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External USB hard drive not recognised on Windows after plugging it into a Mac

Q: External USB hard drive not recognised on Windows after plugging it into a Mac


Thanks for any help in advance..

I own a WD MyBook 4TB hard drive, which I've used on Windows for the past 2 years. I got a macbook last week and hooked the drive into it, some error message came up so I figured it wouldn't work, however when I went to plug it back into my windows machine I got the "USB device not recognised" message, the laptop is windows 8. I then tried it on my fathers windows xp computer and it seemed to think it was a completely new hard drive..

I've done some googling on it but I just wanted to ask here incase I went formatting it by mistake or anything..any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.


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Preferred Solution: External USB hard drive not recognised on Windows after plugging it into a Mac

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: External USB hard drive not recognised on Windows after plugging it into a Mac

Sounds like you made some procedural error, allowing the Mac to alter the partition - - bad choice.

Using Windows tools, examine the partition on that drive - - should show up as
somelabel (dl): size HTFS
Healthy (other qualifiers)​
Try Control Panel ->Admin Tools->Computer Mgmt->Disk Mgmt
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I noticed that my PC suddenly took a long time to boot up and close down After some testing I found that if my external HD was plugged in that was the cause I thought it might be an indexing delay so didn't worry as all I needed to do was plug External Drive Hard 7 recognised Windows not in the HD in when needed it and make sure I quot Safely quot unplugged it before shutting down But now I can't get access to it at all I hear the usual bleep when I plug it in and it appears in the task bar quot Can I safely remove etc quot but it doesn't appear in Disk Management or Explorer I fear the HD has died although I can detect the normal very slight murmer of the drive when it is switched on I did find the disk using a command prompt but can't remember how I got there Is there any way I can save the data on it I have tried all the usual tests like a different USB port not a hub and a different Windows machine but to no avail
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I'm new here, so please don't shout at me if I say something stupid.

Anyway, here's my problem:

I have a Maxtor 500GB stand alone hard drive which I originally bought for a Vista laptop, but have also been using it on my new Win7 laptop.

It has been absolutely fine for the 6 months that I've been on Win7, but today Windows Update decided that I needed 27 (count 'em!) updates to be installed an run - mostly for MS Office.

Anyway, the updates all installed and I restarted upon request, but since then my Maxtor hard drive has not been recognised.

A USB Unknown Device error appears, it doesn't list the drive in My Computer, and only appears in Device Manager as Unknown Device.

Any ideas of how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated, as I have a large number of important documents on that drive which I need to access relatively urgently.

many thanks


A:External Hard Drive Not Recognised Following Windows Update

Is it connected via USB or eSata?

In the meantime, try right clicking on My Computer, Manage, Device Manager, then right click on the top-most entry and select "Scan for Hardware Changes".
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Hi there,

I've recently just bought a USB2.0 HDD External Enclosure for a notebook hard drive. I think I installed the drive correctly - the pins fit well and I placed it in the actual case. However, when I plug the USB into my Windows 7 Acer Aspire 5741 laptop, it just makes a funny noise for around thirty seconds and the computer does not bat an eyelid. The laptop just seems to act as a power source and doesn't recognise any drive being inserted. I tried it on a second, Windows Vista laptop and same result.

Is it likely the enclosure/drive is the problem or have I not set it up correctly?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hey there So a few weeks ago I could plug my WD external hard drive in and it worked perfectly Something has happended something I have done and external USB hard plugging when BSOD in - drive now when I connect it with the USB I get bsod This is the result from the blue screen log Can someone help me Is there any more information required Thanks Dump File - - dmp Crash Time p m Bug Check String SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Bug Check Code x b Parameter c Parameter fffff b BSOD - when plugging in USB external hard drive c Parameter fffff d be Parameter BSOD - when plugging in USB external hard drive Caused By Driver ntoskrnl exe Caused By Address ntoskrnl exe fd File Description NT Kernel amp System Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win sp gdr - Processor x Crash Address ntoskrnl exe fd Stack Address Stack Address Stack Address Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File Size Dump File - - dmp Crash Time a m Bug Check String SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Bug Check Code x b Parameter c Parameter fffff d Parameter fffff dfe Parameter Caused By Driver ntoskrnl exe Caused By Address ntoskrnl exe cc File Description NT Kernel amp System Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win sp gdr - Processor x Crash Address ntoskrnl exe cc Stack Address Stack Address Stack Address Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File Size nbsp

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I've tried plugging in my external hard drive (a WD Passport 1 Tera) USB to access picture files... my laptop (Windows Vista) went to a blue screen and shut itself down. Here is some info it gave me after it restarted...

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 24
BCP1: 001904AA
BCP2: 8BB4F3E4
BCP3: 8BB4F0E0
BCP4: 8B024689
OS Version: 6_0_6002
Service Pack: 2_0
Product: 768_1

I'm wondering if I did something wrong when I disconnected the external hard drive from our new Seagate wireless backup system. I had no idea how to "safely" or "properly" remove it... so I just disconnected the USB cable.

Any ideas?

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Hi, I am going to clean up my cousin's computer. It is slow as molasses and I am guessing that it is infected bigtime. I wanna plug my external hard drive into the computer so I can backup all the files they want off the computer. I am just wondering if my external hard drive is vulnerable to viruses when I do this? I am going to try to do a Factory Restore. If that doesn't work for some reason I will do a complete reformat. Also it takes forever and I mean forever to get to things on that computer. Is there a faster way to get files onto my external hard drive before I do a Factory Restore? Also if I do a Factory Restore instead of a reformat will all the viruses be gone? Thanks.
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Hi, I am going to clean up my cousin's computer. It is slow as molasses and I am guessing that it is infected bigtime. I wanna plug my external hard drive into the computer so I can backup all the files they want off the computer. I am just wondering if my external hard drive is vulnerable to viruses when I do this? I am going to do a Factory Restore. Also it takes forever and I mean forever to get to things on that computer. Is there a faster way to get files onto my external hard drive before I do a Factory Restore? Also if I do a Factory Restore instead of a reformat will all the viruses be gone? Thanks.

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I have two external hard drives that I have been using for backups etc. on my desktop running Windows 10 Home. I connected the external drives to my HP Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 to copy some files and it has changed the ownership to the external drives laptop user!
Now when I connect the external drives back on my desktop running Windows 10 Home the drives are not recognised!!
How can I get the external drives to be recognised and change ownership back on my desktop running Windows 10 Home??
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I've been using a 1TB iOmega external hard drive with my laptop for about a month and a few days ago it stopped working and isn't being recognised, the power light comes on when i connect the usb cable to the laptop but there is no noise from the hard drive at all and it doesn't show in disk management.

I took it into work with me and connected to my work PC (which runs XP) and it works fine, also tried it on another laptop which is running Vista and it doesn't work.

any ideas? Laptop is an HP Pavilion DV6

A:External Hard Drive Not Being Recognised

The first thing that comes to my mind is, does this external hdd have its own powersupply or does it receive its power from the USB ports only?

If it has its own powersupply, check with iOmega: and see if your hdd requires drivers for Windows 7. In years past, iOmega required drivers for all of its stuff whereas other products you could just plug into the usb and they would work.

If it receives its power from the USB ports, try to use a cable that has two ends for the USB ports, it could be just a lack of power. I have 1 TB (not iomega) that would not work from my front USB ports but will work from the rear USB ports of my desktop.

Let me know how this turns out for ya...
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I have two external hard drives that I have been using for backups etc. on my desktop running Windows 10 Home. I connected the external drives to my HP Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 to copy some files andit has changed the ownership to the external drives laptop user!
Now when I connect the external drives back on my desktop running Windows 10 Home the drives are not recognised anddon?t even show in Disk Management!
How can I get the external drives to be recognised and change ownership back on my desktop running Windows 10 Home?

A:External hard drive not recognised

I was going to suggest trying Acronis Disk Director or anything similar, however, I'm not certain if such will help or not. If I can remember the possible "clicks," I'll post back.
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Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I need advice on my IdeaPad 510, it does not recognise my HP external hard drive. I've tried plugging the external drive into all the USB slots, with no luck. The laptop is brand new, only bought three days ago, and my USB storage stick works in it, so I can't work out why it won't find my HP drive. The drive isn't faulty, worked perfectly on my old Toshiba, and lights up when plugged into my Lenovo, but when I go to the 'This PC' section it's nowhere to be seen. I've even looked on HPs website I case I need to download a driver but the HP website says that there isnt any drivers for my external hard drive. Can anybody help me figure this out please? I have a lot of work on that drive, as well as family photos, that I need to access. Thanks in advance

A:External Hard Drive Not Recognised

fletcher89 wrote:The drive isn't faulty, worked perfectly on my old Toshiba, and lights up when plugged into my Lenovo, but when I go to the 'This PC' section it's nowhere to be seen.Have you plugged in and switched on the separate power supply for the external hard drive?  The external drive may require more power than can be supplied by your Lenovo via the USB connection.  If this is the case, the LED will light on the hard drive, but there will be insufficient power to spin the disk or handle read/write requests correctly. The old Toshiba may have provided more power via USB than the new Lenovo can. -- from CyberSimian in the UK
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Can anyone shed some light. I have a 40 Gb external USB hard drive attached to my PC. Which was being used exclusively as storage and my PC recognised it no problem. Today I actually installed it into my PC (internal), reformatted it and loaded Windows XP home onto it. As I wanted to save my existing hard disk just in case and install a clean O/S to swap over eventually. I have since taken this disk back out and connected it via USB again and it is not being recognised at all by Win XP. Is it therefore true that if there is an O/S loaded on an external USB hard drive that it cannot be recognised let alone booted to. Any advice is much appreciated....
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Hi first post here. My portable hard drive stops showing up all of a sudden. It is connected to a USB hub. When I go to 'Disk Management' in 'Computer Management', the hard drive shows up as Unknown - Not Initialised. Also this hard drive works while not using the USB hub, and the USB hub works as well with other devices. Please help, I need this fixed soon. Thanks!

A:External hard drive not recognised

Powered or unpowered hub? If it unpowered its drawing all its power from the one USB port its plugged into. USB 2 ports are limited to 500 ma max. If you have more than one device on the hub its likely not supplying enough current for the hard drive to function properly. A powered hub can supply 500 ma per port.
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I realise there are loads of these kind of threads but none of them are quite the same problem as mine. My Hard Drive has been working fine for a long time but is now not being recognised by computers. The power light goes on, but when plugged into different computers different usbs and with a different usb cable, there is no change to the computer and the hard drive doesnt start movfing and making noise.
I realise its probably broken but is there anysoftware I can get that will find it just so i can recover some data?
Thanks for your help

A:External Hard Drive Not recognised

Try and take it out of the enclosure and hook it direct as a second HD....if it is getting power and it isn't spinning......then if the taking out of enclosure doesn't work..then data recovery company might help but the data would have to be very important as very very expensive.
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I've got a new external hard drive that should be plug and play. When I plug it in the computer "beeped" and said there was new hardware but then it is not shown in My computer.

I'm also having a similar problem with my ipod - it is not showing in my computer or itunes. However I'm not having the same problem with other external hard drives.

Any ideas?
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Hi I lent recognised drive External Hard not my external hard drive to a friend who is not very computer savvy and since its return it is not being recognised by my computer i dont believe that it is not because it dosent have a letter allocated to it in disk management it shows WD External Hard drive not recognised Ext HDD USB Device properties it said that this device is working properly but then it also says that Disk is unallocated i have External Hard drive not recognised plugged external hd into two other computers they do not recognise it and i have also plugged in another hd into my computer which picks it up automatically my friend who borrowed the hd is not very computer savvy but from what he told me i think he has formatted it i have checked the device manager and there dosent seem to be anything out of the ordinary ANY HELP will be muchly appreciated if it helps it is a WD brand oh and yes it was working fine when i first got it a week ago

A:External Hard drive not recognised

Hello Tahnead, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Your friend deleted your hard drive leaving it as unallicated space (unformatted).

If you did not need the data that was on it, then you can just use Disk Management to format and create a new "simple volume" with it. The STEP TWO section in the tutorial below can help show you how to if needed.

Disk Management - Shrink Partition

If you needed to try and recover the data on the drive, then you see if using Paragon Partition Manager Personal edition may be able to undelete the drive's partition for you. Unfortunately, the edition of this program that allows you to undelete a partition is not free and costs $9.95.

Hope this helps,
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Hello everyone,
Once again i need your help. I have an external hard drive, and a lot of data saved on it. My laptop recognises it, but i can't access it. When i go to device manager and try intialize, it says it is not ready.

Thanks for ur help

A:External Hard drive not recognised

Is this a small portable drive or one of the larger ones?
Does it have external power for the external enclosure?
I would also verify the wire you are using.
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Thank you in advance to any help I receive Here is my story My Versa NEC E notebook has had several problems under warranty since purchased under lease yrs ago - it s had hard drives and motherboard replaced under warranty NEC advised a global replacement program for the battery So I had my hubby undo the base of the computer to check out whether my battery part number fell into the range requiring replacement which he did so recognised hard drive External not that I could submit it to NEC for replacemt Since then don t why seeing the areas aren t connected my DVD cd drive has been faulty External hard drive not recognised It intermittently will not read cds dvds and won t write new discs PLUS it makes this awful whirring and scraping noises when you press the eject button amp close unit whether disc in it or not or upon External hard drive not recognised start-up Basically I couldn t rely on it amp because it was similar to problems that occurred when I ended up with the other warranty repairs I began to freak I would lose my data amp programs I had a small portable external hard drive which I kept as much External hard drive not recognised pictures semi pro photographer so I have s of digital files and business data on as possible - I had tried backing up to it but it wouldn t take the everything on my notebook plus the stuff already on small drive Seeing I couldn t write stuff to cd dvds we decided to go and buy bigger external hard drive I have virus adware spy scanning in place amp used to backup to discs and or my small external drive So days ago I purchased a Maxtor Personal Storage external drive thinking there would be no way I would ever run out of space then amp could have regular backups timed to it off my notebook as well Day went well - I moved the data off my small drive to it so I could use the small one for backing up amended files when I travelled with notebook for work reasons I checked stuff regularly amp all looked good amp was useable from the new home amp the transfers and copying was quite speedy I then started transferring data off the notebook c drive to it as well - thinking by doing so I would speed my notebook up a bit plus THE BIG WORRY in the back of my mind was that the notebook was about to go physco again amp therefore I wanted to get all important stuff off it before I had to track a NEC warranty agent down previous crashes occurred whilst I lived in diff state Day I thought I really should be backing up just in case my notebook does crash So I put a Windows backup for my c drive into play before going to bed that night The next day it was still going and was telling me it would take another days to complete This blew me away a bit but I left it going and went shopping Whilst out I purchased a few PC magazines hoping to get a bit more insight into better backup options When I came back to the machine late in the day it still showed day and hours to go So after reading about different backup programs amp talking to my husband that night - I decided to stop the windows backup amp I deleted the partial content from the Maxtor drive with the intention of installing another program to do backups BUT that is when the hit the fan It took approx trys to get my cd reader drive to work and install paragon drive backup cos I thought with drives it would be handy to choose which drive to backup and to be able to backup the structure I had set up after so many rebuilds with this computer When I did get it downloaded amp ready to use I then went to setup the backup to find that the Maxtor drive couldn t be located to send the back up there I went to my computer amp it was as if it didn t exist Though prior to the windows backup I had my computer opened several times whilst transferring data from drive to another and it was always there then So I did the basics of closing everything down and rebooting system unplugging the Maxtor drive and starting again shutting down and turning everything off even unplugg... Read more

A:External hard drive not recognised

Me again - I decided to try once more plugging my maxtor drive in... and guess what it turned up on my device manager this time stating 465.76 Gb space 100% free. This has shocked me being that I have attempted this approx 10 times prior to posting during the day and NOW it shows up. The drive has been making noises ever since (10mins +) but it doesnt show up on my computer still. Please please help me. I am going crazy here wondering what the heck is going on. If i have to return the maxtor under warranty and my NEC under its extended warranty then fine - but i really want my data back first.
Wishing for a computer angel.
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Hi I m having a problem with a WD MyBook External Hard Drive I was Hard Drive Being Not Recognised External at a friends house and they accidently knocked my hard drive over the drive was standing upright on the floor as we were about to use it plugged in to the power but not in the computer External Hard Drive Not Being Recognised and she accidently knocked it and it fell on its side I then went to use it and it wasnt working was not being recognised by my friends computer When I got back to my computer I tried it and the same thing is happening there is a noise coming from it and the light is on saying it is connected to a computer but it has not come up in Computer as anything and it does not come up when connected to my ps It would be annoying enough that the hard drive may be broken but only days ago I did a clean install of my computer and this is my only back up and there are so many personal and important documents that have yet to be transferred over nbsp

A:External Hard Drive Not Being Recognised

I have some bad news for you. if the drive was on when it was knocked over, the heads were in near-contact with the drive platters. That means that the heads probably hit the platter while it was spinning (this is called a head crash). Your drive is probably hosed.

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my wd hard drive is no longer being recognised by my laptop, absolutly nothing happens when i plug it in. it does however work on my mothers laptop. please can you help.

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Okay, basically, all the information..I have external casings for my old hard drives from my old laptop. I let my mum borrow one of the old drives, and unfortunately, it would seem as though she has broken it, when it was working perfectly before.

I have it so it's partitioned, one which is FAT formatted, and one which is NTFS formatted. It's total size is 250gb.

When I plug it into my previous laptop it makes a different noise (kind of like an alarm) as opposed to the usual fan type noise it makes. And this is what I get as far as it being recognised;

But it does not show up where it would do usually as a drive (e.g. (F: ))

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I really need the files on this drive asap!

A:External Hard Drive seems to be recognised, but no access :( PLEASE HELP
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Hi, i have an external hard drive and it was running great. I then turned off my computer, took it out the usb so i could move the case. Put it back in the slot. turned on comp and got the following message..

"USB device not recognised.
One of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it."

I'm certain i didnt damage the hard drive and I've tried different usb sockets. all of them in fact. and they work with other things.

I am using windows vista ultimate.

Please help

A:USB device not recognised. External Hard Drive

Bump.... Please help i need those files back
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Hi everyone this not drive external Solved: recognised hard yet another seems to be a common theme but the threads I have read don t seem to match my problem exactly or don t end up resolved My portable hdd was working fine in both laptops one NEC vista one NEC netbook windows I loaded a movie into the portable hdd to transfer from one laptop to the other as the other one is connected through the tv It seemed to accept the file fine but when I tried Solved: yet another external hard drive not recognised to load it into the other pc it didn t recognise the hard drive It doesn t recognise it in the original pc either and there is no sign of it when I use disc manager The hard drive lights up ok feels like the disc is spinning small vibration feeling the usb connections seem fine Its a serial ata type and usb but no identifying mark for a manufacturer I used it for backing up my desk top files I m not too worried about the files on the portable drive as the desk top originals are still ok at least I hope so as the computer is being shipped from the uk to Japan as I type Things are complicated as the laptops have Japanese versions of windows but I have friends who can help me read the Japanese Anyone have any good ideas as I have no idea where to start because I can t see anything Many thanks in advance Rumi nbsp

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I borrowed my friends external hard drive. I was working fine on my PC. Now however when I plug it in I can not access it.
When I plug it into the USB the icon on bottom right of screen with green arrow, shows I have the device plugged in, but My Computer does not show the hard drive.
I plugged the hard drive into my work laptop and same thing happens.
My PC recognises other USB devices such as ipod and USB stick.
The hard drive is Western Digital.
I am on Windows XP.
I am unsure what has happened. I did one day accidentally knock it out of the USB port one day but I believe this problem existed before this.
Can you please help me as this drive has back up data on it from my friends work so I don't want to lose it.

Thank you!

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I have a western digital external hard drive that I use for day to day work.

I recently put it into a laptop PC to copy the contents of a hard drive, it appears that something 'went wrong' in the process and I now cannot access the hard drive.

When I plug it in, I get the standard 'power surge on USB hub' and the light on the front of the hard drive (suggesting that it is still working).

My thought was to re-format the drive, although I am unsure of how to go about this when I cannot access it, or does anyone have any ideas how I could revert the error?

Any advice/solutions would be greatly appreciated!!

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iv had my Iomega hdd for about a year at most and its been fine, yesterday the usb cable was accidentally unplugged from the hdd while still connected to my laptop. Now when the hdd is plugged in, it makes beeping noises for a few seconds and the green light indicated power but it doesnt have any motor running sounds and it is not recognised by my laptop. I tried it on my family computer and its the same problem. I have tried restarting and no changes. I have attempted checking the disk management and as far as i can see it is not there either, and when i run F:\ it is unavailable.
any help is very much appreciated, as usual in these cases theres lots of important files i need off it!!
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i have a seagate external hard drive that my computer no longer recognises even though it used to, i have tried all three of my USB ports and it still wont work even though they work for other things but when i connect the hard drive to my TV it is recognised and can b used so im assuming its setting on my pc? what can i do?

A:my external hard drive is not recognised anymore by my computer

Hello lozzi, welcome to Seven Forums!

Is the HDD listed in diskpart?
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I have bought a brand new 500gb Seagate Barracuda Hard drive and a New Icy box enclosure for it. After putting it together and plugging it in to the computer, It displays a message saying device not recognised by the computer and that it may have malfunctioned (but it is new). I guessed i would need to partition and format it so i went to disk management but it is not listed!??? It is also not in my computer however it is in device management but has a yellow explanation mark. which reads (unknown device) and the description reads Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). Please help!!!

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I have attached a Seagate GG external hard drive to my computer but external recognised computer hard drive my by Seagate not it is not showing up in My Computer I have browsed similar threads and on their advice gone into Device Manager The drive is there but with no letter assigned to it but when I right click to assign Seagate external hard drive not recognised by my computer one it refers me to Windows Help which is unable to solve the problem There are actually two extra ikons in Device Manager - one marked FAT Healthy EISA Configuration and the other just marked GPT Protective Partition The device is acknowledged as working properly in Device Manager The files on this drive were created on a Mac which may be the source of the problem Most of them I will therefore not be able to read but there is one which is a mov file which I should be able to read and hopefully copy - if I can access it Is there any way I can access the drive via my PC Windows XP or will the drive have been formatted for Mac only and therefore is inaccessible via PC I'm afraid that's the best I can manage in terms of technical information Any advice would be much appreciated please

A:Seagate external hard drive not recognised by my computer

I would venture a guess that the simple answer is that the drive was formatted for a Mac and windows is unable to recognize it as such. Now, being said that, with the newer technologies and emulators that Macs and PCs use, I am not 100% sure.

Now for the dumb question, have you tried plugging it back onto the Mac and see if you can read it and copy the file and then format it to the pc so you can use it? that is, if you will need it more on the PC than on the Mac.
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I had been using my Hitachi 320g external HD for 2yrs.It had not problem until yesterday I transfering some files from my Drive C to Hitachi HD when the computer hang.I unpluged the external HD and restart PC.When I pluged in the external HD again it was recognised as interrnal HD.I've problem accessing the files.The PC detected it was FAT32 since my system was NTFS and asked me to reformat my external HD.I tried connect to other PC but no different.
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I recently purchased a Samsung quot GB USB external hard disk on eBay and received it just this morning After a bit of testing I decided I wanted to separate it into two partitions one for data and one for my Wii games When I tried to do that using Windows XP s disk manager it went formatted then returned a plain quot Format did not complete successfully quot with no additional info Then the hard drive just disappeared Windows explorer will not detect it it will make the quot USB device connected disconnected quot noises upon plugging it in or unplugging it from the computer however and neither will the disk manager which means I can t simply delete the partition and format again The blue LED indicating connection between the drive and the computer does blink when I plug the drive in and then it remains static until I unplug it Any help is really really appreciated I ll gladly provide additional information recognised External 500GB) drive not format failed; hard (Samsung to the best of my knowledge nbsp

A:External hard drive (Samsung 500GB) format failed; not recognised
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I'm looking to upgrade my Windows 7 OS from 32-bit to 64-bit. I have checked that my processor supports a 64-bit OS, which it does.

My question is this:

I have an external drive with about 1.6TB of purchased iTunes data currently plugged into my laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. After I finish upgrading to a 64-bit OS, when I plug this drive back in (or any USB drive for that matter), will it prompt a re-format before letting me use it in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit?



A:Plugging in an external drive to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit?

Only the operating system is either 32bit or 64. The file system is NTFS and will be just fine when you have 64bit installed.

Just remember 64 bit uses a bit more resources, but then you get to use the remainder of RAM in your 4 gigs which you cant now.
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I whiped my laptop and re installed installing in removable cpu after windows my shuts when plugging drive re off hard windows xp and now when I plug in any of my removable hard drives or an empty port usb hub a blue screen flashes for such a short amount of time i cant read one after re installing windows my cpu shuts off when plugging in removable hard drive word The computer will re start and go to the screen that asks if I would like to start windows normally or with my last known configuration that worked This does not happen however when I plug in my receiver for my wireless mouse in the same port These devices I am plugging in works fine on any other computer I have other usb ports which does not work I am at the beginning of a business trip that will last weeks and all my info is on these removable drives so this could not have happened at a worse time This is on my Toshiba laptop -s I have the disks for my drivers and installed the st one fine The after re installing windows my cpu shuts off when plugging in removable hard drive other didnt give me options to install anything I tried to go to the Toshiba website and download the drivers but I couldnt find them Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:after re installing windows my cpu shuts off when plugging in removable hard drive

Try this... Start> right click on My Computer> Properties> Advanced> Startup and Recovery. Under startup and Recovery click on Settings, uncheck the box in Automatically restart under System failure. This will stop the automatic restarts. Once this is done you should get an error message rather than restarting. Please post the exact error message.
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Hi all I have recently had a second hard drive a GB Seagate ATA to be specific installed into my home PC The primary hard drive is a GB Western Digital ATA hard drive I had a technician help me install the second hdd and not hard-drive recognised Windows XP! by Slave we made sure to configure all the jumper leads and settings ok etc In BIOS it recognizes the hard drives I have had Linux Slave hard-drive not recognised by Windows XP! installed onto the second hard drive so I know all the cables are set correctly The thing is when I boot into Windows XP I cannot see the secondary hdd when I open quot My Computer quot is there anyway I can quot see it quot and retrieve data When I boot into Linux I can see my primary hdd which is in NTFS and has WXP on it just fine I m not sure if the issue of not being able to see the second hdd whilst in WXP is because the second one is in a Linux format or not I suppose if it is the case and there is no way around it this thread will be easily answered nbsp

A:Slave hard-drive not recognised by Windows XP!

Windows is not going to "see" a linux file system. Windows supports ie can see fat16, fat32, and ntfs.
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My 500Gb Sumodisk USB hard disk is not recognised by my 2 Windows machines. Devide manager states the Drivers are not installed.

When i connect the hard disk to another laptop running XP it sees the drive and works perfectly.

The disk manager states XP is using the USBSTOR.SYS and USBSTOR.INF (is this correct or is UBSTOR ?) and can these located in Windows 7 and used as the device drivers ?

A:Sumodisk USB hard drive not recognised Windows 7

The generic Microsoft drivers for all external hard drives are built in to all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7, therefore your installation of Windows 7 may be faulty with some drivers having been missed out for some reason.

Try running the System File Checker:

Start >> Run
Type sfc /scannow
Click 'OK'
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I have plugged in my CORE hard drive, the blue light comes on. I then insert the USB cable into my USB port in my laptop.... nothing. No "windows has detected a new device", no recognition in 'my computer', just nothing at all.

Apparently this is a very common issue, but I still have not found any solutions.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Sarah x

A:Solved: CORE CnM 1TB Hard Drive Not Recognised On Windows 7, Please Help!

are we talking about a external harddrive ???

restart the computer with drive plugged in and then
enter Bios to see if it is listed in Bios.
is this drive brand new out of the box????
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I have 2 external hard discs which I use for back up purposes. Both are on the hardware compatibility list:

Iomega 1 Tb drive connected via usb (no lights and completely dead)
Seagate 160 Mg Freeagent classic (power seems to come on when connected via usb)

After installing Windows 7 32bit neither are recognised as a device or on disc management. Both work perfectly on XP and Vista

Any ideas

A:External Hard Disc not recognised

See this thread.

External Hard Drive Not Detected
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I have a Seagate External Hard Disk connected to my Vista computer by USB I do not keep my Hard Disk switched on all the External recognised. not Hard Disk time because I only use it for extra storage I never usually shut down my Computer as I find sleep mode excellent My problem is that often when I switch off the HD and try to switch it on again at a later date the computer does not recognise it It does not register on Windows Explorer Switching the HD off and on does not cure it This does not happen every time but when it does the External Hard Disk not recognised. only way I can cure it is to do a restart which I find takes too long on Vista The restart solves the problem External Hard Disk not recognised. every time I there any cure for this problem Incidentally every time I switch off the HD I go through the Safely Remove Hardware routine And I have another Freecom HD which never gives me this problem although it is used very infrequently Also My USB devices work through a powered hub but by-passing the hub does not make a difference and I never have this difficulty with any of my other USB devices Allan nbsp

A:External Hard Disk not recognised.

I have not received any offers of help in response to this post. Are there no suggestions at all? Allan
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Hey guys, i usually build my own systems, but my knowledge is pretty limited, i've always had 1 HD (250gb) in my pc, and now i have bought a new 1Tb hd. I have no idea how to plug it into my pc, and make it the main Hardrive to boot my new operating systems from. And usually the cables come with the HD, this time they didnt, so i dont even know what cables to get,.

Thats the exact link of my HD:
Its in norwegian, might wanna use google translator :

Or the name of the HD itself is: WD CaviarŪ Black 1TB 3,5", SATA

You can use all the technical words you want, if i dont get them, i might aswell research em
Thanks in Advance

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Hi - some advice please.
Trying to recover data from my poorly laptop disc before i reset to factory settings. On my netbook (Win7 Home Premium) i am using some usb connected kit with my 2.5" Seagate disc attached to try to bring it up as an external device to recover my data.
On the netbook, the device is recognised ok in Device Manager but doesn't show up in 'My Computer'. I've tried Disc Management and the disc is shown in the bottom list as Drive 1 and flagged as unallocated - not sure where i go from there. I'm sure i've come across a problem with the ext disc having been Drive C on another system so could clash with the netbook Drive C ?? Any advice greatly appreciated guys.

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I have just bought a SATA external enclosure for the hard drive removed from an old laptop.
When I plug it into any of the usb ports on my CQ70 laptop (running Windows Vista home premium) it won't show up in My Computer.
I followed some of the instructions found on these sites and did the following:
right click on Computer, click "Manage" then clicked on "Disk management". Apparently at this stage I should see a list of disks with numbers but all that is showing up is "Disk 0", dvd drive, C: drive and D: recovery drive.

Can anyone help?

A:External drive not recognised

Are you sure the old hard drive is functional? What is the indicator light on the enclosure doing?
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Hi, I have an external drive Transcend 500GB which works fine with all the other computers I connect it to: windows7 32bits, windows7 64bits pro, but I have now a windows8 64bits pro and most of the times, the laptop doens't recognise the disk. I have to plug and unplig the disk many times before I get a chance that the disk is recognised.The disk doesn't appear anywhere in the laptop (computer management nor explorer). Any tip?Thanks
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS drive recognised External not Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb External drive not recognised Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB H Total External drive not recognised - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard TOSHIBA Portable PC Antivirus None Maxtor external drive doesn t show up on either laptop running Win or PC running XP It connects to the computers from mini External drive not recognised USB to USB plugs Mini usb out gt usb plug gt nd usb plug I ve tried using both plugs on each computer though only one was needed to run well before Nothing makes the computer recognise that it s connected Can anything be done to get it working Thanks for any help you can give me nbsp

A:External drive not recognised

the external enclosure is probably dead...pull the hdd and connect it to the INSIDE of a tower or use a SATA/IDE to USB adapter. ( I say SAT/IDE because I don't know which yous is)
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Bought a new external HDD but my computer won't recognise it The lights are on but no-one's home so to speak I've tried unplugging it and plugging it in again Tried restarting it with drive External not recognised Drive attached Tried it with the supplied -headed-USB lead and with a different lead in several different USB ports - back front hub powered hub The best result I got was that once the computer tried to load the drivers for the device and then said the device was not recognised and got the quot try again or replace the device quot message It doesn't show up at all in the device manager so I can't even update the drivers to make it work This computer has done this before with a couple of other External Drive not recognised devices -most recently with a hard drive that used to work on this machine until the power supply for External Drive not recognised it burnt out but then I had to do a fresh reload of Windows and suddenly the HDD won't show up even with a new power supply Usually it's a case of finding drivers or firmware or windows updates that fixes it but since I bought this from ebay without packaging and don't even know what model the HDD is I'm going to have trouble finding the right program for this one The HDD did work for a few minutes on my Windows laptop so the HDD should be functioning though it then decided to reject it from that computer too so maybe driver issues there as well Any ideas

A:External Drive not recognised

So, you bought a "new" HDD without packaging and have no idea what brand and model number it is? There's no markings anywhere to signify the model number? Any reputable hard drive maker will indicate this very pertinent information somewhere, in addition to all the stampings of approval from various authorities (UL, CE, FCC, etc). Either the seller stripped off the placard or put the drive in a generic casing, both of which raise the suspicion meter into the uneasy zone. FWIW, I recommend you stick to brand new sealed package HDD's in the future. It brings a peace of mind as well as the recourse to return it or get warranty service. With this particular HDD, you may not even have the chance to return it to the eBay seller if it is established that it is faulty.

If your Vista installed computer has a history of not recognizing other devices, this compounds the problem. But, you say that the HDD worked only for a few minutes in W7 before it ended up "rejected" or not recognized. Maybe you have a bad USB cable. Try swapping that out and getting the HDD to work on your W7 machine before anything else. You want to establish that it's a functioning device before dealing with the problem child Vista computer.

Finally, be sure you've applied SP2 (service pack 2) to Vista and run Windows Update to get all of the latest updates. Earlier versions of Vista had device driver issues that were rectified in SP2 and later.
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I have a MECER external drive which suddenly is not recognised by one computer, but is recognised by the other. Both computers have legit XP Professional operating systems which are up to date. I have no problem with my other VANTEC external USB drives.

The MERCER used to work then would not, so I took it to MERCER agent who "repaired" it. Then it worked for a while then stoped again. Took it back to agent who tested it & said there is nothing wrong. Brought it back and it worked - for a while, now its gone again. All along it has always worked on my older 2ND computer.

I have tried different USB ports, changed USB cables, reformated the drive on my 2ND computer - still no luck. I get the message:

"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognise it"

A:External USB Drive not recognised

No Response? I have done a search on this forum and read through 500 similar threads to mine and still have no answer.

since my drive works on my 2nd computer the drive and the inclosure must be OK? Since both computers have XP Professional does that mean it cant be a problem with the operating system?

So that leaves the computer hardware. Is there a conflict between the inclosure and the motherboard???

Why is the problem not always there??????
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I have Windows 8 installed on my SSD and I thought I'd plug in my HDD as well. I started up the PC, the HDD was found and there were no problems.
But it only took about 5 minutes and I got a BSOD. I don't know if this had to something to do with the HDD or if it might be due to something else.
Earlier I also recieved an error message when shutting the pc off, I don't know exactly what it said. Something about Memory...
Perhaps you'll find somehing in the logs as I have no idea what to look for.
It's strange that I've had two problem like this after only hours with Windows 8, while I cannot remember ever having a BSOD in Windows 7.
I would really appreciate any help! Thank you in advance!

A:BSOD after plugging in hard drive

Hi again.
Just wondering if there is something I can do to find what caused the BSOD? What can I do with the .dmp file? Can I find the error code somewhere?
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i have a 10GB second hard drive that i put in my computer a few months ago, and then i took it out about a month ago. now when i try to put it back it, it gives me this really long error message.

MAC ADDR: 00 03 47 D0 4B 46








it goes back to normal when i take it out, but i really need the extra space.
anyone know anything about this? if so, i would really appreciate some help.

thank you

A:error when plugging in 2nd hard drive

turn off your boot to lan in the bios
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Hi I recently got a Dell Poweredge PC to upgrade with Windows K installed on a SATA Y M hard drive that is partitioned into sections I removed the drive and connected it USB after with in .dmp hard file Help plugging drive. to a USB adapter and another PC and copied all of the data to save to one Help with .dmp file after plugging in USB hard drive. of the other partitions I then formatted the C partition but I could only format it in FAT and it would not allow me to format with NTFS I installed the drive back into the Dell and booted XP to start a new install When it got to the setup screen Press Enter to install and I pressed enter it BSOD I Help with .dmp file after plugging in USB hard drive. have now connected it back to my USB adapter and whenever I connect it to my computer it takes a minidump and restarts It also does this if I connect it to the onboard SATA controller I m bricking it here that this data is lost any help would be much appriciated Here is the minidump Microsoft R Windows Debugger Version X Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File E Mini - dmp Mini Kernel Dump File Only registers and stack trace are available Symbol search path is Invalid Symbol loading may be unreliable without a symbol search path Use symfix to have the debugger choose a symbol path After setting your symbol path use reload to refresh symbol locations Executable search path is Symbols can not be loaded because symbol path is not initialized The Symbol Path can be set by using the NT SYMBOL PATH environment variable using the -y lt symbol path gt argument when starting the debugger using sympath and sympath Unable to load image SystemRoot system ntkrnlpa exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa exe ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa exe Windows Server Windows Vista Kernel Version Service Pack MP procs Free x compatible Product WinNt suite TerminalServer SingleUserTS Machine Name Kernel base x PsLoadedModuleList x fc Debug session time Mon May GMT System Uptime days Symbols can not be loaded because symbol path is not initialized The Symbol Path can be set by using the NT SYMBOL PATH environment variable using the -y lt symbol path gt argument when starting the debugger using sympath and sympath Unable to load image SystemRoot system ntkrnlpa exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa exe ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa exe Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User Symbols Loading unloaded module list Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck A c WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for fastfat SYS ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for fastfat SYS WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for fltmgr sys ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for fltmgr sys WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for symsnap sys ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for symsnap sys WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for mountmgr sys ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for mountmgr sys Kernel symbols are WRONG Please fix symbols to do analysis Your debugger is not using the correct symbols In order for this command to work properly your symbol path must point to pdb files that have full type information Certain pdb files such as the public OS symbols do not contain the required information Contact the group that provided you with these symbols if you need this command to work Type referenced nt KPRCB Your debugger is not using the correct symbols In order for this command to work properly your symbol path must point to pdb files that have full type information Certain pdb files such as the public OS symbols do not contain the required information Contact the group that provided you with these symbols if you need this command to work Type referenced nt KPRCB Your debugger is not using the correct ... Read more
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I recently bought a new motherboard but it only has 1 IDE port for hard drives. My secondary hard drive does not have a SATA port on it either, at least I don't think I saw one. Is there any other way to plug in my secondary hard drive for it to work?

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I have a USB external hard drive that I unplugged from my pc and plugged into a Mac to transfer some files from. The Mac recognized the drive and files but wouldn't let me put any files onto it, stating it was read-only. Oh well, so I unplugged it and now my pc (and others) won't even recognize the drive, giving me a message "one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it." Oh crap...

Here's my question - is it just a question of drivers or did that skanky Mac put some stink on the drive that is irreversable? There are files on there that I'd like to recover if it is indeed messed up now. How do I reverse this Mac curse?

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Yesterday my computer suddenly had a bluescreen named MEMORY MANAGEMENT I tried to restart my computer but it would keep crashing when starting Here is what I have narrowed down so far My secondary TB GPT internal hard drive I use for storing my libraries and the page file causes the bluescreen When starting my computer Plugging BSOD Drive MEMORY_MANAGEMENT in Hard When without the drive it does so without problems I'm guessing the cause for this was the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD When Plugging in Hard Drive loose SATA connector to the drive I'm guessing it unplugged while the system was running causing something to get corrupted or something similar Something interesting to note is whenever the bluescreen happens with that drive connected the progress for making a minidump is stuck at and never finishes leading me to think this problem is related to the page file configuration I had to change the settings to get a dump to post I ran chkdsk f on both my drives and memtest Any help would be highly appreciated

A:MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD When Plugging in Hard Drive

Huh. After uninstalling a bunch of programs the problem was fixed. I thought I removed every program that I installed right before the issue ... Sorry to bother you guys.
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I have desk top Windows XP proff and Toshiba a135-s4677 laptop runnung VISTA home.
My Fantom 120Gig HD worked fine on USB desktop running XP Prof. I attatched it to my laptop and did some saving music files. Connected back to Desktop. At start up windows said it needed to do a disk check (blue screen) I went ahead and the process frozed half way. Now the external drive cannot not be recognised by any computer. HELP I need my saved files !!!
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Because the cable that comes with the CD drive I have is not long enough, and I have to buy a longer one, but I can't find it on any sites because I don't know what it's called. Can anyone help?

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I bought a SATA drive and seperate external enclosure, but I've been unable to get XP to recognise as a drive. The enclosure is USB 2, into my USB 1 port. When connected I get the "safely remove hardware" icon, but no recognition of a drive in My Computer, Computer Managementc. I've tried it with an ATA drive, the enclosure works fine, and I've tried the SATA drive in another PC, again no problems. Partition Magic won't start up, saying I have a "Bad Partition Table"(!) The only things I can think of are

1. I have no SATA on my laptop and
2. it might be a dodgy SATA cable (although I think that's unlikely)

Any suggestions? I am at a complete loss as to what to do! Thanks in advance!!

A:External SATA drive not recognised as harddrive

TomMcLaren said:

1. I have no SATA on my laptop andClick to expand...

I`m thinking you might need a PCMCIA card like this - but not necessarily that particular one.
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Hi I have windows 7 with a Verbatim 1TB external drive, the system is not recognising the external drive. When I switch it off and back on again it then recognises it and loads it in My Computer. I have another external USB drive which works just fine. This problem started after I formatted the PC and reinstalled windows 7. It worked fine before under the same OS. I tried another wire and plugged it into another port but still have the same problem. Anything else I can try?

A:Verbatim 1TB External drive not recognised on boot

Run a Disk Check if necessary using free Partition Wizard if Windows won't run it or doesn't see the drive.

You don't have Win7 on the external, right?
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Hi guys I have no choice but to get some help in still Solved: it External is recognised but drive readable? this A lot of stuff on this drive is backed up however there are still some important Solved: External drive still recognised but is it readable? things on there that have yet to be baCked up I know I should have backed up a backup of a backup thats kept in a vault but I was caught short on this one It s Solved: External drive still recognised but is it readable? my tb samsung story external hard drive It was dropped today by a colleague So after the drop it was working fine still but after a couple of hours I came back to write some more data to it and it had crashed out In my computer instead of saying the drives name and displaying its samsung icon it simply said local disk followed by available letter G Now I ve tried plugging and unplugging the device in several computers at the office Every single makes the registering noise that windows makes when you plug in a USB It even claims that the drivers are installed However every time I click local disc it should say samsung tb I get nothing Just crashes out and needs me to reboot explorer exe So i get home and try the drive in my xp desktop Nothing at first but I decide to leave it I come back after about an hour and it s running the auto run exe feat But it s running through the files painfully slow I leave that running to see itf it gets any where while I also try and access the files on the hard drive to start copying them over After mins I was able to navigate to what I needed to backup It s still several gigs of files And copying across some jpegs took a good few minutes The images were a smaller resolution and file size to what they used to be which is odd Anyway I did one folder of images and then soon after it disconected making the windows noise but only to reconnect immediately after again making the newly plugged in device noise It s just now it just says local disk g When I click it Xp tells me that the semaphore time-out period has expired I apollogise for any spelling and grammar errors Im using someone s iPad to type this Data recovery isn t an option as that costs too much Also the drive does make a ticking noises in a slighty fasted paced clock tick tock rhythm The led still works so it can t be the power supply Any help or insight into what can be done would be greatly appreciated Many thanks guys nbsp

A:Solved: External drive still recognised but is it readable?

Problem fixed. After the drive was dropped it still worked. The issue unknown to me at the time was that the power cable came out. Thereby crashing the drive. I was setting out to fix this today after researching last night, but the drive now works on the computer it origionally crashed on. Everything is accessible, read And write speeds are back to normal. All I did was plug in as normal but this time the prayer was answered. An Error checking of the disc has come back with no faults. I Never received a reply for my query but thanks for taking the time to check out my problem.
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I have a Classic SL 180Gb drive.

When I plug drive in it asks for a driver which I don't have.

Freecom Support say it must be a problem with my USB port but a different Classic SL drive 80Gb works OK. The 180Gb drive works OK on an XP machine.

Any help much appreciated.

A:USB-Freecom Classic SL External Drive Not Recognised


Finally fixed this after hours of playing around.

I tried the External Classic SL 160Gb in a Vista Home machine and it worked first time. This gave me some useful info re the driver being used which turned out to be Samsung so maybe they provide the hardware for Freecom in this case.

I did a system restore on the Vista Ultimate PC to the earliest possible date since I could not be certain other updates etc were having an effect. I created a new folder under C:\ and named it C:\ usb drivers as detailed elsewhere within the driver forum and copied all INF contents into C:\usb drivers.

After boot up I turned the external drive on and to my amazement it was now identified as a Samsung compared to previous Classic SL description. It looked for the driver and was installed, job done.
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Hope someone maybe able to help. I have a Maxtor External Mini Touch II The Drive is recognised on one computer but not recognised on the computer I wish to use it with.

A:Maxtor External Mini Touch II Drive not recognised

Are the computer's different in any way?
- Mac vs PC
- 32-bit Windows vs 64-bit Windows
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About a month ago I purchased an Hitachi Travelstar USB plug and play external drive to back up my data Unfortunately I had a virus on my computer and I help! drive Hitachi not 60gb external please Travelstar recognised, had to perform a system recovery I since Hitachi Travelstar 60gb external drive not recognised, please help! haven t got around to copy back my docs onto my laptop and today my travelstar has stopped working I plug it in and I get a pop up window in the bottom right hand corner saying that the USB devise has malfunctioned and that it is not recognised The light on the drive is on and when I plug it in I can hear it spinning for a short while then it stops and the nto recognised message pops up I have all my important work saved on the drive and all my precious photographs Is there anyone that can help me please I don t want to use a data recovery company as I can t afford it I would really appreciate any help or suggestions I am very sad to the idea of loosing my precious data and I know I should have copied it back onto my laptop and I did try the other day but I run out of memory on my D drive and didn t manage to finish the copying Sorry for the long post Crissi nbsp

A:Hitachi Travelstar 60gb external drive not recognised, please help!

Have you installed the driver or software for the external hard drive?
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Hi there,

I won't get too deeply into the harrowing saga of how two external hard drives of mine died within days of each other. Rather, I'll just say that I would like to do a virus scan on several external hard drives (including/especially the one I just got to replace the others). In other words, I want to find out if there was a virus or something in the material that I'm putting on the hard drives that makes them die. Could this be possible? If so, how can I conduct a virus scan specifically on the external drives?


A:Scanning an external hard drive for viruses? External Hard drive DRAMA!

In My Computer . . right click the external drive and select Scan with { name of AV }
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I am trying to re-install xp pro on my Toshiba Notebook with an external DVD drive. I am able to boot from the drive and the blue "windows setup" screen begins to load.

After I press enter to set up Window XP, it says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your comptuer...Press F3 to quit.

I am stumped. If I quit setup and I can reboot and load my original windows. Therefore, the hard disk is present and works fine.

How do I get the windows setup to see the hard drive and proceed with setup?


A:Solved: Install Windows with External Dvd Drive - Hard drive not found?

It is usually because the installation cannot recognise the SATA driver for the hard disc
If you have a usb drive load from Toshiba the sata controller drivers
so on the screen for the install you press F6 load drivers and then load the sata driver from the usb - I say usb as I presume you do not have a floppy drive
OR you can include them in a reburnt CD using nLite but that is a longer way round the problem

OR you can TRY try this

Enter your BIOS/Setup Utility
Locate the Serial ATA or SATA configuration section
I’ve seen this section called ‘On Chip Config’ on some Phoenix Award BIOS

On Lenovo/IBM ThinkPads it’s in Config > Serial ATA (Sata)
Change the mode of the SATA controller from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility
Save & Exit
Reboot and begin the Windows Setup again.
If Windows Setup successfully detects your hard disk this time then go ahead and perform the Windows Setup.
When Windows setup completes change the mode back to AHCI in the BIOS
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i'm using windows 7, my external hard drive shows up in my devices and printers section but it won't show up as a drive, so i can't view any files in that external hard drive. if i put a memory card in, it shows up as a drive and a flag shows up for when i want to unplug that drive and it asks if i want to remove my external hard drive too.

normally when i turn on the external hard drive it autoplays but it doesn't do that anymore.

i don't understand why it shows up in my devices and printers but not as a drive when i open windows explorer.

i've looked into the external hard drives properties and it all says that the device is working properly.

A:problem with external hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Go into Control Panel (classic view) ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management.

In bottom-right pane, if you see a horizontal band representing a drive with no drive-letter assigned to it, that's the cause of your problem. You need to give it a drive-letter:

Right-click that horizontal band and choose "Change drive letter and paths".
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Hi there,

anyone know why xp cant see my other hard drive with win98 on it. It picked it up when I went to add hardware and said the hard drive was installed and ready to use but there was no sight of the hard drive it just detected when I looked under MyComputer. Only the Local Disk ? is being displayed. How can I get XP to recognize this drive?



A:Hard Drive Not Recognised By Xp

What is shown on the disk management utility?
type diskmgmt.msc into the run box > click OK > to open the utility.
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Afraid I need your help again!!!!
I have just bought a new HDD to replace my failing one.
I have an IDE/SATA to USB adaptor which I plugged in to clone my drive but neither my laptop or my desktop are recognising the drive. Does it need powering? I thought the SATA cable did this - could I have bought myself a dodgy drive? - or am I just not doing something I should?

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I bought a new hard drive for my computer, i am using windows xp, i connected it all up, and the computer is not recognising it, my primary hard drive is almost full and i really need this hard drive to work.

A:New hard drive not recognised

you can make sure that the drivers you have are compatible.
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Hi guys, Ive seen variants of this question during my searching but have been unable to find an exact solution.
I have Windows XP running from an 80gb SATA drive into my msi 865pe neo3 mobo. I have been trying for the last few hours to get an 80gb ide hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 7200.7) to register with windows to no avail. My BIOS sees it plain as day but when I get to windows it simply doesn't exist. I have tried various BIOS settings and all jumper configurations. It won't appear on the Disk Management Utility for formatting either.

Any suggestions would be incredibly welcome!
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XP, SP1.
I installed a second HD, (IDE), as extra space for files. It is set up correctly as a slave to the main HD and appears in BIOS and on-screen at start-up. Acronis also sees it. However it appears nowhere in Windows, not Device Manager, not Disk Management, not Add hardware, you name it, it's not there.

I formatted it with Acronis as logical, assuming the computer sees the two drives as one. That's one possible clanger. Can you suggest anything else? This ought be so simple.

By the by, I looked at the Hitachi site and mine doesn't appear on their list of HDs - I've asked them how to find it. There was no driver with the HD and they say drivers are no longer needed for XP.

A:second hard drive not recognised

How did you format a drive that the OS can't see?
You may have better luck with Cable Select.
What's the computer specs (Make, Model, Mobo, etc.)?
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Hi, i just purchased a new seagate SATA2 500 gig hard drive, with the intention of cloning my primary disk due to: 'pri master hard disk smart status bad'

I currently have 3 IDE drives and when i connect up the new drive it is not recognised, and showing up as a CD-Rom drive

Does anyone know how i can fix this or of any common problems between IDE and SATA2

any help will be greatly appreciated


A:new hard drive not recognised

Check in Disk Management of the Administrative Tools -> Computer Management in the control panel. See if you see your drive in there. Brand new drives don't have a partition set up on them yet, so Windows can't read/write to them, you'll have to create a partition first, which can be done in disk management.

Are you sure its showing up as a cd drive? I've never heard of that.
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ive been hleping a friend out a couple of days now with his pc cos it screwed up.
the day his comp screwed he rang the company for his pc, the told him to go on the setup and the HD was not recognised, so they told him to do something to delete somethin go the HD but couldn't, so the person on the phone told him to put the restore disk in and redo windows and that worked fine.

So today i installed the broadband modem for him and the PC worked fine. Then i downloaded and installed Norton Anti-virus and internet security wich worked fine. Then i updated it and restarted it like it said, Then it just wouldn't load up, i looked on the setup screen and the HD wasn't recognised.

Any ideas why its not working ?

Thx for the help

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I purchased a 20 gig Fujitsu h drive in a sale, hooked it up to my old p2 computer, it does recognise it at start up but not in win explorer. It is probably wiped clean, but it is spinning. I have tried setting all drives to auto in set up, different jummper configs on drives, but nothing happens. I have tried a known good drive but still it wont see it. If the computer wont see it how can I format it. I have a feeling the drive is ok and something else is wrong> Interested to hear you views on this one. regards Dotry

A:hard drive not recognised

I assume you are adding it as a 2nd Hard Drive to a computer. Make sure its hooked to the secondary IDE Cable connector, and the cable connector is inserted well enough into the back of the hard drive. Make the 2nd hard drive a slave, you can do that by changing the jumper on the back of that HD.

When all this is done, boot up your comp with a boot disk, run the FDISK command and create a new partition so you can begin using the hard drive
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my hard drive had a red light. I bought a new USB cable and red light went back to blue one but although hard drive appears in computer it is showing as empty. None of my shortcuts for files stored in it are working and it looks like everything has gone.please help

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i have been trying to format an old external hard drive that was previously used on my Macbook laptop, i have run disk utility in OSX and formatted it as MS DOS - when i plugged the HD into my PC it said intalling drivers and successfully installed them and it said device ready to use - but i cant find the HD anywhere??? i use windows 64bit HP.

A:HArd Drive not recognised

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management with old external hard drive?

Screenshot tools.
A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
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Am hoping someone can offer a simple solution here!

I have just had to reformat both my hard drives and reinstall windows on the primary/master drive. I have a program from Maxtor to wipe the second drive, which I ran overnight last night.

The computer boots up fine, and a little message came up in the corner of the desktop saying 'new hardware found, hard drive' but its not showing up in my computer.

I have checked the cables and the switches, all are in the right place, am not sure what else it can be - all help appreciated!


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Current PC GB HD with Win SE I have just added a new hard drive Excelstor GB ATA which I want to install Win XP onto it but cannot get it to be New not as recognised C: drive hard the C drive it always comes out as F Steps taken so far Set jumpers on new drive as master Set jumpers on old drive New hard drive not recognised as C: as slave Using the existing cable for the old drive connected the new drive to the end of the cable and the old drive which was at the end of the cable now to be in the New hard drive not recognised as C: middle Booted from floppy at the A prompt could only see C and this was the old drive Set BIOS to allow boot from CD Re-booted with WinXP disk in CD drive WinXP started to install - but it saw C as the old drive and allowed me to create a partition on the new drive which it named F After WinXP installed OK re-set BIOS not boot from CD Re-boot and PC loads WinXP with no apparent problems - except that it is all F drive What have I done wrong I want WinXP to be on the new drive as C and use the old drive as a different letter Help suggestions please Many thanks nbsp

A:New hard drive not recognised as C:

I have had the same probs in the past with Win XP and usually have to resort to disconnecting the old drive, loading XP on the new drive....which is now the c: drive.....and then reconnect the old drive which will now be your F; drive. Its not a very glamorous fix I know, but it works.
I have a zip drive on my machine which it sometimes calls the c: drive if I need to reload XP and my hard drive as the F: drive. Yet if I redo the installation, the second time it will correctly call my hard drive the C: drive......go figure...cos I can't.
Someone on here may have a better fix.
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hi everyone i was installing windows xp today on my dell mini 9 and i then decided i didnt want to continue so i stupidly switched the power off. Now the bios recognises the hard dive but xp says there is nothing there, no free space, nothing... and gparted dosn't see it either but the bios still does...
Help!!! Please

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Good Afternoon I have a GB SV D samsung hard drive which i previuosly have had problems installing into a computer At work we also have an HP Brio Mhz with sufficient ram and a GB hard drive which we want to add a new hard drive to we bought a GB IDE Hitachi SKU hard drive being Hard drive not recognised and want to replace the GB with this GB problem is that in both cases Hard drive not being recognised they are not recognised In the case of the works GB this a virgin drive - never been installed before the brio appears to recognse the drive in the device manager and on boot up in the bios it is recognised and for some reason only is listed as just over GB in size But in My Computer - it is not shown is there a way of getting the pc to recognise it we are attempting to create an image of the GB and transfer it to the GB and then use this as the Master using GHOST intentionally retiring the GB In the case of the SV it did originally work but now does not seem to want to work with any pc is there a way of also getting this to work If there is a quick way of resolving these i would be very greatful Best regards Phil nbsp

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O/S: XP Pro SP2
Hard Drive: 80 Gb

I have problem with my PC. 3 days ago my pc was runnig perfect and smoothly but yesterday when i tried to open it, didn't work.

It dont come to the place where you login! Doesn't even show the welcome screen.

I tried to connect the hard disk as a usb to another pc. It loads up, installs it as a device, shows it in device manager as a usb device but doesnt show anything on My Computer.

I need to get some files in the hard disk but dont know how!

Can anyone help me? Please!!

Waiting for your replies!!


A:My hard drive is not recognised

I tried to connect the hard disk as a usb to another pcClick to expand...

Do this instead

Open the working computer up (side cover off, and power off too!)
Unplug the CD/DVD Drive data cable
Plug the faulty HardDrive into the data cable, and also plug in one of the molex power cables (you can use the CD/DVD Drive's power cable too)

Make sure the HardDrive won't hit anything and short it
Turn on
Once Windows finds the new Drive, then check My Computer
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Hi all new member here and am very emotional lol I recently had to Not 2nd Recognised after Formatted! drive was Drive Master Hard reinstall windows on my pc and had to swop the drives over as it wouldn t install windows over the original c disk I got windows installed fine onto the master disk and all works well until I try to plug in my second drive which has all the original windows files on it and needs formatting It then tells me there is a system disk error or it just wont boot up at all I ve checked all my cables power leads and the master slave switches on both drives and all seems fine there In the advances cmos it has the following listings - first master - none won t auto detect either first slave - samsung this is what windows is now installed on and should be 2nd Hard Drive Not Recognised after Master drive was Formatted! set as master second master - dvd-rw second slave - cd-rom drive am at a loss as to what else I can do now any advice is appreciated thanks Tess nbsp

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i have a freecom external hard drive. it was working fine until one day it decided to stop working.

this light on the drive lights up but i can't hear anything working inside it. and now it won't show up as a drive when i open windows explorer.

please help?

A:External hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Hi have you tried it in another computer to see if it works there
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Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series
I have this laptop. My question is why would you sell a computer with 32GB hard drive when you know the OS will take up 20GB? How am I supposed to use this computer? I can't upgrade the HD and why should I buy an external drive for a laptop?
I am so utterly confused.

A:Can't use laptop because Windows 10 is using 90% of the hard drive, what can I do besides using an external drive?

This isn't a true notebook - it's a glorified tablet/internet appliance.  It's fine as a Windows substitute for a chromebook, but forget running anything demanding on it -- it's designed for a single purpose:  to be inexpensive.
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I have been given a Dell Optiplex to repair by a work colleague and it is giving me problems Tryin got boot goes through BIOS and POSt up to the quot windows loading quot screen at which point it crashed to a blue screen with an quot unmounted disk quot error I removed the drive and Dell hard drive recognised not tried to use it in a USB external casing and cannot get it recognised at all in any of Dell hard drive not recognised other computers The drive is an old IDE and as my current rigs are all SATA no IDE connections I cannot easily connect it directly The question is thus can I do anything to get the drive recognised or fix the unmounted drive error Web search turned up a few basics use pin connector didnt work it was already there but nothing useful I was considering EasyBCD or equivalent but cannot find a bootable version probably me just being blind Any ideas welcome- my colleagues wife has a large number of photos stored on the drive she wats and his life is hanging by a thread I did explain about backups but after the event is no use and I suspect if he used the arguement at home portions of his anatomy would experiece pain nbsp

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My 160gig hard drive is recognised by windows and i can see it on bios it is detected but when i open my computer its not there i cant assign a drive letter to it or anything i cant access it [/URL][/IMG]
i have windows xp sp2 with Western digital HD's and yes i've checked all the connectors and tried new connectors. can any one plz help me

A:Hard Drive Unreadable but recognised

Is this new drive SATA or PATA. If the former has it been enabled in the bios?
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Hi all hope someone can help.

I recently bought a new Iomega 500GB external hard drive. Working away fine for weeks but since yesterday my laptop (Toshiba Satellitte A215 with Vista) is giving a "USB Device not recognised" message when I connect it. All work info on the drive so really need to get access.. Tried docinnecting and reconnection numerous times and to different USB ports but same result each time.

Any ideas appreciated !


A:Iomega Hard Drive not recognised

Hi all, forget this thread.. it just started working again for some reason.

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Hi I have a Buffalo ministation HD-PF U gb portable hard drive and an ASUS laptop running Vista The problem is this Whenever I plug my hard drive in its light begins green but turns yellow and the computer makes absolutely no indication that it has recognised it I went to device manager and saw a USB Mass Storage Device apparently recognised being recognised Hard Buffalo not Drive but nothing in My Computer and no way to access it So I chose to uninstall this Mass Storage Device on Device Manager since Device Manager told me it was still plugged in even when it wasn t and then plugged my hard drive back in I got the installing device driver software Buffalo Hard Drive not being recognised message and was told it was all fine but the light went yellow again and still no way to access the files I ve tried microsofts MATS program for devices and that tells me that some hardware changes have not been recognised but that it has fixed the problem It tells me this every time I run it Any advice Thanks all Bob nbsp
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Recently my computer has been running very slow I haven t recently downloaded or installed anything it was just all of a sudden I ran AVG and disk defragmenter but it did not help I have hard drives C drive which has the operating system installed on it and D drive that has all my files music photos video Whenever I tried to open D drive it took almost a minute for it to open and it was the same for every folder on the drive This was Solved: Hard recognised not drive happening for the last or days and then just before I tried to open D drive and got the error telling me that the drive wasn t formatted and asked me if i wanted to format it I clicked no as I didn t want to lose my files Solved: Hard drive not recognised by formatting and restarted the pc and now it s not showing at all in my computer I checked the device manager and disk management and it s not showing up on that either How can I get my computer to recognise the drive again without losing my files Computer is running Windows Just got a error message saying Windows - Corrupt File Exception processing message After some more research I think my hard drive has died If so is there any way I can recover files off a dead hard drive nbsp
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I erased all data on a spare internal hard drive to use for backup, but Acronis wont recognise it. My Computer just says disk empty. What do I need to do to make it usable. I am using Windows 7. Any help will be appreciated.
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The problem is that whenever my power management settings spool down my 2 internal hard drives, (or of course, the system enters standby or hibernation), my secondary hard drive is not recognised again when I come back to my pc. I have to restart.
This has always been the case and something that I have always got around my simply not using these power saving features. Its about time that I think about my unnecessary power use and try and sort this out!
Im running XP SP3 on a custom built fairly old Athlon 64 system. The drives are both SATA1 and are 120GB for the system drive and 350GB for the secondary.

Anyone any ideas how I can either prevent this or simply restart the drive without having to reboot the pc?

A:Hard drive not recognised after standby

try auto detecting the hard drive then saving your settings in the bios menu.
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Hi, so I bought a new 1TB samsung sata hard drive today for a slave drive. i installed it fine and it shows up in the bios and device manager fine. however, it doesnt show up in my computer or disc defrag.
im running windows 7 and i just recently upgraded to it, thus i dont really want to have to format again.
anyone know what i should do?

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i have an msi p4mam-v mb (8235 chipset) and when trying to format xp does not recognise the sata hard disk. I dont have a floppy drive and have used nlite to create a cd with the drivers but that didnt work either.
I was wondering if there was a way to set the bios so that the xp installation will see the hard drive?
thanks for any help in advance,

A:sata hard drive not recognised

You cant really do anything in BIOS other than ensuring SATA/RAID are enabled . Windows needs to load the drivers . During XP Setup loading files I presume you are hitting F6 when prompted ?
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I have 2 hard drives in my pc. Drive C has the operating system install on it and Drive D has my personal files on it. I disconnected Drive D as I think it's about to die but when I disconnect it and then turn the pc back on, Drive C is not being recognised.
I checked the bios settings and it wasn't coming up in that either. So now I have reconnected D drive and it's recognising them again.
How can I disconnect D drive without it affecting C drive with the OP installed on it?