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Can't get into BIOS setup utility

Q: Can't get into BIOS setup utility

I am working on a Toshiba Satellite with Insyde H2O bios. It says to use F2 for setup and F12 for boot manager.

I've tried all the function keys, as well as esc and del and they only get me to Windows Boot Manager. (This includes F2.)

The machine has Vista that stops loading when it gets to the network drivers. Could a corrupt BIOS be the cause? If I download a new BIOS can I install it from the command prompt?

If the BIOS is still OK are there other ways to get into setup?

(Meanwhile F2 works just fine on my Dell Lattitude)

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Preferred Solution: Can't get into BIOS setup utility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't get into BIOS setup utility

Try using a USB keyboard...

"Could a corrupt BIOS be the cause?"

I don't think you would get that far in the boot process if the bios were corrupt
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Whenever I turn on the PC the first thing that opens is the Award Bios Setup Utility. 2667 MHZ is highlighted and the date and time are wrong by about 9 years.

I set the MHZ on manual and change the date and time and save as I exit. XP runs fine until the next time I start the machine and it happens again.

Is there an internal battery that may be dead?

I appreciate any help,


A:BIOS setup utility opens first whenever I turn on the PC

Yes, the CMOS battery on the motherboard could be dead. It is a flat, disk type of battery about the size of a nickle and is commonly available.
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i have just switched my laptop on after using it for a presentaion last week, i keeps going straight to bios setup utility and i cant get it to boot up correctly can anyone help me please


A:sony vaio bios setup utility

Try loading setup defaults,then save the settings and exit.
May get it to boot.
Then make sure the date and time are still correct.
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System Specs Brand Asus Model BIOS setup loop on utility Stuck G S- A OS Win bit Processor intel core duo ghz RAM GB Stuck on BIOS setup utility loop Video Card Geforce M GT mb Problem it was all okay back then i was working with my document on ms office then i had it on sleep the next day when i opened it it was still okay then i decided to shut down my system then run off to work when i got back and turned on this laptop it just won't get passed the bios setup its like this Open system- gt asus rog plays with the logo- gt then it will enter the bios set up - gt when i exit it it will reboot and the process repeats What I tried so far -Made a bootable USB installer of windows and tried to configure the bios to boot from there nothing it just wont get past that setup utility so its a no go -tried the bios recovery by pressing CTRL Home button then powered it up and it restored the bios successfully - nothing happened to the issue -tried flashing bios to latest version of bios via usb and ez flash nothing happened -Tried resetting to manufacture defaults of bios nothing -Tried pressing ctrl while its booting up windows error recovery pops up got two options start windows normally or startup recovery when i press start windows logo appears then it will restart and go get stuck at the bios utility again if i press recover still the same yes hard drive is still detected and no problems so far any suggestions
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I used to be able to get to the BIOS setup utility, and at that time the keyboard worked fine.

Phoenix BIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 copyright 1995-1998 Phoenix Tech. Pentium II - I'M.

When I press F1 for setup, the BIOS setup utility comes up. My problem is when it comes up it locks out the keyboard. I then have no choise but to reboot to use the computer.

The computer works fine in every other aspect. I am running WIN98.

Can you help me solve the keyboard lockout problem?
[email protected]

A:Keyboard locks @ BIOS setup utility.

First thing you should do is try another keyboard on that computer and try your keyboard on another computer.
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 Dear all, I'm trying to automate the bios settings with the latest HP Bios Configuration Utility using SCCM 2012.When the task is rebooting the system, I get this message."The following configuration change has been requested"How do I automate to accept this up front? Kind regardsDries
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 Hi,trying to change BIOS language using HP Bios Configuration Utility but get Error code 6 - Access Denied (failed due to BIOS permissions).BIOS version is THI vA0.08.I can read (get) successfully but cannot change any setting...tried to change other settings unsuccessfully.What am I missing? Do I need to set a password first?

A:Can't change bios language - HP BIOS Configuration Utility -...

I should have mentioned...language is currently Dutch and I would like to set it to English. I removed the * and placed in front of English...essentially following instructions in the manual so that is not the issue.thanks in advance for your help ?
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This is my first post here, so hi to everyone.
I just got an ASUS X401a Notebook and I want to use a flash drive to boot from Linux.
I need to change the sequence in the BIOS so that the flash drive is first choice to boot from.
I have no problem accessing the BIOS utility, but it allows me to alter only some settings. Those in blue colored font I can change those in black font I cannot. What drive to boot from first is in black and not adjustable.
I used command line to work as admin and I also set up a password for admin in the BIOS to access the BIOS utility, but still no go; some things are allowed to be changed some aren't.

Any help is appreciated.

A:BIOS: Can access BIOS utility, but cannot change settings.

Is it asking for a password or something?
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lenovo 7360  link bios
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I need help getting my Desktop to the log on screen. When I turn it on it says Operating System not found.

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Dear Sir,I have Acer V5-473PG laptop for more than a year now and using W8.1. My problem now is (since a month ago) every time I boot my laptop, the screen will come to "insydeH20 setup utility". Then I have to press escape, press enter for "Yes" and the screen will continue to Windows. FYI, my W8.1 is working very fine as far as I can see. This happens every time whenever I boots/starts my laptop. Is this a bad sign for me? Is my laptop going to R.I.P? Thanks in advance.

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A:insydeH20 setup utility

Sorry to hear you are having problems, there are a couple things we can try:
Enter the BIOS and restore defaults to make sure there wasn't something changed accidentally.
Attempt a start up repair on your system to see if that resolves the issue.
Attempt a system restore to before you started having this problem.
Perform a refresh to try and repair the Windows operating system files, some programs may be lost with that function, which was why I listed it last.
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Hello I am stuck in an Aptio Setup Utility menu loop and everything I have tried has not worked to get me out of it I was hoping maybe someone on here could help me figure it out

A:Aptio Setup Utility

I see you've marked your thread as Solved, what ended up resolving the issue?
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Dear Sir,I have Acer V5-473PG laptop for more than a year now and using W8.1. My problem now is (since a month ago) every time I boot my laptop, the screen will come to "insydeH20 setup utility". Then I have to press escape, press enter for "Yes" and the screen will continue to Windows. FYI, my W8.1 is working very fine as far as I can see. This happens every time whenever I boots/starts my laptop. Is this a bad sign for me? Is my laptop going to R.I.P? Thanks in advance.

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A:insydeH20 setup utility

Sorry to hear you are having problems, there are a couple things we can try:
Enter the BIOS and restore defaults to make sure there wasn't something changed accidentally.
Attempt a start up repair on your system to see if that resolves the issue.
Attempt a system restore to before you started having this problem.
Perform a refresh to try and repair the Windows operating system files, some programs may be lost with that function, which was why I listed it last.
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My new Asus s550ca cannot get past the Aptio Setup Utility. I have tried f10 and forcing shutdown but it still pops up. How can I get this to go away?

A:Aptio Setup Utility

some on it here

run the h/d makers diagnostic on the hard drive
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Hi all, I am new so please bear with me.

Just recently I tried to dual boot xp and fedora and was successful, but then realised that everything had slowed down quite a bit and my wife just wanted it all back to normal.

So I repaired the ms boot record with the recovery console and xp now boots directly from bios, but I now get the set up utility that gives me the option of booting xp or the setup utility for a new xp install. It won't just boot xp straight, and if I leave it it will go straight to the setup utility and I can either install xp again, repair it (which I have already done) or exit. If I exit then the next time I reboot it all happens again.

Please tell me how to get rid of the set up utility so I can go back to normal.


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hi, am a new member, I have this a problem exiting the aptio setup utility on my toshiba satelite pro Which has never happened before, some weeks ago,it started has a new computer on its own and happen to lose all my files, and now am stuck in this setup utility, I can't exit no matter How hard I try...thanks.
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I have an Asus laptop and I got the notification that I can upgrade to Windows if I wanted to So I clicked to update it and it did and when I restarted it my mouse pad would not work I was able to go into programs and click repair for the mouse and then it worked I used my laptop for a few minutes and everything was fine and then I closed it and set it aside Later that day utility in stuck setup aptio I opened it and I clicked on Chrome and I got the hour glass I waited for a few minutes and nothing happened So stuck in aptio setup utility I pressed and held the power button down to turn it off and turned it back on a few seconds later When I turned it back on I was at the Aptio Setup Utility screen and no matter what I pushed I couldn t exit My battery died and so I plugged it in and turned it back on This time it said that it was being diagnosed After a long while it said they couldn t fix it and gave me the option of restarting it or advanced options I clicked advanced options and chose to go back to Windows hoping that it would return to normal After that I assumed it was doing that and I left it to make lunch for my son When I came back to it and it had been awhile it was just a blue screen and was like that for a long time so I again shut it down I went online and did a search and someone said to enable the launch CSM on the boot section and to disable the secure boot menu and then to restart and I would be able to get to the advanced options recovery screen So I did do that and was able to get to the advanced options screen and clicked on advanced options but it would highlight it but wouldn t actually click or go into anything I pushed I decided to just leave it alone to see if it would eventually unfreeze but it didn t So I again turned it off and turned it back on and tried it again and the same thing I turned it off and on again and went back to the aptio setup utility and reversed what I did since it was at those settings when it initially took me to the advance options screen If I have to I will download Windows or Windows onto a usb and try to fix it that way but I am hoping someone can help without doing that because I will have to wait until tomorrow to buy a usb because I can t find any in the house right now nbsp
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Have a brand new Asus X75A.

Attempting to connect my Android phone to the laptop via USB with no success. After having my father do a reboot it seemed to not connect but not affect my documents and other saved files.

Now after the 2nd attempt to connect both devices the Aptio Setup utility screen pops up.

I don't want to exit unless I can be assured that all the documents and data I have will not be removed!

Please help!!
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My computer is stuck here. It responds to nothing, help

A:stuck insydeh20 setup utility

If the three finger salute doesn't work, go into the bios and reset to original config.
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I have never had to re-enter the settings and have not copied the current values. Is there an EASY way to have them available if the system crashes or some how they are lost? I could enter the utility, scroll down through the options and write them all down but .......!

I have a Dell XPS 8300 running Windows 7 Home premium.

A:Solved: System Setup Utility

Not real sure what your asking here; but if info on your system is it, this free program is one of the best.
To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.
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http web archive org record http bios jpg Sf http web archive org record http tings jpg SF Hello Please forgive me for this off-topic-post but i would like to tell everybody why i really like APTIO Setup Utility the best BIOS-Settings The great advantage is not only the great user interface and the accurate help descriptions that Ins deH also has but what i really love is The APTIO Setup-Utility does have Boot-Override in the Exit-Tab I don't have to press F to override I can simply go to the BIOS-Settings And if i am inside of the BIOS-Settings i can simply override without exiting the settings and press F That's Aptio really Utility. i Why Setup love Aptio's greatest advantage My Samsung G A-S does also have APTIO Aptio Setup Utility Screenshot Other Setup Utilities Disadvantage If Windows is hibernated DualBoot e g Hiren's Boot Why i really love Aptio Setup Utility. CD is not supported which did already cause a problem But other BIOS-Firmwares do also not allow DualBoot with hibernation Please note that this is no sneaky advertisement This is just my opinion The screenshots are not from my Computer
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my computer is stuck in cmos setup.I have xp pro and I haven't added any new hardware. rebooted and it cmos came up.PLEASE HELP!!!

A:stuck on cmos utility setup

Please don't post your question more than once.
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Bought this motherboard off ebay - SuperMicro P6SBA : having lots of probs - Just realised - I don't think its the correct CD-setup utility : Getting no response from seller
BUT CD Tile is

PC99-CDL Rev 2.2

Anyone out there confirm the correct CD title and perhaps where I may purchase a copy if not where I may get drivers


A:SuperMicro P6SBA - CD-Setup Utility

this may help here is the manual for that very old board 1999 boy that takes me back:

It looks like the right disk, explore the disk and see if there is any reference to the Intel 440BX chipset if so, then it's the correct disk.
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I bought a new laptop (Asus x75a) and when I received it I turned it on and it went into the aptio setup utility so I set the time and date and went over to save and exit only to return to the same screen. I've restored defaults and loading optimised settings but it always returns to it.
I disabled secure boot and enabled csm and this time it loaded the asus screen and went to a black screen saying reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device.
It should be preinstalled with win8 and no where in the user manuals does it detail the setup utility.
I've searched the web for a solution but I'm yet to find one. I've contacted the seller but I thought whilst I wait I would seek help here.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated

A:Stick in aptio setup utility
In the Appendix section of the User Manual...
under Operating System and Software are the System BIOS Settings details.
Possibly set the BIOS to Defaults then refer to the section Recovering Your Notebook PC Using Recovery Partition.
Perform a full factory recovery.
If it is a NEW laptop it should be covered under a Manufacturers Warranty and contacting ASUS support would be a good move.
2-year limited International hardware warranty. *different by country
On-line problem resolution through web interface (BIOS, Driver update)
OS (Windows® 7 ) install/uninstall consultation
Bundled software install/uninstall consultation
ASUS software supporting
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I need to change the boot sequence, but setup is locked and i can't remember the password. I've seen some things that say to reset the jumper by the switch on the motherboard, but i couldn't find it. I also saw something that said to remove the battery from the motherboard for 10 min. or so and the password should be reset, but that didn't work either. Can anyone help?

A:Forgot setup utility password.

You need to remove the battery for a longer time like about 45-60 minutes. If this does not work remove battery at night and go to sleep. Wake up in morning and check your computer. Also do not forget to unplug the AC cord as well.
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Everytime I start up my laptop, it goes straight into the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility, and when I exit, it just starts back into the setup utility again. It's an HP, btw. Any suggestions?

A:My laptop starts up in setup utility.

going direct into cmos is usually an indication the cmos battery needs replacement.

Next time you are in save the settings.

Next issue is no boot devices. So when in the bios see if the hard drive is listed and review the boot order and that the hd is listed. Could be the drive died.
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hi every one :)

when my PC starts 2 tern on , I started getting this message:
"Alert! cover was previously removed. Strike the f1 key to continue, f2 to run the setup utility."
I googeled the alert message and followed a suggestion that  I change the bios setting:

BUT, I still get
"strike the f1 key to continue, f2 to run the setup utility".

plzzzz help 
i'm gonna cry :,(

A:strike the f1 key to continue f2 to run the setup utility :(

Hi jasmine1990,
Please tell me the model of your Dell desktop and your operating system.
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Hi, I'm stuck on the com utility setup screen. I haven't changed ant drives or made any other changes. I rebooted and it popped up no error messages. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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when we power up my sons laptop it goes to "Aptico Setup Utility" and no matter what we do it will not exit from this.the computer is not that old (2012)model NP35OV5CBios/Micom version P09ABE (though i am not sure what all that info means just thought on the off chance that it might help)

A:cant get out of aptio setup utility on samsung laptop

Aptio Setup Utility is another name for BIOS for that laptop (maybe you already know this).It might be worth asking Samsung about it as it seems to be widely reported but with not much in the way of fixes.Keep watching though in case someone has run into this personally or has some ideas.EDIT: Aptio rather than Aptico.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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I'm having some difficulty with my Asus k55a rebooting loop I don't know what to do so can please someone help?

A:Reboot loop, aptio setup utility

Pull the power cord out, hold the power button down, until it turns off.Reboot with the power cord out.If that doesn't work, try the oppositeBattery out, power cord only.message edited by Johnw
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it shows me utility setup and says i must set up time i save and exit it still came back to the same utility setup.

A:how to get out of aptio setup utility loop in Windows 8.1

See if this helps:
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okay guys I praying for help This is my situation I own a HP Pavilion dv - c us Laptop AMD Quad-Core A - M Accelerated Processor Something happen to the computer that required me to reinstall windows I booted the cd dvd from installation:insydeh20 setup utility 7 Windows start go through Windows 7 installation:insydeh20 setup utility the process of installation however once I get to the point in which is ask drive to install it on there are no available drives although my harddrive is in the computer I've heard that in order to get pass this step I have to change my bios to IDE but in BIOS setting I see Windows 7 installation:insydeh20 setup utility SETTINGS TO change anything to anything again I've heard this is a common problem when using insydeh setup utility Now again I can't boot up my computer because there is no OS on my hard drive consider that IS there any possible way I can either get to the required tab in bios or is there another way that I can resolve this problems its been months and I still cant resolve this problem if I could update my bios im sure this would help either way please help

A:Windows 7 installation:insydeh20 setup utility

I'm not sure I can help, but I can give you a suggestion. Boot from the DVD, at the first window, do not select your language, hold down the shift key and press F10, you will get a command prompt. Type diskpart and press enter. Wait for the window to respond diskpart, type list disk and press enter You should see every disk in your machine. That should tell you the disk is there and functioning. When finished type exit and press enter, it should take you back to X sources, type exit and press enter again and you should be back at the select your language screen. It should not matter if you are in IDE or AHCI, if you have a raid array, you may have to load the floppy F6 driver. Most of those options should be in your BIOS. Just sometimes they are in a submenu and pretty well hidden. You should be looking for sata controller or sata mode or something similar. Different brands call it different things, but they are all pretty close to what I said you should look for.
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I own a Dell Dimension with Windows XP A month ago I got the BSOD with the error Since I wanted to upgrade the GB hard drive anyway I purchased a Western Digital GB hard drive I installed the HD and the computer beeped two times and took me to the quot strike F to I setup can't boot, get past retry F2 utility the to F1 retry boot F for setup utility quot screen If I hit F it just repeats the same command If I hit F it takes me to the BIOS screen When I go into drive configuration it shows that the primary master drive is the hard drive and the secondary drive is the cd rom device the diskette drive A is off since my computer does not have a floppy disk drive When I try to save changes and exit it beeps twice and takes I can't get past the F1 to retry boot, F2 setup utility me back the F F screen again I have tried resetting the computer by pulling the battery out for minutes and replacing but nothing has changed Any I can't get past the F1 to retry boot, F2 setup utility ideas nbsp

A:I can't get past the F1 to retry boot, F2 setup utility

Is the date right? Is the battery good?

Is the drive set to autodetect in BIOS and/or does BIOS recognize all the correct drive parameters?

What is on the new drive? Did you install an operating system? If it is blank, nothing will boot up.
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Can Anyone help help help pls
I keep getting this error Strike F1 to reboot, F2 for setup utility error

I have tried : Replacing a New Cmos Battery
Switched HDD
Installed New Memory
Reset Bios by disconnecting the onboard jumper
Remove all connections to HDD, CD-Rom and all power cables

this is a dell dimension 4300s model
when the screen loads at the DELL LOGO there's strange funny letters and hearts.
Can anyone help me with this problem?

A:Strike F1 to reboot, F2 for setup utility error

Are you sure it is "Strike F1 to restart" and not Strike F1 to continue? You probably have very limited bios, but is there an option to select the boot drive? If so, this option may not be set right
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I need the "VAIO Action Setup Utility" for my sony vaio pcv-w30 . Anyone know how I can do this? I went to the sony drivers site, but nothing

A:Sony Vaio Action Setup Utility

You could try here
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hi i need some help with this problem pls.

Dell Dimension 4300s

When i start up the computer i get this Strike F1 to reboot, F2 for setup utility error message. I press F1 and it restarted over again and it did the same thing again. I reseat the memory, plug out the cables and put them back in but it keeps saying the same thing. I also repair my windows cause it had errors on them. Also when i started it up i noticed like funny writing hearts, and letters before the message came up on the screen can this be caused by memory problem?

A:Strike F1 to reboot, F2 for setup utility error

When do you get the error?
On the POST screen, or in Windows itself?
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I am trying to get out from the Apt io setup utility screen on my asus notebook computer.My e-mail is: [email protected] help?

A:how to get out of aptio setup utility loop in Windows 8.1

Whrrr. . . Click. . . SPAMMING SEQUENCE INITIATEDSomeone 'best answered' me on this one so maybe it helped: Derek's 'hold the off/on button down' here:
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Hey guys,

A newbie to the board so please go easy on me lol!

I got an old computer from a friend..a Dell Optiplex GX110. P3 733Mhz, 128mb, OS

So I turned on the computer and got the msg: Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility.

I popped in an XP Pro CD (its burnt), and pressed F1...restarts and comes back to the same page...
The other problem is: the CD tray closes, opens, closes, then opens and stays OPEN! this a hardware problem?...or the computer rejecting the CD?

My boot sequence has CDROM as #1...Anyone know the problem/solution?

ANY help would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:Installing XP but get 'strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility'

Firstly remove your email addy from your post (using "EDIT")
This is an Open Public Forum, all messages will be replied to here (like mine right now)

Is this version of Windows legitamit?
There are many reasons to answer this truthfully, as there are many different (known) Windows versions out there.

Now, that "Burnt CD" is it bootable in the first place?
The best way to tell, would be by putting it into another computer to test

Is your CD drive just a CD Drive and the disc is a DVD disc?
Usually Windows Xp comes on CD, but can be burnt to DVD

Do other bootable disks work in the drive?
You can download the Ultimate Boot CD to confirm this.

Waiting for your reply...
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Last night I woke up to find that my computer had on its display the aptio setup utility. I had never seen this before and turned off my computer. I restarted it in safe mode and after about 5 min or so my computer went to the blue screen of death for like a second then to the aptio setup utility. Now, before this happened I had been downloading files from utorrent for like 3 days straight as well as watching some on my computer (which is an Asus G55vw), so I'm not sure if this is maybe a virus of some sort? Or didn't know if my computer had been working too hard for the past too days? Either way I have no idea what to do and was wondering if I could get some help! Im on my gf's computer right now and still staring at the aptio setup utility screen.
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Ok well the office at my work had the blue screen of death when I came in (left it on) and when I rebooted I got "unmountable_boot_volume" Error. So I think the hard drive had bad volumes... so I put a scsi drive in the pc (with a scsi pci card) and now I get the "strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility error" when i hit F1 is just keeps bring the error up and F2 goes to the bios settings. But there is no way to get past this... I've cleared the bios (ALT+TAB+A, etc) and I jsut can't figure out whats wrong.

Computer: Dell 8250
SCSI drive is 32gb


A:Solved: strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility error?

For some reason I just tried hitting F1 again and it seems to boot to the disk media... but the error still comes up... installing a fresh windows copy now.
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REresario CQ62
Setup Utility
Power on password instructions:


Could someone please verify these instructions before I do them, please.

I would like to delete the power-on password all together just as it was when new.

<password removal instructions removed by moderator>

Thank you for your help.


A:Presario CQ62: Setup Utility instruction verification

Sorry. We can't help you with this. Please read the rules.
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Dell Optiplex 170L Series
Intel Celeron Processor 2.40 GHZ
Level 2 Cache: 256 KB Intergrated
Bios: A07

Turn on my sons computer today and after the dell logo screen comes up, i hear 2 beeps.The following message comes out.Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. (Picture of what I see) --->
I also tried to install windows on it again and this message comes up.(Look at the PIC)

Any help I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

A:Need Help ASAP Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

This is an easy one.

You already know your computer does not detect the presence of a hard disk or other boot media.

I suggest you disconnect and reconnect the disk to be sure it is making connection. If that doesn't work, try replacing the cable with another known-good cable--perhaps one inside the machine currently connected to the DVD/CD drive, Try connecting the disk to another system to see if it is recognized there. It probably won't be, in which case you will simply have to replace the disk drive.

The good news is they are cheap these days.
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Trying to fix son s girlfriend s Dell Dimension We think the hard drive is bad Put it in a sleeve and hooked it to another computer shows no files So she bought a new WD GB hard drive Installed the new hd after connecting it to another computer and using Disk Management to format it Then installed it retry Setup F2 for Utility Strike to boot, F1 Solved: in the Dell When we start the computer it shows Dell System Dimension Series BIOS Version A www dell com Performing Automatic IDE Configuration Secondary Master CD ROM Device Secondary Slave CD ROM Device Strike F Solved: Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for Setup Utility to retry boot F for Setup Utility F does nothing but repeat prior line F brings up the BIOS settings Boot sequence only shows Diskette Drive IDE CD ROM Drive no new HD listed I also cannot get it to boot from Windows XP disk even after I change the boot sequence to IDE CD ROM Drive in the first position Although yesterday it did attempt to load XP but ended at a BSOD - Unmountable boot volume Help What should my next step be Thanks for any and all help nbsp

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I had a strange set of circumstances today I was trying to update my memory from to g My system would not boot with the new memory and the bios gave beeps After removing the new memory the system would boot to XP but I had no video I powered down and powered back up I now had video but the system would hang In Safe Mode it would hang after the following entry system config system Note I never observed any windows error messages just the hang I used the Recovery Console from an XP CD and did a chkdsk r and chdsk f I also ran fixboot None of these solved the problem I then ran fixmbr Recovery Console displayed some kind of caution message that I had a quot invalid BIOS to after unable Setup BIOS running enter Hang, FIXMBR quot or something MBR and that it might prevent me from access partitions or something Well I ran fixmbr anyway since i was out if ideas Now when I try to boot it is freezing during the post process When I hit F to enter the BIOS setup BIOS Hang, unable to enter BIOS Setup after running FIXMBR it says quot entering setup quot but it never does It seems to be hanging right after the drive detect process Note I have one standard IDE BIOS Hang, unable to enter BIOS Setup after running FIXMBR drive copy and SATA drives Windows XP is installed on one of the SATA drives Any ideas Let me know if you need any more info

A:BIOS Hang, unable to enter BIOS Setup after running FIXMBR

This sounds more like a BIOS = hardware issue. Since you have been inside the case it is possible something got nudged loose. Re-seat your memory and video card if it is an add-on.
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When I turn on my computer yestereday it loaded the post screen briefly than went directly into BIOS setup When I exit the bios setup the screen goes black flickers than goes back into BIOS setup BIOS recognized hard To exiting Directly Bios Boots setup, back Bios cycles to drives and cd roms and boot sequence was correct Boots Directly To Bios setup, exiting cycles back to Bios I decided to deal with it tomorrow or today When i turned it on today it booted to my nd harddrive which also has an OS Boots Directly To Bios setup, exiting cycles back to Bios installed went into bios booted from my main harddrive and the computer worked fine for about min I was browsing the web and microsoft outlook kept Boots Directly To Bios setup, exiting cycles back to Bios trying to open eventually everytime i closed it pop right back up couldnt access taskmanager keyboard couldnt type however i could manuever with the arrow keys Powered down and when i rebooted had the same problem as before wont get past bios setup I have tried reseting the CMOS jumpers but that didnt have any affect tried booting with soley each hard drive separately cd rom and with each stick of memory All running into the same issue Any ideas Specifications ---------------------------------------------------------------- Home built Windows XP Pro SP ASRock K N M Micro ATX motherboard AMD Athlon X WINTEC AMPO GB x GB DDR PC XFX Geforce GT MB TB Samsung HD GB Western Digital HD Liteon DVDRW Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer Antec TruePower Trio Watt nbsp

A:Boots Directly To Bios setup, exiting cycles back to Bios

Have you tried another keyboard?
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Hi everyone, I tried getting to the advanced Bios setup under Bios menu but couldnt find it. The Bios version of my Pc is insyde F.1B. please what can i do ?
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After updating my Asus n551jx to windows 10, i only get the Aptio Setup Utility and I don't get past it

A:Update to Windows 10 cause Asus Aptio Setup Utility problem

See if this can kickstart the comp.How to use a Lazesoft Windows Recovery CD or USB device to fix the boot problems if your Windows operating system does not start correctly"It is very common for PC users to be faced with a Windows crash. When this happens, the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' pops up, or your PC has a black screen and can not boot or start up"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device
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i have a dell latitude d610
bios version ao3 ( 03/02/2005)
when i start the machine up it loads up with the dell logo page
then the next page that comes up says "no bootable devices -- strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility "
completely black screen except for those words
what is wrong? how can i get to the desktop?

A:no bootable devices -- strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility

Hit F2...go into BIOS/Setup...and verify two things:a. Your hard drive is properly reflected on the main page (along with date/time, etc.).b. That your hard drive is the first item in the boot options section of your BIOS.You might as well also ensure that your date/time data is correct.Worth Reading, IMO.Louis
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my hd supposedly went bad after a diagnostics test so i installed a new hd that dell sent me and still get this if my cd-rom isn't working but the light is on and if i put a dell diagnostics cd in it it will run that..not sure what else to do here...i;ve downloaded Windows Server 2003 r2 from the website thinking maybe it's the cd and nothing..what am i missing??

A:No bootable devices-strike F1 to retry boot F2 for setup utility

Will F2 get you in to the setup utility screen?
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Will this cause problems & how do you get in to enter the number?

A:looking thru cmos setup utility and there is no system serial number entered

Are you trying to flash a motherboard?
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Hello everyone Previous setup key to f1 F2 utility continue, the Failure Alert! Fan run Strike to I have been receiving the following message for over a year now Alert! Previous Fan Failure Strike the f1 key to continue, F2 to run setup utility Alert Previous Fan Failure Strike the f key to continue F to Alert! Previous Fan Failure Strike the f1 key to continue, F2 to run setup utility run setup utility The entire screen is blank with this text only followed by beeps Normally I just strike the F key to continue the pc boots and everything runs fine recently my pc has begun to shut itself off after about - mins I am wondering could the above message message be causing this If so why did it take so long for something like this to occur How do I check to see if the fan has failed Is there more than one fan Are fans easy to replace Where do I get one If the fan is not the cause do you have any possible suggestions as to What might be the cause I realize I should have addressed this issue A long time ago I want to get this fixed these shutdowns are very Annoying Here are some details of my P C DELL Dimension P GHZ Purchased in years old Windows Home XP SP Gig hard drive RDRAM memory Thanks for any replies responses nbsp

A:Alert! Previous Fan Failure Strike the f1 key to continue, F2 to run setup utility

Well it must be the fan. probably on the cpu. If this is the case when you ignore this you allowing the cpu too run with no cooling and it shuts off when it overheats. seeing as how you have a Pentium 4 from back in 02 its probably a socket 478.

its pretty straight foward changing this fan old off new on. but to make sure remove the side panel on you computer and when you power it up there should be a fan some what to the top of the mainboard if it doesnt spin then you know thats your problem. If thats the case heres a decently priced fan for your needs>>>
and after you fix the fan problem id upgrading to SP2
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Greetings forums Firstly loop Major Utility OS, when more! re-installing and Setup Aptio issues thanks for taking the time to read this post I ve done my best to google try everything I possibly could imagine and still things aren t going my way - you re my biggest hope Background information amp my probable earlier mistakes The computer in question is an ASUS K D that used to run Windows Since this OS did not cooperate with our home network I decided it was a good idea to install Windows Long story short it doesn t boot via USB or DVD so I try to do it from inside W under the presumption that it d Major issues when re-installing OS, Aptio Setup Utility loop and more! install it on the same disk and do the quot Windows Old Folder quot thing - works fine until the reboot when it forgets about the installation then goes into a weird boot loop that finally ended up in continuing to install W I let it finish and lo and behold the computer crashes and boots into chkdsk or some similar utility claiming there s loads of issues Que a long time of non-sensical information did not look like any tool I ve ever used before and a lot of error messages this is in post by the way that lasted for a few hours So I decide to reboot again Suddenly the laptop decides it DOES want to boot into the DVD since it can t get into W anymore I try to install but when I try to select my newly formatted HDD it gives me quot cannot install to partition of the GPT format quot So I press quot delete quot in the hopes of my computer understanding that I want it to reformat into something sensible like UEFI but no this isn t on the table The current situation and issue After some troubleshooting I decide it s a good idea to try again as I have a decent idea on how to work around the GPT issue When I boot I get to a screen telling me to insert a boot CD and press enter or re-start the computer and select the proper OS HDD from memory here I only saw this screen once So I reboot and press F to get into the BIOS which are Aptio Setup Utility Issue I can not save any settings in the BIOS When I press quot save and exit quot I either go instantly to the first quot tab quot in the BIOS or face a brief black screen and then I m back in Aptio This seemed to happen after I reset them to optimal settings Issue All boot options are gone Where I previously saw what I presume was the HDD I see nothing From what I ve gathered I can not enter any new ones Issue It does not want to find the DVD even if I hold esc when starting and go into the boot options menu I only get one choice and that is go to BIOS Issue The original ASUS boot-up screen logo is gone When I start the computer it s literally black screen for seconds and then straight into BIOS No menus logos anything Kind of issue The message I got first telling me to insert a boot CD does not appear anymore So I m stuck in a BIOS loop where no settings save and it does not recognize my Windows DVD Thank you again for taking the time to read this and hopefully do your best to help Let me know if there s any additional info I can provide Cheers John nbsp
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my client get this msg everytime when i shutdown my laptop directly on power button .

Not yet performed diagnostics or changed the bios settings for now.

what are the best options to fix this ?

its a dell xps - Windows Vista OS

for now removed threats using hitman pro

waiting for your suggestions.

thanks in advance .

A:strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility, press f5 to run diagnos

Quote: Originally Posted by abhinani24

my client get this msg everytime when i shutdown my laptop directly on power button .

Not yet performed diagnostics or changed the bios settings for now.

what are the best options to fix this ?

its a dell xps - Windows Vista OS

for now removed threats using hitman pro

waiting for your suggestions.

thanks in advance .

Hi abhinani24,

Is this the complete error message that you receive. If possible kindly provide us with the complete error message that you receive.

Also, please set the system hard-drive as the first boot device to ensure it boots without any issues.

Please update your system details here and if you need help then follow this.
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I do not have any sound and am including the following information for those who might glean more understanding than I.SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Manufacturer; Analog Devices. Inc.Location PCI Bus 0. device 31, function 5 From Properties ; General Device Staus This device cannot start. [Code 10 ]ResourcesResource settings:This device isn't using any resources because it has a problem.In Device Manager! SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio System InformationProblem DevicesDevice PNP Device ID Erro CodeSoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio PCI\VEN-8086&DEV-2445&SUBSY... This device cannot start Specifications Compaq System Model: Presario 4403US BIOS Version: Compaq 686P9 v1.10 Memory (RAM) Capacity: 256.50 MB Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack: 2.0 Processor Intel? Celeron™ CPU 1400MHz Version: x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 1 Speed: 1395 MHz Location: C:\WINDOWS PID: 55277-OEM-0011903-00101 Hot Fix: KB898461

A:Bios Set Up Utility

You are reporting one problem after another in over a dozen different threads on this forum started since the first of January.IMO its time for you to perform a "Repair install" or "Clean Install Windows XP".
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I have an HP Envy dv6-7000 that someone replaced the motherboard in, or they wiped the bios clean I used several NbDmiFit versions but I still get a massage "this utility can not be executed on this platform". Does anyone know how the access the bios as everything I start up the computer it first says that the model, serial number, CT and other bios info has values of A000. Can anyone tell be what utility will work HPBQ138 works on several other HP computers I have worked on, but I can't get into this BIOS to re-program it.

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Hi All I really nned some help with my Dell dimension desktop pc My gb Hard ERROR utility dimension boot, Dell setup to F2 4600, F1 to [SOLVED] re drive started to make a clicking sound and the pc would not boot up i guessed the drive has died So i purchased a nw gb Western Digital Pata drive ide connection took out old drive and straight swapped it with new one when i bought pc from dell around yrs now it came with xp home edition i don't [SOLVED] Dell dimension 4600, F1 to re boot, F2 to setup utility ERROR have the original disks but i [SOLVED] Dell dimension 4600, F1 to re boot, F2 to setup utility ERROR have an xp pro disk after fitting new h drive in i pressed power button but keep gettin the message quot F TO RE BOOT F FOR SETUP UTILITY quot I HAVE TRIED removin cr battery for mins from m board power cable pulled out quot then tried but same message i have removed all the ide connections and re inserted but to no AVAIL I HAVE TRIED EVERY VARIATION I COULD THINK OF IN THE BIOS SETTINGS TO BOOT FROM CD ONLY HARD USB ETC BUT STILL NOTHING still get same message Could it be my xp pro boot up cd is faulty i have put the cd in laptop which has vista home prem on it and it loads up to the main xp screen so i assume it is a bootable disk on the problem dimension machine i have cd rom drives and a floppy drive if thats of any help I would really appreciate some kind soul s help on this my kids have no pc and i can't afford a new one at the moment hence why i spent the on a new hard drive

A:[SOLVED] Dell dimension 4600, F1 to re boot, F2 to setup utility ERROR

Boot order set floppy, cd, hd?


edit again: was the 'old' drive an IDE?

With the 'new' drive in, does it show in Bios?
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Not used laptop for a bit and when switched on it starts to boot then goes straight to bios setup screen -- normally accessed by f8 or delete. F10 works but press ok and the pc reboots back to screen. Can only alter date on setup screen. ESC doesn't work. only F10 and F2 produce a result but screens cannot be used.Sony vaio VGNA 195EP Win xp pro sp3. 1.5gb ram on two chips one inside 512mb and one underneath 1gb Help please

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Hi everyone,

Is there such a utility that will back up current bios so I can restore at a later time if needed?

I don't need to flash the bios just back it up.

Thank you,

A:Bios Backup Utility

Some motherboards have the ability to backup their own bios, others do not... You can usually create a backup of the bios on a floppy using a Bios flash utility


Google is a wonderful search tool
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Hi I am currently testing the BCU configuration tool to configure the BIOS. In the file I have these settings BIOSConfig 1.0;;TPM Specification Version 1.2TPM Device Hidden *AvailableTPM State Disable *EnableClear TPM *No On next bootTPM Activation Policy F1 to Boot Allow user to reject *No prompts The issue is that I get a error code 1 and 13 when I apply the settings with the TPM State not recognised as an example.Despite this the setting changes in the BIOS does any one know why. I am running in a Task Sequence. I know I can put overides for the error codes but would prefer not to see these errors at all.
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I am trying to update the BIOS on my GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard. Going to the Gigabyte site, i downloaded the recommended @BIOS update utility. Since the internet does not have the necessary BIOS for my MB, I downloaded the identified BIOS and then tried to use the utility. I then got this error "Can not load ROM image from BIN file. Maybe BIN file size not match."

Not sure what to do now. Can anyone assist?

Here is the page for the @BIOS system.

A:Can't get @BIOS utility to work

First of all, why do you want to update the bios?
Next, your board uses Q-Flash; this is much more reliable than the windows based bios flash. I always recommend using qflash to flash the bios of a gigabyte board [when a bios update is required]
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Hello guys.

I saw several of threads saying that, updating your BIOS in the Asus P8Z68-V PRO, would stabilize your system and have better effectivity and such things.

If you direct to this page (Link), and scroll down a little, choose Windows 7 64-bit (as it's my system), and click + on the BIOS utility.

Would it be the best idea? Is there any danger in doing it?

Best Regards,

A:Updating BIOS. With utility?

Stability has a lot to do with how your settings are. No BIOS update can stabilize your system if
it's being pushed to it's limits.

A BIOS update addresses certain issues and you should only update your BIOS,
if it addresses those issues.

With all that being said, having used an ASUS board, I would recommend ASUS Easy Flash 2.
Get a USB thumb drive and follow the ASUS instructions for updating the BIOS using Easy Flash 2, if you "must update".
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hello i need screenshots of this utility's boot menu and its sub-menus.
i googled but couldn't find complete screen-shots. thanks in advance.

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My MSi laptop is stuck in the aptio setup utility and if i turn my laptop off or try to exit, it will return to the same screen. It has been like this since i updated it to windows 10. please help.
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Hi. I am a computer dumby and I just got a new computer. My new computer obviously has Vista on it (apparently Vista SP1, if that means anything) and I am trying to setup my printer (Epson Stylus CX4200). I inserted the printer disk and part way through the download, a screen called the "Program Compatibility Assistant" popped up saying that the "Epson printer driver setup utility is incompatible with this version of Vista". What does this mean? What do I do to get my printer setup on my new computer? Help!

A:Epson Stylus CX4200 printer driver setup utility compatibility with Vista

it means the setup program itself is incompatible, not the drivers.just grab the latest drivers from the epson website.
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This happened suddenly Whenever I boot start my windows xp system I am getting the following message Reboot and select proper Boot device Or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a set-up drive in utility BIOS missing C key The system does not recognize the existence of my c drive When I press quot Del quot key on boot-up it bring the BIOS set-up Utility Where Primary IDE Master Not detected Type Not installed Device Not detected When I go to Boot up order and change in this order Harddrive CD Rom and A Drive and then press F to save and exit Even after that the BIOS - Main Primary IDE Master is showing as not detected When I insert the Start-up floppy disk it brings up A gt but when I change C - it does not go to c drive and shows as quot invalid drive specification quot System shows ONLY quot A quot drive Assuming that my SATA - ATA hard drive would have damaged I replaced it with a new WD ATA drive Even after replacing the new hard-drive still I am getting the same error message Reboot and select proper Boot device Or Insert Boot Media C drive missing in BIOS set-up utility in selected Boot device and press a key Please let me know what I should do to bring back my C drive into BIOS set-up utility Thanks nbsp

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Hey guys i want to update my ASUS k8n4-e-deluxe bios.. i downloaded the latest bios update from asus's website... but i dont know which bios flash utility to use... can anyone give me a link

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I am working with the Bios Config Utility and when I perform a GetConfig, the config.txt file shows a different UUID than what is showing in the BIOS System Information Screen. Is that normal?
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Hi nbsp We have a script using the HP BiOS Utility to change the vtx setting but we are currently experiencing problems This script has been developped by a rd party and its been succesfully nbsp tested on multiple HP Models nbsp In our environment we are using the following HP workstations HP Compaq Elite BIOS vtx Enabling with Utility Configuration SFFHP Compaq Elite SFFHP Compaq Elite SFF nbsp By default our Enabling vtx with BIOS Configuration Utility BIOS doesn't have any password the script will run the HP BIOS Utility with admin privilege nbsp add a temporary password enable the Vtx setting and remove the password On the next reboot we will run our software that needs vtx enable but the program will not see nbsp that vtx is enable If we enter the BIOS manually nbsp nbsp the Vtx setting Enabling vtx with BIOS Configuration Utility will be enable the only way that the software will recognize that vtx is enable is if we do another change to the BIOS and save that change nbsp It seems like Windows is not seeing nbsp the change that the BIOS utility did nbsp The intriging part is that on some nbsp machines nbsp the script will work and the software will see the change We have run the script numerous times on multiple machines and on our different models but we can determine any patern and identify why it sometimes work nbsp I was wondering if this is a known issue and if anyone already encoutered this nbsp Thank you nbsp
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Hello SF members.

Note : I dont know where to put this topic. If you know better , move it.

I already asked some questions here, some members helped me a lot but I need help again.

In one topic I asked how to Overclock. I learned it , and know more about it.
But now my problems is my BIOS. I dont know how to use it. That isnt classic....
I dont have to edit time or HDD slave, not to do anything harder !

My BIOS is same as

My motherboard is ASUS P8H61-M LX2 and it have latest ASUS BIOS (EFI BIOS Utility- EZ mode , I attached one link here to see).

My questions are :
1. Can I back normal BIOS like one old ?
2. How to use that ? Is there any tutorial for this ?

That is all for now.
Thanks in advance.

A:How to use ASUS EFI Bios Utility - EZ Mode ?

Did you read your MB manual. It has a section on the Bios that explains all the options. If you click on the Advanced Mode it will look a lot like the old bios with lots of options.

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Hello! I installed HP BCU because i want to do stuff with my computer. You know... Anyways, every time i start it, it stays open for like half a second then closes. I recorded it, and at the end it shows the message: "<Warning> msg="BCU return value" real="17" translated="17" />" That is what it says right before it closes. Please help me. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!
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I am new to this forum and have a question about an efficient wayto set up the BIOS on several Dell Optiplex 7020 PCs.
Does anyone know if Dell has a utility that allows a person to set up BIOS profiles for different 7020 machins that will set the BIOS optionswithout having to manuallt enter each BIOS to set these up.
I am working with setting up an automated PC set up method where we canload as many as 100 PCs ins a few days time...

A:Does Dell offer a BIOS Set up utility?

You didn't say what version of Windows you're running, but Dell offers a bunch of Systems Management Tools such as Dell Client Configuration Toolkit Application that may do what you want...
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Friends I just now got a Thinkpad W520. Seems like a powerful machine. It came already upgraded to Win 10 Pro 64 bit. Now I wanted to update the BIOS on it but do not know how to proceed. The current BIOS is this one:BIOSBrand LENOVOVersion 8BET55WW (1.35 )Date 12/6/2011So it is already 5 years old. I tried to find BIOS Update Utility for 64 bit Win 10 on the Lenovo support site, but could not find one for this model. I find one for Windows 8 64 bit but not for Win 10. Can I use the Win 8 BIOS Update Utility to update my W520 to the BIOS 1.42? Or what are my options? ThanksCalle 

A:W520 Bios Update Utility Windows 10 64 bit

 On machines like yours that were never sold with win10 pre-installed, I suggest burning a CD and updating the BIOS that way.
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My computer that i have owned for over a year now has been working perfectly fine until tonight both of my monitors froze, yet i was still able to hear my friends talking to me over a voice platform. I thought it was best to restart my computer in hopes to fix my frozen screens. Unfortunately now i am unable to go back to my Windows to do anything as i am stuck on the UEFI BIOS Utility - EZ Mode. This screen normally only appears after my power surge protectors go off, and once i have and exit with f10 it would go back to windows, but not this time. Choosing to save and exit ends up taking me right back the BIOS screen. I have re-arranged the Boot Priority and non of them have worked. I'm clueless to what i am suppose to do.
I am running windows 8.1.

A:UEFI BIOS Utility stuck in a loop

As a first step check the motherboard manual to see how to reset the BIOS to default settings or, remove the motherboard battery and replace after waiting for 30 seconds.
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Computer's running Windows Here's the story Shared lab laptop last person to use it used it about a month ago and closed the laptop probably assuming it would go into hibernation popping BIOS keeps up utility Insyde upgrade mode Insyde BIOS upgrade utility keeps popping up I come in today to find it still on and an 'Installing Windows Updates - Do Not Turn Off Computer' screen It was on update out of or something so I touched nothing and figured I'd see if it could finish it Computer shuts itself down before the updates reach and reboots itself Blue screen shows up saying that Windows could not start the operating system and to reboot and gives some other options for if the problem occurs again which I don't read because I figure the reboot is the better option to try So I hit enter on the 'reboot' prompt Computer shuts itself down reboots Prompt comes up saying it couldn't reboot and prompts for either a system restore or reformatting the hard drive so I go for system restore Try the most recent restore point and it says that it failed so choose another one Try the second most recent and it says that that failed as well but then proceeds to the Windows startup screen anyway I enter the password and I'm in and working on it for about minutes without any apparent issue when InsydeFlash BIOS Flash Utility pops up The computer seems otherwise perfectly functional but I'm guessing if when it gets shut down it will blue screen again I read a little bit about this on other boards ask sites and most of what I've read says that there is a significant chance or guaranteed that running InsydeFlash will wipe the computer especially if it manages to freeze while running So I tried the 'cancel' option but the program just keeps popping up even if I cancel I've pulled all of the data my group needs off of the computer while it's functional so if I absolutely have to wipe the computer and start over that's okay but not ideal I suppose my questions are what exactly is InsydeFlash going to do fix whatever problem with BIOS but what are other possible outcomes--computer death and do I have any other options do you have any advice Would it be worth taking to someone like Geek Squad I have no money but it's a school computer so I need to make sure we end up with the least damage I can probably offer you more info if you need it but I am obviously a slight noob so if you need it please be specific so I can get you the right info Thanks

A:Insyde BIOS upgrade utility keeps popping up

Reboot in Safe mode by tapping F8 while you see your machine name logo. In the options screen select Safe Mode. Does the flash utility pop up?

InsydeFlash is a tool to update BIOS to the latest version. Ask your friend if he or she has tried updating BIOS at all.
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I use BCU at first time and I have a problem There are more then WorkStation nbsp HP G DM in my company and we have to change BIOS settings nbsp I use BCU nbsp Version and Windows Pro bit I got the parameters from BIOS with nbsp GetConfig Then I change the file nbsp Now I try to load this file to the BIOS and have the error Access Denied code The workstations are new they have a factory Denied Utility Bios Access HP Configure settings they don't have BIOS password nbsp I lunch cmd as administrator nbsp My config file BIOSConfig Originally created by BIOS Configuration Utility Version Date Time UTC Found settings UEFI Boot SourcesUSB Floppy CD DisabledUSB Hard Drive DisabledLegacy Boot SourcesUSB Floppy CD DisabledHard DriveNetwork Controller Realtek PXE B D Mini Card Slot DisableEnableFast Boot EnableDisablePower on from USB Kbd portDisable Enable nbsp My log nbsp Setting HP hared treamLog treamLog Log Severity Level gt Info Info HP hared treamLog treamLog Begin Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance HP HP Bios Configure Utility Access Denied Bios Configuration Utility v Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Platform - HP G DM Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance BIOS version Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Computer name K Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Serial number Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Unicode password supported Yes Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance OS Windows Pro Registered Trademark - Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance OS version Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Command line BIOSConfigUtility exe SetConfig C Users tOperator Documents setconfig txt log Info BiosConfigUtility InitInstance Info biosconfig FileSettings GetSettings Loaded setting 'UEFI Boot Sources' with values Info biosconfig FileSettings GetSettings Loaded setting 'Legacy Boot Sources' with values Info biosconfig FileSettings GetSettings Loaded setting 'Mini Card Slot' with values Info biosconfig FileSettings GetSettings Loaded setting 'Fast Boot' with values Info biosconfig FileSettings GetSettings Loaded setting 'Power on from USB Kbd port' with values Info biosconfig FileSettings GetSettings Succesfully read settings from file Info biosconfig FileSettings ApplySettings Apply all settings to BIOS Error biosconfig FileSettings ApplySettings Setting 'UEFI Boot Sources' changeStatus 'fail' returnCode oldValue 'USB Floppy CD Disabled USB Hard Drive ' newValue 'USB Floppy CD Disabled USB Hard Drive Disabled' Error biosconfig FileSettings ApplySettings Setting 'Legacy Boot Sources' changeStatus 'fail' returnCode oldValue 'USB Floppy CD Hard Drive Network Controller Realtek PXE B D ' newValue 'USB Floppy CD Disabled Hard Drive Network Controller Realtek PXE B D ' Error biosconfig FileSettings ApplySettings Setting 'Mini Card HP Bios Configure Utility Access Denied Slot' changeStatus 'fail' returnCode oldValue 'Enable' newValue 'Disable' Error biosconfig FileSettings ApplySettings Setting 'Fast Boot' changeStatus 'fail' returnCode oldValue 'Disable' newValue 'Enable' Error biosconfig FileSettings ApplySettings Setting 'Power on from USB Kbd port' changeStatus 'fail' returnCode oldValue 'Disable' newValue 'Enable' Info biosconfig FileSettings ApplySettings Settings processed errors warnings skipped succeeded Error biosconfig Utils howMessage lt ERROR msg An operation failed gt Info HP hared treamLog StreamLog End
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Ok I have HP Pavilion HP Pavilion dv6-7204es which became faulty after BIOS update ..just noise after powering it up no screen .the problem is when I use "HP system BIOS update utility " to create bootable USB ,the option to do so is not avalibe !!I dont now why!LIke the photo below:I have tried many usb sticks with no luckI downloaded the tool from the following link  

A:HP system BIOS update utility not working

Hello @walidwithu?, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I came across your post about the BIOS issue, and wanted to help! First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Restoring the BIOS Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as  "Accept as Solution" , this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!
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i'm trying to do a system recovery on my older dell laptop that won't start. the following link from microsoft only has the setup disks for service pack 1 and 2. where do i download the one for service pack 3?

A:Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 Utility: Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install? read the tutorial above from BC tutorials -Thank You -
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Hi, I have a p50 with 6820hq and i'm trying to use XTU to get a little bit more of performance. However, there are some problems. The bios is 1.30 and 1.31.1) Watchdog is disabled. Is there a way to enable that? If not could lenovo add that to the bios? Now, XTU settings expires everytime I reboot.2) When running single thread, the CPU can only reach 3.6Ghz, while on the XTU, it is said to be possible to reach 4.0Ghz. Thank You
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I am trying to update the BIOS and went here to use their update utility:

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5Q-E

However, the software Afudos BIOS update tool V2.36 will not load (3rd item of the above web page's list)!?!?

What do I do now? Any other BIOS update utility compatible to the Asus P5Q-E?

I am having these problems:

A:Asus P5Q-E motherboard bios update utility software won't install?

You could have a corrupt file. I would down load a new copy and try it.

Here is a link to Asus for your board.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P5Q-E

If that doesn't work here is a link to an engineering ver of AFUDOS that may work.

Afudos Engineering - Download

Try those out as the first attempt. The engineering ver will let you downgrade if you need to.
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I need to recover the bios on my elitebook I've tried using the win B key combo as outlined here nbsp http support hp com us-en document c but that doesn't seem to work screen just stays dark cpu fan is running I now want to try the usb stick recovery method So I downloaded the HP doesn't launch opt... Bios Update provide Utility nor System latest bios sp exe and when I run it I follow the instructions but I never get the HP System Bios Update Utility to launch After extraction HP System Bios Update Utility doesn't launch nor provide opt... of the files nothing launches so I don't get any menu to choose to create a USB stick install It is as-if the spXXXXX exe is trying to install the bios locally to my workstation good thing it doesn't do that How can I get a working HP System Update Utility or how can I launch the sp exe is such a manner that I'll be presented with the menu to create a USB stick Is there a commandline flag or something I need to launch it with
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The simplest means of doing a most important job is to use pen and paper as the means of creating a record of a perfectly functioning BIOS.

What simple method is there available for the lazy ones who wish a freeware capable of creating a record of all the myriad BIOS settings without which we have no functioning computer.



Edit. Has anyone these three files:, and ?

If would you be willing to e-mail me with them attached?


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I received a lot of helpful ideas from my last posting just none of them seemed to fix the problem Windows won t boot in any way shape or form still Flashed All Good, Bios, Can't Utility Tested HD Diagnostic boot - and XP Ram, It almost always just restarts again before even getting to the black screen with the windows xp logo and loading bar I flashed the BIOS with the appropriate file for my board and chipset Went fine I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic Utility and everything passed I ran the Maxtor Powermax HD Diagnostic tool and everything passed Sometimes before it restarts after a failed boot a blue screen comes up with a Tested Ram, Flashed Bios, HD Diagnostic Utility - All Good, and still Can't boot XP Stop Tested Ram, Flashed Bios, HD Diagnostic Utility - All Good, and still Can't boot XP error This error is usually a different hexidecimal code each time I can only read this screen when booting from the XP CD It usually says DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL Stop xD I really don t know what else to do I can t get to the screen in the XP CD to format and reinstall I got to it once and chose Recovery Console but that didn t even load system just restarted I just tried disabling L cache and BIOS cache Still no luck Please Help nbsp

A:Tested Ram, Flashed Bios, HD Diagnostic Utility - All Good, and still Can't boot XP
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Friends I'm pretty sure I have used Dell's flash util under Windows 7 previously with no issues. But today I'm trying to run their BIOS update A11 for an Optiplex GX620 and it fails under my normal [admin priv.] account, under the Administrator account, under the Administrator account "Run As Administrator". It will load, give the "ok to proceed" but when it tries to config to run at Boot time, it fails.

This system has Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit

Anyone have a cure for this disease?

A:Dell Opti GX620 Bios Flash utility under Win7 Ultimate?

One of two ways,

1. If you have a floppy drive,

Drivers and Downloads

and follow the instructions under "Run the BIOS update utility from DOS environment (Non-Windows users)".

2. If the above isn't available (no floppy drive) and if you have a spare hard drive (or even a second drive with a small partition will do in a pinch), install XP on it (don't need to worry about updates or anything, only going to need it long enough to run the bios update) and then run the bios update from there. If you do decide to go this route make sure to disconnect the drive with Windows 7 on it (and any other drives) so you don't mess up the 7 install, and end up with a broken bootloader.
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Regarding my ASUS P4P800 Deluxe MOBO...

Recently updated BIOS version from 1010 to 1019...

Now when I boot the machine, I get the regular POST plus a second screen of some VIA RAID utility searching for IDE devices...

Is there anyway to disable this 'scan'??

It's annoying only because I really have no use for it, I do not use RAID.
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Hi there,
My sister just bought a new desktop. It was working fine and all. But this morning, she forced shut down a windows update. The next thing happen once it gets past through BIOS is
"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"
So I told her to look at the BIOS setting and it only recognise the Optical Disc Drive of
as shown in the picture below

Is there anything I can do? I tried opening the desktop case and see everything is loose, but everything was still in tact.
Any suggestion would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Disk Drive not found in ASUS UEFI BIOS Utility - EZ Mode

Try reinstalling the driver, changing cables. If it can't be recognized then boot the maker's diagnostics DOS CD scan to test it - Seatools if there isn't one - or Partition Wizard bootable CD surface scan. If these won't see it you can slave it to another PC to try Disk Check or see if it will see it. If not then I'd replace it.

Do a Clean Reinstall on the replacement drive from tutorial in my signature below if you want it perfect.
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I have an old Dell Latitude C Laptop Pentium III that I got from a friend who s son got some wicked virus on it and the computer was pretty much useless It would boot and load windows but once it finished loading it would freeze wouldn t let me run a virus scan nothing To make a long story short I used a utility on my Ultimate Boot CD quot to wipe the drive clean Oh my friend didn t have the setup bootable strike to for F1 retry "No devices F2 utility" boot, restore disk either Now I get this message quot No boot sector on hard disk - No bootable devices - strike F to retry boot F "No bootable devices strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility" for setup utility quot I have a Windows XP disk that I tried using to reinstall the OS but kept getting the same message I set the bios so the CD Rom would boot first did no "No bootable devices strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility" good My UBCD boots just fine so it is not a bad HD The laptop doesn t have a floppy drive either so I can t make boot floppies Help nbsp

A:"No bootable devices strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility"


did you buy any chance remove the drive from the laptop at all... ?

the c610 has a little blade adaptor that changes the standard IDE pins into a flat set of pins, they sometimes dont sit right or the drive isnt snugly in the drive bay....

take it out and reinsert it,,on boot up go into the BIOS (F2 at boot) and check the drive shows, if it doesnt then the drive has died and needs to be replaced.


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Hi there f2 no device available retry utility to strike setup boot boot for f1 I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running Win XP Home Edition SP Few days ago when I tried to run my laptop I suddenly out of nowhere got the error message quot no boot device available strike f to retry boot f for setup utility quot I believe my hard drive has died I did some research online and have read several articles about this problem At this stage I am only concered about recovering data from my hard drive My hard drive is Gb with partitions Gb each Most of my data is on the nd partion Reading few articles online I have tried to run the recovery disk which no boot device available strike f1 to retry boot f2 for setup utility came along with my laptop While trying to use the repair option it says that the disk is unpartioned and gives an option to format and create partion I do not want to do this yet as all my data will be lost I have also tried to fixbr and fixmbr but I am still not able to boot my laptop I have now acquired quot HDD USB Enclosure or caddy and quot to quot converter adapter I tried to connect my Hard no boot device available strike f1 to retry boot f2 for setup utility drive to the caddy and connected it to my PC My PC is able to detect the hard drive but does not show any drive icon in quot My Computer quot In Disk Management hard drive is showing unallocated I borrowed another hard drive Gb from a friend and connected it to my PC via caddy and same thing happens this hard drive also appears as unallocated I read the following article see link below now this could be because of the partition type FAT or NTFS I am not sure about this yet http www windowsbbs com hardware ive-drive-letter-missing-now-unallocated html I am looking to get Norton Disk Doctor to see if it fix the boot record or sectors on the hard drive Could you please guide me how to get Norton Disk Doctor At this stage I am only concerned about recovering data from the hard drive I have not tried using quot to quot Converter adapter I have not given up yet Any help will be highly appreciated I would like to shout few drinks to the person who can fix my problem Thank you for reading this long article Thanks again nbsp

A:no boot device available strike f1 to retry boot f2 for setup utility

allocate the hard drive right click where it says unallocated and allocate that should work .
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A:strike F1 to retry boot,strike F2 for setup utility

Press F2 to enter Setup (Bios) Here set it to Failsafe Defaults (usually F5). Now look for Boot Priority. Change it so CD rom drive is First Boot Device. Look for SATA or HDD mode change the HDD mode from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility Mode. Save and Exit (usually F10) Now put the XP CD in the drive and restart the computer. You should see the message Press Any Key To Boot From CD. This starts the Windows XP CD and the Windows install. Then you would Create a Partition, Format the Partition NTFS, and Install Windows.
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I have two SATA hard drives. I was poking around in the BIOS yesterday and noticed that they were setup IDE instead of AHCI. I am not sure what either does and did not want to change anything without asking. When I first got my PC, it had XP installed, so I am thinking that is why IDE is set. Do I need to change it to AHCI? I am not having any problems. Would it be of any great advantage to change it? I understand that after the OS is installed, it is a problem to switch to AHCI. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,

A:BIOS Setup

My experience with IDE vs AHCI with windows 7 is that the OS won't install to any drives under the IDE setting. I had to enable AHCI with sata drives for the OS to see the drives.

AHCI is more for developement then anything else. I see no I/0 increase/decreases with either option. Just installation problems.
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On the advice of a so-called expert I have interfered with the bios settings by resetting the main menu to load setup defaults.
I did this to correct a display fault I ultimately cured in safe mode.
This has caused a conflict to appear on start up that can be removed by pressing F1.
Windows 98 then loads but I can not connect to the internet.
The dialer appears but does not dial and then freezes.
I have been advised that the conflict can be cleared by disabling entry for the Onboard Serial Port 2 on the Integrated Periferals Screen.
This removes the conflict on start up but the dialer then says cant find port.
Has anyone any further advice.
Computor is a Tiny 166 runningg Windows 98 Bios is Award.

Thanks in advance