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Whats most important in order when doing a clean install

Q: Whats most important in order when doing a clean install

When you format you HD then start installing windows for ex in my case an asrock extreme which has intel chipset What is the first order of business and what if any tricks does one need to know when doing a clean install Obviously i try to get newest important when order Whats clean a most in doing install drivers the video is the easiest but often the drivers on the MOBO CD are not the newest In my case i was able to get newer intel INF Driver the realtek and the USB intel driver and lan For some reason the intel app that is supposed to help you ID and find updates is total garbage it has not worked once More annoying is when you have dual versions as in dual manufacturers for USB and LAN in my case I have asrock extreme though i chose to go with the intel lan to just make it easier still have yet to learn if it was the right choice and for some reason im unable to DL asmedia drivers they dont seem to let you do it off Whats most important in order when doing a clean install their site and im weary of going off quot the net quot does anyone know of a site that has drivers and they are legit This time once i get all the basics installed im making me a system image Tired of having to start from scratch each time Thanks Sebastian

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Preferred Solution: Whats most important in order when doing a clean install

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Whats most important in order when doing a clean install

I'd recommend following Greg's tutorial on doing a clean install: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

It's very detailed and covers everything.
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I am going to upgrade to windows xp home edition from windows 98 se. i herd that a clean install is the best way to go, i know that u hav to reinstall all ur software, but wat about hardware, like printers, webcams, and dsl modems??? thanx

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I'm planning on doing clean install of Windows 10 for my PC this weekend. Currently I'm also using W10. I am going to install onto the same hard drive (SSD) as it is currently installed. It will put the older version of W10 into a Windows.old folder which I'm going to back it up to an external hard drive if I ever going to need files from it. Now after that I'll launch a Disk Clean-up to remove previous Windows installations (aka Windows.old) and then I'll remove the older version of W10 from dual boot (if it will be there ofcourse). My question is: are my previously mentioned steps enough to uninstall my older version of W10 and replace it with the new one or will I still have to do something?

A:An important question before clean install

Originally Posted by zablablukas

I'm planning on doing clean install of Windows 10 for my PC this weekend. Currently I'm also using W10. I am going to install onto the same hard drive (SSD) as it is currently installed. It will put the older version of W10 into a Windows.old folder which I'm going to back it up to an external hard drive if I ever going to need files from it. Now after that I'll launch a Disk Clean-up to remove previous Windows installations (aka Windows.old) and then I'll remove the older version of W10 from dual boot (if it will be there ofcourse). My question is: are my previously mentioned steps enough to uninstall my older version of W10 and replace it with the new one or will I still have to do something?

Windows will not "uninstall" itself. A clean install will wipe everything from the HDD so be sure to have copied anything you don't want to lose to a different drive. You may also need to save the drivers for devices if you installed any hardware after the initial install of Win10, may have them in the Downloads Folder, that's where mine are.
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Hello everyone,
I reinstalled XP on a pc yesterday and am having some problems with Windows Updates.

My question is two fold:
1. Is there a specific order in which we can update an XP machine without problems (generally)?
2. Is it possible to create a DVD with an update package so we don't have to connect to the Windows Update website?

I tried to download and install IE8 to make the update process easier, but that required another update, but I was unable to get that from the Update site.

A:Order of updates for XP clean install

Hi run windows update it will download things as it needs them,you can get the service packs
Download Windows XP Service Pack 1a Express Install (32-Bit) for End Users from Official Microsoft Download Center
Download Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (32-bit x86) - ISO-9660 CD Image File from Official Microsoft Download Centre
How to download Windows XP SP3
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Hello I am getting ready to do a clean install of windows 7 on my PC. What would I need before I do the clean install and what is the proper order to install drivers. Also where would I get the drivers from? Should I let Windows pick the drivers or get them off my manufactures website?

Here Are My Computer Specs:

A:Doing Clean Install, Order To Install Drivers?

Visit the support page for your motherboard and download the chipset driver and LAN driver. Install those following the install and then run all rounds of Windows updates until no more are offered.
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I haven't given this much thought on builds I've done for my own use so far but now I'm starting to build systems for other people amp I'm putting more effort into making sure everything is done correctly and will remain stable as long as possible especially under the care amp feeding of a typical PC user I currently have a fresh build which has all the hardware installed and verified working properly looking at a completely clean Windows desktop I also have prepared all the rd-party drivers and updates needed for the components INF GPU etc What's the recommended order to proceed now given all this stuff that needs doing to finish configuration and hand it off to the new to everything system? a Best Win8.1 on clean install order owner Windows UpdatesWindows settings personalization configuration rd-party Best order to install everything on a clean Win8.1 system? drivers updatesSoftware installs And is there a way to make sure Windows won't auto-install its own choice of drivers I've already obtained from the manufacturers the correct compatible stable versions that Best order to install everything on a clean Win8.1 system? the system should have on it Desktop PC custom build Windows -bit if you need more details just ask

A:Best order to install everything on a clean Win8.1 system?

For me, i install the OS and just enough drivers to get device manager clean. I then run Windows update until complete. I then take an image and call it "plain vanilla". I then install my normal software using a combination of and just the 3rd party installers. Once done, I take one more image.

I don't worry about replacing all Windows device drivers. I install the chipset and the SATA controllers for sure. I always install the audio and the video drivers. For everything else, I only install if the device manager shows a warning or something not working.

That's worked well for me at home, building computers for others and in my job setting up all workstations at our office.
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Hi all I've done tons of clean installs of Windows x and finally am upgrading my oldish Thinkpad T from XP Pro I did a clean install of Windows x from Microsoft installation media this is pre-SP Worked fine Then installed all the Thinkpad drivers and clean to Windows and of beyond? up SP1 for x64 install 7 Proper order software which also went well When it came time to install all the Microsoft updates I let the update process pick all the updates to be applied some were not checked as I've noticed happens lately and let it do its thing I started Microsoft Update over and over during this process to get the latest updates as one would hope The thing that was weird about it this Proper order for clean install of Windows 7 x64 up to SP1 and beyond? time is Microsoft Update failed on several occasions about or update cycles on a total of about or updates Some of these look like the updates being applied by Microsoft Update in Proper order for clean install of Windows 7 x64 up to SP1 and beyond? the wrong order eg SP -dependent updates being applied before SP was installed Internet Explorer updates being applied after Internet Explorer had already been installed etc Eventually it seemed to settle down and stopped suggesting any more updates My question is Should I trust that Proper order for clean install of Windows 7 x64 up to SP1 and beyond? all the updates went as they should Since the update process failed several times I don't quite trust that Microsoft Update always does things the right way Some folks have said I should install SP before any other update Others have said SP might depend on some previous updates Others say it might CONFLICT with some previous updates Ideally I'd have a DVD with SP already applied but I don't want to purchase another copy of Windows Pro just for that I know I can download SP separately but that leaves the questions above still unanswered Has anyone found a quot perfect quot order for applying updates so that none of them fail in this way And would you trust that everything was just hunky-dory after seeing these failures as long as Windows didn't suggest any more updates My main concern is that somewhere in there an update may have been applied that is out of order or incorrect given other updates and something will break down the line and soon - Tim

A:Proper order for clean install of Windows 7 x64 up to SP1 and beyond?

I would have installed using the latest official installer ISO with SP1, available in Step 1 of Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. This saves hours of updating and confusion.

I'd also follow the Best Practices in the tutorial since you apparently installed a bunch of drivers before doing your Windows Updates which is how Win7 provides the latest drivers it wants being the first driver-complete OS.

As to the Updates shuffling, it can happen and normally sorts itself out. But you save hours of updating and have a much smoother course if you use the latest installer with SP1.

You can trust all Updates, set to Automatic, since failures resulting in serious problems are better than one in a million.
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Hi Everyone I looked through installation guides on here for the recommended installation order for drivers after a clean Windows installation on an XPS from Windows disc I also spoke to Tech Support but keep getting conflicting advice so I thought I would try posting here install question Driver Installation clean after a Order The question I have is regarding the Intel Chipset drivers I know that they must be installed first before any other drivers The confusion I have is regarding the Intel AMT HECI drivers Intel Management Engine Interface which are also listed as Chipset drivers Previous Support Technicians have always said that the Intel AMT HECI drivers installation order is not important so can be installed anytime They always say Driver Installation Order question after a clean install Intel Chipset software must be done first though I have read driver order installation guides which shows HECI drivers way down on the installation order too The other day I was speaking to a guy over the phone on tech support who told me that you should install the Intel Chipset software then the HECI drivers next The reason I ask is I did a clean Windows installation only last week I installed the Intel Chipset software first and I have installed other drivers including Graphics and Wireless Network drivers My HECI drivers were installed later Will this cause me problems or will it be OK Any advice would be appreciated Thanks very much in advance

A:Driver Installation Order question after a clean install

The chipset drivers are always first as others have told you followed by the graphics drivers then the rest at your convenience or whatever is pressing.
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I looked through installation guides for the recommended installation order for correct Install clean the in Installing after order drivers drivers after a clean Windows installation from Installing drivers in the correct order after clean Install Windows disc I also spoke to Tech Support but keep getting conflicting advice so I thought I would try posting here The question I have is regarding the Intel Chipset drivers I know that they must be installed first before any other drivers The confusion I have is regarding the Intel AMT HECI drivers Intel Management Engine Interface which are also listed as Chipset drivers Previous Support Technicians have always said that the Intel AMT HECI drivers installation order is not important so can be installed anytime They always say Intel Chipset software must be done first though On Dells site there is a driver order installation guide which shows HECI drivers way down on the installation order too The other day I was speaking to a guy over the phone on tech support who told me that you should install the Intel Chipset software then the HECI drivers next The reason I ask is I did a clean Windows installation only last week I installed the Intel Chipset software first and I have installed other drivers including Graphics and Wireless Network drivers My HECI drivers were installed later Will this cause me problems or will it be OK Any advice would be appreciated Thanks very much in advance

A:Installing drivers in the correct order after clean Install

There is no order for installing drivers, unless specified, for instance, when you're downloading a driver, you might find a notification that says, "pls install driver xxxxxx before this one".
The reason that it is common to install the main chipset first, is so as to get proper access to peripherals like USB ports, wifi cards, etc, but it truly makes no difference which order you do them.
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I have just upgraded my laptops hard drive to one of the new hybrid SSD / HDD drives and I want to make sure that I get the best possible performance out of it.

Whats the best way to partition the drive on a clean install ? its a 1TB drive and I was originally going to go with 300GB for Windows and the rest for programs / storage etc - would this work or is there a better way to give me maximum speed etc?

I do generally like a seperate parition for my data purely from a data safety point on view.



A:whats the best partition layout for a clean install

300GB just for Windows, that is a bit overkill, I would go for about 50GB or more, I have 40GB actually.
Windows will take 12GB, pagefile 12GB, system restore 5GB + something else, that is about 30GB total.
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Whats the proper way to wipe my hard drive for a clean install of Win2k?

A:Whats the proper way to wipe my hard drive for a clean install of Win2k?

Just us the Install CD. From there, it will ask you if you want to remove any existing partitions and reformat the drive. Black Viper has a great guide on installing Windows Operating systems. Follow this guide and you should not have any problems.
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I m new here and have a question to ask about computer speed So i ve been planning on replacing my computer for a while and have started to research My current specs don t laugh D windows xp gb ram p ghz with HT on board graphics gma I processor Whats important, more or ram? ve looked at two computers One by asus and the other is a dell Both are nice which is why i need help in deciding so i don Whats more important, processor or ram? t end up making a bad decision and wasting money These are the major selling points that I m finding different among the three I ve bolded the advantages of each one Dell i - M two cores x ghz with ghz turbo and mb cache BUT CAN UPGRADE TO m with turbo and mb cache for bringing the computers to same price gb ram not worried about ram speed ATI RADEON GB i think the gpu s are very similar but you tell me Whats more important, processor or ram? quot p display GB year basic dell warranty Asus i - QM cores x ghz with turbo and mb cache GB ram ATI RADEON GB quot p display GB doesn t matter too much bluetooth useful but not a deal breaker year accidental years limited good customer service in Canada Analysis As you Whats more important, processor or ram? can see the systems are unbelievably comparable but different enough to compensate for the price difference My first and most important question is how do the i - m i - m and i - qm processors compare The i will have GB ram while the i will only have GB Will i see a difference between them If not now is it likely that i will in the future I want the best system not the one that s suited to me I want to be able to zip around the computer without lag Finally how different are the and the So which system would you choose i - m GB quot p for i - m GB quot p for i - qm GB quot p for with better warranty Thanks in advance for reading and all your comments advice Remember I do want the best system but is the extra worth it nbsp

A:Whats more important, processor or ram?

i forgot to mention that the i5 cpu's only use 35W max, and the i7 uses 45W. Meaning the i5 will probably last longer on battery life.
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Hi Roughly months ago I ran into a boot loop problem with my graphic design amp gaming rig I attempted various things like booting from an xp cd but since the system was vista I just got blue screens have lost vista cd also attempting to boot into safemode resulted in the continual boot loop amp last safe boot resulted in restarts continual infected Installing hd order in as slave clean a to it boot loop At first I though I had a problem with my gigabyte motherboard as they are apparently notorious for boot loop issues I installed a newly purchased asus board my computer booted didnt loop but at the loading stage just before you type in your password I got bluescreen for a second and it then rebooted This was so annoying as I couldnt see the top Installing infected hd as a slave in order to clean it error code or x xxxxxx error code that you get on the blue screen So I attempted to change my sticks of ram around then used only one then I Installed older gig versions of my ocz ram still same bluescreen result no matter what Then I replaced my gainward gfx with my older nvidia gs gpu still same bluescreen result I then gave up for a while until I was given my mates old gig hd This booted perfectly I then cleared off a bunch of rubbish set up my admin account installed my drivers and am now once again playing cod world of war happily tho without dx that I had with vista its not really making much use of the insane gpu I have So now I have an incredibly powerful system running on an old xp sp gig hd The conclusion I came to was that Well I might aswell slave the infected hd use malwarebytes antiva amp comodo to give it a good cleaning in safe mod and retrieve my gig of essential content lost months ago Problem is I really dont know how to do this properly How do I go about slaving my infected vista sp gig sata clean it up properly disposing of that hard to get grime in the registry amp sorting out bad sectors without infecting the old but clean xp hd edit before the original hd contracted a boot loop infection it had been working fine for around years Also the hd Im attempting to slave is a maxtor diamond max gig sata Problem is I cant seem to find any info on the jumper settings on the drive they usually show it but on my one it only shows that setting it on the pins farthest from the cable connector limits it to m s and no jumper at all delimits to mb s Vermillion

A:Installing infected hd as a slave in order to clean it

After some persistent investigation, I came across this and read that there is actually no master or slave setting. The relationship is that it is always a master. This is highly disappointing news. Im going to connect it anyway, as theres clearly no other options here. Slave was justa safe way to get my data, Ill just have to risk it, hoping it boots, then hoping it auctually recognizes the dodge hd. Hmmm..(edit) Could I get some advice on this before I go ahead with it? Vermillion
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I have read through the spyware removal topic and followed as many steps as I could got to step and then was stopped and I have read all the links under that tab as well There seems to be no way to clean off a heavily infected computer if that said computer cannot get In order computer? I do an up what sequential clean infectious online to download programs or even complete tasks I ask In what sequential order do I clean up an infectious computer? of it in order to clean it out I do not have reinstallation disks for Win XP Pro and I m not a giver-upper just yet I just want to proceed step by step to get it In what sequential order do I clean up an infectious computer? clean enough that it can get online to download all the microsoft updates The current version of XP Pro is It never received a single update because my house is full of idiots that didn t know you had to do that stuff and the computer was used In what sequential order do I clean up an infectious computer? for a few years unprotected by a teenageer that like AIM software and MySpace and Club Penguin All programs I hear that download horrible things to a computer Does anyone have any other suggestions to what order I can begin the cleaning up process I m at a standstill due to not being able to get online with this infected computer I did download Avast free version to my flash drive and I sucessfully installed that a few hours ago It s been running SUPER slow for the last three hours or more and has found I infected file so far and it s only at of a full scan completion Does this sound right to anyone I would assume it doesn t take that long to run a full scan DO you think I could also download service packs form Microsoft onto the flash drive and then download those onto the infected computer Would that be a way around needing update microsoft com to find all thecritical updates for me or am I not using my pea-brain today Above when I mentioned I tried the spyware removal guides steps and only got to step I meant that the steps in the instructions weren t condusive to what MY system was actually performing so at the end of step I was not allowed to save teh rootkit scan report in order to post it for everyone to see to get my started on helping me My computer couldn t DO that step for some reason I also can t get online with the infected computer because A it s super slow to process a thought and it shuts down after I try to change the webpage from it s home page So basically I couldn t get the GMER log completed for you guys to help me with Any other ideas form all of you

A:In what sequential order do I clean up an infectious computer?

You have an active DDS topic posted, you should NOT make further changes to your computer (install/uninstall programs, use special fix tools, delete files, edit the registry, etc) unless advised by a Malware Removal Team member, nor should you continue to ask for help elsewhere. Doing so can result in system changes which may not show it the log you already posted. Further, any modifications you make on your own may cause confusion for the helper assisting you and could complicate the malware removal process which would extend the time it takes to clean your computer.From this point on the Malware Removal Team should be the only members that you take advice from, until they have verified your log as clean.Please be patient. It may take a while to get a response because the Malware Removal Team members are very busy working logs posted before yours. They are volunteers who will help you out as soon as possible. Once you have made your post and are waiting, please DO NOT make another reply until it has been responded to by a member of the Malware Removal Team. Generally the staff checks the forum for postings that have 0 replies as this makes it easier for them to identify those who have not been helped. If you post another response there will be 1 reply. A team member, looking for a new log to work may assume another Malware Removal Team member is already assisting you and not open the thread to respond.To avoid confusion, I am closing this topic.
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in another thread i asked what disk deframentor is, now what is disk clean up, does it speed your computer up, as is there any other better softwares out there for this?
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Thanks to a previous thread on this site i have managed to get back on my pc after suffering from the BSOD in any mode. Running XP on a packard bell, have had virus attacks over the last few weeks ending a a bsod. Now i am back in, what is the best way to clean up my Pc and stop future attacks, many thanks in advance.
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Just wondering whats the handiest way to clear all contents pics , music etc off a laptop?..

As my laptops very slow etc & also needs to be cleared


A:Whats the handiest way to clean a laptop ?...

Use Windows Disk Cleanup. If you have everything backed up on all files, reinstalling the operating system would clear everything. Provided you have no hardware problem.
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Trying to clean a Rogue Virus from Win XP Got this Virus over the weekend which installed Security Tools I was able to boot into Safe mode and clean it using Malwarebytes All was good for days and now I ve clean or Mode in to Recovery order to virus boot Console Safe Can't got a Virus again This one has a different name and didn t actually install any icons but I m not actually sure that its a Can't boot to Safe Mode or Recovery Console in order to clean virus different Virus I googled the name of this virus and it shows as an Alias to the virus I got this weekend So did I not successfully remove it or did I just get it again I guess that doesn t matter much at this point because I need help removing the one thats here now I ran a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials yesterday and it showed that it had removed a Rogue Win Winwebsec So I thought all was good I continued using the interent for a couple more hours and shut it down When I restarted it later it wouldn t boot up Actually it boots the first screen where you have the option to press F to enter setup etc Well for me that is the only thing I can access If I try to F or F the screen goes black the white curser starts like it normally would drops down a few lines and then stops It just sits there and blinks At that point no keys work not even ctrl alt del so the only way to shut down is by button My pc is almost years old and didn t come with any disks and of course I dont recall burning a copy as suggested Even if I did make the XP Recovery CD I don t have it anymore or its may be in storage which is miles away So how do I remove this virus if I can t boot in to safe mode How do I try to do a System Restore if I can t boot I do have the capability to slave the drive and hopefully be able to access it to backup or transfer my data files prior to wiping the drive But I have a question regarding doing that as I am not sure of one thing If I slave the infected drive will it corrupt the master drive in any way Please help nbsp
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You are notified that there are updates available.
You can select a link to show you the "Select Updates you want to Install" list.
From there you can select which updates to install.

Is the list ordered by what needs to install first, then second, then third, etc?
Can I deselect all and select a number of them in order, at my discretion?

Due to a virus, I just reformatted C: and re-installed Win 7, so I have 107 updates. This took all day last time on my machine.
In Win XP I had to get out of everything for a windows update. Still true for Win 7?

I don't want the machine down all day, but I have pockets of time to let it update.
Of course, I won't know how long each takes to run, but at least it won't be down for hours at a time, hopefully.


A:Is the 'select updates to install' list in install order?

You can select or deselect to your hearts content.
Only those updates which will install without requiring other unselected updates will install.

My usual routine is to select updates in batches

#1 - Windows Security Updates
#2 - Other Windows updates
#3 - IE updates (go through IE9, update that, then install IE10, update that, then install IE 11)
#4 - .NET updates (these are usually the ones that cause most problems)
#5 anything else I missed

Keep doing each group until no more appear in that group (or you get a repeating fail) before proceeding to the ned
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I've had to repair install Windows 7 64 bit Pro (without SP1) due to unfixable persisting errors with certain updates. I now have about 95 or so updates ready to be installed, is there a way to prevent any errors from happening again? I tried to install 30 at once today but ended up getting an endless "shutdown" that I had to force the computer to turn off after about two hours. It then booted perfectly, some updates had failed to install, and I got a BSOD upon putting the laptop to sleep.

I did a system restore back to its "update-less" state so I'm ready to begin installing the updates again. Is there an error-proof way? A certain order one should install them with? Thanks!

A:Best way/order to install updates after repair install?

Downlaod SP1 right from Microsoft.

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932)

They just check for updates from there.
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My OS is vista.When i try to install msjvm(msjavx86.exe) system says installation successful but no jvm is actually installed on my machine.this i am doing inorder to install siebel.I have installed sun JVM is installed.but when i am installing siebel, the system says "Setup is not able to detect msjvm on your machine,plz install msjvm from cd/original manufacturer".kindly advice as i am frustrated.

(FYI:I already know msjvm is no longer supported by sun)


A:I want to install MSJVM in order to install Siebel

You'd do well to first find a version of Siebel which is built on top of a current, supported JVM.

The MSJVM was never supported by Sun - it was a Microsoft product. However, MS stopped updating it long ago, with the net result being that the msjvm is now substantially out-of-date both in terms of functionality, and more importantly security.

I'd find it almost impossible to believe that current versions of Siebel are still reliant on the MSJVM.

EDIT: By the way, it's considered bad form to knowingly cross-post the same question into multiple sections of the forum, especially those that have nothing to do with your issue.
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So hipacritly, if you accepted the win10 upgrade, did the "fresh install option", and decided you wanted to go back to win7 in the future, how would you do it? Can you use any normal win7 install media and grab the key from win10 before you blow it away? Do you have to call in and give the robot your win10 key?

A:Clean win7 install after clean win10 install?

nightanole said:

So hipacritly, if you accepted the win10 upgrade, did the "fresh install option", and decided you wanted to go back to win7 in the future, how would you do it? Can you use any normal win7 install media and grab the key from win10 before you blow it away? Do you have to call in and give the robot your win10 key?Click to expand...

I recommend imaging the windows 7 system using acronis or some other imaging software. Then doing the upgrade activating then reverting back to the image.

Lets say you already wiped it out and did a clean install. there is no way that I no to go back to windows 7 without a windows 7 key. There are downgrade right but they still require a key (I know it's stupid).
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version:
Processor Count:
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives:
Antivirus: None

i cannot install important updates not sure about much about my laptop apart from its a toshiba satellite pro on windows 7 an when i tryed to install them this code came up code:80240016

A:cant install important updates

Hi and welcome,
Could you try running this again please?
TSG System Information Utility

Your first attempt came up with nothing - as you can see

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Hi BC Couple months ago I spent some time in your malware forums trying to resolve issues with a constantly running Windows media center which I noticed was running - not my - porn and bitcoins through The issue progressed solutions did not files got locked online access became scarce and as I couldnt keep in timely contact with your well-intentioned helpers here my Win create hacked. partitions 7: Can't or Can't Remote clean clean disk. install thread was closed To not be a burden on volunteer time I left the idea of one on one help behind and sought additional insight on my own months after first noticing an issue I have my same refurbished HP notebook with no accessible OS no way to install one from disk no income and no hope I do have weeks of notes from the most tenacious remote hack I believe exists It has swallowed my entire home network and every machine in it even those not configured for online access To start I just want to get an OS on my laptop I've long since kissed my data goodbye I ran killdisk multiple times - the last time took days - but I still have an X drive with a registry command prompt notepad you name it on my machine I just dont have normal access to windows all these individual programs I Can't clean install Win 7: Can't create partitions or clean disk. Remote hacked. can access through command prompt Today I'm looking at a new security log called backup that starts administrative privileged user logged on Parsing template defltwk inf Configuration engine was initialized successfully I have an X drive but no C drive I have Gb of unallocated space on a disk called with no volumes attached I have a volume called with no disks attached I have turned the internet inside out trying to get out of this nightmare can you help me Please

A:Can't clean install Win 7: Can't create partitions or clean disk. Remote hacked.

Hard drive manufacturer?
Can you enter the BIOS?
System manufacturer and model?
In spite of your assertions...the original topic reflects no evidence of malware found, IMO.
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Due to some corruptions in files system that can't be repair. I decide to do a clean install of vista from recovery partition preinstalled in D drive.

My question is does the clean install also clean out any hidden/unactive virus/rootkit if i format the laptop to its factory condition?

I have tried various AV software on this old laptop but the results come out clean but I still suspect there're some remain hidden as the system is slowly corrupted.

A:Clean install vista from recovery partition in D drive also clean virus?


The answer is yes it will, if you do a destructive install (Format "C") & it has not infected any other drives.

So, what drives do you have on your system? "C" (System) & "D" (Recovery) plus DVD/CD drives.

Do you have anything else? USB plug in hard drives or USB memory sticks etc. etc.
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Hi Folks,

I just did a clean install of Win7 and must have done something wrong. I found a file called Windows.old.

I would like to wipe my hard drive completely clean and then install a fresh copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

How do I accomplish this task? It's a good time to start over because I'm just at the stage of adding the security software. Already did the drivers but don't mind doing those over again.

I have a Dell 5150, Pentium D820, Dual Core 2.8 GHz with 3 GBs memory.

Many thanks,


A:Clean Install of Win7 - Wipe Hard Drive Clean

Do you a regular Windows 7 installation disk, with Product Key?

If so, boot from that disk by setting your DVD drive as the first boot device in the BIOS or by choosing the DVD drive from a menu. Do you know how to do that?

Midway in the installation process you will come to a screen that asks where you want to install Windows. Look for "drive options, advanced" or something very close to that. Take that choice.

At the next screen, all of your partitions will be shown. Delete them all.

That will leave you with nothing but "unallocated space".

When you install to the unallocated space, it will be automatically formatted by Windows and you should end up with a very small "System Reserved" partition and a large C partition covering the rest of the drive.

Back up your data before beginning.

Windows.old is your old installation. If you proceed as above, you won't get it.

With 3 GB of RAM, you should probably go with 32-bit.
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I have read many posts about problems due to the fact that after the installation of MS Updates the computer began to freeze, BSOD or just work slowly. The most usual cause is the fact that the updates are downloaded and installed at the same time. Many of these updates require restarting the computer. This fact causes conflicts and problems when the updates are not installed properly. Next week a large number of updates are expected, change your update settings to notify, only. Install manually, and one at a time. We rather you come to the forum giving help rather than seeking it.

A:Install Updates Properly-Important

your first step should be:
1) Re-boot (Re-start)
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Hi I have lost very important data after doing a re-install of win xp pro serv pack new legit copy over an unverified xp pro serv pack First I tried a repair with the new product key got to the welcome screen and was asked to log in to my account after doing that it said quot you are already logged in then a sreen came on saying register my copy of windows YES NO on yes or no it logged off and went back to the log on screen basicaly round in circles then a friend advised to do a complete re-install over my origional O S leaving files amp folders intact I did lost important data xp pro Re-install after but when it came to the drive directory to install the default was c windows highlited and my friend said to alter it to WINNT Since then every application wont run asking to re-install applications files are missing drivers are missing and my cd-drive wont open Saved registration keys are in Incredimail which I cannot find all my contacts are missing Please help I feel as if my right arm has been cut off I dont Know how much has been lost yet as I cant get into any applications Thanks for reading hope you can help Dell Dimension mb ram cd RW Nvida graphics with mb on board ram years old

A:lost important data after Re-install xp pro

I don't want to say your friend gave you bad advice, but reinstalling Windows that way causes problems as you are now finding out. Basically, I believe you are probably going to have to reinstall all your applications and drivers. You may be able to reinstall many of the drivers by pointing the wizard to c:\windows\system32 but you are probably better off just using your Dell Resource CD if you still have it.

You can open Outlook just fine still?
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In the windows 8.1 pro windows update I tried to download and install all 92 important updates after it was thinking with the green bar moving from side to side instead start downloading the updates I got error:

Code 80248007 windows update ran into problem.

How can I solve it ?

A:Tried to install 92 important updates but get error why ?

Solved it with this tip: Open start and search for Action Center and then open troubleshooter there and run troubleshooter for Windows Update. Do these steps in the PC which you face the problem.
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I have read many posts about problems due to the fact that after the installation of MS Updates the computer began to freeze, BSOD or just work slowly. The most usual cause is the fact that the updates are downloaded and installed at the same time. Many of these updates require restarting the computer. This fact causes conflicts and problems when the updates are not installed properly. Next week a large number of updates are expected, change your update settings to notify, only. Install manually, and one at a time. We rather you come to the forum giving help rather than seeking it.

A:Install Updates Correctly-Important

Quote: Originally Posted by richc46

I have read many posts about problems due to the fact that after the installation of MS Updates the computer began to freeze, BSOD or just work slowly. The most usual cause is the fact that the updates are downloaded and installed at the same time. Many of these updates require restarting the computer. This fact causes conflicts and problems when the updates are not installed properly. Next week a large number of updates are expected, change your update settings to notify, only. Install manually, and one at a time. We rather you come to the forum giving help rather than seeking it.

Great information. Thanks for the warning about the updates coming soon.
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Hi there. Please see the attached. I have been unable to instlal this Windows Security Update for some time. My computer always shows that it is available install when I want to shut down my computer, but no such luck.
I don't know why it wont let me. I don't even know if I have Office Power Point.
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Cannot Install 'Important' Security Update

I have no idea what may be causing your problem, but you could try getting the update from the Windows Catalog site and see what happens;

If this works, you will be able to download an .exe file which you just doubleclick on to install. Be sure to read the instructions before using this method.

Alternatively, you could check your Add/Remove list first, just in case the update is already there, or you could run the Secunia Online Inspector, which will confirm whether or not the patch is missing. You will need an up to date version of Sun Java before the Inspector will run;
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ther are still 88 important updates that needs to be installed on the 2 windows 8 pc 's i have in the internet shop.

how serious is this to the security of the 2 pc's ??

will this greatly affect the virus and malware vulnerability ??

thank you

all machines windows 8 64bit

A:88 important updates cannot install windows 8 how serious

Important enough I would say, if you are concerned about too many updates or have other concerns, you can pick and choose only security updates. Other way would be to have only important chosen to download and install. There are also some updates without which you will not be able to upgrade to W8.1. As computers are used in the internet shop, it's even more important to take advantage of any security improvement you can get your hands on.
I suppose you have set tight security on them and network, route etc. You can also ad: MCShield ::Anti-Malware Tool:: to guard against malware thru USB sticks if you allow customers to use them. Which other security measures have you taken ? AVs, soft/hard firewalls etc. ?
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My PC has told me that there's an important Windows 7 update to install, but whenever I try, I'm told that the installation has failed.

Attached is the pop up I get with the details of the failure.

Any ideas how I can remedy the error? Thanks.

A:Can't install Important Windows Update

Hi try running sfc /scannow How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7
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I've been trying to install necessary business software on my office computer with no luck. When I initiate the "setup.exe" program it opens the program and hangs. All I see is the cursor turn into the hourglass and sit there. I can let this go on for an hour and nothing else happens. Immediately when I click anywhere on the screen "(not responding) appends itself to the titlebar at the top. I have to ctrl+alt+del to get out of it.

I've installed this same software flawlessly on six other computers here at work with no problems. I'm unsure what's wrong with this machine and would appreciate any help from anyone who might know where to start looking for a fix. I've ran HijackThis! and deleted everything unnecessary with the help of the "spyware" section of this site. Any other ideas?

A:Unable to install important software

Some antivirus software falsely sees a few executables as a threat and will hang them up. You might have to turn off your antivirus if you are installing trusted software.
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I'm looking for some help on this one.I just installed XP SP3 on my HP and everything appeared to go well. Then as directed I installed the additional security updates. However, everytime I click the "Turn Off Computer" button it will display the message to Click turn off to install important updates...... I have done this several times & the message keeps appearing. I've restored to the point following the SP3 install, no luck.I have also removed an SQL update (KB948109) which I thought may be the problem, still no luck.I can't seem to get rid of the message..... Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Click Turn Off To Install Important Updates......

Turn off auto least, temporarily...and the issue should go away.Auto updating and WinUpdates have problems sometimes...I suppose that's why there's a WinUpdate troubleshooter, Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter - Louis
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Computer says to restart to install important updates but when I restart no updates are installed and when I go to the check for updates folder it says your computer needs to restart to install updates.  Please help.  I've restarted several times.
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Would it hurt not to install an important update if the program is not used?

I do not use anything "Live", but have it installed.

Does this leave me vulnerable if I don't?
Used as reference:
Windows Live Essentials 2011 (KB2434419)

A:Would it hurt not to install an important update if the program is...

No, it won't hurt anything. I don't use IE, so I don't install any of the "Important security updates"
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Hello everyone,

Each time that there are some new updates, windows prompt me to install service Pack 3.

Is it important to install it? What difference does it make?

A:Is it important to install Windows Service Pack 3?

Yes, Service Pack 3 contains important security and performance updates.

PRIOR to installing Service Pack 3 ensure that:
- you are not infected with malware
- that your drivers have been updated.
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I was doing a clean install and during the updates, I had one, KB2965788, that failed to install and hasn't reappeared for a second attempt.

I'm running Win 7 Pro x64. The error code is WindowsUpdate_80070308.

I'm not sure if this update is required for my system configuration or if there is some issue that needs to be detected and resolved.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


A:Failed Install KB2965788 - Important Update

My understanding that some system may require this KB and some don't.
My system do not have KB2965788 installed.
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The hard drive on my five-year old Dell crashed and I will be re-installing the OS on a new hard drive. Of course, my original disk is a Service Pack 1. Anyone know what order I should be downloading the Microsoft updates? Should I install Service Pack 2 first?

A:XP Install - Order of Updates

yep, install SP2 first, then update.
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Hi Guys .I recently purchased an ex lease & H/d formated IBM 3Ghz Think Centre desktop 8172 S51 & although I have been running Linux Ubuntu 8.10 in it & PC runs perfect , but I would now like to install Xp Pro into it as it has the COA sticker on it .Problem is these PC's ship with no Cd backup discs with it . I have been told I can use my Dell r/install disc & it loaded ok & now I have to download drivers for it . My problem is nowhere on their site tells me what order in which to install them like Dell does . I just need the minimum drivers to get me to connect to the Internet .Dell is 1/Dss [ in sys utilities category] 2/chip set 3/video adapt 4/network card Ozi

A:IBM Driver install order

This is a Lenovo S51 which has a recovery partition, you can find instructions for using it here.
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I'm looking for some help on this one.
I just installed SP3 on my HP and everything appeared to go well. Then as directed I installed the additional security updates. However, everytime I click the "Turn Off Computer" button it will display the message to Click turn off to install important updates...... I have done this several times & the message keeps appearing.

I've restored to the point following the SP3 install, no luck.
I have also removed an SQL update (KB948109) which I thought may be the problem, still no luck.

I can't seem to get rid of the message..... Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Click turn off to install important updates

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Dear Bleepingcomputer Staff About won't updates security install‏ Important BSOD/ weeks ago I thought all was well Problems started when updating java on my ninite installer Emsisoft would no longer install java with ninite Emsisoft BSOD/ Important security updates won't install‏ put files in quarantine I was confused by this but did nothing A week later I fell asleep listening to music on windows media player Only to awake with media player off and a black screen saying nic card is not present or corrupt I unplugged the computer and turned it back on only to be greeted with my first ever BSOD My e emachine acer notebook came with win pre installed After much trial and error and dumb luck I got windows to system repair screen It took and a half full days for my computer to repair corrupt files I ran chdsk and sfc Nothing came back on chdsk Sfc fixed most but not all corrupt files Ran full scans with Emsisoft Malwarebytes and MSEssentials No malware detected I ran sfc again and it said problems resolved there are no windows integrity problems Windows Important Security Update no longer install I tried hotfixes SURL error code trouble shooting update one by one Nothing worked Computer hangs at times for no reason It tells me at times MBAnti exploit Comodo application startup has closed unexpectedly Roguekiller hangs at checking services A DDA Only works in safe mode That's how I got the log to you I am Not a computer person by any stretch I am a huge fan of your site I am at wits end Please help Sincerely Yours Nathaniel Evans DDS Ver - - - NTFS AMD Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by Nate at on - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium GMT - AV Microsoft Security Essentials Enabled Updated E - ED- F -A - BCB F AV Emsisoft Anti-Malware Disabled Updated DEEF-CC - F - -F A F A DA SP Windows Defender Disabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF SP Emsisoft Anti-Malware Disabled Updated E F B-EA E- F - B -CAD F SP Microsoft Security Essentials Enabled Updated DF E - D - BB- B - D E BFDE SP COMODO Antivirus Disabled Outdated C D - D-EE - A -E A FW COMODO Firewall Enabled F F -FE -E - B C- A E FB Running Processes C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C Program Files COMODO COMODO Internet Security cmdagent exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService c Program Files Microsoft Security Client MsMpEng exe C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k GPSvcGroup C Program Files x Emsisoft Anti-Malware a service exe C Program Files HitmanPro hmpsched exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system taskhost exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files SUPERAntiSpyware SASCORE EXE C Windows system taskeng exe c Program Files Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center itype exe c Program Files Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center ipoint exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files eMachines eMachines Power Management ePowerSvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C Program Files x eMachines Registration GregHSRW exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit mbae-svc exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamscheduler exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamservice exe C Program Files x NewTech Infosystems NTI Backup Now SchedulerSvc exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files eMachines eMachines Updater UpdaterService exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSvcM exe C Program Files x Glary Utilities Integrator exe c Program F... Read more

A:BSOD/ Important security updates won't install‏

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.
If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.
Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.
Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click the  Scan  button and wait for the process to complete.
Click the Report button and the report will open in Notepad.
If you click the Clean button all items listed in the report will be removed.
If you find some false positive items or programs that you wish to keep, Close the AdwCleaner windows.
Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click the  Scan  button and wait for the process to complete.
Check off the element(s) you wish to keep.
Click on the Clean button follow the prompts.
A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.
Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.
You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Sn].txt (n is a number).
Download the  version of this tool for your operating system.
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit) 
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)
and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.
Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.
Please paste the logs in your next reply DO NOT ATTACH THEM unless specified.
To attach a file select the "More Reply Option" and follow the instructions.
How is the computer running?
Wait for further instructions.
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For over 24 hours Windows Update has said "Restart your computer to install important updates", yet every time I restart and check Windows Update it is still saying "Restart your computwer to install important updates". The update history shows a security update, KB3069762, which has been showing as "pending" for the whole of this period despite numerous restarts, but never shows as "successful" or "failed". It just stays stuck at "pending". 
Is it likely this is the cause of the problem? I also uninstalled the "Upgrade to Windows10 Home " update which now shows as failed.
PS - I've tried uninstalling security update KB3069762 and then reinstalling manually via Microsoft Security Bulletins (MS15-067) but it still shows as pending after restarting.

A:"Restart your computer to install important updates" issue

Delete SoftwareDistribution where all downloaded updates are cached. Click Star Menu and type Cmd.exe into search box right clich Cmd.exe select "Run as administrator".  Within opened Command Prompt type Net stop wuauserv press Enter key. Type Rd /s /q %SystemRoot%\SoftwareDistribution  press Enter key and restart your computer then check for new availble updates.
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I think I have a virus or malware and have been unable to get rid of it after many tries, and I am having multiple problems with this home built computer running Windows 7Pro 64bit. I installed a retail version of Windows 7Pro 64bit and I have my original installation disk. I want to do a clean erase of my 480GB SSD and then a clean install of the same Windows 7Pro 64bit. Can you tell me how and provide any cautions etc. Thanks.

A:How can I do a clean erase of my SSD to clean install Windows 7?

Hello Joseph,

If you like, a normal clean install will also wipe the drive before installing.

Clean Install Windows 7
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Hey All,

There seems to be an issue with MS latest security update for IE 11 on Windows 7. For MANY, not just me. All the other updates installed fine, last "patch Tuesday" but this one did not go through the automatic update process. Others are having the same issue. If you read here, it seems to be more of an "optional update." but MS did not push it through automatic updates on last Tuesday's patches. See here:

What's going on? Is this patch expected to go through at a later time, moved to optional, or what? I thought that ALL Windows Updates classified as important as long as Automatic Windows Update was turned on, went through?


A:Update for IE 11 KB-2929437 (April 8) Marked as Important- does not auto install?

That's the cumulative update that updates IE from 11.0.4 to 11.0.7.

I've got 4 computers with Windows 7 and IE11, and the update installed fine in all of them.
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I just received a new hp pavilion dv6227cl entertainment notebook in the mail. The computer said that it had 98 important updates it needed to install so I tried installing them and only 24 were able to be installed. It said the other 74 updates couldn't be installed because of error codes 8024402C, 80070020, and 80071A90. How can there be error codes already when it's new? I've already run a virus search on the computer and that didn't solve anything.

If anyone could give me any advice I would really appreciate it. Please just let me know if there's any other information you need. This is my first time posting in a pc forum.

A:Brand new hp laptop won't install important updates due to 3 error codes...

Welcome aboard Please download Farbar Service Scanner Download Link and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:

Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.
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I have a Toshiba Tecra with Windows XP Home and last week I installed a plug and play bootable Sony DVD CD-RW drive Since that time it won t boot the way it used to Here is the How after change boot order to install situation report I turn it on I get a Press F for the boot device selection menu I press F and seconds or more later the selection menu appears I select Boot from internal HD and the systems boots up If possible I want my computer to boot automatically to the built in hard drive I like the option of booting to the other devices I would like to keep the option open to press F at start up How to change boot order after install However if I don t press F I would like it to boot to the hard drive without my intervention in a short amount of time I know there must be a simple way to do this but I don t know how to do this Someone please help I can t afford to pay someone to do this for me right now nbsp

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Hello I install for Qosmio and XP E10 Pro Win drivers order bought recently Qosmio E in Korea The OS is Korean Win XP Home I would like to change it so I guess I have two options Get a restore CD in English But I read that Toshiba has the strange rule not to Win XP Pro drivers and install order for Qosmio E10 give restore CD with different language I wrote them they Win XP Pro drivers and install order for Qosmio E10 don't answer for now Install Win XP Pro myself I have only this license The issue in this case is to be able to get all the drivers I need I found good drivers on several locations On http www toshiba co kr but I worry that these drivers are for Korean XP The other place is http eu computers toshiba-europe com cgi-bin ToshibaCSG download drivers bios jsp In this place most of the drivers are for Media Center edition There are drivers for XP Pro but they are not so many and there is no install order For example there is no NVidia driver while such driver is available for the media center Maybe I can use Media center drivers on XP Pro So my question is What drivers I have to use and and what order to get a proper working XP Pro It would be nice to know where to download QosmioUI I found the Linux player and I will install it but I want also to have the player in Windows

A:Win XP Pro drivers and install order for Qosmio E10


first of all - as far as I see it, MCE is just WinXP with additional functionality. Means that drivers for MCE also work with XP Pro or Home.

Download the install instruction for the E10 via the last link that you have mentioned (remember - the hotfixes are based on a WinXP SP1a. If You have WinXP with SP2 then you should disregard the hotfixes and maybe add the post SP2 hotfixes instead.)

Good luck!

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Fixing a Dell Latitude CPi for a colleague. Problem is the system freezes during the XP splashscreen. I went to change the boot order to CD so I could repair the install, but the BIOS isn't letting me change the setting. PII-233 CPU. 64MB sys mem, 2MB vid mem, 512 KB L2 Cache, 3253 MB HDD.

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I had been hesitant to upgrade to IE amp then SP but now realize that I have to install them and it's been long enough since their initial release -- but I want to run a few things past the experts on this site before I do Since IE showed up on the WU list on I've ignored it not hidden it turned off automatic installs to avoid WU installing IE and not installed any updates save Windows Defender definition updates but nothing new showed up in the WU list anyway -- only SP when IE is hidden These are the most recent updates via WU that have been installed on my system ignoring Windows Defender Definition updates Update for Windows Vista KB Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - May KB Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter May KB Security Update for Windows Vista What & SP2) Install Should (includes Order In IE8 I Updates These KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter April KB Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - April KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer for Windows Vista KB Strange thing about the first three updates is that I had turned off automatic installs to avoid WU installing IE I didn't install them manually but yet they show up in quot update history quot Are some updates just too important that they'll get installed immediately regardless of user setting or what On I received new Windows Updates including what appears to be a new update for IE MB as opposed MB for the earlier version Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer for Windows Vista KB Internet Explorer for Windows Vista Security Update for Windows Vista KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Update Rollup for ActiveX Killbits for Windows Vista KB Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - June KB Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista KB Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter June KB Security Update for Microsoft Works KB My concern is In What Order Should I Install These Updates (includes IE8 & SP2) that I may have strayed from MS's planned timeline of upgrades for IE amp Vista I had avoided IE and thus not been allowed by WU to update to Vista SP Would this cause problems for subsequent updates Do I install all the latest Windows Updates before I install IE amp SP or just the one update for IE then install IE SP and then the rest of the updates Should I install IE amp SP via Windows Update or the stand alone versions Also should I install MS Silverlight It's been on my Windows Update list as optional since I have not installed it since I'm always wary of optional MS software But now it seems that I may need it for when I upgrade to IE I need advice on how to proceed from here to install all the necessary or useful updates IE and Vista SP to end up with a stable and hopefully faster improved system

A:In What Order Should I Install These Updates (includes IE8 & SP2)

Hello Severed, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I would recommend to install IE8 first, then the SP2 standalone afterwards. Next, check and install any remaining Windows Updates a few at a time to avoid a possible conflict with them during a restart.

Hope this helps,
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I am running Windows XP and want to install Windows on my laptop so I pre-ordered an DVD on Oct The order 8.1 Was in buying to I into install 8 dooped next day I started an online chat with Microsoft to purchase a second copy for my desktop PC She asked what OS I was using and when I Was I dooped into buying 8 in order to install 8.1 replied Windows XP she said I would first have to order Windows because cannot be installed on an XP machine I replied that I was going to format the hard drive so I could install on a bare disk I ended up cancelling the order and phoned Microsoft He told me the same thing and said quot probably quot would not install on a bare disk So he convinced me to buy two DVDs of Windows Pro because he said I will get the free upgrade to on Oct Does anyone know if it is possible to install on a bare disk If so that is what I would rather have done It would be easier if I ever have to do a reinstallation to just use the DVD instead of using an DVD and then upgrading

A:Was I dooped into buying 8 in order to install 8.1

Full versions of 8.1 will be available on Oct 18 and you should be able to pre order. MS probably have not trained their sales people as to what is going on. Check Amazon or Newegg for full versions. You can do a clean install with the Full Retail version.

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While getting drivers off Dell's support page I noticed a link to Dells recomedation for the proper order when installing drivers as part of a clean OS install. Thought it might be usefull to other hear.


A:Driver Install Order....From Dell

Thanks , good info !
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Hello friends Recently I have purchased an quot AOpen CD DVD Dual-layer burner quot and cannot get the computer to recognize that it is there My system is XP Pro on a GHz P with gigs ddr memory On EIDE blue 2 to install & hdd's ? burners 2 order special I have a Western Digital GB as master for C and a slave drive D the same make and size On EIDE black I have a brandname cd-burner as master I tried to install the dvd burner here as a slave drive then the other way around and made it master and the special order to install 2 hdd's & 2 burners ? cd-burner slave but it would not recognize both drives Is it because both drives are recognized as burners special order to install 2 hdd's & 2 burners ? What I m asking is there a better way to hook-up my drives Should both HDD special order to install 2 hdd's & 2 burners ? s be on one IDE cable or one on each IDE the burners each on a separate IDE too Yes I want to keep my cd-burner and have the dvd-burner too I hope I haven t said too much and confused everyone but I really need help with this confusion quot Leecho quot Wogster old name nbsp

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I have a Gateway laptop, running Windows Vista on AMD with 1 gb RAM. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 from windows Vista. I installing the Windows 7 Professional 64X as my system supports 64X but my system is very slow. Please suggest what should I do....install a different version of Windows 7 or...

A:Whats best to install

More RAM, go to Crucial run the memory scan it will suggest the type, and amount of RAM your system will hold. If you can afford it max out the amount of RAM.

RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, SSD at
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Windows re-install driver recovery failure Hello everyone For one reason or another i decided to re install windows onto my Samsung Chronos Since I've had no issues in the past with re installing vista on my other machine i mistakenly thought this would be a walk in the park Anyway now after re installing windows multiple drivers have gone missing important gone! home drivers 64bit premium are windows install, Fresh and i cannot connect to the internet on that machine to allow windows to find them for me Please help The devices that are missing drivers are the following -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ethernet controller location PCI bus device function manufacturer unknown Intel R Centrino R Wireless- N WiMAX location Port Hub Network Controller location PCI bus device function PCI Fresh windows home premium 64bit install, important drivers are gone! simple communications Controller location PCI bus Fresh windows home premium 64bit install, important drivers are gone! Device function SM Bus Controller location PCI bus device function Universal Serial Bus USB Controller location PCI bus device function --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of these devices have the code error Also My Standard VGA Graphics adapter cannot start code I have the recovery disk for windows yet it failed to install these drivers I have working USB slot which i can use to carry the drivers over from the computer i am currently using to the one which is severely crippled at the moment Please help me restore my computer to full health Thank you for your time Also I'm running windows bit

A:Fresh windows home premium 64bit install, important drivers are gone!

I'd go to Samsung support site with your good PC and locate the Ethernet driver for your particular model. Get it on a USB stick and install it to the PC with the driver problems.

I wouldn't be in a panic just because I had some yellow exclamation points in Device Manager. Instead, I'd investigate what expected functionality is missing.

Then possibly go back to Samsung and look for drivers to fix the missing functionality.
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I was set boot priority to CD-ROM->LAN->HDD->FDD.
But, I ended up in Intel Boot Agent. I was told to check the cable .What does it mean?
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Hi, my friend has a gateway with operating system 2000..he is a complete novice and messed up his system..No virus protection.Basicly about all he can do is email and send cards..99% of the sites that he wants he's unable to get...My question is : Is it possible to get rid of his system and install a newer one and start from fresh? Thank you very much. twang.

A:Solved: must i get rid of old operating system in order to install a new one?
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Is it possible to take a look at any file / files at vaio recovery partition to find out how the operative system works e.g in which order the dirvers get installed on the lap top ?

I tried many times to make a clean install on my Vario- VPCEB2S1E .. and followed some orders but afterwards the display resouloution , brightness and contrast is bad even after updating the graphic driver ! I suspect some driver/ file is missing here !

We need an expert here

A:VAIO Original order to install drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by mystery

Is it possible to take a look at any file / files at vaio recovery partition to find out how the operative system works e.g in which order the dirvers get installed on the lap top ?

I tried many times to make a clean install on my Vario- VPCEB2S1E .. and followed some orders but afterwards the display resouloution , brightness and contrast is bad even after updating the graphic driver ! I suspect some driver/ file is missing here !

We need an expert here

Hi mystery, Welcome to the forums, You could try looking here Sony eSupport - Microsoft? Windows? XP Installation this is for XP but the principal and order are the same for Vista/7
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I just bought this laptop:


With no windows.
It came with free dos on it. Which is just fine.

I will use my own new copy of windows 7 64-bit.

I found and will download the lenovo-drivers from here

Drivers and software - Lenovo G500 Notebook:
Drivers and software - Lenovo G500 Notebook

My humble quesation is:

Is there a particular driver installation order ?

I am thinking of doing it in thisorder:

-Windows 7
-windows 7 SP1
-amd video
-usb device
-blue tooth
-atheros LAN
-card reader
-touch pad
-power mgmt
-turn on internet connection and perform all the Windows updates

Also there are some others, that I am not sure if I really need them.
Do you think i need these drivers?
-intel video drivers
-intel mgmt engine
-intel rapid storage

Thank you in advance,

A:How do I install Laptop drivers in the proper order

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. After you do a Clean Install of Windows run Windows updates .. Any Drivers that are missing after that you can get from the Lenovo website ... You will probably need very few .. Chipset Driver and because you have duel Graphics it would be best to get them too .. You will need the Function Key Software and Card Reader Driver .. And the USB 3 Driver .. You dont want all the Bloatware as that will only slow your Laptop down ..
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Hi there So I'm getting ready to W/order Of Help New On Update/install/download/etc. Laptop start from scratch with setting up my new replacement laptop It's a Compaq V TX with Windows XP Pro SP on it And I want to make sure that I do it correctly this time around based on stuff I've learned on the board here and hopefully with your help on this thread I've Help W/order Of Update/install/download/etc. On New Laptop compiled a list below of the items and order in which I was planning on setting up the new laptop It is followed by some specific questions Please let me know what you think -- thanks Please note I normally use dial-up However when I download Windows Updates and my A V program etc Help W/order Of Update/install/download/etc. On New Laptop I will be using my friend's high-speed internet via Ethernet cable -- and he has a router Starting with turning on the laptop and not being connected to the internet Create Recovery Disks -- This might not be necessary as it seems the new laptop came with XP Pro SP recovery discs Turn off Microsoft Automatic Updates -- I'll do manual updates as shown below Uninstall crap programs -- It comes with a bunch of games junk and software trial versions though not actually installed fully I don't think One of these is some Norton trial version Run Norton Removal Tool -- Not sure if this is necessary see question below Connect to Internet Run Windows Updates from Start All Programs link -- Install Windows Updates Disconnect from Internet Turn off disable MS Instant Messenger Turn off Windows Firewall and uncheck stuff in exceptions tab Uninstall Java -- I never use it Install Firewall ZoneAlarm or Comodo -- Still deciding which If you have an opinion see this thread http www bleepingcomputer com forums t comodo-free-firewallversion- -vs-zonealarm-free- Reconnect to internet Install AVG Anti-Malware Pro -- Update Immediately However I'm currently undecided on what AVG thing I'll be using For details see here http www bleepingcomputer com forums t questions-about-avg-anti-spyware-free Network Connection Settings -- TCP IP Stuff Network Connections Properties Advanced Under Internet Connection Sharing -- Uncheck all boxes Turn off Remote Desktop and other remote options Create second admin logon - Turn off fast-user switching and turn off require password when going off standby IS THIS THE BEST TIME TO DO THIS Set power management settings Set IE Security settings in Control Panel Internet Options -- Is this necessary to do for both logons Set-up Outlook Express -- Transfer mailboxes and address books and set up all accounts for both logons Adjust security and program settings Install Firefox -- Transfer over profiles bookmarks settings for both logons adjust security program settings Install Firefox Add-ons -- FireFTP NoScript AdBlock Plus AdBlock Plus Helper Install Microsoft Office Student Teacher Edition Perform Critical MS Office Updates Transfer files to new laptop -- Office docs sound files icons mp s pictures etc from old laptop Set Program Access and Defaults to Custom Make sure Startup Folder is empty -- disable any programs that don't need to run at start-up Install Ad-Aware SE Free -- Update definitions Install Spybot -- Update turn on Hosts file Install AVG Anti-Rootkit Free Install SpywareBlaster Disconnect from Internet Install other software -- Roxio Easy Media Creator Photoshop Dreamweaver etc Install Tweak UI Turn off AutoPlay -- for all drives and memory sticks in Tweak UI Turn off AutoRun -- Change value from to per http support microsoft com kb Turn off HP Software Updates -- Control Panel Program Updates Turn off Auto Updates and uncheck all Turn off Wireless Assistant from running at start-up Turn off stuff that doesn't need to run in either msconfig startup or using a startup managerQuestions How does the list look Should the order be changed of anything on the list Is there anything I should add to the list If so where Anything I should remove from the list Should I ru... Read more

A:Help W/order Of Update/install/download/etc. On New Laptop

I would say alot of what you are planning is personal preference stuff. So I don't have any input in regards to what you want to do. But as far as step 3, take a look at The PC Decrapifier and see if that will save you some time and effort.
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Ok settled on a backup routine but have some factors to consider before implementing This is for a Samsung notebook with a Gb SSD for C drive and Gb HDD for E drive I also keep a Tb USB external drive always hooked up via USB Win Home Premium bit I also have a nd Tb ext USB drive which I use for archiving backups of backups etc I keep that Backup install & input! any to Strategy-What order in a fire safe when not archiving I've also made copies of most precious data to DVD's and keep at my sisters house Family pix vids legal Backup Strategy-What order to install & any input! docs etc All I have installed now is Microsoft Security Essentials some photo editing programs and lots of free utilities I have the movable folders from my user folder everything but appdata moved to my E drive I don't have games installed yet but I plan on installing many including Steam games where I'd like to use GameSave Manager with steam spreader Here's my plan and it would be great to get some feedback as to whether it's a solid one or if you see any issues with it I'd also appreciate any input on the order in which to install these apps so that they work with each other in the best possible way - Macrium Reflect Free to do weekly or bi-weekly images of my C drive the o s drive - Freefilesync to do daily mirror of E drive Data drive - Create a folder on E called quot Steam quot which is from what I've read the place to install my Steam Games - Install GameSave Manager with steam spreader - I have no experience with steam so I'm a newb on those programs From posts I've read doesn't seem too complicated Here's my questions -For using Macrium reflect Free since I have the movable user folders on the E drive will I need to do a quot system image quot which would INCLUDE the E drive as opposed to being able to just do a quot system image quot for my C drive -If I do not have to include E would you send the quot c only system image quot to the E drive my data drive or just straight to the external USB drive If I need to include the E drive I would send the image to my external USB If I do not have to include E would my quot mirrored system image quot from E to external using freefilesync be just as effective or would it be best to keep it separate Or for redundancy create a C system image to both my E drive AND my external drive -In what order do you think it best to install and run these apps I was thinking of installing Macrium st creating a baseline system image and then install freefilesync get that program up and running and then start installing Steam gamesave-Manager w steam spreader my games etc - For the nd Tb external usb drive would simple copy and past from my active external drive to the archive external drive cause any issues with system images if I ever need to use one Same for the quot mirrored data quot -Last but not least in searching the faqs and reading instructions for these programs none of them say anything about preparing your system st My specific concern is quot should I leave my system restore settings as is quot or should I turn off system restore if I'm using these programs I have system restore turned on for all my drives now-between - depending on the drive size -Am I leaving anything else out like the system restore issue I DO have hibernate turned off completely and the notebook is set to only sleep if the battery goes under which is never Used most of the tips within Sean's guide for installing Win so most issues covered there are done on this notebook Thanks in advance for any and all input

A:Backup Strategy-What order to install & any input!

Good you're thinking before jumping.
I'll just give some quick pointers to your "questions" bullets, and we'll see what happens.
1. Avoid any configuration that wants to image anything but you system drive. I wouldn't move any folder Windows installs to a different drive. Handle directing data separately. For instance, if you download movies, download them to your data drive using "save as." You can always just move data from the Windows folders elsewhere after the fact too.
2. It's best to have at least 2 images. Simple redundancy. If you follow my advice above, you can put the system image on the E and the external. Keep it straight in your head that the only system image is the C partition. Also that
you want to keep your system images small, because it will be much faster taking images, and restoring images, and you won't run into space issues. You won't like hearing this, but if you're making frequent images of a 256gb SSD, and you use the space on the SSD for ANYTHING but Windows, and that builds up you'll quickly run out of space for your system images.
All "used" space on that 256gb drive will be included in the image. So all data on there related and not related to the actual "system" gets imaged. Of course you can just not use the space for anything else, but that's a waste of hardware.
It would be better to partition the SSD so the Windows C: partition is smaller, then you could use the remaining partition of the SSD as a work area. How much do you need for the C: partition? That's variable, depending on if you use apps that take a lot of space. I use my entire 64gb SSD as the C: system partition and have never come close to filling it. And since it dedicated to system images I never put anything else on it. I use CCCleaner to clean it up before taking an image, and my images are about 10gb with normal compression.
You might look into partition shrinking software to make you actual system image more compatible with imaging, or repartition with a reinstall. If you won't use restore, you can rid of that 100mb recovery partition also. Just complicates imaging in that it's one more thing to think about.
3. Install Macrium first and do the baseline images. Create the recovery CD (or stick) and use that for your imaging/ restores. I suggest you do a restore for practice, and to ensure yourself that the imaging is working. Install Steam to the E: drive. Steam games will follow that path.
4. Macrium images can be copied with no issues in my experience. But when I make duplicate images I "make" them to different locations, not copy them. If for some reason the image creation wasn't right, copying it would just copy a bad image. That's just my practice, but I'm careful. As far as data, it's a simple copy process that seems to always work if the recording media is good.
5. I have restore off, but I'm 100% confident that my image restore process is good. Unless you are willing to test restoring images, you might leave restore on. Up to you. If you get comfortable with restoring images, and have a process for that, you probably will never think of Windows restore again.
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I have just recently acquired a Satellite C850 PSCBWA-009L001 to work on and I am installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit , I need to know the correct order to install the drivers as I have had issues in the past with other Toshiba laptops not working correctly due to not installing the drivers in the right order.
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I m using Win XP Pro I installed a PCI Contoller card then a third "Clean" or order MBR-Comp fix HD Manag Maxtor hard drive using MaxBlast So far so good though the new disk is now listed in Comp Manag as the disk though the three partitions I created are in fact listed as Disk Volume J --etc for the other two This is all by way of background for the system boots OK with the exception that the first screen I see deals with a Raid Configuration utility I though the driver for the controller card that I used was for for no Raid there was one for using a Raid config In any case this is my real problem I use Drive Image It now fails giving me the following Error Message Error Disk Manager has been detected on drive lu The manager is not running The solution Powerquest suggests is as follows Solution Error Disk Manager has been detected on drive lu If you no longer need to use Disk Manager on your hard drive you can fix Error by removing the Disk Manager signature from the Master Boot Record MBR If you are not sure whether you still need to use Disk Manager contact your hard drive manufacturer They can tell you not only if you still need Disk "Clean" or fix MBR-Comp Manag HD order Manager but also how to repair it If you determine it is all right to erase the Disk Manager signature perform the following Create a DOS boot diskette You can create a DOS boot diskette by choosing the option to quot copy system files quot when you format a floppy diskette under Windows Copy the FDISK utility to the boot diskette You can find the FDISK EXE file in the Windows Command directory on any Windows machine Copy the WRPROG utility to the boot diskette Download the WRPROG utility from ftp ftp powerquest com pub utilities Once you download the file unzip it and copy the unzipped file to the boot diskette With the boot diskette inserted in the floppy drive boot your computer Use WRPROG to back up head IMPORTANT If the Disk Manager signature is on a drive other than the primary master you must change the drive s jumpers to make the drive the primary master This is necessary because WRPROG is only able to back up the first head of the primary master drive The correct command line syntax for using WRPROG to back up head is WRPROG bak head dat The reason for backing up head is to provide a way to restore its data if you discover later that you still need Disk Manager The head dat file is written by default to the location from which you launched WRPROG in this case the boot diskette You can edit or restore this file later if necessary For information on restoring the backup file to head see PowerQuest Solution Run FDISK with the CMBR switch to clean out the Disk Manager signature from head of the primary master drive The correct command line syntax is FDISK CMBR NOTE The number signifies the primary master drive Problem Description Error Disk Manager has been detected on drive lu Error I tried this backed up the MBR with WRPROG but the FDISK with the CMBR switch didn t seem to be effective I really don t understand the syntax line What does quot NOTE quot actually refer to I tried FDISK CMBR and just FDISK CMBR to no effect Is this fix supposed to work with Win XP Pro I have also used the Win XP CD to boot to the Recov Console and tried the fixmbr command I got to the moment of decision but it warned me that if I could boot normally which I can that this command could wipe out the partitions and render the system unusable I just couln t pull the trigger I m definately in an area that I don t fully understand but it does seem clear that what I want to accomplish is to CLEAN out the Raid or Disk Manager reference in my MBR Remember the system boots but I can t use Drive Image which I really depend on In addition I don t understand why my new third HD is now listed as Disk and not Disk Whew--I think writing this may be harder than solving my problem PS An Update--I removed the third hard drive from the PCI Controller card and pulled th... Read more
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I have checked permissions of my download folder.
I have run Windows repair in case something went haywire.

Whatever I download...I have to drag the set up .exe to my desktop.
Only then can I install the program.

Otherwise I get the windows cannot find the file, path, or drive error.

I sure would appreciate some help with this. I am normally a good problem solver.
But this has me stumped after weeks of reading and trying various suggestions.

Thank you.

A:Must Drag .exe from Download Folder to Desktop in order to install???

When I launch something, I right-click on it and select "Run as Administrator". See if that makes any difference.
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Hello nbsp i have a question regarding a new install of Win Pro especially regarding the exact chronological order of Driver install Windows-Update-installation and so on nbsp The owner of the shop where i bought my w replaced my HDD with a SSD So the Recovery-Partition is no more existent he said there is no other way nbsp And today i need to do a new installation of Windows Pro bit and all of the new install, Win7Pro64x of 8770w, chronological order ... exact drivers As i had some problems finding the correct drivers with my 8770w, Win7Pro64x new install, exact chronological order of ... last notebook HB Business nx i would like to ask you for the exact order of doing what nbsp I need to do nbsp a install Win from a USB-Stick Bootable stick is here and ready to gob let Win install all updates within the installation-process c start HP Softpaq Download Manager and let all needed drivers install nbsp Questions nbsp Is this the correct chronologigal order nbsp How can i identify the correct drivers for MY hardware Is there any way to identify my exact hardware BEFORE and AFTER the new installation If i remember correctly there is a confusing load of drivers and names in this driver installation software and no way to easily identify what is correct or wrong nbsp Will i need absolutely EVERY driver softpaq download manager is showing me I want everything to work correctly With my last notebook i had issues like not-working background-light-dimmer and such things nbsp Is it important what installs first Windows-Update or softpaq download manager nbsp Anything to consider regarding my SSD It's a samsung series no pro It's just for the operating-system and software any data will be stored on the second HDD nbsp Any other tips or hints for me nbsp I would be deeply grateful if someone can give me a very detailed answer because i do not have much experience with such things nbsp nbsp Thank you very much and best regards nbsp Marc

A:8770w, Win7Pro64x new install, exact chronological order of ...

Hey, Mark...How did you NOT get a solution here?!  I'm in the same boat now.  What did you end up doing, if you don't mind me asking?  ..... thanks!     Jim
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I am currently running Win2000 Pro with FAT not NTFS. I'm not a great gamer do but have a couple I would like to load, but of course Win2K cannot support them. So I thought - how about a dual boot system? Hard drives are ok for it, 2 each with 2 sizeable partitions, so easily arranged. BUT, I am led to believe that I cannot install Win98SE AFTER Win2k. Is this true, and if so is there NO way around it except reinstalling Win2k as well?


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Finaly got the computer built over the weekend Now I just need to install all the drivers right Windows has been installed But I have not done any of the updates I did an update search and it looks like there is something like updates Wow But that makes sense considering how old it is Is there any ideal or specific order to install all the updated drivers Here is the sequence that I thought safest way that made sense to me Please correct me Update all windows updates Install K P anti virus software and all updates Update all MOBO Gigabyte Z X gaming drivers After indows was installed I was not able to get any internet connect So I installed the install CD that came with my MOBO Then I had a connection to the internet I assume there are updates though for this MOBO MSI GTX Gaming G Install updated drivers Do I just go to the website for the updated drivers I think this came with a CD If yes it did would it be better off to install the CD then update drivers Or would I be better just going to the website and install everything from there Is that all Are there updates or anything I order drivers/updates? install specific It's built! to Any need to do to the following LG optical BLu-Ray drive Rosewill card reader Kingwin It's built! Any specific order to install drivers/updates? FPX- fan controller HGST tb HDD Samsung pro gb SSDI assume there is nothing to do with these Thank you for your helpCorsair TCorsair and mm fans SP and AF Corsair w HS PSUIntal i k CPUGigabyte Z x gaming MOBOHGST tb rpm HDD for storage of files Samsung pro gb SSD for O S and programs LG Blu-Ray optical driveRosewill card readerKingwin FPX- card readerNoctua NH-D CPU cooler heatsingWindows bit Home PremiumIce Modz custom colored cable I think thats everything And when getting all these updated drivers Is it best to install directly from the internet onto this computer Or is there any advantage to using my other computer and installing on a flash reader then installing on this new computer Oh yeah I swapped my OEM HDD to a Samsung pro SSD uin my Toshiba laptop WOW Only takes seconds to have computer up and running And seconds to shutdown I just wonder if my MOBO or CPU is bottle necking the full potential of my SSD This was a best buy special laptop frldyz is online now nbsp Report Post nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:It's built! Any specific order to install drivers/updates?

Install drivers first - get them from the manufacturers of the various equipment, NOT from Microsoft Update. And although it's not as crucial today as it once was, it's still probably best to start with the chipset driver.Install your AV next. Do not wait until after the MS Updates. It's always better to have an active AV while you are online.,150497.0.html
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I've been recently learning about Product Install Legal ID the in Product Modify it Is to order to ? ID/Channel ID's NOT quot product keys quot these are two very different things and how to determine what XP disk will work with a given Product Key on the Certificate of Authenticity I have a computer with a valid OEM Product Key but did not have an OEM version of XP Home SP PID on-hand But I DID have a Retail copy of XP Home SP ALSO PID Tried Is it Legal to Modify the Product ID/Channel ID in order to Install ? using that and it failed twice I did some research see link above and decided that the only difference between the two was the CID Channel ID the characters that follow the PID So I modified the Retail XP Home SP ISO file's quot setupp ini quot file and changed the CID from quot quot to quot OEM quot XP installed validated and activated just fine after that I figured I was perfectly legal yesterday but today I was considering possibly using this method technique as advice here on the Forum and it occured to me that while it may have been technically functional it might not have been legal Is it If so where is the line drawn What if I modified the Product ID say to make an XP SP disk look like XP SP to the Product Key would THAT be legal Would it even work

A:Is it Legal to Modify the Product ID/Channel ID in order to Install ?

I would imagine that as long as you're not installing the same CD (or using the same key) on multiple computers, then it would be OK.

However, I'm not a lawyer so don't quote me on it!
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Install 10 first got, do i install all windows update after that first or go to motherboard drivers then finish off with updates from MS? Does it really matter what order the whole process goes in ?

would like your HONEST and Best way of installing windows,drivers etc..

Tankies in Advance

A:Whats the Correct way to install windows

Step 0) Download latest drivers for everything to USB drive
Step 1) Make sure your Windows 10 installation media has the newest version of the Windows 10 install
(Friend of mine screwed this us recently. Turns out new Nvidia drivers won't even install on an unpatched original version of Windows 10!)
2) Install Windows 10 while network cable is unplugged. Because F Microsoft trying to use a Live account for setup. Also sometimes Windows Udate manages to install old drivers for shit before you can install the new drivers.
3) Install all drivers, reboot as requested. Use the following order: Chipset, IME, USB/Thunderbolt, audio, GPU, webcams, whatever
4) Connect to Internet and run Windows Update
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I bought a game and when i try to get the install engine (setup) to turn on
it says that the engine ikernel.exe wont work because the class is not registered? whats with that? anybody who knows how to fix it please contavt me at my email [email protected]


A:Whats with the ikernel.exe install engine?

You'd best remove your public email address unless you wan a ton of spam going there.
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I had many problems with BSOD crashes, and decided to make a new clean install (SSD or harddisk).
If I make a new clean install (no upgrade) is it enough to create 1 continuous unallocated disk and then it will make a clean install
Or do I have to "clean up" my old disk first before making a clean install?

A:Clean disk before clean install?

You can delete all of the partitions on the disk that you're installing Windows to. The installer will automatically create the partitions that it needs (2 for an MBR disk, 3 for GPT), and format them. It takes very little time, at least on an SSD.
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Wondering if there are any sites or recommendations you folks would have regarding the correct install order of Windows Updates, for 98 and XP. I would also like to be able to download all of those updates for safe-keeping on a USB hard drive which I could take to clients on repairs. What are your recommendations? I seem to find no clear-cut information on how to install these, and in what order, and which ones are THE most-important to install in order to not get hacked while online. The dumb thing I did the other day was reinstall XP on a customer's computer, and XP didn't discover his NIC properly. Used a modem to access the 'net to get the driver, and would you believe, in that amount of time, his comp was infected with the Welchia virus. So you can see my quandry...

thanks in advance

A:Windows Critical Updates: Download and Install Order Advice

There is this thread here but no answer on the install order but like you want. Going by the date of the update. is all I can think of.
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I had to reimage my Win 7 computer a few days ago. It would not perform Windows updates so I had to start over today and reimage it again.
 I have searched online for about 2 hours now but cannot find the answer.  Do I need to install Internet Explorer versions in order?  IE8 then IE9, IE10, IE111?
Thank you,

Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit

Thank you, Rick
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I'm new to this, so I hope I get it right. Have recently bought Radeon 9250 video card to install. All links on web say to uninstall old card first, but have been to control panel, add/remove programs to try and uninstall it there, but it won't. Can anyone help, please

A:problems uninstalling sis630/730 in order to install radeon 9250

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Download the Driver cleaner programme from HERE

Boot into safe mode, and uninstall your SiS video drivers from add remove programmes, then run the driver cleaner programme. Read the Instructions.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Okay so short story time A while back I had to reformat R D lappy number two as described in profile If you re unable to mobile) (web 'service pack Can't install order EasyTether DL in tethering 1' from to read the stats tell me and I ll Can't DL 'service pack 1' in order to install EasyTether (web tethering from mobile) post them here because I couldn t decide Can't DL 'service pack 1' in order to install EasyTether (web tethering from mobile) on any virus software and a virus basically killed it Before that I was able to tether my internet from my Motorola Droid using EasyTether what I use on this laptop Ninja Spy Lappy I don t remember how exactly I got it to work last time though And now after reformatting it and getting it all running it won t let me install EasyTether There s a certain Verizon program that is required to be installed in order for it to work so I did that The error message that displays when I try to install the program says I need to install Vista service pack or higher I ve connected to the internet using a different connection and tried downloading it online It led me to update my system but after all was said and done it still gives me the same error What the blast Do I need to install service pack or something Surely I don t have the wrong bit version of the EasyTether installer See somehow my laptop wasn t living up to it s full potential in it s quot past life quot The guy who gave me the laptop had some other cheapo version of Vista on it and it was being used as a bit even though it s a bit computer Oh gosh bear with my poor tech jargon So after my dad reformatted it for me he ordered and installed the correct Vista system or WTF EVER I m only mad because just when I thought I understood got complicated So anyway My point is maybe that has something to do with why the EasyTether program won t install I DLed the bit installer so why should there be a problem Surely the problem lies specifically in the whole Service Pack issue The funny thing is my dad said he already installed SP Why does my computer hate me Why does it want to make me miserable Any thoughts Suggestions Ideas Sure-fire solutions EDIT For some reason you can t view my computer stats in my profile as of yet so I ll post the stats for the laptop of concern -Lappy number two- Name R D Brand HP Pavilion Model dv apparently OS Windows Vista Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Memory GB Total storage GB nbsp

A:Can't DL 'service pack 1' in order to install EasyTether (web tethering from mobile)

Here are a couple good free antivirus applications,you will need one.
Next download and save these to your desktop and install them in

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The Windows Photo Viewer will not display photos in the order they are sorted by Windows Explorer.
This is not referring to the slide show feature, just the forward and back arrows.
The only order pictures can be viewed is by name despite Windows Explorer being set at view by date, ascending.
I have repaired Microsoft Live Essentials, uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue remains.
This is also not an issue with photo tags or photo names.
Windows Explorer sorts as selected but click a picture in the middle to view, click the forward arrow and instead of the next date picture being viewed, the next name picture is viewed.

A:Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order


I upgraded to Windows 10 recently as well, I have the same problem and I also have a solution. However, I do not know, if it is ideal. :-)

What is obviously missing is an entry in the registry called DropTarget. This entry tells Windows Photo Viewer to display the images in the sorting order of the folder Photo Viewer got called from.

I saw that at least in my registry there is a DropTarget defined in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\photoviewer.dll\shell\open\DropTarget. From the name of the key and from reading the docs this looks as if it would be applied to all calls to this program, but -if that actually is the case- for me this entry does not work. It has been there (at least) after my Windows 10 upgrade, also the "Clsid"="{FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}" seems to be fine, but it does not do the job.

For me, this problem was present for jpg and png files, but not for bmp, dib, gif, jfif and what else can be opened with Windows Photo Viewer. To fix this, I have added the following to the Windows Registry:


After you added that to the registry, rightclick a jpg file, select "Open with", choose Windows Photo Viewer and click "Always open with this app". This step is not intended to actually change the program you are using (actually the program stays the same), but it makes Windows reload the file associations.

If afterwards you open a jpg or a png file, the sorting order should be the same as it was in your folder - at least it was for me.

Final thoughts:
I would be happy, if I got it working using the key Applications\photoviewer.dll\shell\open\DropTarget I mentioned above, but that is only a technical detail. Fact is: With the jpegfile and pngfile DropTarget posted above it's working!
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i have installed my windows 7 in the past and today i got my pc back from geek squad this is the second consecutive time i have sent it to theam it came back from repair with windows vista on it they used the windows vista cds i gave theam but when i tryed to install windows 7 or vista the screen goes black and my laptop stops reading my disc the lcd and the cd-rom drive and the hard drive have all been replace why cant i install an operating system

A:Cant install windows seven or vista.Whats wrong?

So when you got your computer back from the geeks, it worked fine with Vista? Why did you send it to the geeks to begin with? Were there any hardware problems? There are several tests you can run, but first I'd like to know what the repairs were.

Also, please be specific on your HP model.
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I need you suggestion how to install driver in the correct order for Dell Inspiron 3421 for Windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded all drivers for this OS as follows;
1. O14A13
2. Chipset_Driver_DN16M_WN_1.0.6.245_A03
3. Chipset_Driver_T98JJ_WN_9.3.0.1021_A01
4. Audio_Driver_W697W_WN_6.0.1.6782_A02
5. Network_Driver_H2T45_WN_WIN7-7.061.061_A01
6. Network_Driver_NDCK6_WN_10.0.0.227_A01
7. SD-Card_Driver_CWY8H_WN_6.2.8400.39034_A02
8. AHCI_INTEL_WIN7_X00_A00_Setup-100F1_ZPE
9. iMEI_Intel_W7_X00_A00_Setup-V26WM_ZPE
10. Input_Driver_JXTK2_WN_17.0.14_A07
11. Serial-ATA_Driver_5JY9Y_WN_12.8.0.1016_A02
12. Video_Driver_W8CTK_WN_9.17.10.2867_A02
13. Network_Driver_6J4VN_WN_WIFI6.20.55.51_A02
14. Application_YGHP9_WN_11.1.007_A02
15. TBM_Intel_WIN_X01_A00_Setup-43M1V_ZPE
Please advise
1. if there are more drivers to be download for this model
2. the correct order to install the above drivers
Thank you in advance for your suggestion

A:how to install driver in the correct order for Dell Inspiron 3421 for Windows 7 64 bit

Thank you for writing to us !
We would suggest you to go on to the Dell website and you will be able to search either by system model or service tag which will get you all the drivers and applications that you would require for your system.
Also you can download the Dell system detect from the dell website which would also help you do the same .
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Hi I've done a install. another Fresh dual-boot. Busted. SSD Attach order to in Good. long-overdue clean install of Windows and everything was fine except for the -day wait for updates to become available However now i am trying to install a second SSD for the purposes of dual booting with Linux Windows just refuses to boot unless i disconnect that second SSD There is no problem with detection or me not selecting the right boot device etc Windows tries but fails to boot The bootloader loads and then it tells me that there was a problem starting windows It gives me that white on black menu with more or less Try to repair the startup or boot normally Both options simply return you to the same point after only a few seconds or if Grub is installed on the other drive it will hand over to Grub after saying quot Windows is loading files Fresh install. Good. Attach another SSD in order to dual-boot. Busted. quot - it will not boot into Windows Disconnect the other SSDs and everything works fine I used to dual-boot with this computer with these drives The only thing i can think of as being different is the BIOS setting was set for HDD before and now it is SSD This was changed after the fresh Win install i didn't even know it was a thing until i was having problems It's an ASRock Extreme Z motherboard The SSD setting does provide improved performance over the HDD setting so i'm loathed to return to it or reinstall with the SSD setting from the beginning Note i tried to return the motherboard to Hard Drive setting but it made no difference Thanks

A:Fresh install. Good. Attach another SSD in order to dual-boot. Busted.

I would remove the 7 ssd and then install the 2nd ssd and install linux,
I would also recommend using one of these to dual boot it makes life so much easier Vantec 2.5-Inch Dual Bay Trayless SATA III - 6G Mobile Rack (MRK-225S6-BK): Computers & Accessories

You might also end up with clock issues so refer to this
"Solved" Clock 6 hours advanced switching back to win-7 - Linux Mint Forums

Lastly updating issues
Windows Update will not update and I've tried multiple fixes

Clean install
windows update
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Originally I set it to install and walked away came back Vista install norma on this Clean behavior? of pc install brand 64bit is new hours later so I wasn t at the pc watching things Anyways I managed to damage some files or something and for whatever reasons i could not figure out how to repair them The microsoft forum was a bust no even one person tried to help me so I got sick of waiting and deleted the Clean install of Vista 64bit on brand new pc is this norma install behavior? partition on the drive and made a new one and formatted it within the installer loaded from boot of the vista CD That part went fine and quick However when arriving at the step where its expanding files it took almost an hour before it spun up the CD and began increasing beyond From there up to at Clean install of Vista 64bit on brand new pc is this norma install behavior? best increases avg then the CD spins down and idles for at least several minutes and then spins up gets a little farther and repeat Basically the amount of time its just sitting there is probably times or more longer than the time its actually progressing Why is this Is it supposed to do that It seems odd to me that it wouldn t just keep spinning the CD and continuously progressing Especially on a system with a dual core ghz and GB of ram installs should zip through no time at all I m sure the install will be done before anyone replies but i thought I would check here in case its something I should be concerned about as a possible problem with my system nbsp

A:Clean install of Vista 64bit on brand new pc is this norma install behavior?
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Hi I have looked through solutions for this issue but the suggestions don't seem to fix my issue I am running Windows SP Pro -bit on a Dell Optiplex and try to do a clean install of Windows using the ISO file which I downloaded from Microsoft amp burnt on to a DVD before - Windows hard drive install up doesn't show install clean 10 and instructions from the tutorial on here which are very good I downloaded the correct -bit version I boot from the DVD enter my region UK and choose custom install and then my hard drive does not show up on the list of where you would like to install I have all my USB's unplugged except keyboard mouse I tried deleting my partions using MiniTool Partition Wizard bootable DVD so that the entire disk is unallocated That didn't fix it I also tried creating a new partition NTFS of the entire drive to get one Primary NTFS partition That didn't work I also tried setting that partition as 'active' The same Before formatting etc I tried a boot from the Windows install DVD and the hard drive does show up unlike the Windows DVD Do you think it's an issue with the Windows installer I downloaded another version of Win from the MS Tech Bench page but same issue After formatting etc during the Windows boot I tried another suggestion to open up Command Prompt Shift F and ran 'diskpart' - and no drives are found I checked the Bios and it was there So presumably that is the issue If i ran 'diskpart' with my prior Windows install diskpart showed up the hard drive no problem If i try with a newer Seagate USB external hard drive i have plugged in the Windows install does pick up amp Windows 10 clean install - hard drive doesn't show up before install list that drive and marks it as 'windows can't be installed there' So perhaps it is my creaky old hard drive But i did see other people install Win on similar age pc's Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Simon

A:Windows 10 clean install - hard drive doesn't show up before install

Welcome toTenforums, Simon.

I am a little concerned that the Windows 10 setup program on DVD does not have drivers to properly see and interrogate the system on your PC so that the hard drive is visible. It's the second similar case on this forum that I've seen recently. You also seem to be trying to clean install on an empty PC - is this correct, because if you do so It will not activate.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, it was finally possible to *copy the Sources folder from the setup ISO file onto a partition on the hard drive, and run the setup from there, where it wasn't possible to boot from the DVD, even though it worked elsewhere.

If you still have Windows 7 installed (and you should do for Windows 10 activation purposes - if just to obtain a genuine ticket for digital entitlement), and you have the ISO download available, the solution is fairly simple. If you haven't you will need the Windows 7 key to activate the install.

You seem pretty PC savvy so, I'd ask you to follow the bolded instructions from the * in the 5th para above.
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My system setup Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz GIGABYTE GA- P-S LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Motherboard XFX PVT PUDP GeForce GS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x SLI Supported EXTREME Video Card OCZ S O E GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC TWO OF THESE Western Digital Caviar SE WD KS GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive SAMSUNG X DVD R DVD Burner With X DVD-RAM Write LightScribe Technology Black IDE Model SH-S M I put up the whole entire name of the parts from Newegg just to make sure I did not foget anything like model incase you guys need it Anyways on to the problem Everything goes good all the way up to the Completing Installation part It will hang there forever I've tried a few times sometimes it would just hang there forever until I reboot it and it gives me the usual error you all are used to hearing about Vista (clean Install) Install At Premium Home Hangs Completing. about not being installed properly or it will randomly restart on its own and give the same error I have searched and searched and searched but I can't seem to find anything that helps I've tried messing with the BIOS like instructed from some other help sites but I do not have much experience in the BIOS so maybe I'm missing a setting I need to change If someone that knows about this motherboard can tell me the steps on what I should change and how to get there I would greatly appreciate it and try it out My computer has no floppy drive just so you guys know Also I'm not sure what version of BIOS I have but I know I have to press the Delete key to enter it if that helps any Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there is any more information you guys need please ask and I will try my best

A:Vista Home Premium Install Hangs At Completing. (clean Install)

First of all, Did you install the sata drivers?

In the Bios set every thing to default.

Vista asks for a few questions then does the rest its self. give it tops about 2 hours usually takes like 30 min or less.

You say you got an error message? Please post the entire message
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I have 400+ photos, all are in the same order by date created and by name, so no matter which way I sort them--by name or date created-- they are in the same order. When i view them with microsoft office picture manager, some of them -- about 20, at random throughout the list -- are out of order.


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I recently did a clean install of Vista Home Premium x32 and upon completion am unable to connect to the internet. I received the following error: "windows unable to install ethernet controller." Upon accessing Device Manager, I noticed yellow exclamation marks associated with my network controller. I have an Acer Aspire 5536-5224 notebook. Windows could not locate the drivers on the machine and I cannot connect to locate. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure where to begin searching for the driver! Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


A:windows unable to install ethernet controller after vista home premium clean install

Hi -

Try this Broadcom driver from Acer Support -->

Acer Support -->

Regards. . .


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This is what is happening. A friend gave me his DELL Inspririon 531 2007 Desktop. It has a pirated copy of 7 ultimate x64 (which I am not sure if this supports 64 bit). Prior to looking into how old the machine was, I was able to install 8.1 64 bit. But it wouldn't allow me to install any drivers from the DELL site. Said that the machine wasn't compatible. So, I tried with Windows 7 32 bit and I am getting this error. I have deleted all partitions, but now, I do not have that option when I choose Custom-advanced. There is no Delete option.

A few times I got the error at 5% other times at over 60%. What can I do to get this to install? It is a legit DVD of windows. Why would it have allowed 8.1 to successfully install now it is doing this? What files are missing? I have tried both deleting the partitions and not deleting. Same result.

A:Clean install error Windows cannot install required files.

Install the correct version of windows that`s on the COA, either buy a new installer from Newegg or call Dell for Recovery CD`s.

The dvd you are trying to use is corrupted and no good.
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My spouses pc all of a sudden wouldn't boot, not into safe mode or anything (vista), and so we were going to upgrade anyways to windows 7, so i bought the upgrade windows 7 and attempted to do a clean install and reformatted the c: drive which has 250gb, and each time i start the install it bogs down and gets stuck on the install files and cycles over and over and never goes anywhere. I also performed a start up repair and it cycles over and over for hours on end, please help!

A:Boot config not working, tried clean install, can't install windows 7

Welcome freakyfrowe

I assume from your specs this is an acer laptop. Check this thread for a lot of ideas.

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

Disconnect all not necesssary USB devices, printers, ext monitors, TVs, etc.

Also this Tutorial on Clean Install with upgrade disc

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Edit: Optimize Hard Drive for Install

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
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Trying to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330) , but whenever I try to install it, the error code 80070017 appears saying the update has failed. I have numerous times to install it and it still won't allow me to install the update.

A:Error Code 80070017 when trying to install updates after a clean install.

Have you allowed Windows Update to run automatically to get all the previous updates? it should follow on to install SP1 automatically without intervention.
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Let me start out by saying a clean install is the better way to go however there may be some instances where a motherboard swap without having to reinstall is preferred If you are like me and want to avoid all Windows a Swapping or a Install Without Clean Motherboards Install Moving of the custom settings shared drives etc then this option can save a LOT of time Recently I did this task on my own network storage system or home server Some more modern parts became available to me for Moving a Windows Install or Swapping Motherboards Without a Clean Install doing a build Not only was the motherboard swapped the system drive was cloned from an ide drive to a more modern sata drive Here is how you go about swapping boards without a clean install This will work on both sata and ide type drives however if you have sata and the sata controller mode is set to AHCI or Raid you may have problems If your sata controller mode is set to ahci you can attempt to swap to native ide in the system bios before beginning this task If it boots using native ide then you should be able to do the swap If it does not boot when changing the controller mode then you are out of luck The old motherboard was a Moving a Windows Install or Swapping Motherboards Without a Clean Install NForce with a single core AMD FX- The new board was an Epox intel chipset with a Pentium D It does not get much more different than those two chipsets cpus With the old board still installed do the following During this procedure DO NOT Moving a Windows Install or Swapping Motherboards Without a Clean Install reboot Tell the system later for the reboot Uninstall any software that is dependent on the old board This would be things like onboard sound driver onboard nic driver or any monitoring software Uninstall your anti-virus or if possible set it to not start with windows You can reinstall or reconfig once done Open Device manager and select IDE ATAPI controller Open and right click the first on Go properties gt update driver Have the wizard show all compatible drivers so you can choose Select standard ide driver Repeat for each of the controllers listed Note this is the most important part of the procedure If you want the system to boot with the new board you must change all of the controllers listed to standard ide While in device manager remove devices dependent on the old board This would be things like floppy controller sound controller etc If you miss one here no big deal it is the atapi controllers that are really important Once done with the above shutdown and do the motherboard swap Note if you are going to replace the hard drive with a more modern sata drive now is when you clone the old drive to the new one I went through this as well and as always Acronis True Image performed flawlessly If you are not cloning to a new drive then skip right to powering ON the new system From this point on reboot when prompted Power ON and enter the bios Set time date boot order and any other custom settings you need Check your temps Once done save settings and restart When windows boots it will find new devices and load any native drivers for the new hardware Once it is complete reboot when prompted Now install your drivers in this order Note many newer boards come with a support CD DVD that will automate this process for you If you do not have this option then install in this order Install chipset motherboard driver Install sound driver Install network driver Reinstall your video driver If going from a single core cpu to a multi or dual core you will also need to change to a multi cpu in device manager This is under computer in device manager Open it and right click properties gt update driver Again have it show all compatible Choose ACPI multi processor Reinstall your AV software or reconfg to start with windows If using XP you will need to reactivate windows With Win K this is not necessary nbsp

A:Moving a Windows Install or Swapping Motherboards Without a Clean Install