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Disk read error/ Installer and recovery hanging

Q: Disk read error/ Installer and recovery hanging

My laptop has been experiencing the disk read error on startup I called Sony I have a Sony VAIO Laptop hanging Installer and Disk recovery error/ read VPCF FD and they put me through all these steps including trying to Disk read error/ Installer and recovery hanging boot up the recovery partition of the drive Through the steps taken they think that the OS is corrupt as the computer had been freezing before The only step that has taken effect is the reset default values of the BIOS When the recovery partition is selected it hangs between the quot Starting Windows quot screen and the first recovery screen Sony wanted me to pay for discs to be sent to my house but I am building a gaming desktop PC so I thought I would just buy the OEM System Builder Win Home Prem x and use that disc to install as I have the product key my laptop uses So I bought the disc today and booted my laptop off of it but like the recovery partition it sits between the Start Windows screen and the first install screen I was wondering if anyone knows if there is anything I can do to fix this all help would be appreciated Thanks FYI The mouse pointer does appear on the screen during the hang between the screens I can move the pointer around so I know that it is not frozen

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Preferred Solution: Disk read error/ Installer and recovery hanging

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Disk read error/ Installer and recovery hanging

Does the HD register in BIOS setup? If so set SATA controller to AHCI to try install.

Boot the DVD, press Shift + F10 at first screen to open a Command Box, run Diskpart Clean Command.

Then follow these steps to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

If install continues to fail, post back at what stage inClean Install Windows 7 and any verbatim error messages

Remember not to use the retail OEM Product Key you bought as it will become locked to that mobo. You own the license which came with the laptopn for it's life, using the Product Key on COA sticker on bottom.
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Hi, I have a toshiba satellite C650 that has recently come up with a disk read error. I want to access the command prompt to try some potential solutions that I have read about on the internet. I have made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which also has Windows 7 installed. When I use the recovery disk and it has loaded the files etc it just brings up a black screen and the cursor. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I tried booting my acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine. Also does anyone have any suggestions as to why I am getting the 'disk read error - hit ctrl, alt and delete to restart' message? Any help would be much appretiated, thanks.

A:Disk read error and recovery disk not working?

Hi -- First go in and fill out your system specs completely. == Are both of the PC's using the same Win 7, Home Premium or whatever the case may be? Are they both OEM or Retail?
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I shortcut disk hanging working recovery and Norton c: on not bar m not sure where to put this because it s two interlinked problems one of which is probably a registry issue and the other a hardware problem but here go To begin with I am running Office with XP sp but I have preserved and continued to run the old MSOFFICE EXE Shortcut shortcut bar not working on c: and Norton recovery disk hanging Bar because shortcut bar not working on c: and Norton recovery disk hanging I find it much more useful for my purposes which involve a lot of custom-built buttons than the more recent alternatives I have run the Shortcut Bar with Office for several years without any difficulties Three days ago my Shortcut Bar suddenly relocated itself from the side of the screen onto the Task Bar I couldn t get it to go back so I think I closed it from Task Manager and re-opened - or maybe I rebooted I can t recall Anyway ever since the following has been the case If I try to run MSOFFICE EXE from a copy on the C drive it doesn t work It looks OK and some features such as Refresh Icons work and the buttons move when pressed but no applications open as a result and the Customize option is unresponsive I have my OS and data files on separate hard drives On the data hard drive F are backup copies of Office and If I run the copy of MSOFFICE EXE which is inside the backup of Office it works fine but the one with Office doesn t However if I copy the Office version of MSOFFICE EXE onto the C drive it no longer works but is inactive as above Also - and this seems to me to be the truly weird part - if I leave MSOFFICE EXE on the F drive but call it from a shortcut file in Startup on the C drive it still doesn t work It only works if I leave it on F and open it by hand from there I decided that the simplest solution would be to restore C from a recent ghost image made using Norton Save and Restore but when I try to run the Symantec Recovery Disk it gets as far as the bit where it says quot Microsoft Corporation quot and you get the twiddly little green vertical bars trickling across the screeen and then it freezes The green bars stop moving and it just sits there I left it for mins but there was no movement and no flickering of the light on the DVD drive It s not that the Recovery Disk is faulty because I burned another from the orignal iso and got the same problem It s possible that the Recovery Disk needs extra drivers but Save and Restore doesn t have a quot custom quot option you have to go through the Driver Mining process and that keeps on failing I have done all the rigmarole with the Security tab of the Temp folder which Symantec says will resolve Driver Mining problems but it didn t work In order to check whether I had a specific problem with booting from the Symantec Recovery Disk CD which I have used successfully in the past or a problem with booting from any CD I tried booting from my original XP disk This took me quite a long way but after about mins of loading files my mobo started nee-nawing I m not sure if that s relevant or not My machine is a Socket A so quite old but the mobo is an Abit AN which was the most advanced Socket A board ever made Following a catastrophic video-card failure which damaged my first Abit AN mobo I recently replaced my original board with another Abit AN and upgraded from two Gb RAM sticks to three This means that I am using a different mobo but the same model different video card faster CPU and more RAM than I had when I ran the recovery disk before It may also be worth noting that this new mobo turned out to be faulty when it arrived and had to have several capacitors replaced In the short term I d be happy with a solution to the Shortcut Bar problem but in the lonbg term I need to know how to get the Symantec Recovery Disk to work oitherwise I have a fairly expensive piece of backup software which is absolutley no use whatsoever Is there any other program which will restore from the backup files made by Norton Save... Read more
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TLDR I get the quot A disk read error occurred quot error but the system disk is readable and checks OK in the recovery USB So I have two hard drives--a terabyte A error but has disk be can occurred disk read read drive with some data on it and a smaller drive with the win installation on it--and a USB drive I made the USB drive into a recovery USB using the instructions here Installing Windows System Recovery into USB Flash Drive Raymond CC Blog with the addendum found in the comments I made a system image of the smaller drive via the control panel and then put the image in the terabyte drive I then replaced my smaller hard drive with a new drive of a comparable size In order to restore the drive I booted into the recovery USB formatted the new hard drive with ntfs made it active A disk read error has occurred but disk can be read and ran wbadmin start recovery -version xxx -items C -itemtype Volume -backupTarget C -recoveryTarget where C was the A disk read error has occurred but disk can be read terabyte drive and D is the new drive I may have the drives mixed up here but I assure you I had them correct when I actually ran the command After a reset I got some generic error so I went back into the bios and set the new drive to be at the top of all boot lists and then rebooted It was at this time I got the above error I feared that my drive was actually DOA so I booted back into the recovery I did a D dir and saw that all of my old files did indeed exist so I figure it was a boot issue I ran the boot repair utility in the recovery menu and it said there were no errors and I should restart I didn't restart and instead ran a chkdsk D f and found no errors I did a bootsect nt all mbr and restarted and still nothing changed I even tried a quot bcdedit timeout quot and I do not see the boot loader before getting this error Not sure if that is expected or not but I'll throw that in here Sorry about the font change here Happened when I copied from the other site Any ideas I can still view all of the files on the drive in question so I know it's not malfunctioning I have a feeling it's a boot issue but I can't find anything wrong Looking forward to your assistance

A:A disk read error has occurred but disk can be read

If you have the Repair CD on USB flash, then boot into it and select Recover Using an Image, browse to the WindowsImageBackup file on 1tb, reimage it to the new HD.

Or if you have WD or Seagate on either end, use their excellent free Acronis cloning app on the Downloads webpage for your model. Then just clone the old HD over to the new one without the 1tb plugged in.
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having problems loading XP home, and laptop will not read recovery disk.
what do I do now?

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Had software trojan or virus problem so tried to restore from Ghost which said to insert the recovery disk Have recovery disks and for Toshiba laptop and inserted and computer read the first After inserting the second as requested window again popped up asking for nd disk so apparently it could not read the second disk Recovery disks were furnished with the laptop and used only once but are clean with no noticeable marks I now have one disk that will read and one good Ghost backup of entire laptop disk the other backups were made after some computer problems occured so 2nd disk not recovery read will Toshiba might be infected although AVG was used Ghost backed up the HD as five separate files to an external HD I have Norton Ghost and Norton original disks as well as 2nd Toshiba recovery disk will not read the orignial Toshiba two recovery disks one apparently bad Since I used the first recovery disk the HD was changed and now says it is missing a file required to boot and will not start Since the recovery disks worked one time I doubt BestBuy would be interested in 2nd Toshiba recovery disk will not read doing anything about the second bad recovery disk I have frequently made backups which was apparently a waste of time Is there anything to be done other than dropping the laptop off at my favorite computer repair store I have an identical laptop mine the broken one is the wife s for which the only difference is the disk content changes after an out-of-the-box condition i e both were new and bought the same day Can I use my laptop to generate a recovery disk fix her computer and then restore the drive from Ghost If so how do I make a recovery disk from my computer I have also have the recovery disks for my computer unopened but prefer not to somehow mess them up too Hopefully this does not seem too involved but believe I have noted all pertinent information Thanks Chris

A:2nd Toshiba recovery disk will not read

FWIW: Malware is not a software problem, it's a malware problem requiring an entirely different set of procedures/concepts...for overcoming such. Software problems ordinarily can be solved by simply uninstalling the software. Not so with malware...the efffects on the system may be felt long after the malware items have been removed.

As for recovery disks...the system manufacturer is responsible for determining how they work...what they do...what they won't do.

There is no standard rule for recovery disks...they may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even system to system within the product line of a given manufacturer.

You would have to read the documentation for your particular become knowledgeable about these disks.

I myself don't have any systems with recovery disks and the one OEM (Dell] laptop I own...I've done a clean install of Win 7 with a MS Upgrade DVD which I purchased.


Although your title is about Ghost...which is a backup software...I don't see much about it. If you have a backup, then you should restore it...assuming that it's useable and was properly made. I've not used Ghost, I still use its predecessor (Powerquest Drive Image) when I want to do backups of XP.

If you want recovery disks for your wife's system...I suggest contacting the manufacturer of said system.
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Hello all I have a question for you last week I had some problems with my system where most of all the programs stopped working The computer will start fine and I can surf the web and get my emails but thats about all I got System Disk Recovery Read Wont out my gateway restore disk and started to restore my system as new again Heres the problem I reboot the computer with disk in System Wont Read Recovery Disk drive and tap R as explained and the screen just stays black then the computer starts to System Wont Read Recovery Disk Beep every time I hit the R key I then tried doing it again this time tapping the F key and system starts to Beep again with the black screen I called gateway and they sent me out another restore disk thinking maybe the one I received was bad The new restore CD did the same thing Last week I did have a problem with installing programs where I would get this error message C windows system autoc nt This system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and microsoft Windows applications I fixed that problem right away by replacing the Autoexec nt command com and config nt files back into the system folder must have been done by SP I went into my Bios and made sure the system was booting from CD-ROM yet it still wont read the recovery disk NOTE CD-Rom does work with any other program CD I have Just not the recovery disks If anyone has an answer or can narrow down my problem please respond Thank You

A:System Wont Read Recovery Disk

Well, let me start by asking this, did the computer, when you got it, come with Windows XP SP1 than you upgraded to SP2 and/or have you updated the bios or any system preferences?

It seems to me that maybe the recovery CD is out of date. Have you tried re-intalling the programs that don't work and making sure there isn't a third-party application corrupting your files?

If you have a Windows XP install CD, try repairing the Windows install with that instead of the Gateway CD.

As for the beeping keyboard strikes, that's probably just a keyboard error that you either press the keys too late or too early, or something else. Try the other things and if that's not the case and you need to get to the CD, we'll work with the keyboard thing.

And also, do you run the CD at startup or while Windows is running? I've never owned a Gateway and only worked on a few, so I'm unsure of when you actually use the restore disc.
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Windows did me in Show me the way to go home back to W - Windows Forums so I want to throw in the towel and build disk read does Dell recovery key Windows product not 8 my Windows system from scratch - I have all my files and list of installed apps with their configs I ordered and received the Windows recovery disk for my computer from Dell Except when I boot the disk it prompts me to enter the product key Isn't it supposed to read it from the BIOS on the motherboard I should add Over the summer I had to have the motherboard replaced It too came from Dell I presume the technician had the product key reinstalled because it was working fine at the time Dell Windows 8 recovery disk does not read product key When I called Dell they told me to enable legacy boot and make sure secure boot was off I did both those things but got the same result I see there are a myriad of programs out there that will read the product key but You Dell Windows 8 recovery disk does not read product key guessed it You need administrative access And I lost it when I upgraded to Dell Windows 8 recovery disk does not read product key Windows I could call Dell but since my system is now out of warranty they want to charge me for support Can anyone help me with this unmitigated disaster Dan

A:Dell Windows 8 recovery disk does not read product key

Dell discs normally are pre-activated and do not require entering a product key. However, you should have a sticker with the product key to use. If its a laptop its usually in the battery compartment. On a desktop its usually on the back or bottom.

Dell has a free forum with users, like this forum, that will help.
Dell Community
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After using Norton speed disk (from Nortion systemworks 2003) on the 2nd of 2 drives on my Dell Lattitude CPi laptop, windows xp won't start up. I keep getting the message disk write error. won't you please, please help me...
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I'm getting that message from an external DVD burner (pacific digital). The disks giving the error work in my internal cd reader drive. This is a new error. I've been able to use this burner for 5 months with no problem. I've tried reverting my system to before the error started but no good. I tried using a different USB port - no joy.

I plugged the device into my boss's laptop and it worked. On my laptop, I tried going into device manager and deleting the port and rebooting. No good. The device shows up as Toshiba CD/DVDW SD-r5372 USB, not sure why - I've been unable to find a download to update the driver.

A:DVD USB RW error: Disk is not formatted - windows cannot read from this disk
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I suspect a hard drive failure on my old notebook vintage HP Pavilion dv - ca Model VM UA ABC Personal information removed Windows - bit SP nbsp BIOS Version Date nbsp nbsp Insyde F Memory upgrade from to GB nbsp I have been through the recovery process - several times using my recovery disks All hardware has been removed from the laptop e g the mouse - memory still at GB Each time the recovery process goes to completion and then I see nbsp Error xe f nbsp 7 in Recovery Windows disk Error - recovery 0xe0f00013 I have done a Google search and ended up at this HP site nbsp Question nbsp What this error code mean nbsp Does it mean a hard drive failure If so is there a compatible hard drive that I can use to replace it I have read of users have replaced there hard drive with a 'hybrid' drive that will not function nbsp Question Can I recover from this error If so how nbsp Thanks

A:Windows 7 Recovery - Error 0xe0f00013 in recovery disk

Hi @Walker127, Welcome to the HP Forum! It is a terrific place to find answers and tips! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I understand that you have attempted a recovery four times resulting in  the same error message  (0xe0f00013) after completing the process.To rule out the hard drive and memory as a possible cause, please test them  for hardware failures.  HP Notebook PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 7, Vista). If no issue have been found, please try this workaround from @DavidPK:  Error code #0xe0f00013, while using factory image restorePlease let me know the outcome. To express appreciation for my post please click the ?Thumbs Up Icon?.  If my post resolves the issue you are experiencing, please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find what worked for you!
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it reads "preparing recovery partition" - when it loads about 1/2 way I get "CD-ROM read error! Press any key to continue"
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During Windows backup which wants to backup the 'C' drive and my games drive 'E' for some reason I get the following error message after the 'C' backup has completed but not the 'E' 'The backup operation that started at ' - - Backup a with 0x8078012D/disk error error' 'device code fails read T Z' has failed with following error code ' x D' The operation failed due Backup fails with a 'device error' code 0x8078012D/disk read error to a device error encountered with either the source or the destination If the source or destination volume is on a disk run CHKDSK R on the source or destination volume and then retry the operation Please review the event details for a solution and then rerun the backup operation once the Backup fails with a 'device error' code 0x8078012D/disk read error issue is resolved ' I ran CHKDSK R and received several errors of the type 'A disk read error occurred The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters detected in file xxxxxx of name xxxxxx ' My 'E' drive is TB with GB free I really don't believe that the cluster s in error are bigger than G but what do I know Anyone have experience with this problem Thanks
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Hi My system XP Pro has been doing some aggravating things of late like half a window loads sits error HELP! delete, read restart Disk alt, control, to ERROR! press Please finally other half will load mouse just doesn t seem to do anything so you click whatever again and minutes later of whatever will finally open just annoying crap really A few days ago comcast went off and I had to unplug modem wait then plug back up and restart system I got a quot Disk read error press control alt delete to restart quot error tried that same thing so I shut down and when I turned back on it booted fine I have since moved just set up the system and am getting the same error except this time shutdown restart isn t working The OTHER problem I realize is this this is Disk read error press control, alt, delete, to restart ERROR! Please HELP! a tempory move Most everything I own is in a storage unit boxes to the back furniture Disk read error press control, alt, delete, to restart ERROR! Please HELP! to the front and guess where my disks are Right I put printer shredder disks everything I didn t just HAVE to have in the storage unit My XP CD is in there SOMEWHERE It is NOT an option to find it Can anyone offer ANY help at all Thanks nbsp

A:Disk read error press control, alt, delete, to restart ERROR! Please HELP!

Sounds like you need to run chkdsk /r from the recovery console on the XP cd. I had a similar problem and did not have the XP cd.

Had to borrow my daughter's XP cd to run the recovery console. Do you know of someone that would be willing to let you use their cd?
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e:\$Mft windows -delayed write failed

error:disk read error - read fails, the system cannot find the file specified.
these are the error messages that come up when I run my external hdd. What is the possibility that it is caused by a virus called minesweeper. My anti virus can not detect it. Please help.

A:e:\$Mft windows -delayed write failed . error:disk read error

anyone please ?
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I am in desperate need for some assistance. My laptop recently has been giving this message before reaching the desktop: "A disk read error occurred. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart. I have tried restarting multiple times (including manually restarting), but I ended up receiving the same error. My operating system is Windows XP.

What can I do to approach this problem? I would be very grateful for any assistance.


A:Solved: Desperate need for assistance for error message: "A disk read error occurred.
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Im trying to fix a laptop running xp home edition with this error message, but it just keeps going back to boot up.

Ive searched it on google and read lots of ways to try to fix it but i have some other issues that prevent me from doing the suggestions.

If i insert a windows xp disc and re-boot i get ...loading cd then nothing (i have set the bios to cd-rom first boot device).
I have a seperate recovery panel cd but the same thing happens.
The laptop doesnt have a floppy drive.

I think ive covered all the obvious things to try but now im proper stuck.

I did manage to get a hard drive utility to load and it checked the drive for errors but found no problem.

Any ideas?


A:[SOLVED] Error - Disk read error press alt, ctrl, del

i think proving the HDD is the culprit try using a different hdd and boot from that. if that works then you A) need to format or zero the disk then format
or B) buy a new hdd. this does seem to be hardware with the information you have given,

can you tell us what happened to cause this problem
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Recently i have been experiencing "disk read error press ctrl+alt+del to restart " and "Error loading operating system " most of the times i start my pc .
So what i have been doing is removing the two chords connected to my second hard disk and reconnecting them again .By this way my pc works just fine .
But isn't their a permanent solution to it ?

A:disk read error and error loading operating system

Recently i have been experiencing "disk read error press ctrl+alt+del to restart " and "Error loading operating system " most of the times i start my pc .So what i have been doing is removing the two chords connected to my second hard disk and reconnecting them again .By this way my pc works just fine .But isn't their a permanent solution to it ?There's no permanent solution for all problem situation.But usually for the same hardware problem, it will work again .
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I messed up whilst installing windows 7 over older windows 7 drive. I formatted the windows 7 drive and again tried to deleted that partition, but that deletion process took around 10-15 minutes, so restarted my system. Now i cannot install any of the windows os or even linux . Please anybody help me out to solve this problem

A:Error in installing windows 7, installer cant detect hard disk

Try loading the Sata controller drivers.
SATA Driver - Load in Windows 7 or Vista Setup
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Hi I have an IBM ThinkPad R laptop very old with win xp sp not sure Read Error error while then Disk 1802 installing SP3, how many of the components are the original ones it came with though My first problem is that when I tried to install SP from the Microsoft site my computer didn't take too well to it any time I would restart the computer it would say the installation had been successfully completed but I saw that it still didn't say quot SP quot on the menu when right clicking on My Computer Properties So during one of the times when I went to restart the computer when it came back on it gave me a disk read error and then Windows wouldn't load I think I had my Kaspersky Antivirus program running on it while I was trying Disk Read Error while installing SP3, then 1802 error to install SP in case that could have had anything to do with it My second problem is that while trying to get Windows to start I had reset to the default settings in BIOS But then when I restarted the computer I got an error saying that I had an unauthorized network card and that I should remove the card etc I read the Wiki error help page and I think the most practical of its suggestions in my situation would be to do the pin thing I think something Disk Read Error while installing SP3, then 1802 error about putting a piece of tape over part of the pci card before putting it back in but I don't remember right off but then again I installed SP under the assumption that everything would be fine as well as figuring BIOS's default settings ought to be legitimate for the computer to function more than showing a black screen with an error So I figured I should at least ask a professional first Would the aforementioned even be the right thing to do about fixing the error And if I'm able to get rid of the error then in whichever way how could I go about fixing the disk read error that came up from restarting the computer when I tried to install SP on it Furthermore would there be a practical way to get SP installed at all then so that I can use important programs on it that can't run without it This last question though is the least of my concerns I just want my computer back I would appreciate any helpful info so very much

A:Disk Read Error while installing SP3, then 1802 error

Hi Butterfly, where did the disk read error appear? Was it on the black screen you see when you first power on the computer? A disk read error is normally the result of the computer not being able to read from the hard drive. When that's the case, it's time to replace the hard drive.

Does Windows start or do you ever get as far as the Windows logo?
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I am getting a disk read error occurred. Press ctrl alt del to restart.

I restarted my computer because my mouse was acting up:

The middle button was zooming in and out (web pages desktop etc) and the left click button was only selecting multiple files.

I had a little problem this morning when many of my files and folders on my desktop where renamed when I tried to make a new folder.

After trying a system restore that failed I ran a chkdsk.

What is going on and what should I do?

A:A disk read error occured error after restarting

Hi there dylan151,

Disk Read Error normally means the computer hard drive is going bad. The best thing to do right now is to scan your computer hard drive for errors. Go to a working computer, go to the manufacturing website of your computer hard drive and download the diagnostics utility. Put the program onto a bootable media(e.g. USB flash drive, CD, etc.etc.) and boot the computer to the diagnostics utility program. Follow the on-screen instructions and test the hard drive for errors.

If you have important data on that hard drive, take the hard drive out of the computer and use a Hard drive-to-USB adapter to connect your computer hard drive to a working computer. Transfer your files onto the working computer.

Hope everything works out well for you, please provide an update when you can, thank you.
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Kari sent me to these forums saying my problem may be resolved here. I have a few YouTube videos describing my problems. I really hope you guys can help.

You should be able to see the other startup videos from that link.

A:Disk read error/ ctrl alt delete error

Short clarification:

OP first posted about CTRL + ALT + DEL acting wrong, not doing the default task associated with this key combo. As the thread advanced we noticed OP has a bunch of other issues which IMO could get better response here.

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Hi there,

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-6B1M Laptop running Windows XP SP2. Not so long ago it began starting up and displaying :A DISK READ ERROR HAS OCCOURED, PRESS CTRL+ALT+DELETE to restart".

Having looked into this I can see it can be caused by windows registry errors, faulty driver installation, a complete failure of the hardrive etc. But I am unsure what is wrong with my specific system.

Not worried about losing the data on it so normally I would repair or re-instal windows from the CD. Problem is the disk drive failed about two months before this happened. Since I use my main Desktop for most work and the laptop for a few small tasks this wasn't an issue at the time. Also Bios doesn't appear to allow the use of bootable flash drives.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?
Cheers for any help.

A:Disk Read Error

I would download the hard drive diagnostic tool from the drive manufacturer's website. It will be in the form of a .iso so will need to be burned to a disk. Not sure what you are referring to when you say "Problem is the disk drive failed about two months before this happened" - the hard drive on the vaio laptop, or the desktop? Are you saying you replaced the drive 2 months ago and the error is on the new drive? Anyway I think the disk needs checking out.
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Ok i have a inspiron dell computer with an error everytime i turn it on. It says that Disk error reading and then gives the option to do control, alt and delete and then it restarts it self and does the same thing over and over again. If anyone could help me on this issue I would great appriciated alot.

A:Disk Read Error

Have you checked the Troubleshooting section of the Dell support page...for your particular system model?

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Hi, i'm going to start off by saying i'm pretty computer illiterate when it comes to operating systems and whatnot.

Recently, my desktop keeps having this error upon startup what says Disk Read Error, cntrl alt dlt to restart. After restarting a few times, it will pop up with the list of "start normally/safe mode/safe configuration", regardless of which one i pick it goes to a Windows Boot Manager screen that says windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt. I managed to reformat towards the beginning of this problem, but the problem has continued so i doubt its a software problem, any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Disk read error

In most cases with that error its either the hard drive has failed or is failing.its also possible the disk used to install the operating system is dirty or smudged and it cant read it. ive also gotten that error when on a laptop ive put in a new drive backwards.but since its a desktop those drives are a bit harder to remove and replace compared to a laptop which is quite a bit easier.if it is the hard drive i hope whatever you dont want to lose is saved on a cd somewhere.
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a couple of months ago i had a problem where what appeared to be randomly my computer froze the BSOD flashed up quickly too quickly to read what it said and it restarted when it started up again it didn t load windows but instead showed an error message saying something like quot there is a Read Disk Error disk read error press ctrl alt del to restart quot i managed to resolve this by running fixboot fixmbr and chkdsk in the recovery console and everything seemed to have sorted itself out since then certain programmes mainly ableton live have not been running at the performance at which they used to run at for example in ableton i had to significantly increase the latency of my sound card in order to play audio without getting cracks and pops i thought this was rather strange i ve never had this issue before seeing as i ve got a fairly high spec computer i initially thought that i just needed to do a fresh xp installation which i was planning on doing at some point but yesterday i had exactly the same crash as i had a couple of months back this time however fixboot and fixmbr did not solve the issue chkdsk couldn t even get started and came up with the error quot volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems quot at this point i just thought that a fresh xp installation is what was needed but no more than half an hour after installing and i ve experienced exactly the same crash once again Disk Read Error i ve now realised that it is obviously a hardware issue but after doing Disk Read Error a bit of research it seems that it s not necessarily an issue with the hard drive but could be Disk Read Error an issue with the memory or motherboard how do i find out where the issue lies the hard drive in question is a WD velociraptor which is only a year old so i don t want to go out and buy a new one only to find that the issue is still there cos it s another bit of hardware that s faulty if anyone can be of any help then that would be very much appreciated nbsp

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In BIOS the hard disk is detected.

Device : Hard Disk
Vendor : ST3250620AS
Size 250GB
LBA Moda: Supported
PIO MOde : 4
Async DMA : Multiword DMA-2
Ultra DMA : Ultra DMA 5
Smart Monitoring:supported

Settings All auto, 32Bit Data Transfer Enabled.

When the computer trys to boot to HDD it gets a disk read error.

Is there a tool I can use to diagnose this problem? I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on this matter.

A:Disk Read Error

Free Hard Drive Testing Applications:
Manufacturer's Tests
Victoria for DOS
Victoria for Windows (Both versions of Victoria are among the best and most thorough tests available.)
HD Tune
CheckDisk 1.03 (Marks bad sectors as unusable.)
HDAT2 (Diagnostics and bad sector recovery)
MHDD Low-level Diagnostics
Bootable Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Floppy or CD Image (works on most drives)

Hard Drive Manufacturers' Diagnostic Utilities Links:
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My XP system will not boot up giving me the error message "disk read error".

I assume this means the hard drive. I have tried to fix it with the XP installation disk with no luck. I do not have a boot up disk.

Any suggestions would be helpful

A:XP Disk Read Error

Welcome to the TSG forums.

Open your system, and check to be SURE that the cables going to the harddrive are properly seated. DO NOT REMOVE them UNTIL you are POSITIVE you could put them back EXACTLY the way they were when you first saw them. It wouldn't hurt you to take notes.

Treat them gently; they do NOT withstand much abuse. If you have a known-good cable, swap it with the original but be SURE to install it properly. Turn the system on and see if it boots. Make sure that BOTH ends (harddrive AND motherboard are FULLY seated FLUSH in the connectors; using a flashlight will make this process MUCH easier.

Good luck - HTH

- slingshotter
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I have a Compaq SR5310F. When I start it, I get the message:

A disk read error occured
Press cntrl-alt-del to restart computer

Last weekend, one of my boys used this computer for the first time and the next day I started having that problem. I'm not sure it is relevant but I thought I should point it out.
Any help you can provide to get this sorted out would be appreciated.


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I know there s a forum for this open already but It didn t seem very active and I d rather catch someone s attention than hope for activity My PS Slim-Line is about a year and a half old and I haven t had any trouble with it until recently my problem is that it stopped reading PS discs DVD-ROM and DVD video It still reads Blue discs PS and CDs When a PS disc is in it sometimes it wont turn on and it wont shut off unless the disc cover is opened I was told to try and clean the lens and that didn t work so I was looking for advice of any sort or information that could help me I Played a Japanese CD Disk - Read Error PS2 in it than played a PS disc but after I shut it off and tried to play again it wouldn t read PS discs or DVDs if that helps at all cause it might Thank you nbsp

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I have got a problem here with my pc. I have vista installed in C drive and there is another partition(G Drive) in which i store all my data and there is another partition(H Drive) of 20 GB and its free(i dont use it for anything). So i tried installing xp on this H drive but after copying all the files the system restarted and it gave a disk read error, press ctrl+alt+del to restart. and when i restarted the system, the same error comes again. So for the time being, i ran start up repair and now i m able to boot from vista. Is it possible to install XP on that H drive? If yes, please tell me how.
Thanks and Regards,

A:Disk Read Error

Yes it is possible, however a dual boot config using XP on one drive and Vista on another is more complex than it used to be.

First ensure the XP drive is formatted to NTFS for compatibility with Vista and file access privileges should you want to take files off the Vista drive while in XP

Use this guide if you have installed Vista FIRST.

How to dual-boot Vista with XP (with XP installed first) - step-by-step guide with screenshots
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hi i hv a prob. with my hard disk, as A disk read error, can u pls help to sort this

A:A disk read error !!! - Help need

rn chkdsk
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So me and my friend recently bought a Western Digital 160gb hard drive for his old computer. It has been working fine for about 3 weeks and then he tells me gets a error. The error happens right after you start up the computer after it shows the bios stuff. It says " Disk Read Error Press ctrl alt del to Restart " Or something like that and you hear a beep from the computer too. How do i fix this problem? Do i need to get a new hard drive for him? Please help.

I don't know much specs about his computer but i know it was a old Compaq Presario.( About 4 years old ) and he has

Intel Pentium 4 processor
ATI Radeon 9550 256mb
1 Gb Corsair value select Ram

A:Disk read error?

I would suggest running the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tool on your hard drive to test for bad sectors. It is a free download from here.
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Hi guys, anyone out there who can help me???
My 1-year old son managed to do a hard shutdown on our computer, he loves buttons....
And now it will not boot, it does the bios check and the comes up with "A disk read error occurred" message. I can boot on the Vista DVD and run Startup repair, which tells me that everything is working fine, no errors or faults, and I can run check-disk with the same results, everything is working. But I can't boot... I guess some files has been corrupted, but I can't find out what

Does anyone know where I should look or what might be wrong??


A:Disk read error

Can you boot into safe mode? What errors are on the screen. If possible, I would backup your data to an external source. Check your device manager to see if any drivers or devices are not functioning.
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I installed WinXP on my new Seagate HD and it was working fine. Adobe's install had frozen up and I couldn't end it through the Task Manager. So I restarted it and now I'm getting a "A Disk read error occurred - press Ctrl-Alt-Del". What do you suggest the problem is and the remedy?

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Hey guys my computer was running at a high Cpu temperature so i decided to remove my heatsink and apply thermal paste however in the process some thermal paste got on teh side of Read Disk Error my chip so i removed it from the socket and cleaned it off however Disk Read Error when i Disk Read Error connected eveyrthing back together my computer would not start it would say a new cpu has been installed then when i said continue it said DISK READ ERROR CTRL ALT DEL TO RESTART so with some expert advice i reset the CMOS via battery removal and now it says when i turn on my computer OVerclocking failed F to enter setup F to load and continue When i choose f and enter bios and i press f to load default values then save and continue my computer shutdowns by itself instantly like its losing power then after a few seconds it starts up by itself again but freezes at post bios screen If f it says quot Disk Read Error quot Thanks in advance guys nbsp

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My XP system will not boot up giving me the error message "disk read error".

I assume this means the hard drive. I have tried to fix it with the XP installation disk with no luck. I do not have a boot up disk.

Any suggestions would be helpful

A:XP Disk Read Error

Welcome to the TSG forums.

Open your system, and check to be SURE that the cables going to the harddrive are properly seated. DO NOT REMOVE them UNTIL you are POSITIVE you could put them back EXACTLY the way they were when you first saw them. It wouldn't hurt you to take notes.

Treat them gently; they do NOT withstand much abuse. If you have a known-good cable, swap it with the original but be SURE to install it properly. Turn the system on and see if it boots. Make sure that BOTH ends (harddrive AND motherboard are FULLY seated FLUSH in the connectors; using a flashlight will make this process MUCH easier.

Good luck - HTH

- slingshotter
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Dell Dimension 2400 hard drive error, computer 3 years old, should I replace the hard drive

A:Disk read error

Open My Computer.

Right click on C drive

Select "Properties"

Select "Tools" tab

Under "Error Checking" click on "Check Now"

In the box that opens check both boxes

Click "Start"

When asked if you want to schedule a disk check at next boot - confirm

Reboot and allow chkdsk to do it's thing.

See if this gets rid of the disk read error.
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On two computers, one dual core gateway laptop i get stop in the booting of the vista sp1. Message on screen, A disk read error occured, Press Crtl+Alt+Del.

same messagefor a Pentium 4 (desktop clone), vista sp1

A:disk read error

Hi and welcome to TSF try using your install or recovery disc and run a repair Startup Repair: frequently asked questions
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Ok well I made a DVD of all my most important stuff the other day, and thank god i did because my PC crashed the next day lol. I just reinstalled windows 7 64 bit , I installed all the updates. But when I go to get stuff off my DVD it won't let me it says "Can't read from disk", even though I was able to get stuff off it fine the other day.

A:Can't Read From Disk error

Quote: Originally Posted by jchase520

Ok well I made a DVD of all my most important stuff the other day, and thank god i did because my PC crashed the next day lol. I just reinstalled windows 7 64 bit , I installed all the updates. But when I go to get stuff off my DVD it won't let me it says "Can't read from disk", even though I was able to get stuff off it fine the other day.

We need a bunch more info. what app did you burn the cd with. Have you tried booting into safe mode (F8) to see if the problem continues? system specs?
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I have a Windows XP and i go to this one site called and when i get to that page the page is like a animation (kinda like wen u go to a movie site and it does the lil start up before u can start clicking on it) but just last nite it was alright and i was on that page but now all that comes up is a blank page with a couple of lil white boxes with the red X's in it... can anyone help me out?

A:Disk read error*****

Hi Romio, sorry for splitting your thread, and I know you didn't know, but posting over top of someone else's problem is considered a bit rude. Don't worry about it, but keep it in mind for the future.

As for your problem, do you have flash installed? I believe uses that as its platform. Just go to and download it.

If it still doesn't fix your problem, try clearing your temporary internet files.
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When i try to start my computer i get the disk read error and tells me to restart pc by pressing ctrl+alt+delete and after restarting many times i can access my pc but there is another problem when i start any application it takes so much time to load like when i start firefox it takes 15 sec but when i start it second time it loads in 2 sec and this happens with every application but there is no loss of speed because the fps in game is normal as it was before and i believe this error started when i changed my dvd region to 5.

A:Disk read error

Hello Uchiha Madara and Welcome -
Run a Disk Check on your main drive in Windows :

•Click Start and open My Computer
•Right-click on C: (or your main Hard Drive letter) and select Properties
•Click on the Tools tab
•Under Error-checking, click the Check Now... button
•Mark the 2 boxes next to Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
•Click on the Start button
•When the message box pops up, click the Schedule disk check button and >>Restart<< your computer
•Once your computer restarts it will check the drive, don't press any keys so that it is allowed to do so.
Please allow all 5 stages of the scan to complete .............
This can take between 1 and 2 hours (on average) depending on your computer, then reboot back to Normal mode -
Never stop the scan during Stages 1 / 2 / or 3 as this will cause problems to your computer.
Thank You -
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I woke up this morning to the Blue Screen saying something like Beginning dump of physical memory. Physical memory dump complete............. When I tried to restart I got the error message "Disk read error.. Press ctrl+alt+dl to restart" over and over. I then booted from my XP disk and went to recovery console and ran chkdsk.. it said "The volume appears to be in good condition and was not checked. So I ran chkdsk /r and got "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems" Any thoughts on what I might do next?

A:Disk read error!! Please Help

Replace the drive.
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hey guys im not a super smart computer person but i can fix somethings that go wrong but this one has got me so if you could help i would appreciate it well here it is.

Disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

but my keyboard isnt responding for some reason some help please i need it ready for this afternoon for mum since its her business computer

the computer is 3 to 4 years old as mum got it for her 40th and it was running really well up to now when this morning that came up. it is a custom job made by one of our friends

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I have a Toshiba Laptop that I purchased new this past December and the other day when I turned it on it displayed "A disk error occured, press ctrl+alt=del to restart". I took the disk out, tried again and the same message appeared and I did the ctrl+alt+del and this is not working? I have also removed the battery for 24hrs thinking that may reboot something but that isn't working either. Before the message pops up the bottom of the screen reads F12 for Multireboot selections, I pressed this but had no idea what to even look for? Can you help?

A:disk read error

It sounds like you may well have a dead HDD, download the diagnostic disk from here - - boot from the disk and run the HDD tests. If it comes up with errors, contact your warranty provider to get your PC repaired.
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Running a Rock laptop Vista bit Last night my laptop started randomly blue screening every so often and running very slowly This was the first time it had been used since I returned Error Read Disk from a holiday the previous night After the rd crash I decided to run a full scan via Bullguard to try and solve the problem with it set to take no actions re fixing any problems unless Disk Read Error user prompted I then left it alone to run through the scan and went to do other things When I returned about an hour later I was met with a black screen with the words quot A disk read error occured Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart quot I then did so only for after the initial start up Rock logo screen to be met with the same error message I then attempted to access the quot run in safe mode screen quot by holding F and Disk Read Error then trying F only for nothing to happen on both instances Any help would be Disk Read Error hugely appreciated

A:Disk Read Error

It appears that your HDD has failed. The error message "A disk read error occured - Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" means that the system cannot find the HDD.

Run HDD diags -

Start with SeaTools for DOS.

Regards. . .


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My PS2 has been acting up for some time now. I have tried opening it up and adjusting the laser lens cog that adjusts the distance between the cd and the lens. It will play all PS2 DVD games and DVDs, but it will not play PS2 CDs or most PS1 games. The cog resets itself everytime I turn the power off. I have been able to get FFV from the Final Fantasy Anthologies to play on it, but I cannot get any other PS1 games to work. Any ideas on what I should try next?

A:ps2 disk read error

My friend's PS2 does the same thing, with the cog resetting and all...Not sure what it means.
Please read this and post your questions there.
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I ve been having problems with my PSU It started making noises and I wasn t sure if the fan was dirty or if the whole thing just needs replacing When this problem started I pretty much stopped using the computer to avoid overheating I had it on briefly to backup some recent files but I turned it off after minutes which is when it started getting noisy I went to turn it on another day and the whole thing was very slow to boot and the noise started right away I tried to turn if off but Disk - read error bad PSU? nothing was happening so I had to use the power button I went to turn it on another day to get some important recent files and I got a disk read error - A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart But restarting just gets me the same error I find it hard to believe that the hard drive and PSU would both fail around the same time The computer goes through the Disk read error - bad PSU? POST process ok I hear it checking the floppy drive and DVD-ROM drive I m thinking that the PSU is Disk read error - bad PSU? just about dead and can t power the hard drive Would that be safe to assume The whole computer and all the parts are seven years old I m not sure I want to spend money on a new PSU if the hard drive is dead But I m not savvy enough to know how to test to see if the hard drive is ok Any thoughts or suggestions What would you think would be causing the disk read error nbsp

A:Disk read error - bad PSU?

What makes you think the PSU is dead, other than that it makes noise, could just be a bad fan.

On the other hand, yes a dead PSU, or one even on the way out can kill components, one of the reason these boards rave about buying a good PSU is exactly that! But a dying PSU does not cause slow speeds, I would suspect the drive, but check all connections first.
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I have windows XP Pro installed in P4 system. while booting up message occurred "Disk Read Error occurred Press Cntrl+alt+del to restart". I couldn't figure out exact problem. I changed the hard disk. Installed the OS again. After a month it again give the same error. So I think its not exactly the hard disk problem. I checked everything, IDE cable, removing CD/DVD drives and cables, setting bios to default..

Any help??

A:Disk Read Error

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them
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When I first turn the computer on in the morning it gives me a disk read error So I opened up the case and didn t do anything other than jiggle wires around Then I turned it on again and it booted up just fine But the next morning it wouldn t start up again So I jiggled wires and it worked It s been doing that for about a read Disk error week now I have three hard drives in there one with just Windows on Disk read error it and the other two for all my files and programs And also two DVD drives I tried unplugging everything except for the boot drive and the computer booted up I shut down and restarted a few times and it still booted Then I plugged everything back in and it booted Then the computer locked up and I shut down and it wouldn t boot anymore Then I unplugged everything except the boot drive again and it still won t boot Still gives me the disk read error So I don t know what to do now Did I screw something up by taking out the other two hard drives nbsp

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Installed additional hard drive for storage (WD 1 tb shown in bios setup as Sata 2); original hard drive with Windows 7 Samsung 500 GB (shown as Sata 1 in bios setup). Has worked fine for several weeks but today, would not boot. Setup indicated attempted boot from storage drive ( WD). Reset HDD boot priority to Samsung but get "disk read error" on reboot. Am unsure where to go Samsung HDD bad?
Asus m4a79xtd motherboard
8 GB ram gskil ripjaws
AMD Phenom quad core processor
EVGA video card
Windows 7 professional 64 bit os

A:Disk read error

Disk read error does usually indicate the drive is bad.

Check your HDD for errors

Disk Check

You can also use western digitals utility to scan the hdd for errors at boot
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My laptop switched off earlier whilst on itunes and now windows won't start up, it just comes up as

disk read error hit ctrl+alt+del to restart

anyone have any ideas on how to retify this please.

using windows xp on a pb notebook.

thanks guys.

A:Disk read error

Had something to that affect happen to me on one of my desktops. My guess was that the boot.ini or something used in the boot up process went corrupt. In any case what I did to resolve the problem was on another computer I got a copy of BartPE and used it to make a bootable CD. I then used some repair utilities contained on that disk to make the computer bootable again. It was quite some time ago and that is the best I can remember the process. Hope that helps a bit.

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It's my Dad's computer he is running WinXP HOME, before this all happened he had run the disk cleanup program, then went to go and defrag,but got an error unable to defrag, reboot and try again, so when he went to reboot, that is when this error came up.
He has a Gateway, Not sure of size of HHD but it is Maxtor. Tried to boot up using the XP CD. Nope didnt work either, flashed quickly booting from cd but then the ERROR MESSAGE RETURNED.

Any suggestions? Think its the hard drive?
Thanks all ... you guys are great!


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hi guys

trying to get my train simulator 2014 updated on steam.
but when it gets near the end i get error pop up.

"error occurred while updating trainsimulator 2014 , (disk error error )"

any idea why this happen and how can i fix this

thanx matty

A:disk read error

Quote: Originally Posted by pcmatty

hi guys

trying to get my train simulator 2014 updated on steam.
but when it gets near the end i get error pop up.

"error occurred while updating trainsimulator 2014 , (disk error error )"

any idea why this happen and how can i fix this

thanx matty

Hi pcmatty,

I believe the best place to post this error would be below:

Steam Community :: Train Simulator 2014

However, you should run the diagnostics on the system to ensure there is no error on the harddrive of the system. Check this video which would be helpful:


Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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have been reading post off and on for the last two days and have done this and that as of disk read error wright now it is a dell xps- and i have tried most of what i felt comfortable in doing disk read error it is sitting hear now with the the covers open and the sata cables swopped out from the disk read error cd drive which tells me that it is not the mother board and it s not the disk read error cable at one time i got the error code off the hard drive but where unable to find anything on the web to state what it ment got it once to give me drmk version bad missing file himem sys and run the check file and all came back so i m starting over dell xps- serial ata ahci bios version isrc controller bus device f function ports devices port- no device detected i can get it to show the western hdd most of the time but it come back as can not find port- cdrom pioneer dvd -rw dr- k y ahci bios installed drive o not found serial ata sata-o than keeps telling me to hit f or f no boot device available i can take the battery out and then reboot it and it will pick up the manufacture and brand number of the hard drive but still will not find it this is the wife computer and has not been hooked up to the internet at all no updates and has not had a back up sence new what can i do to get it going again are is there anyway that i can hoook up my laptop are a externale hard drive a to get all he infor off the hard drive nbsp

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I've run into a wee bit of a problem. My computer was running fine this morning, and then just frooze-up (which it often does). When I re-booted it I was met with the message "A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". I did so, but got the same message. I checked all of my cables, but nothing seems loose. I did buy a new CDROM a few weeks ago, but I haven't had any issues with it.

Any ideas as to what I should do?

A:Disk read error*****

Is the drive seen in the bios?
Will the system boot from your system cd?
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Friend can't start her computer instead she just gets 2disk read error"?Help please

A:Disk Read Error

Is the message something like "A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart?"There are a number of possible causes for this problem: bad ide cable, bad hard drive, corrupted master boot record or Windows os files are corrupted..If she has a real windows xp disk, it may be possible to boot from the windows xp disk and using the recovery console get to a point where she can copy her files. Go to site below for instructions on using recovery console: is an option in recovery console to repair the master boot record: fixmbrNote that this is very technical and can be nerve racking. If there is important data on the computer, you and she are not totally comfortable trying this, you might suggest that your friend go to a local computer repair shop and let them try.If there is nothing of great importance on the computer or in the unlikely event that she is part of the 1% of computer users who actually backup their critical files, then I would try reformating the hard drive and reinstalling xp. If that doesn't work then it is a hardware problem, either the cable or the drive. Most computer stores have a ide cable for a few bucks and last resort, it's time for a new hard drive.
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on winxp pro machine... pc will not start in safe mode and i will get "disk read error" push control alt delete... does this mean hard drive is dying or dead... thanks for your help

A:disk read error

Chances are that is exactly what it means. Boot from the XP CD and enter the Recovery Console. Run chkdsk /r on all fixed drives.

If you don't have the XP CD, you can get the Recovery Console here:

An ISO image that will create a bootable CD containing the Recovery Console is available here:

If interested, the MD5 hash of this file is here:

and burn it to CD with this:

or your burner program.

You can perform more hardware tests and drive tests with the floppy created by this program: (Bootable floppy) (Bootable CD)
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Help! I have had my ps2 for about a year and a half now. It has always worked good and i never had problems with it. That was until a couple of weeks ago. I didnt think much of it at the time because i thought i just had to clean the disk off. Then later when I got a new game and put it in for the first time it said disk read error. Later it worked. Same thing happened a today. Only this time i cant even get one of my games going. I know I have to fix it but when I looked at sites for instructions or something it all costs $. Does anyone know where I can get free instructions or a free repair.

A:Disk Read Error

Yes, send it to Sony Computer Entertainment America. They know about this issue, it is all too common. If anyone has a PS2, chances are you will eventually get a "Disc Read Error" and although SCEA will come off like they are sympathizing with you, they will and have to fix for free. You pay for shipping, but if you escalate the call, they might send you an airbill.

My estimation on all tech support calls at SCEA is at least 75% of calls are "Disc Read ERROR", they are refusing to put a recall on their systems.

Sony does not know why exactly their consoles are getting disc read errors. It usually starts with one particular format (DVD-rom or CD rom), for example, you can start getting DRE's with all DVD games but run fine with CDrom games(blue discs), then eventually happen to all the discs.

One theory- the cable connected to the laser gets caught.
My theory- possible issues with Safedisc 3, which is an copyright protection found on most game discs.

Anyway, call them 1-800-345-sony, everything they say will be scripted and they will also tell you that once the Sony repair center receives your console, it will get assigned to a technician, it will take "15 to 20 working days" to repair your console so be prepared to be without your PS2 for at least a month.

I have much more info on this but I'd rather discuss this through more private channels. And by the time Sony sees this post, I am sure they will be hunting me down. It's just the type of company they are, shhhhhh, "let's keep this DRE on the low profile".

Be nice to the Sony tech support, they have a difficult task of applying Sony's ********, and they are reading from a script, actually they have the script memorized.
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Windows XP home edition. Yesterday my computer was working fine. I installed Acrobat reader and a voip tele software.

Today when I turned it on a blue screen came up saying something about new hardware or software and that I may need to remove them or update windows...

I went to safe mode and now whatever I did, brings me to a page that says, disk read error, push control + alt+delete to restart which I have done several times and it brings me back to the same page each time showing, Press control+alt+delete to restart.

So now, I'm stuck with this page when I shut down and restart the computer.

Can someone help, please!

Thank you


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Hello bro, I made a system a week back to my relative, I used DG31PR broad , 2.2 ghz intel dual core, 1gb ram, 250 gb harddisk which came from replacement of sata. I installed everything and made ready by installing software everything finished up, and they used for 1 day, after that , i received a message saying that , system was not running ,even OS not loading saying Disk read error, press control + Alt + Del why this strange DISK READ ERROR, , kindly help me. I need your valuable suggessions . Since this message may be common for systems of Old or atleast 1 year , but this really very new,,, ..
so I'm expected a suggestion really waiting thank you .


A:disk read error

sandave003 said:

250 gb harddisk which came from replacement of sataClick to expand...

Not quite sure what you mean there, but it sounds like you might have a problem with your hard drive. Can you boot from CD/DVD OK? If so then try booting off a windows install disk and running a surface scan on your hard drive. If you get any surface errors then it's probably a duff HDD.


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hi to all, i have Just got a disk read error after rebooting from changing the frequency on a soltek mobo, OS: xp pro sp3.tried chkdsk /r, - fail safe defaults - opt defaults, changed the freq back to standard, its a no goer. just booted UBCDwin to see whats going on hdd is fine , anybody got any ideas apart from reinstalling the OS,CHEERS FOR READIND.
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Recently my parents computer, a dell 2350 has been acting up. When you turn the computer on it gives you the erro, "A Disk read error has ocured, press ctrl+alt+delete to restart the computer.

I have no idea how to fix it, the computer itself is 6-7 years old, while the HDD is about 5 years old.

Thanks in advanced for any help.

A:Disk Read Error

Yes you posted here too:
Sounds like a faulty HardDrive to me
Have you tried purchasing a new one (they don't last forever)
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My daughter turned on her Dell PC today and got this message:

"Loading PBR for descriptor......Done"
"A Disk Read Error has occurred, <ctr><alt><del> to restart your computer"

Every time we restart the computer, we get the same message. Any ideas what to do?

Sorry if I picked the wrong forum, but I wasn't sure where to post this message.

Thanks, John

A:Disk Read Error

Means your hard drive is corrupt in some fashion, and dell's factory installed partitioning scheme is having problems.Try reading this: thing to try before attempting solution #3 is to boot your Install cd and from the Recovery console run "chkdsk /r". This might not work depending on exactly how badly damaged your disk is, but it's worth a shot.
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I bought a seagate 160GB about 6 months ago, the other day I went to turn my computer on and got a disk read error, press ctrl, alt, del to restart, I tried booting from the xp cd to do a repair but all it does is say its checking the config and then nothing but a black screen, is there anything I can do?

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I was about to open up Global Maple Story on my computer, and it restarted. During reboot, it gave me a message saying "Disk Read Error" on the black MDos screen. Below it, it said press "Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." I did as such, but it never did anything to help. Each reboot, it went back to this screen. I've tried different IDE plugs, unplugged both of my CD Drives, and made the second CD Drive into Master, and nothing has worked.

How might I be able to get the Disk Error to stop occuring on my Compaq computer, which was reformatted just earlier this week?

A:Disk Read Error.

It sounds like the drive has failed.

If you go to the drive manufacturer's site, you should be able to download their diagnostic utility (run the program after you download it and it will make a floppy). Boot to that floppy and run the tests.
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I have a computer which has a raid 0 with 2 hard drives

When i installed Vista on the computer it worked fine, saw the raid setup and allowed me to install quickly

But like most people i hated vista so i decided to install XP Pro instead, this involved me having to get a RAID & SATA driver floppy for it to recognise my hard drives

The Install goes fine, but when the computer restarts it always comes up with Disk Read Error

I have used 3 copy's of xp and none of them have worked always comes up with the same error, but when i installed Vista back on it works fine

A:Disk Read Error

Sounds like the drivers aren't being loaded/copied during the install. Here is a guide that outlines each step along the install:
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I just installed a new hard drive and I boot up from the OS CD(windows xp pro) after all of the installation it restarted and now I am getting a message that I have a disk read error and press ctrl, alt, delete to restart. I did but the same message is occuring. Please anybody help.
Thank You!

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Yikes, was hoping i'd never have to be back here again. Anyhow.

I'm currently having a huge issue with my HDD. When booting up, I get the "Disk read error occurred, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart".

When I go into the BIOS, it detects the SATA HDD. When I press F8, i'm able to select the HDD to boot into however it just leads me back to that error. However when I insert the windows recovery CD and hit repair, I can't select any of the windows partitions. I was able to get into Safe Mode about an hour ago but it seems I can no longer do that.

Is there any solution to this?

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I don't know why but lately when I turn on my laptop it shows Dell and the model of my laptop then it goes straight to saying Disk Read Error has occured and hit ctrl atl delete to restart. What can I do to fix this?

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Making progress on my install...I have a computer with a new gigabyte 880GMUD2H (onboard video, sound, 1394) with an Athlon 2 cpu and 2 GB. I installed a Barracuda 300gb hard drive st3320413as and then proceeded to install xp pro. It began but only saw the hard drive as having about 130 gb. I took it to a computer shop and had them format the hard drive for me. Now it shows as 300gb but when I try to install xp I get a message that says:

Loading Operating System ...

A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

There are a quite a few options in the cmos that are new to me. How should I progress from here? Everything in the case is new.

A:Disk read error

Which version and Service Packs of XP are your trying to install? If you don't have at least Windows XP SP2 it will not see a partition larger then 130 GB. Also, SATA drivers are not native to XP. You need to Slipstream the Service Packs and SATA drivers for your motherboard into your XP CD using nLite.
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Upon starting up a Gateway LX laptop, I receive a "A disk read error has occured, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to restart." Instantly, I know this is bad. So I load in the Windows XP Home disk and boot from the CD. I go to repair and recovery and the console opens up. I run chkdsk and it stop at 13%. Any suggestions. Is the hard drive done? I have backups, I'm just wondering if it's time for a new hard drive.

A:Disk read error

Chkdsk never 'stops' from recovery console, it may however take a LONG time to finish. I have seen 4-6 hours on some disks.

You need to let it finish to make a determination, but hey hard disks being what they are, I'd replace it.
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I am very illiterate when it comes to computers so I'm hoping someone can help. I had just signed online when my computer froze and it restarted itself but within seconds I received a message saying "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart," and so I did and it restarted but the same message continued to appear. What can I do to fix this problem? I'd really appreciate the help.

I'm running WinXP by the way.
[email protected]
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turned on the computer and got "disk read error. press ctrl+alt+del to reboot". i did that and it shows the same message again. i pushed F2 to enter setup to check boot sequence. i put in Windows disk to try to boot from doesn't even recognize I have a disk in, although I can hear the disk running. I tried to change boot up to hard drive. No change. I tried to boot from default. Nothing. It still goes back to the same error message. AND the computer has shut off on me a few times. What's the deal? I'm running XP. Can ANYONE help me? I can't even get into Windows...which means I can't back up anything. I don't want to lose everything.

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What can I do when my computer shows a disc read error besides pressing control alt delete to restart?

A:A disk read error

Disk Read Error means your HDD has probably failed. To test this theory, on another computer download the ISO image for Seatools from my signature, burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. And Boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and extended tests on the drive. If it fails the HDD needs to be replaced.
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Hi I seem to have made a mess here I had Vista x and W build set up in a dual boot with W on a Gb partition Acting on advice in another thread I decide to shrink my Vista partition and expand my W partition using Help! error read Disk GParted That seemed to go ok and I shrank Vista partition to about GB and expanded the W partition to about a GB Help! Disk read error However I now cannot boot at all When I try I get quot A disk read error occurred press Help! Disk read error Ctrl Alt Del to restart quot When I try this nothing happens and I have to do a power shutdown I have attempted repairs using my Vista disk and that tells me nothing is wrong Likewise I tried repair with my W disk with the same result Both tell me that the system booted succesfully I then tried reinstalling both Vista and W to their respective partitions and I still get no boot Help! Disk read error and a Disk read error message I have been in the BIOS and tried every boot device option but still nowhere I'm writing this from the Asus Splashtop OS that came with my mobo I thought it was a bit of a gimmick but it might just save me now Can anybody help John

A:Help! Disk read error

Hi,if you reinstall Win 7 ,and when you come to part where it gives you a choice to do an upgrade,or a new install choose a new install, and it will make a folder called Windows Old, so you wont loose everything ,so at least you are back in and you can go from there,I hope this helps.
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my computer starts boots up but then it reads disk read error press ctrl+alt+del to restart. i restart my computer but get same result.

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Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart Windows XP Home I have tried to fix this by going into the Windows recovery console and typing quot fixmbr quot I have tried to fix this by going through the windows repair function on the Windows cd I have also tried in the boot menu to go directly to the hard drive and boot from that but that message appears I have booted from a Linux live CD and the gb drive that Windows was on shows up and I can see my files I have put my drive into an external enclosure and Read Disk Error I can see my Disk Read Error files Doesn t seem to be an issue with the drive especially seeing the drive is only months old Disk Read Error It is an IDE Drive and is set to cable select and is the only one on that cable Floppy drive is turned off in Bios On the other cable is my CD drive BIOS recognizes both devices I have unplugged the CD drive and tried just having the hard drive connected to no avail Cleared CMOS I am trying this next chkdsk r in the recovery prompt but just wanted to see if anyone had any more ideas while I wait These two will be next http pcsupport about com od termsb p bootcfg htm http pcsupport about com od termsf p fixboot htm So Any Ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Disk Read Error

None of this has worked.

Any ideas?
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My previous ram has failed twice within a year That is unacceptable to me so now I went with Patriot - Disk Read Error RAM New After installing both sticks in I turn my computer on and got a quot Read Disk Error New Hardware Detective quot BIOs does recognize the GB of RAM so I don t think its a dead dimm slot I scan my hard drive millions of times looking for bad sectors nothing is found When I install the extra stick of ram the computer does post But after BIOs it fails to load windows just a New RAM - Read Disk Error black screen I take the RAM out leaving me with GB of RAM Computer Posts and then I get this error quot Windows failed to Boot A hardware or software changes may caused the error quot blah blah gives me options to boot in safe mode or boot normally After that no problems I m out of ideas My question is because I change from Crucial to Patriot did bad RAM corrupt windows and needs a fresh install Or is there something I have to change in BIOs in order for my computer run on GB of ram New RAM - Read Disk Error System Specs CPU AMD Phenom II X GHz - Noctua NH-U P New RAM - Read Disk Error Cooler Memory Patriot G-Series DDR GB - Hard Drive Western Digital Caviar Blue WD AAKS GB Video Card EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX Core - nm Operating System Windows Vista amp Home Premium bit Motherboard Asus M N -D Computer Case NZXT Tempest EVO PSU - Kingwin Lazer w Edit Old RAM that died twice http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E New RAM I got to replace the Bad RAM http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

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Hello I am running vista home premium x on my Dell XPS desktop Recently I installed routine widows updates and the computer shut down as usual after installing them However when I turned the computer back on all I get is the error message quot A disk read error occurred press ctrl Alt del to restart quot Windows will not start Well first I tried restarting That didn't work Read Error Disk At that point I started poking around the internet to see what help I could find The next thing I did after some reading was to go into the boot menu and Disk Read Error change my boot sequence so I could load windows from my windows reinstallation cd dvd Here's the problem I have After the screen that says quot windows is loading files quot is the window that just has the little loading bar with quot microsoft corporation quot under it After this my computer just displays a blank black screen I have tried switching and using my other dvd cd drive but the same thing happens Is there any other way for me to do a restore or repair Any help is greatly appreciated S L

A:Disk Read Error

Hello and welcome to the forum.

There are a few things you can do, I will send you some tutorials for you to read..

Create a Recovery Disc

System Recovery Options

Startup Repair

System Restore - How to

System Restore
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Good Day Doctors,
I trying to help a friend with their computer; Dell Dimension 4700, XP Pro, and getting the error message:

Does this mean the hard drive is bad?
Thx in advance

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I don't know if this is a hardware problem...but i'll try anyway
anytime i put a disc in my PS2 it makes this godawful noise and doesn't do anything.
for a while it would stop and work...but recently it just sits on the opening screen and never reads the disc....i have no idea what it could be PLEASE HELP!

A:PS2 disk read error

That is the most common error the ps2 has. Essentially you have to remove the cover of the unit and then the dvd cover to expose the tray and laser. using a q-tip dabbed in alcohol, rub the rubber pickup wheel and the laser eye itself lightly. Let the laseer dry but rub the pickup around lightly with your finger to remove excess hair and debris.
That usually fixes most of the errors.
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hey guys,

So me and my buddy just put together a killer machine and are having trouble getting the machine to recognize the OS disk. It has two disk drives 1 sata and 1 IDE. In the BIOS it is recognizing both drives but when we try to boot from the OS to install XP home edition we're getting "Disk Read Failure, insert system disk and press enter". We have the boot order as HDD, Disk, Removeable. I've searched through some forums about this error but didn't find anyone who was putting a fresh OS on a newly built PC. We're really excited to get this up and running because it's a sick machine running 2.66 Ghz Quad Core, 2 SLI 9800 GTX cards, and 4 gb of ram. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Disk Read Error help

have you tried to set the boot order CD>HDD make the cd first to boot
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After a couple of likely heat related crashes my computer running XP home edition refused to Error Read Disk boot giving me Disk Read Error Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart And just cycled through this process endlessly I finally managed Disk Read Error to find a copy of the XP CD but when I try to boot off of it I get this message quot Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM No Emulation Press any key to boot from CD quot But when I do I just get the original error message Does this mean my drive is toast or does anyone have any ideas I can t boot at all not into safe mode or anything BIOS still sees the drive and an MBRfix diagnostic boot program was able to scan the drive although was only trial software so wouldn t repair it Additionally my CPU has been running hot even though I can t even boot off of my hd usually F or up to nbsp

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Whenever I startup, I get a black screen with :

A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart
I do so, but I get it again. Can't get to the welcome screen, and I don't know why it's saying there's a 'disk read error', I don't have any in the drive

A:'Disk read error'

Do you have an XP CD? If you do, boot with it, press "R" for "repair", log in to the Recovery Console, and run chkdsk /r on your drive.

If you have no CD, you can make one with one of these:

XP Recovery Console CD Image with autofmt.exe for formatting
Recovery Console ISO Image (original)

Make a note of any bad clusters that are mentioned in the final report.
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i've started getting
"a disk read error occurred
press ctrl + alt + del to restart"
on my nearly new alienware bot. i have to use power button to turn off systm, then turn it back on to get it to work.
i'm new at this, any suggestions?
running windows xp

A:disk read error

Download HiJackThis here:
Unzip to a convenient permanent folder
For example: C:/HiJackThis/HiJackThis.exe
Double click HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan". But dont fix anything, post your Hijackthis log on here.
Tutorials for Hijackthis -
Have you done a SCANDISK ?
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Ok. I was just sitting around playing my ps3 with my laptop behind me running. Then I heard it beep real loudly and it seemed to be restarting. Then it went to a black screen and it said " a disk read error occurred. Press ctrl plus alt plus del. I used to have Vista on this computer so I put in my update disk for Windows 7. And tryed to use the repair tools it offers. But nothing is working. I also used the command prompt. I used bootrec.exe /fixmbr and bootrec.exe /fixboot. It said both were successful. But it still didn't do anything. I also ran the windows memory diagnostics tool. But it foumd no problems. Please. Can anyone help me

A:need help. disk read error


Boot to the repair options as before - at the command promt, type:


sel disk 0

detail disk

( make a note of exactly what it says)

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hi all am Disk Error Read hoping you can give me some advice here on My Dads computer he has a gateway kinda limited on the info with it because he wasnt sure and is cple Disk Read Error miles from me let me give you the scenero hes running WINXP HOME last Disk Read Error nite he went in and did a clean disk then went in and tryed to defrag it it gave error could not defrag reboot and try Disk Read Error again so he reboots and when he did he came up with the error DISK READ ERROR HAS OCCURED CNTRL ALT DLTE TO RESTART then it just continues in a viscous cycle cant get past that error So he calls me I have him change his boot sqnce to start with CD ROM have him put in the XP CD checked to make sure disk was being read and his displaying that the hd is reading as the Master it is generally the BIOS was set to factory default and nothing was changed since then Except now when I had him change the boot sequence REBOOT- started to read CD then DISK READ ERROR HAS OCCURED same as before Had him check cables all look okay ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT S WHAT HERE HRDDRIVE FRIED Its a Maxtor btw gig knowing my dad only maybe maybe gig would be full if that I m opening for any ideas and advice on this one THANKS ALL instag tr nbsp

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I jost got the error
a disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+ Alt + Del. to restart

It just loops.

Vista 64, Sony vaio laptop

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help

A:Disk read error

Yes, your hard drive is dying or dead. Back up your stuff if you can.
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I started my computer and I get this message, "A disk read error occurred, press ctrl + alt + del to reboot". I checked the IDE cable and power to the HD. I even replaced the IDE cable and no change. I can't get into safe mode either.

A:A disk read error

Run chkdsk on the disk from the XP disc or download the hard drive diagnostic utility from your hard drive's manufacturer and run it on your disk. The symptoms point to a dead or dying hard drive.
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Hi i am upgrading my Os to windows currently i'm using windows So here is my problem I have the ISO image of windows My DVD drive is broken so i'm using my pen drive to install the OS So i downloaded the Windows USB tool and copied the contents of the ISO file to the pen drive I changed my boot priority to USB and at the first time i got the windows installation screen But i forgot to write down the serial key so closed read error Disk the installation and booted my computer and got the serial key So this time when i try to boot from USB it says Disk read error i tried restarting and i Disk read error have Disk read error formatted the USB and i have copied the ISO file again but it simply doesn't work The USB port is working and the USB is working And also i'm not able to format the USB by diskpart it says access denied Can anyone help me Thanks in advance

A:Disk read error

Try making USB drive this way:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

If the USB drive will not format after using the CLEAN commard, use CLEAN ALL.