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Patchy flash video streaming

Q: Patchy flash video streaming

Hi all I have installed a Win Ultimate RTM trial on my pc and connected it to my Internode NakedADSL Ultra net connection It is an Patchy streaming video flash Mbit connection with cat cables and when downloading a Patchy flash video streaming test file from Internode's servers pulls about kB s I have noticed ever since running that youtube and other video streaming sites including facebook collegehumour etc that the buffering is very patchy It does not seem to matter if it is a flash or vimeo or any other kind of video streaming Often times I will be watching a video and the progress bar will catch up with the buffering and simply stop buffering Then when I try to re-watch the video the already buffered material is in the cache and that is all that loads Patchy flash video streaming It does not continue buffering from where it stopped Very annoying I also have a machine with XP which buffers much quicker and with minimal interruptions Can anyone help with this and has anyone noticed the same thing

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Preferred Solution: Patchy flash video streaming

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Patchy flash video streaming

Delete and/or wipe your Temporary Internet Files.
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Hi I've been having a problem with my CPU maxing out on sites that use flash video for almost a year now I've 100% streaming when sites) maxed out Flash (Only Video CPU gone through all the checks for Malware and virus's using multiple programs from other members of a forum but no one has been able to help me as of yet The problem only occurs when I'm live streaming from a site that uses JW player I have downgraded my Flash player to an older version on the advise from a poster on the adobe forum site I've recently ran a clean install and after only a day the problem has started again I'm using chrome browser I have disabled the pepper flash plugin and I've also disabled hardware acceleration on the flash program The site that I use regularly is using the JW player to broadcast There is High CPU usage for other flash sites you tube BBC I player but my CPU is maxing out to and the CPU 100% maxed out (Only when streaming Flash Video sites) laptop is just about to handle it I've had my laptop for about years now and it's always been able to stream HD content with no issues I also have an old win XP and apple mac air in the house and it has no issues streaming from any sites with high CPU I would greatly appreciate some help to solve this I have literally tried every thing to fix it and the laptop might need to be kicked out the top window soon My laptop spec is below CPU gigahertz Intel Core Duo MotherboardDell Inc H P A RAM Megabytes Usable Installed Memory CPU 100% maxed out (Only when streaming Flash Video sites) Hard DriveST AS Hard drive GB Graphics CardATI Mobility Radeon HD Display adapter Sound CardHigh Definition Audio Device IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Operating SystemWindows Home Premium x Service Pack build MonitorGeneric PnP Monitor amp quot vis Manufacturer and ModelDell Inc Studio A PC or LaptopLaptop

A:CPU 100% maxed out (Only when streaming Flash Video sites)

is everything up to date?? windows update, java version, etc ???
when your cpu is at maximum, what is the application that is consuming all of your CPU in task manager??
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Hi again forum members,
My Adobe Flash Player has recently stopped streaming video, so that it keeps on pausing the video ever couple of seconds, as it loads. This is on Youtube videos and on Facebook Funwall and Superwall. My daughter's computer has exactly the same problem. I took the advise of the website and used their uninstaller software and used Find in my registry to extract anything left there. I then restarted and installed the Adobe Player, but it is exactly the same. I have read on the interent it is caused by a Microsoft update for Internet Explorer, I am running I.E.7. I cannot find any way of fixing this problem. Anyone got any ideas please? Thank you.
Regards tech_no

A:Adobe Flash Player no longer streaming video

Download and install firefox from and use this as your main browser instead of IE7. It's faster and apparently safer too. I don't use any microsoft software IF I can help it, third party apps FTW!
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I am using a ASROCK Z Video Patchy Display? have and I Random BSD Pro Intel Socket with an Intel Core i K GB of I have Random BSD and Patchy Video Display? DDR RAM ADATA GB SSD My brother wanted me to test his GPU NVIDIA GeForce TI and this is when my system started to go hay wire I Tested my PSU That passed my system tester I then used my MOBO Tester no error codes to be worried about I am just questioning either the RAM or the CPU I am now using Intel's onboard GPU and is now doing the same thing as before It has crashed Windows Pro like almost once a day now It crashes with the white lines going across the screen distorting the display When I power cycle it comes back normal and I can use it The day I took out the NVIDIA TI I had my system crashed with a tone of beeps Stupid me never listened to the beeps code and it started fine after I cleared CMOS by removing the BIOS Battery I still had those lines show up I thought it was a virus as my system was running slower than normal and had a BSD with Security Check Error Message The next boot up I had an issue with a MemCheck Error But these BSD where with the GPU and not Onboard Since I took it out I haven't had any BSD My brother has that same NVIDIA GeForce TI Gard in his computer and it works fine and no errors Just wondering why I have to reset the BIOS to defaults every once in a while too I will be running my Memory tester as well to see if it may be bad RAM But something isn't running right My Power Source is a battery backup power supply and every once in a while it shows in windows that the battery is charging as my Power Strip has the USB Cable that connects to the computer and will shut down the computer if it lost power Perhaps this could be what wrong with it too One other question is there a software to test the SSD Performance Perhaps this could be the cause too

A:I have Random BSD and Patchy Video Display?

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
Should you have problems with the perfmon report, please disregard it (I don't use it very much anyway).
Should the app lock up for more than 15 minutes while searching for Network information (it does this in my copy of W10), go ahead and kill the app. 
Then navigate to the Documents folder and zip up the 18 reports in the SysnativeFileCollectionApp folder - then upload that with your next post.
If that doesn't work, then you can try this new app (from a friend of mine):
When done a Notepad document will open with the name of the file and it's location.
By default it'll be a .zip file located on your Desktop
Simply upload the .zip file with your next post and we'll move on from there.
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Ok i'm having the same problem as lots of other people I go to bbc co uk iplayer i click on something i want to watch All Windows Flash, 32bit, Browsers, 7 Java, Streaming Video I get there and the page appears but with no pre-video image or play button I have just down graded from windows bit to windows bit as I thought this may have Windows 7 32bit, Flash, Java, All Browsers, Streaming Video been the problem due to flash bit problems So I Windows 7 32bit, Flash, Java, All Browsers, Streaming Video have a fresh install of windows I have tried quite a few things please see the list below Both firefox chrome ie Windows 7 32bit, Flash, Java, All Browsers, Streaming Video amp ie All with no flash or java installed i know this is not right but something interesting happened The website did exactly the same thing as before there was nothing telling me on the bbc website that flash was needed and go here to download it Installed different versions of flash and java and in combinations of old amp old old amp new new amp old new amp new I have tried older versions of browers this made no difference My wifes computer does the same thing with firefox and chrome but ie does work correctly we copied all settings from internet options ie 's settings from her's to mine Still nothing I have tried clearing cashe nothing changed I have removed flash and java then just installed Google Chrome as this has flash built in I then tried bbc iplayer and still nothing I then install java again nothing There have been other website as well as bbc iplayer that are not working These problems happen in all browsers on my computer and on all browsers except ie on my wifes computer My system Amd Athlon II x Ghz Geforce GS Gb Ram Running Windows bit My Wifes System AMD Athlon x Dual core ATI Radeon Bg Ram Running Windows Bit However our Sony Vaio plays all video types on all browers running windows Bit Youtube runs fine on my computer When I check flash version on adobe site the flash created box appears telling me my version It seems odd that some types of flash run whilst others do not When they're not working there is no error message just an empty box where the flash item should be Any ideas

A:Windows 7 32bit, Flash, Java, All Browsers, Streaming Video

I have just tried this shockwave test and nothing happens, the box is empty.

Adobe - Test Adobe Shockwave Player

When I go to Flash Player version information | Adobe .. This works fine.
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System Specs:

HP/Compaq 8710p laptop
Windows XP SP3
Kaspersky Internet Security

Symptoms over past few months:

After using computer for many hours (8+) performance drastically degrades and the screen display eventually becomes patchy with text and graphics missing. At this point the computer is no longer functional and must be Shut Down. Sometimes a forced power off is required as it won't shut down normally.

After re-boot the computer is back to normal but the problem is consistent.

I occassionally get the "Blue Screen of Death" with reference to "nv4_disp.dll". This has happened approximately once every 3 months over the past year. Eventually I re-installed the Display driver but this hasn't changed the situation.

I have run Malwarebyte's Anti-malware and Kaspersky Anti-virus scans regularly.

Any ideas you have to help resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


A:Performance degradation & video display becomes patchy

Have you noticed the machine getting hot when the graphics errors occur? Download Speedfan (free app) and monitor your CPU and more importantly your GPU temperatures. Check your temps with the operating temps on the chip manufacturers site. If yours are getting too hot it would explain the slow performance and graphics errors.

To resolve first check your fan is running properly and the fan and heatsink are clean from dust/hair. Also consider cleaning off the old thermal paste and applying a high quality paste to the chips.

What is the BSOD error code?
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I recently installed Windows Service Pack actually three times after reinstating my computer software to the original state by erasing card video or software? problem playback Video and streaming. and reinstalling the full software install video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software? CD on my computer s hard drive for Window XP Home I have no problems playing games with my new FX Ultra video card by BFG but I am at random times getting the annoying green screen that blanks out my videos I am streaming or playing happens when I am streaming more often Then after that happens usually the computer video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software? reboots or shuts off I never had this happen before My computer s memory tests ok so why can I play games with this never happening but when I am streaming or watching video through Windows Media Player etc do I get the quot green screen blankout quot and then often the shutdown of my computer I have MB of system memory and MB of video memory I use System Mechanic and it shows I have at least half of my memory even during playback so what is the problem here I can attach my system computer file of my information if you like in an e-mail if it will help AND YES I HAVE THE DIVX CODECS I thought about that to and uninstalled and reinstalled them with the same random problems PLEASE HELP ME This is really annoying nbsp

A:video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software?

Well, it seems u dont have a hardware problem. this problem occurs only when u r watching videos. so i guess its the media player. take my suggestion, stop using it. Download this pack: KLite Codec Pack. I think the latest version is 3.2. Its got all the codecs u need to play compressed videos, and dvds. Its also got an advanced media player which can play any video u open it with like wmv, dat, mpg, rm, mov, avi, divx..... of course, the codecs for these formats r included in the pack.
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This has been happening on and off ever since I started with Win 10 and its always very annoying .

System just hangs, no error message, no bsod, just complete freeze and loud hum.

I cant say I can remember having issues watching youtube videos, its the streaming of live content such as filmon. Sometimes I can watch filmon for days and not have the issue and then randomly it will start again. Today I was watching hypermole playing on twitch tv (live) and it just happened. Getting tired of it.
I can also report having all my video content display as a green screen after using hyper v although that may be totally unrelated.

As far as I am aware, I'm using the latest drivers for my graphics, I always try update everything. I have attached the log files as requested.
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This has been happening on and off ever since I started with Win 10 and its always very annoying .

System just hangs, no error message, no bsod, just complete freeze and loud hum.

I cant say I can remember having issues watching youtube videos, its the streaming of live content such as filmon. Sometimes I can watch filmon for days and not have the issue and then randomly it will start again. Today I was watching hypermole playing on twitch tv (live) and it just happened. Getting tired of it.
I can also report having all my video content display as a green screen after using hyper v although that may be totally unrelated.

As far as I am aware, I'm using the latest drivers for my graphics, I always try update everything. I have attached the log files as requested.

A:Hang up/Crash when streaming video, especially live video

Hi m1a1t,

Welcome to the 10forums

I'm not a specialist when it comes to freeze problems, but I do have a tip (or 2 when talking about reverting back the changes)
IObit software is known for causing problems, I would highly recommend that you remove it and revert back the changes it made when it comes to drivers.
DB3 may install corrupted or the wrong drivers what may cause problems,Malwarefighter is IMHO garbage,Advanced SystemCare may cause more harm than good
About the uninstall program I can't tell you anything, because I have no experience with it and I prefer to keep it that way.
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I am using Flash MX. I was wondering how to make text scroll from the bottom of the screen, like credits on a movie, and then stop and show a picture. I would also like to place music with just the scrolling text. Please help. Thanks ahead of time.

A:Streaming Text In Flash MX

Also how would I make my frame pause for 60 seconds before continueing to the next frame? Sorry about all the questions, I'm just learning Flash.
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ONLY happens when streaming (on websites like, where I suspect the streaming player is flash based)

Youtube works just fine (HTML 5)

Please help !


A:IRQL_not _less_or_equal only when streaming (flash ?)

Happened again, oddly enough I could stream legacy videos in flash on youtube (no issues) but the moment i go on gamespot ==> BSOD
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I'm new here and not exactly sure where this thread should go; The problem persists whether I'm using Chrome, Firefox, or IE so I figured it is more of a software or driver issue with my OS when supporting adobe flash.

Basically, whenever I try to watch a video on YouTube or any other website that uses flash videos (Megavideo, etc), the page freezes up and the web browser crashes.

I've attempted to reinstall Adobe Flash and Chrome, Firefox, and IE multiple times as well as trying other versions.

Any ideas what might be the issue? And if this is in the wrong forum, I apologize!! :) Thanks in advance!

edit: Forgot to give you my system specs.

Windows Vista 64-bit OS
AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core RM70 2.00GHz
4.00 GB RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Anything else needed just let me know.

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I would like to record a variety of streaming Adobe Flash videos which I access via IE7.

I've done a search on Google, and there appears to be a bunch of software out there to do this, some of it free.

Can anyone recommend a good choice - and if free, that would be even better.


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Hello. I am trying to watch live video on When I load a video, the advertisement comes up and plays, then when the streaming loads, the video goes black, but I can hear the audio .

Any suggestions? I'm running an intel i7 on Win7 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 58XX graphics card. I have tried upgrading my drivers, to no avail...

A:Solved: Streaming Video - Audio, no Video

I found the solution on another website - disabling hardware acceleration by right clicking on the video and going to 'settings' resolves this issue. Then the browser needs to be restarted.

Apparently its a fairly common problem with the current Flash build.
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hulu, youtube, cnn, everything is out of sync i tryed using eevery web browser i have, and no change. im running vista. i had service pack2, but then it updated to service pack1, and then it updated to service pack2 againg..LOL! didnt make much sense to me. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi everyone Colours patchy, or (like 256) 16-bit this is my first post on Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) sevenforums Was on vistax Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) and switched to Win just about a week back The switch from Vista to was pretty easy unlike XP to Vista Now for my problem I was using a D-sub VGA cable to connect my graphics card to my display BIG Geforce GT to Bravia KLV- V A The cable was cheap and of poor quality I guess it had interference issues If they are of relevence i will post it later But now i changed to a DVI-D Dual Link - HDMI cable The Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) problems i had with the other cable are gone But now the colour gradients are not displayed properly Its like how you would see it in a -bit or colours display A patch of one shade then a patch of the next and not a gradual change It is not as noticable as mode but it is noticable Even on the login screen it can be observed What could be wrong I would be grateful for any help Thank you Adding some details Eg The blue on either side of this page has horizontal patches in the area that the gradation occurs My resolution x colour depth -bit Refresh rate Hz NVIDIA drivers downloaded just a week back I'm uploading two pictures The first desktop is just a simulation ie i saved the picture in colours just to show an exaggerated example of my problem The second i created a new black image and used a gradient tool I can see diagonal patches but im not sure if others will see it

A:Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

Is my problem that difficult or am i violating any forum rules?
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I'm sure a lot of people have this problem, and it's seriously killing me.

I don't normally notice it, but any time a game is loading or a song or video is just stops. I know this is likely due to a short screwup in my connection.

What I don't know is why my internet bounces offline, then back on or how to fix it. I'm hoping I just need to put filters on all my phone jacks, which will be done shortly.

Please help, as I have run out of reliable sources.

I also have a wireless router, if that makes a difference.

A:Patchy connection

If you are using DSL and don't have filters on ALL the phone equipment EXCEPT the DSL modem, that's an obvious first step!
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Hi there What I mean by a patchy internet is I could disconnect from the internet for like mins and then come back on this could happen like times in a hour or times Now my household is a medium to heavy user s of the internet Me I rely on a good internet as I play poker for a living and also I like to play the PS so it s frustrating when the internet becomes patchy We have like devices that will use the modem most of them connect through wireless No one really streams anything or downloads music movies etc etc We recently changed ISP when we was with Patchy Internet our old ISP we never had any major problems like this We are also using the same router that we bought any help would be great Thanks in advance If you Patchy Internet have a question about anything post and I will get back to you as soon as I know the answer nbsp

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I've been plagued with various BSODs over the past few weeks, generally while streaming flash videos. Another issue possibly related; I've been having crashes to desktop without error while playing various games such as Divinity: Original Sin and Dark Souls 2: Scholars of the First Sin.

I originally suspected the USB 3.0 NEC drivers provided via ASRock's website, and the variety in BSOD errors has diminished if not completely reduced to 0x0000007F error since disabling that driver.

I greatly appreciate any help that can be provided.

A:BSOD while streaming flash videos (0x0000007F)

Hi Telecinision.

Uninstall the installed display driver using DDU. Then install the CCC 14.4 WHQL only.

When done, stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark. Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark
Take a screenshot of the furmark window before closing it. Upload the screenshot for us. Also let us know if you have experienced any crash/BSOD and/or artifacts during the test.

Also let us know for any further BSOD.
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I have a couple different issues that may or may not be related"

1. In my fantasy baseball league on, the standings do not show, nor do the player rankings when I try to view that.

2. On many websites that have streaming videos, the video doesn't stream. It simply says 0% or 1% and stays there. If I wait about 20 minutes, the video will finally completely load and play.

I thought this was an adobe flash player issue or something but that software is up to date. I have Windows 7. ALl help is appreciated.

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Recently if I click on Flash-type music players on Web pages, playback is interrupted by static and crackles. I've Googled this: tried disabling hardware acceleration and also changing sound card CP from "Studio" to "CD" output. No luck. Same in both Google Chrome and MSIE. Media on my drive plays fine. Before I go down the road of rolling back my version of Flash player, are there more common-sense suggestions?

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium 8GB RAM SP1
Chrome 31.0.1650.63 / IE 11.0.9600
Flash Player 11,9,900,170
M-Audio Delta 1010LT

A:Streaming Flash audio static and choppy?

What happens if you use the regular PC audio rather than the MAudio unit?

(I have a recording studio, using Sonar X3).
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Hi At first I'd like to apologize for my bad english I got a lot of BSOD for the past months It mostly happens when I watch youtube videos I got some also when installing the Planetside beta via the launcher I've also noticed my computer makes more noice than it used to make The sound seems to come from the cpu I've got problem to boot my computer sometimes it will boot but the screen will remain off yellow led SOmetimes it starts to make a lot of beeps and when I try to boot it and I have to power the computer off and then on to BSOD websites videos, streaming or other flash make it boot again I've read my dump files with whocrashed and it seemed to point at nokernel exe and drivers like the ones from daemon tools removed the program still got bsod directx driver and watchdog sys I made a Ccleaner for registery yesterday so unfortunately my dump files are gone and I haven't been able to get new dump files since then even if I got BSODs I've updated my drivers via the intel website I've been running Memtest for passes with no errors I've checked my temps with speedfan and BSOD streaming videos, or other flash websites they seem ok My computer was originaly running on vista bits I've installed win months ago I'm linking my SF diagnostic tools files even if I don't think there is any dump files in it I'm open to BSOD streaming videos, or other flash websites suggestions thanks in advance

A:BSOD streaming videos, or other flash websites

What's the age of all the hardware? And CPU making sounds does not sound good.
Go through this thread and let us know what you tried.
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Hi there,

I need a little help with a flash object. There's this object which us bugging me because so far, I am not able to capture its audio's streaming url so that I can put it into some audio player like VLC media player. I see it into a website. I tried some URL sniffers software but they just used Ethernet adapter (something like this) to catch the urls but it didn't show anything because I am using a wireless connection and I use a special software installed on my PC to connect to the internet so there's no ethernet-adapter-like thing involved.

I am here to hear some words from you. If you know any software with the help of which I might be able to catch the streaming url of audio, I would really appreciate it.

That's it guys. Thank you for your time.

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Today I got BSOD, no minidump was generated from memory dump file. Two entries in the event log:
(1) The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000001 (0x0000000076f0138a, 0x0000000000000000, 0x000000000000ffff, 0xfffff880092bfb60). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: .
(2) Unable to produce a minidump file from the full dump file.

log file uploaded, but it might not have the dump info in it. Thanks for looking into it!

A:BSOD streaming flash in Firefox, Bug Check 0x1(APC_INDEX_MISMATCH)

Lets check why you aren't getting the .dmp files needed to look into the issue.

Download and run the attached .bat file from your desktop. It will write a file called dump.txt to your \Temp folder. Upload that file in your next reply.
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I'm running a laptop with Vista.

I updated to Adobe flash player (NPAPI) last month, since then I've noticed a deterioration in the quality of video streaming when using firefox. The videos play fine, i.e. they dont skip or freeze, but the picture quality is poor sometimes pixelated.

When using internet explorer the image quality was crystal clear, but I updated to Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX) yesterday, and now when I use IE the picture quality is just as bad as firefox.

Does anyone know what could be causing this or how to fix it?


A:Solved: Adobe Flash player 10 streaming problem

If I have display problems with Flash Player, what should I do?

If you have display problems with Flash Player, such as poor picture quality or slow display times, deselect Enable Hardware Acceleration in the Display panel. This should eliminate hardware or driver compatibility problems with Flash Player. Flash Player then uses software to scale and display the content.
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My friend recently asked me to help her download some music video flv files from the website MTVIggy. I normally use Orbit Downloader for saving flv's I like from youtube but it doesn't seem to work on this site. I've tried a program called Replay Media Catcher but ut also doesn't work. Does anyone know of a program/tool that is actually capable of downloading the flv files from MTVIggy?

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

A:How to record rtmp:// flash video .flv stream from embedded Adobe Flash Player

As the site is owned by Viacom/MTV, my guess is that it is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected and videos can't be downloaded. I normally use Real Player when I need to download embedded videos but I don't think it will work and I'm not aware of a free product that will download DRM protected videos.
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Hi I ve got an issue with connecting this PC via my wireless router to the internet It is a patchy issue that works at times and at others gives the messages quot Windows can t communicate with the device or resource Primary DNS Server quot and quot DNS server not responding quot I ve followed the three - issue Win with 7, DNS patchy server communicate can't steps recommended here Method does after some time seem to enable the Win 7, can't communicate with DNS server - patchy issue internet to connect but it seems to last a short while then revert to the error messages posted above This DNS error also happens on every startup and regularly thereafter I ve tried disabling firewalls antivirus etc and running malwarebytes spotbot ccleaner avast and adaware scans to no avail On occasion Win 7, can't communicate with DNS server - patchy issue when using the windows troubleshoot problems on the network toolbar it resets my network adapter and tells me the problem is solved Alternate times I do this it just provides the DNS server error above Due to the tempramental nature of this I ve been unable to resolve it completely but all other devices have no issues with connecting via the router so it s definitely a problem with this machine I have attached my ipconfig all file My system info is Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC P Z -V PRO Antivirus ZoneAlarm Antivirus Disabled All help gratefully appreciated Apologies if I ve missed anything important Edit I ve tried powering down the router modem and PC for a while then restarting it all but it didn t help I am also unable to start my PC in safe mode as the video driver doesn t run so the monitor goes black - this may be a limiting factor in my investigation nbsp

A:Win 7, can't communicate with DNS server - patchy issue

we will go over old ground i'm afraid here

1) you have zonealarm, as a virus product do you also have the firewall - make sure you remove all firewalls an use the removal tools - give us a list of what has ever been on the pc and we can give the tools address

2) have you gone to the manufactures website and updated the driver or actually re-installed the driver

3) quite a few things to try below
a) tcp/ip reset
b) ping tests - please do all three - would you post the following tests when the internet is working OK, and then repeat ALL the tests when the internet disconnects.
Make sure you also indicate on the reply which tests are for what condition.
c) Change DNS servers and see if that resolves the issue
d) Uninstall the driver and re-install
e) Post an xirrus screen shot
f) Have you looked into channel interference - the xirrus screen shot will help with that

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

For Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on the screen ):​
For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold and red for the following commands.
Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog and press enter

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log and press enter

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log and press enter
​ReStart (reboot) the machine.

If you receive the message
The requested operation requires elevation.
Then please open the command prompt as administrator - as requested above
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):
​Please note and post back - if you receive the following message :-
Access is Denied
This often occurs with windows 8

please post back the results in a reply here - its important we know that these commands have worked correctly and not produced any errors
right click in the command prompt box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Details also here
also the link has a Microsoft Fix it , which will do the above for you


Ping Tests
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ): ​
In the command prompt window that opens

Type the following command
Post back the results in a reply here
right click in the co... Read more
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I have a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 that I am using. Sometimes the cursor just sticks and won't move properly and I can't figure out why. I am trying to use it about 10-12 feet from the tower where the receiver is plugged in. When I use the mouse about 2 feet from the receiver it works fine. I thought this mouse was suppose to cover a 30 foot distance. I also have the router right next to the mouse's wireless receiver and not sure if the 2.4 GHZ Frequency interferes. I have tried new batteries and downloading updated drivers, but had no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Wireless Mouse with patchy performance!

You have pretty much determined its a distance issue. Distance can vary by the quality of the hardware and any interference within the room. Not too mention it's a notebook mouse, so the primary concern wasn't in achieving great distance.

Is the receiver out in the open?

I know on my computer case, the case extends out beyond the rear USB ports for the receiver and the mouse hardly worked 2 ft away. It worked fine when attached to the front panel of the case, but that wasn't conveinent so I used a USB extension cable to move the receiver under my desk over by the mouse.
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Here since 2 weeks i got BSOD 1-2 times per day where wacthing streaming or using skype or running WoW.

In the windows solution center it's always flaged as video issue with BCCode 117.

After most of BSOD, the nvidia card will be missing. I had to remove the battery in order to solve the issue.

I already re-install video driver few times and flashed Bios.

Thnaks in advance for your help.


A:BSOD playing flash player streaming or World of warcraft or Skype

BugCheck 116, {fffffa800bf78010, fffff880030b1704, ffffffffc000009a, 4}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvkflt.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvkflt.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvkflt.sys
Probably caused by : nvkflt.sys ( nvkflt+31704 )

Usual causes: Video driver, overheating, bad video card, BIOS, Power to card
This bugcheck indicates that the graphics card driver has attempted to reset the graphics card, but failed to do so within the allocated time interval, and therefore caused a timeout with the following Stop Code 0x116. More Information - Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) (Windows Drivers)

Please follow these steps:STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting
Note: Please do not hesitate to ask if you have problems or concerns with the troubleshooting steps within the listed guide.

2: kd> lmvm nvkflt
start end module name
fffff880`03080000 fffff880`030c8000 nvkflt T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvkflt.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvkflt.sys
Image name: nvkflt.sys
Timestamp: Sat Dec 01 03:24:39 2012 (50B97877)
CheckSum: 0004E381
ImageSize: 00048000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Please update your nVidia graphics card driver to the latest WHQL version, using this method:Start Type: Device Manager
Expand Display Adapters
Right-Click Driver Name, Uninstall
Run Driver Sweeper
Install Downloaded Driver
Driver Sweeper will scan for any left over files from the old driver, old driver files can cause conflicts with new driver installations. Create a System Restore point beforehand, in case any problems or issues arise.

Driver Sweeper:Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling
NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Advanced Search

Version: 320.49
Release Date for Desktops and Notebooks : July 1st 2013
In Device Manager:

2: kd> !error ffffffffc000009a
Error code: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000009a (3221225626) - Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.
This error code is usually related to some kind of pool leak or other system resource depletion.
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I've been streaming my work via ustream and a logitech orbit cam. For some reason, when I broadcast it will only work half the time. I have no problem with the original software talking to the cam, but when I use their site, it only works half the time. You can hear the mic, but no picture.. It's running about 50/50.
So I am wondering if it's their site that is the issue, my cam or this computer that has the issues.
On another note; is it possible to address the cam as an IP on our network and have people directly plug that address into their browsers? What kind of issues would I have with the router and our firewall (Norton)?
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reading streaming video appears only in limited 5second segments, i am running windows xp sp2 and windows media player 10.
Relevancy 48.59%

Guys when i'm watching some videos, can nvidia graphic settings affect the speed of the video?
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Hello I'm sure that the vast majority of you will consider this a dumb question but here goes I'm running Windows XP and I use IE as my browser I also have AOL When I'm in AOL I can get the CNN live streaming video for instance I can view the current Court TV trial in progress I get this by entering the appropriate web address for CNN live feed on the address bar on the AOL screen As far as I can tell it's the Adobe Flash reader that brings up the video and it works fine The problem is that when I just go to my desktop without logging onto AOL and launch IE then enter the same address into the address bar for CNN live I get nothing It just sits there and I get no error message but nothing happens Every other site that I enter from the IE address bar works fine What am I missing or doing wrong Thanks Louis

A:Need help with streaming video using IE 7.0

your missing the Flash Player from Adobe.
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hi guys,

a church has asked me to provide a solution for them to be able to broadcast their services over the net.

it must be portable, and will be servicing +- 30 to 40 online people...

will it require a web site? (As i would avoid this if i can)

there is a 7mb dsl connection in the church.

any suggestions please.


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I want to stream my video files from my main computer to my laptop, due to the fact that my laptop has limited space on the hard drive. I've tried using VideoLAN to do it but I can't seem to get it to work. Can you offer any other programs that can do what I want?

Thanks in advance!
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hi,tired of video buffering?are there any software to speed up video loading?tq

A:video streaming

There is no software that I'm aware of to speed up video buffering and if someone claims that their software will speed it up they are lying. Video streaming is dependent on your system, video board, and internet connection. If you're here to post SPAM, I would not suggest it. If you're here looking for an honest answer, then I apologize for the previous warning.
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Hi, I'm setting up a media lab at my church and one of the things we want to do is somehow stream the church service video from the main chapel to the social hall and eventually stream through the Internet. We have a limited budget mainly because I.m donating the time and equipment to honor my parents who past away a year ago today. Any help with possible solutions would be appreciated. Thanks Willie

A:video streaming

Should I post this inquiry at another site? Thanks
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As of this week I am unable to watch video at I am able to watch nbc programs on hulu - wouldn't they be the same file type? cbs, comedycentral and youtube all work fine. I noticed that one of the videos was shockwave so I downloaded a new version but that didn't correct the problem. nbc's site doesn't address this or offer help to users so I'm hoping someone can advise me.
I use Firefox, and may have downloaded some updates, but not a new version.
I had a little trouble with Bitdefender last week , but it isn't interfering with any other streaming video sources so I don't suspect it's the problem. (but what do I know?)
Thanks, V
Dell Dimension 8300
Windows XP sp2

A:help with streaming video

I just went to on Internet Exploror and their videos worked fine. Maybe you can try IE? Also, IF you do NOT live in America, some websites restrict access from outside America. I know MTV Overdrive does that.
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i have an acer laptop running vista, for some reason i can no longer get the sound when playing streaming videos.i have reinstalled flash player this did not help,i can play cds so it is not the speakers.i also notices that i have no sounds when i login.i have read a few posts on the internet that appear to recommend a registry fix. i would be very greatful if you could suggest a solution.

many thanks

A:streaming video

ok i downloaded a batch of codecs from klite it seems to have fixed the problem
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Hi Help please, I have a desk top with Vista I am unable to view any streamed video, BBC Iplayer, You tube, ect, I get the message that I need to update my Flash player, I have deleted my Flash player, and downloaded a new one with out any change to the problem, my lap top works ok on the wireless system, I am useing, and I have no problem with my other desk top which is an Windows XP. any help would be appreciated.:

A:Streaming Video

What version of IE is it?

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):

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Hello, i was wondering if anyone on here new any sites that you can get streaming video that can be directly linked to, not like youtube or veoh, something i can directly link to and stream to my game (secondlife)
Relevancy 48.59%

How do I improve quality of videos that I watch on the computer, or say, logging on cbs' site to watch clips of tv programs? They always seem to be somewhat distorted. Would the latest version of direct x help?

A:streaming video


yep, it would. Also, and this is just a maybe as some sites are getting more involved, you might want DivX:

Also, you will want to improve your browser speed:

Go to Tools | Internet Options. General tab. Under Delete Files, delete offline content. Also, clear the History.

Content tab, under AutoComplete, clear Forms and Passwords.

Advanced tab, under Browsing, look for Enable Insta on Demand. Untick.
Under Security, look for Empty Tempory Internet... Tick.
Apply and OK

Go to Find Files and type in cookie. When found, open the folder, and delete all the cookies found. You won't be able to delete the .dat file found.

For this, go here and get the Spider:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.

Also, go here and download AddAware

Download and run, ensuring that Deep Registry scan is enabled. Remove all except any references to Web3000 or If you're unsure, copy/paste the list here.

Also, whilst you're there, download and install RefUpdate to get the latest updates. Just click Connect.


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Apparently I know even less about this than I thought I did. If I can watch a TV show on my computer screen, how can I record it - either as data to burn to a disc or on an adjacent VHS machine. I can get the audio out the speaker jacks, but how about the video. Can I get it (or both video and audio) through a USB jack? What minimal software might I need.? I don't plan to do this on a large scale, but I missed something with my TiVo andI'd like to watch something that will available for only a few more days. Would appreciate any help and advice -- also about downloading movies. What should I read?


John Farris
Gainesville VA

A:streaming video

Chances are pretty good that the kind of stuff you're looking to record is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) meaning it's not recordable. There are programs that claim to record DRM protected videos but none of them work. I am assuming you're talking about something like Hulu as opposed to Youtube.
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hey, when i try to stream windows media vidoes i get this

the video wont load or show any activity
quicktime videos do stream, and windows media videos on my other pc do stream also, dunno if it has to do with codecs or what, help is apreciated. thx
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Hi and thanks in advance for looking into this post video etc. Streaming For some months my network has been unstable and very Streaming video etc. edgy sometimes flippin all over the place and then tried restarting router modem and let be off up to a day or two My pc has ethernet cabel connections so no wireless on my stationary pc but the exact problem is not this Called my net-provider and asked in their support for solutions they said after a while that it was cause of hard uploading on my line and that it maxed out all the time making it unstable and fragile I pay for Mbit s down and Mbit s up Usually get around Mbit s down and Mbit s up So further on I got myself net limiter to limit my pc to Mbit s up so it never can go higher But still I experience unstable line though So with this background of the internet speed and such the question here is why I stream so poorly on my local connection I active use netflix and very often the video has to pause and load and then continue Whenever I use my Ipad for example it nearly never has to load I just start the video and begin watching And this streams through wireless So my mind can t comprehend why the Ipad streams better and faster then my pc with local connection I use the Mozilla Firefox browser most often on my PC to stream but get same result in Opera slow loading time Any answers why I get this problem C Users Krager gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Krager-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List lan Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix lan Description Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Physical Address -DE- - - - E DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe c a b ebe Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained oktober Lease Expires oktober Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - -C - C-E - -DE- - - - E DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter isatap lan Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix lan Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address d abd e f a a c Prefe rred Link-local IPv Address fe e f a a c Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled C Users Krager gt Dxdiag file is applied as attachment nbsp
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I think that streaming video is the problem, but I know nothing bout it ;). When I goto websites like and [email protected] I try to watch music videos and things of that sort, the audio plays decent but the video... It's all jumpy and pauses alot even though the audio continues to play. All my friends say they can see it just fine, and I keep much better care of mine. I've got a dsl connection so speed isn't a problem. All the leaves is... Dunno.

Useful information
-I use Windows media player 10.
-I own other media players, but don't know how to get websites to use them instead.


A:Streaming video...

What speed is your DSL connection? Even with our T1 (1.5Mb up/down) we still get lag. I have a 5.0Mb connection at home and I can stream video with ease.

You may also want to up the buffering if you have a slower DSL line.
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Not sure if this should be under tips since it isn t a problem post but I thought I d better fit under the Games section D This is how to stream video from your computer to your Wii over a network Since Wii uses the Opera browser it has flash support built into Orb can convert avi mpeg etc into flash video Streaming to the Wii on the fly The quality is not but just the fact that you re able to do it seemed kinda cool to me Download the trail web browser Streaming video to the Wii on the Wii Install Orb on host PC http orb com Uninstall any code packs and install each codec indvidually http Streaming video to the Wii support orb com support solution jsp sol Reset Set up user name Streaming video to the Wii and shared folders in Orb Log into mycast orb com on with Wii browser and stream away If your videos are freezing on the first frame and audio keeps playing try this reghack Taken from http forum orb com Open regedit on the PC where Orb is installed In HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Orb Networks Orb OrbStreamer you will find a quot HQFlash quot key with value Delete this key and restart Orb For information this key sets Orb to encode in Flash using a better quality codec whenever possible and this codec might not be compatible with the Wii Flash version Removing this key will default to a lesser quality encoder which is more likely to be compatible nbsp
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I want to capture some streaming videos but don't have any idea on what programs I can use.

I downloaded WM recorder but cant figure out how to use it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on any programs I can get to capture streaming videos?


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I tried last year to get help using a streaming video clip on my web site. There were no answers.
Does anyone know how to get a video clip to play from a web site?

Relevancy 48.59%

Hi. I am running windows 10 and want to stream the video on my PC with my TV which are both on the same network.
I had used Samsung smart view but even that has stopped since I updated to 10.
I have tried to add the TV to my home group but that doesn`t work either.
Any suggestions on the simplest way to stream from PC to TV.

A:streaming video

From PC to TV?
VLC Player -

Howto -

VLC Player is free and lightweight - plenty of YouTube howto vids.
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I have a balky computer that has a hard time navigating to websites downloading or following links Nearly all scans by malware detectors are impossible as are updates to existing software I first noticed that we could not view an entire music video and now we usually don t get through the ad that precedes most videos After many tries I was finally able to run Video No Streaming a PC-Cillin scan that found No Streaming Video threee objects Java Bytever BJ Java Bytever dl and another that has an No Streaming Video extension that I can t remember On a subsequent scan it did not find any malware so I think that they are somehow now hidden Spybot and Adaware gave me a clean bill of health also but I could update neither of them before the scans Here is HJT scan Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C PROGRA TRENDM INTERN PcCtlCom exe C WINDOWS system HPZipm exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C PROGRA TRENDM INTERN Tmntsrv exe C PROGRA TRENDM INTERN TmPfw exe C WINDOWS System MsPMSPSv exe C PROGRA TRENDM INTERN PcScnSrv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C windows system hpsysdrv exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnd exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging Unload hpqcmon exe c Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnf exe C PROGRA VERIZO SUPPOR SMARTB MotiveSB exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition Apps apdproxy exe C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe C PROGRA MUSICM MUSICM MMDiag exe C PROGRA TRENDM INTERN pccguide exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files MUSICMATCH MUSICMATCH Jukebox mim exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Logitech iTouch iTouch exe C Program Files Gadwin Systems PrintScreen PrintScreen exe C Program Files Logitech MouseWare system em exec exe C Program Files Trend Micro Internet Security TMAS OE TMAS OEMon exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files Broderbund Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing minimavis exe C Program Files Verizon Wireless V CAST Music Manager MEMonitor exe C WINDOWS system ntvdm exe C Program Files Verizon Online SupportCenter bin mpbtn exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqgalry exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C PROGRA TRENDM INTERN tmproxy exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Hijackthis HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO no name - E D - A- EC-A -BA D E E - no file O - Toolbar hp toolkit - B E - D D- DEB- B - D BCF F - C HP EXPLOREBAR HPTOOLKT DLL O - HKLM Run hpsysdrv c windows system hpsysdrv exe O - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run Shar... Read more

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I am having trouble watching streaming video with Media Player 7.01. The sound is okay but the video is very very poor, mostly freezing for long periods of time. The sound is always constant but the video is poor.
I am on DSL and have a Pentiuim 350 & using Windows 98.
Is there a program that will let me save the streaming video for play back at a later date ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Streaming Video

Hiya and Welcome

Is this happening with all media extensions or just one in particular?


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I wonder if anybody have this same problem but sometimes when I am streaming web tv all I see is a jumble of colors. I get some tv stations fine (so that rules out there being something wrong with my PC doesn't it?)but there are always some stations where I can't get anywhere with. All there is is the sound is there fine but I am seeing only shapes of people and things. And colors!!! Its like I am seeing them giving off heat signatures in some kind of thermal imaging device.

It happens when I am using media player as well as when I am streaming directly from the station web pages.

I am wondering if it have anything to with flash player technology/quicktime? I haven't installed quicktime though I doubt its absence affects performance of general tv/video streaming, or could it?

And what is codecs anyway?
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Hello I just built my new computer and I've encountered a problem I cant seem to fix or find any solution to. When streaming videos from any site the colors are very bad. They have about 5 total bright colors of red, blue, light blue, green and orange. Its really hard to describe so I was going to do a print screen and post that image but when I paste it into paint the streaming movie spot is black. So I took a picture on my phone and here it is. No idea how to fix it anyone got any ideas?

-Its also like this on every streaming video site not just this one.

A:Streaming Video Help?

hello outkast82889,

now what i need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now go to the (event veiwer) this is thru the (administrator tools) in the control panel
here you will find 3 to 4 subcatagories

you will want to check each of them for this is where windows keeps track of all errors
now you will want to make notes of the errors that have been recorded ( you do not have to make notes of double entries just of the dates of their happenings & how many there is)
you will get more information on the errors if you (right) click them / then select properties

then get back to us

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I have a DSL running about 5.05 MB/sec uploading about .5. I have a 2.4gHz processor with 1 gig or RAM running on XP. my system is pretty twicked. i run Ccleaner daily. virus and registry scans daily. But i can't go to hulu and watch last nights Daily show. Do i need to switch to Cable which can run upwards of 20mb/Sec??? i try to lower the quality of the video and that helps a tiny bit. i should be able to stream hulu with my system.

A:Streaming video

You already answered your own question. You need to switch to cable.
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Hello everyone I ve recently built myself a little HTPC system for the living room but I d Streaming HD Wi-Fi? over video like to stream some of the movies Streaming HD video over Wi-Fi? stored on it to my laptop downstairs over wireless Problem is that only the SD videos will stream reliably any of the HD ones buffer every minute or so making them unwatchable My isp is Be and my connection speed is usually around Mbps If I use a wired connection I can stream p stuff without problem it s just over wireless I m having problems I m using XBMC for media playback Is there anything I can do with my wireless to enable me to stream HD stuff reliably I don t think it s signal related as it happens even if I sit right next to the router I was thinking of getting a new USB highspeed wireless adapter but I m pretty sure my router is only capable of the lower speed not the new n standard that seems to be the way to get the high speeds I need The only other thing I m thinking would work is using one of those ethernet powerline adapters to get a wired connection for the bedroom However these seem quite expensive so my questions are is there anything I can do to improve my wireless or is there an easier way of getting a wired connection nbsp

A:Streaming HD video over Wi-Fi?

Can anyone help? Just ask if you need more info.
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Does more RAM make any difference in video streaming?

Relevancy 48.59%

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Lately, whenever I try to access a video on the internet (like thru MSN newcasts) the video and audio come through OK but the video is all washed out and faded. This just started happening recently. I'm using a broadband connection for the internet and my video card is a G-Force FX 5200 NVIDIA AGP 4X 128 MB memory running on WinXP Home. I've checked my settings but can't seem to find out what's causing it. Thanks
Relevancy 48.59%

Hello I was looking at getting the Tonido Plug 2 and use it for backups but mostly to stream video to my DLNA players. Is this a good decvice for this?? Or would you recomend something else? Thanks..
Relevancy 48.59%

need advice, when i watch streaming videos like you tube they keep stopping and below the clip it says buffering what would i look for to fik it to stop it buffering and stopping

my pc is 1.70 gb m/b 768mb ram winxp sps with all current updates.tia..col

A:streaming video

Hello Col,

You might find this article of interest.
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Help! I just got a new computer with XP home. Emachines w3506. Everything is OK but I can't play on line video content from either IE or AOL. On IE, it just flashes "Your video is loading" and flashes between stop and play on the control buttons. My DVD works fine, and everything else is fine. What is wrong? Any ideas?

You tube works fine, videos play fine from this site.

A:Streaming video help

Hi arahod

I'd expect one of your Internet Options settings is in conflict with what the sites you wish to play videos from require. You can take a look at the settings a typical site needs to play videos & try those settings (we'll use the New York Times as an example --- ). Another strategy is to add the sites from which you often view videos to your trusted sites (in the Security tab of Internet Options).

If you feel your favorite media player is at fault, check in EventViewer to see if any errors are showing in the logs that happen at the same time your video fails to play [Start/Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/Administrative Tools/EventViewer].

...and, of course, since this is a brand-new machine, you can contact eMachines to see if there are any problems specific to your model.

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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Hi. What is a good software for streaming video recording? I want to record something from, preferably in high quality and free. Thank you.

A:Streaming Video

I use Real Player for that. It will download any embedded video clip, not just Youtube.
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Please could someone explian to me how i can run a streaming video on a server to several computers on a Local Area Network.

Regards, John.
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Hey every one,

I'm on a 56k modem and not by choice. Well, I want to watch this video thats on the internet but my only choice is to stream it. Which it is very diffiuclt to stream video with a 56k modem phone line.

So when you get to the web site it provides a link to the video, then when you click on it, it pop ups another window and plays the video. Theres no way for me to actually right click "save target as" or right click "save link as" ect.

Got any ideas on how to save this video on my hard drive?


A:Streaming video

Streaming media is often already on your hard drive after you've watched it as it is downloaded to your 'temp internet files' folder.
Before you have a look I would empty this folder first as it gets full fast so would make finding/identifying the file a little harder. View the folder contents by details and sort by file size, it should be near the top somewhere if it's there.
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Hello I hope I am posting in the right place. if not I apologize. I just got yahoo dsl a few months ago but as I remember I had this problem before that. Whenever I try to watch streaming video such as yahoo music videos, the video starts but then it just stays there and all i see is the picture for a second. The sound keeps on playing but the media stops and I cannot figure out why. I have unselected the lan proxy setttings, did endless things with the firewall etc. Any suggestions?
Thank you
Relevancy 48.59%

Hi! Some time after I'd installed Windows Media Player 11, audio stopped working when watching a streaming video (like CNN Pipeline etc.). Some servers offer a RealPlayer stream as well and there's no problem watching that, but when the stream is in Windows Media Format, the WMP plugin in Firefox is used and I can watch it, but I can't hear anything. I downloaded&installed Windows Media Codecs from and it didn't help. I uninstalled WMP11, but the previous version (WMP10) does the same.

When I copy the address of the video stream and open it in VLC Player (or WinAmp), it works fine, so there must be some problem with WMP.

Does anyone of you know what to do? Or is there any chance of changing WMP Plug-in in Firefox for a different one - i'd like to be able to watch streaming videos embedded in wep pages as before.

A:Streaming Video & WMP

solved... reinstalled my codec pack and everything runs smoothly.
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sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this q

pc1 = 2.4G, 760MB, AIW9800Pro, xp home
pc2 = 450M, 300MB, 9000pro, xp pro
dlink wireless = 54Mbps

whats the best softwares to stream mp3, dvd, avi, and tv input from pc1 to pc2
most importantly the tv input from my aiw98000pro to pc2 w/9000pro
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i have embedded a live video into a web page
and mac and modzilla users say they cant see it.
(modzilla was fixed with plugin)
i think it is an activex issue.
Does activex run on a mac or is there a plugin etc
This is the script im using (ip and passwords removed)

<script type="text/javascript">
if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")&&(navigator.platform != "MacPPC"))
document.write("<OBJECT ID=\"VAMCtrl\" WIDTH=352 HEIGHT=288");
document.write(" CLASSID=CLSID:A93B47FD-9BF6-4DA8-97FC-9270B9D64A6C");

document.write(" CODEBASE=\"WEBSITE
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Ok For some reason like on a webpage when there would b a reagular windows media streaming video there it will not autoplay, and even if u click on it , still dont work im on a cable internet connection and if u think its my loading ur crazy, thats why i dont kno wat the hell is going on any suggestiuons please help

A:Streaming video

Grammar must not be your strong might be an error in the media player itsself....Have you tried upgrading to WMP 10
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we are having trouble streaming video online. It only buffers for a minute or two and then freezes. For example the movies on you tube will only buffer for approximately half of the video and then freezes. Please help. We installed the flash player 9 and the shockwave player. we don't know what else to do.

A:Help With Streaming Video

What else do you have running in the background?
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Doe anyone know of any good software we can use to stream high quality video (preferably MPEG) over the Internet? We have a high speed line, and a very high quality camera.

Thanks a lot,

A:Video Streaming (HELP!)

Most NLE's have rendering codecs built in that will allow you to render in many different formats. If its MPEG you want, just capture your video, then encode to MPEG-- and you are good to go. You willl need a place to host your files because they tend to be big and not conducive to emailing.
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I'm trying to stream TV program videos available from my TV provider on my W8 laptop (Firefox from the desktop). I get a black screen and no audio. On my W7 desktop it works flawlessly. Can anyone help me out?

A:Streaming video

don't get it really ,are you streaming to a device or just trying to watch tv program videos from the internet on your laptop ,
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Hi All

For the life of me i cant get streaming to work from windows 7 to Xbox 360.

In the old days using XP i would stream direct to Xbox 360 using WMP, easy as with no porblems.

Now i cant seem to get any sharing working through wmp12, i have shared everyone and everything, spent numreous hours trying to get it to work with no luck.

i use PS# media server which works but the video is choppy and stops.
Media Centre is even worse, i cant even watch 5 seconds before is stops and buffs.

I know enough about computers to know i am going crazy trying to figure this out.. if anyone is willing to help pl email and i will greatly appriciate it.

I would even remote access etc if that would help.

thank you

A:Streaming Video

Hi and welcome to TSF have you installed this Set up a Windows Media Center Extender
or read this How to share files to Xbox 360 without Windows Media Player or 3rd - Microsoft Answers
or tried media player 11
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Ok I originally posted this issue under Vista prob should have been there to start Hoping someone can point me in the right direction I frequent a local news website where they fly with a helicopter over news incidents and stream live video footage They recently changed their website and I streaming Vista video cannot see the Vista video streaming video at all Just a black box They also have a shoutbox chat section which still works fine If I switch over to my Dell w XP it s fine It doesn t work whether I m used IE Firefox or Chrome If anyone needs to check it out the website is http www myfoxny com subindex video skyfoxhd I m suspecting I m either missing something that I need to d l or have a setting that needs to be changed somehwere What puzzles me is the page previously worked fine before they changed the site Oh and when I go to the website on my XP computer and right click on the video link right on top of the options it has Akamai Basic Player v On the Vista system nothing comes up like that Is this something I m missing I m really lost as to how to fix this Thanks nbsp

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I want to record the Flash video that is impeded in a website. Does anyone know of a free or low priced piece of software that will work. I can record the audio easily enough with TOTAL RECORDER, but it's only for audio.

Thanks! JB

A:How To Record Streaming Video


Take a look here, you might find something that you are looking for.
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I have the same issue i found around this forum, but i could not find the right solution for my pc.

This is the file i created. Thanks for the help in advice.

A:BSOD when streaming video

Update the FTDI driver from FTDI Drivers

Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% and Power Archiver Pro uses SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD), which is a well known BSOD causer. Uninstall Daemon Tools at first. Then download SPTD standalone installer from, and execute the downloaded file as guided below :
Double click to open it.
Click this button only:

If it is grayed out, as in the picture, there is no more SPTD in your system, and you just close the window.
Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs.
Click on the Start button
Type ?msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the ?Startup? tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
Report us for any further BSOD.

BugCheck 50, {fffffffffffffff8, 1, fffff8800704e423, 0}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ftdibus.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ftdibus.sys

Could not read faulting driver name
Probably caused by : ftdibus.sys ( ftdibus+5c2e )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Invalid system memory was referenced. This cannot be protected by try-except,
it must be protected by a Probe. Typically the address is just plain bad or it
is pointing at freed memory.
Arg1: fffffffffffffff8, memory referenced.
Arg2: 0000000000000001, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation.
Arg3: fffff8800704e423, If non-zero, the instruction address which referenced the bad memory
Arg4: 0000000000000000, (reserved)

Debugging Details:
Could not read faulting driver name

WRITE_ADDRESS: GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800034fc100
GetUlongFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800034fc1c0

fffff880`0704e423 488970f8 mov qword ptr [rax-8],rsi







ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9600.17336 (debuggers(dbg).150226-1500) amd64fre

TRAP_FRAME: fffff880021ce250 -- (.trap 0xfffff880021ce250)
NOTE: The trap frame does not contain all registers.
Some register values may be zeroed or incorrect.
rax=0000000000000000 rbx=0000000000000000 rcx=fffff8800704dee8
rdx=0000000000000048 rsi=0000000000000000 rdi=0000000000000000
rip=fffff8800704e423 rsp=fffff880021ce3e0 rbp=fffffa8006b86ef0
r8=0000000000000000 r9=0000000000000000 r10=0000000000220003
r11=fffffa8009245568 r12=0000000000000000 r13=0000000000000000
r14=0000000000000000 r15=0000000000000000
iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na po nc
fffff880`0704e423 488970f8 mov qword ptr [rax-8],rsi ds:ffffffff`fffffff8=????????????????
Resetting default scope

LOCK_ADDRESS: fffff800034c8da0 -- (!locks fffff800034c8da0)

Resource @ nt!PiEngineLock (0xfffff800034c8da0) Available

WARNING: SystemResourcesList->Flink chain invalid. Resource may be corrupted, or already deleted.
WARNING: SystemResourcesList->Blink chain invalid. Resource may be corrupted, or already deleted.

1 total locks

Lock address : 0xfffff800034c8da0
Thread Count : 0
Thread address: 0x0000000000000000
Thread wait : 0x0

LAST_CONTROL_... Read more
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I have a eMachines E laptop CPU Celeron GHz RAM GB OS Windows bit service pack Intergrated video video stutters streaming graphics Mobil Intel series express chipset family My problem is that when watching videos from netflix youtube or streaming video stutters blip the video s audio and video will stutter and skip like the CPU and GPU can t handle it On youtube and blip the solution is simple just wait for the video to finish buffering to There is another trick I can use going to full screen greatly reduces the stutter amp skip This computer can download an HD video from youtube blip and play it on any given FLV media player just fine I don t know if this is a driver issue or a hardware issue It could be that downloading the video at MBps while watching play back is too much for the CPU Or it could be that little progress bar on Flash Player being an animated image over top of a video causing the problem i e driver issue I ve monitored my CPU usage during streaming video and it does run at a lot But is that because of weak GPU CPU or is that because of a bad driver Any idea on what I can do Any trick to make Netflix buffer of video So what do you think is it a software driver issue or a hardware too slow issue Any ideas for improving my computer s video playback performance

A:streaming video stutters

Hi -Please run a check with Speed Test to check your download speed and post the results back here -Just click on an area near to where you live and the program will do the rest. It will report Ping, Download, and Upload speeds.Be careful you do not click on any advertising or promotional programs on the site -Thank You -
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Is there anyway I can fix this? It used to be fine but a few months ago I've started to get this problem more frequently. Especially on Netflix and HD youtube videos.

Here is my information of my computer, if there is anything that looks wrong please tell me what it is.
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5887 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9100 , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 598084 MB, Free - 336042 MB; D: Total - 12292 MB, Free - 2234 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, VIOLET, 3.02, 102718230004504
Antivirus: None

Here is my internet connection

A:Choppy streaming video

Another thing is that it works fine for about 15 minutes but after that it starts getting choppy

Anyone have any ideas on what's wrong?
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Hello everyone Thanks for taking time to read this I really appreciate it So here's how it goes All of a sudden I've been having strange video streaming issues with my laptop I've Video Streaming Issues had it for about eight months now and everything has always worked just fine Now when going to places like Youtube Hulu Comedy Central Megavideo etc the buffering is just not happening well at all I could watch minute videos in p on Youtube and would never have an issue I've tested the video in IE ugh and it all seems to be working fine But I can't go back to IE I just can't stand it I've gotten spoiled with AdBlock and I can never go back Tested with AdBlock uninstalled as well Streaming Video Issues with no luck So far I've uninstalled and reinstalled Flash and Firefox Reset my computer and router Cleared cache temp files history I am fully optimized with zero viruses or spyware of any kind Always defrag-ed and all that maintenance jazz Win Home Premium bit Dual Core Pentium Nvidia Geforce or laptop card or some such nonsense gig RAM Any advice would be wonderful Thank you for your time

A:Streaming Video Issues

Just for the sake of it - test the videos in Chrome too and see if you have the same problem.
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Hey there,
I've had trouble streaming video. I've checked the forum and I couldn't find any advice that helped. While streaming video (I use chrome and IE) my CPU using hits 80 plus percent. While streaming video from sites like IGN or Gamestop, my CPU hits 100 percent and the video gets very choppy. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Please find below a list of things I hope can help you provide me with some answers. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask.
1. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 210, latest driver
2. Adobe Flash Player, latest driver
3. Just installed 2 gigs of RAM for a total of 3 gigs, which had no effect on the poor streaming quality
4. CPU: intel pentium 4 cpu 2.80ghz
speed 2800 MHz
5. BIOS Version Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS P5N-EM HDMI ACPI BIOS Revision 0201
6. Just changed anti-virus to Microsoft Security

A:Video Streaming Problems

Please download MINITOOLBOX and run it.

Checkmark following boxes:

Flush DNS
Reset FF proxy Settings
Reset Ie Proxy Settings
Report IE Proxy Settings
Report FF Proxy Settings
List content of Hosts
List IP configuration
List Winsock Entries
List last 10 Event Viewer log
List Installed Programs
List Users, Partitions and Memory size
List Devices (problems only)

Click Go and post the result.
Download Autoruns and Autorunsc
Unzip it to your desktop and then double click autoruns.exe After the scan is finished then click on File>>>>>>>>>>>Save The default name will be autoruns.arn make sure to save it as Autoruns.txt under the file type option. in other words make sure it is a .txt file instead of .arn Attach the text in your next reply.
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Hi guys This is my first post on this forum and it looks like a ocean of knowledge which is what I ve been looking for I ve have an issue with a friends PC that I said I would look into for him Basically he can open video files mpeg avi mov etc when loading them from his hdd but as soon as he goes online to say bbci player youtube myspace etc he cannot view the video and his PC locks up and you have to pull the power to restart as task manager won t open Streaming issues video to close the browser He s tried explorer and mozilla but the problem appears on both browsers Strange thing is if the stream is set to open with mediaplayer it runs fine Streaming video issues so it s leading me to believe Streaming video issues that it s a codec issue I ve set default player as mediaplayer but still BBCi player won t I ve sorted him out with the lastest Divx and drivers firmware versions for all hardware I know youtube uses a flash player so is there a specific codec for media player to run flash streams All comments welcome as I m starting to rn out of ideas Thanks for reading nbsp

A:Streaming video issues

Firstly run IE Reset (I know it's both, but please follow the steps)
How to use Reset Internet Explorer Settings (RIES)

Then CCleaner

Then to go to and install the latest Flash Player

Then update your Java

Then run the defaults on your personal Firewall (or uninstall, for the moment)
Also confirm you don't have another background pogram running like Spybots S&D

Then (after a restart or two) try the video pages again

Still faulty?

Have a look at:

Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
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Greetings!!!! I am trying to do something tricky. I want to listen to company's earnings confrence calls from my ipod. The only problemo is that the audio coming from the web is in streaming video. ( Either windows media player or "real"). Is there any way to capture that audio and convert it into mp3 to put it on my ipod?


A:Converting streaming video to mp3

Sony Sound Forge will open avi files mpg2 etc. you can then just save them as mp3's or you can play the movie and just record "what you hear", thats how I do it anyway.
A search on google headed "Extracting audio from avi files" will give you all the help you need also.
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Does anyone know of any way to record streaming video? I have an ati all in wonder and I wonder if there is more that I can do with it than I already know. I would like to find out if it is possible to record streaming videos?

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sorry if this the wrong place to post this q.

can someone please help me to insert the streaming video in this website:
into my powerpoint presentation

I'm planning to place it as part of the background presentation
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I am having problems watching videos without the video stopping half way through (eg on Youtube and BBc Iplayer). It seems to buffer to start with but then when it reaches about a third of the full amount (for youtube) it stops buffering and doesn't do anything.

I had the problem on my old computer and assumed it was becaue the computer was rubbish, but I've just bought a fairly high spec new machine (2ghz Intel Core Duo and 4mb ram) and its no better. I've done a speed check on my internet connection and that's about 2000kbps download speed which should be ok shouldn't it?

Any suggestions would be great.



A:Video Streaming Problems

What antivirus, antimalware software are you using?
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When I put a wmv or avi etc. file on my webhost's server, any user can then simply click on it and play it.

Is That file streamed (streaming),downloaded first...then played, OR does it play as the file IS downloading???

Who should care right? I just would like to know and understand it.

Thanks in advance as always.

A:Difference between video streaming,


Not fully sure how Web Servers act, but I've noticed that with regard to avi's, they seem to download fully in media player, then play. WMV's can play as they downloading, which is called streaming. This can be sometimes a bit slow in playback, if the user's or servers connection is slow.

This is about streaming:


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Whether it's video from YouTube or an email video, the video freezes for a few seconds while the sound goes along smoothly. Letting the video load up completely isn't helping; still freezes. This is a new problem, as I never had the problem until recently. In thinking back, I believe it may have started when I downloaded, and then ran, a registry cleaning program. I may be wrong here, but I believe the problems started then.

How can I get the videos to run smoothly or check to see if I screwed up the registry?
Gateway desktop, 1.8Ghz, 1gb RAM.

Flashplayer is up to date with Google Chrome browser. I tried disabling the firewall to see if that was the problem, and nothing changed.

A:streaming video freeze

Hi, I am haivng this problem, does the video play if you move your mouse about?
Please come to this thread and let me know.
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Recently, the streaming speed on videos (youtube) has become extremely slow. How can I rectify this?

A:video streaming too slow

Control Panel>Internet Options>General>Delete Temporary Internet Files
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When trying to stream video through WMP, the picture is normal and working but I cannot get sound. Sound works perfectly fine when I play normal saved video and sound files through any program on my pc. I was wondering if this is something do to with my sound card, or if any of you guys would have any idea as to what I could do to help solve this problem!


A:No Audio When Streaming Video

Post number 3 posted here seems to have solved this problem for many people, but I must warn you THIS IS A REGISTRY EDIT. Please back up the registry before doing thishow to back up the registryMark
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I have ADSL service from Earthlink I ve had satifactory service with downloading streaming video in the past The last few weeks however every few seconds the video freezes for about second then resumes where it left off Streaming freezes video This occurs on all video download sites youtube netflix previews network episode players This happens on both my computer amp my wife s computer I dis some troubleshooting I downloaded and installed the latest Flash Player software I Streaming video freezes checked my download speed at http www broadbandreports com tools It was kbs This is the same as Streaming video freezes in Streaming video freezes the past I launched Task Manger while viewing video and noticed that the System Idle Process went to and all other processes went to zero when the video freezes It appears to be waiting for more video from the internet before resuming I suspected that my ISP s server was the culprit but Tech Support assured me that all was normal on their end I also bypassed my router so that my computer was directly plugged into the modem Still froze Any suggestions on what to do next I don t know what kind of hardware there is between Earthlink s server and my modem My DSL is supplied over Verizon s wires Perhaps Verizon is messing me up nbsp