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Cannot get arabic (xtra language) to work on home Premium

Q: Cannot get arabic (xtra language) to work on home Premium

I have win 7 Professional on the other PC & arabic works fine. I can read the text & type. But I am installing Home Premium on this other PC & I cannot get it to activate. "Region & language" appear the same but it ain't working. Lucida console is default font on both systems. I only want arabic as an optional language to read & type with 'on call'. English to remain as system language.

Does Premium lack arabic fonts? Appreciate some guidance please.

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Preferred Solution: Cannot get arabic (xtra language) to work on home Premium

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot get arabic (xtra language) to work on home Premium

Here - gives you all the info/set up/links for language pack

How to Display Arabic Font On Windows 7 - Learn Arabic on
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Hi all I've been browsing this forum off and on hunting for solutions to my many troubles with Vista over the last several months and I've finally had one that no one else seems to be having or solving For background problem Premium 32bit Home Arabic installation in - language SP2 pack? I am SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? running Home Premium bit on an HP laptop with SP currently installed When I SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? try to install Vista SP from my primary account I am the system administrator it informs me that 'Installation was not successful' due to to a 'system error' It then instructs me to run the quot Check for System Update Readiness quot tool CheckSUR to attempt to solve the problem which I have tried several times Not counting the time I installed it back in April when it first was released The error code in question was TRUST E NOSIGNATURE x b I have run through the entire list of options to try on the Microsoft official help page and have begun to try a few other things in order to solve the problem Most recently I attempted to install the service pack from Safe Mode where it informed me that the REAL problem was that I have a language pack installed that is not supported This confuses me because I don't recall ever installing the Arabic language pack have certainly never been to Saudi Arabia and don't speak or read Arabic The only language pack that shows up in the list of installed language packs when I run LPKSETUP as suggested on another thread here is English Though this WOULD undoubtedly explain why I've been seeing an optional update in my Windows Update dialog for Arabic language support for the Windows Help Needless to say I hid the update but it hasn't changed anything either Out of desperation I have even attempted to remove all the folders marked ar-SA from the Windows folder but this hasn't seemed to affect anything - the service pack still won't install and still gives the same error So you know what I've tried and something of what the problem is The other issue I've been having which may or may not be related is that my quot Turn Windows Features on or off quot dialog shows up blank Much to my annoyance But that's likely an issue for another thread And as it does not appear in Windows Update I have been trying to install SP from the Standalone installer Any help would be greatly appreciated - and thank you in advance

A:SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack?

Is there anyone out there who can help me? I'm still struggling with the problem, and as Vista has been rather buggy for me lately I've started experimenting with Explorer alternatives. This has helped, amazingly, and quite a bit, but it's still only a stopgap measure. I need SP2, and the many fabled fixes it brings.

Still getting the same "due to a system error" message from my full boot. Should I try Safemode again, or is that just going to give me the same issue about the language pack? Does anyone know a way to get rid of one of those things?

Or should I just be waiting for the multi-language installation of SP2 in the hopes that that will work? Considering that I only have English listed as installed, though, that seems like a sad option. . .
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so basically what the title states, I wanna know if I have any possibilities of installing an English language pack on a Home Premium edition even though it ain't an Ultimate edition?

A:Windows Home Premium language pack.

Found this: How to use another language pack on Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional

Use at your own risk as I've never tried it nor have any reason to do so.
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hello seven forums, my mother recently bought another computer in another language. i wish to change this language to English, so when i'm configuring the computer, i can actually understand it, but how do i do this?

A:Changing Language on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Quote: Originally Posted by poolwizard

hello seven forums, my mother recently bought another computer in another language. i wish to change this language to English, so when i'm configuring the computer, i can actually understand it, but how do i do this?

goto region and language settings in control panel and set to english
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I know I can install lanugage packs in Windows 7 Ultimate. But...

I installed Home premium in one of the early versions. I couldnt activate it cause I only had the RC code for Ultimate. I couldnt install language pack then. There was no option in control panel for it. The Red pointer option in the image below did not exist.
I want to install Windows 7 RTM Home Premium now. I wonder...
Can I install Slovenian language pack in Home premium? Can I install it if I dont activate Windows too? Is that possible now? Has someone managed to do it yet?

A:Can I install language pack in RTM Home Premium?

No you can't install Language packs in Home Premium as i remember you can only install Language packs in ultimate
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I plan to buy a laptop that comes with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. And I want to add another language for reading and typing (not to change the menu's language - MUI).

I'm currently use XP and I have an XP's CD. When I want to install a new language for reading and typing, I can easily insert XP's CD into my optical drive. But if I buy a laptop that come with an OS, I will have no CD.

So, how can I do it now? Thanks.

A:Install new language in Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 language packs are only available for computers that are running Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise.

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On my recent birthday I recived a vendor full version of win 7 Home Premium in German (I live in Germany). Can I install this in english versus the default German?

Thanks in advance!

A:Home Premium installation in alternate language

Welcome to the forums Hock
No. To change the language you have to install a language pack and they are only available for Win 7 Ultimate and Enterprise. Oficial MS statement here.
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Hi everybody ..

Can I change the display language in Windows 7 Home Premium ?

I have tried to use the Vistalizator but did not succeed

if i can how I change the display language ?

Thank you

A:Can I change the display language in Windows 7 Home Premium ?

Vistalizator causes your Windows to lose its activation, changing its validation status to non-genuine. The same happens with all other known cracks to install language packs on other editions than Ultimate and Enterprise.

Read more here: Display Language Change- Win 7 Home

There is no valid and working way to completely change display language on Home Premium. If your Windows language is English, French, Spanish or Russian you might be able to install a Language Interface Pack (LIP) in your language that changes the most common menus and dialogs to your chosen language. However, according to official LIP site of Microsoft an Arabic LIP for instance does not exist.

Check avalaible options here: Download languages for Windows - Microsoft Windows

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After a great deal of investigating online that s how I found this sweet website I was able to confirm that Windows Home Premium does not have advanced language supports That being said it is still possible to display foreign languages on your Support Premium in Home 7 Language Foreign Windows computer you just have to know how to activate them My issue started when I Foreign Language Support in Windows 7 Home Premium could not view the text for my international music After some fidgeting I found a solution This is a guide that you will not find simply by searching on Microsoft s websites as most of their tech Support is specialized for Ultimate and Enterprise Click on your quot Start quot icon and and type quot Region and Languages quot into the search bar After clicking look for the quot Keyboard and Languages quot tab and click Click on the quot Change Keyboards quot button Under the quot General quot tab look below to the box entitled quot Installed Services quot It will have your primary language listed in my case English To the right of the quot Installed Services quot box click the quot Add quot button Scroll through the list and open the drop box and then click on quot Keyboard quot Select the language you desire in my case quot Japanese quot and quot Russian quot Then click quot Ok quot to add it then quot Ok quot to close the quot Keyboard and Languages quot and the quot Region and Languages quot boxes Open up your media player and you should be able to see the text properly displayed I hope this has been helpful Let me know if you have any questions and I will reply as soon as possible nbsp

A:Foreign Language Support in Windows 7 Home Premium

With windows 7 you can go on windows update, optional updates, and choose which language you wish to download. I believe this will only SHOW the characters. Not to sure if it'll type it.
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When I run lpksetup exe u it only comes back with one language which is OK however scattered throughout the Vista Language Home Pack Debris Vista Premium on file system there are dozens of other languages For example searching the drive for ja-JP locates files folders And as Language Pack Debris on Vista Home Premium I said this is but one of dozens of them With dozens of languages each creating files Language Pack Debris on Vista Home Premium folders that is a significant disk space footprint Are these really necessary Is this standard Windows Vista Home Premium or it debris resulting from having bought an HP If lpksetup exe does not recognize them as MUI how can I clear them out That is just one example they are also in a lot of other places too All with date stamps before I got the PC so they obviously came on the HP build In addition to en-US this it what is strewn throughout the file system ar-SA bg-BG cs-CZ da-DK de-DE el-GR en-gb es-ES et-EE fi-FI fr-FR he-IL hr-HR hu-HU it-IT ja-JP ko-KR lt-LT lv-LV nb-NO nl-NL pl-PL pt-BR pt-PT ro-RO ru-RU sk-SK sl-SI sr-Latn-CS sv-SE th-TH tr-TR uk-UA zh-CN zh-HK zh-TW Still how do I get rid of them and recover the space They're too entrenched in the OS to simply delete without damaging the OS and I'm not yet prepared to do a clean install which of course is the correct solution Any ideas

A:Language Pack Debris on Vista Home Premium

No one with a solution?
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Hi folks

I've got yet another language question but I think its slightly different the usual!

My father bought a recon Asus laptop with Win 7 Home Premium installed in english. His wife is Colombian and at some point has managed to change the language to spanish. Now, we cannot change it back to english!

I understand that you need Win 7 Ultimate to change languages, so my question is how did she manage to change the language in the first place?!

(My guess is that when Win 7 HP is installed, it lets you set the language once so that one product can be sold in several countries.)

I understand that initially, she was getting the 'Windows in not genuine' warning, so it went back to the shop and they sorted that. Since then, she changed the language.

Any ideas?

Assume that to change it back I need to use that Visualisator software?


A:How did my father manage to change the language in Win 7 Home Premium?

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

If you use the Vistalizator software, you will also lose the Activation and License for the installed Windows 7, which is why you got the Windows is not genuine warning so my advice is not to use Vistalizator.

Warning message when multilingual user interface (MUI) pack is installed in incorrect edition of Windows 7: "This copy of Windows is not genuine"

I can only assume she managed to change the display language for her own user profile. To change it back to English:

1. Go to Start>Control Panel>Clock>Language>Region/Change the display language.
2. Switch the display language in the Choose a display language drop-down menu.
3. Click OK.
4. Log off for the changes to take effect (This will affect only the user profile under which you are currently logged on).

You could also try one of the following options:Try and create a new user account, and then delete the changed language one.
Reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium to get back to an English language system.
Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate to get a choice of 34 language packs.
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Hello guyz ..

i've download lp-en-us form


but it seems that it does not work on Vista Home Premium only work on Vista Ultimate ..

and I heared there is no en-us.mui ( English Language pack ) for Vista Home Premium ..

I wanna change my system Language form Arabic 2 English , i have not found any MUI for Windows Vista Home Premium even
so , can anyone help me ?


A:req : change my system Language in Win Vista Home Premium

You are quite right.. it is only for ultimatr.Dont know of any work arounds for it, either, sorry
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Hi. I'm a Brit living n France, and have just purchased a new computer running W7 Home Premium but obviously the system language is all in French and I just can't seem to get it to change to English. I've read various (conflicting) bits online, some of which suggests I need to have W7 Ultimate in order to be able to do this. Can anyone verify?

If this is the case, am I best served upgrading to Windows 10 where it appears (again, just from what I've read) that this function is free?

Many thanks in advance for any help

(one small point is that I really don't mind whether it ends up on 7 or 10, I just want the language changed!)

A:windows 7 home premium, change system language?

Have you gone to the Microsoft site and found the various language packs that are available? You should be able to install the English (UK or US version) without any difficulty.
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is RC support Arabic keyboard input guys ... or not

can i read and write arabic in it just like beta

i'm using windows 7 build 7057 now and it support arabic ... pls. tel me

A:Arabic language

You can still change the keyboard to write in Arabic. Whether or not you can read Arabic, I dunno But the OS isn't available in Arabic per this statement

*Note: If you used the Hindi or Arabic language versions of the Beta, thank you for helping us test those languages. Because the RC is not available in Hindi or Arabic, we encourage you to either install Windows 7 RC in another language or reinstall a prior version of Windows before the Beta expires on August 1, 2009.
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Hi All

I would like to set my computer up to have two word processors in English and German with two keyboards one in English and one in German with the extra letters for German. I bought a German keyboard with the different layout. Then got Open Office office for free in German.

Struck a hitch when I found that new keyboard doesn't just plug in and work but found this good looking software will allow this to work;

Using multiple keyboards with different layouts on the same machine - CodeProject

However I still need a German language pack for Windows 7; everything points to anytime upgrade but this isn't available anymore?

Could buy window 8.1 for lots of money and might not run that well on my old 32 bit 3.5gb 2.0mhz laptop which isn't that fast anyway.

Any ideas please? Happy to pay for upgrades but don't need a whole new version of windows

A:German Language Packs Solutions for Windows 7 home premium?

Quote: Originally Posted by KiwiinSwiss

I would like to set my computer up to have two word processors in English and German with two keyboards one in English and one in German with the extra letters for German. I bought a German keyboard with the different layout. Then got Open Office office for free in German.

Hi KiwiinSwiss, welcome to the Seven Forums.

A bit long rant but I am not able to put this short so here we go. First the rant, thereafter my suggestions .

I am a multilingual Windows user, typing (and needing respective input language) in my two mother tongues Finnish and Swedish, the language of my country of residence Germany, English and occasional French. That being said I really do not understand the need for two physical keyboards on one computer.

It does not take long practice to learn that although the physical keyboard layout I have is German (QWERTZ instead of QWERTY), when I have switched to Finnish or Swedish input language (identical keyboard layouts) the physical key ?? gives me ?? and the key ? gives me +, or that although the keyboard shows that @ is typed with AltGR + Q I in fact need to press AltGR + 2. Also the time and effort needed to change the input language is nothing compared to time and effort needed to put one keyboard aside to make room for another keyboard; I need two mouse clicks for that, first to open language menu (icon in notification area) and second to select the input language needed.

Screenshot of my language menu. Screenshot is from Windows 8.1, I have taskbar vertical at left so it might look a bit odd:
I understand from your post and a bit suggestive username you have selected that your mother tongue is English and that your second language is German, one of the four official languages of Switzerland, the country where you currently reside. The part I did not completely understand is why you had to get OpenOffice in German? Using again myself as an example, my Windows and all software including Microsoft Office are in English but I can still type letters in Word using German or Swedish or compose emails in Finnish in Outlook. I have of course separate user accounts in English, Finnish, German and Swedish because I had a work where it was essential that I could either make screenshots showing Windows controls and dialogs in respective language or demonstrate them in big screen, but as I do not work anymore I have noticed it can take weeks for me not to log in to other user accounts than the main English one. What I am saying is that you don't need a German word processor or German keyboard to type in German.

The above does not mean that I am happy about how Microsoft and other software makers and online services treat us ex-pats, users who use Windows, other software and online services with a language other than the language(s) of their country of residence. Read about my thoughts at our sister forums: Microsoft Windows 9 Team: Please understand some of us live abroad!.


If your goal is to be able to type using several input languages, you do not need to change anything, nor do you need two keyboards. Install and enable all input languages you need to, then swap between them with two fast mouse clicks in under a second. Tutorials:Keyboard Input Language - Add or Remove
Keyboard Layout - Change
Language Bar - Hide or Show


Step 1 in this tutorial shows you how to get original Windows 7 Ultimate ISO install file. If you continue using Windows 7 and want to get multiple display languages, you need to get the Ultimate edition. Search Amazon and eBay for a 7 Ultimate product key but be careful, there are a lot of "if it sounds too good to be true it's probably not" offers out there.

When you have the Windows 7 Ultimate product key, you should be able to do an Anytime Upgrade with it. If not, you can use the Windows 7 Ultimate ISO to create an install media and do a clean install.

Upgrading to ... Read more
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Hello, i know that custom language packs are available to windows 7 ultimate versions in windows updates. but rly? only in ultimate? thats just ridiculous.
srsly. I would like to install custom language pack in to windows 7 home premium, how i could i force windows to get that update in to home premium?

A:How to install language pack to windows 7 32bit home premium?

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Recently, I 've rebooted my cpu, after doing so my language bar when Missing.
This is what I get when I open the Control Panel..

I wonder if anyone have a solution to get back the language bar with the ability to add additional language.

Ur help is greatly appreciated

A:Missing Language Bar on Vista Home Premium 32 bytes system

this the image
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please can somebody how i can change windows vista home premium edition language from spainish to english.

A:please can somebody how i can change windows vista home premium edition language from

Hi, Ms only made this natively possible in the ultimate version, however I have not tested this though the reports are positive :-
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Windows Home x Dutch version from upgrade Windows Home Premium x pre-installed on PC Keyboard US Screen W10 changed Home Premium Lock language - Default x64: International English QWERTY Language Dutch W10 Home Premium x64: Default Lock Screen - language changed homelanguage When PC starts up the Default Lock screen at Start Up with Secure Sign-in enabled appears In the lower left corner of the screen appears TIME day amp date In my area time-zone country the Netherlands TIME day amp data appear in lt Dutch gt This was properly displayed in Dutch I did not change or define other languages After a start-up of the PC the TIME day W10 Home Premium x64: Default Lock Screen - language changed amp date appear in W10 Home Premium x64: Default Lock Screen - language changed lt English gt This happens now after each PC Start-Up of Windows Home x Questions Is it possible to reset the Englisch language example Sunday february to Dutch example Zondag februari How to fix this What could have changed this setting I have no idea The display of time amp date in the taskbar is correct Keyboard US Int QWERTY Country NLD Within programs time amp date is correct too It is just the first Start-Up screen with Time day and date info When this screen disappears the login screen to W appears Thanks for your response Wim

A:W10 Home Premium x64: Default Lock Screen - language changed

Log on, goto start menu, click settings, click personalize, it is there (I think)
P.S. It is not Win10HomePremium it will be Home because there is Enterprise, Pro and Home.
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Hi all Spanish Change Windows OEM 7 Premium language Home SOLVED: to English I thought I'd share this with the community as SOLVED: Change language Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Spanish to English I myself had been looking for an answer for quite a time Scenario English ex-pat living in Spain Bought new laptop Toshiba Satellite L - Z with OEM Windows Home Premium in Spanish Want Windows in English I'd been trawling through the threads and had found these Completely change language of Ultimate installation amp win language change Googling also revealed I could only change the language if I had an Ultimate or Enterprise licence I had thought of downloading a legitimate English version Home Premium ISO from Digital River but a format and clean install was a last resort - even though there's plenty of OEM bloat I didn't want to risk some things not working or have problems trying to activate later So I made a C drive image just in case Solution Download MS English language Pack don't forget to check the MD hash download Vistalizator The language pack won't install by itself - probably because the OS isn't Ultimate or Enterprise but launch vistalizator it doesn't install just runs and open the language pack from there The only thing is I wanted my main account in English and a secondary user account in Spanish but SOLVED: Change language Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Spanish to English that isn't possible I CAN still change back and forth between languages but I have to do it through Vistalizator and reboot The language settings in the control panel don't do anything and the vistalizator language switch is a global change - all accounts are either English or Spanish But it works - in English and I'm loving my new laptop Regards D

A:SOLVED: Change language Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Spanish to English

I don't think this will stay here very long since vistalizator is a hack that violates the EULA.
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My computer doesn’t support the Arabic language he on the soft ware although I have the Arabic feature on my computer

A:How I can support the Arabic language

Multilingual User Interface (MUI) are packages from Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications that allow for the installation of multiple interface languages on a single system.
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Where can I find vista SP1 for Arabic language ???
I read it will be available on April 9th .
But I can not find it!!!

A:vista SP1 for arabic language

Not yet released... I'm waiting for the Norwegian version

*Checking WU every 10minuttes for the last 2days*
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A friend of mine has Windows XP SP2. But its in arabic. Is there anyway to convert it into English. We tried going to Control Panel and Language Options but no English was available there.

Is reintsalling XP the only option? Thanx in advance

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after resetting my pc, text were all written in arabic, pls i want to change it back to english language

A:how to change from arabic to english language in my hp pro 3...

Watch the following video on changing the display language in Windows 8.  Pay particular attention to the icons. The icons are the one thing that does not change , regardless of the display language installed.
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Now i have Windows 7 RC 7100 Installed on my Machine but i can't Read arabic when i used Paltalk or Yahoo or anyother Chatting Program so how can i enable arabic on my OS

NOTE: i have changed my location to egypt and my keyboard to arabic.. but nothing happened...

Help me please!!!

A:Change Language & Reading Arabic On Paltalk

I`ve the same problem i tried every thing i even changed the diplay lnaguage to arabic but i still can't read arabic on paltalk and many other programs.
if any one have an idea about how to resolve this, please help.
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Just restored a clients machine to a previous restore point, cleaned everything up (virus/malware wise).Only problem I'm having now is some of the elements within windows are displayed in a different language.. I'm guessing Arabic. Already checked Regional/Lang settings, checked HKLM\Sys\CS001\Cont\Nls\Language tooOnly certain items in the CP and various dialogs are in Arabic:How do you fix this??? I believe its keeping me from installing SP3 on this machine as well...

A:Wrong language (Arabic?) in certain dialogs/windows

Hi kisk:

My gut reaction was 'lol' at that screen shot; I've never actually seen the Arabic language pack in use. This was from a malware infection?? But let's address your problem, shall we?

First, let's start off by going into detail about your 'Regional and Language Options'. Was the regional options set to English? In the 'Language' tab, is the 'Text Services and Input Languages' option set to English as well?

Also, are you able to use a Win XP installation CD to repair Windows? If I'm not mistaken, there is an option to select your default Regional Settings there as well. Post back here with more details! Good luck. =)
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I am looking for MS word 2007 tutorial in Arabic language, all links from google search were broken.

Please help.

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I clicked something and was greeted by malware that created https popups in Explorer.  Below are the my attempts to correct.
1. Deleted the new programs from the change and remove programs. 
2. Ran Mcafee - nothing noted
3. continued to get popups
4. deleted directories with same name "tool bars and extensions"
5. continued to get popups
6. downloaded Malwarebytes and found several pups and quarantined  all.
7. rebooted. 
8. No longer can i log in, language seems to be Arabic.
9. I tried to refresh but would not work- it made me log in. this is where i noticed that the language was set to ARABIC 2. 
The computer boots fine, I cant read the language and my password does not work. 
Would a restore to a restore point reset the langauge? Is there any way to recover this PC?
The computer is a Lenovo laptop, running windows 8.1. 

A:Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

What tool did you run prior to the change?
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Hello. I'm an American living in Saudi Arabia. I just bought a Toshiba ultra book. It is very sleek and nice. But everything shows up in Arabic when I use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The default language in the control panel is already in English. The location is USA. The desktop is in English. But browsing is all in Arabic. I don't want it to translate...I want all the browsing to be in English. HELP!

A:Change Browser Language and Interface from Arabic to English

In chrome check Settings > Advanced Settings > Languages (or their Arabic equivalents).
In IE - Internet Options > General > Languages.
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I have windows 7 home premium on a dvd and I installed it on my computer. I typed in the product key and it says it won't work with the current sku, on windows first time setup.

I know that it's a windows 7 home premium N key, because I used a program that told me what it was. So anyways, it won't work with home premium. Why doesn't it work. it is a home premium dvd and a home premium product key.

I tried phone activation but it failed. It is a valid key because microsoft gave it to me. So do I need a special install dvd for windows 7 home premium N? Or is there any way I can get it to work now?

Where do I download a copy of windows 7 home premium n if I do need it?

Thank you all for any help. It's greatly appreciated!

A:Home Premium N key won't work with Home Premium - Help.

As far as I know Home Premium N and Home Premium have different product keys.
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i have a quick question if someone knows this for sure. I have a legal Windows 7 home premium DVD OEM with a key. If I can get my hands of the same DVD but with SP1 included!!!

Will my key for the non SP1 DVD work with the Win 7 SP1 DVD ?

A:will key work with Win 7 home premium SP1 DVD also?

Yes it should work. SP1 is just a higher maintenance level.
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I'm looking to purchase a 3Tb hdd to backup my files, are there any known problems with W7 integration? I know you cant boot windows from a SATA III and I dont intend to, this is just a back up solution.

A:3Tb SATA III HDD work with W7 home premium 64 bit?

Hi rocks911 and Welcome to the Forum

It's kinda an extreme solution for backup, but if your motherboard can handle Sata III then yes it will work otherwise it will go back to Sata II or Sata I speeds.
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I am a corporate PC tech having a rough time with a new PC My old PC a Dell Studio with an MBR TB hard drive partitioned in running Home Premium crashed I received a new PC with Win Pro that only accepts GPT drives I have a load of apps that I cannot duplicate Thus I have to update my old hard drive to use on my new PC The old hard drive is good and I can boot it to an Optiplex at work My plan is to back up my old hard drive to a spare drive Windows Anytime to convert With Win Drive To Old Premium Home Work New Pro 7 Getting PC to Win Pro convert drive to GPT First step stymies me I want to make a complete Getting New Win 7 Pro PC To Work With Old Home Premium Drive backup of my old hard drive for safety s sake I am using Terabyte Image for Windows Getting New Win 7 Pro PC To Work With Old Home Premium Drive I make an image of my Getting New Win 7 Pro PC To Work With Old Home Premium Drive hard drive and save it as a file in the old hard drive I have a nd hard drive connected into the PC via a USB docking port This drive is TB I know that MBR supports drives up to TB but my original hard drive is full The BIOS in my Optiplex sees the TB drive as GB Still ample room But when I try to boot the backup hard drive now connected as SATA not USB I am told it is not bootable When I compare partitions of primary and secondary hard drives in Computer Management they are similar except the OS partition on the original says Active System and Boot the OS partition in the secondary hard drive just says Active I try booting with a Home Premium DVD with the backup drive as SATA It does not see a Windows installation and all efforts via Bootsect and Bootrec from the DVD fail How do I make the backup of my old hard drive bootable I know that Windows does not boot off a USB drive but could having the image being restored to a USB drive made it unbootable even when it is connected as a SATA drive when I boot If so I will try a restore to the backup drive when it is connected as a SATA If not how do I make that backup drive bootable Next step will be to do Windows Anytime Upgrade I can connect via a special line at work I cannot take Optiplex out of work But I need to put in IP subnet mask gateway and DNS servers I see the DNS I see the IP address I do NOT see subnet mask or gateway Is that feature available in Home Premium If not what is my workaround Do I buy a retail copy of Win Professional Will that allow me to upgrade the PC minus Internet Thank you in advance for your wisdom

A:Getting New Win 7 Pro PC To Work With Old Home Premium Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by Adelphi1

I am a corporate PC tech having a rough time with a new PC.

My old PC, a Dell Studio with an MBR 1TB hard drive, partitioned in 2, running Home Premium crashed. I received a new PC with Win 7 Pro that only accepts GPT drives.

What does this mean, "only accepts GPT drives"?? Never heard such a concept.

What is the brand/model of your new PC? Are you talking about UEFI BIOS vs. Legacy BIOS in your new PC? There's nothing which prevents or allows GPT vs. MBR hard drives, to the best of my knowledge.

GPT simply allows more primary partitions than MBR does (which supports a max of 4 primary partitions). Also, GPT supports drives larger than 2GB, which MBR cannot. But aside from that, you can use an older 2GB (or smaller) MBR drive on any machine.

I have a load of apps that I cannot duplicate. Thus I have to update my old hard drive to use on my new PC.

Please provide details of the new machine, but I'd be more concerned about licensing problems wanting to use the original MS Windows on your old PC hard drive (probably OEM on your old PC, tying it for use on that one PC) on your new computer hardware. I would not think that is legal.

So I'm not sure your objective is possible, despite the issues with software products currently installed on your old hard drive and Windows environment in that old (dead??) PC.

You're right, software installed on the old Windows system on the old PC must be re-installed into the new Windows of the new PC, and that requires the installer files. You don't still have them, along with the relevant license keys?

So, before talking about any "migration plan" and details, can you please address my questions above.

Do you have OEM Windows license on the old and new PC, which is tied to that one physical machine? Or do you have retail Windows license, which allows you to use it on just one machine at a time, but you can use it again on a second machine as long as the first machine is dead?
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Hi I have a strange problem.

The system was working fine for 3-4 months and suddenly it started giving me the below problems
OS > Windows 7 Home Premium
System is connected to internet and its works great on IE8.
Ram - 4GB DDR

Internet works only for IE8
All the messengers (Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ) says that the system is not connected to Internet.
All the windows inbuilt functions (eg Win Help) says that the system is not connected to Internet.
All the other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera) says that the system is not connected to Internet.
Antivirus softwares doesn't work. And are not able to do live update.
All the problem list has same reason " System is not connected to Internet "

Somebody please help me!!!

A:Internet doesn't work on Win 7 Home Premium

Check for possible malware infection. Next, check your "hosts" file (\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts), the content of that file should only be ONE line (unless you manually put another line there). If that file have extra lines, then there is 90% chance of your computer is infected by some malware. I personally will suggest to unplug the system disk, mount it on another clean computer and scan it over there. Or you might want to try AVG's Live Antivirus CD.

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I have an older Acer 1410 that I recently replaced the HDD on.

On the Microsoft sticker, the product version reads:

"Windows 7 Home Prem OA Acer Group"

Underneath that is the product key.

I know I had a 64bit version of Windows 7 installed, so I downloaded an ISO of Windows 7 Home Premium from digital river and installed it on my computer. (The laptop did not come with it's own installation disc)

However, when I try to activate the product using the product key, I am told that the product key is not correct. I recall being able to call Microsoft to activate over the telephone in the past, but it appears this option is not available any more?

What can I do to activate my copy of Windows 7 with the product key I have?

A:Windows 7 Home Premium activation won't work

Check the letters carefully....Sometimes a 8 looks like a B, 0 looks like an O etc. etc.
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Hi All I did the Desktop? Vista Premium Work Will My On Home Vista compatibility scan on my desktop Will Vista Home Premium Work On My Desktop? last night and received the recommendation to use Vista Business Will Vista Home Premium Work On My Desktop? This desktop is a home use machine and I would prefer to use home premium the spec for the desktop is Gigabyte GA- GCMX-S motherboard Rev FSB Intel Pentium Dual-core E Processor FSB ATI Radeon X PRO Graphics card Mb Ram X Seagate SATA HDD's running in IDE Mode Windows XP Professional My Employer's Corporate version Office Corporate version Gigabyte GD- BP V quot LCD Monitor soon to be replaced with a ASUS MB TU quot wide screen LCD I also have a HP PSC All-in-one printer and a CANON PiXma printer attached to the PC and have been told to get the Vista drivers from the vendor no problem with that same as for the Radeon Could you advise - it seems that the business version does not support the multimedia apps as well as HP does Thanks Kev'

A:Will Vista Home Premium Work On My Desktop?

It probably noted the corporate editions and that's the reason it recommended Business. I'd suggest that you check out the features here for specifics on what you get/don't get:'t forget to check the Canon and HP websites for Vista-compatible drivers for your printers before upgrading - this will surely affect your decision to upgrade. The Radeon drivers are available for Vista. Here's a link to the Vista drivers for your mobo at Gigabyte:
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Hi There

I have had trouble for some little time trying to backup using Vista - anybody help?

Cheers for now Terry1897
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Ok let me finish...

Mouse and keyboard don't work when I install Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

but they work when I install Windows 7 Pro 64 bit!?

They also work fine before getting into Windows (for bios, etc)

Any idea why this would happen?

A:Mouse/Keyboard don't work Win 7 Home Premium?

Is this the same computer with 2 different OS's. Are you trying to dual boot?
Unplug the keyboard and mouse and restart the computer. After the computer boots, plug in the USB Keyboard and mouse to the Back USB port of the computer.
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Hello all

Well as the title says i have a genuine ultimate key from work left over from copies bought for testing but no ultimate install discs

I can get my hands on copies of home premium or professional that i can borrow/copy but what i want to know is there a difference in the discs so if i use ultimate key will i end up with a fully working install of ultimate or will it default back to disc type or will it just not work

Or does anyone know of the download link from digital river or somewhere where i can obtain a copy (i dont mean torrents by the way im not into that) if thats allowed.

Any input gratefully recieved

A:Ultimate key with home premium disk will it work

Quote: Originally Posted by Pauly

Hello all

Well as the title says i have a genuine ultimate key from work left over from copies bought for testing but no ultimate install discs

I can get my hands on copies of home premium or professional that i can borrow/copy but what i want to know is there a difference in the discs so if i use ultimate key will i end up with a fully working install of ultimate or will it default back to disc type or will it just not work

Or does anyone know of the download link from digital river or somewhere where i can obtain a copy (i dont mean torrents by the way im not into that) if thats allowed.

Any input gratefully recieved

The key determines what you get. I have heard that not entering the key during installation, will make the system ask what version is wanted. The DVD are all the same except for the bit

Hope that I have helped you, since you have helped so many.
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i have a computer with windows vista home premium and i have old games and i dont know if they work cause i dont have it yet so if u have an answer plz reply


A:do old games work on vista home premium?

Most games do. but there is a list of games that don't. I think you can find it on the Vista site somewhere, or if that doesn't work then google would be your best bet.

It also depends on how "old" these games are.
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So I bought the windows upgrade CDs to upgrade my vista PC's to 7. (Big mistake) Wiped out the HD and did the entire install. But every time I open up a video on my WMP it starts to play then stops. The PC then opens up a SV Host program that uses up 80% of the processor. So I have no video playing and my PC won't hardly work at all till I cntrl alt del and close the SV host.

What can I do to make this OS work correctly? The PC is an HP m9500z.

A:Upgraded HP from vista to 7 Home Premium, now my WMP doesn't work?

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I am using a Work Network on my computers (4 total) with a shared printer.

Can I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and set up a work network?

If not, do I have to use Professional or Ultimate versions?

I don't use/need any of the extra functions that Professional or Ultimate versions offer.

The network is used to share/transfer files to other machines and for sharing a single printer.

Any advice would be appreciated.

A:Work Network Possible on Win7 Home Premium 64bit

Define or explain what you mean by "work network"? If you are not connecting to a Domain any version of Windows 7 should be OK. I don't believe Home Premium can join a Domain, you would need Pro, Ultimate or Enterprise for that.
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I have bought new PC with windows vista home premium on it two weeks ago. Today it won't even start, it said that product key is invalid. I have put correct product key again but it still said that it is wrong. Please I need help.
Thank's a lot for anyone's help!

A:windows vista home premium product key won't work

You will probably have to call Microsoft's licensing people. There should be a number on the label with the product key. I've had to call them before when I've reinstalled Vista and they are more than glad to help (as long as it's a legal copy).
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I am attempting to repair my neighbor s laptop which ceased being able to access the web I cannot launch any antivirus program I would commonly recognize - 32 7 won't Windows Internet work, AVG bit Premium launch won't Home such as AVG however she also has an antivirus program I ve never heard of called Avira which finds nothing although I don t know how reliable that is I ve Internet won't work, AVG won't launch - Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit run HijackThis and DDS during a normal boot the logs follow HijackThis - Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files Dell DellDock DellDock exe C Windows system Dwm exe Internet won't work, AVG won't launch - Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files DellTPad Apoint exe C Program Files Intel Intel Internet won't work, AVG won't launch - Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit Matrix Storage Manager IAAnotif exe C Program Files Winamp winampa exe C Program Files IDT WDM sttray exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD DX PDVDDXSrv exe C Program Files Dell QuickSet quickset exe C Windows vVX exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exe C Program Files Intel IntelAppStore bin serviceManager exe C Windows System igfxtray exe C Windows System hkcmd exe C Windows System igfxpers exe C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe C Program Files Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program Files OpenOffice org program soffice exe C Program Files OpenOffice org program soffice bin C Program Files DellTPad Apntex exe C Program Files DellTPad HidFind exe C Windows system conhost exe C Users Eric Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dell com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http home mywebsearch com index j CC- FC BE EB amp si CPz gNXM-qwCFc AKgodAROhqA R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dell com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - BHO no name - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - no file O - BHO FCTBPos Pos - C E C -EDC - E -BA -A AE - C Program Files Websentials - webs email weather news radio Toolbar dll O - BHO PriceGong - F- D- -B -D D - C Program Files PriceGong PriceGongIE dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO RealPlayer Download and Record Plugin for Internet Explorer - C E -B - BC - - C CA - C ProgramData Real RealPlayer BrowserRecordPlugin IE rpbrowserrecordplugin dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files AVG AVG avgssie dll O - BHO Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Ask Toolbar BHO - D C F- A- -A AD- D - C Program Files Ask com GenericAskToolbar dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO NetAssistantBHO - E FA E-F A- -ABF - C E C A - C Program Files Freeze com NetAssistant NetAssistant dll O - Toolbar Websentials - webs email weather news radio - FE C-AE - - AC-A F B D - C Program Files Websentials - webs email weather news radio Toolbar dll O - Toolbar FrostWire Toolbar - D C F- A- -A AD- D - C Progr... Read more

A:Internet won't work, AVG won't launch - Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit
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Hi many thanks in advance wont - windows updates premium home work 7 for any insight My son was bought a HP several years ago for school work yea right - but mainly for games it had win pro bit and worked extremely well when GWX came up he converted it and it was not until a couple of weeks ago he asked if it could go back to windows 7 home premium - updates wont work win well i know he didn t roll back after the days so i decided to install win home bit bought a MAR copy and GB windows 7 home premium - updates wont work of memory the memories installed and so is the program code seems to work but it appears it does not want to load updates tried the Mr Fix it running the MS troubleshooter etc all to no avail is there any way to tell if it is just a matter of putting the pc into check for updates and wait until the several hundred appear or if it just hanging on a usual pc it doesn t take that long untill something comes up i have tried several times and in windows 7 home premium - updates wont work one instance a report i forget where from stated that the permissions was not set I have reinstalled and registered the OS and everything appears to be ok just cannot tell whether the update list is being gathered nbsp

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I just joined this forum. I recently upgraded to win 7 home premium 64 bit from xp. I have AV Lab Multimedia Desktop Theater AVL320 sound system. It worked fine with XP, never a problem. With Windows 7 I can use the headset but not the AVL320 sound system as it is not recognised. Any solutions please, I'm getting grey hairs from frustration.
I wonder if the fact that the sound system is analog is the culprit.

A:windows7 home premium 64bit desktop sound does not work

montaya, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Did you remember to install the drivers for your sound card?
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when i got to look at device manager there is a driver missing called network controller, ive tried to update it and its not working here is the hardware id


any help would be appreacted

i have a samsung r540

A:re installed windows 7 home premium sp1 and wireless wont work

There are all the drivers on Samsung website, which you need to download;

R540-JA04 Notebook | Samsung NP-R540-JA04

Should you have any other issue after installing the drivers.
You could post here for others to assist you further.
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I downloaded Windows 7 through a flash drive, and the wifi isn't working on my computer. I have a HP m6-1045dx laptop. I think the drivers are missing, but I don't know how to install them because I have no internet on the computer.

A:Recently downloaded Windows 7 home premium, annd wifi won't work

Quote: Originally Posted by myousaf42

I downloaded Windows 7 through a flash drive, and the wifi isn't working on my computer. I have a HP m6-1045dx laptop. I think the drivers are missing, but I don't know how to install them because I have no internet on the computer.

Welcome myousaf42 to the windows 7 forum.

What you need to do is to use another computer and go to the hp site for your laptop support and download the drivers
for your wireless network card. put it on a flash drive and then install it on your laptop.
should work fine.

You were able to get on here so I assume you have another computer to use to download the drivers.

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So I have an old Sony laptop, and it came with Win 7 Starter.

It got slow and bogged, so I installed Win 7 from scratch from instructions here, and when I went to enter the product key from the bottom of the laptop of course I got the "The product key you have entered will not work with this version of Win 7. You must either run Win 7 setup or enter a Win7 Home Premium product key."

The problem is I couldn't find a Win 7 Starter download anywhere...

Thanks for any help/advice...

A:Windows Starter Product Key Won't Work With Clean Home Premium Install

Make your own Universal Install DVD or USB flash that has Starter on it.

Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create
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Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " ÇäíÉ "

A:I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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I'm considering upgrading an old 530s from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit. Will an OEM version work and where can I get a fair deal on Win 7?

A:Dell 530s upgrade from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit

You are best to take the unofficial upgrade path to Windows 10 via the expired 10130 Insider Preview:→-windows-10-free-upgrade/
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Hi All,

Last week I bought a Toshiba NB300-108 netbook which came with Windows 7 starter pre-installed but I have since installed Windows 7 Home Premium Edition only to find problems with the screen resolution and the mouse pad functions.

I managed to find the driver for the screen resolution but I am completely stumped when it comes to fixing the mouse pad. The mouse pad will work but I can't scroll down web pages by sliding my finger down the right hand side of the pad like I could in Windows starter edition.

I have tried the Toshiba website and tried a number of "googles" without success so can anyone please tell me how to get my mouse touchpad back to how it should be?

Many thanks in anticipation of your usual help and expertise.


A:[SOLVED] Toshiba netbook mouse pad won't work after upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium

have you updated the driver for your touch pad? here is a ink for it
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Picasa photo upload does not work in acer laptop having Vista Home premium

Any suggestions . Guys . It works well though on Windows XP.
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I have a really frustrating problem...
My front panel/jacks won't work..
I tried installing realtek audio drivers..
But no audio manager..
I downloaded the drivers from realtek website
Others say it is already packed in with the codecs..
I mean the audio manager is already packed with the codecs.
There's no icon on the taskbar
and no realtek control thingy in the control panel
My headset and my mic doesn't work on the front panel
The rear panel is fine
But I want my front jacks
Tried searching on the webs.. But couldn't find any audio manager
I installed the drivers and restarted over and over..
Still nothing.. Mind helping me out?
Please... I really need assistance..

I have ASRock G31M-S for my motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo
Nvidia GeForce 9500
Memory is 4GB

I'm really pissed... But I'll check out the BIOS

A:Windows 7 Home Premium 32xbit front jacks/panels doesn't work

This is probably a silly question but have you checked to be sure those front panel jacks are connected correctly?
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I was doing a crossword puzzle online and all of the sudden a couple of windows flashed across the screen and the language changed from all English to a mixed English and Arabic (I believe). The menu bar at top of screen is gone too. HELP!

A:Language on my computer changed from English to English and (I believe) Arabic

Press the Windows flag key + R and in the Run open field type: intl.cpl (press enter)
Check that the drop down box under “Format: English” is set to “Match Windows Display language (recommended)"

I would be a little leery that something malicious may have been installed on the computer to cause this unwanted change. You may want to update and run any AV and or anti-malware programs you may have installed.
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The Arabic text works fine but numbers do not in any program or browser. I have Windows 10 and its a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop 5000 series.
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I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remains

A:Arabic Arabic Transparent-Bold missing

namo said:

I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remainsClick to expand...

Here is a solution that I spotted on another forum and hopefully it will help you: Scroll down to Post #7

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Hi, I've been having BSOD problems(I don't actually see a BSOD the power just goes off) ever since I upgraded from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium.

It occasionally happens during start-up or randomly(no specific program or website) at other times. It will also occasionally freeze and then I need to reboot.

I'm new at this and not tech savvy so hopefully I've included all relevant information. If not please be kind.

My System:

32 bit
Original O/S: Vista(came pre-installed)
Windows 7: Upgrade Version
System hardware is about 4 to 5 years old
Age Of Windows 7: I upgraded to 7 about 3 months ago

A:BSOD after upgrading from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium

No DMP included...

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.
Please attach the DMP files to your next post not to post one.

If you are overclocking STOP

You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK your way out.
* Reboot if changes have been made.
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Greetings Tech Support Guy, The computer I wish to purchase has Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled, with a ticket to purchase an upgrade To Windows 7 Home Premium.
As I wish to use Windows 7 immediately (without bothering with Vista Home Premium) can you please advise, in detail, how I can delete Vista completely and install Windows 7 with minimum fuss.
All help greatly appreciated,
With Best Regards

A:Replacing Vista Home Premium with Windows 7 Home Premium

When you get the Vista DVD, boot from it and choose Custom "advanced" installation. Then highlight the partition you want to put 7 on (preferably the Vista partition) then click "delete" (be careful which partition you choose) once the old Vista partition is deleted, be sure the new unallocated partition is highlighted and hit next to continue installing 7. Here is a screenshot, your partition structure may be slightly different.
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I have the student download of windows 7 home premium and after downloading and starting installation, it isnt compatible to upgrade from vista home premium. So do I have to burn some sort of dvd for installation, or can i just install from the download i was told to save on my desktop and let it do it's thing?

A:student download vista home premium to 7 home premium


Try making a DVD out of it, and doing a clean install.

Make bootable iso from student d/l

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Hope this helps,
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I am trying to connect to two computers that are connected to a Linksys Router using Remote Assistance on a Vista Home Premium Machine. I get the error message that the person you are trying to help may have closed remote assistance. I get the same message when trying to connect to either machine. I am guessing the problem is with a setting in the router, but I don't know what setting.

A:Remote Access from Vista Home Premium to Vista Home Premium and XP Home Edition

You should forward the ports on the router to the IP Addresses of the machines, that you want to connect to. On Symantec PC Anywhere, it is ports 5631 and 32, on Windows remote desktop connection it is port 3389 that needs to be forwarded.
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I was wondering --

I bought Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade when it was 1/2 price in July. I can also purchase Windows 7 Professional through the Ultimate Steal here in Canada.

I currently have Windows Vista Home Premium on my computer. I really don't want to do a clean install.

After I do an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, can I use the key from Windows 7 Professional to upgrade to that version?

After that, can I then install Windows 7 Home Premium on a friend's computer, using the same key I had originally used on my computer, now that I'm not using Windows 7 Home Premium any more?


A:Upgrade Vista Home Premium --> 7 Home Premium --> 7 Pro

It appears the Upgrade keys are much more flexible than in the past, so it is worth a try at install. The worst is that you would have to use the key that came with the version.

No one I've read knows for sure whether an upgrade deactivates the underlying O.S. key, and MS's own Technet MVP's say it doesn't in case of reinstall need. It violates the EULA, of course, which says the upgraded OS replaces it except for reinstall.

Since upgrade keys are working in clean installs, you might want to try this providing your Vista Premium is retail so that you can migrate it to your friend:

1) Make an image of your Vista Premium install so it can be easily restored.

2) Try a clean formatted install booting from desired Win7 Upgrade version, which should take the key, or require the double "upgrade over upgrade" trick so the key is taken.

3) If this works, you can migrate your retail copy of Vista to your friend's computer, if not just use your backup image to restore it for in place Upgrade.

You will need to make a backup image of the finished job to avoid having to reinstall both OS in the future.
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i want to use spyware terminator and it only supports 32 bit vista as of now and i really want to use it on my new 64 bit HP it is the best and the only really good free spyware remover. i have spybot s&d right now and i dont like it i also have spyware blaster i like it but it isnt a traditional spyware remover so it really cant help me much i have avast antivirus and pc tools antivirus i had a copy of spyware doctor plus keygen but it doesnt support 64 bit either thanks for any help

A:Is It Possible To Emulate 32 Bit Vista Home Premium Under 64 Bit Home Premium

Pirating software is against the rules here - so discussions involving key generators are not appropriate here.
This topic is closed.
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Heres my story:

Yesterday I was messing around on my brand-new laptop, and I was stupid enough to try a keygen to get Ultimate (I had HP). Surprising. It worked but the copy wasn't genuine obviously. So then I rebooted, pressed F8 at boot. An ran Toshibas recovery to try to get the computer to its out of box state. I got stuck at initializomg (either that or I was impaptient) so I turned off the laptop. Then when I truer to boot I got bootmgr is missing. I have an old vista Hp disk so I installed that for the time being. So my question is, how do I get it back to the original state? I do t have any important data or anything. Please note the laptop didn't cone with recovery disks.

A:Upgrading from Vista Home Premium to 7 home premium?

If you no longer have a working recovery partition and no recovery disks, you may be forced to contact Toshiba and see if they will sell you recovery disks.

You could download an ISO of Windows 7 HP and install from that, but that would just give you a clean install, not return you to "original state".
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I'm in a similar situation as this guy:

except when I boot up my disk, I only get to the 2nd step:

2) Progress Bar:
The next screen is a more graphical progress bar indicating Windows 7 is still working in the background.

it wont go past this screen.

The same thing happens when I boot it up normally(without the disk for windows 7 home premium), only with the disk in it has the windows 7 rather than the vista look.

Does anyone know what is causing this problem?

A:Solved: Replacing windows vista home premium with windows 7 home premium

You've got this thread started too

Is that one now solved too? You've marked this one solved, could you explain how you solved it in case others need to solve the same problem sometime in the future?


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Hello all I built this system about month ago GIGABYTE GA-MA XT-UD P AM DDR AMD X ATX AMD Motherboard SAPPHIRE Vapor-X Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported CORSAIR CMPSU- TX W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Suppy AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Deneb GHz Socket AM W Quad-Core Processor Model HDZ FBGIBOX CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TR X G C Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Channels -bit KHz PCI Interface Sound Card Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter With Dual-Band WMP N Network adapter - PCI The original OS was Windows XP bit SP I upgraded this system to Windows Vista Home Premium bit 7 62% Vista 32bit Premium, Home to BSOD Premium SP with no issues I then went to upgrade the system to Windows Premium I chose the quot Upgrade quot install and not the quot Clean quot install I've checked the updater to confirm that all my system information was adequate I uninstalled the ATI Catalyst Controller iTunes etc that it wanted me to Oddly enough the ATI Catalyst Controller was the most recent driver that supports Windows I checked online to see if the hardware was Vista Home Premium 32bit to 7 Premium, 62% BSOD all supported by Windows The Sapphire Vapor-X video card was not compatible or compatible it simply wasn't on the list of either The X-Fi Extreme Gamer said it was NOT compatible yet I had a driver for Windows and the Windows Application checker said that my sound card was ready for Windows thus a discrepency I went on with the installation I get to the last step where it resets the computer at and I get a BSOD for about of a second It goes by too quickly for me to capture it It then restarts the computer instantly with the result of quot Upgrade was not completed successfully Restoring prior OS yadda yadda quot I've gone through this about times now trying different things keeping the Catalyst controller installed uninstalling the video card removing the sound card etc Nothing seems to work It was recommended to me that I do a clean install however I have read that many others have done a clean install and theirs STILL doesn't get past the Is it my hardware Do I need to buy MORE hardware now that is out that is on the compatible list Any help would be appreciated

A:Vista Home Premium 32bit to 7 Premium, 62% BSOD

Here's a possible solution:

Upgrade stops responding (hangs) at 62% when you upgrade to Windows 7

I've not had the problem, but I have always done clean installs. (You say that people have seen this with clean install, but most of the problems I've seen have been for people performing an upgrade-in-place.)
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Hey guys I want to upgrade my OS from Vista Home Premium to Upgrade Premium Home to Windows 7 Home Windows Premium Vista Home Premium and I have the Anytime upgrade DVD provided at the time when I bought my laptop which came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium Since this is the first time I will ever try to upgrade my OS and I will be paying for it lol I wanted Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade to clear a few doubts before I went about it My current OS is a Deutsch German version I want my new OS to be in English So my question is - Will the upgrade process provide me with the option to choose an installation language I researched a bit about language packs and if I'm not very wrong Multiple language packs work only for Business and Ultimate versions but not for Basic and Home premium Third party language packs like Vistalizator has been reported to work fine but Microsoft doesn't recommend it and some users have reported to have problems where it pops the message quot your windows is not genuine quot So should I do an upgrade or just do a clean install with an Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade original Windows Home Premium DVD

A:Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

I am not sure about the answer regarding the language pack, but I am sure about the upgrade or the clean install. Do the clean install. A clean install is always preferred over an upgrade. With an upgrade all the old problems that may exist with the OS are just carried to the new installation.
Upgrades often fail, either because of third party software that is not compatible, or malicious software that breaks in the new install.
There are some members that back up their stuff and do a clean install on a regular basis to have the OS run smoothly as the first day. Trust me go with the clean install and enjoy your new OS
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At first sorry for my bad english.

I'm french and i already owns Seven Home Premium N (Full french DVD version with a key).
I recently bought Seven Home Premium on Amazon UK (Full non N version, the E uropeen version). This version is entirely in English.

As you can see, my english is not so good to have a full non-french system. I would like to use my own french Home Premium N to install my Premium english key.

Anyone know if it it possible to enter a Premium key with a Premium N DVD ?

Thank you for any help.

A:Using a licence Home Premium N with a DVD Home Premium (E)

Unfortunately my French is very bad, so I can barely figure out the question. But, generally speaking, win7 product keys are edition (SKU) specific. So a key that works for Home premium N will not work for the E version and vice versa.
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Hi, I bought a notebook preinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, of course, licensed.

But I found it incompatible with some software. So I decided to use 32 bit.

I want to format the whole drive and install 32 bit version of W7HP.

Can the product key of W7HP 64 bit be used to activate W7HP 32 bit in the same computer?

A:W7 Home Premium 64bit used in W7 Home Premium 32 bit. Can?

Yes. You are entitled under the EULA to either 32- or 64-bit Win7 with each license.

Here are tips for getting a purrfect clean reinstall of factory OEM: re-install windows 7
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Hello, can I upgrade my win7 64bit sp1 OEM to the win7 64bit home premium retail family pack? Thanks

A:win7 home premium 64bit sp1 OEM to home prem. retail fam pack ugrade

What would be the point ? Why do you want to ?

Is there something wrong with windows ?

You could do it by entering the retail key and reactivating, but it would waste a perfectly good oem license.
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I have Win Vista and want to uninstall it and install Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit (I've run the test and my computer will support Win 7). Only the OEM version is available now. I'd like to buy it (and the key). From what I've read I believe this is safe. Can someone please direct me to what I should read about doing so (installing it and making recovery disks, etc.)?

Thank you.

Gateway Model #SX2800-01
Serial # PTG810X001924057C13000
Win Vista Home Premium 64 Bit with SP2
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200
4 GB DDR3 Memory
640 GB HDD
Envision LCD Monitor/Model # G918w1
HP Deskjet 3050A All-in-One J611 Series Printer (print/scan/copy)
Verizon DSL /Westell Model # D90-327W15-06

A:Win Vista Home Premium 64 Bit to Win 7 Premium 64 Bit

(installing it and making recovery disks, etc.)?

Make sure you buy the version the DVD installer.

Take look at those tutorials:
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
Upgrade Install with Windows 7

To clean install:
1) Clean the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
2a) clean install with the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk.
2b) Clean Install Windows 7
2c) UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with
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I was the first in the family to make the jump into Windows 7, and I installed 64 bit ultimate. The rest of the family is ready to move from XP to Windows 7. I have the 3 pack of home premium(HP) on the way. I need to downgrade my license from ultimate to HP, hopefully without having to reinstall all of my software/serial numbers & data. One of the kids with a more powerful compuer will get the Ultimate. I am using Acronis True Image Home 2011 for back-ups. I would like to reformat my drive C:, so the Win 7 HP installation is to a clean HD.

A. Is it possible?
B. How would I go about doing it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:downgrade from ultimate 64 to home premium 64 w/true image home 2011

Quote: Originally Posted by netbadger

I was the first in the family to make the jump into Windows 7, and I installed 64 bit ultimate. The rest of the family is ready to move from XP to Windows 7. I have the 3 pack of home premium(HP) on the way. I need to downgrade my license from ultimate to HP, hopefully without having to reinstall all of my software/serial numbers & data. One of the kids with a more powerful compuer will get the Ultimate. I am using Acronis True Image Home 2011 for back-ups. I would like to reformat my drive C:, so the Win 7 HP installation is to a clean HD.

A. Is it possible?
B. How would I go about doing it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Just curious, why do you have to "downgrade?
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Please advice on the performance comparison between
- Windows 7 Home Basic versus
- Windows 7 Home Premium
assuming if both uses the same 8GB RAM.

Just a hearsay...that Windows 7 Home Basic is lagging behind Windows 7 Home Premium in terms of performance assuming if both uses the same 8GB RAM. Please confirm whether this is true or not.

By the way, how to activate the Windows Aero in Windows 7 Basic???

A:Performance comparison btw. Windows 7 Home Basic versus Home Premium

Hello cheesum and welcome to Seven Forums.

Last question first. This tutorial may help enable Aero. Please note that there is no way to enable transparency on Windows Home Basic.

Aero - Enable in Unsupported Editions of Windows 7

As far as performance, I have not been able to find any specific "speed" tests to say one way or the other.

Difference Between Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium | Difference Between | Windows 7 Home Basic vs Home Premium

But if Basic and Home Premium are run on two identical machines (not just identical RAM, but also identical hard drive/hard drive speed, identical CPU, identical programs and apps installed, etc) I would give a very slight performance advantage to Basic simply because it doesn't have the same amount of features that Home Premium has. Fewer features to load usually equals faster performance. But I think any performance advantage would be so slight it wouldn't make any appreciable difference.

I did find some comments comparing Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional.

performance difference 7 home premium vs. 7 professional? - Microsoft Community

Of course, others may completely disagree with my thoughts and that's cool. Healthy discussion and debate is welcomed.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version HP s uk Pavilion Slimline OS Version Microsoft Windows but and Solved: Home can files Premium not see SP3 Windows on 7 Home access Vista XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB J Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC Acacia MS C R Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled I have found many well meaning suggestions aimed at helping others like me to resolve this annoying aspect of networking between Solved: Windows 7 can see but not access files on XP Home SP3 and Vista Home Premium Windows Vista and XP but it seems like we are all banging our heads against a brick wall I have tried every Solved: Windows 7 can see but not access files on XP Home SP3 and Vista Home Premium suggestion I can find on other forums but still my Windows computer cannot access my XP Home or Vista machines The message I see each time I try is as follows - quot WINXP or VISTA is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have permissions The account is not authorised to log in from this station quot You will of course appreciate that the administrator is myself I can access files and a printer on Windows from the other two computers providing I place shared files in the public folder no problem with this Before you ask Yes I have checked that all three computers have the same Workgroup Name Yes I have got Network Discovery turned on Yes I have turned on file and printer sharing Yes I have turned off Password protected sharing and tried it turned on Yes I have set my network location to Work network Yes the computers I am trying to access do show in my network window each and everyone of them can be pinged from each other I even have a little utility called Wireless Network Watcher that shows that the IP addresses MAC addresses and each computer by name can be seen on the network I think I have exhausted all channels now but if there is something you think I ve missed do let me know Incidentally I even forked out some of my hard earned pocket money on a downloadable manual on the subject The author gave me days to prove his manual wouldn t help and after many emails containing screenshots of all the pings and error messages he conceded that he was baffled and couldn t be of further assistance He graciously refunded my money Phew Please someone spare me from tearing out what hair I have left nbsp

A:Solved: Windows 7 can see but not access files on XP Home SP3 and Vista Home Premium
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I accidentaly uninstalled something like media accelerator from Intel and it prompted me to restart. Then, it was centered and looked like Home Basic. How do I make it look normal? Please help I don't know what to do

A:My Vista Home Premium looked like a centered Home Basic in my Laptop

Check this on setting a theme.
Set a theme and it should reinitialize aero destop
if there aren't any problems.
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I have recently purchased a new Acer Aspire 5535 laptop. It has Windows Vista Home Premium (WVHP) installed.

The computer came with a number of programs that I am not interested in having on my system. In addition, I was not provided a restore disc. I do own a copy of Windows Vista Home Basic (WVHB).

I would like to keep WVHP as I appear to be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 7 . . . but I would like to reinstall to get rid of all these worthless programs. Can I use a WVHB disc with my new WVHP product key?

Could I install WVHB with the WVHB product key, then use the WVHP key supplied by Acer to upgrade?

Thanks for your time in answering my question. I hope it isn't unclear.



A:Windows Vista Home Premium Key Home Basic Discs

I believe that if you install with the Basic disc the process will offer you a choice
of versions. Choose Home Premium and complete the install. Activate with your
Acer's Vista Product Key.

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A:which vista 64-bit is best for gaming,,, home, home premium, business or ultimate

Hello NRG,

I would have to say either Home Premium or Ultimate.
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Hey there,

Basically I love gaming, and recently people have said to me that it would be a good idea to upgrade from Vista home basic, to Premium.

I tried checking the prices without much luck (Link directly from computer only shows US and Canada on country to buy it from list), so here are my questions.

Firstly does Premium give that much of a benefit to gaming on your computer, and secondly where can I buy the upgrade from (preferably cheap hehe)?

A:Worth upgrading Vista home basic to home premium?

Here is the comparison chart at the Vista site:


This site is selling it for $80.00. I've bought software there in the past, and it's genuine.

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I've installed Win7 Home Premium 64-bit on a Toshiba laptop. It did have Vista on it but well you know how it was screwed up. Instillation went without a problem. Well as it installs updates, and when it reboots, I get a BSOD and a memory dump.
Here's the error code 0xc0000001-0x00100448. When it reboots it goes to the Startup Repair screen and try"s to repair it but can not.
I put in Active Boot Disk to boot it up and I find that the drive letter has changed from C to D, and it makes the 100 mb partition that Win7 creates and makes it the C drive.
I can't figure out whats causing this.
Anybody have any input on this?

A:Win7 Home Home Premium Drive Letter Change

The 100mb partition is System Reserved which Windows 7 creates for repair reasons.

Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk management post a snap shot of it here.
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okay now im having this VERY nagging and now starting to become very time consuming problem Recently ive decided that Well i should upgrade this computer give it a bit of well style But since ive upgraded to WIN there has been no sound whatsoever Ive downloaded countless driver programs which tell you what sound card you have and not one has detected to WINXP SP1 No after WIN7 Home from home SP3 premium upgrading sound it IVE ALSO downloaded drivers for the WIN version of my sound Realtek AC and ran windows updates and NONE worked ive ran the troubleshooter on the sound thing STILL not detecting any sound card i tried changing the audio in BIOS from auto - enabled nothing so to put short ive tried the WIN drivers No worked No sound after upgrading from WINXP home SP3 to WIN7 Home premium SP1 Trouble shooter No worked BIOS changing settings no worked Device manager No sound after upgrading from WINXP home SP3 to WIN7 Home premium SP1 no worked doesnt find ANY trace of it Windows update No worked driver identifyer Software no worked doesnt find sound card there is No sound after upgrading from WINXP home SP3 to WIN7 Home premium SP1 a soundcard and it worked fine till this maybe its incompatable but it didnt come up as incompatable sorry for my spelling in the windows instalation should i plug in some speakers see if it fixes the problem or should i revert back to my old WINXP urm i guess system information is helpful so um PC HP pavilion A Motherboard AMD Sempron Memory odd GB left of GB OS WIN HP SP graphics Radeon xpress old i know xD I do remember having a WIN PC that worked for a little that broke down that had a similarish problem but was much more easily solved by windows update sorry if im hard to understand i be tired

A:No sound after upgrading from WINXP home SP3 to WIN7 Home premium SP1

Where are you downloading these drivers from??

My first choice for a source would be the motherboard manufacturer's web site. Probably HP in your case.

Have you tried older (Vista) drivers in compatibility mode?

I doubt if you have a motherboard made by AMD. Please check again.
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I purchased a new notebook with Windows 7 in October. During the first weeks I uninstalled McAfee and replaced the harddrive. Since November Windows Update fails with error messages and defender does not start anymore. I made several virus scans (complete) with multiple antivirus programs but nothing showed up.Since it took my days to install various software, I do not want to re-install W7. I also have no good backup that I could restore. I am really surprised that there is not even a single entry regarding the error code in the Microsoft Knowledge base or elsewhere.I really would appreciate help. 

A:Windows Update does not work, Windows Standalone Update Installer stops with error 0xc8000247 (Windows 7 Home Premium on Acer Aspire 1810TZ notebook)

Got it !!!!
If You are using notebooks with with hard drive larger than 700 GB you probably should update Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver.
Here is solution :
Download and install it.
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Hi all In Offices etc it's not a problem as these places usually have an email server probably something like Microsoft Exchange and an / have Basic W7 Home Email Client Premium Should Home email client such as Outlook So removing an email W7 Home Basic / Home Premium Should have Email Client client from the more quot Officy quot versions of W like Professional and Ultimate makes sense I do think they should W7 Home Basic / Home Premium Should have Email Client have left an email client back in with W for the quot HOME quot versions as these installations won't normally have the full office suite in them containing OUTLOOK and I know a lot of people HATE webmail type solutions - although obviously better than nothing Some people might have some problems with getting their VISTA Internet mail stuff into an appropriate W email client as well Maybe this is all a part of Microsofts idea into getting more and more users to use Microsoft Live and eventially quot The Cloud quot I like pretty well everything I've seen in W so far -- including the yet to be included quot XP compatability feature quot -- much much better than the stupid quot downgrade solution quot but I still think the lack of a built in email client - especially for home users is a bit of a mistake I actually quite liked Outlook express from XP -- simple easy to manage multiple accounts etc Most webmail based services are an abomination -- slowish hardish to manage attachments difficult to track sent mail and loaded with tons of ads Just my views but of course YMMV Cheers jimbo

A:W7 Home Basic / Home Premium Should have Email Client

Hi Jimbo,

Don't blame Microsoft for this blame the governments who tell them you can't use the virtual monopoly that you've worked for years to build up, to provide the user with added extras to the OS they need

The whole thing with the Windows Live suite of programs is Microsoft's attempt to avoid the regulators. It also means that you can now remove IE8 and WMC12 et al, if you so wish.

Hopefully when Windows 7 is released, the bureaucrats will still be too busy doling out money to the banks to bother Microsoft to much.
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Hi guys & gals, yup another Nubie, so be gentle with me!
Been following the forum for a few day's - you're 'awesome', really.

I would like to convert my 32bit Home Basic,SR5019UK Presario into a 64bit machine, with Windows 7 Home Premium. Is it possible, am I crazy? Yes, I'm new to computers!

Having checked through the various channels, its possible. But with a M2N68-LA motherboard, 2.5G and 'Basic' other components, I will maybe have to change a few things?

I really would appreciate your feedback and 'constructive advice. As economically as possible, sure, but I realise 'I can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear', as they say, where I live!

So come on guys give us the benefit of all your expertiseee, pleaseee.

A:32bit Home Basic into 64bit win.7 Home Premium?

Dont guess, dont even rely on us, find out for sure
Free Download PC Upgrade Advisor Windows 7 Hardware Programs Issues

If you do upgrade, do so with the much cheaper upgrade DVD, not the full retail.[2]=General Tips
Follow the above tut and the results are the same
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I live in India. I recently bought Vista Home Basic. Is there any way i can upgrade to Vista Home Premium 64 bit or above without loosing the money I spent on the Vista Home Basic which was for Rs.3500/US$ 70 I just realized the home basic 32 bit does not read memory over 3300 MB , where as I have 8 GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM plus a Core 2 Quad 2.37 GHz Processor

A:Upgrading Vista Home Basic to Home Premium 64 bit

Sorry mate, you can't upgrade a 32 bit version to a 64 bit version. it will require a fresh installation.

You can contact MS to send you the x64 version, however you will also have to pay for the upgrade to the premium license.
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Can I upgrade to premium and have all my files,settings,programs etc carried over automatically or do I need to save them to a external hard-drive or something? I'm on a laptop,2gb,I've ran the Update Advisor which says I can update from my current V.Home Basic to Home Premium.

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My wife's new Vista Home Premium laptop only a week or so old connects to the internet via our Belkin wireless router My XP SP Home PC does the same The two computers are also networked with each other For a few days my wife was able to send and receive emails normally Now suddenly Email Problems Home Home Under Vista Premium when she tries to Email Problems Under Vista Home Home Premium send an email she gets the following error report quot The connection to the server has failed Account lt ISP's pop address gt Protocol SMTP Port Secure SSL NO Socket error Error number x ccc e quot I have run several internet searches on this eror which appears to be very common and goes back to Outlook Express times There are plenty of suggestions available for solving the problem in Outlook Express that don't work for various reasons in Windows Mail but I can't find anything about solving it in Windows Mail Her laptop is still able to connect to the internet normally and to network with my PC I've tried disabling her security software Norton - Windows firewall is switched off but this had no effect I've tried using System Restore to go back to the day before the error arose but it failed to restore - I've no idea why I've tried connecting to the ISP from a DOS prompt using the quot telnet quot command this is not available by default in Vista but I activated it but the connection failed Does anyone have any solutions to this problem please

A:Email Problems Under Vista Home Home Premium

Basically this error suggests that you cannot connect to the POP3 server to send emails (that's the SMTP thingie). This failure can be anywhere between the Windows Mail program on your computer all the way to the email server and it's software. If nothing has changed on your computer, then there's a possibility that the server is having issues (you can tell this because the email will start to work at a later time/date with no changes being made by you). Try calling the ISP to see if they've had some server issues. Also, try sending an email using the web interface for the email service - if that fails, then it's likely an issue with the ISP.You can also try to see if the other computer gets the same error (this will help to isolate where the error is occurring).Try pinging the pop3 server from a command prompt (for example: ping The :25 will specify the port to ping. I have heard of connectivity issues with Vista with some ISP's - but none of them were partial (like this one). Also try pinging it without the :25 - that will tell you if any ports are open to the server.Have you tried the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool at: You must use Internet Explorer with it. Let us know any problem areas that it may find.Finally,
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I'm new here, just registered.

I successfully bought the upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium N, downloaded and extracted it and now I want to install it.
When I choose UPDATE in the intallation dialog it tells me that I cannot upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium ???
Every website from Windows and other people tells me that it IS possible and even the Windows 7 Update Advisor told me that I should not encounter any problems upgrading.

Has anyone of you yet encountered upgrading problems of compatible Vista/7 versions?
Or any other idea what I can do to solve the problem?!

I know that I can make a clean intall of 7, but this would be a pain...

Thank you very much in advance
Elefantman (t?r????)

My system is:
Samsung Laptop R70
Intel Duo Core 1,8GH
3GB Ram
Windows Home Premium (OEM)
Service Pack 1
32 Bit

And I bought:
Windows 7 Home Premium N
32 Bit

A:Cant upgrade from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home PremiumN

I'm having the exact same problem. When I choose upgrade it checks compatibility and says:

"Windows cannot be upgraded because the hard disk partition is formatted with an unsupported version of the NTFS file system. You must restart the computer using the Windows installation disc, perform a custom install, reformat the hard disk partition, and then reinstall your existing files, settings and programs. Go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings."
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I have a Toshiba laptop with Vista Home Premium 32bit. I want to network a HP 4200 printer which is on XP Home. I have been able to install the printer drivers on my laptop. When I try to print to the HP it goes into the Que, but, will not print. How can I get it to print.
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I don't have enough RAM on my computer to run vista home premium, and I don't have enough money to buy anymore RAM. Therefore, how do I downgrade from vista home premium to vista home basic? (By the way, I only have 766 MB of RAM on my computer). Please help.

Relevancy 52.46%

Greetings everybody! I am going to build a new computer when i get home, and one of the things I would like to do is dual boot Windows XP Home Edition and Vista Home Premium. i will be installing the OSs on a new 320 GB SATA. I will install XP first, then Vista. My questions are these: What program should I use to partition my hard drive? (i've heard of some but i want to hear what you guys think) Should I initially make a partition for XP- or make partitions for both? Basically- what's the best and most stable way of going about it? Thanks :)

A:Dual boot XP Home & Vista Home Premium

well, you can always just partition the drive using the XP setup, when you're doing the install. That's usually how I do it. But if you want a dedicated partitioning tool, I've always been a fan of partition magic.

I would go ahead and create both partitions at once - that way you only have to do it one time.
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I would like to Sync files (over an Ethernet Crossover cable, or thru a wireless network) between a Vista Home Premium laptop and an XP Home Edition laptop. As I read the help file in Vista, the Home Premium version does support Sync over a network. I haven't been able to figure out whether XP Home Edition version supports Sync over a network.

1. Does anybody know if I can Sync between these two systems?
2. If it is not supported directly, does anybody know of a workaround?
3. If there is no workaround, can I find freeware that will do the job.
4. If no freeware, what can I (do I need to) purchase from Microsoft?



A:Sync Vista Home Premium with XP Home Edition

I have seen a few inexpensive apps that file sync between computers. I would setup a shared hard drive on one computer and mapped the drive on the other computer to share files.