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How to enable my laptop speakers and headphones at the same time

Q: How to enable my laptop speakers and headphones at the same time

Ok i am back again with a problem, actually not a problem. Do any one of u have any idea how to enable my laptop speakers and headphones at the same time. I mean both should make sound simultaneously.

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Preferred Solution: How to enable my laptop speakers and headphones at the same time

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to enable my laptop speakers and headphones at the same time

I don't believe it is possible. As far as I know, the sound card can only output one channel at a time. I don't know to much about the specifics of audio cards so I am assuming.
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I've been through some guides on internet and the problem is that my headphones are being detected as speakers even though I tick the square that stands for headphones (pop-up window then device is pluged-in).

What I wanna do is that I want to hear voice from speakers and headphones at the same time. I can't do that and if I want to switch from one device to another I need to unplug headphones (or plug in).

A:Can't enable both headphones and speakers at the same time

Mark them as separate playback devices. That's about all I can say based on what little info you have provided.
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Whenever i want to play music or watch a movie in a public place, ill put in some headphones. but right now, whenever i plug them in, i get sound from both my headphones and my laptop speakers. It used to switch automatically from speakers to headphones but it wont anymore.

I have Realtek HD Audio with Vista 64 bit.

Is there any way to get it back to the way it was?

A:Laptop speakers and Headphones at same time

Go to Control Panel - Sound - and explore all possible settings ("configure" and "properties").

I think the switch is a part of the connection, and something in the headphone jack is loose or broken, but it's worth looking for a setting. I didn't find any such setting on my Vista, but I have a different sound card.
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to play sounds using both the built in speaker and the headphones at the same time?

I am using an Acer aspire 4736Z with windows vista home basic.

A:How to play on laptop speakers and headphones at the same time

its impossible technically.

but some soundcard has the stupid ability to do it. for acer aspire series. i think mostly they use realtek HD audio as their onboard chip. dont think it could happen. u can try doing though

it happens to a hp laptop, when something wrong, i cant mute the internal speakers when using hdphone
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Hey i have a CMI 8738 PCI 6.1 sound card, and I also have a AC'97 onboard card (disabled at the moment).

Before i got my PCI card, I was able to use my AC'97 with a headset, (aud_out) a mic (mic_in) and a 2.1 sound system (aux_out). The beauty of this is that i can turn the speakers off (because they have a separate power source), and just use the headset when i need to be quiet. Or i can use the speakers when i'm listening and can be loud.

My mic port shorted out, so i got the new PCI sound card.

Now i'm wondering if I can do the same thing on the new sound card. I'm afraid to test it since I don't know the reason my old card shorted out.

I'm using Xear 3D sound with 3-D CMI Audio Controller.

A:Headphones and speakers at the same time?

ok im confused do u have the speaker system and the headphones plugged into the same port at the same time? are u using a splitter? go a little deeper in your explanation please
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I have a headphone jack on the front of my computer. Is there any way I can make it so that I can plug in something in the headphone jack and still have the speakers working?

The reason is I have two sets of speakers and I want to use them both (the second set behind me) and have like a quadratic speaker setup but I only have one speaker port.

I know I can use a Y-splitter on the speaker port but I don't have one and the stores are too far away so I don't feel like going right now. I was wondering if there was a setting on my computer that I could change to allow this.

A:Speakers AND Headphones At the Same Time

Nope, as soon as you plug into your headphone jack, it's going to disable your rear jacks. The only way I know of is using the "Y" cable you referred too.


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I recently bought a new headset and desktop. I just tried out the headset and found it to be amazing, but I was wondering how I could get sound to go through both the headset and speakers on my speakers system. The desktop is in Windows 10, and it's a Lenovo, and I can provide the system information if needed, as well as any other information. Thank you for your time and responses.
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I want to use both headphone and speaker at the same time. Like, the same audio comes from both of them. I want to use this so i can combine my speakers with the TV ( the one i use as monitor ) speakers to work as the 5.1 central speaker.
I googled it, and i only found results where the users wanted to get rid of that.


A:How do i use both headphones and speakers at the same time?

If you are using HDMI for the TV, you can only have one default audio playback device. Either the HDMI output or your "speakers" (PC sound card) which would allow you to use headphones.

This comes up frequently and I don't recall any posted way to get around this.
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I want to use my headphones for things such as firstperson shooters and my speakers for music. I'm using a Realtek AC97 Audio soundcard. It has Pink(microphone), Green(speaker), and Blue(I assume its for secondary audio output) colored ports in the back with nothing in the front. I've played around with the soundcard settings and the volume control in windows(just to make sure everything is unmuted and turned up all the way), but the blue port doesn't make any sound. Can anyone help me find out how to make this possible without buying a splitter for the working one?

A:How do I use speakers and headphones at the same time?

Onboard sound is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Im assuming you are talking about the onboard chip on your board and not a pci card.
Mic - Audio in- and a line out. Its been a while - I think thas close.
I remember I had a ac97 compliant integrated chip a while back.
I didnt have much of a prob with it besides the cpu cycles it ate.
I think you will need some form of pci card (turtle beach or soundblaster) or a soundsystem that offers a port for your headphones with a seperate volume control otherwise your headphones will be blaring the same decibel as your main speakers and be blown apart in a few hours if you do not have an inline volume control on your headset. most models of logitech or klipsich speakers offer headset ports in the main volume control module - however there are much much cheaper options out there then those.

Hope this helps
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i was wondering if there is a way to play headphones and speakers at the same time?

I just have a standard sound thingy that came with my computer

A:Playing headphones and speakers at the same time?

not realy unless you're prepared to modify the headset plug.

the plug on the computer has a switch that operates when the headphone jack
is inserted; it disconnects the speakers.
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My Laptop speakers and earphones are playing at the same time and I've been having this problem since yesterday. This has been giving me headaches just from pure rage because every single "solution" I found online doesn't work for me

I've been told to check playback devices and set headsets as default playback device but it doesn't even show the headset option

A:Headphones and speakers playing at the same time

Plus, I've reinstall my drivers and they are up to date!

and On the internet I've also found a thread where they told me to check the Analog Cog settings on realtek but there isn't even an option to do it. The analog device buttons are un-clickable.

Even in the advanced settings on realtek there's nothing but "recording device" settings.

Here's what's on my realtek
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I'm new to this forum, but I've been having a problem for a while now.

Whenever I unplug my headphones, my computer has absolutely no sound.

When I do plug in my headphones, the headphones AND speakers turn on.

The speakers are built into my monitor, plus they're playing with the headphones plugged in, so there definitely isn't anything wrong with them.

I've tried messing around with Realtek and just a simple restart/shut down, and nothing has happened.

A:Why are the speakers and headphones playing at the same time?

when you right clik on the speaker icon in system tray and select 'playback devices', which is set to default?
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Well, the title says it all. Using my RTM MSDN version that I got from work this mornin. Have all the latest updates. Not sure what to do.

I have my headphones plugged in but my speakers and headphones are playing my top wicked bad music.

Any ideas people? First time I have used Vista. Looked at all the usual suspects in control panel and volume controls etc.


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I think it was working fine yesterday but today both are working at the same time.. I've tried rebooting but the problem still happens.

A:Speakers and headphones play at the same time?

Hi there
This sometimed happens with Realtek HD sound cards when the sound card is integrated into the Mobo.

Download and re-install the driver AND HD audio application.

(even if your sound card is not a REALTEK one I'd still re-install the driver (from the MOBO driver set / sound card CD) AND THE APPLICATION -- most of the sound card driver software usually has an application as well (such as a mixer. graphic equalizer etc).

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Im doing recording and i want to know if its possible to have both slots (main speaker, and phones) working. i want to know if i can avoid buying a splicer.

A:DOes anyone know how to have speakers and headphones play at the same time
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I'm wondering if instead of buying a splitter, I can just have the headphone and speaker playing at the same time.

I have a stereo system that sounds better than the pc speakers, but the bass isn't as good as the pc speaker's subwoofer. All i want to do is be able to plug in the stereo system into the front headphone slot while having the pc speakers plugged into the back speaker slot and be able to play both at the same time.

What would be even better, but probably not possible, is if I could hook the pc speaker's subwoofer up to the stereo system but thats probably a lot of trouble..

Is there a way that I could make the 2 pc speakers and the 2 stereo system speakers be recognized by the computer as a 4 speaker system? again, probably impossible or too much trouble.

A:How can i play through headphones and speakers at the same time?

You plug the stereo system into the rear channel and the PC speakers to the front channel (or vice versa) - that's what i have set up and it works just fine.

You need to fiddle with your soundcard settings to get it to run in 4 speaker mode.
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When I plug in my headphones, my speakers just keep on playing(although the headphones also play the audio). The headphones won't show up under audio devices, and I've tried two different sets of headphones.

Does anyone know how to stop this? It was working fine yesterday....

I use Windows 7.


A:Headphones and speakers playing at the same time?

Hello OctoberOwl and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since everything was working fine yesterday I'd try using system restore to return my computer to a date/time prior to when the audio problem first started.

System Restore

If system restore doesn't help you might have to go into control panel > sounds to see what your default settings are. There are several previous forum threads that provide possible solutions. For example:

Speakers and headphones play at the same time?

Selecting headphones or speakers as default

And a couple of threads from the Microsoft Answers forum:

Headphones + Speakers at the same time - Microsoft Answers

Audio playback through headphones and speakers - Microsoft Answers
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right fellas bit of a problem here. today i joined a clan in call of duty: world at war for the first time and they said i need to get a headset. so i got my headset (mich extra) and plugged it in and realised that sound was coming out of my headphones AND the monitor mounted speakers!!!
If you guys could tell me what to do that would be much aprreciated
thanks simmo

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Hi I have got a windows 8 64 bit laptop and just the past couple of days iv had this problem when I plug my headphones in I am still hearing sound coming from my laptop speakers and from my headphones at the same time. At first I thought this was a problem with my headphones so I decided to try different ones but I still had the same problem ( and yes the headphones are fully plugged in). This is clearly a problem with my laptop and not my headphones. I have been to the control panel and tried changing settings with my sound but NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING!. I have also tried doing a system restore but that didn't help either . It would be much appreciated if anyone could help me solve this problem as it is really annoying!. Thanks in advance

A:Headphones and speakers playing at same time HELP!

What sound do you have? e.g. Realtek, Conexant, etc?

Realtek has an HD Control Panel and there is an option to mute the speakers when a headset is connected or as yours is doing not mute the speakers. I don't have anything except Realtek but I know some of the other sound hardware's have similar settings.

The Realtek is located in Control Panel/Hardware and Sound.
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Hi, i bought a laptop yesterday and today when i pluggin my headphones
speakers and headphones both will work at the same time.
What do i do i have reatek hd audio
please help

A:Headphones and Speakers will work at same!

This might help explain it. AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts
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I have a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS soundcard in a Dell XPS 5 with a headphone jack on the front of the box. I want to be able to run an FM signal (send my own music to FM stereos in my home) from a unit that needs to be provided the audio from a headphone jack.

Does anyone know if it is possible to run audio through my speakers and my headphone jack at the same time? Any ideas would be appreciated!!

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I plug both my Razer Carcharias and speakers into the back of my computer. I have Realtek HD Audio Manager. There is no individual control for each sound device. They share the same settings and play at the same time when I play sound. My first post on here Thanks for your time.
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The sound is being played through both my headset and my speakers, but when I go into the sound settings it says my headphones are disconnected.  I have seen other posts that have solutions and I have tried them and they dont work.
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My laptop plays audio on speakers and headphones at the same time and I get poor sound quality in the latter.
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I have a HP probook 4530s with win 7 Home premium 64 bit. Till yesterday i was able to hear sound only from my headphones but today when i started my system i was getting sound from both my headphones and speakers. I tried re installing my drivers and all but still the same issue. Kindly let me know any other solution for it.



A:Why are the speakers and headphones playing at the same time?

Check for a setting in the audio. Many, have an audio configuration panel and an option to mute the speakers when the headphone is connected or not.

I don't have IDT so I can't say exactly where that is at.

Another option, if it worked yesterday and not today, use the System Restore and restore the PC back to an available restore date when it did work correctly. (System restore will not delete any user data). System Restore can be accessed from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.
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So, my problem is that both the speakers and the headphones play in my HP laptop at the same time.

When I go into my playback devices I have three options:

1. ATI HDMI Output
2. Speakers and headphones (same device)
3. headphones

When my headphones are connected the third still shows them as unconnected but sound will play through both the speakers and the headphones.

I am wondering if there's any way that I can fix this so that I can have sound play out of just one or the other.

I have tried the following things:

-system restore
-updating my sound drivers

Thanks for any future help.

A:Headphones and speakers play at the same time

With no system specs specified we can't say exactly. But, in newer HD audio sound systems they autodetect when something is plugged in. If you have one of these devices it is either the driver or there is a hardware problem with the sound chip.
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I have a HP G62 series laptop with Realtek HD Audio Manager and an iSymphony NC1 Headphone with a male to male 3.5 mm cord connected to my audio output jack. The jack on my laptop is loose, but I can still hear sound coming from both sides of the headphones. The problem is that the internal speakers still play and the headphones don't show up on my devices menu or in the Realtek HD Audio Manager. Does someone know anything about how to fix this? Help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Headphones and speakers playing at the same time

It would appear from your description that you have a mechanical fault with the headphone jack. When you insert the plug into the socket there is a contact that is switched telling the system that something has been inserted into the socket - this signal is used to switch off the speakers.

As this is a laptop it is probably beyond most PC users to make a repair, although this is possible, I would suggest you contact your local PC repair outfit who will normally be able to replace the socket for a reasonable cost
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hi guy

I have just installed my windows 7 ultimate 32bit on my computer. Then i installed Realtek AC'97 Audio
sound drivers. I got my sound working and everthing but when any sound is played like music it plays through my headphones and speakrs at the same time

help guys

A:sound plays through speakers and headphones at the same time

Realtek AC97 is very old audio. What is the model of your PC or motherboard? Did you install a Vista/Windows 7 sound driver?
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I use a bluetooth speaker Tendqa as well as a pair of wired headphones on my computer XP Until same headphones wired at speakers time? Bluetooth and yesterday I could get audio output on both simultaneously I know for sure because many times I forgot that the speakers were on and I Bluetooth speakers and wired headphones at same time? d start playing a game and the sounds were broadcast through the speakers and I didn t realize it right away because Bluetooth speakers and wired headphones at same time? I had the headset on Anyway as of this morning it s an either or thing with music played via Pandora or WMP I can get system sounds through the headset such as the audio demo through Realtek but no music while the bluetooth speakers are connected The only thing I can think that I did in the interim is install Adobe Acrobat Reader X But I restored my computer to yesterday s settings before the Reader install and it didn t solve the problem I even checked my windows registry to make sure none of the Reader X registry entries were there Nada Can anyone think of anything else I can try Barbara nbsp
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I bought a new laptop, and when I plugged my headphones in, my laptop wasn't recognizing them. It was seeing them as a mic and sound just kept playing over the speaker.

I messed around and now I can plug headphones in and they are working but my speakers are now playing at the same time that my headphones are.

My headphones still aren't popping up in the devices part of my sound manager.

I've already updated my drivers as much as they can be. I have realtek HD audio manager.
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Hello I ll try to explain this as best as I can I have a Compaq w Workstation Laptop and I am trying to get the internal Laptop speakers and some external time for Headphones Speakers to work Internal BOTH same and Would at like speakers to work and both make sound at the same time I have a secondary monitor that has speakers and it s speakers connect through the headphone jack So I would like to use the secondary monitor s external speakers but I would also like the internal speakers in the laptop to work as well to kinda make some version of surround sound and just to generally boost the volume of my system Is there a hardware or software change that I can make to make this work I have a microphone Would like for BOTH Headphones and Internal Speakers to work at same time and headphone jack in the front of the laptop and in the back I have a green and blue jack Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need more information I quot d be more than happy to help in any way thank you -Neo Code nbsp

A:Would like for BOTH Headphones and Internal Speakers to work at same time

Is there a way to tell if this is the cause of the problem? I messed around with all of my audio options, tried upgrading the driver, I've hooked the external speakers into every port available, and i reinstalled the monitor software thinking that maybe they had an application for it. I don't know what else my options are, but I find it weird that there isn't some kind of work around or registry change that can be made. Thank you once again for any help,
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I have a HP Pavilion g Win nbsp Today the sound on my laptop Sound time, headphones same and speakers at uninstalled... from started playing from the speakers and headphones at the same time nbsp A quick google tells me Sound from speakers and headphones at same time, uninstalled... this is a known and stubborn problem for some HP users nbsp None of the advice worked for me so I tried the option of unisntalling and reinstalling the sound drivers nbsp Looking at the 'Sound' tab of the cotrol panel in Playback there was a device IDT High Definition Audio which said it wasn't working nbsp Looking at the control panel I had two options for which sound driver to uninstall- AMD HD Audio Device or IDT High Definition Audio Given the fact that IDT Audtio was apprently not working I chose to unisntall that one I unchecked the box saying to remove all drivers nbsp Apparently this was the wrong thing to do but the instructions made no mention of this nbsp I then searched for and downloaded the IDT High Def Audio driver restarted my computer and nbsp No sound and no way of reinstalling the driver In device manager if I scan for hardware changes nbsp it comes up with nothing If I try all the options to reinstall the sound driver and even specify the folder where I downloaded the IDT High Def driver it tells me my sound driver is already up to date nbsp In the Sound tab of the Control Panal in Playback I now only have one thing - Digital Display Audio - and that's with it showing disabled devices too nbsp Help nbsp Thanks

A:Sound from speakers and headphones at same time, uninstalled...

#HPExpertDayThis is  driver and setting conflict issue. Windows would have tried updating the drivers and someother program might be overiting it. You will have to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and software for Audio.
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In the Windows audio playback tab there's only quot speakers quot but sound is playing from both speakers and the headphones with headphones plugged at Sound both and time. playing speakers from same headphones into the right jack I checked the Realtek Control Panel and there was F K Sound playing from both speakers and headphones at same time. ALL for options there see attached There is an Intel R Display Audio in Device Manager alongside Realtek High Sound playing from both speakers and headphones at same time. Definition Audio So now I can't watch warm-up videos at school without blasting the sounds through my speakers as well I tried a System Restore to before the problem started but it didn't do anything The problem started around the time I ran an Advanced Systemcare scan which does the following tasks Spyware Removal Registry Fix Privacy Sweep Junk Files Clean Internet Boost Shortcuts Fix Registry Defrag System Optimization Security Defense Disk Scan Vulnerability Fix Windows Updates Disk Optimization Also when I move my laptop it shuts off for some reason so it could've interupted the scan or updates or something System Specs included inside attached DxDiag
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I've tried searching Google for a fix but I can't seem to find anything atm. I'm using the Realtek High Definition Audio driver.

A:Sound coming from headphones and speakers at the same time

Update your Realtek Audio Drivers -->

Go into Realtek Control Panel and check settings.

Regards. . .


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Hi, I am currently looking for a way to make my built in laptop speakers and my external speakers play at the same time.

Like most laptops if there is something plugged into the line out jack the internal speakers are disabled and the external speakers take priority.

Is there a program that could accomplish this or is what I'm asking terribly difficult to accomplish?

Something that may be significant is that my integrated audio chip set is not manufactured by Realtek (nor is any other part of my computer).


A:Enable Internal and External speakers at the Same Time

You could try something like Virtual Audio Cable. Theres a trial version available.
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Like the title says -Laptop speakers don't headphones work, do speakers Laptop suddenly stop working one day after I turn on my computer from sleep mode it s been about - months now and they re still not working -Of course I ve restarted shut down hibernated sleep d my computer many times since then -I can plug in headphones and external speakers and they work just fine -My audio driver is enabled up Laptop speakers don't work, headphones do to date and works fine obviously since I can use headphones -The speakers AREN T broken proof is that my computer has a little startup quot Republic of Gamers quot logo with an explosion sound and it plays just fine through the speakers -There was an incident about a few days before this happened ASUS laptops are known to do this where they short circuit and shut down if you accidentally touch a headphone plug into the USB port I m not sure if this contributed since my speakers worked fine afterward nbsp

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Hi I'm not sure if this is that right place to get help but,
I am having a problem with my sound on my laptop.

its a compaq presario R3000 running windows 7 really well and only works with ADI soundMAX integrated digital audio (SP29586) it took me awhile to get the driver working and now it plays sound but doesnt seem to have a jack detection so when I put my headphones in the jack it plays through both headphones and speakers.

just wanted to see if anyone could help me out with this...

A:Laptop speakers arn't muting when headphones are in

Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Does the driver you're using have its own control panel and settings?
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Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a sony vaio VGN-NW310f laptop with Windows 7. Up until 2 days ago everything was perfect, but suddenly I am getting no sound from the speakers. If I plug in headphones I get sound, but if I unplug headphones, nothing! Well, the computer acts like the sound is working, but I hear nothing.
Right now speaker properties shows I have "High Definition Audio Device" by Microsoft. I know that I had realtek speakers before, but in my attempt to "fix" my problem, I clicked "roll back driver" and somehow lost the realtek and now have the microsoft speakers. I guess it doesn't really matter which speakers I have as long as they work!
Any idea how to get sound again!?

A:Help! No sound from laptop speakers, headphones yes!

Use the System Restore and restore the PC back to a date when it did work correctly. System Restore can be accessed from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. System Restore will not delete any user data or e-mails. As noted select a restore date that is back when it did work correctly.
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THE QUESTION - How do I mute the laptop speakers while still getting sound out of my headphones So even if I pull my headphones out still no sound comes out of the speakers FOLLOW UP - As a laptop user you know that most of the time we work in quite areas such as libraries When you accidentally pull the headphones jack out your music blasts causing a lot of unnecessary disturbance TECHNICAL DETAILS Dell Inspiron Windows XP SigmaTel Audio C-Major IS IT POSSIBLE - YES It was for the past years until a few days a go I but NOT headphones MUTE laptop How to speakers, say this because I used to achieve this by checking the PC spk Mute checkbox under ADVANCED in How to MUTE laptop speakers, but NOT headphones the Volume Control panel I recently had to reinstall the SigmaTel driver and now when I check the PC spk Mute checkbox It mutes EVERYTHING including the headphones WHAT I VE TRIED - Rolling back SigmaTel driver not possible since the original was uninstalled - Installing the SigmaTel driver from the dell website - Installing the SigmaTel driver from the drivers CD - Searching the net Most results suggested checking the PC spk Mute checkbox but as mentioned earlier now it mutes my headphones as well Any suggestions are welcome and very much appreciated Thank you Zach PS I accidentally posted this in the Windows NT XP section so I apologize for reposting nbsp

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I will try to be as detailed (laptop) through not going Sound speakers. headphones as possible I am pretty experienced with drivers and sound settings but this problem has me stumped I have a Fangbook III made by Cyperpower PC I am unable to play sound via Sound going through headphones not speakers. (laptop) the on-board speakers for the laptop I am however able to play sound through the mm auxiliary jack input I have speakers set as default device under the playback settings This is where is gets strange Whenever I attempt to delete the Realtek audio driver whether it is through windows or a rd-party driver uninstallation software Realtek always comes back within a few seconds Right before it does come back under playback it separates speakers and headphones with both having the driver High Definition Audio Device If I hurry before the Realtek driver comes back the speakers seems to work But once the Realtek audio speakers comes back the default speakers and headphones goes away and I continue to have the same problem with the Realtek driver I attempted to reformat the computer with windows and erase all drivers but Realtek was already installed I assume it is required for this specific laptop Any ideas on how to direct the Reaktek High Definition Audio driver to use the speakers instead of the auxiliary jack Thanks for the help and let me know if there is any more information that you guys need Some more information I have attempted to disable the driver via device manager The problem with this is that the High Definition Audio Device driver doesn t take its place Here is what it looks like when I uninstall the Realtek driver and it works until Realtek is automatically reinstalled http I gyazo com c f b fb a efcf f a png http I gyazo com e ac e c a a b f f png It works fine using the speakers option in the first link under playback When Realtek gets reinstalled against my will it reverts to this http I gyazo com cb f b b fbe ed e f png http I gyazo com b de c fc fc e aab f d b b png Is there anyway I can just use the High Definition Audio Device drivers I attempted to look for Realtek under services msc but I could not find it As for the BIOS option there was no option in the BIOS for sound The chipset that I have installed came with the computer when I bought it Here are the mfg specs for audio if it helps http I gyazo com d ac fea f d ddfac png Once again thanks for the help I am stumped nbsp
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Ok i have a dell latitude c wont speakers My do work headphones (laptop) laptop When i go to device manager and check sound video and game controllers and press the sign the following things come down -AUDIO CODECS -AUDIO CODECS -INTEL R AC AUDIO CONTROLLER-SIGMATEL CODEC -LEGACY AUDIO DRIVERS -LEGACY VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE -MEDIA CONTROL DEVICES -VIDEO CODECS I did the basic things going to audio control and un-mute everything and put it on full and then checked my laptop for volume button there was none except for a keyboard command to adjust volume i set it to high There is nothing wrong with the sound card no yellow exlamation mark Speakers worked till weeks ago System restore is not a option Im working on a windows xp pro No driver Cd and not a funtional CD DRIVE on the laptp anyway The speakers seem to work when i enter system restore it makes a loud beep noise so im guessing the speakers are still working Any tips Fix and help will be appreciated IF I HAVE TO CHANGE My speakers wont work (laptop) headphones do THE SOUND CARD DRIVER CAN SOME ONE GIVE ME A LINK IM NOT GREAT WHEN IT COMES TO DRIVERS TY LAST THING IF I HAVE TO RE SOILTER SOME My speakers wont work (laptop) headphones do WIRE OF THE SPEAKRS INSIDE CAN SOME DRAW ME A GUIDE SO I KNOW WHAT IM DOING TY APPRECIATED nbsp
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Dear All

I am using sony VAIO laptop My Laptop spekers are not working but if i connect through headphones i can able to hear the sound.

I have checked the following
1. Volume control in that i have removed all mute tick including Microphone also but does not worked.

2. I have checked in the My computer->Manage->Device Manager->sounds, video and game controlling on that there is 'X' mark and yellow mark.

Can anyone please help.


A:Laptop speakers are not working but woring with headphones

Welcome to TSF,

Pretty basic questions from me to start with....Have you got the volume on your speakers turned up?

Are you sure your speakers are plugged into the right port? More details of your system would help, but until then, this may assist you.

Let us know,

kind regards,
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Hi Guys. I've been using my Dell laptop (Inspiron 6400) for more than 3 years and now when as always removed the headphone from the laptop to hear the sound from the speakers (the original speakers of the laptop which are internal) the sound didn't come out again. Now I only can listen to music when I use headphones. Has it ever happened to you? What Can I do?

A:No sound from my laptop speakers once I disconnected the headphones

my laptop is Studio XPS, and since morning I've had the same problem!
Have you tried contacting technical support?
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I dont get it,
when i connect my headphones they work OK, but i can also hear trow my laptops speakers and they are not disabling themselves like they use to.
its a huge problem and my roommate is going to kill me, i will appreciate your help ASAP

A:laptop is not disabling speakers while headphones connecte

Welcome to the Windows 8 forum.

Unfortunately you didn't fill in the "My System Specs" so we don't know what hardware we are dealing with (and which version of Windows 8).
Some PC sound chips, such as RealTek, have an option on whether to mute or not mute the speakers when a headset is plugged in. See screenshot below on the RealTek HD Audio Manager and the option that it has.
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.... yet it all works fine on my Arch Linux installation.

Anyone have any ideas? I thought it was because my headset was effed up, but it turns out that all kinds of headphones just don't work with it. I can't really comprehend the problem because my laptop's built in speakers (which use the same device) WORK PERFECTLY FINE! All settings are default as usual, I tried reinstalling the Realtek driver, restarted many times, etc. No dice.


A:Laptop speakers work, headphones of all kinds don't.

Headphone jack busted?
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A:when i try to use my headphones, my laptop speakers will continue goin

Some PC systems have a control panel for the PC audio, such as the RealTek HD Audio Manager, and in that panel is an option to either mute the PC speakers when a headset is plugged in or to not mute the speakers.

I have a RealTek HD Audio Manager that is located in the Control Panel/Hardware and sound. Other audio such as IDT, Connexant, or whatever may have similar panels.

Without more information we are guessing. Please expand on the My System Specs, such as the specific HP model number you have and the sound device, if you know it.
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I'm looking for the solution in the internet today, never found, it is not a HARDWARE problem ( i tried others phones )....

I have the driver installed ok. (Realtek High Definition Audio)

The only problem is that when i plug the headphones the sound keep coming out of the speakers.

I didn't have the problem until this week, that i "upgraded"(reformated actually) from home to professional (XP).

PS: I'm sorry, my english sux .
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I don't see any obvious problems in the device manager and the sound comes through headphones/speakers plugged in externally. Just not hearing anything through the system speakers. I've gone through the forums here and don't see anything similar...most lose all sound. Any help on how to restore is GREATLY appreciated!

A:No sound from laptop speakers. Headphones are fine.

Hardware fault. Either with the audio circuitry or the speakers themselves.
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I bought the plantronics .Audio 335 studio headphones, but when I plugged them in, it screwed up my sound. My compute'rs sound is now playing through both the headphones AND the laptop speakers. After unplugging it and trying again a couple times, I gave up and decided to just use my old headphones.

Except for the sound still played through both the headphones and laptop speakers.

Distraught, I restarted my computer. When that didn't work, I restored my system to a point I made yesterday. Still no luck. I've been scrounging google for a few hours now, and nothing is helping. Any ideas? I REFUSE to refresh my system and reinstall all of my programs again.

This is urgent. I'm a freelance musician and require headphones for my work.

A:Sound playing through both laptop speakers and headphones

Have you tried with and without the microphone adapter? In your sound device manager see if there is a setting you can change when the headphones are plugged in.

Something in settings like this:
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Whenever i remove my headphones, the built in speaker stops working! i dont think its a problem with the contacts of the jack, because i shone a light in there, and nothing is touching.

When i restart Windows Audio, it goes back to normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am running windows 7 by the way.

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I have an HP elitebook p running windows professional bit Today the speakers just stopped working all together in the middle of a chess match on chess com while using google chrome It has done this in the past on that particular speakers so dont--my far work fix-it attempts Headphones laptop site Alwasy comes back Today though when I went to go watch a youtube video didnt' work I restarted my computer sound was fine for about minutes Since it finally died I have not been able to get any sound of my speakers at all Headphones work just fine I have gone to HP com and downloaded the latest audio driver which installs something called soundmax Does nothing I have also per instructions on a post here gone and downloaded the realtek driver I have installed that twice since I seen another poster said he Headphones work laptop speakers dont--my fix-it attempts so far needed to install it twice for the exe version to work over the zip version I have also gone to HP and downloaded the latest BIOS version Said I had the latest and didnt need to installed anyways I have gone into the control panel and made sure my speakers are the default selection I don t know what else to do And now after this latest restart after going into my device manager and right clicking on the SoundMax and choosing uninstall I now have a quot red x quot over my speaker icon in the tray that has never been there When I go to the device manager and click on sounds video amp game controllers the only selection I have to choose is High Definition Audio Device However when I go into the control panel I see Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and SoundMax both there If you click the link below it is a screenshare video to help explain everything I have typed - - - AdventureJobs's library WOW I loaded that link just to see if the mic was actually working and got sound from my speakers before I could plug in the headphones I almost deleted this cry for help Then I noticed that there was still the red x over my speaker icon in the tray I went and hit play again and got seconds into the playback and my speakers are now mute again What makes a speaker work temporarily What gives it a terminal point How does it just magically work when it displays no speakers or headphones are plugged in How does it just stop working when you haven't altered anything What is my next step O and I tried to do a system restore but somehow even though I have owned this computer since May I only have system restores to choose from and they are all from today There is nothing to choose from before today

A:Headphones work laptop speakers dont--my fix-it attempts so far

Sorry forgot to mention I have also done numerous virus checks today thinking this for surely had to be a virus. I downloaded and installed and scanned today with:

windowscomplete care
trend micro

None of these complete system scans have found anything at all
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I've got no sound through my internal laptop speakers what so ever but
when I plug in headphones or my surround system, there is sound.
There also is a red light burning in the audio input where my headphone goes in.
I think my laptop thinks the headphones are still plugged in?

Anyone any idea how I can fix this?
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Ive had my HP folio Ultra book for a while now I m running on Windows Home premium But a few days ago I found out the sund was not working And for some reason the sound is working perfectly on my beats headphones I have Sound devices IDT High Def CODEC speakers and Headphones and Communications headphones IDT high def CODEC For Example When you press the sound icon and you test the sound the green sound bar comes up but nothing comes out of the speakers Ive done the following Trouble shooted it found nothing the sound is defiately on speakers working?! on internal from headphones sound laptop No and ive tried updating the drive but its the latest I really do not know why it is playing up Alright whats weird is it says it is working properly in the advanced settings Also No sound from internal speakers on laptop headphones working?! when i play a song on itunes the green bar will go up and down like usual but the sound does not come out of the damn speakers To make it more weird when I enable the Communications headphones and test them the sound comes out of the speakers and cuts out since it is a test i ve phoned a friend of mine and No sound from internal speakers on laptop headphones working?! he said that maybe the sound is stuck or locked on the headphones He also thought that maybe the computer is computer is mixed up or confused with which audio device is what I have some pics in the microsoft word attachment All help ppreciated nbsp

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Earlier this week I speakers, Laptop Noise are coming Scratchy u... Headphones from received nbsp and downloaded Scratchy Noise coming from Laptop speakers, Headphones are u... the latest update to Windows It went smoothly as expected and everything seemed fine until yesterday I began to experience a buzzing scratch noise from my laptop speakers It was intermittent nbsp at first and then it escalated Certain music and audio like dialogue and certain songs experiences this scratching noise along side the regular audio a lot nbsp To test wither the cause is physical speakers themselves or software related due to update I have done the following nbsp I have tried what was said in this question nbsp http h www hp com t Notebook-Audio HP- -audio-crackles-unless-headphones-plugged-in td-p nbsp I have created a nbsp system restore point on the notebook and backup complete data and nbsp uninstalled the audio drivers from device manager and reinstalled it nbsp It has not worked and I am now assuming it is a physical problem with the speakers themselves If that is the case what should I do A check seems to show that my warranty is still applicable should I go with it
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I have an HP ENVY laptop using speakers even Crackling/Popping when from headphones sound t-j Quad Edition CTO Notebook PC The oddest thing happened the other day I didn't Crackling/Popping sound from laptop speakers even when using headphones drop my laptop or do anything out of the ordinary to it One minute the speakers are fine the next minute there is a frequent popping or crackling sound coming every seconds or so even while using headphones I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver from the product website to no avail However there is this one driver that always has a yellow exclamation mark on it called the High Definition Audio Device It would make sense that this driver is the culprit but its been yellow for a month now without any popping or crackling sound and it is absolutely impossible to resolve it I completely uninstalled and re-installed my sound Crackling/Popping sound from laptop speakers even when using headphones drivers and that didn't fix it and windows troubleshooter can't find the driver either I'm at a loss here guys I don't want to have to replace the speakers Crackling/Popping sound from laptop speakers even when using headphones on a one year old computer but I might have to Thank you in advance for any help I can get

A:Crackling/Popping sound from laptop speakers even when using headphones

Ha you tried to back up your hard-drive and find a restore point before your problem started taking it back to that time see if it's back to normal.
Remember if you try that full battery charge and mains plug in throughout restore.
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Hey all I'm new here very frustrated and hoping I can get this solved My computer is a HP in headphones speakers from sound symptoms) other plugged are (say + laptop No dv - DX in total stock form I have no sound coming No sound from laptop speakers (say headphones are plugged in + other symptoms) from my speakers I don't know of any specific trigger A friend ejected my iPod and walked off with it but that's the only action I can think of done on the computer for a while Looking in the IDT Audio panel No sound from laptop speakers (say headphones are plugged in + other symptoms) it says the following With no headphones in - it shows that I have a pair plugged in my middle jack With headphones on the left mic jack - it shows a mic plugged in and nothing else With headphones in the middle - it shows both headphone jacks as filled the one on the right shows up as filled too With headphones on the right - it shows both headphone jacks as filled the one on the right shows up as filled too EDIT More symptoms Now it shows the wrong front panel in the IDT Audio screen It shows as -jack layout with mic L headphone R When I plug in phones in my PC into the jacks on the front it shows as follows R side headphone - shows in screen as the right jack Middle headphone - shows in screen as the right jack L Mic - shows in screen as the left side mic When my phones are plugged in the Mic jack sound is produced under both situations I'd appreciate any help I can get I already tried rolling back the IDT Audio CODEC one of the few things I can think to do in this situation hoping it will help I'm going to re-update it and see if that helps but anything beyond I'm clueless Thanks a bunch all

A:No sound from laptop speakers (say headphones are plugged in + other symptoms)

Try the k-lite codec maybe.Its very good and well recognized.If that fails reinstall your sound card driver is all I can think of offhand.

Download K-Lite Codec Pack Full
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Hello I've got a Thinkpad T s Windows here and it's acting strangely Namely if I play a clip through the speakers, headphones Sound works but through not coming with laptop laptop's speakers I hear no sound but when I plug the headphones everything works nice and neat One thing I noticed is that computer actually recognises the sound because the volume mixer application at the lower right tray and it's volume bar shows me the green indicators jumping up and down as the music plays Of course Sound not coming through laptop speakers, but works with headphones I've tried reinstalling the drivers I've uninstalled the audio device in Device Manager and restarted the computer And yes the obvious things are also checked - nothing the applications is Sound not coming through laptop speakers, but works with headphones muted in the volume mixer default device is correct under playback devices Some have reported on the web that it might help to use toothpick for example and quot un-jam the sensor quot but that didn't help either I've also tried booting up the newest Linux Mint has pretty good multimedia support from the USB and I heard no sound through speakers So I'm out of ideas here It looks more and more like a hardware fault but how can I be absolutely sure Thanks for helping out starsplash
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I have looked quite a bit for my problem and perhaps a fix to my problem and I have between and speakers. headphones randomly Sound laptop switching never been able to find one I've tried Microsoft fix-its they do not work Basically my problem is at random times my headset will just stop working and it will switch back to my laptop as if my headphones are not even plugged in It happens multiple times a day seemingly at random lately its been this way but I have had it go longer than a day without doing this to me As I am browsing the internet as I am turning on a game when I am away and the computer is just sitting there I've tried checking my device manager for differences when it is working and when it is not I've tried updating Sound randomly switching between headphones and laptop speakers. all software I've tried setting default devices None of it has helped The only thing that fixes this is logging off or restarting the computer This then returns it to normal My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv windows home premium x Headphones in question are Razor Carcharias

A:Sound randomly switching between headphones and laptop speakers.

Since only lately you started facing the issue, I would suggest doing a system restore which could fix issue. In order to know how to do system restore, go to the URL mentioned which will guide step by step:
If the issue still persists try creating a New User account. You can refer to the URL mentioned which will guide you in creating a New User account:
Kindly let me know for further clarifications.
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I don't know if Im posting this issue in the right forum.. My problem is that when I connect my earphones in the earphones hole on my sony vaio laptop, I do hear the sound through the earphones, but it also comes from the laptop's inbuilt speakers.

When I right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray, and then go to playback devices, all I find is speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio).

Don't know what's wrong. Please help!

A:Headphones connected but sound coming from laptop's speakers.

Hi do you have this in control panel Windows 7 / Realtek HD Audio Manager: How to Set Up 5.1 Sound to The Best Parameters - YouTube
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I have an Inspiron 15R 5521 and just recently my laptop decided it doesn't want to recognize my headphones. I updated my Laptop to Windows 10 to see if that would do anything, it didn't. I updated the audio drive, also did nothing.
I have no clue what to do.

A:Laptop doesn't recognize when I put in headphones, only plays music through speakers.

Hello. Test the audio driver to find out if the driver is causing the problem, by switching between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native audio driver. You have to have a Realtek driver installed to use this test.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, you might not need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]If you only have the symptoms with one of the drivers, then the other is at fault. If you have the same symptoms with both audio drivers, then it is very probably not a driver issue.  It could be in the hardware -- either the laptop or the headphones.
This was a known issue with the Inspiron 15R 5521 model when the Realtek driver was installed. That driver was for Windows 7 & 8. The solution was to install the previous version, If you think your headphone issue is caused by the driver, you could try installing the version, using Win7 compatibility mode.
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With Dell Support Assist microphone test -- earphone playback is good, on-board speaker is terribly scratchy. The sound card lists as "ATI high Definition Audio Device" and "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC."
The laptop is Dell Studio 15 (1555) running windows 7 Professional, 236GB used, 214GB free space, Intel P8700 2.53 GHz Processor, 64 bit OS, 4GB memoryThe built-in speakers used to sound good but now they are too scratchy to understand. However the headset and external speakers (both 3.5 mm jack interface) sound good and a HDMI connected projector sounds good.
I will appreciate advice.

A:On-board speakers are scratchy but external speakers & headphones sound good?

Hello. As a test, switch from the IDT audio driver to the Windows native audio driver.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "IDT High Definition Audio Device".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the IDT driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
If you get the noise while using the native driver then it is not a driver issue, which would mean there is a strong chance of speaker failure, particularly since the noise is not in headphones. If you would like to replace the speakers I can point you to the service manual.
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I have an Insignia NS-NBBAR USB sound bar and the internal speakers of my Lenovo V570. I am trying to use both sets of speakers at the same time. Is there any way to accomplish this?

A:USB sound bar and internal laptop speakers at the same time

You can only have one default audio playback device, such as your "Speakers" (the PC's sound card and speakers) or some other device such as the USB soundbar, if it sets itself as the default audio playback device.
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i recently boughta new laptop, 1gb ram, microsoft vista, 160 gb ram, core2 duo. i connected a microphone to the external jack. the speakers started making chirping kinda sounds and when i restarted no sounds were there but the headphones are working fine. thanks in advance.
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I have an issue can't hear sound out of speakers, yet can out my headphones, everything is up to date. What could cause the sound to go from the speakers and no it is not muted.

When I pull out my headphones I can't hear no sound yet when I am using my headphones I can hear sound.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 273953 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0GD366
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:No sound from Laptop speakers, but can hear sound out headphones

The following may work but it applies to Windows Vista (I don't have XP any more), so it may be a little different for yours:

Control Panel > Sound > Speakers > Properties > Advanced > Restore Defaults
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every thing is on max not shure why it works only sometime head phones work all the time but speakers come and go sometime when i bang the back the volume comes for a second and diissapears i need help

fully updated driver

A:Help please my Dell laptop(internal speakers) dont work all the time only sometimes

The jack where you plug in your headphones probably turns the speakers
off when the headphones are plugged in.
Over time,this causes wear to the jack and it does not make contact
properly,so the audio is not being passed to th speakers.
You can have the jack replaced(expensive?), or use a set of USB powered
external speakers.
BTW,not a good idea to bang on a laptop.
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...for SELECT programs? For example, I like to game with headphones on, I listen to music with headphones on and more. I don't like to unplug them every time I'm done, that's too confusing and more importantly, I FORGET ALL THE TIME. So, if anyone could kindly help me find a way to play my "Free Alarm Clock" (please Google to find it because I'm afraid to post links) through the speakers despite having headphones plugged in, I would greatly appreciate it. I use it not only to wake up but also to remind me of other daily things.

Just to be clear: I'm not looking for something to play sound through headphones and speakers simultaneously. That would defeat the purpose.

Thanks in advance!

A command would also work, I believe.

A:How do you enable speaker output while headphones are on?

Hey mate,

Don't be afraid to post links, just make sure they aren't walware lol.h
When your headphones are plugged in, do they show up in sounds?:

If so, that is a good way to switch it. If not, see if you can't find out more about sounds with your sounds control center. I think you only get such a thing if you have a sound card. Some built-in ones come with such a control center. Take a peek in there to see what you can find.
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Whenever i plugged in headphones before on computer,
there came up a box where it said '' choose as speaker,headphone,etc ''
but now it doesn't come up anymore. I even tried
pressing '' Activate automatic pop-up window when audio device has connected ''
But still nothing happens!? what is wrong!? i would love to use this feature again..
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Using a mm stereo mini phone plug to time? the to speakers How same play computer make speakers at radio and RCA jack adapter I have managed to connect my comps sound to the radio How to make radio speakers and computer speakers play at the same time? and it works However due to a fit of stupidity I have overlooked the fact that only either the radio s speakers or the computer s speakers can be connected to the computer s sound output at once I am wondering if its possible to have both my radio s speakers as well as my computer s speakers play at the same time because I would like to achieve a surround sound effect because of the way my room is made My computer has a jack slot behind that looks like quot lt -- gt quot almost like that ordinary output one which looks like quot lt - Can that be used as an output slot as well Cuz when I tried putting the radio into the lt -- gt slot and the comps speakers into the lt - or vice versa only the one put into the lt - will play nbsp

A:How to make radio speakers and computer speakers play at the same time?

Go get a splitter. I have my audio output setup using a splitter and it works fine. You can hook up both devices to the 1 output jack on your pc.
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Hi hope I m posting in the right place I had a set of GE speakers working well with my Sony Vaio for about a year Recently the sound started to go in amp out I had to move the wire around a lot and tape it or hold it in a certain spot to get them to work Then one day they stopped working altogether Assuming it was Internal WORKING. speakers: WORKING. External speakers, NOT headphones: the speakers I went and bought a new set from Best Buy Internal speakers, headphones: WORKING. External speakers: NOT WORKING. Took them home plugged them in and nothing nothing at all So I tried the OLD speakers in another desktop computer and they worked perfectly So I assumed my headphone jack was broken and was going to go about trying to get a new piece and solder it and all that but then I m sitting here and just realized my headphones work perfectly What s wrong How come the headphones work but pairs of external speakers don t Thanks so much Jillian nbsp
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Hey, I was trying to get Skype to play through my headphones and Spotify to play through my speakers. I have tried everything, using realtek manager to set the headphones as "Headphones" and my speakers as "Front Speaker Out".

I downloaded the trial CheVolume, which looks pretty useful however in my sound setting I only ever have "Speakers" I never have Headphones.. is this a problem and how do I fix it?

Current setup with both headphones and speakers plugged in:

Setup with only speakers plugged in:
Any help would be really appreciated thanks!

A:Speakers and Headphones?

Windows only allows one default audio playback device. Thus everything will come through whatever is the default device. Unless you can possibly find a 3rd party program that will route things differently you will have to live with the Windows limitation.
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hi everyone,

whenever i want to listen to my speakers i have to unplug my headphones jack,

is there a way i can hear the speakers without unpluging my headphones jack ?

i have a compaq pressario from 2004,

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Is there any way to hook up both my speakers and my headset with microphone at the same time so I can use whichever one I want without having to unplug and plug into the back of my computer all the time?


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i want my headphones and speakers to play at the same time... i have one plugged into the line out slot and one in the speaker slot, but only the one in the line out slot plays i want to be able to play both, and alternate volume control between both is this possible, and how do i do it.

A:headphones and speakers

i guess the lack of response is that its not possible, or noboy knows?
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I have a Thermaltake Xaser III V2000A Aluminum Series (

With a GigaByte 2004 GT Motherboard (

Ok, well now that you know what I'm working with what I want to do is set up my headphones so that I can hear people on Ventrilo, but now through my speakers ( I want my game to play through my speakers ).

The thermaltake Case comes with a 2 USB, IEEE 1394, and MIC/HEADHONES connections. Well what you do is hook those connections up through some wires ( provided by the case ) to your motherboard, and then you can plug your peripherials into the top of the case.

So I have done this and I have my MIC/Headphones hooked in to the top of my case. I have also updated all of my MB/Sound drivers via giga-bytes web site.

A:Speakers & Headphones

You'd probably need an external mixer. Mostly what happens is there is a cable from the headphone jack that, when active, disables sound to the speakers. When you plug in your headphones, no sound from the speakers. Also, your soundcard isn't going to separate the audio into two channels like that. Maybe if you had a midi interface or something like a Digi 002. What might also work is having two sound cards, but that only works with onboard sound disabled, so you'd need two pci cards, and I've heard that can be really finicky.
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I would liek to know if I can have my mic, headphones and speakers going at once.
I have ac97 audio
2000xp home, sp 2
amd athlon 2600
1.8g cpu
1g ram
80g h/d
Raedon ATi 9550 Vcard

I brought a headphone with mic to game with but would like it to come out my speakers also, im having trouble with the configuration

Thanks in advance

A:Mic, headphones & speakers at once help

Sometimes plugging in a mic disables sound, try hooking the headphones to line out, I'm not sure if performance will be desireable tho.
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i have pentium 4, windows 2000 xp pro, using onboard sound card Realtek AC 97. i am using a software called Virtual Dj. i can use either the headphones or the speakers, but not both of them simultaniously. what should i do in order to be able to use both at the same time? the line out that goes to the speakers goes first to a stereo Marrantz amplifier. if an extra sound card is requiered, can you please recommend one that has a good sound but costs around 30$ (if something like this exists at all...)? THANK YOU.

A:how can i use both the headphones and the speakers on my pc?

Another sound card won't help you at all since most programs can output to only one device at a time.

Your best bet would be a simple Y splitter,
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I get sounds from my headphone but no sound to the speakers. The troubleshooter says the speakers not plugged in, but they are. Plug and receptacle colors match.

I remove the speaker plug and touch it with my hand and the speakers hum, so I know that from the jack through to the speakers are OK.

Disable the sound card and no sound from the headset, so the sound card is OK.

A:speakers/no Headphones/yes

Do they work if you plug them into the headphone socket? Conversely, do your headphones work when plugged into the speaker socket? If you get sound when using the headphone socket but not the speaker socket, then you might need to check the internal wiring, in particular the connection from the headphone socket to the motherboard or sound card.
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I just got my new XP so I don't know where anything is or where the options are. Is there any way to do this?

The headphones plug cancels the speakers automatically.

A:How to run both speakers and headphones

Not sure why you would want to run them both together....can you tell us.
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I want my headphones to override my desktop speakers so that when I plug in the headphones the sound comes through them and not the speakers. When I plug my headphones in, sound comes out of both the headphones and the speakers at the same time. How can I override the desktop speakers? I have Windows XP SP 2. I have my desktop speakers plugged into the back of the tower and the headphones plugged into the front.
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hey i am asking all u hardcore gamers.....for my new system should i get speakers or headphones and if speakers should i go with 2.1 5.1 or 7.1 as of right now i am getting these headphones

but if there is better for the price lemme kno i do not want to spend over 100$ on headphones or speakers and for your info i am getting a dfi lanparty mobo with integrated 7.1 if needed

one more thing for gaming will i need a headset with a mic?
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I wasnt quite sure where to put this so sorry if this is the wrong place. I have some pretty good 5.1 speakers and i was thinking about getting some 5.1 headphones. Has anyone had any experience with these are they worth it? I found some kinyo ones for 50-60 bucks that had good reviews.
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I'm running Windows XP.

For the purpose of online gaming, I recently grabbed a pair of old Logitech USB headphones with a built-in microphone. However, they're old and the sound quality is mediocre at best. I also have a set of Logitech speakers for my desktop, but whenever I plug in my headphones, the headphones automatically take up the role of playing sound, and the speakers go mute.

Is there any way that I can set my sound options so that the headphones will serve only to record what I'm saying, and my speakers will handle the job of playing sound?


If the cord is in 2 parts you could try to figure out which of them that is the microphone and which of them that is sound and then cut one of them. Worked for me
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Hello Okay so here is the issue I would like to have my headphones and speakers playing at the same time but for different applications For example I would like to use my Razer Carcharias headphones for applications such as TeamSpeak or Hangouts so that others in my house hold cannot hear others in chat from Headphones Speakers Seperate I also have speakers in which I would like to use for the audio of Pandora or even video games I know there is a way to do this by going into my sound settings for Seperate Speakers from Headphones Windows The Seperate Speakers from Headphones real issue lies in selecting the playback device in the Stereo Mix Properties The drop Seperate Speakers from Headphones down menu only shows the speakers I figured it might be a driver issue with my headset however Razer options in the Synapse show the only selected audio source option as Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio I know of someone that used to have it set up the same way with their headset and speakers so I know there is a way but I am now lost on what needs to be done It may also be helpful to know that my Speakers mentioned are only Water Speakers so they do not have a specific driver associated Thank you in advance Krumpuppy nbsp

A:Seperate Speakers from Headphones

not all audio chipsets allow what you are asking....whats the make and model of your PC?
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I have an Acer Aspire 5630 Notebook. My speakers and headphones play at the same time. This was not always the case, and I want my main speakers to mute when I plug the headphones in. All my drivers are up to date, and my computer has HD Realtek manager audio. Any suggestions?

A:Headphones and Speakers both play

Try uninstaling your sound drivers and reinstalling them
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I m don't speakers mute Headphones in, on my Phillips Laptop and it s been through a bit of a saga after a failed installation of ubuntu I had to do a clean install of windows xp sp Headphones in, speakers don't mute and then get all the bits and pieces working again The audio has been my biggest headache Headphones in, speakers don't mute and now this is the situation After installing realtek ac audio driver and realtek HD audio driver the sound came through speakers hooray Now whenever I plug in my headphones the speakers don t mute There is sound coming through both the headphones and the speakers When I plug in the headphones the realtek audio manager which I would Headphones in, speakers don't mute like to be rid of without losing my audio but for some reason do this recognises that the headphones have been plugged in with a popup so sound comes through the headphones but the speakers don t change volume at all I ve been looking round the internet to try and find a solution to this to no avail I ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers countless times going into audio properties and changing the speakers to headphones nothing has worked so far Really hoping someone here might finally have a solution nbsp
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I'm hard of hearing and our TV sound isn't the greatest, so I struggle to hear what's being said when watching shows. I enjoy using headphones, but that only works when I'm not watching with my wife.

I use my laptop with HDMI output to the TV. It seems I can choose to either run sound through the headphones or the HDMI cable, but not both. Is there any way to run both sound outputs simultaneously?

I have WIndows 7 with smart audio...


A:Headphones & Speakers simultaneously

Ok normally this depends on the sound driver. Try downloading the latest driver for you laptop and check if it works, if not come back.
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ok i have windows 7 64 bit, before i updated my sound card my headphones would crackle with music, movies, any sound, now they don't crackle but the most annoying thing is when i unplug my headphones i have to click on the via hd sound deck icon at the bottom and click make speakers default, if i plug in headphones i have to do the same for the headphones in order for sound to work through which ever device i want. Imagebin - A place to slap up your images. how do i fix this where it works normally like its supposed too?

A:I need help with my audio, headphones and speakers.

Where did you get the driver update? From ASUS for your specific PC model? or from some other source? If it wasn't from ASUS, that may be the problem. Non-Vendor specific drivers may or may not work properly.

If it was from ASUS, there may be a Windows/sound driver corruption. First thing to try is go to the Device Manager. There should only be the entry for the VIA sound and possibly an HDMI audio (if you have that). If there is any other entry, such as HD Audio Codec, RIGHT click on that entry and then LEFT click Uninstall. Then restart the PC and see if that fixes it. If not, go back to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the VIA sound and then LEFT click Uninstall. DO NOT check the box to also uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the VIA sound. Check to see if it is now working OK.
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Guys I need your help QUICKLY.
My grandmother's computer doesn't play sound from speakers, headphones and whatever.
I don't know if this related but I changed the system language from Russian to English because this is my grandmother's native.
Well I really need your cube-side to help me, AS FAST AS YOU CAN, because she's about to pay the technician guy.

Any solution? I've got to fix this quickly, but as you read I probebly don't know how. By-the-way, I HAVE SOME expeience with computers. (a lot)

A:No sound through speakers and even headphones

And you've updated all the drivers and everything for your speakers?

(I'm assuming you've already checked to make sure it's not on mute, right?)

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I have sound through my headphones but not through my computer speakers. The speakers work fine as I tried them on another computer.... Checked the sound properties...nothing is muted and all sound is where it should be. Device manager says everything is working properly. They were working properly until a couple days ago.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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hello i d jus made a very long explanation about my query and clicked submit button and it went to could not find page i can t b bothered to write it all again so using + simultaneously headphones speakers i l b short when i went korea i went my cousin s house and discovered that he could use his headphones and his speakers the same time back then i was dumb enough not to find out how he did it nor did i check if he had two soundcards he could control the volume of both sound devices with one volume adjusting control using headphones + speakers simultaneously i have two soundcards and i have some random spearks and sony using headphones + speakers simultaneously headphones wut i want to do is be able to listen using headphones + speakers simultaneously to both sound devices well not really but i want to b able to switch from speakers to headphones simply by switching my speakers off without havin to manually switch cords which gets realli annoyin coz i do it lots any suggestions nbsp

A:using headphones + speakers simultaneously

Plug your headphones to the rear output channel of your sound card if it exists.

You can also use an adaptor to split the speaker signal coming out of your sound card.
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When I plug my headphones in sometimes random things don't play through them. For example atm I'm talking on skype and I can hear my friend talking to me but if I play a youtube video the audio from the video comes out through the speakers. How do I make everything come through the headphones?

I am using an HP pavilion dv7 laptop.

I have tried making the speakers the default sound device
I have tried making the headphones the default sound device
I have tried disabling the speakers while the headphones are in
I have tried updating both drivers via right click>properties>drivers>update driver

Any help would be much appreciated

edit: just discovered that if I am not in a skype call all of the audio comes from the headphones. So it has to be something to do with skype I guess

A:Headphones & Speakers problem

I need to know your sound card, the I might be able to help. Anyway here is what usually helps:
Download the software of your sound device (e.g. Soundblaster X-FI Gaming edition). Usually the software provides a way to configure each (I do not know the English word), the things where you can plug in audio devices. You can tell the software to switch the ports of you can disable ports and so on.

With this software you can tell your computer, that if you plug in a jack in device 1, than disable all other inputs.

Got the problem with a Medion laptop, and it happens quite often, that devices are wrongly configured. Your PC does not recognize when you plug in headphones. So you need to tell him what to do.

Download the software and configure your device. It is easy.