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Windows 7 Boot Screen on Netbook

Q: Windows 7 Boot Screen on Netbook

Hi, don't really know the exact forum section to post this in so put it in here, feel free to move it to the best appropriate section if need be.

Right, now to my question.

I've got a Toshiba NB300 netbook which comes with Windows 7 Starter, I upgraded it to Home Premium and was wondering why the initial boot screen looks like the one Windows Vista has, is there any way to change it to look like the 1st screen below or is it a graphics card restriction that all netbooks have?

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Boot Screen on Netbook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 Boot Screen on Netbook


Check out this article and let me know if it helps: Fix and Restore Windows 7 Boot Screen That Changes to Vista Style ? My Digital Life


Windows Outreach Team
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Hi Guys I've an screen on at 7 a boot the with Netbook xp Stuck dual booted Windows hp mini with windows seven starter and I want to make a dual boot XP I downloaded the bit version of the sp XP and following this guide Dual Boot Installation with Stuck at the boot screen on a Windows 7 Netbook dual booted with xp Windows and XP I installed on a new partition I didn't put the sata drivers cause when I started the usb on the boot xp started to install without problem after xp finished I booted but I get this error quot windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem quot when I only can see XP and It can't be opened I tryed with the -system-recovery on the usb to make recovery and put these strings on prompt bootrec FixMbr bootrec FixBoot bootrec RebuildBcd but nothing same error I thought it was a sata driver issue so I downloaded the drivers and opened on the system recovery through usb but it says they can't be installed so should I slipstream in the xp iso before install xp Or it's another issue I need Stuck at the boot screen on a Windows 7 Netbook dual booted with xp some other strings to fix the boot Please Help ME It's my syster's netbook I promised I'd installed it but now I'm stuck Thank you very much Sorry for the english I'm Italian I'll do all the presentation this forum require me after I get the solution

A:Stuck at the boot screen on a Windows 7 Netbook dual booted with xp

1) Where did you download Win XP from?

2) How did you make the Wion XP USB Pendrive?
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I have a Compaq mini 110. A week ago my battery broke, so I am only able to run my pc while its plugged. After several uses, windows detected that my OS is not genuine (but,i dont think this is related to the problem). One day, when I tried to use it, it wont get past the bootscreen ( the one with options, like "press f9 for bios settings, etc, showing the compaq logo.) However, after several attempts of restarting my computer by pressing the power button, it finally got past the boot screen. But I would always have to do it everytime is use it. Thank you for your solutions.

A:Netbook stuck on Boot screen

In Windows go to Start type in CMD locate CMD.exe Click on it and select "Run As Administrator"

In the command Prompt type in

Hit enter then type in Y for Yes then reboot. This will attempt to fix any errors.

Let us know if this helps.
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When I start up my Toshiba Netbook NB 205, it saying the normal microsoft windows etc... but then goes dark. Windows does not load. I can see the mouse, but nothing else. What do I do? not sure how to start up in safe mode which is what was suggested to me. Help if you can please. Thanks.

A:Dark screen on boot up for Toshiba netbook NB 205

What happens if you do a "Ctrl-Alt-Delete"?
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I would appreciate tons of help and input.
My netbook froze on friday night. Try to restart, but was stuck at grey screen. It has asus logo and eee pc written. The options f2 to run setup and tab to display bios post yields nothing. In other words, pressing either button doesn't work.
I have removed the battery, pressed the power button without the power cord, put everything back in, tapping f2.
So far, no progress. Few times, i try pressing f2 similtaneously as i hit the power button, i got american megatrends screens. Still, none go further.
I have this netbook for a little over a year. The warranty just expired a month ago. It is running window 7 starter already installed when i got it at bestbuy.
I had contacted asus support, and tried some i mentioned above. I prefer to do this by myself.
I would appreciate any help.

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Hi, I'm having problems with my Toshiba Netbook with Windows 7 pre installed in it. I was surfing the net and all of a sudden, Antimalware Doctor popped up. I tried to close it and it went away for a while, but then it had restarted my computer by force and now it won't even boot up. Can anyone help me with this? I have tried to go in safe mode but it won't let me. However I am still able to boot with a flash drive. But, I have no idea which program to use can someone help me?

A:Windows 7 Netbook won't boot

You might have a virus. Try runing Microsoft Security Essentials ( and see if your machine is infected. You can also do a system restore and see if that will help as well.

-- Ryan
Windows Outreach Team
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Good day fellow bleepers Without great introduction I hope somebody can give me at least some input on my problem It might be a hardware issue so feel free to move the thread Windows does not after 7 boot installation Netbook Acer The problem got triggered after a Win installation so I'll try my luck in here I have purchased two netbooks Some Asus somethingsomething really Acer Netbook does not boot after Windows 7 installation not important here and now an Acer Aspire ao Had the same issue with both which makes me think I'm too stupid to install a simple OS And it's not my first time Anyhow here's the details Since I have access to non-pirated Windows all possible versions some student thingy I thought I'd purchase without preinstalled Win and run Win instead The Asus came with Ubuntu the Acer with no OS at all I installed Win using an USB DVD drive and the installation itself was smooth No awkward errors After it's done Preparing Desktop - gt auto-reboot it shows the logo goes into black screen with blinking cursor and reboots All The Time I can access BIOS settings and the Boot-menu The system requirements are definitely okay both had GHz with and GB RAM I downloaded the AHCI and Chipset drivers and tried loading them in the partition selection during the installation I tried running the Windows Auto-Recovery without success I installed Ubuntu on the Asus and it was booting normally The Asus is gone now as I sent it back Google didn't help me at all Seems like I'm the only one with this problem because I find people talking about downgrading from Win to Win successfully by just well installing it I doubt they have different hardware for their Ubuntu and Windows Netbooks Or is that a thing nowadays Also the Acer comes with no OS so I would think it would be possible to install anything I think they sold the same device with Win before Win came out If you'd like to help and need more information hit me I'll probably just send it back in a couple days so don't bother reviving the thread when it gets to seconds page Otherwise thanks for reading
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My son has an Acer Aspire One Netbook. When the computer is turned on, it gets to the blue Windows XP screen and will not go further. I have tried to start in safe mode and it does the same thing. I have tried all of the selections on the Windows Advanced Options Menu and they all go to the same blue Windows XP screen. Help...

A:Acer netbook locked up at Windows XP screen

What does the number say at the very bottom next to STOP: ?
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Hi, all!!

Its been a week since I purchased the MSI U 270 netbook,and im kinda in a mess,..plzz assist,

Yesterday upon shutting down, the process took longer than usual, windows got jammed , so I closed the netbook, thinking that it would auto power off.

Upon gettin back after a minute or two, I see a blue screen error, panicked and removed the battery pack , reinserted and started in safe mode,

Do I have need to worry, the event Viewer (system) gives me a bugcheck of 0x0000009f,

P.S one minute prior to the blue screen error the event viewer shows a critical error in relation to Kernel -Power, are these related issues,

What steps should I take to see that this does not reccur.

A:Blue Screen on new MSI U 270 netbook, with windows 7 starter,(HELP)!!!

Hi nihal welcome to SF

The first steps you should take are these,
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Hello everyone I been working a a friends netbook for about weeks now and I can't seem to Netbook gets before Blue windows Screen can start find a fix to the problem Once I Netbook gets Blue Screen before windows can start got Windows on it but when my friend started putting music on it it crashed So then after that I installed Ubuntu on it and that worked for a little bit but it still crashed Then I installed Windows on it and it worked for fine for a few days then it quit working So I decided to install Windows back on it and after it dose a complete install where the screen should install the drivers I got a short blue screen then the netbook restarted So now when you boot it up it try's to load windows but after it bets passed loading it restarts the computer I think its a hard drive problem but mine not sure So please tell me what you think The netbook is a Asus Eee PC p

A:Netbook gets Blue Screen before windows can start

I'd say something is wrong with the netbook if every OS messes up.
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Hey how s it going When I try to boot My Acer laptop with Win Xp it gives me a black screen after the windows screen It does give me an opyions to go to safe mode but when i choose safe mode the somp just hangs and it never gets to the welcome screen Choosing last known config doesn t netbook screen past windows wont go work either About a little over a month ago I got this comp repaired and they put win prof on it erasing the win version that originally was installed on the laptop so I don t have any backup cd s or anything I tried using ULtimate boot Cd on a usb drive to at least give me options to repair the win software but even though I have the comp set to boot off of the usb it netbook wont go past windows screen continues to boot off the HD Not only that when the flash drive is plugged in the bios screen freezes and so does the computer Anyone have any suggestions on getting past these issues I can t really afford to get this comp repaired again netbook wont go past windows screen Your help would be appreciated Thank you ACER Aspire netbook Win xp prof nbsp

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Hi everyone

I have a netbook running XP which has 3 partitions on the hard drive (XP on C:, data on D: and HDD recovery partition) and because of this, I've been thinking of dual booting it with Win 7. Obviously because its a netbook there isn't a disc drive so I have to install it through a download version.

So before I go ahead, I want to make sure if theres any extra steps I have to take in installing Win 7 on one of the partitions. I want to install it on the D: but has some files on it belonging to XP and I read somewhere that one drive needs to be empty so if I move those files over from D: to C:, everything would work accordingly?

Any help or tips would be appreciated.


A:Netbook dual boot with download version of Windows 7?

Yes, move the files over then run Win7 from XP.

You should consider getting a 4gb flash stick to write the Win7 installer to, or a 1 gb to write the Repair CD ISO to. You really need an installer or at the very least a repair stick in case Win7 becomes unbootable.

Be sure to also make your Recovery Disks because it is possible the Recov Partition will be disabled by the installation of Win7.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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I have a problem with the screen brightness constantly dimming doesn`t matter which power setting I try or which route I go down...whenever re-setting,the tab just moves itself back down to the lowest setting...sometimes it stays bright for around an hour and then once again will revert.

I have installed a new hard drive and so this is a new installation of windows 7 32 bit...but prior to this new hard drive I had the same problem.

I have read through similar threads but can`t find a solution so wonder if anybody is able to advise please ? ...all drivers and updates are present on the system.

edit to is the same whether plugged in or on battery.


A:Acer netbook/Windows 7 32 bit...Screen brightness problem ?

Is there nobody who has had a similar problem ?
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It all started like this I bought my HP-laptop weeks ago days ago I decided to dual-boot the pre-installed Windows with Ubuntu Netbook Thought it was a good idea Well I created a partition for Ubuntu on GB on my current HDD and the whole disk went from a Primary Disc to Basic Disc because of having more than partitions After that I decided to delete the partitions created by HP called HP TOOLS and HP RECOVERY I did After that I went and booted up with my USB and installed Ubuntu Netbook without SWAP-partition through advanced partition as it didn't come up with quot Install Ubuntu beside Windows quot or anything like that that I've seen others do At the advanded partition windows I chose the GB partition and checked quot Reformat to Ext journaled quot The mountpoint was quot quot It went fine and I loaded up Ubuntu Dual-boot and wrong. 7 Windows gone Ubuntu Netbook Remix; Netbook after that Everything worked fine - I could load Windows and Ubuntu Netbook through the GRUB bootloader But then it came Ubuntu Netbook decided to update to the latest Kernel I guess and it did well after that I haven't been Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix; gone wrong. able to load up Windows When I try to load up Windows it goes on to the screen with the dots making the logo - doesn't even finish the logo - and then it freezes for a second comes up with a blue-screen of death with errors for seconds so I can't read what it says and then reboots This is my problem - I just want to be able to boot up my Windows Could it have anything to do with Ubuntu Netbook changing something in the BIOS by itself so I can't boot up Windows -bit Bootscript Code Boot Info Script dated February th Boot Info Summary gt Grub is installed in the MBR of dev sda and looks on the same drive in partition for boot grub sda File system Extended Partition Boot sector type - Boot sector info sda File system ext Boot sector type - Boot sector info Operating System Ubuntu LTS Boot files dirs boot grub grub cfg etc fstab boot grub core img sda File system swap Boot sector type - Boot sector info sda File system ntfs Boot sector type Windows Vista Boot sector info No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block Operating System Boot files dirs bootmgr Boot BCD sda File system ntfs Boot sector type Windows Vista Boot sector info No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block Operating System Windows Boot files dirs bootmgr boot BCD Windows System winload exe Drive Partition Info Drive sda Disk dev sda GB bytes heads sectors track cylinders total sectors Units sectors of bytes Sector size logical physical bytes bytes Partition Boot Start End Size Id System dev sda Extended dev sda Linux dev sda Linux swap Solaris dev sda SFS dev sda SFS blkid -c dev null Device UUID TYPE LABEL dev sda PTTYPE quot dos quot dev sda DE D CDE D ntfs SYSTEM dev sda E ADC ADBFEED ntfs dev sda ae b -e - -b a - cabd dd d ext dev sda f-b - a- -ab c e swap dev sda PTTYPE quot dos quot quot mount grep dev output Device Mount Point Type Options dev sda ext rw errors remount-ro sda boot grub grub cfg DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE It is automatically generated by usr sbin grub-mkconfig using templates from etc grub d and settings from etc default grub BEGIN etc grub d header if -s prefix grubenv then load env fi set default quot quot if prev saved entry then set saved entry prev saved entry save env saved entry set prev saved entry save env prev saved entry set boot once true fi function savedefault if -z boot once then saved entry chosen save env saved entry fi function recordfail set recordfail if -n have grubenv then if -z boot once then save env recordfail fi fi insmod ext set root ' hd ' search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set ae b -e - -b a - cabd dd d if loadfont usr share grub unicode pf then set gfxmode x insmod gfxterm insmod vbe if terminal output gfxterm then true else For backward compatibility with versions of terminal mod that don't understand terminal output terminal gfxterm fi fi insmod ext set root ' hd '... Read more

A:Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix; gone wrong.

When you see GRUB boot options, select your Windows install and hit Enter. Immediately press and hold F8. You will see a screen with quite a few options. Select "Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure" and hit Enter. COpy paste the BSOD code here.
It should probably be 0X000007B or 0X00000024
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Help please - I'm having trouble with this Win7 Toshiba NB520.
It won't boot, it either brings up this screen;Windows Error Recovery
"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause."
1) Launch startup repair (recommended)
2) Start windows normally   etc..
(neither option works.)
or this screen;Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.23
PXE-EGI-Media test failure,check cable
Operating system not found
I can get into Bios/Boot Manager (and the HDD is showing) and this is the info listed.CPU Type Intel Atom ™ CPU N570
CPU Speed 1.66GHz
HDD/SSD Toshiba MK2575GSX- (S1)
Total Memory 2048MB
System Bios Version V1.80
Any/all help gratefully received and eagerly anticipated!

A:Toshiba Netbook won't boot/brings up "Windows Error Recovery"

The PXE error typically indicates a failing CMOS/RTC battery.  Error arises because system is trying to boot from network, which is probably how Windows was installed on the system.
I'd replace the CMOS battery, if it's easy.  That system seems to be a netbook and replacing the RTC/CMOS battery may best be accomplished by taking it to an authorized/reliable shop.
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i have a Packard Bell Dot S2 Netbook. When i bought it, i made 2 partitions for Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Then I wanted to remove Ubuntu, so i deleted his partition. Now, when i restart, i read only "Grub rescue >".
I read in this forum that i should reinstall Windows 7 using the CD, but my netbook can't read CDs!
I can use another pc with Windows 7....can i use it to fix the problem?

A:Removing Ubuntu partition from Netbook, Windows 7 doesn't boot.

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You can create a w7 installer on a USB flash drive and reinstall with that. For how see here: Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Download the iso file for your w7 version from here, Dell Community Sometime the iso will not work the first time and requires a re-download.

Here is a tutorial with all the above info. USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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Hi All,
my windows 8 asus vivobook x202e will not boot up to windows.
When powered on it says preparing automatic repair and just sits there for hours if left be.
Before this issue started I did not make any recovery disk and the PC did not come with any either.
I called both Asus and Microsoft and got nowwhere. Asus says call Microsoft to get recover media and Microsoft says it is Asus's problem. It is just out of warranty (over 1 year old) cost $400 and I need to have it working.
I tried the BIOS changing etc and tried f9 function key but to no await.
Any suggestions on what could be tried to fix I would appreciate it.

A:Windows 8 ASUS Netbook will not boot up windows Help

Welcome to Eight Forums,

Really surprised ASUS could not direct you even though out of warranty. Think still has to be a recovery partition on this notebook and going to have to get the Product key to do the below, believe should be in BIOS or contact ASUS again. Some others here may know how to recover it.

In Bios saw no kind of diagnostics ? Download manual here

Chances need to create Windows Media installation disc or USB Flash.
Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

Look here Computer stuck in "Preparing Automatic Repair" loop - Microsoft Community

F8 should then bring you to the Boot manager after have disc or USB made.

Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help
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I'm trying to fix my Acer netbook, the problem is that whenever I turn it on it turns on normally, I can press F2, screen comes up, I can press F8, screen pops up, that stuff works fine, but the issue is that after it goes to the Windows XP loading screen, it loads fine but then after the loading it just goes back and does the whole process over and over again, it's in an endless loop and is there any way I can fix it? As you probably know, there's no place to put a CD in a netbook.

edit: safe mode doesn't work either.

A:Acer Aspire One Netbook Windows XP Endless Loading Screen Loop

On another computer create a bootable Flash drive with Seatools for DOS. How To Create Bootable USB Disk For Seagate SeaTools For DOS
On this computer, boot into Setup (Bios) go to Boot Priority, choose USB as First boot device. Put the flash drive in and restart. Do the Short and the Long tests on the HDD. If either test fails, you will need to replace the HDD.
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Hello First of all thank you for your time in reading this boot HP remove using will infection Windows Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes Mini after Netbook to not post Question one I have an HP Mini Netbook and was fortunate to have welcomed the Anti-virus Action infection what a lovely experience I have removed viruses before so I had Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on my desktop Once the infection was confirmed I rebooted in Safe Mode with Networking then ran Anti-Malware The scan resulted in a few various infections which I removed Then it rebooted and I then ran another scan Mid-scan the computer shut down then rebooted However Windows is entirely unable to boot It boots up then arrives to the screen where only HP Mini Netbook - will not boot Windows after using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove infection options are enter F boot device order or F BIOS HP Mini Netbook - will not boot Windows after using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove infection And if I do HP Mini Netbook - will not boot Windows after using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove infection not select one of these two only options quickly it moves on to a blank black screen with a blinking quot quot in the top upper left-hand corner and there it stays The hard drive must have been compromised or registry files damaged you would know better than I based on the info I ve given Trouble-shooting I am able to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and this reboots but just arrives to the same point I can go into F or F but am unsure what actions to perform or configuration adjustments to help correct Windows never boots My thoughts some quick research online leads me to believe that I will need to reinstall Windows XP So having a netbook I would need to get a CD drive connectable via USB and I should purchase a Windows XP OS install disc then take it from there Or is the netbook dead THOUGHTS Question two does McAfee suck I also have a desktop computer that is now infected with I believe the Defragmentor virus yay I am trying to identify how these are being transmitted I do not go to any subversive sites and I have been trying to use Opera browser to stay away from IE Does anyone know if it is possible that such sites as parentwatch com a daycare live quot nanny cam quot site or a virtual office site a work site where I can log in and have a virtual office e-mails etc could possibly be channels of entry for these fabulous infections I have noticed that my increased usage of these sites corresponds to the arrival of the unwelcome infections coming my way Wishing everyone in Bleepingcomputer com land a great weekend and thank you for any feedback provided Dee

A:HP Mini Netbook - will not boot Windows after using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove infection

You can get help from an expert in trying to repair this damage or reload the computer?Most netbooks have a restore partition since there's no cd driveRecovery Manager is also accessible by pressing F11 during boot and allows users to recover the factory preinstalled image. The recover manager allows you to perform the following by selecting the Yes button and then the Next button on the appropriate screen: * Software program re-installation: o If you select Yes and Next , you will see a software re-installation screen that helps you reinstall software that was included with your computer. Select Next and you will be provided a list of programs and be asked to choose which program you wish to reinstall. Follow the onscreen instructions. o If you select No and Next , you will be asked if you want the following: * Hardware driver re-installation: o If you select Yes and Next , you will see a hardware driver re-installer screen that helps you reinstall hardware drivers that were shipped with your computer. Select Next and you will be provided a list of drivers and be asked to choose which driver you wish to reinstall. Follow the onscreen instructions. o If you select No and Next , you will be asked if you want the following: * Microsoft system restore: o If you select Yes and Next , the Microsoft System Restore requires you to leave the Recovery Manager and by selecting Next , you will be forwarded to the Windows System Restore program. Follow the onscreen instructions. o If you select No and Next , you will be asked if you want the following: * Recover your computer to its original factory condition: o If you select Yes and Next , your computer will automatically start the shutdown procedure and reopen in the System Restore program. Be sure you want to completely restore your computer to its initial factory settings before proceeding. Otherwise select cancel. o If you select No and Next , you will be provided information for contacting HP Support. Clicking Finish will close the program.
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I know a version of this forum has been started on here, but everything I have read, it is being said that they need to use the OS disc and run the repair and all that. But this is a Netbook with no CDROM drive. USB and SDcard drives, that's all. Is it possible to repair this without the CD? Even the onscreen message is the same message everyone gets, "You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the Original Setup CD-ROM." But no drive to do this.
It is an ASUS Netbook
OS is XP

A:Boot issue on netbook, missing or corrupted file Windows\System32\Config\System

Do you have or can borrow an external DVD drive? Then go into the BIOS and change the order so that USB is first boot option. Samsung and Lite-on do USB powered DVD RW drives made to use with netbooks, no doubt they could see a market for them with the millions of netbooks being sold ! Then you need an OS disc of the type you are using, and you can try a repair.
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Im after a second opinion
I do a lot of screen repairs as part of my repair service, however this is for my lady friends little sister so dont want to buy unnecessary bits!

here is the issue:
Now i think its the monitor cables, as if you tilt the screen back too far you loose the image completely and jsut have the back light.

Ive stripped it down fully and checked it over and cant see anything obvious (other than the chassis was broken in a lot of places from several droppings! (dont ask)

A new screen is cheaper than the cables.. soo i dont want to have to buy both to find out its just one. soo if anyone else wants to offer an opinion im happy to listen.

p.s i was amazed that this netbook has built in ram.. its ram slot was empty lol.. strange and weird meh!

A:Netbook, faulty screen or screen cables. Second opinion needed.

Quote: Originally Posted by badger906

Im after a second opinion
I do a lot of screen repairs as part of my repair service, however this is for my lady friends little sister so dont want to buy unnecessary bits!

here is the issue:
Now i think its the monitor cables, as if you tilt the screen back too far you loose the image completely and jsut have the back light.

Ive stripped it down fully and checked it over and cant see anything obvious (other than the chassis was broken in a lot of places from several droppings! (dont ask)

A new screen is cheaper than the cables.. soo i dont want to have to buy both to find out its just one. soo if anyone else wants to offer an opinion im happy to listen.

p.s i was amazed that this netbook has built in ram.. its ram slot was empty lol.. strange and weird meh!

Probably not the screen IMO if it happened all of a sudden (if not dropped immediately before). If it is (and it isn't under warranty) it is probably either the inverter, or driver.
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Hi all,
I find that the Windows 7 boot screen slows down the boot process on my machine. Is there a way to restore the old Vista scrolling loading bar? I know it's there as my netbook uses it.


A:Changing the Windows 7 Boot Screen back to Vista's boot screen

Boot manager is the same as in vista! It doesn't slow down your machine.
Or do you mean something different with "boot screen"?
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My netbook has been working fine no problems, just restarted it and it is unable to boot, weather it's in safe mode (with or without command prompt) it crashes on the windows xp splash screen and restarts.
I disabled the automatic restart so I could see the error code:

STOP: c0000135 {unable to locate} winsrv was not found.

There is no cd drive in the netbook and I don't have an xp disk, there are usb ports.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



A:Netbook won't boot

Hello trashmanash, and to BC!! Just to check in, have you seen this article?What is the make and model of your netbook? Do you have access to a CD drive via a USB cable (an external CD drive) or a USB device itself? And do you have access to an installation CD from a friend or colleague? Keep in mind, the installation CD should be the same installation as you have installed. XP home, or XP pro discs matter.bloopie
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Hi there, ..
I have a net-book with only 2 usb ports that won't boot. (Black screen)

I remember it has happened before but I forgot the steps I did to fix it...

I remember I used something like PeToUSB or something...and some other tools to successfully bring it to the OS..

Please let me know what should I do in order for me to remember the necessary steps ...

Thanks a lot

A:netbook won't boot......

Follow it: Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start
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Acer Aspire boot netbook won't One D netbook My year old netbook won't boot nephew has netbook won't boot somehow hosed his netbook which is out of warranty and which is running windows starter edition He says that prior to this current problem the system would attempt to load windows but he would get an error msg and the system would reboot on its own I think he got some kind virus not the first time that this has happened He attempted to perform some type of recovery restore option and now whenever he starts it the following is what happens It kinda boots into windows and displays the following msg setup is starting services then error msg quot The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error Windows installation cannot proceed To install windows click ok to restart the computer and then restart the installation The system will just hang there until you click on ok and reboot After rebooting the cycle repeats I believe that at this point my best option is to do a factory restore I am able to press F and get into the bios settings and pressing F gets me to the boot order menu However pressing ALT F locks up the system instead of getting me into the recovery menu I'm pretty good with computers but I'm definitely stuck on this one His netbook doesn't have an optical drive and I don't have access to any windows installation discs I was able to make a win recovery cd from my work computer and then copy those files to a usb thumb drive I'm able to boot his netbook off of that but don't have the factory restore option on there I can get to a command prompt and see his hard drive which has three partitions C which has hidden files and MEG of free disk space out of meg total D has a bunch of different files and folders and GIG of free disk space out of a total of gig E has serveral files and folders on it and GIGS free disk space out of a total of gig I know how to work with the command prompt and I think that maybe there is an executable file on here that will start the factory restore process However I want to be very careful and not make the situation worse I don't believe that there is anything wrong with the hardware it's just a software issue If anyone can help me out I'll really appreciate it I just want to get this kid his netbook back in working order so that he can do his homework on it and whatever he does on the internet Thank you

A:netbook won't boot

The D: partition is used to reinstall Windows to factory defaults.
Boot in safe mode by tapping the F8 button when you see the Acer logo splash screen.

Select Advanced Options or Repair Computer. Select your lanuage then select repair your computer. The repair enviroment will attempt to locate or detect an installation of Windows 7. After it is found highlight it then select next or repair. When that is done go to other options go to command prompt type in then hit enter....


If you want to try to reinstall Windows to factory default below is an attachment of a user guide in pdf format.
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Hi all
I go to start my netbook and it doesn't boot into windows but it goes straight into startup repair. I can't press F8 or anything, it is really annoying. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time

A:Netbook won't boot up :(

Have you ran the repair?
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Acer 250 netbook
Windows 7
160 HD
1.6 Intell Atom CPU
1 gB rAM
when turn on power button, immediately screen comes up Windows Boot Manager
Windows failed to start. To fix the problem:
1) Insert you windows installation disc and restart your computer. (can't. it's a netbook and does'nt hane cd/dvd rom and didn't come with a disc.)
2) Click repair your computer.

Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.
Does this mean HD went bad. It's 1st on list of boot order. If did and I need new HD, what do I do to get OS back on it? But new win7 disc and put it on usb flash drive so I can install on new HD?

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I got this new Sony Vaio and for some reason it wont boot.

It hangs after logo screen, Black screen.
I can get into bios fine, I tryed repairing windows with a usb drive.

Its windows 7 Starter.

any ideas?

A:My netbook wont boot up

Can you boot it into Safe Mode? Press F8 repeatedly and quickly as the machine is booting up?
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I recently tried installing OpenSolaris on my Gateway lt3103u. OpenSolaris fails to boot, allowing me to only get so far as the loading bar before crashing. I decided to try a different OS instead. Placing openSUSE on my flash drive, I proceeded to attempt booting from the USB. My netbook ignores the USB and tries to boot OpenSolaris, which still fails to boot. This occurs regardless of the utility I use to install openSUSE (or any other Linux distro) on my flash drive. This leaves me with a grub command line to work from on my netbook(something I have no experience using) and my Windows 7 Desktop. Does anyone have some idea of what I can do to fix my netbook?
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I need to reinstall windows on my netbook because I cannot boot due to an unfixable blue screen.

I have bought an external CD-drive and have plugged it in the USB port.
I changed the settings in the BIOS to boot from a CD.
I restart the netbook, and I can hear the CD being read, but nothing happens, and the netbook tries to boot as usual.
Since it is an external device, should I be changing the BIOS to run from something different? There is no options for external devices.
I am sure I am using the correct CD (Windows XP Reinstallation CD) but I don't know what I am doing wrong. I get 'Press any key to boot from CD' on my desktop PC but not on my netbook.

Please help, thanks.

A:My netbook wont boot from CD?

You are doing everything right. If the CD spins up, that means that the computer recognizes it, but doesn't find a boot file on it. Test your XP CD on another computer (just to see if it boots, go no further) You can try a different XP CD, or try making an XP Bootable Flash Drive.
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I am considering getting a netbook through an online company and with it would have installed 2gb memory, 500gb hdd and Win 7 32 bit Home Premium. For various reasons (accessing older hardware on the go etc...) I want to be able to dual boot from XP Pro (I have like 3 unused retail licenses) and the 7 home premium 32 bit that I might also upgrade later. Netbook doesn't come with media. Is there a way to do this? I have an upgrade disc that came with my desktop PC but, it is 64 bit.

A:Dual Boot Netbook XP Pro and Win 7 32 bit?

No problem, just shrink the Win7 partition in Disk Management to install from booted XP CD. Let CD format the partition.

May need to add SATA controllers to see HD during install: SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

After Xp starts, install EasyBCD 2.0 (after installing Net Framework 2.0 to run it in XP) to Add Win7 to Dual Boot Menu.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
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I have netbook gateway procc intel atom, window starter. 2 days ago, i browsed internet then i restart computer. i did something wrong when i click on window with startup repair (not to click start window normally). now my netbook stuck on blue screen. When i opened command prompt it says x:window\system32>.. my drive c was gone. Anyone can help it will be appreciated. sorry for my english. Thank you.

A:netbook gateway can not boot

Check your ram.
Memory Diagnostics Tool
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Check your HD.
1) Boot DVD, & Press Shift+F10 (for command prompt)
2) Boot DVD, & Command Prompt at Startup (for command prompt)
Open an command prompt.
In the command prompt, type chkdsk C: f/x/r/v and press Enter.

Disk Check
Check Disk - chkdsk - Vista Forums
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Check Disk (chkdsk) - Read Event Viewer Log

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic
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We have a netbook that crashed this afternoon - went to the wall paper when we were doing a virus scan

Did the scan - found the virus - deleted the virus - computer monitor went to the wallpaper.

Netbook has been shut down and started back up, several times. Now we get the wallpaper.

I can push F12 and start it in safe mode. But there are no icons and right clicking on the mouse does not bring up the normal menu,

Control Alt Delete brings up the task manager that shows a bunch of stuff happening - but none are shown as icons on the desktop. There is no task bar at the bottom either.

ANY help you can offer - would REALLY be appreciated

Thank you
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I will do my best to provide as much information as possible but I wasn t around to cause the problem so Any Boot in Netbook Mode on Can't WinXP I only know what I see now and what I was told My father booted up his netbook Can't Boot WinXP in Any Mode on Netbook mistake giving this to an old man but that s for another discussion and said Can't Boot WinXP in Any Mode on Netbook that a box popped up saying he had several viruses I don t know if it was a real warning from his AV software or one of those stupid fake pop-ups However he says he never clicked anything but the quot red X quot to close everything The system then restarted itself and he said that it had been stuck on the WinXP splash screen for at least a half hour I attempted every single Can't Boot WinXP in Any Mode on Netbook boot option in an attempt to get something to load but the system always hangs It seems to always hang when attempting to load the agpCPQ sys file Not sure if that is the source of the problem Now I will say I have very little experience with netbooks and am unsure how things are done I know that he has no disks that came with it and of course without a cd drive I am guessing I need to make some sort of recovery disk on a usb drive but am not sure what to do from there really My alternative plan is to use my ubuntu usb drive and run the live desktop from there in an attempt to gain access to the disk drive Is this a good idea Any help would be greatly appreciated EDIT I also forgot to add that it is a Gateway Netbook not sure what model The bios has an option for D D Recovery it is enabled but when I hit alt-f in order to access it nothing happens either and goes to the boot options screen

A:Can't Boot WinXP in Any Mode on Netbook

Hi, do you own a copy of the OS if you do then download this .... ... this will copy your disc to usb, make sure that the netbook is set to boot from usb in the bios settings, then follow the instructions here ... you need to do a repair to your windows file system.

Hope this helps.
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Hi boot acer cannot [SOLVED] netbook I have this Acer Aspire One netbook AO h- db working on Windows A few days back it just refused to start-up when the power [SOLVED] acer netbook cannot boot switch on The blue light on power switch is lit and the fan [SOLVED] acer netbook cannot boot runs but no HDD activity Can go into F setup and when pressing F button repeatedly sometimes times it starts up normally Can go into Safe Mode There is no problem at all while the pc is running works superbly - it only cannot restart or switched on normally Action taken so far Checked CMOS battery V OK Did thorough virus scan with AVG SAS Malwarebyte and Spybot - no virus found Upgraded BIOS from V to V Did Chkdisk and memtest and phisically cleaned RAM connector Did Recovery to Factory Default Reinstalled windows updates and Acer drivers Disassemble PC and cleaned out dust No battery installed - works on mains all the time Intel R Atom CPU N Ghz RAM Gb HDD Hitachi Gb OS Windows Startup Repair Problem Signature Prob Event Name Startup Repair Offline Prob Signature -do- unknown AutoFailOver No root cause OS Ver - Locale ID StartUp Repair cannot repair this computer automatically send info ab the prob Please Help me solve this problem

A:[SOLVED] acer netbook cannot boot

Did you check your hard drive connection? Sometimes it helps to remove the hard drive completely from the system and then replace it back into the system. See your system manual for steps to replace the hard drive.
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hi all just hoping someone on here can help me out i have an asus netbook HA win xp and it has worked every day for the past years with no problems I recently moved house and so have been to busy to use it though i have used it in my new place so it wasnt damaged during the move I didnt use it for over a week Asus Netbook Boot Wont and now it will not boot When i turn it on it does power up but a few seconds in it turns off I have tried a Asus Netbook Wont Boot different charger different battery and different ram in it but it still has the same problem When it powers off the battery charge light does go off briefly I Asus Netbook Wont Boot tried removing the battery for a few days to see if it helped but it did not I have no idea what to do next Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Daniel nbsp

A:Asus Netbook Wont Boot

Hi and welcome.
Try removing the battery and the power supply - hold down the power on button for say 30 seconds
Reconnect battery and power cord and try start up again.
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I have an asus netbook that will not boot into windows. It will go into a loop after the windows splash screen back into start windows normally or startup repair (recommended) screen. I blamed a bad hdd at first but then put in known hdd and same thing. Almost as if its not reading the hdd. What can I do?

A:Netbook won't boot from hard drive.

can you boot into safemode - tap f8 as the pc starts
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My wife used her netbook after the anti-virus subscription expired and apparently got infected. The unit will not boot. It attempts to boot in last known good setting but then quits right about the time it normally starts. Even if there is something I can download how can I get it into the machine. can I use my working unit to fix my broken one, and if so how.
Looking for help!

A:my operating system won't boot on netbook

Hello ogr8one,what is the Opeeating System?
Did you notice any particular malware,by name.
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My ASUS Eee PC netbook suddenly will not startup properly.
The following screens display
1. Grey ASUS screen
2. Black AMI screen showing numerous options such as " Press ESC for BBS SETUP; Press F9 for Image Recovery; Press ALT+F2 to execute ASUS EZ Flash"...etc until at the bottom it has "Please enter Setup to recover BIOS Setting;Press F1 to run setup;Press F2 to load default values and continue
3. black screen with "executing Windows Pre-intallation Environment..."
4. the 'Windows XP' wait screen
5. Blue/grey screen with ASUS swirl background and dialog box with "You will lose all your data during system recovery. Ensure to back up your important data before recovery your system" (sic) and two buttons. one witha tick and one with a running man

What is it doing and how do I stop it ? I have not backed up my data !
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I miss my lunchtime buddy Here s the manual http www msi com index php func downloadfile amp dno amp type manual This boot doesn't MSI netbook U120 is about year and months old I haven t upgraded it mostly because there s almost nothing to upgrade The on button glows blue The battery icon glows green when plugged in The moon crescent MSI netbook U120 doesn't boot aka MSI netbook U120 doesn't boot the suspend icon is a steady blue According to the manual a state of suspended-ness is a flashing blue There is no sound of the hard drive going No POST Usually holding the on off button will turn it off The only time it goes off now is when the battery is either dead or taken out I m very careful with this machine and haven t dropped or jolted it Since it is past the warranty time I do know enough to open it up to peek inside I haven t yet One day I had the thing going Next day when I took it in for a tune-up the darn thing wouldn t turn on for the tech Or me nbsp

A:MSI netbook U120 doesn't boot

Thinking about opening it up and seeing if anything's loose.

Any thoughts?
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Netbook MSI Wind U No optical CD DVD disk drive OS Windows XP Home Pre-installed Purchased March Problem Description Boot brings up the white on black screen with the options of Safe Start etc Whichever option selected Netbook Can't MSI boot Wind U100 or if no option selected then after seconds - restarts and brings back that same screen Solution Attempts Tried to change Can't boot MSI Wind U100 Netbook BIOS parameters by hitting Del during startup enabling disabling one by one each parameter In vain same behavior Tried power-off pressing the power switch then disconnect the power cable then detach the battery then reverse the procedure and power-on Same results On purchase the computer came with two original disks - NOTEBOOK Driver Utilities Manual - Recovery DVD Since I don t have an external optical CD DVD disk drive I copied each of the disks to a DiskOnKey and to a SD card and tried to reboot from each of them by changing the startup order during reboot F - No option to boot from SD card - Starting from DiskOnKey brings up error message that says it isn t a system disk Power on with the power switch As soon as MSI logo appears press F for several seconds Recovery to Factory Settings starts with all sort of warnings Approved all Machine pretended to work hard for several minutes and then - - - guess what it reverted back to the same white on black screen see Problem Description above So we are back to square one What next PS I don t mind losing all my data It s backed up on the cloud I just want to revive the computer with its pre-installed OS of course hate to throw more money and buy Win-XP again PLS Help nbsp

A:Can't boot MSI Wind U100 Netbook

Try the method here to make a bootable XP install Usb stick :-

I have done it this way myself and it works. (I didn't use WinToFlash btw).

If you set Usb as the 1st bootable device in the Bios and manually change the menu that shows onscreen just after the install starts to use the lower boot option you can leave the computer to do the rest automatically.
Otherwise you will have to wait for the first reboot and use the computers startup menu to make it boot the Usb stick again, this time let it boot the 1st option (default).

EDIT : I think this will work work with an XP recovery disk as the source for the XP files.
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Today my netbook fell on the ground after my dog accidently pulled the power cable, and my screen broke. It's a gateway LT2012H. I got it in January from Futureshop and got the warranty. I was just wondering what can be done. If I go into Futureshop and say the wrong thing it could not get me a new one so I need to see what to do. Or if it is cheap to replace it, or if warranty with gateway or futureshop covers it.

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Hello I have been given my brothers netbook as he said that Blue Netbook. Screen on he was using it then it turned off He tried to turn it back on and it would just start to boot the screen would flash blue then it would start to boot again It would repeat this indefinitely I tapped F when starting up and selected quot Turn off automatic restart on Blue Screen on Netbook. fatal error quot or something like that and now it stops on this blue screen The blue screen reads this Quote A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer SYSTEM LICENSE VIOLATION If this is the first time you've seen this Blue Screen on Netbook. Stop error screen restart your computer If this screen appears again follow these steps Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed If this is a new installation as your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you might need If problems continue disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing If you need to use Safe mode to remove or disable components restart your computer press F to select Advanced Startup Options and then select Safe Mode Technical information STOP X A XC X X I have attempted to start in safe mode which just brings the above screen back up Also attempted quot Start with the most recent settings that worked quot etc This also brings up the same error message Looking online a lot of people with the same or nearly same blue screen error message run chkdsk r and this could be a fix for this problem but I can't get to a stage to attempt this Also seen as this is a netbook it has no CD drive for any recovery disks my brother just wants a working netbook nothing on the HDD is important so all can be deleted Can anyone help Please Many thanks Netbook emachines eM series Windows XP Home

A:Blue Screen on Netbook.


The SYSTEM_LICENSE_VIOLATION bug check has a value of 0x0000009A. This bug check indicates that the software license agreement has been violated.

Backup all personal files, and boot the computer and enter the Recovery partition and Restore the computer to Factory Defaults.
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Dear All,

My Samsung Netbook has developed the below glitch in the screen ever since it fell off:-

Is that some problem with the display device gone loose or something?

I took a snapshot via PrtScn of the Netbook and viewed it in my desktop, it was clean without the spots as seen in the above image. Does that imply it's a issue with the Netbook screen?

Is there any software to check if the devices in the Netbook are still functioning properly or not? In case there is no single software to achieve that, you can suggest me individual software say to check graphics device, hard drive etc.

A:Dots in Netbook screen

PrtScr records only what is sent to screen, not actual picture of it. Considering that snapshot taken like that is clean, the only thing left is a physical damage to the screen with a slight chance of flat cable going from the machine to screen is slightly pulled or damaged. Afraid that only changing the screen itself can rectify this. problem. You can try connecting to an external monitor but I bet that picture will be fine there.
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My son has a MSI U135DX running win xp on a 32 bit system.. He started it up the other day and just hangs on the win xp screen - have tried to boot in safe mode and normally and with command promp - nothing it just scrolls through with a list of drivers and stops. Am stuck for ideas.

Can anyone HELP please


A:Netbook hanging on Win XP screen

One thing I do too often is loose patience and don't let it sit there working long enough. Try giving it a bunch of time after it scrolls through it's list of drivers. Minutes, not hours.

If it does go passed that point after waiting it out, let us know and we'll go on from there.
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Good morning folks I have an Acer netbook about 2months now and yesterday it froze so powered it off to shut it down, next day when(today) when I put it on there is a broken coloured line appearing at start up is there anything I can do?

A:Acer netbook screen

Hi trinishoes and welcome to TSF.

So you are able to boot into Windows normally again, but there is now a line appearing on the monitor?

Can you check you Device Manager for any warnings (yellow exclamation points) next to anything.
Right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'. In the Computer Management window, select 'Device Manager' on the left and look for any warning signs.

I'm hoping that this is just a faulting driver issue and not a hardware issue. (Broken Screen) I take it that the netbook hasn't been dropped or knocked about?

If it does turn out to be a damaged screen, then seeing as it's only 2 months old, it should still be under warranty.
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I don't know why, but my desktop is now far too big for my screen on my HP Mini. I can't see the bottom, right or left hand side of the desktop. I've tried looking at the screen resolution, but nothing that I do there seems to have any effect. Can someone help please as I can't even access the switch off button!

A:Desktop too big for screen on Netbook

Hi Fijay10,

Try this: Go to control panel, and go to Appearance & Personalization. Look for Display and click Make text or other items bigger or smaller is underscored. Select it and click the appropiate size 100% and apply. Restart the computer and it should be fixed.
Oh and return it to Native resolution after that.

Failing that you may need a Graphics Driver update or you may not have one intalled, if this is the case then some modes will not be listed.

Please post Model number HP Mini .....


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My friend has a Asus Eee PC PEB and she gave it to me to fix What I immediately screen problem Netbook noticed was the problem was that the screen did not work When you turn it on the screen flashes on very shortly Netbook screen problem showing just the blinking cursor line in the top-left corner and then shuts Netbook screen problem off From that point on the screen stays completely dark with no image on it whatsoever until you turn the computer off and then back on and start this all over again I plugged the computer into my external monitor and it worked fine although the image was positioned very awkwardly so that I could only see about of the actual image So I narrowed the problem down to either the screen itself or the cable connecting it to the motherboard I took the computer apart and Netbook screen problem tried unplugging the cable attached to the motherboard from the screen and then plugging it back in This did not change anything Not sure whether the problem was the cable or the screen I wanted to narrow it down to just one of them So I thought I would try plugging the cable into the screen from another laptop This also did not work In fact after doing so I couldn t even get the computer to turn on anymore I pressed the power button the blue power light went on and then the computer shut off The only way I was able to get the computer to turn on again was by unplugging the screen cable from the motherboard So the current state of the computer is that it only works when that cable is not plugged into it It doesn t matter whether the other end of the cable is plugged into the screen or not it just can t be plugged into the motherboard So I m wondering Am I correct in thinking that the problem is either with the screen the cable or both What might have happened when I plugged the cable into another screen that caused the motherboard to hate the cable forever I would like to know what I can tell my friend to have replaced - the cable the screen the whole computer If anyone has any wisdom on this subject I would appreciate it very much Thank you nbsp

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Hey guys I am boot Windows Windows dual 8 Black up. 8 installed, Screen! boot won't having an issue when installing the consumer preview So I downloaded the W iso off of Microsoft's site I burned it to a Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! DVD with GB free of storage I even bought a new set of DVDs Anyways I downloaded the iso I downloaded the USB DVD download tool there I burned my iso to the DVD So I then create a partition on my computer I gave the new partition GB of storage I rebooted my computer pressed F and access the burned DVD So I click custom installation and I install the new OS onto the partition with GB I named it the partition Windows so I wouldn't get confused I clicked it and installed Windows onto it Anyways once it extracts the data and installs all Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! the Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! updates my computer screen goes black for a few seconds Then it load's the fish icon and then goes black It loads nothing and it just stays there I have tried using the startup repair and it cannot fix it I decided to reinstall the OS but format the partition and then install It does the same exact thing Anyways how do I get rid of the black screen Windows won't boot up I allowed a dual boot by the way so I still have windows but I really want to try Windows I followed this guide if anyone was wondering

A:Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen!

I'm having similar issues with Vista and W8. I put W8 on an empty and freshly created partition.
I can get W8 to run but then on every restart or reboot I can not get back to Vista from the "blue dual boot screen". I select Vista as the OS, the laptop goes to the Acer splash screen and then the screen goes black and the HDD light goes off completely. And that's it. Have to do a forced shutdown holding power button and then on next reboot it will go to Vista.
Fortunately I have full Acronis disk images so I can just revert back to before all this but like you I really want to try W8.
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Hi guys,

My little netbook has started to stall for several minutes on boot. It seems to be related to the network setting or adaptor. I am not really sure how to log this, or diagnose. Nothing shows up in the basic troubleshooting etc. Do not know what info is needed. It works fine in safe mode btw.
Gateway LT2102h
Windows 7 starter 32 bit 6.1 build 7600
intel atom cpu n450 @ 1.66GHz
1024MB ram
Atheros AR8123 ethernet
Atheros AR5B93 wireless

Any help would be appreciated. I will post any further info required. Sorry, not very knowledgeable with this stuff.



A:Netbook stalls on boot (possible network adaptor etc?)

My little netbook has started to stall for several minutes on boot. It seems to be related to the network setting or adaptor.Hello and Welcome -I fail to see why a Network setting would slow you from normal boot times, unless you actually mean Internet Access or the netbook is part of a network -Have you deleted Temp files, and run a Malware cleaner like SuperantiSpyware FreeDo you have Win7 ServicePack 1 installed (not mentioned), and an Antivirus program installed and running to check for basic problems ??Please post back with these items or further questions, and we can run a few quick, non intrusive scans.Thank You -
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Hello I was given an Acer aspire one KAV netbook to repair The first Acer hdd.cannot wont from usb. install boot xp from Netbook few times i turned it on it would boot up just fine to the OEM XPSP Once it loads the desktop if left as it is it would turn off in a minute and goes into a restart loop But once the desktop loads if i use the netbook like opening documents music and random things like that it would stay on for a maximum of mins but eventually then goes into restart loop if put into safemode wont load desktop restarts in short nothing on the advanced startup f worked it either wont boot or restart after showing desktop I swapped ram no hope removed hdd cleaned the terminals and installed it no hope So decided that the OS is corrupt My only option to reinstall OS was using USB amp wintoflash no optical drive Borrowed sp cd from a friend works perfect on other compuers and made bootable usb xp installer After booting from usb if i select gui install option it loads to the Acer Netbook wont boot from hdd.cannot install xp from usb. point where it asks for repair or new installation before i can select netbook restarts Not everytime but sometime it would ask for OEM mass storage driver With no floppy drive it proceeds to then next step if i press S or ENTER if i select text install option shows I O error on bootsec dos with no other option left tried inbuilt Acer eRecovery Netbook restarted and proceeded with recovery it asked if i want to wipe or reinstall with backup of data tried reinstall with backup first it would go till the last step of recovery and restart abruptly wipe clean option also led to abrupt restart Now it would only boot from usb or into eRecovery but inside recovery only Exit button can be clicked tried using different usb flash drives different sp copies different computers same result whats the problem please help me install xp with all due respect linux is out of question

A:Acer Netbook wont boot from hdd.cannot install xp from usb.

An external CD drive would help to use a XP CD?

As for the problem, it could be a damaged hard drive. Have you tried swapping it out for another one?
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a friend asked me to look at their daughters netbook as it would not boot it came new with no disc etc been told this is normal for dell and that it should have a recovery partition so i switched it on and you get the dell boot bar loading then it just goes to a blank screen screen works cause i can get into bios no probs no option to boot in safe mode though so i did a bit of reading on the net and came across this http partedmagic com so i installed it onto a usb and boot to usb which loads part magic everything works on there wifi internet tools etc etc in this i ran checks on the HD and it said it was ok it gives its details as gib dev sda fat media sda dellutillity mb dev sda ntfs media sda os gig so i suspect the recover stuff is on the dell utility partition but how do i get to it if it will not boot from the HD it a dell inspiron net book thanks for any help

A:help needed dell inspiron netbook will not boot

Do these steps work?

How to Recover Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook |
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After my computer froze yesterday windows would not boot anymore It would go to the winXP logo screen than BSOD I placed the HDD into an external enclosure but was unable to access the files on it because it was protected Later I found out it was because of the security settings on the files but now I can t even access the data anymore It said the disk isn t formatted When Boot netbook - BSOD Acer Error on I run chkdsk I get about a dozen errors It s a seagate drive but I can t see to run seatools on the drive in the enclosure keeps BSOD - Boot Error on Acer netbook saying test unavailable There lots of important data here that I ll like to recover such as BSOD - Boot Error on Acer netbook applications and such I moved all the info from my usb drives to netbook because the usb drive broke and how the HDD fails on me Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings User gt chkdsk BSOD - Boot Error on Acer netbook F The type of the file system is NTFS Volume label is ACER WARNING F parameter not specified Running CHKDSK in read-only mode CHKDSK is verifying files stage of Correcting a minor error in file File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File record segment is unreadable File verification completed Errors found CHKDSK cannot continue in read-only mode EDIT Check find this error code elsewhere STOP x ED x A DD xC x x and putting in another HDD works in the netbook EDIT Forgot to mention - I have tried to run recovery console with the setup disk but its says Setup did not find any HDD installed in your computer when I m clearly running it off an HDD EDIT Tried plugging into an linux machine The extra partition is seen but the primary one is not mounted Error message saying to run chkdsk f and reboot twice EDIT Read this http support microsoft com kbid but no help EDIT BSOD error msg changed slightly - STOP x ED x A C A xC x x nbsp

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anyone have one of the Ebay 89 buck Netbooks?
ostensibly runs Windows CE from ROM. Can they be booted with SD card or memory stick?

A:Solved: 7" Netbook boot options?

There are usually forums that specifically discuss a particular brand of computer or modding or something similar. You'll get far more responses and more information at a more specific forum.
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win 7 - chkdsk - netbook - no dvd drive
- need usb bootable flash drive with chkdsk

Netbook was fried (and just out of warranty).
Normally, put in the O/S (dvd) or at least boot to the repair partition.
But since the drive is "just about gone", it would be nice to try a CHKDSK and see if something is saveable (like the data and possibly the O/S still works?)

Any ideas? Researched ultimatebookcd (usb version) and it does not have chkdsk. Or is there a different windows 7 version?

A:win7 netbook no dvd chkdsk? boot flash?

I would run diagnostics on the drive . .

You can run diagnostics on the hard drive

See this for how to make a bootable cd
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Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I have an acer netbook, running win xp that started with google redirect problems. Had trouble getting AVG Anti virus free because it would start up. Finally did and did not find any problems. Had to download malwarebytes anti malware program and ran it and it did not find any problems either. Windows updates were downloading but were not installed because computer would freeze up. Now, the computer will not reboot correctly, keeps going in loops. Occasionally, get blue screen error with stop error:

STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xF765A71D, 0x9FD79580, 0x00000000)
atapi.sys - Address F765A71D base at F76500000, DateStamp 4802539d

Any suggestions?


A:google redirect, now netbook won't boot correctly

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerPlease take note:If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.
If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available.If you are unable to perform the steps we have recommended please try one more time and if unsuccessful alert us of such and we will design an alternate means of obtaining the necessary information.Once we start working together, please reply back within 3 days or this thread may be closed so we can help others who are waiting. If you will be unable to respond (e.g. vacation, travel, etc.), please let me know ahead of time.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process. Please also continue to work with me until I give you the all clear. Even if your computer appears to act better, you may still be infected.If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.If you have already posted a log, please do so again as instructed below, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.In addition to my questions above:How far does it make it before you get into the loop?What version of Windows is this? XP, Vista, 7?Do you have access to working computer and an empty USB flash drive? We may need this to access the unbootable computer.
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Hello, tried installing Epson XP 610 printer by downloading system from epson site. Epson took over the internet in order to instal wifi option to printer. Whole netbook screen froze and i could do nothing. Tried reboot by turning off and on but power came on but computer failed to boot hard drive and internet. I have no reboot disc as it is a netbook with no cd player, how can I get it to boot up? HELP

A:acer aspire netbook boot failure

I have two Acer netbooks in the house (different models). The first thing I did was buy an external DVD burner. The next thing I did was go to Programs, Acer, Acer eRecovery Management and burn the recovery DVDs.

Note: this is a radical last resort step because it restores your netbook to how it was when it left the factory. You lose all the programs you have installed, all the windows updates and patches and any programs you have removed because of new computer bloat will be back on your netbook.
You'd hold down the alt key and press F10 when you tirn on the computer. Click Restore Computer to Factory Defaults.

I'd probably recommend a less drastic measure first.
1. Buy an external DVD burner.
2. Get someone running Windows 7 (if that's what you are running) make a repair disk. If your computer is running 64 bit Win 7, the disk has to be made with the same bit-ness.
3. Use the repair disc to see if you can get Windows to boot.
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I removed windows defender and since then I cannot get the computer to go past the windows screen. I have tried all of the advances options and none of them work. Help !!! PS there is no cd drive

A:Can't boot my gateway netbook after removing defender

Hi, you will need to buy an External USB DVD Drive - similar to ones shown here.
Try booting from the Xp install Cd.
When prompted press [R]
Choose Windows installation [typically by pressing [1]
When prompted for password.
Press Enter.
Type chkdsk /r
[note space after chkdsk]

When fininshed.
Type Exit
And press Enter.

The Bios needs to be set to boot [Start] from the Cd - it may already be set to do so.

How to use Linux live Cd to backup files from a dead Pc
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Yeah was kinda messing around trying to fix things and seemed to make things worse My Netbook was dual-booting Windows Starter and JoliCloud OS -essentially Ubuntu- but I had some partitions and stuff I couldn't use due to a lot of ChromiumOS mucking around earlier Figured it'd be better to start from scratch wipe and start can't Buggered live Won't restore USB. Netbook. from boot, again This is where my problem lies now Baring in mind Acer Aspire One D Buggered Netbook. Won't boot, can't restore from live USB. no CD player So I have Windows XP booting from a USB that's fine However booting like that only shows the USB its on it doesn't even SHOW the hard drive Buggered Netbook. Won't boot, can't restore from live USB. in the netbook itself I deleted something crucial earlier so I can't boot normally either Something like quot Missing operating system error no such partition quot appears So I can boot from USB yes but when I do it doesn't recognise the actual hard drive Unless I can get it to do so I can't format and install Is there any way at all I can access my hard drive or have I done something irrepairable Help please

A:Buggered Netbook. Won't boot, can't restore from live USB.

Follow steps here to prepare a usb install drive.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Also, given the mess, during the install delete existing partitions and let windows use the unallocated space.

Or if you're trying to say something else, create a usb system repair disk and that should see your partitions (Read the entire article below).
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I have a acer netbook which I accidently knocked off the bed, the screen hasnt smashed, i get a load of lines, if i press the screen , i can see half of the normal windows page on one side, im guessing It will need a new screen, not fixed anything like this before, any advice please, ive had it hooked up to a moniter on vga moode and everything else is fine with the netbook, thanks

A:screen problem , dropped netbook

Since it was dropped more than likely something in the screen got damaged and will have to be repaired or replaced.
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Hello everyone I know a lot about computer programming and software related issues I friend of mine gave me his netbook which is a Toshiba NB Screen Is Netbook Any Ideas? Black I ve fixed a lot of malware issues etc in my time but not a lot of hardware issues so this is a learning experience for even me Due to the fact that I do know a thing or two about computers though hopefully this will help So here is the problem which hopefully some of you loevely people here can assit me with When you press power to the Netbook Screen Is Black Any Ideas? netbook it does appear to come on and the screen appears to light but you can t see anything This is a little hard to explain but essentially it Netbook Screen Is Black Any Ideas? s like having your TV when the screen is black because it s on the wrong input Also Netbook Screen Is Black Any Ideas? very shortly after booting up you can hear the WINDOWS startup noise meaning the CPU hard drive etc all appear to be working including the sound It means that basically the computer itself is working it just isn t showing anything on the screen at all or transmitting I ve used a flashlight to see if I can see anything in the screen i e windows words the login screen etc I can t see anything I m thinking the screen might need to be replaced but it could just be a cable or something disconnected maybe What steps should I go through here Thanks guys
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So I bought a new netbook for work travel recently and loaded a program that I need to use. Program runs fine and all, however the prescribed screen resolution for the program is 1024x768 and the netbook (with Windows 7 HE and an Intel GMA 3150) doesn't seem to want to go past 1024x600. Does anyone perhaps have a thought or a way to get 7 to display more here? I don't mind if I even just need to scroll around to get to all the material, but right now its just cutting off part of the program making it impossible to work on some of it.

A:Adjusting Netbook Screen Resolution

Hi Orion3,

While your 1024x768 program is a standard 4:3 aspect ratio, 1024x600 is a widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) as many netbooks have. I'm pretty sure that if 600 is the maximum pixel height it can display but you still need to match the 4:3 aspect ratio program, then you'll have to go down to 800x600 rather than up. Try that and let me know how it works.


Windows Outreach Team
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The screen to my Acer Aspire One netbook has been split into two parts by a white bar. Each side of the split is its own individual screen/window. This is all happening at startup. No error messages appear. Also when I go into the system hardware it does not allow me to update or roll back the drivers for the screen or graphic card. I am operating on windows XP. I would just want to knowhow i could fix thison my own or should i just take it in to be worked on.

A:Netbook Screen White Bar Split

Does this happen in Windows startup or computer (CMOS/BIOS) startup? Did this start after anytype of hardware, software, or update install?
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i have a acer netbook ,model A0531h and i got a black screen when i tried to start it matter what buttons i press "nothing" ....i went on youtube with another computer to check for a fix and it seems to be the black screen of death.. and it seems something to do with the bios, so i went on to acer support site, but there seems to be four different bios's ...could somebody tell me which bios i need to try and use,i bought a 4 gig usb flash drive to use as it as no cd rom.thanks in advance.
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I have windows starter on an Acer netbook The picture is only showing on about of the screen - eg I have a Netbook screen Problem with Acer on huge black space on the right and the top of the screen is repeated tiled at the bottom I have tried system restore restarts several times switched on and off several times and tried to change screen resolution all with no success on the screen resolution box it says the display is x but the highest resolution is x I can t take the slider any higher up This has been an intermittant problem for some time but usually corrects after a few restarts and shows on Problem with screen on Acer Netbook the full screen again However I ve spent several hours today trying to do it and nothing seems to work Tech Support Guy System Info Problem with screen on Acer Netbook Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Starter Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Atom TM CPU N GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Problem with screen on Acer Netbook

Hello PrehistoricCat and Welcome to TSG.

Restart the system, and on bootup start tapping F8 On the screen select Safe Mode. Do you have this issue there in safe mode? If not then I suspect corrupted video drivers. Uninstall the drivers there in safe mode and restart the system. Windows will load default drivers for the video. Now go to Acer and download the latest drive for your video.

If you do have this issue in safe mode, this could very well be a hardware problem with the display itself, and needs to be look at by a repair tech.
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Hi On Wednesday I used my Acer Aspire One D Netbook for close to hours with Internet and it ran fine I decided to turn it off during lunch and after minutes it refused to log me back in on on Welcome Netbook screen hangs Win 7 Acer Win ultimate bit Win 7 hangs on Welcome screen on Acer Netbook hangs on Welcome screen going around in circles Did hard reboot but didnt help I even received an error which did not even let me log on but I rebooted again and it went away Suprisingly the Netbook which is meant to run Win has Windows Xp in C drive It didnt load there either Did some think back and suspected ESET Smart Security version update which I did may be the problem managed to get to safe mode and restarted This time netbook loaded after a while at the Welcome screen but was as slow as a snail After over hour of uninstall time I removed ESET Smart Security version Restarted netbook and the battery drained after - minutes while still Win still hanged on Welcome screen What could be the problem I have seen other threads but most are for PC This is a netbook is that a problem Any issue with hardware OS Memory or Graphics What else should I try out Thanks for any suggestions Please spare the sarcasm This is my only access to Internet

A:Win 7 hangs on Welcome screen on Acer Netbook

So it can dual boot between winxp and win7, and winxp has problems as well? winxp worked before without issues?
With welcome screen you mean the win7 fireflies animation? It keeps animating all the time... but NEVER gets any further?

A netbook is just a small laptop.. so just a type of pc.

But you can enter safe mode without issues?
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Would it be that the cell battery needs replacing? I replace the AC adapter a few months ago.

A:My netbook turns on, but won't display anything on screen.

Quote: Originally Posted by Advice Pro

Would it be that the cell battery needs replacing? I replace the AC adapter a few months ago.

It should operate without the battery as long as the AC is attached.

Do the LEDs near the power input, or keyboard (Caps, NumLock etc) light at all? Do you hear fans power up?
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I don't like the half screen display on my netbook. What is the smallest laptop I can get with a full screen display? 15"? 14?
I want to make sure I don't buy another one with this half screen display.
Thank you.

A:Split screen display on netbook

what do you mean by "Full Screen" it will depend on what you want to see
wide screen movies - will need a wide screen laptop to display full screen

whats the issues you are having
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I have an HP netbook I had someone wipe it for me because I m planning to sell it and when I got it back from her she s not a pro btw stuck screen on logging off netbook and tried to turn it on to make sure everything was clean it was stuck on a logging off screen I ve tried pressing Control Alt Delete as well as turning it off with the power switch Control Alt Delete has no effect netbook stuck on logging off screen the power switch turns it off but when I turn it back on the same screen comes up Heeeelp All the solutions I found by googling suggest what to do when the home screen comes up The home screen isn t coming up at all Is there anything I can do with it in the state it s in now Thanks in advance By wipe I just meant that she cleared all my personal info from the machine Thanks for the answer but I finally got it netbook stuck on logging off screen to work by letting the battery run out then restarting everything

A:netbook stuck on logging off screen

What do you mean by wipe? If you wipe a hard drive you would not get even a log off screen. Here is some useful information.
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Hi, I recently bought a netbook (ASUS N10J) which supports a maximum resolution of 1024x600. I have installed windows 7 on it and it runs pretty well however i have one issue...

Sometimes when you have a window open it will be too big to fit on the screen and cant see the buttons at the bottom.

I know you can get multiple desktops but what i would like is multiple desktops that run onto each other so if a window on desktop 1 goes off screen the bit off screen would appear on a desktop 2.

Hopefully that makes at least some sense

Does anyone know of any application or option ive missed that will let you do it?

A:Virtual high res screen for low res netbook?

i'm under the impression this is included in drivers with the "hide modes this moniter cannot display" check box, while some modes may work, others may not.

right click desktop>screen resolution>advanced settings>monitor> uncheck hide modes this monitor cannot display,
go back to the adapter tab, click on the "list all modes" button, and try whats there.

becareful, it may be possible to damage the monitor using unsupported modes, while unlikely, it is possible.
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System Spec

Computer type:LaptopSystem Manufacturer/Model Number:Acer Aspire One D257OS:Windows 10CPU:Intel Atom N570 / 1.66 GHzMemory:1GBGraphics Card(s):Intel GMA 3150





A:Netbook display overfills screen

What do you get when you change the resolution.
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A while ago my Asus netbook decided to stop working and it wasn t something that happened while I was using it Last time I had used it it worked fine I turned it off and when I turned it on again a few hours later it would turn on but the screen would remain blank I tried turning it on and off several times but nothing Eventually I got frustrated and decided to open it up I took it apart as much as I could and once on is Netbook turns blank screen but it was opened up I decided to turn it on and just like that it worked All I did was open it up I did not remove any internal hardware or replace anything I closed it back up and since then it s been working fine I still have no idea how I quot fixed quot it So that s that Not too long ago Netbook turns on but screen is blank I bought a Sony Vaio netbook and just like the Asus one I am now having the same trouble with this It was working fine for a while and Netbook turns on but screen is blank then one day I turn it on and the screen remains blank I tried opening this one but it was a bit more difficult to open and when I opened the Asus I messed up the keyboard cover so the keyboard sort of feels like it s indented in So I didn t wanna risk doing the same thing to the Sony one When I turn it on the first thing that comes up is a black screen that reads VAIO in the center and then after that it s a black screen with a short horizontal blinking white line on the top left corner The same short line you see when you open cmd exe However if I try to type anything nothing comes up If I turn it on and then keep pressing F the Vaio screen comes up and then a blank screen without the short white horizontal line on the top left So if anyone has had this issue before and was able to fix it I would really appreciate it if you could help me out But if you re as lost as I am thank you nonetheless nbsp
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My daughter's Acer Aspire One netbook is getting the "unmountable boot volume" blue screen error. Following instructions I've found, I set the bios to default settings, which did not correct the problem. The next step is supposed to boot up with a Windows XP CD. The netbook doesn't have a CD drive, but she had an external DVD drive. So I set the boot order to start with CD drive, which didn't work, then to HDD drive, which also didn't work. When I do this, the screen stays black except for a blinking underscore cursor. I've let it go for up to 10 minutes with no change. Exactly what is the right boot setting if trying to boot up to the Windows CD via an external DVD drive? If what I did above was correct, but still didn't work, what else can I do to access the repair option off the Windows CD? Any other thoughts? Thanks!

A:How to recover from blue screen on a netbook?

First boot into the Setup Bios, make sure the HDD is being recognized. If not, the drive may have died. If the HDD is being recognized but still receiving the error, then change the Boot order to be USB first boot device. That should recognize your external DVD drive and the boot disc. Here get to the Recovery Console, type in FIXBOOT and hit enter. You may also have a Restore Partition on that computer. Try hitting the F11 key at boot up and it will take you to the restore partition (if it isn't damaged) here you can restore your computer to Factory Defaults, you will loose any data on the drive. You can back up your data first with an Ubuntu live CD and a flash drive.
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I have dell mini inspiron 9
and its os is on external hard drive I want to delete the os from the drive to make it as a storage and install new os for netbook..
windows xp sp3. , the os I want to install..

A:Netbook's os from external hard drive how to remove to replace new os directly to netbook

When you're booting from the new disk, just delete every hard drive partition.
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Hi basically this probem arose from nowhere I came back from holiday days ago and my pc took longer than i remember to boot Only till i realised the next day and day after it was getting longer and some times not loading past the Windows screen Each time when it hasn t loaded fully I turn it off and re-boot pressing F to get up safe mode which doesn t work at all It gets stuck on avgdiseh doesn t load past and will stay like that till turned off Start up repair does absolutely nothing it asks to do System up Start Windows boot boot past and safe Screen, mode won't wont restore which then Windows wont boot past Start up Screen, and won't boot safe mode errors and reboots if i press cancel it stays on the Scanning screen for hours hours today I ve now seemed to run into another problem trying to boot from my CD drive First time I loaded everything correctly got to install windows screen clicked start up repair which did nothing Ever since that windows won t detect my CD drive even though it opens and did read CD s watched a film on it the other day I ve looked online and other people have had the same problems and clearly i haven t found a solution yet I ve tried cleaning the inside of my case double checking connections changing boot options From what i ve read its either a failed HDD failed RAM or failed CD drive in the case of my second dilemma I m just curious as to whether anyone can pin point what the problem is If its an easy fix or whether it is possible to fix Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Windows wont boot past Start up Screen, and won't boot safe mode

it's the one following avgdiseh that is the problem

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive
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WIndows 7 premium home version on a lenovo laptop freezing at splash screen. I can boot into safe mode just fine. Whereby I have to run a system restore back to an older date but the issue still comes back up and this seems to be especially true when trying to wake it from sleep mode. beyond the appcrash is there something else i should upload to help diagnose issue?

A:windows7 wont boot past windows splash screen - will boot to safe mod

A hasty fly by...
See if the link is of help.

Windows 7 won't boot after welcome screen. - Microsoft Answers
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Hello all and thanks in advance I ve burned up over hrs trying to solve this puzzle and scanning through the forums I haven t found a similar situation w a solution which is why I m posting ISP Verizon DSL Westell modem Netgear RangeMax router Setup works perfectly bridged modem Router assigns IP addresses no worries st machine IMac GHz Intel Core OS updated Connects perfectly via ethernet and wirelessly WPA Personal authenticat Also works using WPA- WEP NOT good asks for passphrase key I enter it as it is set up in the router control panel it attempts to authenticate then error reads quot Connection Timeout quot nd machine Old IMac PPC G GHz OS Connects via ethernet through both modem directly and via the router WEP NOT good error reads something like quot failed to connect Try Again quot I don t plan on using WEP so I haven t looked at that setup in a CAN'T Ethernet netbook 2 Macs, or PC old wirelessly connects Mac! netbook; connect while I ve been Ethernet connects 2 Macs, PC netbook; CAN'T connect wirelessly netbook or old Mac! trying to set up the network as WPA I understand there s some sort of incompatibility issue with the older Ethernet connects 2 Macs, PC netbook; CAN'T connect wirelessly netbook or old Mac! Macs and WEP But WPA NOT good similar error to above not a timeout My router s broadcast is detected but this machine cannot connect to it regardless of the authentication Does NOT work via any WPA or nor WEP Basically it doesn t connect wirelessly It will only connect if there is NO router authentication rd machine Netbook Samsung NC - GB Wireless b g Win XP Connects via ethernet same as others NOT good wirelessly It detects network router broadcast but does not connect to network When I try connecting the small window pops up saying it is attempting to connect Eventually the window disappears there is no connection there is no error notice nothing For the PC I ve attempted everything I ve found online re resetting WinSock IP etc via command line prompt I ve reset the router which works fine with the st Mac I ve reset the modem the software is updated the router firmware is updated everything is updated Ideally I d like to get all machines accessing the network wirelessly I don t understand why the old IMac cannot access via WPA and I especially don t understand why the new netbook can t connect Any advice is truly appreciated See command line info below From Intel IMac lo flags lt UP LOOPBACK RUNNING MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe lo prefixlen scopeid x inet netmask xff inet prefixlen gif flags lt POINTOPOINT MULTICAST gt mtu stf flags lt gt mtu en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu ether c b c media autoselect lt unknown type gt status inactive supported media autoselect en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART RUNNING SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe b ff fe d fabc en prefixlen scopeid x inet netmask xffffff broadcast ether b d fa bc media autoselect baseT lt full-duplex flow-control gt status active supported media autoselect baseT UTP lt half-duplex gt baseT UTP lt full-duplex gt baseT UTP lt full-duplex hw-loopback gt baseT UTP lt full-duplex flow-control gt baseTX lt half-duplex gt baseTX lt full-duplex gt baseTX lt full-duplex hw-loopback gt baseTX lt full-duplex flow-control gt baseT lt full-duplex gt baseT lt full-duplex hw-loopback gt baseT lt full-duplex flow-control gt none fw flags lt BROADCAST SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu lladdr c b ff fe d e media autoselect lt full-duplex gt status inactive supported media autoselect lt full-duplex gt en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART RUNNING PROMISC SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe c ff fe en prefixlen scopeid x ether c media autoselect status active supported media autoselect en flags lt UP BROADCAST SMART RUNNING PROMISC SIMPLEX MULTICAST gt mtu inet fe c ff fe en prefixlen scopeid x ether c media autoselect status active supported media autoselect nbsp

A:Ethernet connects 2 Macs, PC netbook; CAN'T connect wirelessly netbook or old Mac!
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I have a HP Pavilion m n It came past boot screen Now Windows not will MS Letter, XP Drive Changed Boot with Vista but Changed Boot Drive Letter, Now will not boot past MS Windows XP screen I formatted and put on XP I was having a lot of problems a few years after switching due to viruses and what not so I had a friend attach my HD to his computer to completely format it We put it back into my comp put XP back on it and installed drivers A couple months later I went to HP to get a driver for the media part of the comp When I tried to install it it said that I had to free up memory on my C Drive When we put the drive back into my comp and reinstalled everything my HD set up a H not C I went looking on how to change my drive letter back to C and followed these instructions http support microsoft com kb I followed them exactly When I rebooted it came up to a screen that looks like the user choice screen with no users I can not click anything and my keyboard only beeps at me I cannot boot into safe mode and I tried clearing the boot proticals by moving the jumper Any ideas on how to correct with out reformatting again Thank you You can also reach me on IM MSN lt Email removed gt nbsp

A:Changed Boot Drive Letter, Now will not boot past MS Windows XP screen
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Hey everyone.

So I've been having this issue where my computer won't boot up into the login screen for Win Xp. It simply posts, goes to the Windows loading screen, and just as it's suppose to display the users and login page, the screen just goes black. I can however get into safemode, but it simply won't boot on the regular startup.

I believe it's another system or boot file error that has malware as I've had a previous thread years ago with a similar issue, but need some assistance. Any thgouhts? What info can I get for you to take a peek? -Jeff
PS: I will post the event viewer as soon as I get home from work.

A:Windows won't boot, black screen before login. Boot.ini or system.ini issue?
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Problem is similar to Windows bar Boot at boot progress Logo screen sequence with hangs others that have been posted earlier On boot sequence PC hangs on Windows boot screen - with the good old progress bar churning along for eternity It just stays there It is possible to boot into safe mode safe mode with networking etc but never boots up normally Last Known Good quot does not help at all I have tried repairing XP using the recovery console deleting the boot ini file then BOOTCFG REBUILD and then FIXBOOT to no avail Do not know where in the boot process it is Boot sequence hangs at Windows Logo boot screen with progress bar getting hung up and not totally sure how to determine that Using Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP Plenty of RAM and disk space Had this problem once Boot sequence hangs at Windows Logo boot screen with progress bar in the past and it seemed to self correct after about reboots No such luck this time Does this sound like a re-install of XP is required or are there any Boot sequence hangs at Windows Logo boot screen with progress bar other options that might work Cheers GR nbsp

A:Boot sequence hangs at Windows Logo boot screen with progress bar

You have trotry reformat and if that doesn't work replace the hard drive.
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Hi Sorry first time poster I wasn t too sure whether to post to the Windows forums or hardware forums From what I can see this seems like a hardware issue of some sort The problem I have is that during bootup my PC goes through all the normal things It detects my CPU detects RAM etc gives me nice BIOS Post messages that appear normal and then goes to a black screen It will then sit there for seconds i ve timed this twice and then proceed to go to the windows post BEFORE Boot: message, boot After Stalls on BIOS PC screen windows XP startup screen which takes about another - seconds to load up windows I ve attempted to log the bootups by using the Windows Boot logger by pressing F before windows boots PC Stalls on Boot: After BIOS post message, BEFORE windows boot screen The ntbtlog txt file isn t very descriptive and only lists that a whole lot of drivers have been loaded and some that haven t it doesn t list any errors I ve also tried using BootVis to analyse the bootup I found this a little hard to decode the information it gave me but there doesn t seem to be anything untoward happening The last boot logger I tried was bootLog XP by greatis software According to bootlog XP windows is only taking seconds to load up Can anyone suggest any other ways to analyse the boot sequence and discover where my computer is stalling specs are below Thanks in advance Matt CPU AMD Sempron Socket unsure whether it is Paris or Palermo core MBoard Foxconn NF K AB-RS HD WD Gb Graphics Innovision GS RAM Mb Hyundai Hynix DVD LG GSA- B nbsp

A:PC Stalls on Boot: After BIOS post message, BEFORE windows boot screen

check the boot order in bios

make sure fast boot is on and make sure that your first or second boot option is your hard drive
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i have a dell mini 9 with an 8 GB SSD, i want to buy a 32 GB SSD, transfer over Kubuntu, then install windows 7 ultimate, i just need to know if i have to install windows first, then copy over Kubuntu, then reinstall GRUB, or copy over Kubuntu, install windows 7, then reinstall GRUB? or do i have to install windows 7, then install kubuntu, then some how access the 8 GB SSD, and then transfer the data over to Kubuntu?

A:duel boot win7 and kubuntu netbook edition
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Hello all I recently had a networking issue solved by this fine forum and my computer woes have not abandoned me My netbook ASUS EPC ish XP SP last night turned itself off suddenly with a relatively loud crack type noise - bit like a spark It now will not turn on at all No lights even when off and charging No boot at all I have unplugged the battery and held down the power button to try and rid it of Netbook no odd power no boot, dead - noises lights, static Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises No luck The only clue I have is that when I have the AC plugged in the light on the AC adapter flashes on and off very fast and from the area the power port on the netbook itself comes an odd rapid clicking noise I suspect it s a short circuit somewhere in the system but I am not sure Anyone had any experience of a similar problem who can offer their expertise The netbook fan seemed to be working fine and whilst it got warm I never let it get hot and indeed Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises have Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises had issues with overheating Many thanks nbsp

A:Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises

My guess and it is only a guess is that the pw supply on the mb failed. With the price of netbooks so cheap, even if it were repairable, it makes no sense to spend the money to fix it when a replacement would cost less than the cost of repair.
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Okay and Infection Doctor After Will Not Friends Netbook Boot With AntiMalWare first of all forgive me if I make any quot computer-help-forum quot faux pas as I am new to this scene About a year ago I purchased a Toshiba Netbook Will Not Boot After Infection With AntiMalWare Doctor and Friends NB -N W Netbook with XP Home I have never had a problem with spy ad malware I think thanks in large part to me being alert until last Friday I noticed a mysterious quot anti-malware quot program that I did not install giving me the usual bullsh t quot You have malware give us money quot So as I muttered obscenities to myself I proceeded to look up some info on this particular group of softwares antivirus pro and antimalware doctor or something similar I came across one site that had a program to kill the processes so that MBAM could be run to fix the problem I did this MBAM said I needed to restart as some things couldn t be removed I was VERY wary because ever since I got my first computer the main quot cause quot of near total devastation almost every time was a reboot I know it s not the direct cause Even to this day I use hibernate and sleep most often--I hardly ever reboot Anyway this reboot proved to be a fatal mistake--or at least a severely wounding one The BIOS loaded and the computer went through the POST motions but as soon as the BIOS screen the one that gives you the F button options went away and the HDD was about to be initialized all I got was a solitary blinking white underscore-type cursor in the top left of a black screen SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIITTTTT I exclaimed in a high pitched shriek The large hand of an endless stay-up-all-night-computer-repair-sausagefest was eyeballing my junk--and not in a good way At this point I knew I was standing knee deep in a watery puddle of human feces figuratively speaking I went to Home Depot to get the T STAR BIT that Toshiba in their infinite wisdom and mercy decided to use as the screw-head type for the HDD WiFi access panel I got it open I took out the HDD the original one from the Laptop-- GB and connected to a SAS to USB circuit board that I had taken from a Toshiba quot drive enclosure I connected it to another computer at work Windows XP detects and installs it but it won t show up under My Computer mass storage device is installed under device manager If I put the original hard-drive in that came in the enclosure it works and I can see it Ohhhh no The GB doesn t start spinning like the when I connect it I sure hope it simply isn t getting enough power from the bus like the but why would they be THAT different they are literally the same HD just a different capacity Or perhaps different file systems Also I put the GB that had no OS on it into the laptop and not surprisingly the exact same thing occured So either there is a problem with the BIOS or the OS right But why can t I access the from the SAS to USB connector That fact right there is very disconcerting If there is any other information you need please let me know ASAP Thanks in advance for your help P S This netbook has no CD DVD drive Yes I know this is a huge disadvantage just reinstall Windows boot from CD I wish

A:Netbook Will Not Boot After Infection With AntiMalWare Doctor and Friends

do you open T6 screw in your laptop or on you hardrive???I think its a rare thing that laptop use T6 screw...but hardrive is often use T6 screw...if you open the screw without knowing anything and the will fry your hardrive...
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i had the partitions setup before installing any os's:

winxp installed to ntfs partition (1)
eeebuntu installed to ext3 partition (2)
leftover partition is fat32 for shared data

i installed win & eeebuntu thru usb drives, then had to repair grub so ubuntu would boot.

now everything works but after i choose winxp from the grub bootloader, it takes me to anothermenu that ask me to choose from winxp & win7 rc. i used the same usb stick before to try out win7 but didnt like it on that computer, so went back to xp.

is there any way to get rid of that 2nd menu so it just goes straight to xp?

A:dual boot winxp & eeebuntu on netbook, issues with xp can probably use EasyBCD to remove the Win 7 bootloader files from XP (install EasyBCD in XP, read instructions). used it for this purpose (to remove Win 7 beta boot files) eariler this year.Louis
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hi, if I'm posting this under the wrong area please let me know what the correct area is.
My gateway ec1440u won't boot. all that comes on is a red light on the power button it self. and when I turn it on nothing happens I know the details are vague but I just want to make sure I'm even posting this under the right area.
Thank you

A:Gateway EC1440U netbook wont boot red light

Try removing battery and a/c adapter, hold power button 30 seconds, plug back in charger to see if it will start. If not plug back in battery. Are there any signs of life at all - fan noise, LED lights, etc?

If this fails, carefully remove the RAM sticks after doing the above steps again with no power to PC. YOu may be able to google your exact model + RAM upgrade video to see how RAM is accessed and removed. Then power up without RAM to see if you get beeps. If so then the mobo is alive and wants RAM. If not its likely a bad mobo.

If PC is less than a year old its still under factory warranty.
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I need help to install a copy of Windows 7 SP1 x64 on my Netbook/Tablet.

I already managed to disable SECURE BOOT and can choose my USB Device to Boot from, but it will not load even this is a copy which support UEFI Boot which I have tested successfully on my PC. I tried a USB 2.0 and 3.0 Stick und also tried it on both USB Ports on my Netbook (2.0 and 3.0) with no success. Any Ideas?

I also have tried to install it from a running Windows8, but when I chosse the partition to install it to, it says I need a driver for the SD-Host-Controller (deprecated) to continue. But I can't find this driver anywhere... I have tried to use the inf file from Windows8 (sdbus.inf, sdbus.sys, dumpsd.sys) but with no success.

Any Ideas?
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Basically I have a Gateway netbook -- an LT u I ve been through censored with it I m about to ship it to Texas for repair for the third time but before I did I wanted to post this The main issue I have with it right now is this -- whenever there is an excess amount of programs running if you leave the computer to sit and let the screen turn off and then you go to move the mouse the computer will have difficulty coming back -- it ll be beyond sluggish and somehow the power settings reset by themselves and occasionally the processor speed settings when when screen freezes of processes? and off, up turns a lot are there Netbook will somehow be set to for the minimum and maximum processor speed in the power settings How do I Netbook freezes up when screen turns off, and when there are a lot of processes? fix this Netbook freezes up when screen turns off, and when there are a lot of processes? without just disabling the screen from turning off I think it would also happen even by disabling it too It can t be the wifi card or hardrive as these both have been replaced by Gateway tech and yet the problem still exists Could it be the motherboard or processor Specs Gateway LT u AMD Athlon Processor GHz GB RAM ATI Radeon Graphics card -bit Vista Home Basic nbsp
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I solved the problem.i learned i had to go to control panel then power options then put brightness to the right, it was to the left

A:When I plug in the cord in my Netbook the screen goes black

Glad to read all is well
We'll be here when you need us. Til then
Stay well and surf safe
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Hello and forgive me if this is in the wrong place I recently got a new netbook and have had a problem with it On occasions now during startup I have got a blue screen screen Solved: netbook Blue up start on - new and although only around weeks old Solved: Blue screen on start up - new netbook I have already performed a full restore The netbook in Solved: Blue screen on start up - new netbook question is an aspire one d windows starter not my choice of netbook but neither here nor there Obviously I have programs like adobe up to date but other than using microsoft programs I have only installed avast and firefox Sorry if you need more info but not sure what you d need Any advice or help much appreciated as at this point I don t know if its something covered by warranty Following link above Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Starter Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Atom TM CPU N GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R Graphics Media Accelerator Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer JE CT Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled nbsp

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I have an Acer AspireOne D150-1322. When the netbook is open less than 45 degrees I can view and work on the computer, but if I open it greater than that the screen starts flashing Grey, White, Red, Green, Blue, and other colors like it's during a screen test.

When I lower the screen to less than 45 degrees it is ok again. If I connect an external monitor to it, the display on the external monitor is fine if I open the netbook all the way, but still flashes different colors on the netbook.

Anyone seen this before?


A:Netbook Screen Not Working When Fully Open

My initial thoughts would be a dodgy connection somewhere. How old is the machine, is it still under warranty at all?

If not, you could always take the screen casing off and check the connections to the screen / inverter board. They are normally just plug in type cables and may have become loose.