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Problem after installing language pack

Q: Problem after installing language pack

Good afternoon I'm looking for help because i've been looking around for a solution for my problem without it being re-install the windows but still found nothing My problem after pack installing language Problem begins with a notebook from a friend with a GB of ram I've downloaded a windows micro so i could Problem after installing language pack install a lighter version of windows so it would be faster Problem My friend doesn't understand english very Problem after installing language pack well and windows micro in portuguese are non-existent and language pack adding is removed so i can't install it by windows update Solution i've downloaded rtse en inserted a PT language pack official from microsoft and voil a windows micro with PT Problem Installed windows in english by default works perfectly Went to languages PT is available changed for PT reboot and everything seems perfect in portuguese And then starts the problems Went to the advanced system properties so i could remove all graphic-excess and it simply doesn't open When clicked on the mouse appears with the thinking circle for or seconds and then returns to normal and no window with the properties In control panel most of the options also don't open including the language options so i can't return to english So i'm trying to put PT working I don't really want to re-install because i'll need to turn it into PT anyway so it'll probably give me the same problems with another install So i'm open to suggestions so shoot away because i really need to put this working Thanks in advance EDIT On a second thought after seing the other sub-foruns maybe this is more suited to the sub-forum Performance and Maintenance If any moderator reads this feel free to change it

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Preferred Solution: Problem after installing language pack

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem after installing language pack

We need to see a full copy of the report produced by the MGADiag tool
(download and save to desktop - )
Once saved, run the tool.
Click on the Continue button, which will produce the report.
To copy the report to your response, click on the Copy button in the tool (ignore any error messages at this point), and then paste (using either r-click/Paste, or Ctrl+V ) into your response.
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Hi, i tried to install croatian LP, and everytime i get error 2, no matter what i do, error 2. it is actually installing for 1/2 hour and then error 2.
than i tried to install serbian same thing.
i found some update on MS pages, but when trying to install it, it says "this update does not apply to your system".
so i manually unpack upadte, and copy lpksetup and lpkremove to overwrite old files in system32.
1, should i copy some more files or this is ok?

and now when im trying to install LP i dont get error 2, but instead "some updates were not installed 1:not needed"????

what should i do?

A:problem installing language pack!

i tried to delete all temporary files, install even czech, german,... nothing. what am i doing wrong
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I'm on my work laptop and wanting to switch languages to English. I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit.

I know I can supposedly install a language pack via the Update Center. However, because of system restrictions, I don't have access to that. What I DO have access to is a place on my hard drive where I can install a downloaded language pack (again supposedly).

Is there an official Windows 7 language pack I can download? The ones I've found so far seem sketchy (from non-Microsoft websites) or for the beta version of Windows 7.

A:Installing Language Pack Issues

So after further research, I am 90% sure I already have the English language pack installed. However, system restrictions prevent me from switching to English. Under the usual "Keyboard and Languages" tab of "Regional and Language Options", the language section is simply not there at all.

Now I need to find a way to work around that. My office's IT support will not change it for me as local language laws prevent them from doing so.

Any tips?
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I am busy with creating a new image "Windows 7 enterprise English" for our new site.
After done all 206+ updates , I installed a new Language pack (Hungarian). Did a reboot.
Now it started over to install all updates ... why is this happening? Is this normal??

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Hello, I have a Windows 7 Professional system, but language packs are not supported by this version of OS. Are there any way to switch the language of my PC from another language to English?

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I tried installing Japanese language support onto my Windows XP SP but upon restarting as it prompted me to do I can t log into Windows I select my user name it says quot Loading personal settings quot but then it dumps me back on to the log in screen allowing me to re-click my name to the same effect I Can't after installing log Japanese Pack Language into Windows didn t have a password set as it is my home computer I just had it set to the log in screen since I built the machine just for me to click on my user name I tried doing safe mode and logging into Can't log into Windows after installing Japanese Language Pack the administrator but the same thing happens I tried reverting back to the quot last good configuration quot at the menu that comes after spamming F but that didn t change anything Can't log into Windows after installing Japanese Language Pack Debug dumps me at the same menu I have no idea what to do Help please EDIT I have the Windows XP SP disc which is how I was able to log in However I don t have the password or registration key handy EDIT I tried installing fixing windows but it didn t work gave an error saying the signature was invalid error b setup log files should contain more information I can get to the c command line From there is there any way to initiate a system restore to previous settings or change the registry to skip the log in screen nbsp
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Every time I try to install the Eastern Language pack for Windowa XP (w/SP3), I keep tgetting this error message that says I need to find the original CDs - which, of course, I can't find, now that I need them. The file that's missing is msmincho.ttc. Anyone know of another way for me to get it? Thanks!

A:Error Installing Japanese Language Pack for XP w/SP3

You might try this:;DisplayLang=enOther than that, you need the Windows CD
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Hello I'm new to the forums and I need help Unable nor change Repair to language installing. (pack) I've been trying to fix my Windows for days straight now and I'm not really progressing This is to help you understand what situation I'm in I've asked my Unable to change language (pack) nor Repair installing. dad to help me with something and he did a little extra which messed up my register and after working on that for about a day we decided to Repair install my windows and see if it helped he got me this Win SP ISO and upgraded and everything went just fine but the language was in English Unable to change language (pack) nor Repair installing. and I was unable to change it I've been on this forum and a few others looking for a solution and didn't quite find out what to do what I've done so far is - Checking optional updates yet there were none considering LP's and I couldn't find the 'show hidding updates' check either - Copying language files from another computer which got the language into the list of selectable languages but I ended up having a English - Dutch on my computer So after a lot of trying my dad got me this ISO which was included all versions including my bit Ultimate SP version which I've been using but it was all in Dutch so we got that problem out of the way But when I go to the setup it asks me where to install and when I choose the C drive it only says it would overwrite it and I never get to those the 'Upgrade' option to Repair install So basically what I'm asking for here is this - How do I fully install this language pack into my windows Microsoft site hasn't been any help couldn't find anything in optional updates and even with separate LP files I couldn't install the language that means both trying to copy files from another computer and copying into the register and dloading from this site Download Windows MUI Language Packs Official -bit and -bit Direct Download Links My Digital Life or - How do I repair install this Dutch Windows x Ultimate after I have repair installed another Windows x Ultimate on my computer Oh and if you want to know why I don't just reinstall Windows it's because I have GB of Files and Programs on it atm that I don't want to lose I'm sorry for the unneeded information but I thought it might help some of you understand what kind of problem I'm dealing with here Because I changed the subject this should probably be moved to another section found to be more appropriate or should I just mark as fixed and make another thread considering my problem Alright getting pretty close here We've copied almost every Dutch LP file into my own Windows and almost everything is in Dutch now but some things can't be changed it seems When we create a new user account there seems to be more in Dutch than on my own account for some reason both accounts have Dutch selected as language however So can anyone tell me where to change account options in the Registry I might be able to copy the settings from the account that has more in Dutch For example when I click the start menu orb there's this tab called Devices and Printers When I got on the other user account which I just made it's called Apparaten en Printers I suspect this to be changeable in the Registry

A:Unable to change language (pack) nor Repair installing.

You own Dutch Win7 Ultimate but repaired with English which has caused your problem?

Run another Repair install with Dutch Win7 Ultimate SP1. Windows 7 Digital River direct links: Multiple Languages; X86 & X64 - Page 60

Unlock any version eicfg removal tool before burning to CD to choose Ultimate.
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I have Windows Ultimate x It's a fresh re install After retrieving all available updates including all optional drivers and rebooting I tried to install the language pack on system fails a Installing multi-boot Japanese Language pack via Windows Update and after maybe around twenty minutes of the software trying to install Windows Update reports an install failure The error message is Code Code Windows Update encountered an unknown error I Googled the error code and Microsoft says that the error is caused by a possibly corrupt NET install After using their NET cleaner and reinstalling all the applications the error persists I looked further on Google and read a post by someone with the exact same problem as me It looked like he was able to fix his problem pretty easily and he explains how he resolved it in his following post but his explanation is a little over my head From what I can tell he used bcdboot to tell Windows where the reserved system partition is or something like that But without explicit instructions I'm kind of in the dark I'm not good with Windows I prefer Linux Basically I need what he did explained in Captain Dummy talk I think his solution is the solution to my problem as well

A:Installing language pack on a multi-boot system fails

Hey neat! I fixed it myself by guessing at the guy's instructions!

What he did was issue the following command:

bcdboot C:\windows /s C:
And marked my system partition as active by using the administrative tools. I thought this would remove my boot loader, but it didn't, I still have GRUB. I think I basically just gave myself write permissions to the system drive, which Windows needed to install the language pack.
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Got a little other problem though, and don't want to start a new topic so I don't clutter your forums.
A few days ago I installed a MS Office 2010 language pack, and suddenly a lot of my programs icons just resetted Even though they don't have anything to do with Office 2010. Is that possible?

Some programs that did change can be seen in the attachments.

All the Office programs changed their icon too.

A:Icons changed after installing MS Office 2010 language pack

Okay, I did a quick Google and came up with this tutorial. I tried both methods but it didn't work. All the icons have changed though, this is how they look now.

Still not okay though, I really wonder how to fix this, next to a System Restore....
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Attachment 131064
Attachment 131065
Attachment 131066
Attachment 131067
Attachment 131068
Attachment 131092
Attachment 131093

Attachment 131069

What is wrong with my laptop? I was able to see Chinese on the web but when i copy n paste it shows boxes. When i restart my laptop i was able to copy and paste but when i Shut Down n start the next day it won't work again. I have tried formating my laptop but it doesn't solve this bug. This problem is apply to Chinese, Korea and Japanese language only.

PLS PLS help. Is there anyone that can help me solve my problem???

A:HELP PLS!!! Problem With Language Pack

Hello Roger, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The attached msinfo.txt file shows you have Windows 7 Home Premium. As Windows 7 Language Packs are a feature only included in Ultimate and Enterprise editions, you are not allowed to use them. If you have language packs installed, and I can see from the second screenshot of yours you have almost all of them, it means you have got them from unofficial sources.

There's a reason why for instance Ultimate edition costs more than Home Premium; you have to pay for the added features like language packs. For me, who have spent money to get Ultimate and those features, trying to get those features to Home Premium is piracy, and I am not willing to help or answer any questions in issues related to piracy.

Second thing is keyboard layout. Some non-Latin based keyboard layouts are a bit tricky to use. This posts shows how to use Korean keyboard layout.

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i installed multiple language packs for my pc. my preference is Trad Chinese but since a little while ago some of the messages suddenly were displayed in Arabic. i tried to change the language settings to English and same thing happened. it doesnt help also to changing it back to Chinese. i wonder if someone has come across this also? what should i do? thanks.

what is displayed in Arabic:
- the login screen at startup when user is asked to input password. the cursor in the input box is even on the right. the wrong password messages and password hints are all in Arabic
- windows auto updater. while all the options and buttons are in the user chosen language as they are in explorer.exe, all the info concerning the new and installed patches are in Arabic
- some, small number of error messages
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Hey everyone, thanks for reading this

I have this weird problem with my computer:

The OS is a XP SP3 English version, therefore to display Chinese etc. I need to install the language pack via Control Panel-->Regional and Language Options-->Languages tab---> and I check both of the options, then installed the packages after popping in the dvd. It showed files transferring complete, then restart.

The problem:
I can view web pages with Chinese now (where I couldn't before). I can also type in Office, MSN, etc. But the problem is that when I use a Chinese program installer, the characters appear to be just squares. In the task bar, if a Chines program is running, also squares. If I name folders Chinese, squares (more like a rectangle) appears. What may be the problem?

Any help is appreciated!

A:Language Pack Problem (system cannot display)

That is a problem with the installers. You would need to get English versions or use a machine that has the Chinese version of the operating system installed. The language pack does not support everything from another language.

You may be able to get the installers to display Chineses if you change the IME to Chinese for your system menus and options.
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I have a problem with a laptop, from Thailand, that has a Windows Thai Language Pack on. The problem is that it is my friends laptop, who is Thai, but he wants it all to be in english.

The Thai Language Pack seems to change alot of the windows program names and folders into Thai, but he wants them to be English.

So, can i just remove it and it will go back to a normal windows, all in english?
Or, will it not work without the pack?

If it was my laptop i would just remove it and see what happens, but my friend has about 20 Gb of games on it, and about 60Gb music. So i really don't want to mess up his computer.

Also, if i download a English Language pack, would it overide the Thai one?

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I installed Windows 8 Pro and installed an additional language(let's say it's B) pack, changed system display language to B, and system locale to B.

And I got infinite BSOD after installing some drivers(not related to language pack, just I made mistake installing old programs), so I 'refresh'ed the system.

Guess what, after the refresh, system display was set to English(united kingdom, which is default), AND system locale remained as language B.

This is the problematic part;
1.I CANNOT change system display language to B, it says it's unavailable.
2.The system regards the language pack is already installed because I can still use B as system locale.
3.I cannot reinstall or remove the language pack. LPKSETUP doesn't detect B.

SO i'm pretty much stuck, and I don't want to reinstall just to change the system display language.

Is there any solution to this(removing/reinstalling language pack)?
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I found this official link 1 hour ago after searching for 2 years.

I own an Office 2007 Student Pack in Italian - but I'm used to excel formulas in English,
and to have all Office in English. The interface being in Italian it's a pain.

Microsoft 2 years ago discontinued the support for language pack support,
I was pointing there to change interface every-time I had to reinstall.
The PC Main Disk crashed, and over the pain to do the full install of everything,
I discovered that I was stuck with an Italian Office !

Now they came back and offered a good solution ... full download of the older Office version ... any language.
(only 32 bit)
Hope it will help some other People out there !
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I found this official link 1 hour ago after searching for 2 years.

I own an Office 2007 Student Pack in Italian - but I'm used to excel formulas in English,
and to have all Office in English. The interface being in Italian it's a pain.

Microsoft 2 years ago discontinued the support for language pack support,
I was pointing there to change interface every-time I had to reinstall.
The PC Main Disk crashed, and over the pain to do the full install of everything,
I discovered that I was stuck with an Italian Office !

Now they came back and offered a good solution ... full download of the older Office version ... any language.
(only 32 bit)
Hope it will help some other People out there !
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I bought the sony laptop with single language pack. The OS language is in spanish. I need to change the language to english. How to change the OS language in single language windows 8.

A:Change language in windows 8 single language OS pack

Hi Hi thiru79, Welcome to Eight forums,

Check this link.

Display Language - Change in Windows 8

Keep us posted.
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Hi friend
I want to remove Persian language from " Add Input Language part". Bu I don't know how do it.
please help and guide me.

I have captured from it. My mean I want remove this part. Look at the picture

My version windows is Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thank you

A:How can I remove a language pack from Add Input Language part?

Why do you want to remove it ?

As long as it`s not installed, it`s not on the PC.
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any one know where to download East Asian Language pack for windows xp service pack 3? my laptop cannot read other language other than english

A:where to download East Asian Language pack for windows xp service pack 3?

if you don't have the xp disk borrow one and
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Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Language Interface Pack ensures that Office 2003 performs with complete functionality when you use an Office 2003 Language Interface Pack.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP
This update applies to the following programs:
Microsoft® Office 2003 Language Interface Pack


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Hi all I've been browsing this forum off and on hunting for solutions to my many troubles with Vista over the last several months and I've finally had one that no one else seems to be having or solving For background problem Premium 32bit Home Arabic installation in - language SP2 pack? I am SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? running Home Premium bit on an HP laptop with SP currently installed When I SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? try to install Vista SP from my primary account I am the system administrator it informs me that 'Installation was not successful' due to to a 'system error' It then instructs me to run the quot Check for System Update Readiness quot tool CheckSUR to attempt to solve the problem which I have tried several times Not counting the time I installed it back in April when it first was released The error code in question was TRUST E NOSIGNATURE x b I have run through the entire list of options to try on the Microsoft official help page and have begun to try a few other things in order to solve the problem Most recently I attempted to install the service pack from Safe Mode where it informed me that the REAL problem was that I have a language pack installed that is not supported This confuses me because I don't recall ever installing the Arabic language pack have certainly never been to Saudi Arabia and don't speak or read Arabic The only language pack that shows up in the list of installed language packs when I run LPKSETUP as suggested on another thread here is English Though this WOULD undoubtedly explain why I've been seeing an optional update in my Windows Update dialog for Arabic language support for the Windows Help Needless to say I hid the update but it hasn't changed anything either Out of desperation I have even attempted to remove all the folders marked ar-SA from the Windows folder but this hasn't seemed to affect anything - the service pack still won't install and still gives the same error So you know what I've tried and something of what the problem is The other issue I've been having which may or may not be related is that my quot Turn Windows Features on or off quot dialog shows up blank Much to my annoyance But that's likely an issue for another thread And as it does not appear in Windows Update I have been trying to install SP from the Standalone installer Any help would be greatly appreciated - and thank you in advance

A:SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack?

Is there anyone out there who can help me? I'm still struggling with the problem, and as Vista has been rather buggy for me lately I've started experimenting with Explorer alternatives. This has helped, amazingly, and quite a bit, but it's still only a stopgap measure. I need SP2, and the many fabled fixes it brings.

Still getting the same "due to a system error" message from my full boot. Should I try Safemode again, or is that just going to give me the same issue about the language pack? Does anyone know a way to get rid of one of those things?

Or should I just be waiting for the multi-language installation of SP2 in the hopes that that will work? Considering that I only have English listed as installed, though, that seems like a sad option. . .
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A:Windows 7 RTM Language Pack and Local Pack

we already know Look at the original thread
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I have been installing Portuguese PhotoStory 3 on my windows 7 machine.

It install OK. I reboot. When I invoke Photostory 3 I am expecting to find it in Portuguese, ... but its still in English.
I used the official PhotoStory3Portuguese(Brazil).msi

Here's the question:
Even if I install the Portuguese version, does it still look at the OS language when invoked and say "well, your OS is in English so I am going to display in English" ?

(ps: I have the same issue on my XP machine...)

A:Installing foreign language software on an English language win7 OS?

Could you please share a link for that msi-file, if that is possible?
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Am trying to download CCCleaner and SpyBot and when it is ready for setup, it asks which language. I cannot choose English because it defaults to the first language listed...Africans or Albania or something like that. Also, now when I try to save a website to my Favorites with IE, it does not allow me to choose a folder but defaults to Favorite. Sounds as if I may have a virus. Can you help me, please? TIA
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I backed up my system, downloaded and installed the Service Pack 2. I'm running windows xp. Upon re-boot. I checked the windows update reminder but when I logged on, all I got was the desk top background picture. No tool bars, no start and could not command. Went to system restore in safe, restored to yesterday, but now no sp-2. Any idea what went wrong and how to get it back. When I went to my wifes account, SP-2 was installed and working as was her desk top. Before I did system restore. Now its gone also
Any suggestions? Why did I lose my toolbars and start and clock

A:Installing svc pack 2 problem

There is a tread regarding SP2. Perhaps something in there will help you.
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i am working on an e machine and am having trouble getting service pack to install the computer was loaded with spyware and malware and viruses and i think i have them all cleaned up i downloaded service problem pack installing 3 ad aware and it found spyware and malware i tried installing avg problem installing service pack 3 free but the xp version problem installing service pack 3 won t support it so i installed avira it found viruses once i got those cleaned up i have started trying to get windows updated after downloading service pack when it gets done unpacking the files i get an error message that the system can t find path specified i have tried several registry changes and each one gets me a little closer but it still won t install at one time it even went to the install part and i got through the first - prompts then i got the error again i am running out of things to try i am sure some of problem installing service pack 3 those viruses has damaged something but i don t know where to look i have run a chkdsk and everything is fine any other ideas thanks in advance this is why i don t like e machines o the computer is running xp home and only has service pack on it nbsp

A:problem installing service pack 3

If your machine had that many infections, I would strongly suggest backing up your data, reformating and just doing a clean install. You will save yourself a lot of problems in the long run.
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I have a PC running windows -bit and I am finding it impossible to get windows Service Pack SP to install I start the installation and it seems to run for more than an hour and appears to be installing OK but when I restart the PC I get an error saying that the installation was not successful and it the rolls back to where it was before I started the installation I have tried to install a numbr of times but without success Service 1 Problem installing Pack (SP1) I have also tried Problem installing Service Pack 1 (SP1) Stopping all non-essential start-up items by disabling them booting on startup using msconfig Stopped all firewall and anti-virus from running during installation Run the Windows Update System Readiness Tool Problem installing Service Pack 1 (SP1) kb before the installation Run the Windows Update troubleshooter Running the installer from within Windows Update as a standalone x- bit installed downloaded from Microsoft and as an iso file burned to a DVD Run sfc exe scannow which reported no errors - but none of these have had any success Other Windows Updates seem to install OK - it is just the SP update that refuses For info I have another PC that I recently updated clean install from XP to Windows I had a similar problem on this PC after I had performed all the other Windows Updates and instaleld my normal suite of programs SP also refused to install In the end I reistaleld Win from disc and then immediately installed SP before installing any other updates or programs SP installed OK However I do not want to follow this route on my main PC as it has a load of programs installed which will take a few days to reinstall if I have to start from scratch Can anybody advise how I might install Service Pack Many thanks in advance for your help

A:Problem installing Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Win 7 SP1 Issues.
Nice detailed post. Well done.

* Clean up all Temp files...
Start > run > ok > organize & select all > organize & delete. { note some you may have to skip>}

* Check out the links below....

Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Download CenterLearn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Windows 7 SP1 Follow-up

Troubleshoot problems installing Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

How do I reset Windows Update components?
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I am trying to help someone who has a laptop running Vista Home The computer is a laptop given to her by her son so she could communicate with him by email Different people have tried to help her and she even took the computer to Office Depot which did a lot of work on it But the computer has had some additional history I know little or nothing about Her son set her up with a gmail account I couldn't figure out how to use Windows Mail to installing 1 Problem Service Pack access the gmail mail servers so she has had to use gmail by going to gmail com Today at my latest session with her gmail siad it needed Internet exploer but to install that I needed to install Service Pack which required in turn Service Pack I have been unable to install Service Pack It turns out that many attempts to install Service Pack automatically in the past all failed I've been trying to troubleshoot the problem but so far with little success I haven't even managed to get the Service Pack successfully downloaded I primarily work under LInux so although I do have Problem installing Service Pack 1 one computer running Vista I am not a Windows guru If anyone can give me any clues as to what might be wrong and how to proceed I would appreciate it Is it possible the firewall is blocking the download or something like that

A:Problem installing Service Pack 1

Seems to be a common problem, with a cornucopia of possible solutions
Problem: Cannot Install Windows Vista SP1
Link 1 the readiness tool is the place to start.
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I have windows xp home edition service pack 2 and have tried to install service pack 3 to no avail. It seems to install OK, but when it restarts I just get the blue screen with a STOP message at the bottom. It says
STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0xF74A7A3B, 0xF789E2D8, 0xF789DFD4)
fltmgr.sys - Address F74A7A3B base at F74A0000, DatesStamp 4B0251da
Does that mean anything to anyone?
I rebooted and hit F8, started in safe mode and used the system restore to get back to where I was before the attempted update. I have been avoiding this service pack 3 but now I bought a new wireless router that requires it to run to setup CD. Any help is appreciated!

A:problem after installing win xp service pack 3

and welcome to the Forum

If that system ran very long without SP3, it may be compromised . . I find the easiest remedy is a clean install followed immediately by upgradeing to SP3.

You can see if any of the remedies here help:

How to troubleshoot a "Stop error code 0x0000007E (SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED)" error in Windows XP

Also, you don't really need any setup to connect to a wireless router . . just use Windows to connect . . most third party software makes a mess . .
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When ever I do a clean install of windows 98 se and then install Office 2000 Premium, and then I try to install sr-1a service pack for office 2000 I get this error that says "cannot install contact microsoft" something to that effect any suggestions, also this doesnt happen all the time only on some pc's

A:Having a problem installing sr-1a service pack in O2K

microsoft office 2000 sr-1 update did not complete successfully. for assistance, contact microsoft technical support.
see the log fileffice 2000 sr-1 setup (0001).txt
Error: The file, c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp\sr1patch\{0DC0F122-1B1C-11D4-AED6-00C04F022C53}, has an invalid size. This is the actual message I receive
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Trying to install Service Pack on this system When it tries to install Service Pack I get the following message Could not set up Backup Registry Key HKCR DVR-ms to file C windows ntservicepackuninstall Regooo Access is denied I ve even copied a Hijack this log file for review in hopes it will help Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgamsvr exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgupsvc exe C WINDOWS System drivers CDAC BA EXE C WINDOWS System cisvc exe C WINDOWS system drivers dcfssvc exe C Program Files ewido anti-spyware guard exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System WgaTray exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe C WINDOWS System DSentry exe C Program Files Common Files Dell EUSW Support installing Pack with problem Service 2 exe C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C WINDOWS System hphmon exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnd exe C Program Files Dell Support Alert bin NotifyAlert exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgcc exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnf exe C problem with installing Service Pack 2 Program Files ScanSoft OmniPageSE OpwareSE exe C Program Files ewido problem with installing Service Pack 2 anti-spyware ewido exe C WINDOWS System RUNDLL EXE C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C pilot HOTSYNC EXE C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS System cidaemon exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS System dllhost exe C WINDOWS System msdtc exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files hijackthis HijackThis exe R - problem with installing Service Pack 2 HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride localhost O - BHO Yahoo Companion BHO - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - BHO no name - FDD B - D - ffb- - B AD ACC - C Program Files Microsoft Money System mnyviewer dll O - Toolbar Yahoo Companion - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - Toolbar Easy-WebPrint - C -E D- c -AA D- AC BABA C - C Program Files Canon Easy-WebPrint Toolband dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS system msdxm ocx O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run DVDSentry C WINDOWS System DSentry exe O - HKLM Run DwlClient C Program Files Common Files Dell EUSW Support exe O - HKLM Run hpfsched C WINDOWS hpfsched exe O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe O - HKLM Run HPHmon C WINDOWS System hphmon exe O - HKLM Run HPHUPD quot C Program Files HP Photosmart hphinstall UniPatch hphupd exe quot O - HKLM Run Share-to-Web Namespace Daemon C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnd exe O - HKLM Run Soundmx soundmx exe O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run SSC UserPrompt C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center UsrPrmpt exe O - HKLM Run AVG CC C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgcc exe STARTUP O - HKLM Run OpwareSE quot C Program Files ScanSoft OmniPageSE OpwareSE exe quot O - HKLM Run ewido quot C Program Files ewido anti-spyware ewido exe quot minimized O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - HKCU Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NVMCTRAY DLL NvTaskbarInit O - Global Startup Digital Line Detect lnk O - Global Startup HotSync Manager lnk C pilot HOTSYNC EXE O - Extra context menu item amp Search - htt... Read more

A:problem with installing Service Pack 2

Take a look at the M/S how to prepare guideline

In particular, the cleanup suggestions . .
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Ok here is my situation On my Dell Inspiron laptop I installed windows xp service pack Also I chose pack Serious 3! service installing Problem after some programs that normally started upon start-up and I disabled them so that they wouldn't begin on start up anymore After doing this I restarted my laptop and when I logged back on my taskbar was Serious Problem after installing service pack 3! back to the windows style windows of the command prompt opened up and a window popped up with information about how I changed start up applications I figured I had done something Serious Problem after installing service pack 3! with the start up applications so I put them back to normal but no good Now my McAffe security center wont open my wireless card doesnt work Serious Problem after installing service pack 3! I get the popup that the card has had a problem and needs to close send error report blah blah blah And my task bar and all of my windows are windows style What can I do to fix this I need help I use my computer very often and need it to be working again I have no idea what I should try so please anyone with computer experience please help me out

A:Serious Problem after installing service pack 3!

Please help me...
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Hi. When I try to install Service Pack 3 I get the following copy error:

Setup cannot copy the file write.wpc

Ensure that the location specified below is correct, or change it and insert "Windows XP System Files" in the drive you specify.

There's a drop down menu.

Copy files from

C:\program files\windows nt\accessories.

I've tried a few times to istall SP3 but always get this message. I hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.

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I was minding my own business when Windows Update said I should install Vista Serivce Pack 2, so I did. The update seemed to install fine, then it said I should restart, so I did. Now my computer won't go past the boot screen. It's a blue screen that says HP Invent. My PC is an HP Pavilion Slimline. I tried manually shutting it off and trying again but it just WON'T move past the boot screen. I even tried going into safe mode by repeatedly pressing F8, or I tried pressing ESC to go into BOOT OPTIONS but it's like the keyboard isn't responding. I am on my laptop now. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?? Please!

A:Problem after installing Vista Service Pack 2

use the repair function on your vista disc.
check this out .seems its a faulty update
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I installed Service Pack 3 last night. This morning, I have no sound coming from my speakers. They are the BOsE speakers so they plug in by USB. I have a Sound Blaster card but nothing is plugged in. I went to the control panel under the sound board and tried to play a Windows sound and this message appears:

Windows can't play the %systemroot%\media\windows XP error.wav file. The file may damaged or my use an unrecognized compression format. To resolve this problem replace the file or use add/remove in control panel to install audio compression

What the hell does this mean? What can I do to get my sound back? it was working as of last night.

A:Problem with sound after installing Serv Pack 3

Hi blackbeagle, try reinstalling your SoundBlaster drivers as that may fix it.
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OK, I just recently installed Service Pack 1 update
for my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and the problem that constantly
bugging me is the hibernate mode. When I put my computer(I'm using a laptop) to hibernate
mode and when I get back into it to wake it up it, it turns on but my computer displays
just a blank screen and Windows will not be loaded..this happens every time when I put off my computer using hibernate mode..I cannot use sleep mode either because my computer also had a problem with it..
Please help! Thanks Guys...

A:hibernation problem after installing Service pack 1

Please read through the following links...

Hibernation does not work or memory dump file is not created after you install Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

Why power fail EID 41 when sleeping after SP1

Windows 7 Sleep Mode Issues After SP1 Is Deployed - Softpedia
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Ok I have two problems here which I think are unrelated but you could help me with either or even both I would be very happy My keyboard is set to the US setting and I am from the UK so I want to change this but when I go into the control panel and double click on the regional and language options the sand timer comes up for around two seconds then it turns back to the normal pointer and nothing else happens and the window has not opened Although this may not seem a big problem it is extremely annoying to have to use a US keyboard setting with a UK keyboard My other problem is that when I try to install the Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Version KB the update process runs for a while and it eventually says that the installation has failed All other updates are being installed successfully but this one continues to fail no matter how many times I try to install it and restart the computer etc If anyone can help me with either of these problems I would be very happy Thankyou nbsp

A:Solved: Can't open Regional and Language Options and problem installing update.
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I have been trying to install Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista Home (32 bits) through Windows Update many times. The Update panel shows Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330) is available. I install the update, which by the way, just takes me few minutes curiouslly. The "update succesfully installed" message with the green circle checked on appears. But then, when I check my computer properties, the Service Pack 1 is not there and Windows Updated keeps showing again and again the update for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330) is available and that needs to be installed. I don't know what else to do, can you help me please.

A:problem installing Service pack 1 for Windows Vista 32-bit f...

Hi: Try downloading and installing the standalone SP1 file. If you get it to install that way, go straight to SP2 with the standalone download. Paul
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Hi I have an Advent PC - AMD ATHLON The drive is a MAXTOR B P It is an quot off the problem 3! disk pack Major [SOLVED] installing service after shelf quot machine all pre-installed and ready to go with windows XP It has worked trouble free for months or so This morning service pack [SOLVED] Major disk problem after installing service pack 3! installed itself as an 'automatice update' My virus checker insists that auto updates are enabled or else it nags like mad I didn't take much notice and didn't realise what it was doing in the background [SOLVED] Major disk problem after installing service pack 3! it just said 'your computer needs to reboot for updates to take effect' So I let it It rebooted to [SOLVED] Major disk problem after installing service pack 3! 'boot device not found' The hard disk is stuffed I have after the event now read all the sp warnings and what not but no one seems to have had a problem as serious as this I can not try any of the recommended fixes as windows doesn't even attempt to boot I fired up the PC with a Windows recovery disk and then with a Bart PE rescue disk that I made a while back But I didn't really know what to do with them At the time I could still see the files on the disk it just was no longer a bootable device The BIOS could identify it ok and it still can I went to work came back had another go now I can't see the files any more I hope booting with the rescue disk didn't do something nasty I only looked I didn't attempt to try and do anything clever to it so I can't see why it should but I have now placed the drive in a spare PC linked as the slave The BIOS recognises it Windows doesn't see it or allocate a drive letter In My Computer gt Disk Management it sees the physical drive but gives it no letter and declares that it is gig of 'unallocated' space It describes the drive as 'unknown' One thing that bugged me when I bought the PC was that they did not supply a Windows disk with it I didn't like this and said so but was fobbed off with 'Microsoft doesn't supply disks any more ' Alledgedly there is a backup on the disk I Fat lot of use that will be I didn't like this at the time hence the reason why I made various rescue disks and such Bottom line is - I can get the PC up and working somehow I'm sure maybe as a Linux machine - but I really would like to be able to recover the data because as is the way of these things it was a while since the last back up I know I know and there is some stuff I'd like to recover Do you think this is caused by SP It looks like a disk failure - but it is a hell of a coincidence that it did it just then Thanks Steve

A:[SOLVED] Major disk problem after installing service pack 3!

Bit more information:

Downloaded 'Seatools for DOS' - from seagate (who own Maxtor).

Ran some diagnostics on the drive. It seems to be functioning ok and passing all the tests (basic tests and long read tests), so looks ok as a physical working drive - but it looks like the windows is well and truly scrambled
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Does anyone know where I can download the language pack for Windows 2000 professional. Thanks.

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Hey, guys.

Do you know who is contributing to Windows Seven Language Pack? Is it open source so everyone could help to translate? How to do that?

Thank you very much. I appreciate every answers.

A:Language Pack

i would assume it is microsoft supplying the LP'S so i would not think they would be open source
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When I updated to windows XP I kept my office 2003 software. But now I cant get the language packs to install on wither the browser or my office software.

A:Language Pack Help

Did you a clean install or an upgrade. If you still have the disks re-install office 2003 and your browser
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Is there any way to add in language packs? I need Asian ones mostly, for some reason, my computer would show it as blocks like [].

A:Language pack?

Depends on your version of Vista. You can purchase them for the Home/Home Premium editions, and I think that they're free for the Business/Enterprise/Ultimate editions (they're optional updates in Windows Updates).
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I just bought a new desktop. I currently have windows 8, but it is in german and i want it in english. If i open the control panel, it says that i'm using the english language pack. The store doesn't show the option to upgrade to windows 8.1 (i have already installed all of my updates and the computer fits the minimum requirements for the update.)

Any idea how to get this thing into english?
i'm ok with a downgrade to windows 7, too, although i doubt that would be easier.
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I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
I try to download and install the chinese language packs and it says I Have reached the maximum languages.. I go to uninstall languages and it says I have only one, English.. Is the limit 1? How can I instal these..

A:Language Pack

I think you need Ultimate to install multiple language packs... --ch
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Anyone help with this?
I reloaded XP Pro and updated to Service Pack 3
Windows Installer 4.5

Everything seems fine except I tried reloading Paint SHop Pro X2 and get the message:

Error 1904.Module C:\Program Files\Common FIles\Corel\PSPThumShellExt\PSPThumbShellExt.dll failed to register. HRESULT -1

Tried to manually install this driver but no-can-do.

Tried removing Paint Shop and cleaned all the Corel references from the registry and reloaded but cannot install the prog.

All my drivers are up to date.

The Paint Shop Pro Screen starts but drops out when "Initializing Command Manager" starts up.

Contacted Corel but they haven't come up with anything yet.

Does anyone know how to sort out this Msi Installer Problem?

A:Solved: Problem installing Paint Shop Pro X2 with Windows Service Pack 3
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I have windows vista ultimate x64 based os. After i download and instaled service pack 1 my network connections are dissaperd. Everything with hardware is ok, but when i try to create new internet connection it display the message: "the wizard cannot create connection". ps. I have cable modem and i used broadband (PPPoE) conection normaly before installing sp1 PLEASE HELP

A:internet connection problem after installing windows vista service pack 1

hi xxxgamma,

installing new sp1 to vista x64 is kinda annoying. is your previous version of vista x64 an oem or a retail? because if it is an oem, and after installing sp1 somehow it affects the dhcp or the dns.

try this:
press windows logo+r>type cmd>press enter>in the command prompt window type ipconfig/release>enter>type ipconfig/renew

try to observe if the dhcp is available.
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Okay so i been updating Vista every time i need to but i see that i have about 30+ Language updates and i dont need none of them.
How can i remove them from my list

A:Language Pack Update.

Originally Posted by Jbasto

Okay so i been updating Vista every time i need to but i see that i have about 30+ Language updates and i dont need none of them.
How can i remove them from my list

Right click on the language and then click Hide update.
You must repeat this for all the language packs.
You can do this for everything in the update list.
When you finish,to close the window press the X button not the cancel button.
The next time you check for updates they wont appear.
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please help me.. 'am trying hard so much to install CS4(creative suit) in my laptop. But after the installation i always received this message:

Adobe Photoshop CS4 English Language Pack
Error 2.

LangPack (English) for DeviceCentral
Error 2.

I already turned off and stopped Mcafe, antivirus and windows firewall from running.
i have set my language settings to english(US) but same error appeared after reinstalling.

this is the specs of my laptop:

INTEL(R) core(TM) 2 duo @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz
NVIDIA geforce 9600
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When I run the Windows Event Viewer I get errors with an Event
ID of 1003 related to the Windows Language Pack.

Looking at my System Restore points, I see several incidents of Windows Language Pack INSTALLS and UNINSTALLS.

Further,in TASK SCHEDULER, I see the Lpremove Task with both "sucess" and "was stopped" at different times.

I have one language pack installed ie. Canadian English.... Eh?

What is the problem? What is the solution.


A:Windows Language Pack

These ideas may help
LPRemove.exe Causes LanguagePackSetup Error (EventID 1003) in Vista SP2 in Windows Vista Installation
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I installed both the Asian and Hebrew language packs with no problem. However, I started getting legitimate popups up in Kanji characters. This is quite frustrating as I have no idea what it is saying. I was so frustrated that I uninstalled the language pack. (This never happened with the Hebrew pack) Uninstalling it did nothing to help this situation.

I got so aggravated I took every Asian font off the computer too.

If you have any ideas I could use them. Everytime Apple and some others send me an update it is all in characters and I do not know what button to push.

~~thanks in advance
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The last few days a windows pop up comes up asking if i want to install a language pack. I keep checking the box ...don't ask again.....but it is still coming at odd times.
Any ideas?

A:language pack installation

The easiest solution is to just install it, as long as is a Microsoft language pack.
Doing this wont have any adverse affect on how your pc runs.

The funny thing is about these popups is that even if you dont install the language packs, the pc still reads the pages correctly 9 times out of 10. (another of those things built into windows just to confuse people)
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I recently got a computer with Windows 7 Professional (64, SP1) pre-installed. It's in Swedish, but I'd prefer English. After doing some research I gleaned that I cannot use Windows Update to get the job done, as that is only an option in other versions of Win7. So I tried Vistalizator. It seemed to do the job fine, but when it came time to change the language I was prompted that I needed 2 updates to Windows. I did so but the second one wasn't recognized/didn't take. I uninstalled it, did it again. Same thing. So I'm getting nowhere using Vistalizator.

Is there any other method where I can get an English MUI to run?

I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

A:Trouble with Language Pack

You might not like this answer but I think it might be the only way solution.
Select the anytime upgrade and pay for Windows 7 Ultimate. Then you will be able to change the language by installing language packs.

I'm not even sure if the anytime upgrade offer still exists! I'm not getting any good links for it.
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i've installed xp 64bit
after i've installed spanish's language pack
now i want uninstall english's language pack

i know that in windows 8 the command is

dism /Online /Remove-Package /PackageName:Microsoft-Windows-Client-LanguagePack-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~en-US~6.3.9600.16384

but in windows xp x46 this command don't work

thanks so much

A:uninstall language pack x64

Hello jonaand &

Select the original installation file, MUISETUP.exe (Multilingual User Interface Pack), run it and deselect all the language packs you want to remove.
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Hi! One of my friends has bought himself a notebook yesterday. It doesn't have any Windows Vista Installation DVDs, and he's got this problem:

The display language is Italian, and he'd like it to be English, as he does not speak Italian (he's Romanian, and so do I).

After some time of trying to find a way to change the display language, we've discovered where the menu should be, but it's not there. Just have a look over the screenshots. I've found the second one Googling, and the first one was taken by him. WHERE THE HELL IS THE MENU?!?

He's currently running SP1.

Thanks in advance!

It doesn't have any Windows Vista Installation DVDs

This is also weird: my MacBook came with the OS DVD. Why wouldn't his Acer come with it as well?

A:Language Pack Troubles

thebog welcome to the forums.

What you and your friend need to do is change the display language (Multi User Interface - MUI). Unfortunately that is only really available on Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Vista, but there is a way around it. Start with reading here,

Display Language

for what is involved in making the changes then go here,

Download and Install Windows Vista MUI Language Packs on Vista Home Basic, Home Premium and Business ? Raymond.CC Blog

for a more detailed description on how to use Vistalizator.

As fas as the install DVD, that is sort of standard practice with just about every PC and laptop manufacturer out there. What they do is provide either a restore partition or the option to create recovery disks, and sometimes both, the last HP computer I worked had both. You may find that once you can understand what is on-screen, you may find the option to create recovery disks is available on that noetbook as well.
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Hi there, im new to the forum, and i think i have a relatively simple question. i recently installed the microsoft japanese language pack, but not the japanese IME. i can compose email, use office, everything, in japanese. no problem. but when i send email, even though it is displayed properly on my end, it is not being recieved properly. i changed the settings on mozilla, but im still not having any luck with it. has anyone had this problem? i know im just missing some minor detail...
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Hi ... i have the final version of seven prof. 64bit (engl) and i want to install the language Pack "german". I thought in vista i was able to get the language packs via update and i think in seven i have seen it too, but when i search for update it just suggests me to intall the driver of my Monitor and something else! isnt it possible to install via update? if not where can i get the german language pack ... until now i just found arabic,japan etc.
hope u can help me!

greetz, mowh

A:Language Pack German

I heard somewhere that language support is only available in Ultimate for now.
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Hi all
I need to install the W7 Icelandic Language pack on some computers.

The file is LIP_is-IS-64bit.mlc. which I've got from MS.

These files used used to have the prefix MUI -- I'm a bit flummexd on how to install a language pack manually with the *.MLC suffix -- can't see much help on MS either.

Any ideas anyone.


A:Install W7 Language pack .mlc

Hi Jimbo.

I found the following Article on Technet

To install a LIP from the LIP CD

Log on to the destination computer as an administrator or use an account with administrator privileges.

Insert the Windows 7 Language Interface Pack (LIP) CD.

Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking Start, and then selecting Explore. Navigate to the root of the directory in the Windows 7 LIP CD.

Double-click the .mlc file. The Setup program starts.

Select the LIP that you intend to install and follow the instructions provided by the application.

After the LIP language is installed, you can change the User Interface language by using the Regional and Language Options Control Panel. To open the Regional and Language Options Control Panel, click Start, type intl.cpl in the Start Search text box, and then press ENTER.

For more information about language interface packs, and other multilingual resources, see Understanding Multilingual Deployments.

To install a LIP from the Microsoft Web site

OEMs and system builders must acquire LIPs from the partner Web site.

Log on to the destination computer as an administrator or use an account with administrator privileges.

Download the appropriate LIP.

Navigate to the directory that contains the LIP that you intend to install - for example, the \hi-IN directory - and then double-click Lip.mlc. The Install or Uninstall Display Languages window appears.

Follow the instructions provided by the Install or Uninstall Display Languages application to complete the installation.

After the LIP language is installed, you can change the User Interface language by using the Regional and Language Options Control Panel.

It looks like you can just Double-click the .mlc file

Hope it help
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Hi everyone, I have a question. I visited this car accessory site, using IE7. When I tried navigating through the site a small window popped up saying that I had to install a korean language pack in order to view the webpage correctly. So, I proceeded with the install and the installation proceeded to install files into my windows and system directories. When the install is done, I continue to navigate through the site, but notice there's no korean characters? It's a US based site as well. So, now I'm paranoid...did I install something that could potentially be harmful to my system? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

A:Korean language pack?

I went to the site you mentioned above and it didnt ask me to install a korean language pack.
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When I got this computer, it didn't come with Genuine Office. So when i tried to download the japanese language IME, it said because of this, i can't download the language pack. Is there ANY way of getting it without having to shell out a couple hundred bucks for Genuine Office XP? Are their any other programs that enable me to read and type in Japanese?

A:Language Pack Problems

As per the forum rules:No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.So I'm sorry, but if you are running non-genuine software we can't help you.Why don't you look into Open Office. It's similar to Microsoft Office but it's free.
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Could not find a good link trough search functions, so here u go..

A:Win 7 7263 x86 and x64 Language pack

Quote: Originally Posted by Hijack

Could not find a good link trough search functions, so here u go..

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How can i remove all the language pack updates on my list i hate to see 34 updates ? is there a way ?

A:Update. Language Pack's

Bump no one ?
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Hey Everybody,
I was wondering if there was a Polish language package out there for Windows Vista Home Premium/Basic. My grandparents are getting a new computer soon and it would be a great help if we could find a Polish language pack. Thanks!

A:Polish language pack add-on
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Hi, i've recently bought a game that requires me to download the korean language pack files. I did this and when i go to install them from the control panel it asks me to insert my Windows XP home CD and load a file called "msmincho.ttc".
I bought my PC as part of a package and the Windows XP CD did not come with it. I only received a restore floppy disk from packard bell.
Is there any way of installing these files without the CD?
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Hello. Yesterday i reinstalled windows 8.1 pro.
I want to install Slovenian language pack, but i always get the following error:

The following updates were not installed:
Slovenian Language Pack - Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems - (KB3012997) [sl-SI_LP]

What can i do? I don't want to reinstall windows again... I tried clean boot and windows update troubleshooter.

A:I can't install language pack

Refer to the listed MS KB article below for possible resolution.
Thank You,
Dell-Jesse L
Dell Social Media and Communities
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Hello , few months ago i purchased a laptop with windows 8 installed and English as primary language.
Recently i had to stay in Netherlands for like 2 months and i switched language to Dutch.
Everything was fine though when i switched back to English i noticed a bug , the sounds on the personalize window are still in Dutch.
Please help me fixing it , or give me ideas of what should i try.
My os is windows 8.1(update 1) x64 Pro.
I've added an image showing the problem also.

A:Language pack error.

How about trying these steps?
i'll post the screenshots below
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I am running windows Vista Ultimate x i Recently re-formatted my computer and now i am trying to update to Service pack as i have just purchased Microsoft Office which needs SP amp SP to run I have tried numerous times through windows update however it says it has installed but does not actually - Issue with Pack Language Help SP1 Please install I also installed all other option updates listed under Windows Vista and then tried again to install SP which did not work So i have downloaded the service pack manually and when i tried to install it i got the Please Help - Language Pack Issue with SP1 following Please Help - Language Pack Issue with SP1 message quot Windows Vista Service Pack could not be installed because the language of windows vista you have installed is not supported Please Help - Language Pack Issue with SP1 or you have installed a language pack that is not supported Windows Service Pack can only be installed on computers the English French German Japanese and Spanish versions of windows vista or computers running only those languages As i said i recently formatted my computer and i am sure i installed the english version especially as i am seeing everything in english however i am not sure how to check or how to check if i have accidently installed some other language pack that could be effecting it Any ideas would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Please Help - Language Pack Issue with SP1

Have a look in Control Panel > Programs & Features which lists all the software you or the PC manufacturer have installed.
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Hi list !!!

Is there different versions of Windows 7 for different language, or there is a base version, and you can change the language by installing Language Pack of your choice.

Say for example, i want Turkish version of Windows 7; for that do I need to buy Turkish version of Windows 7 or English version with Turkish Language pack will be equivalent ??

A:Yet Another Language Pack Question


The language pack will be essentially equivalent, but only Windows 7 Ultimate can download them.

If you want a lower version, like Home or Professional, you will need to buy the Turkish version.
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Heyall, I haven't posted here for a while. So here I come with one simple question and I hope someone will tell me if I can do what I want to do.

I want to make Windows 7 easier for my father on his laptop, but I use it as well and there's no way I am going to get used to Bulgarian. We use different user accounts, so can I install the language pack and configure it only on his account so that mine can stay in English?

A:Language Pack only on ONE user

I believe that is default functionality:

When you install a language pack, you can change the interface language of Windows 7 to the language that you select.

Language packs also let multiple users who share a computer select distinct display languages. For example, one user can select to see the dialog boxes, menus, and other text in Japanese, whereas another user can select to see the same content in French.

Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise

Try installing the language pack under his user.
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I recently purchased a used acer laptop, and it operates with a russian version of windows vista. I need to get an English language pack for vista home premium. Any idea where I can find this??
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I am still having a problem with my Japanese language pack - I am able to switch from EN icon to JP icon and actually see the language bar can't do so with a mouse click as I have been doing for years now but must use Alt Shift on the keyboard -- But -- the scroll menus do not open When I click on one of the icons on the language bar Corrupt Language Pack it flickers - but will not open as it should Any suggestions as to how to reinstall this Japanese IME Of course it is no longer an option under quot Updates quot since technically it has already been installed Attachments Scan Results Snippet of IME directory in C partition - Is there anything here that would indicate a corrupt file that could be manually repaired Support Info Just ran sfc scannow in an admin command prompt -- and Amongst the mountains of text found in the log file a quot find quot of quot language quot appears to indicate an attempt Corrupt Language Pack to repair this language pack That concurs with my original suspicion that the Japanese language pack is defective Of course I could have tested this by installing another language pack and testing it I did not Why Well I don't need the Chinese now and didn't want to increase the number of variables I need to deal with in solving this problem - Corrupt Language Pack and - the language pack quot controller quot I assume there is such a thing might itself be corrupt My thought I would like to reinstall the Japanese language pack I tried doing so by downloading and installing what I thought was a Japanese IME but turned out to convert my entire system to Japanese - definitely NOT what I wanted From googling the world I have learned that many others have encountered the same problem So I guess it's nice to know that I'm not all alone here

A:Corrupt Language Pack

First, I have to say your post is one of the most confusing I have seen .

A language pack converts Windows to selected language by changing its display language. If you install and enable a Japanese language pack, then your Windows is completely Japanese. I for instance really need four languages, so I have installed Finnish, Swedish and German language packs on my English Windows 7 on each and every computer I have.

After installing these language packs I simply create new user accounts for each language (an enabled and applied language pack only converts the display language of the user account it was applied for, not whole computer's language), resulting a scenario like this:
(Click to enlarge)

Depending which language I need, I can login to respective user account. My normal and Admin accounts in English, other accounts in Finnish, Swedish and German.

To change a display language you need first to download a language pack in your chosen language, log in to user account you want to change display language and then from Regional and language properties > Keyboards and languages select correct language:
(Installed languages in this example are English, German / Deutsch, Finnish / Suomi and Swedish / Svenska)

After relogin the user account in question has completely changed to chosen language. Dialogs, menus, help, IE and so on.

(Tutorial: Display Language - Change)

Input language is the keyboard layout you want to use. It has nothing to do with language packs and does not need an installed language pack; to change your keyboard layout (input language) you do not need to download anything. Simply open the language properties and add / enable / disable wanted input methods (languages).

Input languages are changed / enabled / disabled from the Regional and language properties > Keyboards and languages > Change keyboards:

(Tutorial: Keyboard Input Language - Add or Remove)

Changing the Display Language does not change the Input Language and vice versa. Again using my computer as an example:

Originally this laptop had an English Windows 7 Enterprise installed, with English (UK) as Input Language (= keyboard layout). I created additional user accounts to be used in Finnish, Swedish and German.

After downloading language packs I logged in to newly created Finnish account and changed its Display Language to Finnish. After relogin the Display Language of that account was changed to Finnish but the keyboard layout (Input Language) was still English (UK) because changing the Display Language does not automatically change the Input Language. That change I made (it must be made) separately.

I repeated the same procedure with Swedish and German user accounts resulting a laptop with user accounts in four different languages, each using its respectively Input Language.

Read the tutorials I linked above. Your Japanese IME is an Input Language, in other words Keyboard Layout, not a Display language and should work after first disabling / removing it, rebooting and enabling / adding it again.

Do not change the Display Language if you do not want to change your complete Windows to an other language. You are mixing these two totally different things, display language and input language.

Once more:Display Language = the language Windows and all its dialogs and menus are presented. A language pack is needed in order to change the display language
Input Language = keyboard layout in selected language. No additional downloads, language packs or something else are needed to change the layout

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is there a way to install win 7 pro x32 ,then install sp1 and all updates and the thing i need to know is there a way to put language pack in..i repeat i have professional edition and want all updates and croatian language pack..thanks to all

A:win 7 pro x32 about language pack installation ...

You need either Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise to be able to install the extra language packs via Windows Updates.

The packs available are listed here: Download languages for Windows - Microsoft Windows

Your best bet would be to use Windows Anytime Upgrade from Professional to Ultimate. All you do is go online, buy a Product Key then run Windows Anytime Upgrade.

You'll be asked to enter your new Product Key, which is then verified. Once verification has taken place the upgrade will begin, which takes from as little as 10 minutes, depending on how many updates have to be downloaded and installed first.
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Hiho, i have the Windows 7 compilation 7600 rtm all versions in english, i'm from brazil and i use the language pack pt-BR, but i need integrate the language-pack in the instalation... how!? Thanks

A:How to integrate language-pack?

Quote: Originally Posted by Luanzim

Hiho, i have the Windows 7 compilation 7600 rtm all versions in english, i'm from brazil and i use the language pack pt-BR, but i need integrate the language-pack in the instalation... how!? Thanks

I think there is a tutorial on it, in the tutorial section.

Good luck
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I have got an unofficial danish language-pack for ver 7127, but I don't know how to install it?
It is a file called

No setup or anything, so how do I do it?

A:How to install a language pack?

Control Panel>
Windows Update>

the menu on the left will have an option to - Check for updates
or incase you downloaded the updates already and haven't installed them, click on - Restore hidden updates.

Czech Language Pack - Windows 7 Release Candidate for x64-based Systems (KB967828)

Download size: 47.6 MB

Update type: Optional

After you install this language pack, you can change the display language of Windows 7 to be Czech.
Go to the Clock, Language, and Region category in the Control Panel to change the display language.

More information:
Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 Ultimate

Help and Support:
Microsoft Help and Support
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Hi I've been googling for quite some time now and I can't find the answer Where can I find a Swedish language pack for Windows Enterprise SP x I have seen stuff like quot Build quot when googling but I thought those were for the old beta version of win If it's somehow Language Windows Pack relevant I don't know what Windows Language Pack Build this Windows Language Pack OS is and I don't know how to find out According to google I am supposed to run Windows Update to get the language packs However Windows Language Pack when I manage to run the update it finds nothing Most of the times I run Win Update I get an error code saying EE I believe that code means Win Update is too busy to handle my request at the moment I got this message last night When I turned on the computer this morning I was able to update though Now a few hours later I get the damn error message again I also wasn't able to download anything from HP's ftp servers on the computer Drivers -I believe this might have something to do with the win update issue Conclusion tl dr -I can't find a Swedish Language Pack anywhere I would very much like one -Windows Update is acting weird error code EE -I can't seem to download from connect to FTP servers Bonus Off-Topic question -Why doesn't my signature show up anymore Help appreciated

A:Windows Language Pack

Hi there
Download the SWEDISH LIP from here

Download languages for Windows - Microsoft Windows

Even includes obscure languages like WELSH etc.

I used the Icelandic one -- works a treat on my systems. In some cases you need to install over a base ENGLISH version of W7 but I think for Swedish installing over ANY installed language version of W7 base should be OK -- the list contains the requirements.

Once you've installed go to control panel regional settings and you can get around 99% of the Interface switched to the alternate language(s). You can install as many as you like and note the Logon screen if you set the administrator options in control panel will also be presented in your chosen language.

You need to have W7 PRO or higher unfortunately -- it won't work with HOME PREMIUM -- which IMO is daft since corporates often use ENGLISH but home users are much more likely to want W7 in their native language.

You should find no trouble installing on W7 Enterprise whether X-86 or the 64 bit version.

You can switch back to the original English any time after install too.

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First i would like Language problems pack to say hello first time here And then i would like to say sorry if im Language pack problems not spelling correct because im writing this very fast Well the problem is Im installing windows and i just bought it and all that crap Then i try to install it and i CANNOT custom install it because i dont got an external harddrive to put my stuff on so i will need to do an upgrade Okay i start install and click upgrade and get the message quot You can t do a typical upgrade using an installation disc that s different from the language installed on your computer Go online to see how to install Windows and keep your files and settings quot I must american so on with the story Well i think i will just go online so i do BUT no solution to MY particular problem there sad face So i go and search on it on google and i find a place where i can download and install MUI language packs and so i download it and try to install it BUT again a problem and this time its titled quot The limited amounts of languages is already installed quot SO i think F k what should i do and then i found this page quot yay quot I got and Packard Bell pc and i run with Windows Vista Home Premium bit service pack installed in Danish Greetings from CPH and HOPE
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how do the LPs work? I know there are some LPs that needs to be incluted in the Windows installation CD.

But now i saw a LP (for build 7229) that is a 2GB iso.
Is that something that i have to install after Windows (no integration)?

A:Language Pack question

They are an additional install that has to change over EVERY word from x language to the y language installed. I don't know if you can switch back and forth or not, but it is a large file.

You have to install it as an update. I have not done this, so I don't know how it works after that.

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My problem is that I can't read/write in Hebrew on Windows applications (non-Unicode).
The problem is that i'm using a "special" version of WINXP SP2, that came without the language pack. I Have an original copy of full WINXP, and i'm looking for a way to add the language pack from it.

I tried following instructions on how to add Hebrew via the Control Pannel Regional Settings, but it didn't work. It returned an error msg reporting "The installation could not be complete. Please contact the administrator".
Can someone help?
Any help will be apprecitated.


A:Adding Windows XP SP2 Language Pack

Maybe this?
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I want to install the Chinese Language pack so I can see the Login screen in Chinese saying ?? instead of
Welcome in English
And please don't tell me to go into Windows Update to look for it there because I don't have that option see?
Also please don't tell me to look in Keyboard and Language, here is a screen shot of why I can't.
I have looked for months on different websites for a Chinese Language pack, actually it's almost been a year to be honest.
All I want is a Alternative download..

A:Windows 7 64 Chinese Language Pack

See Microsoft KB @ and
Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise. The Windows 7 language packs can be installed only from the Optional Updates section in Windows Update. However, these language packs are not
available on the Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server or through the Microsoft Download Center.

To download and install a Windows 7 language pack, follow these steps:

Start Microsoft Update. To do this, click Start

Collapse this imageExpand this image

, type Microsoft Update in the Start Search box, and then click
Microsoft Update in the Programs list. Click the optional update links for the language packs. Under the Windows 7 Language Packs category, select the desired language pack.

Note If you install many additional language packs, the disk space and system performance are affected. In particular, disk space and system performance are affected during servicing operations, such as Service Pack installations. Therefore,
we recommend that you only add a language pack to your computer if you will use the language pack.
Click OK, and then click Install updates to start the download and installation process.

Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you, and to click “Unmark as Answer” if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ”
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Hello there

I got a PC that has German language installed.

I do not understand anything, can I download and install English Language Pack for that windows XP SP2 without total format?


A:Windows XP English Language pack?

you usually have to buy the english version of windows to get english

Windows PowerShell 1.0 English Language Installation Packages for Windows Server 2003 and for Windows XP
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Hi, i'm using Windows 7 home premium SP1. I can't seem to install any language packs, especially chinese, which is pretty important to me, in the windows update page. Any tips on how to go about? Thanks!

A:Help with Chinese Language Pack, Windows 7 HP SP1

Yes, you will need to upgrade/download Windows 7 ultimate to get language packs. Home Premium only comes with 1 language pack. You can get Home Pre. in English or Chinese when you purchase it, but you can't change it later.
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I've installed Windows 7 Professional and I'd like to install a language pack on it (it's in English now). I've searched the internet and it seems language packs are only available for Ultimate and Home Premium.

Unless, you have a MSDN account. I've got MSDN access but I'm not sure if it's true. Is it? And does it contains the language I want (Dutch) or can I check this?


A:Windows 7 Professional Language Pack
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Hello everyone,
I want to uninstall some of the installed language packs on my computer using cmd (dism cmdlet)
To do this I need to know where those files (*.cab).
Can someone tell me, where the files are located on a Win 7 Enterprise x64?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi guys,
is there any good tutorial to implement the language packs directly to the iso file?

i already tried this one: My Digital Life Forums - View Single Post - TUTO: slipstream MUI language pack in installation DVD

but i'm using xp on my work laptop, so the dism sucks ass... :/

A:Integrate Language Pack in Final ISO?

Guten Tag, Sonny.

You might want to check this.

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I have Vista Ultimate installed, UK language. I then installed the language pack for Danish. After reboot the language had changed. Then I changed it back to English and logged out.

When I logged in again my font has changed, it's bold and it's italic.

How do I get everything back to default? And why in the world would a language pack change my default font settings?

Kind Regards,

A:Language pack & strange fonts

I guess I'll just have to re-install Windows.
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Hi all

I am running windows 7 sp1 and downloaded the german language service pack.

but i can t install it and at the end of the progress it fails, with out mentioning the reason or giving an eror.

I didn t do that from windows update because i wanted to have the installation file for the future, after reinstalling windows.

By the way, i have enough free space on windows drive, have downloaded the same 32- bit as the system, and the installation file doesn t seen to be corrupted.

I also try to install it, instead of double-clicking- by going to region and language sections and install from there, but in browse window i can t give the installion file to it and it says that : no valid installation package is founded in this folder.

Please help, Thanks !

A:I Can t install the downloaded language pack

Quote: Originally Posted by mj2000

Hi all

I am running windows 7 sp1 and downloaded the german language service pack from this site :

but i can t install it and at the end of the progress it fails, with out mentioning the reason or giving an eror.

I didn t do that from windows update because i wanted to have the installation file for the future, after reinstalling windows.

By the way, i have enough free space on windows drive, have downloaded the same 32- bit as the system, and the installation file doesn t seen to be corrupted.

I also try to install it, instead of double-clicking- by going to region and language sections and install from there, but in browse window i can t give the installion file to it and it says that : no valid installation package is founded in this folder.

Please help, Thanks !

What version (home, pro, ultimate) of win 7 do you have?
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I'm trying to install Eastern language pack, but it prompts me for SP2 disc.. which I don't have. Anyway I can can install Japanese language? I don't want to type it, just read it.
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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit on my Dell. I will be living in Korea and studying Korean, so I need the Korean language pack. I've done a little googling, found a tutorial and followed it. Only to discover that particular file only works on Windows 7 Home Premium RTM.

Please help me figure out how to install a Korean language pack on my computer. Is an upgrade the only way?

A:How do I install Korean language pack

Hello Tarma, welcome to Seven Forums!

The language packs are only available for use with Windows 7 Ultimate, no other version.
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Hello everyone. I was wondering if anybody knows how to integrate language packs into the setup without knowing any code or anything for WAIK (kind of like a vlite type thing)?? Please let me know

A:Language pack intergration into setup

Since Windows 7 I don't see any difference with an original installation in my language and the installed language pack.

Why do you want to integrate the pack into the installation disk?
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Does anyone know if the MUI pack that is to be included in the Ultimate editon if it is available for download yet. I have the RC-1 loaded and would like to try this as well.