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How does system image of Windows installed along ubuntu work?

Q: How does system image of Windows installed along ubuntu work?

I plan on dual booting Ubuntu along my Windows 7 system. The only thing I am concerned with is how would I go about making a system image of Windows 7 and restoring it if I have to...with Ubuntu already installed? Would I have to wipe my hard drive of both OS and reinstall Windows 7 with my back up image or is there ways to install the windows 7 image without affecting Ubuntu or both?

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Preferred Solution: How does system image of Windows installed along ubuntu work?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How does system image of Windows installed along ubuntu work?

Ubuntu has the buzz but from personal experience I'd recommend Madriva One 2011 esp. if you have broadband internet connected via a network card.

Easus image backup free:

Best free data backup software. Hard drive backup and recovery freeware. Hard Disk image freeware.

with this program and an external drive you can back up the entire HD or particular partitions.

What I would do:

Burn the Boot CD for Easus ToDo. Make sure your system will boot from it and you can see your HD and external drive before doing anything else. If the restore on the Boot CD can't see the drives try a different program. Another is Macrium Reflect Free:

In case of disaster you have to be able to restore the image using the Boot CD.
The image back up tool is only as good as the Boot CD with the restore. If you can't see it, you can't restore it.

Use the Back up entire disk option before you start altering partitions. Be able to get back to square one if anything happens.

Then once you have Windows and Linux peacefully coexisting and booting correctly, use the back up option to make an image of the individual partitions. If Linux breaks, just restore the Linux partition. If Windows, just the Windows etc..

Both Easus and Macrium are very easy to use. There are others also.
Take a look on Free Programmers' Resources, Free Webmasters' Resources, Free Security Resources
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before I upgraded from Vista to I was dual booting Ubuntu something and when I installed I thought it deleted it but now that the boot 7 Installed work doesn't mouse in now Windows Ubuntu, screen comes up again it's still there and works Not sure if this Installed Ubuntu, now mouse doesn't work in Windows 7 could cause problems When I was installing Ubuntu a window kept popping up that said my mouse was trying to communicate with the PC and that I had to enter the PID or PIN or something but the window wouldn't stay open long enough for me to do that I've tried updating the mouse drivers and reinstalling it but it didn't work Installed Ubuntu, now mouse doesn't work in Windows 7 It was working just fine before Installed Ubuntu, now mouse doesn't work in Windows 7 this Update Afterwards I deleted the partition Ubuntu was on reinstalled Ubuntu since the boot screen wasn't coming up and the mouse works fine in it so it shouldn't be a physical problem with the bluetooth adapter or mouse I also tried using system restore but it still didn't work I can get the mouse to communicate with the PC and set up but it never works and usually shows up as not being active after I install it Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work nor does updating the drivers I'm using a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse and a Rocketfish Bluetooth Adapter Please help using the touchpad sucks How will play my precious games

A:Installed Ubuntu, now mouse doesn't work in Windows 7

Well, I'm an idiot. I thought the pairing button wasn't working, but it turns out I just wasn't holding it down long enough. I could've sworn it used to work with just a press.

Time to play some vidya games.
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Hi, I currently have Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) and Ubuntu dual booted on my Dell XPS M1530. Everytime I run it, it locks up at about the half way point then it freezes. Then I have to hard shutdown the system. It does this everytime, do I need to uninstall Ubuntu? Can anybody help me out with this? Thanks

A:Creating System Image with Windows 7/Ubuntu dual boot


It doesn't sound like Ubuntu is causing the problem, as long as you're booted into Windows okay.

Try saving the backup in a different location. You may also test the drive you are saving to: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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A long title indeed, but it pretty much sums it all up. I have installed Ubuntu first and then dual booted windows XP. I soon found out that the fact Ubuntu wasn't compatible with many programs (even through wine) I wanted only Windows XP on my pc.
I've searched many topics, but all described how to uninstall Ubuntu when Windows was the primary OS. In my case Ubuntu is the main OS and it dual boots with Windows and I want to rid myself of Ubuntu leaving only Windows.

What do I need to do to get the desired computer setup? Or is it irrelevant which OS was installed first and will a guide describing how to remove Ubuntu from windows work as well for my case.

Important addition: I could very well be the biggest computer-noob you've encountered thus far. So talk to me as though I am 4 year old

A:Uninstalling Ubuntu dual-booting Windows XP with Ubuntu installed first

shouldn't matter the install sequence if you want to only have Windows. Boot into Windows and then delete (from disk management) the linux partitions. This may leave your computer in a state where you can not boot into Windows. To fix this you'll have to boot off the XP install disk and boot to the recovery console, once there type 'fixmbr' without the '
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Hello im planning on making a system image of my windows 7 hdd(365gb partition). I currently have ubuntu installed on another 100gb partition, and the bootloader is grub2.

When i make the system image will the fact that ubuntu's bootloader is being used instead of win7, affect how the system image is made? If i restore it will it boot properly?

also ive read that windows system image is unreliable. Is this true? if so, does anyone have any better suggestions on how to backup my whole win7 drive?


A:System Image with Ubuntu Dualboot?

First of all, Ubuntu's boot loader is ONLY being used to boot Ubuntu; it can not boot Windows -- only the Windows boot loader does that. GRUB hands off control to the Windows boot loader.

Second, if Win7 came preinstalled on your PC, there is likely a small partition containing the Windows boot loader files. IF that's the case, when you make an image backup, be SURE to include that small partition, as well. You need that partition in order to boot Windows.

If you later restore Windows using the same tool that you used to image it, then no, that is not going to affect Ubuntu in any way.

I don't use Windows System imaging; instead, I use Macrium Reflect -- the FREE version will do image backups and restores.

And finally, MS insists on using the word "drive" when they actually mean "partition". You don't have a Windows 7 "drive" -- because if you did, there would be no partitions on that "drive" containing anything else. Instead, you have (likely) a Win7 boot partition, and a Win7 OS partition.
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I had xp running on my D400 laptop and wanted UBUNTU.

I messed up the install (only installed half the operating system) I cannot remember what program i used i think it was called UNETBI? something like that.

Anyway when i start my laptop i get 'MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM'

I installed slax to my usb drive and accessed/backed up my files within windows.

I am wondering how i can change the boot.ini file from the windows area so that it will boot ok again?

It will not let me edit the file from within slax, only read.

Please help

Thanks alot.

A:Had xp, installed ubuntu, now missing operating system

thanks for the quick reply

ONLY problem is i have no cd drive on the dell d400

I could get hold of an external next week but id prefer to leave that as a last resort (so i can maybe learn something)
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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake Foolish But that s what happened I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart I inserted the quot Repair disc Windows Ultimate -bit quot and eventually I got my computer to startup So I am still able to use my computer normally But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data and Data are completely missing This is what the Windows Repair disc showed when I ran it The Repair disc labeled the Operating System that it finally found as quot Recovered quot But it was a corrupt Operating System But I am able see and browse all my drives and files whenever I turn Ubuntu computer system I Operating installed on mistake. my by the on my computer How can that be The Windows Repair disc says everything is corrupt But my computer looks perfectly normal when I turn it on Is my computer corrupt or not I tried to create an image backup of my computer using Acronis It gave me the below error message Backup failed No reason given as to why Anyway I tried to fix the corruption by trying I tried using sfc f It didn t find any problems I ran a repair install of windows from a windows cd It didn t find any problems I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake. I tried to do a system restore to an earlier point in time None of the system restore options worked All failed to restore to an earlier point in time It seems that I am stuck with a corrupt computer Do I have ANY options that I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake. will fix my computer Please help me nbsp

A:I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

Do you have everything backed up? If so, you could do a clean install which should get you back to the day you bought it. Do this as a last resort if no one else comes along to help out.
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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake Foolish But that s what happened I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart I inserted installed by mistake computer system my Operating I on the Ubuntu the quot Repair disc Windows Ultimate -bit quot and eventually I got my computer to startup So I am still able to use my computer normally But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data and Data are completely missing I know this is true because I saw the above info while using the Repair disc Windows Ultimate -bit It seems that I am stuck with a corrupt computer What are my options Is my only option to reinstall windows Or do a backup from an Acronis image file What can I do Moderator Edit Moved topic from Virus Trojan Spyware and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forumRoger

A:I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

try using sfc /f

if that fails then wat i would try next is a repair install.

Run a repair install of windows 7 from a windows 7 cd. just make sure it is the same version.
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Hi all

I have taken a system image of my laptop which had a 160gb hard drive, to a separate external drive, the total used space of the image was only 25gb, I did this as the hard disk was beginning to get bad sectors.
I thought as I did not need 160gb I would buy a 80gb to replace it, and then found after trying several times, and research on the net, you cannot reinstall the system image to a smaller drive than the original (Thanks MS for not making that clear when I did the system image) So now I am stuck, the shop wont take the new 80gb drive back as its been opened, so I am trying to find out if its possible to use the system image I created with another software like Acronis, to put it onto the smaller hard drive.
Any help or advice would be great
Thanks in advance

A:Windows 7 system image will this work?

I never used that option, but it seems like it would do just what you expect.
Check with Acronis Support to be sure.
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I recently installed Ubuntu on my HP Mini - NR deleted boot! Installed Ubuntu, Help! No the Ubuntu Partitions. then deleted the partitions that had Ubuntu on them not knowing that Ubuntu comes with GRUB and sets itself as the default boot for that system Now that GRUB is not installed since it was on my only HDD it looks for the GRUB partition which does not exist so I get an error on a command script that shows as follows Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot! quot GRUB -error no such partition quot grub rescue gt I still have Ubuntu on a flash drive And I have my sister's computer to use until I get mine fixed so I need help I downloaded the Win Recovery Disc but I don't have a program that can write the ISO image file to a USB flash Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot! drive so I need to know how to get the ISO on the USB Drive or how to fix the boot for Win I'm willing to do anything lol I've already done a couple hours worth of 'Google-ing' for how to fix this error and have come empty-handed Please help And if this information helps I have a Volume D with the recovery files on my hard drive

A:Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot!

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
YouTube - How to install Windows 7 from USB (WinToFlash)

First mark the WIn7 partition Active from the Repair CD command line: Partition - Mark as Active

Then click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots until WIn7 starts.

You may have to wipe the partition with GRUB first: Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
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Hi guys wondering if anyone can help i got a netbook recently with windows 7 installed, and found this free software "ubuntu" now am stuck with the "Grub" bootloader.

Does anyone know how i can remove this and return the netbook back to it's original state i've tried doing the Acer Recovery and it doesn't get rid of the Grub bootloader. Has anyone got any ideas??

I tried doing some things off the linux website but i have no knowledge of linux at all it totally baffled me lol.


A:Netbook With Windows 7 & Ubuntu Installed

Hi. Startup repair should do well. And now you don't have to compile your drivers any longer, heh heh.

Run it as much as 3x times consecutively if necessary.
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Need help badly. This netbook, has ubuntu installed. I wanted to put Windows 7 on it but I can't see the HDD during setup. BIOS detects it just fine.

I have read that Ubuntu does something to the partitions. When I do diskpart, list disk, I can only see one disk with 15GB space (Netbook has 160GB HDD). When I go into recovery in windows 7 and go command prompt it sends me directly to "X:sources" where X seems to be some kind of Windows 7 recovery image???
Please help if you have experience, need a stept by step guide or tutorial on this.

Thank you.

A:Installing Windows 7 (can't see HDD) (has ubuntu installed atm)

I guess the 15 GB is the disk space in which ubuntu is installed . Do you want to keep ubuntu or not ?

Download Partition Wizard Bootable CD , burn it in a disk . Boot from the PW disk , you will see the rest as unpartitioned space . Format it as NTFS primary partition (if you want to keep ubuntu, otherwise you may format the entire disk as NTFS primary using partition wizard ) .

Now you can install windows .
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I bought a new laptop Dell 15R 5558 series 5000 yesterday, with ubuntu preinstalled on it. I want to install my Windows 7 on it instead of Ubuntu.
Here are my hard drivers details 
And when I try to install my Windows 7, I get this message
What should I do?

A:Installing Windows over Pre-installed Ubuntu

See here:
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So I installed ubuntu on my windows 8.1 laptop with a USB drive. When I restart my laptop it goes to ubuntu. How do I get to windows?

A:Installed Ubuntu, can't get back to Windows

Did you clean install Ubuntu on the laptop of just let it overwrite windows. If that's the case you can't, you will need to reformat and clean install windows.

If you did a dual boot, the MBR is corrupt and you'll need to fix that.
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Dear comunity,I'm here because i installed Ubuntu 14 in my hp x360, after a couple of configurations i had almost everything working ok, but now i realize that there's so many things that aren't developed, like deactivate the keyboard when i flip the laptop and try to use the screen.Anyway, now i want to reinstall the original windows but i don't know how!, what can i do?, i don't even have the original serial of my windows, i would be placed if anybody can help me.
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Into windows 7 now, it says windows 7 is compressed or something.
So i gotta get back the windows 7 boot loader? I tried but when i put the disk in it loads and where its suppose to ask where you have windows 7 installed, nothing gets showed there. It's just blank.
Any help?

A:Installed Ubuntu 9.10 after windows 7 and Can't boot-

Hello RileyRandom,
When booting from the install dvd, are you able to reach the "System recovery Options" window which has the "Load Drivers" button at the bottom? If yes, then click on "Load Drivers" and use the mini Explorer to right-click on the boot-drive and deselect "Compress this Drive" and choose Apply to sub-folders and files. Then close all windows and reboot.
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Hi everybody I have a problem and I searced many site for solution I have 7 after Windows Ubuntu can't boot installed a pc originally Window installed I install ubuntu to different partition When Windows 7 can't boot after Ubuntu installed computer start up Grup is loaded normally in Grup menu There is Windows Recovery and Windows loader Windows Recovery works fine but Windows loader does not work When I chose them a blank page appears then return grup menu I try to fix MBR by using Windows Recovery DVD on cmd But Windows still cannot boot By the way on recovery option My Windows is shown like that quot Windows Professionel E quot I am sure that My System Drive is C letter There is partition on ubuntu about Windows sda is about Windows Recovery Totaly size gb sda is about What I don't now t is called System Reserved Totaly size abourt Mb sda is about Windows There is no description or Label for it Totaly size gb Can Somebody Help me Please

A:Windows 7 can't boot after Ubuntu installed

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot
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Recently installed Ubuntu to a dynamic partition I made before installing. It was separated from the main Windows partition.

Now, when I select Windows 7 from the GRUB menu, it goes about a quarter of the way through the boot animation before freezing and rebooting the computer.


A:Installed Ubuntu, can't boot Windows 7

Give me your system info and specs. Have you had any other problems with the computer? Is it even a desktop? We're going to need more information. "I broke something, fix it!" doesn't get you closer to the fix.
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Ok So I had harddrive windows partition of GB had a FC partition of GB I wanted ubuntu instead of Fedora so I struggled getting the partitions setup in ubuntu install I was goign back and forth exiting re-configuring trying to get the quot no root configured quot until I fixed it It installed fine it works except for wireless Installed now boot ubuntu, Windows wont XP Help! Now It wont let me boot into windows which works on wireless I am using grub It told me that MS windows was detected Click next to install bootloader etc Now when I try to boot into Windows XP I get this after I tell Help! Installed ubuntu, now Windows XP wont boot grub to boot into windows Code Booting 'Microsoft Windows XP' root hd Filesystem type unknown partition type x savedefualt makeavtive chainloader I dont know what this means or what to do I was thinking somehow copy the partition onto my GB drive to back up and re-install XP Could I do this wit ha boot disk like knoppix If you need anymore info I am here Thank you in advanced Dan Rippon nbsp

A:Help! Installed ubuntu, now Windows XP wont boot

Does the computer hang at this point or does it expect some input?

The correct command after chainloader +1 would be "boot"
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Hi, I just started a website, so I want to be able to run ubuntu alongside windows, the only problem is that when I installed Ubuntu, my sound stopped working in windows 7. All of my output devices work perfectly in unbuntu, but only my HDMI audio output works in windows. I have tried installing and uninstalling a lot of drivers, both 3rd party and windows and have gotten nowhere. does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to rectify this situation?

A:Just installed Ubuntu, now Windows doesn't recognize my speakers.

How did you install Ubuntu - in double boot or in a virtual partition ?
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I actually had to clean install latest 10 build.....make a new system image (this part im not sure was needed but it didnt see my saved backups from before for some reason.) i have never had to install a new os just to restore a windows system image back up before. (it kept telling me the image was corrupted) but it wasn't lol....Obviously reinstalling win 10 on my ssd fixed something but what it was i have no idea! This pc never crashes.....It crashed in the middle of watching a movie (bsod) and when it rebooted it said no os found.....Maybe a virus got thru Defender? My best guess is my ssd glitched (would be the first time for that)I hope it wasn't an update lol

A:Something finally hosed my system - and first time in 10 years a system image didn't work (at first)

Run the SSD tool for your particular brand and see what it is reporting. Maybe it can help point to something simple like a firmware update or failing cells.
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Previously I have installed Windows XP then Windows 7 in different drives of my computer. Later installed Ubuntu 10.10 inside Windows 7 and upgraded it to 11.04. After that Accidentally I have formatted Windows XP drive from Ubuntu. I installed XP again to the same drive. I tried to repair Windows 7 and it worked fine, but the problem is I can boot only Windows 7. I have used BCDEdit tool to add entry to boot menu. This also worked fine that I am able to boot both Windows 7 & Windows XP.

Now I want to boot Ubuntu 11.04 also using already installed partition. I don't want install it again(as I have to update it to 11.04 again).

I have Windows XP in C drive, Windows 7 in D drive and Ubuntu 11.04 in E drive.

I am able to boot XP & 7, now want to add Ubuntu also, Please help me...

Thank You..

A:Ubuntu installed inside windows 7 missing boot entry after 7 repair

Hi Sub,

Have you tried using the free version of EasyBCD to add an entry for Ubuntu? It works by chainloading the Windows bootloader to the GRUB bootloader, and may fix your problem.

EasyBCD -

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I just installed a new hard drive after my previous one failed to new Restored Installed drive Image can't get System but a hard start up I have a backup Installed a new hard drive but can't get System Image Restored image stored on an external WD Passport The install went well I turn on my tower with the Windows recovery disc in start up System Image Restore and plug in my Passport The system restore recognizes my Passport and when I go through the wizard to reformat and partition the disk to match the layout of the recovery image I get an error message saying quot The system image restore failed No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found hyperlink Details quot Details states quot No disck that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found Try the following A probable system disk may have been excluded by mistake a Review the list of disks that you have excluded from the recovery for a likely disk b Type LIST DISK command in the DISKPART command interpreter The probable system disk is usually the first disk listed c If possible remove the disk from the exclusion list and then retry the recovery Tried that my disk is not listed as an exclusion A USB disk may have been assigned as a system disk a Detach all USB disks from the computer b Reboot into Windows Recovery Environment then reattach USB disks and retry the recovery Tried that also no luck An invalid disk may have been assigned as system disk a Physically detach the disk from your computer Then reboot in WinRE to retry the recovery Same as Help please

A:Installed a new hard drive but can't get System Image Restored

Any help please???
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It looks like a virus has damaged my uncle's Win Pro bit system beyond repair so I'm going to have to reinstall Windows on a wiped hard drive Unfortunately no image was taken of OS install? on installed partition...backup another System image the current installation before it got infected so we'll System image installed on another partition...backup OS install? be starting from scratch Here's the idea I System image installed on another partition...backup OS install? had C partition primary Windows installation D partition secondary Windows installation basically an image of the C partition E partition documents and picture storage Would this be possible and would you recommend it or not The idea is if they ruined the C partition with a virus or malware again they could boot to the D partition instead and immediately have a replacement backup OS configured with their same user accounts and programs that points to E for their document storage just like the C partition Other than not having access to newly-installed programs or files saved to the desktop it would otherwise be equivalent I have the original Windows Pro -bit disc since this is a homebuilt computer The kids are home schooled and rely heavily on this computer for everything school-related I'm not always available to rescue them in a timely manner if something goes bad with the computer I'm looking for a solution that accomplishes two things easy for them to switch to and keeps downtime at an absolute minimum and doesn't require my immediate intervention and physical presence at their home to implement it I'm open to all other alternatives as well Thanks in advance

A:System image installed on another partition...backup OS install?

Here's the idea I had:
C partition (primary Windows 7 installation)
D partition (secondary Windows 7 installation, basically an image of the C partition)
E partition (documents and picture storage)

NO, back up should not be on the same HDD.
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hi my frenz....i am trying to re install the window 7 with the system image disc. but i have a confusion that when i reinstall then only c drive data will be erased or my D and E drive data will also be erased?so please suggest me......

regards thank you

A:which drives data will be erased when installed with system image

When going to restore a full system image backup of the main drive if that was the only drive included in the image you select the drive it will be restored to. The drive selected will be wiped clean in order to unpack the image there and not touch anything on any other drive.

There are two ways to see C restored. 1) Simply go into the Control Panel>Backup & Restore section and select the "Recover system settings on your computer" option just as if you were going to use the System Restore feature but instead select the "Advanced recovery methods" option found on the next screen.(refer to image attached)

Once there you will see the two options for restoring a system image or the need for the 7 installation dvd. Once you select the System image option you may have to browse to the WindowsImageBackup folder depending on where it was originally saved to especially any drive letters were changed inbetween.

2) The second option is seen when booting live from the 7 dvd or USB Install Key many use and right as you reach the Install Now screen look below that button for the repair tools. One of the repair options will be the one for restoring an image backup.
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Hello People so not to long ago i was having trouble with Windows and had someone install a Ubuntu OS but it was not a legal copy I assume but now the people who actually it get Ubuntu work Windows to Switch How to from 7 cannot to use the computer such as my family don't like it and want windows back so what I did was boot from disk with the Installation disk in the drive but i get to a point where I have to select Where to install windows it reads quot Where do you want to install Windows quot and under the options it gives me two options Name Disk Partition Total Size GB Free Space MB Type System Name Disk Partition Total Size GB Free Space MB Type Logical and it does not let me continue past this point on the bottom there is a notification that says quot Windows cannot be installed to Disk Partition Show Details How to Switch from Ubuntu to Windows 7 cannot get it to work quot when I click on show details a message pops up that reads quot Windows cannot How to Switch from Ubuntu to Windows 7 cannot get it to work be installed to this hard disk space Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space The partition is of an unrecognized type quot This is the farthest I can get into the installation Any help would be much appreciated I tried to be as specific as possible while describing this but if anyone needs more info please let me know i will post it up Thanks Everyone

A:How to Switch from Ubuntu to Windows 7 cannot get it to work

Delete all partitions using the Drive Options shown at bottom right in your screenshot and in Steps 6/7 of Clean Install Windows 7 .

Then create New as you wish, format and install Win7 to the first OS partition - ignoring the 100mb Boot partiiton it will create.

If this fails enter BIOS setup to see if you have an EFI BIOS. If so follow the special steps in UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Forums
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I have a 128 gb SSD with my OS and programs taking up only 35 gb of space. I've tried to make a System Image Backup to one of my other hd's with 100 gb of free space but Windows gives an error msg saying there is not enough free space on the destination hd. Does the destination hd free space need to be as large as the entire hd that I'm backing up? So I'd need at least 128 gb of free space on the destination hd? Could this the problem? Thanks.

A:System Image Won't Work

Use this freeware instead: Macrium Reflect Free , Macrium User Manual
Watch the videos on the bottom page of the Manual on how to use it.
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This is for a system image restore Not system restore I wrote wrong title instead Sorry I wanted to try Ubunto on an old dell laptop that i had System Image does work running Windows System Image does work It would not allow me to use the installer because of problems with Windows so i decided to wipe the drive and install Ubunto fresh I had a bunch of problems with the wireless connections and software and decided since i did put it on a desktop System Image does work already to forget it I had an system image that I made last month on an external HD on this laptop using the system image in Windows Hooked up my external HD and the system image disk I made- and in hour I was back up and running All i have to do is do one months worth of security updates and a few minor stuff but i did not have to reinstall Windows then sp then Windows upgrade So this is proof the system image in windows works like a charm

A:System Image does work

Great news Robin.

Just to help clarify to avoid confusion for others with the technical terms, "Restore points" and "System Restore" is different than a "System Image" and "System Image Recovery".
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Below is an image of my drives the hp recovery drives has my old system image file for windows vista which came with my pc i have upgraded to windows seven now i wanna know how can i delete the hp recovery drive and make that memory part of my main harddrive or/and how can i make a windows seven system image and replace the vista system image with the windows seven system image and just so im confirming that I know what im talking about a system image is just so u can erase everything off your pc and start back from that specific point someone please correct me if im wrong thanks

Uploaded with

A:how to replace my vista system image with a windows seven system image

Hi bigboi1972. Well this should be fairly straight forward. (I stress the should).

Firstly, a system image is out (and your definition is correct by the way thats exactly what a system image is). That drive is waaay too small to make a system image of your C drive.

However if you get some more storage, a system image can be made from Backup and restore centre in Windows 7.

So to remerging it with your drive. Can you please post a screenshot of your Disk Management Screen? go start right click computer, and click manage, then go to Disk Management. that will help to see whether what you want to do will be possible using Windows own inbuilt tools or whether you need a 3rd party app
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So I got this 16gb datatraveler from kingston. My friend was using it as a live usb driver for ubuntu I think. But she cut the power and now it seems like the drive is dead!

It won't format using windows formating option. diskpart cannot create any new partitions or clean the partition. give a I/O error. HP disk formatting tools and seagate formatting both freeze. I've tried gparted as well but with no luck. I can see the files in the drive, but can't delete them or change them.

Any help?

A:Can't format USB drive in windows or ubuntu and no tools work

Inset USB into your computer,

Open disk management (Right click "My computer" > choose "Manage" > Disk Management):

In disk management - right click the usb drive > delete the partition/drive.
Then right click the drive again > choose "New partition" and follow the wizard.
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because i need help so badly i'm going to give you a walk thought of exactly what i did ok first i rebooted the computer and booted from the ubuntu disk onto installation and when to the choose partition part when i was there I noticed that all my free space was labelled unusable I then saw with dual windows ubuntu wont 7 failed due boot work to that at the top of the list there was a partition in my drive that was mb big so i deleted it when i deleted this windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu partition all the free space that was unusable because usable and a created a partion from it that was a quot ext journaling file system quot gb big and put the mount point as solely because that windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu what it said on the dual booting guide After that the installation went smoothly and ubuntu worked however i rebooted the computer to find to my surprise boot options these were - ubuntu linux - -generic - ubuntu linux - -generic recovery mode - Memory test memtest - Memory test memtest serial console - Windows vista loader on dev sda - Windows loader on dev sda This was surprising to me because windows vista has never been installed on this computer as I got windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu it last christmas and came preinstalled with windows After seeing this i chose the windows option because i wanted to check if it was ok and it came up with a message saying windows failed to start and gave me the option of either launching startup repair or trying to launch windows normally This is when i knew something wasnt right so i clicked launch up repair It then came up with system recovery options which were restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier or use recovery tools that can help fix problems I chose to use recovery tools because i didnt know to do on the first option I then went through the options by START UP REPAIR i opened start up repair and a load bar came up but soon after it said start up repair cannot repair this computer automatically and only gave me the option to send error to microsoft which never helps I then clicked on system restore which came up with an error message saying quot to use system restore you must specify which windows installation to restore restart this computer select an operating system and then select system restore quot which i didnt really know what to do with Next i clicked System Image recovery this came up with an error message stating quot An internal error occurred The following information might help you resolve the error the system cannot find the file specified x Next Memory diagnostics which gave the options to quot restart now and check for problems quot or quot check for problems the next time i start my computer quot I clicked both of them and they both said there was an error preventing them from blah blah blah blah telling me to boot from the windows installation disk which i dont have because it came preinstalled I then had a futile go at command prompt I managed to get the windows setup up but this said quot a require cd dvd drive device is missing if you have a driver floppydisk cd dvd or usb flash drive please insert it now quot which i didnt know what to do with I then clicked on the last option acer erecovery management which came up with a error saying quot The exception unknown software exception xc d occurred in the application at the location x a f click on ok to terminate the program quot Sorry for the boring explanation but i dont know what to do from here i'd really apprieciated your suggestions As i said before I do not posses windows disk as it came pre installed and i did not back up because i thought i did not have anything i was scared to lose So if you have any ideas that i could try please please please post back i am not scared of losing anything that was actually on my hardrive i just merely want to not have to buy windows again everything else is repl... Read more

A:windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu

Do you have the option to "Restore to factory settings"?
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Was wondering if anyone had any tricks for getting a Norton Ghost image made from one hardware type to work on another.

This issue has happened before in the past but I don't have the time needed to start a fresh XP load. Unfortunately the image on the second system won't even allow XP to start in safe mode to then fuss with drivers.

The build has hours of tweaking in it and I don't want to start from scratch.


Relevancy 58.05%

I have a computer that is that xp? was a restore work upgrade image to 7 from win system Will an about - years old It is a Tosh Satellite and it came with XP About years ago I had a guy upgrade the os to win ultimate I knew at the time that doing that was difficult but this guy is talented and I knew that the computer only needed to work for another year or two before I bought a new one lol Now I have two new computers one for home and one for work Both have w home on them The old computer is still working great so I want to give it to a friend who has no computer and can't afford one But I want to remove my data There isn't really much on it that Will a system image work to restore win 7 that was an upgrade from xp? is sensitive but I would still like to reformat it at Will a system image work to restore win 7 that was an upgrade from xp? least The problem is that I do not have system recovery disks for the win So I have three options or more Will a system image work to restore win 7 that was an upgrade from xp? if someone can suggest something Use the recovery disks that came with the computer and restore it to factory and xp Create a recovery image and try to reformat the disk with that but my concerns are that this was a win upgrade from xp Would that matter Can I create recovery disks or a recovery image on my new computer that has win home and format the old computer HD with them Any advice would be much appreciated

A:Will a system image work to restore win 7 that was an upgrade from xp?

Hello dmcrose, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Doing a system image recovery will restore your complete computer back to the exact same state it was in when you created the system image.

Hope this helps,
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I have laptops that have windows installed and one with windows Recently I had another computer that the hard drive went out I went ahead and figured since most of my computers are new I would make system images of them if they ever crashed and if I had to replace the hard drives in them Well on every windows machine I have the Image option not System work? Why doesn't I have tried to make a system image to a GB nbsp dvd-r disc using the system image option under file history via the control panel What happens is I click the system image option it loads files but when I am prompted to label a disc and insert it I click the ok button it runs for a few seconds and says their is an error I keep getting the same dialog box over and over that says label and insert a disc and then it doesn't create the image Is there a certain type of DVD-R you are suppose to use or a certain way to format them My windows machine worked great in making the system image backup It took discs and when my hard drive went out I was Why doesn't the System Image option not work? able to restore the system image nbsp Not one windows machine I have does the restore or refresh option work because of the upgrade to and now the Why doesn't the System Image option not work? system image doesn't even work These options are the essentials to fixing your computer without having to download the drivers from the companies website and even then you may not get all the software or drivers needed Any suggestions because I am getting ready to scrap any windows pc and go with Why doesn't the System Image option not work? a Linux distro and buy an apple and get the windows office that can be installed on them and just do away with windows all together Its really gone down hill
Relevancy 58.05%

It seems a bit ridiculous to write about the subject soon I can say year after year Microsoft is very well aware of this - and other related problems Yet - no correction Be it MS or Nokia I give them all they deserve here we go I had this problem error code x D with backup and system image creation with Windows Professional Hardware HP HDX -EO backup to system not image do Backup work creation and WD TB usb HDD NTFS There were some writings on various forums but nothing seemed to help The same error kept on popping up no matter what I tried I did the following things - Made a clean Windows Professional install Backup and system image creation do not work After this the same problem continued - Made sure that all windows services were started automatically VSS COM etc This did not help - Did CHDSK r Nothing found - Disabled Norton Advanced System Care Pro and Ad-Aware This did not help - Disconnected all connections that could interfere with the backup Other usb's my net connection I even unplugged my headphones No success - Tried to do the backup manually This worked Backup and system image creation do not work to a certain degree Most data files were backed up but still no system image The same idiot code kept on popping up x D - I gave up This helped I simply downloaded a free rd party software to create the backup and system image I still have to see if I am able to recover anything with this free software if read Backup and system image creation do not work when my highly praised Windows crashes again Question If some free third party software is able to solve this Windows backup and system image problem why does Microsoft choose not to do so Suggestion Microsoft put up a web page where people can enter their error code and donate a reasonable sum of money and in return get a solution to their problem in due time That is after you have got enough money to release the solution Considering all the problems people seem to have this would be a great business opportunity for Microsoft It would of course hurt a lot of businesses which ride on problems that Microsoft does not feel like solving But it would be businesswise more productive than throw the money in false promises and expensive mind-bending campaigns as was done with Windows Eh

A:Backup and system image creation do not work

Hmm... If I am following you correctly, you're trying to create an Image of your drive using a built in tool with Windows 7, but yet its spitting out an error each time? Well, there are many great disk imaging programs, both commercial and open source, that have a proven track record.

There is an excellent discussion here: System Imaging as Additional Protection

The commercial solutions are, at least right now, more towards the beginning of the thread. The open source solutions are near the end.

Hope that helps.
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TLDR system image won't work and i can't for months 6 about image HDD the ive because been now system work "needs using won't even quot get on quot my computer quot so now what I had some wacky stuff go down system image won't work because the HDD ive been using for about 6 months now "needs while disabling programs on start up when i was done and my pc restarted it kept giving me a nice little error by the status of xc e with the Info the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible however when i put system image won't work because the HDD ive been using for about 6 months now "needs in my windows instillation disk and run the typical system start-up repair nothing happens and I continue system image won't work because the HDD ive been using for about 6 months now "needs to get the error so worse comes to worst and I figure heck might as well use a system Image however when i try that it tells me that my HDD is unformatted i have two SSD's and one HDD the OS is located on one of the SSD's I open up the whole windows installation and tell it to repair it then opens system recovery Options showing me the options of A use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting windows below that it shows a little open area with my operating system partition size and location however in these fields it tells me my partition size is MB and the location is unknown Lo yes with the Lo i can't tell what is ses but its there Option B Restore your computer using system image that you created for the sake of reason i go with the image i created so it takes me to the next page ad everything is normal it even tells me that the image is stored on my HDD it also tells me date and time when i made it as well as my computer name here Option C use latest available system image recommended and D select a System Image using logic once again I select the latest available image and hit next only to get the wonderful warning statement saying the system image is on a hard disk but windows needs to format the disk to restore your computer Choose a different restore image so i go back and do option D select a system image of course me being me I only have that system image on the HDD and so with no other choice i select it and it brings me back to the page to execute its use of course i get the same message saying windows needs to format that disk to restore your computer and so I admit defeat at this point and beg for salvation from a greater power

A:system image won't work because the HDD ive been using for about 6 months now "needs


it tells me my partition size is 0MB

Your HDD may have failed. On another computer, download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature and burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the Short and Long tests on your OS drive. This may solve your problem, but if either test fails, this drive may need to be replaced.


i put in my windows instillation disk

You may need to reinstall from the DVD.
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I just bought a WD Mybook Essentials 3tb USB 3.0 external hard drive and ran Windows 7 backup to create a system image. It failed and I get the error message: "one of the backup files could not be created . (0x8078002A).
I have tried formatting the WD as a MBR at 1TB and 2TB and get the same error. I talked with WD support and they said they don't support multiple partitions and to initialize it as GPT, and try it again. I did that with the same results.

Has anyone got the disk imaging to work with this external hard drive?

A:Create system image does not work with WD Mybook Essential USB 3.0

There may be something special about the 3TB My Book essentials.
The MBR is the first 512 bytes of the disk and it serves a number of functions. When it's a data disk it's the partition table which is of most importance.
The MBR partition table which is restricted to 2TB per partition. It's something historical.

GPT may overcome the MBR issue if you need 1 big partition. But I can't see why you can't partition in say 3x1TB partitions. I'm not sure why WD are telling you they don't support multiple partitions.

What puzzles me is you have tried formating the HDD as a 1TB (presumably 2TB unallocated) and it doesn't take an MBR and an image.

I have a 1TB WD essentials with 4 partitions (MBR) and it's full of images.
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I recently had problems with BSOD I was able to fix the underlying cause but this got me nervous So I am thinking of starting a program of periodically creating system images of my laptop - both the C amp D drives - so that I could restore my system in the event of hardware failure Make sense I have some questions to make sure that I understand the underlying System Image amp Repair disk process amp also when I would use a Windows ISO image Am I correct that when I restore from a system image of both C amp D drives that both drives are totally recreated Will I still have a legal Repair Image & Questions 7 - System Disk, Windows Image, ISO copy of Windows when I restore using the system image Should I make sure that I have a repair disk before I restore from system image Windows 7 - System Image, Repair Disk, & ISO Image Questions If so why Is it necessary to periodically recreate a repair disk Or once a repair disk is created it is good for any future repair that may be needed There are sites where one can download a Windows ISO image i Am I correct that restoring from this image just installs Windows and no other programs ii Will I still have a legal copy of Windows when I restore using a Windows ISO image iii When would I restore using Windows 7 - System Image, Repair Disk, & ISO Image Questions a Windows ISO image rather than restoring from a System Image iv What is the recommended site to download a Windows ISO image Now for an open-ended question Is there anything else I need to be aware of Thank you

A:Windows 7 - System Image, Repair Disk, & ISO Image Questions

Users have (at least) two ways to go to overcome those unforeseen problems that occur.
a.  Make clones of the hard drive reflecting the O/S.
b.  Use backup software which creates a file which can be restored, item for item.
I have done both at some time...right now, I prefer making a clone of my O/S (dual-boot) partitions...while backing up data files on extra hard drives I have lying around.  User preference determines whether a user backs up...or creates a cloned image.
You might take a look at Macrium Reflect, a program that seems to do each pretty well.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download -
Those ISO files of Windows 7...are covered by this pronouncement here at BC:  Recommending ISOs of Windows Recovery Discs or pre-made ISOs of WinPE-BartPE - .
In addition to being illegal...those .iso files...or any file NOT obtained from a legal, authorized source...are subject to reflect code, errors, malware...or something else that the user has not bargained for, IMO.  If I were a malware misanthrope...that would be my favorite an unknowing public something "for free" that they have no desire to legitimately obtain.
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I think I'm in the right place.
I bought a little netbook Asus Eee PC 1225B and wanted to make an image of the hard drive, my operating system is win 7 x64 and to avoid having to install and configure all over again all over again, is possible to do so and can help me to do a image ?
This pc have a UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive, and i don?t know how.

A:can I make a image of HD with Windows 7 x64 bit installed

Hello Jomapohe, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes, you could use the tutorial below to create a system image, and save it to another hard drive. Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
If you ever need to do a system image recovery, you could start it from within Windows 7 or boot from your Windows 7 UEFI flash drive to do so, then select the saved image to restore.System Image Recovery
Hope this helps,
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Can i still restore a system image (with Windows Backup & Restore appplication) if i don't have a Windows 7 installed? i want to install a new hard drive and avoid the hassle of installing the OS and then restore.

A:Image restore without Windows installed

If you want to use the Windows built in utility, see if this tutorial by Brink helps:
System Image Recovery

If you can still boot Windows with the old HD, you could consider using Macrium free to "transfer the OS" to the new HD.
Here is a tutorial by whs:
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
It's for transferring from a HD to SSD, but the same concepts apply to transferring from a HD to a new HD.

The built in Windows utility is more "finicky" in how it works and what it does...
I recommend using Macrium or some other 3rd party imaging utility, they offer more options and control ...
I've "migrated" to a new HD or SSD using Macrium or Acronis, many times.
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Hi TechGuys,

I have tried to run ubuntu OS on Windows XP machine, I boot it with CD in, but no respond from CD after turing on.

Is it possible that you can run ubuntu in XP? I have already installed it on Vista computer and are working together perfectly.

I don't know why it's not working on XP machine,...any effective help would be rewarded five star.

Thanks guys

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I installed Ubuntu 11.10 recently. And I fully installed it. It is my OS now. Sadly I don't like it, and you cannot open .exe files easily. ( I know it was my fault for installing Ubuntu.)

So I was wondering, if you guys knew how to restore back to factory settings. From ubuntu 11.10 to Factory Settings.

I tried BIOS booting. But it won't work.

Please help me.

A:Installed Ubuntu 11.10

We would have to know your make and model of computer to be able to advise you how to run Factory Recovery. But if you installed Ubuntu it may have overwritten your Recovery partition or its ability to run from boot. Did you make your Factory Recovery disks first?

If your Recovery partition will not run by tapping the key given for it on first boot screen, and you don't have your Recovery disks, then your choices are to order Recovery Disks from your computer maker's Tech Support or follow these steps to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.
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After a bit of a tussle I've installed an 8 gig wim image on a surface pro using a USB pen drive
If you would like to know how please mail me or leave a message
Relevancy 55.04%

Okay, so I bought a laptop with an OEM serial key and I got windows home basic with it. My internet has limitations and I cannot afford to download a 3 GB .iso or image file of windows 7 home basic. Incase my system gets corrupt or anything happens I would like to have a backup of my whole OS, so is their any way to extract the whole OS from my computer to just one ".iso" file? which later I can convert into a bootable USB flash drive of disc. Plus if possible can I make the iso file which contains my OS and also all the drivers pre installed?

A:How to create a .iso image file of my pre installed windows 7?

How about creating an image for peace of mind,

Imaging with free Macrium

Saves a complete image of your system exactly as it was when created, countless people have saved their systems from certain disaster by imaging.

Imaging strategies
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I have managed to contract "Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) Ransomeware" on my laptop running Windows XP.
I want to create a Windows HitManPro KickStart USB drive to start the process of removing the malware.
My desktop PC runs Ubuntu. I have downloaded HitManPro.Exe and started it with the Windows emulator, WINE.
However, it does not seem to find the USB drive (I have tried several) to install KickStart on. So I am stuck!
Can anyone help please?

A:Creating a Windows HitManPro KickStart USB drive on a Ubuntu system

Are you able to boot the laptop (running Win XP) into Safe Mode / Safe mode with Networking / Safe mode with Command Prompt without the ransomware showing?
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I installed Ubuntu on an external USB HDD (an 8gb thumb drive). The idea was that I could boot Ubuntu from the USB stick, and then pull it and boot into XP from my notebook HDD as normal. The Ubuntu part works fine, and it installed on the 8GB USB drive. However, Windows no longer boots. When I pull the USB stick, it tries to boot into Ubuntu, and then tells me it can't find the OS. To complicate matters, my laptop is encrypted with PGP so I can't see the notebook HDD at all.

Is there anything I can do to get Windows back? I don't think I overwrote anything on the notebook HDD. Ubuntu only installed to the external USB drive. It's like the computer doesn't know to look for windows any longer. Could it be a PGP problem? I'm open to any and all suggestions.


A:Installed Ubuntu on USB HDD. XP won't boot.

Welcome to TSG!

You may have installed Ubuntu to the USB drive, and most of Grub as well, but if Grub is trying to load when the USB is removed, then the Grub bootloader was installed on the hard drive.

The usual fix is to boot with the XP CD into the Recovery Console, and run the FIXMBR and FIXBOOT commands. If this notebook uses code in the MBR to check for a keypress to do a Factory Recovery (Dell does this, as do many others) FIXMBR will likely remove the ability to do a Factory Recovery at boot, but then Grub has likely already removed that anyway.

I'm not familiar with PGP though; if it modifies the MBR or Boot Sector, you'll need to use a PGP Recovery Disk to decrypt the system, then you can run the FIXMBR and FIXBOOT commands, then you have to re-encrypt the system.

Here's a start, with links to more info on PGP Recovery
HOW TO: Create Recovery Disks for PGP Whole Disk Encryption

The Recovery disk can fix some things that cause a BSOD, so it may be able to repair this without having to decrypt/encrypt the disk, see section three here:
PGP Whole Disk Diagnosis and Recovery - PGP Desktop 9.x for Windows
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Ok, so I had some problems with my windows install. My computer was idling on like I usually have it when I got hit with a BSOD. Something about atapi.exe failed. Atapi is either my sound card or graphics card. So I restart thinking it was just a glitch then It hits me again with the BSOD. Oh no.

So I did something rash. I decided to install ubuntu. Not sure what I did. I selected install alongside on the partition I don't think I wrote ever anything, but when I press F8 with the log-on no other options come up. Did I accidentally delete my windows install? Please tell me it's just hiding.

A:Installed Ubuntu now boot log-in gone

Do you still have your Windows CD?
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I just can't get it to work properly, I followed the istructions on the Wine HQ site...I even tried the alternative (on Wine HQ site) but it just woan't work :/

I can find wine in System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager but it fails...

<i>W: Failed to fetch Could not connect to ( - connect (111 Connection refused)

W: Failed to fetch Could not connect to ( - connect (111 Connection refused)</i>

What to do?

A:Can't get Wine installed to ubuntu (8.04)

What about getting it from Add/Remove?


In terminal run:


gpg --keyserver --recv-keys $KEY



gpg --export --armor $KEY | sudo apt-key add -

where $KEY is key value you have missed. Do those 2 commands for each repository which you have problem.

May work.
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A laptop computer with WinXP installed on it currently won't run in the WinXP OS. I think that my little brother might've installed Ubuntu incorrectly on it and it perhaps overwrote some of the vital XP OS files and whatnot. Is there a way to find out if this is the case? I haven't even been able to boot it up in Ubuntu. Though my dad says he was able to boot it up in Ubuntu. What should I do?

Thanks for your time,

A:Ubuntu Installed Over WinXP????

Install the hard drive as a secondary drive in a different system...then use Disk Management to see just what lies on it.

Relevancy 54.18%

I have windows media edition. i installed ubuntu yesterday after that i tried to switch windows but windows went in hibernated mode soon after window logo and then sytem restarts.after few try i press f8 for advance option before hibernating. there i made silly mistake without knowing about option i select something like "delete distoring data and start system boot".(sorry i dun remember exect option). but soon after that i am getting
STOP:c000021A {Fatal System

Error} The Session Manager Initialization System terminated unexpectedly with
a status of 0xc000003a (0x00000000 0x00000000) The system has been shut down.

Please help
Relevancy 53.75%

I think MBR is the bootloader if not then whatever it is the ideais not havin to install GRUB.

Thanks in advance !!

A:Is it posible to add Ubuntu installed on Ext4 to MBR

You will need GRUB no matter what (I think), but you do have a choice about where and how to install it. Normally, you'd install Ubuntu after Windows 7 and GRUB would be written "on top of" the Windows boot loader. When you boot up, GRUB would load and you'd then pick Windows or Ubuntu.

But...if you use something like EasyBCD, you can install GRUB in the Ubuntu partition and use EasyBCD to modify the Windows bootloader to give you the choice of booting Windows or Ubuntu.

I've done it a time or two, and it works fine but I don't remember the specifics. Google up EasyBCD and check out their forums and how-to's to get a walkthrough on this.

Edit: I should have read the post title more carefully, but EasyBCD should still work...
Relevancy 53.75%

I have windows vista already upgraded from vista basic to vista premium.
I have dual booted it with ubuntu.

Today, I have put in Windows XP CD and installed, now what happened? no windows vista or ubuntu showing up again.
while the vista and ubuntu files are in drive C: and D: as they were before.

when I boot the computer, I was hoping to get all the partion ( windows vista/ubuntu & XP, but now nothing at all.
What do you think guys, I need help tonight.
just to let you know
I got only Windows vista upgrade CD and that ****en XP CD

A:Installed Xp,...Vista and ubuntu disappearred

XP overwrote the mbr on the boot drive. You need to repair the boot files. I know nothing about linux however there is a guide at the top of the forum for repairing the vista boot files.
Relevancy 53.75%

I want to intall XP on my computer that already installed with Vista and UBuntu. How can it be done ?
Relevancy 53.75%

I recently bought a pre installed hp envy m6 x360 convertible operating windows 10. I Installed Ubuntu 16.04 using a usb key, annulling the windows system. Now the wifi won't work.What can i do?
Relevancy 53.75%

I have Ubuntu 9.04 installed on a laptop already and I wanna dual boot with Windows 7 RC1. How do I?

A:Dual Boot - Ubuntu Already Installed

First you need to partition the hdd .I recomend using Acronis Disk Director Suite v10. suite&gclid=CLuLq7K3-poCFRKLxwodrB3leQ

Boot from the win7 cd and follow the instrutions.

After that format the new partition that you plan to install windows 7 on.You need to format it to NTFS.
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Is there anywhere to get a recovery image of the originally installed Ubuntu?  I did a fresh install of 16.04, and the touchpad no longer works correctly, and I installed the "normal" 14.04 and it doesn't work there either, so I'm guessing this had some addon drivers that aren't part of the normal Ubuntu.  The download section for the 1020 G1 doesn't even LIST Ubuntu as an OS option. Alternately, assuming the addons were in a ppa, if there was somewhere I could download those drivers alone for 14.04?

A:Any way to get Folio 1020 G1 Ubuntu recovery image?

@TLMiller? I did find a datasheet that does indicate the Ubuntu Operating System. A datasheet is not a contract, nor does it indicate how the product is ultimately sold. Nonetheless, if you purchased the product from HP, then HP may be able to help you restore what you had on the computer when you received it. You need to contact HP Business Support and talk to an HP representative. Excerpted:Datasheet | HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 Notebook PC HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 Notebook PC Specifications TableAvailable Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 641Windows 10 Home 641Windows 8.1 Pro 641Windows 8.1 641Windows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro)2Windows 7 Professional 32 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro)2Windows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights form Windows 8.1 Pro)24Windows 7 Professional 32 (available through downgrade rights form Windows 8.1 Pro)24Windows 7 Professional 641Windows 7 Professional 321FreeDOS 2.0Ubuntu Linux 3 Technical Specifications Footnotes:3 Not available with touch  Assuming the notebook is still covered under warranty: Open HP Customer Support - Laptops >Enter your precise Model / Product name in the space provided and Click Search iconORSelect 1 > Narrow your Selection >> Click on the icon for your notebook type / seriesWhen your computer?s page opens > Click last tab (on the right): Get Help from HP >  General HP Contact Information:HP Contact Information ? Sales, Technical Support, other Contacts -  USA / CanadaContact HP ? USA - Assistance HP Tech support/ Customer Service  ? Some English Speaking CountriesIncluding UK and Europe From a post by @Sunshyn2005, to contact HP Support :Step 1. Open link: 2. Enter your computer's Product Number OR select Auto DetectStep 3. Scroll down, find: "Still need help?  Complete the form to select your contact options"Step 4. Scroll down, Click HP contact options > Click Get phone numberCase number and phone number appear on screen. HP Customer Support > NotebooksHP Customer Support > Mobile Workstations and Notebooks  When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Fixed / Answered? Click this Post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.
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Hi, I got two laptops today, one with Windows 7 and the other with Windows 8, both 64-bit machines.

I don't have a windows 8 dvd around and I don't have the internet to download a windows 8 .iso image.

All I have is a USB stick. I'm not sure how creating a system image works but from the last article I read, both computers must have equal disk size or larger and the destination disk of the laptop for the process is a tad smaller than the source partition.

A:Create Windows 8 iso image from pre-installed Windows

Have you made the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD. (Windows 8 only)
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 (Windows 8 only)

I would recommend you making the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or USB drive.
You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.
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Just finished installing Windows and then upgraded work 8.1. Does anything this Just Windows installed on OS to and after first adding a start menu and then searching all over to find out how to get rid of things like the library etc I was on to personalization another joke So now it looks as good as I can get it I am on to installing my applications but I have one major issue that is causing problems with this When I double click on my network icon to see my other computers it only shows my printers and when I am installing Just installed Windows 8.1. Does anything work on this OS something and I need to access the network I see nothing and have to abort the install The funny thing with this is if I open it from the run box otherpc it will work So I decided to continue on install other apps and got to Winrar It installs with no errors but I don't have a context menu in Windows Explorer Have tried to set this up within the program to no avail So I have decided to put any installing on hold in case I just need to go back to Win Anyone have any ideas on the above issues Much thanks

A:Just installed Windows 8.1. Does anything work on this OS

windows 7 more stable windows 8 faster
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Just got done installing 8 and for some reason every single window I click on doesn't work... Looks like it tries to open and then shuts.
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Hello I need help I have a up to date version of Trend Micro installed and also purchased a copy of Spyhunter They found multiple trojans and Spyhunter found and removed the POVM exe which is the main executable for the Advanced Virus Remover scareware virus but I am still getting tons of errors when I click on various programs similar to quot xxx dll Popups windows image, check valid your system System "swupdate.dll this is like pleae a not against diskette is not a valid windows image please check this against your installation diskette quot quot What should I do next I'm out of options I would be appreciative of any assistance you may provide I ran the hijack this files and I System Popups like "swupdate.dll is not a valid windows image, pleae check this against your system diskette got Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system csrss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC System Popups like "swupdate.dll is not a valid windows image, pleae check this against your system diskette WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Trend Micro BM TMBMSRV exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Java jre bin jqs exeC Program Files Trend Micro Internet Security SfCtlCom exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Trend Micro Internet Security TmPfw exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Trend System Popups like "swupdate.dll is not a valid windows image, pleae check this against your system diskette Micro Internet Security TmProxy exeC WINDOWS system SearchIndexer exeC Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNetwk exeC Program Files Trend Micro Internet Security UfSeAgnt exeC WINDOWS System alg exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files Real RealPlayer RealPlay exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Toolbox StatusClient StatusClient exeC Program Files D-Tools daemon exeC WINDOWS system igfxtray exeC WINDOWS system hkcmd exeC WINDOWS system igfxpers exeC WINDOWS RTHDCPL EXEC Program Files Enigma Software Group SpyHunter SpyHunter exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files Dell Support DSAgnt exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exeC Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exeC Program Files Trend Micro Internet Security TMAS OE TMAS OEMon exeC WINDOWS system igfxsrvc exeC Program Files TechSmith Snagit Snagit exeC Program Files Windows Desktop Search WindowsSearch exeC Program Files WinZip WZQKPICK EXEC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC WINDOWS system wuauclt exeC Program Files TechSmith Snagit TSCHelp exeC Program Files TechSmith Snagit SnagPriv exeC Program Files TechSmith Snagit snagiteditor exeC Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exeC Program Files Mozilla Thunderbird thunderbird exeC WINDOWS system wbem wmiprvse exeC WINDOWS system rundll exeC WINDOWS system rundll exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dell me com mywaybizR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http bfc myway com search de srchlft htmlR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page google com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - Hosts www alliedhealthpros comO - BHO SnagIt Toolbar Loader - C D-C - C - -FCE AD C - C Program ... Read more

A:System Popups like "swupdate.dll is not a valid windows image, pleae check this against your system diskette

Hello! My name is Sam and I will be helping you. In order to see what's going on with your computer I will ask for you to post various logs from the tools that we will use to resolve your issue. Please also share with me any information about how your computer is reacting and behaving each step of the way as we work through this process.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on Download_mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button.The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen, click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to restart your computer. (see Note below)The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note: If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts. Click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process. If asked to restart the computer, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from hereSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.Push the "Run Scan" button.The scan should take just a few minutes.Copy the log that opens up and paste it back here in your next reply.
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Hi I am trying out windows backup 7 System includes Windows non image system - Backup disk hoping at last that I won't need a rd party backup solution Windows 7 Backup - System image includes non system disk So far so bad My first problem is how ridicilously slow the backup is but this has been discussed at length elsewhere My second problem is the backup stalls when I try to backup a folder which I know has got various bits of malware in I am an IT pro and use the files in this folder for Windows 7 Backup - System image includes non system disk testing purposes OK fair enough I guess although I think the backup should handle this event a bit more elegantly So I've zipped and password protected the offending files to hide them from the AV security essentials by the way The final problem which I just can't understand is that when I try to create an image of my system drive backup wants to add my D drive which is purely a data drive to the image My D drive is huge and I don't want to include it in a system image I keep my system drive lean and mean for exactly this purpose but now I can't back it up because the total size of C and D drives combined exceed the capacity of my backup drive I know for a fact that the D drive has no consequence to the system boooting or operating I have disconnected it and windows boots up just fine In computer management the D Drive is not showing up as a system drive so why does windows think it is And why isn't there a power user mode wher I can choose exactly what I want in a system image I understand you're trying to make windows easy to use for the average Joe but this lack of functionality and in depth control feels more like a Mac than windows and I hate macs So can anyone shed any light as to why my D drive is being flagged as a system disk otherwise it's back to rd party solutions AGAIN Thanks

A:Windows 7 Backup - System image includes non system disk

I suggest you check your hard drive jumpers. There should be only one Active drive. If you disconnect the data partition the Active partition will be changed. We are not clear why the partition will be Active partition when you connect it.
You may open Disk Management, set the 100MB system served partition or your Windows partition as Active and check the result again.Arthur Xie - MSFT
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I have done just about everything with computers except installing a brand new motherboard, got a good deal on some older models and just building a cpu on the side, I will be swapping out a gigabyte g31m-es2l mainboard with a core 2 duo for a gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3p with a core 2 quad. When I swap out the boards and plug in my hard drives with windows 7 on it will it boot up? Google search has lead me to believe I will have to do a clean install but is it required? This is my first run with a brand new mother board not sure on the do this first steps, thank you!


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I just finished installing ubuntu and it's not detecting my Linksys Wireless B networking card. I'm not sure what the exact model number is on it... anybody here know how I could check that to and see if there's a driver I can download?


A:Just installed ubuntu Linux; wireless network card not detected...

I had the same problem .. no driver for my CREATIVE USB wireless adapter in uBuntu

We can't blame LinuX but we blame the manufactures of the device.

They don't program a driver for a linux BoX

all what I can advice you is to buy a Wireless to Wired bridge

so it makes a wireless works as a LAN ( detected as a LAN but working as WLAN!)

google search for it .. and you may post some intersting results here, I am pretty interested!

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Hi everyone There seems to be a lot of these kinds of questions on the net but none have very satisfying answers and I was hoping someone out there can help I'm trying to create a backup system image using the Backup and Restore function in Windows While going through the backup wizard it says it will use about GB of space but ends up using around 10 quadruple system image size of the Windows system GB I have tried this twice with the same results Here are some things you may want to know - system size GB out of SSD only system drive data on second drive - did not checkbox data drive to be included in backup final sizes wouldn't match anyway data drive too big - tried deleting and creating new volume on drive then creating image Windows 10 system image quadruple the size of system but still the same - have the very latest Windows Windows 10 system image quadruple the size of system Home updates If I delete the newly-created Windows Backup folder there is still GB left on the new backup drive yet the drive Windows 10 system image quadruple the size of system is empty Even showing hidden files and folders doesn't reveal anything I have done this image backup numerous times on the same system - what is essentially the same basic installation of Windows Except this time this system drive has the latest updates Anyone else experiencing this or know what's happening

A:Windows 10 system image quadruple the size of system

Regulars on this forum generally recommend use of Macrium Reflect Free as their image backup tool of choice. It is far superior (faster, small images, very reliable, easy to use etc.). Many guides on web and youtube.
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I have a 1TB drive that partioned with 120gb system and rest is a non primary/non boot data partition volumn..

I've never used windows 7 create system image, but want to . When I try to create a system image it insist on backing up both drives. I don't see how to deselect the data drive. Is this because I have installed something system related. on the data drive?

And Finally, how will recovely of a system image works if I get a blue screen, do I need to install window 7 again first or have a repair CD? I noticed when I started a create system image it asked me for the destination drive, no exact path on the drive, does the image have be created on the root of the destination drive?

A:Windows 7 pro - Create system image only system c: drive

Hello Cyberpine,

Please go ahead and post back with a screenshot showing all of your HDD's full layout in Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) to help ID what the issue may be.

If you moved anything like your page file, user folders, user profile folder, etc.... to any other partition than the default C, then they will also be considered "System" partitions and will be included in the system image by default. You will not be able to uncheck them since they are required for the operation of Windows 7. If you did, then you would need to move all of it back to C to not have the other partition included.

You could use a retail Windows 7 installation DVD/USB or a Windows 7 system repair disc at boot to do a system image recovery with.

Hope this helps,
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Hello all Long time Dell user and prior frequent forum visitor so this question nbsp may seem very basic Sorry I just purchased an Inspiron got a new one at the outlet for a good price and thus far am VERY impressed with the machine and have a back up question If use the Windows built in utilities and create System Image disc? Windows System / 10 Image System Repair onto a USB hard drive and then also inside Windows s built in utility create the System Repair USB drive could I use that if Windows 10 System Image / System Repair disc? I ever had a hard drive failure I am thinking A replace hard drive with bare hard drive B Boot to Repair USB Drive C direct it to reinstall my System Image D have basically the same system other than the new hard drive Seems correct from what I know but just want to make sure I tend to take backups seriously Currently use Acronis but don t actually have it installed anywhere to create the boot USB drive just boot from the install CD and it works fine But the has no optical drive so plan on using the above method if it will achieve the goal should the need arise

A:Windows 10 System Image / System Repair disc?

Thank you for writing to us!
You are correct in saying how you can back up your operating system on to external media.The link below will give more accurate information and also help you set it up on your system.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.
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According to Mr. ?eljko Popivoda, the Linux AIO team finally managed to update their Linux AIO Ubuntu project to version 15.10, based on Canonical's brand-new Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) computer operating system, including some of the most popular flavors.

Linux AIO team included the Ubuntu 15.10, Kubuntu 15.10, Xubuntu 15.10, Lubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu MATE 15.10, and Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 editions, unmodified and ready for use immediately after inserting the USB key on your computer.Click to expand...

Read more : All Ubuntu 15.10 Flavors on a Single Live ISO Image is Now a Dream Come True

A:All Ubuntu 15.10 Flavors on a Single Live ISO Image is Now a Dream Come True

Practicality and well organized, that should happen way back before as there are so many derivatives yet majority came from 2 or 3 concepts of Linux only.

The rest may provide their separate ISO from their OS but for sure lesser than we should expect.
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Hia I ve been having problems with my computer I can t get task manager to work its green box is viewable on the bottom right but it restore task work, update/defender working to wro windows work, manager won't system doesn t open system restore won t work windows can t udpate neither task manager to work, system restore won't work, windows update/defender working wro can windows defender update or scan they both try to though and its slowing down my computer Here is my hyjack task manager to work, system restore won't work, windows update/defender working wro log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE task manager to work, system restore won't work, windows update/defender working wro Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system taskeng exe C Program Files IObit Advanced SystemCare AWC exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Diskeeper Corporation Diskeeper DkIcon exe C Program Files Lenovo NPDIRECT tpfnf sp exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files Lenovo PM Driver PMHandler exe C Program Files Lenovo HOTKEY TpWAudAp exe C Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAAnotif exe C Windows RtHDVCpl exe C Program Files Common Files Lenovo Scheduler scheduler proxy exe C Program Files Lenovo LenovoCare LPMGR EXE C Program Files Lenovo AwayTask AwaySch EXE C Program Files Lenovo Multimedia Center PowerDVD PDVDServ exe C Program Files ThinkVantage AMSG Amsg exe C Program Files Pure Networks Network Magic nmapp exe C Program Files ThinkPad ConnectUtilities ACTray exe C Program Files ThinkPad ConnectUtilities ACWLIcon exe C Program Files Lenovo Client Security Solution cssauth exe C Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exe C Windows System igfxtray exe C Windows System hkcmd exe C Windows System igfxpers exe C Windows system igfxsrvc exe C Program Files ScanSoft OmniPageSE OpWareSE exe C Program Files Canon MyPrinter BJMYPRT EXE C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier G oogleToolbarNotifier exe C Windows ehome ehtray exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C Program Files Lenovo Bluetooth Software BTTray exe C Program Files WordWeb wweb exe C Windows ehome ehmsas exe C Program Files Lenovo Bluetooth Software BtStackServer exe C Program Files Lenovo Client Security Solution tvtpwm tray exe C Windows system sdclt exe C Program Files Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe C Windows system wuauclt exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Last fm LastFM exe C Windows system SearchFilterHost exe C USERS CLARA DOWNLOADS PROCESSEXPLORER PROCEXP E XE C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http search orbitdownloader com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - Hosts localhost O - BHO btorbit com - B - B - -B F -F B EFC - C Program Files Orbitdownloader orbitcth dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO AskBar BHO - f d - - d - c -aa e ed - C Program Files AskBarDis bar bin askBar dll O - BHO Skype add-... Read more
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In Dos keyboard works normally the BIOS can see an external drive or a bootable flash drive As soon takes over from DOS install Win dislodged two USB ports You must perform a hard envir... when The installed a keyboard in work does not Windows reboot External DVD drive or a bootable flash The keyboard does not work when installed in a Windows envir... drive is visible in BIOS When using F can choose the option execution After running Win PC retrieves files and The keyboard does not work when installed in a Windows envir... start Windows When the Select language and other cease to function any pointing device Just get out the ability to control the installation using the keyboard Likewise DVD external drive Win in the environment are actually no drivers for USB or I tried to install All gradually Win XP Vista th th bit bit and proof home and for orig Media or bootable flashdrive ends are always the same Perhaps it is a trick to know It is a new system but the principle is still the same Win installed In fact a number of successful installations Win up to such a challenge the first time So unfortunately I do not know
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I have XP Pro which suits me fine. My dilemma is that Microsoft support ends 8/2014 & now Windows 8 has been released. It is a touchy kind of thing while I am used to a keyboard. In addition I learned that my printer & scanner are supported (drivers) by their respective manufacturers for Windows 7 only. So going for 8 would mean additional cost for me.

So I was thinking of purchasing a full copy of Windows 7, putting it on the shelf for now. Then when XP support ends, buy a new system & replace its operating system with the Windows 7 I purchased. Someone told me that that might not work as computers are built to use the current operating system not older ones.

Would my plan work or is there a better one?

A:Solved: Would Windows 7 installed in the future work?

Just about any scanner or printer that has W7 drivers supplied by manufacture has inbuilt drivers in W8

By teh time XP support ends in 2 years time, computers are likely to have moved on quite a bit and although W7, might work on them, it is very likely that much of the current hardware being sold at that time will not have W7 drivers, so it is a big risk to take
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HELP! I've done so many system restores that I could do it in my sleep!! My computer automatically installs the Windows updates and each time it does, I have to do a restore to remove them because IE says "cannot display the webpage please check your internet connection". What is going on?? I hope something simple. Thanks!

A:Explorer won't work after Windows updates are installed

By any chance, do you have an Internet Security package installed... NIS, N360, KIS, MIS, etc.......??
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I just installed Windows 7 (32bit) on my Toshiba Satellite L305-S5955 and now the scroll feature for my touchpad will not work! I know it's probably a missing driver that needs to be installed but I do not know which one... I had prev been suggested the Value Added Pkg but that didn't seem to fix the problem at all...

Help please!

A:Installed windows 7 now touchpad scroll won't work!

Try going to the toshiba page for your laptop, click downloads, and change the OS to Vista (or Vista x64). You'll notice if you select "Touchpad" from the list, they do not list Windows 7 at all, only XP and Vista. However, the Synaptics driver package for Vista should work just fine.
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I recently updated iTunes on my Windows 7 computer. It installed several additional programs. I followed all directions and uninstalled iTunes and the additional programs. My screensaver will not engage now. It works on preview but will not start at any other time.

Suggestions? Appreciate it.

A:Windows 7 screensaver does not work after iTunes installed

That is quite odd.

Try changing the screensaver to a different one as a test, what happens?

You have tried restarting correct?

Please Run sfc /scan now using option 2 in this tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Please post back the results.
Please indicate what message was displayed at the end:

Windows found no integrity violations


Corrupt files were found, and windows was unable to fix them.


Corrupt files were found, and windows successfully repaired them
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Hello. I have a Inspiron N5050 and used it for about 3 or 4 years now. It worked very slow so i decided to reinstall it. A friend had a disk with windows 7 home premium (that's what i also had) but after the installation i realised he had a 64 bit version so i got on the internet and downloaded a windows 7 home premium 32 bit. But now i need to enter the product key and now i get the message that it's invalid (or something like that). Does anyone know what the problem is?

A:Product key doesn't work on new installed windows 7

It will not work if you installed Windows 7 from a download and used a different key code for it. You can click the link below to purchase a Windows restore disk.
Windows Restore Disk
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.
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I installed Windows 8 on my netbook last night, I chose the 32-bit version since I only have 2GB of RAM in the ASUS Eee PC 1015PN. Windows 8 installed fine, I installed it so it would keep all of my settings and files although it only was able to keep the files.

For some reason or another the tiles in the Metro UI don't actually work. At least most don't work, the control panel one does and a few others. But the Metro version of IE and those sorts of things won't even open. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Got Windows 8 32-bit Installed On Netbook, Most Tiles Don't Work

I am having the same exact issue on my Asus 1015PE with Windows 8 Devloper Preview x86.

I registered just to bump this post.

I think the 32-bit version might just be hosed. One person said that you need a resolution of at least 1024x600, but the 10XX series of Asus netbooks run natively at that resolution.

It's either hardware or software but until the code improves and people start talking about issues and more testing is done, there is no way to tell.

My desktop is quite a beast, so I will try installing the x86 and x64 versions in virtual machines to see if I can reproduce the issue. I'll report my results in this thread... if I remember to.

If 32-bit is borked for now, 2GB is enough for a x64 OS, we'll just need an 8GB SD card to install... already tried a 4GB SD card, literally about 200MB short of what you need.
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i installed windows Ultimate -bit and some drivers i had to install manualy this is normal when i install a installed dont windows slots usb 2/3 after work 7 new os i would use driver booster and it would install all my missing drivers like the usb drivers graphic card ect everything would go fine i did 2/3 usb slots dont work after windows 7 installed this a fue times downgrades from win to did it no problem 2/3 usb slots dont work after windows 7 installed reseted pc same thing but now when i installed wins Ultimate i did everything 2/3 usb slots dont work after windows 7 installed i would usaly do but this time the usb will not work only of them works driver booster says everything is installed and i cheack in the drivers same thing but when i plug a usb in nothing happends i look everywhere i installed the 'proper' drivers but still nothing and i tried unstiliing and reinstalling disabling and reabling ect but still nothing my pc is Hp Notebook PC GHz processor GM ram usable -bit OS sorry for my spelling and grammer if i did spell or say somthing wrong

A:2/3 usb slots dont work after windows 7 installed

This is more than likely to do with the Chipset which was made for Windows 8 ...

What is the exact Model Number of the Laptop ? ...
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I just recently re-installed Windows Xp Service Pack2. After i did this i reconnected the ethernet cable to my Netgear router thinking that it would automatically pick it up, but when i go to Network places nothing shows up. So i went online on my other desktop that is hooked up to the same router and looked in these forums to try and fix it. So i tried to do ipconfig /all at command prompt and all it says is Windows IP Configuration. And now i am stuck and do not no where to go from here

p.s. I am a novice when it comes to computers


A:Re-installed Windows XP OS, internet doesn't work

Install the chipset and NIC drivers. If you don't have a Drivers CD from when you got the computer get them from the manufacturer's web site.

If you look in Device Manager you'll see several devices with yellow warnings that they are hungry for drivers.
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If I have Vista x64 and Ubuntu x64 on the same hdd (different partitions) will Vista complete system backup also backup the ubuntu partition to an external usb hdd?.In other words is the Ubuntu also recoverable via the image created by vista?.

A:Dual Boot Vista Ultimate x64/Linux Ubuntu x64.Backup Image

Hello Mika,

Sorry, but the backup image that Vista creates is only of the Vista partition or drive. Ubuntu will not be backed up by Vista.

You should be able to use the free program Macrium Reflect to create a back up image of both partitions though.

Hope this helps,
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Since I re-installed my Windows last week Windows Update would not work When I got to the section to windows properly Re-installed 7 will windows and update work not check for updates there is a Re-installed windows 7 and windows update will not work properly red shield with an 'x' in it When i click the button that says quot check for updates quot I get a message saying quot Windows Update cannot check for updates because the service is not running you may need to Re-installed windows 7 and windows update will not work properly restart your computer quot The computer has been restarted several times with no change When I check services in administrative tools it says that the service is running I have run the the update readiness tool but this did not run properly the message quot Installer Encountered an error xc quot appeared lt Re-installed windows 7 and windows update will not work properly min after starting Interestingly I tried reinstalling windows last week in effort to solve this same problem I thought I may have done something wrong when I reinstalled it in February and windows update would not work At that time I used the fixit that has the tag This troubleshooter quot Automatically diagnose and fix common problems with Windows Update quot may automatically fix your problem File name MicrosoftFixit wu LB Run It gave an error saying it can't proceed quot Troubleshooter encountered and unexpected error quot I had also tried Windows update troubleshooter which did not work It did not start Error code x E E I haven't bothered with those things again because i figured they wouldn't work I have attached the CBS log Attachment Can anyone offer any suggestions Do I need to try the above again

A:Re-installed windows 7 and windows update will not work properly

Please post an MGADiag report - it may show what the problem is....

Ignore errors produced when clicking on the Copy button - they simply mean that the tool could not create the backup files for some reason. The data is still copied to the clipboard for pasting to your response.
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couple of days ago i installed the windows genuine advantage update, pc worked as normal after that...

have just installed another update that came through today. said there were 2 updates, didnt really take notice of what they were but one of them said something like..'malicious soft ware remover' (or something like that). promted to restart after that...restarted and now windows wont boot, just a blank screen

my copy of xp is genuine, have had it installed on my desktop for 4 years or so.

really worrying as my whole life is on that machine.

please advise.


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I installed Windows 10 on my Daughters Gateway NV55C laptop and now the Elan touchpad won't work. I uninstalled the old driver and went to Gateways website and installed the new driver and it's still not working. The touchpad doesn't even show up when I click on the Elan tab in settings. I'm getting quite frustrated and any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Installed Windows 10 on Gateway Laptop now Touchpad won't work

Do you have a mouse plugged in? Some Notebooks automatically disable the touchpad when using an external mouse. Most Notebooks have a procedure for turning it off, sometimes a switch but most use the Fn key plus another Fx key to toggle it On or Off, these usually occur before the Operating System loads. What I do in such a circumstance is boot to a diagnostic CD disc or Linux LiveDVD to see what works.
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Hello for everyone! My english is poor, sorry.
I've installed ASUS Wi-Fi USB adapter (model USB-N13) for LAN. There is Windows 7 Home Premium x64. Through control panel I see that adapter works normally and the drivers are the latest. However my PC doesn't see the adapter - the ASUS utility notices me "ASUS Wireless LAN card is taken apart from your desktop PC".

I have the same Wi-Fi adapter at another my PC with Windows 7 Home Basic, and everything works nice. Of course I changed these adapters between my computers. Conclusion is both adapters are working good. The same models, the same drivers. Actually I don't understand where is the mistake?

If this matter was already discussed here pls give the link. Or what are your ideas about this trouble?

Thank you.

A:Windows 7 installed Asus Wi-Fi adapter. However it doesn't work.

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

As the USB adapter is seen on a different computer, but not this one one, you may want to check you have the correct chipset drivers, as they are needed for the USB controllers.

You haven't given us any of your computer specifications so I can't advise you where to look.

Even the computer make and model would have helped.
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Hi My system info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc YU Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled --------------------- I recently installed Windows on my Dell XPS desktop computer because of no more support from Microsoft for the XP operating system This computer came with XP After installing Win my card reader no longer works It was normally displayed in work 7 - Windows not Help! now does reader card Installed Solved: My Computer as four removable disks with appropriate drive letters When I inserted a SDHC card a small light next to the drive slot would illuminate and a window popped up offering me to open the card Now I only get one removable disk drive Solved: Help! Installed Windows 7 - now card reader does not work display Drive E and when I insert a ScanDisk SDHC Card it will not read it or open it I just get a message to insert a Disk into Drive E I have tried four different SDHC Cards that previously worked and now none of them will load I have downloaded drivers from Dell that I believe control the card reader but they will not install because they specifically state the drivers for for the XP operating system I can t find anything on Dell about drivers for Windows operating system or anywhere else This means I can no longer download photos from my camera and other uses for the card reader Any help would be greatly appreciated Jerry nbsp

A:Solved: Help! Installed Windows 7 - now card reader does not work
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I would first like to thank you all for the help I receive. I am not a computer guy, that being said, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 on my machine. Everything works with the exception of the SD card reader. I also have a ? mark on 'Other Devices' and a ! in yellow saying "Base System Device" in the Device Manager. The previous operating system was Windows XP Home SP3.

If someone has the time and kindness to help this old computer illiterate soul, it would be greatly appreciated. In return, if you need advice about your car, I am a Certified Master Technician and would glad give advice.


A:Installed Windows 7 now SD Reader does not work. Toshiba p15-s409

Hi Vinnie Welcome to Seven Forums ... You can find the Driver for your Card Reader in the Link below ..
Satellite P15-S409 Support | Toshiba
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computer it does not work on is a hp pavilion 9655ea
the video card burnt out sent it back to hp and they fixed it and i installed windows 7 on it from vista becuase of bugs and drivers and now printer does not work on xp as well as ive tryed that. but for some reason it works on ubuntu(linux)

ive tryed the hp disc and site for software/drivers, works on my desktop and laptop
also tryed maping it from other pc
tryed other printer as well did not work

Printer 1: HP photosmart c4580
Printer 2: HP Deskjet D1500

Many Thanks


A:windows 7 wont print even with xp installed (urgent need it to work for my job)
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An oldie but goodie!

Does anyone know?

I have been using Windows 7 backup and restore but never tested out the ?restore? part and frankly don?t trust it. Another problem is that I don?t have enough room (so says the MS backup program) to backup a 640 GB system disk to a empty 640 GB disk (go figure)! On top of that, I am not backing everything up and the system disk has some 105 GBs still available!

Even though I had my grips about Acronis True Image 2009, it had compression and always worked.

Thanks, JJ

A:Acronis True Image 2009 work with Windows 7 64 bit???

I think 2009 had issues. In fact, I think 2010 says it has issues, but has always worked great for me.
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Ive just installed Ubuntu on my desktop pc getting rid of windows completely, and everything except the audio is working. Ive got a creative x-fi sound card but ive just removed it as it doesn't seem to be supported yet and I thought it could be causing conflicts. Im currently attempting to use onboard audio (my motherboards the asus a8n-sli premium) but it still doesnt seem to be working. In the sound preferences it lists two soundcards, the nvidia ck804 and the MPU-401 UART, then in the volume control the devices are: Nvidia ck804 (alsa mixer) and realtek alc850 rev 0 (oss mixer). If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Can't get audio to work on ubuntu

Go to Realtek's site - - currently it's broken! What a luck?
Download linux drivers for ALC850. Make sure you have linux-headers package installed as well as gcc compiler packages (along with libc6-dev).
Run the Realtek driver package - it's pretty straigh forward. Open terminal; change directory to where you've downloaded it to and run it.
After reboot it should load the new module/driver for ALC850.
I've had the same problem.
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I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) as I wanted to upgrade. I've already fallen in love with W7 but am having a slight problem.

I've installed all the latest drivers for my hardware but I cannot get the media-card-reader to work. It's a 14-in-1 media card reader. My computer is an Acer Aspire 5640.

Motherboard Model: Acer MCP73PV
Chipset: Nvidia Geforce 7100
Southbridge: nForce 630i

I don't know how to go about fixing this. I tried looking for a driver but I couldn't find one for my system.

Please help as I would really like for it to work. I tried plugging in an SD card but it won't read it presumably due to the drivers. Although in Device Manager nothing is shown with the yellow question mark.

A:[SOLVED] Installed Windows 7 - media card reader won't work! - help

Never mind. It works.

Ignore this post.

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when i got to look at device manager there is a driver missing called network controller, ive tried to update it and its not working here is the hardware id


any help would be appreacted

i have a samsung r540

A:re installed windows 7 home premium sp1 and wireless wont work

There are all the drivers on Samsung website, which you need to download;

R540-JA04 Notebook | Samsung NP-R540-JA04

Should you have any other issue after installing the drivers.
You could post here for others to assist you further.
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I have a asus x550c laptop that came with win 8 . Everything worked great. The harddrive crashed so I purchased I new drive and installed 10.The dvd drive doesn't work now. I have been all over the web and everyone is having the same problem with differrent laptops.I have tried the fixes and some people they work for but it does not work for my laptop. Please help.Need this for homework and now I cant . I bought the drive and win 10 to save money .,153559.0.html
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i upgraded my os from xp to win 7 there some programs on my image files which are not running fine on Win 7 like counter strike condition zero
please help

A:Image CD software doesn't work in Windows 7 was working fine in XP

Not all XP programs are 100% Win 7 compatible. Probably the problem with the game. Try running the game in XP compatibility mode and see if that helps.