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Windows 7 screen brightness

Q: Windows 7 screen brightness

Laptop, Tosh R945,Win 7 Home Premium

The computer changes the "on battery" brightness to full periodically. I cannot figure out the common theme to this....

I set it to 70% to save battery

sometime later it is 100% again

nobody uses the computer except me
I am not changing it
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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 screen brightness

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I hope I get my question out so it is understood Open computer locate the c windows brightness. text 7 screen Pro drive select it On the right side you will see a list of the folders and in the pro version click either one of the either program files you will see a list of folders on left side of the right pain then if the divider is wide enough in the right pain you will see the modified date and the word quot file fikder quot Now my question the modified date and file folder characters are VERY dim the folder names are bright and very readable Another are of lightness is in windows live mail If i want to save an email I click windows 7 Pro screen text brightness. file save as locate a place I want to save it other that within windows live mail I look for the date it was received in the upper right site of the message IT IS VERY DIM Does anyone know how these areas described can be increased in brightness At windows 7 Pro screen text brightness. my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be If I am on a web site and have this problem I windows 7 Pro screen text brightness. can hold the crtl key down and use the wheel on the mouse to make the screen and text bigger this solves the problem there but not anywhere else

A:windows 7 Pro screen text brightness.

I'm not sure but after 25+ years as an RN and at your given age of 81 yrs young and the symptom of "very dim on the right side' of both the mail and the C:\ area I'm wondering if you may have an advanced cataract in the right eye. Just try covering your right eye and viewing the areas you mentioned in your post and let us know. I believe you can see the "Folders" clearly as they are located on the left side of the screen and you use your left eye to view that side.
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since i have upgraded to windows 10, i m not able to adjust my laptops screen brightness cause i m not getting the option to adjust screen brightness, nor the screen brightness up and down buttons are working. Also i have updated the graphic adapter and still the condotion is change!!  plz someone give me the solution to get rid of this problem

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A:how to adjust screen brightness in windows 10

I fixed this on my Envy 15 j151sa -  Settings > Display > Advanced Display Settings > Display Adapter Properties Then Properties > Driver Tab > Update Driver button. Voila!
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I have a HP Spectre x360 - 13-4009na  and have just upgraded to Windows 10. The problem is I cannot alter the screen brightness using any of the usual methods. - The fn buttons do not work- There is no brightness control displayed on the Control panel - Power Options- The Calibrate Display Colour method fails with an error while "... preparing to calibrate ..." - "Unspecified error". So my display is set to high brightness and I cannot change it. Please can someone help? Thanks, Paul. 

A:Adjust screen brightness Windows 10

I too had the same problem after updating my pavillion to w10.. The problem which i found out was that the display adapter had to be updated. Go to display settings and update driver software
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The adjustment no longer works. And the screen is blindingly bright giving me a supersized migraine.
Anybody know how to fix this please?
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Hey, I never really noticed it before, but today when I was trying to save some battery on my laptop, I was trying to change the brightness down and it wouldn't work. I even tried using the hotkeys, which were also unresponsive to my commands. If anyone knows a fix to this, please tell me. Thanks!

A:Screen Brightness Wont Change Windows 8.1

Do your other hotkeys function? Have you clean installed Windows 8? If yes, you may have to download the driver pack from HP to get them working.
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I have the ?P - 15-r127nv (ENERGY STAR) with Windows 10 (64-bit) if i go to make battery charge the screen brighness change .. Sametimes have high brighness sametimes low brighness and sametimes my screen is off .. Why i have this problem ?

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A:HP 15 Notebook PC screen brightness problem with windows 10

Hi @Phoenixx87, Please use the following and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.
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I've installed Windows 7 on my Qosmio G30-140 but I'm having trouble adjusting the brightness settings.
Instead of allowing me to set the slider to any position I want I'm stuck with only 3 steps from which to choose from.
The last one is way to bright and my eyes keep tearing up from having to deal with this insane amount of white, especially on white backgrounds.
The other two are very, very dark.
What's going on? I've installed the correct Nvidia drivers.
Also I can't seem to set the brightness by using the FN keys on my keyboard. They simply produce no result at all.

Help appreciated, I can't work like this.

Thank you!

A:Qosmio G30-140 - Can't adjust screen brightness on Windows 7

I managed to tweak it down a notch at the Bios Settings but that still didn't solve my problem.
Please help.
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I've noticed today that I'm suddenly unable to adjust my screen brightness I have read half a dozen threads reporting the same problem I tried all the solutions therein from updating the driver and reverting to the most basic one to manually changing power ASUS screen - unable to brightness adjust windows - 8.1 configurations and nothing worked Unlike the vast majority of users who had this problem this hasn't happened following an update to windows which I did several unable to adjust screen brightness - windows 8.1 - ASUS months ago -- and the adjust was working fine after that This might give you a hint As I try to adjust it using the fn key as I had always done previously brightness goes up or down just one level -- and that just 'cosmetically' as in fact nothing changes The indicator gets stuck approximately in the middle of the bar unable to reach the extremes There is more on power management I chose the lowest possible level of brightness when working on battery just to see what would happen I then disconnected my laptop from main power and the brightness indicator did go down to the lowest level YET brightness remained unaltered in fact Anyone please

A:unable to adjust screen brightness - windows 8.1 - ASUS

try turning off Adaptive Display in advanced settings under power management

Attachment 56062
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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 on my Lenovo Ideapad and noticed my screen brightness wasn't as bright as it had been when I had run Windows 8. I keep trying to adjust my screen brightness, but no matter how low or high I set it, my screen's brightness
remains at what I would imagine a 50% brightness would be. Can anyone help me?

A:i upgraded to windows 8.1 and can no longer adjust my screen brightness

Ive tried all the suggestions above and more this is the only thing that has worked so far!
Try this....
Go to device manager - click display adapters - right click the windows driver (intel graphics 4000 or whatever) - update driver software - click search for update myself - then on the next window click "let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer
- then select microsoft basic display adapter

Edit..... come on microsoft this shouldnt be this hard computers should be getting more user friendly not less sort your s*** out!!
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i just installed Windows 7 Enterprise x64bit today
and i can not adjust the screen brightness
-before i installed the driver pack, it didnt even show this option

and after i installed the driver packs the option is there but its useless
i have put the screen brightness on minimum but the brightness is still maximum and my eyes are about to pop right now

somehow i don't have this problem on the x32bit version.

is there any driver that i have to install or any way to fix this ?

A:Windows 7 Enterprise x64bit [ Cant adjust screen brightness ]

What driver pack? Win7 is a driver-complete OS after you enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3) then run all rounds of Impotant and Optional Windows Updates until no more are offered when doing a Check for Updates after reboot.

Any drivers then missing should be imported from the HP Support Downloads webpage for your exact model.

If you have an HP then don't reimport any of the HP bloatware but sometimes a piece of software is required to make the hotkeys function correctly. You'll need to study the software posted for your model to see which is required. If you tell us the exact model and link us to the webpage we can often spot it for you if you need help.

Hopefully you followed the other steps for a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 because you will get and keep a perfect install to the exact extent you stick with the tools and methods given.

If you forced a bunch of old drivers into an OS which provides its own drivers then you will have problems.
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I have a new Toshiba laptop and everytime I reboot the brightness goes to the highest setting

I turn it down using Fn+F6 but then when I restart it goes back to full brightness.

Is there somewhere else I can change this setting?

Also, I've noticed that while I'm browsing and opening new tabs or instances of IE... there comes a point where I can't launch a new window or tab. Clicking on a link does nothing. Right clicking on a link does nothing. Ctrl+N does nothing.

Is this IE 7 specific or a machine issue?


A:Laptop screen brightness uncontrollable/ IE won't open new windows

Hi Lou

I have a dell laptop, and i can set the brightness in the BIOS.

As for the IE problem, cant help you there, I tried IE7 and didnt like it, so rolled back to whatever comes with XP as standard.

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I upgraded my LENOVO G580 laptop from 8.1 to windows 10. after installation the screen brightness increased tremendously and the tools to reduce it do not work. can anybody help ?
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I have a problem with the screen brightness constantly dimming doesn`t matter which power setting I try or which route I go down...whenever re-setting,the tab just moves itself back down to the lowest setting...sometimes it stays bright for around an hour and then once again will revert.

I have installed a new hard drive and so this is a new installation of windows 7 32 bit...but prior to this new hard drive I had the same problem.

I have read through similar threads but can`t find a solution so wonder if anybody is able to advise please ? ...all drivers and updates are present on the system.

edit to is the same whether plugged in or on battery.


A:Acer netbook/Windows 7 32 bit...Screen brightness problem ?

Is there nobody who has had a similar problem ?
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Hi, I observed a problem on my new pc with windows 7.

When I try to adjust the screen brightness, the adjustment slider is always in minimum in Control panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Option, as shown in this picture

but once I go to the "Edit Plan Settings", the slider is in maximum position, as shown in this picture

I can adjust the brightness under the "Edit Plan Settings" but not in the "Power option". Something must be wrong here, does anyone know how to fix this? Many thanks!

A:Problem on screen brightness adjustment(Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit)

Hmmm... That slider doesn't even show on my PC until I edit plan settings.

Is this a laptop? Is your screen dark?

If you can't adjust the slider on the Power Option window it likely isn't doing anything anyway. It might not be anything to worry about if your screen is operating normally. I know of no fix for it, but others might.
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I like Windows 10.
I upgraded yesterday before the free upgrade expiration using ISO file from MS site.
my problem:
battery life is reduced to half,
cannot adjust screen brightness,
my bluetooth driver is gone.
I checked into HP's support site I was told there is no driver currently for my system(hp pavilion 15 e084ca made somewhere between 2011 to 2013 don't k=now for sure).
Anybody has an idea where I can get a compatible driver to get my bluetooth and screen brightness back?
Win 10 upgrade oviously removed them.

A:My battery draining fast, can't change screen brightness after windows 10 upgrade

have you checked in device manager to see if the drivers have any errors? Try updating them from there
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My laptop: Dell Latitude E5550 - 15.6" FHD - Core i5 5300U - Intel HD Graphics 5500 - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - 8 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD.

Does anybody know what drivers/software is responsible for displaying On Screen Volume and Screen Brightness Indicator (while pressing Fn+F2,F3,...) ?

What I've found so far that the Dell QuickSet may does the work (link to this solution: No Level Indicator When Using Keyboard Audio Volume Controls), but I couldn't find a compatible version of this soft with Dell Latitude E5550.
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I upgraded to Windows 10 and now the screen is too bright.  The buttons when used don't adjust the screen brighness at all.  I upgraded the drivers and it still does not work.  Any suggestions or has anyone else has this issue?

A:Screen Brightness

Hi, Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your Envy 17 series notebook - you can usually get this by holding down the fn key and pressing esc, otherwise see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K
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HP OMNI 120 AIO PC -   Model: 120-1111la I Just need to know how to reduce / increase the sceen brightness!  Got to be so easy but I just cant find how, I have spent hours looking, apart from telling me how to do it can someone tell me how I should go about finding it, obviously I am not using the right "logic"! 

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A:Screen Brightness

Thanks so much, I wonder what the logic of putting it there is...  From an OS X Geek trying to make sense of Windows!
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I have just gone from Win XP SP3 to Windows 7. Two nights ago is when I installed windows 7 everything was fine then after restarting my netbook my screen brightness went down so I went to download the utility tool for my Display Manager. Other hotkeys work perfect just not my brightness.

When my netbook starts up I can change the brightness up from one bar to two bars (20%) but no more. I have even reinstalled the tools again but nothing works for my brightness and there is nothing on the power options for the brightness.

Here is the link to my netbook - Please help me as I need my screen brighter
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HiI can't adjust my screen brightness. I right-clicked on the desktop and selected Display Settings and the brightness adjustment bar was moveable, but it had no effect. Now, when I right click and select display settings, the brightness adjustment bar is no longer there.Currently the display is too bright and is quite glaring causing eye strain.Any help would be welcome.ThanksDaniel

A:screen brightness

Sorted it - had to go via the AMD Radeon Catalyst Control Centre via device manager.
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hi, i hope you guys can help me with this.....i upgraded to windows seven and love it. there has only been one big problem....when i unplug my dell inspiron 1720 laptop the screen dims significantly.....and the button on my lap top wont make it brighter. When i click the battery button "adjust plan brightness" is up all the way for running on battery.....any help....i use it alot not plugged in school and its way to dim to use like this...

A:Screen Brightness

The first step would be to see if there any Win7 drivers for your computer.
I did not see any .... Yet...Maybe the vista 32 drivers will work for now.

Drivers & Downloads
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I'm running Windows '98 on a 'Tiny' tower system and monitor.
I recently reinstalled Windows on my sysytem following virus problems which have now been solved.

Before reinstalling Windows I was having problems with the brightness of my screen - basically it was very dark - which I was correcting by going to [Settings],[Control panel],[Display], [Setting], [Advanced], [Color] and changing the settings there.

Now I've reinstalled Windows I've lost the [Color] tab on the [Advanced] window and I'm unable to brighten my display.

My display driver is the most up to date available in the windows database - please help me change the brightness of my display.

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I am a teacher and we use chrome books daily.  However, I have 4 chrome books that have the exact same problem.  It looks like a black screen, however the chrome book is turned on and brightness is at 100%.  I can barley make out that the computer is working, however if I conect it to the projector I can see the display.  Thank you
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I have a Lenovo y560 and the screen brightness juss keeps changing on its own, i try to set it to a brighter settingand it justs lowers itself back down within seconds, the laptop is also running windows 7 64 bit if that could be a cause.

A:Screen brightness changes on its own?

Your computer's got an ambient light sensor to detect and automatically adjust screen brightness based on surrounding lighting. You'll have to disable the setting. Lenovo has their own energy management program that has a setting for it, but I'd imagine there's something in the Control Panel (maybe Power Options?) that allows you to turn the setting off.
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Hi I have a HP envy m6 notebook and when im viewing websites the brightness will keep randomly changing.
why is this and how do I stop it?
ive gone into the settings and turned off the 'enable adaptive brightness' but it still seems to keep happening
any ideas?

A:Screen brightness

Are you using an HP branded power adapter? Cheap generic ones, can cause power fluctuations.
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I've noticed this happen twice. All of a sudden the screen flickered for just a second and the colors on the screen got brighter. By brighter I mean the the actual color changed (ex. my blue taskbar looked grayish). Both times my laptop was plugged in and the second time it happened I simply unplugged the computer and it changed back. After plugging the adapter back in the screen went to plugged in settings, but did not change the colors. The two times were separated by about two weeks.

I'm curious what might be causing this. It's probably just some little bug with a driver but I wanted to know what you guys thought.

A:Screen Brightness

Try uninstalling the monitor driver, re-booting, and letting it re-load the driver when it loads.
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Hey guys

I have a very small problem here. I had a recent format to my laptop. Assume now that I am working on the battery. Whenever I plug in the AC, screen brightness increases perfectly. No problem here. Now imagine, I put the laptop to sleep or hibernate and I plug in the AC. Whenever the laptop comes from sleep or hibernate, screen brightness stays dimmed. I need to adjust it manually every time.

Did any of you experienced something similar to this one? I checked other posts but most of them are related with not being able to change the brightness manually. Nothing like my problem.

I appreciate any suggestion

A:Screen Brightness

[Help] to disable Smartdimmer - LaptopVideo2Go Forums

Try this mans approach.
Check back to see if we need to go any further.
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I can hardly see the screen
It just goes down on its own.
I to have some control oer the brightness, and have got it set NOT to go to sleep on or off the battery.
It's a full whack now, and it's still not bright enogh.
Its just started doing it since i had to get my system re-set. I used to do it befoer but I managed to get it so that it didnt do it on its own.
I checked in power serttings and i defintiely do not have it set to go dim after a while.
Would love some help cos its too dark and hurting my eyes at the moment.

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Dear All! A few weaks ago I bought a new HP ProBook 440 G3 notebook and everything is working perfectly, only the FN keys for screen brightness are not working (the other fn keys for volume etc are OK). I was informed that I should download the missing codec / program from HP to fix this, but I cannot find it anywhere. Could you please help me? Thank you in advance.

A:Screen brightness FN+F4/F5/F6 not working

Here is the driver page You need probably the video driver and hotkey support
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I am very unhappy owner for a Dell XPS 13 computer (it is a *** computer!). 
The latest issue, of many, it is not possible to change screen brightness. I have tried with on patch and one new setting (Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Display > Enable adaptive brightness) but it still does not work. 
What can the problem be? 
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I have a problem wtih the screen brightness on my laptop. The problem is that the screen looses brightness whenever I plug-in or plug out the charger. In the display brihtness menu I have set the maximum brightness for every power plan - just in case and in advanced options I have disabled the dimming option. But the screen still looses brightness every time I plu -in or remove the charger. So I have to change the brightness manualy every time. And when I do so, lower the brightness but the brightness actually increases and I am clueless what to do.

A:screen brightness problem

Can you test with another charger?
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i froze...rebooted..and now my screen is markedly brighter than it was before...

i've fiddled around with the brightness and contrast buttons on my monitor, but it still doesnt look right...

it's so bright ive lost the botton bar on looks like the area you type in and the bottom bar are one and the same, there is no distinction between the two...

any ideas?
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hey, i was wondering if there is a simple stand alone program that can make the screen of a computer darker and brighter (so i dont have to use the monitor controls) and also contrast?


Hi there,I wouldnt imagine that there is,but Im intrigued as to why you would want the computer to do it when you already have the controls on the moniter?
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I'm not sure if this is brightness?? Can't screen adjust in the right forum But in the last couple months once in a blue moon I couldn't change my screen brightness and now in the last couple days it's gotten a whole lot Can't adjust screen brightness?? worse Usually I can't change brightness either via my 'fn - ' hotkeys or via the actual brightness slider in the power Can't adjust screen brightness?? panel A full reboot or simple hibernation then reboot both let me change brightness again But the last couple days restarting the computer just puts the brightness on either fully dimmed or fully bright and I still can't change it This is an HP G laptop and I've had windows seven for a year on it Like I said above it only started a couple months ago then got worse this week and what I've found on google so far Can't adjust screen brightness?? was all for newly-updated-to-seven issues My drivers all seem to be up to date according to the windows update driver function Can anyone help me

A:Can't adjust screen brightness??

Quote: Originally Posted by bookluvr416

I'm not sure if this is in the right forum. But in the last couple months, once in a blue moon I couldn't change my screen brightness, and now in the last couple days it's gotten a whole lot worse. Usually, I can't change brightness either via my 'fn -/+' hotkeys or via the actual brightness slider in the power panel. A full reboot or simple hibernation then reboot both let me change brightness again. But the last couple days, restarting the computer just puts the brightness on either fully dimmed or fully bright, and I still can't change it.

This is an HP G60 laptop, and I've had windows seven for a year on it. Like I said above it only started a couple months ago then got worse this week, and what I've found on google so far was all for newly-updated-to-seven issues. My drivers all seem to be up to date according to the windows update driver function... Can anyone help me?

since a reboot fixes it (at least temp.) it is probably not hardware but software. Do you have a backup from before the problem started getting worse?

Do you have the win 7 dvd to do a repair install?
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my hp 23 pavillion monitor brightness is very bright, how to adjust

A:Envy 23 screen brightness

Hello @rash42, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I came across your post about the brightness issue, and wanted to help! To start, can you provide me with the Product Number and the Operating System of the desktop?   In the meantime, depending on the model, you may be able to adjust the brightness with the controls on the monitor itself.  Also, you may be able to adjust the brightness with the F2, F3 keys.  You can also try accessing the Display Setting, or the Control Panel, depending on the Operating System.  Let me know how it goes. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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I know there have been a million questions about not being able to adjust the brightness on the HP Envy 23 desktop touchscreen monitors.  I have tried some of the responses, but also don't want to screw up my computer.  I cannot get the brightness button to work.  I really need to adjust the brightness, but cannot.  I guess I don't understand why we have to go through all this hassle when there is a brightness control button right in the settings.?  Help please.  TIA

A:Envy 23 screen brightness

Hi Please try this step Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Display > Adjust Resolution  Click "Advanced Settings" Click "Intel(R) HD Graphis Control Panel Click "Graphics Properties..." Click "Display" Click the "Color" tab You can adjust the brightness under the "Color Enhancement" heading. ====================================================Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP. ====================================================**Click the KUDOS star on the left to say 'Thanks'**
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I am not able to adjust the screen brightness Through F2 and F3 or even through settings. Someone please help. Thanks in advance.
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I cannot adjust the screen brightness using the  F2 or F3 key after i had installed win8.
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Go to Solution.


Please don't use high case letters, they are difficult on the eye, and are considered  as shouting. To your problems did this problem exist from the start, or did it just start to happen recently? When you left click on the task bar icon for your power plan and then choose ''Adjust  Screen Brightness''you say that it doesn't work. the slider there doesn't   function at all? Are your drivers updated? Start laptop in Safe Mode and see if it works there or not! At last resort you could reinstall the software. Let us know how you go.
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well when my laptop is plugged in it shows maxiumum brightness, but when its not plugged in it become brighter, yet brightness setting shows in the middle, for not plugged in, how can i get the plugged in brightness to equal unplugged brightness, and I have tried changing power settings.

A:Screen Brightness adjusting help

First of all, please specify maker and model of your laptop. Some vendors could have their own third party replacements for some functions.

Also, please go to Control Panel - Power Options - on the right side of your current active power plan select "Change plan settings" - in the next window click "Change ADVANCED power settings" - then navigate to - Display - Display brightness and check percentage.
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My model is 15-ay019TUI cant see bluetooth icon and intel graphics option even after installing drivers downloaded from hp site for my device... I cant adjust brightness.. Please help

A:Re: why can't I adjust the brightness of my screen on my

Hi @Shubhamrawat, Welcome to the HP Forum! I am pleased that you have become a HP Forum member. It is such a wonderful site to find answers and tips. Here is a link to guide you to having the most rewarding experience and answer any concerns about posting: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More What operating system are you running? I grasp that you are experiencing a difficulty, with Bluetooth, graphics and adjusting the brightness of the display.  When I checked the specifications for your notebook, I noticed it came with FreeDOS 2.0.  You have switchable graphics on your computer and I would be happy to help with installing the drivers but do need to know what your operating system is. In the meantime, you could try running the HP Support Assistant  to aid with drivers.  When you have resolved your difficulty, would you choose "Accepted Solution" on that post to alert other members and visitors to your success and perhaps help them. To show appreciation for my help. please click the "Thumbs Up Icon" below.
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i ran HP Hotkey Support w7 sp64639 but screen brightness control hot key still not working  sound hot key ok
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I like my Toshiba Portege M300 because of compact size, etc. Recently I needed a new hard disk and my repairer loaded W7. I used XP previously and Toshiba do not recommend W7 for this notebook due to age. However, all is working well apart from the screen brightness adjustment. This was previously done by the Fn+F6/F7 hotkeys and there was a driver for this.

In W7 Screen Resolution there is supposed to be a brightness slider but this is not present on my W7 system (I gather that this not an uncommon feature)

How can I adjust the setting sin my notebook to fix a brightness as I am resigned to the fact that the old brightness adjustment will not apply now that I am using W7? Is there a change in the Bios that might help?

A:Screen Resolution Brightness.

I didn't think that the brightness settings of Fn+F6/F7 were affected by the OS but I've been wrong about stuff like that before

In the BIOS, there should be some kind of power or battery settings section that may have some LCD brightness settings that you can try tweaking.

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Hey Guys I just yesterday finished my new computer Gb RAM i - k GTX Win etc and brightness change screen 8.1 Cannot Win in I just today realized that I cannot change the screen brightness The button is grayed out and says quot Unavailable quot which I know cannot be possible Now i have done my research and people say that the fix is to update your drivers through the Device Manager and I have tried that to no avail I Cannot change screen brightness in Win 8.1 have tried all possible combinations of quot Display Adapters quot and quot Monitors quot drivers None work I have been restarting my computer after every change and I have no idea what there is left Cannot change screen brightness in Win 8.1 to do One thing that I might add is that a lot of people remedy this problem by reverting their Intel Integrated drives back to an older version but I do not have an option to change it's drivers It shows up nowhere in the Device manager My eyes are burning as I am typing this and I would even go for a third-party brightness program if that even exists Thanks in Advance Cam

A:Cannot change screen brightness in Win 8.1

Hello Cam, and welcome to Eight Forums.

See if this may be able to help. If this is for a desktop PC, then you'll need to manually adjust the brightness level on the monitor itself.

Screen Brightness - Adjust in Windows 8
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I have looked every post to see if this has been answered before and the solutions but for some reason none of these solutions are available on my windows 8.

i really dont know whats going on here... every option that is on a forum just doesnt seem to exist on my system. My monitor is a samsung 21.5 inch. Please help me because my eyes hurt from the brightness

A:cant adjust screen brightness

Hi, I too have a Samsung Monitor (T220) which possibly - like yours - does NOT have the necessary software to link with the 'auto adjust brightness' system within the Charms Menu. You should however be able to adjust brightness (and anything else) via the controls which will I expect be built into the side (or along the base) of your screen.If you haven't already got a copy of your manual you can download a PDF from Samsung which will show how to make the adjustments you require.
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how do i change my screen brightness? i have a dell 15 r, and my fn keys aren't working for the brightness. is there a way through control panel?

A:changing screen brightness

Hi -
Do you have any buttons on the lower part of your Monitor ??
If you do, one of these usually has a Menu included, and options to adjust Bright / Contrast Etc -

Thank You -
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hi folks,

ive just recently installed Windows 7 Build 7100 on my eMachines E525 laptop, & i can't adjust the screen brightness with the 'fn' key anymore............please help because my battery power is getting hammered here!

A:Can't Adjust Screen Brightness............HELP!

Quote: Originally Posted by Anjunabeats

hi folks,

ive just recently installed Windows 7 Build 7100 on my eMachines E525 laptop, & i can't adjust the screen brightness with the 'fn' key anymore............please help because my battery power is getting hammered here!

I would assume that the Fn keys relate to accessability options and they come from emachines. what driver upgrade have you done so far?

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     Hello All:      I have been using this HP Pavilion dv6-1334us and wXP for 7-year.      Recently I feel that the brightness of the screen is a little bit too low/dark.I want to adjust it to higher/brighter, but can not find the key/way!      Could you please tell me?        --Zhao

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So I have read a lot of diffrent ways to solve this problem and I have searched for hours looking for a solution, yet nothing i've tried has worked for me. Whenever i press the fn key and try to adjust brightness then it does't, it does pop up the slider at the corner but it only moves upwards and downwards only one level yet the brightness wont change even that much. I only found one other person that had this problem and he got it solved, but he had an Asus laptop and he got it fixed with some Asus drivers but i have a Dell Vostro laptop. One of the biggest suggestions i have found that has worked for people has been to install some older display drivers, but that hasn't worked for me either.
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alright, can someone tell me all the possible ways to adjust one's screen brightness within windows 8 on a laptop?

for some odd reason the laptop only adjusts the brightness when on the battery and it does that intelligent adjustment crap(tried to find a more polite word....failed).

A:lcd screen brightness on a laptop

WinKey+I and then in the lower right near the power button is the brightness adjustment.

Most laptops have function keys to adjust brightness as well, but you usually have to install a driver.
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Hello, after updating to Anniversary built my screen brightness automatically brightens n lowers., despite brightness setting LOW.. One more issue with regards to Wi-Fi is tat it automatically getting ON without manually doing anything.. Please guide me

A:Screen brightness and Wifi

The brightness issue could be due to a faulty sensor, but it could also just be a result of the upgrade.
Try a few soft resets and if needed a hard reset.
Just adding this, sometimes it can take the phone (sensor) a second or two to "remember" which brightness setting was selected
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I was very grateful to forum members for their response to my first question here, and I'd like to ask another, on a different matter.

I run 8.1 on a Dell laptop. The screen is extremely bright and glaring, very hard on the eyes. When I turn down the brightness to an acceptable level, text loses definition. So I've tried new themes, both Windows and also Firefox add-ons. But then I find photographic images from news sites such as Yahoo disappear - not all of them, but some. Is there any way of preventing this?

Thanks for any help.

A:Screen brightness/Themes

Windows default themes are the best

Just change the wall paper
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[PC: Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit]
I am using a desktop pc which does not have keyboard shortcuts for adjusting screen brightness (eg Fn+Fx). Is there a way I can create a shortcut for adjusting screen brightness (eg Cntrl+PgeUp)?
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First of all: lowering brightness does not help, I tried it.

On my monitor it seems like everything is too bright, as in places that should be pitch black are a bit too light. For example: on my iPod, even with full brightness settings everything looks normal, but on my PC's monitor it just doesn't look right.

I calibrated color and setting gamma way low really helped, but my contrast is set to full, and my brightness is 75.

The strange thing: when I ran Crysis 1, it fixed the monitor color! So I know the darn thing is capable, I just don't know how to.

When I closed down Crysis it went back to normal.

A:Screen seems like it isn't dark enough(not brightness).


Your system specs will be helpful.

Update your SevenForums System Specs
User CP (located on the top menu bar) |
Your Profile | Edit System Spec (left-hand column)

To gather info, use Speccy (my favorite) or SIW or System Info

Add the word laptop or desktop or netbook to the
“system manufacturer” block, for example,
Toshiba Satellite L305D notebook.

Provide full windows version info, for example:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Use the “Other Info” block for Optical Reader,
Mouse, touchpad, wifi adapter, speakers, monitor, etc

Scroll down and click on SAVE CHANGES.
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I have gone into the control panel and tried changing the screen brightness but nothing seems to work. I am the system administer so I should be able to set all changes. Hope you can give me some direction.

A:Can't change the brightness of screen.

It might help if you told us what kind of computer it was.
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Hi, i've upgraded to windows 7 recently on my laptop and i think that it's really great compared to vista.

I have no problem with most of the things except for the ability to adjust brightness.
I could not change brightness the way i used to by using the FN + left/right key, nor the slider in power options menu.

The screen seems to be at the maximum brightness,which in turn causing my eye to hurt after some time of usage.

Any idea why? I need some help here.
Btw i am using Aspire 6935G.

A:Cannot adjust screen brightness.

Quote: Originally Posted by kansianz

Hi, i've upgraded to windows 7 recently on my laptop and i think that it's really great compared to vista.

I have no problem with most of the things except for the ability to adjust brightness.
I could not change brightness the way i used to by using the FN + left/right key, nor the slider in power options menu.

The screen seems to be at the maximum brightness,which in turn causing my eye to hurt after some time of usage.

Any idea why? I need some help here.
Btw i am using Aspire 6935G.

it's likely you will need to install a utility for that control to work

Ok did some searching , goto the acer website\ support and pick > notebook > aspire > 6935G > then pick your Operating System and make sure you have all the drivers and applications they list

let us know how it goes ?
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I cant be able to turn up or down my pc brightness. i upgraded it to Windows 10 pro. Will be kind of you to send me a link to the driver to correct this.... here are some key info. you may need. WINDOWS 10 PRO64bitsOS,INTEL (R) CORE(TM)i3-4005uCPU @1.70GHZRAM 4GB
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Hello, after updating to Anniversary built my screen brightness automatically brightens n lowers., despite brightness setting LOW.. One more issue with regards to Wi-Fi is tat it automatically getting ON without manually doing anything.. Please guide me
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I have a HP laptop. Its screen it very bright. I want to dim the screen brightness. The keyboard keys doesnt help much it and i cant figure anything in settings section. Kindly help me with it.

A:Adjusting screen brightness

Hello Saniahasni Please tell us the full model number of your laptop and the operating system used. HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number
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I have a HP Envy dv7 Notebook PC. It recently just downloaded the new HP Assistant and I wanted to adjust the brightness because it was too bright for the dark room I was in. I tried using the F2 and F3 keys to lower the brightness and I tried to adjust it from settings and control panal but the brightness doesn't adjust when I move it up or down. I tried shutting down my computer and restarting it but I still can't adjust the brightness. Help!

View Solution.

A:why can't I adjust the brightness of my screen on my

missrodgers92 wrote:I'm using Windows 8 and my product number is C2N67UA#ABAHello again!Try reinstalling your notebook's graphics driver.  Here is a link.Let me know the result and have a wonderful day.
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i've disabled auto-brightness or whatever in what feels like 17 places...when i go from white background web page to black background web page it adjusts still.  is there a way to stop this??? thanks
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hello my name is DarkWazaman I just recently like yesterday noticed that i cant adjust my screen brightness with the shortcut keys f and f and in the power options when i have my laptop plugged in the brightness is at full when i have it unplugged using the battery its lower than half so it can last longer right now is unplugged and the brightness is at max when i touch the brightness keys it show its all the way down but i cant raise or lower it and the brightness stays the same dont know if keeping it connected to my lg tv via hdmi for a month maybe changed some settings or something also i connected and usb receiver for Lower Screen Brightness it. Cant Help. wireless keyboard and mouse i had Screen Brightness Help. Cant Lower it. no problems during this time when i was connected to my lg led tv even playing for hours some video games like godfather evil dead regeneration but just this days i noticed it went total shutdown after Screen Brightness Help. Cant Lower it. a while of playing resident evil guess it made it overheat alot and it shut down or hibernate or sleep Screen Brightness Help. Cant Lower it. so what i did was i put a big fan at max towards my laptop so it wouldnt overheat and it worked but i decided to disconnect it from the tv and use it normally but thats when i noticed this problem

A:Screen Brightness Help. Cant Lower it.

This is usually the rather awful and very irritating "Adaptive brightness feature" There are several areas to look at.
Adaptive Brightness - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
I find you need Options 1, 2, 4 that are listed. I don't find Option 3 necessary at all.
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So, a few days ago the battery of my laptop died and when I charged it and power it up again I found that I can't change the brightness of my screen which I was able to few minutes before. I tried fixing it by going onto control panel>hardware and sound>power option, but it didn't work. It's just stuck. What can I do? Is my laptop broken? Please help

A:I can't adjust the brightness of my screen, what can I do?

Do you have this:

Check in the notification area for it.
You might have to click the Customize button to find it, if you have it:
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Well I've had my laptop for almost 5 months now, however I did break it and got a screen replacement yesterday. Ever since then my screen seems dim. I've altered all the settings (as explained on other threads) but I still can't get to the centre of the problem. I had no trouble altering my brightness before my screen replacement so I do presume that the screen that the shop fitted wasn't the correct one and therefore a cheap option.

What do I do?

A:Screen Brightness won't adjust

Contact the shop that did the replacement, and ask them why it doesn't work now.
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Hi. I have an HP EliteBook 2740p. There are icons on the F9 and F10 keys to adjust the screen brightness up or down. But when I hold the Fn key and press either F9 or F10, the screen brightness does not change. Is there some other setting somewhere that is preventing me from adjusting the screen brightness? Is there a driver that I need to download to activate these keys? Thank you

A:How to adjust screen brightness?

Have you tried them without the Fn key? .
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Hi all,

My desktop machine is a Windows 7 32-bit. My problem is that when I read a PDF, the brightness of screen bothers me and I want to reduce it. My monitor is a Samsung LCD and only has a button. When I press it one time it turn the screen on/off and when I press and hold it, it just adjusts the wallpaper.

Is there a way to reduce it?

A:How to reduce my screen brightness

Your going to have to post the exact model of your monitor for us to help you because its going to be the monitor that reduces the brightness.
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Hi guys this is a hard one.
I have a laptop sony vaio vgn-ns100e Win 7 64
This is my problem when i turn brightness down in PC brightness goes up and when i turn it up the screen starts to dim until screen gets comply black.
Also there is a black area in at the right of the screen.
On the bottom i see the upper part of the screen.

Now this is what i have done so far.
1.Test video card with Video Memory stress Test v1.7.
2.cheeked original drives & also DRPSu11.8.
3.Got a new inverter.
4.cheeked lcd cable on motherboard & screen.

1.vaio logo is not visible wile boot.
2.connected to monitor, works fine.
3.Tried booting trinity rescue kit, black screen.
other ideas?
Here are some pics of what I mean.

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Is there a way I can increase the brightness of my screen? (well more my friends since its his screen I am trying to fix)
I have already put the contrast on the screen itself to the max and its still very dark, i was wondering if there was like an option in control panel or something. Ive tried looking around a bit but ive had no luck, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a Sony Vaio Y 13" and the screen's brightness cannot be adjusted. The slider doesn't change anything when it is moved. Is there anything I can do or is it just gonna be like that for a while?

A:Can't adjust screen brightness

Is the slider that you access via Win + X
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When i upgraded to win 8.1 my screen brightness went up and i can't control it. i tried re-installing the graphic drivers but it's not helping. Also my battery backup has decreased from 3.5 hrs to 2 hrs only. What do i Do?

A:screen brightness went up and i can't control it

Hello Swaroop,

You might see if you may be able to adjust your screen brightness using an option in the tutorial below.
Screen Brightness - Adjust in Windows 8
It wouldn't hurt to check and see if this may be responsible as well.

Adaptive Brightness - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Hope this helps for now,
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This is a strange one.  The screen changes brightness 3 shades up and down at a steady pace without touching the keyboard.  It stopped after about 5 minutes. 

A:Screen brightness scanning up and down G50-80

One suggestion.... have you tried disabling the Adaptive Brightness setting?  If not, here is a link that will explain how.....
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Hello, i'm not sure it's the right place i'm posting this.
I formatted my computer, and now it seems that the option to adjust my screen brightness has disappeared...
When i go to Power Options there is no slider what so ever.

A:I can't adjust my screen brightness

is this a windows PC and if so which version of windows
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I have a new computer HP recline OS is win It came out of the box with win so I had MS store update to The screen is set very bright OK for day use but too bright for night use My problem is that I can't adjust the screen brightness After clicking on the charms menu and clicking on settings the brightness icon is greyed out It says screen the brightness cant adjust I windows cannot adjust brightness on this computer I tried the various locations where the brightness slider may be but all the relevant screens show no brightness slider I don't know whether win I cant adjust the screen brightness had the brightness control before upgrading to I mention this because several people complain that after upgrading to they loss brightness control amd regained it by rolling back the driver I tried the update driver option but it says my driver is already updated The roll back option is greyed out BTW the display adapter shows two adapters Intel and Gforce GT How do I check which one is being used Any ideas

A:I cant adjust the screen brightness

Hello sportflyer,

You might see if you may be able to adjust your screen brightness using one of the other options in the tutorial below. Be sure to also look at the related tutorial links at the bottom to see if one may also be affect the brightness level.

Screen Brightness - Adjust in Windows 8

Hope this helps.
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Hey guys,

I've tried a bunch of things, but the maximum brigntnes on the LCD screen of my E1505 is still very dim compared to a regular VGA LCD monitor. I tried changing things in the ATI Catalyst driver (and the UP/DOWN brightness funcion on the keyboard) but it's still very dim. I'm getting frustrated... any ideas guys?

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Hi I have been having an issue recently with newer games The games I play now are starting to override my gpu screen brightness settings and reverting them back to original brightness Basically I have my screen Screen Override Brightness brightness set lower than normal through my gpu control panel When I play some of these newer games now they override my gpu settings and revert them back to normal even after the game is exited I have to then go back into my gpu cotrol panel and set it back to what I had it originally This has happened with different graphics cards Nvidia and AMD both Screen Brightness Override using their gpu display settings panel Which would be Nvidia Control Panel and AMD Cataclysm Crimson Control Panels Also with different drivers The games I've had issues with are Fallout Warhammer Vermintide and now Ghost in the Shell Online So I don't know if its an issue just for me or if that's just how games are being made now to use their brightness settings to override mine Any thoughts
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I want to reduce brightness of screen. NOT whole screen but only white pixels of screen.

Or a software that can force the graphic card to show grey or light grey or any other color instead of white. And all those pixels in screen that has other color remains unchanged. Is there any software available for such purpose? Or is it impossible to make such software? so i stop searching

I have windows 7, 32 bit

A:Reduce brightness of Screen (Not whole screen)

White is created by every component colour (i.e. Red, Green & Blue) being displayed at maximum brightness.

If you reduce the brightness of White, every other colour will (by definition) be less bright.
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After updating to W insider fast ring build on my Lenovo G notebook the Fn Up brightness control key combination has stopped working To check if Fn Down was working I pressed them and the brightness went down to quot quot and now the screen is always black both while plugged-in and unplugged Hence I'm not able to increase the brightness anymore FYI the quot Up quot arrow button works normally but the combination quot control brightness working zero. after Brightness is at W10 not 14393.10. Fn+Up updating build to Fn Up quot doesn't work while quot Fn Down quot does Safe Mode doesn't allow adjustment of brightness since it cannot load the display driver I tried installing a third-party brightness control software while in Safe Mode but then realized it won't work until I log in to my account in normal mode which I cannot do since the brightness is at zero Please help me asap PS - I have managed to increase the brightness for now but still the combination isn't working Fn Left arrow key combination also not working for volume down while Fn Right arrow for volume up is working

A:Fn+Up brightness control not working after updating to W10 build 14393.10. Brightness is at zero.

you can change brightness settings from settings itself instead of using the keys - just to make things easier
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Hello everyone,

I'm using an hp TouchSmart 610 All in One computer and have just recently upgraded to Windows 10.

I have no idea how to adjust my screen brightness and was wondering if you might be able to help me. Ive tried looking for buttons on the monitor, going to settings etc. but no luck so far.

thanks so much for your time and expertise


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I have lenovo y460 and i fresh install windows because i want break partition drive!

I installed driver graphic first Intel HD 3000 and then ATI Radeon 5650. but when i want increase/decrease the screen brightness don't work.

light screen brightness it's not like factory lenovo!

please help me

A:not increase/decrease the screen brightness

I suppose this is a laptop? You will need to go the the machine's web page and download and install drivers for this laptop. Laptop drivers are specific to each brand so you have the FN key functionality.
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I've recently installed windows 8 on my laptop and when I try to lower brightness the backlight turns off completely. It could make sense at lowest level, but it occurs at 63% screen brightness and lower. (checked with advanced power settings) The brightness does change a little between the 63% and 100% but it's not the full scale from lowest to highest possible setting (as it did before and does on Ubuntu). Any ideas what can be the cause ?
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Model: HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k022dx Sleekbook My screen brightness keeps changing by itself, and I'm not talking about due to lack of use (i.e. screen saver). It is highly annoying how do I make it stop. It changes by itself in both directions, light to dark and dark to light.

A:Laptop Screen Brightness keeps changing

Hello Bite_Me, Welcome to the HP Forums! I hope you enjoy your experience!I understand the computer's screen brightness randomly changes. I will do what I can to help you with this! I will provide a document on troubleshooting display brightness issue. The document will provide settings and fixes to resolve the random adjustment: Resolving Problems with the Brightness of the Display I believe this information will help resolve this issue. Either way, please post your results. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day! Mario

I worked on behalf of HP.
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Yesterday I noticed while I was playing Counter Strike, that the colors changed so did the brightness. I thought it was only the game, but I went on the internet and it was brighter than it was before.

Sorry I can't show pictures somewhy, they don't show you the difference between the pictures.

A:My screen color/brightness changed

what monitor do you have? please fill up your user specs. did you change any settings of the monitor?
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I am using a Pentium, with windows xp service pack2, direct x9.

My graphics card is geforce fx5500, forceware version: 81.98

My dell monitor is Dell E152FP

I want to ask why my brightness/contrast screen of the monitor keeps popping up?

Is it due to viruses or malware? (which I dun think so as my virus, spyware are up to date)

Is it due to my monitor malfunctioning or graphics card?

Is it because I never install upgrades of geforce?

Please help.

A:Brightness/Contrast screen keep popping up

Virus's /spyware can't affect your monitor's OSD from popping up. That is controlled purely by the monitor. Probably, wither the OSD button is stuck pressed and comes up every once in a while, or there is some dirt in the button, producing the same effect.
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HI My Dell XPS L X is now a week old and I have an other problem with it I can t adjust the screen brightness Whatever I use brightness Can't XPS 14 adjust screen L421X the Fn F et F keys the indicator appears and move correctly but screen is always the same nbsp or the charm brightness slider or the power plan settings or the advanced power settings with percentage none of these options works My screen brightness does not change When I go into the Bios I can change the brightness using the Fn keys I ve seen several thread about the same issue but could find a XPS 14 L421X Can't adjust screen brightness solution to work correctly I ve updated my bios which was A to A even if in the driver page of my service tag I couldn t see the update I had to choose quot show all driver for you product quot I wanted to update the chipset and the video cards driver but when I look at the version already installed on the computer they seems newer and when I tried anyway to update the chipset it crashed and the computer wanted to restart blue screen saying it but stuck at and I had to shut it down manually Does anyone has a fix for this situation It really look like that there is an incompatibility of drivers but I couldn t put a finger on it My chipset version is HM nbsp Intel HD nbsp And Nvidia GT m nbsp Thanks you very much for you help Regards

A:XPS 14 L421X Can't adjust screen brightness

Miracle. I did something even simpler

Uninstall the intel driver. Check the box telling to delete the driver files
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I have been facing an issue with my HP G6 1200TX notebook. Currently I am using O/S Windows 7 Ultimate (64bits). There are two buttons in the keypad, one is for lowering the brightness and other is for increasing the brightness of the screen but when I push any one of these two buttons, it shows an image in the center of the screen as "Sun" shaped having a bar however, it is not lowering or increasing the brightness at all. It seems to be intact. I am really wondering why these two buttons are not functioning though it was working fine earlier. I have checked or read so many articles to fix this issue but did not able to reach up to the correction or final solution. I request you to please let me know what exactly happened with these two brightness buttons. Your any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks!

A:HP G6 1200TX - Screen Brightness issue

Plug into AC power. Turn off Notebook. Restart immediately while still on AC.
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I have set my screen brightness to go to full when i plug the recharger of my laptop in
but after 4 or 5 uses the screen brightness automatically sets it so when i plug the recharger in it gets darker than without the recharger
i am using windows 7

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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The laptop screen display brightness fluctuates sometimes, and also it take more time than the actual time to refresh using right button of touchpad

A:Problem with screen brightness and touchpad

As per your explanation, I could say that there could be issue with the connection or display hardware is wrong.For connection issue:Check the brightness condition at different notebook lid open positions.For Hardware issue:Run the hardware disnostics: Also check for any loose hinges and Try installing HP Support Assistant which will automatically download and install drivers/updates:HPSA Link:
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Hi guys, mine is a very unusual predicament, I just bought a new Dell N311z

I've noticed that when the brightness of my screen is anywhere between maximum and minimum it automatically decreases or increases on will, without me doing anything.

I've also noticed that when the background on the LCD is of a darker colour the brightness decreases and when it's a lighter background the brightness increases itself.

I've tried everything from disabling the ambient light sensor to calling up Dell customer care and after having spent 3 hours on doing what they made me do it still hasn't fixed my problem. I reset the laptop to the factory settings, i reinstalled all the drivers as well.

I have a Dell N311z. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I'd really appreciate your reply.

Thanks in advance.

A:Automatically changing screen brightness

I've heard of screens that adjust the backlight brightness depending on the content of the screen - the idea is to "fake" a greater contrast range with whiter whites and (particularly) blacker blacks.
I suspect that your screen is doing exactly this and it isn't a software issue at all...I don't know your machine but wonder if there might be a BIOS setting to disable this feature, maybe...
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NirCmd or Any Programs ?

I Dont Need Adjust Screen Bightness by Button on Monitor to Night Mode Every Night

My Charms Bar Cant Adjust Screen Bightness. Why ?

A:Can I Adjust My Screen Brightness With NirCmd ?

NirCmd Command Reference - changebrightness
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I recently purchased a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop and after installing all the drivers from the site I noticed that the display that comes up when I change the volume/brightness etc may appear differently.
I recognize the dark+green theme from my previous Y570 laptop.
My question is what is causing either one or the other to be displayed? Is there anyway I can control which to show?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Y50-70 - Utility FN volume/brightness on-screen di...

It should have been working out of the box. You don't say what the OS is!!OneKey update will upgrade all older drivers if you miss any.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory