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Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work?

Q: Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work?

The Bluetooth BT mouse of my laptop with build-in BT module seems to work just does why work? .... Bluetooth it works, mouse but fine However I don't understand why the Bluetooth mouse works because in the Controlpanel Network and Internet Network Connections the Adapter Bluetooth Device Personal Area Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work? Network is DISABLED On the other hand in Device Manager- gt Bluetooth Radios there are two entries Bluetooth Module Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator MBE If I disable only the MBE then the BT mouse stops working If I disable Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work? the Bluetooth Module then MBE disappears all together and the mouse stops working too So it is the MBE that controls the mouse but what is then the relationship between the MBE and the Bluetooth Adapter in Controlpanel Network And Internet Network Connections Are MBE and the Bluetooth Adapter in Network Connections two parallel Bluetooth structures stacks alongside each other Or does the Bluetooth Adapter sits on a higher level and get access to the Bluetooth hardware module of the laptop through the two Bluetooth Radio entries in Device Manager I've been reading about the OSI model and trying to figure out what Bluetooth components in Windows sit where exactly in the OSI model but it remains fuzzy to me how Bluetooth Device Manager components relate to the Bluetooth Network Adapter Can anyone shed some more light on the relationship between the Bluetooth Device Manager components and the Bluetooth Adapter Any info about websites or docs with some in-depth content about the relationship could help too Thanks in advance johan

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Preferred Solution: Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work?


I see you didnt get a reply.

As far as I remember The connection listed on the network connections page as Blue tooth Pan is a Network Connection allowing you to connect to the internet say via a smart fone or other bluetooth enabled device with an internet connection.

Blue devices such as a mouse or keyboard are listed on the devices page

Hope this helps

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Ok, so i have this new bluetooth mouse. I connect it to my computer, and it works fine... until either it goes into sleep mode, or i turn it off. Upon turning on the mouse again, it resysncs with my computer, but it doesnt work. Sometimes it works again flawlessly, but usually it either doesnt work, or takes a while. Even when it is not working, both the computer and the mouse claim to be connected. I was reading through microsofts troubleshooting, and i saw one about intermittent bluetooth mouse connection. I read that and it said something about the security being reset. It didnt say what to do about it though. Im on windows 7. Any ideas on whats wrong?


A:Bluetooth Mouse works intermittently

About how far away do you have the mouse from where the reciver is plugged in, Wireless mouse use PAN (Personal Area Network) and has a VERY very short range, if it came with a USB cable to extend it. use it and move the reciver closer to the mouse pad where you are using it.
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My wife just got a new laptop. It's one of the 13" sizes, so it's got only 2 USB ports but it has an internal Bluetooth card.

I'm thinking of gettinh a wireless mouse - Logitech VX Nano, specifically. I was looking thru it's details online and I can't figure out if wireless mice can connect via BT or is that little USB wireless dongle that it comes with work on a different frequency or something specific for wireless mice.


A:Wireless Mouse work with Bluetooth?

The Logitech VX Nano is not a bluetooth mouse. If you want a bluetooth mouse, you must purchase one made specifically to connect via bluetooth.

If you did a Google search with the words "bluetooth mouse," (w/out the quotes), here are the results you would get :

Good luck!


P.S. The link above may appear with a smilie in the middle of it - it won't post any other way unless I disable smilies; however, if you click on the link, it still works.
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I recently bought a new laptop (ASUS K70IC) that has no Bluetooth (BT). I also bought a Bluetooth mouse with it, Genius 905BT and an USB Bluetooth dongle, I thought that would work. But it doesn't. Other Bluetooth devices show up when I search for them, but the mouse doesn't. I tried that in XP SP3 too (desktop PC) but it doesnt show up there either.
So my questions are:
1. Does anyone have a configuration of a BT USB dongle + BT mouse?
2. Do you think it should work? (BT dongle + BT mouse)

A:Bluetooth mouse doesn't work

Have you put your mouse into the "Discovery Mode"?
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Hi Recently I acquired a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse It works perfectly well both on my Android tablet and on my old but efficient Netbook still running valiantly under XP SP Never a does work Mouse not Bluetooth desktop on Win 10 problem in pairing the mouse on these two machines and no problem either with the Logitech Bluetooth portable keyboard K which is a Bluetooth Mouse does not work on Win 10 desktop real marvel in its own right On the Android Lollipop tablet Bluetooth is built in while the built-in Bluetooth feature on the Netbook gave up some time ago but was replaced by a dongle Bluetooth Mouse does not work on Win 10 desktop which does its job without a hiccup So far so good On my desktop running on Windows which has no built-in Bluetooth capability but the Bluetooth quot service quot coming with Windows I use the same dongle as on the Netbook With the Logitech keyboard mentioned above no problem whatsoever Bluetooth quot sees quot it immediately and pairs it in seconds - so there is certainly nothing wrong either with the dongle or with pairing a device or the Bluetooth drivers and softwares which came with the dongle or with the Windows Bluetooth properties which are correctly started and functioning It's the Microsoft Mouse that presents an apparently intractable problem on that same desktop When activating the Mouse so that it can be detected when one wants to add a device it is quot seen quot almost immediately It is when wanting to pair the device to the machine that the problem arises The pairing as such takes a far longer time than it normally does and when that operation concludes I get error messages saying either that the mouse did not send the correct pairing code OR that it did not send a pairing reaction at all So this is quite mysterious Having a device that functions perfectly well with other machines and not at all on my powerful desktop while it can be detected and while other devices function normally I guess that the problem resides with that quot code quot However Windows does not ask for it and Microsoft says that the mouse does not need one - which makes things even more strange since it mentions a code when the pairing misfires Attached some screenshots They are in Dutch language of my Win OS but the images speak for themselves The error message on the rd screenshot says quot Communication with Bluetooth device has failed No pairing reaction received quot Sometimes after bootup the error message says failure but quot Bluetooth device sends wrong code quot I wonder if someone will find a solution to this riddle Best haku

A:Bluetooth Mouse does not work on Win 10 desktop

I have 2 Notebooks with Bluetooth and find that having their own mouse works much better/more reliably than switching 1 mouse from one to the other. I also have a Bluetooth mouse on my MacBook Pro. Two of the mice are from Microsoft and the third is from Targus. I also have a Bluetooth dongle on a Win7 computer for pairing my phone and PDA. It is important to have the drivers for the Bluetooth dongle. The Notebook Bluetooth adapters are part of the Wi-Fi adapter.
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HP x4000b Bluetooth mouse does not work with Dell Latitude E5450 notebook and Windows 7.  My Dell notebook/laptop is connected to the HP Bluetooth mouse, but it will not pair.I purchased the mouse on Nov. 6, 2016 from BestBuy.  It works flawlessly with my MacBook Pro 2013.I have made sure to turn off BlueTooth on all my Apple devices.I have removed the USB for the my wireless mouse to make sure that's not interfering.I have tried all Dell and HP diagnostics for BlueTooth.I have run Dell System Detect and Support Assist.  The Bluetooth for the notebook is working correctly.I have installed fresh batteries in the mouse.The mouse power button is on and I've tried pressing the Connect button on the mouse multiple times.I followed the instructions on this page to update the driver:'ve rebooted multiple times. Please help.Thanks.
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I have a laptop lenovo ThinkPad T420 and I had the OS upgraded from Windows 7 32Bit to Windows 7 64 Bit.

My Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 can be detected and is listed as one of the Bluetooth devices, however the mouse does not move.

I did some google-ing to try to trouble-shoot and I tried the following:
Go to the Power Management page and clear the checkbox ?Allow the computer to
turn off this device to save power?. And finally, relief! No more disconnects.
Apparently there is a bug in the power management of the Bluetooth driver
under Windows 7.

But it did not help.

Can someone help me ?

A:Can't get Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 to work

Found the following link where member: jetpack1976 resolved my problem:

MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 not working

Hi Durden,
Went to another site and found a solution that worked. You might want to try it out.
Go to START icon and type in services.msc and select services.
The dialog box that opens has a long list of stuff but look for BLUETOOTH SUPPORT SERVICE. Double click to open. Make sure it is AUTOMATIC. Go to the LOG tab. Choose THIS ACCOUNT and type in LOCAL SERVICE. A list of password (a 15-dot string) would appear. Delete all the password in the PASSWORD and under CONFIRM. Choose Okay.
It will ask you to restart the service. Once restarted, turn on your bluetooth adaptor again. Put your mouse in pairing mode and add the mouse. It works perfectly!!!
Give it a try and see if it helps.
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Ok so here is the rundown. I brought my computer to college and I plugged up a new mouse and keyboard so that I could use my computer. Basically, the keyboard works fine all the time but the mouse ONLY works in BIOS. It does not work in safe mode, or when Windows 7 is loaded. The mouse worked for about 5 seconds when i first plugged it in but after that it no longer works whatever I do. I have tried a system restore, disabling and enabled the drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the mouse and keyboard. Both are wired and through USB 2.0

Here are my computer stats:
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: Intel Core i7-4810MQ @ 2.8 ghz
RAM: 16.0 gb:

Mouse: Onn (model ONA11HO091)
Keyboard: Onn (model ONA11H0089)

If you need any more info please let me know. Ive been surfing forums for hours with no luck.

A:Mouse works in BIOS,does not work in Windows 7


Search thru the Bios settings for enable USB Mouse. Sometimes win7 needs that.

Then plug the mouse in after win7 fully loads to see if it recognizes it & says it is ready to use.
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Hello all Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse Bluetooth doesn't work on my Professional Mouse doesn't work on Bluetooth 64bit Microsoft 7 Windows Dell laptop Here is some more detailed information Laptop Dell Vostro Operation System Windows Professional bit SP Steps to reproduce turn on Bluetooth of Sculpt Touch Mouse go to 'Devices Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse doesn't work on Windows 7 Professional 64bit and Printers' add a device double click 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' on the list of popup screen the 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' device icon will be added to device list on 'Devices and Printers' ovserved that the icon of 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' was grey out and couldn't be used tried to move the mouse but no response and the light on the top of the mouse keeps flashing red lt -- gt green The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse was suppose to be setup install in one minute That's why I prefer to buying the Microsoft mouse product But it wasn't It took me few days to try to install it and it was still failed Could everyone tell me how to fix that Thanks

A:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse doesn't work on Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Try installing this software/driver for microsoft mouse and keyboard first: Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse
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Hi all I've just recently purchased a generic wireless mouse from eBay more specifically this one GHz USB Receiver Wireless Optical Mouse F PC Laptop eBay it doesn't work I'm running Windows bit and it started installing the drivers first it was installing quot HID Wireless Mouse quot then it switched to quot USB Input Device quot but failed after seconds now it's listed in Device Manager as quot USB Input Device quot with Doesn't But Work Win Win Works 7 7 Mouse Wireless 32bit 64bit On yellow sign that indicates it doesn't work I tested it in other Windows bit computers and it works just fine installing drivers and everything moreover - I testes my bro's logitech wireless mouse on my bit Windows computer and it works fine I think Windows fails on recognizing it I mean the drivers are there the Logitech Mouse works but mine doesn't how do I make it work thanks P S here are attached images http i tinypic com dkg jpg - my win bit device manager with the problematic mouse http i tinypic com e jpg - different win bit computer with the problematic mouse working http i tinypic com hso ns jpg - my win bit device manager with the logitech wireless mouse

A:Wireless Mouse Doesn't Work Win 7 64bit But Works On Win 7 32bit

Did you install the mouse software first, then reboot and install the mouse and USB wireless adapter?

Disconnect the the mouse, reboot the computer and start taping the F8 key to enter Advance Boot Options window. Using the down arrow key, select Last Known Good Configuation. Hit Enter.
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I went to a LAN party so I unplugged all my cables from the pc When arriving at the lan party I plugged everything back in and booted into Vista Ultimate Everything was detected properly and I encountered no problems But when I got home again I wanted to boot into Windows the anymore work moving don't and pc in vista (works keyboard mouse after though) XP Pro and that s where the problems started My USB Keyboard and USB mouse would not light up when I was in XP The keyboard and mouse don't work anymore after moving the pc (works in vista though) Install New hardware window popped up asking me to install quot new quot devices quot composite usb device quot You might understand that it s impossible to proceed this installation when you cannot use your mouse and keyboard Unfortunatly I do not have a PS mouse or keyboard around How do I get my mouse and keyboard working again booting into quot LAST KNOWN WORKING CONFIGURATION quot does not work and everything has been working fine for more than a year now untill I unplugged them and probably plugged them into a different usb port btw all my ports are nbsp

A:keyboard and mouse don't work anymore after moving the pc (works in vista though)
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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop running W7 64 bit Pro, 8 Gig Memory. Would goning to a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse create problems, or should I just stay with the wired connections? The keyboard and the mouse as of this time would be my only bluetooth devices. It does have the internal Bluetooth.
Thanks in Advance


A:Solved: Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse

no it shouldn't you just want lack of cords?? if you have a set in mind post a link to it and we might be able to advise whether its good purchase or not
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This is the strangest thing I've seen in the past years of using computers I have an Acer Aspire - laptop that came with windows but I'm very picky and I wanted Windows xp back so I went onto Acer's website and won't mouse USB slot USB first other in works any slot, in only work but USB downloaded all of the windows xp drivers and then formatted the laptop to Windows XP with intergrated Service Pack The computer works just fine except for one very strange oddity - the USB mouse I'm using only works when plugged into the first USB slot it will refuse to work in the other USB slots I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB which is my favorite mouse and I USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot have of them at home When I was formatting the laptop USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot I had the mouse plugged into the first USB slot and now that is the ONLY slot it will work in If I plug it into the other usb slots the red laser will come on which means it's getting power but it will not move the cursor and clicking either of the mouse buttons won't do anything When I have the Device Manager open and I plug the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer mouse into the first USB slot the 'Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer ' entry will appear in BOTH the 'Human Interface Devices' tab and also the 'Mice and other pointing devices' tab However when plugging the mouse into the other usb slots the 'Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer ' entry will only appear in the 'Human Interface Devices' but NOT the 'Mice and other pointing devices' tab I could just go about my business using the first usb slot for the mouse but this little strange problem is pissing me off hugely as I might want to switch the mouse to another USB slot based on how I have the laptop positioned on a desk or other surface I should also note that the 'Human Interface Devices' tab has a 'HID compliant device' entry in it that isn't present on my desktop computer and my mouse works on any of the usb slots on my desktop computer I wonder if this is the problem I tried disabling this entry but it doesn't help any A final point to note is that I have many other usb devices such as flash memory sticks camera card readers external harddrives gps devices and they all work perfectly fine no matter which usb slot they are plugged into Very strange indeed Is there anyway to make my mouse work in any of the other USB slots

A:USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot

Hi NukesGoBoom,

I have seen a similar problem, but it was all USB ports that weren't working.

First, check the BIOS to make sure all USB ports are enabled, which they probably are.

Are all drivers installed and up to date? Do any yellow question marks or exclamation points show up in Device Manager?

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This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse the Notebook mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center I have my PC ran to a monitor and a inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc The problem is the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but with mouse. 5000 Notebook Bluetooth Microsoft Issues Mouse issues I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw didn't come with the mouse the mouse actually comes with no dongle Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse go into bluetooth devices delete it and readd it all over again WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol It's very annoying I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing Help

A:Issues with Bluetooth mouse. Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000

Quote: Originally Posted by kdogg

This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, the Notebook 5000 mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center.

I have my PC ran to a monitor and a 55 inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc. The problem is, the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC. I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but issues.

I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw, didn't come with the mouse, the mouse actually comes with no dongle.

Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse, go into bluetooth devices, delete it and readd it all over again.

WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol?

It's very annoying, I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse.

I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing.


It's your dongle. I have the same mouse and it works absolutely fine. I'll bet you have the USB option set to power the dongle down when unused. How's the radio in the mouse supposed to wake up a sleeping dongle?
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Hello everyone I was going about my business playing games on steam when all of a sudden Designer mouse) error(bluetooth Drive Mouse my mouse stops working nbsp I go to my bluetooth settings and it says I have a driver error I look further at the properties and it says I should update drivers code so I do that but it says that is was unable to find drivers along with some other stuff look at the end of this post nbsp I tried removing the device and re-pairing the device but still the same driver error pops up nbsp I tried turning my computer on and off but I Designer Mouse Drive error(bluetooth mouse) get the same error this time code Designer Mouse Drive error(bluetooth mouse) so I uninstall drivers and re-pair the mouse nbsp No luck I get the same driver error nbsp I wonder if Designer Mouse Drive error(bluetooth mouse) it's the mouse that's the problem so I try pairing it to my friends macbook and it works so it's not the mouse nbsp Mind that the mouse was working just fine for about a month and all of a sudden driver errors nbsp Even tried replacing the batteries nbsp My specs I have an MSI GS ghost pro - Qualcomm Atheros QCA x Bluetooth When I go to quot devices and printers quot on the devices properties under HARDWARE tab I see three things Bluetooth LE Service - - - - f b fb -This is what has an exclamation mark next to it Bluetooth LE Generic Attribute Service Designer mouse When I try to update the Bluetooth LE Service I get a message saying quot windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attpemting to install it quot quot bluetooth low energy GATT complaint HID device quot quot the wait operation timed out quot quot if you know the manufacturer of your device you can visit its website and check the support section for the driver software quot nbsp I checked the microsoft page for driver updates for my device but no luck unless I missed something Thanks for reading nbsp
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Hi, I have a windows 7. I have found the bluetooth in my computer, it says "fsquirt" aswell. When I open the file, it says send files or recieve files. So if i click on Send Files, it says " select where to send your files" with a large box under it which i cannot type in. If i press recieve files, it says " windows was unable to transfer some files, an address incompatible with the requested protocol was used.

So i dont know how to fix this!?! Help please? I'm trying to send videos from my phone to my computer via bluetooth!

A:(Bluetooth on computer) I've got bluetooth but it wont work! HELP!
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I'm just wondering if there are any differences between the two. I have integrated bluetooth on my laptop, so I won't need a dongle for it. I also know bluetooth is slower than wireless usb, but does this have any effect for a mouse?

In terms of performance and accuracy, are there any advantages or disadvantages to either format? Why are bluetooth mice seemingly much less popular with manufacturers?

Thanks a bunch.

A:Any difference between a wireless usb mouse or a bluetooth mouse?

Here's some advantages and disadvantages

Bluetooth you can expect 30 feet distance from the EEE. Wireless IR you can expect from 4 to 6 feet.

Easy to setup and configure
You plug Wireless in and it just works. With Bluetooth , you have to use the command line to set things up, and you have to script it or else every time you boot you'll have to give it all the commands.

The Bluetooth wins this one. The wireless keyboard and mouse use a USB port and do not give you anything else. The Bluetooth adapter uses the same port, but also lets you connect Bluetooth stereo headphones, your mobile phone, etc.

It really depends on what your needs are. If your living room is 12 feet and you want to hook your EEE up to your PC and surf from your lazyboy at the other end of the room, infrared won't do it. If you want the keyboard in front of the standard EEE screen and just want a better one, then the wireless IR is fine.
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my mouse cursor- an optical usb - is stuck in the middle of the screen. The mouse works, as I can still scroll on a webpage with it, and click on icons, but the cursor won't budge. I've also tried a PS-2 mouse, same issue, and have tested every USB port and all work fine so it is NOT a hardware issue that I can see. I've tried rebooting and doing a system restore, and I have the same issue in safe mode. When I go to device manager, it rcognizes the device and says everything is working properly. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, nothing. Everything else seems to be fine on my PC. Any help will be most appreciated, thank you!

Windows home vista

A:Mouse cursor stuck in middle of screen, but mouse works

Is this a laptop or a desktop? What is the make and model# of your computer/motherboard?
Boot into Setup (Bios) go to Integrated Peripherals look for Legacy USB or USB mouse, if it is disabled, using the arrow key, Enable it. Save and Exit.
Go to the computer manufacturers support/download drivers site. type in your make and model # and download the Chipset driver (for USB Support)
Also, go to Start/Search and type CMD Right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type SFC /scannow and press enter. This will replace any missing or corrupted system files.
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Ocassionally, while working in any application, my mouse pointer will 'stick' in one place on the screen, but the mouse itself still functions, you just can't see where it is on the screen. Re-booting temporarily corrects the problem. I've tried different mouses. I've re-installed the mouse driver. I've re-installed my video display driver. This is a brand new system with an Athlon AMD processer and an Asus motherboard. VIA Prosavage video. I use Windows 98. Please HELP!!

A:Mouse pointer hangs on screen, mouse still works 'invisibly'

Try a new video and mose driver from the manufacturers web site.
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I got a new computer and I have been having problems with my mouse. I have a simple optical wired mouse. During random times, my mouse click freezes, although my mouse can move and I can use the key board at this time, I cannot click or focus anything. To fix the problem I can control alt delete and exit the Task Manager, this fixes the problem. This is a frequently happening problem and is causing a lot of annoyance. PLEASE HELP!

A:Mouse Click Freeze, Mouse Move Works

its true that the cheapest bit of kit for a comp can bring the whole thing down,try other mouses,check the hardware,check the drivers,check battery if it has one,sometimes even a better mouse mat can cure it,i would try these easy steps first
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Alright guys, I have just refreshed my pc because I was having numerous problems with it and it turned out to be a bad stick of RAM. However, now I am having software issues. Whenever I try to make a call on the desktop version of skype, the program crashes. Whenever I try to open HP support assistant, the program crashes. When i am using the metro app version of skype I get a weird artifacting type problem on any of the buttons. I have this same problem in internet explorer and on Netflix. Netflix will not play on Chrome. It will play on IE, but with the button artifacting problems. My computer will not pair via bluetooth with my phone. What would be your recommended course of action? I don't know where to begin. I have tried updating drivers and the like but it has not helped.

Thank you

A:Bluetooth won't work, skype won't work, ntflix won;t work

Microsoft zune won't work either. It crashes when trying to set up.
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Acer aspire's Bluetooth doesn't work since I bought it I've installed drivers too but it doesn't work what should I do.
In its specs it has Bluetooth . But there is no Bluetooth device found in device manager how to repair this.
Please HELP!!

A:acer aspire 4738' s bluetooth doesn't work but wifi work?

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... What is the Model Number of your Laptop ? ...

Did you buy the Laptop from new ? ...
Did you mean Windows 7 x86 ?...
If your System Specs are correct you have 4 GB of ram ? ...
If that is the case your Windows should be 64 Bit ...
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My mouse pointer has been freezing but my mouse works, I just have to watch to see where is based on mouseovers. How can I fix this?

A:Mouse Pointer Freezes but Mouse Works

Try re-installing the mouse drivers. If that doesn't cure it check for updated graphics card drivers.
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I have a compaq EVO N610 laptop and the touchpad and joystick mouse only work if i have an ordinary mouse plugged into the socket on the rear of the laptop.

any ideas?

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My mouse cursor will randomly freeze or disappear, yet it remains active. I can still use it by feel. If I turn mouse trails on a duplicate mouse shows up that works and the frozen one remains, although its not completely frozen as it will still change into other cursors ie the hourglass. Eventually mouse trails turn off all on its own and im left with no cursor again. I've updated drivers and checked all the settings and am left with no solution. Any help would be very appreciated.
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I bought a usb Bluetooth 3 dongle (Trust) to connect my laptop to my phone (Nokia Asha)
Installed the drivers and software successfully but it cant see the phone.
I installed the dongle onto my desktop and it picks up the phone straight away.
Both are running Win 7 x 64 Enterprise.
Any thoughts on how to resolve this?


A:bluetooth works on one pc but not the other...

Have you ever got this problem taken care of.

This copy of Windows is not Genuine after cloning drive. Fix!
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laptop will start up but i cant hit any icons or start button but mouse works and safe mode works also installed spybot and it wont start and when i could still go to webpages it didnt let me go to spybot webpage im guessing hit laptop icons or start button mode and mouse up any safe start works but works will cant but i this is the place for help thank you in advance for any advice im not sure if it matters but i can laptop will start up but i cant hit any icons or start button but mouse works and safe mode works only do the hjt laptop will start up but i cant hit any icons or start button but mouse works and safe mode works from safemode DDS Ver - - - NTFSx MINIMAL Run by Administrator at on Thu Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Running Processes Pseudo HJT Report BHO c windows system hsfd jfdg dll c bf a - f - bd-f - c - c windows system hsfd jfdg dll BHO fbd -ac - c - - aa e fa - c windows system fuvatozi dll TB McAfee VirusScan ba b -b - c -b - f f - c progra mcafee com vso mcvsshl dll EB BBE - E - D -AD - D AD - No File EB - a - b-a - c a a - No File uRun MSMSGS quot c program files messenger msmsgs exe quot background uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe mRun VSOCheckTask quot c progra mcafee com vso mcmnhdlr exe quot checktask mRun VirusScan Online quot c progra mcafee com vso mcvsshld exe quot mRun MCAgentExe c progra mcafee com agent mcagent exe mRun MCUpdateExe c progra mcafee com agent McUpdate exe mRun SemanticInsight c program files rxtoolbar semantic insight SemanticInsight exe mRun QuickTime Task quot c program files quicktime qttask exe quot -atboottime mRun Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot c program files adobe reader reader Reader sl exe quot mRun prunnet quot c windows system prunnet exe quot mRun Lwowaliy rundll exe quot c windows Vteluni dll quot e mRun jsf uiw jnjgffght c docume susanl locals temp winlognn exe mRun svchost exe quot c windows system svchost exe quot mRun Bdamatepinukon rundll exe quot c windows aveqodih dll quot e mRun Explorer c windows system msrstart exe mRun DeskTopSrv c windows system grcrt exe mRun SunJavaUpdateSched quot c program files java jre bin jusched exe quot mRun lidazedivu Rundll exe quot c windows system gavedewu dll quot s mRun UserFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -u mRun KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k mRun hgcheck c windows system hgcheck exe mRun f rundll exe quot c windows system zufajudi dll quot b mRun CPM b Rundll exe quot c windows system bodadabe dll quot a mRunOnce svchost exe quot c windows system svchost exe quot mExplorerRun xccinit c windows system inf rundll exe c windows xccdf a dll xccd StartupFolder c documents and settings all users start menu programs startup svchost exe IE FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - c program files messenger msmsgs exe IE b e c - fcb- cf-aaa - c - CAFEEFAC- - - -ABCDEFFEDCBC - c program files java jre bin npjpi dll IE B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - FF E -CC A- E E-BF B- E D - c progra micros office REFIEBAR DLL DPF ad c - e- d -b e - f d - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF cafeefac- - - -abcdeffedcba - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF cafeefac-ffff-ffff-ffff-abcdeffedcba - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF D CDB E-AE D- CF- B - - hxxp download macromedia com pub shockwave cabs flash swflash cab TCP E CDC -FCE - FF -AA - EEBC F FB Notify crypt - crypts dll Notify igfxcui - igfxdev dll AppInit DLLs snovly dll c windows system junobuvo dll c windows system jezemimu dll vuevbo dll c windows system bodadabe dll SSODL WPDShServiceObj - AAA BA- A C- B - D - D DB - c windows system WPDShServiceObj dll SSODL SSODL - EC E FD- C - a - D -E B DBDD C - c windows system bodadabe dll STS c windows system hsfd jfdg dll c bf a - f - bd-f - c - c windows system hsfd jfdg dll STS STS ec e fd- c - a - d -e b dbdd c - c windows system bodadabe dll LSA Authentication Packages msv c windows system pmnmmNhF LSA Notification Packages scecli c windows system junobuvo dll FIREFOX ... Read more

A:laptop will start up but i cant hit any icons or start button but mouse works and safe mode works

Hello, danyulsWelcome to the Bleeping Computer Forums. My name is Jat, and I will be helping you with your situation.If you do not make a reply in 5 days, we will have to close your topic.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favourites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic. The topics you are tracking can be found here.Please take note of some guidelines for this fix:Refrain from making any changes to your computer including installing/uninstall programs, deleting files, modifying the registry, and running scanners or tools. Doing so could cause changes to the directions I have to give you and prolong the time required. Further more, you should not be taking any advice relating to this computer from any other source throughout the course of this fix.If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing. I would much rather clarify instructions or explain them differently than have something important broken.Even if things appear to be better, it might not mean we are finished. Please continue to follow my instructions and reply back until I give you the "all clean". We do not want to clean you part-way, only to have the system re-infect itself. Please reply using the button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Do not start a new topic. The logs that you post should be pasted directly into the reply. Only attach them if requested or if they do not fit into the post.Old topics are closed after 3 days with no reply, and working topics are closed after 5 days. If for any reason you cannot complete instructions within that time, that's fine, just post back here so that we know you're still here.I need some time to look over your log, I will post back soon.
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Laptop Lenovo Flex OS Windows pro x Card AC- Driver nbsp I have this strangest issue with my Lenovo Flex My built in bluetooth receiver only turns on when i restart after only works Bluetooth restart windows If I shut off windows completly and then turn it back on again bluetooth doesnt work The icon is dissapeared from the action center and from the device manager In Bluetooth only works after restart this state with laptop on and bluetooth not working if I restart windows through start gt on off gt restart the bluetooth device suddenly becomes Bluetooth only works after restart available upon rebooting And it works completly stable with all connected devices I don't want to restart my laptop every time I want to use a bluetooth device nbsp I have tried several things a clean windows installation some energy on and off switches in device manager and many different kind of drivers I even tried replacing the card with a ac but when i did this WiFi worked and bluetooth entirely didnt work nor did it show up in device manager I waisted money in a effort to fix this strange bluetooth problem nbsp i guess nbsp Ideas anyone
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What Bluetooth dongle works with 64bit Windows 7? Bluetooth version 3.0 would be nice if anyone is making ver. 3.0 yet, I haven't seen any yet.

A:What Bluetooth dongle works with 64bit Win 7

I plugged in an old dongle (don't know what version but it's old) and the drivers installed for it without problems.

I haven't tested it with anything yet but I'm guessing it should work fine.
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Hi, I have Lenovo Thinkpad T410s. My bluetooth indicator, which is located on the left side under screen, is flashing (contineously), even tho I have turned off bluetooth in windows options. Indicator only turns off when I disable bluetooth using Fn + F5, but I don't prefer that way. All laptop specs are original, except windows, which is Windows 10 Pro, activated and fully functional. P.S Wifi indicator turns off when I do it in windows options.
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Laptop Lenovo Flex OS Windows pro x Card AC- Driver nbsp I have this strangest issue with my Lenovo Flex My built in bluetooth receiver only turns on when i restart windows If I shut off windows completly and then turn it back on again bluetooth doesnt work The icon is dissapeared from the action center and from the device manager In this state with laptop on and bluetooth not working if I restart windows through start gt on off gt restart the restart - works 3-1470 Bluetooth Flex after only bluetooth device suddenly becomes available upon Flex 3-1470 - Bluetooth only works after restart rebooting And it works completly stable with all connected devices I don't want to restart my laptop every time I want to use a bluetooth device nbsp I have tried several things a clean windows installation some energy on and off switches in device manager and many different kind of drivers I even tried replacing the card with a ac but when i did this WiFi worked and bluetooth entirely didnt work nor did it show up in device manager I waisted money in a effort to fix this strange bluetooth problem nbsp i guess nbsp Flex 3-1470 - Bluetooth only works after restart Ideas anyone nbsp Mod's Edit System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility clarity nbsp

A:Flex 3-1470 - Bluetooth only works after restart

Any security software installed on this computer?
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Hello all I am having a problem with a bluetooth device Elm Mini It allows you to talk and read data from your car via bluetooth Heres the problem It works in windows fine it works with windows fine it works in VMware with windows on a windows machine but it will not work on windows alone It does work with an App from the microsoft store I have updated all drivers I have tried multiople general quot bluetooth fix's quot like the bluetooth support service and current version regedit trick and etc The Elm driver uses Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and adds two serial over bluetooth ports incoming and outgoing RDA SPP and uses the quot Bluetooth Device RFCOMM protocol TDI quot network adapter Can anyone shed some light and help me fix this or at least try to explain why it is not working SOLVED I have a Toshiba Satellite P laptop with a Intel Centrino wireless Bluetooth adapter Everything functioned fine with windows and windows but was a nightmare My fix was I found a Windows Toshiba Bluetooth Stack v T I uninstalled the Intel Proset Bluetooth package restarted Installed the Toshiba Bluetooth Package Restarted and Everything worked fine It added generic Toshiba drivers and added a Bluetooth manager application I also have a CSR Bluetooth dongle that did not work until I installed the MediaTek W Bluesoleiv driver package I think there is a serious bug with the windows Bluetooth manger interface If you have a Toshiba laptop and or a Intel Proset wireless Bluetooth card then give this a shot Three weeks of messing around is finally over I Win 8.1 works?? Bluetooth wont? apps upgrade, but device Hope this helps someone else too If not check your manufacturer for there own stack or software Introducing Windows - Upgrade Your PC
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I have a desktop (HP - Vista) and I finally got my stereo bluetooth headphones working. One problem...


You know, where I plug the green jack into the green hole in the back of the computer. No sound comes out!

What happened. How do I fix this, so sound works out of my speakers, but when I turn on my bluetooth device it switches to bluetooth? and when i turn my bluetooth off, it switches to my speakers?

Hubie the Nubie

A:Bluetooth sound works fine, but speakers dont!

BUMP. Please help. I can only listen to music via my bluetooth headphones. I want to plug in external speakers into the green jack - but no sound is coming out. What setting do I need to switch. HELP!
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I got an optical mouse with a scroll wheel for Christmas last year and the scroll wheel won't work on anything (IE, Compuserve, Netscape).
It has no brand name anywhere on the mouse so I can't look for a new driver. It came from Office Depot and it has no disk/CD. When I plugged it in it did not load anything else and I tried Add/Remove Hardware, but it didn't find anything new. Is there anything else I can do?


Stephen (I'm Stumped ))

**My problem has been solved now. Thanks to Jedi Master!**

A:[Solved] Optical mouse's scroll wheel won't work ne where; no brand name on the mouse
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I Basic problem explained in the subject line.  Sometimes the power light goes on when I press it, sometimes it doesn't.  Bought the system back in March 2016.  Is this caused, as the trouble shooting part of the user manual says, a faulty power adapter?  If so, I guess mine is under warranty.  How do I return.
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Dell Inspiron 17r N7110
Intel Centrino 1030 with Bluetooth 3.0
Windows 7 Home Premium 64

LG HBS700 Bluetooth 2.1

Prior to reinstalling windows 7 the headset would connect and function.

Now when attempting to connect, windows finds the headset then attempts so 'install software' which fails.

A:Bluetooth backwards compatibility no longer works after win7 reinstall

Hi Jason Jones,

I would suggest you to check the driver status in Device Manager. If it’s correctly installed, it should appear in Device manager.

If the driver is missing in Device Manager, kindly reinstall the Bluetooth driver by clicking on the URL mentioned:

Please reply with results.
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Hi, the bluetooth mouse just stopped working. WiFi is working, cause I use internet now. The mouse has new batteries etc. The notebook sees it, there is connection. I have updated drivers. But still the mouse does not work. Any ideas?
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The hardware:
HP Pavilion dv7 Lappy
Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
IOGEAR 2.0 USB Bluetooth Adapter

The Software:
Windows 7 Ultimate

The problem:
I installed the drivers and software that came with my bluetooth usb adapter. Everything worked fine, until yesterday my mouse started lagging. It's barely useable at this point. I've resorted to using the touchpad. Touchpads suck.
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does anyone know of drivers for bluetooth mice for 98se, peticularly microsoft intellimouse w/ bluetooth. Any info or help would be appreciated.
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I've spent some time searching the web for a bluetooth mouse, but I'm not finding too many options. Those that are available are either pretty expensive, $60+, or are only two-button models with a scroll wheel, no extra side buttons.

Are bluetooth peripherals just not in demand anymore? Am I not looking in the right places?

A:Bluetooth Mouse

Does anyone here have any experiences at all with Bluetooth mice? I don't want to fill up a USB port on my laptop with a wireless receiver adapter when I have a perfectly good wireless device adapter built-in.

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I have HP 2000-2c22DX Notebook PC, and a wireless Bluetooth mouse. Does this model have bluetooth and if so, how do I get this mouse to work?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with a Dell BT Travel mouse and a Kensington PilotMouse Mini BT. During my first setup session both mice were found after a fair bit of searching and then worked correctly. On the second session no bluetooth devices could be found. The third session both were found on boot and worked correctly for an hour or so. Since then, 18 Jan, bluetooth will not discover either mouse even though Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Dell Truemobile 355 Bluetooth + EDR are said to be working. I have lodged 2 feedback reports on this. Can anyone suggest a fix, please?

Edit: I should add that I'm dual-booting Windows XP and 7 and when I boot XP, instead of the bluetooth mouse being acquired automatically, I have to run the Bluetooth Setup Wizard, so something in Win7 is disabling bluetooth on the laptop.

A:Bluetooth Mouse

have you got the latest bluetooth drivers from dell?

i would also suggest uninstalling any bluetooth software that dell might bundle with the laptop (if it was a vista > 7 upgrade)

my lenovo bt mouse is working great, if not better with 7 than vista
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Hi, I have a bluetooth mouse and it works perfectly. Only thing that i cant seem to get to work is for it to pair with the laptop automatically when it is within distance and on. Anyone have any help? (If it helps its a HDX Bluetooth mouse) Thanks

A:Help with bluetooth mouse

Go into services and check Bluetooth is set to start automatically as opposed to manually; I had non-pairing problems with an HP Bluetooth mouse on a Kensington dongle which was solved by doing this

At first I had imagined there was a compatability issue and thought I'd have to get another mouse, but the solution was the BT service just wasn't running by default, although in my case that could have been due to the dongle not being there when Windows7 setup was originally run...
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can an RF wireless mouse be used on a keyboard tray and desktop without removing the sensor, or does it have to be in line of sight?

A:RF vs Bluetooth mouse

no line of sight for anything RF.
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I recently purchased a HP Touch to Pair Mouse for my HP Elitebook w nbsp Two months prior I had purchased a JETech bluetooth mouse nbsp The mouse paired quickly to my Elitebook but every now and then I would experience periodic 'lags' in the mouse nbsp I googled this issue and contacted JeTech but had to return the mouse as the issue was unresolved nbsp I am experiencing this same issue with my HP Touch to Pair Mouse There are periodic 'lags' which lag mouse Bluetooth make using the mouse VERY annoying nbsp Even if it works well of the time for me it doesn't suffice if it doesn't work well about of Bluetooth mouse lag the time nbsp I've googled this issue ONCE AGAIN and have found no 'solutions' that remedy my issue nbsp My bluetooth adapter driver is up to date and it seems that apparently some people are simply 'LUCKY' or have slightly newer bluetooth technology or just that bluetooth technology isn't advanced enough to make owning a bluetooth device 'worth it ' nbsp Any answers to this issue nbsp I have contacted HP several times in the past and feel though they are genuinely sincere and attempt to be competent that their company is -like most- very disorganized and stupid and incompetent nbsp Their website is a joke
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All clicks are inactive. right clicking, left clicking and even when you leave the mouse over the start button or any folder for a description it doesn't work.

I currently am running Windows XP Home Edition. I have to run in system recovery mode (safemode but you are still running the OS). It is very hard to because nothing runs on startup in recovery mode so I am very limited because my spyware protection does not work.

If you can help me please do.

Thank you!

A:Mouse clicking doesn't work only moviong around the mouse

You have told us absolutely nothing about your system so all I can answer with is do XP Repair:
If you do not have a Windows XP cd, then you will need to buy one. Or use system restore disk to wipe out drive and return to clean and new as once was....those are the only options for what you have told us or if you have a ps2 mouse try a usb mouse, but I still think your system must be totally corrupted and need the XP repair bare minimum.
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I just bought an HP Bluetooth Mouse Z8000. I am using a DELL Latitude E6440. I am using an external USB port as the computer has no bluetooth itself. I canīt find the device while trying to link it via Blueetooth. I have seen the mouse connect with other devices, though. Could you please let me know if there is any driver I should install or if it is not compatible at all?
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Hey guys,

I reformatted my computer recently and ever since my Dell BT Travel Mouse is not working. Bluetooth is turned on in the BIOS, and I used driver genius to get all of the drivers needed. It is connecting to the mouse and I can see it in the Devices. That being said I can't actually move the cursor with the mouse. I have no idea what could be wrong with it, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure you'll need some additional info, so just let me know what else you need to know to help. Thank you in advance!

A:Bluetooth mouse not working

NEVER use third party apps to find or install drivers. All drivers should be downloaded from the OEM website by you and then installed. In this case, get the drivers from the Dell Website. Start with the chipset driver.

Open Device Manager - any yellow or red symbols?
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So I got a Bluetooth mouse, from I don't remember where... But I recently put in new batteries and it turns on but it wont show on my bluetooth devices when I turn it on... It says the brand is Optimal Shop, my laptop is a Toshiba. PLEASE HELP!

A:Problem With BlueTooth Mouse

I don't use Bluetooth, but have you paired it??
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I have a Dell Inspiron running Vista Home Premuim edition Ever since I've had it the machine will never recognise the Dell bluetooth mouse when I turn the machine on The fix up until now has been to disable and renable the Dell Truemobile Bluetooth EDR mouse Bluetooth issues driver The mouse would start working However sometimes when the UAC window would open the mouse would stop working Yesterday I had a problem with the 'user profile cannot be loaded' and I sorted this by using the procedure in regedit for renaming a bak file described elsewhere in this forum This fixed the user profile problem but now I can't disable the Bluetooth driver the disable box is greyed out The only way I can get the mouse to work is to boot up in safe mode disable the bluetooth driver reboot the machine enable the driver normally the box then goes grey and hope for the best Any suggestions on how to permanent solve these problems Bluetooth mouse issues

A:Bluetooth mouse issues

I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 that I got in the middle of January. It had Bluetooth mouse (Dell) problems from day 1. I got a lot of personal help from Dell through phone calls that got it about 90% fixed. They finally said to get it completely fixed I would need to reload Vista which I didn't want to do. After another problem (driver conflict) with the notebook, I did have to reload Vista with Dells help. Since the reload, the bluetooth mouse has been working at 100%. Yes, I know that is not really good news.
At the time I had Vista Premium but upgraded to Ultimate after the mouse problem was fixed.
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Recently bought a Dell Inspiron laptop w/Bluetooth capabilities. Vista 64-bit OS. Option to upgrade to Windows 7. Want to get a wireless Bluetooth mouse. Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 has been recommended. Is this the best choice? Will it work with both Vista & Windows 7?
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Hello all, i just got a hp G71-358nr laptop with windows 7 and im unable to detect anything with bluetooth. i have a microsoft intellimouse explorer bluetooth mouse i want to use with this laptop. i downloaded the drivers from microsofts site and did all the walkthroughs in the windows support but no luck.

also i know the mouse is working because i can detect it with my lg dare. witch also is unseen by windows.

does anyone know how to remedy this issue??


A:bluetooth mouse not working

Are you sure your laptop has bluetooth?
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I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (both Apple) that connect to Win 7 and I've gotten to work just fine.

The problem is this:

After a while they don't work anymore and I have to pull my Bluetooth USB adapter from the computer and replug it back in. I think this happens after the peripherals go to "sleep" but I cant be sure.

I think the USB adapter is made by "Wireless Link Systems" and I know the batteries are good in the devices.

Any ideas?


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Hi there,

My Bluetooth mouse "Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse" is not any more properly recognized: when the PC goes to standby mode, connection is lost and the only mean to get it back is to go in the Windows menu: Settings > Devices > Bluetooth, to delete "Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse" device, to push the bluetooth pairing button on the mouse and to request new pairing on PC side. Quite not handy?

Drivers (mouse and bluetooth radio) are up-to-date as said by Windows itself.

Anyone had this kind of problem? Any idea on how to solve it?

Many thanks by advance!

A:Bluetooth mouse not recognized any more

Check if your mouse is set to wake up your PC.
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I can't seem to get this RocketFish mouse Bluetooth RocketFish Bluetooth mouse to work i am currently typing on my apple wireless keyboard using the same rocketfish usb dongle but the mouse simply won't work First i tried just using the install wizard and that found it fine but RocketFish Bluetooth mouse the scroll wheel wouldn't work and also i had no settings for it So then i installed the official software from the website Rocketfish - Rocketfish Bluetooth EDR Class II Wireless USB Adapter then once i installed and restarted it automatically found my apple wireless keyboard without me doing anything So i go to the tray icon and right click where i usually go to connect my BT devices but all i get is quot Bluetooth device not found quot so then i went start gt controlpanel gt Blluetooth configuration and it just hung for about seconds and came up with quot Bluetooth Setup Wizard Bluetooth device not found Please verify that your bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on quot If there is anymore information i can provide for you please just ask Thanks

A:RocketFish Bluetooth mouse

tried re-installing...still not working
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My bluetooth mouse lags and I need to fix it. I got the Microsoft Scult Comfort mouse, btw. When I turn off ipoint.exe which is a background service for it, it works smoothly. But I need ipoint.exe. How can I fix this situation?
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I recently connected at Targus Notbook mouse to Windows 7 with out too much difficulty. However, what happens now is that everytime the mouse is in active for 5-10 seconds and I touch it, W7 makes the Device Disconnect\Connect sound. OVER and OVER again. This is probably because the mouse goes into power saving mode. I tried tunring off the Bluetooth setting which states "Alert me when a new device wants to connect" but this did not help. I turned off the sound for connecting and disconnecting devices in Windows, but this is not really the answer because now sound is off for all devices I plug in and out. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:BlueTooth Mouse Annyance

Change the mouse properties/hardware/power to never turn off mouse?

I don't have a bluetooth device, but perhaps there is a similar setting.
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I just got a new system that is rather light on the USB ports, so I figured I'd take advantage of the built in bluetooth. That being said are there any bluetooth mice that the users of Techspot either own and like, or find appealing? I tend to like my mice full sized and being contoured for the right hand is a bonus.
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I recently bought a Belkin Comfort Mouse, it worked for about 2 months with no problems, was fine.
However I unplugged my bluetooth dongle for a long period of time, so it lost pairing with the mouse.
I tried reconnecting it, but the mouse doesn't do anything despite claiming to be connected.

When I first try to connect to the PC, it picks it up as a "Belkin Bluetooth Mouse", however when it actually connects it claims to be just to be a "Bluetooth Peripheral Device".

I'm not what what else I can do, or whether it's a problem with the mouse, windows or the bluetooth dongle.

Any help will be much appreciated and if you need anymore information don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,
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My bluetooth mouse is not working, i am running windows xp home, and one day it just stopped working.
The batteries are fine, the mouse lights up and and the keyboard works fine....

any help greatly appreciated

thanks y'all

A:bluetooth mouse not working

o yh, the keyboard and mouse work off the same reciever... they are both wireless....
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Many have posted regarding variations of this problem and some have been fixed My problem disconnected keeps mouse being Bluetooth is that I can Bluetooth mouse keeps being disconnected install and use any of two bluetooth mice Dell PU Travel mouse or Samsung S Action mouse ET-MP D on my Lenovo Ideapad Z laptop This works fine with either mouse for an average of minutes varies then it loses contact with the laptop and Bluetooth mouse keeps being disconnected its back to using the touchpad When I go to the Bluetooth mouse keeps being disconnected Bluetooth settings page -- quot Manage Bluetooth Devices quot the control suddenly reappears on entering the page with no further action from me The recovery of the device like this happens on no other page to my knowledge I have a phone and a tablet paired with the laptop on bluetooth and they stay paired I have installed the latest Lenovo bluetooth drivers with no improvement It appears that the mice are still connected but not responding to the laptop until they get a small 'kick' when I return to the Bluetooth settings page New full strength batteries are installed Weird or what Does anyone have any insight into the problem please

A:Bluetooth mouse keeps being disconnected

Originally Posted by Mekon

Many have posted regarding variations of this problem and some have been fixed. My problem is that I can install and use any of two bluetooth mice (Dell PU705 Travel mouse or Samsung S Action mouse ET-MP900D) on my Lenovo Ideapad Z710 laptop. This works fine with either mouse for an average of 20 minutes (varies) then it loses contact with the laptop and its back to using the touchpad. When I go to the Bluetooth settings page -- "Manage Bluetooth Devices", the control suddenly reappears on entering the page with no further action from me. The recovery of the device like this happens on no other page, to my knowledge. I have a phone and a tablet paired with the laptop on bluetooth and they stay paired. I have installed the latest Lenovo bluetooth drivers with no improvement. It appears that the mice are still connected but not responding to the laptop until they get a small 'kick' when I return to the Bluetooth settings page. New, full strength batteries are installed. Weird or what? Does anyone have any insight into the problem, please ?

Wireless mice have power saving feature built into them to save batteries and go to "sleep" so need a small as you say "kick" for them to wake up.
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I have a couple of near-new bluetooth mice here for which I have lost the little bluetooth adapter that plugs into the USB port.

I also have a bluetooth adapter here that I bought for connecting to a network, printer, etc. I tried connecting the mice through a bluetooth adapter and I cannot get it to detect. I've been through the help files in Windows, tried their suggestions but still no result.

So, my question is whether these mice are proprietary to their own original bluetooth adapters?

A:Question about bluetooth mouse

I do not know the answer, but I suspect an answer is more likely if you can figure out a brand and model of the mice.

Dumb question: are you sure these wireless mice are bluetooth?
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hello there i'm not so Win7 with x64 Using Mouse Bluetooth familiar with bluetooth devices i have been given a bluetooth microsoft mouse which supports Using Bluetooth Mouse with Win7 x64 Bluetooth or higher Operating Systems Windows Windows Windows RT and Windows RT i was wondering if i can configure and pair this mouse with a laptop running on win SP x it has an in-built bluetooth adapter - Dell Truemobile Bluetooth EDR Manufacturer ID Device Driver didn't install any additional stack or widcomm packages yet so i guess this is my default os driver under device manager I see items under Bluetooth - Dell Truemobile Bluetooth EDR Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator before we even go into drivers i'm questioning these considerations - Supported Device does my internal card support Bluetooth and if not will my system accept a newer card i do not intend to use an external dongle and this card is housed in an old mm form factor compartment don't know what it's called got the pic from Wikipedia however i do have a spare WWAN slot i think not sure if i can use it for a newer minicard there Supported OS no way i'm installing win providing i have a supported device can win x use a mouse designed for win or up if not what is the windows component that is missing from win and can this be replicated by introducing specific software
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A mouse should be a very simple device and should give little frustration.
I have a Retail Plus Model: RP-MUUS-BT309B Bluetooth mouse. It is the most erratic device I have ever had to deal with. It is nearly impossible to control, seems to lag and then catch up. It may wiggle around it may not.
Slowing down the pointer speed helps some but then the trackpad is useless.
Anybody have any thoughts or know of a driver that will fix this thing?

A:Retail Plus Bluetooth mouse

RetailPlus Wireless Bluetooth 2.4G Notebook Mouse ? Retail Plus
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I have a Logitech MediaPlay optical mouse.
It's been fine for a couple of years. Recently the cursor movement has been problematic.
This is a frequent problem......there is a significant lag between mouse movement and cursor movement. New drivers have been installed....and this is not an issue related to the movement settings. It is not an issue related to the type of surface that the mouse is on. These things have already been checked. The problem is temporarily solved by removing and re-inserting the BT USB receiver. Also, when i plug the receiver into my laptop the problem does not show up.

p/n 831241-3000
m/n m-ram99
p/n 852213-0000

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Firstly I am sorry if this is the wrong group to post this in but was struggling to find a "right" place. As of 8.15 this morning a MS update happened and since then the HP x4000b bluetooth mouse has stopped working. Is this a known issue or am I missing something. It is pairing fine and I have removed and re paired it. Says it is working fine but does not move the mouse pointer. (The tablet is an Acer offering but as I say, was working fine until the MS update). Thanks, Neil.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite C55 laptop running Windows 10. A couple of days ago my bluetooth mouse stopped working. After messing around for a couple of hours, I went into settings again and the bluetooth showed being off. I turned it on and was back in business. This morning, I woke the computer up and again the mouse was not working. I tried going into settings to see if was on or off and was unable to find bluetooth. Where did it go? How do I get it back. I am puzzled. I am not a real techie, so please keep any suggestions simple or very detailed. Thanks
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Hi all,

I have BT model: Microsoft Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000.

I can make it discoverable but 7 doesn't seem to see it.

I do not see a BT option in the control panel but there is a Bluetooth support service present in the Services window (and it is started).

The mouse is brand new and doesn't seem defective, I haven't tried it on another computer though, I don't have any friends with rigs that are BT ready.

Any pointers?



A:Bluetooth mouse not working...


1. You've got to enable the 'discovery' feature on your mouse
2. There should be a Bluetooth icon on your taskbar/Start > Control Panel > Device & Printers > Add A Bluetooth device
3. You've got to pair it up first, using the Pairing code provided by Microsoft Mouse 5000
4. Once the device is paired up, Windows should automatically install the generic/Microsoft BT Mouse 5000 drivers and recognise it a HID device
5. Should work!
6. Otherwise, after pairing it, you could install the prepackaged driver CD provided with your purchase

Hope this helps!
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I bought a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to replace my laptops fried touch pad.
However, every time I start my PC (and new mouse) they can't find each other so I have to enable the out-of-control touchpad to click on the Bluetooth Icon and click "add" (and some other actions I'm not sure of) then it connects.

Is there a setting I'm missing?
Windows Help said to unclick the Passkey for a mouse but I haven't figured out how.

Or is this typical of Bluetooth connected Mice and I should look for a mouse with a dongle?

A:Problem With Bluetooth Mouse

I discovered the answer was as simple as turning off the Bluetooth on the PC then turning it back on.
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Hello all,
I'm looking to pick up a bluetooth mouse for my gf for Christmas. Reviews on almost every mouse on sites like amazon and newegg reveal issues with pairing and mice that shut down rapidly and become inactive.

She has a newer Sony Vaio with bt built in. I believe she is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64. Any suggestions on a bt mouse for this system?
Thank you

A:Quality bluetooth mouse?

I have had huge success with Logitech overall. This is a wicked mouse !
Anywhere Mouse MX
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Before upgrading from Vista to I decided to Mouse recognized KB & not Bluetooth first try the OS as a dual boot option and get used to everything - AND make sure everything works as expected This morning I did just that and ran into what I think is a fairly unusual problem I'm using a Logitech MX BT mouse amp kb combination Windows was able to recognize amp use both natively immediately after the install I then installed the latest setpoint sw which is Windows compatible Everything went smoothly - the mouse amp kb were recognized and setup by setpoint Then I rebooted After rebooting into the mouse amp kb do not work I tried getting setpoint to reinitiate both bluetooth devices but nothing happens If I press the quot connect quot button s nothing happens If I try to do it from within setpoint nothing happens If I reboot to Vista everything is fine I find this one very odd When I reboot I get to the OS selection screen If Vista is highlighted everything is fine But as soon as I highlight Windows the kb is no longer recognized and does not work Again on the boot selector screen everything is fine if Vista is highlighted - but if I use the cursor arrow on the kb to toggle up to the Windows entry the kb immediately stops working and I either have to connect a usb kb or reboot to get out of that screen Obviously the bios is set to recognize usb devices on boot or it wouldn't work at all on the boot screen - not even with Vista Other than replacing the kb with a wired one which I'm considering I'm stumped Any thoughts

A:Bluetooth KB & Mouse not recognized

Okay - better & better

Just to be safe, I checked the bios - nothing relating to bluetooth at all. Exited bios (w/o saving changes - though I didn't make any) and the kb worked at the boot screen. Booted to 7 and the mouse worked, so I opened setpoint and the kb did not show up. Tried to initiate it and lost use of both the mouse AND the kb. Booted back to Vista and all is good.

Soooo, I'm guessing that there is some sort of incompatibility between 7 and either my BT or my kb & mouse or setpoint. Regardless, I'll probably just get a wired kb and non-bt wireless mouse and then upgrade from Vista to 7.
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Alright so about a week ago I got a new bluetooth mouse rapoo I added it to my devices through the -control panel - add bluetooth device mouse problems. Bluetooth option however today when I was Bluetooth mouse problems. moving my laptop to a different room I turned off the mouse with the sliding button on it's back just to be sure I dont click on something while going to different room after I got there I was sadly suprised that the mouse won't work after turning it back in I have checked the control panel - devices and it wasn't there for some reason so I tried to restart the mouse again and click the bluetooth button on the mouse the mouse's red button on the top started blinking which indicates that the mouse is indeed looking for a contact with a bluetooth device howerver my mouse didn't appear on the add Bluetooth mouse problems. device menu after a while totaly desperate I decided to try this mouse on a different computer it worked perfectly there and was connected in about seconds I have read quite a lot of forums about this problem and all I could get to was to check the Services - Bluetooth support service and turn it off and on it did help some people but sadly not me to make sure that this problem Bluetooth mouse problems. was on the side of my pc and not the mouse I did try to pair my phone with my pc but it didn't work I couldn't even send any file I have hp pavilion dv and win x Any help will be greatly appreciated Ignore any grammar fails as it's quite late hour for me and I'm posting this after desperate hours of trying to fix this problem

A:Bluetooth mouse problems.

First thing to warn you of is Windows + bluetooth is, and always has been, a buggy nightmare. So in all honesty I would not be surprised if this is one of those "it should work but it just never will" times. However I'll try to offer a few suggestions. First of all check for a switch on your computer for bluetooth/wireless and make sure it's turned on (there are a lot of HP DV6's so I can't point out where exactly it is or if you have one), then go to Device Manager and verify that your bluetooth isn't disabled under Bluetooth Radios, and finally right click your bluetooth icon and click Show Bluetooth Devices, if your mouse is there delete it and try adding it again.
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I have recently bought a bluetooth mouse for my windows 8.1 tablet. However it keeps randomly disconnecting while in use (usually every 30 seconds or so). Therefore I searched for some solutions on the internet and found something that said to turn the power saving setting off in the bluetooth menu. I did this but I have the same issue. I then found something else that said to turn on the bluetooth support service. But this did not work either.

I have tried the mouse on my windows 7 laptop instead, and had no errors which shows it is something to do with my tablet. Having tried the above things does anyone know what else I can do?


A:Bluetooth Mouse keeps disconnecting

Brand and exact model of mouse?
Is the tablet running Windows, Android or OSX?
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Firstly, I hope this is the correct Forum for this post.

I have a New HP650 Laptop with Win 7 64bit Home Premium installed.

I purchased a Bluetooth Laser Mouse BT which I installed from the disc provided.
Initialy the Mouse worked fine, untill, win 7 went into standby mode. When I went back into Windows, the Mouse would no longer work. Nothing I attempted would recover it. Switch Off, Switch On, Press ID Button to reconnect, nothing.
I Un Installed the Program and Drivers.
I then Re Installed and it worked fine, untill, and you know the rest of the story.

This problem seems to associated with win 7 going into Standby Mode and Recovery.

Does anyone have a clue about this Nasty.

Owen Carlton

A:Bluetooth Laser Mouse BT

Does the BT transceiver plug into a USB port? Check that the two options shown below are Disabled. The first is accessed from Device Manager under the USB Hub Properties. The second is accessed through the Power Options in the Control Panel then clicking on Change Plan Settings (for plan you use) > Change advanced power settings. There seems to be a common problem with USB ports after the PC goes into hibernation.
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I have a Microsoft Intellimouse Bluetooth connected to an usb bluetooth dongle using win 7 drivers.

Mouse works perfect f?r 30-60 minutes but then starts to lag out and move very erratic. After a reboot the mouse is back in perfect shape. Its not a signal issue since its always perfect right after reboot and signal strenght is displayed as strong.

Once starting to lag it wont go back until reboot. Any ideas?

A:Bluetooth mouse lagging out

It makes it sound as if it's clockwork LOL...

Normally either these work, or they don't. There's not much 'inbetween' so to speak, all I can think of is that there could be something else conflicting with the mouse, which could either be an IRQ issue, or a 2.4Ghz band/wifi issue.

The obvious thing I haven't said is whether you could be rolling along a ball of fluff in the lens aperture, or you haven't cleaned the optical lens in an eon or so, both of which would have a negative impact upon behaviour...

Otherwise perhaps it's batteries are tired, or it is simply now treading the road to dereliction, nearing the end of its natural life...
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I have a Dell WM615 Bluetooth mouse. It was working well but then stopped scrolling, i.e., nothing happens when I move my finger along the scroll strip. The keys still work fine. I've tried the scrolling in various programs and it doesn't work in any of them. I have a Dell XPS 15 and the Dell Update software says that the system is up to date.
Any suggestions?
Greg Reese

A:WM615 Bluetooth Mouse Won't Scroll

Thanks for your suggestions Terry, but I finally found the answer - the batteries were dying! Apparently it takes a lot more juice to run the scroll strip than the other parts of the mouse. The strip stopped working but it wasn't until a week or so later that the rest of the mouse died. I put in new batteries and now the scroll strip and the rest of the mouse work fine.
Greg Reese
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I'm running Win 7 x64 on a MacBook Pro bootcamp partition. My MS Bluetooth Notebook mouse 5000 worked great on Win 7RC x64. Since I installed the retail 7 version, I can't get the mouse to work for more than a few minutes. After repeated attempts to "add device" I can usually get the mouse to work but after a few minutes up to 25 minutes or so, it just stops working. The mouse still shows up under "devices and printers" but it won't work. I have to remove it and start over. It usually takes several tries. Windows recognizes the mouse every time but the connection fails most times. All drivers have been reloaded several times. I tried to find an updated driver on the MS site but the driver download does not list this mouse in the selection window.

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:MS Bluetooth 5000 mouse quits

Any joy findin a solution for this?

I am running it on Dell Studio 15, win7 x64 ultimate (so no bootcamping / mac issues). I only got the mouse this AM and it is doing exactly this - works for a while and then stops. I go through all the software and it really still thinks it is connected, but it is doing nothing. Any ideas?
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I have a Wireless Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth. As of now, it is not working. If I want to get it working I can spend about an hour or more trying to get it to work. If I can get it working it will work until I restart my computer, so there is really not much of a point to try to get it to work. The way I normally get it to work is by going into either Wireless Link or just Mouse and just fiddling around for a while. If I find a way that works and I try it again it wouldn't work so i'm clueless. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Having never used Bluetooth devices before, I wonder if anyone has comments advice etc? I wont be getting it for a few weeks but thought I'd ask in advance.

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I have an ACER Aspire laptop with Windows Starter -bit without Bluetooth I have loaded Bluesoleil purchased on disc with an Esquire Bluetooth USB Adapter Through this medium I used to run an E-blue Ion Bluetooth Mini mouse but suddenly it would not driver Bluetooth HID problem mouse work any longer This package used to work superbly with Windows XP Home on a previous HP Laptop Troubleshooter tells me the problem will be fixed if the driver is reloaded but it reports that it cannot fix it automatically The driver is located in C windows system drivers VHIDMini sys When I type in this string in prompt mode it tells me quot application cannot be run in win mode quot Why did it then work before When I check the properties of the device it says quot This device cannot start code quot When troubleshooter tries to install the driver it says quot device driver was not successfully installed quot Through device properties I have tried to update the driver but it tells me the driver is up to date Please help me as all other avenues failed I thank you nbsp

A:Bluetooth HID mouse driver problem

"This package used to work superbly with Windows XP"

Windows XP drivers don't work on Windows 7. You need to get a Windows 7 driver for the Esquire bluetooth adapter from it's maker's website (if they have one). If that model is not supported on Windows 7 (ie no driver available) you'll have to buy a new model adapter.
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Hello! I have a Wacom Cintiq Companion that I've been using with the Wacom BT keyboard and a MS Arc Touch Surface edition (BT), for about 6-7 months. I've run into a problem after turning the machine on yesterday where it wouldn't let me connect both of them at the same time; if I connected one, the other would give me an error to connect.

Both still work, though I've now run into a problem where the computer refuses to even see the mouse when I'm trying to pair it; I'm worried that it's still in the system somewhere and it's making it bug out. (Even though it's not listed in the Device Manager!) The last time I had a problem like this with the tablet I ended up having to reinstall windows 8, which I'm not looking forward to doing again Any ideas?


A:Bluetooth Mouse Stopped working in 8.1?

Have you tried installing or re-installing the latest drivers? Drivers | Wacom

And welcome to the forum!
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Please help this old grandpa.  I am trying to install an HP Bluetooth Mouse x4000b.  No dice so far.  I have windows 10 on a new lap top HP Notebook.  I went to install device in Settings, but again, I'm either too much of a Luddite to figure in out, or there is some other paranormal explanation.  I took a while, but finally figured out how to get to this forum, and a few more minutes to figure out how to type in it.  Tried the recommended HP Internet page as suggested in the one paragraph instruction that are on the printed page.  I am not sure what else to do.  I push the 'pairing' button and nothing happens.  Can someone with a younger, more flexible mindset suggest a solution.   Thanks
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I recently purchased an Acer Aspire V3-575T-53BP laptop running Windows 10 and a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600.  They paired up fine initially, but each time after I turn the computer off and restart, the mouse does not connect.  When I go into Bluetooth Settings, it shows the mouse as still paired, but I have to remove the device and re-pair it to get it to work.  Obviously I don't want to have to do this everytime I start up the computer.  Any suggestions on how to resolve this?  Thanks!

A:Bluetooth Mouse won't reconnect after reboot

Go to the Bluetooth Module in Device Manager.Under Power Management there is an option which says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power", uncheck it.Maybe you should check the USB hubs for this too.I am not sure but maybe it would help.
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I primarily use two computers a personal HP Envy laptop and a Surface Pro for work Both run Windows Pro Because the SP only has one USB port I decided to get a Bluetooth mouse the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort It works great aside from one major issue Anytime I switch to the other computer I have to re-pair the device It will not work automatically Once I pair it again it works fine until I decide to use it on the other computer Now I'm not trying to use it at the same time on both Let's say I use the SP during the day then later at night I'll put away the SP Two Laptops Bluetooth on Mouse Issue and boot up my personal laptop I'll turn off the mouse and turn it back on I tried removing the batteries and putting Bluetooth Mouse Issue on Two Laptops them back in Are Bluetooth mice only capable of storing pairing data with one computer at a time where it needs to be re-paired each time that device changes

A:Bluetooth Mouse Issue on Two Laptops

As far as I know the answer is yes, one device at a time. My solution is to own 1 Bluetooth mouse per machine, so I own 4 of the MS Sculpt Comfort mice.

I have a Bluetooth keyboard that specifies that it can be paired with 6 devices at the same time. Once paired, you press "FN" and the number 1-6 to switch to the desired device. The keyboard also has a touchpad. Here's a link if you're interested: IOGEAR - GKM611B - Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad
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Well, my first real problem with 8.1, my bluetooth mouse drops connection about every 15-20 minutes. Turn it off and back on it reconnects.

A search of the web shows other people with same problem. I've tried everything I know of, power settings for bluetooth the mouse and usb ports, drivers, uninstall/re-install. This is a real pain in the keister.

Suggestions anyone? This does seem to be a common problem from what I see.

A:Bluetooth mouse drops connection using 8.1

Do you have any other devices which use bluetooth? Maybe the mouse is getting interference from something. I know iPhone's always turn on bluetooth after every update. Just a thought..
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Hi there Im a newbie so hope i post this right Ok just for background information I got a new bluetooth mouse Paired it to my laptop it connected and worked fine I left the laptop for about minutes oly to come back to the mouse not working I suspect it had put it self into sleep mode So i re-paired the mouse and i mouse bluetooth BSOD connecting when got the first BSOD I restarted re connected and it worked fine The next day i reconnected again it was BSOD when connecting bluetooth mouse fine and then another BSOD Now whenever i connect it i get a BSOD BSOD when connecting bluetooth mouse automatically So i can delete the mouse re find it add it and BSOD After restart if the mouse is on BSOD if off i turn it on i get a BSOD Iv updated the drivers off the dell site reinstalled driver upgraded to SP Last time i tried again i managed to pair the mouse but it didnt work going to the properties of the mouse and then services the HID mouse driver was not selected as soon as i select it i get the BSOD I therefore cannot use the mouse Iv deleted all drivers bluetooth and mouse and restarted iv tried updating Iv also tried the mouse on a different laptop that is using a generic bluetooth dongle it workes fine and even now it can pair automatically to it and jus work that laptop is XP SP iv attached the TSF thing that i assume contains info on the BSOD My computer is a Dell Inspiron gigahertz Intel Core Duo bit vista home premium bit gb ram x gb Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Dhcp Server none responded Physical Address D EC Bluetooth Device RFCOMM Protocol TDI Dell Wireless WLAN Mini-Card primary Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address F D C If theres anything i missed please advise im fairly good with pc's go hopefully can following your advise Thanks in advance Revnit

A:BSOD when connecting bluetooth mouse

bthport.sys seems to be causing the most issues. Here's a link to a KB article that describes something similar:

Interestingly, the debugger can't locate symbols for this driver (even though it's a Microsoft driver) - so I wonder about it's compatibility with your system.

Also noted an issue with ctclsflt.sys - a Creative video filter

I ran an analysis of the last 20 minidump files - and all of them point at the bthport.sys driver

I'd suggest checking your system for the appropriate bthport.sys driver by using the above article. If you do not have that version, then I'd suggest getting the hotfix that is mentioned.

Another possibility is that there's an issue with your USB controller. Have a look at this article to see if it may apply (even thought it's slanted towards Microsoft Devices and XP):

Can you try the bluetooth dongle on the other system? This'll help to rule out problems with it.

Here's a summary of the last 20 minidumps:

Built by: 6001.22389.amd64fre.vistasp1_ldr.090302-1506
Debug session time: Mon Aug 31 04:28:38.597 2009 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 6:07:30.066
BugCheck A, {50, 2, 1, fffff800022abd53}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for bthport.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for bthport.sys
Probably caused by : bthport.sys ( bthport+27b8c )
Built by: 6001.22389.amd64fre.vistasp1_ldr.090302-1506
Debug session time: Mon Aug 31 04:32:36.528 2009 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:03:19.200
BugCheck A, {50, 2, 1, fffff800022a8d53}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for bthport.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for bthport.sys
Probably caused by : bthport.sys ( bthport+27b8c )
Built by: 6001.22389.amd64fre.vistasp1_ldr.090302-1506
Debug session time: Mon Aug 31 04:56:04.821 2009 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:23:03.605
BugCheck A, {50, 2, 1, fffff800022acd53}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for bthport.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for bthport.sys
Probably caused by : bthport.sys ( bthport+27b8c )
Built by: 6001.22389.amd64fre.vistasp1_ldr.090302-1506
Debug session time: Mon Aug 31 06:11:58.175 2009 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 1:15:25.965
BugCheck A, {50, 2, 1, fffff80002273d53}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for bthport.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for bthport.sys
Probably caused by : bthport.sys ( bthport+27b8c )
Built by: 6001.22389.amd64fre.vistasp1_ldr.090302-1506
Debug session time: Mon Aug 31 22:14:48.590 2009 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:04:02.371
BugCheck A, {50, 2, 1, fffff800022aed53}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for bthport.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for bthport.sys
Probably caused by : bthport.sys ( bthport+27b8c )
Built by: 6001.22389.amd64fre.vistasp1_ldr.090302-1506
Debug session time: Mon Aug 31 22:32:13.533 2009 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:16:59.317
BugCheck A, {50, 2, 1, fffff8000226fd53}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for bthport.sys
*** ERROR: Module ... Read more
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I got a blue screen of death bsod bluetooth connect mouse does not after because of doctor spyware or whatever I had already deleted the virus anyway but I thought I should run a scan to be on the safe side but it caused a blue screen of death whenever the scan ended That doesn t matter though because I ve deleted the program what matters is that after the blue screen of death when I restarted my bluetooth mouse does not connect after bsod computer my bluetooth mouse no longer works I ve tried the remove and add device thing but even though it says it has successfully connected to the mouse the mouse still doesn t respond and the light is still flashing which indicates it is still waiting for a device to connect to it when I open the device and printers page the mouse is greyed out and bluetooth mouse does not connect after bsod the hardware section is empty which tells me that the mouse is not connected to the laptop at all At the current moment the mouse has fresh batteries so it is not a problem of power My mouse is Rapoo M it may be because I suck at using google but the only thing I can find about this mouse is where to buy another one so I don t know about its drivers but it was working before the bsod so I ve tried using system restore but it still doesn t help nbsp

A:bluetooth mouse does not connect after bsod

All of this bit is prelude to my suggestion: as in most cases of uninstalling a device, you will want to make sure that you have the drivers available for reinstall. Even still, as you already inferred, Windows should already have those drivers in its library. Just to be safe, though, I would try some more searches. I looked at the website and didn't see any mention of your particular model, but I did see where they had a support page replete with a phone number, E-Mail address, and physical address. You could give one of those a try.

Anyway, when it comes to uninstalling/re-installing the mouse, there are many varied ways that people will go about this, so forgive me if I re-hash any information for you. It has been my experience that, in order to ensure the most complete removal of a device, it's best to first use the Device Manager to run the uninstall process on the aberrant device. Upon successful completion of its removal, shut down the computer. While the computer is shut down, physically remove the device from the computer. (At this point, if you're not familiar with minimally navigating Windows without a mouse, you may want to go get that old corded mouse from the bottom of your parts box). Power up the computer and let it load windows without your bluetooth mouse connected. Let it finish all of its gyrations, loading software, etc. before beginning the process of re-installing the bluetooth mouse.

Again I would highly recommend having replacement drivers available prior to beginning this process. Not only may Windows be unable to locate the proper drivers after the uninstall, but they could well be corrupted and need replacing anyway. In which case, you would want to run the manufacturer's install process to overwrite them.

Hopefully that will help out.
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Hey eveyone. I have a Microsoft MX5000 bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo. Will this work with a KVM switch to controll another computer? I have never used one a wireless/bluetooth mouse keyboard before. Thanks.

A:KVM Switch and Bluetooth Mouse Keyboard


as its blue tooth connection i would have thought that the PC would load drivers to use it, the KVM switch wont be able to load the drivers needed and as such i would think it wouldnt work.

I may be wrong though...
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Im using the Rapoo 6000 bluetooth mouse , and it worked well with my sony vaio . But , after updating to windows 8.1 my mouse did not work , the mouse could not connect to my laptop and it said some driver error problem . i dont know what to do as i tried
to install the previous bluetooth driver but it wont work . 

A:Bluetooth mouse driver error

According to your description, this is a Rapoo 6000 mouse driver problem. It is probably not compatible with Windows 8.1, you can try to reinstall it for test.
If problem persists, I would like to suggest you  contact Rapoo for further assistance.Roger Lu
TechNet Community Support
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Thinkpad X s most recent model RC Mouse Bluetooth working 5000 not x installed The Microsoft BT Mouse connects but does not move It previously worked under Vista My Blackberry does connect and work via Bluetooth but there are two Bluetooth Peripheral Devices under other devices that are Bluetooth Mouse 5000 not working not found In device manager under Bluetooth radio is two drivers Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate When I move the mouse the Bluetooth Icon and bubble comes active quot A Bluetooth Device is trying to connect quot and asks me for the connection code there is none and it was already connected -- since there is no code I try to pass it up but it wants a code At any rate I'm not certain why the Bluetooth Mouse does not move Any ideas Also what can I do about the two Bluetooth Peripheral device drivers that are not found The same thing happened under Vista and did not seem to affect anything TIA

A:Bluetooth Mouse 5000 not working

I have this same mouse and saw the same thing. I looked up pairing for this mouse, and realized I was not putting the mouse in pairing mode correct. Once I did this it worked fine.

To pair the mouse, push and hold down the button on bottom of mouse, until light flashes green then red (I think those are the colors), once you do that go into the add new bluetooth device and add it. Once it pairs the lights will stop blinking, and mouse will start to work.

My new problem, which I am trying to resolve is that after the mouse has sat for awhile, and screen saver is on, when I go to move the mouse it doesn't work any longer, yet it is showing connected.

Restarting the computer will fix the problem.