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Canon printer pixma MP610 no power no display

Q: Canon printer pixma MP610 no power no display


I have a printer
There is no lighting up
The power supply give
red wire about 7 V
blue wire about 11 V

Holding down the power button en stop/reset won't work

How can I test the logic board is defect?

Image logig board

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Preferred Solution: Canon printer pixma MP610 no power no display

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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This applies to emails, PDF's, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. However, if I convert the document to an image it prints perfectly. So far, I have replaced the black cartridges, reinstalled the driver, cleaned the heads, and restored Windows to 2 days ago just before this problem began, but still no change. Any ideas please?

A:Canon MP610 Pixma printer will not print text.

Hi there .... Have you done a printers self test ? Also what happens if you change the colour of the text ?
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Right, just bought a Canon MP610 printer and have already used in via bluetooth with my Windows Vista computer, but I have now set all the bluetooth software, printer software etc. on my windows xpmc laptop. I searched for bluetooth devices in range and found my mobile and the printer, I paired the printer up with the right passkey and also installled the latest Canon MP610 drivers via canon's website

Anyways when I try to print I get an error message saying 'The printer is not responding' after a while of it saying 'Collecting Printer Status' and then it says the printer is not responding. Not sure why this is because on my Vista comp. had no problems, unusually, but would appreciate anyone's input on this problem.

If anymore info. is needed just ask, will be glad to reply.
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All ink ok, letter runs through printer and sounds as if printing, but page exits completely blank. I have carried out all cleaning and head alignment checks.

A:Canon mp610 printer not printing

Reinstall the drivers just in case.
Try several cleaning cycles as it may be a bad blockage. (Unlikely I know but nothing to lose).
Don't know this particular printer but can you remove the print head easily. If so remove it and separate from the ink cartridges then place the jets in a saucer of war water for several hours.
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I have a Canon i printer which I have immensely enjoyed using these past four years For one thing I Canon MP600 Pixma vs. All-in-One Canon printer i850 ve never had even one paper-jam during that time My understanding always has been that it is best to have separate components so that s why I ve always owned a dedicated printer However it appears that the present-day trend is more toward all-in-one units Actually I m in the market only for a printer but if the Canon MP all-in-one is technologically advanced far beyond my i then I would strongly considering buying one The MP has a scanner which I don t need although it would provide me with a back-up and it has several modern features of convenience which my i doesn t have What I would especially like to know is whether or not the MP produces appreciably better results with both text and Canon i850 printer vs. Canon Pixma MP600 All-in-One photos than my i Also would it be faster and cheaper in the long run than the MP While quality of results is more important than anything else speed economy and convenience also enter into the equation I was also considering the Canon PIXMA iP D photo printer but from what I ve read so far it appears that the MP all-in-one is more highly-regarded I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an opinon on this matter Thank you very much nbsp

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When I tried to install a new Canon Pixma ip D printer on my Sony Vaio Windows XP Media Edition w SP desktop I receive an error that the computer cannot detect the printer after I hook-up the USB cable to the computer from the printer This is after a balloon dialog appears in the system tray noting that new hardware was found - the hardware being a Canon ip D The Canon software notes that it could not detect the printer and that there was a printer driver failure Eventually a Windows error box appears noting that an error occurred installing the new hardware I have the same problem with a printer that previously had no problems That printer is a HP Photosmart xi I ran malware check using Threat Fire which didn t find anything I have tried different USB ports with no success I have tried USB ports that other devices use with no success Any suggestions on how to attack this problem would be appreciated nbsp
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Error code 5100. Recommended action to turn off printer and turn back on again. Does not work. Any ideas?
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Recently purchased a new laptop. During installation of above printer I received a message that I should contact Microsoft for a new scanner driver for the printer. Have looked everywhere on Microsoft website without any luck in finding a driver for Windows Vista Home Basic operating system.

Can you help?


A:Canon Pixma MP 150 Printer Driver

Here is the correct web page for printer driver download

If you have any problems with regards to conflicts etc just come back to this same thread and most folk will be able to assist further.
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I have a simple question that i cant seem to find a solution for. I have a Canon Pixma IP 6600 Printer. When I print borderless and the paper is taken from the upright feeder rather than the cassette no matter the size of the paper there is always a white line on the paper on one side. This line is not straight it is crooked across the paper. I use Canon Paper and when I emailed Canon this question I got a useless form letter in reply. Can somone help me. Thank you.
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Hey Guys I have a problem that Pixma Canon All-In-One Printer MP530 i need some help in i have a canon mp all in one and i have two questions that i Canon Pixma MP530 All-In-One Printer hope you guys can really help me out with the first question is this how do i go about resetting all the configerations on Canon Pixma MP530 All-In-One Printer the printer to the point like it just came out the box and question is i also have a regular lan line phone and im trying to connect it to the canon and for some reason its making my phone go nuts it either the phone rings and the fax dosent pick up or the phone rings and when i pick the phone all you hear a fax ring i dont know what to do anymore im either going to throw this out the window or just take a dam hammer and smash it to pieces please help me out here i would really appreciate any kind of help you can offer if by any chance this is not the place to ask for help on a technical issues may you please direct me where in the forum should i go to get a answer nbsp
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I have a Canon Pixma 4200 printer OSwindows XP.How can I make sure that only black ink is used for printing pages of text?

A:canon Pixma 4200 printer

you may not be able to
if you look at the printer properties and all the settings in the driver - look to see if there is a black only option - if not then it wont
I have tried this on a few printers for people and not found the setting - and the printer for black uses the colour ink
2 family members had this issue - where they did a LOT of text printing , reports and business documentation from home and used NO colour and had to replace colour inks
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Did everything instructed for troubleshooting printing problems i.e. all maintenance, print head alignments (including manual alignment) etc. Printer will NOT print black and white TEXT. I have all new cartridges including black. Color prints ok but no black and white text printing. What could be the problem here?

A:Canon Printer - Pixma iP6600D

Your print head has likely failed. Thats the piece thats under the cartridges and it is removal to be cleaned or replaced. Instructions for manually cleaning the printhead can be found here:

To order a new print head you can call Canon @ 1-800-OK CANON, I think its about $70 but if you like the printer then its worth it since most new Canon's use considerable more expensive cartridges because they have the print head built into the cartridge.
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When I try to print, I get a message, "Printer is performing another operation", there are no jobs in queue; also the LCD display reads " Set ink cartridge". Please help!

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 2020M @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3985 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -2039 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 458597 MB, Free - 382225 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, EG50_HC_CR
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Previously used above mentioned all-in-one printer in the Windows XP operating system on my Dell 2400 Series machine. All applications worked. Tried to move printer to current computer within the Windows 8.1 environment. I can print and make copies with no problem. However, the scanner application does not function. Spoke with Canon technical support and did several tests including uninstalling, re-installing and rebooting system with no solution. Checked the Microsoft web site and spoke with technical support with no solution here as well.

Can anyone enlighten me as what is the possible solution for this issue? Thank you.

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My Canon PIXMA MX700 Printer isn't functioning as a network printer. During installation of it as a network printer, what it does is say "Communicating with printer." for a while and
then it says "The printer in the network could not be detected
automatically. Set the IP address of the printer to be connected." And no
matter what I select it starts over with "Communicating with printer." I corresponded with Canon via email, but in the end they just said to call their technical support. The printer is wired into the modem and plugged into the computer via USB, so I don't get the problem.

A:Canon PIXMA MX700 Printer

On my Canon MX870 I use the wireless connection but there is also an eithernet port. I believe what you are seeing is the wireless wizard attempting to connect wirelessly to the printer.

If you are using the wired or wireless connection you should not need to use the USB connection on the printer. Perhaps this has something to do with the problem?

Does the printer show up on the Windows 7 network map? Does it show as being connected in the routers settings?
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I have just bought a Canon PIXMA MP220 printer, I have followed the instructions to the manual book but when I go to print from using an example in Word, it comes up with the error 'Printer not responding'.
I have no idea what it can be, I can't register my printer either because I cannot the serial number on my printer at all.

Help please?

Thanks guys.

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Hey Guys I have a problem that i need some help in i have a canon mp all in one Pixma Canon MP530 Printer All-In-One and i have two questions that i hope you guys Canon Pixma MP530 All-In-One Printer can really help me out with the first question is this how do i go about resetting all the configerations on the printer to the point like it just came out the box and question is i also have a regular lan line phone and im trying to connect it to the canon and for some reason its making my phone go nuts it either the phone rings and the fax dosent pick up or the phone rings and when i pick the phone all you hear a fax ring i dont know what to do anymore im either going to throw this out the window or just take a dam hammer and smash it to pieces please help me out here i would really appreciate any kind of help you can offer thank you nbsp

A:Canon Pixma MP530 All-In-One Printer

There is a firmware upgrade from Nov 08 that might be applicable since it specifically is for FAX problems. There is a list of serial numbers that need the firmware upgrade – be sure to read the instructions as firmware can be tricky.

The latest driver is 1.10 from 2006 that is probably already what you are using.

Probably your best approach for resetting everything to default is to just uninstall the software and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work you would want to check “Printers and Faxes” & “Cameras and Scanners” to make sure they are removed and also look in Program Files to remove any residual folder left by the software. Usually an uninstall and reinstall works fine.

I take it you read the manual and set the machine to FAX/TEL Auto SW.

I take it you have a “land” line for your phone – a LAN is a local network. If it is a DSL line you usually don’t want the regular phone filter on the modem connection. The hookup varies according to the type of DSL – Canon recommends contacting the DSL provider.

If it is just a regular phone connection you could have a poor line connection. I had some modem problems many years ago and also had a little noise on the phone. The phone company traced the problem and I had no more modem problems. The firmware is supposed to help with that, but if you have any noise on the line it is best to put your phone company on it.

You might try setting your Windows fax up to receive faxes rather than your Canon. If the Windows fax fields the incoming faxes OK it might just be settings on the Canon. You might like the Windows fax better anyway. You view the fax onscreen and if you need a hardcopy you just print it. You could still use the Canon for outgoing faxes.
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I have a canon Pixma ip 1600 printer and been using refilled cartridges.All of a sudden my printer has stopped detecting color cartridge and as such I can not print blck prints either.No amount of hardare/software settings would do.
Is there any way by which I can take black only prints, using black cartridge only? Any method for bypassing the color cartridge completely?
Any advise is most welcome.
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I have just purchased a mp620 and have been trying to install it for the past 2 hours!!!

First I let win7 try to detect it, but it could not print out a test page due to "printer not responding" error on the print queue. I tried to trouble shoot, but this was pointless.

So then I tried to install with the supplied CD. this was even worse. I could not get past the printer detection phase - the printer was switched on, and the usb was plugged in, but it could not detect.

I tried swapping it out with a different usb cable to make sure it wasn't the cable, but still nothing.

I then tried to install the latest mp drivers from the canon website, rebooted, but still nothing.

does anyone, and i mean ANYONE, have any ideas what i can do?!?
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As the subject suggests I have a problem with the Canon MP printer Well not actually the printer itself but the built-in card reader For a while I have had a long pause during startup also a quot USB mass storage device quot lost it s driver I thought it may be due to crap on the computer so I formatted and problem Canon Pixma MP130 Printer reloaded Windows XP but alas to no avail I then searched google and found the microsoft article quot Long Pause During Windows Startup Process quot So I thought can t do much Then I found in the hardware profile the entry under the failed usb Canon Pixma MP130 Printer problem device quot USB a quot this turned up results in google to some printer components I tried changing USB ports on the computer but no good I then disconnected the USB Printer from the computer and quot voila quot the computer started fine and no quot USB Mass storage device quot error I do not use the printers card reader so is there anyway to disable the reader nbsp

A:Canon Pixma MP130 Printer problem

It sounds as if the boot sequence in bios has "boot from usb " before the hard drive and is trying to boot from the card reader
Go into bios and change the boot order to hard drive first, remember to save the settings when you exit
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Hi Guys I am new to this site and have a pressing problem.
My printer keeps telling me it is offline and I do not know how to rectify this.
I do not have a pc, am using Asus chromebook, Samsung galaxy note tablet and samsung S3 mobile, none of which can figure out how to get my printer back online.
I need to pri t my boarding pass today so am desperate.

A:Canon pixma MG4250 printer offline

Looking here
your printer is cloud ready
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I've been having a problem with my Canon printer (I feel like throwing it against the wall!). It has new ink cartridges in it, however, it doesn't seem to be printing correctly. It misses out lines of text/only prints the top half of a line of text/prints very faint etc etc. I have cleaned/deep cleaned it numerous times (!) using the maintenance tools and printed off the nozzle test pages only to see that it still has this problem. This isn't the first time that I've experienced this issue - I had to send it away for repair (whilst it was still under warranty thankfully!). Anyway, if anyone has any tips on how to improve my printing then I would be most grateful. If not, any recommendations on a new printer would suffice hehe.
Thanks for your time!

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I am getting a B200 error on my canon iP4300 printer. turning it off and on doesn't help. is there something else I can try?

A:canon Pixma iP4300 printer error

Let me google that for you
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I have Win7 (7000) installed. Everything working except Win7 did not recognize my Canon Pixma iP8500 printer. OK under Vista. I manually selected a driver for Canon Pixma Pro 9500 and then re-configured the printer as an 8500 via the "advanced" tab in printer properties. Printing seems to be OK, but the Canon status monitor application can't seem to talk to the printer over the USB interface. Any ideas?

A:Canon Pixma Printer Status Monitor

I've got the IP4200 and I downloaded the Vista64 driver from Canon...

Prints good, I get the status window for normal printing, but not when using my disc printing software...Acoustica CD label maker...

Didn't Canon have a driver for the IP8500 on thier site?

EDIT...sorry, you didn't say if you were running the 32bit or 64bit...
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Can anyone who owns either this model, or a similar one, help me with interpreting the keyboard? I previously owned an HP T-65 (all-in-one) which was relatively easy to setup for FAXing. I use a Sprint calling card for long distance and, with my HP, I was able to store the 800 number on "1", my calling card number on "2", and frequently called parties on 3 thru 10. So, when I wanted to send a FAX I merely clicked on "1", waited for the operator to respond, then clicked on "2" to enter my calling card number, and then "3", "4", "5" or... depending on which of the parties I wished to contact. I have just acquired this new printer and wish to set it up likewise but haven't figured out how to do it and the instructions aren't too helpful to me. Hope someone can simplify it for me! TIA.
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Hi all,

When i turn on my printer i get:
"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it"
"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

There is no reason for this to happen as it is fairly new and I've only ever used it twice.

Do i have to get a new printer or is there a fix?

Please help.


A:Code 43 on Canon MP640 Pixma printer

Welcome to Seven Forums

First off please try and fill in more detailed information on your system, you can use one of these programs to help Speccy - System Information - Free Download Or |MG| HWiNFO32 3.65 Download
On some laptops removing the USB device then turning off the system and then removing the battery for about 5 minutes and then reversing the above will fix the problem.

With a PC it's about the same as resetting the CMOS. Which you can find out detailed information on how to do this on your motherboard by going to the manufacturers site and downloading the manual for instructions. Unplug your printer and then give that a try.
Thanks for updating your system specs in advance.
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The Cyan color on my printer is creating bands about 1/4" wide on both plain and photo paper. I have done repeated cleanings and alignments using tools in the software. Canon support will not answer my questions. How do I clean (I am assuming that is the problem) the nozzles/head of this kind of printer? It is 2 1/2 years old and I'd sure like to no have to buy a new one.

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thinking of buying this printer Canon Pixma MP460 printer heads

it uses

it uses Canon ink cartridge (CL-41) for colour

Canon ink cartridge (PG-40) for black

are the print heads in the printer or the cartidges
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We bought this printer, a Canon Pixma ip6000D, about 3 years ago, used it maybe five times, and then one day it stopped working. Here's what it does now:

Sometimes when I plug it in the green power light will come on and the computer will recognize it and install the driver...but it doesn't power on or responded to any commands.

Sometimes when I plug it in the power light alternates repeatedly between green and orange and still doesnt power on.

Other times nothing at all happens when I plug it in.

Also, very rarely, the LCD powers on in addition to the power light turning on...but it shortly dies after this. When it does this I still hear nothing going on inside the printer.

Any ideas? Or is it busted/in need of repair?

Thanks a bunch.

P.S. I am willing to open it up if need be.

A:Canon Pixma IP6000D Printer Problem

zack: If your PC recognizes the printer and installs drivers, that's wrong.
Try this, first, find the START HERE Instructions that came with your Printer. Then find the CD that came with it. Follow the instructions exactly. You don't want Windows drivers.
In Control Panel ADD/Remove, uninstall any software and drivers for the Canon Printer. Also remove the printer from Printers and Faxes.
When you have all Canon stuff removed, use the START HERE sheet and install everything back.
If there is no mechanical problem with your printer, you should be good to go.
If you have a mechinical problem, you're on your own because if it were mine, I'd junk it and buy another.
I have had just a little luck repairing printers at the shop, but for the most part, they are cheaper to replace.
Since you have used it only 5-6 times in 3 years, get a cheap one.
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I have finally got the printer up and running . The solution was to download a deb driver package from the Canon web site.
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hi friends, i have canon pixma ip 1600 printer installed on my machine which, till now, was working quite ok.after the ink in the cartridges finished, i got them refilled.
now whwnever i try to print any thing i get the message:-
"ink has run out,replace ink cartridge and close the cover cancel printing"
though the cartridges are full, i continue getting the same message again & again.

pl.suggest .thanks
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My mp160 printer/scanner has no power when on switch is operated. Does this printer have an internal fuse and if so how do i get at it? The power cord tests OK.

A:Canon Pixma MP160 printer failure

i have a printer in same model series. the scanner part isnt all that good when you have to scan big items & after 6 months the writing head on the mem. card reader died

as for your prob i can only say this if its still warrented take it in. if its not dont bother with trying replace parts because it would cost less to replace the entire printer than paying more for a single part. but if it was a power surge that fried it theres really no way to fix that unless you have an store issued extended warrenty.
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Ok so the symptoms:

Green light and orange light alternating and blinking.

Ink cartridge holder won't move or make any noise or anything when i open the printer lid.

Gives me Service Error 6000 when i try to print

I have looked everywhere on the net, would appreciate help!


A:Printer Canon Pixma iP1300 not working at all

55 views and no one can help me?
come on, even if it's just a guess! i really need help with this.
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W Release Preview bit found my USB connected Canon Pixma iP printer but didn't install a driver WU says there is an update available but that will not install Error is Canon Driver Pixma printer for iP5000 WindowsUpdate BC which doesn't help much I haven't been able to find a Driver for Canon Pixma iP5000 printer bit driver on any of the Canon sites but I have found an XP driver on another site Checking properties for this printer in Devices amp Printers throws up the following event Driver Management concluded the process to Driver for Canon Pixma iP5000 printer install driver prnca m inf amd dd prnca m inf for Device Instance ID USBPRINT CANONIP amp F amp amp USB with the following status xBC This status code is listed as ERROR CORE DRIVER PACKAGE NOT FOUND Attempting to update the driver from the Driver for Canon Pixma iP5000 printer printer properties finds a couple of drivers but they also fail to find a core driver package Add printer wizard finds a compatible driver on my machine but that also fails for the same reason This printer is installed OK on my W installation on the same machine The bit XP driver installed OK on this W RP installation and printed a file OK but attempting to upgrade results in the same error After installing this XP driver WU reported that the update installed but Update History shows 'Failed' Now WU isn't offering the update TIA for any help

A:Driver for Canon Pixma iP5000 printer

Does anyone know where I can get a W8 32bit driver for my Canon Pixma iP5000 printer? Canon just wash their hands of any responsibility.
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I have connected a Canon Pixma 450 printer to my computer via USB cable. The computer is operating on ubuntu 12.04. The system recognises the printer and I follow the procedure step by step to set up the printer. Eventually I reach the stage where a window opens asking if I want to print a test page. I accept, but after a moment or two a window opens saying : CUPS Server error. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this. The printer works fine on another computer with Windows 8.

A:Linux ubuntu 12.04 and Canon Pixma MX 450 printer

im not too familiar with Ubuntu but cups is the printing service, you may want to read more here:
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I am having some trouble with my WiFi enabled Canon Pixma mp printer I have three computers on my Canon - Printer Pixma Problems MP495 home network and all but one of those computers are having problems printing All have Windows Printer Problems - Canon Pixma MP495 Home Premium and are all connected through wifi Here is the problem Whenever I try to print any type of document the printer will print only half of the first page and then continue to repeatedly print that first page over and over again It will not even try to print the other pages within the document I have tried removing the printer from all three computers at the same time using devices and printers as well as completely removing the drivers using the printui command in cmd I have also tried re-installing the printer by letting Windows discover it as well as manually entering the IP address of the printer Another thing I tried was updating the current driver but Windows tells me it is already up to date I am an intern for an IT department and have asked multiple co-workers but Printer Problems - Canon Pixma MP495 none seem to have a good answer This problem is very frustrating so any help at all would Printer Problems - Canon Pixma MP495 be appreciated nbsp

A:Printer Problems - Canon Pixma MP495

I think you have done most of the troubleshooting but have you tried checking the setting in printer to see if is a particular setting that is repeating the loop and try updating the firmware of the printer, since it has the current driver you might be needing a firmware update
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I had the black and colour ink cartridges refilled. The printer is now printing properly but there is a light flashing all the time (beside the letter c). There is a message coming up on the screen when I print telling me that the ink is low but they were just changed today. Why is this?

A:Canon PIXMA MP150 printer series

The cartridges are refilled so the printer does not realise that the cartridges still have ink in them. Try resetting the printer it should allow it should realise the cartridges have ink in it
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Hello I have Pixma MP780 cartridge display Canon problem ink a Canon Pixma MP all-in-one Canon Pixma MP780 ink cartridge display problem printer in my office at work It is great - prints nicely and quickly There is just one problem the LCD display for the ink cartridges levels of ink is usually not accurate Right now the Canon Pixma MP780 ink cartridge display problem display is showing that the Magenta and Cyan cartridges are full although they should be almost empty For the black BCI- cartridge the display has been showing nearly empty for quite some Canon Pixma MP780 ink cartridge display problem time when in fact I have replaced that cartridge with new ones several times I ve mentioned this to people in the store where I buy the ink cartridges and they say they haven t heard of this before have only suggested that I return the cartridges for a replacement Unfortunately it doesn t seem to matter if I keep replacing the cartridges even though they are full - it seems not to be a cartridge issue My office computer is an HP Pavillon a y running Windows Home Vista not my choice I can t recall if I had experienced this problem when the printer was connected to my previous work pc which was running Windows Me I did do a Vista driver update for the printer several months ago Can anyone help please Thanks very much nbsp

A:Canon Pixma MP780 ink cartridge display problem

If the LCD display is wrong and it is on the printer itself then it is nothing to do with Vista. I do however have no idea of a way to solve this problem, can you perform a reset of the printer, i think it involves holding several buttons on the printer but i can not remeber which.
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Hi I hope that someone can help I have a computer operating windows bit I am trying to install my canon pixma ip printer I managed to find the official driver on the canon website windows couldn't detect it automatically and downloaded it My computer then recognised my printer as ip however I can't print or check the printer status When I attempt to print a screen pops up which says quot collecting printer status quot and then the computer print process gets stuck I click on the quot display print queue quot button and the status is quot error - printing quot Even aside from trying to print a document I am unable to check the printer status eg the ink levels Whenever I try the screen saying quot collecting printer status quot pops up The status is quot error - printing quot size quot bytes quot The status will then alternate every couple of seconds quot printing quot then quot error - printing quot then quot canon computer printer ip8500 can't pixma connect with deleting - error - printing quot and then back to quot printing quot again When I try to clear the queue the status query keeps alternating I am not able to clear the status until I go into 'view' and click on quot refresh quot In addition I've noticed that the printer icon in quot computer can't connect with canon pixma ip8500 printer devices and printers quot will have a green tick on the printer for a second and then a yellow exclamation mark I've tried uninstalling the printer and computer can't connect with canon pixma ip8500 printer reinstalling it but without computer can't connect with canon pixma ip8500 printer any success And also reinstalling the device software The printer was working on my old windows XP computer without any problems If anyone can give me any advice I'd be very grateful Thankyou Thane

A:computer can't connect with canon pixma ip8500 printer

Did you download the the 64bit drivers?
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Is anyone able to point me to a source that details the procedure for removing the covers of the iP4000 printer, please? I have found a couple of sources for service manuals/parts lists, but none of them provides anything on this basic procedure! I have it for my iP4200 (yes, the one that keeps Canon in business with ink "tank" sales!), and it's quite simple when you know where all the clips are, but for reasons best known to Canon, they do not seem to include this for the earlier 4000. There is a horrible grinding sound emanating from the works, and I need to take a peek inside.

Any assistance appreciated.
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I bought a new laptop and it came with Windows 7 Premium. I have a Canon Pixma ip3000 printer. I have looked everywhere.
My printer is not listed. I tried the trick of choosing USB virtual port and then searching for the latest printers. It still wasn't there.

I have the install disk, does not work.


A:Can not find printer driver - Canon Pixma iP3000

Quote: Originally Posted by CoCoSD

I bought a new laptop and it came with Windows 7 Premium. I have a Canon Pixma ip3000 printer. I have looked everywhere.
My printer is not listed. I tried the trick of choosing USB virtual port and then searching for the latest printers. It still wasn't there.

I have the install disk, does not work.


Hello CoCoSD,

Did you try to download the driver from Canon website?
Photo Inkjet Printers - Photo Inkjet Printers - PIXMA Pro Professional Inkjet Printers - PIXMA Corporate and Graphic Arts Printers - Photo Fun Projects - Photo Printer - PIXMA iP3000 - Canon USA Consumer Products

Select your OS and it should work.

I have a Canon iP PIXMA 1500, and it works perfect with downloaded drivers.

Best regards,

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Hi there..I have a Canon Pixma MP 970 printer arriving next week...

It has ethernet ability

My O/S is Win XP.

I was wanting to install it so that my wife and I can use the moment we are both hooked up to the internet with vie ethernet via a wireless modem, however we are not hooked up as a network, as I have no need to access her PC nor do i have a need for her to access mine...

I was hoping that when I get the printer and turn it on and use the setup disk(or before I use the disk) that I will see the printer amongst available printers...and then just load the drivers when it says found new printer..

Do you think that will happen or do I need to set up a network I would prefer not to..

please advise, thanks


A:installing a Canon Pixma MP970 printer on ethernet

fosssil said:

Hi there..I have a Canon Pixma MP 970 printer arriving next week...

It has ethernet ability

My O/S is Win XP.

I was wanting to install it so that my wife and I can use the moment we are both hooked up to the Internet with vie Ethernet via a wireless modem, however we are not hooked up as a network, as I have no need to access her PC nor do i have a need for her to access mine...

I was hoping that when I get the printer and turn it on and use the setup disk(or before I use the disk) that I will see the printer amongst available printers...and then just load the drivers when it says found new printer..

Do you think that will happen or do I need to set up a network I would prefer not to..

please advise, thanks

fosssClick to expand...

what model of wireless modem do you have??

another thread here on the forum wants to add a second router up stairs and
if he could get a wireless modem.
that might solve his problem
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I have a Canon Pixma printer on an XP sytem that worked well Because the original cartridges cost so much I ve purchased a Premium Inkjet Refill kit from Uni-kit and the first time refilled the ink cartridges everything worked fine However I just refilled two cartridges and used the chip resetter which did flash and this time the printer is not recognizing the refilled cartridges I get flashes on the orange light on the computer which signifies that there is an inktank problem However it s the same inktank that was working before I filled it Each of the two new tanks flash red on the tank lights in one second interval When I close the cover and then let the print head go back into viewing position those lamps are then out suggesting that the ink tank is out of ink It s filled Futher now when going to the properties tab on the printer and going to maintenance all the inktanks are canon pixma printer problem 4300 inktank not showing any ink whatsover Before filling these two tanks some were close to full and all the non-filled tanks were showing up Now Canon suggests that you don t take out more than one inktank at a time I took out two when canon pixma 4300 printer inktank problem I was filling them I don t know if this has any bearing on the problem and if something other than the chip on the inktank has to be reset The other thing is that the Canon User manual says you can shut off the ink counter by pressing the resume cancel button for seconds nowhere in the manual is this button listed which I find surprising However that would stop the printer from determining ink levels in the inktank and there was no instructions on how to get the the printer to recognize ink levels again to determine when the tank has to be refilled or replaced I was also wondering if the chip resetter is run by battery because there is a flash when the inktank chip is reset and if that battery runs low causing the resetting not to work In my case there is a flash At this point I m stymied and assume if I buy either remanufactured or original cartridges I can get the printer running again but I would rather use the refill kits to save a bundle as they worked the first time nbsp

A:canon pixma 4300 printer inktank problem

The Canon user manual also advises you to use genuine Canon ink cartridges, not copies or refill-kits.
You can't pick and choose which parts of the manual to follow and which to ignore.
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Every time I change my printer cartridges on my Canon Pixma MP510 I get the error message 6502. Admittedly the cartridges are refills but they have a chip and have always worked in the past. I've tried the re-setting business of holding power button etc but I dont have a resume button so I dont know if I'm using the right button (I'm using reset). Can anyone help - printer is about to go out the window.

A:Error 6502 Canon Pixma MP510 Printer
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Can't someone help me find a Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer .INF file for Win7 Pro x64 ? The Canon website has an Add-on driver for the Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer, but indicates that Windows Update under Win7 Pro x64 has a driver for the Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer (which it does not). Windows Update has a driver in its list for the ip5300 but none for the ip5000. Help !

A:Can't find a driver for Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer for Win7 Pro x64

Why not try the Canon site?
Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : PIXMA iP5000
However, the statement on that site

Printer Driver Add-On Module Ver.1.10 (Windows 7/7 x64)
07/20/11 4.10 MB File Name: aomwin110ea23us.exe

This software is a module that expands the functionality of the printer driver for Canon Inkjet printers. Your printer must be installed via Microsoft Update before you download and use this module. By installing this software, you can use the printer...

seems to rely upon Windows Update having the drivers.
If you can't get them you might try changing the Operating System on the above link to Vista 64-bit. It's a considerably larger file and looks like a copy of the original disc for the printer. Otherwise you may be shopping for a new printer.

One other thing that may negate all this, just because your EXACT model number is not listed it usually is because it is part of a Series so the Canon PIXMA ip5000 will probably work, have to be more aware of how things are described versus how the marketing/production of things are done.
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I get a bubble error message from the system tray that says:

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it.

When I look at Device Properties the device status says:

No drivers installed for this device.

I know the drivers are installed. Even so, I uninstalled and reinstalled them. I downloaded the most recent drivers and tried that, still no luck.

All other USB devices are working.

I did have a virus problem 2 days ago that I cleared up. The printer malfunction seems to coincide with that time frame.

I'm running a HP 7100y with Windows XP.

Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: Canon Pixma MP500 Printer all of a sudden Unrecognized by My PC.

Problem solved. It was as easy as removing power from the pc and the plugging it back in.

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I recently installed windows 10 on my computer only to find my perfectly good printer no longer works.
The drivers wouldn't update automatically so I went to product support on canon website to search there
It came back with the message that there were no drivers for Win 10 and that I should either change my printer or my OS
I don't wish to do either
Could anyone help me with an alternative to this ludicrous suggestion?
I always trusted canon to be a reliable and reputable company but I may think twice in future if a company cant keep abreast with the latest technology

A:Windows 10 renders my Canon pixma 1p4600 printer useless

I would not imagine that attitude will last very long.
Surely Canon have been working to get drivers etc ready for the latest OS from Windows.
I had a similar experience with a Samsung Printer.....sent an email to their support area....and received a phone call from South Korea to explain the procedure to me followed by an email with the detail printed there.
So....send them an email...give them the story.....and hopefully the reply will fix things.
Otherwise.....inform them that you will be buying another printer....and it wont be a canon !
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Hi I hope that I am posting in the right forum I had my Canon Pixma cleaned by a tech that I use for 5000 cleaned? Printer IP Canon proper storage after Pixma my printers I have always used Canon ink and no generic brands however when he did the cleaning he used his own ink cartridges and they are still in the cleaned Pixma I am presently using my other Pixma which I bought sometime ago when they went on sale and when the ip unit that I had cleaned started to have problems I simply switched units and took the Canon Pixma IP 5000 Printer proper storage after cleaned? problematic one to the shop Now I have it home with the generic cartridges in it and I will be storing it and using the present ip that I have been using and I want to insure that I store the cleaned one properly I guess that I have to get Canon cartridges for the cleaned one b c I don t like the after market ink cartridges and then what do I have to do Keep starting the printer up weekly monthly so that I don t get plugged jets and what about the print head As you can see I am illiterate when it comes to printers but I really like the ip model performance and don t want to ruin the cleaned model I hope that someone can advise on proper storage method and what I have to do to insure that when this ip has problems that the stored unit will work Thank you for your time nbsp

A:Canon Pixma IP 5000 Printer proper storage after cleaned?

If you are storing the printer, take the ink cartridges out, if you are going to use it again in the near future put the cartridges in a plastic bag to stop them drying out, or if storing for a long time when ready put the bums on the cartridges in shallow water, (done this myself no problems,) and also used non genuine cartridges, although I will say, the non genuine ones, some of them tend to make the printer dirtier sooner, not all are like that, same applies to toners for laser printers, most of them are ok but just some are not made as well as the genuine ones.
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I get a Service error 5700 when I try to print with my MP750 Canon Pixma printer. The display shows the following 2 messages flashing on and off:

100% LTR Normal
Plain 01
Check Printer
Press OK

Clicking Stop/Reset does not help. Plus the red paper light keeps flashing.
I have plenty of paper in the cassette ( and it is set for cassette). I tried to do a sample page, but the same error message came up. The indicator says the printer is online. I have also rebooted the computer, but the same error persists.

I have had no trouble at all for a couple of years, and this just happened suddenly. Can someone help with this? Should I reinstall the printer, or maybe the drivers? HELP!!

A:Canon Pixma MP750 printer - Service error 5700

Have you tried any of the suggestions from the Canon site:
I can't link to the result but type: ERROR LCD: CHECK PRINTER
And the first 2 results offer some suggestions.
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I changed my black ink and since doing so have only very partial printing every third line. I have cleaned and deep cleaned several times and also printed full pages 8 times but the problem still persists. There is no problem with colour. I only use canon inks and have replaced the new ink but the problem persists and has not improved. Please help.
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I have XP with all the updates The computer s several years old now I ve a relatively new Canon Pixma MP connected via USB When I turn off the printer my computer restarts It s the same when I computer Connected off. printer when Pixma- down shuts USB turned Canon unplug the cable I checked I have the latest driver for the printer I tried it USB Connected Canon Pixma- computer shuts down when printer turned off. with another USB cable Today I went out and bought a PCI USB card I installed it it works I disabled the onboard USB The problem continues- shutting off the printer still restarts the computer I m out of ideas and currently out of luck Edit- The problem s worse than I thought Or it s two problems Recently my USB mouse started acting up It stops working periodically several times an hour or even a couple of times a minute it varies and I have to unplug it and plug it back in I thought it was working again with USB Connected Canon Pixma- computer shuts down when printer turned off. my new card but it is not I don t use a power strip to turn the printer on and off thanks USB Connected Canon Pixma- computer shuts down when printer turned off. for the suggestion though nbsp

A:USB Connected Canon Pixma- computer shuts down when printer turned off.

Do not use a power strip to control the printer, use the printer's own Power button. The printer button, unlike the power strip button, initiates a shut down procedure that parks the print head where it won't dry out. This is the case with the MP950, Canon claims. -

Not sure if that'll help but lets hope it does.
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Hello guys.

I'm having trouble with one very annoying thing I have stumbled upon recently.

I have a canon pixma ip1300 color inkjet printer and I wanted to print only in black and white. I went in the printer preferences and selected to use only the black cartridge for my printing but now every time i print something I get with the following message which I have to click on the "OK" in order to get the printing started.
That is justo so annoying. I print a lot and every time I have to clik .. OK, OK, OK ,pfff

How can I turn off that warning ?

Any ideas ?
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My Canon MP printer continues to give me a jamming error when there appears to be none Message is Error Paper mp610 jamming canon error output slot The paper is jammed Clear the paper and press ok I had printed a couple pages with no evidence of a problem No crunching or ripping of printed page When canon mp610 jamming error the error message appeared I noticed the feed canon mp610 jamming error switch light was designating a back feed when I never use it The back door was shut I can not get it to toggle to the top feed I have unplugged from power and waited Restarted and paper will feed from top and from back Although feed switch light is lit for back feed I even fed a thicker piece of paper through the back and top feed hoping it would trigger something My start reset button seems to be ineffective I have also held the back feed door closed tightly with my hand to see if the door was tripping something that made it appear it was open I am not experienced in printer repair to say the least and would hope I don t have to take it apart I have also checked the ink levels and they appear good From my searches it appears to be a common problem with this printer but couldn t find anyone with a solution I have had it about yrs but I have hardly used the thing Any solutions other than throwing it out onto the my concrete drive I have an Apple desk top Thank you nbsp
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I printed off a couple photos yesterday... they worked fine... so I went to print another dozen or so... and the printer just shut off. Now it won't turn on. I unplugged it for a couple minutes, swapped plugs in the power bar with another known-working device... no go.

Any thoughts??
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I use Canon Pixma printer with Windows 7. When I want to scan and e-mail the colours of my computer change radically. I cannot get a full picture reproduced either. Only part of it is reproduced. I had to do a system restore to get the computer to remove the ugly colours. This is the second time that it happened. Please help.

A:Canon Pixma

As regards not being able to reproduce a complete picture, try reducing the 'PPI' setting in your scanner software prior to scanning. Whilst 300 ppi is considered the optimum setting for photo scans which you intend to print, that's way too high for an email. Try scanning at 150 ppi or even 100 ppi if it's only for an email attachment.

The scanning time will then be much shorter and there will only be half as much data for the PC to cope with (compared to scanning at 300 ppi).
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I am running Windows 7 in a virtual environment using Parallels on my iMac intel.  My Pixma printer shows up in the printers list in Windows but refuses to print.  The documents are neatly lined up in the queue but nothing happens.  I have looked for new drivers and can find none that I have not already installed.What to do?

A:Canon Pixma MP 470

Canon has not released a Windows 7 driver for your printer.
You can try the latest driver for Windows XP or Windows Vista from here:
If the issue persists, I am afraid you have to wait for Canon to release a Windows 7 driver.
Tim Quan - MSFT
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I have an error message E2 that stops me using my printer as i live in Thailand and the instructions are in Thai I can't overcome it. I have tried some of the sites that give the switching and resets for various thing such as Waste tank but to be honest I'm not sure what they are or what they mean, I have followed the instructions but nothing happens, it says that it is out of paper or jammed but I can't find one its clear. Please help I'm desperate to get some work done
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I updated my driver for this printer in order to use it with a new VISTA computer. In doing this, my XP laptop, can no longer use this printer. Is there a simple solution to this?

A:Canon pixma MP 780

Updating drivers usually doesn't affect the hardware itself. Its strange that it simply stopped working because you installed vista drivers on another computer. My Pixma was simply a plug-and-play from my vista desktop to my XP laptop.

Can you provide more detail? Does the computer detect the printer but it simply doesn't print? Or is the printer undetected completely? Maybe you could try uninstalling then installing new drivers for it.

Canon Australia - PIXMA MP780
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Canon PIXMA250 Series Multifunction Printer prints test every time.

A:Canon PIXMA 250

Prints the word "test"?

Prints every time you turn the printer on? Every time you try to print a document or photo? How does this event relate to Vista?
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My Canon Pixma IP4200 is flashing the light on the resume button 5 times. I hve tried resetting, switching off, restarting computer to no avail. What else can I do?

A:Canon Pixma

Press theResume button when the button is blinking. If that fails, unplug the USB cable and the power cable from the computer end. Wait a few seconds and plug the power cable in. Wait a minute and plug the USb cable in.
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I have installed driver (b6C05MUx.exe) for Canon Pixma iP5200 which
Vista does not recognize.
The driver was downloaded from Canon and is compatible with my Vista.
Please advice how to make the printer work.


A:Canon Pixma iP5200

Hi, On the Canon site it is this driver ip5200vst200ej.exe here is the link;menu=DownloadMake sure you get the Vista driver.Uninstall the canon printer before installing the new driver and follow the install instuctions as you have to install the printer following the correct steps.
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Hey Folks, I have a Canon MP160 and I am trying to print photos, but they always come out redder that I want, I found some NTSC Color Bars and printed them and Magenta is purple and red is deep orange, I did a monitor calibration with a Spyder Pro and thought that corrected the problem but to no avail, any suggestions?

A:Canon Pixma MP160

what kind of printer are using
are you using the correct profile for the type of paper

getting a print to look like it does on your monitor requires carefull calibration and printer profiling
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How can I troubleshoot the waste ink full?

I have already tried cleaning and replacing the foam but when I am going to print again, there is this waste ink full window that shows up.

A:Canon Pixma IP1000

Look for a plastic bottle of some sort and empty it out. (Not the toner cartridge!!!)
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Hey peps.

anyone have this driver for Windows 7 64 bit? i couldn't find it for the love of God. only found that utility stuff on their site.

A:Canon Pixma IP4200

1. Use Windows Update, it will install the driver automatically
2. Install driver add-on and software from canon website
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Urgent help please.

This printer normally connected through USB to pc running Windows XP in room 1.
2nd wireless pc running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit in room 2.
Connected printer through USB on Win 7 pc and windows updated drivers ok and everything printing ok.
Then re-connected printer to XP pc ( in different room ) and set up printer and file sharing.
When adding printer wirelessly to Win 7 pc the windows update cannot find any drivers for this model and yet it does when running through a USB connection!
Can anyone tell me where on the Win 7 pc I can locate the drivers that were installed when printer was connected via USB or how to get around this problem? Drivers that can be downloaded from internet seem not to have an INF extension which Win 7 requires for installation.

May be being dense but can you tell me what I should be doing?

A:Canon Pixma iP4200

hi maureenmcn ,welcome to the forums , have a read of this thread Canon Pixma IP4200 it may contain the information you require
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Bought a Canon MP on Wednesday Seems to print well but not happy with the results of walk up copy and also scan to computer print Original printing from the computer print alignment print nozzle checks etc are all OK It seems there is a problem with the scanning - copies come out significantly less Pixma Canon own 750? a Anyone MP Solved: colour intense at times with bits even missing from the copy Rang Canon for support and returned machine to store on Friday amp got a second one It seems to fare no better At this stage I will be ringing Canon again on Monday - but in the meantime I m interested to hear from anyone else with this machine Can anyone tell me what happens when you select the copy button and then quot colour quot Do you Solved: Anyone own a Canon Pixma MP 750? get the following message Colour copying or do you get Scanning followed by a request for the next page or Solved: Anyone own a Canon Pixma MP 750? to click OK to exit This then followed by Colour copying as above The reason I ask is that on the first machine we only ever got quot Solved: Anyone own a Canon Pixma MP 750? colour copying quot followed by the scan and the print out On the second machine the first two times we did a copy it gave us the scan message on the display first followed by the copy message However from the third copy on it has always only ever been quot colour copying quot If I use the software to scan into the computer I can set different scanning resolutions but when I print out I don t see any marked improvement The above was using the image quality quot normal quot I then also tried image quality quot fine - photo quot - even though it wasn t a photo just a document with some colour in it This was better but still by no means like the original This copier retails for My Hewlett Packard PSC retail does a much better job on the quot normal quot scan than the Canon does on the quot photo quot quality Again I am not complaining about print quality per se- it appears to be a problem with the scanner not reading properly The poor print is just the symptom of the underlying scan problem Yes I cleaned the glass yes I cleaned the nozzles amp I also tried a re-calibration - if anything that made it worse So can anyone shed any light on this for me - do you find the walk-up copy quality poor compared to the print quality nbsp

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I can print pictures that are on my Samsung laptop, using my Canon Pixma MP620 with a USB cable, but when I try to scan a picture and send it to my laptop, nothing happens. A window opens asking me what device I want to use and only shows my old Epson (which I no longer have) When I go into the control panel & click on hardware and printer, it shows my Canon MO620 and has a green checkmark by it so I'm pretty sure it's capable it just won't cooperate! Thanks for any information!

A:Using a Canon Pixma with Windows 8

Does Devices and Printer also list the MP620 listed as a scanner? My Canon MX490 Shows up 3 times as Printer, Fax, and Scanner. I yours does not show as both a printer and a scanner, you may need to reinstall the driver software.
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My Canon PIXMA MG6120 doesn't print the text in a document containing both text and photos. I think the driver may be incorrect, but am uncertain which driver to load from the Canon website. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on an HP TouchSmart 600-1050. Any suggestions?
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I have a Canon Pixma mp280 printer that I've used for a few years. Suddenly, when I go to print something from my computer, it doesn't even show my printer as a printer option. I can't find the hardware for my printer. It still scans and prints that way, just not from computer. Help.

A:Canon Pixma mp280

Uninstall the Canon software/drivers, reboot, and perform a fresh install following the Canon process.

You can use the install CD provided with the printer, or the better option would be to get the latest driver package from Canon.
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Hello Friends,I.m facing a ‘printer problem’ My o/s is xp home sp3 and I have a Canon Pixma IJ 1600 printer connected which was working fine till date.All of a sudden , it has stopped detecting my color cartridge.Whwnever I start printing, I get the following error message:-

“The color cartridge can not be recognized.Install the appropriate cartridge”
I have uninstalled rhe cartridge several times,removed the printer and driver and then reinstalled it but to no avail.I do.nt know what to do?Please help.thanks
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mp navagator requires 800x600 or higher resolution and higher colour
(16 bit) or better mode

ps my bios was upgraded now my mp navagator doesnt work
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I just installed Windows 7 and my printer doesn't seem to work.. Its a Canon pixma MP160.. i guess i have to install the proper drivers.. could someone help me out with this?

A:Canon Pixma MP160

Quote: Originally Posted by jana


I just installed Windows 7 and my printer doesn't seem to work.. Its a Canon pixma MP160.. i guess i have to install the proper drivers.. could someone help me out with this?

You should be able to install the Vista drivers for it.
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I have istalled the latest driver and program from Canon support site.
But I get the bluescreen with the error:
STOP: 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151) ...

The driver to the printer Canon Pixma ip4500 should work with Vista x64.

I have Windows Vista Ultimate x64.

Please help me.

A:Canon Pixma ip4500

Hi Spiderfreak!

Here is a link to Canon website for the latest Canon driver. Just pick your printer from the list then choose the OS (Vista x64) and download/install. Hope this helps.

Since you did not specify you got your driver from their website I figured I'd look.

Download Library - Canon USA Consumer Products

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Guys i just bought All in one Canon PIXMA MP230 ! And i installed it as the manual guide says ! but after installing it , i cant use the scanner !! the printer and the copier are working fine ! But when i press scan document or use the IJ Scan Utility to try to scan a document i get this error .
I have uploaded the error in a picture so you can see it guys and help me !
Thank you so much.

A:Need help with Canon PIXMA MP230

You have the latest drivers and software?
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This is an extremely basic question ...

I only turn my printer on when I need to use it, which is not too often. By chance, I happened to look at Control Panel/System/Device Manager/Disk Drives while it was connected, and I was quite astonished to see the following entry:

Canon MP600Storage USB Device

followed by all my regular HDs (3 in all).

Is this normal under VISTA? I ask as I have some problems with certain USB-attached devices, and am trying to isolate the problem.

Thanks in advance.
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Windows Xp

I have used my Canon MP500 for two years. It prints OK but it won't scan. About 18 months ago it completely disappeared from my computer. I tried to take the computer back to a date when it worked but it wouldn't allow me to do so. After reloading it twice it finally worked again. Now it has disappeared again. When I find Omnipage the message comes up "The parameter is incorrect"
Why does it suddenly disappear? I can't think I have done anything to make it do so.

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When i print a black and white mostly with small amount of color in the text only the color comes out with no b&w. I can copy a document with no problem so i know it is not an ink or nozzle fault. Any solutions please
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My Canon Pixma MP series printer is not working When I turn it on it makes a problem... Pixma MP150 Canon shuddering noise and then flashes the codes E on the display It makes the same sound then when I turn it off Writing to Canon they thought it was Canon Pixma MP150 problem... a paper jam which is more or less impossible as there Canon Pixma MP150 problem... is no paper in the machine Canon Pixma MP150 problem... Then they advised to disconnect the printer from the power supply to reset it This hasn t worked Their final suggestion is that there is a hardware fault However as there is only one service centre in the UK by the time I can get it fixed even though it is under warranty it would certainly cost quite a bit in postage I ve been advised by others to try cleaning the chrome bar which I have done now and to try and force a bit of thick paper through to clear out any remnants which may be in there I m not sure how I would accomplish this as there is no form feed button and it has never been easy to make it grab the paper anyway I ve since been made aware that these phantom paper jams seem to be a common problem with Canon Pixmas I heard someone could fix them by removing and replacing the paper tray which would be easier if I had a front-loading machine Any advice which will save me buying another printer would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Hi i m having problems with getting my scanner printer to do anything To begin with whenever i turned it on the LCD always said boot! wont Canon Pixma quot Printer error has occured Turn off power then back on again If problem persists see the manual quot and so i turn it off and the message only reappears it seems to not be able to load properly I did get it to load once or twice how it hapenned is beside me and successfully printed something off but on attempting a scan the same message came up midscan Now i m back to square one with only ever seeing the error message all the time and the printer scanner giving me no options and not loading properly Does anybody have any good advice the driver discs also told me that the driver cant install properly either am i likely to have these problems if my laptop only has Windows XP Also for some reason i think it only loads properly if it s been left off for hours why is this thanks xxxxx nbsp

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Have returned to my Canon Pixma Pro9000 printer after 2 months of non use over the winter. The printer flashes yellow and green and the rollers run when turned on for a moment. But it does nothing else. Will not move inks to remove position when lid opened. Installed new printer drivers but the printer is non responsive even when non connected to computer. Tried hard reset. Did not work. Turned off and on, checked paper paths and guide settings. Not sure what to do next. Thanks
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Can anyone pint me in the direction for the Canon software for a Canon Pixma IP5200. I want to be able to once again print onto DVDs but cannot. I have aprint driver installed that works, but the Easy print toolbox and CD label print software from Canon won't install

A:Canon Pixma software and drivers

I used Vista Canon drivers for mine... Running them in Vista Sp1 compatibility mode and installed as administrator... Worked for me.
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Hi folks This is driving me nuts Back in the fall Can't MX700 Pixma Canon with scan when I switched over to Windows Home Premium x from Vista Home Premium SP x I installed the software for my Canon Pixma MX multifunctional printer I used the original Vista driver installer disc and despite an warning message about a quot known compatibility issue quot the printer and scanning Can't scan with Canon Pixma MX700 functions worked fine I use the Pixma on the LAN via a wired ethernet connection Worked fine for occasional scanning in November December and January Then for months I had no need to scan anything just printing over the network with no problems Last weekend I needed to scan something I usually just push the scan button on the printer verify the computer it's going to scan to it lists them and away it goes This time my computer threw an error about the scanner driver saying the scanner wasn't on the network Huh If the scanner's not on the network how did the computer know it was trying to send a scan So I bailed on that and instead used the MP Navigator EX software on the computer It failed too giving the quot scanner not connected quot error either using Navigator's direct interface or telling it to open the scanner driver which brings up a slightly different interface when it worked First I went to the Canon site and d l'ed all the latest drivers for x and installed them Still get the same errors Tried setting it up to scan via USB Can't scan with Canon Pixma MX700 temporary connection If I install it that way it works but it's not a long term solution And it stops working after a reboot The odd thing is the scanner works over the LAN after I set it up for USB when using NAvigator because the scan to lan button on the printer doesn't work of course again until reboot I've googled the heck out of this and tried many things such as a weird solution involving deleting a link to MSN Web Resources which doesn't exist on my machine so I can't do it I'm at wits end Some update to Windows or some other change caused the original installation of drivers software not to work after January sometime and nothing I do gets the scanner to work consistently And it's particularly interesting that it works temporarily after I set it up to use the USB cable but that it dies again after reboot MS firewall and Security Essentials are disabled through all this no other AV etc software running HELP Marc

A:Can't scan with Canon Pixma MX700

I had this problem too & I also have a MX 700. I didn't have quite the probs your having, but when I went to scan something, it would just sit there doing nothing.

The way I found after playing around with it was like this:

I had to go to Start/Devices and Printers.

I R clicked on the printer/scanner and clicked "Start Scan".

Once I did that, it worked for me. You'll get a window with all the options for scanning. For some reason Windows took over the scan feature, but it works, so I'm happy.

Mine is hooked up via USB also, but I'm not on a x64. Driver prob maybe?

Anyway, that's how I got mine to scan, I hope it helps.
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I have a canon MP560 pixma printer that I am not able to print using the canon black ink. The cartridges are new OEM Canon cartridges. The printer has been idle for 1 year and is essentially new. I did a couple of black only deep cleanings but still prints black in a blue tone. I had Canon customer service tell me it could be a malfunctioning print head. Is there a way to clean the print head using alcohol and will this possibly clean the head without damaging it? I have used this method on other printers. Does anyone have another suggestions.
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My Canon Pixma iP3000 printer worked fine when connected to my HP Vista computer. Now I have an HP p6616f-b with Windows 7 (64 bit) and I cannot find definitive info on the web as so whether or not they're compatible with one another. If they are, I'd need new software. Anyone know if compatible and where I could get software? Thanks

A:Canon Pixma iP300 compatibility with Win 7

Have you tried the Canon website?

Here's the link:

The printer is compatible and Windows will download the driver from Microsoft Update as per the information from the above link. You can download additional software from the Canon website for it though from the link above.
You can also check the Microsoft Compatibility site located here: ip3000&Type=Hardware&tempOsid=win7
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This is my first post so please forgive me if I have not followed the correct procedures.
I have a Canon Pixma iP5000 printer. It worked fine for about one year but now has all print jobs have a pink colour, to the partial exclusion of blue. I have tried all the suggested maintenance procedures, alignment, clean print heads etc and I have checked the installation of the print cartridges. I have also re-installed the software.
Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


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Has anyone ever run into this crazy problem I have a Canon Pixma that I got bundled with my MacBook pro It s been sitting on my desk inert ever since I cannot get it to print anything anytime I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers at least twice reset the printer I worked Pixma Canon NEVER ip4300 has don t think it s a communication error because my laptop sees the printer can check the ink etc Once I reinstall the drivers I can always print a test page exactly once then never again I get no error messages Nothing Opening the print queue box it shows what ever job I m attempting to print as quot printing quot but the printer never actually prints anything If I pull the Canon Pixma ip4300 has NEVER worked plug on the printer with a job in the queue I get a quot can t communicate with printer quot message which tells me communication isn t the issue I m running OS on a MacBook pro I know it s not my laptop since I ve never had any problem with any other printer including a PIXMA Pro I m thinking there s something either super easy to fix or that this printer is just a lemon that needs to go in the trash Canon has been very unhelpful Every once in a while I ll dust this thing off and try to make it work Is it time to give up nbsp

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I have had to upgrade PC to Windows 7 64 bit and now cannot find software to instal to use the scanner option.
Is there any software available?
I have tried Canon site but incompatible and won't load.

A:Canon Pixma MP210 and Windows 7 64 bit

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Did you try the Drivers in the Link below ? ...

Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : PIXMA MP210
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Anyone know why my magenta cartridge gets contaminated with black ink when the printer is left unused for a few hours?

A:Canon Pixma iP4200 ink contamination

Sounds like the black cartridge may be leaking.
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The printer won't start and the YELLOW ALARM light is flashing.

The Canon Troubleshooting Guide advises to count the number of flashes and then refer to the User Manual.

I cannot find anything in the User Manual that indentifies errors in terms of number of flashes.

Anyone know where to find these error messages ?



A:Canon Pixma MP620 Error

Is this a new printer or one that you had working previously?
What OS are you running?
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I just got my
Canon PIXMA MG6450 out the box that my new job bought for me. I've pulled the tabs out as directed, plugged it in, the orange triangle with a bolt in it light is on, and when I press 'on' it does nothing. All other forums on the Internet keep saying 'go into settings..' Etc but it's literally not turning on to do anything. No idea with technology and don't know what to do any help greatly appreciated!!

A:Can't set up and turn on Canon PIXMA MG6450

You've posted your question 2 times, that is not allowed. Please only start one thread per issue. The thread in Hardware is in the right section so I'll leave that one open.

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I recently bought this Canon product and it worked very well for about - months but when we came back from vacation the black color faded and and gradualy disappeared I took the cartridges and the print head to the guys that refilled my cartridges no problem here only second refill no leaks or dryed ink problems and they told me that the Canon MP520 Pixma Problem printer head was clogged and that the pump that was responsible for the cleanining and deep cleaning funtions was not powerfull enough to unclog the head They unclogged the print head Canon Pixma MP520 Problem and it worked fine for the next - pages By the t page black vanished again I took the printer head back to the guys and they told me that it doesent have a problem So one out of two It s indeed clogged and i need to know what i can do to unclog it The printer head is uncloged and i don t have a clue what i m supposed to do now except posting on forums Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Canon Pixma MP520 Problem

The print heads on the 520 are odd ones, if not unique for this type of machine from Canon - most of the other #8 based machines have the Black #8 in them as well - the MP520 doesn't, and uses that large #5, which is meant for text printing as its black - this is not the normal photo ink, which the #8s have in them, and is a bit thicker than the other colors (including the #8 Black). This means that it will clog a bit more often, including deeper clots between the actual head and the cartridge. What the refillers are using are flow sensors, which only detect if the ink is moving through the assembly, not if they are impeeded, and do so with a bit more pressure than what the printer normally generates.

What does all this mean? Well, here's what I would do...

1 - Using 409 or Fantastik (NO WINDEX) and a Q-Tip, I would clean all electrical contacts between the print head assembly and the printer (all those spots on the face of the print head, and all the little wire contacts inside the machine) to make sure no ink overspray is causing faulty print quality.

2 - Ye Old Desert Dish Trick - Take a desert dish and put a layer of 409 or Fantastik on it, and lay the PRINT HEADS into it (DO NOT SUBMERGE THE ASSEMBLY INTO THE 409 or FANTASTIK - only the print heads on the bottom) While it sits, make sure you keep the ink cartridges sitting in their respective slots, as you don't want the top of the print heads drying either. Come back an hour or so later and scrub the heads with a Q-Tip and the cleaner. Wet the contacts with the Q-Tip and reinstall into the printer WET. Insert the cartridges and run the printer through a head cleaning.

3 - If this doesn't help it out... it's time to consider contacting Canon for new heads, since these old ones are not working. Unfortunately, since you used a refill service, any warranty was voided, so Canon would charge you for the heads.