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Easy Way to configure a new account.

Q: Easy Way to configure a new account.

I can't find the simple way to do the following:
Setup a standard account then easily
1) Allow access to the internet only when an Admin password is entered.
2) Access to any level command prompt only when an Admin password is entered.
3) Allow access to specific programs only, without jumping through hoops.
eg. Office suite, Foxit,..

Parental guidance settings don't seem to do this easily.

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Preferred Solution: Easy Way to configure a new account.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Easy Way to configure a new account.


This isn't something that I have a large amount of knowledge about but I think the only option is configuring UAC - see this link to Technet

User Account Control Technical Reference

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So i'm on a surface pro using outlook and have managed to configure two email addys but trying to link into my work address, it will only allow me to input IMAP details and i have tried every single combination/password possible and cant seem to work it out. I should mention i have also plugged in an old "dinosaur sony laptop" which gives me the option to use manual settings but still nothing. Any suggestions?

A:Why cant i configure my email account?

Since this is a "Work email address" I would contact your work IT support for the required settings.
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I need to create a user account that can only use ms office applications also i dont want the user installing anything also i dont want the user using the internet i would like to know how to control all the aspects of the computer by using the mmc or some other program plz
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I recently uninstalled windows office 2003 well because, it was illegal. LOL. but I did dl open office. My problem is I am having a problem configuring my outlook express 6 with my msn account. I've done all the online solutions but, it just wont work.Any help would be most appreciated since I don't go on msn much and need to check my e mail. Thank you in advance.

A:how to configure outlook exprees 6 with msn account

msn no longer supports outlook unless you have a premium account.
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Hello, how do i configure the guest account so that:(i am the administrator)
1) Nothing can be downloaded on the guest account. for example: adobe flash player, windows media player codecs etc.
2)Hide the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Add or Remove Programs etc..
3) Prevent user from modifying system files or messing around program files
4) Prevent access from Command Prompt, Gpedit, rededit, and task manager


A:Configure Xp Professional Guest Account

Hello rickx,Would something like be of help
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Hi there PLEASE TO ANY DEVELOPERS OF SOFTWARE Don't dumb the stuff Office cannot account 2013 - Outlook configure down so much that it's impossible to repair it if Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account it goes wrong Outlook won't set up an email account if the TEST SEND EMAIL fails This is a really stupid error on the part of the developers -- if you are in some places often your ISP won't let you logon to your email server to SEND email from programs like OUTLOOK SPAM protection amongst other things but insist that you use their webmail unless you are actually LOGGED ON to the ISP ISP's have no problem with you READING Email while on say a public other Wi-Fi system but often restrict the SENDING of emails through their servers from such Wi-Fi accesses - you often have to be logged on to your own ISP So if you are trying to set up the account while you are staying in a Hotel and using their broadband service it fails -- all I want is to be able to READ email until I can logon at home I can SEND via webmail or mobile phone so the stupid install process shouldn't stop me CREATING an account even if for the moment I can't use it for SENDING GRRH -- Don't the developers EVER speak to the END USERS any more before designing some install rubbish system like this Showstopper for me this one Rolled back to Office -- Outlook works fine - you can SKIP the test email send --this is what they should allow on Outlook as well Cheers jimbo

A:Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account

Maybe some "stability updates" will be released. Always the same problems with new software...

Good thing I couldn't upgrade (no free offer or reductions).
The Office 2010 runs super fast on my laptop and (for me) there's no need for another version for the moment.

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I've set my sons log in on his PC to a 'standard ' user as he was going into the registry disabling cyberpatrol and so on. Now I'm getting it in the neck because he can't download programs games can I set up his standard user to download programs or at least to prompt so I can put a password in? I don't mind him downloading games, just don't want Cyberpatrol disabled. At present it just says something to the effect ' you require administrative rights to perform this task' but no option to log in as an administrator on his account.....thanks!

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When i try to transfer files using the network transfer over windows easy transfer this pops up. Both computers are adminstrator accounts and both are running on windows 7. Is there something that i may be missing?

A:Windows Easy Transfer Can't Log On To Your Domain Account - Please Help

This problem occurs if you migrate a domain user profile via WET. You should create the domain account on the new computer before you use Windows
Easy Transfer.
Hope that helpsWilliam Tan
TechNet Community Support
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Hi all - just purchase a new PC running Win7 Pro 64. Am trying to move my files from "old" Win7 Pro 32 PC to the new one through a home network. They both connect, WET starts, analyses but when I say go i get an error code: "Windows Easy Transfer can't log on to your domain account"???? What's up with that?
Any thoughts on what I can do? Have searched web for answers but reviewed suggestions have not worked

A:Windows Easy Transfer can't log on to your domain account

I do not have a domain
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Hello everyone I recently bought a new laptop which is running Windows Home edition When I first booted the machine I was prompted for info by Windows for my new user account Once that was done I began to change various Windows settings and installed some applications I didn't install much and it was all freeware which I downloaded things like Firefox and XNView There were some files on my desktop PC that I wanted to copy to the laptop so I started Windows Easy Delete user System account? Easy Transfer to Mods, restore? undo How Transfer to copy these files as well as some system settings The problem How to undo Easy Transfer Mods, System restore? Delete user account? is when I came to the point to map the different user accounts Easy Transfer prompted me to create a new user account on my laptop even though I wanted all the settings mapped to the user account I just created when I first started the laptop The first user account Windows created was named quot Dan quot so when easy transfer prompted me for a new profile name I used the name quot Dan-Asus quot I don't recall what the actual prompts were from Easy Transfer but I was hoping that even though it was asking for a new profile name I'd still be able to transfer these files settings to the quot Dan quot user account I got distracted for a while while doing all this and when I came back I let Easy Transfer start without realizing I'd mapped everything to the quot Dan-Asus quot user account which was not my intention I know I can still use either user account but I guess I'm being anal and want to delete the user quot Dan-Asus quot account completely including any system settings that may have been transferred Prior to my starting Easy Transfer I'd set up a restore point I'm wondering if I run system restore from that point will it undo all the changes made by Easy Transfer deleting all my files and undoing any system changes What effect does simply deleting a user account have will that undo any of the changes to the system made by Easy Transfer I know I'm sounding a bit anal but I just bought this laptop and want to make sure the system install is clean as can be and running like new Thanks in advance for any info you can provide Dan G

A:How to undo Easy Transfer Mods, System restore? Delete user account?

Most tech enthusiasts would never run the corrupt, bloated factory preinstall but instead Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 to get best performance.

At the minimum I'd Clean Up Factory Bloatware.

It's much safer and easer to simply drag your active User folders to backup, then copy the contents of each into the corresponding link on the lefthand Explorer bar in the new install.
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Hi all,

Got a Lappy that had a few probs, have performed a Very selective Easy Transfer Wizard, on the single Admin account.
Have factory reset puter, setup Admin.

I wish to create a user account, to allow any "final selective" issues to be resolved easier, MY QUESTION is the wizard able to "restore" to the new user account? rather than the Admin account?

Thanx guys.
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Hi guys There is something that happens occasionally when I am typing Whether in a text program or typing in a messagebox on a forum it can happen Hope I can explain it clearly OK lets say I am typing a paragraph and I can t type properly so once in a while my fingers stray to the wrong keys so hopefully. easy Solved: Easy question, answer after I accidentally hit some key combination the following happens If I go into the previously typed paragraph and let s say I want to insert a word when I type the word will appear but will not quot move the text over it will overwrite it Typing more will just overwrite whatever I have already typed I should be able to insert a word or any text Solved: Easy question, easy answer hopefully. in there and the previous text should move over I would have to start the page over again and everything seems ok I KNOW it is a key I hit accidentally or a key combination Otherwise like typing here everything seems fine What could I be hitting that would cause the new text to overwrite the previous text Hope I have explained it well Thanks in advance Gary nbsp

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I want to change to roxio easy media 9, but when I try to make an audio cd it
won't put my original title and artist information for each song on the cd. I don't want to
use the track tag information because sometimes that info is wrong. I only want the name of the song and artist that I have carefully and painstakingly catalogued in "My Music" list transfered exactly as I originally typed it. That's what made roxio easy cd 6 so easy to use. Surely I should be able to transfer my song information without having to do any re-typing in Roxio 9? Can anybody help?
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I purchased a Compaq Laptop running Vista. I am attempting to tranfer files from my old Laptop to the new one using "Easy Transfer". My old Laptop is a Qosmio F15 running XP. I'm using a Linksys WRT54G router. Successfully burned a CD with the program as directed by "Easy Transfer", and placed in the Qosmio disc drive. No problem establishing a connection. During the tranfer however, the connection keeps dropping....only a few minutes in. The Qosmio is the one that displays the icon that indicates the dropped connection. Can this be fixed, or would I be better off getting a cable?


A:Easy Transfer Not So Easy...Help!

Hi First-DT. . .

Welcome to the Tech Support Forum - Vista Support.

I myself have never used the Easy Transfer to actually transfer files as I keep most files on external drives. From what I read in Microsoft kb928634, an active network connection between the two systems is 1 or 4 methods that can be used. To assure file integrity and security (meaning having a back-up), I would suggest that you utilize one of the other methods mentioned in the kb to get your Vista system up and running. Once you are satisfied with the file migration to Vista, you can always come back and re-open the issue with your other system.

Are you looking to transfer alot of files? Is there more involved than just pictures, music, etc...? Please keep in mind that any installed programs from your old system cannot be transferred and will have to be re-installed as new under Vista.

Regards. . .


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I recently reimagined my dell inspiron 1526 laptop back to factory condition. Before the reimaging I used the easy transfer wizard via usb key to transfer only my emails, address book, and favorites. The transfer went good but no address book. The transferred file report says a "wab" was moved but it is not showing in Windows Live Mail which I use. Does anybody know how to retrieve my address book? I am using Vista Home Premium.
Thanks to anyone who answers!

A:easy transfer not so easy

You may have to "Import" the wab file.
Look on the Live Mail file menu for the import command and direct it to the wab file.
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I'm trying to transfer documents from my laptop to desktop. The transfer shows that all is well but in fact the data has gone to my old user on the desktop which has screwed up gmailand I no longer use. I have my new user account open during the transfer but the dbf's keep going to the old user. can anyone help, this has to be something minor that I am doing wrong. I have transfered my user files 5 times with the same wrong results...

A:easy transfer isn't easy

You haven't given us much information to go on.

What operating systems are the machine in question running ?

You mention an old user, is it not possible to delete the old user if it's not there the transfer can't go to it.
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Im trying to transfer files from my xp to my vista via "easy transfer" turns out its not so easy......... im using a wireless network to connect the 2 machines but somewhere along the line the connection dies inside the easy transfer on the top right it shows the network with a red X on it i dont know what to do ive tryed to even transfer something with with 5mbs and nothing i cant transfer anything please if anyone knows how to help me i would appreciate it thanks and peace.
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This sounds like a dumb question but here's the background My daughter's XP laptop crashed trashed hard disk that archive Easy an Easy without used/read using Transfer? Can Transfer be I doubt we can rescue much data from Can an Easy Transfer archive be used/read without using Easy Transfer? and so we got her a Windows computer Unless we can rescue much of the old data from crashed XP she's pretty much starting off empty Except that today I discovered on an external hard drive Can an Easy Transfer archive be used/read without using Easy Transfer? the quot Easy Transfer quot of her account from months ago from a computer she shared at that time that was used to quot port her up quot on the XP laptop So in theory this quot Easy Transfer quot archive should have all of her data and files from months ago But although the archive LOOKS like regular Windows folders and files on closer examination it's not For example I know there are jpg and doc files plenty of them in the mix yet all I see is lots of shortcuts to such files Is there a way without running Windows Easy Transfer I don't want to mess with her now running and configured Windows laptop to turn the Easy Transfer archive into a source from which I could copy over selected files and folders onto her new machine

A:Can an Easy Transfer archive be used/read without using Easy Transfer?

Quote: Originally Posted by 450125

This sounds like a dumb question, but here's the background.

My daughter's XP laptop crashed (trashed hard disk that I doubt we can rescue much data from) and so we got her a Windows 7 computer. Unless we can rescue much of the old data from crashed XP, she's pretty much starting off empty.

Except that today I discovered on an external hard drive the "Easy Transfer" of her account from 15 months ago, from a computer she shared at that time, that was used to "port her up" on the XP laptop. So in theory, this "Easy Transfer" archive should have all of her data and files from 15 months ago.

But although the archive LOOKS like regular Windows folders and files, on closer examination, it's not. For example, I know there are jpg and .doc files, plenty of them, in the mix, yet all I see is lots of shortcuts to such files.

Is there a way, without running Windows Easy Transfer (I don't want to mess with her now running and configured Windows 7 laptop), to turn the Easy Transfer archive into a source from which I could copy over selected files and folders onto her new machine?

Easy transfer sometimes is neither easy nor a true transfer. It is basically to transfer files (data) and settings (configurations). It can however leave you in an in-between state with some of each and neither of both.

It may be easier if everything works according to plan, but can be much more difficult if it does not.

The clean (non easy) re-install is always better despite being a pain.

Just my two cents.
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HELP PLEASE -- I am trying to transfer some pix I just took (31 in total) via dock to my computer.

After the 2nd pix has transferred over, I get a SCREEN BOX that says

"Transfer interrupted ===
REASON: The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid."

I do not know what this means.

I also use Picasa by the way, don't know if that is affecting my problem?

I've never seen this message box ever before. Kodak is about 6 years old.

Please know that I am a computer moron so I am hoping that anything you say I can understand. Sorry.

Thank you in advance.
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Hello All This is my first post here and I hope that you all are willing to help out a quot newbie quot of the forum because as of right now I am getting fed up with my BLEEPING COMPUTER My computer has been acting a little funny lately I m not sure what the issue is but a lot of my administrative privileges seem to have been changed ie quot You do not have permission to fill in blank quot If anyone has time to take a look at my hijackthis logfile as well as the adsspy logfile to see if there is anything that looks a little fishy I have had THREE different instances of my bank account account trojan? Possible Hijacked as Account to bank crcss.exe no privledges? as well admin Hotmail Little info being exploited and just recently my Hotmail account was hijacked and used as a quot mass SPAM sender quot Also the last logfile is from a program called IOBit which has a HijackScan tool as well Any help would be greatly appreciated HIJACK THIS LOGFILELogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C Windows system Dwm exeC Windows Explorer EXEC Windows system taskeng exeC Windows System igfxtray exeC Windows System Possible crcss.exe trojan? Little to no admin privledges? Hotmail Account Hijacked as well as bank account hkcmd exeC Windows system igfxsrvc exeC Windows System igfxpers exeC Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAAnotif exeC Program Files Toshiba Power Saver TPwrMain exeC Program Files Toshiba SmoothView SmoothView exeC Program Files Toshiba FlashCards TCrdMain exeC Program Files Toshiba ConfigFree NDSTray exeC Program Files Toshiba TOSHIBA Service Station ToshibaServiceStation exeC Program Files Google Google Possible crcss.exe trojan? Little to no admin privledges? Hotmail Account Hijacked as well as bank account Desktop Search GoogleDesktop exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgtray exeC Program Files Bradford Networks Persistent Agent bncsaui exeC Program Files McAfee Common Framework UdaterUI exeC Program Files Microsoft IntelliType Pro itype exeC Program Files Microsoft IntelliPoint ipoint exeC Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exeC Program Files IObit IObit Security is tray exeC Program Files Toshiba TOSCDSPD TOSCDSPD exeC Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exeC Windows ehome ehtray exeC Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeC Program Files OpenDNS Updater OpenDNSUpdater exeC Program Files McAfee Security Scan SSScheduler exeC Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exeC Windows ehome ehmsas exeC Program Files Microsoft IntelliType Pro dpupdchk exeC Windows system igfxext exeC Program Files Toshiba ConfigFree CFSwMgr exeC Program Files McAfee Common Framework McTray exeC Program Files AVG AVG Identity Protection agent bin avgidsmonitor exeC Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exeC Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware AAWTray exeC Program Files Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exeC Windows notepad exeC Users jbradford Downloads HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - Hosts localhostO - BHO HP Print Enhancer - C E- - -BF - C - C Program Files HP Digital Imaging Smart Web Printing hpswp printenhancer dllO - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO StumbleUpon Launcher - B F -A B- b -BBAC- EBEBBB - C Program Files StumbleUpon StumbleUponIEBar dllO - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBloc... Read more

A:Possible crcss.exe trojan? Little to no admin privledges? Hotmail Account Hijacked as well as bank account

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about the Windows version you are using: What we in particular need to know is version, edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system. [/b]If you are unsure about any of these caracteristics, just let us know and we'll help you figuring it out. Please also tell us if you have your Windows CD/DVD handy.Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:

/md5stopPush the button.Two reports will open, copy and paste them in a reply here:OTL.txt <-- Will be openedExtra.txt<--Will be minimizedIn the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Watch Topic.I suggest you click it and select Immediate E-Mail notification and click on Proceed. This way you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.After 5 days if a topic is not replied to we assume it has been abandoned and it is closed.regards myrti
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Hi everyone and merry Christmas!

I followed the procedure found on the web, I entered "netplwiz" and did uncheck ?Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".
There is no password set.
THere is just one user/account which is obviously also the administrator.
(the Account tab shows also HomeGroupUser$, but I guess is a default option...)

the point is that when I switch the pc on, I have to click on the icon of the user account in order to see the desktop. Is there any chance I can login automatically without even clicking on the user icon?
thanks a lot in advance

A:Auto login, one account, no password: avoid to click account icon?

Hello Lorcar, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Go ahead and create a password for your user account, then do the tutorial below again to enter the new password and set your user account to be logged into automatically at startup.

Log On Automatically at Startup

Hope this helps,
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Hey, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop and I need help getting my Standard user account back to Administrator. I can't run certain programs and I also can't install and uninstall anything. I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restore. I have already tried Safe Mode and I can't enable and built in admin either. Please help me! Thank you!

A:How can I put my Standard user account back to Administrator when the ASP.NET Machine account is admin?

How are you trying to change the type of account?I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restoreDo you mean System Restore? If you are, you don't need the installation disk to do this.To use System Restore click on the start orb. In the search box type in System Restore. In the list of results click on System Restore, if you are prompted for an administrator password type it in.Follow the prompts to choose a restore point and restore your computer.
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With Windows 8.1 Update 1, when I switch a local account to a Microsoft account or vice versa, some dialog and confirmation/verification screen are displayed.

It is possbile to save the inserted data in this dialog screens and eliminate confirmation/verification screen in order to automate these procedures?



A:Automatic switch a local account to a Microsoft account or vice versa


I installed Windows 8.1 Update 1 Enterprise 64-bit.

I created a local account and I changed the name displayed in the Start screen.

Then, by this account, I performed the procedure to switch to a Microsoft account.

I noticed that when, by this Microsoft account, I perform the procedure to switch back to the local account, the name displayed on the logon screen, it is to be returned to the original one (ie, the one of the directory of the local user profile). How come?

So, how do I make sure that, at the end of these procedures, the account name back to being what had been changed by me?


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I bought a new laptop and it arrived yesterday It runs Windows I tried to log into my microsoft account but it kept coming up with the error code xd and said it wasn t able to switch from my local switch to local code: from cannot account Error Microsoft 0xd0000072 account account to my microsoft account Error code: 0xd0000072 cannot switch from local account to Microsoft account After googling it I tried different options such as flushing out the proxy even though I don't run on proxy I disabled McAfee to make sure it wasn't the firewall I signed into live and removed all trusted devices I tried downloading the troubleshooter which told me my problem was that I didn't have a Microsoft account - super helpful Nothing seems to be working I then went on to trying to make a new microsoft account but the error code still came up after all that hassle too nbsp I eventually called it a night and decided I could probably just get by without it however when I tried to download software to install my printer it wouldn't let me because I cannot seem to log in to my Microsoft account nbsp Can anyone help
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I'm the only user on this laptop and my admin account to Profile/Account User admin problem (can't account) login original was called quot HybridPC quot and I disabled the windows login screen Turn computer on and goes right to desktop One day the welcome screen popped up out of nowhere and I had to login I tried disabling the login screen to where it was before and now I've screwed things up royally I cannot login to my original admin account or find it All the files are still there on my C Users HybridPC folder but I've lost the profile and user I think I messed things up further by trying to create delete other new user accounts I've attached screenshots showing my C users folder User account screen and the netplwiz exe profiles I've been adding deleting and can't get back to square one I don't see my user at all on the welcome screen Thanks for your help Top User Folder is new today and odd looking as I was attempting to fix on my own

A:User Profile/Account problem (can't login to original admin account)

Hello tytlyf, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Let's start to see if you disabled or deleted your "HybridPC" by using the tutorial below to get details about all accounts on your computer while you are logged in to your "Admin" account, then post back with them. Afterwards, we can go from there.

User Accounts - View Detailed Information About in Windows
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I have a local user account that comes up as the default user when Windows10 boots up that I would like to remove.

I have tried the usual user modification menus but this account does not show up. It is annoying to have to go through this false log in every time I start the computer.

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


A:Solved: Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account
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I have RODC in Perimeter network, i have configured one the SQL service account in RODC member servers but when i configure and start the service i am getting below error message, I know the work around to start service with NT AUTHORITY\Local service however
i have to configure domain account with secure manner, so i dont want to leave the SQL services runs with local service account, I am searching number of article but none can find all are saying configure with local service account which will work but thats
not my requirement

i tried using local account and domain account both are same,.

Windows could not start the Application Experience service on Local Computer.
Error 1079: The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

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Suddenly, the Windows 7 doesn't allow me to access my Admin Account and showing error msg (The User Profile Service service failed to Logon). I am left with only the Guest Account with limited access.
I tried copying the cmd.exe, using Fix It Program, login through Safe Mode but all didn't work.
Would anyone help pls?

A:The User Profile (Administrator Account) Service failed to logon and then left with only Guest Account in Windows 7


Occasionally, Windows might not read your user profile correctly, such as if your antivirus software is scanning your computer while you try to log on.
Please try restarting your computer and logging on with your user account again.

If the issue still persists, please restart in safe mode to log on with the built-in administrator account:
1. Restart your computer and hit F8 multiples times until you see a menu-like screen, if you see the Windows splash screen then repeat this step
2. Highlight and hit enter on Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Try logging in there.
3. If you are able to login, once a command prompt pops up, type: net user administrator password /active:yes (you can specify whatever password you want for the administrator
4. If you get a message saying "The command completed successfully", then restart your computer by typing: shutdown -r
5. Boot up again pressing F8, but this time choose just Safe Mode.
6. You will be able to login as Administrator with the password you set in Step 3.

Then try the following methods:
Method 1: Fix these user account profile on these computer

Method 2: Log on to Windows and copy your data to a new account
Method 3: Delete the error SID and create a new profile
For the detailed information, please refer to this article: Hu
TechNet Community Support
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Hi does anyone know what happens if I mistakenly deleted a user account When I open my computer then right click on the quot This pc quot there is a option called quot Manage quot Then under manage there are user accounts I mistakenly deleted the quot Administrators quot group from my current account Only left is standard user group The admin account is password protected and I have the password Is it possible to log into the admin account and changed Accidentaly user account account to admin standard change promote back my current account I did try to right click quot manage quot but I get this window attached file with no place to put the password That is slightly annoying I was trying to reassign myself back in the admin group I was thinking of making an account which can modify all items such adding hardware and items under quot Device manager quot etc but just limit to not being able to just make a new admin full access account Seems that deleting the admin solves the Accidentaly changed admin account to standard user account not being able to make a new account but in the process I'm locked out from the admin settings Is it possible to create a super-user account just limiting not being able to make new user accounts and have access to all such as device manager It would be nice to not have to log into admin account just to check newly installed hardware Currently on standard user I am unable to go to quot device manager quot and other admin based stuff with that admin shield logo Thanks

A:Accidentaly changed admin account to standard user account

From desktop, hold CTRL+ALT then press DEL keyClick on Switch UserType: Administrator and enter the passwordOnce you are in, Win+X->Command Prompt(Admin)Type: net localgroup administrators username /add <======== replace username with your namesign out and sign back in with your name.

NOTE: In step 3, I Assume that you have the built in Admin turned on and you said you have the password.
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I just realized that I am unable to access my other users accounts (which are limited) desktops. I use documents and settings folder to get there, but I get this error:

"C:\Documents and Setting\Natalie and Dave\Desktop

Access is denied."

I can access the other limited account, but just not "Natalie and Dave's" desktop. I don't know why either, I am the only administrator account and I am able to access one of two limited accounts desktop.

Is there anything I can do, besides removing the account? Thanks!

A:Administrator account unable to access limited account's desktop?

You can try taking ownership if you're really an administrator.
I don't know what effect that will have when Natalie and Dave try to log in though (if they'll have permission to access their own Desktop that is).
The other possibility is corruption in the file system. If that's the case, run chkdsk /f from the command line (click start, (all) programs, accessories, command prompt, and type chkdsk /f press y and then reboot). When it reboots it will run the disk check, then reboot again. You can see the results of the chkdsk in your event viewer. (control panel (classic view), administrative tools, event viewer, application log, and look for events named winlogon).
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This is very strange. A few weeks ago someone in my household created a user account with administrative privileges and changed the other accounts to standard users. Problem is that now we can not log on to the account. It isn't on the log in screen. All I can do it see it through the manage accounts option in the control panel. From here I can attempt to add a password among other things. Since the account I do have access to is standard. What I want to do is, get on the account or get rid of the account. I need administrative privileges on an account I can access. Why can't I see this account on the log in screen?

A:Weird account problem Admin account not at login screen

Hello and welcome Chas mate I would find the culprit and recover the password for that account from whoever it is and change the admin back to what it was previously.

Now given you state it is someone within your household I am thinking this person or persons need a good talking to if that person is still there of course if not then you have a problem.

I don't think even a system restore will do it either.

The alternative is to back up all your data and reinstall.
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I have a set of folder I encrypted from my user account. I haven't figured out how to access them from my admin account.

In reverse, while logged on my admin account, I droppped some files into folder encrypted by my user account. I can't access those files when I log on as a user.

How can I get access to all my encrypted files regardless of which logon I use?

A:Access my user account encrypted files from my admin account?

Umm...if you could access encrypted files from another user that would remove the whole point of encrypting the files to begin with.
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My mom is running xp.
She had 2 accounts, one called administrator, the other called guest.

I created a new account for myself to day, made it an admin account and now the one she was using, called administrator will not let us access it. All of her files and stuff are in that account.

When we start up the computer, it only shows mine and the guest account.
HELP please!
How can I re-access it? VERY VERY important I be able to recover this for her.
Thanks for your help!
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I was living with a relative who had a comcast account. She allowed me to put my email address on that account. Relative moved away, closed the comcast account. I opened up a new comcast account and wanted to transfer my email address from the first account to my new account. How do I do this?

A:transferring email addresses from one Comast account to another comcast account

If the account was closed then the messages are likely gone. Unless you have them stored in an email program on your computer such as Outlook, Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or something similar.
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I have had some annoying MS account related issues on our new laptop whilst our desktop works fine with our family accounts Side an to account? MS effects/questions converting account local a See User account and family issues It's made me consider on the laptop to convert my main administrator MS account login to a local account and dispense with multiple user accounts on it However before I do this I wondered about several things We have several user accounts on the laptop all MS family linked Presumably Side effects/questions converting an MS account to a local account? I need to delete these other user accounts first - Or what happens to these if I don't Seeing as the account I plan to turn local is mine and I am 'head' of the family If I delete them normally I see the rest of the family listed under family settings as 'Can Log In' and allow them Will this listing disappear under settings if I convert to local As the whole MS family setup works perfectly on our main desktop PC I hope there is no knock on effect towards the whole multi-user family account setups on here I'd hate to do the change on our laptop and some nasty side effect to rear it's head on the desktop It should remain untouched and still list our family under 'family settings' With a single local account setup on the laptop what happens if I want to use the store on it Can I still buy apps films music etc Will existing apps I had previously downloaded still work I am probably wrong but I was under the impression you had to be logging in with an MS account rather than a local account to use it Can Cortana still be used for interests etc on a local account - I'd still like to see weather headlines etc MS Office login and onedrive - do these still work ok under local accounts The final most important thing I don't want to upset - iTunes and all my music on the laptop My iTunes library points to my existing music folder under C users and is all iCloud iTunes match enabled I worry that the user account change to local will unsettle all of that Especially as the library points to files in a specific location My assumption is the change to local will change my name under C users therefore iTunes won't know where to look or it will and report next to all the songs as it would of been expecting to find them under my old user name folder - hope that made sense hard to explain Of course I'd rather not make this change and keep the multi family accounts setup on the laptop but the user accounts are proving frustrating as per my thread link at the top with intermittent long delays accessing anything MS account related every hours for some reason My son can barely use his as due to being a child account edge and IE is taking upto a minute to become useable for him presumably as it waits for MS servers to track his activity I don't know whether to blame MS servers seems as if they could be to blame or the laptop is glitching maybe next cumulative update will heal the grief as it's only couple weeks old and hasn't had one since initial setup and of course around that time languages speech packs were being setup lots of installations etc so it could of got itself into a pickle Thanks Wayne
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Hello to all,
I am using W7 Ultimate 64 bits. I am have a what has been described on this forum as a quasi-administrator account. It is not called Administrator but seems to function as one. UAC prompts, when admin rights required in user accounts, this account's password will fulfil the requirement. Might someone care to discuss the differences, values and problems. Which should I be using??
I do my regular computing under a user account. I am lost at this depth of computerocrasy!
Thanks for any assistance!

A:Quasi-Administrator account versus a true Adminstrator Account?


If you havent changed the permissions there are only three types of accounts. Admin, Regular user, and guest.

What does your user say under your name in user CP?
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HELP!!! I've accidentally had Control Alt Delete on my Logon Screen. And from my laptop, I couldn't type it in with my keyboard, so I have to use Ease of Access and use the On-screen Keyboard. From there, it had a "Other User" Account which asks for a username and password, which I don't have because THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I've encountered an "Other User" Account.

I don't know how to retrieve my administrator account. I've been guessing several usernames and passwords for the "Other User" account (even my admin. username and password) but no luck.


Here's what my logon screen currently looks like:

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

A:How do I disable Other User Account in Vista and retrieve Administrator account?

Hello, wow , i have never seen this before, here is an idea, couldn't hurt to try it : force a shutdown by pressing the power button, it will then shut down, Then restart it, it should go to the F8 screen automatically, see if you can enter into the restore or repair functions or last known working configuration. Just a thought. Post back results please.
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I have two accounts on my XP laptop Changing Administrator To Account? Problems Account Normal User I have the Administrator account and a regular User account I had to do some administrative work with my User account so I logged in as the Administrator changed my User account Problems Changing Administrator Account To Normal User Account? to an Administrator account went and did my work I then logged back in as Administrator and tried to Problems Changing Administrator Account To Normal User Account? change my User Problems Changing Administrator Account To Normal User Account? account back to a normal user account but it wouldn t let me telling me that I have to have at least Administrator account for me to be able to do this I m not sure why it s telling me that because I still have my Administrator account I logged in as Administrator then went into Control Panel and then User Accounts Then I clicked on quot Change An Account quot Then I clicked on quot User quot Then I clicked on quot Change My Account Type quot But then on this page the quot Limited quot radio button is grayed out and I cannot change it and above it it says quot You must assign another user on this computer with a computer administrator account before you can change this user s account type This ensures that there is always at least one user with a computer administrator account on this computer quot Don t know why I m getting this seeing as how I m logged in as Administrator

A:Problems Changing Administrator Account To Normal User Account?

Nevermind. I figured out how to fix it. Instead of going through Control Panel->User Accounts, I go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management, and I'm able to make the change through there. Not sure why one method works and the other doesn't, but it does!
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So this is probably the strangest problem I have ever encountered with Windows About two or three months ago I noticed that my user account had suddenly changed into a guest account I get prompted for an administrator password when trying to do any tasks that require administrator privilege It is not a huge hassle as I know the administrator account password Here a change changed it User can into account, I account how back guest is where it becomes very strange When I turn my computer on it automatically logs me into my user account the guest account When I got into the user accounts section of the control panel and try to manage user accounts it shows exactly zero user accounts on my computer Also when I try to change my user account the guest account to an administrator account precisely nothing happens It User account changed into a guest account, how can I change it back gets evens stranger When I log out of Windows the only user account I can pick from to log back into Windows is the generic quot Administrator quot account My user account is nowhere to be found When I go to the control panel and try to manage accounts only the administrator account is listed There is an option turn on a generic guest account but nothing related to my original user account is shown Again this is in contrast to when I am logged into my user account the User account changed into a guest account, how can I change it back guest account and see exactly zero user accounts listed on the manage accounts screen I feel that I am pretty good at avoiding bad websites and I do have an antivirus program installed not that that will prevent my computer from being infected but I have used it to do full system scans and I have found nothing on my computer every time Additionally I have Windows updates set to be automatically installed so all of the updates have been installed on my version of Windows I tried asking Microsoft support directly all I got was that no user accounts showing up under the manage user accounts tab is a pretty bad sign and that in order to fully diagnose the problem I would need to sign up for the quot Assure Plan quot or whatever it was called which cost for one year Forget that option for now Does anyone know how to resolve this issue How can I switch my original user account from a guest account and then how could I make it an administrator account once I have retrieved it so-to-speak from being a phantom guest account I mean I know the administrator password and all and so I have been able to essentially use my computer as if nothing is wrong But this whole issue seems very very strange and so I want to see what you guys have to say about it I hope these are not the signs of a more serious and potentially major issue Thanks in advance for anyone's help with this

A:User account changed into a guest account, how can I change it back

Hi and welcome to the Forum
When you refer to the generic Administrator Account do you mean the Account that is hidden in Windows 7? If so did you activate it using this:
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable If you did the above then this is strange as forgetting the "Hidden admin account you must have at least one ordinary Admin account in Windows 7. You can't operate the system without one!!
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Hi guys, just the title of the thread pretty much says it all.
want to create a really limited user account for the kids of the house. I already have a user account, and have tried to set up a limited one through control panel. But that asks me to first create an Administer Account, which i already have. So it would be pointless if i had two Administer Accounts showing up on the welcome screen.
Also i'm kind of a novice at this, but i am keen to learn. so help with privacy and parental control would be appreciated.


A:Creating a Limited User Account without having the create an Adminster Account first.

log off your user account and login as administrator,to get admin acc. ctrl_alt_del do it twice, if the admin one is not seen then login create the user account and edit the permissions
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I was having some trouble with Created disappeared new user Administrator account, original account a newly installed program failing to run Their tech support had me create a new user account start control panel user accounts create new account Created new user account, original Administrator account disappeared I did not realize that creating a new administrator user account by following their instructions would make the original Administrator user account inaccessible I dug through folders and found my documents and made sure they were all on my expansion drive Now I want my account back Otherwise I have to set up my entire computer again The thought of this makes me turn into a velociraptor who wants to destroy the tech support that told me to do this As of right now I have not internet connection on my computer I tried searching forums from my phone but it was extremely difficult not the best phone If this topic already exists and I just could not find it please accept my apologies for the duplicate and post a link Thanks

A:Created new user account, original Administrator account disappeared

I just remembered that I could CTL ALT DELETE twice at the Welcome screen to get to the logon and type in Administrator. I haven't used it in years, so it did not occur to me. I am now in my administrator user account. If I delete the new user account, will it go back to the way it was before? Or will I screw something else up by doing that?
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In our company, there are few computers where we can access only limited user accounts. I went to control panel >> user accounts >> shows the only limited user account name like "xyz". It doesn't show us any administrator account names, why is it so? And how I can make it happen in my personal computer?

A:xp shows only limited account name in user account control panel

Because you are logged in as a Limited User, so you can't make changes to the computer. Speak with your Network Administrator at your company.
At the log in screen hit CTRL+ALT+DEL 3 times fast. This will give you the traditional Windows Log In Screen. If you have the Built In Administrator accounts password, you can log in as Administrator and create a new Admin user account.
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It used to be not connected to any email account but when it updated to 8.1 I chose to get an email address for it, so now as a result, the password has to be 8 characters long and I have to use a PIN number , but that's still 4 characters, and I usually use one character password.

So how do I go back to the normal type of user account to use the 1 character password?

A:My user account changed to an hotmail-email account connec

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

Local Account Password - Change or Remove in Windows 8
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I ve just installed a new copy of Windows Ultimate By default the first user account as declared in windows setup is set at administrator level I want to run this main account as a standard user but when I went to change this in account settings the option to change the account to standard was greyed out I decided to enable the administrator account to change this hidden user, account Run account with standard as main admin computer management local Run main account as standard user, with admin account hidden users and groups un-ticked account is disabled I logged on as administrator then changed the main account to standard As the Administrator account is now enabled it shows on the welcome screen I don t want this I went back and disabled it running computer management as admin in the now standard account and re-ticked account is disabled technically this should be how it was before I touched it except the main account is now at standard user level rather than administrator level The problem i have now is when trying to run anything on the standard account that needs admin rights i get the UAC box asking to enter admin password which is blank but there is no administrator icon or password field and the yes button is greyed out How can I have my main account as standard user the administrator account not showing on welcome screen but allowing it admin to authorise actions on the standard account that required admin rights via UAC i e when UAC comes up I can click yes to run as administrator At the moment the correct process happens but yes is greyed out when the admin account is disabled When the admin account is enabled this works yes button not greyed out but the administrator account shows on the welcome screen which i don t want
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I've just returned home after being away for 2 weeks, and something has happened to my PC while I was away.
While booting up, it tried to perform a disk check but failed as it 'could not access' the main drive. So it dropped me straight into my usual user account loin page. After entering my password it took a very long time to load my profile, then ended up giving me a generic user account.
All of the files from my actual account are still under the 'Users' folder, but this account itself is empty. It has the right name, but this account's documents folder is just called Public.
About half the desktop icons and the entire contents of the recycle bin have been retained from the old account.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Personal user account replaced by generic public account

Did it come up with an error that said you were being logged on with a temporary profile?
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I installed Windows on Christmas Day and I skipped the email account setup parts I never used any APPS yet in fact I removed everything app-related from my start screen including notifications etc I have used the Classic Shell so account up my local Live Setting account email 'destroyed' far but today I thought Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account I'd set up the Live email account login While I was setting up the app account I kept getting emails from the live account manager to confirm what I was doing and I confirmed each one The last thing it Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account asked to 'Trust this PC' I did so and my machine name appeared on my Microsoft account profile page under quot Trusted PC quot But when I restarted I Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account could no longer log in with my local account or the new Live email account I logged in as Administrator and saw that my local account name was changed from my username to lt xxxxxxx yyyyyyyyy com gt my live account ID It would not allow Administrator to change the account name or my password I tried to log in with the email and Live password but it said I could not log in with his PC and that I need to resolve the issue with the live account on-line I had a password reset disk USB drive and I used it It started up the reset wizard and I put back my old password It finished with no error but I still could not log in Finally I logged in as Administrator and restored my Acronis system image from yesterday Then everything was back to normal I have no idea what happened I was very careful doing each of these steps I see a clue though on the Microsoft account page in the Trusted PC area is says quot To add a trusted PC to your account you need to access your account using Internet Explorer and have Windows Live Essentials installed quot I was using Chrome to set this up and I don't have Live Essentials installed There was no indication in the set up that this was required But at any rate it still listed my machine name as trusted so what does that tell you

A:Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account

What exact steps did you take when creating the live account?

Was this a new account? or did you use the switch to a Microsoft account?

I could not tell you what happened.

I have several Local and Live accounts on my system for testing, and I do not have Live Essentials installed
All of my accounts work perfectly. And across PC's, as I have a desktop also setup with a couple of different and same accounts.

It is possible that Chrome caused an issue. and it is possible you need Live Essentials to use chrome properly. I don't know as I forbid Chrome being installed on any of my PC's.
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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. When I try, I get the error message listed below. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


A:Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account


Right click Computer and click manage. On the left hand side there will be local users and groups. Go to the Administrators group and just confirm that the Owner account is in there?
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We have a new dell business computer don t have model with me now but blocks Windows 10 the account) screen admin login account (only - its an optiplex with serial and ps ports in the back purchased a few months ago with i processor gigs ram and our hard drive went bad and dell replaced it Then a little later we had an issue with our windows genuine activation saying its not genuine when we had windows and it blocked the admin account on the sign in screen only account Meaning you can t do anything there are no other options no option to enter key code or make genuine or anything like that nbsp So I reinstalled Windows Dell CD downloaded drivers except sata drivers which it didn t show it needed in device manager and I was pushed to finish quickly from dell nbsp today thought all was well It showed genuine and activated etc nbsp Employee upgraded to windows Guess what The login screen when you turn on the computer has once again blocked the admin account which is the only account What is going on and how do I fix it This is ridiculous I can t even login to try to fix Windows 10 login screen blocks the admin account (only account) - it edit forgot to mention that this computer was added to a domain at work not sure if that makes a difference or not
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Hi I basically had accounts on my computer one being quot Administrator quot w Admin rights one quot test quot Standard User rights and one more quot User quot that is the one I use most frequently with Admin rights When I Windows stuck locked, account account. on;y a admin 7 standard with is last used it last Friday the User account was still present and all my programs were working fine However when I came back to office today I found that the User account was missing from the welcome screen and only the quot Administrator quot and quot test quot account were Windows 7 admin account is locked, on;y stuck with a standard account. there Somehow I could not login to the quot Administrator quot account When I logged into the quot test quot account all the program shortcuts were blank Firefox Adobe Reader Etc and only IE and the default windows programs would work I suspected that there might be a virus but I couldn't install anything because I did not have the admin priviledges My question is How do I get back into my admin account is there any way to install anti-virus programs by going around the admin account to help solve this issue In a nutshell I'm basically stuck with a standard user account and I can't do anything with it Any help would really be greatly appreciated Thanks Just to add I tried using System Restore on the Standard account but when I click quot Open System Restore quot nothing happens

A:Windows 7 admin account is locked, on;y stuck with a standard account.

First off if you actually named your accounts Administrator and User then that may be part of your problem (Maybe not with the account named User but certainly with the one named Administrator).

Windows already has a built in account named Administrator, even though it is normally disabled by default. Creating a NAMED account using the name Administrator is not a good Idea.

Start by booting into Safe Mode and see if the system boots to the built in, but normally disable, Administrator account. If it does create New Admin rights NAMED account, using some other name then Administrator. From that boot normally and log into that new account and see if you can access your files from the other accounts. You may need to take ownership of those other accounts.
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Hi Apologies in advance if this is not the right area I was directed here by a Support Engineer in the Microsoft Community nbsp forum with sync Microsoft domain account? account want you PC from Which to settings your your do If this is not the right place please let me know the best place to post this question The question presented on domain PCs after clicking 'Settings nbsp gt Change PC Settings gt Accounts gt Connect to a Microsoft account' is Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account The options are Start Screen Appearance Desktop personalization Apps list of apps you've installed Passwords apps websites and networks App Data Language Preferences Ease of Access Other Windows Settings Web browser open tabs history and favorites What I'm looking for is more information Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account? about all these options For example what is synced with a domain account when the 'App Data' or 'Other Windows Settings' boxes are checked Those are very vague descriptions and I'm trying to figure out what exactly is synced when these options are selected Thanks
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Some applications like Google Chrome, Yahoo Messenger which installed in administrator account is not available in limited account. I'm using windows xp. Is there any work around for that?
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I have always been running admin and even until now I run as admin. But, I have been doing a little bit of research and realize that using a standard account is a safer practice. I have never even used a standard account. Is using a standard account a better practice? Also, how does doing average task such as installing programs and updating work through the standard user account?

A:Using default admin account vs standard user account

Its safer to always run programs with lower privileges, and run as administrator when needed. Personally, I like my UAC set to the max. Basically, it stops programs from messing with your PC without permission.
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This morning I Logging While Logged Account Public Automatically in in As Another Account? logged on my computer to see that only of my shortcuts were displayed as well as all of my user settings such as my custom theme hiding the PC Action Center my keyboard back-light coloring and my device drivers reset missing and my shortcuts on the action bar being unpinned I wasted an hour trying all these broken shortcut fixes I looked up online including restarting the explorer exe creating a bat file that would delete the IconCache booting up in safe mode and numerous other Public Account Automatically Logged in While Logging in As Another Account? potential fixes none of which worked I just realized that for some reason the desktop account I am being shown is the Public account not my personal administrator account Any time I log in to my personal account I m automatically greeted with only the public desktop folders etc Going in my C Users MyName Desktop showed the appropriate programs shortcuts being right there in the folders though Any help in fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated as I m simply out of ideas I m using Windows -bit and I didn t download run any system fixes or scans the previous day to trigger this event P S I didn t post my system specs because I doubt they d help in this scenario nbsp
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Hello, I've got problem with One drive. Every time, when i start my computers there's a communication that IT department changed my personal account to business account. I haven't business account. My Files aren't synchronize. I've got office 2010 and
365 on my computers for non commercial use.
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I am setting up my own small network that include the following configuration :

Server : Windows 2000 Server with active directory
Clients : 5 clients

My question is :

Is there an easier way have the existing local account converted to active directory account.

Objective :

I want to be able to have the current user of the pc sign-on to an active directory account and be able to have all the access to the existing applications, email(outlook express), bookmarks etc. which have been there in the local pc before the active dierctory upgrade.

I found that once I log in the local pc to the active directory domain, everything start fresh. The "my document" is empty. Cant see all the setting/folders which have been set up before the conversion to active directory.

Appreciate any suggestion.

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When i access a system which is having windows xp professional as an operating system and it is in workgroup it is going to guest account and asking the guest password but there is an option in which if we change and when we try to access the same system it will ask the user name and password instead of going to guest account.

So do anyone have an idea about that option. Please let me know it is very much needed to me.

Awaiting for the reply.

Thank you for your valuable time.

A:guest account - normal account access in xp professional

Not sure I understand your question or problem. Maybe this info will help.

If you are using Simple File Sharing (Control Panel - Folder Options - View tab - Use simple file sharing) it should quietly use the network guest account for access and there should be no prompt. If there is the system has a problem.

If you are using Advanced File Sharing (not using Simple File Sharing) you should get the prompt for a regular account/password.
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I'm curious,

How many use a Microsoft Account to log in or use a local account?

If you use a Microsoft Account on your desktop, do you use the same Microsoft Account on your laptop?
I have upgraded my desktop but have not upgraded my laptop yet. Not sure of the pros and cons of using a Microsoft account vs local account and using the same on both a desktop and laptop.


A:Microsoft Account vs Local Account & Desktop vs Laptop

Originally Posted by jbfoster

If you use a Microsoft Account on your desktop, do you use the same Microsoft Account on your laptop?


yes it will sync few thing. NO problem if you have 2, 3, 10 PCs log with the same account at the same time
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Hello I've been using Windows for weeks Until today it started up just fine by displaying my name and no email address This is exactly how I want it to be Today when Win would not recognize a printer in order to download an quot app quot to help with this I was required to provide a Microsoft email account which I did an old Hotmail account I rarely use Now when I restart or wake up the computer that old Hotmail account appears as quot Administrator quot However I do NOT want that old Hotmail email address associated with this computer How can I remove it and get back to logging in with NO associated email address NOTE I do not want to delete the old Hotmail account just want to remove it from my Windows quot Account quot menu My name Hotmail address quot Administrator quot In case it's required to associate Win with an email address I use Windows Live Essentials with a company email address I tried adding it via the quot Other Account quot option but Win said it did not recognize the email address I entered sigh I saw threads with a similar question but not quite the same Thanks for any help

A:Can I remove but not delete MS email account from user account?

You have converted your local user account to a Microsoft account. It's easy to switch back to a local account, just follow the instructions in this tutorial: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

When you have switched back to a local account and you want to download another app from the Windows Store, follow the instructions in this tutorial (Method Two, Step 5) to keep using your local account to sign in to Windows and only use a Microsoft account to sign in to Store: Store - Sign in with Different Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

A useful tutorial to learn the difference between a local account and a Microsoft account: Local Account or Microsoft Account - How to Tell in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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My computer was set up using a single user account with admin privileges and all apps have been installed. In order to minimize the virus threat I now want to create a user account without admin privileges, but be able to access all apps and itunes library that I have already installed using the admin account.

Please let me have a step by step method how I should set about doing this

My system : i3 windows 8.1 4GB RAM 500GB HD


A:How 2 transfer apps from Admin account to ltd user account

I'd go to Control Panel, Users Account and add a new Standard account. The new name only has to be one character different. The new account should be able to do most things but will be quite limited in making changes to the computer.
How Microsoft Overhauled User Accounts In Windows 8
I'd leave the existing account alone, should always have at least one that has administrative rights. There is an actual Administrator account but it is hidden on purpose.
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Hey Folks!
I'm running XP Service pak 2. I have three user accounts..Me as 'Administrator', and two 'Limited Accounts' for my wife and son.
My son is a gamer. I installed 'Call of Duty 2' from my account, and it shows up on my sons desktop, but he can ONLY play it on MY desktop! I know it has to do with administrator access, but what the hell? One can only play games/online games on Windows XP if he/she is a System Admin?!
Is there a way to modify my sons account so that he can play this game on his own desktop?

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Hi guys, 
Well I have recently created a new Admin and new Standard account as the last two were having issues. However when I opened up an APP on my Standard Account yesterday which was Login Studios and clicked the download link to search for new login screens, as well as opening up the login studio site it also opened up a Tab that I already had on my Admin account. And I could see the history from that one too. It was like I was back at my Admin account without even logging on or off or switching user accounts. I also tried this with another application and the same thing happened. 
Can anyone explain what this means please?

A:History From Admin Account Appeared in Standard Account

See if this helps.
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Hello Since I bought this computer I've had issues I started by creating a user with my personal email address but then thought I wanted it for work so I deleted the Microsoft account associated Windows Account/Microsoft Issues... Account 8 User with that email and created another with Windows 8 User Account/Microsoft Account Issues... my work email However I've noticed that Windows 8 User Account/Microsoft Account Issues... some of the apps aren't working correctly and needed to use my personal email again For awhile Microsoft accounts wouldn't allow deleted accounts from coming back but it appears it's working now So now I have a Microsoft account with my personal email address but the primary user on my PC is still associated with the work Microsoft account I can't find a way to change this and it's causing problems since that email doesn't exist anymore Is there any way to change the Microsoft account that's associated Windows 8 User Account/Microsoft Account Issues... with a single user The only other thing I could think of would be to create a new user promote to admin and swap everything over manually before completely removing the user associated with my old work email I tried this but when attempting to log into the new user it says quot cannot login please visit accounts live com to fix the issue quot However whenever I go there and log into the new users account there's no instruction on what to do or any indication that there's something wrong So I need to be able to do one of two things Switch the Microsoft account associated with the primary user on this PC or Find out how to log into the new user's account without any issue Please help -Joshua

A:Windows 8 User Account/Microsoft Account Issues...

As far as the Metro Apps go, I'd try uninstalling them and then reinstalling them.
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After installing windows home I logged in with whatever default account there is I then logged in with my Microsoft account to pull down some settings but then switched over to a local account so nothing else gets synced Things have since been working fine until this qualifies now in admin built the as user account account My morning Now for some My user account now qualifies as the built in admin account reason my user account is recognized as the built-in admin account My user account now qualifies as the built in admin account and I can not longer My user account now qualifies as the built in admin account run any of the modern apps that I downloaded or those that come preinstalled including edge the cmd command net users lists my account as the defaultAccount so at least that's consistent I have tried the solution offered here Settings can t be opened using the Built-in Administrator account in Windows - Super User to no success I am unable to begin the prompt to create a new user account located in settings gt accounts gt Family amp Other Users Which brings the to point of me having no idea what to do I can't create a new account to transition to I can't give my account the ability to run these apps which is preferred

A:My user account now qualifies as the built in admin account

Hi, press the win + r key's together in the run dialogue box type:- lusrmgr.msc press OK, expand Users find your account and right click, select properties, what is it a member of? Do you have other accounts?
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I run my W10 computer using a local account. I want to avoid using a MS account and don't have one set up one the computer at this time. My local account is the only account.

That being said, I was interested in installing a couple of apps from the app store. However, it is requiring that I log in with my MS account to download and install them.

My question is if I log into the MS account to download and install the apps, will that create a new user account of any kind or otherwise mess with my computer settings or user accounts?

Thanks in advance.

A:Effect of Signing into MS Account to get Apps if using local account?

I use the MS account and I only have one user account. I doubt it will create a second user account.
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Hi all..

Just wondering.. is it possible for me to set my guest account similar as my primary account but with several file or folder or software in my primary account , cant be access in my guest account? means i still can instll the new software, or application, and still can save new document or file in my guest account without been deleted after every time i shutdown and restart my it possible for me to set my guest account like that? or if not possible can anybody here please give me any suggestion on how to solve this problem...?

Thank you


A:Set Guest Account Similar As Primary Account,(except on Several Files)

It is possible to create user groups on a workstation set-up in windows 7, although as the full set of tools available in a client - Server set-up are not available to you it is a lot more complex and time consuming.

The other issue is that a lot of the tools available in the more professional versions are not available in the Home versions
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Every time I try to log into my regular account it doesn't let me only lets me log into guest account.  Please help me.

A:regular account doesn't work only guest account

Hello singsingrn, and welcome to Bleeping Computer!
Please let us know the exact error message you get when trying to logon to your regular account so that we can better help you!
Also, please let us know if you have your Original Windows Vista Installation disc available in your next reply.
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Hi, I only have one account in my Win8.1x64 PC. It was "Admin" (Standard user was not available, grayed). I tried to change it to "Standard" using Local Policy Group and now the account changed to "Local Account" and whatever I want to do (Change UAC settings, open Local Policy Group,check disk for errors, etc etc) I get the attached message below.I can't even press "YES" as it's grayed. How can I disable UAC and return my account to Administrator? Thanks

A:Admin account changed to Local Account/Can't disable UAC

Please follow the steps in this thread:
Accidentally changed the admin account to a local account
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How do I copy documents from my main user account to my second user account on my home computer?

A:How do copy documents from my main user account to my second account

Read this for instructions.
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I've been to help my mum fix her computer since yesterday after she had a power cut and the computer wasn't turned off correctly When she tried to log back in she found her administration account wasn't working or was corrupted In investigating and trying to sort the problem I have found numerous other problems The account management section of the control panel isn't accessable it does nothing when clicked so not and unreacable management workig Admin account account she can't create a new account and migrate her information There is another admin account which does work but the account management section can't be accessed through there either nor can it be accessed in safe mode We disabled startup programs except Windows but this did not help and now can't access msconfig to turn those programs back on Command prompt will Admin account unreacable and account management not workig not allow itself to be used at an administrator level an error occurs and when using it normally scf scannow doesn't work either the message claims this isn't a known command At Admin account unreacable and account management not workig this point command prompt no longer works I have tried using TeamViewer to help but cannot get access to the start menu it simply won't allow it System restore can't be used as there are no restore points I attempted to run the windows anti virus you can get for free if you own a Microsoft product but Admin account unreacable and account management not workig it would not initiate the scan I'm wondering if the computer has a virus as my mum is not very good about regularly running checks While I could try more on my own it seems better to stop digging as I only find more problems and get help Thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated

A:Admin account unreacable and account management not workig

Try enabling the hidden Administrator Account using this utility. You will need to create a bootable disk. The iso file can be burned to a disk in Windows 7 by right clicking and selecting Burn Disk Image. You can also burn the iso image using Imgburn. If using it make sure you opt out of any optional programs.
See this guide. The utility shown has been updated from that shown in the guide.
Reboot and you should be able to access the computer using "Administrator"
Edit: Here is a video that will help
Edit Edit: Because Vista users cannot update to Windows 10 and end of life for Vista is April 2017 I strongly suggest you move to a different OS especially if your mother only does some browsing, email, and banking. You can check out the following linux distros. Mint and Ubuntu.
Once you set up either distros with a strong password it is basically set and forget. You would only need to check monthly for any security updates. Your chances of getting malware are slim and none.
You can boot the distros as a live disk and see which one you prefer. There is a linux section at Bleeping Computer that would be able answer any question you may have. You would need to backup any personal data including bookmarks and any email before installing linux.
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Hi I have accidentally changed the admin account to a local user and now cannot make any changes to my laptop. I am using an ASUS brand and when I click on manage user accounts it pops up with a screen "connect smart card". Kindly help, thanks in advance.

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hello every one
I was hoping if some one could help me at this.
I had created a local account in my machine which is a part of a small office network. and given it administrative rights. every once in a while the account gets downgraded to a limited user account and a I had to go all the way to control panel to reset the settings for that specific user account. I tried background check on the machine to check it for possible malware or virus infection but couldn't find anything.
could it be the user profile settings getting changed athomatically due several usages or could it be log file getting full or needs to be cleared?
so much in need for help

A:admin account gets downgraded to limited user account

possibly because that comp didnt come with Ultimate and when it re-activates, it uses the true Admin account and resets the others.

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I recently was trying to rid my computer of malware,only to find nothing.Im not sure what was wrong with it.Maybe something screwed up in the registry.
All is well now,or At least I thought so.

When I start up my computer,My wife's account pic is not there.
I recently ran Dial a Fix to correct registry errors,that were preventing me from Re-installing Service pack 3 for windows xp.

The account is still active,just no log in on welcome screen.

Any help\advice would be great!

A:user account,not on welcome screen,but account is still acknowledged by computer

Maybe create a new account andi f it works, delete the old one. Here's a list of Microsoft articles concerning user accounts a damaged user profile:
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We have laptop computers that normally log into the AD domain but also need to be able to allow users a Domain How Enable Cached on Account Account to Lockout to log How to Enable Account Lockout on a Cached Domain Account into the computer when the domain is not available nbsp How to Enable Account Lockout on a Cached Domain Account for authentication My issue is I How to Enable Account Lockout on a Cached Domain Account would like to harden the laptops against brute force login in the event the laptop were stolen nbsp Even though we have a domain-level policy that locks an account after three invalid login attempts I am not finding a way to do that with cached credentials when the computer is not on the domain nbsp The user does not have a locally defined account on the laptop only cached domain credentials Limiting the number of cached logins does not address this particular situation that I have been able to find -- the computer still allows an unlimited number of incorrect guesses at the password and once the correct password is entered the account is logged in This is Windows Professional Any suggestions would be appreciated nbsp Thanks
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Upgraded from Windows 7 to Win 10 and was loving it (was). Saw there was a mail app and thought that would be pretty handy. Signed in and since then, I have to log in to my PC as my email address and password.

I don't want that.

How do I revert my existing user back to a non-Windows live user, with a normal, local account and password?

I am happy to not use the Mail app if that's what it takes, but my concern is that the profile I have now has all my icons and docs and stuff and I don't want to go through the hassle of copying over the profile.

There must be a way to undo this change, but I can't find it.


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My Windows7 suddenly displayed a default desktop. I then did an unsuccessful system restore, tried the undo and got stuck.

From there on, when I want to log in I end up at the error message "The user profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded".

I tried to activate the administrator account by using "net user administrator /active:yes". The command executes, but administrator never shows up on the login screen.

I cannot start Windows 7 in safe mode. A few seconds after the safe mode login screen appears the computer restarts automatically. No administrator account is listed here either.

I tried kb/947215, but only S-1-5-18, 19 and 20 show up (regedit from the command prompt, since I cannot log into Windows 7 in any mode.

The startup repair doesn't find a fault. What now? I want to avoid a clean install, if at all possible...

A:User account corrupted, administrator account not accessible

You could try a Repair Install: Repair Install
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i got this surprise when i was unable to log in into skype then i when to my email and i got this
and after several emails to support i got an answer saying that
"ve verified that a serious violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement occurred on your account .......................   Due to the nature of this violation, and pursuant to the terms of the Microsoft Services Agreement, Microsoft can neither grant you access to the contents of your account,..."
whats next now?
i want to know what happened exactly, and can that be appealed?

A:Problem with hotmail account, account temporarily suspended)

Ask them for a appeal? The only ones who will know what happened is them. Do you happen to use Skype to send adult content? I hear they have been cracking down on that more.
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Since this a security forum, I thought it would be nice to see how many of our members bother creating a Standard User Account or simply use the default Admin User Account.

Anyone is free to explain their own reasoning for choosing a type of account if he/she wants to.

Currently I use a Standard User Account. Decided to try one a few days ago, and so far I like it. I don't find it that much annoying or bothersome(so far)
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I am about to start using Windows 7 Home Premium.

As I understand it, a Standard user can install software if that user can provide a valid Administrator User name and password during the install process, when prompted by Windows 7.

My question is, if you providide a Standard user with Administrator credentials, how can you keep that Standard user from logging into Windows 7 with the Administrator account and messing the system up?

Is there another way to allow Standard users to install software and not know the Administrator user name and password.

Sorry if my question seems stupid, but I have done many searches and not been able to find an answer so far.

A:Keeping Standard Account Users out of the Administrators Account

Don't give them Administrator credentials....
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I tried to see Skype Video on Windows Huge mistake It asked me for a Windows Account I just finished understanding what Google Account means I happened to have a Windows Account I can't New account log Windows local changed my Account User in entered it and it accepted it It then asked that I must also change the password that I use for my profile on my desktop I obliged and sacrificed my simple password as it required a strong password New Windows Account changed my local User account can't log in So now I have a Windows password and my strong user profile password I rebooted Big headache for the past two hours Neither passwords worked to let me in my profile which has Administrator privilege New Windows Account changed my local User account can't log in I logged in as Administrator went to Control Panel Users accounts hoping that being logged in as Local Admin I can change the password of my profile I can see my profile user account but there is no way to change its password only to delete or change to ordinary user I changed my Windows account password via my mobile Still I can't log in to my profile Would somebody kindly help or should I just dump Windows and move on to Mac
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After a power failure I could not have access to my only account Ron Wolpa which was administrator DETAIL I CAN T REMEMBER THE PASSWORD I USED DURING new corrupted account.. profile Admin , created account a INSTALLATION After booting and rebooting many times I could load an empty desktop screen I remember to have read an error message stating that the info on my profile could not be found the exact words I can t remember C windows system config systemprofile desktop refers to an Admin account profile corrupted , created a new account.. unavailable location IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT WINDOWS TO THE EVENT NOTIFICATION SERVICE THIS PROBLEM PREVENTS THE ACCESS Admin account profile corrupted , created a new account.. TO THE STANDARD USERS Once in the corrupt desktop none of my icons loaded nothing at all by luck I gained access to the control panel through an icon on the task bar icon tray This enabled me to create a new account named Emergency that is where I am now writing this message I wished I could repair my old administrator account and spare me the work of reconfiguring everything on my new account that has not admin privileges At the point I am without the admn password what is the best that could I do Thanks

A:Admin account profile corrupted , created a new account..
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Hi, for a neighbour up the road, there son is seriously ill and in recovery (brain damage). He has a tablet running Windows 8 or 8.1 with a Microsoft account which sadly none of them know the password. They wish to access the tablet in the hope of showing him pictures to aid in recovery.

Normally if it was a PC I would quiet happily transfer all of the data off using a caddy or USB CD rom/ boot disk but this doesn't seem possible at the moment.

Is there a way to access the user account, or downgrade back to a local without actually logging in? netplwiz?

Possible chance of doing a forget password if the account is linked to his mobile.

Thanks, James

A:Windows MS account, revert to local account without psword

Originally Posted by PuG

Possible chance of doing a forget password if the account is linked to his mobile.

I would try this route first. You will find out right away if the account is linked. Also there is less chance of scrambling something on the machine. Once you can log in then it is trivial if you want to switch to a non MS account. If online doesn't seem to handle it try calling customer service for Outlook. They must have a record of the IP for the device and you should be able to come up with some method of verifying identity so they can clear the password for you.
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With Windows 8.1 Update 1, when I switch a local account to a Microsoft account or vice versa, some dialog and confirmation/verification screen are displayed.

It is possbile to save the inserted data in this dialog screens and eliminate confirmation/verification screen in order to automate these procedures?



A:Automatic switch a local account to a Microsoft account or

Hello Balubeto,

Sorry, but no.

If I may ask, why do you need to switch your user account on the PC back and forth between being a local and Microsoft account?

A Microsoft account can do everything that a local account can.

If you really need to have or use both accounts, then you might consider have two user accounts on the PC. One your Microsoft account, and the other a local account. This way you could just switch between signing in to your user accounts instead.
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I am a system administrator in a large enterprise environment and we are doing a rollout of Windows In our image capture we somehow captured a setting that is disabling users from setting microsoft connect domain Unable account account to to up a connected account with their domain Unable to connect microsoft account to domain account account I am relatively sure that it Unable to connect microsoft account to domain account is in my unattend and I can fix it for machines going forward but I really don't want to have to reimage the machines I've already deployed When I go to connect an account the quot connect to a Microsoft account quot option is grayed out and the quot some settings are managed by your administrator quot message is displayed at the top This is NOT a group policy object that is applying The machines are in a test OU and there is absolutely no policy applied I have searched all through local policy and even did a search through the registry for quot account quot that took forever but have been unable to find any registry key or local policy that would be causing this issue Does anyone have any idea what setting might be causing this Any help is greatly appreciated as I have machines already out in the environment and the user experience is going to be terrible if I have to reimage them all

A:Unable to connect microsoft account to domain account

This is a copy from a technet forums...I haven't seen this issue myself...but it may point you in the right direction.

There is a policy for this:
It's Administrative Templates\Windows Components\App Runtime > Allow Microsoft Accounts to be optional
In 2012, 2012 R2 there is an option in CompConfig\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options that reads "Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts"
If you don't have 2012 or 2012R2 then you can RSAT from a Windows 8 box and change the settings that way
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My friends 8 year old son decided it would be a good idea to get on my laptop and change the e-mail that is associated with the administrator account. The password to the account was also changed and as much as I hate to finally admit it - there is no
possible way for the information to be retrieved now. It has been about 9 months now and I have been using the Guest Account, but this is getting old. How can I get back into the admin account without knowing the password, and while being on the guest account,
which doesn't allow me to do much of anything because the password is needed to make any sort of change..?
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Can anyone tell me whether to use Windows Easy Transfer or Windows Easy Transfer Companion first? Does it matter? Thanks.

A:Easy Transfer/Easy Transfer Companion

Problem long since gone and no longer relevant.
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Has anyone upgraded to "Easy CD & DVD Creator 6" yet and if so what do you think of it?

Are there any real reasons to upgrade from version 5?
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Dear All,
I've installed & configure VPN set up in server 2008. Now, I want toconnect client PC so that they can connect & access the share folder from outer network through dial up. In XP machine, the procedure:
1) Open My network place
2) Create New Connection (an wizard will be opened)
3) Select Connect to the network at my work place
4) Select Virtual private network connection
5) Then just type Name & IP & create shortcut.
6) Last type user name & password & dial. It will connect to the same LAN.

But in win 7, I am confused about this configuration client side. Lots of options there.
So, any 1 please show me the instruction or pictirial figure or link to VPN configuration in win 7...

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hi i am trying to get my computer to run trancend 1066 ram.i have selected 1066 in the bios but it fails to motherboard is a gigabyte
GA-MA790FX-DQ6 .my cpu is a phenom 9550.2 his 2600xt cards.i hope you can help

A:configure ram

In most cases the higher spec RAM needs to have the DDR voltage increased, check the specs of the memory to see what voltage it requires.
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Hi All, No genius here, more like 63 year old dinosaur.
Monitor has a DVI to PC cable.
PC has a Cat 6 to Modum (Smart TV in lounge operating on wireless, Cat 6 unplugged).
Can watch Netflix on Monitor no problem, but screen too small from bed, so have taken my HD TV and connected it with a HDMI to PC, trying both No 1 & 2 ports on the TV and selected settings respectively.
Cannot get a signal and display options on PC monitor, cannot detect TV/ 2nd screen.
So with HDMI still connected, I connected a VGA cable from the Monitor to the TV. No luck
Operating Win 10 32 bit Pro OS, x64-based processor. .AMD FX 4300 Quad Core Processor 3.8. DTV 2000 DS Plus TV Card.
Thanks for your help and direction. So end desire is to stream Netflix. All tech references to cables are from Googling, not my incredible Technical brain.