vga driver to start. I looked at my computer specs, and it doesn't even show my video card on the list of equipment. I have lost the disk to install my video card, so does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks!

A:Driver updates

Try installing an earlier driver.
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what kind of problems to be expect or occur if the motherboard is damaged or overheated?

A:Question about a fail motherboard

Hmm, it wouldn't even boot at all, or it would BSOD a LOT. It could also damage your other components.

BTW, Welcome to TS!!
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Hello all - I have a bit of a problem Last month hard can't of find my HELP - important old any on my files drive my Emachine tower would not work anymore There was no power going to the computer therefore impossible for me to get any data off at that time I now have a HP labtop and am trying to transfer some of my files from the Emachine to the HP I bought a DYNEX hardrive enclosure and hooked it up HELP - can't find any of my important files on my old hard drive I have looked everywhere on that hard drive and cannot seem to locate G of music pictures and some very important files I did go into documents and settings on the old drive and clicked on my user name to see if any information was there It said the folder was empty and it gave me an error message as access denied I also checked the space available and there is G used out of G which is the same as when it was working in my Emachine Please help me Thank you all Gracie Lou nbsp

A:HELP - can't find any of my important files on my old hard drive

see if you can right click on the drive, and go to security and permissions (or even on that individual folder) and set the owner as the user name on your lappy.
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I try to update my Gateway M460 from 6.007 to 6.005 then it' won't start no more . Please let me know does anyway I can fix the problem ?

Thank you

A:Fail to Flash my Gateway M460 Bios ! Plz Help

Reset the BIOS, if that doesn't work then put the BIOS flash floppy in the drive and start it up with the left shift key down and it may be able to reflash it, assuming it has that feature built in.
Relevancy 28.38%

Hi I recently got a second-hand charge. D600. Both fail batteries to DELL Dell Latitude D The battery was already charged when I got it but it wouldn t recharge at all DELL D600. Both batteries fail to charge. I assumed the battery was a gonna and eventually bought a brand new one However this won t charge up either I can still run the laptop from the battery as long as there is some charge left in it At the moment I m having to use the AC mostly I suspected it may be a BIOS problem but thats now been flashed I ve tried all kinds of combinations AC power up then battery in etc but nothing The new battery works as I ve been able to charge it on a relatives laptop I m stumped Any advise you wise people can offer would be greatly appreciated SPEC DELL latitude D Windows XP Battery type Dell Li-ion Capacity WH M Thanks for any help Steve Sorry I ve just joined here so I hope I posted this in the right place nbsp

A:DELL D600. Both batteries fail to charge.

Check this link.
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Hey all. I have a question. My keyboard and mouse are bouth USB, and every time i restart my comp, they work in dos but once windows boots up they just stop working. If i plug in a PS2 mouse and reboot the computer, they USB devices start to work again. I have all the drivers installed and everything, anyone know why the USB keyboard and mouse would stop working like that?

A:Keyboard and Mouse Fail upon windows boot up

What model is your motherboard?
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Having just assembled my PC all was working fine until I try and play 3D games such as Flight Simulator 9 or Farcry.

The games go to black screen or reset the PC.

I have installed all the latest drivers and reinstalled Win XP Pro. I have re-installed the old Nvidia Geforce 3 Ti200 graphics card and it still does it. I read some where that the Abit VT7 motherboard is buggy but I have the latest bios.

Could it be that the standard settings for the motherboard are worng or could it be my memory?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

P4 3Ghz FSB 800mhz HT
512mb Pc2100 2.5CL
Gygabyte Radeon 9800 Pro or Creative Geforce 3 Ti200 Video card(not installed at the same
400w Power supply


A:Games fail in 3D

What video drivers are you useing? What version? Had same problem with ti card and old drivers.
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I ve recently just built a new PC OC Fail?? bare with me because I know I m a noobie I m a graphic designer and my computer is my bible when it OC Fail?? comes to work I ve lost thousands of dollars in clients and also the cost of replacing the computer has been a nasty dent to my bank account I m only Mobo GA- PL S CPU OC Fail?? Intel Duo ghz RAM x GB DDR Samsung Video Nvidia GT PCIE HD gb SATAII WD gb IDE WD The first time I booted the system I got the OC fail mesage I noticed OC Fail?? a peice of the mobo was touching the chasis I removed it and restarted The second time it worked and I got windows and other software installed Days later whilst in photoshop working the computer mysteriously restarted Ever since I ve had these issues a It starts up leds flashing all fans spinning etc but nothing comes up on screen - theres no signal coming through b The main cpu fan just does not start at all and the pc automatically shuts itself down I m guessin this is because the CPU is overheating but why c The computer starts and in POST i get OC Fail - Please enter setup etc I haven t overclocked the system at all Sometimes it freezes here sometimes it lets me into bios Sometimes it freezes in bios and some times it doesnt I load failsafe defaults and restart but get the same problems What s happening here nbsp

A:OC Fail??

You had much overkill there man lol. You definitely didnt need that much processor, and i think 1gb would have been sufficient. And why 520GB worth of HD. All that overkill and an underkill on the GFX card lol. I dont know your problem but i know you spent too much money on that computer lol.
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Hello Guys I was so confused a few days ago after solving two problems with different computers with just a cable issue do you know any difference on the IDE cables besides the little plastic guide in the middle of the cable I can t really tell why but the problems I had is that I can t read any dvd from a dvd-rw unit so I test the unit in a dif PC and it works so later on just change the cable and the unit works it s important cables? How are the weird to me because the same cable works good for How important are the cables? a regular How important are the cables? CD-Rom unit but this IDE cable besides it was brand new was kind of old but I can t tell the difference by just looking at it is there really How important are the cables? a big differente between the new IDE cables and the old ones same happen with a HDD I took out the jumper from the HDD and it works put it back and PC freeze change the cable and works with the jumper back I ll appreciate any information that you could provide Thanks wave nbsp

A:How important are the cables?

There are different cables. 40 wire ones for ATA 33 devices and 80 wire ones for ATA 66\100 devices. both though have the little plastic guide in the center. are you sure this wasnt a floppy cable? they look alot like IDE cables but dont have the guide int he middle.
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Ive had my harddrive for about 6-8 months. It worked great, but I took it out and put it back in It stopped working, Im guessing that I fried it. I make movies, and I have alot of my work on it. Ive tried acouple differnt methods of trying to get it to work (external harddrive case, changing the jumper on it, moving the jumper around, checking the bios to see if it shows up, and it didnt.) This is VERY important, and I really need help. It does still power up, because it gets warm and I can hear it. Its a Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 300 gb., Model# ST3300831A

Thanks for your help and time soooo much -Nick

A:Help! my harddrive isnt working and I have VERY important stuff on it.

Download and burn a BartPE cd. Boot the computer off of it and use the file explorer in Bart PE to attempt to access the drive.
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Can any 1 tell me the best and latest update of intel graphics card?


You could try here, not sure how updated they are..
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hi all so here s the situation p GHz ASUS P PE MOBO the outlet my computer is connected to was shut suddenly shut down and on again while my computer was on i am connected to a power surge upon restart the bios hardware monitor gives an error msg quot Hardware Monitor found an error Enter Power setup menu for details quot so i go into Hardware Monitor and notice that things are in red CPU fan speed is Chassis Fan Speed RPM now my fan is DOH! can FAIL?! BOOT powersurge cause clearly going so thats not right at this point i suspect the Power supply but all voltages in the Voltage monitors read correctly V V V moreover i hear and see that my cd rom are working so i go ahead and tell bios to IGNORE the FAN speed errors and only then my bios continues on instead of a DOH! can powersurge cause BOOT FAIL?! windows OS startup screen i get quot PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT quot when trying to boot from cd-rom i get quot NO DOH! can powersurge cause BOOT FAIL?! EMULATION COULDN T FIND NTLDR quot so im not sure what the problem is is the very initial problem that my bios though my fan speed if so why is it powersupply motherboard i thought a power surge protector was suppose to prevent this if anyone has any idea PLEASE let me know thanks nbsp

A:DOH! can powersurge cause BOOT FAIL?!

so after more research, here are some new conclusion and questions that may help.

essentially, there are 2 issues...

1. why is my BIOS telling me that the CPU and CHASSIS FAN SPEED are incorrect?

---> we can rule out the power supply since voltage readings are what they should be. i'm thinking this implies that something is wrong with my motherboard.

2. the OS is unable to boot from CD or Harddrive.

---> now i'm thinking that #2 is really a continuation of #1. if there is something wrong with my MOBO, then i assume i'm not going to be able to boot normally. this would also seemingly explain why i couldn't boot from cd rom. can i rule out an issue with my harddrive for the time being since broken harddrive or not, i should still be able to boot from my cd-rom (I REALLY HOPE NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY HD)

so here are some ideas i had for possible tests / solutions... ( i could def use some advice here)

i was going to remove the Clear RTC RAM jumper on the motherboard. its the little jumper by the lithion battery that "clears the CMOS memory of date, time, and system setup parameters" and reset to default system settings.

one thing to note is that last night, i just randomly removed that battery, i forgot i removed it, and continued to turn the system off and on as normal. i didn't notice a single change in what was already happening.... that battery is suppose to power the RAM in CMOS and removing it altogether caused no change in the errors i was experiencing. im not sure what that implies.

could it be my CPU? is there a way i can test for that?

other than that, if anyone has any suggestions on how to rule out certain components or locate the issue more, please let me know. i'm running out of ideas here.
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I see that amd is dramatically lowering prices on their 512 kb l2 cache x2's come the end of july, now im wondering the difference between the 4600+ and 4800+ snice its almost an extra $300 is it worth it for the extra cache
all i will be doing on it is alot of gamming and online stuff

A:Just how important is L2 cache

Read this....
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Ok, i only got about 30 mins left with this internet connection. My toshiba satellite runs the aircard properly, but my Hp notebook doesnt. Error #633 is a port issue i know, but nothing else is using the port and the card isnt in use(that i know of) anyone had this problem that can give a quick fix? Im running out of time!
Ty for all posts, much appreciated.

A:Important plz help!! Error #633 Sprint Air Card not working on HP

/bump no replies??
tedster? howard? anyone!?
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i connected my hard disk in my computer while the power was on. it was my hard disk from my xbox and it had evrything on it. now it wont work. is there anything i can do to fix it.

A:hdd fail

"in my computer" as in you connected it to the IDE interface?
LOL. Serves you right really..
You probably fried the HD or the controller in your computer.

You can replace the PCB on the drive itself if you find another identical HD. That is if it is the drive PCB that was damaged.
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:bounce: Hello i am looking for driver update for my motherboard I am having alot of restarts and i cannot figure out why i had them before and then i put a new larger hard drive in and they are not as many but they are still there so i need help

A:Need Help With finding driver updates for my motherboard

There are a couple of possible reasons for computers to randomly restart. I think this is a pretty good troubleshooting thread for random crashes (of course I do.... I wrote it! )

Take a look through there, as it is highly likely that ONE of those things listed is the cause of your problems.

Good luck!
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has anyone with the Asus A8N SLI deluxe updated their bios to the latest version (last i checked it was v1.015)? is it any good?

A:Asus A8N SLI Deluxe Bios Updates

Hello pkroks.

I can`t answer you question, but would like to offer you some advice.

If you system is running ok, I don`t advise you to update your bios.

The updating of a bios should not be done, unless there is a very good reason to do so.

Regards Howard
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Does anyone know where i can get an update for a nvidia geforce fx 5200 graphics card. San Andreas is not working very well. :hotbounce

A:Nvidia updates

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Look HERE for drivers etc.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hey guys.

My Pc is a HP dc7100 Series. The workstation didn't come with a floppy drive installed, so i took it upon myself to install one.

Anyways i plugged in an OLD floppy drive, connected the ribbon cable and connected the power to the floppy.

And tried to boot..... The LED lights flicker, and the CPU and power supply fans run for about 2 seconds, then everything shuts down. After disconnecting the floppy totally the same thing happens.

I swapped out the power supply, and got my system running again.. I tried the "faulty" power supply on another pc and it gives the same results..

Question is how did i manage to kill the power supply? It shouldn't have been from installing the floppy...

Anyways, comments/ideas are welcome..

Just curious as to what the hell i did to cause this.. :blackeye:

A:Installing a floppy drive causes the power supply to fail?

I have seen defective floppy drives cause all kinds of problem including shorting out a power supply. that is one of the reasons I dont install any floppy drives. one minute they may be working fine and the next they go belly up.
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Hi folks I had my optical drives set up as Secondary Master Sony DVD-Rom Secondary Slave Asus CD-Rom My a arrived today and I decided to replace the Asus After installing and booting I got the quot Floppy Disk s Fail quot message 3540a "Floppy causing Disk Fail 40" NEC Since I ve never had this problem before I decided to undo everything that I NEC 3540a causing "Floppy Disk Fail 40" just did Now even with my system back to its old config I m running into the same quot Fail quot message I searched around online to see what the message meant Apparently it has nothing to do with optical drives so why am I getting this message after installing the a I ve tried tightening all the wires just incase I knocked something loose during the install and still no luck As previously stated even my pre-install config is giving me the message Also when the a was installed I loaded a DVD into the tray and it wouldn t register the disk XP had it show up on My Computer but when I clicked the drive it was empty Please tell me what s going on Thanks nbsp

A:NEC 3540a causing "Floppy Disk Fail 40"

Can you outline your IDE connections? For example, what parts do you have on each IDE cable? Hard drives on one, removable disk drives on another or what combination?
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Hey guys i was just wondering Whether a PCI-e 6800 GT could beat the AGP 8x's 6800 GT.......i mean are Pci-e really that important and Agp fading ...cause i persoanlly think PCI-e is pretty useless without SLI..

A:Pci-e it really important compared to AGP


CHeck this THREAD
It brings up some good points...
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Yesterday my sister was on the computer early in the morning about am and she woke me up saying the computer wasn Drive did fail? Hard it problems, t working So i try running Windows XP in regular safe mode and with last known configuration She claimed there was a power surge and now she can Hard Drive problems, did it fail? t get on I know something wasn t working when windows XP took hours for nothing to load It always claimed something prevented the computer from starting properly So I decided to format my hard drive and reinstall it It took forever to write anything to the hard drive I checked to see if there was any problems with my CDRW DVD ROM it s fine and would then not write anything at all on the second phase of a clean install Then Hard Drive problems, did it fail? I decided to change the partition to FAT and install Windows as a bit subsystem so I can upgrade to Windows XP It took a total of Hours and then rebooted upon completion I have installed windows on this PC before and took a total of minutes On reboot a message saying there was an invalid disk so I removed the windows installation CD Then I rebooted again Same message I have reason to suspect that my hard drive has failed She never turned the computer off properly and we have had many power failures brown outs recently We unfortunately do not have a surge protector as of yet Are my suspicions true Has my hard drive failed on me If my Hard Drive indeed fail what is the maximum size the A V-VM motherboard can handle nbsp
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I have a couple of PC systems that do not have the BIOS option to restart after loss of AC power. It seems like there should be a way to briefly close a relay contact connected to the ON switch when power is reapplied. Anybody have a circuit or idea how to do this?

In case your wondering, these systems are used for voicemail and do have a UPS connected. We live in a rural area and sometimes the power goes out for extended periods.

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Hey I have a SAMTRON Samsung brand I think DF X F X DF that is what it says in the Display tab monitor for my computer I have had it for about three years now Just like any other week I go to my Windows Update and install all the latest updates for my computer Now this week I installed some of the quot hardware amp driver updates quot one of which was for my monitor It went fine I downloaded and installed the updates then finished up some things and restarted my computer I have my monitor set at x pixels with Highest bit color quality However when I restarted my computer it turned on like normal but the color quality was terrible set at Lowest bit and the screen resoulution was set at x pixels When I noticed the changes I went to the display and settings tab and changed my screen resoultion and color quality to what I wanted it to be my normal settings First I tried it without restarting my computer It just stayed the same Then I tried it with restarting my computer It doesn't! but updates after worked, Monitor stayed the same also It will just go back to the Lowest bit colors and the Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't! x resolution Any suggestions as to how to get it Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't! back to my normal settings Help nbsp

A:Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't!

Okay, a little edit:

I've called my local tech store, BestBuy, and they gave me some useless information. I can get it to 800x600 pixels, but that is the highest I can go. It still won't let me get past Lowest 4 bit color quality. It is starting to make me angry.

I think I am going to go a little in-depth here and give you the whole story. I installed a Windows Update for my SAMTRON 76DF Monitor, and when I restarted the computer, all of my display settings where different. When I went to change them, I put them where I wanted them to be and clicked apply, but it just stayed the same. BestBuy said to get on an internet chatroom/forum and see if anyone else has had this problem.
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I was going through my PC and i was cleaning all the dust and so forth off like i do every month and i put the side panel back on and tried turning it on and everything runs but the monitor wont get the signal so it just leaves me with the blinky green light instead of coming on.........what may b the problem?

thnx for your time reading this

A:Please Help Very Important!!!!

A harshly suggestion (i think) do u using onboard vga? if u dont, get ur manual for ur mobo and read the manual throughtly about jumper, it may be off accidently

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I found this on it is a new product that they have. Not sure if any of you have seen anything like this but if not I would check it out. You can use this in case your bios update goes wrong. You just flip a switch and you can boot your system as normal. Sounds pretty neat.

A:No more dead BIOS after updates!

Most people don't know that on just about any board with an ISA slot (granted most newer boards do not have ISA slots) you can still boot even if your bios is trashed if you have an ISA video card, and then reflash it from there.
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The ISP I work for is using a Cisco AS5300 and I was thinking the other day that it may be time for some updates. Do any of you know anything about doing this kind of thing? I was thinking it would be possible to do some sort of update, much like flashing a BIOS, or even installing new hardware to update the modem pool or other things to make the AS5300 more compatible with todays dialup modems.
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I own a V11; probably one of the few that do. I am a member of another forum where, whenever anyone mentions they are thinking about getting a V11, everybody tells them that it sucks and got bad reviews. Meanwhile, my V11 is keeping my 2100+ at ~30C. Why? Because I took off the fan grill, which I think obstructs about 40% of the airflow to the HSF. I have read many V11 reviews, and none of them mention the grill. TAKE IT OFF. Don't underestimate this great cooler...
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Just read this
& would like to know how an update can be pulled if its been installed?

A:Updates from MS,IOS ,etc,etc question

The update was pulled from distribution. This means it was taken away so that it can no longer be downloaded. People who downloaded it will have to revert back using the ways provided by Apple. For example, they can use iTunes. But Apple cannot remotely remove it from a device.
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Here s the quick rundown This laptop is to Asus fail X551M install OS my sons homeschooling laptop It has windows on it It quit booting into the OS a while back It just tries to load and gets stuck trying to load the OS then Asus X551M OS fail to install loops itself I tried reinstalling windows and every time it loads the install disc it Asus X551M OS fail to install takes forever to load the next page Finally I get it to start installing and it gives me an error will post the error later and never gets past I thought perhaps the hard drive but I ran a test and it came out fine I deleted all partitions and formatted and it still will not install I tried Ubuntu just to see if it was the disc I was using Same thing freezes as soon as it tries to install Memtest shows the RAM is good I did a stress test and it said the motherboard failed BUT I was able to boot to a disc so I feel like it was a false negative Thoughts I know I m leaving out a lot of info but I m in my car about to go into work right now so I will post the reat of the information about it later when I get home nbsp

A:Asus X551M OS fail to install

Does sound like a motherboard or CPU failure...
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Did SAS recently have a few incremental program updates?

A:SAS SUPERAntispyware updates question

This might answer your question:
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Microsoft is planning to revamp their update delivery method in Windows 10 by implementing peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Traditionally Windows updates have been delivered through Microsoft's servers only, but by switching to P2P, the load on their servers can be decreased...

Read more

A:Windows 10 updates will be delivered using P2P technology

This can only be a good thing. I really struggle to get Windows updates during normal office hours, after 18H00 it's a breeze.