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Will Radeon HD 5450 work in PCI-e 1x16 graphics slot?

Q: Will Radeon HD 5450 work in PCI-e 1x16 graphics slot?

Dear All,

Need a quick suggestion before i seal the deal tomorrow.

I intend to buy the Radeon HD 5450. It has PCI-e 2.1 x16 bus interface.

My motherboard model is Foxconn WinFast NF4K8MC. It has PCI-e 1 x16 graphics slot.

My query is- will the graphics card work with this motherboard or not?

Kindly respond fast plz..

Thanks in advance,

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Preferred Solution: Will Radeon HD 5450 work in PCI-e 1x16 graphics slot?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Will Radeon HD 5450 work in PCI-e 1x16 graphics slot?

I'm using a 5850 in a pci-e 1 x16
I see no reason why it wouldn't, though foxconn is not nearly as high end a board as the one I have.

that is to say the interface is backwards compatible.
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which graphics card can you compare an integrated hd graphics 2500, does it run the same or almost with the geforce 210? or better with hd 5450?

A:what's better: Intel HD Graphics 2500 vs Radeon HD 5450

HD 5450 is powerful than the Intel HD 2500. HD 5450 is only comparable to Intel HD 4000, 4400, 4600, and Intel Iris Pro HD 5200.
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Well my dilemma is that, I have installed the 5450 in my PCIe then let windows install the driver for it, but when I go to reboot the computer it makes it all the way to the "starting windows" splash, but no future than that. I still here the start up jingle but my screen is frozen on the starting up logo. Please help me solve this thx.

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I have a Dell Dimension 2400 with 2gb ram and Pentium 4 2.80 GhZ. I'm ready buy the Radeon HD 5450 PCI only LP for 94.99. Will this card work for the new games and will it work for Dell Dimension 2400?

Please don't say go buy a gaming computer or buy a gaming console. I don't have money and I need to earn money for better housing. I am buying this card for my son's birthday.

PS: Since I'm new and I can't post the link. It's on NewEgg.

A:Will the Radeon HD 5450 Low Profile PCI only work good on new games?

There would be no problem with the card playing new/old games, given appropriate graphics settings, but I'd be much much more worried about the processor.
You'll want to check with someone else but I would suspect that the powersupply won't be enough either.
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Someone help me here my 2400 can't play great games like counter strike source and battlefield 2. So I'm wondering if a radeon ati graphics card will work with my system.

A:Does a Dell Dimension 2400 have the ability to have a pci slot radeon graphics card?

Ouch, just checked it now, you have no AGP slot

Yes, you can install a PCI graphics card, however, be warned that these cards perform horribly, but you will be able to run CS Source.

The best PCI graphics card I can remember of is
GeForce FX5500 128MB PCI version.

It will run CS Source and BF2, however, prepare for a slideshow (especially in BF2).
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Asus mother board. Radeon HD6450 pcie x16 card and HD Radeon 5450 pcie x1 card. I want to run 2 monitors on each card. Installed both and the HD4650 installs the software and drivers. Install second and at first got BSOD. It installed but shows as video controller (VGA compatible).
I go into the AMD Vision Engine Control and the two monitors on the HD 6450 show up and the monitors come on and work. It shows the other two monitors, but I cant tell how to turn them on. I use the "extend" option and the working screens flicker, but nothing out of the other two. The show up on the software but I cant activate them. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer, it's about to drive me mad. Thanks

A:New System w/ Radeon HD 6450 and Radeon HD 5450 Need Help

I just wanted to let the room know that I uninstalled and reinstalled the Radeon HD5450 and it seemed to identify it. All 4 monitors are working fine but my NIC card quit working..still working on that one.
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I just picked up the xfx radeon 5450 1gb 64bit ddr3 card for a new build but realized i have an ati radeon 4650 512mb 128bit ddr2 from the old build that i could probably still use.

which of the two cards is the better card?

im sure there are a few other differences but the main ones im seeing are the xfx is ddr3 and 1gb with 64bit and hdmi output while the 4650 is 512mb ddr2 with 128bit and no hdmi

does ddr2 or 3 matter? would i notice a difference between the two cards?

the computer's not for any heavy gaming - mostly watching videos and light editing work.

A:xfx radeon 5450 vs ati radeon 4650

Unless you are doing something like gaming, which stresses the gpu, you aren't likely to notice any difference. The newer card has faster RAM because it has a faster processor. But card speed is irelevant for normal everyday PC use (ie: email, office apps, web browsing, watching videos, etc.).
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I m trying to figure out if my problem is my graphics card EVGA GTX GB or my motherboard Biostar TZ A LGA This computer is a brand new build Please click my system specs for more details I have two PCI-E slots There is one x slot and one x slot of the time my machine freezes a few seconds after powering card in work, in Graphics x4 ?? fine works x16 PCI-E doesn't the slot on at the Graphics card in PCI-E x16 doesn't work, works fine in the x4 slot ?? BIOS logo screen or a few seconds after that while inserted in the x slot Sometimes it works however yet it is so infrequently that I ve given up on the x slot for now It will even freeze after I ve entered my BIOS settings page even just while browsing around in it The same graphics card in my PCI-E x slot works fine if you ignore the fact that it s running at it s potential speed At least I can boot the machine up I ve spoken with a few different professionals about this and the conclusion is that my problem lies either a with my PCI-E x slot or b with my GTX Apparently the graphics card COULD work just fine in the x slot and still be damaged Now I know that you re going to tell me to try a different card in my computer or try the card in a different computer However that isn t practical for me at the moment I was wondering what you guys think or if anyone has experience with this first-hand What are you leaning towards Mobo or Gfx card nbsp

A:Graphics card in PCI-E x16 doesn't work, works fine in the x4 slot ??

Should also have mentioned that I've run three passes with Memtest86 without any errors.
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my system specs:
Intel Pentium G620 (dual core)
4gb DDR3 1333mhz ram

do you think these games will run fine on hd 5450 (about 20-30fps)
dirt 3
nfs the run
the upcoming most wanted 2012

A:Ati Radeon HD 5450 1gb good for this???

Gta iv will lag like crazy with the 5450,use to use the card and most i could get out of it was 17-24fps at 1024x768 all low with average fps at 21,others idk, probably on low-mid from 1024x768-1280x720 at those fps.They will all run,ran bfbc2 on that card on medium at 1024x768 and a couple older titles like mass effect 2 on high at 1280x720. Though don't expect it to be beastly,you could probably run better using a 6670 instead. A 6670 will out perform the 5450 by a margin and stuggle a bit less and proably get you at least 30fps at medium with some high settings at 1336x768 for gta iv. 5450 is not really a gaming card even though it supports dx11 which seems pointless imo since it lags so much and I don't recommend to be honest. Try to save a few bucks and get a 6670 since your on wanting low budget card.. The duo core though is fine and most games don't yet utilize effectively more then 2 cores so duo core is fine as long as you have at least 2.0Ghz or more and you got a good amount of ram.
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I built my system in mid so 5450 Optimizing Radeon HD it's like years old but I'm still satisfied with the general performance of my Optimizing Radeon HD 5450 hardware GA P A UD P core i stock cpu and voltage GB DDR Samsung SSD GB on SATA Windows x except possibly my graphics board which is a fanless Radeon HD My main issue is when browsing the internet via firefox main browser I've always noticed lagginess slowness of rendering of web pages This is with different versions of that browser and not just particualr version i e Rendering pages is not fluid or smooth feels laggy and also videos sometimes flick randomly whether they are videos on facebook or youtube I use the latest official driver and I can't update to newer versions as AMD dropped support for the xxx series My question is Is there any tweaked modded driver version of that can squeeze the maximum perfromance of this card for better browsing and video playback P S I don't play games If this card represents a real bottle neck in my machine will I get away with buying this card i e will I see a nice difference if I swapped my card with the newer one or it's just a waste of money as long as I don't do games Unfortunately I'll have to wait for some months until I travel myself and get this card as it is not sold in my country amp I can't have it shipped either Many thanks in advance for your feedback
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I had installed this Graphics card on a Hp P6774y. I had bought this so I could hook up my pc to my tv via hdmi. It shorted out on me, i had moved a cord hooked up to the back a bit. computer turned off, wouldnt turn back on. so I removed the card and it powered up fine. I put it back in reinstalled everything and the same thing happened a day later when i tugged on my keyboard wire a bit. Does anyone know what would cause this? I do only have a 250 watt psu. But the guy at pc direct said it would be fine? any ideas? I do run two hard drives also. a black and a green wd. 1 and 2 tb. would that effect anything? here some infomation on my computer.

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I've recently bought an ATI Radeon HD5450 however when everything is plugged in Í can't get a signal on DVI only on Analog. I am sure there is no problem with the cable, not only have I tried another DVI cable but my old video card does get a signal (DVI) with everything plugged in the exact same way.

If computer specs are needed:

MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66GHz 38 °C
Wolfdale 45nm Technologie
2,00 GB Single-Kanaal DDR2 @ 400MHz (6-6-6-18)
Foxconn G31MV/G31MV-K (Socket 775) 40 °C
PLE2607WS ([email protected])
1024MBGeForce 9500 GT (Point of View) 91 °C
Harde schijven
244GB Hitachi Hitachi HDP725025GLA380 (SATA) 32 °C
Optische schijven

A:ATI Radeon HD 5450, no signal (DVI)

I had a similar problem, card wasn't brand new when the problem occured but happened after owning it for a few years. Found out the card was dead. Not sure if an rma would fix your issue.
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hi, i am haveing a problem with my new gameing rig. sometimes, it frezzes during POST, and than i shut down, jiggle the graphics card, and it boots just fine. i tried it in both slots, and it does the same thing. my motherboard is a gygabyte ga 970a d3
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As title says, I want to know if I can run my ATi Radeon HD 5450 1GB GPU on my 200W PSU, here are my specs:

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+


Graphics Card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series

Power Supply: 200W

like I just want to know if my PSU will be able to handle the GPU and other hardware while it's only at 200W, my tower is a HP DX5150S, please help!~

A:ATi Radeon HD 5450 1GB on 200W PSU?

400 Watt or greater power supply recommendedClick to expand...
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Hey Guys

I bought myself a a graphics card which is an ATI Radeon HD 5450.

The problem is it's got a a 350 watt minimum requirement on the box and i only have a 300 watt PSU

What will happen if i install the graphics card in my PC with only a 300 watt PSU

The PSU is made by Bestec and i'm running this in an HP-T775.UK

Thanks for all answers

A:ATI Radeon HD 5450 on a 300 Watt PSU

You should look at 12V Amps, but that card is very low power (50 W max) so unless you have much stuff or that PSU is very old it may be fine.
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First of all, hi guys

I made my own pc, using a ASUS P5N-D MoBo; Intel 775 3.2 Dualcore; 3 GB DDR2 Ram memory -3x 1 Gb (2x 800mhz, 1x 553mhz); ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3; LC-Power LC6480S Scorpio-480W PSU FULLY Modular, I have Windows Ultimate x86 currently installed on my WD HDD 40 Gb ( I use that drive only for the system!)

The problem is when I try to launch Need For Speed The Run... When I run it an error appears. It says that my current graphics card driver is 11.2; and I have to upgrade it to 11.7 before playing the game.
I've downloaded AMD catalyst 11.7 but after installation it says that windows doesn't support tis operation... I've installed AMD catalyst 12.8 and the same problem comes up again... I've tried to do the next thing :

What should I do in order to install the missing driver??

A:ATI Radeon HD 5450 driver problem

Try and re-install the video driver from here:
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My friend has an HP Media Center PC m n His old video card wasn t cutting it so he was going to upgrade it to a Radeon x Pro PCIe Didn t work He thought it was the refurbed card so then he bought a Radeon HD PCIe and a new power supply this one This is the motherboard he has on his HP The card uses a PCIe x slot and is PCIe I read that PCIe slots are backwards compatible so the card should work on a motherboard that has and a x slot which this one does Correct We know it s not the PSU obviously cause his original card still works with that PSU and in HD working Radeon motherboard 5450 with not this motherboard and because the PSU fits the Radeon HD 5450 not working with motherboard minimum power requirements for the it is w and has a available on the v rails a required When he turns on the PC the monitor says quot monitor going to sleep quot obviously not picking up any video signal As I said it works with his old Radeon x I Radeon HD 5450 not working with motherboard think that s what it is card We re just out of ideas no idea why this won t work Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Radeon HD 5450 not working with motherboard

Just some quick thoughts:
verify the voltage settings in bios match the card and that no turbo mode or option is set, also make sure no old never been used onboard video got re-enabled durring a defaults load or bad boot and tweak any slot settings it could have that indicate support for 2.0 etc..
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Have a VTX Radeon HD5450 silent GPU and I cannot find the driver from either the VTX or AMD sites. The download which half an hour from VTX was in Latvian (no insult intended) or some such language and included a heap of Microsoft stuff.

The AMD site doesn't throw one up when I click on the HD 5450 download am at a loss as what to do!

A:Cannot find a driver for Radeon HD 5450

Did you visit this site:?

Ati Drivers Download - Ati
There is a search box to type in your vtx radeon hd5450.
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Hi all from Australia OK l will have question/s Radeon games PC Hi, l and regarding 5450 some Hd on my try to explain properly what my problem is Basically l bought a secondhand computer around weeks ago Now this PC Hi, l have some question/s regarding Hd Radeon 5450 and games on my PC is nothing special it just has gb intel core duo x ghz of speed and gb s of Ram And it has a Radeon HD graphics video card My post today is mainly about this graphics card And firstly l just want to say that l use the PC l bought for studies web surfing and playing PC games I m a huge PC game fan and l usually play old games from the s and s so DOS games and some PC games up until There are just a few games l wish to play that were made in the last year or two So l want to ask would my graphics card be able to handle these games And first of all l know the radeon hd isn t the best graphics card I ve done research on it and l absolutely have no interest in playing games like Crysis or whatever or modern warfare l think its called so l don t have much of a need for high demand battle games or real intense gaming I just prefer the games from what l mentioned above mainly adventure gaming etc This is my take on it from memory the radeon hd was released around years ago so does that mean it would be able to handle any game or most games before it was released I mean this card l know isn t the latest and greatest but it should still do the trick it s still a graphics card If you understand what l mean Meaning the card is only a few years old and surely it could handle pc games around And of course games from the s And lastly I m trying to decide if l should upgrade to a better graphics card for my pc game needs is it worth doing it for my choice in gaming And does a better graphics card necessarily mean a better game graphics I guess what l mean is if you play old Dos games or s games would the games graphics look better or much different if l played them with the radeon card or some more advanced card I m guessing no because dos games are very old and those games run on a completely different system but l would like your take on it So to sum it all up the questions I m asking are Would my radeon card be able to handle my choice of games Would it be fair to say that the PC games released before this card was released would run ok on my PC Simply because the card is only around years old and most games l wish to play were released before the card was released And finally the question about whether there would be much difference or improvement with graphics regarding old games s games etc And definitely finally lol l am sorry for the long post or if these question s has been discussed before or even if they seem like stupid questions l m just finding it hard to decide whether to upgrade or not and would be grateful for some insight Thanks very much bye Aaron nbsp

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First of all, hi guys

I made my own pc, using a ASUS P5N-D MoBo; Intel 775 3.2 ; 3 GB DDR2 Ram memory -3x 1 Gb (2x 800mhz, 1x 553mhz); ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3; LC-Power LC6480S Scorpio-480W PSU FULLY Modular, I have Windows Ultimate x86 currently installed on my WD HDD 40 Gb ( i use that drive only for the system!)

The problem is when i try to launch Need For Speed The Run... When i run it an error appears. It says that my current graphics card driver is 11.2; and i have to upgrade it to 11.7 before playing the game.
I've downloaded AMD catalyst 11.7 but after installation it says that windows doesn't support tis operation... I've installed AMD catalyst 12.8 and the same problem comes up again... I've tried to do the next thing :

What should i do in order to install the missing driver???

A:ATI Radeon HD 5450 Driver problem!


uninstall and re-install Need For Speed The Run.
Also I'm not sure that the HD 5450 can handle this game...
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Hi this is my first post here I just got a new graphics card to replace an old one that died on me a few months back and while it works Windows isn't letting me use Aero with it Here is the story I had my old graphics card and it died on me while I was doing some cleaning on the PC I guess I touched it with some static or something So I went to using the on-board graphics from my mobo and it worked fine Aero worked I had dual monitors etc It was just a bit slow with Youtube videos it would take HD XFX Issues Aero ATI One +Plus Radeon 1GB 5450 a few seconds before playing video even while audio was already playing XFX One +Plus 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5450 Aero Issues Not a big deal its both on-board graphics and outdated so it was to be expected Eventually my little brother got a new graphics card for his PC because he games a lot on his I prefer gaming on the PS so graphics aren't a big deal on my PC but I have noticed that programs compile slower since I switched to my mobo's graphics card so that was the incentive for me to switch Before the upgrade his PC also running Windows Pro had Aero and worked just fine I upgraded his card yesterday and installed drivers and everything is fine with his As thanks he gave me his old card which I just installed on my PC today Unfortunately while Windows detects the card and I was able to install the latest drivers and everything I can't get Aero to work on with it I know the card can handle it because it ran on my little brother's PC My PC ran Aero before the upgrade too so it's not something else either I did a lot of reading today and was lead to the Performance Options where you can enable or disable fancy graphics features for Windows There should be Aero options since I have Windows Pro but I am actually missing a lot of options based on screenshots from around the web Things I've tried I reran the Windows rating to see if maybe it requires that I got a as my lowest score Desktop Performance for Windows Aero I ran the Troubleshoot Problems with Aero tool in Personalization with no improvements No problems were detected I tried poking around the registry based on some people who had similar issues No go there I installed the latest graphics drivers uninstalled the old graphics card's nVidia drivers reinstalled the new drivers again updated to the beta drivers and rebooted the machine several times in-between I changed between themes going from an Aero theme to a classic theme to a high-contrast theme and back to an Aero theme Didn't work I can't think of anything else to try Sorry for the wall of text but I figured I'd give as much information as possible I attached a picture with the Performance Options I'm getting EDIT I forgot to mention that I had a second graphical issue Windows recognizes that my left-most monitor's left-most border is the end of the road and won't let my cursor go past that But my second monitor on the right's right-most border is not being detected as the end I can move my cursor way past it and bringing it back takes just as long I only have two monitors being detected on Display and they are arranged properly on there left monitor is on the left etc Needless to say this didn't occur before the upgrade

A:XFX One +Plus 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5450 Aero Issues

Hello Alexeon, welcome to Sevenforums.

Have you tried forcing Aero to work?

Try this:
Force Enable Aero in Windows 7 1. Click on Start and type regedit at run

2. Now Navigate to the following registry key:

3. In the right details pane, create following Three DWORD (32-bit value) entry
UseMachineCheck, and set its value to 0.
Blur, and set its value to 0.
Animations, and set its value to 0.

4. Close Regedit

5. Click on Start and type CMD with administrative Priviliges

6. Now type following command
Net Stop uxsms
Net Start uxsms
Above command will stop and start Desktop Window Manager Session Manager.

7. Now you can turn on Aero by right clicking on desktop-> Personalize -> Select Windows Colors
Windows 7 Aero Disabled - How can I enable it again? - Microsoft Community
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Hello I'm having an problem installing a Radeon HD into my Vista pc I put the card in properly and have gone into the BIOS and set it from onboard to PCI-E x but the computer will still use the onboard graphics Any help in figuring out why would be greatly appreciated The computer specs can be detecting 5450 Radeon HD not Vista found here Compaq Presario SR NX Desktop PC Product Specifications Compaq Presario SR NX Desktop PC - HP Customer Care United States - English The only changes I have made have been replacing the RAM with two GB RAM sticks and replacing the power supply with one from my other computer that originally had this card in it And Vista not detecting Radeon HD 5450 I'm also wondering and this may be a Vista not detecting Radeon HD 5450 stupid question but I'm curious if an NVIDIA GeForce FX is better than the onboard graphics on this pc Thank you EDIT This computer IS my computer but since I got a new computer I let my neighbor borrow this one so if you suggest that I download anything onto the computer it could take some time before it actually gets on the computer whenever my neighbor decides he wants to download and install whatever it is

A:Vista not detecting Radeon HD 5450

nVidia versus integrated intel graphics? IMO yes, most definitely especially on older machines. You might have a bad card or a bad slot. I would start by returning the card. Unfortunately you don't have a very powerful PSU which might be part of the problem nor do you have a lot of ram. Your processor isn't very powerful either. If I where you I'd save for a better pc rather than invest in a more powerful PSU, a new card, and more ram.
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Dear All,

Need a quick suggestion before i seal the deal.

I intend to buy the Radeon HD 5450. It has PCI-e 2.1 x16 bus interface.

My motherboard model is Foxconn WinFast NF4K8MC. It has PCI-e 1 x16 graphics slot.

My query is- will the graphics card work with this motherboard or not?

Thanks in advance,

A:Geforce GT 210 or Radeon HD 5450..better in gaming??

to answer your question... neither would be a choice for me for gaming..

both cards are so low down on the budget scale, they would only jsut offer better performance than built in graphics.

unless your aim is to play mine sweeper lol
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HELLO... I need some help ... is it important to find for a suitable watt for the graphic card ... this is graphic card that i want it - -  is it suitable ? ... ?... ?  ( sorry for my bad malaysian )

A:Is it suitable AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB with HP Compaq DC 7900

Hi: You should be OK with that card, but I recommend the HD 6450 which draws less power than the 5450 does.
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Quick question guys, just wanted to know if this graphics card would fit into my dell dimension 2400? its running on xp professional and 1.5gb ram.... ive not used the computer in years due to using laptop. so want to see how far i can upgrade it to.


A:Novatech ATI Radeon HD 5450 1024MB GDDR3

The motherboard in that old system does not have
a dedicated slot for a video card upgrade.
You could try a PCI card,but it wouldn't be much of an
improvement and the power supply would need to be upgraded
for any upgrades in that system.
The system is old enough that putting any money into it really
wouldn't be worth it.
It was designed to be just a very basic computer.
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Here's the deal... i've bought a ATI Radeon HD 6770 from a second hand store. Currently, i'm running on a integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 and its running fine. I've even bought a Radeon HD 5450, which is working as well.

But why the 6770 doesn't work? I have the latest driver from ATI and my 5450 work great. So why my little "upgrade" don't work? I didn't tried it on another computer yet... but i'll do it as soon as my other computer got repaired. But right now i try to figure out why one ATI work, but the other one don't...

Thank in advance

A:Not working ATI Radeon HD 6770 despite already running on 5450

You may have answered your own question,

bought a ATI Radeon HD 6770 from a second hand store

Used card from a second hand shop (was it even a computer store?), likely defective.

We can give you all kinds of ideas but until it is tested in another computer, anything we come up with is purely speculation.

One thing that isn't speculation. Did you remember to connect a 6 pin PCI-E power connector to the card?
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I have the above mentioned graphic card.

I have a VGA monitor connected to the VGA connector on the board, and that works great.
Then I wanted to have another monitor connected to the DVI port via a DVI to VGA adapter.
This doesn't work.
I'm unsure how to get the new monitor activated.

Any suggestions ?


A:Issue with Radeon HD 5450 graphic card

Does it work if it's the only monitor connected?
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Hi I have a HP Pavillion Slimline -S multiple 5450 monitors with Issues RADEON AMD using - running OS Windows Home Premium I had a single Monitor connected via the standard VGA Connection VGA to VGA which was working OK I installed a AMD RADEON card to try and use multiple monitors This allowed me to connect Montiors Monitor DCI AMD Radeon Card to VGA Monitor VGA Original PC Connection to VGA This was working AMD RADEON 5450 - Issues with using multiple monitors OK but recently the Monitor VGA to VGA stopped working I have tried to trouble shoot this issue including changing cables and monitors but can not get monitors working at the same time I found the VGA connection will now only work if I disconnect the AMD RADEON Card When I use the AMD Radeon Card the AMD RADEON 5450 - Issues with using multiple monitors VGA Connectionn will not work Has the Radeon Card burned out approx months old Also I have tried to use the HDMI port from the AMD Radeon Card HDMI to VGA but this does not work either I am assuming I will need a HDMI to DCI cable Thanks

A:AMD RADEON 5450 - Issues with using multiple monitors

I can't get the manual for your PC from HP, but there may be a setting in the BIOS that has changed. If that PC allows you to use the onboard graphics at the same time as a graphics card, there would probably be a setting in BIOS that allows you to do so. Check your graphics settings in BIOS to see if there is such a setting.

On the other hand, the 5450 would probably be able to run two monitors simultaneously off of the one card. Just use the VGA connection on the card, and the DVI connection on the card. You'll likely get better quality on the monitors if you do that. If your monitor doesn't have a DVI connection, you can always use a DVI to VGA adapter and use a VGA cable if that is what you have.

The 5450 is not exactly a high end card, but it still should be able to run two monitors simultaneously without problems.
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I have just done a fresh install of Win 7 Pro on my HP. I am giving the machine to my son so did a complete wipe and installed from scratch. I've got a Radeon 5450 video card and downloaded the latest drivers.The AMD HD audio shows up in my device manager as properly installed. But when I try to configure it I get the 'this device is being used by another application'. Task Manager shows NO other apps running and I ran Msconfig to stop the two programs loading at start that came installed with Catalyst. No joy.

I would note that it all worked fine on my old installation that i wiped.
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Thanq for your reply!.....

My pc is intel dr31pr desktop board

My system conf:
dual core 2.00 GHz
2GB ddr2 RAM
and i want to buy Powercool Radeon HD 5450 is it good or not?
all of my frnds said that Radeon is good better than NViDiA geForce
Suggest me whether that graphic card is good or not?

A:Powercool Graphic card Radeon HD 5450

JIGAR ! I think you should go for gt 630 NViDiA ........ CHEAP BUT REALLY GOOD IN PERFORMANCE W.r.t price

YOU didn't tell about your budget ? ? ? ?
I think ati are a bit expensive then nvidia card of same performance .............
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I have a Dell Vostro 200 Slim and installed the Radeon HD 5450 graphics card the other day.  I tried installing the driver from the cd that was provided but it failed.  I also tried installing a driver from the AMD website and no matter what I do i keep getting a Code 43 in the driver info. Before installing drivers I used the DDU to delete all the graphics card drivers. What else can I try to get this working? I need to get this working please help.
I have Vista 32 bit for an OS.
Thanks for any help.
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I've been using Asus EAH5450 card with the driver that comes with it. Yesterday i followed the Windows Update alert and installed the ATI Radeon HD 5450 driver. Now the device manager shows display adapter ATI Radeon HD5450. Is it ok for that?

Everything works fine so far and i understand the Asus EAH5450 actually uses the same ATI chip.

However, since i notice that my Asus EAH5450 has a cooling fan on it, while some other 5450 are "silent", i.e. with a heat sink instead of a fan. I'm wondering if a non-Asus driver would dismiss the control of the cooling fan on it.

Any suggestion? Thanks

A:ATI Radeon 5450 driver on Asus EAH5450

hkwildboy, welcoem to the Seven Forums.

Asus may have made the card, but they did not write the driver. All drivers for AMD based cards come from AMD regardless of who actually made the card. It also doesn't make any difference whether the card has a fan or not, they all use the same driver.
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I just bought a new Gateway with an HD 5450 ATI video card. Right now I use two 23" screens to get my work done. Just today I assumed I could add a third monitor to streamline my workflow. Now the HD 5450 has 3 jacks on the card VGA, DVI, and HDMI. I hooked up all three monitors and I cannot get the video card to recognize the third monitor.

So two questions.
Is there anyway to hook up three monitors to the video card, says that this card will support three monitors.

Secondly if I can't use the video card can I access the gateway video card that is not currently being used at all?
Also is there an inexpensive card that will support three monitors? I do no gaming at all.

Okay so maybe three questions.

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This is what I have
Asus: M4N68T-M-LE-V2.
AMD Radeon HD 5450 1024Mb.
I use Windows 7 Ultimate.
the BIOS settings give me two options, in one it's the onboard video that takes priority, in the other is the PCIE (the graphics card)
The problem is, I can't make both monitors work. Both monitors are VGA and I since the graphics card only admits one VGA, I'm trying to use the other from the onboard graphics card. I know it's possible, because before I could use 3 monitors, when I had a newer monitor with DVI connection.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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My Radeon freezing while playing games often turning my monitor off and repeat the last sound that was made

My specs are

Processor AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor, 3600 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

Motherboard: GA-m68mt-s2

8Gigs of ddr3

Psu: 550W ACE Power Supply

Graphics: HD RADEON 5450 1 GIG

Help would be appreciated ty =)

A:HD RADEON 5450 Freezing issue while playing games

freezing is a form of crash.

Go to the Crash and BSOD forum section. Post their following their instructions:
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I m posting this as I m sound thoughts? Any HD Radeon my the 5450. ATI with problem I've isolated equally interested in any opinions as well as to post my findings for anyone else finding this with a similar problem scenario I recently bought an ATI Radeon HD graphics card I've isolated the sound problem with my ATI Radeon HD 5450. Any thoughts? I installed it using its low profile bracket so i unplugged and removed the VGA port for my system I first posted when i noticed a problem not hearing most Windows system sounds I first thought it had something to do with wav files which is how system sounds are stored But after lots of testing i ve concluded with confidence the issue isn t the wav file itself but rather how long the sound stream is i e I m not hearing the first second or so of sound So i m not hearing things like beeps and alerts simply because they re quot short quot sounds timewise Also this problem only occurs for playback over HDMI with ATI s addon card All sounds are heard OK when i select to playback using Soundmax drivers with the onboard audio in which case it plays OK over both Dell s internal speakers and through the headphone jacks And btw this problem occurs with both Windows XP Pro and Windows Professional x I suppose i ll just try a new sound card next Anyone ever seen anything similar Could it be a power problem Hardware issue or maybe just a buggy driver edit By the way to help prove my suspicions i built my own Test wav file which uses and merges system sounds C Windows media ding wav and tata wav I ve uploaded the file here If you want to test with it unzip it and click it to play it If it plays back correctly you should hear distinct system sounds ding- gt tada- gt ding- gt tada nbsp

A:I've isolated the sound problem with my ATI Radeon HD 5450. Any thoughts?

hi lookin around, i want to share my problem too. it's not identical but the fade-in reminds me of it:

On previous mobo (soundmax / IDT), sounds will be noted up. it's similar like those in karaoke machine when you increase the key pitch by +1. listening to every single sounds getting pitched up is annoying. plus, i have a "1 second fade in" for short tunes just like your system sounds. 2 years after the soundmax is completely dead. another year later mobo is broken.
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I installed a new ATI Radeon HD graphics card which supports Hi Def sound and now I m the one having having audio problems Any help hints insights or even with I'm one help 5450 Now Radeon needing HD Using Arghhh! problem. the sound just guesses appreciated Specs System Dell Optiplex Desktop Onboard Sound Soundmax Integrated Digital Definition Audio OS Dual boot XP Pro Windows Professional Monitor Samsung UN C gt It s an HD TV monitor combination gt Inputs include two HDMI and one PC audio IN port Addon Graphics Sound card ATI Radeon HD gt Arghhh! Now I'm the one needing help with sound problem. Using Radeon HD 5450 It has one HDMI and one DVI port Speakers The Dell has internal speakers plus there are speakers on TV monitor of course Initial Symptoms I installed the new graphics card Connection between the PC and TV Monitor is HDMI cable only After a few iterations of running awhile making some adjustments and rebooting I noticed I wasn t hearing normal Windows system sounds e g alarms and alerts device insertion removal etc i e Program Event system sounds you can test in Control Panel- gt Sounds- gt Sound tab Initial troubleshooting points towards the add-on sound card at least as part of the total problem When onboard sound is BIOS enabled and I select default sound Soundmax audio I hear all System sounds But when onboard sound BIOS enabled and select default sound ATI audio I have problems with Systems sounds When onboard sound is BIOS disabled still have have problems with System sound with the ATI card The above is all true whether i boot into XP or Win Now a bit more stuff that only makes the problem a bit more weird I installed ATI stuff from their install CD so I went to ATI s website to update ATI s Catalyst Control Center and drivers gt XP updates OK but still have same problem gt Win crashes during the update Problem seems to be specific to wav files I can play CD Audio or streaming Netflix without sound problems I just found the problem consistently applies to only SOME wav files not ALL wav files where everything works OK with Soundmax Audio but i find some but not all wav files won t play under ATI Audio Examples Directory C Windows media includes files tada wav notify wav and Windows XP Startup wav gt All play fine if select Soundmax onboard sound as my default playback and set use default only gt But when I select ATI audio as my default and set use default only tada wav and notify wav don t generate sound Yet Windows XP Startup wav still does Does any of this make any sense nbsp

A:Arghhh! Now I'm the one needing help with sound problem. Using Radeon HD 5450

That last part doesn't seem to make sense that's for sure. Does the Device Manager show any sound driver problems after installing ATI's CCC? If so, I've solved a similar missing sound driver by letting Windows search the internet for an appropriate driver and to my surprise, it worked. I don't usually go that route but it found what I needed.
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HI. I have a Samsung HD monitor and a VGA SuncMaster Samsung monitor. The HD monitor is what I use on my desktop all the time. I am wanting to have dual monitors to use on occasion and use both these at the same time with a mirror image. The graphic card ATI Radeon HD 5450 has a place for my HD and VGA slots. Win 7 recognizes both monitors, BUT my HD monitors resolution is not HD anymore but the VGA monitor is good.

How do I get the settings to be the same as it is on my HD monitor and then display the mirror image to the VGA monitor????

Thanks so much, Tammy

A:ATI Radeon HD 5450 Dual Monitors HDMI & VGA Resolution Problems

Are you sure what you want is to DUPLICATE the contents of both monitors (referred to as "clone mode")? You want to show the identical desktop content on both monitors identically and simultaneously?

Or do you want to EXTEND the Windows desktop to run horizontally across both monitors, so that your Windows desktop is pretty much "double wide"? This allows you to drag windows onto one or the other monitor, and open up independent program windows on either monitor to meet your needs (e.g. to look at two open program windows independently presented on each of your monitors).

If you run the dual-monitor setup in EXTEND mode (with one of the monitors called "primary" monitor for Windows and the other monitor known as the "extend/secondary" monitor) then each monitor can be configured to run at its own native/optimal resolution, independent of what the other is configured at. So if you have a CRT (typically 4:3 or so) it can run at say 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 or 1440x900 or something like that, while your flatscreen/TV (typically 16x9 or 16x10) can run at say 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 or 1680x1050 or something like that. So you'd get FULL use of both monitors at their native/optimal resolutions, and maximum width of the effective combined Windows desktop.

If instead you do really want to run the two monitors in "clone mode", then you only have a Windows desktop that is the smaller of the two monitors. And you will be running the larger monitor at the resolution of the smaller monitor, which is exactly what is meant by "clone mode" aka DUPLICATE. Furthermore, if the pixel height of the 16x9 monitor is not large enough to accept the pixel height of the 4:3 monitor, then the resolution Windows decides on has to be reduced so as to be a compatible resolution acceptable to both monitors. So if the 4:3 monitor can run at 1600x1200 but the 16:9 monitor is say 1920x1080, you cannot run 1600x1200 as the DUPLICATE resolution, since 1200 vertical cannot be displayed on the 1080 vertical monitor. So Windows will probably show 1440x1080 or maybe 1440x900 as the maximum possible resolution, again so that it is compatible with simultaneous DUPLICATE display onto both screens.

Bottom line: if you have two different shaped monitors, with two different resolutions, and you want to utilize "clone mode", then you will only be able to select a maximum resolution that is compatible with BOTH screens at the same time. That's what DUPLICATE means, and the same resolution output will be sent to both screens. So inevitably the larger screen will look odd or distorted or will have black bars on left and right so as to retain the same aspect ratio as is showing on the smaller screen, or else it will be "zoomed/distorted" horizontally to fill the entire larger screen width but really only the desktop width appearing on the smaller screen will be what is shown.

Now, what do you really want to do?
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Further to determining - Help amp Advice Sought For Overhauling Noisy Dell Inspiron MT - that my present ATI Radeon HD graphics card has just about had it causing an obtrusive and irritating noise I have no option but to replace So having browsed where I usually buy Cheap Computer Components Low Prices UK Deals Ebuyer com And considering I am stuck with the Dell MoBo which provides x PCI Express x x PCI Express x x PCI I seem to be stuck for any choice What I can't For On Mainboard ATI Dell GPU 0c2kjt Radeon Replacing HD Advice 5450 figure out is the interface type requirements If the best slot available to me is a PCI Express x and the majority of the cards on the linked website require interfaces that are x x then as far as my very limited understanding can comprehend this leaves me with very little options Is this right or am I totally getting it wrong What I wanted to do was purchase a fairly low end card here in the UK for say - - which would be a slight upgrade on the existing and if need be replace the existing w PSU with the following w PSU Be Quiet Pure Power L W Fully Wired Bronze Power Supply - Ebuyer So if anyone could clarify GPU Advice For Replacing ATI Radeon HD 5450 On Dell 0c2kjt Mainboard the BUS interface issue and or recommend a graphics card to fit PCI Express slots available I'd be most grateful I realise this is one banal query for you guys to spend time on and like before in my previous thread I know a lot of you might GPU Advice For Replacing ATI Radeon HD 5450 On Dell 0c2kjt Mainboard be thinking scrap the Dell and build a new rig yet with my lack of knowhow and funds I am reluctant to take the gamble Anyway I'd appreciate any advice or information provided Thanks in advance

A:GPU Advice For Replacing ATI Radeon HD 5450 On Dell 0c2kjt Mainboard

For example would the following card be compatible though it is stated that the Bus Type is PCI-E 3.0:
XFX R5 230 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card - Ebuyer
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I purchased a HIS Radeon HD 5450 Graphics card as on windows performance score was only 4.3 on aero and 4.5 for games< After I put the graphics card in the score on windows aero went down to 4.1 but he gaming part went up to 5.9 so quite a good increase! The only reason I did this was to increase my WEI as dont play games on PC I have a xbox for that.

I have spoken to the shop who sold me the graphics card and they have told me not to worry about it as the WEI is very un realiable.

What are your thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance for your help

A:HIS Radeon HD 5450 Make window aero score lower!

Quote: Originally Posted by ian986

I purchased a HIS Radeon HD 5450 Graphics card as on windows performance score was only 4.3 on aero and 4.5 for games< After I put the graphics card in the score on windows aero went down to 4.1 but he gaming part went up to 5.9 so quite a good increase! The only reason I did this was to increase my WEI as dont play games on PC I have a xbox for that.

I have spoken to the shop who sold me the graphics card and they have told me not to worry about it as the WEI is very un realiable.

What are your thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance for your help

The WEI is just a reference number that gives you some idea how all your hardware is working with Win7. If you purchased a new video card to get better video for games the question to you is...
Is your video better or worse then with old card?
I don't worry about my WEI number that much.
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I'm having low FPS rates when playing games.
Having about 10 FPS more would be enough for me.

I now have a Nvidia 8400GS 512mb.
Will a MSI Radeon HD 5450 1GB @400mhz be better when it comes to FPS?

How much better will it be then? (in percentage)
So if I play a game with 25 fps, how much will I get with the Radeon card?



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I have a Dimension computer and recently purchased a Radeon graphics card After installing the card all I get on my monitor is quot No Signal quot Is this a compatible card for this computer And if it is any suggestions as to what might resolve 9100 work, 4400, Graphics Dimension card doesn't Radeon this issue Thanks y all After chatting with Dell Support they say that my system may not be compatible with MB card However when I search their parts and upgrades for my computer all the graphics cards they recommend are MB MB even MB cards Now if my system won t handle those cards then why do they recommend them as upgrades When I Graphics card doesn't work, Dimension 4400, Radeon 9100 asked that to the dell chat rep he said I d have to contact Dell Solution Station which of course I d then have to pay them to use Man I m really about to get fed up with Dell So does anyone know if this is true Will the MB card not work in my system if my system is set for MB nbsp

A:Graphics card doesn't work, Dimension 4400, Radeon 9100

The memory located on the video card is separate from the computers system memory. The set 64MB memory, is on-board graphics memory. You should turn the on-board graphics in the bios off before you install a graphics card
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Well, im looking at a new laptop and had a quick look on PC World's website (even though i think they can be a bit pricey) and saw this one:

And was wondering whether the graphics card was 512mb or 1gb?

- ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5450



P.S. any thoughts on the value for money or laptop specs would be welcomed
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This is the strangest thing I've seen in the past years of using computers I have an Acer Aspire - laptop that came with windows but I'm very picky and I wanted Windows xp back so I went onto Acer's website and won't mouse USB slot USB first other in works any slot, in only work but USB downloaded all of the windows xp drivers and then formatted the laptop to Windows XP with intergrated Service Pack The computer works just fine except for one very strange oddity - the USB mouse I'm using only works when plugged into the first USB slot it will refuse to work in the other USB slots I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB which is my favorite mouse and I USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot have of them at home When I was formatting the laptop USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot I had the mouse plugged into the first USB slot and now that is the ONLY slot it will work in If I plug it into the other usb slots the red laser will come on which means it's getting power but it will not move the cursor and clicking either of the mouse buttons won't do anything When I have the Device Manager open and I plug the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer mouse into the first USB slot the 'Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer ' entry will appear in BOTH the 'Human Interface Devices' tab and also the 'Mice and other pointing devices' tab However when plugging the mouse into the other usb slots the 'Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer ' entry will only appear in the 'Human Interface Devices' but NOT the 'Mice and other pointing devices' tab I could just go about my business using the first usb slot for the mouse but this little strange problem is pissing me off hugely as I might want to switch the mouse to another USB slot based on how I have the laptop positioned on a desk or other surface I should also note that the 'Human Interface Devices' tab has a 'HID compliant device' entry in it that isn't present on my desktop computer and my mouse works on any of the usb slots on my desktop computer I wonder if this is the problem I tried disabling this entry but it doesn't help any A final point to note is that I have many other usb devices such as flash memory sticks camera card readers external harddrives gps devices and they all work perfectly fine no matter which usb slot they are plugged into Very strange indeed Is there anyway to make my mouse work in any of the other USB slots

A:USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot

Hi NukesGoBoom,

I have seen a similar problem, but it was all USB ports that weren't working.

First, check the BIOS to make sure all USB ports are enabled, which they probably are.

Are all drivers installed and up to date? Do any yellow question marks or exclamation points show up in Device Manager?

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I intend to upgrade my videocard to Powercolor Radeon 9600 Pro.

My ASUS P4E-T motherboard manual says:

"Features the Intel 850 chipset with support for AGP 4X Pro Mode (1.5V only)"

"This motherboard provides an accelerated graphics port (AGP PRO)..."

"IMPORTANT: Only 1.5V AGP cards are supported..."

Can the card work with my motherboard, any possible problem?


A:Radeon 9600 Pro in AGP Pro slot

You have a motherboard with a 4X AGP slot.

The 9600 Pro is a 4X/8X AGP card.

Hmmm, the 9600 Pro should be compatible with your motherboard.
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Radeon 9250 PCI graphics card is overheating, game freezes around >60C. Is there a PCI slot fan that will work with this PCI graphics card? Can I use the 'Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev 3'? Or, should I wait till the weather cools off (live in Texas)? Don't want to spend the money on a graphics card with a fan in it if I don't have to.

A:need PCI slot fan for Radeon 9250

That Arctic cooler won't fit your card. It's designed for Nvidia cards only.

HERE are some PCI slot fans.

Just a question, does your card have a fan on it?
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Spomeone advised me the Radeon RX 460 for the 755 MT.

But he insisted that the slot should ne PCI_2.0 16 X

When I look it up in the manual I only see this picture.

however nothing about PCI 2.0

Does anybody know if the slot is version 2.0?

And will the RX 460 fit in one slot, or does it need 2 slots?


A:Optilplex 755 MT slot PCI_2.0 16 X ??? Radeon RX 460

The motherboard slot is PCIe x16 2.0. The Radeon RX 460 is a dual width video card so it will cover the white PCI slot.
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I am fairly green when it comes to computers, so I apologize if my termanoligy is a little off.
I recently purchased a Dell Dimension E310 and the current integrated graphics card is not cutting it for Flight Simulator X, so I purchased an ATI Radeon X 1600 Pro PCIe graphics card, as my research indicates, it is supposed to work for this computer, but it doesn't seem to fit in the slot. Am I loosing my mind or is there something that I have overlooked. Please help.


A:ATI Radeon X 1600 Pro PCIe won`t fit in slot?

Do you want the bad news or the...... bad news.....

Your system does not have a PCIe x16 slot, nor does it have an AGP slot.

Your options for upgrading your graphics are extremely limited on that system. You can ONLY use PCI or PCIx1 graphics (not PCI-e x16).

Umm.... Welcome to Techspot? Wish it was with better news. So it goes with Dell....

Here is a good thread outlining your graphics card options for your PCI slot:
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Some time ago I bought an ATi Radeon HD GB -Bit for my quite old system I did have a huge 1.1 HD7950 - ? x PCI-Ex Bottleneck Significant Slot Radeon performance gain moving from HD to HD but I'm not sure how far the board interface may be bottlenecking my card My mobo has PCI-Ex x v slots what means that each slot operates GB s I found an article telling that the performance loss using one PCI-Ex high-end single GPU card in a PCI-Ex x v GB s interface is very small for most Radeon HD7950 x PCI-Ex 1.1 Slot - Significant Bottleneck ? games so I guess it's the same for Radeon HD7950 x PCI-Ex 1.1 Slot - Significant Bottleneck ? a PCI-Ex v x Moving from PCIe x GB sec to PCIe x GB sec incur a generally very small penalty on the However like most tests this is entirely dependent on the game itself Radeon HD7950 x PCI-Ex 1.1 Slot - Significant Bottleneck ? With games like Metro the difference is non-existent while Battlefield and Crysis only lose - and DiRT suffers the most losing of its performance DiRT s minimum framerates look even worse dropping by As DiRT is one of our higher performing games in the first place the real world difference is not going to be that great it s still well above fps at all times but it s clear that in the wrong situation only having GB sec of PCIe bandwidth can bottleneck a Source AnandTech - The Radeon HD Reprise PCIe Bandwidth Overclocking amp The State Of Anti-Aliasing What are your thoughts Am I burning money

A:Radeon HD7950 x PCI-Ex 1.1 Slot - Significant Bottleneck ?

A PCI-E 1.1 X16 slot would support the same data rate as PCI-E 2.0 X8, or PCI-E 3 X4.

Short answer: negligible effect, most of the time. Small effect, the rest of the time.

Maybe the QX9770 is limiting things on its own, interfaces aside. In the US, it's be practical to upgrade to an I7-3770k, good midrange Z77 motherboard, and 8GB of DDR3, for about twice the cost of the HD 7950. If you wanted an I7-3930k, plus 16GB of RAM (4x4GB), it's be more like 3X the cost of the 7950.
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is there any else i can do before buying a new video card?
my systemm amd 64 3800 process. 1 gig or ram. 225 gig hard drive. and my crappy old video card which i bought not knowing only what the case said and then i didnt know what a thing or memory for video cards. but now i know ALOT more..but its 2 late. =( so is there anything else i can do without speding another video card?

A:My video card sucks. Radeon 9250 pci slot.
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Hello This is my first post to the Tech Spot community I have just upgraded my graphics card to a HIS Radeon HD Pro with mb and IceQ cooling I installed this card into a PCIe slot installed PCIe 512mb, No after Radeon a into I 2600 Pro, HD Sound HIS Slot I installed this onto an HP computer running Windows XP Home with an AMD x processor Prior to installation I had sound working and the audio device was listed as quot REALTEK HD AUDIO DEVICE quot I had a pair of desktop speakers plugged into the on-board sound jack and had no problems After installation speakers plugged into the same on-board jack but now the audio does not work for either system sounds or CD audio and the device listed is now quot ATI HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO DEVICE quot I know the graphics card allows channel audio through the HDMI When using the included DVI to HDMI Adaptor How do I change the device back to the on-board quot REALTEK High Definition Audio Device quot and disable the ATI HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO DEVICE Is there a way to disable this or is it better to purchase a sound card to add to the system Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:No Sound after I installed a HIS Radeon HD 2600 Pro, 512mb, into PCIe Slot

Disable the card's sound device in Device Manager. That should allow the onboard audio to work.
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hi,i have recently bought a brand new compaq resario computer...i am extremely happy with it apart from the graphics....i tried to place an old agp graphics card in the slot and it would't quite fit....i have i think 4 other slots that don't fit either..... do i find out exactly what connections these 5 are
2.can i use any of them for a graphics card
thanks in advance

Relevancy 54.61%

Which graphics slot is best to use? AGP, PCI or PCIe X1, PCIe x16. I also heard of PCIe 2.0 but my computer doesn't have that one listed. Suggestions.

A:graphics slot

Well if you want to use a graphics card in your computer you can only use the slot or slots which it has available. Most computers either have a PCI Express slot for a graphics card or an AGP slot for a graphics card, a few computers have both AGP and a PCI express slots for a graphics card. Like it is very difficult to assist you, unless one knows what sockets your computer motherboard has, if they are occupied by any cards already and what you are trying to do? If I am right in thinking it has a PCI Express 16 slot which is currently un-occupied and you are using the intergrated graphics, well the AGP does not come in to equation as an AGP card can not be used in a PCI Express socket. PCI Express cards use a more modern and better technology than AGP cards and the only reason for buying an AGP card is if one has a motherboard with an AGP socket and one wants to upgrade one's motherboard graphics capability from say intergrated Graphics to a dedicated card but is locked out of the PCI Express option by the lack of a PCI Express socket.

Best and Warm Regards
Adrian Wainer
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I want to get a new graphics card and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what speed the PCI slot would be on my 1.6GHz Pentium 4 HP Vectra?

Relevancy 54.18%

Hi. First of all i have to admit i don't know a hell of a lot about computers. Basically what it is is that my current computer is from dell so has intel integrated extreme graphics and no agp slot. What reasonably cheap but ok quality graphics cards could i but to fit into a PCI slot

A:Graphics Cards for PCI slot

Well, the 5700le is about as good as pci can get(still not as good as agp).

I think I'd get the first one. What model dell do you have? Some dells can't have their integrated graphics disabled in the bios(dell was too lazy to put the option on the bios), check in your bios(press del or f2 when you boot a few times and it should get to the bios) if there is a video setting(like integrated or pci).

If $90 is too much, then consider this for $70
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I was wondering if anyone here has tried this, I have a spare monitor and wondering what you think about doing this. I have an OLD ATI Graphics card (fits PCIE of course) and I know it will work but wondering if it's worth the effort. My 560ti has only a 2 monitor capability and just 1 other PCIE x1 slot is free just above the card.

So anyone here tried this? (I know this works if you do it right.)

(N.B. I have read the websites about how to do this, I am looking for personal, first hand experience.)

A:PCI-E x16 Graphics Card to Fit a PCI-E slot.

Haven't tried it.

I'm confused, though. Are you trying to fit a PCI-E X16 card in an X1 slot? I don't think it's possible.

You can certainly try an X1 card in an X16 slot. I've never seen an X1 graphics card, although I know that they exist.

(I've got an X1 soundcard running in a slot that is X16 mechanical, X4 electrically.)
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I have an old computer with a 1Ghz Pentium 3 processor. The motherboard only has PCI slots, no AGP or PCI-e. Is it possible to get a graphics card which fits into a PCI slot?


A:PCI slot graphics card?

Yes. This for example:
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Im trying to install a ATI Radeon X1300 Pro 256 MB AGP 8x, into my old Dell Dimension 4600, replacing a Nvidia GeForce 5600, when i tried to boot up the PC with the ATI Card in i got no signal to the monitor from either DVI/VGA plugs, the card was working im thinking because the Fan on the card itself was working.

My video controller/slot is: AGP8X and i was told this card "ATI Radeon X1300 Pro 256 MB AGP 8x" was compatible, was i lied too?

A:PCI/AGP Graphics Card slot help?

Looks to me like you are right. The card should work.

Did you try putting your old card back in to see if it works?
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Okay so I have been looking around for a while and found 2 graphics cards I like and I was wondering what slot my motherboard has. Here are the CPU-Z details. I really need to know if it is a PCI-E x16
Graphics Cards:
- (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 PCIE x16)
- (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 PCIE x16)
Thank you so much in advance! If you have any answers, questions, comments, or concerns leave me a comment and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

A:PCI slot and graphics card

It appears the motherboard has the following expansion slots:
One PCI Express x16
Two PCI Express x1
One PC
See here for details:
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Hi , im new around here and I just want to know that can i upgrade my graphic card if i only have standard PCI slot ?

A:Graphics upgrade, only have PCI slot

hello and welcome; here are couple of options of PCI Video Cards for your system, if your system is bit older, it should still have AGP slot. Can you please give your system's specifications?
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I just tried putting together a computer. The computer turns on but the screen wont turn on. I think this is because it doesn't have a graphics card, i dont know which type to put in because the motherboard didn't come with a manual so i am posting this pic to see if someone else does.


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My motherboard has no AGP slot, however it uses Direct AGP Graphics. Is there a way to use an AGP graphics card if it uses Direct AGP Graphics?

A:No AGP slot but uses Direct AGP Graphics

Duplicate post.....I think this has already been answered...
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Im upgrading my nephews computer , but his agp slot is only agp4
So basacally what is the best graphics card to put in ?

I was going to put a 6600gt in but im not sure if it will work as its an agp8 card

any help appreciated

A:A Graphics card for AGP4 slot

it will work if the card says x4/x8 but if it doen't I would try the fx series.
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Ok, so I am helping a friend upgrade his desktop's graphics card. Apperantally, he currently has an integrated card, ad I belive you can install a dedicated card despite that, correct? Also, we are not sure exactally what slot the card goes in, we belive it is this one:

A:Is this the slot for a graphics card? (Other questions as well)

It is possible. Does your friend have the MotherBoard Manual? Its best to be sure.

What's the model, and serial number of the board?

And yes you can install a separate card, but you have to disable the integrated graphics through the BIOS.
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I'm curious about the PCIE technology. I know there are four PCIE types (1, 2, 4, and 16) all with different size slots. As it stands now there aren't very many card at all that use these slots except for Video Cards, which use the 16. My MOBO has two video card slots (I originally thought I would use that slot for another video card and still might do that) only one of which I am currently using.

Is there any intent in the future to use these slots (i.e., the 16s) for other add-on cards? Are the only for use for video cards?

A:Anything else you could use a PCIEx16 slot for besides a Graphics Card?
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Are there any graphics cards with the fan/cooler on top of the card.
My Gigabyte mobo has one of the PCiex1 slot so close to the graphic card slot that it is unusable and I need both of these 2 slots. I have removed graphics card and use onboard graphics due to this problem.
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i have a graphics card which its interface is PCI-E 2.0 x16
is it compatible/can work with my motherboard which has a slot of PCI-E 3.0 x16

so can it work without having damage

A:pci-e 2.0 graphics card compatible to pci-e 3.0 slot

Yes it will work fine.
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I have a dell optiplex which I think has a PCI slot but I am unsure if it is a PCI. As the connectors are so different.. I wish to get a low profile graphics. It is a slim line desktop.. Any ideas..

A:Cannot Identify this slot.. Need a graphics card for this PC

Is this system for use at home or in a office/network setting?
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Sorry to sound so n00b-ish, but I play all my games on my xbox 360, and don't really know much about computers..ha, I just wanna play the sims 2 without the base game lagging. lmao, anyways, can I put this:

into this:


A:Question about AGP slot/graphics card

Provided that slot you have is agp x8 and not a slower slot then it should work fine.
Only thing, there was no mention of minimum psu spec in your link. You need to have a look at the label on the side of your psu for its wattage and its amperage on the 12volt rail.

You might want to blank out your windows serial so than no-one else can use it.
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Alright so I got an Aspire M since One day it suddenly card Graphics or slot? the is broken it wouldn t start up Beeping noises are heard from the CPU long short After a bit of research it seems Graphics card broken or is it the slot? that the computer could not detect the graphic card which results in it not starting up So I reinserted the graphic card Failed Did it again Failed Repeated for hour Still hearing long short beeps Then after a few maybe hours I tried again reinserting the graphics driver connecting the monitor cable and turned it on It worked Graphics card broken or is it the slot? I didn t know what happened but it worked After Graphics card broken or is it the slot? I was done using the computer I turned it off The next day today the problem came back Reinserted plugged monitor cable turned on and it works Now I don t know whether its the graphic card or the slot Wonder if replacing it will work I m afraid that if I turn off the PC the problem will return Any help would be appreciated I never opened the CPU since for cleaning nbsp

A:Graphics card broken or is it the slot?

Hey Falconet. I think I would be far more likely that the graphic card is flaky since in your research the beeps point to the graphics card. If the slot were damaged, chances are you wouldn't get it to work at all, and since it worked one day and not the next, and since the slot itself won't break on it's own, I would suspect the card first. It wouldn't hurt to check both connection points of the cable the next time, although the beeps indicate the card's operation itself as not being right.
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Hey everyone I m new to opening and moving things around What Graphics of slot have Card? for I type a do the inside of computers and wanting to learn more about it Ok so I have this Compaq Presario and can t find any information on it over the internet I ve been wanting to play some games below Ghz because thats all it can really take So i What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card? decided to get GTA San Andreas The problem is that my bulitin graphics card only has a max of MB LAME I want buy a new PC but way way What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card? way later on in the future Economy So I decided that i wanted to get a new temporary graphics card till I wait this very long time So I searched around Walmart com CHEAPO and found this nicely priced MSI MB PCI-E nVidiaNX GS Graphics Card For ONLY Bucks But it says its a PCI Express card and I don t know if I do have a What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card? slot to fit The Computer Compaq Presario With -Windows XP SP -AMD Athlon tm XP - GHz MB of Ram I m willing to buy more Ram It s on my list I don t know if this is any helpful but I installed GTA Vice City and it worked fine Nice speed everything besides when I hit A fire hydrant or when it rained or had anything to with water or blood splatter the game would look all funky and had to minimize and bring back when that was over in order for the game to work properly P S If you know what type of card I can use can you send me the link please think Cheap LOL And can you please get link from Walmart Radio Shack Ect Stores Any Good Games PICS DIDNT LET ME I Put Them In Trakback BY THE WAY MY FIRST POST ON ANY WEBSITE FOR HELP THANX nbsp

A:What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card?

the photos are in h t t p : / / s62.photobucket . com /albums/h107/gomez123098/
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I hope this finds you well.

Yesterday I got a new 22" monitor for my desktop PC but as I only have a VIA/S3G Unichrome IPG graphics card I am unable to set the proper resolution for the new monitor.

I thought this would be fixed by getting a new graphics card so today I purchased a GeForce 9500GT only to find that it doesn't seem to slot into my motherboard. I fear I may have to return both the graphics card and monitor to the shop!

Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong? My motherboard is a KM400 8235.

Thanks for your time...and happy new year!

A:I can't seem to find a slot on my motherboard for my new graphics card
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I recently got an ASUS NVidia GeForce ENGTS450 DC SL/DI/1GD3 graphics card (which is PCIEX16 2.0) for my PC, but when I connect it to the PCIEX16 (3.0) slot I don't get a display, if I connect it to the PCIEX4 slot I do get a display!

Anyone got any ideas why? - Thanks

System Info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4043 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 14 Mb (Incorrect - ASUS NVidia GeForce ENGTS450 DC SL/DI/1GD3)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152273 MB, Free - 90053 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., B75M-D3H
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
PSU: 485W (Have tried with cheap 650W with same problem)
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I just purchased this pre-built machine:

Acer Aspire AM3970-UR14P DT.SJYAA.003 Desktop PC

I'm attempting to order a graphics card upgrade ( probably an affordable Nvida GT 650 ti . Obviously the card will consume some space due to the fan. I'm trying to figure out if the card ( or a similar dual slot PCIx card) will fit onto the motherboard. I know from past experience that a lot of non-custom built PCs have little to no room for expansion.

I've searched all over the net about this particular model number of Acer Aspire and can come up with no information about the motherboard to check for myself.

Would anyone happen to know where i can find info about the motherboard for this particular model of Acer Aspire desktop?

** Also, i do intend on removing the included radeon card.

A:Will a dual slot graphics card fit in my machine?

It is hard to tell if it would fit the case, but the specs state that your computer only has a 300W Power Supply and that definitely will not work with the card you list.
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I have a compaq presario sr2020nx series need help figuring if I need a pci or agp graphics card.

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Hello My first post
Anyway i really need to upgrade my computers graphics card ( Nvidia 7600 GS 512mb intergrated version) as its flagging in this day and age and its stopping me playing most games now (i can just scrape skyrim but it falls under its min requirments) I will get a top of the range laptop soon when i go to uni but will keep my desktop for now so i need to add a better graphics card (Rest seem to be fine for the mo) .The problem is the integrated cards is already in the PCI express slot (opened up comp and i can see it in the slot) will be safe to remove the board and would a new card function in it Thanks for the help.

A:Integrated graphics card in PCI-Express slot

If the 7600 is in the PCI e slot, by definition it is not integrated. You should be able to pull it out and swap in a newer card without any issues, so long as your power supply can handle it. Be sure to remove your old graphics drivers before performing the upgrade.
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hey guys i want a low cost graphics card for my pc .i have motherboard which has pcie x1 slot .could u suggest me list of low cost(50$-70$) graphics card having SM 5.0

A:want a low cost graphics card for pcie x1 slot

I'm not familiar with SM 5, but I believe that it is identical to DirectX 11 support.

This vendor only sells in the US and Canada, but it gives you some idea what exists: - Computer Hardware, Video Cards & Video Devices, Desktop Graphics / Video Cards, PCI Express x1, DirectX 11

Are you sure that your motherboard has no PCI-E X16 slot? The last person that I encountered here thought that his board had no PCI-E X16 slot, only X1, but he was mistaken.
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Ok I've got an my Could be graphics slot cause the fans? bad card of 3 PCIx16 Asus mobo this one in fact Newegg com - ASUS P K EPU LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard I've had this mobo for the last two years without any problems Over the Could my PCIx16 slot be the cause of 3 bad graphics card fans? last year or so my first Asus GT graphics card went bad the fan warped amp Could my PCIx16 slot be the cause of 3 bad graphics card fans? stopped working causing Could my PCIx16 slot be the cause of 3 bad graphics card fans? it to overheat a lot Then I got the new one amp ran that one for maybe almost a year and then the same thing happened the fan warped amp went bad Now I cant not say for sure which slot the st bad graphics card was in if it was in or But I can say for sure that the nd time it was in PCIx Now I've received the rd card amp installed it in PCIx and within a little while I noticed the card was giving off a lot of heat I unplugged it and upon closer inspection I see the fan was slightly warped again I will also say that I didnt inspect the card when I got it to be sure everything was ok maybe they sent me another bad card Now the fan still turns smoothly but you can see it starting to cock up amp become warped I've since talked to Asus again they are doing another RMA for me so the graphics card is covered But I'd like to get to the bottom of things and fix the root of the problem Do you think in any way possible it is the PCIx slot making it go bad I talked to the guy at Asus about it amp he said it isnt likely as the slot just transfer data amp said perhaps it was my power supply Here is my power supply Newegg com - Rosewill RX -S-B W ATX V v amp EPS V v SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply It's only years old as well and powers A LOT of other stuff within my computer without any problems or hiccups at all ever So I'm reluctant to blame it on the power supply but you never know Ideas Thanks

A:Could my PCIx16 slot be the cause of 3 bad graphics card fans?

Any ideas?
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Hello Today I put my computer to sleep and returned about minutes later to start it back up My computer's power light and fans came on and tried to start up repeatedly but after the computer tried around five times it made a long beep followed by two short beeps I PCI-E Issue Slot Graphics Boot-up Card/ On looked up Graphics Card/ PCI-E Slot Issue On Boot-up the type of issue those beeps meant for my motherboard and it was a video error I found that when removing my GeForce GT from my PCI-E slot and plugging my monitor directly into the integrated graphics card everything works fine It booted up and had to reinstall the new drivers for the GeForce Integrated but everything worked fine I figured that meant my graphics card or RAM was broken so I took it to my closest computer repair store They tested the power supply to see if it was supplying enough power to the card and it passed They also tested the RAM and the graphics card to see if they were broken but they both passed They told me to either leave it with them for a week or just use the integrated graphics which of course stubborn me chose to take it home for now I am willing to leave it at the store if necessary and I also have a compatible motherboard in mind that I could buy if that will solve the issue but before I make any actions I figured I would take advantage of these forums and hold out on using the different card for a week or so The type of computer I have is a Gateway GT and it is less than two years old I upgraded the graphics card with the GeForce GT the sound card and the power supply to a watt If anyone has had a problem like this or knows how I can diagnose my issue please help It is much appreciated I miss being able to have my computer screen on my monitor AND my TV

A:Graphics Card/ PCI-E Slot Issue On Boot-up

Quote: Originally Posted by Menutra


Today I put my computer to sleep and returned about 30 minutes later to start it back up. My computer's power light and fans came on and tried to start up repeatedly but after the computer tried around five times, it made a long beep followed by two short beeps. I looked up the type of issue those beeps meant for my motherboard and it was a video error. I found that when removing my GeForce 8800 GT from my PCI-E slot and plugging my monitor directly into the integrated graphics card everything works fine. It booted up and had to reinstall the new drivers for the GeForce 1650 (Integrated), but everything worked fine. I figured that meant my graphics card or RAM was broken, so I took it to my closest computer repair store. They tested the power supply to see if it was supplying enough power to the card and it passed. They also tested the RAM and the graphics card to see if they were broken, but they both passed. They told me to either leave it with them for a week or just use the integrated graphics (which of course stubborn me chose to take it home for now). I am willing to leave it at the store if necessary and I also have a compatible motherboard in mind that I could buy if that will solve the issue, but before I make any actions I figured I would take advantage of these forums and hold out on using the different card for a week or so.

The type of computer I have is a Gateway GT5662 and it is less than two years old. I upgraded the graphics card with the GeForce 8800 GT, the sound card, and the power supply to a 500 watt. If anyone has had a problem like this or knows how I can diagnose my issue please help! It is much appreciated! I miss being able to have my computer screen on my monitor AND my TV

Could you have a look if in the Power Plan Management, the PCI-E slots are not set to lower powering?
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Basically need a cheap gpu with tv-out for movie playback,

Ive read that the 'ATI Radeon' cards have better tv-out than the equivallent 'Nvidia's so Ive decided to go with them

The card has to work in a PCI slot as the mobo has no agp.

I found a 'sapphire radeon 7000 64mb ddr PCI tv-out' ,
will this fit my needs? If not what will?


A:will this gpu work in a PCI slot

check out the sponsors sites for pci video cards on the right side of your screen
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how to check my pcie slot working or not. When i inserted nvidia Gforce 9500gt it is not detecting my mother board (Asus M2N VM HDMI ) but graphics cards fan is working. then how can i identifies the slot is faulty or not. Is their any changes to be done in the bios. Please help me. My processor is AMD Phenom 9550 and 3Gb DDR2 ram is inserted.

A:PCI-E slot issue or any changes to be done in BIOS to detect my graphics card

You do need to go into BIOS and disable the onboard video card in order for one plugged into a PCI slot to work. That is most likely your problem.

There are diagnostic cards that you can plug in to test your motherboard such as the one at this site:

You also might call nearby computer stores to see if they have the equipment there and will run the diagnostic for you if you bring in your motherboard.
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ok so for this christmas i want a graphics card for my old dog hp media center pc m7067c

I don't know if its a PCI slot or a PCI express cause it really doesn't say so.....

So if it is a PCI, can i get one from best buy becuase it has the option to get a PCI video card or a PCI express.

The memory for it i guess they said it can hold 512 or 256mb.

hp spec: HP Media Center m7067c Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Media Center m7067c Desktop PC | HP? Support

A:What Graphics card slot is hp media center pc m7067c?

That's an old mobo....and all the slots PCI not PCIe. That being said you might find a decent PCI GPU for that mobo.

If you really want to get creative or ambitious, uprade your MOBO and RAM and then get a GPU. You can keep all your original hardware and case.
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First of all I guess I should list my system Ghz Dual Core AMD ASRock N PV-GS - MOBO ASUS EAH GB - PCI-E Graphics GB DDR - w PSU Windows Ultimate -Bit OS error... or problems PCI-E slot card graphics Motherboard I think that s everything that is relevent if Motherboard or graphics card error... PCI-E slot problems anything else will help please don t hesitate to ask and I will add information as needed Secondly THIS SYSTEM DID WORK I can t remember exactly when it all went wrong and as I hadn t been gaming for months it was a kind of irrelevent Motherboard or graphics card error... PCI-E slot problems problem when I did a format PC Just got clogged and so this was the easy option and my graphics card didn t display a picture on my monitor I just took it out and used the Onboard crappy graphics I am now faced with a dilemma SOMETHING isn t right my PC without Graphics card installed just would not progress past the BIOS screen failing to load drive information etc Even when I took off everything and tried to boot the board with no other devices present First I naturally changed the PSU Luckily I had another exactly the same model etc and the same problem existed So annoyed I rifled through my older PC bits n bobs and built up an old Ghz system with AGP grapics but after realising that with only GB of DDR it was as useless as band aid for a severed limb I tried again with my current system This time it booted While I had it running I made sure to download the latest BIOS version and upgraded Now I have the issue of the PCI-E Graphics card not working except straight after the upgrade of the BIOS it did work BUT it stalled again on the BIOS screen and after a reset it shunned the PCIE graphics again and I was forced to plug the monitor back into the onboard graphics This is where I stand now I have no other PCIE board or Graphics card and only enough cash to buy one or the other for at least a month - And PC components are not easily returned so should I make the wrong choice on which I buy then I will be forced to meander on agitated and vexed by the situation The onboard graphics is useless not only because it s mb but also because it randomly cops out filling the screen with erm imagine an old TV set that is not recieving a signal and you get that white static - Well it s like that but motionless And I am then forced to reset the PC and then get back into windows to a graphics error Or it just Blue screens me Sorry for the long post and probably over complicated explaination - But my question is a simple one Which would you buy if you could only choose one I m assuming MOBO but if I buy it and I am stuck with working MOBO s and one broken graphics card I ll be a tad miffed to say the least Same if I end up with two working graphics card So I throw myself at you all hoping you can determine which would be the best place to start Additional Info Memory test - Passed Processor Test - Passed PSU - Passed All HDD and DVD Drives are okay also nbsp

A:Motherboard or graphics card error... PCI-E slot problems

First, in this situation, you need to test that PCIe graphics card in another computer to rule it out
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Hey guys Wondering if y all can help me with my worries A while ago I bought a GeCube Radeon PRO mb AGP card and installed this blazing new baby in to my pc I bought HL and Far Cry to enjoy it s yummy goodness Much fun was had until HL started crashing more and more frequently Far Cry didn t seem to like it much and would never last too long It really started to worry me after a while and I took it back and swapped it for the next one up the eXTreme mb or was it other way around can t remember which was pro or eXTreme It was the same brand GeCube but then that one just finished my motherboard off and completely fried the AGP slot I had to send the motherboard off it was still under warranty thank god but when I tried the graphics card out in the new MB it started to screw up again fried card graphics Last slot AGP my bought I (powered) So I whipped it out and sold it to a friend before it Last graphics card I bought (powered) fried my AGP slot did any real damage Now I Last graphics card I bought (powered) fried my AGP slot m running a in my PC and seriously wanting to upgrade mainly for BF goodness and am REALLY wary of having my AGP slot fried again My specs should show up here what do you guys think Thanks Adam nbsp

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I have a Radeon HD 4500 graphics card that's plugged into the PCI express slot on my motherboard.

The heat sink on the graphics card is huge and covers the next PCI slot down completely which I now need. I don't want to buy a new graphics card as the one I have works fine and I can't afford a new one.

I can take the heat sink off but I don't want the thing to overheat and blow.

I have looked for a heat sink but I can't find one this small enough to fit.

Can anyone offer a low cost solution to the problem?

The graphics card is a Radeon HD 4500.


A:Graphics card heat sink blocking PCI slot

It will self destruct in the blink of an eye with no heat sink on it. Also, the current heat sink is as big as it is for a reason. IMHO putting a smaller one on is probably not a good idea unless it specifically states its compatible with that video card. Water cooling might work but that will likely cost as much as finding a new video card.
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Here s the deal I built myself a new computer I was having problems with the video i e the PC would turn on but the monitor would not quot display driver has stopped responding but has recovered quot About 460 work the GTX in doesn't x16 slot? half of the time when my card is plugged into my PCI-E GTX 460 doesn't work in the x16 slot? x slot the PC will freeze while starting up or while just browsing in the BIOS menu The card works fine when I seat it in the PCI-E x slot Basically I m trying to figure out if I should RMA the motherboard or the graphics card I tried running Memtest I completed passes with no errors I do not have another PC that I can test the graphics card in nor do I have another graphics card that I can try to put in the x slot What do you guys think Is GTX 460 doesn't work in the x16 slot? it a faulty PCI slot on the motherboard or is the graphics card shot nbsp
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Will an 8x video card work in a 2x agp slot? I currently have a Nvidia GeForce 256 32mb 4x card and want to upgrade to a GeForce 5200fx 128mb 8x. I have a 2x agp slot.
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I ve got wont DVI on PC slot work. monitors One HP Pavilion F One Dell not sure of the model number at the moment Both monitors work perfectly by themselves in the VGA slot I bought a converter from the DVI-D to VGA So that I can connect the other monitor Its the correct adapter and it fits http www techlocation com files HP-Pavilion-p - - jpg Pic of the DVI-D slot http www ebay com itm ssPageName STRK DVI slot on PC wont work. MEWNX IT amp trksid p m l Pic of the converter The monitor in the VGA slot works fine The other is stuck on quot Self test feature quot I ve tried swapping monitors in the DVI slot and both have the same results I know there s -some- sort of connection going through because when I hit quot Detect monitors quot on the AMD Control Center it almost quot Refreshes quot the Self Test feature screen but it wont detect it I ve tried installing both drivers for both monitors as well I Talked to HP support for over an hour and all they said to me was quot UR COMPY DUN SUPPORT IT LOLOLOLOL quot Yet look http www amazon com HP-Pavilion-p - -Desktop-Black dp B OM NA - Supports multiple monitors for more workspace and easy multitasking http h www hp com ctg Manual c pdf A poster that came with my computer http g-ecx images-amazon com images G electronics detail-page hp p - r kh - - pdf The computers fact sheet Does that not scream quot WE SUPPORT MULTIPLE MONITORS quot I think yes The tech - http ompldr org vYTBrZw anyway afterwards i tried more thing The DVI by itself Didnt work He s such a liar I hate HP s support UGH So do you think maybe the adapter is bad Or what and is there any phone for HP s supervisors or something in which I can complain of blatent lies from the support Thanks nbsp
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Hey out there, before I go out and buy a new motherboard(AGAIN) will my e-geforce 7300gt pci-e card work in my AGP 8xslot, if so is it worth doing or should I go out and get a PCI-e ready motherboard?

I'm new ish to tech talk about comps, i just build them with help from my professional buddies, so bare with me!!

A:My PCI-e card, will it work in an AGP 8x slot?

Nope, completely different and incompatible slots. Can you exchange your vid card for an agp version? If not, then you will need a new mobo.
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This was really perplexing. I am trying to install a Galaxy GT520 on my Inspiron 546. So i take of the slot i need in the back-plate and fit the card into the slot. But...the card didn't fit into the back-plate. It's like a millimeter off.... There is a little slot that the back-plate slots go into but it doesn't fit into the slot. It's almost like it needs to be a millimeter longer. Thanks to anyone who helps.


A:Graphics card doesn't fit backplate but fits in PCI Express slot

check this out

GT520 is a PCI and should fit the 546, line it up as ^^^^ shows and press hard, dont ram it in there, but apply a bit of force.
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Hey guys I was hoping someone could help me with Asus M4N68T-M external detect PCI-E V2 graphics in card LE Slot won't a problem my friend and I are having with his new Motherboard He's running an Asus M N T-M LE V and while the rest of the board works fine it just won't see his graphics card in the PCI-E slot We've tried various solutions and none have yet to yield any results We've tried disabling the onboard graphics through device manager etc The board also doesn't let you turn off the onboard from BIOS only allows you to set the priority of the display adapters which is set to the PCI-E first It just won't show his card in device manager His spec is Asus M N T-M LE V AMD Phenom II x Ghz Black Edition Asus M4N68T-M LE V2 won't detect external graphics card in PCI-E Slot GB x GB Mushkin Mhz DDR Ram Nvidia Geforce GTS GFX Card I've also tried using my ATI Radeon HD Card and still shows no detection We've been trying this for over a day and we just can't figure it out Help please

A:Asus M4N68T-M LE V2 won't detect external graphics card in PCI-E Slot

One problem that is common when installing these big video cards into Micro-ATX motherboards is that you may not get the card to fully seat properly because some obstruction is holding it up.

Carefully check the entire card/MB area to see if there is anything that may be propping the card up.
Remove the card and re-seat it looking and listening carefully to hear the rear tang on the video card "click" into place.