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Display Drivers Not Available

Q: Display Drivers Not Available

In dxdiag option and in Display option all 3 acceleration options are not available in my pc. But I had installed the drivers and hardware for graphics then too it showing not available. Can anybody tell me how can I enable all those 3 options. I have Standard VGA Graphics Adaper.
Here is screenshot for reference -

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Preferred Solution: Display Drivers Not Available

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Display Drivers Not Available

And Only Because Of That I am not able to open any game or sofware which requires display graphics. Any suggestions are most welcomed.
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Hello all I'll try to explain my problem Last week I tried to update my ati drivers with the latest I had so far so good My problem is that display drivers ati drivers responding 5870 stop on 10.11 with these drivers I got this message from windows display drivers have stop responding and they've been recoveres or something similar Same happened with drivers I had to roll back to drivers and everything still runs fine I'm a bit sad since my computer is brand new built it in august no overclock nothing strange installed and mostly used for World of Warcraft gaming I like to keep my computer clean and I'm not used to test or stress or overclok it but just to display drivers stop responding on ati 5870 10.11 drivers play my fav game Temperatures are more than fine checked everything My overall system mobo ASUS p deluxe Vs on i giga ram corsair vga ATI Gigabyte HD SSD HD with WIN Pro Raptor HD with only World of Warcraft installed tera HD for storage My system runs fine with these drivers but I'd like to keep it update also for the online game which is constantly updating to newer versions I kindly ask you to give me a solution to this issue of mine that is preventing me from sleeping Thanks a lot Blue

A:display drivers stop responding on ati 5870 10.11 drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by Bluetta

Hello all!
I'll try to explain my problem.
Last week I tried to update my ati 5870 drivers with the latest 10.11. I had 10.9 so far so good.
My problem is that with these drivers I got this message from windows : display drivers have stop responding and they've been recoveres (or something similar).
Same happened with drivers 10.10.
I had to roll back to drivers 10.9 and everything still runs fine.
I'm a bit sad since my computer is brand new (built it in august 2010), no overclock, nothing strange installed, and mostly used for World of Warcraft gaming. I like to keep my computer clean and I'm not used to test or stress or overclok it, but just to play my fav game.

My overall system :
mobo : ASUS p67 deluxe Vs
on i7 920
6 giga ram corsair
vga ATI Gigabyte HD 5870
SSD HD with WIN 7 64 Pro
Raptor HD with only World of Warcraft installed
1 tera HD for storage

My system runs fine with these drivers 10.9, but I'd like to keep it update also for the online game which is constantly updating to newer versions.

I kindly ask you to give me a solution to this issue of mine that is preventing me from sleeping....

Thanks a lot

Blue hi

New drivers are released to fix problems. they arent any faster, or better. Sometimes when they fix one problem they create another so why the urgent need to be on 10.11? Might be slower or not work at all
Ken J
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Latest Crimson Edition Drivers seems to crash repeatedly on desktop "Display Driver has stopped and has recovered" again and again once you hit the desktop, sometimes when you run a game or something that is related to the graphics. The only solutions was to Disable the drivers, downgrade to Win 7/8.1 or install a 14.12 Omega which is what I'm using right now. I've tried using DDU and TdrDelay, still no good. Right now the 14.12 omega is stable but playing games doesn't seem to give me a good framerate since it's outdated. Any workaround or reason why it crashes?

A:Latest AMD Drivers "display drivers stopped and recovered" Win 10

Having the same issue with internal Intel HD graphics.
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Right now I just reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows and downloaded all the windows updates.

But there was no display driver update as I expected.
I am using the standard display adapter on my motherboard and it only right now allows 1 resolution and 2 color settings (16 and 2 colors).

Anyone know where I can get updated drivers for it? I know they exist since I had them before I reformatted the disk.


A:Display Drivers

You have no display driver installed and are using the standard windows vga driver.
If it is an onboard vga card you need to post the name and model of the board.
If it is a modular card you need to post the name and model of the card.

Once done someone is sure to help you out & the problem is nearly resolved.
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just on
Drivers & Software

A:new ATI display drivers 8.10

Thanks Gaz... My old XP machine ( now my two young boys XP machine ) is still running a 1950 Pro....
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I have an old HP D2810A display monitor (running Windows 95 with a Compaq Deskpro 575 computer) and I am having trouble finding drivers for this display. I have been all over the Hewlett Packard sight and found a list of inf files that make reference to my particular display (Model # D2810A) so I know it really does exist but no info on where or how to find and downlaod them... Any help would be appreciated.... and Pooh Pooh on HP for not making it easier to find and download it's drivers...thanx

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im using windows xp home.i have a nvidia gforce video card. the drivers became disable or deleted somehow. the vgasave display drivers kicked in, but i carelessly disabled them or deleted them(cant remember, been using a different os for the last month or 2). but i miss my xp home. if i start xp the screen is just black. if i start in safe mode, it freezes on the dos driver load screen. what do i do?

A:no display drivers

I would do a repair installation fomr the XP disc. It'll replace the broken drivers.
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Hello I've got a VAIO VGN-FE11M and got some "display troubles".
Everytime I close my laptop the screen stays turned off for ever....
Is there any solution?

A:Display Drivers???

Hi logock

Check your power plan.
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Hi guys I ve been trying to get some games functioning on an office computer but I don t know what to do about my apparent lack of a video display driver I ran dxdiag and it told me my computer is using quot the generic video driver quot Help Drivers With Need Display and to quot please instal the video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer quot I ran a TG scan andl this is its report Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Need Help With Display Drivers Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc RN Antivirus Kaspersky Anti-Virus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled I am using Windows XP and as you can see the Graphics card section is just blank so I have no idea how to go about updating it or installing a new one Can someone help me identify what I need to download to get my computer functioning nbsp

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When Windows 8 is RTM does that mean the WMMD display drivers will no longer be used? Afterburner,an MSI Gpu overclocking utility will not work with the WMMD drivers. Also I noticed when I use Passmark performance test, on the Cpu portion I get scores as if I had it overclocked to 4.5 GHz. at stock clocks yet when I run 3DMark 11 I get abysmal Cpu scores.Any insight would be welcomed.Thanks

A:RTM display drivers

Well it's always been the case that the shipping drivers are bare bones and don;t support a lot of or any vendor spefcific features.

So I'm not sure that Windows 8 will be any different from 7, vista or XP. It's pretty much expected that you need to install the manufacturers real drivers in order to get full functionality. D3 and another 3d game would not even run with the included nvidia drivers with windows 8 I seem to recall. Installed the latest from the nvidia website and everything I've tried so far works fine.
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actually not sure if it is the drivers or my monitor is on the way out.what i have is a sony hmd a200 monitor and i get dark lines thru where words or pictures or window frames are displayed.the lines are only consistent with different pages so it seems to me the monitor is ok or pixel lines not burned.i have tried to download and install the correct drivers from sony but did not correct the problem. any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

A:display drivers ??

That could be the video card driver. Go to the support page and download the actual driver for your model and operating system.
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to install a display driver onto my friends computer.
I formatted it and typed in 'dxdiag' in the run program and clicked on display.
There is no Device. It is either blank or 'N/A' and for drivers it says
Drivers: vga.dll
Version: 5.01.2600.0000 (english)
Date: 8/4/2004 06:00:00
WHQL Logo'd : Yes
Mini VDD: vga.sys
VDD: n/a
DDI Version: Unknown

Please tell me if I'm missing anything else. Thanks.

A:Display Drivers for vga.dll

Can you give more detail on your friends PC? What is the make/model of his PC?
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NVIDIA display control panel extension cannot be created version mismatch reinstalling display drivers may solve this promblem

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i bought a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6898 and i removed vista and installed XP pro 32bit and i cant find any display drivers for it cuz i tried installing the ATI display drivers for my graphics card but it wont let me cuz it says unable to locate driver for my hardware or OS. heres a pic of the error message and idk what to do im clueless!

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Hi, I would like to download driver updates for my NVIDIA Geforce 6600, but when I went to the site, it said, before I download, I had to uninstall the present drivers. I am a bit wary of doing this, as I am not sure I could set it all to rights if it went wrong. Is it easy to uninstall drivers and then install the driver updates?
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I have a dell dimension 4400 with a lcd samsung screen purchased awhile after i got the computer. It came with this program called natural color. my display drivers are acting up (cant change screen resolution, the color is only 4 bit) and when i tried to install the new drivers it said ''cannot find the hardware'' or something. Then when i log in on vga mode it looks normal (even tho its still 4 bit) and i get an error saying ''naturalcolorload'' then the error is ''createdc()failed'' does this have anything to do with the color being 4 bit?

Also i looked in this site:

and the graphics card i have is listed but the * isnt next to it. i dont get it. can someone tell me what that means? do i need an upgraded chipset?

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hi, i want to download the display drivers for pavilion dv5. Any suggestions? thanks

A:display drivers

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the W7 graphics driver. Try manually installing it if the auto install doesn't work. This package contains the driver for the ATI Mobility Radeon M82/M86/RS780M Video/Graphics in the supported notebook/laptop models and operating systems. File name: sp45416.exe
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I am having a problem with burning a DVD. It tells me that my display driver has failed and recovered. How do I fix this?

A:Display Drivers

I don't think we can help you if you don't give us any information on your graphics card. For example: XFX GeForce 8600GT.
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why arnt my display adapters showing under device manager???

A:Display Drivers

Mainboard drivers installed?
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Hi After replacing my old Drivers Display faulty NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics card with an ATI Radeon HD I haven t been able to open any gaming applications For example when trying to play League of Legends I get the error League of Legends has stopped working Problem signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name League of Legends exe Application Version Application Timestamp db c Fault Module Name d dx dll Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp cb dc Exception Code c Exception Offset cfc OS Version Locale ID Additional Information d Additional Information abee edb fc f ad f f f be Additional Information d Additional Information abee edb fc f Display Drivers ad f f f be Similarly upon loading up windows I am confronted with the message Windows host process Rundll has Display Drivers stopped working with this problem signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name rundll exe Application Version Application Timestamp b e Fault Module Name nvapi dll Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp f cbe Exception Code c Exception Offset e OS Version Locale ID Additional Information dba Additional Information a d c e eebb c ac Additional Information bf Additional Information cbcbe a dbb e f f a e a When checking for solutions windows suggests that there is a problem with NVIDIA graphics driver despite the fact that I no longer use NVIDIA drivers and that I must update it them My Radeon drivers are completely up to date and I have all the available windows updates installed I have a custom-built PC the system manufacturer is Gigabyte and the system model is P -DS L Intel Quad core CPU Q GHz The OS is Vista Thanks nbsp

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Hello, I've been trying to install the new ATI 13.1 drivers for my 7770's but during mid install my monitor goes black and never returns. I have waited for an hour, just to make sure its not still installing, but it still doesn't come back.
This is not my first time installing drivers, its just not working this time and I have no idea why. I have tried installing it multiple times in both crossfire and non crossfire settings. (I do not have my cards or CPU overclocked)
*Edit: I have also tried using my HDMI with the same result*

Each time after I try to install I have to hard reboot my computer and do a system restore.

Current Drivers are at 12.10

Specs are:
MB: Gigabyte 970A-UD3
GPU: 2 ATI 7770's in crossfire
CPU: AMD 6 core FX 6100
RAM: 16 GB
Monitor: Asus 24" VS247 using DVI in 1920x1080

A:No display after installing ATI 13.1 drivers

you could try the 13.2 BETA:
AMD Catalyst 13.2 BETA (12.100.0 January 1) Unofficial - Forums

it cured my problem with Cyberlink Blu-Ray playback
- kept giving me a very dark (almost black) screen

..oddly enough - DVD playback wasn't affected.. (?)

the 13.2 BETA seems to run OK, though it's an unofficial release at the moment,
so I guess you have to take your chances..

no problems, so far..
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Hi. I have reinstalled windows me (from scratch) and the resolution is stuck at 640 x 490 and 16 colours. It is also using the standard PCI graphics adapter driver, as it presumably couldn't detect the built in graphics card so is using a standard one. I would like to somehow get my original drivers back (I have a backup by the way).
If this helps the comp is a Packard Bell Club 40 from 1998!
I have some Master CDs which I got with it, but I can't find any display drivers, only modem ones, and I have gone to sytem properties and searched the CD for "updated" drivers.
There is something mentioned about SiS 5597\5598
Thanks very much

A:Drivers for display adapter

Sis drivers here
You will need to use the win98 version as no winme are available, should work fine
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Ever since i installed windows 10 my display driver keeps crashing my laptop. I will get a message saying display driver windows 8.1 has stopped responding and then my laptop shut down. It only occurs while i'm playing games from Gameloft

When i look to update my drivers i can't find an updater that will do it for free, is there anything out there i can use, any advice would be appreciated.

For what it's worth i am pretty much computer illiterate

Thanks in advance

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Hello Display Crashing Drivers My issue is the following -while playing games Display Drivers Crashing the display driver just crashes after minutes of game-play after which I have to reboot in order to be able to play another minutes of the game before it happens again -while browsing the web it crashes and recovers -while watching videos the driver crashes My setup Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GT OS Windows Ultimate -bit Motherboard GA-P -DS L I have tried memtestx and I've let it run times and it gave no errors I have tried sweeping all of the drivers and the leftovers and installing new ones My drivers are up to date and downloaded from the nVidia website I have checked for malware I have reinstalled windows I installed the newest motherboard drivers None of what I did above helped and this is really getting annoying now as I can not do anything on my PC If you have any suggestion please help thank you EDIT The graphic card temperatures are in a normal range What I have also heard is that it could be a failing PSU If it's of any help all components except the graphic card are years old

A:Display Drivers Crashing


what PSU do you have?
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I know display drivers are not neccesarly windows vista support but everyone is telling me that it could be an issue drivers Display crashing with my OS My Issue started several weeks ago and is quite a long story I will start Display drivers crashing at the begining and hopefully I can get some help from the forums I bought some new RAM and after replacing my old sticks it caused major issues in my gaming Display drivers crashing and could not redownload any other files because memory was corrupted after running a mem test sure enough it was damaged ram i took it back to the store I purchased from and after several weeks they finally replaced them During these weeks I had issues on my computer Now is where the real issues started after installing the ram again My gfx card is in an awkward spot with its size so i have Display drivers crashing to remove it to install the ram not sure if that matters at all the first time loading up I recieved an error that basically said windows was damaged and needed to be repaired was instructed to insert my disc and let it auto repair I did and it started up fine after this After about an hour of gaming my screen flashed several times and i got the nvlkm error display driver stopped responding and had recovered Closed out of my game restarted my computer and started playing again Now the issue seemed to be worse and was happening again and again right after each recovery I updated my display drivers and had the same issue After several crashes the screen got worse it started showing pixels of random colours all over my screen I tried removing my drivers and re installing and updating them didnt fix I tried deleting drivers and using a differant video card and differant drivers radeon card still didnt fix I tried putting my old ram back and my computer wouldnt even load up After deleting the radeon drivers and reinstalling my Geforce with its drivers I took my computer to Memory Express Local Tech store and had them take a look at it after weeks they got back to me and said it wasnt a hard ware issue and that I would have to reinstall windows and all my drivers I reinstalled windows and completely wiped my computer downloaded all the latest video drivers It was going well videos werent crashing me and i decided to do the windows rating score since isaw it sitting at During this test it crashed and the display drivers stopped responding again important to note that I had also done this test several times while trying earlier to fix my issues and the exact same result happened Finally I decided to update my mobo drivers After doing this I had the most success out of anything my perfomance test was able to complete and show my score of since it had always crashed during this i was excited and assumed it was fixed After about an hour of youtube videos while waiting for a game to download the screen started flickering again and the display drivers crashed QQ I would really like to post my specs but every time I load my control panel or sometimes even the start menu my pc starts to crash I could really use some help here the technician says its the drivers but all the forums I go to suggest hardware issues or windows issues I've tried solutions to all of those and nothing I will continue to try and get my specs up if it is absolutely neccesary for help its also gotten to the point where even loading an internet page causes things to go crazy not just videos games performance tests anymore

A:Display drivers crashing


If you re-installed Windows and the GFX was still crashing then my best guess is that it is failing on you, can you test another one now that you have installed Windows again?

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I am using windows 8.1 on an ASUS notebook N56V. Within the last couple of weeks I have been having major issues trying to play any type of video game. On most occasions the game glitches badly and then just crashes. However for some reason if I just redownload
a driver or the game itself it will work just fine until I reboot the computer. All of my drivers are up to date as is windows itself. Any help would be appreciated.
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Okay, folks,

I got a nice ASUS gaming notebook so it wouldn't go obsolete on me too fast. But mostly I use it for the Internet.

THis has only recently started happening; since I loaded Fallout NV on the machine.

While I am watching video online, I will get a flicker and a message saying the display drivers have stopped responding and successfully recovered, or else a memory dump and blue screen of death. SOmetimes, just a freeze.

I have reinstalled the factory imprint, and no Fallout New Vegas. Same problem. I am running WIndows 7 64 bit on the ASUS macine with an ATI video card and an INtel core I7 processor. Webroot internet security.

Can anybody tell me what is wrong?

A:display drivers failing

Check in device manager under display adapters to view your current driver, what Card is your laptop using?

"Right-click Computer" > "Manage" > "DeviceManager"
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i cant find a ati mobility radeon hd 3450 display driver...
device manager shows that its not working properly (exclamation mark)
"win xp professional"
the laptop is now very laggy =/

A:help find display drivers pls

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I've been having this issue, and I see with others. Is there a correction coming to help us out. I was almost ready to get a new computer, but I'll wait to see if anything will be fixed by M.S. What have you heard?

My display flickers and I get the message on this site "display drivers stopped, now have been recovered", or something like that. I hope they fix it. Thanks. Look at driver problems on this site.

A:Display Drivers in Windows 10

Go to the manufacturers site for your graphics device and download the newest drivers.
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I am having several problems with my laptop recently primarily to do Drivers Display Graphics and with the drivers installed or not installed on my computer nbsp nbsp I have been having a reoccuring issue where my laptop will freeze for a moment and then a message will pop up saying that my nbsp display driver has stopped nbsp responding and has recovered This makes it very annoying to do anything on my laptop Display and Graphics Drivers when this keeps happening several times nbsp I am also having an issue where my laptop completely nbsp freezes and also has an onoxious nbsp buzzing sound The only way to fix this is to restart the nbsp laptop manually nbsp I have tried to fix this issue by updating my graphics driver I figured Display and Graphics Drivers it wasn't compatible with windows HOWEVER whatever driver I try to download whether it is from HP Intel or nbsp NVIDIA it doesn't let me update my graphics driver It states that it is either not compatible with my laptop or it nbsp gives me a message saying that the driver is not validated for my computer and to nbsp please nbsp obtain the appropiate driver from the computer manufactuer nbsp I did that and it still said it wasn't validated nbsp Also another big problem I have I bought this laptop and it is advertised that it has a NVIDIA Geforce graphics card I have tried several times to nbsp get the NVIDIA drivers but it states that I do not have the appropiate nbsp software for the drivers even though I should have them
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i really hope u all can help me becasue no one out there seems to be able to My problem resides with either my drivers or a corrupted windows sys ini I recently installed a new HDD and then installed win first edition upon first start my screen was a mess the graphics in the background where fine but the letters under the icons were either missing or highlted in black let alone it just froze up I resolved this problme in safe problems sys.ini drivers and display mode I have discovered display drivers and sys.ini problems that a line in my sys ini boot section was causing this problem well at least contributing display drivers and sys.ini problems to it the line is pnpdvr line if i enable this line my comp on restart doesnt work the icons letters are gone and it just freezes up if i disable this line my comp works fine BUT i cant view my screen at anything higher than colors I have reinstalled windows several times hoping something would change but it has not I have reinstalled the drivers to my video board many times this did not help I have downloaded new update drivers for my board this did not help I have also installed TWO different boards with their drivers this did not help So here i am i have done everything possible with the drivers i have installed a total of three different video cards and there different drivers to no evail WHat is going on with my sys ini boot i have alos noticed that every time i install a new drivers that a new pnp line appears in the boot section all the lines are the same i have asked people on the net to see what their sys ini says and they have the exact same line as well My monitor is a PNP monitor and it appears that me computer thinks everything is fine ther are no exclamation marks in device mamager and the properties of my dispaly adapter say everything is working fine can u please help me or at least help get some money together to pay a little visit to MR GATES ahhhhhh thanks if u cant help me can u perhaps point me towards someone that can scott nbsp

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I am using windows 32 bit OS. My system show the notification again and again "Disply driver failed". So it is blink for 5 seconds and brightness is increased. How to resolve this problem? What I need to do?

A:Display drivers get failed?

Post a screenshot of Device Management - Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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In the process of trying to roll back the (ati drivers) the dialog box
ask for the path to where the driver is located or a disk. The path is;
C:\Windows\Last Good\System 32\Drivers. But the dialog box will
not recognize this path and of the disk. What disk is needed ? need a
bit of guidance . OS XP Home SP2 (ATI Display Drivers)



A:XP Home SP2 Display Drivers

Hi Billjh,
I don't know a lot about graphics cards but there should be a driver zip at C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386. I think the disk would be the one that came with the graphics card or the Windows installation disk if it's a driver provided by MS. You can get ATI drivers here.
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hi all have a problem with my computer crashing all the time,amd display drivers failing and recovering basicly and many many minidumps,im running a asus h77 pro motherboard,ivy 3550 cpu ,8 gb of 1333 ram,550 whatt psu and a HIS ati radeon 7770 graphics card,im thinking drivers but have updated them and its still happening...please help

A:amd display drivers crashing

Have you tried uninstalling your graphics drivers in safe mode and restarting your PC with only the Basic drivers installed ? also you could try uninstalling previous drivers, in some cases certain games or programs can install additional updates that can cause conflicts. If all else fails you could try a clean install of win7 on a different hard drive to rule out a software or driver conflict.
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I have an older amd k6-2 450 and I am trying to adjust display settings. All i can use is 640x480 and 16 colors. My monitor is a tatung c5dze. I downloaded the driver from the website but it didn't help. My graphics are built into the motherboard

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So, I just upgraded my computer to windows 7 professional 32-bit. The hard drive was reformatted so there isn't much on it. Its been running for about 3 days now and has not been running properly from day one. It just freezes up and the screen goes black randomly. I get an error message that tells me the display drivers have stopped responding and recovered. It happens pretty often and I everytime I've tried to play a video it starts to act crazy. I have an EVGA Nvidia Geforce 9400GT 1GB Graphics card and I was using the 275.33 drivers but someone suggested going to a previous driver so now I am running 266.58. Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know of a solution? I am in desperate need of help.

A:Display Drivers Keep Crashing.

The fix is generally to completely remove the previous driver installation.
(and the nvidia control panel)

Using this utility in safe mode - - Driver Sweeper

Then reboot normal and reinstall the latest driver again.
This actually happens often in all versions of windows and with both nvidia and ati.
The main problem is ..well if there is a problem their uninstallers/installers don't actually function quite the way they should.

Anyhow give that a shot and see if it cleans you up.
If not we'll go to the more complex steps.
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Any time i install new drivers for ANYTHING, i get to the Vista loading screen and my monitor says no input detected. Help wanted plzz =)
Fixed: Anyone with this problem ROLLBACK your videocard drivers.
(renders gfx card useless until drivers installed)


A:Installing (any) new drivers causes no display

What are your system specs?
Are you using a laptop?
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I've installed new drivers for my display adapters, on a new mother board and still I get the error that the driver isn't working. What's going on?

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I have bought HP Pavilion m6-1006tx almost half year.

It has 2 display drivers. One is the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, another one is AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series.

How do I switch to AMD Radeon HD 7600M from Intel HD Graphics 4000?

PS: My bios cannot change those settings.

A:Switch Display Drivers.

The system is set up to switch between the 2 depending on whether you are on battery or AC power, and depending on the graphics needs of what you are doing. You should have a choice to configure by right clicking on the desktop (see 1st link)

Overview of Switchable Graphics or Dual GPUs HP Pavilion dv6-3113et Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support

There also appears to be 2 modes on newer PCs, Fixed Mode or Dynamic Mode.

Switchable Graphics on Notebooks Configured with Dual AMD GPUs HP Pavilion dv6-3113et Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support

It seems some models do not have the BIOS setting for fixed/dynamic, but are always Fixed. I cannot find specifically your laptops definitive info. You might want to ask on the HP forums. A Guy
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whats the difference between
forceware drivers and detonator

A:Nvidia display drivers?

Forceware drivers are the newest, just a new name, basically. Although it seems that I have read somewhere that they are new from the ground up. They've been out for a while and went through quite a few driver versions. They are both nVidia drivers. If you are thinking about going to the latest driver, use the Forceware driver.

Unless you like to play around with Beta drivers, and like to change drivers a lot, I would suggest you use the latest official drivers from nVidia, which are Forceware. You can find them and a lot of other versions, right here at TechSpot, in the downloads section, or get them directly from nVidia.
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Hi everyone so i wanted to update my display drivers and i downloaded with drivers... my display Problem drivers from amd official site for my display card when Problem with my display drivers... i installed the drivers it didnt succeed and moreover the resolution became really bad and now i barely see my screen This is the errors it wrote me in the installation Catalyst Install Manager Installation Report Hardware information Name AMD Radeon Graphics Processor Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices Inc Device ID x ba Vendor ID x Class Code x Revision ID x Subsystem ID xe Subsystem vendor ID x b Other hardware Existing packages AMD Catalyst Install Manager AMD APP SDK Runtime AVIVO HydraVision AMD Drag and Drop Transcoding AMD Media Foundation Decoders Catalyst Control Center Packages for install AMD Catalyst Install Manager Final Status Success Version of Item Size Mbytes AMD Display Driver Final Status Fail Version of Item Size Mbytes HDMI DP Audio Driver Final Status Fail Version of Item Size Mbytes Other detected devices Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices Inc Device ID xaa Vendor ID x Class Code x Revision ID x Subsystem ID xaa Subsystem vendor ID x b Error messages Driver Install user must be a member of the Administrators group Driver Install user must be a member of the Administrators group

A:Problem with my display drivers...

That message indicates you do not have admin privileges, is this your personal PC or a company's?
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Hi there I've been trying unsuccessfuly to update my display drivers I've gone to the hp drivers specifically for my laptop and downloaded the recommended drivers for it published may but when I try to install them I get an error message saying my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements for this software nbsp I've tried letting HP Assist do it for me and I've tried doing it manually with the same result nbsp I can't download direct from Intel either because it detects that my Can't drivers display update the drivers already in use are not generic ones and directs me to the HP site to get the tailored ones nbsp It is creating all sorts of problems because I can't get games like Pro Evo Soccer to run properly because it doesn't recognize Can't update my display drivers my graphics properly nbsp My nice new powerful laptop is being hampered because of this iris chip and the inability to update the drivers to the current ones being supplied by Intel nbsp I wish I had noticed that the graphic chip wasn't nVidia or AMD I'd have avoided it like the plague nbsp Hope someone can help me
Relevancy 42.57%

Hi I'm running W ultimate bit on an old for How Pioneer drivers do I up my set display P machine with a Sapphire ATI HD graphics card It's only use is a media player HTPC for our lounge using an old Pioneer PDP- MXE plasma as a display This is How do I set up drivers for my Pioneer display a x widescreen pre-HD unit without a HDMI port Connection is via good old VGA I've got a couple of issues Ideally I'd like to drive the box at it's native resolution but if I select x in ATI CCC the result is stretched not For the moment I'm outputing x which is OK but not quite as sharp as the x stretched image Is there anyway to set up a version of x or have I already done it Second issue is around refresh rate My monitor is not being recognised so on the monitor tab of the Disply advanced properties it just says quot Default VGA Monitor quot I've done the usual stuff of trying to update the monitor drivers from the list within Windows I've looked for drivers on the web but with no luck The problem that this is causing is that ATI CCC won't let me select hz which is what I need for nice smooth PAL DVd playback hz is selectable but only about of my DVDs are NTSC So to cut to the chase any ideas how I set things up to get hz out of my set-up I'm happy to look at stuff like Powerstrip if I need to go that far Thanks Paul

A:How do I set up drivers for my Pioneer display

Powerstrip is what came to mind when I read your problem might want to give it a try. PowerStrip 3.75 download from But then I'm not an ATI guy so they might have other ideas.Fabe
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As the title says the display dirvers crash constantly but not when im playing video games. i can play any game max setting with no lag no problems nothing for hours... days even. but when i try watching youtube and hulu videos it crashes constantly. i have a ati radeon 5700 series video card.

A:Display drivers keep crashing

Update video drivers - Downloads

Update networking drivers - Ethernet & wifi.

What are the error messages?

START | type view | "View all Problem Reports" | 2x-click on line item for additional crash info

2. Reliability Monitor -
START | type perfmon /rel

3. Event Viewer -
START | type eventvwr.msc | Custom Views | Administrative Events

Regards. . .


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As of two days ago, my comptuer started flickering, and sometimes the screen would just turn black. I can't open any games or anything that relies on a display driver. It says both my display drivers are disabled because there is an error. My video cards are both Nvidia GenForce 9800 GX2. Someone suggested I should download and install updates, but everytime I do it either does absolutely nothing or my screen goes black in the middle of installation and I have to reboot my computer. Both the drivers are now uninstalled. Any self help information you guys could give me before I have to resort to calling in a technician? :/

A:Can't update display drivers


Both the drivers are actually now installed, but still showing an error and disabled.

Some additional information: When I start up the computer, there are blues dots on the screen, if that changes anything. I've only had my computer for 2 years.
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on the offical site my product no longer avilable so plesea help me in solving this issue

A:for display and viedo drivers

@123AN? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? And what OS you are running??? REO
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Hi Everyone, I have recently updated my Windows from Windows 7 to 8.1, and since the update the display drivers are not working, the produce drivers has gone to Micrsoft Basic Display Driver, as shown in Pic. I have updated all the recomended updates there is no updae for Display drivers, it been a weak now and I have installed the drivers manually from ATI website as well, they are not working as well. I can not play videos and games, and screen kinda blinks as well Can anyone help with this please? Thanks in advance.
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I have the Nvidia GeForce 256 vid card, on a Windows 98 system. I have a game called Project IGI that needs an older Nvidia driver set to even play this game on my system (This according to Eidos Help Support). However this is not a gaming question it is a hardware question.

I have a T.V. card installed on my PC. If I install the older driver for the game I cant use the t.v. card.
If I use the updated driver for the T.V. card, I cant play the game.

My question then is...
Is there any way to install the 2 different display drivers for the SAME vid card, and then just use the one I want for either the T.V. card or the game?
Someone suggested setting up a Hardware Profile- Is that a possibility, and if so how would I do it?


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After recently Formatting and re-installing windows 98se on a friends PC, i have come to realise they have no idea what graphics card they have, the drivers were installed before but now im stuck, and i have no idea of the make or model.
Sice they do not use there PC for gaming, i was wondering about drivers.
The standard windows driver allows the graphics card to display upto 640x480 and 16 colours, is there any way for me to get some standard drivers that allow me to crank the resolution up to 1024x768 with 16bit high colour?

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I rcently bought a 22" LCD widescreen Viewsonic monitor va2226w

When I tried to install the drivers with the cd that came with it it gave me the error message saying unable to install drivers. I tried to install manually by updating the Plug and Play Monitor driver and choosing the specific location. But it said that it wasn't good.

I have a S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR on-board video card and Windows XP SP2. Does this have something to do with it?

Right now the pixels are kind of blurry and I can't put it to 1680x1050 resolution.

What should I do to resolve the problem?

It's frustrating cuz this should be an easy task!

A:Cannot install Display drivers

It looks to me like you probably have an older machine. Yes? I can help you with blurry fonts but as far as your resolution goes, you maybe SOL.

For the fonts go to: control panel>display>appearance tab>effects Under "use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts," choose ClearType.

As far as your resolution goes, there could be some updated drivers out there.

I have a 22" wide screen monitor and never installed the drivers that came with the monitor. I just plugged it in.
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I uninstalled and cleaned the old drivers off my computer but there was an error i just ignored it and cleaned again it was fine I installed the new ones and now i can t watch youtube videos or videos at teenmusic com I have flash player and all that I m thinking it s my display dirvers when i had them uninstalled i was able to view these website s video s in fullscreen Should i uninstall and clean and install the old ones The only reason i uninstalled the old ones is because after i compressed the Hard drive for space this happened http s photobucket com albums c DOGGYDOGS action view amp current CLIP flv If you don t want to view Display Solved: Help with Drivers the video then here s a description Color resolution got stuck on bit and the display got stuck on x or something like that and it was a mess I installed new ones over that and it worked fine until i got to youtube and couldn t watch stuff in fullscreen i Solved: Help with Display Drivers then did what i mentioned above and still can t Help anyone nbsp

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I was using an p and my integrated graphics fried in some way nbsp Clearly a hardware failure nbsp So I had an unused p at work from a previous employee nbsp No big deal I'll just bounce my HDD over and update the drivers and carry on nbsp No not happening nbsp The system will boot but it has no native display drivers nbsp I'm only able to see the screen because it's utilizing an old Air Display install which has an atrocious Can't Drivers Update Display resolution and cuts the bottom of the display off nbsp Most of the devices are unidentified nbsp Can't Update Display Drivers The install disc that came with it is here but it doesn't have graphics drivers included in the hardware drivers section nbsp The display nbsp works if I do a clean install of windows so Can't Update Display Drivers I know the hardware is good Can't Update Display Drivers and the drivers can be installed but I want to be able to recover my work environment as it was I instead of starting from scratch nbsp I also can't update the BIOS because I'm locked out by the administrator BIOS password nbsp Please assist nbsp
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trouble started with my laptop not booting on normal mode but works fine in safe mode tried disabling display adapters then it boots fine in normal mode not display adapters working drivers but when display adapters where enabled laptop freezes display adapters drivers not working been trying to update and download drivers laptop ends up having those yellow triangles on the display adapters in the device manager now what seems to be the problem is i dont know what drivers to install im getting messages like the ati graphics is not working properly ----- something like that display adapters drivers not working i have two things under display adapters ati mobility radeon hd and intel hd graphics both have yellow traingles beside it and the update driver thing doesnt seem to work im using hp pavilion dv windows prof bit i dont think i have any devices attached to the laptop recently tried system restore doesnt work laptop has been offline for months and when i did the windows update i guess thats when the problem started help please thank you

A:display adapters drivers not working

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Have you tried Installing the Drivers from the HP website ?
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Hi All,

I have a need to install Windows XP onto a Portege R930-14T with an Intel I3-3110M CPU. When I try to install the driver for the graphics I get a message "This Computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software".

The readme for this driver suggests it is for the 2nd gen I3 not the 3rd Gen as is installed.

I am sure its something simple I am missing.

Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


A:WXP on Portege R930 - need display drivers

Do you try to install Intel display driver ( from Toshiba download page?

Can you please post exact model name of your Portege notebook?
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A few months back a friend helped me build a computer on Newegg com I posted the specs before purchasing it to make sure everything would work together and was compatible as i m not the most tech saavy person around I game Display drivers quit responding occasionally Display drivers quit responding online my reason for building the pc and i ve been having troubles with my display drivers If I have both graphics cards in about every minutes the display drivers will quit responding for a few seconds and then recover and every once in a while they wont Display drivers quit responding recover and the pc will either reset itself or just close the game i m playing at the time If I take the second graphics card out the pc will run just fine but cant handle the higher end graphics Is there something I can do about this I ve sent both graphics cards off and the stress test results came back just fine System Specs OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard BIOSTAR Group T XE CFX-SLI Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Display drivers quit responding

Whats your power supply wattage? If you crossfire, you need minimum 500 watt.
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So My computer originally ran windows I tried to update to but my model wasn t compatible so I opted for I mention this because ever since I transferred to I m having horrible FPS problems with my Multiplayer games and sometimes games in general I ve played the same games on the same computer and had no problem and yet with windows I m suddenly I drivers problem a display confusing about have getting - FPS I was googled how to improve this and found that my graphic drivers may need updating So I found the amd driver detect which told me It was unable to find a driver for my system I m not internally sure what this means After seeing that didn t work I did more digging seeing I could find I have a confusing problem about display drivers my drivers with searching dxdaig and saw I had a basic device but I have no driver name Just a version number Example of what I see I m not all internally sure what this means either I have also discarded this all and tried to just I have a confusing problem about display drivers optimize my computer in cause it was a performance issue Defragging my hard drive adjusting settings CCleaner and even a computer optimizer program advanced systemcare all which helped free up a lot of space and made my computer run faster but no luck with my FPS If theres anything else anyone and offer me i d really like to get this fixed also sorry if this is the wrong discussion thread I really wasn t sure where to put this mess nbsp
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Ive been having a lot of crashes (mostly freezes and display problems while playing games - no problems at all while playing Worms: Armageddon though as this one doesnt use DirectX afaik) as nicely described here and sometimes after freeze BSOD popped up so here i am as i still believe its related to software. Today ive accidentaly restarted PC while BSOD was creating minidump and decided to create a thread over here so maybe its possible for troubleshooting.


A:BSOD related to display drivers (?)

Try this
Driver leftover uninstall:Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling (AMD Display) Then:

1st check with your mobo website for the drivers, and then here
Update graphics drivers:
AMD :AMD Driver Autodetect
As well you may want to run this : Graphics: Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark (Do the above Graphics test only with the latest drivers, and then Run it until the temperatures stop increasing; should be less then 10 minutes. If you don't see any crazy glitches or distortion on the screen, The test most likely passed. Take note if the Temperature gets too high, or you see Visual artifact - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia to stop the test.)
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Since my copy of Red Hat 7.2 doesn't seem to have built-in support for my Radeon 8500, I kind of need to download display drivers from here. My problem is...

How in the heck do I do it??

RH7.2 is all installed & ready to go, it's just that it boots into the command prompt, not the X windows system: KDE or GNOME.

Should I burn the drivers to a CD-RW? Or should I make a floppy disc? If I make a floppy; will Linux be able to read Windows' file system?

Thanks in advance.

A:Installing Linux display drivers

It's an RPM ( RedHat Package Manager ), which is kinda the equivalent to InstalShield for Windows.

In order to install, you have to position yourself in the directory containing the RPM & type :

. rpm -ivf fglr200-glc22-4.2.0-1.4.3.i586.rpm where I = install, V = verbose & F = I no longer have the slightest clue.

( Linux Gurus, help with the parameters, I'm not sure it's -ivf ).

You can now configure your VGA/Screen options with an utility such as Xconfig & once you're done StartX should start the default Window Manager.
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Recently my son was playing online game and suddenly screen was blank and system restarted. But system displayed BSOD. I reinstalled windows 7 and installed drivers, system restarted with BSOD again. then restarted in safe mode and uninstalled display driver and installed standard driver.
laptop heating a lot.

System details. i have attached the dump file in zip format.

Dell 1558 Stuido laptop
i3 core processor
Windows 7 64 bit

Any help is appriciated.


A:BSOD if i install display drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by MadhuJ


Recently my son was playing online game and suddenly screen was blank and system restarted. But system displayed BSOD. I reinstalled windows 7 and installed drivers, system restarted with BSOD again. then restarted in safe mode and uninstalled display driver and installed standard driver.
laptop heating a lot.

System details. i have attached the dump file in zip format.

Dell 1558 Stuido laptop
i3 core processor
Windows 7 64 bit

Any help is appriciated.


Hi Madhu,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Please let us know if the system is working fine after you keep it running on the standard VGA driver. Also, did you perform a clean install of windows on the system.

Kindly perform the diagnostics on the system following this link below:

Then kindly remove the video driver from here:

And, then install it from here:

Driver Details | Dell US

Regarding overheating please check the fan vents and blow air to clear any dust particles. Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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Hello Recently when I tried to update my graphic drivers to the latest version I got quot Installer failed quot and could not proceed whatsoever drivers display Cannot install This Cannot install display drivers whatsoever was through the automatic updater in Geforce Experience I then tried to install it manually by downloading the file from Nvidia's website Same problem I then thought that maybe if I try to uninstall it and reinstall a clean version that might do the trick But no luck there As of now I don't have any graphic card driver installed and I Cannot install display drivers whatsoever am not able to install any no matter what I try And just to be clear the Nvidia installer fails before I even get to the part where I can choose to perform a clean install I can also mention that my graphic card is not recognized in the device manager either But I don't think it's a hardware problem since I just played a PC-game in p just the other day without any problem whatsoever so if the card was somehow broken Cannot install display drivers whatsoever I wouldn't have been able to do that I have tried every solution possible Everything from trying older drivers to updating chipset but no luck I also tried a solution I found online where you quot Take ownership quot of some driver folder in Windows or something like that But that didn't work either I have also checked my BIOS but couldn't see anything there that might help although I really have no idea what I am doing in BIOS so don't take my word for it My graphics card is a GTX by the way And here is my Speccy info http speccy piriform com results x INMjvnHuleNqU Thanks in advance

A:Cannot install display drivers whatsoever

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Have you downloaded a fresh copy of the update. Maybe the one you downloaded was corrupted. Also, do you have any system restore points available? You could restore you're computer to an earlier point and try to update.
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I have an R9-280x and just installed 14.501.1003-141120a-177998C. However, now all I have is a 640x480 screen, and no way to change it. Suggestions?

A:AMD Catalyst drivers screwed up display

Hi welcome to the forum

try going back to an earlier version of the driver.
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I installed a new MOBO, RAM and CPU a week ago, and ever since I've been struggling with instability. Display drivers stop responding every 5-10 minutes. And I've had 2 BSODs. 
· Windows 7· 64-bit· Windows 7· Purchased disc from retail· CPU, RAM and MOBO are 1 week old. Power Supply, liquid cooling and SSD are 8 months old. The rest are 3 years old.· Re-installed OS fresh 2 days ago· CPU: i7-5820k· Video Card: ASUS 7870HD· MotherBoard - Gigabyte GA X99 Gaming G1 WIFI· Power Supply - Corsair CX750M· System Manufacturer: Custom built· Exact model number: N/A· Laptop or Desktop? Desktop
EDIT: Running Driver Verifier results in 100% reproducible BSOD. BSOD happens immediately after logging into Windows. Dump file attached.
EDIT 2: Added dump file for latest BSOD related to gdrv.sys

A:BSOD related to display drivers

After the last BSOD I ran BlueScreenView and it highlighted a file called "rzpmgrk.sys" which is related to Razer. I have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate hooked up to my system. Doing a google seach for Razer Blackwidow + Gigabyte GA X99 Gaming G1 reveals 2 - 3 posts where other people are experiencing BSODs. However, no resolutions were posted. This may be a red herring, but thought it might help.
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I have a Silicon Graphics 1600SW lcd monitor which has a native resolution of 1600x1024. Now my video card (Asus v7700 Geforce 2 Pro) supports this resolution fine with old nvidia drivers:

nVidia Detonator 4 version 21.83

and earlier versions. However, anything later than this and my picture gets warped. The screen is a wide screen (hence the native resolution) however when running any drivers later than 21.83 then setting the resolution to 1600x1024, it will take the resolution and squash the 1600 to 1280 so I have big gaps on the left and right.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can possibly correct this as I would love to upgrade my drivers to something newer

A:Nvidia Drivers Warping Display

Hiya and welcome

Have you tried adjusting your monitor size? There should be some buttons to 'stretch' the screen display.


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I tried updating my nvidia forceware drivers recently. When I check the driver version in the device manager the old driver version is still listed. I tried uninstalling the current driver in the add/remove programs list and then installing the new ones again, but I still had the same problem. I've heard talk on some forums of programs like driver cleaner, but some people had serious problems caused by that software. I shouldn't need driver cleaner to simply update the drivers on my same old nvidia card, right? how can I get my system to recognize the new drivers? Thanks for any help anyone can give.


A:nvidia display drivers won't update

Uninstall the old driver in Add/remove programs in Control panel and then install new driver again.
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I have instaled new fresh window but now my display driver and sound driver is not instaling from driver cd
now I want to download my drivers from net but how can I check vga card model and sound card model to download drivers for it plz guide me how to check my vga card model in system and sound card model .

A:Need your guidance for display and sound drivers

there a couple ways too do this, first we need to know what motherboard/ computer model do you have? also what version of windows did you just install? for video cards download a program called gpu-z and it will tell you the model type. if you know how to get into device manager (differs based on which windows is installed) you can sometimes figure out both sound and video, but the best way for sound is to know the motherboards specs.
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I have recently purchased a second hand toshiba satellite. I formatted the drive and istalled xp pro but i can not get the display drivers to install. The laptop has a nvidia geforce fx 5200 video card in it and i have tried downloading the display drivers fot the geforce cards from halfway through instalation i get this message.
"the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware setup will now exit"
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Display drivers wont work

Graphics Drivers

Are you downloading the drivers using the same laptop? If you are then it might be worth trying to download them onto another machine first, burn them onto a cd rom and then try re-installing. Also, go to the manufacturer of the laptop website. Laptops are strange beasts sometimes and although it may say it is an Nforce graphics card, it may be a "hybrid", which could require special drivers for it. Hope this helps!
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hello im new here would appreciate any kind of help i am not to computer savvy for a while occasionaly i would receive a message upon start up that my display drivers correctly drivers display not working were nor working properly pretty soon display drivers not working correctly i got the message EVERY time i got on computer next thing i knew my settings were stuck in x pixels and i couldnt change them back i also experiance a lot of freezinf up where i have to shut down my computer and reboot as i am unable to open anything when its frozen when u would try to get a new driver it said i already had the best driver on my computer but the screen was still messed up i tried downloading new drivers but that didnt change anything either a friend of mine said her bro had the same prob and he needed a new power cord so desperate i tried it and it worked for about days so finally i used the quick restore disk that came with my computer and that worked for about days now i am still locking up in the middle of tasts and ctrl alt del does not even appear so i can end the task my settings are now stuck at color and x im not sure what else to do i have a compaq presario i run on ME under my display adapters i have listed NVIDIA RIVA TNT Model Model Pro before i did the factory restore it was listed as conflicting hope you can help thanks nbsp

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I reinstalled XP Pro on my computer. Now the video drivers arent installed. In device manager Display Adapters isnt even there. I cant go into control panel display and change the video adapter. What can I do. I also tried running the install from the cd and downloaded the drivers from gainward and nothing works I got a Gainward FX 5600 256 MB video card.

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Everything was fine yesterday...but when booting up this morning only one of my 2 monitors had the green LED on and was working. The other display was orange and off. Only if I remove the ATI drivers do both displays come on. When I install ATI drivers, only one will work.

2 20" Viewsonic LCD displays with PCI inputs
ATI Radeon X1650 card with dual PCI inputs

What I've tried:
Uninstalling/installing various versions of ATI drivers for this card, including the one that worked yesterday. No other changes to this system were made yesterday.

Nothing I do will work...going!
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Hi folks , I'm trying to find what the drivers for the display on my laptop are under.

Thanks for any help

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Hi So I've got this blue screen of death msg occuring rather often when playing games recently See pic if not heres the error codes XFFFFFA C E XFFFFF AF Laptop spec HP Pav dv quad core gb RAM bits windows graphics card Radeon hd M I've updated everything ofc I've updated graphics drivers also installed some program that's supposed to help with USB error for newer HP laptops Microsoft Host Controller driver update removed all non-essential programs untill the date where I think it first (With drivers display error? pic) BSOD, started I checked the temperature when it crashes peaks at C F so it can't be that either I think I've done several system restore and talked to HP Tech support They haven't gotten back to me yet and im kinda clueless what to do would prefer not to be formating it but I've put my documents on a BSOD, display drivers error? (With pic) external and a backup on it aswell The problem is occuring more often now and it's really frustrating as BSOD, display drivers error? (With pic) it's a fairly new laptop any help or ideas would be appreciated thanks

A:BSOD, display drivers error? (With pic)

Hi -

Bugcheck = x116 = video TDR timeout

ATI video named as probable cause. Update ATI drivers or if they are updated, roll them back.

Driver Reference Table - - MVP

Regards. . .


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I have a IBM 750CS I thank that it have a sound card in to it can you tell me whether it dose or not and where to get the driver for it and the montor i have just got to 256 clours and i was wonding wether it will go enery futher.

Thanks Samuel Morgan
[email protected]

A:Laptop sound and display drivers

try here
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I have a ATI Radeon 7500 and i can't let windows 7 Build 7600 find it. It says under display monitor its a Standard VGA graphics adapter. I'm getting really annoyed because i can't play counter-strike...and i installed many different drivers for it but it just doesn't work. and i also wanted the Control Center but idk how as well. I upgraded today to windows 7 from XP...and dumb me didnt backup ANYTHING after a full clean wipe. So im getting really agitated and not patient about it. please help!!

and as well with my monitor display says Generic pnp Monitor and i can't find the drivers for my monitor anywhere! even on the gateway site. I have a 19" Gateway LE HD widescreen. please help me!

A:Display and Monitor Drivers PROBLEM!!

I'm assuming that's an AGP card? I'll set you up with how to install the latest 9.10 beta. I'm almost sure I can get your card to work with this under 7. All you need to do is go to device manager, right click card and choose properties, go to details tab, change the property drop down to say hardware ids. There should be shown a few lines.

What is the exact 4 digit number next to dev_ in any of them? I'll make you an .inf. In the meantime, download this driver and run it to extract to c:\ati. When the installer is done extracting, then close it...which is before it start actually installing. Then I'll have further instructions later.

ATI Catalyst 9.10 Beta Windows 7 | Vista (32|64) download from
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Hello Recently I noticed there was Can't whatsoever install display drivers a new NVIDIA Display Driver-version to install so as usual I went to install it I couldn t do it through the Geforce Experience-software because it just said quot Installer failed quot I then tried downloading it manually from their website Same problem quot Installer failed quot Then I thought a clean install would do the trick so I downloaded the software called quot Display Driver Uninstaller quot from Guru D and then tried installing it yet again Same problem yet again the NVIDIA Installer Can't install display drivers whatsoever fails instantly I would take a snapshot of it but since it s in Swedish I Can't install display drivers whatsoever doubt it would Can't install display drivers whatsoever be much help If you would require one anyways I can give it I now don t have any display driver installed whatsoever I have tried everything Tried going back a few version to download an older one but same problem I have tried updating it through Windows manually but same problem I have tried every possible solution I can find online but the damn display drivers don t want to install I hope someone here knows about this problem and can help me I have attached a textfile that contains my PC-info from Speccy Thanks in advance nbsp
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About a month ago I upgraded my Horizon from Win to Win and soon after my display went dim as if it were on the lowest brightness setting I checked and it said I was at Eventually I discovered that Win upgraded my display drivers I have a NVIDIA G and the Intel display adapters I went ahead and uninstalled both of these drivers and my screen - Screen display Horizon drivers from Dim went back to normal The next day I turned it on and my Horizon - Dim Screen from display drivers screen was dim again After looking into this I discovered my drivers automatically updated themselves according to my event log So I Horizon - Dim Screen from display drivers went ahead and removed them again I also turned off windows updates in services just to be sure it wasn't causing this However even all that my display drivers went back to dim again It's only everytime I uninstall these drivers my PC goes back to normal And somehow the drivers are still auto updating themselves I tried recently downloading directly from NVIDIA the latest driver just to see if I was current but sure enough it's the latest driver causing the issue Is there any other driver I can use or any way to keep my PC from updating my display adapters nbsp nbsp Horizon - Dim Screen from display drivers Moderator comment Model added to subject for clarity

A:Horizon - Dim Screen from display drivers

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sadly one of the bad features of Windows 10 is the way it automatically installs updates in my opinon.  This can create problems in situations like yours where a newer driver creates problems.  Please review the article I have linked below on how to stop Windows 10 from automatically pushing driver updates onto your system.
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I am having a problem installing drivers for my nvidia video card. I get this error message: Windows could not load the installer for display. Anyone know how to fix this ? Please let me know.

A:Trouble installing display drivers.

did u try installing the latest drivers pack from the nvidia website??? , removed your old video card drivers and everything , i think the cause is a Corrupt Installer
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i want to buy need for speed carbon but im not sure if my display driver can support it.
on the electronic arts website it says the minimum requirements, my computer is good for everything except im not sure for the video card
its lists - NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti/ATI Radeon 8500 or higher
i have an intel graphics card that came with the computer, the latest update of the intel 82845G, does this mean i wont be able to run the game?
do you need an nvidia or an ati graphics card?

A:Display drivers for need for speed carbon

It means you are screwed unless you buy a graphics card. Even then a 2 ghz with 512 of ram is going to have hell dealing with the game.

It is time to think about retiring your machine to internet/email/office only if you want to game.

Mine needs work, I am just waiting for a bigger upgrade than what is now possible. I am near the top.
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I am unable to find a display and audio drivers for Win98.

Presently, I am having P4 2.66GHz processor on Intel 915G chipset motherboard with WinXP OS. Due to some reason I would like to keep dual boot with XP and Win98(SE). Installation of Win98 is not a trouble. The drivers are not avalaible.

A:display and audio drivers for Win98

Well, the BAD news is...

There are SEVEN different Intel motherboards listed (on the Intel website):

which use the D915G chipset; NONE of them have chipset drivers available for Win9.x. You can't install any OS older than Win2k on that motherboard, unless you can locate third-party chipset drivers, which I strongly doubt.

Without the proper motherboard chipset drivers for Win9.x, you are pretty much out of luck unless you get a different motherboard that DOES provide support for Win9.x.
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I have a compaq running windows xp with service pack The video card in question is an Nvidia GeForce MX I have only with display drivers at Monitor bit can 4 (lowest) not had very Monitor can only display at 4 bit (lowest) with drivers much fun with this card but have usually been able to make it do what I want It Monitor can only display at 4 bit (lowest) with drivers now only displays bit colours at x resolution Usually restarting the computer or reinstalling the drivers fixes this Now nothing will fix it I have let windows pick the drivers and gone to Nvidia and used their drivers Both worked fine before Now I don t have the desktop tray thing that lets me modify resolution and colour anymore and I don t have ane other options to display other resolutions or colours in the windows display settings either If I remove the drivers or start my computer in safe mode the colours look beautiful and I regain the ability to change the colours As soon as I install the drivers again the colours don t work anymore What I was doing before this problem occurred was trying to get the s-video port on the back to display in colour on an older TV with an s-video to RCA Component The cable worked fine on other TVs with this computer and fine on other computers with the TV in question Just not from my MX to the TV in question I had found some solutions to this problem which involved switching the outpute type from s-video to composite I then installed and reinstalled the driver many many many times and installed the one windows picked and managed to change that setting It didn t work I gave up The colours would display only bit at this point but not if I used the dual monitor feature and set the display type to quot clone quot which is what I wanted to do Now I don t have the nvidia display options in the tray anymore and can t fix the problem even with the same driver version installed Also I have the Nvidia control panel but because of the low colours I can t read any of the options This is quite frustrating for me If you have any ideas for anything I haven t tried yet it would be very helpful As of right now I m planning on getting rid of all software and starting from scratch Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor can only display at 4 bit (lowest) with drivers

It sounds as if reinstalling the driver many times may have caused registry problems, and/or the driver you
last installed is incompatible or has issues with your configuration. It's definitely a driver problem though.

Did you install the driver below?

Go into device manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks next to the hardware.

(worse case scenario; if you have an XP installation disk, you can perform a Windows "repair install.")
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I have ATI Radeon 4350 and realtek network card.I have updated the drivers recently.I downloaded the catayst suite 11.5 from AMD and the realtek driver 7.045 from realtek.
When i went and checked the driver version in device manager it shows the graphics card version as 8.850.0.0 date 4/11/2011 and the realtek network card driver as 7.45.516.2011,date as 5/16/2011. I want to know if i have the latest drivers installed because in the manufacturer's website the graphics card posted date is shown as 5/9/2011 and the realtek network card updated date as 5/11/2011 whereas in device manager it shows the network card driver date as 5/16/2011 and the graphics card driver date as 4/19/2011.
How do i know if i have the latest version of the drivers as the version mentioned in the manufacturer's website is not matching with the version displayed in the device manager.

A:version of network and display drivers!

Maybe you need to install Speccy,check system infro from there. For me is working fine with Speccy and Device Manager
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Hello Everyone Thank you a head of time for you time and efforts THE QUESTION How do I fix my display drivers in XP in my win Hyper-v virtual machine WHAT HAPPENED Installed XP in Hyper-V Win For some reason now the display drivers are not installing They were working just fine The only thing I can think of is when I tried to copy the virtual drive while experimenting on virtual drive sizes that some how I Drivers for Not XP working Hyper-V Display in corrupted the virtual machine hostiles somehow The Hardware in the XP Manager RESOLUTION EFFORTS -Tried and failed to installed the recommended driver from Microsoft updates No Display Drivers for XP Not working in Hyper-V Change -Uninstall reinstall hyper-v No Change -sfc and DISM on windows No Display Drivers for XP Not working in Hyper-V Change -Created new virtual machines No Change NEXT ON MY LIST -Reinstall win the none destructive fixing option -Always afraid to go back to an earlier restore point because even though MS says it will not destroy private files it does MACHINE OS Display Drivers for XP Not working in Hyper-V Name Microsoft Windows Pro Version Build System Manufacturer TOSHIBA System Model Satellite L D System Type x -based PC System SKU PSK U- N R Processor AMD A - M APU with Radeon tm HD Graphics Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date American Megatrends Inc SMBIOS Version BIOS Mode Legacy BaseBoard Manufacturer PEGATRON CORPORATION Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Thank you again for all of your help LIOTB
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OK, I have a Dell Dimension 2350 Desktop that I just installed Vista Home Basic on. Now I need the driver(s) for the display to work properly. I've been to Dell's website but I can't find anything. Could someone PLEASE give me a little help?

A:Vista Display Drivers Needed

What display adapter do you have?

These may help:

System Information for Windows (SIW)
Belarc Advisor
Mitec System Information
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hi all day i started to update install display ati with problem drivers of my gpu drivers to the prev version ready for BF moz only this problem with install of ati display drivers time it was slightly differant when i clicked the bottom option to remove all ati drivers i got a warning that it may uninstall chipset drivers and somethin else i havent had this b so i used the top option instead uninstall manager checked all boxes as none mentioned chipset n so on uninstalled run driver sweeper rebooted then when i was installing the new drivers i clicked select all not thinking it was differant this time everythin went fine untill i saw northbridge n usb filter drivers trying to install then bsod i did a system restore now everythin is ok but ive stil got to install the new drivers unless bf runs ok on prev version anybody still using this set for bf question ive never changed the chipset drivers b so not sure do i now select express uninstall and remove chipset n usb drivers wouldnt of thought this necessary or just use uninstall manager and uninstall just the display drivers and make sure all the other stuff is not ticked when reinstalling sorry for the noobish question but ive never come across this in ccc b as always any help is greatly apreciated cheers folks

A:problem with install of ati display drivers

When you go to uninstall the drivers through the ATI uninstall manager just do a custom uninstall and choose CCC and the video crad drivers only. Roboot, then do a custom install and just install the CCC and the video card drivers.

This of course assumes you don't want to update anything else, like the chipset drivers.

BTW since you have the drivers, just click them and choose uninstall when asked and follow the porcedures I outlined above. No need to go through "Programs and Features"
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Hi guys just joined amp hope to learn lots from ye amp help others too I've got a problem when I start my laptop medion akoya after windows start up the screen stays black amp takes a while to display my desktop I then get the yellow warning triangle with the following message crashing drivers display Intel Display driver Intel display drivers crashing Intel graphics drivers for win R stopped responding and have successfully recovered Now this happens of the time amp some pics on some forums don't show up for me just shows as a little square box Also When I run a scan I get this quot quot quot D DRIVER Audio Realtek MSHDQFE Win K XP us kb xpsp exe quot quot The file is signed with a broken digital signature issued by Microsoft Corporation quot quot quot More than likely all connected but I'm not very techy when it comes to computers I've got cd's that came with the lappy Recovery disc Microsoft Works amp Applications amp support disc I'm afraid if I put any of these in the drive that it will auto run lol Can somebody please tell me is it just a matter of using one of these discs to re-install the the above drivers amp if so which disc all help appreciated

A:Intel display drivers crashing

Applications and support disc would most likely contain the display drivers you require. If you can get to your desktop insert this CD and find the appropriate display driver.

Or the best option is to go here
MEDION - Driver Download...
and use the most up to date display driver for your laptop.

Can you tell me what changed since the last time your display worked fine.

As for your Realtek audio driver this can be found in the attached link too or on your support disc.
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Hi all Whilst attempting to install the Mozilla Gecko layout engine to use with Topstyle Pro web editor I have managed re-install SiS adaptor display drivers Help to to completely upset my system display adaptor and wonder if anyone might be able to help me correct this Details of my system Help to re-install SiS display adaptor drivers Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Manufactured and supported by Patriot Series Intel R Pentium R Processor CPU GHz GHz MB of RAM System Properties Device manager Display adaptors Sis FX series now displays a yellow circle icon with black exclamation mark and says that drivers are either not installed not working or cannot start I have done some research of my own and got as far as downloading and installing a couple of software programs from the web which are said to scan the PC and correct driver errors However on closer inspection it would appear that unless I am prepared to pay to upgrade the software to its pro version it will actually only scan and report errors not fix them This leads me to ask whether there is any reliable freeware or open source software that will actually perform the scan and also correct any errors it may locate After some further research I managed to download a driver zip file which I think may contain the correct display adaptor driversfor my system although I cannot be sure However after unpacking the zip file there appears to be no automatic installer and I am left at a complete loss as to where all the mass of unpacked files and subfolders should go I have tried using the update driver option in device manager by right clicking System Properties Device manager Display adaptors Sis FX series but there is no apparent option to connect to the internet and search automatically install the correct driver as I thought there might be Instead I am asked to use a driver disk which I don t have or to point to a folder on my computer which contains the correct driver s I have tried pointing directly to the folder containing the unzipped download that I mentioned earlier but a message is then returned to say that the folder I have chosen contains no driver files Info on the web says that I should point directly to a contained file with a INF extension I think but I am unable to see any file within the unpacked download with a file extension INF In fact there seems to be everything but So after all my best efforts this still leaves me with a problem Can anyone please point me towards the correct driver download for my display adaptor and also please explain how I can either automatically install back onto my PC or where the unpacked files should be placed in order for them to work properly Please bear in mind that any explanation needs to be in simple and non-tekkie terms as I am certainly no expert when it comes to matters such as this Before I end this post I should perhaps just mention that I never did manage to get the Mozilla Gecko layout engine installed and to add further insult to injury I now find that I also have something called AVG search bar which appears to have hijacked my normal Firefox Google search option I think this has happened as a consequence of having installed one of the software packages I mentioned earlier although I can t actually believe that Firefox browser allows this change to be implemented without throwing up some kind of warning but it has Can anyone please suggest how I might remove this toolbar and also where I might be going wrong when installing the Mozilla Gecko layout engine I can offer further info as to what steps I have already taken in my attempts to try to get Gecko working properly should this be required Incidentally should I post further questions about Gecko in this or another section of the forum Any advice and information gratefully received nbsp

A:Help to re-install SiS display adaptor drivers

Drivers for your PC are (or should be) available on your PC manufacturer's website, under "Support".
Do not use any third-party driver scanner programs, they will often install the wrong drivers!
Just download the drivers yourself from your PC manufacturer.

Failing that, try the official SiS drivers pages here:
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I recently purchased this
I installed it and started experiencing some serious problems. When i do anything slightly stressful on the system (mostly gaming) the game runs fine but after a few minutes (sometimes seconds) into gaming the screen will freeze, go black, then come back again. I get a pop up that says "Display drivers have stopped working and have recovered". This is extremely aggravating and stressful for me seeing as ive read a few things on this problem and all the trouble shooting ive done has got me no where. Ive tried keeping the system cooler, adjusting the OC, giving the cpu a bit more voltage, updating drivers, and taking the radeon 6450 i had in (with dual graphics enabled). The motherboard i have in here is a Gigabyte A75M-S2V.

A:Display drivers have stopped responding!

Have you tried reinstalling drivers for the graphics adapter? Try uninstalling from control panel and from Device Manager. Then restart the machine to let the PnP devices reinstall it themselves on their terms.
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I have recently added a second physical hard drive with windows pro bit os installed The other hard drive is runing windows XP bit Home Edition The system is configured in dual boot I cannot see the display drivers in device manager nor can I install the bit drivers for my video card which is a ge force gs in windows Also I checked my original graphics drivers in the XP bit OS and had to reinstall them as there was a change to them Now i had a tech at NCIX do the install and MANAGER DEVICE DISPLAY CANNOT DRIVERS SEE IN configuration for me and he told me that the sysytem was operating fine but when i started to personalize and configure windows I'm getting error messages when i try to open DVD maker or some other program that requires graphics support now the current graphics is called simply VGA which seems to be a basic program for CANNOT SEE DISPLAY DRIVERS IN DEVICE MANAGER my display CANNOT SEE DISPLAY DRIVERS IN DEVICE MANAGER When i begin the install process of the Nvidia bit drivers the wizard stops after about the first seconds with the CANNOT SEE DISPLAY DRIVERS IN DEVICE MANAGER error message that it cannot find any graphics card drivers to support and complete the install please help


Did you try these drivers.... Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers
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Hey So the problem is that I have GPUs on my Toshiba Satellite A D-S Updating the AMD graphic card's driver has been really difficult but I managed to do it manually without my laptop crashing or getting the BSOD as it always happened When rebooting my laptop after the installation the screen had a very bad resolution I checked under device manager to see if the driver had installed correctly The AMD Radeon HD had been updated correctly but the other GPU AMD Mobility or something like that had a warning sign next to it I had to roll it back to the oldest driver version and I think it is the cause of my screen looking so weird I just want to know if there is a way to update the drivers of the other GPU without affecting somehow the other GPU driver version I may have not made myself very clear since English isn't my native language so feel free to ask anything display Trouble installing drivers TL DR How do I update Trouble installing display drivers the drivers on both my laptop's GPUs

A:Trouble installing display drivers

Hi there,

Did you get the drivers from Toshiba's website? When was the last time your laptop worked perfectly without any display issues? Is this a new laptop may I ask?
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Greetings installing display BSOD after drivers yesterday while using my laptop it froze I was watching a youtube video on my HP TouchSmart tm which comes with an ATI HD switchable graphic card after while I decided to poweroff BSOD after installing display drivers the laptop but after it finished showing the windows logo all it showed was a black screen I got into windows using the Safe Mode and tried to make a system restore but it didn't work I tried unistalling the display drivers and was able to get in normal mode but as soon as I installed again the display drivers the black screen appeared again So i entered in safe mode and a windows popped up saying a blue screen had occurred I tried doing a clean install of windows install the video drivers but again the same thing happened and so i went into safe mode an disable the ATI drivers and that way I was able to enter windows normal mode using only the intel graphics I would like help to know if it is that the video card is damaged or is a driver problem or if the problem is something else I apologize for my bad English and thank you very much

A:BSOD after installing display drivers

Hello and welcome Zplayer mate where did you get the drivers from? I do not personally like the Windows feature and this is the one you want Mobile 7 - 64

Try tis and if you can get back into safe mode try these> you may need to use option 2