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Dual-boot: Windows 7 & Ubuntu - problem

Q: Dual-boot: Windows 7 & Ubuntu - problem

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 earlier today.

I have 6 HDs, and I installed Ubuntu on a 400GB partition on one of my REGULAR HD'S. My Windows installation is on my SSD.

Now, when I turn on my computer my Windows bootloader is showing, not GRUB. And if I press the "Start Windows Nornally" option - my Ubuntu boots. How do I fix this ?

I tried to repair my startup (using the Windows CD) without luck.

Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: Dual-boot: Windows 7 & Ubuntu - problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dual-boot: Windows 7 & Ubuntu - problem

Did you unplug the SSD when installing Ubuntu?
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I have a dual boot system that had been working fine until yesterday.

Now when I go to boot Windows the grub menu shows

"Windows Recovery Environment (loader) (on /dev/sda3)"

This leads to a window splash screen that last for about 10 second and then I get a black screen and the system goes no further.

It would seem that grub information on how to find the windows loader has become corrupted.

Any ideas on how to solve this will be appreciated.

A:Dual Boot, Windows 10, Ubuntu Problem

Grub2 is what is used now. How to Configure the GRUB2 Boot Loaders Settings

The issue is that Windows will screw up Grub2, if you make changes.

When you change anything in Grub, you have to write it, so that the Linux Kernel understands what you are doing. You always have to run sudo update grub. Otherwise it does not take.
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Sorry guys if this is in the wrong forum, but since XP is my primary operating system I thought I'd start here. Here's the problem: Yesterday I decided to install Ubuntu on my PC to where I could dual-boot into either Windows or Ubuntu. Well, the installation went fine, but now when I boot up it gives me the option of booting Windows or Ubuntu (this IS what I wanted). Only thing is that it automatically highlights "Ubuntu" instead of Windows and if I don't choose Windows in 5 seconds it boots Ubuntu. Is there any way that I can move "Windows" to the top of the list so that if I don't choose anything, it'll automatically load Windows XP?

A:Windows XP Dual-Boot w/ Ubuntu Problem

How did you install Ubuntu?
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Hello friends,

I am trying to make my new laptop hp- dv6 3174 dual boot with two operating systems Windows 7(which is preinstalled) and Ubuntu 10.10.
But after i install ubuntu, windows is getting erased. I tried repairing with system repair disc but not possible. Even if i put system repair disc it again ask to insert repair disc. And if i try to repair is with system image it replaces ubuntu with windows 7.
I asked some people here they are saying its issue with hp and not windows.
If anybody can solve this issue will be of gr8 help.

thank you

A:Dual boot problem while installing ubuntu 10.10 with windows 7 on hp

Please state it clearly, precisely, I mean.

Can you start Windows 7 now?
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I set up a dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows on my lenovo u laptop a couple months ago and everything was working fine That was till I found a problem with the wireless when switching from Ubuntu over to I found that if I Ubuntu Windows and boot problem Dual wireless 7 left the wireless off in Ubuntu and restart to the wireless is completely disconnected in Later I learned that if I enabled the wireless in Ubuntu and restart into the wireless works fine Now the major problem is that the Ubuntu update completely screwed the Ubuntu installation The graphics nor the internet worked after the update so basically I'm stuck with the wireless off in Windows Also Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 wireless problem I deleted the Ubuntu partition Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 wireless problem to possibly reinstall it but another problem is that I got the install from a friend who isn't around Someone told me that Ubuntu actually shuts down the wireless card at the hardware level Does anyone know a low level way of enabling the wireless adapter in Windows ipconfig gives me the quot Media disconnected quot message on all of the adapter connections I have already tried reinstalling wireless drivers as well and none of the Windows troubleshooting apps help whatsoever

A:Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 wireless problem

In the bios settings on most modern computers there is an option to enable or disable the wireless adapter.
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My dell laptop is dell inspiron 14R with preinstalled windows 8.I want to install ubuntu 10.04 side by side. I switch to legacy boot option too.But could not install it through disk since during partition table creation, it is not showing any os that is preinstalled.Its imp for me to install ubuntu.
I even reinstalled window 8 in legacy mode and SATA option AHCI and then tried to install ubuntu.Even in that case, same problem exists.In case of ATA option, it even doesn,t show any partion to install ubuntu

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I had Ubuntu installed on an external HDD, but back when I had XP, I formatted it for general storage. Now I'm running Seven and I have no idea how to remove the Ubuntu option from my Dual Boot menu. Please help...

A:Old Ubuntu dual boot problem

Is this a linux bootloader or the Windows bootloader that's currently active?

edit: try this:
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I HAD a desktop that was a mHz p coppermine win problem boot win2k/ubuntu dual k Ubuntu machine recently i got my hands on a better gHz mb DDR ram machine that had no win2k/ubuntu dual boot problem hard drive or graphics card Basically i just took the graphics card and hard drive out of the mHz machine and put them into the newer better hardware setup Now i know that MS operating systems are chipset specific that is if i change the intel chipset i have to re-install the OS Ubuntu is not so much and boots and runs fine The PROBLEM is that when i pop in the windows installer disc nothing happens i see a black screen with cursor then the list of OS to choose I get no view of the bios and cant configure it to boot to cd Its driving me nuts as all i WANT to do is to delete the c partition and reinstall windows onto leaving the other ubuntu ext fat and swap partitions partitions as they are as they work fine on the new upgraded chipset What is the easiest way to delete the current MS partition and re-install windows in its place again without wiping hte entire hard drive and start the partitioning hdd formatting process all over again Thanks to anyone in advance in help of this nbsp

A:win2k/ubuntu dual boot problem

will the computer POST and let you into the Bios if you take the hard drive out? if so, take it out then set the bios to boot to cd then put the hd back in.

good luck
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i have been following this guide( in order to get Ubuntu to dual boot. i am not sure what is going on but i have included a Screen of what it is showing me when i get to the "shrink drive" section. if there is an easier way to do this please send me in the right direction. thank you very much.
i guess i should add that the total amount to shrink will not go any higher than what is shown
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Hello I was running Windows and Ubuntu on two seperate partitions using the Grub loader to dual Ubuntu Dual 7 problem. Solved: Boot / boot I decided to part ways with Ubuntu after I was unable to boot into it on Solved: Ubuntu / 7 Dual Boot problem. startup So I went into Disk management in Windows and deleted the partition that it was stored on Upon restart the Grub loader Solved: Ubuntu / 7 Dual Boot problem. could not find anything to boot from error and I booted from an old Vista CD and ran bootrec fixmbr which then lead me to an error saying quot missing operating system quot Under bootrec i tried the following commands and these were the results bootrec fixmbr - The operation completed successfully bootrec fixboot - The volume does not contain a recognized file system bootrec scanos - Successful scanned Windows installations Total identified Windows installations D Windows The operation completed successfully bootrec rebuildbcd - Successful scanned Windows installations Total identified Windows installations D Windows Add installation to boot i hit yes The Volume does not contain a recognized file system Can anyone help me if there is a work around this this smells like a fresh install of again Thanks nbsp

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i am new to this site and new to forums all together but i really need help

i have 2 hdd
one has xp pro sp2 on it
and the other is partitioned half way with linux Ubuntu on it

i want to uninstall GRUB and Ubuntu but i dont have a boot cd so i made one using this guide
in the guide it tells you to copy your i386 folder to w/e file they want you to put it in.
my question is... is it just a matter of uninstalling grub or do i have to reinstall a windows boot loader and if i do have to reinstall a windows boot loader is this boot cd going to do that for me.

i just really dont want to boot my pc and be throwing $180 out the window

i would really appreciate your help.


A:Problem uninstalling ubuntu dual boot

i'm pretty sure you can just insert your original windows disk and use the recovery console and then use the command "fixmbr." (without the quotes or full stop of course).

this will replace GRUB with the original windows bootloader and you should be able to boot into windows normally, without the choice of Ubuntu.

that said, this method doesnt remove or delete your Ubuntu partition or setup. it just leaves it there in a slightly inaccessible state, which is not a bad thing if you later decide you would like to reactivate it and have another crack. its also a good hiding spot for some of your 'sensitive stuff!'

if you're feeling brave and wanna start deleting unwanted partitions later (read my other posts!!), then you can do this from inside windows once you have it booting normally with windows MBR (master boot record).

try this site out, this guys pretty switched on..

but remember, when mucking about with partitions and stuff "there are two kinds of people in this world, those who backup, and those who've never lost a hard drive."
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I have Asus laptop with OEM Win7 HomeP 64bit on it, I installed Ubuntu 12.04 along side with Win7, didn't know that Ubuntu will be the main boot, I used Ubuntu 11.10 a year a go and Windows was my main boot, I tired several way to retrieve Win7 as main boot but didn't work.

I tried to fully recover Windows, but when finished I get black screen with "getgrub error"
now recovery doesn't work any more.

I want to get rid of Ubuntu for ever, how? without losing my genuine Win7

A:Dual Boot problem, Ubuntu is the main boot

Hello, Mesh F90 and welcome to Seven Forums.

First you to boot to Ubuntu 12.04 and follow this :

1. Open your Terminal.
2. Type grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg
3. You will got something like :
menuentry "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)" {
You will got other lines but you need this, this is last one.
4. Remember this quotes for Windows 7 (ex . "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)") (DON'T FORGOT quotes!!!) you will need it later.
5. In Terminal type this : sudo nano -B /etc/default/grub
6. You will got this :

# If you change this file, run 'update-grub' afterwards to update
# /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`
.... you will have more ....

7. Change GRUB_DEFAULT to value for Windows 7 from menuentry (you remembered it ) (ex. GRUB_DEFAULT="Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)") (DON'T FORGET quotes).
8. Press CTRL+X and type "y" (without quotes) to save it.
9. Important step! Type in your terminal : sudo update-grub
to save your changes

That is all and Windows 7 will be default now.

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Acer Desktop PC Model AM sis ethernet adapter webstar dpx series cable in Ubuntu No Boot 9.10: Vista Ubuntu Connection Dual and Internet modem After setting up a dual Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu 9.10: No Internet Connection in Ubuntu boot system successfully Vista connects to internet via ethernet Ubuntu does not sis ethernet driver is updated to latest version I can access the internet from Ubuntu however after shutting down the pc unplugging the power cord removing the cmos battery and reinstalling I reinsert the power cord and boot up as normal into Ubuntu and have full access to internet Simply removing reinserting ethernet cord removing reinserting pc or cable modem power cord or resetting cable modem does not work I am asking if there is a solution as to where I can log off Vista and restart pc into Ubuntu and have internet access automatically bypassing Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu 9.10: No Internet Connection in Ubuntu all these steps I ve explained After perusing multiple forums where people have described similar if not same issues I ve yet to find a solution to this I ran ipconfig in Vista and have the results I ran ifconfig in Ubuntu and have the Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu 9.10: No Internet Connection in Ubuntu results As these results may contain information that can present a vulnerability regarding system ip identification I have omitted them here If needed I will respond via personal message with the contents Thank you in advance for your continued contributions in aiding the computer world quot handicapped quot nbsp

A:Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu 9.10: No Internet Connection in Ubuntu

Ubu 9.10 has known issues

If you are using Ubuntu 9.10, it has known issues with the built-in Network Manager and DSL modems (and presumably Cable modems as well)..

Currently, there is no fix (short of going back to 8.10 or hoping it is fixed in Ubu10 due out in April (iirc). Sorry.
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Hi a couple of months ago my system crashed windows wouldnt boot and I boot, help 7 wont Win disk doesnt boot, startup Ubuntu , windows dual misplaced my installation disk I had Win 7 , Ubuntu dual boot, windows wont boot, startup disk doesnt help the problems several times since obtaining the computer several years ago Lenovo IDeaPad y I attributed the problem to what I believed was a bad hard disk so I replaced it with a refurbished model I installed Ubungu and it worked well ever since I later located my win disk and created a dual boot Windows worked very well for several months until it stopped starting up last week It would get to the black windows screen where it says starting and usually get stuck there I would get fed up and turn it off after half an hour Once it was as the screen and it later started the checkdisk program and found no errors Another time it finally got into windows after a very long loading time and it seemed to work fine until the next time I restarted windows It just went back to the loading windows screen I formatted the windows partition through GParted in Ubuntu and tried the installation disk and it would get stuck at in the quot expanding files quot sequence After an hour of hoping something would happen I got fed up and forced it off again Not sure what to do from this point I have read other posts and it has led me to think that the issue could possibly be bad RAM or an issue with BIOS But Ubuntu has been working fine while Windows has simply been freezing at any attempt of a startup

A:Win 7 , Ubuntu dual boot, windows wont boot, startup disk doesnt help

It could be that the HDD has a bad sector in the Windows partition, or that the drive is actually failing. If there is a utility in Linux that tests memory, I would run it.

You could also use Memtest86+. It runs from a CD/DVD. Let it run for several passes to rule out bad RAM.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
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I wanted to set up Ubuntu on my computer and followed the instructions in the first answer to this thread dual boot - How to install Ubuntu alongside Windows - Ask Ubuntu As instructed I created a logical partition using EaseUS software I did this on my H drive a hard disk drive whereas Windows was installed on C and SSD After a mandatory reboot for the new partition changes I did not immediately go to install Ubuntu although I had Live USB to do so - Ubuntu to Dual Wanted Won't Boot Boot and Win7 Anymore Windows Instead if I remember properly I booted into Windows to make sure everything was Wanted to Dual Boot Win7 and Ubuntu - Windows Won't Boot Anymore OK but only to find out that some quot Windows could not boot properly quot giving me the option to 'Launch Startup Repair' - which I did but to no avail All it did was reported that some system files were missing or corrupt I then installed Ubuntu on a third drive because I still needed it to perform some benchmarking I did this using the 'install alongside windows ' option But now that I don't need Ubuntu anymore all I am interested in is getting back to Windows while keeping all the files and programs intact How should I go about fixing this Delete the logical partition on the other drive I also have that Windows installation CD and I'm thinking its repair options could be useful - but not having a whole lot of self-confidence I don't know what steps exactly to take to preserve my files Any help is greatly appreciated Edit I booted from the Windows installation disk just to see the options available and when selecting the 'Repair Windows' option I got a message saying quot this version of system recovery options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of Windows quot The CD is definitely matching the version of windows I want to install but a problem might me that my Windows and the CD are the OEM versions which I've read can't be used to perform upgrades

A:Wanted to Dual Boot Win7 and Ubuntu - Windows Won't Boot Anymore

Hi I Am User,

Upon inserting the Windows installation disk you should be able to install a new Windows and be able to select Upgrade and it should create the Windows.old folder on the new Windows.

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Just curious, but is there option for me to enable uefi boot of my Windows 10 Professional installation on my HP xw6600 dual quad core E5450 machine which holds two Samsung 850 Pro SSD's, one for Windows 10 and the other completely for Ubuntu LTS 16.04.When possible,  how to go about it. How do I enable this option. Yours truly,
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After deleting the partition on which Ubuntu was installed and enlarging the windows partition to fill the old space at the same time( stupid I know), I am unable to boot to Windows 7. All I see is a command line message that says Unknown File System and on the next line says Grub Rescue> with the option to input commands. After looking at this forum and Ubuntu forums I'm still unable to resolve the issue. I would like to be able to boot into windows 7.

A:Unable to boot Windows 7 after unistalling Ubuntu Dual boot

You'll have to restore your Master Boot Record. See this tutorial:

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record
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Hi there Recently got a HP Pavilion g sa which came with Windows spit and this disgusting UEFI BIOS replacement double spit Anyway I need to dual boot Ubuntu on my system so I installed Ubuntu Normally on a non UEFI system a Grub bootloader installed by Linux would take Boot 8 Order and Dual Ubuntu on Boot Changing Windows over the startup process and allow you to choose between Changing Boot Order on Dual Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu either Windows or Ubuntu on startup nbsp However on this computer startup is just booting straight to Windows despite the fact that Ubuntu and Grub IS installed Now upon startup if I press F then I get to change the boot-device on a one-time basis I can either select OS Boot Manager which loads Windows or Ubuntu which loads the Grub bootloader which allows me to select Windows or Ubuntu However when I press F to enter the Bios Setup with the intention of changing the boot order permanently the Ubuntu option isn't there Instead it has OS Manager USB Disk CD Rom USB CD Rom and Network Card Thanks HP for the crappily designed BIOS Anyway can anyone PLEASE provide me a way of changing the boot order so that GRUB is loaded first and NOT this crap Windows rubbish that I would happily bin if I didn't need it for work nbsp

A:Changing Boot Order on Dual Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu

Looks like HP forums are just as useful as HP customer service and HP computers - i.e., not very useful at all.Problem solved though. Took the piece of crap back for a full refund and won't be buying HP again.Happy days.Bye.
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A few days ago I could not access my Windows XP because of this error quot Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt Windows System Config System quot I was still able to access Ubuntu through the Dual boot startup menu I accessed the Internet using Ubuntu to ask for help fourms I tried all the suggestions for Recovery Repair using my Windows XP installation disk and it appeared to have fixed my problem but now it is asking me for my Administrator Password I used or entered my Admin Password yet it won t let me in When I ask for help on the Internet with boot, Dual Windows/Ubuntu that everyone thinks I am trying to break in to someone else s computer and I get no responses or negative Dual boot, Windows/Ubuntu responses It seems that I may have to do a clean Install of my Windows XP My concern now is if the Dual Boot menu that directs me to either OS will be wiped out when I do a clean install of Windows XP BTW Windows XP is solely on the C Drive and Ubuntu is on the D Drive Each drive is Dual boot, Windows/Ubuntu GB Any final suggestions before I do the clean install As you can see I am very hesitant in doing this One final note I was able to access some important files from my C Drive through Ubuntu and save them on my Flash Drive Thanks nbsp

A:Dual boot, Windows/Ubuntu

dual boot

After two days I finally solved my problem. No thanks to anyone on this forum.
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Forum admin please bump this if you feel it is in the wrong local grin I recently tried loading Ubuntu onto a separate drive on boot 7 dual and Windows Ubuntu my computer All went well except for the boot process Upon booting I no longer was brought to the normal dual boot screen instead I now got what I beleive to be the Linux boot screen From here I was able to still load windows with a few more steps What didn't like was the Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot thought that Ubuntu took over I did some research and figured I should reinstall it I went to the Windows partition and formatted the section that had Ubuntu on it Much to my surprise Ubuntu loaded itself on the same HDD as Windows Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot I formatted the section holding Ubuntu and restarted the system to this problem grub loading error unknown filesystem grub rescue So here I' stuck The only ability I have is to get into bios and change my boot devive I need help retrieving Windows Thank you Tom

A:Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot

Hi Tom

Do you have a windows 7 repair disk? If you do, then boot from the disk (by using your computer Bios). Once the disk has loaded you can do a system restore as it restores your computer to an earlier point in time before your computer crashed.

A similar problem happened to my computer (with Linux Mint) and I used that method to restore windows 7.
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My Windows/Ubuntu of Dual Getting Rid Boot PC has two hard drives The first hard drive is running Windows XP Professional sp and the second hard drive has Ubuntu Linux in a dual boot Getting Rid of Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot configuration This means that I have something called Grub which causes a menu to come up so that I can select which of Getting Rid of Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot the two OS s I want to load The default is Windows XP Professional I recently got interested in running Microsoft Virtual PC and would like to set it up to run Ubuntu Linux That way I don t have to worry about dual-booting anymore and I can gain access to my GB second hard drive from within Windows XP I did a little research on how to uninstall Ubuntu without harming Windows XP But the problem I am running into is that there seems to be two ways of doing it Go into the Win XP Recovery Console and run FIXMBR after which the Grub boot menu will go away and I can format my second hard drive Or Go into the Win XP Recovery Console and run FIXBOOT then FIXMBR after which the Grub boot menu will go away and I can format my second hard drive So which is it FIXMBR only Or FIXBOOT first then FIXMBR Any help would be greatly appreciated RamFel

A:Getting Rid of Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot

I'm nearly positive it doesn't matter. As long as you uninstall Ubuntu first.
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Hello all First off if this is in the wrong 7 dual boot? Windows Ubuntu and forum I apologize OK what I am trying to do here is have my computer dual boot Windows and Ubuntu I have Windows installed on my original hard disk I bought a second hard disk last week and installed Ubuntu on it I am trying to get my computer to be able to boot both of Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot? them I want to have the Windows hdd be the primary boot with the Ubuntu hdd be the option To get the Windows hdd to work I have to completely remove the Ubuntu hdd If the Ubuntu Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot? hdd is installed the Windows hdd will not boot The computer will start up and - seconds later it will restart and freeze at the quot Starting Windows quot screen If I put the Ubuntu hdd in the main slot and the Windows hdd in the secondary it will start right up and recognize that the Windows hdd is installed I think that this is because Windows wants to be the only OS and doesn't recognize others How do I change this so that both Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot? hdds are bootable without physically removing one I have looked on both UbuntuForums Windows website and here and have found nothing that helps

A:Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot?

Was the Windows hard drive connected when you installed Ubuntu?
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how to dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu 15.04 easily i have had issues with the partitions anybody got any ideas

A:how to dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu

Hi pc helper 123456789,
I found a blog discussing about tip for dual-booting Windows 10 preview and Linux on a PC with UEFI firmware. It may be useful.
Tip for dual-booting Windows 10 preview and Linux on a PC with UEFI firmware
As ZigZag indicated, we also could try to run the ubuntu in the Hyper-V if we want to use the two systems in a machine.
NOTE: This response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and has not tested any software or information found on these sites.
Best regards

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]
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Hi! i am trying to get an old Panasonic toughbook (2 GB RAM ) going with a dual boot of the latest Ubuntu and windows 7 ... how exactly would i go about doing this on a completly blank new hardrive , thanks!!!

A:Ubuntu and Windows 7 dual boot ?

Dual Boot - Windows 7 and Linux

Where to install ubuntu in my system?
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So I currently run Ubuntu as the sole OS on my Laptop Using a G-Parted live CD I partitioned half of my disk space the one half dedicated to running Ubuntu and the other half to Windows I downloaded a torrent of Windows one that I have used before with success so one that I trust and burned it to a DVD-RW at the slowest burning speed possible I booted Windows through the DVD and began to do a clean install of Windows on this one Partition that I left completely empty for the new OS Everything runs smoothly and I go through the set-up until suddenly the installation hangs at when 'Expanding Windows Files' I have exhausted pretty much all the possibilities of what could be going wrong to Windows Dual-Boot Trying to Ubuntu and 7 my knowledge - saying that however my knowledge isn't very Trying to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu extensive at all Could someone possible share some info on what I could be doing wrong I'm desperate to get Windows up and running on this computer so I can begin playing some games that are otherwise impossible or incredibly difficult to get working on Ubuntu notably as an avid player of the Football Manager series the upcoming release of FM If anyone can offer some sort of help fix I'll be extremely grateful Like seriously

A:Trying to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

The best two ways of running Linux with Wondows on one Hd drive.
Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu
Linux - Install on Windows 7 Virtual Machine using VirtualBox
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Ok so what i have is Windows 7 RC installed to my hard drive. I have a seperate partition which i would like to install Ubuntu on. Granted i could just go ahead and straight install but then i would be using the Grub bootloader and i don't want to.

What is my best option? That NeoGrub thing?

A:Windows 7 and Ubuntu Dual Boot

Don't forget that *nix uses more than one partition. It's been a real long time since I installed and used any version, but I think by default it uses one each for boot, system and paging. So you may want to consider that.

A possible way to do what you want might be to install Ubuntu, then boot to Windows 7 using Grub. Then use EasyBCD manage bootloader tab to reinstall the Vista bootlader.

I never tried to use that before, so if it doesn't work out, don't blame me. Get a second opinion about this, first.

Good luck. Final thought: I'd probably use an entirely different physical drive to install Ubuntu to, while the 7 drive was unplugged. Then you could just add Ubuntu to 7 bootloader later on.
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How come the thread has been marked solved?

There are several videos on youtube explaining how, here is just one:

How to Install Ubuntu 12.04 to Dual boot alongside Windows 8 - YouTube

A:How to dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

Someone was having trouble with this in another sub-board, I'll copy that video link over to them.
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I have my Windows 8 installed in my C drive and it is the only OS I have as of now. I want to install Ubuntu 12.04 alongside Windows 8. But I have read so many negative things with regards to problems in booting after installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 8.

My Win 8 is installed in UEFI mode.

I am posting a screenshot of disk management
Will installing Ubuntu 12.04 cause any problems in booting?

A:How to dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 8?

1) Windows 8 is not install in UEFI mode.

2) I would wait until the end of April to install Ubuntu, as version 13 will be out, which should work better with Windows 8.
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A:Dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04?

Once I had Windows 10 RTM dual booting with Linux 17.2. No issue whatsoever.

Here is a tutorial on dual booting Win 10 and Ubuntu 15.04
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Hi I have been researching installing Ubuntu alongside Win on my boot and windows ubuntu 8 dual daughters laptop I dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu already boot Ubuntu amp Win on my desktop pc but I have read some horror stories about installing Ubuntu with Win mostly in regard to the uefi boot system in dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu Win as well as its a laptop as opposed to desktop I have been told that i must enter the bios first and disable secure boot Most of the tutorials I have read are dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu very complex Then i read a tutorial from this website dated that appeared to be simple and similar to my own Ubuntu Win installation however it was dated Dual Boot Windows And Ubuntu Posted November pm in Windows Guides The only difference with my intended installation is that I will use a dvd as my Pc does not have a USB Boot option Please can anyone confirm that this Tutorial is valid and perhaps explain why so many other tutorials require BCD disable secure boot plus many other things outside the scope of my experience I would be most grateful I have even read that a mobo was destroyed by an incorrect installation and as this is my daughter's laptop i really dont want to have to buy her a new one Thanks

A:dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu

Samsung Laptops Bricked by Booting Linux Using UEFI

How to dual boot with Ubuntu & Windows 8, with Secure Boot ENABLED.
Practical UEFI Secure Boot (Part 3 of 3) - YouTube

To Downgrade to MS Windows 7or install with these BIOS settings:

Fujitsu Manual:
Secure Boot

Originally Posted by Fujitsu

Advanced  Boot Configurations  Fast Boot : [Disabled]
Advanced  Boot Configurations  CSM : [Enabled]
Security  Secure Boot Configuration  Secure Boot Option : [Disabled]
To change these settings it is necessary that a Supervisor Password is set.

1) Set CSM to UEFI & Legacy.

2) For Noteboks, you will need to set a Password.
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I want to use Windows 8 Pro and Ubuntu 13.04 on a single machine.How do I achieve this in a stable manner?
I want to use Ubuntu as a backup OS if Windows 8 ever crashes.Kindly suggest the best possible and optimum solution with detailed steps.

A:Need to dual boot Windows 8 Pro and Ubuntu

A very clear step by step guide here:

Hope this helps.

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Hp envy 6 sleekbook 6z 1100 I have already disable the secure boot in the BIOS But I still cannot install the ubuntu 13.04 The installation was good and smooth But after reboot, there is no boot menu appear for me to choose which OS I want to boot I wonder if HP locked something......... or should I turn on Legacy support in the BIOS? But ubuntu 13.04 should support EFL BIOS I need Ubuntu for work!

View Solution.

A:How to dual boot ubuntu and windows 8?

Hi, The following tutorials will help: Regards.
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Hi everyone,
I have a Windows 7 OS installed on a SATA drive, A few days ago I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on an IDE drive. So far the only way is to switch the HDD drives in BIOS to boot up the one I want. Can anyone help me here.

A:Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual-boot

do you want to dual boot them off the same hard drive?
I do the same swapping thing for 7 and Vista, but I have to take the side off the case and switch the cables as my bios doesn't support multiple hard drives
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A:Cannot Boot Windows 7 after Uninstalling Ubuntu Dual-Boot

The Linux Grub messed you up. You can try to fix it with EasyBCD. Elseyou can make your C: partition active (with the bootable CD of Partition Wizard) and run repair/install with your installation disk 3 times. Reboot after each time.
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I have dual boot Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 and now i cant boot Windows it says Windows can not start the installation process.

A:I have dual boot Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 and now i cant boot Window

Could you tell me exactly how you installed Ubuntu in your dual boot? Did you use Wubi Installer or install the OS on a separate partition?
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I installed Ubuntu on the same hard drive as my Windows different partition ofcourse Now even with windows boot manager when I choose 'start windows' it writes 'windows is loading files' then reboots Can't use recovery options quot repair your computer quot off my windows cd 14.04 Windows won't boot Ubuntu installing dual-boot. after for since it keeps telling me I don't have the matching windows version perhaps since ubuntu made some changes ro the MBR Solutions I've tried Fixing MBR with a 'utility' boot-cd like hiren's All it did was mess up ubuntu aswell so I had to reinstall ubuntu just to be able to boot Tried using boot-repair utility in Ubuntu - didn't work same problem Tried burning rescue disc off an existing windows computer Same error - 'no matching windows found' How can I reach window's rescue enviourment if it won't let me boot into it I would try to use bootrec exe but I can't get to it Please help I really don't want to re-install windows and lose all I Windows won't boot after installing Ubuntu 14.04 for dual-boot. have on that partition

A:Windows won't boot after installing Ubuntu 14.04 for dual-boot.

First off, if you can boot into Ubuntu you can browse the Windows partition and copy your files to a USB HDD for backup, so you won't loose anything if you have to reinstall.
Then use EasyBCD boot manager to manage your OS's boot loader.
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I have dual boot Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 and now i cant boot Windows it says Windows can not start the installation process.

A:I have dual boot Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 and now i cant boot Window

The best two ways of running Linux with Wondows on one Hd drive.
Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu
Linux - Install on Windows 7 Virtual Machine using VirtualBox
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Hello friends,

I would like to install Linux Ubuntu on my laptop alongside Windows using dual boot.
However, people keep telling me that it is not a good idea this to be done on a laptop because of driver comparability and stuff like that.

So is it OK if dual boot Ubuntu and Windows on a laptop or it is a terrible idea?

Best Regards

A:Dual boot Windows and Linux Ubuntu

I'm against multi-booting of any kind. I believe in keeping it simple, so if you want to play around with Ubuntu, especially if you are worried about compatibility, virtualize it. It's 100% compatible with VirtualBox.
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I just installed Ubuntu to make my computer dual boot with Windows 7. When the option in Ubuntu came up to install it along Windows 7, I selected it. Well, after the install my monitor pops up a box saying "Out of Range" and nothing comes up, then Ubuntu boots. I never get the option to boot Win7. If I hit a button while the monitor is out of range, nothing boots. What is my problem? Thanks

A:Windows 7 and Ubuntu Dual Boot Problems

I think that the Ubuntu boot loader has taken over and set itself as default (so it boots after the timeout period has expired), which may be fine, BUT, the resolution it has chosen for that display is not compatible with your monitors resolution settings, so the monitor just says out of range.
Do you have another monitor you can try, or an old CRT screen monitor, anything that might accept the resolution and display the screen and try another video port coming from the computer if available. I don't know how to go about changing the boot screen resolution.

If the dual boot screen is similar to Windows, when it gets to that pause where its waiting for any change to be made as far as which OS to boot to, press the down arrow key once and then hit enter and see if Windows 7 loads (and displays).
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i have a rather powerful computer in the greater scheem of things... and i would like to dual boot from two separate drives, ubuntu linux, and windows 7. i am in need of thorough instruction! i halve found alot of people online asking about ubuntu, people reply talking about other OSs and saying it should help. also if anyone could tell me what toll this might take on my power supply or my ram to have 2 HDs running at once technicaly. please and thank you. Thor.

A:I NEED HELP to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu on seperate HDs


The easiest way to do away with boot issues between separate Operating Systems (OS) is to use the BIOS one time boot menu to select which OS to boot at system startup, each motherboard has an individual hot-key to tap during system start-up to access this menu.

If you have 2 separate Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and have one OS installed to one HDD and you want to install another OS to the second HDD, disconnect the HDD with the first OS installed on it and leave only the HDD you want to install the second OS to connected.
Install the second OS to the connected HDD and when complete and the system is booting good, power down and reconnect the first HDD with the first OS on it.

This way the OSs will boot independently of each other and there will be no boot conflicts between the 2 separate OSs to have to sort later.

Then set the BIOS to boot the HDD / OS you want as default and if you want to start the other (new) OS you use the BIOS one-time boot menu to select that HDD / OS to start when the PC is started.Asus - F8
HP/Compaq - Esc
Sony - F2
Acer ? F12
Packard Bell
Gateway - F10
eMachnes - F10
Gigabyte ? F12
Toshiba - F12
Dell - F12
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Hi I have a small query about this whole partitioning business I'm trying to set up a partition so I can dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu My computer came with a Dell Recovery partition and an OEM partition as well as the main C drive which are all primaries I've created a new logical drive which I've called Z with the idea being to install the Linux OS in that Ubuntu to dual-boot 7 a partition Windows up and Set chunk of the drive My first question First up I've formatted it as quot exFAT quot - is this the same as FAT Next question can I divide this 'Z' into smaller chunks with different formats or do they all have to be the same format I was hoping to be able to format a small bit of the drive into a Linux filesystem so that both OSs can be kept entirely separate from each other but leave the bulk of it as FAT so that I can see my files with both Set up a partition to dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu OSs If this is not possible what would be the best way to achieve the desired result Thanks for any help McG

A:Set up a partition to dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Hi McG, welcome to the forums.
I can't really answer your questions about Ubuntu, but I recommend you start by checking this thread at the Ubuntu forum. I would save it since you might come into those problems when trying to install Ubuntu in your disc.
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I have two hard drives and one is 15 gb and I have 14gb left, how would I install Ubuntu onto that drive, and then, if I install it right. How would I boot to it?

A:Wanting to dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu

boot from ur ubuntu cd and watch the magic.. i think it uses disk druid (maybe that was fedora) to patition the hard dive. once installed linux's GRUB becomes ur boot manager and u can make it do whatever u want
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ubuntu forums are no help with this at all, i keep getting told to come here. Wanting to remove the ubuntu partion and the grub boot manager and just have my windows again, need an easier way to do this. Do not have a windows disc, been reading around and there are some ways to just delete everything linux with out it effecting windows, just cant figure it out on my own.
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I'm unable to use Headphones in Windows 8 but I can use it in ubuntu. This problem started after dual booting.

A:Can't use Headphones in Windows 8( dual boot with ubuntu)

Are speaker sounds working normally in Windows 8?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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Hello all. I am new to the forums and have been having a very annoying issue as of late. I currently have a machine installed with Windows 8 pro 64 bit installed on one Samsung 840 pro SSD. Works great. I recently added a second Crucial m4 SSD and would like to install Linux on it... I am having major issues doing so mainly because of UEFI... and when installing Linux it does not see Windows 8 installed on any drive therefore making it rather difficult to install both OSes. Any advice would be wonderful! I have searched Google quite a bit only to find the same issues but non relating to ssd drives. Thanks in advance!


A:Windows 8 dual boot ubuntu 12.10 on 2 ssd drives

Welcome to EightForums.

First you will need to DISABLE Secure Boot.

Originally Posted by theog

Reset BIOS to default, and reboot to BIOS make sure Secure Boot is disabled.
Make sure CSM is ENABLED, & set to UEFI boot.
NOTE: Check your manufacturer's uEFI BIOS manual for settings.

Secure boot: technical types spreading half-baked information

Linux distributions are making slow progress on implementing measures to ensure that their images available for download are bootable on hardware that has secure boot turned on.

Secure boot is a feature of the UEFI, the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, a replacement for the BIOS.

Microsoft has implemented this feature on hardware certified for Windows 8 in a way that requires the exchange of cryptographic keys; since the company controls the key-signing authority, anyone who wants to create a bootable medium has to necessarily obtain a key from Redmond.

Misinformation is rife about secure boot, simply because people confuse UEFI with secure boot and think that support for the former means support for the latter. Many so-called technical types are as guilty as others of spreading wrong information.

mjg59 | Secure Boot distribution support

?Microsoft's real aim is to kill the aftermarket in used computers that have Win 8 installed by not allowing you to install something other than Windows?

Microsoft could just have refused to sign UEFI bootloaders. They didn't. That doesn't really fit in with what you're claiming.
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I have two hard drives on my computer, one for my OS and apps (C, and one for my data (D. I recently reformatted my C: drive, re-installing Windows 7. I want to set up a dual-boot system with Ubuntu 10.04.

The problem I am having is that the Ubuntu installer recognizes my D: drive but not the C:. The C: drive is currently partitioned as follows:

100 MB NTFS Primary System Reserved
449.59 GB NTFS Primary
146.48 GB Unallocated

I have searched all over the net for answers, but none of the solutions I have found work.

Any thoughts?

A:Can't Get a Dual-Boot Windows 7/Ubuntu Installation Going

You say, you have two HD Drive, therefore you have a Disk0 & a Disk1.

When installing Linux
1) Remove Disk0 with Windows 7.
2) Install Linux to Disk1
3) Replace Disk0.
4) Use the one time boot menu to boot the OS's.
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Hello people of 7forums! I am new here and I have a very interesting question.
Okay, so when I boot Ubuntu 14.04.2 x64 from my USB stick, it doesn't detect Windows 7!
I have tried to convert my disk to basic, but I don't seem to have an option for it so I guess I already have a basic one! My computer is custom built so it is NOT UEFI based. When I open Disk Management in Windows 7, there's a green box around my C drive. People have told me that it's because it's a logical partition and I have more than 4 primary, which is wrong. I have 1 (System reserved) which is primary, 2 unallocated for Ubuntu 14.04.2 and my C drive which apparently is the "extended partition". Is this why Ubuntu is not recognizing my Windows 7 install? I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thanks, Jason.

A:Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 Dual boot problems

Are you sure Ubuntu mount NTFS partitions automatically? I have seen some Linux distributions that doesn't do this.

(my Linux is basic) You can try in terminal window: (9 commands to check hard disk partitions and disk space on Linux)

fdisk -l
Then mount the proper partition (the command is an example, exchange sda2 with the correct device number, the bold part is the name under which the partition will be mounted, you can change it):

mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt/windows -o ro
The above will mount the partition in read-only mode.

To mount with read-write support:

ntfs-3g /dev/sdd1 /mnt/backup
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I decided to dual boot ubuntu 13.04 with Windows 8. I had a dual boot setup before with Windows 7 and didn't have any problems.

Since this latest dual boot Ubuntu has been running fine however Windows 8 has become really sluggish. It now takes a few minutes to boot when before it was able to boot within sceconds. Once opening a program it crashes and freezes up the entire system, basically making windows unuasable.

There were no problems with windows 8 prior to the dual boot so I am not 100% sure why this is happening.

I backed my system up before install ubuntu so I can easily get everything back if I have to formate everything.

A:Ubuntu Windows 8 dual boot preformance

Could be any number of things. Running checkdisk on the 8 partition is worth a try.

Are you using Ubuntu Unity 13.04?

It works great for me.
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I've recently installed Ubuntu as a dual system, i installed it on separate partition, now i have dual boot Ubuntu and windows 7... WHAT I WANT , how to uninstall Ubuntu without affecting W7 to return my system as it was ; Windows 7 only...

A:How to Uninstall Ubuntu from a Dual Boot Windows 7 PC

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot

Remove Grub - Restore Windows 7
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I wanna install Ubuntu (dual boot) alongside Windows. Is it as simple as just booting from the Live CD, selecting install Ubuntu, making a partition from the hard drive and installing? Is that it? After Ubuntu get's installed, when I boot up the computer, will it give me the option to boot from Windows or Ubuntu?


A:Run Ubuntu 11 as dual boot alongside Windows


Yes that's the way but using separate HDDs to boot them separately would save you a bunch of head-aches later.

How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu
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Ok so I am running two operating systems at the moment Windows Ultimate x and Ubuntu Linux I have them both in my dual boot menu but I have a question as to how to organize them I recently visited this thread Dual-Boot Windows -bit and -bit and they were basically 7/Ubuntu 9.10 Windows Question Boot Dual explaining how to set your default boot OS to Windows Well I kinda have the same problem except for Windows 7/Ubuntu 9.10 Dual Boot Question when I follow the instructions on that thread I get to the part where it tells you how to set it to default but the only OS that shows up is Windows It does not show any sign of Ubuntu whatsoever Is it because I have to have a WINDOWS OS or what But I would like to organize my boot menu to where it highlights Windows as the first boot option rather than Ubuntu because I want Windows to be the first OS on the list Any help on how to make that happen if possible Thanks for the great support -Brandon

A:Windows 7/Ubuntu 9.10 Dual Boot Question

Would you want to do it using the command line options, or download EasyBCD?

For now, open an administrative command prompt and type:

This will show you what the boot store looks like. Type bcdedit /? and you can see some of the commands to use to manipulate the store. Probably the first thing you might want to do in make a backup copy of the store
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Hello I had windows installed on a disk sda and decided to install ubuntu in another disk sdb Ubuntu installed Grub boot loader in sdb ubuntu with dual boot Hibernate 7 in windows and both Hibernate windows 7 in dual boot with ubuntu systems seem to work fine Except windows hibernation which worked Hibernate windows 7 in dual boot with ubuntu normally before the Ubuntu installation What happens is this If I set the BIOS to startup from disk sdb GRUB comes out When I select windows and try to hibernate the screen goes black and after a couple of seconds the log in screen appears So I can not hibernate windows when I use GRUB By the way ubuntu hibernates normally If I set the BIOS to startup from disk sda windows load without GRUB of course and hibernate actually works But when I turn on the pc windows resuming is the only option I can not activate the bbs popup and even if I set bios to boot from the other disk sdb the system seems to ignore me and resumes windows without displaying GRUB loader So I can either hibernate windows but have to resume before I can use ubuntu or start windows using grub and not have the option to hibernate From the above I get that windows have a way of controlling the system's BIOS and prevent loading another os when windows are hibernated I say windows because my laptop has a similar dual boot vista with ubuntu and hibernation works for both systems and I can load whichever I want after that I tried to find information about w hibernation and bios but I couldn't find anything clear enough I have also tried EasyBCD but it didn't change a thing I have already seen the posts about active partitions boot partitions boot flag in ubuntu turned off hybrid sleep prevented all devices from waking up windows but nothing works I started a thread ubuntu Hibernate Problem in Windows but not in Ubuntu - Ubuntu Forums since I though it was a GRUB problem but no one seemed to know what to do or no one cared So I' m left with the above assumption windows controlling bios Does anybody know anything about this or the problem in general Thank you in advance

A:Hibernate windows 7 in dual boot with ubuntu

Oh boy this takes a while. to speed you along: powercfg.exe -energy in a windows 7 cmd.exe with admin rights - fixs as many problems as you can. if sleep works but hybrid sleep and hibernate don't and you boot with grub: set boot flag for the mini partition that windows made when it installed itself - note do NOT do this with windows disk manager as it will BREAK your system if you did do this use testdisk to recover (but believe me - you don't want to do that) Instead use parted gparted rescue disk or your linux partition and fdisk and set the boot flag. Still not hibernating (like me?) then you need to use the grub menu option that boots windows from the small partition usually /dev/sda1 (you set the boot flag didn't you?) Ok that should be it. Good luck
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Hey everyone, Im really killin' myself over this one. I just recently added Ubuntu 10.04.1 to my Gateway laptop NV53. I set it up so they would be installed side by side, Ubuntu being the one newly installed. It came with Windows 7, and it would give me the choice to select which OS i wanted to load (It gave me the Ubuntu OS, there were two -- and there was the Windows 7, A Vista Loader, and two other load choices those being like partitions on the drive) but now, when I try and boot off the HDD, it says: error: no such partition.
grub rescue>

I dunno what to do and im tearing myself to pieces here, whado I do??

A:Windows 7/Ubuntu dual boot issue

You should have got a cheap external HDD to put Ubuntu on, i once had a problem like yours, i couldn't get back into windows after trying to dual boot with Ubuntu. i had to reformat my whole HDD.
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Okay so I ve spent the last couple hours researching how to remove my ubuntu partition from a multi-OS boot with Windows and Vista still boot with Windows dual 7 Ubuntu in removing not convinced of an exact method or strategy I need the space but am more afraid of losing all my data and having to reformat and reinstall Windows Yes my data is backed up but it s just the hassle of having to reinstall apps and shortcuts and every single little thing I ve tweaked especially the registry in the past year Does anyone know of a full proof method to uninstall and remove this ubuntu linux removing Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 7 partition Does the fact the i installed Windows after Ubuntu laptop came with Vista then installed Ubuntu to dual boot then recently got change anything or the fact that Windows is listed as my default OS Until i know for sure i guess I m just gonna have to leave it there any help would be greatly appreciated I knew that grub was gonna come back and kick me in the ass Vista Home Premium Ubuntu Windows Professional Thanks

A:removing Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 7

So you have a triple-boot? Vista, Ubuntu, and 7?Do this for me while inside Windows 7:in the Start Menu search, type this and hit Enter:msconfigOnce on the "Boot" tab, take a screenshot and post it here.
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I have 2 internal hard drives, 1 running XP and the second SATA drive I bought was just to use for storage (Does not have partitions and still has over 100GB space on it.

I would like to install Ubuntu on my second drive and dual boot with XP.

How should I go about doing this? The 2 instruc-tions I have found only address this issue in a one-drive only scenario so I was wondering if there's any difference in my situation.

Thanks very much in advance.
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Hi there folks Please bear with me this is a bit long I want to have system with OSes as named in the subject line This is what I did to go about having that Its a new HDD GB partitioned as follows GB for Windows then GB Data and then GB again For Ubuntu I installed Windows and then installed Ubuntu on the respective partitions as mentioned Upon booting the system the grub screen appeared and could load Ubuntu Ubuntu issue 14.04 Windows with Ultimate boot Dual & 7 but the Windows Dual boot issue with Windows 7 Ultimate & Ubuntu 14.04 wouldn't The windows loader threw the error as follows Status xc f Info The boot selection failed because the required device is inaccessible and also advised a startup repair I tried to do that using a bootable USB DVD drive does not work in vain Choosing the Startup Repair option here took me to a screen where quot Windows quot OS is listed with quot MB quot Partition Size and quot Unknown Local Disk quot Location Followed by a message I'm para phrasing here the startup repair cannot fix the problem send the error to Microsoft Then I read on the interwebs somewhere to use the command line entity and run the commands bootrec exe fixboot bootrec exe fixmbr Both of which were successful and upon booting it went back to the Windows loader now with the same error and Ubuntu is not accessible at all So I have reinstalled the Windows on the same partition the quot head quot GB My windows loader shows instances of Windows during boot up one of which throws the same error and the other boots The quot tail quot end GB meant for Ubuntu is hidden but listed as a healthy one on the Disk Management I would like to get rid of the faulty Windows entry on the loader and get Ubuntu up and running smoothly Please let me know if you need any more info Thanks in advance

A:Dual boot issue with Windows 7 Ultimate & Ubuntu 14.04

I would like to get rid of the faulty Windows 7 entry on the loader and get Ubuntu up and running smoothly. Please let me know if you need any more info.


Please download "EasyBCD" from and use it to delete the non working entry from the BCD boot menu.
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Ive read some dual boot threads but the three that ive seen on here started in so i wanted to with (maybe Want Lion to OSX ubuntu) 7 triboot windows and dual-boot make a new thread instead of asking on those if anyone was asking ask u can see on my computer specs i have gb hdd currently i am uncomfortable installing lion on to the data drive or the c Want to dual-boot windows 7 and OSX Lion (maybe triboot with ubuntu) drive since i do not have the confidence about doing this but i have a gb hdd lying around and want to install onto it and dualboot my windows and Want to dual-boot windows 7 and OSX Lion (maybe triboot with ubuntu) lion i would prefer a detailed guide thank u starting from the beginning so i know i didnt miss anything since im a slight noob ive done ubuntu and xp installations on virtual box but i want to do the hardcore mac stuff like editing and want to use all the hdd space cpu and ram i need for it that the reason i want to dual boot lion and i have read this guide and it explains most things by limneos I have dual boot Windows and OSX All you need to do is first install Windows Then create a new partition for your osxwithin Windows format it as fat or ntfs and set to to be quot active quot Then run the osx installation and before you start the install go to Utilities and quot disk utility quot select the partition you created from Windows and format it as Journaled don't delete it Then install as you would normally selecting this partition as your installation target don't forget to customize your OSX installation with the necessary drivers for you system After installation is complete you will need to repair your Windows boot loader cause you probably won't be able to boot Windows Insert the Windows installation DVD at the first installation screen select your language etc and at the second screen select quot repair computer quot This will bring the Windows boot loader back so you can boot Windows Now you won't be able to load osx So boot in Windows and unhide your hidden MB partition In disk management assign a drive letter for your MB hidden partition Download EasyBCD and add a new boot entry select MacOS Generic X Add Save That's it You can now have dual boot with Windows and OSX and would like someone to change it to my needs or create a better one for lion since this was for thanks to u all

A:Want to dual-boot windows 7 and OSX Lion (maybe triboot with ubuntu)

Nope, that guide looks about right. As long as you're dual booting with Windows 7, that guide should stay the same no matter what version of Mac OS X you are using. I have a triple boot with W7, W8 and Ubuntu so a triple boot should work fine on yours too. The only thing I would be worried about is space. Triple booting on a 40GB hard drive gives you roughly 13GB for each OS.
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Hi ,       I just bought a new ideapad 500 am trying to install ubuntu 16.04 Lts alongside preloaded windows 10. I have  tried various options like disabling secure boot / fast boot / fast start up the USB boot just doesn't seem to work , when I try to boot through UEFI firm ware settings -> efi USB boot I get an error message ' USB boot option Not available' . Please suggest if I can achieve Dual boot ability on my ideapad
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I want to upgrade Vista to Windows 7, but without disturbing my Ubuntu installation, which is dual boot with Vista. I would prefer to do a clean install of Windows 7 over Vista, which has had niggling little issues (I resolve them and new ones appear) ever since I bought the pc. I don't have the recovery discs for Vista (the ones you make when you buy a new system) as they went missing during a major move.

What is the best way to accomplish all the above? Also, from what I understand, a clean installation can be done with an upgrade version of Windows 7 as long as a previous version of Vista or XP is already on the machine? I am not terribly confident when it comes to doing things like this, so would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

A:Installing Windows 7 over Vista on dual boot with Ubuntu

Is your Ubuntu installation on a partition on the same hard disk or on a seperate one?
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So, I have like a laptop with installed windows 10 first then installed ubuntu 14.04 LTS alongside windows.

ubuntu grub boots up asking me for boot options each time i restart.

So if I want to clean install windows 10 while ubuntu is still installed will it affect ubuntu and its data?.

I use ubuntu for work and windows when i am home.

I have upgraded windows 10 using windows update but now i feel like doing clean install of the anniversary update but afraid of losing ubuntu and work data or failure of ubuntu booting after reinstalling windows 10.

Can anyone suggest ideas or solutions?.

Thank you.

A:Is it possible to clean install windows 10 in dual boot with ubuntu?

Sure you can - no problem at all. Just boot from USB and pick the C partition when it asks you where to install Windows. You could (and I did) format the partition at this point. Make sure also that your WinRE recovery partition (if you have one) is big enough (500MB).

I dual boot with OSX and Windows and did a clean install of 1607 like that and it worked fine. It didn't touch the other OS at all. It did disable my bootloader (I use rEFInd not grub) but that happens every time I update either OS and it is just a matter of re-registering it.
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Is it possible to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu, with ubuntu on a external hard drive? I can connect my external hard drive via USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or E-SATA. I want windows 7 as my main OS. Could someone please help?

A:dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu on external harddrive

You need to enter your BIOS and change the boot priority to that external drive.

Your BIOS may allow you to enter a boot menu during startup which makes it a lot simpler.

While your PC is turning on it will flash with your PC vendors logo, at the bottom of this screen it should say press F2/Del to enter the BIOS or something similar.

BIOSes vary greatly from PC to PC so I can't really give you anything more than general advice but I'll try my best.

If you need any more help or explanation just ask.

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Hey all I am new here. I recently did a dual boot install of Ubuntu with my Home Premium Windows 7 machine. I need to figure out how to uninstall Ubuntu and the grub loader... any thoughts?

I installed Windows 7 first... Ubuntu 64 desktop edition came after.

I shrunk my Windows 7 partition to install Ubuntu.

If you need more information, let me know, and thanks in advance.

A:dual boot w/ Ubuntu, need to uninstall Ubuntu

Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinov

Hey all I am new here. I recently did a dual boot install of Ubuntu with my Home Premium Windows 7 machine. I need to figure out how to uninstall Ubuntu and the grub loader... any thoughts?

I installed Windows 7 first... Ubuntu 64 desktop edition came after.

I shrunk my Windows 7 partition to install Ubuntu.

If you need more information, let me know, and thanks in advance.

Hello Konstantinov, and welcome to Windows Seven Forums!

Baisically, you just need to delete the two Ubuntu partitions, then restore the bootmgr from Windows 7. Please look these over and post back any questions?

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

Remove Grub - Restore Windows 7

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My buddy has a computer with a problem and he s asked me to see if I can retrieve the data documents from the computer The subject computer is a COMPAQ PRESARIO SR NX with a Pentium cpu GHz GB RAM running Windows Vista Home Basic His goal was to create a dual boot computer UBUNTU and Vista What he did was one Saturday morning without reading directions he installed UBUNTU partitioning the computer in two partitions The computer Problem computer UBUNTU boot to a Failed Create a dual --Vista with Attempt - is now giving an error code of when GRUB Loader starts up Is there a restore disk or some kind of utility that can undo what was done to the computer He has no backup disk I tried Recovery Commander Ver made by Avanquest but as their website Problem with a Failed Attempt to Create a dual boot --Vista - UBUNTU computer indicates it s for XP They never updated it for Vista and Windows Is there a utility that can undo some of the changes that were made to the machine when UBUNTU was installed albeit unsuccessfully I have an HP PC running XP professional and I was wondering if I take the hard drive out from the COMPAQ and rig it to my HP via a SATA IDE to USB Adapter device would I be able to see the contents of that COMPAQ computer that had Vista and now UBUNTU We re just after the data files and not software programs Thanks for any links or advice
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Well I did a stupid thing while repairing my boot loader system using EasyBCD on Windows. I selected Ubuntu as default bootloader and also selected the 'Skip the boot menu' option and applied those settings.
Now whenever I select Windows on the GRUB , it redirects to the GRUB leaving me no choice but Ubuntu.
I can access the windows drives but can't boot into it.
Is there anyway to solve this issue?
P.S.- I don't have recovery.
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It all started like this I bought my HP-laptop weeks ago days ago I decided to dual-boot the pre-installed Windows with Ubuntu Netbook Thought it was a good idea Well I created a partition for Ubuntu on GB on my current HDD and the whole disk went from a Primary Disc to Basic Disc because of having more than partitions After that I decided to delete the partitions created by HP called HP TOOLS and HP RECOVERY I did After that I went and booted up with my USB and installed Ubuntu Netbook without SWAP-partition through advanced partition as it didn't come up with quot Install Ubuntu beside Windows quot or anything like that that I've seen others do At the advanded partition windows I chose the GB partition and checked quot Reformat to Ext journaled quot The mountpoint was quot quot It went fine and I loaded up Ubuntu Dual-boot and wrong. 7 Windows gone Ubuntu Netbook Remix; Netbook after that Everything worked fine - I could load Windows and Ubuntu Netbook through the GRUB bootloader But then it came Ubuntu Netbook decided to update to the latest Kernel I guess and it did well after that I haven't been Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix; gone wrong. able to load up Windows When I try to load up Windows it goes on to the screen with the dots making the logo - doesn't even finish the logo - and then it freezes for a second comes up with a blue-screen of death with errors for seconds so I can't read what it says and then reboots This is my problem - I just want to be able to boot up my Windows Could it have anything to do with Ubuntu Netbook changing something in the BIOS by itself so I can't boot up Windows -bit Bootscript Code Boot Info Script dated February th Boot Info Summary gt Grub is installed in the MBR of dev sda and looks on the same drive in partition for boot grub sda File system Extended Partition Boot sector type - Boot sector info sda File system ext Boot sector type - Boot sector info Operating System Ubuntu LTS Boot files dirs boot grub grub cfg etc fstab boot grub core img sda File system swap Boot sector type - Boot sector info sda File system ntfs Boot sector type Windows Vista Boot sector info No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block Operating System Boot files dirs bootmgr Boot BCD sda File system ntfs Boot sector type Windows Vista Boot sector info No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block Operating System Windows Boot files dirs bootmgr boot BCD Windows System winload exe Drive Partition Info Drive sda Disk dev sda GB bytes heads sectors track cylinders total sectors Units sectors of bytes Sector size logical physical bytes bytes Partition Boot Start End Size Id System dev sda Extended dev sda Linux dev sda Linux swap Solaris dev sda SFS dev sda SFS blkid -c dev null Device UUID TYPE LABEL dev sda PTTYPE quot dos quot dev sda DE D CDE D ntfs SYSTEM dev sda E ADC ADBFEED ntfs dev sda ae b -e - -b a - cabd dd d ext dev sda f-b - a- -ab c e swap dev sda PTTYPE quot dos quot quot mount grep dev output Device Mount Point Type Options dev sda ext rw errors remount-ro sda boot grub grub cfg DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE It is automatically generated by usr sbin grub-mkconfig using templates from etc grub d and settings from etc default grub BEGIN etc grub d header if -s prefix grubenv then load env fi set default quot quot if prev saved entry then set saved entry prev saved entry save env saved entry set prev saved entry save env prev saved entry set boot once true fi function savedefault if -z boot once then saved entry chosen save env saved entry fi function recordfail set recordfail if -n have grubenv then if -z boot once then save env recordfail fi fi insmod ext set root ' hd ' search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set ae b -e - -b a - cabd dd d if loadfont usr share grub unicode pf then set gfxmode x insmod gfxterm insmod vbe if terminal output gfxterm then true else For backward compatibility with versions of terminal mod that don't understand terminal output terminal gfxterm fi fi insmod ext set root ' hd '... Read more

A:Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix; gone wrong.

When you see GRUB boot options, select your Windows install and hit Enter. Immediately press and hold F8. You will see a screen with quite a few options. Select "Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure" and hit Enter. COpy paste the BSOD code here.
It should probably be 0X000007B or 0X00000024
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Hello nbsp I have recently purchased an Acer Revo One RL It came pre-installed with Windows which I have upgraded to Windows I chose the option to 10 Boot Dual Revo Ubuntu - Acer RL85 & Lin... Windows use a separate installation USB stick I repartitioned the drive to leave room for ubuntu linux The Windows installation was fine nbsp In the space left over I installed Ubuntu Linux I was able to boot from a USB stick The installation was fine nbsp When booting I am not presented with any way to choose the operating system to launch - I am only presented with the Windows Boot Manager I have searched various other forum threads and there is mention of trusting the Ubuntu EFI boot files All the forums indicate that I need to enable a Supervisor Password in the BIOS which I have Doing so should apparently allow me to navigate to the Ubuntu Linux EFI files with the Boot tab in the BIOS This facility does not appear to be available nbsp The BIOS version is as follows nbsp System BIOSVersion P -A Build Date nbsp EC FirmwareVersion Build Date nbsp I can supply further details e g partition layout files installed into the UEFI partition etc if required nbsp Thanks

A:Acer Revo RL85 Dual Boot - Windows 10 & Ubuntu Lin...

Hi JP......In a few words, did you manage to get this sorted ? I'm in the same position. I can get the machine to work running from a USB stick, and I can get the thing to run only Ubuntu, resettng the UEFI restores Windows, but getting the Dual Boot to work is eluding me.P.
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because i need help so badly i'm going to give you a walk thought of exactly what i did ok first i rebooted the computer and booted from the ubuntu disk onto installation and when to the choose partition part when i was there I noticed that all my free space was labelled unusable I then saw with dual windows ubuntu wont 7 failed due boot work to that at the top of the list there was a partition in my drive that was mb big so i deleted it when i deleted this windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu partition all the free space that was unusable because usable and a created a partion from it that was a quot ext journaling file system quot gb big and put the mount point as solely because that windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu what it said on the dual booting guide After that the installation went smoothly and ubuntu worked however i rebooted the computer to find to my surprise boot options these were - ubuntu linux - -generic - ubuntu linux - -generic recovery mode - Memory test memtest - Memory test memtest serial console - Windows vista loader on dev sda - Windows loader on dev sda This was surprising to me because windows vista has never been installed on this computer as I got windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu it last christmas and came preinstalled with windows After seeing this i chose the windows option because i wanted to check if it was ok and it came up with a message saying windows failed to start and gave me the option of either launching startup repair or trying to launch windows normally This is when i knew something wasnt right so i clicked launch up repair It then came up with system recovery options which were restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier or use recovery tools that can help fix problems I chose to use recovery tools because i didnt know to do on the first option I then went through the options by START UP REPAIR i opened start up repair and a load bar came up but soon after it said start up repair cannot repair this computer automatically and only gave me the option to send error to microsoft which never helps I then clicked on system restore which came up with an error message saying quot to use system restore you must specify which windows installation to restore restart this computer select an operating system and then select system restore quot which i didnt really know what to do with Next i clicked System Image recovery this came up with an error message stating quot An internal error occurred The following information might help you resolve the error the system cannot find the file specified x Next Memory diagnostics which gave the options to quot restart now and check for problems quot or quot check for problems the next time i start my computer quot I clicked both of them and they both said there was an error preventing them from blah blah blah blah telling me to boot from the windows installation disk which i dont have because it came preinstalled I then had a futile go at command prompt I managed to get the windows setup up but this said quot a require cd dvd drive device is missing if you have a driver floppydisk cd dvd or usb flash drive please insert it now quot which i didnt know what to do with I then clicked on the last option acer erecovery management which came up with a error saying quot The exception unknown software exception xc d occurred in the application at the location x a f click on ok to terminate the program quot Sorry for the boring explanation but i dont know what to do from here i'd really apprieciated your suggestions As i said before I do not posses windows disk as it came pre installed and i did not back up because i thought i did not have anything i was scared to lose So if you have any ideas that i could try please please please post back i am not scared of losing anything that was actually on my hardrive i just merely want to not have to buy windows again everything else is repl... Read more

A:windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu

Do you have the option to "Restore to factory settings"?
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Bought a second-hand Compaq -bit desktop Evo-D a couple of years ago It came with a Windows XP CD but not with any other disks as far as I can remember I dual-booted Windows XP and Ubuntu LTS Long Term Support year Sound and ethernet controller ie internet on the XP and Ubuntu worked fine Yesterday I installed next Ubuntu LTS version and reformatted the Windows NFTS partition The No recent and Windows XP Ubuntu ethernet controller Dual-boot in Windows install seemed fine and the Ubuntu install finished ok too Internet using a wired ethernet connection and sound work from Ubuntu but not from Windows XP I checked the Device Manager on XP and the ethernet controller and sound drivers were marked with yellow exclamation marks Found some Evo-D ethernet controller links at the HP driver download site They were all exe files sp exe sp and sp I don't know how to try these exe files I copied them to a usb memory stick but the 'Have disk' upgrade install choice did not work Windows XP only showed drive D or drive A not drive E that corresponds to the USB memory stick I also copied the three exe files to a directory on drive C and tried the Browse choice but the OK button was greyed out as inactive I noticed that No ethernet controller in recent Dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu the 'Have disk' seemed to want inf files There was one showing in the drop-down list autorun inf I clicked this but it did not exist The Ubuntu Sysinfo function shows this about the ethernet controller Intel DB PRO VE LOM revision Subsystem Compaq Corporation device Windows XP installed worked fine but not yesterday when I used the same XP install CD I even reused the same GB NFTS partition after reformatting it What might have changed Have run out of ideas Hope someone can help Ken

A:No ethernet controller in recent Dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu

First download the chipset drivers from where you located the other drivers. Install the chipset drivers and reboot. Then install the other drivers just by opening the .exe files.

Also download the audio and video drivers and install them.

You reformatted and reinstalled Windows on the partition will erase any files and data including drivers. Which you will have to reinstall.

May I ask why you felt that you had to reinstall Windows Xp?
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Hi, I currently have Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) and Ubuntu dual booted on my Dell XPS M1530. Everytime I run it, it locks up at about the half way point then it freezes. Then I have to hard shutdown the system. It does this everytime, do I need to uninstall Ubuntu? Can anybody help me out with this? Thanks

A:Creating System Image with Windows 7/Ubuntu dual boot


It doesn't sound like Ubuntu is causing the problem, as long as you're booted into Windows okay.

Try saving the backup in a different location. You may also test the drive you are saving to: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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Hello nbsp I have recently purchased an Acer Revo & Acer Ubuntu 10 Lin... Dual RL85 - Boot Windows Revo One RL It came pre-installed with Windows which I have upgraded to Windows I chose the option to use a separate installation USB stick I repartitioned the drive to leave room for ubuntu linux The Windows installation was fine nbsp In the space left over I installed Ubuntu Linux I was able to boot from a USB stick The installation was fine nbsp When booting I am not presented with any way to choose the operating system to launch - I am only presented with the Windows Boot Manager I have searched various other forum threads and there is mention of trusting the Ubuntu EFI boot files All the forums indicate that I need to enable a Supervisor Password in the BIOS which I have Doing so should apparently allow me to navigate to the Ubuntu Linux EFI files Acer Revo RL85 Dual Boot - Windows 10 & Ubuntu Lin... with the Boot tab in the BIOS This facility does not Acer Revo RL85 Dual Boot - Windows 10 & Ubuntu Lin... appear to be available nbsp The BIOS version is Acer Revo RL85 Dual Boot - Windows 10 & Ubuntu Lin... as follows nbsp System BIOSVersion P -A Build Date nbsp EC FirmwareVersion Build Date nbsp I can supply further details e g partition layout files installed into the UEFI partition etc if required nbsp Thanks
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I have had an Ubuntu/XP system for a while now, but yesterday it started bluescreening just after the windows logo on every attempt to boot. Also, while I can boot into Ubuntu fine, I cannot access the data partition which is pretty scary! I havent backed up in a good few weeks.

I dont have a recovery disk to run chkdsk from, what can I do?

Thank you for your time.
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Hello I own an HP Envy notebook K -NL and have considerable difficulty installing Linux Ubuntu and Linux Mint in dual-boot and triple-boot Both with Secure Boot enabled or disabled either enabled or disabled legacy both with fast boot enabled or disabled and also with the default boot from internal CD DVD ROM it is Boot K112-NL Envy 15 Dual Windows HP 8.1/Linux Ubuntu-Mint impossible to install Linux alongside Windows I managed for a moment to start the Linux Mint DVD but it is planted to the first screen Dual Boot Windows 8.1/Linux Ubuntu-Mint HP Envy 15 K112-NL I think just by reading other forums that HP does everything to not allow this operation Dual Boot Windows 8.1/Linux Ubuntu-Mint HP Envy 15 K112-NL Has anyone had the same problem If yes how he solved it Thank you Google Translation nbsp Original post Italian Buongiorno posseggo un notebook HP Envy K -NL e ho notevoli difficolt ad installare Linux Ubuntu e Linux Mint in dual-boot e triple-boot Sia con Secure boot abilitato o disabilitato sia con legacy abilitato o disabilitato sia con fast boot abilitato o disabilitato e inoltre con l'avvio predefinito da internal CD DVD ROM impossibile installare Linux accanto a Windows Sono riuscito un attimo a far partire il DVD di Linux Mint ma si piantato alla prima schermata Penso proprio leggendo altri forum che HP faccia di tutto per non permettere questa operazione Qualcuno ha avuto il mio stesso problema Se s come lo ha risolto Grazie
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I am at the point of buying a new hard drive for an old computer. I've been told that it is possible to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu with a 80GB hard drive, but 120 GB would be preferred. I can get an 100GB (PATA/IDE) hard drive at a reasonable price. I just use simple email (not Outlook), internet browsing, MS Word, PDF documents. No games, no photography, no CAD/CAM or other activities that require a lot of space.

QUESTION: Is a 100GB enough hard drive space to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu?

Thank you,

C. (Bob)

A:Is 100GB hard drive enough space to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu?


Eighty gigabytes should be fine. Forty can be accomplished. A full Windows XP installation should be less than 20GB and can be slimmed down greatly. Ubuntu's requirements state 5GB. I wouldn't recommend purchasing a larger drive without need for multiple software installations.

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Hello I think this is the right place to put this since it s the XP part of my computer not working Sorry if this is in the wrong place The problem the one on Windows XP Startup boot Dual Solved: Ubuntu setup) BSODs (New that isn t between the Keyboard and the Chair I have recently installed Ubuntu on my previously Windows only PC and now Windows XP will not load at all I turn on my PC wait for the GRUB bootloader details below to appear and select Windows The black windows loading screen comes up for about seconds and promptly BSODs details below Ubuntu still loads fine The computer OS - Windows XP MCE I think Ubuntu Linux Bootloader - GNU GRUB version beta I have multiple partitions for all of my different things One for XP on for Ubuntu and two for files BSOD A problem has been detected etc etc If this is the first time etc etc If this screen appears again follow these steps Disable Solved: Windows XP BSODs on Startup (New Ubuntu Dual boot setup) or uninstall any anti-virus disk defragmentation or backup utilities Check your hard drive configuration Solved: Windows XP BSODs on Startup (New Ubuntu Dual boot setup) and check for any updated drivers Run CHKDSK F to check for Solved: Windows XP BSODs on Startup (New Ubuntu Dual boot setup) hard drive corruption and then restart your computer Tech info STOP x x x B F AA xC x Click to expand Bootloader GNU GRUB version beta Ubuntu Linux - -generic Ubuntu Linux - -generic recovery mode Ubuntu Linux - -generic Ubuntu Linux - -generic recovery mode I don t know why I have different versions the -generic only loads into a Terminal for some reason Memory test memtest Memory test memtest serial console Windows NT XP loader on dev sda Click to expand What I ve tried Using the Windows install disk to run CHKDSK F - This didn t work because there was no screen like the one after step here http kb wisc edu helpdesk page php id so there was no way for me to access the recovery console There is an option to press F to run Automated System Recovery which appears before the bar at the bottom says it s loading all the relevant drivers etc However I can t do this because it says quot Please insert the disk labeled Windows Automated System Recovery Disk into the floppy drive Press any key when ready quot and I don t have such a disk or a floppy drive Unfortunately I can t think of anything else to try so that s why I m here Thanks nbsp
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Sooooo. Here's my frustration.

I have a laptop with Ubuntu 14 installed on a SSD.

I have a second drive 1TB, with nothing on it, that I want to install Windows 7 to.

I've partitioned and formatted the 2nd drive with Gparted to be DOS and NTFS, flagged one partition as BOOT.

Restart - boot from WIN disc. Follow the instructions up to picking which partition to install to. NONE of the partitions will let me install to them. OK.

SO I found tutorials on how to format and partition the drives in the CMD window. Did this. Followed all the instructions. STILL Windows will not let me install to any of the partitions in the choice window.

I get the error: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition.

Help please?

A:Attempting dual boot - adding Windows 7 to existing Ubuntu laptop

Hi there,
You have to install windows first, and then Ubuntu.
Have a look at the tutorials section Dual booting

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Greetings I have installed Ubuntu Ubuntu animation Windows dual-boot, 7 7 Windows problems logo LTS -bit alongside Windows Professional -bit OS in dual-boot configuration with GRUB beta Both OSs are up to date however occasionally I do not get the animated Windows logo in the Windows boot-up and a distorted screen is displayed instead until I am presented with the Ubuntu Windows 7 dual-boot, Windows 7 logo animation problems login screen This Ubuntu Windows 7 dual-boot, Windows 7 logo animation problems issue was non-existent before my Ubuntu installation and I am not able to fix it I should also note that the Windows boots up but this artefact is really annoying I already posted this on askubuntu com but received no reply for screen-shots you may wish to check it After Ubuntu installation Windows experiences boot-up issues - Ask Ubuntu So far I have tried a command on the Windows console but it did not resolve the issue By the way I experience this problem occasionally and in these cases mostly the laptop is running on battery power My laptop brand and model is Dell Latitude E respectively Any help and or suggestion is greatly appreciated

A:Ubuntu Windows 7 dual-boot, Windows 7 logo animation problems

The link below might be a good starting point,

linux - Problem setting command-line console resolution. vbeinfo in grub2 does not report all resolutions - Super User

Good luck
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I lost access to my windows 7 drive (Dual-boot windows 7 & Ubuntu). every time I try to run Windows 7 I get the message: Bootmgr is compressed, Press CTRL_ALT-DEL to restart. I could run Bootrec /fixmbr or diskpart or attrib to rebuild my mbr table through DOS command window using my windows 7 recovery CD. The problem I cannot access drive C: where my windows 7 are. I get the error message: Cannot open volume for direct access or system cannot find the drive path or specified. I still can access all my windows folders and files through home folder in Ubuntu. I don't want to reformat and reinstall windows. Is there is a way to run the DOS commands within Ubuntu or any other advice to how to fix this issue.

A:Lost access to Windows 7 Drive (Dual-Boot Windows 7 & Ubuntu)


Please see whether the steps outline in this tutorial will be of help:

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

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I have a laptop with dual boot setup for Ubuntu/Windows 7. My company encrypted the Windows partition (McAfee) after which Windows no longer shows up in the boot loader. Can it be fixed?

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I have a dual boot for windows 7 on 1tb hdd and ubuntu on 60 gb ssd. I've been using ubuntu but when I tried to choose windows 7 it didn't work so I ran GRUB then the option for windows 7 disappeared can you help figure out how to get to windows? all of the system files are still on the hdd.

A:Had dual boot for windows and Ubuntu, lost windows, help?

Additional info:
I just went into the boot menu and tried to boot from the hdd with windows seven and it took me to the menu where there used to be a choice of ubuntu or windows 7 then booted straight into ubuntu.
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A long title indeed, but it pretty much sums it all up. I have installed Ubuntu first and then dual booted windows XP. I soon found out that the fact Ubuntu wasn't compatible with many programs (even through wine) I wanted only Windows XP on my pc.
I've searched many topics, but all described how to uninstall Ubuntu when Windows was the primary OS. In my case Ubuntu is the main OS and it dual boots with Windows and I want to rid myself of Ubuntu leaving only Windows.

What do I need to do to get the desired computer setup? Or is it irrelevant which OS was installed first and will a guide describing how to remove Ubuntu from windows work as well for my case.

Important addition: I could very well be the biggest computer-noob you've encountered thus far. So talk to me as though I am 4 year old

A:Uninstalling Ubuntu dual-booting Windows XP with Ubuntu installed first

shouldn't matter the install sequence if you want to only have Windows. Boot into Windows and then delete (from disk management) the linux partitions. This may leave your computer in a state where you can not boot into Windows. To fix this you'll have to boot off the XP install disk and boot to the recovery console, once there type 'fixmbr' without the '
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Hi !
This is the disk management screenshot. In disk 0 Partition C, Win 7 is installed. In Disk 1 partition D, there was Win XP, but I formatted is as primary to install Ubuntu there as dual boot. Practically I know almost nothing about Linux installation. When I am trying to install it, I am not able to find out which one is the D drive.

I tried the Gparted option there, but it seemed to me a puzzle .

Can anybody please help me?

A:Want to dual boot Ubuntu with Win 7


The D partition should be the first partition on the second hard drive. It is also the smaller of the approx 58GB partitions.

The Ubuntu setup should show the different hard drives.
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Good evening all I wasn t quite sure which forum this should go in W7 - Dual Ubuntu Boot & so Dual Boot - W7 & Ubuntu I apologize if this belongs elsewhere I primarily run Windows on my GB HD but had an old GB HD lying around so I decided to try Ubuntu I m very Dual Boot - W7 & Ubuntu new to Linux I know very little about it and I also know very little about dual booting I have W plugged into SATA and Ubuntu plugged into SATA When I turn my computer on it was launching automatically to Ubuntu until I changed the boot priorities in BIOS to launch the W HD When powering the PC on I d like to be prompted to choose which OS to launch How can I go about doing this I consider myself very proficient with Google but I cannot find any helpful information Well maybe I should say I can t find any helpful information that I understand I may have very well likely passed over a topic that is just using words that I don t understand and assumed that it wasn t what I needed I ve checked MSCONFIG but it only shows my primary drive with W which I kind of expected Any other advice

A:Dual Boot - W7 & Ubuntu

You want to be able to choose which OS to boot from Windows 7 boot menu.Adding a boot entry for Ubuntu is simple.1. Download and install 'ext2fs' - this will give you access to Linux partitions (Ubuntu) from Windows.2. Copy the file "/boot/grub/boot.img" from Ubuntu to Windows 7 "\boot" partition.3. Create a boot sector loader. Give it as parameter the file \boot\boot.imgFor 3.) you can use Visual BCD Editor - right click for pop-up menu -> Create boot-sector loader. Adjust drive and path to point to drive and path of "\boot\boot.img" editing ApplicationDevice and ApplicationPath.
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I am using the non-metro Windows 10 boot loader to manage a dual boot setup (legacy BIOS) with Ubuntu. Generally, everything works fine. However, sometimes when I perform an update in Ubuntu, grub overwrites the Windows MBR. Then I have to use EasyBCD to restore the Windows boot loader.

How do I prevent grub overwriting the MBR?
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Not sure if I should of posted this in a different local but I'll give this spot a try. So computer is cleaned, backed up and now I want to remove ubuntu from and the dual boot option, however it seems once again it takes me for a loop. I went into disk managment to check on size on the ubuntu part. Well, its not under disk managment, so I restarted the computer and it wouldn't start ubuntu up, instead it gave me almost a dos/command proumpt screen. So I'm taking a stab in the dark and going to stay that ubuntu most not of been remove correctly. Is there a way to finish removing it? If an image is needed I might be able to take one with my ipod and upload it.

A:Xp dual boot ubuntu

Well from what I can find online I guess its telling me to just go in and edit the boot menu file.
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I have Vista Home Premium -bit on Dell Inspiron I want to have a go at installing a dual-boot Ubuntu Why quot Because it's there quot I've experimented with Wubi which is dual-boot Ubuntu but does not need it's own partition This allows a painless evaluation of Ubuntu Clever idea I would be most grateful if anyone could recommend some do's and don'ts BTW I have complete Genie backups of my system files and data files I intend to follow the instructions at the following two links The Dual-boot Ubuntu definitive dual-booting guide Windows Linux Vista and XP step-by-step Ubuntu Dual-boot Ubuntu Intrepid - My overall impression is that the commonest problem is that users can no longer boot to Vista after installing Ubuntu IMHO users get problems if they do the following Shrink the current Vista partition Create a new partition in the free space to be used eventually for Ubuntu It's step that seems to cause the problem Alternative advice such as in the two links that I quoted above say that you should do nothing with the free space You should allow Ubuntu to do everything itself I would be grateful for any comments

A:Dual-boot Ubuntu

I already tried out SUN's Virtual Box here and no go for simply trying to get older versions of Windows running with that as one item seen in the article there. For seeing the Vista primary reduced in size not more then 15gb to 20gb since ubuntu is small to begin with for a Linux distro the free Gnome Partition Editor generall known as GParted live for cd is the choice tool for both shrinking the Vista primary down and creating the new VFat ext2 or ext 3 primary(root) for ubuntu.

The option for a second extended swap partition is just that an option while not being a necessity due to Linux having it's own form of swap file. The one thing however to watch out for is not seeing the installation of Grub into the Vista mbr to avoid Grub 14 and 22 errors but making the root the "/" mount point.

From there you can add the ubuntu entry into the Vista BCD with the NeoGrub option seen in the free EasyBCD tool available at Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

The instructions plus other references for that are seen at Dashboard - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

When first running the ubuntu installer make sure to select the manual method and select the root partition. Later hightlight that and click the edit button to assign that as the "/"" mount point so you don't see the installer decide to reformat and partition the entire drive for Linux only! You want to see the root set as mount in order to have the NeoGrub pointed to that in order to see ubuntu load as an option when Vista first starts.
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I'm having a big problem. I used to have Windows XP installed, and Ubuntu on another partition. Since I installed Windows 7 (Over the Windows XP installation) the GRUB Loader is gone. Now I don't need Ubuntu, and I was wondering if I could delete the Unbuntu Partition using Disk Management in Windows 7 without having problems during booting to Windows.
I know the biggest problem after deleting Ubuntu is the absence of GRUB loader, which then causes Windows 7 not to boot properly. However, since GRUB loader has been overwritten during the Windows 7 installation, is it safe to just delete the Ubuntu Partition and extend the Windows 7 one?

I really want to make sure that after deleting Ubuntu, my PC will boot to Windows 7. I also have lost the Windows 7 repair disk...

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So I have this lenovo ideacentre B540 All-in-one that originally came with Windows 7. The customer bought it at best buy and it came with a free upgrade to Windows 8 when it came out. So the customer was using it with Windows 8 until he got some FBI porn virus on there. I was hired to reload windows 8 and have it dual boot with ubuntu. I put the windows 8 disc in, format the 1TB drive and leave about 200GB for ubuntu. windows 8 is setup and done.
i can no longer get this thing to do anything other than boot windows 8. cant get into BIOS, cant get a boot menu, can't boot from CD/DVD or USB through the windows 8 restart menu thing. what an abomination. any help?

A:dual boot with ubuntu

Welcome to EightForums.

As you are talking Lenovo.

BIOS setup menu is missing in my G580 after instal... - Lenovo Community
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Hey I was able to set up my system with both Windows XP and UBuntu I have partitioned my hard and XP Ubuntu Dual Boot: drive into segments One for windows in ntfs one for ubuntu in ext a swap partition which ubuntu requires and another partition in fat to swap files back Dual Boot: XP and Ubuntu and forth between windows and ubuntu I had the systems working fine and then i screwed it Dual Boot: XP and Ubuntu up When the system would boot it would give me a command prompt asking which system i would like to load I could choose from Ubuntu or windows If i were to choose windows it would go to another prompt asking to use windows or an unrecognized operating system I was trying to get rid of this second step as it seemed useless So when i orignally booted the system the first prompt would ask for both systems there was a line saying you can edit the controls of these boots and so i checked it out to see if i could get rid of the second command prompt screen I ended up deleting one of them stupid me and now i can only start up ubuntu If i try and boot windows xp it says there are missing commands Any ideas how it could be possible to get those things i deleted back without having to reinstall both windows and ubuntu And if you know how to get rid of the second command prompt but thats not neccesary i can deal with that Thanks a lot nbsp

A:Dual Boot: XP and Ubuntu

Hey just to add to the post when i try and boot xp from the command prompt it says NTLDR is missing and then goes back to the orginal boot screen.
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I have a fresh install of XP and want to Dual boot Ubuntu 7.10 (linux) and XP. I have the Live cd, I have had some experience with this before but always run into problems. I am willing to manual partition on the live cd during install as long as its explained to me how to not screw it up. My main issues before were linux booted fine, but windows just said starting... and nothing ever happened. Assuming I wrote over the MBR and screwed everything up. Need some write ups or something.


A:I want to dual boot Ubuntu 7.10 and XP.

Let google be your friend.

Here, i found this (don't know about it myself)

Dual boot XP and Ubuntu 7.10 via boot.ini
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I have 2 hard drives and want to install Ubuntu on the 2nd HD rather than the one where W7 is. This is mainly because the 1st HD is very full so I don't want to partition it, but my 2nd HD is half-empty.
Will it cause any problems if I install to the 2nd HD? Do I need to do anything to make sure the dual-boot will work?
Any help greatly appreciated.


A:Dual boot W7 & Ubuntu using 2 HDs

It will be fine.

What is the capacity of the 2nd hard disk, and how much is remaining un-used?

I would recommend you do your partition editing within Windows where your going to be most comfortable.

To do that, click start, and then type in the text box Disk Management and hit enter. It will then open up your physical drives. If your 2nd hard disk is one physical partition, select the partition and then right click the mouse, and select "Shrink Partition" Set the amount to shrink the partition, hit OK, and then leave it to re-size, not using the computer until its done.

Once its resized, select the black unallocated disk space you've just created, and right click and select "New simple partition", fill the boxes in and then click ok and it'll make it. At this point, note down the exact size of the partition (this will be your confirmation in Linux that you have the right disk).

Then reboot and run the installer. I highly recommend the step by step guide in my signature below this post. It will explain in detail all the steps needed, and will also aid you with the advanced partitioner, as this is going to be best to ensure you use the correct physical disk.

Once your in the Linux partitioner you can delete the new simple partition you made, and then use the free space to make your / (root) and SWAP partitions.

Some Important points!

1. Do not assume that the first disk in linux is your first hard disk (e.g. C in Windows.
2. Letters for drive names are not used in Linux. It will be refered to as sd (SATA Disk) a (the first, b is second, c third etc) 1 (partition number) = sda1
3. Linux requires at least a / partition to function. If you plan to keep using it long term I suggest you also alocate a /usr and /home partition, and SWAP space (the size of your RAM min of 2GB is fine - I have 4GB RAM 7,5GB SWAP which really isn't neccessary).
4. Install the bootloader to the hard disk with your Windows 7 on it. (not a partition, but the whole disk. It will do the rest for you.)