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Q: Intel Integrated Graphics 82865G Help

Well, I just installed the RC of Windows 7 yesterday, I quad-booted it with XP, 98 (its gangster), and Ubuntu. I am already running into some problems.

I have a Dell Optiplex GX270, which has an Intel Integrated Graphics 82865G graphics card. When I got everything set up, I went to change the resolution, and it was stuck at 640x480, and I couldn't change it. I have tried countless drivers, but nothing has helped. Anybody have any help?

By the way, I used Vista for like a day or two, and my graphics card worked fine, but I went back to XP, so I don't really know about how it works on Vista.

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Preferred Solution: Intel Integrated Graphics 82865G Help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Intel Integrated Graphics 82865G Help

Tried loads of suggestions with no luck then read this simple solution on a blog.

Went to BIOS on start up and adjusted Video card buffer from 1MB to 8MB, very painless. Gave me back all the configurations for screen display and resolution etc. Oh what joy!!

PS I have Dell Dimension 3000/82865G GFX/ Dell E173Fpc monitor.

Hope it works for you
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I was playing snap shot adventures the sercete to bird island. Everything was fine for a few days,I go back to play game and my computer tells me it can,t find my graphics controller Direct 3d graphics accelerator. the name of my graphics controller is intel? 82865G graphics controller I know its there somewhere because i had playedthis game before also I tried downloading a new one but the sites I seen dont have it or dont know what I,m looking for. Any ideas on how i can fix it in my computer or to down load it.

A:need a intel(R) 82865G graphics controller

Have you tried here?
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I have a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 motherboard with an onboard Intel 82865G graphics chip (circa 2005). Is this going to be faster than a 128MB AGP card based on the nVidia FX 5200 chip (circa 2003)? If you have any pointers to a review, that would also be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Intel 82865G graphics vs nVidia FX 5200

I am pretty sure it will be. The onboard cards are nearly always a good bit weaker than most any external. My question is, why can't you get something higher?
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hi every body
i've just installed windows 7 ultimate edition and everything is ok exept my video card!

it's read as standard vga driver and bad resolution

i searched for the driver and downloaded several versions and all say
"this operating sysytem is not supported"


my PC is dell desktop optiplex gx270 with graphics card "intel driver 82865G graphics controller"

can anyone help me finding a driver for this vga card????

thank u

A:intel driver 82865G graphics controller

Quote: Originally Posted by k7rata121

hi every body
i've just installed windows 7 ultimate edition and everything is ok exept my video card!

it's read as standard vga driver and bad resolution

i searched for the driver and downloaded several versions and all say
"this operating sysytem is not supported"


my PC is dell desktop optiplex gx270 with graphics card "intel driver 82865G graphics controller"

can anyone help me finding a driver for this vga card????

thank u

Its a lot more than just a vga. you can get a driver from Intel here Intel? 82865G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) - Intel? 82865G Graphics Controller support
Let us know if you need help installing it

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Hi no sure if this post should be here or somewhere else sorry i Intel graphics control 82865g trouble Fps have a Veriton g computer here and i installed games on it world of warcraft Fps trouble Intel 82865g graphics control and counter strike i tried cs first only to find that my highest fps was cant even play with that Fps trouble Intel 82865g graphics control i tried lowering the graphic settings and but still did nothing so i decided to try wolrd of warcraft same problem aswell but my fps wouldnt go higher than fps i used to be able to play it comforably on fps another computer which had a radeon x i have download the latest driver updates virus checked defragemet and turning off other background programs My only conclusion is that this computer is to old for these games below is a copy from cpuz and dxdiag ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name DB Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Acer System Model VERITON G BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Celeron Fps trouble Intel 82865g graphics control R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Intel R G Graphics Controller Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip type Intel R G Graphics Controller DAC type Internal Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ialmrnt dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD ialmnt sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E - - CF-B - B A C CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Not Available DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run nbsp

A:Fps trouble Intel 82865g graphics control

i think your problem is your graphics chip. that card is having a hard time. integrated cards always sucked when it came to gaming. so i would suggest finding a new graphics card for your pc if you want to play games like those. the computer itself may be too old in terms of what slots it has. so you may need to scrap it and get a new one, or find a video card that will fit and give you the performance boost you need, and use that for a while.
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I play minecraft and I would like to record, is this a good enough graphics card to do this?

A:Is intel 82865g graphics controller good for gaming?

Woooooohhhh, that's some old tech lol.

Can't imagine you would be getting awfully good frame rates with something like that. However, it should be alright to record using fraps, just give it a go (fraps is free) and see if it works.
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I have windows XP Home edition with a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop, and I have been having a problem with the Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller driver, it won't update. I downloaded an alternate driver updater (drivermax) to see if that would work, but after I downloaded, there were a lot of errors so I rolled back. I went to the intel website to download it manually, but the downloads are not what I need. I looked all over for an alternate mirror or anything that I could download it from, but I couldn't. I suppose I don't need the driver as everything is working fine as is, but I would like it. Thanks.

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Edit I fixed it I was causing the problem myself but uninstalling the chip in the first place when i should have been disabling it instead Ok I looked for about an hour and decided i would have to make a new thread for my specific problem so sorry if im making my first post in an odd place I recently installed a NVIDIA GeForce FX PCI MB DDR video card followed directions as best i could and disabled the Intel integrated graphics but my PC insists on REinstalling the intel integrated graphics controller upon restart It left me alone for awhile and i could run Counter Strike Condition Zero moderately well low frames after playing for over an hour but after allowing my computer to update itself while using IE GeForce Graphics... Integrated please FX-vs-Intel 5500 intel NVIDIA make away! go to dowload firefox for a reinstall IE randomly decided my home page was going to be the microsoft site for the day and since then no matter what i do the computer insists NVIDIA GeForce 5500 FX-vs-Intel Integrated Graphics... please make intel go away! on trying to reinstall the intel integrated graphics thing so my question is how do I make this stop how do i keep the computer from giving me the dreaded quot found new hardware quot bubble when im using a FAR superior REAL video card already is there something i do in the BIOS i hope not i dont like messing around in there or on the motherboard itself i have some basic info about my comp in my signature but im going to use quot PolSystemInfo quot to find all my PC specs and just copy paste them below I just hope its enough info to help someone figure out how to kill that evil integrated chip System CPU Intel R Pentium R Processor with MMX CPU Speed MHz No of CPUs OS Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack Ver Version of DirectX DirectX Main Memory Capacity MB Free Space MB Drive C Local Disk Free Space GB Capacity GB Drive D Local Disk Free Space MB Capacity GB Drive J Local Disk Free Space GB Capacity GB Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce FX Type of Chip Unknown Video Chip Video Driver nv disp dll Version Updated Saturday December AM VendorId x DE DeviceId x SubSysId x Revision VRAM MB AvailableVidMem MB AvailableTextureMem MB Sound Card Realtek AC Audio Sound Driver ALCXWDM SYS Version Updated Wednesday February PM Network Card Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Network Driver R n SYS Version Updated Friday October PM Motherboard Gamila Giovani Neon series Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Version Serial Number nbsp

A:NVIDIA GeForce 5500 FX-vs-Intel Integrated Graphics... please make intel go away!

Hmm that didn't happen to me when I put mines in. Did you install the NVIDIA drivers? Try disabling the onboard in the device manager. That?s what I did. There doesn?t seem to be an option to turn it off in the bios (my bios) maybe there is for you however. It isn?t too complicated. Just simply look for onboard graphics or integrated graphics controller or w/e and select disable, but first try disabling it in the device manager. It should be listed under display adapters -> properties -> disable this device.

You should upgrade to DX9.0c...
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I'm running Windows Ultimate Build on an lenovo pc Intel Pentium - GHz GB RAM my pc's actual graphics card is quot Intel G Graphics Controller quot but ?? Graphics doesn't Controller" work "Intel 82865G windows loads it as quot standard VGA graphics card quot which gives me a very very "Intel 82865G Graphics Controller" doesn't work ?? bad video quality but computer works great HOWEVER when i update video graphics back to my quot Intel G Graphics Controller quot amp play any video the video "Intel 82865G Graphics Controller" doesn't work ?? quality is excellent amp direct d amp hardware acceleration starts working contrary to quot standard VGA graphics card quot but gives major "Intel 82865G Graphics Controller" doesn't work ?? computer operation problems For e g As soon as i resize my VLC interface or run any other media players like powerdvd or windows media players etc the computer either gets stuck hung or it shows a blue screen message saying quot disable bios memory such as caching or shadowing quot OR quot page fault in nonpaged area quot amp lots of other explorer based problems i tried changing various d settings in opengl as well but in vain CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ITS A MAJOR BUG in WINDOWS I MEAN U CANNOT ASK SOMEONE TO UPGRADE his OPERATING SYSTEM AT THE EXPENSE OF CHANGING HIS HARDWARES THANK YOU

A:"Intel 82865G Graphics Controller" doesn't work ??

It is a driver issue. I suggest that you download the driver from HP website, remove the existed driver and install the new downloaded driver.
HP Compaq dc5000 Small Form Factor PC - Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

(note; if u found useful dont forget to ad me rep)
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Hi everyone, I am going to buy a new computer this month. The one I have in mind is a dell inspiron i580-6736NBC with these specifications:
procesor - intel core i3 - 3.2 GHz
cache memory - 4 Mb
Ram - 6 Gb DDR3 SDRAM
graphics - integrated intel hd
power supply - 300 w
I would like to play some games, but I don't know if I can with this graphic card? I want to upgrade the video card in order to play games such as modern warfare 2, gta IV, or test drive. What graphic card do you suggest to me, without upgrading the power supply?

Thank you for reading!!!

A:Upgrading the integrated Intel graphics

I would like to play some games, but I don't know if I can with this graphic card? I want to upgrade the video card in order to play games such as modern warfare 2, gta IV, or test drive. What graphic card do you suggest to me, without upgrading the power supply?Click to expand...

Not very good ones...
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I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 (6 GB RAM, i5-480M) that I'd like to see if I can force to allocate a higher minimum amount of RAM to the integrated graphics. By default I believe it allocatea 64 MB or 128 MB and is supposed to increase as needed, but I don't believe it is increasing as it appears to perform as if it was using only 64 or 128 MB of video memory.

Is there a way I can make the integrated graphics allocate a higher minimum amount of RAM to itself?

A:Allocate more RAM to Intel integrated graphics?

I believe there's a way to specify how much video memory an application will have available by typing a command on the game console. So the command depends on the game, and since some games (specially new ones) don't have a in-game console, there's always options to input commands, usually by a .txt file directly on the game install folder.
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Hi, first of all i'm not really that clever with computers. I'm just gettin a new one which has"integrated intel extreme graphics". Can anyone tell me if it is any good. I currently have a geforce 256. is that worse or better?

A:Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics

It seems to be worse from here.

# i845GL (integrated Intel Extreme)
# i865G (integrated Intel Extreme 2)
# V4 4500
# Rage Fury MAXX
# nForce 420 (integrated GF2 MX)
# Kyro
# Radeon VE 7000
# GF 256 SDRClick to expand...

Rated from worst(top) to best bottom. Note this is only a section of the chart, there are better and worse than the listed above. Bottom of page for chart.

Hopefully it has an agp expansion slot so you can install a decent graphics card, but sadly many computers with intel extreme graphics completely lack this slot, and hence are stuck with very low end graphics.
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Dear all,  Is it possible to daisy chain one 3440x1440 monitor (Dell U3415W) and standard 1920x1080 monitor with this laptop? That is can the graphics chip handle it? Not for games of course, just spreadsheets and such. If it can't, then would it help if I got a docking station? The specifications say: "Intel HD Graphics 520 in processor and NVIDIA GeForce® 940MX, 2GB memory; supports external digital monitor via HDMI or Mini DisplayPort; supports three independent displays; Max resolution: [email protected] (DisplayPort via Mini DisplayPort cable); [email protected] (HDMI)" But does that mean 3 independent monitors with each having [email protected] resolution or that the total resolution cannot exceed 3840x2160? Because one 3440x1440 and one 1920x1080 do exceed that 3840x2160 limit combined   (Product 20FH001BMS)Tamim Khawaja
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Hi everyone i bought an ATI Radeon MB PCI since i dont have AGP or PCI-e slots and installed it yesterday i made the huge mistake of not unistalling the Intel Integrated Graphics card and drivers before putting my new card in the pc the video card runs fine Doom fine on x however its kinda laggy so i lowered the resolution and what happens next its that the menus and words look really blurry and i believe its the integrated graphics card Uninstalling Intel Integrated Graphics.. thats interferieng i tried unistalling the drivers it asks me to restart i do so however they re-appear on the Add Remove Programs i disabled the card through Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager restart and the card is enabled mysteriously i used DriverCleaner too remove the drivers and it still was there however i think that everytime i restart and log on after unistalling the drivers the windows update icon appears in the system tray maybe its downloading drivers again i dont know so what should i do remove my new card delete all the drivers and install Uninstalling Intel Integrated Graphics.. it all again nbsp

A:Uninstalling Intel Integrated Graphics..

What pc have you got???
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Any chance of finding drivers for 915GM chipset graphics for 64bit or at least 32bit?

A:Intel 915GM integrated graphics

Go here.

Click the "Run Intel Driver Update Utility." It will find the newest and available drivers.

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Can you tell me which is better for an Intel quad core processor : Intel integrated 2000 or Nvidia Geforce Gt 610 2gb??

I want to use for gaming.

The specs below are for my old cpu and motherboard. I have to install the new ones. I'm getting an 3rd Gen i5 Cpu which has Integrated Graphics 2000. So my query is whether i should use the integrated one or my Nvidia 610.


A:Intel Integrated Graphics Vs Nvidia

You would want a GTX 750 Ti if you like playing games on low-med and sometimes high. The GeForce GT 610 is not a gaming card and is just an entry-level meaning it's for office or HTPC use.
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I recently got a new comp from Gateway; Intel P4 processor running Windows XP; the graphics controller is the 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV integrated piece. I would like to disable this ASAP in favor of a real graphics card; I have heard that on most motherboards with integrated graphics it is neccessary to disable the contoller manually through some sort of switch/jumper (in addition to disabling the driver). Can someone tell me where/how to locate this switch...I can't seem to find anything of the sort.....

A:disabling Intel Integrated graphics...

Disabling onboard system
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Is this video card sufficient to run SIMS games? I am thinking of purchasing a Dell with this card installed.

A:Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2

It should run it if you get a processor(preferably a pentium 4 instead of a celeron) that's above 2ghz.
Neither intel extreme 2 or sis mirage2 are good at games. I have integrated intel extreme 2 graphics in my one system. If I use it I get a score of about 4,000 points on aquamark3(about 4 frames per second, a real slideshow), but when I use my nvidia 6600 graphics card I get about 40,000 points, (about 40frames per second, a reasonable rate). The 6600 128mb is about 10X as fast as intel extreme2. The 6600 costs about $110 usd. You need an agp or pci-express port to use the graphics card though, which most cheap dell systems don't have(they can't be upgraded cheaply).
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I am running Windows 7 32 bit, which i have installed recently, and i am having trouble finding the driver for the integrated graphics for my system that will work with Win 7. Anyone please suggest me a suitable driver for use on win 7 x32. Thanks in advance.

A:Intel 82915G Integrated Graphics for Windows 7

Hi abasit93, Welcome to the forums, The Dell website only has the winxp drivers available Drivers & Downloads | Dell United States Your best bet is to go to the Intel website and download the driver from there Good luck with this
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I intend to play games like BF2 or SWAT4 with at least 20fps. I don't mind having minimum detail settings.

I am considering buying a Dell Studio 1735 from the Dell Outlet store.
Here are the specs:

1.86Ghz Pentium Dual Core processor
2048MB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive 120GB Serial ATA
Windows Vista Premium
17" display WXGA+ TrueLife
Graphics Intel Integrated GMA X3100
ALL FOR ONLY £300! FREE DELIVERY! (actually £350 but there's an offer atm)

Would the Graphics Intel Integrated GMA X3100 manage new games like the ones listed above, at around 20fps with these specs?
Remember, I don't mind having the detail settings etc. on absolute minimum, but I want it to be playable - ie. run smoothly.

A:How's the Graphics Intel Integrated GMA X3100 for gaming?

Intel GMA X3100 is nothing you would use for gaming. Best hope for you: hope that the Dell's PSU is enough for either one of these: or and add one to gain some gaming potential.
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Hey, I am at the end of the ropes on this one. I just can not seem to be able to update the graphic driver for my intel integrated graphics card.

The reason i want to update this is because i get this error when I try to start up:

Spoiler: Error

I found out that the driver version after the #1 is my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M card, but the one after the #2 is the Intel HD Graphics 4600. #2 is the one i need to update

I mainly need help finding the right driver that works for my laptop, I am told that only ones from the Toshiba website work, but the most recent driver is from 2013, which does not see right to me.

Here are my specs:
Toshiba Qosmio x75 a7170
Windows 8.1
Intel Core I7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M AND Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600

A:Updating Integrated Intel Graphics on Toshiba Laptop

Also i downloaded Intel Driver Updater Utility and i get this when it searched for Graphics drivers;

Spoiler: Intel Driver Updater Utility
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I have a HP Pavilion 533w machine with an integrated Intel 82845 graphics card. I have a new ATI Radeon card that I want to install. However, I am getting errors because of the onboard Intel card. I have disabled the card in the device manager but this is not helping. I need to figure out which jumpers to change on the motherboard. I believe the motherboard is a GL_VE motherboard, however I can not find any info. on how to disable this card so the PC does not recognize it. The BIOS is also of the "Phoneix" make and it has beenr ecently flashed, however, ther eis no option to NOT recognize the onboard BIOS. Can anyone tell me which jumpers to change or where I can go to find out?

Thank you!

A:disabling Intel integrated graphics card 82845 G

Try contacting HP about it.

I would think there would be some kind of option in the BIOS to disable it though... are you sure you looked hard enough? It could have a different name such as onboard VGA, onboard display device, display device selection or something similar.
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This is my first post so if there is something i didn't include please advice also if this is in integrated intel laptop disabled asus I win graphics, 8.1 the wrong section I apologize I was very frustrated about a game not using the dedicated GPU In my frustration i disabled from the device manager the intel graphics Suddenly my screen resized nothing seemed to work so i forced restart The asus logo appears and is followed by a quot windows blue quot screen not BSOD I've search online for similar problems Things I already tried to avail I have tried reseting the bios by opening the laptop itself and removing the bios battery I connected the laptop through VGA and HDMI to another monitor bot report quot no signal quot I have tried different combinations of keys to enter bios or safemode none work Not a solution but i had no ideas left I have tried enabling the card quot blind quot using the keyboard start r - gt devmgmt msc etc since i just cant see it didn't work though i then tried to alt f and shut down and it failed conclusion maybe the problem isnt the integrated graphics Booting through a new windows disk didn't boot I want to believe that the boot priority is set to hdd for this What I I disabled intel integrated graphics, asus laptop win 8.1 concluded so far is that I need windows access to enable access to my bios I'm all out of ideas and very frustrated any help would be greatly appreciated My Specs Laptop Asus I disabled intel integrated graphics, asus laptop win 8.1 F C i - U NVIDIA GeForce GT M gb gb ram win bit

A:I disabled intel integrated graphics, asus laptop win 8.1

Welcome to the forum!

Yea, on these laptops disabling the Intel GPU is not wise as it also controls the discrete GPU.

You mention you can't get into Bios or boot from a DVD. This is before Windows even loads so you should be able to do both. On my machine I can get into bios if I hold the F2 key down while prssing the power button. Don't know exactly which key is your bios key.

Once in bios you need to set the boot order to boot from the DVD, then do a repair install.

PS: Would also suggest getting an external drive and get in the habit of making an image at least every couple weeks. Most imaging software lets you create a boot disc so you can restore the image even if the computer crashes.

PPS: Looked it up and your bios key should be F2.
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I've been getting this issue since I updated my motherboard BIOS from it's initial version which I'm going to assume was F as it's been a while but I truly don't remember to F and an F a BIOS Gigabyte support gave me to try and resolve issues with graphics card compatibility It seems that whenever the intel graphics accelerator on my Core i K is disabled set to a power saving mode or has intel HD graphics drivers installed I'll get these freezing crashes usually within minutes of either booting into Windows or installing intel HD graphics that require a force reboot When this with issue stability graphics Weird integrated intel happens and I Weird stability issue with intel integrated graphics press my hard reset button my computer will shut down for a few seconds before starting up again much like when updating a BIOS or maybe overclocking the CPU Now I've been safe from this issue if I just leave the IGP enabled constantly and don't install drivers but I guess I finally got off my butt and decided to ask around about this issue as this seems to be subject to me and my setup This issue has persisted through a PSU upgrade and through Windows to
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Hi. I have a problem with my integrated graphics card not fitting the resolution to the screen. The resolution is always too big. It would be nice if i could get this to work, because i edit videos, and i only have 1 Square monitor that isn't even really that big. I have tried going into Windows 7 Screen Resolution to tinker with settings, but no success. So then i went into the Integrated Graphics card settings, and nothing worked there either. I am stuck at a lose. I have a picture, showing where the picture gets cut off on the 19". Windows Media Player is set to where i can see it. Any bigger and it would get cut off.

A:Intel HD Integrated Graphics wont display proper Resolution

So i have solved this issue by myself. Not saying how, but i did.
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Basically i'm buying a computer for my house and the other people who live here play games and i want to know if that chip will run games like wow or warhammer when it comes out

A:Is a Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 good enough to run games?

Try searching google for it and reading user reviews
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Integrated graphics solutions won't get you far when it comes to gaming, but they've evolved to the point that you can actually get decent frame rates in relatively modern games with the right graphics settings. Looking to remove some of...

Read more

A:Intel launches website to help gamers on integrated graphics get a boost in gaming performance

So they're teaching you how to move all the sliders to the left? ^___^
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I recently installed windows 8 customer preview. It all went fine, but the graphics are really ugly.
It installed the basic driver, and i can't install the win7 driver.
Please help, really want to use windows 8.

my specs are :
Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
1 GB RAM 1333Hz
Intel 82865g chipset with 96 MB VRAM


A:Intel 82865g

should also mention that in windows 7 ultimate i have 1280x1024 resolotion, with 32-bit color, meanwhile in windows 8 i have only 1024x768, with 16 bit color...
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It only has one from 2005, and DirectX doesn't have Direct3D available. I uploaded the one from 2005, but IT STILL SAYS TO MAKE SURE THE DRIVERS ARE THE MOST UPDATED.

My computer is a Dell Dimension 3000, DirectX 9.0c, AND I've played Sims 2 before, on this computer [for quite a few months]. Any suggestions.

And should I buy a new video card?

A:Has Intel come out with new drivers for 82865G?

It looks like the Intel 82865G ( version drivers from September 29, 2005
are the most current available. In general, integrated video cards (built onto the motherboard)
are only for very light gaming with older games and at lower video settings.
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I have been looking everywhere for a vista compatible driver for my onboard intel 82865g video card. Intel doesn't seem to have one on their site. Anyone have any ideas on where I can find this driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:82865g intel driver for vista?

Graphics Chip is too old for Vista, sorry they have to drop support for writing new drivers at some point.

Time to slap in a AGP or PCI video card.
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Recently a certain family member of mine accidentally uninstalled our Intel R G Graphics controller I did not realize what they had done until I logged on to the computer and everything was very big In fact the pixels on the display menu Issues 82865G Intel(R) Update of the control panel would not even move So I got on to the internet and found that I Intel(R) 82865G Update Issues needed to reinstall this driver I have tried numerous times to reinstall this driver or graphics controller sorry I am not up-to-date on computer terms and I have had no success The Intel site is a joke when it comes to technical support I have searched through their support base and I am coming up with nothing In the device manager under Display adapters there is a yellow sign next to the Intel R G Graphics Controller I try to update it and there is always an error Also when I think I uninstall the graphics controller and reboot a yellow bubble in the right hand side of my screen pops up and says that new hardware was found I thought I had fixed the issue but as soon as I go to play the Sims game it crashes The warning says something along the lines of a driver being in an infinite loop Does anyone know why I am unable to update the latest driver I feel like I am at a dead-end with this darn thing Can anyone help nbsp

A:Intel(R) 82865G Update Issues

Good Afternoon Norreb01, sometimes these kinds of problems need to be addressed by removing all traces of the previous driver.
You may be aware remnants of a corrupted previous driver may remain in the database.

You need to identify your video card manufacturer, then check their site for a driver removal tool for the applicable situation.
Ensure everything is proper and the machine at least boots normally in Safe mode. (hit F8 at boot in needed.)

When you are happy the machine still operates (in low res, screen size) you should then be able to introduce a proper driver for that card using it's install method.

Sometimes the latest drivers may not be the best.

Worth a try.

Cheers, qldit.
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Hi guys

Got the above 64 Meg card and like ideas-options on a replacement card for gaming.
Games that need T&L I can't play at present and I'm not sure if I need AGP or PCI card either.

Call of duty, Doom3 ete stuff like that would be nice to play.

System is IBM 8183 KMT
512 Mb Ram
Intel P4 2.40 GHZ

System bought for me at an on-line auction so I can't complain too much. (I'm Poor!)

Would I have a problem replacing card in a desktop box with the on board card still in place?

Only looking for a cheap option.



A:Replacing Intel 82865G Onboard Card?

It can only handle a pci video card which would be better than onboard but I doubt it would be great for much gaming though.
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I'm in the process of adding a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9250 PCI card to my eMachines computer and the embedded Intel 82865g graphics controller reduced the maximum image size to 14.9 x 11.8 - this is about 2 inches narrower than my 19" screen size. Is there a way to change the maximum image size to actually reflect my screen?
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Hi I am Abdul Basit from Pakistan I recently bought a new Pentium PC about months ago from Windows Intel 7 82865G Properly (32-bit) in Ultimate Not Functioning now and it had Windows XP SP installed A cousin of mine suggested me to install Windows because it's faster than Vista and XP Therefore I did a clean install of Windows Ultimate -bit by formatting my Intel 82865G Not Functioning Properly in Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) C drive Then after I installed Win everything seems to be working correctly except the Intel G integrated graphics controller then I installed the driver of Windows and I'm having problems playing DVDs and other video formats including mpeg and avi formats When I try to Play a DVD in Windows Media Player or PowerDVD it displays a blue screen of death BSOD and then the system restarts by itself After proper investigation of this problem I came to find out that a friend of mine had the same Intel G Graphics Controller and he was running Windows Vista SP and there were no problems in playing DVDs and videos the driver it had installed was displayed as quot Intel R G Graphics Controller Microsoft Corporation - XDDM quot in Vista's Device Manager According to my friend it is pre-installed in Windows Vista and is also publicly available I googled it for almost a week on the internet but couldn't find the Vista driver this driver is dated as but the one which I have is dated as Could you please upload the Vista driver for quot Intel R G Graphics Controller Microsoft Corporation - XDDM quot from the Vista Install CD or somewhere I could not find it anywhere on the internet please upload it fast because I need it very much

A:Intel 82865G Not Functioning Properly in Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)

Quote: Originally Posted by basitr846

Hi, I am Abdul Basit from Pakistan,
I recently bought a new Pentium 4 PC (about 6 months ago) from now, and it had Windows XP SP2 installed, A cousin of mine suggested me to install Windows 7, because it's faster than Vista and XP, Therefore I did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit by formatting my C:\ drive;
Then after I installed Win 7, everything seems to be working correctly except the Intel 82865G integrated graphics controller, then, I installed the driver of Windows 2000 and I'm having problems playing DVDs and other video formats including mpeg and avi formats, When I try to Play a DVD in Windows Media Player 12 or PowerDVD 9, it displays a blue screen of death (BSOD), and then the system restarts by itself. After proper investigation of this problem, I came to find out that a friend of mine had the same Intel 82865G Graphics Controller, and he was running Windows Vista SP2, and there were no problems in playing DVDs and videos, the driver it had installed was displayed as "Intel (R) 82865G Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation - XDDM)" in Vista's Device Manager. According to my friend, it is pre-installed in Windows Vista, and is also publicly available, I googled it for almost a week on the internet but couldn't find the Vista driver, this driver is dated as 2006 but the one which I have is dated as 2005.
Could you please upload the Vista driver for "Intel (R) 82865G Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation - XDDM)" from the Vista Install CD or somewhere? I could not find it anywhere on the internet, please upload it fast, because I need it very much!

You can go here.
Please use normal size fonts
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I have windows 7 in my desktop and I want a Intel® 82865G Graphics driver but I can't find one

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i am looking to buy a new graphics card to upgrade from the integrated crap that is ati x200 series 64 mb which although i didnt realize really wasnt what i needed to play battlefield 2142 and battlefield 2 so please help me i don have a clue what im doing in this area i have pci-e slots and a £100 budget
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I just plugged my monitor into the new card (HD4770) and it works, did not disable or uninstall the integrated graphics. the integrated is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE chipset. The performance index went higher on paper but other than having better resolution I don't see a huge improvment. I still have video lag trying to watch streaming hd movies and my new camera (Panasonic Lumix ZS7) wont play video in HD over my computer. Must I disable and even uninstall the old integrated graphics too or am I missing something else?

A:I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

Have a look in your bios to see if it has an option to boot from pci-e or intergrated.
What is the motherboard you are using?
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I recently installed a PCIe graphics card nVidia GTX Ti on my ASUS P Z -V MB running Windows and an Intel ONLY enabled when integrated graphics PCIe graphics works i processor The goal was to get displayport so I PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled could use a higher resolution monitor In the BIOS I changed the quot system agent quot graphics setting to make the PCIe graphics card the primary video When I do that the machine seems to boot and the MB splash screen offering the option to enter BIOS comes up on a monitor attached to the PCIe videocard but Windows never fires up the PCIe videocard If I set the MB to enable integrated graphics the machine boots into Windows fine and Windows uses the videocard Monitors attached to the videocard get the Windows display and if no monitors are attached to the Intel integrated graphics the Intel graphics software does not run The problem is that with the Intel integrated video set to be the primary video I don't get the splash screen on monitors attached to the PCIe card nor I PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled suspect would I see Windows recovery screens should something go wrong though I don't PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled know If I attach a monitor to the Intel integrated video then Intel's graphic engine runs in Windows and I'd rather it did not As per usual I don't know if this is a Windows problem or a MB problem or a graphics card problem Since the MB bios splash screen goes to the right monitor for the MB setting I am presuming the problem is in Windows But I cannot imagine what that would be I did the usual updates on general principles so latest MB bios latest Intel and nVidia drivers all Windows updates Any help thinking this thru would be appreciated

A:PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled

Not sure how your motherboard works but may need the Intel graphics enabled for the dedicated card to work. Do you have the latest Intel graphics drivers installed? Have you tried installing the Nvidia drivers when on the Intel graphics?

Could also try reverting to the basic graphics drivers in Device Manager when on the Intel, then switch to the dedicated in BIOS and see if it will boot with the basic driver installed.
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I currently have two monitors connected and was wondering if the graphics card able to support a four monitor display without any issues.
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Why did Intel just now decide to add Hardware TnL support to their integrated GPUs? And will it really make a difference in performance if they do?
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My dell computer has a 64 mb intel integrated 845 or something card. What would be an equivalent in like a Radeon card?

MY laptop has a intel integrated 915 GL chipset what would the the equivalent of that? It says it has approx. 128 mb of memory but thats a sham :haha:

A:intel integrated equivalents

854g is pretty bad, even the lower radeon cards are better. Like a 64bit 9200se is better, as is a 64bit nvidia fx5200, and both of those are pathetic cards.

The 915g (900gma) is only slightly better.
In UT04 it gets 13 frames per second, a ati x300se card is more than twice as fast.

Conclusion: integrated graphics are not for gaming.
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Onboard Demon Pardon My Spelling I bought a dell dimension a while ago Here are its specs incase its needed Processor Intel Celeron MHz Memory Mb Operating System Windows XP Home SP Video Intel R G Graphics Controller I wanted to upgrade my computer so I bought a Intel an Onboard Integrated Demon! is NVIDIA GeForce FX This might have been a mistake because I don t know if it will even improve much on the integrated But I can t Uninstall the Intel R G Graphics Controller I looked EVERY WHERE in BIOS and the only option for Graphics is under Integrated Utilities might not be the exact name and it has an option called Graphics Controller The only options for Graphics Controller are Auto and Intel Integrated is an Onboard Demon! Onboard Auto allows my Graphics Card to run but Intel is still allowed to run In system gt hardware gt I uninstalled the the graphics card I then uninstalled the drivers in add remove programs I then shut down and installed my graphics card I booted up and the Graphics card was found but Intel re-installed itself I get a message saying quot New Hardware Found quot and it automatically re-installs it I figure the NVIDIA drivers will fix this problem so I install the drivers and my graphic Intel Integrated is an Onboard Demon! card is running fine BUT INTEL WONT GO AWAY When I disable it under hardware it somehow still manages to run Everytime I remove it it re-installs installs itself All my games have much better graphics but they are EXTREAMLY laggy The company I bought the card on says to contact the manufacturer For dell hardware phone support it costs money and and takes years to talk to someone Can anyone help me Sorry for such a long description but I read other threads and everyone just tells them to Look in BIOS I need to make it very clear that BIOS is not the solution Thanks nbsp

A:Intel Integrated is an Onboard Demon!

In device manager, you need to disable rather than uninstall the integrated graphics card!!!!

Also, you need to remember that the psu (power supply unit) may not be able to cope as dell ones aren't that great!!!!
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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering what the equivalent of my laptop's Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset would be. And would it be able to run games such as The Movies and Age of Empires 3? Thanks in advance. (I know integrated cards are not for game...)


A:Mobile Intel Integrated Video
Pretty bad for gaming...
Even a super basic fx5200 64bit blows it away in some cases. In others it's a little faster.

It might run those games, but they likely will be very slow, possibly unplayably slow.
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Have an older machine with an Intel Integrated 810e chipset. I realize this is an older model, but was wondering if there's any kind of fix to run Win7 Home Premium on it? Thanks.

A:Looking for Integrated Intel 810e driver

Quote: Originally Posted by jacatone

Have an older machine with an Intel Integrated 810e chipset. I realize this is an older model, but was wondering if there's any kind of fix to run Win7 Home Premium on it? Thanks.

No sorry. It's too old.
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Will I be able to run World Of EA Sports 2004 with a Integrated Intel Media Accelerator 900. I am wondering for my notebook not my desktop (the signiture specs are desktop). The specs of my Notebook are:

Intel® Celeron® M 360 (1.40 GHz/1MB Cache/400MHz FSB)
512MB Shared RAM, 2 DIMM
40GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
24X CD Burner/DVD Combo Drive

The main reason I am wondering is I know that it meets all of the actual specs but when I was in the store it said that it worked with NVida and ATI but said nothing about Intel. I was pretty sure it would work but wanted to know before I bought it because as you know you cannot return PC games.

Thank you for your time.

A:Integrated Intel Media Accelerator 900?

System requirements:

Windows® XP/Me/2000/98
500 MHz or faster CPU
128 MB RAM or more
8x or faster CD/DVD drive
2.0 GB or more of free HD space
DirectX 9.0b compatible video card
DirectX 9.0b compatible sound card
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Dear All, I own an HP zbook studio G3 laptop. I want to switch to Nvidia graphic card permanently.  I have tried disabling integrated graphic card in device manager, uninstalling the driver and even enabling the nvidea graphic card in all the profiles in the 3D setting tap in Nvidia setting software. Non of them seems to work as the integrated graphic is always in action and simple games could not be run. I always keep in the power option on high-performance mode and the laptop is always plugged in. Should I manipulate the bios setup?
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Hey everybody! I'm running Windows 7 on an Emachines t2862, which has an Intel Integrated Chipset (845g, "Itel Extreme Graphic", specifically).
I've tried installing the XP drivers using the installation as well as the tutorial floating around the forums for installing XP graphic drivers. Both caused Windows to crash shortly after booting. I had plenty of time to open a few programs, but about 45 seconds after booting, Windows simply freezes (mouse included).
I had to boot into safemode and roll the driver back to the standard VGA driver to fix it.

Does anybody have any tips? Thanks!

A:Intel Integrated 845g Chipset Drivers

You should try using Vista Drivers for it if you can find them else you will just be stuck with the default Windows Drivers.
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Product:  Pavilion x360 - 13-s199nr, Windows 10 Home Problem: Unable to install "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver" to enable Rotation, Accelerometer and Gyroscope functions. History:  Prior to reinstall of Windows 10, the rotation function worked.  Did a new/clean install of Windows 10.When trying to install "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver Rev.E" I receive an error: "0x00004E24 This platform is not supported."All other drivers installed without error. Note: This file is located on my driver page, and have attempted to install older versions of the driver with no luck.  Driver attempting to install: File name: sp74285.exe Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  

A:Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver

Update: Still not working, was able to get it to work a couple of times: Narrowed down to HID Sensor Collection V2. Even though driver was alredy installed and showing operational in Device Manger, it wasn't working. I installed again so there were two listed in Device Manager. Step: Installed legacy hardware, sensors, HID Sensor Collection V2. All of a sudden it worked as expect, rotation worked, flipping into tablet mode worked.  Well I uninstalled the HID Sensor Collection V2 I installed via Legacy install, as device manager stated it wasn't even started and not working.  Of course now it doesn't work, and going through the steps 100's of times and I am unable to recreated the successful result. I've installed SensorInfo app from the Store and it provides feedback that all sensors are operational.  Any feedback would be awesome.
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Dear All, I own an HP zbook studio G3 laptop. I want to switch to Nvidia graphic card permanently.  I have tried disabling integrated graphic card in device manager, uninstalling the driver and even enabling the nvidea graphic card in all the profiles in the 3D setting tap in Nvidia setting software. Non of them seems to work as the integrated graphic is always in action and simple games could not be run. I always keep in the power option on high-performance mode and the laptop is always plugged in. Should I manipulate the bios setup?  Thanks in advance, Bezzo
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My monitor is beginning to fliicker and roll during warm up and getting progressively worse! I want to get a new monitor and wonder if there would be any conflicts with the on board integrated video and a monitor I select. What should I look out for?

I have a Dell XPS 8300 running win7 home prem. I do not do heavy graphics stuff. My current monitor was a Dell 2005FPW that was entirely adequate for my heeds. Any suggestions? What should I expect to pay?


A:Intel Integrated grapics and new monitor selection

Your computer is modern and the Intel graphics can handle any resolution of any monitor on the market, it also has VGA and HDMI which all monitors have at least one of those, or have DVI which can easily be converted to from HDMI.

As to how much you will have to pay, well that depends on the size and model you choose, here's lots with reviews from buyers:

Most people these days go for a monitor around the 20 to 24" range, Samsung and Asus tend to make nice monitors and offer good warranties on them.
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My soundcard just stop working one day, and since then, I have not been able to fix it....Please Help!!

When installing intels driver i get this error message...

Device object not present, restart system and run setup again....

And when I try to install intel audio studio I get this error

Intel Audio Studio Controller
Error 453 Can't find DLL entry point sflInitSTCOM in IASDLL.DLL

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Using a Toshiba laptop with no Bios option for video ram buffer limit.

1.67gb seems to be the limit. Couple things running I'm literally only using 16% of 16gbs.

I was in a configuration menu that showed the buffers address values to the shared ram but it does not look like it has an override.

Thoughts on any custom bios forceware or some hack to override the addressing of the buffer?

bios version is current no update in years...
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Datorn kan inte uppdatera:
Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
Installationsdatum: ?2016-?07-?31 21:47
Installationsstatus: Misslyckades
Felinformation: Kod 80070103
Uppdateringens typ: Viktig
This driver was provided by Intel Corporation for support of Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
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I have been unable to install this. 80070103 Unknown error
How important is it and would there be any way to hide it if necessary?

Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400

Download size: 147.0 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Important

This driver was provided by Intel Corporation for support of Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400

More information:

Help and Support:
</title> <link href="//" rel="shortcut icon" /> <link href="//" rel="stylesheet" /> <script src="//"> </scrip
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So I have been having issues with my Intel HD Graphics Driver constantly crashing on my computer. Whenever it crashes it says that it is the Windows 8 driver. My computer runs Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600. Because of this, I want to replace it with the new Intel HD Graphics from Intel. The problem is that my system won't recognize it. What do I do?

A:Replacing HP Intel Graphics Driver with Generic Intel Graphi...

Nao298758 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about Intel Graphics Driver problems and wanted to help. This is the software and drivers page for your PC: If Windows 10 does now show when you open that page, then select it under Operating Systems. The video driver you want to download and install is under Driver-Graphics.Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.
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Hi...I'm running Win7 Home Premium (64-bit), 8Gb RAM, with the chip:
Intel Core i7 2600K @ 3.40GHz
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology

Graphics is not dedicated and is handled via this Intel chip.
During Windows Updates, MS ones download perfectly.

However, I also get an additional 'optional' update named: 'Intel Corporation - Display - Intel(R) HD Graphics'

This has never succeeded in downloading.
The MS explanation is always the same: possible interruption from my connection to their server...yet never any interruption when I download MS updates at exactly the same time!

After that, I get the usual 'download Mr Fix It' software which proves itself to be utterly useless in helping me find why the download is not succeeding.

I run Avast anti-virus and Zone Alarm firewall...but I can't figure out if they are somehow preventing the download.

I'd appreciate any help on this....

Many thanks

A:Intel Corporation - Display - Intel(R) HD Graphics - UPDATE FAILURE??

Hi again...forgot to mention: Code Error: 800F0203 is what shows, but may as well be in Klingon...
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I got my HP Notebook - 15-r111nia late last year and want to update the graphic card driver as it is very old ( since 2013, to a newer version. I tried using the Intel Driver Update Utility to automatically update it to the newer version but it saying a customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on my computer and so the download button is greyed out. I tried updating the graphics driver manually but it failed to install successfully after downlaoding on several attempts. I am soo fraustrated  now as most of my games are crashing and every recommendations i get from people is to update my graphic card. I would really appreciate anyone kind enough to help me with a link on the right graphic driver update and a work around concerning this issue.  Thanks in advance.
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Im having a problem with my Dell Laptop and its graphic drivers. Yesterday, I started my laptop and it gave me an error message saying Windows has recovered from a serious error.

My screen resolution is now 1024*768 instead of 1280*720(I think that's the one) and i cant increase it. In the device manager my laptop's Mobile Intel(R) 910GML Express Chipset family Chipset Components has a yellow symbol beside it and when i right click on it and go to properties i get "Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware". (Code 37)

I've tried to reinstall the drivers by downloading them from many times but nothing seems to be helping. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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hi there Intel 950 8500gt? nvidia Integrated Accelerator Media or Graphic i have a Integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator graphics card built into my gigabyte gzm-s motherboard but i was wondering how much difference there is between the nvidia gt and my on-board graphics I have already got the gt running in my computer but as you might already know this takes minimum watt psu usage and this is the issue i am recieving now I am thinking of going back Integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 950 or nvidia 8500gt? to my onboard graphics but i dont want to cause problems with youtube lagging or bbc iplayer i wont be playing games on the computer e g gta but i will be playing online pool and i dont want these to lag So please could you tell me if i should go back to my onboard or if there is a major difference between my on board and between nvidia gt By the way i think my onboard graphics memory is around mb and the nvidia gt is mb but takes a lot of the psu Please Help REPLY ASAP nbsp

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I've a new SAMSUNG laptop (Intel core i5 processor) running Win 7.

Device Manager shows that exist a (core i5) integrated graphic card (Intel HD graphics family) and a NVIDIA GT 520MX card.

It shows the laptop monitor (Generic PnP monitor) managed by Intel HD graphics family and not by NVIDIA GT 520MX...I tried to connect an external LCD monitor and same behaviour (also the new attached monitor is shown under Intel HD graphic...)

It seems NVIDIA card is not used at all....Why ?


A:Monitor managed by integrated Intel HD graphic and not by NVIDIA card

Welcome to the Seven Forums

That is normal with a laptop that has integrated graphics and a nvidia card, the nvidia card will kick in when it is needed.

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HP Support Assistant keeps telling me that I need to install an update for "intel inter-integrated circuit (i2c) driver". Every time I try to do it though, it fails. What is a solution to this problem? Thanks!
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Is Intel HD Graphics Family better than Intel G41 express chipset?

The name is only Intel HD Graphics Family there isnt a number after it in dxdiag

A:Is Intel HD Graphics Family better than Intel G41 express chipset?

Intel G41 express is the very old, Core 2 equivalent on-motherboard-gpu aka Eaglelake. It only supports up to dx10, it has awful and old drivers, and incomplete opengl support (less apps can run on it). It can idle in recent games like Dota 2 with up to 30fps with everything on low. Key word: idle. Don't even think about playing under more than 15-20fps.

Intel HD Graphics Family is on-cpu-die-gpu aka Sandy Bridge, it's still old now, but does have support for dx11 and opengl, and it has a lot more raw power than x4500(g41), depending on the cpu. It even supports overclocking with sizeable improvements.

Really there is no contest between the two families.
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terran wanted a modified Intel Series graphics driver for his Windows Consumer Preview So I'm going to just leave this here for those who want it Enjoy I've Also uploaded the Intel HD First Generation Driver for windows It's a modified windows driver If you have one of these devices and can't install leave a post with your computer model and Hardware ID's Install This First The Custom Certificate Installer To install the signed drivers run the Intel Graphics HD Mobile 4 Generation Series and 1st Intel custom certificate installer I made which is based off of barcher's Post I've recently updated my certificate installer to v This include certificates which allows the updated Mobile series and has some handy options for your pleasures A WaterMark Removal option has been added for Windows Pro WATERMARK REMOVAL IS BETA Use at your own risk -Custom Certificate Installer- Chrome users may experience a malicious warning It is false Virus Total MainMirror Drivers -Make sure to download Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation the correct driver for your device Intel HD Graphics st Generation UPDATE COMING EVENTUALLY -Version - SIGNED MediaFire This is the Windows Driver but modified to install on bit Intel HD First Gen x exe bit Intel HD First Gen x exe -Version - SIGNED Google Drive old version bit Intel HD First Gen x exe bit Intel HD First Gen x exe Mobile Intel Series Driver -Version v - SIGNED MediaFire This is the Windows Driver but modified to install on With GUI bit Win Vista v exe bit Win Vista v exe No longer have a laptop to test on -Version Windows Update w GUI- Not completed yet This version keeps the windows update driver but enables GUI -Version Windows Update w Newer OpenGL- Not completed yet This version keeps the windows update driver but with replaced OpenGL and enabled GUI An attempt to get Netflix and Games Like Minecraft working at the same time IMPORTANT After the setup go to Windows Update and change the settings to quot Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them quot Reboot with the modified driver installed and check for updates If there is right click the Intel update and select quot Hide Update quot This is to make sure windows doesn't replace your graphics driver Notes Bugs Glitches Downsides - On some computers metro apps wont work Netflix for example Working on a fix - Test Mode watermark Can be removed Notes Unable to install - Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation Sometimes you really don't have an Intel Series or Intel HD Graphics st generation Such as Sandy Bridge Pentiums You can download the Intel driver for nd Generation Intel Core Processors with Intel HD Graphics instead Changelog - Updated Custom Certificate Installer Removed beta features and fixed the commands - Updated Mobile Intel Series GUI Works now - Updated Custom Certificate Installer Added remove Testmode Watermark Option

A:Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation

Works Great to me. ! Now I can run minecraft ! =)
Intel GMA 4500MHD
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Heres my problem, just bought a Nvidia 8800GT 512 MB GDDR3, and i got home to install it, i disabled my integrated graphics, but then my moniter wouldnt display anything? so i put in my Nvidia 8800GT thinking it would fix it, i was wrong. the Nvidia 8800GT is installed, but my moniter still wont display its all plugged in right, i dont know what to do IM SURE its because i disabled my integrated graphics in my bois, how do i get it back?

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Okay im buying a computer in fact it's a: lenovo IdeaCentre H405 (7723-1CU) Desktop PC Athlon II X4 645(3.1GHz) 4GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity ATI Radeon 3000 graphics Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. And it said ATI radeon 3000 integrated graphics I wanted to know if this was a good graphics card and if I could change it later and also If I could run Arma 2 on high or very high graphics with it. Thanks in advance!

A:AMD integrated graphics?

I doubt that it could run that game all on low at playable frame rates. It is passable for older games and general purpose use, but if you want your games to be playable you're going to have to add in video card.
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Hey !

I have integrated graphics (Intel HD graphics) on my lappy . It says it can use upto a total memory of 1696mb approximately . I have core i3 370M processor and a memory of 4gb .

If my lappy can use memory upto 1696 mb , I can play all most all high end graphics games smoothly . But it is not happening . NFS HP3 is not running smoothly !
And games like GTA 4 aren't running .
What should I do in order to increase my gaming performance ?
Will it works upgrading my ram to 8 gb ?

A:Integrated graphics help !

Just because the integrated graphics has up to 1696 MB of shared RAM available, it doesn't overcome the fact that they are integrated graphics, which by virtue are not good performers at all when it comes to gaming. Unfortunately in your case, if it only has the Intel HD Graphics, there's not really going to be anything you can do to improve graphics performance with software. Your best bet would be to get an external graphics card for your laptop such as MSI’s external graphics card promises vastly improved graphics for laptops wanting a little more…. Don't know if they're selling it yet but if they are, then this would definitely help you with games.
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Im planning to upgrade to a new laptop soon, but im deciding if i should go for
an intergrated gfx of dedicated like the one below this
it is useful for similar graphics like games

Will it matter that much for video streaming and games (skyrim,minecraft,l4d,)

A:Integrated Graphics

Dedicated for performance in games. Video streaming is fine on either.

It depends on what type of games you wish to play, and the level of performance you expect.
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Tell me why this laptop:

can run the Sims 2 with SMOOTHNESS! I watched the fly-in screen with the Pleasantview neighborhood, and it was a smooth as a desktop I have with a GFX5200. WHY IS THIS? I thought the GMA 950 was as slow as other integrated graphics solutions...

A:Is this really integrated graphics?

Yup, integrated graphics. Newer than a GFX5200 and it has the core duo (not C2D) so that is why it runs as well as your desktop.
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A friend of mine has an integrated graphics set up on his PC. He wants to throw a video card in so he will have duel monitor support. Are these the proper steps.

1. Insert Card
2. Turn on Machine and change BIOS settings(turn off integrated graphics)
3. Restart computer, load drivers etc?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Integrated Graphics

Just tried that the other day. MOST motherboards will auto disable onboard when you put an add in card into the machine.

I ended up using a video card that had a DVI AND VGA input on them to accomplish the same thing.
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I was wondering if it was at all possible to install new/better integrated graphics to my laptop until I can get the money for a better laptop in general. I have an HP 2000 series model 2b092wm. If you can help please let me know what my options are. thanks.

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Hi everyone My first post here I don t really what I m talking about but I think I know the answer already hoping someone can help me tho I ve just bought skyrim and I checked my laptop specs against the minimum requirements which it did meet I ve been having trouble running it even with everything turned down low and now I know the problem Its due to the integrated graphics which I don t know much about and didnt even know of its existence until yesterday I mentioned my problems to my friend who thought there might integrated graphics be a way to adjust the shared memory is this possible I m integrated graphics just looking to explore all ways I might be able to run it before I admit defeat although I would be integrated graphics extremely surprised if I could run it Its an acer aspire Z so not the newest and the specs are Windows Vista intel dual core processor Ghz gb RAM Direct X intel graphics card with up to Mb any help integrated graphics would be appreciated i didnt post this in the gaming section as i thought it was more of a hardware question nbsp

A:integrated graphics

Intel graphics chips don't meet the requirements of most of today's PC games.
Whilst it's (usually) possible to allocate more system RAM to the graphics chip in the BIOS Setup, there is a limit to how much you can allocate, and it's certainly less than the 1GB (recommended) that SkyRim requires.

Not only that, the more RAM you assign to the graphics chip, the less there is left over for Windows and applications to use. SkyRim requires 2GB RAM (minimum), 4GB (recommended). You have a total of 3GB RAM at present. Windows Vista needs most of that for itself just to run at an acceptable pace.
There just isn't enough RAM for both Vista and SkyRim together, especially as Vista is particularly heavy on RAM usage compared to other Windows versions.

So the Intel graphics chip is the primary weak spot, with installed RAM being the second weak spot.

You can add more RAM of course, but you're stuck with the Intel chip.
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hey i dont know much about computers with Integrated help graphics i was tryin to play this game called quot America s Army quot and u have to have a graphics card help with Integrated graphics to play but i only have Integrated graphics on the motherboard my friend said he heard that there is a way to trick ur pc into thinking u have a graphics card to play does ne one know how to do this if so could u help me out thanks alot this is the min req to play the game A -D graphics card with MB memory and support for hardware transformation and lighting GHz processor or equivalent English version of Windows r ME XP Operating System MB RAM GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files Quad-speed CD-ROM K sec sustained transfer rate Windows ME XP compatible system including compatible -bit drivers for CD-ROM drive video card sound card mouse and keyboard DirectX r DirectX r or higher compatible sound card and drivers Kbps modem or higher network connection NVIDIA r nForce tm or other motherboards soundcards containing the Dolby r Digital Interactive Content Encoder required for Dolby Digital audio and these are all the supported graphics card Supported Cards Nvidia GeForce Nvidia GeForce MX Nvidia GeForce MX Nvidia GeForce GTS MB Nvidia GeForce Pro MB Nvidia GeForce Ultra Nvidia GeForce Nvidia GeForce Ti Nvidia GeForce Ti Nvidia GeForce MX Nvidia GeForce MX Nvidia GeForce MX Nvidia GeForce Ti Nvidia GeForce Ti Nvidia GeForce Ti Matrox Parhelia based video cards ATI Radeon VE ATI Radeon ATI Radeon ATI Radeon ATI Radeon LE Last Updated - - nbsp

A:help with Integrated graphics

a friend of mine told me i may need a graphic wrapper not sure what it is but if ne one has ne infomation about it i would appericate it

my general info on pc is

windows xp home edtion

intel(R) Celeron(TM) CPU 1300MHz
256 MB of RAM
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i have a mobo with integrated graphix and im planning to upgrade to a AGP8X 256mb vid card.. what will i need to do? thank you in advance

A:Help with integrated graphics

Well, if you motherboard has an agp slot(as many integrated mobos lack graphics upgrade slots), you buy an agp card that's compatible(if your board has 8x agp get an 8x card), carefully install it(after reading it's directions of course), and then boot up. It should display using a generic windows driver, but look really low quality. If it doesn't display from the new card, you might have to enter the bios and setup the video options. Maybe select that your using an agp card instead of integrated or something like that, bioses vary. Then, you install the newest drivers for the card, like if it's nvidia based, dl the latest driver from nvida and install it.
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I've always used a MB with built in graphics as I only use my computer for internet and business applications. I've never noticed a problem. I'm thinking about a new build and wondering if the cpu's with the integrated graphics such as the AMD A6-6400K would be a step up over the mb's with built in graphics?

Since I do no gaming or other high intensity graphics applications are ther any downsides to these type cpu's?

A:Integrated graphics......mb or cpu?

Quote: Originally Posted by pulpwood007

I've always used a MB with built in graphics as I only use my computer for internet and business applications. I've never noticed a problem. I'm thinking about a new build and wondering if the cpu's with the integrated graphics such as the AMD A6-6400K would be a step up over the mb's with built in graphics?

Since I do no gaming or other high intensity graphics applications are ther any downsides to these type cpu's?

No, not really. I recommend integrated gpu's for my users that are just using the web and email. The A6 has a integrated HD 8470D gpu. I think that is very similar to the Intel HD4000 series. It should give you HD graphic capabilities at 1920x1200, possoble as high as 2560x1600 depending on the monitor.
You do not get the high frame rate of a new gen gpu in a 16x pcie slot.
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I currently have intels integrated exteme graphics on my computer, i have purchased and currently being shipped a ATI radeon 9200 PCI, Will any problems arise from this, how should i fix any error, and is this possible to be done? Thank you -jarrett

A:Integrated Intel extreme graphic to ATI Radeon 9200 PCI Problems help needed

Normally this is a pretty basic upgrade.It has been my experience ,that it is wise to switch your VGA drivers to Standard windows VGA drvers first and reboot .Then Shut down ,install your card . When you start up again go direct to your CMOS setup and disable onboard graphics and then save exit.
Windows should recognize the card for driver install on that last restart.
Please read your installation guide in case there is any issues to be aware of , and if there is any procedure I did not mention.
Good luck
Welcome to Techspot!
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A:No sound on Intel 845 board in a MPC ClientPro345.. Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio

Fixed it myself.. Found the newest SoundMax drivers. Uploaded as attachment..
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I have recently acquired a 256MB EVGA GeForce 8500GT graphics card. My motherboard currently has integrated graphics. I checked the BIOS to see if i can disable the onboard graphics, but there seems to be no option for this. Do I even have to disable the onboard graphics in order for the new graphics card to work? If so, how do I go about disabling it? I'd appreciate your response.


A:Disabling Integrated Graphics

Just try the video card and see if it works without messing with the on-board graphics
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The situation is I'm trying to play Fallout 3, but it keeps creating random visual glitches, like purple checkerboards and grey light tunnels around the characters' faces. I assume this is because It refuses to switch from the integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics to my AMD Radeon HD 7730M. I only really want to get rid of the purple checkerboards.

(refer to image)
The drop down menu for the graphics adapter only has the Intel HD.

A:How do I switch from integrated graphics?

Likely a BIOS setting. Fill in your hardware (motherboard manufacturer and model).
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I was wondering if GeCube is a good manufacturer of the Ati cards, and I was wondering if it is nearly good as the normal ATi.

It is a GeCube 512 MB Card Ati radeon x1600

if someone can reccomend one on futureshop or I'd appreciate it.


...or If you know of a good site that sells graphics card and ships to Canada for less than 50$ (I mean the shipping) it would be great. I have 2 GBs of RAM so having 256 MB of Shared video memory isnt that bad..I just want to take full adavantage of the RAM, which I cant right now.

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i have a acer aspire x3400g with a integrated nivdia 9200 graphics.

i have a asus gt430 installed.

i play diable 3

would it be profitable to have integrated graphics turned on in the bios.

i set my bios to have it on with uma buffer size 512 (which is the 9200s ram).

would this offload textures and make fps better?


A:is it better to have integrated graphics on with gaming?

Hello sogone209,

Short answer, nope.

Long answer:-

Your integrated graphics card would actually reduce your performance by using up system RAM from your system that it'd have to permanently reserve for its own functionality.

What you've mentioned as the UMA buffer size is actually referring to the amount of system RAM you are allowing the integrated card to reserve from it. For example you have 4 GBs of RAM. You set the UMA buffer to 512 MB. You are telling the integrated card to take that amount of RAM from your system for its own functions. So in effect you only have 3.5 GB of RAM left for your system and applications.

Offloading textures and the like refers to SLI functionality which requires 2 dedicated cards like your Asus GT 430 to be installed in tandem.

In conclusion, switch off that integrated card, and use your dedicated card for optimal performance. Unless power conservation is important to you. But I believe that it doesn't really matter since you're gaming on a desktop.
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have a hd5770 graphics card and cant seem to get it installed on a fresh windows 7 ultimste 64 install, constantly come up with integrated graphics, have tried an nvidia gt240 in to see if that would work but no luck, any ideas on how to help?

A:cant switch from integrated graphics

You need to disable the on-board graphics in BIOS.

However, according to this;

your board does not have any onboard graphics.

Regards....Mike Connor
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Hi there I bought Dell Inspiron n series without OS and put Windows Ultimate in it OS installed fine but integrated graphics isn't recognized I went to Dell downloaded chipset drivers but on intel graphics drivers I get answer quot This computer does not meet minimum requirements for installing the software quot Mind you first I have tried bit Windows enterprise version but with same result I thought it's bit thing so I went to bit I think I tried it all plz help Specs of the laptop are gt Platform Intel Calpella gt Mainboard Dell JY C gt Chipset isn't recognized graphics Integrated Intel HM gt Processor Intel Core i M MHz gt Physical Memory MB gt Video Card Standard VGA Integrated graphics isn't recognized Graphics Adapter gt Hard Disk Seagate ST AS ATA Device GB gt DVD-Rom Drive HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GT N Integrated graphics isn't recognized gt Monitor Type K R WH - inches gt Network Card Broadcom BCM USB Controller gt Network Card Realtek Semiconductor RTL PCIe Fast Ethernet Adapter gt Operating System Windows Ultimate Professional Media Center -bit gt DirectX Version

A:Integrated graphics isn't recognized

Quote: Originally Posted by Oldo

Hi there,
I bought Dell Inspiron 1564 n series (without OS) and put Windows 7 Ultimate 32 in it.OS installed fine but integrated graphics isn't recognized.I went to Dell,downloaded chipset drivers,but on intel graphics drivers I get answer "This computer does not meet minimum requirements for installing the software."Mind you first I have tried 64 bit Windows 7 enterprise version but with same result.I thought it's 64bit thing so I went to 32bit.I think I tried it all,plz help!
Specs of the laptop are:
> Platform : Intel Calpella
> Mainboard : Dell 0JY92C
> Chipset : Intel HM55
> Processor : Intel Core i5 450M @ 2400MHz
> Physical Memory : 3072MB
> Video Card : Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
> Hard Disk : Seagate ST9320325AS ATA Device (320GB)
> DVD-Rom Drive : HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GT32N
> Monitor Type : 1K0R2?156WH2 - 15 inches
> Network Card : Broadcom BCM4310 USB Controller
> Network Card : Realtek Semiconductor RTL8101 PCIe Fast Ethernet Adapter
> Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate Professional Media Center 6.01.7600 (32-bit)
> DirectX : Version 11.00

Hi Oldo,welcome to the forums,Dont these laptops come with the Ati radeon card installed? Have a look in the bios to see if the onboard graphics is enabled or disabled
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Bought my daughter a new HP dv9000 laptop for school.Has vista premium.Has 6150 go graphics.Only had i gig of memory so i popped in 2 gigs of memory.Right on a sticker on the computer it states up to 287 megs of shared graphics.Went into bios and the only setting i seen was vr ram-frame buffer size.I upped it from 64 to 128 which was max setting.When i go to control panel and system it shows memory at 1918 megs.I'm a little confused! can someone enlighten me on this? did i change the wrong setting to up shared video graphics memory? it was the only thing i saw.
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Hello all
I recently received my new Dell laptop
I am still fiddling around but I saw that except my gt540m I have an integrated graphics card.
How do I know which is being used? And how do I know that my nvidia card is active when I am playing and my integrated when I am doing basic stuff.

A:Question about integrated graphics

Video Memory Virtualization - A Brief Guide

This should possibly be able to explain. Beyond that, I'm not entirely sure.

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I don't quite understand how to take advantage of Intel? HD Graphics 3000 built into the i7 2600k processor. I know mine is inactive. I wonder if it is because my motherboard is H67 or because I have a graphics card installed? I also wish to know the purpose of the Intel? HD Graphics 3000. Is it to replace the need of a graphics card or to work in conjunction with a graphics card or is it for better performance if there is no graphics card. I have searched the web and haven't found a definitive answer.

Replies will be appreciated. Thank you

A:i7 2600k and its integrated graphics?

My guess it that you have to enable the HD 3000 graphics in the H67 BIOS.
You probably should remove the dedicated graphics card you installed, first.
Hook up your monitor to the available H67 ports.
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I was wondering if it is possible to overclock integrated graphics... i have a second computer that i want to play some of my games on... specs: 80 GB hdd, winxp home SP2, intel extreme graphics 82845G 64mb, 512mb ram 2.6 ghz.

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Hey all! My Asus motherboard has an ATI Radeon HD 3000 built in that can access a gig of the system DDR3 memory and all. It also can be over clocked to a gigahertz and can stay relatively cool. The thing is is when it comes to gaming, like Grand Theft Automobile 4. (Yes, I can run GTA 4 on rather goods settings too) After a few minutes of game play, the screen kind of flickers to black a bit. Or sometimes out of nowhere, the screens goes real dark and I have to wait a few seconds for it normalize out.

That only really seems to happen when the graphics chipset gets over clocked closer to a gigahertz. At 925ghz, it's all great. I have my drivers all updated too.

So is there a specific reason or reason in general why this is happening?

A:Integrated graphics overclocking.

I am not a gamer and over clocking but overheating comes to mind.
I would check my power supply and fans.

Welcome to 7 Forums and wait till someone else with more knowledge in that area comes on.
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I have a Dell, and recently i purchased a radeon 9250 so i can play half-life 2. I have the card in the pci slot, but i have an inetel graphics accelerator. It's integrated and i have no idea how to make my computer not use the intel card and use the radeon card. whoever can help, it is greatly appreciated. thnks

A:I need help with an integrated graphics driver

You can use them both at the same time too..

If you plug your monitor into the new card does it show a picture?
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Im not too advanced with the hardware side of computers, and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I've bought a new pc and it comes with an integrated Geforce4 MX video card. Is it possible to remove this and buy a stand-alone graphics card. My pc comes with 512MB DDR RAM, but the video card uses 128MB of this memory, leaving me only with 384MB of RAM. If you can remove the card would the shared 128mb memory go bak to the 384mb and make it bak up to 512MB again.

Im grateful for any help

A:Integrated Graphics Card


If you've got an AGP Port.. you could simply buy a better AGP card and stick it in, you would have to disable your on-board VGA though... but that will still free up your lost RAM.

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hi, i have a Via EPIA M10000 Nehemiah board with integrated graphics. i was wonderin if i could increase the ammount of memory it uses?, i've increased the AGP Aperature size in the bios to 256m (the highest setting) and that increased its memory from 32mb to 64mb. i cud do with a bit more, even another 32 wud be ok?
any ideas or software or anything i can do it with?

A:Integrated Graphics Memory

Using software to "increase" your memory isn't really ever a good idea. The way I look at it is the companys designing such software are just trying to rip off those of us that dont know any better just like companys that sell "pop-up blockers" or send you messages using Messenger Service asking you to buy software to stop the same messages they themselves are sending.

I remember using a program called SoftRam back in the day. It never made a difference in my performance or what I was able to run.

Your best bet is probably to optimize your Windows installation. If that doesn't make any difference you might want to try to tweak your virtual memory or SWAP.

Do a google search for the keywords "optimize" and "windows".
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Evening all i ll get down to the beezwax I don t really have a super-computer Graphics, and RAM Gaming Integrated but it is sufficient to play games like the sims sins of a solar Integrated Graphics, RAM and Gaming empire and more recently the brand spanking new Tales of Monkey Island Trouble is they do run slow most of the time sins of a solar empire isn t so bad surprisingly considering the scale the game can reach but the tales of monkey island is extremely laggy even on the very lowest graphical settings I have an intel integrated chipset which has mb of graphical memory It does the job and I have gb of RAM I ve just purchased a gb ram pack x gb sticks which I ll install with the hopes of better system performance overall So my main query is this will an improvement in general system RAM help the game lag less Im not worried about getting super smooth HD visuals thats why i have my ps I m just curious as to whether more ram will lessen the jittery nature of my system when playing games And as a side note Ive always wodnered if a full hard drive impacts system performance Because I have about gb free space out of so im just curious Any answers at all will be appreciated I just wanna get some advanced intel before i get too excited when i see the postman bringing my new beef sticks of speedy s and s Cheers Y all nbsp