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Easy Way to configure a new account.

Q: Easy Way to configure a new account.

I can't find the simple way to do the following:
Setup a standard account then easily
1) Allow access to the internet only when an Admin password is entered.
2) Access to any level command prompt only when an Admin password is entered.
3) Allow access to specific programs only, without jumping through hoops.
eg. Office suite, Foxit,..

Parental guidance settings don't seem to do this easily.

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Preferred Solution: Easy Way to configure a new account.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Easy Way to configure a new account.


This isn't something that I have a large amount of knowledge about but I think the only option is configuring UAC - see this link to Technet

User Account Control Technical Reference

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I just purchased screen quot DELL U H quot and a new computer The happy unboxing time turned to a nightmare when the noob I am could not connect the screen to the computer like the guy is doing in the youtube video Thanls Screen Info http accessories us dell com sna productdetail aspx c us amp cs amp l en amp sku -BBCG What I am trying to do This guy is connecting his screens to each other than to the PC but I am unable to achieve it 3 station configure screen my working Can't My Computer Spec Asus ROG G Desktop PC i Can't configure my 3 screen working station GB TB NVIDIA GTX - CPU Intel Core i - M Cache up to GHz - VGA NVIDIA GTX GD - OS Windows - Memory G DDR MHz - Storage TB SATA G ASUS Can't configure my 3 screen working station westorage years - ODD Blu-Ray X Combo - LAN Mbps - Audio -channel Audio SonicMaster - Card readerN A - Front I O - USB x - Mic Port x - Earphone port x - back I O x RJ LAN x HDMI-Out - x channel Audio - x USB x USB - x Power jack - power supply WAdapter - certificates BSMI CB CE FCC UL CCC Energy Star VCCI Graphic Card Spec http www asus com Graphics Cards GTX PHOC GD specifications nbsp

A:Can't configure my 3 screen working station

As far as I can tell, Nvidia doesn't support Surround (three monitors) via daisy-chaining (the card in the video was AMD Radeon). You might be able to get two monitors to work like that - some sort of DisplayPort MST support was added a while ago because of tiled 4k displays - but to get them all working they need to be plugged to the card directly.

As GTX750 doesn't have proper connectors, you might need to change your graphics card to something that has three DP outputs or 2xDP + HDMI.
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I picked up a Samsung SyncMaster 930b at a GoodWill near my home, it seemed in great condition when I picked it up, plugged it in at the store, turned right on, Digital popped up in the corner, I thought everything was fine.
Got home, hooked it up to my laptop through a DVI-HDMI cable, the desktop popped up, for about a second, then the screen went black. Now I can only get anything to display when I press the button to switch between Analog and Digital, it will pop up for a second when it switches to digital but then it shuts off again.
I even tried it on an raspberry pi I have and the same thing happened. Unfortunately though I dont have a VGA cable to see if maybe its just the DVI connection. Any advice from anyone or has anyone experienced this before and is it fixable?

A:Picked up a cheap monitor, hoping for an easy fix

Some desktop video cards are packaged with dvi to vga adaptor.
see if you have one to test vga video connection.

hooked it up to my laptop through a DVI-HDMI cableClick to expand...

also, I think not all video connections are supported by a dvi-hdmi adaptor (?).
check laptop manual if such connection is supported.
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I have a Toshiba satellite S855D-00D the cpu is AMD A10-4600M With duel graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7660G + 7610M and 8gb of ram. Is there anyway to make planet side 2 to run smoother? It doesn't have to have good graphics I can set it to very low. The thing is, even at very low planet side 2 lags TONS for me. Please helpp.

A:Can I configure my laptop to run PlanetSide 2 smoother?

You can try this suggestion

If your willing to give up flying, turn render distance to the lowest amount possible.
turn off shadows.
try my thread here. to expand...

Source link -
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I want to configure my dlink-dir600 router with bsnl wimax but I am unable to do that...
kindly reply with full step by step procedure
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Hi guys Names Eric I purchased an Asus G VW-BBK from best Buy the RoG version I am dropping the extra gb RAM into this week however the SSD in addition to to SSD/HDD configure How my the existing HDD is another story all together When it comes to this it s a bit above my quot pay grade quot if you know what I mean I e NO CLUE what I m doing I go to school for Game Art Animation Maya PS ZBrush Shetchbook D Design Concept Art and while I know I really need a workstation laptop Elitebook Thinkpad I dont have the s for one So while the G is great for playing games I need more power from it How should I How to configure my SSD/HDD configure my SSD HDD marrage and where can I get that done WPB Florida AND where and what SSD should I aquire I know it s a lot so ty in advance please reply to email address removed for safety tytyty nbsp

A:How to configure my SSD/HDD

Ok I'm a little bit confused here. What do you aim to achieve with this upgrade? ( I.e. define "more power").

If you are looking for faster performance in application/programs, then an SSD upgrade will not really help you, anything to do with faster processing will be effected by the CPU. An SSD upgrade will give you a snappier operating system, faster boot times and reduce the loading times when you open programs.
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I have an: DIXONH55ITX Socket 1156 Advent Firefly FP 3104 System Motherboard

I'm looking to upgrade for 2 main reasons.

1.) Upgrade my Ram, (as the limit of ram for this motherboard is 4gb.)
2.) More than 1 PCI-E slot. (There's only one on this motherboard.)

But my main question is:
What do I need to take into account when upgrading my Motherboard?
(Compatibility issues etc.)

Also any motherboard recommendations (under 200). As I'm planning on upgrading my computer to a gaming rig.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

A:What do I need to take into account when upgrading my motherboard?

Not quite understanding you. Are you wanting to keep all other parts and just upgrade mobo, ram and gpu?:

It sounds to me like you are wanting to build an entire new system. If so, give us a budget and what should be included (monitor, windows etc.).
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hi, I need to configure my nat settings on my router so me and my bro can play starcraft broodwar together under the same ip.. is there a way to do it that is supported by sc 1.16.1 as of today?

-starcraft broodwar servers currently do not support this and ive heard that there is a very
complicated work around..?-

A:How to configure NAT on Linksys e1000?

What router do you currently have?!? Unless you have a high end router: cisco, juniper networks, brocade, etc. NAT should be enabled & running by default. NAT, or Network Address Translation; simply put - "is the process of modifying IP address information in IP packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device" [see link here: ] As long as you have a router in place, NAT occurs automatically.

If you and your brother are on the same network, connected to the same router, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to play SC1 - I have LAN parties where we play with 4-8 of us, all behind the same router.

Now, if you are looking to play SC1 and you and your bother are NOT connected to the same router, or are NOT in the same physical location geographically... My friends and I play "over the internet, WAN games" via a virtual VPN program called hamachi [see link: ] This allows friends of mine in multiple states, or continents to play as if we were on the same physical network. Depending on your router, you might have to forward a couple of ports to your PC on your local LAN. [see link: hamachi ports: how to port forward: ]

I hope this helps, take care!
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Hello All,
I just purchased a Samsung 830 Series SSD (256 GB). I was wondering on how everyone was configuring their SSD to work as a boot drive along with a secondary mechanical hard drive. (SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB).

Would It be better to re-install Windows? I do have a Recovery Image at the moment. But I would not mind re-installing everything If that is necessary.

Thanks In advance.

A:How to configure SSD to work along HDD

me i used a guide i copy my file to my ssd when i got it and used my other hdd as a salve here the guide
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i got a reliance broadband net connection a few days bak with a dynamic ip.. me n my bro wan to share th connection bt v r unable to share it. i need router config steps to share this conection. pls help

A:How to configure a router for Internet sharing?

This sharing has to do with the computers more than the router. Just set up the router per the supplied instructions and set up DHCP sharing
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First of all, I dont know if this is the right spot to ask about hosting, but since Techspot has helped me with a lot of computer related problems, I thought Id give it a try...

Anyways, Im about to buy a hosting plan from Hostgator, but I want to use one account to host at least 3 different sites (top domains, like, and I know the reselling account would be the most effective, but I dont need to have a different cPanel for each user.

Can this be done with a Baby plan? Im going to buy domain names from another company, but I guess that doesnt matter. Im new to all this hosting stuff, so any help will be appreciated.


A:Hosting several sites on one account

that's all up to the hosting site policies - - don't hold your breath.

the Apache2 web server does this with <VirtualHost: ipaddress:80>
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Do they require much setup or just plug in and it auto connects to your network and starts backing up files?
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I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-920 processor (2.66GHz, 1MB L2 + 8MB shared L3 cache with QPI Technology) which came with the PC i bought back in late 09.

I'm wondering if there is an easy/very safe OC i can preform on it, and will it give me a good performance boost?

I have never OC a cpu but have on my gpu, but from what i read it involves changing things in the bios which sound rather complicated.

A:Easy overclock for i7-920?

Since the i7 920 has a locked multiplier a lot will depend on the capabilities of your motherboard and bios. Basically you will need to raise Bclk to increase the Cpu frequency, this however will also affect Qpi, Memory, etc. You will also need to consider cooling requirements as operating temperature will also become an issue.

Here's a link to a good overview for overclocking this family of processors:

Guide to Overclocking the Core I7 920, 930, 950 to 4.0ghz

Although this guides is aiming for a 4Ghz overclock you don't necessarily need to go that high to see a significant performance boost ... ie: 3.6Ghz would still be a full 1Ghz over the factory settings. Also, stepping is an important factor as the D0 is a much better overclocker than the C0.
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tell me a suggestion.if (.net) is better.... then tell me reason so that i can do in i have select java foe doing my project.but many of them are sugesting doing project with use of java for mobile computing is tough.

A:Whether doing project in java for mobile computing is easy or tough?

If you have to select Java to do your project, what would be the point in using .Net, unless I'm missing something here?
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Last time I fitted a Sata drive - it took me ages to locate the raid drivers to make it work with windows XP.
Now I have a VISTA based acer PC - and the HDD isn't even showing in the bios. Can any recommend a SATA HDD - that comes with a driver disk - Hoping I won't need it - as it may be easier with Vista (you don't say that very often)

A:Good SATA HDD - easy to install

The only time you should need a driver is if you're setting the drive up for RAID. For a regular SATA connection you should just plug it and boot.

Which motherboard are you using and which drive is it?
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I purchased a Linksys WRT G wireless router version from amazon and when it arrived in the mail there was no CD with it I thought it was a new router but I think it must have been used wireless configure CD? How router linksys WRT54G to without as it has a goodwill price tag on the underside of it How do I get this router to send a wireless signal throughout my house without the CD How to configure linksys WRT54G wireless router without CD? So far I have connect the blue How to configure linksys WRT54G wireless router without CD? ethernet cord from the router to my internet modem and another ethernet cord from my router to my computer I also have both the wireless router and the internet modem powered up There is one numbered light on which is where I have the ethernet cord from the computer connected to the router and the internet light is blinking I have done several internet searches trying to find how I can send a wireless signal through my house with this router and the main thing I got was to go to the address and configure my router The thing is though is that while I can configure the router with a password and everything I still cannot get connected to the internet Can anyone walk me through this step by step nbsp

A:How to configure linksys WRT54G wireless router without CD?

That should have everything you need.
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I Have a working 2003 Western Digital PATA HDD I'd like to use with a Compaq SR1810nx motherboard which came with a SATA HDD. Although this PATA HDD is recognized in the BIOS, and all its SMART information; windows cannot boot and I get the blue screen of death which says the PATA HDD might not be configured or terminated correctly. I believe I have the jumpers set correctly. Is there something I should change in BIOS such as access type. Or, can this MOBO only start windows from a SATA HDD?

A:How to configure a PATA HDD For A SATA mobo

The motherboard will boot off PATA just fine. It sounds like it is trying to now.

You didn't just take the drive from another system with Windows on it and stuff it in that box and expected it to work without reinstalling Windows did you?
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What happen to my rapidshare premium account... almost 5 days, download is very slow...15kbps and finally gone... Normally, i got 212kbps.

A:Rapidshare Premium Account

Tell us more. What is a Rapidshare Premium Account?
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To make the changes, how do i do it without interrupting my LAN connection?
How do I improve internet connection? with hardware, software etc?

A:Configure an internet gateway?


what exactly are you hoping to acheive, 2 lines of text do not make a good post.
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If I have 2 RAMs of different speed, let's say one is 533 the other 667 my usual practice is to put the 533 RAM in the first slot and 667 on the next. I'vs read it once on a computer magazine that that is the proper way to configure RAMs. However I would like to know if there is any technical basis on this practice or it is just me following what I've learned on a PC article?

A:Proper way to configure RAMs of different speed

It is never good to mix different type or speed RAM in any Windows computer. All this does is slow down the computers performance. I seriously doubt that it matters what speed module is put in which socket
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i got windows xp pro i was missing around with computer management and did something now i cant log into my mind administrator account i try to reboot on safe mode i get the administrator name but i try to create a another accuont or change but i get a asses denied i try i to Ctrl Alt Delete and nothing i think i my have deleted something and messed everything up ..when i go to my user account from control panel i dont see a quest account or administrator all i see is that small picture off a bass guitar and its says administrator but under it says guest account i have no privilege for nothing . how can i change that guest under admintrator account ?

A:Administrator account problam

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

Or use UBCD to back up your data and re-install clean
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Hey there i would like to know whether it is possible to configure the "inside interface" of cisco router with /24 subnet, which is connected to a layer 3 switch which has few network segment using /23 subnet...would it cause routing conflict?

FIREWALL "inside" interface ( |----->LAYER 3 SWITCH------->internal network,

A:Cisco Firewall configure question

singapork said:

configure the "inside interface" of cisco router with /24 subnet, which is connected to a layer 3 switch which has few network segment using /23 subnet...would it cause routing conflict?

FIREWALL "inside" interface" ( |----->LAYER 3 SWITCH------->internal network, to expand...

hmm; *IF* there's one connection from the Cisco to the switch which then provides the fan-out into the x.100.0/24, then the rules would be generic filters; high level, non-destination ip specific (no layer 2,3 rules)

there should not be problems with that approach.

Think of the Cisco as a gateway filter and then the L3 Switch as the low level controller.
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Hey there guys im kinda new around here so im gonna be as brief as possible, the thing is that i want to configure my MIC so for example if im playing Counter Strike or Natural Selection everyone from that server can here what im listening to right? in fact is it possible to transmit music through my MIC or somehow but i need to do that i have no doubt about it cuz i know there is a way to do it but im not that so aware about it so i though u guys could help me alright so i expect some help on this Thread and thx a lot for helping me out.

Have a wonderful weekend.

A:How to Configure MIC to transmit music through it?

can someone help me out with this please.
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In the interest of installing windows 7, I'm going to make a 30 or so gb partition on my c drive, because it is the fastest. But on April first, when windows expires, I'm going to have a usless 30 gb partition. How dfficult would it be to rejoin the partition with the rest of the drive? And obviously I will not care about sparing the data on the partition.

A:How easy is it to remove a partition?

It might be best to install the Beta Windows 7 on a clean drive
Then wipe (or remove) the partition, once completed testing

Being Beta, it is unknown precisely what damage it may cause to an existing OS
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I just had my pc my Is RAM noob Q. Easy right? serviced For the installation of a new PSU and the guy said he changed the RAM timings for me I myself don t know how to do this because I couldn t be bothered to read up on it and I was just wondering if this report from EVEREST is normal Field Value Memory Module Properties Module Name Corsair Dominator CM X - C D Serial Number None Module Size GB rank banks Module Type Unbuffered DIMM Memory Type DDR SDRAM Memory Speed DDR - MHz Module Width bit Module Voltage SSTL Error Detection Method None Refresh Rate Reduced us Self-Refresh Memory Timings MHz - - - CL-RCD-RP-RAS - - - - - RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP MHz - - - CL-RCD-RP-RAS - - - - - RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP Enhanced Performance Profile Profile Name High Frequency Optimal Performance Profile Yes Memory Speed DDR - MHz Voltage V Memory Timings - - - CL-RCD-RP-RAS Row Cycle Time tRC T Command Rate CR T Write Recovery Time tWR T Yes I am a noob But I just want clarification that my RAM is set to it s optimal settings nbsp

A:Easy noob Q. Is my RAM right?

RAM timings don't make much of a difference in performance. Don't bother worrying anymore.
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hi guys..

i just wanna know how easy is it to share my internet connection with a friend who's staying? i have tried before without much luck.. and i'm not a dummy by any means (please dont asnwer that part!)

i have a cable modem with only one output, which goes to my laptop.

so we wanna use both laptops online at the same time.

i have a wireless card in the pcmcia slot and wonder if we can use that to share my connection. ( also have internal wireless - Atheros something or other).

A:Internet sharing - How easy is it ?

wireless cards talk to wireless access points (i assume you use yours for cafes, etc)

Best to just buy a basic, cheap router to share the connection.
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what cpu from the 2 below would be better on a rig built for gaming only (with some web browsing on the side)

this Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz (dual core)


this Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz (quad core)

both are $189 and about cap's my budget, please post if you have an answer with an explanation


A:Easy cpu question concerning gaming

personally i would go with the 8500. i dont no of any games that really takes advantage of 4 cores.. the higher clock frequency is a plus for gaming. E8500 can power an ati 4870x2.. so u wont need to worry about its performance and i know of E8400 overclocked to 3.6ghz which is sweet for gaming.

however if u want true multitasking then go with the quad..

i recently got a system with a e8400 and a ati 4850 graphic card.. its a pretty impressive system. the dual cores allows for good multitasking and the higher clock speed really shows when playing games.

what graphic card are u planning to get? cause thats where i'd try to spend my money..
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I was wondering if anyone could help me with finding the PSU sticker on my computer.

I was unable to find it, i was just wondering if you could clarify exactly where it should be.

Should it on the inside of the case or the outside?
And roughly where abouts would it be if it is on the inside.

Thanks for your help
Sorry for the noob question

(I was going to just pm someone about this, but i dont have enough posts to do that :-/)

A:Graphics card help (easy question)

You will have to open your computer case up. Find the PSU unit (looks something like this

You should not have to remove anything from your PC case to find the sticker. Just open up the case and look for the yellow or white sticker.

Most PSU's are located in the top left of the PC case if you are looking at it from the side with the power button facing your right.
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Hey Guys,

I had gone through a lot of posts regarding Drivers for the speedstream 4100 and 4200.

But again its not required as its a ethernet router as well.

And its really easy to configure the same.

I have just posted it on my new blog with screenshots.

Hope this help someone in need.


A:Configure Speedstream 4200/4100

You can also load Factory Defaults

By the way, when I posted the same message there, I got:

The website cannot display the page
HTTP 500
Most likely causes:
The website is under maintenance.
The website has a programming error.Click to expand...
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Hi all,
I just purchase a Dell Latitude D600 and when I try to change the boot sequence, it was lock. I believe it the admin password is enabled. Please I need help to disable the admin password so I can change setup in the bios. Thanks for your help

A:Configure setup is disabled

you should read the other threads to find the answer but ok....

- go to
- download the dst-cd iso (password = smellyalater)
- burn it to a cd boot your laptop with the cd
- press f12 on the dell post screen to access the one time boot menu and choose to boot from cd drive if the boot order is different
- change or delete the service tag and reboot
- the bios configure password will be removed on service tag changes

don't forget to change the services tag back to its original value to avoid loss of warranty if you have any

cheers, mscrx
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Hey Guys,
About 2 months ago I re-formatted my sisters computer deleting everything, only to realise I'd have to install every driver again (I know..).

Just about the only driver I need is the graphics card driver, what an easy task. If i knew what the graphics card was, you see the problem is the system is acting asif the graphics card isn't even there so it doesn't show the name in any system diagnosis'.

Just an example

So my real question is; What is my graphics card version?
ie (Nvidia Gefore etc etc..)

A:Easy Video Card Question

WE need to know what kind of computer it is, first off. Giving us no information, unless you want to find out where you live and break into your house, is not going to help us at all. (That WAS a joke, by the way, so don't take it seriously)

What is the model? (E520, etc.)
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I suck at Sound.

I just bought the Bose Companion 2 speakers, hooked them up, and they seem to have the same problem all non-USB speakers I've ever purchased have: a sort of contained, metallic-hallway sound.

My girlfriend's computer has some crappy old speakers that don't have the power or richness of mine, but they sound more open and unconstrained, and they're USB.

So I don't know if its the "configuration" (2.0, 5.1, w/e) of which I know nothing, or what, but I'm sick of seeking satisfaction from half-*** commitments and always getting burned.

Can someone explain to me what it is I'm looking for so I can finally know whether or not I need to make the necessary expenditure or meet my needs with something more economical? Power and richness are nice, but mostly I don't want my sound to SOUND like its coming from a 3x5x5" box.

A:Easy as non-fictional cake for most of you but..

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I am trying to take a language course on my laptop, the program came with a microphone headset but I need to configure it but apparently my engine doesn't support this. Where, what can I do? Does anyone have any suggestions?:rolleyes:

A:Configure Microphone

I don't know what I did but it's working. Sorry for wasting your time.
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Hello all, I recently bought another motherboard online and am still waiting for it to arrive. Ive seen that after installing a new motherboard, windows does not start and a reinstall needs to be done, so this is my question. How can i configure Windows 2000 to work properly with this new motherboard without having to reinstall. Can it be done?

Cheers, Nissanman.

A:Need to configure Windows 2000 for new mainboard

ok, i might just back up and reinstall then. and another question. Will a microATX motherboard fit into a normal size ATX case? I think it wud, but i still wanna be sure
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today i put some casters on my case. it was a fun mod, it was only my second mod ever. i plan to do a lot more but i really can't think of any that i would like. my first mod was cutting out the front and back 120mm fan grills for more air flow
ok i just seen that i spelled "modding" wrong

A:easy case modding

Take a look at this thread HERE. Might give you some wacky ideas lol.

P.s. I edited the thread title

Regards Howard
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I have a desktop that runs on cable and a Wireless Laptop i run thru the desktop/wireless router. I got it to work bfore but now i can't but my wireless works but my Desktop won't connect. then when I was able to get the Desktop to connect my wireless wouldn't. what am i doing wrong? why will one work but not the other??

A:Easy Question..

What happened to cause this? Did you disconnect wires or move something?
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Well I have the mother board and new case picked out for upgrading the cooling on this monster but since I'm transferring the cpu from one mobo to another I'll need a new cpu heatsink for my 6000 x2 athlon. Having trouble finding one on newegg so I need a recommendation for an easy to install heatsink thats compatible with my 6000 and a m2n sli deluxe asus motherboard.
Any suggestions for a good heatsink? I'm worried that I might struggle getting it to clip on so I need one very easy to put on. Thanks in advanced!

PS: heres the components(case and mobo) ill be using if it matter:

Also any suggestion as to how to remove the stock heatsink when I transfer would be good too, I'm thinking about using a blowdryer...

A:Need Easy to install HS for AMd x2 6000

NO BLOW DRYERS, PLS. Bad things happen with blow dryers and vacuum cleaners. The stock heatsink shouldnt be hard to remove actually.

Most of the good heatsinks are a simple 4 clicks to put them in. I'd go for that zalmans 7700 I think its called. Let me look it up to make sure.
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Hello i was thinking about purchase the Dell Inspiron Slim s and switching out some hardware in it to get some better gaming out of it Watt Power supply Graphic Card Upgrade HIS X Pro IceQ Turbo and Creative Sound Blaster X-treme Audio or X-treme Gamer Sound Card Obvisouly being thirteen Custom or to Time?: Case Computer worth Not Easy my Switching a and taking all this time and research and my lifes saving s pretty much - I saved up about for no real reason i want it to look cool and make all my friends jealous So to the point If i buy a new custom case here s some choiced B-low is it that hard to move all the chips and drives from the dell case to another http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae Easy or Not worth my Time?: Switching to a Custom Computer Case c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a It doens t take a whole day and a huge instruction pamplet right I know this is a stupid question but I m only being cautious before spending All you have to do is un-mount and un-plug each piece and re-mount and re-plug it into the other case right PS - If I buy or neon glowstrips and LED lights which probably aren t worth the money and hastle but for buksa piece why not do i plug them into like the Mobo probably not or directly into the power supply Do you mount them with velcro screws or do they have some kind of slot I m sorry many ppl frown when noobs post questions that sound like they haven t reasearched or don t know what theyre talking bout - I tried to nbsp

A:Easy or Not worth my Time?: Switching to a Custom Computer Case

Why pay $400.00 for a processor, motherboard, memory, hard drive, and operating system that you have little control over.






The above is a little more expensive but you have total control, and I'm a little leery about the motherboard but you can choose what ever you can afford and still works with the processor. You'd also have to have a video card too to get this running because it doesn't have built-in video. Any case you really like would be best. Neon usually connects to your power supply. You might want to spend the sound card money on your video card, and go with a cheaper sound card unless you really want the best sounding music, and you have a half-decent sound system to go with it. Planning your new computer usually takes the most time. Installing components into your case can take a couple of hours if everything goes smothly and much more it it doesn't, and yes, most of the time it's just take out and plug back in.
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Well My first problem which is my Main one Is that I have a GB HDD And im running Windows XP Media Center on it And I also have a GB HDD Running Windows Vista Home Premium So i was Told Before to Switch My HDD Putting Vista as Master And My Other one As Slave So when i turn it on No Effect Then i pop in the Vista CD it does some Fixes and Badda-Bing Vista Comes up So it starts installing new hardware blah blah and All of a sudden I now cannot find My Windows Media Center It doesnt Come up At all In the Bios it doesnt show Two..I hope Easy Problems the Two on a list and I was wondering how to retrieve My windows XP And For my Second Question My Cousing is killing the internet Causing Two..I hope Easy Problems Major Lag When im trying to play Counter Strike or Do Two..I hope Easy Problems my Homework We re on a linksys Router Where The Router is in my Room and He has the Connection device on his in the living room Is there anyway i can cut off His internet Without Physically going and removing it Because if i do it will probably not end well im frustrated nbsp

A:Two..I hope Easy Problems


While I am not sure _exactly_ how the vista boot loader is configured, I know that if you install xp first on one drive and then vista on the other, it will recognize both OSs. That's what I had to do with my system.

As for your other question:
What is your cousin doing on the internet that is so bandwidth intensive?

Most Linksys routers have a way that you can disable or limit access to certain MAC addresses on the network. Try going to the router's config page, and then click "access restrictions."
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I'm wanting to enable DHCP on my router, but when I type in the default gateway I get a page with absolutely nothing on it. When I type in other IP's I get a "cannot load page" message, but when I type the gateway (that I found through ipconfig/all in the command prompt), nothing happens, just a blank white page.

Anybody know what the problem is?

A:Cannot configure router

Try pressing the reset button with the paperclip through the hole in the back or bottom of the router. You might also want to download and install the latest firmware from the manufacturers website.
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I am an *****, i was messing around with my routers settings, and i accidentally clicked"use as an access point". now the dhcp server is turned off and when i use it to connect with my laptop through wireless, i get the WAN ip instead of the LAN ip. and i do not know how to get into the settings. I have reset the router many many times, and i hjave tried entering the WAN ip into IE7 and i get a msn search error or w/e. I* have a cheap Belkin F5D7230-4. and im hoping that i do not have to buy a new router

A:Cant configure my wireless router/access point


Check out "" they have guides for using/accessing most routers, including forgotten passwords etc.

Regards, Ellgor.
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Hi all, How easy or hard is it for a novice to change a mobo in a laptop.

A:How easy or difficult is it to Change a mobo in a laptop?

laptop + mobo = NO

I would say extremely difficult to do it correctly and not advisable at all.
The cpu in almost all laptops is unable to come out, they solder it in.
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The sound on my packard bell Easy Note is distorted so that everything sounds like a chipmunk, especially when I play back videos and stuff. I've tried all sorts but can't work out what is wrong. Any ideas? I'm not a computer techie at all hence the lack of info.
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have the easy go usb 2.0 to ide adapter. hooked up a hard disk inm which the windows is\nstallation crapped out on me. just trying to off load some data and then plan to format and reinstall fresh. i have the device hooked up. however windows xp will not assign a drive letter. i can see the maxtor hard drive in the device manager however it wont assign a drive letter so i cant access the device. any ideas whats wrong here?

A:easy go usb 2.0 to ide adapter

What format is it saying the partition is in?
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so we got all the parts for my buddys computer and assembled it this afternoon everything is wired right easy what i should be a missing, setup... am all lights fans hard drives blah blah blah turn on spin the monitor will blink an intel quot logo show quot and then it cant do anything because there is no operating system so if i try installing xp bit it gets to the what am i missing, should be a easy setup... part where the words scroll at the bottom then get to installing operating system and the whole machine shuts down ubuntu what am i missing, should be a easy setup... does the same thing this machine is an core duo with a g intel board and gig dual channel v mhz xms corsair memory and a radeon x pci-e card the hard disk is a wd sata gb s drive its the first time ive delt with sata so i dunno if thats the problem or my other guess would be to disable the onboard video but would that be a big enough of an issue to restart a system like that hopefully by the weekend we ll have an xp pro disc bit but we need to get it doing somthing because his dad will be p o ed if his dollar box isnt working nbsp

A:what am i missing, should be a easy setup...

hmm a bit weird though, i've been told that core 2 duo does not work properly with intel 945G, therefore Intel 946G is made for it. But i dunno if that was a hoax...
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I ha a old computer ,SCSI wit win XP I wanted to add 1 more HD as slave. How do I set the jumpers on the slave ? I have 2 sets of jumpers.
1st set
1 ID BIT 3
2 ID BIT 2
3 ID BIT 1
4 ID BIT 0
5 Enable auto spin (that is what the primary is set on )


A:how do I configure a 2nd SCSI HD as a slave ?

If you Google the hard drive that you are trying to configure then you should find all the information you need to set the jumper with.
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I just got a ASUS A8V-E SE Mobo and I now have a Hitachi deskstar ata133 ide HDD.

Heres the specs on the MOBO for storage.

Storage/RAID South Bridge:
- 2 x UltraDMA 133/100/66/33
- 2 x Serial ATA, support RAID 0, RAID 1, and JBOD

The HDD will work on this MOBO will it?

A:MOBO and HDD compatability question. EASY FOR THE ALPHAS!

It should. Just hook the drive up to the UltraDMA ribbon cable and it should be good to go.
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Here is the found connect account Windows domain cannot (2003) to not back story I am at a school with a NT domain server We bought a new SP server We have two IP ranges Our old configuration had static IP address with DNS servers located at the Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found district that was referenced in the TCP IP properties I set up the new server with roles It has an Active Directory It is a DHCP server I have machines The DHCP has a superscope with scopes within the superscope Each scope has a range of IP address and the exceptions for the server printers et cetera It also is a DNS server that quot listens to all IP addresses quot instead of listen to the quot following IP addresses quot However on the listen to the following IP addresses I put in it s own IP address The DNS server also has forwarders to the district DNS servers The last role is as a File Share I have connected about computers just fine Everything is working good however I am now getting sporadic computers that can t log on I get this message Windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found Please try again later Click to expand The computers are still on the server If I re-add the client machine to the domain everything is fine--for now This has been happening to xp machines It has happened times now and I am worried about a continual problem or a major problem around the corner Are there any ideas on what is causing this I have read up a little bit about SID problems but I am not that literate yet I am wondering if I set something up wrong failed to set something up or if there is an entirely different reason Could it be because the computers are still on the NT directory I have not taken off the NT active directory yet or added the NT server to the server I also have an independent server for the library and a server for a special ed room and program No one at the district can help I am out of ideas I am getting really worried that I did something wrong I can t fix I am not an expert I am in the very beginning stages of my MCSA training nbsp

A:Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found

I would look at the network before you look at the OS, when it happens see if you can ping the server by name and IP, also look in the event viewer of the machine and see if there is anything showing up in there.

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Hello I m a total noob Please RAM me new configure help my so I don t even know why I want to do this but that s why you are here to help I suppose So I bought a new pair of dual channel RAM They don t have any info on them except Please help me configure my new RAM that they are x MB Please help me configure my new RAM dual paired work at MHz and have CL latency and they are Goodrams I didn t configure their timings and let the BIOS do it but I think it it screwed things up a bit because I m getting BSOD errors which look RAM related Besides TestMem utility shows errors I want to configure the timings manually in such a manner that Please help me configure my new RAM I d be sure that those RAMs are stable I don t care about performance at this point In other words I d like you to suggest me some safe low-performance timings Please tell me what I should change in the following BIOS parameters layout http img imageshack us img tweakerkx jpg Oh and one more question can I UNDERclock my RAM from to say MHz without changing their voltage nbsp

A:Please help me configure my new RAM

Try setting the DRAM Timing Selectable to By SPD, but it's most likely a compatibility problem - I've never heard of that brand. Test one stick at a time as well. And yes, you can underclock the memory without adjusting the voltage.
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Hi all,

I am new to TechSpot. Actually, I need some help setting up my wireless network at home. currently, I am using Dlink 502T DSL router for internet and trying to connect the Dlink router to Netgear wireless router WGR614 for wirelss internet connection to other PC's. Could anybody please tell me how to connect these routers. I am trying to connect Dlink with netgear but i am unable to configure the same. When i use Dlink router directly with the PC, my internet works fine but when i try to use netgear inbetween Dlink router and a PC, my internet stops working. Please suggest. I want to distribute internet to my other computer thru netgear wireless router. please help...


A:how to configure Dlink ADSL router and Netgear Wireless router for internet distrib

Ndhingra said:

Hi all,

I am new to TechSpot. Actually, I need some help setting up my wireless network at home. currently, I am using Dlink 502T DSL router for internet and trying to connect the Dlink router to Netgear wireless router WGR614 for wirelss internet connection to other PC's. Could anybody please tell me how to connect these routers. I am trying to connect Dlink with netgear but i am unable to configure the same. When i use Dlink router directly with the PC, my internet works fine but when i try to use netgear inbetween Dlink router and a PC, my internet stops working. Please suggest. I want to distribute internet to my other computer thru netgear wireless router. please help...

ndhingra to expand...

The easiest way is to run the CD that should have come with the Router, if you havent got it then you will have to configure it manually.

Full instructions can be found on the netgear website here.

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hey what program and or program do i have to use to extract a movie from a dvd without it being huge. i see all these movie that are like 600mb in like avi format.??? and how do i get around the copyright crap also?

A:Ripping dvds made easy!

dvd shrink and dvd decrypter are popular free programs
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I currently just bought a 32" LCD HDTV and its resolution is 1366x900 which of course my computer doesnt support. Is there a program i could use to make my resolution equal to my tv's? I set it to 1024x768 to test and it didnt autostretch so then i tried 1400x900 and it did the same ****! Help please!

A:Resolution help..pretty easy question

I'm not entirely sure but I think you should be able to get some unofficial firmware updates for your Graphics Card but you may spend some time looking.


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I'm having a problem with my Sound Blaster Audigy and it gives me this when I try to configure it:

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

Problem is, when I disable everything under sound, video and game controllers, and reinstall the drivers, I still get this problem. I disabled onboard sound, and the USB in the BIOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'm sorry if this has been posted more than once, but I'm so frustrated I googled it and found no answers to my problem.

A:when I try to configure my Sound Blaster Audigy I get a code12 error.

How much RAM do you have in your system? Which sound blaster audigy do you have? Can you give us the rest of your system specs and anything else relevant?
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i need to get into the administrator account on this laptop.

i barely know any information about this computer.
i am on a limited account.

it is a dell inspiron 1100.
& i am using windows xp pro.

obviously, i need to get the password for the administrator account.

i would really apprececiate some help on this matter.
please & thanks.

A:I need into my administrator user account but don't have the password.

Ask the administrator.
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I wish to configure 2 linksys wrt54g/s routers on one network. I have the first as my gateway to the internet and there are 2 PC's connected to it.

I have linked the second router to the first and connected 3 PC's to it.

I can get the internet on all PC's but I can't network between them. (Only the PC's that are on the same router.) I can't even ping any of them that are on a different router.

Can anyone help please?

A:How to configure 2 Linksys routers together?

rede96 said:


I wish to configure 2 linksys wrt54g/s routers on one network. I have the first as my gateway to the internet and there are 2 PC's connected to it.

I have linked the second router to the first and connected 3 PC's to it.

I can get the internet on all PC's but I can't network between them. (Only the PC's that are on the same router.) I can't even ping any of them that are on a different router.

Can anyone help please?Click to expand...

Isn't that something to do with turning on the "Bridging" section of the router.

I did find this about creating bridged networks on a wireless system, as you dont say if its wired or wireless it might not apply
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Fan Question...
So i'm using an old AMD-Duron CPU cooler as an VGA cooler for another old device(G4 MX440)...but i'm in a some kind of dillema..the cooler has 3 wires
I think the black wire is the ground but not sure about the + wire .Already burnt a cooler so i don't want to experiment.. any help?

A:A fan related topic...very easy..i think

I don't have your specific fan in front of me, but most three wired fans are wired as follows:

the black wire is ground

the red wire is 12V+

the yellow wire is the speed sensor (this wire is not necessary)

hope this helps
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I have setup my computer (WinXP Home) to have two user accounts. I've noticed that often (maybe always) whichever account is initially logged into when the computer is first booted up seems to be the only account from which the CD or DVD drives can be accessed. What can I do to correct this?
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I'm looking for a basic, easily used software to
use in working with CDRWs for friends of mine
that are just basic users.

Any decent freeware out there?

I've Searched the forum but didn't really
find what I was looking for.


A:What's a good basic, easy to use CDRW software?

CDBurnerXP Pro is the best freeware cd burning software out there IMO. Get it at
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I have a laptop which is connected to the internet. I have a desktop which i have just purchased and i have created a network to the laptop. using the wizard i couldn't seem to configure it so the desktop does not connect to the internet through the laptop. the desk top does not have antivirus software installed on it. Is it exposed to the viruses etc or will the antivirus stuff on the laptop filter it first ? in other words is it safe to have it networked this way ? Rgds

A:Easy networking question

No. Antivirus software deals with files on your hard drive, it does not intercept network traffic. Some products do web traffic scanning but the feature is far from useful.
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I've tried deleting all other accounts, other than my own, and making all new ones and I still cannot get the internet to work on any of the other accounts. I don't know whether the DNS isn't working right or what? I am using XP and could use and appreciate any help i could get. Thanks, Jeremy
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OK using CPU-Z i know i am running 100 mhz FSB and 200 mhz bus. What the difference between bus and FSB?

AMD 2100 XP thourobred B0
RADEON 98000

i am trying to get my processor to run its stock speed. It is only running 1250 mhz which is way to low.


A:FSB vs BUS Easy question

ok i get that FS is the speed which corrolates with my ram. I am running PC2100 ram in dual channel mode so they down clock to 133mhz. INstead of there rated 266mhz because thats all the bandwidth they need. correct? The thing i cant understand isn why my cpu is clocked down to 100 mhz when it should be running 266mhz FSB i believe. I am taking my fan off ATM to check my OPN
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I ve built computers before nothing super fancy or anything with the help of me. Gaming first it easy on my take Building Please Rig. some of my male friends I thought it was about time I built my first semi-decent rig I mostly looking for cost Building my first Gaming Rig. Please take it easy on me. I want to get the best Building my first Gaming Rig. Please take it easy on me. bang for my buck I just need something to tie me down for a few considering this is my first time building a rig like this I want basically what all gamers want I play a lot of MMPORG s and Online Games so I need speed I can t deal with lag or choppy video card refresh rates so I need something decent Right now I was looking into Asus K N Deluxe Athlon DDR Mobo - pin - cheaper then going pin and I don t plan on upgrading this project Enermax PSU w - I don t know what kind of CPU yet not very familiar with them so that will be my first question of course it will be a pin I know I was kinda leaning towards the - Athlon Barton its pins Will it fit on a pin board Also how good is the proc any better priced ones or speed let me know Any help will be oblidged Next I heard that since I m going Asus Mobo I need to stick with Corsair RAM and of course a dual pack of it to take use of the DDR function If this is true or not again any help would be appreciated Next is the video card again I play MMPORGS and Online games I also tend to do some Graphics and the works so I need something decent yet powerful Now cooling I heard that for the CPU Thermaltake Fan s do pretty good is this true Also for a case Should I go Aluminum or What Big Tower small Tower mainly for Cooling Harddrive also is a good question but I don t really want to ask any now I need to continue reading and researching them but if you can what are some of the MAIN things I should look for in a HD Thanks for all the help nbsp

A:Building my first Gaming Rig. Please take it easy on me.

Welcome to TechSpot, I am sure you will find this a great place.
I am a member of several other forums similar to TechSpot and I am a "Newbie" here.
You will find that building your own machine will be very rewarding, there is nothing like building your own. It will out perform any store bought system in every way.
(In my personal opinion) your selection of an Asus mobo is a good one. I have been using Asus mobo's for years. I am sure there are other fine mobo's too but for the price for a K8N that is pretty good.
Check out for some good prices. **They have the K8N for $87.00 !! :hotbounce
The supported CPU for the K8N is : AMD Athlon 64 / Sempron Processor
I do not know what your budget is so just click on the link, AMD processors "ARE" good, I have used them for years.
Check out the ATI graphic cards... I do not know if you want to go AGP or PCI Express... PCI Express is the newest arrival. *It all depends on what you want to spend.
The "Corsair" RAM is a good choice. The RAM does not need to be specifically "Corsair".
I am running an Intel P4 3.0Ghz. with 2X512 DDR =1024 (Kingston) with "NO" problems at all. Mobo is an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe.
Thermaltake do the trick when heat is a problem or concern. You will not need a Thermaltake... Stock CPU Cooling fan will keep things A.O.K. !!
Get yourself a Mid-Tower, Just make sure it has a300 ~350 watt power supply. Pick up a few 80 mm exhaust fans, there only around $10.00 each.
Hard Drives: Get a brand name Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate etc.
7,200 R.P.M. Put it all together and you will have a nice "Smokin'" system :hotouch: Good Luck with your project.
Rick M.
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Hello--I have been having trouble with running my protools 002 on my windows xp. A friend of mine metioned setting up 2 separate user accounts one for Protools---the other for everything else. The plan is to strip down---"tune" (uninstall any unnessesary programs from the protools account, in hopes to help it run smoother--The problem is...When I uninstall programs in the control panel,
it uninstalls it from both user accounts. Is there a way to run each user account separately? Please help!!
Thank you for your time!!
[email protected]
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Hello Friends :wave: ,

Does anyone has CD driver that contains "Easy 4 Tune" and motherboard accessories for sale? I bought this board, this is the best P4 socket 478 I have ever seen. See website: Ultra-64.htm

Does this board has different version? The board I got has 2 white PC-X slot but the one on the website above has 2 green PC-X slot. What are they different? Thank you for any infos.
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I have this Dell Optiplex240 that is not reading the periferals hooked up to the COMM port. When I looked in the command prompt at the settings for the ports they were set the same and that dosn't look right to me because I thought only one is supposed to be "turned on" to work.

I have spent the last week reading anything I can on Serial Ports and I have gone to the Dell site to find out what I can about that version of BIOS and how to change the settings but there is nothing out there.

The BIOS version is A01 and the Service Tag is BRGY011.

If someone can just point me in the right direction of where to look or what to try I would be much abliged.

A:How to configure a COMM port?

There is nothing much to configure in a serial port at OS level. The driver for the given device has to do the work.

System BIOS/PnP usually manages to get things right for comport. You can try disabling unused things in BIOS to minimise IRQ conflicts.

If you mean that Windows doesn't automatically recognise devices conncted to the serial port then this is normal. You have to manually install drivers for the whatever periphereal you are trying to hook up.

An no, you do not have to have only one serial port enabled. You can easily have 4 COM ports active in a system.
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Help me configure best HDD for RAID perfromace I have an epox pda HDD best me Help configure 4 perfromace raid mobo with channel Intel ICH R and channel Silicon Sil A SATA controllers I have identical wd GB SATA hard drives I am trying to create RAID for all hard drives for performace To my ancient and lagging mind I found out the two SATA controllers are seperated Since the two SATA controllers are seperated from each other hard drives cannot be combine into one RAID The best Help me configure best 4 HDD raid perfromace I can do with this current setting is seperate RAID shown below hd hd RAID intel SATA controller hd hd RAID silicon sil a controller Does Help me configure best 4 HDD raid perfromace anyone know any partition software that could combine HD s to form RAID Help me configure the best possible RAID for the best performace I will be running win k profession if that helps I was thinking that I could partition of the SATA with a GB partition for Windows system Install Window into the GB partition Then RAID the remaining GB from the hard disk under window k and mount this RAID to the GB system partition I know its not a true RAID for HDD but its the best I can think of now I was wondering if anyone knew of any utility or method that could help me join my HDD before installing Win K Any suggestion would help thanks nbsp

A:Help me configure best 4 HDD raid perfromace

So you have two SATA controllers onboard. One by Silicone Image & the other on the Intel southbridge. Do both support RAID 0 ?

It is generally advised not to install the OS on the RAID array. Install it on a HDD that will be outside of the array, so that when you install the OS, you won't have the hassle of having to configure the array straight away.
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I have a P computer with a GeForce MX MX video card Audio Driver account. No only with Sound one Creative PCI ES I reinstalled my real version of XP Pro due to some not sound related hangups and space problems on that the D drive which was a cleanly formatted install The No Sound with only one account. C drive reinstallation not clean has worked fine with all the previous programs reinstalled however I get no sound neither quot Windows quot generated nor media played in the main account but have no problems in any of the other accounts on this same system Device manager reveals no conflicts anywhere let alone in Sound and video controller settings The programs reinstalled are I believe all the same that were there before and caused no such problems Is there some way of isolating this problem or migrating the other account settings to the main quot me quot account who is the administrator loosely applied term in my case Many thanks im adsvance as MS KB has nothing I can find or understand to help me Regards Jimo nbsp

A:No Sound with only one account.

If only one account cannot hear the sound, log on as another user with administrative rights, and then delete the profile of the effected account.

Right click "My Computer" and select properties for the user accounts tab.
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I have a US iTunes account that has been disabled. Is there anyway I can reactivate it with having to contact Apple?
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I use FF and have several installed which do a good job, altho I have to keep adding to
the block list. It seems the number of pop ups is inexhaustible and continue to grow!

My 80 year old cousin who is absolutely only a novice or basic user would like to
have some type of pop up blocker. She uses IE and runs XP.

As I have no IE experience, I would much appreciate some guidance.

I've read a little about AdBlock and AdBlock Pro - any good?


A:Need easy to setup and use popup blocker for IE & XP

Hi Macx,

firstly make sure you have the latest IE installed (IE-8). you will be suprised that if you turn on the IE pop-up blocker ALOT of these pop ups will be blocked. You could also try installing the Free version of AVG.
The free version of AVG will actuall check sites in search engines before you visit them and give them a coloured rating next to them green - yellow - red which will give you a general idea on the safety of the website. If you visit the downloads section of the site here then security->Antirvirus you will find a version there.

You could also try downloading the free version of Zonealarm (*there are two here Pro + Free pick the free one) again available from the Secuity section unders downloads on this site where you will be able to prevent programs from accessing the internet if you dont want them to.

As for the Adblocker programes i have little time for them and prefer not to use them.

hope this help
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I'm a little confused by this. Isn't the whole point of using a sandboxed browser is that nothing leaves it. SAS picked this up: [ C:\AVAST! SANDBOX\S-1-5-21-3583729876-1247344376-3946384776-1000\SFZONE\C\USERS\NIGHTMARE\APPDATA\ROAMING\MACROMEDIA\FLASH PLAYER\#SHAREDOBJECTS\JG77RLU5 ]
I assumed that with a sandbox, stuff like this (especially a key bank flash cookie) would simply not exist.
Also, there is no C:\Avast!. I installed Avast to a custom folder and Avast doesn't use the word "Sandbox" to describe it's program in any files, always "SafeZone".

Don't get me wrong, pc's fine. I'm just wondering if this is typical or if Avast just makes a crappy sandbox.

A:Sandbox bank account tracking cookie?

Try using Google Chrome or FireFox with Disconnect + Adblock. That should eliminate the majority, if not all tracking stuff.
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My year old cousin is a very basic user but I feel she does need some type of reasonably effective firewall She does not know how to deal with windows that pop open and ask free easy to that's for user use Need firewall novice good if something should be allowed In fact most of the things Need good free firewall for novice user that's easy to use that have opened up since I installed Online Armor are things I ve never heard of either So that doesn t make it user friendly at least to me and I d consider myself an intermediate user The only way I have any clue about most of those things is if I recognize the name of an application that I use as part of the name that is being asked about or if it pops up while I m using an application I recently read some posts on this forum regarding firewalls which updated my quot knowledge base quot I had tried Zone Alarm some time ago and found that version whatever was current a couple years ago caused lots of conflicts and was extremely tough to totally uninstall but with help from here finally did get rid of it Lately I d just been using the basic Windows firewall but recently read that it was deficient in a number of areas more risk than I wanted to accept so ventured into trying one of the other recommended ones Tried Online Armor which except for the above noted difficulties seems to be pretty decent once you get thru all the setup stuff and give permission to the apps you use even though there are still quite a number of things asked about that I had little clue about I just don t see how that helps any - in the past I ve blocked things it turned out I needed because I didn t know what they were and no explanations were available at all Then it was difficult to get them unblock because there was no readily apparent way to reverse the blockage and no directions in Help or anything Anyway - even that would be beyond my cousin So are there any worth installing that don t run you around in circles answering all kinds of pop up windows to allow or block Even if they aren t really strong or totally effective something would be better than nothing For her it s got to be something you just click quot install quot and it does the rest Thanks nbsp

A:Need good free firewall for novice user that's easy to use

That's a good question and I too am interested in the answers.

What I typically do is expose the individual's firewall to everything good that must not be blocked (i.e. fill up the exceptions list). Then, I just tell them to hit block on pretty much anything unless you are installing a new program or connecting to a different network for the first time. Also, Adblock Plus for Firefox silently blocks the bad content on most sites before it even reaches the firewall so that has helped to make the whole process more automated.
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I want to keep some photographs in a secure file .The laptop runs Windows 7 Home Premium & when I went to create a password protected directory Windows help said that this was not possible.
Can anyone suggest a simple solution? Is there any simple to use , free encryption software you might recommend for a novice?
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I am trying to create a non admin user account, which I know how to do the simple way, however I have been using the admin user account for a while now however I want to transfer/copy program setting, etc to this knew user account.

so I want to: create a non admin user account which is duplicate of the current existing admin account but from her on to install software etc I install under admin account.

I am using Vista too

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Lambie

A:How do I copy existing admin user account to normal user account

I would
> Create the new profile with admin privileges
> Transfer stuff things to the new profile (see here)
> Then remove admin privilege from the new account
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When I bought my new laptop with Windows 8 preferred me to create a Microsoft Account and use it to sign each to access Windows. After doing some reading I understand it syncs things like personal settings such as wall paper, font etc. What else does it sync? For example it seems to automatically connect other Microsoft products to the Microsoft Account used to log in to Windows, for example it automatically signed in Onenote which now stores notes in the cloud.

Does signing through a Microsoft Account backup programs and data of other programs? For example if I installed Adobe Photoshop and created a image using it and had my laptop stolen, would it have automatically be saved to the cloud?
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I am using a Yahoo mail account which downloads emails to Windows Live Mail on my desktop I am being spammed by Online Casino emails and despite blocking the senders domain in WinLiveMail it only lasts for a few days and then returns Also done the same thing with selective blocking in Yahoo Mail account settings email turn mail Temporarily account off Yahoo in for SPAM blocking but same result I tried to contact Yahoo Mail tech support to find out if it s possible to turn off my main Yahoo Mail account for a week or two as it is the one being spammed but I get no reply Apart from FAQ does anyone know how to email or live chat Yahoo Mail support I can t use the quot Unregister quot option in the incoming spam mail or I ll get inundated with commercial emails Also tried various options like Mail Washer etc Can anyone think of an option so I don t see these emails short of closing the account and creating a new one The thing Temporarily turn off email account in Yahoo mail is this is my main account I ve used in many online registrations The weird thing is I ve never been on the web site of Online Casino and never use the main email account in emails or online except for signing in to things like my ISP Yahoo Mail etc nbsp

A:Temporarily turn off email account in Yahoo mail

Yahoo email filters are poor; they only support the model:
block email-id is [email protected]​and spammers continue to reach you by changing the user portion. Better email client software supports that as well as:
block email-id contains @domain​and regardless of the email user, that domain gets blocked

fyi: Thunderbird is my favorite email software
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Explorer.exe-application error-the instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000.the memory could not be written
the problem happen when I try to sign n to my administrator account on windows 8.1 professional 64 bit.please if you know a solution contact me
this is my email address and also my facebook page:
[email address removed]

A:Problem with administrator account on Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

Have you tested your system memory?
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So my friend created an MSN / Windows Live account so she could talk to some friends.
Apparently every time she tries to add a contact, and then send them a message, it doesn't work.

I had her test this by adding my username, and it didn't pop up with the normal "accept and add?" dialogue box.
I messed with this a bit further and got no where.

I decided to test this in a controlled environment. I created a new Windows Live account.
I then signed on to the account with meebo (a browser-based IM client) and tried to send myself a message.
It didn't work.

I'm lost at this point. I don't know what the problem could be at all. Any insight would be appreciated.
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Has anyone used, read or heard about the program called easy duplicate finder? Windows Secrets publication was suggesting it. It has won many awards. What can you tell me about it?

A:Easy duplicate finder

We use it. Works well, but not perfectly. It has Unicode support for finding files that are true duplicates. Seems safe enough. Have had no problems with it. It does what it promises. The only problem is that few people I know need to find duplicate files... but if you do need to find them, this does a good job.
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Having completed a system recovery On my HP Pavillion Running Vista Home Premium, I was able to save the DBX files from my old Windows mail.
I'm now trying to import them back, but cant find ANY information how, or where they belong.
Everything seems to refer to importing Outlook Express 6 files into Windows Mail, or windows Mail 7
This is simply The old Vista Windows mail files, replacing the same version, Vista reformatted ones.
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Posted Fri Sep pm My computer ran out of disk space I thought the night before I had free up some space The next day I turn on computer I notice alot of icon on the desktop was missing and when I click on folder like my document which I had alot of gb of stuff in their it show empty My computer missing alot of stuff but when I go to my computer look at my c drive it showing alot gb is used up problem space account disk have An of out now on computer but cant see anything Been messing around when I go to An out of disk space now have account problem start my computer local c drive I see the message these files are hidden click on show content of this folder I see all my stuff their in different folders Seem like I am in all user account and need to be in user account When I go to C Documents and Settings user folder I see my stuff when I go to user I see what I see now When first turn my computer on basically new computer Empty but when I right click the box that comes normally white it s gray nbsp

A:An out of disk space now have account problem

How big is the boot hard drive?
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This also involves viruses and malware but I need to get past this issue first. I could get to the log in screen but after I log in to the admin account, it is just a blank/black screen. But, if I log into another user account, I could see the desktop just fine. PLEASE HELP! I already tried opening task manager -> run new task -> open windows.exe and still no results. Thanks!

A:Black/blank screen after logging in to account

Sounds like you need to do a fresh Windows re-install
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I wanted to change my user account name so I followed instructions from a article I found online in which it looked credible enough but apparently not It instructed to RUN quot Control Userpasswords quot which brings up the User accounts window Then I clicked on account I wanted to change name which happens to be main Admin account and clicked on quot PROPERTIES quot There I was able to change quot USER NAME quot Everything seemed fine until I tried to open WORD but failed with an error message it read quot click run virtualization han quot on top of window and the number quot quot inside the window I then went back to reverse what I did and found the quot USER ACCOUNT quot window empty my account that used to be there was deleted So I tried to System Restore and that failed with another error window I also noticed I was not able to open UNINSTALL PROGRAMS window can any body help me I would greatly appreciate your time nbsp

A:Accidentally deleted admin account by changing user name

Start Windows system restore before you boot. Tap F8 key as it's turning on, you'll get the option (Windows 7).
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So I can't install my adobe acrobat pro unless I'm logged in under admin.
Any idea how I can do this to my other account?
This happens with multiple programs, not just adobe.
I am running windows xp Pro

A:Software won't run unless under admin account

make the other accounts admin. or install software for all the users.

if you only have limited account restart computer and keep pressing F8 button and when options show up choose Safe Mode and choose Administrators Account.

Hope it helps
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Had a virus, got all cleaned up thanks to Broni, in the Virus Forums....

Still having Excel issues...if I try to open an Excel file without Excel already loaded.
Excel opens but requests User account Control Authorization before it will carry on.
Then says: "There was a problem sending the command to the program"...(the location of the file is displayed on the outside frame of this error)...then Excel loads on top of it with no file open.

I did move some files around to tidy things up prior to getting rid of the virus...but...

There are some files that Excel will open once it is loaded....those are displayed in Excel's recent files list....

Not sure if I should try uninstalling and reinstalling, repair fix maybe...??

Suggestions most appreciated.


A:Excel asking for User Account Control authorization

The fastest solution will likely be to uninstall Excel (or the entire Office suite) and then perform a new installation of it. That won't affect any existing documents you've been using but will give you a fresh install of your Office software now Broni has finished with ridding your computer of nasties.
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Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know of any tool that can simplify the process of configuring roaming user profiles. I have 4 computer; 2 running XP and 2 Running Win 7 (Ultimate and Home Premium). I want to make my Win7 Ultimate my main computer (server) and store a user account in it which can then be accessed from any of the other computers. So, Is there any software to simplify this as I am sort of running into trouble!

Thanks in advance


A:Roaming User Account Tools

No one has any idea of any possible program?
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Hi all,

a works laptop has gone screwey (it mainly affects the user account) and i need to get the pop3 mail settings etc off that account.
It lets me log in as admin only, albeit very slow and haphazard. It hangs when trying to log in as the user.
Whilst logged in as admin is there any way i can access the users email and export to a .pst so i can then re-import it onto a working laptop? If i log in to the user in safe mode, then try opening outlook it comes up with an error, asking me to restart the program or reinstall.
Using Outlook 2003 on XP Pro SP2 laptop.
Thanks for any help offered

A:Exporting users .pst from Admin account

Just browse to the relevant folder in the user's Documents and Settings..

If it denies access, take ownership of the folder and subfolders.
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Looking for what the title says to burn basic home video onto DVD's,
and maybe copy etc.

Only need basic editing features, such as titles, inserting audio, etc, besides
patching clips together to make 1 video.

There are so many for sale, and of course they all claim to be the best.

I've looked at and tried the trial version of Altdo, seems OK, any comments,
pro or con, or better alternatives? It seems to claim to do what I'm looking for.

Thought I'd ask for experiences and recommendations from savvy folks
who've used different ones.


A:Looking for easy to use fairly basic DVD burning software

I have used Roxio in the past and am currently using Nero, They both run exceptionally well and fairly easy to use. On Nero, the initial run may take longer, but as you go through the preferences you can choose what and what not to see. Roxio, I would assume is the same but the version I used is too far out of date. You can go here and download a trial...
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Hello Everyone,

First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this thread and hopefully me in my quest of finding the program I am after.

I am looking for a program or utility that would give me more control over xp limited user accounts. The backgrounds are constantly being change and currently I have to manually go and change them back to default.


A:Advance XP Limited Account Software

Check this out:

I know this is not what you are asking for, but understanding these concepts may help
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A particular user on Exchange server 2003 gets this error when sending external email:

You do not have permission to send to this recipient.
server name.domain.local #5.7.1 smtp;554 5.7.1
[email protected] unknown.

Have compared the settings to a working one, and all look OK. We also tried recreating the user profile and email address but it still doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook account not sending external email

As you got the error back from the server, there is nothing wrong with the client or Outlook. It is probably some setting on the server side, blocking this specific computer, user or recipient.
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I?m working on a PC running XP pro that had an Admin account on it. I wanted to add another user and was not able to. The PC was on a net work now it?s off the network and in a workgroup. When I was not able to add a user I switched the work group to a different workgroup. Added my new user, in doing that I got an error saying something about enable sharing files. I enabled or disabled can?t remember. At that point I was able to add my user. After I rebooted I no longer had the admin account and the desktop came up with a new screen saver. I did not delete anything. I need some advise to get the admin account back. Thanks!

A:Lost Admin Account

How about System Restore?
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For gaming, and on my specs below im being told xp is the better bet for gaming than win7 64.

Need some advice / opinions.....

Im running ( i appreciate this is not cutting edge)

AMD athlon dual core 3 ghz ( 2x64)
Asus m2n32 sli deluxe
New 2tb sata hd... Empty at present and in need of an os!
Gpu - Hd 6870 2gb
Psu tagan 520w ( 2 x 22A 12v rails)
6 gb ram

So should i go xp 64 or win7 64? Cant decide and future
Gaming is important!


A:An easy question: XP x64 vs Win7 x64?

Windows 7 x64. XP x64 was a huge failure, and though the driver support is good now, why buy the old? MS has stopped support for XP anyway. E.g., Halo 4 won't run on XP, x32 or x64. And future games will follow that example.
Windows 7 x64 is better than XP x64 in all terms, performance, stability, compatibility, etc.
So go for Windows 7 x64.