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Problem with reconnecting to network drives

Q: Problem with reconnecting to network drives

ok so my one computer comp A at work is set up like so hardwired to a offline computer running our work software comp B network xx there is also a wireless adapter for internet usage and to connect to the back office pc for file sharing purposes comp C network xx yesterday i came to work and now comp A won't reconnect to either of the other pcs i can't log in to my mapped to with drives reconnecting Problem network z drive from comp B or connect to my share folder on comp C Problem with reconnecting to network drives when i try to connect i get that there was an error and it can't reconnect i am no pc dummy and have degree in networking but i have never seen anything like this before seriously boggling my mind as far as i know no settings were changed and i've checked everything and they are as they should be i searched google all day today and found nothing helpful does anyone have any idea as to what is going on here the error message is not very helpful basically says there was an error reconnecting microsoft windows network the network location could not be reached neither comp B or C show up under the network tab what is kinda weird is that my wireless printer does show up and works fine on comp A

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Preferred Solution: Problem with reconnecting to network drives

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem with reconnecting to network drives

ok, so i have discovered that comp B can see comp A in the network list, but comp A can't see comp B. i can even access comp A through comp B, but not the other way around.

any ideas?
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i noticed on my win2000 pro that network drives always got disconnect after a period of time as showed below. Do you know of a command that can re-establish the connection without re-mapping the drives again?

Status L ocal Remote Network

disconnected F: \\server1\apps Microsoft Windows Network
disconnected G: \\server2\home Microsoft Windows Network
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Hello all. For quite some time, we have had the issue that when employees reboot their PCs and logon to the domain with their network username, their network drives mostly always show a X by them, which then the user thinks the drives are disconnected. Double clicking on the network drive will reconnect it and then are able to use it. My questions is, is there any GPO that would force connect the network drives back and show them online without the X that I can apply for our users? Any insight would be great. Thank you!

A:Reconnecting Network Drives via GPO

This can happen from time to time, its normal.

normally its because your machine looks for the server before a network connection is established.
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Hi there.  I have a simple 3-computer network setup in my home.  All 3 are XP Pro.  I have the "\All Users\Documents\" folders as the shared, mapped drive folders. Everything works great until I reboot.  They become disconnected.  I fixed it for one computer with a run command, but now I can't find it again on the web for the other two computers.  Anyone know this command?

A:Network drives not reconnecting at startup.

Hi There.!
Try this...
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type cmd.
Type net use x: \\computer name\share name, where x: is the drive letter you want to assign to the shared resource.
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I have a couple of XP Pro SP2 machines that need to automatically reconnect to some network drives on startup. They both run applications that need access to these drives. The network drives are on LinkSys NSLU2 network storage devices. When I mapped them (to y: and z: ) I set them to reconnect at startup but this does not happen, on restart they show "disconnected". If I run a "net use" command they are reported as unavailable. Once I double click on them they open just fine.
Any suggestions please?

A:Solved: Network Drives not reconnecting at boot time

Have you tried putting a simple batch job in your startup with the correct NET USE commands to connect them?
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My boss just bought 5 new Dell Dimension 2350 with XP home ed and wanted me to put them on the network. I've set them up and they can see the network fine, but when i map a drive and reboot the machine, the drives will not reconnect. I chose the options to reconnect but it still does not work.

Am I doing something wrong or is there something i can do to make sure it reconnects after a reboot?

A:mapped drives not reconnecting in XP

I've seen this happen, and haven't figured out why. Instead of wasting my time on the problem, I simply worked around it. In your startup folder, just make a new Batch file (.bat) with lines like:

net use s: \\server\shared
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First of all, sorry for my bad english.
My pc was working perfectly for about a year now, but these days it started having problems.
In the past few weeks it started disconnecting from the internet with the message: you don't have a valid
ip configuration. (It was working on the other pc connected to the router with lan, and on the notebook connected through wifi)
A reboot of the pc/router did always solve my problem in these situations.
Yesterday, my internet connection started connecting/reconnecting, and I couldn't solve it in any way, not with
a restart, and not with that network repair tool (idk it's name, I have hungarian windows). When it stayed connected for more then 2 seconds I was even able to load google, youtube, other sites,
I tried some solutions, like disabling the energy saver settings, setting it to 10mb half duplex, etc, but nothing worked, my
internet kept connecting/reconnecting.
Today I started my pc and it works perfectly.. Any ideas on how to solve it? I have the newest lan driver.

My mobo is Asrock 960gm-vgs3 fx.

A:Network keeps reconnecting

It appears that you manually configured the IP for at least one system.
DON'T do that - - make sure all systems use DHCP
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Recently one of our office computers went down resulting in me deleting the partition and reinstalling windows and now I can t figure out how to reconnect the computer to the network and file sharing in our office I m not a computer tech I m not even an Reconnecting an Office Network to intern in the computer field I am an HVAC technician with a good understanding of computers and programs that they run so my company has me do work in the office when they need anything If someone can post for me a basic guideline Reconnecting to an Office Network of how I could reconnect a Dell Precision Windows XP Home was previously connected so hardware is still in tact to the file-sharing network and be able to access other computers and vice-versa it would be greatly appreciated I ve tried a few things including non-specific internet guides but i don t want to risk putting another computer or the file-sharing out of order I d rather leave it for Pro s Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Reconnecting to an Office Network

Does your company have an IT department/person?

Your office setup might be running a domain and if so, you'll have to get your computer re-added to the domain.
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So im at a complete loss Very strange / problem network to connecting drives network. here I have a windows pro x computer that out of the blue stopped connecting to its network drives I tried a few things like flushing the dns re-registering new IP finally I decided to rejoin it to the domain big mistake The computer couldn't contact the domain controller even though all the info was correct I ended up doing a restore to the week prior updated the NIC drivers and everything seemed to be working The following day it happened again I tried the same few fixes and the solution this time was to uninstall all the hidden devices under the network adapter after a reboot Very strange problem connecting to network drives / network. I got into the drives just fine Now everytime the user shuts his computer down he gets this same problem My boss ran into the same problem on another machine the other day so Im hesitant to restore I would prefer a fix in case this shows up again The computer can get online and use our email through outlook but network resources are all gone The machine can also ping all of the servers but wont connect with xxx xxx xxx xxx IP or servername share even with credentials entered Ive looked all over with no success

A:Very strange problem connecting to network drives / network.

Welcome to Seven Forums,

If it's now happening to another computer, I'd unplug the router and switch(es) for 20 to 30 seconds. Also, check on your computer's Security or Firewall programs installed, make sure that they are up to date and not blocking the ports and network resources. You may try disabling the program(s) temporarily for debugging purpose.

An update will be nice.
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Hi all,

I'm having a recurring issue with my wireless network and would appreciate any help you can provide.

I connect to the web via a Belkin F5d7630-4a ADSL Modem with built in wireless router. The router is always on and I have a desktop PC connected via a wired connection.

When I first boot the laptop, it will generally find the wireless connection within a minute or so (although not always). If the laptop powers down, hibernates or sleeps, it sometimes reconnects, but generally can't. Once it's lost the connection, I generally need to reboot the laptop, sometimes two or three times to get it to find it again, even with the laptop sitting right next to the router.

I'm using WPA authentication and have hidden my SSID.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to resolve this, as it's driving me crazy.



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I am having a problem since 1 year ago, and i tried every solution to fix this. My problem is the network connection randomly disconnect and reconnect/ or reconnect, if I restart the modem or the Wifi Router. The network isn't disconnect, if the desktop PC is off.
I tried these solutions:
-buy a new network card
-buy a new Wifi router
-ask a new modem from the ISP
-buy new UTP cables instead of all UTP cables
-i format the winchester and reinstall the windows 2 times
I have not more idea, than fix this, but this is a very angrily problem. I fight this since 1 year and nothing can help.
I'm waiting for all idea or solutions, i can try whatever!
Thank you!
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I have a windows desktop with an SSD and regular mechanical hard drive where I keep my data I also have a laptop with a small SSD as well I wanted to keep the laptop free of non-critical data so I decided to setup a file share between my desktop win home prem and my laptop Win pro I was able share the files and navigate to my desktop through my reconnecting bootup network Mapped drive on not laptop I successfully mapped the folder as a network drive and all was well Then I rebooted and I was disconnected from it it remembered that it was there but I needed to manually connect to it and I needed to provide my login credentials There is no password just a username What is causing this and is there a way to get around this Also is there a way to set a timeout because if my desktop is not on and I want to use my laptop the boot times are much longer Mapped network drive not reconnecting on bootup compared to when I don't have the mapped network drive on my laptop at all

A:Mapped network drive not reconnecting on bootup

Hi there,
Although it's unlikely this was missed out, did you tick the checkbox when you mapped the network drive that allows you to reconnect at login?
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Hello All Devices range from laptops - gt Workstations - gt Server the operating systems having issues are Win machines and the equipment I'm connecting them to is a Server Server Western Digital NAS Server Server I've recently had be The while reconnecting network location - rea occurred error cannot an issue with this error on multiple PC's at my shop and the end result is I cannot connect to any networked device but I do have internet and I can see the devices in my workgroup under the quot Network quot drop error occurred while reconnecting - The network location cannot be rea down in File Explorer So far the only changes I can see that happened during this problem starting up is Windows updates over the last few weeks I already ran the batch file from the sticky provided by quot shadowjk quot just in case however I also ran all those commands manually prior to looking here and the results were the same before and after So far I have tried Uninstalling reinstalling all NIC drivers deleting all managed networks Removing all antivirus firewalls safe mode w networking system restore to a point prior to updates Changing workgroup to attempt to connect to personal server server standard Here is some info that might help note I changed the MAC addresses to quot X quot for the post only the real readout shows the correct information Code c windows system gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Ryan-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Physical Address XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Physical Address XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Intel R Centrino R Advanced-N Physical Address XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Monday June AM Lease Expires Tuesday June AM Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Physical Address XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Physical Address XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap CA - DB- F-A E-CF E Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e d f feaf Preferred Link-local IPv Address fe d f feaf Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter isatap CDBC - - E-B D -FF C B Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes c windows system gt nbtstat -n Local Area Connection Node IpAddress Scope Id No names in cache Bluetooth Network Connection Node IpAddress Scope Id No names in cache Wireless Network Connection Node IpAddress Scope Id NetBIOS Local Name Table Name Type Status --------------------------------------------- RYAN-PC lt gt UNIQUE Registered Wireless Network Connection Node IpAddress Scope Id No n... Read more

A:error occurred while reconnecting - The network location cannot be rea

This problem still persists, however I have added the following to my troubleshooting:
Configured my user profile on a new computer, it works flawlessly
configured a known working user configuration other than my own on my computer, it does NOT work at all, same problem as mine.
Unhid *Administrator* and performed driver removal and re-install from that user account just in case, no change

Any networking gurus out there, please feel free to ask questions. I'd be happy to produce more information to help solve this problem.
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My son was recently given a three year old laotop computer. It was originally connected to a DSL connection and I use a Cable connection. It has a built in wireless 802.11g card and a 10/100 interface. I configured it to connect wirelessly to my wireless router. The connection is established and DHCP assigns it a network address. Every 20-30 seconds it drops the connection and imediately reacqires a new connection. I disabled the wireless card and enabled the 10/100 LAN connection. Same thing. The router makes the connection, asigns a valid IP address, drops it, and imediately reastablishes the connection. The TCP/IP stack looks good. The link speed is right. Could it be conflict with some pre existing software? Maybe the old DSL software ot some instant messaging program. I loaded new antivirus software and ran a complete sucessful scan. Any thoughts what it could be?

A:Laptop Network Connection Dropping and Reconnecting

"Drops the connection" means what?

Do you use any software firewalls? VPN software? Packet sniffers?

Try updating the router firmware..

What is the DHCP lease time on the router?
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I am finally switching over my work computer from Windows XP to Windows 7.

I have multiple network connections I connect to when I boot up. I've set myself as a new user on the servers I have to connect to, Windows 7 asked me to put in my username and password for each share, all connects fine but when I shutdown and restart, I see all my Shares as red x'ed "disconnected" and as I click on each one, I have to put in my username and password again. Windows XP always remembered my connections and logged me onto each share at boot up. I've checked "remember my credentials" but it's not doing it,

Am I missing something? on any restart or shutdown, I have to click on each share and put in my login credentials.

A:Solved: Windows 7 not reconnecting to network shares

OK, I figured this out, using a Computer Name as recognized by the network rather than my username, it remembers and logs me in when I restart. Not really sure why this makes a difference, but as long as it works, one less thing to worry about.
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In the past I had used an iOmega and a Seagate Black Armor NAS shares network delay reconnecting huge to both run Linux both ran perfectly fine until they eventually died I next switched to an Apple TimeCapsule for both network storage and as a router wap The TC turned out not to be the best idea as the hdd in them is huge delay reconnecting to network shares narcoleptic that is to say the drive goes to sleep very quickly and it is annoying to wait seconds for the drive to spin up if you let it idle for only a very few minutes However as you ll soon read I jumped from the fat to the fire So I had a Dell T running full-time anyway I bought two WD Red NAS TB HDDs and installed them and set them up in Windows RAID Almost right away I noticed this weird issue and that is after the initial connection to the Dell if the client was allowed to idle for very long several minutes and especially if it s a laptop and it goes to sleep reconnecting to the Dell can take many minutes So I started over and used Intel Hardware RAID - same result So in summary initial connections to my Dell T happen almost instantly reconnecting or maybe more precisely just accessing the T after an extended period on inactivity can result in many minutes of delay It matters not whether it s a wired or wireless connection it matters not whether it is a laptop or desktop this happens whether the client is my MacBook Pro my Asus desktop running W Home Premium my hp dv running Fedora my wife s Dell running W my really old Inspiron running XP The ONLY difference that I see is that occasionally the T will absolutely refuse to allow the Inspiron to reconnect until I reboot the T aside from that the problem manifests exactly the same despite the platform hardware OS I ve been researching this off and on for weeks but cannot find anything on it that is exactly like my situation I d sure like to solve this I ve used a similar setup in the past with a RAID card in an old hp running Fedora and had no trouble If I cannot fix this I guess I ll just have to bite the bullet and by a NAS enclosure and install the WD HDDs in it and see if it runs ok nbsp
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Hi I am trying to connect to a on Drive Boot Fails Network Reconnecting Mapped wireless Hard Drive storage unit with a PC running Vista Reconnecting Mapped Network Drive on Boot Fails I can connect to it just fine with a login and password and all works well in that department My problem is with mapping it to a network drive I go through the motions My Computer - gt Map Network Drive - gt Select Drive Letter - gt sharedfolder and the login and password to connect are unique so I click connect using a different username and type in the correct information All seems well except that when I reboot I get the message that it could not Reconnecting Mapped Network Drive on Boot Fails connect to the network drives If I try to access the drive it asks me for a password the username is what I set it to in the different username prompt and I type in the Reconnecting Mapped Network Drive on Boot Fails same password that I put in at the different username prompt and it connects fine So the login and password are all correct it just doesn t want to connect on boot Any ideas as to what the problem may be Also while I m at it just a quick question When you connect to a shared network for the first time it will bring up that quot Connect To quot dialogue and ask for U P When you type it in you can connect to the drive but any subsequent times you try to connect it won t ask for the U P So how do I go about changing the user connecting to that device without having to log off and back on again b nbsp
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hi all,

I have a network at home of roughly 4-6 pc's and when i plug in the network to my pc on my onboard Network "A8N-SLI Premium mobo" it connectes and reconnects.

the mobo has Two network ports on it and on both it does the same thing. my Switch isnt gigabit speed but my PC is 10/1000. all the other pc's on my network are all normal 10/100.

i had placed in a PCI 10/100 network card and that works fine...

can anyone help?

A:Asus Mobo - Onboard network connecting and reconnecting

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I have a Dell Mini Solved: and Continually to Reconnecting Wireless Disconnecting Network Inspiron which I use at home connected to the internet through my wifi router It has worked without problem for me Recently though when I have taken my netbook elsewhere I have been unable to initially connect and then to stay connected to any wifi connection that I have found Solved: Continually Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Wireless Network Firstly when away from home and I go to Wireless Network Connection I am unable to see any wireless networks at all and I get the message Windows cannot configure this wireless connection If you have enable another program to configure this wirelss connection use that software If you want to configure this wireless connection start the Wireless Zero Configuration WZC serivce For information about starting the WZC service see article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on Solved: Continually Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Wireless Network the microsoft com Website Now what strikes me first up is why I am getting this error message when I m not getting it at home I have tried four separate wifi networks and Solved: Continually Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Wireless Network I get this message everytime Now the owners never seem to have a problem with these networks and I am able to connect to them sucessfuly using my phone I have tried turning off my phone to ensure it is not an intereference problem So following the instructions I go the Services and sure enough the Windows Zero Configuration service is not started so I start it sucessfully If I now quot Refresh Network List quot I get a similar error to before except at the bottom that it says click quot Change advanced settings quot click the Wireless Networks tab and then select the checkbox labeled quot Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings quot So I do that and I can now see a number of wireless networks So I connect to one ok but within about - seconds I get disconnected from it and then it automatically reconnects stays connected for about - seconds and then disconnects This happens repeatedly allowing for very very painful browsing and impossible downloading of files So a couple of questions - why am I not able to the networks automatically and why when I do connect am I not able to stay connected nbsp

A:Solved: Continually Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Wireless Network
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Hey folks- hoping i could network finding constantly not Wireless disconnecting, reconnecting, get some advice or at least some troubleshooting diagnostics steps to take on an extremely frustrating problem i m having connecting to the internet wirelessly here s what i m working with Gateway GZ Windows XP Home Edition SP Intel PRO Wireless BG Network Connection Driver version Intel Pentium M processor GHz GB RAM I m trying to connect wirelessly to an Wireless constantly disconnecting, reconnecting, not finding network Airport Time Capsule connection at the office for the most part up until a couple days ago this connection worked well since i ve started having problems other computers at the office Wireless constantly disconnecting, reconnecting, not finding network all macs have still been able to connect Wireless constantly disconnecting, reconnecting, not finding network perfectly so the problem seems to be isolated to my computer what happens is that my computer basically will not connect to the internet and when it does disconnects after or seconds looks for the network connects and then repeats it all sometimes when it reconnects it tells me that i m connecting to an unsecured network even though the network is password-protected the quality of the connection varies from quot no signal quot to quot very good quot to quot excellent quot all within the span of a minute or two i also intermittently get the following messages quot this network has limited or no connectivity quot with the little exclamation point inside the yellow triangle quot unable to connect to preferred wireless network quot sometimes when i click on quot view available wireless networks quot it can t find any on the first or second try and then finds the correct network tries to connect and repeats the cycle described above sometimes it ll stay connected for minutes or even - minutes and then suddenly drop off help nbsp

A:Wireless constantly disconnecting, reconnecting, not finding network
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so here is an oddball question. how would i go about reconnecting to a network share drive, after changing the ip address of the computer im using, using a command prompt?

A:reconnecting to a network drive after changing computer ip address

You'd connect to it the same way as before. Changing a computer's IP address shouldn't prevent you from connecting to a network share unless you gave the computer an IP address on a different range, in which case you'd need to change that devices IP address to match the new network IP scheme. Can you clarify what you did and what IP addresses the network device and the computer have?
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Hey all constantly disconnecting Unidentified 7 Windows and Network issue, keeps reconnecting I found this forum while googling possible solutions to this problem but with no luck About a week ago after getting a new ISP and router my computer connected fine to the new wireless network my old ISP was Verizon and we had wireless DSL and my PC had no problems It went into sleep mode some time later and since then I ve been having this nonstop unidentified network problem that I ve tried multiple Windows 7 Unidentified Network issue, keeps disconnecting and reconnecting constantly things to fix but nothing has worked so far Windows 7 Unidentified Network issue, keeps disconnecting and reconnecting constantly It basically drops out the connection and my home network becomes unidentified and doesn t work Windows 7 Unidentified Network issue, keeps disconnecting and reconnecting constantly and then randomly reconnects and it happens over and over Sometimes when it connects it connects to NetworkProfile which seems to be exactly the same as my router s connection so I don t know if that s like a duplicate connection that was made or not I have no clue All I ve pinpointed so far is that it s definitely a computer issue My older laptop also Windows my iPhone my dad s iPhone and even his old Vista netbook can connect with no issues but with my PC it ll be connected then some time later it ll disconnect and say the network is unidentified and public This happens repeatedly It goes from this To this I also tried connecting to another network a hotspot created by my iPhone and it did the same thing so it s definitely not my new wireless service Might be a problem between my computer and wireless networks in general So I ve tried many different things and nothing has worked This includes uninstalling and reinstalling my old network adapter checking for drivers resetting the IP stack deleted Bonjour many things that come up when you google the problem I even got a new not too expensive thankfully network adapter and it still occurs It s irritating because this sounds like a very common issue with Windows and even looks like Was hoping some people could help out and help me pinpoint the issue here because this has been driving me nuts for a long time My last resort would be to reinstall Windows or do a factory reset but apparently that doesn t fix the issue and knowing my luck it d be the same with me Thank you to anyone who takes their time to read this and help me nbsp

A:Windows 7 Unidentified Network issue, keeps disconnecting and reconnecting constantly
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Hi all, I am running Vista Ultimate and have mapped a network drive which is on my file server (running Ubuntu 7.04). Vista maps it without any problems, but when I restart the computer, the message "could not reconnect all network drives" appears and find that I have to type the samba login name & password again. I have the Reconnect at logon box selected (as shown in screenshot below), so why is it not auto logging on?

A:Mapped network drive not auto reconnecting at startup - Vista

I just happened to see this so thought I'd mention...

I ran into the same problem with our only Vista user. The share mounts fine once the system has booted but it fails just as you reported for remembered connections. In our case the server is Windows Server 2003. I haven't made any real attempts to understand the problem but I threw a quick net use batch at it until time permits.

Just in case, create a batch file with:

net use mountdriveletter: \\server\share /user:username password

Put it or a shortcut to it into your startup programs directory.
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I am sorry to be raising this AGAIN as I know everyone has heard it 100 times before but I couldnt not find a solution that resolved this issue.

When I boot up my Win 7 Pro x64 machine I get that balloon that states "Could not reconnect all network drives". How do I get rid of this? I am hard wired into the network (not wireless) and I cannot find a way around it. All the solutions I have found state its either due to wireless network authentication occuring late in the boot process (but im hard wired) or that you need to upgrade to a Pro edition of windows (which I cam using). It is not disasterous if I am being honest its just mildly irritating so I thought I would ask if anyone had the solution.

Thanks in advance

A:That age old problem with network drives

It's an easy fix, read the instructions and find the download link below them here: Fix
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Hi can anyone help me with my problem connecting to my network my Problem to network drives connecting drives I am unable to connect to any network drives and printers I used to be able to connect to them One fine day all of it stopped working I even tried to map my own local drive it was still unsuccessful Whenever i tried to MAP a drive it will prompt me the log on How do i remove it and connect to the drives per normal I know all my password and i did not set any password i also tried to remove my Norton v on my computer totally but still same issue I have machine XP Home sp Problem connecting to my network drives XP Home sp Vista Home premium sp bit I only had problem connecting my Problem connecting to my network drives Vista to any of my XP computer From XP to XP i had no problem sharing I do not have any problem accessing the internet I also realize that when this problem started i was unable to connect to my router console through IE using my vista machine In Vista i was able to ping all my Computer via their hostnames amp ip My workgroup was also set correctly
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Hallo I have a very strange problem at least it seems to me so My university has a complex network with number of shared drives And the university gave me username and password through which I can log in and access all these drives The thing is that I am using my personal computer and not the one that is provided by university For this case I had to create Virtual Private Network VPN connection in full accordance with university network rules And I had to map network drives and got access The problem is that whan I restarted my computer and reconnect to network via VPN I get an access to the Internet but network Problem drives with connecting not to the network drives Creating Problem with connecting network drives a new VPN and mapping drives again works while disconnecting the drives and mapping them again with old VPN does not but after doing so several times server automatically blocked my account I wonder if anyone can suppose what might be the cause of these problems Any versions nbsp

A:Problem with connecting network drives

I'd be talking to the University IT folks, there are many reasons this could be happening.
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Hi Guys, im new to the forum so be gentle - this wont be a 1 post and leave either

So whats happening is im replacing a staff members computer , she has windows xp and has 4 network drives mapped, ive built her a new machine and have installed windows xp on it, and connect it up using the same network cables, how ever when i go to map the drive i get "The network path \\Fileserver1\SCHEDDAT could not be found" , yet when i re-hook up her old system and boot it up it all connect in a nut shell why does the old one connect fine , but the new build cant access the drives? i have disabled the firewall also....thanks in advance for any help offered.


A:Problem mapping network drives

Ok so some progress on this, if i share a drive on a local computer plugged into the same router or switch then map to it, i can connect no problems, how ever connecting to the 2 servers seems to be the issue, oddly enough also even when using the EXACT same cables that the other computer that connect fine uses, it still wont connect.
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I have speed issues when working with files on the LAN network. They open and save much much slower than XP. On the other hand the ADSL internet connection is fine and running at full speed. What is the problem? The computer is brand new and with fresh install of Windows 7 x64.

My other problem is with mapped network drives. On the second computer, which is running fresh install of Windows 7 too, we have mapped network drives which are accessable on the whole network. The problem is that every time we start that PC with the mapped network drives Windows says "Could not reconnect all network drives" and all computers on the network show them with red "x" on the icons. I want them to automatically open at startup.

A:LAN speed very slow and Network drives problem

I would probably create a startup .bat file for all machines on the network.

z: /persistent:yes \servername\share

You can copy that into a notepad, then save it as a .bat file. Put it in your public startup folder and it will auto connect on startup.
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Hi Well i get connecting Windows problem VPN network to 8.1 drives straight to the point I have configured a Cisco ASA as a VPN server and configured it to accept remote access from windows clients using L TP IPSec connection W clients can establish a VPN connection and connect to the network drives network access which reside on Windows Server domain controller My problem is that the W clients CAN establish VPN connection but have no network access and cannot connect to network drives Its getting really frustrating What I have checked I can ping firewall router with success but not beyond that W client gets the correct IP address mask and including DNS server address from VPN server address pool I have activated all sharing options in network sharing center The gateway option under IPv Properties Advanced for the VPN connection is unchecked I created a rule in the firewall Windows 8.1 VPN problem connecting to network drives both inbound and outbound for routing services protocols for VPN I turned off the firewall but no success I have configured the local policy network security options and unchecked encryption Windows 8.1 VPN problem connecting to network drives and to accept both LM and NTLM I tried both as user and administrator on several computers but with same results Any ideas Thanks
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we have a small nt 4.0 network, and my machine is an XP box. all the others on the network are either windows ME or 98. When I had ME I was able to set up the system so that I automatically logged on to the network drives. XP for some reason won't do that because of a security concern. Is there some way to bypass this without changing my user account information.

A:problem with logging in to network drives automatically

Download TweakUI for Windows XP. There is a setting for autologon.
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I've got a ThinkPad x here and randomly started having issues accessing the network mapped drives and printers The computer can still access our Intranet Sharepoint and Exchange Server Outlook says connected and we can send receive I tried disconnecting the drives and reconnecting but none of the servers were showing up in the list I then checked to see if network discovery and file sharing were turned on they were Tried manually going to a network drive i e the public drive public and no luck I did some research and tried a list of things even checked Can't - any Problem servers can't Access drives, see - map Network the local security policy settings and still nothing I now have the computer disjoined from the domain and I was going to attempt to rejoin but it wouldn't go I get the prompt to type the domain username and password but when I hit OK it gives me an error and says Problem - Network Access - Can't map drives, can't see any servers domain cannot be reached Something weird is going on with Network Discovery or file sharing or something FYI - I have disabled Windows Firewall and uninstalled Symantec Endpoint Protection I am going to try safe mode with networking now If I have no luck with that I'm probably just going to do a clean install

A:Problem - Network Access - Can't map drives, can't see any servers

Before you do that, Check your WIFI and/or communications drivers on the thinkpad first.

I had a workstation on my network do this recently. Turns out the driver for the Broadcom Ethernet adapter went all wonky.
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Hi guys I really desperate need help here i encounter the error message appeared as quot Windows - Delayed Write Failed quot Windows was unable to save all the data for the file Singapore Operation Production The data has been lost This error may be caused by a failure problem file drives. Have saving network on of your computer hardware or network quot when i try to save file my company network drive It happen to some other computers also I try to reinstall the network connection of the computer but also dont work i check with my network and server side whether there Have problem saving file on network drives. is any problem with the server or network but they say no problem Usually the error happen when trying to save Have problem saving file on network drives. to excel file So i try to reinstall microsot excel but still the problem persist Only thing i havent try is call vendor to replace the network hardware but i dont tink it is the hardware problem seem it happen to most of the computer I consult of my IT friend and he say that he could be the switch problem as he encounter b and replace the whole switch But then my side say nothing wrong with their switch so anybody any advice thanks nbsp

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I have a netgear WNDR wireless router I just built a house so I've got drives on see Topology router - problem can't Network plenty of cat e cable and I'm trying to keep as much off the wireless network as possible The problem is that I can't connect to attached drives on the router Network Topology problem - can't see drives on router with machines that are not also on the router I'm hoping you guys may have a solution that I don't The network topology is as follows U-verse Gateway - TV - Netgear Switch - - PC - - PC - - laptop - - X-box - - netgear wireless router - - - kindle - - - cell phone - - - laptop - - - USB Hard Drive laptop can see the drive and if I direct wire laptop into the router it can see the hard drive As described above none of PC PC or laptop can see the USB Hard drive I also have a printer that I would like to connect to the router and have available to the entire network as well Any suggestions or links to guides would be appreciated

A:Network Topology problem - can't see drives on router

You would need to turn off DHCP on the secondary router and use only the LAN ports on the secondary router, LAN port to LAN port from the first to second router, don't plug anything into the WAN port on the secondary router.

This will put everything on the U-verse gateway and it will be handing out IP's through DHCP which is what you need for all these machines to communicate.

The guide in the link mentions that you should assign a static IP to the secondary router but this isn't really required as the DHCP IP will be assigned from the first router. Then to access the secondary router you need to type in the IP it was assigned from the first router as soon as you plug it in.

This is all standard procedure when setting up a secondary router or A/P.
Connecting Additional Routers | Tech Support Forum
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I work in a company with almost 80 Windows 7 computer and another 200 or 250 Windows Xp computers in the domain, sometimes when users try to copy information to the File Server (Windows Server 2008) or to the network, the copy starts but never finish. It just stay there and the only way is to force the shut down to the computer and start over copying files one by one, this only happens in Windows 7 computers and does not always happen but it is very common

Is this a Know issue in Windows 7? What can be happening in our Network??

If I try to do the same copy locally on the computer the copy ends successfully, the problem only hapends when the copy is to the network (Just Windows 7 computers, Xp computers works fine)

Thank you all.

A:Windows 7 Domain Computers Problem with copies to network drives

I would like to suggest you update the network card driver and run Windows Update to install all the important updates first.

If it does not work, I also would like to suggest you disable the automatic adjustment for the TCP window size on the network to check the issue.

1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
2. Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.

3. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

4. Exit the Command Prompt window.
5. Restart the computer.

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can anyone help me here pls

In noticed that when i plug my ethernet cord in the LAN ethernet intergrated port my local area connection 2 keeps connecting and disconnecting. It tries to connect for about 12sec then it tries to reconnect for about 5-6sec, and this keeps doing that same process over and over. I have noticed in the back the amber light blinks every 3sec and the green light is solid. Do you think the port is about the fail or can i have any suggestion? I also reset the modem and disconnect the cable and put plug them back in.

A:Lan connection problem disconnection and reconnecting

you say its connection 2 do you have another nic also what is the end result after waiting to connect (limited or no connectivity or media disconnected or what)
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Over the past few weeks I've been experiencing a problem with my USB mouse. what happens is it randomly disconnects for about 1-2 seconds, only to reconnect afterwards. During this time my cursor freezes for the whole duration of the process. It occurs at random intervals and an entire disconnect/reconnect spree can last up to an hour. I hear the Windows sound that notifies me something has been disconnected(and then reconnected), and I get a small popup from my taskbar saying "touchpad driver disabled notification" every disconnect/reconnect

A:USB mouse problem, freezing, disconnecting, reconnecting

From post #1

"touchpad driver disabled notification"

Your specs show this.

Computer type PC/Desktop
OS Windows 7 x86

How long has Windows 7 been installed on this computer and where did you get Windows 7 from?
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That's pretty much it, Although I did have an issue with the sound too but I fixed it when I installed VIA Hd Audio, I've never gotten my mic to work however.

I'm using a headset (Turtle Beach X12) The mix definitely does work, I can hear myself talk through my headset.
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As I am having to rebuild my system from scratch, but with my data files saved, things are not going to plan.
I installed Outlook after having changed MyDocuments. The new installation created new Outlook.pst and Archive.pst, and I have been vainly trying to hook these back to my old versions. Things are getting tangled, despite uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook a couple of times and hiding my old versions away, but Outlook seems to know where they are and half picks them up. Half, as they are the ones which are listed on the left hand pane, but when I try to send/receive, I get an error 'Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed' with an error code 0x8004010F.

Any suggestions gratefully received...

A:Big Problem ReConnecting to Outlook Data Files

This may or may not help you troubleshoot the error Understanding why error code 0X8004010F is thrown when trying to download an OAB - Dgoldman's WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Or, here How to fix error code 0x8004010f? - Microsoft Outlook
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As you see in the screenshot Explorer just sits there trying to load the folder I've requested This happens seemingly randomly at with Explorer load network folders/drives drives. mounted can't least I haven't been able to find a pattern If I unmount all network drives the problem disappears Sometimes it loads within a few seconds while some other time it can keep loading for several minutes preventing me from doing anything useful As you can imagine this is very frustrating One solution to temporarily bypass this is to cut the network connection and open the folder I need and then reconnect the network System -Windows Home Pro -ZyXEL NAS with latest firmware I've gone through several firmware updates since purchase -Other devices mounted as network drives for easy access e g Android phone Shield Android TV etc -Router Netgear WNR Lv with Tomato firmware by Shibby Same as NAS gone through several firmware upgrades -downgrades problem persists The router is Master Browser and WINS Server and these features are turned off on Explorer can't load folders/drives with mounted network drives. the NAS ipconfig all shows WINS Server as router
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Hi I've been having wireless network issues ever since we purchased a new router Netgear n probably about one year ago My laptop has no issues with other wifi connections but when I am connected at home the connection continually drops and reconnects It usually disconnects for - seconds and then reconnects This happens constantly while I am at the house When I troubleshoot the connection the message quot Default Gateway not available quot often pops up When the connection drops while a webpage is loading the browser tells me that quot The DNS lookup failed quot Also our home network connection is dropping/reconnecting. Connection Failed" Lookup "DNS Network named quot Network Connection dropping/reconnecting. "DNS Lookup Failed" Home-FORCE quot but on Network Connection dropping/reconnecting. "DNS Lookup Failed" my laptop the name shows up as quot Home-FORCE quot Has anybody seen or had this issue before I am wondering if the problem is with the settings on my laptop or if I made an error while setting up the wireless router There are several other laptops in my house that connect just fine and my smartphone has no issues with this connection However when my laptop is connected to wifi other laptops in the house begin having the same issues Any help is much appreciated and I will gladly provide any additional information that I can

A:Network Connection dropping/reconnecting. "DNS Lookup Failed"

Have you done a ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew at a command prompt? It does sound like some setting(s) are amiss on the laptop. Go into control panel on the laptop that isn't working and go to the networking properties and check to see if get DNS automatically is selected. I will post exactly how to do that when I get home soon
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Hi All I have hard drives that already have Windows installed on each My rig is a custom build so as for Motherboard I have Motherboard Gigabyte G Assassin has two GB s SATA ports and four GB s SATA ports if recognized in Desktop, network drives, Multiple all drives One not mistaken I would put eligible drives on the GB s Multiple drives, One Desktop, all drives recognized in network ports and the others on the GB s ports I know my MB is ancient now The quot new quot drives are already connected via SATA ports and both are functional but one is extremely slow and I believe it is because I didn't install them correctly Missing drivers or something not sure Here are my issues broken down I have two choices to make first is to use the quot fastest HDD quot as my primary and the other HDD's will be used as storage Second choice is to induce RAID or whichever is recommended If I go with RAID please point me to a site where I can use as a guide on how to do that correctly as I have never done that before Unless of course it is a simple process and can be explained here I just didn't want to have to go back and forth on this board while becoming a nuisance Going with the best recommendation based on above I need to resolve network recognition issues I use the WD Mycloud TB as my backup I like it because I travel a lot and I can easily use the app to pull up any document picture video etc while knowing that I don't need to pay a monthly fee to someone else However of the time when I boot up I see Could not reconnect network drives etc appear in service tray I need all drives and WD MyCloud to talk to one another on the network as apparently they are not half the time From research it seems that Microsoft acknowledges this as their own design flaw There are some with different variations of bypassing MSFT's design flaw by using scripts changing the registry or Group policies etc This is where I get lost and need help Reminder Currently all drives have Windows installed I will be conducting a clean install on all drives this weekend just to ensure My computer is getting a fresh start If not needed or I need to format them first please advise My memory is out playing somewhere else right now as I cannot recall quot what quot I need to install BEFORE I actually install the first hard drive s For starters I realize that I need to ensure the BIOS is up to date But aren't there quot Drivers quot that I need to install for SATA purposes before the HDD talks to it Or drivers other than this Otherwise the needed functionality will be lost if you don't install that first I am just reiterating what a MSFT support site mentioned but now can't remember all Sorry One last concern is that my drive letters change when I boot into my second new drive shown in attachment When I am on the primary the drive letter is C When I boot into the slave as I have configured in BIOS to be as such the drive letter for the slave is now C Also the Reserve partitions change their letters as well This has to be confusing just about every piece of software I have installed Do I need to partition these differently in order to make their drive letters stay consistent I guess if I went with a RAID configuration this wouldn't be happening Disk Management Screen Shot and Network are attached My task this weekend is to backup all data from all drives and afterwards was intending to do a clean install of Windows Professional on all drives just so I know things are starting off new and clean But the above issues or concerns need to be addressed if there is someone out there that knows what I need Thanks

A:Multiple drives, One Desktop, all drives recognized in network

I'll bite:

Why 4 Windows installations?
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Weird issue I have drives of on a Win Pro computer mapped on a Win XP SP computer on Mapped Drives Network Solved: Drives on & my home network IT Solved: Mapped Drives & Drives on Network connects to ALL YET that same Win XP computer will NOT access those same drives on the Win computer through the network unmapped giving the message quot hostname X is not accessible quot but WILL connect to the other drives All drives have the same sharing and security settings Baffled any ideas Log Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB J Total - MB Free - MB K Total - MB Free - MB L Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA- T-USB Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled Solved: Mapped Drives & Drives on Network nbsp

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due to the fact that we are a small business firm and don't have a server OS I'd like to create a network drive folder tree for Lawyers, Secretaries etc. with different access rights and so on.

On our Storage-Workstation I'm able to deny access or free access to folders completely, but if I wanna allow access only for special users, I don't succeed.

I can specify groups and users in Computer management - Local users and groups, but I can't include the computers of our workgroup, I don't see them, only the workstation pc name is given. Can somebody help me?

A:Client-based network for small business with network-drives (without using AD)
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hi guys so I have this weird problem that is driving me nuts since some weeks here's the thing at work we have a corporate set up with Win Professional everything is setup on a quot domain quot we all have Dell computers and we can connect either via cable or via wireless pretty standard these days anyway if I connect via cable and login everything works perfectly access Cannot over Network on Network Corporate Drives Wireless Shared I can see the local network shares and no problems at all Problems start to arise on wireless Here's the crazy scenario - if I start PC on cable with wifi turned off via hardware switch then say I undock the PC for going to a meeting room AND I turn on the wifi everything works fine I can see the network drives all good it crunches for a few moments when I load explorer the Cannot access Network Shared Drives over Corporate Network on Wireless first time and then he quot finds quot the network drives - if I decide to go back to my station turn off wifi re-dock the PC back to cable everything works fine BUT - if say I am on cable undock the pc put on the wifi and THEN I restart the PC when the computer boots win it takes some time at boot then I cannot access the network drives anymore they have the red X and it says quot connection cannot be restored quot or something like that internet browsing always works fine and I DONT do any login on wireless I think because it's on a quot domain quot setup that is tested times in a row basically if I don't give him the cable at boot I cannot see the network drives and also when it cannot detect correctly the network drives if I restart the laptop it literally gets stuck and I have to force a reset on cable it restarts in like seconds I also noticed that when I am on cable if I go to quot network quot then I see some of my colleague's computers there BUT if I am on wifi when I cannot access the network drives then I see just myself this would make sense in a way things I already tried that didn't change a thing - enable files and printer sharing check - check client for Microsoft networks - TCP IP gt advanced gt NetBIOS quot enable NetBIOS over TCP IP quot from default that was before - flush DNS - restart winsocks with the net something command sorry cant remember the syntax nothing seems to make a difference to complicate things some of my colleagues with older dell computers don't have any issue at all in fact they are always on wifi for me it's a personal choice I like to be on cable when at the desk faster connection overall and when I go to meeting rooms I use the wireless obviously but it's very annoying that I have to remember quot not to restart quot if I am in meeting room otherwise I cannot see the network drives where we have work stuff sorry for the rant help highly appreciated thanks Gabrio

A:Cannot access Network Shared Drives over Corporate Network on Wireless

What is the make/model of Wireless Access Point(s)?
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One domain user recently can't see network drives and use printer. When you join a domain it automatically maps those drives and ads that printer, and it did, but now it is all gone. You can't even see disconnected drives in My computer. I am able to ping
those drives, but that's it. And this occurs only on one computer on one user. If log in to different user on that computer everything is fine and if I log in with that user on different computer it also works. Tried looking for disabled services, but couldn't
any that would be turned off from the most important (Workstation, Network location awareness, Network list service). Any suggestions?
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Hi all, I'v got a problem with mapped network drives.

My configuration:
i have my pc with Windows 7 beta, anda onther old pc with windows xp. I mapped a shared folder on the xp computer ads network drive.

The problem is that even if I save my credentials, the network drive don't reconnect at logon and I have to reenter my credential again.

I have the same username on both pc, on the xp one (where are the shared folders) I have also set a password, on mine not.
Can you help me? Thank you very much.

A:Network drives don't reconnect at logon ("Could not reconnect all network drives")

Ops, I marked the thread as solved for mistake! Could please some admin fix it?
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How do you remove out of computer memory or where ever it stores info on a used drive. I went into disk manager and nothing shows but when i try to us that letter it says in use Any ideas

A:Network Drives

If it is a network drive, you can just go into your "My Computer" and right click on the "Disconnected Network Drive" or if it is even still connected and select "Disconnect". This will remove it from your drive lettering.

Is this a network drive (Mapped), or is it something else.
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When I log in, I get a pop up message saying cannot reconnect to all network drives. I go to My Computer, and all of them are connected. I have every letter mapped. Is there any way to get this message to stop popping up?
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First off thank you for taking the time to read this Here is what I have One PC running XP pro sp PC one PC running windows evaluation build PC and one wireless dlink router set up with default settings On each PC i have one admin account configured PC username quot user quot password quot passw rd quot PC username quot user quot password quot passw rd quot On each PC i have chosen to share the C drive File can't network map drives and print can't map network drives sharing is also enabled From the XP machine PC if I go to network places and view entire network and click on quot workgroup quot I can see the windows PC pc and if I click on it I can see two folders quot C quot and quot users quot fi I click on either I get PC c is not accessable you might not have permission blah blah blah If I attempt to map a drive from PC to PC I m prompted for a user name and password Since I m going from PC can't map network drives to PC I m using can't map network drives the credentials for PC username quot PC user quot password quot passw rd quot That is not working I ve also tried every other combination of username passwords I could and nothing will work If I attempt to map a drive for the win machine PC to the XP PC I get pertty much the same problem username password promts and nothing works Both PC s are in the same quot WORKGROUP quot I can ping each PC from one another also Any ideas appreciated Thanks JP nbsp

A:can't map network drives

You might try mapping the drives manually and use the IP addresses instead of the names. Like this \\\c: insert your own IP addresses of course.
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Hello people in the netlogon file what do i type to make the drive L: go to \\server\shared-drive for the bat file

A:Network Drives

net use L: \\server\shared-drive
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Has anyone experienced an error message in Device Manager when installing the network attached storage drives like MyBook Live, the drives themselves seem to work fine and i have access to them (most of the time) on my home netwok, however i keep getting that little yellow triangle telling me that something is wrong, specifically:

the device manager error code is This device cannot start. (Code 10)


A:WD Network Drives

Most of the time that is a driver related issue. See here.....

Description of Code 10-related errors that Device Manager generates in Windows-based computers
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I m running Windows XP Pro version with SP weeks ago I lost my ability to map network drives from my laptop to my home network where I have other computers running Windows Server and one running Windows XP I can ping the other computers from my laptop and I can get out on the Internet from my laptop but I cannot map any network map Cannot drives network drives Message I get is that the network location cannot be reached From the other computers I can map drives between them but not to my laptop And I cannot map from any of the other computers back to my laptop but I can ping my laptop The Properties for my network card show that the Client for Microsoft Networks Cannot map network drives File amp Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks are Cannot map network drives not checked and I cannot get them checked When I check them and click on OK pop-up message says the current selection will also disable the following components the just checked and asks if I am sure I want to disable these components I feel I should reinstall Windows XP Pro but I don t want to loose anything from my laptop Any ideas on what is going is greatly appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Cannot map network drives

You can try uninstalling your network card in Device Manager, rebooting and let Windows reinstall it. Then go through the configuration process.
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Hey All i'm new here so i'll say Drives Network hi and also ask a question D At work Network Drives there are about PCs running XP SP laptops running XP Pro SP and laptop Vista Home Prem There is one PC acting as a Server with a shared folder that has all the files to be shared docs etc That server also has XP Pro Sp On all the quot client quot pcs including laptops at My Computer there is a mapped network drive of the server quot server documents quot so the staff can easily access the network drive I have now noticed that when logged in as an Admininistrator on any computer when trying to access the network drive M a diaglog to login appears When a computer is logged in as a standard restricted user they are not prompted to login to the server This has never happened before just suddenly So just to evaluate -staff logged in as restricted users can access network drive -administrators are prompted a login to access network drive this happens on all computers including vista laptop Any ideas whats causing this Thank you in advanced
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Is there a simple way to connect certain network dirves when the user logs on.

I have used the lusrmgr.msc to create a home drive for the user, but i need another one to load upon log on.

Is there anything you could recommend?

I am not using a domina environment.


A:Network Drives

how many machines are we talking about ?

if it's not many then you could just put a batch/cmd script into the ALL USERS/START MENU/PROGRAMS/STARTUP folder.

if you have many it can become a bit of a pig to administer after you have implemented and decide a change is required. You could also play around with a login script that is stored on a central repository.

a command script is simply dos commands packaged up in a file that the computer knows to execute.

a simple way of producing one is;

open notepad.
enter a command, such as ;
net use * \\SERVER\SHARE

then save the file as a *.cmd (remember to change the type of the file to ALL!!)
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I'm having a problem with vista Network Drives machines not being able to map network drives The network drives are on MS SMB servers When I try to map the drive it says quot Network path cannot be found quot What I do know Network discovery is on and servers are visible I can ping the servers from the vista boxes both with IP and using DNS WINS names The vista machines have been able to map them prior it just started happening - no updates were installed on the vista machines as my predecessor screwed up WSUS I manually updated one and it did not solve the issue I ran the windows Network Drives online scanner safety live com and it quot fixed quot some registry errors and also did not fix some but didn't give me any details as to which errors couldn't be fixed No viruses adware found No server updates have been installed since black Tuesday May the drives have mapped since then anyone have any thoughts thanks oh and I turned off all firewalls to make sure that wasn't the issue it wasn't the Network Drives issue

A:Network Drives

Are the routers/switches/hubs Vista compatible? If not, I'd suggest disabling the DHCP Broadcast Flag according to these directions: that I'd try disabling IPv6 to see if that helps (could be an issue with translation from IPv6 to IPv4). Also, the IP Helper service provides this service - and it's sometimes done through an IPNAT device (which may appear in your network devices).
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I m running Windows XP Pro SP on a Compaq Presario and sometime during the last month all unused drives letters are becoming mapped to one of my network drives Themselves Network By Drives Map I remove the mappings but at some point in Network Drives Map By Themselves time they all become mapped again there is even one mapped to no drive letter the drive letter shows up as quot none quot when I go to the disconnect window I ve not been able to find a reason for this I ve run Spybot Adaware and Avast and found no problems The only new thing that I put on was System Mechanic and it seems to be after that that is started happening I ve turned off the ActivCare feature thinking this might be causing it but I m still seeing the drives get re-mapped I just noticed that System Mechanic performed a deep scan an hour ago I ve been gone about hours so perhaps the deep scan is doing it I will check that and report back But I did want to post this in case anyone else has seen this and either has a solution or is looking for one UPDATE Defiantly System Mechanic I will contact the manufacturer for a solution nbsp

A:Network Drives Map By Themselves

You can uninstall the system mechanic and go for Advanced WindowsCare instead.
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In a Server 2003 domain, how do i set up so users that login always have a specifice network drive just for them, no matter what computer they log into?

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On our network, users in active directory have a Home Folder setup to connect to a mapped network drive with their username.

So when they log in to Windows, they have a network drive like p:\personalfolder\username

Lately, several Windows XP machines have been dropping the username completely, leaving only p:\personalfolder which they cannot access since it is restricted. Restarting the machine will usually correct this, but it seems to be happening to a few users every day.

How can I prevent this from happening? Is there even a way to troubleshoot this?

They are all logging into a domain that runs active directory and group policy. No other network drives seem to be affected.

A:Network drives

Have you checked the Active Directory settings for each user , maybe it has been changed. It could also be a conflicting GP or logon script.
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Good afternoon,
I have a laptop with Windows 7 Pro connected with a Domain. I can map the drives, but after I disconnect the domain network and make a reboot these drives don't appear anymore. Only appears if I logging in with the network domain cable plugged.
I already tryed to add a regkey named EnableLinkedConnections with value equal 1, as suggested in other forum. I already check the persistent parameter but can't solve this problem. This not happen in Windows 10. Who can help?

Thank you in advance
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Let me start by saying i'm not really savvy on computer jargon. But here goes.
I have 2 windows 7 computers in my network and I have a Dlink DNS-323 mass storage devide. my wifes computer has no problem accessing the external hard drive. On my computer I have the red X on both drives in the DNS-323. If i try to access this drive from an application such as Itunes, it tells that the path is invalid or something close to that. I then have to go to Windows Explorer and double click on both drives.
Please help.


A:Red X on network drives

Quote: Originally Posted by loucip

Let me start by saying i'm not really savvy on computer jargon. But here goes.
I have 2 windows 7 computers in my network and I have a Dlink DNS-323 mass storage devide. my wifes computer has no problem accessing the external hard drive. On my computer I have the red X on both drives in the DNS-323. If i try to access this drive from an application such as Itunes, it tells that the path is invalid or something close to that. I then have to go to Windows Explorer and double click on both drives.
Please help.


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Maybe you could try their troubleshooting page;
D-Link 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure
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Running Windows 2000 server, Win 98 clients, 10mb network, fiber backbone. Using log in script to map network drives, after a yet undetermined period of time, user loses network drives, you can log out and in and you map the drives but no longer have permission to access the drives.(even as adminstrator) Reboot the computer, log in as any user works fine but you must reboot. These are Gateway E1400 450 celerons with 32 meg of ram. It is almost as if the permissions time out and you have to clear cache to get it back. Any ideas????


A:Network drives


If you time it, you will see that it is exactly 90 minutes between logging on, and losing the connection. This is because of the Kerebos Authentication, which has a 90 minute lease time on it's security token.

But it should re-establish the connection. Do you have the Win98 Active Directory plug-in installed on the machine? It is on the Win2K server disk, and should be installed.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

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Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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This is really a 2 pronged question, thought I might be able to get answers to both at the same time.

#1. Can you map a network drive when you are using a VPN connection? (Windows Vista)
I tried to map the drive through "computer", but it was only showing me the local area network to choose from.

#2. What would cause IE or Safari (both were tried) to say there is no connection to the internet, while a VPN is connected? The network connections show 2 connections, one with local and internet and the VPN which shows local only. While the VPN is connected, I can't access IE or Safari.

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This may have already been anwsered but I was unable to find a fix.
I have a Vista Home Premium 64bit with mapped network drives which reside on a WindowsXP system. These drives do not have passwords or security. Everytime Vista restarts it does not automaticlly connect to these drives. However clicking the drive in Computer connects it and opens it. It seems to maybe be a timing issue. Any tips on fixing this?
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hi. im considering a server for digital media for a htpc. means building a new machine though. i have a couple of old dell p3 systems but cases are not suitable for mult. hd's. also os is win ME on both so drive capacity is now considering a network hard drive solution. does anyone know what the inside of one looks like. could i get one and maybe daisy chain additional drives. could i build one myself. any ideas appreciated

A:network hard drives

SCSI Drives are faster and you can have far more HDs on a SCSI system than a normal IDE, but they are pricier!
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Hello I have a Win K Network with a backoffice pc acting as a server with shared folders The network has been in place for a few years but this week I have run into problems were connection to the mapped network drives is Ping map Can but can't drives network lost No setting have been changed all are on the same workgroup amp there is no firewall in place - I have tried disconnecting the mapped amp remapping them but can t - I can t Can Ping but can't map network drives see the other pc s in my network places - I CAN ping the ip of any pc on the network - In the beginning a reboot of all pc s helped but now has no effect Can someone please provide me with details as to what they think might be wrong as I am lost for what to try next do you think it could be a virus of some sort I have Nod installed on all pc s it is fully up to date amp a full system scan does not detect anything Please help nbsp

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it was working back on 10049 and then i updated to 10051 and it still was working fine. but recently i did a fresh install and now i can re add a network device

i have a "New" Nintendo 3ds and i cant setup the MicroSD management which requires you to add it as a network drive

like \\N3DS

in the network tab i can see it but when i click it it says

windows cannot access \\N3DS

error code 0x80070035
the network path was not found
upon clicking troubleshooting the problem says
the remote device or resource wont accept the connection..

can i fix this?

A:I cant connect to network drives

Originally Posted by xdarkmario

it was working back on 10049 and then i updated to 10051 and it still was working fine. but recently i did a fresh install and now i can re add a network device

i have a "New" Nintendo 3ds and i cant setup the MicroSD management which requires you to add it as a network drive

like \\N3DS

in the network tab i can see it but when i click it it says

windows cannot access \\N3DS

error code 0x80070035
the network path was not found
upon clicking troubleshooting the problem says
the remote device or resource wont accept the connection..

can i fix this?

Shot in the dark . . . I've been having trouble with Internet since 10041 and this morning . . .

Go to Device Manager and see if your "Bluetooth" shows to not be working properly. I updated mine and I'm finally back in good business.
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I use a NAS drive for my scheduled back-ups and usually it works great, however, if my PC is restarted for any reason it will not reconnect the drives meaning that the back-up fails.
If I enter into Computer and double click the drives they become available but I'm not always home between a restart and the scheduled back-up so doing this automatically would be great

I'm sure I found a work round for this in the past but need to fix it again as I have recently re-installed my OS.

Windwos 7 x64 Ultimate
Buffalo Dual NAS

I think in the past I had a little script that ran and accessed a file on the drive in question which made it available
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I have windows xp pro and im trying to map network drives through my network. I right click my music go to sharing and enable it to share.. Its shown up as a shared folder by the different icon ..

I hop on another pc on my network and its not showing up anywhere, i had this working like a month ago but its not now .. Whats the issue, Could someone maybe tell me what to do step-by step.

Secondly, if someone logs onto my hamachi and simulates the lan can they see my shared network lan folders/files?


A:Network Mapping drives through Lan

Windows networking is a bit slow to update sometimes. Try mapping the network drive manually by right clicking My Computer and selecting "Map network drive"

You can select any drive letter you want that is not already being used.
In the "Folder" field you have 2 options:
1) \\yourcomputer's name\My Music (whatever the name of the folder that you shared is)
2) \\yourcomputer's IP address\My Music
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I have a small (3 PC's) network with a number of mapped network drives. Even though when I created them, I selected to "reconnect on Login" when I restart the computers the drives start out in my drive list, but not connected until I actually open them manually in the "MY Computer" window. For example, I use one of them for backing up Quicken data files, and when I attempt to use the Quicken backup procedure, the drive is not able to open. Are there some permissions that must be set on each computer to allow these drives to open on restarts?
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I work at a company, and i just got a new computer. its plugged into the network and eveything. But i dont see all of the network drives. Would i have to create an account with administrative rights to access all of these drives?

A:Accessing Network Drives

Do you have an IT person? If so, check with him/her/them.
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I tried mapping a few different drives and came across a strange problem, which I had never experienced before as I had done the same thing on numerous computers. When I click network, and the network drives begin to appear, only a few of the 48 appear, and then disappear. I can't work out why they aren't appearing. Not to mention as one point when they did, they disappeared seconds later as if the network kicked us off, but when I reload it, different network drives appear sometimes, instead of the others ones. What could cause this? And I am in need to a quick solution (if possible). Its a rather tedious problem, as you could understand.

Any help is appreciated.
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In our office we have 6-8 workstations working in a domain with a server running Windows Server 2003. The workstations are running XP pro and we are in the process of upgrading them to Win 7 64-bit. I have already upgraded two stations, but now I am struggling with indexing issues. Everything relevant is stored on network drives.

Is there a way to index the network drives by the server and use the indexing data by the workstations (either XP or Win 7)? Obviously, when someone is looking for something, I want them to be able to find it both on their local machine, but most importantly - on the network drives.

For the Win 7 computers I was advised to make the network drives "available offline" but I don't believe this is the right solution.

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Hello Recently at work all of our PC s having been getting a quot Disconnected Network Drive quot notification When you open My Computer it shows drives that are not even mapped as disconnected using every letter in the alphabet Usually when you open My Disconnected Drives Network Computer we have two mapped drives H amp Y Y is mapped to the users Disconnected Network Drives home folder and H is mapped to all users home folders These are mapped I assume though a login bat file that is used on our network We are running Windows Small Business Server in a domain environment All workstations are running Windows XP SP and are up to date with patches etc I read the following article on Microsoft s web site and was wondering if this is a good fix http support microsoft com default aspx scid kb en-us I am trying to avoid calling our Network Advisors for this issue Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this before and if so how it was resolved Thank you in advance for any guidance that can be provided Feral Geek nbsp
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At startup, I get this notification bubble from the notification area (system tray):

Could not reconnect all network drives
Click here to check the status of your network drives

A:Could not reconnect all network drives.

What happens when you click to see the status?
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I hope I can explain clearly enough to earn some help here The setup network drives and file bat We have a bat file that is used to launch an application The primary reason for this is to copy global configuration settings from a server to the user s local machine In order to accomplish this I ve used a FQDM like so servername folder I ve also tried this with a persistently mapped drive to the server folder but have run into problems with the specific drive letter already mapped on some machines The Problem Only on some machines the credentials seem to get lost access is not granted and global configs are not downloaded The known solution is insufficient - start run server folder and then it asks for credentials Once quot re-entered quot they last until the next time the machine is restarted I think The Attempts I ve looked at net use commands hoping to find something in there that will work but I m either misunderstanding those tools or they don t work The Question bat file and network drives Is there a prefered technique to help ensure proper authentication to a bat file and network drives remote server via a batch file without mapping to a drive letter Perhaps some way to prompt for credentials Clearly one bat file is meant to work for everyone so loading credentials in the bat file is unreaslistic as bat file and network drives I understand the process Windows login and the remote server login are different user names most of the time C nbsp
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Over the past several months, I have had a few user complain of this problem; after logging in they are not getting any network drives. If they log out then log back in, everything seems fine. Network drives are assigned thru a login script and the users are running HP desktops with Windows XP SP2.
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I'm having a mapping problem. I have a Windows 2003 server in the workgroup group. My Windows 7 PC is in a domain. I'd like to share files between the domain and workgroup. Most of the time i can't see the Windows 2003 server. When I am able to, it asks for a username and password. I put it in but it says it's invalid. How can I get a PC in a domain to talk to the Server in the workgroup group?

A:Mapping network drives

Welcome to Seven Forums!

A PC can't be a member of a Domain and a Workgroup a the same time. They're mutually exclusive.

You should however be able to manually map a drive from the W7 PC. You'll need to use the fully qualified name (FQN)of the share on the server.

One thing you'll need to so is make sure the W7 machine has Network Discovery enabled. Also take a look at Password Protected Sharing, you may need to disable that.
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getting this message on bootup. need the usb port to work to backup files so I can address viruses. ideas?

A:'can't reconnect all network drives'

Suggest that you try the following: -

1. Shutdown
2. Physically disconnect all Network drives
3. Restart
4. Monitor Task Manager and WAIT until all Disk activity has stopped - 0%
5. Now physically reconnect only ONE of the Network drives
6. Check if you can "see" the drive in File Explorer
7. Check if you can "see" the drive in Disk Management (see note)

Let us know the result.

NOTE - Path to get to Disk Management

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Be patient, Disk Management can take up to 30 seconds to populate the window.

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HI Guys havent been on in a while hope your all keeping well Have a problem with a pc on my network w We use a fairly intensive java based programe that accesses a database drives dropping Network on an as when this application is open along with email the user is unable to access their network drives they get the following error quot insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service quot I have done a fair bit of research on this and can t seem to finda solution I have done the ovbious thing and checked task manager but it shows the I have over mb of memeory left machine is running gig it is a fresh build so it isn t realted to an application conflict every other pc runs this application fine albeit slowly can anyone suggest anything obvious I have set the page file to mb so its unlikely to be running out of virtual memeory this has me stumped nbsp

A:Network drives dropping

Windows or a Windows service reports an error in the event log stating that the system is out of resources; however, according to Performance Monitor and Windows Diagnostics, there is plenty of RAM available. For example, if a large number of connections are made to SQL Server, SQL Server reports an error 1450 - Insufficient System Resources, even though this system has plenty of RAM available.
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The Windows kernel is running out of paged-pool memory. When Windows starts, it calculates the amount of paged-pool memory available to the kernel based on the amount of physical RAM in the system. The following lists describes the maximum values in Windows: ? In Windows NT, the maximum value for paged-pool memory is 192 MB.
? In Windows 2000, the maximum value for paged-pool memory is 470 MB; the maximum value for non-paged-pool memory is 256 MB.
If the kernel allocates all of its allotted paged- pool memory, it will not be able to perform many tasks and will instead return a STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES (0xC000009A) message.
Back to the top

This behavior is by design. Windows currently uses 32-bit addressing for memory. This only allows for 4 GB of addressable RAM, which must be divided into various sections of virtual memory. The kernel only has 2 GB to divide up and, in this distribution of addresses, paged-pool memory is allocated a maximum of 192 MB. This is a restriction of the 32-bit addressing.


Pagefile = 3072/4096 or 4096/4096
If fails to fix the problem then you might have a memory leak going on or the kernel is corrupted..
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Alright, I just got my server up and running (windows server 2003) and setup a domain. I have about 40 user accounts setup on the server and am wondering if there is a way to make it so that when a user logs onto a client computer the network drives which they have permission to use are automatically mapped? I can't imagine that I have to set this up for each user on each client computer. Thanks for any help and please ask if you need anything clarified.

A:Maping Network Drives

My workplace uses scripts which automatically map network drives when a user logs in. I'm going by memory, but in Active Directory, when viewing the properties of a user, the path of the script is placed in the "profile" tab, I believe.
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I have 1 pc and 2 laptops all connected Wirelessly via a Belkin Router.

I used to be able to map all network drives but now i cant seem to map any.

My hhard drive crashed so installed a new one. I upgraded to sp2, and also upgraded my virus scan to pccillin 2005.

I used to map network drives with pccillin before so i cant see were the problme is with that, if pccillin is causing the problem.

I have the same workgroup name on all pcs.

Please can someone help.

A:No longer able to map network drives.

Have you tried Right Clicking on My Computer and choosing Map Network Drive...?

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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The script works however it seems like a lot of work and should be a way to cut down my code I want to store all the network drives so I can later check them Here is the code Code Option Explicit Dim dnumber Drives findh I map WshNetwork WshShell X Set WshNetwork WScript CreateObject quot WScript Network quot Set WshShell WScript CreateObject quot WScript Shell quot Set Drives Prettier to drives... way get network WshNetwork EnumNetworkDrives dnumber drives count findh quot H elomp dm home quot I X Do Redim Preserve Map I Map I Drives item X amp Drives item X I I X X Loop Until I dnumber For I to dnumber- MsgBox Map I Next I made this simple script and tested it Each network drive comes up I made a new one and it comes up also I know that WshNetwork EnumNetworkDrives works in a pair the first showing the drive and the second doing the path - - etc It just seems there should be quot cleaner quot code that does it all Am I right or just stick with what works nbsp

A:Prettier way to get network drives...

I use this one. Not any cleaner but a little different.

' -----------------------------------------------------------'
Option Explicit
Dim objNetwork, colDrives, intDrive, intNetLetter

' This is the heart of the script
' Here is where colDrives enumerates the mapped drives
Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set colDrives = objNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives

' Extra section to troubleshoot
If colDrives.Count = 0 Then
WScript.Echo "Guy's warning: No Drives Mapped "
End If

' Here is the where the script reads the array
For intDrive = 0 To (colDrives.Count -1) Step 2
intNetLetter = IntNetLetter +1
WScript.Echo "UNC Path " & intDrive & " - " & colDrives.Item(intDrive)_
& " Mapped drive No : " & colDrives.Item(intDrive +1)

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I'm working on an issue with a Windows XP machine. All other 2000 and XP machines in this office do not have this problem. When this machine VPN's into a datacenter across town, it takes a long time (2-3 minutes) to map a network drive at the remote location. With 2 drives mapped the user can traverse folders and open files just fine. With 3 drives mapped, all mapped drive tasks slow to a crawl and sometimes crash explorer.

I've ruled out: speed, DNS, virus, spyware. I've removed all My Network Drive shortcuts. Changed up a bunch of folder options, change some registry settings I found online having to do with Suppression. Run sfc and chkdsk.

Any ideas? Remember this is the only PC in the office with this problem.

A:Map Network Drives slow

nic at full duplex? no errors on the nic? if you move this unit to another network connection any difference? Defragged lately? Ram amount the same as the others?
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We've just installed quickbooks POS and its not connecting to the files that it's supposed to over the network. The techsupport isn't helpful at all and are telling me that I can't install the comp data file on a network drive. Ultimatly, its been a long time since I did a lot of networking and I'm trying to make sense of how this would work. If anyone has any comments at all, please don't hesitate. I'm pretty desperate at this point.

A:Network Drives and Quickbooks

Did you purchase a network version or a standalone version of the software?

Was this software installed previously on a different machine which is why you need to link to it?
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I currently have one drive (N) mapped from my company's network: "Main Server\\Work Data\Document\Pictures"

Starting last week, at least a few times per day, I see that there are new drives mapped to "Mainserver\\Work Data" - this folder used to be mapped to my computer, but it was disconnected over a month ago.

The drives are somehow mapping themselves. It start with the Z-drive, then Y, X, W, etc. and keeps on going until I stop it and disconnect all of them (except for N).

After reading the forums, I thought it might occur when a media drive (SD card or phone) was plugged into my computer. So I unplugged everything and it stopped for a few days, but then it started up again yesterday.

Any thoughts?

A:Network drives are mapping themselves

Hey gogrizz,

This very issue came up with a machine on our network a few years back. There was definitely a fix - what it was I can't quite recall right now (I'm at home).

I've made a mental note to check my support logs when I get in tomorrow morning and will be sure to check back in here and if unresolved at that time will definitely run through the fix.

As a starter, does your organisation use any startup scripts that would map the drives? Is it possible someone has configured one wrong?

Also, you presumably do have MS Office software running - how about MS Project? There was a legacy issue with old versions of Windows/Office (maybe as far back as NT?) that caused repeat mappings as a result of previously-indexed locations, recent files and similar. Shortcuts could also play havoc with drive mappings, but unlikely you're running such old OS'.
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Hello there, I work at a school network and plug all my computers out the wall sockets at night because we have lightning storms. It seems even though we did this, our network connections are scrambled and one of our stand alone computers doesn't work. The power button is on, but no one is home. How can this be if the plugs were all pluged out. Also, what can be done to re-establish the connection?

A:Network drives disabled

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When I go into Control Panel | Indexing Options | Modify, the "Show all locations" button is disabled. Also going through Advanced | Select New, does not allow selection of folders from network.
How can I add a network drive for indexing?

A:Searching Network drives

What kind of network setup do you have? I have an XP machine and a Vista machine behind a router using simple file and printer sharing. Vista wanted to index everything without me doing anything. I'm on the other side of the coin. I turned all that indexing stuff off. That's why I'm wondering if you're not on a simple home network. Otherwise Vista would index 24/7!!
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After coming back from an extended holiday it appears that all my network drives are working fine; unfortunately all the network drive icons still have the unable to reconnect to network drive icon with the red X.

How can I fix this problem?

I appreciate any responses.


A:Network drives are accessible but still have red X

Have a look at this support article:

In regards to Vista (explanation of issue):Windows Support

More info:

Hi JSkellington,
A. Which version of windows7 are you using?
I would suggest you to check the settings for mapping the network drive with windows7.
When you create a shortcut to a shared folder or computer on a network (also called mapping a network drive), you can get to it from Computer or Windows Explorer without having to look for it or type its network address each time.
1.Open Computer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Computer.
2.Click Map network drive.
3.In the Drive list, click a drive letter.
You can choose any available letter.
4.In the Folder box, type the path of the folder or computer, or click Browse to find the folder or computer.
To connect every time you log on to your computer, select the Reconnect at logon check box.
5.Click Finish.
Additional information:

Hope this helps. Let us know the results.
Thanks & Regards,
Vijay B – Microsoft Support
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In other words, there's a solution for Vista but not one yet for 7 from what I can tell. My best advice would be to contact microsoft in regards to this issue.

- Al
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I'm having an issue reconnecting my network drives on my HP laptop running Windows 7.

I have a Thecus N4100 Pro NAS. I've mapped the drives with the option to reconnect at start up. I've put in my credentials and clicked the option to save credentials. However, when I reboot, I see the error, "Unable to reconnect network drives."

When I go to my Computer, I can see the drives and they are disconnected.

When I double click them, the credentials login screen comes up. I put in the same credentials I did as when I created them, select the option to save the credentials, and they do reconnect. They stay until I reboot the laptop and they go away again.

I've followed the same procedure on my desktop and the links work fine, even after a reboot.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

A:Can't Reconnet Network Drives

This has been a Problem with Windows 7, it in my opinion does not connect the drives unless the server is up and running
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Hi everyone I have Windows Ultimate computers hooked up to a ATT FastAccess DSL line They are in a Homegroup I also have Windows xp Pro computers that are connected to same the FastAccess DSL From the XP can see all win xp computers by browsing the quot entire network quot On one of the Win computers is assigned to Susan Susan Win PC has a Tb external hard drive attached to it I created a folder on the tb external HD Win7 Map Network XP Drives to from called Frank and shared it What I am needing to do is on Frank's Windows XP Pro computer is to Map Network Drive and Map to the quot frank quot folder and have it reconnect at logon Problem is when it goes to map the folder it wants an id password to connect to the quot frank Map Network Drives from XP to Win7 folder quot Map Network Drives from XP to Win7 I can enter the credentials that Susan uses on her PC and the drive will map just fine but I need it to map without asking for any credentials I already tried quot reconnect at logon quot and it shows in explorer but wants a password to reconnect I was thinking if I create a Frank user id and password on Susan's PC then use those credentials when frank tries to connect to the folder quot frank quot from his XP Pro PC then that might work I am not sure Any ideas Thank You Lat Raj

A:Map Network Drives from XP to Win7

Welcome to the forums Raj
Make sure all computers have the same workgroup (not homegroup) assigned
I usually have a similar problem because of a firewall or when one computer is connected to a VPN. Is that your case?
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I know I'm missing something obvious but I can't see is.

I have two computers one with XP and the other with Vista that are using a comment wireless network for my home. Since these are home machines they were configured without a password for logon.

I have set up what directories I want share on each machine.

When I map from the VISTA machine to the XP machine it works as it should - great! When I try to map from the XP machine to the VISTA machine it wants an ID/password. I can't get pass this.

Is there a default set - I've tried admin/admin with no luck. If I have to set an ID/pass how is it done and on what maching.

Many thanks

A:Mapping Network drives

Is this Vista Home version? If it is anything like Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate versions, you created a password for the default account named Administrator when Vista was first installed/used. Use that, or create one for the Vista account whose folder you are attempting to map.