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Creating network over WIFI

Q: Creating network over WIFI

Just like we connect two PCs using Ethernet port, I want to connect two PCs over WIFI. I am not talking about homegroup just to share files or folders. I want to share the whole computer and I will be using IP command to access connected computer <\\ip address>.

Is the solution adhoc network?
What are the security requirements to create such a connection?

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Preferred Solution: Creating network over WIFI

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Creating network over WIFI

Yes it's basically AdHoc or a hosted wireless network. You can set one up manually or use the connectify software which is easier to set up and can be made to connect on start up rather than setting it up manually each time.

The Internet, Faster - Connectify Hotspot and Dispatch

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Use Wireless Hosted Networking to Share An Internet Connection Wirelessly | FAQ/Tip content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
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I'm building a subscription wifi network for our area.

Cisco Aironet 1550 series:
Proxim Orinocor series:

The Proxim seems like the better product, and sells for a bit less.

Will I need to purchase anything else besides several of these for the network? I'm assuming the 'home' router connects to a PC (or the PC via the gateway address) for managing the network.

Thanks allot for your insight.
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hello, im running 64 bit on a dell studio 1555 and i setup an ad-hoc network to use my computer as a temporary router. After setting this up and using it for a day i'm unable to connect to any router. I've since deleted the connection and tried restarting my network adapter and rooting around to find anything out of place but can't. any help would be appreciated!

A:Can't connect to wifi after creating adhoc network

I can also add that it does connect to routers, but as local only, and always shows up as unidentified.
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Hi, can anybody please help me set up a wireless access point?
I have an Acer aspire 5315, recently removed Vista and installed Xp SP3 with SATA Drivers. I'm trying to use an Atheros AR5007EG network adapter to set up a network. My computer comes integrated Intel/PRO Wireless 2200BG Acer InviLink 802.11b/g LAN connection, and i'm using a usb vodafone huawei broadband modem to connect to the internet. I need to learn how to configure internet connection sharing and to create a connection so i can access the internet on my iphone.

I've updated the drivers for my network adapter but im pretty clueless on how to go about it from here... any help would be incredible.


A:Solved: help creating a wifi or ad-hoc network to connect my iPhone

You need a broadband wireless router. I would recommend Linksys, although that is just personal opinion.
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Hi all,

I followed this tutorial, and after playing around with it for a couple of days, decided to remove the ad-hoc network through the manage networks window. After removing it, I have been unable to connect to any wireless networks, I've tried deleting the profile and creating a new one, reinstalling the driver, updating the driver, nothing seems to work. I really really do not want to do a reinstall, and I was hoping you guys could help me get my wireless back up and running. Right now I'm using wired, which will work for a while, but I'd still prefer to get wireless working, since my wired isn't in the most convenient location.....I have an Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN adapter on my ASUS UL20A-A1 laptop.

Thanks for the help !


A:WiFi doesn't connect after creating/deleting an ad-hoc network

Try running this batch file which will reset winsock, reset the TCP/IP stack and release renew your IP.

If this doesn't get it working then please post a screen shot of your ipconfig /all .

Download Renew IP + Reset Winsock Batch File
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Hi, im creating a wifi dish from this video , your probably saying it's illegal no its not only in some areas. I have the Satellite Dishes and the cables but what i have to the problem is getting the Wifi antenna and the antenna PCMCIA card. I can't find them in local stores . (Ex. BestBuy, Frys, CircuitCity, and Radioshack) *Not buying on the internet* Do you know where to get those items? Thank You!!!

Credits to:


A:Creating WIFI Satellite Dish network can be found 3 miles AWAY! *need help*need help

Well, I don't know any locality where it's illegal to build a hi-gain antenna, but I prefer to simply look for a sale and buy mine.

This is the one I have:
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Hey guys So what i'm trying to do is create a hotspot computer wifi built-in with Wifi card. Creating wifi hotspot using my computer In other words turning my computer into a router I'm wanting to do this so i can use my ipod at home instead of only when i'm around other wifi hotspots My computer Creating Wifi hotspot with built-in computer wifi card. is running off of a wired router so that i can play online on my PS as well I was told wifi doesn't work well with Ps 's normally so i just bought a wired router So the mainline internet cord is plugged into a wired router and then another line runs into my computer For some reason after i make an adhoc connection the computer is not sending the required information to the iPod so that it connects to the internet I've tried entering in the information into the Static tab in my ipod as well and still only get Local Connection instead of Local and Internet This is what my connection looks like through the router using ipconfig all Code Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Kyle gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Crommy Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled Yes WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List twinvalley net Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Atheros AR b g WiFi Adapter Physical Address - F- A- -BA-C DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix twinvalley net Description Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Physical Address - B- -F -D - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe b f aed f Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Monday December Cromwel l Lease Expires Tuesday December Cromwe ll Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - F- D- - A- - B- -F -D - DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix twinvalley net Description isatap twinvalley net Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap B C D -A E - DF -BEA -BC Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e f f fe b Prefer red Link-local IPv Address fe f f fe b Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft to Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes now when i look at other people's ipconfig all they do not have any of theese quot tunnel adapters quot as i have not sure if that has anything to do with it or not thanks for any and all tips

A:Creating Wifi hotspot with built-in computer wifi card.

Hi Cromsy,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that. You are connected to the router fine with your computer, but that tells us nothing about the ipod because wireless is off (but that's not the whole story either - you need something extra to do what you want). The following article should tell you what you need and how to do it: How to Connect iPod Touch to Windows 7 Ad-hoc Wireless Network. Although it says Windows 7, there are procedures for Vista as well (and the software will work with Vista).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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So, there are many articles out there that will show you how to use cmd prompt to create a wifi hotspot (eg: this article Internet Connection Sharing - Create WiFi HotSpot)

However, is there anyway to do this with TWO separate wifi adapters? That is, use one adapter to connect to your router and the other to act as the router? Some articles seem to indicate this is the ideal setup but no one seems to specify how to control which wifi adapter is used to create the wifi hostpot in command prompt.

Thanks for any help.

If I can get the basics to work, the next step is to try to integrate a VPN so that I can basically use my PC as a VPN router (but with no physical ethernet connection).

A:Creating Wifi hotspot using SECOND wifi adapter

It is no different than bridging an Ethernet and Wifi adapter.
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i am goint to create my laptop as wifi-hotspot, using netsh wlan comand. but it gives error -->start hostednetwork The hosted network couldn't be started. A device attached to the system is not functioning.plz suggest me
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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. I am using a wireless modem and I don't have any router.I surfed google and found a lot of software and tutorial to create a wifi hotspot but none of them works.

To create hotspot using only Windows 7, I followed this tutorial but I don't have "Set Up a wireless ad hoc network" option.

If you see the following pictures, u will get the idea :

View image: Capture
View image: Capture2

As I said above, none of the software work for me.All of them show problems when I try to connect.
So, any solution?

Thanks in advance

A:Creating a wifi hotspot from my PC

Quote: Originally Posted by SirDarknight

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. I am using a wireless modem and I don't have any router.I surfed google and found a lot of software and tutorial to create a wifi hotspot but none of them works.

To create hotspot using only Windows 7, I followed this tutorial but I don't have "Set Up a wireless ad hoc network" option.

If you see the following pictures, u will get the idea :

View image: Capture
View image: Capture2

As I said above, none of the software work for me.All of them show problems when I try to connect.
So, any solution?

Thanks in advance

From the looks of it the Intel WiMax driver doesn't have an updated Windows WHQL driver. Because of this it also doesn't have the Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adaptor which is what the adaptor uses to create the virtual access point.

I can't see which version of WiMax adaptor you are using but you might try Windows update for an updated driver for this adaptor.

When you install the updated WHQL driver you will see the virtual driver in the Device Manager and on the Network Adaptors page.

After that it should be easy to set up the access point using commands or connectify software.

Directions for setting up AdHoc.
How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Wireless Computer-to-Computer Network

More on using netsh commands to set up a virtual hotspot and Msoft virtual miniport functionality, links to connectify and more information.
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Hello everyone

I'm a network idiot, so i might need everything very well explained

I'm living in a building with a single shared wifi connection. Speed is ok but signal strength and security is not!

I want to create a new network, separate from the existing wifi-network. Only hassle is that i can not just connect a second router with cable.
I've tried a wifi-extender, but obviously it just repeats the same SSID.

In short: connect something wireless to the existing wifi-signal, which makes a secondary closed network.


A:Extending wifi creating new SSID

As long as you have to connect to the existing insecure network you are basically stuffed.
The safest you could get with that is to have a Wired connection between that router and your own and have your own wireless through that. Obviously that is going to restrict your through put to the web, but even then the ISP connection is likely to be the bottleneck. Since you cannot do that, if you get a second router you could connect it to the first by wire and again do the above.

It does have the advantage that you can secure your own inter machine network from your second router.
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I've got a Nintendo DS, and I'd like to get it hooked on the internet.
So I bought a wifi usb stick so I can create a hotspot, we've got Wireless Internet at home.. But my DS won't get trough the WPA2 encryption.
Since I'm not pretty experienced with network and creating hotspots, this step is a problem for me.. I've been trying for months now, but I can't figure it out.

Can anybody help me creating a Wifi hotspot? I need to have it open (unsecured) or with a WEP password.. it just needs to give my Nintendo DS access to the Internet..
I've got the following wifi stick:
Tenda W311U
And I run Windows 7 (And Ubuntu, help for Ubuntu would be appreciated (since Ubuntu is my main OS), but how to do it in Windows 7 is enough )

Thanks in advance.

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Hello I need to start by saying I only have a patchy knowledge of networking I have been involved in the Networking of a museum with a set of quot Show quot computers which display video and for this reason cannot have anti virus installed becuase of the performace hit and also the risk of pop-ups on the videos They do however need to be connected to the internet as some are interactive and allow people to send simple emails and they all need to allow remote support when things go wrong It seems the networking was not thought out very well initially and there is a single wireless router which serves the staff and public on a secured wireless network but wired network a wireless a secure alongside network Creating also serves the quot Show quot machines via a wired connection from one of its ports which then connects to a master switch which serves the show machines Now the wired and wireless is on the same network and everything shares the same IP subnet xxx and this is not a good situation in terms of the securuty of the show machines on the wired network So I need to work out a Creating a secure wired network alongside a wireless network way to totally separate the wireless network which will be very prone to people Creating a secure wired network alongside a wireless network opening viruses in their emails etc Creating a secure wired network alongside a wireless network from the wired network which will be the show machines which wont be touched by anyone I want to achieve this in the simplest and easiest way and have been reading about the possibility of setting up a second wired router behind the current wireless one with a different subnet IP address to which the quot Show quot machines could be connected The WAN port on this second router would connect to a LAN port on the wireless router and thus the show machines could get their internet but separated from the dangerous wireless network Does this sound like a sensible start Will the fact that the wired router and show machines are on a completely different subnet to the wireless router and wireless devices mean that the wired network will be protected Or do I need to do more And is this likely to work Many thanks for any advice Cheers nbsp

A:Creating a secure wired network alongside a wireless network

That's the standard way to protect one set of machines from another, while allowing all to use the same internet access. The reason it works is the NAT layer on the second router--it protects its LAN from the other machines the same way it protects from the big scary internet.

If you are using Windows on the "show" machines try Microsoft Security Essentials. It should not adversely impact performance.
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I was wondering if I can create a wifi hotspt from a laptop with a mobile internet stick so that I can connect a smartphone to the wifi network. Said smartphone is without a sim card, so I need wifi to access the web, to use skype. The laptop has windows XP, not sure if XP has the ability to create a wifi hotspot, or if it's doable in the first place.

Is there a way to create a 24/7 wifi hotspot with an internet stick? Don't want to have the laptop running every time I want to use the phone.

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I have created a wifi hotspot on my work laptop hp probook g I started the hosted network and in the network and sharing page I could see creating having wifi issues laptop hotspot the ssid hotSpot under the wireless network connection WNC icon I also could see the ssid in the currently connected to part of the available having issues creating laptop wifi hotspot networks page when selecting the bottom right hand corner bars i e currently connected to workcompany com internet access hotspot No internet access However when I share the wireless network connection WNC that the workcompany com is connected to with hotspot The ssid is changed to workcompany com so both WNC and WNC ssid s are displaying workcompany com I have also lost the ssid in the currently connected to section as well it now displays currently connected to workcompany com internet access When I look for hotspot from my mobile device I cannot find it Anybody got any clues Please help p s the workcompany com internet is a domain if it helps nbsp
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I am considering a Wimax USB dongle for my laptop which will allow access to the Internet anywhere in the Wimax service area I would also like to create a Wifi Wimax WiFi signal source? using as Creating at home using the Wimax dongle as the feed Would it Creating WiFi using Wimax as signal source? be possible to use another USB port on my laptop to feed the signal back out of the laptop to a Wifi Access Point Firstly how would the incoming signal from one USB port be routed back out of the laptop via a second USB port Would specific software be required and is there any Secondly all of the access points that I have seen have a RJ input rather than a USB input so would one use a cable with a USB Male A on one end and a RJ on the other i e a specific purpose cable designed for the task or are there access points with USB inputs which would allow use of an ordinary USB cable withType A male on both ends Alternatively is there such thing as an access point that will allow the Wimax USB dongle to be just plugged into the AP and used as the signal source I assume that one cannot just use the sort of cable mentioned above under quot Firstly quot to connect the two due to wiring mapping issues nbsp

A:Creating WiFi using Wimax as signal source?

Actually, you'd feed it out with the Ethernet port and use ICS to share it.
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Hi All,

When I am out of the office, I need to connect to the office network with a VPN connection. When I setup the VPN connection through the wifi/tethering to phone into our server, I get an error 797.

This error means a modem is not found, however, I dont remember selecting a  modem for this, and I am using the Wifi connection so it should be automatically connected to something at least.

Please let me know what to do from this point.
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I want to know that whether my router Netgear JWNR2000 has facility of creating a temporary password, which expires in 15 mins. For e.g. when I enters airport, then they provide me a password which limits my connectivity to network for 15 mins only. After 15 mins I need to have diff password issued from airport authorities.

I want this facility for my guest users only not normal/regular LAP wireless PCs i.e. Guest password shall expire within 15 mins although my normal password shall continue as usual for my LAN PCs.

P.S.: I have one redundant router (Netgear WGR614v7) which is in working condition but is of no use.

A:creating 2 seperate passwords for same Wifi (guest & regular)

The airport has specialized equipment and hardware. You'll find consumer/home level products will not offer such functionality let alone allow you to have two distinct wireless networks from a single device.
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Hi there

This USB Wifi adapter seems to be a MEGA performer --Lovely finally to be able to THINK of getting rid of LAN cables all over the place.

I've no probs with decent HD Movie streaming from a SERVER with one of these (I unplugged the LAN and inserted the USB Wifi adapter into a USB3 slot --note this needs genuine USB3 to work at proper speed). My Home router can deliver 802.11ac so no probs there.

Brilliant piece of kit and NO MORE CABLES !!!!!!. Wifi will soon be able to deliver comparable speeds to LAN especially for HOME networks. !!!

Here's the UK Link but is available in US and Europe. In any case it's delivered (in my case) by Amazon S.A.R.L (Luxembourg) so no tax !!!. even though I ordered from UK web site --they will ship outside UK tax free.

USB-AC56 | Networking | ASUS UK

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I've wasted SO many hours on this this week Staying in a hotel in Europe with only wired Wifi I was able to create a Virtual hotspot one night but then I restarted my computer and I can't get it to work again Here is what I did made sure no other virtual Network adaptor programs were running I had Hamachi LogMeIn on this laptop too I exited it and killed the process Also made sure I wasn't currently connected to wifi occupying the adaptor Download and install Virtual Router Manager from https virtualrouter codeplex com Run it and tell it to set up a virtual network with the name SSID NAME and password password this app basically just automates the Windows Shell commands that creates a virtual network adaptor Right click on the Ethernet adaptor that has the working net connection and choose Properties - gt Sharing and tell it to use the Virtual Network Wireless adaptor created in step Right click on The Virtual network adaptor created in step and UN-check support for IpV This handy tip got it to work in the first place So it worked ONE night But I ve repeated this steps times now and NOTHING It doesn t even create the wireless network for others to see I ve rebooted a few times too See Trouble wifi now on fails worked, creating Hotspot. reboot this screenshot of what my adaptors look like I'm Trouble creating wifi Hotspot. worked, now fails on reboot so upset with this I'm actually considering walking down the street and BUYING a damn router Also mocking me is all Trouble creating wifi Hotspot. worked, now fails on reboot the MacBook pro wifi hotspots I can see others have created when I scan for the Wireless network from my phone help and be my hero

A:Trouble creating wifi Hotspot. worked, now fails on reboot

UPDATE: I just turned on my phone and it was connected...for like 3 seconds at full strength. Then the wireless network vanished. It seems the laptop creates the network in bursts for a few seconds every few minutes or so). Any ideas why that might be?
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I am facing a problem my laptop is connected to a Bluetooth internet network and I am accessing internet on the laptop, I have created a virtual wifi hotspot on laptop and I want to share bluetooth internet connection but it shows no network access how to
enable Bluetooth internet sharing. 

Please help
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A few day before the wifi disappers, my laptop had started to lag every few seconds. I tried to find a solution for this problem, but it was of no avail. After the last time I restarted it, it did not recognize any wifi or network. the upper keys have all stopped working, and the screen has become very bright. Moreover, troubleshooting does not recognize any problem.I'd appreciate any help.
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 My laptop is "HP G62 Notebook PC". It was working fine with Wifi last three years. Now, although the wifi network is detected it is not connecting...when I select the Wifi network and enter the wifi password it is not connected.. tried changing "roaming sensitivity" setting too..but not successful..........reinstalled the driver (ralink RT3090 802.11b/g/n Wifi Adapter) too, but not working.....Internet is working using the LAN cable......Please help.............. 

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My laptop is "HP G62 Notebook PC". It was working fine with Wifi last three years. Now, although the wifi network is detected it is not connecting...when I select the Wifi network and enter the wifi password it is not connected.. tried changing "roaming sensitivity" setting too..but not successful..........reinstalled the driver (ralink RT3090 802.11b/g/n Wifi Adapter) too, but not working.....Internet is working using the LAN cable......Please help..............I REINSTALED WINDOWS AND THE WIFI RECOGNIZED ITSELF AS WIFI A/B/G BUT THE SAME HAPPENED I PUT DRIVES FROM HP BUT NOTHING HAPENED THE SAME PROBLEM AGAIN DOES IT HAS DATE OFF EXPIRE? WIFI CARD ID IN BIOS IS VQF-RT3090BCT HP S.............. AGAIN  

A:HP G62 Notebook Wifi not connecting although wifi network de...

Hi, You have a couple of options as I see it please try these steps might help you to fix your issue. 1) Disconnect the Battery & Adapter then press & hold the power button on Notebook for 30 seconds then turn on the unit and check if the Wireless light turns on. 2) Go to Device manager then uninstall the wireless drivers and restart the unit and check if the light turns on. 3) Please update the Bios & Wireless driver from HP website. 4) If you are comfortable reseating the wireless card which will be on the back panel off your unit you could try this steps as well.  Let us know how it goes!  ****Click the White Kudos star to say thanks********Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem****

I am an HP Employee.
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Hi ,

I have 5 pc and i want to connect them so i can transfer files and print things whith my Lexmark1200,i would like also internet for these five pc .How can i connect them ,what tools&hardware do i need .
So i have:
5 PC
1 Printer

What do i need else?

A:Creating a Network

I'm guessing you want Internet all around, so you need a broadband router. Since most SOHO routers have four ports, you'll probably also need a plain Ethernet switch to expand the ports to handle more than four connected devices.

If the printer is a USB only printer, you can connect it to one of the systems and share it, or add a network print server that will support it directly for all machines.
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I am a total dunce when it comes to networking -- it's just something I've always had trouble with, though I'm pretty good with most other aspects of computers....

My question/dilemma/goal is this:

I have a DSL service (Bellsouth - Extreme) and a DirecTV HD-DVR. I want to be able to connect the DVR to the internet for OnDemand service. If I understand properly I can accomplish this with my DSL modem. The problem is the modem I have (Westell) only has the 1 ethernet port. Can I manually switch this to use it with the DVR? can I use an ethernet switch and connect both that way? or do I have to get a new DSL modem/router that has existing additional ports built in?
I saw that there is another option called a powerline connection, but wouldn't I still have the same circumstance with the actual modem/router connection?

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i share internet through a wireless connection, i want to create a network between the computers that share the connection...we all have windows xp, but the windows network never seems to work right? is there any alternatives? easier way to do things?

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ok i have 2 computers that both have wireless one a Belkin pci card and the other a usb linksys wireless network adapter, id like to get the computers to recognize each other but not lose connection to the main router is this possible?

A:creating a network

This is print/file sharing(PFS). Once ALL systems have internet access AND
each one can ping the other (run->cmd /k ping $others-ip-address),
then it's a matter of seting up PFS.

Edited by Moderator: Removed quote. There`s no need to quote the post directly above your own.
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Hello I have a wireless adsl router in preparation for broadband arriving in our area soon long story and have some questions Network help!?!? Wifi Wifi Router / I have a laptop with wifi card and want to setup a home network with this and my PC plugged-in via LAN Wifi Router / Wifi Network help!?!? cable to the router laptop is XP PC is Win Wifi Router / Wifi Network help!?!? K I can t seem to get this to work one minute the PC can see the laptop in network neighbourhood and then the other way round but I can never access shared directories on either is there a good guide somewhere to Wifi Router / Wifi Network help!?!? set this up Also shouldn t I be able to use the router from the PC as if it were a wifi card i e on the laptop once the wifi card is plugged in it displays all wifi networks in the area and their signal strength etc how can I do this using the router PC With the laptop I can connect to our neighbours wifi router and use their bradband connection but I want to do the same from the PC is that possible Thanks in advance all P S router is a D-Link DSL- nbsp

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Okay, usually when you hover over the networks listed and available from the taskbar icon, you get a nice little window with a few helpful tidbits of info for each listed network when you mouse action hover over the names. It tells you the encryption type, and the SSID, plus a few other details.

Well, on my computer, the information is appearing behind the list to where I can't read it. The network list is overlapping on top of the hover info. Talk about annoying. I searched for various things on google, with no luck. I tried:

Windows 7 network list obscuring hover details, and various other combinations to no avail. Anyone here have a clue what might be breaking this? I'd like the hover details to appear properly so I can read it. In the meantime I've installed the free version of Acrylic Wifi to work around the issue. Thanks.

A:Wifi Network info/details appearing behind Network List on hover.

The problem must be driver based or an add-on program because I don't get any of that. All I get is the name and whether it's connected or not. Check that your adaptor driver is up to date and/or the program you use to display the data is up to date.

Forgot to mention:
Dell adds "bloatware" to their PCs to "improve the user's experience" so I would check Dell Support for your specific model and look for updates.

Dell Support
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PRODUCT: HP Chromebook 11 G4S/N: 5CD5515QDCGoogle Chrome OS Version 50.0.2661.103Platform 7978.74.0Firmware Google_Kip.5216.227.25 This device is frustrating my spouse to no end.  It keeps dropping our home wifi network connection.  I have to shutdown power, wait, and power back on and it refreshes.  This is annoying. I am seriously considering returning this device.  The whole point of this purchase was stability and ease of browsing and light internet use.  Frustration is not part of the purchase.
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Hi, i would like to hook up both my PC (with Home XP) and my mac laptop (Mac OS X Panther) together on a network, i have tried to do this before, but i failed at it, i have a Linksys router, but i dont think i configured it proply for using it, but thats another topic.

Anyways, i was wondering if i could do this, or is it possible? im clueless with home networking.

I would like it to be able to transfer files from one to the other, and possibly have chat, if its possible.

Also, i have cable modem with 1megabit connection, (i think my isp is ripping me off, but thats another topic.)

Thanks in advance.

A:Creating a home network with a Mac and a PC??

hello B1u3

What you propose to do is most definitely possible "connecting the two computers, XP and OS X panther" as panther has a built in window sharing option.

These days routers don't need configuring as they tend to self manage down stream and upstream.

What you do need to do, is share a drive on the PC, knowing the user name and password, then on Panther, go to the preference panel in the dock/networking/go in to file sharing and enable window sharing, the pc wont see the mac, but the mac will see the PC.

I hope that helps, As I don't have the mac in front of me, neither will I for at least another 2 weeks, I cant be more specific, all I can tell you that I have set this up at work, and we happily share files with the receptionist computer...

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this, but how can I create a network drive that multiple things can connect to? Right now, I have file and media sharing turned on with the laptop as where the files are stored, but I can't access them on other devices if it's in sleep mode. Is there a way to create a drive that will stay active even when the laptop isn't? No new hardware would be appreciated, budget's kind of tight right now.

Also, I know next to nothing about networking. I'm happy to have my Xbox 360 play music and videos from my laptop.

A:Creating a network drive?

If a computer is in sleep mode than the hard drive isn't running and the computer isn't access the network so no it can't be accessed by other systems while it is asleep you can however get an external drive designed for network access. As for file sharing please see this tutorial.

File Sharing - Turn On or Off
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Hello I m new to these forums Me and my friends have in mind a small project that we wish to bring to terms but we re having a bit of trouble with it We hope some of you can give us advice and help on the matter What we want to do network a Wireless Creating Being game enthusiasts we want to create a wireless network so that Creating a Wireless network we can play lan games from the comfort of our home Our ISPs have placed caps on some of our internet connections preventing us from downloading uploading too much and hence we would Creating a Wireless network like to set up this wireless network to make it work Problem Well we originally thought about setting up a wifi router but the problem with it is that we all live at a m radius from where the router could be placed Wifi wouldn t allow us to get past m outdoors or so we ve been led to believe We lack the information on how to boost the range or an alternative for a wireless network Solution well we were hoping you could help us out on this one nbsp

A:Creating a Wireless network

theres a few things you could try,
1st thing i would have really done though would have been to buy a long range signal router that gave roughly 500m range of wi-fi signal.

However you could still do this OR

for starters make sure you have your router in a decent position in the house with minimal interfierance. e.g. out of the way of cordless phones, brick or plaster walls, and definately micorwaves.
This will let your signal go a little further

You should be able to buy replacement antenna's for your router depending on the type of router it is, in order to boost your range. Replacements can be quite easy to find, especially online and extremely easy to replace

Alternitively you could add a bi-directional signal amplifier. otherwise known as a two way signal booster, attaches to router where antenna normally attaches.

Last but not least you could get yourselves a wi-fi repeater. Generally its a strategically placed range expander. Place it within range of original router and it expands the range sending data from that little bit further out back and forth from the router.
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Hello all I am new to the Need creating 7 TCP/IP Network help with Windows forum and I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this and for any help you may be able to provide I consider myself fairly computer savvy but I will be the first to admit I know little about creating networks I will provide the most details I can and see where this goes I am in need of creating a small business network for computers and printers All systems Need help creating TCP/IP Network with Windows 7 are running some form of Windows We have specific software that we are required to use to operate our business and in need of using this software on at least but ideally of the computers that will be connected to this network The internet source is cable internet from our local cable provider CassComm The internet CAT ethernet cable comes into the building and goes into a Netgear N Wifi Router It then splits two two different computers but I will be adding two additional computers to it soon along with an iPad All connections with the exception of the iPad will be wired connections I already have the cables in place and have a Netgear switch on the way from Amazon com Again excuse my lack of knowledge but I assume I need to make one of these computers a quot server quot The newest computer is the one I would like to be the server and to store the database that this software requires The software we are running is Martech Systems WinFair Management Their website address is Blue Ribbon Software According to their instructions we have to have a TCP IP network configured for this software to function properly across multiple systems This is where I get lost I understand that it is easy to create homegroups in Windows for file and printer sharing but I have no idea what I'm doing in regard to setting up the TCP IP network I know that with some assistance I can make it happen because I feel that I have enough computer knowledge to navigate instructions I will attach the blurb from the software company in regard to a network below in hopes that it will answer any other questions you may have Again I greatly appreciate any help you can provide In order to operate MarTech Systems Inc software in a multiuser network mode the following items are required You must have an operational TCP IP local area network already in place An operational TCP IP LAN is defined as when you are able to ping the IP addresses and DNS names of other systems on your network If you do not have the expertise yourself to configure a Microsoft network and map network drives you must find someone locally to assist you with this This is not a task that can be accomplished easily over the telephone If you need extended assistance from our Help Desk to physically connect the network it will be a billable call and must be pre-scheduled to be completed during business hours In order to properly install and maintain the software the user must have administrative access to their desktop to install the software as a local user To operate the software in a networked environment the user must also have administrative access to the network resources that will be used to define the shared storage area on the network where the databases will be maintained If you do not have those rights to your computer you must find the person within your office that has those rights That person will be able to install your software and set the BDE properly

A:Need help creating TCP/IP Network with Windows 7

If you have a router then you likely are already using a tcp/ip network because that is the default. As for setting up specialized software you should work with their tech support.
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I just did a clean install of a W7 ultimate pc and have been trying for hours to set up a network with a W8.1 laptop.

This was working before the clean install but I can't remember how do do it.

I do not have a router and am using a 'functioning' twisted Ethernet cable.

The W8.1 laptop is connected to the Internet via a Vodafone stick/pen

I am NOT trying to put the pc online right now.

Any instructions on how to do this would be much appreciated.

The Ethernet connection is showing as 'unidentified' right now.



A:Creating a W7 W8.1 Ethernet Network

Google is your friend.
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i have my main laptop connected to the internet via my router, i also have other wireless pcs in my household which connect to the same router

how can i link the computers together as one of the computers has a printer which i wish to print on


A:creating a home network help?

What operating systems are we using ?
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Hello i just needed some advice from an experienced person In my home we have pc and a laptop My laptop is always in a different room than the pc Were about to get dsl and I ve never actually set this stuff up myself Its funny cause this is what i want to do with my life But i only just started school I only just started my first networking class Soooo What would be the best way to get my laptop the dsl we are getting In one room we network creating on a advice need will have the modem and the pc connected Im assuming its a ethernet modem not a usb I think the best way to have my laptop share this would be a wireless router but I am curious about how much speed you lose using wireless connection instead of a direct connection Would it really be noticable Running wires wouldnt be that horrible since im in the next room I would just really like to get the most out of the dsl Any suggestions would i really see a difference in speed wirelessly from the next room Call me greedy but i want what its capable of Its always good to get a little input first before going out buying the equipment need advice on creating a network Thanks nbsp

A:need advice on creating a network

If you don't yet know what modem, or modem/router, or modem/wireless router you will get with the DSL service (if you are going to use theirs) you best not buy until you know exactly what you are dealing with.

With wireless your actual data transfer maxes out at about half the nominal rate. So for 802.11g 54Mbps you'll actually get no more than ~27Mbps. If you are going to be copying large files between PCs you may want to use ethernet for that. Doubt that you'll get a DSL connection with anywhere near a bandwidth that will be restricted by Wi-Fi.
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There are various was to get connected to the Internet. The folks at Dslreports have
created a site which shows you graphically what each network looks like
and the cabling necessary for each.
see various topologies here
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I have a HP Officejet Pro L printer that a ethernet capabilities I am able to print wirelessly without any problems It has a scan feature that allows me to send scanned items to a network folder When I go to My Network Places in Windows Explorer on my Dell Inspirion laptop running Windows XP SP I see my network workgroup name When I network Creating a folder a on click on it I Creating a folder on a network receive the following error quot you might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions quot My intention Creating a folder on a network is to create a folder on that network so that the HP printer knows where to store my scanned images Please let me know if this is not possible Other than checking my firewall settings is there anything else I need to check so I can open my network workgroup without any issues Currently the laptop is not networked to any other computers Thank you for looking nbsp

A:Creating a folder on a network

"Other than checking my firewall settings is there anything else I need to
check so I can open my network workgroup without any issues?"

In your connection properties (Network Connections - right click on your connection - Properties) 'Client for Microsoft Networks' needs to be installed and probably 'File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks' also needs to be installed.

Make sure the following services are running (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services). The Startup Type on my machine is 'Automatic' except for the one indicated.

Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Location Awareness (Startup Type 'Manual')
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
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First of all let me apologize for my ignorance with computers. I would like to be able to create a network notepad if you will to communicate more effectively and professionally with other employees. How can i do this. I have XP professional and we share two computers between eight people. My goal is to leave notes for other employees that they can read and initial or sign that they have read the note. I also don't want coworkers to have the ability to change someone else's note. Can you please help? I know this should be an easy thing to set up but then again, I'm ignorant. kniels
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Hi Gurus,
I have good knowledge of computers but not in the administrator level. I have one PC(XP) and one laptop (Vista Premium). I have wireless router to connect to internet but my PC is connected wired to the router but laptop internet access is wireless.

I would like to create home network and I am unable to do so with my knowledge in this domain. Can some one please let me know how to access other machine from each other.

I am able to ping my desktop from laptop but not the other way round.

Thanks in advance!

A:Help creating home network

"I am able to ping my desktop from laptop but not the other way round."

That's the first thing you want to fix. You have a 3rd party firewall on the laptop that is blocking your LAN access.

Following is the wizard way to enable file and printer sharing on XP.

Run the Network Setup wizard (found in Control Panel of XP). Tell it each of your computers connects to the internet via "residential gateway" and that you want to enable file and printer sharing. Create a disk at the end only if you have a Windows PC other than XP or 2k Pro or Vista.

Windows XP firewall (if SP2) will be properly configured by the wizard. You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine. Unique computer names and same workgroup, of course.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders (or drives) or printers you want to share, just right click on them and sharing ... . When sharing a printer, accept the offer to load other drivers if your other PCs have different Operating System(s).

When you first go into My Network Places there will be nothing there. The first time you click on 'View Workgroup computers' will probably result in great disappointment. It takes awhile (20 minutes or so) before all the computers in the workgroup get up-to-date and accurate lists of the other computers. Often you can speed up this process via Search for other computers.

When computers show up in My Network Places, double click on one to see its shares. If that includes a printer, you can right click on the printer to connect to it.
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I want to create a network between 3 computers that I have in my house:
-1 Laptop
-2 PCs
Laptop and one of the PCs is connected to internet by wireless connection
Other Computer is like a main PC that transforms a signal to other two
so how could I make a simple shearing network that I could use 1 printer by all 3 computers.

A:[Help] Creating a Network Between Computers

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.
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I need help creating a home network I a Network Home Creating have made a Creating a Home Network basic diagram of what I d like if Creating a Home Network it s possible I m confused on what equipment to use and if it will even work I have a Gateway Wire modem connected to the internet in Room I have a computer running Windows Vista connected to that modem via ethernet cable and I can connect my MacBook Os X Leopard iPod and iPhone s to it wirelessly also In Room I have an Xbox Dish Network receiver and a Philips Blu-Ray player that I would like to connect to the internet via ethernet cables The problem is that there is a long distance between Room and Room since Room is in the first floor and Room in the second floor So running ethernet cables will be a pain Anyone know how i can make it work so that I can have the modem connect to another device wirelessly that will provide several ethernet ports As picture shows nbsp

A:Creating a Home Network

thats the setup I have and I'm using a wireless range extender
the model i have has been superseded Edimax EW-7209APg
It looks like this is a replacement - although I have not used personally

I have a linksys WAG320N which is on floor 1 and has wireless and Printer / desktop USB Media Server connected
and then the wireless extender on ground floor with a TV/Bluray/PVR/PS3 all connected by ethernet to the wireless extender
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Hi all I m trying to set up a network for a friends small office so we can share files between each of the computers i have tried to do it through the workgroup but with no luck as some can see the other machines and some cant so it driving me nuts Hardware software Thompson wireless a OS with Creating multiple network Router laptop with Windows laptop with Windows Vista laptop with Windows XP SP Mac Can anyone help me set them up so they can see each of the other computers and i can click that computer name and see its shared folders files I have set the network discovery to on in W amp Vista and Creating a network with multiple OS and ran the network wizard Creating a network with multiple OS in XP At the moment the vista and W machine can see each other but i get and error saying cannot access computer name with the W and XP machines i can send a file when i type in the ip address into the W search bar but Creating a network with multiple OS the XP computer is not shown in the network folder And i didn t try with the mac as dunno anything about them that much Any help would be appreciated Ste nbsp

A:Creating a network with multiple OS

Make sure all your Windows computers use the same named for the Workgroup. Also, you may need to turn on some legacy file sharing for the XP computer name to be found.
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ok i wanna learn how to create a domain for my home network. i know i can create a workgroup and all that good stuff but i want a domain so i can control file access, permissons and eveything else...

this is what i know i need

Windows Server Ed.
All Comps running Xp pro
a computer that is always on to be the domain authenticator
this is my problem. when i try to install Server ed 2003 on my win xp pro computer it says it cannot be upgraded from xp. what should i do?

if someone could help me install server ed 2003 i would be very grateful.

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I have a SimpleTech external hard drive, as well as a Motorola SGB940 router. The router has a USB B port in the back of it.

I was wondering, if I plugged my hard drive into that USB port, would it be accessible throughout my network?


A:Creating a network drive?

From what I am able to dig up from (the Modems website) that usb port is really only for computers (since it requires drivers and such) so sorry to say that no, what you are asking would not work.
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Hello all I m currently helping someone setup a a standard a hub using network Creating network between two computers one Windows XP Home and one Windows ME using a very cheap Kingston hub The XP computer accesses the Internet through a dial-up connection I m trying to a help them share files with each other b help them share a printer connected to the Windows ME machine and c allow Windows ME to access the dial-up connection through the Windows Creating a network using a standard hub XP machine Here s what I ve done so far I physically connected the two computers using ethernet cables and Creating a network using a standard hub the hub I ve enabled sharing on both computers set the files that need to be shared and added the TCP IP protocol to both NICS in the LAN properties I m not sure what other protocols need to be running on the Windows ME machine for this to work if there needs to be more I ve run the network wizard on both machines specifying the type of network and establishing a common domain name MSHOME I ve run the network wizard on both computers because from the Windows XP machine I m unable to create a network disk for the Windows ME machine the XP machine doesn t have a floppy disk drive AND because of that I can t use the Windows ME network disk either So I just ran the wizard for both machines and said that it doesn t have to create a network disk I m not sure what the TCP IP configuration needs to be Because I m using a hub I don t need a default gateway correct Also do I need to setup a static IP address for both machines or can i just tell it to assign one dynamically I did it both ways and tried to ping the other machine but all requests timed out This is what happens when i setup the machine using dynamic IP address configs As soon as I restart the network connection on the Windows XP machine says quot Limited or no connectivity quot Reparing the connection doesn t work and neither does unplugging the hub and restarting it I can t ping the other computer it times out or see the other computer in my network places This is what happens when i setup the machine using static IP address configs The quot Limited or no connectivity quot error doesn t appear on the Windows XP machine anymore but the machines still can t ping each other I believe that s everything I ve done thus far Any advice would be great I know that once both computers can see each other i should be ok establishing an internet connection on the Windows ME machine and sharing files printers Thanks nbsp

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I'm planning on making a small home network, and need some advice.

I am on a 2mbps Cable Connection in the UK, with a Cable Modem.

I am hoping to set up a small LAN between 2 computers. I have a budget of no more than 50.

I will need a router, a 3m cable for pc 1, and a 10m cable for PC 2.

Can anyone suggest where i can get this for prices under 50, shipping to the UK, and accepting Visa Electron or Paypal (maybe mastercard, but hopefully not) ?

Thanks in advance

A:Advice on Creating a Network

I am assuming that you are on NTL or telewest, with their standard cable modem which has the RJ45 connection?

If so, then you should be able to use dsl/cable router which works out at about 32, it comes with a 3m patch cable, so all you will need then is a ten metre patch cable, and the necessary Network cards, if not already installed
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I would like to network 2 to 4 computers. All are running WinXp except for one. It will be running Win2k. Is it possible to network two computers that are running two different operating systems?

I have setup a network before but do not remember the details nor if it actually worked very well.

Once the computers are networked, can anything on any of the computers be shared?

Finally, where do I start?

Thank you for all your help.

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A friend and I recently bought Fight Night Round 2 for Playstation 2 with the intent of playing each other online. When it wouldn't work I found out as of August 1st EA Sports was no longer offering a server for this game. Is there a way can connect the two over the internet and play the game together without the EA Sports server?

A:Creating own network for Playstation 2

You could always run a CATV cable all the way to his house..
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Alrighty I have a Creating a home network D-Link WBR- router which computers and gaming consoles connect to They can connect to the internet just fine but have no way of interacting with each other I d like to have a system going on here that makes it so you can print from a printer connected to another computer access that computer s Creating a home network files etc just through the network but have no idea how I d go about doing it I ve looked online but have no idea what to start looking for Ideally I d like to have a system going on where all computer share the same domain or workgroup Whichever its called computers are running XP Home edition and mine is XP Professional edition Sadly I m the router s admin as I know most about the stuff the getting people connected to the internet and whatnot but I d really like to have a real network going on here Any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Creating a home network

The reason that they cannot 'see' each other is probably because they are not signing on to the same network.
To do this, go to Control Panel, System and select the Computer name tag. change the workgroup name to whatever you like as long as it is the same on all machines. Reboot them all as prompted and it should work.
You then need to share the resource on each machine that you want the other PCs to access - printers and folders. Then you can access them from the other machines and install printers or map drives as you need.
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I have windows 7 32 bit on my hp 530 notebook. Since a few days when i try to connect to any network it shows connected but when i click on networks it says identifying network. I do have the latest drivers. I have windows 8 installed and wifi works fine in it.

Please reply.

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Is there a way to setup network profiles or something so that when I bring my Surface Pro to work and connect to the wireless network there it will use the static ip address I have but when I disconnect and then connect to my home wifi it will go back to DHCP? On my MacBook Pro I can go into the network settings and change the location profile I have setup for networks but I don't see anything like this for Windows 8.

A:Specific network settings based on wifi network

You can go into IPv4 Properties of this NIC, then you can use the Alternate configuration tab to set up the alternate IP, or use the Advanced tab to add a static IP/gateway/DNS etc. to TCP/IP.
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On windows server our school has a parent and child domain setup When creating new users in the child domain via active directory their is a place a network folders Creating Home on to enter Home Folder local path when I enter a local path to the quot students quot folder the student folder is NOT created I am Creating Home folders on a network not sure if it is how i am entering hte path for the home folder or if it is the permissions on folders In active directory where you enter the local path it will not let you enter UNC addressing servername directory it promptsyou with a message that says use drive letter etc This is the line I enter into the local path location in Active Directory f data users username So here is what the permission are The Users folder is a hidden share users which resides on server on the F drive in the data directory The permissions and security is as follows -server is the child domain -F drive named Data shared as F security settings admin and system - full rights student users - read execute list write everyone-special permissions read and execute -Data directory shared as Student permissions everyone-change and read security settings admin amp system full control users-list read execute write -Users directory shared as Users permissions everyone-change and read security settings admin amp system full control users-list read excecute I have quite a few new students I need to create folders for and getting AD to do it for me and set the permissions will save me lots of work and time thanks for any suggests or additional info thanks Teachertech nbsp
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In supporting a Community Assocation I have the need to create a public network and a private one that shares the same internet connection. The way this is shaping up is:

Modom (dial up)
D-Link Router (DI-704 w/ serial port)

Public Network
16 Port Hub

Private Network
LinkSys Router (BEFSR41)
8 Port Switch (currently a hub)

Some devices will need to connect to the routers and the hubs/switchs because of location. (no big deal, I ***-u-me)

Currently I have the settings as:
D-Link (Public)
IP :
Range : 65 to 127
Default IP mask (Can't find one)

LinkSys (Private)
IP :
Range : 33 to 47
Default IP mask

When connected to the Private network, a PC cannot ping the public ones or get the Internet (I need both). The public ones have Internet access, can ping the LinkSys but no PCs (As it should be).

So what how should this work and what am I missing?

A:Creating a Public and Private network

Welcome to TechSpot

I think the following might be helpful:

D-Link (Public) connect to your modem.
Router-setup WAN:
Protocol: Fixed IP
IP-address, Subnetmask and default Gateway: as per ISP-information
DNS-servers: as per ISP-information
Enable NAT

Router-setup LAN:
DHCP-server: disable
You selected Range : 65 to 127

PC-Settings (Public)
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Use the following fixed IP addresses: (66, 67 etc. - 126)
Default Gateway: (IP-address from your Router)
Use DNS Server address: (IP-address from your Router)
Second DNS: leave blank or put in first DNS-server from WAN-part in Router

Reserve the IP address: for the Linksys (Private)
which will plug into the D-Link

LinkSys (Private) connect to the D-Link router.
Router-setup WAN:
Protocol: Fixed IP
Default Gateway:
Enable NAT

Router-setup LAN:
DHCP-server: disable
You selected Range : 33 to 47

PC-Settings (Private)
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Use the following fixed IP addresses: (34, 35 etc. - 47)
Default Gateway: (IP-address from your Router)
Use DNS Server address: (IP-address from your Router)
Second DNS: leave blank


Valid for both Routers:
Some System-settings (depending on your router)
Optional SNTP (time): e.g. for UK/Ireland (GMT)
uPnP: disable
Dynamic routing: disable
Remote config: disable
Dynamic DNS: disable
Firewall: Block hacker attack: enable
Firewall: Block WAN request: enable
VPN: disable all settings unless you need it

PC-Settings (Public & Private)
Make sure all PCs are in the same WORKGROUP.
Enable File/Printer sharing if you wish (works only within local network)
Check individual printer(s) that they are shared as well (in printer-settings)
In the software firewall, enable/block the other PCs IP-address(es)

I am not 100% sure, but this should work.
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I have a problem with the wireless lan mode in windows 7 64 bit ultimate .Everytime I try to connect or create a new one ad hoc network my pc laptop freezes completely . I have tried almost everything i had updated my wireless driver to the latest but again facing the same problem i have also change the windows 3 times but still facing this problem please help..

A:system hang while creating ad hoc network

Same problem here. Just noticed this problem today. A few weeks back it was ok when me and my friend were playing of ad hoc.
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I work in a library, and I use Windows XP Pro.
We would like to create a new account, or alter a older one to have limited
internet access, pretty much the databases we subscribe too, and anything
we can link off the website, without letting them go anywhere else.
Can anyone make a suggestion?

A:Creating a Network User account

There is more to limiting user internet access then just creating an account

Since most library's have multiple public internet stations this is best handled thru the internet router.

Alternately you can install internet monitoring software and configure it to restrict the user account.
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This is a really basic question -- I apologize in advance for my ignorance!

I have set up a Personal VPN on my new Windows 7 laptop to use when I'm on public wi-fi. The thing I don't know how to do is to put a shortcut to the "Connect to a Network" on the desktop so I can more easily access this connection. As it is now, I have to go to the start menu -> control panel -> network and sharing center, and connect from there.

This used to be a breeze in WinXP. Enlighten me!

Thanks much!

A:Creating shortcut to Connect to a Network?

Hi Emily,

METHOD 1: Open up your Network Connections folder and drag the VPN connection to the desktop (it will create a short-cut automatically)

METHOD 2: Open up your Network Connections folder and drag the icon in the address bar to the start menu (this pins it), you can then click the icon at any time to open the network connections folder and select your VPN.

What you might also consider is turning on the desktop toolbar (or creating a custom toolbar), so that you can click the taskbar for a menu of items (such as all the items on your desktop) and select the shortcut that you created in Method 1.

Have fun!

PS: All basic questions are more than welcome here. It makes me grin like a child when I learn something basic that I just didn't know before
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I have a home computer with a netgear router hard-wired to the lan port which gives me internet access. I also have two lap-tops and I can connect to the internet
through wi-fi/router ok. I want to set up a wap security code for this network.I assume this is a network, though I hav'nt used a wizard or other to set one up. Both lap-tops have built-in wireless access. Do I need to set-up a wap security code from each computer, or just the lan connected computer, or one of the wi-fi connected lap-tops. Microsoft help is not very clear on the fundamentals of networking, I assume they can't draw schematic diagrams, which would simplify the whole connection process

A:Creating WPA code on wireless network

The encryption and the method (WPA2, WPA, WEP) are enabled in the router and the passphrase is set there too.

the client systems need to use the WiFi Wizard to find your SSID and will prompt for the passphrase.

BE CERTAIN to use the wired connection to config ANY router settings

(btw: be sure to change the admin password too )
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Hi there,

Is there anyone who a real wizz at networking? Partictually in virtual private networks and how to st them up?


Ive got a Belkin modem router which I consider to be the server. I dont have a workplace server running Win server2003 or anything.

I just got an ethernet hard disk and have set it up by plugging in it the the ethernet switch on the router and have mapped the drive to my pc. Now I want to set up a VPN so when Im away from home I can got onto my network and access file on the ethernet disk.


A:Help creating VPN (PPTP) into home network
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Hi guys, I recently got a virus on my gaming rig, and I've since reformatted both drives, installed an External HDD, and completely reinstalled Windows.

It was quite a mess before the install, had more or less 2 different XP Pro's on my comp, and 1 didn't work.

Before I had a Pre-SP1/2 Pro running, Hence the virus. Now I have a fresh copy of SP2 and now I can't create a LAN connection for my cable modem in Network Connections. It only has, and won't allow me to add anything other than the 1394 connection. So I can't connect to the internet. I've transfered the Mobo drivers (I think) to the External, as well as the Card drivers and sound drivers. Anything else I need to transfer over? Or... atleast wait for once its on the internet.

Thanks in advance guys. I'll have this thread subscribed so expect a quick response from me if ya post.

A:Problem Creating New Network Connection

My guess is that you forgot to install the motherboard drivers, and your NIC is not set-up to work yet. Bet it's an on-board NIC ?

Check Device Manager, and look for any red or yellow flags.
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Im sorry but I wasnt sure which section this post should go in I have plugged my xbox into my Toshiba Satellite laptop with a cross over cable I am using a wireless connection with my laptop and I attempted to bridge my connection so i can play XBL on my I recieved this message quot An unexpected error occured while configuring the network bridge quot This started happening after i reinstalled windows Before the reinstallation it worked completely fine absolutetly no Network Bridge Creating Problem problems There are no more updates to install on windows updates I am unsure if what im about to say has anything to do with this problem but here goes I went to device manager and went under network adapters clicked show hidden devices and then I tried to update my WAN miniport drivers all of them but everytime for all of them i Problem Creating Network Bridge get this message quot Windows Problem Creating Network Bridge found driver software for your device but encountered an error when trying to install it the system cannot find the file specified What is my next step Thanks

A:Problem Creating Network Bridge

your first step is to see if there is a ! or a ? mark in your device man and then figure out what the device is then install the driver for the device if its under the network
go to this website Toshiba Support - Homepage and go to download select laptop in the drop down box and then select sate and then select the type you may have and then go from there
Relevancy 45.58%

I just bought a new laptop (Toshiba Satellite) and can't get it to run on my existing wireless network. I reset the router (Belkin) but don't remember the pass key so now neither of my laptops will run wifi. How do I delete the old network and start fresh with a new network? Here is the TSG SysInfo.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8118 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 700294 MB, Free - 664254 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Thanks for any and all help.

A:Solved: Deleting old network, creating new one

If you can, plug your laptop into the Belkin router via ethernet and go to the router interface (Start->Command Prompt->ipconfig->Ethernet Local Area Connection->Look for DEFAULT GATEWAY->Enter that address into web browser)

If that doesn't help at all..

Did you buy a new router?
Relevancy 45.58%

Hi I need a little help I am not a hardware wizard but I network. wireless Creating Solved: a ll try and explain the scenario as best as possible and maybe some one can help me Basic Scenario At my office I have a adsl ethernet router think this is what it is called It connects to the internet You can plug in four network cables to different pc s In the building about square meters we have offices In office one we have two laptops with wireless networking capabilities In office two we have one Solved: Creating a wireless network. laptop with wireless capabilities In office three we have two desktop pc s with wireless network cards In office four we have Solved: Creating a wireless network. one person with a laptop with wireless pc s In the building directly next door - m we have another office with laptops These laptops Solved: Creating a wireless network. only have network cards not wireless ethernet I think it is called Operating systems The above mentioned pc s except one have windows xp proffessional sp loaded One of the laptops has vista - business Presently At present I have a wireless hub connected to the adsl router In the main building I have two of the wireless pc s connecting to the wireless network These pc s are able to then connect to the internet via the hub via the router I also have two of the pc s connected directly to the adsl router They are also able to connect to the internet I have setup a network on the pc s called office which allows all four pc s to share data and printers What must happen I now want to connect all the pc s to the same network including the main building and the second building Available hardware I want to keep the adsl ethernet router I still have the wireless hub although am having issues with the passwords and stuff as nobody knows them and I am having difficulty resetting them I have two additional wireless routers Netgear mbps wireless firewall router WGT v These router have four lan connections in addition to the wireless What I would like My thinking is to do the following Connect the first Netgear to the adsl router in the main building and create a network called quot Courtney quot All the wireless capable computers in this building can then connect to the quot Courtney quot network and have access to the internet In the second building I would like to use the second router to connect to the quot Courtney quot network using wireless I would then like to use network cables to connect the two laptops which do not have wireless capabilities to the second netgear router which in turn is connected to the first netgear router Thus all the pc s in both buildings will be connected to the quot Courtney quot network and can access the internet Once that is working I will then be able to setup a network on windows that will allow these pc s to share files and printers Questions Is what I am planning possible Especially the communication between the two netgear routers How does one go about doing this Will the two Netgear routers be able to do the job Or have I bought the wrong thing The man at the pc store said it would work but I don t know where to start On the upside I know my way around windows xp and am figuring out vista and do not have problems getting the file sharing and what not working I have just never dealt with setting up routers or anything before Any help and direction would be greatly appreciated Thanks Cara nbsp

Relevancy 45.58%


I have been having some difficulty creating a secure wireless network connection on my home computer (using Windows XP).
Right now, there are two networks listed under my available network connections, but I don't recognise either of them; I am using the same router and ISP account as the previous tenants in the house (not sure if this makes a difference). One of these connections will allow me to connect, but does not offer a secure connections. I have tried to create my own, but do not seem to be having any success. Could anyone please assist me with creating my own secure network connection?

As you can tell, I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff...
My apologies.


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Alright for some reason my Hard Disk toshiba HDD gb a network creating second Problems connection in my Inspiron bit the big one and would no longer register in my computer So I ordered a new one same hard disk off E-bay and installed it then re-installed windows XP My laptop is the secondary computer running on a home network connection through a speedstream router The other laptop Inspiron is the primary Problems creating a second network connection one with Sympatico software installed I tried to add my computer for an internet connection in control panel---network setup wizard followed all instructions but after everything it would not show up in My Network Places nor would a connection be established I tried disabling Windows Firewall and going through the motions again to no avail I don't understand before it was as simple as plugging in the ethernet cable and I was on the net now with my Problems creating a second network connection new hard disk I can't get it to work at all What gives Did I miss something somewhere

A:Problems creating a second network connection

I figured it out, i just had to re-install my DELL drivers.
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Alright for some reason my Hard Disk toshiba HDD Problems second creating a network connection gb in my Inspiron bit the big one and would no longer register in my computer So I ordered a new one same hard disk off E-bay and installed it then re-installed windows XP My Problems creating a second network connection laptop is the secondary computer running on a home network connection through a speedstream router The other laptop Inspiron is the primary one with Sympatico software installed I tried to add my computer for an internet connection in control panel---network setup wizard followed all instructions but after everything it would not show up in My Network Places nor would a connection be established I tried disabling Windows Firewall and going through the motions again to no avail I don't understand before it was as simple as plugging in the ethernet cable and I was on the net now with my new hard disk I can't get it to work at all What gives Did I miss something somewhere
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I am having probs trying to create a wireless network connection from my pc to another in the kid's bedroom
Both pc's are running win xp home, i have hard wired the AGK Nordic WA-4054 router to my pc with a rj-45 cable .. no probs
The kid's pc now has a bt voyager 1040 pci card installed ...
it says it is running at 54Mbps on a wireless connection (set to default) & the signal strength : Excellent

Now i do not have a clue .. i am looking around for inf but all i get is jargon & acro's ... please help me



A:Probs creating a wireless network

I think that's it. You probably will want to enable security on the router, but that's all I can think of.
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A friend has a PC running Vista Home Premium, and is connected to the internet via a 3G modem, which appears in Vista as a dial-up connection.

She wanted her sister to be able to use her laptop when visiting, so I installed a USB wireless adaptor and created an Adhoc wireless network turning on ICS.

It worked perfectly UNTIL I re-booted the PC.. then although the laptop 'sees' the Adhoc network it cannot connect - it doesn't get to 'acquiring network address" .

If I create a new adhoc network, all is well again with the new one, until re-boot.

Any ideas please?

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Is There A Way To Allow A User To Login Into A Network Computer Within A Vb6 Program? If So, How. Thanks Ahead.

A:Creating Network Login Dialog Box W/vb6


I found out this page which explains how to connect or disconnect a network drive in VB.
As I don't know what you want to connect exactly (a remote drive, a web application), I can explain you how to connect a web application : you get login & password in a form and you create an invisible instance of IE to access the web application.
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I am trying to create an ad hoc network from my windows 7 starter netbook, so i can share my 3g internet connection with other wireless devices (ipod, etc).

I have managed to create the ad hoc network, (by typing in ad hoc in the 'start' search bar)

However at the end of the 'setup' when it asks if i would like to share the computers internet connection, i click yes, but it then comes up with the following message:

"you don't have enough privileges to configure internet connection sharing"

Even though I am logged in as the administrator. I have done a quick google search for the problem and found a few others with the same problem, however none have a solution.

Do any of you guys/girls know how to do it?



A:Creating an Ad Hoc network on Windows 7 Starter

I suggest you try Connectify instead. Instead of broadcasting a pseudo network, it allows you to use the same wireless card you're connected to the internet with to broadcast a wireless hotspot. This makes it much easier to connect to and it's much easier to set up.

Connectify - Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot
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hi, can anyone tell me the easiest way to create a network between multiple pcs using switch. We have 3 pcs . Currently i m using vista x32 ultimate. Other one also uses vista ultimate x32 and third one is laptop using xp sp1.

plz tell me how to connect them all into network enabling them all to share files and internet access making my vista computer a server.

I have a internet connection in 1 computer (the one that I am using) and I also have a Ethernet switch. I have all the cable ready too. I had to connect them before also but got no success.

I hope some one here might help.
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I was in a pub the other day. When I tried to use their wireless I was directed to a webpage to enter the password.

I am a web designer and want to make a funky login page, not for a user ID. Just to enter the password to my wireless.

How do I do this? Im not aiming to make my system more secure, just a bit more fun. Please help!!

A:Creating a login page for wireless network

If you have a server operating system here is one redirect product. I know nothing about the product or company; just found it to get you started on your quest.
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Hi I m trying to setup a simple Network for Laptops so they can share files or folders I have done the same thing already at home Wizard' Setup 'Network creating via Problems with a and everything worked without any problems Now I m trying to setup a network also via Network Setup Wizard at work also Laptops and it Problems with creating a via 'Network Setup Wizard' doesn t work out at all even though the wizard and the adding of the second laptop to the network worked and finished without problems It Problems with creating a via 'Network Setup Wizard' shows the computers names under Entire Network but always when i want to accesss the quot shared Docs quot folder I get the error message ----------- quot Winbook is not accessible You might not have permissions to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions Access denied quot ----------- OS WinXP Home SP and the other one runs WinXP Prof shows no service packs when checking the device manager under the quot General quot tab Both Laptops connect via router to the internet and the router connects via ethernet wall outlet I m the administrator on both laptops and therefor should have the permissions anyway Maybe I m doing something wrong or forgot to consider Can anyone help me out here or give me a few pointers btw is it possible to share a printer via the network once its up and running so both laptops can print via the same printer or do i need a print server if so is there a way around it or would a i have to purchase a print server to get it working no matter what Thanks wizzle nbsp

A:Problems with creating a via 'Network Setup Wizard'

Yes, you can share (most) printers. The following may help determine your problem. If the first ping test fails it almost always means you have a 3rd party firewall on the pinged computer blocking access.

To open a Command Window: Start - Run &#8211; cmd (command in 98SE) - OK

To determine a computer's IP address: open a Command Window and type
ipconfig /all

Now for some troubleshooting:

1. On each PC open a Command window and type
ping IPofOther (where IPofOther is the IP address of the other PC)

Do you get Replies, or do you get packets lost?

If you got Replies,

2. Do the same ping except use the Computer Name of the other computer:
ping NameOfOtherPC

Replies or lost packets?

If you got Replies to either or both,

3. Then
Start - Run - \\IPofOther - OK

With luck after about a minute you should get an explorer window showing the other PC's shares. If not, what is the error message?
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This was previously posted by another user with no resolution does anyone have any ideas as on creating shares files Excel .tmp network it is still happening to other Excel creating .tmp files on network shares people I am running into a very odd problem with Excel and the creation of tmp files I am posting this on the Office support forum but I am not entirely convinced this is an Office problem The workstations having this issue are running Windows and have Office This is a company environment so the files are stored on a server that is running Server Our environment has a mix of users using both Office and Machines that are running Office SP and also have the compatibility pack SP to open Office files When a user with Excel opens a xlsx file from a network drive and saves it a TMP file is created If I save a file called test xlsx it creates a file called test xlsx RF a TMP When Excel is closed the file does not disappear so it is filling up some folders with these TMP files I also noticed that this does not happen with Word or PowerPoint files I logged onto the machine as a user and as an admin to confirm it isn't a permissions issue I looked into this issue online for a while and most solutions involved disabling or changing the settings of the anti-virus software on the machine All of our machines are running Symantec Endpoint Protection I disabled the anti-virus on both the server and the workstation and that did not solve the problem I did some more testing and noticed that the problem doesn't happen if the xlsx files are saved on the local machine This led me to believe that it was a setting on the file server causing this I dug a little deeper and tested on our Citrix environment for remote users Our Citrix environment has Office and is running Server I did the same process of opening a xlsx file and saving it and to my surprise it did not create a TMP file So the problem seems to exist on the Windows workstations that are opening these xlsx files that are on our file server After this I ran out of troubleshooting ideas I am not sure if this is still an Excel issue a setting on the file server or a setting on the workstation that is causing this If anyone has any ideas of what would be causing this or if you have any suggestions of where I could post this question for an answer it would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance The variables are Win is being used Office with file conversion is being used It only happens to Excel files xls works fine It only happens on UNC paths or mapped drives local is fine Please advise

A:Excel creating .tmp files on network shares

users have delete rights to the folders them tmp files stay in?

any difference if you use office 2003 WITHOUT the compatibility pack [which is what you meant by 2007 conversion]
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Hi. I am having trouble creating a network bridge between my PC and Blu Ray player via LAN connection. I have done it before, but always run in to problems. I took my computer on vacation and messed up the existing connection and settings. Last time I successfully created the connection, I stumbled upon the answer, but can't remember how I fixed it. I should say that I can create the bridge, but once I do, the wireless internet connection no longer works, and my blu ray player can't connect to the internet either. I have forced compatibility mode on the wireless network via DOS, but no luck. I did the same on the LAN connection just for the heck of it. Still no luck. Can you help me? Thanks!


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I want to create a standalone server for my small office, there are 10 workstations all connected at from one internet access point through routers and hubs. We currently have all business data on one workstation which everyone accesses through a network folder and printing is handled the same way. Of course this taxes the resources on the particular machine.

Ideally we want to have a standalone machine to handle the office data and printing needs. It would also need some kind of log in prompt as well. Any suggestions for software to use on the standalone machine? Would it be a good idea to have this machine also control the Internet Access Point? And what kind of setup, any switches or routers should I add or configure to the setup? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Relevancy 44.72%

I am having a problem creating a Network Bridge in Windows XP I have thoroughly searched the internet and read various fixes but they all have seemed to come up naught My problem is that whenever I try to create a network bridge it throws an error message at me An unexpected error has occurred while configuring the Network Bridge This happens Network in a Problem XP Bridge Windows Creating every time whenever I try to create a bridge with any of my network devices The first answer I came across Problem Creating a Network Bridge in Windows XP was the one Microsoft published about this specific error http support microsoft com kb This is not the same problem that I am having since I do not have ICS enabled Problem Creating a Network Bridge in Windows XP so this error solution does not apply to me More information I recently instructed my mother to remove the old network bridge I had set up I am unsure if the removal caused any errors or if any errors had popped up I was doing phone tech support Does anyone know what may be causing the problem nbsp

A:Problem Creating a Network Bridge in Windows XP

I may have found a solution. I will test it and give more detailed instructions if it works, but in short, it is a registry fragment left over by the old network bridge.

Update: Nope, didn't work.
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I've been wracking my brains, but cannot make this work in windows 7. It was super easy in xp. How can I set up 2 computers to share folders? I've created a homegroup, on both computers, but still they aren't communicating. Anybody know how to do this?

A:Creating a home network for shared folders

Hi- I posted a reply to your "Windows 7 problems" thread and just want to notify you in case you aren?t keeping an eye on it any longer.
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I Bought Pavilion -ab tx available ... Wifi every and network shows no access network no one and half month ago and it started having this problem weeks after buying Wifi suddenly disconnects and then it shows no networks available even when there are many Wifi shows no network available and no network access every ... networks available Mobile phone always show that they are available nbsp nbsp Wireless card nbsp Realtek RTL BE RTL EE b g n OS - Windows -bit nbsp I have tried everything to solve this System restore Recovery Updating BIOS Reseting using CMD updating wireless driver rolling back the driver to initial one But nothing has helped yet It shows the network is available if I'm sitting next to modem Then also it doesn't show other Wifi shows no network available and no network access every ... wifi Wifi shows no network available and no network access every ... networks around my home that my phone does nbsp nbsp Now obviously laptop's wifi is supposed to be better than the mobile phone's wifi but its just the opposite here The problem might be here that it loses its strength every now and then but whatever it is I'm terribly disappointed in the product that I've bought nbsp
Relevancy 44.72%

Sorry if this has already been discussed. Couldn't find on a search.

I have a small secured network in my office with a modem/router networking three computers wirelessly. I would like to add another router that would allow clients in the waiting room of my office to have internet access. Could you assist me in a setup or map? I already have a wireless Linksys router available to use as the second router.

Thank You

A:Adding Wifi Network to an Already Secured Network

Are those in the waiting room to be allowed into OR forbidden access to your Lan systems?

You already have

to Isolate the W.R from your lan, connect

Code: (assumed 192.168.1.x or 0.x)
+---new router (new channel+ssid+no encryption)
set LAN addresses and DHCP for 192.168.10.x

add firewall rule to ALL your existing LAN systems to deny src address range= thru 10.255
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Hi I m after some advice and was hoping someone might network Creating subnet keeping main while safe be able to help me out I m a head of computing at a senior school and currently have the following predicament All of the computers we have are quite rightly networked with certain restrictions on them Now I have just purchased seven machines for my departments use Creating subnet while keeping main network safe alone All other computers in classrooms Creating subnet while keeping main network safe are for general use Creating subnet while keeping main network safe and have to be usable by any teacher for any subject The machines I have purchased are so we can install whatever hardware software I need with no restrictions These machines don t need network file shares or printer access the only shared service they need is the schools internet connection Originally I had a router plugged into a printer port and created wireless network in my room which gave us this functionality - full unrestricted internet access could download exes and visit any site However the network admin and I understand why didn t like this and asked me to remove it So now I have some nice machines with no internet access When I asked the network admin what we could do about this while keeping his networked machines safe he said it would be a long process as we would have to buy in an entirely new internet connection Unfortuntely i dont fully trust this opinion as in the past the network admin has told me things couldnt be done or would take ages which I then proved to him were easily possible However on this matter I have little experience and he could be on the money but like I said based on previous experience I don t trust him So is there any cheap and relatively quick way without compromising the security of the networked machines that my open machines can make use of the schools internet connection Many thanks in advance nbsp

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Good afternoon everyone.

Here is what I would like to do. Just as a local printer is automatically mapped for all users who logon once it has been installed, I would like to map a network printer for all users.

Can I do this in a simple manner? Simple being defined as without the use of registry editing or scripts that have to installed on the domain server.

I would be willing to add a script to the local computer or do registry hacking if it comes down to it. I don't want to add a script to their batch file that is run when they logon since they logon to multiple computers and I only want this one computer to be mapped to the network drive.

Thank you for your time and any help that you can provide me.


A:Windows 2000 Creating a network printer for all users

You can add printers to the login scripts for the clients with the NET USE command
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Hello. Hoping someone could help me. I finally finsihed my Access 97 application and placed it on a shared network drive. I now want to create 2 users, one that has Read/Write access and one that has Read Only access. I followed all the insturctions, creating a file using WRKGADM.EXE and setting up an ADMIN and users and assigning them each the appropriate access to certain forms, tables,etc. And this all works perfectly on my computer. Now if I go to another computer and open the same database, I'm not prompted to end any username or password and the database just opens allowing the user full access. How do I set it up so anyone who opens this database will be prompted to enter the secure database? And I assume once I do this then I can set Record Locking options? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I have hard time dealing with creating a network with Win8.1 as a primary home computer/file server and two gaming computers on Win98 and WinXP. All of them connected via simple 4-port lan switch with internet cable incuded. Win8 and WinXP machines can see internet connection but not each other. I am not really good at networking so any help is welcome.
Relevancy 44.29%


In an XP environment, I have been trying to create a service that has network access, even on boot, before login. I have used srvany.exe to create the service and it works fine when logged into an account. However, the deployment requires that the service runs and has network access while the machine is on. Any help in creating a network service is appreciated.
Relevancy 44.29%

Ok, so my question involves:
A desktop PC
A Laptop
A printer
A Network Attached Storage
A router
An ethernet switch (8 ports)
One ethernet port is available from the modem. (I think it'll need to go to the switch but I'm not 100% sure)

So, I'd like to create a network where the following happens:
.The desktop PC can access the internet, the NAS and the printer.
.The laptop can access the NAS and the printer.
.The laptop CANNOT access the internet.

How would you guys recommend setting this up? In basics, I'd like to be able to have a wired internet connection from the switch while not providing internet access through the wireless router.
Relevancy 44.29%

I have 2 laptops, one is running VISTA and one is running Windows 8. They are connected to my wireless router. I also have a desktop running Windows 7 that is wired to router. I have searched the internet and cannot find how to set up a new network without using a HOMEGROUP? If there is a question already posted about this just send me a link. I am so frustrated. I am usually pretty good at this stuff.

thank you in advance

A:Creating a home wireless network using 3 different windows versions

guide here
Relevancy 43.86%

Hey all I have a question concerning bridging network connections on a Windows XP desktop computer There is a bit of a backstory so bear with me I have a desktop computer connected to a DSL modem through the Wi-Fi router It s not really in a place where cabling is efficient so I use the desktop to connect other computers to the internet through Windows quot bridge connection quot option in the connection settings While I am able to successfully bridge the Ethernet port to my Wi-Fi adapter and out to the internet I am trying to do something that I haven t found many resources on and I am not sure how possible it is I have some older network using to Creating a Dial-Up connections? and connect bridge DSL Windows XP computers that require I connect them to a Dial-up phone line and a few more modern ones that have the option along with ethernet that I am curious to test out and I Creating a network bridge using Windows XP to connect Dial-Up and DSL connections? can t seem to figure out how to connect the older computer with the dial-up connection to the desktop s dial-up modem bridge Creating a network bridge using Windows XP to connect Dial-Up and DSL connections? that to the wi-fi adapter and provide it with internet access that way If this is possible in windows XP I would love to do it If you need any extra information I am glad to provide it Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Creating a network bridge using Windows XP to connect Dial-Up and DSL connections?

IF it is possible (and I doubt it) you will likely need a null modem to connect the two dial up modems.
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Server Windows Server Essentials Client Window Pro v OS Build When attempting to create a folder on client in a network share - error received after seconds of explorer exe hanging quot An unexpected error is keeping you from renaming this folder If you continue to receive this error you can use the error code to search for help with this problem Error x B An unexpected network error occurred quot When on network 0x8007003B) a folder Problem creating share (Error a I watch the same network share from the server I can see the folder being created without delay When I attempt to create a folder in the network share from the server no error is received Folders created on the network share from the server are able to be renamed on the client side without error The below forum describes the problem fairly well although several people Problem creating a folder on a network share (Error 0x8007003B) report varying environments Problem creating renaming a folder on a network share with Win Anniversary Update Error x B Any help here would be appreciated

A:Problem creating a folder on a network share (Error 0x8007003B)

Bueller? ...... Bueller? ....... Bueller? ........