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Can't get Bluetooth Headphones to work with Media Center

Q: Can't get Bluetooth Headphones to work with Media Center

I have tried many times to get my Bluetooth Headphones to work with Windows Media Center without any luck. I use Media Center to watch Cable TV through a Cable Card Receiver box. The BT headphones pair and is listed in Devices and Printers. I can see it in playback devices and click test. The bar indicated that there is sound going to the headphones, but I don't hear anything. I even had a guy from The Geek Squad give me some help, but had the same results. Are we doing something wrong or does this in fact not work with Media Center?

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Preferred Solution: Can't get Bluetooth Headphones to work with Media Center

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't get Bluetooth Headphones to work with Media Center

Do you get any audio through the Bluetooth headphones, or is it just TV through the media center?.

There is another recent post from a user that is trying to use some Bluetooth speakers and having problems getting audio to them, although all the other PC audio functions work OK (including speakers and headphones connected directly to the PC).
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I bought a set of Bluetooth headphones in order to use Microsoft's Speech Recognition program on my Dell notebook computer. I bought the BH M20 Bluetooth headphones. But, I can't seem to get them to work. When I turn the headphones on, it seems that my computer can't "find" them. (The red-blue lights flash and then the blue light flashes, but when I click on the speaker icon in the system tray, the headphones aren't there. I went on line and found an add for the headphones that talks about how the headphones "work beautifully with all cell phones, but doesn't say anything about working with computers. So, I am wondering if the headphones work only with cell phones. I would think that being Bluetooth, the headphones would work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Thanks in advance with any and all comments regarding this issue.

A:Bluetooth Headphones Work Only With Cell Phones?

Is your notebook Bluetooth compatible out the box?
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In May, I bought a pair of bluetooth headphones (Photive BTH3) and a USB bluetooth wireless adapter (SoundBot SB340) for my work PC.
Last week, my computer got a bug, and IT reformatted the computer.
Now my headphones are not pairing with the computer properly.
I used the CD that came with the USB adapter, and it seems to work, but when I pair the headphones with the computer, the drivers start to install, and I get this error:

I got this right before it, and thought it was all going well

I can not pair my headphones with the computer, and get this pop-up:

Can anybody help me out? I've tried the drivers on the SoundBot website, and they give me the same driver error.
No music at work is a real bummer!!!

A:Bluetooth headphones and USB adapter are not pairing properly. NO AUDIO AT WORK

Isn't that the province of your work IT personnel?
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After searching through many pages of headphone problems I did not come up with this one.

I purchased my first computer headphones today.
The microphone works fine.

The headphones work when I play a CD track I have stored in Media Player, but not when I switch to using a radio station in Media Player. Only the speakers work then.

On the internet the headphones will work on sites which have music through mid files but not from sites which have a wma through real player. The headphones do not work with real player in any conditions.

When in Yahoo chat, I was heard. My speakers work but not the headphones.

Can anyone suggest any settings to change to get the headphones to be accepted by all medias? I did remove the mute from line1 and rebooted.

Thank you for any advice.

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Hey all,

I'm new to vista and i'm just wondering...just media center require media player to work? If not is it possible to remove wmp11? On that note, is it also possible to remove IE7? As I am a devoted Firefox user

A:Does Media Center need Media Player to work?

You do not need media player to use media centre as they are two slightly different applications, you do not have to use either and can in fact download any other player or only use media centre. You can remove wmp11 but once again you can just disable it.

You do not have to remove IE7, set Firefox as your default browser and forget about it.
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I have a computer from a fellow co-worker It is a Dell XPS running Windows XP Media Center The guys wife bought installed and run System Mechanic from a big box store Now the USB ports do not work There are not any PS ports for the old style mouse or keyboard That being said there is no use of the mouse or keyboard When you go into the BIOS settings or system setup the keyboard works When the OS loads it does not Work Media Not XP Center Do USB's When you plug a mouse or keyboard into a USB port it does recognize it and attempts to install the drivers but then gives and error message and informs you that the device may be inoperable I have gone into the system settings and made sure the USB controller was turned on and all the USB's are enable I have taken the hdd out and removed all of the System Mechanic System Shield and Iolo files from the drive I have attempted to boot from that hdd on another computer using a dock but it gives a BSOD and restarts I was kind of leery of doing XP Media Center USB's Do Not Work that any ways I can only assume that the software she used give her the option to update all of the drivers on the system and has in turn created a conflict with the usb drivers At any rate I have reached the point where I am unsure what to do next Any help in getting this computer back in action would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:XP Media Center USB's Do Not Work

What has worked for me on a couple of occasions is 'refreshing' the USB stack which basically involved removing everything under USB in Device Manager and rebooting to allow them to be re-installed.
I was wary of this the first time but only had issues with this once -  and it turned out that the MB was faulty and needed replacing.
I don't recollect if I had to delete drivers - but at least on 2 occasions it was installing updated drivers that caused the problem.
Steve O.
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I have Vista Ultimate 64x bit. And i recently just found out why my files weren't play in it. ( because i didn't have 64x bit codecs). That fixed that problem. I was hoping it would fix the problem i was having with the internet TV beta program, but it didn't. When ever I play files, i get a black screen and nothing plays. I then goto the now playing option, and it says unable to play clip. The MSNBC TV thing works, but not the Internet TV program. I am not sure what the problem is. But i do have codecs installed.

-Thank you, all help is apprecaited!

A:Media Center Internet TV and Nat geo TV won't work.

The error message sometimes says, "The video requested is not available."
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ok i`v had this computer about 2 weeks... if i clcik on a video file, or any other kinda file 4 that matter media play just wont load... and media center crashes 2... i dont get ant error numbers or anythin like that. does any1 hav any ideas of things i can try? OS is vista home pre. thanks xxxx
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I have a media center. i used to use Roxio for my CD and DVD burning and editing. Now that i have a Media center, the software will not work when i try to burn a CD. Anyone have any helpful hints? Me at; [email protected]

A:Roxio 6 won't work on Win XP Media center Help!!

i was going to suggest upgrading to a later version,but checking the roxio forum they are having problems with version 7.5 and media centre 2005
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I couldn't figure out where else to put this question so forgive me if it should be in a different forum...
I am wondering where the remote for the Media Center O.S. comes from. The Media Center O.S. is available by itself for purchase OEM even though its supposed to only be available with a PC. Is it the remote that would come with the capture card such as the "All In Wonder"? Or does the O.S. itself come with a remote and a device to process the remote commands like a USB thing?

A:How does Media Center Remote Work?

Well I found out that it's the capture card that comes with the remote and the software that comes with the capture card-TV tuner etc, that makes the remote function. ATI's TV Wonder Elite for example, will work with XP Home or Media Center...
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My computer has a virus. I had it restored to factory condition. Now the media center/CD/ and speakers wonít work. The prompt says missing card or isnít compatible with program. It was there prior to the clean-up. I tried to reinsert the systems discs. It runs for a few minutes then stops. When I try to enter the volume settings it wonít let me adjust any function. The mute isnít checked.
What can I do to activate the program?

A:Dell media center/cd/speaker won't work

Did you check on the audio driver?
When you said you reset it to factory new, did you reinstall Windows, or use a restore partition?

Go here to get drivers

If you use a Dell branded xp cd (if thats what the product tag is on the computer) it wont need to be activated.
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I have Windows Media Center, and before my computer was reformatted, I had a remote that worked for my computer and Media Center, but now it isn't working. Not really sure how to get it to work. My infrared box picks up the signal, but it won't do anything on the computer.
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Mouse doesn't work in Media Center. It seems to be there, but invisible. As you roll over items they highlight, but no click response.

A:Mouse doesn't work in Media Center

Go to mouse properties and turn off "trails" This worked for me. I hope it helps.
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Hi hopefully someone can help me this is really annoying Everytime I click quot My Computer quot it keeps quot searching for items quot and after about minutes will either come up or freeze If I click the drop down on the address bar it freezes also It does it everytime I have no problem going to any other folders Windows installer also was Computer Media My work searching, Center keeps won't giving me the error message quot Windows Installer service could not be accessed quot when installing or uninstalling but I ve re-installed that following a tutorial I found and it seems to My Computer keeps searching, Media Center won't work work now I ve searched and read about this type problem and have already tried everything i found including disabling quot automatically search for networks and folders quot in the folder My Computer keeps searching, Media Center won't work options and disabling Windows Image Acquisition service Neither worked Along with that my Windows Media Center will take just as My Computer keeps searching, Media Center won't work long to load then freezes and shuts itself down My Window Washer program also will just freeze on opening My Internet IE works just fine Media Player works fine also All of the problems started at the same time I was also getting a message from my ATI Control Center saying it could not access the graphics or something like that because I wasn t the Administrator However I am the Administrator and there are no other user accounts on my computer I also changed my graphics card from ATI to NVidia years ago so I uninstalled ATI and re-installed NVidia drivers to see if that would help Nope I ve run anti-virus ad aware and spybot No problems found I would do a Windows repair to see if that works but my computer did not come with an installation CD It was all pre-installed I did make boot disks for it Hi-jack This log will follow below Thanks for any help you can give Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack HP Computer GB Ram Intel Pentium D Ghz GeForce GT graphics card Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software bin btwdins exe C Program Files Common Files Logitech Bluetooth LBTSERV EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files AOL ACS AOLAcsd exe C Program Files Common Files AOL TopSpeed aoltsmon exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C WINDOWS system CTsvcCDA exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager Iaantmon exe C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Program Files Logitech Easy Synchronization servicestub exe C Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVMVFM LVPrcSrv exe C Program Files Logitech Easy Synchronization LogitechEasySync exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsx exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X HPZIPM EXE C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Webroot Washer WasherSvc exe C Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager Iaanotif exe C Program Files Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi DVDAudio CTDVDDET EXE C Program Files Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Volume Panel VolPanel exe C Program Files Creative Shared Files Module Loader DLLML exe C WINDOWS system CTHELPER EXE C WINDOWS system CTXFIHLP EXE C WINDOWS SYSTEM CTXFISPI EXE C Program Files HP DigitalMedia Archive DMAScheduler exe C Program Files Intel IntelDH Intel R Quick Resume Technology ELService exe C Program Files Logitech Easy Synchronization LogitechEasySync exe C Program Files Logitech SetPoint LBTWiz exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files Common Files AOL ee AO... Read more
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Hello,i got this media center pc,and i want to upgrade the pentium 4 processor to a dual core pentium E2140.i did that but now when i turn on the pc it is blowing very hard and giving no signal.does anyone know what the problem is?is the motherboard compatible with the processor?the processor is socket 775 like the pentium 4.resetting cmos does not work. Thanks.
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Can anyone help me with this:

I installed media center 2005 rollup 2 for XP, but every time I run it, Media Center works for like 10 seconds and then it freezes.
I am still able to use anything else at this time.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I am using Windows Ultimate x nbsp This is a retail copy nbsp I had previously set up Windows Media Xbox Center get Media 360 Extender to work Can't Center and successfully set up my Xbox as a Media Center Extender After a long hiatus of using Windows Media Center I went to watch a Can't get Xbox 360 Media Center Extender to work movie in my media library through my Xbox nbsp It would Can't get Xbox 360 Media Center Extender to work appear to initially connect and then show the Windows Media Center loading screen and say quot Contacting quot nbsp After about seconds it would display an error asking me to make sure my Windows Media Center PC is turned on it is nbsp I ran the Windows Media Center network test in the Xbox and it tested fine I attempted to delete the Media Can't get Xbox 360 Media Center Extender to work Center Extender in WMC and set it up again but it always fails with an error quot An error was encountered while configuring your computer for use with this Extender quot at the part where it says quot Configuring your Extender quot I looked in the Event Viewer under the Media Center section and found event ID Log Name nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Media Center Source nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Microsoft-Windows-Media Center Extender Date nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp PM Event ID nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Task Category Configuration Level nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Error Keywords nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp User nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp WILL swsander Computer nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp WILL Description Media Center Extender Setup failed to create the PnP device with ID uuid - - - - AC E F timed out after ms Error Element not found Event Xml lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt nbsp lt System gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-Media Center Extender quot Guid quot B A - - -BB A- B D quot gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt EventID gt lt EventID gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Version gt lt Version gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Level gt lt Level gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Task gt lt Task gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Correlation gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Channel gt Media Center lt Channel gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Computer gt WILL lt Computer gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Security UserID quot S- - - - - - - quot gt nbsp lt System gt nbsp lt EventData gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Data Name quot ID quot gt uuid - - - - AC E F lt Data gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Data Name quot Timeout quot gt lt Data gt nbsp nbsp nbsp lt Data Name quot Error quot gt - lt Data gt nbsp lt EventData gt lt Event gt I also tried turning off the Windows firewall on the Windows Media Center PC but this had no effect on the outcome nbsp I also tried deleting the Microsoft Windows Media Center Extender Host certificate and restarting the Network List Service but these steps to did nothing to fix the issue I am using the same computer with the same NIC with the same Ethernet cable with the same SOHO router Linksys WRT GL with the same Xbox nbsp Any advice would be welcome at this point
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Ok So a few months ago I stared a thread trying to figure out why I couldn't get my to software Extenders fingerprint Center don't Media with work function as a media center extender and needless to say no one could figure it out Well my friend and I both have the same setup Media Center Extenders don't work with fingerprint software HP dv t and Neither of us could figure out why we couldn't get our s to work Here's where it gets weird last night I was browsing around the Microsoft site for the billionth time and came across this Error message when you connect a Windows Media Center Extender device to a computer that is running Windows Vista Media Center quot Extender did not connect quot Turns out our fingerprint readers are the culprits Sure enough uninstalled the fingerprint reader and it worked So my question is can anyone even fathom why this would Media Center Extenders don't work with fingerprint software be happening Because I would love to use both my fingerprint reader and my as an extender Thanks in advance

A:Media Center Extenders don't work with fingerprint software

I have the same issue on Windows 7 I think. I can set up the extender and then I cannot finally connect. I am on a HP Elite book with HP ProtectTools running the finger print reader - Did anyone ever find a solution

Originally Posted by Pbb321

Ok, So a few months ago I stared a thread trying to figure out why I couldn't get my 360 to function as a media center extender and needless to say, no one could figure it out. Well, my friend and I both have the same setup (HP dv6500t) and Neither of us could figure out why we couldn't get our 360s to work.

Here's where it gets weird, last night I was browsing around the Microsoft site for the billionth time and came across this...

Error message when you connect a Windows Media Center Extender device to a computer that is running Windows Vista Media Center: "Extender did not connect"

Turns out, our fingerprint readers are the culprits! Sure enough, uninstalled the fingerprint reader and it worked.

So, my question is, can anyone even fathom why this would be happening? Because I would love to use both my fingerprint reader and my 360 as an extender.

Thanks in advance!
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i m not sure ..i have Hp media center PC and for some reason i have lost everything from it ...and i formatted its hard drive ...i had 3 recovery dvd from this but unfortunately i cud load only one of them i tried another desktop's recovery dvd ..but i m not sure would it work in this PC too ...this one is from compaq ..if it works would it be genuine window XP again it possible for me to use it again if anytime there would be any trouble in my compaq desktop .....
thanks in advance

A:I have tried compaq system recovery on HP media center ?? would it work ???

Sorry for the late reply -- but no, a Recovery disk can only be used on the computer it shipped with. The license key is tied to the hardware (often to the motherboard's Bios).

That could be the source of the trouble in your other thread, if it is the Compaq's disk you are trying to install into the Hp Media Center PC.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

[P.S. on your HP, there should be a sticker with your model # & a sticker with your XP license # on it: for most Hp PCs, you can order replacement Recovery CDs for a modest fee (I think the going rate is around $30 USD). The Recovery Disk would come complete with the Windows XP operating system, and all the bundled software.]
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I'm considering running Virtual Machine 2007 on my laptop which is running XP media center. I know that XP Media Center is close to XP Professional, but I don't know if it has the ability to run Virtual Machine 2007. Does anyone know?


A:Does Virtual PC 2007 work under Windows Media Center XP

Media Center is not listed as a supported host operating system. I wouldn't say it's close to XP Pro. It's different.
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Hi to everyone who reads this.

I can start Windows Media Center up, but when I choose to show my Pictures or something else, Windows Media Center suddenly stops working and the program closes. No direct error messages shown.

Afterwards my HP Machine looks for a solution, but the only option revealed here is to do an update, but my PC is fully updated.

Is it possible to do a complete reinstall of Windows Media Center, without doing a complete PC reinstall?

Or does somebody have a better alternative?

Best regards Carlo

A:Windows Media Center doesn't work anymore...

I am not sure if there is a way to reinstall just media center, But you could try to do a system restore or a repair install of vista.
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I desparately need some VERY SPECIFIC help This may be a NEW problem for most BUT as MORE computer are being sold with HD screens and added-on or built-in TV Tuners you will see to MCE Windows Media ATT top Center Kit Configuring Cisco with work with set Cable this and similar more and more often FIRST OFF I KNOW ALREADY how WMC works or is supposed to and have Configuring Windows Media Center with MCE Kit to work with Cisco ATT Cable set top set it up for use with a cable box before many times so PLEASE do not send me all the links for quot How to quot articles - they do NOT apply This is a very isolated and specific problem THe details are as follows I am trying to set up my WMC on my HP Envy laptop to enable me to watch cable TV on my laptop and control the channels OS is Win x SP This is done by the use of my add-on USB TV Tuner made by Hauppauge model HVR- Q Normally this isn't a problem I used it with Comcast cable for quite some time been there done that HOWEVER I just recently changed ISPs and Cable provider to ATT amp Uverse BE WARNED Uverse amp ATT Tech Support makes HP Tech Support look good Nuff said The WMC can set up the TV signal either automatically if it knows or recognizes the make model of the set top box Most often this is done manually In order to control the set top cable box your computer has to be able to quot see quot and read IR codes sent out my almost all remotes there are a VERY few RF and sonic ones left out there but this ATT one is regular IR It also has to be able to SEND IR commands to the set top box just like the hand held remote This is done by using the MCE Kit which consist of an IR Sensor and a IR Transmitter called a IR blaster This device is plugged into the USB port Windows already has the drivers for it so it's basically plug amp play Well my Uverse comes with a set top box made by Cisco Brand new but has a remote and works just like any other and looks like most look with the same buttons etc The Cisco box is also a wireless receiver and a DVR but I don't think that really impacks this problem When you manually set up WMC for the TV and control of the set top it has to quot learn quot the IR codes from the ATT remote Normally these remotes use one standard set of codes or another so if WMC can figure out which set it uses you are done home free IF NOT as is the case here then it has to LEARN the needed codes one by one by pressing specific buttons on the ATT mode so that the MCE Kit sensor can quot see quot and learn them It's exactly like any universal quot learning quot remote The process is the software ask you to press a button and then to hold it and then to release Once a button is learned it asks for the next and so on Only problem is that for reasons unknown and totally non-sequitor WMC can NOT learn the IR codes from the ATT remote I tried everything Holding it close far away at an angle in contact etc but I never get past quot press hold release quot Clearly it sees a code and reacts to it but WMC never quot learns quot or records or saves it or whatever Stuck on ZERO literally LOL oh that hurt The Cisco ATT set top box is a model IPN if that mneans anything to anybody HAS ANYONE OUT THERE GOT THIS COMBINATION OF HARDWARE TO WORK Anyone ever hear of this problem before Has anyone worked succesfully or not with this Cisco ATT set top box Please let me know I have checked and verified that all parts of the MCE Kit are working I have reset reloaded the software OS and my computer checks out ATT says their hardware is also showing green across the board I have talked until my voice gave out to ATT Tech Support Uverse TS Cisco and Hauppauge and NONE of them want to claim responsibility or even address the problem They a shout quot third party quot and run away Frustrating did find one fee based TS that wanted to just consider the problem but they offered no guaranty or warranty for their work but they would be happy to collect to play around with my system None of them that I t... Read more

A:Configuring Windows Media Center with MCE Kit to work with Cisco ATT Cable set top


I HAVE THIS EXACT PROBLEM. Im running windows 7, service pa ck 1, i have a media gate remote, with reciever and problem, and like you just recieved a Cisco CIS330 STB, also known as Scientific Atlanta CIS 330.

Either way i have not found a viable solution other than replacing some ir driver dll files and then writing the CCF files myself for Media Centers modified drivers to send to the IR blaster, but this is all way beyond my ability and knowledge with PCs. As well, i believe their remotes use toggle codes ( meaning it sends different frequency signal everytime u press the same button), therefore media center cannot learn the code. The only way to get around that is to do what i mentioned above, detailed on this helpful, but overly technical page here MCE Remote Replacement Driver FAQ

I have settled for just using two remotes, my STB one, and my PC one for media center.

If anyone else has any useful or easy suggestions around this problem, please let me know as well.
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Hello everyone So I just got the Xbox COD special edition I m checking out all my features on the Xbox There s an option to somehow connect your computer to your Xbox The requirement is to go through the Media Center Well first time starting up the Media Center Windows Edition Error open Center Attempting - Media to Media Center on my computer and I m not able to get the Media Center to open I receive an error right Windows Media Center Edition Error - Attempting to open Media Center on startup of the program It ends up generating a crash report and closes I ve take screenshots of the error The first screenshot is of the first error that comes up upon opening the Media Center The second screenshot is of another error I get when I choose to cancel instead of clicking ok on the first error I thought getting the most information to you guys would be the best I run Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version Service Pack Looking forward to your suggestions Thanks a lot nbsp

A:Windows Media Center Edition Error - Attempting to open Media Center
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the volume control on my media center remote and keyboard stopped working recently.
all other hot keys on the keyboard seem to work and same with the remote.

i tried reinstalling the drivers.

please help.

A:Solved: volume controls on my keyboard and media center remote dont work


start>control panel>adrministrative settings>services

enable HID Input
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The Media Center Solitaire PowerToy for Windows XP Media Center Edition enables you to play Solitaire on your Media Center PC from anywhere in the room using the remote control.

Note: We've taken great care to ensure that PowerToys operate as they should, but they are not part of Windows XP Media Center Edition and are not supported by Microsoft. For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about PowerToys. These PowerToys are for Windows XP Media Center Edition only.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

Windows XP Media Center Edition


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Compared with some I've read, my issue may seem trivial, but, whenever I use Windows Media Center to play music, and click to activate the Visualizations, a gray box attaches itself to the bottom of the screen, with the album title inside.

There is no visualization playing. I can see the albums when looking at the library, and everything else seems to work ok, but this is annoying.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:media center visualizations don't play in Media Center

Hi GraphicsGuy, An annoying issue is still an annoying issue. Have you tried turning the visualizations on in:Tasks>Settings>Music>Visualizations ?
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So I have bluetooth headphones on my Windows 10 pc machine. While not crazy about the distance it will let me travle complared to Wired base charged wireless head phones (if that makes sense), it is what it is, and they will do for now. I have a couple of questions about them.

1.Any software that will tell me how much battery life I have left in my headphones??

2.Any software that will work as a equalizer for them??


A:Bluetooth Headphones ??

What is the exact brand name and model of the headphones.
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Can anyone recommend a pair of Bluetooth headhones? Price isn't a concern, needs to be high quality sound, hopefully sturdy/comfortable.
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I want to buy a nice bluetooth headphone so I can listen to music wirelessly from my mobile phone. However, I don't want to spend too much money on this, I can only spend upto 30 bucks. Is there any nice headphone I can buy for 30 bucks?


A:Bluetooth Headphones

Here's a good example:
Blue Tooth Headset
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I have bluetooth headphones I used to use with my Pocket PC and don't remember ever having a problem I no longer use them with my Pocket PC but sometimes need to use them on my desktop PC now that I have Windows that supports wireless headphones I could never get them to work at all in XP Anyway even though they quot work quot I always need to fiddle 7? in use headphones How bluetooth you do Windows with the buttons for - minutes and turn How do you use bluetooth headphones in Windows 7? them on then off then on then off until they decide to eventually work Tonight so far I'm at - on off cycles and still nothing Obviously I have no idea how these things work and the manual is no help Does anyone know how to get them to connect the first time every time as was always the case in Windows CE It may actually just be that I don't know how to turn them on it's the kind of thing that uses buttons for functions press A for on hold A seconds for this hold A seconds for that press B for this hold B seconds for this press B seconds for that They are the motorola S headphones Hmmm could it be another computer with bluetooth fighting to connect with them I think the only other computer with bluetooth would be my cell phone though I'd have to check the laptops to be sure If this is any help if I point my mouse How do you use bluetooth headphones in Windows 7? to the speaker icon in the system tray is says Bluetooth Audio Renderer so the computer is recognizing the headphones but there's still no sound Could it be connecting in quot cell phone mode quot whatever it's called instead of quot high definition audio quot whatever it's called

A:How do you use bluetooth headphones in Windows 7?

Should I just throw out this worthless garbage and buy smartly designed bluetooth headphones that don't require you to study an endless list of button combinations for simple actions like on and off?

On the other hand they worked well with my Pocket PC, so either I don't remember the proper key combination for "on" or it's Windows 7 that has a problem using bluetooth headphones.
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I just recently picked up some Motorola DJ S805 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. They work perfectly with my Palm Treo phone, but i am having trouble with them on my PC.

I have been able to get them to connect just fine (everything shows up in My Bluetooth Places), but i never get any sound through them. I have checked the Audio Manager, and while they are connected it switches to Bluetooth Audio but there is still no sound.

Here are some links.
Bluetooth Connector:,en

Currently running Windows XP.

Thanks for your help
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Morning all The audio jack on my tablet has stopped working which doesn t bother me too much because I ve got some bluetooth headphones which I use to listen to my music on there However I ve got a huge flight coming up soon with my partner and there s loads of TV shows I have on it that we d ideally want to watch and listen to together If only my audio Multiple headphones bluetooth out worked I could just put a headphone splitter into it But I Multiple bluetooth headphones m trying to investigate whether you can get a bluetooth receiver like this http www amazon co uk JUSTOP-BTR -Bluetooth-Wireless-Universal dp B NDDEVQ So that receiver will pick up the audio then pass the audio into something like this http www amazon co uk Belkin-BKF s electronics amp ie UTF amp qid amp sr - Which I can then plug two sets of headphones into and bingo we can both watch and listen to the same thing on my tablet on the plane Would that work Or have I created a ludicrously complicated way of achieving this when a much simpler multi-bluetooth audio out system exists In a nutshell my question is this What s the easiest way get audio to two sets of headphones from one tablet if the audio out plug doesn t work nbsp

A:Multiple bluetooth headphones

I dont think your bluetooth audio adapter is able to drive 2 headphones at reasonable volume level. unless, you get a small headphone amplifier. but then you'll have 3 devices connected and I think it's not worth the hassle. the amplifier itself is cheap, look for something like fiio e3. I have it and it should cost less than 10 bucks.

a single alkaline AAA battery could last for about 10h on my heavy usage. but im not sure if the bluetooth adapter could do the same.

bluetooth adapter -> fiio e3 -> 2way splitter

actually this way, it wouldnt be too much of a hassle. the 3.5mm jack of the bluetooth can be plugged directly into the fiio e3 as well as the 2way splitter.
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tried the search for this and got many un-connected results so I thought I would just ask.
Does anyone know how to and what steps are necessary to connect and use bluetooth headphones to listen to music from a computer running WindowsXP SP2?
The head phones are Insignia NS/BTHDP
I have a BT dongle, and have gotten as far as getting the headphones to show up in My Bluetooh Places, and it will show as headset connected when clicking on "show services", but I cannot get any music over the phones.
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Hi all, I'm losing my mind here! A couple of days ago no sound was coming out through my TV speakers. My Bluetooth headphones which I use with a dongle was the only way I could hear sound. So in a stunning fit of stupidity I disabled the headphones and the sound came back through the speakers.

I thought I was pretty clever till I went to enable the headphones again and they didn't show up. They're nowhere to be found. I right-clicked the volume icon, right-clicked the blank space to show disabled and disconnected devices, and they're still not there. The dongle is working correctly because the bluetooth mouse/keyboard are fine. The dongle interface says the headphones are connected, and I even hear that hsssssssss sound when I connect them, but sound still only comes through TV speakers.

Please help!
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So I have wireless headphones and because the sound on my laptop is so low I would like to use them. Every time I search for them and attempt pair they never show up. Normal bluetooth speakers never show up either. Please help me figure out the problem. Thank U
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Ok, so after I connect my bluetooth headphones to the computer and start listening to music they cut out and stop working after about 10 or so seconds. Any ideas where i should go with this?

A:Bluetooth headphones cut out after about 10 secs

I had the same problem with the audio on my bluetooth dropping out after about 10 seconds. If you go into the device manager and right click on your bluetooth device and click properties. On the following box choose the power management tab at the top. Uncheck the box that has Windows runs power management. Click OK and you should be fine.
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I bought some inexpensive bluetooth headphones so I can listen to music on Spotify or Pandora while on my porch reading.  They worked fine.  I didn't use them for maybe a month, and saw they no longer showed up as a bluetooth device.  I reconnected them.  It indicates that the headphones are connected: computer to bluetooth to headphones, but didn't work.  I reset the headphones and tried again.  Still don't work.  I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a new set.  Re-installed the headphones.  Same thing: indicated they are properly connected, drivers are installed, etc.  Still don't work.  I'm lost.  Any ideas?
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Thank you for reading this,
I have a Sony NWZ-A838 mp3 player but my headphones (Sony DR-BT21G Bluetooth) broke.  My question is: do I have to buy the DR-BT21G's again or will any set of Bluetooth headphones hook up with my NWZ-A838 mp3 player?
If I can use other headphones do you have a recommendation for a good value set between £15 - £25 ($25 - $40)
I haven’t use the mp3 player for about 4 years, am I likely to need to update my firmware?
Please and thank you
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My Dell XPS 13 can't detect my Sony Bluetooth headphones - anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?
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A:I have paired my Bluetooth headphones but I cannot...

Are you sure you had the speaker in pairing mode, flashing two colors if they are all the same. How old is the speaker?
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Hi there, I'm having problems connecting to my bluetooth headphones.  My computer will pair with them and connect the first time no problem, but afterwards it won't recognize that it's available to Connect (it won't connect automatically and it won't show a "Connect" button).  The only way to get it to work is to Remove Device, adn re-pair it, which is very annoying. Any help would be appreciated! I've tried re-intalling the drivers with no luck, and checking for Windows updates but I'm all up to date. I have an Aspire TC-603 desktop. Thanks!
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Hi there, I'm having problems connecting to my bluetooth headphones.  My computer will pair with them and connect the first time no problem, but afterwards it won't recognize that it's available to Connect (it won't connect automatically and it won't show a "Connect" button).  The only way to get it to work is to Remove Device, adn re-pair it, which is very annoying. Any help would be appreciated! I've tried re-intalling the drivers with no luck, and checking for Windows updates but I'm all up to date. I have an Aspire TC-603 desktop. Thanks!
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I enjoy listening to Internet radio via my wireless headphones but I think I d like to switch to Bluetooth mainly because I want a smaller and lighter weight headset I ve been doing some research but before I make a purchase headphones dongles?? bluetooth ?? and -- I d like to be ?? -- bluetooth headphones and dongles?? sure I got this right Here s what I THINK I need to do I need a quot dongle quot that goes into my USB port I saw one called quot IOGear Enhanced Data Rate ?? -- bluetooth headphones and dongles?? Bluetooth USB Adapter quot that got fairly good ratings on Amazon quot I need a pair of Bluetooth headphones my pick Motorola S MOTOROKR Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Just follow the mfg instructions and set it all up HOWEVER -- does this work on every computer Mine is a new Dell Vostro desktop running Windows XP pro Does the computer itself have to be quot bluetooth ready quot or anything special ALSO while researching the topic I saw a lot of discussion about quot stacks quot but I couldn t figure out what they were talking about ?? -- bluetooth headphones and dongles?? Is that something else I have to buy Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated even if it s just a link to a good BASIC non-techie page that explains all this Barbara nbsp

A:?? -- bluetooth headphones and dongles??

You can use a USB BT dongle with virtually any XP or Vista computer. Just install the BT drivers from the disc that comes with the dongle, (may require a restart), then plug in the will be auto detected. You can then configure the settings for computer name, security, connections, types of services for the BT eg. A2DP for streaming audio, HID for BT mice, OBEX for file transfers etc etc.

Then you can pair your BT headset with the computer. You'll need to enter a passkey for authorization; if the manufacturer has preset one for the device, it will be mentioned in the documentation. Set the headphones to auto-connect for future sessions so you don't need to go through the authorization stage each time.

Please note that XP doesn't handle BT all that the last 3-4 years, I've tried numerous BT devices with XP, and all have given me some sort of issue or the other. The best luck I had was with a tiny Asus USB BT dongle and a Samsung BT headset....both worked nearly flawlessly. Vista is much better with regard to handling BT.

IMHO, BT is not a properly written/implemented protocol..never seems to work as it should with either computers, phones or headsets. Always needs some tweaking/fiddling to get it right. Or maybe I just have bad luck with BT

I hope your setup goes smoothly
Good luck
As for BT Stack
It is broadly analogous to a driver, or base software that controls the BT functions on the PC. For XP systems, the most common are the Microsoft and Toshiba BT stacks. IMHO, the MS stack is quite basic, but more reliable. The Toshiba stack supports more services by default, but can be temperamental. I may be wrong about this, and will gladly stand corrected. Anyway, install the software that came with your device.
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I have Bluetooth headphones that I have been using with my desktop Win7 machine successfully for about one year. Now all the sudden without my having changed anything, I get no sound out of them.

When I turn them on, Windows recognizes them and shows that they are connected, but when I play audio, the sound comes out of my desk speakers and not the headphones.

The headphones work correctly with my laptop.

Please advise how to troubleshoot. Thank you.

A:Bluetooth headphones: no sound

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel. In the Playback section there should be an incon for the headset and selecting that for the default playback device should give you headset sound.
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bluetooth headphones still skipping whilst watching youtube but the headphones dont skip if using mobile phone on the same wifi connection    also i am not very computer savvy    sorry
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Ref: Sony sony MDR-ZX770BN-Headphones

On my Computer (windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit, Under Manage Bluetooth Devices it shows that the MDR-ZX770BN headphones are Paired and Connected, but there is no sound.

When Headphone cable is connected to headphones, they work with sound.

What else can I do to get the Sony MDR-ZX770BN Bluetooth to work, with sound?

Thanks ... suite210
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I just bought a Thinkpad E560 with BT 4.0. Now I want to connect my Sony (MDR-XB650BT) Headphones. I can find the Headphones and pair them but when I want to select them as audio device in the audio manager I cannot activate them. I can choose "Activate" from the right-mouse-click-menu but nothing happens. I use Windows 10. The BT adaptor is installed several times but no change. It always says that the most recent driver is installed. Whe I download the Qualcomm driver from the lenovo website and want to install it, it says:The device may not be present or could have been ejected/unplugged from the system. Insert or reinsert Now.But the BT device is plugged in and there is the microsoft driver installed.I can't find any other option to get my Headphones work.Can anyone help me with that? Would be very happy if I could use them...Thx Campi

A:Cannot Connect Bluetooth Headphones E560

Just saw that now the BT adaptor doesn't find my headphones anymore
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Hi Guys,

Happy New Year!

As in the title my Bluetooth headphones pair with my laptop but no sound at all. I tested the headphones with the phone so I know they work. Any ideas?


PS Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section.

A:Headphones Bluetooth pairing but no sound

1. Turn on and pair your BT headphones

2. Go to : Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Under Playback > select the bluetooth headphones/device, right-click and set it as the Default Device.

3. Apply > OK

4. Test the audio output


I found this visual guide for you:
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1. Added Bose AE2 SoundLink successfully as a bluetooth device.2. Double click to open services window and turn audio on, but the window shows as below with no where to turn headphone audio on:3. How do i fix to make this window show correctly and get the headphones working via bluetooth?
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So I have had this issue randomly after not using the Bluetooth headphones Windows headphones 7 in issues Bluetooth for a while I could simply connect it the normal way and everything will connect and all that no issues at all When I try to work Bluetooth headphones issues in Windows 7 with my music program my sound has NO BASS The sound is clear other than that The thing about it is searching forums and the like have yielded instructions to disable the Hands Free Telephony in the services Bluetooth headphones issues in Windows 7 tab of the headphones properties When I attempt to do that Bluetooth headphones issues in Windows 7 I get a Bluetooth Service Error saying quot The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with quot Uninstalling and reinstalling the bluetooth driver as well as the headphones has not fixed the problem Neither has a restart The headphones work fine with any other device If possible I would not like to reinstall windows That would be a long and tedious process because I would have to find download and reinstall more than tb of data and I dont have time for that Assistance would be very much appreciated
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I have a windows 7 computer. I can connect to my headphones, but it only connects to the communication part of my headphones and not the stereo part, which is what plays audio. How do I fix this?
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Hi! When I turn on paired bluetooth audio headphones (Sony XB950BT) and later turn off them (disconnect) then mute/volume keys do not work anymore. Is it just me or is it a bug? (Windows 10 x64)
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I have a Z50-75 notebook with the following driver installed for my BT reciever:  When I have a Microsoft Designer Desktop and a Rapoo H6080 headset connected at the same time, the sound stream is cracking, which is annoying to say the least. How many BT connections can the Realtek reciever handle correctly? Or is interference the issue here? I'd imagine 2 input devices and a headset/headphone cannot produce that large a bandwidth (even with some packets colliding) to cause this much trouble.

A:Bluetooth headphones cracking when other BT device...

I am not sure that bluetooth connection can output to or be used by various devices at the same time.
Some bluetooth headphones have issues with chrome music playback as well, so that could be your issue too.
If chrome is not your issue, then I think the best thing is to buy the wireless KB/mouse that connect via USB dongles.
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I'm trying to connect my arctic p wireless bluetooth headphones to my bit windows laptop I have this bluetooth usb adapter Amazon com USB Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for HP Gateway eMachine Dell or ANY Laptop PC Running Windows SE ME XP Vista amp WINDOWS Computers amp Accessories which according to one amazon review works with my exact pair 7? Connecting windows headphones bluetooth to of headphones However when I put the headphones in pairing mode absolutely nothing happens on the windows side of things Any ideas suggestions help would be really appreciated Other details -the bluetooth usb adapter didn't come with a disc manual it was all alone -the first time I plugged it in windows installed some drivers Connecting bluetooth headphones to windows 7? but nothing that seemed to be related to audio -this program MotioninJoy Playstation Xbox Dualshock Sixaxis Game Driver which allows for wireless ps controller connectivity via bluetooth installed a driver and so I am able to use my controller wirelessly So I know the adapter isn't completely broken Thanks Connecting bluetooth headphones to windows 7? for your time

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If i have an audio jack plugged into my onboard sound card and i have my bluetooth headphones on will there be any conflict in the sound output? which one will play the sound? and will it matter if i use a sound card instead of the onboard ones?
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I'm trying get Rapoo Bluetooth headphones to work on Vista 64. They Bluetooth link OK, but Vista
can't find drivers. I contacted the Mfg, they say Vista should supply.....confused.

I checked, and noticed that I am still running SP1. Will installing SP2 help me out with Bluetooth support
or am I going in the wrong direction here??

A:Drivers for Rapoo Bluetooth Headphones

Yes, install SP2. Let us know if it helps.

After installing, there will be lots of updates to install.
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Recently I received a new set of wireless bluetooth headphones as a Father s day gift I have successfully paired the headphones to my smartphone and my laptop Acer Aspire running Windows I have no problems using the phones with the smartphone but the laptop is my problem The quot Control Panel quot under quot Sound quot shows the phones but they are designated as quot Disconnected quot Nothing I do can activate the device and no help from MS and their literature shows me nothing beyond what I ve already done Under quot Devices and Printers quot bluetooth headphones activate wireless the phones are shown as recognized but still they don t work activate bluetooth wireless headphones I don t know if I just have not found the correct toggle to turn on the phones or if it s something else I d hate to return the headphones since they were a gift from the quot kids quot but if these cannot be useful I have activate bluetooth wireless headphones no choice Please help OGL nbsp

A:activate bluetooth wireless headphones

Right click the Volume icon (in the Notification Area) - Playback devices. Are the headphones listed? If so, you can probably make them the default and, hopefully, that's all it will take.
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Does Win mobile 10 support bluetooth headphones? Does it respond to next/previous track, vol up/down?

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I am trying to connect my Plantronics BackBeat FIT bluetooth headphones to my laptop but my laptop can't find them. The drivers are all updated and the headphones connect to my phone. Really wanting this to work. Is there something I need to download or do I nead to upgrade something on my laptop?
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After upgrading to Windows 8, I can pair my Motorola S305 Headphones but they go offline and won't connect . Any assistance appreciated. Stephen

A:Motorola S305 Headphones (Bluetooth)

Change the default playback device to the S305 in Win8 perhaps?
Right click the volume in the system tray.
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I have a pair of Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones.  They paired successfully the first time, music worked, worked as a headset.
Rebooted the laptop for something, now they won't reconnect.  Deleted the pairing, repaired fine but won't reconnect.  Have tested this on another laptop and it works fine.
Currently running the WIDCOMM drivers on the dell support site.

A:XPS 13 (2015) - Bluetooth Headphones won't reconnect

Can you do a system restore and try pairing again. May be some backend services update have conflicted.
Did you try any other bluetooth device ?

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My bluetooth headphones (bluephonic) keep disconnecting. I've gone into the bluetooth settings and disabled the "shut off device to save power" setting and that doesn't help. They will play sounds for 5 or 10 minutes, and then disconnect every time. I have to go back into bluetooth devices to re-connect every time. This doesn't happen on my iPhone. All of my bluetooth drivers say they are up to date.  I'm on AC power, not battery. Windows 7X64. While on AC, I'm on high performance power mode. The bthserv service is running, the btwdins service is stopped. There aren't any other bluetooth services listed on the task manager.  Suggestions?
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Hi,Since upgraqding to Win 10 I'm not able to bluetooth to my PC.  It communicated with the headphones once and attempted to dwnld the drivers, but, the attempt failed to complete.  I found my cell phone was intercepting the effort and turned it off, but have not been able to pair or connect since.
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I am ready to scream Everything was working fine I was listening to a video with my bluetooth headphones when I noticed I couldn't operate the sound through my computer Controlling the volume was doing nothing but my headphones were working I clicked on the volume icon and saw that no matter how loud I turned it the volume remained my I it by headphones can't get back! disabled accident bluetooth & the same I had never had this problem before I noticed there was a bluetooth headset icon on top of the sound meter thing so I clicked on it I for some reason clicked quot disable quot thinking maybe it would let me control the sound through the computer like usual I disabled my bluetooth headphones by accident & can't get it back! but instead it disabled the sound from coming through my headphones Now I could control the volume again but it was only coming from my laptop speakers I tried turning my headset on and off about times I tried to find that little headset icon again but I couldln't find it I went to the devices section and found the headset thing clicked on it it said it was connected and working fine yet there was still no sound I uninstalled the headset and reinstalled it still the same issue I went to the Sound section under control panel under Playback but it's only showing my speakers I dont know what else to try i've been trying to fix this for the last hour and I can't figure out how to enable my headset again i've clicked on everything I could find related to my headphones and the sound of the computer itself and nothing is bringing me back to the headset icon so I can enable it again HELP

A:I disabled my bluetooth headphones by accident & can't get it back!

Hi and welcome to 7F. would be helpful if you complete your System Specs so it's easier to try and find a solution
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hey guys, so i got a pair of insignia headphones ns-bthds, i installed them a long time ago and they were in stereo.... then i reformatted my computer.. (tried ubuntu almost shot my foot off with nvidia card stuff and quit)... now im back to vista (and i love it... don't care what anyone says...) and i installed these headphones but they are in mono... not stereo! i tried just going into the properties of them through playback devices but there was no option... any ideas :)
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I use a bluetooth speaker Tendqa as well as a pair of wired headphones on my computer XP Until same headphones wired at speakers time? Bluetooth and yesterday I could get audio output on both simultaneously I know for sure because many times I forgot that the speakers were on and I Bluetooth speakers and wired headphones at same time? d start playing a game and the sounds were broadcast through the speakers and I didn t realize it right away because Bluetooth speakers and wired headphones at same time? I had the headset on Anyway as of this morning it s an either or thing with music played via Pandora or WMP I can get system sounds through the headset such as the audio demo through Realtek but no music while the bluetooth speakers are connected The only thing I can think that I did in the interim is install Adobe Acrobat Reader X But I restored my computer to yesterday s settings before the Reader install and it didn t solve the problem I even checked my windows registry to make sure none of the Reader X registry entries were there Nada Can anyone think of anything else I can try Barbara nbsp
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So i have a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones (Sony DR-BT22) and it won't stay connected to my computer. I used to turn it on and it would connect automatically i could listen to my music and everything was fine. Now my headphones won't connect automatically i have to go to my bluetooth click on the device and click connect for them to connect. Not only that but if i close the page that has the connect/disconnect options it will automatically disconnect and i have to reopen the device page and click connect again to get it to work. this is very frustrating and i'm hoping there is someone who knows how to deal with it. Thank you in advance

A:Bluetooth Headphones wont stay connected

I'm having the same problem. It's a little annoying to have to connect manually every time I switch the bluetooth earpiece on. Hope to find a solution to this matter soon.
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My Bluetooth headphones have suddenly stopped working. They were working fine this morning. The headphones are connected and I see it in devices + printers but I no longer see it in playback devices.

Any ideas?
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Hello all,

So I got a brand new pair of wireless headphones and tried connecting it with my computer which did not have a bluetooth card adapter so got one of those Bluetooth USB adapter by manufacture "Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd." I do not understanding what is going on because I cannot set my headphones as default playback device as it shows disconnected

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you
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I have a Lenovo laptop running Windows I have had many issues with bluetooth headphones but this one takes the cake It's slowly been acting up more and more where instead of connecting on it's own I would have to right click the sound icon click 'playback devices' and click the headphones icon to connect it But now it won't even let me do that I Unable my to headphones connect control & Bluetooth click on it to connect it and nothing happens I go under my bluetooth devices and right click on the icon and click 'control' it Unable to connect & control my Bluetooth headphones used to bring up the control panel where I could connect it to my computer that way But then it started not doing anything when I tried to open the device control panel I thought my headphones were broken So I ordered some new ones Just paired my new headphones and I'm STILL having the same problem when I try to get sound to come out of them I right click on the icon under 'playback devices' Unable to connect & control my Bluetooth headphones and it says it's disconnected but I can't connect them nothing happens In fact when I click 'connect' the square comes up in the middle of my screen saying 'Opening device control panel quot and then it does nothing from there That square stays on Unable to connect & control my Bluetooth headphones my screen for sometimes up to minutes no matter what tab I click on it's just sitting there doing nothing And it still says my headphones are disconnected Now I know the problem wasn't with my old headphones or my new ones Something in my computer is making it so I can't connect my headphones And yes I DO have the box checked to allow my computer to connect to bluetooth devices so it isn't that Anyone have any idea what could be happening here I hate that I bought another pair of headphones for almost and the problem wasn't even my headphones I don't want to have to buy a new computer just because of this But I need to get this to work Edit I just tried to connect my headphones to another laptop and they don't work on that one either So it isn't my laptop it isn't the headphones what could the problem be I'm ready to throw all my electronics out the window There are no other factors to eliminate argghh
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New HP d6v with Vista 64, new pair of Motorola S305 Bluetooth headphones with microphone.

After hours of struggle, over a week ago, I got them to work for one call on Skype. Since then, nothing - not with Skype or music, videos, nada.

I go into the bluetooth devices menus, the "device is working properly" and the sound check gives the appropriate beeps in each earpiece but nowhere else.

I have tried Windows Media Player, downloaded WinAmp, installed Media Player Classic, tried Nero, have struggled thru associating files... Nada...


A:No sound in Moto Bluetooth S305 headphones

have you tried to update the driver to the most current one?
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Hi I have an Ankovo bluetooth headset that I not with Bluetooth available for headphones playback laptop pair but am trying to connect to a Lenovo Thinkpad running a Win - bit OS I was able to pair them with the machine as a bluetooth device by doing the following - st attempt at pairing the device failed The device showed up with an exclamation mark Bluetooth headphones pair with laptop but not available for playback in the bluetooth devices window This seemed to be because windows did not find a driver for this device I installed the latest BT driver from lenovo's website This seemed to work so Bluetooth headphones pair with laptop but not available for playback far as recognizing the device driver software was concerned but the headphones still don't show up in the list of playback devices I've read several forums and tried doing several things most point to the following solution in that order Unistall microsoft's native USB drivers Generic Bluetooth Adapter from Device Manager Installing Lenovo's bluetooth drivers Pair my earphones However each time I try to uninstall Microsoft's driver and install the new one I get an error which says the installation detects an unauthorized driver and aborts Refreshing the Device Manger quot Scan for hardware changes quot seems to bring Microsoft's drivers right back Does anyone know how I can proceed
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 Hello, Windows 7 cannot locate drivers for all of my bluetooth headphones.Could it be caused by Windows Update not working correctly, or another problem? Thank you!!
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I have bluetooth headphones and each time I want to use them with my desktop I literally have to spend - minutes turning them on and then back off and then after tries or more it might end up working What's weird is that when I turn them on and they don't work if I Turning my is on a nightmare bluetooth real headphones point my sound icon in the systray it does say bluetooth audio instead of SPDIF but there's still no sound in the headphones The headphones also don't indicate they are connected with the status LEDs even though the computer says bluetooth audio What would be causing this As you can imagine it's extremely Turning on my bluetooth headphones is a real nightmare aggravating and I'm about to get rid of these if it continues BTW it's now been close to minutes I've been Turning on my bluetooth headphones is a real nightmare trying to get them to work this time with no luck so far this is insane If this helps I have another pair that works first time every time but they aren't as comfortable Update My other pair is doing the same now this is ridiculous I don't think I've ever had problems connecting them to my Windows Phone or Pocket PC Thanks

A:Turning on my bluetooth headphones is a real nightmare

After disconnecting my USB bluetooth adapter and plugging it back in the earphones worked the first time I turned them on, does this help?

This is absurd, it took me 1 hour to connect my headphones, I HATE wireless "technology".
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So memory leak Bluetooth headphones/audiodg.exe I recently purchased a pair of Bluetooth headphones and I was using them last night until for some reason they disconnected from the PC and couldn't get them to reconnect Within minutes Windows told me I was low on memory so I closed everything and launched Task Manager Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation was using almost GB of RAM and rising I have GB of RAM and I've NEVER used more than half that even with heavy graphic-intensive games I tried closing the process and Bluetooth headphones/audiodg.exe memory leak it just kept popping right back up at around GB of RAM and continuously eating up Bluetooth headphones/audiodg.exe memory leak memory I restarted and immediately checked Task Manager Same thing Eating up memory So I suddenly realized that there was a correlation between my malfunctioning Bluetooth connection and the audiodg acting up so I removed the headphones from the settings and almost immediately the RAM consumption dropped That scared the living crap out of me Bluetooth headphones/audiodg.exe memory leak So now that I know what happened and the cause of it what can I do to make sure that this issue doesn't happen again Is this a known problem with Bluetooth audio I searched Google and found a lot of results but most pertained to well Skype And these were from last year So you'd think that would have been patched by now right And it doesn't seem to relate to my problem either as the consensus among those affected was to restart Skype But I don't USE Skype hahaha So I'm a bit confused as to whether this is a freak occurrence or not
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A week ago I acquired a bluetooth headset Diver EF and was immediately able to set no headphones Bluetooth playing longer bass it up with my phone no problems I tried connecting it to my computer a few times with limited success Today it connected without issue and has been working great until I noticed that if I was on either discord or teamspeak no videos in my browser nor any sound from other programs would play through If I closed teamspeak and discord youtube would work like there was never an issue to begin with After tinkering with troubleshooters and quot Allow programs exclusive use over this device quot settings I managed to get youtube to play in the background while I chat on teamspeak and discord except now I'm not getting any bass lines I've tried undoing my changes but none have worked Everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT that I am no longer getting bass from the headphones To clarify when first connected there WAS bass but only one program worked at a time Now multiple programs WILL work but there is no bass I've already looked into going into quot Sound Device Manager quot and clicking quot Configure quot on the headphones but the configure button is grayed out and I can't click on it Some assistance would be much appreciated
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Just got a pair of artic bluetooth headphones and was able to pair it to my laptop running win 7.  It shows up in devices under devices and printers but is not showing up in devices in WMP12.  All that shows up there is my dvd drive, my display,
and speakers.  When I click on the speaker icon and select the audio device in the drop down menu all that is available is the realtec audio or default audio device. The headphones are not listed. Clicking on the default audio device still doesn't
get the headphones to work.  The headphones work fine with my tablet though.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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I'm trying to use my SB Bluetooth Headphones They pair just fine and show up in Devices and Printers They also connected: Headphones playback paired-not no Bluetooth show up in my Bluetooth Devices They however do not show up Bluetooth Headphones paired-not connected: no playback in Sound Playback All my drivers are up to date and the headphones' software is also up to date and installed If I double left click the headphones in Devices and Printers this screen shows up I can click connect under audio services and the button grays out as if it is working but after about a minute the button is back and the status is still quot disconnected quot I am using a bluetooth Bluetooth Headphones paired-not connected: no playback keyboard and mouse which work perfectly so I suspect the issue isn't with my bluetooth but something about the interaction between Windows and the headphones' software This same pair work perfectly when paired to my phone Samsung S and SO's phone Motorola Atrix Hd and our home desktop Windows Home Premium x I found a thread on seven forums for a similar issue and tried their solutions with no success At this point I'll try anything short of re-installing my OS Here are my specs if they help

A:Bluetooth Headphones paired-not connected: no playback

Go to the Sound Panel, Playback section. RIGHT click in an empty are and then check the boxes to show disconnected and disabled devices. See if the Bluetooth headset shows up.
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I have recently got some bluetooth headphones which are all working bluetooth on passthrough Line-In audio headphones fine and Line-In audio passthrough on bluetooth headphones will Line-In audio passthrough on bluetooth headphones play music from the PC The only problem is that I would like to be able to play my guitar through the computer and in order to do this I have to un-mute the line-in This is easy for my speakers that are connected to my SB Audigy as I just go to properties- gt Levels and unmute it The problem is that when I do this on my headphones the only level available is for volume and there is no way of un-muting the line-in I have read around and it seems that it is possible to add the level in by going to the registry and adding a key called EnableInputMonitor The only problem is I don't know where to put this key If anyone knows this or any other way of enable the audio passthrough I would be grateful Thanks p s This picture helps show the problem

A:Line-In audio passthrough on bluetooth headphones

Original post edited to include picture
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I have a surface pro 4, fully updated. I also have a pair of Revo bluetooth headphones. They also feature blutetooth calling capabilities (i.e. microphone).

I used to connect these without a problem. Recently something strange has been happening. Now when they connect on the headphones (i.e. stereo audio only) is recognized as an audio device.

Normally Windows recognizes headsets like this as two separate devices - headphones for audio and headsets for calling. I can confirm that device manager sees them both as functioning normally. But, as shown below, the headset portion is showing as disconnected. But there is no way to connect it.

I have uninstalled and deleted the device and re-paired it. Nothing works. Thoughts?

A:Bluetooth headphones connect but headset portion does not

I have the exact same problem with my Bluebuds X

I have tried to manually add a driver through windows driver update (you can choose a driver device from the list)
but i'm not sure which one is compatible and had no luck getting the headset portion to work...
Please let me know if you have found a solution!

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OKAY soooo, i got my some isignia bluetooth headphones... i love them, with my cellphone i can use my music and phone capabilities no problem... with my computer... im having an issue...

Okay with Vent,

now at first my computer couldnt really hear me... i turned the headphones themselves all the way up and then turned vent down on the mixer and that fixed that. So i basically just told you how i solved a problem... anyway... i can hear everyone through vent great... but when i talk.. it sounds like charlie brown... this is through the speex codec... when i use GSM it sounds GREAT! but... i cant use that codec for somereason... im assuming codecs are determined by the vent admin... so i tried all the combinations i could with "hardware input mixer" and it all sounds awful...

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I've been searching for the problem and trying out Bluetooth connect won't (Philips but Headphones Paired SHB9000) solutions but none have worked so far I registered here so I can ask for help anyway Months Bluetooth Headphones (Philips SHB9000) Paired but won't connect ago these headphones were fine They connected to Bluetooth Headphones (Philips SHB9000) Paired but won't connect the PC and songs were played flawlessly However as I tried it again today it didn't work I turned on the headphones then the blue light blinked quickly indicating that it's on but is not connected Then I tried to play a song on the PC But instead of playing that song it played a different song instead It turns out that it was connected to the iPod So I turned off the iPod's bluetooth and waited for the headphones to connect to the PC But it didn't work The headphones were already paired but it refused to connect When I right-click it there is no connect or any other options Only Properties and Troubleshooting were in bold letters I removed the device and tried to pair it again Bluetooth Headphones (Philips SHB9000) Paired but won't connect They did connect but then it stopped again Stating quot device driver not found quot But I checked the official website and it said it didn't need a driver On Devices and Printers a yellow triangle was displayed near the icon of the device Again I tried to google for a solution So I tried to update the drivers from Device Managers - gt Update Driver Software and manually install the driver - gt PORTS COM amp LTP - gt Microsoft Standard Serial over Bluetooth link The yellow triangle disappeared but it still DOESN'T WORK Frustrated I tried a to pair it with my phone But my phone was unable to discover it On my laptop and mobile phone it was undiscoverable I've rebooted numerous times and it still doesn't work I have absolutely no clue on what else to do help Also tried the Broadcomm driver update but it's unsupported I've read Bluetooth headset pairs but won't connect not avail as playback devic Didn't work Automatically connect to bluetooth headset nope - The screenshot of the OP is what I see There is no quot Listen to Music option quot Cant connect bluetooth headset to Windows laptop I've rebooted like this it still doesn't work

A:Bluetooth Headphones (Philips SHB9000) Paired but won't connect

Hello and welcome R34L mate some system specs would be good and the machine model number please.
System Info - See Your System Specs

Personally I do not like AVG as do many others here but I am not saying it is the problem just that it could have implications.

Now could you read my little ditty and send back the info in the pic - that refers to what your machine is using

Using HW Info
You can test the volts on the PSU with HW Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download < download the right bit version and close the right hand window select Sensors and scroll down to the power section where you will see what the volts are doing see my pic. In my pic the section (Nuvoton) with VBATT is a dead give away you are in the section for the rail voltages. There are other section titles and one that pops up often is ITE
Now the voltage on the different rails have to be within 5% =+/- of what is required or the machine will not work properly if at all.
See this for the rail voltage info,3061.html (Section 2.)
The original right hand window shows the machine running and is handy for that but for looking at the components in some detail close it and use the main left hand side panel
Open each small square with + in it on the section the components are in and then click on the individual component/s (it will highlight in blue) - in the right hand side will appear all sorts of details including brands speeds and other essential info that particular device. See pic for example.
In my pic open out where I have indicated and the motherboard what you are looking for is the exact details of the Blu tooth hardware - if any in the machine.
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My sx-907c bluetooth headphones have terrific sound quality and work with my iPod touch and my Android tablet and they pair successfully with my computer and show up in the playable devices. But the problem is they don't actually play any sound. Even though I select it as the default playback device and the sound settings indicate that there is indeed playback coming to the headphones I dont hear any sound on the otherside. This only happens with my laptop which runs Windows 8.1 pro with media center. My Desktop which runs windows 7 home premium 64 bit pairs up successfully and the playback is perfect. Is there a driver you could recommend to me specifically for these headphones to make it where windows 8 actually plays the audio on this device.

A:Bluetooth Stereo Headphones pair but dont play

There is no drivers for sx-907c bluetooth headphones.

Try the steps given in the link:
Troubleshoot problems with Bluetooth enabled devices

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I had my new Bose headphones working on my laptop last week and of course windows updated and now I lost music through my headphones. I still can pair the headphones to the laptop and they work fine with microphone function but I cannot get them to turn on the function to play music. I have searchede for previous drivers and tried to roll back but as soon as I pair device it installs new drivers that wont allow me to play music through my headphones. Tried two different headphones and neither will play music. $1200 laptop and wont play bluetooth music.
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This works for Roman S Bluetooth headphones but it should work for any kind as well try it Press Fn control key F and start Bluetooth ON In lower right corner next to volume control find Blootooth solution adequate drivers Generic Headphones if NO Bluetooth icon and double click on it Add a device and after finding your Bluetooth device click on it and install Right click on installed Bluetooth device icon and click properties Select hardware tab There should be a list of functions Unknown device Bluetooth AV Bluetooth Hands-free and Bluetooth Headset Click on all functions separately and select driver tab Update driver and select browse my computer for driver software Select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer Select Bluetooth Radios Bluetooth AV Bluetooth Hands-free Bluetooth Headset In lower right corner of the screen right click on volume control and select sounds Select playback tab click on Generic Bluetooth Headphones if NO adequate drivers solution Bluetooth Hands-free Audio speakers and set as default Your Blootooth speakers should work properly
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Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of acquiring some Bluetooth headphones to go with my speakers and I was wondering if it was possible to use the Bluetooth headphones simultaneously with wired speakers?


A:Windows 7: Using Bluetooth Headphones & Wired Speakers simultaneously?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and answer "it depends". Windows allows you to select the output device (I have 5 of them) but only one can be selected as default. However, I know that I have used media applications that ignore the Windows default device and will let you select the output device for that application. Thus, if you actually had multiple devices in use and started SOUND.exe you would see volume levels on the right for each device as sound is streaming.
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The Bluetooth headphones pair with my Inspiron 15R, connect, then disconnect after about 10 seconds. The headphones pair and work fine with my iPhone and DISH Hopper.

A:Photive PH-BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones 4.0 connectivity issue

I"m having this exact same issue with my Precision m6800. I can pair it with the laptop and install services, but it won't connect.
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I'm using Windows 7 RC, and I just bought LG HBS-250 stereo Bluetooth headset. And I'm using kensington bluetooth dongle with windows 7 basic driver. My bluetooth hasn't given me any problem with syncing to my BlackBerry.

Now I want to use my headset to listen to music through audio streaming from my PC. First of all, the headset works perfectly with my BlackBerry.

But when I try to listen to music from PC, the music constantly stops just like I'm listening to streaming music with bad connection. (Buffering)

Funny thing is, when the headset is connected to BOTH BlackBerry and PC, then the music from PC plays flawlessly.

What should I do to correct this problem? I don't want to keep my BlackBerry's bluetooth on just for this ..

Best Regards,

A:Bluetooth audio headphones problem - constant stopping

It was the BlackBerry Desktop manager who was causing the problem. It seems when BlackBerry is not connected to the PC and the Desktop manager is supposed to connect to BlackBerry through Bluetooth, the desktop manager constantly interfere Bluetooth.

Happy that the problem is solved!
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My dell XPS 15 9550 will work fine with a number of bluetooth speakers.
Now when I am try to connect it too my Sony mdr-xb950 bluetooth headphones it pairs, then says connected, then drops to "paired".
And then sound still comes out of the laptop speakers and not the headphones.
I look in the sound settings and the headphones are nowhere to be found.
I updated the bluetooth drivers and nothing has worked. I have been looking all over the internet for a solution.
PLease help!