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ZAJQD Is Compressed

Q: ZAJQD Is Compressed


Dear Members ,

Can someone fin a solution for the big problem i had

when i open my PC which win 7 installed on it i had this message "ZAJQD is compressed press ctrl+alt+del To reset"

i don't know what to do and i can't fomat C drive and install a new copy of windows because i had very important data on it

can anyone plz find a solution for my damn problem

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Preferred Solution: ZAJQD Is Compressed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ZAJQD Is Compressed

If you have a Windows 7 repair disc or a Window 7 disc, insert it and boot to it. Select repair my computer and choose the Startup Repair module. This should fix it. Run it several times if you have to until fixed. If not fixed within 5 passes come back for more help.
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After uninstalling WinAce i am no longer (As i was before WinAce) able to right click and go New > Compressed Zip or Send to > Compressed Zip.

First problem. I need to know the shortcut target for doing this. It might not be a full target as it is part of windows explore like the shortcut for Search is "& Search"

Second Problem. I can add stuff to Send To easily. But adding stuff to New is going to be difficult.

If you can help me with any part of the problem it would be great


A:Repair Job: Missing: Right Click > New > Compressed Zip & Send to > Compressed Zip


It may help you fix both problems.
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Hello all,
  Duh moment - I right-clicked on my C-drive properties, and selected 'compress drive to save space', and it actually did it!  Yes, even the Boot Manager.  Now I try to boot up, and only get a DOS prompt that says 'BOOTMGR is compressed - Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart'.  I can't boot to my W7 disk.  Not sure what to do now - any ideas, my genious friends?
Thank you in advance,

A:Compressed OS drive - Boot Manager now compressed

To fix this issue, you need to boot from a Windows 7 install DVD/USB or a system repair disc. Why you can't boot from the Win 7 disc ?.
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I had a small drive and had seen compress drive 20 gig it took for ever.
and now I get after bios COPUG is compressed press control alt delete to restart.

And we are back where we started.

WHY and how do you offer an option that wrecks your puter?

Any way out other than a reinstall?
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The computor shop said he didnt carry the air and used a vacuum cleaner. Why cant I? My vac has suction and blow with various low and high settings.

A:Compressed Air

You can but be aware, you need to know exactly what you are doing and one false move, and your board will be "toast". Forums are filled with dead systems where the owner had just vacuumed the insides and were clueless as to what they did. That is why we suggest a "can of air".
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I bought a can of compressed air to clean the keyboard of my laptop. When I used it, the air came out very cold. I'm sure that is not unusual since that's the way air conditioners work. However it made the keyboard very frosty and when it thawed out the keyboard was a little damp. It makes me wonder if the dampness is harming the keyboard.

A:Using compressed air.

Should have been just normal dry air. Where was it stored.
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My computer gives me the message "LNH is compressed. Press ctrl + alt + delete to reboot." I do not have the windows vista disc either. Is there any other way I can fix this problem?
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The screen on my main computer is black and showing in white writing CPU type etc followed by Device Listing but at the bottom of the screen it says- DR is compressed -ss. Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.
I have tried to do this several times but it keeps coming back to the same screen.
I have tried switching off and starting again but still get the same result.
You will appreciate that I am using a laptop to tell you this as I can't get into my main computer - HELP please
I did not have a complete XP disc from my computer supplier so I cannot reinstall. I did have a disc called -XP Home Recovery CD- ASUS A7V333 and have installed this three times but it still comes back to the same screen.
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My computer is not booting correctly. It goes to a screen that says JSFPI is compressed Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. After i do that it comes back to the same screen. What can be done? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:JSFPI is compressed?


What happens when you try to boot into Safe Mode? How does it "not allow" you access?

You might try a system restore: System Restore - Windows 7 Forums
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Hello, dear members

So, i've got a big problem. Yesterday, I tried to reinstall my windows 7 starter on my Acer Aspyre One AOA 150. I wanted to delete everything from HDD, but after, when I trying to restart, I meet this nice characters: BootMgr is compressed.

I read a lot of informations in this forum, but I can't solved this problem.

I prepared a bootable HDD from my TOSHIBA, and I changed the first boot to the USB HDD ( I don't know why can't I boot from SDD card.. ). When the boot is starting, it took a few seconds, and BootMgr is compressed, press ctrl alt blabla...

Without bootable HDD, the Windows Boot Mgr wrote: The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid os entry.

What can I do in this situation?

A:Bootmgr is compressed

"Bootmgr is compressed" - problem
That should direct you right to the post you need.
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Hello this might have come up before but I already tried this method:

Insert the installation DVD in your system and start the pc above.
Click Repair your computer.
Then click on Load Driver.
Go to Computer.
Right click on the partition your installation previously compressed> Properties.
Then uncheck "Compress drive to increase space available".
Then close all windows to restart the computer.
It was already unchecked. So now have no idea where to go next. Can anyone help?

BTW i had XP installed on one partition and I installed Win7 on another. The other partition was running Vista before i did a clean Win 7 install over it and then the problem started

A:TFGHT is compressed

Make sure you have the latest BIOS version update. If so, reset your CMOS:

Is this a new install failing to start?

Did you delete or format the Vista partition before installing Win7 from booted DVD?

Where did you get Win7? Did you burn the DVD yourself? How do you plan to activate it?

Try booting the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, accept any offered repair. If it doesn't start, boot back in to run Startup Repair repeatedly. Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

If this fails, use DVD/Repair CD command line to mark Win7 partition active, then run Repairs again: Partition - Mark as Active

Try a partition-specific wipe of Vista partition using free Partition Wizard bootable CD before reinstalling Win7.
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Having issues with my windows Xp HP I don't have either disc to help me recover please help

A:Ntldr is compressed

Error: NTLDR is compressed. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart | HP? Support

NTLDR is compressed error appeared suddenly - Microsoft Community
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I have a broken Gateway MX3416 laptop that I am trying to fix. It keeps saying that the NTLDR is compressed each time I try to boot. My friends has been using this laptop so I have no idea what they did to it. Can someone be so kind to help me out?

A:NTLDR is compressed. I need HELP!!!!!

If you have an XP CD you can boot to the recovery console and try removing the compressed attribute from the file. From the recovery console, go to C:\ and type attrib -c ntldr
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i was preeviously using xp2. i wanted to switch to windows7 basic 32bit. when i inserted the windows disk the problem appeared. i even removed the disk and tried reinstalling but the same 'bootmgr compressed' msg is coming...... pliz help

A:bootmgr compressed

Sounds like a message from the XP OS, meaning the disk is not booting in time before BIOS hands it over to the OS.

Is the DVD drive set first to boot in BIOS setup, or are you tapping the Fkey for one-time BIOS Boot Menu at boot to trigger DVD? Does it prompt you to "Press any key to boot disk?"

If not where did you get Win7? Did you burn the DVD yourself? Try burning another using ImgBurn at 4x speed.
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When i try to boot my pc i get the next message quot bootmgr is compressed Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart quot i have looked up and searched on google for solutions and found that i can be solved with the vista cd but in my case i dont have any I also is Bootmgr compressed tried to solve this by making my usb drive bootable and install their vista recovery disk but i can t get this to work when i start my pc Bootmgr is compressed with my usb plugged it takes me to a black screen with quot Verifying dmi Bootmgr is compressed pool data quot and nothing comes after I have tried to put usb priorty first in bios setup but doesn t work with this either Anyway i would like to know how can i enter safe mode advanced options menu i tried tapping f when bootup starts but it only takes me to a screen where i can Bootmgr is compressed select boot from usb hard disk and cd when i exit this menu it takes me to bootmgr is compressed again Specs packard bell imedia mc windows vista home premium sp intel pentium d ghz processor bit b ram Help please Thank in advance nbsp

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On Disk Cleanup my pc scans for compress old files, even though it is unchecked and takes a long time to complete. It finds about 50gb worth of old files. Its been doing that for about 6 months which it didn't previously. Is it ok to delete those compressed old files without losing anything I may need or actively using?


A:compressed old files

Is it ok to delete those compressed old files without losing anything I may need or actively using?Click to expand...

If they are system or application files that you do not completely understand you should not delete them. If they are your data files you are in a better position than we are to determine if they are important to you.

These are files you compressed some time in the past, but you now no longer compress old files, right?
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Hi, I went through system restore on my windows xp h.e. because my comp had to of had a lot of trojans or something, but anyways I thought that system restore was the best way to go so i did so. Then at the end of system restore it said to click 'restart' to complet restoration and well i did so and soon after it restarted a black screen with the words '' NTLDR is compressed. Press ctrl+alt+dlt to restart came up. I did just that, but this message comes up every time! Please, someone help me on this.

A:NTLDR is compressed.
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The message TFCHT compressed keeps coming up on the computer. The hard drive is not compressed. How do I resolve this problem?Thanks,Bigjohn

A:TFCHT Compressed

See comment by zeke53in at  .
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I unfortunately had to run a system recovery, NOT the windows xp restore. It was the compaq system recovery program which formats all harddrives and puts the PC back to factory settings. This took about 20 mins, and I restarted the computer as I was directed to. I didn't even get any sign of windows, just a black screen with blinking cursor and a second later this:

NTLDR is compressed.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

I did that, it restarted and I still got the message. I ran system recovery again, hoping this would correct the error it made, but still the same thing happened. I don't have a windows xp install disc, just that stupid useless barcode that prooves I bought a machine with xp installed. Any ideas?
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My sons laptop has " bootmgr is compressed" also can't find disk and is only computer in house!!!!!ive come across a couple other disks ... Wanted to see if any can resolve problem . One is seagate and one is xpud. Thanks for any input.

A:Bootmgr is compressed

BOOTMGR is compressed can be fixed but you need either a Windows 7 install DVD or a System Repair Disc. Since you don't have an install disc, please create a System Repair Disc from a friend's or neighbor's PC.
What you need to do first is to run the "Startup Repair" tool at least three times and check whether it fix the issue automatically. If not, please report and we can try to fix it manually.
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I stupidly decided to compress my main HD because it was filling up quickly. I had to leave it going overnight because it was taking forever.The next day when I tried booting up, I get the message
I'm not sure what I did to cause this or how to rectify it. I don't know what XILEY is either and couldn't find anything about it. At the moment the only option I can see is installing a new copy of windows ontop of my already almost full HD, which I'd like to avoid. Unfortunately I don't have a restore point to use or anything like that.
This is w7

A:PC Won't boot after compressed HD

I'm going to assume that you have only one HDD and that is the one you compressed. What program did you use to compress it?
If a reinstall is the solution don't worry about the drive being full. The reinstall process will reformat the drive so that it is clean and then install the OS again.
Keep us posted
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I have a dell inspiron e1505 laptop with windows 7. Jst turned it on to boot up, and normal dell bootup screen shows, but then screen says:" boot mgr is compressed, press cntl+alt+del to restart". When i do it returns to saying "boot mgr is compressed" screen. I have managed to press F12 and am currently at the boot menu. Any ideas?

A:boot mgr is compressed

Jst found same problem on windows 7 forum & ot stated that i wld have to boot from the windows 7 disc or startup disc..i have neither one! Now what??
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Ok I have searched these forums amp i see that this is a fairly common issue but everything i have read i have tried without luck So I updated from Vista bit to Win Ultimate this didnt seem to be the issue tho I d restarted a handful of times after compressed.... is BOOTMGR this The other day I did a disk clean up and in it I ok d to compress files to save space stupid thing to do since i ve got more than g hd and g ram but nonetheless i did it after that was complete I updated my drivers which asked for a restart and kaploot please help me im going crazy without my laptop i have tried to start from an external BOOTMGR is compressed.... hd nothing from disk nothing even tried that network boot annddd NOTHING F is not doing anything and I read somewhere to make sure the wireless was turned on before hitting F and when it is I can t get f to open i am at my wits end I m ready to dissect this LT just so i ll stop trying to turn it on lost in baltimore nbsp

A:BOOTMGR is compressed....

Have you tried a startup repair?
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Obviously my bootmgr is compressed an I dont know why and i dont kno how to make it better sob I upgraded from vista premium bit to win ultimate bit but after doing so I logged atleast a handful of times Well as I... is compressed, HELP...BOOTMGR and so now am I was doing my regular disk cleanups for some unknown reason even to myself I went ahead and checked off the quot compress disk for space quot opt even tho I have atleast g hd and g ram open on this laptop i figured it couldnt hurt ha ha ha After the disk cleanup by that i mean deleting all the temp files browser history etc then defraging I run driver magician to make sure all my drivers are up to date a few wks back for some odd reason my World of Warcraft suddenly stopped working correctly went from avg of fps to so i have been cking for display and chipset driver updates basically daily to try to restore this Well after the updates it did update a driver or it asked for system restart nothing new there so I hit ok that was the end HELP...BOOTMGR is compressed, and now so am I... Instead of logging back on HELP...BOOTMGR is compressed, and now so am I... it went to this quot BOOTMGR is compressed quot I ve tried to run cd s nothing i tried running from an external HD thats basically my backup disks nothing I tried to start from the networking opt HELP...BOOTMGR is compressed, and now so am I... nada i removed the hd from the laptop and tried to boot that way and NOTHING Please someone help me I am L-O-S-T without my computer and in the midst of my xmas shopping to boot obviously not literally booting i tried doing that F startup and F isnt an option on there apparently I also read somewhere to be sure that my wireless is turned on before doing an F restore to default settings but when I turn on the wireless i can t get F to open or do anything I HAVE to have the wireless off to get it to ask if i want to restore default settings and i select yes then select save amp exit and it pops right back to BOOTMGR is compressed so now i am DEpressed please help me before i end up with a paperweight LOST AND ALONE without my facebook in Baltimore nbsp

A:HELP...BOOTMGR is compressed, and now so am I...

You may get more help in the proper forum.
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Good morning all I needed some help with my pc It has been several weeks since my compaq presario crashed On start up I keep getting ntdlr is compressed Press control alt delete to restart error message So I is Help compressed. ntdlr with threw in recovery cd Pressed R for standard recovery options I went into advanced options I entered alt d to get into the recovery console the command promt shows e i system gt So then I did diskpart and list volume Volume shows C PRESARIO NTFS PARTITION GB HEALTHY I then hit C PRESARIO I exit to close diskpart The next command prompt I entered C and then Help with ntdlr is compressed. cd windows system Which came up as C WINDOWS system and the next prompt I entered compact ntdlr u c ntdlr So it comes up as uncompressing files Help with ntdlr is compressed. in C WINDOWS system and uncompressing files in c So now I'm not exactly sure why it says files within directories were Help with ntdlr is compressed. uncompressed I then exit to restart pc and get the same error message ntdlr is compressed press control alt delete to restart Not sure what is wrong or what to do

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I just did a disk cleanup and it had over 700,000 compressed files. It said it would not delete those, should I somehow delete them or what exactly is this?

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Hello I have an hp Netbook that runs Windows XP and Bootmgr compressed one night to save space I compressed the hard drive Big mistake I turned the computer off and when I tried to turn it on later it said quot BOOTMGR is compressed press Crtl Alt Del to Restart quot After I did so the same message appeared I installed Ubuntu Linux onto a flash drive and was able to run that but I cannot access any of my files programs or get to the internet When I try to get into the hard drive via Ubuntu it says quot Error mounting mount exited with exit code Windows is hibernated refused to mount Failed to mount ' dev sda ' Operation not permitted The NTFS partition is Bootmgr compressed hibernated Please resume and shutdown Windows properly or mount the volume read-only with the 'ro' mount option or mount the volume read-write with the 'remove hiberfile' mount option For example type on the command line 'mount -t ntfs - g -o remove hiberfile dev sda media AECEB CECEB D quot I've searched through several forums and blogs and nothing they said helped I can't get to the command prompt for windows either People have said to press f hold it press it repeatedly press f press shift f hold shift f and none of that worked I have no clue what to do and any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you P S Although I am fairly decent with computers I am no genius and may have a hard time understanding what is being said for help please have patience with me and explain so the average computer user may understand

A:Bootmgr compressed

Hi and welcome to TSF read here please Restore boot manager when it is missing or compressed | Troubleshoot |
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the first image is my new menu after right clicking on the desktop

the second image is a mates menu after doing the same

how can i get a new compressed folder option?

A:New Compressed folder

It looks like you have both winzip and winrar. Use either one of those for your new "compressed folder" - they are better than windows xp's version.
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I have A gateway GT5034 and I got an Error that says NTLDR is Compressed press CTRL ALT DEl to restart. I looked all over the internet to try to fix this, but nothing does help, the way My System recovers is completely different. others computers have a system restore in which it is mostly a black screen with white letters and numbers, while mine has a GUI and lets you use the mouse, but it does not Give me much other options.

I've done The system Recovery before and it works the whole way through, but this time the Recovery is very short and at the bootup it says "ntldr is Compressed press.."

If any1 can help me with this problem i would truly appreicate it

thanks in advance

A:NTLDR is compressed

do you still have the disc that came with the computer? It should be a cd with the OS on it that you can use to restore the OS in case something goes wrong.

It usually says something like "recovery Disc" or "Windows XP backup"
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I am using windows vista. When sending a file of photos to compressed zip file they are going into a Microsoft Office picture file that cannot be opened by the recipient of an email. I have always been able to do this but all of a sudden it stopped. When it opens in the email there are all kinds of things in the file, like hundreds but none of the photos. It is like it is attaching itself to other files. Can anyone help me?

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Computer will not boot. "Bootmgr is compressed. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"
How do I correct this. I do not have CD only USB
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Hello all.!!!

So, i have this problem and my pc cant boot the OS.
I dont how that bootmgr got compressed and if someone knows anything about this issue, please spend some time to help me.
I also have to mention that I do NOT have a vista dvd so if there is any other way...........

acer aspire 8930 (notebook)
nvidia geforce 9600
4gb ram
intel core 2 duo 2.26ghz
win vista premium 32 bit

A:bootmgr is compressed

Boot from the Vista DVD and do a "startup repair"

Borrow a Vista DVD to get it done. (startup repair how to)
there other methods to recover if a startup repair does not work, but they all require a Vista DVD, see "Boot Manager is compressed" in the link below
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My AVG found an vius on my emachines W3644. I deleted the virus. Then was unable to log in to windows. I tried system recovery and it didn't work. I tried the system recovery that would reset the computer to the factor settings and the didn't work. Now the only thing I can see on my computer is a black screen with NTLDR is compressed. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart. I just repeats and computer will not boot up. Please help me fix this problem. I dont know what to do.:
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Hi I Have a Core duo E with GB of RAM on a Gigabyte GZM-S motherboard I was running Windows Vista Ultimate with SP and was trying to upgrade to windows Ultimate Bootmgr compressed!!! is RTM When I tried Installing windows it asked for gigs of free space Bootmgr is compressed!!! and I could not think of any way to go beyond gigs so I compressed c drive which gave me gigs and I installed windows Right After I installed it it worked like a charm I rebooted the PC cauz the power went away when I tried Bootmgr is compressed!!! to boot thats what got me to the problem It would not let me boot saying Bootmgr is compressed Press Ctrl Alt Del to continue So I tried to boot via the Windows Bootable disc It booted to safe mode via the disc and I tried the folowing went to dos and tried expand bootmgr temp attrib bootmgr -s -r -h del bootmgr ren temp bootmgr attrib bootmgr -a s r h Didn t work then I tried quot Click Repair my Computer At the prompt to select your OS installation click the button that says Load Drivers This should bring up a explorer-style drive browser Then just right-click on the drive you tried to compress and deselect Compress this Drive which should still be ticked on Hit apply and apply to subfolders files quot but the problem with that is it does not show the drive is compressed Any ideas on what I can do now I also tried bootrec fixmbr no luck again nbsp

A:Bootmgr is compressed!!!

I solved the problem, request a mod to close this thread, thanks!
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my laptop is dell d630 i have download window restore in usb but when i select usb nothing appear on the desktop

A:bootmgr is compressed how can i fix it

Follow the instructions in this turtorial: BootMGR Compressed Message at Boot Fix
It is Vista but it will work for Win7 too. But could you provide more details for other members?
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I have downloaded a compressed zip file to my desktop (attached) and when i double click on it the box says "open/save" which has already been done to get to here. I can`t get to activate it. Should i have an option of "Run" or is there something i`m not doing??

A:Compressed zip file

first you need to right click the file and extract, then you should be able install it.
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i have a dell inspiron mini 1012
and every time i turn on my laptop
it says BOOTMGR is compressed CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart
every time i do that it says the same thing.
What should i do????

A:BOOTMGR is compressed

Hello Alex, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below may be able to help you fix this.

BootMGR Compressed Message at Boot Fix - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,
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So I have an IBM T used business class with XP that was running ok Then my browser froze while I was reading a downloaded Adobe book It would not shut down so I had to power it off The next morning I get the BootMgr compressed ctl alt dlt to restart which does nothing I can interrupt which will take me to options of F BIOS setup Compressed! is BOOTMGR utility or F temporary start-up device I have seen advice that says an XP BOOTMGR is Compressed! disc is needed When I try a start power on with the disc in the windows setup will load files and give me XP setup or repair from Recovery console Both options then tell me that I have no Hard disk drives installed I am not at all adept at anything more than basics on computers but it seems that I would have had these since I have been using the computer for months There was a disc clean up done a couple of days before this happened This is the only thing that I think I purposely did I would appreciate detailed steps as I mostly computer illiterate Thanks in advance for the help Mitchell

A:BOOTMGR is Compressed!

This might be a situation better served by taking it to a professional repair person otherwise you could lose all of your data. Just my opinion.
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I have been given a H/D from a friend to repair/get working. He had a system with windows XP with 2 other drive in his system. These drives were compressed. He has then reinstalled XP on his c: drive and now the other two drive cannot be seen by the system. the drives can be seen but when you go to access them it says "do you wish to format the drive".

Can anyone please tell me if there is any way to reserect the drives for him.


A:help RE: compressed drive

What or how did this person compress the drives...If it was done with XP Pro and he reinstalled the OS he could have problems because XP uses a "Key" to compress and encrypt...if he compressed and encyrpted the drives and then he reinstalled the OS ...he is out of luck because he doesn't have the "Key" to decrypt the drives...
If he compressed the drives using another form of sofware..then you should be able to use the same software to access the drives..

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I have a hp pavilion and some how my files got compressed an i don't have any program disk or recovery disk what can i do to fixs this?

A:my files got compressed

Right click the file or folder you want to uncompress, click Properties.
On the General tab, click the Advanced button
Uncheck the box for Compress contents to save disk space
Click Apply
If it's a folder that is not empty, check the box for Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files, then click OK.

Some files like desktop.ini won't uncompress when doing an entire folder, they have to be done individually.
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My friend's Windows 7 can't boot anymore. And how could this be [email protected]? THanks in advance.

A:BootMgr Compressed!?!??!?!

Try this:
Safe Mode

Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.

System Repair Disc - Create
System Recovery Options
Repair Install
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when I turn on my computer
it say :

TFGHT is compressed
press ctrl alt delete to restart

how can I reformat it?

A:TFGHT is compressed

Theres no need to reformat, follow the steps in this tut, they apply to win7 as well.

BootMGR Compressed Message at Boot Fix - Vista Forums
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i acidentaly compressed my c drive and now i keep getting this message bootmgr is compressed press ctrl + alt + del to restart done that and it keeps coming back to the same thing i tryed using windows recovery disk and my windows installing disk to repare the problem but my laptop ignors it and also my little cousin step on my computer and it won't load it properly i was woundering if it is safe to use the ethernet cable to connect it to my pc without anyother thing for it i was kinda hoping to go into my c drive thing and uncompresse it but i am not sure if it is safe and it will workand also is it possible to remove the c drive out of the laptop and get some special cord and conect it to a pc and fix it from there
my computer is a toshiba vista ultimate

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I've tried to start the recovery console via recovery cd and without using the drive recovery but the system will not let me get to the command prompt to allow me to repair the ntldr file. I've followed the instructions to boot to the recovery console and it does not allow me to do anything but run the recovery program which does not get rid of the problem. Is this the end of the rope or does anyone have further instructions for me to perform. Thanks.

A:NTLDR is compressed

it sounds like you are using a Recovery CD and not a Windows XP CD. If you do not have access to an XP CD then on a working computer, download the ISO image for the Recovery Console burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn boot off of the newly created CD and follow instructions you have before for uncompressing the NTLDR file.
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I booted my computter last night only to find that a message appeared " BOOTMGR is compressed, press CTRL+ALT+DLT to reboot"
I haven't used my computer for a while as I was at a relatives.
I do not have a installation disc, As I bought it online and was given an .iso file.
I thought things through and decided to come t the public library with my mothers laptop to download a system repair disc x86.
I can't make one using my mothers computer as it is a x64-bit OS.
Will tis work if I use poweriso to burn the repair disc to an empty Cd/DVD?
Pleaswwae help me I have a lot of work to catch up with. Thanks a bunch

A:BOOTMGR is compressed !!!!

Please please please please help me I really really need help D:
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Hello. I hope I posted to the right forum(didn't think it belonged in Operating System).Anyways, I'm having a problem saving a document that I have created in wordpad to a compressed folder.When the 'Save As' box pops up there is no option for saving it in the compressed folder that I created in My Docs. Is there a way to make compressed folders appear in the 'Save As' box? Thanks for any suggestions anyone out there has. sharon

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I have this problem with compressed files. I created a .7z file some time ago in my D Drive (2-3 weeks) and it used to open just fine. But 3 days earlier, I had to re-install Windows in my PC due to corrupt windows. Now, my C Drive was completely wiped, but the D Drive was not.

This .7Z file now refuses to open,extract, copied or cut. It puts up an error "Access is denied". It can, however, be deleted or renamed. I've tried using WinRaR, 7Zip and WinZip. I've tried taking ownership of that file, but still it puts up that error. I have Windows XP Service Pack 3. The file has important data, but not that important that I'd buy some paid software for it.

A:Compressed File

Have you tried taking ownership of the folder it's in, rather than the file itself?
Or drag it/copy it into your new Documents folder and try opening it from there?
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I"m running win7. Gigabyte motherboard. Two hard disks, one 500 gb and the other which has the OS 2tb. This morning I felt that the system was running slow so I turned off the computer and turned it back on. After showing the "Gigabyte" splash screen and the title of the bios "American Megatrends" I received the following message on the screen
and that is the farthest I got to opening my system as the message comes back at each restart. I used a Hiren startup disk and checked the hard drives and they both checked out ok. I Googled the message but came up with nothing. Any help or direction would be appreciated.
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Compressed C: and my battery on my laptop died while this was compressing. Turned laptop back on Got the error:

Bootmgr is compressed...

The problem I'm having is that there is no option to boot from CD Drive. My CD drive is listed in my BIO's but when I go to boot options only my HDD is listed. \

Please advise

A:Help Bootmgr is Compressed...Tried everything

Hi, welcome to Seven Forums

Do you have a copy of Windows 7?
Do you have a spare USB stick? (If the dvd drive doesn't work)
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I recently posted a question about compressed
folders, and I searched the archives but I came up with nothing. I followed the directions about how to create a compressed folder from my computer icon and from the desktop but there is'nt any compressed folder to to click on how do I create a compressed folder to open up my zipped files that I have downloaded?? Please help!!!!

A:Compressed Folders

You need WinZip to open zip files. Do you have that program? If so go into Windows Explorer (start--programs--windows explorer) and locate the zip file and right click on it and select "extract to folder" and then click on "i agree" when prompted. Then Winzip will create a subfolder in the folder where you have the zip file stored. Open that subfolder to find the files.

If you don't have Winzip then download the free evaluation version and then do as above after it's installed.
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Hey guys I'm having trouble with my HP Pavilion a1510y vista computer. When I turn it on it says "bootmgr is compressed press ATL + Shift + Delete to restart". When I do this it just takes me back to the beginning so instead I put in my Vista CD. When I press Shift+f10 during setup a cmd prompt comes out. At the top it says X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and when I start the process of typing;
"expand bootmgr temp
attrib bootmgr -s -r -h
del bootmgr
ren temp bootmgr
attrib bootmgr -a +s +r +h"
It says that the source is not found.
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I have done a System Restore from disc and when I restart the black screen comes up and it says NTLDR is compressed Press CTRl Alt Del to restart which I have done a few times and it keeps coming up with the same and I cannot go any further.

Please help it is getting to the point where I want to put a hammer through it.

Many thanks
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A:how to HIGHLY compressed

There are several here to look at. File Compression and Archiving
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There's no such thing as a dumb question Click to expand...

Hope so

During the warmer months I make it a point to keep the dust bunnies at bay, via canned air. Frequently I find that if the can is not help upright, a blast of cold mist is dispensed into the vent, rather than dry air. I do make an attempt to avoid this, but it still does occur on occasion.

Has anybody heard of this causing problems?

I did Google it a bit, but got tired of looking at the wrong things the canned air was being used for (IE musical instruments, etc...)

A:Compressed Air Question

I know what you mean and have had the same thing happen to me when using tins of compressed air.
All I do is make sure that the PC is turned off and hold down the start button for 5 seconds to make sure all power is discharged from motherboard.Then take the sides off and give all the fans etc a good blow out.When I have finished I just let it sit for a while or use an hair-dryer to finish off blowing it out.
Have never had any trouble doing this,although I suppose it is better just using it on keyboards than inside the PC.
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I have downloaded the attached (compressed zip folder) to my desktop. When i double click on it, the box says open/save, which already has been done, and i can`t get it to activate. Should i be getting Run there somewhere or what am i not doing please??

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Hey awhile ago i tested a Activator program on my temporary OS (im planing to install a genuine version next week) but when i reboot my screen displayed 'BOOTMGR is compressed Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart'. So i follow the instruction but my laptop will always display the same message over and over again. I found at the net that i need to repair install but my iso was on the OS and i cant even get them (no disk drive so im using usb).How can i fix this cuz i need to use my pc on Friday?

A:BOOTMGR is compressed

Do you have another OS (so other win7 instance or VISTA) on that laptop as well? Or do you have a win7 system repair disk or win7 install dvd?

Only thing you have to do is:
boot into recovery environment and select right win7 instance. Then enter "command prompt" and do:


Do bootrec/fixmbr
as well... not sure if it's really neccesary
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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Whenever I right click on the desktop to create a new folder, I am only ever given the option of creating a new compressed .zip folder. Is there a setting I can't find so I can turn this off. My Pictures folder is .zip as well which prevents any thumbnails being displayed on the picture's file icon.

Thanks for the help

A:New Folders always compressed .zip

Welcome to the forum.

See this thread and Bruce Hagen's answer.
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hope one of you out there can help. i have a bunch of jpgs that were taken off a canon digital camera, then (and i don't wanna know why...well. actually i do, but i think the answer might scare were compressed for emailing using windows picture manager on a win 2000 pro O/S. now whenever i try to print one out, they look like...well, never mind, suffice to say they are now unprintable if i want them bigger than a thumbnail. is there software out there where i can print them out to 4 x 6 and still look good? thanks in advance for any help.

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i have just d/led a cd .... but there are like 50 files of 15 mb. having extentions .r00, .r01, .r02.....

How can I uncompress them to make a CD again

A:cannot extract a compressed win-rar cd

There should be one file with a .rar extension. Open that file with WinRAR and extract the contents. WinRAR will automatically open the .r00, .r01, etc. files. If the RAR file will not open, then WinRAR can be downloaded from RARLab.
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I D/L a prog from IRC (for evaluation purposes soley) and it was compressed into 30 x 15k .rar files. It appears all files contain the same volume with 2 files, .bin and .cue file. How can I try out this prog, I can't seem to unrar, it just keeps overwriting the same file when I do????

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I use windows XP and I have lost the abilaty to create new compressed folders and the ones that I already had are screwed up.Please help me

A:Cannot use compressed folders

jje134 said:

I use windows XP and I have lost the abilaty to create new compressed folders and the ones that I already had are screwed up.Please help meClick to expand...

Hi jje134,

Welcome to TSG!

Try downloading the following .reg file from: Registry Edits for Windows XP "Tweaks and Tips"

Find in the right-hand column of 85. Restore Compressed Zipped Folders Association
Click on it to download it and Save it to your Desktop

You can look at the contents of the zip.reg file by launching a Notepad.exe window, then Open the zip.reg file by using the File pull-down menu

When the zip.reg file is on your Desktop, double-click it to install its contents in your resgistry.

Does that correct the problem with your folders?

If not, you may have to reboot/restart your computer for it to take effect - sometimes registry changes do not take immediate effect.

Let us know if your problem has been corrected or not by applying this fix.

-- Tom
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I NEED HELP TO FIX MY HP MINI 110 COMPUTER IT SAY BOOTMGR IS COMPRESSED PRESS Ctrl+Alt+del to restart i did that but not a thing happen please can some one help me out here GOD BLESS YOU (NOTEBOOK HP MINI 110 - 1014NR COMPUTER)

A:bootmgr compressed

What version of Windows are you running?
Do you have the installation disk for this version of Windows?

This may help you:
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I'm new to these forums and I think this thread is in the correct category if not please direct me to Compressed Bootmgr the appropriate category Okay so regrettably I compressed both partitions of my HDD Including Recovery only to be extremely shocked by the message quot Bootmgr is compressed press CTR ALT DEL to restart quot I have never come across this issue before so I decided to do some research I believe in order to resolve this problem I needed to decompress the HDD however I do not have the Windows installation disk nor the iso files for it Bootmgr Compressed for some strange reason I was unable to download it I have tried several Windows repair disks booting from both DVD and USB with no success the screen simply goes blank with what appears to be a flashing underscore after several minutes of reading the disk USB it will revert to the previous quot Bootmgr is compressed quot message Note I am using Windows bit Home Premium and had the appropriate recovery disks Bootmgr Compressed While this is all happening no other options messages appear Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

A:Bootmgr Compressed

Hello Whoppaahh, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to help. Step 2 would apply to you since it's not booting from the DVD or USB normally.

BootMGR Compressed Message at Boot Fix

Hope this helps for now,
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I'm taking some classes online and one of my projects/questions is to do some research and answer the question above - What happens when a file is compressed (ZIPPED)?

I've tried googling the question, but the sites that it takes me to don't really answer the question. I know the answer, but I have to show that I did the research bit of it, and cite my references, with URL's.

Does anyone know any sites that would answer this question? I've checked the Wikipedia site as well, and that's been the most helpful, but still not really what I am looking for.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello!Does anyone know where i can get Free ZIP or RAR downloads?Not The Self extracting (SFX) kind?

Please help!

A:Compressed Downloads

You should be able to find what you need in the Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps topic, under the File Compression and Archiving heading, in the first post.
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Hey guys just registered on this forum to see if I could find some help. You've probably heard of this error message "BootMGR is compressed." I know what this means, but here is the thing, I don't have my Windows 7 CD. So I have no idea what to do to fix it. I know I need to make a boot CD or something like that, but I'm not sure how.

Any help? I would so so so much appreciate it considering I have all of my school work on there and I have to have it by tomorrow.. ahhhh

A:BOOTMGR is compressed?!? HELP!

Hello dylan and welcome to the Forum. You might have some luck here:

“bootmgr is compressed” in Windows 7 | Windows 7 Themes
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I have some sort of virus. Possibly Panda anti virus????. I saw that much before I turned it off, I got hit with the Windows one before. Actually I think its not on the hard drive. I’m doing this for a friend and he’s had problems before. I wiped the HD using Killdisk. And re installed Win 7 Ult. Without connecting to the net I was reinstalling stuff mainly anti malware from an external HD. [which might be contaminated] I got “PQWKX is compressed”Press C A D to restartIt does and I can press f2 for bios but not f8 or f10. And then it goes back to PQ… Any suggestions. Cant get anything else to Happen.*** Mod Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the AII forum, and removed email address. ~ bloopie ***
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DELL INSPIRON 1501 2G RAM 55G disk space. I was prompted a compress tab and clicked it in hopes of creating disk space. I turned it off afterwards to go buy another gig of RAM. I came back, turned my laptop on and it will not boot. A black sreen read this at top. HOCWL is compressed - Press ctrl+alt+del to restart. My diagnostics passed everything. When I try to the boot back to normal stage through F12 it does the same thing after rebooting. I know the bootmgr is not kicking in due to some compressed partition. HELP!!!

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Ever since I've been surfing from Win till now My FAVORITES have never been Condensed as it is keep on getting Favorites IE7 "Compressed" now on XP I've had this Computer for over Two Years and it Favorites on IE7 keep getting "Compressed" has never condensed my Favorites on IE It does now though If I don't use some of the favorites at least every - days or so they get condensed Favorites on IE7 keep getting "Compressed" and I have to click a double down-arrow to get them to show up and they are all shaded that are Hidden or Condensed HOW can I turn OFF this ANNOYANCE I also have a very very slow boot up Here is what it is doing now and has been the past couple of weeks about the same time the Favorites started Condensing Cold start with the computer off Press on button at secondsDELL is displayed at secondsXP is displayed at secondsWelcome is displayed at secondsWormhole Screen on XP is displayed at minute seconds The desktop Icons appear at minutes seconds The Hourglass that is with the Mouse pointer disappears at Its the time between Wormhole display and the Icons appearing that used to take seconds now is over a minute That's were the problem is How can this be fixed too I have gone through a BUNCH of tests with Syler thanks There wasn't any malware virus etc found http www bleepingcomputer com forums t extremely-slow-turn-on-process Thanks Tom

A:Favorites on IE7 keep getting "Compressed"

If I don't use some of the favorites at least every 7-10 days or so, they get condensed and I have to click a double down-arrow to get them to show up and they are all shaded that are "Hidden" or Condensed.HOW can I turn OFF this ANNOYANCE!It could be that somehow the box in Internet Properties to "Enable Personalized Favorites Menu" got checked. The setting for that is on the advanced tab of Internet Properties under Browsing
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when i start my pc it can't run window and only shown black screen and EIONS is compressed.
what is EIONS is compressed error. i never seen before. plz tell me and thanks for your help.

A:EIONS is Compressed

System manufacturer and model?

What is the exact wording of the error message?

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2006 vintage DELL M140 laptop windows XP

The other night upon shutdown and restart, computer would not reboot. Powers, just no re-boot to windows. Try again and get message "NTLDR is compressed" Search site and internet, find some things to try including the one from Microsoft.

I have computer set to CD drive as #1
I have restore disk in CD
I can get to the recovery console and:

entered "CD" (less "")
entered ren ntldr ntldr.old (after hitting enter, system indicates "the system cannot find the file or directory specified"

and that is where I am trying to fix this beast. In order to move on with the instructions, this file must be found.

any help would be appreciated

A:NTLDR is compressed

From what I see, the M140 employs a restore/recovery well as any disks that you may have. Your disk is not necessarily equal to a Microsoft XP install CD, therefore any instructions for solving problems using a MS install CD...may not necessarily work when trying such with something other than the prescribed CD.

Exactly what Microsoft instructions...were you attempting to follow?

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I have been to a few sites googling the fix for boot mgr compressed mgr boot compressed. is everything, tried really. and they all say to boot to recovery console and do the boot fix type commands in dos prompt I was able to get to CMD prompt from a vista disc this is an xp boot mgr is compressed. tried everything, really. computer but the commands didnt work for me they all quot succeded quot but when i restarted i got the same error also vista s startup repair didnt work and then the third fix right clicking the install and quot unchecking quot compress disk didnt work either because its not a vista install i presume is my only other alternative to find a way to get the actual XP recovery console installed on the xp machine and go from there i would think that since i got cmd to try those boot fix s type cmds and they all worked btw the issue would ve resolved but it hasnt if all i do need is to get xp recovery utility installed is there a way to do that in my computers current state also what about replacing the boot log I ve read about that but dont know how boot mgr is compressed. tried everything, really. to do that Any help is greatly appreciated -drwmbt

A:boot mgr is compressed. tried everything, really.

EDITED -This post relates to another computer. Not related to any other post.
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Hi, I went through system restore on my windows xp h.e. because my comp had a lot of trojans or something, but anyways I thought that system restore would be the best way to go so I did so. Then at the end of system restore it said to click 'restart' to complet restoration and well I did so and soon after it restarted a black screen with the words '' NTLDR is compressed. Press ctrl+alt+dlt to restart came up. I did just that, but this message comes up every time! Please, someone help me on this.

A:NTLDR is compressed.

closing duplicate post, please continue here:
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Hi, I am running an IBM Thinkpad T41. I recently installed windows 7 onto it and it was running perfectly, but because I had almost run out of space, I tried to compress the c drive because I didn't think it would do any harm, and now when I turn on my laptop I get the message "Bootmgr is compressed, press ctrl alt + delete to restart". I have google'd this and it seems easy to fix but my problems are

- Disc drive is broken so cant boot from windows disc
- Cant seem to get boot from usb to work either, I can't even turn on my laptop whilst my external hard drive is plugged in, it just gets stuck at the IBM thinkpad screen

any suggestions?

A:BOOTMGR is compressed HELP

Hi there a few suggestions here which may help
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has anyone seen this before?

A:Edzfy is compressed


Can you investigate and see if you can find any device - hard drive perhaps - or file folder that is labeled "Edzfy"?
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Been through several threads for resolution of 'BOOTMGR is compressed' error.

I understand the solution (one of them) is to use a USB drive to boot.
The problem is to find the correct BIOS.

The link
provides various files available for download.

Question:- How do I identify which suits for me? ; Now that I cannot even see the system conifg?
The files are huge and I tried with couple of them.

Just see a prompt to the top left (Instead of any message).

Kindly let me know on next steps to proceed.


A:BOOTMGR is compressed

I don't think this has anything to do with the BIOS. You may be able to fix this by booting to your System Repair Disk (assuming you made one) or your Installation or Recovery DVD or USB flash drive.

Question:- How do I identify which [OS .iso] suits for me?Click to expand...

You pick the one that most closely matches your installed operating system. If you tell us what OS you have installed somebody can help with the identification.
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can get no where , ido what it says and the same thing comes back please help. Im on a borrowed comp right now , as mine wont work at all thank you

A:BOOTMGR is compressed

You do what what says, where? What do you do?

What is the problem and how did it come about?

Did you try to compress a disk or something?
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Hello everybody!
I was cleaning up some unwanted files on my computer and I decided to compress the drive then undo it after but I forgot to undo it :|
I've looked everywhere and it says that I need a CD and sadly I don't have one.
I then downloaded the recovery files from neosmart but I found out my computer won't read any CD's or DVD's and the USB method didn't work for me.
I am also unable to go into the advanced boot options no matter how much I try.
Is there any way to fix it?
I have 2 computers in case anyone was wondering how i'm posting this.

A:BOOTMGR is compressed. Can't use CD's

Hello Netwerx, welcome to Seven Forums!

Is this the method you used to put the Windows installation files on USB, at the link below?

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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Hi Guys,
So i was doin some updates and stuff and i left my pc alone for lyk 5 mins, it restarted (as i wanted), and then when it booted up it stated:

"Bootmgr is Compressed"
"Press ctrl-alt-del to restart"

I hav no idea wat to do and need help Urgently!!
So if anyone could help that would be great cause i am very confused as to what to do

I also hav no windows 7 disk as my pc came with it preinstalled ):

A:Bootmgr Compressed???

Try this:
Safe Mode

Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.

System Repair Disc - Create
System Recovery Options
Repair Install
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This is the first time I am asking for help here but in the past this form has helped a great deal so I thank you for that Anyway I have a Windows XP I went to turn it on yesterday and had a problem ended up opening it through the Browse file Anyway since I had problems with the opening I Tryed to restore it another date Since this Compressed Is Ntldr time I Ntldr Is Compressed have had problem so Ntldr Is Compressed I went and inserted the disk for a Partial complete restore where you leave no data but it resets your system to what was on it at the beginiing Now I get the Compaq sceen showing but no further The Compaq sceen flashes for a few seconds then it goes blank At his time quot NTLDR is Compressed Ntldr Is Compressed quot quot Press Control ALT Del quot shows when this is done it just loops back to it again I have tried Microsoft they say something about a back up file to down load but my system isn t even reconizing this Any Help would be appreciated LIke an idiot I have years of photos I haven t printed yet and don t want to loose them

A:Ntldr Is Compressed

gingee4k: I found the following when researching your problem. Since you are using a Compaq computer, this seemed to be the closest solution to your problem.Was your drive compressed?HP and Compaq PCs - Error: NTLDR is compressed. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart This document applies to HP and Compaq Desktop computers with Windows XP.If you have compressed the hard disk drive using the Compress drive to save disk space option under the Properties menu for your hard disk drive and have performed a non-destructive recovery or a system recovery, the following error message may appear: NTLDR is compressed. Press CRTL-ALT-DEL to restart.Click the following link for the full instructions:
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When i run the scanning computer device to free some space on my computer, in my D:, there is this columne reading soemthing like compressed files or seomthing. It is one where they compressed my unused files or seomthing like that.

It took up 2GB of my HDD. So I was wondering, is it save to delete those files? or are they files on my computer which are compressed to free space and if i delete them then i'd lose all those files?

HOpe I explained my self clearly here.

THank you

A:Compressed Files

If your multimedia files are still there, than it's ok and you didn't delete anything necessary...
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I run disk clean-up on drive C: but still shows 82,000 compressed old files still there every time. Yesterday,..this morning,... tonight...every time they're still there.How do I get rid of them??

A:Old compressed files not gone

what are the compressed files used for
give us a few names with extrension
and what directories they are in
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Will the HD boot itself? If so, use the software that was used to compress it to uncompress it first.

What version of Windows is currently running on it? How big is the hard drive and what is it compressed to?

My Website
[email protected]
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Hi, again
What it is my children's computer will not start it reads NTLDR is compressed press ctrl - alt - del to restart nothing happened so I looked on the web it told it put the recovery disk in and I followed the instructions still nothing.

I though I get it fixed at a computer shop but when they told me it would cost ?69 I decided not to bother, because I could get a new hard drive for that.

Luckily we had a spare hard drive so I tried that, after loading the windows xp it worked fine.

What I need to know is if I connect the NTLDR compressed hard drive to my computer as a slave could I get in to it to add the missing
cd \
attrib -c ntldr

and without it damaging the healthy computer

Thanks in advance

A:Ntldr Is Compressed

Hi, yes you are correct but you would have to specify the drive path e.g if the faulty drive is drive D you would type
attrib -c ntldr
press Enter
type exit
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I had to do recovery console on my computer. It was in terrible shape from one d/l I did. (Using son's computer right now.) After the recovery completed I got the good ole message

ntldr is compressed
press ctrl-alt-del to restart

I continue to do so and keep getting the same message. Could someone please hold my hand through this and tell me what to do.

Running XP on HP Media Center. Not sure what else info is needed.

Thanks Donna

A:Ntldr Is Compressed

Hi, take a look:
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In a moment of unknown stupidity, whilst try to solve another problem, I seem to have partially compressed my C drive. I only let it happen for a few mins then cancelled but now my PC won't start at all and is just coming up with a black screen and TFGHT is compressed, please hit Ctrl + Alt + Del in a constant Loop. I press it and it looks like it's going to start up then doesn't.

I have my windows installation disc and naively thought that might help but it doesn't!

Any ideas?

A:Tfght is compressed

I have tried to reboot from my installation disc by selecting F12 and boot menu. I've selected cd rom from there and can hear the cd rom doing something but it justsays 'no boot available, press enter key to retry' which I do but no joy!
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I have Gateway GM5088 Media Center Computer and this is the second time since I've had it (since 06) that I've received this NTLDR IS COMPRESSED...
Everytime i type :
cd \
attrib -c ntldr
..i get an "invalid switch" notification
the lovely ppl at Gateway unfortunately cannot provided even a BACKSLASH of information without a hot fee of 50 dollars.. but anyways..i dont think my Cd ROM is reading either. A couple of times i started it up it made a weird noise on the inside of the tower, like a possible failure?
I am able to still get on the PC and get to the windows recovery and type ALT+D....but whats next? I really hate to lose all of my work..

A:Ntldr compressed...again!

Look at this thread there are several solutions here.
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Ok I bought one of these exact things off ebay but wasn't sure whether it's safe to use it after I see there's a similar one on the same site that specifically mentions computers and that...

This is the exact one that I've bought.

A:Got a can of compressed air want to make sure it's ok before use

The link doesn't work other than telling us your session has ended.

Simply tell us what you want to know.
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I have Wxp installed in my Laptop. When I perform a Disk Cleanup, there is a check box "Compressed Old Files". Should I too check this box or not? What is he purpose of these files?

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Hello Good Folk Extremely gutted to have to seek help with what was once a perfectly good laptop then after collecting it from my daughters bedroom its not behaving Laptop ADVENT AWindows XP Media Centre Edition Just replaced the keyboard after dropping a glass of wine on it one evening the laptop survived the wine and was working perfectly well with a remote keyboard I got fed up with fighting over the keyboard with the rest of the family and didn t use the lap top for a few months while I waited VERY patiently compressed is NTLDR for my new keyboard to arrive Fitted it and was chuffed to bits - a great laptop - though needed to get a battery as this one is dead in the water Have been using it for a couple of weeks with the power cable while Battery is on order yawn Anyway fetched my beloved loyal and forgiving laptop from my daughters room one evening and on powering up it went straight into Advent System Recovery It s protected by NTLDR is compressed PC Angel I chose Non-Destructive System Recovery nextThe message window stated quot Windows XP has its own built-in repair features such as the System Restore and driver roll-back capabilities If you have not already tried these features lease run them before continuing with this system recovery quot Now I have no idea I m thinking no - I haven t run them but have no clue without instruction how to do that from this stage - I was after all bought here without choice It continues quot Do you want to continue with System Recovery quot being cautions I said No Next message gave the option to either continue with system recovery restart with Windows System Restore or go back to first message I clicked Restart with Windows System Restore and was taken to NTLDR is compressed - press CTRL ALT DELETE to restart so I did and it took me back to NTLDR is compressed - press CTRL ALT DELETE to restart - and the story goes on and on CTRL ALT DELETE to restart CTRL ALT DELETE to restartEventually I found out that if I press F on reboot I get back to quot Advent System Recovery quot This time I said Yes to quot Do you want to continue with System Recovery quot As I remember it indicated some file movement but took me straight back to NTLDR is compressed - press CTRL ALT DEL In frustration I seem to remember taking it back to quot Advent System Recovery quot and clicking on quot System Recovery - No Format quot and thought it d be ok as it stated no files would be lost but some applications would need to be re-installed I did that twice I think - and don t want to do it again as I m sure I read it can damage my files Would clearly like to keep them as I m one of those idiots who don t think of backing up until its too late just had to replace hardrive on daughters laptop - hence her using mine Over the last two nights I have tried a number of command prompts after googling and Alt D but nothing has worked I have after all no idea what I m doing This is what I have tried The text in command prompt is c minint system gt I then entered quot dir ntldr quot and got Volume in drive C is RECOVERYVolume Serial Number is E - A CDirectory of c minint system File Not FoundAfter googling some more I worked out that I had to try to fix ntldr in the operating system partition not the recovery partition C I entered quot D quot please don t ask me why I seem to remember trying all letters in the alphabet to see if I d get a result with the command prompt quot D gt quot I then entered quot cd windows system quot at quot D WINDOWS system gt quot I entered quot compact ntldr u h ntldrexit quot and got Uncompressing files in D WINDOWS system Uncompressing files in d files within directories were uncompressed D WINDOWS system gt Tried a number if times Also tried the quot attrib -c c ntldr quot but kept getting quot invalid switch - -c quot so abandoned that one as I couldn t work out which switch would be valid for uncompressing So I typed exit - powered off and drank more wine away from all computers in sight Any... Read more

A:NTLDR is compressed

You need to access the Windows Recovery ConsoleI doubt if it's installed on your AdventWe will have to create a small 'fix CD' to solve this problem.Please download RC.ISO and save it somewhere you can find it.Also download MagicISO and install it.Start MagicISO. You should see a window informing you about the full version of MagicISO.In the bottom right select Try It! and the program will open.Click on File and then on Open and navigate to the RC.ISO file you downloaded. Select it, and click Open.This should give you a bootable copy of the Recovery console. From there you can follow these directions for a system Restore: that doesn't work, try this from the recovery Console: Press R to repair the Windows XP installation using Recovery Console. Enter the appropriate number for the WINDOWS installation, for example, the WINDOWS installation could be listed as 3: C:\WINDOWS or 3: D:\WINDOWS . If prompted, enter your Administrator password and press Enter . If there is no password, just press Enter . At the prompt, if the WINDOWS installation you selected in Step 4 was C:\WINDOWS, type: cd c:\Or, if the WINDOWS installation you selected in Step 4 was D:\WINDOWS, type: cd d:\ At the prompt, type:attrib -c ntldrand then press Enter . At the prompt, type: exit Press the Enter key and immediately remove all discs or diskettes from the computer to allow the computer to restart.The error message should be resolved.
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I have a Dell 1440 computer with Windows 7. My laptop was working well until today when I turned on the computer I got the following message on a black screen:

MFEGI is compressed
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

I restart it and it always comes back to the same page. I cannt get past this black screen with the error message on it.

A:MFEGI is compressed


I have no idea what MFEGI is, and Google returns no results, So do you have any recovery disks, recovery partition (usually F10, it should say at POST), or an OS disk?