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Corrupt user profile when removing and adding computer to domain

Q: Corrupt user profile when removing and adding computer to domain

We have removed a computer from the domain because of some network issues.
When we logged in to the computer as a local administrator we've noticed that the user folder of the domain user who was previously logged to that computer was almost empty(except for the appdata folder).
When we joined the pc back in the domain the computer made a new profile.
Unfortunaly the user did save some documents on his dekstop in the old profile.
Is there a possibilty to recover the documents.

The computer runs Windows 7 64 bit.

The old profile is not listed in the profile list in the system properties and also not visible as a profile in the register.

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Preferred Solution: Corrupt user profile when removing and adding computer to domain

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Corrupt user profile when removing and adding computer to domain

It's not a roaming profile and the hidden files are shown (also the protected operating files ares shown)
I only see the appdata folder
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As of today in our domain environment consisting of Windows and Windows Enterprise machines we are experiencing the quot User Profile service failed the sign-in - User profile cannot be loaded quot error message whenever a user tries to login This only affects users new to the particular machine If they have signed on before and already have Default service 8 User Profile loaded. be Profile Profile sign-in Win Environment Domain in Corrupt The failed User 7 the User Win cannot and - a cached account the computer logs them in with no issue This is occurring on both Win and Win machines We are an academic institution so this is becoming a huge problem in our labs Students generally use different computers so this is popping up very frequently I have a solution for the issue It appears that on the non-working machines that the quot Default quot user profile is corrupt I have discovered that if I find a machine Win or Win doesn't matter that is allowing first time users to logon I can copy the quot Default quot user profile and replace the corrupt one I must first permanently delete the corrupt profile before copying over the new one Corrupt Default User Profile in Domain Environment - The User Profile service failed the sign-in User Profile cannot be loaded. Win 8 and Win 7 I am doing this over the network by navigating the C users folder Even this way is becoming cumbersome though as we have over computer in labs I have googled and googled and I keep seeing the same answers offering various solutions none which are any more practical than my method I cannot find information on a cause or a reason of why this would just crop up out of nowhere I suspect maybe a Windows update but I cannot verify that yet If anyone can offer any advice share a possible patch it would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp
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Here are the steps I took Please tell me if I should have done differently On the server end add the user and computer to the domain in advance Fresh install windows and make the first username Admin Once at desktop rename PC to match PC name on domain i e Workstation Add computer to mydomain local and when asked for username and password I entered the credentials for the new user Restarted the PC and signed into mydomain newuser without any problems However now when I try to access the original local Admin account by typing 'Workstation local Admin' as the username and adding domain Can't as a computer user to after login a local then the password It keeps saying password invalid So I logged back into the domain account and tried resetting the password to Admin and then tried signing in as admin again still no luck Currently there are accounts on the computer one of them is a local domain account for newuser and the other is a local Admin account which I cannot Can't login as local user after adding a computer to a domain access What kind of glitch is this Should I have not joined the domain through the original Admin account and instead added a local user to the PC 'newuser' and then sign in as that user locally then add them to the domain through their own local account I didn't think this was necessary
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hi.. one of my colleague's user profile from our domain on her own computer has a missing recycle bin and the weird problem is.. even if we deleted her profile from the server and recreate another one it is the same problem... the desktop icons are the same as before and even the desktop wallpaper is the same as before the profile being deleted. i re-created twice and twice the recycle bin is missing. but when i went to another computer.. and logged in with the user's profile.. the recycle bin is there! even when i right click on exploring the windows explorer.. the recycle bin is no where to be found. can anyone tell me whats going on?

A:Recycle Bin icon missing from a domain's user's profile on a particular computer.

This may help line #64 on the right.
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Hi everyone!

I moved a user who was originally outside of the domain, *into* the domain. The problem is that upon moving it, the profile didn't follow. I'm thinking there's a folder somewhere that holds these old values and I would be able to copy from old to new.....can someone point me to where this old file resides, or is there a better way to achieve my objective?

Thanks in advance!
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This question has been raised before by others but apparently no solution was offered by anyone I have two user profiles on the same PC with one main user having the administrator rights Today when I attempted to log in as the main user I got the My Favorites Documents, profile etc. - Missing corrupt user profile from following message quot Windows cannot load the locally stored profile Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights Missing My Documents, Favorites etc. from user profile - corrupt profile or a corrupt local profile If this problem persists contact your network administrator quot I found one microsoft support note which suggests that a new profile needs to be created and the contens of the old profile except dat files have to be copied in the new profile folders However all my folders in the original profile including MY documents and Favorites are EMPTY I am unable to retrieve valuable files Can anyone suggest a step wise procedure to locate where my files have disappeared By the way I tried system restore operation to restore the system three days backward yet everything is the same and the folders are empty so i have undone the system restore thanks PS AS AN ADDITIONAL INFO if it might help i have discovered rather large quot FOUND quot folders ion quot C quot drive the last one has the size mb which is about the same time that the folders and files disappeared i have read that these foldrrs are similar to chk files and can be remvoed however i am not sure of this in view of the missing data nbsp
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I work for a small non-profit and I am going to be removing 2 old PC's (Windows XP) from our domain and adding 2 newer PC's (Windows XP) to replace the older ones. I want to give the newer PC's the same computer names (i.e. ws07 and ws10) that were assigned to the older PC's. Is it best to first delete the old computers from the domain through Active Directory (Windows Server 2003 SBS) and then add the newer computers with the same ws # as the older ones? Is this best practice?

Thank you.

A:Removing/Adding WS to Domain

I think you would be better of just removing the old computers from the domain first before rejoining them. For just two computers it really isn't that much work.
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Ok, so i currently have 5 workstations connected to an sbs2003 Acer server / domain. Im about to replace the old Acer server (sbs2003) with a new IBM x3200 Server (sbs2011). On the workstations, i know i will need to add them to a workgroup, and then rejoin them to the new server / domain. But how do i retain the current users profiles on the workstations once they have been joined to the domain? Anyone who has had experience with this would be most appreciated :):):)

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The user profile logon I currently use is assoicated with an NT domain. Is there a way to keep the user profile, but sign on without connecting to the domain, i.e. as a local computer user? If I remove the domain name and substitute it with (local computer), it doesn't allow a sign on. I'd like to keep all of my settings, but use them without signing on to our NT network. Thanks.
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I domain Can't - user for profile local Win set XP can t seem to have a user on my domain have a local profile on this one computer of mine One of my users see pic named ben has a local profile however when I added another user Can't set local profile for domain user - Win XP nicole using the window on the right The user doesn t even appear in the profiles settings over on the left I ve logged in with nicole and it says it can t find the roaming profile and is going to use a temporary profile But when I go to change the profile from roaming to local the quot local profile quot option is grayed out when i m logged in as nicole when I m logged in as an administrator nicole doesn t appear on the profile settings list so I can t change it there either I m a bit confused My PDC is running samba on a linux box The worst part is roaming profiles aren t even enabled in the samba settings If there is any other information you need from me please let me know nbsp
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My system is under of domain when i logon on my system with domain user system shows me you are logon with temporary profile. And i check in cmd my profile shows on this way ( C:\Users\Temp:000 )
how to solve this issue........Help
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Hi! All! I have a problem which is so strange. I have one domain user which is roaming profile, but when he log in to computer, it always show temporary profile, I try to check his profile in regedit,but I don't see any *.bak file. I ask him to change to other pc, but the result still the same. Later, I try to remove his account from roaming to regular account, the still temporary profile. What can I do to solve this problem?Note:- he try to log in to OS such as Windows 7,XP, but the still the same.- The PC that u log in has a large space to log in.

A:user domain login always temporary profile

I've seen this before when a profile's registry hive was corrupted. If you're sure the PC(s) the user is logging in to is fine and the involved ACLs are fine, delete/rename the profile off the store and have the user log in again. When they confirm they're no longer getting a temporary profile, restore their profile to a point before this started happening. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
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     i have windows 7 prof 64 bit machine. And this machine under the domain and i have install printer on that machine.
When domain user logon on there machine and try to set default printer it is not able to set default.I want to set this as default .so how can i solve this
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I have a laptop Windows XP Pro that I have been using for work so I have been logging in both when I m in the office and on the network and when I am offline at home using a local remove Keep it user domain profile from but work-related domain user I will no longer be working with that company and so would like to cease to use that domain user How can I make that user a local user no longer associated with the domain Alternatively how can I easily copy all the user profile settings and files I have Keep local user profile but remove it from domain tried quot Copy To quot from System gt Advanced gt User Profiles but the Copy To button is grayed out for the domain user I wish to copy I have also copied the ntuser files to a new local user which seemed to go okay Except that I am stuck on how to disconnect Outlook from my work s Exchange Outlook won t open in the new user profile and get my ACT from Sage database synching with the remote It all just seems a bit more than I can figure out Easiest thing would be to just quot unhook quot the domain user profile from the domain and have it be strictly local Any guidance would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp
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I have a new user object on the domain
New PC Fresh Image joined to the domain
Each time this user logs in they get a Temp profile. Whats odd is that no matter what machine new old XP Win 7 they get a temp profile. 

Any thoughts about the user object? It's not a roaming profile and it's the same default user that everyone gets.

A:New User on domain always gets a Temp profile. On any machine.

What does the user object mean?  Is a domain user account? And what is the meaning of  the same default user that everyone gets? Is it a local user?
Do you mean that any machine gets a temp profile when this user account logs in?
Here are two discussions and one guide about logging on with temporary profile issue.  
Temporary profile loads at log in
Windows 7 - windows 7 creating temp user profile
Vista - User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile
Hope that helps.Ivan-Liu
TechNet Community Support
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I know, the MS way is to use SysPrep, but that seems enormously OTT when all I want to do is create a Windows 7 Default Profile for our domain.

So, according to my (Google driven) research an easier method is toLogon with a user account
Make it 'so' (i.e. set the default profile how you want it for all new users)
Log off
Log on as Admin
Rename c:\users\default (as default.bak, or .old, whatever)
Rename the folder for the user account used in step 1 to 'default'
Apply Full control permissions to 'Everyone' on the new Default folder.

Except that at step 7 I get 'Access Denied' on many of the profile's that with our domain's administrator account or the local administartor account.

Am I doing something wrong (polite answers only, please!)?

A:Creating a new Default user profile for our domain

One thing that could cause this issue is the fact that the user folder tree contains some symbolic links for compatability with badly written older programs, that assume the folder name will always be the same, over OS changes.

The default for these symlinks is to have a deny permission set for all users including admins to prevent the accidental creation of endless loop situations, where links are called for folders they link to
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Hi, I have a problem with adding a profile on a computer. I get a message that says "cannot locate roaming profile" but the thing is, it's not a roaming profile. When I set up a laptop, I add the computer on the domain and then add the user on the computer which is already added on the domain. How can I get this message to stop using the temp profile?

I have tried waiting 30 seconds after the windows screen and logging in, and i have tried deleted the profiles off the registry. I have also took the computer off the domain and added it back on. still no luck. This profile is working because he uses it currently on another machine. And you can have the same profile logged on at the same time in two different places.

How can I get rid of this message and stop using the temp profile?


A:problem with adding user profile

Have you checked the user Profiles Share Permission to see if Full Control is being given to all users?
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Hello I booted up my HP Pavilion dv laptop this morning just over year old running Windows Vista bit and everything was quot gone quot This has happened before - I received the quot your user profile did Profile corrupt User not load correctly you are logged into a temporary profile quot type message last time but not this time However I assumed it was the same thing and went about following the instructions that solved the problem last time I went into my control panel user accounts created a new account changed the name of the quot corrupt quot account logged into a previous set up User Profile corrupt but otherwise blank account to copy the files from the old User Profile corrupt corrupt account to the new one When I got to the step instructing me to quot configure advanced user profile properties quot my progress was stopped When I open this window instead of a list of user profiles on the computer the only listed profile is the one I m presently logged into No option for opening one and copying files to another Additionally when I got into Computer - gt Local disk C - gt Users the different users are all listed new blank and old - but not renamed The newly renamed folder is not there When I open the various folders most are blank and I can t find my documents Again I assume my documents are still there because my disk space does not seem to have gone down but I can t find them to move them Any help or troubleshooting or redirecting this question to a different forum if needed is greatly appreciated Thanks Danielle nbsp

A:User Profile corrupt

One thing to try is go to folder options and un-hide everything.

. the different users are all listed (new, blank, and old - but not renamed). The newly renamed folder is not there.Click to expand...

This is normal, it will rename everything but the user folder, this is by design.
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I have a corrupt user profile. A program would not work (Avery DesignPro 3.5) and their support told me to create a new user profile. I did, and the program works under the new profile. The problem is that nothing that I use all the time is under the new profile. How can I uncorrupt my regular user profile, or do I need to switch back and forth when I want to use that program? I am using Win XP HE SP2.

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my daughter has a dell laptop running xp pro

she finished using the machine and logged off. The next time she logged on windoews reported that she has a corrupt profile. Is there a way to fix this?

A:corrupt user profile

Hello and welcome to TSF
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Hi I swapped out hard drives on my laptop temporarily I am busy setting up user profile? Corrupt a new one while leaving my old current one untouched While my usual W HD was out I needed some info on it and because the new HD was in the Corrupt user profile? laptop at that moment I popped the old HD into an external enclosure to access the disk When I clicked on the User folder on the HD Windows asked me if I want to permanently access the data on the disk Foolishly I said yes and it started what looked like indexing for a very long time I eventually stopped the process and the next day put the old HD back in the laptop and booted up from it Chaos Windows loads and I can sign in to my account As soon as I get to the home screen though the desktop refreshes endlessly and the start menu does not work at all Please help Thanks Henry

A:Corrupt user profile?

The process you cancelled was not indexing, but rather permissions being applied to your old user profile folder (and its contents). More specifically, I believe ownership of the profile was being given to the new user as well as permissions to access the profile's contents.

The old user needs to regain ownership of its profile in whole. Can you open task manager via Ctrl+Alt+Del?
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For what ever reason, my user profile had gone corrupt a while ago and I fixed it by copying it into a new one (as per the microsoft article). However, it has happened again. Is there a virus/malware going around that does this? Any other tips other than what Microsoft is offering?
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Does anyone know if a user profile in XP can become corrupt?
I have two user profiles on my PC running MS Windows XP Home.
I have several applications that are used by both profiles. When I login to one of the profiles, some of the apps get fatal errors, but when I access the apps through the other profile, they function normally.
My question is should I delete the profile and re-create another user profile?
Is there a way to check to see if a profile is corrupt or repair it?
Any info is appreciated.

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These are Microsoft instructions but I have tried 3 times and won't work.
Basically it stalls at copying appdata folder with an error about permissions?
I have logged off the main account so it can't be that, and I have rebooted as well.
Without the appdata folder however the programs will not be set up correctly.
Can anyone shed any light on where MS messed up in these instructions.
Or is there a better way to clone my user profile on same pc?

A:Fix a Corrupt user profile ??

Hi JamesGrey
Try this:
May think it's a waste of time but I would do a malware scan as well due to registry issue.
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I just replaced the hdd on my laptop, dell inspiron n4010. Reinstalled win 7 home premium. Started to reload programs. Everything went great, all of a sudden, the icons on the desktop, except for the recycle bin disappeared. I cannot create new shortcuts or use the control panel any more without the computer pausing and eventually showing the error code
::{26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683} Server Execution Failed. I click ok and a new error box pops up. This is titled Explorer.exe and says Server Execution failed.
Looking elsewhere, it looks like the user profile is corrupt, however I am unable to create a new user profile. I can access cmd.
Some programs do run from the start menu and the dell dock.
Please help

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Please help: I had to to a repair install on my Xp Home Sp3 system after a bad virus system is now clean but when I shut down or restart my computer on start up, I get the blue triangle with exclamation mark in the tray. When I go to device manager all is well no exclamation mark on Network Adapters. Ii seem each time on closing I lose the adapter settings and have to go to device manager and update the driver to an alternative..don't seem to matter which one..the default one always worked before.

Is it possible my system can not find the user profile and issues a new temporary one each boot..and loses it when it closes..I am puzzled..please help me resolve this


A:User profile may be corrupt?

Does the system give you a message...that it's using a temporary profile?

If not, then it's not.

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Upon re-booting, I received an error message that my user profile was corrupt and that the computer would use a "temporary" (default?) profile. It now has a relatively small number of icons on the desktop and includes none of the program shortcuts that I have installed. Although the programs are still on the harddrive and I can reconstruct the desk top it will not retain these settings upon re-booting. It also has eliminated all of my "favorites" from the internet explorer. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Corrupt user profile


Hi There!

What you'll need to do is this...

Boot to Safe Mode
Using windows explorer, you should be able to move all the files from the corrupted profile into a Temp folder on the C Drive. Only grab Favorites, "My Documents", email folders, and personal files.

Once you have everything you can't live without copied out of the profile, you will need to delete the corrupted profile.

Open "System Properties"
Advanced Tab,
User Profiles-Click Settings

Click on the corrupted profile and choose DELETE.
it will ask you about deleting files, say YES.

Once it's done, reboot the system and log back in normally and windows will build a new User profile for that login.
Good Luck!

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Ok, we've moved all our users to a new domain and for all but one I was able to use a migration tool to do all the grunt work.

However one users already had a profile on the new domain so I was not able to migrate their old info over using the tool so I have to do it manually.

This is something I have only done a few times and none of them recently.

Someone have a link to a guide or how-to for this or can explain in in easy steps?

I have already joined his PC to the new domain and now just need to move over his profile/email/outlook...etc.


A:[resolved] Joined to new domain, need to move user profile

Easier than I thought, just copied all his old stuff over, move his pst file and reconnected and he was good to go.
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Our school is moving from a Workgroup setup to a Domain (Active Directory.) I'm having a problem though. When I set up new users all of their local settings disappear. So now I'm looking for an easy way to migrate User Profiles from the Local User to the new active directory user. I know microsoft has the Active Directory Migration Tool but is that truly the BEST way to do it?? The guide is like 100000 pages long so I'm not even sure if I want to go that route. Thanks in advance guys.
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I ve been tampering with Windows trying to determine what I can customize and what apps I can strip from it without getting in trouble often this requires me to rebuild the user profile The machine is on a Windows domain so my typical process would involve deleting the profile from c users lt profilename gt and then from the ProfileList in the registry unfortunately this doesn t seem to fully restore the trashed profile Windows remembers something about that trashed profile such as which apps were removed and then that carries over when you try to login after deleting links to the old profile I now the changes 10? domain profile user Properly Windows in re-building I made were user-centric since I can login with a profile I ve not yet used and all the apps are in that profile tl dr Windows is remembering things about old domain user profiles Properly re-building domain user profile in Windows 10? even after going through the standard process of rebuilding the profile I need to figure out how to completely wipe the user profile and the app associations so it rebuilds more completely nbsp

A:Properly re-building domain user profile in Windows 10?

You should be deleting the profile from System->Advanced System Settings->Advanced tab ->User Profile Settings rather than the way you listed.

*Edit* Clarified how to access the screen.
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I have the same issue the other user mentions. I can log on as a domain admin, but not as a domain user. There are only 4 profiles in the registry, with no .bak extensions:

1 is the default user
2 is the localservice account
3 is the networkservice account
4 is the local "Administrator" account

I was assuming the problem was with the default user, so I followed the article previously mentioned, and changed the RefCount from "1" to "0", and the State was already set to "0". I am still unable to log in with any domain account except for domain administrators.

Anyone know how to fix this?


A:The user profile service failed the logon - on Domain

Welcome TVbowman to the windows 7 forums.

What is the server that your trying to log into ? windows server 2008r2 or 2003 or what?
Also, are you trying to login to the console or rdp or just map a drive?
Also, is the regular user allowed to login via the security configuration of the server and AD?

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Hi All Im facing a wierd problem regarding quot users a a on Node user profile delete in domain to Unable management quot in Unable to delete user profile on a Node in a domain a domain User profile on node was created by running login script from the domain Domain Win and Node Win XP when node was connected to domain When i delete the user account thru quot Document and Settings quot or thru quot User Profiles in advanced tab in System Properties quot it does not delete user account completely Even though after i delete the user account it does not show up anywhere but when i try to login with deleted user name it let me login and then create it at appropriate location No matter the node is conected to domain or not I tried the whole procedure with disconnected node as well connected It s not working out Is there any other location where XP stores the login info i kno a little about sam log file but don t know wht to do with that Also tried deleting thru Registry Keys No go I ll really appreciate if any of you guys could help me out with this problem In case u have any clue please email it to me at quot email protected quot or try to chat with me at quot email protected quot or email protected quot Thanking in anticipation Param Cheers nbsp
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Here are the specs W Pro K PC Domain-Joined Here is the problem I had to delete a User Account so I did so by first removing the account profile and then deleting the user's folder After a Restart I logged back in as the Admin re-added that user's W7 account PC corrupt domain on 32k Possible Pro user profile did a Switch User and logged in as the user Upon quot preparing your Possible corrupt user account on W7 Pro 32k domain PC desktop for first time use quot I recieved an error message in the lower righthand side of the screen that said quot You've been logged on with a temporary profile Any files and folders will not be saved quot I logged off the user account logged back in as the user and the same error message came up I also tried another Restart but each time I attempt to login as that user I get the error message Additionally the user's folder is not listed as an account on the PC it is showing as quot TEMP quot Is there any chance that this proble could reside on the server as opposed to the local PC I am currently in the process of doing a clean install but have never run into this problem before and thought to ask everyone here Thanks

A:Possible corrupt user account on W7 Pro 32k domain PC

Goto HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Currentversion\Profilelist

Can you post a screenshot of the SIDs shown there...
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Hello everyone Here is my situation I was working on my XP Pro when all of the sudden something clicked and my computer by XP user corrupt CheckDisk profile got rebooted CheckDisk automatically came on and started quot Repairing quot my drive Found lots of things and completed succesfully When I XP user profile corrupt by CheckDisk loged into the my XP user profile it was clean - only few things were saved like some desktop icons and wallpaper All the icons and files on my desktop disappeared My documents folder only has My Music and My Pictures with nothing XP user profile corrupt by CheckDisk inside After initial look I found the found found found folders containing GB of data I attempted system restore by all of my restore points are gone I would love to recover some of the data Is there anything that I can do Any software out there that might help ontrack undelete I went into the User Profile settings by right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties and going to Advanced tab and my profile size is only MB I know it was a lot bigger Any clues I appreciate anything you can suggest Pentium - Ghz MB DDR RAM All-in-Wander MB graphic card Western Digital Caviar SE - GB MB buffer Thanks in advance

A:XP user profile corrupt by CheckDisk

This sounds very much like a virus attack. Please confirm that you have active anti-virus software and also a firewall. It is unlikely you will be able to recover much of the things you lost, however, you can try by using a third party software such as, Recover My Files. You can prevent such thing happening again by using an up-to-date antivirus software, a firewall, anti-Spyware (you can get free anti-spyware from us at the Microsoft Download Centre). Also, please make sure you PC has the latest updates from Windows Update.

Jordan - Microsoft Customer Support
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Hi I have XP user load cannot profile..corrupt? a really basic knowledge of computers No clue how this happened So ever since this started happening my computer will just reboot itself every couple of days When it asks for my password it says it cannot display my profile because of an error or maybe a corrupt file but not in those words exactly The computer says it will give me a temporary profile but if it is rebooted anything that I have saved on this temporary profile sorry to be redundant will go away forever This XP cannot load user profile..corrupt? is true I can find some well a lot of my files from my regular profile The main probelm is I really can t find all of them I guess when I was downloading songs and writing documents and all that good stuff I wasn t really thinking about where exactly the files where located in my computer- which may or may not be an issue I tried changing my administrator password to see if it made any difference but it didn t This actually happened about a month ago and I thought I could figure out where the files were or more importantly just get back to my original profile but I m starting to go bonkers because a ton of my music is missing I also am having a hard time finding picutures and documents that I guess I don t really need but I really miss My computer is about years old and I don t think I have been abusing it Please please please help me nbsp

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My wife is unable to log into her account on her laptop (Windows 7).
When she tries she gets " The User Profile Service failed tthe logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
There are three accounts on this laptop, hers (administrator), mine (normal user) and sons (normal user).
I can log into her account in safe mode and even managed to change her password (create one for her, she didn't have one before).
I've tried managing other accounts using her account while in safe mode, upon clicking the link it just blinks and does nothing.
I think I need to be logged in as administrator to fix this, but can't get logged in.  Please help!

A:Administrator user profile corrupt?

Hello, Open a command prompt as administrator. Start > type cmd in the search box > right click, run as administrator
net user administrator /active:yes
Reboot the computer. You will have access to the super user account of Windows 7. After you are finished fixing any accounts, disable the account using this command.
net user administrator /active:no
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Ok this is a very weird one Symptom Double-click on Internet Explorer and IE does User Profile WinXP Corrupt not launch However iexplore exe process shows up in Task Manager Processes Testing we ve done so far Log in as local admin IE launches correctly Log in as user and launch IE with runas lt local admin gt IE launches correctly Right-click IE select Runas from context menu runas current user and check box quot Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity quot IE launches but can t sign on to local Intranet or anything using any kind of java scripting etc Right-click IE sect Runas from context menu runas current user and UN-check box quot WinXP User Profile Corrupt Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity quot IE does not launch iexplore exe is listed as running process Restarted system renamed user profile so it would create a new profile then log in as user again IE launches correctly but after a day or two or three we start over again with the same problem Scanned entire system for viruses ran latest Adaware and found nothing other than some tracking cookies Cleared them just for GP I have thought about issues with spyware but there is no problem except for this user profile I thought it could be AD settings but then re-creating the user profile should not work even only temporarily I thought we could have a corrupt DLL file but again this doesn t explain why it works for the admin or with a new user profile The most obvious issue is that the user s registry NTUSER DAT is somehow getting corrupted but I can t find what is causing it to keep getting corrupted Any thoughts ideas suggestions insights or any other help would be greatly appreciated User is suggesting to replace hardware though I m reluctant to do that until we determine that the problem won t recurr on new hardware nbsp

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So I turn on my computer this morning and when it gets to the login screen it stops and I get a message saying I can't access my User profile usually auto-loads in it's the user [SOLVED] Corrupt profile only profile besides the administrator because I either don't have administrative rights or because the profile may be corrupt So I get [SOLVED] Corrupt user profile loaded into a temp profile I've restarted many times and I still get that message I get that message in safe mode as well I've created a [SOLVED] Corrupt user profile new profile and it loads this one fine All of my programs are still installed or so [SOLVED] Corrupt user profile it seems right now and I can still go into D Documents and Settings and access the other profile's documents thankfully The only thing that was out of the ordinary about the computer yesterday was that last night after the computer had been off for at least minutes the light on my tablet hooked up by USB came on for a few seconds and the light on my Nintendo WiFi USB connecter also USB obviously came on and it stayed on and flashing until I unplugged it and plugged it back in It didn't quite make sense to me seeing as the computer had been off for a while Any idea what the problem may be The computer's usable right now and having a new profile cleaned up my desktop Thanks for any help you can give

A:[SOLVED] Corrupt user profile

try this;en-us;811151
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We have several user profiles that we would like to delete when setting up Windows 7 images so that old users do not have their folders stored on the new images. However, after manually deleting the folders under C:\Users and then
locating their keys in the registry and deleting those, the users' folders return immediately after any of our computers that we try this on gets rebooted.

Is there another step that we're missing? I've been searching around online and have been unable to locate any solutions. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Unable to permanently delete domain user profile folders

I think the right way to delete a profile would be Right click on My computer -> Properties -> Advanced System settings -> Advanced -> user profiles -> settings. Here you can select the required profile and then delete it.Janaki Hariharan
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Hi all Seems like yesterday Saturday my computer has decided Unable Profile? to find fix. User Corrupt to possibly corrupt my user profile I logged in as normal but instead of loading straight into windows it decided it would give me Preparing your desktop - this would hang for a few minutes Once it loaded all my shortcuts were disappeared all my harddrive links to certain folders were gone and a few programs wouldn't load I took a look at my users Corrupt User Profile? Unable to find fix. in C drive and I could see everything under my username I decided I'd try renaming the profile so I made more new admin accs One for the new profiles other to move it In safe mode I renamed my original account to what my other acc was deleted the new folder I then deleted the reg key for the profiles for my other accs It worked fine once I loaded it started without any glitches had everything I needed apparently this was just a temp fix I started my computer this evening Sunday and I had all accounts come up My original the new the transfer I logged into the new one that I used yesterday and my icons have enlarged along with my background being changed Also with a couple of programs not working The only thing I can remember doing before Saturday was uninstalling UPlay amp Ghost Recon Future Soldier as my SSD was running out of space Cleared up gbs roughly Is there anything I can do to check for a real fix or to be sure it won't happen again or to bring back my user profile properly Any help is appreciated Rgrds M P S - I'd rather not reformat if I can help it I'm currently re-backing up my entire HDD to be sure

A:Corrupt User Profile? Unable to find fix.

Fix a corrupted user profile, Win 7 -
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Hi I'm having a problem with my -bit Windows computer It was originally a Win XP but it was upgraded to a Windows Ultimate from the person I bought it from on craigslist The computer itself is a Fujitsu tablet PC laptop Yesterday the missing Corrupt user profile/files last thing I did was save my homework to my flash drive then I shut down my computer But once I got home some hours later I turn on my computer Corrupt user profile/files missing and my desktop items are gone It was like I'd gotten a whole new computer A message bubble pops up and says that my user profile may be corrupt and a temporary profile is being used instead I first tried restarting my computer but it loaded the temp profile I tried again but nothing changed So while I searched for solutions online I scanned my computer with Microsoft Security Essentials but it didn't find anything so I tried a System restore It seemed to work at first some folders on my desktop came back but none of them were the files I want need I undid the system restore since it really made no changes but at least the temporary user account isn't loading anymore I haven't installed anything lately either I've seen other people with similar issues but none of the answers are quite helping Some look very risky and I'm not the most computer savvy person so I'd rather not try them As a reminder I bought this computer used with Windows genuine installed so I don't have the CD It's been working well since I bought it months ago One of Window's solution was to make at least accounts so I made two called Silky and Wall-E and to copy the files to the new user account you want to use My account name was SilverKeaton the computer is named Nav-PC Wall-E is the one I'm using now and Silky is the new one I want to use So here is a screenshot of the C Users folder And the following is what is contained in the hidden 'Default' folder The Folders contain Code Nav gimp folder AppData folder Desktop folder Documents folder Searches folder Tracing folder Public Favorites hidden folder Libraries hidden folder Public Desktop hidden folder Public Documents folder Public Downloads folder Public Music folder Public Pictures folder Public Videos folder Recorded TV Silky all regular folders it's new TEMP AppData hidden folder TEMP Nav-PC AppData hidden folder TEMP Nav-PC AppData hidden folder ntuser dat DAT file and WALL-E has all regular files folders I hope this is enough information I'll provide more if necessary It stopped working yesterday when I left for class and was working fine right up until then I am clueless as to what could have caused this any help would be appreciated I'd really like my files back I'm sure they're somewhere because my memory is still being taken up but when I look on Start gt Search for any file it says that it could not be found that it may have been moved or something My programs are still here though but my firefox history bookmarks are also gone Any idea Thanks for your feedback

A:Corrupt user profile/files missing


Originally Posted by SilverKeaton

It was originally a Win XP, but it was upgraded to a Windows 7 Ultimate from the person I bought it from (on craigslist).

Is the copy of Windows 7 you purchased a full retail copy?

Validate your Windows 7 OS -

Regards. . .


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I am using Windows XP with SP Prior to the profile being corrupted I've had multiple warnings that my C drive is running out of space I already have a nd drive and I'm trying to find out about getting a rd Profile, to new copy data User Corrupt cannot one My user profile on my desktop has been corrupted I found instructions on how to copy the data from the old user profile to a new one however I Corrupt User Profile, cannot copy data to new one cannot find the file the instructions are looking for The instructions say to copy from the old file into the new The problem is I cannot find the correct file The profile names on the desktop are Christina me Scott dh and William ds As you can see from the screenshot of Windows Explorer only Scott and William are listed as seperate folders I believe the quot Christina quot setting are under quot Compaq Owner quot but I'm not sure I created a new user profile in Control Panel and named it quot Mom quot However it does not show up in Windows Explorer as a named folder I took the screenshot while logged into my dh's user profile I need help finding out why the new user name doesn't appear in Windows Explorer and how I can verify if I have been using the Compaq Owner account as shown in the files Then I need to find out how to properly copy the data from the corrupted profile Thank you Christina in GA

A:Corrupt User Profile, cannot copy data to new one

Welcome to TSF....

Try this:

How to recover the damaged user profile in Windows XP
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I only have one user profile with admin priviledges. I can not login to it, I get the "user profile cannot be opened..." msg. I can boot into all Safe Modes. After reading some online support messages, I booted in safe mode and logged into "admin" profile and it says "loading default profile" and then logs me in. I then attempt to go to User Accounts and "Add a new User" to add a new user with Admin priviledges, but this option is Not Shown to me. If I try to click on "manage user accounts" it does nothing. It shows a microsoft "shield" on left side of this option. I know I can access my documents in safe mode still, but need to create a new user to move them to. HELP!

A:Admin user profile corrupt, can't create new one

my advise to you would be backup your data (in safe mode) and reinstall, or try a repair install.. something in the registry is corrupt. have you used a registry cleaner/optimizer ??

good luck
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Hi all I am hoping someone has an answer for this one I have a laptop that I have been messing with for a week now and I still can't get windows to load properly I have tried start-up repair fixboot fix mbr several times with no luck Each time it said it completed the task and was successful No error messages safe mode did not load last known good also did nothing The windows logo comes up and then just sits there I took the hard drive out and connected it to my computer via USB I loading? profile user windows corrupt from preventing can see the drive and access all the folders except the main user profile When I try to open that folder the drive just spins away and never opens the folder I waited minutes and it never opened Is there anything else I can do from my computer to open that folder I am just hoping to get the pictures and documents off of it Can this folder be causing windows not to load I am not getting any error messages at any time Thanks for your help

A:corrupt user profile preventing windows from loading?

I would burn a Parted Magic (older is free) to a cd and boot to it. Rescue your files first of all.

Not sure whether a user profile problem would cause the windows substructure not to load, I wouldn't think so. Another thing you can try at F8 is VGA drivers.

It could be that hard drive problems are causing both the user profile problem and the boot problem. In parted magic you can use GSmart to read the SMART attrubutes. Look for ## 5 and 196-199 in particular, and then do a Long self-test on the drive.
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I believe my computer got infected with User Virus, Restore corrupt After causes System profile a virus Windows Defender detected quot TrojanDwonlaoder Win Bredolab AA quot and After Virus, System Restore causes corrupt User profile quot Trojan Win Hiloti gen D quot It claims to have successfully removed these I restart my computer When I log on I get Data Execution Protection notifications about Rundl and the like I also notice that quot flvencoder exe quot is running and consuming CPU I did install this program Gmax FLV encoder and perhaps it contained a virus though the program worked I also don't recall that it should have started upon logging on None of this really matters I don't think I did a System Restore to a point before I installed Gmax FLV encoder days prior The restore completes successfully Upon logging into my account I get see the quot Preparing Desktop quot message and know that this is not good news My user profile was not loaded All of the data is there though What I first tried to do was logging into Safe Mode and setting the reg keys such that my old profile is loaded instead of a temporary one HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList contains keys corresponding to each profile The one corresponding to my now corrupt profile contains has quot bak quot appended to it in the key name I renamed this to remove the appendage and changed the value of the quot State quot key from x to x I try rebooting the machine and logging into this account but yet another temporary profile is created I also tried undoing the System Restore but a temporary profile is still loaded I experienced these similar symptoms many months ago about weeks after first installing getting this computer Visa pre-installed A hardware driver was causing many BSODs and spontaneous shutdowns This managed to corrupt my user profile and I had to create a new one and manually transfer settings thankfully I understand how most of my programs store profiles in AppData When this happened many months ago I tried creating new user profiles and pointing to the files from the corrupt one but this never worked For this time around the Event Viewer shows under quot Windows Logs Application quot Warning User Profile Service quot Windows has backed up this user profile Windows will automatically try to use the backup profile the next time this user logs on quot immediately followed by Warning User Profile Service quot Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off quot Finally my question Is there a convenient way to fix the corrupt profile Was it System Restore that botched it up Can I get Windows to tell me what the specific issue is and What is the best way to transfer Windows settings like Folder view options keyboard layouts and other settings that I don't really remember I could do this manually but I don't mind refining my IT skills with Windows which I wish were better documented for this low-level stuff Further Information Since this has happened to me twice I wonder if my setup is particularly prone Therefore I must tell you that I have a symbolic link at C Users lt profile name gt to a separate partition where the actual User Profile resides Thank you very much for any advice

A:After Virus, System Restore causes corrupt User profile

Do you have a Vista installation disc?
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started my PC up as normal after about mins i heard some clicks comming from within my comp case when a click occurs its like bad lag everything freezes up for a bit then goes back to normal it started getting pretty bad so i restarted my PC and then it went to C CHKDSK thing it did its thing and i guess it found some bad clusters went to fast for me to read it started the windows account page where u can log onto each user profile and a window poped up quot Windows cannot load the locally stored profile Possible causes Profile User Corrupt? log into windows Cant normaly! Solved: of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile If this problem persists contact your network administrator DETAIL - Error performing inpage operation quot So it logs me on to a temporary profile all changes and saves on this temp profile will be lost everytime i log out thanks any ideas as to what the heck is goin on first time i had this problem nbsp

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Hi everyone hoping for some help We have SBS with users logging onto computers attached to the domain I originally had my laptop attached to the domain and setup offline files to sync user Removing attached to documents domain my from however it corrupted my access database on the server the core of my business - can t be changed as I had to change Oplocks to get this vista laptop to use offline files so I have disabled offline files on the laptop Desktops XP and vista logged on as this same user operate fine during the day but are obviously never taken offsite and documents never changed quot offline quot The consequence is that I can t use itunes or the quot my documents quot folders at home as offline files are deactivated itunes is VERY unhappy about this I don t Removing my documents from user attached to domain want to activate and deactivate offline documents every day as it requires restarts I want to use the laptop on the domain without having my user using the quot my documents quot just on the laptop I hope this makes sense So How can I use quot my documents quot when still being logged onto the domain either at home or at work I would be prepared to use a separate syncing program that doesn t need oplocks but would like to use the my document pathway on the laptop I want the laptop to remain on the domain as it can then access Removing my documents from user attached to domain a shared drive on the server without problem and perhaps use this Removing my documents from user attached to domain drive to sync documents to say with goodsync or like Alternatively I could accept turning off all quot my documents quot on my user on the domain if it meant it would unlock the quot my documents quot folder on the laptop Happy to post more info or better explanation Please help TIA Steve nbsp
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My main Fixing [SOLVED] making Profile... :( User just Corrupt worse it user profile went Tango Uniform Microsoft calls it a corrupted profile--all I know is I couldn't log in no errors it would just return me to the login prompt My wife's account still worked standard user--not a member of the local administrators group So I decided to create a new profile first I enabled the built [SOLVED] Fixing Corrupt User Profile... just making it worse :( in Administrator account and added my wife's account to the administrators group I also created a new profile different name and copied my files over following steps - from this article How to fix a corrupt user profile in Windows and Vista The User Profile Service failed the logon [SOLVED] Fixing Corrupt User Profile... just making it worse :( - PC Advisor and here as well How to fix a corrupted user profile in Windows Vista At this point I was able to log into the [SOLVED] Fixing Corrupt User Profile... just making it worse :( new profile and access all my old files shortcuts browser add-on's etc BUT now I couldn't open Windows Explorer or Control Panel Error quot Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item quot More reading led me to believe it was a permission problem with C Windows Registration folder so first I tried the steps in this Tom's article Cant run explorer exe - Explorer - Windows but my permissions were set correctly I still tried the suggestion from the post by James Vessels to type icacls c windows registration grant username F substitute your log-in name for username I did this and rebooted and still got the same error I do believe it's a permissions issue but not with C Windows Registration More searching and reading and I came across TechSupportForum specifically this article SOLVED Locked out of group policy I decided to try the permissions changes to HKEY CLASSES ROOT in the post by quot TheOutcaste quot Microsoft MVP In retrospect this was stupid because this was not my specific problem but it seemed like a good idea at the time--and fairly harmless Anyway after making the changes to HKEY CLASSES ROOT including removing the users group and rebooting now ALL user profiles are unable to open Explorer exe but I get a new error message quot There is not enough free memory to run this program Exit one of more programs quot Even though I just rebooted I checked memory usage and have over of GB free Again now my problem has spread to all profiles the new one my wife's profile and the administrator profile As a result I am unable to change the permissions of C which is the next step in TheOutcaste's post because even Administrator's Explorer exe won't open Now I'm thinking maybe I'll roll back to the snapshot from a few days ago but then what oh yeah I should have mentioned the only other system restore point is from over a year ago So I decided to regurgitate all of this into a post asking for help fingers crossed that someone will know what's going on with my original problem or have ideas on how to keep me from going further down this hole

A:[SOLVED] Fixing Corrupt User Profile... just making it worse :(

Revert what you did with regedit to start with.

Mirror these settings.

Click Add
Type users then click check names
Give Users read.
Administrators - Full control and read ticked.
System - Full control and read ticked
Creater Owner - Clicked advanced and click on creator owner and click edit, click full control if its not already set.

Did you change anything else from that thread you linked into?

Try this also

Start > search for cmd and open it.

Type sfc /scannow and hit enter

Also make a new user account and before you copy any files over try out control panel and explorer do they work?
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Just joined this forum recently, so this is my first post. Anyways, I've been looking online for a method to simply delete the folder of an old user profile in C:\Users. I have yet to come across a successful method. The message that appears when I try to delete the folder is "You require permission from ('computer-name'\Administrator to make changes to this folder". Any proven methods or tips? It's not a big problem or anything, just a mere nuisance.

I also wish to rename my active user profile folder to something else...
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Hello - I have a Windows 7 laptop with a user account that was not created with my knowledge. The laptop seems to have some type of malware, but this user account blocks any attempts to run programs or switch to another administrator.
I'd like help removing this profile and returning control back to me. Thanks!
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Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to get rid of that big animated user picture at the top right of the start menu. I have all themes turned off (set to best performance) and went through the start menu customization options but found nothing that would work.

Also, is it possible to add folders full of shortcuts in the pane that displays recently accessed programs? (Ahh never mind, dragged and dropped, but it doesn't slide out a submenu O_O)

I want to get this out of the way. I love the stability and performance of Windows 7 but hate the start menu, it's been months and I still can't get over it. or maybe i have some form of OCD

A:Start Menu: Removing User Pic & Adding Shortcuts

Hmm, i believe this can be done using some kinda tweaking tool, but i cant remember the name of it You might be able to edit it in some dll files some place in the system folders as well.
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I want to remove a PC from a domain and keep the actual domain-profile as a local profile.
I would like to keep all the settings for the installed programs and all my data in the various user folders like \documents, \music, \videos, \pictures ...

Do you have any tutorial like this one to do the above steps without the very hard to use "User State Migration Tool (USMT)" from M$?

Was anyone succesful using User Profile Wizard ?

A:Remove PC from Domain and keep domain profile as local profile?

That wont be simple to do as the permissions for a lot of things will be set to the domain SID depending whats in the profile if you copy it to another profile you may get it working if you take ownership
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Hi all ,

I've set up Windows Server 2008 R2 on my homeserver machine and would like to add my laptop to the domain that I created (there are many reasons for doing this, one of which is so that I can access my account on all Windows-based computers), but it doesn't seem to want to join.
I've set up the domain correctly, and have also looked at online guides for doing this, but with no result. I am new to Windows Server (but not new to anything else computer-wise) but I have a good idea of what to do and this has puzzled me.

Both computers are assigned with a static IP by the router (by matching the MAC address when they connect) so this requirement is met. Please also see the attached images to see what the problem is.

A:Adding computer to domain

Do you have a DNS server setup on your network? You need this to have Active Directory to work properly. You can install/run the DNS server on your server acting as the AD/Domain Controller for your network. I have this setup on my home network. The next step is to change the DNS server your PCs/laptops are using. You MUST use the IP address of your server running DNS locally. The last item you need to configure is to setup the DNS server to forward lookups to your ISP's DNS server when name resolution goes beyond locally registered devices.
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I have an XP Pro workstation that I m trying to add to my domain domain controller XP while computer domain change adding name to won't running Server When I try to change the name of it to get it in line with the naming convention XP won't change computer name while adding to domain I m using a window comes up saying I was able to join the domain When I OK this window the hourglass comes up on the quot change name quot window and it just sits there after about seconds I try to shut that window with the hourglass still up At this point it says quot not responding quot and then tells me that the computer has joined the domain but with the old computer name and not the one I tried to change it to The strange part is that in Active Directory under quot Computers quot it lists the name that I tried to change it to after it told meon the workstation that it was joining the domain with the old name Should I be waiting longer than the seconds or is something wrong Another thing and I m guessing is a result of what I mentioned above is that in the DNS forward XP won't change computer name while adding to domain lookup table the only thing that s in there is my domain controller and it s IP and nothing else So far I ve only tried to add computers they are the first ones I tried to join to the domain with the same results I ve explained above Anyone have any ideas nbsp

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I'm trying to use the File History feature in Windows 8.1 to create backups.  When I click "File History" from the control panel, nothing happens.  No new window opens, it just stays at the Control Page.

I've tried manually going to "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\File History".

All works fine with local Administrative user profile.

Why does File History not start/open/run for the domain user account that is in the Administrators Group?

A:"File History" won't open/start for domain user profile/account

Base on my lab machine (Windows Server 2008 R2 DC, Windows 8.1 client). either domain admin user or domain standard user, they all work fine.
What's your environment? Did this issue occur on all domain user or specific one?
In some cases, File History may conflict with the enterprise policies (like retention policy). I suggest you contact your IT admin to see if there is some other policy to limit this.

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]
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Good morning all Temporary - No Domain - Computer Registry Profile SID Yesterday I ran into a strange issue with one of my Domain Computer - Temporary Profile - No Registry SID domain users on a shared workstation I'm not sure if this is happening to a few other users since many people use this workstation A user would attempt to login Domain Computer - Temporary Profile - No Registry SID to the machine however would receive notifications that he's being logged in with a temporary profile I think no big deal I'll go through and clear out his profile on the machine right Wrong This time around there is No old user folder for his username There is no SID for the user in the registry When running whoami user and getting the SID for the user that way there is clearly no profile for this user's SID Now I don't know what to do in order to resolve the temporary profile issue for this person I believe none of this information exists because a Domain Computer - Temporary Profile - No Registry SID profile has never been made for him since the computer has been implemented Searching around Google has numerous suggestions about clearing out the profile from the registry but I can't find anything that says what to do when said profile doesn't exist Any ideas
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I have problem with one client computer profile. Profile wont sync. For example when I delete items from desktop, server syncs them back.

Here is event log output that I think is related to that problem.

The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows attempted to read the file \\metec.local\sysvol\metec.local\Policies\{31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9}\gpt.ini from a domain controller and was not successful. Group Policy settings may not be applied until this event is resolved. This issue may be transient and could be caused by one or more of the following:
a) Name Resolution/Network Connectivity to the current domain controller.
b) File Replication Service Latency (a file created on another domain controller has not replicated to the current domain controller).
c) The Distributed File System (DFS) client has been disabled.

What can I do to resolve this problem.

A:Domain computer profile wont sync

Is the time on client matching the DC?
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I need help badly! While working with NeonFx in the "Malware, Trojan, Virus" Forums. The OTS.exe tool deleted key vista files. I am unable to boot up normally! I am writing this request for help after booting up in safe mode. All of my vista settings are either gone or serverely imparied! I need help restoring my vista settings, user profile, recovering files, drivers, applications, etc. I have attached NeonFx's last post describing how my machine got to this state. Someone please help ASAP!

A:Vista - Failed to open by the service user profile. Unable to load user profile
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How do I add a computer with a Windows 7 Profession OS to a network domain. I was able to add computers with the Windows XP Professional OS quite easily. However, with Windows 7 Pro OS I am getting DNS errors.

A:Adding a workstation/computer to a network domain

Hi and welcome to TSF see the info here Add a device or computer to a network
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When I tried to log on to administrator account on vista laptop this morning I got the following error massage "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." I did some research and found a potential solution: The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

However the problem is that the solution needs a working administrartor account and the only account I'm able to log in is a standard one with no power to change account type or boot into admin safe mode/ do a command prompt whatsoever.

Would anyone happen to have an alternative solution that doesn't require an admin account to fix this?

A:Vista - The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Was able to log on in safe mode and follow the registry edit procedure. Thanks anyway
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my computer is password protected. i only have one user account on it. how can i fix this without losing anything on my laptop?

A:vista-the user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded

Just a thought, did you password the default administrator account?
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It is an HP computer that my brother brought over because it wouldn t boot It was giving me a quot bootmgr is compressed quot message So I got my Vista repair disc and uncompressed his drive That got rid of that message but then it was giving me winload exe errors So I fixed that and FINALLY it booted up but when I clicked on his user account to log on I get this error message I have searched for answers I came across a fix where you edit the registry if there is a duplicate entry in the profiles a loaded" profile cannot the service Getting message be logon. "user profile user failed section but there isn t an extra one I can boot into safe mode but I get no administrative tools no ability to see the event viewer or manage users idk if this is normal I did a command I found to make the default administrator account active or something like that and now when it boots up there is his user account Getting a "user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded" message and an admin user If I click his user to log on I get the error message If I click the admin account it loads but it loads telling me the Vista copy is not genuine Anyone have any idea how to fix this Why is the admin account telling me Vista is not genuine Thank you

A:Getting a "user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded" message

I came across a fix where you edit the registry if there is a duplicate entry in the profiles section but there isn't an extra oneExtra one? you mean the .bak key?Did you follow this guide?
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Admin account worked fine on Monday.  The kid used her (non-admin) account in the meantime.  Now it won't log into the admin account - "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded."  I've read a few other boards on this issue, so I am now doing a thorough virus scan and will include results as soon as they're available.  But I am not confident about moving forward with any of the paths I've seen laid out, and some of them don't apply if you can't access the admin account anyway, so I wanted to start a thread here (I've gotten fabulous help here several times before).  It's running Vista Home Premium SP2.  AVG 2013 Internet Security.  Can't think what other specs may be relevant, but am happy to provide whatever would be of use.  Thanks!!

A:User Profile svc failed logon. User profile can't be loaded." on admin acct.

I got the same message when attempting to login on Windows 7, after no previous problems or changes before shutdown the night before. It continued to loop back to the logon screen even after rebooting. I ended up having to log on in Safe Mode, then do a system restore to restore back to the last restore point, which was a system checkpoint a couple of days earlier. That fixed it, and I've had no problems since. I hope that helps.
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OS Windows XP v Professional SP I restored the computer system as I had lost everything stored in the old user profile A NEW USER PROFILE mlinda quot is created with the correct domain attached to it eg CAA MAU and is fully restored The OLD USER PROFILE quot m linda quot remains in the documents and settings BUT - the domain is of a local computer eg SPARXX and it no longer works with the eg CAA MAU domain The original quot m linda quot user profile contains almost nothing in it no documents etc m linda is still listed in the userlist in computer management BUT 2 (fully name user user restored) new profile old ? Urgent-How profile change to back NOT THE NEW mlinda In administrator mode I dont t see ALL the contents of the newly restored profile Questions How do I change user profile quot mlinda Urgent-How 2 change new user profile (fully restored) back to old user profile name ? quot that has successfully retored everthing back to quot m linda quot since the new profile has everything intact How do I safely delete the newly restored quot mlinda quot and ensure everything is back to normal with the OLD USER PROFILE m linda How to ensure that the correct domain name is attached to the profile by transferring all the data from THE NEW mlinda eg domain CAA MAU to THE OLD m linda that currently has a local computer domain SPARXX User profile m linda has to be attched to domain CAA MAU Should I be backing up before eventhough the new mlinda is in super condition I read in forums that the links to desktop can be lost by transfering How do I retain it Do I have to change anything in the registry value Should I do it with Administrator account in normal mode or safe mode When I log on as an Administrator both mlinda and m linda is as brand new and none of the exisiting files in it When I log in as mlinda new I still see m linda local computer domain in the user list but not mlinda the new But when I right click properties of c documents and setting mlinda under security I see that mlinda is listed with the correct domain name My biggeest fear is not to lose the domain ouutlook etc while changing mlinda to m linda B Rather than going through a process of copying mlinda to m linda Is it possible just delete THE OLD USER PROFILE m linda and rename the THE NEW USER PROFILE mlinda since this is fully restored to m linda If yes what are the best steps And how can I make the adjustments to user list since when wondows starts there is only THE NEW PROFILE mlinda popping up I need it back to m linda I read in a forum that I can go to registry HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVer Profilelist and change but I don t want to mess with it In my case in the registry i should I delete m linda first and rename mlinda to m linda This is rather urgent and need to fix today All your help are truly appreciated Thank you nbsp
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Hi All I am trying to get to grips with Win K server by running a test network at home Because of space restrictions I just have a Dell Dimension XPS T PIII MB running W K Server and connected directly NIC to NIC with a crossover cable to a Toshiba Portege also PIII running W K Professional I have successfully I think set up Active Directory on the Server and have got to a point where the client gets the correct DHCP address from the client with DNS configured etc The problem I am having at the moment is adding the computer to the domain When I go to the network ID section in {Solved} Active W2K Problem - Directory computer to adding and domain using W KP and change properties it tells me that it cannot locate the domain I can see the domain in Network Neighborhood but cannot access it from there Any ideas on how to proceed The Server name is quot Server quot and the domain name is quot Domain quot very imaginative I know The full DNS name is server domain local I assume {Solved} - Problem adding computer to W2K domain and using Active Directory I only need to enter DOMAIN as domain name on W K client nbsp

A:{Solved} - Problem adding computer to W2K domain and using Active Directory


No. If you have set up the AD, then you need to use the fully qualified Domain name (ie. "domain.local").

Also, and this is vitally important... have you set up the DHCP server to send it's IP address as the DNS server, or have you setup the W2K pro client to use the server as it's DNS server? See, W2K works on Dynamic DNS. It's like WINS, in a DNS format. It is important that the W2K client can see the DNS server and know where it is.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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Hi nbsp I have a very annoying problem on wireless tablets running windows update nbsp The tablets boot nice and fast approx - seconds to the failed be User cannot User Profile profile loaded the sign-in. Service ctrl alt del screen nbsp However the network mandatory profiles used by students do not work for another seconds after that nbsp For the first seconds or so after ctrl alt del shows up they get the error message quot User Profile Service Failed the sign-in nbsp User User Profile Service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded profile cannot be loaded quot nbsp After that they will login just fine nbsp We've looked at procmon bootlogs and it shows BADNETWORKPATH the first couple of times you try to call the network path to the mandatory profile nbsp We have tired setting various Group Policy Objects to force them to wait for the network based on various other posts on this nbsp and User Profile Service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded other sites nbsp Always wait for the network Wait for group policy processing wait User Profile Service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded for network timeout etc nbsp None of them seem to make any difference nbsp Can somebody explain to me how to resolve this issue nbsp Cheers Da'flibble
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Hey Guys so this happened to my laptop the other day and I have only got round to fixing it now, I tried a few options like editing the .bak files etc with no luck so I recovered what I could and just deleted the user profile an that seemed to of fixed the issue.

I was just wondering if their is anyway to delete the data off the old user user profile without having to format the hard drive. As its still taking up space on my hard drive even though the profile is deleted.

Many thanks in advance


A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

Hello Damian, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Since you have already deleted the user account through the Control Panel, you should be able to just delete C:\Users\(user-name) folder for the old user account while logged in the new account.

Hope this helps,
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I have a very bad problem with my PC. It started yesterday and the vista system repair came up and scanned my computer. When it finished I clicked finish and my PC restarted then it did it again..and again...and again.
Then I went into safe mode and virus scanned everything but came up with nothing. So I restarted my PC and it said The user profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. So I clicked ok then my user account came up somehow. I clicked it and it took me to desktop except that half of my programs were gone and like nothing worked, all my documents, downloads, pictures were all gone. I can't do anything on that computer, can anyone help please??(I have googled it but none of the solutions work so I want to find an answer specific to my problem)

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded

Most likely it is loading a temporary profile.

First try a system restore to see if can recover the user profile.

If system restore fails to load while in windows or you get errors, try it from the recovery environment
Here is another solution to try if SR fails to work for you, it shows you how to create a new user account, then log into the new account and copy your old profile over to the new account. This article is for XP but the process is the same for Vista. See "Moving to a new user profile"
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I recently tried working with my Sony VAIO Desktop I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows and ever since I did this I have had a few problems keyboard would disable after the W OS Loaded etc I have been working to remedy this problem and others by Profile Profile loaded the failed be Cannot User Logon- User Service cleaning up the hard drive registry memory etc using AVG Antivirus which I recently installed and its family of products updating drivers to Video Controller and Storage Controller which AVG User Profile Service failed the Logon- User Profile Cannot be loaded alerted I needed to update in Device Manager I attempted to update the drivers to the two controllers mentioned above and as windows started to search the internet for solutions after - hours I did not get a response and my screen OS became unresponsive so I had to do a cold boot powered off for cycles - standard I rebooted my system this morning to find that once I logged on User Profile Service failed the Logon- User Profile Cannot be loaded I got - quot User Profile Service failed the Logon- User Profile Cannot be loaded quot press Ok and it sent me back to the Windows SP logon screen again looping Please provide any knowledge on what to do to remedy this issue Thanks in advance User Profile Service failed the Logon- User Profile Cannot be loaded Daveq

A:User Profile Service failed the Logon- User Profile Cannot be loaded

Hello Daveq, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below should be able to help with this error.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
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I've searched for about a week now and have not found a solution. I followed the suggestions about the corrupt Profile and the .BAK SID, but neither are my situation.

My SID is fine - I did manage to find a temporary fix. If I delete and recreate the user in Active Directory on the server it fixes the problem. The problem is, I have 300 computers and every morning there are at least 10 - 15 users I must do this to. Not an ideal solution.

We bypassed Vista, so we had no idea that this Microsoft bug existed until last week.

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be load

Hello ! Welcome to SF !

Check this article from Microsoft run the Fixit and see if that help Error message when you log on to a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7-based computer by using a temporary profile: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"

- Captain
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I have literally tried every solution found online and NOTHING seems to work nbsp Our environment Windows server domain controller Windows Pro x bit PC's nbsp Trying to login as a domain user and get the error quot User Profile Service failed the logon nbsp User profile cannot be loaded quot nbsp I can only login with the domain Administrator Service User the profile cannot User Profile be loaded. failed logon. account or the local administrator account nbsp We are NOT using Roaming profiles nbsp The application event logs do have event error and event warning see screenshot below What I have tried Microsoft FixIT Tried editing the SID's out of the registry manually per KB http support microsoft com kb Deleted all domain user profiles from machine Removed PC from domain and rejoined Deleted user account from Active Directory and recreated Verified GPO was not configured to quot allow users to logon with temporary profiles quot SFC scannow Fresh install of Windows Pro Live Essentials nbsp was User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. never nbsp installed some forums referred to the sqm file fron event ID possible relating to an issue with Live Essentials Google update was never installed nbsp remember seeing it referred to in a forum as well nbsp I am now out of ideas nbsp This has been an ongoing issue for about a month and I am finally admitting defeat nbsp This is my last effort to get help before breaking down and paying the to Microsoft to help resolve it PLEASE HELP Thanks Phillip

A:User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Hi Phillip,
I would like to verify whether the issue only occurs on special Windows 7 computer or on all Windows 7 computers.

I suggest checking the permission of the user profile folders and Default folder. Make sure the users has full control of their profile folders.

Meanwhile, ensure the users are the owner of the C:\Users\theirname\NTUSER.dat. Also, please put NTUSER.dat in the security software exclusion
list for testing.
Please also post in Server Forum to get more assistance.
Best Regards,
NikiPlease remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.
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Today, Dec.20th, I wanted to create a standard user account for testing.
I named it Test.
When I tried to log on to Test account, I received the above message.
I used the tutorial compiled by Shawn but failed :
The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums

Problems :
1. I don't remember when was the last time I successfully created a new user account. Therefore, not knowing which is the good restore point for this matter.
2. The tutorial mentioned SID key with .bak at the end.
There are 3 SID keys, but none has .bak at the end.
3. name of ProfileImagePath is as follow ...........
a.1001 belongs to t-4-2
b. 500 belongs to Administrator
c. 501 belongs to Guest
I don't see the SID key for the Test account.
Therefore, I am stuck. not knowing how to proceed.

see screenshot :

Please advise.
Thank you.

P.S. Guest account was NEVER activated.


A:User Profile Service Failed the Login User profile cannot be loaded

Hello t-4-2,

The SID key for the user profile will not be created until the first time a newly created user account is logged on to.

You might see if this part of the tutorial may be the issue you are having.

Rob Brooks-Bilson's Blog: Fix for Vista's: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded
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Hi, at windows start i get the message "The User Profile Service failed to logon. User profile cannot be loaded". There was no known activity last time system was up and running and it was shut down normal.

The desctop(HP) was delivered some years ago with V7 installed, ONE personal userID with admin auth. was created. Then a System repair disc was created.

What is the safest and simplest way(if any) to fix this problem and maintain the user data?(I did see support strings about this problem but they seem very complicated and confusing to me)

1. Shoud I restart system some functional key to get into safe mode or use the System repair disc and then what option?

2. Should I then logon to the default accountID(not known to me), and restore system to older backup point or shoud I try to repair the personal UserId?

Please advice

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be load

Hej Stene, v?lkommen till Seven Forums .

See this tutorial for fix: User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

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Hi Recently i have had a few users in our domain unable to logon due to this error To fix the issue nbsp i have been deleting their local profile and then logging back on so they pick up the mandatory profile stored on the server and everything then works fine Server is running server r and workstations are running windows pro nbsp I have just noticed the below error in the event logs on a few of the affected machines Windows cannot copy file C Users lnyberg AppData Local Temp jds tmp to location UNC CM-DC NOCSC Profiles StaffNew V AppData Local Temp jds tmp This error may be caused by network problems or insufficient security rights Profile logon. loaded. Service User profile be User failed the cannot The nbsp DETAIL - Access is denied Is this what could be nbsp causing nbsp the issue with nbsp logging nbsp on I am a bit confused as to why it would be trying to copy a temp file back to the mandatory profile The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. on the server Any ideas would be great Thanks Shane
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lately when i try to turn on the Guest user ( its my first time to turn on it)
then when i try to log on using guest i encounter a error message?
the user profile service failed to logon user profile cannot be loaded , i already try to make another user but the message or error is still appearing ,

but my main user is working im just worried about this and i already try some solution here but its not working

im using Windows 7 , thank you in advance !

A:The User Profile Service Failed to Logon User Profile Cannot be loaded

Hello John,

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help fix this for you. User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
If not, then I'd recommend to turn off the Guest account, delete any 501 key below found for the C:\Users\Guest account at the same registry location in the tutorial above, delete the C:\Users\Guest folder, and restart the computer. This will give you a fresh start with the Guest account as if you never turned it on.




Hope this helps,
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windows 7 will not let me log on to my administrator account.  this is my son"s computer. could he have downloaded something that is causing this?  how do i fix it? thanks!

A:the user profile service failed to logon user profile cannot be loaded

i was able to resolve the problem.  system restore in safe moce,
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Hello I am new here I know absolutely nothing about computers so I wasn t even sure where I should post this cannot the failed Service loaded. profile logon. User User be Profile thread Please help I am desperate Here I will explain what the issue is AND what I tried nbsp to do to fix it But I failed Recently I ve had issues with my computer randomly opening a lot of windows on it s own Yesterday I was User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. away and my computer was on and when I came back I saw about new tabs opened and all almost my computer icons seemed to have disappeared I assumed it was just some computer mistake because no way everything go deleted on its own So I restarted it When I restarted it I got the message from the title- quot User Profile Service failed the logon User profile cannot be found quot I don t wanna take User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. it to a quot professional quot to get it fixed because I don t trust any people here in my city- whenever I did that they deleted ALL my files And I have some EXTREMELY important files in this computer that I wish I had saved on USB but I haven t so I definitely can t lose them I just never thought anything will go wrong with this computer as it worked pretty much perfectly So anyway I decided to try to fix it on my own despite that I admittedly know nothing about computers I read that this issue is fairly easy to fix So I found tutorials and forums where people say you should press f and it will take you to quot safe boot quot mode I did this and the first times nothing happened- and third time something did happen but NOT what they said I got options with numbers and letters and third option saying quot enter setup quot Obviously this was Chinese to me but I knew it s not supposed to be that way I saw some people had the similar issue and someone suggested that I press ESC so I did The next thing that happened was that it opened quot ASUS UEFI BIOS Utility - Advanced mode quot and it had parts- Main Al Tweaker Advanced Monitor Boot Tool All I knew was that from what I read I was supposed to activate quot safe boot quot in order to access computer properly but when I clicked under quot Boot quot I didn t see safe or secure mode anywhere I don t know what to do Please help as I m seriously desperate I will gladly tell you any further info and detail about anything else that I can see on my computer under any of these options I just really need this fixed and I d really appreciate it if anyone was patient enough to tell me what to do step by step Thank you so much in advance

A:User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

You can try to fix with Safe Mode - repeatedly tap F8 as you boot up.It may take two or three tries to start the safe mode.Continue with Safe mode and user the Administrator login.Are you able to get into the computer with Safe mode as the Administrator? **** In this context administrator is the name of a hidden account used in safe mode. Normally you would not have to use this account. It can be used to repair or create user accounts.,158181.0.html
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i encounter this problem when i try to login my account which is under a domain User profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded Will the OU in ad will affected this problem Firstly this machine hostname have the cannot loaded service be logon profile User User profile failed not move to Finance OU But i can login my own account my account has move to Finance OU I try my colleague login User profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded id as well His user account was also in the Finance OU but he cannot login he get the user profile service failed the logon user profile cannot be loaded This is cause by OU or is it the windows issue User profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded i have try to rejoin the domain same problem This is a new machine so i believe the registry fix on the profile list does not help at all i User profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded try to copy the default folder under user to my usb and then transfer to the new pc same problem as well anyone have any solution to it

A:User profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded

You'd need to ask your IT Adminstrator.
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On my daughters W7 x86 PC the above message is happening when she tries to logon, the PC was set up with two users, I do noyt know if the other user can logon as she is away and we do not know the password.

What can I do to fix this error, all the fixes I can find require the user to logon, which is not happening.

Any ideas on how I can proceed.



A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be load

Hello Daniel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help with fixing this error. The "In Preparation" section at the top will help to get logged into an administrator account to be able to do the rest of the tutorial. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Hope this helps,
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I had the following error:

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

I googled how to fix it. I now can't get to my photos from my other user account. How can I get to them so I can burn them on a DVD and clear up some of my hard drive? I can still see they are there in my Picasa program just can't get to them on desktop now.


A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Use an admin account, go to the account's picture folder you had before, and answer yes if it asks if it should modify security. ( haven't done this in a while so I can't remember the exact wording )
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Im trying to create a new user account on my computer but every time i do that Im unable to login to be User The Service the failed Profile cannot profile loaded User logon. that name Only the main account is accessible All new accounts I create with my account will give me this message quot The User Profile Service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded quot This applies to the guest account as well If this helps when you go to C Users only the main account's folder and a folder called quot Public quot is present Im pretty sure it should have showed the folder of the newly created account Because of this im unable to copy files from my main account to the new but inaccessible account as the folder for it does not exist This is frustrating as im trying to create an account for my brother with The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded parental controls But we cant even access it without it saying that the user profile cannot be loaded How can I fix this I've been following The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded these instructions from Microsoft Error message quot The User Profile Service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded I went to the registry editor and went to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList Apparently there should be two folders with S- - that is followed by a long set of numbers but there is only one It seems that there isn't even any folder associated with the new account I was only able to find a folder associated with the main account But none for the new accounts So that method to resolve this problem doesn't work for me I am running Windows Vista

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

Did you try the other 2 methods from that webpage?
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I have a Dell laptop that has Windows Vista. Received the below message after I typed in my password for the adminstrator account

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded

I went into Safe Mode and was able to get to the desktop of the laptop. I attempted to go to administrative tools to try and add a new user account but I don't see an option for that.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded

Here is the Microsoft support article for that.
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Im trying to create a new user account on my computer but every time i do that Im unable to login to that name Only the administrator account is accessible All new accounts createdwill give me this message quot The User Profile Service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded quot This applies to the guest account as well If this helps when you go to C Users only the main account s folder and a folder called quot Public quot is present Im pretty sure it should have showed the folder of the newly created account Because of this im unable Profile logon. The the failed loaded cannot User profile be Service User to copy files from my main account to the new account as the folder for it does not exist This is frustrating as im trying to create an account for my brother with parental controls But we cant even access it without it saying that the user profile cannot be loaded How can I fix this I ve been following these instructions from Microsoft The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded http support microsoft The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded com kb I went to the registry editor and went to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList It seems that there isn t even any folder associated with the new account I was only able to find a folder associated with the main account But none for the new accounts

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

Back to the beginning...what steps did you actually create a new profile?

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Hey all 
Long time user of bleeping computer - gonna jump on in and join the fun and games!
Anyway I work in a small local computer repair shop and recently we had LOADS of Vista and Windows 7 machines with the error
"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"
We can repair the fault changing the profile from temporary profile path and swapped the .bak extension in registry. 
But what the hell is causing it? We have had two machine back in within two weeks of initial repair. We figured windows update at first but its not a given. 

A:"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"

Have you read this Microsoft Support article?
There are similar articles for Vista and XP.
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I would like to create a new user and migrate all data settings etc from an existing user to the new user on the same computer Reason is some conflicting names between some computers on the same network and a Windows Home Server I tried changing the name of the user but that doens t change the name of the profile That created some confusion with Remote Desktop Seems that even though I changed the user name I had to log on via Remote Desktop using the old user name I ve read about a method of creating profile Premium to migrate to profile? Vista new How old Home user user the new user logging on then off logging on as the old user and just copying all the files How to migrate old user profile to new user profile? Vista Home Premium from one user to the other after turning on show system and hidden files etc That doesn t migrate any settings I wouldn t think only files And another problem is there isn t enough hdd space to copy the profile not sure what to do other than get a larger hdd which I could do if totally needed I looked at the USMT a little but it looked like a lot of work for what I was doing I ve also seen a step method by Joshua Mouch which still involved copying the files Is there a way to just change the user name and then change the profile name that coincided with that user That way no files are copied or moved just changing the How to migrate old user profile to new user profile? Vista Home Premium profile name associated with that user edit I just found this does How to migrate old user profile to new user profile? Vista Home Premium this really work That s all I want to do change the user name and have that profile name match the user name Delete or rename the profile folder under the users profile folder location locate the key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList and remove the subkey that contains the reference to the profile in question reboot and login as the user this will create a new profile instance Thanks Monte nbsp
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Restart F8 brings up F2 Set Up or F12 Boot Menu.  Can't find advanced boot options to start in safe mode.

A:User Profile service faied to logon. User profile cannot be loaded

System manufacturer and model?
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Hi I hit major problems yesterday when a Domain domain printers adding Complete & Shared Issue! power surge killed my server despite ups surge protection We have a small set up of win k machines and one Windows server all connected under a domain Basically all user machines were unaffected but my only method of getting us up and running was installing a fresh version of server on a new machine i followed this guide and configured it Complete Domain Issue! Shared printers & adding domain to use the same domain as Complete Domain Issue! Shared printers & adding domain last time hoping that all the client machines would carry on as they were before the server out i ve managed to set up access to shared drives hosted on the network That is working However i am now having these problems on all client machines Client machines cannot connect to shared printers from another client machine - Logging on as an administrator to their machine locally not domain you can add and print Simply changing their policies to admin does not allow them access Each machines is still connected to the domain so it says but if you take them off and try to put them back on the domain i get this error the following error occurred attempting to join the domain quot quot network path was not found If somebody can help me out i would be very gratefull I m alright with basic networking but have never installed Win server from fresh I like to think i ve just missed a simple checkbox or similar I ve basically followed the guide and have done little else in way of changes so you should be able to get a good idea of where i am Much appreciated Adam nbsp

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dear all

i have a problem in adding addtional domain controller in my forest domain.

when i try to add additional; domain controller after working few miniutes it gives meessage THE ACTIVE DIRECTORY WIZARD IS UNABLE TO CONVERT THE COMPUTER TO DOMAIN CONTROLLER ACESSES DENIED


But the user name has full permission he is administrator

please help me
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does anyone know how to remove a windows xp machine from a windows 2000 domain, using commmand prompt. the reason i asked because i cannot log into the domain or logon locally on the machine ! ! ! !

thanks ! !

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Okay, so I have this computer at school, and my teacher wants me to figure out a way to make it a stand-alone computer, so its not connected to the network. How do I erase the domain so it operates as if it were a home computer?

A:Removing a domain from a computer.

Put it in a workgroup. Or you can just log in with a local account and not change anything. You'll need to know a local account's login info (username and password) before using either of these options. Domain login accounts don't work locally or after a computer has been removed from a domain.