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resizing Recovery partition after a warranty service

Q: resizing Recovery partition after a warranty service

I sent my Asus K52Je to the warranty service last month, for a HD issue.

When returned, the HD was strangely partitioned:

Now, the Disk 0 has:
- a first (hidden) and not recognized partition: a 336 GB (!) RECOVERY;
- C:\ is the 116 GB NTFS
- D:\ is the 13.6 GB NTFS.

Should I resize the RECOVERY partition without any problem??
And after that, could I extend the C:\ partition? (I don't want to lose my licence and prefer not to use the 9-DVD-recovery tool...)

thank you.

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Preferred Solution: resizing Recovery partition after a warranty service

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: resizing Recovery partition after a warranty service

You will under no circumstances lose your Win7 license as long as you have a genuine Win7 COA sticker on the machine. You can reinstall this in any way you wish and MS will protect you, which is why they put the Product Key on the COA sticker - you should back it up now in case it rubs off.

In fact most tech enthusiasts prefer to get rid of the bloatware by Clean Reinstalling Factory OEM Windows 7. Everything needed is in the blue link. Asus may not support a Clean Reinstall but they cannot void your hardware warranty. I would simply not tell them if I reinstall. You'll get better support here anyway.

With such incompetent partitioning I wonder if Recovery will even run. Can you cue it up to see? I would also make the Recovery disks now so you have a backup if you want the preinstalled Win7. Another backup is to save a Win7 backup image of your customized install: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup. With these backups you may feel you can afford to delete the Recovery partition.

Either way you'll want to shrink it. I'd use Disk mgmt first to see how much it wants to shrink it. But you'll need to use free Partition Wizard bootable CD to safely Resize C to the left afterwards, which can also be used to shrink Recovery more if Disk Mgmt bumps into files in the way. You'll need to leave ample breathing room for Recovery to function. Partition Wizard Move/Resize Partition Video Help.

Personally I would rely on Recovery disks if i ever needed to fall back to factory condition to resell the unit. Otherwise I'd rely on a Win7 backup image of a factory install after I Clean Up Factory Bloatware, or for the very best performance I'd Clean Reinstall.
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See what chkdisk After Resizing, Recovery Partition Data Deletes happened was I was getting ready to migrate to a much smaller SSD as I've done a few times I shrunk the main OS partition and a secondary data partition and shifted everything quot left quot with gparted On next boot which I do to let it figure out what is where and ditch the quot dirty quot flag Data Recovery After Partition Resizing, chkdisk Deletes it Data Recovery After Partition Resizing, chkdisk Deletes did a chkdsk which is normal right it is on which I use most of the time but it just ran a zillion messages about deleting index for file insert file name here It then switched off to finish a reboot and never woke up The partition table's all messed up now from it trying to fix itself and honestly it's not my computer so trying to get her drive back whole is key here It's GPT partitioned and a spin drive so hopefully recoverable Ideas The method I tried worked about times before but on Win and Linux setups
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Hi first time poster

Full specs: MSI Z68a-GD80 i5 2500k Gtx680 Asus Hitachi Deskstar 1tb (boot) KingstonSSD120gb (games)

So last night I shrunk my HDD partition by 100gb, intending to dual boot W8. Never got round to installing it, but when I turned on my PC tjis morning it won't boot. It shows the manufacturer logo then goes to a black.screen with a blinking underscore

I decided to try putting in my W7 disk in to repair, but it starts loading windows filesthen givesme an error about not bring able to communicate with a device.0xc0000009 I think. I thought my HDD might be the issue, but it does it also when my HDD is unplugged and just my SSDpluggedin

Worried my PC is bricked at this point cause I can't boot or repair from disk. Advice appreciated!

A:Need Help. W7 wont boot after resizing partition. Recovery wont work.

Try a linux boot disc and see if you can change the partition size a tiny bit with that. Gparted is your best bet:

GParted -- Download

If you can, that may fix the error.
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Hi all I ve been working on resizing partition Partition partition disappearing! After D: keeps with Magic, a Dell server not sure of the model but can get it tomorrow that has Windows Server and a GB hard drive split into two partitions giving us a C After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing! and D drive Recently somebody from the office used Partition Magic not sure of the version to resize the partitions I think they After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing! re roughly split up for C and -ish for D Anyway the resizing appeared to go well but every couple of weeks the D partition completely disappears from Windows Computer Management shows it as unallocated space I believe Fortunately I m able to easily restore the partition using a bootable Paragon Rescue Kit CD It quickly scans and finds the quot lost quot partition and it restores it in no time I ve done this a couple of times now over the past few months The question of course is WHY is the partition dropping out or how to prevent it from dropping out in the first place The thing I find really odd is that it will drop out while the server is running -- meaning it will just disappear at a seemingly random time and nobody will notice until they try to access data that was on that partition Any suggestions on what I can check or what the solution might be It s really confusing It s nice to know how to restore the partition but obviously it s still a hassle to have to do that It d be much nicer if the partition wouldn t go in the first place Thanks nbsp

A:After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing!
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I have downloaded partition Partition Solved: Resizing with Logic the Partition Logic Solved: Resizing partition with Partition Logic program in order to resize the C partition from GB to GB on my system My file system is NTFS and I have a GB HD which is divided into primary partition GB and logical drives GB GB MB and GB respectively with the remainder of the disk free My OS is Win XP Pro The program keeps emitting error messages during the resize procedure and therefore I would appreciate any assistance please When I start the resizing procedure by choosing the partition to be resized in this case C a popup message appears which reads Resize Partition Current ending cylinder Enter ending cylinder - or size in megabytes with m m m or size in cylinders with c c c So I enter m to m to increase C to GB Another popup message reads Resizing Resizing partition from to sectors Please use this feature with caution and only after making a full backup of all important data Continue Press OK The program the starts to resize and then this error message appears Error New size can t be less than the space already occupied by data You need to delete unused files OK This is followed by Error Error during file system resize I have repeated the procedure twice more with the same result I have even tried entering the new size in cylinders rather than megabytes as suggested by the program Still does not work Also googling did not help I noted that certain members of this forum may have had experience with Partition Logic If so perhaps they can throw some light on this because I have no clue Thanks in advance nbsp

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I purchased a new xps from dell over two weeks ago nbsp Currently the laptop is working fine however I ve tried tried to register the laptop under my products multiple times since receiving the laptop nbsp Whenever to new for customer not tag reach service register service because xps13 to unable + warranty found unable I try to enter the service tag it keeps giving me an error quot Products not found nbsp There rsquo s no match for the Service Tags that were entered quot nbsp At first I thought maybe it was because the laptop was new but it new xps13 unable to register for warranty because service tag not found + unable to reach customer service has been weeks now and I m still getting the same message Not only that but I ve been trying to contact dell through email for weeks now and I always get the same quot you will get a response in hour quot reply but nobody ever replies nbsp I feel like the biggest moron right now because I paid for years of premium support and you won t even answer a freaking email nbsp I m pretty close to just returning this laptop and buying a piece of macbook because at least apple responds to support requests

A:new xps13 unable to register for warranty because service tag not found + unable to reach customer service

Was the system purchased direct from Dell?
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I installed win7 on a new partition I created in Vista, but want to increase the size of it now....the below article say's I can, but the selection to expand is greyed out? I guess I might need to be running whole computer as administrator, I am only user, or should this be done in safe mode, or do I need a third party program? A lot of questions I know! Thanks...

Resize a Partition for Free in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

A:resizing new partition

I had this problem also. Unfortunately I gubber things up and ended up reinstalling so I just resized the partitions when I reinstalled (no files on the other partition). I do see that extend partition is still greyed out though. Anyone else?

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I was wondering if it were possible to resize/reallocate my partitions (via GParted)
I currently have a 240GB HD which is foolishly only allocated 10GB to my Windows boot. I'm down to around 100MB of remaining space. Is it possible to extend the size of the first partition (Windows) and shrink the other?
Or do I have to simply reformat and repartition it all...


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I have a second disk in my computer that holds 4 partitions for data mainly and is 250GB.

I have bought a 1TB drive and need to put this one in the place of the aforementioned.

I have an Acronis copy of the second disk and have no trouble in transferring it to the 1TB.

However, I want to extend the last partition to fill up the remaining space on the 1TB.

I have used GParted, but the disk is not recognised after partitioning in Windows.

I have tried messing around with Shrink and Extend in Disk Management, but when it comes to Extending it says Dynamic Disks are not available

Vista Premium
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So far I've been using three partitions: C: (20 GB, Win XP) D: (290 GB, applications) and E (290 GB , miscellaneous files) Now I'm moving on to Windows 7 and thought I'd rearrange things. I'm planning to increase C:'s size to 200 and E:'s to 400, while erasing D:. I've already got everything backed up on E:, so the data on D: and C: doesn't matter.
What's the best way to rearrange the partitions? Do I risk corrupting E:? Or is deleting a partition and adding some empty space to an existing one an easy process?

A:Partition resizing

During the W7 install you can delete C and D and put W7 on the C that you will create.

Once W7 is installed you will have a new feature where you can adjust the partition sizes from inside W7 by using disk management inside of the administrative tools.
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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to resize a partition once it is in use. I set up a new SATA drive with 3.91gb for XP, 58.59gb for software and 49.29gb for storage. The problem is that I want to install XP service pack 2, but I dont have enough space on the XP drive to install the update. I would also like to reduce the size of the software drive.

Any help appreciated.

A:Resizing a partition??

Check out "PartitionMagic 8". Highly recommended, and I used it yesterday for the first time with ease, although not for what you want to do. Use a Google search, if necessary.
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one last issue as my thread was closed. partition I formatted has 80 gigs. I have a 500 gig hard drive. anyone wanna walk me through deleting the partition and what's the best resizing tool?
there's a partition with an 100mb idc what's on there I just want the space

A:partition resizing help

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I have a second disk in my computer that holds 4 partitions for data mainly and is 250GB.

I have bought a 1TB drive and need to put this one in the place of the aforementioned.

I have an Acronis copy of the second disk and have no trouble in transferring it to the 1TB.

However, I want to extend the last partition to fill up the remaining space on the 1TB.

I have used GParted, but the disk is not recognised after partitioning in Windows.

I have tried messing around with Shrink and Extend in Disk Management, but when it comes to Extending it says Dynamic Disks are not available

Vista Premium

A:Help on resizing Partition please

Paragon Partition Manager is the beast you need. Get it from here.
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Okay so I got a new hard drive A shiny GB Western Digital But there s one problem I have a fresh install Partition Resizing of Windows and it can only detect Partition Resizing GB of it I ll be getting a broadband connection pretty soon so upgrading my OS to detect it all isn t a problem I just need to know what tool or program I should use to resize the last partion once I can access all of it I have a couple of Live Linux CD s but I haven t gotten any of them to sucessfully divide up the HD Besides I need to resize a NTFS partition so using Linux isn t desirable The program doesn t have to be free I m only needing it once so shareware is fine PS Does anyone know of a place to get SP for XP Partition Resizing I installed SP a Partition Resizing few days ago before getting the new HD and it killed my performance nbsp

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I am using Acronis to try resizing a 200 GB partition, the last partition on my SATA 750 GB HD, but it wont.

I've looked at the other partitions to see if Acronis is working and they are all available to resize easily.

This 200 GB partition though recognized is not available for resizing (the up and down blue tabs next to it wont light up?). I can move the partition and/or change the size of unallocated space around this partition but it will not be made available for resizing? I don't get this when the other partitions can be resized?

Does anyone know why this might be? And how it might be fixed?

I am tired of moving large amounts of GB between partitions to delete partitions just to resize them!


A:Resizing a partition!

Just a WAG, rename the volume, assign a different drive letter
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I want to shrink my Vista partition by 10GB so that I can install ubuntu 8.04. The problem is shrinking the partition. I have tried to use the Vista utility to shink the partition, but its not allowing me to shrink more then 1GB, even though I have 176GB free space. (see screenshot).

Any help?

A:Resizing partition

You may have unmovable files near the partition border. You can see what the file distribution looks like with Sysinternal's "DiskView".

Try defragging to see if the amount increases. If not, try defragging with one that does a boot defrag. If that doesn't work, you may need an offline defragger like Paragon Total Defrag 2008 or from a bootable CD like UBCD4Win.

Free defraggers:
IObit Smart Defrag (Schedule and boot defrag.)
Auslogics Disk Defrag
Ultra Defragmenter
Defrag GUI (GUI for native defrag.exe.)
DIRMS 1.2.20 Defragger (command-line)
Disk Idle Optimizer
Power Defragmenter
Diskeeper Lite
O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware
DefragMentor Lite (Boot-time and command-line.)

(PageDefrag is good to use with all the above in XP. It does a boot-time defrag of all the major locked files.)
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My primary partition uses all of the space on my hard drive. Can I resize it so that I can add another partition ? If so can someone help me? I know how to create a new partition when there is free space, I just need to know how to free up the space.

Thank you,
Mike G.

A:Resizing a W2K partition

You will need a third party program like Partition Magic .

Windows does not itself have support for resizing the partitions.
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Hello out there..
I need to resize my C: drive to allocate space for a new partition. Does anyone know how to do this. i have a 60gb hard drive and it is all on one drive I would like to use some of that space for a backup D: drive.

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Hi guys.

I have 3 partitions on my 160 GB HDD:

C: 25 GB for OS and system files
E: 40 GB for programs
F: 85 GB for games and media

I would like to reduce the partition size of C and E to about 15 GB each and reallocate the space saved to F.

I am using Windows XP 32 Bit. What is the best way of going about it?

A:Resizing A Partition

EASUS Partition Manager (freeware)
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My PC has a HDD of 40GB, out of which currently my C:/ drive (XP) is 6GB and D:/ drive is 15GB. I have about 17GB unpartitioned space which I would like to use to resize my C:/ Drive.

I am trying PartitionMagic and some other partition manager software but the system is now allowing to do it.

Please find enclosed my disk info taken from PartitionMagic. I need your suggestions please.

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Is it possible for me to resize my C partiton without having to format the drive? I used Windows XP to partition my drive when I formatted it originally. I find I need more than the 20GB I allotted C: back then for programs. I appreciate any help, thank you.

A:Solved: Partition Resizing

Not without specific partitioning software, no.

here is one such free partitioning utility
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Ok here s my problem I have GB of used space and GB of unused space that is unallocated I am trying to expand out my GB but I am having troubles This is what I got Layout Simple Typeynamic File System NTFS I tried right clicking the volume with and clicking extend volume and I get this quot The selected volume is a system or boot disk or was created on a basic disk in an earlier version of windows and cannot be extended quot I have tried using partition magic and Partition Problem Resizing it wouldn t let me resize it It keep saying use the operations menu and Resizing Partition Problem I couldn t click anything in the operations menu System Specs Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Resizing Partition Problem Pack Celeron R CPU GHz MB of RAM My computer tech guy says the only way to expand it is to reformat I can t get that done til tomorrow and I don t want to come in tomorrow nor do I want to continue working on the mac that I previously had office just upgraded Resizing Partition Problem from Mac s to PC Anyone know if there is anyway to extend this volume without reformating Thanks in Advance nbsp

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Can anyone recommend a good freeware to resize an NTFS partition. Being something of a freeware junkie, I'd rather not have to pay for Acronis for something I'll only be doing once in a while. I've read about something called "NTFSResize"--a linux program, as well as "GParted." I tried GParted, burned the ISO image correctly, but couldn't get it to load. Haven't been able to download NTFSResize yet. Something appears to be wrong with their server at the moment.

Any recommendations...?

A:Resizing NTFS partition

same error message

Even after burning the ISO with [email protected], I get the same error message as before. I'm prompted to type "startx" for a graphical interface, but sending that command through, the screen changes to this error message:

(EE) Failed to load module "dbe" (module does not exist,0)
(EE) Failed to load module "extmod" (module does not exist,0)
(EE) Failed to load module "glx" (module does not exist,0)
(EE) Failed to load module " record" (modules does not exist,0)
(EE) Failed to load module "via" (module does not exist,0)

Fatal server error: no screens found

XIO: fatal IO error 104 (connection reset by peer) on server ":0.0"

Maybe I need to reload the chipset and vga driver? I don't want to waste your time on this, but if you have any quick thoughts on it...
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Quick question. Easy answer.

Transferring to Ubuntu. Running dual boot system. Need to give Ubunutu more space.

I remember once hearing that resizing a windows partition is dangerous.

Is this true? Will shrinking the C: partition and extending my /home partition in Ubuntu ruin my Windows partition.

A:Resizing the Windows 7 partition

No problem, shrinking space will not affect your Windows install.
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I am having a lot of trouble in resizing a partition that I created a few days ago I stupidly wasn t thinking when I created it and made it a total size of MB very helpful I have tried to partition) PartitionMagic a (Resizing Help resize that PartitionMagic Help (Resizing a partition) partition Drive P to make it bigger by taking space from my primary drive Drive C Drive C is GB and has GB free space My problem is that when I select Drive P and then click on quot Resize Move Partition quot in the side menu I am told that both the minimum and maximum size of the drive is MB and clicking the arrow buttons on any of the options won t change the numbers in them Basically it won t let me put a quot New Size quot in for that option Also both partitions C and D are NTFS I am not the best when it comes to computers but any help would be very much appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

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I have reinstalled XP x64 Edition after a nice ride with Windows 7, and now I have this problem. I have over 200GB of space on the XP partition and I'm trying to extend it to near 500GB of space using the allocated space left from Windows 7, but can't because the Disk Management is so stupid that it cannot extend a boot partition. I have heard of all of these excellent partition management programs however I am a freeware guy and I need freeware. However, I don't know which program to download because I want to stay out of bootloader issues and reinstallation. What is good freeware to assist me with this issue?

A:Resizing boot partition

Easeus free Partition Manager
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Hello, I've got a problem which I'll show on screen:

I just freed some space from D: but "extend" option is gray out, any ideas why ?
thx in adv

A:Resizing Primary Partition C:

Well, yeah. D: is in the way - you can't make C: just skip right over D: and use the free space after D: - it doesn't work that way.

In the first place, your D: is a logical volume inside an extended partition. That extended partition itself is still using all the disk space there is.

I recommend you use Partition Wizard or EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition to change D: to a primary partition, then move it to the right so you get free space between C: and D: - then you can expand C:.

Free Partition Magic alternative. Free Partition Manager Software for Windows 7/VISTA/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2000.

Free Partition Magic alternative. Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32 bit & 64 bit - EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition.
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Hey guys, I have no idea where to post this so I decided to post it here. Sorry for being a noob.

I'm dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 8.1, no errors, both run smoothly, all's good. :3
Thing is, when I installed Ubuntu, I gave it 70 gbs of space.. And I regret it. I want it to have more.
Is there anyway I can resize Ubuntu partition safely without damaging anything in both operating systems?
If so, where do I resize it? In Win8.1 or Ubuntu?

A:Resizing partition for Ubuntu

This guide should help you.

How to Resize Your Ubuntu Partitions

Posted via Blue Vivo IV Android Smartphone
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I am trying to find some free software that helps me resize my NTFS partitions. I have Windows XP.

Any recommendations or any tips about how to do it myself?


A:Resizing NTFS Partition

Do you have a partitioning program like Partition Magic? If you don't know, try looking at the Programs list in the start menu.

PS. Why exactly are you trying to resize your partitions? If you're trying to install another operating system, post back and I'll give specific info on how to do that.
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Why is it not possible to resize the Win8 partition? The option is grayed out. Using the diskpart in cmd will show this:

A:Resizing the Win8 partition

First, is there any free space on the disk you are using? Secondly, have you tried using the partitions manager?
Press Start, type in "partition", click on Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions.
You need to make sure that there is free unallocated space.

Also, are you running an elevated command prompt (as an administrator)? Use shift+doubleclick to run it as an administrator.
Edit: Woops looks like you are.
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I have an 80 GB HD running XP Pro. Running low on space, I bought a 250 GB drive. I used the WD software to image the 80 GB drive onto the 250 GB HD. No problem except the 250 GB drive is seen as 80 GB. Using Partition Magic 8.0 I opted to resize the partition. It did so and there is no performance problem except the resized 250 GB drive is only 114 GB. I am better off than I was but where is the full 250?

The computer is a Dell 8200 about 5 years old and there may be some drive size limitation but I don't know how to get around it. Can anyone help me?

A:Resizing A Hd With Partition Magic

Check in your Disk Management (RightClick MyComputer > Manage > Disk Management) on the right hand side bottom of the window if there is any unallocated space there??? Also Make sure that u have atleast SP1 installed in your computer...
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When I installed 7 I partitioned my HDD into 3 separate partitions (the one I was going to install 7 on I made 20GB, another 20GB one and the final partition to be the rest of the space)

Basically, Windows keeps complaining that there's not enough free space left in its partition, so I want to combine the partition windows is installed on and the other 20GB one (which is empty except for bootsqm.dat)

Can I just copy the bootsqm.dat file to the partition windows is installed on, format it and resize the windows 7 partition to make it 40GB?


A:Resizing system partition...

In "Disk Management", you can just delete the empty partition. It will be shown as unallocated space behind the W7 partition. Then you can just extend the Windows 7 volume with that unallocated space by right clicking on the empty space and extend volume.

Before you restart/reboot, read the following link regarding boot recovery, if any:
System Recovery Options
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Hi there,

Yesterday I tried to increase partition C with Easeus. I did it successfully a couple of months ago. Today (after 16 hours of processing) the PC still reads 55% total progress, 10% current operation, 100% preparing operation.
Please help!

A:PC hanged while resizing partition C, help please

My guess is the drive was rather heavily fragmented when you ran the process.
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I am running Windows 7 all great and haven't had any problems, I want to make Windows 7 my sole operating system and remove my XP partition. I managed to install Windows 7 on a separate partition with no problems but just wondering if it's all fine to go ahead and delete my XP partition and then resize my Windows 7 partition back up, this wouldn't create any problems?

Just a matter of backing up all the essentials first, just in case?


A:Removing XP and resizing Win 7 partition

Hi there
If you want to get rid of XP just boot into W7 and do clean install.
Delete ALL the OS partitions and create new one's from the install prompt.

If you want a separate partition manager download the BOOTABLE FREE GPARTED application. Just google for it.

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When I got my new MacBookPro a month ago, I set aside a 65gb partition for Windows Vista Ultimate x64. Now I only have 3gb left on my Windows partition, and I so I was wondering if there is anyway I can resize my Windows partition at the expense of my OSX partition without losing any data in either the OSX or Windows partitions. Thanks for the help.

A:Resizing a partition without formatting

if you create or download a live cd for linux that includes partition magic or gparted and you can boot up from the cd and resize it with out any hassles.
as always though back up anything important because murphys law hasn't been solved yet
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This looked to me the best palce to post this.
I resized my M: partition which holds my personal data and would like to add that unallocated space to my C:\ which holds windows and my program files.
The space says it is unallocated but when I go to resize the C:\ it doesnt appear there is any space to use. I dont understand. Please help. Thank you so much. Im using EASEUS Partition Master but I think i've had a similar problem with partition magic.

A:Resizing Windows Partition HELP

It wont allow me to make C:\ any bigger OR smaller. I dont understand.
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I am running windows XP on a Dell Dimention with an Intel Pentium 4 processor at 1.6 geg. I have a 40 geg hard drive that about a year ago I partitioned using Partition Magic Ver 7. I have discovered that I made driv "C" too small and keep getting low disk space alerts.
I tried to change the size but could not, I then upgraded to Partition Magic ver 8.01. The program still will not let me resize.I tried to contach Power Quest for help, the reply I got back was that Symantic purchased this software and I should contach them.I have tried this to no avail.
I am running Norton System works 2004 and have performed diagnostics and have found no problems that should cause this problem.

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I don't know if the right place, but I'll share my problem. Last days I resized my C: drive in order to put Linux on my free space and dual boot. Since then my windows lost his activation, gave me eroor code 0xC004F012 and don't want to shut down - just log off. Have someone experienced this and any ideas for fixing. Thanks in advance.

A:Lost activation after resizing partition

If you are running version 10586, just go to activation menu, select 'change product key' and enter old 7/8 key.
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I tried to take unused space from a different partition, which I've successfully done before and it corrupted my system32.hal.dll and now I can't access any of my data!

Why didn't I back up everything? Bad reason, but I have a dvd multi drive, which for some reason wouldn't let me record anything other than cd and I just kept planning on doing a full backup once I got the dvd record function working - now neither works and I only have access to my computer from a very tiny partition.

I was told by one friend that everything on my d: drive would be completely unrecoverable because of the fact that I reloaded xp pro on my c: drive. Another friend has tried valiantly to help me from overseas and has managed to recover some of my data, and we've been able to see even more of it, but so far we can only open two of my photos even though we were able to save dozens of them so far.

Has anyone dealt with a problem like this? Please help me out!

A:Help! Tried resizing partition and lost access to everything! has a product that might solve your problem, at least they have a demo version that you could use to explore your partition structure

also read and investigate these links they might be able to resolve the problem
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I want to shrink my C partition with Windows 7 installed, but Win7 partition manager wont shrink it past 200GB because of unmovable files. I dont know what files those are though.

If I use Partition Wizard to shrink the size to 100GB, is it safe to resize when there are unmovable files? Will this damage my system?

Why can a third party program shrink the partition, but Windows cant?

Thanks for any info.

A:Resizing partition with unmovable files

You could shrink it, but I don't like the idea of unmovable files. I'd do backups of everything important and if all else fails you'll have to re-install. =( It could be system files too.
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I installed windows seven beta a few weeks ago. I made the partition too small at the time and just recently used a live ubuntu cd's partition editor to add more space to the windows seven partition.

When I booted into vista it automatically check the drive and restarted with no problems.

When I attempted to boot into seven it gave me an error screen saying I need to reinstall my O.S.

I have lost my cd for the beta build. Is their anyway I could get a copy of the iso from Microsoft again? Or would it be easier to upgrade to the release candidate? Or can I posiblely repair without the cd (when I try to acess the extra features of f8 on the boot screen I get the same error as trying to load the os)?

A:Seven boot problems after partition resizing

What error do you get?

In Vista , rt click the 7 partition and run check disk.

Also, have a look in Disk Management and see if the 7 partition shows up correctly.

If it does, may be able to fix it using bcdedit in Vista.
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I tried installing Win 8 and I needed to re-size a C: partition so I used MiniTool Partition Wizard to re-size it. It said it needed to reboot and then it re-sized the partition. But after trying to boot into Windows again I'm stuck at the pre-BIOS screen and I cant enter BIOS or do anything. Any help would be great because I really need it. Thanks.

And here's the screen sorry for the bad quality. I didn't know which section to post this in so I did it here sorry about that.

A:Resizing partition for Win 8 stuck at pre-BIOS

Welcome to the forum, Nunchez.

Obviously you're dual booting. You may have damaged the volume boot record. I don't mean to add insult to injury, for I know you may be frustrated, but using 3rd party programs for any OS tweeking or disk management is most often destructive. I know there are some good programs out there and use a few myself, but one must be careful with these.

What is the last part of the 1st line?

Do you have a system disk or mirror for 7?
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I previously had a windows 7 / 8.1 dual boot system but I was running out of room on my hard drive so I deleted the windows 7 partition and expanded the windows 8.1 partition using gparted. I then rebuilt the BCD from cmd using a recovery drive and was able to boot into windows. The problem is that when my computer starts and I log in to my account it says "preparing windows" and after like 15 minutes it finally gets me to a black screen where the only thing I can see is my cursor. I was hoping someone could help me get my computer working again. Thanks.

A:Problem Booting after resizing partition

@ deyanimay: welcome-
It might be trying to recover/repair the OS. You may have done things backwards, you should have re-configured the boot loader first then set defaults, then start deleting stuff.
You may have to clean install.
(There will most likely be more advice forthcoming, we love to help; check back periodically.)

Maybe restart and get yourself to the Boot Menu with the appropriate F key.
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hi ppl really stressing atm my friend lent me hes lappy and i was to resize the partitions so that he could save hes files on the other partition well i installed win xp os on the main partition was able to backup hes files to a folder i didnt have enough hdd space on my pc to backup all hes stufff i know sigh I ran partion partition files PLZ HELP cant crashed see ! resizing magic and resized the partitions i followed the prompts and i rebooted xp following the reboot the partition magic screen appeared and i proceeded resizing partition crashed ! cant see files HELP PLZ with the resize however it CRASHED at just wouldnt move i was waiting for mins and nothing moved on the screen gt lt So i unplugged the usb cable and it finally booted into windows however now i cant even see the partition anymore what should i do plz help me i need to recover the files again are there any apps out there to help me recover the files or even restore the partion heres how it looks like now in partition magic could some help me plz thx resizing partition crashed ! cant see files HELP PLZ

A:resizing partition crashed ! cant see files HELP PLZ

Hi AzNDuDe and welcome to TSF !

Use Partition Table Doctor. Here are the instructions on how to use it. Make sure you read the user guide as well. The free demo version can't make any changes to your drive but it will tell you whether it can recover the older partitions. Go to operations and select rebuild partition table and see if it can find them. You'll have to buy it (40$) to be able to make any changes to your drive.

As always when recovering files or deleted partitions you'll want to make sure nothing writes on the drive to prevent it from overwriting the existing data. Install the recovery software on another desktop computer. Stop using the laptop, take its drive off and slave it to that computer using a 2.5'' to 3.5'' IDE adapter (check that the lappy uses a 2.5'' IDE drive first). Make sure you disable system restore on all drives on the desktop (system properties => system restore) before you do that so that no data gets written on the drive you're trying to recover.

Never resize partitions when there's still valuable data somewhere on the hard disk. Partitions should be created before you install XP as there's always a chance the resizing process fails. Also what do you mean by USB cable ? Were you resizing the partitions using an USB interface ? You should never do that. Always make sure the drive is hooked to a SATA or IDE controller before you repartition it.
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Dear sir,i have dell 610 laptop in this 60 Gb Hard drive,i was resizing my all hard disc partitions with partition magic 8.0 during this operation power failed although my battery was not charged, when again i start my pc partitiion magic showed error 626, now position is that windows xp is runing my 3 partitiion is showing but 1 is not showing, in the partition magic that shows Pqrs format and unreadable, plz give me advise that now what i have to do???? as my this partition will back with my all data. and also i reinstall my window due to some viruses.thanks

A:resizing partition with PM power failed

You should have kept two copies of all your data - - one copy on the Dell hard drive and another copy on a completely separate hard drive (external).Try partition recovery software or file recovery software:Partition recovery: recovery:
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Here s my situation I have win XP installed on a gig hard drive I want to create two partitions on a new gig HD Install Windows on the first and then use DriveImage to copy the contents of my previous HD to the second partition and then resize that partition using PartionMagic Let me now say that I have spent several hours trying different things half knowing what I was doing luckily I know enough to leave everything in a repairable state to no avail and am growing very tired and frusterated So just bear with me and read a little more and you will have XP Resizing prob. partition-startup a Win done enough to secure your way into heaven The first thing I tried was very stupid I installed windows to the first lpartition Installed XP on the second partition- just to change the boot sector so I could select XP once it was on the next partition i didn t know how to repair this manually with the repair function on the XP installation CD at the time- I kinda know now after experimenting Then I used DriveImage to copy my old Resizing a Win XP partition-startup prob. Drive over the XP partition I believe I had to delete the XP partition first then resize the partition Resizing a Win XP partition-startup prob. once it was copied over whole lot of unallocated space Needless to say XP did not boot correctly If you have not fallen asleep here is where I am at now Having grown very frusterated I decided to just delete all partitions off of my new drive copy the old drive over and then resize it to the full size of the drive and just forgetting about Resizing a Win XP partition-startup prob. Windows Well for some reason Partition Magic mind you I am using the boot disc version because isn t compatible with XP Wouldn t let me resize the partition over around gigs so I just created a new one in the extra space for good measure Now XP boots fine but hangs on the log on screen with no users being shown to select I m going to try to run scan disk on it to see if it fixes anything if not I m at my whits end Tell me how to fix this problem and I will be content but if you wish to give a detailed explanation of how to achieve what I initially wanted in first paragraph with the software I have - DriveImage and PartitionMagic - I will be forever in your debt nbsp

A:Resizing a Win XP partition-startup prob.

Don't bother to reply. I have since done a fresh install of both OS's. Thanks for all the help.
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Gah, this sucks.. I almost had a heart attack when I went to resize my Windows partiton.. all was going well and then suddenly it was error'd and had to reboot.

So now I'm stuck with Windows attempting to boot, then telling me there was problem last time, select an option. I do and it reboots, and loops. Ideas?
Formatting is an option I can see, I don't mind it but its not something I want to have to consider.

A:Computer mucked up while resizing partition

If the partition is mucked up as seems to be the case, then formatting is certainly the best and easiest option.

You could always try putting the drive in another system as a slave drive and see if you can retrieve any important files etc, before you format it it.

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I hung with PartitionMagic 8 while resizing the system partition. When I rebooted, the XP logo was displayed for 2 or 3 seconds and then I got the BSOD showing Stop: 0x0000024 (0x00190203,0x8665A828, etc. Booting into Safe Mode turns out to be the same. This situation is certainly due to the partition being corrupt.

Since I have personal data in this partition, should I try Partition Table Doctor first or a Partition Recovery program ([email protected] for example) or chkdsk?

This is an XP-SP1 installation

A:BSOD after PartitionMagic 8 partition resizing

How far did PM get before locking up?

You may be able to do a repair install of XP ... Just boot to the CD, press ENTER at the first screen, F8 at the next, then R to repair an existing install.
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I hung with PartitionMagic 8 while resizing the system partition. When I rebooted, the XP logo was displayed for 2 or 3 seconds and then I got the BSOD showing Stop: 0x0000024 (0x00190203,0x8665A828, etc. Booting into Safe Mode turns out to be the same. This situation is certainly due to the partition being corrupt.

Since I have personal data in this partition, should I try Partition Table Doctor first or a Partition Recovery program ([email protected] for example) or chkdsk?

This is an XP-SP1 system

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I have a pretty big that I need some help with.

I was installing linux on to a External Hard Drive and you can choose where to install it to. I accedently chose my brothers HDD-(The main one). It stated to resize the main partition on my brothers computer. I freaked out and shutdown the computer. I rebooted and tried to run windows off my brothers computer. It won't load windows. But, when I load windows from my hard drive and then go to my computer. I can see his hard drive and all the files inside of it. So I know his hard drive wasn't wiped or anything it just some how the computer can't read windows.

I hope you guys can help. Thanks.

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How can I best resize a disk partition as seen in the attachment.
I was hoping to delete the 4.6~ gig FAT32 partition and expand the NTFS to fill its place.
Any handy way to do this without to much risk of data loss?

A:[SOLVED] Disk partition resizing?

I would back up all important data on the FAT partition, then see if this software will work for you.
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I really need your help with this problem.

I have an Acer Aspire 5733-6607 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit installed.

Two Months ago, I made another partition to install Elementary OS on it. After getting tired of it, i decided to delete the partition and resize my windows partition using EaseUS Partition Manager. While doing the operation, something went wrong and the computer restarted and went into a boot loop without showing any sign of windows installed.

I used a Ubuntu Live CD in order to try to fix it but when I checked the details, it says something along the lines of:
Error: Filesystem check failed!
ERROR: 1 clusters are refrenced multiple times. NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on windows then reboot it twice!

What do I do? Do i have to do a clean install again? (I dont want to lose all my data though)

Thanks in advance for those who can help me.

A:Something went wrong while resizing partition, now windows cant boot.

Welcome to Seven Forums migloredan.
See if this might help, Option Two.
System Restore
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I have a laptop that had a GB disk where I had install Windows and Windows dual booting So when I looked at disk management when Windows was booted I had partitions in that order System Partition with MB Windows with GB Windows with GB HP recovery with GB I used the backup and restored application from Windows and created an image backup of my disk with all the partitions I then removed my GB disk and installed a new TB disk I then used the Windows repair disk and restored the image backup onto the new disk I now have the resizing Need help a Win / and moving 8.1 7 dual Win boot in partition following map on the disk in that order when Windows is booted which is what I expected System Partition with MB Windows with GB Windows with GB HP Recovery with GB Unallocated space with GB What I would like to do next is to increase the size of both my Windows and Windows and then use what Need help resizing and moving partition in a dual boot Win 7 / Win 8.1 is left to create a Data disk Basically this is what I would like my partitions to look like System Partition with MB Windows with GB Windows with GB Data with GB HP Recovery with GB I read on different product like Mini tool Partition Wizard Partition Magic Paragon Disk Manager that can be used to resized and moved partition around but my main concern is the booting of Windows after the partitions are resized and moved About the HP Recovery form reading a lot on the subject because it is done in the BIOS I'm not sure I will be able to get it to boot after I moved the partition around but that may not be a concern at this time Unless some knows a way of making it to boot after I moved the partition Again my main concern is to get Windows to boot after it gets moved around I plan to upgrade it to Windows Thank you for any help on the matter Also which partition disk manager would you recommend Regards Luc

A:Need help resizing and moving partition in a dual boot Win 7 / Win 8.1

A Partition Wizard Boot CD will do what you want and not harm your dual boot.

Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition

Whatever you do, do not try to make another primary partiton.
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I was going to partition my hdd it had gb free and it has gb so i partitioning the hard drive i used partition wizard i always use that program After it finished it reboot then it got stuck at bios it would not load any cd or dvd it will just hang there There it says two options quot Press F to run setup quot i press it and says quot Entering Setup quot and nothing happens and quot Press ESC for BBS POPUP menu i press it and says quot Boot selection popup menu has been selected quot This is what the screen says AMIBIOS C American Megatrends Inc BIOS Date Ver Copyright by Hewlett-Packard Company CPU Inter R Pentium R CPU GHz Speed GHz Press F to run Setup Press ESC for BBS POPUP menu Checking NVRAM Initializing USB Controllers Done OK USB Devices s Keyboard Mouse Storage devices Auto-Detecting Pri Master IDE Hard Disk Auto-Detecting rd Master ATAPI CD-ROM Pri Master ST AS Ultra DMA Mode- S M A R T Capable and Status OK partition a815n resizing Hp stuck after pavillion My computer was running Windows My computer is Hp Pavillion A N I was trying to resize my partition but it just stopped and got stuck at quot Ultra DMA Mode- S M A R T Capable and Status OK quot As i mentioned above I tried to boot of a cd dvd but it wouldnt work i have other hard drives and the work perfect

A:Hp pavillion a815n stuck after resizing partition

Try this:
Disconnect the hard drive with your OS on it (the problem one).
Now see if you can get into the BIOS Setup
If you now can, then change the BOOT order to boot from CD/DVD drive first. Save and exit.
Now reconnect the hard drive, and boot from a CD/DVD to test.
This is only addressing the BOOT issue. Fixing the OS startup is another issue that you need to be able to boot from a DVD to work on. Let's see if this works first.
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just downloaded locally partition magic 8... task resize partitions c: d: e: on same physical drive... c: primary d: & e: logical... adding space to c:.... do i need a boot disk and can i run the program straight away with any surprises...

A:resizing partitions - partition magic 8.. without help file

can i run the program straight away with any surprisesClick to expand...

with any surprises? of course!

If you took the download option from the Symantec site, it should contain a help file once installed; If not, contact Symantec.
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Hello, I have a problem resizing NTFS partitions on my external hard drive. First I tried to shrink one of the partitions using the Disk Manager utility in Windows 7 (I thought that I can resize the other one to the unallocated space using the 'expand' functionality), and later also tried EASEUS Partition Master. Both seem to have trouble with the first step, which is reduction of the space on the first partition (700 GB -> 250 GB), as both programs simply get stuck. (I let it run for 4 hours before giving up). I also tried runnig checkdisk to see if some sectors of the partition are not damaged, but it didn't help. I would really appreciate any hint as to how to solve this problem, or a recommendation about which alternative software to try. Thank you.

A:Resizing a partition on an external hard drive

I use Partition Wizard
Free Download Partition Wizard

Can you post a screenshot of your disk management?
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Hi, Wonder if someone can help

I'm wanting to install Win7 as a dual boot alongside my existing XP set up and have been trying to follow the excellent guide at Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

But I'm stuck at resizing the existing partition as described at Partition or Volume - Shrink

I get as far as the command prompt and selecting the drive, but as soon as I type "shrink querymax" or "shrink desired=15360" or even just "shrink" I get the message

"Diskpart has encountered an error: This service cannot be started in safe mode"

Now I can't see any way of getting a command prompt WITHOUT starting in safe mode ... am I missing something?

Grateful for any suggestions - or would it be simpler to use a third party partition manager?

Many thanks

A:Resizing Partition to install dual boot

You might need to use a 3rd party program like Partition Wizard Bootable Disc

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD
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Hi everyone Sorry that my first post on this forum is a question I'm on a MacBook Pro with Bootcamp and Windoys Ultimate x I downloaded a third party program on windows to expand my C drive partition and after doing so and restarting I got a startup error The error is Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause To fix the problem Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer Chose your language setting and then click quot Next after partition Windows Startup error resizing quot Click quot Repair your computer quot If you do not have Startup error after resizing Windows partition this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance File Boot BCD Status xc Info An error occurred while attempting to read the data So I popped in my startup disc and did as it requested The only option I could see that would work was the startup repair and it said that it did not find any issues with startup So I'm at a dead end and I would really appreciate some help Thanks

A:Startup error after resizing Windows partition

Actually, these are the steps to follow when windows fail to start :

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

You need not to do the vires checks, but follow the others. Specially, Dont forget to run startup repair at least three times, with restarts, and the sfc scannow at boot.

Let us know the situation after following it !
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My PC specs Asus P Z -V with a SATA WD Caviar Black GB The HDD has four partitions and I've had Windows bit installed on C for three years Windows was just installed four months ago Before this I had my Windows and BIOS ahci-enabled C Windows lt gt D Stuffs lt gt E Windows lt gt F Stuffs Yesterday I needed some space on my F so I started Partition Wizard I used this program a lot before with no problems and cut gb from C after that Partition after Wizard, Stuck BIOS resizing help! with at queue it to extend F that much space Because C is located first but F is located last PW created queue which is cut - gt move D - gt move E - gt extend F The two first actions were performed fine however when I restart as PW promoted I was stuck at the BIOS unable to access BIOS with the red led lit on the P z -v which means there was a problem with a boot device If I unplug the HDD the system Stuck at BIOS after resizing with Partition Wizard, help! goes into BIOS just fine but obviously can't boot anymore There is a lot of important data on that disk which I can't afford to lose My problem sounds almost like the same as this one http www eightforums com installation-setup -resizing-partition-win- -stuck-pre-bios html however when he changes his BIOS to IDE mode his HDD booted into Windows However mine doesn't I've disabled Secure Boot but that doesn't work either It just stucks at the BIOS splash screen Currently I am considering to burn a PW CD and hotswap the HDD in order Stuck at BIOS after resizing with Partition Wizard, help! to fix the MBR and stuffs But if somebody can help me resolve this I'd be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

A:Stuck at BIOS after resizing with Partition Wizard, help!

Yea, I'm thinking the only thing to do is boot with a repair CD and try to fix the MBR. All that partition moving may have mangled things to the point the MBR is glitched.

You may also want to pull the drive, put it in a USB caddy and pull anything important off it before you start messing anymore with it.
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I had an empty GB partition on the left of my computer and a GB Boot No Not resizing partition, Booting after Error on the right side but I wanted to combine them Windows was on the GB partition I booted GParted and combined them it copied everything from the GB partition over and resized it it took Not Booting after resizing partition, No Boot Error a few hours I assumed after it wouldn't boot and all I would have to do is pop in my Windows install disc and go through the repair setup At first I ran startup repair and it would say it found a problem and I rebooted and still nothing After the bios loads and it lists my DVD drives I just get a cursor blinking nothing else No BOOTMGR missing Odd I thought so I ran repair again and again it found another problem I did this several times before it said it could not detect a problem but it still would do the same thing I opened the cmd prompt and issued the following commands bootrec fixmbr bootrec fixboot bootrec rebuildocd I tried installing a second copy of W on a GB partition on the end it went successfully but still blinking cursor Theres a MB partition at the beginning of type Primary the main windows one is System and the test windows partition is Primary as well I thought the first one was usually MB but maybe I am wrong Still I am stuck with a blinking cursor Any insight is appreciated thanks

A:Not Booting after resizing partition, No Boot Error

I've only used GParted when installing Linux. It may be worth a shot to boot it and see if it has some sneaky way of remembering the last operation. See if it gives any option to undo.

In the old days I used to move partitions all around using Partition Magic and everything always booted fine. Guess it's touchier now.
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I have a System partition which is running out of space. Using GParted I took 1GB from the Data partition and made it unallocated. Now, how do I add that to the System partition?


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Hi all.
I just have a question for you guys smarter than me as I was unable to find solution for this one.
I have 2 partitions on 1 physical HDD. One for System and one for Data. On the one for Data I've got about 100GB free space and the one for System has only 1GB of free space. Now I'll be reinstalling Windows 7 soon and would like to make partition for data bigger. Is there any way to take away like 5 GB from the Data partition and give it to System partition without having to format all HDD? I don't want to loose files from the Data partition.

A:Resizing system partition without deleting data


Yes you can do that. Normally, you simply shrink C: (your system partition presumably), therby creating free unallocated space. Then you expand your existing data partition into the previously created unallocated space. Very easy.

Use Parition Wizard to do this, as it is more flexible than Windows Disk Management for this job:

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

Before you start, post an image of the existing disk management so we can check for any possible issues before you start:

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Hi I tried to resize the second partition on a friend's notebook from GB to GB the partition where Windows is installed it's a Lenovo IdeaPad U I did this with KDE Partition Manager from a Linux Mint KDE LiveUSB after I couldn't find the partitioning utility in Windows in Control Panel where I read it was supposed to be Something went terribly wrong and now I can't boot into Windows anymore I'm not sure why though because KDE Partition Manager didn't report any errors I went through the log as boot can't Error after resizing 0xc0000225 partition, I always do What I did was to shrink that partition from GB to GB and Error 0xc0000225 after resizing partition, can't boot accidentally I also moved it to the left by MB towards the first MB partition the boot partition which might have caused the problem I don't know I'm posting here because I have almost no experience with Windows the last Windows I was using was XP and the boot stuff is a lot different so I don't want to screw things up more than they Error 0xc0000225 after resizing partition, can't boot already are This is the error I'm getting before Windows starts more or less I found this error googling and it seems to correspond to the one I'm getting in Czech quot Windows did not start correctly A recent hardware or software change might be the cause To fix the problem insert your windows installation cd and restart your computer choose your language settings and click Error 0xc0000225 after resizing partition, can't boot next click repair your computer If you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance Status xc What options do I have now There is no install disk for Windows it came pre-installed I couldn't fix this with the Linux utilities neither GPartEd nor KDE Partition Manager detect any errors and fsck ntfs doesn't exist yet apparently Linux-based LiveCD I've been booting from trying to fix this Clonezilla GPartEd LiveCD report dirty dev sda which is the second partition and suggest using chkdsk which I can't do besause I can't boot into Windows I've been considering to install GRUB which would only boot into Windows however I first have to figure out how to do that exactly And then there's the fact that I don't know anything about the Windows bootloader Could somebody explain to me how that boot partition works those first MB on the hard disk if there is a backup of it somewhere and how I can restore it if windows won't boot Here's how the partition table on that notebook looks like partition ntfs MB flag quot boot quot partition ntfs GB Windows is installed here Clonezilla reports dirty damaged filesystem however I can mount it in Linux LiveCD with no problems Maybe these warnings come from the fact that Windows ntfs partitions needs to be checked by chkdsk after every resize and the partition is fine apart from that unallocated space GB where part of the second partition was before shrinking partition extended GB partition logical ntfs GB Windows D Drive partition ntfs GB this one might be some sort of a backup partition It contains directories like boot in there there is a file called bcd seems important and there's also a bootmgr and a pagefile sys wonder what it's doing there another and bigger pagefile sys is on the second partition the one with the Windows install Right now I'm downloading a Windows Recovery Disc from here Download Windows System Recovery Discs amp x The NeoSmart Files I hope I'll be able to run chkdsk from there or some sort of Install Repair But I really don't know what to do without causing even more damage Install GRUB doesn't it damage this MB boot partition How does that partition work anyway Wait for the Windows Recovery Disc to download this will take a while I'm on GPRS right now and run chkdsk repair install Try to build some live environment with Bart PE and Windows XP and run chkdsk from there probably a bad idea XP NTFS and Windows NTFS is not exactly the same plus the bootloader... Read more

A:Error 0xc0000225 after resizing partition, can't boot

In my experiences, system recovery disks are usually tied to a computer manufacturer. (unless this has changed in windows 7)

Can you try to get ahold of a full install disk for the original OS version?
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While re-allocating free space PM hung. Now have two partitions 'lost' - one renamed PqRP and the other 'unallocated'. All my data is in the PqRP.
I have opened PTEDIT and can see the affected partitions - but I am nervous about committing changes to them.
The instructions I have (from the web) just say 'select the correct fat32 / ntfs parameter for the partition and save'.
But it won't save as the sectors heads etc are all empty.
Can I use the information from PM / Properties of the affected partitions to complete these?

Any help much appreciated - this is a major disaster for me.

A:Partition Magic 7 disaster! PqRP while resizing

I've done some research and the most helpful information I have found is this:
Read through the threads and hopefully they will be helpful to you,
Best of luck,
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Hi, I purchased an Inspiron 1543 on Oct 27, 2015 from an authorized dell store at GIP Mall Noida and since then I have been strutggling with Dell Warranty team to update the warranty status under dell festive offers. They have updated only NBD warranty date to Oct 2018 sine I have purchased two years extended warranty, but all the other warranty dates are yet to be updated and they are not even replying my emails. The worst customer service I have ever seen. I will never recommend anytone to buy a dell product. I have provided everything they reqested already. My service tag #<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>. My contact # are<ADMIN NOTE: Phone number removed per privacy policy>. Can anyone help? And specially Dell should not sell it's product through cheaters like Skope computers(A dell authorized showroom, GIM Mall, Noida.) They are thieves and cheaters and not have manners.

A:Warranty issue and customer service

Hello. You have posted on the Laptop Audio discussion board. I suggest that you post on the Customer Care board. Do not include your service tag and contact numbers, because those will be removed as per forum policy. If someone from Dell replies to your post, they will ask you to send them that information via the forum's private message feature.
I hope you find success in resolving your warranty issues.
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hello nbsp brought a ideapad series few months back ang got the motherboard problem times nbsp asked them to replace for one to one nbsp customer service Ideapad 500 - issue warranty support Ideapad 500 - warranty service issue center is really pathetic and very irresponsive guys they dont call mail to update nbsp they just take their own sweet time nbsp when i call to call center for the update they said its all already ready and asked me to collect but the support center guy after waiting for mins in queue he says no havent heard anything from the management nbsp really asked him who is management the reply was lenovo management nbsp why the support center doesnt work on weekends nbsp do expect your consumers to take half day leave just to go and wait in the support center to hear such irresponsive support answers nbsp within just months did visits to support center and still one more time to collect that dump nbsp i dont want support service business with lenovo and just wasting my time and efforts nbsp much much appriciated if you pay me my laptop money nbsp brought this laptop by beliving my friend's suggestion that the hardware is real professionally good nbsp haha nbsp by completely non-satisfied consumer nbsp Mod's Edit Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue nbsp
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I have purshased a lenovo y50 laptop on 19th March during my trip to USA then I returned Egypt back and discovered that the laptop is defected with dead area in the trackpad and a horrible display with very ugly yellow color.
I contacted Lenovo Egypt and they told me to go to service provider to get these issues fixed. The service provider said they will replace the trackpad but they see that the screen is normal and they have no solution for it.
Before I bougth it, I made sure that all waranty services can be done from Egypt but Lenovo Egypt refused to replace the laptop and the service provider refuses to fix the screen. It is really disappointing!!
[Moderator note: Edited to remove personal information]

A:Lenovo Y50 - 70 Egypt Warranty Service

How to escalate this issue to Global Lenovo support?
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Hi everybody I tried to resize my Win parition with Esaeus partition Error partition, Windows can't boot 7 resizing - after 0xc0000225 manager So I had to restart win and before starting the SO the program began resizing the partitions Unfortunately my brother plugged off the pc and when I restarted the pc on Win I saw this error xc quot boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible quot What I care most are the files that were in this partition So I tried first to save them from XP but it doesn't show the Win disk but only the Xp one and the partitions showed are only the xp one and a green one saying quot available quot and this one used to be the win one Then I tried to boot with the Win disc and use the startup repair wich the first time seemed Windows 7 - Error 0xc0000225 after resizing partition, can't boot to work and after restarting and using startup repair once again it said quot unable to repair send to quot by the way i can't even restore the system by an image file What can I do

A:Windows 7 - Error 0xc0000225 after resizing partition, can't boot

Please help me!
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I was partitioning my C drive of windows using partition magic so that to install Linux. my laptop(hp pavilion dv5000) had only 1 partition so I tried this stupid thing. Unfortunately power went off during partition, and now I m not able to install windows XP neither from recovery disc or from regular xp cd. Some linux (suse, fedora) and windows vista are installing fine. But I need XP disparately. What to do. Plzzzzzz help somebody!!!!!!

A:power off during resizing C drive using Partition magic, not able to install win XP
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Hello guys please help me i m very confused and anxious when trying to resize my partitions to make a new one with ext format with partition magic i got an error and it restarted the PC I didn t read that error it was too fast to catch it after starting windows I had many unallocated areas i guess partition magic stopped the resizing disappeared partition magic with with after The partion errors process suddenly and didn t continue it s job now I have also besides the unallocated area error in a partition it renamed the letter to and i can not see it on quot my computer quot drives next to others in his old place and I can not access it The partition disappeared with errors after resizing with partion magic by defragment tools or check disk they can not see it and partion magic gives me this error file The partition disappeared with errors after resizing with partion magic record marked used file Error I checked the solution at symmantic they say run check The partition disappeared with errors after resizing with partion magic disk but as I mentioned it can not see it it doesn t even hold a letter to refer to like D chkdsk f as it was but it s now as appearing in partition magic PLEASE HELP ME nbsp

A:The partition disappeared with errors after resizing with partion magic
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Hi All. Am running Win 7 Home, and downloaded Partition Wizard to help me change partition sizes to create dual boot scenario with Win 7 on both drives. (Just fyi am trying to set up to do Android development and need for various reasons to have two development environments, one with regular Java/Eclipse/Android SDK, and one with Java/Eclipse and MotoDev install. Just checking here first, any advice on best way to make system partition larger before partitioning? I know from reading about Partition Wizard here on these forums it seems some people have blown their original install using this PW product. Am trying to avoid that if possible. Thanks a lot. webmeist

A:Resizing/partitioning with Partition Wizard, preemptive question?

Download their Boot ISO and burn a boot recovery CD in case of disaster.

Shut-down all other applications before committing changes to disc as they recommend.
In the past P.W. added/altered my partitions successfully many times,
but once I lost all partitions.
Defense+ in Comodo Internet Security doubles the time taken to copy or delete a large quantity of files;
I now believe any such protection should be shut-down when changing partitions.
BUT FIRST Disconnect the Internet to prevent infection and any "out-of-band" security patch installation.


Use the Boot recovery CD,
That automatically ensures freedom from applications competing for resources,
it also avoids all the incessant business of Windows Services.

N.B. I do not blame P.W. for my partition loss.
I was making extreme changes,
plus the Boot CD included a Partition Recovery Wizard that made my world a happy place again.
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I am using Partition Magic 7.0 to resize my Windows partition so that i can dual boot Windows XP with Linux. When i resize it, the new partition shows up in the PM program and then tells me I have to reboot in order for the changes to complete. It seems like it is going to work but when i restart my system the partition is the same single NTFS as before. I don't know what I am doing wrong and I have tried it about 10 times, can anyone help??


A:Partition Magic 7.0 is not resizing my NTFS partion after I reboot

Newer Linux installers can resize NTFS by themselves - throw away that ancient version of Partition Magic.
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To anyone who might know a solution to this quandary As a fresh user of Windows Home Premium -bit that came installed with my new desktop computer I am now and then confronted with issues I never encountered before I have been relatively proficient dynamic + in Issue partitions HD on a partition a resizing + backup in using XP for years on my older machines but can not always solve problems I run across now Here goes When I added an external TB HD to the new computer I partitioned it into four partitions making use of the partition capability that comes with Win This in contrast to my XP computers on which I used a separate commercial disk management utility it is unfortunately not compatible with a -bit OS Two of the partitions were reserved for document picture and video files one was reserved for backups one for an extra Windows swap file Note the other swap file is naturally on drive C - for the time being Once I get up and running with the new computer after transferring all my files and programs to it I shall open and use a lot of programs simultaneously to evaluate the amount of space the swap file Issue in resizing a partition on a HD + dynamic partitions + backup s need s After which I may probably use only the allocated space Issue in resizing a partition on a HD + dynamic partitions + backup on the external HD and extend shrink the partition following my findings After partitioning I took the precaution as I did in the past to leave sufficient GBs so as to be able Issue in resizing a partition on a HD + dynamic partitions + backup to shrink extend any of the partitions whenever necessary this resulted in an 'unused' partition Now nothing in this constitutes a problem because everything in that part went without a hitch I also used the backup utility that comes as well with Windows Indeed it seemed quite adequate if not extremely sophisticated compared to other commercial or even free backup utilities more about this below My problem started when after some automated backups I noticed that the Windows utility takes up quite some space while not all my programs and files have been transferred yet Moreover it appears that the utility cannot be programmed for different kinds of backups incremental full differential etc It seems to do a full job every time - lest I have been missing something somewhere I thought I could momentarily lessen the problem by extending the partition I had dedicated for backups - making use of the 'unused' part of the HD And it is there that I hit a wall - or rather got entangled in a typical MS catch- situation When I right-clicked on the symbol of the drive in question in Administrative Tools Disk Management 'extending' the drive was indeed accessible I followed the menus and filled in the amount of MB to increase the partition size But when I went to the next stage there was a warning saying that if I proceeded the partitions would be changed to dynamic ones and so on Even if that was rather strange since no partitions had been added I have no problem with the change because I do not intend to install an OS on that external drive But when I clicked quot yes quot - and here come the Catch- part - another warning quot The operation is not supported by the object quot The extraordinary aspect is that this dialog comes under the heading quot Management of virtual disks quot I am not making this up After this I even tried to make that partition active No difference in behaviour and no way to go back to a simple primary partition either What is the solution to this quandary Use a third party disk partition manager and another backup utility - since both Windows defaults seem to have restrictions and mannerisms Is perhaps the backup dedication of the partition in the way Indeed all other partitions on the HD can be shrunk and extended at will And what about that dynamic configuration bit No partitions were added after all To repeat myself I just wanted to make use of the 'unused' space I set aside ... Read more

A:Issue in resizing a partition on a HD + dynamic partitions + backup

Follow up my first post: picture of the full Disk Management page - with top of page visible. Still in Dutch, of course.

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I am so frustrated with HP's customer service I will never buy an HP product again because of their nbsp horrendous customer service and the fact that HP either doesn't honor their warranties customer Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE service Not or they make it exceedingly difficult to do so nbsp I have an HP chromebook Pavilion Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service nbsp -c dx that has a malfunctioning touchpad and no one from HP is helping me Intermittently my touchpad won't work The cursor pointer starts to shake vibrate making it almost impossible to click on what's intended and the scroll function freezes up Also a powerwash has not fixed the problem I started calling a couple of weeks ago while still under the one year warranty HP told me my chromebook was out of warranty It was not They had an incorrect purchase date They told Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service me to scan and send proof of Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service purchase I did twice to two different people and two different email addresses I was told my chromebook would be repaired and to wait for the box to ship it in nbsp I have an order number nbsp BFBB nbsp but I have received nothing According to the order status online it says waiting for customer action nbsp I was told by one of the several people I've spoken to that he would personally make sure my issue would be solved but refused to give me his full name Now when I reply to the emails I previously got from customer service I get automated replies stating my chromebook is out of warranty and I can no longer get email support I just called customer service and he said I still need to send in my receipt for proof of purchase SERIOUSLY HP you are doing terrible business by making it so difficult for people to have their problems fixed And shame on you for not honoring your warranties nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service

Hi @bassplayinlady ,
I sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your private messages then this post has instructions that will guide you through the process.
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I wonder if in your country Lenovo guys ask you to wait 45 days for warranty works in service centre.In St.Petersburg, Russia I was asked to wait 45 days cuz spare parts are not available. And it is for really new laptop I just bought.Is it really firm service or home kitchen?I just wanna say Hi for VP in Lenovo company responsible for the customer service  Please let me know your awaiting time. Who give more?

DSC_0651.JPG ?989 KB
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Hi This is a rant plea for help from someone at Dell nbsp For the past months I ve been through the wringer with Dell s warranty service nbsp Short story for patience horrible service with Dell's Out warranty of those who don t want to read this entire tail of woe nbsp I ve been through LCD screens one motherboard replacement nbsp and now one entire system replacement - Out of patience with Dell's horrible warranty service and I still have a computer with issues because Dell keeps sending me JUNK and wrong parts - nbsp And to top it off my warranty is about to run out And now the long story My story begins almost a year ago when I purchased a new Inspiron nbsp I loved that laptop and things were great up until Feb of this year when the LCD screen developed an issue with burn-in image retention I contacted Dell tech support about this and the tech agreed that the screen needed replacing He said he d send out an on-site service tech with an LCD replacement kit and a motherboard nbsp I thought sending the motherboard was strange since the issue was clearly with the LCD screen nbsp So I asked why they d send a motherboard nbsp The tech said incase the replacement LCD doesn t fix it nbsp Strange This should have been a red flag but I just shrugged it off Jump forward a few days later and the on-site tech shows up nbsp He says he doesn t know how to replace the screen in this model laptop nbsp He said any time he s tried the clips in the bezel break nbsp He also said Dell should have sent the entire LCD assembly as there are no instructions to replace the LCD screen only nbsp He called up Dell s on-site tech support line to see if they could supply him with instructions and Dell instructed him TO REPLACE THE MOTHERBOARD for an issue with an LCD screen nbsp He didn t know what to make of it but did what they said and replaced a PERFECTLY GOOD motherboard which OF COURSE didn t fix anything nbsp So the tech says to ask them for the entire LCD assembly nbsp So I contact Dell and ask them for the specific part number which to their credit they send nbsp But of course there are still issues with the screen Dead pixels backlight bleed and the touch screen often has a mind of its own and causes the cursor to go crazy nbsp Also at this point I m noticing the laptop runs much warmer than before there s a loud quot coil whine quot and the touchpad now randomly stops sometimes nbsp So my perfectly good motherboard was replaced with a broken one Great By this time screen number had arrived nbsp But it was the wrong part nbsp It was the k UHD screen and I had the p version nbsp I am a software developer and I use Linux and a lot of Java software which does not scale properly on Hi-DPI screens So once again I had to contact Dell and tell them I can t use a k screen After sending the wrong part Dell said they d replace the entire system with a refurbished one nbsp Great Finally an end to this I hoped nbsp But nope Dell sends me an Inspiron quot gaming laptop quot with a k screen Even after I specifically told them I am unable to use a k screen nbsp However by this time I had well and truly had enough nbsp I just wanted to be done with the entire ordeal nbsp But as I am beginning to learn there is apparently no end to it because guess what the Inspiron has a few issues of its own nbsp The screen dims flickers when certain shades of blue enter the screen lots of owners are complaining about this it s an inherent flaw of the LG quot pentle quot screen used in these There are a few youtube videos that show this if you search nbsp I could have just changed the resolution to p and lived with the flicker but nbsp It OVERHEATS LIKE CRAZY and the fan never shuts off nbsp Even when idle nbsp Tonight nbsp as I was trying to use it the thermal protection kicked in and it actually turned itself off right when I was in the middle of working nbsp UNACCEPTABLE I ve been patient and courteous throughout all this nbsp But now I ve had enough I am not going ... Read more

A:Out of patience with Dell's horrible warranty service

Tough luck. I've also have had more hardware issues than I can count, including trackpad failures, fan issues, lights burnt out, etc... I just continuously had stuff break on my $1400 laptop for no reason. 
After months of dealing with this ***, I decided I just wanted Dell to buy the laptop back from me or give me store credit as that's really the only repayment for the amount of stress and issues this laptop has brought me. I was basically told by the highest level sales manager that I cannot return the laptop and I just have to go the Dell's support system. There is really nothing you can do except constantly call in service requests and once your warranty expires, like me, you are pretty much screwed.
That being said, I will never buy any Dell product again.
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I have a HP ENVY m7-010dx that died last night.  Upon power up nothing happens except a continuous slow blinking light on the cap locks key.  I went through their online troubleshooting help section and it looks like it is a hardware issue and will be going in for warranty service.  The big problem I have is that the hard drive has lots of sensitive personal information on it that I believe a good tech could copy and fairly easily decipher.
So what can I do?  I have never removed an internal hard drive and accessed it as an external drive.  I really need to wipe all personal info before returning for warranty service.
Any ideas?

A:How to Secure Hard Drive Before Warranty Service

DVDs?  USB flash drive?
How much personal info are you talking about?
Since most of us don't have that much (IMO) personal info on a system...either of the above should do.  Simply copy the data to new media and then delete it from your hard drive before sending.
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Hello nbsp Service Warranty in Indi... not honored International I purchased a Y - laptop in US nbsp one nbsp year back I did check on the International Warranty Service both with US and Indian sales support teams and after that went ahead with the purchase of the laptop with year warranty extension nbsp nbsp Now I am in India and got an hinge problem with the laptop As per this link nbsp https forums lenovo com t Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series Y - -Touch-only-customer-review-broken-hinge- Lenovo investigated the issue and created a nbsp service TIP nbsp SF -I nbsp HT nbsp But the Indian customer support agents are International Warranty Service not honored in Indi... trivializing IWS and said that I need to take the laptop back to US for repair Even though the product is under IWS and supported in India it is disappointing to deal with arrogant customer support agents who are declining the repair by quoting IWS When I nbsp mention nbsp the nbsp service TIP International Warranty Service not honored in Indi... they are saying it is only for US and doesn t apply to IWS Could someone please let me know if that is true Would Lenovo IWS not cover a design defect nbsp This is my first Lenovo laptop and it is very unfortunate to go through this I went to local service centers twice already and each travel took me hours Hope someone can help nbsp Praveen
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I had sent my Y50-70 to Giat Solutions Service Center (Malaysia) to fix its screen. They found out that the part of the separator inside one of my USB port came out a little. But they decided it was CID (Customer Induced Damage). I recalled that the USB port was slightly tighter than the others when i first received it. I take a very good care of my laptop and i had not drop it once even after 1 year. The damage of the USB port looks nothing like those pictures Lenovo posted on their official website. I m very disappointed with the service since i paid a lot of money for that machine. If they cant fix the USB port for me, i can no longer trust the Lenovo Products. Please assist me.
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I?ve used Minitool Partition Wizard for a while without any problems. I?ve just upgraded to version 9.1 in Windows 8.1 Pro x64.
I?m trying to reduce the size of a 2TB NTFS formatted user hard disk by 500MB and create another partition in the 500MB free space.
I?ve set Partition Wizard to reduce the size of the main partition to leave 500MB at the end of the drive. When I click Apply, I get the enclosed error. I?ve scanned the disk with the Partition Wizard error checker and chkdsk but this finds no errors.
What does the error mean and how do I proceed from here?
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help me please

i need to recover a PqRP drive, it was ntfs format but failed when i tried to resize it (computer restarted for no reason) it haddnt finished :O so now i look in partition magic and its set as pqRP (note im using it as a slave cause i have another computer ) it wont boot in the computer it was in :O


A:Partition Magic 8.0 Windows XP HDD resizing STOPPED restarted = broke

Pretty much all partitioning tools tell the user to back up their data in advance. And most would ignore it.

So I use 2 part's: one for win and one for my doc.
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I just have to resize my partitions in using WinXP or Windows 7. What software can I download that is easy to use and reliable that is free or has a trial period? I only need to use it for a day.

A:What is the most reliable and easiest to use free/trial partition resizing software

I use Parted Magic, download the .iso, burn to CD (not copy), set bios to boot from CD and I've never had any problems. Free and you've got a CD with it on for future use.
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i need help with resizing NFTS also i use g parted but it says it doesn t recognize using QTparted Windows Errors resizing Ubuntu & partition gParted, the file system and therefor cant split or resize it also it will not let me unmount the drive i also get an error with Ubuntu it eather hangs on the HDD partitioning or fails to resize it beta The hard drive is running good now it has xp home on it just fine so i dont see why it refuses to partition or unmount it my next step is to burn kinoppix Errors resizing Windows partition using gParted, Ubuntu & QTparted to a cd and try it i did however have to reinstall windows xp times in the summer because it kept getting corrupted so may by my HDD is dying but if it was would windows be able to pass chkdisk it is about years old WD caviler gb rpm not sure what that could be thanks btw admins if u feal im Hijacking this thread ill you can open a new one edit when i use kinoppix QTparted to resize the partition it says quot hopelessly there are many bad sectors quot and wont resize it is the drive dying as i thought or can i fix the sectors with something other then chkdisk Moved this reply to its own thread nbsp

A:Errors resizing Windows partition using gParted, Ubuntu & QTparted

im runnig the sacn but i noticed that SMART was turned off, about 5% into the test(extensive test) an error comes up and says "to many bad sectors" and fails me, is this mean the drive has failed and could this cause it not the be able to be resized

thanks again i will try the test with SMART on but i doubt it will make a difference
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My Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 has been acting strangely lately. Whenever I start it up, it starts up and goes all the way up to the windows 7 screen, with the symbol that has the 4 colors. However, after that my mouse shows up and that's all that shows. It's basically a blank, black screen mouse with it.
I have a one year warranty that was included with the laptop that expires in 3 months. Should I use this warranty and go back to Office Depot for them to fix it...or should I use my recovery disk to fix it?
I'm not sure if the warranty will help as I heard bad things..any advice would help.
Thank you!

P.S. I have also tried troubleshooting the problem. I have tried holding the power button for 1 min and have tried cleaning the RAM. None of these have worked.

A:Use recovery disk or warranty?

<<Should I use this warranty and go back to Office Depot for them to fix it...or should I use my recovery disk to fix it?>>

It seems to me that the nature of the problem...which is not yet defined...should determine your options more clearly.

I've not owned any OEM systems covered by a warranty. Seems to me that the terms of that warranty are something that you should become familiar with.

If the terms indicate that you should return the system for everything that might go wrong...then such is a viable option. If the warranty covers system/component defects (such as a typical component warranty will), then I would think that you need to be able to assert with confidence/proof that such defect exists.

Recovery disks are supplied by the routine way of overcoming system Windows problems that the user/customer cannot deal with. These disks may or may not be supplemented by system support webpages at the site of the system manufacturer.

If I had an OEM system...the support webpage for that system would be the first place that I would look...for possible answers to situations that I encountered while using my system.

FWIW: Office Depot is not the OEM, Toshiba is. If you have a warranty with Office Depot, that is quite different than the Toshiba warranty. In either case, the written terms dictate.

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When I went to buy a laptop, I have not considered any other laptop as I thought Dell would be perfect for me. However, let me tell you, it's not. Within the period of 1 month, I started getting touch pad issues which is not resolved completely yet. This is not ended here. I bought this laptop (which was the worst decision I have ever made) in October 2014 and this Dell dashboard shows my warranty expiring in July 2015. I am emailing to them and nobody even bothers to give a reply. On phone support I have asked several times that I want to extend my warranty, however nobody helped me for that too. Is this your SO CALLED superior customer service and quality product? If yes then please stop selling Dell Inspiron 3542 model. Pathetic touch pad! LET ME KNOW HOW CAN I FILE A COMPLAINT as I cant take this harassment further.

A:How to file a complaint against dell customer service and Warranty

Contact link, bottom of the screen.
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I ordered Precision M3800.
But warrant information on support website is incorrect.

How can I fix it?

Ship date: January 01, 0001
Country: Unknown
Service: No information available.