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hat is pixel shader and can we increase pixel shader virtually

Q: hat is pixel shader and can we increase pixel shader virtually

hi guys i just want to know what is pixel shader and can we increase pixel shader virtually

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Preferred Solution: hat is pixel shader and can we increase pixel shader virtually

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: hat is pixel shader and can we increase pixel shader virtually

Pixel shading is what makes computer graphics seem so real. It works on a pixel by pixel basis, determining the lighting, shading, and color of each pixel - bringing infinite possibilities.

If I'm correct, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, etc will affect pixel shading. For ATI, this can be done through Catalyst. NVidia settings should do the same.

Not sure what you mean by virtually...
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Hello l m new here and can someone help days Pixel and 1.1 shader 1.1 Shader Vertex ago l downloaded Bionicle Heroes and when l installed it then l began having trouble launching it some weird windows erorr shown Vertex shader 1.1 and Pixel Shader 1.1 up after l read the system requirements that l need pixel shader installed then l began searching the internet for this program but nothing found after that l decided to see if swift shader would work it worked but the game begin having a lag argh it was frustrating after that l read the trouble shooting guide that l need dxdiag program so l downloaded and it showed that l need to reinstal directX so l reinstalled it but still nothing this game still does work after that l found out that l need to find Vertex Shader and Pixel shader again l began searching the interenet and still nothing found so my problem is that l can t find Vertex shader and Pixel Shader so please can someone show me a link please l can t beleve that l wasted all day finding a way to make this game to work and tyred of searching all day my computer windows XP has of RAM and GB space P S sorry for my bad english nbsp

A:Vertex shader 1.1 and Pixel Shader 1.1

Pixel Shader 5 is the newest version. If you dont have Pixel Shader 1.1 even, then your PC is so ancient. What are your specs?
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Im wanting to play Medival Total War and therefore need to buy a graphics card as it says i do not have a pixel shader of 1.1. I was wondering if the below grpahics card will allow me to play the game:


A:Does this have a pixel shader of 1.1?

Yes,the 5200 is pixel shader version 2.0,so it is
backwards compatable.
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I just got dmc 4 and when i start the game it says that i need pixel shader 3.0. i know that i cant download it because its hardware, but is there any trick to start the game without it??

A:Pixel shader 3.0

You will need a better video card. I bet you are using a laptop, or your desktop computer has only on-board video
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Hi I have a GeForce3 Graphics card and when I try to play a game it says I need pixel shader 1.1. I've got DX 9.0c installed, as well as latest video card drivers but no fix. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Pixel Shader 1.1

Sorry dude, i think you need a new GFX card.
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Im looking for a video card, and since im AGP, the only way for me to go (at the area im looking for) is either a x1600pro or a x850xt

But x1600pro has PS3
and x850xt has ps2.
What are the main differences between them, and what are some games that wont work period without ps3.

I intend to play more, but right now i have, Doom 3, Quake 4, HL2, CS:S, Colin Mcrae rally 2005, call of duty 2, nfs:mw

I know those all work with PS2 as my dad has a x600 on his laptop.

So i ask again, whats the main difference, and what games right now wont work period without it, or will most games work, but only at a ps2 level

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I just bought a new iMac; installed Parallels 3.0 and Windows XP. I then installed Medieval II Total War. When I went to play it, it told me that I need pixel shader 1.1 or better.

Is there anything I can do to play this game on this computer?


A:Pixel Shader 1.1 or better

WTF is a imac?

But yea, use desktop for gaming man, once you get a desktop computer, find a good video card, cheap one too.
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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, kind of new here...Anyway I was thinking of buying GH3 for PC but it says that it recommends Pixel Shader 4.0.
I have an ATI Radeon HD 3650 that supports it, but idk how to get it. I have read somewhere that you have to have Windows Vista (I have XP) but I don't know. I have DX10 for XP and it works fine so I am sure there is a way to get Pixel Shader 4.0 somehow? Well thanks for the help.

A:Pixel Shader 4.0

Pixel Shader 4.0 (actually 4.1) is installed with your video card drivers. If you got your Catalyst drivers from AMD (formally ATI)'s website, you should have it already.

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Hi just checked my laptop to see if can run Vista everything is ok apart from Pixel Shader, ? is do I need it if I dont play games on my laptop?



A:Pixel Shader

It is used by some games, check out
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i bought a game needs min requirements pixel 3.0 need a free download can anybody suggest anything

A:need free pixel shader 3.0

it is not software it is something built into your video card
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Does anyone know of a powerful Pixel Shader emulator that can emulate at least verison 1.1...?

I need it for a game im trying to play...Its hardware so it cant be updated/downloaded

I dont feel like buying

any help?

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Need help with upgrading my pixel shader and video card advice I have a dell dimension and I want to buy this game Hellgate London thats help pixel with Need shader upgrading my coming out it requires pixel shader I dont think i have Nvidia XFX GeForce was recomend to me for my machine Will that upgrade me to pixel shader Also is this compatible with my machine Another thing is MB RADEON HD Full Height Graphics Card for Dell OptiPlex Desktop is that compatible with my machine and if so will that upgrade my pixel shader And obviously if not how do i upgrade my pixel shader These are the games requirements OS Windows XP with SP or Windows Vista Processor GHz or faster GHz for Vista RAM GB or more GB for Vista Video DirectX c compatible device w MB RAM or better and Pixel Shader support requires NVIDIA GeForce ATI Radeon chipset or greater Audio DirectX c compatible device Disc drive x DVD or faster Hard Need help with upgrading my pixel shader drive GB or more free space Input Keyboard and mouse Internet Connection required for multiplayer The video is the only part Im wary about please tell me my options nbsp

A:Need help with upgrading my pixel shader

You cant upgrade a pixel shader, that's a process that's in your video card. And remember that the recommended specs for a game is to run it on low details. At minimum in most cases. We also need to know your pc specs?
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I recently bought Black amp White realising my computer was in need of an update i bought a DvD drive as b amp w is in dvd format after installing the game i restarted and tried to load B amp W there was an error stating that b amp w only supports graphics cards compatible with pixel shader i looked at the readme and decided to try and update my graphics card driver so i downoaded that and ran it another error my computer does not have the minimal requirements for the update first of all how do i know the graphics card i Compatible? Shader Pixel buy will be pixel shader compatible as doing my research i have not found this in the product specification would you reccomend geting one over as these things get really expensive and i hope i dont need the latest one to play lastly my computer has mb Ram the game reccomends mb or higer will this disrupt my gaming experience i would love to have a faster computer but as always im trying to save for other things Thankyou for any guidence explanation or reccomendations you could give nbsp

A:Pixel Shader Compatible?

i wouldnt go for a graphics card, that is below the ATI Radeon 9600 or Nvidia 6200 otherwise you will have an insano pants card for games like that... ideally i would go for a ATI 9800 or Nvidia 6600... but if money is a lil bit tight then 9600XT 256Mb. thats my opinion.

or if money isnt really a prob then X800/6800 of some form lol.
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I picked up Fable: The Lost Chapters today and have come to the sad realization that my graphics card is not compatible to a degree. My problem is that the ground textures will not load, it is smooth and gray and water is yellow, which I assume stems from the shadow option in the overall video options. After having found that the video card was not compatible (a VIA SG3 card and an Intel 845G) I came here in hopes that someone would know of a possible work around or perhaps some sort of emulator that would help fix the problem. I am hoping that it is nothing more than a simple download patch or "codex" of sorts but I realize that hope is a bit far fetched...

A:In need of pixel shader advice

Make sure you have the latest driver and directx versions. If that doesnt help, then you will probably need to buy a new graphics card.
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Hello everyone.

I recently bought Black & White 2, a somewhat outdated game. I install the game, go to run it, and I get an error message saying my video card isn't compatible with pixel shader 1.1 . I'm currently using an nvidia geforce4 mx420 card, my OS is windows xp, i've got 1024 RAM and a pent 4 processor.

I consulted the readme file, which directed me to update the driver. I've spent the last hour or so looking for the correct driver download, and for the life of me I can't find it.

Is there anything else I can do to get this game running? And if not, what are some good medium-range cards I should look into?

P.S. I'm aware people usually ask for information about the motherboard and such, but I'm not entirely computer literate and don't know how to find this info.

Thanks for your help and patience.

A:Pixel Shader 1.1 Incompatibility

Hi and welcome to Techspot

First uninstall any old driver files you may have. Go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel, and look for something like "Nvidia display driver"

Then install this driver (click me) and try again.

Regards =)
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is there some way to emulate pixel and vertex shader?

A:Pixel and vertex shader!

Yes, but it's dirt slow, and it won't be in a way that'll enable you to play games with it...

So if you were asking if you could do it in games, the answer (for practical purposes) is no...

BTW: Couldn't this Q have been asked in the other thread where you asked about if the GF ti4200 had pixel & vertex shaders?
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I recently downloaded League of Legends to play, but I get this message saying "Your computer does not have pixel shader 2.0" and when I go to get the drivers, the install doesn't start once I've downloaded them.

I have a Dell Dimension 4600C if that helps.

Can my computer actually run league? Any help would be great.

A:Pixel Shader 2.0 and League of Legends

Pixel Shader 2.0 is a hardware specification of the video card.
It can't be added with drivers...the video card either supports it or it doesn't.
I don't see your computer running that game.
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ok i went over my friends house to play his Xbox 360 (i don't have one) and i played portal. i loved it and i got the trial of portal: the first slice it on my computer via steam. i try to open it and when i do it will go through who made it and then it says that i need pixel shader 2.0 to continue. i looked at my console.txt thing and got the following thing:

Unable to remove h:\steam\steamapps\origitina\portal\portal\gamestats.log!
maxplayers set to 1
Steam config directory: h:\steam\steamapps\origitina\portal\platform\config
ConVarRef cl_forwardspeed doesn't point to an existing ConVar

anyone know what it means so i can fix it? oh and to let you guys know i have an intel (R) 8245G/GL/GE/PE/GV graphics controler and a windows xp

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My Boss needs me to get her a "Pixel Shader graphics Card". What is this, and how do I get it for her?

Thanks, you all are great.

A:Pixel Shader Graphics card

Howdy and welcome...

Never heard of it but here's what a quick Goggle turns up...

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Originally I just wanted to Dilemma Pixel Video Card 8x, 4x, Shader? buy a Video Card so America s Army Video Card Dilemma 8x, 4x, Pixel Shader? would Video Card Dilemma 8x, 4x, Pixel Shader? work better At present I almost can t quot see quot the ground at all I also wanted to get one so I could play Star Wars Republic Commando I went through the whole x x dilemma where I wasn t sure if x was backwards compatible with x slots then I realized I had an AGP x x slot on my board Great I assume this means it can handle either and not experience problems with the voltage Interesting voltage dilemma with x card in x slot http www neoseeker com Hardware faqs kb html I was gonna buy a GeForce FX xAGP with MB Then I noticed that Republic Commando RECOMMENDED a or higher When I tried to install it some time ago I got a message about Pixel Shader and how I required it In the end I found this card Should I get this one Is this manufacturer PNY reliable Can I get away with the The above card is within my price range so I d like to know if I m getting screwed or not First time poster thanks in advance MadSeed nbsp

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Please help if anyone knows how to answer this My Husband bought Transformers PC game When he tries to download it message comes on saying quot requires pixel shader v quot I know that this probably has something to do with graphics game/pixel Transformers problem PC shader card however he went to best buy and they talked him into a Nvidia geforce GT It was on clearance This does not even fit into our Transformers PC game/pixel shader problem computer We have Win XP SP Pentium processor Here is what the system requirment are D hardware accelerator card required - DirectX c-compliant MB video card and drivers - Transformers PC game/pixel shader problem English version of Microsoft Windows XP Vista - Pentium GHz or Athlon GHz or higher processor - MB of RAM GB for Windows Vista - GB of uncompressed hard disk space plus MB for the Windows swap file and MB free for saved games - A Windows XP Vista-compatible computer system including - DirectX c Included - DirectX c-compliant true -bit sound card and drivers - Windows XP Vista -compatible mouse keyboard and drivers - Windows XP Vista -compatible quad speed DVD-ROM drive K sec sustained transfer rate Supported Chipsets for Windows XP Vista - All NVIDIA GeForce Ti MB and better chipsets - All ATI Radeon MB and better chipsets - Windows XP Vista-compatible gamepad optional Game controller with or more buttons and dual analog sticks required I hate to sound like a complete idiot but I have no idea on how to find out if we have all this on our computer namely quad speed dvd We have a Nvidia GE Force MX w AGP x DirextX C Any ideas on what the problem is Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Transformers PC game/pixel shader problem

Please post your DXdiag.

Have you try update the video drivers?

That should be require in order to fix the shader model, You video card is pretty old and uses shader 1.0

Go to

Of course, the 8500 GT will not fit because your using an AGP slot. The 8500 GT requires PCI-x Slot.
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I have problem with a game:"splinter cell 2"after installing I got an error about "pixel shder support". and nowthe game is not working.
what is "pixel shader" and how can I solve my problem?
my graphic card is NVDIA Geforce4 MX440 and my windows is XP.

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i want to play Hard Truck Apocalypse but there is a problem. When i click an error appears:
Cannot Initailize 3d: this application requires Pixel Shader 1.1 or Greater.
i use GeForce 4 MX440 128 MB. How can i run this game.
i think it can be with 3d-analyse but i do not know which choices i wanna check.
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Could anyone tell me where to download:

64 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Vertex and Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability
Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
100% DirectX 9.0b compatible

If you can help me, please contact me at

[email protected]


A:64 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Vertex and Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability
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Hi, I have read that MX 440 work on the Splinter cell Game but i'm using Geforce 4000 an i tried to fallow the same instructions as the MX 440 but i cant find where to edit the given specification just like where can i fing the splintercell.exe and the pixel shader and the vendorID. I will be thankful if you can give a guide to fix my problem. Thanks.............

A:Pixel Shader Problem In Splinter Cell andora Tomorrow

I downloaded the Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow demo. The game configuration says I dont have pixel shader support. I have a VIA/S3G UNICHROME IGP ghraphics card. How to fix the problem? Please help as im buying the game.
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I'm using a Lenovo laptop with integrated intel graphics, I'm also using an Acer B223W attached as an external display. There is an issue with the monitor where there is a four inch black bar running down the right side. Basically the display is shifted four inches to the left, leaving me with four inches of unusable monitor real estate on the right. I've trouble shot it, to no avail and the monitor's display settings only allow me to shift the monitor's display an inch or so. I need something like catalyst control center that will allow me to shift the monitor's picture as much as I'd like. Any ideas?


I need a piece of software that will allow me to shift my monitor's display pixel by pixel. I have integrated intel graphics.

A:I need software that will allow me to adjust my monitor's display pixel by pixel.
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I have a logitech mouse that has a smooth scrolling wheel no ratcheting. I wonder if it was possible to set up scrolling to scroll pixel by pixel rather than line by line. Anyone know?

A:scrolling pixel by pixel rather than line by line?

I don't know if it can be done or not, but I am certainly curious as to why one would want to do this?
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I need some help!
I just recently bought a PC game. I installed it, and when I entered it, it gave me an error. It said: "This program requires at least Vertex Shader 3 to run."
You can realize how frustrated I was...
What I want to know is if my graphics card is compatible with Vertex Shader 3.
I have an ATI RADEON 9200. Is this Vertex Shader thing downloadable? Or, I don't know, maybe some updates?
I mention that I'm completely noob when it comes to computers...
Please help!

A:Vertex Shader 3

Your Vid card will not support it as it's far to old, in order to have 3.0 support you would need a new vid card that supports it.
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I receive a message: "Alpha shader failed validate" when I try to play "Pac-man adventures in time" I dont know what an alpha shader is or what it is even related to: video or audio or what. I have contacted support for the game and done everything he requested and still I get the message. Please tell me what it is and what I can do to play this game. Has anyone ever heard of an alpha shader?

A:Alpha Shader

It's for your video

Best bet would be to get the latest drivers and install for you video card then reinstall directx from microsoft
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Does Ocing Shader Clock give you a boost in performance?
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When my son plays Lego Star wars the game freezes and only audio plays. A message displays that we need a 'shader ver. 1.1' for our All In Wonder ATI 9800 Pro. I have downloaded the newest drivers from the Nvidia/ATI site, which looks as though they do not support the older cards anymore. Does anyone have a suggestions as to how to fix this problem? I have also removed the card and re-inserted it, and re-installed the drivers once to see if that would help. Is there an older driver set-up that would work best for me. The newest game that I am running at the moment would be 'Prey' and 'Halo' along with the Lego Starwars game.

Dell 4600 2.66 Ghz. 1 Gig Memory. 300 Gig Seagate Hard Drive. X-FI Creative Sound Card. Sony DVD/CDRW Drive. Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Windows XP.

Thanks so much,
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Especially on my fps games, mainly anything HL2 based (CS, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, etc) when I go into the shadows my hands or other textures on the walls become shiny or glossy when they definatly shouldn't.

Its not a HUGE issue, but it irks me just a tad that something isnt going right.

I have the latest Nvidia Drivers for my Geforce 6600.

I have a 17in Samsung LCD, 1.5 Ghz Ram, 2.17 Ghz AMD processor.

Anything to help would be appreciated.
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I have recently re installed Vista on my Acer Aspire using partition re install. Now, my graphics card does not support some features as it did before install. Such as 'switch between windows' is not 3d now, and on my pictures slideshow will not allow transition effects. A message comes up in this window 'this graphics card does not support this process, requires Vertex Shaders 2'. I assume these were lost on re install. My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS. I have tried updating graphics drivers without success. Can anyone help?
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Hello i recently downloaded ghostbusters the video game for my desktop. While i tried to launch it i had this message come up that said i have a vertex shader 2.0 please update to the latest 3.0 vertex shader???

I have a windows xp e machiene media center pc.

A:Vertex shader 3.0?????

TSF Rules clearly state that we do not help people with downloaded/pirated/cracked/burned games. A mod will be here shortly.
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i'm trying to install and run Call of Duty:Modern Warfare II, and i keep getting a message saying that there is an error and cannot play and then says my computer has the Vertex Shader 2.0, but i need 3.0. what is the vertex shader? is it a video card or what? ive searched all over the net and any site that claims some downloadable Vertex Shader 3.0 ends up sending me on a wild goose chase. is the vertex shader something i can download right off the net or is this a hardware issue?

A:Vertex Shader?

Vertex and pixel shader support are built into the video card.
Looks like you need to upgrade to a newer card.
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ok, my wife is wanting to purchase the new sims 3 that is due out but we have noticed that the sims 3 will require a video card that supports shader 2.0. our current card does not. Does anyone have any good suggestions on a AGP video card that has shader 2.0 ? your help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

A:Searching for a 2.0 shader agp

I do know that the Nvidia GeForce 5200 and above have shader 2.0. I have a 5200 and 6200 that's how I know on those too cards and I assume that the newer cards wouldn't go back to in tech. Infact the newest cards have shader 3.0.
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Hello All,

i have a xfx 5670 1GB......i read that this card supports shader version 5.0. I went to the site systemrequirement lab to check a game if it is playable on my PC and it showed that my card has shader version 4.0. Am i missing something that i need to add and i get the shader version 5 on my card?....

P.S. i have latest DirectX (DX11) on my PC. Also, i have the latest drivers for the card as well.

A:5670 shader version

Quote: Originally Posted by archer

Hello All,

i have a xfx 5670 1GB......i read that this card supports shader version 5.0. I went to the site systemrequirement lab to check a game if it is playable on my PC and it showed that my card has shader version 4.0. Am i missing something that i need to add and i get the shader version 5 on my card?....

P.S. i have latest DirectX (DX11) on my PC. Also, i have the latest drivers for the card as well.

AMD claims that it's Shader Model 5.0.

ATI Radeon

Are you concerned that the game isn't playable, or just worried that the tool from systemrequirementslab is showing Model 4?
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hey ,
Can someone please give me a description of a shader model video card and also some examples, I am needing one for ( FIFA 12 ) which do need shader 3.


A:Video card shader

What are your computers specs?
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I have a program that requires Shader Model 2.0 or higher . When I load this program it gives me an error of
"Device must support Shader Model 2.0 or higher , program will exit now"
What do I need to do to get this ? Is it even something that you can upgrade and get ? How Do I check for it ?

I am using a :
Dell Optiplex 170L
Windows XP

Specs Here :

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Does any one now anything about directX shader model 1.1???

i downloaded the Splinter Cell chaos theiry demo but when i try to run it is says i need the directX shader model 1.1. im slightly confused I have tried to update my drivers but to no avail

ne help would be appreciated.

A:DirectX shader model 1.1???


* Shaders architecture with diffuse and specular lighting parameters + environment reflection
* All lighting components are considering the normal map
* Specular lighting can be tuned depending on material properties (glossiness and strength)
* Procedural animated texturing is available on all shader components (diffuse, normal map, specular mask, environment map)
* Available for transparent materials
* Real time reflection materials on flat surfaces
* Complex character lighting with average compensation and translucency
* Filtered soft shadow maps with bleeding removal
* High resolution and no compression on character normal maps info

Some newer games are requiring the shader model, and it seems as though your card may not support it. The shader model is something similar to T&L; if your graphics card doesn't have it, the game won't work.

And No-one "has it". It's just a type of code that is being written into games, and if your video card supports it, you'll see the results in game.

Hope this helped
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hello friends my pc specs are intel g33 chipset , dual core processor 2.7 ghz 2 gb ram , i know that g33 chipset support only shader model 2.0 but when i used gpu z it shows shader model 3.0

A:how to determined shader model of my pc

you could try using PCWizard:
CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

you can download it for free..
it will examine your rig and report hardware details in full..
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So I won't be able to build a new PC till the end of the summer so I am stuck with an AGP slot, and there are a lot of games that I can't play because my X800 doesn't have shader model 3. So I need to get a card to hold me off until then. Cheap is good, I'd at least like to match the X800 in terms of performance, though if something is substantially better for a little more then so be it. Thanks for all recommendations.

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hi i just bought a game called devil may cry 3 special edition for the system meets all of its requirements when i installed and tried to play the game and i got into battle i ony see a black screen the red eyes of the monsters and what i think is the sword effect..i researched in the internet about the problem and i found out that i need some sort of model shader or pixel shader, and my video card that is geforce4 mx4000 doesnt support it..question is: is there any way i can do about it? so ill be able to play my game??. like did nvidia released a software or a latest driver so pixel shader will be available in my card?

A:geforce4 mx4000 shader?

The only way to update pixel shaders 2.0 or 3.0 is to get a new video card.
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An MSI (nVidia) GeForce GT 220 DDR2 VGA/DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Video Card would have shader model 2 support, correct?

A:Question about shader model 2

That would be correct, all 200 series nvidia cards support shader model 3.0, the 7000 series supported shader model 3.0 ;-)
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So i can't download that in internet?

i'm confused.
i have the same problem with the Splinter Cell demo...
Any help would be appreciated
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Hi all. i have been searching all over the internet to try and find a working shader unlock for my xfx 6950. I do not want the 6970 unlock as i hear bad things about the cards dying. i have tried to the winflash way of doing it but it never seems to work.
If anyone knows of how to do the cmd way step by step i would apprechiate since i dont understand how some people have explained it.


A:XFX HD 6950 shader unlock

well, first question, is the graphics card a reference design card? If it's not you'er out of luck

If it is a reference design then this would be your CMD steps.
And this would be the whole flashing process.

Hope that helps
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hello everyone, i just installed one of the newest nvida video cards GeForce FX 5700, however i am trying to run a downloaded demo of Armored Assult 2 and when i tried to run it, it came up with the error that shader model 2 is not supported, i assumed that with this new Nvida that it would support that shader model but i cant find where it would post that. to run the game it requires shader model 3. so first i am asking is where i can find what shader model my Nvida is running? and second what other GPU's are there that support shader model 3

Thank you

A:GPU/ Video Card shader problem

That card is quite a few years old now, And sadly does not support shader model 3.
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Trying to install GLSL shaders and I click the install.exe that came with the program, view log, and it has these errors.

Tried to google it but I couldn't ind a website with the same error.

Error installing Shaders!
javassist.NotFoundException: a(..) is not found in auv
at javassist.CtClassType.getDeclaredMethod(
at Hooks.install(
at daxnitro.nitrous.InstallThread.installMods(
==== Shaders Failed Installation ====

I see .nitrous folder but none of the files after it. Not even in this winrar folder I see them. Unless there just REALLY hidden.

On youtube they just click the install and it's done and it works. Not for
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So I am obtaining Bioshock for my pc. It's made out to be the best FPS to date, and I've done some reading, and behold, It uses a shader 3 and my graphics ( ATI Radeon 9600 x1050 ) only has shader 2. They say to delete 2 shader cashe files and it should fix the problem, but I have the demo, and now all it does is crash before I can even check to see if the shader fix worked. Please tell me there is something I can do OTHER than go out and buy a new Graphics Card.

Thanks in advance

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Can someone please give me a description of a shader model video card and also some examples, I am needing one for a game I want to purchase.

A:Shader model Video Card...

What kind of graphics slot has your pc got!!!!
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Hmm so you may of seen my post for the solution to crashing to the desktop with a radeon 9200 playing bf2. Well good news i ditched that system and got an Alienware 51m laptop! Now it plays fine on settings maxed out, but the shadows are boxy and messed up, if i turn them off everyrthing is fine, but id like all my settings high, and im pretty sure that this system could handle it, anyone have a solution. I have downloaded the latest drivers from alienware, i just cant find a solution.

Heres the specs

P4 HT 3.0 ghz
1gb of RAM
80 gb HD
Geforce 6800 256mb Go

A:Geforce 6800 BF2 Shader Problem

congrats on the new laptop, a nice improvement i must say.

Im would first try the patch (1.02) it can be found here
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Sir i used swift shader to run gta san andreas but my system became slow after that then i formatted my system win7 to win 8 my installation was taking ver much time and when it get installed system was running damm slow if i try to format again with any windows it takes very much time 5-6hours. What is this problem ?plz help
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hi all,can anyone help me, i am lookjng for a pixle shader 1.1 for (total war). if anyone help me please let me know, thanks peter

A:I am lookjng for a pixle shader 1.1 for (total war).

Hi and welcome to Techspot!

What you need is a video card that has Pixel Shader version 1.1. What is your current graphics card?

Regards :wave:
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Hi , I just found out my pc takes a PCI - E X16 vid card now i want one with a graphic shader 2.0 or higher. I have seen this one on and dont know if it has a 2.0 shader.

Also i have seen this graphic card and was wondering if this had one aswell.

Anyhelp would be apriciated.

A:Shader 2.0 graphics card or higher

Both have it. If you want the X1950PRO, get it from here instead. Much cheaper.
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I just recently played splinter cell chaos theory on PC, i have a 6800 GT overclocked to 420/1130 and when i have the game playing at shader 3.0 it is slow as hell and i am running this at 1024*768. I barely get 35 FPS, this also happened when i was playin chronicles of riddick which also supports shader 3.0 and my fps was even worse. I dont know if its my pc, software or the card. But if it is the card i dont get why nvidia will put the support for a technology that their current generation of video cards can not handle. :wave:

A:Shader 3.0 Support in Nvidia Cards.

it is not necessarily an issue with the shader model 3.0,do you have anything running in the background,do you have aa or af on?also it doesnt have to be the video cards fault for low fps count,it might be becuase of a weak or an unmatched processor to keep up or slower ram.shader model 3.0 is relatively new technology the fault doesnt have to be in the hardware(gpu) but might be in the software(game)as well.
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When I start Special forces I get Black screen and Error message that Shaders need to be synced. They are in a zip file. please help I have serched forum and no answer.
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My graphics is downclocking my shader from 1836 to 1500.
I have the newest drivers and enough power to kill a small elephant.
So i don't know why its down clocking.
Any Help would be nice.
Thanks in advance.

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Alright I just got the Orange Box today specifically for Portal Jonathan Coulton playing the ending credits sold it for me Anyways I go to play Portal and it tells me that (Portal) card... shader? Graphics I need a DirectX or higher So I go and download Graphics card... shader? (Portal) DirectX even though I am sure I have I install it and all enter Portal again it closes after the loading screen and says the same thing So I restart my computer Graphics card... shader? (Portal) Same message So I do some research My graphics card Intel R GM GME Graphics Controller supports DirectX So I m confused I continue doing research and found out that I could make the game give me a log of everything it does I do this and the outcome looks like this Both ConVars must be marked FCVAR REPLICATED for linkage to work r VehicleViewDampen Unable to remove c program files steam steamapps My username portal portal gamestats log maxplayers set to Error Material quot depthwrite quot uses unknown shader quot DepthWrite quot Error Material quot depthwrite quot uses unknown shader quot DepthWrite quot Error Material quot depthwrite quot uses unknown shader quot DepthWrite quot Error Material quot depthwrite quot uses unknown shader quot DepthWrite quot Error Material quot glintbuildmaterial quot uses unknown shader quot EyeGlint quot Steam config directory c program files steam steamapps My username portal platform configClick to expand So I dunno I have no idea what this means other than my card may not support shaders or something I have no idea Any help please Thanks so much - Euphoric Fuse nbsp

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-I own an Nvidia GeForce GTX and I play a few games of which I m assuming have video problems all fairly new games -The first is a not 9800 support shader GeForce 2.0?(uses GTX+ 4.0) F P call League of Legends and as the game launches it s cut GeForce 9800 GTX+ not support shader 2.0?(uses 4.0) off with an error message that says my graphics card does not support shader model when http www nvidia com object product geforce gtx plus us html doesn t say that my graphics card comes with shader Model but I m sure it does so this leads me to believe it would be backwards compatable -The second game is a steam run game called Global Agenda which is fairly new and when launched shows the loader which instantly stops responding I have checked the integrity and it s fine so it must be me -The third game is called AikaOnline the game will start and load but the screen goes black after setting up the game menu -I have the latest drivers DirectX and net framework so I don t know where to go from here -I am mostly concerned with the first one because that seems like a firmware malfunction Please help or at least give me some ideas Thanks in advance and have a good day nbsp
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i got a new graphics card today(ati 9800xt). it says on the back of the box under advanced features: smoothvision 2.0, trueform 2.0, smartheader 2.0, & hyperz III. is this smartshader 2.1 really shader model 3.0 but under a different name? or is it totally different? can i play new games like oblivion, fear, & prey with this card? THANK YOU

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I have a very old System dating back from 2004. Its motherboard is quite old but is still working perfect. I only have 92 MB of Video RAM and it doesn't have AGP Texture support and no Pixel Shader. Can I run Windows Live Essentials or at least Windows Live Movie Maker?

A:Can I install Windows Live Essentials without Shader Model 2?

you can?t because it is clearly stated in the req. that you cannot.
besides what are you doing with an AGP slot these days?
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Hello tech guy,

I'm wanting to buy and install (I know how to install) a new graphics card. My current card (ATI Radeon X800XT (265mb I think)) doesn't support the shader model 3 for the new games . I'm not really good with comprehending what is and isn't compatible with my PC (motherboard/PSU etc.). I'm looking for a card that is no more than a $100ish, US currency, give or take 10 bucks but I would like to go with the best cheapest card I can that has the shader model 3 and enough memory to run games like Arma 2/Dirt 2/NFS Shift etc. What brand and model would you suggest via my needs?

Any adivce or suggestions would be great, thx.

A:Need suggestion((s) w/ selecting a compatible Shader model 3 graphic's card.

My hardware specs:
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I have recently purchased a game for my Windows XP Home Edition. Everything installed fine until I attempted to run the game. It say that I need to have a graphics card that supports shader model 3 and then closes the game.
My adapter type is: ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Would like to download coupon printer program from coupons inc System will not let me do that I go to Pillsbury com click on coupons check items go to x1 tab. Pixel download coupon program needed to print coupons get nothing It goes right back to the home page does not give me a download box or nothing like it is supposed to do Anyway I was told to shut off my security programs I have shut off Kaspersky Security Suite shortly to see if its the problem no change Happens both in Firefox and IE Does anyone know how to shut down Spybot Pixel x1 tab. Superatispyware and Malwarebytes programs I do not want to uninstall them just to shut them down one at a time to see if that is the problem I get no type of sayings that this program is stopping the download When I go to the site I get in the tab Gif x pixel in the tab above the page Just a blank page otherwise Shutting them off might help narrow the problem nbsp Pixel x1 tab.

A:Pixel x1 tab.

That is Kaspersky anti-banner causing it. Shutting off KIS itself doesn't stop that happening , but turning off anti-banner inside KIS normally does

if it isn't KIS then uninstall spybot & Super antispyware & try
MBAM won't interfere with it at all
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Hey everyone, I need help with a stuck pixel. The thing I need help with is how to fix it without sending it in... what should I do?

A:Need help with stuck pixel!

If its only one pixel, live with it.

If it's under warranty take it back.
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Hi there i have a LG 3D FULL HD 1080p the thing is the screen is just not that clear its like there is very small pixel dots all over the screen , Can be seen only when focusing and can be seen very good on white
have looked around all over google there is nothing for this any help ?
and i have updated all drivers and formatted the whole pc same thing ?

A:Pixel Dots ??

This may help : 5 Ways To Fix A Stuck Pixel On Your Screen
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This happend on my Beta 7000 32 bit also RC1 32 AND 64 BIT. I have a BFG 9600GT OCE and the most recent drivers from windows update i have even tried the ones from for windows 7. It looks like this and if i put my mouse over it - it will disapear or if i move something ontop of it will dissapear and be fine again....but it happends every from on my Aol instant messages to browsing the inet. There is also 1 other issue sometimes my displays will flicker/turn on and off kinda like reset because windows 7 turns to performance mode for some reason i dont know why.. than turns back.. i guess another driver issue because i did also get a error saying it recovered the nvidia drivers... anyone else having this issues?

A:Pixel junk everywhere

Another thing thats pissing me off is i keep losing sound on and off!! and the audiodg.exe explodes to 1.2GIGS +++ memory leak.. i'v read about that common issue but couldn't find a fix...
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Hi: I recently received a tiny digital camera as a gift with a program I bought. It takes fairly decent pictures in good light conditions but when I attempt to ehnance pictures with my PhotoShop Elements 4 program, the image looks OK in the computer----but when I print it out the pixels are very large. This is only a 100K camera so little more than a toy but it would be nice to carry in my pocket for random shots. Is there any way I can improve the print quality? Many thanks.

A:Pixel problem

I would imagine that you are trying to print the images at a larger scale than the pixel dimensions and resolution.

You could try resampling the image - but the smaller an image is to start off with, the less information there is to work with - or just print the images smaller!
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Ok her is my problem
I bought a Monitor from NEC MultiSync 90GX2
Very nice in text
outstanding in game very surprise
but in video i see lot of digital pixel in the black color
and the setup of monitor is on native

my computer is
asua motherboard p5
intel p4 3.0
2 gig ram kingston
video card gigabite gforce 6600gt
power supply actec 485w

A:Pixel problem

It could be your 6600gt. There have been problems reported when watching video. Try another driver or hit the Nvidia forums for help.
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Hello and Happy New Year.

This only started after installing Windows 7.

I get wierd pixel patterns flashing on my screen. They only shows up on dark surfaces (ie when the screen behind it is dark). It started with one pixel flashing. Then two, then more until now when it has become very difficult to concentrate for the mini-light-show.

It is not my monitor (tried on my Xbox and was fine). I thought that it might be my graphics card but I tried on my other and it does a similar thing (but not totally the same).

Drivers for my graphics cards and monitor are up to date.

Thanks in advance.

A:Pixel Problems

A picture of what I mean:

Yfrog - pixelproblems
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i just purchased a 22" NEC CRT monitor the FP2141SB and a little off from the center are roughly 9 vertical lines. very very hard to see but can be seen on a white screen...they aren't colored lines more like dotted grey lines. anyone know what this is?

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This morning when I booted up my PC I noticed a strange pop-up that appeared from I took a screenshot of it and is attached to this post as a png. image titled, "Pixel 1." And also it appears that this pop-up is somehow interconnected to my bittorent client if you look at my second png. titled, "Pixel 2." You can see that the two separate "windows" stem from my bittorent icon if I hover my cursor over it. My computer is running fine as far as I can tell, no random hick-ups or slowing down. This isn't the first time I noticed a pop-up appear when I booted up my PC, I remember a different one appeared and I just ignored it... Can someone please help me get rid of it? Is it even safe to login my email? How much of a security risk is my PC right now? 
Thank you!


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Hi there Rather a strange problem so stay with me and I will try to Pixel Problems! explain as best I can My wife has a Sony Vaio which she has had for about a year and a half now and it has developed a rather interesting and annoying problem with the monitor This problem is not constant it is intermittent Every now and then her monitor will display pixels in totally the wrong colour particularly towards the edges of graphics but also across the bars at the tops of windows and the like My original thought was that they were stuck pixels but they move when you drag the windows around I have connected the laptop up to a monitor and the display was fine on there Although not recommended the problem can occasionally be rectified by lightly shaking the laptop however this only very occasionally works The system can run for weeks without a problem and then all of a sudden it will occur and last for a few days to a week or so at various levels of severity before going away completely again The problem has become something of a frustration for my wife who is driven to distraction when it does occur as if generally happens when she is in the middle of doing something with the machine When the problem occurs the machine remains usable but playing games is all but impossible due to the distortion in the graphics Obviously the problem occurred initially just outside of warranty as they always do I was hoping that someone on here could point us in the right direction of some possible fixes or give some indication as to what the problem might be We are currently running a colour changing program through the screen to see if this can rectify the problem a fix for stuck pixels apparently but the only thing we can find to do at this point Many thanks for any help that is forthcoming Cherrs Hal nbsp

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Hi everyone. I kind of have a dilemma on my hands. I just started pixel painting (I guess that's what it's called), but my results are horrible. You know how the lines are supposed to be nice and smooth? Well, my lines always come out looking choppy! . Can anybody help me out? I am attaching a pixel image that I created at size 100% and a zoomed in image. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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My graphic card does not support pixelshaders or vertex shaders. What do I need to do?
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What is pixel shading? where can I get it?

A:pixel shading

A pixel shader serves to manipulate a pixel, usually to apply an effect on an image (lighting, shadows, explosions ... etc)
you can't get it, you either have video cards capable of rendering it or you don't

nVidia 6 series and up have pixel shader 3

nVidia 8 series has pixel shader 4

not sure about ATI cards, have never used them
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First let me start by saying how I came about this pixel question I am trying to set up a home theatre system on a very small budget For my speaker system I ve already decided to get an Onkyo surround sound HT-S HTIB refurbished for when using a discount promo code To complete my set up I also wanted to get an HDTV When trying to decide how much I was willing to spend a brilliant idea Pixel Question!!! popped into my head I already have an old Pentium computer with s-video input and a very nice CRT monitor From my understanding the only difference between an HDTV and a regular TV was that an HDTV has a much higher resolution with pixels around times the amount of a normal TV My max resolution on my monitor is x for a total of pixels I m not an expert in math but Pixel Question!!! it seemed that logically if I had an image on my computer monitor at it s highest possible resolution it would look better than if it were displayed an HDTV I ve watched TV on my monitor before with the signal going through my computer and it did in fact look significantly better than on my TV Though there were a few things that made me doubt my logic that the picture would look better on my monitor than on an HDTV Firstly I thought shows had to be specifically broadcasted for HDTV to be viewed at that high resolution If it worked like how I thought my computer worked how come it too wouldn t be able to convert the signal from low resolution to high resolution How come a digital camera with mega pixels can only print a picture that has mega-pixels if my computer can convert that TV signal to such a high resolution Also when viewing media at full screen when my monitor was set at x and x I couldn t notice a difference in quality This is when I came to the realization that when I increase the resolution I m just spreading across how many pixels one color is displayed and not giving the image any more detail Is that correct If so then the only reason for the difference in quality that I saw was be because I was using an s-video connection instead of a composite connection Can it also be that my higher quality monitor has more displayable colors Either way I was very satisfied with the conclusion I came up with and everything seemed to make sense until another thought popped into my mind If I were watching a video made for x resolution and my monitor was displaying x Pixel Question!!! resolution the video would take up half the screen If I Pixel Question!!! were then to enlarge that video to full screen the quality of the video would be noticeably worse However if I would change my monitor s resolution to x and still watch that same video in full screen the video would not look any worse than if I were watching it in full screen at x resolution How come the difference in quality from watching the video at its native resolution x to x is worse but there is no difference in quality from watching a video at x to x The only thing that I can think of is that when you hit full screen the first increase stretches the pixels differently then the second increase from x to x But if the image looses quality why would you want to stretch the pixels using the first method in the first place Also the reason I used an example that first stretched the video by is that on media players it always has the option for a increase or to have it at full screen I ve never seen a media player that allowed you to stretch a video by Is this because one can t stretch this particular way more than Though I still can t figure out why one would want to I bet if I would give it some more thought and observation I would be able to figure this out but I thought I would pose that question to the experts I hope experts are reading this The next thing I was wondering is if I got an HD-Receiver that was broadcasting a video meant for HDTV would I still be able to use my monitor for viewing and would it look better or worse than if I used an HDTV and if so by how much I just don t see the need ... Read more

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I am designing a web site. I have many photos to resize and need them to be at a constant size. Isn't there a way to set a size that all my photos can be resized in without distortions, etc. I am using ACDSee software and don't know if I will have to use PhotoShop. Can I use Elements?

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i'm running on windows 98... and when i reformatted.. my computers colors just wouldnt go more than 16 bits..and the pixels wont go more that 640 by 800... how the HECk do i fix this issue???

A:colors and pixel

You have to install the drivers for your video card.
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I have had a stuck pixel on my brand new laptop for months now and I finally cant take it. I can always find it right away and it bothers me, my problem is its stuck in red and from what I read it has a chance to be unstuck with a program like jscreen but my problem is its up on my laptop where my url bar is so therefor the program doesnt reach it. Any ideas?

A:Stuck Pixel

Dead pixels are usually black. No fix for these.
Stuck are usually "stuck" on a color. So there may be a good chance of fixing it.

I had a monitor a while back with a stuck pixel but I never had any luck getting it working again. its worth a try.

Have a look at this video that explains a bit about alternate different methods you can try. (May come in handy if the software method fails)
YouTube - #91 - Question/Answer: Fixing LCD Dead/Stuck Pixels
Although I would take his advice and try the both software versions first.

AS far as the program you are attempting, make your browser Fullscreen, then try pressing F11. See if that may help.
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How do I convert pixels, as used in Irfan Viewer, to a designated 150kb file?

A:pixel conversion

This guy has made a really good tutorial.

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This is the exact model: ASUS MS Series MS228H Black &#47; Blue 21.5&#34; 2ms&#40;GTG&#41; HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor 250 cd&#47;m2 10000000 &#58;1 &#40;ASCR&#41; -

Got a very small red pixel,or at least i think its red,its so small that i can barely make it out let alone tell the color BUT it seem's like its red and according to google,its probably stuck not dead. Will try to fix it today using Jscreenfix as i dont wana risk using any other mthods like heat or massaging it etc. Just wanted to know if getting the pixel stuck means the LED is nearing the end of its life or something? How do they happen? Any special reason?
Wouldn't even have noticed it if i wasn't looking for it. It is in the top right corner if that matters!

A:Is it okay if an LED has a stuck pixel?

try this for stuck pixels,

LCD repair v2.0
bit more info on pixels here.

it doesnt sound like a stuck pixel is about to die as apparently they can become unstuck over time ,without doing anything to fix them, not always though.
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So, I got a new LCD TV/monitor and it had a stuck pixel that was red set it back and got one with a blue stuck pixel this time. How do I fix this? I've tried several methods and none of them seem to work and I'm get frustrated.

Tried rubbing it through a cloth, tapping it with a pencil through a cloth, tried the color flasher things that claim to fix it and nothing. Is there a definitive method to fixing this?

A:How to fix a stuck pixel

Learn to ignore it, or return it if they have a "1 dead pixel" return policy. Some have a 3-5 minimum dead pixels policy before they will accept an RMA. IIR.
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I took the risk of getting an LCD, hoping there would be no dead pixels... there is one. Anyway, I've tried rubbing it with my finger, that doesn't seem to work, so is there anything else I can do to fix it? It's only one but it irritates me.

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As you can see by my screen shots below, it looks like I have a dead pixel to the right of the recycle bin.

Ive tried changing my desktop backgrounds but it still remains...

When I drag a window over the pixel its fine...
Whats very weird is that I have the same issue with the 32bit version of windows 7 on my dell inspiron 1525?

Thats 2 computers with the same little dot!

This dot disipears if I turn aero off...

(I know a screenshot would not capture a dead pixel) Thats why its odd!

A:Dead Pixel? Or not?

Dead pixels don't show up on screen shots. If it was a dead pixel the best way to fix it is to just flick it. I have done this a bunch of times and it always works.
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Does anyone know of a simple program that you can put your huge pictures into, and change them down to like 300x200pixels and a really small file size?? Thanks -Cameron

A:pixel size freeware

Go Image>Resize/Resample and you can make it any size you want.

Save as a JPG and the options let you select a compression. The lower the quality the higher the compression.
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I have recently bought a hp w2207 monitor and think its great. My video card is a Nvidia 8500 gt. I was having no problems until my computer started acting up. I had to reformat my hard drive. After getting everything back on things seemed to be fine. about a week later I started to notice weird spots of colors. For example, on my firefox under the search bar at the top there are short blue vertical lines. Another example is playing World of warcraft I am getting red dots everywhere. some steady and some flickering. It kind of seems like darker colors cause the red dots, cause on the internet I get some pictures with the red dots.
I tried updating the video card drivers. I am out of ideas on how to fix this. Or maybe my video card is dieing. But I have had it less then a year.
Please Ideas!!


A:Pixel problem

try it on a different monitor if u have another. If the problem remains, then its your video card casuing problems. If it works, then the LCD is defective.
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Hi i found the following post and have the same problem XP Pixel Problem!!! and setup but there didnt seem to be a solution that the original poster used please help thanx XP Pixel Problem!!! quot Within the last week I noticed that there is a specific point on my computer screen that when I drag an image across it it results in creating a pixel trail that won t go away until I minimize maximize the window that it was drawn on or drag the window offscreen and onscreen again This happens within web browser windows image viewer windows like Photoshop and so on Basically anything within the Windows desktop environment I tried installing updated video drivers to my video card and XP Pixel Problem!!! using different monitors but that dot is still there Follow the link below to see a screen capture of a trail I drew just by dragging an image across it http i photobucket com albums g g t What s more there are occasionally little dots here and there sometimes just a couple other times as many as a dozen it seems on my bootup screens as well They go away once I get to the Windows User Login screen but they are disconcerting And I haven t changed any major software of hardware to my computer within the past few weeks Here are my comp specs Dell XPS Intel Core Duo Windows XP Media Center Edition SP GHz GB RAM Dual Nvidia GeForce GS cards quot nbsp

A:XP Pixel Problem!!!

That sounded like a video or mouse driver issue. Then I read about the dots appearing on the bootup screens. I think your graphics card(s) have a problem. I don't know much about the dual video card setups, but I'd start by checking the SLI connector and the seating of the cards.
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i can not get my computer off 16 bit color 640by480 pixels
i tryed right click the moniter on the task bar--nada
i tryed adjusting the settings for the control panel
and nothing is working can someone please help

A:pixel problems

I've run into this problem before if the correct drivers were not installed.

If you go into the Control Panel-->System and click on Monitor, is there a yellow box with an exclamtion point?

Try clicking on properties for your modem and resetting the driver.
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I read about this in a computer magazine this week, tried the test on our LCDs and had a good report. You may want to try it.
Hope your results are also good.
FREE Pixel test for LCD monitors

A:LCD Pixel Checker

I've always done this with a graphics application and filling the screen with a single color. Then you preview full screen, and you have a dead pixel checker.

This is probably a bit more convenient, since you don't have to create the check screens...
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hello, i have recently noticed on my laptop as i clean it that i may have a dead pixel. My Desktop background is a Intel xeon background and is mostly black, here i can see that near the top i have a white pixel. Ii have tried changing my wallpapers, most of them are black and i keep seeing this white pixel. I can see it right now as i have google chrome and have a black theme on and above the address bar i can see it. I have done an online test and i am not sure what i am meant to be doing however the instructions were clear. So what do you think is wrong